Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1876 Page 11
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? HEW WAT TO RAISE THE 8TAMP& There has been quite u excitement among the Post Mo* official* in the new building In lhl? city, and | imocg postmasters generally in the towns of lbl> Mate tad New Jersey. A novel scheme of raising ibo stamps kas keen discovered and traced to a party who hi* been sperating very exteumvelv among country postmasters, rhu modus operandi was through a circular commune sat ion dated in each (balance from No. 1M Broadway, | the headquariers of the chief operator. Our ng the last couple of weeks postmasters of different small , stations received a communication of which the follow ing la a copy. 1?4 Hbo*dw*t, K. T? Mar 4. 18711. Dbab Sib?I herewith tend jruu one of niy ataUien bills. i If you will hate tbe aindness to pott il la sotue proper place In your vicinity 1 will try to return the taver. t BSC about ' mr hundred dollar!1 worth of pottage ttsmps roouthl). If | foil will get en 'UKli postage stamps at a time to pay nie fur | ?ndiu( lor ihcas at lwenl)-0vo per mat off I wl 1 send my toy for them on receipt of nolle* thai you hate tin ut for ae. Yoon iruly. ??. A HO sli The circular letter bavins reached a number of post ?astert, and It coming to iho knowledge of Postnwsier fame*, ho concluded that there might be som'thiuji rorlb Qndlng out in couuection with it, ana yesterday Doming au official was deputed to wait on Mr. House, fhsl gentleman at once acknowledged the authorship if the tetter, and stated that several postmaster* bad inswered hie circular, informing him that be could gut ill the stamps he required at tbe raies offered. -'You ?e," be said, "I have a creat deal of correspondence. I hsve to advertise largely, and, while I suvo a litilo money for myself, I help the postmasters to increase their small salaries. Mr. House admttteu, with refreshing tang froid, thst while the proceeding might be called a little Irregular it was not 'illegal," and thai l? the Postmaster wan only careiul I sot to increase bis orders for stamps too quickly there i would be no danger o( detection. When it Is remem bered that In ihe country offices the postmasters aie supplied witti sumps at forty per cent ofTas perquisites, to make up for smn.l salaries, it will be seen that a big thing could bo made by them, beside* allowing the , iperutor, House, a profitable margin for his little specu- j tattoo in the mutter. With one Postmaster alone ho undo amusements to take $4u0 worth of stamp* quar terly, on which ho was to receive twenty Ove per cent i ItscounL Now that tbe thing is exploded, however, i postmasters alii see thai, after all, honesty is ihe best policy. The authorities have not yet taken any special i proceedings In the matter. IDENTIFYING THE DEAD. An unknown woman, about sixty years of age, was found unconscious in the street early on Thursday nbrning, April 'JO, and tnken to the Chambers Street Hospital, where she died the next day. The body was kept for a timo at the Morguo and Anally buried in {otter's Held, a photograph bclns previously taken, rom this photograph her son identified her as Ml* Catharine Brady. Somo accident bad eviiently hap poned. to her as her foot was crushed as if by being run ?ver. BOAHDGIIS WASTED. | LARC.E FRONT ROOM. ELKOANTLY Ft'RNISHEnj L alto hall Rooms, with Board. -17 Wett 14th ?t. Kufer raees. I ?BLEOANT ROOMs'WlTH BOARD, AT~MODERATE I* rates. 11U Waverley Place, near Washington square. | PARLOR FLOOR,THREE LARGE ROOMS, ' PRI 1 vale bath, closets, Ae., with private table or without board ; rooms for Kentlomen ; references. 38 East 20th ut. 1~~ LA ROE DESIRABLE FRONT ROOM. WITH BOARD; atsn it sin nil R >om ; termslow: table satisfactory: abun dance hope made bread, pastry. Ac. 211 West 14th st. LATOK FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD: ALSO one small Room ; terms moderate. ? 27U Wett 4lh tl. I.ARO-. FRONT ROOII, VVITITeXOBLLENT BtlARJV tor two. $15: others slnrly or en suite. In Oftrman lam lit*. .2 ! Kast lltli St.. between -d and 3d av*. SurrOf furnTsried nooms.~8E^oNn >7.o>vrr delightfully located, to rent, with Bo rd: p^ivato table f desired; al?o Room on fourth door. UroadwBy cart pass (he door. 1,403 Broadway, Attor block. I KLBQANT 8DIT OP ROOM* AND ON# SINOL8 L I'.oom, with Board. 43 Weit 22d st. Family occupying ibeir own honse. References. K~to~$2 per dayT m^to $io per week.? Fine Rooms, with rood Hoaid, at 17B Bleeckar St., sear Broadway. Open all night. Croquet ground. Erf! TO $8 PER WEEK?NICELY FURNISHED ?JU Rooms lor 'light housekeeping; fine ainzlo Rooms, with or without Board. 158 Bleecker it., near Broadway. t)D DOOR FROM ?TII AV.?OKNTLBMAW OR FAMILY A In quest of ploasant home will find dalltthtfal E?J>? terms moderate for toe summer; superior umo. At No. 7 Writ 82d St. . 6ThTv . 22B.-LAROE. HANpSOMELT FURNISHED A part menu. ?ulli or tingle, with or without Board, ref ?rances. r prospect place (East 4isT st.>?pleasant O Room, and rood Board lor single gentlemen or ladle* ?r married coupler; terms moderate. _____ _____ ctu~AV7"e-?.-KLEGANt PARLOR suits .FROM a 0 to H Rooms; also single Booms, furnished; Board, houie first class; reference. 5" TH AX. 224. OPPOSITE HOTEL BRUNSWICK.? Handsome Apartmonti, ?ult* or (Ingle, with or without Board: reference*. -- FtITaND ATH ATS., ? west 19th ST.?TERT 0 desirable Rooms, with Board. - A T~ 231. very desirable rooms, with 0 Board, and the comforts of a refined heme. o?east Sid ?t.?handsomklt furnished O Rooms singly or en suite, with BoaM; reference. 11\ watmlTv place, NEAR BIIOADW AY ? 10 Front Rooms, *l? and *1? lor two. with Hoard:?>??<> jjimn second storv front Room, t2S; single Room*, *7 and table Board. <5; transient people taken. Til ST., l?rWK8T, near ?TU AV.?1PURNISHRD Room*, with 0r*t claas Board; alao table board, ref trenee. 12 east 3'tD ST.. FRONTING fifth AVENCK llotel and park.?To let, newly famished Rooms, with Board. EAST 31 ST RT.-handsomely furnished Room to let. second story, front: house and table lirst ?lass; one hall Room to lat; reference required. i7?TH Sr MO. 148 WK8T.?NICELY FURNISHED lO Room's, with Board. $7; also Rooms, with or without koard or breakfast only; hewm newly paiuted and furnished. 1 nTH ST.. 131 WEST.?A LARGK. WELL FURNISHED ID front Room, on second floor, with Board, for irentle man and wife ; also hall Room, connecting; private family, terms moderate. rt.? wHST'iVrii st.-elegant rooms, furnished 22 or ?nrnrnlsbed. with class Board; location un inrpassed; table boarders accommodated. ::on sT 407 wbrt-three or four young 2dh men'can hare larje airy Room, with Board; al?o Rf certlon Room , h-me comforts: low p-ices; oue block from Elevated Railtoad station, care or stage. oT"i w rst 2TT It ST., NKAK BROADWAY.?fUIt *>Jj nished Rooms, with first class Board, at moderate prlcci; every home comfort and best of attendance; rotar rucea. no WEST 3UD ST.?handsome SUITS AND SINGLE OO Room*; superior Board; summer prices; permanent or trn?lant. no H!J 37. WEST 14TH ST., KKPT BY ENGLISH DO. lady.?Rooms, with Board, permanent or transient; tonse a-td accommodations flrM TH 8T. 359 WKST. ?HANDSOMELY furnished j j--|- Rooms on second and third floors, with Orst cla?s Board: convenient to Elevated Railroad: references. 34 ??/? yisT "1ST ST.. NEAR BROADWAY - ELB e"?0 aantly famished. first class table, for familiea and grntleiu'-n; references B7 WEST 27T1I ST.?ELEGANT SUIT OF APART menu on second door, witli superior Board. i,"A 40 42 AND 44 WK.HT I4TH ST.?HOOMS WITH t5o. Board: permanent or transient; house aud accom modation flrst class. OQTH ST., 67. BETWEEN 5Tn AND 5TH ATS.?TO OO lat. a handsome Third Floor In a first c sss prlrate Smily; honse serving; private table only; also an upper Flo >r. oh WEST jflTH ST.?NICELY FURNISHED SUITS ?"jVt and slnirla Rooms, with Bonrd: oue Floor. Tour rooms, y . " ^ .... 11? . i?rtna mnHarilA ? Ana imcie m?ni, wn# . v?w ? together or separately: table cgcallent: terms moderate. 7a k?8T nrn sr., near broadway.-to let." 4:U with Board, large aad small Rooms: day boarders accommodated. Tfl BAST 35TB BT.-HaND?OMELY furnished 4U Alcove. 9'Jtf*; good table: also large and hah Rooms. 7 , , WBST 2i!TH 8T.?HASOStJ VtKLY FURNISHED or nnfumi?hed. with superior Board; permanent and iranaien:: also table Board. sTa'stT^TB ST.?FURSI8HED AND UNFUR 4O nislied Rooma. with Board, transient and day board ?11 44 WEST 10TH ST.. NEAR 5TH AT.-PLBASANT cool hall Roo- with oxceliont Board Ac.; S7 to $ per week - -..rri^F rn? ONE BLOCK FROM WINDSOR.?A 4Z prlvltifamt'lv would rent, with Board. * nicely tnr nl-heJ Sack parlor; all ImpraTements: relorance. WhJjr iriTH ?T.?SICKLY FUFNISIIKD ROOMS 4ti to lit. Wltb or without Board, tranalently or perma aently. ? 1* WkbT XII) ST.? FURNISHED SECOND K IjOOR, 49 with ?oid Board; terms reasonable for the summer months. - "1 /, VVKST~26TII ST., BKTWKKN BRO VD A AY AND 41) 0th a v.?I will r^nt Second Floor of three r-oius, Srw ?SSiS'^.yiK 'tSJTJiSXSZ r?i WFST 28TH ST -LAIWiK. HANDi*03lhT?Y H R 5H "shed l^m.. on second and third floors, with cod inerd; Boa'drr* \nkvu r#l#rfnre?. _ p ? u'lNT i;i) sT iRKSKUVOlII PARK),?A!#' OV E 50 K^a. iVond floor, trunt . excellent Hoard; summer srlces. - ? CO wE?T 9IH ST.?IIANDsoXhLY Fl R.MsHill) 00 I:ooms. with Orst ela?? Board. 7(t AMI T-' WKsT 4!<TII ST. HK T W K KN .'?Til AND |u 0*li avs.?A few more can be accommodaio t wiih bandsomely lurni?hed Room* and first class B?aru in la t*:ita family. ? ? 1 nV) 7:A>T iwTH ?T? ONE DOOR fR'lM 4TII AT. Ftirni?hed or unfnrniihod Rooms to let, with or fithvnt B'??rd; nnd npw?r?l 110 118 madison AV.. NKAR CTH ST.-Pk.ll.MA nrnt and transient Hoard. TOTirrli ?t-hanIisomkly furmisiif.d iionms, with or without Hoard: all improvements, i"a a wisi 1.111 St" handsomely furmbHKD ^ front or back Parlor to gentleman and wife , Hoard (or lady only. _______ 5"T7y WKST 12TH bT. -HANDSOMELY rCH!?I IIED | Rnoms for gentleman and wife, wltb first class Board ; Board lor ladles only. i"cV? Wl sf saD ST -TO LET, NICELY furnished I\)h Room*, larire and small, at vary low prices, with or rltnoat Board. Apply lor threa days. f-ir~\v:-r 38TU sf. - a THIRD STOUT i Room, also a back Parlor, to let. with g od Board, in a small family, to a gentleman and wife or singla ventia ?an. _________ o-l/t EaM 141H HT-LAR'.K ROOM*; TAtlLE ^lu flrst class: chaapeat In tba city , tratfsient board irs acc< Btiiiodated. I ry?s? Wl ST Mill si TWO LAllGB ROOM>. TWO zl?l ha.l Kooms. aewlr furnished, en aocond floor, wito mmliM?t Board; permanent or transient;moderate prices. BOARDERS WiMTED. OT15**?f 4:,D ST-ROOMS TO lbCWViv Zt ID soo.elv'1. ?ln_*ly or en will, with excellent Board, prici? moierutu a fe .?? (loori from Bros Iway. o?)?) west 24TII ST ?TO Lkt. with "or vmt ,,<ii Hoard. larg* and ball R->um, good location; li-nu? moderate. o.11 WKsr voth ht. (LamaktYnk place.? O j | rhoice of Rooms, nicely furnWhsd. <11 modern lin pruv.inenu; *<h><1 table and aitenlance; near Elevated rend : can ?nd stages; ierm? moderate. ___ 0 -7| 1ST AV - BOAKDhKS WANTED.-SECOND 0')U Boor front. 3-7 k WEST 20TH ST.?A PRIVATE FAMILY ? >' / would accommodate ueutlaaan and wife or lw? uien; rWerenees necessary. 1,1 RON f ROOM TO ilENTLEM AN AND WITS. WITS r privute family, at 171 Weal 10th at. : dinner mldduv. Handsome PLOOrsT"In rire""oit'~kx *uits. ?iUi or without board; ile?irat?U location, facing Raa arrolr Park, at No. 3-*l West 42d ?t. rno UIT-TWO LARUE PURNTsHED ROOMS, WITH 1 or without breakfast. to rentlemen: private family; no other boarders, till Lexington av.,b?twecu 52d and 53d ?tK. ____________ BOAflD~AMi LHUUl Vt? VV A VI'KD. A' okmtleman~""and WIFE WISH BOARD OR pleasant. sunny Rooms lor liirht housekeeping In a prl rate Cbrisunii tarnlly; prices low: references. Address suiting tcrma and other particular*, W. B.. bos 1,934 Pott offloa. t SINGLE GENTLEMAN WISHES A ROOM WITH A Board in a mu .11 private lamlly: location between 14th a'd 3'ld at?.: undoubted relereiioea given. Addreaa MER CHANT, Herald Uptown Branch otftc *1 >0tT Of HOOMfi WANTED?if TWO tt>Vtl<? A men. with Board, on weat aide. Addre>a JOHNSON, lli-rald I ptowu Branch office. BO Vlib AND ROOM WAXTKD?BT A OKNTLKMAN, in ? fsmlly; terms $7. Addreaa WHITE, Herald Uptnwc Branch office. Fort wash i n i ; ton?wanted board for~a family of 4 mtiilt-, nr a aniail furniahed Houae will b? taken. Address J., box 177 Herald Uptown Hruueti uffc*. Room and hoard^by young couple, price not to exceed 513 por week ; and for widow and ;lilld, n it to exceed $|(l per week ; location, within aix blocks ol' 2 lili at. and t>th av. : permanent boarders. Address L. E.G., 4'K i tith av. riShk la rue and commodious HOUSE 250 mad 1 laon av., at tli" corner ot 38th at., having chang-d hand*. peraona dcairlnu- transient or permanent Board, with or without private table, may be accommodated by making Immediate application to the proprietress, who bat for many rears conducted a hoarding houso In thlicity. Wanted?a large" ko7>m, with bukakkast. in a private .family : pleasant location: reference". Addrenj. stating tcrma, clinh muat be moderate. J. M. Herald ofliee. = ~~~ HOTELS. TnuELL'S " Tt'RKIsll, RoMAX aRB ECfcfRIO A baths, 1 Lexington av : day nnd night; ladlea day unit evening; pleasant moms. excellent table. rLL LIGHT SINGLE, ROOMS AT THB KBW ENG. A laml Hotel, 30 Bowery; lodgings, Mlc. uigbtly, 93 weekly. ^ A T CRANKfOItT IHOUSE. 2i'2 WILLIAM ST.. 2*0 J\. Roouii lor gentloraen und families, 2.'jc.. 35c.. fiOc., CI; always open. Cin v HotklTbroadway "and stTi^t.-SINGLE J Rooms. S3 ji'ir week and upward; family Rooms, $8; tiiblo hoard, $."> per week ; alwuys open. J?oteiTaciirv, ~ Walnut st., from 33d to 34th it, on the European plan, will open April 15. 1870. List .nit only 1.500 feet from Pennsylvania Railroad depot. Passenger can for Centennial gronnds pass tne door every few minutes. Restaurant nntxnelled in quality. Billiard llooni with nine Cullender table*. Accommodations unsurpassed. Aildreaa JAMES T. STOVER, Manager. OTEL A?'C0MMOI ? AT IO N S ?PARTIES VISITINO Philadelphia opeulni; day will find nice quarters for ?even couples at 245 East Lehigh av. Address, iu advance, A. F. BELCHEK. L"ELAND'S " StT'ImEVAnT HOUSE. BROADWAY, 28th and 2!K'i sts.. New York; location unsurpassed; elevator and all modern Improvements. ILL OPEN MAY lu * Blxss Home, PLUMER * SPokVoRU. Proprietort, 15th and G sts., Waahington, D. C. COfNTKV BOAitU. T'?KW PERSONSCaS'oBTAIN GO()p^?ARD and s. SSS^^Sw^ . p 1KTY OF UKN ri.KMf.N can HAVE ROOMS, A i!i Un.V.l at Cliff CottaM. Clitton. St.teu lelnud; ffjSS?SF-?S?SrSe^ T_i>?RT? HAVING AN elegant PLACE AT HYDE Bank. Monmouth county. V J- ? b?3T 5v ?'S,v ??*."? ?as -iioapii AT SOUTH orange, NEW.JERSE*?one OR S,r i:p0otr?t^ir;ocrn?^:iioaklV'rr.d?l?rr.5. U8 South itrtnie Poet offlce. _____ TvibnthY board AT rivkrdale. O* HUDSON; (_y location uasttrpaatcd; t?rm? moderate Addrau 8. W., Herald ortice. ? /-iihtntr* BOARD IK L1TCHFIELD COUNTY. con good uble. Urjm rooms, wide p******'e*1 . u. J. ?haded grounds; rotereurea oxcha itfed. Aaurasn u. El.-'sell, Sharon, Conn. llerald Uptown Branch offlo#. v hoard?AT THE shadows, MEDWAY, C??mMc.Mia L_ J- W REYNOLDS. _ TMIRST CLASS BOARDING?LARUK, A1HY ROOMS; F .l.? conniry ho-t.^rook 1U1K ao minut^rid. to t:enlennial fc-roai.d,,: unaurpaMod Mr*. L. BAUM, l.WM Spruce at., Phlludalphla. _ /?, UL'KN wTciI. conn.?FIRST CLASS BOARD AT A. (j reildonc#; lama airy rootna; wide ... ,r.i ?i>i?a.?- nerfeclly healthy; no mo*<iaUo?a. "no luinr C *10 rainnte. tram nation ; 4ji "*10* Conn. ? ? '? ni'MMKIJ HOARD FOR KA.MIMK8, WITH CHIL* S drVn" lit Mlddletown, Orance county. located ;l aril* yard, finely ahaded. Iuoulr. of 0. R. KIM -1 Hark row. room 'Mi. OEAsTdE~ BOARD AT SHREWSBURY-NEAR lono SE Branch; aiao r.rnl.h.d wUh ^ N J mwo?OENTLEMEW. WILLING TO ROOM TO T tether and Jo?irln^' a retired home, will Ond inch, by .ddrf-alnV. villi reference., ^... Port, S. I. r~ SV M .11 Kit UKsUitTS. risamaaete' pOZZBSS' ^ Wert Point Hotel will be open June 3. Ad<lr-?. OOODSELL BROS., flc.i Point, H. Y. , XT (lkW O iD llolbh. NORWOOD. N J-. f MILES Hi tr 'in Sew York, opens May -0. Appiy at hotel or of t T. KhlTlI. 35 Naaaai at. TVAYlTlON MOt'SB, ItlYEISIDE, N. J.?0NL\ TEN 1 nnlea from Philadelphia on railroad to .V'?r Hrk; ir?nriv I?inl coole.t i..?im la the State; Ur*e airy room.; ?~lU! ?IilSn.>d hahlng. Atareaa N. H. KRAD. Hirer tide N. fu'ni?hed cotuge to rent for the s???on, Wrls% lioV.-V, !'">t o??5 fcddff MiUt "?**>!? "? rtiji'G I'l A UK N l" 1N ? ui.\ I'litiA .-M'ltlNttS, x. ? aruii i.'.' i.Kl.A.ND. i roprletor._ m.?|i i\ /'I ill'1 Si:. NY V?-K <?N I 111. lit DM?M.? T' T?.U cb.?in? aiiinnier re,or. will abwrt? June L Koomi can l>? secure* su tb? premts* -? y ^ m>K. =^==TOV?iSu M uiKMir.s. ~r~-c *HTliik'S~F>A ~1 X :r~A ? .fOEMf. FLlMFfiOf A. ViuiMii.". Stnvvc-nt and Wh it., open al. .ummer; pri vttto^l???oi'? in tflfde walja apocUllly. "SILCiAitDS. "v I ?UGF t.-.-ulITVEVr' l>F N'fcW AXIPsr.COM> A. Ii'm'i ililllRrd Tiihle*. with the new challenge cashion. MM c.?Ue, _ hariralna. r HI a . noon -M ONK HAND BILLIARD TABLE FnK A . I. V... b.ic.n at PU14LA>'? Warero-W.*> Kaat /"oLLENDER'S KTANDAKD AMEHICa'n Mf.YKL \j lullinid Inblea. with the eelabrated Pbaiau ? coiablnatiou cu.Imoiu. tor tn tuia city ouly at Hroad way. . ? ; .:?i: 4?iTHOU)(.\. a TTEXTION-KNOW IIIY DESTINY; DON' f B^l! I M A po.ed n,.- n t v pr.-ten'len; to to 15) nrtl Hn.a.lway; cvnmlt the sre?tr?t llvm t clairvoyunt. gi?e? lock; ca?i?e? nmrriasiii; U?l* efifjplhlii# iwuriu y? jlltgjll %l#. a -MMK. RESTELL. MIDWIFE Al^CE IS40 JO. 1 \. Eait .?.ilit., flr*t do??r from >Ui a" Adrl( ? __ Y ,,, S|1,.N DU AND MMB." iHMNKHMIKIDf A Female .atrly cur?'l I'll Hleecker ?u . ]7k vND MMK 0 UN ?LK i? WltHT ?M f 11 ST. Y. Uoiirt.laiitial in all female complain". _ a -DR ASI? MMK. BofT-C<?NFiDKWTIAL COX eiltatl <n n . a wale < nplatnta. 47 Weat lUtli <t. a' ?DR. AND MMK- MaCkIOttAf ; ?> YKAHS' PRAC A. He*. IL*t"pr(y "**r GwanwWh. j, WIHTEIIEAI*. !tl!? EAST MTU XT.. NEAR iD '"nr.? All t.-male complatnta .afely 'reate*. D I)v..KS;!ii;v:,lv,,v:.n^!V'ep^u^.}<KAR WR0AP' ?a a MI- RK-TEI.U MIDWIFE, SINCE 1S*(l; female M .Realty, No. 1 Eaat ??'4 at.: Nn. 7 >>th ae. LYONS ?> EAST a?>tii ST.. Ff.MALK PHY M "airVan. e?re. ell a..... ; no c ire no pay. _ _ - , , rem uuaraktekd-advi.-k rui S by D^ <?> w^r"46 B,e'*"r Bro*d,r" A SALES AT ADCTIO!!. RT NOT!OKI ~ SAMUEL r. AVERY'S COLLECTION ?f Oil tad Water Color Paiu tings, Drawing* and Object* at Art. imp?rt?4 tnrloi tho (tre-cut mm and imr before exhibited to the pvbllc, bow on exhibition at the Art Room* 817 Broadway, and to be sold by auction on Thursday even ing. May 11, at Clinton Uall Saleroom*. 7'JO o'clock. with out any reeerration whatever Tble will be the only auction aale of Mr. Avery*! thl? The Messrs. LEAV1TT. Auctioneer*. A RT -THE SUPKRB COLLECTION Ot A paintinus of oil and watkb colors. by the non popular artists of the day, now on exhibition at MATHEWH GALLERY. 37 LIBERTY ST., will ho ?old, without reserve. at auction, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and :>ATUKUAY.May 11,13 and 18, at 13 o'clock cacti dar. DAMKL A. MATHEWS. Anetioneer. A ?TUNIS JOHNSON, AUCTIONEER, 2\m old stand, 37 Nuaaa at, ON THURSDAY, AT 10H OCLOCK. LAROB SALE of FINK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Superb Bulfet. Extension Table*. Brumal. Several Velvet and body Brussels C*rp?t?. in goodcondition. Oilcloth*. Pier Mirrors, Refrigerator*. Hwfiiesi and Kitchen Utensils. with which the tale will commence, e Alao ? Bne assortment ot Desk* and Bookcase*. A BT SALE. XX. BARKER A CO., Art Emporium and Aactlmi Sales rooms. 47 and 4tt Libariy ?t.?Now on exhibition. ? desira bir collect inu ?r inmlium died Oil Paintings, well worthy the attention ol art collector*. They will be sold. tree from ail limits, to the highest bidder, on Saturday, the 18th of May, commencing punctually at 1'.' o'clock. ROBERT SuM ERV1LLE, Anetioneer. * ?GEORG K~iv~ K KELE R. AUCTION:EER. Art Gallery, 3 i Liberty ?t. Large peremptory sale oi shtiss cabyinok. Vienna and paris goods, Painting* oh purrelain, Ac.. Ac.. WEDNESDAY atul THURSDAY, May 10 and II, at 12 o'clock. At private sale thin week, at extremely low prices, 20 Bne French Clock*, tit black marble anu bronie (31 day*). A~ UCTION MOTICKjr HOUSE HOLD KURNITU RK. by JOHN H. D ^'Elc A CO., at tho private resi dence No. 1SS Madison a?., at IOU o'clock A. M . entire con t-u:s ol above dwelling, comprising elegaut bubl awl or molu Furniture, mahogany, rosewood and enamelled lled rooiu Furniture; Parlor Milt* in crimen, pln*h and aubus *on tapestry : elegant Mantel Clock*. Chandeliers, Carpet*, leather and hair Mattresacs, Oil Palntlnf s. Ac.: one Her ring ailvcr Sale, patent burglar proof and combination lock : one French npright Piano in butil and ormolu : all the Kitchen and Chamber Furniture, Ac.. Ac. Sale positive. ACCTION SALK. AUCTION SALE. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY). MAY 10. commencing at 10o'clock, the entire handsome mid exquisite household furniture, made to order: STEIN WAY 7? OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. Chickering 7 octave Piano, line oil Painting*. modem and antique French Broasea, Ae. of five atorv brown (tone mansion NO. 47 WEST 1UTH ST.. BETWEEN ftTH and t-.Tll A VS. over 4.V) lorn, by catalogue, all in excellent condition. PARLORS CONTAIN PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM SLITS, richly carved ronewood and waluut frame*, covered in crimann, tau and CM hroende satin mid cotelaine; Turkish and Spanish unge*. Easy Chairs, Inlaid marquetrie and gilt Centre and Console fables, rosewood Etageres, Cabinets, French flato*. lace Curtains, French Mantel Sets. 60-day Clock*. Musical Roxes. Jardinieres, velvet Hug*, Orna ments, handsome Inlaid Library and Secretaire Bookcases, choice Itook*, Library Table*. *leirant Turkish Snlt seven piece*). Lady'* Writing Desk, Statuary. Works of Art. LIBRARY CONTAINS Brussels Carpet, ebony and gilt Secretaire. Bookcaaes, volumes choice Hook*. Library Bookcase, elegant Turkish Suits (seven niece*). Library Table*, Statuary, Work* of Art, Lace Curtains. ELABORATE CHAMBER SETS. consisting ot solid walnut and roiewood Bedsteada. hand somely inlaid and gilt; Dres-ing Caw to nintch, tine Ar niolre-a glace Commode. Bureau*. Washstand*, marble top Tables, Chairs, Rockers, SI Que hair and spring Mattresses; al-o plain single and double Bedstead*, feather Pillows, Bolsters. Had Linen, Toilet Set*, rep *nd plnsh Suit*, Inlaid French walnut and gilt Centre Table*; dining room Furni ture. vit.. Inlaid French walnut and gilt Sideboard. two Ex tension Tables. Chairs in leather, flne Silverware. Dinner ami I ea Sets, Cntlery, Ac.; 34 Brussels and ingrain Carpets, Hall Stand, Chair*, kitchen Furulturo and assortment of household articles. N. B.?Sale positive. Partie* about purchasing will posi tively And this a rare chance. Tako sixth avenue or University place ear*, or Filth ave nue atage to lflth st. Competent men to pack or ship goods: city or country. ROBERT U. CASII1N, Auctioneer. Auction sale. PETER BOWE. Anetioneer. ?ells THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, at the auction room* corner Hth st. and University place, a large and general assortment or Household lurultnre, pier and mantel Mirrors, Parlor Suits, in brocatel, plain and striped rep* and ca**imere: blaeK walnut Dressing Case*. Bedstead*, Bureaus, marble top Centre Tables, Book cases, Wardrobes, moqiiet. velvet and Brusael* Carpets; Rug*. Lace Curtains and Lambreiuins. Chamlelien, Cliro nio*. Engravings, Library Suits. Tables, Chslrs. marble top Sideboards, Cottage Suit*, blaek walnut Extension Tables, Sola Bed*. Lounges, cane seat Rockers, Hat Stands, hair and spring Mattresses, Bedding, Kltclieu Utensils, Ac. A UCTION?THIS (WEDNESDAY) MOItNINQ, AT 10* xV. o'clock, over 813,000worth and 600 lot* handsome Houichold Furniture, 1U Carpet*, at the private residence 103 East 13th st.. near 4th av.; 8 satin, broead*. rep and haircloth Suit*: Pianoforte, Car tains. Mirrors, 13 t hamber Suits, Mattresses, Bedding. Bed steads, Bureaus, I oanges. Rockers, rtideboard, Extension Table*; 300 lots Ulasa, China, Silverware, Cutlery, Ac. J. KRAEMER. Auctioneer. AUCTION HAUtt THIS UAl,?IHA LAKutt AW U po>iltva sale THIS (Wtdnudim) MORNING, commencing M 10o'clock, at the ele;; mt Ave itnry lirown stone MANSION NO. 120 WKST 2aD ST.. NEAK ?TH AT. Costly and magnificent Household Furniture, rntnv rare and costly Work# of Art. a collection of year* In foreign part*. Catalogue ooraurise* over ."HO iota of elegant and useful Household Furniture. made to i rd.-r bv celebrated m iker* here nod in Europe. will be sol i in lots to highest bidders, regardless of coat or value, an all cocoa meat be told and de livered immediately after aalo. Drawing room* contain, namely Two brilliant toned 7)^ octavo rosewood l'ii.iiifort*?. rr.amifl cent Stelnway A Sons and Win sor upright. used six months, ? cost $7i W) an'I $1,000 each. lour superb drawing room Suit*, covered in crimson, blue and drab and silver satins; rose wood Ktagere*. Plate Class, real laee Cmtains, magnificent inlaid Oabinets and Tables to match, imported Jardinieres, Flower Stands and real bmn?e Figures on Fedestals, Bisque and I'arian Figure*, :t"J real Oil Paintings by eminent artists, lady's Writing l>e?k and Secretary Bookcases, over SOU vul nmes choice Books, velvrt and nvquette parlor Carpet*, used four months; Chandelier* and tins Brackets, Kasy Chair*. Oriental Rockers. Turkah Salt*. Kep Suits, Music Cabinet*. imported Music Boxes, cost (3U0; also tine Engraving*. Bedroom* contain, namely;? Solid rosewood and black w ilnut Inlaid Bedroom Suits, with Dressing Cases. Wash stands, Commodes, Wardrobe*. Ar moireartlace, JO fine white curled hair ar.d spring Mat tresses. leather Pillows, Bolster, SO linen Sheets, guilts. Blankets, Chairs, Rockers, Brussels Carpets, Lounges, Tabic*. single and double Bedsteads. Bureaus, Washstands, Curtains, Clocks. Ac., Ac. Dining Room contains, namely;? Richly carved black walnut Buffet. co>t> ene 12 foot extension Table, black walnn ; oue do., 10 feet; Chair*, cov ered In leather, suits to match; also large assortment of French, Cnlnt. Dinner, and Tea Set*. Sheffield ' utlery and nickelplated Ware, Casters, Urnt, Pitchers, Forks. Knives, Spoons, Ac . tine crystal cut Glassware; also large lot of library, basemont *nd servants' Furniture, all new four m >nths ago N. B.?f is is the largest and richest lot of household furniture offered for sale this season. Sale posi tive. regardless of the weather. LIKE FITZGERALD, Auctioneer. Not ce.?Competent men in attendance to pack, cart and ship goods; City er country. AUCTION SALE OK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, to be sold at public auction this (Wednesday i MORN 1 >icommencing at H'..' o'clock, at private residence 21 East 20th ?t n*"r Itroadwav. HENRY SKNN, Auctioneer, sells till* day all the rle.ant, ? i stly and plain Household Furniture contained in above residence. Works ol Art. Ac . comprising m iriiificeiii 7*?-octnve Urcksr A Brother I'iano forte, ele ant Parlor Suits, covered In satin, brocatei and rep; inlaid Frames, marnueterie Centre tallies. Brontes Paint I BITS Ktaceres, Carpets, dwarf and secretary Bookcases, Chamber Suits complete, with DPesetas Cases, Bedsteads, Hureans, Washstainl . hair and spring Mattresses; Turkish Chairs, Lounges, Library Suits and Tables. Dining room Buffet, Extension Table. Chairs, solid and sllverplated Wore. Dinner and Toa aerrica, Cutlery. Ac.; also Basement and Kitehsn Knrnlture Sale peremptory. Am, parties who mate purchased AT THE sale at the New York Motel are requested to pay their bill* and remove the good* at once. K. V, LUDLOW A CO.. Auctioneers. A LBERT B. WALDHON. AUCTIONEER. 10* MBERTT A st ?This day. Knrnlture. Desks, Groceries, less. Fancy Goods, 'loy?. Pictures, Wo >den Ware. Plate, Cuilery. Ac, Y WM. VAN TASSELL. AUCTIOW.R, OFFICE AND AUCTION MART 110 AND 113 BAST 13TII ST. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. VAN T ASSKI.I, A KEARNEY WILL SELL. TO-MORROW (THURSDAY). MAY II. AT 10 O'CLOCK. ALL TilE ELEGANT FUHX1TI'RE CONT UNED IS THE MANSION NO. .1 NORTH WASHINWTiIN SOL ARK. const-ting in pari *? inllow* ;? Black walnut and ,-Ut crlm*'u Suits, In satin ; blark wal nut ,md gi.t Pedestals. marble ton gilt Tabie, Idack walnut and ^ilt crimson satin Foot Stools, black walnut snd silt Ease s. black wslnui and gll- Card Receiver* and Centre Tabl?v black marine and real Itronie French Clocks snd reaibronr- Ftino ornaments and Mantel I'ieces, Msntnl Lambrequins, black wnlnnt and glit Mantel and 1'ier Mlrr>rs. crystal Chandelier*. la burner-, two artn crystal Gas Brackets, moqurt Carpets and Gran'I I'iano, rosewood Piano, by Stelnway, an I biark walnut and gilt patent Piano Stool. Ac . Ar. Oil and water color Paintings, by American and Ftironean srtists; also Kedr'som stilts, in black walnut and gilt; Card Tables, Centre Table*, b.sek walnut and gilt Hat liaeks. law Curtains, isomers tn leather and s<tir. b'.aek entnut Uuartet Iables. black, walnut and gilt mar'iueierie Inlaid i'edest ils rosewood Music istaul fsncy Osnsment* in great variety, ??ilv, rpi?t-d Ware, black walnut and gut Extension Tables, black wsiiiat and (ill Mdeiioard, rarveii oak W Ine Cooler and Glasses black walnut snd rllt Russia leather lounge, black walnut and *IH Knssla leather Din In groom Chairs, Mac* walnut and gilt Rns la leather Artn Chairs, Brussels and velvet Carpets, stair Carpet*, Rods, Jke.. Ar Also, Blllisnl labia, by C. Grote, touetuer with Cover*, Mark ers, IJ Cues, Mace. 3 Rests,set Balls and Kefiectors, Ac. Over'JAOlots la all. K\nr.t thing neurlv new and 'if the very best. Furniture to oriier by c. Cline and everything as good as when put in the h"iise one year ago. Catalogue* at auctioneer'* office. By robeut BOMERVILLE, AI CTIONEER. ' 71 University plaee. UOUSEIIOI.D riMINlTi Ith, < Altl'ETS, PIER AND MANTEL M1KIIOKM, PIANOS, Ac. Ac. rOBLRT SttMKRVILLE will sell by auction, nn Tlinr* dm. May II. at I0)? o clock, atdlis salesroom, 74 University plaaa, a larye variety of Cnrpcts. Mirror*, Household Kurnl tur-'. consisting ol Hadeteadc. Bnreans, Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs. Lounges, Cottage Furmtnre. Ac . Ac A I."st l, , on Friday, Msr 12. "t 7-4 University place, at 2 o'clock. Dae Artistic Furniture, new np exhibition. A I.SO. on Friday evening, at the Art Uonms, 74 I'nlversity place, at s o e!or?, a Bnn lln* of Book* and Oil Paintings, now on exhibition. B c SALE* AT AUCTIOl*. fifnrwoK. WKDNi-.^v. J> 13 Kant 141b rt.. rteli furniture. Hlf ^lirroi* Lace Curtaiui. Iar*e lot Picture anil Hirror Ktaii?*. , Plated War,. On tier j. *.wta*Mw:b ??. Or??.C?ngl^ Watch**, Book*. llookca?e*, WaHlrob?. Showca*e* ?nd an immense *tnnant of new ?n<l -ntt* PuraHure. Loan***, two elagant *atln parlor feu* and Uo?wi. 1 P.M. IkNTKNM Ia77 SI'KcTaLS J PROM Kill LA '>K^PHIA TO-DAT. THK OPENING OK THE ^X"' D)wir fklfM. PULL REPORTS OK THK DAY'S PROGRAM*". BY SPECIAL WIRE, la tS? EVENlNO TELEGRAM. OSSSCS.r Fnrnltw. o, ?VS. i. '"C ?'??? *? r" sssu-a-jss ar-sss SLSsrisis ble?, inarblotop Centr? T.tiltl, be.t hair MattreaM*. r Jen patipler ana ra.nt I Mirror*. W?rdrob?. ArTn0ur.. B ?k. bni will po?itlvely take place till* day (Wedne*dayi. . IRa'rD SETTS A CO . ATOnuNEKKS. Store and iale?room So 7 Old ?''P ""V.^io Til If 1>AY (\VK1"NK>1)A\). M?y >0 at 1* oMixk noon, ai 178 and IHO I earl ik* by ordar of Klre Undirwriter?, Tobacco. . . Lance tale of Connecticut robaeco. eomprlelnf eaoui ot) ease* ro*urated Coo o, otic ill Leaf I obacco. Al*n a large lot of Havana Killer., Hinder*, ?e., Aa. Catalogue* at *ale. H, nra^ar^Ur^ ^ CQ Aoclt Store and *tili".ro.iui. No. i Old ?1'P and UH Pearl *t. _ luninc Room Kurnit.ire. |.ler and mantel Mlrrw, Painting , KnrraVlnc* and iucraln Carpet*.thlelotln,, aco roM*ln? Window Shade.. M?ttr?.?e?. Bed., Bedding, Crockery, <;la*. and Hated Ware. Kitchen Uentlla. Lann dry Pre.*, SO dot. three heop rail*. Ac. ____________ TT H. ileitis .? SON?, auotiommuw. V.*K. 8te*en*on. Jr.. raal e.tato *??*?*. will *ell, through Me**r*. 11- 11. HERTft A bONB, OH WEDNESDAY, MAY 10. AT 1?>K O'CLOCK, AT NO. 2U7 4TU AT., BETWEEN 1HT11 AND 19T1I 8TB., HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS, MIRRORS, PIANO, AC., The entire content* of abovo large double heueu. PARLORS contain Moquet Carpet*, pier and mantel Mirror*, grand Plana, rar lor Suit In criiiiMjn ?atin, rich inlaid Cablnet.Mutlc Htaaxl. Jardiniere-, l.a cl?. Clock*. Bronae., *VVXfWlbl? Curtains and Cornice^ ^.?I'tn'.^d^and Inlaid Tables. Ma. Library Sulti In leather, larjte Bookoatei, Table*, Eicra tolr?i, BrnutU ?c. DINING BOOM CONTAINS BmaaeU Carp. t., Dinlns Suit In leather, Hii(Tot. Curtain* and Cornice*. CUlua, Ula*a and Ware. Cutlery. CONTAIN Bru.iel* and vel?et r.rpet., ro.ewood Ar,m01 o?',,, n,"dmc Bureau*, walnut and cnllaite Chamber H?t*. Bad*. Beddtn*. hair and nprluit, Ac . together with the Eltcb^n Kuriilmi" and ' lautilk, with *lucl> tlto ?ale will commence. ?it u. HERTS A SONS, AlTCTloNERRS. ASSIGNEE'S SALK OK KJCH FURNITDRB, the entire .tock of -h- N^ork Parlor Bolt Company, valued at near |*UO,OOU, ON Tni'RSDAY. MAY 11, AT IOK O'l'IXJCK, AT THE SALESROOMS. 17 PARK. PLACE. comnriainK aleirant ro*awood and walnnt P*T,?r aatm, tapestry, tn.iquet, cotelalno and rep*; and Lounge*. Library aud OiuinK Room Suit* also a larijH lot or Clumber. Lllirary and Dining ltoom Kur nlture In e*erv variety: Inlaid OablneU, Standfi. liiii?iauds. Wnrdrobca. Ac., Ac., all or wliitn wore made ior Hr*t cla** trade, and will he told without any re Mrve. to eto.o the e.tate, by order ?jEpHg0N. Awlgn". H E^UY D. M1NKK. AUCTIONf.r.K (lato Henry 11. Leede4Miner), oflicc and ?*le.Hroom, wo? Hroaawaj. MORTGAUEK'S SALE, THURSDAY. MAY 11, at inv; o'clock, *t the private residence HO. 18 EAST GUT 11 UK HVEEN MADIhOH AND ni?n?nM7 HOITRP.HOLD FURNITURE MADE BY pwtiT CITY M VNL'K \CTL'11ERS, ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO BY CIlicKtRINO, KINE ORIUINAL MODERN OIL PAINTINGS. BRONZES. AC.. AC. PARLORS.-Moquette Carpet*, black walnut I ch-rry *atln, wlthVlndow Draperle* Wmetch, real l*ce Curtain* Inlaid Cabinet, Centre and sldt- Table*. *uperbiy decorated Lroden china Jardiniere, with "owp" log bird*, purrliawd in Swit*erland and co?t fau^gold. carved rosewood 7 octave concert grand Hlano. made *?? Chlckcriug. c?st $!.:??); rich cry>tal cft.1(;1"" i :I ^li walnut Krench plate otor and tnoniel Mirror*, hrouie aud marble Clock ..nd .-ide I'tece*. orlKlnal Oil 1^^Nn'J?.f*.b' EUUE N E VERBOBCKHOVEN. J. K. KBNJ.E1 r, iAKUANUKHNUCK' , C. VAN LEMPATTEN "dIN^NG RlMlM ?Ko*?I Wilton Carpet*, 'ece Curtalna and Win-low Draperle*. carved black walnut Buffet, E*teo ?Ion Taldn and Chair* In Krench morocco, hroiue K*ten?lon Chandelier, l.lack walnut Etagrre. ?uperb Dinner. Breakl?*t Rnii T?h Service of Kronch porcclaln. mad? to nrdcr, c $.'?00 sold: BnicHtih d?cof?ted china Breakfant and Tea her vice,'line *ilverplated Ware, rich cut and engraved Ule.? "iI'bRa'kV?'?Mo^ette^arpetOace Curtain*, black wal nut nler Mirror* and Cornice*, blark walnut Suit In drab aud figured tapestry. Uookca*n. Table, Clock* and marble ^b'dROo'ms"?'Coquette and Hrn**el* Carpet*, black wal tut Bedstead*. IliireHU*. l>rc*slug Ca*e* and Commode* en ?uito ? Boudoir 8ult* In rep?, curled hair Mattrewe*. ami Plllt'wn. heavy Blanket* and Counterpane*. Chandelier* .?,! lias Fixture*. ClocKi tnd Vase*, Ac., ?c. HALLS. ? and Wilton Carpet*, larpe French plate Hall Stand. Wilton Stair Carpet* and Kod* Newell L,t (:?piiier Ac.. Ac.; aUo Kitchen I icnnilt. Ac.. Ac. By order oV * H P DEUHAAK, Auctioneer. The houne I* thl* day open fi>r liupcctlon P. TIlAVKIl, AUCTION EBB -M ABB HAL'S BALK, el. tlii* dev. it I- o'clock, l>y virtu* ot an c*ecutlor, at M) Great J one* it., one ll?r?e, Carl and llarncn*, tnreo Counter*. Kurullure aud General MrRhandia*. *"jUr.hllL J- OIIN J. LISSNER. kUFffONEKR. OKK11' E 1 Centre rt.. *ell* 11 oVlock. MO ''.th ?t. Stock and H*. ture* of Meat Market: large lcehou*e. hmokchon.e, Machine*. Kettle*, marlile ton ' ount'-r*. J"oi_*. ? 111 ?_ OUuia~WlLKlNS, AL-CTIONEER. Lenox Mouse furniture at auction. J M Handaome Uoaiehold Knrniiuro?Mirror*, Oil Palntinga, Chin*, Oltnvin, Silver Platedwaro, Linen, Blanket*, Ac. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will aell at auction, on Wednes day aud Thuraday, May 10 ami 11, at 10 o'clock each day, at the Lenox Uniite, north* est corner 5th nr. and Kith ?t., all llie Furniture of the above house, consisting ol h Kill some black walnut tu tod and < ther Parlor Mini, Bedroom Suit* in black walnut. rime wood, Ac ; Dining Room and Library I- urniture, Chairs. Lounges, French uiaii Ml Clocks. Oil Paintings, Mirror*. Etageres. Cabinet*. 6c.. Ac., all being In o\cellent order aid condition; alao nil Kitclien and Lanndrr Furniture, copper Cooking I'tensiU, Ac. Catalogue* on Monday. PAKTITION VALE?OK TllllBK P1VK STORY MO0 ern Tenements, X?*. Ml, 438 and 427 West Itfth It., near '*tli av., at the Kxchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, on Friday, May 1 J, 1S7U at II o'clock in ilm forenoon. V. K: siTfiVERtlON. Jr.. Auctioneer. PA * MIKOKRR'S HALE.?Til isH7>AY~ JAMES AOaTT. Auctioneer, will Mil at No. .'?? %ew Itowery. ."HIO loin of DreuH. Shawls, Keinnuiiu, I'tiuerclnthing. Table Linen, Sheets, Spreads, Coat*. Pantaloons and Vent*. Br order of M. NaTTKMIKIMEII, R,KRI M Pa w \ B So kr WS mlb.-STr i ? l5T5* rI k a l acc" tmneer, salesroom No. ?l? Bowery, will aell thin day, at II o'clock, 600 lot* men'* and women'* Clothing, Drosses, MtWria. teuinsnts, Underclothing. (Juilt*. Blanket*, Bed din*. Hoot*. 'hoe*. Ac : also, Coats. 1'ant* and Ve*t*; by order Mr*. S. Ptillan. Weal 3V'th at. PAWNHKOKKK'ft MALK, WATCHES AND JBWRLR7. K. KIM.D, general auctioneer. *ale*roam No. en Hon rry.mll ?el! on Thursday. May 11, at II o'clock. 800 lota pnlil and (liver Watches. diamond and gold Jewelry, (lum, Pi??M*. ?0. by order lata Arm ot Simp*on, Green A Co., 1S1 Bowory. FVWv RI:i*iKF.R'9~8ALE.?TH<">?. J. MoORATH. APO timieer, IStt Chatham at., corner Mulberry, will aell thia day. at II o'clock, men'* and woinun'? Clothing, Dre**ea, .?~ha?ls. Remnants. Bedding. Knot*. Slioaa, Ac.; alao, Coat*, l'ants and Vesta: l y order U. Sllber*telii, Cth av. ?iCHARD" vVAI.TI-.RS' ALCTlTiNKKItsl Clothiag, llo*lary, Gentlemen'* furnishing lioodi, Ae. Marshal'* tale, will fell tin* day (Waductiuy), at 10^ o'clock, at *ale?ro?m 27 East Broadway. Mock ol Clothing, ri*.. Coats, I'anu, Ve?t?, Button*, Trimmings, childrru * white Manaille*. Jsults, llo*l<-ry. Scnrla, Tien. Dry Oooda, lancy (ioods Snsp?nders, Linen Shirts, ladles' Skirts, Wrapper*, (.'ndergarmeuta, Calicoes, Muslins, Thread, Jewelry, Silk I morella*, Ac. JOUR 0. LVsT, Marshal. Ric.iiak0T. HARNKn. ACi:rtoiikk, ' will ?eil at auction, on WEDNK?DAr, Ma* 10, at ID o'clock A. M.. at the Third Avenue "avlngs Hank Building, corner ol 2Mth tt. and Id nr., Safe* (Marvin's and Valentine A Butler'*), black walnut Hanking Conner, lias Hm.kts and eiegsnt 12 and .'W light iiront Chandaliors; bldrk walnut De?Ks, Table*, Urn* pels Carpets, Chair*, Window Shades, Ac., Ac. Also. M same time and place, all the Chandeliers and <?** Fixtures in the brown (tone Ileus'** No*. 7, lu, 21, 23 and 26 East 4Blh *t. and No. Ra*t 17th *t. By order of ?. R, Ill'RD. K*<| . Racelver of the Third Avenue Savings Bank. ?'*t Uo^.ies af sale at the Bank or from the Auctioneer. III Broadway, on Tuesday. 1MIOS. KKVWOKTH A UAMMiLL, AI'cfFoNKKKI?? Will sell on I hursday, at 1W"> nn av.. the enntema of a large Packing llouae. Dealers aud the trade *e? ThnrsdaV* llerald. W'k. d. MuT'Sr, A 1 CT 10XF.KR, 15>iand I.VJ lli ne it .ruinrr of We.t Broadway. Till BSDAY, May II. inVH. at 11 o'clock, Isrye and peremptory sale of Hue Wluet ana Liquor*, by order ol the Importer*, comprising about 1,200 package* and ca*e* ilranuies. Wins, Rural, Wbllkayt, Clarets. Hurguudies, Champagnes, Sherries. Madeira*. Porta, Baaterae*, Alee, Porter, Ginger Ale. Ac. "lhis will be it good opportunity for dealer*, hotel keepari, ami f?:ni.l*s to suuply tbentsalve* fur tbo summer. The *nlo "III include many goods .or (lr?t class trade. HOOTS A.VU8HOK.4. r \VllVl. bcy A I'AIlt or NEAT. -KRVICEABLK V'i" H'"<ts (or I nly or gentleman, ' Iron Clad*"-?a strong, *?r>ire?bla shoe lor boys. CaNTRKLL, No. J41 4th as^ WAfTlCS TO fUHCHASla. " ?pyRIO STORK WaVTKD-IX CITY: HfAtk'Vri.L ?J r?*rtlful?r* ?*nd lowf*t l<*rmft. AJ<!re?? MKOICI.NK, Ufrtl'l Uptown J.rftnrn " tfwwrtTil'?r" tJF.AfTirt'i, AliTlm i ti. T^TlKWn SfV<iLE. n'; 1) warranted. ' New Vork Dental lloom*," 'Ml tlth a* , aear lUth it. Establiahad I SSL -J!l7IATIOM8 WAitTKP?fEWALEW. _ ? < oo W?. ?Vr. ~ /, ?AS1! 4>*T XT. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?AS ... eoo?, wall an American family. Po? 1*1 cards nut autwered. WEST i7TH jrr P :ksi;nt KM I'l.ov BX*M) -A ?|m ?>J il. . ? * ,iltt tf|,m for ? T#rJ cook% whom ?"<? tan tUwf iti^hly rvcorii memi. 28 andflrsl 7" * VorXi> WOMAN AS COOK i>] 'V.'Tn VI ','T ST T"1' '?''?OOK,._A REMPECTA to r" ln,? ,he <=""""?? in ? private family ?ill!?* w ; cttT rnfereufa. 40 J*.li?|TkiV,7" rBr 1AS F,M1 CLAM COOKj CAN do all kind* af ow?kuig good city reference. ^"1 MAST MTH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S).? r 1 A respectable young woman as first clana took; beat city refersnee. Call or address. 17 EA>r:urilI st-aX AMERICAN PROTESTANT T I woman aa oook ; is willing tp gu In the country ; brut references. fiTTWUT M.-tl> ?T-AS FIRST CLASH COOK; UN ")U aerstands thor.iughlv all kinds uf cooking; no ol Jea tlon to coarae washing or the country; best city reference. on \VK-T WAMHliOTOM PLACE.?A RKSPI.CT Uil E ' Protestant girl aa cook, washer and ironer. g"<xi rrf-. erenea. inn WK"T -4TI1 ST ~AN AMERICAS PROTESTANT I ' woman aa took or geuerai houseworkcr; ia an excol* lrnt broad baker; country prelerred. e "lllO WEST 33D ST.?A ??liti7~ AS OOOK ASM TO lUO asaUt with the waahing In a ?mall private family: no objection to go a short distance in tbe country; beat city reference from !??* WK8T r.TII ST.. BASEMENT -A YOUNO V. mini n* cook nnd to <!?. wiuiliii,^- Ko???i ,-itv rffriHi. Ill HI wisr 11tii sr.. phisr floor. rear.? v r youn r woman aa first claaa cook; country pie* ferred; I est city reference. nr WEST l.vni ST.-A REsri-.CTAHLli "woman f) a* rook; iimlnratauda English cooking; city or coun try: beat city relerence. WEST 4MTH- ST.?A~RESPECTABLE" W?(MAN aa cook : thoronghlv understands her business; uo objection to the country. Call at Iter preaent employer'*. 1 i)') A>T IRDAOfAt TOP PLOOB - v M 11?I > iTk I ag d Kiwi I ?li woman to cook, wuli and Irou a short diatanre hi the country, t all on or address M ARV. 1 (in WEST :i7TII ST. .PRESENT EMPLOYER'S'.? 1 A respectable woman a> gooil eook ; In an excellent baiter awl iindcrstauds utilk aud butler; country preferred. Call lor two days. TOO "'EST IHTirST.. REAR?AS~C<T6k, WASHES l-jtJ and Ironar In a private lamily; three yeara' city referonce. 1 QH WEST 30TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I Oil aa eook and to do tbe coarae wmhing In a private family', hen citv rufe-ence. 1 ?>1 WK.ST lHTII ST . TOP PLOOR. FRONT.?A RE 1 i) I apeclnble youni; woin.yn na flrat ela?a cook In a pri vate bnardine house: no otjactlon to the country ; city ref erence. Call for two days. l'OS" WEST 2HTII ST.! IN TillTcROt-KRV STORE? lOtl A yonn? woman as ifoml cook anil i^aikt with tlie waahine or w< uld do cooklnK. waaliln^and ironing in a small family, cpy reference. 1 '-J7 WEST inp flT.-A COLORED WOM AN AS COOK !?) I In a hoftrillnir limtae or hotel. Mra. SOltRI'.L. I [(7 WEST ItlHT ST.?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS i't^ iroo.l conk and baker; willing to assist in tho wasli Inp; best city reference. "I | I EAST l'.ni ST.?A YOUNO OIKt AS OOOD JL sT e>i'>k. washer aud ironar; best cicy reference from her last place. I J - WEST l :tI? ST.. NEAR "Til AV.-A St'OTCli 1 girl a? e?ok and to a??iat with the washing and Iroiilnc: good city reference : city nr country. II - WEST HIST >r.. IN SHOE SI'oKC. A YOI'nTi Freuch icirl as pood cook in an American family. 1 /4 7 "AST 330 S I -A REsPEt"r'.\Ri,E A OMAN AS ill flrat class eook ; thoroughly understands her busi ni-ss; bast city reference EAST~ S.YI II ST.?A RESPKCTABI E YOUNO elr1 a? flr?t class conk In a privat i family; un'-lar standa all kind* of soups; la a (food tinker; no ohjectiou to the country: best city reference. 156 WEST 18TH ST.. Til I RI? FLOOR. ERONtZI resncctable woman as good cook; good city ref 1r/? WEST IKTII sr.?A TOOMU WOMAN AS (KiOH ? )") cook; axcellent washer and ironcr; six years' city reference. 1 r~7 WEST ?1HT ST.?A TOtNO GIRL AS COOK, J ? J I and to assist with the washing and ironing; good city references. ?i PO EAST 43D ST.-A RKSPECTARLE YOUNO I'/O woman as good O'lOk, washer aud irouer; bait city rclereneo. lift) BLBBOKMB IT.?A OOOD PLAIN OOOX, J.UiJ washer and ironer. iVH WEST 5.1D ST.?A COMPETENT WOMAN J Ul as first cla?s English cook; thoroughly understands her business In all it* branche* ; can take entire charge of a kitchen: unqiiestiotiahle city referonce/ tW|?) WEST 47TH ST. AS I'OM P ETENT I OO Iv AN I> '-i to assist with washing; bait city referouca; city or country. 208 210 EAST 4tTir ST-A RESPECTABLE GIRlTAi cook ;J.est city reference. EAST wju'kT.Za RRSPEC-TAIH.E (IIICL AS Book, washer and Ironer: go.ia elt.v reference. <11 O EAST 44TH Sr.?TWO YOUNO GIRLS; ONE ul ^ as conk, wa*lier and Ironer, the other to do upstairs work and Walt lag! c Iv nriinnliv, |M4 oity MttHCt, ill E vsr SWTU ST - AS PIBST CLASS OOOK; _i I' I no olijactlon to washing and iroulng; good city rel erence. tll C WKST 2HTII ST. (KINO SECOND"BEUi).?A ? I ? ) first class French cook in a private family. Ol"r EAST 5.VTII ST -A RESPECTABLE TOthlO ?jIo woman as good plain rook, washer and ironer; city or country; good city reference. <?all uniil suited. 917"west rrrast.-a respectable pbotbbt wl I ant woman as Arst class cook; good relereuce; Country preferred. I'all for two days. 99JJ WES I' I'Tli' ST. A BESPECTABLB YODIW Jjmjyf girl aa flr*t cla?s ronk ill a private family; can make good soups; is a i;ood baker; no objection to the couu trr; best city reference. 2~9n~WKS'rlsTTrST.. FIRST FLOOB.?AN AMERI can frmswl woman as flrst class conk in a liniel or d< si clas* boarding house or private lamily; fully under ?land* her ' u?ine?s. Call for two days. 99 - WEST J7TII " ST. ? A YOUNO COLO'RED Zd ? woman as goi?l plain cook In a private family or private boarding house; good reference. SSSt 4-VTII >T. TOP KI.ODR. iTesIMcTaHLF. ?' young woman us gnoii cook; will aa?l>t with wa^li ||| and Ironing: best illy reft nine. 99Q EAST 48TH ST, Top FLOOR.-A I5E _i _d > I spectabla girl to cook, wash and Iron ; beat refer ences. 9*> 1 KAST -Hill SI'.-A 'RESPECTABLE' WOMAN tj* ? L a* llr?t cla?? cook : no objection tu (he country : c ? n take charge ot a dairy; city rclereneo No pvulal cards answered. 901 west livrii sr.?a "respectABLi'. TjmL aj'll a* conk : would axist with tha washing; city or country; good city relercnce. 9*?9 east 4iiTii sr.. between jd ami :ii> ws 1 A respectable woman to cook, wash and iron; Is willing aad abllglBg; lies! rlt> reference. 1)09 WBBT iisr"sT, second "f Loo it! ? a Tie ? wo-i spectnhle girl a*cook ; would assist with washing; seven years' reference (rum l**t place. OOtj WhSI' 4HTII ST. ?A AIIOOLE AliEl) WOMAN as cook. wa*har and Ironer; nu objection tu tba country: best reference. QQ.-r east ^.'i> st - a voi'Ni.'wom"\.n as ?;??<TT 1 ZO') cook, washer ?n I Irouer in a small private family in the city ; best city reference. WEST 47 I'll sr. -A OOOD. SOB SB WOMAN ~r ^ as urio i cook In a nice private family; either city nr conutry - good recouimendatloua 25:3 K VST lilST ST.?A VOUNU WOMAN AS COOK, washer and iranor; nu objection to go in the conn 302 319 AV.?A FRENCH WOMAN' AS FIRST ?k In n private family : good reference. KAST JOril .>T ?A LADV AS FIRST CLASS _j cook ; city or country; good city reference. ?i(W EAST 2BTH -I'.. 0N8 DOOl PROM 2D AT.', Ol'^ third floor. ? A> first c'i??? cook in a private family or a gentlemen's private hoarding house. ?1 O KASTooril ST.. VIRST Fl.OOIt, FRONT ROOM.? OlO A respectable young woman ;is cook, washer ami ironer In a private family; best city reference. ?>1 7 WK>T . JI) KT.-WANTED A COLORED WOM VN O I I to cook, ?aah andiron ; al>o a colored chambermaid ; gnod reference. Ifl'7l ST.-A SMART TOCNU UTHL TO OOOK, *a?h and Iron; Rood city reference. OTQ EAST i?sf~ST-TVVO KKs|>E<'TAHI.E' I'Riif OI'J rstaul irirl?: on* ai F.nzilsli cook, the other a< Orrman chaniberinaid and to Maul with tne washing and ironing. Call for two days. ?>s>/' KAMT MTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AM food cook; tint class washer and ironcr; good ref erence. I)01 WEPT 2tJTU ST.-A RKS PIBCT Al\T,E~M rtl. AS OOJL Kood plain conk; good wather and ironer; willing and obliging; rood references. qo(? east ~"jfsf nrTZ between ist and 3D Out/ a vs.?At rook, washer and Ironer In a pri\ate fnm lly ; be?t city reference. Qyf ft EAST MTU ST.?AS GOOD COOE; WILUffO ?)' 1 ' " io assist witb tbe washing . understand* her work; hot ct?y reference. uTiT Kast MTH ST.?A COMTETltrr WOM AM AS Or" cook; fttlly understand* her business; la willing to assist with washing; rlty or country; best city relerouc*. Can b<* seen for twn day*. ?> | .- wmi .t'iii at -'v rTik store OtO plain molt washer and ironer; understands all kinds of baking and (luting; n? objection to a ?mall board ing house or a short distance in the country; elly reference, ij I 7 Kast asfil ST.-A UKsl'Kt'rAHI.K WOMAN ? J I I as cook, washer and ironer; city reference. Call tor two daya. tV7iP WENT :r.lll <r -a RKSrEOTABLR YOIRO 0*)?) girl aaeuok. wa>ber and Ironer In it private faiuily; best city reference from ner last place. Call for two days. 1I7/I R AS1 Visr >T A VOf.NO I.I HI, AS GOOD ill if plain rook; willing to help wlih the waslilnt and ironing; good oily reference from her last olace. < t wksf tor ST, BETOWD FI.'HIR.?A RE I ?,'t sf 1 table woman as eook. washer and Ironer; lour years city refer-neo. A i)7 WKST *,r" ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS 't^l plain cook, washer and Ironer . best city reterrnce. jsii WEST 40TII ST., IN GROCERY BToilK.?A rOl middle-aged lady a? cook and to aselst in washing and Ironing In a reepeclable family; no objection to the country ; good city selerrnce. KAST 4.11) ST-A COMPETENT WOMAN A8 first claas cook ; best reference. 441 A CM 4TII AV.-A respectable woman as 'r?)V first class cook; competent in all branches; first t lass brrnd, cak ? and pastry conk ; wdl assist wllb tbe wa*b Ing iu a (mail lamily ; first claas reference. A It A WEST 4iBT BT.-A RESPECTABLE Yol'NG T ** i woman as plain rook and to a??lst with the waab liU an l ironing ; nine years'reterrnce. Call nr ad> r-?s |7 mi AV A RKSPKCTABI.E WOMAN AS FIRST I class cook; will aatut i? the VMitlag; beMciv rtfwim. 49' ?TIAT!?\S WAHTKP-FBMAI.KI. Cuuk<. <C?. g?|A ID AT.?A BESIM (TA1LE WOVf \N Tf) HfWlE, ?# T~ wa?b and iron or to do r?*he1 I! hi'iiiework in A ?mall private family : best reference lr?m her lut em plover. tQO GRAND BT ?t W<r RESI'RiTahTk YOfXO * Ji'O plris, on* a> cook, first class waaher and irener; the hi' ft as chambermaid :<o*l waitraas; Loth viliin.' and no l/int: Mi'l nut afraid to work; no objection to ^o stiort distance la country : g.od rlijr rttirtiofl. f Wmt 4a/fu BT~ THREE STAIRS.-A? r pood family Cook : trill go out by the day. -v ok. of month; private or public ; city or country; ifood rr'erence. rr | - 6TH AV, BBTWBEN ' *TTH AMD 4l?t 4C I I ?) millinery (tor* ?A Hr*t cia?a eookj thoroughly t>0Mtil"i4t utr bgibm: Hn b?n? turkeys. mi to leiiie#, Ac : no oi.lection to country or city In * private family ,.r a ?m? 1 hotel; would go to Newport. K. I ; Qrst clus roftr IMt. 7 "" ?> ATM AV.?A YOl'N'i OIrE AS HOOD I'LAIN I I >) coo . Mrashor and iimier In a small private fatnilyt good city reference from la?t place. 777 ttii a\nkrvrkks 51St and aat) st*.. to? ill Itonr.? A reanectabla tflrl n< plain cook, was uer und irnner: uo oitjnction to go * short distance In the country) be?t city reference Iroiu lut place. Can be urn tor?t?e day*. Q "7 rrfi A V.. BKIWEEN MTU ANI) 5HTR 81*. 0?)i <Kui r fourth bull) ?A respectable Hnilf?l?r.t clrl n? good pluin conk and In nesfet with WH?hing and lronin*? good city reference;city preferred; no n<ttea answered. CalT for two ilaya. qoi oTii av~' Tibet ixoor. - a pihst olan2 <'< I cook for city or countrr ib a private family ;a com. pe'.eut baker; beat city reference. 1 (17 ?D~ AV., NEAR .'>7Tll ST., KlRST KL.OOK, iIHek room -A vo;ing womsn an plain cook, washer and inner In * ?m*tl family) or children1* nurse una chambermaid and waitress; rood relerence. Call for two day 1 Ikfifl :,D AV.. COKWiU 64TB sr., IMM8 J."/< U Boor.?A young Herman widow, with Utile girl thrnc vc.ira old. as cook in a nrlvate tamlly; no objeetlou* t? go a slio.t distance Iu the country; beat references. 11 99 1ST AV., III'.TWKKN msr AND fUD 8T8.? ? 1 md ? Two retportahle irir'a; one aa Diet cla?? cook ; thl olh"r a4,Br>l cla?? laundrOM; avcelleut city releruuce;na objo lion to the country, 1 Eoii "3p Av,, second n nfin n ii'di^rt plain cook iu a private family; beat city refer eac?i> it rei|iilreiU A IftiWA, L. I.?A liADT BKBAKIMO UP BoeUk iV k-'eplns la anxlotu to ?t aitnatlon^ lor her two irirla, who have llwl with her for two years, MM is an oxccileut cook, washer and lroni<r, ann the other hs chambertnald *nii waltrrsn l itn be seen tor uue we-'k at their present eiu Wovcr'a by audresiiu^ ?1. K. M., boi 107 Post otticu, Aatorla, A T 107 KAHT a I ST HT.. A PROTKSTAN t WOMAN Ai J\. eook and to do the coarnr Wmhlnit, to iro to the conn try lor the summer. Apply fur two days, with h'oud reler ence*. A YOU.N (Tw'OMAN A SKI K8T fLAS.S C(7oK: GOOD j V bread lutkcr; would take rare ot milk ami butter of twe or three cowh; beat city relerence. Address M., box Ufl Ilorald Uptown Branch office. CibntbkSial "hT'kcials " J KHOM I'll lADKI.PfllA TODAY THE OPENING OK TUB KXIIIHITION. FULL BEl'OKTS OP TUB DAY'S I'LOUKAMME. BY SI'KCIaL, WIKB, In the BYBNINC IKI.EORAM. Ciiambi-rmatd*, dee. 7WKST 44T1I sr.-/ bkkpeotabi.b youno oirh aa ch.tmbermaid and waltieaain a private family; best reference. 7 WMT MTR ST.?A U8PI0TAIU TOUNt^ttlKU aa chainliurmaid and waitre-a In a private family j n? otijecticn to the country ; beat reference. 1 f} pouhyth It., room ti.?a yodno womai 1'' lately landed ni clfitmoermald or ireneral xervant in ( sma:l luniilr ; will be found willing and ol<litc>'iSC: IVnteitUM family piuiurreii; noon reiureucea. Call on or address H. t!? lor two day*. f I V. A>T :t7Tli ST.?A RKSI'KOTABI,K YOtJN(? CIRl} ,L*X io do chuiuhvrwork; would assiat with washing; beat city relerence. 9| \ WEST SttTH ST.?A LADT BRBAKINO Of houackcepiuK wiaho? to procure a aituallon lor hm L'irl aaahamliermaid and waltreaa; ran operate o:i lunchine; flvo yours' city reference. I'all at prehent employer's. I-.AST :?t7|~ ST." (PRE8KNT KM I'l.OVi'.K'h).?A respectable woman as chamberinnid. 31 west :;oru st.-a oihl ah chambermaid ? III and pl.'iln sewer; no objection to go a short distauca hi the country. * Jl WEST 38TH~8T, (PRESENT EMi'MlYER'Si.-A T L younc t;irl us first class chmnbermald and M>auiKtresa{ seven years' city relereuce. Can be aoeu for one week. 4*2 KINO ST., RIA1-.A tUPlOrABLE WOMAV ? ) aa chainberinaid and waitrraa ; city or country , cuod ruleronce. A 7 AV. A. Till t! I) FLOOR, BACK.?A YOU NO I" I (iernian plrl n> chambermaid or waitress in a pnvjtr family; city or country. hl~WE8T MT11 ST. (PRESENT kMPLOVERS).?A 'l-L reapcctahlo uirl aa chambermaid and wnitie?a and to n??iat In washing; no objectiou to the country; best oily references. C'J EAST 2IST sr. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S;.?A ill) respectaiile clrl aa chauibermaid and wait re hi ; no objection io assist iu washlug aud ironing iu private family; city refereuofls. t*Li WBST"?f2 ST.?All"WSFaSSSTtMUM"IIERl I tuaid and seamstreaa; can operate on three dllfcrept iniichiina.; willing to aasist in the care of childron ; beat ?ity rol'crcncr. {? O W EBT ' 43D BtT-A-" MMTMOTA BLK YOU NO UO iflrl a? cliHmhermaid and lauudreas; best city'reler ence from Into employer. 154 Q/? 6TI1 AV.-AN AMERICAN 01RL AS CIIaMUKi;. CH) maid and waitress or to do lltrbt housework; no ub jectiou to thu country; iirst claaa city reference. I'ijji jT " wE5t 4?TH ST., BBT#tS* ?TH AND f||| ?j X avs.?A nirl us chambermaid and waiiri h* lu a pri vate tatnily; two yours' city reference trom last place. 1~?fh Tf> ST.. BACK OKTHKllAItilBR SHOt*.~U ?< ?J young lierinau girl as chambermaid or to take cart of children. 1 ?)?) BAST nVIo OIRL. AS CHAMs 100 bermnlil and waitress mid to assist with the w .aW lug and ironing; hen city lalureticoa. i?>7 wSiir imo ?t.,"onk kliubt, rBun-ACob 101 oicd girl aa chambermaid sod waitress In it lirsi cim family. Mr?. Miicahl. . mWKST .VJTII ST.?A COMPETENT Vol it'll UlltL as chambermaid and waiirrii, Of would assist (Ilk washing and ironing, tu a aluall private family; good cit/ reference. i l SC kasFSd ht.-a voTTnu vvoman as liiTXlf. 1"! ?' bermal I and waitress or to do tewing; no objection to the country iur tlie sQmtuer. 1 17 ~EAST SF'TH ?T.-A KHHPKGTAIIi,K TO I;' NO J r i Kir. an Hist ciss? rliamnuruiaid and waitress la f private fukilv; beat city ri^WM. WMT 5JD nr.?a RRHFKOTABEB TOFsa girl at chambermaid ami wait re*s and to aaiie. wilk Wssuiug and ironiuu ; good city relereuiJe. 1-1' wmt *SI? HT.-A OfcRMAN WOMAN AH OH AM' 'Ju liei maid or uurso ; g"od reference. 1- / ? EAST 4UD St.?A KKAPKCTaHLK TOtTNO ?/') gin its chambermaid and waitress ; no objuctiou to the country; good rulr.uces. Call or address. 1- o wksr~:sfiTst.-a neat, ?riiiY uikl to do ? I' J upstair* work or general housework; is willing) (Kid inference. I SO KAST WtU BT.?A BB*J*BOTABLk" WOMAN 1 ?/O as rliam .i'rniald .>r laundress; would like to engage Kith a family going to the country lor the soni.ntr; fust class city raiereuce. Call on ur address fur twu da; a. 1~( | WBST Mil ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN as t iiAM ')?/ barmaid and waitreaa; no objection to a boarding houae; city ..r country; city r?t'.-rpnce. 1**9 WEsT J..TII SI' ? A Yol'NtJ OIRL Ad ?IIA^ l')a^ bermaid and scamstreea; Una a good knnwle ij.e of dr. ssinakiug; no objectiuui to going to the country; city reference. n'l WhST -tTH ST.?A8 CHaMBRRMAIU UK TO ?) ilo ho isewnrk; lour yuan' relereuce trom last place; no ohj'etinu to the onuntry. n>> Wl -T 4ill" sr.-Art CHAMHI.KMA1U UK tj waitraaa; no "bjection to the country; tbrea year a reiereuee. Can in- for two days. 911*. WfcSI 10TH sr.?A UUUs"tu Do CHAMBBlls ? work aud plain wasbing; willing to assist with anything, . *>1 " KAST U5TH ST.-A NKAT. h.VAKT YOl'MO ?j!? > Winn in as cIm in her in aid and waitress; willing to make bersL'll generally useful, good city relercm c, (T| - EAST MTH "hTm SECUN1J FLOOR, HACK room.?A Jroaog woman aa chamlierin.tld and waitreai; noud city Mfcreiice. t;>H| W EST ISTH NT.?A KKSfKCTAB LI?; VI UNO girl as chamheruiaid and waitress; no objection to the countr> ; beat < ity rider 'nee. 2>) i i:as r ith h r^-A touno (iiiuT" as"< iiam. M 1 bermaid and waiiresa in a private iatnlly; hot city reference Call for two day*. 0.? 1 WKbT writ nr.-A UlltL AS CIIAMHKKMAlfi mm! aad waitress; one year's ?lty relereuos; country prelarrrd. Call In t!.c Stole. i)>) I M&t ?|<T W., BfTWBBN %t> ANI> so sai?* L avV ? \ youni; girl a? rbaiuhermald or parlor maid; iinderaiands her busiurs* tlmrouglily; good city ri lcrence. west ivrii si - a hesi?e<:Tahi.k"voJno mm'/ girl as rlianiherinald and waiiresa: la willing to a?i<t witli the ?a>liniK . (itjf or country ; best city rrli-r?nco. iwi IaSt'Iwth ' bt'^a Tot no uiut, as ch a m m?)L bermaid aud waitreaa; city reference. No postal cards answered. *>?>7 WkiiT H0TU MT., BKTWhkBB TTH amV hti! mOI avs.? A vung w. niaa at ciiambertnaid and waiW re?s tu a sin ail pr vat - family; city ralarence. t;?i( i east"wTM ST.?a RStr(.< lAitli: " Vui .vti ttOn girl as lirat class chambermaid aud waitreaa; will, lut: and obliging. >cs: oily relerenoe Irorn la-t |dace. W?:si ^:rn -r.i m.vr rloiiiUM riioi oogbly ettprrteiiccd aa waitress ilono; city rrleri'iiroa. , *) I *> K\.?T '..III si \ KEsFiitTAHiTe"VOI'NO m I w girt a? chaiakermaid and laaudreas, or Mmiid taa.'O laraherwoik aud waiting; best cltjr relerrnce. ?>/#*> wiif 47TII sr ?A rkm'EcFais..K ii 1 Kl< a'5 m 1 m cl aiuhrriimi.I an I to ilo washing; wishes a good, ateady home; good city relerencn. - . cuun |r| preierred. 9,1 r. we.-t ?i.ii'T's'r.~ (i',(esT^nt"emi-uirkirst.-l f 'l" re'pcctable girl a? ohamliorniald or waitress >? itk a private (aaiiiy ; ao ot>Je tion to tha country lor the sum mer nmuths; i in at city refrreuco. 9 Hi WEST I0TI1 ST -A YOUSU WO>|AN TO DO ?i ivJ ehsmberw.trk tnd *<sist with the fine washing) live years' city refrronc* trom last place; illy .ireoiimy. 9.IU WES I :?iTH st -A YOCNu i'Kul' a.v 1 UtRb ?j'iO as . hatir.ermaid and seauistrosa or chambermaid and waltioss; city or coautry; good relorences iroiu last pi?ca. 9 ".1) e a.vr ~uvi if s i.--a itvsi'Er rABL.8 YOUBO Kiri to do thainbarwurk and waiting and asstd wub the washing, heat city referaaee Irom last plsce. OKI WEST JWTli SI' ~-A KE8I'ECTA Hl.K YOUNO ?') 1 girl as ehambermaid aad waitress, beat referenco troiu liar last place. OV9" Wf.sT iff 11 ST.-A YOt'NO WOMAN AS wi)^ cliamiiermaid and laaudroiain a private israHf | good city rettrence. Mast nun sr. room ?t?a merman oir.fc t? do npstalre work and plain aewlug. ?>(>9 EA.vr sril 8T.?A KKSI'E. rtr.l.K TOUN?l mW'' crl ss chainnermaid aad Miiross In a private fan?* lit; no objection to a nur.e s place, good Utf rolHWg^s ^ Irom bar iaat aituaiioa. Call for twe daya, 241 9 J J. W,>1 ^TH ST.-A YOl-.NU tilKL TO w 1 1 ehamhanrork and waiting, city rctcreuoe; c 271

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