Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1876 Page 2
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CITY HE.VL ESTATE FOR SALE._ < fntral. AT A SACRIFICE?KOIK story BROWM STUNK; 4Htb ?t , W|?eeu 5th and lltli am S. H uoodale A CO., No. !> ffnl 23d ?t, il'llth ivrtM Hotel.) a wrimii n A THE EVENING tei-HCRA*. raies JO CENTS l'Eit LINE, lb* circulation of the EVENING TELKURAM la?t we?k M.iicIht Tuesday Wedue?day 37. .W Tlinixtny .iT,">VI Friday 11 r'day ??*? TnMl !5o.3l?; Daily ivcrtgi' J<>.71'? office so. 2 ann ?t. BOICR COKNBR LOTS-OX madison AY??the northwest toruer of Mudi?ou av. and 'ffith ?t., 27.2xiiA; price. $|i'vS80: alui the mutheaat corner. 2H.rt*l(XJ; price, flrt.SOl; thpi* lot* h:irr been recently bought lb under fore clomire ?' mortiraire. and are ofTerea for tale at the actual ton to the conipnny. tho wkete p?r'"bn?e innn?) uiay re main ou bond and mnrtgagY U?r five year* at live per cent per nullum (f the prutierti' i? improved latialactorlly. Ap ply tp J C. CLINTON, V> Liberty it. __ Read tiik sindav telboram IT contains ALL TIIK NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. ISSUED TO-MORROW MORNINO. __________ r(1K HANDSOMEST ifOl .?/UU four ??t.iry hlttli ?toop llottaei in the city, STJ feet front, (rescued all through, within LiMfe?-t of ,'tth av , below -t-d ?t ; aim ?everol oilier ele|[aat 1!5 font lloufte* nut occupied. Tliix i? the tint* 10 buy. R1KEU A CO., BA lAlierty ?t., rooms 8 and 10. I-'-nxt Side. ATA CURAT B A Kti AIN-TII11 NEW AND ELE J\ irnntlv frescoed four nory brown HMt llmne, lu Kut -hHh it. J. C. SaNDKUK. 13 Chauibert at. THE-CHKAFEHT THRU 8T0RT BRICK DOC RLE Homo and lull lot; 87.U0l> eauh ; <5<*t npwaid Call for three daya at 27'i Hint 77th at..between let and - J ivi. ???it Sicln. h "ALE?A THRRK STORY BROWN STORK prom!so 33,1 Wr,t <Ct!l "? Apnly to owner on L^OR RALE?ONK FOUR KTollY it KICK DOCBLE u ; fu" '"J HO rooiual, ?'tt Improvement*; W ftI iirn . iUril,r: i ????!?. fl 7'W; price fltf.OA), te.m* my. Inquirenn premiaes, 4!i5 Wen 50th ?t. . Nl?f(tl|ni?(.nn*. ? A ^ater prort. auoxsoo. koii salr oh to let? UKOOKLLY* PKOPKHTV KOU MALE A\I) TO LET. A PIHST CLASS Ft!KNIBIIKI> RE.SIDENCB.~48 FEET X* front; hundsoiu'lr famished, including billiard tablo b.nutllul very leairnble location lu Brooklyn; .hort distance from t'ie. uaiTiae vr?uk?t app'7 to "ow lax" * TiFe cueapbsf house in Brooklyn at sx.aiooL A new two ,tor> and tm.oment. No. 13* Kosclnsk-> st between .Noatrnn i and Marcy avs.; h ts over/ motion, nut jTovcinent; th* plumbing of the rery brut; coutsinsten U*.?1 J11?. ?? ???ny closets; terms to sail purchaser. Apply it thj* building, ut ?>7 Liifayutte av., Brooklyn, or f?9 Worth ?t., Wcw l ork. I Jtffl ?k1";'u|<" av , nbab in kaLbT-hamd T ^ brown atone Resilience; every improvement;? " l? .! ?? ' KN8?fc- ??' . N"- * I'iue "Hid 33 Mit l<ihst. Would exchange SVESTIIIESTKK fOl'R'TY PKOPEHTV KOU SALE AXD TO IIE1VT? AT YONEERS.-HOrsRS TO LET FURNISHED OR nulurnlOieii, i>t a low rent. ^Ol .MANS, AI-111, Yonker*. |3H>R sale cheap oh TO let-at ?3m~PER yeak J. * lIou*e containing .even room*. uIm. .table, on Arcu' IKm/v^*' TY *rv Went Morrlaanla. Apply at LBDDY 8 paint .hop, neiir hotel, or tu A. J. DAM I'nioii Fijnnrr il.????!. corner l.>lh and till av. ' rPl) LET?I'l.'LLY H'KMhHED, f6r~THE~ SUMMER n.,k"rMT"r.i -i.. Davenport llome.teud, on IUvenjiort ? i*' on*"9 sonnd; Inrge iien.o, Mmmi., kill hen, laundry Ac. with two or Qvy aerea; good .table ami garden, plenty of truit anil *!iude. Garden and ground* will he kept in oroer by the owoor lfdo?l-ed. L. M. DAVh.NPORT, 14S Broadway. T?, FURNISHED, NEAR Si'UYTEN DUYVIL X depot? nne Houm?; ton r<?.mn. ranee, ?tc.; two ncres of Und. ntoble, fruit nnd slnule ?rei-?: fUVi u yenr- will r?>nt lor 0 muter. I.I'MI M> H. MAKTIM . 1..) il!'Uroadwlty WHitEiimvE Property for sale Oil TO LET. \V", rektoSk! CTlT-^Fo'i:kn'tT"kuLlyTurnisH?^ ..... 'Ottajfaii on the ?liore. II roonin; all Improve i one ?n'"""ah'-?l. !? room.; hour to Wnll ?t. by train C. 8. WILLIAMS. Property olt op the an for SALE Oil TO KK.VT, AT A. T. STEWART'S " (i.\ IU?K N CITY, L. I., NEW HOCShS, FURNISHED AND L'NFURNIRUKD, Several elegant brick winter and nmmir Re.ldeneet wim yardeua attached, and containing all the modem InT prov-nirnts and eonvenlencea-hot air lurnace., rancen. i?.iJ :.riuh c ,1"- -'?nrrnnnded by ample ground* lani out Wlt.1 walkii anil nhmbbery, in an ai;recablo neiirli borhood, comldtiiiitr city llf.. witJi all the advantaiten of ovontpr air, ? pure and brarln* atmonphere. free from ma larja and peculiarly hnatthv and a rreeable at all ??am?na. I k*"! ,???, 1 oca led on the natural nurface ol the pr 'uud, Iibmil KKI fret above the ocean, with abundance of water, fine roada and drive., and ea.llv a< < <-.iible at all time, and in all we.tlier, and where family aupplie. run lie itTtlKTctty "tore, and irrocerle? e* conveniently FOR A large and elecant Mantlon, abont .W feet ?uuiire. containing 1.1 room., luriiiabed lu modern rtyle and S'iV ."yrrT eonvenlene?; K'rounda (about one acre) lieauti niliv lain out. ?<>* *?0C<>:?An elecant Mnnnion. same ela^n ax above, w ^ bo*?- rrounila, Ac., but uiilnnn<iheil. 1 . WHX-AiiHwnt Dwelling Houm of same clans as ?? ,n,t without earn nee house KtlKfOyO?A superb briclt 1'welling House, containing laur^01 ' rooms; similar ground* und eonvenienoes as FOR ***>.?A large and very attractive Dwelling, with 10 atfache" ,n'Mlprn conveuien<-??. with .pacton. fiarden FOR JH<W.-A very comfortable Dwelling House of 10 roouio. with like convenience, a. Ia.t K Al i.Ri IAD STATION.?Brick bat Id In;, with large, well waimed waiting room., within five minute walk, affording communication with the city nearly everv hour of the dav "i * Kailr lad Irom Hunter'. r?nrr? lu'n^**i! ^ i^ ride through bcautiml * ii? S . "rHt c,a,*, rail cars. wAil.K AND AH ?Contract* here l>een made for erecting extentiye work* to mipply water for domeetie and Hi?W1-.ri.TW"' * i ,h? *** *"rk? proposed, will make ra-T?euce? very dcirahle. TIIK LA ROE FIRST CLASS HOTEL, located In an ele Kaut park adjoining the railroad .tatiou, i< open for vl.ltori <? .'nii'i.*5j aoppiied with everything In maun. .1 _ 1 i .J h"'' ?' " 'niuute'. uotics. A visit of inspeo lion I. de.lred Apply at t'.ie oftice. near (iar.ten tJlty Rall " ' ' * H HINSO U.K. nana.,.,r. A DESIRABLE COCNTRT RESIDENCE FOR B01|. Ber and winter, ?u the HuiU.ui, at Spuyteu I > u y \ 11 ^WF-ale at a bargain, po.t office box J.-illi. ?V ~aTk! ? & N" K L'OTTAUi; I I RO0MI; PINS . i J1! y&t v#%rT hcsltliy; no iiHisqunoeii. Ai?p y Vnrk T lM v Sortliport, L. I., or at *>7 Front Pt.. Xew ? ork, Tii^poh} torenoouH. A Pj>H>KR 8T??RE and STABLE to LET OR FOR ai miu r lv.i.i*kri'.,f 1 '"??'>?*llle. on ifariem Kailroad, Kleventh .'t ' y! r<"'1 *iVX 1"q"iro ,JM ^>?t A CASH, BALANCE TO SUIT?FRRJtOfilioOP l2J,liai# rp""1"; water. ?a<, runre. hitnsce; heautl ? t, fflffia- jaat ur.r A* &,?3??<?3!& SA.MI EL EoD\. 143 Broadway, room :t'J. A T MOKU1MTOWN -ro l.Er. H RNI8IIRD RLR A COTTaOB?FBMFKl roRX, NEAR HOI ril MHORR ?r- lu -Lm*,.,?o???ry attic and ceilar: fruit, flow ?r?, f. *?i. *?"???? > "? DARRIR. SO Braeii at. A 1vkky,.i":s|?ahi.k roMMODioi h i ofrAoi fo Siiiji # r 1 Iminute, from .New York by lm?!. ri .V I'.'V! "I'V fonn.U: convenient to wpot rent *.(?> Addre.. bo\ l,'.al7 New York 1'o.t oflice. A ssAgtirur. and showy villa, with tort. r.m. "torrl ?r.?.?.1U': !'| "Cir#; >? minute, i STL,,'""T. 8t?ten, Iii.nd; M.miO; term, easy; wlini, .'!5? DARR1.V, Mi Broad. f lilt111 CoTTAOES. i.Alit;E, El.Etl \.NT UANSIONri "nI?hed ; billiard rooms, >taliles. water fronts, .New tfrighton; rents reduceo. * A rOt.LINR. 2-1 Vine .t. RKN-T??IOU*K. SIX R< MlVlg; TllREK At:MKS V. f I;*'1 Mouse, rivrht rooms, seven ncrss, f'Jisi veer: near Montciair. Aiiply itmneUint**^. MitAK\ I'lA^ihl, 3?i2 (lr?)v? >t.,Jfricv('ltj. / 1?I \ TRY Hoi R ro UT SITUATED IR PIIYH i . ..f'l' \ K^r' i^rei PO"l,V' ,U" : * ,w" "?ry lumlsbed house, deliKbtftilly located, coutalnln^ lArooms witli am jle grounds aud stables; five minutes' walk to post office and lr|^t; tarni? rea<a?eble. For particulars ..i.lrn.s or apply lo J W. THOMPSON, room is limes Building, .New York f 1"l'NTi:V HOUSES I.\ AM LOt iTIO.IH ANII (IF J.'.IIV ? L-wiPv'"^ ?"<> unfurnished, to rent JtillN S. EM EN, HV .Nassau ut , room 17. N. B ?ilon-e. waute?L Bi1/A"USINESS )? ROVRRTY ON DKI.AWAJ!K XJ River, unencumbend, of aerea Land, one Store three tenement Houses, Cooper. Shoe and fin Shop Ac' h?r .ale or exchange for Farm or Merchandise, lor t oaaty lrade or t ity Ueal ?.,tate. Addre*. SA.MLEL D. SMiril r l?tnriK>Rviile, 2H. J. * L^iU ,-ALE-K K,\i;v OF 6t? ICRRS, POUR >1 LBS ? . ,n l?e I'lain*. half a mile from Ken.ico village ?0J?d lor .lock; watered by Bronx Klver; bon* oio?.ru Ad^'Pii^;:^;^:^^" ac: F"L''II .NT-,N '""'LAD LIMIIA FOR TS|I oSJH A tennlal season, a nicely turni.hi ii Li romued H?u?> Nl eoaeenieae*.; mi.jr ace**, to the t entcuuial. ' 1 B. K -lOilT, l,ft;tO North HHb at. j IpOR HA LB CUFFSIDE P, RILES ritOM NYACK ' 1 dajMit, on the road to Hoc^land l.akc;tiie nlnce con ' Mine about *i aerea of I-.nd. highly improved, with modern liome lu per.ert order; gardener', c ?itage. l.r '? barn anil poutry houw. and i. Mo ked with fra.t. of fliie-t v!".tle. In lull b? arinc For beauty of view, and perl.e. NU hrnl ML^RA.y on the pliSt M,,'Uon Apply j ij^OB RENT LOW -. Holt K I;!?>I Dl N? !., 14 kWmT ? double lot; Orange *t.. Newark. N J.; near depots. ?_? rifcBsoX Ne.arft.rt. riRBENWICII, BIYRKSIDR?COUVTRY HONKS FOR tfwAftX'r^r ? ?>? nA?.f,n,\K' 'V N "n, -???<? i?T At" UEs7 lib t !'? tlltallv.>k?M grounHa. w;?i m.n.|?n. An. om. Miildini. Weslr;.?sier county, near uepol. ollercd at sei v |..w Bgur.; the owner intending to liv. abroad, will ..i| J a-crlfice; an excellent Investment. Addre*. B ri k.,* l.lfH rml dSm " nARIMOME RRoWN STO.NK ItEMDENt i -JiMtOois ho. and tol.l water, .tationary wa.hatand*. Ae ran tr?ily located, with direct communication to Exhibition tirounds, to rent, furnished, A ldres* I'AKkER. Ilj s..t,th Front >?.. I'hlladelphla. ' u,n Hotel fob sale or to let-a fIrst cijiss family Boad Hotel, aituated on Ocean parkway I1. mile* from 1'i-o.pei t I'aik Inquire of J. II. CL \YTON Attorney r ult.'ii at.. Brooklyn. ' * OK10UIR. ORANOR MOrNTAIN YABIETY OP furnished llonse*. season or year IIOWE A t'AKSONS. 79Cedar ?t. M' ARTIIA'S VINKYAKD.--TO LET. A OOOD FI R. ntalied House; lena. very moderate. Addrrsa b >x H.% Foet rlflee, Wllli*'!i?town, Ma*.. ?RTYACE OR HUDSON.?TO l.KT. PCRMSIIED OR A.1 nnfurniahed. Huua*., from tofi.iaai. Apply to R. P. ESLLS Hoekiaad Marios* Bank, .Nyack. P 7 M ()' PHOPBUTY OCT OF T1IK C1TT FUR MALE OR TO REST. ranor.~n. j.-RRbtjc $t?, ruBNisiiEif RE?f delicti,Hiuun, rear; 43 unfurnished. tn tbis vicinity, r| f?T HAMILTON A WAI.LIS. 30 Pine at., wr oppoaitn Orange depot. KAN'tlR N. J~- A MODERATE 817.ED KAMILT, desirous of a first cU?? 'liimo,''?u ina;icct and learn details uy kddr?isiii| OWKKK, box Ut3 Herald office. 1 )H IL.tDKLI'Ill a.?CENTBXIUA I. " "llOTBLS "FOB I ?lt or rant; also Chestnut Cigar Store. JOI1S U. t'llAMBKKS. S?. 828 Chestnut st 1 JEASOX ABLE "SEN r-l^ol KTRV SKAT; NE vFTl"^^" I I try: thoroughly furnished: "?<? :ninutes from Now York; near station ; 12 rooms, extension, town, gardon; abundance ol trait. One views. i oaring. J. FISHER SATTEETHWAITB. IP Pin* TO LIT?AT FAR, BOCKAWAT. It L. fill HOUSE. so well aud favorably known aa t be Be icb Hotel; Ii is fullr and completely tarnished. Apply to P. BYRNE, grocer, :iT>th il and id nr. TO~LET-j^TdlUA?COTTAOi. ll"juloMS: WATER, gas. heater, range, fruit and vegetables; Hey at C. >V. HAl-LhTTS. Main ?l., Astoria. TO LET?A HOTKL Ts~MILKS YBt)M KEYPoBT: 40 rooms, furnlniiiMi; good tUliing, vood bathing; trrnia uioperate. Inquire of JOHN L. MOUNT, Union City. N. J. TOLET?FURN1SHBD (OR FOR SALE), SEASON <>R (oncer, at Summit. K J., ono hour trom eity via Dele ware, Lackawanna ami Western Railroad. a large Mansion' five minutes' walk from station; beautiful prixpect, line gr.>iind*. shade and fruit 1 rem. enabling. ic.u have, An.; modern Improvements; trains aim out hourly. Applv to K. M. MAN LET. 84 Nassau <t., or to tiEOR.K MANLEY. at Summit. TO LET?A FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE. IN the etiburbe of Newark. N.J.: lioaae a double three Mory fr.imr. in complete order; a Inrvc liarti; 1 ^2 acre* of land, tilled with Irult tree*, small Iruits ami crape* of chi lceet quality; cirden plant?<l: pure ilriukinc water: healthy location, on horse car route; will he let for the summer month* or longer ut a moderate relit to a reapnnsl* hie party. Apply totiEO. MARTIN.'JO 8onth St.. N. Y. TO RENT?A VERY DBSfKABLB OOUNTB? RESI deuce, furnixhed; bos all modern Improvements. with 8 acre* in lawn and garden ; will be rented for the summer or year very low to a desirable tenant; abundance of fmit; garden planted with vegetables; fresh cow nod poultry can remain on the place: location at Went Farms. !IU luiles north ol Harlem. Applv to owner, THOMAS MINKOltD, ltll Wnll st rpo Rm-ox"the"7iudson. half HOUR by rail. X several furnished and uufuruifhed Places. PKTKIE, 178 Broadway. TO RENT-AT EAST HAMPTON, L. I.. A IIOUHE, neatly fnrnlalied; t'MO for tbo season; possession im mediately. Kur particulars address Mrs. EI.N'O, Ea*t Hampton, L. I. TO RENT-IN "pHilaDKLI'IIIA. DURINO" CBKTRN nlal season, a desirable furnished House; first class neighborhood; all modern conveniences; within easy dis tance of Centennial grounds. Address P. W JAKDEX. l.til'i Mount Vernon st., Philadelphia, or car* of Xo. 5'J Maiden lane. New York. iv- CAA -easy FAVMBNT8; 85 MIKUTBS FROM 'T'l.'JUU, Now York; Swiss House, 11 ronins; finished natural woods; garden ; Ane view. J. KISflKR SaTTKRTIIWAITK. l<>pinest._ HEAL ESTATE TO K\CH A.lV(i&. A 'jfAliNII'ICKNT fMRNCUMIiBltED" COCNTUY A Seat at Hnstirci, on the Hudson, on the east hank of the Hudson it.S, acres, with tOt.1 feet river frontage) ; 1H tniles from the city and three minutes' walk to depot and steamboat landing; will he exchanged for New York citv Property, whicli tlio owner cun handle udvantngeously while abroad a number of years; nouso contains 20rooms; every modern convenience und euual in overy respect to a first class city house; expensively tarnished; complete with everything ready for housekeeping; outdoor improvements are novel, ornamental and profitable. If desired; great natu ral beauty, magiillleeot views; will be leaand for three or live year*, sold or exchanged. Andres* Dr. H., 73 r>th av. A -LEASEHOLD PROPERTY TO EXCHANQB Kt>? ? a House at Yorkvllle or for a small Country Place near by. 1. ROSENSTEIN, 21 Delancoyst. I AO It 8AI.K OR BXOHA Nti R?FOB LI U liTLY-RN cumbered New York or llrooklyn Property, a splendid Kami and Country Seat of about IMi acres, in Westcliestcr. less than an honr from New York; to a cash customer a great bargain. Address box 220 Herald office. THE OWNER OP A 11AND80MR HOUSE AND grounds, at Plaintield, N. J. (price. 920,0(101, would ex change the same fur a brown stoue House in New York of corresponding vain". Address A. II. K., llenihl office. HEAL ESTATE WAXTKIl. WANTED TO }lC\' (OR TO~ RENT)?A SMALL Country Place or Karin, situated close on some ?heet of water, the Sound preferred. Address "lilitAItD 1NSTI Tl'TK," 85 East (lid st. TO LET POK Bl'MNESS FVRFOUM Be n8eft buildina" Fireproof. Located on Nassau, Ann and Fnlton sts. First Hour to let. suitable Air bankers, insurance offices or lawyers. Will l?' let together or in parts; be altered to suit tenants if desired; adspten lor offices or stores. Reasonable rents Also aomc eligible Law offices to let. APPLY ON THE PREMISES. Take the elevator. Inquire for Janitor. FIRST CLASS STORK, WITH ROOMS FOR A family, in 5th av., Brooklyn, can be had lor this year at almost vour o*n price. Inquire at No. 4(> > "?th av.. Brook lyn. or F. COLTON, AS Kast IBth St.. New York CHEAP*STORE AND FLOOR TO LET?bBPAR atcly or together, at 54S West .'Kith st. AS EM F. XT" STOKE 27~l'NIOX SQUARE TO KENT. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Xo. 3 Plhe at. KSK KOOM-TO LET. CHEAP, LARUE FRONT Office, second floor, 12 Centrist. W. II. LUSK. E8K ROOM TO LET?ON GROUND FLOOR, TWO minutes from Post office. Apply at 20 Park place. R REDUCTION OF RKXT.-HOUSb AXD STORE 23 Ureenwich av.. near Jefferson Market; newly painted; large show window; seen mornings. EAI> THE SI'NDAY TKLKGUAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. ISSUED TO MORROW MORNING. TRAM POWBit TO LET.?BOOMS- SOX100. 50X50. 2tix30,?X>.\tK>; weil lighted. JOlIN MeLAKI'.N, River st.. Hohoken, X. J. "jte \if FoWrtR.- FIVE FLOORS. 08X45; TliilTf ON all Sides. OP.OitOK SI K M E It. NO. WO Wen st. 'PLEXD'.H I.OFTS CHKAP-AT 81 IIAUCLAY ST. ~~ ) H. W. FINXEOAR A CO. S' fPO LET-A LAHOE SAMPLE ROOM ON WHITEHALL J. st.; one of the best Incutloua in the First ward; suitable tor wholesale and retail liqnrr bnslnesa; rent low. JAMES DUFFY, 131 I'oarl st. TO LET?FIRST LOFT. 47 ltspenard ST., BE tween Broadway acd Church ;t.; S!2x5(J; rent fTCO A. JOURNP.AY, 4I< Llxpaiiard st. /? 1*7 W11 AV.?STORE, basement ANJ> APART* UU I nteiits; seen from 8:30 to 111. 8. RICH, 74 Mur ray at. jpwui.l.ixti HOlfks TO LEI. A BEAUTIFUL THREE STOKY STOXE IIOUSE, J\. tally furnished,?? 224?t.: rent,< C. 8. PECK, Xo. 8 We?t 'J.'it'i >t. illuiVman House). fuBNis^teett i ikkksto p.y BOinfjO MMf, lowest In the city, to desirable party, 22"J Weat 53d st., near Broadway and Central Park. BARI'LETT, owner. No. 28 East 21st st. I'nturiiialiMi. Advertise IX T1!K EVENING) TELHORAM. RAlES ao CENTS 1'KR LINK. The circulation of tliu KVKNINO TELEGRAM iMt week waa Monday 37,1(10 Tneadav 37,2m> WciinMimv :n,.r' *' Thuraday H7.-VK) Friday 3.'\?Wx) Saturday Xi.HUO T Total 320.HUI) Daily arerune :ttl,71 I OFFICE NO. a A NX ST. 4 ?Til K CUEA fhST noUHK IN Tlllrt CITY; ONLY 2\., #l,'*)i>; ilire- utory, litfch atoop; excellent neigh borhood. umr Itroivdwey ; modern improvements. PCTTEIl BltoniKKM. No. 4 Warren at. \? ).Ni; OF THE N If ESI, HEST LOCATE?^ MOD ? erate >lvil llontm on ofith it., between 1'iirk and l<exlniMon ava., in |)n? order, to l<?t vory low. Apply to E. 11. LCI)LOW k cm, No. 3 I'lne a4. CtENTKNNl 4L. i'lllLADEL1MI 1 A.?A LADY having J ? handsomely turniahod llinv nl 12 rooms will ae II tlio entire Furniture ut a aacriflce: bouse rente for JMil per month ; very central. Addreas Mr*. L. R. THOMPSON, Font office, 1'hlladelphiit. To 11 r rni klk<>.\ni?iiioh-srbop iiorftft, TO* ? Weil Sttth st.. a lew doora lro?n Hro?dwi?y, IHh or 7tli ara.: the mo?t desirable location possible; pointed In oil throughout; to a flrtt rlvi tenant, *1.;*?> n \ ear. H> II MAKTINB. l>?t It roadway. To LET?TitK l ot k stokV BROWN 8TONE FRONT llou-e. :il<j I<exlnt.-t"iv av., one door abore IIHth at. Apply on the premises. Kent #1 o LET DWELLINO PART OF HoVsE BROOME and Varit k Jt?.: 11 rooms; $.Vi a month. II MAKTISE, l.!?l Broadway. O LET-AT A SAf KiThT^-TIIE FoUIT STORY brown stone lloati' IlVt We?t IJd ?t : two minutes from Elevated K?llw*v ? splendid order; frescoed, mantel mirrora, paa fixture*, laundry; a run- chance to hire a good house, Apply to h. A. i'lllt.'K. 47?i Iiioome at. mo kt-a Small rob* stoky brown rtone J. Hirnw, with l et so Furniture and 'iood Will, to aell: a good chance tor a lady wiabititt n quiet bnatness. AJdrr-a L. W , Herald I'ptown Branch .'iflce. TO KENT?1 II K MAI foTrAGE N.? 4<iM~EST "vtl'il at., ni'wlj papered and painted, pertcai o der; modern improreuieuia; at a hargitn Keys at W7H *lth iit. 8VIKT cm >r. ro m.xi. i m i unIsHEdI iock ?toties liich and In perfect order. E. H. Ll'DLOW Jt till., No. :t Pino atreel. oin EAST 17TH ST. .STt'YYESANT .sQI'AHEi. Uw L Four atory hiith atoop brown atone Ilonao; parlor* frescoed, rent low to a kooiI tenant. L J. CARTE.nTKR, aOMav. (MM* II Fl RNiSHEDHUOHI!! AND AFAltTMEWTK TO LET. ~k~ VVrMhIikd K*o6if""f6~ "lkf-"sFtiTsliiiTL^ ^\ furiiinbi'd, lar^e ruougch for two. No. 14 .Id at., nmr Itowery. H A NT>H(Tm h~LT Fl.'RN ISiTkH HECOll 1> FL< >OR. lor (onilrmen or houarteeninic; and ?evaral other hootns. .Ml \Vrat :t4th *<., near Eb'vated Railroad. ?PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET Fnix 1811 EI) OR 4 Tinfiirnl-lied, a larire Room to two gentlemen, or een lieman and wife for lir^t houaekeeping, on wcond floor. .'?H5Hth a*. "? V1KV FLEAltAMT, 1SIC ELY FUKMShKO LaROE J\ trom Uooin to lei, aultable for two icentlrniaii; brown atone iiunn; prirate family ; only #|!V per month, illt Weat 6'Jd at MtKxT u CkDT"wTLL LET Sf)WE BLKOANTLY funi^l'i'd r.oonia. Jll Weal <<th at. V i'kivate family will 17kt a lariTeTroxt UX. Hnoni. nleelr furnlahed. all Improvement*. 2.'i4 Weat ?t'.nli at. A AM -LAHGR AXD RMAIO. ROOMS, Ft'RXISIIKD. W ? to tr?; nut L'nlon S^nar* Hotel No. 1'i Union eqnare A I fik8t fl. ASi, KrKS ifilRD FLAT TU LKT-FOK >???" Riontlia. to a family ot two or three adulU; reel $l'Jft per month. Apply to OKOR?tE K. JAitOINE. 1^7 Br .adway 4 T *11 .-.Til ST.. NKAIt an AV ?A VERY Xlf ei.y fnrnlahfd l?r(ce Koom< to areapeetaMe couple; all im pr ?vament* medarn. 4 NEATLY FI'RkTs HF.1> ROOM."ToR''fw'o lii*. j\. tleman, acparaia beda. ?m?i air and rleaplv kept; fi V>per week eaeh ; alao a small Room, ."w Hlreekar at, AI-kIyaTE FAMILY WILL LET hkniM) FLOOR, ftirniahed Every ooaveBienee lor hnuaea-eplna; water cteeet and tray) oa floor. No. 408 Weat a4th at. PirSSISHEU ROOMS AKD APAHTMEJiTS TO LET. IP csnxswr wrcs istm u vato ~itsan.hwe% J l'art. complete for housekeeping; (arm* low. 930 Weal :<:>?! at., mw liianiiil. KI> ROOMS KOK GENTLE* KH. APPLY~AT 121 South lltlt ?!., Philadelphia. I,''CRN IS 11 BP BKI>ROOM~ TO LET-PRIVATE^ KAM ? 4t: rflirtutM exchanged. 2? Cottage place. FrKNISlIKli rLEASANT KROST^IUX ?M?CLOSETS, hoi and cold water. *7 weakly; ethers #3 am'. f? ; O0i?-a ? nil Hectroom, $7; qn|i>l house; delightful locutiou. 100 Kast 15tb at., near Union square. Fifit 51 S IIED VlU >NT HA I.I. ROOM. PLE A S A NT. NO. 7 liml Jonas at., aarond Door; aeeo from 2tofl P. M Pinuttiio raoiT aooiit also, hall room! house haa all Imprvvemrnta. 16 Eaat^l-'Mh at., Dear Tiffany's. MR*. ROBERTSON UAH TAKEN Tllh LARGE, eoramnilious house 17 Eaat 17th at.; baa furulifced ltootna. iIdkIt or en ault?. Nicely furnished-rooms for gentlemen? also Rooms tor light housekeeping. No. 40SWeat2 !d at., near !th ??. N'U ? NKILsON YLACii-ROOMS TO let. Kl'R aiabed for light tiousogeeplng. on moderate terms. 0" WNElf will" LET CHOICE PART OP ?LEGAJfT brown ?tone House, fnrnlaliad or uafarnlahed. 783 Lex Ingtou a*. TO LET-A SECOND FLOOR. PARTIALLY FUR nishetl or ntrtnrnishe I. to a am all family of adults. Apply to the owner nn the premises, Nn 271 West 23d at. rpo "LET?*ear sth av.. thk~hani>somi:st 1 French Plata In the city, ftirnlshed nnd unfurnished: alao tirat class Home, Mlth st near Mh av., furnished; rent reduced one-ball. JAMES KKTTRETCH. MMWOth av. A i) POR NICELY PUEEINIED LA KOK MALL ww Room, satiable lor one or two persona; bath, Ac. i prlvute residence. Mi'B Eaat 14th at. (J.~l ANl) *5 -COMPLJtTB I.Y FUR1-HED KOOMS POR V r housekeeping; alao hall Bedroom; house private. SIB I- a?t l 'Uh at. dh I -?andsomely' FURKIHUED hack ROOM. 0 T? second lint; private family; gentlemen. 592 Cth av., ronier Hftth at. to V> ? furnished" rooms for house* keeping; bath and gaa. No. 323 :i'?th at., near Sth av e EAST 12TII S T~ ~N E AK 5T11 AV.?FURNISHED t) Roniua and Apartments to let; all conveniencea. JfctH AV~AND14TH ST.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL ? ) rent a tu ndsome Suit of tarnished llooma ill the elegant brown stone house No. 4 West 14th at.: parlor, three bed rooma and private bath; together or separately. <g? - WEEKLY.?PLEASANT LABOR ROOM, SUIT ?P?J two persons; alao Reception Rooma; others. 144 Weat 15tn -t. TtTII ST. 104 EAST. BETWEEN UNION SQUARE X I ami Irviti* place.?Handsomely furnished Rooms, without Woard, for gentlemen only. Tq west s nil st^-u andsomel y Furnished LO ltooma. without board, tor gentleman oi refinement only. 1 9*4 EAHT-441H~8T..' NKAlt GRAND CENTRAL iiO depot.?Rooms, furnlslied completely for lionvkecp I1115. for imall famlllen or single gentlemen ; rent to ni?r week. Apply on the premises or to W. 8. OAVEY. 4ft Bleecker at ?>71 ~wi:sr -.'jd ST.?two handsomkLy itr. Lt I i nislied Kooma to let, to gontlemen or gentleman and wife, with prlvute Imth. UNKUItNlHIIK.I) HOOMi AN1> APAIIT 51KWTS TO LET. "A'iwrtmknt i i o is p.,' rt~ aT.'.'""*??)' KWrf lsfB J\. si ?To let, one suit of Apartments on lirst fl?or; also one unit on aecoud door (furnished). DVERTISE IN * TIIK EVENING TELEGRAM. RATES 20 CENTS PER LINE. The circulation of the EVENING TELEURA.V laat week Monday 87,100 Tuesday VI,WO \\ eilui xday U7.!0 > Thursday M7,.V>o Friday Sntur.lay :w.,.V 0 $4 Total 220,300 Dully nvrrage 3l>,710 OKPICE NO. 2 ANN ST. A PLOOR OR Ul'PEU PART OK PRIVATE HOUSE to let; rent low. 330 Eaat S7th st. FRENClFPLATS.?REST TO BE HAD OPP ftTH AV" Apply to Janitor, 7 I West j.ld ft. fpEENCl PLATS-PI EST CLAM; COMPLETE. WITH 1 every improvement; dumli waiters, bath, private hall-, Ac.; oiglit rooms; in the new bitlMlnga, 5th av. ami Carroll st.. Brooklyn; rent and np?-ard: cara from Pulton, Wall ami South ferries; distance. 20 minutes. Inquire of jnnitor or WM. B. COOPEK, Jr., Je CO., 90 Pearl at.. New York. Open Sundays. IfiRBNClI PLAT TO RENT?ON PIR8T FLOOR, WITH all improvements; $.'?>' seven rooms; ring No. 2 boll lor housekeeper. 442 West 35th st. QAHATOGA* building.?CORNER APAiwiBNTS, 8 O rooms, elevator, steam heat; thU la a rare opportunity; look at it. J. W. STUVKNS, Broadway nmir>2d at. TO LET?THIRD FLOOR. & LARGE ROOMS, NORTH weat corner of 41st at. uud IHIi av.; rent $14. Inquire on the premises. TORKNT?THE SEVEN ROOMS ON THlRD FLOOR ol 42ti Weat 10th at.; all iutprovementa. carpeted halls and atalra; gaa fixtures, door opener, Ae.; poaaeaaiou now. .1. H. PENII AM A CO., 2>> ? West -3d st. PER MONTH FiTlt SEVEN ROOMS IN A tpOU brown stone high atoop honaa, 244 Wast 4-1 tli st., occupied by a clerKyman. HOUSES, HtHlMS, AC,, WA.VlKO. ~ In this City untl brookiyii. TIT ANTED?BY AN american man and WiPK, A M small Ploor, between 4T>th and 55th da., 7th and loth avs.; rant must he low. Address, stating price. Ac., 1IENRY, station G, New York. WANTKI) ~aT lTriTk," CAPACIOUS STORE. SI'IT able for distillery biisine*a, nnd aitiutted in district houndcil by Varick, ,-prlng Clarkson nnd We-t Ma. Ad dreai responsible, Herald Uptown Branch ofllee. \V ANTED CNPDKNItUED?LOWER ""i'ART OF M house or Flat, heoveen S?h and 80th sta. Audress with price, Ac., C. C., No. 1 l'erry at., corner Greenwich ar In the Country. ?tirANTED?A SMALL FURNISHED COTTAGE. ON Tf the Erie fr Central Railroad of New Jersey, for three or four months Irom the middle ol June ; mnuiiiatii air and atiade; alxuit two hottra Irom Now York; inmily adults; mutt be not less than H rooms, including kitchen. Addresa M. D? box 153 Herald Uptown Brauch office. TTANTED-A COUNTRY HOUSE FOR THE SUMMER ?T montiia, within three-qnartcra of an l onr> ride on * railroad, the east aide of the Hudaou preferred. Addreae, atatinir number of rooma. price. Ac., U. 8. A , box 1,407 New York Post office. MAKKl.i; ,tiA?fl'^Ls. AT PRICKS NEVER APPROACH ED" llfc^oH.^" iV rtlutc *11(1 Marble Mnntel?. Largest iiworlmrnt In the city. PKNRIIYN SLATE COMPANY. GO Union aquare, 4th mv. and 17th at., New York. Maniifai-turera of all kinda ot Slate Work. Marrle an d~m a uitlbTeeb m axtkia?new de alirna, from $12 npwa*d; aI?<) Monumental Work at greatly reduced prlraa; Marble Turning for the trad*. A. KLABER, 134Eaat 18th it._ >resicAii. rzzzzzz rut^ATE PIA^ioTKsoSKtStfLAK8 MAILElF. Experienced teacher. Inatrumanta for pracMce. Ad dreaa PROFESSOR, bo* <?W Poat office. ~~~ patKUcfioiT ~ folfmrWAt LITE, OK CLASCAL EDUOA A lion, wiahea to devote an adequate portion of hla time to I ho inatruction ol children, in a drat claaa lamlly, in com penaation fur room and board. Addrca* M. U., Herald office BOOKKEEPlN??7 PENMANsTlllV PHONOORAPHT tauirht separately at WILMON A WALWORTH'S ttuaineai College, aontliweat corner of Union aquar*. I French < :<7n^erXvtion and l it k hat ijrk?by ' Pariaian gentleman : cltv reference ; HO le-.?ona, $25 : at pupil'*, Addreaa PBENCH, bo* 127 Herald Uptown Kinnclt offlre 1>EAD TilK SUNDAY TELEOKAM. V IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. ISSUED TO-MORROW MORNING. A III TO :*??> PER TEN WEEKS BOARD A.NU IN -miction; primary ar.d tiuialied education; piano, fid. ABEL WIUTLOCK, South Wilton. Conn. PIAIVOKOHTKS. (>KUA\.s, _ Ar.i.-invK on\m:k to maki. a rr.vr xmal preaent An elegant Stein way A Son? 7'j octave I'Unolorte at a bargain, a brilliant toned 7'j roaewood Windsor Pianoforte. lour ronnd. n me on plate, co?t $1,2<*), fur $175: maker's guarantee and bill of ?* . ir tnahrftMt to nurchaaer. Alao parlor, library, chamber and dlninir room r'nriiiiure. Call at private reaid'neo 120 Wrat 2:id at., near Uth ar. ADVERTISE IN ~ THE EVENIXO TELEGRAM RATES 2'? CENTS I'ER LINE. The circnlntion of the EVKNINO TELEGRAM I oat week wa? : ?? Monday :l7.inn Tuesday 117,3 O Wedneaday TIT.-V*) Thursday 37.MO Friday S.'V.lViO Saturday :?,:?*) Total.... 230.8110 Dally arera?;e :W?,7ltl m i- in; n j ass A FAMILY HAVING TWO ELEGANT ROSEWOOD oaao Pianoforte*. with all Improvementa, lull agraffe, overstrung. 4c? wiah to diapoao ot them; one Uecker A Broa. for f-*7 >; one Stela way A sona. $2.Vi; both having uaine on plate, piarautee: Stool, Cover, box for ?hipping: a ?acrillee. fall private residence No. 47 Weat Dth *t., be ta een *>rh and Otli ava. A-ni BEKT', l PRIOHT. iqCARB AND a RAND ? I'ianoa nf onr own makeial^o tor aate and rent. A number of line aecond hand I'ianoa. in perfect order. W 1AM KN V11E A I'o.. No 1125th av.. above HHh at. VLOT OF SECOND HAND PIANOS, IN TUOROUOII ovler, for iale at modarkte prlrea; alao I'ianoa for aalo on Inatalmenta. By ClilCKklKINU A SoXH. IJO Mh av., corner lHth at. \8TRIXWAY 7?4 OCTAVE PIANO, POUR ROPND comer*; a Weber 7 octave; both nimlern Improve' reenta; little need; extremely low for raali or on luatal mejtta. Alao a larpe atock of new and aerond hand aquar* and upright Planna to rent until nald for. aa per contract. HORACE WATERS A HONS. 4X1 Bro .dway. A BEAUTIFUL PIANOFORTE, fKlO; A STKINWAT Pianoforte, every ImproTement, Kreat aaerifior, e aah; Parlor Oritan, only $.'>(X J. HIDDLK, Ja Waverley place, near nroiulway. VLADY WILL SELL POR lltlTA CHICKEBkNO Pianoforte, roaewood, round cornera; coat $>.K>i. 2H Eait :io it., near 2d av. A A IT IF ri. CARVED RtlSBWouD T OCTATH A Pianoforte, modern improvementa; leas than flUX 2t'i Eaat :v>Oi ?l. EAI? THE SUNDAY I El.E.. RAM. ' IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTH. ISSUED TO-MORROW MORNINt). UFRtOUT S4JUAKE IMANOS To RRNt TKtf low or aold on amtil monthly paymenta ('all and aea, BRTTS' Warerivtrnv, 7H>i Hioadway, corner Irtth at. ( l-OTIIIM.. "\f C2i4 ftROAD^AY. rtKTWEEN :t2l) AND S9D ata.?Broadway prleea naid for t ast od (')othins, elry. Ac:, by calling < n or ad'lre?aini{ H HARRIS. 1.274. A I 24tl mi A v.. afeCOND \HM.r. vt KSr'jtfH at , Mr. and Mra KOSKS RKKit will p?r the hiabeat pneat In caab for Caat off <'.othint, Tarpata, Ae.. *>y railing or ail 11eaatn(. Take particular nmli e ot above number. A I M IN MPS. 24B "HO A V . SKXr aDtS" WT.-LA dtet and noatlenien will b? aarprlaed at the (real price* H Mlntr pays In ?aah lor Oaat-olf riotlilng. Carpet* Jtw eLry. urUara atlonded by Mr. er Mrs. Mint*. R AMl'IKMEtTS. nnoirT^TASTOBH ~8*W TflSiirHS; X 685 nd ACJ7 Broidwir, oppoiiu Melr?>polilit Hotel. TO NT FACTOR'* STAR TROUPE. ^THE CARROLL FAMILY.? <?> <S> B. *. CARROLL. LITTLE DICK and THE QENERAL. The famei Bird of Ron* MISb JOSEl'llINK 8HAREI?BY, THE FLYINO METEOR, TUB HUMAN SKYROCKET. ALA, AlA, CHA8. DIAMOND. HARPER k STANSlLL, MB CLABK GIBBS. MRICHARD CLARK. MIMK SADIE DKSHON, Actress and Comedienne. Mr. HARRY MONTAGUE. BILLY GRAY, the laughable Xocro Comedian. J. B. and KATIE EDWARDS. JKNN1E 8ATTBKLBB. MATINEE TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. AGLK~ THEATRE BBOADWAV AND 33D 8T* rriwriilur tud MttHei Mr. JOSH HART the ENTIRE EVENING PROGRAMME GIVEN at the E . * MATIN KB TODAY AT 2 The ENTIRE EVENING PROGBAMME GIVEN U the "matinee TO?DAY ATI T The ENTIRE COMPANY at ihe MATIN Elfto-day. The BURLESQUE at the MATINEE to-day. The TWO COMIR FARCES at the MATIN BE to-day. The new melinp of Act* and sketebe* <8> AT THE MATINEE TODAY AT X Matinee at 2. Bowery thbatbk. Mr. OLIVER DOUD BYRON in hie sreat erneatiou Drama, ACROSS THE CONTINENT. Preceded eaeu entiling by a FAVORITE FARCE. MONDAY. Mar 8, BEN McCULLOUGH. ______ brcSTdWAY AND 33D ST. ? TWELFTH WEEK. TO NIGHT AT 8. MATINEE TODAY AT 2. In coucequence of other engagementa, LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS Mr. Ge?rg? Kawcett Kowe'ihurouiou* Coineily, BRASS. * BRASS. BRASS. BRASS. BRASH. BRASS. BHAtM. Admiision, VI cent* and 91. LAST NIG li ra last nights. LAST NIGHTS. Last nights. LA>T NIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS. Reserved 8enta.fl 50. AY fOOD'S MUSEUM. WOOD'S. THIS DAT. MATINEE AT 2. EVENING AT & DOUBLE BILL. MILTON NOllI.ES in the ?ea*ation, BERTHA, THE SEWING MACHINE GIRL, ?nil melodramv ROBBERS OK THE PYRENEES. 84 TH ST. OPERA HOUSE. BETWEEN 2D AND 3D A VS. MATINEB J The three Herniation*, Pari* by Mtxinlivht. Parisian Can Can, Female Bather*. Fifty Specialty Stan. Grand Olio. MATINEB M ATI N K K TO-DAY TO DAY TWO O'CLOCK. TWO O'CLOCK. WALLACE'S. II Proprietor and Manager.... Mr. LESTER WALLACE Bouclcault'* Comedy, LONDON ASSURANCE. now performed at thin theatre, baring attracted animal at tention at b'-inp the most COMPLETE AND PERFECT REPRESENTATION that !>*? been offered for yearn. Mr. Wallack.feel* that he lijuatlflrd in taking thl* method of calling particular at tention to THE GROUP OF ARTISTS combined in it* Illustration DAZZLE Mr. LESTER WALLACE CHARLES COURTLEY Mr. H. J. MONTAGUE Sir I1ARCOURT COURTLEY Mr. JOHN GILBERT MAKE MEDDLE Mr. IIARRY BECKETT DOLLY SPANKER Mr. W. K. FLOYD MAX HARKAWAY Mr. J. W. SHANNON COOL Mr. E. M. HOLLAND SOLOMON ISAACS Mr. C. E. EDWIN LADY GAY *PANKEB Mis* ADA DYAS PERT Ml** EFilE GKRMON GRACE HARKAWAY Mis. IONE BURKE London assurance EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEB until further notice. Carriage* may be ordered for 10 NLY THIS WEEK ! ONLY THIS WEEK I SATURDAY WILL BE THE LAST DAY OF P. T. BARNUM'S NEW AND GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. AT AMI KICAN INSTITUTE BUILDING. 3D AV. AND BSD ST. CROWDED AND DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. TWO PERFORMANCES DAILY AT 2 AND 8. CENTENNIAL ACADEMY OF OBJECT TEACHING. MENAGERIE OK RAKE LIVING WILD ANIMALS. The most extensive in the world, consisting of hundred! of WILD ANIMALS, BIRDS and AMPHIBIA, Including BARNUM'S $^5,i/uo BEHEMOTH. THE ONLY LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS In America. MUSEUM of Mecbaniral. Automatic, Pictorial and other rar.' curiosities. FIVE GREAT CIRCUS TROUPES. embracing the mmt remarkable Riders and Athlete* In the world, among which i* LOWANDE, the wonderful Braailian Hurricane Rider and hi* *iron Willi Horses A PATRIOTIC MUSICAL JUBILEE. Superb patriotic historical Tableaux; National Anthem* by a chorus of leveral hundred trained voice* Door* open at 1 aim 7 o'clock. Adinlision, 30 cent*. Chil dren under nine hull j>rie?. IU'*erved seat* 2."> rent* extra. Exhibits in litnmford. May 8: Bridgeport. May S. NION SQUARE THBATRB. ' Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER A* the management are under contra-'t to Iroduce during thn preaent *ra*on Me**r*. >ancH*ter and Ma?nn*' American Drama "Coucienee" they are obliged to announce IjAnT the LAST NIGHTS of Sanlou'* brilliant play NIGHTS KERR EOL, WITH ITS SUPERB SCENERT AND RF MARKABLE CAST. OF Tneiday evening. May B, will be produced with entirely new aeenery and a line cast an American Drama in Ave net*, written ex KERREOL. pri-wly lor this thontre by Me*?rs. A. E. Lan custer and Julian Magnua. and entitled CONSCIENCE. Seata for fir?t night* ol "Conscience" now ready. p AKIStAN VARIM.T1BS, IBTM ST. AND Altlsl aN VARIETIES. BROADWAY. Sliinos over nit. I EVERY BVENINO, 8 O'CLOCK. * T MATIN KB. f X TO-DAY. I I - O'CLOCK. I Favorite resort for gentlemen end strangers. ANOTHER GREAT SENSATION. Spicv. Sparkling, French}-. but Artistic. SCHOOL GIRLS' FROLIC, 10:'20 o'clock. A sensational picture of future probabilities ELIXIR D'AMOI'R, it o'clock. LA MINUET, 10 o'clock. Mile. BERTIIA and the Fineit Bullet In America. Choice Specialties. Brilliant Novelties, Musical Moroeanx. Eirst weekot Slmior NORISSOM'S ORAND TABLEAU. YOl'R LIFE'S IN DANtiER. EMILY PRIOR. COKA CUSHMAN. MINNIE 1IALL. GEORGE ATKINS. JOS. BLANCH ARD. CLARENCE HoYi>, BONNIE RlNNELLS. ALFREDO AND DHOM, BLANCH ELRERTS, HORACE WESTON and 100 artists ol acknowledged merit appear at each performance. Globe theatRE.rrw and tSTbroadwaY, B. W. BUTLER Manager THE STANDARD FAMILY THEATRE. GRAND The peerless and brilliant artiste, Miss ADAH RICHMOND. FAMILY The incomparable Mr. HILLY HARRY. The quaint aud eccentric Mr. O. F. Kelehum. MATINEE Bin V. STICKNKY, the dashing 8erio-Comle. Matter DUNN, the Inlant specially. TO-DAY An Immense hill of attractions, including all the old favorites. Mean. MrKKE, WKST. GOODING. BLITZ, MIm BRADLEY, Ac.. Ac., and over AT TWO O'CLOCK. KM ?uperb specialty artiste ever* night. - ? - - rant EXTRA.?-On Monday evening. first appearance of the Nonarchs of Specialties. THE REYNOLDS BROTHERS, MIm LIZZIE KKL8KY. Mr. C. T. FAKWKLL. and Mr. E. PRICE in the greatest bill ever offered to the public. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. : GRAND PROMENADE CONCERT, br BERNSTEIN'S FULL ORCHESTRA. Perth* benefit of the FAIR of the Young Woman's Cbrts llan Association. SATURDAY EVENING AT 8 O'CLOCK. PROGRAMME. I'art I. 1. Grand Mareb?"En Avsnt".... Gungle 2. Overture?"Ke?t" Letttner 3. Walt*?"Better Timet' Straus* 4. Selection?1"La Jolt* Parfumeuse".... Offenbach ft. Galop "No Rett".,, Bernstein tl Song?Good Night, Mv Child Aht (Solo for cornet.) Part II. ?7 Overture ?*"Ph|ue Dame'' Snppe K Wnlti?"Carllestre" .tttmu-* W. Selection -"Crisplno" Hied ltl. Galop?"Knall nnd Fall" St ran-* 11. Pwsro?"Sicilian Teeners'* Verdi 13. March?"Jubilee'' Fahrb.ich Tirketx Ju conn. vor sale at the dnnr. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. I OI'KKA HOUSE AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. Kroadwav, SAN FRANCIsi'o minstrel*. comer 2imi st. MATINrK TO-DAY AT 2. BIRCH, WAMBOLD and BACKUS. THE TWO ORI-HANS. Wamboid will sing the now song, "Little Darting, Sail* Upon Me." Ryman'? Temperance Leetara, Oil, VKS; WE ALL WILL BR DAK SHAKESPEARE ON THE HALF SHELL DELIGHTFUL SOLO AND PART SINGING. Evening at X Seats secured. (I KRMANIA THEATRE, HTH ST. T Ad. RMMNV Director. SATURDAY. May ?. Henetlt ol MA THILDR ? OTTBELLY. KKKI'ZFEL'KR, Comedy, In three act*, by a. L'Arrange, PROF. CROMWELL'S ENTERTAINMENTS. MASONIC TEMPLE. .:W it.. nth av. POSITIVELY THE LAST THIS SEASON. Matinee TO-DAY at J : jtt Ver?sllle?, (first and only time) the Palace of the Grand Monarch, with its Parks, Foun. tains. Statues, Ac. EVENING. AT S. Iieland, from the Giant* Causeway to the Charmiag Lakes of Killaraey. Adaiseien only 25 cent TIIK BEST NEW MUSIC.?"THE LIBERTY BELL," the finest colleetion ol patriotic mnj. mid lit inns ol all nations, paper 5Or., boards 74c.; "Hlow Wild and Kree,.' latest "tor. br Abt, HV : "Northern Route" March, Smith, .V?c. ; "When Will Baby Pray?" Sherwood. :t&c.; "Pond Lily Redo*a" ami "Pnllta," each 50c.; "A Hundred Years Ago." Moelllng, OOr ; "Une Fele" March, Mueller. *i; "Sway the Cot Gently," Braham, .K>c.; "Cora Masnrka," Wood, 0?c.; "Centennial four end Chorus." IItrine, V>c Copies mailed. WILLIAM A. I'OND A CO., 547 Broadway; branch More, all Union square. New Yerk. PALAIS ROYAL, 4S0 HTH AV., BETWEEN 2I1TH AMD Stoth sts.. New York.?Forty young lady attendants. Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert every evening, from 7 until I o'clock. Admission trie STEIN WAY HA1.L-MAY 1). IH7(I. ATS O'CLOCK P. M. ' The Origin of Man." A scientific lecture ol !>r. Mis SUTTER against Darwin's Theories. under distinguished patronage. Reserved Seats, $1. Admission, 30s. rickets M Stein way llall, at Exit's s, vts i'eari *t.: E. Schui?ert A Co.'s, 3S Union square; ."-Thinner's, 7"1 Broadway. BAD" TUB" SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL TilK NEWS KOB TWO CENTS. ISSUED TOMORROW MORNING, K AHl'SIHBKTI. i}06UTjl VtlZfMF~~ ~~~~ J JJ Every evening this ntk D(pm k Benedict i alMtnla Next week a Boat brilliant combination and great douMe ... - kill et?> night. MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON la bar new play, MAU? MCELLKR, and STUART HOBSO*' aad MISS FANNY MOBANT in the splendid coni.dy. MARBIKD LIKE. The tall strength at the Brooklyn Theatre Company la each play. BOOTH'S THE ATM. FAREWELL. JABBBrr A PaLMBR Umn aad Manager* POHITIVKLY TWO LAST PERFORMANCES OP HEM BY V.. and laat appearaaces of the distinguished English actor, Mr. GEORGE RIGNoLD. In hla popular ItuaiamMim. Iba titular character. FAREWELL Ma. I.NKK AT IK O'CLOCK. Tba enperfc Historical Play I* pr?f"tr<l with a wealth of MAGNIFICENT SCENBRV, COBBECT CO TVMEri, HANDSOME BANNERS AMD WARLIKE INSTRUMENTS. PROMINENT FEATURES of tha wonderful spectacle era AN AUXILIARY FORCE OP <K? MEN, WOMEN* AND CHILD BEN. representing the English and Krench aoldlery and populace of London, and participating la tha grand PROCESSIONS AND BEAUTIFUL TABLE IUX. AN OPERATIC CHORUS OK CHOSEN VOICES, A CIIUIB OP MADRIGAL BOYS AND A FULL OHIME OK CHURCH BELL*. V TUESDAY. May ?, Mr. TILLOTSON'S BENE PIT. gOOTH'8 TUEATHE. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. JARRETT A PALMER beg to announce tbatnn MONDAY RVKNlMr NEXT, MAY H by an esnecial arrangement made with Mr. C. D. HESS, Manager tbe K ELl.OGG GRAND ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. wHn the dlstlnjniished American Prtma Donna. Mix CLARA LOUISE KELLOGO, will appear In tbla theatre in M>\rerfceer's great spectacular Opera and grnnd Military Pageant, STAR OP THE NORTH. which will be produced in a etyle of unusual tr.aimifteenee, tbe auxiliary loroe numbering over POUR HUNDRED. and tho other marvellous features, bevond NEW SL'KNEKJ, ELEGANT COSTUMES and BEAUTIFUL UNIFORMS, being BEGIMBNTS OP INFANTRY and COMPLETE BAT TEEIE8 OP ARTILLERY. MILITARY BRASS BANDS, ? tall Dram Corpt, augmented Orchestra and A GRAND CHORUS. SPECIAL PRICES. RESERVED 8BAT8?Parquet and Balcony fl SO ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR GALLERY .. .Kift* Casta %*THE SALE OP SEATS will begin THIS M0RN1NJ (SATURDAY) at 8 o'clock. V Mlai KELLOGG will appear at every ana of tha tra performancea Monday, Tuesday. Wegtceaday and Friday evenings and at the 8ATURDAY MATINEE. OOTH'S TUEA T R K-T RKasURER TILLOTSON'S BENEKIT. TUESDAY AFTERNOON NEXT. MAY B. 187R. Upon which ocoaalon the programme will be of anueaal attr.??(ivcne?s, beginning at 1 :'JU o'clock with i'algrare Simpson's and Herman Merivale's charming comedy drama ofthren net*, a*originally played at tho Royal Court Theatre, London, and entitled ALONE. ALONE. ALONE. COLONEL CHALICE Mr. OBOBGB RIGNOLD I His original character. The crittci of the English prow without exception hare spoken of hi* impersonation of tha choleric old soldier in tbe higbest term* of praise.) STRATTON STRAWLEBS. Mr. C. B. BISHOP BERTIE CAMERON Mr. W. A. WHITECAR Dr. MICKLETMWAITE. Mr. FRED B. THORNE M AUDE TREVOR ....Mil* ROSA RAND Mm. THORNTON Mis* MARIE BRaBROoK ?.?The plot 1* one of the deepest in'crest, and the situa tions arc most admirably arranged. The dialogue I* hriglit and pointed, and the place la se essentially a charncter one that Mr. RIGNOLD haa ro*ervod it tor one of bis BEST BKPORTS IN NEW YORK. To be followed by Brough'* roaring one act Farce, THE COMICAL COUNTESS. With tho following extraordinary cast COUNTB88 DE L'BSPALIER MARIE GORDON (Mr*. John T. Raymond.) DE V1LBRAO Mr. GEORGE PAWCETT R.O.WE THE BARON DE BEROONCE Mr C. B. BISHOP ???Note. ?Mr. Rowe volunteered, having the kind couaenl of Mr. William Stuart, of tho Park Theatre, and Mrs. John T. Raymond will appear by the courtesy of Messrs. Shook A Pulinnr. of tba Cnioc Square Tbeatro. Box office open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Reserved Seat*. $1 50; General Admllsion, CI; Dress Cir cle. 50c.; Family Circle, 90c. rfo DAY, AT 1:3a ~ B "piQCK." J^ATINEE. ??piQUE" MATINBB TO-DAY. :TH AVENUE THEATRE. (BEGINS AT a) ) Proprietor and Manager Mr. AUGU8TIN DALY TO-DAY. MATINEE Al* 1:30. 158th time of PPPPP II QQQQ U U BEBB P P II Q QU UE PPPPP II Q Q U U EEB P HQ Q<] U U E P II QQCJg UUUU EEEE .. TODAY'S MATIKEB and EYBBY NIGHT NEXT WEEK. THE GREAT PLAY of TO-DAY, with Mis* Davenport. Mr. Fisher. Mr. Harkins, Mr. Lewis. Mr. Davldga, Mr. Hard< nberg, Mr. Barrymore. Mr. Drew, Mlsa Sy<] Iney Cowell, Mrs. Gilbert, Miss Drew, Miss Nnnes. Miss Holland and Mr. Brougham. TONIGHT, FOR MR. HAllKINS' BENEFIT, MONEY, with a rare distribution. MODAY EVENING. AND EVERY NIGHT NBXt WEEK. ?PltJUB." fjTH AVENUE THE ATMS, TONIGHT, AT & FOR MK. HAKK1.NS' BENEFIT, special production of Bnlwtr'i celebratod Comedy of MONET. with the following rare distribution :? Lord OloMiiuore Mr. CHARLES ROCKWELL Hlr Jnbn Vowr Mr. WILLIAM DAYIDGE Sir Frederick Blount Mr. MAURICE BARKYMORP, Capii'in Dudley Smooth Mr. john DREW Stout Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM Gravea Mr. CHARLES FISHER Alfred Evelyu Mr. HaKKINS Hlitirpe Mr. W. BEEKMAN Mr. I. DKVEAU Cl*ra Dongl** Mia*OEORGIANA DREW UrurKiana Ve*ey Mi*a SYDNEY COWKLL and (tor thla occauon) Lady Franklin Mia* FANNY davenport V SATURDAY EVENING, May IS, Mr. JOHN brougham'S BENEFIT. ^ jLYMf,HrTHE.VTKh.7 624 broadway. Mr. JOHN F. POOLE Manager TO-DAY TO-DaY TO-DAY The original -HUMPTY -HUMPTY DUMPTY. DUMPTY. Orand Pantomime, in three acta. WITH GORtiEOUS SCENERY AND cobtvme8. THE BEST BALLET IN AME ICA. ALL THE NOVEL features. Mr. ROBERT FRASER aa CLOWN Children under ten admitted at half price. HUMPTY DUMPTY. HUMPTY DUMPTY. The mint inlendid auectacle yet produced in New York. MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2. OPEN AT Itf. CENTRAL PARR GARDEN. 7th ??., 58th and MHh uta. bOULE k APPLEBY Proprietor. SATURDAY EVENING, MAY ?. D. L DOW.MNU'8 CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. programme. PART I. Overture?"Morning. Noon and Evening" Snppe Mrilttatl' n ?"Fleuri Faneea" Lanire Vocal Walta?"L'Ardita" Ardittl Mme. MARIE 8ALVOTTI. Gem* of th* Opera?"Errant" Verdi PART II. Overture?'"Cnrarlaehe Luitaplei" Kaler Bela Solo?"I'll Think of Thee'' Abt MIh MARIA BRAINARD. Cornet Solo?"Leviatlian Polka" Levy Mr. JOHN HAMMOND. Fackeltan*. No. 4?"IbeCrowa Prlmrea* of Primal v" Meyerbeer PART IT1. Fantaiia?"Tennhanaer Nachklanife" Warner Male Ouartel?"Where Would 1 Be" Koliuar Me*?ra. DDY, SEE. MITCHELL and Skl'IIER. Wall*?"Ana dam Reehnleben" lEd. Mr* nan March?"America"* Centennial" Downing H VTINKE TO DAY AT a O'CLOCK, YE COUSIN JONATHAN OLDE FOLKS. Admiition ?*> cent* Children (Matinee only) '.5 rent* nHATEAU MABILLB varieties. Pari* by ffaallghi in all ita g ?ry, and every f'r< ncli aenaation of th>.a day. The hirat Night; or naughty, hut nice. The Tnrkiah liathom, or the Sultau'a I'eta. The French Minuet and Poaea Plaatlquo*. The hamlaomrat forced ladle* In tha world. Tne moat artlatic art Inn on the earth. The lined Theatre In America. 7i *?? ca Iflllg jt m 3 J ** a ?? a m Theatre fk4NCais (Union Lea?[ne Theatre) 30 roe el Madlaon a*. BETOUR DE LA COMPAGNIK Drarnatlqra Francalae. I'eur IU Soireea Seuli-maut. Samedl U mai. 3ma a?lree d'abouiieuient, " LE TESTAMENT DE CfcSArf t.lRODOT. Comedie en 4 arte* par A. Brlot. Tlrket office rhea II. ?'?i;nl*t, T.< Ka?t l*th at. Kelly a leon's min STEEL*. KKLI.Y A LF.ON'S MIN. STRKLS. KELLY ? LEON'S MIN STRKLS. KELLY * LEON'S MIN STRELS. KELLY A LEON'S MIN STEELS. 2SD ST.. NEAR OTIl AV. Tha popniar melodiea of Otrolle Glrnfla. Olio of Irrr aiatlble eonil<-alltlaa, conclud ing with Kelly A Leon'* pe tite comrdie nin?lcale. His GRACE the DI KE. Louise Charrinirton, THE ONLY LKO.V MATINEE J P. M. TO-DAY MgOCIHTY SOCIABLES" EVERY saturday EVEN 14th it. Ferrero'a Aaaambly Rooma, Tammany Building, CAKTIKR A CO., Manager*. Presentation.?ATHLETIC A SPARKING TESTI mnnial will be teuoered Profe?*nr J (TP D, at Trrn er'a new Hall, Broadway, between S"Jd and J5?d at*., on Sat urday evening, at S "'cluck, May <t, l*7t?. SOIREE SOCIABLES EVERT SATURDAY, BEE tliovcn IIall. .Stti at., near Bowery. Gentlemen Meant*. Ladle* n apectfnlly Invited. Dancing commence* at 8 P. M. prtctaely. Advertise in the EVENING TELEGRAM. rates ait cents ff.r line. The circulation of tha EVENING telegram lait week wa* ? Monday S7.I0) luiadar 37.^t*> Wednesday KJ Tlinradar - :i7,V*l Friday X.,mo Saturday H.'i.JO Total aao.:?u Daily average ? ? <? ? ? MJ14 OFFICE SO. S ARM ST. A M U S R MK RTti jftmama ujaanac ~ 7$f7nrrcnt. SHOOK A PA' M Kit.... Proprietor md Kutpa Mr. B. O. UILMOKE Buaiue?:? Manager. THE Oi'PBNHAOII CONCERTS. THIS son dtllthttul Sammrr Retort, lliorragbly ?t?d improve*, WILL OPEN . .. , THORSDAT EVKNISO, MAT 11, wo?tt the tilutttriuiift mantro, J A.CQUE8 OKKKNBACO, ?ill m?kc la A?er1?a. l??wriMni 1,1 America, Inaarar Or tUNSTER CONCERTS, Craad Orrheetra of over ONE HUNDRED SKI LI.KM MUSICIANS, ' >. l5',nT whom weM(u/ fcltu from EaroM. Conductor Mr. MAK1UH BOILI.ARD. Adm"..i?n Tickota. ONb"doLLA|L r*rivate Inn Qw, cimlinc lour adiui??ioni>, KIVB DOLLARS. Bo* i ~ D.VlLT AT Madison av. entrance rjlUKATRK 00?Qtj*. M<I BROADWAt matinee I ? ?'CLOOK hml 100 STARS APPRAB, The irreat aenuuion, AMKIMC.vNs AHHO YD. The illuminated aeena. LK J A HIM N MABLLLB. The town talk NOTHING I.IKK IT ANYWHBBB. Be ou the alert. MATINEE I ., O'CLOCK I TH1B DAT MATINEE I " | THIS DAY. To night >1 H o'clock. ?LAST DAY AND ~LAST NIGHT " of HOWES A CL'SllIBO'S GREAT CIRCUS I 1 ! (JUNCTION BROADWAY AND 6TH ATJ I.MI day iumI night of JOK UOSS aud JEM MACB HOWES A CUSHINO'S at NEWARK. K. J.. MONDAY and TUESDAY. 11TH and 12TH, JERSEY CITY. 1JTII and 14TH. Bn00KT.TW. HE NANO.VYl, TKAU'KKANih .-><.(/, l,. i i, > enth Minivrriery, Steiiiway llall, Monday evening' Mar s, hi 7:30 n'alock. Addrenej by Kov. Geo. II. lien" worth, D. D.; Rev. J. S. Kennard, Iter. A. D. Vail. Mrr Anna Itaiidail Diehl will read "A Second Declaration of In dependence." A choice musical pro gram en a. Admieeioa frao Public Invited. r. land 18. THE PHILADELPHIA Tragedian, Paator. Editor, I'hyalciun, Surgeon and art rival ol the I'ouut Joannea, aha ha? k?pt bla towMntl In an* continual m.itu ol' excitement. will play HAMLET. ?olltary and alone, In fall coetuino. with bit Imaginary Cam* pauyj at TAMMANY HALL. TUESDAY BVENINO. MAT a ? A MERICA'S CENTENNIAL," GRAND MARCH, hi XI D. I.. Downing with auperh lithograph title in colon; pronounced tin- moat nrti?tlc production in abeet inualc evot i*aued in thin country; played nightly at ('antral Park Oar don with irrnud Miccea*. I'rlce tWcenta. Sold everywhere. Published by DITsoN A: CO., 711 Broadway. REAL ESTATE. Tho following Bales comprised the business at tbt Exchange yesterday:? George H. Scott sold, la foreclosure, three lots on the east side of ibe Boulevard, 35x100 each, 24.11 feet north of 130th slreot, lor $2,800 each, to the plalntltt; alto, In foreclosure, a lot on the nortb side of Fifty-filth street, 140.3 (cot.east ol tbe Boulevard, 26x88.8x25x80.8, for $21,000, to the plaintiff A. J. Bleeckor h Son sold, by order of the admlnis trntor, to close the estate of John B. Kelley, deceased, tbe three story and basement brown stone front house, with lot 19.7x98.9, No. o38 West Forty second street, south side, 435. 5 feet west of Tenth avenne, for $7,800, to Thomas GrlfUths. ?. A. Lawronce k Co. sold, in foreclosure, two lots, each 25x100.11, on West Sixtieth street, south side, 260 feet east ol Eleventh avenue, for $20,500, to the plain tiff. U. M. Seaman sold, in foreclosure, a bouse with Ibt, 19.2x100.5, on East Forty-ninth street, south slde^ 203.4 east ol Second avenue, for $5,550, to M. Silver aaie. iiiinmu. Slit st., s. 76.6 ft. e. or 1st ar.. 30x91.2; Y. A. Wilson and husband to William Bishop 9800 140th ?t.. s. h., .181.U ft. c. of Alexander av.. 25x100 (23d ward) ; Ames A. Smith and husband to An drew J. Roinhuld 2,000 4th av., ?. e. cor. 71st at., IWxlO()..'i; hdward Oppen hetmer and wile to Sjrlr.-i.ter Murphy 61,509 64th st, s. a., 40 ft. e. or 4th ar., 20x30; Sylvester Murphy mid wile to Uenr.v Hymttn 26,000 64th it., a. s., 00 ft. ?. of 4th ar., 20x80; unit to Ldward Oppenheiiuer. 26,000 4th at.. No. 354. a. a.. 100 It. w. of av. X>, 18.0x!*5; Isaac Hochster to William Kotheohild 5,873 3d av.. w. 92.8 ft. u. of 33d at.. 2^.8x100; K. U. Kowlar and wile to William Lepptnan Nobl. Monroe at., a. a. 117.S'? It. ?. of Clinton, 23.4)^x100; N. L. Bemiet to Harry Chamberlln 3,000 lat uv., a. o. corner of Hint st., 51.2x106.; J. II. Borys tldo and wife to Wm. Bishop...... 12.000 83u at., n. H7.11 ft. e. ot :id av., 16.3x102.2; Thoa. Walsh and wile to Kobt. llowne 12,000 36th at., a. a., 175 ft. w. of lat ar., 25xHK'J; Ueorge Koch and wife to Alexander Bluiuenstiol Nora. lat av. (No. 615), w. a., 24.8)% ft. n. 35th at., 25x100; same to same Mom. 7ftli at., n. ?., 155 ft. e. of 3d bt., 16.8x100; Leopold Btrinnor to K. A. Jacobs 9,000 32(1 at.. ?. a.. H? It. e. of MndUon av.. 20x08.9; L P. Kauney and other* to Wm. X. Browne 19,000 58th st. ?. *.. 425 ft. w. of 5th ar., 25x100.5; Jos. K. Smith and wife to Thna. McManus 11,333 Washington at., o. a.. 87.9}^ It. n. Franklin at., 35.1x 44.*,; Harriet Skidmore ana others to John ('a* tree 12,000 51st at., n. *. (rear), 500 ft. e. of Uth av., irregular; Juraes O'Donoline and wife io David Christie 3,500 OIIvit at., e. a., 95 ft. n. ot Mouth at., 20x50; also Oliver st, e. ?., 115 ft. n. of South St., 20xM); Thomas Nichols and wife to Ann Sogers (dated 1?73) 15,0U0> 111th st . n. 143 ft. w. of av. A,t39xl(JO; Thomas Mackellar and wife to Charles P. Barnes 22,000 Av. A, w. s., 45.4 ft. s. of 71st St., 20xl<U; also av. A. w. s., In.4 ft. a. of 71?t st., 25x100: lliomaa MeOnlnness and vife to James K. liraan and others. No*. Kingshridge road, n. w. corner nt Blm av., 73x70.5 (24th ward); B. McOarlty and others to B. Mo larity 500 Boulevard, e. s..*100.11 ft. n. of 98th St., 25.2j?x ftUOxirresiilar; Frederick Lewis and wife to Samuel A. Lewis.. Horn. 4th av., a. e. corner of 114th st., 180x201.10, to 113th st.xlOO. 11x75; Juliua Kflter aud wife to T. Abramsohn. 70,009 Lexington av., e. s., 224 ft. n. of 28th at., 21.10x80; William II. Hewitt to Augna L Hewitt Mom. 39th it., u. a., :M* iU. w. ot tttli av., 25x100; Fanny Cohen to Jacob David Nom* 4th av., w. ?., 39.1^ ft. s. ot 38th at., 17x80; William J, Florence to .James Cogan Nam, 4th av., name property; Jamea Cofsu to Anna T. Florence Nom. Ogden av.. a. e. cor. ol Orchaid at.. 23x100 (23d ward) ; M. Don aline. Jr., to John Lennon 1,504 3d av., s. w. cor. of 54th at., 20.5x70; alto 54th St., a. 70lt. w. of 3<d av., 58,4x42.1; J. J. Burcbell and wife to Henrv J. Bnrchell 50,000 33d at. n. s., 1H1 ft. w. of 8th ar., 21x98.9; J. h. T. Ar.iold to Thomas J. Ducry 22,000 36th at., a a., 175 ft. e. ot 2d av., 1X9x98.9; P. J. Joachimscn (referee) to John Herman 5,950 59th St., n. a., 115 ft. e. of 3d ??., 15x100.4; Francis C. Barlow (refereel to Robert Jone* 2,360 14 id St., a s., 108.6 It. a. of Alexander av., 25x1)10 (23d ward'; 8. D. Oiffbrd frelcreo) to Jackson Wright 4,000 LXASU. Broome st. (No. 256), 5 rears: J. A. Cadwalander and others to Oeorge Zweruerraaun.. 700 44th St., West (No. 417), 5 vers; Mary A. Haley to ? J antes Krowl SOO Weft Houston st. (Nos. 160 and 182), 1 year; H. L. King to John L. Mason 350 Baat Houston ht. (No. 38), 4 years; Elisabeth Olen uev to William J. Harrington lt3HO 46th at.. West (So. 344), 4 years; Jamea Henderaon to Samuel A. Hsaalein 1,500 Madison st. (No. 311), 6 years; E. M. Scbenkberg to John W. 8. tionley 8,000 ?OttTtuuxa. Stronse, St-lignum end wlte and others, to 8t. Luke's Hospital, w. a. Mereer it, n. Pnnee st.; 5 years.... 15,001 Schmidt, Leonard and wlte, to JacobSchengaiberner, s. a. "8(h st., w. 24 av.; 3 rears 1,000 8trau?kr, 8olumou and wife, to John II. 8crevan, guardian, a. a. 4<tth at, a. 4ih ar.; 3 years 9,00f Roger*. Ann, to David Horton, e. s. Oliver st., n. South at.; 3 years 7,001 Phillip*. Matilda and husband. to Caroline T. Oaguvd, n. s. 41st at, w. bth av.; 3 years 8,000 Same to Same. n. a. 41st st. w. 8th ar.; 3 years 6,000 O'Connor, Richard, to Martha Wakefield, Noe. !<3 and 05 tireenwich st; 1 year 1,003 OpDenlieimer, Joseph ana wlte, to Darid Wetsler, n. s. 53d >t.. w. 2d nr.; 2 years K 2,000 O'Reilly Thorn m.). and other*, to T. II. Morejon, n. s. 44th St., between Lexington and 4tb avs.; 3 years 20,000 Myer*, Rhomellali M. and liuiband, to Washington Lifa Insurance t oiupany, a s of28th St.; 1 year... 8,000 Murphy. John and wif? ami others, to John B I'ar anas, trustee, li. ?. of 37th at, a. of 1st ar.; 9 years. 15,000 Mctiuincu, '1 homaa aiol wile, to Helen Langdon, w. s. of a v. A, a. ot 71st st; 1 year 2,000 Same to same. w. a. or av. A., a. of 7lat st.; I year... 2,UX) same to same, w. a. of av. A., a. of 71st st.; I year.. 2,'Wi0 Same to same, w *. ot ar. A. s. of 71*t at.; 1 year . 2,000 Muller, Martin, to Security 1.1ft" Insurance Company, n. e. cur. ?l l*t av. nnd 11th at; 5 years 5,000 Lennon, John, to Michael Douohue, Jr., s. e. cor. of Ogdou uv. and Orc'iara ?t. (2''d ward!: 3years.... 1,500 Ketwtn. A. J . to Valentine Cook and others, s. s. of Aun st., w. of William at.; 1 yew 4,00? Oatid, Jacob and wife, to I'. H. Woodbarv and others, n. s. of 3.ith st., w. ol uth ar.; 3 years 10.000 Ducvy. Thomas J., to Juatna L Bulkley and others, n. s. of;tW ?t., w. of8th nr.; 3 years 12OX) Corn.ack, Mary L. aud husbaad, to Oeorgo O. tircn- ' nell. s a. oftilst St., w. of 3d ar.; 1 year 2000 Christie, David, to Augusta* P. Holly, n. s. or 50th ' st., 4. of 11th hv. ; 8 months 30000 Same to James D'Donohue, a. s of 5otb *t.,a.of ' 1 Itli <iv. : 1 year. 3 900 Barnes,', Charlea P.. to Tt.oma>, r.. a of lllihbt, w. of av. A; 1 year 1000 Same to same, n ?. of lllth at., w o! av. A; i Max, 1000 Same to'VVilli?m H. Reese, n. a. of 111th si., w. of " ar. A: Hyeara Sam a to l>arlea R. Rwoi.U, n. s ol lllth sti.'wof 5,000 ar. A: 3 rears 5,000 Bowne. RoLert, to Pranels P. ttoMns, n. s. ofKfcl st, e. ot ??l nV.; f?year? 8,000 Waldnin, Walter K.. to .lames D. Sherwood, a. s. of 84tli at., *}? ol 3d ar.: 3 years 4,600 lllsliop. MilAiam and wile and otters, to Johann II. hixigsteilfc. s. a. ol' 1st av., a. ol 81st st.; 2 years... 9,500 Blahop, M illiatn ami wile and others, to same, a w. cor. of In) av. *nd 8|st St.; 2 years 10,000 C tPMiheli, .Innnette M., to l.ydia Standish, w. a of jteeainun place, a. of 5Uth at.; 3 years 3.000 Cohen. Minna anil linshami. to Morltt Meliringer, 33 tlreei:**kh av.: 3 year> 4,000 Rotiisrbriil William, to Isaac Hochster, No. 354 4th St.. 3Sear. 8,200 Sheeriaitp. Kdward, to Wlllett llronson. Cottage St. (2!M' ward1; demand 600 Ward. Wllllutn ii . to John Ward, 5 years 85,(|00 Want, Charles II., to same; & years 32.000 1 THE ROSIAN HOMICIDE. ^amcel Wchenrk, tho colored tnan who *H bmUIlp asAiulted with nn hxb on Thtirmlay of laat week at Role ly ri, l? L, hy William F'owler, another colorod man, 8i?d of hia injvriea yrsierday morning. Coro?4* Mrh'ee, of Port Waablngion, will boM an Ib^mM t0> Aay. Deceased was tbont forty-ir# yoan oM.

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