Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From -A.11 3?arts of the Old World. WMOW'S CASE UNDECIDED. Lord Derby Waiting for a Communication from Secretary Fish. The Extradition Clause?How Was It Abrogated? Diineli Stakes Hii Official Existence 01 the Titles Bill. LOWE'S LAMENT. Mutineers Sentenced to Death. Alfonso's Definition of Religious Toleration in Spain. ENGLAND. -irn WINSLOW CASE CORRESPONDENCE WITH WASHINGTON?WAS THE ASHBDBTON TREATY FORMALLY ABROGATED ??THE PREMIER TO TRIUMPH OB TALL BT THE TITLES BILL? MUTINEERS OF THE LENKIE SENTENCED TO DEATH. London, May 4, 1878. In the House of Lords to-night Lord Derby, replying to a question ot Earl Granvillo In regard to tbo Winslow case, said the government had tent a despatch to tbo United States government, which could hardly havo reached Washington yet; and until the result of the pending negotiations wero known it would be inconve. ?lent to put all the papers before the House. TH* ASHBCRTON TREATY *xtradition CLAUSE. In the Houm or Commons Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, conservative member for Christ Church, an. oounced (hat ho would aslc Mr. Bourke, Undersecre tary lor the Foreign Department, to-morrow, whether the United States government had givou nolle* of the abrogation of tho extradition clause of the Ashburton treaty. DISRAELI ACCEPTS A DANOEROCS ISSl'E. Sir Henry Jamos, liberal, gave notice that he would move, at the earliest opportunity, a resolution equiva lent to a vote of censure, to the cffoct that the royal titles proclamation does not fulfil tbo pledges given by the government during tho debate on the bill, and thereioro the vote on the bill was taken under a mis conception. Mr. Disraoli accepted the motion not only as a vote ?f ceusure, but also as a vote of want of confidence, and ?xes the discussion for Thursday next. This action of Mr. Disraeli was rcspondod to by cheers and counter cheers. EX-CHANCELLOR LOWS REPENTS AND CONVERSES. Mr. Lowe made a full and comprehensive apology for the statement, in his speech at a liberal meeting at Roiford, that tho Quceu asked two previous Premiers to introduce a bill changing the royal titles. MCTIXEERS OP TBI LRNSIE RENTEXCED TO DIATB. The trial of the members of the crew ol the ship Lennie, on tho charge of mutiny and murder, was con cluded to-day, the Jury finding four of tho prisoners guilty or murder, as followsGeorge Katda, Pascal is Caludis, Giovanni Casaris and Matleo Cargalls. SENTENCE OP DRATIf. Sentence of death was passed upon them In the usual form. AOQCITTBD. The remainder of the prisoners were acquitted. gallantry AUO PIDELITY REWARDED. The Judge awarded $250 to the steward of the Lennie tor his heroic couduct during the mutiny. WEATHER REPORT. The weather to-day is fair. LONDON MONET MAREET. Losdos, May 6- 13:30 P. M. Consols 00 0-10 for both money and account. United States bonds, new Uvea, 100,S'. Erie shares, 13>4. The rate of discount for throe months' bills in the open market is 1\ per cent. LATEST PROM 'CHAXOK. London, May 5?1:30 P. M. Consols, 00.V for both money and the account. Loudon, May 6? 2 P. M. Consols, 0011-10 for both money and the account. The rise in consols to-day is in consequence of the shortness of stock. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Liverpool, Hoy 6?12:30 P. M. The market to-day U quirt and unchanged. Bales 8,000 bales, including 1,000 lor speculation and export. VIKir COTTOX 8TATKMRXT. Sales of the week, SJ.000 bales; exporters too* 9,000; ?peculator* took 2,000. Total stock, 1,035,000. Bo eeipts, 07,000; Aroorican, 62,000; actual export, 0,000; forwarded direct Irom ship's aids to spinners, 13,000 bale*; American sales. 35,000. Future* doll and unchanged; receipts, 10,300 bales, of which 4,800 were Amerlcau, Liverpool, May 5?1:80 P. M. Haitii. Stock of American 92&.000 Amount afloat 312,000 American 148.000 Sale* of middling uplands, low> liTery May and June, at 9 3-32d.; da da, delivery Juno and July, at 0 3-10d. hrradstipp*. The receipts of wheat for tbo past three days were 83,000 quarters, of which 21,000 were American. LIVERPOOL PBOVI5IOW8 MABEFT. Liverpool, May 5?2 P. M. Pork?Prime me?* Western dull at 82*. Bacon. Cumberland cut, dull at 52s ; short rib dull at 64s.; long clear dull at 51s Hams, long cut, dull at 57a.; iboulder* dull at 39*. Beef, extra India me**, dull at 100*. 1-ard, prims Western, dull at 66s. Od. Cheese, American choice, dull at 58*. Liverpool rnonrcs harrrt. Spirit* turpentine dull at 23a. 6*1. per cwt. Wheat? Ka 1 spring, < ull at 9a. 2d.; So. 2 spring dull at 8*. M.; winter wheat dull at 0*. 4d. Corn, mixed, dull at 90s. 3d. LIVERPOOL BBEAPBTTTFS MARKET. Livxepool, May 6?2 P. M. The breadstuff* market Is easier. Flour, 22*. a 24a. Pcss, 39s. a 39s Od. California wheat, 9s. 8d. a 9* 10d. per ccntal; red Milwaukee wbeat, 8*. a 9*. 4d.; California club wheat, 9*. 10d. a 10*. 3d. TBS LATEST FBOM LIVERPOOL. Liverpool, May 5?3:30 P. M. Cotton?Of the me* to-day 6,300 bale* were Americsa THE LATEST FROM IX)XDOS. lsixnon, May ft?3 10 P. M. Sperm oil ?92 per too. THE STEAMSHIP GOETHE. fHI DISABLED VFflSEL IK PORT AT PLTMOCTH? PBEPABIKO FOB BEPAIB. Loxnox, May 6, 1870. The Ramhorg-American steamer Uocilic. before re ported disabW by k??i of her propeller, arrived at Ply. mouth ?t eleven o'clock this morning. AH the blades of her propeller are gona It s expected that ifce Admiralty will tender the an fTiki dry As?k, where th* apare blade* OB board the Goethe can b? fitted. In that case the steamer will be able to proceed to Kw York in two or three dsys. FRANCE. m pbefectubes in pbocess op befobma TION. Paris, May *< ISTflL Further pretectoral changos will be gazetted on Mon. day next. These include the compulsory retirement or seven prelect ? and the dlamlaaal of forty sub-prelects and secretaries general BX-MINISTBB BOUHZB IN DANGER OP PROBKCU an. Losnox, May 5, 1878. A despatch from Paris to the Daily A'net saya It is stated that the government, yielding to tho representa tions of many Senators and Deputies, will ask the Chambera for leave to prosecute 11. Kouher for bla lew ter te the electors of AJaccia PARIS BOURSE. Paws, May 5?2 P. M. Plre per cent rentes for the account, 105f. 200. SPAIN. PARTY OPPOSITION TO BELIGIOUS LIBERTY? THB OPPOSITION OP THB ZEALOTS FRUITLESS. MAttain, May 4, 1876. In the Congress to-day Sefior Romero Ortis moved an amendment to article 11 of the constitution In favor of the extension of toleration. rnaanoM or consoibncb vindicated. All objections and attempts to alter the article, how ever are fruitless, and it will pais exactly as it stands, notwithstanding the vagueness ot tbe wording. BUT or THK RSKrONBIBIUTY. In the division by which the amendment supported by Seflor Alvarez was defeated forty-four Deputies abstained from voting and fifty-nine were absent. KINO ALFONSO INTERPRETS TUB NEW CONSTI TUTION TO THE POPE. Romx, May 4, 1876. King Alfonso has written another letter assuring the Pope that Spain Is Catholic, and, consequently, Catholics need apprehend nothing from the application of the clause In the new constitution upon religious liberty. Moreover, the claase In question does not contra vene tbe spirit of the coneordat of 1851. THE THOUSAND GUINEAS. COUNT F. DE LA GRANGE'S CHESTNUT FILLY CAMELIA THE WINNER. London, May 5, 1876. The race at Newmarket to day for tbe Ono Thousand Guineas Stakes was won by Count F. de La Grange's chestnut Ally Camelia. Tbe same owner's chestnut Ally Allumette was second, and M. A. de Montgomery's bay Ally La Seine third. Thirteen ran. The winner is by Macaroni, out of Arancaria. She ran four timea as a two-year-old, winning twice, a sweepstakes at Goodwood and tbe Corporation Stakes at Brighton. THE CENTENNIAL REGATTAS. A UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE CBEW LIKELY TO BE ORGANIZED. London, May 5, 1876. Tbe Standard says the challenge of tbe Schuylkill Navy to the University Rowing Clubs, to take part in the Centennial Regatta, has again been considered by the Cambridge boatmen. No definite reply was agreed upon, but Mr. Close will try to organize a representative erew. india] PROGRESS OF THE ENGLISH INVESTIGATION COM MISSION. London, May 5,1876. A despatch from Rangoon, In ho second edition of the London Timet, reports that the British commission ander Mr. Grosvenor arrived at Talifoo on the 12th ult, Tbe British escort left Bhamo, May 8, to meet Mr. Grosvenor and party. Mexico] FEDERALISTS AND REVOLUTIONISTS ABBAYED FOB BATTLE? GOYEBNMBNT OFFICIALS RE TBEATING TO AMERICA. Galvbston, Texas, May S, 1876. A special to the Aeret from San Antonio, dated to day, says Colonel Qutntana, with 200 federal troops, occupies Nueva La red a. Colonel Fotmeyer, with 800 revolutionists, are ontalde preparing for an attack. OiraXN BXCtTBMBST - BBTRKAT TO AXKaiCA. There is considerable excitement at ;Piedr?s Netrse. Tbe revolutionists, with 300 men, are waiting outside for reinforcements before attacking tbe place. Most of the federal Custom Bouse officials aro tn Eagle Pais f Texas, for safety. AUSTRALASIA. A TIMELY BAIN REFRESHING THE CBOPS?THE RELIGIOUS QUESTION IN TBE PUBLIC SCHOOLS?EARTHQUAKE SHOCK IN THE MOUTH. San Psaxcisco, May 6. 1S76. The Australasian advlcoa by the ateamer Zealandia are u ioiiows:? bain BXUBV1VQ TBI AOBICCLTCBIST. IU!n bad fltllen in various parts of Australia and the drought seemed to hare broken np, but in soma locali ties tbe dry weather still prevailed. The drought on Castlereagh Hirer was said to f worse than that of 188& ths school qcunox. Considerable agitation was going on In Sydney over tho subject ol admitting the Bible Into the public schools. Moetlngs to secara that result were being held. EARTRQCAKB. An earthquake occurred on March 20. In several parts or8outh Australia It was very severe, some build ings having been considerably damaged. BBW IBALAXD. Severe earthquake shocks were felt throughout New Zealand on April 1L So damage of any consequence was reported. CATHOLIC rASTOBALS. Education was tbe main topic of the Lenten pas toraU of the Roman Catholic bishops. The elcrgy had aet themselves dead against the prevailing system of publio education. These pastorals were filled with de nunciations sgainst secular education. The Wellington Hoard of Education, undeterred by thono anathemas, had just determined to abandon tbe mixed system ol education, heretofore in use, in favor of pure secularism. SANDWICH ISLANDS. 8am Fbaxcmco, May 5, 187ft. Tbe Australian stesmer brought the following news from Hawaii:? Some part* ol the Hawaiian group has been favored with abundant rains this winter and spring. other localities, however, complain of dry weather. At Kobala, Hawaii, plantations were seriously crippled for want ol rats. TEE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY. Miiwait'kss, Wis., May 5, 147ft. In the Chicago conspiracy case to day important tes timony waa given by William Bsrgentbal, distiller, who proved it was understood that if Supervisor Hed tick (ailed to get papers Crosby undertook to procure them by violence, and, If aerecssry, McKlnney would br made away with and tho building containing the public records lorced or blowr. uji. Ex-Gaujer Fitzgerald tritiHed that McKlnney agreed lo proceed sgainst him only on indictment lor "bribery, dropping tbnt for conspiracy, in return (or bia turning Slates' evidence SUICIDE OF A STOREKEEPER. Bostoji, May 5. 187*. Oils W. Sargent, who kept a cifsr store at No. 733 Washington street, committed suicide to-day by shout* inj: bimscll. Depression Irom i>u?iness iroubirs\??s Hie cause. ? THE LUMBER TRADE. Vovtbbal, May 5, 1*78. Tho lumber trado to the River rime is greatly de pressed, owing to the unwilled H?t?? ??t affair* in I*ru guay and the Argentine Republic. Ihrveyrar* ?go nl this time lltty vrs-< Is bad lieen chartered lor tins irmic, wmle this year not ?no lias bc?-n < bartered, and the prospect now is tbat a lew may bo taken at ?>Kisumusr at hit rates. THE EMPEROR'S PROGRESS. A VISIT OF TU BOYAI. PABTY TO TUB CHI CAGO WATBB WOBSS?POCB LADX IWTBBVIBW BBH BB8IBQB THB KMPBBOB?A STOBT WITH A MOBAL. Mamiuw, Ohio, Mojr ft, 1S76. The Emperor and suite arrived (bis morning at a quarter paat seven at Chicago. Notwithstanding that rain was felling and the waters of the lake somewhat rough, His Majesty persisted In his Intention to visit the crlh, in order to be able to form a correct Idea of the Chicago water supply. Carriages were wailing at Canal street station and tbe Imperial party were at once driven down to tbe banks of tbe river, where Mr. Cho*iborough, the City Engineer, had a steam tug ready to oonvey His Majesty to his destination. Tbe sail out was far from agreeable, owing to the rain and foggy weather on tbe lake. Mr. Chessborough accom panied the Emperor and explained tbe plan and work* lug of the M'ator Works. When tbe inspection was completed His Majesty was couvoyed In the tag boat to the railway station. AoanxBLi scaraisa. Tbe Emperor has been much Interested in tho coun try through which he has passed. Since be baa left Omaha be is surprised to Ond the land so thickly pop ulated and so many and so populous towns along tbe route. pock lady nrrsavnwna This afternoon lour enterprising American ladles connected in some way with the Centennial succeeded in obtaining an Interview with tbe Emperor. They were beaded by Mrs. Willing, editress of tbe Wonm'i Temperance Union. His Majosty was carious to see tbe lady representatives of the press, and received them very kindly. Tbo interview promised well at tbe bo pinning, but It turned oat that only two of tbe ladles belonged to tbe press, while the others were merely curious. One of these incidentally remarked that she hod been anxious to see tbe Emperor ot Braxll becaoae a relation ot hers was one of Hia Majesty's subjects. With his usual po liteness the Emperor Inquired in- what part of Brastl this relation dwelt, when the lady Inno cently replied that she Ibousht It was in Valparaiso. With a wicked smilo, tbe Emperor reminded her that Valparaiso was not in hia dominions, bat In Chili, and tbe lady seemed quite disconcerted; but the effect of the blunder on the literary ladies wss terriQc. It foil like a bombshell, and, like a clsver tactician, Mrs. Wil ling rose, and with a pretty speech withdrew, her com panions evidently afraid that terrible Valparaiso woman would speak again and make a new blunder. This ucci dent delivered His Majesty (Tom the terrible laily inter viewers. Tbe royal party will arrive at Pittsburg to night and proceed at once by special train to Oil City to inspect tbe petroleum works. WEST POINT CADETS. LIST or CANDIDATES APPOINTED AFTEB EXAM INATION BY THE MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC BOABDS. Washixotox, May ft, 1978. The following named candidates lor sdmlssion to the corps of cadets at Wost Point having passed the Med ical and Academic boards, are to be appointed cadets to the United States Military Academy. The persons by whom nomtoated are set opposite their respective names:? WBST POINT CADETS. .Vnm? nf Ciflrt*. ApinnntM hy TKrt. SUUa. McDonald. Julio B.Samuel Bradford... 3....Ala. lUrrli, L. B.. Jr....Wni. A. I'iper l....CaL Kogera. Jonepli M. Patteraon ?... Col. Hammond, And. G.G. M. Lander* 1... .Conn. Cowl**, Warren U..J. P. Kidder ?....Dak. Byer*. Joaepii J....B. II. tlill tt ...Oa. llu'iert. Hiliriir W. II. Felton 7....On. Tripp*, farcy K....A. II. Stephen* 8,...Oa. Ohaptnnn, Jan. R...A. Campbell 7....III. Chandler. Khan John C. Bagley 10....III. (iardner. John II...Scott Wlke II....III. Martin, Arthur L...IVm. M. Springer... 12 III. Rafferty, Wni. C. . C. 11. Harrlaon 2....III. Garrln, T. K.. Jr. ...B. S. fuller. l....Ind. Call, A. C. F A. Oliver 9....Iowa. . Cochran. Jas. A....K. Y. Parson*. S....Ky. Tate. D. L M.J Durham 8....K y. 1'errin. R. M W. M. Levy 4....La. We?t. 1?. W C. B. Darrall 3....La. Work. K. A II. M. I'lainted 4... Me. Hear I. C Thorna* Swans 4 Md. St it in p. H. N C. H. Kobert* 2 ...Md. Dieklnaon, W. M...J. K. Seelye 10. ...Maas. Stuart, S. E J. K. Tarbox 7....Maaa. Torrey.Z. W B. W. Harris. 2... Ma**. Korthrup, U.O tieorge Willard 3....Mich. Stronir, F. K A. Potter 4,...VIch. Mtiruan,G. II M. 8. kin* 3....Mina. Kwing, C. B J. F. Philip* 7....Mo. Mooa. H. B K. A. Ilatcher 4....Ma. Sanborn, A. T Prank .lone* 1....N. H. Krandly. G. W F. II. Teeaa ltoae, J. M. Hoaa. 3....N.J. Culver, E Scott Lord 3S....N. Y. Dim n In p. S. W C. I). Mrllongall.. .28. ...N. Y. Kllia, C. F W. A. Wheeler !?....N. Y. Goethals, <1. W 8.8. Cox H....N. Y. Ilayea, J. P B. B. Meade 5....N. Y. Marahall. P. K 8. B. Chittenden... 8....N. Y. Stewart. C B. Ward 8....N. Y. Wevar. B. 8. A. William* 18.....V. Y. Bwtchelor. J. B .I.J. Davli 4....N. C. Aleablre, J. B J. L Vance II Ohio. Dickman, J. T O. Y. Bice A... .Ohio. I>irnett, O. R. A. Wood, Jr 7....Pens. Callarlian. J. H....A.O. Egbert. 27..,Penu. Jenning*.forte*II.W. W. Ketcham....l2....Pa. Leeda. Wlllian H...Charle* OWelll 2. ...Pa. l<eonhaeu*er. H.A..J. H. Hopkins 22....Pa, Buihrrford. John P.J. B. Patter.. ......14... .Pa. Todd, J., Jr.. O. A. Jenekes. 25 Pa. Kennon. L. W. V...B. 8. Kerne* T. Scott. William 8... .J. W. Throckmorton. 8....Texas, Holton. Fred. D....C, ll.Joyce l....Vt. Brent. Andrew M...B. B. Donglaa* 1....V*. Thorns*. Svre 8 Oeorire C. Caliell... 5,...Va. Aria. Edward ;8 ...C.J. Kanlkuar 3....W. Ya? McGrath. Hatch J .J. M. Ku*k 7....Wis Water*. James K.. .8. D. Burchard.. ... 5.... Wis. Bell, George ? At large. Coaler, Olwrlln M.. ? At large. Hunter, Charlea II.. ? At large. Ray, John B ? At large. Robert*. Harris L.. ? At large. Buff, John D ? At large. Sanda, Oaorge H.. ? At large. ? Scott, Albert B ? At large. Sharpe. II. 0 ? At large. Summer*. J. K., Jr. ? At large. I'ptou, George W ? At larje. THK mUfrTKP rAPRTS. The following cadcts \iere rejected by the Academic Board .Vain* nf Ouiet JHrpmntud ht Di*L Slnto. Abram*, B. II J. N. William* 2....Ala. Matthew*, B. W....W, F. Slemmona.... 2....Ark. Stout, J. J T. M. Gnnter 4....Ark. Bedford. W. M J. K. Luttrell. ?....Cal. Pattoa, F. W W. B. Amleraon. .. .III. ...III. McGrew. C. H K. 8. Sampson 8....Iowa. B-auchamp. W. P..C. W. Miiliken 3 ...Jtr. Chance. T. F P. P Theraa*. S..,.Md. Ailen. W L. O. C. Lamar ... 3....Mim. Byron. L. M B. J. Franklin 3. ..Mo. Cattey, Ira D., Jr.. .J. M. (ilover 12 Mo. Ceplice. F. M M. Maelnnl* ? Montana, Barley. F.J 8. F. Miller 21. ...S. Y. Craig. J. C J. G. Shnmaker.... 2....N. Y. Davla. H. C L K. Baaa 32....N. Y. Summer*. C. W K G. Laphain 27 N. Y. Turner. Wm. H. A..G. A. Baglev 20....N. Y. Aekley. Geo. B X. II. Van ^orhe*. .15... .Ohio. Ryan, M. J H. B. Banning 2 Olilo. Coirna. 8 J. TnVnav 21....Pa. llankinion, C. M.. Jn?enh Powell IPa. Harmon M. T John Blelley 17 ...Pa. Sullivan. T. C 8. Haw 18....Pa. Ttgbe. K. J B. Small* 5....S. C, Yuuman*. P. T 8. L. Hoge 3 H. C. Florence, L L W. McFariand I....Tenn, Ramboueh, D.J ...J. It. Tn Ser 6 Va. Van Anken. F W. II. II. htowell .. 4. ..V*. Lamorenx. F. B....G. W. Cate 8 . Wla. Deana. M. J ? At large. Greahata, O ? At large. Lednc, W. B ? At large. NKiKiTrn ST TTt* agotciL board. Catlin, Edward II. II. W. Blair 8....N. H. Parley, William W..8 Ely. Jr 7.. N. T. raiLBD TO RgPOBT. Lancaster, W. T J. P. Knott. 4....Ky. Treaaway, N J J. D. White ft Ky. Vand-uaen. G. W...C. W. I'hapln II Man Powell. J. X. O. It. Kinglatoa 4 Mlaa WakeBeld. J M R B. Vaaea S....K. C. Murphy, WalterO ..At large DtCLixgn irroiNTHSXT. Dent, Rinoley A. K. G. Paraoea 5 Ky. Kiddell. Harvey ...J. D. White 9 ...Ky. COLLEGE BOYS' EXCURSION. Moxtbral, May 6, 1S7& An excursion party of college boys from Troy, N. T., to the number of forty-four, arrived here ibis morning, accompanied hy Professor WhitBeld, and pnt up at SI Lawrence Hall They will.return to-morrow. WASHINGTON DRIVING PARK. Wasdixotox, D. C, May ft, II71 This wm tbe fourth and last day of tb? trotting meeting at tbe Washington Driving Park. Tb? attend ance was smalL The 2:23 class and "free for all" not Riling there were but two events instead ot three?a ipse.a! race and the 2:32 purse. sr SMART. Srx'ui, Hack.?Mile beats, best three la firs, la hsr nea*; purse not named. Nellie Grey 1 12 1 George A. Aver 2 2 12 Time. 2:41?2:37 <4?2:47?2:44. Sgroin Rack?For horses that have never beaten 2:32; mile heat*, belt three in five, in harness, for s curse of 11.(KM); to the first horse. ?2.'?0 to the second, SIM) to the third and |I00 to (be lourih. Lady Morrison 112 1 Jacob 3 0 4 3 Rltie Mure 4 4 12 John S. Heald 2 0 3 4 Cillton Hoy dr. Iwi'ly I'stterMin dr. Time, 2:33?2:30?2.33V?2:33V,. MR DWYKK ACCEPTS. Nsw York, May I, 1878. To TIIR Kl>tT<iR or Tiig Hrralo:? Seeing 10 day's Hesalo that Professir Mill*r has challenged n.v to s glove contest, I am willing lo meet him lor a prize or lor the hoi,or, just as be wishes, either iB New York or Brooklyn. Respectfully, tJOUN J. DWYCft. 1 MR SffliCffl. Interception in Chicago by the President's Order. STRIPPED OF HIS COMMAND. The Indian Expedition To Go Forward Without Him. C JE SAR'S SPLEEN. Chicago, May 6, 1870. The despatches from Washington appearing In West ern papers to day, stating that orders have been Issued from the War Department directing General Caster to resume bl? command, and that the Indian expedition from Dakota' had started, aro incorrect. Despatches were receivod by Sheridan at military headquarters in tbla olty yesterday from General Sherman, stating that tbe President Insists that Custer shall not resume his command CVSTEB INTBRCHPTRD IX CHICAGO. Caste# reached Chicago yesterday morning, en route to Join hia command In Dakota. While in the cars at the depot, and about to start for Sk Paul, a staff officer of General Sheridan's entered and Informed him that be was wantod at the General's headquarters. Upon repairing thither Caster was notified by Sheridan that the latter hail orders frem Washington to Intercept blm as he passed through Chicago ami detain him here until further orders from Washington, and in the meantime Sherl i dan wasordored to start the Indian expedition without Caster. HO IXfLAXATIOJf. The despatch to Sheridan contained no charges against Custer, except that be bad left Washington without seeing the President. Caster at once tel egraphed Sherman that he bad spent the entire day beloro leaving Washington, Irom ten nntll three o'clock, in tbe reception room at the White House, seeking an audience with tbe President, bat tbe latter sent him word at three o'clock doclinlng to grant an interview. Custer then called st Sher man's headquarters, but Sherman was la New York. STRtrrin or his command. General Sheridan, aftor detaining Castor here unde* orders from Washington, telegraphed the fact to Sher man. Orders were telegraphed to Sheridan last mgbt. Instructing him to permit Custer to proceed to Port Lincoln, Custer's headquarters, bat, by tbo President's directions, not to permit Custer to accompany the ex pedition shortly to move against tbe hostile Indians, which expedition embraces all of Custer's troops, and the orders lor him to proceed to Port Lincoln under these circumstances Icavo him stripped of his login mate command MILITARY MSN IK TUB DARK. Inquiry among tbe military here lails to discover any cause or pretence for tbla courso beyond the fact that the President orders it. Caster left ibis city this morning tor 8t, Paul and Fort Lincoln. WHAT 18 SAID IN WASHINGTON. Washington, Kay 6, 1878. Tbe statement that tbe Presldont relieved General Caster from hia command because he was a witness In tbe Belknap Impeachment trial Is officially denied. On tbe eontrary, It was tbe wish of the President that General Custer, having been snbpccnaod aa a witness, should remain until be had teatlfled, and that mean time tbe Indian expedition should be placed under command of some other officer. General Sherman Is most emphatic In saying that General Custer, though relieved as a witness by tbo Impeachment managers, waa not Justified In leaving Washington without notilying the President or himself of his Intention to do so. Neither the Secretary of War nor Geoeral Sherman "protested" against reliev ing General Caster, nor did General Sherman say that General Custer waa "not only tbe best, but the only mao" fit to load tbe expedition. Tbe army, General Sherman says, possesses hundreds who aro as com petent lor the command of such an expedition as Ueu> eral Custer. WAS HI A TOLUNTAHT WITNESS OB NO??TH* QUESTION BATISFACTOBILT 8ZTTLXD?WHT HZ LETT HIS COMMAND. To ths Editor or thb Herald:? The administration organs throughout the country have repeated the statement originated by Belknap and his friends in Washington, that General Custer left bis command in Dakota and came to Washington a volun tary witness. Tbe Hartford Courant of the 3d Inst, editorially denounces tbe General, and concludes as fellows He (Caster) was a very swift witness, with nettling of aay valve as evidence. Meanwhile. at the po?t which he had lett an Important expedition was Siting nut aitafnat lioatil* Indians. Had ha been as anxious to attend to bit duties as he was to play the gossip he would hare superintended the eatOt and takea command of the e xpeditlon. Rein* absent, the President has relieved him troiu duty and ordered him to report to the regiment of which ne Is lieutenant colonel, and will appoint some other officer to take eliarge of tbe command. The President baa done exactly right. The answer to these repeated misrepresentations Is the following telegram, a copv or the original sent to Mr. Clymer nearly two months ag?:? LBTTKR or UBNKBAL CtTHTSB. Port Lincoln, Dakota. March IS, I*78. Hon. IIbistcr Cltmkr:? While I hold myself In readiness to obey tbe summons of your committee, I telegraph to state that I mn engaged upon an Important expedition intended to operate againat the hostile Indians, aad 1 expect to take the field early in April. Mr presence here Is deemed very necessary. In rlew of this would It not be satisfactory for yen to forward to roe sveh questioaa as may be necessary, allowing me to return my replies hy mail f O. A. CL'aTKR. JUSTICE. MIDNIGHT WEATHER BE PORT. War Dspahtmbht. ? Omci or rim Crikp Signal Orrtrsa,} Washisgtos, May 0?1 A. It J Probabilitift. During Saturday, in the South Atlantic and Eaat Guir Statea, falling followed by rtalng and itationary barometer, southwest to aoutheaat wind*, allgbtly warmer and clear or partly cloudy weather will prevail In tbe Weat Gulf State*, falling followed by rising barometer, warm aoutherly wind*, partly cloudy weather and possibly light ralna, followed at night by colder northerly wtnda and clearing weather. In Tenneeaee and the Ohio Valley, rising followed by falling barometer, variable wtnda, ahlltina to warmer aoutheaaterly, increaaing cloudlueaa and aueceeded by rain. In the Upper Mississippi and Lower Mlnourl Taller*, failing barometer, allgbtly warmer easterly winds, shifting to colder northerly, generally cloudy weather and rata areaa, followed br riaing barometer and at night clearing weather. In tbe Upper Lake region, rising followed by falling barometer, northerly winds veering to easterly, slightly warmar, partly cloudy weather and possibly followed by rain areas. In the lower lake region, low followed by rising barometer, fresh snd brisk southerly winds, veering to colder, northerly and northwesterly, and clearing, but partly cloudy weather. In tbe Middle States, felling followed by rising barometer, southerly to westerly widda, allgbtly warmer, partly oloudy weather, and in tbe northern half rain areas. In New Knglaed, falling barometer, aoutheaaterly wtcds, veering to southwest, slightly warmer, cloody and rainy weather, clearing away at night. The Lower Missouri River, the Lower Ohio and Central and Upper Mississippi will probably ripe. Cautionary signals continue along the LoWer Lakes. THE WEATHER YESTERDAY. The following record will show tbe changes In the temperature for the past twenty-four hours in com parison with the corresponding date of last year, aa indicated iiy the thermometer at Kudnnt's pharmacy, Herald Building:? H7.V 187(1 M7\ 1871 3 A. M 40 4<1 .1:30 P. M.... (10 <!!? ? A. M 42 48 ? l?. M f>7 M 9 A. M 47 6& 0 1'. M II 13 M. fid i? 12 I'. M 48 ft* Average.temperatnro yesterday ftftlf Average temperature for corresponding date laat y?*r tOH ELECTION OP A UNITED STATES SENATOR. OAi.rnrrmr, Texas, May ft, 1878. Governor Richard Coke was elected United States Senator to-day. SAMOA. DETAILS or TBI PUBLIC SITCATIO* AFTEB THE DKTHBONEMENT OF TUB XIXCJ?ENGLISH EF JrOBT FOB HIS BSSTOBATION?MABIXE8 LANDED AMD IK COMBAT WITH THB NATIVES?BOM OF THE QOEKN'S TBOOP8 BILLED?18 THE EM PBESS OF INDIA AT WAB IN THE PACIFIC? f'A* Frawihco, May 6, 1876. The Zelandla, the fimt of Ibo British steamer* of the mail line to Australia, arrived to day, having among her passengers A. W. Coe, the former American Com merce1 Agent at Samoa, and Steinberger'* brother. KIXU MALXTOA'B DKTHKOK1SJIIS.NT?KXC1T1NU KVkKTB. They state that alter the dethronement of Maletoa by the natives on account of his deposing Steinberger as Premier, Captain Stevens, commanding the British steamer Birracouta, landed with a force of marines and went to the Council House, where the Legislature was assembled, with the intention of enthroning Maletoa. BATTLR ASD BLOODSIiKD. The chiefs ordered the native guards to take position In the vicinity of the Council House. Captain Stevons ordered his marines to disarm the native* The guards resisted, and a light endued. In which fonr of the marines wero killed and eight mortally wounde<l. Three natives were killed and (l*o slightly wounded. Tbo natives wero In sufficient lorce to have exter minated the marines bad they wished to do so; but they wero restrained by their chiefs, who told Captain Stevens they had no deslro to light, but would defend their right* TBI WOPSDRD KROLISH. Captain Stevens took tho wounded on board the Barraeouta, and he again landed with ARTILI.BRT, threw np breastworks and kept guard behind them fourteen days, but no further demonstrations wsro made by the natives. CHiKm hadb muboxirb. They then returned to the Barraeouta, taking threo chiefs as hostages. Meantime the British steamer Sapphire arrived, and tho chiefs were transferred to her, and the Barraeouta sailed lor the Kill Islands, taking Steinberger, his brother and Coe?who was carried away simply for his loyalty to his native government?prisoners and landed them at Fiji. Tho Barraeouta has been ordered to Auckland, prob ably lor the purpose of having the acts ot her captain investigated. RTKIXBIRORR DRMANOS SATISFACTION. Steinberger went also to confront him and demand I satisfaction for tho outrage porpetrated on htm at leav ing Samoa. I Tho United States ship Tuscorara would be doe In ten days. Mr. Koster, tho American Consul, acted throughout the trouble In harmony with tho British. Coe and Steinberger also reiterated tho statement that the main trouble arises from the machinations of the English missionaries, whoso prollts wore impnired by tho regulations introduced by Steinberger; also by Bcach, Cersbers. Sidney Bucks .V Co , who dlslikod his interference with their liquor selling and other pur suits. _ MB. OTTENDORFER INDORSED. A large meeting of tho German American Independent Citizens' Association was held last evening at Beethoven Hall, Mr. Oswald Ottcndorfcr presiding. Dr. Oercke offered a resolution which was adopted, condemning the Centennial Commissioners for order ing tho Expositloh building to be closed on Sundays. Judge Ottorbourg made a speech in eulogy ot Mr. Ottendorfer's aotlon in declining tho appoiutment as delegato to tho National Convention at St. Louis; and bis resolution, embodying that sentiment, and tendor. Ing Mr. Ottendorfer the thanks of the association, was adopted by a unanimous vote. Mr. Ottendorfer spoke in explanation of his refasa)r and aaid they Intended to watch both parties and not commit themselves to either, but to support the best candidate*. HOTEL ARRIVALS. Ex-Governor William Beach I.awrcnce of Rhodo Island Is at the Albemarle Hotel Count Sala, of Paris, is at the Brevoort House. Senator Daniel B. St. John, of Newburg, N. Y., is at the Fifth Avenuo Hotel. Lieutenant Colonel Ommanney and Major Montezumhert, ol tho British Army, and Lieu tenant Colonel William H. Lewis, United States Army, are at the Oiisey House. Professor O. C. Marsh, ol Vale Colloge, arrived last evening at tho Hodman House. Assemblyman George Jl. S oan, of Oswego, is at the Grand Hotel. Ex-Governor J. Gregory Smith and Frederick Billings, of Vermont, and Samuej Bowles, ol SprlngOeld, Mass., are at the Brovoort House. General F. A. Starring, of Washington, has arrived at tho Windsor Hotel. General F. J. Horron, of i/julsiana, and Judge Charles Mason, of Utlca, aro at the Fifth Avenne HoteL IN LUNG COMPLAINTS HALES HONEY OF HoRKHOtmn asd Tab will give mm and permanent relief. TIKE 8 Toothache Diiors cure In one minute. A.?THE COMBfSED BEAUTIES OF ALL FORMER hare been concern rated lu KSI'ENSCIIEID'S Hnrr Ann rtorr, Kst.T. Hirst**? Hats. The?? extreme t beantl fm hsts are made up from all thai was irood. carefully reject ing all the bad proLertle. of former styles, introducing many neVand hl?hly u.eful feature, which ha. met with the nopnlar commendation of gentlemen of fashion. and prove, them without a doubt, the leading fa.Monable undre.i hat. ofthe ?ea?on. KSPKN8CIIE1D, Manufacturer of Uentle men'. Haw. ll? Xawan ?t. A.?SKIN DISEASES A SPECIALTY.?ECZEMA, rftitrworm. *Tco?in, ncm1, bUrkheud* (fleih wwnu), pimply ?ml oihtrernutlnni. nnn?tor?l rod^r**,, untimely wrinkle*, moth patehe.. freckle., mole., wart, and wen. cured by Dr. H. C. rKRKY. derraitoloi;i?i, No. 40 Bond *t., Now lork. A.?THERE WILL BE AN INCREASED DEMAND for Knox's el-gsm and becoming spring .tyle of gentlemen-. Hit. after "Mar l)ar" Is over: and a? we are constantly re ceirinir foreign visitor*, who cannot fall to he delighted wltli thu elegant and matchless fabric, we can reasonably anti cipate decided actirltv nt K.vox'a stores. 3IS Broadway and In the Kilth Avenue Hotel, during the whole of toe Centen nial year. Secure your Knox. ADVERTISE IN THE EVBNINO TELEORAM. RATES *? CENTS PER LINE. The circulation of the KVBNI.VO TELEOKAM Uit week waa Monday .17.1(10 Tuewlay S7,a?l Wedneaday 37, <*J>) Thnrtday ;(7.;">.V> Friday 95.H30 Saturday 1\3II0 Total 2*1.3(10 Dally average 3fi,7ltt OFFICE NO. SH ANN ST. AGENTS FOR TAPLKY REPEATING FIRE EXTIN nrisiim Addreaa GENERAL AOBNT, box l,MUt* Poet officr. New York. DR. FITLEifs RH E L MATH; RE MKDY WILL earn your rheuruailim and neuralgia. For >ale at 'Ul John ?t. DR. a W. 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Ttckeia 91 each. ?lx for 95. Partial r^hodale of Prima;? 1 Grand Catt Prl?o. fino.OOO I Orand Caah I'rlie .'menu 1 lirand Caeh PrUe I Orand I'aah I'rlea I tirand Caeh Priie...... 1 e?? 1 (J rand Caah Prlae 10.1**1 100 870 Priie*, amounting to 845,000 Thank* of a Oreat City pnbtlely tendered to J. M .Pattee, who an ancreaafullv eiwi durted the Itrat. aerond. third, fourth, fifth and alttn great puhlic rir*?lnga. No lottery or aerie* of drawings etw met with aurh grand and oerfert wcim, and HO other man ever rreelved tlie tlianka of a great rtty. publicly tendered. a< waa the ca*e with Mr. Pattee. I he drawing* of priaea are mad* In public aad condoned by aworo romiutiuii aera. Ticket a at ? I each, S for 9-"i, ?r for (III, Thla givra twenty chano-a to win flOU.tOi for the amall outlay of 9IO. A fortune In atoro (or our agent*. Agent* wanted. Mend for new terma and eitrnordinar* indut ernent*: no time to loae; $l.%,i*JL) without Inveatlng a peony. For lull particular* addrrm J. M. PATTEE. Laramie city, Wyoming. S3 HATS, $1 90; SILK HATM.'$410, WORTS $9; Bne Derby*. 15 New Church it., up (talr*. SkW P(illl.lCATl05l?. (CHEAPEST BOOKSTORE IN THE ' ' J (IRANI! CENTENNIAL CA TALOOUR, ?.RA\|i CENTENNIAL CATALOOI E. OKAND CENTENNIAL CATALOUl'B. FREE. FREB. SEND STAMP. IROOAt IROi, No. 9 Bookman it aeai I'ark row. mew publication*. i ^suvMCZfoH wiiicii "t'iirCB lfti /V iNrnr a4v?iic? diuiiid ihiui for uy oilm book liahed this j our >? B B i T II CDITIi LYLB. L Y It B. By Mrm. Mary J. Holme*. Ready thU viak. Price, $1 VX G. W. CAKLKTON * CO.. Publiahen. Madlaou square. New York. RIGHT'S DISEASE. Dl A BETI^. ~Dh7>PSY. Ca" tarrh, Gravel. Calculus. limit, Klienmatiam. Dnpep. ala, Diseases ?f the Heart, Blood. Liver, Kidney*. Bladder, Proatate tiland, fremature Debility and Chronic Disease* hitherto Incurable. Pamphlet*, explaining their successful treatment. by ISAll Ki, MADE OK UOD Mineral Spring Water, and Dr. A HAWLEY li HATH, author ami proprie tor, freo. Depot itmi rrception roomii. H roadway, New York. Reduced in J.'i cent* a gallon per barrel. (1AMEUOX PRIDE IS AN EXCELLENT NOVEL-BUT J Kl>ITII LYLK, by the same author (Mrs. Mary J, Holme*), Ua ureal ileal better. Head It and see! DARKNKSs' and" DAYLIGHT is a splendid norel?but EltlTII LYLK, by the aame aathor (Mrs. MaryJ. Holmem. ,s superior. Read It ami see ! Er II ELYN'S MI ST A K E 18 A H ?TLLIANT NOVEL, but EDITH !,YLE, by (lie unit author (Mr*. Mary J. Holmesi^surpaasea It. Ba td il a?d aee: pOUli CAPITAL NOVELS. Published tlili> mornlnx. In a sow and attractive atyle of stiff paper covers. Price 75 centa each. LOYAL UNTO DEATH. HEART HUXGRY. A CHARMING WIDOW. SHE LOVED IIIM MADLY. Your capital novels lor summer re.idinr. O. W. CAKLKTON A CO.. Publishers Maillsoii *i)uaro. New York, Q.KAOI MORTIMER'S NEW STORY, aecond edition now ready, "TITR TWO BARBARAS"?A new Novel. by G race Moa timer, whoae abort ttnries have been ao imineuaely popuhn in the beat weekly paper*. Price, fl fto. G. W. CAKLKTON A CO.. Publishers. New York. tHTOBY" Ii of the WESLEY METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHUBCH, Tompkins and Wllloujrhby ?**., Brooklyn. By GILBERT K. CI KRIE. l-'mo., S4li pp., 91 "mi. New York?N. Tlbbala A Sou, :<7 Park row. and Nelaon A Phillips, H05 Broadway. WM W. SWAYNB, 21?i Fulton at., Brooklyn. TTU0H~W0RTHINGT0N IS~AN ENGAGING NOVEL? hi but EDITH LYLE, by the aame Author (Mr*. MaryJ, Uuimes), la much tlner. Head It ami aee! TN~I'KESS. INFLUENCE of the BLUB BAY OK THE SUXLIGlP*" and of the BLUB COLOIt OK THE SKY In Developing Animal and Vegetable Life; in Arresting Dis ease and In Restoring Health In Acuto and Chronic Disorder* to Hitman and Domeatle Animal*, aa llluatrated by the experlmenta of General A. J. PLEASONTON and other*. Seerrillclim of theory In the Herald of April 20, Crown octavo. Price CLAXTON, BEMSEN A HAFFRLFtNGBR,'" tial, U2il uud tl-'S Market st.. Philadelphia. J OAQUIX MILLBFiTNEW NOVEL, ~ third edition, "THE ONE FAIR WOMAN"?A new Novel, by Joaqnlt Miller. One of the moat charming and poetical of r? maurea. Tlie scene luld chiefly In Italy and ou tha ahoraa at the Mediterranean. V Price. (2. O. W. CARLKTOX A CO., Publiahera, New York. JOHN PAUL'S NEW BOOKS, Juat out. C. H. WEBB. [John Paul. 1-"Sea Weed, and What IY? Seed, and I'arndlaa." liy John Paul (the funny man ol din New York Tribune). Two humorous hooka of the briirhteal character?full of Jokea, puna, burlesque*, poem*. Ac. ?*? Price, 91 Meaih. O. W. CAKLKTON A CO., Publisher*. New York. ) T EN A RIVE Its IS A MAONIHt RNT NOVEL-hill lj EDITH LYLE. by (ho aume author (Mra. Mary J. llolmea), I* worth two or it. Read it and aee! AY AGNES FLEMISH'S NEW NnVKL, " fifth thousand ready thia day, "ONK NIGHT'S MYSTERY"?An Intensely exciting new novel, by May Agnea Kieminir, Author of "A Wonderful Woman. "Guy Earlarourt'a Wlte," "A Terrible Secret," "A Ma<l Marriage, "Norlne'i Kevonge," Ac., Ac. ??* l'riee, 91 7ft. O. W. CARI.ETON A CO., Piibllshera, New York. arian'grey i??~a "fascinating novel-ruI EDITH LYLE, by the aame author (Mra. Mary J. Holmes >, beata It a'.l to piece*. Bead it and aee t RH. M. V. VICTOR'S NBW BOOK," M M1 ready this morning, "PASSING TnE PORTAL: or. A Girl' Strogglc." A I* markable new atory of peculiar lntereat, by Mra. M. V, \ ictor. Price, 91 M. G W. CARLETON aTo . Publisher*, New York. N ,TBW WORKS. 1.-HISTORY OF MBRCIIANT SHIPPING AND AN. CIENT COMMERCE. 4 vols. Svo. llluatrated. .9&1 INI 3.? A HANDBOOK OF LONDON ItANKEKS. IJmo. .1 (10 3.?MISTAKEN AIMS. Ac.. OF THE ARTISAN CLASS. Bv W. It. (Jreirn. l2mo. ft 4.?KAWLINSON'S SEVENTH ORIENTAL MONARCHY. Svo. Illustrated i7l>> paires) 0 (>0 5.-ART GUIDE HOOKS, via. I.-TEXTILE FAhltlCS. llluatrated. Cloth.... I f*J 8.?IVORIES, ANCIENT AND MKIH.RVAL. Illua. trated 1 (4 J.?ANCIENT AND MODERN* FUHNITUBK ANU WOODWORK. *13 Illustrations I (X 4 ? MAIOLICA, Willi KV Illustrations 1 6.-MISICAL INSTRUMENTS, with 77 Illnatr* tlona I (M 0.?POPULAR LIBRARY OF WIT AND lU'MOR: 1.?THE MIXTURE FOB LOW SPIRITS. lAm* Cloth. Ixtndon SO rent* X?EPITAPHS AND RPIURAMS. tUmo. Cloth. I^xt don SO cent a 9.-PHOVERBS FROM KAIt AND NEAR. IJmn. Cloth. London V) rent* 4.?LACONICS; OR GOOD WORDS OF THE BEisI AUTHORS. 12mo. Cloth. London .Kl eenta. ft.?WILLS OF THEIR OWN". CURIOUS ECCE.V. TRIO, AND BENEVOLENT, l'.'mo. Cloth. Lon. Any of I he above book* will be Mnt prepaid noun reeeip of prtea by SCRIRNEB, WELFORD k ARMSTRONO. and 745 Broadway, few York. ROSE MATHER IK A CAPITAL NOVEL?BIT KDITR LYLE, by I be ttma author (Mm. Mary J. Holmes), il infinitely better. Read it and ace! kai)?tii e~mjnday~ tkLburam. " IT CONTAIN* ALL THE NEWS |'OR TWO CENTS. ISSUED TO-MORROW MORNING. R 'HERMAN FOR PRESIDENT. ; War lit the Wigwam, Ariel'* Paaalng Show. New York ard Country Editor*' Convention, In lliia week'* ARCADIAN. TEMPEST AND SUNSHINE 18 A VERY FINi novel?bnl EDITH LYI.E, by the ??me author (Mra Mary J. Ilolma*). I* even better. Read it and ?*e I rpilE DISEASES OP MODERN LIFE. D. APPLKTON * CO., 640 and Ml Broadway, have Jnal pi|hll?hed DISEASES OK MODERN LIFE. By Dr. B. W. Ricba'daon, F. K S. 1 vol., U'mo. Cloth, Prlre. ftt. PART THE FIRST.?PHENOMENA OF DISEASES, INCIDENTAL AND GENKRAL-CHArrglt I. Natnral Life to Natural Death; Euthana*la. II. Phenomena ol Diaea?r. Claa?.flcatlon and Dtatrihutlnn. III. Dianaaa An I teredent to Birth IV. External Origin* and Cauaea of Diaeaae. V. Phenomena of Diaeaae, from Canaan External and I'Lcontrollable. VI Phenomena of Diaeaae. from t '*ii?e* External and Communicable. VII. Phenomena of Diaeaae, Incidental to Old Ace and Natnral Decay. PART TIIK SECOND.-PHENOMENA OF DISEASE, INDITED *>D SI'Kt'lAL. ?t/'HarrvK I. Definition an<i <:ia.aiBcailon of Induced Dl*ea*e*. II. Diaeaae from Worry and Mental Strain (Broken Heart). III. Diaeaae Irotn Worrj aiol Mental strain.continued iParalyaia). IV Dlaeaaa fVnia I'bvalcal Strain. V. Diaeaae from Combined Phraleal au< Mental Strain. VI. IH?ea*? from the Inllnenea of the Pa* *ln?*. VII Diaeaae from Alcohol; Physiological Proem. VIII. Phenomena of Diaeaae from Alcohol, The Panel Ion*, Tjiw. IX. Organic Diaeaaa from Alcohol. X. Diaeaae IVmf Tobacco; Phvaioiogtcal Phenomena. XI. Diaeaae frotg Tobacco, contianad lof tha Heart and Lung*) XII. IMaeaa* fr..m Tobacco, continued (of the Hraln and Ncrvoua Sya tenia). XIII Diaeaae from tha n?e of Narcotic* (froia Opium, Chloral and Abalnthei XIV. Diaeaae from Ml"ua? of fooda. XV. Diaeaae Incident to *?m<i Occupation*. XVI. Diaeaae from Late Hmira and Dellciant Sleep. XVII. Dla aaae inm Imperfect Snpplv of Air. XVIII. Diaeaae from Imttatioa and Moral Contagion. PART TIIK THIRD?SUMMARY OF PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. "'Dloaaae* of Modern Life' I* a work which throw* ?? much light on what It I* of the utmmt importance for th? public to know that It da*erve*to he thoroughly and gen arally readtirapluc. "Thf literatnr" ol preventive medicine ha* received n? more valuable contribution than thla ndmlrably written traatlae by one of the moat accomplished plir>irl*ai of (Sreal Britain, who Itaa concentrated upon lila taak a grc^t amonni of acien.illc rcaearch ana clinical experience. No hooll that we have ever read more (tolly merlta the attention of the in* talllgent putdlc, to whom it la addreaacd."?The World. Sent Iree iiy mill to any addreaa In the United Stat*? o* receipt ol the price l?(TI HE TIMES HEC'IPES." INFORMATION FOR THE HOUSEHOLD. Eight hundred reelpea from practical houakeeper*; hint* on the adornment of the table, the naa of wtnaa and lioaae hold lora generally ; being tha content", earefti'lv Indexed, of the honaehold oolnmu of TIIK SKff YOKPC TIMES aiice Ita Inception. One volume, IIJ pagra, fltty caata Mailed to any addrc?*. and dealer" anppll'd ny THE AMERICAN NEWS COMPANY. Na. 118 Naaa? at. _____ WEST LAWN IS A CAPTIVATINO NOVEL?BUT KDiril LYLfc. by the aaaie aathor (Mia. Maty J. Uataaa). la much aafarlor. IKMUMtwil

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