Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1876 Page 2
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CITY IIEAL, ESTATE POE HALE. ( ?afra|. A -REDUCED PRICK*.?2?1 5TH AV., j:w M ADISON A. ??., 37 Woat iMth ?? , n East ;?tii st , 35 We.t :t-th ?t H Eul 4.'ith st.. l< l ul Mih st. V. K. STEVENSoN J K., No. 4 Pine and 83 East 17th st?. kdvfcbtisk IN THE EYSVIVn TELEURAW. Hie circulation of the BVKNINO TELEOKAM lul ??i-k Monday 37,10' Tuesday a",2iO WpdnevUj S7,'?0(> Thursday . Jf7,M0 Friday .7. 35,tti<) balurday 3 >,;:u0 Daily average ? OFKIOt NO. - ANN ST. A THREE iTOBT BROWN BTUV1 BOOMi FRK8 ?Mil; complete order, furnished or uufliruiahed, lor wile: barjiuiu. entail ca.h pa) meat required. Apply on premises. No. 1 in Wekt ''3d st. ("TlTolCB COMNEU LOTS ON MADMOM AV.?flIE J northwest corner of Madison av. and i'5tli prlee. alao tUa smiihca-t turner. lM.*x 100; price. ? IM.HOl; tin -e loin have been recently bought in under fore closure ol mortmain*, anil are offered lor sale at the actual OOU to the company; tbo uhola purchase money may re m ini on bond anl nnrtgagn far ?ve years at tr/e per cent per annum if tha property la improved satisfactorily. Ap ply to J. l,\ ( I.I .N ION. 55 Liberty at ____________ f~~j*OB Ialb'ata uoMWCWi rtgj Vol' it story high -loon House on -I.-HU >t . near ilroadway, UDxtiOx 100; hardwood Itnish. mlrrora, cornices and gat fixtures. "* TIXPHON A PBBT, 1,|H llroadway, near 44th it. a ma nr., BBTWBBN BBOAI)WAY AND~ItB AT.? J ? * I'or sale, a handsome fonr story fiijrh stoop brown sioue IIoumi. UO leet trout, icrently thoroughly overhauled and fresct eti, wiili or without the furniture: prtco law aud term. easy. Apply to ISAAC HOX1U, 111 Broadway, rooms (? aud II, oarctnent. >1 i-rellati<M)iia. flOH ? ALB?VARIOUS TENEMENT HOU3B.4 OK easy terms. I.1.IAS (1. EROwM, owner. 3D Nassau at. Cil (UUI ?HOCjl*, LOT; UVM. HA! htu; V'X.V/Uu, cmli exi-bm^a Qrat niorttiss'e ? WUM, 3:JW hunt l lih st. bROOkliYN PBUPEBTY KOK SALE AM) TO 1,ET. '? _W AMUNOTON ST., CLOSB TO CITY 11 ALL. - iVi liauds' me :;t, story. ba.anont and sub cellar brick aud brown stone House at u bargain ; easy term*. W. t'liOK, WashiuKioa It, Brooklyn A It A UK i'llANCK.-KoK SALE 0HKA1', HOTEL and about 4" Lots situated on corner l*'luNiliiijr and Metropolitan an., better known a* the Lutheran I ouietery and Old Jamaica roads; North Set-ond street aud l.uiherau Cemetery t ara pass door every lew iniuutes. I'his plat e is luitable for laaur bear Kardi ii or any oilier business. hav ing plenty of fruit ana shade trees; puran of water r>?fura the door; 15,1100 people pass the door every day. Iu>iuire of C. Vt OODARD, 34 Bark row, rouui 3, or ou premises, S, SMITH. SREKNWOOD CKMETM BY.?PLOT por SALE cheap, feneed with granite and iron. MA11KH, ISU rtroadw ay. room 7. TFl BEDFORD AV~ N K A U DhitXCn. ?11AND lt/1 some brown stone Kosidoncii: every iuinruveinent; irica, $14.< UU V. K * I KVKN.SON, Jr . No. 4 Pine aud 33 last 17tli st. Would excliausc. kA (tfW) ?POR HAUL IN BBOOKLYN, E. !>.. fll.ill'U, within live iniktiles'walk ol Koosavelt ana Grand street terries, a two and a half story brick House, with all improvements; terms very easy, luqclra on the premises. I'.'ii South 2d. St.. Brooklyn. K. D. \VKHT(IIKhTKH ItHSTY PKOPEBTY KOll 8ALE ami TO BKNT. At bye?the bbsioknoe ok tub" latk r.E^ftoK It. Jackson, on Lunc Island Souml, two Dwellings, with separate barns, gardens, Ac , attached; cliarmlnir location, extremely healthy, tine harbor for yachts, good ttsbiuit, bath ing. Ac. : within an hour ol iheciti. I'llJt"irrapbs luay be Men at OEOBUK R. J A?'KSON'S SONS, ^01 Centre st. Modern hocbb?11 rooms-, onb acreqround; pleasantly situated; must be sold. Apply to VKBE LaND A i O., I'ordhatn. 1~)llol'i.KfV prro A lb" 1 NTHE T' i'i'Klt AND LOWER parts nf the city; the last chance lor a poor mau to own sripi-rty In the clt> of New Yoik bv applying to JAMES In i VSI>, Kordham, N. Y., who has properly to sell at prices tailed eiveu away. Don't forget, J AMES HYLaND, roruham. N. Y. lUtOI'ElCTV OUT OK THE CITY FOR MALE OR TO KENT. AT A." T. stewart'S " " " ~ GARDBN CITY, L. I., SEW HOUSES, PUENlailKD AND UNKURMSHED, TO LET. Several elegant lirlck whiter unit summer Residence*, with gardens attached, and containing nil the modern itu j)iovemsnt* mill couveuietice*?hot air furnaces, ranges, baths, witter closet*, Ac. ? surrounded by einplo grounds Iniii nut with ?pilkn wiiii shrubbery. In sn agreeable neigh borhood. combining city llfu with nil tin- advantage* of country air, u pure an.I bracing atmosphere. free from ina lurls ituii peculiarly healthv and ?,-reeitble ?t kII kiwiii. The houses are located on the natural surface ot' the ff mid, about It*' feet above the ocean, with abundance of good watsr, fine road* and driven, and easily accessible at all time* and in all wuatlier, und where family suppliescan be hud from brat class attire* and grocerlea as coiivunlentljr in tin- city. Kuit ? A lar-'e and elegant Mansion, about V) feet Iquaie. containing Ul roouia, furiiialied lu modern style and ruli every convenience; Krouml? (about one acre) beauti fully laid -jul. KtIH ll.Ofl ? An eleirant Mansion, sarao clui aa above, with carriage house, grounds. Ac., but uiilurniaiied. KOK .fe> ill. ? An elegant Dwelling Hoiiao of satno claaa aa last, unfurnished, but without carriage house. K)l( ftinl?A superb brick Duelling lluuse, containing 11 contuiodloiia roouia; similar grounds and conveniences aa last. FOR $.'?(>>.?A lnri?e and very attractive Dwelling. with 10 rootna and all modern convenience*, with spacious garden Attached. Kill'. #.|i?i ? A very comfortable Dwelling Ilouae of 10 roonia, with like conveniences as last I, AI l.KuAli STATION.?Brick building, with larire, well wanned wa'tiujt rooma, within live minutes' walk. all.'riling communication with the city ueitrlv every hour of tho day lit the fbahin; and N'ortuside Itailr iad from lluuter'a 1'oint and James slip. A 4<> u.inutei' ride through beautiful sc-nerv in first class rail ear*. WATER aN1> llAS ?I'ontract* have been made for (reeling extensive works to supply water lor domeaiic and Bre purposes, which, with the gas work* proposed, will rnaks re-l.loncee very desirable. TDK LiHlin KIR8T CLASS HOTEL, located in an ele gant park adjoining the railroad atalion, ia open for visitors at '<11 times and siipuiled with everything in aeaaoii. C.VltRI VISES had at a minute's notice. A visit of inspec tion ia desired. Apply at tne flicc. near tiaiden City Rail road station, to * W. K 11 IXSDALh. Manager. ?sSoo cash, b alanciTto~buit?kr bxc hroof ? House. II rooms; water, gas, range, furnace; beautl uiiy papered and painted: Kitisliing, near depot; price M.jW W I LI. IA M LKAYITr, owner. lOPjne ar A ?BRl'EX 1IOL 8B, AT PERTH AM BUY. TO~ LEASE A> on fatorahli. terras; the hotel ia in good or iter and Miivcnieiit to aea h4lhinic and boating; the atalion of tho Long Branch road la near the house. for further Inform* lion apply to HORACE !*. Kl.V. No. I'ine at. T CUTTaQR, PKhFECT GEM, KEAK sOI TH SHORE, J\. S. I ; two luta. t?o story attic and cellar ; Irult. How ers; terms easy. DARBIX. &U Broad at. >^LTrABLE~rAiSlVoR SALS IX GKi:i.NVICll. 3U0 acres, witli buildings and plenty ot Irult, good (lock and dairy arid cropping (Very healthy and'sivhtly, look Ins all over the ' ountt > ami Long lalaud Sound for .ill iniiea with the naked e?e. , Address CALEB W. MEKR11T, Greenwich, Conn. A T SUMMIT, H. J.?A THOROUQHLT FlkKWHW) JY House t-? be rented at #''25 per month; live miniitea' walk from depot. Apply to Airs. HI NT, 133 Kaat lrtth at.. New York. I ?LARGE ELEGANT SIMMER AND WINTER /V. Residence at Noroton on the Sound, and Urt acres mder (In - cultivation; carriage, cow. tool ami ice houaea, gardener's rattage .mil hennery ; choice fruit in abundance, motierii ituprovemrnta; price #!fii,tU0, or rental t-',lK.O; would e-cliaage lor impr >?ed eil \ property. I'OTTER BROTH hits. No. 4 Warren at. A uksiraBLE oolntky kok slm" laer ami winter, un the Hudson, at Spujten Kuyvil, for aaie at a bargain. I'ost olflcs U>X J,SIU, AN uKANtife COUNTY FARM, la jjj AO IRS; nr itfi laga. fruit. Iitook. Ac. , near village, laks, aeminary, depot; only $*.?"*?'. OLIVKK, til'2 Broadway. AHA.NUSO.MKLY KUH>IhllH> MODERN HoIsbTk) rooma; lawn, ahmle. terraces, hedges; Immcnac quan tity claolce fruits; garden planted: at able, hennery, poult, y; I. cat Ion unaurpass. ll. one hour in .New .fers^y ; poaittv e"ly healthy; rent modi rate, with privilege ol purchase. KIANLKV r I.Ki? t, St IN, itil Broadway. ABARimYhTnEAK SINtTilNO?FARM, urn Ai'III 8, with fine rivar view ; plenty Iruil; bmldin : in good order; with stock, crop*; terius easy. T. OLIYEK I'ARThR, 3U >aaaau at,, room 11. AT ITATKN~ ISLAN D? HOUBKA, A0., TO UtTi ALL pro ea and localitlea ; st) le, health, scenery. Comfort; kior ferriea ; carriages waiting KELTOKN BKOTHKIIS. hit Thoiuaa at. ANBLEOA.vr RBSIDKNOK TO I.KT- -D.V THE" WKST aide of the lludaon. il, hours from the eit>, fully lur nisfied. to a strictly private family onij . b'lt would tienillluf to ln.ard with party if desirable. A dress, or call before I I*. AI.. at No. i:?> U'eat 1'Mtl at. L'AKM.s i t IK SaLh-W I.KT OR TRaFbT"w lfFl r gnotl balidlngs. at Koukonkonia I.aka; two hvura rids; loratloa i* very lieallliv and pleaaant. ALKI.'KH I. vMUKIil , Itonk .iikoiiia, L. I. I>OR SAi.K-A LAROB I'll RBE 8TORY BRICK llouis iu Ituritnglon. N. 1 . en tainiuj all modern improve menu: It not dlapMsd "t l efore May Jt. at 12 P. M , will tfien be M ill on tlie premiaes at public aale; terius eaay. Ap ply to A II. McN'KaI.. Burlington, N. J. F'"" r^nn,ftjrp . .? working order; ;.o m| mrdcrn buildings; outbiiildiii'.-a, garden, i reharU and cops; price tosr. Addles* KICIiAUDS, box lOi Heiaid sAos ISoi; >AI.K \r MADISON. N J. >\I i. COI N TRY, -ignt acres; good biUtdiuga; house 13 rooma; Ihoiee fruit and atiade In abundaiiee . would exchange. J. K. SAYItK, U.J Hreadway. LI OR sAi.K?a Farm or ao acrSTVoi^it milks I? from White I", mis. half a ;iule Ir mi Kenaieo Yillago; f.^ Sloes ! watere i hy Bronx Kiver. hones modern; ?oiia . in ;o; lorih'r; w.t!. o without furniture, atock, Ac. Address U.n.I. heo.ic i. X Y. FXiR SAUK olt lO Ll l-A XKW HOI SB, A El ITI,K above Montcialr; contain* 13 room*; l? built iu nest st>le ; heater, Ac ; '4 acre ground, trses Ae. ; lie tfihy lorn, tlon; siajfcs i',^s tl *oi evert hour to ^foatclair depot. Ad dress Alls l', K, SBIliEi:. Vernon. X. J. FIOK OALB OR TO LhT-IX (MMIIBX, ORANOB eoanty, X. Y . a line Meiidsnee. li mums, piasia ad i bsy wuidows. batti rem Ac. . water in kou-e, two acres ol garden, with t It nine fruit, hern: tnwscenery; very bealihy ; is ? hours frvtn Xsw York by Krie Railway; live minutes wa.k from depot; prie ? tu anil ilie limes. Ap i i, to \V. K. URoM'X, t ii.t?d Mates Exprsaa oOrs. Nl MWIrigi Utih SALK OR TO LKT-TIIE BKAl'll MIIXL jS J/ K?r Rocksway. I. I . fur a tcri.i ol ysars, to a fssponsibls tenant: full) foriushed an.' In compieie order. Particular* to he hail ordAMES BYKXE. o<; t hurok *1. jnnBRI^A obomf REdlDRXCE AT^MOI'NT fiolly, N". J., roiitainln.- 14 room*, stable, tenant house, Ac., with i?i ..ut If acre- or lantl. and within one hour's rids el Philadelphia, at df<l?' per year. Apidy to M. V, K. UOPKH, ?'C5 t-prtiee St., ftvSf S to lu A. II. or J to 4 o'clock F. m. MOR R K N T ? IN Pill EAliKLI'll I A. KoK TIIK ChV f teuiual seasen, a nicely fuitiisUea i:i loomed Ilonw, all convealencea; o?*y access to the l.'entennial. E. f, I..MW North lOtli St. LilVHMSlii D AN l? IIM i RhlbHED NEW BRIOHTO* r apadona Aians.ons and Coitag-a. liilllard IIooak, Mabies Oronaiis. U ater Front*, near it iries; rants reduced W. A. COLLI Ni. -tl Pine St. /VTthKXWIt'll, HI Vi:Rhl I*I~?Jtl'MMl' R BOARDINO \JT lloiisea to rent. I?itn?ued; one fhrnlittd Sound. J. W. AiR'AUK. Wrerii*-, Cm*. UOTEts TO LBf?AT FIRE tiLAND.L. L; WILL accommudnte about g?? kio *la; partlj furiii*bsd. Ap (4 IL R. nIRE'S. 8Ui< Wssl i'.'d St., Nsw t ork. PROPERTY OVT OP TXOC CITY FOR DALE OR TO RKVT. H" THWBHit V Kl'RNISHi D COUNTRY RRSfDENCB. delightfully located, in Stocsbridio Mm*.; mevatad groands; muttry nnau rpn.sed. A. UAIliKV, HtW titlt >T I M M K V H B It AO II PICK.?RBAl'TI FUL DAIRY. KKI IT I uikI Poultry Kuril), 1 >j milas fr.iui largr town, Bucka county. Pennsylvania: half mil* to railroad gitim; 14 trains >Uil? ; one hour to Philadelphia uod t'eutvnnial Build Ink*; 4? Mm rich amooth land. 4 acre* wood t * ml. Hnu stream. bathing mid fishing : splendid orchard. as<i cuoiee trre* in full hearing; large, liHiidsoiuf atone li. uso, 8 rontu*, plats*; plenty shade; food ham and stabling, carriage, w?nim, hog and poultry houaaa; price, InqludiMg valuable Cr?p*. Odd llorsea, 5 Cows, 2 lluga, Poultry. Carriage, Truck and Farm Wagons, Hay Rake. Mowing Machine, Ac., only *i term* tl,ilti cash, balance \ery eaay; very healthy country . oaali market. To ace larm cone to Phila delphia; them take 7, Hltt A. M or J-ID I'. M. train lr<>m Berks it. depot. North Pennaylvaul ? Railroad, to North Wale*. I*a. Inquire at LtitH'i Hotel for II. L. WALKER. T ONO BRANCH?TO LBT.FUK NI*BKD, ?RO M JINK -Li I to Oetotpr 1, a ehsriuiiii.' Marine Villa; stmliag lor tinne horiHM, coach house irooni lor two carriages!. croquet lawn, bathing ground and hoti*e*. wall stocked ice lioua*. Apply from MI)J A.M. until i! I*. M.. to Mr. ARTHUR SKVVKI.L. ua Broad n. Rark onance? kii* sale, heVkn acres and a balf of Real Estate at Lung l*laud tHly, within ton niinat**' walk of Tbirty-fouith street and James alip ferries, near the County Court Home, location high mill healthy. For particular* inquire of (jKOltOK 11. PAYNTKR, uotary public. Hunter's I'oiut, or address ABRAHAM PAYNTKR, proprietor. Ihji 1.'i7 t limhin* Pu*t office. OTAMKOKD-KAUM. lui ACKKs, KOR HALE AT A 0 aacritlce; might real: high, bealtliy, running water, orchard*: I') miuitte* from depot; oue hour from city. Ap ply to owner, J.l 1'ark row, room |, from I toll, only tlii* day. rpo let a.nToiua?cottack. II KOOMi water, 1 gai. heater, ranee, fruit and v*getable*; key at 0. W. IlALLbTT'S, Maui at.. Anuria. TO LET-AT QRAJuIk,^OUR MINU1BR' WALK. from Brick Church elation, a desirable Residence, in complete order . seven budriKims, stable, larxe garden, de *iralil ? neighborhood, perfectly healthy; rent low to re apouaible teuiint. lira LOIR Waaliinirton at , near William. Tn?TKT-COTfAtsK OK WOHT |0Uil|l HOK OAR dco; Ave nilnulea lrum station on Northern Railroad ol New Jersey; fc'Jtsi per annum CLARK A Al.l. \IRK, ill Broadway, room C. T~d LET?A r SA RA I'Oi J A SPRINGS, rOB TUB 8UM mar, furnlahed Residence on Circular *1., near principal hotel*, spring* an I !*o?t Office; house rooniv and airy; aroundii hin|ue. Addresxi box 117t> Knat olflce, Saratoga Hpiliie., or T. M. NORTH. U" Hroadwiiy. Ni-w Yorfc. rpo l.KT?FOR YE Alt Oil SKASON, Kl.BOANT i. country Scat, complete in all reapaet*. at Klabaill. on the Hudson; will r? ut low to a private family. K. II. LL'D LOVV A CO.. 3 line at. T(TLkt-a" HEaVTIKUL RKRIOBNOK IN TUB DP par part of New ark. N. J.; I liree ininutr-. I rout iltjiot; nil iiaprovemeut*; Urst class iu all reaprets; reut ^l.lJUii. or it furnished Residence in Orange. N. J.; ?i acres; A No. I; hl|;h locution. Call on THEOOOKK CURRAN, No. B Colleite place, TO LKT?ATFAR ROCK AWAY, L. 1, THK HOUSE so *ell and favorably known aa the Beach Hotel; it is fully and completely furnished. Apply to P. BY11N15, grocer, 35th at. and -d av. rpo LKT?TSVO" mTnUTES' WALK KRoM MBLROHE J station, a llouae. containing aix rooms, furnished with heater, marble uiitnteis, khs and fixturea; pleaaant garden and burn ; reut ?100 per year. Apply at eorurr of liilst >t. and Courtland ar., or at (ilumblnir shop Wast 24th St., New York. LKT?BLEU A NT UOUMB, 17 ROOMS; KINK OB chard; fruit treea, grape viuna, Ac.; modern Improve luents: live minutes' walk from ferrv; splemlid location; rent *TO> a year. Anply to II. It. MILL Sit. West New Brighton. 8. I., or R. SOLOMON, No. 3 Park row, O RENT?FROM JUNK 15 To oi: i'OUKK l. A KL'K nishad House, 14 rooma; modern convenlonces; thfee qiisrturif of an hour*' rldo from Ccutennial grounds. Ad dn'M Y., box 140 I'oat office, Hrlatol, 1'a. rpo LKT OR LKA8K?I tllt ONE YEAR OR MORK, A X very lully furnished Cottage, on the hound; onu hour from the eltr: very healthy, undlu every wsy desirably loca te.!; has 14 room*; ull thu modern iiuprorenients; good burus, Ac. Addles* H. 1'. J.. Herald office. rpo LKAHK OR SKI,L-COUNTUY I'LAl'K. O.VK MiFe X trom, at Mamuruneck, on New Haven Railroad, fni minutes Irom city; house modern, 14 rooms; about two acre* ol land; more il desired : also Horse and Wagon. Ap ply at 3J5 Broadway, room Ml'. rpo RENT?HHIUADKEl'11 iA-A WELL KURNIMIIEU J. andceutrally located modern Dwelling, with lite bed rooms, lor two or three month*, to a private family ol adult*, at tll5U per month. Addreas ADAM &VKRLY, 733 Walnut M., I'liiladelphlit. TO RKNT-A"EARUK~AND BKAUTIKUL 55pijJ*0, elegantly furnished ; located ou one of the mo>l desir able street* in the city ol' i'liiladelphia, No. 1,517 North Rroad at. Kor further particulars Inquire of or address tha owner. i *t. Kor further particulars Inuuire of or addr r. SAMUEL LENTO, No. 1,517 North Broad st. d?QKA ?A TWO STORY COfTAtlK AND BKAUTI VidiJ't. ful barn, Maplewood, South Orange, near depot, ou tualu Orange Mountain road. J. W. STEVEN'S, Broadway aadr>2d st. AO onn WILL BUY A BKAUTIKUL NEW cot fU lac*, containing eight room*, and three acre* of Land, piaasantly situated, near a beautiful lake; two hours from city, ou Loug Island: terms easy. R. W. KINEAY. n;s Ka?t lUth at-_ : llKAl* KSTATK TO E.VtH.WGE, " * OOOD CORNER TENEMENT FIVE STORY HOUtlK", A with two Stores, on a leadiug avenue, for sale or ex cbioce: terms easy. (SAKKNKY A SMITH, Auctioneer*, 17 Centre st. I^XOIIAKOB?MODBBM BBHIDBMOE, MXAM Ht0|MOlf U River, is acres, fruit and shude, ftee Irom uncumbrauce, for lirooklyu or New York lloiian. Photograph at office. J. O. llOYT A SON, 171 Broadway. 1!1J OH ANUK.?K A KM. 17(1 ACRES, WITH STOCK. KOR j eiiy or Brooklyn I'roperty. I'rinelpal* only apply to E. H.VUI.AM. 7M Beekmau *t., third Hour. S'lOB EXCHAMOB-BQUmli IN KRICK AND brown atone House* in Harlem well located,, tor Land* iu Southern Kansas. Address EXCHANGE, Herald office. I,OR IA&B OB KXCBAMOS?TOBBBdOfTAOBB AND four vacant L?t? adjoining, in S<inlh Brooklyiii price to lull the limes. J. 11. DAVID, 33 I'ars row, room It). T~d EXCHANUK?THE HANDSOMEST PLACE IN the l ulled States to spend vacntlou ; this property con tains l.'iti acres ol the finest klud of land, large house and barn; is surrounded by water full ol oysters m.d fish; would nisko oue of the belt stock furms to be found within 30 miles of New York; i* on the New Haven Railroad; no ?uortgaga. KIKER Jt CO., .15 Lihrty st. TO LET yog PHRPOMKS Bennett buildinoT^ Fireproof. Ideated on Na*s*u, Ann and Fulton at*. First Floor to let, suitable for bankers, lnaurnnce office* or lawyers. Will be let together or in pnrt?; be altered to *uil tenants if desired; adaptea tor offices or store*. Reasonable rent* Al*o some eligible Law Officea to let. APPLY ON Til K I'RKMISER, Take the eli vator. Inguir* for Janitor. A SPLRNDIO BUSINESS MTORk AND BASKNRKT, ! I J\ l.iiHt'.'Jd ??., nest ''7th It., ;!<? by ? >, mitable lur a I family; NW! WWIWhlllUM locality; low relit. AKMlOK TO LKT-FOR LIOHT M AN UKACTUrFnO | bulMtli 7ii*J;>; reut $tiu per in lath. Apply corner 2"Jd it. and l?t a v. B" I TCilKR'S "kTOUK ANOKIXTUKBS TO LET OR leaae. IHli av. (' "tORJTBR STORK lO LET?SUITABLE S0K A CltiAR J or laniple room. genu' lurniiUltig giiode (tore; the very Im-kI locality in the city; ?oothweit corner 31(1 ?t. Hid Broailway. No. l,l!."il ; rent low. Bunk cok.nkr stoke" toTet or lkabe-trMIOI 1 plate JMM ihow wiliawl Half I'Nth at mid Hth m j ]'~ARlii: STOUK Tn RKM-US HTI1 AV., NEAR d-'U j J it.. J" >7.1; hamiionie plate Rials It out; immediate po? ; aeaalon; rent fJ.mM. IIMl'SON A l'KET, 1.48S Broadway, j uoar 44th it. | 1'iLATK UI.A8* FRONT SftlRR WO SD AV.?ANY RE ; I i|>o>'tal?l" bnalnvii; nominal rent. Apply to SAMUEL | klLI'A'l lilt'K, MM Hd av. i orRAM I'OWi I!. -KIVK FLOORS, 19X45: LIUHT ON ! O alliide... OhOltlU^SIEMKR, NO. liH'i fful :??liM> TO PRINTERS?A STATIONI.KY STOKE ONIuToaD way will let a apace i to a giiod Jo> printer, (at $ *> ; | per mou th> and take payim-nt in work at oricui which tliey ' I are now paying. 'I heir printing bill* lor labor alone aver- { i age about $lfi<> per month ; might arrange to give entire ' i work. Addreu f., lleruld office. O WtT-lilOR~VRALL STORE MS 3D AV.. NRAR 28th it.; good itand Tor crockory, cigar or other bu>l- i : ncu; rent low. T? XrT^AT M BLREcYrR BT., A LARGE. WRLL I lighted with kliow window ; alio Third Moor. In- \ ] quire on pretuiiiei. . rpo l.ei-HUILDIM a "ann st.. altrred to 1 | J. ?ult tenant! Apply tnjanitor Bennett Bnlldlng, Ann. Nauau and Fnlton eta. | rpo LKT?A LAlti)R SAMPLE ROOM. WELL LOCA , X ted in Hru ward, and e?inplete. with Fixture*. ?uitable , for w lioleaale and retail liquor and wine busmen; rent low. ; Apply to JAVK.1 IJl'Kn, Wine Merchant, 131 i'earl it., | i New York. ; rpo LST?N?ri.337 BROADWAY, UPPRR PART; NO. 1 A 5tM tlth av . "<t'?re and upper part :No. 14- Weit 30th |t? Store. Apply to I). L. JAMKS, No. 1.U37 Broadway, I upnl*ir?; or l^Urultooit. rpn LET?A STOKE ISXSPfIuFt, FLATS' GLASS i J. front, in the bent banneia part of tl.e Bow ery; will l?e hnlihedand ready lor ocoupaney on Friday next; rent in accordance with limine*! and retereneei. Apply to E. , Hl'ltKh.74 Bowery, betwoen Canal and Heiteratx. TO LET-LAKOE STORE AND BAB RUB NT NORTH- j we>t corner of ,"tl? av. and 4Wth it; rent low to a good 1 tenant. Apply on the premWei. rpo IJJT?FACTORY LOFT*, SUU KEET LONO. APPL* ! J. at 'tj Rroadwav. in the Mora. flit?LET??>NE II W.F ?ir LA RUB t'OKNEIt SroUK, X above SUM at. on Itrnndwiy (welt ildel. (!. S PICK, No. M Welt JjiIiiI. illoffman llonie). Til RENT?IHMJTOR'S OFFICE. WITH OKWITUOIT 1 s,le<ping Room, turnlihod or nnfurnintied, In unexct-p tlettable h.mae and location. Apply at 213 Ka?t 17th ?t., I Stuy veaatil ?|itare. ' OLD BStaBLISHBU t'KlAR STORE, ' No. ItU Ureenwlch it. Inquire at No. IU3 Oreenwlrh st " l)U I'.I.I.IMi IIOIXEN TO LIK'I. " ' 1 vvVV'' Knrnlaheil I ? THRU STORY BROWN STONE, FI LLY FI R 1 A ni>h?d llonie to let 011 J.'d it.. $1.K? i>er month; Mih 1 it.. |Jt?i per tno'ilh ; ncveral other*. U. *. I'liCK. No. S Weit Sl^th it. (Uofflnan llou?e). N EI.KtlANT KlL'K kTOKY II10It SliMil' BROWN .lone Hone,In 4'.Hh it,, between Ml> and i'iIi iv? , completely and haiidNoincly farnUbed; rent low; owner 1 leaving tue city. IIWPMON A I'KET. I.4?t Broadway, near 44th it. t' lORrUKTKLY Kl HNISIIEO litiAJitir I* WHlIt, : ) near rtth av ? A p irty adnlt- may remain and bawl ii agreeable. JOIi>?)N A I'tMil It. Broadway. TO LET AT A IIAR iAIN-A Ct?SKV LITTLE BUOWM atone lloune. L> rooun, rarpetad or fuilt mrnlibed; an exeeptionaoie location; poxeHlou immediately. Owner, | fcaat ?14 It. ? \'KRY ELABIIUATF.LY AND Fl'LLY FURNISHED ' T large brown itone high ?tonp private lt< ?Men<e. oa Murra) Kill, near .'Ufa av., to rent, with illvgr, llati grand piano. A<- to rwaixutiiile party, rent f3X> monml). Ad drew boa l,?JU Foil ottice. f I Mluritulietl. 1 ?A?107 EAST >ifll .nT.. ?I..V?i; tULEMNOTOM ! 2\t av.,n,**l; Itl'l l.eainir oil av #l.f*?i, ?41 Kait I d ! it. #?.!???. il? l.aat UUt it.. ?1.0UU J. U. MONAOIIAN, I 4ij1 4th av., corner of Jitb it i -4.. iiuraTIo ST., HoiisR. 13 uo'? ms; 9MR ' ill i^'7 lludmn ?!,, I #????? ff* Hrfeii?it-li it,, hnififtii Hwiil-bi, 11 room*, $7JU H'i il., Hoim, Ift wim?, U-.> 4lli 11 v., htor* *n?J I?Mmtf, H, OX H? W?tt? ?i., IIm 11 ro*u??, U2i Wn| I'dih ?%., nil 1*2 % 1,100. E. U ? B. T Bl K.NUAR.ikJV fludvoa iL DWBLMNG HOI HEM TO LIT. ('nftir?UI??4r At vo? ?>rii st-nkwly paistrd wort* will h? lei verJ low If good tonal Owner. ITU Went lllk at. A ?beShjoHd RENT*. Ka B wabhington plau4 A. 1*6 Madison ?t . 123 ha.t IHtli st.. TJ Kwt :<&th ; 16 E?l 47tU.No. 7 Beat tHlh. V, K. .sTBVKNSON, Jr., No. 4 l'hi? ai.'l 33 Kail 17th at A -410 MOMTnii?NICR KKXr.WRl) HOUSE. NINE A. riMimt: Improvements large Manicn: uepei part of ? 'antral I'ark. near 3d it, Apply tu owaar, 110 ??>! .'?4th at. A" Til IlKtS STO R Y Til(;iTif(K)I* H K10 K HOUSB, S?D at .near 5th av; low rani. Hl'LBBRT PECK. 2<W Waal 34th at. A T f2>XM? WE8f 4HT11 KT. ?MKbU'H SIZK: PER Jl feet order. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., Nat 4 Pin* and 88 Ewt 17th at A DVBRTISK IN ii THK BVBNINO TELEGRAM, The circulation of the EVENING TKLKURAM laat weak was Monday 37.100 Tueadav 37,900 W".ltieailay 37 .'JO Thuraday...., 37.5SO Friday 85.060 Saturday #.">,300 Total ? 2*ci.3U') Daily average 3?>,7ld OPFH'B NO. ANN' ST. T>AKOAIN^-HANOSUM8THBEEHTOKY IIIOH STOOP J) brown atone Houre. 10 feet wide, up towu, near Park; rent. $7U) per year. Ti EPSON 4k PEBT, M?9 Broadway, Dear 41tli at. ? FIR8T CLASH AND MEDIUM DWELLINGS? UN FUR lilalii'd anil furnished; prices low ; choice Plata, qrifurpUh e<l mil fhrnished. JOHN H. DERING, tMAOth av.. corner of S3d at. (1HK A TEST~" REDUCTION*.-CHAR KINO BROWN vT alone, adjoining Laxlnrton av., 41.100: four alory, choice ligation. 61,230; largest assortment: Parta of Houses remarkably cheap. MINZESHKIMBK, 9?1 3d av. HOUSE 200 WBiT 4ftTH BT. TO LET?AT A RENT ?>ff 1.3111) a yeari partly furnlahod and la good order; this la vary low fur the house and ftirniture. Apply to Nhl.SON SMITH. No. 0 Murray at TO " 1 .BT-?*krPBOilNCM (IMMHDIATB POHHES slop), an elegant brown atone llnuae, with all modern Improvements. Inqulro un the premUea. 30d Weal 32d it., between *lh and iHb art. TO LET?TilItBK STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE. 6rt9 2U av.. iu complete order; now vacant; lean without permit lr?m 11 to 3; rent 9&.V rpj LET OltKAP? HOURK8 40 AND 4il BAST 41BT 1 at.; three atory high Hoo.i brown >tona; all Improve ments: II rooma; mot $1,090 |>er annuo. Inquire of B. Ml JLDOON, No. li? Kaat H'.Hb ?t. ?>Q BAST 74TII ST.-A FTERT OUH MWB BTORT ? JO brown atone Dwelliug, 21)x~iO lot 100. will be routed If taki n hi onc?, for fflOO per auuum. For permit apply to B. W WILLIAMS, S37 Bib av. 1* XI1 ?1THIBEE STOBY AND BASHMBNT BBOWN Stone House, 333 Kaat 78th at.; being put In perfect order; all Improvements. Apply te SuUl'tK'S, I.KMSdav. d?(l/W\ RENT ONLY TO A PROMPT TKN ANT. FOR Jp?7\IW the llnuae No. 27 Bleecker at., near the Bowery, ISAAC HONIO, 111 Broadway, rooma O. and II., base nicnt. d>l (1AA OR LESS?BEOWN STONH UOC6K. IN ?PlaUVfU wide Btroet: must be rentad; all luipruvc uieiita Call at -44 Eaat 34th at., or addreaa II I'LL, 34 Park place. FURNISHED ItOO.HS ANO APARTMENTS TO LE'l. AI'KIVATK KAMILY. 211 EAST 30TH ST., WILL let a haudaoniely turalabed front Boom, aocoud itory, to one or two uenlleiiiun. A~" KRENCH LADY OCCUPYING HIER~iOWN HOUMg will let Home elovalnly furniahod Rooma on Aral and aecoiid tloora. to ireutlanioii or miiet lady. Addreaa CEN TRAL, box IB) Herald Uptown Branch offlee. STRICTLY PBIVATK KAMILY WILL LET ONE or two Rooma in gentlemen, without hoard. Addreaa 24TII ST. AXI> 0T1I AV.. Herald Uptown Brunc'.i odlce.. AHANDSOmiLY rVENIflHED LA ROE BOON WITH cloaet and everv convenience; alao hall room, at pri vate houae No. 140 Kaat 27th at., between Lexington and 3d av. private KAMlfcl LIVINO IN THF.IB OWN houae. will rent a hundaomulv I'tirniahed Second Floor, four connecliug rooma; breakfaat If dealred. 15S Kaat 34th at, A BBAUTIPUL FURNISHED PRONT boom?TO A respectable couple ; alao front hall Room, to a gentle man, on aecond lit or. 304 5tli at. and 2d av. i7u(7)k wT:liTburnishkd~front roo>i and Bedroom on the Aral Moor to lot, for housekeeping or lluht hualneaa; water and gaa; aplendid location 1,2!HI Uroadwav. nearH th at. A" PRIVATTTXmILV will lkt A LAR<iE FRONT Room, nicely furniahed; all improvement*. 234 We at 3Uth it. LARGE, ?TaNI)SOM"kLY FURNISH ^D FRONT Room and Bedroom on aocond flour to tren|leipe|i oplv, without hoard; hot and rold water; private family. 131 Kant 1 Tcli Kt.. near Irving place. AM "ELEGANTLY ~ P0KN18HKD" SECOND "PLOORj alio Lower l'art. en mite qr singly; first class locution. 330 West 33d ft , betweeu Sth and !Kh avs. SUIT oV "furnished ROOMS-SUITABLB FOB irentleman and wU'e. 04 Lexington av. (COMFORTABLY FURNIS1IHD BOOM TO LKT?$.1; J lai'.v or gentleman; gas, bath. Private reslaenee 31d Kast I Hili ti . SIOR HODSEKKBPINO.?OOMPLBTRLY FURNISHED Kitchen, Dining,Sittinj and Bed Room; rear cottage, Jiast .V>tb at.. $0. Alao hall Room. Apply 319 Kaat 13th at. 1""ji"URKiSHED~KOOM s"TOiLKT-WITHOI'T BOARD; A 1 third atory front Rwm and Hall Bedroom. Inquire lor Mrs THOMAS, lift) Maedougal at. Fnumng taona ro let?job okntlbmen; American family. 1st* Kim at., near Broome. PURNfsHKD TO vlKNTLKMEN WITHOUT BOA*RD; larire In nt Room, water, gna. clnaeta, $.'>; also liar Room, closet, gas; references. 223 West 15th at. FCKMSHKI* ROOMS TO I.KT TO LADIES OR~QEN" t'einen ; hot ami cold water til Kast Jioth st. Handsomely puenwheD uooms. also bbaPti Inl Suit, to let to gentlemen. Private houae 51 West Itith st. H- ANDSOVTlY FURNISH.'.D ROOMS ON PARLOR Door, private batb; second atorv. three, en aqlta or slnirlv; faniily private. 43 West 20ih St., four doors wsst o: Broadway, Handsomely fijrnishfd back parlor everr convenience ; alio Iron! hall Rooiu. tecond Hour; tornn mmltritv; reference. 105 Went 18th at. Handsomely virnisiiko imoiv floor. with every requlaite for liouaekeaping: en ruite or ?luirly; private bath. 961 Wait 34th at., near Elevated rail road. IARUF.~F(jRNilHED MAIN BACK PARLOR?BROAD J verandah; hot and cold water; $5. No. ti St. Mark'* place. MRS ~WJBERTBOK HAS ~TAKEN THK~LARUE, comiumlloua houaa 17 Eait 17th at.; ha* herniated Rooms, *lngly or en suite. VriCKLT FUKNIsIIED HALL ROOM?PRIVATE family. Uaat Ml)i ; 81"monthly ; retereuco required. Aridreaa A. M.. box 149 llerald ofHce. OWNER ANlTOCCITP ANT' 0>'"H0t'li8 WILD LET Second Flour, fully or partially fiirnLhod; every con venience for liotwekeepiiig. 4<?* We?t J4tli at. ROOMS-FURNISHED OR I NFl'RMSIIEn. 8INOLY or en untie, near reatauranta. Apply at 110 We?t ,'t!d at. TEN handsomely Pl'RNlSHED I'.iiolis, I.AUliK and mnall. to let, to gentleman, on llrat, aacond nod third flunri, of ISM F.?!.t IHth at. To M;T-n*KNisnr.t> rooms for Effi house keeping; newly ftirnlahecl and completely renovated; alao ain<le Room*. !#?' We?t '.'9th it. TO~ LET. furnished?POK ~THE SI'MMKR, TO a ainall family of ailulta. a first cla*? Flat ot 8 light rooma. fully fumiahed, eaM of ami near Central Purk;?7'> per month. Apply or uddrea* E . Wall it., room 14. To~let-co.mfortably first class fi-rnished or unlurniahed Rooma to geutlemea. No. HH Weat IMth at. TO LET-NICELY FIKMSIIKO ROOMS. WITlIOl'T board. In a private family; rent moderate. IAS Eaat S4th at. tJDIDOV LADY HAS II A.snrtoMELY FfUNISHkD II Rooma to let, to gentlemen or ladiei. Apply at 15tt Waat 1 "?tli at. 1* IRVI.NO PLACE.?FIRST FLOOR. FRONT PARLOR and Bedroom, hot anil cold water, cloaet. foraWhed. for gentlemen or lanillle*, without board; another Mnall Boom, on fourth floor, front: reference!. t~ij To 8>Y ?LAROE BOOMS; <? Art AND BATII; JL private rcaideneo; reference required, lis Maodou gal at, /TTII AV., fflir OPPOSitTB iTotrl " BRUNSWICK. t) llandaoia* Aparttnenta, aingly or en auite; alao Koonif for phyaldaa'a office; reference. Mil AY~l?4.-Fl'RNISIIED ROOMS 'Td~R?NT */ Iront and rea>; hatha on each Moor; relerenco*. OiCAV.' AND :WD ST (IKN'TI.I- VKS IN QUEST OP \) it pitaaant, permanent home will flud nicelv tmntahed llooin?, with or without Board. 101 SUM at., northwett cor ner honae. Unexceptionable relarancea. 7 ST. MARK'S PLACE, NEAR' ID AT.-Rfellil liirmtheil itoomr for gentlemen; pricu from fft to $7per waok. 9kA*T ?D ST-KLK<i.V*TLYit KMSIiVd nol' BLK and single Rooma to let, without board; reitaurant aeo vud door: reference*. ill ST ST. EAST, No. M. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 4*1. 4tIi av?Handsomely furntahed Roonn in a llr?t cl*t? hoiiae, without board, to g>ntlcmcn only; reterencet required. tlOD ST., Ml WEST.?LAKOE* BOOM ON"sTcOND ?>tmi floor, front; at?o larg* hull Room; pantrlen, hot and cold water. (JfriAriT '.'HTH BT.?SICKLY FTHNISIIKI) ROOMS, At/ for gentlemen. r A~~EAST 10TH ST . pew OOOBS Wlisr i.p HltOAD ? )t ??y.?An ela^ant Salir of Part >ra. I>a? wimlow. liKik Itttf oat on Br?a>l? a* ; i leitant |(.n latiwoal alt improvo menta; attendance; other Rnxntt; term* iiiiMleral<> "U CLINTON PLACE AN. 5.7 i.A>r Jill ST.?Ft'R ? iO ni-h.'d Kootii* to Ift l.i x*Bileniai and wlie. lor ll||lit l'o-i.?kfp|,ink-, and amall Rooma for amtlenien: rent from fU .VI to Mpr week. mKAST 24TII ST.?llANDSOMKUT PI KMSIIKD Itooiu, unliable for gentlemen or geulteiuau and wilf; private notue. ]*><! i-.\sr ii.m sr.-A HanTTbomk" floor io _ I ) l-t, either farnlanod or uniuruiaHed, to lodger a. alao a haiidatinifiy lurmahed bask Parlor; referencaa required. 1?m East isTH st. -kino third bkli. -a ?)" l?r<e, Haa4e< m?ly Ihrnlahed front Bedroom ; cloaata and ga?; rent moderate. LBXINOrON~ AV.?FUHNIKHED ROOMS TO let. without Board, la a private laiatly. roataarant within a block. ??1?J J1ST ST.?NICELY FL'BNIsHKD room, Wk jil)t ' (ingle L-entlfii.en . I?I?WMW e ii Imugeu. *>711 WKST asril ST.- FI'RNISHED FRONT BASE I '' ii*i-nt Room and ltailroum for lltrht housekeeping, Miitabio for any one taking iu aewiug; rent par week. Zyj I WKST ?'.'D ST-il AMISOMKLV FIKNISIIED M I 1 parlor floor, with pri\ate bath, tor gentleman and vile, or thta.' or loar pentlrmen. ? I WEST iBbsr.. CONVEKIEN'r TO KLhVat"hD ?)!>T Railroad.?A private lamlly of adult* have a larga front r hatk and ? Uri:e ball Room to let, turn I ?hod. to i.-?ntlemtn; m??terata prlrei. 4" .?/"? WKST'bATH ST.?A "KCoND FLilOR TO RENT. #M) furn'thod or nnfhrnl?hed. at a raoder it* rent. In a private genteel house ; good nelgho..rhoo?l and convenient to the elevated newly painted an J papered. A I'HFUEKIIHED llOO.iIS A.VD AFAUT MKVT.t TO I.KT. XPa'RTMRNY HOl'SE, STft AV.. CONNER lOTfl st ?To let, one suit uf Awrluituti M first floor; mm oue iult on second Boor i furm?Iied> * FIRST AND THIRD KLOOK, 8 KttOMS^ BACH, J\. wilh bulb, in lb* bit? non? h?m?? Ho. I*** Kwt Wth ?t.; reut i|16 *nil fl* ??rh ___ An elegant kubIjc h" apa ?t m en t to lbt, uk* furnished. No. 71 Lexington sv. _ "FINK FLATlN~8ARATobA Bl'ILDtMB TO Lhl.. II. M. LUMMI8. No.. M and 10 fin* St.. Xow York. A ?NINTH ~ WARD?FARLOR AXD BASEBRNT. A> with bell It?oin on third floor topposiie Waverley place),41 C'liris'.opijer st-. *37 ; Third Floor, 748 Washington ?t . 8 NNW, *.'3; Second Floor. 1*H Washington ??.,? nx?n?, $28; H?kiupui>. 746 Washington ?t-. 4 room*. $15; 834 Greenwich ???. Third Fluor, ? rooms and w. e., $3?; ?P4 Greenwich st., Second Floor. 8 rooms aud w. c., $31; W>4 Greeuwicli ??-. Pariors and Buein?u ?ud w. e.. #40; JCJS Greenwich ??., Thir-1 Floor. ? rooms sod w. tt-faO; HM Greenwich st.. Second floor. 8 roams and w. <31. ROB BUT FERGUSON. 51 Hentr si. APLOOK-to~lkt-in tub neat Brows stonr bouse 3U> Kut -l?i St.; rant low to a Dies touaut. Ap ply to J. B. DEXNOTT. 158 Prince st. AN BLSgABT FLAT TO LET-IN 328 WEBT 14TH st.. near Sth av. Apply at MM. A FIRST"FLOOB AND"BASEMENT. 250 WEST 12T1I Xv St., alglit roomi, to lot. E. L. 4 B. T. BURN HAM. tKlH Hudson St. A -347 WEST 17TII ST.?K1HST FLOOR AND BASE ill meat, every Improvement; b*th. rsnze. Ac.; 8 rooms. To let, one Room aiiU two Hedrjoms, 348 Wast 18tb st. E. L. A B. T. HI'ltNII AM. iHM Hudson st. CORXRR-FLAT ON MTU AT.. ? BOOBS. NEWLY pain tad. $55; ft rooms. $3.V. 4 rooms. $-5. J. EDGAR LEAYCUAkT, 702 8th av. Apartments to lrt-2? wasuinoton y u a re, southwest corner Wavarloy place; Urst Uoor doctor's office. A "Floor or upfbiTpabt or private brown stone house to let', rent low; No. 330 Eatt 37th sL "* DVERTISE IN ~ A THE EVENING TELEGRAM. Thecirculation of the EVENING TELEGRAM last week was:? Monday 87,1011 Tuesday 87,200 Wednesday 87.SOU Ihursday 37,560 Friday 35.K60 Saturday S6.3 0 Total 220.310 Dally average 30,718 OFFICE NO. 2 ANX ST. A?TO LBT. BRCON0 FLOOR OF TIIREF ROoBS ? or Lower Fart, sis rooms; bouse 14& Waverley place; rrut, jf3i) and #16, (,-as lualuded. A SECOND FLOOR?FOUR RQOB8 AND BATIi. room; excellent order; bot and cold water: laundry privileges an.i kss inclnded; owner In the house; rant only (30. at West 34th it. riLATS TO LET ON THE NORTHWEST COKNBB OF r 8>Hh st. aud loth av., us good as a C1.70) private houii', only #40 per month; all occupying these llats now are first elass people Apply to JOHN FANE, No. 7 V? urron St.; or. J. HYLAND. Fordhsm. N. Y. Fourth" floor (FiVe rooijbi, 47 ^an* st.. $ab; First Floor, $27, toiut; Kiftb r'loor (five rooinsi. $1U, 40 Uoratlo st. Bl'E.MlAB. UOU Hudkoii st. PRENCiT VLATS?BEST TO HR HAU OFF ?>TH AV. Apply to janitor, 74 West 53d st. IjiBBNOli FLATS ?FIRST CLASSrCOBFLETE, wTT'U every Improvement; dumb waiteis, bath, private balls. Ac.; ei|(ht rooms; in the new buildititfs. Mb av. and Carroll st., Brooklyn; rent, $23 and upward; cars from Fulton. Wull and South ferries; distance, 2<> minutes. Inquiru of janitor or WB. B. COOFER, Jr.. 41 CO., 1*0 Faarl St., New York. i/RBNCU FLAT TO KiJNT?AT A OR EAT RK O l!0- * F lion to a nice family. Blag Arst bell 44.' West 36th St., for housekeeper. Iploou of Vive rooms and fantry, bat"iFTnd " lauudry, ut No. 42'l West 31st st.; l.o'isn nrlvate nLooi7"of five booms and i'amiue??a. no' l1 IliS East *'s.ah St. House and ueigliburhuou pri> ale. 1AROB ROOM, WITH PANTKIBS, $18: ATTIC AND J Parlors; respectable purtlos oaly; uico bouse. 21 Eoud ONE OF THOSE ELKGANT FLATS. 6ITII ST.. NEAR Madison av., can be had; also corner Flats 31th hi. and ?!th av; immense reductions. MORIUS B. BAER A CO., 72 West 34th it, S" HCOND AnTT tHIUD FLOORS, TOGETHER OR separately, 214 West llth St., newly Bttod; beautiful rooms, unfurnished. Been any time. f|^HB*APARTMENT"HOUMiT 126. lis. 130 EAST 24TH X st., just completed; a few di'sirable suitesiiiireuted.cull now be viewed; every room li^bt; vrntilation, steam bent, Ae., Ao-i moderate ptiaes. Apply at the premises or t? HORACE S. KLV, ?& l'lnest. Three rooms unkcrnlsheu, for uoush! keening, to gentlemau nu<i wife; third Uoor, not top floor; private house, 188 Weal 4th st., between Washingtia s<|Uare and 6th nr. TO LET?A NICK hKCOND FLo6r"~Tn A i'RIVATB house, to ? smaU family. Apply at No. 148 East Broad way. TO LET?FIRST FLOAR OF FIVE ROOMS, ALL liuht and In Kood order; gas. water, dosets, Ac.; rent moderate. No. Nil tith av., cornor 30th st. T' 0 |<ET?802 WEST 19TH ST.. ONE UARGB BOOM on second and Third Floor of 3 rooms ; rent together, f2l only; four adults in bouse. TO LET?I* A~BEAUTIFDL BROWN STONE IioUSR 311 West 50tb st.. naarStb av., the entire Second Floor and two Rooms on third floor, frescoed and paiuted, aud nil in first class order, with privilege of bathroom; rent $33 per month. mo LET-THE HALF OF A BROWN STONE HOUSE X built for two families, ou 4Utli st., uear Broadway, each Ismlly having separate Improvements. Apply at 230 West 4l'tli si. mo LBT?AT 521 WB8T 40Tii~sT., SECOND AND J. Tliird Floors, 8 rooms each, with modern improvements; rent(22 and $20; also Bakery, at sams place; dwelling at tached; Fourth Floor at No. 482 VVe.t 4sth st. D. CHRISTIE, 430 West 48th St. TO LET-TWO VKRY DESIRABLE FLATS, 81* rooms esch, in brown itono front lioneei, at $25 each. Inquire ou the premises 021 4th av . first floor. O 1/K T?NO? 21 W EST 44THST., THREE ROOMS, IX nice urder, uufuruUbed; rent $17 per month. Apply np stairs. in? WEST 41ST ST.-PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD J. V? | give choice of Rooms or wonld rent whole ol Hons* and boaru with family. EAST ioffi ST.?UNFL'RNI HED THKER Rooms, $14, or fnrnished. $1H; referonee, ~ holskm, mxmM, juv., ' v\ a vi buj; In this I'itv iinil Brookiyii?" ~ A HIGHLY RKSPEC TABLE M ARItlhD COUPLE J\. would like to take charge of a house daring the sum-, im-r months. Address P. U. 8., Herald Uptown Branch office. 280 AllKNl'INK LIQUOR OTOKK OR SMALL HOTEL wanted; country preferred; sond full particulars. Dli CANN, Itochestor Mlfickcr it.. Naw York.. ^f^-WANTRD, bRCORD fXOQR^ PHIVaTB ? bouse. respectable neighborhood, i.elow 23d >1 ; small family; una ol kitchen for waahitig; near Fourth, Seventh or Bleeckrr cars; reference* exchanged. Address PkRMA NRNT, box 171 Herald office. ANTKU-BY AN~ENHLI8HMAN AND Ills WIKK. A gentlsinsn'* hnttss to kcap r >r th? auramer; will bs found capable Iiud reliable. W. bTAMMKRs, 1,071 1st ?v., between ">Hth and &t*th it*. WAN IE D-WI Til 1N ThsTTTiIa ITS OK 17TU BT. AMD ll '.a I st., Broadway and iJth a*., for a ainirla gentleman, furnished 1'arlor and Bedroom. running water. Address, stating tsrtus. 1>. I). D.. Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTKD-BY A PHYSICIAN, TUB l'8B OK TWO Koouia on parlor Huor lor two boura every afternoon ; beatween 7th and I'lth avs. aud 48th and Mtb sit. Adtlreu PHYSIC I :?M Wi?t .Ud ?t. TI/ ANTKD^A XKAT IIOITSK, IN A OOOD LOCAtlO.V; Tt rent to exceed ftHJ. Address T. M. P., Mo. l,;|t>7 Broadway, room M. W~ ANTfc.U-t.N~ T1IR VlN fH WARD, BY A TO UNO gentleman, a i|uiet, nicely furniaht-d Room: none but a private lamily need answer. Addreu X. V., Herald office. WANTED?TWO LIOHT iTxKCRNI8HED ROOM? near Cooper Institute; permanent partis*. engaged out daring day; no housekeeping required: terms, cU to f 1"> per inouth. Addreu W. K., Herald l'ptown officc. Tl^AKTKD?HKCON D FLOOR. PUBMIBHBD Wlfl ft carpet only, by two single gentlemen: first das* pri vate dweilluc ; terms not over #."iO per month. Address Dr. B.. bos I.Vi, Herald l'ptown Branch office. WANTKU-WAO KNtT.Yma ."TTnO SON. A SMALL M Flat or an unlnrnished Third or Fonrih Floor in u pri vate house. Addreu, stating terms, Ac., U. C., box 107 Herald office. ANTED?PARTIALLY Kt'RMSIIKD HY" OENTLK man and wile, two or three Rooms lor light house keeping ; west side, not bej ond "lOth st.: rent, ti) per wees. Addrau M , Herald l'ptown Branch offici ? CliOTHIKu. At kLatTu'h, if Town, sin out cuknVr 4<iih st. -HO per ccni more than elsewhere will posi tively be paid for ladies' and gentlemen's cast ?,rt Clothing, Ac. Ordets promptly attenUed to by Mr. or Mrs. Fl. V ITU. \M|T 1,3174 BROA liWAY, HhTtVKKN XIU and PSD stt.?Broadway price* paid lor t astnff;, Jew elr>. At.. by caliiu.' nit or *<Mres?1ng li IIARRIli, ..J71 \ I' It MISlZV. -'?h Mil \\\, NUAR 2 H'll M -i.V* iV dies and gecilem.-u will be surprised at tha (treat price* It Mints pays In cash lor Cs?t-oft Clothiuit. Carpets. Jew elry. ordem attended by Mr. or Mrs. Mints. V^HT kbWAUH M I iXfiiV WKUi KXOWK KKTAB lishnierit, OS Otb av., near Waverley place, utnn st \aine paid lor Cast-olf Clothing. Carnets, Ac., by calling . a or adiireuiug Mr. ur Mrs. Miliar. AT NATHANactVi OTH , NBAH ii ll>i LA illes and ircntli'iiivii receive the hi^he?t valor fur ra>t> oiTCIothintr.-tc. t all on or addreu Mr. or Mrs NATHAN. Vr *w rrn .vv., sj:chm> door ahovk wkst-jitii St , Mr. and Mrs. ICOSKNIIKItll will pay the III.heat prices in casli for I'ast off Clothing. Carpet*. Aa., by calling or atldrassln^. Tako partiaular notice oi abova imiuber. Vr AMI VLI'S. 17H 7111 AV . > KA It -J. IT 11 >1. 7<i I'KIt cent tuore than elaewlicre will positively be paid lor i a?t-olf Clothing, Canirts. A*.; or ient promptly atteuded to by Mr. aad Mrs. A>HALT. I'i?w? try and satisfy your Self, . VT M. MAUKS' WI LL KNOWN KsTABLL-IJMKNT, 101 Otli av., opposite Hth st. ? Ladles ami gentlemen . nu rocelte the turn ?t value in cash'or cast -off Clothtnj, Carpets, Jswrlrr. Laces, Ar I'lea-e cail or addrv?s n? allots. I.*?lic? waited <m liy Mrs. Marks, i'lense try and ?ntl?ly yosrselvea. Orders punctually sttaiidsd to in and out i.t the city. _ t T II VRRIis\ -ll .Til AV , N KA It WAVKRLKY I'LACK I tmost value paid lor Cast off Clothing, Carpets. Itjr c iliin< on or ajdreasing Mr. or Mrs. H AHlillt. ~ MKlHttb. OIL AMI MmIv BliW ?IM?NrIOKltTiaL ( ii\ A. nidation mi ail lemalc c uiplaints 47 West Cltli ?t., t ?DM. AMD MMB. OiUMOLiK. id WUlf -wril ?. JV? Ciinlldenttal consNltalion In all female complaint*. A-MMh. RKSTKLi,. M I|?\V I r K SI NCR IHtn. NU. f . Ka-t SMMx Br?t iloor front oth av. Advice free. A -nit. A N !? MMK M\l UK BAl . ? V K Alls' Pit AO ? ties. Offlre l'.H l.itirrty St., near (ireenwlch. lot * HlTKHKAn. al.-i KA8f ~SHTH ST., KKAR J I av.?Kemaie complaints: $J!i. DR. W RUT BROOK. 10 ur KdF 8D *T? nil IMAlE way. ? Ktmalr complaints. $J.*i II Ml.. RRSTKLL. MIOWIKM, 81 NOR IMtt KKMALK Jl 1 complaints specialty. No. i hast ,U4 st.; No. 7 Mlh av. Sm DOCK88POLOITRB8 tiUAR ANTKBO-ADVirK PRKB by Or. or Mm a. ffhsl. 43 Blssckerst.. near Broa<lway. BOARDERS WASTED. "1 BEAl'TfVL'L ROOM. WITH BOARD AND ALL 00*. A vealeacet. and balcony in front. V> WmI 13th ??. 1 LARUE DKBIBABLE f*OKT HroOM. WITH Board; alao a am all Koum; torrnt low; table tory; abundance of home mad* bread, pastrr. Ac. -41 Wort Uth >t. l"l Mt~ OBNTLBMBN OB GENTLEMAN AND A wile can be Mcomtnodaied with a very eke furnished Koom and tint class Board with a Jewish fatally; Urate reasonable. 300 West 24tb at. 1H1IT of BOOMS FOR OHN IXEMEN AND WIVES: alao Roaai for tingle jreutlenien. with Boar J; bouse aad locution first class. "J&l West +4th it, two door? wstl or Broadway. *1 Til ?3 KBR DAT. 96 TO ?lo"PBR WKBK.?KINK fl Boonts. with trued Board: 17fl Bleacher it., near Broad way ; eyeu all night: croquet grounds. 2 boon* FROM tfTH AV.?OBMTLEMEN OK FAB ily In quest of a pleasant home will flud elegant Boouis (second %atm, flrst dees table, at No. 7 Weat IL!d st.; terms moderve. 2 BLOCKS r^Oll BROADWAY.?LaWb AND SM ALL ltooius to let, witb flr t allien Board. 61 Enat -*??> it. O OB POI K 1'RHSt)N8 DBS!R LN U A CiOOD HOME O caa' a accommodated in a small family; termt mod erate. 41 Weet 20th tt A WEST 2UTH~ ST.?WITH BOABD. PARLOR AND T Bedroom, on second floor, front; trritt moderate. EAST JOTli ST.?KC'BNWHKD BOOMS AND first class table for summer; alto, table boarders. rfll ST., BO. IL-lMOKf rfidoi FBOBT rooms ?' to let, en suite or ?ingty: private bath; also otber Booms, wit# or withuut Board; transient or perraaaent rTH AND mi AVE?VBRY DB*1RABLB BOOBS 0 with Board, at OH West 19th st.; references. 5TH AV.. ?~4l <MRS. KEAVER) ?FABLOB AND-UED rooms, with or without private table, or withoat board; First aad Second Floors, at above, from May 1. TO *7-FOIt comfortable FORNIHIISD V" ' Boom*, with Board; location eeutral aad convenient to tars, stages aad hlsvated Ballroad. IrtTi West 30th tt. dfe L? -oooii " boabd, TWO El CELT MMOMUi fUi Bootut. connecting. tultabie fur ? party of three or four, American family. 401 West 23d tt. 11\ WAVBBLBY ? t*LA0B, NE AH BUOADWa/. 1" Haurtanmc front Ruoms from $14 toSfciil. for two per tuns, with Board; tingle Booms. *7 to SU; table Board, 95; transient people taken. "Torn st~ iM west, neab $th av.?pleasant, J mj nicely furnished Itonmt tu let, first clam Hoard. 1Q PAlk av.-"entire '>ldor.~ handsomely J.O furiti-bed, en snite pr separately, with or without Board: reference* M wbht 3HTH ST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Ruouit to ront. tingly or tu suite, with or without Board. 1 I TH 8T.7 *300 AND 302, COBNEB 2D AV.-DE It tirabie front Roomt, with Board. 1 4 Til fif.7 WEST.-rooms, WITH BOARD, it eonveuient to Blevated Railroad; terrnt moderate. UTB it,. iff" WBST.?BOOMS, WITH board, en snite or tiugle: home and location very desirable; teriut reasonable; reference! exchanged. 1 K TU ST.7 STs WBST.?DESIRABLE LABQB F C R J. (J nislted Boom, with Board, to gentleman aud wife; moderate terms. "I -Tir ST., ft* WEST.?LABOR AND KB ALL HAW i> l?;;?ora#ljr furnished Roomt; large clotett; unexception able table; very moderate terms. it* "Uljntoh placb.?la bob And small furI I' ) nlthed Roomt, with or without Board, I ?*TH IST., 121 WEST.-A LABOR. WKLL Fl'HNTSH I" ed front Boom, on second floor, with Board tor gentle man and wile. also hall Boom, connecting; private family; terms moderate. 1 (J WBST 2WTH ST?LARGE FBONT ROOM. WITH It' tpaciout clotet. lor oue or two gentlemon; excellent t*ble; rcstonable termt. O 9 ~ WAVBBLBY PLA0E.-PLE A8AN T FURNISH BD Booms, with Board, ou second aud third floort. <17 com me nek sr.. nkau 11 i.eeckkr.?front w I Roout, with or without Board, to one or two gentle ?en. 9QTH ST., 409 WK8T.?RICHLY FURNISHED O Rooms on teoond story, with first class Board, in a private family: convenient?o Blevated Ballroad, ears aud ?tu^et; price* low. 0/l~KAST 31BT ST.-ROOMS, WITH BOABD. FOB OU gentleman tad ?'lfe or tingle gentlemen ; re ereucat. . QAfH'wToTtWB TO 6TH ' AT.-OHOICB ROOMS, OU with Board, in a private family. Addrost box 1,!'50 Pott office. a'j-WEST S3D ST.. NBAB 5TH~AV.?HANDSOMB O Suits and single Booms, with superior Board. UQ WEST 2STH KT.?A CHOICE OP HANDSOMELY OO furnished Roomt, with flrst class Board; roloruncot. OKOVE STr-l-LEAiiANT ROOMS I o"LET,"\VITH Board, suitable for gentlemen and wires or tinglugen tlemen, on second and third floors; large pautry, liot and cold water. OJTH ST., 138 WEST. NEAR BudADWAY.-HAND* 0"? sontely furnished Roomt ou second aud third floors, with unexceptionable Board; termt reatonablo to desirable party. ; ?>Z* EAST 21 ST ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.?ELKO ANT OU ly lurnished Roomt, flrtt clast table, for fam I. let and gentlemen; references. OQ WEST 19TH ST.?PLEASANT BOOMS, WITH OO flrtt clast table and attenUanco. QQ WEST"iKJTn ^T.?TCr 1 jET,~ WITU BUARO, DE OO tirabie large and tmall Rooms; referoucet, ?JQ 4tT 42 AND 44 WEST UTII mT.?BOOMS, OO. with Board; permanent or transient: houte and ac commodatlotit first clatt. OQ EAST 12TB ST?, BBTWEEN UNIVERSITY OO place and Broadway.?Nicely furnished Roomt t? let to families or tingle, wltn flrtt .data Board; transient and table boardert accommodated. OQ EAST 22D ST."BETWEEN broadway AND Ot7 4th av.?Roomt tu let, with Board, to tingle gentle men ; alto Suit of Roomt for family; table boardort. in" EAST 85TH ST., NBAB MADISON AV.?HANT> t" tomely furnished Rooms and good ttble; termt mod erate. A "I WEST 16TH flT.-ELEOANTLY FURNISHED T L newly papered Room, tultable tor two, with superior Board; relereuces. A "I WEST S3TH ST.?HANDSOMELY FUBNISHBD tI Rooms; private 1 ath ; with or without private table; table Board; summer prices. AC) CLINTON PLACE. CORNER OF UNIVERSITY I _l place.?Superior accommodations for famillet or tlnglt gentlemen, with fell or partial Board; location flrtt class, near Broadwty; alto table boarders; refereneet required: termt verv moderate. A ?> EAST 20TH ST., BETWEEJf broadway AND T.J 4th av.?Te Let. Roomt with or without Board. A A IBVINO PLACE?PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON T'r second Uoor and nice single Boom fer gentleman, with large cloaet. iu flrst clatt bnute. 4" - EAST 20TH ST., BETWEEN BBOAOWAY AND f ) 4th av.?Booms, with or without Beard, double and tingle, flrtt clast; referencoa given and required. 7q WIST IIflTII HT ?LABOR AND SMALL ROOMS, T ?7 nicely fnrn-tisd, to let, with or without Board; traa tieutly or pcrinauertly. WBST MO ST.?SECOND FLOOR, WITH I iJ Board, reatonable for the iitaner. tO 0TH ST.. BETWEEN HUOA DWAVAND tTNlVER sity place.?Elegantly furnished Rooms to let, with Board, for family or party of geatlemoa. Table boardert taken with reference. CO WEST-8TH ST.?BLEOANTLY FURNISHED OO Roomt. with fimt elatt Board, taltable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. eo wbht Srii st.?elbhantly tcbnTshed ? JO Rooms, with first clatt Board, for three or four oouplot; very detirable. CO WESTSSTH RT -AN ~EeOABT SECOND FLiiOlt j OO to rent, with flrtt clatt Board; alto third story front room; reference. CO"WEPT 9TH ST.?FURNIMIIBp BOOMS TO REST OO witb or withont Board; alto a Doctor's oSlee for rout. Fq'BAST ieTH 8T.. NEAR ""central PARK.? ? k" itonmt to let with Board, furnished or unfurnished, to gentleman and wlte or tingle gentlemen. In small Americaa tu milv. 83 102 f *i IRVING I'LACE ?KOOM AMD BOARD. 8KCOND HO floor, front, l?r (intlamia and wife ; rrfurancea ox ch mi pert. /?Q~WK8T 13TH ST., BET W KENTrft AND (TTH U?7 av?.?A turniahed front Room nn?l Bed room to rent, with or wiihont Hoard. to a uanlloraan aud wil.- 01 twoninitle gentlemen; refcrencea ext-bangad. TTH AV.. NKAR 14TH ST.?OS8 LARUE AND one amall Room to Int. with Board, on aec.rnd floor. WAVKKLKV PL AOS. BOMTUVTSST CO KM KB i''I Washington ?qu?r? ?Two communicating Bmm?, with uniformly good l.ibie. , EAST ~2#TH ST.. CLOlilT"BY OILMOItB OAS A dona ll?om a to lat. wl|h or witlMMit Board. ; ifj jTLKxTN.iruN AVT. BKTWE fc N .'7tii AND 28TM l"'*t aia.. three minntea from M?dl?nn aqunre. ? An en tiro Second floor to lot. with *9 parlor Board: all cmivanl enrca; city telegraph linn, Ac.; b at reference* in every ro ?pact anil prica raaaonahle. in 1 WEST 2-.fl! Kf.'-TO LfT. A MCI CAKLOR JUT mi I extcnaion luruNhad and uiifariiiilitM], with B.-arn-. hot and colli watar; alio Room* to lot, with Board, for ?iiii(l* gentleman. Cull all tha weak. 11 i BAKT 18TI|"5t.7sKAR OLAKKN 1 M)N lloTKL? AJ.TT llealralila Bnuiua, with Hoa'd : location Very flnc. MA b fst S5TJ V~ I T|. s I it All L S 'ROOMS to i kt. llnurj, the latot Juno or aoouar if required; roi.'reiico* a?*fcaag*rt. 10'FwSr ?TH ST.?ALCOVE SECOND BTOBt I _<) front or third atory back Uooui, witli or without Board. 1<)(pHAST ~iTrirST.. HKTWEKX 4TH AMTlkX MU Inu'ioii ara.?Kiinnv Traiit aecon I floor It. i ma, with ati|n rior hoard; ail vonv?iilene?(; city telegraph line*. Ac.; boat rafen-ncca I'i "C kast kith SrHHuS cxioN ><<1. \kk -wTTx alt J furniabed Kihiiiii, aiugly or ?n >uiU, with flrat claaa Board. 1 'J,'. K AST .'warn frf^-CLE ASANT KOOVIM TO LET. ItJiJ with Hoard, for gentleman or K.-iitlemau and lady. In a private -laai?li tamllj, near Lexington av. mWF.ST ttTII ST.. BETWBKM OTH AV., AND Bronowny.?A deairablo Suit of Boom* to let; lium*. < table and app.-intnienl* Itrat claaa : hlirbent reflarearo* given. U | WKST I .I ll ST - Ui\l >S o M KI. Y I.T ItMSIIKD r frunt or back Parlor to gaatleiaaa and wit? i Uoard lor lady. 14. - KAMI' 21 ST ST.. okamkrcy PAltK.-IIAND I a onely lurnUhed Room*. with Board. *2il to 422; alau aiugla Ro >iu* lor gaatlamau (7 to $111; anu iinluriiiabod l*Kr.or. I JQ wAT8RLEY PLACE?NEATLY KUMNI8HED 1"1U Bomna to let to a gentleman and wlfa or genilo iuuii, with Hoard; locatluu central; American family. Ift'J lCAdf 27TB ST.?(tAMDHOliR~RAtTlTl'ARLoB ? ' ?) ami aeeond itory Ko<wn? to lot, with Board. E AST UTII sr.-a VDIKIUHIO BOOM TO UR?, with or without Hoard 212 2aWV si'BI.NO ST -ROOMS T.i LET, Wiru board, ??'" lo ?lii?le or marriail (antlaiuau. Iroaa $."> to $T por week; dinaar at 12:30, plaaaaut rooina and gaod tahla faar autaed. 2" ?;?) KAST lorfi ST.-A WlbnW LAKY CAN aTT m* exmioodata ona nr two Udlaa en.atowd daring th? day with ? r?mfortal>la home and Hoard, on m -rtrnia tarma hoato privata; alto a haadaoiai ly furnlahaU Car'or to rent, to icantlaman aud wlfa-, talaraacaa eiehangad; bo atliar hoarder'. Ha t eastT?Fm"st.-labuk and small hand ^Ti aonacly furniabaJ Rvuaa, with Board; adao tabaa board. BOARURKR WAWD. - ? ?j>rT'VTEST S~TH st-a olWTLRMAN AND WIfll ? ?)1 or?mall family can have Bourns, with BoaM. "k* Dinned or uuiumiahed, in a plea?*Bt family. 07?> WR?T 35th ??.?KaMOm>MEL* KUKNI8HK? w I m Rooms; lwit<pr?iMi; running water; good tabMl home comfort at summer prices. qTt wiir 1BTH ST.-AN UNFURNISHED kboni Oil Room and .mall Room connecting. *1U roMUI water; two furnished Room., with Board. ? )|" EAST ?>ril ST.-a" private family OfJ Oil) in* their own hous* offer two turnished Rooms, wtth H*>ard; nhraacn exchanged Of address PUTNEY, Herald I'ptown Branch ofllce. Q~oT WEST <:?TH ST., hack ROOM, thikd FLOOR, OaI suitable lor two parsons 1 alio two hull rooms, am plc pantry room; day boarder* taken OrTT west U3D ST.?A FINE, LABOR. HAND i)()-r aomcly fnruiehed third story Room, with llr?t cias* Board, in private family; aiao Room for a single geuileman 1 ail ouuveuleuce.; reference*. jTa south broad *t. Philadelphia.? bbau 4 L' ' tlful.alry Rooms, admlraula accommodation*. with or wilhonl Board; location aa iirat Wcin KTli AV? SECOND PLOOR.?ROOM* FOB 4 O I geutlemen. *Hh or without Board; family prtvaM ami comlort? as*' rod -r-!?>*> tilR vtiiV ST., BRTWEEN MARH.BT AND I I oJj Cha.tnut, Philadelphia.?Handsomu large Room a, couimuuicuting if de.ired, with Beard; Unnelent or ?erm? sent; tana* from $J to *3 par day. 1 A r.i\ BROADWAY (ABTOR BOW). BETWEKM 1.4:0" 43d ?"1 ?,h ?u -D?? '*'('? h?"<*M"?e fr*n? Kooin to let with superior Board; contains all modern Im provement'; an unusually desirable room lor tka?far. if* f\ A A " ARCH ST.. PlilLADBLPHIA.-yi8lTOBa 2j Ot:*! to the Centennial Exhibition will Bnd excel jei.tBoanl and handsome Room*, at moderate pricey at Mr. TOWNER'S private boarding how. ^ t LARGE. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FEOI1 A. loom, second lloor. to a Dinner It desired^ IWinlly private, ftl Baat 3Uh at. K DVE RTISE^IN VESIlf(} telbqraM. fhe circulation of the EVENING T ELKO BAM last week *??87 100 Mou.lay 37 joq Tueeday 87 &IW ?"5*'!a* S7.M0 aa V?0 Prtdny 35,300 Saturday __J__ Total Dally avaraite fa "aW ' iir OOABD.?BLEGANT ROOMS ON SBCOND AMP I) tMrd floor., .ingio and en ?uite: une*l'ep''"JV'h ?l lion; tii ll tlata table. J4* Lexington av.. uear 34tb tt. nCSulKTLY KOBNWHED HO?lfJ?. J"? VJ comeuieiice, for gamlemaa ajid wlU, B?*fd fur ladj^ houne aUlctiy private. Addrcea L. H. LA KUK, neraw of&cv, - Good board may hk koukd in pbivatk "ochb ueur f'tfuleuuial grouude; loaatiou pleaaant, cool an4 airy AddreJa the Ml?c Va.N BURBN. ? apply pentonally a; 1 4?? North l?th ?t.. Philadelphia. Pa. . 1 AROB i:0?.M-AMPLK tJLOSKl'S, HOT AND COLO 1 i water ; table flretclaaa; very reasonable tor the ??? mer. W4 Macdougal at. Not iiAitn to pibd?a oool> boarding place lor a few persons wUhlug a permanent home; central ami retpectable; Ave minute* front Jl'th Avenuo Hotel Two large, bonut^ul, connecting Room*; high ,'"op brown .tone houw; all conv.nii-nce.; ho.iietu^l food; hii.heat relereuce lu evtjry ??Jtlcular. couple. Sa*! to *2i per woek. AUdreea ItELlABLK, uatlol XTO OUAROR?LISTS AND Y A BTXpPfcARSu _ Oj J\ amt clue? botrdii'K aceonimodatlona. SaNIJS soart Directory. Lltf3 Broadway, neoonu Uoor. _ nrit) LR*T~ WITH BOARD, THRKB BOOMS, TO 1 three adults: house and location first class; ten minutel from ferry, m Hobokou. For particulars, address to. C., Iloboken Post olH^e._ ? UOAltI> A.\ li W AVI'KIJ. Boakd^ l-'Ok"okNfi/KSIS and sunny Room wanted, in a private f?anly.or wlthf.w bi.arders. bolotf 30th st.; terms moderate. Address, wjtk all particulars. L W., box HO Herald olHce. BOARDAND LODGING WANTKD-BRLOW mth1 8T.1 *5 Rooms, for a lamily of four adults and si* have their o wn bedding ; private famUy prelorred. Addr??% with term* box U.777 Poi^olBce. . BOARD WANTED?KOIt FAMILY OF 5 GROWN PER Bib av. * OARD WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY FRENCH or G. rmitu. whare there are no other bovdera; a se? ond storv front Room, wltli modern Improvements, for lad] and gentleman; Board tor lady only; parties desire a per mam ut place In good location; terms reasonably Address for three days, CASH. Herald Uptown Branch office. Bl)ArTT~WANTED-1-011 GENTLEMAN AND WIFB. ?hnv?? 4:2<i st out of 4th av.; front room; will P*/ .... w?k w. ANDREWS. IJ7 Eastfejst. WANTED?BY A YOUNG UENTLKMAN. ROOM AND Board with a private family; terms io he modorata. Address T. H.. bo* 107 Herald ol?co. 117"ANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH BOaRD. W for lady; terms must be moderate and ?JJ?n{? 11 y only need reply. Address B. M. L, Herald Uptown Braucli otHee. ? ??~?? "UOTKLS. ~i T^RANKFORT^IOlIKk"wU WI^A* ^ jS" A Rooms, for gentlemen and families, Aic., a3c., ?*?.. *?? always open. ?. LL LIGHT, SINGLE ROOMS AT NEW ENGLAND Hotel, ;K) Bowery ; lodgings 50conts nightly, $-> weekly, lor men onJjN - - TJELMONT HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA, 15 corner of41at aud Oregon sta Opsn June L Kuropean plan. Capacity, I,<KJO guests. Rooms fl 50 per day and upward. Located In a lovely grove of maple trees, four block* from tho main entrance to the Grand . Proposals for Restaurant, Bar and all privilege* recelrea UA?pl^t the building, or R W. CLEMENTS, Secretary, as above. B- ELMONT HOTEL. FULTON ST.. NEAIIHROAD way.?Kuropean plan; Rooms 5J cents upward, family Room.: always opec. TTIAMILY HOTEL? F.NGLISH AND AMERICAN. 38. S5 H aud 37 West 1 Ith st.; transient and permanent families or gentlemen ; small UMe?|tab!e board. iyWARD LODGING AND READING ROOMS, H? Chatham ?t.-Tbo cleanest and most Pl'*"n?choig lodgings in the efty; respectable men ouly admitted, JO cents per night. L ELAND'S STURTKV ANT HOL'SK BROADWAY ?JSth and 2?th sts., New \ork; location unsurpassed, elevator and all modern Improvements. MALBOROCGH HOUSE. CORS?'.R:wTH ST. AND?TH rai.'^ Murray HllL?A few fine^nU.torirg ST. STEPHEN'S HOTEL. CHB8TNUT ST.. AB?JVB 10th, Philadelphia ?Entirely new and thoroughly Brit class; *3 .V) per day. S'UMMIT HOTEL. 5"' BOWERY. CORNER CANAL ,t GEO RGB ROBOKERT. proprietor; European plan , new and elegant appointments; Rooms fcy the day and week. ?lirKS TMl NSTER HOTEL. \V fronting on Belmont and Westminster avenue*, near the Centennial Grounds. West Philadelphia?I hii' "?* *"4 beautifully located Hotel 1. now.wjSjr ?he JJ<wptlon of ?uests under tlie supervision of W. T. Caleb. fc*q.. late 01 1 "he Monongahela House. Pittsburg. Pa.? h?rM1 car. from the different depots aud all parts ol the city pass tbo hous? every two minutes lor th* Exposition building*; accommo dation' lor l.OOi guasts. K'er?^"ri?NsTKRPm?TEL COMPANY, Proprietor*. B COUNTRY UOAHU. Boar rTfS" to n ke r.-C rSS'Fi \ts~adij ltsTTn ritfl Hud nurse. Address for three dars. stating terras, which moat be moderate, T. B. L., Herald Uptown Branch ?Ma*. OARD WANTED-AT TUti 8bas1de. FOB A eEN tleinan and hia wile, from Jnne 1; New England coast preferred ami where few or uu boarders are taken ; require i*ii Rooms and good table; replies only noticed containing full particulars. Addrees SALT WA1T4H, box 176 Herald office. (COUNTRY BOARD WANTBD-KOK A FAMILY; TWO J I arm; and two am all Rooms required; on high ground, uu malaria; five minutes from depot, within use hour of city* term* moderate. Address, statin* location and particulars E . box i ikHJ Post office. New York eity. C^ofntry BOARD AT plainf1rld. N. J., IN PRl > vale family; lire location, terms reasonable; five ml* { utes' walk Irom depot, one hour from city. Address J. II. box 171 Herald office. HFufOX KIVBB.-BOARD.-r INK KIT t'AT ION, MOD. ern Improvements, 4'nitou water, high ground. inwns, shade, garden, sttitles, ttne drivel; 20 minutes nut, 10 from 1 depot; terms moderate. Addreaa 0. D., 1'ost office, Fort ' Washington. TWO SISULK liENTLtMBN WAN* BOABD IN country; vicinity of Fort Washington preferred; boat* lug facilities, Ac., desirable; terms moderate. Address H. and .M., Herald olBcu. WANTBD^BY A FAMILY. HOABO IN TnB country, with a French fanillv, where French 1?hxblt uatl.v spoken. Address, with particulars, W. k M., Herald otlice. _________________________ WANiT.b~ BOAKi) FOH GENTLEMAN. WIFB. child and nurse, within twenty mile* of New v ork on Hue of Hudson River or New Haven Railroad. Address K., box l,K4S Poet office. New York. WANT BD?OOOD OOL'NTBY BOARD IN A PRIVATE ?? family, wh.ire no other boarders will be taken; lam ily cou?i?t? of four adults and a little (rtrl, six years old; Iilvi maid and coachman; will require stabling tor three li ureas and ample carriage teem; MHMB Ml exceeding ?i:^ or :*I miles iroui the city; east bank of the Hudson pre flsrred. must have tiro or more large communicating l.'ooms: lor first class beard an I accommodations a liberal price will be paid. Ad4ress, with full particulars, priee, Ac., I ii. it H? Herald t'ptasm Branch s?e?. n===" ~itIhBBKE^,BT.. ^DVfcWfBB TBUIGBAM i he clrcnlatlon ef the BVBMNU TELi.uraM Inst week was Monday 87,100 Tuesday S7.3NJO Wedi esday 87,5tW Thursday 37.MO Friday 86.850 Katnruay 35,300 Total - 2-31,800 D*ly ">1# ClOOrKR IIOL'SK. ???????? / Oooperstown. X. Y., will open J uu* 34. Ouosts of last s*asou who ocsire to secure the same aaart' menta will please notify the undersigned before the lUla el May. \|N. B. UOLBMAN, Proprietor. Lenox iioimk, urebbwich. conn.-ftbm class in every particular; absolutely healthy; eeafrall i AlioLF Rt'TJEg. LONO huaxcii ?HAIKrt' " COTTAUN, OUBAM trout, now "pen for guests. I JOSEPH BATBB, Htst>?r. ! "^"oRWoon HOl'tfi;?XOBWOOD, N. J.; TWENTY I i ? mile, from New York; open May Ml. I'artiealars ef I > T kfc.1 ni, hi ifouid ?. 36 Saesau n Tapfan ceb ilol aB?nyack, on the IlUDfON, "2.i mites from New York, will open aoont June 1; l?na llies witliiug ch>dce llotims wll| ronke early application thie week at ii? W ?,t Bid st W. P. MINRO I ~ nUAK* AND TOBACCO. ONE Tlllitli |)F YoW iNVhSl MI NI\S MADk ?L2? wher? Cull be ?avd at 870 Cms*) m. In ronr b\ | imported ud iobnui 01g*rt ft/ \hm fees t 1.000.

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