Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Mayıs 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Mayıs 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Su'ji' ... ' ' " ' " ' ' _ ' 1 " 11 . 11 . 1 1 1 ... ' ' ???? 11 1 1 1 ? 1 ' WHOLE NO. 14,505. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?9?u Paob-34. 4tk a>4 5th cola. ASTROLOGY-12th Paob?Oth col. BI I.LI A KDs??th I'suB-ftth col. BOARDERS \V A NTS I>?I'D PaOB?04 rol BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?2d PaCB-34 col. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE?It PaOB ?"** col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Pass. SUSISESS NOTICES?7tu PACB-tth col. :irv keal estate for sale-iit PAOB-sth ml SLEEKS AND SALESMEN?1th Pabb?*ih c?L clothing?12th Paub?titli coL Coaciimen and gardeners?is?p abb?4tha*4?th coin coastwise STEAMSHIPS?0m PAOB-?th coL COPARTNERSHIPS?Writ PAttB. COUNTRY BOARD?2D Pauk?4th eol. DANCING ACA DEM IRS?12th Paob?5th eol. DENTISTRY?1st Paob?6th col. SRY GOODS?1st Paob?Ath col. WELLING HOUSES TO LET. FUBNI8HBD AND UNFURNISHED?2d PAOB-lst mL _ EUROPEAN HI'KAMSHIPS?WH Pa?b?5th a?46lhco!t. EUROPE?2d Pauk?2d col. FINANCIAL?8th Paob. FOK SALE?12th Paub?8th eol. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMBNTfl TO LKT? 'Jo Paob?lot nu(l 24 cola. FURNITURE?vd PAOi-?tli col. , , FRENCH ADV RTISEMENTS? 12th PACB-5th eoL HELP WANTED?FEMALES? 12ta Paob?3<1 col HELP WANTED? MALES?12th Paob?5th coL HOUSES. CARRIAGES. AG.-1ST Pa???2d. M, 41k Il4 Mh colt. HOTELS?lip Paob?94 and 4th cols. HOUSES. ROUMS, 4c., W ANTED?2? Pam-24mL INSTRUCTION?Ot* PACB-5th eol. LOST AND FOUND? It* Pack?l?t Ml. MACHINERY?12tu P.MJB-?tb ool. marble mantels?tarn r?u*?">thcol MEDICAL?I2ti? Paib-? Ui coL _ MIl.LINERT AND DRESSMAKING?1st Page?5th mI. MISCELLANEOUS advertisements?lorn Paub?6ib col. MUSICAL-Oth Paob?5lh eol. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7tu PioB-Oth eoL PERSONAL?1st Paob-lit eol. pianofortes, ORGANS. AC.??Hi Pao*-24 eol. PROPOSALS?2d Paob-24 col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FBMALKK? 12m Paob?34 col. _ _ PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY POB 8ALB OB TO RENT? 1st Paob?Mh aid ttth cols. REAL ESTATE TO KXCHANGE-Ist I'AQB-Sth col, REAL ESTATE WANTED?1st Pica-?th eel. REWARDS?lrr P??B-lst col. PALES AT AUCTION?2d P taB-4th, 5th and 6th cols. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?IItb Paob Bud lttm Paob?1st, '.'4 nnd 3d col*. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?12th Paob-34 and 4th cole. SPECIAL NOTICES?1st Paob?lit Mid 24 cols. HP<>R'l'lNG?DoCIS, BIRDS, JkC.?llT Paob-2d eol. KfORAtlK?12th Paob?5tb col. SI' IIMKI: RESORTS?2d Paob?4th coL THE TRaDES?12th Paob?5th ool. Til K TURK?1st Paob?2d col. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSBB-2* PiO-llt eol. TRAVELLERS' OUIDE-&TH PAGB-flth col. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET 2d Paob-2d col. WANTED to PURCHASE?Oth Paob?5th eol. WATCHES. JEWELRY. Ac.-12m PAr.a-Sth col. COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO let? 1st Paob?5th col. 7 AC uts, STEAMBOATS, Ao.-IOru Paob?t'th eol. personal. _ A lci6'iaI51s.-tWelvb o'Ouicf~to-day, in 2V stead of tan thirty. C* Charles?^come home immediately! J 285. Cannot keep appointment this wrkk? write mo most convenient day Tor next. INDIA. COUSIN J I'LE- COM M U NIDATION RECEIVED": manr thanks. 1 appreciate lully its conteuts ami your matchless kindness. I hope to see yoa win. JIM. LARRET?CAN"? meet ' vou AT 124TH " ST." l"o J day. Will write. W. L. H. tlALU-MR. FERDINAND UOFMANN, BORN AT ) Mohren. DUtrict of Pollts, liesirkshanptnianiischaft of liruunau, Bohemia, by trade a locksmith, in hereby culled upon to Five notice of Ilia present whereabouts; when Imt beard Irnm, In 1S0U. bo worked In the m>u tuauu factory at I.ibau (Ri.s*ia). All persons who can iflve nny information concerning the said F. llofinenn, are requested to communicate the some to the BEZIRKsHaUPTM ANN SCHAFT at llraitnan, Bohemia. Expenaos will be thank fully repaid. " OCTOR-ALL "RIGHT, WILL SEE YOU AT~CAR nival and ball, thia Wednesday, at Irrlajg Hall. ANNA. D T. V.?SIMPLY CRUEL; iTWENTY MINUTES could explain elearly; both are betrayed.?Yours llwavs. MARGUERITE. K M. Eound -satchel con of Jewelry and other tt re It by proving property 0. P.-YOUR MOTHER ENTREATS YOU TO come home Immediately. MARTHA F1MLKY KARQUARSON?WILL YOU pleaae send your full a?ldress to ROBT. J. DC PP. box 1.806 Post oBee, New York ? PERSONAL.-A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BB PAID tor Inlormation thowinK the making. siRnlni; or wlt BeKsiuit a last wtll and testament of Artbur Champion, late ?apuia of the paeket abip New World, within two years )a?t. or a* to the disposition made of It, and where and with whom It was la?t aeeti. Addrens Mrs. SARAH A. CHAM pD'N, box 0 Pout ofliro. Brooklyn. N. Cost A%i? m; a u. ' Dog lost-a" wiiitf.^terrier"8LiTTT'L?)No balr??. IVom 151 West HOth St., yesterday. A liberal ruward will be paid for h<*r return. CONTAINING DOME ARTICLES trifling effects. The ownor can r and paying expenses. JOHN CaLLAGHAN, SU6 Sth st. Lost-memoranda rook, is75. with other papers. The finder will i ? rewarded by retnrtitntr the latuotoOHAS. II. CAMPBEL1j,1o care of Haboock A Wtl ?ox, :<U Cor.landt at. Lost?6n ""statkn island boat~ a plated Waiter. Reward paid if returned to A. E. OUTER BRIDGE, 29 Broadway. OST.?LEFT ON BROADWAY OAR, AT ABTOR J House. ?t 6 P. M. yesterday Russia leather Bag, con taining law book and papers, a liberal reward will be paid If returned to FRED. E. CLEVELAND. 41) Wall St. LOST- V LAOOE POCKETBOOK containing 1WO ebneks dated May 8 for 9I.IKU and 91.250; the checks ar.' not indorsed, and the papers are of no a?e to auy one but the ?wuer A liberal reward will be paid by leaving the book and contents at the desk of the Merchants' Motel. L" ~?1T-LA8T WEEK. A SOU ARE AMKTHYST Sleeve Hutton. A liberal reward will be paid for It* return to No. T Madison ar. OST?A PEARL AND GOLD LOCKET AND PIN comhlnsd and Neck Chain. Fladrr will be rewarded by retnratn( same to 35 Pine at, room A I08T?SUNDAY EVEN 1 NO,~U01NG" PROM 22D TO J l!:t'l >t and CKh sr.. tbrea t/'nris. The Hnder will be ilbjrally rewarded by leaving them Ht 458 West 22d st. RfcWviiDsr (J;OK~'RfeWARD will bb paid for'aold huNt Sp^jfJ ing Watch 10,180. Sueur maker, at 253 Greenwich ?t. SPECIAL iNOTlCKJ*. ADVERTTSP. i* THE EVKNINO TELF.ORAM. RATES 2ii CENTS PER LUCE. The circulation of the EVKMXO TE LRU RAX lait week ?r.i:? Monday 37,ll*> 37,2 O Wednesday Si7..'jU( lliumday 37,550 Friday a5.<?XI Saturday 3-'..:tOO Total 22t>.:ioo Dill; average 38,710 OFFICE .HO. 2 ANN ST. A ?notice of removal!?or. u. j. joedanT ill proprietor of tlie New Yerk Muaeum of Anatomy, Ul" Broadway. Iiim removed his reddens* and ottce Ironi 40 Bond >i lo N'n 5 Washington place, three doora west ot hroadway Or. JORDAN'S lectarea on the "Philosophy of Marriage," "Why Men DeceneraW," Ac., can be liad at the above address. Irae by mall. SOe.. and at all bonk aril era. ATTENTION ! TWENTY TEAKS' PERSIAN HOS pttal experience: lora of manhood ard other dlieaws of man a specialty. I>r. JACOBY, till Bleeeker ?t. bsomjte ~nivokcotTTifruif^oBTaineo in any State tor lacom net I hill ty, Ac.: pay wbea seenrod; advice iron. REID A CO., 71 Astor Homo, New York, or CiarinuaU. AHlKAAO O. BOVCK. -m BEOADW^t.LAWYEE.* . Dlvorc. ? obtained promptly. without pnblicity i drier tlon. Incompatibility, habitual drankenneas. Infidelity, Inliu Mao treatment, conviction of telouy. Passports obtained. A?the FIFTH ANO MAIX DRAWING OP THE a Kidity-niath Royal Saxon ilovernioent Lottery will take place from MaT I t* -O. 1874. U8,uU> priiee to be drawn oat ofHii.OOO ticket*, oi which I* 1 price of retrli-mark, equal to S180.000, fold 1 prise of ;**>.0I?I reu ii-inai It. equal to 72,1*11. tfolil 1 prtse of S0iM**? reicbimarlt.equal to 4H.IW0. ?old 1 prtse of IMkQOOreiehsmarlt,eijnal tn 3H.OIO, f il l 1 prise ot 100,(100 relclnunark. ruual to 24,000, *o!d And B0,<KWi oilier prises. The above drawing Is pntranteed by aad under the repar tition ol tlie Royal UIM rovQrninent. Fall explanatory ?"ca"ftt?. OORE Teat oftice U>* 5.MH 1 Id Xaeaaa et.. Sew York. A A LI.KN A CO.. 70 MASSAC ST., XEW YORK.?WT A. omn.c Lottery draws May W; <20(1.000 dimthated; rickets. / I : alathr$9; prues rashed; rlrcnlars moiled Iree. -KKNTCCKY STATE LOTTERIES OF J. R. , *M1T1I A ? 0. iKNrccar, mi?a class 425?ro? l?if>. 30, 78, X. .4. an, ?, To. 15. 37. 2ti. 0, 34 kKXTVCKT, CLAW 426? ro? l*7?i. 67, 63, 87, 7'|. 7?, 14, 1'l 72, ??, 25. 21. All order* address II. NATHAN. 131 Broadway, or bo* d^t<0 Post nlBce, New York city. 4 -NOrii-B OF REMOVAL,?INI. M. J. JOROAH, iVi proprietor of the No* York Miiseam of Anatomy, fll" Broadway. ha? removed hla resldem-e and otltce from 40 Bond ?t. to Xn. 5 Wasliin ton- place, ihfti do r? west of troMii?av. ??r JtlHIlA > 'H lecture* on tlie "I'liiltwophy of Marriage "Why Men Iiomn rate," Me., can be bad it the Ibovo address. free by mail, <1:.; and at all booksellers. DB. KKANCIS OOULAltD, I.ATE FIIOFR^HOR IX Pari*, lei'tarea ?*mi *eekly. frlrate ofBcen fur receo lioa of patient* 41 Watt 35th *t. !>l?-a?t'? of men Bid to nca ?t?eediljr eradleajgd. t'onnultatlaa tree. DIaMOXOS. JEWELRY, CAMEL'S MAIK SHAWI.S. Ac. . laralture b -Ui.'ht ami aold oack at aiiicbt adv .uov ; tooney to loan on bond mid moriya/e. J. DKKIUKR, liij A'aat :alih ?t., near Broadway. KENT! IKY -STaTi; Lt>rrKHlRS- DRAWN I > A11. Y. MV, MOXS, l>:i:EtMstlN A CO.. Maaaaera. lieliMiiky ^lnc:e .Number t.rand DUirllmiiun, on me Havana plao. to be diawu May 27. Whole ti e.-, flu; halves *1. quartera.|IJ ?.i; elilhta, ft l\ itoyai II -sana I mivrv ilraaa every 17 dav?. Third I on-?iun i i.nld lli.ttiloiii<m tu ba drawn ialy 39l >oi ialoriaatU>a,*?lrvaiara. Ac. addrea? or apply to Jai^KmiN A C<>., hankers. eaalied. 2tU Broadway. New York. K _4>J|RKS, Kh' ll?ix A . Kintaeby State lotteries drawn dallv. I.'ovil l< si alia Lotterv drawn every 17 days, ?enfnekv s;?fte Nnmber Unt<ry. drawn May 27. 10TR* ca'hrd. Inrcroimlon fUmithed ami circulars free. MM Mroadwar. Fort ofl'ce h?m ?*?.272 New York. SPECIAL XUTICES. DiiiTXsEs'or men a sffeciALff: HENRY A. DANIELS. M U. 144 Lexington av., Mar 2>Hh st. Office hours from H to 3. Q.IAU OD0 iM> EVKX SCHEME. Bvery other ticket I pr<M. 23.430 Prises, umiiIIii to *3X1,000. KENTUCKY HTATH 01STUitUTION. Dnn Saturday, Nv IT. LUt of Prlaaa. 1 Prise ?f ?20.0ro 2 Pritui bi'ts.un 10.000 ?JUl'rlE??or#I.U00 20.0J0 50 Prise* of?250. 12.300 25.000 Prise*?f$5....Li3,OJO 1 Prise of fDO.WCi 1 Pris# of 10.1 UJ 3 Prises of CS.'iUO .. !2..-<00 20 Prise* of #3' lO.iJUO ?jrr> Prlte* of $100.... 2<>.ono 1:0, amounting to 11,000. Tick*!*, $10; halves, $6; quarters, $2 30l All Prise* paid la loll. Addre?* all orders for ticketa and information to TIIOS. ?. HATS * CO.. H07 Broadway X. T. ^CHRONIC CATARRH, DKAPKBS8: improved * m?lheil;li?Mtaii(oui relitf. Mruuionl caret. Dr. STODDARD. No. 8 We*t 14th at. LAD1BS CONSULT UK. liKINPLB. KOR ALL Ali ments; *p?edy euro* whatever tbo cause. 143 Weat 48th it Nervous exhaustion.?a medical ess**. comprising a series ol lectures delivered at Kahn's Mu Hom of Auuav. Nov York oo the cause and cure of Hr? luatura Decline. showing indisputably htur loat health may be regained, affording a clear ty nopals ol fria Impediment* to marriaae and tUe treatment of uervou* and phyncal debility, being the result of 20 year*' experience. Price 23 cent*. Ad dree* the author. Dr. L. J. KaHX, office and retldoaoe 31 K**t Kali *t.. Ne-v York. pil ILADELPHIA-EXHIBITION. CROSSE A liLACKWELL'S Pun Pickle* in Malt Vinegar, rich Saaca* for Fish, Maata aad Oame, Potted Moats and Pish, Oenaina Muitard, superior Malt Ylmigar, Jama, Jellies, Marmalades, ' and other table delicacies are displayed in the Agricultural Hall, where inspection la Invited, uud are suld by all dealers in Orst claaa groceries In the United States and Canada Evory genuine artielo I* laiwlled CROSSB A BLACK WELL. Purveyors to the Qnoen, Subo square, London. Il.ES OR HASMOKlUIOIUs"1'KKMANENTLyT.1VADI catcd In two to fourw?tek?'paliileaetr?aln]<ul;aoknlia, ligature*. caustics or cautery employed: positlvelr NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Circular* frte. Da, STODDARD, outy office No. S Waal 14tb st Piles?UBMOBBHOIDS OR PILES pbbmanently extirpated in two to four weeks. without pain. Not one cunt charged nntil cured. Dr. HOYT, 21 West 24th st. PHYSICIAN'S PRACTICE FOR SALE?CHIEFLY office; ill health the esuse. Address PHYSICIAN, box 108 Herald Uptown Branch office. R"6V VlT HAVANA LOTTKRY. The next drawing will take place on May 2*A Prises cashed. Orders tilled. Information furnished Iree on appli cation. Spanish bunk bills and governments purchased. TAYLOR A CO.. Banker*. 11 Wall st.. New York. a ?OFFICIAL DRAWING EBNTUCKY STATE LOT O. teries. SIMMONS * DICKINSON, Managers. KENTUCKY. BXTHA CLASS NO. KIT?KAY M, 1K70. 43, S. 10. 20. 28. TO. 13, 2H. 7. 7fl. 57, 54. KENTUCKY, CLAM NO. HIS?MAY 8, 187*. SO, 31. 72. 22. 7S, 35. 2;I, 27, <3, 32, 38, 10, 30. OENItr, KXTKA CLASS NO. 217?MAY *. 1S7-J. 50, 14. 24. ?1. 62. U. 7. 28, SOL 8P. 31, 37, 1IKNKY, CLASS NO. 21S?MAY 8, 1870. 37. 10. 33. 2. U, 78. 12, 67. 14, 5, HO, 34, 73. 72. Pall Information oy applriug to or addroasing J. CLUTE, 200 Broadway, or box 4.9W) l*o?t ollloc. S ^300.000 "IN PRIZES; KVKKVoFlIEK TICKKT A . orlxo. SIMMONS A DICKINSON. Single number Kentucky State Lottery, to be drawn May 27. I87H. 23.420 piise* out of 5(1,000 ticket*. Also Royal Havana, to be drawn on May 22." J. CLUTE. 200 Broadway, or Post office box 4.900. SILK HATB MADE OVER INTO NEW STYLE, PANAMA and Celt liats claanod and trimmed, at JOHNSON'S, 1,200'. Broadway. TO-MOKKOW. THE OPENINO OP THE CENTENNIAL. SEE THE EVENING TELEGRAM TO-DAY. ANTICIPATORY REPORTS. WITH PULL PAKTICl'LARS OP WHAT IS I.(UNO TO TAKE PLACE. A PULL LIST OK THE VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS AND WHAT TI1KV CONTAIN. PROGRAMME OF PKOCKEDINUS TO-MORROW. ALL IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM TODAY. SPORTING?OObl, BIRDS, AC. FOVT SALE?BIRD DOll; KINK "TIIOUOCGnEkED rod and wliita Salter; good on quail, wnodcoek, *nipa and p'rtridgn ; will ba sold cli*ap, a> owner ha* no place in which to keen Mm; aim Bngllsh tloubi.- barrel breech-loader. Call at room ll;'18 William *t. ; JUST~IM I'ORTED?-COCKER SPANIELS, KOX TKR rlors. Bull Terriers. Black and Tau*. Scotch and 8kye?, Polnier* and Setters, 1 vary large Ilunaian Bloodhound; beat Watch Dog In city; Newfoundland Pup. 3 large New fouodlwnd Do^s, Scotch Terrier I'upa, 4 Black and Tan*. *niallest in city. J. H. GARDNER, corncr Broadway and 50th at. THE TURK. 'AUCTION ' A"Nn "FRENCH POotiTlfcoLD AT Xl_ Thomaa'Exchange, 1.23V Broadway, on the Lexlng tou races; also on the base ball ganios. G. M. THOM AS. UCTION AND FRENCH POOW SOLD AT 1611!?. SONS' Roo n?, corner 2Sth st. and Broadway, every afternoon und eveniuir this weok. on the race* at Lexington. Ky. ; fall retnrns received by telegraph ; all orders by mail or mriiaenrer will receive prompt attention; French pools close at 4 P. M.; also pools sold ou all ball matchc*. T. B. A W. H. JOHNSON. N MSAWII 1-Altn. JL> June Mtetlnti. SU.(M) in Premluoia Two Meeting. $7.U*0 in Promiuma tor ??eh Meeting. F?r*t Muetlujr?June 8, 7. 8. 9 Becoud Meeting?June 20, Sli, 32. 23 Purvca the aanie lor each Meeting. Klr?t Meeting. Pint Day?Tueaday, June 8l Him 1?Pure? $5?) for lioraea that never beet 3 mlnntee; $250 to Bret, $125 to aecond. 475 to third, $b0 to f.<urtb. Sumo Day. Claaa 2?Puree $1,500 for b?rm thatn?ver beet 2 38: $730 to Brat, $325 to second $-'50 to third, $175 to fourth. Second Day?'Wednet.lay. Jan? 7. Claaa 3-Purw $.'jW lor hurae* that never beat 2 :40; $250 to Bret, $125 to eecond, $7"> to tliird, $50 to fourth. Same Day. Cleat 4?Purse $1,000 lor lioraea that never beat 2:84; $500 to Bret, $230 to aeoond, $130 to third, $100 to fourth. Third Day?Thursday. June 7. Claee 5?Puree $500 fur horaet that never beat 2:50; $250 to Brat, $125 to aecond, $75 to third, $50 to fourth. .Same Day. Claaa r?Purao $l,(XVl Tor tiorvea that never beat 2:31; $300 to Bret, $250 tu xxead. ? I "?< > to third, $100 to lourth. Fourth Day?Fridey, June 8. Claee 7?Pnrae $j00 lor horaea that never beat 2 -.37: $250 to Biat. $1-5 to eeeond, #75 to third, $50 to fourth. Seme l)*y. Claee 8?Parte $1,500 lor horaea that never beat 244; $750 to Bret; $125 to aecond, $250 to third. $175 to lourth. All the above puraea are r?r trotting, mile heaie. beat 3 in 5 la harneaa, and will he ^evemed ?>y tlie rulea of the Na tional Aaaociatlon ; lioata In each day'a raMe may be trotted alternately. Entrance I per t eat of premium A bora* dlatanrinic the field, or any part thereof, will be awarded but oae nreininm. Wlon eight or more horae* ?tart in a heat, the dietance will bo 15 i yarda. Mo premium to ruled out hor?ei. Entriee to both meeting* cloee Saturday, May 13. at 11 P. SI., at Lafayette Itall, Bowdoin aunare and ahould bead dreaeed to I). W. BECKLKK, Proprietor Beacon Park. BBBPOOT PjTrIl.?TBOTTlilO TUESDAY, MAT* at 3 I*. M.?Match for $200, '? tnllea; A. llopkina' br. g. Colonel, j. Jarvie' br. a. l.ady Cooper. Same day. match lor $50; 3 ir 5, in harnrea; J. V. Carroll'* I r. in. Nelly Conder, J. Murphy'* br. g. Hard Road. Admiealon (VOe. WM. McMAIION. Proprietor. hw foBIt TURF EXCUANOE, 15 WBMT 28TH ST.? Auction aad French poole aold afternoon and evening all thia weak ou the Loamnaa race*; French pool* clna? 4 P.M. KKLLY, B1J-.S A Co. OMfrmaraXE coomb. l. Uwlplflh (I0<J. lor 3 minute knrm: $fiO to lat, $3(i to 2d aad UU to 3d: mile neata, ?' lu 5. In barueaa. Ktttriee clou- VVedne day. May 10, at U P. M. t.ntraace 10 per cent. C. A. DKN ION, .laamic.i, l<oa| 1 aland. TATTBBSALLS TUR F COMMISSION AUK.MCY, 1.227 Broadway, wot :>'>tli at. Book* now o|>en ?n "Withera," 'Belmont" ?taken. Ac , and all raclnir erenta during the vear; equitable pri.ea. Office open dally from 10 to 3 and 7 to u P. M McIHMHALL A CO. IIOIUSKS. CAEBIAUEH. <CC. CH vS vr A At'CTtO.VBBkk A. MAKE NO MISTAKE. TllB SPEED WARRANTED AM) TIME SHOWN BEPOi K TtlF. SAiiK. COLONKL P.J. COBNELLY, or 118 Queen at., (ler mantjwn. Pa., takaa ]oea?ura In a'inoiincinK bla thir teenth C.NPRM KKKNTKI) SALE of the faateat CRhKN TRuTTKRSIn the world. Jilat arrived Irom KKXTUCKV, to take piacc Wedueadav <ln morrow . May 111. at II o'clock, at Barker A Son'a ?"ltv >nct:on M*it ulaa* Vetk Tat tereallo, corner of Broadway and 3t>tli at. coiuprlaln* .? SIXTEEN IIBAD of the richeat bred na<l moat promiainri? yeuair freeu oaea that e\er led the HLI'K tillASS lieKioii, raairinir :rnm 1A<4 to Iniiti *nd fr< m 4 to 7 veara old. all warranted euond and Kind. that can trot In Ma 2 :50 dnwa to 2 :ei. aad all of tho heat and ino.t fHaliluiiable KKN fL'CKT 1KOIT1.NH BLOOD. SfOi'K now at thu Halt lor exiiihltlon and Irutl. Coloacl C.oiiitelly re<|iieata that ev?rvhi?dy will come and Hi 1>K BKIIIXU and fKST tlie sI'KKD and driviuit qualitlca of an* of the lot Selore the time of aale. CATAl.'Xtl'Ks WITH extended pettljcroee, 4e?rriptloaf, Ac . now readv it tho Spirit office or Mart. SALE POHITIVK and without rettard to weather 4 ?MAJOR CUAKLKS W. BAKKK AIC7lOSEBK. j.V? Will Iw old t'oriiively without r??erve on Wedaea<iay, May 17. at II e'cloek, ai BAKKKK A SON S itr anct'en mart and New Vork ratter<all'<. corner "f llroadway and'i*.<th at.. ttie fanioxa hrowit Troitlnn 'ieKllna, BKOWN PHI.St'K. lortnerly the propertv ol ii?- late KDWAR1I JO.SKS, ia 1 .1, hi|r'i. foaled IWi. haa a record of 2:??: la liner anit faater tlaiaii ever b'llore and C tN 1IKA I liU now and will trot t.'LoSK W 2:JO l.?lure next fall: |a un e-jiiallfri lor teatlemaa'a ro?,i a>?: ia on > of the beat Mtl.Vh.TED TRAt h IIOIiSKS ia America and ia Warrnnted round and kind. Caa be aetn at the Mart Ove daya prevfoaa to aale. A?TWO~ ELKO A NT I'HA B TONS, LKATHc.R AND ? canopy ton, aiao alntrie and donhie irold mnan'ed II*> nera. will Im aold at a ?acrlkoe. i'rivata atatile 11.> l.aat v. <1 at. \JUBUA1M?OLABKXCB, JMlUAbtO NK\fT TWO tir>i claaa Bretta, glaat .jutrtcr ('itach. tw.? t'onpe^ top Hu 'tflea, h atfona J W. I'l I NK\ , 4*10 lt*l av. \T HALF COST. Tvtti FiIaK,OvS; OMB SKaTS I iir i.eraoo-, polea and at,*?t,; two nil aprlnf to i Waaoaa; two aide ba.a one ilirhi roan Wavmt, ainifln and iiouhle ll.tine-a. all nearly now, by beet city makera. 1'itva.e atenle, rotaer ot 3.1.1 at and 4th ,iv. A" BI<Al tlKlT hlHAN a'LI.KN BAV MARK. I.Mj ; , aoon.l and kind: 7 yeva ; trnta la 2 :4'1t ea'e for lady; aooiitnaadile: cheap Private ateble. It 7 RaitOth ?t HORSKS, CABJU1GKB. AC. J" ftction HnUxE'oKVAN T A KSKLL TKE'XKNBY. L nu ami east ijth nr., NEaB 4TH AT. BEOULilt SAM! OP HORSES AND CaRRIAGBS every TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Ob overy bona (hat is turulod mud, or kind and trae Id harness, from on* to tlim day* ar? (iria to Wat war rantee*. CATALOG IB OF THIS "DAY'S (tuesday) 8 ALB AT lO O'CLOCK. PRIVATE EST ABLI811MK NT?team BLACK HORSES. Wi baud* high, 0 year* old ; kind and true In all bar inu. tree Iroui vice ; very stylish ; are in ? very way a superior family team, and for T cart driving are unsur passed. and are warranted nound 8ILVBK-MOUNTr.D ENGLISH HARNESS BY DUN8 coin** and T CART. WITH SPLIT seat, GOOD A8 NEW. BUILT by Wood Bros. ROAD TU KNOUT?ELEGANT CHEST NTT HORSB. hands bleb, 7 yean old; kind and tree In all harness; tree from vice: a fail traveller; prompt and stylish driver; it Brat clau road or oarrlags bona, aud war rant!'<1 snuud. Sat Harueat. uearly new, ard TOP alNGLE SEAT ROAD WAGON, BUT LITTLB used. buill by Hradlev, Pray & Co. TEAM BAY HORSES, 16 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS old'kind and true tu all harness; free from vico ; bar* flno >t> le and actloo; ara laat and Heady traveller*; bave been ueeu lor Kenoral family drlvlug and ara In every way safe and reliable. Silver mounted double llarnea*. BAROUCHE IN GouD ORDER BY WOOD BROS. BAY X.VRE. SlIiED HY GENERAL KNOX: IS 15|f buidi luirb, H yean old; kind and true lu all barneae; irvf from rlea; varv ttyilsb; superior roadster; can trot In 2:18; hat great endurance: fean uotblng and warranted sound sdugte Harness. and TOP Wagon. IX utiOD ORDER, BUILT BY DUSBN bury A Van DAPPLE GRAY GELDING, lOHi HANDS HIGH, 8 years old; kind and true in all baiueas: true from vice; a p'ompt and gamy driver; doe, not shy or pull: a Brill -elate coupe or earriaga borae and warranted souud. S?t of coupe Harness, and english BROUGHAM; BUILT BY LAURIE A MAR ner of Loudon. GRAY TROTTING 1IOR8B, 10 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS old: Kind and trua in all hameas; tree from vice; trotted in 2:40 laat summer; can trot In 2:VInow; U in vvery way a tuperior roadster tor goutleruau's u?e. l>et of (ingle Ilarnrtt. top wagon, built hy moore. BLACK TROTTING HORSE. RAISED IN vermont. 15J< bands high, 0years old; kind aud true in all har ness; free from rice; can beat a uiluutoj; bus trotted In 2:4?; is in every way safe and reliable and ? superior roadster. Sintle Harness. TOP ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY TOOKBR, OF BROOK lyu. BAY rROTTING HORHB, FLEETW1NG 15* HANDS blgh, 8 year* old; kind aud true in all barueaa; free troiu vice ; a prompt and stylish drivor; does not *by or pull; trotted at Prospect Park last year 2 heats belter than 2 ; can beat 2 :M any day; la In every way safe aud reliable, anil can be driven by a lady. Hat due tingle Harness. TOP KIDE-UAK WAGON. NEARLY NEW. BY BREWS ter A Co., of llrooiue St. GRAY CANADIAN lloRSB 15V; HANDS HIGH,8 YEARS old, kind and true in all harness; tree Irstt vie#; very stylish and handsome; caa be driven by a lady, aud ii an excellent fumily horse; warranted souud. t-et .-inula Harness. TOP PONY PHAETON. BLACK HORSE, 15 HANDS HIGH. 5 YEARS OlsD. kind and trne in all harness; free from vioe; very stylish; has been used on the road; a fast traveller aud an easy pleasant drivor. Set single Harness. TOP WAGON HY PLY KM. Bay H orse. Ift?4 bands, 8 years old: kind and true in all harness; true ironi vice; a good traveller; bats great endurance; four* nothing; can bedriveu by a lady and is wurranted sound. Set single Harness. POUR-SEAT CURTAIN rockaway. IRON GRAY COUPE OR CARRIAGE HORSE, 10 hands high. 0 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from viee ; a stylish driver; can trot lu min utes; has boeu used by a private family to a coupe and is in every way safe and rollable. Set Harness. extension TOP PHAETON. BAY COUPE HORSE. 10V HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS old; kind and true in all harness; free Irom vice; very stylish driver: has been uaeu by u private fumilv ; is In every way sale and reliable and is warranted sound, hot coupe Harness, COUPE BY WOOD HP.OTHERK BAY TROTTING MARE, 13k HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS old: kind and true In all harness; free from vice; trotted last fall In 2 :55; can trot to-day in :t minute* ?>r better and Is n safe and reliable road mare. Single Harness. TOP ROAD WAGON, BY DUSBNBURY A NELSON. Bay family Horse. KiJi band* high, 8 year* old; kind and true In all harness; free from viee: ha* been usod by a private family; Is in every wey safe aud reliable: fear* nothing; stand* without tlolng; is a first class family horse. Also set Rockaway Harness. rOUR-SEAT LIGHT FAMILY ROCKAWAY. ALSO KLRYEN OTHER HORSES. FROM 15 TO 10 hands high, suitable lor family or basinets purposes. Description lu catalogue. Two Depot Wacom, one Victoria. Omi llarouche, six-seat Coupe Rockaway. One Brett, extension top Cabriolet. Two sets double Carriage Harnesa. fonr-wheel Dog Cart, lluti'her Cart, six-scat Park Phaeton. Five M Jo bar top Wagons, four lull spring top Waguoa. Two no-top Wagons, two Business Wagon*. Three four seat Roekaways, two top Pony Phaeton*. Two uo t..p I'onr Phaotous, one set Jfoor-in band Rein*. Bells. K Collar*, Bits, Klynets, Side Curtains, Horseboots, FULL DESCRIPTION IN CATALOGUB AT AUCTION SALE. A BANKRUPT SAM'. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ON (TOMOEROW) WEDNESDAY, MAY 1", AT II O'CLOCK A. M-. AT STABLE FIU8T DOOR EAUT OK UNIVERSITY PLACE, IN l.TII ST.. where property has boon reui?\od fur convenience of Hale, COMI'KLMno ALL THE VALUABLE AND HIGH BRBD FAST TROTTING ROAD. SA DDLE AND FAMILY HOUSES, ELEGANT CAKKIAGES, WAGONS, FINK HARNESS. AC.. AC.. THE PKOPERTY OK A WELL KNOWN MERCHANT. WHO HAS BEEN FORCED INTO BANKRUPTCY, all or whlcli uiiiat be ?<>!<! regHrdk>a? ot Mint or value, without limit ur reatrictioii to liiirhrxi bidder. INCLUDING HANDSOME AND FART BAY GELDING. YOUNG DEXTER, e year* old. 15* hand*, rangy built, firmly turned, (bowing all the point* or Kreu* aoeed and euduranee; raiaed la Orauge county; aired by Rrndyk'i llambletoulan, daiu the famous trotting mare KateThorB; record 2:21; thin young hurt* it worthy the attentlou nf lurtmeu, aa he haa ahuwn wonderful apoed; with but little traiuinx be trotted last ae??on on Goahen track In 2 28, 2 :'M .m l 1 be trotted hia llfth liuat at Utlea in - :2tt: he can out trot any horao bo vat ever hooked with to the pole; he it warranted aound and kla^RAt.T,Fl;|j AJil) FA8T BAV oeldimo COMMODORE, <1 yeare old. L">a hand*: la very ntuactlve; a remarkable Am drlver; r*i?ed in Orange county; aired by Speedwell, >oa ur H.vadyk'a Haiobletoulan: dam Fanny llurrii. by Heelv'i American Star; he shown hia good breeding: he It a aquarv, level trotter: ahowed throe beat* at State fair, where lie took lint premium in - JJ, 2 :Vfll and 2:30'*; tie bat shown several lieata Inalde of - JO; he la warranted aonnU aud kind. N B.?Young Dexter, Jr., and Commodore have been driven together and luake the faatetl ua well a* the liand >ome>t team son the road; wuat be aoeu to be appro ciated. 8TyL,gIj ASJ) FAKT ?AV OKLDINO KENTUCKY BOY. 7 yeara old, 15f| haudit: la a road and (addle horae com biued; rnlaed In Kentuek7; aired by Mambrino Chief: dain Mr. Clark's Premium mare; trotted at Lt-xington at li^cara old, where he haa ? record In 'J :4a; trotted the fourth beat in 2:40: been ridden and driven by a lady; ha la warranted (ound and kind. HANDSOME AND STYLISH BROWN GELDING YOUNG HOPEFUL. n yearn old. 1 *1. hauu( high : been ua?d for family and road driviug: haa eMra line atvle aud action t raiaed In Ver mont: died by Vermont Hero; dam a Wintlirup Morrel mure; he trottod at llnrllngton In s<ftl, 2 :4s and 2 :U|(j he cau trot much faater u..w; he la warranted aonnd aud kind: good airnrle, doul.le and uuder aaildltt. bTYLlSH ANU HA.VDHo.tlE CIlkSTKUT GELDING LITTl.E DAN Thla I* tha rt;o>t perfect hor?e for a ladv to ride or drive that ean be found: waa pnrehaaed In Kentucky for owner'a daughter, who haa driven liini lor the paatyear; be la 7 year* md, t5t? hand* high: can nnt atay any horse of hia aiae in tha elty; don't ?hy; faara nothing; aired bv Im p.?rtet| Consternation; dam a Meoencer m ire; haa (hown (evoral heata nnder 2;.'?0; warranted aound, kind and true In all harnra*. N. I!.?THE ABOVE HOUSES ARE ALL SELECTED and purchased lor owner by good, competent jndgea; they are all free trout fault or vice of auv kind and will he all found in every way aa repreaeuted; '.'4 hotira given for trial and examination; any horse not lonnd aa warranted cau be returned and money will be rofuuded; all art Invited to come anU riiie behind aud teat the a|>eed of any of thein at any time pre* iotia to aale; coachman in altenuance; wanona > cemlti ol lull apHn?i and aldo bar top Wagona. Pony Phae ton, t'.n-j Harm at. K<>bea. Blankets, Ac. Sale abaoluta aud uoaitive. No poatpourment, rain or ti.lne. W. B. NKL80N. Am tinna r. N. B-TIIE SALE oF IIORShS. CARRIAGES, TIOl'SBIIi >LI* FURNITURE AND ALL KINDS OF GOODS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. OFFICE NO. 120 EA8T 17TII ST. T~~AUCTION ~ AT OOSIIEN PARK STOCK FARM. GOSIIEN, OltANOB COUNTY, N. Y. MESSRS VAN TASHELL A KEACNKY HAVE INSTRUCTIONS FROM DR. II A POOLER TO SELL AT ITULIC AUCTION TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY). MAT 1(1. 1870, AT HIS STOCK FA1SM. "i.isllKN PARK, AT 12 O'CLOCK. ? HEAD OK FINELY BRED WD EX1RA FAST ItOAD A ? li TRACK MOR8FS, BROKEN AND TRAIN I D UMUBM T1IM StPhRiN FKMlKNI-E OK MK. WILLIAM DaRUENT rilE FORMER DRIVER OF THE WELL known fmniKG gelding ST. Ji LI EN (KL.COIID 2:22Sl. TllE STOCK ARE THE <1KT OF NAMBLETONIAN, EDWARD EVEKKTT. VoLI'NTKF.R, MiDDLLTiiW.1. SkSSKNGER Dl'ROC, a A M l'S< t N A.N D OTHER*. THEY CAN TRi?T KliiiM a:?.i IH)WN TO 2 20. IN CI I'DKD IN TIIK LOT ARE THE VERY FAMT AND PROMISING liKI.DlNUB BIG FELLOW, BY EDWARD EVKBETT. AND JOB DUNN I Nil. BY YOLCNTEEK (FULL BROTHER TO ST. JULIEN). C.VTALCKIUBS ARK 'NOREADY AND MAY BK OBTAINED ON APPLICATION TO OjC. II. "A. POOLEIi. GOSItKN, AND \T TllE OFFICE OK TIIK AUCT1- i.n r EK, NO*. 110 AMI 112 EAST 1MTII ST., NEW YORK. as dr. Cooler iniendrgoino abroad he hah DETKRMINED I MAT TIIK SALE Sil ILL Mr. 1'hlth.MP TORY AND WITHOUT ANY KhnKRVE WHATEVER. TRAINS BY THE HUE RAILROAD LK.AVK CHAM BERS ST. AT 1*i AND ? A M. AND TWENTY- HIWD MThhET DEPOT If T:I5 AND S;tft A. M . ARRIVING VT (H?SIIKN AT lO-Jfi AND II 14. TIIK FARM IS FIVE i MINU I !? S' WALK r ROM THE DKPnT. j A" _4?N*E OF TH"e f!?EI?T 11'K.VIM TS IN THP. | . city; blaek llima. <l yea ra old, I,*.1, ? and? high: j hattdwime top Pottv Fhaeion and llarneaa. without a fault; j warranted atiunil anil tied No ft Weat Citli at. i a -FOR HALE. Tllk BALANCE OK A CAR LOAD OF , We-iern lloraec nr.- y..uiig and aouud; fit tor any bnaineaa: will aiiow a pi d trial; to be told at a aAcrifee. &7 "a ?Fort BALE CIIBAF, 7 HORSES, StlTABLB FOR j\> triMI, laiMr or aay bvalnete; trial allowed. .?7t> Mower.r, r.-nr. A BtRiiAlN -^175 WILL BUT A BEAUTIFUL TOP P?nv Phaeton, coat fliF) laat Month: a good top Wagon, f i si, i oat *4fsi laat month; n line HarntM, 9*0; at private itthle r a" nf honaa No l<* Eatt SWth It. HORSKS, CARRiAOES. CC. Auction house ok arch. johnston, 1U. 21. J.1anu laih ?l., ' tisar University place. OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE HOUSE IN THE CITY. RKUULAR SALES OF HORSKS AND CARRIAGES EVERY tuesday AND FRIDAY AT 10 O'CLOCK. 24 hour* to three days' trial on homes warranted ?oufc<L The widest and unit reliable houw in lb* city. THIS DAY. AT 10 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT. Tomb of splendid black earrings Horses. with leng. full tall*, perfectly matched, 10 hauds high, 0 aod 8 yeara old; kind and true in all harness: extra tins aaj last travellers; do not shy or pull: are not afraid ufanythtnx; safe fur any one to drive ; not alrald of a locomotive; can be driven 12 miles an hour all day Ions; ?ne of the finest and must desir able carriage team J la the city and warranted sound. LANDAU, Id first class order, by Weed Bros. SET HI,E HARNESS, by Stilling*. LARGE LOT OF LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S imported Saddles and Bridles, by order of as ijgaea i DARK CIlESTNl'T COUPE HORS", Toll mane and tall, 13^ hands, 7 years old; kind in all harness, free from vice; flue, iree, stylish driver: has been used in eity an 1 country for gcnrrsl use, liairle ai l double, aud is In every way thoroughly re liable. without vice, fault or triek of auy kind; sold only Tor want of uso. COUI'E ROCKAM'AY, in good order, by Miner k Stevens FULL CLARENCE, In good order, bv Corbet 1 Co. BLACK XilRllAK trottiuv Horse, li^lianat. M years old; (nil mane and tall; ha* trotted In 2:35 and can trot a lull mile In 3 minute': is tree and stylish; Uua good. opeu trait; doe* uot shy or null, I'us a not viae or trlek ot any kind; lias been usrd single and double to coupe aud carrisge tor family use: is a perfect roadster, every way reliable; Arranted sound. TOP ROAD WAQON. pole and shafts, by Brewstor, of llronme <t. LIGHT UAltOUCHK. In good order, by J. B. Brewster A Co TEAM BAY KENTUCKY HORSES. 15?; hand?, <t and 7 renrt old: kind In all harness; free from vice: have been used as a family team for all kind* of family u?>: are nut alraid ot a locomotive or anything else : late for any one to drive that Is u?ed to horses; free and atyl'?li drivers aud lu every way reliable; sold only tor want of use. TWO t'i.AKhNCES. lu good order, bv Dunn. EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, In good order, by Wood Biothers. ELEC VN I HAY COUPE HORSE, 10 hands. rt yean old. lull mane and tail; very handsomo and ?t. il?h ; get* litmaelf up in e? oJ ttyle; is not afraid ot a loco motl\e or anything else; has not a vice or trick of uny kind; Is good In single or douMu harness aud would make tin elegant third horse lor a team ; a perfect horse in ovory way for any use; warruutod sound. LIGHT SI\.SEAT PHAETON, la good erdor, by Wood Itros. TWENTY-FIVE SADDLES A 1IRIDLES; continuation ol assignee'! sale. TOP PONY PHAETONS AND TOP WAOONH. sold for account ot wnoiii It tuay concern, to pay advances an<i ehanret TWVNTY-SkwVkN HORSKS; description time of sale. Large assortment ot everv kiud of Carriage, Wagon, Harness, Ac., thin day, ut ARCH JOHNSON'S Mart. 10 to 28 IMtl) at., near Uni versitv place. Weather never Intirferea with our SALES AT 10 O'CLOCK. ASSIGNEES' HALE?AT Al'CITO.V 21 SADDLES. HOGSKIN AND PLUSH. LADIES' AND G'NTLEMKN'S. ALL NEW AND FIRST CLASS. THIS MOHNINii. AT 1" O'CLOCK, AT ARCII. JOHNSTON'S MAltT. 10 TO as I8TH ST. NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE. j| ?BKC01HP HAND CARRIAGES. Livingston DogCart, nnarl.v new, ours: Surry Cart, on four wheels, rood order, ours; Demy, with turn out seat fur groom : Peter'* Dug Cait, on two wheels. To,i Road Wagon, with vertical steol plates. JTbTBREWSTER A CO.. Factory In 2.1th at. .'>th av. and 'Jlst ut. A PAIR OK M A11 'II El) HORSES, STYLISH, 7 years old. 15 hands, tor sale, with or without a Brewster coupe liurnesa to match. Owner, 224 Wast .'iOtli Atop pony phaeton kor sale cheap. Inquire at 4I'? Hth av., between MOth and 31?t ?ts. Advertisk" IN " the EVENING TELEGRAM RATES 20 CENTS I'E : LINE. The circulation of the EVENING TELEGKAM last week ?ras:? Monday 37,100 Tnrsday 37,'JUU Wednesday 37.40 ) Thnrsday 37..V.O Friday US.tUO Saturday 36,300 Total .*. 220.HH) Dally average 30,710 OFFICE NO. 2 ANN ST. ? ?speed. MTYL.K AMU ll&AUTt ? Tbe handsome brown Mar* liulda. 15.1 UUl, raised IMt R. H'. Taylor, of Elmtra, sired bjr Lafayette. be by Ityn i's Maiuu etoniuu dutu, by Sceley's Hlack Hawk, never handler! fur speed end con trot better than 2uV>: only six yearn old; warranted sound, kind and gentle; any laily ran drive Uer. This in uu humbug, aa any oue wantlug to pur chase can have every trial; pedigree guaranteed. Also Oue shifting tup roud Wagon, by Perk; aet of sluglu Harness, Knbe? Biaukets. Whip, Ac.. making a complete road turu out. and wurtliy the attention of any gentleman warning anything ot the kind; will be told very low for cash, aa owuer must sell on account ol bualuaas dldi cullies. Apply at (table* 147, MB. I?1 West85tb at T RUR8KA UVBbV STAIILBS-SIX CHEAP Horses: muit aali at Kine nrlce, or would exchange lor matched Teaiu?. EDWARDS A gt'INK. ?WINDSOR WAGON. . made by BREWSTER. ot 23th *t, command! a higher price than aay other make, and 1* unquestionably the heat. Why ? Besides superiority in qnalltjr and flnish It embodlea four dl>tinct patent*. 1. Vertical steel nlato* in axle*. 2. Extra cross springs, giving eaay motloa. 3. Drop perch, iusuring safety. 4. Miaft coupliugt, noiseless and safe. Warerooius, 5th av. and 21st at. A-FOR SALE, -jr, YOLNG HOUSES. FRESH FROJI ? . Indiana, suitable for all business. Inquire at No. 122 Norfolk st. ?for sale", e horshs7"scitable for'Tarm, ? grocer, expiessor truck work; aold aheap. Sol Grand *(.. between Mott and Malberry. "? OHAJtOE TOGKTA GOOD ONE; LONG ISLAND iV ltlack Hawk Mare, by Geo. Wilkes; short, 15 hands; sound, kind and can trot in 2:3U. Address BaRuAIX, Herald I'ptown Branch otB.e. ROAN MAItB, WEIGHT 1.50J LBS,; ALBO_TWO other Horses; young and sound, 112 Heury St., stable. ?K)M i'LHT* tUHilDCT KOR SAL8?BREWHTBB TOP \t agou. good as new: Harueas. lllanket. Whip, and very Stylish sorrel Mare. L year* old. IHV iiauds high ; sound, kind and pleasant driver; will sell the whole for #450 cash; well worth fi.OU); will sell s'psrstely. Pioaae eall on or ad dress UP.O. B. SMITH, I*'. Prince st. B T/AslllONABLh CARRIAGES, i? HN1? ACS. LAl'MnLETS, COUPES, BROPflHAMS. COACHES, ROCK A WAYS, PHAETONS, ROAD WAGONS. A large assortment ef Vehicles of every description In late and faahionable designs and durable and pleaalag aiilen. A. H. FLANDRAD, S72 and 974 Broome it., old factory of Brewster A Co. AY OR BROWN HORAK WANTED? SOUND AND __ kind, not over seven years old; medium slse, good traveller, some speed, <;14$? no object, Addresa A. 1. I.EACH, b Hamilton av.. Brooklyn. Cm abkragrs A.NO HARNESS. LAKGK REDl'CriONS* I'onv Phaetons, I Hnggies, I Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons. I Bockaways, | .1 agger Wagons. All styles of Harness. Saddles, Bridles. Sheet*. Lap Robes, Ac., at prices which oust give satisfaction JOHN MOORE. 57 Warren at. Elegant LANDAU establishment-bay-TEAM. 1? hands , Harness, Ac. I TOP ROAD WaGON. POLK AND SHAFTS, by . I Brewster, of llroome it * I THREE CLaRKNCKS, bv Dur.n A Corbet. r I LIGHT BAROi'CltE. by J. B. Brewster A Co. 7 SIX sP.AT PHAETON. by Wood Hros. sr. ! TWO LIGHT VICTORIA*. by \T.,?d Mm, = I TOP PONY phaetons AND TOP WAGONS, to be ? sold. I?r acconnt whom It may concern, to pay ad "? : \ sn. es and ch.irge* | TWENTY SEVEM HORSES, description time ol aale, r I THIS D \Y. si x ARCH. JOHNSTON'S marl. III to 25 13tb St., near < I'uiversltv iilaee. Weaihor never Interferes with onr I sales at 10 O'CLOCK. See catalogue abov*. }/!.(? ? VNT TEAM I1HCK HOHSHS. ltl 1I4~NDS U high, il and 7 year* old, kind ani true in all harness wy stylish, long lull tails, atl black point*, well matched without fault or blemish and perfectly aound: onr of the finest carriage teams In the rltr; I*andau, by Wood Bros . in good order, and set double Harness; will he sold, as the owner ta goinr abroad, at anction this u.orning, at 10 o'clock, at AKI'II. JOHNSTON'S Mart. I? to 25 13th at., iinsr rniveralty place. See catalogue above. nXTFNSION TOP PARK I'HAEIOV MADE?7TaW VJ re lice: morocco trimming; to carry four; shifting lop; good as new : price $2VI. 22W West .">Hth st. For sale chkap?a cider ajTd 'vinegar truek. nearly new; will carry 7,00(X 47H llth a v.. cor ner H"th at. Iiiou sale?a valuable mark. I5\ iundh high; sound, kind, tree from vice, stylish and last. ' >1 AKLES LYMAN. Imix 1.441 Poet ofllee. U ?K SALE EXTENSION TOP TWO-SEAT PhTMtoR, I eitv make. In prime order, ehnsp, Jn?t the carriage lor yoir family. Inquire ot W. EIIBETT'S. 7th av. and 22d st. F.K S U.l -BRETT."by WOOD, ENGLISH STYLE. 4 I' spring- and good as nej-; also double gold mountwl Harness, by Campbell. Mi KE, No. I) West 44th st.. before 10 M "L^OR NtLE-A SPLENDID 1IORSK (BAY;, HOCND I and kind; a bargain tor auy one in wantol a nice horse. Call beiore ii ?r alter tt 411 West Itili i IjIOR dam; at \ BARGAIN-Poll WANT oF LUE, I F pony built Horse, 15t, hauds- lurniture Cart, altli ' platform, springs ami hareoss; will sell separate. 5411 Hud son St., corner Perry. }j10B S 1LE ? r 11 K FINKsf ("oL'PE HOUSE* IN 1IIK city, 1(11^ hands; warranted sound snd kind: hlowl bay; black spot*. To be seen at 121 Weit 45th St.. Cunniug b?m's stable ?fjlOR SALE.^A i.KAV DRAUIIIIT llORaE, i,??i T weight West Ifllb st. E?Y>k saIsK-bav HaVblktonian" v.ikk, with 11 foal. i.V; hands, H years nld; warranted sound and kind; also cheap Mare; must sell. Call ler two days at st?re,;t24 Hudson ?t. IjM>R SALE?iACRIFICE. RAY iloltsE. in IUXDS, f yesrs; suit trick, cart or aay business; mnst sell; no work Jim e?t !? lb St. CV>R ?> ALE ?THE RANDSOMRlT PUKY [\ NKW 1 York; llt^ hands. Jet blark, flowing maue and tall; i.e tricks; with eoaiplete outfit, Baggy, Harness, naddie, Ac, To be seen at til West ISth st. IIHlll SALE ClltAP?A NEW* TOP r7)AD WaOOM ; I lienot Wagon, new. lltil East 25th st HORSE*. C Alt III AGES. ?C. t^Ofi~bAL,fc.-A ItAtfS^cHfcSTXtft horAk. 1*HaiUM I IWa. ? year* old. with good knee action; lias been driven tu the wheel aud lead ?>i u taiirtem. or woald luau-ii ? good browu hum; a aatlktactury trial will bp given. L'au be writ at the Park ataulna. 47 and 4'.< Keat M2d St. FOR CHEAP?A TWO BK AT VhaEToS A square (Ittt Cuaub and two cheap Uurtr-. at 106 W?ai *?th?t. <i HETTHICK. For sale OttAr-ttNl 0# THB handsomest Coupe Hor?e? In the city. SM East i?t!i at FOR SALE OB EX C1 [A N G E ? A N ~El.P.<7.\\ r PAIR , of mihonaa* buy carriage Hunfi, l?l hand* lii/t i sound and perfectly kind, tor a brougham team nuaurp mfcp't in tbe cltv: will aell or exchange for a light*r Team. auil- 1 able for light driving. Apply at private residence ii Wraa JHta 4. HAK.VK.S3?CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IS NEW >urk; good Baggy tlerueaa, hand made. $13; good Orucer'a Harneka. JJO; guod doutde leant Hante??. <2*>: a good Horse Blanket, CI Ml. I'leaae call and examine for yourselves. .KI.->HkK A OSKORN. Manutacturera, No. 71 Barclay at. HALP VaLUE.-^126 HEAUTIPUL NEW TOP Expreu Wagun; taken for a debt. No. l'J4 Weat 10th at. Light double harnbbs. by ukaiiam; oood order; co*t$240; auld veiy clt<**p. _______ _ BROWS a DAVIS. l'.'H Weat 32d at. New and second carriages, lan daua. Clar nce? Coaclto*. Brett*. *lx-?eat Phaeton* nnd Rockaways. Landaulet*. "lrfta. Coiipe Rockawava, Victo riaa. light extension top Phartoua, Park, i'ony. rtaaket and top Phaetons, Irom $IO> up; Hockawa?* from *7."i up : Skel eton. Depot, Exprea*, top and Road Wagons, Hrewator Miid other city maker*, from 950 up; llarne**. # 1 ?t ti(>; Sheet*, Blanket*. Not*, Whip*, Ac., at price* to ault the time*. W.M. U. CRAY. -.0 mid JJ Wooatar at. F' OK* PtlAbTMl, all style*. top and OPEN, l'ancl and Haaket; oanopv Top* and thubrellaa: C?. tfrey Sttlkeya, In all weights, #!&>; light extension top Phae tons, lor one horse, and ml atylea ol ?e*?oual>ii' Carriage*. WM. II. OKAY. "JO and J*-' Wooater at. C ACRIITHTK.?JIU8T HE SOLD AT ON OK TO PAY XX O peitaea, throe- marler Wood HroCiert Clarence and ino horac Coupe. Wefcurtock's amble. ' Mih uv.. near 2*th at Soi.n to sTvtisky j i i?i;mp..s i ?i it uc.k iioit.-fis' three llglu top Kxpreaa Wagoua and Hariioa^. aepar ate. Suddlerv. t:t7 7th av. T\; A'yf Klt-?ii;NTI,K ~HORSE. H.VRXEM AND tt atroiiK top Pony Phaeton or J>ortor'a Carriage; givo dcacrlptiou and lowe>t prl<-o. _ W. II. HROWEn, M Warren at. W ANTHU-A ia.OY'H KADDLK, MEDIUM SIZK with Kiu'o 1'oiiiiiieN: new or ? 'Coiid huiid. Addrvaa, with price. (? It.. bo\ 1,173 Po^i oMce. W~ ANTBD-A COMPLRTK'hST Vlil.lsHMKNT, COUPE' llurnct*. pair Horaea; would tuke voarhiuun il ?ood; mutt bo Ktyliidi and tlrat claaa. W. box )X7 I'oat otiice. f*/\ ? mI'si^VkiTF.; oood utriino top iTuocj*. lallaoHug. JOSEPH BONNKAU, 171 Centre at., up i^taira. (J* 1 ?) ,-f POK HOKSK. TOP LK1HT K*PKKfTrt O I <ii>) Wagao and llnrnasa; good work llorto, iB?iK No. 4 7th av. DHV (iOUDit. RTT.mtjVjfbl-t3aBEAir.'Tfo"no. luinfJoS^AltTt. IIaa on hand a largo <M*t>rtiiicui of hair routla: alao tho inviaib!" lialr nets and crimp*, braid*, Ac. MILLUKKY \VI) DIlESSMAKINti. * ?MARIE TILMANN, OP PARIS. IMPORTER oP J\. a largo aaaortnipni of Him Ruir eia and Millinery from the lett maker*; lateat forma. 42T Uth av. (Littu Mi ehoPtM. (MJl.llKN A CO.'S PARIS Mil.LINKIIY ?I.WPORTRf) T lints and liomieta. #1 I, $14. #17. $21, yjr>. U13<ithav. (upataira), between lIHIt and 'J >th ?ta. SII>It., SPAOB AND DOUBLE" BOX PI.AITINtiS DONE by machlno, with gruat linprovomenta. trtillo you wait, from 1 tu J3 luchua uido^ by S. .IOSKPII, M Korayth at., near Canal at. cit*- liMt EST.iii; vini ?albT" C I'lltrnl. Albany.?ten rooms in the albaxt. ?ist st. nnd Broadway; worth vr> el<-gaut imported Kurnlturo; will be aold. with ii tavornble Leaao. at a harirulu I'or pormlta apply to HORATIO A EDWARD BROWN, HI Broadway, room A. f A NACKIMOK?Koi lt STOI'.Y 11 HOWN STONE*; 4Mth at., beiwi'on 5tli nndtith ava. s li. IrOODALK A CO., No. S West 23d at. iKIIth Avenue Hotel). A llD AY., 8t*t AND MU1:"~EACII POUB BTORIBf V.? and baaeinent: each lot 2"xllD leet; these two well rented magultlcently locate! Store* for miIo at a decided bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. No. 4 Pine it. or Eait 17th tit. (CHOICE COKNER LOTS ON MADISON AV.-TI1E J uurthweat corner of Maillson av. and 75th at.. 27.2xM; trice, ifitl.M'.W; ulao the aoutheaat corner. 2S.SxlOU; pii 'e, 1(1,.sill; theae lot* have been recently bought In nutter fore cloaure ol mortgage, ami are olfered for aaie at the actual coat to the company; the wbulo purchase money may re main oil bund and loortgago tor live yoara at ilvo por cent per anuaui if the property 1* improved aatialactortly. Ap ply to J. C. CLINTON, 55 Lib rty at. II*OR SAI.E"KKAl~ilPl L POUR STORY* RESIDENCE, ' Otith <t . between .">th and Hth ava ; bargain. TIMPSON A PERT, I.4KS Broadway, m ar 44th at. EDlL'MMZt-.D ~POL'R STORY TiTTi'iW N STONE klou*e No. il'JWokt Mth at. ior aale; It well pluunod, ?nbatantially built, rk gantly tlniahed and haa every Improve ment; prico moderate. t?u>tomera Invited. Opmi all day. TUB PALACE MARDEN SPOT IS BROADWAY Boulevard, between 51>tIt and U3d ata. Ijtiok at it. To oioae an eatnte wo will sell 7 Luta on Miid boulevard lur $15i),(/<?); 7<) per cent can remain; nearly oppnaitc grand eo tranca to Park: one-half the pnee they could have been sold for threo years ago. WYtiKOPP A CO., 30 Pino st. Kltat Side. 1 A O EAST 02d ST. NEAR LEXISOTON AV.? J."X?7 Tlila elegant three atory high stoop brlt-k Ilouse, 25x5(1, lot Jix 100^, with *lt tho beat and latest improve ment*, and In most perfect order, ia uttered f r sale, very cli'-ap; terma oaay. Inquire at C. A. SCHUSTER'S, No. 03 Maiden lane. Ueat Mid*. FOR SALE?THE NORTHEAST CORNER OP ORREN wicli and llarriaon st*.; SOxlUD. with rent roll of $4.5 0 per annun, with good and aare tenant*: price $T><i,uuj. Apply MORGAN. No 3 Pineal. J""iott SALE?THE THOROUOHLY BUlbt AUD HAND, totnely freacoed House 51k Weat 23d at., at a price to suit the times. T"~ WO POUR STORY BRICK HOUSES AND LOT 178 feet from6th av.: rent now 9i,750; price $2 ,U?. Ap ?r to SAMI'KL Mil.LIKEN, Heal Estate Agent. Not. 20'J est 34tli at. F niantllaiioaai. 2 TENEMENT HOL'SKS FOR SALE; 'ONLY LITTLE cash wanted: properly free mid clear; coma and mnku mi otfer Uii lliidwn ?t.. up *taira. . UHOOKLVM PHOPKHTV KOK " HALE AHD TO LET. A "WELL PIRNISHED II(VrELtO Lfi AH& WITH J\. liHTiiUnrai* rostnurant and ?lores. III Brooklyn. Ad dress JOHN IIKNKY, Herald I'ptown Branch office BAEOAlN.-ThKKE HTOKY AND HAjSKHKNT stoue House, til Downing at.; neigh borho?l unexcep tionable ; 20 minutes Imm Pulton lorry by f .tir car lines; ?ell. exchange or will rent to Kood tenant, extremely low. Cull on owner. :tlH Itromlwny, Xow York. ______ WKSTCHESTEH COUSlfV PMOPEHTY KOU MALM ANU TO UE.\T. FOB SALF.-nKI.NJHTPUL COUNTRY SK.\T ~ IN Scaradnie, Westchester county: liu coat It* mttr Ho.OO; would exebatiica lor Ili-uae hi tba city. J'artkulaw I with E. J. DUNNING. Jr., 0.1 Wall st. _ OH (IALE?AT KYK, N.~ Y., A EKAUTI' IJL PLACE, directly on the water, with dwelling, furnished; laryn , barn and gardener's collatre. with about live acrwa oMand, ! Iiilly >h*<latl. A) ply, Iroiu In to 12, to P. (X CUHNKbL, | KS Wall st., room ia. HanUS..Mi:c<>u>thyVkaT.'eioiitaoueW*:bead- j tlfnlly shaded grounds: solid atone mnnsion: line out. ! buildings; Wtitalit<l<i comity, near depot; off?red at \**ry ; low Bgiire ; the owner. Intending lo live abroad, will sell at ? a sacrifice; an excellent loveaiiuenl, Address B. B.. box i l,iPost nlflcs. rpO LBT~AT^(OUXT VKRNON. TW(T IILOCKJi PRO* | J. New Haven depot, large House. l.'i rooms, also Store, ZbxOu. with or without Apart.-nents; also tor sale. two blockn Irom depot, flue House; corner lot, barn. Trait, Ac.. vary ; cheap; others for sale ami to let. NltMfOLS A 0 AFFEETY. 1*14th ay. i \n?N KEEE-n ANI>*G~)f ELY f (JEN IkUKO IIOC EE: 1 X koo<1 stabling; term* moderate; tea minutes' walk froin depot, Inquire of THOU. II. POLLIXtt, Ileal Katate Atrenl. opposite depot or of HUBERT UAKItlttO.N fW I South .'>th av . New York, < I'ltOPKItTY OUT OK TliK tli* IXIU j HALE OH TO I&KNT. A BARE OPPORTUNITY TO RKXTOR PCItCi' UP. i J\ All Iree and cleur. for 31 yearly pay menu, of flee per ' ieot or their value. without interrM, or at tliat rate lor ?ny j shorter period, a line m'w three story lloase: ail modern lin I Lrovenienu, J4 by 42. ntid an ele?ant four story *J0 room [auslon, ready fur immediate occupancy. lift i.y W; healed , by staam : furniture all appointinsula, lo luding | horses, carrlngea, garden. Iruila. Ac., e-nntitial to a ftrst clnea ' city and thoae of a choice cvniitrv seat: drllnht fnlly situated in a healthy, prosperous locality, in alght. of I and'within an hour's drtye of Central Park, on an alersled lawn, sloping to a fine beach on Long Kosnd; boat , ln(, Ashing, vaihtlaf, Ac.: una hoar from Wall street, 10 | minutes' walk from station; trains hourly till luntnirht: ? the location Is suitable In e?ery reaneet for a yonut ladlat* ; bnardinc school and nqnal to that rlurminir one. Monnt St. Vli.ceat, on tlia Hudson. Hy thl? plan son*< probtable ?n- | yestui nt? are niifla, ami duimtlag home* |mrehnv<.l for i oup tourth their real salne. 1 b" owner will be ai Kilih ; Avenue Hotel daily at I and "? o'clock F M.. ready to rlva or i rend particulars to rsapnu-i) le a) im cant* ?h? ?"i d tail naineK. roldanc?s, or i'U?iri.-*s adilie?.e?f><iWNKR,care t'aswail A ,*>th av. and it'll at.. New Voi?. =|& T AhH. BALANOK To Hi lT-VttKEt;# RUOF ? llonas, 11 rwmi: ??l?r rtni?, Hiiipiit. hoaati Inlly papen-d and nalnteil: Pluahni/. i?esr dep't; price tl.Suii. WILLIAM LKAV1TT. owner. 10 CWw. AjIRAUTirt'L OOtTNTRT ?RAT AT nmT (0,(1(0; ?iat claa? bnlldla??. jrn>nnd?. lo.; healthy, ebarnilnir, areesatMe KIjI'iX, owner, 3> Liberty at. AT NYA0E AJfn ORAM) VrHW-H.M.rtT IHTRR and mnuntstn scenery; Cnnntrj .?ieats 1.10I ( ottaces. fnralahed and unttirnlahed Hee tihetna ifLIVKH. Iffil llrtiadway. A rCRNIMIIKD IfOt'OR TO LET IN PLAINPIBLO, ! J\. N. J.: pleasanily a ma e.i near 4enot. lawn and shaue; fUft per RMMith. Applj orner -M ami Uichmund ata . Plan.- I f?d, Mr address JUlI* II. HIIhA UMAX, 4'. t'ortlsndt at., ! New York. A ?RAItT}AIX -TWO HTOKY <"OTTAOE*"(?NE ACEE; I &? llm" view of the ??can; <?* rvteou ?t?tion. Mat'ii Islsnd KallroaU; eust $><**?; s>'ll lor * .'*??. hull nMirtCkce. H It. Bltlt' K. ntaplet?n. h I. \TEEY OK>IKABl<E ItiKIOKNCK ON THE IIIIO Son, above Tarrytown: II arres fron'id; flne rlvar view>t for "ale very low. I'- OLIVER rAltTKK. 3H Nassau it,, iwim II. A KINK KAiTliT11<> At)IKRH. NK.AK S! >?i C|NO; tlOOD Mildlnip; laud naary all cuitlvMed; One orchards; only ?""??; terira easy. T.OLIYMt <;AttTKK, S t Naasau St.. rnotn II. A? HOUSK AND NINE AMI ll>p. IIA If AI'Kc.h OK ? I .and at West Klualielh, N. . I. . seven minutea walk from New .lereev Oentral llepot. Apply at IWi West Hill st. New York city. . A"" T SARATI) IA HPRINOS. MIR TilKMUMEElk A tiirni-ho l Kealdcnea on Clntilar st.. Mar principal hotela. sprlnca and Po?t ?See; house roouiy and airy. Kround* ample Address box :TR> Po*t oMce, Saratoga nrtnu-s. or l M. NORTH. 1UO Rroadwar. Resr York ; PROPKKTY ovr OK Tlfr. Cl'l'V POi SALE OK TO RKirr. |TaS'I>SOVKI.V MRVISHKU Hill: .KHJuSfAni A In* 14 room-i.on *'-? i.r-en at., within five bWlii ? Park entrance. Philadelphia. will be rented nitmttljr M re?ponaiblc party, without nun.I children, for live or six mouth- Kor full particular* addra** T. J. H., 112 North 3a at.. Philadelphia. jToottaob. pke/eot ax if. nkab vori mm! j\ HI.; two lota, two atary attic and cellar. trult. tl*? t-r. ; S-'.-VXl; terms eu*y. DABKI N, HU II road iW ! Tji RLKdAXT RESIDENCE IN MIDDLKTOWN.'N. J."t jV- 10 WIN, fruit and rrove, sarrouuded by paved ?t recto. | fgDiBKTUX A CO . SJOHioadway. A beautiful "house <furnjshi'.d>? covvr. niaiitly located, to let?At Montclulr. X. J. Apply to B. f KltKla, lit) Wfaahlaytou at, New Tort ~k -ST(IHK TO LET INMANUKACTUHINU VIlLaGB JV, O.UUj Inhabitant!; lurnUliod. M U i:l>KN. 331 Broadway. re? 6. Y FURNISHED COUNTRY BB8IOBBCB OK TUB 1 beautiful pen lunula Orient*, Look lilaod Round, t? rent or tor aaW; 10 minute" from atatlon aud .V) from cite. New York aud New Haven Railroad; h>>ute contalua 14 l?r;ri rooms; all tnoderu improvements except Ka? ; ?oveu acre* in handsome lawn and garden; fine variety of fhitt; oiMid boating, bathing and Ashing. Apalv to JOSHUA M. FIKKu I.lruoux. Hitch .w Wix .llordi, 271 Broadway. \ T eoXSACKlK, ON THE BANK OK THB HUDBON -.'V A furalabed Hama of 14 room*; piasaa. frnlt. cardan, burn. cow. poultry, Ac.; bin- vlewa; eaav ol access; a delight tul location ; will rent tor the summer; owner can b? ?een foi tun du\ h .it ^ 14 West 4Mb at., or addroas box 223 Pull oflea. CoxaackU. ,\ fubbwhed cottage at n t\v i ? V minute*' walk front boat, 30 minutes from New York: rent $3 ii> Inr i"i?in or year. 0. 8. PECK, No. S West 25th ?t. (Hoffman House). iilNGLRNTOOD. X. J7?TO I.KT (THREE MONTH!)! j liuii'l?nmelv furniihed IIoum*; high ground: pleasant KuiroumlliiKk; carden ami fruit; el^lit minute-' walk todo pot. Address K.. box 5.4M0 Poat oHlce, New Vork. CI ABM Of 1<V> ACI'.KS?HKST (TLTIVATKI) LAND; r "illy 34 mllea Onto New York: Hrnt clan buildings; tin* oichnril; stork, horaos cows and pleuty poultrv; all tanning utenalla. will be cxchauued tor lirliI encumbered city Prop erty. Apply .to UEolu.K KELLER. Xo. U LMancey at., near Bowery. FOR8ALE ON KLaX KILL. ' SOUTH NOKVVALK. OONN., it h'inilHonie Houat).4 J x'-'7 leet, three (lories and cellar, con taining 14 rootna. observatory, Ac, and plot of Ground. Wt '.'17 feet. Till* hnuae contains all the modern convenlenree; fine barn anil carriage hou?e; good garden : lino viewa oftna Sound, Ac. Apply to K II. LUDI.OIV it CO., N?. :i Pine at. HALE?A PINK?A.VD PLEAKAN l l.V SIT r uated Country Seat, In Greenwich. Couu.; the hou^o (new) contalna IA handsome moat", with uplendld view, either to village or sound ; tho laud, 'J\ koiti, lucludo? veg etable gar i leu. with all km J* ot fni.t traea, ?hrubi, Ac.; a nice Inwu In front of the hfiun>; euuiiuer houae barn and ?table, and a little trove in back; ucar to dopnt Ad clove to vlIItiro; piles il4,'KW. Apply ut tbo onusr'i place, A. tiKOKiil;. Urecuwich, Conu. L^i?ll SALK-ONK (IK THE kTxEST KKSIDENtYKH IN J? Stanllord, f'onil.. uoxr denot, all itnpreveoicutn will exchange lor u Form or Brooklyn Houae or Lot* Photo Itrnpli aud portitfulara witu Mr. KLADU, No. 7 Piue aL.rooa II, from 10 to 4. Boor' s \LK?AT 8AYVILLK. L. 1., A COd'AOK, 10 room*; burn 40x'.'rt; irood outbuilding*: *W itctea; a fln? trove; \ mini- orclntrd ; u ruunlus atroatn ; near Mouth Hay; good eoiidltlnn. W. II. M'ALTKIIN, 160 Pearl at., CHAB. h. MOKKIS. Sayvllla, L. I. 1'fUJBVliHKD HOUSE CONTAiXijia"T?~BOOMBTi acre* of land; line Imiidinir. dellrlitfully located in Ktainford; to let er for mile. A. DA1LEY, U08?{th av. ]jlV RNIS11KI??N10 K HOI ?K K. N KK11 STATION; ONE hour nut; #J.'> per mmilb. IIOI'KTON, {Hi Mberty ?t. F- ?ioii SALE OK TO " LBT-1N (IOSHMN, OKAXOB comity, N. Y.. a lino Kesirioncn, rualulning 11 roama; water tu houae ; bathroom. Ac.; plana* und bay window*; barn; two acre* vif land; chnlca fruit; ilu<i aaeiiarj; wry healthy; two hour* Irtim New York by c.rle Hallway; llva nilnutva' walk froui depot; priee to mil the time*. Apply to \V. O. KIIOVVX, United State* Hxpreaa oftim, 82 Uroait way. New York. OB BBNT.?BBtOIC IfACTOKY^ ;jKxi;>. WATER i>ower; for n turin ot yeaca; eoimnutiicatioti by rail and canal with New Y'ork aud Philadelphia; al?o a Aral clau Hour mill; aalo or rent. VOOUlIEbH A MTUYKEU, 1H? Broadway. /TitKAT 5ABUAIN.-BEAUTIKUL KAR5770 ACRES, U lluntiiik'tun. L. I.; mat P7,<W0; price f.IO; |>l.JtM DRAKE a CO., :i Boarnat place, Brooklyu. HOTKL-lilTIIEnKi'RD PARK, 3? MINOTBS FROM New Vork. 30 rooms, new and oompleta, for rent of aalo. II. K. STEWART, Ml Cedar at. ] ON(i IBANOH.?LiABQB HOUSE. rOBBlBBKD, V J ntile 1'iom ocean, 4 acre*: aliade tree*, fruit of all kind* ; at able ; rent for aeason or year. Addroa* or ap ply to K. A ('LARK, agent, Lou? "ranch. MON ft: I. AIR, N. J.-OON V K N IK N f TO OF. POT, f-nlt. thaile, all Improvement*; low rent to good ten ant. Box i.'MU New York Poat olllce. MDXTCLAIK, tlRANGK MOUNTAIN, VAR1KTY OK liirnlabetl ilouseo. aoaaon or year. HOWK A PAR. KUXS, 7t> Cedar at. VJ ewbriol 1 TON.?K URNJIS 11E 6 AND UNK urnish Ixi ed Oottacua ana eln/ant Maualeni; tinaurpaaaed loca tion*; near lorries; reut* reduced. W. A COLLINS. 20 Pine at. N- ICELT KUnNHtHEDCOTTAilK. KlliRLYIxjCATEQ, In Stockbrldice, Mass.; rent moderate. A DAILMY, aee nth av 0KANOK. N. J.?IlKNTS, 45 PUHN1HIIKD KKHt deueei, wuuu, year; 4H nnfurniahod, in thin vicinity Uuorlalty.) HAMILTON * WALLlS, ? 80 Pine at. , or oppoaito Orange depot. PLAINP1KLD, X. J.?TO LBT?POK VIVE months or a year. a ftirnlahod llooae, obtaining 9 room*. bath <r?nm ?nd laundry; tan minukna from station. AitdraM OWNKK, box 502 PlalnBeld. N. J. RRAjioNABLB KKKT?COUN+KY KKAT; .VfcW JKa nry : thoroughly furuiriied; 50 atinntse from New York 1 n?ur stailon; I'J room*. extcnUon; lawn, tardea; abuadi daucu ol fruit; flue rliw?; boating. _ J. KIHUKK HATTISKTUWAITR, 10 Pine it. STXAM POWBK. WITH TIIKKK LAKOK FLOOR* either Miiarato or together, tight on all iddeo. will low rant. PUILIP HTROHKL A HON, S3 EHxahcth it f|H> LBT-A?*OltU?COTTAOK. Vi ROOMS: WATBR " pun. boater, range, (rati and vowetabiaa; Kay at C. MR HAlX.-.rra. Malatt.. Aatorla. rflu LKT-AN KLKOANr KRHIDKJICK, OVKHLOOE 1 in ic the lludaon. on the P alias <1e>. at Bull's Kerry, abaol four aire*; nice dwelling*. wtib ombuilding*; greuitd* baad> komuly laid out; plenty of trait; if I niiuutea fiom i>|iriuz it by boat; ?t?aiu and turn ears oonvenieat. W. H. a t.i.Tttt No. ft Pine rt.; J. tt- OHAll A*. I7t Ceatre U. T0~LKT-A rOLVUHBD COUNTRY KKtUDKNCK. (9 Uir ?nburb? ?f Newark, N. J.: boase a denble tbiM ?tory tramp. In ???pieteorder; a large ban; 13% acre* m Uud. Illlrd with frail trass. email I ml it and grapes J clinical quality: garden plsatod; pure drinking water healthy lo.-?tu>n; on boras ear route; will bo let for tbl t'inimer mantis or longer at a moderate rent to a respoutb ble party. Apply toQRO. It. MARTI*.*) Sooth ?t. M. V, rjVJ lkt^AT M0NTCLA1K. K. MLAIHJN OK YKAK X ftirnlohed llooaa. oight oUnritea ftwn aepot; fine lawn, frnlt aud vegetable garden. Box. 14170 Now York Pari oOtea. mo lkt-tiik rowLKK hocbk, at port jkbvisi L Immediate poaseasioa. Apply to II. B. WALLa.CK.2S Bros<l ft, or H. K. HKOUHKA l>. Port J?r*i%_ mo UR?KROMJUkk to Nov km bk KTis cammMI A it, I'atervon X. 4., fwralakad liunee; all unpro<emaata Addrou box S.trw Poat oftVe. Now York. TO LET?AN KLKOAN TOOC NTH Y KKAT, FURNISH RT or aafiimtahad, In Haw K/>ehelie, with all modern etll improvement*; iHitawa 90 minutes frmn ?CM ?u. by No? liateu Railroad. Addraaa JACOB CAKPKNTKB. on tht prouleos. TO I.KT.?I N KI/t'iillI NtT PllWf CLAM PUKNliUKl honte and rrunada; baat Wationx a bat-Ralo. Apply M P1TNKY, 4H0 3d ar. mo I.KABK?O.V KLM AT, OTPOWTK ill>. XAJJI 1 Kxlilbition btilkllrut a ??r*e etory- Uaom, inlta> hu-for a billUrd ri?xn ; atto a < l*ar Stand. Adilreaa J. CLAYTON ?KB^:?*J S?atAj*k K.^Phaa.lolphiH. r*. mo KKNT, KCkNI?Hkj>?AN KLMA.TT COTTAOK. M i. a?re? or land; root C>0 a mtmth: funrlatoed Houm $900 a iiumta. (X)K.v iiX. YasderUilt Lntdtna. L TO KKNT?AT kL'MMlT. ST J, MAX^AKD BOOP I'tfliiiir; mat ?V?X A^piy to It M. MANLKY. M a., or GKOROK MANi.KY, at Summit. rno uks r?at iTivekdai.k on HlfDiwI AlUa V7 1 cltdty, aoveral good Houm*. farvMnxl and tiniurniaba<L Pi.TKlh. lis llroadway. T"o IIR NT - K U KNlrtH K1), THB TKKT DK3I RABLI thrw dory brick Dw?IHo* Na. -.I3U line *U, Philadeb pbla; IJ r?nu?; modarn i-narrnfiicaa A^ly t o UoRACH a. Ol'ILUON.815 Wataui tt.. PUilailolphia. Pa. 1?>I ACKBtf?BCILDINIM. P*l IT TKOL'T BKOOKA J.?d j pna>1; h ne Hailwar. near depot. WLLLLUC NAFKs. OtlirlTle. I?rmaj? ?xuit?. N Y 1 rn At lJES OF PAWri RK To I.KT?AT ANNA*. LOU dale. Aa<iroae HENKiCH AM ITU. Anaaodata, Mtaleii Lland. __________ ? il-ii -roTTAUB TO KKNT. AT Sl:M.Vir. N. J.j lar/e sardeia, Intlt anil ?brnAbery : two laia aim' ?*U rwi ilfui. Apply ta THUA uOLLO, wtth T. 1). Kelioic;. No. ?'< Beoknaan 'I. $ - iik/'t - KAST PAYXKNTM; M MlNtrrBB PROM 0.t)UU. New York;.fcwtae House, 11 rowan; BotakM natural wouil?; **rtm; Bus vljw. J. FISIIKK S ATTKItTHWAITK. 10 Ptaejt. ItKAii Kh't At* TO KiCHASttS.^ Tr-riiRnirwvkf ntiKiffearimwrwmm J\ . dwellitit ll?</ " In Harlem.near Lsxiiicton ar; marble I.ail ??d all modern Im^rurwmeata: iiionaajo oair $5 i*JO in iiiklltatioio; t? eichaax* for piiibw Property, free and ei#?r. wertli (Ti,*>>ira?k. or uakeritty rMWI| luhtly mort cai-cn. or Mitni* duk >L L Pll VLON. .11 Kaat iTtla at. A NICK t'OTNTKY RliSlPBXt'K, AT BL1ZAHKTII, A near depot; ground* IXiO'in. tald eat with Sae |[rovea and Iralt iraee; will ?x> haaie l<>r Kuod rity or Brooklyn frwparty. Addreaa t'., M AO ReraU oAtca. /tOUNTKY PLAOK W ANTK ?OP *nI?Klt\FK I / i nine, and naloaamkaniMl, la asebaaca for unenrum* b*rr>di'lty l'iup?rt/, at valualkoa dtaie priae aad partlcalara. box a,U? Pott uMea. l/Xi'HANtiK- :H>CSK IN BKOOKI.VN P<)R Pt'RjTf li tore, I.Ma. Morchandloe at ilaatueea. l>r. BY KM, ? j>as.MQ it., Kium i 1>lANO AN1> lloi sBHOMV PI'RNlft llK WA*TRr% in f*-!i?nye l?r ?mn* < r.ah aad Lota, free ami elaar. H. W1IITKKY. X'M Oreaawleb at. T?O KXI'llANOK-A PINK SINOI.K TKNKMKN1 llnnr. ?IH Kiorj; alao adJ'dniaK Ijet, with 14 llolll ail will routed; ainaii inerlff*Ko?, for Brooklyn, Jeraeyed nearby Cottage* or Mlier Kurnl property ; ctih will be adiMA (i N KIt, MMt AHk it, baeemeat. IITABTKO TO KXCHANaK?M|UITAKUI TKRMK If choice Ifta In Weetrhaaler, prea-rat ?alae Vi.OUO, M Writing aad I'rinlitiK Pat?er?. Addroaa MTATlUKKK, lie# aid olBee. - _ UK A L. KMT AY K WAfRBK" APAKMt'H, RaVIMO hiock ani> ' VXifHifSi, would like to laase or hire a Parai, or won on all are... from .'At to ?<*? a-raa or apward. Addwaa w. U. ti lleratd uOlee. OKIVTIMTH*. ~" BlfAltffOi. artiVioi tiTi*WiTiirW??3 warranted; etirer MUsM, 00 *n?ta. '"N. i. MM kuNM," &.J. t.tli ar . near lUtb. KatsbUohed I '"I. il'kK. wait, oiiii stabi?"is baHt.?f., wu3 I F laaert aad nil teeth with erary npiw| mure iivorfti'h n?ri*it ifitn n*/ "tw nW tun MMNM mtmt Oalt And

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