Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1876 Page 6
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iMPEACI IMENT. Able Arguments by Managers Jenks and Hoar. STRONG PRECEDENTS AND ANALOGIES. A Weighty and Pertinent Opinion of John Quincy Adams. THE MODEL OK THE CO.N'STITITION. Wasuijkitox. May 6, 1876. The Senate resume! the consideration of the articles of Impeachment against W. W. Belknap, late Secretary of War. The respondent, with Messrs. Black and Ulalr, of bis ?ounsel, Mid tliu managers ou the part of the llouse of Representative* beiug pr.-seut, proclamation ??? msdo by tlie Sorguat-al-Aruis, alter which the journal of yes terday wan read nod approved. Hut few Senators being present Mr. Thurman moved a call ol the Semite, when forty-twoSenators responded to their names and ttio Cuiiu unnoticed that a quorum was present. IJl'KSTioXS SI'liMITThli. Mr. CoMtuMo, of New York, submllled the following Qtiestloiis to (ho Board of Mauu^orti:? tint?If two persons guilty of crime In oilico cease to lie olitccrs at tlio same tilne, ono by removal and iho other by resignation, Is one rather than tho other sub Jocl to till peach mont? If a distinction between tho two cases exists please state IL Second la a private citizen liable to Impeachment under tbo constitution ol the l'ut ted States ? Ii his having previously held an olllce distinguishes him iu this respect from other citlzi us please trace tho diu tiuutiou to the clause of tbo constitution or to tbo prin ciple in which it ia found. Mr. Mitchell, of Orogon, subin.tted Iho following question:? The constitution provides that uheu the 1'resident of the I'nitod States Is tried on inipeachnicut the Chief Justice shall preside Suppose a lato 1'resident were Impeaehcd lor high crimes and misdemeanors com mitted while President and presented at tho bar ol the Senate lor trial who would preside, the Chief Justice or the President of tho Senate* Manager Knoit informed tho Senate that ho was in no better condition of health this morning than ho was at tbo time of adjournment yesterday, and that an arnuigomont had been made betwocu his colleagues and Iho counsel lor tho deicudant that his colleagues who desired to address tbo s ouh' proceed now, and that he would make his remarks on Monday. Me asked tto Senate to concur ill that arrangeniotit. AROLMSMt OV MAN AliKIt JKSKS. Xo objeotiou was mado and Maua^or Jouks pro seeded to address tho Seuate. 1 lie points, ho said, that wero made on the part of the defence wore, llrst, could the Senate, netwlth- ' Handing tho resignation of the defendant, taku juris diction r?and second, whether 'the facts surrounding tho resignation aro pertinent to be considered with reference to tbo efloot of tho resignation. As j a general answer to those points he would : lay that every case should bo always Judged on Us own standing, because two eases were seldom, II ever, strictly anolugous. Tho main and ma terial question in the case was whether tho Senate, I sitting as a court of impeachment, hud jurisdiction over the defendant, and w hem or by his resignation, alter the crime ?u committed, he was placed beyond tho jurisdictional power. Jurisdiction was limited in 1 ono or more of three ways. It uas limited territo rially, limited as lo subject uiattor and limited as to pet sou. Territorially, tbo Senate bail jurisdiction co exiensivo with tbo earth. Whethor the ollonce was committed in Washington, London, Home or i'ekin did not alien the right to Judge the ollouder. A? to the subject matter the Seuate could tuke cogmznnse or Ail luipeachable offences. The plea in this ruse did uot deny the ollenco c hargod to by impeachable. and thuro tore it was unuei ur.-ary to disuun* what constituted an imooacbable oQeuce. lie proceeded to nuoto authorities In support of Ills positiou that tho Senate had jurisdiction in ibis caset and agreed that II an oiliest could c>capo the penalty ol iini'encbiuont by resignation bel'oio trial he could also do so by resignation alter uil the Icruialities of a trial nad been observed, but before judgment bad been rendered, winch would bo in opposition to every roc ognu. d principle ol luw. llo asked w bettier llie rule was that the criminal must be an ollicur at the time bo committed the crime or at the umo he is convicted and said that unless that question was to he answered in opposition to all tho course of the procedure ol criminal law it was tbo status of the- criminal ut the tine- of the comiins ?ton ol the crina. that established alike his uuili and the Jurisdiction to w Inch he Miould be held amenable In reply to the suggestion by the delcucc as t? trying t.cneral Jackson (il he were now alive) lor tin removal Ol the I lilted MSles deposit., he asserted that, 11 (ieii eral Ja> k.-on w? re now alive and had committed a crime wnne III oil ice, and u the House of Hepn senta tivvs, endowed ds it is with tile right to judge who shall be impeached or not, ?a:d that hi should be im ]>eached. the Senate would nave power lo try biui. ANALlHiOl's hKASOXIMi. Mr. Jknks proceeded lo argue Ironi the aflalogv of Courts mariiui that the Senate bad jur.sdicllou since a court marital had jurisdiction over a discharged soldier lor oliences commuted while bo was tu service. Mr. Loua.n, of Illinois, said. under rule ol of tho I Article.-, of War any officer who wa> guilty ol conduct unbecoming an oih. er and a gentleman should bo dis missed irom ibo, ati.l Ue a>kud the managers IU u case where (in olllcer of the army after becoming ' a private citi/en >hould bo tried under this article Wbal would lie the juii-iin lit of the Court t Mr. Ji:.\ks ?aul the judgment would be nothing- but the court maitial would nave jurisdl Hon Neverthe less. want ol capacity to uiloiec a Judgment did not lesiroy jurisdiction. Hall ol tho judgments now rendered inordinary courts were, perhaps, delcatod by Inilure iu execution Besides, iu the cjse suggi sted by Uic Senator, the whole remedy was removal irom ser vice, wmlu in this case ihcro was tho lurther iHualty ?I distpiaiilicullou. It was also to lie borne in Blind lliai a deiendaut could not take advantage ?f bis luoompeuncy if no had brought ,t sUiut by his on u acl. lor example, a man ?eniencvd to capital punishmeut could uoi escape the I tonally i>j drinking uiiuscii into a .lite of maudfiti in sanity aim pfe.'tdiug that an insane pei?i>n could not bo executed, lie would still havs to sutler the decree ol the Isw. because his Weakness waa artificial and Inndo by himself. In itie prcscul case there wua no doubt ft bo lit lne tact I fiat tho incompetency of Iho ueieudaut If ho were lucompetent, was ihe result of hM own act! Tllli CASK OK IIASTIXUN. Mr. Jk.xks thin aliudid to tho cose or Warren Ua*ungs, who was imjioached as "late Governor Gen eral of ludia," Just as in this cose Mr Belknap had been impcached as late Scciulary of War. lheioun ?el ou tue other side had nrked ir tho House claimed that the Senate nad jurisdiction to try any one ol , the 40,01X1,1)00 ol liibubtiuuls of the I luted Ft-los. Tho House claimed no such thing. they simply claimed that tho Hou.-e had power to Impeach and the Seuate lo try every ciuno commuted by a civil offlocr ii u< in the discretion ol tbo House, ol coui-c. whether they would prose cute ail oihcial otlciicos before the Senate or not, and it was undoubtedly the purpose ol the trainers of tins constitution that this proceeding should lio confined io ftueu conspicuous ca^i-s only as Irotu their Character deserved judgment lioiu ?.< nigh a tribunal. Mr. Loss lino, ol New \ork, asked 11 tlio respondent Were Couvicted on the indictment now said to be pend ing against him in a judicial c .urt, finder section 1,??1 ol l be Revised Statutes, Which jiro \ido<l that any olliier coiiviclcd should be dt qiialiiied Irom hoidiug oiiiee hereafter, could that Court prenouuee that judgtucm ii|i..iu>t him if meannmu the Senate pronounced the time Judgment: or, should the Court ursi pionouuce Juugmeni, what Would be tlio efloct ol that ou the dclei unnaliou ol tho Senate ? iCIIUVXNT AMU KXKVITIOM WSTIXCT. Mr. Jk.xks said he retarded thai fact in either case as ol little or no weight the powir to try and pronounce Judgment ??.- dnAtnei from tho I lower to execute n judgment. Jurisdiction was (imply the right to try and lo decide; II did not ncccasamy llnplv to execute. lite question iu tins case wss whether tue puip se of the constitution should Oe delisted b} the Will ol the often icr. Ihe Senate had lull power to trv all im peachments. Should oflk-ia! corruption maintain itseir I as superior to the great organic law of the Republic? lie (Jenks) made no chargu against the Kxvcutive In relerwice to the resignation, for lie main tamed that It was the perfidy of the defendant Ibat In duced llie acceptance ol that resignation, and It was a freaier inlamy than his original crime lor him (Uel uap) to deceive bis ]>atrou by withholding lacis. Could Ibis defendant now, by In-aping crimo u|?,n ?rime, relieve himself from all punishment r At the eonvluaiou ol Mr- Jcnks' argument tbo Senate, tt ten minutes past two, took a recess lor tmsniy MinutM. aaccMBxr or mm. roar. Upon reassembling, Mr. Manager IIoak said tbe House ?f Keprescntatives demauded, turough their managers, that W. W. Belknap, for high crimes and miMleincan Crs, be forever diequailbed Irom holding or cujoying ?ny oAco of honor, trust or profit under the i u.i.- i Plate*, forth* purpose of tbe present argument iho ?uilt of th* defendant wa* admitted. He met the de kiand bjr a denial of the authority of the House to imp*acb and tbe authority of tbs Senate to Itf him. Lnder whatever circumstances the party arr***d had laid down bis office. The issue 00 mado ip was * simple and narrow one. Two or three sentences of tbe cot.stiltu ion snd two or three ^merlcao precedents mad* up everytb ng that spoke I* tto Mil* with absolute authorny upon this i^uoa- ; tb. lh?? !?*? r of iUe most august judicial i" i li ?tii tn <>wr government. flie imni'ri' of n,'. con uvu^n litend* 'lupeac " ? ,?.,i|ile agaiiwt u?urpatiou ot Uremi? ^w.r andmmmi o.ncn.1 corruption. Tney J Jrnr.l treason u?Ml bribery as the two Crimea ,-pecially nmlaul VVh'Vh of the two would have Wen "counted ih worst offeuc* m U?? miii4? oi (few grealiUU^men ?\ ^ lelt nothing Ot, record to sIijw, and he would ;!::;^n3?nnk.w^owT; b,.t n* ? 1,0011 said ol litem, >t *?? ?*ice of tho joungcr Pitt, tint though lio might in a moment ot temptation hu e beiraytd hli country, ho would never have Hooped pilfer irom her. Tim rimoiMu oo**rrrctK>*. Mr Hoab then traced the history ol tho proceedings on.^Xuout lu in nwund and In thn< cou-tr/ ami ai guetf it ?>? a clear proot -l the ta oo ol m? ^rvrrrA?b'rv?rc'*?;ra usa ttit^ViuTw? a "therelo??,0!that many S%rrs./'... rr rrus be valued more Uian lile, the "u,> ' . , nrwjudieed "?? ]"? gpxhl zustil JuUkuiv i.1 >U tho WW thatch ^ ^ lrali(,uctu?1 (Itolknap) to U' tp It ? |t, ?( (J,;# coimtrv wore trow his countrymen- ?h I itolenuant ueed fear to just. Tho wner Tt." ??"?"? "'?>? trust hit- \Mixin i real right of tlio Amuruan fsyrs ?r-vS?.p-.c * , COllUl l'TIU> . ? i mi,or Senator or Representative, ,U ?\ieioressally base urxl infamous, and in a judge was iti?.\| i ? y not ?o danaerous as od.ou* and dogr?li Wj ^ department. lor all tiM'up lion m J, ,IS iltlj wlto constantly sub tbosu otUi< rs naa ? ,wopte. Uul eveU amoug ^?SmSS J5^TK,~ Mr**1 loar the ii ^ u j, ^rvaJoz Sherman. i? * h!dKidual resukilitibility to ho*" ^Sauence w?Uhu pn^UOf^ te;rhU^ c""U. c^d 1.1 ct)U|(1 Kel h(!Ut 01l tt,u qutaUon *ource# lr l ^ lt T woru lUo debates and journals | ol imiHaihiiiint. tuor 0I other tribu ?' ^wnu^ro? aultorlty? too argument der.ved mill's "r .'1 0f the countltullou, and tbo urgu ine'nt to be "cr'ved trom a consideration of the great but public otyeota to be acconiplutiiiL Mr Hoar than Jluded'ut'Vine ?eu?th to the debato j for that was 11 ^ f1fuVd^}vVto"i'^bor In peace when .mo ?*?s:?s& ss fArsri-ir. claiiu ol the lUtt'ialters, and lie ?u? ?'ud AN Ul'IMON Oh JOHN ?N< ^ Al?AM8f - . ' i ii ?> ,,i l*111'ri'st'i)lu11vcs? to the enett fclwu 111 the " yr Adams) could be un ?ve. when the art oms oi ?.i t sllc(1 mean lUVrTiH.?xr. of Ci.lilon.ia, propounded n question . ; . ,i . th ie were koveral un inbers ol the Senato ^ae^and0'!..''^^ tweeu the two houses to which the manager bad alluded 'UMrC ll*)AK "aldTiiTdtd'uot iuiderittand that there was Mr. iioak ?aiu ow winch prevented tho nny couuty be .v ? JCuator into the Senate Chain House Iroin ^rM 'nK ^wct ^l ,rr constitutional puni.h bor lor e?'it ?; 11 ol '"w of cuUrke, be called iu liient. A ?nything he did lu tho Scn qUe?tion even in court lor anj im^ slu|iJo(. or i11(el tt uto Chamber, no n. Mr Hoor'n) argument re wiis ooace.vid to u 0 a Sei alor lor Senatorial latcd to the mipo ibii^ BU,H,osing that tho House duty, 'tt'd ^..V/A ' i^ n Kbt re.iolre that the Senato ? 7,^" "tl own bar a member whom it had per ?Houltl ir> w . ?v<?,of its own power of ox uiltled, without UK . i>o<jy * but 11 lielkunp bud l"'-,ul; JT.n 'the SlUte Of lo^a. and been elitu-l to the l.ribtrv bad been discovered, on0'fUonsi' oTuepreseutativcs could and should and ntcessary or the purity auu j.rot.ciion of ?hc Uul )00,tfe. The constitution ?' 11 u d "tierpe;ual dikqualitlcallon beyond ihi' rundi ol pardon as the judgment which the r' '"" ilL think it us duty In some eases to tho ^cn.?le in.. protective judgmeut over bn ,>r,uounce. ^ .^^o thi crime had not r'^n dt. ov, ed untiUhe olUclal term had expired u - been dis.ox re i um bud (K.en nuppolnted, though. !" , u 'l'"; ,,rocl.e?l?n?? benlnnlng or before the or just bvlorc the '' ? olltccr laid down his J n,1'!1" "f,,\Tan't7o tl.e argument that u.ipeachment ,,U i e, a J-c the accused roula be pun Sd m . lower oo^t under the statute, it seemed to Dim A MOK8TKOCS AHSIIUUTV that this great constitutional remedy or n judgment against it high political oilonUiT on account of groat political oliom rs, < uuiinitlcu at thoseat ol govcmineut, should ile|ii'iid oil; his ? >>iivtton by a jury, drawn by tbo Marshal Irom the office holding tho population or the District of Columbia, on a trial conducted uud ron trolled liy officers of the Kxccutive and on tbo scutcuce ol a single judge u( a court, however respectable. whoso Jurisdiction ns bounded willnn a couple ot leagues. Ill conclusion Mr. Hoar said tliut this Jad^incut uould not only determine this i|uesiiou lor ull time for the donate, but It would speak witli authority not to l>e di*rcgurdi>d in tbo construc tion ol like duiiso* in constitutions of inoro than thirty American states, lie did no; stand belore tho t<ciiuiu us the accuser of Mr. Ilelknap nor us the aUvo w>' ol t lie House ol lte|ircMntatives. but ho spoko In beball ol a right of the American |>copic, secured to them lu the constitution by Ibeir aucvstors. and winch nothing but their own conslitutional act could tuko ! away. Una right was that over ewrv American officer when l?o attempted to abuao or usurp power or gain wealth by corfupt means in ofllco should hang me dread ol what the Icderaltst called T1IK JtWKI L IMTURTION or Tilt: SKN'ATl to try him in tbo presvnee of tho whole American people, and lo visit blui with*the perpetual itilamy of its He (Mr. lloar) was much luisiakeii if tncre were not a very deep and profiling interest in this Is.-iic. Ino eoiisimiiion h?d no safeguards to throw awa.V. Tbo public events o! to-day admonished CI lo look well lo ull our securities. For pun- I labium the guilt of corruption in ollico w e must not coniouiid idle clamor witu public opinion or accept tbo accusations ol scaudal and uialico instead of proof, but wo should intake a worse mistake 11, because ot Iho multitude of false and ground less charge* against men in oillce, we tail lo rcUie.-s substantial griovanccs or lo deal w uh rases of actual guilt. The worst evil re sulting Irom the indiscriminate attack of an unscrupu lous pr< ss on men in public statiou wits not that liuio ccnco suffered, but that crime escaped. I.?i scandal and malice bo encountered by puro and stainless lives. Ixit corruption and bribery meet their law lul punish ment. His lMr. Hoar's) political life bad been brief, bat during that brief period be had seen live Judges ol high courts of the I nilod Males driven irom office liv thlcuis or impeachment lor corruption. Ho bud h'caid the taunt that, great iix was the prosperity of this land, the only product in winch sbo Mir pa.-sod tbo institutions ol other countries was her cor ruption. lie bad seen ill the Slate of the t'lilon 111 power i.nd wealth four judges in her courts impeached lor corrnption, and iho administration ol justice in Iter cbiel city became a disgrace and byword throughout the world. He had seen tho Chairman or the Committee on Military Alluir* 111 the House rise lu Ins placc and demand the expulsion ol lour luombcr* lor sell ing tbo prmlc?o of seb-cliug youths lo bo educated at tbe National Military Academy. When the greatest railroad ot the world, binding logclli. r the continent and uintlng the two great sens which washed our shoros, was linwh"d, he bad ?ocn our national triumph Mid exultation turned into IlirTSRSK'S AMI SIIAM* by the unanimous report ol three ?ouiinlllecs of Con gr> ,?s Ibateveiy step ol llial inighiv enterprise bad been taken in iraud. He had heard in the highest place* the ihamclcss docirmo evol. ed by men grown old in public office that ttie true way by which power was to be gained in this Republic wa? to brilio tho peoplo with the oiiicert created lor their service, and the true end for which it should l>* used when gaiucd was tne pro motion oftelUsh ainbition and the gratification or per sonal revenge. He hsil heard that suspicion haunted ; the lootsti pa ol trusn d companions of tbo l'resident; that Hallatn, or Tacitus, or I. sinotide, who wrote (he aiilitis orncr times, would record these things with an inexorable |*n; and now when a Inch Cabinet oUlcer, tbe constitutional adviser of the l'resident, lied from oillce for charge* of corruption, should the historian . add that tbe .'senate treated the demand ot the people for Us judgment ol condemnation as a larce, and laid down lis high function* before the aophistrie* and jeers or a crmnn.i; lawyer, suould be i Speculate about the petty political calculation* lo the eite<ji on one party or the other, winch induced his Judges to coUiiivS at thu cacapu ol tho gtcat public criminal, or ehould he clou* the chapter by narrating how Hh'M things wero iletoctvd, r. iortued und pun l-hed liy c.onstitituiiouai iniwHHt, wMch the wisdom ol our lathers devu-ed lor us, anu that tho virtue unU I'uritv of the people found llielr vindication lu tlio Just toe ol thu Senate? f.Vpplausu ID the galleries, which was promptly checked) Mr. lluar'concluded at live o'clock, and on motion of Senator Siikkmak the Souite. us a Court of Impcoch litent, then adjourned until Monday, at eleven o'clock. RAILWAY FREIGHT RATES. OllUS SHirrERB ON TIIE INTEItKHTa INVOLVED IN THK DISPUTE Of TUB BlVAi. liOADlj?IN CBEAMED BECBIPTB OF GBAIN? EXI'EBT TA BUI, AC. Tho freight question remains the uppermost topic of discussion among railroad men, merchants and ocean J shipper*, and thu Hi.kai.o bus from day to day afforded j a fattblul relies of tho opinions of those classes most . allected by thu great struggle lor supremacy umong the great carrying corporations. It must bo admitted that to fur the j-yuipaihy of tho nterchauts in this section seems to be wub the New York Central management in Its light with the great rival corporations, which uro alleged by orory trick and device to have bought to divert trade from this metropolis lo other seaboard cities. The managers of the great network of roada diverging from ibis city, as shown In theso columns, j havo lrom time to time endeavored to establish I und maintain ratus of traight between tho Kast und tho Wost which would be equitablo between all ronuerned, which would not unduly tax ' tho producer or shipper, and would at tho sauio time ultord a lair profit to the carrier; but, as often as tlicro bus been a ??compact" like that at Saratoga, or a "pool" like that at Chicago, or a "conference agree ment" like that at the St. Nicholas Hotel, Just so olton I has there beeu "cutting under," uud an uufair distribu tion of busiuess to llaitimore and Philadelphia at tho expense of New York, until Mr. Yunderbtlt and his co directors wero obliged to exereisc u j.ower which has thrown iuto confusiou tho whole railroad freighting in. tercsls ol' tho country. No matter what tho dirtcusniou* ol detail are between Messrs. Scott, Jewctt, Garrett und others whose internets coincide with theiu on the one side uud tho Yanderbilts ou the other, the isoue I sharply defined Is whether llaitimore or Philadelphia ' shall wrest the commercial supremacy frotn Now York, ; or whether tho Now York L'etitrul Ituilroad, Willi its I connections, which N'ew York has doun so much to foster and build, shall uso its great advantages of line, grade and equipment to decide tlio context without de leri iuir to the wishes or consulting tho interests ol its rivuls. Central has uireudy decided and New York ap plauds. lu order to elicit tho lullest expression from all j classes of merchants us to tho oUcct ol the continued "cutting'' of freight rules ou business a llruAU) re porter yesterduy visited tho otlicu of David Dows & Co., Na -0 South street, lor uu expression of , opinion on tho situation. Thistlrni is perhaps as largely engaged In tlio transportation and shipment of graiu j as any other in tho United Stutes. Mr. Dows was ab sent, but his partner said in effect:?"The change j ol tlio low rates ol'freight lrt.m tho West was directly ' observublo in the largr receipts ol grain iu this city? i receipts which wero constantly increasing. Tho action < of the Central road In cutting loose from a combina tion which was antagonistic to Now Yoric lutorosts was | certainly commeudubie, aud must receive tlio support : of all nicrcimutf. As to the steamers now loaded U.N Tim I'PPKK LAKKS WITH CHAIN, 1 which was awaiting transportation to the seaboard, It : wits presumed thai the Ireights were slreudv agreed ' upon wilh the railroads, otherwise the shippers would i be simply gambling iu grain. If they simulated on I Ireights out there tncy might Just as well soli or luiy I options ' A business lunii. acting on business princi ples, will, beloro las loads his groin on vessels, j ngree with the railroad lor its transportation. As i to Hi.- siory afloat that many persons on the Produce | Kxchaugo were making coutrajis In advance lor Urn ; eelivery of i:rain, iu view oI the proseut low rales of i cast bound Ireight. but llltlo creUeiic.0 could be given to ibis, as it was not a bus> nous like transact ion. The i owners ol empty vessels waiting to be loaded on tlio lakes, however, were anxiously watching llic Ireight j question, and uccordiug to the term* thev ean tnako ! with the roads will they load their vessel* or Jet them swing idly at uuclior. As to ockan KHuiaurs, J undoubtedly there has beet more Inquiry within the l pasl week because ol an additional export demand. Owing to many steamers having been withdrawn Irom - service and ibu diversion of others to lorclgn ports ! ocean Ircighis vrero not abundant. They can get good cargoes out but bring scarcely anything back. Alto ! gether, we liopclully look lor a better business irom ? ibis delormiued action on the part of tlio Sew York . Central Kail road. As to the 'special rates' made bv the company we uro not at present lully Informed, but I it we wanted to contract lor 1,000 or 2,000 cars next ; month wo could doubtless make gM>d terms." Messrs. Jesse Uoyt A: Co., a house of ancient good . standing, No. 19 South street, was next visited. Ono ol iho partners told the writer thut New York could oo j congratulated on the increased arrival ol grain at this j i* ru It would certainly improve business. The ex poil demand for grain Hud already increased, and ocean ! Ireights had sightly advauced. ' As to the ipiurrcl bo Uvieu the great truuk Hues, be has no opinion to ex press except that bo thought every New York merchant should hold up the hands ol the manager! ol the C?u i tral road lor their determined stand against the ug. I gressious ol the rival companies, who w ished to build up Uaiumore aud Philadelphia to Hie delrnnurl ol tbo I commerce ol New York. Why Erie had struck hands with the lialtitiiore und Ohio and PenusylvanU rati roads was not a conundrum to him. CKNTIi.lL. AXU KKIK WKRK ALWAYS KIVALH, | and ever since the rt'gim* of Jay (iould in the latter company there hud boon determined hostility between the two corporations, so it was perhaps but natural that ' Erie should welcome any alliance by which it could hope to cripple the New York Central. A prominent shlptroker In William street was called I ui>on, but he said, that a* yet ho saw no signs ol ro- j turning activity Iu business growing out ol the new railroad rates, yet be thought the tendency was to such i improvement. ShNTISKSfT OF THK I'ROUICK KXCIIA.NUK Mr. S. 11. (iraut, tbo Secrotaiy ol the l'roduce Ex change, Paid the merchants generally, who are con nected with tlioir organization, soomed to think the lower rales would stimulate busiucs.s. and should especially create a larger export demand for grain but the war seemed to bear especially upon tbo cuoal men who havo had to coulend against all sorts of 111 luck lor two years. The writer was men referred to M r. Walker the statistician ol the l'toduce Exchange, lor facts and figures bearing on the great question, which had not beioro been given to the general public in relation to tbe movctneniof grain, kc. ' Mr. Walker was louud at No 38 Whitehall street aud Cheerfully communicated the following information:? "Tlio 1'iiciflc coast, includtug California and Oregon w ill not havo much wheat lor export boloru the middle ol July, aud although this may not seem to boar imme diately upou the present froiglil question, still it has a reference to tbo grcnt export problem with which wo are all concerned. I may also moulion, rt, p,:*,ant that the Hussion wheat crop in 1875 was a bad one aud her surplus in 1S76 Is ?o small that this will he among Jier years of minimum export. The extent of the sur plus Of our own country is not yet determinable. The winter wheat regions may require considerable spring wheat to bridge over their dehciency, aud now hero '? comes iu the Ireight question as to the loiuro of values ' and it is to bo coustderod in ?' A OUKAT NATIONAL, ICOXOMIC SKNSK. If Ireight rates continue low to iho seaboard and there should bo poor crops abroad an export de mand would spring up, which would probably cilect u ! change in the w hole outlook of business. The question ol has and will have some lulluouce, more or less on all tbo grain marts of the world. Turkey has per I ollicial statement, mon and ships enough (n numlwr and elticiency to shot In tho Illack Sea? iho Ilissian ! navy and the commercial fleet, and thus cut oir'iup Jilioe on which France, Mi llxerland aud other Con countries arc especially dependent lor their breadsiu lb. Tbo visible supply of grain, comprising the stocks iu granary at the principal points ol uccu mutation at lako uuii seaboard ports, and in transit on tho lukos by rail and New York canals, was, on the 29th ol April 1876, uud other named dates:? ' 1*7i. lS7a M iy 1. April 22. 10.KJS.105 12,854,130 Wheat, bushels.. Corn, liushcU... * Is Is, bushels.... llarley, b'lshels. . Itye, bushels.... K2A8.VM .aji.ioo '.?1,872 4. tut, Ml 2,717,171 2<iU,u51 1S70. April 29. 11, '>44,711 5,139,072 2,MKI,1I2 077.0W -07,744 Total bushels.. 22,036,889 21,171,14s 20.420 2:-3 The export clearances for Europe it am tbe ports ol New York, Montreal, lloston, Portland, Philadelphia. Baltimore aud New Orieuus lor the undermentioned weeks wore:? /V. nr. WhrtiL WW* Uniting MM*. lius)k. May :k In.121 . 86M.700 April*! 23.554 704,Ml April 10. 20,102 <>02.473 April 12 11.M0 77)1.750 Total four weeks. .. 71.037 3,252,425 8,165,173 4y 441 Cor. 4 weeks '75.. 45.OK) 2,312,042 2,6*8,*283 u'401 April ft 15.728 March 29 33,764 Marcn 22 12.7n4 March 15 2.1,070 1?M 577.7uO 1 124.4.11 ?4?, '-3" 1.052.5th) _ 345,003 1.0*5..24 ? 513,757 1.424.6A7 14,202 Total tour weeks.. 87,052 1,(Hi3.sko 4,687 221 30 753 Cor. lour Weeks. 56,7itf 1.U17.248 1.500,436 Ii204 In order Ui gain some Idea of tho magnitude of the Interests this present Ireight questiou mdlreotlr in volves, It may be well to give, in a tabular form Iho volume of trade in Hour and grain for tho week, which Will be Indicated by tho aggregated daily sales :-l Fluur, H'hnit, ((hit,, /)<rlry Rut HbU. **' -* u-a u .. April ?.... 15022 April 2V. ...11W0 May 1.... 13148 May 2.... 1 WW May 8. ...11231 May 4....1H2W0 Total, week *3575 ?f.2tM0 688000 SOOOuO ~7HO0 8700 Prer. week. 8563# A53500 401000 ttAMdt 2.VVH 10000 Cor. w'k '7676476 MM0O 600.HM 3?;t5 ?i 2wooo 2vsoO The loreigu axporu of Dour and grain irom New Ji* 208000 182000 110000 187?W0 14 8)00 75000 Hu*K 71000 D>'?00 121000 80000 110000 110000 lituk. UntK. UmK ?2l*IO 6300 JOO S8000 _ _ 46OO0 _ 0WSI0 38000 67009 ? 8600 1600 ? York for tho week ending May 1, 1S70, ?cd their dla tribution, were:? F ?ar, Wkr-U, Corn, (Milt, ?*??, To Jfhlt. Ilttth I hit I.. JtiuA. I.herpool . 051 Mi,U'.i5 23,422 ? Loudon 0,4*.?"i 74. ?'>73 "4U, 1 23 ? ? tiiasjjuw 3,052 18,952 a,M! ? 2,720 Hull 300 .17,124 4,615 ? 1(1,751 lirwtul 2.62V 42,112 ? ? ? Corn ? 113.174 75,108 ? ? Gloucester. ? 24.078 ? ? ? I'en/.ance....... ? 27,.r>02 ?? ? ? Bnmon 503 ? 7.430 ? ? Koiurdaia 1,000 72,477 0,427 ? ? Hamburg. ? 25.1*43 ? ? ? Havre ? 45,000 ? ? ? Madeira 300 1.803 ? ? ? Oporto 1.320 40,'Ml - ? ? Weal Indies 12 072 ? 14,431 OJl 070 II. X. Colonies.. 3.780 ? ? ? ? Ilrazil 1,51(0 ? ? ? ? Venezuela 707 ? 3,000 ? ? C. America 725 ? ? 40 70 N, Granada 008 ? ? ? ? Mexico ? ? ? ? 0 Total*, week. 3U.542 015,324 158,112 1,031 33,734 In this connection it will be of inn-rest to note the dally report 01 grain inspected and graded for ttio week ending May 3, Is* II, by car loads:? ? April?, ,?May?, 27. 28. 29. 1. 2. 3. Winter wheat, extra white ? ? ? 3 ? ? Winter wheat, Xa 1 white.... ? ? ? lo ? ? Winter wheat, v<?. 2 white.... ? ? ? 13 ? ? Wiuter wheal, No. 3 red ? ? 31 4 ? 17 Wiuter ubeut, uo grade t) 4 22 11 ? 1 Spring wbeut, No. 1, X. W.... ? 1 17 ? ? ? Spriug wheal, No. 2, X. W.,.. 22 3* 30 5'J ? IS | Spring wheat, No. 3. X. W.... IS ? 5 6 ? ? ? Spring wheal, rejected ? ? ? ? ? 5 S Spring wheal, unmerchantable 3 4 ? 8 4 0 1 spring wheal, Xo. 3 3 ? ? 19 0 5 Spring wheat, Xo. S, steamer.. 4 ? ? ? ? ? 1 Spring wheat, No. 2. ? 111 ? 6 ? ? 1 Spring wheat. No. 1 ? ? ? 3 ? ? ! Spring wheal, no grade ? 15 1 1 4 5 Corn, while, unmerchantable.. ll 3 29 5 ? S Corn, mixed 4<; 1 50 Id 22 73 Corn, low mixed ? ? 5 ? ? 1 Corn, steamer while 1 2 15 4 ? 3 Corn, Hteauier mixed 4'i 115 40 75 74 48 Corn, no grade 40 53 58 05 41 'J8 data, white, Xo. 2 ? 4 ? 8 3 ? Oals, No. 1. 2 ? 1 10 2 4 Oata, No. 2 II It! 4o 37 35 35 1 Oalf. 1 ejected 7 116 11! Outs, unun-rcbaiitublo ? ? ? ? ? 5 Kye. No. 2 ? 15 13 8 3 33 Canada barley, No. 3 ? ? ? ? lo 0 TolaU 227 23S 310 370 205 302 1 Toial lor ttio week 1,730 cars ; liut in order to approximate to a proper judgment as . to whether Mr. Vanderhill'a poMtimi in right aa to the , oppoiitiou to the llalliluore ami l'iiiludolpma roads, it j will bo only iiereaaary to givo you iho dillerencus ; again*! New- York iw exhibited in the grain movement 1 iiiiavorol the more Southern cities. 1 Ik; clearances ' of Hour and grain Irom New York lor Kuropo weru us . lollows:? Flour. Wkral. Corn. ! Total lor week ended May 3, 1870 10,740 7 SO, 130 118,270 Total lor week ended April 20, 1870 0,403 502,480 01.007 Total lor week ended April 10. 1870 18,002 019.258 50,581 . Total Tor week ended April 12, 1870 11,360 052,078 137,321 I Total lor week ended May 4, 1875, 8,108 90.518 405,080 i To 1'niled Kingdom 8.240 502.071 04.519 1 To Coliliucut I,6u0 218.005 23,751 ; Totals, week 10,749 780,130 118,270 Clearance* ol Hour and grain from l'hiladelphia FUmr. W/ifitf. Corn. ' Total week ending April 28, '70. 0,034 43,000 398,007 ' Total week ending Attril 21, '70. 3,327 84,008 145,9<>S Total week ending April 13, '70. 4,4ti7 154,290 270,457 - Total week ending April 7,'7ft 500 48.DOT 27,4S8 i ?And exports ol provisions from Philadelphia lor I week ending April 28, 1870:? Furk. href Lard. Bacon. Ta/low. I Liverpool ? 240 00.500 1,514,240 322,828 Weal Indies ? ? 24,500 ? 60,400 ; Total lor week cutting April ?28, 1*70 ? 240 80,099 1,514,240 370,204 Total tor week ending April 21, 1876 ISO 206 02,167 1,703,020 279,666 Total lor week ending April 14. 1876 ? 495 60,780 1,250,520 131,250 Total Ii.r week ending April 7, 1S76 ? 320 40S.508 673,?SO 275.377 ?Mid from November 1, 1875, to April 28, 1870:?l'ork, barrels, 3,330; l>eef, barrels aud lie ices, 3,485; lard, pound*, 6,077,543; bacon, pounds, 89,776,056; tallow, pound*. 4,041,590. Aud Irom Boston for week ending April 28, 1876:? Flour. Wheat. Corn. Steamer B.iluvla, Liverpool ? ? 7:500 Steamer Klyman, Liverpool '200 ? 70,000 liritlsh Provinces 2,118 ? ? Oilier loreign ports 400 ? ? Went ludius 3>)0 ? ? Total week ending April'28,1870,,'3,018 ? 77,500 Toial week ending April 21, 18*0.. 4,160 ? 55.000 Total week ending April 14, 1870.. 4,870 601 65,329 Total week ending April 7.1*76.. 3,521 ? 05,903 Kxporta ot provision* from Huston for week ending April *8, 1S>70:? Pork. Jictf. Lartt. Liverpool 31 ? 277,010 Asplnwall ? ? 500 British Province*.... 180 05 6,541 Oilier foreign porta., 18 141 2,000 West Indus. ? ? ? Total week April 28.. '229 366 Total week April 21.. 817 317 Total Week April 14.. 051 41 Total week April 7... 050 105 ?And Irom November 1,1875, to April 2S", 1870:?l'ork, barrels. 10,902; beef, barrels and tierces, S,i!24; lard, pountis, 4,714,169; bacon, pounds, 41,242.854; tallow, pounds. 3.910,875. By a eoinpar'fon of tbeso Important figures somo idea may be bad ol' the vast cominercp to be ufleclcd by the settlement ot Iho lrcighl questions on a basis equi table to New York. Tlie New York Central oMclals yesterday expressed conildence in their ability to successfully maintain their independent stand; 500 car loads of Hast bound freight w.i- received and about 350 cars of Went bound freight forwarded. 01 course, it the Grand Trunk, Pennsylvania or Baltimore and Ohio lines cut down passengers lares, Central will follow suit. THE OLD SAD STORY. The young woman Kate Lee. who attempted to com mit suicide on Friday night by swallowing an ounce of chloroform whilo seated on the stoop of the residence of James II. Leo, No. 721 Dc Kalb avenue. Brooklyn, sufficiently recovered from the effects of the drug yes terday to admit of ber discharge Irom the hospital. Her maiden name is Kale Harvey, and sho claims that she was married to James H. I.ce by a minister of tlio Gospel at l'alerson, N. J., and that Lee represented to her that be w*s a mimic man. A few days ago sho dis covered that she had l>ecn deceived and lietrayed, aud that her supposed husband had a wife and three children. Mrs. Imhofle, the mother of Kale, *n>s that she came to Brooklyn trow Chicago about throe years auouith lier two daughter*, Louise and Kate.' The girls have earned their livelihood by living out as ser vants. About a month ago Kato eailod on her in com pany wuli .Junius II. Leo, whom she introduced us her husband. Ho told Mrs. Imhoffe, accord in.- to thai lady's statement, that be was engaged in business, and asked her whether ber daughter could remain (or a little time, until he could tlx n house lor her. She con sented. and I<ee visited his alleged bride every day. lie also showed her the marriage certificate, which (be put In a Ik?x, fro* which it Whs subsequently stolen. About eleven days ago her stepfather, Mr. Imhofle, beingsuspicious of the relationship ex isting between Kate aud Leo, ordered her to leave the house, which she did. Le* then lorsook ber. Janus Leo had not been found up to tbe present writ! ng by the police, who are diligently searching lor hlin. Mr. Kutus Lee, father of the alleged bi^Mnift, says that the girl Is au adventuress, ?nd that ber story is entirely false, a* his ?on was never timmed t? her Somo six months ago she piesiiited hot.-elf at tbo house, asking for aims, and said at tuat time that she was going to commit auk-ato. The family, be says, bad helped her In many ways. ??PLYMOUTH liOCK." Tbo steamer Ply mouth Hock Is In tbo great Balanco Dry Bock, at tho foot ol l'lko street, Kast River, being recoppcred, prior to beginning her trips to Koukaway. BOAT RACE ON THE HARLEM. The single scull raeo between three prominent mem bers of the New York llowing Club took place yester day afternoon on the llurlem lUver. Tho entries were:?J. H. Hartshorn. William tireeno and B. Weeks. Hartshorn had the New York shore, Weeks the Westchester and Graene Inside. The course was from the powder ship oil Molt Havon, through Ma comb's Dam, to Moms' dock, straight away, ono and a half miles. TIIE STVRT. The start *u effected, which, when It did occur, cavo Greene a slight lead, wh:ch lie increnwd by good row ing. At tho Athletic Grounds Greene was still ahead of Weeks, who was being overtaken by Hartshorn. During tbe last ball mile Hartshorn by desperate spurt ing, passed bis leader, coming In a winner by nearly tiirco length*. Time?10m. 10k Greene second. TedestrianismT Edward Mullen, champion sbort distance walker, ad vise* that he Is ready to meet William McCann, of Albany, la a 20 miles to 100 miles con test for (5oo a aide, as tbe latter proposes. Mullen is also willing to walk either Brown, Smith, Oddv, McCann, or any o.lier pedestrian In this country, from one to ten miles for $1,000 a side, IB sut weeks after signing article*. athletic entertainment. George Rooke. having been tendered a benefit by hi* friend*, it will come off to morrow evening, at tbe German!* Assembly Rooms. Boxing and wrestling by both y ruice* tonal s and atasleurs nil up the programme. NASHVILLE RACES. i LAST DAY OF THK SI'BIKO MEETlSO?TH* HI* ! PKB, WKATUXBUY AKD Li BUY HABT TUB WIXNBBB. _ I Nasuvillb, Tenn., Msy 6, ???<>? The last day of tbe spring meeting of the Nashville j Blood II<>r*e Association was blessed wilh line weather and ud attendance much larger than any day during tho week. TUo track was in auperb condition, and the , lmlie?' aland showed a largo increase in numbers. | Through the kindness of General Penua|?ackor, Uie celebrated band of tbe Sixteenth United States infantry j favored tho spectators with many of their Uncut sclcc I lions. MAXWELL HOISK STAKE. The first race on the programme was tho Maxwell House Stake, lor three-year-olds, colu and UUie*. Tho stake closed wltu thirteen nominations, but only four faccd the starter, these botng The Nippur, Gril, Bteptoe and Tecalco. Tho horses were started on the half mile ground at tbo start. Steploo went off with the lead, with Grtt second, while Hughes on Tho Nipper seemed to be taking things easy, for a* they went l y the ataud be was third. Around tbe Urst turn there was no change in positions, Stcptoo still in tho lead, and lookiug as though he was run ning easily. Hair way down the backstretch Tijo Nipper moved up and took second place, and at tho finish of tho ilrst nnlo the Nipper, Grit and Step toe wire ail in a bunch. Afior parsing the hall-milo post Tho Nipper went to the Trout, lint moving up and taking second place, with Steptoc and lecalco tailing iu tho rear. lTp the homestretch Tho Nipper appeared to bo running without distress Hughe- having liitn well In Hand. At.the eighth pole Uie whip and spur were both freely used ou (irit, bill ot no avail, lor Tho Nipper was never headed ou tho ruu houic and caiuo homo an easy winner. Grit was second, Ste|?* too third, Tecalco fourth. Time, .2:43. Tho lirst half mile waa luado iu 06)4 seconds and ibe llrst miio In J :4S?rather slow lor tho track to-day. Just before tho start Grit was the favor ite agaiusl the field. Tho riding of Hughes wa.-< very line. His saddle broke in running tho Urst half-mile, and it was dllUeult for liiiu to keep his seat. Had ho bccu on Tho Nipper the llrst day of the meeting Grit might not navo been iu the O'Copner Stakes. OSK A.NU A (JIAKTER MILKS. The second race was lor uu association pur.-o of $150, one aud a quarter miles. The starters were Kgypt, Weatherby and New burn. When tho horses wero stripped for the race no one could detect any luult In tholr appearance. After ono falso start they wero sent oil with Weatuorby in the lead, Ncwburu and Kgypt ru luing ileud locked to tho stand ani arouud the first turn, with Kgypt ou tbe luside. When they had tairlv straightened Into tho baclutretch Weatherby opened a gap of three lengths, aud con tinued to lead all the way homo. Kgypt left Newborn at the half-mile post, and seemed us though ho would muko the pace warm, and did redU'JO tho gap to olio length, but he never could overtake the favorite. The first uille was run In 1 :45.U; the mile and a (|uartcr in , 2:13)?. This race was uiucti talked ol, as tho backer of 1 Kgypt thought ho could easily heal tVeatlierby. In- j ileeil, tho event was a poor oue Iroui start to liuish, and soemod miserable enough to ttio largo crowd who ox- j peeled to see a holly contested run. It looked very 1 much like a "throw.'' MILK It K ATS. The third raco was lor beaten horsos, which brought ? flvo to tho string, 'l'beso wero liatuon, l.arry Hui t, Fannie Mulouo, Highland Vintage and Brown's Asteroid. , , First Urat.? Fannie Malone drew tho track. Larry llart second place, Higlifaud Vintage third and tho Brown Astern d on the outside. At the Ural attempt Colonel Johuson sent tlicm away with tl.e Brown Asturaid leading, Malonu second, Larry llart third. Damon loll at the Siart, the jockey losing his seat, but was put up again, yet too late. Ho whs too lar behind lo save his distance. Bamon was Ibe lavorile 111 lUo betting, as ho had been handicapped at 93 lbs. lairry Hart was second choice, Brown Aste roid third nnd the other two In tbo Held. Krom tho start the Brown Asteroid was never bonded, aud won j the heat bauds down. Ftinnio Ma lone was second, ! Iarry Hart third, ihe Viutugo lOurth aud Damon dis tanced. Time, 1:45 Stc/iul Heat.?As iu tho first heat, the Brown As- j teroid weni oil with tho load, Larry Hart closo up, Malone and tho Vintage running woll together, | a length behind. At the first quarter Urry and the | Brown's Asteroid wero locked. Going dowu lbo back- j stretch the raco was very Uuc, all being iu a bunch. At j tho half-mile ground Hart look the lead, aud from ; there to the run homo nil was easy, as lie wou the heat by lour lengths. Time, 1:44>?'. Tho betting before tills heat was about even between Larry Hart and tbo Brown Asteroid. Thiril Ural.?Under tbe rulo all went O tho stable but Larry Hart and the Browu Asteroid Hotli cooled | well out lor the deciding struggle. At tbe tap of the drum | Hart jumped oil with tho lead, but beloro going tho first quarter they were side by sulo and running fast. j They conluiucd together uulll the half null* was 1 reached, wheu Hughes gave Larry Hart his head, and | he came home the winner of the heat and race by a ; do/.en lengths. Time, 1:4?. The match raeo botwoou Oxinaro and Grey Steel waa not run, the owners making u draw. SIM MARY. Nashville, Tkxn., Mav ?, 1876?Fifth asu I-ast j Day ok thk Si*Risfo iliniNOor the Nashville Blood association.?Kiiist Back?Maxwell Houso ? Stakes, for throe-year olds; entrance $25, p. p.; tho Maxwell House lo udd $31*); second horse to have $50 out of Ibe Blake. Ono mile and a half. Closed with thirteen nominations. Value, $025. U. D. Wilson a: Cu's b. c. Ibo Nipper, by Imp. l'hacton, darn Aunotte, by Islington, 100 lbs 1 W. T. Lttick's b. c. Grit, by Melbourne, Jr., dam Wagnctto, by Wagner, loo lb* 2 4. K Hubbard's ch. g. Steptoe, by imp. Caruveil, dam Kanny Busg. by Ambassador, 97 Iw 3 I G. W. Stowurt's ch. 1. Tecales, by imp. Glen Atbol, dam Volga, by imp. Glen coo, 97 lbs 4 j Time, :1:4a Samk Day.?Skconu Back?Association purso of $150, 1 lor all uges. Uuc uiiie and a quarter. D. McCarty's ch. g. WcaUiurbv. 4 years, by l'lanet, ( dam Imp. Weatherw itch, JOl lbs. 1 W. 11. liabcock's ch. h. Kgypt, 5 years, by riaiiet, dam Lady Harry, 110 lbs 2 , N. 11. Cheatham's br. c. Ncwburu, 4 years, by van- ! dul, dam Lena Harding, 104 llis 3 Time, 2:13 V,. Same Day.?TnitD Hack?Association purse of f250, for beaten horses; $175 to tho first, $50 to tbe second. $ii to the third horse. Those beaten once allowed 7 lbs. ? twice. 11 lbs. ; three times, 14 lbs. Mile heals. Ira 'platuer's b. c. Larry Hart, 5 years, by l'lanot, dam Nora 3 1 1 Lewis Jones" br. c. Brow n Asteroid, 4 yours, by Asteroid, dam Gazelle 12 2 E. t). Klliott's ch. ni. Fannie Mnlono, d j ears, by Jack Malonc, dani Kaunio Uai row. 2 3r.a W. C. McGavick's b. f. Highland Vlnlasc, 4 years, by Vaudid, dam Camilla. 4 4r.o. Jaiues Davis' ch. c. Damon. 4 yoars, by Jack Mulono, dam Faunie Harrow dis. Time, 1:45 1:44.^?1:4d. JOCKEY CLUB BETTING BOOKS. The latest odds offered and taken at tbe American Jockey Club rooms on the principal events to bo run j during tbe spring meeting at Jerome l'ark are as lol> ; lows:? ? I WITH ICRS STAKES ?OSE MILK?UIX JISE 3. j Brother to Basselt. ..2 to 1 Sister to Milner .... 9 to 1 , Freebooter 4 to 1 Killarney 10 to 1 I sultana .??????.??.??5 to 1 Lilhe Belle......... 12 to 1 Baronet 5 lo 1 Jenipher 15 to 1 j Dailgasian ? lo 1 !*yren coll. 18 to 1 Sunburst 7 to 1 Cornucopia 20 lo I i Buator 8 to 1 Dundreary 20 to 1 ! Viceroy 8 to 1 l'.uuc coll 20 to 1 ! Brcuiia coll 8 to 1 11KLMONT STAKES?O.XK MILK AND A HALF?RV* JtXE 10. Brother to Bassetl.. 3 to 1 FrcdcricktoWh. 10 to 1 i Sultana 5 lo 1 SiMer lo Mllner.,...10 to 1 j Baronet ? to 1 Algorlne 10 to 1 liailcraslan. 7 to 1 Maldstoiio colt 15 to 1 i Ambush 7 to 1 Bed Coal 15 lo 1 Douough S to 1 Panic colt 15 to I 1'usior 9 lo 1 Wah la-Wsh SO to 1 i Alarlo.l.. 10 to 1 Victory coll JO to 1 WWTCHKSTBK CCP?TWO MILES AND A QUABTER?SCX Jt >E d King Alfonso 4 to 1 Kildare 8 lo 1 V lator. ,??.????...???5 lo 1 J allies A 8tol | lllg Sandy 0 to 1 Daiuou 'J lo I Si. Martin ti to 1 Jenipher 12 to I ! King Bolt 6 lo 1 Kcirievcr 16 to 1 uriuslcad 7 to 1 CEXTKXNIAL STAkllS. TWO MILES AXD TURKS-QUAR TERS? Rt'X Jl'XE 17. Olltlpa, 4 years, 113 lbs 3 to 1 Stampede. 5 years, 1-4 lbs 5 to 1 AriHides, 4 years, lis lbs 5 to 1 I Tout Ochiltree, 4 years. 118 lbs e to 1 Viator, 4 years, 118 lbs n lo 1 Klug Alfonso. 4 years, 118 lbs 7 to I D'ArtHgnau, 4 year", 118 lbs 7 to 1 Saiigara, 4 years, IIS lbs 8 lo 1 Madge. 5 years, 119 lbs 8 lo 1 Nettie Narton, 6 years, 119 lbs 10 to 1 Lord '/.ollaml, 4 year*. 115 lbs lo lo 1 Uriuslcad, 6 years, 124 II* 10 to I HANDBALL AND BACKETS. The Mad lion street court was crowded yesterday to vrllnuss tho decision of three long pending matches at the abovo games, and Ihe patience of tbe atidlcnco was rewarded by the addttiou of a contest not set down in tbe programme. Tbe first match played was at handball, for a wlno supper, host two games out ?f three, and tbe referee's decision waa as follows:? M. Sayafe and M. Langhrey 1? 21 21?68 T. Fahey and J. Lcnihan 21 16 20?6<l Tbe abore waa followed by a second contest, this time for a purse ol $100. The aoorea at ibe conclusion stood thus ? C Haley and D. Leahy M 21 21?66 P. Sheehan and John Jago SO ? 1??68 ? novel stake of lour suite ot bandnaU cWtlM MM brought oat Messrs. T. K ihov and M. SitedwiM, it influential citi/i'u ait Passaic, V. J., who conlen4?4 agwa>i J. June- and 1*. Buckley at Amerietn r?cketa, with the following rosnlt:? Kabey and Mscdonaid 9 lb 16?3? Jones and liuckley 15 S 14?37 The exciting conclusion of the day's proceedings ?M * very interesting n?"tob between three well known Journalists or tins city and an eminent soicntiflc Irioud i of theirs. Tbe none of contention was a wicker ba?ket, | containing silver topped black hollies, tilled with, a I fitting tluid, ilio loser* of the majority of five game* : acquiring the right to pay for ibe aforesaid parcel, i Messrs. O'Connor and rvon wero allies against Mr. . Hayes and Proltner L whey, and all ol them played with the skill of practised amateurs. The former gen* llctucu were the winner*, the delicate while hands ol Mr. Hayes unfortunately swelling during the contest, and probably interfering with bis final success. Xba score remained as follows:? o'Connor and Fynn 13 a 21 31?Tt Hayos and Leabcy 21 12 19 20 71 THE NATIONAL GAME. MATCH BETWEEN THE NAMELESS AMI ALASKA CLUBS?MX)BE 5 TO 4. The Nameless and Alaska clubs played on the Capt. tolino Grounds yesterday afternoon. The day was at that could he desired for tbo sport, bul tbe ground! Mere in a most wretched condition. Tbe lend ob tained by tho Nameless Club by an error of Rlco'l in the first inning was held by tho Brooklyn ooys until i the fourth inuiug, whou soiue pond balling by their op. ponests, nidod by a bad error in judgment by liigol and a still nioro unpardonable error by Crosby, changed the figures two to ! one against them. In tbo following timing, however, a bad throw by llunigan, a wild pitch by Hankinsoa I and a palpable mull' by Itico permitted tho Nameless ' to tie the score. From the fifth to the eighth inning | tbo scorn remained a tio, uarh cliih having put on two j runs. Thus far. and indeed throughout, it was a well ! contested game, notwithstanding that a number of bad i errors were mado on both sides. Tho pitching and catching were first class on both 1 sides, while hmh lirst husemrn failed to show to good I advantage. The score was ns follows:? NAMi.l.K.SS. ALAKKA. ; rtiiMfr*. .1. K. PImm A. K ' Gricr-on. c. 1 1 7 1.5 llovev, c. f.. 0 1 0 0 0 : Lee, 1. ('.... 0 0 0 0 1 Qmgiy, c.... 117 0 4 I Itiuel, r. f... 0 0 0 1 1 llsnkinsoiip 2 2 0 7 1 ] Crosby, r. I. o 0 3 0 2 Sullivan, L t 1110 1 [ Neli-oii,3d b. 0 0 3 2 0 Wadsw'th ss 0 1 0 7 0 ; Siado, 3d !>.. 2 0 13 4 C.ill|iin, r. f.. 0 0 0 0 0 Woilers,?, s. 1 1 0 2 'J Uiee, 1st b.. 0 0 15 0 .1 Valentine,p. 0 1 0 S 1 Dunlgitn, 2b. 1 0 3 4 1 Smith, 1*1 b. 0 0 13 0 4 Clayton,3d b 0 0 1 0 1 Totals.... 4 3 27 17 18 Totals.... 5 6 27 18 12 innings. Club*. Ut. 2(1. :W itU. MA. 0th. 7 Ik St A. 9 (A. Nameless 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0? 4 Alaska 000 2 0002 1?8 Huns earned?Nameless, 1; Alaska, (?. First base by errors ol opponents?Nameless, A; Alaska, 8. Time of game?Two hours. Umpire?Mr. I.ougbliu, of the Arlington, Club. BASE BALL NOTES. Tho Mutual* play the Unrtfords ou the Union Grounds on Tuesday nest, and on Thursday they play tho Athletics. Wednesday they go to Ulizaboth and play tho Rosolute Club, upon the oecusion ol the opening of the new grounds at that place. The Arlington* piny the Athletics, of Now York, on the Union Grounds, Wednesday. Tuesday the Chelscas and Concords play ou the Capl lol'.nc (Srounds. Tho Hartlords defeated tbe Athletics at I'hlladoiphia yesterday li to 3: the Itostous won a game from* tbe Mutual* ill Hostifli 12 to 3, and the Louisville nine beat the Cinciunatis at Cincinnati 13 to 8. Itain prevented tho playing of a game at St. Louis by the St. Ixiuls and Chicago Ciubs. CREEP MOOR. CONTINUATION OF THE CONTEST FOB THE LUTHKB BADGE?8ANFOBD WINS THE SPIBIT OF 'HIE TIMES BADGE. The fine weather yesterday hail tbo effect of calling a largo number of marksmen to Croodmoor, and bosidet thoso directly interested nearly all of the members ol tho Board of Directors woro presont Among the prominent visitors wore Sir Roso Price, Assistant Ad* Jutnnt Goucral Alfred Taylor, Genoral Woodward, Gen eral Shaler, Genoral Mesorole, Judge Stanton and others. Tho Luther lVidgo match, at 800,900 and 1,000 yards, began at eleven A. M. At this time thert was scarcely a breath of air stirring, certainly up! enough to affect the shooting, and the result was a good rccord of scores, the best of which aro appended:? . Total ( MX)?5 5 6 5 2?3* W. B. Farwell { tKKi?5 5 3 4 5?22 ( 1000?4 4 2 3 3?10?CO ? 800?3 5 3 5 4?20 E. U. Sanford \ UOO-S 5 4 4 5?23 (lnoO-3 -J2 4 5-10?60 SgOO?3 5 4 5 5?22 tM'O?5 3 5 5 3?21 luOO-3 2 3 3 5?10?61 ( WW?o 5 5 3 5?23 H. S. Jewell ] WW?2 4 5 5 6?21 (1000?2 0 5 6 3?15?69 | kOO?5 ?> 6 *1 5?23 J. S. Conlon \ I <10?3 3 4 5 4?10 {1000?0 3 3 5 6?10?68 ( MK)?"? 5 3 5 5?23 L. Gelger < wo?3 2 5 5 6?20 ( looo?1 0 3 5 3?15?08 TilK SPIRIT OP TIIK TIMKX 1UUCK. Tho nost uiiitch tooic place ut half-past thre> P M., aiul wud lor tho new badge presented by IViUtci' Spirit of /he Timn; distanco, 300 yard*. Tho number ol oniric* wm torty-two, ainuu)t whom wore some ol tb? "crack" shots of tho cliy. Sir Rose Price entered IB tbu match, but having a strange gun. which was ( brooch-loader, bo was iinablo to make u very brillianl Bcuro. Ho is used to tho muzzle loading guns, which aro Claimed to bo 'superior weapons by tbo British marksmen. Tho best ucoros vvnro as follows:? Total. K. H. Sanford 4455 3 3344 4?31 W. U. I- arwetl 4 3 4 5 3 4 4 4 4 3-3S Hcnrv Kulton 333453443 4?3< H. S. Jewell 4 4 3 5 4 3 2 3 4 4-M II. W. Gourley 4 4 5 3 3 4 4 4 3 2?30 G. W. Smith 3 3 4444 2 44 3-35 B. K. Valentino 3 2 2 4 3 5 4 4 5 3?35 The now targets invented by Mew*. E. H. Saulord ntid H. S. Jewel! woro tried in the 3JO yards match, and woro lound to work very well. POUGHKEErSIE RIFLE RANGE. At a mooting of tlio Hudson River IJiflo Association It was doclded to take tho old range at I'ouglikecpsie lor another year, with the privilege of live rcuewals. Various improvements wore decide! upon, and Colonel llodino was Instructed to supervise thcin. Tho range will be placed in flint class condition; new ranges ol 2iio. 5o0 and 1.000 yards will bo laid out, tho markers* pits ana signals are to bo of the latest style, and the lurgcu will bo of tho Creedmoor pattern. MINIATURE YACHTING. It was to bo regretted that yesterday was not M lectod for tho regatta of ono of tho numerous cluba who make their boadquartors at tho Prospect Park lako, tor a more dosirublo ono (or tho sailing of th* tiny cralt could not have been wished. A large num ber ol the ow ners of tbo tiny craft look advantago ol tbo mild woather and brisk south wind and were at th? lako with their boats, pacing away tho afternoon la scrub races, which seemed to amuso and Interest them to lliclr hearts' content. Tho most conspicuous among tho yachts were tho La Bayauore, of Mr. P. Brasher, which has undergone considerable al terations since her trial a wock ago and which baa beeu improved accordingly; the Florence, Captain Jenck, recently built by Coorgo Dayton: the Little Uat, Captaiu G. Hraistod; tho Kobert Center, Captain Boss Collins; tho Comet and tho Juno. Tliore was one very pretty and exciting scratch lietween tbo sloop Lo Bay adore and the schooner Florence, the Interest id which was enhancod bv the fact that both boats are new, and us yet neither ha* had a fair clianco to test Its merit*, iho La B i.vadero is the lar^obt sloop thai sails on tho lake. She atd bor opponent each showed good qualities. The ltoticrt Contor la alao a now boat, and bor worlc yesterday rightly led her owner to ex poet from her achievement* of no moan nature. The well known Comet was oti hand as usual, and the Little (?at ??showed up in good order.'* Several hundred peo ple congregated about tho lako and enjoyed the sport. Next Saturday promises to be a gaia day atnoug the devotees ol this delightful amusement who rendezvous at Prospect Park, for on that day tbo American Model Yacht Association and the i'roxpoct Park Club each hold a rogatia. That of tlio former Is the o|?tiiug one of the c.iub. and it la expectod that every member will eutor a yneht. This club numbers among tta floet minis ol the largest and fastest yacht* that sail on tho Park lake, and tbero I* no deutit that the appearance they make next Saturday will bo nv*t interesting. The Pro-poet Park Club will odor prues, to be competed for next Saturday. THE AMERICAS CUP. A letter of Inquiry haa been received by the New York Yacht Club Regatta Committee relative to the challenge recently issued by Mi^or Gilford, command, lng tho Canadian yacht Tbo Countees ol Dufferlu, ask ing tho terms under which the propoeed International match la to be Nailed. A special meeting of thi New York Yacht Club will be held on Tburaday evening next, when all question* pertinent to tne aatyeci wiU be Anally determined. YACHTING NOTE. The aloop yaebt Lucille la on the Marine Railway at Kejrport^NW., overhauling, and will soon he reed#

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