Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,41)7. NEW YORK. MONDAY, MAY 1, 1876.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE FOUR CENTS. MKECTOtlY FOR ADVEBTI8ER3. amusements-2D Pack -Mh. '.th and fRh cola. ASTBOLOGT?2d Pag*?ith col BILL1 MCDs? Iit Pilit-ttt col. HOAUDEK* WASTED--2D P*cK-3d ?>d 4th cola. HOARD AND LODGING \V \MKD-2o hm ilh ?o1. MOOTS AND SHOES?3d Pack?2d col. BROOKLYN BOAKD-2n Pack?ith col. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE KOlt sALE-2d PaQB?lat col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES-*? Pack. BC8INBK8 NOTICES-'.? Pack-MiIi col. CITY HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE-t2d Paob?1st eoL PLKKKS AND SALESMKN-7th PACK-Sth eol. CLOTHINO?3? FAG*-2d col UOACHMEN ANI) liAUMKNKRft?3d Pack?3dooL roASTWIHK STKAMSHIPS?1st Pack?5th and ?th 00U. COPARTNERSHIP*?&TU Pack. country BOAKD-Jn Pack?4th col. DANCING ACADEMIES?2n PACK-tfth oot. DENTISTRY?3d Pack?2d eol. DRV GOODS?1*t Pack- ?t!i <oL DWELLING HOUSE* TO LET. Ft.RMBHBD AMD 0N rv KMI8IIED?lit) Pa.k-iM col. BUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?1st Paob?5th col. EUROPE?1st Paok?4th col. KXCHANGK-2D Pack?tlh coL EXOI'RmIONR-Ut Pack?6lh coL FINANCIAL?Pack. FOR HAliE-lirr Pack?4th rot furnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LBT? 2d Pack?2d and 3d colt. Fl'RN1TI!RF.?1 st Pack?ith eol. rRKNCH ADVKRTISF.MKST.H-3d Pao??M eol. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?7th PACK-5lh and 6th coll. BELP WANTED-* ALES-7TH PAGK-?th coU HORSES. carriages. AC.?1?T Pacs-2.1, M aa* 4th eols. BOTKLS?2r> Pack?4th coL INSTRCCTION-Ut PAOV-flth roL LOST AND FOUND?1?T Pat.k?lit col. MACHINERY?1st Pack?ith col. MARBLE MANTELS-lio l'ACB-2d coL MPDIcaL-3d Paok?nd col. MILLINER* A*D DRESSMAKTNO-1*t PACB-fith col. miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS?10t* Pacb flth col. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Sin Paob?6th coL PKRSONAL-Ist Pack? l.t coL PIANOFORTES. ORliANS, AC.-Ist Pack?4th col. professional situations wanted-femalbs? 7th Pack?.">th col. PROPERTY out OF THE citt fob BALE OB TO RENT?2d Pagk?1st eol. REAL KSTATK to EXCHANGE?2d Pack?lit eoL REAL ESTATE WANTEII?2d Pack-l.t col. BKWARDS?1st Pack?lat col. BALES AT auction?3d Pack?lat ami 2d cola. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?7th Paob-IM, 2d, 3d. 4th nan 5th col*. situations WANTED?MALES?7th PACK-ath coL SPECIAL NOTICES?1st Pack?lat and 2d eola. ?PORTING?DOGS. BIRDS, AC.?1st Pack?2dcoL BT0RA*;E?:id Pack?an col. BUMMER RKSOUTS?2d PACK-4th eoL THE TRADES?3d PACK-Sd col. THE TURP-1?t Pack?2d col. TO LET FOR bu8iness PURPOSES?2d Pao-IM and 3d ool*. TRAVELLERS' GDIDE?1st Pack?6th col. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET?2t> Pack?3d col. watcher. JEWELRY. AC.-2t> Pack?3d col. WBSTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALB OB TO LET?2p Pack? lit col. TACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.?lOra PACK-6ih col. PERSONAL. TNNIEr^SffRR)f~V0lf~C0ULD NOT^KEEP ENGAGE c\. meat; write, make appointment; enclose your addresa. Lddrtu F.. TROY TRAIN, Herald Uptown Branch office. ANDY?TO-NIGHT, SURE, ARGYLE SHADOW Ball, rain or ?biae. BLACK EYES. RANK WILSON, OF 31ST ST.?MEET PARTY ION the aame corner aa lait Friday, at 5 o'clock, or writ* to nation. 55th st. and 8th a v. FRIEND J. D. D Q UKEN?IN FELICE, PAOE 482. SAM80N. w ?so LETTER YET; PLEASE CALL. EVKLYN DESMOND. y -031 WBBT 22D ST., WRITE. E. 3D AV. and 2STH ST.. saturday EVENING.? Will young lady, with child, kindly appoint Interview with icentleman who aiaUtcd her in ear 30th at. f Addreai C. C. C, box 122 Herald Uptown Branch oBlce. .-f\ REWARD TO ANY PERSON" WHCTWILL PRO" jP'JV/ cure an interview between the advertiter and one Daniel Banks (at one time known aa George Ebbetts), sou tf William Banka, of Booth-, near Liverpool. England: or IF toad, for legal proof thereof. Apply to ARTHUR SANDY, Mi 803 Post office, New York. LOST AND K UUNi/. fo8tr\;g8TErd'ay"Tat?S'BXy)?morSTnoT 6? AJ tween the Church of Holy Trinity and 3th av. and 43d E. a carved shell Earring, with head ot lighter color on it. retnrned to 518 5th av. a ?uitable reward will be paid. _ ?VELLOWIW3PITZ"T>6gT~OATfifABTsTB^Bf. . Returu to 13S West 27th St. 4|l)n REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RE torn of a small Skye terrier Bitch ; had on leather tollar, with silver trimmings. The above reward wlU be paid at the Clarendon Hotel. *?>n REWARD ?LOST A BMALL DIAMOND SCREW tDZiv shirt stud. The above reward will be paid at No. 10 Murray St.. to anyone fludinR the lam. & IPEaAL NOTlCBh. DISEASES or HEX. The Import anoc of the batltUnm of the narvnat (ystem cannot ba oveiestimated; it* power over life and daatb and the direct bearing which it liu on human happiness soems to be recognised; Ita capabilities, iu qualities and ita power*; the importance of It* healthful preservation, ita moderate uses, the (lander of overtaxing it, whether through thought, study, or intense application In mental investigation and research; whether by the absorbing attention necessary to the couduct of compli cated and momentous business Interests, or by the exces sive indulgence of the appetites and propensities of the system. All these are proper subjects l?r consideration, as also the knowledge of what i* moderation, what i* excess, and when the?e exist the absolute necessity of promptly seeking advice from an expert who, tor a long series of f ears, has devoted his whole time and attention to the study, nvcstlgation and treatment of all the maladies of this im portant department, to accurately determine the diseased conditions, their nature, causes and origin, whether arising from the want of exercise, its irregularity or excess, anil who, Irom his experience and practice, has learned to discover at once the derangement and as promptly apply the remedy, thus avoiding the painfully slow feeling alter the truth, so common to the inexperienced and so annoying to the pa tient. who, vary nsturally, wants to know without delay what Is the matter, the extent of the derangement, the probabilities of recuperation and the time repaired. A striking example of the value of experience and practi cal observation, us well as the tiseftaltioss of the prompt ap plication of suitable remedies, is found In the important Statement, coming, aot Irom DM, tint a iloreti public institu tions. not only si MM l>nt abroad, thai a very large propor tion of tliose who suffer from mental disturbance and abso lute insanity permanently recover, who are placed under treatment within a year after the lirst symptoms have inanl fssteit themselves. It ttie intellectual denartment of tlie brain lias become ex hausted by intense mental application, depriving it ot the tower of connected thought. It can only recover its strength y being properly fed and nourished by the use of certain lyitematic method". It is precisely so in every other de partment, whether of appetite, propensity or paasimi, each reuniting a different remedy for its recuperation ami different aieans for bringing them up from their overworked una ex hausted conditions. The importance ot this branch of mrill cal practice can scarcely be overrated, tor It reaches even to the perpetuation of family names, the securing of hereditary titles and the retention of estates in the same family. From a long and largo experience in this direction I have been able to command h.v my siiccev* the thankful appreci ation ot Mime of the first families in the city nnd nation; and I certainly can communicate mnch to cultivated mlmls in connection with my practical e*|>erience In what pertains to the over-exercise .if every department of the nervous svstrm and the means of recovering iheir powers, whether of brain, appetite, propensity or passion. ? zmn HEN BY A. DANIELS, M. D.. 144 LeUngton at., near 29th at. Honrs, 8 to 3. A -THE FIFTH AND MAIN DRAWINU of THE ? Saxon Government Lottery will taka place from May 1 to ?'0, 1*70. 30,u0u prises to be drawu out ofHH.OOU tickets, 01 which Is 1 prise of 800,000 relchsmark, ei|ual to SI 2*'."00, gold 1 arise of HU0.1XJ0 rclch>mark. equal to 72.??*>, g >1 >i 1 priss of JtSi,'**) reichsmark.equal to 4x,"ll0. gold I prire of 180,0?t reichsmnrk, ennui to 911.(0), g >l I I prise of 100,000 reich?mark. equal to 24,000, gold And S5,iW6 ot her prises. The above drawing is guaranteed hy and under the super vision of the Royal Saxon government. Full explanatory circular- free. THEODORE S8CH0CI1, l'ost office box o.'lM. 110 Nassau St., New York. A -ISAAC 0. BOYCE. 207 BROADWAY, LAWYER.? ? IHvorcat obtained promptly. without publicity; de sertion, incompatibility. Inibltual drunkenness, bittdeiltv. In human irratmi lit, coii\ iction of feluuy. Passports obtained, ?XOTICB or REV n YA L-D R. H. JJ <?III)AN. ? proprietor of the New N ork Museum of Anaiomv, ttlH Broadway, begs to Inform his patients, and Itio-e desir ous vt consulting him. that lie has removed from 4< > Bond st.. where he lesideil M many years, la Na..% Waehitigtoa place, thrae doors west ol Hmndtfay. Dr. Jordan's -!.ee lines on Debility," "Why Men Degenerate. " Ac . can be bad lit the above address tree by mail for Mic., and at all booksellers. A ?KENTUCKY sTATK LOTTERIES OF J. S. SMITH A. A t o ? aim cut?kxths cu? 411, rim ln7tl. SH. 2H, 2<i. 81, v., ?7, VI, 4rt. 4(1. |l. 8?l, 77. 46.74. ?mrtrir-ousi 41'. roa ih7u. 17. 07. 43. :?|. 71. t!. (?., 13. :tl. 47. :<4. 2H. 19. 46. All orders address B. N ATIIAN, box 4,K?'i New York Tost MM. A?PARKS. K.tii KRM in A Oil. " ? Kentucky State i^itterles drawn dailv. ltoyal llavuna l.oiterv rirawii every 17 days. Kentucky Single Number l.otterv. dtawu Ma* 37, 1876. Prisos cashed. information fiirni-licd and circulars free. IK) Hroadwav. Post office box New York. A TTEKTIOJf.?TWRNTT YEARS' PRISSIAN HOfPI JX. tal experience ; diseases of men specialty ; perfect enres 6uaranteed in 4M hoars. Confidential and private office. 101 leccbc r st. wTJACOW. ALLKN * ro.. 7<> NASSAU ST., SEW YORK -WYO mlng Lottery draws Jlay HI. <).(i0i? distribute-! Tickets f I. six for $ > Prises cashed. Circulars mailed free. Dk. kuan?'is uoui.ahi) late profkasor in Paris, lei tnres ???mi wei kly. Private office. for r-cap tion of p?iieata 41 West aftlh ft. Diseases of man and wo men speedily eradicated. I'onsultatlun free. DISKASI S OK M: V A MISt'lALTY. IIK N it Y A DAM I HA M. U.. 144 Islington a v., near JWth si iiU're Iwwire Horn If to !l DiVOHCM OKTAJNBD WITHOUT I'fllLIt ITY IS any State: pav when seemed. KKKH A CU.'H Law Ageno. <i ?stor House, New Y- r*. or Cincintiall. Dr. james can he specially t onsui.trd on diseases ot 111'II, at Oft Hilton st. : moderate charges; honorable confidence; thorough treatiuent, JU years' eape SPECIAL. HOTICKS. G5KSKB tfAiu-BiK^R'8 aW<)ra~01Ta1?g6>< Hay hair to golden. Dopot, BARKER'S Human Hair and Wit, parlor.. 36 W??t 2#lh *t, HAVANA lYlTTllRY.?NEXT DRAWING. MAY 8, 1?7H; 113.1 priz**; highest, #100,000. Information ho*. B. MARTINEZ * CO., 10 Wall it.; Post office box 4.68X Highest price paid for priiea, Spanish sold and Havana bank bill* K?OFFICIAL DRAWING KENTl'CKY STATE LOT . teriefc-SIMMON'S. DICKINSON A CO.. Manager*. KKXTVCgY, KXTILA CLAM, *0. 303?AFML 29, 187fi. 65. 24. 4?l. 13. 83, 33. ?, 36, 59. 6, 40. X ? KXTDCKT, CLAM no. 301? irill 29, 1878. I, SO, 2^. 36. 55. 41, 10. 28, 43. 4?. 42, 14. 61. IIKXUY. KXTHA CLAM. HO. 203? Ar*IL -'9, 187(1. SO, 46. 72. 74, 8, 49, 73. 78, 54, 18. 14. 2. flK.NKT, CLAM HO. ?AfRIL 29, 1876. 42. 43. 19, 74. 1. IS. 61. 78. 71. t!9. 52, 70. 25. Full Inlormatlon liy to or addressing J. CLUTE, 2UO llrvadway, or bos 4,'jtfU Fiut office. K~.ZsIM M O N S,_DIC KIX S O N | OftV KZHTCQR ? State xraud distribution on the Havana plan, t" be drawn May 27: also Royal Havana, of Cuba, drawn May S. Full Information by appljriug to or addressing J. CliL'TE, -O'> Broadway, or box 4.96U Foal office. K~~CH RONIC"CATARRH. DEAFNESS . 1M PROVED ? method; instantaneous relief; permanent caret. Dr. .STODDARD. No. S WM 14th St. ADIES CONSULT DR. G KINDLE. FOR ALL AIL locum; speedy cure* whatever tbe eauM. 142 Won 4tHb at. Nervous EXHA.Otmox.-A medical ess comprising aserlei of lectures delivered at Kithn's Mu seum of Anatmny. New York, on the cauae and enre of Pre mature Decline, allowing indisputably how lost health may be retrained, atTording a dear ?ynopsi* ot the lm>edinienti to mnrrfage and the treatment of nervont and physical debility, ' be in it the result of 2() yearn' experience. Price 25 cent*. Ad dresc the author, Dr. L. J. KAI1N, office and realdeuco 51 East 10th si.. Now York. _ , WN ICRS < >F' LOTS~ W1S11 RRPTHEM T< > BE IM Oy _ proved can have them built on aerordiug to plan* . pay ment will be taken In nwrlxiise. Addrcaa OWNER, Ilerald office. Piles' or ike morri i of ds~perma x ently eradi cated in two to fourweeka' palnleas treatment; no knlle. ligature* cauatlca or cautery emplovcd ? oositlvelv NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Cirrulara trea. Dr. STODDARD, only olice No. S West 14t>i it. S" IDE PLAITING DONE HY MACHINE, WHILE YOU wait, at ROSENSTIN'S. 68 Fortyth at. and 155 East 26tb ?t. 6 77t /1 AA i V ?ROYAL i IAV AN A LOTTE" RY. flUU.UUU. Next drawing May K Circulars, with ftill iuloruintion. aent free. P. C. DEVLIN A CO., Station"? and General Agents, No. 3 Parkjrow (near Ann *L. oppuaite Port office). N. Y. SPORTliG-^bOCS. UIKU9, ?c. ?~^FOR SALE?ALL KINDS 0F~FANCY DOGS, ? Bird*. Ac.; Mediclnea for all disease*; Prepared Foou for mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'S, No. 3 Greene at., near Caual. ? ? A-IjUST IMPORTED. ANOTHER ? of amall Scotch, akye, dandy dial tan Terrier*, and all other breed* of Dot; disuaae* at MEYER'S, No. 3 Weat 3d at., SECOND HAND CHARLES WILL 10 bore central Are Breoc11loader; a a second hand gun of thia Brat claaa mak< ItlTZMANN, 943 Broadway, above 22d a THE TURF. 7 tfer iCW~a5<^~Fken <Tlt~ POoK8 i A aoit'a Pool Room. Monday evening race* at Naahvllle. Full return* received W. U. * T. Auction and french pools i THOMAS' Exchang*. I.2H9 Broadwt viile Running Races, tbe Base Ball Match ex and tho great Two Thouaand Guinea Race at Newmarket, England. GEO. M. THOMAS. EERFOOT DRIVING PARK.?TROTTING MONDAY, May 1, at 3 P. M.; match for $100; Guo. Rear's br. g. Phil O'Neil, Jr., to wagon ; J. Murphy'* *. g. Break of Day, inharueai; belt 3 In 5; also the unfinished race of Friday. Admlaaloo, 50 cent*. WM. Mc'MAliON, Proprietor. NEW YORK TURF EXOHANGh. 15 WE81 2ST11 8T. AUCTION and FRENCH POOLS (old tbi* evening on tho NASHVILLE running race*. FRENCH POOLS close 4 I'. M. to-morrow. Order* by mail or messenger receive prompt attention. ' . KELLY. BLISS Jk CO. ^ HORSES, CARRIAUES, ?C. VN EXECUTOR'S SA-LE.-l OFFER "AT PRIVATE Jx aale, In order to clone an estate, the following valuable Trotting Horaea, Carriage*, llarneas, Ac.;?One handsome team or Bay Horiea, 6 and 7 years old, 15U hands high; drive together like one horse, and can trot In 2 :45; war ranted sound and kind. One extraordinary high bred, stylish, aorrel Gelding, 0 years old, 16% hand* nigh; Is one of the liaudiomeat hones in tbe city, and very fast, aoucd and kind. One bay Mare, by Rvidyk's llambletoulau, 15> liand* high, 7 year* old; strli-b driver and fait; sound and kind. One bay Horse, 15.'4 hand* high: very pretty and prompt driver; ha* been driven by ladles; can trot taat; B year* old and sound and kind. Two Phaeton*, one leather and canopy top; throe aide bar Top Wagona; one set of gold mounted double Harneaa, three sets of single Harness. Blanket*, Lap Robes, Whips, Ac. Will be sold at a great sacrifice, separately or together. The above Wagon* and Harness ban been purchased this spring, and aro nearly new. THE ABOVE STOCK CAN HE SEEN AT PRI VATE STABLE NO. 4 WEST 19T1I ST.. WHERE A SATISFACTORY TRIAL WILL BE U1VEN TO PARTIES WISHING TO PURCHASE. H. C. GLOTER. Executor. A-MAJOR tttv8. w. BARKER. acctioukkr. . SECOND GRAND SPIUNG TRADE SALE ? OK carriaob8, embracing byery STYLE OK VEHICLE, both new mid second hand, including top nod no lop KOAD W AGON'S, piuiel and b?ktl top ?nil no top PONY PHAETONS, Park Phaetons, Coupes. COACHES, 1)0 pi it waif one, Express Wagons, juuip h?t Waxons, Dog Carta, rockaway8, carryall". Ac., Including the make of several celebrated city builders. ALSO t.ARGE LOT of double aad single Harness. LOT OK PINE LAP ROUES, Whips, Horse Cloth ing. Ac. TO-DaY, TO-DAY TO-DAY (MONDAY), MAY 1. AT 11 O'CLOCK. at barker a son s CITY AUCTION MART aNI> NEW YORK TATTEE SALL's, corner of Broadway and 39th st. RALE POSITIVE and without reserve. no postponement on account of weather. TI1E GREATEST CHANCE ever offered to deaiers. liv ery etable keeper* and the general public. FULL AND complete-a8sor1mknt OF THE "Brewster Wagon," the standard lor style and quality, now ready lor inspection at our factory ana ware room*. Broadway and 47th >l? 5th av. and 14th st. Special attention in called to our Improvement la side-btr W agons, which enable* u* to offer the lighten, ealeat and beat riding wagon ever produced. BREWSTER a CO.. of Broome at. ?SECOND hand carriages; I landau, 1 ? Coupe. 1 Victoria, 2 Lundaulets, 1 si x-svat Rocka way. 1 cut under Rockawav, 1 uine-paicteuger Wagon, suita ble lor the country; 4u top aud open lioud wagons, by city niakera, at low prices; Harness, Klaukets, Sheets, wbipa, Duster*, Ac. WM. ii. GRAY. i/u aaa33 wwitw w. isr A SON A B LE CARRI ACES~-po X vp iia ETON'S, ? panel and basket, top, no top ami canopy tope; lluht extenaion top Phaetons lor one horan; light curtain audiut under kocknwaya, Cabriolets. Victorias, Ac., ut prices to suit tlio times. WM. ii. GRAY, -'ii and uj Woosier st BREWSTER SIDE BAR-TOP BUGGY. NEARLY new. for sale cheap. Can be seen at -i!?l (1th av. All kinds ok carriages, my own make, at manufacturers' piices; warranted; lout Iter top. new t'imy Phaetons. $1-0 up; do. Buggies. $14); No Tops, $m0-, anther trlnuned (fburseatl depot top Wagons, ?l:k>; Rock aways, $140; extenaion top Par* Phaetons, f 1 '*i CHS. GKUBE. 30>l Canal at. \ ?KOR'SALE ciTeaP. A lady s tl'un OUT AND uvi elegant black Mare, top Pony Phaeton nearly new, hiiii a set of tine Harness: also an elegant dapple gray Puny, i ? li.inds high. 0 years old, warrauted sound. Inquire at :i ij eat ihjtb St., near 1st av. \ makuaix.-$S5 . wilitbuy AN ELEGANT EX 2v tension top Phaeton, with Pole anil Mhaits. carries four pert ma cost ?hs0 last December. Private stable rear of bouse no. 1h East 3Vlh st. A?KOR SALE?KOUR GOOD WORK HORSES TO s he sol i cheap. 57 lireat Jones St., near Bower;', A A?KOR SALE, :*> YOUNG IIORsES, jl'ST PROM . Indiana, suitable lor all business. Inquire at 120 Norfolk st. A BARGAIN.-A RELIABLE TEAM OK CARRIAGE or hack Horses for sale; 1 liatius; x and !> years old ; sound and kind and very stylish. Apply at ^sutith av., cor ner of i ?'?ill St. A?KOR SALE. TWO CAR LOADS OK WESTERN ? Horses, juit arrived from the West; price $ai nod up ward; at the LuJeon City drove yard stable. hobokeu av. \? KOR SALE CHEAP. 0 GOOD WORK IIOR<sE8 . Apply st So .. Vestry si . between Varick ami hn4aow V?for SALE. k HOUSES; scit TRUCK. PARMER . orsliy business; $.'*>.$?:>. $76. fhi.<>110. $175. jul Grand st.. between Mott and .Mulberry. A CLARENCE, KOUAL TO NEW; TWO good order. J. w. PITNEY, 4*m 14 av. OTHERS, IN KCLL AND COMPLETE -TOOK OK oakltlagk;'. AND KOAD WAGONS IN kashrinahle ami COLORS. A. k klandrau. :i7J and 374 Broome at., old stand of Hrewstrr A Co. A?tlNE OK THE kin EST TEAMS OK HAY HORSES . In the city ; puny made. h vears old, lojj bauds high; without a lault. No. .? tt est litii st. t si i k It E I. HOUSE, 7 YEARS, l?i, HANDS. Jx. sound and kind. $140; also ten other llorsea: suit vroci-r. butcher, farmer ; <75 and $100; two Wagons and Harness, ill Canal st.. saloon. V?WILL HE SOLD at A HARGAIN, OWNER ? leaving loi Europe?The handsome slid strli-li ting Mare, Mountain Maid. # years old, l./i, hands; a beantl inl bay, warranted sound and kind; well broken to all har ness single antl double ; good under saddle . has been rlnden and driven uy % lady: raised bv Mr. Ten Brock, Paris, Bour bon County. Ky . sired by Mraders, ? asstu* M. Clay. .1 r.; dam Vixen by donophan ; was entered at Hve years old in 2 ki class at Lexington. Ky.; ? .nuitig llrst money lti^ -.:w. 2 XI an a 2tlml|. Can tie seen at private rear of house no ix r ati mh at., between Madison and r>th avs. Auction hale ok horse* and carriages. of EVERY description THIRTY HEAD OK kint IIORSEM, suitable KOR KtMILY D IVImi. ?|.0 IjANI'AI . CLARENCES Till' ami Ml TOP w\GON8 TOP ami NO TOP PoNY I'll VETONS ROCK AWAVH. dl-.POT W AGONS. HAKNES*. Ac Ac H\ van TAssELL A KEARVi-.V. auctionkeits at then AUCTION MAllT. 110, 112 t AST ISTH bt.. iin fi'EsdaY. m il i. at hi oci.(k:k, SIOCK on EXHIBITION ON MONDAY. k T 11 m.r Cosr. TWO 1ie\1 tiki i. pllaktt>n7. J\ SU table lor ladies, two lull spring Wsgona. t wn side bare; ?ll nearly new; by best city masers. Private stable, 57 East Xtd St., corner of -itli av. ? SORREL TROTTING horsk-rk'ORD 3:38; . V. ell'stunt geldliii, tro s In 2-4.'>. price $100; one l' ti n. twosels Harness 14*1 West U7tii st. * HKAt'TIKUL PAIR HAY IIORSES WILL iie . V Sold at a great sacrifice ; ? yesrs old, 15^ hands, very haiidsnuio and stylish; als i a single Horse, esa trot fast; stylish and handsome; i*oi?d undei saddle; a trial given ; all warrant d s. uud mid kind ; good top hugvv. pole and shafts, beautiful Pony Pbaetoti, Oooble aud Mingle Harness at stable, Qret door east of University playe, la Mth st. HOHSKS, CAHR1ACER. dtC. A" ? MAJOR CIlAS.'w. HAKKEHTilBcf1b?KSRr~ . hide To DAT. r1dk TO-DAY. speed SHOWN BEFORE YOU BID. FINAL sale OK THE BOSTON TKOTTKRS. MAJOR BARKER bus the honor ol aunntinclug Mr. L. C. CMASK'S (f.irmcr owner of HOPEFUL?2;I71??of Btietoo. Mas*.) third nneuunlicd and |.uMti>elr LAST SALE "I the lasteal CREEK Eastern bred TROTTERS In the world, in ciuUiug TVt O II AI.I-' BROTHERS TO HOPEFUL and aold ou account of his having giveu up breeding und being about to retire trum the turf, to takn place at BARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattvrsall's. corner ?t Broadway aud '<Uth St.. on Weduenday next. May :i, at II o'clock, mid comprising SIX EKN II EAD, being the PICK and BALANCE of Mr Chase's OIlEAr STABLE. including *ome or the BUST Green MONEYED TRACK HoRSE> in America, that cau trot In trum a minutes DOWN TO 2 :26, the get of Godfrey'* i'atcUen islre ol Hopeful). Kthan Allen, Ceueiai Knox. Ac.: all warranted sound und kind. IN THK l-OT are three gentlemen'* superb TROT TING fhAMS. from 15 to 15^ high, that can trot to gether iu from 2 :50 DOWN TO 2 :4U STOCK NOW at the mart for TRIAL, Mr. CHASE ask* as a special lavor that everybody in seatch of GENUINE SPEED will come TO-DAY or to-morrow, at the very latent, ami KIDK behind and TKsT TUK SI'KKU and driving qualities of any of the lot BEFORE bidding. CATALOGUES at .-Dirit or Turf ofhcceor mart. SALE POSITIVE. No postponement. J^T AUCTION Extraordinary (ale ef FAST TROlTKKs. ROADSTERS, TRACK HORSES, TO I* AND NO TOP WAGONS, Harness, *0.. comprising horses that ran trot all the way from -J M to 2 M, aud tha speed shown before the sale, the propertv of J Dunn Walton, Esq. They will be >nld by Messrs VAN TasSKLL A KEARNEY, without reserve at their auction mart. 110 and 11'-' East 13th st., near 4th av., on Till'USD AY May 4. at I I o'clock. The stock will be on exhibition at Mr. Walton's Mable, 14U West 3'Jih St., Iroiu Saturday, the 2Wth iust, up to tb? 3d of May. when they will lie removed to tbo uuctliu mart of VAN IASSK1.I. A KEARNEY, 110 and 112 Eat 13ih il, neur 'th av., during which ti?>?* the public are in vited to ride beh ml anil test the speed of any of the lot. Catalogues now ready. UCT10N~HOUSE OK AltfH. .JOHNSTON. " 1!?. 21. 23 and 2ft 13th st., near University place. SALES OK HORSES AND CARRIAGES ABE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND KRIDAY AT 10 O'CLOCK. ON EVERY HORSE WARRANTED SOUND FROM 34 HOURS TO 3 DAYS FOR TRIAL THE OLDEST established AND MOST RELI ABLE HOUSE IN THE CITY. GENTLEMEN HAVING HORSES OR CARRIAGES to sell, or those wiabing to buy, will Und out business continued on precisely the naiuo strict and honorable principles which have always characterised the dealings of our house, and won tfle respect and confidence of the business conimuuity, as well as the public at large. LIBERAL ADVANCES ON consignments A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED.-TWO HORSES XV suitable for family or business purposes; are hand some and last travellers; rau be driven by a lady; lear nothing; are warrai.ted sound aud gentle in every way; good trial allowed; will bo sold at a sacrifice if sold to day. Inquire for Joseph at stable in rear of 3 T6 und 378 Bowery, opposite .">tli at. Will be sold separate If deaired. DEPOT IWAGON P<)R SALE?AT_PRIVATE HTa" ble, 150 West 31st st. -ib~BUSINESS WAGONS, BELOW 'COST, FOR ? express, grocers, butchers, bnkera. milk, package, ad vertising. depot and delivery wagons, new and second baud; $.10 to f 175. 320 Spring st. BOARDING STABLE, 21 3D ST., NEAR BOWERY.? First class accommodations for private business teams at reduced rates. STEWART J. MclVER. Bargain.?$i7">. POLE AND SHAKTS TOP side bar Buggy, <loe Goodwin's make. 124 West 10th st. f A B R IA G KS c at greater bargains than ever before offered. Landaus, I Landaulets, I Bretts, I Six-seat Rock aw ay i. Coupes. | Victorias. | T Carts | Coupe Bockawayi. We offer a large assortment of one-horae liock aunts, three spring extension top Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Pony and Park Phaetons. New style extension top Pbaetona for six persona. All of our own reliable make and warranted. A. T. DEMAP.KST A CO.. Nos. 628 and 030 Broadway. ARRIAGKS FOR SALE-ONE-PHAETON AND ONE Victoria, built by Brawster A Co., of Broome st., nearly new; have been used bat six times. Can be *een at private stable No. lDWest 44th st. XTRA FINB STIVERS SIDE BAR TOP WAGON' with pole and abaft*; price $100. Jeweller, 7B6 Hth av. E FOR KALE?STOREHOUSE trucking. EXPRESS ing Boardiug Stable ; all in good order aud doing good business. Inquire of JOHN HALEY. 105 East 3&th st. 1NOR SALE?A FANCY COLORED PAIR ADYERTI8 1 ing or Coach Horses, strawbeiry roan, "?Bhands bigh, long neck and very rangy, 7 years old, at OAKLEY A SMITH'S Stable, 24th st. F~ ~0R~SALE-A WELL LOCATED livery stable. with Stock and Lease, doing a good business, chaap for cash. Call on or address JOHN PARKER, 055 2d av. F~OM SALE?THE PIRST~CLASS STABLE NO. "lSS West 31st st.; price reasonable. IIOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine St. F FOR SALE-ONE LAROS BAY HORSE; WAR ranted. Apply to JOSEPH, 138 West 17th st. IIHtt SALR-TWO horses; YOUNO .AND SOUND, suitable tor farmers, grocery or expressmen, at hair ralue. Call at 430 East 1st st. OR SAle-Cuuhk or famTlyTait hia<ie HORSE' 16 hands; Terv stylish; extra Una appearance and speedy driver; nil right. Call, for two davs. at 370 Hudson st IPOVSALE-A SULKV; NEAKI.Y AS GOOD AS NEW.' . Apply ut Windsor Stables. !?*> and 107 West 40th at. flHV SALE-A LARtlE. HANDSOME TRUCK OR EX press Horse, bay, hands, 1,9U0pounds; sound und kind; verv active; good stepper; M years old in Jane next; set Cart Harness; set siuule do.; one no top Huggy. all in good order. This stock will be sold for about hatrits value, as tho owner leaves the city Thursday next W. N. SEAMAN, foot of Horatio st.. North River. OR SALE?BAY HAmIi'LeTONIAN MARE, WITH foal, lilt a record of 22M; lj\ hand* high. 0 years old; warranted sou no, kind and true ; full guarantee ol her m-digree given to the purchaser. Call for three dait on J. NICHOLSON, 324 Hudson st. Great bankrupt sale of~kine CARRIAGES. TI& ENTIRE STOCK OP BRADLEY, PRAY A CO.. AT NO. 25 UNION SQUARE, Broadway, between 15th and 10th its., BY VAN TA*.?ELL A "KEARNEY. AUCTIONEERS, ON SATURDAY, MaV ?, AT O'CLOCK. LANDAUS. BERLIN COACHES. broughams, POUR AND SIX-SEAT PARK phaetons. SIX-SEAT ROCK AWAYS. TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS, TOP AND NO TOP PONY PHAETONS. T CARTS, BAROUCHES, DOO CARTS. SULKIES, COUPES; PHAETONS. WITH canopies; BLACK WALNUT OFFICE FURNITURE, MIRRORS, SOFAS. Ac.. Ac. BY ORDER OP K E. MERWIN. JR., ASSIGNEE. Stock now on exhibition. Catalogues can be had at the repository, or atofloe of Auc tion Mart, 111) and 112 East l.'ith st., near 4tb av. Harness. harnes^ harness. S. A. COKDICT A CO.. 521 Broadway iSt. Nicholas Hotel), will sell the balance of their Stock, consisting of Buggy. Track. Road. Carriage, Express and Team Harness, alugle and donb'e. all first r!aa? goods, at extremely low prices, fbr the next three days (previous to removal). No auction goods. Alto Bhinkets, sheen, 1 Whips, Ac.. Ac. Harness-ciikapest"harness store in new York; good Buggy Harness, hand made. $15; goiHi | tirocer's Harness. good double Team Harness, (Ctii; % good Horse Hlaoket, $1 50 Please call und examine fi r yourselves. FISHER A OSBORN, Manufacturers, No. 71 Barclay tt. ARNESS. I.ARiiE VARIETY. ? ALL STYLES l.ow prices. At JOHN MOOItE S Carriage Wsreroomi, 57 Warren st. H IANDAU FOR HALE-BY A GinnXEMAN. tVT A little used and Qrst class every way. AdUrest LAN H aU, lieruhl ofBce. SHERIFF'S SALE.?GEHARD BETTS. AUlTil INEER, this day ^Monday) Mity 1. at II o'elork. in Hanover square (Pearl St.), one Horse, one Wagon, one set Harness. | WM. C. CONNER, Sherift Mikx Lamiua*. Deputy. ! QACRIPICE.?B CLARENCES, 2 COACHES. 2 BKKTTi) I O 2 Phaeton?. 3 Cannes, IS Buggies, In splendid condition. I 172 Carlton av.. Brooklyn. CJTORAOE?FwRC XRRIAGES AND SLEIGHS; BOOMS I O clean, light and dry; terms liberal. A S. KL.tN I DRAU, 372 and .174 Broom* St., old factory of Brewater A TO LET-PRIVATK sTA BI.BS AT T5"l WEST~mH ?t. aud 144 Wetl ."Sith M ; two and liter Stalls; In good i order: itum< diate posscssinu. JaMES STIKEM AN, 7ti I W all st. rnHE old RNOLISH importing hoise Have 1 now on lisn I the largest Stock <f tl?e most improved styles of 11 arti e?s. Saddles, niankets. Sheets; everything pert .lining to horse nud rarrlagn use ; ask the public to call and examine my stock ana prices before perchasiug else ahare. E. It A RTl.ETT, 02 Warren st. and 21 and 23 College place. rriBACk SULKIES.?IN ORDER TO popularize j I our Sulky tra'le we olTer from stock or will build to or tier Track Sulkies. In ill weights, unsurpassed in quality und tun*, for#125 BREWSTEit A CO. (of Broome Ml., Broad- | way and 47tb at. TWO ELEGANT PHAETONS. ONE WITH CANOPY 1 OP ! the other leather; also gold moentcd single Harness; I will be sold ai less than half i heir value, at private stable I 115 East ^2d s:. \V H weed has akrived witFT'a CAR LOAD | it . ot frit class coach end road Hortea. Corner 42d st. [ and 7tb av. \\rANTED-A SEC ND HAND TOP WAGON, POLE " and shafts. In first class ord?r; side bar preferred; made l?. Brewster, of Broom* st. Addrsss box l.wrj post office. T\i*ANTBD?A FIR.'sT I LASS SIDE BOARD top I* Wagon In exchange lor a new 71. octave Piano; lirst class maker aud has never been used. Ail?ir--?s EXCll AMt. E. Herald office. A"ol K OWN PlflCK?TMKEE TOP EXPRESS I Wngona; Horses and Harness; separately er together. 137 7th av *? double < oal truces at auction-by order ol Cliarle* Jones, ae*li(iiee of Jnshna H mid. Iiank rnpt, on Wedn*sdey. May 3, 1S7?1. at 11 A M., at Nos 44 alio 4*1 Hnmiitou st.. New Yorit city . terms cash. 2"good >oUN(? WORiTmaEK.*,"prick'$45 each"; Horse, top Bsyree* Wagon and llarnest, $150. No. 4 7?!i ev. t ; ioksks?si, IT AN V RL SIN ESS; FROM slo" TO 'i $ll5; in t half value ; I p Huggy. <?>."?. light top Hotinett Wagon. t*KJ. .Vm M est 35th st. ~ - III)RS~ES~KRPT on LIVERY AT $25 Pi R _ ?;? in..nth. also a few box Malls at f.Ki: the beet ven t laied tia1 Is in the .seventeenth ward and best of car* and teed. SAULES stable, 341 Hth st., between lit and 2d ar*. HORHKh, CAU1UAGKS, 4KB* fl Kn-wMirBSSi" SK\V "top hXi'itK>8 or iuU Delivery Wagon; mu*t ?ell: want an offer. 1.4 ui itMh M. KORifAliZ.. * FIRST Cl.ASS BOTTLING BUSINESS, NEAR TIIK J\. Ceoleuiii ti ground*, lo>' Ml*. Keaaoti It# idling in quire i>l J. I'.IOEL, 4,1)14 Market at , VtM l'nilHdelpliia. SAM 1*1.K ROOM AM) LUNCH ROOM, NBaK Stuck Exchange, fur sale cheap. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar at. A -BAKERIES, GROCERIES, MKAT ]MARKETS, ON XI.. 6th av.; Reatauranta, Liquor Stores, at groat bargaina. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar at. KINK LIUUOK 8TORB FOR *M>?, WORTH Jt IX>; alao Coal Yarda, Hotel*. MITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar at. T H AMI WOMK MILLINEuT" EST AH LIsHMENT Jr.L for aal*. on account of ill lisaltli; In tile heat part of the city; complete out lit of Hxturea: good bualneaa teed. Addr \111.1.1 N hlCY. Ileruld Uptown llruucii allice A? STAN lis" IN W'AMIINGTON MARKET; ALMO ? Butcher*' Market*. Reataurauta, Grocery Stores. MALONK. No. :> ivy at. (10~AL YARD rOR SALE?IN UPPER PART Of J city, at reuaonable price. Addreaa C. THOMPSON, box Herald nBice. CIBNTENNUL PUIVILEGES FOR ICE CREAM AND ) Soda Water?The choieeat location, near main en trance, for Hale JAMKS W. L> ASK AM, United Statea Hotel. Ceutennial Gronuda. For sale?a lot ok c<>mposItors"stands, very cneap. J. L KNIGHT, Bennett Building, room ?, aino itory. For sale-a first class lager beer~and U lliard Saloon: Ave year*' leaae. 147 Newark a*., Jeraey Oily. No amenta. FOR SALE?THE CARRIAGE STAND IN FRONT OP St. tttphen'a Hotel. PhllMMpth. Apply on premise*. IfOR SALR?A tiooi) WINS AND LAOKR BERR 8A loon; cheap rent and long leaae; oppoaite four ateiun whip lauding". full at ^'4 Albany at For balk-pew no. n centre aisle, in st. Paul'* M. K. church, corner 2;M at. and 4th av.; price SHOO; aeata seven. Apply to E. MATURIN, Sixpenny Savinita itaiik, corner Hroadw .y and 8th at. For sale, at once7 cheap.?the cast res taurnnt ill a large city, oppuaite the depot, on the Krie Railroad, low rent. l*o?l offlc* box H7H I'ort Jurvia. N. V. Poit sale <?r"tiiauk"- business now"paying $<>,<joo pe r year. will trade for merchandise or Livery Hu?Iih-hk AUdr. at XU, Herald office. IceIioT'sks and boxes Knit BKER, BOTCHRrSL reitanranta; Butcher* Kixttirea. MATHESON, ilth av. and I!4th at. Til niTURKil OF A DINING SALOON TO IIK SOLO cheap at private mile or at auction on Monday. In quire at 1?> Graanwieh st. fpllE RE8TAURANT AND I.Iyt'Oit BAR 01 TiKAND 1 (t. thta day cheap or tomorrow, at 'J o'clock, at aiictlou. LLOY'D, Auctioneer, M Broadway. MACHnKRY. FoiTsale-a in horsepower Baxterengine. with lido. Boiler: wanted, a 34 horae power Engine, with Boiler, or to take in exchange. JULIUS STARKE, 213 Weat 3Ut ai H HOMER, 54 EAST BROADWAY, DEALER IN . new aud aecond hand To da; Preaiea and Preaa Tool* made; Cutting Out aud Stamping. MACHINEItY.-assIONEE'S HALE OF STATIONARY and portable Enginoa, ranging In alxe of from H in .VI horae power, lor tale at panic price*, to cloae an account. Apply at 4'J Cortlaudt at., Now York. ROM PT DELIVERY OK THE CELEBRATED Tanlte Emery Wbeela and Machinea. by GEO. l'LAf E, 121 Chamber" at. . WANTED-A SECOND "hXnI) 10 HORSE POWER Baxter Engine. Addreav with lull particulara, how long uaed,price, 4c., W. B. W., Herald Uptown Branch oWca Fl KXITUKh. A -JVpE.r-KI-V AND MONTHLY PaYMK.nTS TaKKN i^KTHWAIT1t'f'M -"J'fJl *"d, B?ddinK at B. M. COW m?'wi|ttek ?t low price's. *,,U Ctxmtbm * ?~ Apkivatk family will beli. all their i ' If*.0 Fumliure, consisting of cleirnnt MHU?.r,U.'Uf JurkChamber Y-unZZ. U i.ff ' Pilinws, RoUters. Dininu' Furniture c?l? N H U An f1'1"' Ubr*,r*' 1,1 lo?ther. at asacrlocc for Pllnf. BrIrr n .Wnf '"ur round ChlckeHnif A Sons' private residence 120 West 23d St., Auction rooms 30 east iutii st furnituhp w.rZSl.TUk: r?*l?r Suits, Uuiren, IIm.1I stands. Cabinets Plated and Crockery W are. Ae.. at prime sale nt auction price.. _1T T"B UUH1XO FUKNITU RE AMD CARPET lnrthe l'n.i,ed ftate*, on ,h" Instalment plan. superior menu"!*?0 pt o11 for '"rnisbin, U.reucli flats, apart QEOROE A. CLARKE, 747 llroulwijr. SELL TIIKIK ENTIRE UOI'HE hold Kurnltuto (new lut Ma.1, in lots; irrrat siicrillce ? Jwao"?r.r *Lir?JW#"i7'Koir" w8Dil"i'? "ii? "nd br?eade, <-<?t nTn<>f rt,. < i'?if. 1riur^.',*h *??<?. *73. $125; Steinway I lanororte $2<I0; inlaid I hum In-r w|t|, |>re?slni MiUtliSi 1?"V H"d,te*1'"- Bureaus, Imir fiu.l aprinie ffiSSrS ' ?V, ' Bxtansiou labia. Buffet. leather /??. Tt 8""rw,r#; rc,e "uJ haircloth Suit!, faint hiJI'.. o?m ; <-ir,,oU- *?V n,u,t hr ?old bel"r? I. ?wt^h"nd efh r"ldeuce No- 47 W"? ??"> ??.. be CAPETS, OILCLOTHS, MATTINGS, AO.?CHE tPEST } ftt this city. W?vV Lalght st., cornenUanal st (lAKPKTS.-KNOLIHH KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS, i ????,??? .ro,M *' """? P?r yard. Warerootns 2tls and _70 (.aual st . Just east of llroadway. J. W. 1UM1CK. /M)OD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT "ENGLISH" S yltunli iT" p y ""rr?iu Oilcloths, co ton st! ?ery cheap at the old place, 112 Ful LT" AV ? ''AVS THE HIGHEST ? price for tarpeti. Furniture, Ac KN OVAL ? r? GEO. C. FLINT Jt CO., PUBKITCHIs MANUFACTURERS, 104 AND 103 WEST 14TH ST? beiween fltb an<l 7th avi., one door weft of Oth are. Large it stock la the city to iclact from and EXTRAOR DINARY low pile** for tint clan work. 873 cottagw bedroom Sulti, 930. 300 (olid walnut bedroom Snlti, $30. SSOaolid walnut Extension Table*. *6. Furnitoro':-* ?f n"W *nd ?le?f?n* in HASTLAKE Eaitlake BulTeta $35, Eaetlake Extension Tablet, $30, Eaatlako dininK Chain, 94 SO, BaaUak* dining Chain, In leather, $7. GEO. r. FLINT k CO.. 101 AND 108 WEST I4TII ST., oppotUc the Lyceum Theatre. ? 1JAttX^B W VERO KEFRIOERaTOKS?WILL HAVE ICE, FOOD fU and money over all other*. LESLEY. U'Jlt Wet! 23d it.; ?<>nd for book. EUROPE, : FLORENCE, ITALY. OUARDI CCI A CO.. Banken, No. U Via del Uitflio. Circular' Notee and Drafts on Ixjnrlon, Paris and New York fo "wardeiU exchanjces. Letters received and promptly Readluc nwtna. with American and Rugiiin papers. Goods stored and forwarded. No commission rharired. TIT HCf KMASTEK h COT" ~~ ' V- *U "aval and ircnera! tailors. No. 3 ionlv> years. ,t-' LoBdu,1> "?? *-nBlaiid. Esublished 75 0,,|T- 10 W>r cent discount Tor cash. In.truciions for ?eif measu'ement sent on application. 1 Pl.WOffOll'l'KM, ORGANS, . ~ ' -ft***?*' 1 Syl.AltK A.M. I.KAN I) XX. of Iiur own makA; also lor sale and r<int a "amk'nahI'*^rfec' WILL," KNAHI. A <0.. .No. 112 5th a?.. above liilli st. | A ' H^L;r'^L P'ASOFOKTK, $156; A STEINWAY Pwloruwn! ,pr?Tem*"t- Kro" ???ridce. cash ; J^HnHti.K, 13 Waverley place, n -?r Broadway. A -FJ?K .-.ALK. 4N ELROANr STB IN WAY a SONS' .d case Wln2??Vi BC#: " ^eatiillul four rminn rose w .id lair \\ ind-or Piano, coat $l.f>?i lor KiOU- Stool iearHtl"av C<lH " prlv,,a r"id'n? ?'> A liiHT"aND s^'aRrTuno. fUJU CA?h. or $o monthly |mvi?? Ml till pnirl. KKAKACBK, :ir>J Bowery. A I-AD\ HILL 8KLL FOR LESS THAN $2UO A1 rnilnTy^. *?II '"lKr? '?r*<"i U|iri.-ht i'lanoo^te, *jOnvrler. 2H H**t <d ??t.. nenr Vd ?v. A "k,*:a|' okkkk -ho.-'ai-,-: wVrr.KSA >o.\s. 4?i JX Mroedway. will .llsiKi.e of Uri Pi.aos and orKaDa of ?r! ..t,r"?e",?kV"'. "?<-,"dln? Waters', at eatrewjlv h w, for cash, ilorinK tins I'l inth, or pari c??h anil l al ance In small mwithly payments, fhe sum.- to let. A r*Mlb} 'JAVlBil TWO ELEGANT BOSBWOOD '"se I lanofortes. with all Impruvnnieiils. lull auratle oterttrunir. Ac.. Wish to dispose nftliem; one Decker x Hraa. for <27.?; one >tein* ny A s.,n., $2fln; both liavinit '?????? Twrantee:, Cover, box for shipping ? a 'S" V ,,lv.U|M'nl.l'.<'AKVj':" "<>*KW;GOD SEVEN OC imnt iith %[ ?? ???o<t?rn iuiprov. mi-iiit $iU) ^43 VfAifNl KICK.NT ROSEWOOD I'iANi (FORTE Ha V lueSeni.'r""? ZockePVt"0' ""v 9""J: "nd \rK?v \mi >ki 1> hand pianos and parlor L?m .nT."n "l?V'r;' ?""?'I' - *??? mou,:'; payments. F. Ll'DKh, <*> East 4ih st. ?piANOS?LAKOK STOi'k To KENT OR 'sELLIrk". ' i ,tt?sOi&fsr/ssL'szsr ? ? ? I T? ''Ai SfORAGES?AN ELEGANT BfWBWiJwTfM ? i^?w's.imi r-,4c" mm l J!!.V.irsT$7S 4Son ,S<V 1 * "E "k -s 11 1 N ' ? A V > ?!? $4 monlhly : Or,.%1"'X "CU'e*- ' re"* ! * SON. 13 iis.t llllist. I f PBIitUT PIANO WANTED.?AJfY i/KC IIAVINO a oiV ! Web-r that will ui.p. se C-Ih Ii |"| money may sddre.s K , 2.'. VVe.i J.ih si. (.Irs maker, rinse be r aud lowest cash price ]()() Tu ,:Ks| "" sm7l Meber sindUh-i \"*yj Ghickerlaif's. Stolnway'a. " **? ?*n*n; I priyiit.. Squares, Or.slids ?MALI. A Co., 15 I nst Mth su $1 7/) ?7.'*I ,M:TAV1 PiANllS, almost NEW) IN. I in C?.;. ; "ul * CABLK- M"?'? EUIlOPE.V.i itTKAMIHIPl" /YUNARD LJNK.-B. AND M. A. B. ? i C. CO. IJ NOTICE. With a view to diminishing the chances ol collision, the atearusra of this lint * speciRo coat** fur >11 huoiu of the year. <>?? the outw?r<! passage ft'in Queenstowti to New York or lloaton, crowing the meridian at .'mi at ID latitude, or nothing Id the uortli of 43. On the homeward passage. nimlli the meridian of SUM 42 latitude. or nothing to the north of 42. PROM NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL AND QUEKMH TOWN. ?lU'HSIA Wed., May 3 I'SCOTIA Wed., May 17 SCY III IA Wed . May lu | BOTHNIA Wed., May 24 Steamer* marked * do not carry ateerage paasengera. Cabin passage, (MO. $ H" and gold, accorunig to ac commodation. Return tickets ou tavorablo terms. Steerage ticket* to ami Iroui all |iart> of Europe at very low rates. Freight ami passage office. No. 4 Howling lireeu. CHARLES <i FRAMCKLYN. Agent. STATE "LINE. NEW YOKK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN. BELFAST AND Londonderry, Iroin pier \\> North River (root of Canal ?t.) as follows STATE OK VI Kill MA .Thursday, May 4 STATE OK INDIANA Thursday. Mat IK STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday. Juno I and everv alternate Thursday thereafter. Kir>t caliiu, $tk), $70und $80; return tickets, #13). Second cabin, $45; re turu tickets. $80. Steerage at lowest rate*. Apply to AUS TIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents, No. 72 Broadway. N. Y. Steerage passage office Tout ol Canal at.. North Klver. iiOIIOB L1NK. ??. CARRYING TilK UNITED STATUS MAIL. NEW YOKK AND GLASGOW. ANCilOKI A Sails Saturdav, May 6. at 2 P. M. CAl.l KOKMA Sail* Saturday, May 19, at 8 2JO A M. ETHIOPIA Sella Saturday. May O ut 2 P. M. VICTORIA Sails Saturday. May 37. at H:30 A M TO ULASiiOW, LIVERPOOL. LONDONDERRY. yUKENSTOWN OB BELFAST. Caliln, $05 to $*<J. currency, according to accoinmodatlon. INTERMEDIATE. $33; Meeiage, $28. Drafts iaaued for auy amount at current rstea. HENDERSON HKM., AfiaM. No. 7 Bowling (iroeu. AMBUBO AMERICAN PACKET COM PAN Y H LINE lor PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG und HAMBURG. LEHSING May 11 I KRISIA May 25 WIELAND May IHlUIMBRIA June I Katea ot passage to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg. Ham burg and tall pninia In England, Scotland and Walea: Cabin, Oral saloon, gold $1'*) i.abln, accond aalouii, gold if) Steerage,currency 30 KUNllAROT A CO.. C. B RICH/HID A BO AH. General Agents. General Passeiger Agents, ?JI Broad at., New York. U1 Broadway, New York. INMaN LINK-MAIL STKAMEM.' FOR Ol'KKN.VTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OP CHESTER Batur.lay.May ti. at 3 P. M. CITY OK RICHMOND Saturday. May 13, at 8:30 A. M. CITY OK BERLIN Saturday. Mnjr .'7, at 8 JO A. M. From |.lrr 45, North B'.ver, Cabin paaaugc. fMII and $100, gold. Steerage, if'-'*, currency. Draft a iaaued at l<i?nat rate*. JOIIN U. Dale, A?.out, IS and 33 Bra ulwmy. N. Y. National link-prom>iers~?~and47 north River. For l.oudnn direct. DENMARK, Saturday. May 8. 3 P. M. FOR Ol EKNSIOW> \Nl> LIVERPOOL. EGYPT May 13,8:311 A.M. I ENGLAND ...Juno 3. 3 P.M. THK QUEKN.May 27.0AM. I SPAIN .June to. 7.30A.M. Cabin passage $80 and $70. currency. Return ticket! at reduced ratea. Steerage paaaaite 5P??>. curtency. llrafta iaaued from ?1 upward, at current prices. Apply at the company's office. t>U Broadway. F. W J. Ill, ItST, Manager. U~ nited'statIs mail" LINK -STEAM TO UUEENS TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, aailing every TUESDAY. from pier 48 North River. WISCONSIN.May 2. IP. M. | IDAHO May 30. 11 A. M. WYOMINO May 10.11 A. M. I NEVADA lune 18,10A.M. Cubiii, $70 and $NI), currency. Intrrmediate. $40; steerage, $'^8. Passengers booked to and from Paris, llamhurg, Norway, Sweden, Ac. Dralts on Ireland, England, France and Oer tuany at lowest rates. WILLIAMS A^OUION. 2U Broadway. SPECIAL NOTICE.'?THE SPLENDID"mTiL HTKAM alilp WISCONSIN sails from pier 40 North River, for Quecualown and l.lvernool, on Tuosday, May 2, lit 1 o'clock P.M. Cabin, inluruieiliiile and steerage p*a?age ?t lowest rales. Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 'JW Broadway. WHITE STAR-LINK " FOR QUBENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. The steamers ol' this line take the Lane Routes recom mended by Lieutenant Maury, U. S. N., going south of the lianks ou tlie passage to (jueeustowu ail tho year round. BALTIC May 0, at 3 P. M. UKKMANIC May ?), at ii P. M. CELTIC June 3, at 2 P. M. BALTIC June 10, at 3 IV M. BRITANNIC June 3 P, M. From White Star Docks, pier !>'J North Klver. Rates?Saloon, $S<) and $100, In gold; raturn ticket* on rea?.Pliable terms. Steerage, $28. Saloon, staterooms, smoking and bath rooms are placed amidships, whore the noise and motion are least, affording * degree of comfort hitherto unattainable at aea. For Inapection of plana and othrr information apply at the company s office, 37 Broadway, New York. ? B. J. CORTrs, Agent. Great western steamship link. TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT, aailing from pier 18 Eaat River as follows:? AKAGON, Syinonds..... Saturday, May 0 CORNWALL. Stamper Saturday. May 20 Cabiu passage. $7">; intermediate. $45; steerage, $30,cur rency ; excursion tlokets, $120; prepaid steerage uertlHcates, $28. Apply to W. D. MORGAN, Agent, 70 South at. NEW YORK AND LONDON. REGULAR AND DIKKCT STEAM COMMUNICATIONS, EVERY ALTERNATE SATURDAY, by the "ANCHOR LINE" steamers. ELYSIA, UTOPIA, AUSTRALIA AND ANQUA. Cabin, $!tr>, currency ; steerage. $JH. HENDERSON BROS., AGENTS. 7 BOWLING GREEN. North cierman lloyd. STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NKW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRKMKN. Company's pier, foot of 2d St., Holtuken. MOSKL hat.. May 01 KIIEIN Hat., May 20 DON AU Sat., Mav 13 | ODER Hat.. May 27 Rates of passage Irom New York to Southampton, Havre Or Bremen Klrat Cabin,$100, gold; Second Cabin, $60, gold; Stesr ag.\ #30. currency. Return tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid at erago certificates, $32, currency. For freight or naaaage apply to OELRICIls A CO., No. 2 Bowling creau. 0 NIjY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL 8TKA.Mfc.HS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAY UK, CALLING AT PLYMOUTH (U. B.). Tor the landing of passengers. The splendid veaacla ?u this favorite route for the Con tinent tiffing more noutherly then any other) will sail from nier No. 411 North Kiver, a* follows:? PttANCB iTrudelle) Tuesday, May 2 ?I'EKEl KK (Daure) Saturday, Maytl CAN M'A (Frangeul) Saturday. May la I'KICK OK PASSAGE IN GOLD (indodinic wiiiei First cabin, 9110 to $120. according to accommodations. ? Second. $72. Third cabin, Return tickota at reduced rates. v steerage, ftAI. witli ?uparlor accommodation*, Including wirii-. beddlot; and utciiills. without extra charge, Steatncra warki'il thu* * do not carry steerage passenger*. LOUIS DE REHIAN, Agent, Broadway. WILSON LINE FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND lll'LL nulling from pier 03 North River, aa follow*:? HINDOO May HICOLO.MBO June :? HIDALGO May 201 OTHELLO June 17 Klrst cabin, t7ll, currency; second cabin. currency. Excursion ticket* on very favorable terms. Through tickets inmed to Continental and Baltic porta. Apply for full par ticulara to 0|,ARLEg l.WRIG1IT 4 ggt S6 South at. Off OIIICT ANl' ECONOMIC ROUTE TO llilL LAND. BELGIUM,THE RHINE, SWITZERLAND. AC.. AC.. VIA ROTTERDAM. Hieamer SCHOLTKN... May 11 Steamer MAAS ...................May 25 The.e beautiful steamer*, carrying the United State* mail to the Netherlands, aro great favorite* with the public. Trips regular, rates low; comlort and living perfect. For freitrht. For uaasage, PUNCH. EDYE A CO. L. W. MORRIS, 50 Broadway. CIOOK'H INTERNATIONAL TOURIST tFcKKTs" TO ) all parts of Europe auil America at reduced rates: do not rciulio their holder* to travel In parties. "Cook's Ex curaionlst" for May, price 10 cents, contains fare* for up> wurd of 1,(1)0 liuri pfan ami American toura. COOK. HON A JENKINS. 261 Hroadway. New York. 1' ?OBOPBA!TTr*XYBLLE RB WILL MNI> TRUNKS A lor (tale room* and Continental travel. Chair* tor tlia ?t<-amers. Coin Puraes, Ac., Ac., at JOHN CATTNACH'S, ":?! Broadway. COASTWISE STEAMMIIPS. PANAMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP Ci i MI" AN Y. " POM SAN FRANCISCO, OALIKOIiNIA AND PACIFIC PORTS, via l.llimu* of Unnama. Sailing from pier Li North Kiver. FOR PANAMA AND a\S KKANOMCO, via Straits of Magellan. Steamer GEORGIA SATURDAY, Mayfl FOB ISTHMUS OK PANAMA AND SOUTH PACIFIC PORTS, via Atplnwali. Steamer READING .. . SATi kDa Y. May fl (freight only) FOIt SAN FRANCISCO AND PACIFIC PORTS, via Isthmu* ot Panama. Steamer CRESCENT CITY SATURDAY, May 20 Kor freight or paaaave apply to W. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. it Howling Green. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP LINE. FOR CALIFORNIA. J APaM. CHINA. AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND. HHIT1SII COLUMBIA, AC., AC., sailing from pier foot ot Catml at.. North Kiver. FOR saN FRANCISCO VIA ISTHMUS ??K PANAMA. COLON Tue.dnv. Mav 2, 12 nooa connecting for all Central American and South Pacinc porta. FROM SAN KR.VNCI8CU TO JAPAN AND CllINA. GREAT REPUBLIC Marl FROM SAN FKANCISCO TO V ICT0K1A. PORT TOWNS END, fACOMA, PORTLAND, AC.. AC., oil the liltli. 20th and 31 lib of every mouth. Kor freight or paiaage apply at loot of Canal at.. North River. II J. BI'LlAT. Superintendent. 0N1.V DIRECTLINK. To KLORIDA-WEEKLY LINE to Port Kojflj, S. C,; kcrnandlnx. Kla.: Hrunswirs; On: aalllng everv Thursday. IVmi pier 'JO Eaat River. The ?learner i 1TV OF l)A1.1.AS. Captain lime-, will sail Thar* day. Mav 4, at -i P M.. for Kernandlna and Port Roval Through ticket* lamed to all point* In Florida. For freight ?r apply to c. II. MALLOKY A CO.. or MERMAN Gi.LI'CKK, I.Vt Maiden I >ne NT.. HAVANA AND MEXICAN M AIL SS LINK. ? ."teamen leave pier No. U North Kiver at J P. M. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. CITY OK MEXICO Tuesday, May 2 CITY Of VERA CRUZ Tliur?day, May 4* KOR VERA CRUZ AND NEW ORLEANS, vln Harm ? I'r .'.'reao, Campeachy, Tnspau mid Tumpico, CITY OK MEXICO May 2 Kor freight ??"! p?i-a.'e apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SON'S, 31 and S3 Broadway. Steamer* will leave New Orleana May 7 and May 28 for Vera Cm and all other porta. X'EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINK. The?? fir*t ral*a steamship* will >all at :i P. M. from pier i;t North River foot of Cedar at., lor Havana direct, ae fi I'OWi ? WILMINGTON May 0 COLUMBUS Tliarsday, M ?v 18 Kor freight and paeeaze, having unsurpassed accommoda tion* applv to WM. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. n Bawling Gram. M< KELLER LUL1NG A CO., Ageuta m Havana, liH)K NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. " JD THE CKOMWRLL LINE. The steaas*lilp Ill'DsoN .Captain Geger. od SATURDAY, May tt, at Slo'clnea f. M., from piar No. H North River. Through bill* ot lading given to Mobile aad all principal point* on the Miesieaippi River, Cabin paaeage, $j0: steerage, t/i. Afplyto CLARK A SRAKAM, M Weet *4. coastwise STEA, ""HIPS. FOB NAJMAU. X. P.?REGULAR MAIL STEaIBHHVS leave New York May Jl; from Sa\aiiiiuli *i?y 1. MURRAT. KBR1US A CO., tr.' South at. EXAS LINK f"ll UALVKKTOX.TO! CIIING AT KEY Went, earning ihe Lulled statei mail.?The atramer CITV OK SAN A.NTONU), Captain Pennington, will aail ?n Saturday. Mar 0, at 3 P. M.. Irom pii'r ?J0 Ka*t Biter. Tbro-igh bill* uf lading given 10 all point* ou the Houston an<l Teiai. Central International au.i Great Northern. Gal veston Houston and Heudemou, au>l the Galvoalun, It.irri* Ourg and Sau Antonio railroad*. Freight* itud insurance at lowest rate*. For freight orpawage. having superior ac eoinraodatloni, apply to C. ft. MALIXIUY .t t O., 1U Maiden lane, or W P. CLYDE. Xo. ti Bowling Green MOBOAJPS USi OK STKAMS11 I P a. for Now Orlean* an.I Texua. ?III sail every Satnnlay tu Xew Orlrana, transferring Texas freight there to Morgan "a Louisiana and Texas Railroud lor M"i can City, thence, per Morgan's line uf ateatfier*. to TuXkS '"rbe AUI1RU will aall from pier 36 North River, New York, ou Saturday, May ti. at 3 P. U., for New Orlean* Through bill* of ladlas signed to Mobil*. (iulveston and t? alt poiat* on Ute Galveatuo. Ilarruburg and San Antonio, Houston and Texas Central, International and Great North ern, Texaa and I'aritlc anil Trim* Continental railroad*, and to Indianola and San Antonio, and all point* 011 the Gulf, Western Texaa anil I'aclllc Hallway, Braao* Santiago. Cor pus OlirlMi. Itoekport. St. Mart'a ami Pulton. Freight tor SL Mary'* and Kulton landed at Hot-kport. Llghteiago and channel due* at either Corpus Chriati off Braao* Santiago at the expeuae anil riak of consignee. Til rough rule* tu Brownsville, via Ulo Graude Itailroad. Inaurance can lie effected under open poliey of C. A. Whit* ney A Co., New Orlean*. Kroin New York to New Oriaaaa, *4 par cent: lrom Now York to all Tesaa porta via Nov Or leans. per ceut. Freight lit ioweat rates. For freight or further informa tion apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY A CO.. Agent*. pier Sit North lUrer. 0U> DOMINION IHUMM* COMPANY, ~ mailing from pier 37 North River. for Norfolk, City Point and Hlehmond, Tuesday*. Thurs day* and Saturdays at 3 P M , connecting with thn Virginia ai.d leunraaee Air Line. Wlantic Coast Cine, Piedmont Alt Line, Chesapeake un<l Ohio Itailroad, and with tha eoin punv'* steam liueato Interior point* In North Carolina and V'irgiula. Newberu and WMltlngtnn, N. C. (via Norfolk), every Tucadny, Thursday and Saturday. Lewoa, Del , Monday and Thursday at 4 P. M., connecting witli Maryland and Delaware railroad*. Paasunger aei ?iiiiinodatlona unsurpassed. Through passage tiexeta and hill* ol lading to all point* at lowest rates Insurance to Norfolk, Ae , St per eout. Krelght rneeived daily at pier 37 North River. General nltlce*. 1U1 Greenwich at. N. U McCREADY. President. IflOR HALIKAX.N. a, AND sr. JOMNLJI. 9. 1 t ICOMWKLl. HTKAMSHIP LINK. Steainer* leave pier IU N. It. lollowlnK day* at 3 P. M. 8? QUO. CKOMWKI.U Tueaday, May# OEO. WASIIlNiiTON Kriday, Mar IU Kor freight or paa*age apply to CLAUK A sEAMAN, M Weat at. THW Bl.liEIlH' OVIDK. AfltANTl-PEOPLE'tl I.INK. STEA MBOAfS'tEAVi pier 41 NurtU Kiv?r. daily, Sunday* oxcuptod, at (I P. M., fur Alliauy ami all points North and Wont. CunzK.Ns* Line steamboats kor troy~a^d aL? ) poinla Northeuat and West, leave dally, except Satur day, at li P. II., IWira pier ?!!? North lliver IlALL RIVER LINK TO BOSTON, via Newport and Kail Rlvor. I'lie world renowned Steamboats KUISTOI. and PROVIDEN0K leare pier M North River, loot ol Murray at., daily, Sunday* excepted, at f> P. M Through ticket* *old at all the principal Hotel* la the city. OLD ESTABLISHED L.INB KOR STUVVKBANT, CATS kill ami Intermediate landing*. Steamer ANDREW llAUDI'.R. Irom Krauklin at. (pier :<?'>). Tueaday, Thuradai and Satnrday ; steamer MONITOR, Monday, Wedneaday ant Kriday, at r. f~~ KNNSYLVaNU RAILROAD. UREAT trunk link AND UNITED STATUS MAIL ROUTE. Tralna leave New York, via Deabroue* and Cortland! atreet ferrlea u* follow*:? Expreaslor ilarrlaburg, Kittstiurg, the Weat aud Soutn, with Hullin iti palace cara attached, U:3U A. M , U aud 8-JKi P. M. Sunday, ?1 and H :3?J P. M. For Willlaniapnrt, Lock Haven, Corry and Erie, at U:30 A. M. und H:?i I*. M , connecting at Uorry for Tltiuvllle, Petroleum Cunt re and tho oil region*. For Baltimore, Washington aud the South, "Limited Wash ington Expreu" of I'ullliian parlor cara dally (except Sunday). M:30 A. M., arrive Washington 4 IK I*. M. Regu lar at S :4tl A. M., 3 and U P. M Sunday. V l*. M. Kzprea* for Philadelphia, 7. 7:31), rt:4U, U;3i A. M , 1J .3U. 3, 4, 4 .M, &,tl, 7. s :#i, tt P. M. and 1^ night. Sunday, 5, U, 7, 8:30 aud 9 I*. M. Kiulgruut and lecond elaaa. 71', M. Portrait!* to Newark, Elizabeth, Itahway, I'riuoeton, Tren ton, Kerth Aiiibuy, Klomiiigton, lioividere aud other point*, see local schedule* at all ticket oltlc^*. Tralna arrive :?Kroin I'ittaburg, 6|S5 and 1(1:30 A. M. and lU:"JOP, M. dally: 10:15 A. M. and tfwO P. M. dally, ex cept Monday, r'rom Waahlugtou and Baltimore, 0:'J(J A. M., 4 :(C>, 5:15 anil lOila I'. M Sunday, tl ;20 A, M. Prom Philadelphia. ri:l(>, nail. G: >5, lo:n, 11 A). 11:34 A. M., 3:15, 4 :Of>, 5:15, 0:10. 0 .*?, S:4I and 10:2r> P. M. Suuday, 5:10, tl:JO, (135, 11:54 A. M , 0 .50 and 10:.'5 P. M. Ticket oflieei, 5'Jil and 944 Broadway, No, 1 Aitor House, and loot of De*broa*ea and Cortlandt at*.: No. 4 Court at., Brooklyn: Noa. 114, 1 IU and Its Hudaon *t., Uoboken. Emigrant tlcxet office. No. H Battery iiiace. PRANK THOMSON, U. M. BOYD. Jr., General Manager. Gen. Pnaaeuger Agent' Philadelphia, via long iTiuncTi" and the New Jersey Soutliurn Railroad. Kare from New York to Philadelphia only 25, commencing March 13, 1S7U. Leave New Yurk Irom pier s, North Klvor, loot of Rector at. at 10 .45 A. M., for Philadelphia, Vlueland and Tom* River. At 4 P. M. for Philadelphia, Tuekcrtou and Toma Kivur. W. S. wBWl, Uenerat Manager. E'EMOVAL^-MAY 1ST, To PIKIl 43 NOBTH RITB^ Spring at., of Steamboat* Tlioma* t'ornell and Jamee W. Baldwin, for Rondout and Kiugatuu and Intermediate landing*; daily line at 4 P. M._ ___________ ?5*681N (JTON LI N E K( tit BfjsTfBk 5 Reduction of Kate. Steamer* RHODE ISLaND and NARRAOANSETT, from pier 33 North River, foot of Jay at., at 5 P. M. 1'ruriileuco Line, from pier 27 North River, loot of Park place. BteamihlM EL.ECTRA and tiALATKA, at 1:30 P. M, GXCVHtilOfH. FORTtXCl'ltSIoNS?SALOON STKAMhRB wyomintl and William Cook: barge* Republic. Chicago, Bald win, Caledonia aud Anne : Oriental, Kxcel*lor, Alderney Park, Cold Sprlug and lotia Ialaud (.rove*. OIBce 384 Wett at., opposite chrUtopher itreut ferry, U. B. CROSSETT. ijuv ooopa. ; The Largest Stock Id tb? City at iominu bargains. 500 pieces Tapestry, at 91 10; worth $1 33. 500 piece* Tapestry, at 91 39; worth 91 40k Extra double width Tapeatry, at 91 40. Ingrain (axtra superior). at 91; worth 91 15. Tha Quest aaotrtmant of Mni|ueltes, Wilton a, ValraW Body Brussels. Ac., at popular prices. OUclotha (ail widths) a specialty. Mattings?A* anttre cargo of whita, red cheek and fancy, from 20c. per yard. Front auction, an importer's stock of Lara Cm tains, from One Dollar par pair to the finest Imported; lass than half prlcn. Alao Cnrtain Nate and Cotta*e Drapery, Cretonnes. Rnpfc Furniture Cblntses, Ac. Window Shades. Cornices, Ao. SH8PPARD KNAI'P, Not. IMS and 1S.'? nth av . New York, tine door below 13th at. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS L In Housekeeping Mnans, Nottingham and i.aca Curtains, Ac., KOCH'S. Ath av. and AHO I rjio HOTEL AND BOAKDINO HOUSE KEEPERS. An entire atock or white wool Blankatt at flOe. on tki dollar. In lota to aulta. AUo a lot of Bed Comfortables. _ , ? .... _ IL C. P. KOCH, ' 'Ith a*, and 30th s(U_ " MILMVKiH AMU IJlllCHft JIAItlllto. A ?A.?If KS. MYKIiS, , ??! Kant Hill at. Specialties Miatea' and Children* llata and Capa, Ladtaa' Drei* Cap* and Mourning Millinery. ~k -MAKIE TIKMANN.oK 1'ARiS, OFFERS A LAKOJf J\.. aaxirtinvnt of One Milliner*; laieat Importations. 431 (jiii av , ?t. (Kate Mlchels). C-vOT'inrcoTinFARii MIkkinbry, received X via ateamahip I'ericra.?Hat?. 911. 914. 9IS, |BI,|<i. 313 titU av mp ualrai, lM-'.weun i'.uh and 20tU ata. I\NTKI? TIO*. ~\"tLCoMMKlicUfT'AND KNOU~ll (SraNoHKiC ^v Iterauut, French; knars anltlag. PAINK'S Old CoU leirr.tti Bowery. Kadies' dapartment. T THoMPm)N h~CoKKKi?K, 30 ?TH AV., OPPOSITE Cooper Inatltute.-Bookkeeping. wilting, arithmetic, langnagei. ilay or evening. Lwtl>'i department. Tela grapby laught practically . demand for operator>. A LADY, WHO WI I.I, SOON BK D1SBNOACBD ileairea M engagement to teach in a lamlly tluriug the mnmrr months. or permanently, English, modern Ian guagea. music. drawing anil painting: or an engagement In a acliool lor innate, French. drawing and painting; I4y*ar*' ntv reference . none hat good lamlliea need apply, J? D W.. 313 W?..t TM II * \ YotNo i' an Lady hives con versa ti?nal I.eaaona In French at her reaidenee and pupil's. 1st West SIM at. BOOK h EEPl NO, PENMANSHIP, PHONOORAPHY taught arparatniv at WIKKMON A WAl.WORTH'S Bualneaa College, southwest corner of I'nlnn aqaar*. BOOKKKEIMNO, I'ESM AN.MIII', ARITIIMKTIC, AO.? DOKBKAIt'S Commercial College, 1.11*1 Kroodway. re malna open day and evening ail summer; nuplla prepared for hualiieaa i|iiicWlv. practically anil privately _ _ AmEkican standard rkvekKTIXiAkDfABClH with IJelaney'a wire authioti*. Milely naeil l? ail eham plonalnp and match lamei; aeoond hau l Sable* at great bargain a. _ W. II ORIKKITH A CO. 4<> V'ea*r*t._ AKAROK ASSORTMENT OK NEW AND SRCOND hand Billiard Tablet, with the new challenge cnahioa; the corded edge perfected. at low pricea' K. DRt'K Eit A CO.. corner i *nal ana Centre stn. C~"oKKKN DKR'JT" STANDARD * AMERICAN kKYBIt J Hllliaid Table*, with the celebrated I'lieiau A Collends* combination cushious. for sale In this city only at 79H Jtroas way. THK MAUNIPICKNT HOTEK aI'BRV HILLIARD Hall, Philadelphia, Is new iptned t-> the public; Mm ol Collendar'a celebrated atandaril Amaricaa tables. a? RrVkKKKH HIK1.IAKU I AHL.ES, AND 4M^ O for sal* very cheap - ail igwsl to new. At plane ami* Sitf Eaat 33d it,

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