Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. SPECIE FROM THE SCHILLER. Cambridge University Oarsmen Likely to Contest in America WIHSLOW REMANDED Continued Opposition to the Title of Empress. THE LENNIE MUTINEERS ON TRIAL Parliamentary Anxiety Concern ing Treaty Rights. THE KHEDIVE'S DEBTS TROUBLE. THE WRECK OF THE SCHILLER. S1COVEBT or TREASURE AT TBI scene OF TBS GREAT DISASTER. [SPECIAL DESPATCH TO THE HERALD BY CABLE. ] London, May s, 1870. The divers have recovered another sum, of $5,000, gold, from the wreck of tbe German steamship Schiller, making an aggregate of $290,000 saved of the $300,000 shipped on the vessel. THE CENTENNIAL REGATTAS. tBE CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY BOAT CLUB MEET ING?A CREW TO GO TO AMERICA IE ONE CAM BE ORGANIZED?energetic ACTION?AMERI CAS PLUCK SHOULD BE PERSONALLY AC knowledged?WBAT IB NOW WANTED.' [SPECIAL DESPATCH TO TBE BERALD BY CABLE.] Cambridge, England, May 3,1876. A meeting of the Cambridge University Boat Club was held to-night for the consideration of the pro posal to send a crew to America to contest in the Centennial regattas. A CREW TO BB SENT IF rr CAN BE OROAN1ZED. Mr. Close will send a crow provided one can be obtained. NO VENTURE. Several captains of college clubs wished to send a crew at all hazards, but this was overruled by a small majority. A kan OF ENEROY. Mr. Rees' energetic endeavors for the arrange ment of an International contest are greatly appre ciated by many Cantabs, who earnestly support him, A compliment TO AMERICAN PLUCK. Many Cambridge men think that, considering that America spiritedly sends a representative here, a university crew ought to be sent to America. WILLING TO TAKE the CREW OCT. Mr. Close is willing to take the crcw to America provided Mr. Shafto rows stroke. will HE CONSENT? Shafto's consent is now waited for. ENGLAND. wnmoVa immediate release resisted bt THE CROWN?WAITING FOB THE BEPLY FROM ^ A8HINOTON?THE CASE IK PARLIAMENT? THE LHNNIE MUTINEERS ON TRIAL. Los do*, Way 3, 1870. Application was made at Chambers to-day tor the release of Winslow by Solicitor Woutner, but was re listed by the officers of the Crown and was dented. TXN DATS' REM AMI. Winslow will be held ten days longer, awaiting the formal reply from Wasmngton to the latest English BOtA The application will be renewed on the 13th Inst wur it low's cahe in parliament?the axxkicax dx MA5D AND TREATY RIGHT8. In the Honse of Commons to morrow Mr. Edward Tetnporly Gourlcy, liberal mombcr from Sunderland, will usk Attorney General Holkcr if the United States has protested against the action of tho British govern ment concerning Winslow, and if so, whether America's demands are In harmony with or contrary to tho pro visions of the treaties of 1842 and 181(1 ' Hu will also quogtion the Attorney General as to irhat course he will adviao the government to adopt for the purpose ol upholding or altering exiting treaties Mr. l'uleston, conservative member for Devunport, will ask to-morrow tor the papers on the same subject, THE LKNCTB MUTINEERS ON TRIAL. The eight members ol the crew of the shin Lennie, who are charged with mutiny and murder on that ves sel, were arraigned to-day in the Central Criminal Court and ploaded not gniltv. Their trial is now progressing. ?ilvex. {Silver to-day la quoted at 63^d. tHE BOTAL TITLES PROCLAMATION DIRECTLY OPPOSED?THE CABINET ACTION TO BB SUB MITTED TO PABL1AMBNT POB CENSURE. London, May 3, 1870. The Press Association reports the following:?"We ?nderstand that in conseqnenoe of the dissatisfaction caused by the proclamation giving effect to the Royal Titles act, and which does not limit the use of the title ?f Empress strictly to India, Sir Henry James will lire notlee in the House to-morrow that be will move a resolution, equivalent to a vote of censure, to tho effect that the proclamation does not lulfll the pledgos given fey the government during the debate on the Koyai Titles bill, and, therefore, the vote on the bill was laken under a misconception. "The Marquis of Hartington will ask Mr. Disraeli Jbr ?a opportunity to discuss the above motion." ? ?- ? ? ' ? ?? SPAIN. OABXNBT DEFENCE OF THE PRINCIPLE OP RE LIGIOUS TOLERATION. Madrid, May 8, 1*76. In Dm Congress to-day debate on the new conjura tion was continued. SeAor Alvartx opposed the toleration clause and de clared the monarchy was lost if religions unity was cot Maintained. Prime Minister Canovas del Castillo, in reply, pointed ?ut that Spain possessed colonies in America, Africa ?nd Asia, and had relations with the whole world. St mM be Impossible for her to keep the*e colonies and maintain these relations ir the government adopted an tmsenctlable Ultramontane attitude. PBOYINCIAI.I8T DIFFICULTIES. Hxndatx, May 8, 1878. Two Gatpnscoan Delegates end the civil Governor of Ian Sebaetlan have resigued on account of thetr opto ons concerning thefueroi. tHE PRINCIPLE OF RELIGIOUS TOLERATION SUSTAINED. London, May 4, 1878. Tfce Congress to day, by a vote of ::n to 39, rejected he amendments proposed by the lloderados against Iks religious toleration claate of the constitution. TSE QUESTION Of RELIOIOUS OOTERNMENT. ' London, May 4, 187& tbs mm' Madrid tespatet says the aasndasst to the constitution rejected by the Coagress yesterdsy by a vote of 338 to a* m that ta favor ol religious unity, which was supported by SeAor Ahruu FRANCE. BJUfl'MICmP UNDEB TBS PRESS LAW?*. bocheb's political personalities. Paris, May 3, 1878 The manager of tb< Droit$ de CHomme (newspaper) baa been senteaeed to two months' Imprisonment and a One of 3600 (or publishing the apeocb delivered by Dr. Robinet at the amnesty meeting of April 3L TBI PKBSOXAUTIM Or B0SATARTIS1I. M. Rouher has addressed a letter to the electors of Ajaecio, thanking them lor their support He states that, the Prince Imperial having already protected hia rights from culpable attack by the letter which was published before the first election, ho (Rouher) will not interfere la the forthcoming election, but will merely trost Prlaoe Jerome Napoleon, should he again accept the, candidacy, with Indifference aad forgetfulness. TURKEY. VXCSIC REYICTUALLZD FOB A SHORT PERIOD? AUSTRIAN PRECAUTION AGAINST WAB RU MORS. London, May 4, 1878. The Russian Telegraphic Agency reports that N'ic?io has been revictualled for only three weeks. The In surgents prevented Moukhtar Pacha from completing the work of throwiag provisions tato the town. AUSTRIA* rRBCl'ATIOK AGAINST A WAB BXQTBVBBT. The Times' Berlin despatch says that the Austriaa government has forbidden the transmission of tele gram, concerning the concentration of troops la Croatia and Dalmatla. EGYPT. the ehedive's private estate liable to EXECUTION?THE PBEWCH PROJECT FOB TBBABURY BELIEF THOUGHT TO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED. London, May 3, 1878. A special despatch to the Evening Standard from Alexaidrla says:?"The Court of Appeal has adjudged that the Daira properly, which is the Khedive's private estate, is liable to execution." THS TRENCH PLAN tor TRK RELIST OF TUB TREASURY. The same despatch states that Mr. Rivers Wilson re turns to England, but does not give any reason there for. If this statement be correct the cause andoubtedly Is the accoptance by Egypt ot the French financial scheme, sgainst M>me details of which, as it has been previously reported, Mr. Wilson protested. CABLE TELEGRAPHS INTERRUPTION. The cable lines between Nora Scotia and Newfound* land connecting with the Atlantio cables at Heart's Content are broken, and consequently communication with Europe by the Anglo-American line Is temporarily interrupted. Unfortunately a fault was discovered In the French cable 200 miles from Brest some limn which has not yet boon repaired. Wme ?g0 . JlitiDn.l,,od SutC8 DLrocl C*blc '? working and Is now the only line open to the public; but measures wHI bo ,0,r?pn,r th? ?*'? "t^n Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and It is hoped that the In terruptwn of communication with Heart's Content will not be ol long continuance. EDWABD ISLAND CABL1 BHOKEJf. HALirAx, May 3, 1878. The Prince Edward Island telegraph cable Is broken, and all communication Is suspouded. THE GEORGIA REPUBLICANS. the NEGBOES kicking against white wire PULLING THE MOBTON ELEMENT PBE domi NANT. _ ? Atlahta, May 8, 1874 The qonrentlen met this morning, with a clear major ity of colored delegates in the halL A great many of the white republicans, especially from the lower part of the State, represented various counties by proxy and thus partially reduced the majority of colored dele gatoft The latter almost unanimously favored Morton. The morning passod In skirmishing and Uie Convon tiou adjourned for threo hours to await the report of the Committee on Crodentlaia. No Bghl was mado over the temporary organixation. A strong speoch favoring the pledging or tbo delegation to Morton was made by ex-Congressman Wlrnp.y during the recets, and was received rapturously by the delegates, and showed T .nhe,rnn.iem^rK. ^ r lh# ^Motion or an open tight for their ravorito The afternoon session was passod in waiting lor the Committee on Credoutials, and various negro orators made plcturosquo speeches, in which the white repu" 11 cans wore jeered at and considerable ugly frolimr shown. The Convention then adjournod till night the negroesi still holding themselves aloof and unending . ,on Credenti*ls reported promptly upon the resembling or the Convention. The com mittee had compromised most ol the contested cases by declining to allow either delegation to vote Tho colored members weeded out one or two Ailanu. ri>ii ticiana who had proxies lor Southern countles ald^h. report was received. Then the heavy work bLi" Kx-Congreaimun I'nnce, a Biaino man, was put in tho chair. Ex-Congre.siuiin Bryant, a stronir fnff"th'nl^0<,UCt!rt "i CUt "n(1 (,rle" rfc?0'utton, authoriz ing the chairman to appoint committoe* on business. It was m. t sharply anu a terrible nubbub ensued dur lug which a whito republican moved to adjourn ' Tho colored delegates voted this down with a will and Brv ant then withdrew bis resolution. Tho white'members then renewed the motion to adjourn until niornins and despite .be temper ol the negro deleUte,mxr ceeded in smuggling it through, and tho Convrntlon adjourned amid shout, of "Division! division!" and ">oul play!" from the colored delegates. It is impossible to say "what the night will brtn? forth .though the Counting men claim'ttaT Far?* I . httely. Chamberlain and one negro will be e'ertcii I delegates from the -^tc at-Large. Or these thVflm wo aro out-and-out ConVliog men. tho third Is Brl.tow first and Conklingnext, and tbo last I. undeter mined. It will require marvellous juggling to prevent de?e?a"ea?n m?n 'r?m g"",Dg 4 n?0?'?/?f dlMrict OREGON REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. Poktlasd, May 3, 1878. The Republican State Convention to-day made the following nomination.For Congressman W.lllama For Presidential Electors, Odiil S W W atia, J, c. Canwnglu and Judge K. p Boise Vn*? delegate, J. C. Holraan. ' tfoue. J-or JUDGE BLACK NOT A CANDIDATE. Pitts.cko, Pa., May8, 1878. Judge Jeremiah 8. Black ha. written a letter to tba Pntt declining to be considered as a candidate for the rrcttuaoLcy. THE COOLIE QUESTION. TROUBLE THBEATEHINO I* SAN FBANCMCO? TAI.K or AKMS AND AMMUNITION?INVESTI GATIONS OF THE BERATE COMMISSION STARTLING EXPOSURES. Sa*, May 3, 1878 The South Pan Franoisco Antl-Coolla Club and th. ^ oung Men'. Universal Reform Society held meeting. | la*t night and passed resolutions indorsing the de | fraction or th. Chinese quarter, in the town of j Antloch and .dvocaung a similar course in thl. city | unless the federal government should take Immodiato j .teps to abate the evil of Chinese immigration. "Huffily | incendi.iry ipecche. were made ?nd letters read irom | .octettes in the interior of tho State ?eekin? >h. ? ^operation of>an Krar.csro ar.ncoolle or,Z*?'o^ I The sergeant at-arms 0, ;hc y00D- Men s Cmv^i BrMnr'fr.lm?CN>- ^nn"u,,^?" lh?? h? '>??' received a tele I Kp^rXre^^ ? ~ ? by the mass"r | can be ?? doubt that it meetst/.? Spprov?! of a Un? dangerous class in the community ?nd thsi m ih? event of no .et.on bc.n* taken the mailer 'by h! . general government. there t? grave reason to fear Jri ou< disturbances here at no distant dav. *aio^b7chfn^"?^m'M,<m- ?PP?,D??1 ?<> Investl f. r ? ,? l ,,on' ?ao"r tn Saenmento, C . 0 Net., s policeman. yesterday testified to Iist'db been ? witnes. to the sale of a Chinese woman lor ?4M The wi-man *oon alter commuted ?uicide not likimr the mm to whom .he had been sold i|?'?? .... Utaihehad been informed by Chinese ^ u./v .7^ tend-d mission sebooli .olelv to Vjrn Knalish aid laughed at th- idea of becoming Christian*. Ah i)an, s Chinese interpreter. t.-??ii)eu that two Chi nese interpreters bad bren killed in Sacr"m.n?o for their servues in court in procuring convictions and that a reward was outstanding for bis Hfo He also ??w notices posted tn Sin Francisco containing an a arse I mem to employ counsel to deienrt the murderer o^ob nox'ous partiM ir arrested, to r^ompense him Tr i?. Phoned and send money to his relative, in OlMM If 1 executed. IIis testimony concerning the Chinese com pany was -imilar to that her.toioro publishel Charles T. Jooes, Di.trict Attorney of .Sacramento 1 gave hi. eTjwrieoce as to how ihe Chine.. ?01^0^ ? teionies. sbduet lemales Ac. Hi. lci?mony wi7n Vh" mam a recapitulation of similar avldenca siren befor. *h? commissioo whoa ?ittiog la Sao FraaciM*. Ill Till IHKffl CIISE1S. Decision of the "Great Derby Trial Raoe." PETRARCH THE WINNER. Great Losses by the Professional Betting Fraternity. [incuii BT CABLE TO THS HI1ALD. 1 London, May 3,187?. The second 0# the Newmarket meetings was com menced yesterday, and to-day the 4,Grcat Derby trial race," as the Two Thousand Guineas may be termed, was decided. THE ATTENDANCE. An Immense crowd was present, and among the thousands were noticed Princes Soltykoff and Bathyany, Dukes Hamilton and St. Albans, Lords Huntley, DuppUn, Lonsdale and Hardwlcke. Many of the French nobility were anxious spAtators, full of hope that Count Lagrange's "popular colors on the French bred M. de FUgny would win the race. *r. M. H. Sanford, owner of the Ameri can stable of horses at Newmarket, was also pres ent and greatly Interested In the preliminaries and decision of the event. INCREASED ACCOMMODATIONS. . Within the last few months a very largo and com modious Grand Stand has been erected on New market lleath, much to the disgust of the old school ; of racing men, who hated to see a crowd of people j present. In their opinion no one ought to visit the heath who was not prepared to view the races from 1 his hack. By the general public the Grand Stand was much appreciated to-day. Admiral Rous says It will get back Its cost In less than three years, and also enable tho Jockey Club to give more money to the various events than they have hitherto done, which announcement was delightfully received by owners generally. the candidates. Of seventy-four subscribers for the Guineas half of them or more have been In active training for the race. Throughout tho winter months It was con sidered to be at tho mercy of Petrarch, who beat all the best two-year-olds In England last year. Sky lark, who was also a very high class youngster, was not engaged In the Newmarket race, In which, how ever, Lord Falmouth, who owns him, was considered to have a very good candidate In Fetterlock. As time wore on his lordship discovered that ho had a still better horse In Great Tom, a half brother to Kingcraft, who won tho Derby. Great Tom Is, as his name implies, built on a large scale, and as he Is by Baron Rothschild's old horse King Tom he Is very happily named. About a fortnight ago Great Tom was tried over the course on which the Two Thousand Guineas Is run, and after a rather close finish lie beat Skylark. W hen It became knojrn In London tfiat Great Torn had won his trial there was a perfect panic In the betting market. One large bookmaker received about a ' hundred telegrams In less than hall an hour In an swer to commissions that he had sent out to back the horse, and, being the first In the "swim," he got on at good odds to win nearly ?10,000 for the Two Thousand Guineas and double that sum for the Derby. HIGH RANK OP THE OWNERS. Though so many horses are owned in England by professional betting men It very rarely happens that they have anything good enough to compete for such races as the Two Thousand or Derby with any chance of success. All the favorites for tho great race decided to-day belong to men or the very highest rank in society. Lord Duppllu, who is heir to the earldom of Klnnoull, Is the owner of Petrarch and Kaleidoscope. This young nobleman Is one of the finest card players In Europe, and last year he won upward of ?20,000. Play generally takes placo at the Park Club ft very small but select afltalr In St. James', where there are no fewer than six dukes on the committee. Lord Falmouth was the nominator of Great Tom and Fetterlock. The Duke of Westminster lays claim to Julius Ca^ar, and Mr. Houldsworth, a very wealthy Scotch commoner, Is Identified with Coltness. Count Lagrange had no fewer than nine horses in tho race, two of which started. Perhaps the most singular featuro In connection with It was that Maelstrom, who was very much fancied some time back, belongs to ft Quaker. At one tlmo It was thought that Lord Rosebery would be very dangerous with Father Claret, but he was soon discovered to be Inferior to His Lordship's Derby horses. It frequently happens that the spring handicaps disclose hidden treasures in the shape of first class three-year-olds, of whose merits people were In ignorance, but this year s? lar the youngsters have by no means done well when meeting the older 'horses. Consequently, so far as the Two Thousand Guineas was concerned, the betting public hail to fall back on the performers of last season or trust to what Is often very unreliable?private trials. TUE EXCITEMENT. Not for years bad there been so much excitement at Newmarket before a race fts was apparent on all sides to-day. As the competitors began to assemble at the suiting point interest was intense, and con tinued until the result was known. TOK DKTTINO. before the nee the betting ruled u follows:? S to 1 against Kaleidoscope, 13 to 1 against Julius Caesar and 20 to 1 against Petrarch. THE BACK. Fourteen came to the post, a much larger fleld than was anticipated would compete. These were Lord Dupplin's Petrarch and Kaleidoscope, Lord I Falmouth's Great Tom and Fetterlock, Count La grange'* M. de Fllgny and Cnmembert, Lrnl Wilton's ? Charon. Lord Lonsdale's King Death, Mr. II. Baltazzl's Roslnante, Sir J. Astley's The j Rascal, Mr. tV. 9. Cmwfurd's Claris, I,ord Roscberjr's Father Clarot, Mr. R. Peck's Julius Cassar and Mr. J. il. liouldworih's Coltn^ss. Lord Dupplin's Petrarch proved the winner. His Lord*hip In March last gave ?12.000 for him, that ' he might not be In the way of Kaleidoscope, with i whom he bad backed to win ?40,000. It was in tended that Kaleidoscope should be the nctor, but Julius Caesar proved to have ?peed enough to beat him, so Petrarch had to come to the rescue and go to the front. Petrarch won the race easily, being throe lengths ahead of Julius Ciesar, who wm second, Kaleido scope third, some distance away. Then followed Coltness. fourth, Great Tom fifth, M. de Fllgny sixth, Cameiubert seventh. Fetterlock eighth, The Rascal ninth. Glacis tenth. King Death eleventh, Charon twelfth, Father Claret thirteenth and Roeinante ! fourteenth and last. Time, 1 :M?six second* glower than the Outness was run Uat year. OKKVT LUS8E3. The professional book makers are fearful losers on the race, and If all Weep their engagement* It will be fortunate for the winning betters. T1IK DKKBY. So little exertion did it require for Petrarch to win the Guineas that he became a great favorite for the Derby. Lord Rosefoery, on the courso at New market, took ?2,000 to ?1,000 that he would win It* SUMMARY. Kkwhakkst, Eng., May a, 1S76. ?'The sixty-seventh renewal ol the Two Thousand Guineas Stakoa, a sab seription of 100 soya each, half forfeit; for three-) ear; colts, 122 108,; Allies, 117 Iba.; the second horse to receive 200 so**, oat of the stakes, and the third to save his stake; Rowley mile?one mile and seventeen yards; closed with seventy-four subscribers. Lord Dupplin's b. c. Petrarcn, by Lord Clifden, out of Laura, by Orlando, 122 lbs. (white; red sleeves, wlute cap) Luke 1 Mr. R l'eck's b. e. Julius CaMar, by St. Albans, out of Julie. 122 lba (oluo and orange) 2 Lord DuppHu's b. c. Kaleidoscope, by Speculum, out of Reeluse, 122 lbs. (white; red sleeves) 8 Mr. J. H. Uouldswor'.h's b. c. Coltness, by King Tom. out or Crocus, 122 Ilia (green and gold).... 4 Lord Falmouth's ch. c. Great Tom, by King Tom, out ol Woodcraft, 122 Iba (black; whito sleevos, red cap) 6 Count K. de Lagrange's b. c. M. de Fllgny, by La Snrrazio. out of Ulle. de Kltgny (bred In Franco), 122 Iba (biue; red sleeves and cap) 6 Count F. do La Gnn.e's b. c. Camombert, by Par mosan, out ol Contempt, 122 Iba (blue; red sleeves, blue cap) T Lord Falmouth's ch. c. Fetterlock, by Parmesan, out of Sllverbair, 122 Iba (white; black slcoves, red cap) 8 Sir J. Astley's b. c. The ltascal, by Loiterer, or Broomlelnw, out of Christmas Pie, 122 Iba (drab, blue cap). 9 Mr. W. S. Crawford's ch. c. Glacis, by Adveuturcr, > out ol Stockade, 122 (lis. (scarlet) 10 Lord Lnnsdalo's ch. e. King Death, by King Tom, out of Hatchment, 122 Iba. (purple, yellow and red) 11 Lord Wilton's b. c. Charou, by Uermlt, out of Barchottlna, 122 Iba (mazarine blue; blackcap).. 12 Lord Rosebery's blk. c. Father Claret, by D'Kstour nel, out or Defamation, 122 lb.-al (primrose and rose hooos) 13 Mr. H. Baluzzi'* h. c. Koslnnnte, by Kosicruclan, out of Kalipyge, 122 lb*. (light blue; black cap)... 14 Time, 1:52. TH? WIXNKK?PKTRARCH. An Interesting tabulated pedigree of the winner will be tound'aa follow* ( C j Whalebone, br Wtxy. ( Sellm mar*. !Malter Henry, by Orvltl* Hoadicea, by Alexander. S f Camel J ? ? Barter...... Or. Syntax. Daughter of. Humphrey Clinker j Paynator. ( Roningbro' mar*, t Ardrosssn. I L'y Ellia, by Whit worth, f Comui. (Cllnksrln*, by Clinker. { Cervantes. Daughter of.. J... ' (Dr. of Golampna, Voltaire. .....J niackloek. (Dr. of Phantom. ( Mulatto, by Cat ton. Martha Lynn j ( Leda, by Kllho da Put*. = f Camel. d | s | * i.o I Banter . ? < Langar. Kit* Yealson.. Southdown. Ale*. IWhalebone. r Snlim mare. { Master llonry. ( Boadicea. J Sellm, by HuuanL (Walton in are. J Bustard, by Cnttrel ( Olyinpla. by Sir Olirer, J Partisan, by Walton. ( Fawn, ly Smolrnsko. j Defence, 1 y Whalebon*. '' I Keltona, by X. V. Z. ( Sultan, by Sellm. 'Gleneoe .....{ ' Trampoline, by Tramp. ( Whalebone. (.A ' IIasardless. by IIasMess. Petrnrcb wa- bred by Mr. Gasden, and la by Lord Clildcii, out of Laura, t>y Orlando, out of Torment, by Alarm, out ol Ale.i, by Whalebone, and I* the tenth foal ot bia dank who ha* increased tier kind with the utmost regularity every year since alio- wns put to the Mud in l&W. She wan Tor three seasons to Battle, aaon j ol Fallow Buck, by Ventaon, and aire of I.onxdown, ono ol tbo leading division In Glaiiutiur's Derby. Tbellrsi. two yeara slie failed to produce anything even of average lortn. but then she got Ashfleld, who over and over attain disappointed his party owing to temper, and was dually condemned to the knife. After producing Blush Koso, by Thunderbolt, Laura win* sent to St. Albann, Protomart.vr being the re sult, and th>-n Nuibourno begat front her the famous or '? infamous Krauiein; Thunderbolt, I.emnos, und Dually to Lord Clifden she threw Rothcrhlil anil Petrarch. ! Laura Is owu sister to Tisiphone, the dam of the flying Coronella, who seems to nave onkoJ out her year:" In unproflublo barrenness. Through both and j paternal grandstres Petrarch derives \ strain of Touch- | stonb blood, and bis dam's pedigree Is full of Illustrious J name*?Torment, dam of Tormentor; Gleneoe, giro of j Pocahontas, and the groat Whalebone himsoll. IVtrarch It * bay, with black legs, and with the ex- i e*ptlon of * very small star In forehead he shows no ! wline markings. He stands exactly fllteou hands thrcu Inches under the standard, aud has a remarkably gr ind bead. Deck and shoulders. His forearms are long and very muscular, and his lore legs sro parted as to both fortnaliou and strongtb. Ue lias a rory strong bark and loin*, immense muscular development , In bis quarter* snd thighs, and largo, clean aud beautl- j fully shaped hock*. >1* Is * sood feeder, bis coat I* bright and blooming and no fault can be seen in his entire irstne. He moves with great resolution and ease in hi* work, hi* hind legs being well under him nnd far apart, which gives bint plenty of power and lererage when extended. A* a two-year-old I'etrsrrb ran but once, when he beat twenty-nine competitors for he Middle Park Plate in the style of a thorough race horse. Theae included such young craeks as Advance, Correggto, Kalcido- , scope. M. do Kligny. Kutterlock, the Miueral colt. Ma deira. Lollypop, Blundiord aud others. Cutting down such a numerous field in ridiculously easy style niado the race the best two year-oid pertormance of lite year. Petrarch was coughing both before and alter ht* arrival at Newmarket to run lor the Middle Park Plato, In consequence of which his owner did not then back him. ''He is * very good colt, bnt sure to stop | when he g?t* Into the Abingdon Mile Bottom lor want ! of work, bis trainer remarked, and not a man on tho Heath was more astonished than he when Petrarch ( dashed out of the ruck at the very point where ho was expected to fail for lack of condition, and come tn aloue. Taking Into consideratlou bl> brilliant form when admittedly amis*, and bearing th* marks of * j severe blistering on the throat when ho won the Middle , Park Plato, and the great improvement he had madn since that per od, he was Justly made the favorite for the Two Thousand Guinea^ snd a pet for the Derby. Until three woeks ago or thereabout* there was ne question of the Guinoas being at tho mercy of Petrarch, but at mat tlmo he faded to take h s morning gtlloot, when the greatest excite ment ensued in tbe betting world on the other side of tbe water. All sorts of rumors were flying about as to the cause of his absence, some saying tbal it was due to a bruised foot, others a strained leg; while stlii other* attributed It to the simple lact of bis being given a dose of medicine to prepare mm for the event Be this si it may, his rtsble companion, Ka eid- i oscope. look his place in the betting, while I,orl Fal- I mouth's Great Tom. * hail brother to Kingcraft, be cause of great Improvement, moved up on even term* in the books. When Petrarch reappeared at work some of bis old friends felt they hid been too easily ?larmed and again made him equal in lb* hetunir with Kaleidoscope, while other*, knowing of tbe opposition be has lor the Derby, risked their money^n other candidate*. It wa# argued by them that there was danger of his developing into * "roarer," as did his brother, Rotherhili. but it is not reasonable to urge tbnt because Koiherhill became a "roarer" PotrarcTi should be similarly affected, aa all the previous produce of l.aura are sound in wind. I,ord Duppnn purchased Petrarch in March last, paving the ? fcorir.ous sum o! ?1*2,000 tor him. Petrarch has engagements for tbe Derby tnd St ! Leger. the Prince of Wales' Stakes at Ascot, tbe Draw- i ingrcom Stakes at Goodwood and tbe Grand I'ri/.e st Paris. His owner now hat tbe highest hopes that he will blossom into a Derby ted Ht. I<egnr winner, and thereby quality himself to occupy bis sirs's box at Dos tuftst. DR. WORMS' NON-EXTRADITION. Mo writs a i., May S, lSTfll The probable dltcharge'of the clerical forger, Wine low, has given tbe lawyers engaged to defend Dr. Wurmt some hiipcs of mceest 'I he petition tnd doee menu tent to the tmperitl authorities trill reacb tb/tr destination to-day. and Mr. Carter, countel for Worm*, expects that the KBgltth authorities will at once conler with ibe American autboritiet with th* object of eecurtng bit return en the ground tiut tbe removal ef. Worms wm lllezal. MEXICO. AH ACTIVE CAMPAIGN AGAINHT TH? BEVOLC TIONISTI ? BAILWAT INTEBBUPTED ? DIAZ'S VICTOR* MOT IMPOST AST?B8COBEDO IN THE FIELD. Havana, May 3, 1*7?. The steamer Citjr of Havana orlng* news from Vera Cruz lo April 23, as follows:? General Alaiorre la ai Tebuacas, d:recting the cam paign in tho Stato of Puobla. I Kegular troops, to the number of 18.000, are operat- ; Ing in the States of Vera Cru* and Puebla and the Val ley of Mexico. The policy of the revolutionist! I* to avoid a light , FiUeen thousand are roaming In detached bands , through the States of Oaxaca, Vera Crux, Puebla and Morelia. THE RAILWAYS. The railway botweon Vera Cruz and the City ol Mex ico continues Interrupted. Kour thousand pronunri aim are scattered along the line of the road, and they have destroyed thirteen ol Its brtdires. DIA/.'ti VICTORY. The capture of Mutainoros by Dlax ts not considered Important. The Two Hq>ublioi say* whilo the Interior States roiralu faijhlul the movement of Dlai will have no Influence on the revolution. GENERAL EBOOHSDO MARCHING AGAINST 1)1 AX. Escobedo, at the head ol 6,000 veteran troops. Is marching against Diaz, who ts at Monterey. The dofeat of the latter is expected, and the govern ment bus arrangod to prevent him trora crossing the Rio Grande at any point between New Laredo an J the mouth of the river. PRISONERS in REVOLT. The prisoners in the Cnstlo of San Juan d'Ulloa, Vera Cruz, revolted on the night of Aprlt 17. The small garrison was nearly overpowered, but the revolt was Anally subdued, and tfcn of Its leaders were shot. AXKK1CAN INTERESTS. American and other foreign residents lavor revoln tlon, hoping that some lucky occurrence may result In annexation to tho United Statos. They say there aro sirong signs of a dissolution of the government. Its best generals are dlssatisflod. The campaign thus far has been a rallure. Tho Minister of War blames tho President lor moddllng with military affairs. MARKETS. Money ts scarce and provisions are rising In price. lkkdo's POL1CT. President I,erdo Is Arm and by no means disposed to docline a re-election. He says to yield wonld be to abandon tho constitution. BRITISH WEST INDIES. THE PRE88TJBE OT k SEVERE DROUGHT RE LIEVED?THE PEOPLE OP KINGSTON AGAINST GOVERNOR HENNESav'a ACTION?VISITORS TO THE CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION. Kingston, Jamaica, April 24,1876. The fearful drought which visited several of the parisbes hero has no* passed off Water was so scarce In the parish of Manchester that It was eagerly bought up at tho rate ot $4 60 a puncheon. In anothor district a mob of 300 people took posses sion of * gontloinan's pond, drove off his cattle and rofusod to rotire before a revolver. Ho himsoif had to run. TIIK BARBADOS RIOTS QUESTION. Ttie sympathy of the people hero Is very strong against Governor Pope Hennessy, of Barbados, be cause thoy have been so oppressod hero by the con tompt with which they are treated by 8lr William Grey nnd on account of the notorious waste of tho public moneys, and It would take very little, Indeed, to provoke a disturbance hero similar to that in Barbados. COLONIAL INTERE8T IX THK AMERICAS ENTKNK1AL. The stoamer Andes, belonging lo the Atlas Steamship Company, which is advertised to leave this on the 29th Inst., has some sixty passages securod by persons going to visit the Centennial at Philadelphia. HAYTIAN PRESIDENTIAL COMPLICATIONS. A llaytian steamer ol war is here at present to receive refugees who desire to return to Haytl. Genoral 8ala mon, tho candidate of tho black element In the south ol Haytl, Is here, but It Is said the steamer will not tako bim and the Haytion consul will not give him a passport to go oy a passenger or mall steamer. TUB CONDITIO* or AFPaIBS IN BARBADOS?OOYERNOR HENNRSBY'S Rl'LE. Governor Pope Hennessy Is doing mischief in Bar bados, which will tako many, many years to eradicate. He recently told a black man who had r.sen a little ?bove his class that when he came to Barbados he ex pcctod to And several black mon In the Legislature and in the public service, and ho was very much surprised to find that this was not so. Tho effect of such a spooch has been a vast amount of discontent among estates laborers, and ORKAT INDIGNATION against Mr. Hennessy. Ho Is "cut" by every respect alilo Inhabitant, and It would be no matter or surpriso to anybody If they woro "to hear one morning that bo had been shot Ho foels his own Insecurity, and there fore rarely moves out of the walls of the Government House, except in a close carriage, with an escort of four mounted policemen. %t last accounts by mall tho riots were extending. Til* MILITARY hare been called out and kept active, and several negroes have been fhot whilo "gutting" estates. HAYTI. REVOLUTIONIST AGITATION MAINTAINED? THE INTRIGUE FOB THE PRESIDENCY?THE NEW FBEHIDENT MURDERED. Although President Domingue hai fled from Port-an Prlnco sod General Canal has been Invited to imime the provisional government of the Republic the revo lution cannot be considered at an end. Tlii pcoplo of the douth are In favor of General Palaman (a black man) for the Presidency, while the North are for General Canal (a colored man). The latter will only accept of the Presidency In a comtitu" tional way?he will not fight for IV. pomjrors, daring lil* flight from Port-au-Prince, while belos con ducted to the wharf by the Spanish Consul, received a severe bayonet wound in the thigh. As Ma. rambau, the eew President, was being escorted by the French Consul, the son of Monplasier Pierre stepped up to blra and said:?"You shall not escape, lor I shall avenge the blood of my lather, whom you massacred on the 3d of Way, 1875," and, presenting a revolver, shot him dead on the spat. His body was then thrown oat on a dang heap and led unburicd for thirty six hoars. General !.arqaet. who was In command of the troops at Port-au-Prince, was surrounded and shot because he was believed to be a traitor. I.ADIB4 nr migox Tbe wife of the Ilavtlan Admiral (Madame De Joie) with Madame Alexis Kord, are in chains in the prison at Cape Haytl. OXB HOUR rOBTCJTAT*. Madame Rameaa has escaped to Jamaica. One hun dred and eighty thousand dollars were secured from Domingue while he was In the art of shipping It on board a Spanish schooner. A proclamation says he has robbed the Haytlan treasury of 19.000,000 three years. qkxkral canal's political opi:ratiox?. General Boisrond Canal, who overthrew Domlngum' government, baa arrived at Port au Prince and organised a Committee of Directors of Foreign Alfur* Tbe fol lowing aro the names ol the membersEx .Senator J Mantgal, General T. Paristcn and T. Rel>oulo. s mer chant. General Canal, ? ho expects to be the next Pres. Iilent ol Hayu. I* or.-ui:/ i>g a borne government. The election lor the Senate and Chamber will take nlace forthwith, according to the constitution of l#?T. The Senate and (.'h*mt>er will appoint the President lor a term of lour years, without re-election. Although universal suffrage is snppo?ed to exist In Raytl, ser vants are not permitted to vote. ROUS in. son KBW TORE. Mr. Camllte I.ynch. of New York, a nativeo< Port an Prince. Haytl. but now an American otttieo, has becm eppo'nied Martian Consul in this city. Consul Lvfldi acied during the war ss United States Consul at Kt. Marc's. Hayti. snd also acted in thi.i city as Hiy nan Consul in 1870 after the death of Consnl FoUen. He has resided la tb* Unltod State* ler over twenty years. ? TOE MINING TROUBLES. Clrvslaxd. Ohio, May S, IS78. Everything Is qoM at tbe Mssstlloa and other dt*. tricts tbta morning. Last evening threats ware mad* and seversl shots were drel at tbe Farmington mino, bat nothing nor* was 4oao This morning tbe new miners weal to work la tbe Warmtngton sine, and ar* working ander tbe protection of the minua Old striker* still declare taey will sever g* to work at tie ndlflM rata*. DOM PEDEO. Omaha, Neb., Msy 8. lift Tne Emperor of Brazil tad suite will arrive her* from tbo Wast at about midnight. Tho train waa da? layed on account ol a bad track near Ogden. MIDNIGHT WEATHER KEPOBT. W.?!t Dbpabtwknt, ) OrricK or tub Camr Signal Owes, J Wamhismtun, May 4?1 a. It ) frotxibuxtui. During Thursday, in the South Atlantic and Rait Gulf Stales, rising followed by falling barometer, east erly to southerly winds and warmer, slear weather will prevail. In tho Wert Gulf Slates, Tennessee and the. Oh 1* Valley, tailing barometer, warmer southeast to south we<t winds, Increasing cloudiness, and possibly occa sional rains, followed in last section by rising barometer and colder northerly wind*. In tho upper lake region and Upper Mississippi Valley, rising and stationary barometer, cold north west to northeast winds, and clearing or partly elondy wnuther. In the lower lake region, falling followed by rising barometer, southerly winds, shilling to colder north westerly, cloudy weather and light rains, succeeded by clearing waatber. In tho Middle anil Eastern Slate*, falling barometer, southerly to easterly winds, and warmer, partly cloudy or cloudy weather, with rain areas la latter and ta northern portion of former. Tho Tennessee K ver will eontlnne rising. Cautionary signals continue at Alpena, Marquette sa4 E sea v aba. THE WEATHER YESTERDAY. The following record will show tho change* la tlM temperature for tho past twenty-lour hoar* in com paripon with the corresponding data of last year, U Indicated by tlio thermometer at Hudnut's pharmacy, Hkkai.o Buildiuc-? i*;.x ism. ms. im 3 A. M 37 47 3:110 P. M.... M 4? 6 A. M 33 47 fl I'. H M 4T 0 A. H 44 4? ? I'. M 49 45 12 M ftO M 12 M 47 44 Avoriigo loniperaturo ycxtorday 47)4 A vertigo temperaturo for corresponding dato last year X MOUNTAIN TIMBER BURNING. Milfurd, Pa.. May 3,187& Exlensivo fires are now raging In the mountain* ta tho northern parts of Sussox county, New Jersey. A vast amount of valuable timber has been destroyed. NATIONAL BOLDIERS' REUNION. The third annual National Soldiers1 Reunion will ba held at Caldwell, Ohio, on the 6th of September. The executive committoe anticipate a large attendance of veterans, as delegations are promised by every state In the Union. It Is expected that the soldiers will emphatically declare by a majority vote lor whom they will cast their ballots in November. HOTEL JtRRIVALi Judge Amasa J. Parker, of Albany, arrived last even* ing at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Thomas G. Alvord, ol Syracuse, Is staying at the Metropolitan Hotel Con. gressman Frank Jones, of New Hampshire, la regis tered at tho Windsor Hotel. Judgo Luke P. Poland, of Vermont, has arrived at thi Grand Central Hotel Rev. Dr. William Patton, of New Haren, is at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. General Israel Vogdes. United States Army, and Captain N. Kouschakewitsch, of the Rus sian Army, are at the Hoffman House. Rev. Dr. Jack* son, of Maryland, and Henry C. Robinson, or Hartford, are at the St. James Hotel. Wayne MacVeagh, of Har risburg, is among tho late arrivals at the Brevoort House. Congressman Thomas C. Piatt, of Owego, N. Y., and ex-Governor J. B. Page, of Vermont, are re. siding at the St. Nicholas Hotel General Nathaniel Micbler, of the Engineer Corps, United States Army, la at tho W indsor Hotel Thomas Dickson, President of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company. Is at the Gllsff House. Ex-Governor John T. Hoffman Is sojourn ing at tho Clarendon HoteL General J. J. Aber* cromble and Colonel George W. Patten, United States Army, are at the Coleman House; George M. Pullman, of Chicago, is stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel HALES HONEY OF HOREHOUND AND TAtt never tails to cure Cold*. Sore Throats. Ac. A sure remedy. PiKK'a Toothache l>?ors cure in one minute. ADVERTISE IN THE KVKNINd TET.KtlRAM. RATES 20 CENTS PKR LINE. The circulation of the EVENING TELKUKAM last week whs Monde?... 97.100 Tuao.iur 37.UUQ Wedue?day 37.IVM Thursday H7.5M Friday 3.">,6M Saturday 33.80# Total .. 320,30(1 D?llr average 36,718 OFFICE NO. 21 ANN HT. ADOPTED EVERYWHERE?THE ELEGANT SILK Ri.aktic Tains. Sold only by ELASTICTRIfSii COMPANY, CW3 Broadway. \V>>rn easy uight and day. Boon perma nently cures rapture. CRISTADORO'S HAIR DYE ACCOMPLISHES ITS work splendidly, rifely, instantly. Duput, H3 John It I wholesale and retail. DR. C. W. BENSON'S"CELERY AND CHAMOMILE Pills are prepared expressly to core sick headache, nervous heailacne, djtpepiio headache, neuralgia, nervousness an<f sleeplessness. ami will cure nny ca?e. Price SO''., postaga Tree. Sold by druggists. JOHN F. HENRY A CO., agenta. New York. OfUce. KM North Kutaw St., Baltimore, Ma. FINE SILVER AND GOLD-PLATED BRONZE, Nickkl and A.itiqck staik Rons. Old rod* repUted, gilded or repollshed. and made equal to new. W. T. * J. MKKHKRBAtJ. A3 Ouane st. FRIEND PITTS, AGENT, WILL CONTINUE BUSU oest at Hroddway, corner 3:?d st. (ireat bargains will b# rtiered in the (loons to be sold for the account of the pun chaser at the lain auction sale. KEEP'S CUSTOM SHIRTS MADE TO MEASURE? Tlie verr bent, 0 lor St). 571 Broadway, and U21 Aran St., Philadelphis LEA k PERKINS' It tlx only GENUINE W o Br KMT I-H SHIRK 8*009. 80DA WATER APPARATUS FOK KAJCIX9 ALt Aerated Bevuraife.. JOHN MATTHEWS, lit av. ud Jtftfc *t.. city. THE HOUSEHOLD ART COMPANY'S ORE At aaie of Artmtiu Kuhmitukk, Uiumim. Pottery, Miaaou Ac.. Ac., will Vie held at Kurtia Gallery on Tburaday anf Friday alterii mm. May 4 anil 5. at U-, o'clock promptly. The choice collection la now open. TRUSSES. ?SKK1 KY'8~HARD RUBBER TRUSS} hipW>MWIItr?l; relief ami cure for rapture; light, oool, cleanly; Ireo from all *o?r. nitty, dialing. ?trapping or pad (Iini; nnplcaeantue**; imod In liathing. Alway? reliable aa tublUbMienta. 1,847 Chestnut at., Philadelphia, and Ml Broadway. Naw York, oppoalte Grand Oniral Hotel. THE TRUE STORif lS THAT" DR. MARCH'S treatment la tlia only cure lor runtnre. Otttce No. 3 Vaaay at. Aator Muiien, oppoalte St. Paal'a rliurrli. WYOMING LOTTERY. " Authorlitrd hjr State aal horlty. (Mt.OlII In ceali prize*. Gnat Priio Drawing. Every Ticket win* a frlre. Seventh Extraordinary Drawing, May SI, 1 *"74. at J.aramla City, Wyoming. Ticket" SI each. ilx for$.Y Partial >ehodale of Prima:? I Grand Cut F'rlie .SIOJ.OOG I Grand Oath Price 50.0U0 I ilrand Oneb Prtae..,.. ................ 34.fkJ0 I tiraud raah Priae J'.OOP 1 nriwl Oaah I'riie.. , 1.1.106 I Orand Cfcah Priae 10.000 100 370 Prite*, amounting to 315,000 Thank* of ? Great City pnbllclr tendered to J. M I'attee, who eo *uccea*fully ducted the Int. ?ccond. third, fourth, flftb and *ixta (rta pull lie drawing*. No lottery or aeriea of drawing* ever mat with hn< b grand and perfect aueceee. and no other man erei received me tlianka nf a great city, publicly tendered, a* wit tbe cam with Mr. I'attee I lie drawing* or prltea ara made In public and conducted by nwnra CorninlaaiuRtra. Tickata at SI eacb, H for Si. or 'JU for Sl<>. Thla give* twenty cbancee In win Slim.000 for the *mal! outlay offlO. A fortune la ?tore for our agent*. Amenta wanted. Send for new term* ami eRtraordiimry inducement*, nn time to loee: S 15,000 without Inventing a penny. Far fall part ten I are addreu i. M. PATTER, t.aramie City, Wyoming. ?3 HATS, ft fi; SILK MATH, |t M, WORTH Mf fine Derby*. 15 Mew Cliarcti it., ap atair*. VEW PUHMCATIO.\*. Bright-* disease." Diabetes. ' nRnps'r. c? tarrh, ??ravel. Ualculna. Goat, Khenmattain, Dyepep ?la, Diaeaae* ef the Heart. Blood. Liver, Kidney*. Bladde* Pr.wiate Gland, I'remature Debility and Chrnnle Di**AM? hitherto lucurai.le Pantphlete, expUiniiig tbetr euooeeafnl treatment, by AMAHKt.. MaDK Or GOD. Mineral Sprtaff Water and Dr. A HaWLEY IIEATII, author and proprie tor free. Depot and reception room*. 300 Broadway, >ew York Kedueed to 25 centa a gallon par barrel. A "NEW ROfTCTpoR WHICH THERE IS K lerzer advance demand than for bay ether b?ak pafc* Itabed tlil* year:? D 1 T i EDITH LTLS. T ? By Mia. Mary J. Hotataa teady tfcie weak. Prtea.SI M * * QARlyoy * ca.

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