Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1876 Page 2
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HOARIIKKK WAV'l'KI). I >ARLOR PLOoK. one THIRD FLOhR. FK"NT, L anil oof single Room ; closet*. hut an i cod water in nil Ibe rimuii; table and attendance Ural das*. Mrs. MINT, lb and 'J8 Kant 23a at.. Madison square. t BLOCK KKOM M A DISoN Syl tUK, fib EAST 23d at.?Rooms, with Board; house ami apj.uintiin nt? ?rat claan. "I CIIAULKS ST?BACK I;AKLi>K aM> I \ IT NSIO.V X Rooms to let, with Board, together or separately. very reanonable. I PARLOR FLOOR?TOREK I.ARUE ROOMS. Kill vale bath. closets, Ac., with private tahlo or without board; references Xt East 2Uth at. ILaKOK R00M~AND H.U.L ROOM CONNECTING; alao fourth lioor Rooms, with Board. - r-' Went 1 lib at. ILAKOK NEWLY FUltN I - lli I). PLEASANT ROOM; all conveniences. with Hoard terms moderate, -ioti Weat S2d at., near the elevated road. American family. 1 LARGB. PLEASANT tVKLL PI" R.N I Sll BO FRONT Room . Board of two, #15; hack Room, #111. 4 1 7lk av 1fc.LEG.ANT PARLOR FLOOR TO LET?WITH Hoard; also oilier Romus. tor lamiliea or gentlemen; table Board. 44 Went 32d ?t. 1 DOOR FROM MADISON syL ARE. 311 KAST USD ?T.? Elegantly tnrntafae'd Parlor Floor, with Private 7 aula or without board. 1 LARGE. WITH SMALL ROOM COMWSUTIMl pood table ; suited for three gentlemen or nmall family. 101 Waverlev place, northwest comer Washington square. POUIt FROM ORAND CENTRAI. HOTEL.? BOARD ur? wauled, at SOUTHERN HOTEL, H7l? Broadway. IOK TWO PI.HAS VNT ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT Koard. No. 21* Went 4 id at., lew doom from Bro idwav. Family private; relerencoa. BEAUTIFUL balconied ROOM. WITH OR WITH out mnnection. S> Weat 12th at. Good Board; termn moderate. 1 LARGE FROST ROOM. NIOBLV FURNISH ED, TO let. with Board, for grntleninu aud wile or two gentle men, #13per week; aleo large back Boom, $11. 110 Weat lOth at. 1 BLOCK FROM BROADWAY, 114 East 13th nt. Handsome Roomi, with Board. Transient and day Board. 1 LARGE ROOM. PJ<> PER H'K'.K. FOR TWO PER sous; single Rooms. $7. #8, #M; appointments and table Brat claim; references exchanged. 51 Went lltli nt. 1 SECOND STORY HaNDSOVEgV PURNiSHKD sDIT A of Rooms. with exeelleni Board; alno other Kooma; in tierman laniily. 22H Kant llth at., between 2d and ltd avs. LARGE NEWLY PL KSISIIED FRON T ItOOM; alto hall Room to let. with Board; table boarders wanted No. 27o Weat 42d at. ETO $2 PER DAY. $>1 To #111 PER W KEK.?PIKE Rooma, with g"i>d Hoard; I7H Hleecker at., near tdway; open all night; croquet ground*. LARUeT HANDSOMELY PURMISHKD Till 55 floor Kooma: water, gas, eloieta: superior table; loca tion nnnurpaaned; reference- 38 Went Washington square. BOOMS ON SECOND FLOOR TO LET. WITH Board, at 12H Bant 23d at. ; al-o Room on third floor. I> CONNECTING ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR PAM u lip or party of gentlemen: other vacancies; hot mid cold enter; terms reanonable; table boarders accommodated. 137 Mnedougal at. 2 5 I> STORY FRONT ALCOVE ROOM TO LET?WITH Board, at summer prices; relereneen. 214 Went 45th at. 3 ASHLAND PLACE 'PERSY' ST.,. NINTH WaKD.? Second story front Room: alao other Rooma to let, either luriiiahed or unluruiahed, with flrat clans Board; ref erences. tj DOORS FROM GILSBY HOUSE.?HANDSOMELY l) furnished Rooms to irt, to gentlemen or gentlemen and wives, with or without Beard; references given. 41 West MHIi at. EAST 2WTH ST.. HKTWKKN Mil AND MADISON ava.?Desirable Rooms, with or without Board. C PROSPECT PLACE (EAST 41ST ST.), A FEW WIN l) otea from Grand Central Depot.?Pine, spacious Parlor floor and alcove or square Rooms, en suite or singly, with ?nod Koard, terms low; location unsurpuaaed, it equalled, 'all and sen. 5 VAN DAM ST.?PUKNISAKD LARGE AND SMALL Ruoms, with Board; day bourders taken; uo moving in Ray. r.TH AV., NEAR 30TH ST.?PRIVATE FAMILY Vt ILL t) rent entire Second Floor or third floor front Parlor and Bedroom, handsomely furnished, with strictly first class Board; raVscsi exchanged. Address M. B., box 2.4tW Post oflce, . 're ' tilt r% SPENt fcff PlasM^S (WEST 4TH ST.), BETWEEN t? ChrDtopnrr and Weat lOth its.?Large Rooms, luriiiahed ar untarnished: hot and cold water; suitable for light house keeping or with Board; also hall Room. 5TH AV., NO Ml ?SECOND FLOOR OF 7 ROOMS TO let, en suite or singly ; also other Rooms, with or with ?ot Hoard; table d'hote at fl; permanent or transient. 5TO at.. NO. 12S.?TO LET, WITH- BOARD, A charming second story front Ro->m : also Rooms lor two ar three gentlemeu: table iinrxceptionablo; reference. ^Tll AV.. NO. US, CORNER OF I5TII ST.?A HAND ij snmely furnished Parlor Floor, en suite or aiagly. w ith four to six rooms, to a family or party of gentlemen desiring home comforts combined wiih elegance, with or without Koard; appointmeuts, residence aud location unsurpassed, being only a few doors Irom Delmonico'e: terms moderate br the summer; references given and required. TO AV.. 291?SUPERIOR SUIT OF APARTMENTS, with private table If preferred; Room lor gentleman. 5T1I AV.. SSL?SECOND FLOOK. HANDSOMELY furnished, with or without private table; terms moder ate; other desirable Rooms. 5TH AY., NO. 306, OPPOSITE MADISON~~HQUAKE ? Klejriint I'jxrlor Flour; every convenience: private table lodatu ndance ; vieav d May 1 ; ?1*<* Farlor Mint Hoilroom. 5T?f AMD rtTII A VS.?fl A SDSOMK ROOMS ON SE C <*nd and fourth floor*. with k'ood table. nt in ode rut?? term* ; reference* exchanged 48 \Ve*t 15tU nt. 7\ta?i loin r i iaiir.ii Room*, wiih flr?t el*** Hoard, *t Mimmrr prices, also a bw table hoarders ran he accommodated. 7 LAFAYETTE PLACE, NEAR CHA.NO CENTRAL Hotel.?Very desirable Rooms. with Board, on mode rate ttrnu (?7 PER WEEK FOR IIA I.I. IIOOM AND HOARD, J> I at 4'.' W nl l.'.tli it. tjuPKK WEEK Even -FOR THREE liENTI.K M I.+; P< ' two !ariri* third ?lor> Ko??iti?, with hi ?i el<t*? table; tefereue?*. 07 8**t I7tli ?t.. 8tn% ve*i|t?l !*arlt. is KOIl MALI, ROOMS ARt> $><l AND ?1? KdK large Room*. fur two. with Hoard, on second (I or; llher Room* . house clean. quiat and wall kept. 4S West Washington i.laaa. 9 EAST !?T 11 ST.?THIRD STORY; A LARUE NEWLY furni-hed front Room, with Hoard, suitable for lady mid pentlemsn or part; of gentlemen. 171 9AvsSOHr PiJck: Xeai: Ikoadway? 1" Kront Room*. FIR and ?ls tor two. with Hoard; kandmma second siort front Room, $?1: single llooni*. $7 and ft', tahla Hoard. $.r>; trail-lent poopla taken. 1 41 EAST 23D ST . FRONTING MADISON SQUARE.? 1m To lat, elegantly furnished Ko on* with Hoard, trom Ma j X ItJ EAST ITTII ST.?HANDSOMELY BURNISHED m 1 arg. and small front Rooms, with U. ard, ret-retirea exchanged. L 4 IT 11 ST., 1 HA W EST-Pl.t ASANT SECOND STORY M Room, with Hoard; reference. ?*> WEST l"TII SI.. NEAR ..I'll AV -THREE VERY Aw delightful Room" to lat, frout and rear , lull Board. W a set a first alas* tahla. 1 i) LIVINGSTON PEACE (STCYVKSANT SQUARE.? 1m A large Room In lat. with Hoard, lurnishrd or uufur tiahad; rrfareiices exchanged. 12 *JTII ST . i:u WEST; srif av.?furnished hack Room to let. with Board. tuntiv - d v L4 Til ST.. ?.? WEST ?HOOMS. WITH BOARD* CO.V venient to KlevAted Railroad; term* mode rut ?. 1 -ITU ST.. NO. HI5 KAST? ONE LAKOK ROOM AND It hull Kootu to rent. with hr*i cl?*? Hoard; plea*Atit neighborhood. reference* v changed. 18 18 18 20 21 BAST ?iD ST.?ROOMS TO LET. WiTU OH wtthnnt Board; sumiuat prtaas, references. 22 no WEsT WASHINGTON PLACE-Pl.h\sanT. mm ennny Room, with food Hoard, private family; rat err no a 22 1 I TH ST.. WEST. St, B.V. 87?KEPT BY ENGLISH 1*X; family and single front Room*, -mall tahla.; transient or parmnnani; references I WEST 11TII ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.-fl AX D !?/ iomely tnrnishe.i Rooms, witli .uparior Itoanl and ? rat class acmmniodati -ns; reference*. Ir.TII ST.. EAST. -<i7 NEAR STUYVES \NT PARK.? *) Handsoma * furnished front and aonnaathfci >1 .11 Ho. !, with or without Hoard; terms modarato; lelereiicri ? ret aimed. ? - TH ST . PACINI} STI'YVESAN'T I' \KK, NO. 2H? !? ) East.? Extra large hall Room* and 'urea fan, ly Booms: all Improvements; handsomely furuishad, witii Hoard; references "I "Tit Sf.. WBMT.8BI.?A BEAUTIFULLY KI'KNISIIED 1?J tfont Ram on *aaond flow to lot. with Hoard, to a Eantlaman and wife or two gentlemen; liouao newly painted; trms mndera'c. 1/?TH ST. UI WEST.-A LARGE. WEI.I. KL'KNISH 1*) a I Room on second floor, with Hoard, for pentleman and wife; patrata lamlly; term* moderate. I f*TH ST.. 14* WBsT.?NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, lO with or without lloard or breakfast only ; honse newly ?at ntad and furnished; terms numerate. 17 AND I'd WBST HTH ST.. NEAR 5TH AV-UN. 1 I usually ileairahla Suit on see ind floor; superior Hoard; Fonrth Ploor for fautlamett; retarancas. LAPAYKTTE pi.acb.-KCKNISHKD ROOMS TO let. with RoanL B vsT S3D ?T.?BDBOABT BOOMS, WITH Hoard; house first class; reference. LAFAYETTE PLACB.-FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with Hoard. 1(| WKsT J4TII ST.. OPPOSITE PIKTII AYENEE It/ Hotel.?Elegantly Pirnlshed Rooms to let. With or without Board. IQTM Si.. 818 WEST.?A RBATLT rURNlgMVO H t I I. I ?/ Room to lev to si n f I a font lainan ; food Itoar I; f7 per weak: also scrntunt rUimiit lor on" yoitnp lady, ?l .A); natf htiorbood excellent. ril ST . a*M WKsl HALL IHMIM Ttl LET. W ITH Boerd ; also t aide hoarders taken ; prices mud.-rsta. t)|| WI ST HTH ST., NEAR M il A?.?TWO LARGE Av connaailn .? Ro .tns on secottd Boor to let, with excel lent Hoard; terms moderate WAVEKLEY PLACE K'MBIBHBD KdOMS OB ea, ond and third floors, with Hoard. D ST. -KS) WKST.-THKKK IIAI.L ROOMS. W illi Board. its ID ST.. 880 WKST. HK TWEES TTII AND -Til mm are ?To I i let, with Board, nieals tnrni>haa Rooms, tn tlndlnf one large front and hall Room adj uutng. tIt jD ST., AS. HKTWKKN 'iTII AND 0Til AY -llAND Mm some and newly furnished Rooms for tamlltos; also Ragle Rooms tor gent .-men ; with or without Mosrd. 4141D ST . WEST. BO. W.-PLEAS AN T KOOBB, V1TN mm Hoard, ns second and third U.? rs. Table Hoard, ref era naee. ^ STlD ST.. W7 WKtlT-BOi ARE ROOM, W ITH EVERY MM convenieaea ; Hoard Tor two. 81.1 ox id hi , w esi, iiA-hiH families and gkntlb mm men. iut>?rior Rooms sad location nest E.tera.ed kailway; liberal table and tarms litiD itfjWaT ifCiiit let. with cir aitholt Z Heard, a pleasant thlr?astorr lionl Room . also large geagg on aeomsd M. ~ ns - <>f plan- . terms n.oderata. r,??D sr.. BTBsT.-TO LET. WirM BOARD. IIAND qQ aomelg taralshed Boom, for two. (18 per week. CaU it I IB. n?IU ST. BO. IJf) MABT. BEAR 4TH AV.?FARTTFS Zt) reeldlng Hi their oww honse ha?? a few handsomely turnished Boo ass to let. sellable toe and w.fe of ^agle pilJ?BMi taper lor Heard. itUreuwoe cachaogcU. nOARDKK* WWrKD. slOlTsT WKST. ?R.-HAM?"1\IKI,Y KCRSISMKD | _?? Rooms on tlr-t mi l seamd flnora f"nii?nni: <>r idn X, flr-t class Hoard. m modr' ire price ; bouse ?ml location uMicijiliuBftlilii t no moving tn May. ODD 4? WRsT?TWO ROOM OK SECOND floor io let. Willi Hr.t class Board; bathroom connect In.-; will let -Inely; relurencca. ...,li -r lli VIHT.-A K1CKLY rtTttMBHED , Ji<tt front K'oiu. with Drat Class Bonrd; conrenient; term* moderate; references exihanned. _ k).?D -I io W KST rw (I 1*1.1 I.MN T FRONT _.?) Rooum no third floor: alao two connecting Rooms on parlor floor, with lir-t clou Board, near Elevated Railroad, rtferencti exchanged. - nou SI. ??) W KST.--M<' I '? Y MIIM-li; l? It...IMS t?? let. on iw*t"?nd and third floor*, with first flu* Hoard. iititfthl# lor ftntleuien aud thrlr wive. or partle* oi lioglv titt*? i ?V?JD nr., WBMT. No. dlU?A LARGE, HAKJ> Ji,*9 aotnrlv furnished second -tory front Room tn let. with food Hoard; alto two doifi? R?otn?; family private, terms moderate. - ?)*) i Kr ' 1 1 ' I-BT, ROOMH, WITH lOZWi ?,?) un second cr fourth floor. 4IO WK#1 MTirSl TO B) nt WITH K:/Alsi>, TO ^?) a xcuilctuan and wile, back 1'urlor and Ethuwon; to rut a t2C, _ n I WKST wo ST.. NKAK ltROtPW'ay -ELEGANT A'Y Suit, and alnjela booms aro now be I OK put In order ami an be engaged. witii brat class Board, tor aumnier inontlia; rclereaocs exchanged. (j - WKB1 2XU ST V MI I" 'V I > I -".iTli ST.?fOM w.) tnrtable Apartments. with Boarii. in ? I reach family, ttt modorate price.; Kngllah. German and Spanish ?poketu_ t)-Tll sT. 2-7 WEST.?ELEGANT SUNNY ROOM _.?) au ; brat class Hoard for married couple; also unglo Knom. ? 0/? we Mil BT.?HANDBOMBLY PI'BNISHBD Jt) Koom?. Hoard; r.o May moving; lor -tinimer inuilr now ; house cool, extra wid aide lighted. O/I KA-T 4 .* I'll Si -THIRD Ff.oOl! ROOM. HAND* _( ) aoinidy furnished, witii Board; al.o large Room, fourth floor, for jteutleTnen. ? ? ()/? lAe #BTH~ ST.. KB A It 'Til AT.-rWli OR J,\ ) three newly furnlihed large airy Rooma, with Board, referenceB. _ . b)-* C()MMKlU'h ST !?> Ll-T A NH'hH Ff K 21 nialied front Room Or.t floor, with or without Board. private family; near llleet ker st. _ ijOTH ST WKST, NO. -HANDSOMBLY EUR 2<^ nlahed Rooms, with Board; American family; snm mtr prices. - QQ WKST TSTH aST.-RCM.MS. WITH BOARD, FOR A JjiJ family or party of gentlemen; aUo aingl# Koom?, reference*. - oj W K-T It*. I 11 ST A i'litV ATK FAMILY W ILL tot two Rooms, with Board, to gentlemen or grntlo man and wile ; relereocee exchanged. _ Or I WKST 127TII ST.?H ANIlSOMELY FURNISHED /I) brown atone House for summer or longer, Tour inliilta; will Board If desired. 30 r.RF.AT JONES ST.. NEAR (IRAKI) CENTRAL | Hotel.?Elegant Rooma. with Hoard, for familiea or liitu'le gentlemen; liotiae und accommodatlona firatclaaa; | referen-e. I ?>a wk-t urn sr. Hocii kbpt it a boctuekn ?)\7 Udv ?Rooma. large nud ainall. with Hoard. .)! WKST 1STH ST-AN KNTIRB SECOND PLOOB ? ) I to let. with Board, together or aepamtely, permanently ; or tranKiently. .? I iwi WK^T~ 27TII ST., NEAR BROADWAY.?A rtJ, handaomely furnlahe l hark Parlor and other Rooma to lent In n coaey homo; excellent table, at aummer prloea; roferenrea c-xi-hnnired.a ? WEST 35TH ST .-HANDSOMELY PUBMIBHBD r)?) It to let, with Board. ?'??> I It VI Nt; pi.ack pliasa'nT ROOMS. StJTTABLB a??J tor two or more peraotia, with good Board; moderate prleea. - OI OROYK ST.?TO LET. WITH BOARD. NICELY ?) r furnished Rooma on second end third Honrs; large pantries; hot and rold water; terms in ode rat 34 WEST 14TII ST.?ROOMS TO LET, WITII BOARD, cond end fourth floors; also Table Board. 341 I Til ST ITS WEST. NEAR BROADWAY ?IIAND ? r-J anmelv lurnlahed Rooma. on a. comlnn.l third H.jora, eltlt unexceptionable Board; terms reasonable to desirable parties. I a) I III ST 1*TKAST.-HANDS0MKLY I-I KNISIIKD .)+ rooms', with Board, ainglv or en suite; houso and location fir*t class; references exchanged. ?)/? CLINTON PLACE -KLKUANT FURNISHED ?)* ) Rooms fur married or single gentlemen or ladles, with in without Board. _ O I* WKST 1 < >TI I ST.?LARGE SECOND STORY ?)') front Room and small one, ntodefn improTemcnta, with Board; references._ Of?TII ST CORNER OK MADISDN AV.?A YKRV DR i)l) sfrable Room to rent, with Hoard, to a gentleman. 214 Madison av 4,7. EAST 21 ST ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.-KLKOANT , )t) ly tnmlahed Rooms, Ilrat class Tsb e, for familiea aud gentlemen; reference*. ^ __ ?>- WKST H Tl! ST.-AN ENTIRE' SI-CoND KLOOR. s") ( en suite or singly, with strictly first class lloarj; prb vate tabl, if dealrmh . ?>- WEST "7TH ST. NEAR COLKMAN HOUSE.? ,) ( Large muare Room on third Uoor. with superior Board. __ _ ?)w'TTTUt ? 207 WEST.?ROOMS. WITH SUPERIOR f,<4 Board": all conveniences ; house and location uue*. ceptlonable: references. | ? I , 1 v<|- 1 Til ST.. BETWEEN 1 N1VERSITY PLACE .,(^ and Broadway -Nicely furnished Room* t" let to tamilies or party of gentlemen, with tint class Board; tran sient and day hoarders tanen.^ | OO WESTHwD 8T.-A KAMI1.Y LIVING IN THEIR .IO own house. In the best locality, would let to a single j gentleman, with or without Board, a handsome front Room, j nnlui SBD kt. between broadwa'y a n hi rii ,)?' av.? to let, with Board, to single gentlemen; also Booms for families. ___ i I lAKTilftTfT ?TWO HANDSOMELY EUKMSIIKD 4 L front Rooms on second floor, with Brat class Board; (ierntau fkmily; rcfvrencei1. j ,1 WEST M.'iTII ST. SUITS OK ROOMS. PRIVATE 41 l ath-, with or without private table; small rooms; Hummer pricv*. Jo EAHT 20TH ST.-To LET, WITH OR WITHOCT 4" L Board, pleasant Rooms: referenres required. A 'ID ST. WEST. IX!. ?DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH 4'-J Hr?l class Board, In uu American tamlly. ft MORTON ST.?A BACK PARLOR. WITH PLENTY '* of closet room, to let. with Board; terms reasonable. wi -r --7r11 sr-iiANPsoMK suits OF TWO and three Rooms, with Board; references exchanged. A O ' WEST I4TII ST.-H VNDSOMK CONNECTING ? 4"0 Room*. tHlh Board, on second floor: references. j "i CTH si .'.Tl! AND BTH AT*.?A PRIVATE FAMILY | 4*) will l*t to a gentleman and wile or sinvle gentlemen. Holts or single Rooms, with first claai Board. Address J., Herald other. ~A1"~W EST 22D ST.?ROOMS ON THIRD AND 4" I fourth floors, with Board, at summer prices; refer- | ences. _ I . ? r 11 WEIST IIP., ONE BLOCK PROS WIN'D 4i sor.-A private family would rent, with Board, a nicely ftirnlsVed Second Floor; also back Pnrlor; all Irn- ( pmvements; references. I - WEST 27X11 ST.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 4 I ttth a? ?Newlr furnished Rooms, with or without Bieakfist: terms, B3 to?? per week ; no moving; r-'erencrs. tJRKENVI it'll AV.?TO U T. WITH BOARD. I lariio. Hic?4y turnKooms, |I0 t? ?!?> for two, i alao single Hmnns. j i- wKsr x.i'ii .wr an'flehamly fi rnisiiei) 4 I Second Floor, or any part of It. to let with Board; house is handsomely tumlslnd throughout and flrsl class in all its enpolntuionts; releietiee. ... U|,_|- ,|,|| > |.?FU It N I Sll !?' D IBM IMS FOR 4*' gentleman and wives, with or without meals. -i\ W! - 1' ...1 11 ST . kF.rIVI u.N 51II AND flTH AYS.? ?)U Rooms to rent, with Board; bouse occupied by ow?sr; tail finflMti ? rTi ?TII ST . BETWEEN BR lADW.VY AND ITflYER ,)? ?liy piece.?Elegantly furnished Rooms Wi let. with Board, for family or party of gentlemen: table boarders taken. r?? WEST 2STH ST ? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED t)?) on second an.l third floors, with good Board, reference given and required. 45 46 pfll M BLIAVKKN BROADWAY AND L'NI\ KR ?)s? ?ltv place. ? First .lass French Hoaid. Rooms en solie or slnglv. lor tamilies or single gentlemen; relcrenee exchanged: terms moderate. _ - , WEST Mill sT . BE I'M I EN .111 AND i IT II V V S. i)*r ?Second floor Rooms, elegantly lurn shed, to let slnglv or en suite, wuh >r without pa.tlal Board; moilrrn Improvements; private family references. - | i.KXINGToN AV.?KUltNISIIKD ROtlMH TO ,)4 runt. Board if required, suitable for a gentleman and lli * wit*. - It \ N K .> I \ FEW UKN I i EMEN CAN BE AC U? comineduied with good Board; gas and bath; mod erit^ iititiL ? - .. - mTcDOCGAL ST.-TO lkt. with first clam I) j Board, a well fnrnlahed Room, suitable for oue or two; terms .. r. ; refer'i.e. -exchanged. - WES I 1;. I' II SI - II IND.SOMKIA FI It Ms 11 ED I) i Parlor and Second Floor- ; w..qld i.tefer serving pri vate table . meals cooked separately ; highest reform on. WKST imTII ST, BETWEEN 5TII AND oTH iV> ?Handaomely fnrolal.ed Koomi, with Board 68 77 I WKST :?TH sT -PI.KAmNT ROOMS. NEWLY j 4 Inrnlahod, with first ela-s Board, by private family; refer-neea It! CLINTON PL ACE.-MCKI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS, i'l en suite or singly, with excellent Board; terms mod irti*. u , 1 ,| >T \ FKKN? II ^ 1DOW LADY ? ii-X ha* a h*f?iU??in?ly lurni*iir.l ?rco?a Morjr rr.?i?l htium io Ivl, t<> gtutituun und wile; 11 Hoani fof lady only. ilk- west Utrn -i handsomely firnibiiad |U.) back Parlor, first, front hall Room. Second Moor, with Hoard or without ; references. llkl* MtDISON AV -LARGE. llA.NDMIMKLY Fill Jul) imbed Rooms, en suite or singly, on second and third floors, to let. with Board, also large front Room on fourth fto?r. ... ,,X4. and loB BAsf 2HO bT.?MANDBORHLY El R UK) nished Room, to rent, with Hoard, en suite or sin gly ; private table It desired, relereuces exchangeA 1,1. vt ESI 4?U II ST. AN El.EUAN II,Y FURNfBUEP lUO Ro .m. suit aide for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. In a li gbiy respectable .lrwi?h tamlly . reference. Tlklk K AST 2HI II -I -H at INK CHANG ED IIVNHS lUU can aecomnimlate f.millet and singe gentlemen with well fomivKvd Hmiiu, en til it# ?*r ?iuglv, with Ami cUo D'.arfl ; ?!*?? * f* w l* r lK>.r?lerA, . _ WEST 1 .Til sr.?ft) LKT. FUHNISHE.D .,, second no Irani R.-nn, with alcove; third II or bara Room end toiirlb floor Iruot Room, with or wilhoOt Board. 111) 41 M xS KIliiM.r I* A It I I?K El t> IK I'll LET. 1 LU With or wilhiut Hoir.l. together or -eparately; tiord story, front; but and c -,d water;, ample closets; very reaaonauie ? 1 1 ,k MAl'l-'.N A\ V Slir 1*1 ROtiMH t?N PAR XL? lur flwor to let. with or wlthoni Boaid; also single . references _____ It BAsf~i?TII sr-HANGsoMELY FURNI-IIkD md Rooms, nit.. Board, lor genllrmea or fam tile a. ^ _____ . . nt) MAD1*'*N AY'. ?TO LKT. WITH HOARD, A SLIT Jd ol I'.ooma en perlnr floor ; siao single Hootn, with or witbnat Hoard, references. mpart mm sr.. near bhoadway.?klr gent Rooms, with beard, lecatlou very conrcuieui; Teitreactes 10 110 UOAItDKliS WAITED. U" a mi i Til or iSEVfisr. ,TT with ur without Board, extra lergo, hands mealy far I nlahed buck parlor: every eouvrnieuce; central and ? !?? IlKMiMA ' 1 1 Q BAST 3Uli ST.ItWO' laABtHI BOOJM To LET, | i 11 Willi !lo*rii; Irrmi Binder atr I .yj VVK> I' -1ST st - IIA SIMMIMKLY*Ft KS ISIIhl) | Booms, ?u suite ?r singly; pritaie table if desired. i 1 ?Hl WEST 4'TII ST.'-ti'ASllSOMKI.V Kl^fxiSHKD | I?K?om?, with Hoard, lor gctitlouten and their wives i or single gentlemen. "I ? WEST 44TH ST.-PIBHT CLASS PARTIKS CAS ! loo ??care Second floor two large rooms), wuh Board, in prit ale lamily : reference* repaired. ! "1East MTU ST, XIA> 1STIHO FLACB.? J o r Largo and hall Room* tu let, with gaud Board, OB ??com And fourth door*; price* moderate. I<?: EAST lATIf ST. NEAR tJXfOtf sgVABB O' ' IIavinc e i mcrd hand* ohm accommodate familis* I ur piirtr ..I *lngle gentlemen with well furuUbed Room* and ! Briil els** Honn|. 1 lie K 1ST SMTH ST.?PLBA8AHT MKMW TO i.ff. Loo w ii11 lloiiril, fur leiitlemen or irentlemkn and lady, in ? private Jivtib family. One dunr from Lexington ?v ]o - EAST HSIII ST.?SBC USD i-ToKV KKUNT HfXlM oo to let, with Hoard. in gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; nil 111! private family. 1 Qk * hsr TiTR ST.: NKAB 6TB XO") of gentlemen or family ol adult* run *ecure liantl .<11110 Room* iind good Hoard, with private family. WEST Ml ST -IIANIISO.VI-.Ly FURS I SUED liuora*. from $2 to $12 per week; with or without 137 1 "17 "west .mitij st.-xkwlt FUBNlSBBD room. Jo I with Hoard; table Drat clan; private family; net meddlesome. 1 ?> >> EAST HIST ST.. CORNER OP LEXINGTON loO a*.?Ilaiidsumely furulshed Alcove or Floor, en nulle, with Hoard. 138 EAST lfiTH ST.?NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without Honrd. ~| ?J(i LA.-T an il ST.. NEAR LEXINGTON AV.?A X?t'J lloom for two. with Honrd, from $ia to $10; alio ?ingle Room*. y.| (\~ RaST~85TH ST.? A VERY NICE ROOM, FUR l t" ninlied, with good Board; private home; terma made rate. "1 I " EAST a I ST ST. (ORA.MKKCY PARK).-HAND l'XO eoiuel.v lurulnhed R" in. to let, with Hoard : private bath ; hIxii ?lnglo Hoonu, lor gentlemen, and an elegant un Itimixhed Floor. 1 I - East 5th sr.? changed hands-, rooms. J ' i ? J furniahed or unfuriiUhed, with or without Hoard. Parlor Flour, initable Tor pliyaician or dantlat. 1 L7 WKST 11TU ST.?IIANIlSOMlTROOM'.'PARLOR i t I floor; alno Loom* on tliiril floor, with or without Hoard. 1 ~ | (TBAST~51ST ST.?PLKASANT FRONT ROOMS X'J O on *rcoud and fourth floora, with or witlmut Hoard. ICQ BAST 51S r~ST - III >OMS~ ON BBOOfl 5 "AND ?JO third floor* to let, with Board. Iff A* ~WBST ISTtf ST.?LA^GE, PLEASANT BOOM rJU to let to geiitlruian and wile or geutlemon, with Board, In a private lamily; relerencea. 1 /??> W'KsF~51-r-5r.-To LrtT with hoard. 1UO third ?tory back Room, with hall Room connecting, to gentleman and wife ur ?lngle men. a) (11 WEST WITiT ~ST.-Klt 11LT TURN IS11E I>~ 8K0 uiU L olid Floor, with Drat cleaa Hoard; brown atone hon-e; nil modern convenience*; healthy and detirable lo cation. terma very reasonable. Of|*1 18TH ST . *##181190 AND SO ATI.?TO ?itii) let, ronitortably furuialied Rouina; Parlor. Pilot or Second Floor, partly or together, with or without Board; ga?, bath, Ac.; reieience required. t)/i | WEST tortf ST ?A-ItABOB BOOM OK TIIE gw'/X: second floor, front, to let, with Hoard, to ainglo gentlemen or gentleman and wife, tumished or nnfurnlthed; terma from $0 to $H. On 7 WEST -4T11 ?T.?TO LKT, WITH HOARD, ? ? I ? front Itouni hikI adjoining Bedgoom <>n third (tor;; also Room on parlor flour; terms ?H?y: references. mKAST 17 T11 ST. (STVYVBSaNT PAKKi. Niroly furnished Rooms, with Board; moderate prices; relercnces. Oil EAST 1HTH ST.?NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS ^1 1 to let. with or without Hoard. tll?) ldTIi AY.?COM FOKTAKLE HALL BEDROOM I r) to let, to n single gentleman, with or without Hoard; terms moderate. Call on address Mrs. STEVENSON. <11 I WEST -Ml) ST.-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I X Rooms, with Hoard: Isrire closets and all modern improvements; a lew doors west of Broadway; location flrst class. til 7 WEST 42D ST.?ROOMS, MINDLY ON EN ?1. I suite, newly furnished, with or without Board; near Broadway. Kossuiore and St. Cloud hotels. WEST l.VTH ST.?ALCOVE ROOM; LAKOE closets; also hall Room to let, with Board. 2<m WEST -''Til ST.?WITH BOARD. LAROK, ?"' plessant front Rooms, lurnished or unfurnished; terms moderate; references. if'fi) WEST -ITII ST.?Tt) LET. WITH OR WITH out Hoard, one double and one single Room ou lourth door; good and convetiient location ; references. IBJ/l WEST 38T1I ST.-I'LEASANT FURNISHED -iOo sveoud story front Room, with excellent Hoard for two for $-0 per week; also upper largo front Koorn and Hoard lor two for (12; hall Rooms, fit. O'JQ EAST HIST ST.?A LARUE HALL ROOM. ?sOO neatly furnlebed. with or without Board. Ring third floor bell for Mrs. FLANNERY. (lOjj WEST lUD ST.?LARUE, PLEASANT ROOMS, ?d)n furnished or unfurnished, with Hoard, private lam lly; terms moderate. 24:0 WEST .'.1ST sr.-A VERY DESIRABLE FRONT Room to rent, with Beard, la American family. 9 t r west lrrn sr.-good board and hood -j i ' I Rooms i i at a moderate price. Ill); EAST I ST 11 ST.-ONE LARUE FURNISHED ^'XO Room, on second floor, to let, with Board; also table hoarders aecoinmndated. in i; east torn sr.?fi ll hoard, with pleas ?jtU ant and well furnished Rooms, at reasonable prices; house brown stone ; locaiiuu tint cft?>- C Apply all the week. in 7 west :iorn st.- man and wife or simile m'I I men can have good Board and pleasant Rooms; also table hoarders. 41-It WEST IISTII ST.-TO LET. WITH HOARD. TO ' ret her or separately, one large Koutu aud two hall booms, front. ll/'l| WEST 22D ST.?TO LKT, WITH HOARD. A m vlU large pleasant Kooui. with Room adjoining and ainule closet room; suitable lor two or three; al?o a heli Bed loom. 9U?) WEST 3'.?ril ST.-A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE two large neatly furnished Rooms to let to one or two gentlemen, with or without Hoard; references ex changed. 9/j?j west stTii mt.?handsome second floor aUO Rooms to let, with Board; house and appointments Urst class. iff' U WEST 21sT ST.?MO ELY FURNISHED ROOMS; mvJO with or without Hoard, for geutlemeu only; refer eucee exchanged. 97 l WEST 25TH ST.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO Jd i *X let, with good Hoard; large Rooms, fit to (IS per week. Address, lor two days, IMt^l 1RER. Ilersld ofhee. ?>(17 KAST ttVTH ST.?PERSONS WISHING UOOD, uo I substantial Hoard eau obtain the tame with a quiet family: terms *A and 5<t. . Ol- EAST 12TII ST.?A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN Oltl have good Hoard and pleasant Hoonis at moderate prices; bath and gas. 318 EAST 1UTII ST.?A PRIVATE AMERICAN FAM lly can accommodate a lew plain pet sons w ho de sire good table and pleasant home, with or without Hoard; terms moderate. ?>???? WEST USD ST.?PLEASANT KOUMa TO LET. OOO with Hourd, lui gentleman and wila or aingle gen 1 tlemen; terms reaaonabl I 335 W|,"'4T :MT"- 8T--NKWLY FURNISHED front and back Rooms, on second floor, to let. with Hoard; suitable for gentleman and wile or two gentlemen. 'Ail WKsr :uT" "T-- between sru and hiii Ox I nvs.?Few choice hoardrrs wanted ; borne comforts; house, table, location. Ac., Ural class; half block from Ele vated Railroad; 34th st. cars pass the door; Last references given and required; terms reasonable. O | 7 EAST D'l II ST? TWO PARLORS, HANDSOME tVr I ly furnished, with or without Hoard, for two gentle men or gentleman and wife, WBsT 21HT >r . NEAR ELEVATED RAIL Ot)U road station.?Nicely lurnished large and singin Rooms, Willi Hoard ; largs closets, wster. gas. Ac.; table un rxceptiooanle; terms moderate; reference. 354 WK.aT :ul> sT.-A QUIET FAMILY HAVE A second story front Rimuii to let, with Board. ?J ~ I 2D AV. ?A SMALL FAMILY OR A PARTY OP ? )' JJt gentlemen ran be arrnmmodated with Board and pieasant Rooms; hot and Cold water; the house Is timroughly renovated; terms reasonable; references ex clian ged. ?) -.U WEST 32D HT.-PRIVATK FAMILY WILL LET, ays JO with Board, two large furnished booms, with large chisels; batn adjoining; neighborhood Urst class, near Elevated Railroad. 414 WEST ill) ST.?GOOD BOARD AM) PLEASANT Rooms, (ti an 1 upward. I \>9 AND 434 MA DIM IN A Y.-DEslRAKLK ROOMS "x?>.j lor sprlug and summer months; opposite Coluiu bia C..liege grounds, e 'rner t'.Uli st.. eu sune or sinuly; houses and tahle not class Mrs PITKIN. 438 Rooms, with Hoard, to single gentlemen or gentle men aud their wivea. Ill WEST 231) ST.. NEAR ELEVATED RAIL IX't road.?An exe I ent importunity is offered to per sons desiring Hoard, with comfortable single and dentils Koom>, with every contort of a home 4-9 WU1 MTH -1 t FRONT PARLOR, WITH ? iw Hoard, to gentlsman and wile. In private family; (15 per week. r 711 3D AY.. BETWEEN 37ril AND 3*7|| STS.?NICE till/ phi 1 asant lurnished Hoonis t? let. with Hoard, for gen tlemen and wives <r single grnternnn; acenniniudal.ons good: terms moderate.; American family. OsjO LEXINGTON AV.-IIaNDSOMKLY FURNISH OO ed Ko- m? to let In a private .1 wish family to gen tleman aud wile or single gentlemen, with or without Hoard. 054 h? AV ' "?KNK'' ?',r'U -T* . rt'OfTAGK house).?A widow lady has booms 10 let; 110 other boarders ur todgais; relersnee required. 709 rted couple can have pleasant boom and good Hoard ; gas, parlor, plan i aud bath, (III; alao two gentle men; English fumliy. LEXINGTON AV.?LAROK AND SMALL ROOMS 810 and a Physieisn s utiles, furnished or aufurnishtd, til rent, with rxrelleul Hoard. K I,FG AN'TI.YFUKMSII ED PA-KL11K TO LET?AS Jx. a physician's nllle- or to a party of gentlemen, with or without breakfast house and location Arst class; refer ences. Apply at 43 Weal jatli >|, A STRICTLY URIVtTK FAMILY HAVK A LARGE alcove Room, for >ne or two grntleineu, with ur with out partial ItosM. 117 it est llitli -t , near >Hh ar. VCt'OMMODAflONS FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE; lloa Hoard tor lady; see.nit floor, liaioisoiuely lurnished; good loeattok. Address F. !>. tt.. ileiald olth e. t FEW GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR .21 wisai esa bs accommodated with Hoard In Harlem ia a highly respeetahla neighborhood, convenient to boats or cars; references excha*;sd. Par turtbsr particulars ad dress 1 iVt N EK. station L. A LARGK. N10P.LT FCRXISHKD ROOM ON SECOND floor .all rontanlaaees) to lat to geni'eman and wife or genilcntea, with supertar tahlai private Amiwtean I anally owning house. terms rtrj rsaeooabls; refer# 1 MaallLtkak BOAHUEKS WASTED. X"" Wa?|. FAMILY Wil.f.'l.i-.i TWO XfiSfllOCl J\ Dished square Kooma. with Board, In genllrmen. Ad Ur?*jwt, fur uni wmI, B s. J., Herald Uptown Hrnuch office. A HAND.*' >M LY FIRMS!! F.D~ 1-AkTjK FAR Loll J\ and llldri>'>int lf|r/ MritvrnlllM, cl"*et room. Ac.. in grntlouien; iMNLlml if desired. rcl* rencus giveu end re <1 uir J. fiWrm.Dilul. " I GENTLEMAN AX It WIFE, LATELY RETURNED xV. from Kurupe. having purchased an ffcigdwl Ili'tIM* In on? of the bc?i locations In the city, within flv? minutes <>l the I'i ntrtil Par*, dcs re to let. furnished or unfuroivh 'I. a portion si the tame, with full or partial Board ; nuexeen tinuabic references giveu nud required, Address 11. C. 11 .Tit I<1 ?mco. A FAMILY OK ADULTS OK a FEW SIMILE gentlemen ran be arcomtaodsted with detirnbla Rooms, excellent table; summer price*. F. LAGIIENM KYKK. lit West 3ttth st. A PERMANENT PARTY CAN HAVE LtRUK PLF.AS A nnt Konuia, with flrtt rla*? Board, In private fatally, where the comfort* nf a bum' can be had location two block* below the Window lintel. Adoreta FKKMA.NEXT HOME, Herald t'ptown lirancli oilier. PRIVATE FAMILY OWNING THEIR UOlflM IN' I ?"'1st at., will r.'llt a Suit o! i|wm<. turnl-hcd. with | Board, to a gentleman and wile; no other boartlera; relcr- i encea. Addre?a M . bo\ it Ml 1 Poet office. Boarders WANTED -elm; ant., y PC RE MS 2D front I'nr'or for gentleman epu wife: bouse with all modern ronvenleucea: Board for lady. Address II. STAN LEY, Herald office. CtOMODIOUS AMI NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO > let to gentleuion. with breakfast if iteaired. singly or en aillte; convenient to aetoral flrat claaa restaurants; refer ence*. Apply at 43 Weal 3Mb st. I* NURNIMHBD ROOM AN I? BREAK FASTj OK FI LL Board for a lady; amall 'nmily . convenient to filorated road; term* ??> to $M nor week. Addrr-a Mr*. J. I., Herald Uptwu ilranch office. fflPfiTAV no. sti mits si:avku -i'TiVr.oR and r bedroom*, with or without private table or without Board; flrat and ecrotid floors aa above from May 1. IjM.'K.NISII Kit ROOMS?IN A DKMKABLK LOCA tion. near Harlem llrldge. with partial Hoard IT re quired. 131th at., fourth haute eaat of Alexander ar. HOBOKKN BOARD.?TWO SI'NNY FRONT ROOMS, en ?iilte or aeparataly. Parties desiring real comfort* of a ploaaant and quiet home may hud auch in private fam ily by nptdying at No. 4 loth at- ' Home privileges. with two front rooms, on 11th aL, near 5th av. Addreas REASONABLE, Herald office. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?in a private .litwiah family, to gentleman and wife or tingle gentlemen, with iw without Hoard WIS Lexington av. TN A JEWISH PRIVATE FAMILY?IIANDSOMKLY J. fnrnUhed bark Parlor atin good Hoard: two voting men Ereferred. Particulars, 111 Ka.*t 71 .-t *t.. between 4tb and exington ava. "IT ITS ELL HOCHB, 38. 40. 43 AND 44 WEST 14TII IV at.?Rooms, with Bo-rd. permanent or trenaient; house and accommodations first clan. MRS. K. MONROE HILL, ELECTRICIAN AND nurse.? Board f< r a ladr In confinement. *>77 Hudson at., near 1 lib. \IISS II. HI'SHNELL WILL NOT TAKE A COTTAGE lvl at Lony Branch. but will receive truest!, transirnt or pcrmaiient. at tbe beautiful residence 503 3th av., ucar 48tlt St.; references exchanged. VTIOBLY FURNISHED PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH IX Board; also first class Table Board at No. 13 Lafayette Place; prices to suit the times. R BAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. Rooms, with hoard, ox second and third llonr*. cn suite or singly, furnished or unfurnished, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; no other boarders at present; house flrat class: table aleo; references re quired. Apply 307 West 43d St., near Broadway. SINGLE ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, WITH EXCEL lent Hoard: location first class - boating, fishing. Ac. Address .MAY, box 168 West Hrighton, Sta'on Island. TO LKTa-TWOOR THRKRLARGE. PLEaHANTTHIRD story Rooms, with all Improvements, singly or together, furnished or unfurnished, with orwithont Hoard, in a strictly private house; terms moderate. Inquire on premises, 35.? West Ibid st.. near Central Park. z. -ONE HALL ROOM TO LET. WITH BOARD. 53 West 48th St., near f>th av.; references. HOA11D AMI LD1IU1AU WANTED. \ family desire to arrange iok BOARD for coming year; must have second storv of three or four good site plcuaant rooms. In nice location and con venient. above 33d St. Address Y. MORRIS, Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND TWO LADIES WANT ONE | largo and one small Room, with Hoard for ladles and . breakfast week days for gentleman. Address, with purlieu- , lar* and lowest terms, W ILSON, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO GET HOARD IN A private family, whero plainness and quiet aro a fea tnro, below 30|h st.. east side; can pav about $30 per L ?7 - month. Address DOWN TOWN ALL DAY, Herald olflce. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES. AT A MODERATE prlco, a ulco Room, with orwithont Board, in an Amer ican family i location nptown; in a good neighborhood. Ad dress PERMANENT, box 100 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT GOOD. PLAIN and sufficient Roaru. above 43d St., for the summer; vld per wcok. Give fullest particulars, enclosing this adver tisement, to P. Herald office. 4 WIDOWER WANTS GOOD BOARD. MODERATE it terin?. c ntral location; has some furniture. Address FELIX. Herald office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN DESIRES NEAT ROOM and Board with quiet, respectable family, south of 33d st. Address, stating terms, Ac.. J. M. K.. Herald office. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A COMFORTABLE ROOM? Located in vicinity of 34th st and Broadway; break last and It o'clock dinner reqnlrnd; will not nay more than $13 per week. Address B, W., box 1U8 Herald Uptown Branch office. A FAMILY OF FOUR AND CHILD WANT A SEC ond or Third Floor, with Hoard, In a private family, near 8th or 7th av., below 34th st. Address HARRIS, Herald office. B OARD WANTED?WITH A RESPECTABLE 8PAN ish sneaking private family. Address O., box 5.688 BOARD WANTKD-tlY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE; hoard fur Indr only: where there htm uo other hoarders preferred; terms moderate. Address M. L., box 175 Hrruld Uptown Brancli office. Board wanted-bv a gentleman. wife. chRd ? - ?- - --- and nurse; location above 34lh st., went of 4th 1 av.. or vicinity of Central Park. Address. with termi, Ac., 8. A. II., Herald I'ptnwn Branch office. Board waxtkd-by a lady, in exchange for mti"to lessons, copying or other lervlcoa; references.' Address TAYLOR, station D. 11 HAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS AI.L. THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. I It >'(' K ?j A. L ELAND'S STUHTKVANT HOI.SE. RROADWAY, -JtHli ind ITttt'i Ha , New York. location unsurpassed; elevatnr and all miulern imprcvi ui-uita. Broadway sad 12th m.. an the European plan. Rooms SB suits and singly ; all modern conveniences. A CHOICE RESTAURANT, at reasonahis prices, attached. Board waxtkd-by two young ladies km ployed during the day; connecting rooms; west side preferred. Address, atatinic terms, which must be low, IIOMK, station C. Board wax ted?by a gentleman. in a pri vate family, between I4t'i and 42d sta.. I^exlogton and tltli avs. Address, stating terms par month, C.. box 293 Post otlice. Board wanted-for gentleman, wife and sister, two children; It Rooms on second or third floor; reference given and required. Address J. G. R., box 141 lleratd Uptown Branch office. Board wantkd-for gentleman and wifb, l.clnw 14th St.. in pla>n American lamily; no other boarders; terms not to exceed #12 per week. Address DODD, Herald office. Board wanted immediately?by a okntle man and Wire, In a quiet family: sunny room second floor; not over SIR per week; Rood plain food, to lady In poor health. Address fC, box l,2t)U New York Post office. (tentleman and SON want board and large. T sunny Room, second or third floor: fill to $ 13; pri vate family. Address ENERGY. Herald office. /GENTLEMAN, WIFE, INFANT AND NURSE WANT \JT large and small Room, eonnreted. with Board; will pay P2<> per week; private lamily preferred. Address GEORGE, box 247 Post office. ^ ... small R?om?, lor a family of ndults. Address, stating lowest ter s. MASON. Hernia office. .. _ Room and irood Hoard In a prlvito family . not 1.1 exceed 92 > per month; in healthy location. Address, riving particulars. PROMPT PAY. Ilrruld office. TITANTKD-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, CONNECT If inw. with Hoard, for irentleman. wife and nnrse. In neighborhood of Sotli at.. Lexington or Madison av*.; terms reasonable: references exchanged. Address F. S.. box 144 Herald office. WANTED?A R"OM. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, vr lu a flrst class honte. by a single rentleman tor the summer. Address, stating terms, hox 1.751 Poet office. WANTKD-NICKLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS OF IT two or three rooms in gm'd neighborhood, with or without Hoard, lor gentleman and wife: west side preferred. Address, with terms stated, M. L., box Vjo Herald Ubtowu Branrh office. ONE LARGE ROOM, SECOND FLOOR. FROST. AND two ?PERMANENT BOARD WA.NTED-BY A WIDOW 1 lady; comfortable A FEW ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. SINof.R and (tuts: enisfno nnsnrpastcd. tlraud Union Hotel, Park av. and 4|M st.: elevator; nrieos mouerate. AT NEW ENGLAND HOTEL. :*) RnWKKY-200 light Rooms. flOe. per night, $ ) weekly, for gentlemeu only. t PLEASANT FRONT ROOM To YOURSELF. UQ, XX. or .'a?c her day. SMITH'S Hotel. 5H Chatham St. AM ERIC US HOTEL. IS NEW till A Mtl KRS. C()R tier William.?Single Iront Rooms, 2A cents; $1 00 week; gentlemen only. IT FRANKFORT HOUSE. 2irj WILLIAM ST.. 850 A Rooms, for gentlemen and famlltea, 25c., :t5e., 8oe.. 91; always open. Belmont hotel, pui.tok st.. near broad way.?European plan; R mmi 5 I cents upward: family Booms . always upet. BELMONT HOTEL. PHILADELPHIA. comer of 41 at and Or 'iron sis. Open June 1. European plan Capacity, l.fJtS) guests. Rooms #1 flu per day and u ward. Located In a lovalv grove of maple trees, four blocks from the main entrance to the Grand Exposition. Proposal* lor Kestaarant, Bar and all privileges received till May Aoplv at the building, or address R. W. CLEMENTS, Secr-tary, as above. /TllY HOTEL. CORNER OF BROADWAY AND V ' -Mb at ?Excellent Rooms, with Board, #2 a day; rea sonable terms by the week. (TEXTUAL HOTEL, 253 CANAL ST.. ONE BLOCK J east of Broadway ?Good Rooms. 30c. to 74c. daily; #2 To #?"> weekly. I.TUKNISIIKD ROOMH FOR UtCN TLLMKN?LIOIIT, 1 neatly ftirnlshad Rooms, #3 per week. New England Hotel, .f I Mowery. Howard lodging and reading rooms, 140 Chatham st ? 5i.l more spring beds have been added to meet the demand at this popular lilstitution; aet'otuuiotla ttons for I5U respectable men at 'Joe. per night. I)EAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM t IT CONTAINS all TIIH new." FOR TWO CENTS. UTbWART s, SOUTHERN HOTEL. R7R BROADWAT. CORNER 3D O st.?American plan, #8 par day; very eon ra>- .oeatod I or fkni illst tnrl hnainAM ? libhrhl hrr An#Mitsn la Id MfBlltil ' MOTBltl. CT' STEPHEN'S HOTEL. OliKSTNWW: ABOVE k ; liiih. Philadelphia?Eniirelv new ?ad thoroughly Ural class ; fit .Ml p,r j?r. s T OKliM UN -LOCATION I N'.-UKPAhSED. -ROOMS Ull lroHI-.tli av., | Broadway!, wlih Hoard: It' to * I <U> : Kiir ipi au |>Un !> ??; rl< ir. bath*. Ac,; splendid I a< ~rnminodati in, with Hoard, owner* re?idenee, 227 West '? ?'? ". WILLIAM U. TOM P KIN'S, Proprietor. j The west end hotel, - Tort Washington. ,. opposite the Palisade*. r to"ol ',eS?nt luuimer establishment wit'uin 43 minute* . of \\ nil ?t. For purticulars address CHAS. M. SHBLLKT. I f'OU.YTIt Y BOAKO. \ private kamii.v. having superior aocom nmdations. will rent fiiurlinr airy Rooms. handsomely rnrni?hed. live minutes'walk Irnui steamboat landing: lino .,lrlvl"*: atahliug for horses. EOliUE J. O. KOOhWELL. Kerport. X. J. A PRIVATE family at clifton, b. l, will lSt three large Itoomi lo adttlla; 5O minute* Iro n the citr; *nr mumling* Brut class. Address lldME. box 142 llernld office. i gKN'ILL.yjan ASD VIKK CAM BK ACCOM M O* aX dated with Honrd at Branchport. on the 8brew*bury Kiver: in ti: i tin tea' drive to Lonv Branch ; iciod boat* { ?p<* odlnlng, Ac Addreae O , bo* 1S1 Herald office. \T MAM ARONEGIC r l*: N ii.SUTKH FROM UKPOT, tioiid boutiuif and flatting; oartie* ran now aecure mi- j perl or accommodation* in a private family; good table; | yj'Pg; location desirable. Addreaa W B .611 Broadway. A< i KNTL1-. M AN AM) WIFK, WITH OR WITHOCT one or two children, can find K??od UonH: location Iiii'h ? Huo wi.w. ' ...1:1. L . . .1 _ > .1 . . . . ? v nii'uiPii, viii iiuu is'MHi iH'ir i . KMNiiori hi^it'.htiH view , tnllk., Ac.; no other boarders. Ad drcs* (i. J.. box 43 Poet office. Summit. X. J A HP.FI.\K1> PRIVATE FAMILY, REST XEIOIIBOR. -A liood. Siapletnn, dealre a few first claaa boarder*; direct ferry, yacht club, tliaano. aea lirrera, view. beallb. style and1 comfort. Addreaa STATES' ISLAND HO A ICO. llerald office. Al'AKY OWNI.MU A HANDSOME MANSION IN New Jcr*ey. 3<l minute* Pom City Hall, will board 4 or tl adults ior 17 a week ; large airy room* and elegant ground* Addreaa A. R. X.. Uerald office. A FEW FAMILIES acoommodatkd with first etaea Honrd ut Stiflcrn. on Krln Railroad, l^houra from city; mountain air; no monquitoes or malaria; *'ir roundm*.!!* beautiful; all kinds of fruit and veritable* In ?r?*on; plenty of *hade, Ac.; reference* exchanged. Ad draes .Mm. A UK MUTT, SnfTern, S. V. AT TKXAFLY. X. J. FIRST CLASS HOARD IX PHI. rate house, with modem improvements; three minutes' walk from depot. Address WM. H. oTODAHD. K T WEST NEW it ftJHTOX. ?T AT KN INLAND, A T i ll?1" f*ni ly can accommodate two gentlemen and tbeir wive., also lour single gentlemen, with good Board. Addreaa bnx 2H ift inquire at PoU office. A I'RIV.YI E FAMILY HAVING A VERY DESIRABLE -as. phi co in a healthy location, pood table and home com lorta, good .tabling, flue drive., near fine bathing; altuated I','!.'?'?<?' Railroad; near Addreaa S. SEEL\. Darien. Conn. A l hW HOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED AT Bedford. iVe.t? heater Co.; locality healtliftil In .pure all day Monday of Mr*. JIMMI KSOS, Park llotel, Xasanu nnd Reekman at*., or at tlio rcaideiic- almve. YOL'Ntv MAX DESIRES HOARD FOR THE SI M mer, within otie-half mile of South Orange or Moun tain Mat inn, N. J.. on high grunnd; only require two maul* (r'b* MMlon *[' * * Addreaa, atating tertna, O. A (JKXTLKMAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACCOMMO- ! -fV dated with Board in a private family at PlalnBeld, N. J,: house with modern improvement*: location verv de.ira ,, : "2 otl,er Isiardera. Addre-a A. B., box a.UOti New York Post office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR T1VO GENTLEMEN c?n obtain plena mt Rooms tind (rood Hoard with a pri vate (Miitily at Foil Richmond. Sttten Island, within five minutes welk of the lending; terms moderate. Address O. K. bo* 542 Fuel office. B OARD-AT OKaNGE. N. J.. IN PRIVATE FAMILY; ., flue location; terms very rcu.onable. Address box 173 l ost office, Ornnpe. S. J. B OARD IN CAI8KILL MOUNTAINS.?SOLID CO*. ? S.V1 families; good table; house now open; refer ence, Thomas aMiller. 6tU a v. and 22d st. Mra. C. R. HATFIRLDji (griffin's Corners, Delaware county, X. y. Board ox a new en?h.amd farm.?oorxTRV Board cnu be obtained In one ut the pleuxatitest placen in the pietiire.que und tar famed Connecticut River Vallev ; healthv location; delightful scenery, pleasant drives: no moMQiiltoes; terms reaaonublo; refereuce, 4\. C. Wright, Car pet haetnrv. foot vt>,t 4Hd at.; further reference Ifdoalred; Addrtn FKAXKLVX FIELD, Montague, Mass. Boarders waxtkd-at red bv.nk. x. j. ; place 'De r arrest's) altunted on bank* of St.rowxburr Klyer: boating, battling, stabling accommodation: four minutes' walk west of the depot of the Central Railroad or New Jer sey, Ac.; terms $10 per week; references exchanged. Ad dress A. B.. box 281 Host office. Red Bank, N. J. Board wanted?within onr hour's ride of the city, by a married lady In delicate health; also part board tor husband; farmer's house, where there in plenty of ' fruit and shade desirable. Address, with terms. Ac.," F., i box 114 llerald office. I B OARD WANTED?FOR FOUR ADl'LTS, BRRVaAT and three children. In a perfectly healthy locality, 011 nr ... ? j.- ? icv.i^ IIDCIlliy II ""HI I IV, ()U (If near the sea shore, in a private family, within HO minutes of 1 ?tAting terms, to A, F. B . box 2,08.1 j i oft office. New York. j B OAHI) AT XYACK?MRS ADAMS HAS RETAKEV ? . Ularendon; is ready to mak** liberal arrangements with those engaging early; good table; fine shade. COUNTRY BOARD?AT HIVKKDALB. ON HUDSON; I location; terms modornte ; references cx- ! changed. Address S. W.. Herald office. /COUNTRY BOARD WANTBD-AT A FAB* HOUSE i v in New lurk or New Jersey, for six adult*; lour good 1 rooms on second floor ; atate full particulars. A*. Address a.. Grand Union Hotel. COUNTRY BOARD?ON THE IMMEDIATE BANK OF tlio Hudson: can leave two o'clock boat. Canal at., re Uirn at 4. Address A. CARLOCK, Fort Lee, N. J. c COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN'. J wire nnd mother, not ovor 1 \ hours' distance from Wall ?t. Address, stating terms, it cation, Ac., II. II., box 202 l ost office. New York. VNODNTRV BOARD WA XTED*-aENTLK*AN, WIFE. ! KJ lulant end nurse, for tbroe to ftiur month*; not over !?M0 ' ner month; uiu.t l?- within ouu hour or City Hall. Addros I lor leu days, K. II. B? box 247 Post office. New York. ' 1 C'SCSTRY hoard at south xorwalk.Conn ? ! / Him noaae, Ac.; good accoiiuuodatiun loi horses. For : particulars apply to Mrs. H BOOKS. -_>-ja East 32d at. COUNTRY BOARD -TWO HPACIOUH KOOMH IN A large mansion In Westchester, with Board for four per sons; no other hoarders: easy or aceesa. being within 10 I mlniiteeof the depot of the llarlera branch of the New Ilavcn and one hoar of Fulton et. Address A. W. I Herald office. ' j NOUNTRY BOARD.-PA RtTeS GOING TO fllK c I ? m *? a a e a liS! tiv r|,s\j| II1K y country to Board from May can And home comforts at a flrst class farmhouse in a nealtliy location; house pleasant withpiasta: a line view of Catsklll Mountains, near llud' son; beautiful drives; croquet; no mosquitoes; fresh vege table*. egg* and mdk. For particulars address C. J. M box 2k 1'ost office, lludsou, Columbia county N. Y COUNTRY BOARD OX FARM-HIGH GROUND mountain air. pleasant rooms, rrult. vegetable*, milk and egg*; terms EH a week : children under eight years half price ; 25 mile* from Jersey City: three minute* walk from depot ?n Midland Railroad. Address II. P. WINTERS Wyekoff. ' ClOUXTRY BOARD-AT SOUTH PORT. ON REA J shore, on line of New llaveu Railroad; eonvenlent to " - . .. Iioni nauroaa; convenient to depot, poet office. Ac.. Ac.: location nnsurtMissed; terms mod Conn* h ',*r,lcu,?r, hsldfes* JOUX MUUK, noulhport, /yHNTRY BOARD?A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING \J four vacant rooms would take a partv to Board: adults preferred. Address Mrs. F., Post office box 5HS, Morrietown, CIOCNTRV BOARD AT ENGLKWOOD, N. J.-XICELV ) furnished for two genflen-.rn, three minutes Irom depot. Address Mr*. II. WILSON. Euglewood, X. J. /lOUXTKY BOARD?PEASANT HILL, WKHTCHKR y ter county, X. V.; Harlem Railroad; one hour Irom Cite ; five minutes from depot; beautiful large house, with bath and every couvenirnce; high ground; large lawn, w III abundant shade; terms very moderate. Parties wlaii! "PP'y for further particular* to GIM 'HIP Broadway, or address as above HENRY WIX CCOUNTRY BOARD?PAR A TUG A Sl'RIXOS, 2k' MILKS J west from the village; place Is beautifully situated on en eminence; modern House, piaitae, large, shadv lawn eroqnet grounds, Ac.: abundant tklde, (arm luxuries; beat teleroiicea Irom former boarders; terms toflu; house open Irom 1*1 ut May. Address, for particulars, box 1.2QS I ost Office, Saratoga Springs, X. V. ntiSIKABLK* ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILIES or single persons, at lilnuinflold, N. J.; Are minute* from dejioo^pwms large and airyi good stabling. Address FtRST*"clai*8~FARM11OUSE BOARD CAN BE~SE rured for the sumnier at Greenwich. Conn.. 4U miles Irom depot. Address REI.lA BLE, box 17-5 Herald Uptown 11 ranch office. C^OOD HOARD AMONG THE MOl'NT.WNs" 10 MI If T ute* Ironi Central Valley station on Newbnrg Short Cut Railroad; terms m derate. Address K. TITUs. Central \ alley. Orange county. X. Y. yoon COUNTRY BOARD AT JAMKSFORT, L. I., AT r..p?n,F.PrtcV: l""'?e open on the 1st of May. Ad <ireee It. II. JONES. Jamesport. I_ I. H OMK COMFORTS AND GOOD HOARD UA.V HE __ had witli private family?Three hours Irom city via Erie Kailroud ; mountain air, boatintr, fishing, milk, ve^ota bles, Jrnit, Ac. ; reicrence. Mors 550 Grand tl. II UD.-o.N RIVER -BOARD; KINK SITUATION; MOD A A ern improvement*; Crnton wst?r, high ground, shade lawns, garden, stable*, tine drives; 20 minute* out. 10 from depot: terms moderate. Address C. D.. Post office. Fort Ga*hingtoii ' *Vi* TAMF.S W. SMITH OPENS HIS HOUSE AT KOCE tl land Lake for hoarders frum the Ut ol .Mar; boa tin* anil tmuitic; lermi roaauuable. Inquire of M. MEL LICK 421 ii ro ad wny. ? * ? I OXG BRANCH BOARD FINEST ROOMS OX IM'FTjf I *v : flr*t class aeeoiumoMail'ins: croquet, private bath ing. Ac.; now Open tor engagement* Apply st 44 Wo*t 32d or Mng'? Cottage, Lwng Branch. PP ' 1 H " #'1 JSi I KRAY HILL HOI8K-A DELIGHTFUL FAMILY hotel, only one hour Irom New York per Northern Rail. road ot New Jersey, will open Mey I. ParticaUrs at 436th M ANIIaSSKT. L I.. ONE HOUR BY FLUSHING a*i and North Shore Railroad?Mrs. A. GREEN has ir^.i ,lTl?#T"n!.r'",."".',ur T,''v'?r, ??ke" l.Jfl.1.?!. i .I i ; rooms, lawns, shade, fruit, bathing, bnntlut; and fishing, ?tabl? accnmniodntioiiN ? a rartv ol .toiing men csn lime a separate house on shore at r^\VKV'vreL',r;r. M ONTt LAIR?PLEASANT ROOMS AND HOARD dsn be obtained In a private family; hoow I* delight? tally siiaatad on the Orenge Mountain aide, witnln id nun. ntes walk o two rsilrond depot*. Ad.Ire*. F. L , bi x 1 ? !? Post office. .Monte 1*1 r. N J. ' V rn, Kf'A?*~,V ROOMS, IX XIOK FARMHOUSE, ? , ??? mils, rrum New York. 4 Irom station. Learn par MfJRRJs Bi"'?k'liide 'x"j Mrookl'ni or address Mr*. M. 0 RANGE COUNTY. X. Y?SUMMER HOARDERS C o'v. " ?n '"rn"' ?ta- Al'P'f to JOHN H. COM Kit, So. H Murrxy at. 0 RANGE MOI'XTAIN, MaPI.KWOOD STATION, 70 tiiinuif* lron? city, 5 rainiuri' walk from depot.?A few deairahl* Kcnm* left at urut farm htiutr. Addreaa II. A. fl., hux l.ij Fast office, tSuutn Orange, N, J. Plain field, x. j.,gxr hour from new yokk? itoofi Hoard fur three adulu; no other boarder*; tarma reasonable: no vnoaquitote. Addreaa D. M. J., box 128 Ifrraid tifficc. ARTIES MAKING A CHANGE OR BREAKING UP X houftrkeepiitK ean And a pleaannt borne fbr the rammer MtB, DriBgp county. Inqairt M R COUNTRY BOARD. KaD'fiYl-: SUNDAY TF.LEliRAM." V IT CONTAINS AOL Till'. NEWS FOR TKTO CRXTR. SUMMER ~ BOARDERS WANTED?AT 'IKWOOO Km," Pmi|lu|aii,', X Y : terms reasonable. For lull inform at. on addrew KuBERT V. WtHJDIN. (JLirABLE 'PARTIES CAN SECURE II AS DBOMS kJ Room*, with fir.t class lade: desirable location; 44 Mi>>?>*? by Krte Railway. For terras address Oi LLRBPIK, I if T.I J UtllC*. CO! I ll SIDk7Y: I. ? ON KAY.""xBAK OUEaxTbOAY C ins. bathlnir, shouting. *<?'? '? table well supplied; if yo* wish 1.1 so wlmre you can roll nut ot tiad Into lite water tab tuon this i? the place; price Ss. BILLY IIA t.SEY, Atlantieville. State* island-board wanted'by gentlr. 111*11 md wile in fir?? class airy location: private tamilj prafecred. Address tally K. II , Herald Uptown Branch office. QOXMEB BOARD?BY API'LYIXC TO TUB UXDBR O signed a pleavant home can fca -ncnred lar the season: haute cnmiaom"** and pleasantly Mtuntrd. three-fourths of a mile Ironi hiuuiugton vllltg* and tli* ocean; pleasant drives; good fishing. bathing. Ac.: good reteranca rivta Addrehu Mrs. .1. D. ROBINSON, Btonington. Coon. TWO GENTLEMEN WILLI NO TORtlOM TOOBThSS itnd dv?lriuc it retired home will find such by addressing, with reference*. B. B.. Port Richmond. S. I. TWO OR KOU it IiKNTLKMLN~CANOBTA IN ~FIRBT ela*? accommodations with private family at Bercon Point. N. J.; fit Inp, boatiu*, Ac. Addrcta HOME, bus 177 Herald oilier. ___________ Three or Tour orntxehkn can be accox ?undated. with Banrd in a private family nn htaten Id.ind; healthy neighborhood: within an hour ol eity; terms moderate.* A. Z.. Heral I office. WASTKD-HV a FAMILY, HOARD IN Tnl country, with ? French familv, where French It habit ually apoken. Address, with partlculart, W. A M., Herald office. IXTVMiTBD-lMmediately; FOR~MY WIPE AMD v? year old lulaut. pood (ililn Board in high. healthy *t tractivo location; accoati ? e to car*: not over HO mliot out; would prefer private family without boarder*. If sn'tcd. will remain late. Addrraa. with terma ami all particular!, iLLKK. box IDs Herald Uptown Branch office. TKAVKl w Wanted-from ist JINK, country board. At alarm honte for a family of two adulta and three children; muat bo within l)p hours'trhsrei of Ibt city. It a nne elevated locality, where there are neither moequitoot or lever and ague. ami where no other or vory few boarder! will bo taken; would remain three month- if suited. Ad dress, with partlciuara ami torma, which mutt bo very mod* trade, SPARTA, Herald office. i\rANTED?board IN THE COUNTRY FOR TWO YV boyt. upet I audit; thev muat he well and kindly takes care or. Address, stating terina, Ac., Which mud bo modal ate. INTER EST, Herald office. ANTED?FIRST CLASS COUNTRY HOARD, SO inilev of rlty hy rail; two pentleiacn, wive*, two ebil dren. two; 10 to 12 week* from June 15; good no oemmodstlont. healtny location and pleataat surrounding* rf.,invite. Address, with lull particulars, price,-Be., K., bos 4,2rtO Pott office. New York. ur an t 1-. i >?is as tor i.a or eavkn^voodTroom YY and Board for gentlcuiau and wife. Address U. la, Astoria, WANTED?BOARD 1N~TUK COUNTRY, HY tiBNTLR* YY man: must have good aud pleaaant room and table* within 4"> luiniitrs of the city. Address JOHNS, bos 116 Herald Uptown Branch offioe, statinp terms and accommo dations. TItXnTKD?BOARD AT A FARMHOUSE FOR TWO YY adults and a boy six years old, not over AO utiles Irom city: board muat he low. .address R. J. A., No. 110 Wost Mltll at. 1 r FURNISH ED ROOMS, SUITABLE FOB HOU8K' ?> kcopiup, about Au miles from the city, via Harlem Rail' road; pl-aatct prounds, Ac,; threo miiiutet' walk from depot; terms moderate, inquire for ono woek of Mr. KELLEY, 8H2 Broadway. SUMMKK RESORTS? "* LL PliiWONS Uoi.NO TO 1 11K T*6ujffStYIfltl A choose i heir retort Irom the complete list In ths Travellers' tiuide for summer; every respectable plaee will he described; price 2.*> cents. Address AMERICAN NKWt COMPANY. New York. See notices in New Publications ?X K PT U N E 1IOCS B, ? on the Sound, New Rocholle. flood boating, batliinp and fishing: 3'? minutes from Grand Central depot; will open May 111, 1S7G. S. 0. BARR, Manager. RANCH COTTAGE, DELAWARE WATER GAP, FA. is now open. Parties lookinp for summer board please address E. t (iMi'TON, Delaware Water Gap, Pa. B~~ ATH UOTEITbATH, L. X.-WILL REOPEN MAY 15j liberal terms for the enrly season. For particulars ad dress C. A. BUNTING. Proprietor. (tatskieL summur"^iliLiTirousE, one mile from J the villape, will open May 1 lor summer boarders] terms reasonable: temperance. F. M. U0ETQH1N8, Proprietor. Goopee house, Cooperstown, N. Y., will open Juno 24s Guests of last season who desire to secure the tame apart; ment? will please notify the undo reigned before the 10th at May. WM. B. COLEMaN. Proprietor. (TLIFTOX GROVE HOTKL. CLXI'TON, N. J.-52 MIN. J utes fryra toot of Chambers st. via Erie Railway; open) May 1 for tiio reception of boarders; this new and first clan hotel la huauliluily situated on the i'atereon plank road and Erie Railway, 12 mile) from New Vork and 3 miles (rota raterson ; connected with tlie hotel is one of the finest plo nic proves in the Mate, which will be let at a reasonable rate to respectable parties; 12 trains each way dally. It. A. RUE, Proprietor. Forest house, budds lake, n. j.. opensjunh 1. A. B KO W N SON, formerly of Uidgeueld Park f Uolel, Now Jersey. /"IRANI) HUMMER RESORT?CHATHAM, N. J., IX U hours from New Vork on the Delaware, Laekawauna and Western Railroad; One lawn and magnificent grove. J. 0. K. BROWN. AMILTON HOUSE, STAMFORD, CONN.?NOlf open; favorable terms for May and June. 8. T. CoZZENS (formerly ot West Point), Stamford, Conn. HIUI1LA.N1> HOUSE, GARRISON, ON THE HUDSON? Open from June to October; acreaeible By Hudson River Kuilroml, Aluany day line or steamer Mary PuwelL For partlcuiats apply to O. F. A W. 1>. GARRISON, Grand Uutou Hotel. 4th av. and 41st tt.. New Vork. H KATU HOUSE, SCUOOLEV MOUNTAIN SPRINGS N. J., two hours' ride frurn New Vork via Morris ana Essex R. R.; accommodates 400 guests; fine lawn; Obaiy hvste water; baud and music hall; perfect drainage; pure spring water; vegetables from our own gardens resident physician: no mosquitoes. Circulars at the Coleman House, Si/lh st. an<LU road war. COLEMAN k CARRIQUB. A TOURKTTK HOUSE. BERGEN POINT, K. J, J will open for general business May 1. J. BOWMAN. Proprietor. ~ONO BRANCH.?BATES' COTTAGE, OCEa3 front, now open for guests. JOSEPH BATES, Manager. Mountain view house. Germaniown, Columbia county, N. T. This popular summer resort is now open for gueste. Fee Circular and terms address P. W. ROCKEFELLER, Gets ruantown, N. Y. Morton house. Indian Harbor, Greenwich. Conn. I his first class summer hotel, beaatttelly situated on Lom Island Somiit, only 2M miles troin New York, will be opened lor the third season on the K>th ol Jnne; it baa aceommoaa tions tor 250 boarders and Is easily reached via the New lUven Railroad, which rant 14 trains dnily each way; house now open for inspection. For lurther particular* apply to or addres* J. W. MORTON, Ureeuwlob, Conn, VTOKWOOD HOUSE, NORWOOD. X. J., 26 MILES jLi from New York.?This family hotel opens May 20, i.arge rooms, gas. bells; extensive lawu; near depot, Plant and prices of F. T. KEITH, at Uonld't, 33 Nassau st. ONE HOUR FROM NBW YORK, VIA ERIE RAIL, road?Large double House (new), hlgn ceilings, healthy location, commodious gronuds, superior stable a* commodotions : terms reasonable; very desirable fer fatal* lira. Address S. S. Ridgewood. N. J. Refers to TbemA T. Walton, Lenox Inaurauoe Company, 15M Broadway; T. Houston. Ill Liberty st. AVI LION HOTEL. NEW BRIGHTON, STATEl) Islund. will re ipen early in May under the same man agement as last year; reduced rates through May and June. Call on or address K. F. COLE. Palisades mountain house, knglewood Cliffs, on the Hudson, opposite spuyten Duyvil, 370 teet above tlie river and 46 minutes by steam host From the city will open in May. Plans oltlis house may be seen at the Metropolitan UoteL Special rates lor May and Jans. ? D. S. HAMMOND. 11 HAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. II' CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. Bock grove house, pompton junction.-onh ot the moat healthy and beautiful locations In New Jersey; 27 miles trom the elty. junction ol Moittclalr and Greenwood Lake and New Jersey Midland railroads; opens May 16; fishing, boating; no moaqnlioos; no malaria; low management; terms moderate. Refer to Colonel C. A. Wells, room 7, 115 Broadway, and Pullorton A Co., 323 Broadway, where pbotograpba can be seen. C. ADAMS, Proprietor. milE GRAND UNION HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, K. T., Will reopen for the Reception if Guests JUNK 1ST, 1878. Bine* th* close of last season extensive Improvements have been made. A new bell room 80*80 feet, a spacious club house and 125 first class rooms have been added. By the construction of a complete ayrdem of waterworks guestt of this boas* will snjoy the luxury ef Pure Spring Water In their Own Rooms These Improvement* and the magnificent1* with which the home has been refurnished throughout make It tha most (legaat and complete In ?!i He appointments of any hotel la the world. _____ ? Private stables tor lb# ascitis! v* us* of guests Orders for spartmaat* received on aud after May 1st nsxh Address, GRAND UNION HOTEL, Saratoga Springs, N. T. HENRT CLAIR, i g,.? WM. WILKINSON, ( Msnagers. triHT KUTII F.RFOKD PARK Uol'SK.-KVKRT 77 train el Erie Ksil* ay stop* at Passaic Bridge, wtthla | four minutes' walk ol this uew hotel; only :*? minutes' from New York; spacious rooms; SOU teet broad piaaxa; superios ; a' comniodattea* tor families; shaded walks, heautifel and : romantic drives; 25 acres vegetable gsrdeu, 40 serel i orchard choice fruits; Uuiry Ahicroey cows, 2UU acre* on i bank Passaic lliver; good booting, sad fishlagj reasonable charges. liefer to Lelsnd s Knsmnote and ' m urteraut ilwuee. Address Proprietors, at West Rather* ' lord, N. J., or at room Id, No. 221' Hrt.adwny, New York. C. H. ANDREWS k CO. w fooDsiiURG pavilion.?this large and blb cant hi.irl ol too rooms, magnificeutly furnished, gat sad water, in full vlea ot ti e ocean, sthl water bathing aj all hour, three quarters of a mile di tant from hotel, miles from New Vers by Southern Railroad. will be onsi M.ty 15; terms losuit the N. WEED, Proprtstar. VyiUTKSTONK HoUdK. WIIITRMTONB, L. I^-THIB 77 elegant Summer resort, one hour irora New Turk by ears or will open May 24. Koomsean new be engaged ef R. D. TUCKER, Manager, 44 Cliff St., New Yarb. Vor OUter BoArding '?*?irtlfiinTHtit

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