Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1876 Page 11
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II 107 Srri'ATlOWn Wairnn^nciKALKi. ( ovk>. ?v<. ti EAST 3STII ST.?A LADY WISHES TO PROCCRE U a situation for a QrM elate e<v>k. Call at her nildcxt. 1)Ki?bkos5b8 st.?to cook, wakiFaku I HON; cuy r-l?r-nc?. Mr. MURK. 97 EAHT21.STST.-A EEsFlcTABLK WOMAN', IK I consequence of a death la the family, at conk ; haa lived ten yeurt la her last place. Can be tecu fur two day*. VR WEST 13TII ST.?AS GOOD PL AIN COOK, "'U wa?h?r sail lrouer; |ood altj referenre from Utl pleet ?)u WB*T 13TU ST.?A YOC.VU WO.MAN AS COOK, waeher and lrouer; objection to the country ; good city re fi re ace. ?J,< WEST I8T1I sr. UP FLi.uR. BA('K.-\"Vc7fNO WT" woman tu cook, wseh and Iron ; city or country; g< od reference* from laat place. ttQ jfest T5riFst.?a protk.htakt~vomajTas *'* ' first rlaa* cook; beat city reference; no objection! to the country. 4Q PERRY ST.. RKAR.-AN ENOUSU PROTEST TX"0 ant aa mod plain cook; excellent wnaber and Ironor; city or ?iuntrr; i?ood relVrence. CHARLTOK ST.?AS OOODCOOk; NO OBJEC tO tlon to do a little washing; beat city reference*. Call for two days. (*|| WEST~VTASJIINOTOM PLACE.-A RESPECT '' able girl aa Kood cook, waahur and ironer; good city reference.* h(t WEST WASlUNliTo.N PLACE.?A RRsrECT ' able woman aa good cook, watber and ironer; city or lonntry. t*i- WEST 4SD ST. ?A RESPECTABLE OIEL"~A8 UU rhunibermaid or waitreat; beat city reference from laat place. ?: W1>T 4!?Tfl ST. (KINO sT:CON iT BELD.-A RE ? J tpwtable girl aa #rxt claex cook or to aailst wltb the watbing and Ironing; its yenra' rc erenre. 8W~ PS RR Y~ ST.. R E A K B ASIM 1N T.?A W35 A N AS ?J cook and to a?ai?t with washing and Ironiug or to do general housework; city referenco. 1 I|T*UOUIILIiAL ST.?aTT(ESPECTAHLE COLORED I" " I girl ax cook in a private family; good references. Call for two d.iya only. ?f/y? east nrru sr. (present emplovkr'si.-a J''I rexpectaMe girl ae good plain co>'k andtodothe cn*rie washing; l? it good bread and biscuit maker; beat elty reference. Call for two dam. " WEST k?TTr5"T.?A RBSPKCTAflLE WOMAN aa good cook; beat elty reference. 1 f)7'WKWT 63r> ST., KKAR ?TH If.?A SttTSOV X v' I 'able yontic girl ax co k, washer and ironer in a atnall private family; good elty reference. lTuTwest wi n s-rTsEcoNh helu west side. X" ' tf Ax good cook and to assist In washing; would go a i!iort war In tne country; private family; good city refer ences. Can l>? aeen for two daya. l/Wlf WKStTvtM ST.. HE A It.-A RESPECTABLE X I f t/ J woman aa good cook and to axtUt with the want ing; no objection to a private boarding bouie ; city refer ence. WEST" lftTH ST., BASEMENT.?A HkSPECT able young worn'in at good cook or laundress in a private family ; no objection to the country; beat reference. WESTI7T1I ST., NEAR UTH AT.. KKAR?AS flrxt claxx cook; understands cooking In nil ita brunches: hotel or boarding houte preferred; city rofcrenco. WBBT U8T ST.?AS PLAlK COOK, WASHER and ironor, or to do houaework; bott city reference. 2'JO MAHISl)NTV." "<"PRESENT EMPXA)VMl'SjT -jO A young woman as Grst clast cook; understands er ' usiness perfectly. 19 O '"WEST 1? Fh ST., FRONT HOUSE, TWO X wO flight* up.?A young woniun ax firit clans cook, city or country ; would axeitt with waahlng; beat city reference. 1 9(1 WEST I9TII ST.. PIR8T FLOOR, REAR.-'AS 1 ? ? ' cook, washor and ironer: eis years' city reference Vom latt place. WEST 10TH ST.?A YODNO WOMAN AS Ex cellent cook, waxher and ironer; city reference. IOA fuj 2 )Tli ST.?A RESPECTABLE' OIRL AS LOLr cook and laundrexa; la an excellent baker; no ob jection to the country for tbe summer; one year't reference from laat employer. Vi'j WEST 1?TH ST.?AN AMICRI'IAN GIRL AS X* J L good plain cook ; would axtltt with tbe waabing; best reference. 1 Q7 BAST 18TH ST, (PRESENT EMPLOThR'S.)?A LO I woman hk iriod cook and a stint with the washing and Ironing; good reference. 1 OO WEST* 18TH ST.? TWO ('.1RLS, TO LIVE TO L? JO tether; one aa flrxt clatt cook mid tn aatltt with tbe raxhine; the other aa chambermaid and waitreaa; belt city reference. fj" (\ WEST 18TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WO MAN JtU to cook, waxh and iron : willing to go to tbo coun try; bext city reference from laat place. 1 A H WEST ISTH^ST.?aTRESPECTABLE WOMAN AS l*x"' Brxt clati cook; hat no objectlou to aasiat In weali ng; beet city reference. 1 WEST 19TH~ST.?A COMPETENT YODNO WO 11" man at good plain cook, watber aud ironer; good :ity reference. I A 9 WEST 19TH ST.?AS COOK W ? ntTAT.i lTiJ family; will do the coarse wathing; bctt city fef tre nee. 123 L29 151 IJ.^ WE8T -4? ST--AJf HONEST, RESPECTABLE XTtJ woman to do cooking, waaliing and Ironing in a iniitll private family; good relereuce. C^ill for two days. 1 <1K EA8T 5?^H ST.?AN ENOL1SH PROTKMTAM 1T') girl at good cook; will nstixt with waahlng mid youinit In it xmall private fnnilly; first clatx city reference. 1 A(i EAST X!I> ST?A~ KKal* EOT A HLE WOMAN XtU a* good plain cook, waalier and Ironer; bctt city reference. E A ST &!D ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS cook or luundrext; bext city 1 "tl WEST 81 ST ST.. FIRST FLOOR.-A RESPECT X.?JX able colored woman at cook or luuudre t. Call or addreax. "w% ST~I' hT 11 ST., KOiTvT :i, llliAK.?A RliSPKCT j ubie worn tn at good cook; would do coarae watli lug; bext city refer-nce irom latt place. 1 west" 52b" ST., BETWKEN BTII AND TI'H IvT it vs.?A respectable girl ae cook, waaber and Ironer; good city reference. "I .rfLj EAST 42D ST.?TWO G1HLS TOO ETHER; ONE X*'U k? cook, waalier and Ironer. tho otlur as chamber maid and waitress; city or country ; best city reference. EaST .'HTH ST., ROOM"l37^A VOuTU~WOMAN at cook, watber and ironer; bettcity rc.erence. 158 1 kO WEST 28th ST.?A respectable girl, AS A'JO first class chambermaid and do Una washing; no curd* will be answered; best city reference. l"fcu EAST I'lTril ST., IN THli TAILOlt'S STOKE.?A luO competent ponton as cook o laundress; 1< a good baker; no objection to tbe country , city referet ce. 1 WEST 5iST sr.-A KBSPEUTaHLK OlnZi, A. L*)'J good plain cook, WMhor and ironor; U baking: city reference. fZjy WEST 56TH ~*ST.?TWO YOUNU OIKLS. ONE IUO as good plain cook, viiher and Ironor; tlio other as chambermaid and wait rem. in a private family; no objection to BO separately; best city reference. r?7 WiTav.?a yoonu woman ah pi est class I.1) I ci ok ; hilly oompetcnt to tuke entire charge ol the kitchen; city orcoun;ry ; first clans reference. twin west 4tiTH sr.-a respectable uikl as faUU cook; would assist with washing; throe years' ret trance from lust placc. i)| m WEST 86TH ST.. CORNER 7TH AV.?TWO RE*, fci'l/ spoctable young wumon iu a small private family; sue us cook anil to assist with the washing, and the other at :hamberuiald and waitress; best city reference. iii|o"kast wru st.?a respectable oiriTto cook, wash and iron ; wilting and obliging; is au excellent bread and biscuit tnaker; -?i?I city refere.iee. OA/{ 3D AV., NfcAR Tdli" Colt.NElt IMil ,-T.. IN iUU the corsot store.?A eompetent young we man ?? good cook and to assNt with coar?e Washing; no objection to the countr.r ; best city reference. Oi|/V" EAST Sit'fil ?T.. 111RES PAIR OP KTA1 Itfl, ^UU back.?A respectable girl to cook, 4raah and iron ; 12 months' reference trout last plaee I)/ vo~EAST 68U ST.?A K25i*&CTABLK WOMAN AS ?iUO eook, washer and ironer in an Atuoricau t?miiy. tin JTv hSr~5E7a~ st.-I?bEsFkct ab leyo u no mvO woman as first class cook; williiit; to do the coarse washing , best city relereuce. ( all for two days. til 1 WK8T MTU ST.-A YOnNO WOMAN AS COOK. ?j?? w isher and ironer; city or country; good reference. til H west~Ssth ht.-a muui. v respectable JjL'-t Protestant giri as plain cook and to assist in washing and ironing; best city reference. Call tor two days. tn EAST 29TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN _i L') as 100k, washer and ironer; is a good bread and bis cuit baker; good city.releroiice. f?Tr ~Wk8T S8TU ST.?A WOMAN AS KIKS I CLAM &L*J 1 rench cook. ADELK KlEKi-.n. 2%in WEST MTU irr.?A "Vol NO wU woman to cook, wash and iron; good refcreuce trom present employer'*. II,11 east 21ST si.-AS competent COOK ; is an ZtZtJ* excellent baker; willing to do coarse washing; city or country; best city relorMce. (l?)i) KAKT '721> KT (PRESENT EMPLOYEB'Sk? ,jjiO A yoong wotuan as cook, wither and ironer. ?5tTl west mu sr.. in the HEAK.-A'?iikiTro cook, wash and Iron or tu do general bousoaoik; city re leronce. nil I WEST 27TH StC SECo.SU KLOOR, BACK.? A joung, strong ~'irl us cood plain cook in a bo?i d hig house; wvnld aaabt with washing it required, or w..o)d do kltc'oeu work In a lar?e boarding house. Call lor two days. ' (ja- WEST ltsril sr.?A Ri-.SPt.CT ABLE YOUNG gill as cook, washer and irouet ; illy it-Terence. iM)jv west Tarn si.-a competent woman j?tjU as good co.ik and to assist iu washing and ironing; elty or country; best city relerence. t l'sJl ~ EAST i:i l M ST. (PKK8&KT EM PLoYER's).? juOL Two rest>eetable gills. one as . ...>k, wasber iind ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; ?1> years' references. (HJ7 VKMflTTH ?T., TOP NAUIL-A WOMAN AS suO I first class cook . would assist with the washing and Ironing; tint class city reference. t)\if MA0t WD sr., FIRST PMtOK. P1WJM l ? AS itO I cook, washer and Ironer In a suiail private family, city or couutrv; e<mki relerence (ll II 4TII AV.?A HESrhC l .Ml l.K Glill, AS OOtlU iTU plain cook and to wash and Iron; good city reler ence; no carde received t> ill East" 471" 11 ~ST.?A K ESP KOT A B LK YOU NO tj't'J girl at ro..k, waslier slid Ironer; uo objections |o the ceuntry; best elty reference. t> 4 'i east r.?TH ST.?A KKHPKI'TABLK Olltl." a? ATi) eook and to aasist witli the washing and Irouing; go jo city relerence t> I 7 WEST l?rrII ST.?A rol'NO oikl as plain jT I cook, washer and Ironer i Lett elty reference f) | yj WEST UOIII hT.?AS Kll'.si' 'OUASS COOK; ^TO city or eonntry ; good elty reference 4? < Lj wksi' 4^u sr., kikaT ki.ooic?as cook, a* xU brasher and Ironor; wou.d do hunsewora is a iuihIi laiuilyj, would go In the country; reference 4)1(1 wio t -TTii ?r?a'kksim-ctab'Le woman t . 1 . ' as Crst data cook; no oiijectiou to aboaruiog b. n-e . *itild assist with coarse washing; dty or country; k0 'd leleronce. _____ ?!--? .U..-T a .Til ST., PIKST H.OOK, BACK ^,)tl room. ~ A > wnman^aecook, washer and ironer; in i good baker, willing and; no objection to tbe eoMBiry: ity relerence. O-X 7tii AV -A PKENCH WOMAN AS P1H.-T class cook ; good relerence. tif 1 670 AV.?A KESPKCTABLK lilRL As cook 1 a?a ?? assist with waaktasfi best elly reference. BrnTATlOFrS WATrED-FBMAUC8. . fool*i. ?.<???. 0/?f) WEST ?3TH KT.-A RESPECTABLE OEBMAN _ V ) ? woman of experience II Srat rliu cook; no vuh III; city rahrenw, OA] K VKT 4TB ST., FIRST FLOOR. FRONT.?A Oa'i respectable young woman to cook. wash and iron in a private tall;: guad referen< e. Q/\ - kXsT JfiTiI ST.. Tilfl(b aTTiTboom.? OU") A respectable young wnman as '.'.id plain eouk: one thai understand* her business: best city references. I'an ba Men for two days. ?>/\/? EAST avril ST.?nCPERIOR COOK, UXDEB ? I'M) stands Kuglish, American and Jewish na)Ut( in all Ita branches: no objeetlou to ft boarding houae; two years' ?ltv reference; city or couotry. Ol 7 EAST 34TH ST.-TWBEE RESPECTABLE OI | yntinir women wish situations ia the country; <me aa conk nud laundress. another as rhambertu aid ami wait ress. and third aa nurae and seamstress; good references. OOO WEST in n ST., BEAR.?AN AMERICAN OIBL to do plain cooking. washing *n work in a small family: good reference. OOO WEST 17TII ST.-TWO~BESPBCTARL> ?->_*' iiH'' as rook, waaher and Ironer; the other aa eham berumld anil wait real. beat city references. ?I'OQ ~WKST I7TI1 HT.-iA YOUKO GIBL AS CO'>K, i'-iO ws?lier and irouer or to do housework In a private family; no cards answered. ??9Q WKVr ilTH KT.?AS GOOD COOK AND ASSIST ??? ?' In washing; good baker; city or country; beat city reference. 0 j fk EAST SflTH ST.?A COM FETEXT WOMAN AS ?I'rU MM: fully nn lerstands Iter business: willing to assist with washlnc; eity or country; beat city reference. Q l ,| WE8T~2flTH ST.-A* RESPECTABLE PERSOX UTT aa rood cook in a private family: la an excellent washer and ir.mer; would co a ihort diftance In the coun try; (rood City relerenre 0.1 7 rr?i a v.; ne a it .vitiTst-T bespecta b le ?IT I 8 cot eh l*roteatant rlrl as cook. waaher and Ironer: la a piod bread and cake baker; no objection to the country; good reference. 81 Q EAST 21 ST ST.. ROOM 5.?A PBOTBSTAWT T ?' woman na eook : a good plain eook: would assist in washing: best city reference. Can be wi'ii for two daya. 0-9 WKST l 'TH 8T . KU-ST Fl.uOH PACK HOOM ? Aa good cook; Rood'waaher and Ironer; no objec tint] to a privato hoarding houae ; eity reference. JHS 2AST l*TH ST.?TWO" SISTERS5 'oNE ~AS T"*'f/ cook; willing to assist with waahins and ironing; the other r.r chambermaid and waitrea*; beat eity reference, 11 1 WEST tm RT, PI BUT FI.i>OR.-TWO BE TA L speetable girls; one aa cook, washer and ironer: the other aa chambermaid and waitress; four years' references from last place, fall or address. a "I t> hastTstu stT-Ta scotcti woman as good tIj cook, waaher ar.d ironer; eity or country; good reference. /Ll (i WRST 41 st st~two oirls;~one as cook, TJ ' ' waaher and Ironer: the other a* chambermaid and waitress: rood citr reference. TOO WEST 4JD NT.?A RESPECTABLE 1[?~ROTE8 T ,.m'I jiant woman to cook, wash and iron In a private family; beat city reference. 1 OPT EAST li'TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG T?>?? uirl aacook and wa?h<>r; 2 yean and ? months' gootl city reference from last place. a Of* nr> AV.?TWO SISrKKsToXE AS EXCELLENT T*'*? V.ncllsh and American cook - irood baker: th<- other a* t-ood laimdre?a ami to aaaiat In chamberwork; city or country: beKtcity references. rrjfIft WEST 5.VT1I 8T?A RF.8PKCTAHLE YOPN? ? woman aa plain cook and to waali uml iron; haa a smart little iflrl: can make her naefttl, and Is able to take care of rhlldren ; wishes to go together: Kood reference from last place, CftO WEST S4TH ST.?AS PLAIN COOK. WASHER ? /''O and lrnner o^firat claas laundress; city reference. nrzo' rfa at.-a rbmpbctable yovvo wquax (?)0 a? Iir?t claas cook; thoroutt'.ily understands Iit hnsinesa in all Its branchoay would a-sist In waahlng; city orc.<nntry; best reference. eru AV~ IN~8TORE. ?a FIRST CLASS COOK, in a private family; beat city references. Call or address. 77(J TTH AV., TOP FLOOR.-A SMART, IXD08 1 I tj trlotis woman to work out by the day; excellent waaiier and ironer; neat honaecleaner. Olf* 0TR AV., BETWEEN 46TH AND 47TH BTB.? OiU As cook and to assist with the washing; six years' reference. C/*7 2[) AV., FIRST FLOOR. HACK.?A YOt'XG O* I I woman aa rook, waaher and Ironer in a small fam ily ; best city r.-fort neo. QQ J .'rrAvTTBETWEEN" 47TI1 AND 4STH STS.?A Oi7~t reajwctable rlrl ns plain cook, waaher and Ironer, or an laundress in a private family; 6 years' reference from last place. Q1 Q~3n AV~TIIIBD FLOOR?TWO RESPECTABLE t/JLO L-iria: one as eook; the other as chambermaid and to aaaiat with waitinir In a boarding house; no objection to the ionntry; city reference. 1 "nn^'SD ^ BkrWEF.X 59TU AND S?TH ats. <ln china sturei.?A young woman aa cook, wnahur and ironor In a small private family; best city refer ence. I l\(*n 3D AV.?AS FIRST CLASS PLAIN OOOK: 1.UUj can make good bread, iiiscult, rolls, Ac.: would assist with washing. iIOQ 30 AV.. BETWEEN 64TH AND ItVVTIf STS.? ?U*'u A reapectuliie girl na cook, waaher and Ironer in private iainily; best city reference. Cau be seen for two days. I t Q') 2D AV?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AiTaOOD ixOO <oi>k and to do coarae a ashing: six years' bost city relerenre Irom laat place. (!all or address. TOUNO 8WEDISII iil_KlT~ AS~ GOOD ^OOlt; iindiT-i anila her bnainese thoroughly. Address II., box lHtt Herald Uptown Branch oltire. "T PROTE XT A NT WOM AN. WELL EDUCATED. TO iV take charge; is economical; call suit the most laa tidiouain Kn-lich and all others; new atyiea ot cooking: !)0 yi-itrk'practice ; rof.Tcn' e ; will lie di*riii.rnired next week. A(.'dre>s L. II.. l>ox 11 ?-< lirrald Upti'wn Branch office. TtIrtbonnii.v n?mpktknt womax"as fikst class cook lu large hoarding houae or small hotel or res taurant ; city or country; It a good carver; eood reference. Address, lor three d.i\s. L., iierald Uptown Branch office. DVERTIMB IN Tllh EVENING TELEGRAM. BATES l'O CENTS PER LINE. The circnlation of the EVENING TELEGRAM last week Monday 37,1(10 Tuesday 87,2f)0 Wednesday . 37, " 0> Thuraday 37,.V>0 Friday 8\AQ0 Saturday :4 w Total Daily average 3il.71tf OF KICK NO. 2 ANN ST. , t~*OOK. LAl'NDRkSS OK OH AMBKRM AID AMD WAIT 1 reaa ? Hy mother and daughter, or will do tlie work of a tamHyj city ur rouutry: Hr-t cluas reference. Addreaa Mri. OARSIDE, box 2ti2 P ?at oilfice, Morriatown, 24. j. Chambermslda, &t. Q WEST .MSI sT.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL A8 O chambermaid and aeainatraaa or to aaalat with ^ruwiu>; children. 7\VE8T KID ST.?AS OHAMBBRMAID AND WAIT rcaa in a private family; good city reference. Call or add raw. WEST 44TH ST.-^A vbONO "a!RL~AS~cilAMBKlv maid s no objection to a boardlug house; beat city refer ence. No cnrda. 8 C WEST 3IITU ST. (PRESENT EM PLOVER'S).?A ?J lady triahea In Bu i a permanent homo lor a reliable Irl to iln chainberwork anti fine wattling in a amall lumily. 'all for tfii daya. 8 28 HORATIO i-T?AN AMERICAN WOMAN chambermaid and waitreaa. EAST 23 ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A HE ? )') rtppi'taMa ulrl aa chambermaid and laundreat or chambermaid and iraimtreu. ?)"7 WKsr iHTIr ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER7S).?A 01 respectablo Protestant itirl aa chambermaid in a pri vate family who go to tue country for the ?umtner. cT BAitSoW ST.. REAR.? A Youlo AMERICAN girl chambermaid ind waitnaa; city or country; ben reference. t ail Irom 10 till 2 o'clock. /?A EA?T 41 ST STV? A~YOU.mT oIRI, TO DO CHAM UU b- rwork and waiting or aaaist in w*sblni;; wuulil go to the count> y for the summer; Ural claa* city relercmc. Call lor two ilavt. i{~\ EAST 4IST ST.. IHmniBN MAO I SON AND Ut Park ava. -A roapertable woinun to do chamborwore and aewing or would 14-1..t with growiug children; beat city reference. Call or addreaa 77 East lami ST?a Yor.v; OfRL AS OIUM 4 I bertuald and waiireaa; good refurunco. ?J< f m Ai? Son a v. (f, a sT e m i -Toy e k's>.?a com 0?." pet -ut young icirt ai chambermaid or waitreia In a privatu family. <>r w mid assist in laundry work; four yeara' refvrenro. (f>n he aeen lor two daya. WEST HOUSTON ST.?A TO UNO FRENCH UIRL a? 1 nambermaiil. 9(J inn W,"-S'r S*1? ?r.-A YOUNO OIRL AS FIRST l'lv" cli? chambermaid; can do tin* waahing ami iron lug; heat city mlerebse. 1 ( 1 7 wr 1STH sr.. TOPT'Lt>7iR. a respect io I able gill to 1I.1 chamberworC and waiting, no objec tion to the country ; beat reference. > "I <17 EAsT-rriT 'sr. <i rb>ent employer's),-a J "I reap, ci iMt frii 1 a? cli tnibermnid anil to atrial with waeblng an I ironing or waitlug; beat city reiereuce. Call lor t*o days. ' 1(1(1 WE.vr 4?;iil sT (KINO FOURTH HI.LI.;.?A lUw respectable ynunggirl to do ehatultorwork n .1 wait* li.. ; in) objection to ko a abort instance In the #nautry; beat reapectable youuit girl to do chainberwork 1 id wail, jo a abort <l city reference. u:i! <i*i)N at -^a respectablk tocko 110 Kirl aa 1 hamberniuui and waltreaa; uooil relcri nce. I 1 (i~ORKENV\ i?:il"AV.-A'"7?7.SPKCrAIILK~ Vol NO J I ?' Proti'.taiit irlrl a? chambermaid and waiireaa ill a private faiml v , baateitr retereuoea. 1 09 wi.sT-'orii sr (I-oi utii ki:li,i.-a RESCKCT J ww able (irl aa cbambormaM and waltr ?a 01 to tike ear* ol clul'lrrn; ia aiiiing aud nbllg.n . . uo ohjactiuii to ko to the c untry; two yetra city rtloranca. 1 'i| | WEST -' .TiT a 1., lN~VVOKE.-A UIRL TO DO 1?IW chainberwork ami waiting and to aaaiai in waabnu and ironing; is a goo.l 1. heat city referenc*. lin ?Ksr 17 I'll ST -A vol'.NO til HI. AS CHAM I'l'/ bertuaid and waitreu in a email family; beat city relerence. u UX WKUr 4!)Th ST-A KE.SPECTAUI.E YolTNO Lto irl aa cbanib. rmMld and wnitreae; no ohJe?lleii to the coutitry. t'.ill ?i addroaa. -EAST 421) ST.-A PROTECTANT WOMAN AS tj chjmborniaid or waltreaa; city rrlerraee. ^ 1 1 '7~KRASKUN ST.-O.NE HERMAN ANDFRENrTl ljt I gin linr chainberwork and aewin?; gnnd relorence* 1 I'uTaTlTl ST. BEIWEli.V 01-II a.M)7IH A VS.?-A J. JtO rr.peelable ul/l aa cbamuermatd or waiireaa; beat city rH?r*iR*?. I -n wts r ISf 11 ST.. itTfwRRN hi 11 and"7th ???.? A re.pectabie girl aa rhninberiMiid and w titreai: uo objection to aatiat with tlie waahlui:; city refer ?rice 1 -Q WEST WTII ST.. ROOM 13.?A VOl'NO OIRL i ?)~ tn da chauiberwnrk and waiting in a private family; iityr.-:cr nee _____ ltJ WE.<T 2STH sr. A OOOD WILLI NO OIRL |?)~ aa chamtxrmald aud waltrraa; boat city roferenca from laat ; iac? 1 Q EAST 30TII ST.. SECOND FUtoR.-A RK L>)'J apeitable yonng woman to do chaaborwork aud waituitf; l.vf jeari' relerence front l??t pU c. 1 fill K*ST <HTHIT. A VOl'NO OIRL AS CHAMBER 11)>/ 111.1 >? t anil w .tre?a; willing and oMIfing; good rol ereuoo from lait ala? ?1STK,wKMAr.E.. 1 ~t\ *m ?,"_mJfcc. -~ l'>9 CH AMI* EM AID aND country; tr??d city refers^? rt ?** th? "West Srrii ?t. <kino thiuo bell>.?a he* *^ect?ble young girl I* ihimbtmiMi WWlWfl in a private family; cooit city re I rr? nee from last place. 1G0 1/}1 WEST ?TII ST.?A KESPECTABLB OIBL A8 lol chambermaid mid waitress in a privato fatally; no objection to the country: best city relar<no. 9<\9eAST 37TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOCNO uirl as chambermaid and waitress in a private fam ily; no nbjvctum to tha country ; seven years beat city ret erence from laat plaer Call ur address. l)i\~ ami st?a co*p*tbnt bkolisii ?) irlrl a? chambermaid aud seamstress. or waitress,, beat city retcr#nce. 208 PollsYTH ST., TOP PLOOR, PROMT. ROOM 229 280 riillM III nr.. iui r . 14..?A young Oarman woman aa chambermaid oTio BAST 44TII~~K'r"-A kbsfectable WOMAN ? ~ ?? chambermaid and waitress: would do general housework in a ?mall family ; bill city refereuce; not afraid to work. OAQ WK8T 10TH 8T.. FIRST Pt.OOR, ? BO.NT?A ? respectable .voting girl as chambermaid or to do light housework: willing anil obliging. Call for two ilay*. Ol f EAST 40TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO ? 1.1 woman an chambermaid and to lake car* of chil dren ; beat oity reference. ') 19 WBST~ 2?flI Tt\"rear.-A REsPF.CTABLE w I woman a* chambermaid. Call or sddress. 919 "BAST MTII ST.*?A YOl'NQ WOMAN TO DO ? 1 ?1 cbamberwork and waiting in a inmll private fam ily 1 boat city referenco. inr. EAST IsTl! ST. SECOND PLOOR. BACK "I'' room.?A young girl a* chambermaid aud waitreaf; go. .d city reference 91 r; EAST -"IT II ST., BOOM 7.? A TO C.N Q GIBL ? I' ' us chsmi ermaid and waitress 91 K East Srrii st.. second ploor.-a yocno ^ l<) tiennsn trir! a* chambermaid and waitrrss or to do sewing and take care of children, willing and obliging. 91 (J "BAST-iVrH~sT~A' OBKMAN PRUTESTANT ?1V ) person u chambermaid end waltrele, or to take charge ot chililren end do sewing; country preferred. 999 W55f~2TTH *s rlA ilKSPKC TABLB YOONO ?girl lor cl.aiuborwnrk and waiting in a private boarding house; willing mid obiik'lng. 994 WEST I7TH st.. in rUE .ii;.\it.-A t.IKi. as ,? T chambermaid su i waitress or as nurso and seam stress'; city or country: city relercnce. 9i)r" WEST r?T?7 ST ?A VI)I' nTwOMAN~AS IJOOD tJ cook and excellent baker in private family: no Objection to a privite hoarding house.; good city ro'e:Slice. east auru st ?a v7m)"n(V biri. as pik&t cla?? chaiuberinnld in a private f.noily; ia willing and obliging: beat city reference from i:ul place. EAST-iSTH" ST.?A YOONO WO.MAN T8 chambermaid and waitreaa; good city r?Terence. T-:ast 11 sr.. in thesture.-a keTipect able girl *.< chaniberm^tiil and waitreaa: willing to a??iat with the washing and ironiug; three yuars' reference from laat place. 9'j/1 WEST 3-<T? BT.?A I'ROTKSTAXT U1RL TO -?>'r do cbamberwork and oUiu auwing or waiting; belt city refereuce. <)O f WESTT<:?riI ST.-A healthy YiTuNtTuTuiT, jOt lately lauded, ea chaniheriualil: willing to muke heraelf generally uaelul. Call on or addreaa \V. M M. 9'?,- east 290 ST., IK THE UAB HOUSE.?TWO young girla to g.i together: one aa chitmberiiiHid and waitreaa; iho other *? nitrw: and ivnuld make heraelf generally n?c!nl: la willing and obliging; city or country; bait city reteruueo. Can. 9')!? WBKTWTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR Aft FIBBT ?jOv) eluai chambermMld and waitreaa or to do gpneral houaework in a amall private lamily; country preferred; beat city reference. <7j] | EAST ~ 2JD ST.. SECON D PLOOR.?A RE wtI' at.ectable young girl to do chamherwork and wait ing, or would do honaework; good city reference. Call or addreaa. 9j.II EAST mil 8T.. THIRD KLOOR.-A neat -'lv Proteatant American girl to do cbamberwork aud waiting or homework; gund city nfimoei, 9* A EAST 4TTH sr.-v KESPECTABLB YOONO wT" girl aa ebaniburinaid ami waitreaa; no objectioua to a boarding house; beat city reference. oTpfat' -JtTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YfVUNO ^Tl girl aa chHmhermald and wnltresi; tliorougblv un deratanda her bualneaa: heat reference. 9/19 WEST Si.rH Hr.?A 7<e"si'eutabi,e WOMAN as chambermaid and plain sewer or to take < aro of grown children: no objection to the country; city refer cuce. Call or addreaa. 9 4 O EAST 53 Til ST.. BETWEEN 20 AND .1I> A VS.?A j lO young girl as chambermaid and nurae for tho coun try; city reference. 9 4 ?> EAST 9ST1I ST., BBTWBBN J I) AND 3D A VS.? ?'11) A young girl aa chambermaid and waitreis. In Ibo country : city rtftniN. 9.I I WEST SOTU ST??A YOt'NO oTkT AS wTT ohamliArmaid and waitreaa; will go to the coun try : cooil city reference. 911 WEST 41ST ST., PI EST PLOOR, BACK.?A ?j i t respectable girl as chiimhermald and waitreaa; uo o Jcction to tbf tMOtrr; lieat citv relereuce. 94 C WEST 4TH sr. ?a EB8PECTABLB. YOUNO ? T? ) woman na chitmbcrnrild and to take care of chil dren or wait on an elderly lady and make heraelf naeful; beat city relerencea. 9 1- WEST :^Tlf ST., Fl RSr-Hlll'SE eTxsTop ?d~r> ' Broadway, on the north side ot the street.?A re spectable girl aa chambrrmftid and aaitreaa in a private family: good city reference from ber laat placo. Call for three Uaya. 9 t n west asD st. umTksknt employek-ri-a ? "L ? ) rcapucta'ile girl a-, chaiulierinnid and waitress III a privato family geln^ to the couutry; willing aud obliging; lour yeara' city rulercnce nc 1 west aisT st. iprebmnt employer1*).?A ? ?/'X voung gir. ns chamliermaid and to do lino washing or general houaework. Call for two days. 9 r fC"wEST 4IST~ST.7 ST(>RE.?A KESPECTABLB yonug girl as chainberinaid and waitreaa; would assiat with the wafhuig; best city reference. 9fi<5 WEST 17TH ST.. CORNER 8TH AV., IN THE j<JVJU grocery atore.?A re.p-ctable young girl aa cham bermaid and 10 do plain aewing or take care ol children; can operate on the inachiuo. Q/ti east "ami sr.r pirst ploor. pront.-a O'/l young girl na chambermaid aud waitress in a pri vate lamily; good relerence. OjiT"WEST 4^TI! ST~h I Rj|T PLOOB ?A RBSPBCT OUT able Oerman girl to do cbamberwork aud assist with the washing. Oil I BAST ll'TU ~ST. ?A ItESPKCTABLE PROT Ou'T est ant girl as Drat ciaas chamber maid and waltreae; beat city reference. Call lor two days. il/ir KAST 2BTH ST.?A YOVXU (IIEL A8 OiiAM OU?) berinaid and waitreaa or to do bne washing; good city reference. EAST 08TH ST.?A RI'.SPE* TABLE (iIRL AS V chambermaid and waitress: good relerence. {jito I.AST ::1TH if . FuiBD PLOOR A RBflPEO OUO table young girl aa chambermaid and waitreaa; willing tn aaaiat with the washing and ironing; city ur coun try; beat reien ncea. O/tQ EAST ?ni isT . ROOM 14s?A VOUNO OEKMAN OUw girl as chambermaid or to take care of children; city or country. EAST 34TII ST.?A COMPETENT (JIKL AS chainberiuaid and waitreaa; no ebjeclion to the c .Iintiy: U home prelerr u to wa^es . city rcicr-nce .11? BAST 320 ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNO OIRt oLO A*obAOilwriuKid tod waitre** or wnuM w?il? wsailing and ironing in a small private lamily; ^ood city reference. 309 Olu HENRY sr.. NBAB tillA.sU ST.?A RESPKCTA OLO hie Poliab gir> aa chambermaid aud waitreaa; speaks English. Call for mree days. ?i 1 (I EA ST ^1ST ST.-A9 CHAMBERMAID ANi> 1TO OJ ?./ do |.laiu aewing; best cily isiereiice. east a4Tii st.-a voiTiu- uiul to do OaaO char.iberwork and mind children. ?}?)/* emi 23l? >T.?AS t.'ll A .VIII h I: M All*. WAIT OOU res< and assist with the a ashing ; two years' good city r?:ereiH'e from laat p..tee. WEST 44T1I SI.-A (IOLOKED UIKL AS eliaiuboriiuid and waitreaa or nurae; go d refer Call or address. "WEST 4KTII sr.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO uvv girl aa chaiubertiiald, willing to aaaist with wash ing; lour yeara' relerence from laat place. ? > I ?? BAST tttlTU ST.- A COMPBI bnt YOUNO OIKL UT11 as ehamlierniaid an>l waitreaa; * illlug aud obliging; threa years' city reference. Call or addreas. ?> I - KAsTMufii sir a uesi'F.ctable youno 0"r?* girl. 14 years of .ige, as chnmbermaid or to aaaist aim liglit Housework ; a.lung and obliging; relerence Iroiu laat 10.11 e. 1 .ill l.>r I.?.1 d*Ja 337 ruw t 338 .?-?> WEST 2STH ST.. PIKST FLOOR.?A YOUNO 0?.)0 girl aa chainoeriuaid *u J waiue.s; beat city reler 3-O wi-:st jr.r;i sr.?a lifcsri.i Taiii.k yoi'no ? JO girl u? chambermaid ami wuitr?ia; two yoar*' relar ?uca. oc7 av~? \ kksiFkTTj;a blk v60n<: VsTitiT"as OO I chum "?! maid .in I waitren* or tu <lu li.'lit liniiac Murk in a iraull private minil.v ; wiillnx aud oldikiug; <uur yearn city rclr rcuoe. Cull liuta 10 lo 4. ? 119 K AST 10IH ST., TlI1RO Klaji)K, KrtONT.?A 'l uj .*110114 tcirl a> chaiabormald ami wnitr*?a, or lo u ?i*t Willi tlie waaipten and iruiiitlK ? I /\n~KAMI' MTlH HT.-TO l><> UftftAIBB fuU, "lU I take o.tre ul children or do lijrhl bom-work. II 1 WK.iT mtu ST., boom a?A BJUrSOTAftUI Til young R'rl a* eliaiiiU irium 1 ami UundreM or lo do Chain UMrwwk and waiting; city relcrem ea. .Ill WKsl JH l H ST T-A KKsrKCTABLS Til yuuug girl, lal> ly Itndsd. l<> du cliun.lierwork au<l ????I wiili fhMaing; wiillag 10 go in tbe c mit|f, 1 1?) wi.sf sniTii mi'.?a KK-ii'i-i iAULk voou tIm girl lo du ch?uU?lNrurk mil waiting orchataUor Mora aad lo aaaiat with the waaUlBg aud ironing , ctly rcler ?m. I | I TTU AV.. KIBST K LOOK.?A KKHI'MCT A BMt TIt taraag woman a* etiM>ni>?ri:iaiii and waltrraa or 10 do ctiBWrfraurk and lino; no oujecliou 10 lb? country; brat cla?? city rat B r t net*. 41 r WK>T */riii~?T.?an am'kbicax uirl~ as 'X I') ch imijr .u..M aod to aaaiat wllb Ilia bouaeao. a In ? plain lamily; rati roncei. 4oi| wht> r 4?rIi nr.. fij fitl>~Fui?>uT-a yolno ^V7 giri ?? ciiainl>*ru,.ild and icaiu?ii.jM orwaiirtM; Lot ciiy roioreneo. 4.i.?' ?Vrn st.?a woman-a3 cli iinbarniald ami wintro?? ami to aaaiat wuhlba waaltlng and if' i.iDif; 110 objection to ilia country ; good city re'erence 4-??- ? ? - - - - ? fcgjj-jj, i| A > |T a. 11II si's.? TU A youBK K>rl a< .'hauiUiiriiMlil and waitrcaa; It ? hoi><i i?laln aawer; la willing lo no III the ?oiiBiry ; city ref ?renrt. a ! 7 wKfir"V-mi sr." v'I.ctahli. y6I/MO 'i ' i I girl it chaniii?irnald and wailiem as I to aaalal In tlic euro nl ehlldran ; t?l refereiico. 4r?> W*ST JStll ?T.?A YOUKO OIBL am CHAM* ' )i) ln<riiiald waiirau aud aaaUi witli wavlnuk , he.1 city ral?rcnc?. lt?Q *ril AV. (KOL'HTH BEJ.Li.-A YliUNU (JIltL '11)?' an rirai cluaa cliambvrni*id and waitrasi; willing tu Burial wtw ilia ?ra*Ma? aitd IrMrfag ia a amail privaia luiuily ; l>?*l citjr n-;.n n Am la?l plaun. 4tjff STII AV. (PKl.iiKN T KM ploy KB1*).?A KB ' 1 ( )>) ipwliklt yo?ni( girl m chsisbaruiald and icaoi atrrai; b??t city rKfarauuo. | nil 1ST AV . MKTWBKN a?TH AND '.UTII "?co >la. A young girl to do cliBmharvioTk Bud w-Hlag; wuuid Uko lo go tu tlx oouutiy ; (and III} ruiorcuoa. SITUATIONS WiSTED-FKMAtKr. C'bitmbrrmaMt. Ac. 7TI! AV.-A RKSPKCTABLE YOUNG OIRL ks chambermaid and waitreaa: eity or country, bc?t city reference /riV 1 WISSTMD nT.?A KE8PECTABLB GERMAN Ovil PruifilAnt firl ii eliimt frtuaM ma ??itr?w of ruind children. Cull bufuro '2 o'clock. RAO ' ASI' fiii Sr. ?AS 1NTELLIC, EN f VOI'Mi ?_)UsJ girl as chain orinald and waitress in a first claaa boarding bouw: beet eity roterenee. Call^or two days. 1ST AT.?A YOUNG OIRL TO DO CHAMBER work and nili'ic 4U0 557 ??1Q 9TU AV.?AM AMERICAN GIRL TO DO Ul1 J chamberwork and wuelilug, or chamberwork and waiting lu a private family; city or country. Call between 10 and 4. /?OO OR KEN'W1C1I1|ST.?A R ESPBCT ABLE YOUNG UOO inrl to do chamberwork and waiting in a private family. Can be >een for two naye; good city rclerrnce. 77?T"7T~lT AV.. HETWEKN51ST AND MU STS.-A I I (J young irirl to do chamberwork and waiting in a luiall private tumily. Q4IQ PULTON 8T.. BROOKLYN.?A hWKDISH OIRL O wO an chambermaid and waitreae. or to take care of chil dren or do plain aewing lu a tumily in tlx country; good city reference. Q ttl 3I> A V., FIRST FLOOR-A RKSPECTARLE tJ')~T girl to >lo cbainlierwork and Que washing and make her?ell useful; good reference. fw' - 3D AV.-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO i/UtJ chamberwork and walling or ehamberwork and plain sewing; good reference. Oft'\~3D AV~-A VOI'Nti i>IUL AS CIIAMHEI'.MAID 0\J>J and waitress and to assist w.tli the washing and Irouin f In a small private hall} i >0?d reference. :1" AV A Vl'NG ivOMKX As chambbB* " I ?t maid and aenmatreaa; can cut and tit children'! clothing . nn-h-rstanda Wheeler A Wilson machine. 11 *-1 L a0 AV.?A YOUBQ-1OIRL AS CHAMBER ?J O I maid and waitress and to aaaiit with the waab ing lu n private family: eltv references. 11 L AV ? BBTWBSN OOTS AMD 618T sts.? il'l r A respect aide youii ? w< man aa chambermaid aud to do flue w aaliing; two years and three montha' refer ence ; citv or Country. Call for two day a. 4th av.?a bbspbctable girl as ? ? O* ? chambermaid and laundress; la willing to t ike chumberwnrk and waiting; no objection 10 tne country; beat city reference. A" R KS PECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN TO DO CHAM berwiirk; good rity rulereuce. Addrese C., box 111 Herald L'ptown llraucb office resi?ev:taulb" 'iui;i, as c iiam iikrmai d or chambermaid and waitress, ot to do general house work; no objection to the cauntrv; Brat class reference. Call at first bouse from 4th av.. on Seitlt it., for two days. l>rM>maken unit vaniilretaea. 7 EAST l.vrir ST. YOU NO WOMBK'8 CHRIS tlan Ataociiitlon ?A German Protestant trlrl would like to go to Kttn po with a family In the capacity of seam stress and nurse to growing children flbest reference!. US BAST STB sr. M AR MADISON AV. (F0RMBR 0? / employer's).?Aa first claaa ?e a in at real: understands cutting and Uniihliig all kinds of fainliv ?ewing; won il a? alst a? chambermaid or lady's tntld; flr?t claas relerunce. Call or niliir-'aa for twodaya. WEST ivrn sr. (I'REBKNT EMPLOYRR'8).? AS uw tlrat > iaa< dreaainnker. who la alao a thorough aeain atreaa; hitrhest city lefereuce. 38 ?treat Q Q l?T. K EO K K (T srTT\V<?R KI ViiWilNIKN'S PKOTECV 00 tlve I'nion).?A Proteataiit Eafltah woman aa ??arn atreaaanil to teach irrowinir chlldreu; cau cut and lit drvaaee; would aaaUt wit'u liglit work. 55 WEST 4SD sr.. MOOJf1 Iflk?AN BE AM WT RE 88; HO can do all kinHa of family anwinir. operate on ma chine and dreaauiakiiiK; would nuke beraail' uavful; beat reference. 1i)\ "WKsT 29TII ST.?fifuLU HAV"lNO* HAD"EX _ 1 perleuce u-ltb a dreanmaker to work by^he week; come preu^ireil to wki k ; briuir raferencea; and a woman to do general l.jnaework; muat have good reference. EAST IHT1I SI."-A RESPKt'TARLK VoCNO girl aa aeamatresa; uiideratand* dreaaiuakitig; would aaalat with the chamberwoik; operate* on Wheeler A Wilaon'a inichine; four year a' city reference. Ui) BAST 38TH ST.?A "F1R8T CI.ASS DRESS ~d maker wlshea more engagements by the day ; belt city reference. 17J_~ TTiFaA^-A YOUNG WOMAN jASSEAMBTR'eSS; lit a iood operator on Whee'er \ Wilaon'a machlue; would aaalat with the chamberwork; beat cltv reference. 1 tTTwaykkleyplacb.-a i.kkssm vKKR would i. I " ) like a few more ruatomeri by tho day or week; terma reaaoouble; call or address. o<>,~ west -srii srT?a piiotksiant gikl as aeamatresa or nurse to growing children, or to do light chamberwork; can operate on Whoeler A Wlliou'a machine. Call until ?uiteil. tiiTn EAST aOTH sT.-Tan amkrican~iiui- to do Zisewing and mind a child, or to do chamberwork; city reference. ()')1 WEST HIITH ST.-AS SEAMSTRESS BY A NEAT, mOL respectable k'irl; la a family sewer; or aa tnaiii to a grow ing child : has three year*' reference from her last place. Call or addre?s. 0|10~LEXINGTON AV.?A CI)MPETENT (ilKI. AS OUO aeamatreaa and to take care of children; willing and obliging. Can bo seen at present employer's. ? ?1?) i:ast WTH ST.-as riRBT CLASS SBAM OJ.O str">s In a private family; Is a g>od dressmaker; understands family sowing; la an excellent operator. OIQ KAMT j|> >T. ? V DRESSMAKER. A FIRST OLO class litter and quick worker, will work for $1 M per day. OQO UD AY.-A RBSPBOTABLE WOMAN TO GO out oy tbo day or week to do family sewing; can make and repair shirts noatly. R. C. II (?l ?TH W , IlKIWKI-.N 1'iTII AS D ?jiiTII STS.? "tit's A lirst class dresamakor, formerly of Lord &? Tay lor's, wishes a low engagements with families by the day or week; it a good fitter and trimmer. Address DKbSS MAKKR. A_Off WEST a?TH ST.?A NKAT. Ydl'NO, ACTIVE Tt)') nurse and first eU?? seamstress; excellent city ref ?renoe; wii: go to the Mtnltji ii ? ceseary. TO | :il> AV.. NBAB it ii i ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN |\"~r a* veamstreaa and lady'a maid; can cut and lit lor ladies and children; *ewa on i.ltr'reiit inachlnea: would take care oi a gr 'wing child; would like to travel with a lady; ten years' city reference : can be seen until aulted. 7>n nTH av._a rkspi.ctahi.e voi n ; person ?)" " (Protestant) as seam-tress; would assist with chil dren or light chamberwork; understands dressmaking; good operator. A" YIWSU WOMAN AS SEAMSTRESS; UNDEIt stands cutting and Httlng; would mlml growing children ami do'a little chainberworl: best cltv reference. Addrese Ii. box 111 llerald Uptown liraucli olllce. A- FIRST CLASS S t AM ST RKSS, 1) PERATEM ON DIF frrent machines, to wait on a lady or children or aaa ?t with chamberwork; city or country; beat reference. Ad drese M. W. v., llerald Uptnwu Branch office. General llouaework. &r. 2 AMERICAN LADIES, MOTH Kit'AND DAUGHTER, de-Jre situations; trother would lake entire charge of the establishment ot a widow: would do the work of a small family Itetwern them; city or country; best c ty refer ence Add ran UP A. llerald Uptown Branch oflca 1 (11 tiROVK sr.. RKAR, ROOM 41 A RESPECTABLB I "'young girl to do general houaework In a crivate family ; city or country; city references. 1~CTII sr.. Kinsr HOOSB BOitTR OF OTH AY., TOP 'J floor.?A respectable yoang woman to do general h iu?ework In a small private family; ia willing and oblig ing; city reference. r~isth sr.. front roomT rear.?a t young woman to do general housework: willing to make heraelf generally useful in a first claaa boarding house; beat reference. ()- Tones st.?a hksprctaulb girl to do i-rneral honaewora ; Is a good waalicr and Irouer and plain cook ; good reference. EAST WD ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?T(J do general housework in a small family , best refer ences. ?> 1 WEST ISTH ST., REAR. SECOND FLOOR. HACK ? / I" room.?A }onii.r woman to do housework; good ref erences from last place oTT\V EST 13 III ST.?A RESPKCT ABLE 1* RO TEST ANT t)'~ English ulrl to do housework in a small family; no e>.j' ctioii to tbo country. j ?> WEST 4II> <r.. BET WEBS 5TH AND ?TH \vs 'l ? ) (present employer a).?To do general housework or up stairs work. ril BARROW ST., REAR?AN AMKRIUAN GIRL, ? )'* asav IS, to do light h uieworfc. UallirtMma C7 WEST ISTH ST., RKAR.-A YOUNti WoMAN TO i) I do goneral housework ; I* willing and obliging; good reference. 1 ft 1 EAST I2TII ST.. CORNER 4I'll AV?A SMART l*'i young woman to do general housework In a sin.ill private family . goo i city ref- rem e irom last place. Call on or addrvaa M. Mc. 1 (W' WT ST 21TT1 ST.?A KESPKCTAIII.K PROT JUi) estant woman to do ganeral housework in aauiali pri raie lamily ; uoixl *ity relerence./' 1 (1| | PRINCE ST.?X YOUNG WoMAN WOULD LIKE J w '' to ilo general i-ousework by tbe day. 1?)1 ChlCYSTli -I A YilUNti tllltl, II. DO <. I. N 1 eral housewora or as cliamlierm ud and waitress; lirst class waaher and ironer; good reference. 1.>J Wl. I 3'Td ST.?A ItBSPfcC IAHLL WOMAN luT to do general hunsework lu a small private family; best riiy reference. 1 l?)~l W1/r "'TH ST.. REAR.?A YOUNG GIKL TO 1+jCj d'i general housework ; ia a good cook, waaher and Ironer; b*st city reference. Call oraddresa. WEST 10TII ST?A PROTKsTANT GIUL TO DO Ifi ucral houaework in a auial! family ; beat city reler 131 ence. 1 11 j * Rsf liinFiT *r. front I 1 11 room.?A reapectable girl t ? do general housework in a small private family ; four years In bur last plate. I i < ? wiSi i m ii 57?a i;ikl ro bo iniusE II U work in a private family; boat city reference Irom last place. 1- s? PHI NCK ST. THIRJ FLUOR.?A GERM A N ? giil to ilo guneral housework: references. 1 - I I. \sr 4.IH sf (PllhSi;.NT E M PL-?Y Kit's/. ?A 1 ?)' 1 girt to do general houaework; good waaher and Irvner; three year*' reference C<ll this day. 1-'' IHril -r, llll..11 I IIAI'K ?It) ro< ni.?A youiii girl to do light houaework; (ood city reference. 1 r.Q EAsTSmI II sr.-A YtH'SU OIRL TO DO OE?T lu J eral housework In city or coautry : city ritferenio l . ? ( I WESI .'Jli - r -\ RKsPr.CT ABLE VOCJIO I D'' girl to do general bouaework In a small private lamily; beat eity reference. 1 Q 1 LUDLOW T.. FI KS 7~E VK -Tr<7r"R lOL man 1.1rl to do general houaework In a small Prot e*taut faiutly ; can do any kind of work. 1UI) CHRYSlIK ST.. TOP "kLOOK.?A RESPECT 1 < ?) able tlerman girl to do g'neral housework in a small private tniully. Eaat aide prelerred. I, !?; bast" i ith st a rkspectable Tifku. It'mJ lately landed, to do general houaework In a am all private family : best city reference. rfi- ALLEN ST., ROOM NO. 4 -A RESPECTABLE ? '? ) i,eiuian g rl to do goueral housework In a email pi Irate family. Addrese. l < 17 west urn sr A , mmi-i-ikm' woman to X ?J I d > geneial Ii -naawork ; city relerenco. i)/t 1 EAST ST1 ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG s?''L girl to do general honaework In a email private lamily. on ( WKST .-UD sT -A Itr.sPi.CTABLE OIRL TO mt "?X u<> houaework; willing and ouligiag; beat city ref erciice. < a I lortwoiia.ia sift I WKAT.-XiTII KT.?A (;IRL 10 DO IIOCKEWORK 4m\J X lu a unisll private lamily ; good city felereuco. 211 BIT(TATIOXft WAWTKD-FEMALB*. <??????? nt 1 liouufwork. 4>c. 1 WKST 3HTH ST.?A RESFBOTABLB WOMAN to <lo general housework : dtr reference. 91 ?> KAHT~II2D~ST.-A PROTEBTANT~WOMAB TO ?< 1 ? J do CKiiiril housework in a small family; best city refe rence. OO'IWMT WITH gT.-A IRKK11BCTABLE TOUNQ girl to do general housework in a private family; beat citr reference. 999 WEST "a?TH HT -A Yol'VOt OIRL TO DO w general housework in a ?mall family. rioT KAS r -HI II M' , Tor* KLOOK A YOUNO GIRL, -e a lately lauded, to do geuural housework in a suiall family. 99" RAST HITII ST., SECOND KLOOR. FRONT.?A ? vouu : girl t<> do general housework in a private family; |0M city ref. rence. noli k'ast ?jtrii st7?a willing <;n:i, K'SfcoEN -i')" eral housework; good home mum an object than waitei; best roleruni'O. 901 WKST AVTII ~ST7-T0 DO (ik*NRRAL HOUSE _.?)! work in a ?mull private family; two yvara' refer ence from iaat employer. 2or" WEST IOTH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Of J girl to do general housework or ns ciiambormaid and waitress. Kin;; bell three times. nQi> WUT 1?TH sr. \ rkhpbotablr wDmax Jj'ly) to do geucral housework in a ?mall private family; good references EAST :?TH ST.?A YOUNO Wl) M AN~ 1(77)0 general homework In a ?mull private family or to assist in a boarding houae. O VJ".Vi:8T~47TI{ SWO DO (IKNKRAL HOUSE X"X work: elty or country: good reference. 9 J < ' ' WKST 30TII sfTlf K a I! HI 11 \V . THIRD T floor.?A respectable vminj woman to do gen eral homework in a small family; city or country; good reference. 9i07"WKSTlOTII ST.-A RBSPECTABLR filltL TO iJTT do general housework in a small private family; no objection to the country. 2.-9 WEST tSTii ST.?A BKSPEOTABLB \0lN1; '.)mj girl to do housework. neb east ."v'Tii if a kbspkcta? tiB fociJo W )O woman to Oo general housework lu a >111411 private family; three years' relerence c>/? 11 1 <>! 'I A\ RESPECTABLE yTTuNO <:! Itr.. lately landed, willing and "bilging, would assist with light housework or In.e care ol'children 979 I "Til AV. ?A RESPECTA Itl.K WOMAN TO D< > m I general housework in a small family; city refar oaij east -?th sr.. ne\r u> av.-a yocno ? )U_/ girl to do general housework in a small private family : country pre'erred ; (too.! reftyence. >)|\- EAST 7s |7 St7?A YOUNO OIRL Tt> ImiiII V e>" '>) oral hoiiNBwork in ? muull tamiiy: icood clly relor Can i'? mm al Iaat wpbytf^. ?JiiZi iorli ay., top floor, kront \ respect *)'M) able trlrl to do bouaework for a amail private family; Kood city reference. ?).)o east no 5t a respkctahi.r YOtrifb UjO |:irl to do i;eucHl housework in a privnto family. OOl "BAST tWTII ST., KIRST FI.OOK. WKBT BIDE.? 0?>X A youtit; wotnau aa peneral lioaaeworker; beat ref erences. ?J LI KASE :i3I> ?-A RESPECTABLE YOl'N'O ? I'll girl to d> . uncral houaowoik in a piiv.ite laoilly; boat city reference. bast""aim st.. in orodeky.-a rBspbota> *1 1 ?* ble Kn^ l?h woman (lately landed) to do general houiiowork In a private 'iiinlly; flrat rato waaher and trailer and plain cook: would a abort dlatam'o in the eoimtry, where there uie no other Mtrranta; prefer* ata idy place to hWh wane*. No letter. OO9 WBST '15TH ST.?A OIKIj TO DO HOCSB work in a atnall private fatuity; Kood city reler 370 409 7TII AV.?A RKSl'ECTABI.K OIRI. TO DO housework In a amall I'ainilv or cbamberwork; fir?t claaa relerence from Iaat place. Ca I for two daya. WKST SMTH ST.?A YODNU OIRL TO 56 housework; ttood waalier and Ironer; yood relcr 423 jm BAHT 1STH ST.-A PROTESTANT OIHlt TO " L*7 d.i housework iu a atnall privulu family; uader atanda plain cookluir. L1 Q 77'fn ST.?A RESrRCTABLE WOMAN l l ' ' to <lo KPneral housework In a small family ; city or country; uood plain cook; Rood references WKST" 4IS I ST 7 MBTtt KEN ?TH AND 10TII JO ava.?A girl to do ueneral housework. A Oft EAST IITII sr.. SEOO'KD KLOOK. FROST room.?A respectable I'rotestant irlrl an iceueral honsew orkcr in a private family, city or country; beat city reference. ^JQ WKST 31 ST ST.-A YOUNO (ilRL, LATELY TOO landod, to do general housework iu a small private family. 4?icTwest 3RTII ST.. BASEUKNT.-A KESPECTA *Jt7 blc young woman to do geuural housework In a private family; good city rcfercnco. 7rj \ Sir i 5th ST.?a respect a b "e uTiTi^ "r? /V J to do fiauoral housework ; would go in (he country; good refei once. j"?l ii) XT'.?AN AMERICAN PBO I fSTANT WOMAN '1 ' <L to do all lh" work of a small family living on a flat: best clly relurence. Call all the week 011 Mrs. 11RYANT. ri - atsr st.-a rkspkctaulk yocno oirl ' ) I ' I to do houbowork in a small family; no objection to the country. Q(l?> 1 ST AV.. NEAR WITH ST~A~RKSt?'titlfAllLK (JO't young girl, lately landed, to do liouaework lu a pri vate family: Is willing and obliging. 11 J~C JD AV., THIRD "7i,OOR.-A YOUNO (ilRL, ? It'J lately landed, to do general housework ill a s.n >11 private lamily. Gail for two nays. 1 17 V Wl a'V., RBA?r IIOUSK.?A YOUNO OIRL -I ? 1 I T to do the entire work of a small private family or chamberwork and waitiug; citj or country ; boat city rei cronce. Advertise in THE EVENINO TELBORAM. RATES HO CKNTH PKK LINE. The circulation of tbe KVhNlN'U TKLUOKAM last week was :? Monday.. 37,tin Tuesday II7.LKI Wednesday Si.WI Thursday 37..ViO Friday s S6,? 11 Saturday ?%,:**? Total a-.'(>.:t 0 Dally average UU,71tl OFFICE NO. i ANN ST. ttoua*ice?neri. dir. f? WEST JONKS ST. FIRST FLOOR, ROOM 4.?A ') young lady us housekeeper tn an elderly geutlemau'a family. Mlaa T AVhlt. I C WEST 1STU MT.-A TOOBO LA1?V OF CHBBR !?' ful disposition as housekaepar in a widower's family. Call all the week. r/j"'east i.'itii stT?a yoi no spanisii lad^as hou-ekeepvr In a widower's family. Call nil week. CI W EST73Tlinif~A_c"HEERFUl. YOU NO Lit UY tj L as lM?s*ka?par: altr pwlimt Pan for two days. LAWHKMTe ST., KRfKJKLYN.-A MIDDLE AIMED l)ij woman aa housekeeper or nurse: la fully competent to tsko charge of children or an Invalid : can make children's clotlies and baa iier own sowing macniuu; best refereuee. Call on or address E. K. It. howkuv.-a" REsT'liOTABLE WIDOW AS housekeeper in a gentleman's house, C.lll \V. ?A LADY AS HOLSEK Ki'llit. CALL one week. 130J 147 234 40 WEST IHTII ST.-A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS housekeeper in a tenement house; highest r.lur ence. Call 011 or addria* for one week, IIOL'Si'. K e.E I* 1'1 It. ?ji(t bast srrti stTI threb stairs nr. Front" ?Jl?" A respectable mlddla-agad aroinuii p.s boiiseseeper in 11 trivali faintly: .0 nl > iiy relor nee. 1 .ill inr two day*. 791 1.ill w. (FTrst bklli.-an kxT'EhIenckd I tmj L En.'llsh wo.nan as bnuaekaepttl; uiidcrstuuda Kieucu and hngllsii rooking; beat citv referenea. 9 9i|#7-?Ta7 i kkspectable wibow From wi^vl Lomloii, England, as working houaekecper; I o.i'i plat*i cook ; best reference. Tn ENOLIs'li"widow as workino iiouskkkei*. ;\ er; brat testhnonlala. Address Mis. LOW, Herald Uptown liranch o.'lico. Lu undreaiea. >bi . ~| /1 WEST 4 IT 11 ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN AS FIRST 1' " clas' lanndraas In a priiate laiully; thoroughly under stands Iter business; clly reference. 9- AV. B.-A RESPKCTABLK YOUNO OIRL AS Jj') laandresa in a small jrlvato family: willing to us-lst in ebamlmrwnrk, or would go as cook and lauuilress; city ref rence. (>all or address for two daya. 17(i WEST joflt ST.?A RKSPEtrTArfLE YOI'NO _ ?/ woman at laundress: understands her buslnaaa thor oughly: or to d<> chambarwork and fine washing. Call at preacul employer's. WEST llffifsT.-AS K1HBT t.'L AShXaUNDRBSS ; best elty refeieiica. ,-?? WK.-T 1 ss I , J Jsi'.. |: K \ U. - A Ul. ri'.C I'Aill.l. nil. ? man at Urat cla-a lauii iress ill a private lainily: un derstands Kioncli lluting, polishing anu lacaa thoroughly; city reference /'/? WKST KITH ST.. NKAU ?TH AV.. REAR ? HV A " )( ) respectable colored wuinan. daya's work, washing and cleaning. Call. -to Carmine .-sf. one klii.iii' ok stairs i r l O room No. i.?A re-|.ecl ible woman aa lauudresa . n?# objection 10 rook, wash or iiOn or go in tbe country ; best city relerence. 1||(1 WKST lfiTll sfT REAR, TOP kloorTa I'll/ young woman aa Hrat class lanndrusa; city reler ence. I 1 I WUT 17TH ST., NKAR ?TM~" AV." KIRST J JL'r Boor.?A competeut woman as llrst eiaaa lauudreaa; best elty retereucea. I k>/? WTTIIB AV., WILLIAM IHURO.-A RESPECT 1 ?nidii tieriuan widow wishes ateajy ?'orR for three or lour uaya In tbe week to go out waaliinx and ironing or housccleanlng Call on or address Mrs. Ki.MI'K. 190 CLINTON PLACE Kin ST.). IN fllK HEAR.? A competent womau to take charge of a lani.dry. 1 | - I.ASi iorti ST.?A YOUNO (it III. ts LA UN X dresa and would assist with cnambarwork In a small private lanallv; first Class city reference. I-'JWK.-sT Z7TII sr - A RLSP CTABIJI WIDOW ? IO woman wishes to take washing and ironing to Iier own bouse: is reliable and thoroughly eaperivnocd la llu ting. will b" doue 1 beap . good reterenee. 17^7 wkstT-'iii sr.?abbspeci:Ai7i,i. woman as ?I ^ Drat class laundteas and pi.?lo cock where aim could have Iier little girl; g oil eltv reference IThU WEST 3MTH ST. ROOM .V-AS KIRST CLAMS ? IO laundreas; umler.t .11'ls her ho ideas thoroughly; would assist with ihaioberwork if required; uueiceptiona ble city relerenee. l"r,Q wb?t~Twd ST.?A he^pkctablr wTTmTn L'/O Wishes some more washing at her hom? : T& cents a doeea. 1 r.(\ wes'i .isr sT v ttt sp cj \iti7i o i;i.l a l'/'J gooil laundresa; anderatandt (luting ami pulling; city or country; city relerenee. 9|| I I'.ASI a.'.Tll ST. (IN (JltOt Kl? nikiT-Ii &VI'T: coti!^-t?nt laandress would go out the three first daya In the W . k washing and ironing or housecieaning; bast city refer, nea. ? WRnT 27TM ST.-A WOMAN AS KlKSf CLASS laundresa. prefers tbe country lor the summer 20t 90M WKiT 32D hT. -A KK8PB(;TABLFe WoMAX AH nr*l claM l*ur?clri?B? in ftpr.vAte fmnilr; Uv?vrait' best city reference. VA1 BAST i?TH ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN AS FIRST HtlX flwl Umirttfsft Ati<l lii ii-Blut wtiti ? hlimb?rwork If rsitimrMl t *.? m tHm Munuf; irwo?l city rtltriBcA. MTtJATIOIl \V A \TF.n?FKMALEI. l.uuildrfaara. <V< 907 FAST 42D ST . FIKST FLOOR, FRONT.?Ai I fir-t class I?UUH"'U in a iar^e private family, Cllf or country: good relerence. 007 east r.aTii sT.-a yopno uirl as Lau?s I dreaa; b. ?i reference; Dn objections to tlx country. *>ii iSrfi >r. Tin. 1.k fliohts vr. m wTl I!>? rear. ? A competent woman to work by tke day lit washing. houaecleauing. or any other work. i) I jr WEST *1D ST?A YoUNO WOMAN AS FIRCT ?"r'' claaa **: no oMectlon to a private boarding house; city or country: city reference. *>/??> vfiT 32D8T?A TO UNO 01RL AS LAUlf I ?Ui) ilrea* ami chambermaid; no objection to tba country; beat city references. i)Q0~SD AV.. NEAi:~iHD ST - A~ltKSPECTABI.R Z" you a ^ woman aa drat cluaa lvuudresa; can do K reach flitting; bait re** ranee. o/t?- Vast 44Tfi st.-a respectable youno >)' '?) u'irl aa laundress nnd chambermaid inn private f41r.Hr; best cltv reforeiiee. i)f>7 Ti ll AY.?A VltOTKHTAST OIKL AS LAIN ? >' > I drcaa in a private family city or country; city ral erence. *)1 1" \VKST~7f?TH ST.?AS FIRST CLASH l.AUN ? > I "r dress: understands h-r business: na objection to a?>l?t with chamberwork the lattar Durt of the waok; beat city reference. OIQ KAST 31ST ST.. FIRST FLOOR.? A YOI'XO til ?' girl n< first class lnuii.tres* in a private family; city or roti 11 try; best city reference. ') " <?) 1- V>. t. ll si WOMAN TO WASH, Aa, outdoors. J|k7 HAS I 3 mi ST.?A YOUNO wF\lTv WISHES T" t f I a few nice inmiiie*' fine washing or to go out by the day ; bi'at c'ty reference. Call for one rtuv. /II O west iisr st -a rkspectiblk cirl as l l.-d 1 uiKlrni; willing to a.>*lst with chamberwork; good eitv reference. l?)'i WEST .-.JI)~st. - A IthSPECTABLB WOMaV ?s< ' withe* to vit uni l?y tlie day to * a?h or house clean ROjjj WF.ST3ITH r \ RKS PECTA l? LB MARRIbK woiiihii wishes 10 take more washing and ironing, ('nil or address. 7 I O n a v.. iti:fwiii'n l?7ni and 47 m sth.?a ("I ?" resp-ctuhlc itlrl a-, laundraaa; umleratanda all kimle of tine wash in.' ami flittinc; bent. i t v rt- li-rcncc. Oil 7TH AV. IVD 5?TB Ol A plain wanlier uml Ironer; city rpferonce. U??1 -.u W. is FIRST CLASH LM si>lil-:ss IN A OtJl. nrivate family: tborouehly on lemtand* her Imai. ni'?a? no nnjuction to the country; be?t city reference Iron lit*: pin-1*. 1 A *Ui 2trAV.'-A~ vorso GIRL AS LAUNDRESS A? t ?)" nnd cliambnrmald. VOVKKTISK IS ???. Till'. KVKNINO TKI.KORAM. KVTKS _?(? OK NTS I'KIt LINE. The circulation of the KVKNINO TKKEiiKAX lait week wua >1 nnday 37,ino 'I lii'wtHV M7'_'IH) Wedneadny ; 17,M 10 TliurHiIay : <7. \,M 1 Friday .'t.'i.nvi Saturday 3.'i.:?J0 Total Daily average 30,719 Oi-KICb NO. - ANN ST. % ti r?e?. iVr OrxioN cokrt. near university place.-a vcunir Frrnch ulrl Ma chlld'a nurae. i'all for two day*. i)(' EAST iTffi HT.-A OERMAN FioSSCS ?l) peraon aa lliat c'an nur?e; relerencei. 07 "bowery, i i i ' b s Kit's ii 0 r h l.?a respect a ? ( bin uri iii 111 to take cart- of cLildrm; i? wllllnic to jjo with a fa 11111 v to Kurope; refnrence. Oil EAST HOUSTON ST -AN BDUOATRO TOtrMfl ? )' ' V'ri'iicli person to mind icrowlnu clilliiren or aa maldoi t" aaalat in liulit chamtierwork; umlemtaiida every kind ol aowlnir: wlllliiK and oliliKlni;; |[i>od rol'ereiicoa. | 1 MARION ST.?A Willi iW (i'R< ?T ESTANT) AS "I L nurse and KiMimstrei'.', underihtnnda dr-i>maklng| operates on ilinv-rpiit 111 nrhlnes and would take care of an li.v.illil: ro object Ion to the country; uood rclurenca. Call on "r .'lilrr-is M. I,. II. y> > ?'_! IV SUFFOLK ST.?A YOUNO OEUMAN WOMAN AS wet muse; tiilby live w rb old WEST isTTl ST. TlMlKoKST EMI'LOYER'8)-Jl t>0 yoiinK Klrf an nurse or chambermaid. | 4TU ST.."HBOOKLYN, B. I>.?A I'ltfiTKSTANT ?J"? woninn as child's nurse ; experienced: competent to taU? full clinrire ; woulu uiaku herself useful; good aewer. Aildresn NUKSE. ro KastIitii ST.. FIRST floor! BACK ROOM.? 'JO A Protestant womhi. capable of takinc charice of an from It* Mrtb: UgbMl nblWM. ft"CAR.MINE ST.-A R~KSFgCTABLE YOUNO OIRL 'l as nurse and to do aewini; or to do chamberwork and aewlnir. (>l\~ FAitK~AV.?AN AMKItlCAN WOMAN TO TAKH " J < ) caro of an Invalid and do tilnlu sawine and light chamberwork ; has lived In that capacity In one of tba b??t families fur a number ot years, f?7 WEST UTH IT.-A RB8PB0TABLB TQOU U I woman as wet nurse; beat reference. ml'. AST ll'U'.i SI'.-A RES PECT A B LE AMKKI* can woman, who has lost he% first baby. a< wet Iinr-e. Call for two day*. Mr*. KENNEDY. 1 1 O WEST :nn ST. -A itl.SPECTAISI.E YOI'NO (ilUL il'J as nurse and seamstresi; no objection to the conn. try: cood city raferenca. 1 *>T?~"wEST"u?T|I ST.?a TllOROl'OM NURSR; CAM 1 i tako the entire care of n baby and lirlnic it up on tha botii ; city or country ; ktMt city refere ce. 1 *> I east aisT St - t ytjuno woman to TAiOk 1 r caro of n child or do any kind of li|(hl work; a t,'ood home desired morn than wi."js. 1?>| V WE.-T -Hi ll ST. ?AN AMliKICAN OIRL TO ? )(/ taUo charge of one or two arowintc clilldr n; city at country. 1 f i'r.TIl (PRESENT~EM!*LOYER'S). ?A STEAD?, J ' i'L competent per.on, with louif and satlstactory city rafarence, aa Infant's nana. Adilri^K nthsk. Ill WEST- lin n ST. (KINO THB BELL).?A9 iTJ nurse: nmlcr-tands the care nf children: la fully competent to take entlro charge : over one yeur'e city refel* enoe from laat place and others: no objection to travel. iTjp isf 8 Til if x BESPECTABLB YOUN0 W(> J"tO man as nurse ami aeamstress. and operator ol . Wliceler A Wilson s machlno: would wait on an Invalid lad] | or assist with upstair* work; country preferred; belt city 1 reference. 1 jq "EAST .ViTM ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOL'NH j I 'l ?" Kirl as child'* nurse; willing and obliging; (o?4. city r> lerenco. 1 r.| \ WEST 'jxril ST.?AS CO.MFRTENT NURSR; 1?)'/ can bring up infants on tho bottle; bast city refaf ence. 1 v) 'iTM-AV~A "lTTtKF. Cl"KL TO TAKE CAR! 1 ? > ^ of a baby, go on errands and to make herself useful. 1M KAST 39TH M". I il i ll 1J HELL).?Al Is>sl first class nurse; uinlor.tands the care of a baby from its birth : is also a cood seam stress; no objection to tha country : best city reference. -J -.O Wl ST 5J()"ST -^A~YOCNil IIEAI.THY WOMAN, X' 'O with a fre?h bicast of milk, to ko out a* wet nnri?| be?t city referenda. I 77{~?th a v.?a married woman as wki II U n .1110; irood city rulerence. Call lor two daya. 170 Till AY.. top FLlMiR.?A HRALTHT MA* 1 I O riod woman to wet nurse a baby at hoiue; doctor'l relerence. O/Wi EAST IIMTII KT.. SECOND FLOOR.?A RB Jj\ MF ?ptfci*bl? girl (nged 17) a? child's nurM; rtfuf ??lire. O/V1 EAST SSD ST.?A JiTiSPEtJTA Bt.E Nl'BSB; *."! well adapted to mind a child or children. AddreM Mrs. FRASLEY. i)ik - west acrlT st , sscond floor.?a prot cstaiit woman to take care of children or do gen eral housework In a small f iiuily. <>1 ?> KAST'iTtH ST.-A (11)1)1) OIRL AS NURSBt ulu or chain iirmaid and waltreas; Wst relcrence. *> I Q "east ..DTI! ftT.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO ?ilO take nliarKc of one or two growlug children or wall ou a lady. 99 | ~ist av -a"pkot?:stant woman as ntrski ? ? L I M I '?'? I'.II I barge ?l a lialiy ; good city referenea. 99?J RAMI 2?ru ST.. THIRD FLOOR AS MTmSi m ? * ) fuliv comprtcnt to take cntlra charge of an Infaat or urowlng chlMren ; city or country: good reference. <>*>.- EASI ST . .NEAR 3D Af7~FIRST FLOOR.? ' A youn/ woman as nurse and to take entire care ol ' ch hlren from birth; will do plain sewing In a private faM> lly; no objection to tlio country; sis years' relerenea. *>?>7 Kast a ru -r ts m use "a'nd ream' ? ft I atress or as nurae and chambartuald; beat refa^ y> Kst :ih? m a i IT TLB OIKL To MIND A '.*!.) ; In w Uliiii fiiid olihiriuir. ?'?ll far two 4?vt. 241 t?,-() west itrrii sr.-a youno woman as w' )?. and seamstress; city or country ; city refaranea. <>-- 7 I'll A v., sBi'flND^RfM) H, FRONT?A~bT5L ?,?)?) aa nurse in I to assist In chamberwork; three years' reference*. , .till : 1ST . ill sr. TOF FLOOR.?AH MONTH 1st >)(M none or to attend an invalid lady of axparlanea; city reference. ? > Ilk East "?TH ht.-a youno oerman woman ?)I' " mi Burtc <4u*l Mimii?tr0?i?; uood city relorffnci. Il1il"l ,- r .?ill ST -A vol Mi FRENCH OIRL jit ? )lw 'uir.e; city or country; best reference. Call on ? adores* >1 11. ' ?>| | "east iiTifsT.?a iibalthy. rbhpbotajiQ ? Jit yoiin.' married woman aa wet naria; baa bar Bra I.any: inilk three weeks old; doctor'* reference. Ol r. WKST*:?HTII sT.-a'i.EKMAN OIRITa* KORSi OX* > and seamstress; city or country. ?)l(? I- \ - I 1ST ST V KESPEOfAHLR IM?U3 Ol'/ woman as nurse and to sew lor growingcUitdrett, or 10 <10 light chamiierwork ?. best city rererenae. east :i7i u sk-a"y7)uno american oiu ?' ? L as nurse or to do upstair* work; beat any relerenea. Call lor two davs. *{97 y-*** "Tvrii st?a uespectahle of.kmaI ? ?? I girl to taaa care of ? grown child. Call far tin nays. ?>.>J WEST" lafiT ST.?A protestant WOMaI ? > ?O capable of taking care of children or narsa tor at invalid; n> bjeetlna to the conatry; jj. i?d rr.'rrsnca. ?pic east illtii sr.. riiisT floor.?a respect sJsJO aiile y mug glri to take care or a baby aad sewi giHi t city relerence. ?J r kj"~WKSr ?il li ST as M'RSE: IS FULLY COM ? )?)u patent to take entl ecl:arge; one year'* city refer ence from last t lace ; would travel 4 ()/? WES1 . 2I> -I A REmPECTAMLK T00H4 T' ?" ' wo nan aa wet nnr*e: beat reference. I Ol " WKST ViiTll'sT.', THIRD FLOOR.?A COM Pit T?jl tent young woman as nurse and scaaiatreee; la kind ?ud obliging with < li'idren; best city relerence. 4*l.i EAST litlTII ST.rilAKLKM."- I Y(il'NO TRUST ?>" I worthy colored girl as child's narsa and to asala with chamberwors ; hl^be.t reference from present empl*^ el's Call on or *ddre?* J. L. \ t 4s>/? WEST it 1ST ST.?'a 7?KSPK<:iASI.K VOUNd ? /*# iroinnn nil %r?*t nnr*#; n li rmce. i (o" wmtilTiTif.. Wr Ki.ouk.TA~irot'Mu oihl T'iO a? nam* tnl cliAmb?rtuAld <%n.l lo Hf; city r?ftr ?nee. 4 Irt 4TII AV,?A IIKSI'MTaNIB til HI. AS NURSB T ? )ij mcl ?9?nntriM; crii tAk? ??tire ciiirfi of a t?*by *n?l t* ? uqf*i hi?lnlre?*^r. CnII ot r.lWi WEST ST -A kk^pectahT.k YOUN0 Owv" ftirI ttf t?ke cur? nf children; wilting uttd ff i??J~sn aV.?an AMEiticAN WqMan a a iNrANT*! i)Ut) nuise , no oiijectioo to frowiMg ckiidsM, ?Uf ralvteuca. fail let two iUv*

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