Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1876 Page 7
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GABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. THE SLAUGHTER AT SALONICA. Details of the Eiot and Murders in European Turkey. AMERICAN DEFENCE OF CHRISTIANITY. German Acceptance of the Sultan's Offer of Atonement. BISMARCK AND THE KAISERS British Cabinet News of Trouble in Tobago. THE STRATIICLYDR DISASTER DAMAGES French and Italian War Vessels for the East?The Snlten's Version of the Tragedy at Salonrca. BULGARIA DEEPLY EXCITED. THE MURDERS AT SALONICA. AMERICAN CONSULTS IHTEBFEBBNCE FOR THE PROTECTION OF AM OUTRAGED CHRISTIAN? A TOUNO OIRL SEIKO DKAOOSO BT TUBES TO A MOSQUE?THE OEBMAN AND FRENCH CONSULS BBATEM TO DEATH IN THE 8ANC TUABT ? THE UNITED STATES CONSULATE OUABDED BT TBOOFS. [SPECIAL DESPATCH TO THE HERALD BT CABLE. ] Paris, May a, 1576. Or the recent riotous affair at Salonlca, in Earopeau Turkey, I am enabled to state that, from information which has been received ait the forelgu legations In Paris, it appears that M. Ua/.zuro, the American Consular Agent, who lappencd to be at the railway station, only Inter fered to rescue the young Christian girl from the clutches of a band of Mussulmans, who were forcing be r to a mosque, when he was appealed to by her ?creams for assistance. CONVEYED TO THE CONSULATE. M. Lazzaro conveyed the girl to the United States Consulate in his carriage. A VIOLENT MOB. The house was Immediately surrounded by a furi ous crowd. INQUIRY. The American Consul sent in it persons commis sioned to ascertain the girl's nationality positively. GERMAN AND FRENCH CONSULAR ACTION. Meauwblle Herr Abott, German Control, and M. Paul Moulin, French Consul at Salonica, who are brothers-in-law, and both rotated by marriage to the American Consul, hearing respectively that a young person or their nationality had been forcibly dragged to a mosque, repaired to the building to protect her. MITRDKKKI) IN THE SANCTUARY. When at the mosqne both gentlemen were set npon by the Turkish mob and literally beaten to death with benches and Iron bars. THK AMERICAN CONSULATE. The American Consulate was saved from destruc tion by the exertions of a military force, which whs >nlered on dnty by the Governor after the Italian Consul bad tnlormed him of the condition of aflhirs. BEBMAM ACTION ON THE SULTAN'S OFFBB OF SATISFACTION. Lompox, May ?, 1878. A special despatch from Berlin to the /"all Mali Ga tftte says:?Germany has accepted the 1'orte'a offer lor rarkey to give aaiisfaetion for tlie Halon'.ca outrage, provided the promlsos be carried into effect immedi ately. FBENCH WAB VESSELS AT SEA FOB 8ALOKICA. 1'.?his. May 8? Kvening. Lf Payt announces that French iron-clad frigates and a despatch vessel havo sailed lor Salomes. AN ITALIAN NATAL FORCE FOR THE COAST OF TUREEY. Ron*, May 8? Evening. The Minister of Marine haa ordered two Italian mcn-of war to go to Salon lea immediately. fHE CHRISTIAN OBEAT POWERS MUST INTER FERE. I-oxnov, May 9, 187?, The Slanpard't correspondent at Derlin say a: "It is generally thought here that the ttalonica affair will provo fatal to Turkey. The mterierence of the European Powers lor the benefit of tb<) Christians ts now considered unavoidable, as It ts eriiieut itial the J orie ts powerless to protect them against outbreaks of fanaticism." THE SULTAN'S ACCOUNT OF THE OUTOBEAE. I.OXUON, May 8. 187ft j Tho 1'orte has sent by telegraph the following ac count or tho disturbances in Salonica to tbe Ottoman Ainli.t3t.ador at London:? TIIK OTTOMAX nlSPATC*. "Theconvert to Mohommedameui arrived alSalonica by railway. The Mohammedan* proceeded to conduct her, according to custom, to the re?idence ol'tbe Gov ernor General, when about l&O persons, whom tbe j Consul of the United States had assembled, rushed st ' tlio convert, tore off her veil and mantle, and carried I her by lorce to the house of a Christian. "The excited Mussulmans proceeded to the Cover- j ?or's resideuce and insisted that the convert should bo j brought thither. . j "Tbe Governor, hearing Ibat tbe German and French j sonsuls bad entered ino mosque, which was invaded by a rruwd, went there to induce tbo consols to with draw and to ceini tbe people. All bis efloris were use less. Tbo populace wrenched bars from the grating, lell upon the consuls, and struck luem down in spue it the desperato efforts ot the Uovernor to shield them with bis own person. ?'The troops ultimately dispersod the people. ?'Tho Govorcor of dalonica telegraphs that order has been restored and tbe gumy panics base been arrested." DRAGGED INTO THE MOSQUE AND SABRKD. Lotdo.v, May 9, 1874 Tho Tans despatch to tbe Timtt says:?.The reports of tho outrage at iSaionica received hero represent that the French and German conanta woro dragged trom the streA Into the mosque and there sabre L The Governor arrived at tbe mosque attcr tbo mar* ? 3c rs had been coin pic led. ITALIAN COMPLAINT AGAINST THE TURKISH MILITARY. Row*, May ?, 1871 Jtlgnor Melcgarl, Minister or Foreign Affairs, in. fMrwed IBs Chamber of J)ey alios to-dajr that the Juuait Consul it hlNlM ntoMM the Turkish troops to fMll the tumult, bat they refused to son i^UXD BMD1ITOOI Of EOBBIGN WAB TEE nu London, Key 9?Night. A telegram from Berlin atetee that the German cor vette Medusa ha* been ordered to leave Messina lor Salonlea without delay. Rurslan and Austrian men-of-war have alio been ordered to Salonlea. In consequence of an urgent despatch from the Chan cellor ol the French Consulate at Salonlea, sn addi tional French man-of-war has gone to Syr a, where she awaits Instructions. The British Consul has ordered a man-of-war from the Pineus to come to Satonica immediately. TURKEY. TJtX BULGARIA* INSURRECTION A CAC8E OT GREAT ALARM?HKATT BEINFOECEMBKTS ON TBB MABCH. London, May 9, 1870. A special despatch from Athens to the Timet reports that the Bulgarian insurrection near Phillppopolts threatens to become serious. The Porte Is greatly alarmed, and is sending forward all Its disposable force by daily and nightly trains on the Adnanople Railway. SERVIAR inficencb. The movement has been long preconcerted by Servian agitators. At first it was considered unimportant, but It has spread rapidly, and the numbers of the Insur gents are variously estimated at from 1,000 to 10,0001 TUK TARIFF. Tbe Porte haa Informed the foreign ambassadors that H has resolved to raise the duties on Imports twenty per cent. TBB EUBOPEAN POWERS ABOUT TO CONSULT. I.onhon, May 9, 1870. The 7Ymes* Paris correspondent says tho project of the general diplomatic conference on Turkish affairs begins to be seriously ontcrtalued. this roRTa Miliar to yield. A Vienna despatch to the /tally Artot reports that the Turkish Ambassador at Berlin has been Instructed to consent to a mixed foreign commission ol superin tendence for Bosnia. S ? CONFLICTING ACCOUNTS PROM THE SCENB OP INSURRECTION. London, Msy 9? Midnight. A despatch from Constantinople asserts that the Bulgarian rioters have tied to tliu mountains, and that cordons of troops have been established to prevent the movement from spreading. Advices reeeived at Paris, however, represent that postal and telegraphic communication between Con stantinople and Sophia are interrupted by the insur rection. ENGLAND. OOTEBHUBNT REPORT TOOK BARBADOS?DIS TURBANCES IN THE WINDWARD ISLANDS? THE STBATHCLYDE-FRANCONIA DAMAGES. London, May 9, 1878. In the Housoof Commons, to-day, Mr. Lowther, Under Secretary for the Colonial Department, slated that no further rising had occurred at Barbados. DISTURBANCES AT TOBAGO. Governor Bonnessy has telegraphed to the Colonial Ofllce that disturbances have occurred at Tobago, one of the Windward Islands, tbe cause of which is un known. A man-of-war has goce to Tobago. Tho Karl ol Carnarvon, Secretary of State for the Co lonial Department, has telegraphed for further partic ulars. SILVER. Silver is flat aud Is quoted at 53'{d. to STRATflCLTDE DISASTER DAXAOKS. The owners ?f the steamer Strathclyde, which was run into and sunk In the Kngllsh Channel by tho steamer Franconia, have gained their suit (or damages against the latter. The damages were laid by the plaintiffs at $225,000; launch or am Tbe Iron armor-plated war ship Temeralre, of eight gnns, 8,415 tons burden and 7,000 horso power, was successfully launched at the Chatham dockyard to-day. Right Hon. George Ward Hunt, First Lord of the Ad miralty, performo>i tbe christening ceremony. THE MERCHANT SHlrriNG RILL IS COMMITTEE. In tbe House of Commons last night the Merchant Shipping hi 11 was passed In committee. BBBADBTUFFS?SUPPLY AND DEMAND DUBINQ TUS WEEK. Lojrtwx, May 9, 1878. The Mark Lout Exprctt, in It* review o1 the Brltlah corn trade (or the past week, says there baa been do noticeable change In the nepe^t of the country. All vegetation la making alow progress, owing to the preva lent cold winds. The season in Scotland la much be hindhand. Adverso weather has caused seeding to be unusually protracted. In the trailo a tendency to In creased activity has been apparent, millers baying rather more fteoly and speculators showing considera ble interest in the present course of prices. r MtXIOS TIC AD*. Transsetlons for the Continent at our local markets have been only of a tentative nature. .Some small quantities of both Knglish and foreign whealtbave been takes lor export. Tbc export demand for oats having abated prices declined slightly. scrrtv. ] The supplies of maize hare been sufficient to check sny advance. Continental advices, except from France, aro fairly satisfactory as to the condition of crops, although waut of sunsblns has been felt thero also. Navigation has not been resumed st St. Petersburg, and prices of wheal are very high botn more and st OdeiMk XX BIHA.LT OP THE FENIANS. Loxnox, May 9, 1878. TliStandard to-day announces tbst ninety members of ilitr House or Commons bsve signed a memorial to Mr. Disraeli asking lor the release of lbs Fenian con victs. Among tbe signers are Messrs. Fawrett, Morley, Flimsoll, Hundella, Osborne, Morgsn and Jacob Bright* FRANCE. THH WOKIMKK'B DELEGATION TO OO TO AMEB1CA. Paris, May 0, 1878. The Minister of Commerce bss officially confirmed the announcement that he agrees to tbe grant for send ing the delegation of French workmen to tbe Phils* dclphia Exhibition. GERMANY. THS IMPERIALIST COUNCIL TO BB HELD AT 1 bumabcb's. Loxdox, May 0,1870. The Pall MaU GatfUt'i special from Berlin reports I that the approaching conference between Prince (iorts- j cbakolT, Count Andrssny and Princo Bismarck, will be held at the letter's official residence. COUNT AKDRA88X OUT FOB BERLIN. ' Vis**A, May B, 1878. I Count Ahdrsssy bss left for Berlin. AUSTRIA. THB CAVALRY FORCE TO BE AUOMEXTKD. Losoox, May 0, 187& A despatch to the ltmtt from Berlin staiea that an organisation o( ine Austrian cavalry has been ordered whereby the force Is raised to 60,000, exclusive of the landwehr. MOROCCO. TDB LAW OF KSUTRALITT VINDICATED. Maoris, May 9, 187& The Saltan of Morocco has punished tho parties who } commuted aggressions on tbe neatral territory I Africa. MUTINY AND MURDER. TIE OFFICERS OP A BRITISH BABE MUBDEBBD. | I ox no jr. Msy !?, U7t The British Consul st Rio Janeiro reports by tele- | graph that ? matin/ broke oat or the berk Caswell, of | Swuwa, for Quoenstown, in latitude 1, aoath, longi tude 36, west Ail the officer* vara murdered fly the mutineers. PEDESTRIAN ISM. FO01TREN ENOLIBII WALEI8TS CONTEST IN A on AMD MATCH. Loxoo*. May #, 1878. A twenty-four hours' walking match was begun at nine o'clock lost night In Agricultural Hall for a purse of $600, in which fourteen Knglish pedestrian* par ticipated. mrouisci-niii. One of them, named Miles, completed fifty miles in 8 hours, 48 minutes and 28 seconds, which is said to be the fnstest time on record. Another of the walkers, named Vaughan, who Is re garded as the probable winner of the match, has com pleted ninety-nine miles in 18 hours, 41 minutes and 20 seconds, which leaves him 12 minutes and 20 sec onds to boat O'Leary's best time for 100 miles. o'LRART nBATKK. A later despatch reports that Vaughan completed his 100th mile in 10 minutes 15 scoonds, thus beating O'Leary by 2 minutes 5 seconds. PKBroJWAMCK or Till BUT MKX Vaughan walked 120 miles in 23 honrs 45 mlnatea, and then retired. Howse was second, making 110 6-7 mllea, and Cross land third, making 113 5-7 miles. THE STEAMSHIP GOETHE. REPAIRED AMD AT BKA FOB NEW TOOK. Plymouth, May 0, 1878. The Hamburg-American Company's steamship Goethe, which returned with her scrow damaged, has repaired and sailed again for New York to day. MEXICO. OSKBBAXa DIAZ RETREATING?BEVEUE 80JTEB INOS AMD HEAVY LOSSES. GALytsTOM, Texas, May 9,1878. A special despatch to the A'etot trom Rio Urande City to-day says:? MAX IX RETREAT. General Diaz, with his artillery and Infantry, Is re treating to Matamoros, having found it Impractica ble to advance his infantry owing to tho scarcity of water. srrrxxixn asd lo.*h. His command has sultered terribly from fatigue and thirst, many of his men perishing by the roadside. He has also lost a considerable number by desertion. He leaves his cavalry betweon Seraivo and Monterey, where ho will rejoin them with reinforcomcuts. Even with cavalry his advance will be slow. Water Is to be bad at long intervals only, and there is no forage In tho country, the government forces having collected all they could find. Unless the revolutionists carry forage with them their animals will starve on the way. still saxobiwx. General Diaz is still sanguine of success, asd his future operations against Monterey will be made entirely with cavalry. so rianr. He has made no fight yet as was rumored. THE MEWS O* DI.VZ'B RETREAT CONFIRMED. Galvxstox, Texas, May 0?Evening. The A'tws has receivod a special despatch from Brownsville, Texas, which confirms the despatch from Rio Grande City to tho same newspaper to-day as to the rotreat of the Infantry and artillery of General Diaz. GOVZRXMEXT STXATEOT. It Is reported that a force of government cavalry la ' advancing toward Matamoros from Victoria to inter cept the retreat. The lOrtiilcationa around Matamoros are being has tily repaired, as if a siege was expected. AMKRICAX INTERRSTS. The Mayor of Brazos has been asked for assistance, If it is necessary, for the protection of the ltvos and property of American citizens in Matamorps. IIOLMS 05. General Quintaro still holds Nueva Laredo, for the Government, with 12u well armed men. AT MtXB. Forty Custom Houso guards, nnder General Esplnosa attacked Mier yesterday, but were repulsed by the revolution late, the guards losing two men killed and six wounded. BRCOLEDO. Nothing has been heard of the movement of the government forcea under General Kseobedo, as the revolutionists are between him and the Rio Grande, ' and prevent all communication. The latter are very reticent, and nothing leaks out of them as to (he mllitaiy movements on either side. MOLLY MAGUIRE MURDERS. TSBBIBLB EIVKLATIONS or A. PINKRBTON DE TECTIVE .WHO ATE IKD 8I.EPT WITH THE CCTTH BOATS FOB MONTHS?I! E WARDS FOB ASSASSINATION. PorramLit, Pa., May 9, 1878. In the great Molly Maguiro trial today James Mcl'harlan, the Pinkerton detective, was subjected for hours to a most searching and rigorous eross-cxnmlna tlon wttbont contradicting himself in even the most trifling detail* of date* or name*. He has exhibited a memory so clear and powerful as to astoni-di every body and to stamp himself a rrmarkablo miin. The oraeal ho haa been through has In-en (earful Fcr months ho has associated with the banded cutthroats ol tlio coal region?ate and slept with tbcm and drank bad whiskey with tlieni until he was brought to death's very door. He has travelled In etery part ol the county, attended division and county meetings of the Mollies, taken part in them, been their trusted confi dant, and even been looked up to by them on ao count ol his superior education. To account lor hia leisure time lie declared be drew a pension from the government and that tie had money lelt him In Ireland. To one party be told the boyir bo bad mur dered a man in Uuflnlo, to another that he had cut a man's ears off in Luzerne county, and other stories to ! suit the company and tlio occasion. Tho worse char actor he gave himself the l)gu<r be stood in their esti- I mutton. So woll did lie play nis part that Me was even ' engaged to lie married to a relative of Jimmy Kerrigan, th? ??l.itile Mollie" in ide inmous hr turning informer against Doyle and Kelly at Mauch Chunk, and the mar riage day was set. (JOKER JjtXi:*' takixo orr. Noiiilng new relative to the Yo.-t murder?the case on trial? was elicited, but au almost incredible proceed* tng ou tho i art of the Mollies w?s related. A young Widshman namnd iJowr James w,i* murdered at a pic- ? mc near Shenandoah, being boldly shot dead in the I uioal of a crowd. James bad a few months ' belore been acquitted ol tlx- murder of an Irishman I named Cosgrovu; but the Mollies were not sstisiled ol ! his innocence. They were greatly rejoiced at his mur- { der, and It wits agitated among tbcm to present his I murderer witn a purse of tor the clean job he had made of it A lew days alter the murder a county con vention of the orJer was held at Tarauqua. baler* which a man named Thomas Hurley presented hit CLAIM l'"K RltWABI) >S THK MlUDrRRR of James, .v man named Butler objected, on tbe ground that ono McClutu wa< th" real murderer of; James end tbe one entitled t># the reward. The deter- . tive snd Uiitler were ap|>otnlcd a committee to adjudl- | cute on these rival eiotms. They met one Snnd.iy in ? the iiusii near Shenandoah, and a cloud ol witnesses proved that Hnrley kllle<i James. A report to this effect was made out lo the county delegate; but heforo : tbe blood money could bo paid over l?oyfc>, Kelly and Kerrigan were arrested fur the mnrtier of John I*. Jones, snd all tbe lands of tbe Order were used to Ice lawyers lor their deleuce. MORS MOM.IKS ItCLD. Tlie eleven Mollies arreted on Saturday were given a habeas corpus hearing this attrrnoon. Tbe detectivo was the only witness who appeared against tneni. ! They are chargcd with being conspirators 10 murder, j wilt being principals and accessories before and after ) the lact ot several of the recent murder*, and with , attempts lo murder. The testimony was positive against them all, and they wore all remanded to prison. Tho detective narrated n terrible position he was in relative to the murder ol Sanger nun Wren, at Karen Ituii. Ho was told several hours helore the murders ! that the men wern lo l>e killed, and tried tu every way to telegraph tho fact to Ills chief, ho* was so < losely ! shadowed by some of tho Order, ?ho never lelt his , side till the need was done, that ho could communicate ' with no one. I'eople here can scarcely realize the horrors of tho revelations now lining made concerning tlio blood- , ihlr?ty society of the Mollies, ana the world nt large 1 may ls> inclined to recelvo wuh incredulity the U< ts concerning these worse than brigands, but the detec tive's lirmners and faitltiuluesa In ?teiaiis seem to stamp his testimony ss the plain truth. FLOODS IN CANADA. Ottawa, Ont , May 9,187?, The River Ottawa haa overflowed its banks st Gatttnean Point village, doing considerable damage to property. The ? hole to* a Is oompleteiy submerged. The river haa risen three fett since yesterday. BANK OF CALIFORNIA. THB THUS STORY ABOUT THE SUirXXHIOK? TESTIMONY OK DIRECTORS A*D HTOCK HOLDIRS -BALKTON's ACTTJAI, IXDEBTEDNEKS TUIXY STATED?THB MANIPULATION OF THE SPBIKO VAI.LBY STOCK DESCRIBED. Sax Khaxcisco, May 9, 187ft. The civil suit In wblcb llie proprietors of the RuUttin newspaper sought damages against the publisher of llio Alia California Tor libel, growing oat of publications In reference to the failure of tbe Bank of California, has been commenced by the taking of the depositions of several witnesses, P. O. Milts, long a director and now President of the bank, tcstiUed that its capital was $5,000,000 at (he date of tbo suspension, in August last, and its surplus, as reported on tho books, was $1,000,000 additional; by the books the liabilities of tbe bank at the tlnio o( suspension were about $14,000,000, and tbe nominal assets, good, bad und Indifferent, were something over $30,000,000; tbo failure was considered to bare been caused by tbe mismanagement of the then President, Mr. Ralston; from tho reports of tho committee and Board ot Directors Mr. Ralston was a large debtor to tbe bank; the reports made it not far Irom $4,000,000; Iho Indebtedness was reported to ariso from various sources; there was ono large doflclcncy in tho refinery account; It amounted to from $2,000,000 to $i, J5n,ooo, being ovcrdnfts by Mr. Ralston's checks; this deficiency stood on tbe books of tho bank as a debit against the refinery; the refinery was supposed to owo that mucn i money, and the committee reported thst the money ' was not owing by the refinery, but hal been used by Mr. KaWton; tho bank owned the most of tho refinery and it was considered to bo under Mr. Ralston's control as President ol tho bank; other deficiencies arose through certificates of deposit, or what were reported to be certificates of de posit, wliero the money bad not beou paid Into tho bank; this amounted to $.">80,000; it was reported by the committeo that tbo moneys had been used by Mr. Ralston for his own privuto account; he had signed the certificates, but they hail not been registered nor passed through the book*; tho balance of tbo indebt edness was reported as haviog been mainly carried In tbo bank on cash tags ot Mr. Ralston, and before the suspension acconnted ("or other bills discounted, bills unavailable and indorsed by Mr. Ralston were con sidered part of hia indebtedness; the money was supposed to have gono to Mr. Ralston for bis privato purposes; those nets wero concealcd from tbe direc tors and other officials and they did notappoar In tho rami annual examinations in Jane and Jnly. Being asiced if money was not sent into tbe bank in advance of these examinations (or tbe purpose of bolng counted and showing a largo amount ami then sent out acaln, being on loan, Mr. Mills, without denying tho Intima tion ot the question, replied:?"I cannot speak from mv own knowledge." In reply to further questions the witness estl mated Hint thero was left of tbe $6,000,000 capital and rcservo luud from $1,000,000 to $l,.r>0o,00oof avail able assets; the capital was impaired to tbo extent ol at least $3,500,000; the reserve lund proved to be nominal; the bank sold to Mr. Sharon, tho 1'niicd States Sen ator. and since the suspension, upw.ird of $4 000,000 ot mdeuicancss i'or $1,500,000 in money and $500,000 contingent; they approximated tbo indebtedness (ot Ralston) nt something over $4,000,000, an I, with the concurrence of the Board, this indebtedness was sold to Mr. Sharon on tbo terms already indicated; the contingent $500,000 is regarded by tl<e bunk- us only a nominal asset; the Indebtedness sold to Snaron was ltulston's indebtedness to the bank; dividends ut the rate of one per cont a month had been rogularly paid by the hank during tbe last three years?out of the general deposits, the witness presumed. George H. Howard sworn:?Was a director ot the Bank of California in August last and is such still; one causo ol the failure of the bank was the large amount ol money withdrawn by Mr. Itnlsion; tho committeo stated this amount to be sotn where in the neigh borhood ot $4,500,000; It was understood that be took this tor his own privato purposes, without tho knowlelgn ot tho directors; wit- I ness was elected only at tho last meeting ol tho I Board prlortothe failure; bo kuew nothing of tho | over-issue ol stock or the destruction ol stock Icr the purpose of making tbe stock which was not genuine stock stand as good stock; us other mismanagement on the part of Mr. Ralston accounting lor the failuro be citod unsecured loans of large sums of money to H. F. Williams und Hon. W. M Stewart; there was also a small loan to McCrellish, of the Alia; these unsecured loans be supposed wero legitimate; they all stood on the books of the bank. The witness confirmed Mr. Mllla^' statement that there were moneys withdrawn from'the refinery by Mr. Ralston, whtcb tbo bank bad to mako good. Michael Reese sworn:?Had been a stockholder in ,the Bank of California for two years past; holds '2.000 shares; held'2,100 shares also as collateral for loans of $00,000 to Moses Kills and $ 150.000 to Burling Bros.; he supposed when ho made the loans that the stock be longed to the parties pledging it, but alter tbe batik failed Burling siild that what be pledged belonged to Mr. Kalston; wituess said he knew tbo cause of the bank failure, he had occasion to examine and found the money all gone; tie believed Mr. llalston had used It for bis own uses. THE METHODISTS. YMTEBDAY's PBOCESDINOS OF TBS METHODIST EPISCOPAL COKPEKKXCE?FAREWELL AD DRESSES OF THE DELEGATES FROM .THE BRITISH COBFZBXMCB. Bai.timorh, Mil., May 9, 1878. Bishop Merrill presided at the opening of the Con ferenre of the Methodist Episcopal Church this morn ing. Bishop Harris snnounccd tho committee on the propriety of publishing a catechism In Norwegian. General J. B. Weaver, ot Iowa, said it waa publicly charged on this floor yesterday that a large amount of j money had been stolen from the fund* of the Church, j Ho asked a suspension of the rales to onnble him to j offer a resolution providing for the appointment of a committee of seven to investigate the charge and re. port to tho Convention. On motion of Dr. Hatfleld the matter was laid on the table. Dr. J. P. Newman submitted the following:? Whereas provision I* made In the constitution ot the Clmrcti lor a three-fourth* vote of tlia Annual Conference in all ilie alteration* ot the restrictive riles: ami trlierrn., tlie delegates of the lay electoral coolerencet have ilm right to participate In the two-thirds vole of the tieneral, i.nt have not the right to participate In the three-fuurihs vote of the annual MtbnMNi and whereas, wh a participation would harmonise with the constitu tional rights of the lay delegates In thin hody; therefore. Resolved, That the Committee on Lay Delegations shall consMerand report on the propriety of an amending tha constitution ol the lIhnreb, wherehv July elected lay dele Kate* may rote In the lav electoral conleranees on all pro posed alteration of the restrictive rule*. Rcterred to the Committee on l.ay Representation. J. S. Smart, of Detroit, submitted a resolution that all papers in rcferrnco to the organization of separate conferences for whites and blacks be returned to the Conterenco froin tho Committee on Boundaries, and t>o referred to the Committee on the Slate of tho Church. Tbn action ot tho Committee on Boundaries wits final, and giving the matter to tlio Committee on the State of the Church would bring It under the supervision of tne Conference. Discussion ensued on tho reqplution and it was Anally ! adopted. Hitliop Janes nnoonnced that the fraternal delegates from iho HriMsh Wesleyan Church would now take for mal leave of the Conference. , I'.ev. William It. Tope and Rev. J. II. Rlgg then made farewell addresses, and bade tbc Conference a warm farewell. ( Or. I'opa said he would carry home an affectionate I remembrance or his visit hero, and he hoped the ap- ] parent entanglementa would be woven into a beautiful j garment. Dr. Rijrjr, In his farewell, took ocens on to advert to I and comment on Iho school and social questions. lie j had not referred to these questions on Saturday last in ! his Introductory address, because he did not lee! liko ? it. He was awnro ol the difficulty hero on ibo ques- ? lion or education. I* England, tliey were divided on ! many things; but by a large msjority they agreed on j the polut that there was no law 01 the land which pro. j hlbits the tints or tho Scriptures in the schools or iho land. (Applause.) This is iho testimony lie should I to Ins Conference. The education question . for England is one ihing, here it is another, j Common school* their origin in Christian enerv, | lie would now present a paper, and tor doinj so he , had obtained the consent of the llisbop?. Mr. Rigg then presented an address of the We?luvan Society ; for aecurtug the repeal ol the enataiWa diseases act | to tho Coniorence ol the )leihodi<i Episcopal Church in 18T& This qneatlon had received awnie local con Pideraiion 111 this country. Willi thcin it was a serious M)e. Mr. Rlgg thcu look farewell of the Conference. Tlio jiddress was referred to n special committee of ?even, to In* appointed. Ke-oluUons, expressing gratification st the visit of these gentlemen and wishing tliem a safe and prosper, una return, were adopted by the Conference. Rev. K. hound-betry acd John Maedonild, M. P., iraternal delegates the Method st Episcopal Church of Canada, were severally introduced to the Conference. The uddremt Irom the Church In Canada was read by ' the Secrctaty. after which Messrs. l,ound*lmry and Mitcdonald delivered interesting addresses on the state ol thrir church, and bearing testimony of their inter im) love. A communication from Rev. J. A. Duncan and I. C. | Garland, fraternal delegate* irom the Methodist Church South, announcing their presence in the r.ity and readi ness to appear l>elore thf Conference at any time desig- | Bated, was read. I lie lettor stated I hat Rev. I.ovieh Pierce, a fraternal delegate, ami who was the author of the address of the Church .South to this i onference, would not bepreaMt, being detained by mltrm health. Dr. Waloen said on too 21st of May, one hundred years ago, an Annual Conference was held in Hal* 1 >umorc, and moved that a special committee of Ave lie j appointed to make arranremente lor suitable nn> | rarmornllve service. Adopted. Adjuurnsd antil nine e oloek te aerrew, i GRANT'S REVENGE. BTABTINO OF OEXEHAL TERRY O* AH EXPEDI TION AOAIMST THE CNEXBT BED MEM?GEN ERAL CTMTEB GOER AH A 81'BOKDINATE. St. Paul, Minn., Hay 9, l?"8 President Grant ha* partially abandoned b>s origi Inal determination nut to permit General Custer U> ac company bis command In their Intended campaign against the Indians. Orders permitting General Custer to take tho field were received in this city from Wafh lngton yestrrday, but General Custer I* not to be al lowed to go in command of tbe column, but in a sub ordinate capacity. It la well known, however, tbti but for President Grant's interference General Custer would have gono In command of the expedition. General Terry, with his stalf, and General Custer started for Fort Lincoln this morning by special train. OPINIONS OF THE PEEKS. Hartford Daily Tune* ?The sudden nnd rude dis placement by the President of Uencral Coster looks like ono of tho most discreditable of President Grant's actt and this is saying a great deal. It looks very much like a mere act of personal vengeance. General Custer, a military man of deserved repute as one of the two most brilliant cavalry raiders In the war, and, moreover, a political friend of tho President, had tcstl Oed, and with seeming willingness, certain things be fore a Congressional Investigating committee which placed tho President, to say tho least, In a very un. pleasant light That wan but a short time ago. Now, Just as he is starting to Join his commaud on the expe dition against tho Indians, he Is suddenly arrested In the midst of his Journey and curtly told that it Is tho President's order that he shall not be permittoJ to take his command. No reasons are given. Theso General Custer must learn, U he ever tlnds them out, through i the military proceedings in such cases made and pro | vided. It is certainly a rndo and ugly act on tbe p*rt ol the President, and thero will bo few or none, even among Hie President's lollowers, who will not plaro upon it tho moat obvious construction. But it is char acteristic. New Haven Remitter:?General Custer can stand the loas of his brevet runkand tho loss ol In* command if Grant can. Custer ha* gone 10 meet Henderson, but Grant la going to meet Babeock. Kail Biver (Masai Evening yew*:?President Grant is ?crv sharplv ccoiured for placing Custer just where he belongs in the army. Hut when an ollloer of General Terry*8 Ktauding and reputation coines lorwntd wild ?liows Custer's stories to the Home Committee to linvo been mlnstutoments or exaggerations, and oilier army olticers confirm Terry's statements, it would seem that the President might be about right. Custer played tbe peacock In l?n? and tickled Androw Johnson Into giv in" nlm u commission as colonel and a nice place to enjoy lilmsell In, but besides creating a handsomo laugh in many circles nothing wonderlul has been beard of him for ten years. It Is behoved by many that ho Is in tbe right place now. Milwaukee Commercial Time*: ? General Custor won't get scalped by anybody but the President this year. New Haven Journal-Courier:?The democrat* havo been making desperate attempts to make out a case against the President In rrgnrd to General Custer's "martyrdom,"but their efforts havo met with total and ludicrous failure. New York M'orW:?Tbe removal of General Custor froin his command by the President Is a scandalous performance. There is. uulortiinutely. every reason to put the worst construction upon It, and it does not admit ot a favorable construction. Vlcksburg (Tenn.) Herald:?General Custer has been removed from command on tho Plains, by orter of mo President, because he told what he Knew about post traders, when summoned before Clyiuer's com in 11 tee. This is a decidedly scandalous pieco ot business, and lurnlsbes moro proor that tbe President has been work ing in the Interest of tho plunderers, (k-nerai Custer can afford to bldo bis time. Tho 4th of March 18 not so very far off. Woonsocket (R. I.) Patriot:?It would now appear that General Custer was on bis way Irom Washington to hi* command In tbo Indian Territory, and the alleged reason lor his detention was because tho President thought Custer's testimony before tbo Belknap investi gating committee threw odium on tho administration. We think this statement I* wrong, lor indiscrcot as I General Grant sometimes is ho certainly would not take ibo responsibility to arrest a General of tho Army lor g'vlng testimony against an ox-Secretary ol w ar who is a snlf-conlessed swindler. Let us wait, and get j tbe facta in this case of General Custer's. i Watterson's Courier-Journal:?President Grant's last ' bit of spleen in Mimraarilv relieving General Custer or 1 his command ut Fort Lincoln has been very much ap I P lauded by the republican papers, on thn ground that i Custer appeared as a voluntary witness beloro Uy mor's commiteo for the purpose of blackening the char ncter of Belknap. This position Is proven to bo raise by the following letter In Mr. Clymer's hands:? Kokt Likcoi.s, Dakota, March 18, 1H7U.?lion, Heistar Civilian?While I hold mywilf in readineM to obey the *uunnon? of your coiumlttae. I telegraph to state thnt I Am eniraitrd upon an important expedition Intended to operate aitnliV.t the hostile Indian*, ami I export to take the Held "irly In April. My presence here I. deemed Terr neeeeaary. InviawolUils would it not be s?tl.f*otory tor you to or. wsril aucli qurnion. an tnay be necessary, allowing^nie to return my repllei by msil f ??? A t.UhlhR. The press despatches from Washington on Saturday undertook to explain that General Custer was not ro liovod of his command becaus ? ho was a witness in the Belknap impeachment trial and had told some hard stories about the ejtSecrelary, but the ington RepuWcan, a White House organ, evidently takes another view of tho case when It ?ays:? Lieutenant Colonel Cnnter has b*en ordered to dnty out aide of the Keteetlve Prrn snd es-Conlederate eomailtue r.M.Tn,. notwithstanding objections or crltlclama or tb. oppo sition- . St. I<otti? Timet:?** never (apposed that anybody would be mean enough to abuse Clara Morris, but lbs Utly with whom she n going to spend the luramer on the.plains has Custer. Doyiestown (Pa.) DMocrat:?Tho meanest act of President Grant is the removal of General Custer irom His command because he went to Washington in obo (lioocc io a subpoena and testified before tho Commute# on Expenditure* In the War Department. His testi inonv wm strongly against Grant'# iricnds, the post trailer*, and their swindling go-betweens. This dis t.leasod the President and be takes his rcvengo on Gen ' eral Custer. General Sherman uud tbe Secretary or ' War both protested ngalnst the act, but tho President i iiaid no attention to tliem. Grant is the first President who ever dsred brave publ c opinion In auch matters. Boston Traveller Those newspapers that have been 1 championing Geueral Custer, aud assuming Umt Presi dent Giant ha* been unjust toward him. aro likely to have their hands loll if they continue to defend him. He came to Washington voluntarily and without leave I of alisence; i* contradicted in bis statomonts by other ofllcrrs Whose veracity I* unquestioned; was not wanted longer In Washincton; is about to ba tried lor conduct unbecoming an officer; and is needed at the post to which he has been sent, but not in the Hold, whore be wanted to go. Ho and Ills friends have represented that President Grant acted against tbe advico of tha Secretary of War and General Sherman, but as nsnal, in their ha*te to condemn tho President, they stated just the opposite of the iruth. TILDEN. A TENNESSEE JOURNAL INDORHXRO BIX FOB THE fRERIDENCT. Mrairiiis, Tenn., May 9, 1S7?. * The Appeal will to-raorrow, in ? lending editorial, j present the name of samnoi J. Tildcn, of New York, na | lis choice for the nomination by tho National liinio crultc Convention as the embodiment ol cinl service reform, retrenchment ami hnnl money. GENERAL CROOK AND THE INDIANS. Omaiia, Neb* May 9,187& General Crook left to day for tho Red Claud and Spotted Tail agencies, to becomo acqniintci persoo.illy with the feeling of the Indiana there, woich will, in a meaaure, determine bit action daring iho coming sum mer. If be find* tho ttloux favorably disposed, and can trust tbem, he will organize n body of 300 aeon to; if not, It ia hia intention to ral?o them from the Snake nod Crow tribea. The General will not return hero until , alter bia expedition la over. Ho expo.** to atart in 1 uIhjiit threo weeks, l'renarationa arc going rapidly forward. Th? lore* aent out to purine the fndlani who klllwl Mr. Ilunton, at Chuir W?icr, and stole ull hia bors'-s, | followed their trail until tt waa destroyed by ? M?r? | atorni. The hort.-i were undoubtedly driven to tho agencies, a* tlie trail led in that direction. Hi ting Hull's village is reported to t><j <>n the Yellow- ! ?tone, at the inoutli .?( 1'owderRlrer All the Italians , from Crnijr Horse's band who escaped have Joined him, i olid a large nutnlier from Standing liock are also with j bun. It la known bull breed* ore purchasing ! Inr.o quantities of ammunition and trading for gnna, w lilch, doubtless, are tranalerred to the hostile Iiidmn | c.inijw. WISCONSIN CROOKED WHISKEY. GENERAL BBDRICK ON TBE WITNESS RTAND? WHAT HE KNOWS ADOPT THE RINO. Mn.WAt'KBK, May ff, ISTtV, I In the whiskey Iriala to-day General Hedrlck teatl f.ed. Ho denied all knowledge of the transactions re ferred to in Ihe letters ol the defendant* to the whiakey men In * hich fie was Ram d aa one of the parties to the conspiracy. He explained tbe position of hia brother-in-law Prettymau by relating a conversion with him in whlen Pretlymnn said the King was seek Inj hia t-ervicea, but bo thought they were not likely to pay his figure, and wltiieaa replied advising him not to accept the reuiner, because ot their relationship 1 and because they were n crooked lot. lie knew not It- I lo? of the conspiracy but what he had *?N>n in tho paper*. The disagreement between McKlnney and | witness, which, when first told in tbe Hbkalb de- i ??patches, was indignantly denied. he admit tad, bntroun* ?el failed to elicit what the disagreement waa, and the Mmm torreepoBdeit'a veraloa waa net MMMlMsi | MIDNIGHT WEATHER BEPORT. Wa? D FT* ART** TV, t OfTOl or tri Chikk tJioxAL Omen, I WliauOIOI, May 10?1 A. X. ) J'roltabililiet. P During Wednesday In tbe Souih Atlantic and East Gull Slates rising followed by atationary or falling barometer, cool northwest, backing to warmer south west wlnda, and clear or partly cloudy weathor will pre rait. In tbe Wont Gulf "States, Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, lower barometer, southerly wind*, veering to went or northwest In tbe two last section*, and winner, dear or partly cloudy weather. In tbo upper lake region and Upper Mississippi Val. lev, rising, followed by atationary barometer, northerly winds, possibly veering to easterly, and cooler, clear of partly cloudy weather. In Hie lower lakos, falling, followed by rising barome ter, warm, southeasterly winds, (hilling to cooler, northerly and occasional rain, suceeeded by partly cloudy weather. In tho Middle States, rising followed by falling tintometer, cool northwesterly winds, backing to west and south, warmer, clearing anil partly cloudy wentber, except occasion.-!Train* in the northern portion. lu New England, rising followed by falling barom eter, variable winds, slutting to southerly, continued coot, cloudy or partly cloudy weather and occasional ram. The lower Tennes-eo River, tho Mississippi at Cain and tho Ohio at Paducah will coutinao rising. THE WEATHER YESTERDAY. Tbe following record will show tbo changes In tt>a temperature for the past twenty-lour hours in com parison with the corresponding date of last year, as indicated itv the thermometer at Hudnut's pharmacy, Ukkai.d liuildm?:? 1*75. '1871. 187.V, 1878. 3 A. M 48 HI S:nO P. K.... 7i 69 0 A. M 49 ftH 0 P. M <tt 60 tt A. M aa 68 0 P. M ,V> 05 12 M ?1 65 12 P. M 51 A4 Average temperature yesterday 57J? Averago temperaturo for corresponding date last year 66,'{ HOTEL ARRIVALS. Congressman Chester W. Cbapln, of Massachusetts, arrived last evening at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Ulysses S. Orant, Jr., Private Secretary to the Presi dent, Is at tliu Hoffman House. Count do Pourtales, Third Secretary of the French Legation at Washington, is at tlio tirnnd Hotel. Sir William Jones, o( Loudon, Is nt the Wind.-or Hotel. Mayor J. W. Hammond, at Erie, Pa., is staying at the Union Square Hotel. Mnjot Pontiles, of the British Army, and Kobert Garrett, o( Baltimore, nro at the Brevoort House. Senator Hamil ton Harris and Pos'master John F. Smith, of Albany, liavo arrived at thu Filth Avcnuo Hotel. Ex-Congress^ man Stephen San ford, of Amsterdam, S. Y., and Alfred (iaither, of Cincinnati, are at the Gilsey House. Rev. llr. B. H. Loacock, of Newburg, M. Y., is at the 8b Denis Hotel. Ex-Governor Thomas Talbot, or Massa chusetts, is residing at the Windsor Hotel. Professor D. t'udy Eaton, of New Haven, and ex-Senator Daniel P. Wood, ol Syracuse, are at the llodman House. Rev. Mr. (ieddes. Dean of Niagara, Canada, is at the Fifth Aveuuo Hotel. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The steamship Scythia will leave this port oa Wednesday for Queenstown and Llrorpool. Tbo mails lor Europe will close at the Post Offlce al twelvo o'clock M. Tub Nkw Yokk Herald?Edition for Europe?will be ready at eight o'clock in the morning. Single copies. In wrappers for mailing, six cent* BLEMISHES AND DISEASES OF THE SKIN, AND rheumatic pains, are removed by Ulknn's Kvlmiur Ho A P. IIill's Hah: Dvk. blacs or brown, 50 cents. A. ? X A STIPP K. It seems that the memory ot this woman. like that of her renowned husband, U likely to ba kept alive to the end of tliue. She la Moid to have possessed a very irritable temper, and ber name hat heroin* a synonym of "vixen" or "scold." It i? more than possible. however, that the judgment panted upon her by mankind has been too severe. A more chari table disposition would undoubtedly have discovered In ber many good nusittles and have attributed her fallings more to physical Infirmities than to moral obliquity. The party must Intimately acquainted with ber. and therefore best able to form a correct opinion, gives ber credit for manydomestio virtues. It is now well known that many of the alaeaaeate which women are subject have a direct tendency to render them irritable, peevish, croaa, morose. unreasonable, no that they chare and Iret over nil those Utile ilia and annoyances that a peraon iu health wonld bear with composure. It Is lair to infer that moat of the tantrums ol XaniIppe were due tu theae cause* alette; and could hn returned from the Senate, the Gymnasium or the Athomenm, have mopped at Pestle A Mortar's drugstore tind carried home a bottle of Dr. PIKRt'K'S Kavositc PsRsrsirrinn now and then, no dentt he might have evaded many a "certain le? tore. allayed many a ' domestic broil," made it mach pleas, anter for the children aud mors enjoyable lor hlmieli, and rescued his wile's name from the utienvlabls, world-wide and eternal notoriety it liaa attained. Thousands ot women bless the day on which Dr. I'lKKCK'S Ksvokitk Pagsrairrtoa wsa first made known to them. A single hotfle often JNves delicate and suffering women more relief than montna oj treatment from their lemlly physician. In all thoaa derange ments causing backache, drsgiring-down sensations, nerv ous and general debility, it is a sovereign remedy. 4it soothing aud healing propertiea render It of the utmost value to ladles aulTering from internal fever, congestion. In flammation or ulceration, and its strengthening effects tend to correct displacements of Internal parts. the result er weakness of nat oral supports. It Is aula by all druggists. A.?BENNETT BUILDING. FIREPROOF. LOCATED ON NASSAU. ANN AND FULTON RTft 11 ANDMoMEIjY AM) WELL IIKATED OFFICES TO LET ON VKBT KI.aSONAHLE TKItMS, BI'ITA BLR FOB LAWYER8. BANKERS AXIl INSURANCE OFFICER AI'I'LY OS THE PREMISES. A ?KNOX WILL ISSUE ~HiI"CENTENNIAl Rocky M?nnt*ln Beaver Hat for summer wear on *l?y 10^ t'i? dav ul the Kmn<l opening ot lbs Cenler.mal Exhibition. Einporlnma, '211 Broadway. and Kltth Avenue Hotel. A.?WIGS, TOUPEES ?G. HAUCHF0S8. PRACTI rat Wigmaker and Importer of llnman Hair. 44 Eut I'Jtk at, ABANDONMENT OK METAL TRUSSES IS UNI. veranl aince the fortunate Invention nf tlie new milk Ei.sstM Titrx*. Hold only by ELASTIC TRUSS COMPANY. Ml Broadway. DR. EITLER'S RHEUMATIC- REMEDY WILl cure ynnr rheumatira aud neuralgia. For *ale at 'it John at. SODA WATER APPARATUS FOR MAKING ALU Airmail BfTtratti JOHN XATTIIKWH, lal tr. aoi'Mlk ?t.. elty. WYOMING LOTTERY. Authorized by State authority fc.itS.ia*> In ca*h priaea. Until Frise Drawing. Every Ticket win* a Prl*e. Seventh rxtraurdlmiry Drawing. May .HI. Is7?l, at Laramie City, Wyoming. l ick, in 11 each, ?lx for >5. I'artial -clteilule of Prise* 1 Grand Cant 1'rixe... fioo.ono 1 lirami l'*?h I rlu .Vxurj 1 Grand t'uh I'rlse a aj 1 tlrand t'aeh Frlie 2tys*> 1 lirand Canli Prise. Ift.KM 1 Grand Cash Prise 10,000 100 370 Prises, ?mounting to. 315,000 Thank* of a Ureal City publicly tendered, to J. M . I'aitee, who an snecetsfhlly con ducted the lir?t. second, third, fourth, Blth *inl aixtn great public drawing*. No lottery or aerie* of drawing* ever met with an eh ((rand and perfect ancoss, and another man ever received ine tlianka of a treat city, pnbllcly tendered, a* wae the ca?- with Nr. fa!tee. I lie drawings ot priiea are made In public and conducted by airern comiiil??lonrr*. Tickets at 91 each, rt for *?">, or JU for #1". Tltl* Rive, twenty chanoeg to win <IIIIO,f?M for ?i" *ni?ll outlay ml *l<> A fortune la *|nre for our amenta. Acenta wanted. Send tar new term* ami extraordinary Indncenient*; no time to lo*e: fl.">,0U) without Investing a penur. For lull particular* addrea* J. * PAT FEB. Laramie City, Wyoming. \fc\V PCBLICATfOllt. V NEW MAGAZINE. RECORD Of-TUB TEAR. THIRD NUMBER (JUNE) READT TO-DAY With a fine Pteel fortrxlt of Mark Twain. and ? *plendi4 article on "Hor*e-t.'ar l'oetry." And Iwaidea the nnlaue anil valuable Dlarv of important event* and occurrcm >?* tlirou J out the world, till* number c.ihh.h?, anionir 2i*J other article*, the following point! of ap-Hal inter**t liana'* letter on hi* appointment to F.nglaaC Belknap convicted out of hi. own month. tiieen.ite* ?nd Habit* of A. T. Stewart. llamav William*, anil Theatre* tllty year* age. Authentic hlatory of "llerae-r ?r poetry.'' Sketch of Opera Hotlflu and Jacine* Offenbach. Bavard Taylor'* tran*lation of ?rrlllgrath'a PeM, Jor .lefferuin ami Mr*. Hterling. William t'nlleu Kryant a* an Editor. The Game of Polo, and Imw to play It. Picr-C Butler I'otirtlii^ Fantlv Kr mlile. The beautiful Poem "My < Milld'a Orluln " Tiling* to be laughed at, popular and touching poem*, sketebe*. Incident*. Ac . In audi attractive variety, thai it form* the rfehe*t nmonrtt of valuable and entertaining reading ever embraced lit a magaxine. Price Mi cent*. 0. W. CARLETON A CO., Pnbllahera, Madl'on aqnare. New Tort. /Tn"p.a i?!:St" Hot > k Vto'rk i n th e" world.-^oER. \J tennlal catalogue free LI-.Gi? AT HKOTIIERS. No * Reekman *1. F J10UII CAPITAL NOVELS. publlabed Ihla mnrnlntr. In a new and attractive Style ot ?till paper cover*. Price, 75 neitle each. LOYAL UNTO DBATIL i HEART Hl'XGBY. A CHARMING WIDOW. SHE LOVED HIM MADLY. Foer capital novel* for anmroer reading. O. W. C\RLBTO* A CO., Pnbllahera. Madlaon sauare. New York. I' pATHBiTTlOSMN S NEW WORK, WITir PORTMaH of tne aotliof, mailed prnpaM t? anv addrr** oa reeeipt or 01. H. it. VOVIMI'MMU * CO.. Me, 14 MnMlm Oa New Verk

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