Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1876 Page 11
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(?vk> 8 BAST 28tn ST.?A YOCNO WOMAN TO COOK, mh Hd lrwu In a private lainlly; city nftmit. Call iriiMrui Buttle joxks st.-aI first clam obdkb cook and to sleep at lioinc. Can be soeu all week. BUNION COf RT, IMVi-.RsiTY PLaCK.-AB~OOOD ro'ik, .itid lroner; good haker; city relerence; louutry preferred Can be seen for two days. f m GROVE St..' IN~ T1 iETrE v R. ROOM1 5.?AS lv/i aood conk, wailur aud lroner; rood ref<rencv, bo objection W the country. 1" 9 ALLKNPLACE (PERRY ST.l-A KKSPEOTABLB woman in private family a* cook ; limit-rstautls cook It la ail lla branches; five roar*' rct^rtn r. UKAKT *ID ST.-AS VlltST CLASS COOK I* A private tanailv; would di> the co?r?e w*?hiug j beat of rtty reference. Can be seen at hrnrui employer'*. li?~BAST "iTTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS 1' I first elase eook; understand* all branch**; best citv Miimm. 1Q EAST :tsTll ST.-A KESPKtfTABLK OlU AS AO good cook and to assist with washing; beat reference; Bo ot^ctioi io the country. 9(1 wisf 3OTH st.-Tladt. WHO IS BKKAKIKO ? " up housekeeping. wish** to prmure HHatlwa for fwo girls; one aa excellent cook, washer ami iroaar. who hut lived IT year* In bar pi nee, aad one aa chambermaid and waitress. aim hat lived 5 year.-. In her last placo. Can bo seen at present employer's. OO I )B-BROSSES ST.. FIRST KI.i>Oll~?A RBHPIcT able woman us cook or to do lirht general housework In a ?mall rc.-pi ciable family; tood city ralerenca. Oaa bo ?eeu lor two or three days. OO WBST 18 l'H~ST\?A YOUNG WO MAX AS COOK, iO waabar aad Ironar; no objection to the country; city relertace. O I CHAKLKS~ST~. ITeaK, F11 (ST~Kl.OO 1C-A RR Ul spectable woman to cook by the day ar week; good referent.' from Inn place. 0 I"~BAST ~WTii ST.-TWO KE^aOtiltit OUttli 01 one aa cook, washer aud Iroaers aud one aa chamber aiald and waitress; three years' city lefareoce. ?i/l WEST 4B1II ST.?AS KIISST CLASS ENGLISH O I cook; thoroughly i>iidei>ixiids liar business iu all its brauchea. can take entire charge of a kitchen; beat city (el ?reuna from laat employer. I) I CUNTON PLACE.-AN UNSURPASSED KKBNCB u)'r and Spaulsii cook; makes bread and lea creams at sell a? eoffee anu chocolate duticiousiy ; ha* lor many years forked iu a very high posted lamllv; no objection to tha wuntry . references the most fluttering *-< to ability, temper sud character. Call on or address. lor three days.. l.Ol.A. *(f j "SPKI.VO ST A KKSl-KC-' ABLK OlltL TO X L cook, ?u?h and iron; good city relereno*. ((') OARM1NE ST.?I" KOTKhTA NT WOMAN AS JooD X*) plain cook; alee to do the pjain washing; no objec tion to country: good roferenee. 11 WATTS ST.-A KKSI'KCTAIII.K WOMAX AS t'v plain cook, ? uaher andironer; no objection to |fo In |h" country; ^ooil relerenowt ,-7 wb5t~i5th st7. rk.vk.^a bTspectablb 1/ I !Cntrti-.h woiimn us first cittsa cook; understand* ull tm. > ol' meat, ijanu ai>J soups; city ur country; good raf iraite 7") KAST S1.ST ST.?TWO UIllLS; ONE AS liOoD mj cook and to do eo trs? vAHliing; the other aa iaoudrete ?ad ehambermuld; eood rererenco. 07 MAUISON AV?AX KXPEKIKXOBU WOMAN AS Ol couk In a summer home; experienced in that eaua tit.v <'Bit be *eeu at present employer's. No postal card* tnswared. lir 3D AV?A VOUNO WOMAN AS 00(70 PLAIX 1/it a<Kik, washer and lroner; good city relerence IVum laat place. Call for two day*. UQ CHARLTON ST.. PIKST FLOOR. FRONT BOOM. u*J near lludaun St.?A respectable Protestant scotch minim In a small private family; a good cook aad firat ciau aandress; best city reference. ifiir WKST JWlTisf7?A COLORED QIBL AS COOK, LvU washer and lroner in a amall lamily. ? WW? WKST MTU ST.?A UKKl'KCTABLE UI HI. AS IUU Or*t class cook; no objection to the country ; good tlty re lore nee. 1it7 BAST 4STII ST. (PItKSKN'T K.XPLOYRR'S).? 1' ' I Two glrlt, one us plain cook and asalst with the washing, the other aa upstair* girl and do waiting iu a pri vate lamily. 11 ii WBSi- 19T"iT ST.7 TOP FDOOrT?is"COOK OR 1 L" laundress lu a private lantlly ; city or country 1 good ?tty relet ence. ?nTT WEST 10TI1_ST.?A^SltSPBCTABLB WOMAN Jlw as cook; Is a first rats cook snd b.tker; good city relerence. 1 99" WE8T 37TII "hT.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as cook; underitands the care of milk aud butter; prelcrs to ro Into the country with a private family; best reference. 199 west urrTi sr. hear.?as kirstclass cook; \md wIIIIuk to do the coarse walking; city or country; keit city reference fVora laat employer. TO- WEST lOTH ST.. BBTWKEX (1TH AND 7TH lZitJ avs.?A reapeetable irlrl a* cook and to astiat in the washing; 13 year*' relerence from laat place. 1 90 CLTnI ON PLACK.-aWd ul.E AO Elf WuM AN' J._<0 a* e<Nik In a private lamily; no objection to a ?mall hoarding house; best city reference. Can be *een lor two days. >96" WEST lflTII StT I'UO.VT^UOUSK, -J KLIOHTS Xa^O up.?Ayouug woman a* cook, waaher and lroner; ?It) or country; best city reference. T9Q~*KST IOTH ST., HEAR.?TO COOK, WASH J and iron In a private family ; six years' city refer ?nee I rem her last place. foi WEBT lUTH ST.?A KK8PKCTABLB GIRL AS lOl good cook end assist with washing and iroalag; focd city rclererce. j')l ~WBST~aM'H ST.. SECOND KLOOR, FRONT.?A LOX respectable woman to cook, wash and iron In a prl ratu family ; good city reference. f ji west furii^sT., top floor, front.?a re LOJL ipectable young woman as first cla** cook; uo ob kctlon* to tliecuautry city relerence. 109 WEST Timf-S?KKAIL?A mTDDLE AOBD lOsJ Scotch woman a* first clat* cook In a Keod private family; nnderatanda her business. is an excellent baker and understands the care of milk and hotter; KS vear* ex perience la thl* country, good country releruuco from last place. Apply for this week. 1 WBPT WTH ST.?AS GOOD OOOK IN- A PRI lOO vate family; understand* *oupa and meat*; would do the coar*e waahinK; would go to the eouutry lor the win kior: good city recommendationv i 'Jil WEST 17TI1 sr.. BASE.MENT.-A PROTESTANT IOt woman a* firit class cook; no objection to the coun try ; good relcreuce. 1 WEST 2STH ST. (fN THE OROCBRY).?A J 0?J young woman aa good cook and hakor; understand* English and Amuricau cooking; an excellent washer and lroner; city reference*. WKST "WVTII ST-A COLOKhU WOMAN~AS ux-k In a boarding house or hotel. Mrs. SORREL. i;^7 1s>7 KAST 1WTH ST.-A RKHPECTA BLK GIRL AS 1) I cook; ao objection to auist with wadiing aud ironing; city relereuce from pretent employer. Can be seen lor two day*.* *1 4 11 WEST 19TH ST.?A RESI'KCTaBLB WOMAN ItU a*cook, washer aad lroner; will go iu the country; Mat city references. fi 9 WEST SIST OST.?AS KXfhKIENCF.D COOK 1.TA aad good baker: best city relerence lor honesty aud ?obrieiy. r KAST .'OfH ST.. HEt'OND FLIGHT OP 8TA1BS. A respectable girl a? cut*. ~ WEST ill ST ST.. IN Slli)!. KTORK-A YOU NO Freach girl ** good cook lu an American htully. Iff I KAST USD ~STl?A S FIRST CLASS OOOK.' OB L?)l lauudress, by a respectable young woman. 1- I WEST I HTM ST.-A i'OM I'l-.TENT WOMAN AB f )"I Hrst class cook; nest eity refereuco from laat place. I CQ WEST aiiffi ST.-A RK8PBUTABLB o 1 HI. as 1?) J a good plain cook; willing to aaaist with waahing and iroalag; good relereacv it required. Can bo aeon for two days. 145 145 _ claet cook; go?.d bread and paltry maker; will alththe waaliing and ironing; city reference. WES I iafil ~5r?A KhSI*EOTABLJf WOMAV 202 20 _ at i{o?d cook, wather and Ironer; city reforeuce. Call for two dayt. r WKST 26TII ST.-A SCOT*'H VkOTESTaKT ' ' as tirat cla?t cook ; will aaaitt with tbe waabiag. nnc BA8T WTH st . KIKST Kl.odlt, B *CK KOOM.? A''*' Middle-aged tiertnan woman at plain cook ami In ta?ial with the wnahtng and ironing ; liaa a little sir!. 9 yeare ?Id; would like to have her witli bar; icuod city reference*. nne wut jittm St. Usk fuouf, tx^THK back.?A willow woman aa cock in a boarding bouae or private family; uo object one to the country; ^ood reference. IWVl' Vt|is7 J7tT| ^t"~\ f I iisF c iTasm cook , <iUU thoroughly undemande her butlnets in all ita kraicbe*. city or conntry; beat city reference from last flace. fiTjoTSTSrH st.-a respkctahmk wo max Zt\J\J aa plaiu cook, w.ialicr and ironer iu a tmall private taailr ()/W. WEST WTII ST. I-VVO lU-M'KCI A WE <. I KLS ; ^UU one at lirnt clu> cook and the other aa drat elaaa laundreaa: b?it t'ity reference. QH7 WMfjiTH ST~ATuCNU WOMAN ah cook I and to take car* ol a nu .ll dairy; good city refer ence. h(tQ WEST *STH ST.?A XKAT.' tIDY A*d" VKItV aiUO competent girl at rook aud laundreaa; city ur ?ountry; very tatiafactmy reference hjkQ WEST "J7TII ST.. HAS t M K NT. ?A STEADY ?\J%} ?on:an aa good cook and bukar; baal elty rvlar 210 211 EAST 8*T1I SI .?AS COOK". WASIIKR AND Ironer; It an eieellent baker; good city referetiea. wk*t~iarii stT-as < ook, wasiiek ani> Irouer; good baker; country preferred, good raiar we. mi Wh*T ~30TM otVa EMPRf lABLE WuJCAU ?jll at Irat claea eiwk . underttand* cooking in all lla trancbee aad la a aplendld bak?r: beat eitjr reierencr. Bast :?th stT one >u<iht ur. HACK room.?A retpeetable woman aa &r?t c.aae cook, rill aaaiat watlitng. beat city refereace. SYf Q WMT MTH ST.?TWO TO0XO 'HKI.s; OXI w L& at cook, waabrr and Ironer, tbe other to do upetair* furk aad waitlag. city or country , good < lty relereuce. OIQ west arrif sr . .-.ear. -a respejtablr mIO woman aa cook and to aaaiat In waahln.' and iroa tug. la the country; elty reference. 91 O WEST ?jstii St v> uoon I'I.aTn cook ulO watlier and Ironer or to do boaaework In a tmall tastily; five yean' good city reference. t) 1 A *'KHT 27TH BT.-A YOL'KO WOMAN AS TOO*. ilT waelier aad Ifoner; ao objection to go In the coun try, good reference WEST JSTII ST.?A ERKXCH COCK (LATELY arrivedi in a private family. mi r KAsrr ?th st.?a kkhpectahi.k woman as >"ook, wether ?nd Irouer, or lo do general houee vert; good city refereace. oT? TuS Sth st.. Y(7F vLoor7 hack~iiboi~ <i llrii flM eovk, waaher and Iroaer; | ood city refereace. in /? WKiT 4ISTST.-A HKttf KOTABLK TOPKC. QIRb SI'' at plala cook, wuaber aad Ironer la a tuitll private taaiiy. 215 Wl'.nr :?D ST.-A nhSPKCTAMUt OIKL, SOT Ml , alraid ef work, aa thorough cook la all lit brancne*. ?eaiaollaatt lauBdreae. 217 2. Clin WEST IHTH ST.?A RFS>I'ECTARL,E OIRI, AS Z 1,7 plain cook, waaher and Iroaar or lo do ehaaibar wg| m ?Mr '!<?"?> Caa ba mmm fa* Mr* <vt, UTUATIOHI WAVTIIWKXALKR. ** " r" JUc. nna mTSl ST.. 7TH AV.-OOOD OOOK AND LAIN dreaa. with am art girl. right yeara old; cauntry preferred; pay email L*oo<l raftrenca. OOTbAST 43TH ST.?A YO0NO WOMAN ASFUWT StA T rUw took In a prlrM* family: beat city rrfucnc* frnn last rrtplover. Ilf)f MART 45TH sT7 FlitST FLOOR.?A TOUXtl ??) womon a? good plain rook, wubir and Ironer l> ? private family: 0 year*' reference; ?m? nu object *? a goo J home. iiao win wr'n st-as oood ri.Aiv coott would aaalat with the waahing: no objection to the eonalry: heel city reference from laat place. OOQ WKWllTTirWt.?A YODRO OIKL A* FIRST _i_>' claaecuak or laundreea; thoroughly undrratauda both: go?<l reference. oin whst -irfiYIrr -rivo rrspbctarlr YorNii Jj'tl glrla; one aa flrat elaaa cook : the other aa tint rlaaa lauudrntt and to aaslat with clianiherwork; wlfllni.' to do the work of a houae between them ; rountiy preferred; heat ref erence from laat employer. ?">?>*> WKST :tlVI >T . TUISD TU >ou"-A WOMAN* ? a >_j at cook an J ta aaalat with waahing; alx year a' ref erence from laat plaee. OOO WKST 1 NT 11 ST.?A HOOTCH PROTHSTANT woman: nnderatanda Knurh and Kngllah cooking and all kind* of aweeta; uood baker and paairy cook; b >l refereijcea. K VST 39TM ?T~ THIRD FLOOR, FRONT Two moat r?aprct*hle voting glrla; one a* tt*n"l cook: the other aa rliambermeld; or would do the w.rk between ihcui : private family; juat trom Ireland; were here before: heat relereure. 95? TSaht aiin st \ vtirso woman as im.un -i/?)a I cok anil In a-alal with wiahln-r 'n n p-lvat" faro II* In th# cltr; willing to make heraelf generally u?eful; city relerenre. k a st 55r ?1 st.-a k Frst" ? lass roo ic. to gu out by the day, week or month; beat elty r?f 235 23fi OI(l EAST 41 ST 8T.-A RFHPKtVTABLK PROTKS. a"" tant woninn a- .'link : ntid^ratunda cooking*, fowla: la a good broad baker; no objection to do the eoarad waaljinir; be?t cltv reference. Sjfi "east .wrri st.. kooii ih.~.a "hbsprctaBlk girl aa (food plain rook, waalier and Irooer; willing and obliging: good city reference. OJQ west acrrn st.-as ooob plain cooil waaber and trailer; city or country; liaat Hty ref erence. O'LQ WKST 27TH ST.?AS OOMPKTENT COOK; EX r a* eellrnl breud and niacnlt baker; country preferred; reference. O'^Q WEwT 330 8T.-AN AMRKIt.'AN WOMAN Afl w*'1' flrat clftaa cook ; good baker; country or city; iruod elty reference. Tall In a tori* 2H1 mil AY*. RKaR.?A KKKPKC'TaBLE VIIL'NO woman a> cook, waaher and Irooer; itotd ?lty ruf WKST I7TII ST.?AS FIRST CLASS OOOK; NO >.Ut) objection to 70 a abort dlataneo in the conntry for the aninmcr: beat city reference. OQQ ?D AV.7TN THK VanFv^STORK.?TW<? ??? 400 tera: one aa flrat olaaa cook ; willlnirto aaalat wllh tbo waaliinir and Ironing; the otli-r aa chainbarmaid and waltreaa; aiz year*' reference. OQT ioTT ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT BOOM.?A I iMddle-ar*d woman. Scotch Protectant, a.a flr?t clua- t'.vok ; ran tnkeaman'a plice fur pnairy and all klnda of name; beat city reference; tmrtt W> |>i)^tal t-arda. oni KAHT '1,ST St.?a RMPBOTABLi OIKL AS Ov/ I cook, waaber and imuer or do general houaework in ? amall family; cltr referenee. KAST "rMTll ST. FIRST FLOOR. FRONT~A young woman to cook, waab and Iron ; city reference. OA*> EAST JSTH ST.?TWO GIRLS. ONS AA OOOK ?3" ' ?J and laundreaa, the other aa chambermaid or to take care of children; willing to do any work; beat city refer* eneea. 301 ?mtl WEST .ViTII ST.?A UESPKCTABLR OtRI, AS Ow?j gn?d olaln c<Mik, wamer and Irvncr in a amall wi enie family, or would do cliamberworV and malting; two yoara' elty reference from laat place. Call or addreaa. OO/r" EAST HfTTH RT.?A HKHPKCTABLI! rOtJNO Ow?) girl ns cook, waaher and Imner; best city refer encea. OS A EAST 4NTH ST.?A UBHI'ECTABLRTjXrL AS ? J I" ' good plain cook; would aaalat with waihiug and irnnliitr: city reference. Oil mi AV . NKAR -'HTII ST 7 ROOM .1 A UE ? 11 I apectahle woman aa vooit plain cook, waaher anil Ironer and good bread maker In a ?tnall private family. 01.1 KAST :ttsr ST. OOOK WILLI NO TO a-sis't uLt wltb the waahing; 7 yeaea' reference. I?all ?>1 (J EAST 21ST ST. TWO OIKLS; ON'R AS C'OOK, Ol ?" the other aa chambennald and waltreta; city ref erance. OOQ EAST 1JIII ST.. IIETWKEN 1ST AND SO uTa. ? A reapectable Prutcatanl wmnan aa cook, waaher and ironer. OOQ WKST 3BTH~ BT.. METWKKN kTH AND flTH Oi'l ara.?Aa flrat cla>a cook: willing to aaalat aaitli the waahing; aeven yeura' city referrncea. QOQ BART 88TH ' ST -A RKSPKi'TAliLE WOMAM ' J aa cook and to aaalat wllh waalilng and Ironing, in a private lamlly; tood city reference. QOi WEST 2?Tlf ST ?A ?ksT'RCTARL* AS ? )i)l plain rook, good waaher and ironer; willlag and obllgiug; good city relarence. OO0"KT8f"5aD~ST.?A KKSPKCTARtiB HiRL~AS plain rook and to aaalat with the waaliing and Ironing; beat reference: no ohjectiona to the country. ?>?>9~E.VST_25fnr"sT."-AS KIRST CLASSl^bolt'lN ? a hotel or reatauraut or large boarding bonae : haa a tborongli knowledge of meata and naatry and cau take lull charge of any kitchen ? beat elty reference. QOO"~EAST HIsTsT-A YOtrN0~W*0MAN AS PLAIN OOO cook, waaber and Ironer; haa three yeara' city ref erence. o7o~wKifr^wth sf^-T rkspkctablk oirITas OtO cook and to aaalat in waahing; eity or country; good elty refrreuuea. 409 0 A EAST JOTII ST.?A RRSPRfTAHLR WOMAN ilT'l aa flrat elaaa rook; thoroughly nnderatanda her tma neaa; aix yean' city relervuca from laat employer. Call ?r addrcat. aj 4 it WKST :tMTII ST.. RETWKKN KTII AND <?TH Oto an., third floor ?A Certnan girl aa cook or to .lo upataira work In a amall American family; good reference. O/J/r WKST :?NTII ST.?AS plain" C?V?K, WAS 11K R Ol)i) and Ironer In a amall private family: brat eity refareare from her laat plare. 4 AC WKST :n?Tlf ST.-'* YOI*NO"'WOV \N~AS *T"a) flrat ciaaa cook, and would aaalat with the wavklng and ironing; haa no etijertion <0 a boarding houtc; beat reference. WKST itTH STl-A PROTEST A NT WOMAN aa IIrat elaaa cook; city or eonntry; gmxl referanrr. 410 WKST 43i> ST.?A RHSPRCTA HLK OIBL~AS T" I a J cook in a amall private family; escellrnt waaber aid ironer; beat rhy reference. J 1 (k-kast~i7tii stT?A PROTKSTANT COOK; TT1 <7 nnderatanda Krene'i. Spanlah and Ameriran rook, ing toning, larding, aonpa, meata, entraea, deaaerta of all klnda. Icea. whip*, creama, Jelllea; reference. Nocarda. 1 <1"1 WKST MTH ST, HKTWERN 9 TH AVIl IHTII T"Jj1 a*a. -A r?apeetable yanng woman aa good rook, waaher and Ironer in a private family; rlty reference. A OO ?0 AV ?Sf PRRIOR COOK. CNDltRSTANDS Kngiiah. American and Jewlah rooking In all Ita brancliea: no ohjartion to a boarding houae; two yeara' eity reference: elty or countrv. j ffkrr ihtii st., THRRR fiTohtr 'rp. miO Irnnt.?Aa cook and to aaalat In waahing; elty ref Mra ?KLL. 42f> 4 Q.j WEST 4.VTII 8T.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN r??T ae cook, wuktr ud Ironer; can t>? well recom mended. _ A r"1 WK8T 4HTII ST.. second Vf,OOR._A YOt'V(i 't')! rlrl to cook, waah and irun In a private lamlly; reference. 4"j?f~~~WEOT ?P~W. COEMKB Wp} AV., TOP ?' i floor, corner roomt?A reipedable younr girl *? cook, wuher and Ironer for 'i small rarnlly; no objection to dn general b?ii?cw?rk : flre yean' reference from hv" em ployer. Call for two day? 7TII AV ? A rISpeStaRI.R WOMAM All 464 cook. m%*her and frin^r: bent Hlr rHunmc* 538 C?3tl WEST 80TII ST. IN HTOKK.-A RK-PKC TABi.K ? >?i?d yonng woman n? c?-k: nnder*iand? all klurtu <>l e okmg; l? a good baker; so objection to a boarding liouae: city reference. ~2D AV.-A-i COOK ASD ASH tST~ WITH WASH tag; good reference. rujj '<? A V- A St?HER STE AI > Y WO* AX A*!PLAIN >M) ( i?M or to mhl irilh cooking; willing ami obli|> ing Call or addren. (\C)(\ WKST 4* IT 11 ST.. Til RRK STAIRS.?AS FIRST 1)^1' elm cook In hoarding iiooee. hotel or reaturant; no objection to the countrr: good reference. OKKKNW1UH HT.-A REMPKCTABLK <i|RL aa cook or to do housework in a ? until family; good reference. f izl ^ WK8T I2D ST. -A rej?PECTABLK WOMAN TO IlT-** r?ok. waeb ami Iron, or would do hentework la a ?mall family: city reference. 77<\ :ir> a'v.. AX?~5HB*i8B I I W ring 'onrtli 1*11).?A Protectant young woman aa re>k, waelier and ironer; beat city reference. OAr'jD AT RKAH.- A REHPBCTaRLlT~TOCNltl O" 'u girl ?? ??(?ok, washer and Iroaer; hc?t city reference from her laat place 077 erir.w (Rtku fHIIA sltC.-a respect Oil able woman a* eook and to amlet with the washing. QQC lil AV . HK fWKRM '.3P A> if MTlf STsT^A OOf) 'onng womsn at 8r?l cla-a eook ; no .injection to a !arge temlly: l>*?t city reference Irom fact p'a-e. 97(* "*rit a v.. in rroRR-AS FIRST iTi.ass cook IV) in a prirate family; best city reference Call or addreee. f 7*of "siB AV.i BkTwk'K* i?r? awd" I .'7^1 ??cotid floor ?Aa (ieraiM cook; willing to assist with washing and ir-ning. 11 ?)Q iv -A fot'Ku oiiiL T<j"c"ooic, WA8ir ?l^t7 andiron; city reference ?-'!? AV. CN TilE STORE) ? jTRKSPRt-TABLE .Ut/t) woman ?? rood plain eook, washer and Ironer; city or cwontry; goud reference. 1 ftf',9 3i? ay ? a r es'pkctarlr"<ii r i/ as' <; ood 1V"/AI eook. bread and MacaIt baker: would aaelet in washing. be?l city reference. Call for two dar?. rma ??f"Av.r cornkr~wij st..??kc<?.\b l.l'OU floor. ? 4 respectable girl a* chambermaid and waitress: city referent'. 1 91 7 "? at? xrar~?th St."-a respeijfaSi7k 1.? I I youag womau aa good rook, waalier and Ironer ; coanity preierreJ: aoodcity reference. ]~A 17 -l? AT.. CORMKR 7ifif ST-A TorSo ? r 1 I K>rt a* plain rook, wntbcr and Ironer in a traull private family; he?t city reference. V COMPKTKNT WOMAN A? first CI,A?S COOK*; j\ no objection tn a hoarding hoaac; beat eity reference. AiltlreaaCOOK. bo? lli? lleiall Uptown Hraneh'ofliee. A SITUATION .VVNTKIJ FOR A IIKA1) COOK:CAN. tint be eaeelled in French. Knglleh -?nd all otlier new alylet of coking I* ? profewlenal pnatry cook and bak r .ornamental) of ail klnd?. hatrin/ eli*ri?e for HO reart In dr?t elaoa hn-mrii. A?.ir?? S. K., box IWl Herald Upiow u Branch otltce. ' ChambermaiiU. Ac. Q WEST 44TI! sr. A RkSPKCTAfll.K YOUXO C.mL O a< <:liamlierm?W and te do plain tewing: no objeetl"iu t.i a jinvnii! hoarding liou I beit city referanre. or EAST ?- 0 .sr.-A RRfl'KCT4RLP. WOMAN AS Jj | cbaniterm 'Id ami pi in newer ?r to tnheMre of g<ow> Ini' children: no objection to the i-oentry ; brat claa? ilty raf erence. Call er add re y. ? jTjT EAST ySD ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'*).?A8 OZt chambermaid and ?eam?treaa; wiUlag to aaaiM in the care of ? child or ?e to the ceaatfy. SIT CATIONS WAJITEU-rCMALKH. H7 dumbinnsMi. Ac. WK8T SRTI1 ST ? 4 RKSPKCTABLK YOCSid girl iu rhniiibermald u4 wailreao; private family; city or coantrjr; ttftiiM J O KilT 74TH~HT. (VRkSKNT KB PLiOYKtt'H>.?A *1 ?J mpmrtlt girl u chambermaid tud la 4o plain ??? Ing, or to take care of children. Can be ???? far two day*. r.'J BAST 218T *T.~1KIsBNT KMPLOVKK'O.?4 ? /?) jrnni woman u? cliumbernaid and vaitrea* ia a pri vate family : beat city reference. kjwest isth (rrTuXTn.?a youno ambrioan ?'I Protectant girl aa chambermaid and walttl? I good refe rnw. &Q~wksT 4aD~8T? A RRSPiCOTAHLR YOUNQ UlRfj O ?? chambermaid and lanndreaa; boat city reference from lata employers. Q1 :tl> ST.-A kksi'KCTABIJt IX&OIID OUtIi~A* 1 I chambermaid or child'* uuraa; no objection to ti aval. Call for two day.. oil xapison w. <pkesknt kxi'ioybr'bI?a 0?7 joou([ girl a? chambermaid. waitreaa or Inuudreaa In ? Prime lamily; four yearn' reference. Cull bo HPa fur two day*. RAST 25TII ST. - A ~YO TNOO tltL AS C I I A M - beruaid and waitrona; cite reference. JE MR AY.. BKTWilnr I7TM AND MTtl BT*.? ? ' A limit i-.'-peetable yonnc girl, lutoly landed, aa ciiutnbermaid. country or city; beat rAlareaca. mWKiTlJnPli 41U-A WiSPRCTAltLiro[RlfTa charaberm aid and wall real and to aaalat with the wnAhinc an<l ironing; no objection to go In tha aouutry lor tko summer. * 108 12 "J I O BABV 00 ST. (BINO FIRST iirllj.-a rr X LO anoatah'e young girt ?? chumbi'tmald, aad would u .?l?t in tbe kitchen; U willing and "blliting; good refer ence*. i7jj?)~wisT iifll ST.?A TOONO AN K RICA* oinb I ?J hi chaniberm iid and waitrou; oity or country; lrf>at city reference. Sing third boll. " ) WRsT U'TII gT . URAR.-A GIRI< AS CIIAJi Jj-u hennald imd aonuutrcaa; haa liar own machine. "I OO wb?t fftarr st.-as T: ii amukrmaid "and Iw>l w*itre??, or w?nM ??* >t in m-aahing, In a (mail lumlly; heat city reference. 1 97"T~Wkst "iirrii s r.. ak.4? "hifir.bisa-a?T:ham". X ?t*J hern: aid and waltrcs?bya Protectant young woman, or tuke care of growing children mid clmmberwork; city or eountry. Call or *B#re?a for two diy?. M W. m'?~WEST 4JI? St7 iI'ItKSK.VT"isMPl.tiYKit>?.wA ) competent I Intmbermaid and laundreu in a private family; beat city reference*. 197 IA8T ITTH ST. iPKKSKNf KMPl.o YvTiT*l!siT?? I A North of Ireland Protectant virl to do t-li 1 tuber workand aeulnr: kooU rcfarcncea, Oati be ?ccn for two dava (ViiMi 10 to |'j M. I ??1 M AIJiBON ST.?A KKSI'KCTA IILt WOMAN \S .1 *11 chainberinntii mid waltroaa; willing to uaaiat :n liuuwuierli; good reference. mV'kst ItiTlf" ST.,1 TtJR FLOOR, KKONT?A young woman ?? Ur?t claw tlianibeniiaid and to M^dat wltlt waaliini.': no objection t?> a boarding houae; countrr prefi rrod ; city re In rone. 1?>o wkvt Turn "st.-a "voir.No oiri, to po L?'0 I'liambcrwnrk and waiting or waahiug: would Ilka to ;'u to tlio cc.uutry fur tbe auniiiier; good reference. 10?j east sbtth 'sr.' (RINh thn bask'mi.nt lOO liollj.?A jroung girl >'li?mheriuaid and waitraaa In n riIi'o Amerlean fuiuilv. beat cit.v refarcuce. 1')( wi:st i:?tii ~st.-.\ RBKPB0TABI?R OIRXiTb 1 Ot cliumberniuid and waitreaa In a private laiuily; can aaw and make beraelf uaclul. mWKST .VID ST. (PRESENT RMPLOYHR'H).?A ropi-nnblo yoanc girl as chatnbormaid and wait reai in a privata luiully. ('nil alter 10. WKST PKItKY ST (IN STORK) A YOONO lately landed, want* a situation as chambermaid, and also flue waiiliiiig. Call for twij day*. -f?J 7 WEST wih" st7 ON* rUttHT, RRONt?A JO I col. >red girl ai chambermaid and wiiltreaa in n llrat cIomh lamlly. Mr$. SOltRBL. ViQ W KST aoTH sr.?a young titnr. vs compk l?Jt7 teat chambermaid and waitress; willing to go io the country: beat city referent*. 140 ^r,TFV, BVA~????PRUTABhl{ OIW. AS 7him . . ! f/""lrd ",,d anil to u<l>l with children ; text city reference. WTII ST.?A VOl'XlJ ofltL A8 CUUT oertuaid Hiid w*?tre*$; be?t citv reference. 14 ft BART dOTHHT.-AOIRLAS CIIAMBBKRAID *J and waitroaa in a private family; good reference. ft WKST 341 H ST. ? A ItKHI'KIJTARLE (ilKL I! _ - .. Ci. 1m ermald and to do Gnu woshiAg; good refer etice. i.hII lor two duv?. 14 1A ft EAST :?-'U ST.?A RKsPKiTaiilK OIRL AS "t'J ? haiiit>?rinald aud waitress In a private boarding house; gcxai reference. FRA N'KKI X ST.?A UKKMAV AND KRKXOH girl to d? chatuberwork and Mowing: food rt?lor ?MM, m WHS r 3IST ST.?A KKSPKCTA RLE UOf.ORKD 1 ? ' I girl as chambermaid and waltrcsa ; good reference. Call on or address A. B. fr J WKST isril ST. UK.Vlt.-A KhSPKCTARLE J ? / 1 yoiiii!? girl to do chaicberwork and waiting and to assist with tha waablng and Iroulng; beet cite reference!. fc7 'wkst~96tiT' sT7-A"Toii?ji??'mFrl AS CBA? IlJ I barmaid and ariltmi; good olty lofrrcnce. 1 /' I WKST~ S1ST kt.-T TiksprctaTilk YOUNG 11/1 girl to do cbambermaid'a or waitreas' work; 4111 grut and obliging: hem reference. l7*9 wkst ~hth sf -A<r oiTavbkumaid and 1'.'^ seauiatr*'?a: no objection to Ilia country; elty ralcr ?nee*. Call all the we>k. "|T{7 WKST IMTH sfT(WES** T~K MJ'LOYKU'S).?a I v) I competent person to do chaiuhcrwurk and assist with tbo washing: willing to make lienwlf useful; no objec tion to tha country. 1 70 WKST 2&TH sT.-A YOURQ WOMAN AHC1JAX 1 I O bcrmaid and waitress, willing to assist with wash ing and Ironing; good city ref-ronco. T (\- WKST 2MTII ST -A YOUNG CI 111, AS CHAM li/tj bcrmaid and waitruoa. or would do bouaawork in a aiusll private family : l>e?t cltv reference. 9(1 I WKST :UD ST. ?AKKSPKCTA BL.R OIRL TO jLiUt do cUaiuberwork and waiting, or would assist with washing II required: would do hnnaaw^irk lu a small family ; lent city referonees. Call Cor two daya. 9||V? EAST .UTI1 ST.?A illvtii'KOTARLK OIRL~~A8 i"'U chambermaid and to aaatat In washing and Ironing In a private family : aevau jean city reference from laal place ; cull for two days. ? ?)Ti7' KAST -Nini ST.?A "k kspkctarlb wo MAR ?(WU an chamliermaid and waitreaa; willlac to aaslst with washing and Ironing In a small private family: bant city reference. Can lie >nn for two dark ono BAST^ab st? a kkspkc pahlk to {tru a iu u ?.W'' an cliamb" maid and walireas;no objection to a boarding house ; good city reference from laat employer. <i| | Q EAST fMTTH STT.TjKTWKKN -JO AhDSD A Tit? A raap^etabla young girl M chambennaid aad to a?l*t with tha w?ihlng aad (roalng: ban city reference from lant employer. Can b? aecn at the raaidanea of bar pnrenli. t) 1 m i East hstTi st.V a7> "Tnooltr^A-young amkr tL\' lean girl wanta a ?itoatiuu aa rhambermald aad aiake henell generally aaelul. 911 WR8T :u,TI1 KT.-A RBHrtOfABIiI OIUiT* w 1 1 chambermaid and waltrea^: no oHjactioiia to aaolat with tha waihlng: iti'O I rity reference from her laat place. <rj~i \v~kstTgrrifsT.?a RRsPHirrABLX girl, 'as mIL rhainberaiaid and aaaialaat laandreaa; good city reference. 1)1') VRhT IMTH ST. A RRflPKCTABLR TOUNO aj|>) r'rl lodo chainberwork and waiting or to do gen eral lo>u!iework in a amall private family; beat city raf etenM. (11 C EAST -'(<111 SI . AROORO rLOOR, HACK Jj I ? I room.?A yoitug girl as cbambarmaid and waitress; good elty reference. 0-17 WKST vHril ST.. ORK STAIR I P. KKoNT - ajl I As chauiliermnid and waitress, or would aaaist with wa?hln* In a private family; city or country; country preferred; voo-1 raferenca. t)i) 1 K.VM -1 s 1 m . Hi: r\vi:kx ji? anF? 3D 1 av ?A yonng trirl a> chambermaid or parlor maid; aiiderstapda her business thoroughly; good elty reference. <11)*> bast .vtii sr a mrmiflBLi ciki, to An*' do upstairs work and take care of children; city reference. Hoc WKST s r . IIK A It, Top Phi N)R?A RR. r spectable young jrlrl as chamhertnaid aad waitress, or ns nnrse nnd do plalu sewlntr. <jt?- wrist aoTH st.?a rkhpkotaSlk yoiJro JLmd'f rirl aa chambermaid and waitress; city or coun try ; t.^*t ciir nfcwwa. nil r whrsr mo st.'-"a yovro oirl. i?. as ww1' chambermaid aad waltresa, or aura*; no objection to the couutry. KAST 30TH ST., RRAR <l> AV.-A I'UkTKS O tant ulrl as rliam!>ermald and waltteas; would as sist with gfowin/ children: city ur couutry; williiic aad ofclijriaf: > it\ rrlfrt-n.'f ht)(| WKsr jrrir st.-a rksprotarlb VoU?ig jirl as goiMf chambermaid and waitress; would aa slst with washing and ironing. geo< city reference. non vkhi tisT sr.. brtwrrr ttii a*D STH avs ?A res|iectable girl a* chambermaid and ?alt ress : best cite referen-r. r?7wj KAST VTII ST.7f>^TORE. ?A HKHPKCTABLR j?)l ' younrglrlas chambermaid and waitress; will as flat with waahing nnd Ironing; three years' references. t)*)i wkst ?.?mi sr.?a oiRr, \s ciTarbrrmaTd ^Ol and wattreas; country preferred; twelve months' ell > ftSlMM <>?>.) Rast urn: sr, hktwkkn id wr? au avs. V respectable ynung girl as chambermaid and wait ress; willing to assist In lite waahing and iroalng; will go a sliorl di?i?n.-.' in tlie ??..11 n|r> be?t reterenrea. ?>s?i? KAST .IT!! ST A KKSPKlTARI.K Olltli AS chambermaid and wattreas and to aaaist with ?ashing and ironing: city referenre. Call er addresa noj WKsT-5rrTtVt.-^a"r^pkotaiTi.r~yocro d&OT alrl as chamherm''ld and waitress, or aa ehamber ??M and wslir '^.: '-It \ Itfcrnn from laal place. no/' WKST MTi: sT a'rrspkctarlr OIRL as ^i)I I chambermaid aad waitreis or tn do gwneral boose work la a private family: good reference. 2:58 WKST 41ST 8T.-A rbspkotablK youro girl to do upstalra work and waiting Call fer two oon WKST :i7TH ST.?A RF.Sl'KCTARLK UIM. AS ??)(' ch*mtierui?ld aad lauudreaa or waitreas : Ave years rcfeteace from last place, (71 1 a i-> 1 :kirit St"-a vorxii~;ilTi7"To~i>'o j ?TT chamberaork and waiting; elty tilerenee; coun- i try preferred. *f->) W kS I 1,TU si SKI'oVll KI.OOK \ RR a'/m spectable glri aa cliaiubrrmaid and waitress; best n fcrsnee from last plaee Call (or two days. <1-7 HUDSON' ST (IN srORKl.-YOl'Xi; OIRL AS s^*)| clinmliermaid and waltres. or as chambermala and to imnd children, or would assl.l a itli washing; no objection to the couniry; tl|ree years' beat city reference. s,-^> WKST 4TTM ir.?A RAMPhCTARM YOL'KO ' clrl a? chatnberinnld and waitress , wnald assist in the waslilnir and Ironing, very bi'sl elly reference n/M) wisr HorsTtiS sr k? fiat 1 pstaiks mi' )s I work aa 1 aa?l>t with washing and Imnlnir. 271 ?mt K.W ?n,i,l.inl,r. IIIVHII s )' ' 1 girl as chitnliermald and waitreas or chamberwork siij laundress: best city reference. >)|IO WKST 17111 ST.?A RRSPK<TAULI! lOVNU s?U_ girl as chamliermaid; willing to aaaist with wash ing: Im sI elly reference. 110- RAST OUT II ST.. OXR FLIGHT UP. RACK OUu riKim.?A young girl. 18 ye era of age, living with her parenu. at npttain girl and take ear* of caiMr**, to a private family. uoov :. OKU RAN UIRL Io do up.t Sirs work and plain sewlag. ? K s r 5' 1 *?? ??. good el* and weHreae ,irV'' AS *""" ?'?r 'e'er*ace. M ? ??'?* to go la tbe ououtrr j neveMlvId*^'?*" *?< '"Hr^'ta?rTABLR Qt"1- A1 H??d cut Ixture. m ? reaped able .'amily; 308 good ell 312 Q1 O EAST '44T1I ST.-A respectable YoUNll OlO girl aa chambermaid wad oaalst la waiting; a priv ate boarding houae preferred ; willing Mid obliging; beet city reference. Ol ?) WEST 2VTH ST.-A YOfNH GIRL AS ORAM OIO brnnliUiHlvtltrtM: will do Ann wnehing if re quired'. clljr or country ; two year-' reference. 01 a wi:sr 4nrii sr. -a oomhktknt pkmbon as OI.T chambermaid and wnltre**; couatry preferred; ? x cellent city reference. ?>i r' WFKT sunt stTroom io-a kkspkotahlb OlO girl ?? chambermaid aud nHnnlrm and will aaaitt witl> tlx* washing, belt city wfariun. Q17 P.AST ar/TII-ST.-A ItEil' ECT ABLB YO&NO Ol I girl to do ebamborwork; la willing and obliging; good reference. ? IT Q K \S I" ;t7 ril ST., THIRD Pl.OOR. PKOVT 01.J7 room.?A respectable young girt ajt chambermaid and waitrcu; good city reference. BAST L'isr sr-V YOTO OIKIi AS OHAMBElU maid and to do plain *><wiug; beet city reference. 319 327 099 WEST "MTU ST. (RIXG SECOND HELD.-A ? )_-j younu girl at chambermaid and waltreaa or to do ?ewltigin it private family; threo yeara' reference from I nut place. Call for two day*. Qon wicsr urrfi st in pano? store,?a Torso Oy? Welah woman a* chambermaid and waitreas. Apply lor two days. O9 " wKsT isTifsf.-A PHOTKST A XT *V(>MA2* AS e1^1) chambermaid; no objection to the country ; g> o?l ref erence*. IMS I 1. I'd ST ?\ W'Kf.SH PROTESTANT girl m chambermaid or to modal in the kitchen. oqa "WkS urn if! \ young dm as cHam OO" ' bermnlil and noaiiistrein; would like to take hor own machine. QQ>1 \V I 5r 1 T i lt s r.. Till rtI> KI.OOK, ROOM 10.? Ol)<) A yniiiitr girl aa chamburmald and wuilrem. would g<> to the eonulrv with n family ; good city reference. Call or aildroa*. oor ? EST 2BTH sr A P.ESPKOTaHLK' TOOK7? islrl i* chambermaid ami to anaUt wllh washing; eltv Mknut, ?)')c ' v -1 M il BT {PRE8KNT *MPLOYER'8).?A O*JO German irirl to do upatalr* work, washing mm iron ing: be?t reference. Oil WKsi ,1111 srsi'ix'i ai:;.k y<>? xu Oil girl ni cliaiuburmaid aud waltre**; can du plain O I ?? EAST :nrril ST.-A comPKTENT YOUNG OTBL O 1 O a? chuuhcrmahl and wall rem; three year*'city roferenoet; willing and utilising. Call or addromi, for lw? day*. a Q I ft WKsr ...III sr.. sHCnXD lMiOK, ?ACh*~V O't'-I reipoctablo vnuug uirl, lately landad, a* chaiuber utald, waltrcso. or to ilo light liounvwork. WKmr - 'in >1 ,\ oirl vs cuambkrmXid aud mime; 110 objection to the country ; city reier ? >.-?> WKsr Willi ST.-A HKSr EOT A B I.K YOIJXO ijftmj girl aa chambermaid and waitrcH; belt city rcl 350 41^) 4 WTH AV.?A Olltl, AS OH A M ItKft M AID AXD OUO waltretv or would do One waalilug; beat city ref erence from 1 .i> i plnee. w55t 80TH MT. ?A RMPioTAHiK OIRI. AS *)' IT: chaiulu-rmaid and to do waiting or auist with tlio u-a-bine ami ironing: bc?t city roferi'ncca. ?J7'J 1ST ,iv~( HKSPKCTABLB URftXAM 0I1U< OIO ni I'hamliermnld and wait rent. O7O WBsT iiJUST^TWO REriPKCTABMI Yovfo .Ol O glrU; one as ihiiniberniald ; the other a* waltreo; bent citv reierciiee Call for two dayit. rfS AV.. NEAR 8X1) UT?A YO0M WOMAN' x" chambermaid and to inlnd children; eily or country: city re.'i'rence. JfH eas r irrii-stTTx""htour^ahIVham bkk 1 1? mind aud to Moiat in the waahiug, or would do huUH 'Work in a small family. 2.1 ?> WB AV.. BBTWBXN SOTH AND SlH RTfl.? r i'l A reaped able girl to do chainberwork and etiUt Willi the WMhlng: good rby reference. on WKST :?V?" ST.-A COLORED WOMAJI AS chambermaid and waltreta; city or country. ,fO.- WEST 4'JI> ST.?A llESI'E*'I'AHEK UIItL AS J?<?.' ch'tmbermaid and to attlit with waahing and lrou> In:; raforeuoe. 4" kf? wiisr S3D BT.?A YOtTXO QfRL AS pHAM. ?berinald and to a??i?t wltb waahiug audlrouing; good city referenco. 4^7 SD AV.?A KESPECTABLE uTKiT AS CHAld? tJ I bcHnald and to do Quo washing; three year*'city reference. ,-.7 80 IV.?A llKHPKOTAB 1<I< IflRL AS CUAM ?J I berinald und waltreaa or to do plain sewins; three yeara' reference /q^30 a v., seCo:n1TkToor:-\ midole-aueo T??/ woman a* chambernaalii; would Oaalst with wa^h lui{ ami Ironing; good city refernuce. R9H WKSraoTII ST.-A YOUNG PROTMTAXt OIRL ''w< ' to tlo upatair* work In 11 email faiuilv, or geneiul homework ; can I e aeon for two daya; good reference. COQ 2D AV.. STORE.-A "PROTESTANT tJIKL AS ? IOC chamheriuald aud keatuatrena; would do waahibg; good city reference. 3D AT., NEAR 8TYH tlT~ ~sEOOXD~PI,OOH, back.?A young i 11 aa cbainberiuaid and waltrena or rhamberniald and to aa<Ut in waahlug and Ironing; can couie well recommended from lad place. f?1 7 KT" AV- CORKKR 40TH RT.?A RB8PKCT U1 I able girl a* chambermaid and waitreee; would '?eiiitt with washing If required: bent reference. ftrri i3 a v.. nbar 53*5 st?a respeotaiilk " tO'? young girl ai chambermaid and nurte ; city relet MM*. fl'VL"3'" *v" near STrH ht.?a rbspectablr "vT #oung girl a* flrat elaaa cbaruberuiald or aa chain berinald aud waltreaa: three yeara' city reference. 7] n 8i> AV..'BETWEEN 4ITII AXU 43TM STS.-A I J" voong eirl aa lint eleaa chambermaid and laun dr<-?a: no objection to go to the country tor the aummer mouth*, beat city reference. 7'ir. in AV ?A RK8PEOTA BLB TOOM (ilHI. AS ?>? I chamiierniald and waitre?: no objection to the country; good city reference. i*u be seen lor two dara. 7fTQ WA8IIIXOT0R St.. TOP KLOOR ? A YOUxTl t 'ft/ girl to du ehamberwork and aaaiat with waahiug and ironlug; would go a abort diatauro In the country; ct ty ref. ercncc. 7 7 Q 10TH AV.. OVKR CANDY STORE?A RR IIO Kpectable young woman aa chambermaid; wiling end obliging. O.IO 21) AV.-A YOUNU OKHXA.t" OIKI, To"ii(> OtO ehamberwork and ueelet with the waahlng sir take care of growing children: city reference. Call for one day. Q7Q 3D AV.. CORNER .VIL> ST.-A RBSPKCTABI.R H| 1/ young girl aa Chambermaid and waitrew. or amiat With bonaework : beat citv reference. QQ9 HTII "AV.-A" RI'SPKCTAHLK OUtL AS 006 chambermaid and aaaiat with waahing and ironing; willing and obliging: good eity reference*. 20 AV.-A YODXCI AMKRICAX WOMAN AS eliambermaidor nurae; no ebJoctiMi to the coun try. Call or addrea*. 908 ]f 1 80 AV? '?''EST P LOO It OVER THE ' i halrdreaner'a), near 62.1 >1?A young girl h? chambermaid and waltreaa; willing to aaailt with tbe waah ng anil Ironing: la neat, willing and obliging; beat eity ref erence Call for two daya. 11 \f? A 80 AV. (FaNCY"STORE).-A To|Tn(T OIRL .""U to do ehamberwork bad waiting; good aityref erenee. I fUtA 3i> av.- rwo 'rkhpectableTsirls; 0NE ."VI X to do npMalra work, the other to rook, waah and Iron. 1 Ol fi 2D AV.?A <71KL, 14 YEARS old. TO DO IimIw ehamberwork. 1 "il ^ HKOAUWAV, NBA it 40TII ST.?A COBPE It'/ I.O tent woman aa chambermaid and aewer or In ilo houaework in a private family; two yeara' relerence. Van be aeen al laat employer'*. 1 (V'V* 3 " A V ? S K.0 O X l?~PLOO if - RESPECT A B LB > yoang girl aa ehnmbermaid and wallreae; would a?lst with waahlng or take care of children; relerence. Call or aildree*. Ayouko woman wants a situation as chambermaid in hotel or euimner li?u>e. Addrea* C. K., bo* I1W Herald Uptown llraneb office. "? OVERTISB IX ' iL THE EVKXINO TKLEHRA*. RATES VO CENTS PEE LINE. The circulation of the EVEXINO TKLhllRAM laat week waa :? Monday 37. Il?? Tue?day WfjKO Wednesday . Thnr??lay M"..v.?l Friday Saturday 3V5iii) Tr.t d nil ,mr> Daily average 311.716 Ofliin XO. I ANN ST. TXTAMTIO?BY A BBUABLB PEBMON, a hlTUA TT tlon aa ehatnberiuaid; Bret claaa reference; e?u be aeen at her pieaent emplcyer'e Addreae M. M. K., Herald offic*. Oreumbkeri a nd Keamal re?ae?. 2WKST 3BTH ST. (PHESEXT EJfPLOYKRRl.-AS eM Crlencert aeamatreaa in a private family; eperatet on Wheeler A Wllaon'a macbine. enta an'1 fit* children .a elothea; willing to atalat with grown chlldrin or to wait on a lady. JUSEfT ST.. PiRST PLOt>E."IIOOM ?T-A YOOXO widow of reflnement a* *eam?tren In a private lamlly er to take in ablrtiuaklni/ by the day. {?" I.KXIXOTOX AV.-A LAKY I>EH RES TO KIND A *7 allnatlon fur a young woman aaaeamairea* can do nil kinil* nf fniullv sewrin- would do a?me ebamberwork ; ha* lived teven rear* la my lamlly. Caa be aeon for two daya. 9/; EAST 4TI1 ST.?A ItKs Pf.t :TA MI.K VOCXO *<" girl aa aeamttrera: underatend* drexmaking per fectly and Wheeler <k Wllaon'a Machine; willing to a**lat with other dutlea; eity reference. 7 9 "t'XI VBRSITY PI. AC P..? A S~l 'OM p KT K XTlVl I ESS r-j maker by tb* day or will take wnrk home; moderate experience. 40 west 11 t 11 ST.?wanted?a OOOD op#k *1 O "?tor oa'Wheeler A Wllaon machine; mum be a good 70 7T" AV. iPRRHEXT EMPLOYER'S).-A TIIOR 4 ~d ongh teamatrroei ha* her own matblne; w..nld a?*l*i wi:h children or w ait on a lad) : no abjection to the uountry. liu East 35TH ST.. ONE DOOR PEOM isTAV.? Aw 1 4 competent woman a* *eam*tre?*: nndcratandt drcastnitklng: operate* on Wheelor A Wllaon'a machine; city reference Irom praaent employer. in t ,:VM'r :*,T" "T.-A K!K*T clash keam I <'*r *trei*-. will do light otrambarwork or wait 00 lediea. l all at prevent employer *. nl UAft St'TII ST.-A YOI'NG RESPKOTABI.B r girl a* *eam*tre*e aad to take care of grown chil dren ; *even >ear*' rnlerenee. Addreaa. 1i.ll :K,r" "T- "BAE ?T1I AV.-A PIRST CLASS l'i I dre**m?koe wiabea to no out by the day in private faruille*. Call on ora44rr*> OkEsSM'aKI. H LEX 1 NUT ON AV. 'PRE>ENT EMPLOYHt'S.) A >otitig woman a?l *oaui'tre*.; nnderstanda enl liag nod Itttiiig |i?rleetly : he* bad many 1 ear.' etperlence in ilrcaamaklng; would like to take care af'cMldrea or other >ork: lie*t city rvferere* given; city or country. Call lor twA day*. ni" a v.?as Tiitir clams seamstress ix a private family; cut*. St* and trim*; a* akJiMlwi to tb* eoaaM7. 143 167 srruvriowa wamtKp?rMHAA.B?. lin-MMakni* und "171 AV H, KIBUT KLoOK, BACK BOOM.?** ill nantnn. with or without nMkln. by the month or ?v?k . bent ri4^rene?; wllltag tu aa*l?l with ?ha opatair* work. Ad'lroaa. . K KAKT 25TH RKSPK<TVBLK YOt'Wtl ?' pri ?? drrMitikkor anil tramiitau In a prieaM fam Mr. or would balp with ibambprwurk or take care of chil dren ; good reference. <)1 Q WKHT SkVTH BT?AS COM IM'.TKNT 1)KKSS wlO maker by the day or int. 9?i? ~KAR wfu ~*7-K riBA* STROM TO ~UO I out t.r the day In privute fauiiliei; ia a flrxt claM fitter tend trimmer: term* innderiite. 007' KAMT 4f. ru ST?Ai OOOO IIBA)i8TMM51 JZj* ? I would help with the rare or children or do ahaut berwork; 110 objection to Iho Cituutry for the tummer; good city rcli renco. Of* 7 WEST ??!!>' t*T . BKAR.-HY THK |).\Y OR I I week, operating fitting trimming. alu-riug huttun lioloa ami plain wwlng Adtlrutm all lltu ?eek. - VYKST ail) ST.?A KIRHT 01.A* S 'tiREKB ? ) maker wiahe? a lew mure Mrwwriitf k> Id mil by the day; uitilunuta.ii- trimming ?nil tilling thoroughly. U||?) W'KSI 47TH ST.-A~" KESI'hCTABI.E YOl'JW ? '"aJ girl** aeamatreaa and to do chaiuberwurk; oper ate* on wittier 4 Wlh>ou machine; !<nir year?' city rrfer enta. OAK east ??i>~?t~-^a'Aur.F woman "as *"J?/ ?eanmtreaa aud chambermaid la an Amerleuu fam ily; ? wet uot so niucli the object; beat reference. Cun Ite joi'o lor two daja. ?J1 L> 7TH AV., KI RsT KMH)It. ? A FRENCH ORRSS'. ? J I' maker doairea a tew more engagement* to go out i>y the day; underatamU her butinena well. Call or loldrrtH. Tf?5~??FTT a v.?a t'liiituiTiiii.v comi-kte.vt T LO drottainaker wilhe* more engagements at home, or will go out by the liny. i {/ V/J H if-At. , tiKOt ? K It Y). - A X EX EERIE NO ED OWII drwaamaker goea out by the day; unta and triiua ilyit.hlr; $1 30 par day. ?f lino an AV.. BKTWKKS r.nril AND latin sis". !?'toeotid floor, front nttim.?A respectable elrl "* aeaumtrvaa ami unrao; city or country; good reference. IQQi) T[> AV~IN THK I' l.M V STORE_a"Wo. .Omnn want* to go out by tint day or week : under atmuiIs all kicda of tamily aowlng; can cot and lit ladles and children's dreaiea. A FIRST CLASS OI'TTER AND TASTY TKIMMKIS*. by the day. Addrtaa tjl."l"l hlll, box IL'U llerald t.'p town lirauch ofllre. a" TaoBodoRLr ooMPiryirr dbbbbmakkr and J\ aeamatreia wiiliut a ?Itnatlna in a privats family, or u.- l uly'ti in 11 id: l? pt rli'ftlv capable; bf*t city ralereBS*. Addru h K. 11., Ilaraltl I'ptown lirauch ollice, 4 SITL'ATIOK AS SKAMSTK1CSS; O.MIKUSTAXDS >\ nil kliidi of fatnilv lowing and drt ?niinkintr; aaa opvrate on Wheeler .t W ilnon'a utachlna; will aaaUl wiili other lljlit work; goml city ri'lt'ri'nciv Adtlreaa tif.AM ST11K.-S, Itox llt'ruld Uptown Branch otlice. rno-MOItKOW. " " " 1 TIIU (JI'KXlNil OK Till! OKNTKN'SIAL. HKK 'I'll K KVUM.Vti TKLKdUAM TO-DAY. A NTIUIK ATO U Y REPORTS. WITH Kl'l.L PARTICULARS OK WHAT IS (J'tl.VtJ To TAKK PLACB. A FULL LIST OK itIK VARIOUS HKPARTMBSTS AMI WHAT TIIEY CONTAIN. FBOUBAMMK OK PROUUKU1.NU8 TO Mo It HOW. ALL IS TIIK KVKNINO TB LEU RAH TODAY. ANTKD liv" A run OUulB SIAXSTBBSB, an t ncagoinctit by the tUy or week ; uiwlerntanda anmo thing of dr?Mmaklng ; Brat cla?> rcfereuctti. Addreaa Mla? SMITH. Herald <.nw. W" ANTED?BY A UtflOtAlU AMERICAN I'rot^ataut wittnan, having her ow^i ttcwing machlni', a altuatloti an ?eaniatroi? or laily'i innld; no objection to tho country or trarclllni[. Addreaa M. T.. box 10.1 Herald I'p town ltranch offlcc. (?cttrt-nl Iloua?*wnrlc. &<-. 79u st.. BAST, BETWEEN 1ST AV. AXD AV A i -d ao nnmber.-A yotiim jclrl. Ml your* old. to do light * roa,,u hersell nseful in a private family. qq MONBOE ST.?A kksi'kctahi.k (iiri, TO do KJtJ ironnral housework; l>ost ?-ltv reference*. om j"vis,()u s"t-a girl to do oknkral ?/?j housework or take care of children. me.vst utii ST.?a YOUNG WOMAN TO so reieretice0" l'??"?worW in a small private family ; city 1 fhl ,wksr 1lbt. Sl -A v?>rv?i wohas to so 'J. houaework ; || ? ic<k.d cook and excellent laundress; best city ivfercuce. mi.kxixotun AV.?a rb4pectabls young itirHo do jtneral h usework and make herself l'cu. erauy useful; good reference. 194i wkfit "ml) hi. ?a KKSI'htahT.r YOUNG f *?"' woman to do general housework; is a Rood lann dross; no objection to the country. loy WR8T _'TrH kt RBAB.?a RESPECTABLE A.j i young woman for housework In a vmall raiiitlv: good reference. 198 WENT lilth ?T.. ikkart?a' respectable , . if1? t,? ^??"orial house wot k : is a good washer aud Ironer; boet city reference. 1 90 ,wbht 520 ST.?a RESPECT\bfik womah jectioii u,,ob 140 WEST ibth ST.. ft BUT fi.OOR, FRONT - ,r?;"n.rA r"*l***?l>lo km t? do general h>wio?m( in a pin all family; {rood citv reference J 42 worn. EAST 18TH ST., CORN kr 3d AV.. "sk' OND lloor.?a young German girl to do general house 1 4-ft yks1' ,!jt" st-?a GIRL ti> 1)1) GENERAL J m? housework in a private family. best city n-lei-ence. i j.(t kas'' 11* ST.. second pldor.-a GIRL TO . ? ifnoral housework In it ?mall private family is a gatxl Cook, wiuher nnd Ironer; (rood city rofermice. |f)9 41-if ST.-a respectable yoi.'.v.j j*'?' girl. Just landed, to do gonrral housework in a ?rffall family: moderate wages desired. 1;V) mst s,t,?a kks?'kctari,k toobg ffirl to do jreneral homework In a private family bent city rutcreuce from la*t place. * lfift kast ?rru ?t:~atom!'ktej<t otrl to no 1 ww penenl housework; good washer and ironer; first clsm reference. * 1 70 sa??-llw,r?t~ |,;,rwr ^oor.-a to uno a ? \r ^frl to do reneral hoosework. i>09 *ow ST room 1.-a obekax GtRL TO and plsln "iok"cr* >u*ewc' ? '? * f,MHl w*?'>er and Irom-r 9()'l WKST lotu ht.? A <IIRL TO DO uknrrafj ?, , ' f,!?*" l,rlr*to family. i> willint: and obliting, and kind to children; ^ood ctty refi*rence. /I if\ KAST 21 ST ST -A'mh aui.k'vo'i xo gilti to do bouaework in a small private family; bv.t city reference. 907* ka.8.t 4-*tii ST?a YOt'nii ol hi, to IX) (ik.V. 4l\ nj oral bouMWork in a small private family; good ruf rrence. 9()q ~rt?t <?.tir*r-a yodkouirl to DO (iKN bnnsework; a Rood [.lain ??*. wasner and Ironer; city reference, wk?t Tmttsrv?a rkspkcttahlr woman UKJKJ to do general hoaaework la a private famllv: refer cjico. 90q ka?t astii ST.?a yourottibitto do ubn cillf.?and''jblffht s co<ml rerer""c" 'r,"n lu", purri wrst :?ITII ST.?a toung (i irl TO do h mine work. 911 *kst st-a young woman to do erence lt?Ba '?"""?work la a (mall faanly; rood eity rif olo BAST 28tii st.?a YOUNG WOMAN to DO general housework ia a private family; city refer ence. ' 211 '/i4- kasimwd ST. nkar8d av.-A RKSI'ei:ta fr* l * jwe trtrl to do general boueework In a arivau lain ?'>*j n?? objection to the country; uood city r^ferrnce. 91 "? karfiwu ST.. Rook 7 - K YOUNG GIRL TO ?jl*housework In a suiall family. 91 r East uttii st a re^pkctablk; ^ ? i t. *?n,,ra, housework In a ninall family; |s A tf.njd plain cook, wsnber and Ironer; jtood city r?l?rsure. 1 sll or a1dre?h for two d*ys. 91 r BART *fn si A rbsrbcta rlk YOUNG reference* *?neral bon?o?rork ; city or country ; tf.n.d 29i) ,kvsr 4-'lj ?'? / pt to DO omioul ** *?? liousework. ( all Tuesday and wediif>iuy. 991 IBT A v.?a SKAT ikotkstant WOMAN TO L do general housework In a small family; iro<k| ref erence. ba*T ?rr sr.. two pair mk ntairm rp ro!,ni. .,a_areapectable girl to do seneral Iioumi work; yood plain ?*ook. washer and Ironer; city reference, 994. ?a?t 4'it!,. ?t.-a^ flkht'ri:tarlk of rl to do general housework In a private fatnilv citv relfienees. '' ' \ 99"? bahtisfi ST.. SKt'ovi) pu>or PRONT -A ..y yan.n* |f,r"0'1" general honwwnrk In a private Tamlly; good city reference. 9?n EAST t/d xt -a uksirk<tarlk GIRL TO DO +J*J 1 general noiisewurk in a small private family; nia 11 cook, waaber and Ironer; or to do rl.ami.erwork and wait. Inir : baa the boat reference Irom her last place. Call lor two 90- BART 38th rt.rA YOUBO WOMAN to DO general housework; undorstanda bar bueinesa' country preferred; rood references. wkh1 40th ST.-A rkkpk.taim.r uihl to , i ? , ""lanwri uinij iu do housework in a small private lamily; good ref 239 241 236 erenee. 9^7 w, rit -7th ST. ?a rkaspkcta mm! voi \i? ? wo,nan (lately landed) is do ueneral hous?*aork; city or eonntry. ? 9mq bw. rt.?to do uot ?b?6rk in a small private family. ka.-.T 70tii sr?a YOUNG GIRL i" DO fllb work of a .ui?ll laioily . i. v. (|linw an<i ,.l,li^lut 94. '{ WEST :?:.TII ST. -A STK \i?v vv.ixvn ro~do housework in a small privato family; no o)iJer|i?,i t? guini; a alt art distance la the eoantiy; wanes novbleet: good elty reference. i) | i i:\sr autm if?to do grnkral Hoiii ** a"t work In a small family; ao objection to go a short diatanee in the ??onntry. 9 1.1 mill st \ iiespkctablr girb ? IT to ao general housework In a small private family elty reference. 2r.o WEST 4/ni ST v RESI'et J A HI.k ytiuno ? /o women to do general boux'work ia a small private lamily; good reference from last place 9fm) I0TII AV. in THE GROC ERY STORK.?a be ?\i<J spectable yoaiig girl, lately landed; it ailllng aud ohligng; would do hou-ework ?)79 itftm AV. BBTWKBN ZVtU AND~wth ST- - ? ? a Woman to d? general housework; ?<ood rtfer eiii-e. Call for two daya. ? <>77 BOWERY. % gbkman gfrl TO dollbn *mt I i eral bonwework; city oreountry. ijoo sl> At rkthkkn 5?b AND"?l6"RTR .pi!E>. T1' n a'.?a yoiu.x girl to do housework ia a small private fatuity; brut city refc'rence. 901 WEST mil -i PRESENT kmpeoyer'riV ? IJ'1 work u(19 1 a*t ??TII ST . NE v It ^) av:-a gibl'to ' ,w -work in a small private family ' country preferred, ^owl reference. ' ' *t- ?fcl'osd i !..klit. ? A '. 1ki. all' lai.-lv landed, tojlo general luwisework ?j1 <? East st-a <)1ri, POR OENERal ersuoe ^ smmow w wtkp?frwalei. Gaitt-ral HauMwtrk. >br'. ')()') r. \S'I iMTII ST-A RKaPKOTABLB OIRL FOB OtfO genorwl work r* a private I .tiuily; beat el If on? WKHT 3"TH HT.-A YolTNO tilRL TO do ttmjiJ general boueework; go.'d relcreaee (torn laet plaee. 090 KAHT22D ?T-A YUUNuliluL~TO DO iiUV i)^ J er?l bouaework. 000 KAST 3?1IJ HT.. top FLOOR.?A YOCRO tl?l? Bifl fjr general liou-fwork ; no objection !? b?e?J 1 ?4 hnuie; o -1 wa?ber ami Iflin; rjtercucea. O II' WK*T I'll >T. SKI'IIM) FLOOR. " RACK Ot" roam.?A young girl tu itu general linivwork Id ? private family, or lo cook. wh.Ii or Iron . U willing and Mlg inc. jjood city reference irom la.t place. Mill AV.-A Klf sPKCTAKLB OIKL TO DC general hauaawork In a >mall faailly; city rnmf 368 ? IQrt K ^ST 74TII ST.?A YOCKC OIRL TO DO ORH ? >0.j eral UoaMjwork In ? ?niall family. Hast -?<>? n st.-a wom \n to i?o oknkral hou*o?rork !? u -ui.UI family; city rolerenca. ? t?4> EAST 1HTM ST.?A YOI NO OIKL TO OOORN *t?1 bouaeworki country preferred. I KAST IT ru s'l -A KRSI'KI TABLK WOKAW 'I _ I to (In general lii*UM?w.>rk lu a mnall lamily. good plain cook, watber and Ironer; city or country; good refer enco. 1 or. east ittbIbt.. wka! av. a., mseano n<Htr.?To do hon?ewnrk; will iro to tba coon try: good reference (!?u he aeeii until Bulled. 1 Oc WCSI ::Is 1 ST?A YOUWO OIRL. LATKUV "i ?>0 landed. to do reneral housework la a email private family; good reierrnee J | I WWt :?3I> ST.?A KKSFKUTABLK YOU NO Irl girl to do general lintue wort In a imall family, or to take care i/t obllilreu ; good city reference. WKHT .>7*1*II HT. Ii'KKSKNT KMPLOTBB'tt.?A renncciabl* young L'lrl to do housework or a> ebam hertnaid auil waitress: willing to |;o In tl>e couutry or a abort distance from the ally. WF.SI' 3BTH ST.-A lil-.SI'K'TAHLB OIRL Tfl do housework or chamberwork; good reference. JUT AV.-A KKSl'KCTABLH yotjno" WOMAN to do general liouauwork; no objection lo Mm licat city reference. WKST47TII ST.-A Vol Ml OIRL TO OOM^ oral housework In a private family . bert city relkr enco Irom last place. KQfi 90 ,\V . NRAK tm?rII ST A RMPBOnMJ young woman would do cuneral housework In a ?mall |irl.'alo family; peod plain cook, waibtr and Irouur; good city rcfereuoe. /?(JO KAST 1 I'll ST. -TO lift IIOI'SKWoitKToOOD UU?/ rerercaee. /?I I _l? VV \ RKRPRCTABLB TOO HO Oli(L Oil to <lo general li"u?cu >>rk in a ?mail prlvata family; beat city rotareucc. (.'all or kd<lrea?. 71 /{ 11.111 W.-A UK.-PKfl'vi:lk ' OIRL "W~DO l'l ycncral Itouaowi.rk, or would tnku c?r? of obil drcu; 1$ willing and obliging. :si> av.-a YOU Nit oikl ro DO oknkral housework In u mnull private family; refeiaocoi. Al?\KRriSK fx rilK KVKNI.VO TKLKORAM. RAIKS ao OK.NTS PKR LINE. 'Ilia clrcolation of Ilia 1.Vi.NINU TKLKUltAM last waak tv ns :? Monday s7,HH Tucaday Wedm-Mja* ?... H7.504 Thuraday 'S7.SM Friday 36,AM Saturday 3fi,3tH Total 2iO.*4 Daily average W.7I4 OKFICK XO. U ANN ht. 481 f)(M ")17 coitnir> 5 :h 904 IIUU?l'K?l' l?pr?, DM* 1 " WERT 13TII ST.-A YOCNO LADY OF CflEHft .1 > ) ful dlapoaltion UN housekeeper In a widower'* family. (Jail oil tli* week. 10 110X1) 8T.7"fHlRD itlOHT.-A YOUN<? LADY JO km housekeeper. or will lake copying tv U dan* At borne. Call from 10 till 7. I 5 lik EAHT 75TII ST.? vs UOUSEKERfKR5 0uUfiE ?? T* ' bl? of taking chargo of a tenement nou??. Apply to HOlfSKlCKRPBR. 01 I EAST 10TM ST.?AN* KNOLISII LADY a3 0.1 i hunwkerper in i iirivi(e family, or a? companion to a Utly; iio olijectiou io travel; hi^liett r*'e retires. OOM EAHT 25TU~8T., ROOM \?. A HKSPKCTABEs OOl) youutf Iflrl as tioubo worker ; Ua? good reference; uo osjoi-tiou to tM eountr. A /?7 WRHT -4KT11 Sl\- \N AMKKU'AN WOMAN AH I *'f housekeeper. or would tu a* aeamatrea*; uuder ?tand? cuttiuir. fltllny uud making drcane* aud all kind* ol family icwJnir; country prulcrred ,| UJ CENTRAL AY., .IKItsiiY CITY HKlQMTfc? TOO All American lady de*irc* a poaitlon an working hmisekecpor, or will trarol with a lady. ('all <>n or addreaa F. WUi 11T. AVI.IIV RESPECTABLE. IVrELLiOENT UKRMAN lady, of middle age. at biiuaekucpi'r. Addrea* HOUSE KEEPER. box JIN Herald olttce. 53 108 128 An knouhh widow, a good cook and baker, *? working housekeeper iu a wido??r'? family, ?r would Ink'' charga of h boarding hou*e; referenco. AddraM tin. 110 tV, Herald nflicc. PosifoN Wanted?by kducatmi lady : ixpk rlenced and practical housekeeper; hii:he*l city refer ence. Addreaa A. V., box LWi Herald Uptown Branch office. liinndreaara. dM i 1(1 \YEST 4 tT 11 ST.?A YOUNU WOMAN A8 FIR81 J U cla?* lauodrma In >i email private family, or would do flue waahlni; and uaiiat in chamberwork; boat city refer ence. Call or addreaa. TO EAHT JMTU ST.-A I: ES I* h(' TAB LE GIRL AH IO laondreaa and to a^alkt willi chamborwork; beat refur cucr ?; no objection to tlie connti). ?K Bart aoTH sr \ vol'Mi woman as fFUst ?)') cl?s? latiadfM*! no objection to thu country; boat city reference. Tl EAST 331? nr.?A KKsPKOTABLK YOUNtj TT girl to do lino waahlng mid Ironing and chamber work; good reference; no objection to the country. I(? EAHT WTII HT.-A RKSPKCTABIJ! GIRL Afl T J InuKdreaa; willing to aaalat io chamber*ork; bo*t ref erence. -?l WEST 48TS s r a rOUNO OtRL (QKKVAIO A* Utindrot; willing to go to tUe country. WEST S?D ST.? ONE KLI<JIIT~UP.-A RK apoctitble miuu Uundrea.; unileretaiida daia| up ladle* dreaaea: country preferred; city reference*. lift KANT MD sT -AH FIRST CLASH LAI NDHKSs" J 1") no objection to a ahorl dlatuma in the country; b?M rity reference. Can be aeen for twndav .. It)*) WKST adric ST.?AS FIRST CLASh"7.aTV mjJml drew; would aealkt with chambarwork; city rai^ rneu. WEST lUTtl ST.?A RKSI'ECTABLR 01RL Al lauiiilreae; city reference lOl WK8T i'? III ST.. TOT FLOOR. " FRONT.?A I ?)I y.nini; trirl na llr-t c'a>? laundreaa in privaM fam ily : no objection to the country: city reference. IO'J WKST ?UTH sr v REHPI?( T VBLE WIDOW lOO woinjii ixf laun iieaa or would ko out by tka day; It an experienced aliirt irouer. Ad>:rca? S. D. TT 7 west 4?>ri i stT? a iFe s i* iT( ? taI! i.e won a n H I aa Drat elaaa lanndrvaa; flutea, iiulfi. poliahen. Ac., and can do up all kind* of Udiea' and children'* fluerieai undoubted returcnce. Uptown order* can be left al tftl Btb u?. Kiiij: tlnril belU 1r I WKST ivru SI. AS rlRST CLASS I.AV.S ? J I drv?* or plain cook ; ha* n dauabter H year* old, t? litre ill the aame b?uae, to take care of a child or iiiafca bar aclf tiael'ul; t*eat reference. lftl WRHT *111 ST.?A WOMAN TO WORK KY TNI i U1 day a> lauadreaa; h.oue cleaning or aay oibei work; brat roferepee. mKAhT :?l? HT.-A Y??rNt?~W?N AN*"a*H'~LaU* drp*a and chaiubtrmaid In a aufall private family| four year*' city reference; cau be aeen lor two dag*. nr. WoOSTKR nr.. KtioM 5.-A MI DOLE ? ) woman a* bead Imindre** In a Br*! "lax country hotel; blot reference. Addreaa R. F. n/'io WEST Itrrtl >l \ C'0*M?TKNT woman as ?''O brat claaa laundre**; l<eat elty refori-ace from latt employer. ?>|1 i:\sT *"Tll ST K COMI'KTKNT pIrNON AS M 1 I llrat cli*< laundrvaa; wacea fMJ per month; food city reference. 00*J RAS1 I? S I \ \i,: s ?, ollJL As i'omIm? mj*)w tent lauudreaa in a private laiuiiy; beat lily ro'er rnce, ?) ( (| WKST v71 11 m. a YOl Mi WOMAN AS KI RsT JL'l claa? lauiidrera, would aaalat with cliaiuborwurki uood city rofercnee. ?> f < | WKHTHotII HT ?A RKSFECfABLR 01 RL M I tf (ir?t cla?# lauudreaa, city or country, in a private family; yond city refercace. WKST ?4TH HT.-A YOlVo wTdoW TO oil ^UO out wa?hini: or to do daya' work. Call lor 1*1 daya. on - Vi K.-r ??.?! H V- FIRST CL*HH L*l% ?>U() dre** and help Willi chamber*ork; ben elty raf eienee. _ ? )/iy WRA1 u-l ?i R< "?i ?. A YOl'NO UIKJLAt t)WO laandioaa: would a?i>t Willichnmberwork; winibg to go in the country: (foi?l elty rcterenee ^ ttiifi kasi dsrii sr.. room i*.? a kkkfrctaBLB ? |U?> woman lo go out by the da? aa lauadrea* M to do tiouarclcaiuuir; ihreo year* n-lerenco ? II i KAH1 IATII HT A RKSI'KCTABLK WOMAN a a children *? nnrae. or to take care of an invalid lady . baa four year*' reference Iroru l*a| place. Addre** ? tl - I *H1 .III sT-A WdMji.S WIHHKS TO OO ? )! I out waabln? or limiteeleatiing ; rule re ore a. ? I.?7 WES, J.fll ST.. TH1KI) FLOOR.?A FIHT t)_i | rla*> Froleelajit Umidrea*: la willinK and g|ill|li(; the country preferred; ireodelly ref?rene#. ? >*?*> KAST i.ill SI ?A YOUNO <)TrL AS FI RSI t)i?o rla*a lauudreaa and cciaiuOeriaaid; wooid do ll?bl brmaowwrk ; coo.1 ralerenee*. ? ?o(? wxm I7TH Sf \ YOCNO WOMAN IX A PR I ???)?' vale umily a- lirat slwa.a laundreaa. nmleratanda bei l^i.ineia In all It* branche*; b< at city reference. Call let two daya. ?)/??) WKST j.'.ril ST 1--' MUST i'L ASS LAUN' OOw drea* In a private family ; no objectioa to Iha coun try . best city reference*. *U\'l ?ll AY.?A OlRL AS FIRST CI.AMH LAL'X ??' '?> drea*; would **ai?t with chamber work ; Woald go to the country . brat oily reference frota la t place. I I I KAsI .Mil M . KIHST f1aM|? IN THE til kw k. -A re*|>eotable youna wrmaa waate to fo out by the day or week to do waahlng. Ironing or hanaocloattlag. A Mrra i 1 7 VriT "ayT^a First ciTasT laundsras; r 1 I irood referenoe; nnderitanda what *he undertaa**. WKSI I-1> sr.-A UIRI* Oi F1R>T CLASS r laundreaa; willing to aaalat In tha cbambarwork; beet illy reference. ? 3D AV. NKAR arkTII ST. ?A I'KOTRHTANT irirt a> laundreaa or ehaobormald and to 4o flne waahlng; icood city relerenee. AHA. U|>r Vist st %s <niii'hn:M'"iTTun" f')T drea*; thoronrhlv underetanda ber buainea*; no eb jection to the country; br*t city relerehce. Call for gar? ?ay*. , a 7 | sd'"av.', " nkak" ittii "St.-two fot'Nd I I T women; one ?* l?nndre*e, flr?t clan w**k*? ?n< Ironer. the other *? chumberaiald and to do plain *?wtng| wi*b to live together aa |>reviovaly; willing aad otitigtag; four year*' reference from their la*t place. _____ - I\ - WKST .till ST.?i H K.<*F KcfAiPfWO A A N ? )!/?_) to taka waching to her own home; can da nU kind* of waablng; willing to taka It kylba waaa or moatk. Call lor two daya 430 614 3D AY.?A YOURQ WOMAN laaadram; kaataigri

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