Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1876 Page 3
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SITUATIOX8 WAJfTED-FEMALES. t <>ok->. ?Vc. 1 a- EAST 431) Sr.-A Y'OUNU G!RE AS TOOK. 1U?) wiufier and irontf; willing and obliging. first clftM ?ity re for ?ut? tall fur two dart. 1q5 WBSTMTH 8T.?A RKHPKCTAHtK COLORED lOD woman at rook; good ruturuiicu. 0*11 U?r two day*. Tcici -vk>i am si \h (mk>u plain otiok A Nil At**./ to a-sist with lb# washing; iiu uhjaction to the Buniitry; well rfcummrndcd. Cull fur two days, tina 30 w. CfiRNBK OTlS sr. roP PL* OR \s LdUU American m* ?ir*t rluaa cook m a priralo foully or boarding houss. (Jail Monday. WILLIAM SI' (FRANKFORT HOUSE jLiyfmJ New Kngland woman aa thorough cook; under ?tuuds paatry iu all i,ranches; baa a daughter?a ywunjf woman fall or address. onij EAST ??-!? sr A FIIII.T CLASS ?OOK AX OA OU'' chambermaid and nur.e . would like to lice In Ihn Buuie house toget'uer; country prelerred; best city ruler eucea. Call for two days. . _ ? ? | i? west :w,TH s r.?as Til ion, i:xi*lii:l! X?'KO Ot^ cook, wa*h#r and irouer iu a minll family : stands milk and biittur: and bcr Mule cirt in d? light cbuui bcrwork and waiting; country preferred; rtfereoca . 7Ol" EAST MTU ST." ROOM IV-AS COOK OR Tui laundress iu a respectable family rufeienee*. Ver iri AV., FIRST floor.-a good cook zhtfO and baker. _ /; Oil WEST?TH ST., THREE STAIRS. FRONT ? AS O^U br?t clan* cook in a hotel or large Boarding bou*o. country preferred: good reference. 1DTvT-jTyUuno OIBL aSl-ookibi.rt Rka6~tU~K"SCXDAv tbDwram. IT CONTAIN* ALL T1IK NEW 8 I OR TWO CENiS. Chsnibsrittaids*' etc. 2 WEST 1GTII SI. tPKESENT fcMl'LOYERS*:~.AJr excellent girl as chambermaid and waitress. Call on Uonday from 11 A. M. to 4 P. ' IOC BA8T 27TH 8T .YrK.SENT EMPL< >Y r R'S.-a i trustworthy girl as chambermaid and nurse, highly recommended. Call or addrese (except Sunday ?. | O WEST iSTH Si, I'll' Kl.'.ou ? A RKSrBOTA 'L ble colored girl a* chumberiuaid aud waitress; good city reference. Call or address. UKLAKCEY ST., IS STORK?GIRL TO DO , up,lair* work. ?>1111 EAST 2UTH ST. iRINti THIRD BELL).?A ! OlIU yoiiiic girl, 17 year* of agu. to do light chamber, work and a,?i?t in tho euro 0r children; would sleep at homo if desired. _____ . .. - j O Alt WEST 37TH sf.~rillKI) KIAMJK. FRONT ?AN | O'lD active, willing girl a* chambermaid and waitress In | a private tamily : willing to aaaiat in the washing and irou lug: be?t city relerence. " j "umI AV* SECOND FLOOR.?A RESI'ECTA- j hie Swedish girl ns chambermaid or laundress. FT A TI BTH AV. (FANCY STOKE).-A OIRL AS ; J 4" j 2 chambermaid and seamstress or to wait on un olu ? lady and sew fur her; best references. . 1 "I YOUNG OIRL AS UPSTAIRS GIRL: BEST i A. city ret-trencn. Mi** IIKKitY, U7tli at. and 4th av. V LADY~WISHES"A SITl"ATlo.N FOlt A YOUXO f\ girl as chambermaid and waitrc**. Call lor three day. i at No. S Ferry *t. _ A" YOUNtffllRL AS CHAMBERMAID IX A HOTEL I or boarding hou?e;city or country; city' reference. | Addreea S. A., box 300 Herald Uptown llraticlt olncc. , BAD THE SUNDAY t?lKOKAM IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. Drmmaker* * nil .*eam??rf*?e? 1 PERRY ST.?A COMPETENT DRKSSMAh.hR BY JL the day; can cut ?nd fit aud d?? all kiud* of family ?*'? ing; can operate on uny sewing mnchiue; host city reier ?uce. Address DHESSMAKKK. 1 C EAST I3TH ST.. REAR.?A FIRST CLASS SEAM 10 *tre*? In a private lamily : under.tand* cult ng and fitting ladles* and children's dresses ; nnaratee ??n W illcox Jc UihliC machine; can wait on young ladie* it required; gi-oi reference. _ 111 east ttlST ST.?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LiT girl a* eeametrea. or maid to a lady; two year, good reference. Can be ?ecn at preeent employer a j rri WEST 41TII ST.?A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER | ll would like a few more engagement* to go out by the | day. Ad<trc?* MUe LKN fEK. caro^Mrio llawklne. l/ll) WEST 14TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR.?A FIRST 1U.J elaae modlate, having alt ParHian *tvle?. wl.hee more patron- by the duy or at home : ?ult?i uiudo Irom 15 to IS t arda of *llk ; out ot faehioti. misHtted Ure?*e* altered to new; wedding trou??eaiu, evening dreaeel a ?pecialty. Call and eoe apecimen*; remember. aire, uakm- . ^ "I OQ EAST lltSTH ST.?AN ENGLISH DRESSMAKER lOO require* an engagement nr Iir?t band In a line* bu*lne?i, taking entire maiiagemeul; no objection logo out of New York. TTaSTThIH ST.-A COMPETENT DKE-SMAKKK will work by tlie day ; cut and trim prrfect. Otvj 0TH AV.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER' LL 1 tpeaking French. Oerman and Engl I *h, a* cutler. Btter or aaleslady. Aildre** Alt* C A RTF. AIX. OCO WEST 37TH ST.?A 11 R.4T CLASS DKF.SS LOO maker wl.lio* a lew more engagement* by the dav ; euti and trim* in all the latoot style*; term* ca?y. Addre** llira CAN BY. 132 city refi 272 496 161 ij-i 4) WEST 3HTH ST.?A FIRsT CLASS DRKSs OLL maker, who I* perfect in catting and lining. de?ire* a I, v more engagements by the day or week; bc*t reler- j tnces. a FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERER OR SEAMSTRESS J\ in a hotel; understand, cutting and making ,hp cov er*. Ac.; no objection to the country ; g. oil reference. \d dreaa SEAMSTRESS, box lft! Herald I ptown Hrancli olliee. LADY WHO HAS HELD POhlTIONH MANY JT%. year* In manufacturing cloak* and suit* Ir. the l?c?t . establishment* in Europe, aud cuta. (its and designs artistic ally, desire* a position or partnership or to go to Uniilir* or'do work *t home: elty reference. Address M. M., Herald Uptown Branch olliee. ! 7 FIRST CLASS FRENCH DRESSM AKEK?I'NDER- | Jv stands her tu*ine??: work taken home: neat aud per fect; reference. Address S. K., Herald olliee. ' YOU NO GIRL, SMART WITH THE NKKDl.E. j wanted by a Brat class dressmaker, to learu the trade. ( Apply at i!0 Bond st. A A SEAMSTRESS, WHO UNDERSTANDS DRESS A. making, would like it few more familie* to work for; tan operate any of. the best machines. Address i- M. B., Itatlon D. A" STYLISH DRESSMAKER WILL GO OUT FOR $1 VO per day or take dresses at home at low price. Addrasa Mrs. WILLIAMS, Brooklyn Post oMrc. WIDOW. 37, A OOOV DRESSMAKER AND MILLI XM. ner. wishes a position where her service* would *ecure her * home. In or out ut the city. Mr*. JihLL, ilernld Lp town Brituch office. A ? DRESSMAKER Wol.'LD LIKE TO LET A HALL J\_ Konin aud privilege of Show Koum to a milliner; rent low. ll? West 33d st., near rttli av. S SEAMSTRESS AN'U Tii \YAlT ON A LADY'.?Un derstand* dressmaking, also tho machine; best city re urance. Address M., box 131 llsrald Uptown Branch oSicr. Dressmaking and plain sewing done on the most reasonable terms. Appiy to DRESSMAKER, 537 East 5th st. SITUATION AS "LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS *5 by a young colored girl: understand* dressiuakinz; ha* go-id city reference. Address, for two days, SEAMSt'UESS, Brooklyn Post olhee. T>KAD THE "SUNDAY TELEGRAM. 1\ IT CONTAINS AL.. THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. General Housework. Ate. TOO MULBERRY ST.?A YOl'NO i.IKE. LATF.I.Y yOL landed, to do general housework iu a private lam Uy. Call or address. OOl 3D sr.. IN STORK?A FRENCH WOMAN TO Lt\) 1 do light eonaewerk In a widower's family. OIJO EAST S4TII ST.?A WOMAN To DO ORNERAL OOU housework in * small family ; is sober, willing and obliging. Call for two day*. o I | iTsir 3?Tll ST.. THIRD FLOOK.-A KESPECT ??xl able young girl. 17 year*, to do geueral housework in a small family; b**t.reference. ?)?? BTH "AV, NEAR 481II ST.- YOUNG GIRL TO LU do genornl housework In a private Ameriraii fum |l? ? ? good plain .?>.k. fir*t cl??? wa?lier ami ironer; nine year* In one place, one year's relercuee la another. Call on Monday. 1AOC 2D AV. BETWEEN 54TH A.Nl> MTI1 MTS._ I ?Uuv A German girl to do funeral housework in a tiaall American lamlly. K BAD THK SUNDAY TELEGRAM IT CONTAINS ALL THE NKWs FOR TWO CENTS. 8 UoutrkMper*. Ac. BOND ST., FRONT PARLOK.-A YOUNG CANA dian lady a* housekeeper in a widower'* family of means: recrence. 8KAST MP ST.?A NEAT AND COMPETENT A.MKR Ican lady as housekeeper; charge accepted; highest relerences for character an.i capability. Audrees or call on HOUSEKEEPER. 4IO IRVING PLACE. ?EXPERIENCED, KCoNOMI wO cal. Middle-aged Amerlcauwoman as housekeeper or any responsible position ; reference*. Apply tor two day*, from 2 to 6 o'clock, to Mr?. GORDON. OC ELDK1DGK ST.?A LADY IO TAKE ENTIRE U') ebnrira of a gentleman a house during the summer month*; boat reference. Allures* Mrs DOLFIELi), (|1 CLINTON PLACE.?A POSITION AS IIOL'sE ul keeper in n hotel; city or country: w mid like to go to Philadelphia: can he highly recommended by former employer. Addrese F. .11. l?jr 2D ST., WILLIAMSBURG. BROOKLYN. E. I).? lor) An American lady as houackeeper lor a w dowafi no friendly humbug* need apply. Call on or eddreas >!r?. E. WIIITR. O f 7 WEST IITU ST.?A * KKNCII LADY AS G i I housekeeper or lady'* maid, er would travel with a family; apeak* ntruan and Knglian. Cau be teen lor two lift 9fi7~ LEONARD ST.. WILL1AMSBLRG.-A YOUNG dm)') I lady as housekeeper; widower'* family preferred. Addrese A. UOItlON. ?J/IQ WEST .'JO ST.?A LADY AS HOUSEKEEPER; QUO thoroughly qnelihed; understands all kinds of sew ing. city or country, excellent reference- None hut tboee wishing eucb a person need answer Adre>a N. ?J?J7 WBMT MTU ST. - A M11?OI.K At?bO~A MVkT" ?fO I can woman as housekeeper in a gentleman'* lam' liy; beat reterenoa a* to ability ; none bat thus* wishing a re?poa*ible. trustworthy person need answer; city or oouu try. Call en or addrese Mrs. JOIlN'soN.. ??till TrH AV- (PIRAT BELL).-A MIDDLE-AORD Or/JL American lady aa housekeeper. Mrs. WoKTEN DYKKM. R'l') HTM AV-aN AMERICAN LADY Ad HOUSE 4/At As keeper ;le tally competent of teeing charge of ? boarding house ; city or eenntry ; beet reference. fU'-l HTH AV.-a WIDOW, WITH ONE CHILD. AS Iv/O hoeeekeeper or eeametreee; is a trualwortny per pnn ; would go lor board for the summer; country preferred, he knmbega need apply. Mrs. All AW. A WIDOW LADV, AGED 2R, or HIGHEST RE soectebillty. would superintend a gentleman's boma. i edveiuser, belag a lady by birth and social standing. onl> those baring s suitable position of equality to olfer peed replywest or eouth preferred, bnt not eesentlal; aa qtirstionable references given aad required. Address box 1/ilM New York city Poet office. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN. Willi A child lour years old, as housekeeper In s widower's family, Address V. B.. Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATIuN as werklar housekeeper: nn.Jerstsndi the dntlee of n worslng women's piece. Address L. K.. Ilersld office. a YOUNG LADY OEsIREs COPYING AT HOME OB iusu office. Apply to er addrese COPYIST, NaT Eaet bill ?t. . YOUNG FRENCH LADT OP REFINEMENT AND A smlabte dispoetllow a# heusekeepor; n widower's faei. ^pyferred. ^ Ad iff GltORORAJTBA DEM ARE, New arrrATioivs iv^tku-fkmalrr. lloiiM^kivpfa H, iCr. AX FXPKRIKM'KD ENGLISH PROTKSTANT WO man wUh#* ;i situation as housekeeper, understand* French and KuuriUh eooklmr. marketing: ud1 matmirement of serirjint?, ?f would tskt* full rbarjre in a widower's family; beit refsrenrn from nn-n'anf high ?t? tiding In this city \p ply, from HI to 12, Mmia iy, or sddro* Mist PAK KINGTON, |{? -nevflt Hospital. MHh si A WIDOW LADY. WITH l!#lt DACGHTRK. WNHK8 a position tit good family a<* housekeeper; the mfcar ?a tcsichrr of Kutrlifth branches and mush-; would 1??v* the city to fo Waal or K ?stern towns; Ar*t ?-Us* r*terenea% Addr<*x?, f ?r ten day*. Mrs. M ftl. KN A PP. Herald Uptown Branch office. A young widow or phasing mannkks withe* a po.ition as housekeeper in a gentleman's family only those having such p? sitlon need answer. Ad* drcM H BOWEN. Herald Uptown Branch ???ce. A YOUNG PERSON <A Wl!WW WOULD I.TK P. TO .* V procure a p ?sition a* housekeeper for ?u elderly tren tlemnh or some tgeotleman of tneaaa and respectfully; highest rcte re nee as to re?poetahllity of the #ndrerti?wr; would like t ? go to the country for the hummer. Address 11.. ho* 113 Herald Uptown Brunch office. AX AMERICAN LADY AS HOl'SKKRKPKU OR AS. sistant iu a hotel: thnrunghly competent; reference. Address B. A. R., Herald office. POSITION WANTED-!* A HOTEL OK PB1YATR family, by an educated, experienced and practical housekeeper (American lady. 2R) ; speaks French fluently; highest reference. Address W. fl. P., box 182 Herald Ip tnwn Branch office. R KAD THK - r.Vti \ V TKI.T- <; is AM. II' CONTAINS ALL THK XKWs FOR TWO CENTS. 14 I.H'llldri'oK. its-. WEST |5TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS flrit claas; cond city reference. Call lor two OQ \VKST isra ST.. THIRD FLOOR.?A RKPrSCT uUlf vromaii to Uo families' or gonlleuieu'i washing; highest reference,. MQ EAST writ St., SKCIISII FLOOR, BACK.?A ? J. I lirat rlai. laundrca t?? go mil l.y the da*: miliar,!and. nil kinds of washing and fluting hy machine; ba.t city refer ence. OO KINO ST., LOOM NO. ti. REAR ?A BftRFECTA HO ble woman to do ladios' and gentlemen's or Iitmily washing. in* EAST 43 D ST.-A VOUVO WOMAN AS LAUX 1*'.) dress: willing to nasi-t with upstairs work; no ob joction to the country : lint clan, reference. ]?>/? WEST '.tlTII ST?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ? )*) (colored' to do liidiea' and gout emeu's washing, liiitimr and Ironing. Cull for two day,. -ion wisr :?i) sr.. room 7.?washing and lt)i7 ironinir done hy Mr,. EMRY. Il'rf"WEST 27 Til ST. ?A RESPECTA BI.K COLORED I . ) woman to work hy the day washing and ironing; Itooil reference. yiilST FLOOR.?A COLOmtO II IJ WKST 2HTH ST.. FIRST FLOOR. ?A COLORED 'I 1 woman wishes gentlemen's and families' washing, OOP., to 7*e. 150 WKST torn ST. A hkspkutahli: Wt)MAX to do wtuhljttf. Ironing und huuseclcMnitig hy the 200 WKST 4*)TH ST-WASHING AMD IRONING dor., hy Mr,. WALLACE. OI t > WEST 34TB ST.. ROOM 3 ?A WOMAN TO DO Z I ^ lioti?ecleanlnir In or out of the house by tbc any; U u irood laundress: reference. 019 SULLIVAN ST. THIRD H.OOK. RKAR.-A M L?/ eolornil woman to go out liv the day. washing, iron lug or houaeclcaning. Call or address. 0-1 n EAST 20TH ?rr.?A~RESPECTABLE LADY gjL.r wiahes to take fsmllv wrsliln r at her home: miltlinr and tlntiug neatly done; term, reasonable. Call for ono week. not) EARt -?urn ST.?A RESPECTABLE woman todo'famtlvor i-entleinen'> washing; highly r.coin m mletL Apply 011 Hrat Door. 2*10 TH0*r80N* sT~A first CLASS LAl'N . ilres, will dn plain washing for 50 cents a Call on or ad twi Mri. MrGI I.L. Q,*r?> KAST 31 ST ST ? \S FIRST CLASS l.At'N ^.00 dreaa in a prleate lanillv; no object loo to yo iu the country; heat city re erenee. Can he aeen for two dav?. WASHIN(, ASD"igo'jf nrrt WEST HlTlI ST.?TO Do WAS _.)!) Inir; city or country. Addreaa. 340 EAST 35TH ST.-A RESI'KCTABLK WIDOW wontai. to go out wnahing ironing or houaeclean ,11 a 14TH.BT.-A RKSFKCTABLR GIRL TO T L> ' go out by tho dny waahing aud ironing or hnuae cleaning; beat reference. 49IT WKST .T.'D ST.?A RE-PKCTARLE WOMAN 1 ?O to do hoiiaecleaning or wa*hiug by tho day or week ; good cite reference. 4OQ WKST 4IITII ST.. FIRST FLOOR. ROOM 4.?A ? reap-rtahle worn tn to go out by the day to Uo waahing and ironing or liouai-cleaning. Call for two day,. A/lli :!n AV.?A RESPF.CTABLK WOMAN WANTS Tt') lii'UMicleaiitng or washing and iroiiiug. Call on or mid rear Mr*. M.VIIONB.Y, An- 7TII AV., SECOND FLOOR.-WASHING. SI T ./,) per doicu, Hutlng Included. Call 011 or addrci A CGI ST A. 74 T 8D AV.. REAR.?A ttKSPKCTABLK WOMAN I wiNheit ?? go out washing or Hcruhbing by the day. HI-AD LAUNDKEPS.-A SITUATION WANTED, BY a woAihu; undrrRtaniU the htiftitif*** thoroughly; In not afraid to work. Adilreaa LAl'NDBKSS, llorald otlice. ii KAD THK SUNDAY TEI.FORAM IT CONTAINS ALL Tllf XKWS FOR TWO CENTS. hurara. Air. fT/k SPRING ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS uU nur nurse and aeametreaa. Call nn Monday. 8'J KI.DRIDOE ST.. TOP FLOOR. ?A ltKSPKCTA* 1) hie German girl to take care of cliUdren and tn a>al,t in tmuarwora. Call for two day,: no letters anawered. Ti Q WRKT 3BTH ST.?A FIRST CLASS COMPETENT 11' ' colored nurae to ? 'ike ? are or an infant In first claaa faaillr; good reference. Call fur two dnya. i 90 aoTH sr.. hrooklyn.?a rksphotablk lw>' lady drairea an infant to nurse; will glee the beat ol'care and reference. Ill) WKST gtlTII ST.?A IIK-P KCT \ H I.K COLOKKD JtO girl aa uurae or lady'a maid, to travel; references. Call or addrea*. 157 try. WENT ilST ST.?A RiCSPKCTARLE HEALTHY woman aa wet narae; city reference; city or conn 91 H EAST 33D ST.. THIRD FLtMJK ?A YOUXO dmilxj French woman as nurae and aeamatresa: not uiorc tlia 11 two children taker- care of. Gallon or addreaa MAR, UUKKITK. care Mr,. Rohutean. 218 WEST UOTII ST.?A VOCNO ENGLISH GIRL, aged It) year,, aa nurae. Addrea. K. K. 0?>Q WEST 3*2D ST.?TO ACCOMPANY A LADY TO OO0 England: competent to take entire rhargr of chil dren; good traveller; never aea alck; good city reference. Address T. L. 3 41 iKAST 3"r" ST" ';P TW'? STA,RS? BA,'K _A hraltliy >oiingwoman aa wet nurse; own baby two weeks old: heat reference. 402 EAST 48TU . ST., BOOM 10.-A YOUNG healthy woman as wet nurse. /LH7 KAST ,-r" ST?A RBKTBCTABIE YOUNG TO I married woman its wet nurse. with her Oral baby three weeks old next Muu lay. iOQ KiST r.?TH ST.?A ROBUST. II EALTHY Tidil voting mmriiul woman, having loat lidr l>aby at birlb. wishes a healthy babv tn wet nurao at hor home : hue an abundance of milk . boat refer 'lire. J.-Q KAST r.7 r 11 ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.)?A TTt/'' young girl to takr rare i housework. ('all for a few days. ? rare ol children or to aaaiat In err WEST 57TH ST, TOP FLOOR, BACK.?A O'JtJ child to take earo of. 025 STII AV.-A WIDOW AS INVALID NUK8B* housekeeper or sesmslr's*. Call or address. 1'V-Mi JU aV- I"*OCBRY STORK, -A RESPECT" able I'rotcatant woman aa monthly nurae or nurae in a hoapltal. Avert competent swiss woman wishes a altuatioii to take care of an Invalid child or an infant to bring up on the bottle, or would take care of crown chil dren and travel; la never aeaaick: ha? had much exper.eiico; highest recommendations from Kurope and one of ';U tsars in thia city, Addrvaa KKGlXA, box S28, New York Post office. LADIES' MONTHLY NURSE WfSlltS KNUAGK uienta: city or country; I nil>? a nuraed at own real deuce. Addreta Mra. M., nurae. Brooklyn Pnat office. K BAB THE SUNDAY tklkrkam. IT CONTAINS AI L THK NKWs ICR TWO CENTS. RK8FBCTABLB VOUXO OIltL TO TAKR CARE OP one or two children and to do ll|(ht chaioberworfc : a read home more an onject than wairea: good ri-reronco. Ad dreaa O. D . Iwt 11*1 Herald Uptown Branch office. Wanted?a situation in a family op ke- I Hm-mcnt, by a young widow lafly. willing to take the i charge ot children; or a? com pan ion to a lady; country pre ferred. Addrcaa L. If., box I(l7 Herald office. Wsltreaaea. die. Q?J ST. MARK'S PLACE (RING SECOND RF.I.L).?A OO young American woman aa waltreaa In hotel or riA taurant, or would make herself generally u-efiil; no objec tion to tha country; baat city reference. Cell on or addr.-ae M. A. IHItcelianpoaa. OO STCYVKS.tXT ST. (PRESENT EMI'LOVER'S).?A ?)tJ reapsliable woman wanta hoosecleamiig by the dny or we k or job in private fainiliei. w^gT S3DT*''r,*IT'-AriON wanted pgr a girl aged 15; a bom tnore an object than wages; willing and obliging. EAST It.lD ST.?A COMPETENT LADY KI'IS ' I cupalian,. willing to worn, deilrea a poaltion iti a private (.unity or a* companion to an Invalid ; good reader and umanneiiaia, seamstress, governeaa or housekeeper; tuoterate wagea. references exchanged, Addreta Mrs. I KNICKERBOCKER. 2H7 WEST 4DTII sr.?A IIAI It DRESSER WISHER a few ladiea by the month; terms 85 par mouth : II t lUllDL a.tlL'U Addrvaa ll <d_ii4. 311 AV--A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN JaT: woman to g? out by tha day ur week to do house cleaning; rood retrrenrea. oij - ?TM AV.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED W? C\t'' man will go oat le do day's work. Address, lor two days. H. B. AS COMPANION?BV AN EDI c.tTED VOUNG PER* son {Amriiran: apeaka French nnenily : unnerstanda housekeeping thorough!; ; best city references. Address II. L. P.. box isj Herald Uptown Hrencli office. Ay??i n<i lai>?. edi gated and accompluubd, desires a position as companion to a ladv ; undent anils bona - In id duties, uiusie and sewing end (a alio a good leader; no objection to an alderly lady or one la III health I city or eonntry; highest references exchanged. Address SINCERITY. Cptown Branch office A IJtDV op GOOD ADDRESS AND PERSONAL AP pearanee, cheerful and social. wltli considerable knowledge of medicine. would accept a situation to irnviTto auy part of the world aa companion to a ladv or Invalid. Address COMPETENT, box ffirf llerald office '?"???? YOUNG FRENCH PERSON AS LADY'S MAID- UN der?un<l* h?r duly perfectly; food uretainaker; n'peekn English ttuetul?: would i*kt entire chnrjr* ?f n juonw mite aaJtaem. I .. e I rbnoh tin nhloocL... * IIIISB and teaco bar French . no ohjectloa to travel or (tie country; references. Adureas ONlKciE, Herald t ptewn Branch office. YOU NO LADY, WHO WRITER a DISTINCT AN L yxiellent hand, would be glad ol mwd. tnpTinil nar home. Address K. L. f., Herald Uptown Bran A RELIABLE OOUPLB WOULD TAKE CHAKOK Ol a boase while the owner le absent. Mrv. C , 1X1 Wax Sod St. A RF. FINED AMERICAN YOUNG LADY IN HE doced elrcntnstances, wishes a position by which ate oonld g.ila a livelihood; It ? good as am st rose and le aakn dsunosue; host tecelffinnlnli tlinn Mies y irrtATlOXI WAilTBO-FEMALES. 11 i*< el lisneoua. * reliable i'kotkstan r lady desires a -iY position; capable nf taking charge of a Aral claea In stitution : ran make desserts. preserves, Jellies, mad* dishes, Mr .. and take a general supervision of a household: city rcf arc net. Aildmi. lor una week, Mrs. li., boa I'M Herald lp town Brunch office. ApuarrioN as cabiih-k wastbd?by a young l uly of experience. Addreaa K.. Herald offies. A~ Y<)CNtTy.ADY AB Ci) MEAN ION I'm AS ELDERLY lady >.r at nursery governess. Addreaa, with particu lar*, II. S? boa SH.'t Herald nfbre. AYOCMi LADY IIOLDINH A PUBLIC school certificate wishes a poaitiou aa governess. lo teach English, Kranch or iuu?ic. Addreaa J. K., Herald utiles. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY WISHES A HITl'A at lion in an office or (tore, or any situation where alio aan make an honorable It ring; rrlerauco given. Addreaa A. I. M . Herald office. a A SCOTCH I.ADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS children'* goveraeae or lady'a companion; aacelleut reference. Address SCOTCH, llcrald office. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH SWIsS I'KOTKSra.vt neraon, with heat city referoncea to wait on un invalid lad a. or lake the entire charge of one nr two children Ad dr> a* by tetter H. !?.. core of !.. Wooldridire, "JO Cornelia at. R had thi: SUNDAY tklkhkam IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. TIT ANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG" WOMAN. A ft aitttAtion to travel with a Indy aa ehtliC* nurae. or will go in the country; satisfactory ralerancaa given from prea ent place, where ahe haa lived for two years. Addreaa L. B. BARTHOLOMEW, No. 7.' rnanja a:.. New Haven, Conn, WfANTKO-BY A YOUNG WIDOW LaDY. A POBI* If lion as companion to a lady ur lanally travelling; no salary required Addreaa M. W., box I7d Herald olllce. WASTKU-BY A KOKKLADY OF EXPERIENCE, vv with unexceptionable reference, a position In it wholesale suit bouse or laundry. Addreaa U D. J., Herald office. PROFESSIONAI, SITUATIONS WANTED? ' ' FEM ALES. LADY" W KITES LET I hits." BUSINESS" LETTERS, friendly letter-, prepare* manuscript * for publication, insuring tin' quotation*, ver-iflt ktion. capltablation, punc tiiatlnn. ronatructioti of sentences. grammar. Ac ; 14 tuitrx' reierencea. Address Ml** JENNY PERKINS XV., box 7I> station D \ HERMAN LADY WOULD LUCK SoMK CURIES 10 translate from hnglDIi to Herman. Address TEACHER, box IBB Horald Uptown Branch office. A LADY OF REFINEMENT AND EDUCATION I)K J\ sire* a aiin itinn a* gnvineas In a weulthv gentleman's family, or is willing to accept nuy remunerative position not menial. Address L. L.. Newark, N. J. A OEKMAN LADY, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stiinds French, English and milslc. desire, a situation as governess, teacher or companion In a refined family : beat Now York reference. Address box U Post office. Fort Mon roe. Va. A YOUNG LADY AS HERMAN G0VBKNB83 fN AN Auiorican laiiilly; no objection to the country. Andreas E. B.. Herald office. A HERMAN LADY. TEACHING ENGLISH. FRENCH .,'Y and muaic. wisuea to giro a few hours' lessons daily In exchange for Board. Address, for three days, O. B , llerald Uptown Branch office. 3ADIKB OF NKULBCTBD EDUCATION TAUGHT J English, French. Music and Drawing by a lady of the lilghcat aceiiniplishiiieuts; terms moderate. Address KNICKERBOCKER, Herald Uptown Branch office. R HAD THE SUNDAY" TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. HELR W ANTED-FEM A LE Y. ^ FEW REALLY FIR8T CLASS MILLINERS, WILL RECEIVE FROM F25 TO *B0 PER WEEK. AT El! IMC US'. 387 AND 2K!I 8TII AV. A FEW FIRST"CLASS SALESLADIES" WANTED IN THE TRIMMED IIAT, SUIT AND UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENTS, AT Ell BICHS'. UsriND 289 8TH AV. A SMALL. RBSPECTAULR FAMILY. LIVINQ IN A Hat on Hth ov.. wish to hud a young girl of IU to 15, elcver, industrlo a, and having aome know I dgc of house- ] hold duties, who In return for a roinlortahle home and treat- > nient as one of the family would u-slst in I lie entire work of . the place. No servant Is kept, but her duties would leave lier tune, and the opportunity aould be given, toy Impro e- . mailt, reading, Ac , and, if ahe wished, the study ol organ : music. Only those who are able, and willing al>o to work, tiesd answer. Utvu full particulars and address N.. box 204 : llerald office. A? STERN BK: iTHEKS WANT A FIRST CLASS ? saleslady ti> take charge ol their Jewelry and f.iticv ; good* department; |C"<>U salary and ilrwty situation to any 1 urn havln_- the nore<sary city experience: nine salesladies tur dress trimmings and nbtinn departments. Apply be- ! twocn 10 end p_' A M. to 007 dtli av. A FIRST CLASS MILLINKK WANTED. NONE other* need apply. 317 Grand at. A CAPABLE GIRL TO COOK AND WASH IN A V privute boarding house; wages Sit. Cell at No. Weal 2 Id st ATHOROCOHLY KXPKRIF.NCED HOTEL STORK - rooni assistant. with rift class references, for a first class house. Address fTOHKB, box 100 llerald Uptown It ranch oltice. A N ERRAND ill HI. WANTED-BY MM K. .IUUI.A, 170 West 2ftd si. \OOOD ( OPYIST liilKI. PREFERRED). WHO I X derstands fancy lettering, ornamental work, Ac. Ad dress sample letter, slating wages expected, to A. 0. XV., llerald office. AT 027 BROADWAY, ROOM DRESS CUTTING taught by thu .new French system; 11X1 yards or trlmniinir cut in twmty minutes. Dress and pattern maker wanted. A FIRST CLASS FITTER WANTED?IN A LA ROE A dres-making establishment: onlv thus ? who me thor oughly coin potent need apply at Mine. DOUGLASS', 13 hast 17th st. A DEMAND FOR .TELEGRAPH OPERATORS?? Learn: take positions; not Mug navs better: taairlit practically; day or evening. THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 4th av , opposite Cooper Institute. A~ GOOD~LAI N!)RE -8~FOit A R^;STAFRANT\ HW Pearl it. Call for two dava. Sundays tree. A PLAIN COUNTRY GIRL TO MAKE HERSELF JV centrally useful. Apply at II West 1 It It st., near Broadway. DRESSMAKERS WANTED?AT MME. COOLEV'S. NO. 884'. Broadway, aear 19th at. Come early ana pre pared for work. Dressmakers wanted?none but first class handi hands need apply. No. 42 West 23d at. D RRMMAKBKH WASTED.?ONLY GOOD WAIST lianda need apply at 237 4th ar. IJTIftNT CLASS WAIST HANDS. 8LBBYR MAKERS and basrers wanted: only ronmetcnt hands need apply at Mme. DOUGLASS', 13 Ka t I7tli st. I [T I BET class waist makers and dress trim ' mers wauled, .so. 32 West IHth st. r rANTS' LACK CAP MAKi R8 WANTED, to XVM. BERGEN A CO.. 522 Broadway. M AND STRAW GOODS TRIMMER wanted, at 2rS Grand st. Milliners wanted.?ten mood trimmers wanted: good pay and perm intent employment to smart bands. Apply, for two days, at 2S7 Grand st. K* IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. SALESWOMEN WANTED -SEVERAL FIRST CLASS O aaleswromen wanted for our millinery and (lower depart ment. dnlr those experienced need apply at 2S7 Grand st. Saleswoman wantkd-for a millinery show'room. Only first class need apply. C. I)K Lacy, H-ej1 j Broadway, near 19th st. QAUULADIKN WANTED?FOR OUR FLOWER O stock : to those eompetent liberal salsries will be given. Apply to K A. (1IESKN. HI Ea.t 14th st, 'aLKNLADIKS WANTED-IN ALL DEPARTMENTS, ) at D. MAYER S. 2M5 Grand st. Saleswomen for flower and straw de partmenta; also (lower brauclo-rt. M. J. ItlGGlNS, .">2 West Hth st. fpwo SERVANTS WAN TED-AT 158 K ART USD ST.; 1. one to do general housework, and another to take care of children and do clismberwork; must bring good refer ences. Apply immediately. Wanted?good laundress and cook, gen eral housework : family of three: refcreuces; wages (IO. Call Monday lOto at R4H East I IHth st. Wanted?a respectable young American lady as cashier ?n I hooakeeper In an nlBcn; reference repaired. Inquire 711 7th ar., be! seen 48th and 49tli s's. \irANTED? A GERMAN GIRL. WHO SPEAKS SOME IT English, as conk and to assist with washing and Iron ing, at 234 East oOtli st. Y1TAMTED?A GIRL Id YEARS OF AGE. TO AT TV tend an nfilce; must be a good penmafi ; w ages $ < 5<i per week. Address, In own handwriting, box 2t*? Herald office. Yir ANTED?THREE YOUNG LADIES As BAR I? maid* ; must be stvllsh: bhmde* preferred. Apply at "La Paris." . >9 Hleecker, near Broadway, afternoon. ?MrANTED?A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID AND TV waitress ; a thorough worker, with undouoted refer ences. Apply at 2*1 East 47 TV ANTED?A FEW EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES M I >r millinery goods, wilh city relerence only, at LKK H, Slid itth ar. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK V? tor a .iti.i 11 private lamlly In the country. Call ou Monday at 41 West ltUh St.. uear tlth ar. WANTED-A FOREWOMAN. TO SUPERINTEND TIIE VT waist ?lepartm tit In a private dressmaking e-iabllsb ment:n<>l required to cut. 'Ilium who fully understand their business may address X. Y. /... box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-a Forewoman to take cm a ROE Of TV tlie skirt department in a private dressmaking house : those only tired apply who understand the cultin : and trim ming of skirts perfectly aril who bare been employed lu a tablishment tirfire. Address A. U. C., box 112 llcralil Uptown branch otlice. ? IBEr ANTED?FLOWER BRANCH hits. NONE HPT VT tne most comtietent competent need apply at the PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY S. 28 East I4lh st. \Y \V r A N T E D- E X P K It IE N C E D SC A It K XIA KI US. A P plv at JOHN M. DA VIES'. 3-tl Broadway. ANTED?FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES Foil THE different departments In in lltnerv i^'.i is: also cash girls wanted. At J. ROTIISt III Ll? 8. .8 West Utli^t. ?UTANTED?TRIMxfEKS~ MILLINERS AND IXII'ROV. TV ore; none but thnse accustomed to the best city retail trade need apply; good wages anil steady employment given right parties st ROi IISI'TIILIl'S. M West 14th st. to the right parties at WdUITBD?GIRL. "FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, wlm is willing and obliging: it wd washer and Doner; I good reference. Call on Monday at 17<? West -fdjit. ANTED ?SEVER A L EXPERIENCED SALEHLA dlcs for lacee, embroideries, notions and parasols. FLAN IGA.N A CO.. till Hth av. Wanted?first class milliners and sales ladiea, wages frem (12 to (|8 per week, by MAMLLL, MU Hth av.. between 29th and 30th alt. w ANTED?250 EXPERIENCED OPERATOR* ON Wheeler A XVilson s machine on ladies' suits: first elass hands can make gi?id jpay^ _ Apply^ at_ 1NDKSTRU C TIBER RIFFLE COMPANY. 254 and 26H Canal at. IITANTED?OPERATORS ON HOSNAZ BMBROl. VT dery machines; experienced hands can make from (HI to(18 per week. Apply to INDESTRUCTIBLE BUF FLR COMPANY, 254 and 2fi? Canal st. _____ w ANTED?A WORKING HOUSEKEEPER (FRENCH orGermaa jreferredi fnr ? flitnlly of two, no r ranch ?ret must lie a first class cook, washer and Irnner. Apply u-day and this week, first fiat. loO Wen tutu n., earner ef ith ar. HKLP WASTF.D?FEMALES. WANTKD-UIKI, TO COOK. U A>W AND 1 ItOJC AND take cur* ml basement floor for firmly o( four; ?l<jr references reuuired. Apply ?m Mundur, between and 1 at 147 Kul 45th (A WANTED?A WOMAN TO DO TO TBI COUNTRY tor o mouth to rook and do housework for thruo pcr eons Apvlv at 13 ftth ar. for threu days. Tkf ANTED?AS ACCOM 1*1.1st!El) A N D~l AMSRRI TT young tadr who would lika to ho prepared for the ? tftfTP* llillll lifevit A/on a lalant A .Nr.... CT lf*SV llmritlil ? ? I??n WHH w tin I m I1K9 to (10 prnparfU mr i?iw stage; tuuit have tome talent. Addruaa S I'AGK, Herald office. "IirANTED-FIRST CLASS HANDS ON CHILDREN'S Tr suit.- alao a milliner to make and trim Infanta' tare capo aud bata, at 1,193 Broadway. booraeu 2Hth and 2Uth ata. iyAMTR.1)?FIRHT CI.ASS HANDS TO TRIM AND flnlali walata; only perfect onea uaod apply, ill Eaat lllth at. WANTED-AN ENERGETIC LADY FOR OUTDOOR work; a go >ri salary or commission paid. Apply At lift and 117 Nassau at., room 27, niter" A M. YirANTEn-A PLAIN COOK, OOOD WASHER AND " Ironer; Herman preferred. 187 Waat 28th at Tir A 5 TED?a FIRST GLASS PORK WO MAN "for a ti dressmaking establishment: nana h it a competent peraon need apply to Mine. RALL1NU8,1,173 Broadway, op poalte Steven* llouae. \1'ANTKI)_X 0009 KIUlNn AMD TKIMMER. ?r Apply ttt 413mil ar. w ANTED?A YOI'NO I.ADV TO ATTEND IN A RES taiirant. J. D. (IILMOR A CO.. 20ft Greenwich at. w ANTKD-A PROTESTANT OIRI. TO DO GENERAL hoiaework: inuat ha u irood washer and ironer. Call at ?:-t Prospect place, between 42d and 43d ata. and 1st and 2d aea.. New 1 ork. ?ffTANTED?GOOD HKWKKS ON SUITS: 1VAIST AND v? skirt maker.; piece work. Apply, before nine n'cloek Monday, to UKIOO. HASKELL A CO.. MMl llro dway. TyAN I ED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. WHO IS WILL ri in.- to n.slat with tha washing and iroinnff; none hut those willing to no to tb ? ouuntrv and with good raeom mendatlona need apply. Call nl 27 Went -llitli at., on Moo dm . May 1. between tha hour* of II and 11. WANTED?A OIRL TO MIND A CHILD SIX YEARS old and to do ehanih>>rwork in a am all family: must eoriia well raeomniendad. Frcneh or Gar man preferred. Ap ply at No. 23 heat 20th at. WANTED-A NUMBER OK DRKSSMVKKHS; THOSE who eau make tine trimmings ; alao two uppreutleea 1.HW Brandwar. w ANTKD-A FEW FIRST CX.ASS WAIST TRIMMERS, at flft Weat 37th at. ryvNTED-KIRST CLASS SALESLADIES AND MIL ?r tlnera; none hut thine accustomed to lino city trade need apply. No. 20|ic ?ttI, av. IV ANTED?A SMALL GIRL~TO~~MAKE HKK^KLr *T generally itacfill from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. Annlv ut *0.902 8th av. Mme. 8INUBI. w ANTED?Kl Its I' CLASS MILLINERS: ALSO SALES Indira; must be aecmtninort to beat eity trade A. FLEMING. 432 4th av.. near 80th at. w rA NTED?FIRST CLASS TRIMMERS. APPLY MOM* lay. to MARION. 281 8th av ~\\T A NT D? \ DRKSSMAKER OR BUSINESS LADY. TT with aome meana, aa partner or auperlntendent hu*l naaa well eatabliahcd and doing well. Address CHANCE, Herald Uptown drench olllce. "lirANTF.D?10 FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND II finlahera; alao ttro apprentices. Come ready to work at "me. MATII1I.DE DK CORDOBA'S. 2ft East 20th at., huaemont door. OTANTKD?TO GO a SHORT DISTANCE IN THE ? I country for the aummer, a girt for frenoral hnnaework : tou?t he a itood cook, waalier and ironer: alao n boy to wnlt npou table and who underatanr'a the cure of a horse; either w hite or colored. Apply at 3ft8 Weat 2id at. WANTED-A GOOD DRESSMAKER; ONE WHO thorough)v understand, her httalneaa: come prepared for work. 241 Weat 20th at.; ring baaemeni hell. "IITANTED?A FIRST CLASS CUTTER. FITTKU AND TT designer for suit.: to eompetent peraon ateady em ployment. Apply at 200 Fulton at.. Brooklyn. I1AH SCIT TRIMMERS ON THE DOMESTIC MA chine: alao operators with their own m* chines! highest wagea and steady work. WECHSLEK, ABRAHAM A COLLINS, 43 and 4ft Worth at. OIO WEST 37TH ST.. NEAR 8TII AV.?A FEW RE. ? JtO ancrtable sewing glrla can havo a good home; terms moderate. Call all week. SITUATIONS U A YTEl)?MALSI, A NORTH GERMAN FIRST CUSS BARTENDER Xa. wlahea a poaltlnu on or after May 1: flrvt elaaa roleronce given. Addreaa J. K. W., I ox 1 Hit Herald office A YOUNG MARRIED MAN DE-IRES A SITUATION n. Inlernreter In a flrat cla?. hotel or any place where he can nae hi. capacity; an *aka Spanish, English. Italian, French and Purtugutso. Address N. GONZALES, lleraUl office. * YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS DRIVER xY on dellvory wit on: lie.t eity reference: willing to work at any oeeiipatinn Addreaa or call on ACUlLl.E, 73*. Broadway, In flower store. A COLORED MAN FROM THE OOUNTTY, WISHES a situation to work In a private lant'lv. as waiter or porter: good refcrencca. 337 Weat 31st at., third floor. "a SITUATION WANTED- BY A YOUNG M AN. WHO xY la willing to wnrk a. bartender: ran Inrnlah good refer ence; 111. no nlilectlnii to leaving the eity, Addreaa BAR TENDER. Herald office. A WELL KNOWN COLORED M \N WISHES A MTU X\ atlon n. head waiter In a hotel for the anminer. and will employ help al a reasonable ratp; answer Immediately. Address F. T., 481 7th av. A HIGHLY RESPKCTABLR MARRIED col CLE would like to take rliarge of a house during the sum mer months; highest eltv references. Address I*. y. H.? Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. An experienced barkeeper is open ton engagement: nccuatomod to tlr.t elaa. city trade; all refkrenre. fhml.hed a. to ability. Ac. Address, lor one week, CONFIDENCE, Hi raid Uptown Hranclt office. A BOY. IS YEARS. WOUl/D LIKE To HAYC A x\ situation in aome wholesale house. Address H. F. L., Herald Uptown Branch office A rkliabmTman as jani+ob?has ITwifbs -?Y eao give highest reference, for lunesty aril eanahlllty. ACOH IIRIM, Herald Uptown Hranch office. A S WAITER IN A PRIVATE FAMILY?BY A YOUNG xY man who has unallfled himself In the old country (Ire land) and ha. lived aa such In this; polite, obliging and faithful. Addreaa T. B., Herald office. BARKKF.PKR.-A YOC.Nfl MAN. AGED 18. LATELY from Dnblln; has a good knowledge. Addreaa DUBLIN, Herald office. R T TTM PI.OYMENT DESIRED?BY M AN AND WlfBi J J husband Swlxa. ngcd -7. -peaking French. Italian, -span I?h. F.ngllsh. m? hutler nr waiter; i? a total abstainer: wile Kug'lah. aged 2), at lady'a maid or mime; |* a guml hotiae keeper, or ?n?thiug In general: both arn Episcopalians; w odd co to the country: city reference*. Tlto*o who would appreciate the aervlcr* of true help cnll, after 1<I A. M. or a-liire?a Madame S.. 189 6tb ?v.. two flight! up. hack room*. IU AW?HI ri ATIttN IUMIKII IN AN OLD OFFICE. J Addrea* I'llAKIiKV. Herald office. KA l> ~TH1it BUN DAY TKLKORA M. ~ : IT CONTAINS AIX TUB NK'ffl BOB TWO CENTS. SITUATION WANTED?oS FARM: I' N111: l: s i a NDS fanning. Addr.isa FARMER, .135 Newark a*., Jersey ? iky SITUATION WANTED AS WAITER IN IIOARDI.VU house or hotel; relerotice. .1. L.. Ilerald office. WO Vol Mi Mi*: THoRfiumiLY ACQUAINTED with the management of hnraea. dr*ire altuntiou*: one a* trainer, the other a* t-room : very beat relerrne.-i Apply to I'rofraaor 3. A. OOINO, Veterinary Surgeon, 70 Wert S7th at., ?outhe*?t corror tltli ar. WantkiV-by A SMAKT. ACTIVE vol NO MIX. aired IB. a altaatlon In mitit whnlcaale hinlnexa; sal arr not ?n mnch an object aa advancement; can come wall recommended. Addreaa W II W , *Jl>2 Weal g:td at. Wantkd-by a vol no man a situation with a physician ; undcrmand* the cure of horaea; wlilinr to make hlmse'f generally aa-eftil; good reference. Call on or adilreaa BOBhRT J At KSON.21 Minettalane. ANTED-SITU ATIoNsT BY A MAN AND WIFE; 1 the uian understands farmlnir and can drlre: the wo man aa competent cook: underatand* the earc of a dairy; no family. Addreaa J. L, |f> John ?t., seed atore. Aff'li'k CA"II OFFERED To ANY I'lOtSoN llhl.T JplUU lug undersigned to And a permanent aituatlon In city or country. Addreaa LOUISON. Herald office. CL.KRKH AMD BALESME.V. A" UKNT fob NoltTII IflK11M I NY.?A OI NTI.r.M tN, native of Berlin, nearly do. having aold hla manufac tory of huildfng material, wliirh he anrreaafnlly earrled on lor 16 yeara, and po?aea*lnir very extensive eotinectlnna amonif architect*. machine and other manufacturer*. la pre pared to accept the agener of a flrwt cla*a foreign Arm. Ad vcrilacr will arrlra in Philadelphia Tor a vlait to the Inter national Exhibition In the beginning ?f May Letter* please uddrea* to o. P. 721. care of Mcaara. Steinuay A ."ona, piaaof'-rtc inannfaetory. New York: beat referencca to flrat data Berlin and Now York honaee; aecurity if dealred te any amount -A?PARAHOI. ANlT UM BBELLA SA LEHMAN |. wanted; iuu*t have had the beat rity experience and be able to take charge of our Hock. Apply, between 10 and 12 A. M.. to STERN BROTHERS, 967 tlth uv. A YOUNO man WANTEh-oiiRMAN PKEK8RRED. to work in -hop and in office . mini writ# a good baud, underatand bookkeeping and be willing to do anything: wages fit par week. Addreaa. by latter only, with reference and age mo attention paid to ot'.era) Mr. VINCENT, H12 1- ay. and age Broad-. BOOKKEEPER AND SALKKMAX DKSlJtKS A ! eituatiun lu any capacity and I* willing to go to any Part of the country. Addreaa MAHTIXUS, llerald Uptown Branch office. N~KXt' ekie Nt :k I) salesman" TRAVELLING w ifn a -poeialty In patent medicine line would make ar rangements to sell dntga or other good* to retail druggists. Address MT.CIAI.TY. Herald office. GENTLEMAN HPBaITnu OBRMAX, FRENCH and English deairea a situation aa bookkeeper, sales man or collector. Addreaa WIIXlAM, :i2"J Smith at., Br.Miklya. i A FIRM RETIRING FROM BUSINESS DFMltEs TO obtain a good poaitlon for their bookkeeper; lie ia a i oung married man and can be spoken -fin the highea; icrmi. eatery no object. Addreaa PIHKNIX, Herald office. A POSITION WANTRD-BY A YOUNO :MAN. 20 yeara of age. at bookkeeper, aaaiatant bookkeeper or clerk: nnexcapliouabla rclarancaa. Addreaa 8. box I.V2 Herald office. N KXl'ShlBNCED PaINT Salesman IS OPEN for an engagement. Audraaa PAINTS, bus 101 Herald office. ACCOUXTS and BOOKS SCIKNTIFICAIXY "EX AM ined and arranged br expert accountant; boura intght or dayi to ?uit: terma Hxad by Job and lima. Addreaa K. A L? Ihiv 2.1 Mil I'oel office. I fOCNO MAN OF 18 DEMI KB* TO REPRESENT J\ aoine llrm at the Cantennlal Exhibition, or to art aa ana??laiant: ha? liad some experience In prominent falre, Addreaa RANDOLPH. Herald Vptnwu Branch office DRUG Ct-ERK, LICENSED, WITH" sBYKKAL yaara' < lie experience. awaking French and English, wishes a aituatlon. Addrsaa, by latiar. A. SlGltlsT No. 87l? tltn ar. A FIRST CI.ASH SALESMAN WANTEO-TO TRAVEL for a aawing machine company \nd with aoina apecial tlaa. Addreaa. with refarenraa. atatlng what kind of expert anraa and how mnch. MACHINE, box III) Harald office. ATHOROUOH YOl'NO BUSINESS MAN. WITH E8 tabllalied trade among fancy gooda and toy Jobber*, desires an agancy In connection with hit preaeut huiinc-a; c*.I?.lf'r,?M*'"U'L"nd flr" claan reference.. Adoraaa 8K CUKE. Herald office. TIOOKKRKPBR. TEN YEA KB WITH SANK FIRM. STIPEND.' .CToTrBi TkOOKKBKPEK, COURKB PON DENT OR ANY POBI dJ tlon of trvat: a reliable man; Moderate (alary: rater enca to late ctuployar. Addtcaa U. T., box 126 Herald cl ue. CLKRK* A YD B ALBUMS*. BVrWXHt h r> - Wtttt '<>' >o fl" It R PB R k x r v. s a (; P. D antral Hi yesm. residing wir11 paresis. ?? elsrk la a sta Gurry store. Address s TATIoNKR. lltm .i office. (T KNTE N NIA1, EX I! I HTTnKS- A DDIIFsS sUVLDi J *ED M, Herald ofltt, If vuu desire responsible party to represent your lapralti. DAT moods CLMII ATTENTION.?THE Afct&fc nu'nt to th'' eaMitWiiHi aWi-htug atl snd eeery. thing appertaining !?> early < loainc will ho acted upon .H iho Boat regular mealing of i no l>rv Goods Clerks Early (Rosing and lloiirroli nt Association on next Wednesday wenlng. Mar 3 at tllolr hall, Ttvuli, nth ?t . at H:3*lP. M Members ami others who are liitersetad in upholding tbo early clo.nig brancli of tbo astuciatl u aro earnestly requested to bo present. Dlty GOODS SALESMEN WANTKD-ALsO V FIRST rlaaa dress goods salesman: liberal ti.dureaienta la a pood Mian- rtt v reference required. AM I v to nr addrvse J AM ES CUOUGII WELL A CO., 3d a?\, cnimer 1231 st Floor manager wanted? must i ni?kitst \nr> the dry _uods biiainoaa thoroughly. Apply to W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Howery. JPolOR DRUG CLERK'S SITUATION WANTED? Five years' experience ; pood reference: aalary .und er.its Addreaa CAMI'HOR, Herald Uptown Branch office. IIBKRAL SALARY. hXPKNdES AND COMMISSION J paid well raeoiunieaded voutig man who ran in>e?t #."as>, go to I'iilladolpMa during Centennial, then travel Sooth; ultra a-idresa and full name. Addreaa PERMANENT X. Ilerald office. li EAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM IT CONTAINS aLL the news KOR TWO CENTS. STENOGRAPHER. RAPID AND ACCURATE, WISHER evenlntr or Sondav euitilovment a? etnaum-n-i- or a po sition box IIS venloir or Sunday OBtployroOBl amaaaeaata. or a j ill I'liiladvlphia at a moderate aalary. Address LEX, il-'i Herald Up own Braneli office. QITt'ATION WANTED A* CLERK. SALESMAN, D diutiinur or driver: rctcreucc-.. Address W., No. 1 Charles at. Salesman wanted in print dkpartmentT wages $400 h year. IIKaRN Sl SON. 77"> Broadway. TO I)E A LB RH IN~COUNiRT~PRODUCeT-W a n r ? I >. a altoatioB as salesman or in any eapaelti to a prndaro eoramlaslim atore, by a innn hating extensive coontrv ae uoHlntanco; can liiflBOBOe Urge trade. Addreaa JO'IN W. GRAY, Brooklyn Post office. VARNISH TRAVELLER. WANT SB?iffN B WHO IS ! well acquainted with the varnish hadnaw, who can j cotnmaml u Hr.-t class trade and can give gmiil relerencea; aueh a one will dud it to hi. advantage hy addressing YAK MSII. ileralil ollico. TETANTED-OPPORTUNITY Th GO ROl'TH OR WERT ' ? perm ineiitly. by a hrst elnss bookkeeper and business man: rolerence A 1. Addreaa box 3,044 Post office. '& A N r Kl) - A SITI A TI (IN NT A YOUNG MAN AH IT clerk or salesman; speaks, writes and translates French and English: will furnish best relerenoea. Address K. J. It , station L., lAIal st. mid Stlt av. Yl*ANTED?SITUATION IN LAW OFFICE BY A " Brst class penman: experienced in drawing real onto pipers. Addre-s COMPETENT, Herald oflied. YITANTKD?A TRAVELLING SAEKSMvN, lit* 4 VAR II manufacturing house; tiioiB acquainted w-ith the business ami having trade preferred. Addict*, with par ticulars, VARNISH, Imx 12*1 Herald office. TO*ANTED?A SITUATION WITH A RESPONSIBLE IT oamcarn as travelling salesman on oomntisslniti ac qualntaner extotisiv, facilities unusual; h st ot referoncea given. Address D, II S., hnx 14<i Herald offleo. *X\**.\XTE1>?!'"^SI ril)N~ AS ilOi'IKK Kl,PKR~ S ALES rr man, or both, bv a middle aged man of experience: I.e?t reference : can deposit with employer #250. Address D. V. DaNTON, Herald office. WJ*ANTED-A TIIOKOFGH-GOING BUSINESS MAN. ft liiuitliar with corresnoudeneo, slmpla tneikkeeping and affairs; a lair salary will be paid. Address VIR, llorold office. YITANTED-A YOUNG MAN THOROUGHLY CO.MPK ?t tent for the velvet department. Also experienced pmcel wrappers, accustomed to fancy dry goods Only those having had city experience need upply. BLOOMS, aits and 34G Bowerv. "11* ANTED? HY A RESPONSIBLE COLLECTOR, WITH I o a knowledge of l>o V.keeping, a situation; terms mod- I orate; best reference. .Address J -I. C . 221 East KM It St. "lYTANTKD-A YOUNG MAN ABOUT IS To SELL it Hosiery and make hitnaell nsetul. J. WADli A so N, 1US Grand st., Brooklyn. E. D. "IV"ANTI D-sALKSMAN TRAVELLING FOR A CROCK It cry anil glasswar.- house to sell an article among that tr i.In through the country. Atldrvra CROCKERY. Herald office. TENANTED?A CLERK TO TAKE CASK AND SU IT pcriqtrnd In tliu uhsenco of the proprietor iti a flrst class r-staoram noar the City IIall; a deposit of #fSX? will be required. Addr. ss A. 11. C., box 3,243 Post ollico YtTANTED?A COMPETENT M IN AS FLOOR WALK IT or: must understood the mlllnie-v business thorough ly. Apply at J. ROTHSCHILD'S. 5S West I4lh St. WA N T ED-K X P KI! I EN C F. I * R ETA IL S A L BRVAN for Hamburg embroideries ami ruffiitigl; must lie a food stuck keeper and able to write store cards. Address (hy letter), stating toriucr positions held aud salary ex pected. F. LOKSKH ,y Co., Brooklyn. YITANT&D?A YOUNG MAN AGED ABOUT IB OR 2? ? V tor iitticn work in h ivIioIorh ?? liuiun ; nitiNt huvt* noinu knowledge ot buokKaepinv mxt write ?? lift ml; tine liv ing with purcntM pretorreil. Aiiilrt'HN, with rciercnces, htitt Ing Nitlrtry expected, T., b<?\ INmt othce. WAaN I EI>? ARTIFICIAL FLOWER 8\LK*MA.N TO Holicit tir#t cliue trude; aUo h bo^'. W. DAL' I'll IX, 17 tircMt done* *t. \JLJ ANTKI)?A VOl* NU MAN. AHODT 20. AfttlS ii tomed to make riiIor end collect, who run loan hitem plo^er fttfiOon wcuritjr ntitil September 1 ; moderete stt'Hry lint opportunity lor ttdvitncetwent. 1'nrtlen with enelt ad ore"* BROADWAY BI'SINKiStt, Herald Uptown Bra eii office. (OVril.MKV A\l) UAHllEKEKti. Ac en n.iima.n' \vlsiik.s to kini>'a place For hi* coachman, vho has been in his employment tor live years; lie cau tflv? tho highest recommendation* in every reepeet. Apply ut hi* present employer*'*, MO Wc*t 4-d ?l. A 8 COACHMAN, BY A HINULK YOUNG VAX; 1)IS- , > V engaged because family untie to Knrope; two yeur*' bfl city reference Irum last place. Call on or adilrcs* . 1,1'KK. 15 Kan "2Hth ?t. t AITUATlON WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAX, AS _,*\ coachman: good reference. Call ou or address P. K., private ?table 128 Wr?t 54th ?t. A" ~ RELIABLE, COLORED T'OaCRMAM WISHES A situation; thoroughly understands lil* business: will | i ho hluhly recommended by proem employer. Address C. | I*., Ilerald Uptown Branch office. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN BNOM8HMAN, AS drat class coac'unan . thoroughly understand* III* bnsi ne*? In all it* branches; heat city reference. Call on er ad dress, lor three days, C. I'., at C. M. I'reist's boarding stable, 13H West 28th at. A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A KlltST CLASS coachman : thoroughly understand* hi* hu*iness; very highly rccoininendeil. Addrca* T. B.. Id East 37tli at. AS COACH MAN?CITY OK COUNTRY. BY A OER .A man : married man ; no family : paid references; w ile i as trood conk, washer and ironer. Address E. I'uPPE, 441 West 2Hlh si. A gentleman desires a situation tor his coachman. Any one desiring an honMI, faithful and veil- desirable man may address or call on U.K., 151 East 3>*th st. AH COAOHMAN.-A COMPETENT MAN; BEST UKK ciones*. Address or apply at stable So, 1 West 44th at. A youxo MAX M ISIIKS A SITUATION AS IMUOR. man; live years' lieat city reference. Call on ur ad dress. for two days, T. S., No. 5 East llitli st. A SINGLE MAX WANTS A SITUATIONt COUNTKY prelerred: iiudersianils the inanauement ol horses; is a rarrlul driver; will l>? found eminently useful, references. Address II. II., box ltH) Ilerald I ptown Branch office. AS COACH MAN?BY A MAKItIKI> MAN. DI8EN gaged to-day , anv party in want nl a pood man can't do halter: 20 yenja of the highest re erencos in all respects. Call on or address -V. !>.. .No. 4 East 3l*t st. AS COACHMAN?BY A HKST CLASSMAN; BEST cftr references. Address II., care J. B. Brewster A Co., 14., Oth av. COACHMAN OK LOSU EXI'KltlEXCK DESIRES * situation; Is aober, honest and obliging; best relcr Addre-s T. II., box 1M3 Ilerald office. AS FIRST CLASH COACHMAN AND UltoO.NT; PER fertlv understands his business In all respect*: eight years' Orst class reference. Call on or addre.e K. P. PER KINS, at present t tnployer'* nffiee, 115 Broadway, room 7. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A tIENTI.K.MAN KOR his coachman, who has llveil with him for It) years ami served him ialthfuily: Is flrat class In every respect: wages moderate. Apply to Mr. CKONINX, No. 4 ISreat Jones it. ATOU.NO AM ERIC \ N MARRIED MaX DESIRES A situation as coachman and groom: thoroughly under stands the rare and management of horses: also a good careful city driver: no objection to the country. Can be seen at bis present employer's. 511 7th sr. \KI KHT CLASS COACHMAN WANTS A SITUA* lion; six years' city reference from lost employer* Call on or address POaCHMA.N. IIH and 121 West 23d st. tlOACI I M AN?SIX OLE . BEST CITY RKKEREXCKS: ) willing to be obliging. Address I'. M., No. 5 West 1 Ith st. / lOMI'ETEXT UOACHMAN. GAKDKNhR; TEMPER V/ ste; perfectly understand# his i>u?ine*?: five years* good reference Ir.on last employer: willing ami oollging. Call on or address COACH >. AN, 131 West 50th st. (TOACHM AX?SINGLE MAN; CAN FURNISH REST J reierence from Orst cla*s families. Address II. B., No. 47 West lHlh st. CtOAl IIMAN AND 0 V ItHKN KK- BY A MARRIED MAN ) (one child); itmlerstaiids Hieraren horses and ear rtagea; Is a good vegetable gardener: two years' reference* from, lust place. Addre** A. I.., box 123 Herald Uptown Brunch office. (TOId I RED COACHMAN S SITUATION WANTED--IN J either city df countrv, hy a competent man . city reier ence, personal and written Address ANDREW, box 155 Ilerald oilier. (to AC 11M AN AMD GROOM'S islri aTION WANTED - J By a first class man; highly recommended by last employ er. Call on or address M. M. Arsenal Mable* 147 W est Roth ?t. f ' AII DEN KK'H SITUATION W.tNTKD-IIY A NUB LX wegian a n.lel, practi?iil gardener in all IH btsnclies; atlsfaetory refareiici *. Address c. X., box I7l? llarald oitire. 1?EAl> THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. L IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEW.. FOB TWO CSMTS. Situation wanted?ah plain cahMMer. take care of Imrse* ami carriage*, milk aud bu generally usa ful. Adoress M . Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?AH COAi IIM AN. f. AKDENEK, ? i.y a single man; thoroughly understands his luislnvst; best reference*. Address W. B . b*tx III Ilerald office. , S't'lTI a THINS w ANTUD-HV A KK-PKt TABLE man ) ami wite the man as roaehraan or gardener; under Stands tb* cara df bors*?; thewtie as first t .as* took; un derstands the rare uf butter : no em unibrarce; best refer enees from last place Call ou Mond iy. at .*?i West ItHli st \ t * a X T K D?A .SITUATION AHGAKDEXKK BY A MAR TI rled man . no setuiubratir.*) thoroughly understand* the care of gro ?nliousa-. grapery ar.d raising vegetables. Address JAMES HOI.MIIS. southeast turner 4tb av. and 25th st. ?tiTAXTED?SITUATION AS CAHDKXKR BY MARRIED j IT man with *mail leiuily . has a thoruagli pracileal knowledge ol horticulture In ait its branches; refer* to Ins laie employer* In the city. Ad lre*s It. .1 , Inwood, N Y, 1 WANTED?A ?IKTLEMaN OK EDUCATION AND II good ad.ire** to aollttl and collect lor a charitable In ?titatlnu ; must be weil recommended. Address t*. LBX, Herald I ptown Branch office, WANTED?A (lOOH COACHMAN AS SECOND MAN; IT mu*t be single; best city relercuce* required. Ad* dress box 1,222 Post office. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN A situation ?? (room or eo*eh xud gardener; thor oughly understand* the tar# ol horses ; ran milk ; willing n make blmt -H t? uci ally useful; best city r?f?rtnce. Call er adurtm, lor two day*, IJ8 West 1Mb ?t* IIKL.P WI5TBD-1A1I*. ;fim> WAXi^BrnrfuWr^niirrory+irf fB \CKM'H WANTED?IN T<mVN AMD i ?oil our pure tea* 10 families, hotel* and l?'P ktiw" . beM tcnus and lurur't ?i?k In the country ApplJ l? THE WKLLfc TKA coil'ANV, Jul Fulton at.. beffipkSS Churn* and lirtcnwlg t ???.. New Vork. A&.VT WANTED-TO SKLI, COAL ON COMMTS ilon rot a brst elaa* yard. iiMim WESTBRN. Her aid Uptown Hranch office AGENTS WANTED?CITY OR CllUNTKY. TO NELL ten. t tmutlivn and large ronaumera : greatest la * m nta CANTON TKA COMPANY. 14* Chambers ?t. \DVEKTISING CANVAsSER W ANTE P?POSITION permanent ami one of tna beat; reference*. Addraaa KaPPA, Herald office. ___________ \u7 WANTISO WOKK.-J' 11*11 MOUNTED chromoa lor ?1. CONTINENTAL ClIROMO CO., 3? Nassau at., room 4<>. i H ItST CLASS CANV ASSER WANTED?FOR A J\ printing offie*; noiit! but those competent to estimate need apply. aildic-r, slating commission or >alarf aud commission expected. CANVASSER. Herald office. A CENTS WAXTED-1N TOWN AND COUNTRY. TO .V mII our pure taae to faiutliea, hotel* and larKa eon sinners: best terina and largest nock In the country Apply to the WELLS TEA COMPANY'. v< >1 Pulton at., batweea Church and Greenwich si.. New York. A CENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE IN TEA, COP i\. lee an _itd -pica*; oy Adopting our plan you can toaka Irciii llitelmtwrek Apply t 'the GREAT AMERICAN REPUBLIC TKA COMPANY. 7.. Barclay at.. New York. A CENT WaWTKD-TO CANVASS A USEFUL AKTL .1 cla. Duly thuaa uead to tinware need apply at 8S4 West Mth it A DEMAND FOR TELKil ItAPH OPERATORS. Lear a; take positions, nolhiuir pave better; taught practically: day or evening. THOMPSON'S CULLEUK, 4ili as . npp. ?lte Cooper Institute. A (IKNTS.-YOUIt GOOD MEN WANTED WHO UK /V derstand selling the grocery t grocery trade: a mod eoattnlaaloa eud permum-ut engagement lur live men having bora# dud wairun. Call at WK.slUc.uoK S liou Ton Table Sauaa Fuo (tiry. 540 Iludenn el. CK CREAM M AN WANTED -NON K HUT THOSE WHO e cream na Brooklyn. i thoroughly underataad pa king ice cream need apply M THOMAS DEN IIAM, JUU Fulton *t., Bri OPPICE BOY WANTED?IN A LAW OKKICB: MUST reside with hla paraata; wages .'SI par weak. Ad dro-e. In own hun<l? ritlng, box H5t i'nat office. POULTERER WANTED?A HERMAN MAN. WHO tllucauirlilv underetande the care ol lowla mid wheeau give undoubted city reference to tliul effect, may address. With reference. W. C. HAKER, Cresskill, Hereon county, N. J. None other* need apply. R KVD THE SI NDAY TKLEHKAM. " IT COX TAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. fTIHK PLACE TO MAKE MONEY NOW IS AT 1 JAMES SHKEHY'S, 53 Barclay sl.,selllug hi* now work, "lrl*h Martyrs." X\r A NIK li?A N EXPERIENCED WAITER IN A v r private family . mily thu*e having Urn claaa refer ancea need apply, at J1S i ate* av., Brooklyn. SXTANTED?ENULISH SERVANT MAN AND WIPE; TV send plioio.rnpli*; will r?turn thein. Addre** J . A. WtllPPl.K. Ilil Temple place, Boston, Ma**. "11TANTUD?A MAN THOROUGHLY COMPETENT TO If In "II chaps and steak, only, lor a down lowu house. Address box lilt) Herald office. \|7 ANTED?TWO MKN OK UOOD ADDRESS. GEN M tleiuaiily appearance and aoiuirterabie literary abil ity ; flr*t class rel renre- required a* to character, ability, Ac., stood and prompt pay. Address glviug lull name, pre viiius business and reiereuce*. It., box 135 llerald office. TIT ANTED?AN KXPtRIKNCKD ADVERTISING CAN. TV vasner. tu mamiite the *dvertl?mg department of ? monthly agricultural Journal ou cntomlasloit (tnird number)! a permanent position to the right party; security or best tx reference* required. Adores*/.. X., Herald ou ce. TT7ANTKD?AGENTS TO SELL THE POPULAR HER VV n an medicinal herb bitters. Tn the right men a libera! commission will he paid Apply between )? and 13 A. M., on .Monday, May 1, at 43 Hudson at., Hoboken, ouo bloek jrom ferry. "117ANTED? KESl'ECTABLE MEN. OK BUSINESS i X VV porlouce. to earn $lUG in May canvassing tor The Conflict. Apply at KH Warren *t., up stair*. W'ANIED?SOME AGENTS TO SELL A WELL VY known bitters in New York. Hrouklyn auil other cities; lalary and commission deposit required. Addre** BIT iKRs. box 1*1 Herald office. llf ANTED?THOROUGHLY PIUBT CLASS MaNj EX YY perlenced in selling locul rlirhts lur valqablu patented lot eltlc*. Addre** LYi'N, llerald office. WANTED?A HOOD COLORED COOK IN A RP.STAU. rant; inn*. thoroughly understand Id* busluea* and taka full charge of the kitchen. Apply at 750 Hth av. WAN I'KD?TUX ENERGETIC YOUNG MEN WHO are well acquainted in New York, to attend stands at the Centennial; lor which libera! wa re* and steady employ ment lor six months are offend Address. Willi particular! and reiereuce, inel islng SO cents lor correspondence with reiereuce. Ac., K. M. CilANDLl-.R A CO., Chicago, III. AV ANTED?A MAN ACCUSTOMED TO CUTTING Willi tlio knife. Only one who thoroughly understand* III* business lived apply at INDESI'KUC IT RLE HUPPLE id _' >01 COMPANY. .54 and J-WCanal *t. w ANTED?A BOY POR LIGHT l'OUTEH WORK. Apply at 101 West <5Ui si , Monday, at S P. M. "ilTANTKD?A CATHOLIC GENTLEMAN OK 4JOO0 VY address tu take orders oil a new work; salary $ 15 pel week. THOMAS KELLY, 17 Barclay at., second Hyor. XtrANTED?a"LIVE MAN I.N EVERY CITY IN THE YY Union ; yon ran make #J.'i per day selling the Eureka Letter <'onvinc Ink and Hook; no t ress, brush or water re quired. indie.* EUREKA MANUFACTURING COM PA NT', M Iteade *t. Kamplea tree. w t.NTEII A SMART AND INTELEIUENT LAD P??B an office; ssgrsfl per week. Addras*, with refar w dices, oox <n nisi omce. WANTED?NE if. INTELLIGENT HttY, LIVINO w itli bin parents, to tend office, run errands. Ac.; must write Kouil hand; St per month. Address, Id own head* Writing, tiux 2UU Herald office. A.NTKD-A PARTY THOROUGHLY B X PKK1BNCRD in obtaining advertisements tor city papers. Any on* Hitviitut Mii-li mi experience can bssr ot a good opportunity by addressing CITY. Herald office. \\r anTed?-A younu' man" in a real estate TV office. Apply Monday at U A. M. at litiUHlh er. /ANTkF-SIX YOUStf MEN OP GOOD ADDRU4 ' ?jt> I Mil a a. Apply May 1, alter ? A. M. \i'A.vm>?a hoy i.n adowntownlaw okkice'j TV must reside near 42d at.; wages $3 per week. Ad* die as W., box I nil Herald office. vv A R YOUNU MAN WANTED?WHO IS WILLING TO A make Innuell generally useful and capable of selling variant kinds of auction goods; wages and commission. Ait ereessri-.t'L LA iOR. Heraldoffice. A'oi'N'G MEN ANH L.WHKS OK KAlIt EDUCATION X to learn telegraphy; paving and permanent poeltloM obtained on milium! mill telegraph line*. NEW YOKE TELEGRAPH INSTttUCflON COMPANY,'il Park row. TUK TIIADEI. ' r.AltV, WITH A PRACTICAL KNO'WCk'liirfirffl negative ami potltive relonching, with a good expert* Slice In the reception room ol a photo gallery, desires a soil utile petition: site can make liersoif generally useful; hae no objection to a short dlstancs Irom New York aud, having a amalI It.come, requires but a modast salary. Address J'UOTO, liernld office. A BoY Tv a NT E D-TO LEAKN ENGRAVING; ONE V. who has some knowledge of the business preferred. Apply et 25 Maiden lane, top tloor. V POSITION BY A K1BHT CLASS CAKVKK AND pantry mar.; 'JO years' experience; best reference. Address Bltl'Sll. Ihix Ifln Herald olHee. A" K KK NCli CIVIL fcNOl NEK It. tTuoli HltACOHTfr man, wlalte* a situation In any railroad cuinpauy or any city ottlce; good rarerences. Address C. K., box 171 Herald ?nee. PARTY EXPERIENCED IN MANAGEMENT OP workmen and macUliiery desires rs-sugageinent. Ad dress AXYWMEKK. Hera d office. PRINTER WISHES A SITI XfToN~7)N A COI N try newspaper; steady mau; thoronghly eompeteat la all branches; permanency desired. Address box 211 Herald office. MAN CUTTER WANTED?IN A P1KST CLASl dressmaking estshllshment; mtiti thoroughly under, stande his business. Mote. M. A. DUDULAm. 13 Kail 17th at. C" lOOPKK.?WANTED, A MAN To TAKE QMaKOB OP ) a keg factory in a Western state. Address, stating salary and axporioiiee, Herald office. Dyer wanted.-one who can dye cotton in l.ulk or nank. Apply on Monday, from I to 2, at Id \ esey st.. second tloor. ____ / 1 ORDON-i'KKSs HOY WANTED?WHO CAN MAKE \JT rraiij hi* own form*. Apply to P. LOKILLAKD M CUs, Wa?litiiKi<?n Ati*l Iri *t*., sIwtmtf Ulty. PI I oTt >t ? K AI' 11 V.?A EIKSI' CLAM FkINTEE ANB toner desires n situation . thu Istssl style of printing) best New Yora clly relersnre*. Address PRINTER, Herald Uptown Branch office, Ijdl Broadway. PHOTOGRAPH hit WANTED-ONK WHO CAM Pali| retouch and assist si operating. 145 til av. H'aD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. If CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS KOR TWO CENT A. rpo WHOLESALE CLOTHIERS.?A KOKKMAN, LOXO 1 encaged In this city, is open for an engagement. Ad dress A. H. M-. box l*>t* tlerald offii e. qVHRKK Kiltsr CLASH .IOH IIANDn AND ONE JOB X proofreader wanted. Apply In office to LAN UK, LIT* 'I UK A CO., Itl Astor place \tr ANTED-A" COMPE1 ENT MAN~ AS KOKKMANTM vf a ladies undergarment manufactory. Address, with re.erencws. Cll aKI.KS. Herald office. W A.NTED-A KlltSI CLASS CUSTOM CUTTER BY A TV small doan town m'reliant allor. Addreas. with refs erene* and salary expected, MERCHANT TAILOR, box 2 Id Herald offim . 11'AN'I UMEl OR TWO LITHOGRAPHIC KN V v gravers, accustomed to clrantag transfers. Apply te tl.e GRAPHIC CUM l'A NY. ?? and tH-ark place. WaNTKD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. 20 TV years ol age, who lis* thoroughly learned the match maker's trade; < an furnish good reference. Address K. M. M ., Herald office. Tir ANTED?A I'd.* I fit IN~AS KiTkEMAN PA INTEN TT and decorator; Is a good eolnrlst, flgui# and Bowel painter. Address DESIGNER, box 147 llereld office. \l'ANTKD?40U001I STONE CUTTERS:~*TKADY KM. TT ploynicnt. Apply at PUKCELL A BKBNMAN'?,ft7lt si.. North Itivcr. WANTKD-A JOB AN HOTEL CARPENTER. ANB can varnish snd keep fnrniture in repair; good refer core. Address M M. KoBsoN, 433 West 4tt?h St. TTOUNO MAN WANTED TO REPAIR CLOCK! X snd Jewelry, and msk* himself useful la store. Apply* with retereoce, at <>2U 3d av., Brooklyn. N. A. VUROARON. M1SCBLUBBOtl. . |n hwiirmi vkas.- jiasifT ? mwr'mw V body should plant nils year aa ornamental er shads tree, order when yon gn boffie of OKOKUE W. JL'DD, 145 and I4?l West si., between Washington Market aad he* bohon ferry. Large assortment ol ornamental, frail, shade and evergrsea Trees; Shrubs, Preach Hoses, Jepee Lilies, Vine*. Bulbs. Ac., Ae Cheep! Cheap! Prices fewer lead for ten year*. Dishonest traders upon the credulity or the nssiispeetihg have often sought to fblsl upon the public llery adulterated excitants as Identical with or ad good as'* that commanding medietnal beverage aad peer less remedy lor Weakness, Indigestion, Gravel, Gout aud Rheumatism, UDoLPIIO WoLKK's SCHIEDAM ARO MATIC SCHNAPPS, but tha nubile at large have I In the last quarter of a century ten fkniMlar with Ike elne article to be Intpo? on by senate rfels*. Read the rcndat telegram. - IT CONTAIN* ALL TUB NEWS FOB TWO OIKIM ZERO REFRIGERATORS?WILL SAVE tOE, POOfl ?tid money over all "I'ltn. LESLEY. 2kt> West 23d si.; send I

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