Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,499. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, MAY 3. 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOK ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?bra Pack?4th. r>th ud oth cola. ASTROLOGY?12tm i'acb-eth col. hilliakd.t- Irr Pack?5th col. ii tit ITS AND SHOES?Irr pake?5th col. BOARDERS WANTKD-2D Pa..k?ith ard fllh colt. HOAKD AND LODUING WANTI-D?2d Pauk-c.ui col. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE kok SALE?2d Pauk-l?t col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES-sra Pais*. BUSINESS NU'i ICES?7tii PACK-4$tb col. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?2p l'auk-tftb col. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?2d Pack?1st col. CI.kkkm axii SALESMEN?12th Pagk-3?1 and 4tb cola. ?*LOTHING-2d Paok??th col. COACHMAN and gardknkrr? 12tii Pack?*lhool. coastwise steamships?12th Pack?1th and ?th col*. COPARTNERSHIPS-*? Pack. COUNTRY BOARD-20 PACK-?th col. DANCING academies?if t Pack?6th col. dentistry?12th Pauk-i.Uic?L DKY OOODS?ls?T pauk?">th coL ?? DWELLING HOUSES T(l LET. furnished AND un purxisllkd?2d Pauk?jd and 3d cola. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS-12t? Pao*-5u oot ei'R.iPE?Irr Pack?ftth col p1nancial?htii Pack. FINK ARTS?lirr Pack?5th eol. FOR isaLE ? Irr Pack ?6th col. FURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? 2d Pack?3d col. FURNITURE?1?t PACK-?th eol. FRENCH ahvektisements-12TH Pack?r>th col. HELP WANTED?PEMALES-12TH Pack?2d aud 3d coin. HELP WANTED?MALES?i2th Pack?4th and 5th cola. HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC?1st PAua-2d, ad, 4th and 5th cola. HOTELS?20 Pack?flth coL HOUSES. ROOMS. AC.. WANTED?2d Pacx?4th coL INSTRUCTION?1?T PACS-ftth col. LOST AND POUND?Irr Pscr-lst eol. M achinkry?1?T PaGK-?th col. marblb mantels?Irr Paok-3th eol. MEDICAL?2d Pack?4th col. millinery AND DRESSMAKING?let PAO*-.">th eol. MISCELLANEOUS advertisements-10th Pah? Oth eol. MUSICAL?#? Pack?4th eol. NKW publications?7tu Pack-imi col. PERSONAL?!*! Pack? 1st col pianofortes. ORGANS, At'.?8m Pack?4th coi. PtlST OFFICE NOTICE? 1?T Pau?-5iIi col. PROPOSALS?Irr P?ck ?5th eol. PROFESSIONAL SITUATION'S WANTED-FEMALES? 12th Pack?2d col. PROPERTY out OF the CITY for SALE OR TO lft?2d Pack?lot and 2d coin. REAL EST AT . TO EXCHANGE 2d Pack?2d col. rewards?l*t Pack? 1st eol. PALES AT auction??*h PACK-2d. 3d and 4th col*. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES?i ith Pack? l.t, 2d. 3d. 4th, 5th and Oth coll.. and 12tii Pack?lat and 2d coll. situations WANTED?MALES?i2tii PAr.k-3d col. special NOTICES-Irr i'ACK-lst and 2d cola. 8porting?DOOR, BIRDS, AC?1st Pack?2d col. 8t<?r AO E?1 2th paok-Oth col. SUMMER RESORTS?2n pack-llth ool. THE TRADES?12th Pack?Tith col. THE TURF?Irr Pack-2d col. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d Pack?2d flol. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?12tn PAO?-?th col. unfurnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2d Pack?4tli col. WANTED to purchase?1*t Pack?5th ool watches. JEWELRY, AC?51th Pack?4th col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?2i> Pack- l?t col. TACHTS, steamboats. AO.?i^th Pack?flth eol. pbrronal. A 'oenti.EMAN'WIKi RESPECTS, At'?AM rtsady to bo "taken In hand" nny time. To other party au apolotrv u respectfully tendered. D ASH! DASII:-YOU DO NOT FORGET. DASll! DASII! (1 knt SAW LADY. N, Y. HOTEL auction : AFTER T ward. Stacy's Restaurant. Addreaa S. KAIN, box 1u8 Herald Uptown Branch office. ENRY BROWN, LAST at^flushing, COME df mediately to my place on matter* of lmportanco. WILLCOX. H H. B.?ALL RIGHT IN TOWN. E. INFORMATION WANTED?of JOHN M'cabthy, nited 35. last neon on the Cnnnrd dock. Jersey City. Jer City paper* please copy. Address JOSEPH DAVID, 187 South H\ Lottik-i have ariuvkd. will you meet me at the lerry nt 1 o'clock Thursday 1*. M.! g. F. C. Minnie chase will hear something to her advsnta;r? from-an old friend by addressing mo.n. TAG i ie, Herald office. M M odoc wants your address. ocnt b.?iias letter and personal not reached youl Write to mo. W. Philip l. fosbrooke. of hroom lodge, hat field?Write home to crlmble House. Camp Rosd, Leeds, Yorkshire, or to TOM, New York l'oat office. Am here every seventh weeK. u TRAY Ell?FROM 11a lt1mork, THREE ORPHANS. o A suitable reward will be puid for their return. SHERRY. u T1CA?YOUR NOTE JUST RECEIVED; HAVE NOT forgotten you. Send answer to club. L. tlf ANTED?INFORM ATION OF DANIEL. THOMAS tr and Steveu McCaffroy. of New Yor. ; Steven In 1K47 lived on Union st.. Norwich, Conn.; in 1S73 heard they were all tn^ther.ln Now York. Address yonr brother, EDWARD mccapfrey, Tucson. Arlaou. /ILL MAJOR and JUDGE SEN itad DRESS TOOLD friend of 30lli st. Address H. W. B.. Herald office. w Iib?f~ANi? ruVNb. rTKWELKV I.OST .--LOST. BETWEEN KOKT Gltl-K.V fl place. Rrookha. ana Montcl ?lr, dark rosewood Watch C??e. containing laity's trold watch, cluster diamond rinp. amethyst rinK. small isold ring mid pair cnrrlne*. A liberal reward will bo irlven for their return. All advances paid and in questions asked. Address W. K,box 1,473 New York office. 1" OHT?YF.8TRRDAT (SUNDAY) MORNING, BE^ MJ tween the Church of Holy Trinity and 5th av and CM St., a carved shell EarrinK, with head of lighter color nn it. It returned t<i 518 5th av. * sultablo reward will be piiij" be p u id. EAR C< I OST-A RLUK SKYK TERRIKR SLUT, NEAR COR J J ner of Peart and Wall at*.: short tail nnd ears. A kandsome reward will be paid for her return to 50 Soutn at. oar?may a. a uold watoii and chain. In bloc velvet caae; owner"! name Inside watch. A suitable reward will be paid, it returned to WILLIAM UOKY, 50 Broadway. Y 08T?TUCKKRMAN'M POEMS, ON 5TIl~ AYThE* lj tween 3Sth and 33d sta. The tinder will be suitably re warded nn leaving the aame at 355 5th av. L' OUT OR STRAYED?A MEDIUM SIZKD NEW loundUnd Dog: answers to the name of Charlie. The Hndar will ha handsomely rewarded by returning bim to ?table, 116 Wast 46th at. L~~ OfT?tESTL R DA Y. A HOLD HL'NTINU CASE Watch. made by Howard A Co.. Bom on; has an Inscrip tion. Including owner's, nn the back. If the Under will return It to 245 Eaxt 35th *t. be will he thanked and anltably rewarded. C, PUI.LMAN. LoSrZbN If ON DAY AFTERNOON, IN A FOURTH avenue ear. between 34th anil 10th sts., or on the corner of 12th It., a drab leather Portemonna e. containing a sum of money, with other thlncs of nn value unless to the owner. The Under will b? eultably rewarded by returning to IHJ Waverley place. Name oil card In r orionmntiaie CTOLEN-EROM ?'? "Tit AV.. FIRST FLOOR, TWO O Pocketbooks, lot of Jewelry. Will parties please re turn Papers and Jewelry, aud no questions asked? Address R. II. S.. Herald I'ptuwu Hruncli office. ItKB Alt O*. REW.Ulll.-LtiST. ON SATURDAY. APKIL'SO, Ow'J a Clumber Spaniel Slut, while, with lirnwii spots. Fluder will receive a bora reward by returning to 425 5th av. liPKCIAb .tOTlt'Et). A -NOTICE or REMOVAI..-DR. II J JORDAN. ? proprietor of the New York Museum of Anutouiv, tflM Broadway, brjrs to inform his patients, and those desir |>U> of consulting liltn, that be has removed from 4<> Itond St.. where he resided so many years, to No. 5 Washington place, three doors weat of Rroadway. Dr. Jordan'! "Lee lurea on Debility," "Why Men Degenerate," Ac., can he had at tho above address tree by niali for 50c., and at all toukselleri. A -ISAAC U. BOYCK. 207 RROADWAY. LAWYER.? . Dlvcree* obtained promptl v. without publicity; desrr llou. incompatibility, habitual drunkenness, infidelity, in kniiiaii treatment, conviction of felony. Passports obtained. * LI.F.N A CO.. 70 NASSAU ST.. NEW YORK.?WTO J\. mini: Lottery draws May 10. *3<?>.00> distributed. Tickets $1. ??* far $">. Prlxes cashed Circulars mailed Iree. ATTKNriON.-TWENTY YEARS' PRUSSIAN IIOSPI tal experience; diseases of men specialty; perfect cures guaranteed In 4fl hour*. Confidential aud private office, 101 Bleecker at. Dr. JACOBY. ALL DISEASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED RY lady physicianssnd mairnetlsts, Mrs. ALLEN and her assistant ladies. Call aad cunrttlt them at 3*7 Oth av. A -KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OF J. 8. SMITH . A CO. KKXtocur. lcvrBA cla*? 415. roit is(o. 45, SS, tl. S. '.'3, 711. 50, tl, 47, 3?. 33, 73, 20. KK.TTUCKT, Ct-ASS 41l , I'O* IHTti, f 30. 40. 15. 51. "tl. OS. 211, 50. . 35. 1. 4, 45. All orders addresa B. NATHAN, box 4.H70 l'oat office, .Saw York city. A -PARKS, EMERSON A CO. . Kentucky State Lotteries, drawn dally. Roy hi Havana Lottery, orawn evorv 17 days. Kentucky Single Number Lottery, drawn May 37. 1X71 l'ri/es cashed. Information furnished and circulars tree. 1H1> Kn ad way. Post office box 5.373. New York. A -THE FIFTH AND MAIN DRAWING OF THE s Eighty-ninth liny ?l Saxon Ooy?rnment Lottery will take place trotn May 1 to 20, 1 *7(1 3t>,<*W prises to be drawn out or Mt.tam tickets, of which is 1 prise of MM.'Xsl reichsmark, e>|iial to $l30.0f?l, fold 1 prise of :?*l,iam reich*mnrk, filial to 72,i?*\ itold 1 |;rise of'ji?i,'??t reichsmark,equal to 4f,(llt), |*kl 1 prlr.eof 15nmirelrham*rk,e>iuiil to ifol.l 1 prise ol lOO.fMI reichsmark, eiiiial to 24,t*JO, void And 35,MHO othar prises. The nbore ilrawlnir Is Rnnranteed by and under tha super tiaioat ol the Royal Mtxon irovernment. Full explanatory circulars Iree. ? THEODORE ZSCHOCH. Poat office box 5,50-V, 110 Nassau at.. New York. Advertise in THE EVENING TKt.EORAM. ? lie circniatlon of the fc\ ENINtl 'I ELEU RAM last week w ts Monday 37.IH' l uesday :?7.2 O \t run -sday 37. ??? lliursday :?7,5.'>0 Friday 35,050 sri,*0 Total 32ii.'?<? Daily aiera?? :?'?,7I0 OFFICE NO. 3 A .S \ fj. I \ft. FRAJICIS GOULARD LATE PROFESSOR IN II Paris, letlnres semi weekly. Private offices for rr?e|t tinn of p ttieats 41 Wcei ilith at. Diseases of tueu and wo men spaedlly araulcated. Consultation Iree. HISEASKS OF MK.N A SPEtMALTY. II HENRY A DANIEL*. M. D.. 144 UftiagUa ay..near (wth st. offiea hoara I rum 8 to 3. ?FECIAL XOTICKB. TAIVORCES ^OBTAINED WlffiOUT ~fVBLICrff I* U say Stat*; pay whan secured. HEED A CO.'8 Law Agency. 71 Aitor Umh. Saw York. or Cinciuuati. D"bTjtMI VAX BB SPECIALLY consulted"on dleeaeee nl mee. at 6H Kultou it.; mudertie charges; honorable conMoaee; thorough treatueut; 20 years' expe rience; advico free. ESTABLISHED 1H'><>~ MclN'TYRK'S LAUNDRY, 233K Kant SBtb at., batwecn -d and 3d avs.?<>eatlain*n's and family washing at reduced rate* from May 1; leave name and address and tfTt a price Ilat at White's bat fac tory. S'i. 4 West 3d at., aeconddoor from Broadway. Orders ceiled fur and delivered. Haw ahlrta dona op in Brat elaaa style. fuffM un rasd that" cosmktic two j waflu; am delighted with It; complexion ia ao much Improved you wouldn't know me; sand |l to Mlaa J. X. Kooie, box ilSO, and get recipe; it ia elegant. MARY. Havana lottbBy.?next drawing. mat a, 1876; prises; hi/hest. Information free. B. MARTINEZ A CO.. 10 Wall at.: I'nat office box 4.H8S. Highest price paid for priio, i-panlik gold and Havana bank bill*. K-CHRONIC CATAJtRH. DEAFNESS: improved ? method; instautaneoiis relief; periuanetit cure*. Dr. STODDARD. No. K W??t 14th at. K?OFFICIAL DttAWlMi KENTUCKY STATE LOT . terles. SIMMONS. DICKINSON * CO.. Managars. IXNTUlXT. XXTBA CLASS no. :tt>7?MAT 187V. 33, 15, ill. 7. 45. ID. 34. 7?. ?l, 04, 3X. 30, 32, 3. gxjrrvcgY, class no. :*js? may I,1878. 37, 3. tg), -VS. 37. SI. 28. 44. S3. ?l. fl!i. 7. 1IXNRT, XITttA CLASS No. 307?DAT 3. 1*71 13. 39. ie. :??. mb. 5s. ii, 7(i. 7. hi>, a;, 47. 44, nixnr, class no. 208?gar J, 1876. !W. 17. 80. 37. lf?, 118, 38. 47. 46. S? 52. Fail information oy applying to or addressing J. CLUTB, 301.1 Broadway, or box 4.B6H Post office. fFHslMMONS, DICKINSON 4~CO S KENTUCKY JV. siuitlo number grand monthly distribution on tbe Havana plan, to be drawn May 37; alan Koyai Havana, of Cuba, draw* Mar 8. Kail Information by applying to or ad droning J. CLUTE, 301) Broadway, or box 4,'J6W Post office. T ADIEITFoNSI LT DR. CRINDLK. FOR ALL. AIlZ J.J meiits; spaedy cnres whatever the causc. 143 Wast 48th at. Nervous exhaustion.-a medical essay. comprising a series of lectures delivered at Kahn's Mu MUin uf Anatomy, New York, on the cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing indisputably how lost health may bo retrained, affording a clear synopsis ot the Impediments to marriaire and the treatment of nervous and physical debility, being the result of 20 years' experience. Price 25 centw Ad dress tbe author. Dr. L. J. KAHN, office and residence 31 East loth St., New York. PILES OR HAEMORRHOIDS PERMANKNTLY~ERaDI cated in two to fonrweeka' painless treatment; no knife, ligature*, caustics or cautery employed-.positively NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Circulars tree. Dr. STODDARD, only oQIco No. H West 14th St. Royal Havana lottery. 'Thti next draarlng will take place on May 8. Prises casliad. Order* tilled. Information furnished tree on appli cation. Spanish bank bills and rovornmenU purchased. TAYLOR k CO., Rankers. II Wall St.. New York. QIDB PLAITINU DONE BY machine, WHILE you !j wait, at UOSBNSTIN'8, tS8 Forsyth ?t. and 153 Kast -tith st. The bankrupt-Stock-of trunks, ba?s and Umbrellas, removed from corner of 8th at. and Broad way to U1 Park row, where you will Snd great bargains for casli. _ ^ ATrt/i fiftft -royal Havana lothuiy. JplUU.UUU* Next drawing May 8. Circulars, with fall intormatlon. sent free. P. C. DEVLIN A CO.. Stationers and General Agents, 3 l'nr'< row. near Ann st. loppoaite Post office). New York ~ SPOHTING-UOUS. BIKIW. &C. F0i: SALK-A SIBERIAN bloodhound (WEIGHT to pounds), six months old. Apply at 143 Bloeckar St., shoe store. THE TUR p., : ?? 'jTUCTIOIT AND KRBftO'U POOL,8~SOLff AT~4(>II.n. XI sons' Rooms, corner 3Sth st. and Broadway. every morning and (.?veiling this week, on the races at Nashville, Tcnn. Pull returns received by telegraph of each race as goon ns run. All orders by mail or message will receive promptatteution. French pools close at four P. M. T. B. A W. II. JOHNSON. A UCTION AND KBENCII POOLS SOLD AT THOMAS' A. Exchange 1.2341 Broadway, on tlie Nashville Rntinlng Raccs and the Uaof Bull Miiteln."?. OKO. M. THOMAS. UCTION AND FRENCH POOUTSOLO TIII8 AK trrnoun at Johnson's, corner ixth >t. and Broadway, on Base Hull gurnet. :-jgMutual v*. Athletic*. at Philadelphia; Hartford v*. Sow Ilavons, at llnrttord. tunings received by telegraph. T. B. A W. H. JOHNSON. Deerfoot PARK.-TROTTING, MAY 4, AT Uti o'clock I*. M. Match for $1,000: mil* heat*, three in Are. in harn*<s. Iliram lloae names b. ir. Coroner K.. W?. McMah?n names lir. m. Ballv Mack. A Wo a match forfBOO; three in Ave, in harness. Iliram Howe's b. g. Dalkl, George lleav'a br. g. Phil O'Neill, Jr. These race? will be hot oues. Admission $1. WM. Mi MAIION. Proprietor. VTEW YORK TURK EXCHANGE, 1ft WF.ST 1MTU ST.? i. 1 Auciion and French Pools sold on Nashville race*. all day and oveuliig; French I'ooli closing M:IO I*. M.: <>n a.(O ) Gnlneaa, clone iO:3.i A. M. KELLY. BLISS A CO. ijoOLH SOLU~THIS AFTERNOON AT NEW YORK X Turf Excliaagtt, Athletic vs. Mutual, at Philadelphia; St. Louis vii. Louisville, at Louisville; Hurt ford T?. New Haven. at llartlord. SKIBKKT A McCLOUD. HORSES. (ARIIMUEb. <SCT i T" ACCTION ?TO-MORROW (THPRSDAT)^ A at 11 O'CLOCK. 1?Y VAN TARSKLL A KEAUNKY. AUCTIONEERS, at their AUCTION MART. 11(1 AND 112 EAST I3TH ST., TIIE ENTIRE TROTTING ESTABLISHMENT of J. DUNN WALSH, ESg. BAY OELDUU* IMtKU. foat^d bvGKN. KNOX, dam a DREW MARK: in IS*, hands high and can I nit in 2 'HI. BAY GELDING DANDY, foaled In 1MB. sired by Dirigo, dmn by the Ethan Alleu horse; ta 15'? hands high; can trot In "J :4(>. BAY OELDINO TOMMY. foaUd In lhTO, cot br Jul** Jurgensen. dam by Wiiherell Messenger. I*5? liana* bl|(b; can trot in 2:4'). BROWN GELDING FRANK. foaled In 1R70. cot by Jnlo* Jnrtcnsrti. dam by Wltbortll Messenger, 14J< hands high ; can trot in "J :4<i BKOWN (iELDINO NED, foaled 1871. owa brother to No. 4, 14% hands high; can trot in 2:4>Y The three last mentioned burses were sired l<y JULES JURGENSEN. the ?Ire or NELLIE WALTON (record 5 3d), MIDGETT, and lerrral other well known trotters. Ned and Krank hare been driven together, are own brothers, very closely matched, and inakr a very desirablo road team; they can beat 2 :?"?) to the pole. SuRRBL iiELDINO OOLDDU.1T. foaled lHrtfi. got hy General McClellan. dam by handy River. l.'i)J hands high; can boat 2:'*J. sinirle or double. Mr. Walton haa been speed ins thin hers* n the road every day. RAY GELDING OBOKGE. loaled 1*W. sired by Oan eral Knox, dam by illraui Drew, 14), bands high; can trot in 2:3ft. BLACK MARE, foaled 1871. ilredbvTom Patehen, dam a Wlthercll luare, 1'iJ-, bands hltrh : can trot In 2:40. BLACK MAKE, loaled 1K7I, sired hy Genernl Knox, dam by Logan, hands hlitli; can beat 2:V). The two last tui-ntioned caa I rot la JsnO togrther. BAY GELDING REDWING, loaled l?ffl!, cot hy Badger, dam a Nicholas mare, I5>* hands high. record 2 :HI; be shewed a trial, drlvan by D. Mace, In 2:25>j; liuer now than ever. GRAY GELDING, foalad 1WK>, got by Gen. Knox, dam by the Ethan horse. 15?? hands high: this is one rf the hsnds?me-t and most stylish torses that go the road; be can trot In 2:4<X BAY MARE, foaled 1 WW, got by Hiram Draw, dam by Wlnthrop Morrill. 15:, hands high ; ean trot la 2 ;3ft. BAY GELDING, toaled ISffli, gut by Mohawk, Jr., dam by Gen. Knox, hettar known as tlia Crawford Colt, 15*4 hands high: can heat 2 :30; a very promising, level headed trotter: an extraordinarv pole hor?e CHESTNUT MAKE ETTA, loaled 1808. got bv Old Knox, dmn a Drew mare, 14% bauds bigli; can trot in 2 :3ft. THE BUCK GELDING*. THE KNOX BROS., one foaled 1*70. the other 1*71, got by Gen. Knox, dam hy Wln throp Morrill. I"?% hands high. 1 hey can trot in 2 :50 to the pole. One ran brat J: "(*. BAY GKLDING, foaled lSiCt, got by Ethan Allan, dam by Young Morrill. 1"> hands high : ran trot la 2 :M>. TOP AND NO TOP WAGONS. BY BRKWsTRR. DUSEN IIUItY A STIVERS; HARNESS BY liUNSCOMM A WOOD GIBSON HTOCK will be on EXHIBITION a< Mr. J. DUNN WALTON'S STABLE. No. 140 West itHth St.. between Broadwar and ?lli sr.. where they can l>? seen and tried any time this DAY. un'l will be removed to the AUCTION MART early on THURSDAY MORNING. A~ AUCTION. . GREAT J'F.REMPIORY AND UNRESERVED S ALE. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE SALE OK 15 HEAD EXTRA rINR. YOUNG. SOUND, STRONG AND MU8 Cl'LAR HORSES, SUCH AS HAS NEVER BEEN OFFERED BY PUBLIC AUCTION IN MANY A DAY. DIRECC FKoM TIIE 'ARMS OF MESSRS. MARF.TTK A SPOFFORT. OK WESTCHESTER COUNTY. ? TO THE UNION ACTIO* MART, 30 BAST KTII sr.. NEAR BROADWAY. TO BE MILD ON THURSDAY. MAY THE 4TH. AT 12 O'CLOCK. HORSE*. SUITABLE for CARRIAGE. COUPE. ROAD. SADDLE AND BUSINESS PURPOSES Consisting of I team or Black llaak Mares. .*> years. 15fj hands; 1 team or Vermont llanibletoniaii hay road Horses, ft ami (I yrars. 1fl?4 hnnds; 1 gray Messenger Colt. 5 years. 15?4 hands: 1 Iliram Drew Colt, il tears old, I?">bands: 1 Morreil Griding. yenrs old, l.'ijJ hands; 1 elegant bay coupe iforsr. 7 years old. It*1* hands: I lady's Pony. 5years old. 12 haud?: _? flne Toronto t'hler Geldings, ? year* old, l.'s? and 15%' hands high: I brown combination saddle Horse. *1 years old. lisnds; alio several other hi(li bred and well broke voun x liorsrs N. B.-PAKtlt'LLAIl attention of GF.NTI.KMEN SHOULD BE PAID TO THIS FINE LOT OF KORSKS. AS THEIR YOUTH. STRENGTH. MUSCLE AND SPEED COMBINED MAKE TIIEM FINE ROAD HORSES. AS WELL AS FOK FAMILY AND BUSINESS PURPOSES, AS THEY CAN TKOT FROM 2M TO SOU THKY ARE ALL WARRANTED SOUND AND KIND AND IK NOT AS REPRESENTED THE MONEY WILl. BE REFUNDED. CATALOGUE* NOW READY AT THE MART, WITH DESCRIPTION AND PEDIGREE. A1JM> AT ALL THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Also flne rlty made Carriages, consisting or estaaslon top Park Phaetons Bssket aud top l'onv Phaeton, top and open Road W agon, slniie and ilimkli and Conpe Harness. Sal* positive 1 rain or shiaei ta the highest bidder*, without limit or restrlrtion. AN EXECUTOR'S SALE.?I OFFER AT PRIVATE ?ale. In 1 rler to rlosa an estate, the following \nluabU | Trotting lli.r-es. Carriages Harness, Ac. Oue liaml-ome team of Hay Horsas, B and 7 vear? old. 1-Vs hands high; ?Irlve together like on* hnrsa. and can trot in 2 :4ft; war ranted so-iiid and kind. One extraordinary high brad, stvllsh. sorrel Gelding, )l years old. i:>\ hands lilg_h: I* one ?>r the handsomest liorsas in the dty, and very rast. sonrd and kind. One hay Mare, by Rrsdyk't Hambletonlan. hands high, 7 y**rs old: stylt'h driver and fast: sound and kind. One bay Horse. I5'4 hands high; very pretty snd prompt driver: hss been driven hy ladles; caatrotloat: B years old anil ?oiin<t and kind. Two Phaetons, one leather I and canopy top; three sloe bar Top Wagons; one set of gold I mounted double Harness, three aets oT single Harness. | Blanket*. I.ap Kobrs. Whips. Ac. Will be sold at a great sacrifice, neparauly or together. Th* above Wagons and 1 Harness have been piircimsrd this spring, and are nearly I new. THE ABOVE STOCK CAN BE SEEN AT PRI VATE STABLE NO. 4 WEST ltrril ST.. WHERE A S tTI-F VCTOHY TRIAL WILL HE GIVEN TO PART1F.H WISHING To PURCHASE. sfote ?Thr above sto?-k. irnot wild at private sale, trill ba ? ?Id at public auction on Friday, .'tth in.t . itositlvaly. H. C. OLOVER, Executor. A -LEATHER TOP PHAETONS,9120; GOOD ROCK . aways, f lift; leather (op Buggies, ?I40: fine Depot Wagons, <I5(>; Park Phaetons. Ja?icer Wagon*. Coup* Rorkawava, Ac. Mnst be sold to pay advanra*. li.ARN E>S, first rat* quality, every at?l?. cheap prle*a. JO(lN MoORK. 57 Waxrsu *t. UORSES, CAARMOKi, CC. j^TTENtlON 'is caLlkd to WjUMMTIZEl of the w*U tini trotting Bum, ikiul Vigoii, Harueea, BMktli, Kobe a. A*. FORMERLY TUB PBOFKRTY OF A. STKWABT, TO TAKE FLACK AT THE STABLE OF A. PAUL, CORNER 4TH ST. AND LAFAYBTTE PLACE. ONE BLOCK BAiTF OF BBOADWAY, WHERE THBT BAVE BEBN REMOVED FOB CONVENIENCE OF SALE THIS DAT (WEDNESDAY). MAY 3, AT HALF PAST TEN. BHABF, including the butonul dark dtppU gray Horn la this cltj, lirtd by Pilot, Jr., l.V, hands, H year* old, flowing msne and tail, extra fins blond like, Is a perfect horns In every moss, and Is ostrs promising: nsvsr was iralnsd; is warranted to beat a 2 :t<) gait or 1:0 vale; can S|>eed a 2 :3S ?ait, and can be driven by any ordinary driver with perfect ?ststv and in warranted toand and kind: be U worthy the ?pedal attention or any gentleman wishing a first class, safe sod genteel roadster. The moat complete rich and baiidsoms tssm ef chestnut blooded mares la the Stale: raised in Woodford county. Kentucky: one waa tired by EricMin. dam by Lexington; the other by Pilot, dam t>y Lexington; were selected and mated by Dr. Heard for preaent owner, and was pronounced by connolasears to be as fine a pair of highbred young marcs as evar left the Statu of Kentucky; are about 16,'j hands. 0 and 7 vears old. and are a* cioaely a matched team in form, style, deposition and gait as were ever teen; they cannot be oulstyled by say liriag team : have fine knee action; prompt, sharp and gam*: although perfectly gentle and amiable ia disposition, fear no locomotives or anything el?e; these marc* prom We great speed: they can boat 2:45 now, and have never beeu trained to develop their speod: they are the bast trotting blood in Kontacky and show it, and are warranted sons J. kind aud true and as repretcutod; mast ha seeu to bo appreciated. The beautiful and fait high bred blood bay trotting Mara, Belle of Lexington, 15'i high, 7 year* old; *iro<i t>y Legal Tender, dam a thoroughbred marc ; was raised by Mr. Alex ander, of Kentucky: she has more alvle and uction than any trotter that can b? louud; trotted when 5 rears old in 2 2::&. J:3!I1,. with 20 dav?' preparation : ahe ha* full mane and tail, fine net of limbs, requires ao booting when trot ting; ha? a rugged conailtution, great power <?('endurance, aud if properly handled will trot well down in tlie twenties; she can brat 3 A3 any day; Is warranted sound and kind, without spot or bleiniau. Elernnt and fast highbred young Trottar, 15l? hands high, 7years old', aired by Ueneral Knox, dain a tlto.oui:hbrcd: be is without say exception one of the tlucst and best styled trotters in the country; has flue action and endurance, ami able disposition; powerfully gaited, au excellent pole liono; trotted last August, at Narragankott Park, a private trial iu 2:H3. driven byDen Piper; he cau trot much laater now ; he ha* flue head, limbs and feet; Is warranted souud aud kind; is known as the Gardiner Sage Horse. Extra fine genteel and last bay Trotting Horse; the most eleirant, be?t behaved and most genteel road liorao In the Stale; l&H hands high, t> year* old, with tine avmmctry, atyle, and a slaahlng. rapid, ?irong.galt; sired by Matubrluo Patchen, dam by Bald Ohlel; trotted on Mystic track in 2 sltl; ean beat] :40 to road wagon and the purest, sweetest driver imaginable : no mad too long for him, and uo horse that goea the road equals him in style aud action general; fine blooded appcarancc : is bold, brave ana fearleta, and warranted souud and kind. Handsome black Trotting Horse, bred by James B. C'.ay and sired by Clark Chief, dam three-quarter thoroughbred by Lexington ; Islet black , lftjlj high. 7 years old; hi* flrat appearance iu politic wa* In Lexingt6n when 5 years old, when he trotted three heats in '1?J 41 and 3 ; the following spring he wa* !>euten by halt a neck only iu - :M3; he has been u*ed the peat year for road driving; he is a pleasing driver, an every day roadster and is warranted aounri and klad. Also the best dispnsltloued Pony Phaeton Mare in the city for ladies' uae. 1~> uaniia high, tt years old; perfect pet and picture; is aeusible and well behaved; leara nothing; will atand in atreet without tying; clogant under aaddie lor either lady or gentleman; Ik without vice, trick, fault or blemish; fast traveller; warranted aound and kind. Wagons consist of 1 lop sidebar Boad Wagon, pole-an4 ahafta, built by Brewnter, of Broome at.; 1 do. do.; 1 open side bar Wagon, by Brewaler. of Broome >t.; I open Wagon, made by Waterman; 1 Pony Phaeton, 1 >et double and 2 aeta single Harness, made by Couitnerford; Blanketa, Bobes, Whips. Ac. Stock now on exhibition at atable as above. Sale positive, rala or shiue. Oil AS. C. DUFF, Auctioneer. A T BARKER A RON'S CITY AUCTION MART AND K. T. TATTERS ALL'S, corner of Broadway <1 3#th it.. Malor t'llAS. W. BARKER, Auctioneer. REGULAR SALES every Wednesday and Saturday. TWENTY-POUR hours allowed for (rial. THE ONLY Driving ffrack In the State. CATALOGUE OK RALE THIS DAY. AT ELEVEN O'CMiCK. commencing with MR U C. CHASE'S. FORMER OWXEIt OK HOPEFUL <2:l7.!tf, OK BOSTON MASS THIRD UNEQUALLED AND POSITIVELY LAST SALE <?K THE FASTEST GREEN KASTERN HRKD TROTTERS IN AMERICA. HOLD ON account or his htirin-/ given up BREEDING and being about to RETIRE (nun (he TltRK, A.\l> COMPRISING SIXTEEN 1IKAD. beinr ?>? KICK and balsuca of Mr. Chs*e'? GREAT STABLE. including TWO IIALK BROTHERS TO HOPEFUL and some of tlio be*t green HONEYED TRACK HORSES In the country, consisting o( BAY GELDING. SWAMl'SCOTT: 1j', high : loaled 1*47(1: ant Wv Godfrey ? Katchen laire of Hopeful, Robert Hunner'a Wellesloy Bey. Ac.): ran trot in 2 :*>. Black Mart, KANNIK* ROSSIS; V> high: foaled 1MW: got by General Knox (tint of I>ady Mandi: can trot three hent* bc(ter than - :tH?. Bay Mart, LADY GOLDEN: I.V4 high: fotled 1*18; rat by. Ethan Allen: can trot three beat* close tn V! Brown Mare. BRISTOL (1IRL: I.V4 hlKh; foaled 1HK?: g"t by Ethan Allen; can trot In 2:40, eitijrlo or double. LAI?Y GOLDEN and BRISTOL (>IRL make an extraordinary gen tleman's superb trotting team and can trot In'J:#! tn the pole. Bay ('elding. JOHN T. WELCH, 15*/ hlsh: foaled 1XCW; rot by lieneral Knox; caa beat '2 45. Ray Mare. WaLKII.L BELLK. 15 V. htshjtoaled ISHt): rot oy Walkill Chief: oan trot in 2 ?0. Welsh and Walkill Belle make a vp rv lino appearltic and elegant drlt I tic team together, and can beat 3AO. Black Mare. ELLA AUSTIN, Mali; foaled l*W; got by General Knox; can beat 2:40 Bay Geloing, KNOX STAR. IS blah: foaled |H7o: ant by General Knox; ran trot in 2:Vi, i? out of the richest appearing horses in the conntry. Bar Melding COVPTON (full brother to Bwaiapacott). lot, high; foaled IM7I; got by Godfrey's Katchen: ran trot in 2:'?i. and is a colt of extra ordinary promise. SWAMPSCOTT and hi* brother. Co W P TON. make one of the Burnt trottinic team* ever hitched together Brown Mare SYLVAN BKI.LE. 15^ high; foaled 1HHU; got by Clienery'a Gray Eagle; can trot In :t minutes. Sorrel Gelding EASTPORT. I.')'4 high : foaled 18H0: got hr Whalebone Knox: can beat :< minutes. Bay Gelding AU GUSTA BOY. ia>4 high; fnalad ISHH; got by Ethan Allen: can beat'< minute*. Brown Gelding HROCKVILI.K, 1 '<> high : foaled 1*70; got by llarkina' Knox ; can trot In 3 minutes. Bay Mare KENTUCKY BhLLE, bred In Ken tnrky. lVt high: foaled 1SH)?; got by Strader'a Cas\iue M. Clay. Jr.: an elegant combined saddle and harm'** mare; can trot In :t minute*. Black f?*ld>ng ROSE DALE. l.Vi high: foaled 1HM; got by General Knox; can trot in 2AO and road 15 mile* an hour. Bar Gelding KIPLKY, l.W high: foaled IHfllt; iiot by General MeClellan; fast and promising. Above are all warranted sound and kind. DURING THE PASTlive day* thla lot hare been ridden after by a larre number of gentleman, including competent JUDGES OK SpEED. who have all pronounced the stock ?ren fa*(er than rcpreaenled CATALOGUER with extended pedigree*, ftill DE SCRIPTIONS. Ac., at sale. IMMEDIATELY AKTER above will be said THE VERY KAST gray trotting gelding PROTECTION, 1.1'i high: fnalad IS70: got by Vanmatter1* Blood Chief, flrat dam by Oray Eagle. *econd dam by Atexandrr'* Aiidallah; i* an elegant driver: can trot three hea(* in 2:40 or better: with handling will *oon beat 2 :??: wai bred in Kentuckr : aold only Inr want of a*e and warranted ?ound and kind. SUKKRB JET black gelding, got by Ethan Allen. I5W high, tl rear* old: nneqnalled in harnau: Bnely gaited ana fan: *ofd to clone an exate. KXTRA FINE brown (rotting Mara, l.'>\' high.? yean old: a rery tree and afyllah driver; can trot elo*e to 2:50 and I* warranted kind. TwENTY TOP and no t'-p Road Wagona. Depot. F.xnra*a nnd Ku?lni f* Wagon*, Carriage*, top and no top Pony Pliaetnii?. Ac. TWELVE OTHER llarnea. KI LL DESCRIPTION a( nale. SALES NEVER po*tponed on account of waather. A"~T AUCTION TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), MAY 4, AT II O'CLOCK .HIIAill*. Af PRIVATE STABLE Ml. IS HAST 2HTII ST., A (iKKAT AND IMPORTANT IIANKEl'PT SALE OK ALL TIIK HIGH-BRED KAST-TKOTTINO, KOAD, SAI'I'I.K AND FAMILY IIOKMr.S, ILEGANT CARRIAGE.'*. HAKNKSS. AC.. AC. T'lE PROPERTY OK A LATE BANK ufKICIAL. WHO WOULD IIAVK NONE BUT TIIK CIIOICKST, ALL OF WHICH MIST BE HOLD To HI(SHf*ST BIDDER. WITHOUT LIMIT OR RESTRICTION, BV W. B. NELSON, AUCTIONEER. including handsome bay gkldibg Florida, (I year* old. !'>>? handa; a remarkably good driver; prompt and atyllah: been driven by a lady: rni*ed in Orange roanty; | aired by l(y*dik'* Hambletonlaii, dam half ?i*trrtn l ady Thorn; he I roiled mi (io*hen track laat traaon in I :XS. 2 3i and 2 >>,?: he la an excellent polo horse and warranted sound and kind. BEAUTIFUL BAY GELDINO HOTSPUR, 7 year* old. I9<> band*, fine ?tvie and action, good tall and | maue : n*od lor laiully nnd road ciriviui;; la good under sad dle: raided In Kentucky; aired by Hnnalut. aon of Volun- j tear, dam Mr. Clay * riamlum mar*. Oa *howed three j heats in?id? of 2 :AO at <t )ears old; ho can trot nitirh faster 1 now. I<e would make a good conpe or match hor*e. as lio is j it very otyllah and bandy driver, and ha Is warranted *ouad. J kind and tru* In all hsrne... HANDSOME AND KAST MAY MARK IDA, YKARS nhl, 15<t band*, rangr l.uilt. vary handsome and kind, goofl disposition: well broke to all harness for ladies'u*a: (ear* I nothing. Ral'cdtn Omnge cuunly ; ?lr?d by Beely's Amari- . cao Star, dam Curry Ahaallali. by Ale;allab. grand dam if I Imp. Belllonndar. This mare I* reliable and >afe for I ant ladv to rule or drive. Mho turned Fleetwood (rack I to pony phartou in 2:'>l last August. She had no training , for speed. Sua Is wan anted sound and kind. STYLISH AND KAST BROWN CJKLDISO. YoUN(S | Eben, sired by Ethan Allan, dam a Black llswk mars: ha was raised In Vermont; ha is year* old. 151, handa; tin* > yonng hor*a I* well worthy the notice of tiirtmen. ?? he ha* I shown wonderful apeed (or tha Hide training which lie lis* > had : he allowed three beats at Burlington in 2:HI. 2:2* and : 2;'iti>4: lie lias strong bone and muscle and any amount of | endnrsnce; ha I* warranted sound and kind. BEAUTIFUL SOKKKL MARK. KEN I'l'CK Y CIRL ^ year* . Id, l"?J< hands: very handsome and stylish: raised by j Mr swigert, Kratarky: sired by Maiubrlno Chief; daui Arabian Oiri, Imported by Uaorga Brown; thl* mare is one ol tlie One*t gentleman s road mares that esn be found, having all the requisite good qaalltlas to make l<er neii; handy and pleasant: she got a record In 2 st Lexington. Ky . When ?i veais old, where the won P2.5III In 2:4<>i'la**; she ha< trotted a mile In 2:23 In private. tlme<l liy several respoNtlble gentlemen In this city, who can lie referred to, the Is rnll. warranted sound, kind and truo In all harness. TERMS OK MALK-24 HOURS GIVEN FOR TRIAL and examination. Any bona not found as warramedran be re(utn?4, ana money will be tefanded. All are invlt d to call and examine and rid* behind any of the above hor-es at any tlmr previous to tale. Coachman In attendance; *peed shoan. Among the carriages nrr side bar and lull spring (op Wagon*. Kony I'haeton*. all ol the latest style and go-d a* new. All good eltv builders; some bv K. M. Stivers and others Doable and tingle Carrlnce*. Baaatlfal exten*loa top Phnetim, pol# and inaft*. Double and single IIarae". by llunscomb. All of which mu*t positively he sold, regaril lesaoi cost or volua. 8nlo oMolate, rain or ahlna. No post ponement. __________ ALL KINDS OK CAKRIAOKM. MY OWN MAKE, AT manufacturer*' price*; warranted* leather top. new natty Phaetons. $UOnp; do. Baggies, f 140; No Tops, fl* 1 Mather trimmed (four *eat> dopot top Wngunt, US'; Rock awaya, $140; exunaton top Parx Phaetons, CI.Vj. CUB. OKUBE. 306 Canal at. HORM1C8, CARJUAGKM. ?. "i'T AUCTION, " A BV VA* TASSELL A KEARNEY. AUCTIONEERS OBIce 110 and 11] Xw 19th st., near 4th M. Great auction talc. SATURDAY. May ?, at 10), o'clock, entire slock of Xlirul I'artlafti, ?f Hradlr;, Fray A Co., 25 U Dion square. Rroiulway, betwen 15tb and 10th lla, Landaus. Victoria), Berlin C-vacbe*. LaudauleU. Curtain Coach**, Coupes. Brougham*. T Carta, Mall Phaeton*. Dog Carta, Cabriolets, Bookaway*. Barouchea. Phaetons. Extension top Pbaetoa*, Top and no top Pony Pkattou*. Top Wa[?ni, No loo Watoua, Six Mat Phaetons, Kour toot Phaeton*. Pour M>at Kwkanajri, Six lent Bockaway*, and light Carriage* of every description. Sold by ordar 8. B. MERVIN, Jr., Aialgue*. Stock now on exhibition. Catalogues uow ruady at Carriage Repository or at Auc tion Mart. f AR'LL -AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OP THE "Brewster Wagon," the ataudard for style and quality. now nady for inspection at our lactory aud warerouiut, Broadway and 47lh at., 5tli av. and 14th at. Special attention Is called to our improvement In side-bar Wavons, which enables us to offer the lightest, aafest and baat riding wagon aver produced. BREWSTER A CO.. of Broome at. AsORBEtT HORSb7d& HANDS: WORKS DOl'BLE or single; two other Horses, young and aaund. dl Canal st. A CHESTNUT-MARK 13 HANDS; SOUNDAND kind; splendid roadster and fast. Address box >-1 Post oflire, Stamford. Conn. STABLE TO LKT-tM EAST 23D ST.: POUR stalls; good wagou rooui; rent cheap. Apply at 150 Prince st. J. McDERMOTT. ?FOR SALE. SIX HORSES; SUIT TRUCK, ? tanner or anr husinesa; $05. $H5, $110, f 1,5. 201 Grand si. between Mott and Mulberry. ?SECOND HAND CARRIAUKS. . T Carta. Cabriolets. ? No top I'liaetons. Top and no top Wagons, London made Brougham. BREWSTER A CO.. 5tl? av.. corner 14th St. A ?KOR SALB CHEAPj-A LADY'S-TVIRNOCT; AN Ai elegant blaeK Mare, top Pony Phaeton aud a set of fine Harness, nearly new; also a dapple gray Horae, war ranted sound. Inquire at 352 East 00th St.. near 1st av. -kor"sale,"four good work, iiorsks, fit . for farming or any work: to be sold at a sacrifice. 57 Greet Jones st.. near the Bowery. StHGNEErS "SALE IN~ BANKRUPTCY! liy EDWARD SCHKNCK. this day. 3d lust.. at No. (Ml Liberty st., at 12 o'clock M., a llotse, Purnitare Truck and Harness. By order of JOHN C. CUTTER. Esq.. Assignee of the Estate of Irving A Son, Bankrupts. ?trucks"kor "sale! new and ""second l* hand, single and double. MOORE A MANEE. Noa. 3, H and 7 Macdougul st. A-POE SALE CHEAP?SEVEN GOOD BUSINESS . Horses. Apply at No 3 Vestry it, between Varick and Htidaou st*. ?PAST BAY PACING PONY; PERKKCT PET; TOP ? Pony I*ha*ton; Harness; half cost; $350. 511 7th av. Reasonable carriages.?pomtphaetons. ? panel suit basket, top, no top and canopy tops; light extension top Phaetons tor one horse; light curtain and tut under Korkuways, Cabriolets, Victorias, Ac., st prlrea to suit the time-. WW. II. GRAY. 20 and X! Wooster st. A -FOR MALE, 90 YOUNG* HOUSES, JUST FROM ? Indiana, (iiitabla for nil business. Inquire at 120 Norfolk ?t. _ A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO SELL IMS COMPLETE Establishment, consisting of elegant pair young Horses, black and gray; Coupe, by Woods; Harness, by Campbell, Blankets. Ac., of best kltid:a'*o aquare box Wagon, fonr seat*; he also desires that his coachman coos with the establishment: i* a reliable man, colored. Adores* ilH West Xiil st., between IO A. M. and 6 P. M. AT PRIVATE SALE." Landaulet, Coupe, Landau. Barouche. 4 seat Phneton, 8 seat Phaeton, Cnrtnln Coach. K ?eat Rockaway, 4-aeat Rockaway, Top Pony Phaeton. No ton Pony Phaeton.Top Wagon*. Depot Vi menus, Dopot Rockaway*, Business Wagons, 3 Half Clarences. Close Coaches. Extra top Phaeton*. SINGLD AND DOUBLE HARNESS. All the above Carriages are city made and SECOND HAND, and will be *?ld very low. VAN TASSELL A KEARNEY, 110, 112 East i:ith st.. near 4th av. PINE PAIR OK DAPPLE GRAY COACH HORSES^ lit handi high, closely matched. Apply at 11. B. SIRE S, 368 West 43d *t.. New York. ?POB BALE AT A BARGAIN, TMK HAKlMOIIlR ? Turnout lu the city for a lalyor gentleman to drive; beautiful brown Ponv. 7 years old, 15 hand*; good style; flowing mane and tall: warranted sound aud kind, ami to trot in '< minutes: top Phaeton aud Harness; all complete. At stable N". 33 Eait 12th st DVERTISE IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM. The circulation of tbo EVENING TELEGRAM last w*ek wa* ?? Monday 37.100 Tuesday 37.21*1 Wednesday 37.800 Thursday 37,.Vi<l Friday 35.R.VI Saturday. 35.1*10 Total !M0,3U) Daily average 30.710 OFFICE No. 2 ANN sr. T HALF COST-TWO "BEAUTIFUL l'lfAKTONS~! one seats four persons; two fnll spring top Wagons, two side bars, one light Wagon: all nearly new: by best city nukers. Private stable, corner of 33M ?t. and -4tli av. A?10 IDHimUM WAGONS, tsnTO~|m, KOR XX ? press, grocers, butcher*. bakers, milk laundry, paca age, wivortislng. depot and dollverv wagons. 220 Spring st. BOARDING STABLE AT PANIC I'RICKS- SIMiLE and box stalls, first elas* accommodation, at Wost Side Stable, 317 Wert l&th St., near Sih av. EDWARD SCHENCK. AUCTIONEER' ' rj ELEGANT HORSES. CLARE NCR, ENGLISH BA ROUCHE. TOP WAGON. LIGHT TROTTING WAGON. BUSINESS WAGON. DOUBLE AND SINGLE SLEIGHS, ELEGANT DOUBLE AND SINGLE HARNESS. ROBES. AC., at the private stable NO. 2t WEST .V.TII ST.. ON SATURDAY MORNING, MAY ?, AT 91," O'CLOCK. HORSES.?A span of bay cairlago Horses. I.'i14' hands; warranted perfectly sound, kind and gentle in every way. A dark brown road Mare, 151, bands. S years old: war ranted perfectly sound, kind and gentle. CLARENCE.? A full Clarence, by Br*w*ter A Co., of Broome st.. In perfect order. ENGLISH BAROUCHE, by Bradley. Pray A Co., fully equal to new. TOP WAGON, by Dueenhnry A Van Duaer. with Pole and Shafts. LIGHT TROTTING WAGON, by same maker*. DOURI.E SLKIGII, by R. M. Stivers, In perfect order; also two single Sleighs. HARNESS.?Elegant double Coach Harness, by Corue A Cnrrie; light double Trotting Harness, elegant Coupe Har ness and three set* of *ingle Road Harness: also elegant Blankets, Whip*. Robes, Ac. Can be seen at the (table pre vious to tne sale, which will be absolute. Edward kchknck, auctioneer! Elegant Horses. Carriages. Ac.. Ac. At the private stable. No. . I West 55th st.. On Saturday morning. May M, at O'.j o'clock. For lull particulars see bead Horses and Carriages. F I^OR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL BAY (15 HANDS) SADDLE ' Horse; the handsomest horse for a 14 ur 15 year buy or girl In the city; sound and gentle; sold only because the owner ha* outgrown him. Apply at private stables 34 Lex ington av. I/O P. SALE 'at A BARGAIN?-SOUND. STYLISH r Horse and Phaeton. Inquire at 33 Stuyvesant st., near 2d av. * 1/OK SALE?A TEAM OK SOUND SORREL IIOBSES, r 15.3; Brewster Victoria, almost new. aud liau<isuine set of English double Harn. aa : to lie sold together or separ ately Apply at LAMS A SON'S Stables, .Villi ?t.. between Madison and 5th av*. iitOR SALE?A SIX-MEAT PHAETON (BREW STKRS ' 'nake>, ia Drst class order ; will lie sold chean. ('all at stable No. KIMilffen court. 3Uth St., between Lexington and 3d avs. jolt's ALICIA HANDSOME MARK. l'.\, HANDS~~A good stepper. is years old; also black Pony. |5?, hands, 4 years old In June: I new brick Cart ami llarueas, I Kus|. nesa Wagon and Harness, 1 double Set of Harness; all in good condition ; must be aolu lor want ot u?a at half their value. Inquire et 234 West 42d St., rear. * Fobs fEii thkee sets lightihicsle harness; in nss but a very short lime ; also a laily'a Side Saddle, u?ed one season. Apply at Opera Stable*, 4S and .VI East sad at. f/Olt SALE?LIVERT STABLE: OtHID LocvnnS; I1 d'dug a rood bu.luess. Kor particulars address box No. Ui lleral.1 I ptinsn Brsnrli uiw. C*i>i SALi?A COMPLRTE Tl KNui r. ^ STYLISH " bay Horse, nearly ID hand* high : warranted sonud and kind and perfectlr safe for a4ady to drive, together with a top aide bar Road Wamui. a* good as new; ilarnes-. Blan kets Lap Hobe'and Whip, as the oa-uer lis, no nse lor them. Inquire of J. Ill ALL. (Kll East 1Mb st. For sale -a new french coupe.' lined with red velvet; also a four-seated Phaeton In per Oct order; mu?t be solu this weel: at the owner la going to Europe. Apply to LOUIS IIA Yd AN. 2V> E*?t -'Itli ?t.. near :jd av J10R SALE-A BLACK PONY HORSE. 1NQI IRE AT !I7 Wsat 11 tli at.. In the erneery Mure. LMR saLE?a BEAUTIFUL LIGHT GRAY MORGAN r Mare. 15 hands high, H years old; can trot cloie to tbree tnloutes. double ur singl*; never shl*?, very stylish mid never touehos In travelling: good for a man that lives ont or town aud wiahas to eoine iu qslrt; srlil travel 12 mllea an honr with two In tlia wagon ; price I2UO. Apply at 07 ssslii si . third story. L"*0R SALK-VF.RY CHEAP. TWit MiUNIl SEVEN r year old lloriea; nearly new, Exttr*** Wagon and liar* ne**. 424 East nth at., bakory. I>oK S\LK-A VERY HANDSOME NtW Dot BI.E Harness, the owner having no use lor It. Can be aeon at the stablea, 451 4th av. |/oIt SALE-A KOI H SEAT ROCKAWAY. v> GOOD f as new. To be seen at private stable No. 3 East 52d at . between 5th and Madleon svs. IjHIK SALE?A :BEAUTIFUL pTlR OK BLACk 1 Msrea. I4l, hands high; long taila and mam- klnS and gentle, having been driven by a lady, and very et)lish drivers; csn trot close to three mlnntes. Can be seen at private stsbio No. I2H East en hat I ion SALE-A BAY HAMBLKTONIAN STALLION, coming 5 year* old; perfrotlv ?oiin t *ud kind. Can be seen at Kergu*on?* stables, Ian We>t 52.1 st. C. MOORE, No. 5 Wa-hlngton place. I/OR SALE?LANDAULET. BY BRADLEY PRAY, r maker-: brown Horse, 10 hands. *iytlsli and gmid traveller; aleo single llarnev, first claaa make. ItsMi, Livery Blanltete, Ac; will sell cheap. 15 Baat 2*th at. Fnll SALE-A 1'IIIST CLASS SIUE BAR ROAD Wajon, made bv Betes; In perfect order; will be aolu \cryrhaap. Inquire at the Windsor Stables. 4inh *t., near Otb av. |/OR SM.K?one" OK THE NICEST LADIES OB JP eblldrea'a Ponle* In the city: warranted ev.-ry way: will be sold very cheap. Inquire ou tbe southwest corner of 4Mb m. and 7tb av. IIOHHEft, CAHHUOKI. ?. I.10U S U.I. E\PKE>S WAOOK. HOUSE AND HAK ' !????; will Mill ?<*p*?r*u*!y. No. ?*27 tilU ?*. . ric BALE rbi WANT <)K I SK_oNK BUCK M VKK elrlit your* old. fourteen hands high. perfectly |M?* ?lid apirited: warranted aound ?ii<1 kind, liu been uaed In harneaa end under the aadde. Cau be wen at private ?t? b|i si Eul 1Mb M., Mm U A. M. F10* MAI E-ONITbLACK IIAW K mark warrant I'd to trot in 2 :50; wund and kind. 57 (imit Jones *1., Mar Mevttf. ' ' ? i!. >\j,K. III I' * V EXPENSES A TIIUEE4JUAE a1 ter Clareuc*. hy Wnml Brother*. aud a en*-bora* Coup* ; mu*I lie aold immediately. At Mr. W fc. IN jjl OC K S stable. 3b?l nth av.. near JMtli at. H -I 000 SADDLES, FROM tit TO $7... I.IW Bridles, from .Vic, to$l": MX) ?rts of li arnoaa, I mm $7 to 9250, at Cull and examine at (lis PETERS A CALHOUN COMPANY, 510 Broadway. u|i|Mi>ite Mi. Meltolaa; MM ami Win Broad ?l . Neaark. OKSE.--A i.KNTI.EMaN OFFER* FOR BALE A pair of yminir Marcs. aiiuud in every way and fa>t: a fair trial allowed In any gentleman at any tiiue; tlila eatab llabment ia well wurth looklnr at; may lie a little email, but Juat the turn-out for a genii-man , parti** only wishing w? pay S) rente fur #1 need not apply. Can lie aeen at private alable N<>. Ill WtatSlatM Aak lor WILLIAM. TTOHSEK?SOLD FOR WANT OK USE; I'lin'K I'liOM IV <70 tn RJOO; suitable Tor all purpoaea. Apply at *>14 WfatlHthat. _ Harness. harnkm, waxm K. A. CON DICT k CO.. 521 Broadway (Kt. Nicholas lloteli, will aril the balanre ol th?-ir Stork, consisting of Hucir.v. Track. Road. Carriage, Expr*aa ami Team Harneaa. aiugle ami double. all flrst I'laaa '(i?'d?. at iMMMll low prlce?. lor the ue\l two dav.. urcvlou* to removal). No aucdou goods. Also Blanket*, Slums, Whips, *c.. Ac. IOKKBM "rim SALE THE KINKsl. CLOSEST mated nair of Jet black coach lloraea in the State: thev are ltljj hand*. 11 yeara old: rangcy; with lung arched neck*, good mane* and tails; Ira* Irotu whit*: tin*, prompt drivcri; with high knee action: sound and kind, find for styl* and baautv they cannot be excelled I have alao for ?ale the closest mated, Ourat, cleanest. n*ateat and prettiest Kalr of voldt'ii Son i'N to lie lound. no white: they are in and*. H years >1(1; heavy luanea and taila, drag ill* ground; llue. prompt drlvera: pure, open gait, with high knee action : learleaa of locomotive; aound and kind, and for style and beauty tliev cannot be heateu. Addreaa tJI'.O. U. LK11N, corner Hank and 1'ine at*., Eaatou, Pa. r ONDON Doti cart?i:o8T *7??>. mcsi be sold-. J uller wauted; very ttyliali. Seeu at BKKWSTKll'S, 5th iv., corner 1! I at at. POXY WAXTED.?8HETLAND POXY MOT OVER no inches high; unit lie u?ed to the aaddl* and goutle ; reaaonable ia price. Addreaa, atating price, A. H.. box lltt Herald oUce. UOMPT DELIVERY ' OK "t'iIK" "cKLEBKATEli Tanlte Emery Wheel* and Machines. by GEO. PLACE, ISt Chambers at. QPBED. STVLK. BRAI'TV. ? Hl;oWX MAUI-.. HAISED O by ndvertiaer, HI.J handi. H yaara; flue action; laultleaa tu form and diapoaltlon. Addreaa IIOADLKY, Oreeuwlcn, Coon. SIAHLK ro l.KT-i:i:r WKST .MII'll ST.: VlVK atulla; ample carrlege room; tine accommodatlnna lor coachman. Apply at Xo. 0t> Weat 47th at., or Xo. lit' Fill, too iL TBKEE HOKSKS, YOI XO AND sound, si itahle foran>- bualneai; muat aell; no work. Apply corncr Kroad and Beaver st>.. or 17 Little K'th at. T" HACK SULK IKS.?1X _ OUDKIl TO l-OPI LAKIZE our Sulkr trade wo offer from atock or will build to or der Track Sulkies. In all waighta. nnaurpaaand tu quality and form. forlfl'J'i. HKEWSTKlt k CO. tol Hrooma at)., Itroad way and 47th at. mwn"'ii amTsomk'Ti'akn kss casks a"n1?" a liuht I double llarneai. both cheap. Apply at IH.I l'rince at. \ talc able bio iiowi little bore ForwaiEd, $u.">; worth <:!*) If aound; 0 yeara old. 8M New Cham bora at. W~ ANTKO^A HOTEL PASMENO K It CO At rll ,Ts"t JOOII order, cheap. Call at or addreaa Xo. I US Weat fiUd St., New York. ANTRD-A PAIK OK HAY CABKIA(i K HOltMKH, 15.3 or lit high, !i to 7 ycara old. all aound and kind. Addreaa A. P., box l.'l? Herald oftica. <r~Nk1V SIDE HAlt "TOP WACONS. ONK~DKP5t Wagon, one two-wheel Dog Car': almoat new ; for aale at a aacritlc* at the carriage factory 50th at., between Broad way and Nth ar. . IIOK8KS KEPT ON "i.IVERY AT "$20 PKR mouth; alao a few bo\ alalia at SBMi: tho beat ven tilated elahle in the .seventeenth ward and beat of care aud feed. SAHLKS' amble. .'141 titli at . between lat and 2d ava. aqc ?youm'u hay iiahk, hoitarlr For tu couiitry. WM. UIIELDUICK. 7?3 Waahlafioa?t. tfji C/k?WORTH IU50; NEW TOP EXPKEM OR ?pX'yU Delivery Wagon; muat aell; want an offer. 124 Weal IDth at. ' ______ * $,)FA ?NICE mound" t IIKSTNCT MARK." HV Volunteer; II year*. 15'., Iilalt: not half her value; muat aell. Slablea corner 47th at. aud 7th av. DRi OOODK. E?C ?4-4 HKI? ( IH.Ck'aND WillTK CANTON MAT ) tinea, from HIc. tier aquare yard and upward; ingrain Carpeta. ANDKKW LESTER & CO., :I7I Broadway ~~ MIlalalNKKV "AND DREMHHAKINu. A- -MAHIE TII.MAXN.OP PARIS, OKFERS A LAKCR . aaaortment of line Milllnerv; ialeat importation!. 42M Mil av.. near Uttili at. (Lute Mlchela<. POST OF KICK NOT1CK. 1JOST OKKICE NOTICE. J The foreign mail* for the week ending Saturday, Mav ?l IH70, will cloae at thia olllre on Tueaday, at HI A. M.. for Europe, per atnamer Wlaconain, via l^tieriietown. and at 10 A.M. for Krance direct per aieamcr Krance. via llavre*. on Wednesday, at II :T*<t A. M.. for Kurnpe. per aleumcr Kutsia, via t^ncenatown ; on Saturday, at 11 >'?> A. M.. lor the Conti nent of Europe, per atnamer Moael.via Snithampton and Hrcmen, and at 12 M. lor (ireat Britain, Ireland and France, per ateamar Baltic, via Quaenalown ; and at 12 M. for Hcotland direct, muat be ap?cially addreaaed. Per ate,uner Anchorta. via iilaagow; and at 12 M, for Fraiire direct per steamer Perlere. via Havre. The malls for China, Japan. Ac . will leave Man Franciaco May I": the maila fur Australia, Ae.. will leuv? San Fran ciaco May 24; the ai'aila lor Brasll and Weat Indlca will leave New York Mav l*>. T. L JAMES. Poatmaater. INMTRUCTiON. i (JENTLKM AN DRSIRF.8 AX "EXUAtlKMENT TO yV tearh In a family during the anmmcr mouthaor per manentlv : piano. French and Herman; citv rrierenoea. Ad dreaa TUTOR, box l-Vl Herald Uptown Branch ndicc. \ ISKNTLKMAN. WUO Is A OOlXkol HRADUATE JV and experienced teacher, will receive on* or two pri vate pupila. to recit* during the alteruooo or evening; terina rcaaonable; aatiafactory reference from prcaent patrona. Addreaa E 8., Ilerald ofUee. A GOOD IIANDWIIITINO TaC'OIIT_IN TKN~PIU \ate leaaons. Apply, from .'i to 8 1*. M., at No. 7i> Weat 43d at . corner llth av. OLIVER B. HOLDSMITII. TKACIIKK HAV1.N0 SPARE TIME WOULD LIKE ix. one or two private pupila io English or maihematica. Addreaa.). F. M , box 11*1 III raid I'ptown Branch office A Bookkkei'im;. penmansiiiiv phonoiiraphY taught aeparatrlv at WILLSON k WALWORTH'S Husinesa College, aoutliw. at corner of Union aquare. PRACTICAL IN FRENCH, f5PER M0JTTH; converaation; no grammar la required. Call on or ad rtr.'aa FRENCH TEACIIKR. 47 Weat 24?h at. ~ Wanted to pihchakk. Adruo STORE IX?ROOKLYN or new york Will give about f I.SOOcash, balance aa may be agreed ou : give location. Addreaa OUT ROW, Herald oftire. ~AKEHY.-WANTED TO PUItCll \SK. DOINt, A ?OOl> ctah bnalneaa. Addreaa 8. BAKER, Herald Uptown Branch ntflce. ^ 'OTICE TO CONTRACTOR8. ? tinted to purchaa*. a large lot of lecond hand I'eleler Portable Railroad Track, with Swltchea, Turnontaiand Caraj must be all complete and In good order. Apply. Irom J to 4, to F. J. CISNRHOS. 71 Hroadway. room 1 IB. WANTED TO I't RCIlASK-C.NIFl.IlM OP A VET arm of the Heventh Regiment N. (1. Addreaa bug 214 Herald olli.M \t'AN I ED A F1K8T CUSS hBCOXU HAND OFFICE TT Partition. Address only, giving particular!, C, C. Downey, no. i4."> ba?t 2.>ih at. HHOPHNAIiN. Proposals will hp. received at the office of th * Trustees of tli" Xew York end Brooklyn Bridge, 21 Water at.. Hrooklyn. until 12 o'clock noon, Saturday, May 0, for ilieve Hara, Ml feet U?* Inchea long, 5 inches wide, 1,'f Inehev thick. Illeie Han. at feet 'Vj inelie* lung, ft Inches wide, Inches tilled. 8 turned Pln?. IS Inches lung. 4 Inch** diameter. M turned Plus. 2M1, Inches long. 4 incite* dlaiavUr. The a hole weighln .- abnul 2W.t**< pounds. . imi turned aad lle Rollers, of l>?at hammered Iron, .1 feet l'l<^ Inches lung. U.'a Incliea dlnmeter, weighing about 25,iiuO pounds. Plans aud apeciflcationa can be aeen at the office. Addreaa Hon. II. C. MURPHY. President. ECIUIPE. DPA creuznach.-comvexcemf.xt of tue Bathing Aeaaon May I. THE COMMITTEE OF THE SALINE BATHS JOINT STOCK COMPANY, T" tIK MaTiNIFICh.NT HOTEL, KNOWN AS THE llottl pontalha. to I* aoid by aneiioii at the Palais i.e Justice. I'arla. ou th* 24th i?f May. I"7?l: thla hotel, altuate in Paris, No 41 Hu* du Faulenirg St. Ilonore. with a superb garden intending to th* av. Ualirlel; the wlml* contains ?n aria ol l*.:i:?>m Sic.; the startiag price i* 4 iam,i??ii. Addeeis. lor particulars, to M. I'llL ROCIIE, Solicitor, No. 3 i.ii* de ilraminont, Parla. France. KINK A HTM. bllNE AHTis.-A ISE.MLKMAN WIl.l. DISPOSE OF A | Portrait of Colonel Fran a a br flliwri Stuart, with I certlfloate . also Likvneaa of Oilliert Sunn un Ivory. Ad- I dreaall. W. II . New Hope. Rucks comity, I'a HOOTM A V I> MHOEit. A | WILL HI Y A PAIR OP NEAT. HERTICEaHLR Jp'l H.eila or Siloes for lady or gentleman ; "Iron Clada, ' a alrong, aervlceable aho* lor toys CA NTHK LL MMth av. HllililAltlM. I 1 MERICAN STANDARD HKVEL WILLI AHD TAHI.KM, ! iV with D*lan*y'a wire rusiiiona. a?|*lr us?,l In ail chain | pionahip and match gniues; seeoml hand Tables at great I bargains W. H. liRIFFITH A Co. -*? i Vesey at. A LA III IK tMBOHTMKNT OF NEW A.xD SECOND hand hilliard Tables, with the new challenge cnahion; the corded edge (leilected. at low prtcea L. DKCkElt A CO.. corner Canal ana Centra at*. VoooD -i i "Nil iiami hTlliard table for lala Can be aeen at Phelun a wareroouia, :W Eaat 14th at ? / Mil,LENDER'S SPAND.\KD AMERICAN BEVEL ' Hilllaid fables, with the celebrated Pheiau k Cullender combination cushion*, lor aale In this city only at 738 Bread ? ay. ?lIAKltlstC atAM TadaS. STEWART'S 8LATE, MARBLE AND'WOODMAN" tela?New and *l*gant design*, from flo np. Ibetraoe Iberally dealt with. SJU aud 2JU Weat iiM at. KOU sal;? A URST CLASSHMNING S VI.OON IN TilE HoWEKY lor aalo: lonif le???: low rem. Particular* u| J. DARK Jiow ImiicUikI Hotel, K' Rowary. AMTAKD IN WASlUNi.TON MARKET?ALSO liniiher Stojea, t.roocry Mnrw, R-atiuiranta. I.Wiuoi H??re> M ALON K. X? Dey ?t. A? I.lynxes. ci(!Alls i\u 1.1 sen rooms bkht a alauda; uoitr Muck Exchange ; fur ?*!.? chean ' MITCHELL. T7CSu?*4 A -KOU SaLK AND IO l.l I CORNKK LIOI'OR . Store*. (jrocorloa, Keataurant*. llotela. Ilxkeriea. Meat Harkru. MI IT llfcl.t., 77 Cellar at. Kiuirr class bTkbry Vor^alk. uasiiTktobb trade. par week ; twj ix-i^Ul>< rliood Apply ut N>>. -S4 Rleroaer at. T GBEAT BAROAI.V H v H. HEST v I it \NT si p' ?aa pir and Wiuu Koutio-. with Sleeping Kiiiima; wall catablialied and paying trade : chance tu make monev. OAKFNhY ,v KMITII. 17 Centre at. A KINK LlglOR STORK KOR SALE CHEAP?NO 105 Madlaon at. AS PLKN l?l D CORNER LlyTOK STOKE KOK SALE? Will he auld vary cheap. Apply toCHAKLE.S KELLY, 330 w ater at. DVKRTISR IN ~ TIIK KV'BMVU TELEGRAM. The circulation of the EVENING TELEGRAM laat weak Motitey 37 |,y, Tti???1aky. :i7.WU Wedneeday M7.5UU Thuraday 37.M0 fr',,R* 8?.?M 8aturd?y 35%2IUQ .Total 2ai?.ai?J Dally average ?Hj 7^ OK KICK NO J ANN ST. T)BD1? STORE ?A IIAXUSOMK DRUG STORK. WBLL MJ ?lock oil: nicely tilted up; mod bttRine**; Nture iu p?r* rect order; rutuim* *| 7:. per day; an extraordl V?m ?e<tAr.,t,rmrf ^rice ??'.?** Addreas BUdl a^fchh, box 101 Herald uOico, r\RIi; CTORB Kolt SAl.K WKLL KITTED; II w'" -ol<' Addrea. OR. WM. 1H..VSK, 3TJ Main at., Pater*on. N. J. "TVRLtJ STORK IN IIROOKLYN?RARE CHANCE; 111 '""f )'? ""'"I: eoruplete In everything. 1'rlia. Addriv. J. O. J.. Horeld uffla-. ORl'G stock, on CORN KM BARB CHANOR roi physician; complete stock . rhonp for cash. Ml Kit AY, l.l ? \Ve.?t 1f?th *t. fl05 sale?<srkat "bakgain.-kine rar and Kfntaurunl Fixtures M aHTIIALER'S Itestiiurant, 1ft Dey it. Fink Dress coat kor salk--i >ko om.v Aii hour: will lit light built peraon ; price 8J.V Aoulr ia priutin^r Ofllca No - Cedar at . near Pearl. TjIOR SALK-AN OUi" KSABUrHKO f AliaOR ftHOK per month;! uppoite U. II. Maty A Co.'t mi We*t lJtli Mt. jL^OR SAl.K?DHl't; ANI? HOTANIC MKIMCINK STORR A HOd Root Haer. eatahlialied nuarlv ?t \aara: larra aaiua In aunimer Inquire ut SAMI KI, ??. KINO, proprietor and owner, Myrtle av . Rrooklyn, N. 1. pr.eaor auj fpOK SAl.K-fllK BUST Tu V AND V A III KTV SIOKK ? KRAR^R^TirKR' I'CTToM.Wt.?r "Jdr"" fM>R MALE?TWO KI.KtiA NT slloiVCASKS |0 KKET lonr, entirely new: price #18 each: alau llaak. Awn ms. Oai hixturva, marble labia. 11^ Leonard at baae ment. ? TT'".', SA'-'- ?STmo.NKI'.V. 1U.OK AND NKVisI'TpRR 1 lluaineaa: eatabllihed over 10 veara ; central locationi BaaEteSTfeSKTRSS A** For sai.k?with im\i1.1hai>: r<isskssion an old eatabltailed Liquor and l.aitar Beer Saloou." fo? partlculara apply at I'M I hompaon at. F?H.^i5~HX.KVy8 S.TAN", A'NI> R??i TP.; ELRVATBO Apply at M Wh !?' '*"C0 enterprUIng man; cheap. For walk?at a bargain, fibbt oZ5u5 oojC rectlonary stor- and Ice Creain Saloon, of elsht yeara' anTt'.hu'n ?rK?v for ? beautiful Oven, aultable for hak-ry, with apparatui beloneinK to It; every tblnx got up In llrit claaa atyle; the whole in perfect "rdar \/A Nil I''t C' K " re,w no* ,-?ll at P. A. NOIU 1 J 1! * ? Vork. up Biikir*. "LIOR SALK CHEAP?MKAT MARKET. DOINti A ilOflt'nH Cv" ."mV vnu": m"?1Inqnlro of K. II. MIMIKRg. >o. SJ Miltiiii row. U eat Waahln^tou Market. ?LlOR BALE t-IIKAP-Bl TCIIKR S Kl X l'l'RKS.~~55t5 place : "?W ,prln" -^PP'y ?? >? Uniraraitjr TjHIR BALK CIIK AP-A l.lgl'OR AND LAUKR BKKIt .v?din^cii.M'^te,;l',"p ri-ru; J^KASB, KURNITI RK AND KIXTCItES OF A HOTEL on Broadway, I'or aale. Medium ?l*e : modern i'onreni?nce>: wall furnlahed E. <J. LOCKE, LTD Mb at., near Rroadway, T EASK, SIOCK AND K1XTURKB OK A DOWNTOWN A J pedlar a depot; raro cliaiiee for a man with a few bun. dred dollars Addreaa 1h>\ I'JO llaraM lBi|, VTARBLE SODA WATER AI'PARATI'S-SOL ARK Sv.ss5wi&jfctft&r*-J- m-w,i,tk?ldb UAKKS.?ONE LAROK KAKh. rwo" SM ALL AND MB* O dlitni alaad Stlra clii^p. S. (i. QUIRK. 71 Maiden Unr OkwiNO MACHINES-WIIEKLKR 7 WILSON* y slntrer improved, \ Ictor. Howe, Wlllca* A tiibba. Home, ttrover A Baker and Soi or; theae niachinea are nearly new and in jijrlect order; will be aold cheap Tor caab; open evtn liigx. .?.<< .i?| hv.. *tor??. 1 ^1 ;~>0() v'"'1,. .''l A vK. W-B MTAHlHaS 2.U .1 auey O?oda Mire; leaa than value of (tuck. 40 Hroadway. room .?7. MA(HI\EHV. F??>T. AND SCREW PRESSES. DROP "HAMtltUi *r., In verjr j;r>o?! condition. ?re for cliemn 112 Greene ??t. fur .vrrcim.. " T DBORAAK A COCIIRAXirs " ^ old >tand. IS2 and 151 Weat 'J.Id it., between <1th and 7th ark Maaulatturera, Maria Antoinette Parlar Seta gM Sidelwarii, marble top Kxten?lun Tablea il Painted Seta iau Kurultiiri of every description. ??????? Mattreaaea, Spring Beila. Ae. \ u * V'I V ,w "-1' SKI1' THEIR BMTtRB lOUflil Ji*-, h?J?l ??''"iltiite (new laat Mayi, in Iota; (Treat .arrtflee; Pa.lor and Drawlntr Rmim Suit*. In iatln an<l brocade coat **..<?. for $11 ? I, #17".: Turklah Suit,. $7,. $lV.;s"?iw.V ttaooforte $ai*); Inlaid Chamber Seta, with Dreaatnir Caaca. K7.i, $I.Vi; alnule Bedatenda, Bureaua. hair and anrlna Maftreaaea, Boofccaaea. Eatenaimi lable. BnlTet, leather DIiiiiik iset. Silverware; rep and haircloih Sulta, p,||,t. Intca. Hroniea, Carpeta, Ae.; muat be aold bofore June 1 I leaae call at private reaidence No. 47 Weat lUtb at b?> tween .?ib and Oth avn. * DVEBTJHi: IN the KVEN'IN'C5 tef ".CRAM Ihe circulation of the KVEM.NU I BLEii i.'AM laat weak Monday 37 .u. Tueaday ?t7'!?ai X*'l?5*d"jr -- " 37!.>*< 1b? ailay rff ftii I; rotay 3,'. t?<> Saturday Hi :iUll nT",*' Dally average 3H71# OIKICK NO 3 ANN ST. A-weekly and monthly payments takrn .?t'.?? .,V!'',"ro;/,*r''*u ,,"i Ra'ldinu at B. M. COW. 1-r.RfllW 111 A I O S. 153 ??d 157Chatham at. An liu toeti?e htock ut low prices. Auction iio imh tj kamt istu m cwhitr KiiviuerK?n?e litrpe?t M*eond hnnd ?toek line roods." erery d#ftcHflio?S low ph??.: cull ami examine; n" Imir rTB?e?i. I'artlct having k'.,od* to mMI ple?*e nend. 4 i;? TION KOOMH. :?:? KAHT ril H STftKHT H ftjcT. tnre. t'lirpetH. Hods, Hoddinir, Mirr<?rfl. PIniio?, UsIi* InetR, Aroioirei, I'arlor Mill*. A& ; private ?*!? *1 auction pi lees. A PRIVATM FAMILV. VUCIASISO IfOlFHfckRKP In it. will Mil. in lot* to t$ul t fiurch all their ?)? Ksn; ?nd eomly |lou?el)old K'urr?Uur?*. Ae.; iiis^niheviit Steinway A horifi ri*Hewi?od Planolurte; s so sn eletraal J Indsor I'lsno, c$t <?I.C/ii> for f JXi: satin l#?rlor Suits oms4 i,n? r/" rrp Hull.. 14 Hcdroof* Hulls, f- ? nun iif'w.iid ; Curpecs, Oil |*Miiitliiff?. Brontes, Mir r?>ra. hair and aprinx Mattreaae., and a general aaaortmeul of ItMuaebold Kuroiture, made to order four n onlha atco Call priViite re-.d No. I'JO Weat X A it., near dth av. A PARTIES WI-IIINIi TO I'M:. MASK OARTStS * aad rurnltur ? on weekly or monthly payment* aliviiM call at O' r'A RRKLI.'* aalearooms. 410 S4I1 av., betwaaa 3utB D. K KELTS Oreat inducement* lor boaeekery *T Oilcloth*, from .'Hi rer.ta luurain Carpeta, from u'.cauta. Three ply, from <1 J'%. lepra try. Irolo #1. B<'?lv Bruaarla, from $1 7i Cbtua Mattinit, "JJ .enta. A lar^t Mock of I'lae Parlor, Clumber. Dlnlne Room ami Kltchan Kuroitnre, at a<|ually low (iitcst. D. KKLLV. "n,l ?|l,l sv..?*?rner :aitb si Jj^lRST CLASH I I RM I'i KE ~ * POul rlVELY . . RKI.OW t:tisr. PRICBM IS LAROE KKilkKa ON ALL GOODS. P*kVi'.*,B| iViitf "luv'i v"1 aewirtment of W'tartrie HKDKOOX and KANCT . T OKKKR TilkM Ar LESS THAN _ * : Al.t.OHT TO I's 7i:tiltb av.,4let and 4M at*. tpt'RN(TURK FOftlTIVKLY CIIKAPEsr I'LAt'K IV .,1 ."".j ? 1 Kl* Auction l!ona?. |:i Kaat 14th at.; rarlor and Be.|r..oni hulta. I'latrd Ware. Cntlerv. Mirror, everything, private aale: auction price.; uVaera want Cult ft F?"? CiiMtD second hand and miskit enolism ? llruaaeia, t-pty and Inirraln * aip.*t. Ollcl.ith, Mattlue. ?f-.J^arv cheap, at the old place. Ilalniton at. /EIIO RKKRHiF.RATOltS~.WI LI, S AVE H.V. KOOO tJ and money o\er all otbera. LKsLKY. IWI Weat -'3d *t.; aew4 for baok. _ !?.?%%? AlAUkiMlS*. A-CAKtlKRS DAN*'INO ACADEMY. Tl.TSProU a Buildlnit. Stuyveaant and !>th at -Private leaaona la glide wait* aprrialtv. Open all aunimer. SAI hK S DANCl.NO ACADEMIES ?PRIVATE ACAD eiuy open all aaaimer: PHI VATE LB?sO.NS any Iwaf at >U P.aat I Ith >t 7 "^OOIETY SOCIABLE"?KVKRY satikday ETBB. . Ing, rarraro's Assanblr itt*?*ias. Tiinninv Jlnlldta^ N. CABTlBlt A CO.. J

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