Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAT,D. WHOLE NO. 14,503. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 7, 1876.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. FRIGE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?11th paqk?ad, 3d. 4th e?d oth eolk astrology?3d Pauk?6th cot. illllabds?uth l*ao?-ath col. . BOARDERS WAKTED?'u Pah?wt, 2d end3d eol,., tad i:tth Pah?let and 2d cola. . IOARD AND LODGING WANTKD-2n Pah?8d and 4th coin., and Urn Pack?id *nd 3d sola. IROOKLYN BOARD-2i> Pag??4th r?l BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR salb-14** paw lat and m cola. _ busikhss opportunities-lor* Pah. BUSINESS NOTICES?i*n? Pao??'?th ?* . CITY REAL ESTATE FOR sale-14th pa<-.?-i????> clkrks AND SALES mkn?3o Pack?tth and .mb cola. CLOTHING? 16th Pagk?Oth col. . , h COAt'll men AND GARDENERS?3o Pad*??h aid 6?b COASTWISE steamships?i !*r? p*a*-> th col. copartnerships?loru Pah. . COUNTRY BOAKD?2d Pah?4 th, Oth and Oth cola.. ? 13tk Pah?3d col. . Dancing acadkmiks-iitb pah?eth eoi. dentistry?ltfrrw PAH-?ith eel. ^ DRY GOODS-ibt pAoa-ad. 3d, 4th. ?thi md. 00 and ltiru Pah?let. 2d. 3d, 4th nnd Oth c?u. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. furmstibd AXU ufl furnished?13m i'auk?lat and jd cola. EUROPEAN steamships?i3rn pack-otb and bth eola. EXCURSIONS?11th Pau?? lateol. financial?loni Pah. pinr arts-utm PA?i?-^*h w.c?_??h eol. FOR SALE?14ni PAr.a?otli coL, a?d_i1w ra?w-?i?o furnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LIST 13th PAH-2d. 3d, 4?u and ^ cola FURMTURR-4TH PAOi^hhaddhthcoh. HELP WANTKD-FEMALB*-3n pah?3d ??? hkl.p^d PAO*-?th col. HORSES, CARRIAGES. ac.?4th rack?id. 3d, 4th ?a? hotkls^d paflb?4th k?l.. and V<?,tk ?l HOUSES. ROOMS. AC.. WANTED?10rm Pace Oth ool CITT bej. ft EN kkald ESTATE FOR haiab?14t? pao??id LBCTURB SEASON?lint pag??let rpt LOST AND POUND?4fn Pao*-let col. MACHINBRY-llin pauk?*hh col. MARBLE mantels?l*ni PAGK-flth eol. matrlmonial-U*H PAC?-lat col. MEDICAL-3n pack??th cot. ?.-,t MILLINERY AND drbssma miscellaneous ADVP.RTluBMBMTB?12t* 1*a mircellaneous?4t? Pah?oa eol. musical?4th Pah?Oth eol. ..... NEW publications??r? Pao??Oth eol. NEWSPAPERS?3d Pah-ohvcoi. personal?l?r Paoh?lat eol. ... . pi&kokortrs oi((unh. ac.?tlth pa6k?5>p PROFRSSIONal SITUATIONS WANTED?females? P;,OPRRTT*OUT?OF THE CITT FOR salb OR TO RENT?14th PACX-sd. 3d, 4th and mh cola. REAL i-STATE TO EXCHANGE?14th Pah?3th eol., and IVrn PAH-Oth col. . REAL ESTATE WANTED?i4ilt pact-5th eol., l?r* Pack?Oth col. _ j religious NOTICES?1*t Pah?lit and 24 eola. jlhmo VALS?16th Pah?Oth eol. RE8IAUR* NTS? 13th 1'aok?htu coL rl".WARDS?4th Pagk?let eol. ... , PALES AT acotios -1 3tii 1'act-?3d. <th and Oth ~le SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?jd pam-im, ^d BITUAt1oNS?WANTED-MALES-3d pack?4th col, BPRCIAL notices?4th PAH-let ?nrtjdcoli SPORTING?DOG?. BIRDS. AC.?4tu Pao?? M eol. STORAGE?1?TH Page?Oth col. Pl?_ bumm1.R RESORTS?2o Paok?Oth col.. w?d larii pab*? 3d cnl. THE TRaDES?3d PA0K-6th eol. fhk TURK?4th Pagk?2d col. to LET polt BUSINESS PURPOSES?15th Pao??lit ml. _ . . . TRAVELLERS' GUIDB-isth pajtk-oth eol. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? 15th pagk-Oth and otli eola. WANTED TO purchase-11 til F*on?5th ool WATCHES. JEWELRY. ac.-UW i'aua-tmh cfll. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERT\ FOR SALE OR TO LET?14th pack?2d col., and 1*>th rack? wi1itkstone PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? 1 iTti Pagk?2d eol. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS, *e.?12th PACK-otu eol. A A PBRiowal. ?'.?COULD not OO WEDNESDAY: AROYLB shallow* t??hmorrow night, rminvr ?bine. auh A.?RICHARD H. f"wf is wa.rn'bstly de* Hired to call for three letter* from N. M.; he haa greatly b?r and *he l? intennely nn"'tpp^ Anckstors ascehtainbd and FAMILY history compiled by ALBERr WELLES. Amerlean Collere for fi?ii.*l??leal rcristry, Society ubrary balldlnf. 07 Unl?or?ity place. _____ ^LICE D.1aT ONCE; wood'S AT cITy AGENTLF.MAN HAVING THE SECOND VOLUME or "deansallert' Phllo?.phy," wonld llko to hear from the parson having tbe firat volume, publiiwa in 1703. ao drass i'hil. 29 Wot 32<i rt. CtARRIE L FAUNCE?8BND ADDRESS TO an old J friend. Addr??? d. 2.. Herald pptoo njlranch omce.^ CHARLES.?LETTER RECEIVED TOO LATE. mon day rime time. u puaaible, but lot mo h??6 arlino. FAITHFUL WIFE FANNY?YOU HAVE nrotnl how yon love me, hut I love vou more, we will loon be together for a ute'* b?pplm?; mv own oniy ijift; ronr mosquito will be very careiul lor future and obey rour wishes. Remember your oath in church. F EA. W.?CALL AT 300 CANAL ST., carpet DE . partment ; Important. " ' ua.I.u. ATHER?c-OME HOME; ALL WILL uli kkiht.^ RATHER-COME hojif. or SENDlME YOUR ad dreu. All *1.1 be right. w- '? Frank^7or?kster. jr.-write mh where i ran meet you; everything contldeutlal; williti?e w. it. l<.'n suarautee if doairiad. adarnaa A. i, bo* 4,<6s Poa? of Ice. ? F' oradoption-A FINE HEALTHY MALE child' three weok* old. ootj 3d av., two olghta op. left hand dde. ? riOR ADOPTION?a LOVBLY UlRL SIX WEEKS p .aa . *un an extra amart bov thre? vcars old. 14? IV airtuui' ? "v , ,, i.- old; aUo an extra smart boy thjreo vears oia. Charles ?t.. between Washington and w ett it*. ij1red C.-I WOULD llli TO bkowv" vsray "m-ilisklrtt"FEATHER trimmin(^?'ill ? ou faror me with a note addre.aedto WALL btrrkt lleraid office. &JV INFORMATION WANTED?of CHARLES DAKRAOII; i when ust heard Iroeu wna in onreeton. Tox*?. D. OAR kagh No. ilh 8th av.. New York. galveaton papon pleaia copy F "maurice '? WHO RAN POOL TABLE AT GLEA 1 wnx s3 nasaau .t? will call be j$]$YQJ.SAMOV. TT HAS MOVED FBOM THB"OORNEK WILL 1 you any day thli week or next. hhornhk. JENNIK klibrigan?PLKASE WRITE 'lo A. B.. .letl. n L, yoar addreaa. K1t7y~ m -SEND YOUR ADDRESS TO YOUR ANX |na? iriend. Addrew charley CLIFTON. Herald Uptown Branch olboe. t 7ffle~ girl?SEND WORD AT CLUB ^wllerk I i i can ?ee yun to^ay. oka> ks. ^fasoueradb CAKMVAL-AMIK. 1 HAVE YOUR coitune ordered for wednetday. May ik*kl Mart"ffAY?SEND YOI'R ADDRESS TO E. COFFEE' 5u Oih a*. Important bnmneaa. __ t>ERSO>'AL?a LIBBRAL REWARD WILL BE PAID IT lor information showing the making, ?igninf; or wit netting a last will and temament of Arthur Champion, late captain of the paekit nhip New World, within two year* past, or ?? to the di?po?itton wade <>r it, ?a<l ?"dw'th whom It w?* laat aeen. Addre?* Mra. SARAH A. CHAM PION, bo* G Pout office. Brooklyn, N.jl s ACKETT a MILLER, MERCHANT TAILORS. re _J mured from 193 itb av. (under Filth Avenn, Hotel) to ho. 0 4th av. rTHE PABTY LOOKING FOR HATTIR campbell jl can hear ol ber by nddreaatng Herald Uptown Branch V offlco. The-party wanting to be addbkssrd l de caiac lleraid office. Sunday, April 3u. will plea., write w or M. DIXON. 113 wc<t Uth ?t-_ IB?TLL BXPBCT YOU SAMK hmf.. AROYLB Shadow Ball, to-morrow nirht. miwabn. -tirill MRS. GRANT. FORMERLY JANET BAESIDE, V\ of Caoldwell, ayrihlre, rfeetlnad, aeud her addr,.* to box lp*4. plaiulield. S.J \V ILL FLORA NORTHROP BKND hkr A DP rem Xl to an old friend. COLONEL. Herald Uptown Branch ?ffiee! ______________ ^vrrmps RACHEL RICE, FORMERLY OF WEST W id .r'. pleaU ieud her addrr.. to Mme. dk L.. No. j?.t6th a.t ILL MAGGIE O'FLAll KRTY. WHO cof)kf.D FOR mr* i.rwren'.c, late of 30th ?t.. call immediately at 139 Will l-'?th at. t riLL TUB YOUNG dc<rr0r ktt0m who called to ?e* the doctor ? offic, on ??? ?n ?w, April 2>l, ploaae call axaln! ?y ONLY SATISFACTION IN Y0V\ w rrlihiov.h NOTICE*. "L f fifmfaW\l?tltoom>. re". Jv Pr?.e??or llunie ?pea*? ^nnday, at '>. ? **M?i?ntiUc ver?u? Keveaied Religion. npmtuaJ l-onter- i ?ace at All invited ALBR(/*S CLASH. cosnmjthd WITH THE ^bbb ! tal?ern?.te Methodic k.pi.copal rharrh. will meet at bit bou?e. fridaya. at 7 .?J P. M . at the prajer aud praim | meetings. wsss'ittth ?t. ! Bishop potter will hold confirmation in the ohureti ol th. Holy hennlchrn, 74th ?t. ea*t o'tlh minday morning, 1u :'1m o cfoek. stranters cordially ui vttrd. ir ,/lhurcu OF TUB disciplks, MADISON ay, corner 4Mb ?t. Rev. i;e?rge H. hepwotth. Mornint?"Tlie r aiher ol u All." f.vemui;. 7 ji>-"Onr Home, and Hew to Meke Them "ir'ruce* ever/ ???mn; a? follow,:? mo ?oa*?-pr, n?i?e Meeting. tl f,>dav?'why Join tiie ? lior- h r* tt m?si*.si?aY -t.tfer'eik-f neviinu. rill ltSl?AY?"Maa? i'raU,." veeilim l>) tho lliopotlrome o.ioir Friday-God', iajv, In proti-Iencd. Mr 1 hatrb^r wilt rondnet a .orvice of kinj every evenlnc m T*X ? /tULKCII OF THE atonhmkmt. madison AV. I J and'-*h> ?t. ?Rev. c. ?*. illfaiiy. rector. li|?m? ?er ri'cet at ii A. M aifi 7 4.'? i'. m. All Invited. c'VimthCH OF THE HOLY APObTLKS. CORNER I of ath av ?nd j-ih ?t - Rev. Brady Backaa. rector. jex. ?t li>h A- m. an" 7h P. B. rthrist cbobch. STH AV.. CORNER s5th st.? I i wi. Dr Jered B. 1 lafg will preath mornin* and eren te ?encio/at 10^ A. M. md 7 <4? P. M. RELIGIOUS KOTICKS. riHt*lsen~oK"~THk nkw "jfcntMAi-F.*~rsvnrifiW. borgian"). Eul SJth at., between I'trk nod Utinitoi avs.?The Rev. Chauacey Giles will deliver .Sunday. May 7, tbe t)rat of two discourses an strength and beanty, addressed Eartienlarly to young people. who ere earnestly Invited, iibjeet?'The Svurcfi of Power: Wbere TUey Are and ll?? to Gain Accese to Thero." Services Ml 11 A_ M. free circu lating library In vestibule. CiluiClToF Tit K DIVINF, PATH UNITY. STB AV.. J cuinrr 4Mli M?R?. Dr. E. H. Cbspin. pastor; preach ing aid ?ommumon thi? morning at II. Vesper* aad an extern puraneou. addreaa mi 1*. M. I'urtif, CSin AiTirT>T the hkavknly rest, &th av! J above 45th St.?Rev. Or. liowlnnd. Unrieai 11 A. M.. 4 p. m. FIRST RKKOitMBD EPISCOPAL CHURCH, MADI md av. and 47th at.?Rev. William T Sabine, r Mr tor. Divine service at IU:30 A. M. and 7:t.'i P. M.; ilia rector will jjreach.^ Tbe second anniversary of Ilia Sunday schools at 5KP.iTcIiTTrCH OP THK RECONCILIATION""(KPIS r copali, 212 East 3lat St.? Service aad sermon by Bev. K. A, U Iddemer, 10J{, 7>j. Sunday school, 9 A. M. G08PEL MEETIJfTiS. MadWon a*, and 4"d rt. Cburah ol the Ilvly rrlnlty. fiUNDA~Mar 7, 730 P. M.?Preachtag to the people by Iter. Stephen B. Tyng, Jr.. D. D. 4 P. M.?Bible reading by Rev. W. Ilnrapatona. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY. In the chapel, 4<l East 9a ?t.a at t?: K) A. M., Bible reading by Rar. Stephen II. Tyng. ?r. M" BSC STODDA RJi ANTr >r\STllK_ 1 lOL'G 11 HOLD Heences on Saturday, Sunday and Mmday evenings, 6th. 7th and 8th, lor materialisation of aplrlt lormt, at 4.">3 6tli av. Name* In full given. Mrs. k. f7~j ay~~biIlus nk~ trance speaker. will lecture at 55 Wen 33d at. Sunday morning, 10:3t>; evening. 7 Children's Lyceum. "J :9o. RRvTF. c. KWER, D. I).7wiUTpkEACH "Tn~stTIm? ter's church, Went 2iHn at., Snnday evening, at 73? o'clock. SCIENCE IIALI.. KTII ?T.. 230.?PROFESSOR VAN derweyde on "Matham?tlcs. tha Flrat i>?spe| ol Science," before the flrst congregation of the religion <>l humanity. ST. IGNATIUS' CHURCH, 40T1I ST.. BETWEEN 5 TB and 6th av*.?Rev. I)r. Ewer, pnstor. Services, 7 A. M., I'. I".v 11 'choral!, 1% P. M. (choral). The Itight Rev. Bishop Potter will administer Confirmation on Wednesday next, May 10. at rt P. M. Strani;cr? ronllnlly Invited. T1IE THIRTY SKOoND AXNIYRHSAKV or TIIE i'rotextant Eplacopal Church Miiaionary Society for Seam<*n will be l.eid tnia evening at 7>^ o'clock in the Cbnrch of the Tranahgnratloti, 2!<th at., near 5th av. The Right Rev. Blabop IMark will preach. Tin mo Interested in the work among tho aailora are lurlted to ho present. Tub'seconi?? rkkih'smkd kpjsee>i*ai, ciiuroh hava returned to their placo of woralilp on J6th at., nenr 7th av.?Sarvicea. with preaching, ll):.*l A. M. and 7 :4T> 1*. M. Alt the teau free. Hav. <ieorge Howell, minlater. TnE IiABOIt "iikroRM CONVKNTION mTKTS IN Science IlalL 141 4th at., at 10:M(? A M., 2 and 7 :'W P. M. S. P. .Andrawa, E. 11. lleywood and J. K. Ingolla, ?peakara. T1KITY CHAPEL. 12STH ST., HARLEM.-KEY. W. T. U Clarke will preach thia mnrning on ??Tli? Thing* That Remain." Service begins at 11 o'clock. The public cor dially invited. DRY GOODS. A. II 7777777 ?lliiin 606 11 7 77 7 77 66 M 11 77 77 6(1 11 77 77 6rt 11 77 77 CTO86 11 77 77 C6 68 II 77 77 66 08 II 77 77 66 08 11 77 77 606 ?> IN ORDER TO C0HXEMOKATE THE BEGINNING OF TBE CENTENNIAL SEASON WE SB ALL, ON WEDNESDAY AND TBUBSDAY, VAT 10 AND 11, HOLD A GRAND CENTENNIAL OPENING, TO WBICB WE COBDIAU.Y INVITE THE LADIES Or NEW YORK CITY AND VICINITY. OUR ENTIRE BUILDING WILL BE BICULY DECO RATED AND AN APPROPRIATE SOUVENIR WILL BB GIVEN LADIES WBO FAVOR US WITH THEIR PRESENCE. ~~ EEEE H II RRRR fl CCCC n B 8SSS *? E II II R R II C C II II S 8" i: B II R R II 0 H H S ? K B II It R II C II II 8 KEE IIIIHB RRRR II C IIHB It SSSS E II H It R I! C It H S K II II R R n C? H It S E II H it R II C OH H 8 S ? EEEE H II R R It CCCC H H SSSS ? EiGirrn avenue, a few doors above twenty POL'BTIl STREET. A. *T. STBWABT k CO. trill affer fur aala en MONDAY. Hay 8, at WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 5.000 piece* nf caIIpkts, la all I ha varieties af texture and manufacture, at LOWER PRICES than they have bean offered in this city daring the past FOURTEEN YEARS. BROADWAY, 4TII AY.. ?Tn AND lOTH STH. A. T. STEWART k CO. will enatlnae to make large REDUCTIONS In prieea t? rlaae present stock In all their various depart ments. offering UNUSUAL BARGAINS, inch as may not be presented again In many ream, and to which they respectfully Invite the attention of trienda, cus tomers, atrangera aud n-aident* of neighboring cities. BROADWAY. 4TH AV.. 9TH AND 10TH STS. A N ENTIRELY NEW STOCK OK QENKRAL DRY GOODS. GARRY, BANNIOAN k CROWES, Dry Good* Arcade, 301 Grand St., near Eldridge st. Branch (tore, 441 Orand St., New York, lately occupied by Charles Heard k Co. Opening day. Monday. May 8, Opening day, Monday, May 8. and following day*. GARRY, HANNUr\N k OROWE take pleasure in informiug tliclr patrons and tha trade In general that they are now readv to exhibit an entirely new stock of spring stylet, consisting of plain and colored Silks, Dress <>ood*. Cloaks. Shawls, Salts, Domestics, Hosiery^ Emhruideries, Notions, ie. Plain and colored Silks. These departments are under the supervision ef a well known and experienced buyer, having 10 years' experience as European buyer for one of the best store* in the city. We ahall keep constantly on hand an elegant assortment af plain and colored Silks, In ail the leading shadaa. Dress tiooda. We offer many superior ttylaa at less than cost of Importa tion, consisting of Iriah and Krench PoDltns, silk and wocl Pooreo?, Mohair*. Alpaca, Kmpres* Cloth. Balemla, ram el*' llair Cloth, iiombeiine. Tann?e i^lotb. Drap d'ete. Men* n< a. Caahmcres, Mourning (ioods snd Grenadine* a specialty. Slianl ?fork. We call particular attenti ?n. being w*!1 *e1*cted and com pl?te in all its branches, single and di>ubie Moarntng Shawls at popul ir prrcea. Striped Shawl* In all the dill rent ?trlas. Brnehe and Paisley Shawls direct from the manutac tu rers. Oar ?ult snl Cloak Department. It I* onr tlaccre nbject to make this the principal branch ef our bwstMaa, kavtne secured tbe service* of a Hrst clas* cn-.te' ol sesrr?i year- e\perl-uce in the nriucipal stores ;n t:ie tity. togeth-r with carina, st *n Inimvn.r expense, tilted H|i a *alesrooni. Also, A workroom, lor ;br purpose of nianuftcturin; ail our Suits on tbe premises. We shall ke-p constantly on unnd an elegant assortment of ready in sde .?ait? and t'.ioak*, and execute orders at the shorten notice. Oar motto is to sell the beet guttds at tbe lowest price*. Returning thanks for p*?t fa>or?, and trusting to merit a continuities of Mine, a visit ?l inspection is respectfully solicited Respectfully, yours. GARRY. IIA.VMOAN .t CROWI. 301 Grand st. SMITH'S Pir?KKN BaZAAB-RRMOVED TO 16 BAST Htb St., I.elweta Broadway aad ifit av.. soutb side. jHW % "fiTLbfi will offer M MONDAY, May 8, Til BIB ENTIHE STOCK OF 81' ITS. WHICH, FOB ASSORTMENT OF STYLES, IS AT PRESENT UNEQUALLED, AT THB LOWEST PRICES OFFERED TET. popll.V suits, three plwes from $8 50 to $13 50. nni TAlX FOFUN suits, la combination colon, from $11 SO w $2W. GRANITE PLAID suits, at $13 80. DEBEGE suits, all (hade*. from tia suits OF MAXCHE8TKR CASIIMERB, at 517. SUMMER CAMEL'S HAIK suits, trimmed with dlk, hat!l, ovbrskirts AND JACKETS of tama. (Von $17. CASHMERE suits, BLACK and aolorad.(from 9171* $4& CASHMERE suits, silk UNDBB8KIBT8, from $34 to $TJ. CASHMERE OYEBSEIRTS AND JACKETS. $10 to $33. alpaca suits, from $H 75 to $2& LADIES' SWISS suits. from $3 to $25. "mOURNING COSTUMES A SPECIALTY. COMPLETE OUTriTB CONSTANTLY ON hand, OB made TO OBDEB AND DELIVERED IN 12 UOUR8. Alto, EVENINO DEBS8EA to order In 24 hoar*. SATISFACTION IN BVERV WAV quaranteed. A largo auortmant of FRENCH UAND-EMBKOIDERED BATISTE SUITS, from $17 to *2& | WRAPPERS. ? LADIES' WRAPPERS, eordcd Cathmero... $3 2* SKl'.OK, plain 4 23 to $3 00 FRENCH ZEPHYR FLANNEL WRAPPERS fl 23 lo 8 75 CASHMERE, qitilfd *ilk robi< front 11 "0 SAME, iiiiiltctl *atln n??-o front 14 AO KKAIDEl) CAf?HMEKE WRAPPERS 14 73 KMHROIDKRED CASHMERE WRAPPERS 21 H3 CALICO WRAPPERS. Irom l:,(>up. FRENCH CAMBRIC WRAPPERS. Irom... 2 7.'. up. MISSES AND children'S SWIS8 8UIT8, from $2 50 tafia. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S PLAID MELTON SUITS, from $3 25 to $17. CASnMERE ALL WOOL PLaID SUITS, from S3 23 up. STRIPED ALL WOOL CASHMERE SUITS, from $13 np. A choice lot of FRENCH HAND-EMBROIDERED PIQUE OABRIELLRS. from $4 25 lo $9. LINEN gabhiellbs, ilwi, two to the yean, 00c. to $1 w. BRAIDED LINEN SUITS, all itiei. from $4 TO. LINEN SUITS, three piece*. tltea, (bar to rixtoea year*, $1 7(> to $8. PIQUE OABRIELLBS, *i*e*, two ta Mx year*. $1 23 to $3 43. PIQUE SUITS, embroidered ruffle*, $4 73 to $13 75. PIQUE SUITS, braided, $5 to $7 73. PIQUE SUTT8. braided and embroidered, its**, eight ta fourteen year*, $9 33 to $14 fill. CALICO WBAPPERS, 7?>c. ~ I LADIES' AND children'S UNDEEWEAE. Onr etoek in nil hranch*i^>f thl* department I* now fully complete. Style* and price* ate to varied a* to meet tlie requlromenia of our etmtomer*. We confidently Invite their Inaneetlon. our auortmeut comorlae* every description of ?rarment, from the plainest to Hie moat elaborate, both la French and American manufacture, and In quality of mate rials a.iii iIiiIkIi caunot fail to ?itlitfy the most critical. Walking Sklri*. from Wkj. Drawers, from 4<<c. Chenille*, from W?c. Mcbldrekio), [|?iu KV. Dratling Sacqurn, from 7V. Pillow sham*. irom $1 30 par pair Ladle*' complete UnilitK, from Ml <10 Infauta' complete Outfits, from 35 00 A tall ai?*rtmnt of new ityle* of FANCY COLORED SKIRTS In PLAIN, PLAID and STRIPED GOODS. Alto of SERGE, CLOTH and OTHER MATERIALS, particu larly adapted for iteamer wear or travelling purpose*. All the popular *tylc*of CORSETS, PAXIEB8, Ac., at equally popular pricv*. SAMPLES OF GOODS AND catalogues OF LADIES' AND MISSES' SUITS AND~~MUSLIN UNDERWEAR AND INFANTS' OUTFITS SENT FREE OF CHABGE TO ALL SECTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES. BULBS FOB SELF-MEASUREMENT BUNT ON AP plication TO ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTBT. ORDERS FOR GOODS~nF ALL KINDS WILL BE CARBFULLY ATTENDED TO AND THE GOODS PACKED AND FORWARDED WITHOUT CHARGE. BROADWAY AND 20TH ST. GRAND AND CIlRYSTlE STS., NEW TORK. ord a Ta ylor. ? ? ? ; special INDUCEMENTS | in LACES. RMItHOIDERIES,IaNDKWRCHIBPS. ^ 2<"0 hi ark thread Ilarhe* at *1; worth $3. Iftti black threa.i llarbe* at $1 50; worth fl 30. Iim hlacK tbr?-*d ?arbe? at t? S<>; worth 4#. 3 i point Kara Ilarhe* at f 14; Worth $20. 23 point iTH/.f Hartie* at f IS: worth $23. 13 point gar* Harbe* at #2">; worth $??>. HI'u-k iliroad Lace* at (1 23; worth $1 03. Iliuck thread 1 .'?*?? at ft 43: wonli (2. Black thread* at $2; worth fH 41!acK thread Lace* at $8 23; w-rth *">. Black thread I.ace? at H 30: wort'.i ft; Mi. Bureal Duclien** Jabot* *t $1 23; worth $2. ONE MAGNIFICENT POINT applique OVER DRESS, FISKSI imported. 9ilM> TlffiM Hamburg Ed?lng?. ISc.; former price, 2">c. Hatn'iarg Edging*, -fc.; former prtoe. 2Sc. II a 111 burr Kwgtaga, 23c.; farmer price. 35c. Hamburg bd??(a, *Ja.; former price, 43e. Hamburg Edging*. 3Se-; former price, 5fte. I!i>m?titcbed Hanukerrblef*. $1 41 per doien ; former price $1 *>. Ilemititebed Handkerchief*, $180 perdo*?u; former prlee, $2 2.-. H?m*tltcbed Uandkerrbl*f?,FJ21 par dotea; former price, $2 73 llem*titehed Handkerchief*. $3 per do*en; former price, $1 7\ Hemstitched Handkerchief". $3 73 per doien ; former price, $3. llemetitcherf Handkerchief*, very Dae, $4 73 per dmen; former price. <6 3j> Ai*o t #0 ea*c* of satin plal<i S?l? Illntion for ladle*'Morning Dreeeea at ft*., worth !*>c. itovd* in main ratrance, Hroadway front, on flr>t table. Broadway and 20th it. rPHOMrTEBf GOODS and | LACE CURTAINS | <e 1> to ut RD A TAYI/OR. Parties aboat to fnrniah tit?Ir dwelling* wilt And that we are offering in thi* department extraordinary bargains, to FURXITI RE COYEr.IN~isTCUBTAlN MATEBIAL8, CRETONNE*. SLIP COVblllNOb. Ac. A large itock of TAMBOURED. NOTfiNiillAM and GUIPURE LICE CURTAIN*. at ? redaction of 31per cent from former prices. Aa elegant variety ef TAl'ES'fRT aad embroidered TABLB AND I'UNO COVERS at vary attractive price*. WINDOW SHADES, Cornice* and Lambrequin* made and pal ap. Slip Covert cat and made. Eetluate* fr tly famiahed. EXTRAORDINARY BAB0AIK8. 1,300 CROCHET QUILTS a7#l. l.ioi CROCHET QUILTS at $1 4a I.OUJ EXTRA CHOCHEl QI ILTS at $1 SO. I.OUO 114 MARSEILLES i^CILTd at Kim. worth $3 SO. FINER GOOD* OF THlT"MOST beautiful DE 81 ON a, AT FKuPOETIOXaTKLY LOW 1'KIUe.A. A LARGE LINE OF kCMMBB BLANKETS. FROM $-*> per pair. THIS department IS N?)W UNDER THB $UFEB VISION OF MR. JAMBA RAOAB. Md 30th M, 1873: DRY GOODS. jon Ks* isss: new"7tobe. FRENCH BONNETS, SUM UMBRELLAS, Z Z FLOWERS, Z 1 AND PARASOLS. IS TRIMMED HAT8, Z X FANCY GOODS, z z ORNAMENTS. Z Z HOSIERY, Z Z RIBBONS, Z S I. A CBS, Z 1 TAILS. Z Z Z J OOO NN N KEEB PS3 Z Z. JOONNNK 8 Z Z J O O N N N EE 88S Z Z J J O ON N UK 8 Z Z JJ OOO .N NN KEEB 8*8 Z ?r r* A EIGHTH AVENUE EIGHTH AVENUE. AND NINETEENTH STREET. NINETEENTH STREET. i 1 Z J OOO NN N KEEB 88S Z S_ JO OSS NK B Z X JO OSS S HE BBS S Z J J O O N S S K S Z Z JJ OOO N NN UBEB SSS Z z z z > Z z z CARPBTS. Z S OIL OLOTHR, rhoiceat designs. Z Z L'PHOLSTRRY, BOOV ItlUssKLS.Z Z MATTRESSES. TAP BHC8SKLS, r. I Fl'RNITt'R!'.. $1 per yard. 7. Z CORNICES. Extra Superfine Ingrains 7. Z LACE CURTAINS, irotu 4ftc. upward. Z Z OKr-TONNES. J. I <? EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENTS W1LI. BE OFKKRKD IN TlX DEPARTMENTS, AB WE ARB DETERMINED TO MAKE THIS one of tho moil AT TRACTIVE ESTABLISHMKNTB IN THE CITT. NEW DRBSS GOODS OPEN DAILV. PT'IT* AND DRESSMAKING. Elegant new mid >tyliOi Suit* ot onr own Importation ar.d manufacture. in choice spring style* and detenu. In nil tlie favorite lalirle* of tli? im??, miporlor work and finish, at 30 per cent less then elsewhure. SILK DEPARTMENT. Fan?v Silk*. 7 V. end upward. Black Silks, from NOu., ft, $1 In and apwnrd. Greet In ducement* In flue satin flniih from 91 30 to $2 SO. MOURNING GOODS A 8FECIALTT. I'mifitinl attractions In onr SilAWL DKPARTMENT. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR at very attractive prices noVs' CLOTH I.NO, from infant* to 11 veara. TIIB CHEAPEST STOCK OK DOMESTICS IN THE CITY. JONES. 8th av. an.l 10th it. JOKER. K K OOO CCC II H ?? 888 KKO OC CII II ' 8 8 K K O () C 11 II 8 KK O (l C IIIIill! SSS K K O O C 11 H 8 KKO O C C H H 88 K K OOO CCC II II 8S8 , tiTH AV. AND 20TII 8T., CQeJejeJe: Will make, Monday, May N, ami during the wees, Trcmeudoua reductions in prices of Trcmendtms re>liictions Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous r<-<lui ?tluiie Tremendous reductions Tremendous rednetloiis Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous redit tii>u* Tremendous reduction* Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tiemendoiis reductions Trciiicmliius reductions Tremendous (eductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions Tremendous reductions , Tiem-ndoqs reductions Tremendons reductions Tremendous reductions IN DDD RRR KEEB BSS SSS l> D It R K 8 8 8 8 D D K R K 8 8 ? D RRR KB 888 BSS D D It R h 8 8 1)DR K E R S S 8 DDD K 11 KEEB HS8 888 OGG OOO OOO DDD BSS OOO OOODD88 O O O O O D D 8 G OOO O D D BSS O GO O O O O D D S GO OOOODDS GGO OOO OOO DDD BSS <9> Special bargains |a every department this week at 11. O. F. KOCH'S. Oth a*, and 2<>lh -t. JMPORTANT NOTICE. J. A C. JOHNSTON, J. A C. JOHNSTON, J. A C. JOHNSTON, J. A t). JOHNSTON, J. A 0. JOHNSTON, J. A C. JOHNSTON, J. A 0. JOHNSTON, J. A C. JOHNSTON, J. A C. JOHNSTON, Broadway, fith av. and 22d at. Bummer opening. 307 linen Suits, S3: reduced from 813 Plcardy batUte pattern*, $3; marked down from S7 30. 713 Polonaise, batiste. $8; former price $11 50. 3P3 Over Dresaes, In boxen, $13; recently sold at 933. 101 Ladiea' cambric Wrappers, $1; lately reduced from ?I 73. 310 Ladiea* cambric Morning Robes, $1 33; formerly eotd a* $.! 2\ 2<V> Summer Suits $0 SO: worth $15. 2*S cloth. caehmcre and silk Sacques at $3. $8. $7. $9, $12 and f I?>. 2,300 pieces lidiea' cotton Furnishing Goods at eqnally low prices. Elegant Wedding Trousseau n on hand and made to order at ?bin notice. 317 pieces atrtped end checked Silks, BOc.; reduced from $1. 810 pieces plain oolored Silks, 7-V.; marked down from $123. 2J7 pieces plain colored Silk*, $1; worth $1 30. 300 plecee Galnet's black Slik. $1 33; late value. $1 73. The higher priced qualities reduced proportionately. Extenstva varieties Dress Goods. Carpets, UpbnUtery, Laces and Embroideries. Hosiery and Gloves. Frenrb and English White Good*, Housekeeping Fabrics, Shawls and Cloths. Parasola, Umbrellas. Fans and Trlmmlnzs. Samples sent gratuitously to ail parts of the eoantrr on application, thus enabling out of town parties to maas their purtbaeei on es aa lavorable terms aa residents of New York elty. Oonds forwarded by mall or exereaa la My part of tho United Ssatee or Oauada. J. A 0. JOHNSTON, I'roadway, 3th av. and 33d it A.T STEWART A CO. wtllexblMt on MONDAT a large variety ef FRENCH AND NEW YORK TRIMMED HATS AND BOKNBTS, very elegant. Alan, sn extenatre eeanrttnent of UXTRIMXBD CHIP. Panama and straw UAT3. newest style*. Alee, the latest Paris and London NOVELTIBA THE GAINSBOROUGH COACHING HAT, ALPINE COACniXO*HAT, ROUGn-AND IIKaD T COACHING HAT. decently trimmed and very etylisb. BROADWAY. 4TH AV. nit AND 10TH BTS. TTkkat bargain* Tn boys' oLoFiiiSa il.?JKI? A TAYIXJR. I ' ? > 333, 257, end 2tl Grand at., comer Cbryftlo, and S3 Korsvth at , will open on Monnay, Mav K a fnll line of Boys' Miiu. at low prices. BOYS' OOOO HOIIOOL St'I In. $3. Sn 30, U BO. S3. BOYS' DERBY SUITS, $3. $3 73. $?, $7 BO. t1<X BOYS* SPRING SACK SUITS, IU, $7. $8. $0 23, $13. BOYS' CONTINENTAL SUITS, SO, H 30, S3. $8 ?0, $7 3a BOYS' JOCKEY SUITS. $7 yo BOYS' NEW IMPERIAL BLOOXF.S, ' $t 73, S3 30, $0 73. BOYS' SAILOR SUITS, $3. S3 73, $4 30. $7 M. BOYS' DONALD KILT SUITS. $3. $1 2:>. S3 '-o. ?7 sa BOYS' 8EI* A P.ATK P A NTs, OVEKCOATh AND CHILDREN'S CAMISOLES, BPECIALTY, AOS* 9H Tu 14 YEABS. Sptcisl sttention given to all oWM orders. ?raad, Chrjmte awl Forsyth M* A" DRT GOODS. BROTHERS, ? SIXTH AVENUE AND TWENTV THIRD 8TKKKT. :W7 SIXTH AVENUE. 3?I7 ? ? 110 WKfT 33D STREET. 110 -4> * 371 SIXTH AVENUE. S71 SIXTH AVBNUB AND TWENTY THIRD STREET. WILL OFFER MONDAY AND DURING THE WEEK, SECOND FLOOR ON TUB OK f II KIR BUILDINGS. SIXTH AVENUE UNUSUAL AND ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS UNUSUAL AND ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS UNUSUAL AND ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS in their LADIES* AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHING DE PA HTM UMTS, TO WHICH THEY DIRECT THE IMMEDIATE ATTEN TION OF THEIR KRUiNDS AND PATRONS. The lirnMt and moil complnte line of LA01 KM' MUSLIN UNDERGARMENTS, comlitlni of NIGHT ROBES, unEMISRS. DRESSING SACQUR8, WALKING. TRAIN AND UNDER SKIRTS, DRAWERS, COICSKT COVERS W A I .VI S, including a largo selection of uew Ktjrlri, and all mad* of the beat quality muallu and material*. at DECIDED REDUCTION from THEIR FORMER WELL KNOWN LOW PRICES. LADIES' CHEMISES,be?t muatlns, good embroideries and weli made, at Wo., Sftc., #1. $1 18, *1 itft nod $1 SO. NIOHT ROBES, elaborately trimmed with Hamburg embruidcrles, at $1, *1 33, $1 AO, $1 75, 93. DRAWER8, splendidly made, with tnek and ruffle*. at 38c., 45c. and flOo.; with Hamburg adglngs and Insertion*, at 75e., HSe. and $ 1. WALKING SKIRTS, full aim and best muslins, clusters <>! tucka and ruffles, at 33a-, 020. and 75c. EMBROIDERED WALKING SKIRTS, at #1 73, gl $3 90, upward. DRESSING SACQUE8, elaborately trimmed, at 7->c., $1. $t -'.I. $1 4S. npward. THESE ARE BUT A FEW PRICES OF THE EX TREMBLY LARGE 8TOUK WE ARE NOW EX HIBTTING, AND A PERSONAL INSPECTION OF THESE DEPARTMENTS ONLY WILL GIVE LADIES* AN IDEA OF THE , GENERAL 8IPKRI0RITY OF OUR GARMENTS AND THE GREAT INDUCEMENTS WE ARE NOW OFFERING. A Urea assortment of LINEN AND CAMBRIC UNDERWEAR la all styles. LACE UNDERGARMENTS. CHBMI8E3, DRAWERS" WALKING AND TRAtN SKIRTS at a REDUCTION OF 80 PER CENT FROM FORMER PRICES. Will open MONDAY FIVE OASES i FRENCH PERCALE LINGERIE, ! 4 Just roceleed per Steamship Leasing, consisting of new ftrlsaof imnd embroidered CHEMISES, .SIGHT BONKS, DRAWERS AND CAMISOLES. OUR OWN IMPORTATION. LADIES' WHITE LAWN WRAPPERS FROM S3 UPWARD. LADIES' PERCALE WRAPPERS FROM SI SO UPWARD. CALICO WRAPPERS AT 90C. The most complete assortment In the dtj. We direct attention to our choice stock of LADIES' SWISS AND OltGANDIB COSTUMES, oar own design* ?n<l manufacture. MISSES' SWISS AND ORGANDIE COSTUMES on band and mane to order within two days, at vetjr low prices. MISSES' UNDEROARMKNTS and INFANTS' WEAR. J CHILDRKN'S~ PIQUE GARMENTS. An Immense stock of PIV)t'E SUITS, GABRIELLE8, DRESSES, KILT SUITS, CLOAKS. WALKING COATS AND CAPES, unnsually cheap. In all slses and styles, Noveltt) CHILDREN'S LACE CAPS, oar own styles. STERN BROTHERS. 6th it. *u<i 33d it., will offer, Monday. extraordinary baroaix8 in si's u.milkkixa.t AM) faramuljS. 3.000 FINEST twilled silk SUN UMBRELLAS. i!* black. brows an0 navy. with klhua.nt and artistic handles, at (j 50, $U 75, ft! nod fl 15. A urn line nf CANOPY UMBRELLAS AT 93 SO. 94. 94 50. carriage SHADES AT 9? and 93 88, ALL unubually cheap. orenixo OF PARIS fringes and trimmixos, MONDAY, ELEGANT likes OP PARIS BILK FRINGES, TAPE rdchin08, faxcy galoon8, MOSS trimmings. COLORED* SILK FRINGES, TAB li EES. entirely KEW STYLES AT yery attractive prices. SILK department. desirable Bargains in black dress silks, at si, 91 u #1 ?. 91 ?' ?<>. fl ? op??rd, FROM LAST WEEK'S AUCTION SALES. no immmw rtock of coi.ORED oltos GRAIN SILKS. ni !*?., fl 13, ii 38, 91 90 nnd fl 99, la nil tmngtanbl* color*. mjlmnm;v SILKS. basket bilks. whom DE st ms. tm-ii.lrd and frosted SILKS. ckonpor than nnjr othnr hen no. MADE up LACK oood*. ?n imntn)" ??>nrtmeni at imposted AND ol/r OWN MAKI> 9leeveless J AOKKTr-, lach fkiiu8. CAPES, SCARPS. l4ce streamers. BOWS, TIES, rufflikus, cttpl'rb saCQUES. Pin cnthion Corom. Pin caablont nnd Tollot S?in, with ifttclnl l?r^*in? In REAL DUCHEms TIES' lsnd8, THREAD LACK kaRBS, duchkas a ad APPLIQUE BARBS T 0trrk brother*. - ? ?? SIXTH atsxge a.\D BIB strbex. DRY GOODS. KEHB H (I ItRRR It OCO U H <488 - K II H K II II C C II H 8 3" r. U tl K li II C It II 8 ? K II II R B II 0 l( H fl EEK IIIIIII! KBR II C IIIIHH SSS E II H ? R II 0 II It a H H II It R II c HI! 8 ? B II H R R II c O H II s a i:eeb a a a it n occ a a sss WILL OPEN OK MONDAY SPECIAL BARGAINS IN EVERT DEPARTMENT. H H A TTTTT 888 II H AA T SB a a a a T a a a a a r b imail A A T 888 a a aaaa t ? a a a a t a a a a a t ss a a A A T S8S THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN TUB OITT. REAL FRENCH CniP I1AT8. nil rnlon and ahapaa, il $1 CiU, told everywhere ft*. $J 25 and S? MX THESE GOODS ARE AM. FIRST CLASS GOODS, and It I* owing to lha Itnmen.e, largo quantltie* thM WO porch*** it one* that we am enabled to oflfer the **o*a at the above price. OCR ENTIRE IVPORTATIOV OF FINEST PARIS CHIP a ATS reduced lo $2 51). <3 75 and SB, SOLD FORMERI.T AT~~FROM M TO $0 BACH. AMERICAN CHIP HATsi new ihapet, reduced M 47* Very beet quality AMERICAN CHIP HATS, ?11 the lateel color* and *h*pei, at 7^e.; ??ld everywhere at St and SI 83 Ft neat 8ILVBR BRAID HATS, in ecru, cream and white. at St 70; worth $2 3Q FIVE MILAN HATS at V<t.. SI and upward. 8TRAW SAILOR nATS, in navv blue, brow*, white aM combination color*. in all ijualme* and stylee, at poaltlvo bargain*. MISSES' BHOOL nATS. trimmed and nnirlrntned, at 2.">c., :iAe., 4.">e., .">Oo. and upwaid BOTS' PTNB INDIA PANAMA HATS, at SOo.; worth OOo. OUR STOCK OF 8TIMW HATS la one of the Urgent and the uwortment one at the mo?t complete In tba city. . JOBBING DKPAltTMEN*"SiN THIRD FLOOR ? II. rOR CONVENIENCE OK itr .?* .LESALB BUYERS. ~TKIMMEI> bonnets and ROUND HATS. IMMENSE ASSORTMENT! ELEGANT STYLEi STYLISHLY trimmed nATS. ?i *5, SO. $7 50. $8 50, SIO nn<l up. SAMB GOODS AS AllE SOLD ON BROADWAT Al DOUBLE TH!T~ABOVB PRICES. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S IIATS, S3 50, S3, $4 and aft Fail line of MILLINEKY AND TRIMMING SILBJ* RIBBONS. Ac, Ac. FROSTED SILKS at 75a., worth Si 33k BASKET SILKS at <1 SO, worth S3. FILET SILKS at $1 25, worth Si 73k Groi Grata Trimming and Ut?i Sllki. In all colore, at U.">c., SI 10, (I 30 and up. All bought at the late auction lalea and groatly undei regular value. RRR II . BBB BBB OOO NN N BSD RRIIBBBBO 0 NN X 8 S RRIIBBBBO 0 N N N 8 RRIIBBBBO O N N N 8 KRR II BOB HUB O O N N N 88S R R II B B It B " ONNN S RRIIBBBBO OK KM I RRIIBBBBO ONNNSi R B II B3B BBB OOO N NN SSS purchased at the great auction ?alo> at lo?* tuan cott of im. portm In. ALL SILK NO. 9 HIRlHl.t at Ho. PER YARD. ALL SILK NO. 12 RIItHoN at llo. PER YARD. ALL SILK NO. 16 RIBBON at 14c. PER YARD. 7-1NCII ALL SILK SASH RIBBONS AT 39c., WORTH SOa Full line of fronted, b?aket and diamond RIBBONS, nil iimler value. The trade aupplled in nnr quantity at leu than down town jobber*' price*. FINEST FRENCH FLOWERS, in mnnlnre*. wreath* and ?inall eltiatrra, our own branching, all imported itylen, al moderate price*. Any apicial atyle branched lo ordat wittioui extra cnarge. Full line of Pond I.lliea. MarKnerettea. Lille*. Plnki, Hop*, Wheat, Snow Hal.?>, liuuiorlulle*. Apple Blo**om?. Ac., Ac. PPP A RRR A SSS OO L 888 PPAARRA.VS800L 88 P P A A R R AA S O OL 8 PPAAR raas ool 8 PPP A A KRR A A SS3 o OL 889 P AAAA R R AAAA SO OL * P A A R R A A SO OL 4 P A ARRA ASSOOL Si P A Al! BA .A 888 OO LLLL 883 OUR STOCK OF SILK hUN UMBRELLAS AND PARA, SOLS It complete with an ? be iiorelile* of tbe aeanon. Full line of black and ecru brocaded Canople*, trimmed witli ecru and black (.'aahinera lacea. SILK SUN UMBRELLAS. In black, brown, navy blue plum and Lottie green, with pearl and gold. Ivory, raaJ ?hell, clear horn, a^ate and ebony handle*. ALL OCR GOODS ARE OK THE BEST MANU FACTURE AND ARE WARRANTED TO GIVE SATISFACTION IN EVERY INSTANCE. 22 Inch extra qualltv, all alik aerco. B*?t clear liorn handle al 8?-' T.'i, worth S3 30. 24'inch. extra quality, ail itlk aerge, clear born hatldUk s? ;t~, worth it. splendid aerge ailk Sun Umbrollaa at .*2, worth S3 73. Full lint) of children'* l'eraaol* at bargain*. DKI'.SN UOODS. GREAT RKOBCTIOX to clots mi balance of pprlng Moek. 5 CMC* plnld Ilrc?? flood*, all light ahadua, roduead It 7'.c.; sold formerly at 2Ac. 3 eaae* Ona Moll air, reduced to 17b.; former price. 80s. 8 eaaes Debetge reduced to 'Jtc.; former price, #)e. 7 eaasa all wool I>ebelc?\ reduced to 33c.: tormerprlce, AO# All oar flue Spring l>r#?? Good* marked down to elore nut balnnoe of stock. Fall lino of White flood*. Towelling, Napkin*, Table Ll? ena, Nottingham Laco Curiaiua, Piqaea, Ac., Ae., at post tire Uaru*ln?. Beat l'acifle Percale*, H full yard wide. 888S8 R ft ri s 88SS3 ft s H ft ftftftftft TTTTTTTT T T T T T T T T 88888 ft 8 8 8 88888 8 8 8 8 RSS88 cctru BALANuE or ocr STUCK or 8pb1xq 8D1T) MARKEDIJOWX. HANDSOME SPRING 8uits AT 91 80, REDUCED FROM S? SO. handsome fir RING HIM rs AT |3 06, BEDOCSB rnuM is. HANDSOME spring ICTTS AT f7 80, REDUCED FROM 111. handsome sprin(i sunt at tiasoc rkduced frombib. striped AND CHECKED*ftll.R fDITC AT 810 SO, worth $?0. HANDSOME BLACK AND COLORED SILK 8CIT8 at B?i. 9M, ??? AND UPWARD. PCM. l.INR OF CAftllMKKR AND SILK SACQCE8 AND DOL.MAM* AT FROM 9? t'PWAKD. A VISIT of INflPECT1 fT>T lS SOLICITED, WITHODT REGARD TO PCRCHAsTntt mo one uTTed to Btnr I KHRlClis', I KH Rims', 387 AMD :*!> 8TH AVitXCB, NEAR MTU ST P. 8?LADIES 88011.1) CERTAlXLT ATTEND OfR GRAND CF.XTBXnTaL OPBX1XO ok WBDXB*DaT, MAT 10, ADVERTISED tN AXOTilKB COLl'mx of TBI! paper. eh rich a oa For OUmt Dry Gooda Adrtl ?Istteatk ?????

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