Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. A HOLY WAR IN TURKEY Results of a Raid Against Mohammedan Prose lytism in Salonica. A WOULD-BE CONVERT RESCUED. The French and Germno Consuls Murdered? Bloodshed in a Mosque. THE POPE'S HEALTH. The Physical Powers of the Aged Pontiff Failing Rapidly. THE WINSLOW DIFFICULTY. THE HOLY WAR. RIOT AND BLOODSHED IN EUBOPEAN TUBKEY CHRISTIANS AND MOHAMMEDANS IX CONFLICT IN SALONICA?A CHRISTIAN GIRL RESCUED FROM THE TDRKS?THE FRENCH AND GERMAN CONSULS ASSASSINATED?AMERICAN INTEREST IX THE STRUGGLE. London, Sunday, May 7,1*76. A serious riot took place In Salonica, European Turkey, on Saturday, between tho Christians and Mohammedans. THE CACSE OF THE CONFLICT. The troable arose from the fact that a Christian girl wished to become a Mohammedan. She was forcibly taken from her Turkish friends by the Greeks. THE FRENCH AND GERMAN CONSULS MURDERED. During the riot the French and (German consuls were assassinated by the Mohamedans. GENERAL ALARM. Further disturbances are apprehended. At last accounts the authorities had taken no measures to prot?ct life and property, and no arrests had been made. amebic AX ACTIOS IK BEBALF OF CHBI8TIANITT. Constantinople, May 7,1876. it is stated here that tho body of Christians who attempted to take the would-be convert from the Turkish quarter of Salonica actcd at the Instigation of the American Consul. Fighting between the Christians and Turks en sued. thk CONSULS MURDERED in THK MOSQUE. The French and tierman consuls went to the Mosque and were killed by the exasperated Moham medan populace, notwithstanding the efforts of the Governor to protect them. OFFICIAL visits TO tiik scene OF disturbance. A frigate left Constantinople to-day for Salonica ?with Echerlf Pacha, who has Just been appointed Governor of Salonica. A Turkish Commissioner, the Second Dragoman of the French Embassy and the German Consul at Con stantinople, are also on board. THK GUILTY TO UK punished. Punishment of the guilty lias been ordered, with publicity befitting the gravity of the crime. THK FRENCH ON THK QUI VIVE. A French man-of-war left Constantinople immedi ately on receipt of the news, to protect the lives and interests of French citizens and the honor of the flag. KAVAIi bkinfohcembkt8. i'a it is, Sunday Evening, May 7,187ft. A division of the French Mediterranean squadron bus received orders to proceed to Salonica. SKETCH or SALONICA. Tbe scene of the fatal riot between Christiana and Turks, which is roportod ib our cable telegrams. is a city and seaport of European Turkey, tho next place in coinmnrciul tmportauro alter Constantinople. It Is dtiiated at the northeastern extremity of the Gulf.of baiunica, and is tho seat of an Ottoman departmental gove. nineuL Tho population numbers about eighty thousand persons, the larger proportion being Israel lies; most o( the remainder Turks, greeks ami Franks. The city has a very itnpoatng appearance. It kin nils by a hill slope, surrounde i by m liitewurued and i suited walla, and Is ornamented by numerous minarets and domes, and laid out with gar dens of cypress. It is commanded by a large citadel named the Seven Towers. One of its gates wax built in honor ot Augustus alter the battle of phibppi. With lu tbe citadel is a triumphal arch erece i under Marcus Aurebus. Several of the moquos tiavo been originally pagan temples; one. which is wholly uninjureo, was a tomple of Venus. The mosque of St. Sophia is a hand tome motel of that at couxtantmople. kilonlca has a large trade in British produce. Tbe export* consist chiefly of wb< at, barley, maize, wool, r pontes, raw (ilk, tobacco and slaves. Cieero resided in the city during bis exile. it was raited to tbe rauk of a Roman tjluny by Valerian. ROME. toe pope's VITAL POWEM DECLINING?be REFUSES TO SPEAK EXCEPT in THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE? DEVOTEES DISAPPOINTED?pil okuu FOB NAPLES. [SPECIAL DESPATCH TO TBE BXRALD bt CABLE. ] Rome, May 7, 1870. la confirmation of what 1 wrote Jnst lately to the Herald about the Pope's declining physical powers 1 have to report that Ills Holiness now refuses to speak in any other language than the Italian. A vexatious INCIDENT. Thus on Sunday last, to the Toulouse pilgrims, and aguln yesterday, in addressing some l.aB pil grims, chiefly French, he replied in Italian, to the general disappointment of the devotees. VERY PREBLE IN BODY. flis Holiness is very feeble in body. He has to be supported by two prelates of the Church, and on the occasion of Vatican rece ptions alleges his bodily weakness a* an excuse for not going ronml to blest the trinkets and other matters which arc presented to hltn. ^ ms voice. "* Ills voice is, however, of undiminished power. THK cardinal-secretary Cardinal antonclli was present at the reception of the pilgrims. Ills Eminence's health Is restored TBI ST. januarits MIRACLE. us hand red pilgrims started from u>? Holy City tut night for Naples la order to witness the miracle of the liquefaction of tte Mood of St. J&uuarlua. ENGLAND. tub winblow international DirricrxTT? AMERICAN OFFICIAL OPINION ON THE SUB JECT OF HIS DISCHARGE?THE PRODUCE j MAiUiKT DEl'RKHSED. Loxbo.i, Saturday, May 0, 18*0. A special despatch lroui London to tho Manchester ! Guardian repeats, under roserve, a rumor current Frtday evening that the British government bad con aentcd to surrender Win slow in accordance with tho extradition clause ot tho Ashburion treaty. amkuicax official orisiox. The agent of the Associated Press baa Inquired at the American Legation here and rinds that the report is on- | founded. The representative of tho Untied Stales j seems 10 entertain no hope that such, will bo the issue oi tho a (lair, but thinks tbat Winelow will bo released by the British authorities. XIXCIXO LASK MARRBTS. The Time$ says tho Mincing Lane markets continue to Buffer from tho depression ot trade aud general feel ing of caution now existing; therefore, specu'aliou U now cxiinct, with prices lowor tban they have been lor $01110 years past Sugar doos not quito maintain last week's Improvement. Ordinary qualities of cuflco are still very depressed, and have further decllued 111 several eases to tbe extent of two shillings |>er hundred weight. Tea ia dulL In rice tbore ia nothing doing. Spices aro firmer, with rather more demand. THE LOUISVILLE liACES. THE GRANDEST MEETING EVER HELD IN TOE WEST PROMISED?DETAILS Or THE COMING EVENTS?A HEARTY KENTUCKY WELCOME EX- j TENDED TO VISITORS. Locisvilli, Ky., May 7. 187<l. Tho grandest race meeting ever held iu tho West will be that ot the Louisville Jockey Club, which com mences hereon tho 16th of this month, continuing lor six days. There are now at tbo courso about eighty horses, of all ages, which will bo iucrcRted to 100 by thoso at Nasbvlllo and to fifty more ofter tho Lexing ton meeting, as all the stablrs there will bo hero except Mctirath's, which will go direct Hart No rnco ever rnn in tho United States will attract so much atten tion as tub KurrrcnY dbrry, to bo run on tbe first day. All tbo crack tbrre-yoar olds will meet on ono of tbe fastest and best tracks in the country, l'arolo, tho groat champion of tho East, is now on the ground, looking tbo pink of condition. Creedmoor, tbe winner of tbo Cumberland Stake at Nashville; Vagrant, the great winner of five out of six races last lall, and Harry Hill, who was a winner at the late Now Orleans meeting, together with Bombay, Woodland, Malmistlc, Golds berg and nomo others will contend. So raco since tbe memorablo contest between Wagner and Gray Kaglo has created so much Interest in turl circles. Tho prospects now indicate that Parolo will bo tho favorite, while the Kentuckians will wagor heavily on Vngrnnt nnd Crcodincor. T1IK REXTCOKY OAKS, on the third day, will have an Eastern representative In Tigress, who will meet Proiitto, Cletnle 0., Planet, Co., Janot, Galanthis nnd some others. TUB KAI.LS CITY STARK, on the fourth day, will bring together a large field of colts and fillies winch did not appear In their two-year old form On the same day Tim mhuuvilmi err, two and a quarter miles, will briug out Ten Brocck, Verdegrla, Monmouth, Ozark and Wcthcrby. From the lauer's race at Xaahvflle he will give Ton Ilroeck a good race on the fifth day. In addition to the Tennes see Stake for two-yoar olds and tho Gentlemen's Cup, tbo I0CI8VIM.R noT?:i. STAKE will bring together Grit, Tho Nipper, Ceylon, Tigress, Bullion and others In a dasli ol one and a quarter uiiits. Tho wcok's sport will conelude with TltS CLUIK STARK, two mile!!, which will give the winner of tho Derby an opportunity to try bis mettle In a spurt o( two miles, and the result may change the public opinion aa to which is tho best ibrec-ycar-old of the year. TilK GAIT ItOl'MB STAKE, two aud a half miles, on Che same day, will bring out Tou Broeek, Patnnn, Wetberby, Steinbeck and Ozark to try final conclusions. TUB TRACK is now in fine condition, and everything Indicates a grand ami successful meeting. The Hospitality ot tbo people of the Falls City Is proverbial, and all from a distance will meet a hearty Kentucky welcome. It Is to l>o regretted that the great r.ico horse King Alfonso has broken down, bnt them aro others worthy to meet Ten Broeck, ami should Ire be abort of the mark bo will meet with defeat. It is rumored ihat Vagrant has been purchased for parties in tbe East, but tfio fact is not yet confirmed, although it u moro tban probably true. RACING IN SAN FRANCISCO. Sa* Fba.xci.sco, CaL, May 7. 1S7& At Ibe Bay District track yesterday GoKlcn (iato won the handicap dash of a mile and a quarter in '1:12*4, beating Emma Scragps, Lady Amanda and Bradley. TUB NW KE l'bTAKK8, mllo herns, wero won by Goldon Gate In 1:50^ and 1 :fi-4 '4', beat Mir Double Cro?s. The sweo(>siakiM, two-mile dash, were won by Lady Amanda, beating GoMcn Gat* tn 3:4&)?. The track watt a liule heavy. STOliMS IN THE WEST. EXTENSITB DAMAOB TO IUILBOAD TRACKH? TB\IM8 IMfKDED?DAMAGE TO PBIVATE l'BOPBBTY. Kansas Citt, May 6, 1376. There has boon an a!most uninterrupted and unprece dented rainfall here during the peat two days, ousting immense uaraago and delays to railroads. None of the ton roads centring here sent out trains this morning on time, and no train* arrived except on tbo Missouri Pacific. North Missouri and Fort Scott roads. Tbo JlnnnilMl and SI. .loaeph road is blocked near Cameron and passenger trains art held at Liberty. Thoro is a KKKInrs SKKAK In tbo Missouri Pacific. hetwnen hero and Leavenworth, near Pomeroy, and also in the Council HliifW roml near Parkvillo. The Kans.ix Pacific is Interrupted by a wat-h out at Stranger un<l the Atchii on. lopeka and Same Fo uoarDeSoia. The entire nilmn l trallle at th* placo lias been delsyeil and Interrupted for the past twenty lour hours, and it will be several days before the usual order ol things Is restored. A I.AXD s I.I UK occurred on BlufT ptre-t by which tho railroad traclc wi< covered and .tllroniiHiinlratiou Itetwceu the Union driftnn<l the Railroad Rridcc was em off, which noces sitated the transfer of Mussens?rs l>?- Iiu-ch. The damage to private properly and streets Is already great. Rihi rflwd at thrw o'rkMt this ?it?r noon. and it Is now cloar. No serious tlainacre to tbo wb'vit crop Is reported. Tliero has been no such storm ? in this region tor Illteen years. Errr< Ts of the rtohm in iixinois?a tbaix DtT( RED BT A TORNADO?NAMES OP MUt BONB INJl'BED. Oxcixxati, Ohio. May 7,1870. A special despatch to the Commercial from Neo,"a, III, says the Illinois Central Mail train, south, ?m struck by a tornado when two miles Houth ol that l>oint, la*t nir;ht, and the entire tram ditched. No per* ; son was killed, hut several were sr.vBMKi.v iMVKten. Vf. R Aekernian, treasurer ol tho road, had his | shoulder dislocatotf and <oIlar bone broken, but exerted i bim-cll to the ttlmost in attending to other suflcrers. ' P. Dagic, Se cretary of State or Wisconsin, waa badly ; hurt, bm not dangerously. Mmkeman Warner bad bis skull fractured and ro- j celved internal injuries. The porter of fli? sloping car lost aa eye and I otherwise Imdlv lirnl-ed. The tornado ^iad a terrille force and swept everything ?n its p"h, which was very narrow, oilier damage was slight. THE MOLLY MA(iUJBE& another <ir jnr. m iturnF.r.s op fomcbman TOST DISCUVKEFD -DETAILS OF TUE AE EEBT. Wtt.KBsnARRi:, Pa., May 7, 187a Justice Is still In ncttvo pursuit of the Schuylkill county Molly Majrulro murderers, and another of tho mltcrcan:s has been taken Into custody. Friday Bight sonrlblnf of a sensation waa produced in this city by 1 the soil", n appi arance of Charles (irim. one ol tho I etlicient oiliccrs of the eoal tnd iron police in the south part oi I*!-mo county. Yesforday tnorninir, the ol?- | Joct of his visit was Blade apparent by Ills arrest of a man named John Morris, who Ifchargetf wait Having ; MHrKapATKO IX TBR XI RUKK of policeman Vo*t at Tumaquaou tho morning of July a. Morris left Schuylkill county immediately after tno i killing of Yost, and all trace of him had been lost ' until unite recently, when It *m ?t<cert:i:ne<i that ho ' hail been lirmg b.r some tim ? *lth hi- mother at Port , Griffith. aitoui lour m !e< lrom W ukesbarre. and work- i tng Nl" III Enterprise colliery oi Mr J. 1L Ur?f?r, ] Officer Grim fw?k Ins prisoner to Pottsrtlto yesterday. THE BSLFBY MURDEtt. Bowrox, May 7, 1*78. I It Is ramorel here to-night that Piper has confessed ' the murder of Mabel Young and also that of Jotto > Langmaid sad auothsr murdsc, | PARISIAN GLEANINGS. Bonapartists Fostering and Encouraging the Amnesty Agitation. Melancholy Pilgrimage to Chiselhurst to Cele brate Eugenie's Birthday. ROUIIER IX TROUBLE Iiocbefort Fighting Everybody to Secure Amnrsty for Communiits. The New Opera, "Bimitf'-Balls, Parties, Fashions and Dramatic Event! [SPECIAL despatch TO TH> HERALD BT CABLE. ] Fakir, May 7,1876. The imperialists are promoting tho Communist amnesty agitation, because they believe that in the end there will be trouble about it, ami anything that has m it the shadow of a chance they avail them selves ol most readily. If they can succeed in creating a division among the republican factions there will Iks nn opportunity for new pamphlet* In denunciation of what was go often termed "dema gugism" during the cunvuxs before the last elec tions. To turn this new excitement to account for party purposes will be something of revenge for the wholesale unseating of their friends by the Assem bly, as well as giving the leaders something to do in these otherwise uneventful times. BOCHEKORT AGAIN. Hoc he fort's present newspaper Is apparently giv ing the authorities more trouble than did bis famous Lanterne. Instead of pleading for tbe "rights of man," 00 the title of bis new journal would indi cate, he seems to be raUiug np all the old grievances which he suffered during the Empire, and flagellat ing without mercy all who have ever run counter to bis wishes. From Ollivicr to Prince Pierre Bona parte, from Thiers to MacMabon, bo pierces every one with his untiring free lance. His publisher has been repeatedly convicted and lined and his editor Imprisoned, but Koebefort is always Invisible whenever sought for. M. ROI'ItER IN TROUBLE. It Is probable now that the government will insti tute a prosecution against M. llouher for bis tierce anti-republican address to tbe eloctors of AJacclo. Somo leading Corslcans believe they can shield him by showing that bis speech was as humorous as antagonistic, and that tbe government sustained no harm thereby. BON IPABTlSra AT CUiSELULROT. The Bonapartists, so for, have reduced their mani festations to a gathering at Chiselhurst, wbltlicr the leaders went to celebrate the ex-Empress Eu genie's llftieth birthday, and to congratulate her, no doubt, on the distant vision which she so steadily indulges of the coronation of Napoleon IT. still these constant pilgrimages to the little dull Kentish village must be monotonous to the gay throng which for merly taught the world politics from the Tuileries and Ilotel dc Ville, and Her ex-Majesty must also appreciate tbo difference. Speeches and promises were plentiful, as I am Informed, and M. Rouher almost ventured to propbesy restoration?but leav ing out the date. MORE PBEPECTORIAL changes. Further prcfectortal changes are announced for to-morrow. EXrUHITB bullets?*turkey assailed. One result of the recent Congress at Brussels on the mode of conducting warfare la apparent already. It seems 'hat tbo Ottoman government have given orders to the War Department to Issue ex plosive bullets?some of which may havo been used already?and now, Austria, Hun gary and Germany are wrangling with with the 1'orte over it, even using threatening lan guage to insure a prompt discontinuance of the murderous explosives, and alleging that, with the modern implements of war, fighting is sufficiently horrible without the introduction of these things. Moreover, that it is not necessary to Mow a soldier to pieces in order to place him hon (it combat. FWHT XIGHT OF "DIMITRL" The TlitSAtre Lyrlque opened lost night with Vlcto rlen Joncifcre's new opera "Plmltri." The house was literally crammed. Among the notabilities present were Mme. MacMahon, the I'refect of the Sciue, JL Gambolta and many of the Mite of the city. the Mime. The opera was a fair success, apart from the ex- ' oggcrated enthusiasm of the claque engaged for the | occasion. Tbo orchestration was good, and there | were also some excellent morcraux of melody; but ! It was not a great work, considered in its entirety, j ENGALLY'S SUOCKflQ. Mine. legally assumed the principal rife, and \ achieved a spiendkl success. She has a line voice and nn excellent method of delivery, so much so that ?he quite charmed the audience. "LB8 HEROIqUES." At the Opdra Comiqne "Les Hlroiqucs" was not a success. The music of the libretto was by Young, and shows the writer's Inexperience on every pane. TOE "SIIAUGIIBAUN" IS PARIS. The "Sliaughraun," which has had sueh a splendid run everywhere It has been produced, is flow being adapted for the Wfttre forte St. Martin. ?orriCAt i.T and hiving. 1 ?1' >n Bouclcault is now here. On the 20th Inst, he will sail for New York In company with Mr. Henry Irving. LEsrxrn read. The death of the comedian, M. Lesneur, Is an nounced. JOURNALISTIC CHANGER. Great changes are being made with French news papers. La Llbcrtd Is to become a republican organ, with M. rascal Dupret n* editor. Tiie Due d'Aumale has pun-hasc.l L'JScho, which, strangu to say, Is also to be republican. Rochefort'* paper Is damaging the Rappel to a ! considerable extent. The terrible f\>rmtr is to reappear to-morrow. LE FIGARO AND THE CENTENNIAL. Next week Figaro is to publish a special supple ment In honor of the formal opening of the Centen- ' I nlal Exhibition at Philadelphia. AN ATTACK ON AMERICANS. The publication of a scurrilous book by one Joa* i tain, entitled "In Francois en Amtfttoa," eon | ulna man/ Wtttr and tmtrottftU crlt Iclxms of American Institution* ann man ners. lie attempted to judgw America by a three weeks' toui\ during which he appear* to havo been Introduced to one respectable family, whose hospitality lie sneers at In prlut, and marvel* that a gentleman should Intrust hi* wife to "walk with a stranger." sci'Lrnnut at tub salon. The Interest in the sculpture at the Salon, accord ing to the l'arls critics, all centres In Sarah Bern harUt's group. It Is a melancholy admission. TIIE LATKCT FASHION Wilt LADIES. The latest fashion Tor ladles' hats is to have tlowers fastened to string down the sides of the face. In this way we have beauty embowered. CLOSE OK TIIE BALL SEASON. The fashionable hall season closes to-morrow with j a grand ball at the new and magnificent Ilotel Andre. THE AMERICAN COLONY. The banker parties were given this week to the American colony, culminating In a grand dinner, In which the great banking swells participated. Mrs. Uealy and Mrs. Warren Bey gave representa tions of private theatricals and hops. I1YMEN. Mr. Cuinmitiga was married to Miss Heywartl, of New York, at the American chapel, on Tuesday. DEATH OK AN AMERICAN CONSrU The American Consul, Mr. Graham, at Florence, Italy, is dcad.__ MEXICO. inB REPUBLIC DIVIDED IN ITS LOYALTY TO t TOE UOVEUSMKST?PEACE IN SuME OF THE I DEPABTMENTS, A DESTEKATE CONDITION OF j AFFAIRS IN OTHERS?COHGBEHS VOTES AN j ADJOURNMENT?NATIONAL VESSELS CAPIURED ! BY THE REVOLUTIONISTS?BIOT ON ACCOUNT j OF BKLIGIOX. it Havana, May 7,18.6. Tho English mail steamer hits arrived Irom Vera I Cm*, ? bringing advices Irom tho City of Mexico to April 30. k DisAiTrsocs nisoNiox. Thirteen Stateu ol tlio Mexican Confederation are In absolute peace aud loyal to the genoral government. Klve others are disturbed by scattered bauds of revo lutionists. In Vera Cruz, Oanaoa and I?a Puebla tho situation Is desperate. Largo bands also trouble tho peace of 111 dalgo, Mexico and Morella. PXRSONAIj HOsriMTT TO THE PRESIDENT. Personal hostilliy to President Lordo at the capital Is strong. ' MCNITIONS or WAtl FROM AMERICA. Fifty-Qvo liuudred stand of Improved arms and $1.00u,000 worth ol ammunition (roin the United Slates have arrived at the capital Irom Vera Cruz. CONURRSSMIXAL ACTION. Congress, by a vote ol 135 to 36, voted to adjourn until one month alter tho next Presidential Inaugura tion. It ha* granted the Prenldent extraordinary powers for the conduct of iho war snu the raising ol money. max'* movkmuxts. It Is rumored that Diaz has marchod Into the Interior and la at San Luis Potest, ilo has established a pro visional government lor tho Hiatoof Tauiaullpas. MAKING READV. Tho government is very active, and Is organ'zing a largo forco in tho interior under General Escobodo lor a march to tho Irontio'. TIIE 0AXACA CAMPAIGN. Tho campaign In Oaxuca has apparently been aban doned. Generals Alatorre and CorcHa are In tho Statoof Vera Cruz operating on tlio line of tho railroad. railway works. Tho bridges which tho Insurgents have so lar de stroyed on the railroad were built ol wood. Tho great Iron bridges ar?> threatened if the company attempts to run trains. '1 he road Is now guarded lrou? Vera Cruz to Orizaba, and trnvel has becu partially re sumed. RERKL INVASION. Three thousand Insurgents havo invaded tho Stato ol Hidalgo, and at latest acoounis were on the point of attacking l'ucbuca. NAVAL LOSSES. The revolutionists at Minatillau have captured two vessels loadod ?Hh ammunition?a heavy loss to the government. ZARTHQCAKE. There was a severe shock of earthquake In Guadala jara on April 12. A religious riot. > A religious riot has taken place in Queretara ? Rev. Maxwell Phillips, of the Presbyterian mission, was badly wounded. ACROSS THE CONTINENT. FBOM NEW YORK TO BAN FBANCIBCO IN ElOIITT EIOBT HOURS?TUB UUEATK&T FEAT IN THE ANNALS OF BAILBOADINO. A train will atari at one o'clock on tbo morning of the let of Judo for San Francisco from tbo city of Now York, n distance of a,.",25 miles, with sixteen passengers, each of whom will pay $600 fare, tbo fire including a week's board nt the Grand Palaco Hole', at San Fran cisco. When the passenger* rcach tbeir destination they will bo received by tbo Mayor and Common Council o( Francisco. Mr. Iltnrj C. Jar rett, of Booth's Theatre, who Is the manager of tlio afluir, intends to reach San Francisco In eighty-eight hoors from New York. Tho Sr.w Yoi?k IIkkai.ii will bo carried on tho traiu and will lie deilvurod at Pittsburg, Chicago, Omaha, San Krauctaco ami all intermediate stations on tho rouds. Mr. Jam-it, moved with tho spirit of American enterprise, ami desiring to do the | fastest thing evor dune on a rail* ay in the I'nlted States, has made arrangements with the ditti-rent railroad j companies between New York uu l Han Krancisco to have, at night, nt every half-mile, n torch hearer, and , during tlio day men hearing signal dug*. On every I rtiOercnt road and at every station tho Hcrilo will lie delivered, and tn thlrty-lonr hoors Irom Sow York eity tho Mississippi I(tver will bo reached at Clinton. Tbo Hkii.ilu of Thursday morning, June '1. will be sold In Chioa-'-i on tho same day. Mr. Jarrett has engaged this train with tho Intention of making a centcnnlal event ol the affair. Leaving New York at one o'clock of Thursday morning, Juno 1, he believes Hint Ills distinguished guests Will <1 ne at Hie Palaco Hotel in ."an fr'nUKlaco on Sund.iy, Juno 4. There are bots that It cannot bo done. Thirty lour hoars to tlio Mi .-cs.pi ? liivor by rail, and no stoppages between New York anil Pittsburg is something wonderful if It cuu i>o dune. The I'nnotl Slates government bos Jo cided to send us mad* by thi- lightning tram, and Wells, Kar,".i It Company will also send their gold, spe- j cm and valuable ^nch.-tge* liy the fame. The tickets lor the guesta' ure et exquisite workman- , shim in I ook form. Rve inches by lour in dimension. Th'-onter coverings are id solid silver. burnt?hed in tho ! renin-, ainl I he ten Mm iiiiidc ure ?twravnd by a Baltimore lirm. The pwaeBgcra, sixteen in num her, vrlli have their silver bound ticket books encased in white satin eiuiketx, with .i lilac or err* Miln lintnr. j The cost oi eneb ticket book and casket will lie 40. Iiuring the iiassage of the liuin there will Ixi remys id , engine.- in every station where ihe train may The exctirsmelats will form a Mag party. no ladies lining admitted on iho train. It is intended to run hut forty miles an liorir, but theqntek?e?? of the trip will be accomplished by till* continued spec* without *top- , pages. t TitK i'.mqi'k Timrr. The silver ticket book contains the following pro* gramme:? ? On tho first loat h "Jarrett k Palmer's Special Faj-t ' Trans-Continental irain, New York to San Francisco. Henry I'. Jam-it, General Manager." On lb" second leaf. ?I'onuiy Ivanbt Hail road?New York to ITlsburg.' Third lent.?'Pittsburg, Fort Wnvne and Chicago" Fourth leaf.?'"Chicago and Northwestern Hail win ?Chicago to Omaha. " Filth leaf.?"Union Pacific Railroad--Omaha to Ogilen." Sixth leaf.?"Central Pacific lUllrond?Ogden to San Francisco." Seventh leaf. ?' Pullman I'alaee Sleeping Car?good for a double berth?New Yortc to San Pram tsco." Ktglith leal.?4'oupon ticket lor meals <?* vmir. Ninth leai.?Order en Grand Palace Hotel, San Fmm lsco, for one neok'H board. Tenth leal ? D.stance table Irom New York tn San Francisco. The ticket* will permit Iho passengers to return at nnv time during six month* following the l?t ot lane, lljfl. The silver In the binding of Hie irip l<ook weighs Ave ouneei. arid wl!i mako a itMaaiLerni nmventr of the eijtbt) eight hont trnns continental trlpol the cen tennial tear. The only gncsta on tne train will be the special cor respotioenia of the London finu and Ue Maw Y?U 1IBBALB, DOM PEDRO. A Visit to the Manufacturing Estab lishments of Pittsburg. ARUIVAL IN WASHINGTON. His Majesty's Impression of the National Capitol. Washington, May ", 1870. The Kmperor left Pittsburg at threo o'clock A. M. yesterday on a special tram trom OU City to ins|>ect some of tlie petroleum works, lie arrived at elRlit o'clock and was delayed at the station, where a large crowd was assembled. Owing to the non-arrival of carriages that bad been ordered there was some delay. INSl'KCrlNO TUB OIL WORKS. Alter some iluie carriages were procured and Tils Majesty proceeded to Inspect the Imperial Petro leum Works, where he had an opportunity of acquainting himself with the various processes through which the all passes during its preparation for the market. The Kmperor was deeply Interested In all that he saw. As the Imperial Works lately sniftered severely trom large oil tanks taking Are there was ample op portunity to isjeome acquainted with the dangers as welt as the benefits connected with the production of petroleum. at tuk wells. As the Kmperor did uot see au oil well In active operation at oil city, the train stopped on the way back to Pittsburg at Koxliurg, to allow him to wit ness the drawing of the oil from the earth. l*OPt*LAB OVATIONS. A number of people had assembled at this point, nnd on the departure of the train they gave three rousing cheers for Ills Majesty. As the Imperial train swept past Parker City the people come out in great numbers, and, though separated by the river, they expressed their good will by hoisting flags and waving handkerchiefs, a politeness that was duly acknowledged by the Kmperor. MOVEMENTS I.N riTTSni BC. On his arrival in Pittsburg Ills Majesty visited the Catholic church of St. Paul ami the City Hall, where he was received and shown through the building by Ma>or McCarthy. AT THE I ICON WORKS. He then proceeded to the American Iron Works, where .1,000 men are employed, and, having care fully inspected the works, he paid the manager the compliment of saying that in some of the depart ments the works were more complete than any ho hod seen in Kurope. llOYAL CRITICISMS. He afterwanl visited some glass works, but neither in the system nor in the quality or the work did he And anything worthy of commendation. It was now too late to visit other industrial cstali lishments, so the Imperial party ascended Mount Washington by the inclined plane railway and en Joyed a splendid view of the city. Ills Majesty next drove over to Allegheny City to Inspect the Penitentiary, where he was courteously received by the warden. The prison officers were a little taken aback by His Majesty's acquaintance with prison systems, and also by the Information that, though the Pennsylvania prison was well con ducted apparently, His Majesty thought it was not equal to the Penitentiary of Rio Janeiro. REFRESHING KRAXKNE8K. When Ills Majesty was informed that tho work shop building had been erected at a cost of $15,000 ho told the w arden it was too dear, a piece of frank ness that rather surprised the warden, and amused not a few of those who were accompanying the party. His Majesty was also very much disap pointed to find so little provision made for schools in the prison, and was really surprised when in formed that the dozen desks In a mlseratilc room, not more than twenty feet square, were tho whole accommodation devoted to schools In the system of American prisons. Tills statement seems Incredible, but ns it was made by a prison official it Is probaldy correct. HI* Majesty left the model Pennsylvania Penitentiary convinced that there was still room In It for Improvement in American prison* He was delighted with Pittsburgh, aud expressed great re gret. that he could not stay long enough to see the various matters of Interest. In the city. The energy and industry of the town made a deep impression on His Majesty. AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. nis Majesty Dom Pedro and suite arrived here this morning at ten o'clock. Sefior Ilorges, the Brazilian Minister, received tho Kmperor at the station, where carriages were waiting to conduct the Impe rial party to the Arlington Hotel. Ills Majesty's first visit was to tho Cuthollc church of St. Matthew, where ? HE ATTENDED MAB8. On the conclusion of dlvino service he drove to the Capitol. He was shown through the building by the Sergeant-at-Arins, Mr. J. It. French. His Majesty was greatly struck by the magnificent PROPORTIONS OF THE CAPITOL, and, after contemplating it for a while, ho turned to the Herald correspondent and said:? ??It is magnificent.. It Is the finest building 1 ever saw. There Is nothing In Kurope equal to It." And then after a moment's pause, "Nothing so striking except, perhaps, the colonnade of the I louvre." Tho groups of statuary which disfigure the splendid pile caught Ills Majesty's eye, and he said:? "Oh. they arc very jtoor." It must be saM that the sculpture is mediocre. Let us not speak of-them, but the mass Is splendid." These oiwervatlons were made ofc the outside of the building for, on the arrival of the Imperial party, the doors were found to be locked, but were opened uftcr a short delny through tho courtesy of the officers. TIIK ROTUNDA won flro'ni Mis Majesty expressions of admiration, but It is to iw feared that the big picture did not pre him a very high notion or our art taste. Looking at the bis rdiefs round the rotunda, the Kmperor was driven to Inqnlrc where the Americans had gone In search of sueh lia^ artists, and was not a little shocked to nil I that the worst work In the place had been done by adventiiroM pre tenders from sunny Italy. Tho only works of real artistic worth were the splendid Views or the Yellow Slone Valley and Colorado, painted by Thomas Moran?works that are well deserting or tho honorable, position that has been nsdgnod to them, and are In j keeping with the grandeur or the cdifico they adorn. The Kmperor was next shown through | TIIE LADIES' RECEPTION ROOM, which was very much admired. On entering It the j Vlsconde do Itom Uctlro paid Americans the com- j plhnent or saying that:? ??The people or this country understood how to erect their public buildings in a way worthy or the nation's greatuess, and that such works could not {all to Impress strangTs wlili a high Idea or the as- , pirn lions and Intelligence or the people." Ills Majesty admired very much tho Senate prl xato consultation rootn. He found that II was In exquisite taste, but that the rnrnlture or the room was not In keeping with Its richness ami heanty. j Tills remark was caused by the presence or a nuin- j ber of ordinary wooden chairs, which had protmbly l>een placed In the room lor some extraordinary con* sulfation. They certainly contrasted strangely with : the beautiful marble walls and pillars. T1IK SENATE. Ifls Majesty thought it wn< not ro richly decorated | as the Kngllsh House ol lsird?, uor did It display so much luxury. He also remarked that the ceiling ap peared very low and injured the appeanincc of tho Senate Chamber. The Military ami Naval Commit tee room* wrra next visited; then the rooms de voted to the iTcsldent and Vice President of the Tnited States. As the portraits of the great Ameri can statesmen were pointed out to the Kmperor he xlwwcd an Intimate acquaintance with American history by his Intelligent remarks on the salient events of thclf lives. His Majesty afterwanl visited the UOt SE OP REPRESENTATIVES, and was very much pleased by the statues of Repre sentative men, especially by a vtgorowe atatoa of Kthu AUaa, Um fluaowi ieadar of Um QrMB Mountain Boys. The imperial party ascended to tht highest point of tlie Capitol dome accessible M visitors, and (torn the gallery surveyed TIIK STUHDIB P.VMIIS \MA that sprea I uat ou all sides. senhor Borges pointed out to 111* Majesty the vnrloiM points of Interest la ami around the city. Ill* Majesty returned to tkt hotel delighted with what be hud Keen. He found ?IK. THORNTON, TIIK lllilTISH MIMSTKH, watting tils return. Mr. Thornton to Mold acquaint Mire of Ills Majesty, having bead Minister to BrazJ lor years. He Invited the Emperor to a dla ner to be given on the Uth lust., at Philadelphia Among the prominent Americans who have been In vited I* the |H>et LonMotr, and the ho|ie of meet lug tbe author of "Evangeline" and "lUawatha" do elded IIl.s Majesty to ACCEPT THE INVITATION and postpone his departure from Philadelphia till th| morning of the 12th, when he l?egtns his Southern tour. Mr. lUncroft, the historian, also called on the Emperor and had an lute resting Interview. During the afternoon GENEIIAJL 8HKKMAX and his brother left their oanls, but tho Emperov had none to visit the old home of General Lee and tho Olwervaiory. It was near nine o'clock P. IL when he returned to the hotel. He has appointed an hour to-morrow fur the reception of Oenerol Sherman, in the morning His Majesty wlU visit the Smithsonian Institute, and at noon he will V1MT THE PRESIDENT of tho Cnitcd States to pay his respects. In tho evening he will attend the performance of the Voltes Family at the National Theatro. On Tuesday His Majesty leaves Washington by the 1:30 train for Philadelphia, to lie present at the opening of the Centennlul Exhibition. THE OtTY ON DKAZIT.TAN BOOKS. By telegrams from Washington the imperial party learned this afternoon that Secretary Bristow had decided not to admit free of duty the books prepared Ity the Ilr<i7.illan government, supplying all kinds of information nlKiut the political and indus trial condition of ltra/.il and Intimately connertcd with tho exhibition of Brazilian products. In no sense can the works bo regarded as ordt> nary works relating to thingH not on exhibition! for the work iu question was specially written as A>" Alt) TO POItEUlNKIUS in forming a correct notion of tho resources, agri cultural, mining and Industrial, of Brazil, and there foro necessarily containing a great deal of matter relating directly to tho objects exposed In the Br? zlllan department. THE WORK IN Qt'ESTION was admitted, l>oth In Paris and Vienna, free of duty and as a compouent and necessary part of Bra zil's contribution to her expositions. When the Em peror learned Secretary Bristow's decision he said ho thought the matter could not have been properly presented to the Secretary of tho Interior, a view shared t>y the Vlscondo do Bora Betlro, who Is tho author of the work lu question. The work appeared In tho Paris Exhibition under tho title of " llresel a I'Exposltion de Paris," and In Vienna as " Brazil at the Exposition of Vienna," and at present as " Bra zil In the Philadelphia Exhibition." MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. .1 War PKPAnmKTr. Offick or thk cbikf binxAi. Oprirra,' YL?SHISOTO\. May 8?1 A. M. J Probability*. During Monday, in the Gulf Stales. rising barometer, cooler northwest to northeast winds, and clear oi clearing weather will prevail. Iu Tennessee, the Olilo, tho Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri valley* and the iipi?r lake region, rising barouioter, fresh and brisk wost to north wind*, Slightly warmer, cloar or clearing weather, oxcepl lower temperature In tho first district, aud followed tl the Missouri Valley by tailing barometer and south easterly winds. In tho lower lake region and tho Middle States, Talk lug, followed by rising barometer, warmer, southerly, veering to cooler west and northwest winds, possibly occasional light rains mid followed by clearing weather. In Now England, tailing, followed by rnting baroinn ter, southeast wluda, veering to westerly, l< wer tonv porature. except In tho northorn portion, light rains, burcfcded by clearing weather. In tho Mouth Atlantic States, tailing, followed by rising barometer, wurtn southerly, shifting to coolet northwesterly winds, partly cloudy weather and ram areas. Tho Lower Missouri, the Mississippi, from Keokuk down to tho Lower Ohio and Lower Tennessee, will couttnuo rising. Cautionary signals continue at Kostport. THE WEATHKIt YESTFUDAT. The following record will show the changes in the temperature for tho past twenty-four hours in com parison witn tho corresponding date of lost year, ss indicated by tho thermometer at lluilnut's pharmacy, Hkkald Building? I.17S. 1S7IV. 1R7S. ISTft 3 A. M 43 ? 3:10 P. M.... 49 Ml 0AM 41 63 H P. M M) RI ? A. U 40 70 0 I'. Ji 51 ?J 12 M 64 "1 12 P. M 47 71 Average tempernturo yesterday 74)^ Average toniperaturo lor corresponding date Kit year 4 OJi HOTEL ARRIVALS. Judge Harvey Jowoll, ot tho Court of Commlsuoaer't of Alabama Claims; Governor Auuhel Peck, <*' Ver mont; Lieutenant Governor IL G. Knight, of Masaa chusotts; Congressman Charles Foster, of Oblo, aud General A. H. Badger, of Louisiana, have arrived at the Fifth Avenue Hotel The Marquis do Dassano, of Paris; Hev. Georgu Gladstone, of Glasgow, and Rev. J a in os Y earn its. of Liverpool, or* at tho Breroort House. Henry A. Tilden, of New Lebanon, N. Y.. Is registered at tho W Indror HoteL Mayor William CL McCarthy, of Pittsbarg, Is staying at Iks St. NlehotM IIoteL YOU WILL SOON LOOK IN VAIN FOR BLEU l*he? upon your skin if yen aoe lii.nss's Bviflll Mill's llns Dyh. Mack or brown, liOcents. A.?CORRECT 8TYI,F.8 ~ GENTLEMEN'S AND youths' Hats ready at popular price*. RI'HKB, 214 Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT INVENTION, HOLDING SB ffmt Uupturio mIiIv till cured. The stlk Elastic Timl mM only lir kf.ASflU TBUHii COMPANY, OHS Broadway. Metal liiiiwi laptrwdeil DR. FITI.ER'S RHEUMATIC REMEDY WIH eere jrtmr rbeamaslseo and neuralgia. Per sols at 31 ?(?tin ?t. DGNT L<>8E YOUR HAIR !?"CHEVALIER*!! I.irr ton the IIais" rwteree g ro? hair perfectly. seeps Its failla* ont at one*. Inereams It* growth rapidly aad makee tbo hair tMiaatilal. iwM by all druggists. KNOX WILL IRfttTR ?l? CENTENNIAL ROCKY Mountain Heaver Hat for ?aatmer wear aa Mar LO. tho da| of the gran* opening or tee Centennial Esbibttle*. Mm porta ms, 212 Browiwsy, and Fifth Arenac I Intel. son A WAT?]TaPPARATU0 FOR MAKING ALb Aerated Beverages. JOHN MATTHKWB. Is* av. aad Wife ?*.. eily. _ WIGft, TOUPWS.?<i. RAPOHFUtkt. PRACTICAL Wieni?hrr sti.i Importer of llaaian Hair, 44 Raet lltk it, tie tr I! roadway. ~ ,V K \\ I'UUUVA'riONk. U RIGHT'S DIBftAflS. DIABETRR. DltOWTr^X iitrrli, Urn ret, Catmint, Goat, RheeweHese. Dysnsp no, Hlneaees of the llnart. Bleed. Mtw, Ridasye, Bladder, I'r-wt.ito < fiend, t'reinatnre Debility ana Chronic Ptseeeee liitli.-rtu lucnrahle. I'amphleta. rselatnlag Mr souuossfnl treotmen', hy tSAllKi.. MAHR OF HOD. MHmtsI HpriM W'nlcr. an<l I if. A IIaWLRY HKATII. author aad mS I nr. free. l>r|.ot and reeeptlow rooms.'JtSI Broadwap. see Vmk. liedocd tn J">cent* a gallon per barrel. ft ANCKR.?A JiPTI TREATISE FOR PkOFF.MIOJUL V' fir general read -rs; explains the new treetieet wkm eerneenfally remove* every ? sternal raneer. iMwm eaMKlle or pnlawnx mineral*. l)r*. It HOW \ A S IODD ARD, Xik B West Idlhet. SRLF RAHRH; UK. FROM THK DKI'THR. By Mra. Kin run l>. K. N SoethwovtlL "ftKLF-RAiHRH; OR. KIU)M THK DEFT Hi" By Mrs. Rmmn O. K N. rtouihworth, belntr the Heqeal to ' latuseet i or. In the Depths," will he publUlied on satniday, May SOL and h? for Hale hy ell boollsellert. Pries $1 75, bowwd I* mororeo elotb. Addrtk* ell onler* to the pnMlshers, T. B. PKTRRMOX A BKOTHERR. PkBadetpW^ f'opipt ?ent errrywhern, postpaid on receipt of prlee. The oVly au nioiSto ???? VIMTOKlt' GUIDE to the CENTF.KKIAU EXHIBITION and Plin> \DKLPHI A For sale on the EXHIHITION HROUXDR. Price pircopy: In cloth Kb la boards Mb t'ontoine full nflleiel Infonaatlon sheet the RsM|Mt(B Gmnnds sad Betid njr*. being pehiished nnder contract with the Centennial mitt orttle*. I^ARHIEOTOK ANb Ills MF.M! : ft FI LL OF ILLtTITPRATIOBlJ "WASHINGTON AND Ills SEN. ' Setag the second set!e? of me "Legend* oi the American Rereiattoo. ef "im" Fell ef IHaetratloae, By Oeoi*e Mppord. Coss piste In one large oetavo rwltnsa. paper eever; pries TBsefc Will be pahtlahed oa Sat ardor peat fe 33T

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