Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1876 Page 10
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AMUSEMENTS. ???COHSCUWC*" AT TH* USIOX SQVAKB THE.4TRK. Notwithstanding the rain this theatre was flllod last night with an audience of Intelligence and culture, brought out by the new drama of "Contc.eoce," written by Mr. A. E. Lancaster and Mr. Julian Magnus. To say that it was a complete success I* not to exag gerate. 1'be bouse received it with continuous applause, and it certainly achieved a legitimate success. Alter the fourth act the authors were loudly called lor, and, after a modest relucuuce, appeared in a stage box? where Offenbach hud just been sitting in state, and bowed their acknowledgments to the audience. "Con science" is the strongest original drama brought out in New York this season. This vordict was unanimous. Tber . is not much original material in the play, but the oil effects have novel combinations. Tho specta tors'do not anticipate the well worn road, but are con tinually surprised by unexpected events. The interest ?leadtly Increases to the end. The murder, which is the fundamental incident and wlilch happens iu the second act, is not made unpleasant, but simply serves the dra matic purposes of the drauia. It is dexterously used to display character and to reveal passion and pathos. "Conscience" is expressed in the somnambulism of the guilty man, who confesses In his dream his crime. There are traces of imitation in this, but there is no direct copy in any net of tho play. "Mac beth" and "Camillo" are both recalled, but they ?re not repeated. It is dilUcuit ol course to discrlm Initio between tho merits of the joint authorship?a kind of licaumont and Fletcher arrangement?but we thiuk that the humor and lite of Mr. Mag nus may be recogui/.od in the comie pus. sagt s, and then tho poetry and passion of Mr. Lancaster mind has expression in the serious bi.sines*. Tho lault ol the piece is the reduuduuey of talk in tho iirr.t two acts. This clever dialogue is amus ing enough in itself, but it Impedes the uctlon. Tho tlrst act occupied thirty-live uiinuius and lis action only justified Often. Twenty minutes ol conversation might bo cut out of it and the dramatic effect would ho increased. Tho secoud act is open to tho sumo criticism, though to a less degree; but it has a very uwkwarif and unnecessary sceuic ar rangement. 'l'iio third act is the most rapid mid com pai J ol tho plitv. Tho fourth net is particularly pow* srliiland the nub is crowded with incidents. 1 ho play tl like all Urst plays, loo long. The authors should not hesitate to cut the first two nets without remorse. No doubt Mr. Lancaster will remember the advico which Dr. William Elder gives to young authors?"Whenever fou think you havo written a particularly lino passage itriko it out'1 With the proper c >ndon-a.ion "Con science" will bo without special fault. As it is, it is Itrouger lliuu "Ferreol" aud has less improbability. The play wus admirably acted, una the authors ?hould appreciate tho energy which the company dis played. \V e havo inter aeon Miss Kate Cluxton dis play so much passion, power and energy as she did in iho Hue character ol C'on.-tanoo. faho was itio central liguro of tho drama. and yui bud a character ol unsual diiUculty. In the third ;tct iho was remarkably flue, in tho lourth sho was superb. Die next beat character, a comic oue, was played by llr. Utoddart, who contributed largely to tho success of the drama. Mr. Thorue displayed great energy in iho filth act, aud Mr. Stevenson, ol Wattack's theatre, cover acted with us much vivacity aud lorce. Mr. Frederick Robinson and Mr. John I'.iisello were excellent, and it very entertaining, humorous-path otic personation wus given by Miss Mario Wllkins. Iho scenery was Detv and beautiful. Altogether "Conscience" ttas an unquestionable success, aud we aro very glad 10 bo able to oooscioutiouKiy lay no. for it is an American play, and after so many Hue French and Knglish dramas this, season It is a pleasure to tlud that something good can corno out of Nazareth. in;. landis plays ii.vmlkt and a qkhd or WILD AKSI8. Dr. Goldsmith wag thought by somebody to bo "an Inspired idiot;" but that eminent physician never saw ;he day when ho could coiujiaro with Dr. 1.mulis, of Philadelphia, in the peculiarities that were the sourco ?f this distinction. lie never was inspired |u the sumo itylo. and he never wus more Ybaii hull so idiotic in my style. Dr. Lund is Is a physician ol Philadelphia? t city lanious (or great physicians?and ho lius come to ;hls town to pluy Hamlet, because lus talent Is not ap~ prcciaied in iliu drub colorod metropolis ol the laud of tig iron. Ho is. In lact, a Philadelphia Count Joannes fliero is such a breadth, \ igor and generous indiiler mco to consctjucuces in Joannes that un audience can kurdlv bo lound extravagant enough to "lool hltu to the top of his bent;" but the audience that lnnoccntly iruys Dr. Landls Is tometimos startled out ol its pro. prioty by a doubt whether or no Landls does uot lerlously believe he is giving a respectable perlorm luco. In his pioliiuinury adnress Laud is inlortned tho sudienco thut he wus to pluy with an imuginary coni ouny, which ineam Hint no oilier person was 10 coino ?n the stage or divide with him the honors of tho oc Saslon. Others, however, re.ui the concurrent puris of ihu scenes irom behind screens, white the Doctor alone roared and bellowed aud slumped aud scolded, and rolled up his eyes in tho sight ol un appreciative public, lie seemed like one afflicted with "inward kpasms," and when the spinDI seucd him ho howled his liues like a husky hurricane, and then, as llio spasm passed nwav. suddeiilv dropped to the converse tloual style, to the grout entertainment of the ^ott per sons who played Ihu part ol the audieuco. Hut though the placid parts came in lor contract, tho howliug pro railed. aud It was like *'lluuilet" played with it chorus ll w ild asses?all mo also personated by I.and is. Perhaps the finest dramatic ell'ect ol tho ev*nmg was In the duel with Laertes, who was present ouly in the anud's eye. Hut Laudis cut and slashed and carved and jatibcd at him in such a ruthless way that it wus aell he was not there really, and if ho lad been ho would have been slashed into luch small bits that bo would scarcely lave been more * istble ihuu ho was. Au attempt was iiade by the audieuco to secure lair play in this light, foul was called several limes by the Irniids ol Lai rtes rat the tight weut oil; and, on the other hand, on several ?ccaoioni when liiuo was called 11.unlet did not couio ?p very readily. Without such au exemplification as is given by men lino this, llie public would scarcely believe that tho . lage struck hoys who spout constantly tbe lines they hoar in lb<' theatre would grow to manhood with their taui y lor *) touting developed into the midsummer mad Bess ol a monomania. CHICKEIUSQ HALL. The concert given last night at this houae, under the tiunugotncui ol Mr. Ueorgo F. Brlstow, the conductor, ? ittracled un appreciative uudionce, though, on uc count of the stormy skies, the hall was not over crowded. The programtno embraced (jKirt first) somo cholcc selections of music, given by Mrs. Kmily Hut man, soprano, a lino singer; by Mr. Arbnckle on the rornet, Mr. Soulier on tho flute, Mr. Morgan on tbe srgan and several stirring choruses by a hundred voices. Part sncoud wus Mendelssohn's grsnd orato rio of "Athalie," which, with Its aiteruuio readings uud choruses, might bo readily en larged and transformed luto a uiagniQcent opera. The Harletn Mendelssohn I nton, with Miss Llzxio M. Stirling, Mrs. S. M. Simpson and Miss Mary 8. Jackson as solo singers, undertook this great work, and dis charged it to the satisfaction of tho house, though the performance was weakened by souie marked de tlcienccs. Professor A. 0. Rogers, elocutionist, ap pointed for the readings, was absent on account of illness, and the lady rolunteerlug to take his place, though evidently a trained reader, wss not equal to the d> mau ls of the occasion. It called lor mo dear, bold ringing voice of a deeply inspired prophet, capable of filling tho gaps between iho tboruscs, and thus blendiuu harmonioMly the whole Krtormaucf. Agaiu, while Iho urst soprano was pus lesscd of a sweet and sympathetic voice and executed ler solos skilfully and with Mtt-posMselM, her MM* Mates, perhaps irom nervous tim.dily, tailed to give In' tnasiu as-igned them its proper efleel The chorus ?f a hundred voices was excellent, and, w itli the read ng? and tbo solos of proportiouate discipline aud itrengtb, the Harem Mendelssohn t'nion would have nade the execution ol "Atiialie'1 a brilliant achieve (Menu As it was it secured repeated outbreaks ol ipplan e Irom tho house irom tho splendid opening thorus to the end. tHX BROOKLYN THr.ATKK ? "MAUD MCLLEB" AND "MARRIED LIFE." 4t the Brooklyn Theatre last evening wss produced for tbe Urst time in tbe drama ol "Maud Mul!er," which ts in some sense a reflect .on of Whit iier's pew in, similarly entitled. Tbe drama Is pre sented In uve scones, In thfl first of which Maud is en fvged to tUC Judge. In tbo next tho Judge, with his UBanced, sun browned bride, goes to a corn huaKing, ? here in presence of the w hole company he avows his intention to marry her, to tbe horror of a haugliiy sister. Maud is next seeu in ber new l.ome, Irom which she is driven through tho exaggerated nations that ber sen lltlvenesi causes her to havo of the Judge's family's iWlike lor her During the two subscqocnt sceues Maud and the Jm. it are represented as yearning for re- The Judge's destro to find Ins wife mums him to l?>*rt a per-onal in the Ukualo, which she answers. The lolu r is received by the tueddle-otuo Sister in-law and returned to Maud, witn tbe words written on the other s de, ''As you sow so shall you reap,'' to wbieli were subscribed tho Initials of the liust-and. Thi* evident relinquishment If Maud by lior husband atones herto go witn an old 'rieud and his wife to the backwoods, where she is loaliy discovered, par:lal!y through efforts of the iikter-ln law. who, meanwhile, has been overtaken by remorMk Reconciliation follows tbe discovery, and at ast all conies ubout happily for Maud Mulier. Tbe trams la somewhat slow in ihe Urst scenes. l?ut improves ts it proceeds and no su.aU sbsrc of the eiemen s [bat go to make a success. Miss Thompsou portrayed Msud with a good deal or milrr.'s Mai lorce <a *U? scenes requiring an ex hibitton of cither. Mr. Arnott represented Judge Wayne and it cannot bo Mid that uotliiiig wa> left to bo desired in bis impersonation. An Nate Hatpin, an amusing comedy part being the type of a ^<km1 tiaiurod, Mr. Kd. Ijunb evoked considerable applause. Mis-i Ida V ernon gave a good picture of the haughty Theodora Wayne aud cleverly pictured the remorse that lollowed a deception Which her pride dictated. Another portraiture wortny of men tion wan the Heater Beuue of Miss Roberta Norwood. The drama was quite favorably re crived and the principal characters were calle 1 before j tiie curtain alter the first, lourth aud final scenes. Maud Muller occupied the boards lor nearly two'hours and a half. Ou ii< conclusion Buckslone's comedy of Married Life wan presented with agoodcast, embracing several members of the Union Square Theatre Com pauy. luciuiliujf Mis* Fanny Morant, Stuart Kobeon und j Miga Mario Gordon. MI'SICAL NOTES. Tomorrow Gilmore's Garden will be opened with an orchestra of 100 musicians, under tho leadership of M Jacques Offenbach. The box office is open during the day, and Intending visitors are advised to procure their tickets before the hour of admission so as to avoid the confuaion at the bos office. The following is the programme for to-morrow evening:? ntOGBANMC roB TUB MUST CONCKKT. FAKT I. Overture "Vert-Vert" (tint tiuie here) - Offenbach itonjaucH. "Kelle Helena" Offmbich Dansc snuvuge. "Kobinitaii Cruwe" (Hrst time).. .Offenbach l'ruineuade, "Ail Tour d'Orphee" Offeobach ("In the Keaiina of Orpheus.") FAKT II. Overture, "Do 1'ile de Tullpitan" (first time here).Offenbach Marchv."Heliicieuse ds U Ilsinu" iflr?t time here).Offenbach Komauue, "Dites Liil" ("Grande IiucLesse") Offenbach Ballet nin>ic Iroia "tie Roi Car^tte" Offeabaeh PAur ill. _ . | Overture, "LaJolie Parfumeuss" Offenbach New waits Offenbach (Written expressly for this occasion.) "Marehe I'ompelenne'' ("Lt> ltul Carutte") Offenbaeh "Offenbaclilana" Offeubach (Arranged expressly fur this occasion.) ? THE BAB ASSOCIATION. < Elihu Church, Edward M. Shepard and Orlando B. Potter wore elected to mctnborahlp of the Bar Associa tion at its monthly meeting last night The report of tho committee to amend the Revised Statutes was read It recotumendod sixty-two amendments. After some discussion tho report was Jald on the table to await tho action of tho Governor upon the bill ainoriding the first thirteen chapters, which passed both houses of the Legislature a short time since. A communication was received from Theodore W. Dwlght, Warden of the Law School oi Columbia College, inviting members of the association to be present at the examination of grndu atiug students ou tho 10th aud liStn lust, lnclusivo. M?s.>rs. Kdward Mitchell, Charles B. More, ex-Judge I'eabodv, Luther R. Marsh nnd William M. I'richers were appointed a committee to attend the examination and report thereon to the Association. EX-JUDGE DOWLING'S CONDITION. Judge Dowling remained unconscious all day yester day, aud was growing feebler in tho evening. At twenty minutes post tire o'clock he was taken with a convulsive lit, which shook his frame terribly, and a secoud attack seized him at about seven o'clock. He lingerod on daring the remaluing hours ol the night In u senseless condition, the watchers feeling that at any moment tho llual struggle might boiue. Tho drug principally prescribed by his physician is bromide of ipotassium, and this was administered to hitu during the night Dr. Q uackenbos and Dr. Budd bold a con sultation on Monday last und pronounced tho case utterly hopeless, it being evident that the stroke of paralysis from which tho patiout was then suffering would prevent any resuscitation of the exhausted system. The opinion of Dr. Quarkeiilws last evening was that his patient would die In otie of tho convulsive lits now added to the com plications of tho origiuul disouse. A number ol prom inent citizens culled at the ex-Judge's residence in Franklin street during yosterday to luqulre niter their old Iriend's condition, among them being ex-Senator Creamer, ex-Alderman 'Thomas Coman, ex-Senator Morgan Jone.s, J I). Brcnnan, ex-Superinicudeut Kelso and cx-Scuator Bradley. THE HUDSON 1UVEB TUNNEL. Whatever be the final result in the Hudson Rlvar tunnel litigation, the promoters of that enterprise are nattling bravely against ull obstacles. Mr. Vanatta, who is at tho same time Attoruey General of Now Jer sey aud private counsel of the Delaware, Lackawanna und Western Railroad Company, having been defeated In tho courts as tho representative of railroad corpo latioua, obtained un Injunction in his capacity as At torney Goueral on behalf of the Ripariun Commis sioner restraining the Hudson River tunuel company from infringing on the shoro front. The Attorney Gen eral was noli lied yesterday that tho Tunnel Company would move next Monday for a dissolution of the in junction. THE MULLEN-ODDY CHALLENGE. In answer to the letter published in yesterday's IIkkald from Mr. Raymond, challenging Kdward Mullen to walk William Oddy ten miles, the latter says that be has a standing challengo to walk uny man in the country leu miles, six weeks from signing articles, for (1,000 a side, aud that if Mr. Raymond or any one elso desires to make a match with him thov can do so by dcpositiui: $100 In the olllce, which will be im mediately covered. This Mullen requires In order that it may be shown business is meant. He will attend to no communications except thoso terms are complied with. GLENDENNING AGAIN DISMISSED. Letters were received yesterday by members of the Westminster Presbyterian Church In Jersey City, an nouncing that tlio Kex. John S. Ulondonnlng has been Anally dismissed from the pulpit In Henry, III which ho hat) occupied for eight months. Some of hi* lormer adherent* in the church of the Fcandal staled yesterday that they would induce him to return to Jor? roy City and enier a law ofllce. Clendenuing has been contemplating ibis step lor more than a year. MUNICIPAL notes. Mayor Wick bam is In Philadelphia. Comptroller Green will return Irom his farm to-day. A meeting of (be Board ot Apportionment was set j down lor yesterday afternoon, but owing to the absence of the Mayor and Comptroller It could not be held. A judgment for $32,008 was yesterday filed In the Countv Clerk's oflleo against tbo city ut the suit of John II. Loveridge, who holds a claim lor paving the j streets. The slpnatnre oftho Mayor wn? yesterday attached | to the resolution recently parsed by the Hoard of Alder- j men authorising the issue of bonds by the Comptroller i for $2,000,060 GO for compiotion of the Brooklyn Bridge. LONG ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. ? ? Last evening Rev. K. 8. Storrs, D. D., President ot tb? Long Island Historical Society, lectured before a large audience at the Brooklyn Academy, delivering the annual address. Tho past year, it was shown, hss bees one of great success. Increased Interest being man ifested by the residents of that city in the prosperity and growth ot that most excellent Institution. About 1.0T3 volumes and 442 pamptilels have been added to the library, nearly all being gilts irom friends of the society. To tbe department ot American local history, which is at thia centennial epoch so full of in tores t, up ward of linv valuable hook* have been added. Among the new collection of manuscripts are letters Irom Pres ident John Adams and General Knox. An it crease of 150 members since last May Is reported. Twelve papira j have been read at as many meetings of tbe society. FIRE IN TIIE ELEVENTH WARD. At half-past seven last night a fire occurred on the first floor of the three story tenement house No. 11 axenue D. occupied as a dry goods store. The building was owned t>y Kaust Sirause. Damage to stock and IIxiures. $8,000; Insured; datnsge to build in?, about $&00; insured; cause unknowu. HOUSE LETTING IN NEVADA [From the Vlrg nm (Nev.) Enterpri?e) We met a landlord yesterday. He. pointing to three little houses, said ?"I rented thoso houses to Smith for $175 per month. He has put a bed and a wasbsiand lu one of them and rents it for $l.'tf. He will Make j:lOo per month out of tbe lease that I was tool enough iodise him." Wo said:? Vo'.i probably !??>?! money wh-u >ou Have a lyase on the premises lor $175?" "t?b. tie." he answtred. "I make thirty si* per cent on my investment." DELEGATES TO CINCINNATI. Wmiiotox, Mar 9, 1S7& A mass meeting of the German republicans or this city last uight elected the loll?w ng delegates to the ' i.'incnnati Convention:?Simon Wolf, WlUlam Burch ard, Major Beble, I'eicr Bauugraas and K. 1. Adier. FAILURE OF A GROCERY FIRM. Mostrkal, May ?, 1*7$. j The grocery firm of Dtifusno k McUarlty, of this city and Ottawa, have aus|>ended and their affairs were placed in the bands ot an official a?*;|iiice to day Their liabilities are i*tweei> $200.0U0 aud +3<"t),oij0. I is understood that the lia!>iliti"? aro exceeded by tbe . aaaets, aud all claims will probably be met. GAS SAVING MACHINES. TBI MANCFACTPBINO COMPANIES TO FTOIOI THK NATIONAL IIOABD OV CNDEBWEITEBS. A meeting was held yesterday afternoon of gentle men representing tbo different gal machine companies iu New York, Brooklyn, Trenton and Philadelphia, at No. 669 Broadway. The object of the meeting was to take somo action in I bringing their caso before the National Hoard of Under writer*. These gas machines, or carburetters, as they ! are called, are claiincd to be able to save 'rom thirty to fllty per cent on the price of gas to the consumer, and j hare been heretofore used extensively la New York and Brooklyo. Tbey are, as a rule, Mm|>ly tanks { Into which naphtha is poured, and the ordiuary gas, j after leaving the meter, is caused to pass through this ; naphtha, taking the carbon irotn it and thereby becom ing enriched. The National Board oi Underwriters were led to believe that these machines were unsafe, bocause the naphtha, It there was any defect in the machine, might leak oat and mingle with the vapors of thecellars in which they are generally placed,uad would, in the event ol a light being brought in, bo tbo cause of Are. There were, consequently, so many restrictions thrown around the use of them that many of the com panies who had Invested a great deal of money ceased manufacturing auy more. A conference committee nut the New York Board of Fire Underwriters in the beginning ol April and a satisfactory arrangement was arrived at by which any company placing oue of their I machines in a storo or dwelling made a written agree- j ment to the effect that the filling of tho . carburetters with the materials used should be | always performed in the day time, and without arti- j licial light, except it be that of a Davy lamp, and that none but a person who held a certificate of the Inspec- j tor of the New York Board of Flro Underwriters should j bo employed in the capacity of filler ol a carburettor, j Tho Oiling cans and all appliances for filling* these ; carburetters should be of approved materiul* and | workmanship and the manner ol filling and of romoving therefrom any residuum, should be In strict accordance with certain particular directions laid down by the Board. Furthermore, the companies should not sell or lease to others these carburetters, but should retain them under their exclusive control. Tho manner of using theso machine?, therefore, at present is that tho company makes an arrangement to charge the person in whoso storo or dwelling they are placed so much a gallon for the naphtha used, or to collect Irom him hull the saving on his g:is Urn. The gug machine men claim that tbey aro immeasurably safer than the kerosene which is now in such general usespecially as the kerosene is very liable to be handled by inexperienced or careless persons. The sav ing of money to tne gas consumer woalU be fully as great, II no', more so, when tuey coiuo into tnoro general use aud the cost ol manufacture lightened. Tho tallowing are the names of tne gas machine compares represented at tho meeting yesterday (of which Mr. Calvin Carr was 1'resideiil aud Mr. James A. Ramtncy. j Secretary)-The Empiro, Manhattan, Dayton, Loch 1 wood Company, of Philadelphia, and the Duplex Gas i Machine Company, tlio American, the Trenton aud Kings county companies. MURDER OF A NEIGHBOR. Schanton, l'a., May 8, 1876. A dispute In relation to tho separation line between tho premises of George Wert and Hubert Savage, who wero near noighbors in Dunmore, a suburb of this city, I terminated fatally this ultornoon. While Savage was demolishing Wert's coal shod, which was built upon the disputed ground, the latter came out of bis bouse to protost, when lavage brutally assailed him with an 1 axe, knocking him senseless and afterward bar barously injuring Ins head with a stone. Mrs. Wert ran to her husband's assistance, too late, however, to save mm; and while she hold her dying husband, his 1 murderer coolly finished destroying the shed. The police secured Savage in a saloon iu this city this evening. Wort was an unod'enstvc Christian man and was generally esteemed and respected. He survived the attack, In an unconscious condition, a lew hours and died. . Savage is not generally a turbulent charac ter and his conduct is inexplicable. GAMBLERS IN THE CARS. BIGHT OF A BAXLBOAD COM PANT TO EJECT OB JECTIONABLE FA8SENGEBS. Omaha, May 9. 1876. The suit brought by Thurston, a gambler, against the Union Pacific Hail road Company, for ejectment from the cars by omployes on account of his known profes sion, went to the Jury last night and today they ron derod a verdict of SI 47, the amount paid for a ticket winch had never been refunded to him. The result of this case, tried in the United States Court, Is to tbo effect that railroad companies, for tho protection of passengers, have the right to eject threo card monte men irom tho tram. OHIO MINERS AND MILITIA. CLtvu.AND, May 8, 1676. There Is much excitement ut Mussillon touight, aud further troublo with striking coal miners Is anticipated soon. The Warrington mino has forty groen men at work under Ibo protection of iho militia. The labor of repairing the works of tho mines burned by tue strikers U also going ou under the protection of tho soldiers. Some of the old minors went into the Silver Crock mine to-day. Thin morning about 500 strikers held a meeting at Furnace Hank, two miles Iroui Mas sillou, and decided not to resumo work lor less than seventy-live cents per ton, an increase of ilvo cents per ton on the price agreed to ut tiio last mooting. Two more companies of troops have been ordered to Wassillon to-nijjbt, oue from Sandusky and one from Tiffin. THE CANAL SUITS. A i.bant, May 0, 1870. In the canal suit to-day counsel for the people rested their case. Tbc counsel lor the defence moved for a nonsuit, and proceeded to argue tho motion when Jus* tioo Westbrook intimated that ho would preler to uwalt tbc decision of tho General Itrm iu tho Gale and Mtopbeu*, and tho argument was accordingly post poned until to morrow morning, to which mno the court adjourned. ROBBERY AND ARREST. Pkovidkxck, R. 1., May 0, 1876. Two strangers entered Mr. Gorton's loan ofllce to-dsy and whilo oue of tho meu engaged tho attention ol Mr. Gorton tho othor robbed the sale of |CSO and both left. One ol tho robbers was ,-oon after ward arrested and tho whole amount stolen was recovered. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN STEAMERS. DATES OF BBFABTCBBS PIloH *BW VOUK FOB TUB M03TM OP MAT AMI JINK. Scvtina Leaning ? A sctiolteu..... Cltr ?t Kichiuoiiil Kuypt t.'aliioruia I >on*n rmiHini Wyoming N"ll? Holland \V leiand. ftate of Indiana.., htmonia Klieln Germanic ra.lur Bothnia . Priaia : M nan t'lty of Merlin The Qneen Victoria ? ??!?! Ahrr aoe I!-. t>ta Idaho. A ?% ??una Hilf of Putotrla K ii eland Cfltlt (ieilert Holl via Mala ?"fa :i Adriatic t'liy <?> Cheater .. >??*na Mai* ot \ irgiaia. IJ?!L Maj l.i. May 11 May 11. M Ajr 18. I May 13. May l.t. May 13. May li Mav Hi. ? av 17. Muy 17 May 1?. May IK. May UH. M a v ; (i. May ao. Mar S >. M .r "4. May "5. May 3ft. M ay "J7 Mav a7. Ma* -SI. May n May 27 ?ia<- -J7. May :?? Mar 31. I line 1. June 1. i ii ha rt. .1 une It. "/fee Inn* ?Inn* li>. lane in. I line 1" ? n"<e I't, J una 15. Liverpool,. II hUit'Urir.. Itotterdaui Liverpool.. Liverpool.. talaaaoW ... Bremen... LIvarMM.. Liverpool.. Uutidnn., . . lUnii.iiric. ? ii'mcow ... I 'laMTOW . . . Bremen.... i.nerpoui.. Havre Utrrfaol II Amburir.. Kotlerdaiii. I.lven""" Liverpool.. tiiAfcgow,.. Kr..n Havre.. Liverpool.. l.i?cro?M ttiaayow... i Hamburg. LoeryeiM.. I JrartxnM. Ilainbnrg. llltmow. . . hremen. ... II.1 \ it pool.. Liverpool. erpooi Li Vtrpoal., Ota-cow.. * Bowllnir Oreea Ijl liroaalwA' 41' llrnAdway IS Broadway Mi Broadway 7 Bowling<tre?a - iiowuuir ..raao r..HO?ay ill? Broadway 4 i-iiwiinsilreea li.1 iliiikuway "I hr.iU'lurar T-.' Broadway 7 HuwIihk Oreea 2 Bowling tireaa Si7 hruAi'war SA Hr.ia.iwa* 4 Howlintr ?.re*a 61 Btiadway a* 15 hr isOwaV ? 1' Broadway 7 Bowling tlreea 2 ll< * iaiiw Irrvrn *fi Broadway 7 Mow ting Gr**a JV Broadway 4 Howling tireaa 7'J Broadway '*1 Broto'wae iW it marl way <7 Kr.ia.tway ?il HreAltWAT 7 H??Ming Oreea 3 Mnwllaf ilraaa KM itroadwae 37 Broadway 15 Xroa.iwav Sm Hroa.iwae 71 Broadway *>-XOT!CF. TO CAPTAINS (IP YftMRLC IM TUB COAS11 Nil ASO FOKKIGN TKADK -Captaimor ufliror. of vruela engaged ia tbc coaating or foreign trade, observing the diapiaeement or removal of k> baoya, arc requested ?o eon luunlcate the tact to the IIkbald. mi that it may bo br u.'hl I nMlcly tn the attention u! tha proper authoritlet. A letter nddremed "to t'a editor of the Hakalp,, Nf? VorB city," Kiting a* accurately at putiibia tbe naotb?r and poaition of ditpiAced baoy? or the cau?e of their rruioral, will (tiffiee in all raaea obtarrrd aion{ the Atlantic and I'acltic coatu of tli* A merit *u t.'ontinenv When they are olmctved an the c.iaat oi European coantiies or In the Mtditerranean it is requested that iuforniatinii be >eat ntber by telegraph or letter to the l^indon oOee of the N'sw Yoke llaaai.u. 44 Kleet atreet, London, or to the I'arli oSit-e. 01 Arena* 4a I'Opera, Paris. Where tli* t?legra|>ii ia itaed despatches may t?e*?idrea?ed "Bennett, 44 Kleet atreet, Uadm," or "Henuett, VI A**uue de I'Opera, I'aria." Where eaaea el dirpla. rment are ohaerved ia the watera of countrtea beyoad tbe rcacli of th* telegraph, as la Asia or Africa, captains IBA/ communicate with on upon niching tbs first convenient port. This information will be cabled Ire* ef chare* to the IIekii.d and published. ?9-NOTICI TO CAPTAINS OP VESSELS ENTERING THE POUT OP NEW YORK AT NIOHT.?Th* Haw Yoac Hkaaip hai adopted a distinguishing Coeton night signal for nee on board the Uxuii.ii itteam yacht, showing while burn ing the colore red, green, red. changing Train one to the other in succession. and can b* seen aeveeai mllee distant. Cap tains of vetselt. upon teeing thia tigntl. will oblige a* br preparing any marine new* they may bare for the Ship Newt Department of the IliKiLOi MrPerionn dealrona of cooimauioating with vetssit arriv ing at New York can do to by addressing to sucn vessel*, car* ofllKktLb uewt yacht.pier Ne. t Best Klver. New York. Letters received from all parti of the world and promptly de livered. Duplicates are required. ALMANAC FOR NEW YORK?THIS DAY. SC.* MSB MOOX I BlOB ViTIk Ban rues 4 4S | Got. Island.... mora 932 Hun leu 7 05 | Sandy hook. 8 47 Moon rises, eve 0 48 | Hell Gala. morn 11 17 PORT OF NEW YORK, MY 9, 1876. ARRIVALS. kkrORTXD it Tit* HIXALD ITIil TAOHTS AXB TOiL> WHITkSTOXk TKLBGKAPH UHL Steamer Carondelet, McCreery. Pernaudina May 4. Brunt wick Mti and Port Kuyal 6th, with rndae and passenger! to 0 II Mallory A Co. Steamer Ran Salvador. Nlekerton, Savannah May 6, with mdte ami pastengert to Wni R Garrison. Steamer Champion. Lock wood, Charleston May ?, with mdte and patteuirert to .Tat Vf Quintan! A Co. May 7, 5t miles NE of h rying Pan Shoals, p??ed tchr Florida, bonnd Steamer Richmond, Kelly. Richmond. City Point and Norfolk, with indue and pat?*ngera to the Old Dominion SteamtlilD Co. ??hip Edith, Manton, Liverpool 38 days, with mdse to Oeo llowe? A Co. Had W and WSW windt the entire passage; w?s 'J7 dayt to the Hank*: April lat 4'J i>4 Ion 4'J, 'iioke hark Eliza S Milllgnn (Brl. from Liverpool for N*w York; '.'nth, lat ?1I>0, Ion 4rt. brig Kllen 0 (Brl, (Voin Fernamllna lor Ijuoenttown; UOth. lat 4'2 10. Ion 52 SO. bark Jeannie Pottel (Prl, from New Orleant for Havre; tamo day. lat 4*2 15, Ion 52 55, bark Aurora (Hr), from Rotterdam for New York. Hark Patent (Nor), Morgensen. London 40 days, in bal let!. to Funch. Edye .1 On, Bark Kaza iNor). Sveutlten. II nil SO days. In ballast to or der. Is anchored at Saudv Hook for orders, Rnrk Carmel (Nor), Jerroldsen. Waterford 58 days, in hallatt to Henliant k Hoyenen. March -ti, lat 39 38. Ion .Hliai, |iiwd the wreck of a thlp, waterlogged and aban doned. and loaded with lumber and petroleum. She was painted lilack, with white porta and whit* figurehead. Th* mainmatt wat carrlcd away 0 or 8 feet from the deck; for* aud inisxentopmattt were alto gone: forecatlle and cabin painted whit*, witli black ttripes; a bout palntod white lay on the cabin; ?bip had a windmill on board. Hark HehniNor). Marcutten. Stavanger 46 days. In ballast to order. It anchored ut Sandy Hook lor Order*. Hark Agnes (tier), H inlet. Amsterdam March 2d, In bai la-t, to Clits I.illiiiir A Co. Hark Louis De Geer (Swe), Anderson, Hamburg 44 day*, with mdsn to order; vettel to Bockraann, Oerlein A Co. Brig George (illchrltt. Orcutt, Matantaa 9 dayt, with so ger to Brown Hros; vettel to Purnmii A LomL Brig Octncllltit iBrl.Towet, Trinidad 30 days, with mo latten to S A W Welsh; vettel to P J Kevins A Son. Schr M K W (of St John, NB), Williams, Matantat 12 dayt, with mcltdo to order; vessel to P I Nevlut A Son. May !, lat :ff>. Ion 7S 15. spoke tchr Charles Thompson, of Provlneetowii. IS dtyt out. with 75 bblt to oil. Schr Meggi* Cain (of Philadelphia). Seull. Ouantanamo is ,lays, with tugar to Brooks A Co; vessel to Evans, Ball A Co. Schr Old Chad (of Roothbav), Wylie, Baracoa 9 day*, with ftult to T I Madire; vessel to I B Staples. Schr Ansa W (Collins. Baylas, Baracoa 11 day*, with fruit to Home* A I'earsall: vettei to R J \\ enberg. Schr Mnry Montauta. Sielev. Oregon Inlet, NO. Schr Kllat Moor*. I<ewis, Richmond. Schr H J. Raymond. Cranmer. Virginia. Schr J II Lstigrell. Plowert. Virginia, Schr Rhod'-lla Blew, Rose. Virginia. Schr M A Tyler. Pelatou, Virginia. Schr Moderator. Hugbee. Virginia. Srhr 0 White. Borden. Virginia. Schr C Knight, Jr. Huntlev. Virginia. Schr Marv Price. Campbell, Virginia. Schr S .1 Vaiighan. Yitujrhan. Virginia. Schr S*s Bird. Curtis. Virginia. Schr J D Williams. Pierce. Baltimore. Schr E E Rlrdtall, Warren, Haltlmore. Schr Howard William*, Walnwrlght, Baltimore for Bridgeportr Schr Herkimer. Strong, Philadelphia. Schr Adele Trudell, Grace, Philadelphia for New Bedford. Ship Highland Light from Liverpool, which (ailed 8th. it bonnd to Philadelphia to lead for San Praneltco. Or Bark Jupiter (fSer), which was anchored at Sandy Hook, came up to the city. PASSED THROUGH HELL GATE. BOUND SOUTH. Steamer city ol New Bedford, fish. N*w Bedford for New York Steamer Oalatea. Wallien. Providence for New York. Schr J II Burnett. Andrews, New I.ondon for New York. Schr Jacob Raymond Holt, New London for New York, Sclir S Rockhill, Somes, Proviilence for New York. Schr Ilratot. Tryon, Norwich for New York. Schr Brandvwine. Peugar. Pawtucket lor New York. Sclir John Brooki, Pox, New Haven for New York. Schr Joteph L Pott*. Ituwlaiid, Providence for Now York. Schr llattie S Collins, Niclcorson. Hartford for New York. Schr C C Saddler. Merrill. New London for New York. Srhr Allele Kellcia. Robblnt, Norwich for New York. bchr E Clarke, Pengar, Provideuce tor New York. BOUND EAST. Steamer Perit (Br), Cbadtev. New York for Sydney, CB. Steawcr George Cromwell, Bacon, New York for Halifax. NS. steamer Neptune. Berry, New York for Boston. Steamer Bolivar, Ueer. New Yore for New London and Norwich. Schr Mlnquat, Phillips Port Johnson far Providence. CLEARED. Steamer Wilmington, Crowell. Havana?Wm P Clyd* ft Co. Steamar Geo Cromwell, Bacon, Halifax, >8?Clark A Sea man. Steamer Gen Barnes. Checsman, Savannah?W B Garri son. Steamer Wyanoke, Conch, Norfolk, City Point and Rich mond?Old Dominion Steamship Co. Steamer Triplet. Hall. Wilmington. Del?Abiel Abbott, steamer Anthracite, Grntnley. Philadelphia?J at Hand. Steamer Neptune. Berry. Botton?H V Dimock Hark I'nlone (Ital), Carrac, Penarth Roads for orders John C Sealer. Bark Hektor (Nor). Tellefsen, Queenstown or Falmouth lor ordett?Ixmiis Tetens. Hark itmeKit (Ital), Kiasconoro. Trieste?John C Seager. Brig C C S? mner, Cole, Copenhagen?Brett. Hon A Co. Brig Daniel Trowbridge. Rog*rs. Barbados?D Trowbridge A Ca. Hrlg Mymnns. Illgglns, Marseilles?J as Honry. Brl'j Dawn (Br). Codas. Uaspe?Wm T Woodruff A Co. Schr J J Harris. Hudson, Baracoa?B J Weaberg A Co, Schr Edna Harwood, Turner, St Johns and Mayagues?S Micheieua. Schr Sunny South. Derlckton, Femandina?Squire Hros. Schr Charles It Washington, Holbrook, WellHeet?B J Wenber? A Co. Sclir l( A Forsyth. Hobble, N*w Haven?Stamford Mann facturing Co. Cleared 8th?Ship Pilgrim, Fowl*. San FranciKO?Sutton A Co. Bark l.orona, Bianchard Bio Janeiro and Santo*?Tbo* Norton A Co (not as before). SAILED. Steamer* Clarlbel (Br), for Port an Prince. Ac: Wilming ton, Havaua; Gen Barnes. Savannah; Wyanoke. Richmond, Ac: harkt Aili.lf (Gar), Ur inau; Pohono (Br), Cork or Fal mouth; Keglna Tolck, Geuoa: Herths (Oer), London ; brig Fanny (Aum, Cork; tchr Marcia Reynolds, Laguayra and Porto C.bello. Wind at tuntet, NB: at midnight, NW. light. Barometer at tuntet, 20.81; st midnight, 29.82. OUR MARINE CORRESPONDENCE. NtcwroBT, R. !., May B, 1878. Bsrk Oi ean Gem. reported In distress at this port, is now In the inner harbor. The leak is in her upper works and after taking out about SO tons coal. It is thought U ean ba stopped. 'Srhr John Balch, Capt ntnuah, owned by G C AWJ Mtinroe. ol this port, with lumber lor Kennebunk, went iishore this morning In Kennebec River. One of her owners will go to her assistance to-morrow. No tarther particulars aro known here. MARITIME MISCELLANY. Bark John Black (Br), from llnvre for St John, NB, ailiure near Sliolburne, NS In* beeu got off without injury, ?lid was to till eveninj ot M>jr 5 Tor destination. Bakk SAOADAAOC, from Shield! for Havana, was spoken April 10 lu lat -2 ;*>. Ion 3U, with loas of two anchors and chains* IIakk Thoxa* Porr, 32.'l ton*. formerly emploved in the whalefitliery Irum New B?dlord, and ?oid in December, lrttlM. |lia* been purchased, It i? reported, by i.Ut-Hruwn paries. wt e will fl; her f r abating.. IIakk Maria (of Boeton), Kent, from IIobk Kong for Ma nila and L'nlted Kingdom. beiore reported wrecked on Pa lonic kIiodIi, will be atripped and (old for the benefit of the underwriter*. )?Kit, Wm Dossnx (Bel, Buck, from New York for St Joliii*, l*B. wa* stranded April 'Hi e?*t of the latter port, and h?canie a tot*1 wreck. The tfreater part of the cargo i wa* lost. The \V D -'Ml ton* register. bull* at Koeklaud, i Ml, In 187:1 and hailed from >1 John, NB. Schr Kiciimomi. in ballait, from Boaton lor Calais. Ma, wa* Ktruek by lightning ou Sunday niirbt off Thatcher's l-iaml and lint her lorctito?t and niaiuiopraaat. aba wai towed into Gloucester ye?terday. Qt ick Pa*hm Sckr Anno M Dickinson, Capt Tooker, ?alied from New York April ft and arrived at Tainplco on the ?.nth. tliu* making the paviage in 15 day*, which ia one of the quickest time on record. Ynmuuttu. M ay K?The brig llattle K Wheeler, of Portland. Me, (ruin Elu.iliethp.'rt lor Portland with cargo of coal to Kamiall A MeAIIWtrr, (truck on S;,ue Hunt, Nan tiit-kel Shoals, nt 2 AM on the 7th in*t, during a thick fog Hint fiiied in lllteen minutes. A (idling schooner carried some aallv provision* and the crew's effects, together with the steward and two men. to Chat ham. The llthiiii; schooner Helen M foster, wfCehasset, on Moteton Ike Cantata (AlMifMirl and crow sftts 1 brie to strip her of all sail* and running ki nr naarlr all her I >tAiu1in4 ringing nr..I one butt. The ve**el was tben fast I breaking up and the upper deck was gone mli?The ?f?*el iia* become ? total wreck. [The If K W wai W tou* register, and was bnllt at Harps well, Me, in IsdlJ. WHALEMEN. ! ffySee arrival* at this port. ! Mailed Irum New Bediord May 9, bark Ohio, KUls, illu ! tic ocean. SPOKEN. ' Brig Alice M Putnam, Irom Philadelphia for Sagas, May 8, no lat, Ac. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND CAPTAINS Merchants, shipping agent* and shipmasters are laformed that by telegraphing to the Umlals London Bureau. nd> dressing "Beunett, No 44 Fleet stroet, London," or to the Paris office, addressing '-Bennett, *?l A venae de I'Opera, Pari*." the arrivals at and departures from European and Eaetera ports of American and all foreign vessel* trading with the L'nlted States, tko same will be cabled to this eoactrj free of char go. Captains arrtring at .ad Frwwb ?nd *?? Urruou port. will Sad Ik* P?ri. o?c. the man ??"??" and uptdilloH toe telegraphing m?i OUR CABLE SHIPPING NEWS, Algiebs?Bailed, schr Gertrude 1i Smith, JB* Thorn a i. l <.>.TOL. 11., 9-Arrir.d.b.rksEob.n PmcxouU; Maria (Mot). J.nsen, Darlea, brig Boc* (Br), Cann, Philadelphia. BKi.rAST. May ??Sailed, barks Mar8aret 8 Wler (Br), J* Pbail. Sydney, CB; Kdina (Br), Doff, Hallfcx; b g (Br). Wright, and Mageuta (Brt, Lockhart. ?***?'? . Baltic Pom. May B-Arrired. bar* Peter Bohlaad (Oar). Prubn. Sareaueh. w . Buhm. May ?-8aUed. .hip. Tyro (Br). Bobbtas, Nort America; Senator Iken (Oer), Feunekohl. do; 7th. bark. Nordcap (Nor), Oeoldeen, New York ; An^.te i0*'*' Harten, Baltimore; John Bead (Br). Nlckersoa. North ^ Bobsat, May S-Arrired, eblp John Clerk, P.adleton, Liverpool; bark Edward Kidder. Park, Bo.ton. Barcelona, May 1-Airtred. bara Twelfth Jbb1? Bibera*. S.raauah. Carthage]. A?Sailed, Catharine. for PhlledelpMa. Copbnhagb*. M.y 5-Arrir.d, bark Bacer (Nor), Kaad ien. New Orleans lor Blga. Cadi*. M.y 2-Sailed. schr Wm Jones, Boblnson. Boston. Deal. Bay 7-Arrired, bark Parew.ll (O.r), Noam.., New York for Breicea. . _ ' Duiu.i, M.y 7-Arrlred. b?rk Trojednlca (Aae). <Ma*, WSatud'PH?h! bark. Tr.Hk (Nor). Jaeobeea. halted St.tee; Vasco de Uiffl. (Nor), Mortausea. do; Oeorgie (Br). Mo Bride, North America nnv?r F.lmmork. 31 .y 5?Arrived, .hip C B HWelti... GUkey. Savannah for Keval; bark. Emprets <Ger). *ehlow. Bait mere: Dux (Nor). Henrich.ea. New Orlean. for Keral. (iLOcrKirrta, M.y 8?Sailed, bwk Erragoa (Nor). Weber. United Statoe. _ OL1KOW. May 8-Arrired. bark Iwacl (8w). T?ssln. Wil mington. NO. Obbexocb, M.y 7?Arrieed. fcarkt P. tree (Nor), Slmoa sen Darien; Bth. John Boyd (Br), Ellie. Cardenas. Oottenbcbo. M.y 5?Arrived, b.rk (O'ri.Brader hausrn, (Jalve.ton; brig Der Pomm. (Uer), Bochrn. Charle. * Arrived Oth. b.rk. 8tat?mial?Ur Stan's (Nor). Falch.a, bur*. Nsw Ori^Mi. t. Gibraltar. to May 8-Arrired, echr Mlanle Beppller, Sterlman, Messina for Philadelphia. Sailed to Wth. brig Acadian (Br). Terrlo. New Yor . In port M.y 8. bark Abby Bacon, Merrill, from New York. d UkNOA. M.y 0?Relied, bark Ironside., Tapley. Naw York. Hutu May 8-8ailed, bark Kate (Br). Murphy. North ^Habtlkfool. May 9-Sailed. bark Ferraro II )Ital). Ktww. UHav^k*! Majr 8- Arrired,bwk KallUto (Nor). Kittle, New Orlean*. _ . ? Railed 8th. .hip Bavelau (Br). Bont. Qnebec; bark Marie (Nor), Olsen. New York. _ . LlTB.rooL, M.y 7-ArriTed. .hips Klngle.der, San Francisco; Hlchard III. Hubbard, Charle.ton; 8th. Hteamer Lake MeKantlo (Br). Battersby Baltimore; An drew Jackson, Bartlett, Sarennah; barks Ori.n. (Br). Thompeon, New Orleans; 9th. Blrtns (Nor), Jorgei-sen. do, Felix <8p). Urrated. Oslre.ton. Salle.l H*. ship Barrowdale (Br). Sau bark Ecuador (Br). Hnxh?.. North Amerle.; ?rig Olga (Nor)., United States; .ehr Or.ce ' do; Oth, .hip Ironside., Speeder. do: b.rk. EraajO.O, Bchntte. do; Vesurio (Ital), Cacace. New York ; scbr John Proctor, Doane. Baltimore. ? Lokdo*. May 7?Arrlred, bark Le Or?le (Ital). Mefone Baltimore; 8th. steamer Auslr.Il. <Br>. Bldey. New York b.rk. Granger. Rolf (Oer). Lepoeoe. Fern.ndina, E Ahnqrist (8w), Boden. Bo.ton. tfth, bark. (Nor), Rostrnp. United SUte., N KClementt (Br), Corning. North America. , Lizard. April 8. 10 AM-O* steamer (Br), An drew., from New York for London. Arrived In the Channel 7th. sblp Andrea WilhelminaOw), | Wlllgust, New Orleans for Beral. j Loco. Swillt. May 7-ArriTad. bwk Knslmain.n (Bu.), Autman. B.Itlmore. _ , LoNnoNDRBRT. M.y 7?Arrlred, bark.Noel (?r)^KoowU ton. Baltimore: Keppa (Nor), Turgeson. do; Prinelpio (Ital). Seal., do. Bailed 8th. bark Lot. (Br), Raymond. United States Lisbon, May J-Arrired, b.rk O 0 Stanford (Ital), Ma "s.aedVbout'ad. brigs New Era (Br). MeFee. New York; Lilian (Br). Campbell. 0.dit; N.v. (Br). Smeltter. H.1U fax: Annie Batchelder, Steelm.n, Bt Tbomw, Kbr Emma II Drammond, HlgfflMi UilUti. Movill*. May 9?Arrired, steamer AUatla (Br), Camp bell. New York for Glasgow (and proceeded). Also .mrol 9th. ste.mer Mor.riaa (Br), Orahasa, Port land tor Lirerpool (and proceeded). Maemilks. May 5-SaU.d, whr Nellie Starr. Poland. Boe ^Nrwcastle,E. May 9-Arrired, bark Agfler (Nor), Johwt ton. Baltimore. L _ . Nkw Ros*. May S?SalUd, berk PU Halmaih (Q?r)f Kr.eft, United St.tes, Opobto, M.y 1-Arrirwl. brigs Conde de (Port). Oomes. D.rlen; Harry Stewart. Larrabee. Baltimore. Madbira?Sailed. Success, for Baltimore. Pauillac, M.y ft-SHed, Helretla. for N^w York Palermo. Maytt?SaUed, sterner Boyai Standard (Br). Johnston, N.w York. S.lled, no d.t., brig R M He?len. Ooald. New York. tehr M B Ml lien. Young. 1'hil.delphi.. Bio Jabeibo, M.y 6-Arrir.d prerlously. bwk Aquldneck, Raffle, Baltimore. _ _ XT .1 In poit April 29. brig Water Witch. Daffy. ?br H.mntoa ^S^habpto*. May 9-Amr.d. sU.m.r Othello (Br). Bri.tow, New York for Hull. _ ... g.lled 8th, .te.mer Colombo (Br), Whltaey (from Hull). ^Stcttw, M.y 2?Arrired, bwk Clto (Nor), Wathue. Wll "iTk^'iLLK?Arrived. Livingstone, from (probably brig Llrlngstone (Nor). Fisher, from Palermo, reported for New York direct). . Sailed May 2. schr Walter F Parker., N.w York. SAirrAKDEB, May 1?Arrlred, bark Romo (Br). McKensie. New York ; J P Bent (Nor). AnderMn. Pascagoul. Arrired to May 8, P A Munch, from Pascagoula (bark P A Munch (Nor). Berentseu. .ailed from Mobile reported for "texei.! May 7-8alled, barks Victoria (Nor). Bonlgaatd. Now York; M A McNeil. Jordan, Rockland, Me. Tbikkte. May 2?Sailed, bMfk Naora Chlarin. (Ital). Ma resca. United States. j TaxEBirfR?Sailed, Bstrierer. Charleston. Valencia. May 8-Arrired, bark Carrie L TyUr. Eldridga. May 7?Arrired, bark Saga (N?r). Larsen, r Waxroan*'May &-8alled, schr Emma Cro.hy, Bril.y ^ \VATKRKo'nn. M.y 8?8ailed, brig Buna (Batf. Landberg. United bt.ts.. _ Londos. V.j 0?Adrices from C.dls, d.ted M.y 2. st.t. th.t the brig S E Kennedy. Captain York Jan 14 ft>r Limerick (before reported put ln at C?Us Febl with loss of sails and otberwl?e damaged) was to be .old by auction on the 5th last, becas. the cost of repairing her would bo too graat. WIATHKB RITOBT. Falmouth. May 0. 6 PM-WUd 8. UoLrniiD, May U. 8 At PM-Wlad K. FOREIGN PORTS. Bombay, April 3?In port, iblpi Tlmoar. Robblnt, for Ant werp; Berteanx (Br), L>*vta. and Our Tlllary iBr>. Hum phrey. for United kingdom or Continent; A S Davia, Kurd, ?nd 1' II Southard. HvAlt'e. unc: Winona. Bray, du. bark* Si Andrew (Hn. Dick, and St George (Br). Hall. for Culled Kingdom ur Continent. Caudksas. May 2- Arrived. ?ehra W B Steelman. Cham berlain. Havana; Rebecca A Carter. Toralln. Sagtta. Arrive* Hth. briir Kn-liy T Sheldon. Ilayea, Bolton; aebr Annie Vlrden. Hnhbard, Philadelphia. Sailed Htli, bark Kninia ?! I.ltcnflr Irl, Harden. north of liatteraa: brig* hllon P Stewart. Miller, and Klia M Tucker, Forbea do: aehr Nellie t'haae, Norton, do. tlao nailed ?Jtb, acbr Kate Carleton ?Br;, Grant, north of U altera*. Fathkii Poist. May 8?Arrived, Moamera Lake Cham plain iBr), Brruxin. Liverpool for Montreal. Ultm.iim, April 3>?Arrived, brig |Loch Lomond, Baker, New York. Hava.ia. April 29? Arrived, brie John Bright man, 1J an ion, Ma1anf.ii. Arrived nth. ateamer Margaret. Baker, New Orleans. Sall?d May 8, *leauier Acapnleo, ?iray (from Atplawall), New York. Abo a ailed 8th. tleamer Hannover (Oer), Hlmbritck ? (from Bremen*, New Orleani; bark Kirhard Pearie.Br), { Bartahy, New York: ?th, at earner Anitin, Morgan, lndiaa ola. Iliurit. May 9?Arrived. tleamer Geo Waablngton, . Whitehead. St John*. NF. tor Xew York. Lai Palhai (Canary Ulanda), April 3 (nol SlHlt)?Ar rived. at-hr Portlaud, CofBll. New York. U? ?ro?T, N8. May 8?sailed, acbr Crinoline (Br), West Indie*. V ataxias. April 28?Arrived, bark Abbie ft Franklin, (Iron. >a?ua ; May I. steamer Kin* Arthur (Br), Cowell. Cardenaa. Sailed April 28, bark Florence Petera. Mountfort, Caiba- | rlen Ptrrou, N8. May B? Arrived bark Hadle, Gregory, Ant- ; werp. Sauca, April 29?Arrived. brig* Tf omaa Owen, Captill, | Malaiwaa May I, Robin, Havener. Havana. stJaoo. Ar-ril 2M?Arrived, rteamer Metropolis, Kill*, New York; sclir D B hverett. 8*?nder?, Potto Klto. Sailed May i, bark Joaie 1) Kuenn. Jonea, New York. BtJohx*. NF. April 1*7?Arrived, acbr Graatnere (Br), Beaufort. New York. Sr J on*. Ml, May 8?Arrived echrs Lanra (Br). J*ert Spain: Julia Fiah, r. New York. Sailed Hth?sbip Alberilna iIIr*. Brown. London; brig A M Kniirhi. Davis, Havana: aehr Willie 8 Shepard. Raevea, Cora : U. sliip U J Tenner, Avery, Liverpool. WtMtiaoa. N S. Mav rt? Arrived, aehr Ada. Portland. Hailed nth aehr Newport, lor New York; 8th, f 4H Wotlierapoon (Br), do. , Yaaaotna, N 6, May 8?Arrived ?chr Win Jeaklni (Br), St Kuta. AMERICAN PORTS. ALRXAXDBIA, x?r 7-Arrtved, tteamer ? C Inlght, New York. L Feseeaden (front Gsorgntowa). In c^wtoi-BUDe'',r e-*a",d- *ehr J ?? *oot?. R*ok?. eea Li^?J!L 'V*,?-Arrived. steamers Siberia (Br). Harti <?'>. Ciouieuu. Yarmouth. NS; goaBav t'' im L *li*1Pb 1 *'? b*rk? Nonpareil, Fl>un, Al feiiglish Kmi.V % "fl"*' 8,n*"- Kosario; schrs Elisabeth ffiowiBr i'i,lok*k(,,; Alooinak Clark, New Yorkt bark^Kate Vn?n!JtI[ r*^..Appu1''- Iceland. Baltimore; (gri i__i H 1"J Hale, Western lslauds; bri** Example llalul*tdWm W^w?<^^-t*un'Bi)" LI Tar pool jrj* ^?r5MJ?2R^ 4th?Arrival. ?chr Cook Borden. Hull Chariest Cleared?Schr Uanlel Pier.on. Plerson 5tb-Arrir?j, .chr. Ku.h Uobln?u. jJ!? Y?k. John Shav, Tilton, Charleston. ?"?ar?. Nav Yotfc Cleared?llark Union (Br>. Webb Rio Janeiro NaVYort?14-**'7"8*""1- *Ch' ^?*? Arm.tron, D^liSttrf D""tu"(Br)-81 CruU= -* ? BATH, May 7?Sailed, acbr Albort Dailey, Xuuu. bi.^ niond, V*. ^ CHARLESTON, May 8?Cleared, ?chr Yankaa Blade. Parker. Baltimore. ?* ^9t??Arrtveu, steamer City or Atlanta, Woodhall. New EA.sT GREENWICH. May 7-Salled, achr Fanny Par., Eaton. Now York. ^ PERNANDINA. May 4?Arrived, ?chr Uattle L Pullar. Smith. Charleston. FORIKK48 MONROE. May 9?Arrived previonily, bark* Tbor (Nor). Sllgo; Lelf (Nor*. Glasgow; Peter Aaker (Nor) St Thomaa (and all tailed Dtb for Baltimore). ' 'ALL RIVER, May ?Arrived, sohr Nucceis, Plerson, Newburg. ^ Sailed?Sebre Wm Collyer, Taylor. Philadelphia; Corde lia Newkirk. Huntley, Port Johnson; Kate Scrantoa. Pal mer. New York. 7th~Arrived,stoftm?r Hareulas. Swasey, Philadelphia^ ?chr John 8 Lte, V anjrilder, Newbury. Nth?Arrived, atftarner Norwich, Fvrd, Philadelphia: tchi Thomas Potter. Ilandy Newburg. Sailed?Schr Wild Pigeon, Halcom. Georgetown, DC. (JAM E8TOX, JKay ts-^AniTKi, Kbr L A Rommell, Jef* fries. Boston. 9th?Arrived. steamer State of Texas, Boiger, New york mc (and clearod to return). * Hailed?Brior Belle Walters (Br), Scott. Liverpool cKXIK"-,U' "..Lad. ? Also arrlved.'achr Pelton Beat, Brown Cadii St^lfweuf Now YoVk!" '?*' I-?a Breed, Stb-Arrived, whr M W Drew. French. Camden Ma Cleared?Rchrs Annie L McKeen. McKeen New'York. NMWOH.' kXns' &/VtH W- Ho.ton "" WttW OKl.fc.ANti, May 5?Arrived, bark r'idw Sn?.... (Ital), I) Aste, Leghorn : schr Excelsior, Arnut Bonaec* Cleared?Schr* Keraflna (Mex), ZarraBolcoche^C^'o-. die: Jachin. Getcbell, Sbleldsboro. M1m ^ Camp?. 8th?Cleared, bark AbaMo (Aua). Tarabochla wis fwiss."--" ?p^rr&^o;rB?rB.?tuon'ero <Sp)-?*?'?*?. u,. Southwkst Pas*, May r?.?,^led( ibip Sandnaky Low. den. Ship Inland, to load lumber. "ouuiay, imw (Hh?Arrived, hark Ixirton Vale (Br). Beamer flrlm.i,. Sailed?Ships Kentueklan. M K RI^m; baruLSS don (Br), Catharlna <Sw). Donnebrog (Nor) Uiminrinn (Br).Zarago??a (So) and Plaetwinic. K L*amln*ton Orieani M*r ,-Arrlve(1, ,chr Monadnoc, Baker, New Cleared?Rchr Prank Lncaa. IIulss, Ruatan. Dierkmb"H??r'^^k^MeUor (Oer). S^JeTt^iui-t Mw AY^" "hr ?--? E 6th?Arrived xebr* Katie J Kovt. Heany, Philadelnhla Brandywine ?ungar. Providence Tor New York; D W Saun' der?, Mott Port Johnson'; Theodore Dean. Evans KaU River for Ueoricetewn. DC. ran Al?o arrived. ?chr? Allen Ourney, Gnrney. Provident, r... New York; Pointer, Dill, do for do (and both tailed /th) Sailed?Schr* NianUc. MorrU, T.unton forNew York. Henry Cole, Chadwick, Philadelphia or New York; Brandy ?"th?Arrived, ,chr? Kate Scranton, Palmer. Pall River r.,r New York; B U Warford, Spra^ne, and Ueraid, Hall Provl denoetordo. ' Hailed?Schr* O P Hawlev. Tyler, New York -.9,h-A"'\?<l. ?chrs BUck.tone, Wickaon, Proridenoe foi ^ ^errlnian. Crane, do for Plymouth. NC Wild Piftcon, Stanles, Tauntnn for Philadelphia- Sarah W Blake. BrUm. Dinhton lor Hoboken. P l W Sailed?Sehre Abby Gale, Darby, New York: Jamei Blue Hatch. Bucks port for Baltimore; Llniie Carr. reel. Pltttton' Me. fordo; Manna, Hoboken lor Dennlt; Sea Foam ken"' "?Arrived, gcbr Maria Fleming, Hobo Sailed?Sehrt Millie Frank. New York; Elolse do NKW LONDON. MayS-Arrived. .chr iltrT'sttt, 8ton inpton for New York. * * NEW HAVEN, May 8?Arrived, bark Demetra (Oer), Fo*, Alexandria E ; achn A L Lockwood. St John. Gearee town; S Caslund. Lauo. do; S A Mount. Mount, do; Job E'J,m,erl/?r,m,[; w*.W "rkJLMV- "arriton. Klucston; O MReed, kelsey. Baltimore;jlhot Owent. Owena Now York PORT TO Wn*1KND M ay l-Salled. b^k?"in,?t* [cR)! A1.I.V*'-.X>1?Br,k1'0 : Ottgou. Edwards, San Kranciaco. New Htwa Cleared, brig Joiepb Clark, Stahl, R?'??men Achillea, Bacon. Newburyport- A C Stiraers, Warren, New York: barki El la Queirolo (Ital). tiaaljrlia, London; Veata (Nor)I Olnen, Livertooi. '? Cleared?Steaioera Juniata, Catharine. Savannah; De flance, Sbropshlre rall River: Ann Ell.a, Richards. New York; Allen town. Ttittle, Boston; Panther. Milli. Newbury* barkeSarabBCann (Br). Eidridge. Dnblm; Tanco'k (Br) Hughe, do; Maria (Ital), Ambrosaro. Penarth Road* for orders; brige Janet (Dan), Haneen. Co penhagen; Tltanla (Br), Rider. Gibraltar for orter.1 Uualaaka, Hart, Matamaa; schr* Plnta. Dix, Antigua: R Peterson^ English, Lynn ; Index, Hess, do; Trade Wind Corton, baugas; 8 L Simmons. Gandy. Pall River; Jas J Hewett. duster, Boston; Carrie L Godfrey. Godfrey New burvport; Robin Hood. Baker, Lottery Landing- Earlv a'1!!)' ^*n ' New York; E J Ilerat. Cannon, liingbam; H A E Corson. Corson. Allyr* Point; Sarah Bruen, 1'etty Boston : Sarah Wood. Hickman, Charleston Sailed?Steamships Juniata, Panther and Allentown. Ltfi!, Del. May ??Arrived to-day.nchr Pride of the Bast. Lord. Bonaire: steamer Albemarle. Qibba. New York. SailedSth PM?Bark Elisa McLaughlin (Br). New York. Went to sea 8th. ship Constance and burk lirvat. Pausd ont 9th PM. bark Marianna VII. rasseu Barks Mathllde (Nor) from Oporto, and Antoinette Ac came (Ital), from London, have been ordered to Phlla delpnia. Passed in to-day, bark Naevo Popoli, from - briirs Ernestine, H-orn Mstanxas; A O Jewett, from ilarre-'Lome Ketich, from Cardeuas. PORTLAND Me, May 7?Arrived, schr Albert Clarence. Hnwes, \ iririnla. ? 9th.?Arrived, steamer Chase, Bennett, Halifax ? nchrs Jamex Martin, from Kennebeu for Philadelphia- OntAr* New Vork: Oeo B Kerjfuion, Hondont. ' Cleared-Bark Tewkkbury L Sweat, Orlffla. Cork - schr Georxie Shensrd, Rich, Ulasgow; Wm Thoma* New York ?.HlhTii<:hr,.,?eor?e U Yillotson, Philadelphia; Mary Richardson. Hoboken. * '? In port, ready for sea-8chr* Active, Seaward*, and T J Trartun, Hojrt. for Bangor, to lond for Wsshinutbo. DC . Uw Arrived, ^ Hew^AUei, Ta tem. Philadelohla. ' Sth?Arrived, schrs John N Colby. Wilcox Georeetown DC ; Marlon E Rockhill Rockhlll. and Isabella Thompson' Howe, Philadelphia; John Stockham. Hart, Perth Auiboy,' Oliver Avery. Tunper. Rondout; J 8 Terry, Raynor. Port Johnson for Pawtucket; Nicholas Mohrhof. Mehrhof. Hae< eusack: sloop Fred Brown, llall, Poit Johnson Below?Scfir Geo W Whltrord, Bryaut. Ponce PR. Sailed?Schrs Helen G Klnv. Bracer, Nauau NP- Uattle Coomb*. Bishop, Richmond. Va. via Orient, LI: Eliza A Ncribner, Smith : Nancy M Rose, Smith, Kato Grant Co. narv; W 11 Whltakor. t:.rll, and Veshti Sharp?Gandy j-bit adelphis; Sonny Shower, Soper; Telenraph. Clark; flora king.Rowe; Henry May. Hatch, and Loui* Walsh. Smith >ew ior*. <? ?'AN FRANCISCO, May I?Arrived, bark* Llstle Wil lla?fc Ro.* battle; Amethy.t, Bates. Belllngham Bay; Portl?nd, Oa?e. Colnmbla River; W H Gawloy, McGulre. Port Madison; R K Ham, Gove, Port Blakoly; brij.^ Hi. [ aalgo, Allen. Humboldt; Orient, Swan, Columbia River Sheet Anchor, Jurgenson, Coos Bay. ' Sailed?Bark Modoc. CbriMiansen, Astoria. t)tb?Arrived, alilp Victoria Nyansa (Brj, Large. Liver. ! pool. f SAVANNAH. Hav a ?Cleared, steamer H. Livingston I Mallory, New York: Saragossa. Ilouper. Ralllniorv [ VINHVaRD HAVEN. Mav H-ArrlVed. briM Ll.rle J Blgeiow Cayenne, via St Martin, for Boston; Grace La tlirop. Cape Haytien for do; Altavela, St Domingo City fordo: achr. Isaac Orblton. Sagua fordo: Mora M Crowi*/ do for do; Caroline J Jtiensle, Georgetown. D C HmTice, Baltimore fordo: Ell.a J Kaynor ami (ieorira Revenger,Philadelphia fordo; T W Allen and Wm Cope? I hlixabethpori for do; Postboy, lCondoat for Marie S. Hoboken lor do; America, New York tw ! do; Cora Morrison and Alice P Higglns Frovi , dence lor vrelllieet; (Cetacean, do for Provincetown? Lam artine. Port Johnson for Salem; Grace Cushiaz Perth | Am boy for do; Charlotte Fish, James River for Bath ? John Faruum, do for Waldoboro; Wm Stevens, Baltimore for [ Bangor; Tahmlroo, New Bedford tor do; Agnes New York I forMachias; S 11 Sweet (Bri do for St John. NF- Key stone. Philadelphia for Pembroke; Georgu Glendon Jewett. do for St John;G]F Baird (Rr).dofor Frederlcton;" Martha Innis, Philadelphia; Ann S Brown, Richmond, Me, for New Sailed?Schr* F E McDonald, Silver Spray. Luella. 1 Snow, Helena E Ruseell, America. WILMINGTON, NC. May O-Cleared, schr B X Tlllon. Tilton. Elisabeth City. Uth?Arrived, bark Bnrgermeiater Kireten (Oer). Ehren. stein, Rotterdam. A. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, MC. -roit sale7Tro>Ta$ d Woo"iSMSTsteams Hfl*s" woodsn and iron Steamboats. with aud without staterooms and of tight draft lor river service, light draft saloon Propeilor*. large steam Yachts, Tugs and Tenet Pr0,KKfcuViUnrKC. SCHMIDT. No. 1 Sooth William .t, For 8ALK?a Sew. fast sloop yacht, com plete la every reipect and ready lor immediate uea Apply to 0. W M. STI HUES. ?? Keade.t., Now York Foil SALE, CIIEAH- COAL BAROE; CARRIES MM torn; copper tautened-, mast*. gaffi, anchors, Ac. Aa ply to WM. U. II A/,aKI>. Jr.. "2 Harrinon ?t . corner W,?j XTEW STEAM L'A^AI, BOAT HoWaRIJ DttAKE? X\ Compound engine.?? and |H Inch diameter, 1U incli stroke Can be ?een ?t pier I. East Hirer. Address B. W.1 BRADLEY. t are ol' Schuyler Tow l.ine. l.'i South ,t., Y Y. STEAMBOAT FOR SALE.?NEW, WITHOIT ter. Inquire at 223 Went ?t. TIT'ANTED?TO BUY OK CHARTKH A SLOOP OR Tt schooner yacht of ten to fifteen ton*: Mat* age, price and fall particulars. Address X . Itock Hall. Md. Wfi ANTElV-IN exchanok FOR I'NENCIMHKRKD couiitry Dwelling a good Propeller, dralt six leet; cash If nM??ary CLARK A ALLAIRE, 111 Broadway, basement, room C. NISCELLAAEOUS. V"bsolitE ~divorcks ' obtained 'fljST'SfK J\ lerent Statea for uumerons causes without publicity; legal every where ; terms latlsfactory; advice tree. FHKDKB1CK I. KI S<J lawyer. No. 0 St. Mark * place. A?BSOLCTF. DIVORCES OBTAlMED ?'ROM DIFFER ent States, lor numerous causes, without publicity; legal everywhere ; no charge in advance: advice free. M. HOl'SE, Attorney, ltd Broadway. (?lONSL'MPTlO.V W EAK LI NOS, th koat diseasks J Dyspepsia, (icneral Debility. Ixs? ol Strength. Flesh and Appetite, and all diseaac* arising from Poverty of th* Blood prnmrt'.y and radically cured by winchester'S H YPUrHO.srlli IE OF Li MB AND SODA. Established IBM. Price*, (I and f2 per bottle. Prepared only by WINCHESTER A CO., Chemists, .'*1 John st.. Sew York, BOLD BY ALL DRliOOISTB. VEKYOl'S DKBIi.lTY, AC IMPORTANT ~~~ il TO INVALIDS. For Nervous Debility. Weakn?s?, Ac., brought on by Indis cretion*, Excesses or Overwork of the Brain and Servnu* System, WINCHESTER S SPF.OIFIC PILLS Is a prompt and radical core. Two to six boxes are usually sumolerit. Price 01 per b>ix: six boxes, #.%: by mall, securely sealed, with full diriictious for use. Send for circulars. Prepare? only l.t WINt II r S I K I: A CO., Cnemins. I'l John it.. ?. V, Thomas r, tiik oreat new YORK Crocer. Tea, Coffee and Flour Dealer. New Yorkers au4 ? verybody call and gtl bargaiuL M fmi M>

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