Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1876 Page 9
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CITY FINANCES. OOMPTBOLUCB GBKEX H QUARTERLY STATE MENT?OCR LIABILITIES AMD RECEIPTS. Ike following report >u yesterday received Irom the riunelil Department:? Crrr or Net York. ) Pimamcial Dkpartmkmt, i'ouituoi i.i k * Orricu, J N.ayJ, 1*711. > Statement of the amount of warrnuts dr.iun suainst the Clfjr Treasury from January 1 to April 3". 187U. Al?t> ? parative statement ol tlie city Uebi as represented in blocks and bond* a? ot Utcemlm SI, 1875, mi l April 3". 1876; and alto a statement of and for what purposos stocks liars been (?sued warrants Diivi-riTim rioi taxation. Tii March, 31. 1* April. Salaries. supplies and general ei penses ol the city government $2,520,557 $1,118 tifW State lax ? :*io,i?*i Interest on tins city delil 3.KI,HM 3,144.934 Public instruction 738.997 280,342 Charitable instiltttious 2t3.*iMI 71,3.">2 Miscellaneous 242,347 51.524 Total payments from taxation $4,067,1148 (5,OI9,Ml mnr works, tnmovKKEMv*. kt?\, patablk rtoi usik or bonds. Public works, street opening* and Improvements. I'rolou water- _ works and sewer repairs $813,078 S3.VH.8flS City parks improvements HmJwB 15.171 iJocks and slips 124.773 17,771 Musenmt ot Art and Natural HI. too 47,078 1*,W>4 Tliird District Court House ... 27,298 9,063 Redemption of debt of town of Kings bridge 158.718 ? Fourth avenue improvement 2G.0?ta Old claims andjudguicut* 38.931 i>94 Total payments from issua of bonds $1,375.628 f441,532 irKCIAL AMD TRUST ACCOU.HTS. Redemption of city debt $1,943,000 915,000 Miscellaneous 210.196 10,721 Total paymentaon special and trnst accounts S2.153.198 $23,721 Total payments by warrants In April $5,486,7l>l Add amount of warrants previously drawn In 1878 7,590.481 Total $13,083,278 MR CITT BEST AS BKPRMKSTKD I.N STOCKS AMD BONDS. Vtctntbrr 31, Jt'irrh 31, April 3*', 1875. 1870. 1878. Funded debt, payable Irom taxation und tbe sinking iund. .$119,036,903 $119,382,7:.3 $119,436,733 Temporary debt, p.iv? able wholly or In part from aa*ela ments. 21,322,200 21,686,700 ? 21,917,700 Revenue bonds?spe cial 460,927 avi.ivte 679,848 Revenue bonds, 1875 3,C82,000 1,595,000 1.5tt5.?IO Revenue bonds, 1878 ? 4,ii|2.4Ull 7,372,500 Total $144,522,0-11 $147,311,5911 fl5l,001.SM? Deduct sinking rund. 27,748,3117 2S,146,r.91 23.196,3:14 Balance $110,773,724 $119,164,908 $12-',8U"i. 65 Cash in the City Treasury $2,'..'27.9211 Cash In sinking ftinds 290,884 Stocks and bonds bave been issued In 1876 for the fol lowing purposes:? Street Improvements and Croton waterworks.... $779,000 Docks and slips 13.r>.(??> City park improvements 120.000 Museums ot Art and Natural History 50,000 Third District Court House fund 80,000 Old claims and Judgments 3fl,650 Debt of the annexed territory (revenue bouds? special) 153,718 Fourth avenue Improvement (revenue bonds? special) , 60.00) Current expenses (revenue bonds) 7,905,5(10 Total .$9,274,868 HEAL ESTATE. The following sales comprised thy buiincw at tbo Exchange yetierday. George H. 8co?t fold, In foreclosure. a plot of land 876x199.11. bounded by 149lh street, the Boulevard and 160th street, as follows:-Elght lots bordering on the Boulevard, extending Irom 149th to 150th streetlo ,4,000 each, and, on 149th and 150th streets, eight lots for |1,W0 each; (our lots, adjoining above, tor $1 300 each; four lots, adjoining above, tor $1,300 each; two lots, adjoining above, lor $1,160 each; two lots, adjoining above, for $1,500 each; two lots ad Joining above, lor $1,500 each, all being ourchased b> the iilaintiff. . E. H. I.udlow k Co. sold, at public auction, a tou itory brown stone dwelling, 25xb0x95, No. 244 Madison avenue, west side, 81.8 south of Thlrty-scventh street, tor $47,000, to John E. Bishop. K V Harnett sold, In foreclosure, two lots on the north side of 115th street, 400 toct west of Eleventh ?venue, together In slio 60x10411, for $4,600, to tbo plalutlX . . , A. H Muller k Son sold, in foreclosure, a plot or Lnd 98.9x59x11 3x56x13.3x26x69.3x100, with two live story and two tour story brick houses and a tour story brick extension on Seventh avouuo, oast side, 24.8 feet north ol Twonty-Ilrst stroet, for $70,500, to Ueorgo Y WUliam Kennelly sold. In ?*& TSffi wSns K "torvoiosure, a SS ZAXl mortgages and encuMbrancos, amounttog to ^,80U l> \i Seaman sol J, in loreclosure, tour ? w,J[l Goe'let houses of lots, on the north side of Filty-sixtli .treeL iUfcet ewt of First avenue, leano twenty-one\rom May 1. 1870; tot. each ?x?*4; ground t'>40 tier year each; on? so?d for f 6,000 to Lewis "acobsoWe lor ?5.050 to Frederick Wwkins, and two tor $5,900 each to F. Wlkl? fo a?20,000 Tpi.Sr Pl.^r^mwl.. to Ma?jn Oft";-; Koitu Wa.hliiKton square (No. 1) , I. L. l?rab?m to .tlita belli M?Cao?.............. 10; SVrJc. M.A.U ^r^a^uStW* ^ Tre'aUS.^-.sB.ull JUcalverof) to Alouao C. fl ^ SatSSSS sjuo ?>M*I?bVdt''u 'o!V V. or Lcxiogton av., ?-?0*100.5; ? wVon (Arer,.) to Mutual Uf. In.urauce SjPav'n' w" cor. of 1 >3d at.,'25^1 i ; Jo.eph fe. ?? " I *?*7 :J oil" Braden to 1.. Huyjnm........ U.MW H^VOe'wNIwiuMk Norn. Concord at!, w! ^Jgf^Marc Bid,it. and wife to ^ JoaepbMacks. SuxH7,S; al.? Uraad .1*1. *2x'irr?-|iular; alao Broouie ?t., n. e. cor vi (I k? flOx jPi); nl?u Molt >t., t. i5*94 ( nr ^h.L n. . 425 It *- ?< ?*?? a^'?^ .^'? . aa It' i. Of astli .t- -1*?* ..Iced ttMd wfij; William B. M arahaii aud wife to John Nom B?Jh ' 75 5." 'lV. -.'of-Will' ?i'.&* too; Her nard B w? ofVJ.' KlVu* h'.Vr ' ?nd^b*".toJohn i3,ooo llradou...^...... ? ? ? -;A? VioVtit^b i>il?er and wile to U- Hiw/?^r^V,JY ' AlTt ft n UXtTit. w. ot 6th av.. 12x98.9; M. U>yui (reforeoi to JatoeaO. {fa5; "ft :l hn Phvfe and wife to Abram' .. 38.000 Ureimu 11 to John Br.nnan^..^. Bouth .t. (Sa 285). 4 i J??? Ptnllh ?? l 200 Stockton, J ^?, 3 2,500 corner or 8th_ar. an ollior* to 1 ry 5,000 We?^??^*^,tar*ae.^d^thor^to^|?ame? Wataon, n. a. .MVafto-rto Jame. B. Harrow. ^ a 0. U?d .t;. ^ B??nan."oh,:.' lo/aVrick Mtannau.^ w. a of Kd.all %q^ llank, ?? .. of Wth ?t-.e, or ??? ? d 9,,u ? Same to aama. ?. w. corner or M?.ii?ou a?. a ^ ??; .'o^aVai*. wrier of lU^'a?y'?4 Wtk i3(ja3 at.; 1 li''oannat and othr", ?. "?J2.K!.~iS?"".r-r. !.?? llVu. iiilaundVnd wlttiVo W?V M Hebmohl. W.^of ^ lit ar., a. or Ittth ?t-: 1 Vjrt ,T fc Same to fcaal RWtr 8a?ln({? Hank, *. *. 01 1 ? . ?ir000 LeUvt.' Bauy Md'S?Ibiii?L to 26.000 Ja7. E?^et?C.%oHarahIi. Benedict and other.. g a)0 7t000 geVbt.'ltotiCrt and'wtie, to Anaa Kuliiug, ?? "? ^ ^.yjn iv., n. i?f 41?t it; 3 * 71' ..1 gam* to nana. a. a of M ar.. b. of .>8tb .t.. ln*tM Attld?Kol>art and wlYc. to Suaan Taylor, a ?? ol 4?lh 2f*X) Fatan* KDn^tS Kitarton L. Winihrop. n. a ?h ?t-. B (J0I, w or a*. C; 5yeara ?"? ??' Oilier, liottlelb, toB. Ilan(f?tauber<, a. .. 3-d ?t., w- a0l|(| HowI'aniT ilannab. to Jo.rphlna U. Janner, n. a iM J()(J|J() BUa'ekl MaJy c'.'to CaroMne Blanck. a. a. I3tii at-. e. # ^ Blant,ho" ??"? ""wife to Lydia S. Horn, a. a 48ih rt., ?? ef Uth a*.; ? *' MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. ENGAGED. Pimm?Ooor? Mart Oooh, of Brookl/a, to Lao yum, ot thu city. Mo card*. MARRIED. . CaBUHFOT?Oumtrad. ?At the rwliHw Of Um brioe'a pa reals, on the 34 IBM., by Kev. William 2m Ok O. mmm* If H*% WOUmsJ. twtUt.?. D Ro??rr M. Cablitow. If. I>., of Whltlnrv1il?, niiil Kats Hyuh, eldost daughter ot Henry Ulmstead, of this oily. Ni nnli. Clark?Yocxoa. ?On Tuesday. Majr 2, by Rot. C. a Harrower, Wilson Q. H. C'i.ark. of Denver l it/, Col , lo Katk F. Yecsoa, daughter of W. Youngs, of this city. No card*. Maycock?Dka* ?On Wednesday, May 3, 1S>0, by tnn Rev. A. C. Osborn. D. D., Charles Hatcogk to Jci.ia A. Oka*, of Now York. Brurr? DrsesBfRY.?On Tuesday, May 2, at the Collegiate Roiorraed church, by the Kev. Krtgur L. Hcormance, assisted by the Rev. Dr. William Oruiiston, Lbo Stuxpp to Wittik. only daughter of W. Frank Du aenbury, all ot this elty. Stbwabt? McLAroBtr*.? On Thursday, April 27, 1876, by the Rev, R. 8. MacArihur, Rdoab T. Stkwart to Emma C. M<i,Ai ?iHLiM, youngest daughter of tbe late Joseph IL McLaughlin, all ol this city. BIRTHS. Jamb.".?At Marlborough, N. Y., May 1, the wife ol George W. James, ol a daughter. Socitt.? May 3, at 24 Onnond place, Brooklyn, tho wile of T. R. ?cott, of a son. DIEO. Bbxnkbx ?After n seven- Illness, Christian- F. L. . Bbxnkbx, long a resident of New York oily, at bis lata residence, No. 14 Wllks si, near Scpp av., Jersey City Heights, Bergen. Tbe relatives and friends of llio family arc respect fully invited to attend Ins lunerul, on Thursday, May 4, at half-past olio o'clock. Bbsso.v.? On May -J. 1*76. of diphtheria, Mat Eoxa, Infant daughter of Robert 1L and Mm tie Besson, ngud 11 months. Her luneral services took place at the same time of those of her sister Florence, at her fathor's residence, Hoboken, May & Boybs.?In Jersey City, on Tuesday, May 2, Emu a J., daughter of tho lute Thomas E. and Jane A. Boycs, aged 7 years. Relatives and Woods aro respoctfully invited to attend tho luneral, Irom the residence of O. H. Crosby, 178 3d st, on Thursday, tho 4th lust., at one o'clock P. M. Brbxxbmax.? LoriSB Saloxb Brknxbxax, from Zwei bruccken. Uermany, ugodOl years. Funeral will tnkc pluce ou fhursday, May 4, at ono P. M., from 302 2d nv. lti DU.?Ai Now Rochelle. N. Y., on Monday, May 1, Mls.s oriiKU.v M. Bcnn, in her 95th year. Relative** ami friend* are respectfully invitod to at tend the funeral services, in Trinity church, Now Ro chelle, on Thursday afternoon, May 4. at one o'clock. Train lo .vcs Grand Central depot at twelve M. Inter ment in family burial ground, Mamuroucck, N. Y. Visconsm papers please copy. Byrxk.? On Wednesday, May 3, 1876, Jambs, infant son of l'etor and Anuio Uyrno, aged 3 months and 3 days. Euneral from the residence of bis parents, No. 607 3d av., at ten o'clock Friday morning. Carbv.? on Tuesday, May 2, Rrukcca, wife of Johu Carey, auod 66 years. Funeral Irom her late residence, 210 Elizabeth St., on Thursday, 4th Inst., atone o'clock P. M. a lingering illness, Mrs. Johaxna Consklly, widow of tho late Michael Conuelly, Esq., In her 60tn your. Tbe friends und acquaintances of tho family are re spectfully requested to atloud her luneral, on r riday morning, the 5th Inst, at hitf-past nluo o'clock, irom her Isto residence, No. 260 Wet>i42d St., to the Church of the Holy Cross, where a solemu requiem mass will bo celebrated at ton o'clock; tbeuce to Calvary Ceme tery. Cbottt.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, May 1, Jamks Crotty, formerly Of Dublin, in tho 64th year of his ago. Funeral from St Peter's church, corner of Warren and Hicks sis., at ton o'clock, on Thursday morning, May 4, and requtom mass. The procession will louvo his la to rosidenco, No. 204 East Baltic St., at half-past nine o'clock. . Dainty.?At his residence, 133 Harrison st, Brook lyn, May 1, William J.' Dainty, aged 30 voars, 9 months and 5 days. His remains will be taken to St. Peter's Roman Catholic church, cornor Hicks and Warren sis.. May 4, at half-past ten A. M., where will be oflered un a re quiem mass lor the repose of bts soul. From thonoo his remains Hill be taken to Plat bush Cemetery for In terment Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Canada and Eng lish papers please copy. Dill.?May 2, 1876, at his home In New Jersey, John Dii.l, nged 86 years. Funeral from tho Dutch Reformed church, Spotts wood, N. J., on Thursday, May 4, tit ton A. M. Rela tives and friends are Invitod to attend without furthor invitation. Edmonds.?On Tuesday morning. May 2, 1870, Mar. oarrt E. Edmonds, agod 4 years. 8 mouthsaud 10 days, llio only and beloved child of Ellen and the lato Alex andcr R. Edmonds. Tho relatives and friends aro respectfully Invited to atteud tho luneral, from the rosidenco of her mother, 667 9th av., Thursday, at ono o'clock P. M. Faoax.? On Wednesday, May 3, after ubriof illness, Mary E. Pagan'. in the atnli year of age. Funeral from her late residence. No. 820 Sixth av., on Friday, May 6 at two P. M. Friends of tho lamily are respectfully invitod lo attend. Flbkt.?At oyster Bay Cove, May 3, 1870, Joux Flkkt, infant son of Samuel Y. W. and Anna Fleet Funeral will tuko place on Saturday, May II, at half paxi one I*. M. Friends and acquaintances aro respoct fully Invitod to attend. Frbklano.?At Hackcnsark, N. J., on Monday, May 1, 1876, Sarah Frkblaxo. ago<l 92 years and 27 days. Kulatives und friends are respcotlully Invited 10 at tend tbe luneral, on Thursday. 4th Inst., st two o'clock P. M., from tne residence of Iter daughter, Mrs. John I.ovett, Main st. Hackonsack, N. J. Coaches will leave tbo ferry, Hoboken. %t 12 M. i; lass.?Ou Wednesday, May 3, Thomas Glass, in the 76i h yesr of his age. His friends aro invitod to attond tho funeral from his latv residence, No. 55 South 4th st, Brooklyu, E. D., Thursday, at two o'clock. Glovbb.?On Monday, May 1, alter a brief lllnoss, Washington Glover. youngest son or William and Sarah Glover, aged 18 years, 6 months and 12 days. Relatives and lrioDds of tho fsmlly are respectfully invited to atlond the funeral services, this (Thursday) afternoon, at lour o'clock, from the rosldence of bis pa rents, No. 70 East 127th st, Harlem. II attain*.?In this city, at livo o'clock A. M., May 3, after a very painful sickness, Cuarlbs S. Haut.vixs, in his 30th year. Due notico of funeral will bo given. Hiixs.-(>n Wednejday morning, Uav 3, ol a linger Idk illness, .Sarah A., wilo of John J. Hems. The relatives and iriead* aro respectfully invited to attend her funeral nt Iter late residence. 230 Centre at. Hillikr.? At 164 PaciOc av., Jersey City (late Laliiy ette), on Monday, the 1st, Jamkj H. Hilukk, aged 31 yc?rs. Him relatives and friends are respoctfully invited to attond Ina funeral, on Thursday, the 4th. at three 1'. M., from Whitou street Methodist Epiacujml church, Lafay ette. JIoyt.?At Yonkers, on Tuesday, May 2, Scsik M., only daughter or Noah B. and Amanda M. Hoyt, in the SM year of her age. Kelatives und I r lends are invited to attend tha liinerul, on Friday. May 6, at threo o'clock P. M., froui the Reiormed church. Kixkaid.?Suddenly, at Katouah, X. Y., on Tues day morning, 2d InsL, I.iuht. only daughter of Thomas and Maria Kmkaid, a^tod ;;l years. Kloth.? in Brooklyn, May 2. Emma Durbia, wife Of Juraes R. Kiots. in the 40ih year ol her age. Relatives and frirnda aro invited to attend the fu neral, at the rosidence, 80 South 10th at., on Friday, tho 6th msL, at two 1'. M. Lappax.? On Tuesday, of pneumonia, Thomas Lav fax, nged 33 years, native of Costlo Town, Roche, county Cork, Ireland.. The remains will lie taken from 214 West 37th at. at' nine o'clock to-dny to the Church ot the Holy Inno cents, West 37th st.. where a solemn requiem moes will be celebrated lor the repose of his soul; thence to Calvary ccmotcry lor interment. Kelatives and friend* of the lamily are invited to attend the tuneral. La Kih'Hk ?At Nyaok. New York, on Tuuvday, May 2, 1870, Li i kktia B., wife ol l'hli. B. Laroche, in the 42d year ol' her uge. Tho relatives and friends of tbo family arc respect fully Invited to attend her fnnersl from the First Bap tisl church ol Nyaefc, on Thursday, May 4, ISTrt, at two o'clock I'. M. Train leaves New York foot ot Cham bers st. at 0:4S A. M. McClkxaiiax.? Mart McClxkai^ax foil asleep Hi Jesus May 2. Kelatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at tond lier luneral, irom tbo residence of tier mother, 445 West 46th sk. Thursday, at half-paat ono o'clock. McCormick.?On Wednesday, May 3, 1870. Askb MoCormick, u^red 60 years, a native ot the parish ol Fintona, County Tyrouo, Ireland. Relatives and friends ol tho lamily are reapecifully Invited to uttend the funeral (rum the residence of her brother-in-law. Bernard Engeuian, No. :14S East 21ft at, on Friday, May 6, at time A. M., tlience to the church ol Rplphanv, aud thence to the Calvary Cemet ery at one o'clock. Pai-ckkx At the realdence of his mothor. 230 Clin ton st. Brooklyn, May 2, 1870, Jimuutu A. 1'atuiirx, la the 341 h year ol his axe. Relative* and friends are rcspoctfully Invited to at tend the funeral on Friday, May 6, at a quarter to ten A. M., Irom the church of .st. Charles Burromeo, Sidney j place, corner of Livingston si, wlioro a solemn high I ni4?e of requiem will be celebrated for the repose ol hi* soul I'kxx.?On Tuesday, May 2, Matildba H. Prxx, in the 4Uth year of her age. Keiativca and it tends aro respectfully Invited to at tend, Irom the residence of her brother-in-law, John Lander, Na 30 Hope st., Williamsburg, L. L, on Fri day, at eleven o'clock. I'rairreR.?On Wednesday, May 3, after a short Ill ness, Jom? I'rKirFRk, son of Amalie aud the lste Jacnb I'leiller, aged 10 years. Helativee and Irienda. also members of Manhattan Lodge No 16<>. I. <>. B. B., and Empire City Lodge No. I 42, 1. O. F. S. o. I., are invited to attend the ftineral, I Irom tho rcsldenco 231 East told SL, on Friday, May 6, at 10 o'clock A. M. On Wednesday, April 3, AXXIB L., widow of I>auiel I'ollloo, In the 70th year of her age. UciatiVi'* and Irienda aro respectfully Invited to at tend the luneral from tier late residence No. 666)^ 1 jtiayette av., Brooklyn, on Friday, at three I*. M. IlKoKutox.?In Brookivn, Locisa Rroklsox, the be loved wife of 1 redcricx Hcgel*on. aged 28 yearn. The luneral will take |>i?ce irom her late residenoe, No. lno Sands at, Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 4, at one o'clock. Kkvnolds. ?On Monday evening, May 1, Mary, wife ol Frederick Reynolds, In the "2d year of her age. Friends are invited to attend the nuteral, on Thurs day. at two 1'. M., from 282 Franklin av., Brooklyn. itiMiKks.? Mary Kooata, wile of Kpenetus Roger*, May 2, aged 07 years. Funeral from her son-in-law's. 190 Montleello av., Jertey City Heights, on Tnursday, at eleven o'clock. Relatives and irienda are Invitee, Remains to bo taken to Moriches, L L KrHMRL**u?Suddenly. OB Monday, May 1, Jakr, widow of Um late John B. Scbmeliel, In the Nth year of her age. ? The reiatlTee and frieada of Um family aro reepeot tally invited to attend the ftancril, frctn her hit* resi dence, No. 314 Weal 23d st., this (Thuibday) mojnlng, ai tc i) o'clock. Siin:ii>.*\.?On Tuesday, M*y 2, Kmmbt Sbkiiidan, ?croud oldsi son of JohiLand Mary Sucridan, aged 4 years and 14 days. Uood bye, sweet l>abjr l'nimet. The relative!* and friends or liie family are respect fully invited to atieud the funeral, Irom lb* residence ol bis parents, No. 433 West 32d at., on Thursday, 4th insi. at one o'clock. Himmoxoon.?On May 3, 1S70, at Sailors' Snug Har bor, 8. I., Captain Jamkm I.. Sismoxson, in bis 80th year. Stack*.? Cathkxixjc tt tacky, aged 63 years. Particulars hereafter. Stake.?At ibe Winchester Hotel, May 3,, only daughter or Khen T. and the late Almlra B. .Starr. Remains will be taken to Connecticut on Friday morning. Taxi.i max*.?On Wednesday, May 3, after a short illner*, iir.Rnx Taxi:MIAMI, in tho 47th year of lita age. Relatives and friends are Invited to atton<r tho funeral, from his lain residence, 320 Pacific sL, on Fri day afternoon, at two o'clock. Vixcixt?On May 2, at two P. M., Aoxkb, daughter of Kduanl and Mary Ann Vincent, Hohoken av., Jersey City, N. J., aged 20 years and K days. 'ihc funeral w-ll lake place from St. Joseph's church, on Friday, Muy 5, at ten o'clock A. M. Walkkk.?Ou Tuesday, May i 1876, Clabxxck, In faiit sun of John II. and Saraii J. Walker, aged 4 mouths ami 11 days, Kclatives and friends are Invited to stteud the fu neral service, on TnuriKlay, Mnv 4, l?7ti. nt the resi dence ot his parents, northeast corner l.uxlngion av. and 8Cd st., at eleven o'clock A. M. Kemaius to be in terred at Moravian Cemetery, Staicu Inland. Wkiiii?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Hay 2, 1870, of dysentery, Martha Wuitmax, widow or tne late John Webb, aged 00year-, a mouths and a days. Tho friends and relatives ol her family, also those of bor sous Churlos L., Albert B. and Augustus 1)., are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the Clin ton Avenuo Congregatlurai church, corner' Lafayette, on Thursday, May 4. at half-past two P. M. Philadelphia arid Boston papers plcate copy. Wkktsto.n. ?Tuesday, May 2, Mauia Wuktstox, aged 30 vears, nt her residence, 1,240 2d av. Relatives and Trieuds of tho family are rcspoctfully Invited to attond the funeral, nt ten o'clock, Thursday, at Church of St. Vincent ('error's, corner 00th hi. and Lexington av., thence, at one o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery. Wiiitk. ? On Tuesday, May 2, Jamkh Wiiitx, eldest ?on o( tno lute Thomas White, In tho 45 tu year ol his ace. Relatives and friends of the lamily are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, irom tho rctddence of his mother, at No. 249 Bast 51st st., on Thursday, May 4, at hall-post ono o clock P. M. SALES AT AUCTION. rA ?ttfiSfe Johnson, auctioNeKk. "" A| Old stand, 37 Nassau at. VERY ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURB AT TUB PRIVATE RESIDENCE 30 WEST 39TU ST., OS FRIDAY. MAY \ AT 10^ O'CLOCK. Parlor*. MAGNIFICENT "POM Phil AN" SUIT IN EBONY, bulit and bronze inlaid, covered In drab flowered satin; Kottisn antique Centre Tablis, Bookcases, Brontes; superb Sevroa China Vases, riclilr palmed; Pianoforte, dauialk and lace Curtain*. Axwlnster Carpets, A . Library. CARVED It LACK WALNUT ANTIQUE BOOKCASES. Library Tables, C:ialr?, Suit* in Persian caahwere, itoyai Wilton Carpets, Statuette*. Bodrnom*. HOLID ROSEWOOD BEDSTEADS, KTAOERES, Armour*, English body Brussels Carpet*, all tba line Bed din.:, Ac. Dining Rooms. Curved oak antique Buffet, Extension Tables, Ilookcaae, with all tile (ilns'ware, Silverware, Au. A~~ ?TUNIS JOHNSON, AUCTIONEER, ? old stand, 37 Nu??au *t. THIS DAY, at 37 Nassau it. al 10*{ o'clock, FINE HALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ELEGANT SOLID CAKVED ROSKWOOD ETAGEKES, THREE ROSEWOOD PIANOS, Parlor and Bedroom Suit*, Turkish Suit*, In preen plmli, several elo/ant Pier and Mantel Mirror*, fine mo<|Uel. velvet and English bodv Caipets; several carved oak Set* aud black walnut Bedroom Set*, spring hair and rurird hair Mattresses to match; Oilcloth*, Matt mr. Baieuient and Kltclion Fcr.iiturn, ?uveral Standing aud Sitting Detki, fine Valentine A Butler Sale. KT SALE. SPEC I AL?The elegant Oil Painting* *o univeraally admired by the thousand* that have visited them within the pu*t few day* will bj *old by auction ?t the Art Enipurlum, 47 aud 4'J Liberty St., on Friday and Saturday, SthaudUth of May, commencing each day at 1:1 o'cloek. ROBERT SwMEKVlLI.E, Auctioneer. Auction notice. this day rrauBtOAT). at r> story brown Mono mansion ISoWcst 23d street, near Sixth areune, , commencing at 111 o'clock (?ale positive), I nnmelvMagnificent Bradbury 7Jjf octave rosewood Pianoforte, n?ed six month*, cost $1,<U0; eleirant Windsor, square, grand; rich Parlor suits, covered In *atiu. hrocatel. silk reps: Turkish Suit-. In rep* and plush; Ka*y (Chairs, Tai.l?, Etageres, velvet and Brussels Carpets, lino Oil Paintings, lace and damask Curtains, Bookcase and Writing De?k*. I*'> volumes choice books, rich Imported Mautel Seta. Clocks, Ac. Superb I'edroom Suits In solid rosewood and Irene!! inlaid Mark walnnt: Dressing Case. Bureau, Bedstead. M'ashstand. Commodes, Arntoire a tilace. Shaving Stands, pure hair Mattress, spring Bed*. Pillows, Sheets guilts. 20 flno wool Uianketf, Car put*, Ac.; *mgle and double Hed? tends. limine room. Elegant Buffet, solid black walnut Extension Table, Chairs. Side Tables: .China Dinner and Tea Sets: Cut (Has*, solid Sliver and PiatedWsre, Bau-nient and c<hhI Kitchen Furniture: other articles too numerous to men tion. Catalogue contain* over 400 lots. Sale positive, In lot*, to highest bidders. LUKE FITZGERALD. Auctioneer. A? OKO. W. KEELER'S ? art irallory, .">3 Liberty st. TO-DAY and to-nmrrow (Thursday aud Friday), May 4 and S, at 12 o'clock each day. lor account of Importer, lance line of FINE FRENCH CLOCKS AM) BRONZES. Parian marble Statuettes, Figure* and Group*. terra eotta Mare, Vases, Toilet Seta, China Tea -eta and general Fancy (ioods. A UCrioN SALE. AUCTION BALE*. IX Tins DAY (THURSDAY). MAY 4, commencing at 10o'clock, the entire handsome and cxou'slte HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, made to order; 8TEINWAY 7k OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. Decker A Bros, upright Piano, line oil Paintings. modem and antique Frencii Brontes, Ac. of five Story brown stone mansion SO. 47 WESt ItlTII ST.. BETWEEN STII and *>ril A VS. over 4.V) lots, by catalogue, all In excellent condition. PARLl>KM CONTAIN PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM SUIT8, richly carved ro*ew<H>d and walnut frames, covered iu crimson, tan and void brocade satin and rotelatne; Turkish and Spanish Lounges. Kasy Chair*, iulaid msrqnetrie and gilt Centre and Console fable*, mseaood Etageres, Cabinet*, French plate Mlrr.irs. lace Curtains. French Mantel Set*, 00-day ('lock*, Musical Boxe*. Jardinieres, velvet ltng>, Orna ineiita, handsome inlaid Library and Secretaire Bookcaaes, choice Books, Library TaMe*, elegant Turkish Suit iseven ploces). Lady's Writing Desk, Statuary, Work*of Art. LIBKARY CONTAINS Hrnssels Carpet, ebony and gilt Secretaire. Bookcase", volumes choice Books, Library Bookcnvo. eleirant Turkish Suits (seven niocesi. Library Tables, Statuary, Works of Art, Lace Curtain*. ELABORATE CHAMBER SETS. consisting ol nolid walnut aud rosewood Bedstead*, hand (ooiely inlaid aud Kilt; Dremdng Case to match, line Ar tnolre a-slaee Commode. Bur aus, Washstsnds. marble top Tables. Chair*. Rocker*. 33 fine hair and spring \laltres?c?; al?o plain single and double Bedsteads, feather Pillows, Bolster*. Bed Linen, Toilet Set*, rep and plu?h Suit*, inlaid French walnut and gilt Centre Tables; dining room Furni ture, via., inlaid French walnut and gilt Sideboard, two Ex- ! tension Tables, Chair* In leather, flue Silverware. Dinner ; and I ca Sets, Cutlery, Ac.; 31 llru?sel> and Ingrain Carpets, ' Hall Stand, Chairs, kitchen Furniture and asaortiueut of j household articles. N. B.?Sa'e positive. Partle* about purchasing will post- I tively find this a rare clinnce. I Take Sixth avenue or University place car*, or Flltb ave nue stage to I'Wli st. Competent to pack or ship good*: city or countrv. KOItEItT C. CASH IN. Auctioneer. t'CTlON NOTICE! liAKlih AH nUA ofhnndsome and useful Household Furniture, THIS ilhursdayi MOrfNINW Mar ??. at 1U', o'clock, at the large private residence l(fl East 13th ?t., two door* troiu 4th av., 2 magnificent satin brocade latest style Parlor Suite 0 rich Milts, iu rep* mid haircloth. 1 m ? gnillceut 7'_. octave Pianoforte, Stool and Cover. 2 elegant Turkisli Chairs, J Lounges. S pairs lace Curtains ami Cornices. IS Paintings. Bronses. Vases, Mirror*. Ac. K gilt marble top aud Library Tables ; Bookcases. WH yards velvet. Brussels aud Ingrain Carpets. 2 Extension Tables, Bullet and Tea Tables. 1A Chamber fulls, complete; Bedding. !.'> Iialr and 15 spring >inttre?*es Blankets. Ae. IIW lot* <ila*s. China, Silver Ware. Cutlery, Ac Basement, kltelien, servants' Furniture. ,tc. A rare op portunity lor housekeepers; the largest sale of this aeason. N. B ? Take 3d or 4lli av. car*. Respon?ible men In at tendance to cart, pack or ship goods for purchssers. Jl l.l i S KltAKMER, Auctioneer. T UCTKJN SALK-AT 7igl BUOADWayT"UaV It. 4,5 and 0, commencing IO o'clock A. M., the entire Stock, rouslitlngof Trunks, Bags, Vail-es. i.averware, Uauias, Baaltatsand To,. 1,1 MitbosU r. gnrd to co?t DVERTISK IV Til r. EVEN I NO TELEO'I aM. RATF.S J. Cr. NTS I'KIt UINE. Tl e circulation ol the EVKNINO TtLEGUAM last week Mnii,lay 37,100 Tueailay 37.2**1 Wednesday 37.,'asi Thursday 37,.ViO Frilar 5?,t?0 Saturday 35.3IO Total XJO.Wil Dally average 30,7IU OFFICE No. J ANN ST. \UCTiO.N MALE. PETER BOWK. Auctioneer. sells. Friday, May 5. at 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms, coiner Stli (t, and University place, a large and general oaMirtineni of liouseaold Furniture, pier and mente! Mir *ors, I bandellers. rosewood octave Piano, black walnut Wardrotiei, Bookcaaes, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Psrlor Suits, Armoar*. velvet and,Bru*sel* Carpet*, Extension Tables, Hat Stands, Washstand*. Sofa Bed*. Chairs. Rockers, Ta ble*, Crockery, oia**ware. hair and spring Mattresses, Bed ding, Looking Clasie*. Engraving*. *c. Ac. Auction sale this day.-extra large llonsetiold Furniture sale. THIS (Tharedayi MORNINU, commencing at 103^ o'clock, at the four atory private residence No. 21 East 2lJtli St., near Broadway, three magnificent Parlor Suit*, covered iu *atin. Also rep* and haircloth Sets, 7;. octave Pianoforte, velvet and Brasael* Carpets, Curtains, Mirrors, Brontes, Clocks, Vase*. Ktagerea, Bookcare, Deak*. Turkish Chairs, Tables, solid walnut Chamber Sets, Bedstead*, Bureau., Wash stand*. spring and hair Mattresses, Pillowa, Bedding. Ac.: Extension Table. Buffet, Chair*, Lounges, silverplated Ware, Ulasa, Cutlery and inoauierable other articles. HKNMK Zl.NN. Auctioneer. A? FURNITURE.-NEW AND SECOND HAND HALE ? THIS DAY (Thursday), at 10U o'clock. J.AMhS DENMs, Auctioneer, It Vesey st. PARLOR, DININO AND BEDROOM ribITflv> second hand Carpeta, Office Furniture, Mattresses. BecMlng. Pillows, A?.. the entire contents of the store. Dealer* and families Invited. Hold without reserve. AUCTION SALE?THII DAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK, AT salesroom, Canal sc.?L. S. BLACK, Auctioneer, sells a general aeeortment of Household Fnrnlt are. Bedding, Carpets, Stoves. Mewing Machines, Ae., Ae. Dealers In vited. BALKS AT ACCTIOM. UT BALK B it THE 80MKRVTI.LK \RT OALLERY, No 74 Uuivorsltv idace, THI8 i THURSDAY' EVENING. Ma/ 4. at 8o'clock, of a private collection of very choice ancient and modern Pai Engraving*. Water Colors and Drawings. til* remit of many years careful selection at home aod abroad, Including mini ttuo cliurcli and gallery pictures. Ou iree exhibition day and cveninir. at the GalUry, No. 74 L'nlver?lty place. uuiileti'ni|;ol mtii. ROBERl SOMERVILLK. Auctioneer. LBE1ST iT WALDNOK. AUCTIONEER I'M Liberty at.?Till* day, at 11 o'clock, secoud hand t'ur niture, Desks, Ac.: salo commencing In basement at 1 o'clock, 3 Chamber Suits, for whom concerned. V JOS. 11KGEMAN A CO. FRIDAY. May V at 10 A. M? at tlie Central Salesrooms. tVilloughby at., corner Pearl. Regular weekly sale of Furuitoro of every description. Alto, to pay advances ami expenses, nt 2 I'. M., I<> I'arlor Suits. At 3 P. M.. lOriiufviHKi Pl-ino*. br Chiekerlng, Steinwnv. Hardmau, <? iIbert ?ml other good makers; 4 handsome wal nut mirror front I'lvmpton Bedsteads. All to be sold without reserve to make room for our Thirty lilth annual s ile of Carpet*. May 12. 13 aud 13. V KimTeRT SOMKllVI LLK, AUCTIONEEH, 74 I nlvcrslty place. HOUSEHOLD PCRNITt'RK, CAKPET8, AC., AC. ROBERT S0MERV1LLE will sell by auction, ou Friday, Miiy S, at 11 o'clock, at the private residence No, 42 West Him st.. Faralture, Carpets. Ac. Particulars on Friday. DWAUL?~ 8C11ENCK, ~AUCTIONEER. El Assignee'* sals of elegant Cabinet Furniture, By EDWARD SCIIENCK, THIS DAY (THURSDAY), May 4, at l'i o'clock, nn elegant assortment of the ftneit Furniture, of the mo?t modern nnd unique styles ot parlor, cliumber, dining and tyall, In elegaut carted wal nut, rosewood, covered In damask and reps; superb Centte and Card Tables, aud every variety ot stylo of Furniture. The abovo is now on exhibition and will repay those In want ot Furniture. To tie sold at auction at No*HO Liberty ?t. Purchasers can have thuir furniture stored (Vie ot charge until May l'f 30WARD SCIIENCK. AUCTIONEER. i Elegant Horses, Carriages. Ac.. Ac. At the private stable. No. . 1 West ftftth st.. On Saturday morning. May 0, at o'clock. For luli particulars see head Horses uud Carriage*. j^DWARD SCIIENCK, AUCTIONEER. Elegant Household Furulture, nt the private residence 230 Warburton av. Yonkers. N. Y., on Friday. May 5. at 10^ o'clock. Train* leave (iriind Central Depot at 7, 8, 0:10, 11:50 A. M. Train* leave 30th st. at?:40, 8:?fl, 10:H0 A. M. F~ URN ITUUK AT AUCTION. M. A. J. LYNCH, Auctioneer. By M. A. J. LYNCH A SONS, luti 11 roadway, corner of Pine *t. Will (ell at auction, on TUESDAY, May 9, 1878, at 10 o'clock, on th.- pretni>e*. No. 154 East 4'ith *t , THE HANDSOME Ft RN1TURE contained iu said huuse. Peremptory tale. Catalogues and particulars at office of auctioneer. G~" EOROE J. "SM1TH, AUCTIONKEitT^PEREMPTORY ?ale of Restaurant Fixtures. Mirrors and marble C >un ters. UEOItUh J. SMITH will sell by auction, on tUe prem ises. 18"> Broadway, ou Thursday, May 4, 1S7H, at 12 o'clock, all tho?e handsome .Mirrors, marble Counters, Beer Pump, Shelt iuir. Ac., u-od in the res aurant business heretolore carried on at thvplaee of sale. The furniture may bo seen be tweeu 12 aud 1 o'clock, aud on the day of sale. C"i EOROE II. SCOTT. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL ON T Friday. May ft, by order of Supreme Court, under direc tion of 1). It. Chetnnod, Referee, the elegant Frencli Hut Building No 2<>7 Weit ftftth st., near Broadway. For further Sartlrulars apply to office estate W. H. HAYNOH, 1,300 roadway, room <>. H ENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. Office aud Art (ialieries No. Sift Broadway. THIS DAY (THURSDAY), MAY 4, at Ki>. o'clock. at the private residuuee NO. 120.EAST SKTH ST.. BETWEEN PAKE AND LF.X inu-ton av*., genteel lluusehohl Furnitiiie.ceniprlklug velvet and Brussels Carpet*. I'arlor Suit iu crimson brocatel. rosewood Centre aud Side Table*. Mantel Mirror. Lace Curtains, blai-k walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobe*, Commode*. Lounges and Chair*, oak Extension Table, Bnl fet un.l Chair*. Crockery. Glassware, hlack walnut Hall Stand, Oilcloths, Stair Carpet*, Kltchun Utensils, Ac., Ac. FRIDAY. MAYS, at im ' o'clock, at the private residence NO. UH EAST HIT 11 ST, NEAR 4TH AY., HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURMTl RE. MADE TO ORDER HY POTTIER A STVMl'S, ROUX AND OTHER BEST CITY MAKERS: CHICK KRINO (1RAND PIaNO, REAL BRONZES, AC.. AC. PARLORS.?Auhus?nii Carpets, etionv and gilt Mult In pink satin, marquetry inlaid < aldnet, El agere. Centre and Fancy Tables to matrh. modern Oil Paintings, antique ?lapiiuese Brontes. Mantel Mirrors, real liroiue and marble Clock* aud side Pieces; very rare antique carved Cabinet, full length real >iron*e Bust ol General Washington. Venetian Mirrors, antique Dresden Chlua Vases, largo Japaueao bronte Elephant, Ac., Ac. LIBRARY ?Wilton Carpet, very finely carved French oak Bookcase, black walnut Library Table, Lounge* and ('hair*, Clock*. Kruuxes, Ac., Ac. DININ<i ROOM.?Richly earved black walnut Buffet. Ex tension Table and Chairs, OU Paintings, Clocks, Chlua, Glass Ware, Ac , Ac. BEDROOMS. ?Bru**els Carpet*, black walnut Beditoads, Buie'ius Wardrobes, Commodes, Table* and Cha r*, en ?ulte; hair Mattre**e?, Redding, Ac., Ac. H. B. HERTS A SONS, AUCTIONEERS. LARGE SALE SECOND HAND FURNITURE, CAR PEI'S, MIRRORS. PIANO. CABINETS, AC.. THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THREE HOUSES, THIS DAY (THURSDAY), MAY 4. AT 10>f O'CLOCK. AT THE SALESROOMS 17 PARK PLACE, romprlalng a large lot of Axralnater. tnoqnet, velvet and Brnsiel* Carpets; rosewood and walnut Pailor Halt*.In brocatel, cotelalve, rep* and aatin; French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Inlaid Catdnrt*. rosewi od Piano, live Lounges and Easy Chair*, library and Dining Room Suit*, Bedsteads, Bedding, Mattresses, Bureaus, Dressing Cases, Wardrobes, Cliln.i. Class ami Sliver Ware. Kitchen and Cooking Utensils and all other Appurtenance* of llou*e keeping. The above havn been remove*! to salesroom for convenience of *ale, and will bo fouud worthy the attention of purchaser*. IsTwE1NBKROER. AUCTIONEER?SELLS THIS ? day. TliurMlav, May 4, at I0>s o'clock, at 73 Bowery, Cigars, Liquor*. Pipes. Cutlery, llouteliold Furniture, and for account of whom it mai concern, three elegant Parlor Suits, vsl'ied at $1,000. No reserve. Also some antique Furniture. Ac. OSRPH SMONOOOD. AUCTfoNEER, WILL SELL this day, at !?>){ o'clock, at 4H Orchard st.,tlie Content* of a l.a^er Beer Saloou, with Icehouse, in oue or more lot* to *uit the trade. M OilKIS W1LKINS, AUCTIO.NEKU. T Handsome Furniture. One Oil Palotiap, Carpet*. Kngrarlngt. Ac. E. It. IiI'DLOW A CO. will tell at public auction, on Fri day, May 5, 1H7U, at II o'clock A. M . ut the private resi deuce No. 57 *f<l !?tli it., near 5tli av.. the i-utire Furniture contained in ?uid home, consisting of rusowood Parlor Milt. Centre Tables. black walnut Dining Tablo and Chain, black walnut Buffet. reps, lanihrequlus. laoa Curtain*, Cornices, rthadea, black walnut Bedaleads, Bureau*, Waahatanda, Mattrcuri, Bolatera, Pillow?, Carpot*. Oilcloths, At.: t'lilna and Qlaa* Ware and kitchen Furniture. OKT.JAOK haLK,-WILLI AM KBNNBLLY WILL ?all at auction, Tburaday next, at lOj, o'clock, tho UaM, Har Hon 111 Fixturca complete and Puriiiinrc of .'Intel, Hfltliav Catalogues at auctioneer'* office. Xo o'i Pine it. M~ OltTUAUK S.IK?IMH SKilOl.l) Vt KXITL KK." T~ BKXJ, I'. KAIItUlill,U, Anrtloneer, mil tell on Thursday. May 4, at 10 A. M.. at saleroom .No. U Beach it., large lot ut lli?t(lnU Furniture. of rosewiMid Piano. rosewood I'arlnr Suit*. black walnut and euamelled Chamber Suit*, hair Mattre*?e?. leather Bed?. Pillow^ ami Bolaieri, Bed dill);, Bruiaeia and ingrain Carpeta. Crockery. Oil Cloth, Ac. Ac. By order of BeuJ. Wright, Attorney for Mort gagee. AW.tHROKBK'8 KALB.-TIuTT bTY .1AMKM AHA It will aeil, at *>U New Bowery. it ?<? lota Ilreaaea, Shawla Kemnatiis, Table Linen. t'lidrr.'lottilng, sheet*. Sprcsils j Shoe*. Carpeta, Ac., Coats, Pautaloona anil Veata, at II j o clock s'isrp. By order of rtoloinons A Co., tirtHth av. I (J 1IKKMAX, HHKlt IKK'S /XI) UBXHKaL At'ti k .? tluneer?Wlue?. Liquors, Clianipagno. Clgnrs, Ac ? Friday, Ma) .V at M)>i o'clock, at Xo. Id liuwory, the entiro ?lock nf mi importer and whuleaal > lli|unr dealer. consisting ?if a large assortment of high grade \v |ne*. French itnd tier- , mail. In cask* and case*. also caaea Claret Wltiea, caaka and ! cases Port and sherry Wine*: alao 21 eask? Brandies, tiin. Hum. Ac.; a|a? sfi bbl>. choice Kentucky Buif-hou and lira Whiskeys. choice brand': about IX> caaea line Brandies. lilu, ; Hitlers; caaea ami baaketa Champagne; n large lot of line . Havana and doviMic Cigars, Ac. hale positive, to auit the trade. I STATEM IBLaND FOKBCLOrtCBB.?TUSH TY8KX i Farm, near Linden Park, will be aold, in lota, at Van derbllt llouae, Van.lerhllt lauding, S. I. May 4. at lil M. For map?, Ac.. Inquire of JollX II. 1IKDLEY, Keferee, 00 Nassau at., .New York. SUKHIFF'ri 8 tl.K.?OBRAKD BETTi*, AtJCTXOXEKR.? Til la DAY (Thursdm ). May 4, at II o'clock, at 7t?* loth av , a lot of Liqnnra, Crockery, Tinware, Ac. Alao all the right, title and Interest ol Henry X<->liolT winch he had on the ll^th day of April, |M7<I. or at any limn thereafter, of. In and lu the Fixture* of the Dining and Llqnor Sal am at tha above number H'M. C. CO.N.NEK. Sheriff. PATmcg CAMrnrr.t , Deputy. __ MATRIMONIAL.. AUEXflEMAJf DfcHIKKS TI1K A CQL'AiyTANCK OP r*a young lady, matiimouially inclined, to whom, if cun* genial, he would be a tine friend. Address, with confluence, 11 AHOLD II., Herald office. _ aMi/iknkn r?. He fEKfESKIAf. "BaX.NEIL given by the women of the city ol Now York to the Women a I'avlli'i* of the International K\lilblllou. will be exhibited at ( bickering Hall, on Friday and Saturday, May 6 and H, betore It la seat to Philadelphia. Subacrlberi are requoated to aee that their name* are cor rectly entered on tho record, which will alao be exhibited. ? 4 MERICA'H CKHTENB1AI.," (IRANI) MARCH, lit A 1). 1.. I'owning with auparli llthogreph title In color*; pronounced the tuiwt artlailc production in sheet miiaic ever Issued in thia country ; played nightly at Central Park Gar den with grand aucces*. Price <*J cents. Hold everywhere. Published by liITs. I.N A CO.. 71 Mtroadway. MIS" M AltY WKI.LS 18 AT LIBKKTY To NKUOTIATE for a short summer seaaon, owing to the unexpected closing of the dramatic mm at Mootu's Theatre. Address 1 is West 'iad it ADVERTIRB IM THM XTENINO TELEGRAM. RATKM au Ch.NTS PKK LIXE. The gUwUtkm of the BVBN1NO TBLBUBAM last week was Monday..... 37.UH Tuesday :?7._i?> Wednesday "37,i4ir? Thnrsday D1.UU Friday li.UW Saturday 36,3 <) Total ?i,an Dally average 30,710 OFFICE BO. B AAB af. B B AJH'SEMKJfTS. rp 11 EAfkK^COM I y IK, 514' SKOADlfAV. 1 1" TTriilii TrrTTtmr IT mil SATURDAY Maltet*. The *en?atimi ol nit- day. A1114-1 S ?|H lit home and abroad Introducing the illuiaiuated garden of I.K JAKHIN M A ill I.I. K. In nil lit gaycly and aplrndor. La Griiettet do i"ari>. Daiue>. do U Cteur, Btudeuti, Attendama. Ac., by iUo L.idlei of tbe Company. Tilt* li what you want. Be on tbe alert. Ml) ?tar? in * grand olio. lymph; tulatkk tiJt broadway. PPPP TTTT V Y P P T Y Y PPPP T YY T y P T Y ODD L' I' MM MM PPPP TTTT Y D II II I M M M M D D V U M .XI M M l> li I' r M MM M l)DI> rut' M M M lli# bent of all Pautouiimei in three ?ri>. Mr. BOBKRT PHASER a CLOWN TDK BEST BALLET IS AMERICA. TIIK li UK AT GERMAN WONDER. LITTLE TODD. THE MA IE VELLOL'S MIDGET. McDONALD. The new and novel Hiinipiv I>iiniptv feature*. Sucurc your Mala In advance. MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATl RDAY AT ltOOKLYX TIIKATKB. Every evening tbU week Duprai A Heuvdlct'i Mlnntrela. Noxt week ? moat brilliant combination and groat doablu bill every night. MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON In bar new play. MAI li MUELLER, and STUART KOBSON and VIHS FANNY MORA NT iu the wlendid comedy, MAKK1KD LIFE. The lull itrength of the Brook lyu Theatre Company In each play, R"m85155 BENEFIT T(i WAV ?TilE GRAND performance will be bogun hv Mi?? ADA 1)YAS and Mr. 11. J. MONTAGUE an the HAPPY PAIK. OOTH'S T11KATE K. " FA K1W liLL XIO 11 1 S. JARRETT A PALMER Leiiee* and Mauatfvil POSITIVELY L VST NIGHTS OP HENRY V., ?nd the diilingulifhed EutlUii actor. Mr. GEORGE KIGNOLD, in hla popular Impersonation, the titular chariicter. Tbe mperb Hlltorical i'lay U preieutcil with a wealth of M AGNIFICENT St'EN BBY, CORRECT CO-TI MES. HANDSOME BANNERS AND WARLIKE INSTRUMENTS. PROMINENT FEATURES of Iho wonderful ipcctoclo Hie AN AUXILIARY FORCE OK MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, repreienting the EnglUh and French noldiery anil populace ol London, and participating In the grand PROCESSIONS AND BEAUTIPl'L TABLEAUX. AN OPERATIC CHORUS OK CHOSEN VOICES, A CIIOlK OK MADRIGAL HOYS AND A FULL CHIME OK CHURCH HELLS. ?.?TUESDAY, May W. Mr. TILLOTSON'S BENEFIT. An entire new ulll, including a powerlul now play called ALONE. BOOTH'S TIIKATIIK. RIGNOLD'S BENEFIT. THIS (Til L'RSDAY) AFTERNOON. MAY4 thu extraordinary bill which lucludo SUakeapeare'l ItiiMKO AND JULIET. with Die popular young artlalo. Mill SARA JEW Err a? JULIET (by the kjnd ;jcrmlii>loii of.Mr. AUOUSTIN 1MLY). Will iiuvo ii? promineiu participant! Mlu ADA DYAS. the dlitlngnUhed artiaie ?i Wallacit'a Theatre, by the couitesy ol Mr. LESTER WALLACE. Mr. FREDERICK ROBINSON (by the polite cuuientoi Memri. SHOOK A PALMER;, and the favorite actor. Mr. H. J. MONTAUUE (alio ly Mr. Wallack'a courteiy). Mr. RIGNOLD will appear for tho tir?t time in the character ol RoMEO. Mi?? DY'AS and Mr. MOM AGUE will appear la tho ?parkling one act comedy tailed THE HAPPY PAIR, with wlilch tho grant) performance will begin. BOX OFFICE OPEN at H o'clock tlila mornlug. T3OOTH'S THEATRE. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. JARRETT A PALMER beg to announce that on MONDAY EVENING NEXT, MAY 8, by an emecial arrangement innda with Mr C. D. HESS, Manager, the KELLOGG GRAND ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY, with the dUtlnRuliUed American Prima Donna Mlu CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG, will appear In thli theatre In Mcyerbevr'n great Snectacular Opera and grmid Military PiKoant, STAR OK THE NORTH. which will be produced In a itylo ol uiiumial magnificence, the niixiliary loree numheriiiK over FtllJR HUNDRED, antl the other ui?rveiloil? features, bevmi.l NEWSCKNERY, ELEGANT COSTUMES and BEAUTIKUL UNIFORMS, being REGIMENTS OF INFANTRY an I COMPLETE BAT TERIES OF ARTILLERY. MILITARY BRASS HANDS, a lull Drum Curji*. augmented Orclie?tia ana A GKA.Mi CHORUS. SPECIAL PRICES. RESERVED HBATS?Pitrquot uud Balcony 91 SO ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR GALLERY Kiftv Centa ?.? THE SALE OF SEATS will bci;iu ou SATURDAY at 8 A. M. ?#* Mill KELLOGG will appear at evory one of the fivo performance! Monday, Tue?duy. Wedneaday and Friday evening* and at the SATURDAY MATINEE. 5T1I AVENUE THEATRE. (BEOINS AT s.) Proprtutor and Miinniier Mr. AUlfUSTIK IJALY J lit week, 1 ?'.;??! i.? looth perluriuauce mid FINAL M0I1IS OK ppppp n qqqq u u ekeb P P II Q Q U U E PPPPP II O U U IT EKE P II U QQ U UK p n qqq<^ ww eeeb .. I FINAL NIGHTS (hi* aenaon of Ml*? Funny Davenport. Mr. Flalier. Mr. llark llu, Mr. LewW. Mr. Davldu-e. Mr. Iliri ? liberie, Mr. Harrytuore, Mr. Drew, Mud Sydney Cowell, Mrs. Gilbert, Mi? Oeorgin* Drew, Mini Miner, Miaa Hol land mill John Krougliaui. 33d and laat Matinee (butSjol ?,Pli|ue." mi Saturday, at I :*). SATUkDAY NIGHT, May 0, Mr. Ilarkln'a Benefit. Fortbat night only "MONEY," with a Phenomenal l.'am. 5th avbnue~th eatrb" " SATURDAY NIOHT, Mavfl. for Mlt. II AUK INS' BENEFIT (for tlila night only) fo.- the Hrat time at tlila theatre, BULWER'S aver favorite live-act Coiuody of ??MONKY." with the following PHENOMENAL CAST :? Alfred Evelyn Mr. IIAItKIN'S Stout Mr. JOHN BROUGUaM Grave* Mr. CIlAULES FISHER Sir John Yeaey Mr. W. HAVII>>>K Sir Frederick Blount. Mr. MAURICE BARRYMORK Lord Gloaaiuore *. Mr. C. II. KiiCKWKI.Ii I'aptaln Dadier smooth Mr. JOHN DREW Sliarpe Mr. REEKMAN | Toke Mr. DBVEAU Clara Houglua Mi?? GEORGINA DREW Gourglnu Veaey...., Mia* S\D.\EY COWELL and L>ady Franklin <8r?t tlinel Mini FANNY DAVENPORT HOX SHEET SOW OPKN. ILMOttE'S OA It DEN. OFFENBACH Mciar*. SHOOK A PALMER, Proprietor* and .MnnnKers Mr. E. O. GILMORE Bulueu M?iu|cr SPECIAL NOTICE.?THE SALE OF TICKETS AND BOXES fur the llrat week of TIIK OFFENBACH CONCERTS will be commenced Til is morn i no, at u o'clock, at the Bon Otlice ot the (iarden (Madlaon av. antrancel. Private Boxea (Including four aduiiaaioni) $?> Aduiiuloii..... 1 Hie Garden, which lart ?ea?on proved a moat delightful dimmer retort. ha* been thoroughly renovated and im proved, and will upon THURSDAY EVENING, MAY II, when the iiluatrloui Maeatro, JACQUES OFFENBACH, who If expectod to arrive here to-day, will mnke bi* first appearance In America, litaavuratlng a Series of monster. concerts, aaaiated by a Grand Orcliealru ol over IUI SKILLED MUSICIANS. many of wlioui accompany him from Europe. Conductor Mr. MARIl s llol LL A HD (SenIRAL PAltk GARDEN. J 7lli av.. &8th and IrtHli at*. SO I LK A APPLEBY Proprietor*. THURSDAY EYENINO. MAY 4. D. L DOW NINO'S CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. PROGRAMME. Overture?"Die Irrfahrt nit> tilaek" Suppe Prleru a la Madotnie < Melodic Serieu?ei Lunge Soiii;?'?.'lie shine' lielure me like a Star" McFair. n Mi?e km ma Howard. Caledonla-i Qu.idrille Jnllien Vanatioua for piccolo. flute. ob<e, clarionet and cornet. PART II. Overture?"William Tell" Itoaninl Male Quartet?"Soldier'* Farewell ' Kiukcl Mea-r*. . DDK. SKB. MITi'liKLL au.l SVPllER. Cornet Solo?"Whirlwind Polka" Levy Mr. JOHN HAMMOND. Fackeltant...... Flotow PART III. March?"America'! Centennial" Downing Solo. Mme M ARIE SALVOTTI. Walt*?'"Fldele liurache" Ed. Straua* Oalop de* Tcberkeue* Neumann SATURDAY. MAY ?. M ITINEK AT 2 O'CLOCK, YE COUSIN JONATHAN OLDK POLKS. Admlailon V) cent*. ilEATRE KKANCAIS f Union League Theatre) 36 rue et Madiaon av. RRTOUR DB LA i'OMPAGNIK Dramatiqae Francaiac. Pour Id Soree* Seulement. Ce So.r Ji ndl 4 m il. RAT II LLP. 1?E DAMES. Comedte en :< acte* pnr Scribe. LKS VkVX VBUYER. Coaiedie en nn acte par F. Mala tile, Veadredl mat. MONSIEUR ALI'HONSB. Corned I r en acte* par A I'umaa, file, QL'hTK V DOMICILE. Coinedle en nn acta. Samedl <1 mat. LE TESTAMENT DE l'KSAR GIRODOT. t'omedle en 4 actet par A. Belot. Ticket office cliei II. CogtiUt, JH Kaat Hth at. ^IHATBAU MABILLE VARIETIES. Part* by gaellgh* In all ita g'ery, and every French aenaatlon of lb* daf, The Firat Ni|;bt; or a teirhty, but nice. The Tnrkiali Bailiem, or the saltaa'a Pete. The Frencli Minuet and 1'oaea Plaatii|uee. The handaomeat lor tied ladtea in the wnrltL Tne moat artiatic art let a on the earth. The Bneat 1 lieatra In America. f * S ih'i* sfSls-* i* Mix* FROFKSSOR CROMWELL'S ENTERTAINMENTS. MASONIC TEMPLE, Aid at. and <kh av. Tills evening, at H, Iw.n.lon, the great city, from the Tower to Sydenham Cryatal Palace; Fililay evening. Jera aalem. the Holy ciiy. rrom Iho Moa.|iie or Omar to ilie Holy Sepulchre; Saturday Matinee, at J :?i Veraaiilea <flr?t tuna). Palace ol the Oraniil Menareh. Parka, Koaataina Statue., Ae.; Saiumay niant. Ireland from the Uiaot'a Caaaewav to the eharmtng Lake* ol kiilarney. Admtaaion only 3ft centa. Mb. aptommas1 ~ GRAND evening concert at stxixway iiall, priday evi.mng, mat & aaaleted by the Young Apollo Club and a Bead of Harpa. (1HICKERING HALL TO-NIOHT? HIONOR WHITE ^ will play FANTasIE. by Vieaxtempe; Mlae LASAR will iinjr lioiiaod'a ave MARIA, with violin obligate, by Whit*, end organ and piajao nni*i|t>lsinl AMtsKMErrt. PVItlrtI aTVARIKTIES, lfirST?iT\\- x\ . 1,1 ?[ . \f VAIilFTlKH BHOAUW AY. M*?l o?.r I.I I KS KKV ? tIJTrTNKKTj | " to day. I ?l(,'-"fiK) Kuicv Suarkiilif. l*'r#acUy. but vrtutic. *WfiooLOIHW rROLIC, 1M:*) o'clock. 4 kftnu^ilniml picture of future VIti6?blI Hie*. FIIXIrTaMOI H. ?? ?Vlo?*. ?'* MINUET. lO o'clock. c^wTkcr^Nou ?WW"VftftitH0**** cbi""mukd\ o"abe?^ wJlVn mom\1k RUNSELLs. AI.KRK.rH) AND DHOM, BLANCHKLBEMTS, HORACE WESToN tnd l<?> artUti *L^.wlM*"d merit appear at each performance. deelre or ?/?ff**1/ J",', *"* " MKBsk^K^ iiss LhOM.UA BRADLEY and the PEUTE MASTER DUNN. tl?? IS K A NT S<)NO AND DAj<CE MAN. 100 superior artl.t? every ?I*h? ??*?f*?ua EXTRA-Ki^^^nco lo^lrh.*?? * VIM t \I M K. G KO KOEE V! VkTC IIUM. rKi.Wv-!-as roll's NEW" THEATRE, J. WO Hn l >*" Broad wav, oppo?lte li'*"1 TOivV PASTOR'S STAR TROUPE. tTUE CARROLL FAMILY.T r. M. CARROLL. tiIk UKNBEAU' L.1TTLE DICK and Til K U The famed Bird of Son* MISS JOSEPHINE ?HARELKV. TUE FLYING MKTh.OR.TllK HUMAN SET SOCKET. A L V AJu A, ' ('HAS. DIAMOND. MR CLARK * SrMS8lRH!.IAUD CLARK. \iis-i ^ v Dl ft UKHHOK, Actrenn Hint Comedienne. Mr. HARRY MONTAGUE. ? ? KXWA ltDsf'"lb'J STORLM. X 8> MATINEE TUESDAY AND f RIDAY. y aULK THEATRE. ^ ? BROADWAY AN D 33D ST. T Proprietor nod Manager. Mr JUI!i' nABT* EVERYTHING NEW. I K.a?cu?.?.?twn; ..m.*-*-*". Mr. N. C. GOODWIN slid tUu Company l? two new piece*. THE STAGE STRUCK. la which Mr. Goodwin will pl*e hto wonderful Imitation* ot P''J!,,U' . Mr JOHN WILD ?? the Wrong Nan. Mr MU? JENNIE I ICG! IKS The ftrit nppearanco of the lollowinic ?ter* Mil.. ^y^'\IU<lA?H^'d GEO. CARREY In tli"ir Lancashire Pence. . _ The furorlt* Comedian Mr. J. J? JW AmmA*/?, The LaNDIS BROTHERS In their Son* and Dance on 'ull?r ?*?*??? A new Melanue concluding every evening himi matinee wun Howard Steer'* biirle?iue entitled the LADIES ALLIANCE, LADIES ALLIANCE. Matinee Wednenday and Saturday. B OWEIlY THEATRE. (ir?al muccohh oi Mr. OLIVER DO UP BYRON. In Ilia ?-roat ?tn?mli,,i? 'r?ra? or ACROSS Til K CONTINENT. Avnuon ?iim ? proceded bjr H favor 1 to wcj. Friday. Iicnodt or OLIVER POUD BYBOK. AUK THEATRE BROADWAY AND MD St ARK twelfth WEEK. In con sequence ol ?lter..?|??u? NWH? Mr. George F.iw. ett ,Rowe'? Uumoroiu Comedy. P Blt\ss. Jilt ASS, BRASS. BRASS. BR VSS. BRASS. Bit ASS. I.AS I' NIGHTS LAST NIGH TS LAST NIGHTS. LA-T NIGHTS. , LAST NIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS. LAST MGUTS. AV K"AS Kranli k at?. Saturday Matlueo atX A.iiiil??lon. Ci'i ceut? ?i?d$l. iv:l Niat.,?U'0 rGOD'S MUSEUM. WOOD*. EVENING AT KUI I ' MATINEE AT X MILTON NOBLES A. II. SHKLPOJI lu the wiiMtlon. I to 1 j Ifmc I OF A 1,1^ rltADEH. Pewlnu Machine Olrl. I Artinlnlon. 25 ceuU. _ 0 . Til s r. Ol'ERA HOUSE. BETWEEN '-'D AND >D ? j i' uv. Every evenlnir. Wed. and Sat., matinee. THE IIIREE llREAT SENSATioNS ON THE SAME MyJJT;? PARIS BY MOONLIGHT. PARISIAN CANCAN, FEMALE BAiHKRH. 60 STARS IN GRAND OLIO. AV 'V Proprietor nnd Manager ...Mr. I.ESTER WALLACE r Houclc*alt ? Comedy. LONDON ASSURANCE, now performed at tlil? theatre. liavtuK attracted nnuiaal at *rrn'MI'VKTK* AVD "PERFECT REPRESENTATION .. ... fur Tear*. Mr. Walhick luelt that he Ia'juatlfled In .akius tUl? method of calRn* particular at | tentlon to THE OROUp ()F ARTISTS eomjifned In lt? lllu.tratlon LESTER WALLACE SiS MAX IIABKAWA* Mr> K M HOLLAND SOLOMON ISA AC* %?? ?, iivl/r UAV r,1*ANKI<B iilMEPKIE ilKKMON ? ? aT'V"HARK VWAY''V.' MU. IONE BURK* ' "AKK LONDON ASSURANIIK^ EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEB until lurther notice. Carrla?e> may be ordered lor 10 ~j \vi v TillS WEEK ' ONLY THIS ^y.EEIC 1 0 SATURDAY "'."y' haRnT m^S LAST * vp\f AND at "ammTS ^iInstitute"building, CROWDED81AND%' DELIGIUTEd"'aUDIENCR8. MKNAOEKIh OK HAKE LIVIllO WILD AN!MALA mU*"ANIMALS6 BIHUjT'Iind AMPHUili. theBA5.^? l.?j hiVpopotamub Iii America. .. MUSEUM of Mecbanlc?l, Automatic, Pictorial cod ctMt PIVB GREAT? "cIrcUS*" TROUPES. , fc embracing tkc moat rem art able Hldcr? aiid lAlJl,{,l|J*J?1|J? torld .mo..? which to lA>WANDB. the wouderhU BraaUl Hurricane "j?XtBIOtV6'"'mI?SICAL J UBILEE. Snpcrh patriotic hl.torlcal Tal.ieaux; National Anthe?l hv n cliorm of ?everal linndred trained voire* rhlt. Door* open at I ana 7 o'clock. Adml..l<?. ??ent^ ChU. dren under nine hall price. Beaerred ?*trfc KthibUa In tit cm ford. May H: BrlaKoport. Muy 9. _____ T7NION SQUARK THEATRE. U Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK MtMfir Mr. A. M. PALMER A* thn management are under contract lu fr<nluri> durinx the present aeaaoa Maura. an< n<ier and Magnua' American Dram* "Conscience" the; are obliged to announce the LAST NIGHTS of 8u4on'> brilliant play PEKREoL, WITH ITS SUPERB8CRNRRY AND RS. MaKKABLE CAST. Tuesday PTonlnit. May 0, will be produced with entirely new KtQcrjr mid a tine caat an American Drama In ll?e acta, written ex pressly for thl? theatre by Mes*r?. A. K. Laa cutter and Julian and entitled CONSCIENCE Scat* for Brat nights ot "Conscience" now ready. LA?T MOUTH OK PEKREOL. .Director C^RKMAN'lA THEATRE, UTII ST. J AO. NEUEXIIOKKK hi fits day. may 4 GEHAllKVoLI.E WEGK. Comedy, In thru: acta, hy Siurentmrff. i -LASll' 11 a NO hTTi Z t^i,r WKRKIt'r A. CROWDED HOUSES. HOWES A CUSHINii'H GREAT VNirbD STATES D<>( HUE CIRCUS AND TRAINED AMMAI.S (JUNCTION RilOADWAY AND STB AVJ Laat weak of JEM MACE and JOR GOSS. GRAND ASSAl'l.T AT ARMSI!I AFTERNOONS at J; EVENINGS AT R TtiE MOST PEvRLESS RIDER AL1VK, WODY COOK. TIIE ORKATE8T CIRCUS EVER ORGANIZED. All for J.'i cent* aduiiatli<u. Reserved Keats. 2.'> aaata aiM HOWES A Cl'SiJINO'S at NEWARK, N. J , ?TH aad IIIIII; JERSEY CITY, I1TU and 12TH; brooklyn, laT 11 ami Mill. LAST WEEK 1 ! t LAST WEEK ! I 1 KRLLT k LEON'S MIN STRELS. Kr.l.l.V A LEON'S MIX STR* Ls. EEI.LY * STRELS. EEI.I.V A STEELE. KEI.I.Y k sritKLs LEON'S MIN LEON'S MIN LRON'S MIN 23D ST.. NEAR 6TH AT. Genu of Minstrelsy, lntredoc Ins tlia popular molndioa of Glrode OlroSa. Olio of In*, tlatlblo comlcalltlai, conclud ing with Kelly k Leon'a pa the enmedie mn?lcale, II IS ORACR TIIE DUK& Lontue c Harrington.* THE ONLY LEON. OPERA uousr SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. | Too Moat snceeesral eryanuetieu la ill world, HI 1U 11, WAM HOLD and BACRtlR THE TWO OR F MANA SAN PKANCISCO MINSTRELS. AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. Wain bold will alng tba now wac, "Llulo Darling, _ , l |'"? Ma. ' Rymana Temperance Lecture, . OH. VEn; WE ALL will BE DAR. HIIAKKSfEAkE ON THE HALF SHELL. DELIGHTFUL EOLO AND I*ART BIKUINA Beau aaeurad. Matinee Saturday atX Last weeks last week: Murray'a i.rand Circus. Murray's '?rami t (reus. Charles W. Fish, I Murray's I Of and circus. thn champion berehaek rider of tba wotld. 2S0 great star circus performers in all branches of the pro thccloa. The only pure and legitimate circus la AMftMb r. very afterniH'n and evening. sth av. and ?nrn s r. C1HICKERIMG 11 ALU "" TONIOH* J M.' AORAMONTfc'S GRAND CONCERT, whoa will he performed, lor the Brat time la Aaterloa. "STAHAT MATER,' composed by Slg. AORAMuNTK. with the asalctaaec d eminent Sololate and a select Chorus iron the llaadel aad Maydn Society. Hbh rved -ran, SI; may be bad of Mecers. Pead, OMM square, aad at Schirmer'a, 7l?l Mroadway. C" ILMORE'S OONO K R t OAM~i7m3I " r ofprmuch. boxes can er outainf? At TUEA1RB TICKET OfPItUR, III BROADWAY. VICTORIA C. WOODHULL, her daughter, Victoria. Jr. and Tannic U. ClaSIa a| Cvuiier lasutatc teusorrvw (#>MW ' "

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