Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 14,501. NEW YORK. FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOR? FPU ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?lira Pack?4th. 3th and Oth col*. A SI ISO 1.<>l; Y?I 2th Pa <:b?(it h sol. HI 1.1 <1 ARDH-lllli Pauk-tiih vol. RhaHDKES WANTED?2t> 1'a.;: -4tb col. BOA- l> AND L<JD<J1N<; wanted?Uu Pag*?4th ud 3th col*. BROOK l.VN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?2d Pacb-1m BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?9th Paok. BUSINESS NOTICES?7th Pagb?(?th o?l CITY KKAL ESTATE FOR> Pacb?l?t oot CLKHKS AND SALESMEN-I2tm I'au*?3th cot. CLOTH I NO?12th 1* >i;B-6tb col Coachmen and gardeners?12m p*o??stheoL COASTWISE STKAMS!IIPS-2P PAGk-6th col. CorAUTN'EKsMIPS?Bill Pag*. COUNTRY BOARD?2? Pau*?5th col DANCINO ACADEMIES-Ipt PACK-tith ool. DKNTISTRY-IItm PaO*?4thcol. DRY <J0<)D8?lor PA<ut-?th coL _ .... DWELLIN<i HOUSES TO let. furnished and UN FURNISHED?2d Padi-M and 3d colt. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?2p Pau*?3th and 6th call. EUKOPK-lrr PA?K-?lth ??! EXC1IAXOB?3d Pagk?6th col. FINANCIAL-#? Pauk. fOR SALE?12th Pao:?"th col. FURNISHED ROOMS AND aPABTMENTS TO LET?So FAf.K?'1(1 Clll. FURMTURK-Uth PA<;*-4thcol. _ . HELP WANTED?FEMALES?IJni Pace?4th coL HKLP wanteij-X ALES-LiTH I*A<JK-5th?nd?th eol*. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?1st l*Ae?-ad, ?d tod 4th col*. gOTELS? 2d Pa a*?5th col. _ OCSES, ROOMS, AC.. WANTED?2v Pack?3d and 4th roll, INSTRUCTION?llw Pack??tb col. LOST AND POUND?I IT Paok-Im ooL machinery- 12th Pa<;b?Utb ool. MARBLE mantels?12th PAG*-6th eoL MEDICAL?12tm Paob?0th ool. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? 1st P*J*?6th ooU MISCELLANEOUS advertisements- 10m Paoii? niu col. MUSICAL?llTtt Paob?6th col. NhW PUBLICATIONS?7tu I'a.:*?6th col. personal?1st Pack? lut col. pianofortes. ORGANS. Ai-.-llTH Pag*?6th cot. PROPOSALS?J*T Paok?6th eol. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 12th 1'aub?4th rol. _ _ PROPKRTY OUT OF the CITV FOR 8ALE OR TO RENT?2l> Pauk?lut and 2d col*. REAL ESTATE TO exchanoe-2P Paab?2d eoL REAL ESTATE WANTED?2B Pagb-'-M col. REWARDS? 1*t Pagb?1st eol. IALKS AT AUCTION?1st ''Afi*?3th nndflth col*. situations WANTED?FEMALES?12th Pau*?lit. 3d, Md and 4th col*. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?13ni PAOB?4th and 3th col*. RPFCIaL NOTICES-1*t PAGK-l*t and 2d col*. SPORTINO ?DOGS, BIRDS. AC.?1*T Paub?2dcol. rtoragk-iitii PAGK-mh cot. ? BUMMER RESORTS?-n pAUK-Sth col. T11TRADES?I2tii Pao??6th col. TM K TURF-I?t Pauk 2.1 col. T<> L T FOR KUSINE8H PURPOSES-2P Paqij?2d coL travellers' OUIDE-2l> PA<jK-6th cot. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? 2n Pagb?ltd eol. WANTED TO PURCHASE?HTM Pagb?4th col. watches. JKWELRY. AG.-12TH PA.:*-?ih col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET~2n Par*?lit col. I'ACIITS, STEAMBOATS. AC.?10th PA0B-6th col. | PRRSDSAL. iniTAftLTs8.?aSs'wer lettebT U ALICE. C1BXTEXNIAL. PHILADELPHIA.?A LADY HAVING ) a handsomely famished house of 12 room* will irll the ?ntlr* Furniture at it sacrifice; house r*nt* for $4<t per month: very cratnl, Addreu Mrs. L. R. THOMPSON, Post office, Philadelphia. jpELix-i AM DOWN AT Bn7l737 7"* -l WANT TO SEK YOU. DL'ANE 8T. IT. H. 1"F THE EXPRESS MAN FROM MORRIHANIA WHO left itrayed trunk at 339 East 11th it. will call be can haro the trunk. JAMES KOWh.?IF THIS SHOULlf MEET THE EYE of J times Howe, ot Duukerwell, Devonshire, In informed that hi* hrothor Is now at the Britlth oOtcrs. Fairmount Park. Philadelphia, and I* anxtoua to hear fr. m lilni. Should any ol hi* children *ee this they are earnestly requested to write. JOE W.-I WILL MEET YOU AT BULPIN'S OPEN~ Inc. at Shakespeare Inn, 34 Ea*t 12tli at., on Saturday, it 7 P. M. Lilac morning dress-please send me a name and address. I want to *end you a little note. No more slpn language possible. Addreu K. h.. D , through the post. Herald office. MAY MOVER. Y LITTLE HAND.-WILL SHE PLEASE MAKE another appointment? Lait note arrived too late. BOOTH'S THEATRE. THANKS.?ALL RECEIVED. NEXT WEEK. RE prudent. Oiad you have beep to happy. Will forward. POWER. ILL MRS. BURNS, formerly OF CLINTON ST.. send her address to her old friend " J. B. t" Address I. B. B? bo\ I.VI Herald office. ILL J K.\ N IK AU-TIN SEND UER ADDRESS~TO KARL. Herald office t M \V TlflLL LADY W1IO LIVED LAST YEAR IN WEST TV 21ft ?t. send ber addreu to W. W., Herald Uptown Branch office ? WILL PROFESSOR REYNOLDS. MESMERIST AND ventriloquist, communicate with L. W.. No. 603 Lorl tner St.. Brooklyn, t. 1). ? IsOKT AMU WUW>. Bank book IXISt?BANK "&OOK NO. 402.860 OF tlio Bowery Savlne* Bank is missiujr; the Under is rt Quested to return It to tho bmtik. If not restored before the Htn ilfty ol June, 1876, sppllcation will be m?<le to the bank for it new book. D~~r1fTEI> FROM YONKERS. TUESDAY NIOHT. April 20. a How Boat 17 teet long: painted Ilictit red color Inside and white outside: marked N'o. 10, en (tern board The Under will be rewarded bjr ?ending word to WM. O'KLEPE, Vonkera, N. V. UUND?AN AMOUNT OP MONEY OM BROADWAY. Address E. S. OA KM AX. Baral New Yorker, 78 Dnsno st. L~OsT-A OOLD RlNvO. IIKAItT SHAPED. ONYK stone. Will be liberally rewarded by returning It to 117 East 46th tt. I OUT?ON thursday. 27TH INST.. AT ?2 WERT J *ld ?t? or in returning to 39 Wen 33tU it., a Clutter I'ln of brilltsnti, with a pearl shaped pendant. A inltalile reward will he paid on it* return to NATIONAL ME CHANICS' BANKING ASSOCIATION, 3X Wall at. OST-FKOM THE DOOR OK 20 BOND ST.. A WHITE Poodle Dog: aiiKwera to the name of "Prince;" had a red collar nn. A unliable reward will be paid by returning It to tlio above addreae. No questions asked. 1~OHT?-A LADY'S OOLD WATCH (NO. 18.670I, WITH J Chain and Locket. A nut table reward will be paid for It* return to No. 232 West lr>th at. OKT'OS STOLEN?REWARD-A CLUSTER J Diamond Pin, nn the 8:30 Monday evening train, which arrived in Albany at 1 :<*> A. M. The above reward will be g\vnn alul m> questions asked. Addross J. C., box 2,091) Post otlice, Ne* York; ' JtEVVAHDs.' _ ~ AfT REWAKIV-L08T7 tuesday. A BLACK AND tan Shu; !>sd on nickel-plated collar; answers to name of I>orie The above reward will b? given by return ing brr to 424 5th av. RKWARD.-NO QUESTION* ASKED, TO It RF ?)'/ turn of K 'ld Watch lost Kridsy, 21st of April; fnll nane m front case. W. N. FERRIS. 2i? Broadway. ?.'1 IU \ "reward.?LOST ON tuesday,-MA* 2, Olv'U 1*76. in ll boken. a diamond Scarf Pin, I4lf karat *eicht. The above reward will be paid by returning t<> Chief DONEVAN, of iloboken I'oliee force or to the cor ner of Sdav. and Hudson it. to J. FOLEY*. SPECIAL NOTICES. *? -ISAAC O. BOYCE. 267 BROADWAY.''LAWYER.? .??.? Divorces obtained promptly, without publicity; deser tion, incompatibility, habitual drunkenness. Infidelity, In Ituiuau treatment, conviction of felony. I'assporta obtained. A~" LLEN A CO.."7H NASSAU'ST., SEW YORK"-WYO mlnf Lottery draw* May 10. 8J00.000 distributed. Tickets tl. six for $i. Prices cashed. Circulars mailed frrs. ADVB?fisRlN THE EVENING TELF.fiRAM. RATES 20 CENTS PER LINE. The eirralatloo of the EVENINO telegram last week was:? Monday 87,100 Tuesday .''.7.2. {) Wednesday 37.500 Thursday !I7,M0 Friday 33jB!Vi Saturday.... AIM Total - WO.*? Dally average 3ti,7ltt ' OFFICE NO. 2 ANN ST. A -KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES i?P J. ?. . >M1TI1 A CO. KKMTCI'KT, P.xtr.S CLASS 41B? ro? 1R7G, 70, 43, ati. ?>. 26, &4. 37. 30. 3?, 17. KK5TVCRY, CI.AJS 420?row 1S76. 5H. 64, H>. C'. Ml, M, 32. 61. :*?. 35. 33. 24. All orders address B. NATHAN, 181 Broadway, or box 4,*J'l Post other. New Y ork city. _j,akkh KkbitSON *~CO. . Kentucky State lotteries drawn dalD. Rorsl 11 it -. ana Letter r drawn every 17 day* Kentncky Single Number l.ottery. drawn May 27. 1876, prizes casliioT. Information rttrnislied and circulars free. |H0 Uroitdwav. Post ofllce box 5.272 Now York. T"-the fifth and main drawing of the J\? Eighty-ninth Rcysi Mxon Government Lottery will take plan) Ir'.iu Mar l to 20, 1 ^7?4. 36,000 prises to be drawn ont of *6.000 tickets, or wMfh ? I prtre of 500.000 relch mark. equal ti> ?1 JO.OOO, |rold 1 prise of si reichsniark. equal to 72,<im, jtold 1 rpicbotuftrk.rrtuftl W see 1 prise of I.Vhwki relrl siusrk, equal to !tn,(Xi>, ir??l I 1 frtre of 1U).ISSi reirb?msrk. equal to 24.000, fold And 35.ITS.I other prises The above draa Inc Is guaranteed by end ondsr the super* elsli ii .-t the Rny?| Saxon i-overnment. Full cxplenatorv eircnlars free. THKoDORB ISC hoc h. Post office bo* A.SM. 11<! Nassau st.. New York. n r F It A N i IS UOCLARI). LATE PROFESSOR IN j I'arls. leisure* ?nl weekly. I'rivste o?ees for rec?t. llaMf pat.rnta 41 Weat 35th st. Disease* of men and wo men speedily eradicated. t'nnsaltati?n free. DISKASVS oi MKN A SPECIALTY7" IIENKY A DAN IKI.S. M D.. 144 l-exlnston a?..near IWth St. Office boats Imm e to 3. DlVi'let KS <jl'IBTLY~PRC)CURED FOR ? 1TI/.KNS llvinz anvahere: pay wben secuied. A Idress KhKD t I'll.. "I Astor Louse. N?w Y'ork. or t'inclnnati. DR I \MKS CAN'bK "specially^ roNsl LTKl'^ON diseases ol men. at Fulton St.; moderate chame; jenorabl? cssUtlMs; thorongli treatment; 20 years' e*pe ?ii n< e ; ari\ iee free fT \ V ' N a i,?iitkryT-nkxt T? h a WINO, MaV~~S, I J. 1 m7?I; l*3:i prises; hlirbest, flWlWI, Information free. r martinkf. k co., Vi Wall -.t. . i est office ho* 4.HR3. llijbest price paid for prises, Spanish gold sr.d Havana tank bills. itentucey state lotti.hies?drawn daily. |V #|MM?iNS IIICKINSOX A CO, Msna.-ir XentuckY sine'e iinmbcr Lottery, drawn n'onthly, en Havana plan, to be drawn May .'i. Rt.yil Havana le>ttery to drawn Mnt Third l.<'til?|.itia (Joid Distribution dranr .lulv 7V. For information, ctrenlara. Ac., addrec or noplr to f J At KSt.N k CO., Bankers, Ail Broadway. M eS.c* box -. SPECIAL NOTICES. K"T6mCIAi; DRAWING KENTUCKY STATE LOT ? Mrifn. SIMMONS. DICKINSON A CO.. KKNTCCET. KXTtl ILiM >?. all? my 4. 1876. 56, 41. 10. 71. ?>. 17. 4<?, 45. 7. 2*. 4?. 37, 34. ONTTTOBT, CLASS NO. 312?VAT 4. 1870. 60, 51. 2t?. 43, 2a, -,7, -VI, 5.i, 10. 1*. 13, 21. ? *KBr. klTXA CI.ASS KO. 211?MAY 4. 1*78. 11. 411. 5H, 17. 47. 35. 4,-., 36. 4. 15. 43. 13, 71. nKJIKT, CLAJ.1 KO. 213?HAT 4. I87lY 74, 54. 44. 37. 43. <KJ. 33. 42. 31. 43. 47. 13. Full information by applying to or addre?sin.; J. CI.CTR, 200 Broadway. or box 4.D69 I'oat o(Hc?. K ?SIMMONS, DlCKLXiiON- Jk CoT'S KENTUCKY . single numb?r grand monthly Distribution, on the Havana plan, to l.e drawn Mar .'7; ilm Koyal Havana ot Cab* draw* May H. Full information by <<p;>ly ins to or addressing J. CLITE. 20U liroadway, or box 4,869 Post office ?CM RON IO CATARRH, DEAFNESS^ " IMPROVED method ; io*te>uanroii- relief: permanent curt*. Dr. STODDARD. No. S West 14ih st. K, Ladies consult dr. orindlk. for ai.l ail meats; ipttdj curea whatever tha cause. 14J W?t 4?th it. Mexican consulate oknbral. new yokk. May 4, 1H7H.? By order of the Mexican Legation In Washington. 1 hereby notify alt creditor* again*! the eatate of the late William !*. Parrott. that the Fifiu Civil Judge of the City of Mexico, Manuel CriMobai Telto, ha? summoned nnder the date of March 20, ISTrt. nil of them tn appear before his Court, under the penally of tit* law, personally or by. proxy, ir. the term of tour month*, to he reckoned fr in alio 20tn of March, to prove their claims, aaid proo?* to !>? examined by the Assignee. who will, in 15 day?, give hit opinion. .IUAN N. NAVARRO, Mex can ConsulGeneral. Nkw York, May 4. 1*78. Nervous exhaustionv-a medical MR?, comprising a series of lecture* delivered at Kahn'o Mu aeum of Anatomy. New York on tha cau*e and cure of Pre mature Decline, allowing indisputably how lout health may be regained, affording a clear *ynnpais ot t lie impediment. to marriage and tbe treatment of nervous and phyaieal debility, being the resnlt of 2il years'experience. Price 25 rent*. Ad dress the author, Dr. L. J. K.vllN, office aud residence 51 Kaat Kith a*.. New York. PIKES OR hemorrhoids permanently BRADI rated in two to four week*' painless treatment. no kuile, llgotnres. caustics or cautery eniplove't ? pn.ltlvelv NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL Ct'RRD. Circulars tree. Dr. STODDARD, only ollce No. 6 Weet 14th it. Royal may ana lottery. The next drawing will take place on May S. Prises caahed. Orders filled. Information furnished tree <>n appli cation. Spanish hnnk bills and governments purchased. Taylor A CO.. Banker*. 11 Wad *t.. Raw York. cIditplaiti NO DONK liY MACHINE, WHILE YOU O wait, at ROSENSTIN'S. 08 Forsyth tt. and 1M East 26th st. d'l nn /w\n ?royal iiavaka lottery. $1UU.UUU. Next drn<TiiiK May * Circulars, with fall particulars, sent free. P. C. DEVLIN A CO., Stationers and General Apents, 3 Park row, near Ann it. (opposite Post office I. New York. SPOHTING-DOGS. H1UDS, dtC. FOR 8ALR-A FIRST CLASS MOCKING BIRD; ALSO a Due kinging Irish Thrush. 20 North Moore it., sec ond floor, front. For" it ALB-bHBAP?TWO VERY* HANDSOME PCG Dogs; also three or four Kkya Terrier Dogs, at 148 East 36th st.. stable No. Pi. THE Tl'RF. A'' 'UCTldN~AND>RENCIT POOL8 hiOLD ' AT~ JOYlN SON'S rooms, corner Hmadwar and 2Sth <t.. on the races at Nashville. Tenn. Full returns received by telegraph of each race as soon as run. All orders by mail ?r ine??tn rer will receive prompt attention. French pools close at 4 P. M.; also Pools sold on all bull matche*. T. H. .1- W. H. JOHNSON. t UCTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT THOMAS' A Exchange 1,231) Broadway, on the .N??livil!e Punning Races and tha Base Hall Matches. GEO. M. THOMAS. New york turf exchange." is wrutshth sr.? AUCTION and FRENCH POOLS sold all this day aud evening on the NA8I1YILLE races. French pools close at 3:20 P. M. KELI.Y, ItLISS Jk CO._ " HORSES. CARRIAGES. ?Ci tt"aVction, ~ " A. BY VAN TASSELL A KEARNEY. auctioneers Office 110 and 112 East 13th st., near 4th nr. Great auction sale, SATURDAY. May ?, at I0& o'clock, entire stock of * Elegant Carriages, ef Bradley. Pray A Co., 25 Union square, Broadway, betwen 15th and 16th lis Landaus, Ylciori as. Merlin Coacbea. Landauleta. Curtain Coaches, Coupes, Ilroughams, T Certs, Mall Phaetoai. DogCarts. Cabriolets, Rnckaways. Barouches. Phaetons. Extension top Phaetons, Top and no top Pony Phaeton*, Top Wagons. No too Wacom, Six seat Phaetons, Four sest Phaetons, Four seat Roekaway*. Six seat Rockaways, aud light Carriages or every description. Sold by order ' S. E. MERYIN, Jr., Assignee. Stock now on exhibition. Catalogues now ready at Carriage Repository or at A no tion Mart. CHESTNUT MARE, 15 HANDS; SOUND AND kind; *plendld roadster and fast. Address box 221 Pout office, Stamford, Conn. -FOR SALE, 31) YOUNG IIOR8ES. JUST FROM ? Indiana, suitable for all business. Inquire at 120 Norfolk *t. _____ Xdvertisr in A the irtBHING TELEGRAM RATES 2<l CENTS PR ; LINK The circulation of tbe EVENING TELEGRAM last week Monday * 87,100 Tuesday 37.20") Wednesday 37.500 Thursday 37,550 Friday 35,ti5i> Saturlay SO,:**) Total 22?.:?U Dally averagu - 3ti,716 orriCE NO. 2 ANN ST. A?A.-PHAETONS, FRO* $12<>| HARNESS. ? Rock a way a, from 135 I EVERY CONCEIT Htn.'jriei. from 1V. | AHMv STYLE, I) Viguni, (rum 120 j FROM $10 TO f-'IH Park Phwiom, Coujie Kockawaya. Jitter Wagon*. Ac., Ac. 5 Saddle!, Hrldlea, Whlpa, Sprint; Lap Roll*:., Blanket*, libnta, Ac. JOHN MOOKE, 57 Wurrrti at. A"~ ll gaum or oamhaomTmt own Sake, at manufacturer*' price*; warranted; leather top. new Coy I'haeton*. $130 np: do, Bovxiea. 8140: No Tojia, $!?); atber trimmed ifonr *eat? depot top Wrigona. $13>J; Kock awaya, $140; eatenaton top l'art l'haetona, $150. OIIS. (iKl ltK. .ItXIUanal at. ABAKUAln ?THRKK 8ET8 DOUBLE HAKNKss"; one heavy allver mounted, one medium gilt mounted and one light road act. Apply at l&l Kaat 57th at. A*k for CLINCH. A?TRUCKS FOR SALS, NEW AND SECOND a hand, alngle and doable. MOORE A MANEE, Not. 3. & and 7 Marriotts*! at. A -WILL EXCHANOK LaROE MARK A.M>TRUCK a l?r top Buggy and Road llorae and pay dllfurenco In eaah. Call at ofllee 9H Norfolk at. A FULL AND~COMPLBTE ASSORTMENT OP THE J\. "Brewater Wagon," the atandar'l for atrle anil quality. Boar ready for Inipeetlon at oar factory and wareroome, Broadway and 47th at., 5th a? and 14th at. Special attention la railed to rnr improvement In aide-bar Wajonj. which ? liable" na to offer tho lighteat, anfeat and beat riding wagon aver produced. HKKW8TKR A CO.. of Broome at. A -VERY LARGE STOCK OF S EA SON A B IE car". ? rlagea. ronaiatlng of Victoria*, lix a?at Rock a wart, Coupe Koi'kawayi, extenaion top l'haetona, half top do., cut under Rockaway*. open, top and canopy lop Phaetona, both new and ai-coud hand, at extremely low prfcea. Har neaa, nlieeta. Blanket*. WMps. Ac WM. U. UJIAV. 30 and 22 Wooeiar M. SSIGNEE'S SALE?AT '.iucfioN 31 SADDLES. HOtiSKIV AND I'LUSH, LADIES' AND GKXTLKMKN's, ALL XEW 4NI> Fllisr CLASS, THIS MOKXIXO. AT lo O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART, IS TO 23 13TUST.. HEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE. A" SORREL TROTTING GELDING, RECORD 1AV, j aide bar top Wagon. top 1'haeton, J aeta IJarneaa, at a bargain. 142 Walt 37th at. A ??1S? WILL BUT A FrNST~CLASS TOP BUGOY, I m*t$450laat month; a h?antif?l top Pony Phaeton, j $175; Harneaa, $5<i. Frivate aiable rear ot buuae IS Boat ! 3flh at, 1 N ELEOAXT TOF PONY PiTaKTON, UAKXfcSS| I Robe, $175; gentle, fond Fony, 14 handt. $135; any trial (ifta. No. 511 7th a*. A?$1,000 will but~a "bkautTf ulTpair ok fast j ? Koad Horaea, 8 yeara old, ISJ4 hand*, hatid.r, tree. [ pleaeant driver"; warrauted ion mi and km<l; a top Wajjon. j built by R. M. Stiver* pole and ahaf ?. doable and ainitle Harneaa, by PMMOOWb. No It Weal -.'Ttli at., private MabM. SARUAIN.?FOR SALE, A~BEAUTIFUL BROWN i Fony, 15 handa. 7 year* old; been ridden and driven I by a lady; top I'haeton and Uarnesa. stable US Kaat I 12ib at. LADY GOINcTto EUROPE "TvisHEH^rO SELL I one of the moet atyllili lloraea and Phaeton. with liar neaa and everything iomplel<, that >:<>?* In tba Park. ?a good a* new, at laaa than hall Ita value. Inquire at 354 ! neat 25th at., from 0 A. M. to 4 F. M. AT H \LF COST-TWO LIOHT PHAETONS; ONE aeari fonr peraona; two hill aprmj top Wagon*. two tine bar*, one tight Koad Wagon; all nearly Mw.laMat etyle. by beat city makera. Frivate at able corner of 33d at. and 4th a*. A ?SECOND HAND CAHIllAUE*. Llvingamn Dog Cen. fogr wheela, nearly new. T Cnrt. In good order. Vlf-a via Fony I'haeton. Imported. Surrey Cert, on foar whe?l?, nearly new. Top Wagon*, our own make. _ 1 B ?******? * CO.. 5th av. and 21?tat. A?MU>T BE SOLD. ON A? < Ol NT OF sICKNESS. ? andmait oe clow.l out loia week, cne llorae, ?.ir ranted to trut 111 two minute* and 'ortr aecorida a. war ranted aoend an I ktaii. 7 yeara old 1>', lianu* ni>o Hrew ater patent er*?a utrirfg top Koa 1 Wa4.n1, set of aiegle and doalo- Harne**. all i!<o>.l a* rivw. alao top I'ony I'naMnii. Inquire of the coachman at private atable No. U;i Kut ltith at., between IW av. and Irving pU.o. A. ?Windsor wagon. by Breweter. of 25th at. Notwithstanding the dull tlmev there la an lucreaalni? do I mand lor the W ia kor at an a<iv?i<oe in prire oaer ntbera ! It l? the boal and the .afeat wagon ma<le. auU In the emi will 1 prove to be tl e clieap* ?t. WarertHima 5th av and Slat at. I "\ HANDSOME _VN1I C^M>LkFe1oaD KSTARI4SH. I mtnt. prke |7.Vi, ol boaattlal white ii m* 1 IMtoaflafee. haoda. i? yeara warranted aoanti and kltMl; Iran trot Ortter than 2 :f'., ?af>) for < lady r| t.? ?, a.... lete-t ?t?le iltlftlitg t?ji >(de bar Wl irl.or K a jutt. by i'<' . . $r\ an ! I uble llarn' *- 'A nip. Ua 1 ??. dre*a and 1 araltl** blOfiketa. M o\# p'. oeri? mm h- a?| | th ? t??ether or a?p*ra'? HiiIt. ?? r fan oee.i at.p|v I Araenal atalii#., j5th et. near ilroadx a* IM? VVAOtfXtt. fjkl to $IT\"s<r <T?i>eea*, ? erm^r%. Uukcry mtik s?iHii?iry purk i^r. vrtufiuig. d?iirrry V*%?jr , u?? *.??i \%ftgf>u JM^nuUrtory, K. HORSES. CVKK1AC.KS. &C. L'CTION ltouti: OK AKC1I. J0HMSflJsr 1U, 21. j:t And 1.1th ?t.. near University place. OLDEST AND MOST RKI.lABLH HOUSE IK THE CITY. BBtfULAR SALE* OF HOR8B8 AND OABRIAGES KVKKY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT H) O'CLOCK. 24 hour* to three days' trial on hors s warranted sonnd. Tit* oldest and moot reliable hoass in th* riiy. THIS DAY. aTTo O'CLOCK. TROTTING F.S1 AliLlallMKNT-Team black flnmbl* tonlau Trotting Iitm, 15 hands, <1 rear* old ; kind iu all harness, tr*a from Tics . all well matched at lo i;aii. mu and color: travel together like on* horse ; are not alraid of anything; at* very stylish, tree, spirited, but s?ntle driver*; h?r? not a fault or trick of anv kind; can trot i mil* In 3 minutes; arc inn ml, and sold only fot want of u>*. PKT DOl'BLB HARNKSS. made to order by Stilling*. ? I TOP SIDE HAIi ROAO K AGON, Marly new, by Frank J A*ho. . OKAY MORSE, I.*?' j hand*. "0 year* old. kind In alt i. I harness. Ire* ir m vice, mud under saddle, has ?"?o ? imiI a? a family hor?e, ridden and driren by ladie* for past three yaar*, ls noi afraid of a loctii'itive or il I anviliing else. ha* uo trick*, in an excellent boras > I for any onrptwe ; sold only lor want of we. 7 I TOP ItOAD WaUU.N, iu good order, by IXnbam A Fm? '' man. LIGHT 1.AXDAI'. In good order, by Vetera, of London. m I LIGHT IJAKO 1,'CrIK. ttn* order, bv Wood Hiothera. < BLACKIIAU'K QORStt. 15band*. U year*, kind in ? I all harness and under taddl--. free from vie*, kat \ been n.ed by pre**ni owner for pa*t three years In I country and city tor general family u?e, it an ex I celletu roadster. not afraid of anything. *afe for X | any one to drive and in every respect a 8r*t claaa > family horse, warranted sonnd. s I POKY I'll A K I ON. Haskei. bv Bradley. Pray A Co. t- ! TlVil FULL CLaKEXCES, In good order, by Dunn. S HAY GELDING, 16S hand*. 7 rear* old. kind in all har ness, 6m from vice, ban been used in city and country by I ail iea lor general driving ana saddle and x good horse for any purfton* and told only for want of u?e. TOP PONY PIIaKTOX. In irood order, city bnllt. n!X SEAT PARK PHAETOX, liirht. by Woo l Itros. BAY HORSE. li> liauila high. U years old: kind In all harness; free from vice: lia* been ii*ed to a gro cer's ?i;on ; ia a good, willing driver; wiD stand without tyinir: will pull any load and Is In every way reliable lor any purpose; wild for want of u>c. i W aNTl-KIVK SADDLES a id Itridlos, ladles' and IttU'; order ot assignee to close a buain*aa; eal* absolute and positive. TWO LIGHT VIOTU KI AS, in good order, by Wood Urn*. TOP PONY PHAETONS and Boad Wagons, wild for ac count of whom it may concern to pay advauoes and chai go j. TWO LIGHT HaKOUCHES, by Brewster and Wood Bros. TWENTY-SIX OTUKR HORSES; de-crlptlon time oi ?ala. LARGE ASSORTMENT of every kind of Carriage. W aeon. Phaeton, Harness. .tr., till* day at ARCH JOHNSTON'S Mart, 10 to J.'> 13th *?., near ? University place. Weather never interfere* with our SALES AT 1 O'CLOCK. AN EXECl'TOR S BALK OF THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE TROTTING HORSES. ELEGANT CARRlAGhS. HAUNK-S, HLANKETS, KOBKN, AC., AC.. ?Kl BK SfiLi> AT Pt'HLU; AUCTION THIS DAY (PBIDAY1. MAY 5. AT 11 O'CLOCK PROMPT. AT THE STAlll.fc. NO. 4 WEST 19TH ST., ONE DOOR WEST OK r.TII AV. Including a very fast and beat dispoaitlnned Team of bay Gelding* iu thl* State; are both Pilot* and 7 yeara old ; were purchated ?nc vear airn in Kentucky tor owner, who bad t ikeu ureal pain* to mate in point ol ipeed, look* and drl?e ; the nigh horae trotted In pnbllc in 2 ; hi* mat* ha* no public record but*'** driven In team at Armenia in 2:41W ; they drive with slack or tant rein*; they are perfectly broken to all harneu; are p'ire and tine gnited; do not lug, pullnrlrel; are hearty and rug'.'?d; are warranted tonud, kind and perfect, without *pnt. fault or vice Kin* fa*t and vnluahl* cheilnut Trotting Galdlng, l.'iV high, 6 rear* old; c?i raiaed by Mr Alexander and purchaned at hi* annual *n|e wln-n four year* old; he can irot In or better; waa *ired by t'lari t'hiof, dam by Alexander's Abdullah; he ha* never been trained to fully develop hi* speed; he now i* flnelv developed, without spot, fault, vice or bU-mish, and haa it fine cotdv set u! limbs, eound feot and la a* finely built aa any hors? living; lin is a sale aud reliable driver, a lady cau handle him. and i* wairanted sound kind. A very tint bay Mitro, 15*i high. 8 year* old: ilrrd by Hambletonlan. dam by Seely'a American Star; waa raised at Migarloaf, Orange County, X. Y.; Is a pure and level trotter ; Is pood In company and can always go to track In good condition aud trot In 2:.'IU; slie I* very gentle, can be driv -n by any one, aud la warranted sound and kind. Elegant ninl last bay Trotting Horse. l.Vs hand*. 7 year* old: was aired by youn^ Morrel, dam unknown : for* gentle ninn'e road horse lio lin* fi'vv enualt, being stylish, gentrel, aafe and last; be ran beat 2 :4 > to road wagon and speed a 2:35 gait, and is extra Iroe, olea*ant and prompt driver; wairanted sound nnil kind. Handsome sorrel Trotting Geldinu. 15)$ handa high, 6 years old, sired by Honest Allen, dam by Jupiter; trotted when coming 4 yean old in 2:41; lie lias always been driven on road aud is withont a record; lie can go to track any tune and bent a mile in 2 and r. poat all his heats In that time; be resembles Ills sir* In disposition, gait and action, aud will mako his mar* this season II put In training: he i* warranted round and kind. Alto beautiful trutiug mare Little X*ll, 15 hands; wa* aired by Ktban Allen, dam a Canada mur*; Nell is very speedy and ran pnll a mad wagon a S:45 gait: she can be driven by any child, and is war ranted sound anil kind. t'nrriai;** consist of 1 ex top Park Phaeton, 2 side bar Road Wagons. 1 fnll ?pr!n< Wagon. 1 canopy top I'ony Phaeton, 1 top I'ony Phaeton, 2 setsdonbie llsrness, 3 sots single Harness, Rlsnkets. Itohea, Sheets, Whips. Ac. N. II.?The nbov* stock will all be sold to ntghest bidder, withont limit or restriction. Stock now on exhibition at stabl* a* above. Remember sale positive, rain or shine. II. C. GLOVER, Executor. Auction iiocsk or van tassell * kearney, llOuo.1 112 EAST 1MT1I ST.. NEAR 4TH AV. REGULAR BALKS OF HORSEB AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AM) FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours given to purciiaMrt to teit warrantee*. Bona*, Carriage*, llarneaa. Blanket*. Robe*, Ae., alway* on hand nt private dale. CATALOGUE OF TIIIh"_i7aYS (FRIDAY) SALE AT 10 O'CLOCK. PRIVATE EST A D LIS H M~KNT*?E LEGANT TEA* BAY llorae*. 15^4 bands burn. 5 an M! year* old; kind mid true Id all liarnoa*; free from vice; have One ?t>le and action; are Ian traveller*: are in every way safe mid reliable ; have been naed by a prh ate gentleman and mild mi account of his going abroad. Double Harne*?, nearly new : l!n>>e?. Blanket*, Ac. j alao T CART. BUILT BY BREWSTER A CO. HAS POLE and Sliaftn. FOUR SEAT ALBANY SLEIGH. GOOD AS NEW. PORTLAND CUTTKR, NEARLY NEW. DAPPLE ORAY MARE, SIRED BY RYSDYK'S HAM bletoninn ; dam a flue bred maro . I* l.V* band* high. i! year* obi: kind and true In all harness; free from vice; Very MylUli and liandannie ; mi extra fine roadster; , trot* better than three minute*; it alao a fine aaddle mare; fear* nothing, and warranted sound. Bet fine Harnoaa and TOP RO A D WAGON, BUILT BY BREWSTER A CO. FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT?TEAM BLACK HORSES, l.'iV hand* high. 0 and 10 year* old: kind and true in all barne**; tree from vice : good travellers; free ami stylish driver*; an extra fir.e family team, and war runted sound. Doable Harness. In rood order, and SIX SKAT KOCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT BY Smith. BLACK TROTTING MARE, BLACK HAWK ?TOCK. 13 hand* high, 6 year* old; kind and true In all harnea*; f-ee from vice; can trot better than 1* a free ami pleasant driver, and can be driven by a lady at lull ?peed. Set Harntx. nearly new. Blanket*. Ae.. and TOP WAGON, IN PERFECT ORDER, BUILT BY WOOD Hro*. CHESTNl"T H0B8K, HANDS HIGH. 7 1 EARS old: kind and true In all harne**: Irve from vica; a good traveller: prompt and ?tyii?h driver; a Arst elan* hor*e for general wee, and warranted sound; alio *et Harne** and TOP WAGON, BUILT BY BRADLEY, PRAY A CO. Dapple okay gelding. hi>4 hands high, a venr* old: kind arid true In ill harness; tree from vice a prompt and *tyli?h driver: can travel 1J mile* an hoar; d'? ? not ?hy or pull. i* In every way a first elas*c?npeer carriage horse, and warranted aound. Bet eonpe Harness and ENGLISH BKOUGll AM. BUILT BY LAURIE A MAR ner. Ijondnn. BAY TROTTING HORSE. 15V HANDS HIGH. B YEARS old: kind and true In all harne**: tree Irom *l"e; a prompt snd itrllali driver: trotted at I'ruspcrt P.irk track last fall three heata belter than 2:4o. and can trot in 2 :.V> any day. Alao set Harnea* an<i TOP ROAD WAGON. IN PERFECT ORDER. BUILT BY Diwntarr A Van Ouser. bla? k hawk make, i hands high, a tears old : kind and trne In all harness: free from vice or trl.'k: well broke and very gentle; h*? fine style and aeiinn and warrantee sound: alao Set liar neaa and TOP l'OVY PHAETON. NEARLY NEW. CHESTNUT t>I.LDINO, lti HANDS HIGH. 7 YEARS old: kind and true iu ail harness; free from vice; very ltrlii-li, an extra flu ? crlver and a Irst class coupe or carriage b<.r*e . Heo Set Harnea* and COUPE IN GOOD ORDER 80RRKL MAKB. 18H HANDS HIGH. 7 YEARS OLD. kind and true in all harne??, free fron vice, very *t vl tab. a fast traveller ; a drat class mare for gentlemau'* mud n*? . warranted aotind. ELEGANT >KT SILVER MOUNTED DOUBLE HAR net*, nearly n*w riade by Dnnecomb top wagon, .-t 1i able for doctor's use. built by R. M. Silver*. VICTORIA. GOOD AS NEW. BUILT BT MINER A Stevcna. TOP WAGON. WITH POLE AND SHAFTS. BUILT BY J It Br> w?ter A Cm CREAM COLORED I'ONY, 10 HANDS HIGH, 0 YEARS old. Win-1 ami trite in all harnea*: free from vice: ?ult able for .adirs' or children'* use. and warranted round. Alao Harnea* nnd NO TOP PONY PHAKTON. NEARLY NEW. SEVERAL GOOD WiiRK AND FAMILY HORSES Ponr-w heeled l>*g Cart, M* ?rat I'ark I'haeton. Extension top Phaeton, Two Kwumjv < urtain t'oaeh. Top and no tofi Itoad Wagon*, Harnea* an I Saddle-. Exprtt* Wopon*. Ac.. Ae. SALE COMMENCES Af 1?> <> CLOCK. A ?-MAJOR CUAS. W. BARKER'S A. GREAT regular HORSE and c image Sale TO MORROW Saturday), tomorrow, AT ELEVEN o'cleek prompt. AT II A ItkEl; A Son ? CITY AUCTION Mart and New York Tattereall'*, CoHNKR f|r Broadway ami SMh at SEE IlBWrnrTIOSs m t > morrow * Herald. ADVERTISED ENTRIES for alio**. CLOSE at POUR P. M i..-da<-. \ .M \.IOR ( Has. W A A UK KB. Al t' I IONEEK. . COLONEL P. ' CONNELLY, of I1H yneen Oermantiiwn, IVnn., take* p ea>irs ii, announcing hi* thit? teentli UNPRLt KIHtNTED - A LE of the f*?te*t ?. M?? EN TBtt rTEKS In the world. JnM irrtvvl from KhNTt t'K Y, to take piace on Wedne?'l*.? n?*t. May |ti, at II o'clock, at l!*rker A Son'* 1,'lty f iietion Mart ati?l New Vork Tal te-?a:l?, corner o; Broadway and -'li'th *t . <nd comprl?itig ? r-. I X rhKN HEADS of the rleiie*t bred sn>i ntoet protnmn yr'in." (,re-n o-.r* that ner >!t the HI.I E GRASS B<-g1nn, rar.^m.? fro'n l^'a to ItP'? hign and trom 4 to 7year* old, ail warrant#'', found mdkvid. :hat ran trot In fr.on 3 :W down to 2 *:!i all ift^te i a*t and moat fanhionable K--.N H CKY i HOTTING BL>>0D. STOCK w:l(. ?rrtve i.t the Matt thl* morning for , exhibition and trial, wtien Coi?tiet tlonnelly reqneite thai e> will come and HIDE BEHIND and Th*T the J .-PEKD ami driving \nallti' * if any of the lot before the . time of *a|e <'ATALi?GCK> WITH extended p*d:?r#e?, dewriplloni, Ac . a- i r adj n :he 'mr.t o#ce nr ,?lart FiwIIIVfc apd without regard taweather. ? -FOR SALE. FHRER PONY Bl ILT HORSES; iV* -n i t* iuer I r eiij bu?lne?*, hall ralar. 37S tfowery, tear stable. HOnSKS, CARRIAGES. AC. A -FINE HARNESS, SADDLES. BRIDLES AND ? Horae elothlng; (ingle llnrnes* from <15 to tltJO; double Harnast Iroia f24 to *:#*?; also ? very Uric* assort ment of linen and woollen Horse Clothing; Saddle*. Bridle*, Whip?. Robe*. Hit*. Mr . In great variety. ?t the old e?t*b' lislied house of H. UAllTl.K l'T, 42 Warren st. N B.-ALL OCR ovs N llAKK A' COAL CART OB TRUCK MARK-ALSO _*'V two other llor*e*. suit grocer. baker, farming. Ac. 1 12 Henry si.. (table. 'a cVaRKNCK. KqItaL TO NfcW; rWO OTHERS .1 low; Coupe, cheap ; 0?acb?i, Wtcon and f*b<a??NW: bnrcam.. * PITNEY S. 4*0 3d a*. ~KOR HALE AT I'ANIU PRICES, lu KINK KAMILY . road, coupe and bttitniwHomi; al*o i*? fi"'- row fonlea, 1-' 5 year* old. the beat In the State , top Waeons, Park 'tnd Pony Phaeton*. Depot Vi|tna, single, double md coupe Harness. at tbe Union Club Stable*. No. 20 Kant l^ih it., near Broadway. ______ A -FOR HALS 5 PONY HCILT HOUSES. SUITABLE ^TV. for ftrinlng grocer, milkman or express; will be sold cheap. 2<>l drand ?t.. between Mott and Mnloerry. BOARDING RTAllI AT CAN 10 NIOiMIIOUl and ho* stalls. Ilrst cla*? accommodation, at WW Side Stable. 317 Weat l >?h st,. near Sth av Brewster-ok broome ?t quarter road Wacou lor tale al llATIIOR.VS ctablea. 137 We*t | 37th it Brewster Slarencb. thrbb-quartkr ci,ar. once hv Wood Hreth-rs. and Coup>- Kockaway (food aa new) for talc low for cath, at Areenal itablea. 35tu at., near Broadway. BOGGY IX PERFECT ORDER, i&O: TOP BUSIS'BSS Wagon, $35; llor*u. Si5; forced to Mil cheap. 550 Weat 35th at. CUBRIAGES I of every description. In fashionable design* and color*, and at VERY LOW PRICES. ALSO. Barn km of MoiTat'i leather, rubber trimming* and small buckles (In *toad of leather*. hand stltchin r. for track, road and coach, either double or (Ingle, and with ail the fartronable point*. A. i*. KLANDKAU. 372 and .174 Broome at., old stano nf Brewster .1 Co. nlRAP-TttB UAMDSOMBST IMAl) HORSE IN \J town; 6 years; 15.3; brown. 22!? Went .'Wth it. 1IM>WAKD St'HENCK. AUCTIONERR U ELEGANT HORSES. CLARENCE, ENGLISH BA KoUCIlB. TOP WAGON. LIGHT TROTTING WaGON Bl SINkSS WAGON. DOUBLE AND SINGLE 8LEIOH8 Ei.EGANT DOUBLE AND SINGLE HARNESS, ROUES AC., at the private stable NO. 21 WEST 55TH ST., ON SATURDAY MORNING, RAY 6, Ai'9>i O'CLOCK. IIORSE^.?A span of hay carriage 11 arte*. Iflj? handa; warranted perfectly sound, kind and gentle In every way. A dark brown road Mare. l 'S hand*, 8 year* old; war ranted perfectly sound. kind and eantle. >;LARKN('R ?A fnll Clarence, by Brewiter A Co., of Broome ?t.. in p?rfect order. ENCLISll BAROUCIia. by Bradley, Pray .t Co., ftally ?qnnl t-' now TOP WaOON, br Dneenburv A Van Duier. with Polo and Shafts. LIiitIT TROTTING WAGON, by >atne maker*. I>Oi'IU.K SLEIGII, ..y R M. Stiver*, In perfect order; alan two nincle Sleigh*. KAR.NKSS ?Kleirant double Coach Harnem, hy Cume A Cnrrie; light double TrotiinR llarnen, elegant Coupe Har nn? and throe i.ei? of (ingle Road Hnrtie??; alto t-legnnt Blanket*. Whir*. Kobe*, .fcc. Can he ?een at the (table pre ?iou* to the *ale. which will be nbiolnve. EN i > LISII T CART, RUT LITTLE USB I); ALSO TOP ?ido bar Wagon. RISLF.Y A Bl'RRIS, 6<X) and 002 Broadway. OR Mai^k-handsomk spajT DARK IIROWS' Horte*. s and !* year* old. I5k'hand* high; kind and ?ottnd. luijnire ol M IKK. *table So. 6 Wo*t 44th *?., be fore 10 A. M. OR AaLB?A KIRBT CLASS LIVERY STABLE; ES. tablnhed In 18U2 ; the owner detlre* to retire entirely from botlnes*. For particular* call at 242 Ea*t 33d *t., from 7 to y i'. M. POlt SAI.E?A BLACK PONY HORSE. INQUIRE AT H70We?t 11 tit *t.. In the grocery store. JpOIt" Sa I.K?A (i K Nf LB MA N'S PRI vTtE TURNOUT, eoaalfttug of a pair of Uandxime, well-matched black lloraea, 15.3 hand*, nound' atid gentle, a lour wheel Dor Cart, Bttffgy. Ilamoi*. Robe*. Blanket*, to. Apply to PA' KICK MAllEK, Wititlield Stable*. 112 We?t 50th at. IriOR SALE-TWO KINB KOR8BS. KOR WANT OP 1 mo. Apply at L'.'tX West 42d It, rear. tiioR sA LK?A GBNTLBBAN s" SADDLE 1IIORSB. r perfect In every ra*pect. Inquire at PaclBe Motel, Oreenwlch ?t , near Cortlandt. For "' sai.e-a kour-sbat bockaway. vbbt little u*ed. To bo *een at private (table No. 3 Eaat 5'.*d *t. For sale?a bay hamblbtonian stallion, coming 5 year* old: perfectly (onnd and kind. Can be ((en at Kerguann'a stable*. 12<> West -">2d *t. C. MOORE, No. !? Wajhlngton place. F" OR SALE?BXI'r"kss" WAGON, HORSB "AND~HAR neiui; ? sell (eparntely; cheap. <127 Bth av. OR"sALK. ? AN ELEGANT CO0PB, OR FAMILY Horse. I ft band* high U year* old and warranted wiuud; cheap fur ca*h. Inquire at stable. No. 103 West 30th *t. T^OR SALE AT A SACRIFICE?X"COMPLETE TURN r otit for a Wily: brown Horse, 0 year* old: gentle and reliable: single Ilarneas; Phaeton In excellent nondltlon. Can b - seen at J. 8. FERGUSON'S Stable*, 103 and 106 Weat 53d it. H~ ~AltNF.SS.?CHEAPEST HARNKSsTSTORE IN S'EW York; good Buggy Harness, hand maile. $15; good Grocer's llsrne**. 925; gotxl double Team Harness, 930: a good Horse Blanket, 91 !**? Please call and examine for vimrs?tve*. Flail KR k OSBOBN, Manufacturer*, No. 71 Barclay st. wi/l*iri SAniTl7lTsT?i^M>rFo 975; < 1,000 Brl'ile*, from 50e. to 91": 500 let* of II aroeas, from #7 to 9330, atietalL Call and examine at the PETERS * CALHOUN COMPART. 510 Broadway, opposite St. Nlebola*; 91M and ItOS Broad St., Newark. ORSB WANTB B?I?A BOCC" kT>R WO It k "or ROAD*. In exchan e for elegant Piano, celebrated maker. Ad dress G.O. T., box 107 Herald office. Horses for" salk-onk tbam" TBPCB HQfMi, one team Mulra, two Road Horse*. Ju*t recelveil from the Weii, C. D. WILLITS, corner Knlton at. and Kort I Greene place. T APY'S horse, BLACK. PKRKECTLY SOUND. 11 pontic, and very ?tvll?h 1'haeton. Ilarne*a and Whip, all In complete order, for *ale cheap. Inquire of or addrc** T. CRaN K. corner of Hth av. and >t. MORTGAGE SAI.K. ~ PKTKR BOWE. Anctioneer, ?ell* THIS DAY, at II o'clock, al the corner of rtth *t. and rniver?lt* place, ha? Mare. I.'tjf banda htcrh ; warranted pound and kind, Set linale llarneM, nearlv new, made bjr Kulley. Single Truck, very abort time In n?*. By order of Attorney for Mortgagee ONY PUARTOMm! new atylen. ear own reliable make, at price* IS per cent le*? than la?t year. A. T. DEMARKST A CO., 6i>? and SKI Broadway. SECOND MABD?AT BARGAIN'S. Coupe Rockaway. neweu ?tyle. iplendld order. I.andaulet. very lljrht, In iplendld order. Sivneat Rock away Coupe, circular front, (rood a* new. at a barpaln. Sixneat Phaeton, American liandaulet. *Io?* Coach. A. T. llKMARKST k CO.. 638 and rt3? Broadway. STAHLK TO LKY?13$ WHAT 60TH ST ." K(7Fft ? lalltanda "bo*." larire carriage room, line accom modation* for coachman'* famllv II. W. RYDER, 110 Fill ton *?, QTaBLK TO RRNT?ON WASHINOTON~ST.. NEAR O Canal tt.; nom for three or four coache* or truck* and ?tall* for ten hor***; *ix room* on ntulra JaMKS PRIOR, ano Hnd*on it TWKNTV-FIYK SADDLE* AND BUIDLK, LADIES and litiita. to be ?old wlthoat r**erve, by order of A? ' ilpnee. to clone a biiiineit. ENGLISH LANDAU, l>y I'nteri of L< ndon. LIGHT SIX SKAT PHAETON, by Wood Uro*. LIGUT BAROUCHE, by Brewater A Co. Tup s. B. ROAD WAGON. built to order, by Frank A*be. to be *old to pav adv.mcen and charge,. S TOP POW PIIAKTONS and TOP W AGON*. to be ! nold lor account of whom It may concern to pay advance* ? and charge*. = j TKaM BLACK ROADSTKRS. Hambletonlan*. trot 2 I In three mlnnte*. 5 TW<? CLARICE*. bv Dnnn. ^ I TWKNTY SIX HORSES. description time of *ale, thl* AKfri JOHNSTON'S Mert, 10 to 3.~> Thirteenth *t.. near Unlvernltv place. Weather naver Interfere* with .ur 8 A LBS AT l<> O'CLOCK. See catalogue above. rjmtACk sFlkikr.?in order toTopu la rizb J onr Sulk? trade we offer front Mock or will build to or der Truck Sulkle*. In all weight*. nn*nrpa??ed in <iuality *nd form. r?rfl'A'>. IlltEWSTKK A CO. (or Broome *ti.. Broad way and 4Ttli *t. rrKAM YOUNG SOUND PONY BUILT HORSES. 1 xtil *epar*te; Hortc, hxpreM Wagon. Ilarnen Mo. 4 7th a*. foTF.T-PRIVATh STABLKS. AT ISI WlST ITTilVf. and 144 We*i WHh tt. . In good order. JAMKs STIKKMAX. 7H Wall it. mi) LKT-A TWO STORY IIRICK stXaLE. SOS. ALLS, J. with IA boarding horae*; *t?I.> upttalrt; ample carr..isa room: vicinity ol Broadway and 4.d *t. Inquire m ,'h Ka*t 2-ith ?t J. H WHITs. >N VITHRN YOU BUY A IIORSE AT ARCH. JOHN *> STOM'S WHEN YllU BUY A IIORSK AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S WUKN YOU BUY A HORSE Al ARCH Toll N'STOX'S Y'?U KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU BUY. tOU KNOW KXAOTLY WHAT YOU BUY. YOU KNOW EXACTLY M il tT YOU BUY. SKK CaTaLOOUE ABOVK. ANTRD?HaRXEIS for PAIR POM Kg ABOUT itifi handa bi|b. Addre** C. K., box .I.*"!.! Poat oflire AV w WANTKD-WKLL TBAINKD SADDI.R lluRSK; ?f maul be rentle and price low. Addre?? Kyt'KS TIU AN, Herald olTIc". ?tatlnB price and wlif real>niit?. XirANTKr)?A IIORSK. TO WORK IN A FURXITUHR If cart or truck. In exchange for new Kiirnltiire, Carpet*. Cnah or c irapcr llorae. t'OWPKKTII WAIT'S. 1U and 157 Chatham ?t. W ANIKD?IIORRK. BUOOY AND HA I NESS, FOB ti which I will nlve twice it* value in yneen* eeairty vlllai* Utt yueen* County Land OBlce. 'L-J llr.'adwa) 'ANTKD TO LKASG-STABLINO FOR ABOUT TEN ljor?>'< and picnty of crri*i;e room, well located e??t Apply at once to V. K. STKYKN.SON, Jr., 33 Ea*t 17th tt., or No. 4 I'll e ?t. 4CHRAP IIORSKS ; NO FAIR OFFER HBFUSRDs ifood driver* and worker*. 4M Wen ?Oth it., near ?tli ar. WILL BUY A SINCl.F. TRUCK, IX PKRhKCT running ord tr, at |.'>u Went -t. -?WOniff 9390?HOBSB, TOP RXPRBSS >J Wairon and Harnc*. Saddlery No. 1.(7 7ih *v. 61 Xik?WORTH XEW TOP F.XPRK-S OR liolivery Wajou; mini *ell. want an offer. Is!4 Wvet 1 .'tli *t. _ C I (H) WILL BUY A BAY MARK, fl YEARS OLD, ?"rUw 1-'>S hand* hl?h. can trot in :i minute*; very ?tyllih. aide bar top Rniity ; o*w *et of liarneta. S!o*r to be ?e-u at nMITU'n itabUt, Portland n,, mm Atlantic av., ?rookly*. $o0 $12 A. S.Vl.Ksi AT AlCTIOS. ?tUNIS Jul! NSoN', AUi'Til INhERl Old stand, 97 Santn it. VERY ELEGANT UOUSEHOLD fURNITURR AT THE PRIVATE RESIDENCE 30 WEST SJITU ST.. THIS DAT (FRIDAY). MAY 5. AT ICS O'CLOCK. Parlors MAGNIFICENT "POMPMIAX" MIT IN EBONY. bn!i! aud bronr.e inlaid. covered in drab flowered in n , Roman >nti<iue Centre fnHn. superb Sevres Chins Vases, ricble painted. Piauolorie, damask end Uce Curtains. Axinlnstcr Carpets. A . Llhrary CARVED BLACK VAI.NCT ANTIQUE bookcase.*. Library Tables, Chair*. Suits in Persian OMbmr*. Uoyal Wilton Carpets, Statuettes. Bedrooms. SOLID ROSEWOOD II lliSTRVDS, ETAOEKFS, Armours, English body Brussels Carpets. all the tin# Wed ding. Ar Dm ing Room*. Carved oak antique Buffet, E\t- union Table*, Bookcase, with all tbe Glussw.ire, Siherware, ic. OX SATURDAY? AT 10', O'CLOCK. AT 01"R SALESROOM :I7 NASSAl' -ST.. LA ROE SaLR Or HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, )Ml 'if Carpet! and any qiriutitr el Othee Desks, Partitions, Railings, Safes. Lounge*. Oilcloth*. Chair*. Ac A UCTION NOTICE. ~ THIS DAY (FRIDAY). 2\. at ft story brown (tone mansion 120We<t ?.'td street, near Sixth ivctiue, commencing al Id n'cloc , isale positive), namelyMagnificent ilradbury T.'j octave rnwwno'1 Pianoforte, used lit in lithe, toil Windsor, square, grand. rich Parlor suit*, covered lu satin. t>r ocaMi. ?ilk repe; Turkish Suit*, in rep* mid plush: Eaejr Chairs, Tablet, EiaiiUtt, velvet and Brussels Carpets. ' n nil Palatine*, lace milt Unmask Curtains. Ilookc.-e and Wrlliiis' Desks, l?<) volume* choice buoks, rich Imported Mantel bets. Clocks, Ac. Superb Redronm Suite In solid rosewood ena trench inlaid black walnut; Case. Bureau, Bedstead. Washstand. Commodes, Artno re a Olace. Shaving Stan<U. puro luilr Mattress, suriiig Beds. Pillows, Sheets. Quilts. -0 line wool Biaukets, Car pets, Ac.; iinpie and double Hedateudv Dining room. Elegant Buffet. solid Muck walnut Extension Table, Chulrv side Tables: China Dinner and Ten -ets: Cm Class, solid Silver and Plated Ware, Basement and i-ond Kitchen Furniture; other articles too numerous to men tion. Catalogue eonta ns eirfiOO lots, bale positive, iu lots, to highest bidders. Ll'KE FITZGERALD. Auctioneer. A RT ANNOUNCEMENT. The Messrs. LEAV1TT, Auctioneers. Mr. 8. P. AVERY respectfully nnnoiinccs that lie will dispose of nt auction tho larger portion of h'ls collection of Works of Art. Tho sale will Include Ills entire stock of Water Cnlor and other Drawing*, selections from his Oil Palutlutfs and vari ous Objects of Art. Tho collection is composed of works Imported durinir the present season, ami have never bavu exhibited to tho public, i'liey will be so;j without any reservation whatever. Mow on exhibition at the Leavitt Art Gallery, ?17 Hroudway, day and evening. Among the artists represented will l>u found the works of Rouguereau. Boldlnl, Breton. Rough ton. Col (David). Con. ture, t'ustres, iretnil'e, i>elort, Dora, DesgofTe, Feyen, For* lunv, Jlmlnez. Koekkoek, Knaut, Lelotr, M>syur ornroinen, Pnsinl, Pascuttl, Porrault. Eonncr. SltBonl, Kteiulietl. Tro yon. Vlbert, Volts, Vlry. Verboecklioven ami manv others. To be sold at auction on Thursday evening. May 11. at Clinton Hall Salerooms. Taction sale: auction sale. A. THIS DAY l(KRIDAY). MAY ft. commencing at lOo'clock. ? lie entire hsudsomo and eximitlte HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, made to order: STEISWAY 7'i OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. Decker ,V Urns, upright Piano, fln~ oil Paintings, ? modern and antique Kr< nch Bronres, Ac. of five storv brown stone mansion *0. 47 WEST 1BTH ST.. BETWEEN f.TII and HT1I AVS. ever 4A0 lots, by catalogue, all In oxcelleut conditToii. PARLORS CONTAIN PARLOR AND DRAWINO ROOM SUITS, richly carved rosewood and waluut frames, covered in crimson, tan nnd !old brocade satin and cotelaine: Turkish and Spanish ?ounges. Easy Chalra, inlaid marqnetrie and gilt Centre and Console fables, rosowood Ktageres, Cahlnets, French plate Mirrors, lace Curtains. French Mantel Sets, itd-day Clocks, Musical Boxes, Jardinieres, velvet Rugs, Orna ments, handsome inlaid Library and Secretaire Hnokeascs, choice Books, Library Tables, elegant Turkish Suit iteven pieces). Lady's Writing Desk, Statuarv. Works of Art. LIBRARY CONTAINS Brussels Carpet, ebony and gill Secretaire, Bookcases, volumes choice Books. Library Bookcase, elepant Tnrk isli Snits (seven nieces). Library Tables, Statuary, Works of Art, Lace Curtains. ELABORATE CHAMBER SKT8, consisting ol solid walnut and rosewood B dstead*. hand somely Inlaid and gilt; Dressing Case to nnttcli. linn Ar moires risen Commode. Bur hus, Withstands, innrble top Tables, t'limirs, Backers. 311 lino hair and spring Mattresses; also plain single and double Bedsteads, leather Pillows. Bolsters, Bed Linen, Toilet Sets, rep and plush Suits, Inlaid preach walnut and cllt Centra Tables; dining room Furni ture, via., inlaid French walnut and gilt Sideboard, two Ex tension Tables, Chairs in leather, lino Silverware. Dinner and lea Sets, Cutlery, Ac.; 31 Brussels and in^rniti Carpets, Hall Stand, Chairs, kitchen Knruiture and assortment of household articles. N. R.?Sale positive. Parties sboot purchasing will posi tively find this a rare chance. Take Sixth avenue or University placo cart, or FlRh ave nue stage to Kith st. Competent men to pack or ship goods: city or country. ROBERT C. CASIIIN. Auctioneer. AR1- _ free tale wlthont any reservation. Magnificent Oil Painting*. molt elegantly Iramed. Thl* dav, at 11 A. M. and 7,'j o'clock evening, the larccut aaiortmeni of choice Work* ol Art ottered at auction thi* reason. at the Art Oallory 518 Broadway (St. Nicholas Mo tel). Dealers, housekeepers, hotel keener* aud other* will Slid tbla a rare opportunity. II. MAYERS, Auctioneer. \ KT EtLE .A SPECIAL.?The elegant Oil Painting* an universally admired by the thousands that have tiiltn them witlili> the pant fear day* will i>e *old by auction at the Art Emporium, 47 and 4kl Liberty St.. on Friday and Saturday, ftth nml tlth ?f May, commencing each day at 12 o'clock. ROBERT Su.MKIIV 1LI.B, Auctioneer. A l/CTION SAI.K. Al'CTION oAi.Ii. A At the private residence IOT? Rait 13th ?t., fro door* from 4th av. This day (Friday), Mar at 10^ o'clock, nv?r 818,000 worth and over ?<) lot* magnificent (loose hold Furniture : St*) yard* moquat, velvet, llru??el* Carpet*: two tnagnlficout rosewood 7I< octave fraud Pianofortes, best citr maker*! parlor* e.m.Utinz of inaicnilU'eill Wrnnd Duchr**e and Marin Antoinette atvte Parlor Suit*, covered wltli crimtori *atin, blue satin. crimson and gold and green and gold *atin brocade; Turk!*h Cbtlr*. Loun.e*. Table*, Etasrrre*. Mirror*. Curtain*, fainting*. Work* of Art. ited ?lead*. Ilurean*. Wa*h*t*nil*. Commodes, Wardrobes, Mut tre**e*. Bedding; walnut r-p and plu*h Suits: lluffet. Kxten *loo Table: Olaas. China, Silverware ; Cutlery, Ac. J. KltAEMKK, Auctioneer. Responsible men In attendance to cart, pack, box or *hlp (nod* lor purchaser* Sale poaitlve. DTiorris k" is " Till-. SVENINO TELEORAM. RATKS liu Cr.NTS PER I.INK. The circulation of the EVBNINO TiiLEtiRAM last week w*? Monday 37.1"" Tuetday S7.2t?? Wetne?lay 37..'OI 7hur*day 87.5.10 Friday :?,??? Saturday 8.1.300 Total 2-.*<),3ilt) Daily average 30.71*1 OFFICE NO. jl ANN ST. A -MORRIS WILKIN*. AUCTIOffSBK. ? Elegant Household Furniture?flue Mirrors. Piano lorte. Mantel Set. Ac.?at auction. K. H. Ll'DLOW A 0>). will sell at anctlon, on Moudav, May k, st 11 A. M . at the private residence, No. 14 fffii 3Slli at., ail the elegant Household Furniture therein con talncd, consisting in part of rosewood Parlor Suite In broca tel. Mack walnut Dining iln.itu Salt*. Eaffirt, extension Table*, rosewood and black *?innt l.ibrary and Honmout>. tufted Chairs. Ileum*, blacg walnut Hookrases. line Carpet*. Mattre*?a?, Ac.. Ac .also a tTiieral assortment of Kitchen and i.aundry Furniture. Cooking Uteaatis, Ac., An. Auction sale PKTKR HOWE, Auctioneer, sell* I'll IS DAY. at 11 o'clock. at the Auction H'hiiM. corner*! sth U. and I nlvcr.liv place, a large and general assortment of Hou*eho>d Mirninire. Pier and mantel Mirror*, one 7V,, octave rosewood Piano, iarc assortment of fins Clmndeliois and Oas Hraekcts, blit-'k wainnt Bookcases. Wardrobe*, Iledstesd*. Ws *h ?tnnds, Kxt n-lon fable*. Armotre*. Hallst-tiid*. Sofa lied*, Ptrior -Miit*. marble top Centre Table* Or *?ln. It a re a 0*. Tiirk.-h leoin.-es, Easy Chair*, tilack wain it Hacker*. Library Tables and Chairs, Writing Tabic* anil Kcsks. Card Tables. ImiiIiu room?Cane and woodseat Chair*, china, tea and Dinner Set*. Loakiu- fliaxe*. Engraving-. hair *nd spring Mattre?*e*. leatner Beds. Pillows. IS anl.cts. velvet, Bru??el* Slid Ingr.iln Carpet*. Curtain* and Cornier*. Col ta?e Suit*, leaf Tables, l>ta**ware. kitchen L'tetndl*. Ae. k DCTIOS 8AI.K THIS DAY.?EXTUa LAKOU lion.eliold Furniture tale. TliIS (Friday) MoKNlNO, eotriinenmui' at 10% o'clock, at the lour *|ory private re*tdcnee\ No. 21 lit?t AHii *t.. n ur ? roadway, three ma^nilirent I'arlor Suit*, c. vereit in *ntln. AI?o rep? and liaircloth >et?, oetave l'itnolon. . velvet *nd Hrii??el* Carpet*. Curtain*. Mirror*. I.tone. Clock., Va?e?. Ktsgere., h okc??". Oe*k*. Turkl'h Clia r*. Table*, ?olid walnut Chamber Sei*. Hedstci l*. Bureau*. Wash stand*. spring and hair Mattreaaaa, HUow*, rtvd lltlg, Ae.j Kxteasion Table, H'tlTet, Ciiair- tjaaitKe*. *ilverplated Ware. liia*s. Cntlery anu laiiuui'ia il" other article* IIKMtY ZINN. Aacttonaer T JAMES K. >11MiRK, aVcTKj.vKKK. THIS I?A1. at store No, 7 M*i.l*nu *t.. at l*i,'j o'clock, ?tock a**i>rtad <iroi*eri"?. vir ?Co(fee?, Ieaa. Snirnrs, Sptees, Starch. Hiding, Oils. Pi cine*, t'liovciiow, Cat?up?, Sauce, I.amp Ch.mnejjL Canned Peacbet, Ae.. Dried lnitti. Ilraudy, Fruits. Maccaroni. Scale*. Tea Itln* and everything Pertatninir to a grocer ? .tork al*<> :*rge lot Woodeuware. 'ail*. ,tc.: Crockery and sundry good*. By order Attorney for mortgagee BIS8EM.. WTELI.ES a MILLET, A POTION K K Rfl, THIS DAY iFriday), May ft. at I"1, M , at onr *ale?r?H>in?. No. 1.1 Murray ?l., Cntlery. Hon*ettirnl*hini; t)?o<J* and HCrdwara. C'ontprimnu a good line Table i u'.lofr. . irv. r*. H""*#'s Sewinir Machine Needles. Hammer*. Ratchet*. II ll?r*. llor?? Raps, Kile*. Cook*. Bit*. al*o ft) do/en* Axe, A'lrn and Hatchet Handle*. Jap atoned Ware. Dripplntr'ao.l Fry Pan*. Ae., Ac.; also one Marvin's Safe, mediant *i<e, doubta doer* n T^DWAKD sntlNi K, ACCTIO.NKKR. J;j Ele-ant II r.e*. Carriage*. ,te.. Ae. At the private *t*ida. No .1 Wast r>'?th *t.. On SatuHav momini.-. May 0. at '.?'4 j clock For fall particular* *e? head tlnr*e* and ? .. ?..tgaa. A. LAWRENCE A CO AlCTIONEKRS J, Abaoiate tile Iti partition, by order o: Supreme I ourt, ?( No. I4J Chryatl.- *t . between Hroome ami I?e. hknecy st*.. on >iav 10, at Kxcbange Sale*rf>otr*, 111 Hroadwav For particulars, map*, Ac., app'v to PAD 1)1)1' K A CANNON,.Saw an si pDWAKU SCl'lKNl K." AL'CTIONEEK. ???? Elegant Household furniture, at the private lolderce '280 Wartmrtnn av. Vonker*. N. V . TliUdav (Ktid .v . Ma) at |i>', l eloek Tralaa leave ? irmd Central Depot at 7, s. y io, 11 -M Trains leave JOth at. at 0.-40, 8 HA, 10:30 A. M. FCOtfoX. . {?imi'nw sale of every ki'xt of Household Furniture fr >a a 1.1 nid mid our drTerent families about JUU t art*lis ? m -atnrdav M*yft. at the ?action rooms. No. .'>3 East 1 Ith ?t.. near llruatlvir, larceit >alu of tne mm, includ l:i?'"ve-r v irietv at turiiilure, Ptano, > reocli plate I'ler ?lid Maiitlo Itlrr ir*. Wardrobes. Bookcaee*. extension mul mHM leole*. ?olii! our. ??? black walnut I'.-.-t- kir hair Mmirtim, Curtains. Cornice*. Ac., will commence at It u\ i.ii .t. t'*ri?.it*. about 3 .'clock. y it !uh' l iken the larjw more No. TTU ftroadway, opposite the New 'i nrk Hotel, nod we limit# 4It wlio wish to dispo*c oflttnir -nod* to tend tliem to the new ?<ore tor the prcenl. h> we have no room in the prrsent pine*. The Cm >*ie >1 No. T.H Broadway. will take place lome time nest mwlt. / 1 KORiTk 'H)L;;i:tMlK7"A ! t TitiNKKIt.?holbi??ok VI A I'til.i.I.NS, .ell this day. at ihiMI- vendue, at J o'clock, at tli- old <lud, t'<2, 4'?4 and 4.VI Canal et.. tout lou t- of Household furniture. .to., from Batteraoa'* Storage U'ai 'house. rosewood 7 octave I'ianu. Steinway maker; t'arlor Suits, black walnut and enameled Chamber Mult*, i-ace Curtains. inarbl ? top Table*. Wardrobe*. Itookraae*, Pier ami Mantel Mirror*. SO Hrus?c|* and ln?rain Carpet*. Ma'tre. ?, Bed* and B-ldlni;. Itcd Lounge*. Extension Tabl-*, Cr"ckerv, Ota** and Plated War- Klt~lien Ctentila, Wirt ten three hoop Pali*. Billiard Table Counter*. Show ca?e?. Ac. p i:o:h.k 1 '$smith. aivtIonkkkT it chamber# \ I si ? By virtue . ft roreclo*ure of acb'ittol mortgage I witl expo** tor >iiie a', p'lli'.c vendue, on Friday, tlia Stfc day f \l 1*. 1?T ? in || o'clock in the torcnoon. at Mo. '?4 M nrioti (V. one octai-on class adult'* Hearse, bnllth.r Nuffet .t I. .-pe. nf the I?>: st ?tv 0 and very handsoiie: one Coacl ?nd .me Coupe. tiBOBUB J. SMITH. Attorney (or mort gafee*. pBt>. W KKKI.Mt. AICHONKER." \ J vrt tiallery, S3 Liberty ??.. corner Nastau. T" I.iv (Frid .v, Slav N at I'.' o'clock, a peneral a**ort mrat or Fancy tlivoda, comprising rwncli Clocks, Hronzea Pari hi Figures, \ iiki, China Tea Sots, Ae. C*roi;?;e 11 st nrr, acc iionkkk?will skll <>N r I ridajr. May >. by or lcr of Suprenw t'onrt, under itirM tton of H. Is. Uhetwood, Referee, the elevest Krencb flat r.uildiii* No JOT Went .Vith ?t . near Broadway. For further particular! h;>|i|v to oB:ce ettatn \V. 11 UAVNOK, 1,300 )lroa<ln ay. room il. Hknhv iT Mi.VKK. AiJcfIo~NKkn. ? OlUce and Art (i ill?r|M? No S4."i Brosdway. THIS I) VY tFKIUAY), M AY at 111'., o'clock, et the urivMu renM"nco NO. IM KAST -OTI1 ST. NKAi: -?Tlt AY., HAKI'SOMi; 111 H'SKIIIII-D KURNITl KK. M A OK Tf> OKOKU BY POTTIKK -v STYML's. RODX AND tiTIIKR HK?f V-'ITY MAKIiKS; CIIIOtCBHINO (iUAND PIaNO, ItKAL UUONZKS. At'.. ,tl'. 1'AlU.ORS.?A*I>ii?oii Cartjcia, # Lonv and jrlt 1 Suit In pink ?alto. iu*ri|iieiry Inlaid t'abto 'i. K ^cere, I'cntro and r'ancy Table* 10 match, modern <lil P?lotinit?. antiiiue Japunew Broiiaea. Mantel Mirror*, real jr-inMund m irhln Olockt nn'I >i ie Piece#; very raro iicti. 11? ea? v'd t'nbinet. lull leuuth real drome Bnet ot 'ieneral >*H?:.ini{ioti, Vruetiait Mlrrori. antliino Drodcn China Viutt, Ursjo JnpaneM hrotixe K1 1 hunt, Ac., Ac M ItllAHV - \S llt'iu t arpet, very finely carved French oak Bookcate. black irutnut Library 'l abia, Luitlitcci and Clialra, Olocki. bron???. .tc.. Ac. Iii N I.Nii III it?M.?Kichly enrved Mack walnnt UnlTct. K* tension Table an I Clialr!*, Oil I'ntntlnxN, (blocks, t-hiua, Olaa* \Yare. Ac,, Ac BBOkOOMS.-Urunacl* Carpet*. bl#ck walnnt Bedatead*, Rnreaim. Wardrobe*, t'oiniimdo*, T-il les and Clia<r*, en ?uite; hair Mattronne*. Koddlnir, Ac., Ac. T P. TUAVI.i;. AUOTtt)NH*K. ? RKOUtAR KAMOF fl. Furniture, Carpet* and Mcrcliandlto ot evcrv d.mctlf^ tton. even Wedno*?|:iy and Saturday, at 11"^ o'clock^ at aalnaroom No. SI) lireat Jonos ?*.. Particular* morning of ?^?OHHta WILKINS, AUCTIONBBIt. Lenox Houao Kurnltnro at auction. Handsome II'ii*ehold Fnrriituro?Mirror*, Oi- Painting*, Clilna, DlatnrtM, Silver Platedware, Linen, Hianket*. Ac. E. U. LUDLOW A CO. will ?oll at auction, commencing Wednesday. Mar 10. 1876. at 11 A. M., and continning until nil I* *old, all tin- Furniture of tlio above house. oon?l?tlns of bandtumo black walnut tufted aud 1 tlior Parlor Milt*, Itodrooin Bulla iu black walnut, tic-ewood, Ac..: Dining Jtooin and Library Furniture, Chairs, Lounge*, t rench man tel Clock*. Oil 1'alDtilW*, Mlrror?. Etaircrea, Cabilieta. Ac. Ac., all beitiir In excellent order and condition; also all Kiichen and Laundry Furniture, copper Cooking I'tcnuil*, Ac. C*taloi!tic? on Monday. M ORRIS WILKINS, Al'l'TIONEEB. Uandtome Furniture. . tine Oil Pilntlnir*. t'arpen. Tnirravlnir*. Ae. E. II. LlTDL0W A CO. will ?ell a: iiubltc auction, on Frl dav. May 5, IK70, at II o'cloek A. M., at the privuto real deuce No. 57 Wait I'th at., near 11> nv., the entire Kurnliiirc contained In said house, cuimlstliic of rosewood Parlor fult, Centre Tolile*. black walnut Dlnlntc Table and Chair*, black walnut Itullet. rep*, lamliri quin*. lace Curtains, Cornice*, Shade*, black walnut lie date ad a. Bureau*, Wa?ii*t*nils, Mattresses, lloUter*. Pillows, Carpets, OilclctU*. Ae.: Cblna and Ola** Ware and kitchen Furniture. ARSHAL'8 IsALK.-ISAAC-WOLF. AICTIONKER, MYERS A CO., will ae'l tills day. at 10\ o'clock, at IS? Kuwery, an aaaorttnent of boys' oak Wa^on*. Milkey*, Wheelbarrow*, Dump Cart*. Toy i arriitfe*. Pall*. Ac.: also I hereafter, ntMi*r*l assortment of H"u?e!iold Furniture, Carpet*. Oilcloths; also one I'lano and other Mere audita. Sab' positive. Denier* invited. By order of WM. ALT, Marsmil. - M~ NUSSUAl'M. AOOTKINKER.~ 2til ~B0WERT, ? *elli tlii* day. at 1" o'cloc, at No. :i cj Ka*t S^tli *4. Mock and Fixture* of Grocery store. Coffees, Teal. Satfar, Spices, Scales, I' ivtores. Conuters. .kc. PotiUvely:in lot*. PAW S I!ItOKKRS' SALE?WATCH US A N1 > .1RWKLBY*. .'AMES ACiAlt, Ancilnneer, will sell this day at S9 New Bowerv and No. OOliver St., at 11 o'clock, t**) lot* irolil and silver Watches, Chain* Jtwelry, op>-ra Clasaee, (Inns, 1'istoN. Silverware, Mualcal and Mathematical In strument*, Fancy Good*. Tool*. Hy order of M. Hlan. 71 flth av.; jo-epli Blutuana, 7th av., and A. IL bantuela, WllltamaburK. PAW NII ROKER'S SAL*.?R FIBLD, OKNRRAL Anetli iieer. salearoom No. W Bowery, will (ell tbi* day, ?t 11 o'clock. i>lO lota men'* and women'* Clothing, Dreue*, Shawl*. Ketnnants, Cuderclothin^, Quilts, lllanket*. Bed. din-'. Boot*, Shoes, Ac., Ac.; also Coats Pant* and Ye?t*. By order D. DK LUKll. Kaat Broadway. II Kit MAM, SHERIFF'S AND (IENERAL AUG . tlooeer?Wine*, Li>ri?r*. Cham >asn?. I'ltfar*, Ac., tliU dnv. Friday, May at ID>^ o'eloek. No. 13 Bowery, the entire Stock of an Importer and wholesale lienor dealer, con?l*tlii? nf a 1 sr.'e u-xorttnent of bitch crade Wines, Fr hand Uerraan. in casks and cases; also eaae* Claret Wine, casks and case* Port and Sherry Wine*; elan 'i.t oi?k? R ran die*, Clin. Rum. Ac.; al*oH.'i barrels choice Ken tucky Boutbon and Kve Whiskey*, choice brands; about 139 cases One Branille*.CIn. Bttters, case* and baskets Cham pa.uo. a lar/e lot or line Havana and Donieitle-Ciffar*, Aa Sale positive to *ult the trade. QHKRIFF'S SALK.?GF.RAKD ItKTTS, AUCTIONEER O I In* Marine Bine, Ac. Tillsday fFBlDAT1, May ?'?. m 11 oVlork.S21 and ?3 Ea?t 15th si , ?lot nfl'ltra Marine HI ie n quantity of Material u?cd 111 manufacturing ultra mnr nu bine WM. C. CONNER, Sheriff. Jem ii. Httttw. Pimy. ? QUBBirfS ULtUORR UtD Hi: TTS. Al CTlT>NKER. O Jeweller'* Machinery, Ac. Thl? day (FRIDAY). May ft. *t II "'clock. at 1SI> Broad ? ay. contont* o( it iirxf H?i m iii'ifacturing Jnweiler'* ?hoo, con* *tmg <>f Laities, Work Bcnches, Shafting, .lafe*. Office Furniture. Ac. , WM. 0. CONNER, Sheriff, Rcrr* Donor. Depnty. C! 1110 Kl I' i ' S S AI. bT??1ERAKl) B KTTS. A OCT IONKKR* C* Larue lot Machinery. Ac. SATURDAY, May 6, at 11 o'clock, nt No. S3 Centra it., Lathe*. Boring Machine*. Pip* Cutting Machine*, Pumps. Valve*, bra** and Iran KltUoili.Oh|M, Iron Pipo. Tunis,] Iron Sale*. Office lumiiuro, Ac.. Ac. WM. C. CONNER. Sheriff. Jamk* II. HitllU, Deputy. CII ERWrs HALK,???ER A III! BKTTH, AUCTIONEER O Sewing Machine*, Harnr**, Ac. -atnrday. May fl at IU o'clock, at 90 H><t Broadway, B*t i> *k*, lot Ckaira, Cmc*. Ac.; al*o lot Sew,ng Machine*, Mil il*ni*??, Sundries, Ac. WM. C. CONNER, Sheriff. A. K. Rirn. Dopnty. S" IMON A Bit aII vM, AUCTIOIfBRR, SgfcM AT 10 o'clock, *t i*>7 Hail Stli *t.. Fixture* of It.ir1>?r'? Simp; 5 patent Chair*, it Mirror*. Marble Washuand, Bbuir Cue, Ac , In lot*. Dealer* attend. TO Blf SOLI) AT I * H HLIUC Til > N~ MA Yft? A IIOOD C'lanre. a beantiful Cottage, eltoated on statnn WUud, (liffor l's nation, containing 14 room*, 'table, carriage lioiiae. about IS acre* of Lanil. well cultivated; all kind* of trim tree*; good A*l>ing and *e? balking; a fine Kefre*h ment Saloon attached, doing a goo<i ba*la*s*: only street iroui nation ; IS train* daily : TO minute* t ? New Vork. For particular* apply at COLtOX'i) Auction Boom*, 53 Eat# 1:1th *t. Hit Y (WODM. r>KM r? V A L. ??l>A ? h aC"~ e'i;< >M NO. f*f3 lfQ~. 23 i L ulu. ?.|?*re ?Nei* f ir the front hair With them ladle* i *n !i?pon?? with veils. Al<ua large aeeorttaeat ot Invisible Crimp', Itrairtn. Curie, Ac. ? iiffiiLIXEiUY AND OUENMMAKIlltf. ~ ? ?MARIE III.MAN'. OF I'AKIS, OFFERS A LAIIOI ;\ , assortment ol fine Milliner*. Ia(e*t importation* 4:.' I i!:ti av . near :fUh *t.; l*te Michel's. Kl'HOPK. O U IS COLaRD, Fabrleant d'Anne*, Liege, IJAIlIs. ?AU PETIT ST. THOM VS. X XOWRAI'TEs. RCK DK II \c. .'7. i>. ;ll. 33, ?5, M r. nr; L't:x;vKRsrrri. Till* hon->f. ?*ta halted upward of '?*> yrnr*. I* nnlrer*nlly know i in.I In i.eil ?* on.- ??! tbe ;,r?t e*tahli-hnient* In Parley in nliicli thorough confidence may '>? placed. Noted lor be ing rrniuK* !> cheap. In It* unoiente premUe* will be f..miil ih ? moal oomnlete *?? >rl .ii-ntof (SILKS, lion t eele'jrated fabric* of Bmnet, I'eneon, Ae.1 TIk VERY FIHsr MiVKl.TIHS of FaNCV SILKS. IND.A and FRXNCH CASilMKItK SIlAWUl, NTOdLLK.N's. LACKS, LIMIF.KIE, COMFKCTloNS for LaDIES, rc::s, COTTON and TIIRF.AH HTl'KKB, IIOSIFRT. ULOVKf*. It I It It < INS, TIIIMMINOS, CARPLTS, a*ti< lks FriiMTt'iM, ::;>|.IN?J OUTFITS. EXOI.ISII ASSISTANTS ' FIXED PRICR I'ARn-iroi'VK xC'TES?AT PETIT TlioMAS. phopmsald. VortcH to 'raii>Road ci't nt it Ac tV iksf? a. * pmaUl will be received on the "Hh, f*th and inth d*y( e' May A<r grad.tin *n<l bridging the i?rM.'.h and Eaetern Kiliw ir, at ib* Merchant# Hotel. Cortlaiolt ??.. New York. ?Xteiiili:i4 fr ipi Leln.-h n .1 Held to porl Jervi*. where map* in<t iiroflle* can be *eettrod. S, 1'. KASE, I'reildni ?pROPOSALS U-ILI. RE RECEIVED AT THE OFFICE L of tli ? irmlee* of tbe New Vork and Brooklyn Bridge, 21 Whter ?t., Bri>oklyn. nntil 12 o'clock uooa, Saturday, Mar H. lor 't-?r*. to !eet .1*4 inrho* long. 5 Inches Wile, ll? In. he* t!,i -k. Iile i- Bar* .'H fees fll, inches long, 5 Inches wide. Ini U?ie'< Stnrneil I'm*, IS lachr* long, 4 Inches diameter. > turned I'in*. i?c!??* long. 4 inrboa diameter. Tb" wh<ite weighing nbont 2o,imi ponnd*. l**i tnrtied *a<|.lle RoHers, ol '?**t Ii immeeed Iron, S f?ei IH", Inches loug, at, mebe* dlametet, ?rei|fhing audit 25,<M> ponmlv Plan, and *i? ri? ir on can >ie seen at tl <? office. A? ?i lion. U. C. MCRPIIV. I're?l4ent_ j lil'AMi.NU AcAIIKMIKS. | 1 ( All rlKK S HANI ISO AC tl?KM\. PrHSP'foSl'il Bwhllng, Starve.*nl *nd titb *1... open all intnmerj | pr.\a*.e o??.in* in glide wait* ?peclalty; ?"lree Moodajr ' ?-iiniiig*. DUMtlND'S HaNCIMO ACADKMY. l.;'t?S BKOAtt* wav ?The mo>t *atl?f*<-iory and practical lB?trnotlo? ever offered, tiostlomen's class aad reception tkle <

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