Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1876 Page 2
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CITY RR.VIt K ST ATE FOR SAL.K. C ftilral. A^m reduced pricks. ?>i ..rii ay.. pai:k a v.. ? 87 Writ lsth, 11 Ea*: :?tb. We?t :tf>;h. at KM fi. ? fca.t S4th at V. X. bTBYENSON. JR., No. 4 Ptue ami 33 Emi 17th at*. \HjfflH3.!MM?~OLD PRIOR ?TS.O?>. A M A'!nTkiiTXT four atury brown iumm llouae. fprl front's*. ?? Madlaou ??. near :t4tb ?t w I l.i.i A M ri'CKKI . .?? kk ii A mm GOOD TH REE Tn'.\ tN'i i 111*111 atoop browu mono corner. on Lexinzt.Mi ?? ; mu?t be aolu ; any raaaouable oiler culcrtaued. Addies* I.ox I,HIS fMl office HOICK COKNBR LOTS *>X MADISiiS AV. rHK oorthweat comer of Mxiiaou #? and *">tli -l 2?.2> " price. $lti.>OH; alao the rarnrr. '-'S.*x 11*^, pil?a, flrt.HOl ; ttie.e lot* have been recently bought in under lor cioaure o! mortirit.'*, and are nCorea lor **ie at the actutl eo?t to the company; Ilia whole purchase money may re mala *n bond and mortgage lor Ave ve .'a ;il five per cent per anaum If the property la improved aatialactorily. Ap ply to J. C. CLINTON, :ii Liberty at. CtKNTENNlAL SPECIALS _ ? J KKOM PHILADELPHIA TO PAY THB OPENINii OF Tin XHdtlTipl PULL REPORTS OK THE DAY'S PROURaMMR, BY SPECIAL WHIR, In the EVENING TELRORAM. ! fHE PALATE "OAHI'K.N hl'OT IS BROADWAY bovltraril, hftven *iinb end tiitd >ti; look lit it. Yo roee an e?i.tie we will *eiU*.ven Lot* on aaid boulevard for IftO.ClU); 71) p?r cent ran remain : nearly nppoaite rran.l en trance to the Park; one-ball the price thev coma hare ue.a ?old f?r thro* yeara ?S" WY* KOFK A * ''>., J*'Pino ?. rm AV . AB??VK 55 I t MM. KXTfU SIZED O Uoaae for tale cheup, country place taken In part pay. , Bieat, W. P. tiEYMOLR. 171 Hroadway. Kraal Si?le A?3D AY., fW9 AND "91: EAOII FOUR STORIES i . and baeemeni: each lot 2.*>&lll) loot: theae two wall rented majroiflcently locate 1 Store* Tor aale at a de-ided bargain. V. K. STbVENStiN, Jr., No. 4 Pine at. or MM Eaat 17th it. *TJ?OR SALE- THREE sTOKY STORK PROPERTY ?!?# I* ttraad at., oppoaite Lord & Taylor'*: l'W Lewia at. brick dwelling llouae ; to cloao an oatate ; niuat be aold. 0. CAUREAL', 4II?S Grand at. F~" OR SA~LlTc'IEAP? FOUR STORY IIOVX ST0M1 llouae. Kaat 4Wvli?*t., near Windsor lintel; little money needed; would rent. Addreaa PROPRIETOR. Herald Up town Branch office. *TiV~rjfvjrr_ron bale", a iFlbSdid xkw iP L* throe atory lilch atoop brown Dwell inv; all improvement*; parlor Door llnlalmd with bUck wxl Bnt; firat claa* location; term>, $1 NO c.iali, baUnee on in atalmenli. Apuly to J. A. J. XKAK1K A 0*)., 1 3d ?*., ?ornor With at. VI ?><? Siiltt. A8ACR1FICK -A OOZY BROWX STOXE HOnSK. IJf Rood order, writli or without hand<oiuo Inrnlture and carpeta; Wrat o-il at.; owner, I'd Enat J'-lO at. P^OR R ALE OHEAP? ' >NE <. !l TWO FoT'R STolu' extra lint double Ilotiaea, in a plcn*?nt locntion; Ibey are well oceunie.l an.) well rented. 4 H. .t .n'tli ?t. ilHOOK 1. \ \ I*llOPEKTV FOR SAliBS A\l) TO MOT. "a WELL FCRNIRIIRD !IO'tf,L to "lease, with J\ hand.ome roataurant and atorea, in IlmoKlyn. Ad area* JOHN IIK.MiY, llernld I'ptown llraneh offlco. 1* jiolt 1 N* hTx*;E. IEX PROSPKOT PARK L?>TS, llrooklvn. KHi led from main entrance, equity about KYI.OitO: rtimiit $l.l**)c??ii paid if required. Apply to D. 11. bTUNE, IH'J Itroadway. New York. TO~?bT-TIIREK STORY IIItlOK HOl'HE iTJ DUF Teid at., near Fulton ferry by Mrrt'e ?v. car<; lu aplen did order ; $7lX) and water Aptilv at I2H Broadway, room 2. THOMAS W. MAIinHAliL. mo r.E i\ kijr x is he n w ell situated, on the J Hill, Brooklyn,Juat two ni lea from Wall afreet ferry, hrown alone llouae; naval atoriea and tllinenalona; eleven loOina; all improveuienta; liouae and fnrullure lu excellent eriier. (ireeiir Avenue far*; to privato family, fl.lAX'. Ad drea* iiox .I'-t Poat office. Xew York. WK8t('IIK8TER COUNTY IMCOI'KHTV FOII MLB A1I) TO RKIfT. rflkndid keescii Roof house at vnx ker* to let ?Ouly $l."a>; near depot. YOU.M vNS, AL;ent. Voiikera. \i Fremont?to let, for ti o, ^ l\k.;e, ii am> aome brick lloii*o 14 rooma. ^a* and w.iler, with aix cit> l:ii? and I-'OO.I-,t.lido, tliree inlniite^- walk from depot; location l>o?t ill Tremont. Apply to HL'OII N. CAMP, lo'J Broadway, or J. I'llOS. STEARNS, Tromont. ^rniu: fAsii.r." at TaBRTTOWN, TO rent? X Fully *i?tf nir?ly fnrnished. f??r the summer, or will bn to h desirable tenant tor on* or more veur*. Kor full nfommtion ?nplr to owner, No. >ilI Mro;ulwny. r() LKI-I'MiTLV KUKM.sHKl), KoK SKA SON OR year, ('otta^e, benutilully KittiaieJ on Long Inland lomiii. Addr?*n? S.. 4:< Mil is. A rO LRT AT H\K, WI.STl'HI*.STKR Cor.NTY. COT tupu. In tornplute order nine rooms), half ml acre of and, fruit nnd ?hade; convenient to depot. UAVBiM'OllT, lBt Kroadway. = TO LET?TWO MINUTES' WALK FROM MELROSE atstlon. a Home, containing aix room* litrnlahed. with Beater, raarblo mantola. gaa and fixture*; pleaaiint garden and burn . rent $rt00 per jear App'y at corner ?f I6|at at. and t'ouriliind av . or at pltimbiui; shop 58S, Weal lUtli at.. New York. PKOFERTV OiT 1IIK CITY POll SAXtB OK 'to RENT. \ ?BAROAIN?TVYO STORY t'OTTAtJE, ONE ACRE; a flue view of th? ?ee?>. ; a retsoii ?t?t'on, StBt?n island Railroad ; coat ^ i O Xi; ?? 1 t r liaU mort^acB. S. It. B..1CK. Htaploton, H. I. Tt"si.\\ IWMi.liTON. -ro l.i.i-, K UK.SI SURD AND f\ unliirnislicd ni dern llouae*. adapted to mcrciiBnt'l eaideuce ; cliarujiut; location; near ferrv W A HARDI.Vii. 3in Broadway. IX t" I'll' X!\ i'ARM. 12', ACRES; BUILD [V inp*. Irnit, br -ok ; near vlllane, .eniinary. lake, depot; ?I) H,W); kargiln, OLIVKK. IP Brnadway, V t'( >TrA('? K ON Till: SHREWSBURY RIVER TO I t\. rent lo- the auinm -r; beautifully *ltuat?d; rlrcr front; I tleKautly furniahed throughout; innneci.iio no. ea.ioii. For further partlculara ad lreka, POSTMASTER, lli|{lilaiid*, KonmouUi ro. New .leraev. \ T PIERMOX I, To REN r FOR $5<oT TEN MINl l ES | v i* k Irom Sparklll depot: a lieaunriil country Sent, ritli 2 acre*; line view ol lluilaon. IIUOII N. CAMP, I f.2 ISroodwav; or.I. t;. MAU.dBY. Nyack. V?OR.tNlik U'U'NTY STOt'K AND DA IRY FARMS, ? ^24 acre*, with half mile truck, ut Middletown; p<mk| i tulldinna. Wilier and Boll; P.HS.IX*): al*o 211 ncrra. near ata fon, fair liulld nx*. keep 4'? cow*. $lil ()U0; 7"> acre*, near ! Sosheu,fW.lKHV FL'LLERTON A OO., 1)22 Broadway. UOHNER STOHK AM)" OWBt*UKO TO UtlC | Stable connectiu:r; land; near llarrett'a. Port Rich mond, s I. I ii -1 ii i re, lor ?uo week, of JOS. COtillElll'N, Brower lion e. 2S;h at. and Broadway. T K? ?H II.LK AND MONTOLAIR (W ATOHVM 1 itetioii)?Twi? new mut el??j;Mnt lurjfe I>welllnif8, erected lor sumni r or wintor re-?denc? ?*, with all improvementu of cltv dwelUne*; one half acre of Land: near station; rent, ; F4 tiUatid^*""; wiii sell at h bargain, or exchange fur ??!t^r ( ImprurrU I'r-iportr: both lieu ol encumbrance. U. G. HEN Nl'.T, 111 Broadway, room II. t'KATONAH. KUTV \rHfc KAHM; rUL.NCI! KOO? Ifmtae, 1 * room?; aprInsf water, larjre lawn, lofty ma- j llc?. lilp't el ration. b?a?itlhu landK ij?e?; nanr depot, two } sburcli ?*. two ?eit? ol?; s*tn.*11 Uke. Cr ?tou Kiver, ?<jc.; will : Mil 15. -tior ?"?<) acrcii at * linr^-un ; jio humbui;; it not sold ' t?r .Inno 1, will rent bouse, Ac., for summer boarders or ! private '?mlIr C. W. AN hliY, Owner, or C. ii.OLl\KK, | ItfJ Broaiiwnv. \? av- ? V.-ill, li.M.AX I n> M IT?; UI-.NC1I HOOK ? Honse, II rooiua; ??lor. ?aa, rauirc. lumace; beautl 'ullr papered and painted; Plushlnc, near depot; price It^UU. VlLU^JI I.' AY ITT,owner, IU I'inc at, ABM COTTAGE, PI BPBCT OKM. NKAK XoKTII siIukIC S. I.; two lnt?, l?o iIm; attic ami cellar: Irnlt. Mow. ?rs; 9J,,VJU; utnii r?t,r. ImRIIIN. 80 BcMMMi Vh mtamfokd !?"anvi Vdk'salk?xiiat corfauk, good pain mill good view of the .sound; lor sale che.ip; lerms eaay. Addrrsa 3.1 Went 47lb ?(. MOtWfKY SK \Tfi AM? COTTAiiKS TO'KEST?POR \J the iiimnier it longer. Printed litts ran be had at Not S Pine ?l K. H. LlTJLnW A OiX moixiky not si:.- is A .L i.oi-ui??.<>Tni> <?r all docrip'ion* fnrnlshed anil uitturulslie I, t<> rent. lOlIN 8. tW&.N, 3D ,\i*?]4U at, room 17. N It.?Houses ?anted. tHIOR KEXT-A SMALL COTTAIIE iKItHTf ROOM. fullv and coinlntahly furnished, dellubtfnily situated it New Brighton. Statcii island; rent moderate to a cnreiul wuam lor tlie aumuirr mouths. Aildrcss II. X. A., liox 140 Herald office. fipOK ("ALfc?.V SMALL PAKsTABOl~r~?TINK At:itES, at Tallin uia depot, near Suffcrns Koikiand coaaty, N. V; with dwelling House, gianerv, and larao g:eenli u?" In working order, towla, Ac.; healthy location; land good; ? ultible lor truck buaiii??? or country re?idi n-e : It t, 000; can Ii ve |KaK?loli immediately. Address MMtltll'T, lallmwis. X V. J" poh^aLk-7r "TlaTrpirl r>. V ,i.-a tiRocKu* 1 Stores one of the l>nt in the city, doing a drat elasa trade; irci'?d rca?uii> eiv n for telling- f or particulate cell tt lij^ Wet ?! , -Iter I 1 i> c;?>ck this d?y hMOR HALR?A. PINK AND I'LR tbAXtl.Y ^Tt unled Country S"at, In Urcenwich. I'onn,; tlir house (new) contains l.> handsome rooms with splendid view, ? ilhcr to villug* or sound . the land, '.''a vcres, Includes vejj nab.i' garden, with all kind* ot Iruit trees. shrubs, Ac.; a ? ice lawn in front of the kraw; summer honae, barn ?nJ ?table, and a little grove In b i k . near to <l?poi and rinse to nil*.*, price $14,1*10. Apply at the owner1! place, A. ..loKi.h, i.reci: *1-I-, ('. nn f"?OK SAI.K OR HI 1.1.1-1% WISH KX, OKAXuK ? ' county, X. Y.. a Una Kesidence. containing 11 room*; water in boom bathroom. Ac.; piaaras and bar windnwa; barn, two acrei of land; rholce trull; Ii .a scenery; i ?ry healthy ; two houra Irom New York lir l-.ric Hallway; lira tnlnutra' walk Irom depot; price to ?nil the tiiur*. Apply to W. t!. BHOMfk, Waited Matet Bspraaa vfltee, H'J Hr^ad way. Sew Yor*. ("TbKVT rtACKU'lt'K. ?t-'Ot'NTKY BKAT OK 2? A^RK*. J baautiliilly situated, tru miiiutei' uaik from railroad nation, thirty miuntea I' m Philadelphia and t.'entenaial Bulldluca; hand ome modem maun n. ha I and 1.1 hue Mum*, beaatiluily nmahed, high le lnio. piar> ? Ironi and b fk . drliciov* u ater m hottae : croumU around Imuw ftII< d with Choice n<>w?r>, ehrubiicrr. eliade and loaaiurntai tree* ; tenant houee. lea house, poultiy haaee, Ktai uiiif, Ar.; tpleadid waoda, l eautiflil ?tr. am. batlilai: and liihlai;, irraat variety ot dn.iee It nt a?nara ua ..j.l a kivi-i* apot. a l?r tune In takiua Ooardara. 1.anil var> ni h. *altab!e lor trnek Ine and emalT fruit*; t -.'V i |>er year can be made, prtca only terma, half caah, halatc ea?y. Trains rnn 4irert to t eatennlal limamle; fare eer.i In ? T?ki H A vl. train (mm loot of I Ineriy ?< . Xaw York. New Jrrte.i tlm trsl Kaiiroan. to liethiebeiu. Pa., thrre take North PenaivU eeaia railroad Wi Nnrth tValee. Pa., arrna an. nt I o rim k ; taa return same af.ernwon Ia<|uire at l.ukau'a Hotel, North Walea, tor O. WALKKK. 0-ibbVkwi? h ~bivkrmiub:?cV?i xtry iiuxp.s r f. r sale and reel, luruUhed aud uufurnnhed; cirrulai* J. ATWAfRlt. KlveralJe. tlouu. URO BKA.VOH.-LAllOK HOt'HR, KL'KRISIIBO. H mile irom wean, 4 acrea; shada treei. fruit M apHIHHI kinds, stable , rent IjUO fur aeaena or year. Addiosa or ap ply sw K. A. t LAKK. at. nt 1,0114 IIr? 1 ? h. o.xrtT.aih," >k vxiti. not x 1 viv.'vAisi i rv~o? farniai.e.l llouara, season or year. iiUWK k I'All gVM8, 7U t'edsr at. Oi:ll 1HTU? x,~X. J.?KBrll>BX<;Ktf TO BBRT AN U lor sale ; I arms to exchange J D. COX PICT. Ji Pine at. S~ TUB HUI SD. A I .XOKOIOS. -i l.K,, \> r Bl'M mer and wirier lleaid'nre, alth mwlera iinproiumrnu; 2n acrea ander 8ne cultivation; carriage, cow, tool and ica hoaaea; garden,?r'? cottage and hennery; choice hull in aknadanre: price. >1, ?.? rental waul,| e*. rhaiiue n-r Improved city property. PUTTEtt BROIIIKKH. Ka 4 Wanea at. Ov m". >1 HOPE, MVh MIBl'TBM PRO* THr.MORT elation. Oil liarleni Kallroad, iS? Ifotu 4-d at depot? lurmah'd il,.n?*, ia rootaa. h*t and e?id water, nalh and cloaet. K?a, uirnai - ;, hennery; trnua. n t? laarn and aarlea; r^nt ?l<??pir mouth. Apply tot. C. UU6L.NRt.Hir, ?B prenil<e>. or Warr?n af.. New \ork DKOflMAbl WILL HI-. KEt B1YKII L'Xfll. Jl S! I 1 oaa of the m"ai deairabla t oimtrj t'lacea on ilu Ii u I on ; don't fail in loos alter this II yen wlah to buy. hmt uarticuiari address box HOI 1'oat ottcc, Hudson, R. \, PROPERTY OCT OF TUB riTTf FOR MALK OR ?) RKNT. ]?> A>oN > Hi.K i.KM-Cti|'.\Ti:Y SEAT; N tr JKR ll tlior tnrnisbed , 'i" lultiatea fioiu New York; i,. er station; I'.' nvma, e\ten-i"a; la?n. vMr .ru. a'.mnd Urinc.'ol liuit. hae views, boeiiiiK .1 M-,' > M I I K IHWAITF.. 10 I'm# at. fpo I.KT vsTokia?ctrrTAGB. II ROOM*; WATER, ' Vairr. rauir*. Irtill ami veer tables; key at C. W. hall .rr .?*. Main at. ammU. rpo lEt-an elegan rcodstrt skat, furnished 1 or unlumi*h.-d. lu New Roche'le, vrllU all tuod'-rn c'ty liupr. ill I'll I ?; lUlttlltl :*> III I >? II l "a from 42d at.. by Now Haven Railroad Address JACOB CALI'EVIER. on the premiere. . I r[Vj LET-THE ORoYE COTTAGE. ONE-HALF MILE 1 above McMahon'a hall mile tim k ?m the <iUI Coney I* alul road; tlx* barr.xim is completely luroiilioi unit iwn ?t'? ol i|imi Mimauiil the hotel; Ibisplaco will be hired ai leaaonable term*. Applv m K li c UitRAN, corner Ruy* t Itloiiil ?t. and FUlbueh kv., ilrooktvn. fpo~LkT?it rilMUSO, L. 1, A HEA FtIFUL RE#. I idence, coiner Lindeu ?v. and Mat* at , enenp at $ ' V. will be let lur tlOi. Apply vo li. G GREUti. No. 1 iiowcry. rpo LET KI lt.M-.IIKD Oil P ARTLY SO. A NEAT ' I i Uajtv ; s rooms. -table and carriage house, cberriee, entrant* and La*tou blackberries: excursion and commu tation tickets low; situated at Spring \ allay, Rockland county. Mew York; will ba let low. a* the owner hu taken * large uuariiiojt house lor tbo summer: price fci i?!r month. Apply to or addresa J. \V. TEN E?l it. .-ipriutf Valley, V \ To let?furnished, part of a farm house. comainlnt:?*? room*. 5 minutes' walk fiotu Nurthwuo'i depot. Addraai box 4Hi Post oftu-e, PlaluCeld, N. J. rpo i,KT--fi)R i IIk si-.askn". \ n11'i- I.v i'i i;ms111:D J. Country Residence, at IrviiiKton on ilie Hudson. within three minutes' walk of tbo depot, A perfectly satisfactory fnaut eau make hia own terms aa to rcut. Address box 46ri I'lmt office. I rpo lkarb?on m7m av.. oppositk ;Ti"k maTn L K&hibuion buildiug. a Urtre ??cond story Kooin. vuitw- ! Me for a billiard room; Also ? * igar Sttiiid. Add re J. ! CLAY rou i'j ??i?, booth 4th ifc . PlriltdtlphU, Pi , io7j RKNT ; ojc r \i.M. i:km \ w in purchase. Apply at Union Lrajpio Club. CASII.-A VKKY KICK COTtAoX 7'RO?'5sj i O'-Jv/w full l0t, grnperlea, Ac.; irood ne'uli .orliomi, n ar iie|Hit. ICIIt.ibetliport, N J.; price. alio llouae?, with , l.ot, .5x100 feel. OI.IKVj (I. I.V I. #^,0 ?, (3,:<0ll; loriu. to anil. K H. KHLI.(.No. j liioadvtay. mornlDira; lot 2d | Ik. Eliiabethport, iNmmNIi I A - rjin -kasv i'vymkxts; t.i mInutrb FROM j ??*)??'''", ?w York; Swlna Mouaa, 11 room*; tinlalicd i natural wooda; cardan; flue new. ? J. PlSllKK SAtrBKTIIWAITK. I'J Pine ?t. RKAJL. KSTATK TO tSXCHASGB. An i; rOVS ST(Try FrivatC tfWUXTSS on iK'th at , near the 1'entral 1'nrk to eaclianica tor i M athlnxion IIdicIiii or nearby liudion Hirer property. /ITTKL, 1.02B He av. / 1(>' NTBY PL.ACR WABTBD?IN SKW JKR>E) ; ! V, "J alory and attic liouae, lu to IK rooma, convenlencea on Jir?t, mod*'rate raluc. unencumbered. In e.NCliaug* lor , Krmikl) n Property, frue and cl>-?r ; atute price, location und lull pnriieulnr?. Addreaa H.. 4S0 Franklin av., Brooklyn. T\B?1 RAMLK IiL ?INKh8 HRurBIUY ON UEUAWAltE | J f Kivor, unencumbered, of arrea Lund, one ntoro, three Teiivmeut llou.te.a, Cooper, Shoe onu Tin Shop. A'"., for anle or exebauae lor Kami or MercUauiliae, for t'ouuty Tra<li'or l it* Ke^ii Kitaie. Aildreat 6AML'liL U. tiMlI'll, , Klatiir iokviile, .N. J. f>X?:ilANtii:-A FACTORY PROTEUTtTTN'soUTnEBM J j road ol Louk lilaml. .Maelitnerv, Ac J. O. HOYT A SON. 171 Brosdwav. Farms?western lands; kuknitukk! caint. INtlS f$ll*Ni. country neat; tule or excliuui;a. O. l;EEH, I7?I i ui'.on St. WOB sal;: or kx> hanck-tmi-; ki kV;an? cm n" r try !~eat at Hyde Park, on the eaet bank of the lludnon, i known ?? the "Miior Lowry" property. comainiiiK 124 acrea ol choice land, wltli nnni|tialled river views and over a half mile ol rivor trout; laryo atone manalon,eleiran'ly turniahed; brick birm. atablea icehouse. lodjre, billi'trd liouan ; norsea, carrlacca. harnnsn. Winona and farml.iK implement*; tola properly i.? Irce and clear, ami will be exchau^ed lor New lorkcity property not heuvlly nun tffnircd. J. C, CLINTON, S5 Liberty at. I" >idVATK RBsiUENOK. FURNISilKI> KLKOANTLY. lor aule or excba'iito Tor payiut; Securities Addreaa OWNER, box 7.'?S 1'oat oflru. rpo Kxriiangk-kok 8.'.aoo w'ortii ok rkaiTeku 1 tate anil cmli a coud paying liuaiueaa. WAR REN, lil.VKa.t I.MIi at. u M.M'I VUI.KKII LOTS, WITH SOME CASH. IO * exchiiuno l"r Liquor or Keetanrwnt Huainaaa. 1 arncu laraat IIAKF NEY A SMITH'S. 17 Centre at. AV MNT TOGET A eori'AiiE \T LONi; BRANCH , 1^ " for p?..d city I roperiy. Nou.' uriucipala need ad driaa J. F.. Herald I ptown Hranoli oBice. | KEAL ESTATE WANTK1). /.BKBSWOOI. I'K.MKTKRV^ LOT O full pnrll Ulart nnd prio?. h. LUMLNU MAUaa, Hroadway, room 7. "r* \l'AM'TEXAS LANDS; WRITE OJ?'? \V price, locality and chain ol title, MNt\ARDA , Kl NDithO. lock box 877 (inlvcMon. Texaa. VNTKO?A 00U?TRV PLACE OF ABOIJT FIVK AV " iicre? inn healthy Ijcotlon and about ? mile lr itu depot; old fashioned houae aud outbuildink*?; price AitJress bv letter, with full p .rtlculara, LNUX A I WOODWARD, ft* WlllUm at.. NewYock. .... ? | TO LKT F1?H HISIMOS.^ PhHWklti jpTNW^nLli)iNnrtproof Located ou Naasau, Ann nnd Fulton at?. 1 lrtt Floor to lot. auitabte for bankera. iuaurmice offlWii ?r lawyers Will be let toiretberor in parta; be altered to ault tciinnth if denired; adaptc.i tor offlcaa or atorea. lleaaouable renta. A,a. aome TllK^VuKMlSRa Take the elevator. Inquire lor Janitor. l.iail KROAPWAY; the SOUTH STORE AD ? Joining the elegant eatabliahmeiit of Muie. Rallinxa, plat'* iiloai front, oppotlte the Steve a Houae. Apply ou the premise* between 10 and 2 I'. M. A STOCK !(? LET. 1*15: V KEST \YRANT and FOUR ! Room,. KltANKKuRT HOI>E, aoi Vllllani ?t. I CHANCE FUR ANY BUSINESS I'KRSoN.?TO V let a handsome Store and Uaaement; plate irluas win <i >?s, Ac.; next to O'Neill'* *hoe store, corner ^totli at., and 4th av , at a low rent; a xood *tan<l lor lailiea' underwear, or j a Kentleman'a hat store. Apply at O'NEILL'S, UOtb at. aud 4th av In REE RENT THIS MONTH -LOW KENT. LAItliB j 1 House aud Store, J<1 tireenwicb av.; new allow window; j newly painted. Seen morninga. OFFICES TO Uif.-LOW-VERY DESIRABLY LO cated, opposite Cit? Hall; no reaaouabie oQer refnaed. Iu<|iiirtt In store ?J41 Broadway. Saloon"t<t lkt^wrTiii"Tixtcrbs or without. Call at prcniisci No. ?5:i Park placa. QTEAM POWER. WITH LIGHT ROOMS, TO LET AT i jj 106 West U7th at. liM|tlirtt oa tbo pnmlioii CTIIKE TO LET 040 RTII AV, NEAR HST1I ST~ I O suitable for Causy ortarnlaklng. Apply en pra*Seeik T"~BBEEWrOKY ANI> CEl.LAii III II.DlNti 314 FRONT I at to let; well lighted; suitable for luauitfaclurlnK, Ac.; Belt liue oars pais the door. EDW ARDS. 414 Water at. TO LBT-AN OFFICE ON ~ SECOND" FLOOR AND \ the entire fourth door at 105 Water st. mo I.BT-A DENTISTS 0FF1C8, BLBOAXTLT 75% i 1 nishod. near otb av.; alao sleepiut; Room If required. a-i West ?d st fro LET THE oT.D hTASD NO. tU 8L'LTVAN ST.', JL Willi thr Dwellinif, to one party : STUOanu water. IIIOMAS W MARSHALL. I,4U1 Broadway. rivT ~leT?a hocti>k'S ofi ice, nicely PclT 1 nishvd; liaa been a doctor's oRice for 1U yeara 5S West S't'i at. rpo lkt? basement, to "fekt db.ep, plenty A ot 11ic'.itin rear and trout. No. -:0> tlth ay.; aultabie for ? printer or hat pre seer. Inquire at OJ 7tli av. Vitater F-bont stores and vacant lotb,be i ? tween tirand and Honaton atreot lerrira, with car lines to all paru ol tl>* . ity . three story Riiiidinr, J'JxSO; alao Moors. EDWARt'S, 414 Water at. 4 LARGE-nIZED Lofts To LET? i.vyL IRK at 25 1 niton, corner ot Watrrst. /?/?- -III W -;??:! . BAfKMKN l AMI aI'arT *)') I nients; ?een S:Jl? to 111. s. RICH, 74 Murray st. 1)WKU1>U HOt 9KB '1 *? mil. Fii in tall I'll. A T fU5 AND BOARD FOR OWNER?HANMOXKLY 1V ruri.Lhml four story brown stone, ne ir 31th -t.; good clianoe. a. B. LiOoDaLE, No. 5 W rat 23d at. (Mlth Avenue Hotel). * i #1.5 TO f -I?) A MO.\rir-tlAN))8i >M ELY fVtt . V nUlieU four itory brown ntuuo lion*?*. in choir* local! tie*. W Il.l.l AM ri CKKU. -'.<J .>th ??. MDkRAY II11.U?ri'KNISHKD h6usrT RENO- I vmI ><l. In perfcat Tiler; own r will board If itcur-J. llri-por.alhle imrtloi it|'ply to \. IJAILKY, (WO ? >t U a v. qEvEkaL HXb KUEVIslFki? iIOt SK.V Nut" ON OI K ! i - prltled li?t. will l<a reulad to Brtl claw families visiting me rlty llili lurarar'. K. II. LI'DI.OW ,V CO., Atrentn. So. Jl Pino ?i. o~< i:Ly ~~ri bmsiiko hiuu Stoop limn? <>n Writ >id at., not June tu October; rent v-rjr rei'onable in ? private lamiiy. M. h. MVKU> A St?N, 01 l'ronilway, rru kkjfrTTrliN is he o-a virylaSiik uTil- sii i.v I II2d ??. nf tr .>th iiv. , for a lioarolnxliouan It cauuot be ivi?ile(t Apply to KIKKlt A CO.. j9 l.iberijr ?t 1 /\ KAsT WTH ST.. MKTWKEN .Mil AMI MaUIxiv iV ?t*. ? Ne**ly p.uut.'tl an i lurniabe>l throaehoni; liuid K.nie lioono, witli *11 > <nvt*nleucei, bulb on each Uuvr; ; retainable Kriui; riltrNM t nlnrnbHrd t first clash roira stort bkotyx stonr J - V 11 OHM. OB 44th >L, to let. Kor permit apply at illtf W nl Sllli it. I TWO aMD A IIALK ?TT)|7y~ AX"o H tSKMfcVT 1 ^ 1 llou?e. twelve ro.iu? end ill imnrov> mettle, lo let. .V4 I4>i K. HI K.MIA M. iui lindmn ?l. HOl!HK TO LKrTl4~k<ll>M-, N K A It II iiaIiYVAY"; ft' ii Kr*nhi'<n H ut, JUL' William ?t. Mr SMITH. I UAIUTXI N ?flIKEh STi II. V II If. II STOOP iioi:*r j V nl? f rrm . near llrtadway; rierllcnl, ccntrtl tieijfbfcarltuou: m<d*ra .'mpruvenietiM; pcrleei order. I'oT Ti-.K MuotllKHk, N?. 4 WafTen at. ? i fi.HUk-iTA.iOMiMfa; 11 > i i; s to Kir brown . V itour llom ?. on .?>i.i ?(., near I'ark a*. william TICKER, ttOfeha*. \ IIM.Y rOR V VERY I'i.-IK \ lll.l, Ki ll ule loarMury high rtwp iltplllnit, eirmmilv located ? ? 4tHh ?trert, pttmltl at Noi. 4 I'lUr ami M . I.n?t ITtli at. Y". K. .M'hVhN?l?>, Jr. | BROWB wfuKB HOC4K to LKT?AT kSolcI'.D ; ftit, l^.i M'wt fllil m. | Brar Elevated Railroad. Ap ?".? ?' ? ? CT.STKNMaL mm..iai.>" I ) KKoM I'HILADKI.PHlA TOIHT. Tilv (il'KXIMi ok THK EXIIIBITIOR. Fl'LL KRKORlit Of i IIK DAY'tf 1'KOtiUAM.VR, BY artl'IAL WlKtC, iu til** KVKMSli TKLEORA*. "Lvm RKNT?tiirkk kTiThV HKOWM STOXK; r 'Inel> Ironcoeii; all improvriuenit; (oration ??r* de ilrahle. Apply lo J. A. 8 Park plMe, Hew York. Mt'KIAY U11X..TIHEH STORY HIOM ST(?OP ; br .n <t n H?9M,Mar Park a< . $1,4>? t. Apply lo ?WM>r. 142 Kati STtli >t. UIYBRAL dk>ikahi.k OUrVMMHKO llol'SE^ TO I IJ rt til, wltlt linaiediaM pmaeaalon, at l?w rale , revtied llatiaow ready. K. II. L.Cl>LuW k CO.. .No. a Pine n ^po LET?i<MA 1.1. Rol'SK. 11 ROOMS, fl# LRXIROTO.X 1 a?.. rompir.e on.rr. J??t priaiea thrau|r.><>?t; oom# ! open; ?ern II ;>> il without p^rtult rpi? I.Kl i ins' i: OK WD ST ANIl :;!> aY.j RK>T ! 1 *4.1 aid water THOMAS W, NaRaUAI.U, 1,4911 1 Broadway, uear \J4 iu , DWRlalal.MG HOl'NES TO LET. Vufurniihrd. rpo LET.-A THRKK STOKY. BROWN 8 TO KB, HIGH I >u?<p Hviiw tu (43d st., near Lexington av.. in cam ineie order. ? < rent to suit. Apply tu U. G. UREOli, No. 1 Bontrv, ur l,ri|H 3d av fjio CSt^tiik "kleoaxt ii ii ;7i" st< iSFSSSPCBE 1 ?, * fi! Wlh >l , ? lew doors Irnm Broadway. 61b or 7tl> m?? : iliu mufti desirable location j?.? --ibi?? . painted ill oil throughout; to a Oral class tenaul. $l.'w*J a vear. ED. II MaUTINE, l.aui Broadway. O RENT. INK I- It NI SHE D^ON E OF VhS >BST IT onset In 4!th st.: ii '/ft feet front; finished In hardwood all throujrli: rani to ftuit the timet; p .taeteion at unco. Ap ply to ItlKKK A CO.. U Ulirrir nt. T Central Park ; city and country combined; ,0 goat ??'< Rooma; Improvement; very targe yard. Apply at No. I lo Kmi 54th at Fl KVlMlKD ltO()M!> A\n AFAHTMEMTS Tt> LIT. A CHEERFUL, FURNISHED ROOM; ALSO HALL J V IliHim; every convenience; rent to talt tbe times. Kiu? block. >&:< West 18th ,-t. \ IHV. LAROE BOOMS. FOR GENTLEMEN: OAS' A b ill. cloaets; rent moderate. 224 24 av., near 14th *t? "private"PA>111.V HAVE TWO CONNECTING Booms, nice I v furnished, to let to one or two gentle men. IHTWcrtWii DBRIHABLE ROOM OR ROITBt KoiniENTL/? men wliu appreciate an elegant, ouiet bome, without board La?t I4;h at. A A FRONT SIITINO ROOM AND ALCOVE HKUROOJI* furnished for hous Keeping nt '.'III WmI 47th at., two oooss Iroin Hroadway. Kent low to a p ?rnumcnt jptirtv T "PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A SECOND STORY JV front X'Mim. Iiamlsoruoh furnished, wishes a perma nent occupant. SB stuyveaant ?t FLM5NI8HED R!)OM AND REDROOM HUITABLB for two gentlemen or light housekeeping; running witter, tus, clothes itawM, te !trj 7th a*., near Jl*t at. A HANDSOMELY F V UN IS H E D~ F ARLOR. WITH 1V He attached. with tall convenienceft. to gentle men only, withcitt board. 131 Baal 17tb at., neur Irving piace. A LADY MAS" NICELY FURNISHED ROOM8 TO let tu ladiea ur gentleni' n. 01 East 25th at. LaTuTe porn IbTieD ROOM, ASSOCI ATION Building, corner . Jul at. and 4th av.. for n\ montlit from May 1; km and watar. For particulars apply at office ur studio No. 8. D t STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT J\ handsomely furnished Rooms for honsekeepinr or to gentlemen. 3il5 Weal 5t)th St., near Broadway and Elevated road. Broadway, northwest corner" 880 ST.-TO let, five "r mur" nicely furnished connecting Rooms, nil roiiti'nleneea for liuuaexeepiug; pleasant apartments. Particulars No, 7 tt i st 32d at. Best location down towm.?handsomelt lurniftlied Rooms: hot and cold water; bulb, gas and newly furnished throughout. 12- Knsi loth at. ES1RAHLK PURNIMTbTT ROOMS PoR~i;1TnTLR men. without Hoard, in a first class nouae. 84 Wast ?J ih at.; choice locations. IjLEiiANT mutMUB ROOMS TO LET?TO GEN. j tlenion only; foreigners preferred; priTate family. 1'.'7 Eaat 10th at. Iriornirhrd rooms for omLnoR^riryino place, opposite Westniinater lintel. tpURNISHRD NEATLY FOR HOtT8RKRRt*INO?PAR I |nr, two He'irooma nud Kitchen; second lloor, fronting H|h m.. $111 weekly. illKi Wcat ^'^tli at. I" I'tTRNIRHBO-TO OKKTLEMEV, WITHOUT BOARD lar.eRoum; pantries, water in; $4. Also Uallroom; gaa: reference. 32S West 15thSt. Furnished or" 1*nVrknisiied rooms to lbt. for pan and wile or gentlemen, at 141 Hudson St.. lio bokon, N. J, IpURNlSHRD AND VKroRHlRHRO ROOMS TO LBT, to genilemeu or gentleman and wife; waier in rounia. U'ftit Weat 2oth at. I^UUnVshKm Rot>>H~fo~LET?LAROE AND SMALL, I ' single or whoto Hoor. 1HJ Weat 3fith St. InURNIKHED.ROOMS FOR UKNTLRMRR. ATPLY AT 121 South Uth at., I'hlladelphla. HANDSOMBLY FURNISHEI) ROOMS To LET-TO gentlemen, en aiiito or singly. So. S St. Mark's place. HANDHOMELY ?UliklSIIKD ROOMS TO LBT?EN suite or singly, lo geutlemen and thair wives; Ho.ird forlailv only: near Elevated Railroad. Address HOME, ? box It*) Herald I'ptnwn Branch olhre, HOROKEN, N. J -PCRNISHBD BOOMS. IN a llr>t claas honae, to let, to a few gentlemen or gentle- < man and wile; H>mlnutra t'roin the. ferrv; terms moderate; i rufer?iico? exebunged. Address E. C., box 1 V>, Herald oftiee. VTEW AND BLBOANTLY VORMTSHBD ROOMS, WITS i.1 batli. hat Hud cold wat?r. to rent, without board, to gentlemen only. In ft small private family, near ,14th St.. convenient tu tlirea lluos Of cars. Address E., Herald l'p town Branch oflicc. I-)AItT OP FTRNtsiTEfT PRIVATE HOU8".-BASE- j tucnt. aecoinl and fourth Bours, with use ot parlor. In n small family of adnlts, 87tli at., between 0th and 6th avs.; 1 beat reference required. Address HOME, box 110 Ueraid Uptown Branch office. t.K A SAN T " "FIT HNISHRD FRONT KOOM FOR : housekeeping; also Hedroom for gentlemen ; low rent. 11 Watt st. ?TBVBM> Hi ILDINO. tlTO ST. AMD BROADWAY.? \ Handsomely ftirnlshad or nnlurnlsbed suit of Parlor :tn-i Bedroom ; cncloaed hall and bath; Broadway frout; fli?J I ywntii suit No. lis. QPLBND1D "ESBUR WELL PORNIMHBD FRiTnt Rooms, for housekeeping or light hnainesr: water and Sas; lent $5 to ?7 per week; splendid location, l.ftll) roa iway. near With st. SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR TO LBT. and single Rooms, In a sni'ill brown stone hon?u "3 Frospact plsci*, corn* r of Eaat 4!ld st. TO LBT-A KICBLT furwisiibd BACK PARI/OR and lied Room, adjoining, or 'h? same Rooma on second Boor of large private house. 231 East lltli St.. near 2d av. TO LET?I.N A FIR>T < LASS HOUSE (PiilVATE FAM ily), a large or small Room, furnished or nnfurnished, to a single gentleman. No. 173 Macdougal at., near the Hre voort. rpo I.ET-TW'i VERY NICK ROOMS, WiTII HREAK I fast. If desired; Broadway aud 7th av. cars pas* the door. Apply at 71M 7th av. TO LET, PURnTsHED -I!Oo"mS FOK LiUHT housekeeping; newly furnislied and emnplately rrno vated; also single Rooms. 3UU West 25th ?t. TO F.KNT-A FURNISHED ROOM ojf SECtlND floor, for one or two geuilemen, without board, at 213 Weat 40th st.; family private ; references given and required. FOR " VERY PLEASANT" KURN ISMKD " IlALL C-J Room, third floor; bath, Ac.; private residence. 320 East 14th it., near 2d av. &) TO ?H.-LARt}E ROOMS, GAsT !*RIVATK RFSL V-J denca three doors from Washington square I'ark. 148 Macdougal st. CTS AV.', NO. 140, OORBBR ' l#TH ST.?A OBNTLE ? ' man ocrupying tbia residence alone will let elegantly furnished Suits of live to six connecting npnartmenls; verr complete; or large Rooms to single gentlemen; all lighted and ventilated from three aides. BAST ?? ST.?BMTiRB RBOOKD FI.ooR, ELE gantly furnished, to let without hoard; engagements made In advance for transient parties; duo restaaiant sccoud door; refereutet. P s UWEST 2CT1I ST.. FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY St. James Hotel.?Elegant Rooms, en suite aud single. i"q~West SStTi st.T opposite st. jambs AO llotel ? Newly furnished l'arlur and Bedroom, on second florr. to let, without board, in Brit class house; | best references. 26 WEST .t5t?l ST.?COMFORTABLY FURNISHED I Rooms, lor gentlemen only, convenient to all the rart and elagea. and good rest.tutanta in the imuiediate vicinity; | house tirat class in every respcct and pricee reasonable to > deaira le parties. ?y 4 WEST 1 2TII_Vt. ? fr rNIS11EI> RsToMS TO LET. ?Vt without board; permanent or trauaient; terms moderate. I |4)H 8T. l:? WKSr.-DESIR MII.K ROOMS^ WITH 'x ** first cleas Board, iu an American family. Also table ' Board. 41 EAST OTH ST.-IIANDSOMELY FURNISHED "t Rooms, cn suite or singly, without lioard; rent mode rate to permanent parties; rcferruce required. 17 west -WTH ST.?IN i RIV.VTK 'HOUSE. EXTRA l I large hall Homu, r.'inpletely furuished; bouts and appointments first elaas; gentlemen only. It)') EASl' Mill ST., NEAi: 6B.A.N D "CENTRAL w') depot.- Rooma, furnished completely for housekeep ing, for small families or single gentlemen; rent #."> to Br week. Apply on tbe premises or to W. S. UAVEY, 4S eecker st ? IRQ WEST l.VTH 8T.-A WIDOW LADY HAM HAND- | *JU toiuely fnrnl?li*d Rooms t?Id to gentlemen or lartlea. j ?>?>1 WMT SO ST., KEAR 7TH AV.?TOE niiilicd Himmi en snitt or tepiirately, witliuat ' board : l?rm? moderate. j /? - 6ill A\ . FIRST FLOOR ( RKI8I1RH, A I tart* front P?rl?r and Bedroom. Jleen any time. j vrtfuiVxis 1 iku him?.hs ,y\i> apart MKSTN I?> T. -LOWER PARTS OF TWO IIOI'SKS TO I.ET: j ? front mid buck Parlor*. Extcnaion liedroum. front and 1 11 in*It Ha?-ment; hall Bedroom on second floor; f\% fixtures, j linth. stationary tnb?. wardrobe ?, Ac ; ?:t-'? uud $!."? per ! month. i:Vi Kant ilMil., near Lextiiirtan ??. First floor ani>ba.?kmentT kioht or i rltveu roorat. to let,?>'.i Urn lu'tli ?t. . and water. ? HI'UN H AM, KUli Hudson nt. FIRST FLOOR \M> HA>hMi.NT, I IiillT KOOMM ?II improvement*, to let, *47 Writ lTtti ?t. BUKNIIAM. KM llldMMi t"^i/K?Hwao bait arm sr : six kooms, pan- I ttlee, water. Ac.: would dlvid* rnii floor fur (mall laml- i lies. . Apply t<> Wl I.LI AM I RUaLOW, 1ij hast ;?;th IV-, or | im th? prttalm. 11x13 t'riwlt. I tJM.doR TOLET f II I. \ l- :ti. N ! FOR LI OUT HOtfML i keeping, to a (mall famil) or a fmu dre?.Mii?ker. Ajp'y 1 at l^i Eexinirton av I/'RKMCH FLATS To RENT AT a SACRIFICkT"7 ! 1 moms on ftrit floor, ?? on next floor. lilnx Mcniid ball, ! 4 i.'West :Otl> M. Parlor floor ano bakkm k nt?pri aTfe I houM>; ill improvement*. 310 _inti at., near ya a?. fjVojLRT?IN v STONE inn MK. siiT WERT 1 .Vth ?t . a wcond Moor and two Room* on third; tent, f li i er month. mo LET ?A FLAT IN TIIK RKST ARM VNilED, BKfT I. kept U.m*e md cheapett rent, In New S ork: liallt li|iht-d an<i fartilrbM; r.iu-??t< rnrp.-t on stairs. Mirble mantles. ?tatlonxry ?.vh tub*, chaudellcr*, parlor, uliiln* r?<iBi. kitchen, i??Jro?nis. privat" water cloeew. lanitor to attend tn the hnurr; all lira for VI* n month Apply nu tlie premise*. IJ61H Sfd av., betwem OOtb and l* I at ?t*. rpo LET ? IN I HE NEW HI !L|)INt;s N 4TII W. 1 Corner ol H2U ?V, o?l> one tlr?t na?*. ileelrable Flat, at redocod rent; every conwn ence. Apply at I7i 4th a*. rrto LET-KI7 WERT IHTII .HT., To PRIVATE FAMILY X of adwlu, third Floor; rent fc'o a month; ail larire ro?m> and cloeelt; ? ater and aaa; reference required. rpo LET?TilK t'l'PER PART OF A ti! NTKEL FRAME 1 t?i u?e in Chti^loph r ?t.; mil) one oilier family in tli* hulM ; rent. $17 per month iIm Utrr Part of neat brick i hon?e in tirore ?t.; r. lit, $.'?J montb Inimre ol A. j TIIOMPdOM. No. :t-ll Bleecker it. I mO h T?PARLOR Kl.OtUl, \V!",'!I i,A-EMKNT ANI1 1 lour Eooui in attic; only other family in the hmi?o. 411 tteni IHlU it., near Elevated Haiir.iad. Kent low to pu?>d tenant. QOQ ?AST 14TH >T PARLolt A N P BASKM F.NT. ? )_</ with one liix>m exi a nit t?p fl.>ur, tn rent. ??*> per month, eery naitahlo '?r ? phyeteian. Al?a. in ami Itonti, Heeond Fi<mr iiiri.ngU. witu twe extra eu top Ooor; rest HU p. r mMi ? - HOC,,!8t rooms, 4fcC., WAilTBD. 0,?,r, 'un?t 'tirooklvn. ? C INt'LK UKNTLEMaN WaNTS comiortablr bf_,Vi ? on Msoad; wmrr nnl l.tlh ; uofurni.ln.i of j llrri'd ?ie*" ^ *V Atidr*"- with prie?. princk, tw2. *ifvtlt*k* want~two koompi" wfrnouT K. IWr.fto'ffl? a0t l? "C"*U ,7 P" "eek- Ador"? *? \vaiij!KI)?UKSK ROOM, west HID!-:'!! ROADWAY. dr,? lUU-KHV^^f 1 bruker'<f A<" \v'A^E|lIr'L S.MALL. UK.VTKEL HOUbE in GOOD w??*?<??? Add<??.? \V'Ai!iT,K"_uUY ?k.vtlkman and wipe, two rur nl??'e<" R'"'m? for Imhi hom-ck.-epiu*, up lows I* * ? '''j1""" f-ru"^ .0.1 hi>u>< muil be ifood^ ofHe? ' ??cbuuK?<i Ad lrt'M J. 11. D.. lier?lii w*f.T*?,ir.??UCi?8*- ;NOT UIOUER THAN 40TH .1 ' W Addr??? Mrs. HliOVVN, 14 GtnMvoort ? * IB0#^ Arfium need nut ?pply. | W ath ??rVSfLf "<}nM ,N VICINITY of WXUjUT. Ad'lww. UUSINESS, bo* 13* llcr. >1 office. wa2lT.E.I>~fi)S three months, pVrt or .torr $10 per H0.VT11. in adtakcb, for rtTRviiaio *'.d"' Mow 23d ii. A diJrru Touno fpwo ROOMS, CONN ECTI nu "oron same floor minted, within 25 mile* of City Hall lor 11 lailr and fr^idTrnfeAda,0rt' Wltb fUl1 ?J,r"cuU". ?i- u . bo* 1U7 I W^TKIi to RENT?A I VHnT.SHED CoItaOK ?!Inr? u i1'1"1'' wlllllllll?? liourofeitv Hurt' I ... Kln.Miuut,, ~~~ A "" r,y/v;,KnI;.V AN" MON'n,r-V I*AVMK>TS T A K P \ l'ElWim-ilT i?.'i5^fp?I - *"|J 3*<Winu ?t U. M. COW nien?r?tacki?t *'"> "7 Cta"?? * A? A?PARTIES IN tt'A.iT i#K MOD?R~<TaND ANTIOI'K ? ???""<* ?"""t Fur,.It or* will ftnd ,h? l?rA, ..I rt eitr .t james oraham-s. km :lrt ?nd ?<>td. ' * ?v?Jr description of furniture tiouxht a S!^?Cyarujst" kopa "and lounge , ??J?. I A 1 .\ h pmcuu. .Su till 4th ?1. \ TIIKIK ENTtiiK IIoCse". i?.mW: aiasrv>x?%z?c?)&%Tjici*7V. V";?- *!*'? di ?>'*>: nMofcrS'. 6hsii?$jk? h "r ind .nrt?; *US,."P: Kurr.u., W?rdr.,b., A vatk kamilv will, skll. in Lois thfir ifpsisass-i A privatk pami lv, dbclimno uoUiFiiiE ffawsfwiHS "LluK SALlS?I'AltLOK MIT 1'KIMS*) S CorsLfSS fL bit??htJ'*,VATE f,Ale, aut-rToir>?icrs Dry Uch?i., .tc. wVrt,?' ";l~1Auc,,, n *?l<' furnltiire, tneni. prompt. 8puU '? rw K?od?. bettin -jf'TIJALLV *8EL<'l' r'*!ime no KKaSON V1U l- J."urselvei to T"Pn L?AD.W? i^HNITIJKE AND CAKPET 1I0DSR <iEOi:'JE A. CLAHKh-S! 747Broiu8Mr?',"S,"lm,Dt P"D- " fJMIE advertiser WILL Fl'KNISH?A tTirfp WTPeaaix JUiwiiLiti, A1 77 ULBBCKEK st., near RROAIMV VV vnvr? Jn*r""",dT?" DI?inoinI?. Watch*., Ji-wtlV*,' Ac.;' ulto 77 tf"eockwr?L boU|"" of DUniondt, WatcUa*. *Aa A T u-17. BROADWAY, CORNEK 4TH st DI 4MONlm" ? James p. maitukwr AT LINDO 1iros. YOU WILL P1nD~STTanTTit ^?3t3wa? klNPO BROS,, 1,2?)7 Hrondway. A D^ANCfcM ON VALUABLeh, FUKNITUIK AVn ? boUKbt;.^ M?monds 0W?.ih^A/j^ii?' "ip^TCHE^ AC.?DIA ^pS^&Ka I eUer, 1,1110 Hnmdwuy. i,?4r aiHU AUJUf, J,w. I 1 S;~) B"WI.;KV. t'P STAIRS ?diamonds WATCHKH KVCHV.VGE. ? v ^?KH?nnn?Tr~i??ik H.v?M'^Hc;,oh; b*i?-.^)d^r0fpCn7'bAd!i,;;.;, I??TRl'CTiOaT A r "1 ^ADY. WHO dShTrrS to MASTER fyfit AN^oyNCKMISNT.-1. OLlVER~H~OUiri.SMtTn . i i ''",,ro nr? nuplU tin* day, Mity lo 187rt ?> sr^'e^Md Kr "" ?><>ln/i?v!- tuU .uccfl : ^,:-i.:47ovti,r;7o:t,e7oV.l.i corner ol rtiti ?r. 1 *?' lu ^ ?#^ A NY person DEHIUINO to PART wfTTl~A~SMaTi M. M M., H?rJld 1>! ,l\ fisstfctshs? c"",UJUUi"lu w,'u A ' KACURlt IIAVIKU SEVKUaL SPaUF Tin? pa a.?ksssar*-a r- ^'?sa.sst" PRACTICAL LESSONS IN prkni'H. ft> PER MONTH Ml'sic Jul.. man ftktuirTTVmO -iS?ih ai^i'o u?j? J\. muii, want* minium in any branch, theatre or con cert AUdr?*'? TENOR, Herald office. ANTED -A BARITO.VK FOR A OATBOUO ehiirrti; mu<i have a j{oi>d vnioe and be a good reader. Apply at I It) Wot -Hili ?t., on Wednetday and t'rldaj, from 8 to 10 I'. M. ^ ^I V.VOHOH'i Ksj uHUA\J?, " <Vv/. * KfcjsiT, ci'kioiiT, square aRp okano j J V. I'mnoa of our own m;?ke;al?o lor tarn and rant, a j number of fin* NMnd li.ind Ptanoi. in perfect order. WU.L- 1 I A M KNAIIK A CO., No, I l'J ,'>th ??., tiiove h'-u, it. ABRAUTIKUL PIANOKOKTR, A ST K IN WAV . Pianoforte, every tmnn T-ni-ni, great nactltice, caah; I'nHor Organ. only $JU. J. RIDDLE. la Wnverloy place, ; near H roadway. \ ?great bar(<aixs ?fiarmoke's, ?h bleeck- ! il> er at., el otitic out large .lock Plauot half price, order i administrator: $l<Xf. JCJUX Rake chanck.-uhanw,opriqhts,bqlares al?? Organt, new .ind seconl hand, to rent low or for tale on iattalu nt? . IV) <vnu to 9<l a da*. _ d. X., A CO.. 15 F.a-t 14th it. A lot OK SECOND HAND PIANOS, IJf~THOROUGH | u\. order, for tale at moderate prl> e?; al?o I'tannlorti ? to rent, of our own manufacture, by ClilCKKKlNii A sons, I 131) 5th a*., corner 19th it. A lM ANuKOItTK, fiV^To" 11AV iflT Ot'T Of tS8 ' war Call anr morning, u to 12 o'clock, at 11, | KKOOP 8. .*>3 let at., wrotid fleer. piano manTkacturer wilIT ui"ve "Tgood i tailor one ol hit ItklU pl*m>* forS I ?l and tako halt cash and half in clothe*. Al.KX VNDMt. Weil Jllil at. Jt immkdiatk'ci stomim; wanted->or pirst j t'tn I'iano. tplendnl too*, lull <iir. all iitproTetnenti, by party gtvlng up nouiekrepitig KOS Weal 14th at. "Y private family wim. s i.l at MAcatrtclo me . octave. every Impr , _, fii75. for fJ'iO: >tool. Cover, box lnr .hipping. N. H ? Worthy the attention of par: lei about purchaaiug a piano. Call, private reaidenoe No. 4? Writ IMttiit. A POSITIVE ClUNCK TO MAKE A CENTINNTAL preaent.?An (I(|U| Ktemway A Son. 7 octave l'Wnolorie at ?bargain; * brilliant" toned 7Jj NMnM Wlnl.or Ptanofor'e. tour round, name on plate, ro.t fl.Jili, for f'J75; maker's unarantre ami bill of ? tie tr in.lerraliie to i urt!i**er. Al?o parlor, library. chamber and <lint?k ro"in Vurnltnr^, Call at private re.ldeni-* 1$) Wett '?bl it,, near 0tl> nr.. eiegant Metnway A doni Plaaoiorte name in platei : a richly rarveil lour round ro?ewood ca?e I'lanolorte, 7,^ niprovemi'Mt, aprtlTe over-tmiv/, Ac ; rm STRIHWAY'3. WaTER'iS.WKHERB'ARI) OTHER KIR>T cl*?? new and >er?iid-hand t<|iiare and npriitht I'iano.; aiao, a lerge itock ol Organs at rmraordlnary low priet-r f^r caah or fu?talli?ent?, or for rent until paid lor, at oer con tract. Warcrvotut Broa .w iv. HOUACK WATERS A SONS. UPR1UUT AND CQCARK IMAKOS TO RENT. VERT low : roeewiMid, carvi'U, plain, all Improvement!. $17.\ payable$10 monthly. Bl. ITS'warer ioma, 7#8 Broalway, corner Unh at. , WANTED TO Pt'HOHASR?A RKW OR GOOD 8EO oiid h md <prl ;ht Plan*. Addrett boa 3,101 New York Post iiSire. WOIIX PIANO* ENTIRELY REROVATRD AND RE paired in totf and toueh aad mMt eqeal to new, fcili, in city er eountrv . Key? rerariaced. Ac.: Mel?de<iDt and Chamber I'r.ani revoicod, uined and repaired, (1U Rl'DD A CO., ?.'i Spiiag ?t.. near Hrondway. XfPHIOIIT PIANOS, M monthly; M) UAH Ed, <W J unsrteilr : caalt bargatat; Piauoe. Ho. frtl), 0Tft; 7 oc tavea, $IW; Urgaat, HU iHJUUOH A Mil, 1* Mm lUk N> amv aBMEirr*. P^r^AfRK: BKOADWATASDWir X BRASS- A FEW MOKE NIGHTS ill ar4ar ta accommodate those en route to lk? CENTENNIAL EXHIHITIOM. THIRTEENTH WEEK. LAST NIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS, LAST NIGHTS . af If. Oi?|i Pawoett Bowe' * bumorem* nbni af BRASS, II BASS, BRASS. which. In gotiNCi'iM of nt her arrangementa. mM M withdrawn on tub occasion or If* IUOTB PERFORMANCE. AlmMmDOe. ud|L Reserved saat* fl SO. _ BTKNIMi at K SATURDAY MATINEE AT X SeAii rcKrved for algbt Mil to accommodate strangers. WOOD* MUSEUM. woods. THIS DAT. MATIN KB at 3; EVENING at fc The great charaetar actor. J. i. LITTLB. la ht? suooesafui Drama. ROVING JACK. Gaaaral admission. 33 centa ALLACKX _ Proprietor aad Manager. ..Mr. LESTER WALLACE. PARTICULAR NOTICE. I? order to carry onl the ptncramme or VARIETY ANI> NuVfcXTT. with which Ma. Wallack ha* designed to eonetate Itn pre* , enl leitoo, LONDON ASSURANCE mart shortly ha withdrawn. The LAST NIGHTS i of this brilliant Comedy will therefore ha TO-NTOHT, WEDNESDAY. 10th; THURSDAY. 11TH: FRIDAY, 13th, and saTI'RDaY MATINEE AND EVENING. Character*by Mr. LESTER WALLACE. U. J. MONTA QUE, JOHN GI BERT. UAEBY BECKETT, W. R. FLOYD. J. W. SHANNON. E. M. HOLLAND. C. E. ED WIN, Jli*. ADA DYAS. Mirt EFFIE GERMOR aad Mia* lON'E BURf.?. One or Mr. Dion Boudcaoit's bart and moat popular C??a die*. m * HOW SHE LOVES HIM. will ba tha nasi production, and will be pre tented with A OAST In every reapect equal in couipletenaia aad brilliancy te that of LONDON ASSURANCE NION SQUARE THEATRE." Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK. Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER. AN UNEQUIVOCAL SUCCESS. EVBBY EVENING at * and SATURDAY MATINEE at 1:30. A. E. Lancaster aod Jnllu* Magnus' American Drama, CONSCIENCE. Character* a* lollow*:? Eatiaco Lawton, confidential clerk v> Mr. Harawood. Mr. Cbarle* B. Tboraa, Jr. Nathaniel Harawood. a Wall rt. banker, .Mr. Frederic'* Robln*on Judg* Van Cort. of the New Jer*ey Bench. Mr. John I'arielle Dr Mordaunt. friend of Mr. Ilarewood Mr. J. H. Stoddart Cyr.l Harawood. nepbaw to Mr. Harawood, M r. C. A. Stevenson (By the conrteiy ol Leatar Wallack, Esq.) David Delve, a lawyer Mr. Theodore Hamilton John I'erry. a bookkeeper Mr. Alfred Heel* Riehard Cobb, a countable Mr. W. 11. Wilder Jailer Mr. W 8. Qaigiey Comtanoa Harawood. Mr. Uarewood'* daughter. Mi** Kata Claxtoa Tabltha Tramp, a dlttant relative Mr*. Maria Wilklna Saturday, May 13, the flrat niatlnoe of CONSCIENCE rKY PA8Tt>K'S NEW~ THEATRE, 6*5 AND 3S7 BROADWAT. opposite Metropolitan Hotel. TONY PAtaTOf, Sole Proprietor BRILLIANT SUCCESS OK THE NEW STABS. The verdict of the people pronounce* tlii* THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITT. The bo*a of Bai Jo Players und Comedian*. >AM DliVERE. The old veteran, EPH HORN". Mln MOULIE WILSON. HENRIETTA MOLLENHAUER. The great I.ancastersbiro Dancer*. WILLIAMS and CAi.EY. Tha talented and vertative Kamlly. TUB CARROLLS. THE CARROLLS. B. M. Carroll, Little Dick, Maatrr Eddy, The Oeueral. Billy Urav. Clark tii'?><?, Richard Clara. Harry Montague. SADIE DESHON. CARRIE DUNCAN. KATIE Bl> WARDS, I. S. EuWARDS, HAKRY TAYLOR M ATINEEn TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. HBATRE COM1QUE. 514 BROADWAY. Tha only *ea*atlonitl variety In New York. MATINBE I | THIS DAT. MATINEE | ? rvfi Apr I THI1 DAY* MATINEE OCXjOCK | THIS DAY. MATINEE I I TlUS DAY. All the Oraat seniatlona. AMERICANS ABKOAD, TUB BEAUTIFUL ILLUMINATED SCENE. LE JABDIN MA BILLS, In all Iti gayety. 100 Npeclal'y Stars tn a lirand Olio, AT THE MATINEE THIS DAY. iieatre" FRANCA!S (Union League Theatre) 36 ni r et M*dl*on a v. MERCREDI. 1" MAi. Cinciuierae koiree de souacrlptlen. LB VOYAGE DE M. PEKR1GHON. Comedie au quatre arte* par Lftbiclie at Martt*. VENDREDI. 13 MAI. Slzlcme soiree de suuscription, LE DEMI MONDE. Comedie en cinq actes. par A. Duma*, flla. S AMMII 1.1 MAI. LA CAONOTTE. Ticket office ehai H. Cogniat. 'j? Eaat 14th it lyjk. TOOkER'S ~ BENEFir! BOOTH'S THEATRE. x THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 18. A REMARKABLE I'Rmura.MMK arranired with tha Congrea* of Ureat Tragedian*. LAWBENcE BAKRETT, Y. C. BANCS. MILNES LEYICK and E. L DAVENPORT. Mr. OEOROE RIONOLD (hi* farewell to New York). Ml** ADA DYAS. by tbo court eon* content of Mr LESTfeK WALLACK. Mtaa BAR A JEWETT. by the kind parmluioa of Mr. AUOl'STIN DAI.Y. anil other dlatingiiiahed artlitl, whoaa names will ?hortly trannpire aa participant*. ??* Sale of Si-ata beg'11" to-morrow murniiiK. OOTH'S THEATRE KELLOOO. JAKRETT k PALMER. Laaaaaa and Manager* EXTRAORDINARY OI'EKATIC AND MILITARY PACEANTETI KELLOOO OBAND ENULISH OPERA COMPANY, including Mia* Munta^ue. Mra Seguln, Meaar*. Coulay, I'eakea and Caatie. wita tha diatlngniahad \mcrlcan Prima Donna, Miaa CLARA LOUISE KELLOOO, will appear THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING. MAY 10. la Mi-vcrb>er'* great Spectacular Opera and grand Military Pageant, STAR OP THE NORTH, which I* produced in a *tjla of t'Sl'StAL MAONTPI CENCE, the auxiliary forco iiiunberint; over POUR HUN DRED. and the otlier marveuoua feature*, beyond Iba SCENERY. ELEGANT COSTUMES and BEAUTIFUL UNIFORMS, being REGIMENTS OF INFANTRY, MILITARY BRASS BANDS. A FULL DBUM CORPS, augmented Orchestra aad A OBAND CHORUS. SPECIAL PRICES. RESERVED SEATS-Parqust and Balcony. $1 30 ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR GALLERY Flftr Cant* V Box Office open Irorn 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. avery day thl* week. *?* Ml** KELLOOO will appear at each af tha three re maining performance*, which will ba given thl* W*da**day and Friday evening* and at the SATURDAY MATINEE. C-? LOBK fll EA rBE tm AND 7?( BROADWAY. r R W. BUTLER MANAOER THE ' -u- " " ? GL<>BE THE LEADER. TUB GLOBE. THE LEADER. T'lE GLOBE. THE LEA DEB. THE GLOBE. THE Thr Standard Family Theatre I THE Continued ancceaa of the great LEADER. THE GLOilE, THE LEADEE. THE 0I.OBK, THE LEADER THE 01.OBE, the leader ? THE I RKY N l)LDI BBOTH E&S. Pellcltoua triumph of the favorite, Miaa ADAH RICH MuND, a* Arrah Mushha Meeliab. In tha thrilling Irlali Biirleaque Alt it All N A BBOGL'E, with Meaara. Ketchuiu, Farwall, Price and entiie Mammoth Company in the caat. Reappearance ol the great SENATOR BOB HAUT, Mca-rv McKee, Weat, McDonald, , Bilt*. Kctable, Mia?e* Pyue, | riiK LEADER ?tickner, Ma?ter Dunn. Ae. I GLtiBE, THE 100 auperb Artlata erary nigiit. THE GLOBE. | FAMILY MATINEE TO-DAY. | LEADER* Brooklyn theatre. Leueca and Manaiera ... Mea?r* SHOOK A PALMER. EVERY EV F.N I NO THIS WEEK. a moat brilliaiit combination and rreat double bill. Mla> f'llAKL?ITTE fHttM I'SON In her naw play, MAID MUELLER ?nd MTV ART BuBSON and Ml?a FANNY MORA NT In the splendid comedy. MARRIED L'FE. The lull atrengto ot the Brooklyn Theatre Company la each |>lay. QII ATEaITBABILLEYARihTIES. Pari* hy gaallght in nil it* g'ory. and every French aeuaatiou ol the day. The Grand Dnrbea*. or the Irlali Duka. The i'urkiali Bather*, or the Sultan a I'eta. The French Minuet and I'.<ae* Plaatiqne*. The liandaomcat lor nad iadica in the wor!4. Tun moat artistic artists oa the earth. The finest Theatre in America. hLI.Y .t LEC MINSTRELS. Kti.LY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. KELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. KELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. m, a S + -m hhill m h!z 3 a P"* a. a sa 2 ft if - ?' ? hy.'S.^a?%0>A a:,l? ST- NEAR ttfll AV. every evening and saturdav mati nee. Ills oBACE THE DUKE. THE ONl.Y LEON ??. Loniae Charm/ton. EDWIN KELLY as tlie Dnka. / brilliant part Brat, introducing melodies irom Olrotla-Girolle and Grand Olio. Bo* office from ? A. M. to |u p. M. JjR. 8. M. LANDfS ?? Say? that after 23 years or reformatory battling In Phlladel *noha. Scribe*, riiariaaes. h>p?crttaa Snh ?Idued pre**, rnmliiala In high P ace? and a corrupt pnblie oMiiion. ihMilks the mmi of ' numnii thai he u ?til! aad'ahla to play 'on,h!"1 bu"J'"l'T and undoubted prosperity RICHARD III. to night at Tammany Hall. National academy of demon 330 st akd 4th av.-Tha flfrv.flrsl grand annual * ASD EXHIBITION of paintings nownpcTi. darand evening. Admi.aion J.% cent*. * MEBICA'S CENTENNIAL," OBAND MARCH. ?Y Xx D L. Downing with auperli lltlingraph title in color*; pronounccd the nio.t artlatic prtMliicilon in aheet musie ever I*aiieu in Ihla country; played nightly at Central I'ara Gar den with rrand aucceaa. r'rlce i*Jc?nta. Sold everywhera. I'nbli*hed iiy^HTSoN A CO., 711 Broadway. J^R. LANDU. tha Philadelphia tragedian, wbaplaya RICHARD THE THIRD at Tammany Hail to night, ha* beaa EigT.i limes arrested, once convicted and sentenced, five at tempt* on his lile. and uiany libel*, for publishing ia hi* pa per called tlia Sitarn .-hooter. THE NAKED TRUTH. nERE'S THE W AY TIIKY CRITICISE DR LaNDIS' Blcbard III. In Lancaster. Pa. "Ha was aniqnelr original, grotea iuelv brilliant, ponderoualy eloquent, grand ly comic and triglrally diaphanous, ?or.origlnalltj and stamping atage biuinea* tha Doctor waa ItamenM "?Phila delphia Inquirer. THE NATIONAL AND THE NEW YORK STATK Womau Kutlrage A-aoclalion*, will hold their Annual Convention* at Maaonic Hall, cornor 8th. av and .3d at., Wedneaday and Tliurtuav, May 1U and 11, at 10: ?< A. M., 3 P. M and M P. M Addresses by Matilda Joaivn t.aee, Snasn H. AntlhiBjr, Rev. Olympli Htntrn. Ih# Mitwi 8mlih f Oliuioiibur;). Clemente n. Uniitr, M. U., lltlM M. Mocub, Ltllif Utftitu Ului aiMj oikerm. utowmwti. TO kdVtTm E ATRB, Broadway aod SSd sjL Proprietor and ??nn? ? "^,T J'8U - a * adelaidb at tha matinee. I MATINEE to-day at a O'CLOCK. FIRST REHEARSAL Hi III'' matinee to-day at 3 O'CLOCK. -matinee. Ijrra'i eery laughable Burlaa^na, tc7n7?erklla. I I CINDERELLA. I * the BARON'S LuVKLY^DACOHTBS, Tai the matinee? TO DAY AT J Ml* PALMER. * i? ?;KS*?X;_,?^ J? KmtTKSC U J1TLIKTTK Mr GOODWIN. Mr. wild. Mr. rOKTIiBtUB, BRADLEY CR08SEN. kelly. HEELhY aad&Oet^or. ?-at tha ?? ? ?.m? MATT NEB, MATINEE. TO-DAY AT it. MATINBK^ o LYMP10 THBATRK **4 BROADWAY. HIJMPTY DUMPTY HUMPTY DUMPTY HURPTY DUMPTY IIUMI'TY DUMPTY HL'MPTV DIMI'TY HI'MPTY Dl'MPTY MCMPTt Dl'MPTY HUMPTY DLMPT\ HUMPTY DL'MPTY HUMPTY Dl'MPTY MATIN KB MATUtKK MATINEK ? MATIN KB MATIN EM M ATI NEK MATIN Kg MATINEE MAT1NER MATINKK TCI-DaY." Diora open it > Hi ADMISSION ;-0 ceuts. RESERVED bBATS IL CHILDItEN HALE PRICK. FAMILY CIRCLE a? OBNTB. CTH AVENUE THEATRE. (BEOIN9~AT~rT O Eroprietnr and Munauer 8TI? DAi.T ?*2d week. 159th to FINAL NIGUIS ppppp n qoq? y. ? !**? 11 X J S I IM - ? ii Wj? WW ,>A v"k N PO KT** M#rf KISHER^mJ HvKKlNS. Mr. LEWIS. Mr. DAV> IUIIE. HARDENHERG. Mr. B\ RYMoRK. Mr. DREW, Mlsa SYDN t Y HOWELL. Mra. OILBERT. WlaaOEORQIK D?fiw Mi,. NUNEZ. Miss HOLLAND, and Mr. JOHN ? * a ATURDA* AT I?X SATUBUA%uNIJUHN BKC>l,OH.AM,8t BENEFIT ? Reminlorent Bill, comprising TUB SERIOUS KAMI LI and PuC AiiUNTAS. . 5TH A YEN UK THEATRB. SATURDAY NIOHT, MAT IS, Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM'S BRNKFIT. A reminiscent BILL. con?r1siag. fr ^"jt^thu. .t^tbl. and for tha only with phenomenal casta. Box sheet now apafc oTTli"8T."0PKRA HOUSE. O'J between -d and Sd a?k MAt'INEE I CAN CAN. matinee I Can can. MATINEE A NIGHT IN PARIS. TO DAY. EEMAL.K BAT..EKS. to-Day, I :*j specialty aktisti ?J O'CLOCK J A grand olio. WkISIAN VARIhTIRrt, WJi,\t/uir av^ ? a Rim a N VAKIKTIKS. BROADWAY. Shines o^or alL KVERY EVENING. jt S O'CLOCK. ^ ^ MATINEE. ^ ? TO MORROW. ^ jf ii O'CLOCK. THE GREATEST SENSATIONS OUT. FINAL NIOHTS ?f "P1QUKI FINAL MATINEES mi unr.Air.oi Girl* or Madrid. J f School Glrla' Frolle; | ivisiimu's Tablaax. I J or, Kuluro Probabilities. I B Novlssimu's Tablaax. 4 4> <?> Tha exqniaitely proceful, voluptuous and sensational LA MINUET. Mile. BERTHA and the Handsomest Ballet Ii America Brilliant Novelties. I Klejtant Varieties. I Muilcal Moreeans. GRAND ol.lo of 100 artiiti of acknowledged merit appear at each parfom ance. Liveliest, laruesi aud l.e?l Entertainment ia America riILMOKK^rGARDEN. "" oT'EENBACH. VjT Meun. Shook A Palmer....Proprietors and Managers. Mr. E. U. Glim re Business Manager. THE OFFENBACH CONCERTS. 2<i NIGins ONLY. OPENING NIGHT. thursday, MAY II, <kn M. JACQUET"0FKBNBACHt the Illustrious maestro, aaaistsd by a crnnd orclii'stra of otot 1(W SKILLED MUSICIANS. will Inaugurate a serlen ol twenty C-!0) concarta at Gflmoeo** Garden, which Uas been tUnrou^hly renovated and improved, and rendored THE MOST DELIGHTEUL SUMMER RBSORT IX THE WORLD. Private Boxes (wltbtour admiamous), $?'?: Admission. fL Box olBee open dnily Irom i) A. il. to 6 P. M., at tho Madi aon av. entrance. OWERY THEATUE: I MR. OLIVER DOCD BYRON in the Ki?antic sucre?s of BEN McCt'LLOGU: nr. the wanderer s divorce. FRIDAY EVENING-Benedtof OLIVER DOUD BTROHL SAN KRANCISCO minstrels' OPERA HOUSb. AN francisco MINSTRELS. BKOADWAT, BAN francisco MINSTRELS. CORNER 2MTH ST. The must >ucci'ks!uI organisation in the world. BIRCH, WAMHOLD ..t.d BACKUS. wambolds NEW SONG. BIRCH ON HIS WAV To THE CENTBNYIAX* BACKUS' INIMITABLE IMITATION*. KYHAN'S CRKAT LECTURE. REBECCA JANE. SHAKESPEARIAN ADVOCATES. THE GREAT RICARDO. Boats socared. Matinee Saturday atS. ^CADKMY Oi' MUSIC. GRAND PROMENADE CONCBRT, i>r BERNSTEIN'S FlLL ORCHESTRA, for (he benefit of tha fair of the Yonnf Woman'* Christian Association. WBDNBSDAT EVENINO. ATS O'CLOCK. PROGRAMME. PART I. I. Grand March. "Atlialia" F. B. Msndelsooha 5. Ove ture. "Dea Wanderers Zi<al" Suppa 3. WalU. "Consequt nien" tnewj Strata 4. Grand Selection. "Aid*" Ver? 6. Galop, "Hermit'a Bell" Mailarl 8. Song, "Tha Tear" (Solo fur cornet) HlgalU PA KT II. 7. Overture, "William Tell" Roaainl P. Walts, "t'lus Irm Recbvsleben" 8tran?? 9. Seloctlon, "MiKnnn" Thomai 10. Galop. ".%nl der .la?d" (new) StrauM II. Grand Medley ?l Scotch Airs Wleuand U. March, "Forward" Gnngl Tickets AO cents. For sala at tho door. T" AMMAN Y UALl . IMMENSE OVATION tendered lha ureal Tragedian, DR. S. M LANDlS. last nlcht as namlet. He will appear this WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAT 10, TOR positively THE LAST TIMB la his wonderful, ?tart 1 inir and blood curdling recital of RICHARD III.. with mi imaginary company. "Dr. Landls appeared as Richard and as tha IndaatrloM tormentor ol' everybody, armed with a formidable dirk, cuts and slarbos ritrht and If It. To him the Journey Of III* N a tree lunch route, where, in.tead of pausing to aat, ha halts only to slay. Richard i? an innocent baby smiling la his mother's arms compared with the Doctor. No tueh a biuod t hirsty mo"?trr as Dr. L mdii portrayed over trod tho stage brtor*. Larue and rntliuslaMic audiences cheero4 him on in his bloody path. The D<>e;or's acting was orlgloal, and he walked about the stage stealthily, in a crouching at tltnde, ever waitinic tor an opportunity to ntab somebody. 'Ihore is no doubt tlial lie could play Pescara, In the "Apoa* tate," in such a way aj to make Edwin Booth feel naoasy; while as Richard III. he rivals the Impersonatloa of Barry hulllvan."?I'kil. Urrpatrh. GI.RMANIA liiEA&h, UTII ST Ad. NeucndorIT WEDNESDAY". M?y 10. benefit of Eucea Paasa. ROM E N M U E L L E R UND EINKE, Comedy, in five acts, by Toepler. CCENTENNIAL specials J FROM philadelphia TO.DAT. THE OPENING OK the EXHIBITION. FULL REPORTS OK THE day'S PROGRAMME, BY special WIRE, in the EVENING TEI.EGRA1L_ ElllOPK. PARIS? AU PETIT ST. THOMAS. NOl'VEAUTEB. RUE DB BAG. ?-?7. -ill. 31. 33. Si M> RL E HE LUNIVB SITE ^ __ Thli hnnae, eatnbiiabed upward of Myun, 1* anrwrulTT known *ml lamed *? on* ot the Brd e*tat>lt?bmeata In Part* in which thorough may b* placed. Nota4 for b# ing remarkably cheap In it? iHituenM premleae will be found the rauet complete *?aortm*nt of bILKS, Irom the celebrated factoriea of B?an*t, r?M,M The VERY FIRST NOVELTIES of FAUCI SILK*. INDIA and FRENCH CASHMERE SHAWLS, WOOLLENS, LACES, LIMJERIB. CONFECTIONS for LADIES, FURS, COTTON and THREAD STUFFS. HOSIBBT. ULOVES, KIRBONS. TRIMMINOS. CARPETS, ARTICLES OF FURNITURE, WKDDINO OUTFITS. BROLISH ASSISTANTS. ,, FIXBD FBIOB* PARIS?KOI'VB All TBS?AU PETIT THOMAS, -?_____ ^ixrrmsiu. Sf~IflKf*'sTa*~ 3D AV.. N K A it" iwf H ' ST. ? diet and matlemen will be ?unrined at tb* irreai price* B. Mlnti para in cub lor Caat-alf Clothing. Carpet*, Jew elry. Orner* atteaded by Mr. or Mr*. Mint* At flatto'h. TrrownT ? i ?? ?th av., corner 4ttth al. Indie* and izentleraen will potdtivehr recelvn M) per cent more than eltewhere for cart-off Clothing, Ac. Ordera promptly atteaded to by Mr. or Mn. FLATTO. T I,274 BKOADW'atT SKTWEKN .T2I)~AND S3D ?t*?Broadway price* raid tor Caat-off Clothing, airy. Ac.. by ealiinr on or Mdrt-aalng H. HARRIS, I.i74 T "EDWARD MILLEK i~ WBLI. K jiOWW BSTAB liahin^nt, US tlth a*., near Waterier place. ataiuM vain ' paid (<>r rant off Clothing. Carpett, Aa., by calling M or addrexlnn Mr. or Mr* M I I.I.KR. ___ At ? marks' we'll "known"RsTABLISBMBB#, 1UI 6th av., oppoait* St!? at?I.adiea and gentlemen ran receive the ntnimt value in caah lor CaM-?n Clothing. Cnrpeta. Jewelry, Lace*. Ail. I'le?ae call or aMlM aa above. Ladiei wailed on by Mr* Marx* Pleaa* try MM aatiafy yoir?el??i AT M. ISAACS' NEW ESTABLISHMBNT, n 6Tll AT? tlie atmoat value ran be received lor ea*t oft Clothing, Carpeta, *c. l.ndie* watted on hy Mra. iaaaca A -NATHAN'S ESTABLISHMENT, SSK ?TH AT. ? The hitrlirht valu>' paid lor Ca*t-ol? Clothing, Carpet*, Ac. Call on or addre.a Mr. of Mr*. MATHAM. Plaa** try and wtiafy yuuraelvea. AT 246 7TH AV., SECOND DOOR ABOVB WBBTMTH at., Mr. and Mr* ItOSKNUKKO will pay lb* high** prir**ln e-titt for Cut off I'lotbing. Carpet*. A*.,by calling ?r addrawing. T*k* particular notice ot above aamboT. AT II ARRIS', SI 0TH AV., NEAR WAVBRLBV PLACB? i'tmoat Tain.' paid for Cait-nff Clothing,Carp***, by railing on or addreaMiig Mr. or Mra. HARRIS. High est pkicks will bb paid fob oa?t ofi -.a.llffly eAmm

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