Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1876 Page 10
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Are We Ready for the Opening on Wednesday? THE PRESENT CONDITION'. PhilavkU'UU, May T, 1870. Plina.'.clpbia is in a buzz of expectancy. Although this t> Ibe Sabbulh, u day cue would think bold in awo * Id solemn Philadelphia, tlio town is as busy us a (air. All the streets leading to the Centennial are thronged With spectators. Tbo tars aro crowded. Tbo day la warm and still, wub a timid breeze comiui; up from the river aud the Jersey sands, scarcely bold c-uougb to more Iho "Dags of all nullum*," wbu-b blusaoin out from ibo mus-'ot buildings forming tbo Exhibition. Oue wonders wbal it will be in tbe midsummer luouilis It this baking i Weather comes wilb ihu sprint;. I bate tulcen a carelul survey of tbe whole all'air in order that I may toll your readers what they may oxucct If they eoine hero ?n Wednesday, aud I can think of no uioro exacting task for a warm day. A geuerul look of the Exhibition | fives the Impression that it is hopelessly behind in all I respects, that there is no po?sibility of it being even in i eomparutire state of readiness; but ibis is not borno nut by u careful study. It will make a much better lbjw on the opening than ut Pans or Vienna. Three i days remain bcloru the ceremonies, and Mireo duya will accomplish wonders, especially under the disci pline and Impulse which move everything about the 1 Centennial Let us look at the mnin bulldiutr. Chill, tbe Ural notion which meets tbe eye as you enter, Is well udvaaced and another day or two will bring her assortment ol loathor and minoruls into compieto readiness. Peru, which makes a modest and sprightly display. Is for ward and will be "at heme" to visitors on the opening. The Orange Free Stales have a oozy corner near I'eru, and beyond a little clearing up have little to do 1 um ?urry I cannot say as much lor China, which makes a pretentious display, but has still much to do. ^oucatcb glimpses of bronzes and earthenware, and exquisite specimens of the art ol this strange people; but it will be a monili bcloru it Is complete. There aro Several ingenious temples und pagodas, which will givo this department a rich orienul aspect; hut patient, itolid John works with us much calmness and aoliher ?tlou as though he had three years before him rather than three days. Ituly is almost ready, aud even in thU mass of confusion the tuste aud lieuuty of the Ital ian native ure conspicuous und enticing. Here 1s one table of flashing pearl, aud a J'ri* Dieu in carved wood, well worth a journey hero to see. Tiio Scandina vian nations are in a group, and ure <|uito ready. The display of ceramics, aud filagree work In silver, from .Sweden is Oue. Altogether theso three nations, Sweden, Denmark and Norway form u most inten sting part of the show. Passing from the cold, gray uorth across the narrow path which divides it from the blaz j lug east wo aro with Japan, in some resuecls tbo must notable department. Japan Is still behind, aud 1 could ! not see much activity among the cunning, bright-cycd ' llttlo Mongolians who wore moving about the boxes, j but enough is already visible aud in place to give ?? an idea of her most interesting civilization. Kgypt i is entirely ready. The character of this peculiar, aud In tome respects not altogether dosirnble country, Is seen ! In the portal, which is cherry, aud over which Is an in- ] (crlotiou sotting forth iu hieroglyphics that His High- j ness tho Khedivo had built this arch to commemorsto I . his friendship lor the great Kepubllc In this the bun- I dredth year of Its existence. I could gain no idea of j what was within tbe enclosure, beyond an cuormous i crocxlllc, who, with a label between his teeth und his 1 s< alc* freshly painted, (ruve suggestive memories of the j Nile. From Eg>pt it Is only a pace to (ireat liritaln | ?nd her nest of colonies, which are bore In a group. ! Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, nil are hero I under the wing ol Mother England, who sits brooding over her offspring, us it were, marvellous, noticeable, Jar above any other country iu the Exhibition Eug laud aud all her departments ure well advunced and ready lor tho opeuing day. Canada makes a lino dis play, and there aro some exquisite woods from New ' Zealand. Whore Turkey and liu?sla should bo there j are blank spaces. Tiiero la an odd contrast iu the fact ' that tbe Sick Mun in Eurupo and his powerful enoipy ? should here lie sido by side iu this humiliating coudi tion. liul with Turkey it is indilferencu or inlsmau agerncut; with Hussia it is tho result of uti accident to the steamer carrying the exhibits, which broke a wheel uud put in at Plymouth. It will be the 1st of June beforo Itussia is presentable, and Turkey is so uucorUiu tbul there is some talk of for feiting her space. .S|>aln makes a nohlo display, ul though she has a good deal to do. ller jiortals are beautiiully decorated. There ure portraits of Columbu* and Isabella the Caiholic, and a legend, leiutifully paints, of >paiti throwing astdo the curtain und dis covering to the world tho land of iho setting sun. Austria, which, historically, should have plaoe near Spain, Is lar advanced, aud promises to astouisu us ou Weduesday with her glassware. In Ucrmuny there aro largo gups to fill, but already there are promises of wonders in terra cotta and tapestry. In the cen tre ol the main building we have muny line ?Uccb?, notablo among tliem tbo coming together, is In a focus, of Germany, America, England uud France. Here Um displuy will be brilliant and itnpos . B'R- Tbore is a lour sided trophy, dedicated totue tour continents. Alrica Is hulioied Iu tbo Uames of Kainebis and Sosoairis; Asia, Coulucius and Mohatu Sied; Europe, Shakespeare and Charlemagne. Those leloctions are unique. but when we com j to honor the whole American continent, with iu varied national ities, with tho names ol Washington and Frank lin the Iimitaiiou Is grotesque. Could Mcx Ico, or Peru. or llrazil, or none of the lauds beyond and about tbo Equator give us no name that we should fiud only our oan country as the field Oi selection? Uut we suppose something muet be par doned to the Centennial spirit, and the |>oint is not worth s controversy. In parsing beyond tho rotunda we come to France. That luoat interesting nation ?hows finely In uu exhibition, and although her work is not quite Dulshed It Is far enough ou toward comple tion to Jusiily us In believing that the display ou Ihe luth Of May will do honor to the gcn:0s and enterprise ol her people. Neither Belgium nor Switzerland will do aa well here as ai Vienna, und neither of tliem is ready; but the Netherlands will, m some respects, be among the gms of tlio display. Nothing could be tinor than the decorations iu purple and gold which surround the portals of tbo Netherlands. It i? in Striking, but not disparaging contrast to itrazil, its oeigbbor, nil blazing with light and color and fantastic decoration*. I was told that I would see much to as lomsii me in Kruzil, aud it cortuiuh does make a com aiendsblo display, much belter thau ut Vienna, where It was uot among the least conspicuous features of tbe Ex|K?sitiou. Ura/ii and tho Netherlands are both ready, and iho workmen are busy to-day puttlug on the final touches. Mexico Is much behiud; the woodwork Mill criputiled; but iho work men are busy, and there will b? something to show lor that interesting Republic Portugal is simply a col lection of boxes, and reminds one of (be Lisbon earth (tlake in its chaos. As to our own country I cau ouiy say iu u sentence or two that we are uheaa and behind Hand; that some oi us are ready and .nine of us not sud thai ?e shall i*? in a tumbled up coi'tiluoii on nedn-sday unless our exhibitors and their workmen lo miracles within the n. xt three days. A l'HOliABLL MlitDEK. At half past four o'clock yesterday afternoon Ellen Valsh slabbed Morris Murphy in the abdomen at No I Mulberry street. They wcro both under tho infiu soce of iKjuor and Morria had called her foul names on the stairs. She rau into her room and got s largo hrcad knife, follow, d him und Inflicted the wound, from which his intestines protruded. Morns was sent to tlio Chambers Slicel Hospital and Ellen having b*en identified ly ibu dy,ng nian as the persou who *i?hi<cd hini, was arrrosted. Captain Lottery luiornxd a Hkk41.!> reporter thai -lie Is the wile of "Desperate Mike." a notorious character IB the Htxtb ward. Coroner Woitmaii took Mnrpbv * ante mortem statement lasi night. Ihe prisoner said that he hud never quarrelled with his p?.-ailani, i>ut that she bad had some trouble with his wife yesterday morning. Ellen Walsh was then committed by tho Ootomt to await tho result of Murphy's injuries. DIED Tox.?Snaday evening, May 7, Da wo Fox, aged 39 fears. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited lo at tawd Ike fttnerai, from tho residence of his brothar, IsIAVml No. S Morris si , Tuesday, at two p. M. I0wr OUur Vmuu Of MmM WASHINGTON. FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT. W*suivutos, Muy T, ISTd. THE BELENAP IMPEACHMENT TEIAL?THE PRE VAILING SENTIMENT ON THE JURISDICTION QUESTION?rOWIErUL EFFECT OF 1I1L HOAlt'u SPEECH ? A BANQUET TO THAT DISTINGUISHED MANAGER. Sine? the speeches of Managers Jenks and Hoar, In the iin|?achmeut trial or ex Secretary Uelknap, public opinion has undergone some change ID regard to what the decision of the Senate will be, as to whether they will claim Jurisdiction or not. From conversation with several Senators it ia apparent tbat lew of the republi cans have made up their minds and will not until they have heard all the arguments on both sides. Some of those who are lawyers tay that Mr. Hoar made a very strong impressiou on the minds or thu Court, and tbat the doubts iu their minds oh to jurisdiction were some what cleared up. Tho two most I'orciblo suggestions made by Mr, Hoar were contained, they say, in the pas&agos where he stated "that wo had no safeguards of the constitution to throw away," and that we must distinguish between "public clamor and public opin iou." If the vote bad been taken a day or two since It is believed that tho Senate would have decided not to take Jurisdiction. Ki-Seeretary Uelknap has been considerably disturbed by tho telling points made by Mr. Hoar, and bis cojusel manifest a great deal ol con cern as to tho issue. Much will depend, It is now con : ceded, on the strength of the argument to be made by \ Mr. Jore. Black. The friends of Mr. Hoar gatberod about him until late i last nlgbt at a banquet to uttest their admlratiou ol his address to tho Impeachment Court. Tho party seemed also to have more siguiticunco as a political movement, two ol the most prominent candidates, Messrs. Uristow and Ulaino being i-roaont. the former conspicuously on the right or Mr. Hoar and sharing in all the houors, .vhile Postmaster General Jewell, Messrs'. Hale, of Maine; Dawes, ol Mass., and other distinguished politl ? ciins, supposed to be favorable to Mr. Uristow, lent their presence to tbo occasion. Mr. Blaine withdrew some time belore tho feasting terminated. Every one present was in tho best of humor, aud when Mr. Hoar paried with them at <|ulto a late hour ho proceeded home to correct tho reporter's manuscript or his ox teuued remarks. The democratic managers have shown creat tact and shrcwdnets in giving Mr. Hour eo conspicuous u positiou in the argutueuts, which Is con strued to mean that the repuollcau side must be well moved in the debate In order to removo a supposed re luctance to hold that the Senate has Jurisdiction iu tho Uelknap case. The Senate will not give a decision, it Is thought, until alter Congress shall havo returned front its attendance upon the opening or tho Centennial Exhibition. AN IMPORTANT INTERNAL BEVESCE BPIKIT | BILL?DETAILS OF ITS PRINCIPAL FEATtTBES. An important Internal revenue spirit bill will be In troduced to-morrow by Mr. Whiting, member from the Fifth district of Illiuois. It makes tho tax llfty cents, compels revenue agents to give $2&.U00 bonds and fixes I their pay at $7 |>or day, provides lor weighing of spirits at distilleries and for uniform methods or surveying and ascertaining capacity; It ombodles tho amend" ment recommended by the New York Produce Exchange exempting tax paid goods from do. teution, and sorno other provisions favor able to dealers. It embraces somo features of Commissioner Pratt's bill, but none of tlioso recog nized as hostile to trade. Mr. Whiting's district (tlio Peoria district) Is the largest spirit producing district In tho country. It is cluhned for the system of weighing spirits In stead of measuring by volume of gallons or barrels that It will obviate fraud. Tho plan Is already in use in the case of oil und has worked successfully. Thu weighing of spirits Is practised in England. This is the tilth proposition before Congress for the amendment or tho law on this subject ol Internal rcvenuo taxation. THE EFFORT TO BECCBE M'EEE'B PARDON? VIEWS OF THE PRESIDENT. With rerorcnce to the efforts recently inado fo secure a pardon lor McKcc, of thu St. I.ouis Globe, it is said that the Prosuleiit does not desire to take any responsi bility in the matter unless Judges Treat aud Dillon and District Attorney Dyer first unite in requesting a par dou. The Attorney Uencral has written Dyer insisting upon an expression ol opinlou, and the President will 1 not act until !u:ly advised by the Attorney Genoral. AMUSEMENTS. THE ST. AGNES CONCKBT. A sacred concert was given last evening at the church of St. Agnes, Forty-third street, und was attended by a flue audience. Tho following artists nnd amateurs wero among the volunteers:? Mmc. G.u zautga Albltca, Miles. A. Sanger, Purdy, A. M. S.iyer> Lottie 8iuipson, Signor Uugottc, \V. C. Uaird, Pro-* lessor Sultnson, Messrs. T. Baldwin, Kcidcll, \V. Dolan uinl Mons. liaston Blair. Among the gems of the entertainment was the violin solo by lions. Oaslnn lllalr and tbe "H> iuu to St. .Stephen," tho words ol tho late Ur. Cuiiiinlngs. and the solos bv .Mines. llryati Kob iuson and Uszzanega Alhlles and Miles. Purdy, Sanger, Savor atid l.ottie Slmp.'on. The proceeds go to ward assisting the completion ol' tho building of the Church of St. Agnes, now in activo process of crection. The energy aud untiring zeal of the pastor, Father Mac. Hawaii, displayed in >o rapidly advancing the erection of bis church, so much needed In that district, and sue ccvslully combatting t the difllcultie* of building in these udversc times, are highly commendable. MUSICAL AND DRAM t TIC NOTES. "The Star of the North" will bo produced at Booth's Theatre to-night by the Kellogg Knglisb Opera Com pany, with great splendor of scenery and costume. | There will be 400 persons, a brass band, a drum corps, . a battery of artillery, all on the stage at once. ! According to the Vauioit, Keruda, tbo Bohemian i musician and the inventor of tbe polka, who had rc : tired lor some years and was living with his wllo at his country seat near Prague, has Just b?en assuasi ; nated bv robber*. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN bTEAMEBS. DATES or DKrABTLKSS FKoM NSW YORK FOR TflK MOCTUS or MAY AMD JI NK. fbsna r Heitlua 1 testing ? A Scbolteu C'itv ol Kieluiiond >.UTDI...n California D'.i.iU t' . tt > omliik IV,.liO W tela .1 Male of Imliitna... ! |!ll..|V|? Khein Oermanic Rotlinta KrUta Maae. Clty. t tIIii. 1lie '..moon Victoria Idaho. Hate ot Pennsvla. fimbria, f ncland. Celtic Ofit*. 4 Howltmr (<reea *il Vr??l*t* ? Hii>?<l.w*? i I > HrsMwav ,Ht< Broadway T liowIiiik i ,pe?n il Uvwlluir Oreon rmxlwM* Broad* a? 4 llowllntr tireea Hroalwa* 7".' UronrtwaT 7 Bowline tir^en Bowline Oreen ?7 llroaowav 4 lioartiMir Oreea ol H-oadwaj ? * I Kroailaaf l.'> Hr . ..l? ?V l'madway 7 Hon line Ureea ' K?.w|,n ?-rt-rn Hroa l?s> 7" Hmailwn* iil I'.roailwar (0 llroadwar .17 Broadway rj-SOTlTK TO CAPTAINS OF VRMtlJ IN Till? COASTING AND rottKIUN TRADR-t'aptalmor officers of *.'aarl*cnita,-c<l la theeuaatlas ?r foreign trade, uWiviofi tho displacement or romoral of >?a buoy*, aro requested to com utuaicate tbo tact to the Ilrsoi.D. ?o that It may Its br n :ht publicly to tbo attention ol the proper authorities A latter sddreuod "to tha editor of tbe Ukbalo. Now fork city," truing at accurately a* possible the number and position of displaced baort or tho cause of their removal, will audita in all ca?f? obeened along the Atlantic an I Paciflo eoaau of the American Continent When thee are obsei ve I on tho count of .Kuropeao countries or in the Mediterranean It is leqnesied that Information bo tent either by fiegraph or letter to the laafcs utlice of the V? w Yoaa llsaaiD. 4rt lleei street. l?on<1nn. or to tbe I'arie office. HI Atenuedo I'opera. Pari*. Where the telegraph It n?ed <le?|?atehet ina> he addressed "Henaett 4?l Klect street. Uinlua," or "Baanett, 61 ATaune de I'Opera. Pari* Where ia?e? ol dl<plaroment are obserced In the ? atera of eonntrlei bejroad tbe rrai-li of the teh'j;r*ph, a? in A^iaOl Atrtca, MK>tai|ia may eonininnleate with na upon retching the Aril convenient port Tlila laforinatton ?ill be cabled tree ol charce to the II rRAUi and pulillahed. *,??>< >ri? K IO PAPTAIXS OK VRMKtl* tNTIMXfl THE polir ur MKW VOUK AT NHIIIT? The Voa* II > u * vo bat adoiited a dittin?oiOilng I'- inn altrlit ti 4:1 Ai lor n?c on board the lhmi.11 ateam v trill. tbochM while burn int.' the colors red. no n. red. chanirlau It no one to the other III tncecfcsiou. and can bo wen trreral laitm ditlaau < 'ap taiiw of ?< ?acl?. i.i? 11 teatas thta stcMl. will oblige i?? hr |, ??r marine Hr?? they way liare tor tha Ship New* Depart mi 1 m ol tbe llcntttA fQM'ertotts detiruut ol counaianicatlas with restelt irrir lair at Ntv York can h it br addrautag ta men nwu ear* ol FI iKii n m*i yacht, piar No. 1 But River. Now York. Letter* nc?lv?4 from ill parti ofthe ihU aad promptly da liveryd. Duplicate* ara required. ALMANAC FOR NEW YOEK?THIS DAY. AXD MOO*. | moil WATVB. "**? ? to I nov. Island. ...morn 8 05 .unlets..., T 03 j Sandy lloolc... (oom T 20 ?*? r"1'' ev? ? ? | llell Gale. morn 9 50 PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 7, 1876. ARRIVALS. BirOBTtt IT TUB HERALD BTKAJI TACtm AXD UK?AL? WIllTKITONR TKLEORAFO I.IXB, Steamer Cltv ?r Richmond .Br), Droit?. Liverpool April 27 and Qiu'ciiati'wn 2SiL. with u.dse and tiuvbrers to J O 1 *lo. Mhv 3, lnt -IS W, lou 4b 22, pa**<<d ktenaior Adrlutie ? Br>, hence lor Liverpool: 4tli. lat J3 14, Ion 51 34 a law Iceberg; ? tb. Kt! miles ,?,<*? o' Sandy Hook, steamer Cltv of Mii<.i.?r (Br). hence for Liverpool; time day, H4 mile* do of do. klearner Baltic (Hi,. do lor do. *? Steamer Wv.uniair flirt. Price. Liverpool April 27 via ({ JH aith indue and paaseuwer* to Willtati.* k Steamer Donau ((Sen Buwiu*. Bremen April 33 and Southampton 25 with mdse and 44ft paocnger* to Oelriebs ? i^prL' ,? Ut 1U MV (lfl- l>???#'l ? Kay 11 <11 bark I hound I' showing sit-nal letter* JPCD; May I a 4.113 ?{???"??? '"'"lid E. showing ilirn .. letter* I KU MP; 5tli. tat 41. loa 62 35, a Cunard steamer bound E ? same day. lat 4<l .i?, loa 04. steamer Switzerland tBolri lit*i?f*e tor Antwerp. * " Steamer Crinima (Br). Llddlcoat. Bermuda May 4. with mils* and passe nirxr* to A K Oiiterbrldirn. Steamer Wyanoke. Courb. Richmond. Citv Point and Nor ?l.iu C" m pawner* to the Old Dominion Steam >b p Continontjl. Clara. Dublin 45 day*, in ballast to lie t.root * l eek. May 4. lat .t7. Ion 7ti. Fraaeal* Debracklet, *??""??". IS year, ol a r- a native of Belgium, fell tie. niuintopmiil yard, and died 12 hour* aftor; was buried at ?** 110 xt day. Ship Jo.epl.lne (Nor) Smith. Havre March 23. In bal order" r?b'"* * '? uuclmred in (Iruvosend Bay for ship Lnrctta Fi*h (of Tlioma?ton), Carney. Cnllno Dee 12 with icuano to llobson. Hurtado & Co: ve*wl to Snow A "'?'*d t ap? Horn Jan 3H; crossed the Ki|uator March 31. In loo 43; Jan I'll. off lalkland*, had a nTJi'l lo*tinjj inruo day*. In which apraug rnuln ' toBFifncb**KdT^Tf,08verdn,p' Liverpool 43 dare. In balla*t Bark Calcutta (Italj. l.auro, London 39 day* with mtlse i to ordor. ! v 1Ur,k i>,cur B">f??t ?> day*. In ballant to i fla" wathft 4,1,8 w,Qt^eru and bad ; Ill irk Ankiitor (Nor), Traver.trand, Nor. 45 dav*. In ballaat to llockmann. Orlein & Co Bark Snlatne iNor), Thyveaan, llambiiri; 75 dav*. with : ni?K? ti. order; yen* I to (; Tobias A Co. Came isimthora I a>**eo and hud variable weather. | Bark I'aul Ocri h latt. Anntcnlam, Stl day* in ballaat Kale*' ' *** * ' wilh urnnc NVV | Bark Thoma* Flet' ln-r. Pendleton. Dunkirk 44 dav* in bnllast to Clias L Wripbt .t Co. ' Bark Kbanoxur 'Nor. NeUi-n. Oenoa 48 day*. In ballaat to otder. Pa???4 Gibraltar Vt.rll 7 llark Oulaepno V (Au?). Volpe, Valencia 66 day* In bal lant to J t, Seacer BarkCnt-Pt i"ri lllne*. nio Jan?lro 5<) dav*. with cof n "h i*. , . P.h r" i* C ": vo,"?l to P*"<lorKa?t Bro*. IIad litrlit uindu tht? entire i?a??sape. Bark Norah .ol Bn?ton). Hall. Polnt-a Mtra 15 dav* with luirar to H A Viable 4 Son*: ve?*el to Miller & lloairhlon. Hark J H Chadwlck lot Portland). Howe. Matauaaa 0 dni'? with aiiKiir to lioniei. Klonda A Co Bark Cyclone .Br), Korbe*. Motunaa* April 34, with sairar to order. IUrk ('arlottn lot Turk* laUtid). Somers. Cardcna* 14 dav*. with ?uffartii M Morgan: v?,se| to n B Dearborn l urk Masonic, l.acr? CardenaaO day*, with to J M l ebnllo.H; vessel to J K Ward A Co. ClIaaLuilnir A^Ca'" ^'nn?*' s**oa " day*, with tugar to Itriir PaupaUlacomo iltal). l.auro. Sm>-rna ROday* with miise to order. Pa-n -d (ifhraltar. Mareli M. Brit Maria C.uceit* iltali. tiii'llelniini. Palermo 70 d?v*. with Iriiit to order. patMfd (iiin altar Marcti IS. lUi-r.Iohn Wei th (ofJ'biladolphU), Armstrong. Porto Ca bHh. lNdav*.mith cofTeo to Dalleit, Hli?a !(;?; Ye^l to fc.vaim. Hail X < o. Hnberl Mowc (of New Hnvnn). Dearborn. Polnt a I it re 14 days, wltll *u( and moUk&ca to II Trowbridee'* honx. llrljr Charley (ofParshoro. NS), Hanaon, Point a Pitre 15 Son*' * "Ufar to hwan A Son; vo*?cl to PJNoriutA Briir A S Pennell (of Portland). Beck, JJoulc. Ouad. 18 davs, with nid?c to Haiullu A Son*. ? .l.S. S "''hnn. Aquadilla 14 da%*. with snvrar to Mrown, i)o. Bri^' Daniel TrowhrldiM <..r N. w Haven). Mayamie* 13 da>>. with molass.-nto 1) rrowlnidire A Co. llrli: Kinrllne (of Maltland. NSl, Lovan. Sarna 13 dav* with ?uKar to Cha* LoIIdk A Co; vc**ol to J F Whitney Brijf Akbar (of lbtehlai). Thompaon. Cnibarlen 11 dav* ?Uh snpar to J M Cebullo*; veinol to SlMpaon, Clapp A (0'. ?C?^V"WU- Gr!m*- Calbarien 13 dav*. with s.ivar to h D Morgan ; May 2. off llattera*. bad a ?r.ini 8? veerlnjf to NW, limtlu,' :?! hours: stovo water ca.k and Marled vess. 1 leaaln/; 4tli. lot 17 4H. Ion 7.1 I . Npoko ?iri|f Uilejr Smith, diNinaniui before re ported). retoriiliiL'to New ^ ,.rk : wanted no aaslatnuco. Selir Adeline hlwood. Iloff. Santos 45 dav*. with colfoo to 'quator April J 3. Ion 38 (15. schr Urn Dcmltii; ("f trials 7 HodKinct. Nitevita*. 12 davs. will, tnolauo* to Thoi Dweni A Kona; re?*el to Jel r rye tl < o. Sel.r ltd ward Walto (of Portland). Lee. Cardena* H dav* Hnute"A*Cot0 ' Miut,,rn 4 vessel to Marcus Sclir Clara K llorer* lor Maclil.*). Ro|>cr*, Cardcuas 10 dav*. with aairar to K Richardson Schr C E PaIko (of Philadelphia). Crace. Cardenas 10 Jlays, with molasse* to order; vcsnol to J II Wincheitar A Schr Itebocra Shepherd (of Philadelphia). Roblmon. Trln W WeV",! ve?'l rto W"U M'?"r 10 -S 4r?!^4"*N'?Vvrsei^^ *u" Hclir I Kr of Cliela -a for Kit .worth i. Cooduln Baraeo* 14 dav*. with fruit to J Luhl A Co; Muv 3 lat ?5 "), Ion 74 *poke nrlir in S I .irwll, h"iicn for Bararoa Sehr \ lctor Pul? lofB.M.thbav. Me). Plnkham. Baraioa 10 JU*' . ^ ll'ilWi Vessel to J R Staple*. Sehr Win Doittrlasi Melndoo. Uaracoa 11 davs. with fruit to (.oines A I ??arsall. M.ivJ, 2S miles north oT llattera* ii ^ t.raie. broke tun in boom. *to\e forward liouae* kpiit fore and itmiu .sail* and lu?t b?retoi>Haii. * Sehr Annie Le* ofMa. hia?? liOon, Jacksonville 8 dart with lumber 10 Drew it Buclil; May .'I, lat 35 21. Ion 74 15 bad a heavy northerly rale. ' .to;'':?"'n:d.ner!T:;I\'.M,,!tnr>Ken,,n'llnt 7 dHy?-w,,h n"?' lumber to'l'f'\V "Uh Mohr Kranei* Merwln. Pierce. Savannah ft day*, with lum ber 11 T A W ?1nIi ; ve??ol to hvans. Hull ( o .UuCM.VinT ,,0?lc.r;'l??*ard. WashiiiKton. N'C. ria Phila delphia l.i dai *. with naval *tores to W K Hlnaisn A Co Sclir Mary h l.aultiu. Fuller. Kli-bmond. Schr May l?av. VV Uteri nan. SuO'olk, Va. Srlir.1 P Ca'.e, Soov. Viruinla. S. br L P Pl.aro, Anderson, V|r;rlnin. Schr Jo*enh Maxtl-I.l. St?elman, Vlrs.a^ Schr Sarah Ivans. Vlr-it.ia. Lucy U'ri -ht, KUlii*. Vlrcinia. Schr Aiylla IIearn. Moore, Virginia. Schr II T Wood, t.'urti*. Virginia. Selir S D Barnes, WMcht. Virifinla. Sclir Yankee D"odle. l?o?e. \ iririnia. Schr Jus Veldrun. ? araller. Virginia. Schr J H Rnpp, Cole. Virginia Sciir Ad-llxa. Loy.dand. Virginia. Sclir A P Avery. Kllicn. llaltimore for !lew Haven. PASSED TllKOUtifl HELL 0ATK BOUND SOUTH. Steam or City of Fitchburu, Styrlnjtor, Now Hertford for Now York. Steamer Klpetri. Younjr, Providence fur New York Strainer Tillie. Ewin& New London und Nurwicn tor Now Tort Schr Moll. Mend, Greenwich for New York. Sclir Hare. McNaiuee. (Ireeuwich for Now York. Sclir Salhe Burton. Hurlev m<i niora fo- >ow York. >c!ir Samuel P Uodwin, Williams. stmntordtor New York. Sclir Rebecca A Harriot, Hawk.n*, N?w Haven tor llobo ken. Schr A C Klndherc, Jlorton. Bancor (or Philadelphia. Scbr f.illio O Wel|?, Welle, Proetcronce for New York. Sclir Toxhs. Davis, Now London for New York. Scbr Win WJtltnev Titus/Providouco for New York. Schr Anson Brown. Milla, B?aiitord for New York. Schr Pattirnaett, Hsckett, Kail Klver lor New York. Sclir Kva Odell. Kllle. Htonlnirton for New York. Schr 11 F Mt???aey, Lewi*. Portland. Ct. for Philadelphia. Schr Margaret lane, Kennedy. Providence -or New York. Srhr H !l T1 initio v. Adams. Providence for New York. , Seni* Pantheu. Illli, Newport for Now York. Schr Frank Herbert Crowill, Bath for New York, Schr William Penn. I?onir. flock port, Me. for New York. SchrJohn Anderson, .Johnson. Not walk for Now York. Schr S S Smith Snow, Wareham lor New York. Schr Anthony Burton. .Johnson, Hart I ?rd for Ne w York, Schr Mary K Ilugsn. Iloiran, Portland for New lork, BOUND EAST. Steamer Bolivar. (le?r. New Yoik for New t?ondon. Schr H Merwin. Bunce. Port Johnson tor Providence. fl-'hr tempest. Lacy, Trenton for Providence. Sclir < Just. -"caman, Trenton tor Hartford Schr Jennie C Kits*, Norton. Port Johnson for Providence. Schr Addic PAverv, Avery, Baltimore for New Haven. Sclir iiemliutf Uailroad No ,'i4, Adams, Philadelphia for Hartford. Schr Stud, Allen, Tr??utnn for New Haven. Schr N Berry. Nlchoft, Am'io.v for ito-ton. Srhi tinle. Mills. Trenton for Hartford. Schr Ob tunc v St John. Pardons, Atnboe for Boston. Sehr Alexandria, KaiiPiin ilium, Port John sou for Boston. Schr Drtvlii-ht. tiroen, Baltimore for Bcltawt. Schr K>e er. Pendleton, New York lor lp-n ich. Schr Commerce. Wo??lmrd, Koudout for I'ovtoR. Schr Kims Hisi, Lewis, Amhov for Providence. Schr Helen Mar. Ward. Port Johnson for Providence, NchrJ II smith, Winchoster, Port Johnson tor New Bod ford. Scbr IJHie Krnlstlno, K>llv, New York for Stouingten. t?chr . hief Smith. New Vork for Norwich. Schr t'lialleiice Terrv, Amltojr fi r Providence. Scbr Annie K Ru??ell, Cliattlcid. New York for Portland, Ct. Schr Convoy, French. New ^ ork for Boiton. Schr C.lenwooJ, Howard. New Yor* tor New Redford. Sc br Annie (Thane, liibson. New York (or Ureenport. Schr Highlander. vYoods. Port Jobnsou for rislem. Wind at sunset. !*W Itsrmeter ?t itmiet. 29.90J a* midnight, 21189. OUR MARINE COllUESrONDENCE. \<?fOHT, R. 1., May 7. I87A. At about five o'clock thi? morning. during the thick log, the ?tcamer Providence. of the Kail Klver line, on lier way from Now York, ?trurk tha Brltlah bark ? Jrean Hem, Cap! Callutn, of not fur fjuehac. which arrived Ml thli port In diatrea. yeaterdajr, Ironi New York. The ha-k waa anchored In tha outer har bor und th. ili'?m?r feeling: her way to her dork at thlt port. She .track the bark he: d on ,iul ro,i.lJrrahljr ?lam ar?d bar M?m ; foriunatrly ?ho did tiot NrltMl; injurs her. The captain of th. Utter .Mian that the .learner niu.t hara ?trained bi?\e??ei. at aha leak, twiee a> much to day aa the <!ld ve>tcrdar. II>w hi ll w*l ritnif all ni|;ht. Tha bark wo anchored dlteelly In the track of ve tela, aud w ithlu her lonvth of the >|iot w here the ill fatid Knittlah I.Kik Heaklo U<u?r? w.? run into a,i,l ?nnk br the .icmner Itri.od, AD.ti-t '41, 1*71 Alter c?n?lderat>M delay ilia ?traioor rea. hrfd Iter dm-k, and a boat nat >ent to the bark i? it ,tni a.'i.tance w?? neeled. Tiie cantata of the bark further alatc* that the liarlwr ina.ter diu not niHlf* lilm that he * .<< Ivin r In tlo- ateamrr'a (rack, aait tf I, had lint done ?.? lie wouid hav.- nioted tier The ?lcatuer pr-tirded to f al, Itiv r In weather .ttatnor. k>? tlironvh the Inner harbor, hut In tgm weather they v-ome through the < titer harbor, a. there i? a|>t to be but kw vca Mlt authored there. MAlilTIMK M ISC ELL AN V. Hflllt lit v. 01 llo -iht'sy. before reported a-hor. at Cape It I. !?>?> n ?< I I a? ?h? I <y ? to Kredcrick ti.t|ea, of C ipe Potp^ia*. lor tUl alie #a? owu. d by It 4 C k. uuia tan and W M Itrnr. of Bootbbay. and wu valued at tUU); uot Insured. Will probably be a total leas. Si'hk David J Auiii. of Salem. baa baaa purchased by Mr lleurv Prlund. ut Gloneaster. Scum (i c.triLK. Kldrldge, at Wickferd 6th from New York, will: corn, uiliixl leaking badlv, LniimniBK a Irak nlultt of 4tb. uear Poiat Judith, and had to naurt to IM pump*. Hchb Paba. t'hitae. trom Kirhtnond, Va. for Hio Grunde, put i 10 Bermuda May 3 with .head of fur?maat sprung; would repair and proceed. Katumk Pout, Mar I ?Steamer Sardinian. which arrived to-day trout Liverpool, when about five mil** eaat of Capo Boiler paaeeii the steamer Phoenician. ship Glenbervle; bark* Ota an Phantom and Clydesdale. and eome aiaty tall, all ainoag tbe I at*. The Sardinian passed through a heavy Held of Ice thirty mile* above Cape Rosier. l*OHTi.t>ii, May 3?A achooner bailing from Ellsworth. Capi Youug. from Sullivau foi Mew ? ork. with etavrs and Loadiue. sprung aleak and wan run ashore on Baker's Island liar April 27. Will coma off Waiiumuiok, DC, May 7?The Signal Service Observer at Cape May report, to die Chief Signal Observer a* foi loas"keeper ol stutlon N'a '14 report* the ? br hinellne McLean, Capt Youug. trom (Juincy Point for Philadelphia, with ?!i ton? of Meat, athore tinea last night on the north bar o! Towummd'a Inlet and lull of Vaicr. She look ?aila and tigging off to-day. D li Bills A Co. of Vuincy Polut. are the owners." SinrRciLpiNU o.n Long Islaho?At (! roan point Messes Smith A Terry have contracted to build tar If C Sogers A Co. ol Kultou Market, and other \?*w Vnrk poi tiet, a novr achoonur smack. lo be commanded by F M IteJmoud. to be launched in Julv and enioltiyed lit tlsbiue. Her dimensions will be :?Krai. ."j> lect; beam 19 (1 feel: hold, 7.3 leet. Win Smith, et blue Point, la buildln* for Daniel Combe, of Mllhiirn. Qut?nt couuty, a sioop of 37 feet keel, 15 feet beam ?ml 4 leet hold. Wni Willia, oa North Haven, Bag Iiarbor. U completing a finely modeled yacht. At Moriches Oban Terry It building a fine catriirged boat for Joshua Terry, of that place, and another el similar rig lor Now York parties. Laibcmko? Another porrlo fishing steamer of about 73 tons. from Merrill's yard. East Dec ring.'May 3. bho was towed to Poitland Pier to take iu liar machinery. WHALEMEN. Arrived at Honolulu April 'JO. barks Josephine. Ilamill, Ml, 1UU hbls up; Aeon Barns. Illckmott, do, 10 do do. At Honolulu April 7. Haw brig Onward; barks Rainbow, Cogau, NB: Camilla. Ludlow, diag. Suilt'd from do March 27, bar?s Onward, Lapham. NB, fnr the Arctic; April 1, Java 2d. Ki?her. do, for Kodisc, tlth. Northern Light, Miuitb, do lor tba Arctic. A letter front S io ? -urcltco dated April 28, reports ship Marengo. Kelley, NB. at Onualaaka. April 7?all welt Bound for the 1c. wbirh vrss very heavy. A letter from Capt Wiuslow, of bark Com Morris, of NB. reports her at sua March 20, bavlug taken 320 bbls np oil this season; took one a hale, wnicli stowed down 1(1 J bbls. Reports bnrk Pacific. Burden, witb HIO bble this season: Junius Gifford, 4-VJ tp all told Heard from, bark C Vt Mor gaii. Tinktiam. Nil. having taken 3 whales. Was bound to rayal; expoctt to be lu by April. SPOKEN. Ship I,ir.sle Mosea, Cox, from Bremen for Philadelphia, May 0, off Kre Island. Snip Attracana (of St John. NB), from Liverpool tor Bom bay. April 18, lat 44 N. Ion 13 W. .-hiii Kastcru Star lot Liverpool), from Plymouth for Que bec. April 15, lat 4o 20. Ion 20 47. Au iron tliip, signal NTH P. with S topgallant ynrda. from San brauclsco for Liverpool 1*2 da)a, Feb 20, lat 27 8, Ion 2U W. Bark, showing QCBL, from Galveston for Gothenburg, April U, lat 43 5, Ion 31 W. Bnrk tii?r iBr;, fr.m Palermo lor Philadelphia 14days, April H, off Capo Paloa Iturk luipero illr), bound west, April 17. lot 01 N, Ion 8 W. Bnrk William (of Ilallfax, NS), from Antwerp for Hamp ton ikmda. April 7, lat 39. Ion IS. Uurk Cluudia iUar). Irom Ml?o lor Hampton Roads, April 13, lat 44. lou 13. Bar* Twelfth Juno (Hp), from Savannah for Barcelona April 8, lat 3S, Ion 42. Bark Oanl (Rut), Dahlberg. from Liverpool for Philadel phia, .Mar 7, off Barnegat. Bark Agrtioria lot i.ive'pooh. from Cartbugjna for Que} bee. April 11 lat 37 X, loll 3.' W Sl.lp Hoo.l.*y, l-rost, trom Batavla, April 6, lat 28 SO N, Inn 1lit It. Bark Karat-n Ltniraard (Nor), from Havre for Hampton Roads 111. lat 4H :m. Ion lo 4(1 Bark Alamo (Oer), from Ualvotlon for Gottenburg, April 0, lat 43. lou 4.1. Hark Nancy Holt (Br>. from Liverpool for Wilmington, MO, April 23, 3i miles sW of Ballycmton. llrig Montor (Nor), from Meaaitia for Boston, April 12, lat 20. Ion 3U. Sclir Jacob M Hank ell. Crowell, from Loudon for Boston, April 24. off St Alban's Head. OUE CABLE SHIPPING NEWSL Ahstciidaji, May 6?Arrived, bark Haakon Haakonsen (Not), llouge. New York (not arrived at Rotterdam). Antwrbp, May 7?Arrived, steamer Vaderland (Bolg), Raodle, Philadelphia. Failed 7tb, ship J aims B Lincoln, Lombard, Cardiff. Bklfast, Mar 5?Arrived, brig Subra (Br), Charlton, New York. llKRCitll?Railed, steamer Bt Olaf (Nor), Philadelphia. Bkbhrn, May 6?Sailed, ship Constantia (tier), Ktichlken, Pbiladolphia; barks Uauaa (Oor), Steengrafe. Baltimore; Sebastian Bach ((ier). Saustedt, Philadelphia; Astronom (den, Klopper, New York. Ckitk. May 5?Sailed, brig Mary M Williams (Br), Iianna, New York. CAiiutrr. May 7?Sailed, ship Peruvian Congress (Br), Power, Singapore. ltc.NUkg, May 0?Arrived, bark Bertha (Oer), Sclmltse, Darten. (, to May tl?Arrived, bark Busy, Heard, l'aler] mo. Tor Philadelphia or New York; aehra H C Wiuthlp, Iioaue, Trapani for Boston (see below); Win Frederick, Ames, do for do. Gknoa?Sailed, bark Antonio Ferraro (Ital), for New York. Hatrk, May 6?Arrived, steamer Frlsla (Oer), Meyer. Iluinburir for New York. LivKKrooL. May 8? Arrived, ship Btrathearn (Br), Daw sou, New York. Sailed Bth, bark Wild Hnnter, Twsmbley, Savannah (not prevtonaly). Lowturon, May 8?Arrived, brig Etta (Br), George, Bull River. SC. Mapbas?Sailed, bark Mary M Bird, Packard, I<ondon. May 3?Sailed,stoaracr Sldonlan (Br), Edwards, New York. J', May 5?Sailed, brig Atlas, Powers, St Thomas. Rica, to May 8?Arrived, Camilla, from New York (?). Rkval, to May 3?Arrived, ship Annie M Law (Br), nil ton. NewOrlenna; barks Gentoo, Staples, New Y'ork; John Johnson (Br), Ualns, do; schr Mattle W At wood, Newcomb, New Orleans. Ramgoos, to May 6?Arrived, bark Carrie Humphrey, Grosier. Cardiff. l.OKPOX, May 7?Schr Henry C Winsblp, Donne, from Tra pani for Boston, has arrived at Gibraltar leaking badly. Bark Balcarrr (Br), Johnson, from Iquique for New York, was spoken March 3, no Int. Ac. with loss of spara. SPOKEN. Ship Mtndoro. Bray, from Boston for Melbourne, April 4, lat 3 N, loa 20 W. WEATHER RETORT. Falmouth, May 7. PM?Wm1 G, llsht; One. FOREIGN PORTS. ' Berucda, April 29?Arrived. bchra I.ord Maro (Br), Hali Ik*; I.*urn. Roberta. Philadelphia; Vnf 3, l'ara, Chuo, Itlchmond Va, for Rio Grande ?ee iiiiscel). Suited April 2* *c!ir Meteor < Br'. Dunwomb. New Tork; ??tb. brie T II A Pitt Br. MollU. Philadelphia K.itukh Point. Mat '?Arrived. steamer Sardinian (Br), Dulton. Lirorpool Im Quebev. IIonolplc. April is?Sailed, bark Coiomo, Ijall. guano I?land?. Svi.vitr. SiSW, March 24?Sailed, thlp Edgar, tor San Franciaco. II'kr SrKJtMlR DnnAtr.1 Axrwhnr April 22?Arrived. Harmony, Pintmore, Buenos Ayros. ALKtlimtli, April 11?Arrived. Ada P Gould Merritt, Philadelphia. Akvai. March 22?Arrived. ()?#cn, I'nlfnn, Rio .1 anelrn. Huvat n, April 21 ? Arrived. Auiru>te, Von Marten, Now Ortmatta. Rrrokh, April 18?Arrived. Protector, Kalck, Pensacola; Garibaldi. Kavonbor*. do Homiay. April 1?Sailed. J B Walker (?), Green, Mar Milieu. C.iuk, April 22?Sailed, Thule. for Rlchibucto; Iride, New York. Coctu.f. March 27? Arrived. Wild Wave, Uatcliclor, Gan Jaia. i'At.<-irTTA. March 2??Sailed, Star of Rrunawick, Rich ar<l?. New York. l>o? II, April IB?Railed, SkidMadner, fur Kernamiina. i DinUN. Aj-ril 2.'?Sailed. I'rretn. M iraniichl. I Arriied at KiiiK?town 24th. Empire, Leckia, Ran Fran cisco. Di kkirk, April 22?Arrived, Pauii.ita La Provont, New | Orlcatm. l'.ii.mouth, to April '22?Sailed, Canada Belle, for London. ' G uiuittM i.K. April 24?Sailed. t'alyoao, Xielasn, V tie bee. GUI mar. April L'2 -Sailed. Permod. An.lemon. Quebec. t|?nl22?SalL-d, I'orotito, Carroll, Halifax. Gaihvy. Vprii 24 ?Arrived, Boadeveunen, Philadelphia; A?Mne. Blix. New York Gmsuiiw. April 22?Sailed, Scotia (a), Halifax. Ac, via Liverpool. Grkknock, April22?Kalled. Ornen. Haug, Quebec; Trow bridce. Retina, do. GkNiiA, Atirii It*-floured. H II Wrirht, Myert, Leghorns 20th, Micliele Plraaao. I'moco. New York llALKixm.l, April 21?Off. no date, Mindcfc Icgebretien, frcm Bnitiiuore for Sunderland II aviik. Anril *0? Arrived. Meets, C'r.Vhr, New Orleans Hailed .'nth. John Llddell. Watti t'erilnf, 22d. Gen *>>ep lev Hnt<-hin?, St John. XB; Alexlna. Beinier. yueliec Cl>nrrd22d. Mile, iiobbiun. Sydney, CH; Khone. Hoary, Batliurit. l.ivi Ni-ooi., Apiil 22-Arrived, Jullm, Kranck. Wilminf. ton, MC: 2!W. t'hioa iti, dill. New York; Knneberic, Plimr, New Grleana; Corn< lia t'brl-l<n?en. Uerien; Art. I la), latoater. Savanaah via Havre;Alice ill, Kllia, New (Jrleam; Adeltrnnde, llolfaard. Pentacoia; 24th, Arioa, Lauren, Danen. s-illed 224. Candidate. Daviaon. San I'ranelaeo; Solertla, | OI?ea, Quebec: Pauline, Banniitan, do: Adeline C Adam*, I'allun, Cienfnema: \V I. Burroughs Smith, Sandy llook; I Medea, Gundcnten. Baltiin.ire ; .1 a- l'ake, Haben.Ciiarli<tln . town ; Solertla. Onen Three River.; CraiKla. : San Fram-i?e?: 24th. Hreiiiwn. Heltuerx, Sandy Hook. ! I.iimdox, April 22?Cleared, Ainmtlao S, Pletraplanl, N'cw I York I.txh, April 22?Arrivad, Kraljevica, Kverlinga, Balti more. LiiXlK>!iDKR>r, April 10?Arrived. Cattina R, Suttora, Baltimore; 3<tli. fapri, Marker, Pliiindelpbia. Sailed 21 at, Amlrltia, Reiinet . B vltlainre: 22d, Gun. dn, ! l.takKK a. April 22?Sailed. Norn*, Vathie?ea, Miramicbl; Cluiatopher t.^oiuiuliua. IkcWrr, I'hifatielpliia. LltMiN, April 17? Arrived. Aiualic. Ileaderaoa, Balti more; l*"h. Arbitrator <ai. I.lverpool Nailed KUb, I'oaatante. Ivattdrh, New Y'ork. .VAMrroRT. April 22?Hailed. W II llarvey, Philadelphia NKi iulh, fc, April 22?Cleared, har>boroti|{li. lor Que b?C . laabella. do. NinruHT. Anril 22-t'iearai, SI Apnea, Ball, Cadiiand St John. Nil; r.llida. NlMaen, Montreal. urottto, April is?Arrived, Harry Stewart, Larrabee. Baltimore. I'imartu, April 21?Sailed, Alice Bead, Killeraa, Ba tavia yt KKN*T0ws, April 2:1?Sailed. Paollna ft, for Dublin; iUntku Moon, II11II; Kraa, Liverpool; Nova Heotlaa, llani barf. Hot km. April 21? Arrived. Preaident Uaaa, Clean, New Clleaua. Hot ri rdav, April 21?Cleared, UlanfaUcoh, Johueon, Montreal. SWAXXSA. April as?Arrived. Caloalat, P** Siioukham. April 23?Sailed, Koa, dcher-'. SwiHKatao*. April 20-Arrived, Midlothian, Krickeam. Baltimore. _ _ , Skvuxk, April Id?flailed. Walter P Parkar. Davie*. V*L?*CIA. April 18?Arrived, Occidental, Dunpliy. Pabel loii de Pica. Sailed lsth. E! Capitan, Lincoln. Caaliarl. Waiuikx Poixt. April 21?Sailed, Ilolfnunf. rretwurst, Miraiulchi. Uc.odalk. April 34?The briraatine Jessie Cooke. Caoke (nislsc) ' from Beaton. laat Kingstown, has arrived ai tne quay tliin tide and berthed. tjitkKxncK. April 24?The Lady Clarendon, from 'J*erpool for Que liec. which put lato Queeuatown loth Inst, witn mainmast Bono by the deck. also with Io?? or mtsxentop must aua toietopxallanimast, arrived here la tow yeeter day. IIatrk, April *J1?The Anne E Krani. which arritfd hen- yesterday frote New Orleans, had Jlbboom aud drlver luut broken. Qciuuawx;April 2S-The British Lien, from Greenock for Quebec (met;, put la Uere leaky. [Pen Stkamuii Cirr or Ricnaoxp.l ANTwrar. April 22?.Sailed. Herbert c Hnll.paeidiy. Sydney, CB: Ncf, Chrlstenaen. America: Roea, Ulll. Phila delphia ; 25th, Old Dominion, Nichols. do. A msykhiiav. April 22?Arrived. Auiitv, Gray, New Orleaus; 23d. Braje, hrruiUen, do; Columbine. J rdin. Savannah. AXJKit Uarcli IS? Arrived. N B jynton. Blanchard. Bio Janeiro, for orders. Uiliajit April 23?Arrived. Anxllan (W.Antwerp; 26tn, Maraan, Thomas, Bull River, bC: Ada Iredala, Napu?n. l'oitland , . . Saued 24th. M C Smith. Smith, Sandy Uook; Oeainick A. Oa>l?ii'k, Delaware Breakwater. ... Honours, April 22?Sailed. Acadia (e). t raig. New York; 24th. (iuldlo. Paolillo. do: 25th, Moss. Jacobean. Quebec. Arrived 24th, Jennie Cobb, >mal1. Newlork. lUMcaLoaa, April ID? An Wed. Klavla, Meristaay, Savaa * HaMBlll, March 21?Arrived, Premier, McUllvery. Liver Deol Hukmk*. April 23?Arrived, Talka, Catharine. Sieiners. Philadelphia. ,. Rabkov. April 26?Ballad, William \eo, Pfclffera, Mon treal ,. 0 t'AKkMAiivoM, April 23?Arrived. Irene, 1 erry, Sa vannah. _ Cauoirr, April 24-Clearcd, B L Lane, Murray, Rio Janeiro; Ida. Queboc. , ., , . Sailed 27th?Laura R Bumbam, Phillips, Padani". Ida, Morris, Quebec. . .... , Coax. April 2<l-Sailed, Lewnora. Henry, North America. Capm, April JO?Hailed. Bene. Andnmu-an, Olooeaater. Calcutta?Arrived, Pblneaa Pendleton, NicboU, Bum Ciiabkste, April 25?Cleared, Robbie Burns, Murray, Quebec. . ? . bulled 21at. Frltblof, Jeremlassen. New York. lUiraNUAOHK, April 23?Arrived, Koblna, llagen, Jvew l)i al, April 24?Passed by. Emma Vittora. Philadelphia for Boston; 2?ltli, Aicaatino S, I'letraplana. l^ndon lor Aew York; star of liopo. Little. Kan Vranciseo tor Antwerp; 27th. Western Shore. McAllep Astoria lor llnll. Arrived 2?th. Pearl of India. Dunkirk lor Quebec (and anchored) : Thomas Hamlin, Webster, London lor Montreal. Ofl 2?>th, Pluen. Tbouipsen. Sunderland lor Montreal. Dl'NCXsts*, April 2d?Passed by, Graf Moltk, Oblf, from New Y ork lor Htoitiii. , .. Duvaa, April 24?Off, ao dite. Post, Guudersen, Tor ftcw Duouuuda, April 24?Arrived. Perm, Dahl, Baltimore. Di'm>as. April -4?Arrived, lixnorter. Brio'is t'alcutta. Di hmn. Ajirll 24? Arnvod, Pauliua, New Yoik; Kmplre. Fun Ki unci-co. Smled 2t>tli. Nnova Margherlta, Now lork. Sailed troin Kin^ktou 24tli, G W Hall, for St John. DaKWIc, April 22?Arrived, Syra. Cornlnic, Baltimore. Dinkikk. April 24?^all?d. I'eiirl of India. Quoec. Klkimiiu. April 23?Arrlvod, Elisabeth llamiltou, Stew art, savaunHh lor Koval; Dlriuo, Mobile for Ueval. LAMiaouu.HK, April 24?1'ataed by, Peter Youuc, from 1 olnt Irfibaa. bound eust Klektwoup. April 24?Arrived, Alma, Toblat, Pensacola; Tellits, .louiibsen, Calvcuton Sailed 2.'>th, Poinoua, Jonaasen, Miramiche. Pal?ouiii. April 27?Arrived, Kong Oscar, from Pors erutid tor bl John. NB. Sailed 25tb. I'oluinba*. Quebec; C P Elwell, O'Brien, Rotterdam: 27th. Marv Coodell, liammon, Groenock; Join SUttlo?en. Morrlman, llumburg. KuKDiwUic'kiiUAi.P, April la?Arrived, lima, Albethsen, Suvinoab. tiLUUCMtaa, April 2?? Arrived, arov Manoorstrom, Olsen. GiiA^iiKaotTii, April 24.?Sailed, Norma, Rernecker, M"lHKrxocK, April 2(1?Arrlvod. Odd. Nellsen, Galveston. Sailed?24ih, Martlno, GerKenti. Montreal: Europe (s.I, Lawson. Boiuliay; 2lith, Waldeasian (a.), Quebec; 27th, Sirio, Stuimricli, Montreal. Olasuow, April 25.?Arrived, \oner, Hendrleksen, New Orleans; 2i'iib, Kong Sverre. Aske. I liiladelphia. Sailed?24th. O. C. IrumpfT. Traveri. Montreal. Oibualtaii. April II?Arrived. Luciano .Serra, Cacace, Lieatu (and cleared for Philadelphia); 12th, Hornet. Hop kius. Mi-sKina (aud cleared lor Philadelphia; 14th, Kldella, Neal. Mi'ssina land cleared for Philadelphia) ; 17lh. Nuovo Kniflia Celestlna, Staiace, Legiiorn (and cleared for I hlla ^Uksoa, April 21?Sailed, Nnrden DrtiDulng. Toblaaen, t)ueliec: Veteran, Gage, Palermo; 23d, Michell J ica?o, Vh LU," \prii 21?Arrived, Colombo (?), Whitney, New Yoik; 2(ltli. Ambota. Abara. Ba titaoro. llAKTukroot.. Npnl 2.??Arrived. Loch Heet, Robertson, I Portland, O, via Queenstown. , _ . llkLVOBT, April 23?Arrived, E II Duval, Trofry, Phila ^Sa'lVed 234. Saron, J ohiuon. Montreal; 24th. IlAVItK, April 23?Cleared, Donata Is), Galgey, Llver ailed 23(1, Rebus, Petersen, Sandy Hook; 24th, Elinor, Tliorsen, do; Eon/Carl. Hunriokaan. da Sailed troni Paulllac 23d, Indu.trle, Larson, Mlramlchl; Acadia (?), Craig, New York. Hamuuiio. April 22 - Arrived, Hammonla (s), \o?i. Phila delphia, tico sLollield, Korsalth, Lobos. LirkurouL, April 24?Arrived, licimanic {s), Kennedy, New York ; Stanley Sleatli. Curd, Caliton.St; Krna Asbjorn scii. New Orleans'; iliunle 11 Uerow, lierow, do; Koiilngen Augusta, Heiisu, lialtiiuore; 2.">th, Aretlc, Hrehtou. New York, vluborough, Mclajau, Norfolk, Ya; Aros Hay, Mcln tyre, Vaneonver'x Island; Pennsylvania (si Harris, Phila delphia : City of Limerick (a), J amieiwin, do; llrothera, Pratt, I Now Orl-ans; "Ji'tli, Marutho.i (si, Carretl, Boston: J ? OolHn, I'l.l-lioiui T aeolapau. .Vex ; J B Brown, Keaser, San Franelsen; Prussian .s), liitciile. Portland, Me. Sailed 24tli, Kxpress. Haivorson. Charleston; Stdnvorrt, Mcliitusb, st Jolin, NB: -<oi??ard. McGregor, do; Siberia (si. Harrison. Bo-ton; 2Utli, Ohio (si, Morrison Phlladel phia; Et-ypt (s.,UroKau, New Yark .laat two left Q'leena t-vvii Jvthi ; Imperial, Crotilty,. Yokohama via Cardiff, Savannah, Tehelmann, Koval; 27th, Scotiad), Llndqulst, "cleared 22d-West Indian (s). Rock. St Thomas, Ac; lino ratore Francesco liulseppo, Preniuda, ftew York; Algeria. Browtioll. Sydney. CB; 21th, Henna, Mcl-oou, Keen. Matsnsaa; La.(oga. Trowbridge, New York: Serpen, Backer. Philadelphia! Melboarne. Johannesen. Mlramlchl; Maltea, Cosullcli, New Y'ork; Elwell llarstow. do: Bel Stewart, tillllel, Svdney, ? B; 2.'itl?, Annie E lillloi, Klltot. Hampton Road.: Ilutli Topping. Ericksen. Kiehmond, Va; Fenulek. Johanaen, Windsor (Nsi Ac; Royal Charley. Siuclalr. Ualbousle. NB; w al burg (lute Tardai. Hansen. Mlraniichl: Csar, Kvendsun, Ouebec 2Bth, Countv of Plctou. Munro, Plctou, NS; Anna filter Ouebec; Zcalindla. Allan, do;, Bayiimiid, do. Wiiuourn, llalliday, do; Mutd of Orleans, llonghton. llathur.t, NB: Maggie, ) rquhart. Halifax, NS. London, April 2.? Arrived. Rydal Hall.Sydney,C11; 2uth, Elmsione. Bragg. New York; 27th. Canada Belle. I Indale. r?>r(0 Turri't; t'wwl* ?), Miiuner. Now ???rk iand vuicrea out ii? reiuru) ; He* llolb", I'liUudflphiii. Cleared 24th, F II KocUiiiu. W adiu. Quebec; 25th, New World, llaniuiond. New York; Draupner. Nielsen. Quebec; 2?tli Holland (s), Siiupeon, New Y'ork land lell (?raves?nd same dav ; f! C Yauhuru. Hooker. Wlndaor. NS; Amster dam. Ilaanum. Quebec; tlor.sandc. McMahon. ( Iiarlotte towu (and left Gravesend 2"tln : 2itb. Jason. BeJirk0, Q"e bet; Tli os Cochran, lay lor. Bostou; Minla is). Welch, llall fax; Soiidienorgo. Taralaen, Quebec. Entere?l ont 24th. Utopia ai. Cromarty, New York; .oth, Severn U). Skinuer. llalltax. ,, . . SaiieU fr< ui (iravesend 2jtb, Humboldt, Mew York; Ajas *'LowVsTorr, April 26-Salled, Skimmer of the Sea, Mon "lixkbii-k. Aprt! 26 -Arrived Paolo Rovello, New Y'ork. J..ih. Vion^ Karl, llanaeu, Quebec: Bonita, Murphy, Saekville; K-inprlns Karl. Olaea. lacliibucto. La u lash, April 22 ?Sal led, \\ alilo, Estea, Havana. Li itii Ypril 25-Sailed, Deltlno P. Landino. New Y org. Ltcuuoax. April 21?Arrived. Thos J Lancaster. Hunter. Yalvncia- 22d. Nomad. Ia\ ue, Genoa; Olympus (?), Broan, Liverpool; 23d, II 11 Wright Myers, Genoa Lisbom. April Id -Sailed. Clias W arJ. Oay. St t bes. Mkssinv April ID-Sailed, t! C lUbtnson. Hevereux, Phll adelplila: '21st. Nelson .at, Simpson. Now York. MlDDt-EsaoMH'Uit. April 2*1?Arrived, MSI etersen, trick gen, UuUiinoro. . ..... . M aassluis, April 25?Arrived. Tanta, lvuudsen, Wllming '' NrwcAan.R. April 14?Cleared. Eunice Nlcholat. for Que bec : 2.')th. Weylandt, New York. NKWPOttT, April 21?Sailed. Avondale (s), Montreal. Nkw Ross. April 21- Sailed, N P Nielsen, kuudesn. New 1 tiroHTO, April 21?Sailed, Edward Jobnsoj, Beam. St Pxx.vHTit. April 24?Sailed. Allco Reed, Kelleran. Batavia; I Don Quixote. King. Singapore. April 22-Saited. I'lllao.Bnhr, New York. pAttLLAC, April 21? Arrived, Jenny Cobb, small, >ew ( ^ i'lx \ng, March 14-Arrived Mllo. Kracht Geet eanir. j UlKMsTOV!!, April I t?Arrived, Elisa Keith, Power. I en ?ac' for Cork, 25th. Daslueo (?), Rcmushau, I hlta j " isall'Jd 25th, Herbert Black, Dublin; J W Coflln. Liver- i pool: Argonaut, Itotwrdaiu; Star of Hope, Antwerp; Ida | Trcdnli', ^ a. , , I Kkval, April 22-Arrived, Carl Georg. Stocber, Charles- I '"uoCKH, Apiil 22?Arrived, Triade, Tarabochla, New Or- j 1C""'i-lixrOBT, April 25? Sailed. Mereator, Meidel. Tnree I Riven; Ansgar. Ccttersen, Miraiulchi. RtMiHNix, March 17-Arrived, Prince Patrick. Peterria, L Cleared'March IS. Columbia, garter. English Channel. StuogHt.ANi), April 24?Arrived, Mailan. Tbotup'on, I en ""salTed 2IMh, Sisters, Thomson, Montreal; Sarah A Staples, Nleltr^oii. Hoftton. . .. , ? SiitKi<i>8, April QdlfcH? Mwy*; f.nnice. Nlehola*. da. Ml loru April 24- Sailed. Gaspatd. Nellsen. Baltimore. Sliiai, April 27?Arrived. Matbllde. Bredeiiboig, llaltl more. _ ... ? , Milled 23d. lotia. RagnsSn. New Orleans. RorraKUAH. April 24-i'lcaied. Y icior, Jaeobsaa. Qaebec. 8t?;rrc?. April .-U?Arrived. Midlotblans, Ericksou. Bait:! "savum, April ll-Sulled, Helen A llolmes, l'.ldrldpe, BT?UM>4, April 24?Sailed, Anita Owen, Rickarda, Mstaa ' ,*T*x?L. April 21-Sailcd. Kalervo, Flstrom. Baltimore. 1k?rvai. April -Arrived. Ilenry C Wlnahip. Doaue, 1 Genoa and cleared 13th t'T lh?toa>. ? Cleared loth. John F Kratu, 11 owes, Boston ; 13th, ? m '''tbaLmJ April '34-Arriveil. Gleuroe. Mackler. Baltlmora. WiKHkis Point, AptII 25?Arrived, Zio t.oienso, Bri?euti, Norioik ... * sailed 2>hh. Ilraione. .Ilivari. New Yi rk WxvaoL'rM,- April 25-Sailed. Lulu. tUvan. Sydney. CB. \Ta ran hump, April 2j-Hailed. N P Nellaen, Kuudsoa, New York _ ., ZA>iir.?a. March 15?Sailed, Solomon, rergueon, Akjab. Canmrr. April 2tt?The Enmore >?). liolmaa. arrived bera 2H.I Inst from Buenos Ayres, repoits that In the e illlsl"B ua Feb 2?. )>ff Chleo. with the Belle lliMiper ipreviously ra Mrteil), the steamer had (dale* nu slarlaiard bow I ulgel in. waist boat and cat and llsli davits carried away, aad sus tained other damage. LiiwfMix. April 27 The der liet ship Great Britain wae fallen iu with April 8. la almat lat 42 N. Ion 17 IV, by the Francois Felix, Charles, arrlvod at I'auiilae, IriMii Mar tinique. Liverpool. April 23-The ship Oilmy, arrived here frnm Sftn KrinHicw, luut on? of her m??*hof? ?t??l dftii auc to wiiuti ?* ?>? ll?c nlicH? *?f IImi Jl?4 lm?i off Hi* b?%r iowe<i inio the by tl?* lug Knight Tom|>l?ir. 'JtHh-Thf J B Brown, nrrited l!il? diy from S*i? Fr?n# elsco, litts been in eilllilon In tl??s river with the 01 MtNtTey ; Inter had bow iprtt unit b<?s*?l4e*r c.?rri??t liwuy. Kam;(n).\. Marrh Tbr m?ftcr iKinUy? of tlit rhito mone, wl.kU H.r?%o I nerc MktvU IT. reports that tb? i icbet) of the I.ochffoll. tr.?ni Calcutta for Now loc*, jumped overboarU am! wm drowned. AMERICAN PORTS. At,EXANDRI\, May 4-Arnved. echr* Alhti New York; Darid Clarksoa. and Mary b Smith, Crom tor WaHlmuton , _. , <t.Am I Sailed-x hrs Harriet THoaaa, and Rkoda Uolmas (bom Oav.getowiy. lor ?^ PhlU^lohlF0* >ekr Clark. I BOSTON, May 7?Arrived, brim Mattle *B Russell. Tark, Matnuia>. Sparkling Water, lluehfcorn, Cieafuetfoa; scki* H Cr.iw#il. 0rowell, Baltimore; Ruth Shaw, Shaw, ?>"?*??lphla. Malabar. W,bh. Elisabetbport. SJS.J'W Neptune. 'a"ALTIMdHE, May .V?Arrived, ilraotri Johns Hopkins, u?ll""-B??ton via Norfolk; Tuckahoe. Brown. Newborn * . i ?-?banc*. Sew York: bark Prinds Oscaf ? u"?*tU\'BZTK9U ? KhnJuiXEnuui, Decker. New lark ; Haute V k.lut. Hoadall. Beaton. ' l?V?d~r.",?!u'r KBsabelh. Clark. New Tork. Sailed?Sblp Shakespeare, Bremen; barks Ckristel. do; Si .U!?l .** d T'Ts* r>B- Drogheda; Junlter. London; i:. 0.1*"4' fortU"d: ? hr J H Stlekney, Barbados. tttli-Arrived. itoinrr. Number* (Gen. Jseirer. Bremen; uf ? i -Nc: s?? Outt. Lockwood, rUn... V?JiP f.irrif 1 ? Hojjamann. Bremen , bark Si * rtlltO vltill), (.UOfllO. GloUCMttr ' Ki-kr (Iaa ff Young. Mar*hall. Rfekmo?d!Me. ' B AIm.arrived. steamer P W Brune. Foster. New York; ?ehrs * 8 Downer. Thompson. Richmond. Me: LA Burnliam. Harris. do; Jolia T Man*.m. Manuin, Boston *?"* I'rorldenea; bark SI ? Hall, Pastnriao. Queenotawa: ho. (Nor). Tbnmeaen. and ( erea ,Nur>. fMaen, 1 ralee; brig Saga (Sw), Bncstroa. Aal borg (Denmark). Also cleared. (teamen Klekapoe. B-own. Newbern. NCi Martha Stevens. ( hauee. New York: schrs Rodnov, Parker. P*^?'-Xe" Haven; A C Lvon. Jeffrey, New York ; Kllle t Smith. Weeks. Boston; C C I.ane, Lane, do; C E Elinor. Corsou. dn; Alabama. Rw. Saro.Xt. trailed- Barks TuiupUr, SI. Alberto Attagrscla, Cures, and brie Saga. 7!li?Arrived. Meaner Octorara. Reynold*. New York bark Save (Nor). Faleb. Christlausand; Nadre Cerutl dial)' Marchess. Siigj; ?ckr Walter E Palmer, Randall, Cai dt'UH* BRUNSWICK. Ot, April Arrived. schrs J A L Bryan, Lee. Charleston: De Mnry Gray. Brewater. do. May 1?Arrlvod. achr Harbinger Dodge. New York, lid?Cleared, schr A fi Irclaud, Towtisond. Washington. BANGOR, May 4?Arrived, schr Mary Farrar, Foaa, Sa vannah. li?Arrived. Annie L Wilder, French. New York. ? -leared?Schr Abbv K Wlllar^ Trim New York. R A K KK'S LANDING, May ^-Sailed. achr Margaret Jans. Kennedy. II averatraw. I'liARl.KSTON, May 3?Arrived, bark Chaaacur (Nor), J oh an sen, Bristol E; acnr Win Walter (ant aa bofore). Buck ale w. Morris River. NJ.for Geometowu, SC. leaky. 4th?Cleared, aehr William Walton, Kucttalew, Maurice town. NJ, via Georgetown. SC. Hailed?Hark La Plata Br). Matthew*. Liverpool. Rtk?Arrlvod. (teainer (lull Stream. Ilnlmei, New York. Cleared-Steamers Champion. Lock wood, Now York: Equator, Hinckley. Philadelphia. ?'jh~Arrivod, barki Hollo Isle. from Liverpool; St Josepn, Hull, E. OASTINE. Mav 3?Sailed. ?ehr White Sea. for ChaAuton. CALAIS, April 28?Arrived, achr Lottie. Newbury, New York. May I?('leared, achr Marion P Charaplhs, Freeman. Nov York. Sailed?Rark Gem of th> Ocean, (irav, San Francisco, 8th?Arrived. ship Merom, Lowell Havre. DKLAWAKK CITY, May 5?In port, achr Joseph Allan, All<'?. for It'Mton. loadtnv coal, to aail ? th. DUI'Cli ISLAND IIAIIBOR. May 4?Sailed, achr* Wl? warn. Field. Briinawlck, (in. for Millbridca; Martini Draper, Bailey, Hallowell lor Philadelphia; John Stroup, Smith, Kentiohec Tor do; Wm 6 Irish. Tyrrell, Philadelphia!! fur Boston. Mh-Arrived, schrs Twlliirht. New Bedford for Trenton; A r Klndbt-ry. Portland for New York: Joseph E Potts, Rowland. I'awtneki-t for do: J Terry. Orlaun. do for Ron d..nt: Mckshurg. Wi-ntworth. Rantror for New York: I'au '''all River lor do: Lark, Huston, (.'alals for M axhlncton: E W Braaoa. Pawturket for Sew York : J as Aldutdice, Fall River for Philadelphia; Anna E Snffhrd, I'nwtucket for do; Imoyene, Dlverty. Providence for New York: Providence, from Providence lor Philadelphia; Jolia it Austin. Williams, Roekport for Pklladelnhia. DANVERS, May 4?Arrived, eeltr (J P Trlgj, daman. New York ELLSWORTH, April 'JO?Cleared, (chrsCastlllan. Means and A W Kills. Vercm-on. New York. EAST ?iREENWICII. May 3? Arrived, schr Fanny Pern, Eaton, Hoboken FKii>ANDINA. May 2?Arrived, achr Mark Pendleton, Pendleton. Charleston. FORTRESS MONIiOE. May It?Pnsaed out, bnrks Da^ny (Nor., for Copi-nhniri-n; Sunbea:n (Br), for Belfast; Annie M'Nairn (Bri. do? all IVoin Baltimore. AUo passed out, barks Nererslnk. fhr Belfast; Ellen Stevrn*, for Naples; Carroella. Wlnnifred and Minnehaha, bark Loucorlla. FALL RIVER. May 4-Ralled. sehrs M V (look, Falkcn burtr. Philadelphia; I' W Locke. Bunce. New York. i'?th?Arrived, sclir Saltle T Chartre, Trelcthaa. Port John< Son. Sailed?Si-hr Theodore Dean, Evans, Oeoreettia n, DC. OALYRKTON, Mar 1?('leared, bri;r Belli) Walters (Br), Scott, Liverpool; nchrRose A Adrla. tlaul. Mobile. 5th?Arrived, bark Flora (Nor), Abelstad, Barcelona; achi Jefforson, Olbh*. Sew Yor'<. (ILOL'CESTER, Man*. May 5? Arrived, gehr Rebocce W Ilitddell, Deputy, l'hiladn iihia; Anna M Huell. Iruliinl, ao. J ACKSOVVILLLE. May a? Cleared, seer I.inlo Mujor, Qcrriab. New York. KEY WEST, April 24?Sailed, bark Yanyuard, Gardner. Liverpool (not sailed 2*Jd). 2Hth? Arrived, schr Sarah Hall. Uaekett, Pascagoula. MOtli?In port, brlir Manllus (Br), Todd, from Cardenas for New York, to make temporary repairs and reload; Fauatlna, Continuum,from Matauxaa tor Boston, dlsv; suhrx R S Dra liaiii. Smith. Iroin Now York, nrrivod UOtfi: Lizile O (Hr). Miller, Trinidad for Philadelphia. May !i?Arrived, steamer State of Texas. Bolder, New York (and nailed Int. Calves ton). NEWMUBYPOKT, May r?? Arrlvod, steamer Achilles, Bacon. Pbllaoolphla. s NhW BEDFORD, May 4?Arrived, tchra S A Bolce. So mera, Philadelphia (not Now York); D M French, Child*. Plveon Cove lor New York 5th?Arrived, schr Adelia, Chase, Bass Rlvor for New York. ...<J I'-Airlvod. schrs H T Hedges, Alexandria; John J n ortlnn?ton. Port Johnson NEWPOliT, May 4, PM?Arrived, schr Panthen, McDald, Jamestown lor New ^rk. -"?(h. AM?Arrived, sehrs O P Hawley, Tvler. Port John ???? ??** Bliss. Hatch. Buck*|>ort for Baltimore: Llsziu Carr, reel. Pitlaton, Me. fordo; Margaret Jaue, Keunudy, Appo naug lur llaverstraw. _ I'M?Arrived, schr Nlautle, Morris, Taunton for New Yorkt Cynthia Jane, Oardiuer, Now York Tor New Bedlord; Hau nnli E Brown, Suekett. l'awtuekot lor Now York; Katie J llovt. Ileanoy. Uoboken. Hail;d?Sclin Margaret Jane. Kennedy, Apponau? ftu llaverstraw: Pautbca, MeDaid, Jameatown for New York. NOHW ICH. May 5?Sailed, sebrs li C Babcuck, and He.l r, New York. Nli*. LONDON. Mav 4?Arrived, schrs Marion Draper Boston for NewYork : D B Pitts. Ilobnkeu. NliW HaYgX. May 5?Arrived, schr Island City, Uowea Bostou. to load lor Constantinople. tkh? Arrived, slo.wi Ells* Ann. Maekey. New York. PORT MADHON. April 2v>?Arrived, b .rk Oakl.tud. Rto toiin. San i rHii. Uc.?. PORT LUDLOW. April 20-Sailed, bark Forest Oueen. Burn*. San Kraneineo. PORT KOYAL.SC. May 4?Arrived, schr Florence Tower, Adauia, Charleston, to load for New York (not as betore). 6th?'Sailed steamer Carondolet, McCreery ifrom Fern*n dinai. New York. PKTKRSBURU Va, Msy 2?Arrived, schr Frank Learning, Culleii, llolfast. Me. 3d?Salied. s< lir Amelia Ann (Br), Verga*. Nassau, NP. PIIILADKLPIl IA, May 7?Arrivod.sbip Win WileoxjKill1 man, Vueetistown ; barks Minnesota. Bartlett. Cardenas) francesehihg (Itall, Hreirliiuin, Savons; Lotus ^Br), Cur tie. Uncoiia Ayrea; Aiiu'luletta llniin (Ital), Clirisa, Rottenlaui; Klly (Dutch). Tlnboit, do; Tuiakfl (tier). Von Thulcii. Bremen: btltrs Roanoke (Br), Malilman, Porto Cabello; l.coiiomy iBri, (IrHham, Briatol.lE: liusy Bee (Br). Smith, do; Wcatiu-irclaud (Hr), Smith. Cardenaa; selira Artie (larwood, Steveua, Providence; Kmtna (UrI. Martiu, St John, N B; Alice S iBr), Saunders, Maianzaa. M esley Abh.itt, Mllllkeu, Nevis. W I. POIsTLAND, Me, May A-Cleared, schrs C J VI ard Wallace. Philadelphia; L A A llabcock. Smith, Charleston Also cleared Tith, brlK Edward H Willlama. Tucker. t;oris. "th?Arrived, steamer Kluauora. Johnson, New York; schrs John McDonald, Belfast, Mc. for Petersburg. Va; ties Kilborn. Maelilas for New York; Danger, do for do. Cleared?Steamer Peruvian (Br), Richardson, Liverpool) schr b .1 Morrison. Lavender, do. PROVIDENCE, May Arrived, schrs I'loreneo Dean, Phillips. Georgetown. DC: T P Abell. Carr. Phtladelnliia fot Pawtucket: ll--nrv May. llateh. Port Johnson ; Telegraph. ( lark, do: llatuiali lllackm ill. Arnold, Rondoitt; Oiiruat, Winters, Perth Amboy;Mary Eliza, New York lor Paw tuckot. Cleared?Schr Helen O Klnir, Brady. Nassau. NP. Sailed Je>se Murdoch, Bourne, Georgetown, DC) Marv C Carroll, Carroll. Richmond. Va- Lilliu O Wells. Well*. Philadelphia; Annie A B?.0ib, Baylls; B II Warlord, Snrntne; Florence V Turner. Wallace; Pointor. Dill, aufl Allen Gurnev. Gurney. New York. PAttTL'OKKT. May Ti?Sailed schrs Lottie. Somen, Phil adelphia: llaunali E Brown, Sackett, llaverstraw; Brandy wine. Fenjfar. Sayreville. NJ. Arrived?Schr Mary Eliza, or New York, with lumber. RU!H WOND. May 4? Arrlv-d, steamer Wvanoke. Conch, >?w York : bark Hanc >ek, Kint, do. to load lor Rio Janeiro; aelirs W W I'haro, Collins, do vfa Cllv Point: J M Johnson, Rose: I* raneis Freni'h, Throckmorton, and Jamestown, llyer. New York. S.iiled?Schrs Ellas Moore, l^iwls. New Y*ork; J B John sou. Rose, Yonkeui via (.'atmrne's. ">tn?Arrived, liaik Bra/iera (tier), Jacbcns, Now York to load lor Rio Janeiro. 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Victoria, Jtc\ ( rocub (Br>, Joy, !!oi?/ Koiiir; bnrkn L*'trnl Tender, lllair, r??rt IWltsenJ; Stonnv Petrol. Read, Burr ard Inlet; nefcir Joiiu liriktil (Mo, iVniuio. Tnhitl. HKATTLK, April 28? Arrived, bark Enoeh Talbot, Pen* h illo*. San Frautifcco. >AVA.\NAH, ilay G? <"lonred, achr Ward J Vark?, Mo icart, Xea York. Hailed?.Steamer rian Salvador, Nickerton. 2fow Vork; tchr? Ifeitrv A Pautl, st John, Nil; t'??a n??*r, Providtucn. 7tl?-Arrived. steamer Saraiiosaa, Baltimore. Ssiled?Ship Transit. Liverpool. SATlLLA RIVER, (la. May I -Sailed, brig H.-lenc, Hop. son. (JueeU'iown; s?-hr Franeea. Carter, do. SALEM, May Arrived, schrs Mary Ly in burner. Coombs, Port Joi.nsun; Ann strattoti, llanoek, for New York; Mary ? Hallow ell, D.nn >-4 v 111 e tor do; Charlie A Willie, Cousins, Seal llnriior lor Pliiladjlpbla; tf Van Duaen, Godlrey, Bos tou for tlo. -SOMELSKT, May 3-Sailed, schr nTla Matthews, Mc Ki wis, Philadalpliia. ae ?4tl??Arrived, sehr Wild Piiteon, Staples, Philadelphia. VI.VtY.vMD IIaVEN. Ma,s. May ft?Arrived, oriii Spark lias Water. Cleiifueiro* fur llo?ton; sehr* Gov Burton, Pniladeiitbla for Boston; Henrietta, do tor Saco; Setb W Smith, llavntia tor I'O! iland; Silver Spray, Pasvagojla Tor Danvvrsport; Charles W Vo w, Near Y'ork for llallotrell; L laliuue, do for Halifax ; Marlinht, Calais tor New Haven. (tailed-Brig Molile II Ru?*ell, New York for Boston; schro E H >awycr. f x Pr.ividence; SnrprWe, Veota, Wm H B?ardaia?, Copia F NeLoa. S J lillmcre, t'lalnme (rtr). Setb W Smith, Gov Burton, ilemietta andCtiarlea W Moore. WILMINGTON. NC, May ft?Arrived, steaine. Kaioiah. Oliver. Baltimore, nth ?Cleared, bark Clio (Ger), Rchnpp, London. WEal KK!?Y, Mav It?Arrived, schr S E Nash, Appluman, Tort Johtixiu land sallad '?(li fur Mystic). WICKFoIlD, May 4?Air.ved, schr sllas BraloarjL Haw kins, lloboken .-ailed?Selir Bertha. C.m.iver, South Atnbov. 5tk? Arrived, sehr Oeatilc. Eldrid^e, New York (see Mis* WIsCASsET, April Sailed, bark Xenia, Reynolds, Liverpool. May I?Arrived, schr Albert, Treat. Philadelphia. 3d?Arrived, sclir Llisabotb D? llart, laiwe, Gsoegetovn, DC. * *ACUts, mi'r;i.otntiA'1'8, ~ A-Poi; SAl.b IRIIV AND WiioDK.N STEAMSlil^S* . wooden anliina Stemnboats. with mid without stateroom., and of ilvli,dr*ri i .r ruor servlea, llK'ht dr*H saloon r-pellur* lar^e ateain Yaclita, Tujc* and vessel piop*-rty in irem-ral. ' K FMKDEllICK SCH VI l>r. No. 1 Sooth William et^ LglitAMBOA-r ''IK sale \Ktt, withoCt RKUl# O ter. Inqnlrp at X1& West at. VAClitH YAWL FOR mLK.-.\KW; II FEET IN s sole: eatra deep, ro-imy, sate; towaeaav; built earn fuily to order; removable rowlocks. oar?. rudder; 100. s. v LOWKI.L. 14 Court >t . Brooklyn. 'IISIKLhVHEOl/s. ABSOLITK III ViiRi'KS OHTAlNnD FROM Dl^ lerent States for numerous csnve* without publicity; "'SuiUltt1? ???'?l* satl>laclory ; advice tree. ' PltBDEKICK I. EINU, lawyer, No. d dk Mark

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