Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1876 Page 9
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FINANCIAL ID COMMERCIAL Stoeki Feverish, Active ind Firmer?The Bulls Boeyint. GOLD 115i 5-8 A 119 1-9. Investment Securities 'Steady?Government and Railway Bonds without Important Change?Money on Call 3 Per Cent. Wall 9t*?*T, 1 Tuesday. May 9?8 P. M. I There are constitutional bear* and bears without con stitutions. The Ursl regard thing* with a bilious eyfc, and, as it were, "through a gla#s darkly," and follow In the train of disaster llkejackals after a beaten army. The second are simply weakly vicious, scare quickly and swear fearfully (on the occurrence of petty as did the British army In Flanders. In such a mixed market as prevails at present this Intter class bw a floe opportunity tor ntpletlvea, lor no sooner do these tucking bears get short of their hundred or two than their full-growu relations (converted for the ume be Ing by some Darwinian process Into bulls) turn the tables upon their weakly offspring with grtevoua re suits. Tnis has been the modus operandi of the last few day*, and It ts continued again this morning Business opened at the closing prices of yesterday, but the market immediately commenced to weaken, Lake Shore dropping from s 53 Sf, and Western Union from S6>; s 65?i. After this there came a halt, and a subsequent recovery to nominal figures. The powerful bears continue as hostile as ever to s permanent Improvement, and only array themselves ?u the long side lor a temporary flyer. In this they resemble their quadrupedal brethren In the Zoo. who climb iho polo tor the eleemosynary biscuit and the soductive cake, the gift of visitors, whilo their nat ural biding place is at the bottom of the pit. They srs well up the polo to-day, as the rise tu prices will show, but how soon they will clamber down a&aln will depend upon tho exhaustion of the supu lea or profits they are seeking for. Michigan Central and St. Paul preferroi wors favorably affected by the strensth ?f tho goperal market, and particularly so by the over sold condltiou of the former (stock for borrowing pur poses commanding 1-64), and the report as regards the latter, that a continuance of regular dividends Is proba lile, a beliel which (it Is said) has lod to the formation of a new party to bull the stock. Erie Is showing bet ter again to-day, having sold as high as 15X, mors, ap parently, on tho absence of damaging reports than In the existenco of favorable ones. Pacific Mail and the coal stocks were out of ths day's ipeculation, and have no history attached to them other than the changos in the official list of quotations will oiler. At nearty the closo a full head of steam was turnsd on Lake Shore, which sent it up to hid at threo o'clock, and also Imparted a modicum of additional strength to tho rest of the list. In view of the general stagnation which exists in trade circles and little or no improvement observable in commercial affWrs a bull, market at this moment iccmsltrbraboot as unreliable as the famous cab horse of Mr. Pickwick, which was only kept going, much (gainst his will, Tor a limited period, by the application ?f a strong bearing-re Id and a large pair of wheels. THI SALES TO DAY. The transactions at the Slock Exchange to-day ag (regated 140,000 shares:?Erie, 14,600; Lake Shore, 10,880; Northwestern, 3,000; do. preferred, 1,300; Hock Island* 2,466; Pacific Mail, 6,700; St Paul, 6,200; da preferred, 10,700; Oh Ins, 3,100; Western Union, 27,600; Union Pacific, 1,280; C., C. and I. C.. 600; Michigan ?Central, 10,000; Union Milling Company, 1,800. ormctso, HIGHEST AKB LOWKST PRICKS. The following table shows tho opening, highest and lowest prices of the day Opening. HighaL Lotreti. Now York Central 110 llOX 110 Harlem 138 fcrie 16 16X tj Lake Shore 54 J* &?;* M?* ?Wabash 3 3 - < Northwestern 40 'Northwestern preferred... 68# 69 * 68-, 'Hock Island 104105 * 104X Pittsburg "4 MSi 94 Milwaukee and St. Paul... S8 87,? Mil. sod Sl Paul pret.... 64^ 65', 64 , Ohio and Mississippi.... 17?* 17K 17 New Jersey Central 96f* ?0*< Del., Lack, and Western.. 107Si 107Si 107^' Union Paclfle 03!* 63>; 63 C..C. and I. C 4>, Western Union. 00*. 66\ 66 \ Atlantic and Pacific Tel.. 17^ 1"X 17?* Pacific Mall 1?X Panama 131 131 181 c'^osiko prices?3 r. k. Pacific Vail.... 187, u .0 Hi * bli' pf.. a ?5 V.SSl n lei... t?k * 0.0.C 41 49 a SO Atl* I'ae lei.. 17r? ? 1H?2 C.CllC. . 4*< a 4? l,si?kkil??c.... I4>i ? 17 l)el. L & * >V7it ^stcksllver pf. :U a .4 trie... .. .... loU a l.>?? t ?r Land i. M. 7 a 7% Han * 8t Jo... 14}, a 16 liar L a M pi. a 8 H A HtJopl.. 34 a ? Sdaui" h* 11' all'S 1-akehhere.... 55J? a 65* American Kx '2 a ?2# Mich Central if, n 4?3i * "La . . a 71 N Y* Harlem. I5MK a 13* ft-el^VHjiaiis ?r ? N VC AH It. 110 a m* Chic A All.. 9C'j a N J t:cn tM4 a 9 .V t lev A Piit? HI, ? v-l.^ Ohio A Miss... llf, a 17*. ClilcANW . 4*1',) a 40^ Panama 130 a 131 Clitc A N w pL 1.9% a W.W JelA W ab..... jX a J tlii< a I: i. ..>? >r? * '.o:.1, I nlen Paclfle.. '-3 ? <14 LuMf.,. . 38?, a Jhliaaouri Pao 1?X a 14 ? advance a*u nxcLixx. The following are the changes m closing prices oom psred with thoae of yesterday:? Advance.? C., C., C. uud I., 2; Erie, V*'; Michigan Central, \ ; Nortnwettcrn, X clu- preferred. ??; Pacific Mail, }4; I'auama, 1; Itock I.?land. }? ; St. Paul, ; do. preierrcd, ; Western Union, Lake Shore, Dscu**. ? OoW, ; Uuiun Paciflc, %\ New Jersey Central, ?*; Illinois Central, %; iiolaware and LacHa wanna, >, ; New York Central. Stationary. Atlantic and Pi.clBc preferred, do. do. Telecrai.h, C., C. and I. C., Hanuloal and St. .Joseph, do preferred. Harlem, Missouri I'aciiic, Ohio and Mis sissippi, Producers' and Petroleum, l'anuma, Quick silver, Wabash. Tax CMTSD STATU TXKASCJtT. Washington ndvicea report u followi:? Revenue rec?<pu to-day $400,000 Custom* receipts to day 300,000 Bank notes received to-day MO,000 The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day $325,000 gold on account of interest and $282,000 in redemption of 6-20 bonds. Tbu Sub-Treasury to-day paid out $350,500 silver coin in exchange for Iracttoual currcucy. UoVKk.NUKkT aoxoa. Government bonds closed steady at the following quotationsI'nited States currency sizes, 127.1*4 allt%;' do. do., I $81, rogisterod, 121% a 121%; do. do., do., coupon, 122% ? 1?2;U i do. da, 1806, registered, 114% ft 114%; do. da, do., coupon, 114?, a U4%; do. da, da, uew, registered, 118% a 110; do. da, da, da, coupon, 118,% a 11V; do. d<^ 1607, registered, 121 a 121%; do. do., da, coupon, i21,al21%; da da, 1608, registered, 122% a 123; do. Uo., do., coupon, 122% a 123; da, ten-forties, registered, 117% a 118; da la, ooupon, 118% a 110; da tires, 1881, retMy ?red, 11"), a 117%; da da, do., coupon, 117% ? tux ISVXSTMKXT SHABitS. Investment shares were geu< rally steady. Rock Island sold at 104a 100 V ; New Jersey Central at 9<i V 4 96*, ; Delaware and Lackawanna at 108 a 107% 4 108; New York and New lluien at 164; Cleveland and Pitts burg guaranteed at IMH't I'uioti I'ncitlu at 63% a 63; American Express at <2; Wells >'ar;o st 87; Chicago and Altou preferred at 104%; New York Central at 110; Fort Wayne ,u 102; New Jersey Hailroad at 184%; Mor ns and Kaoex at 103% a 104; C., C., C. ana I. at 48 rxonccx xxtokts. The exports ol produce from this port for the week ending to-day were $.j,005,313, again*t $3,908,821 lor the corresponding week in 1878, and $4,464,307 Ip 1$74, Tlie total esporw ol produee Irotu this port since Janu ary 1 this year were $67,043,8(4. against $85,144,906 lor the corresponding period in 1878, and $100,820,106 In 1ST! ST at* aoKua. lo State bonds Missouri long sixes sold at 105%, and Tennessee new at 41;,. The remainder of the list was Mgiected. TH SOLD MABKKT. Gold opened at 112% and closed at 112%, all the tales of tbe day having been at tbese figure*. The rates paid lor carrying were 1, 1%, 2 and 3 per eeok (?r>.t:iTio>s or tux uolo sxcha>uk kaak Bold bnlanoes $896,260 Urrency oalames 1,010,800 Broes desrancwl 18,4*7,000 1 i.uaixo BOt'sK stATKBXw. Currency excliaiises $02,468,109 Owrtttjf balances 3.044,541 Gold sichangM #, 1*4,553 Qold buiai ces 4;;ij,U*l The specie engagements tor Kurops tomorrow amount to $300,00a SAILBOAt) SOKUS. There was an Increased business in railroad bonds the ton* ol lb* markot being firm. Nortnwewern son ?olidatcu rose to 1021?; 3t. 1'aul, La Crotuc Division, ; brought 102* a 102.V*; Sew York Central coupon firsts sold at 119, do. registered at 118^; Morria and Essex consolidated iirsts at 103; Erto tocoudi at 101K; Michigan Central sevens at 100, and Fort Wayne sec onda at 110)*; Delaware, Laekawaunaand Western sec onds fell olT from 108* to 1?; the Pacific issues sold i at 104* a 104\ lor Union Irsts, 106V lor Central Pacific*, and #2 lor do., San Joaquin Branch; Ohio | and Mississippi second* rose to 70; Northwestern con j solidated got a coupons advanced to 92!?; Toledo and | Wabash firsts sold at s9 and seconds at <$7, with an odd ' lot at 'id. The following are the closing quotations lor j Pacific Railroad bonds:? Union arsis, 104 a 104}*; do., i laud grants, 100 a 100>?; do., sinking lands, 91*1 ! 91 ?4 , Contral., 10GV a 107. BANK SHARKS. The only sales of city bank shares were !0 American Exchange at 109*, 20 St. Nicholas at 88, and Bank of Commerce at 115* a lit. TUK KOBKIOH MAHKKT. The following are the closing quotations in I.ondon at , P. 11. Consols for money, 96*a9?i*; Consols j lor rccount, 96* ; five twenty bonds of 1*65, old, 104; j five-twenty bonds of 1867. 109* a I09Jf; ten-forty j bo .ds, 107* a 10* V; new fives, 106*; Erie common shares, 13* a 13*; Erie preferred shares, 20 a 22; ; Illinois Central, S6 a 88. Loudon advices report tho i bullion which went into the Bank of Eugland on I balance to-day at ?15,000. Tho rats of discount In open market for three months' bills 1*1*, or * P*r cent . below the bank rata In Paris rentes are 106f. 7*e. Exchange on London 251. 21 *t Tho weekly sutement of tne Imperial Bank of G?r many shows an Increase of 13,068,000 marks. yntfso stocks. The following *are the official opening pricesjas fur | aisbod by telegraph Irom Son Francisco:? Could A Curry 18 Eureka G. V... . 3 Savago 17 Best Jt Belcher !. fid Cliollar I'otoat 8l? Keutuck 12 ??*?'? ? 8" Union Co' solidated 13 Hale t Norcross 50 Alpha 4S Crown Potat Id Meadow Valley'..*.'."..'! 1 Yellow Jacket......... 27 Sierra Novada.. 10 Belcher 20 Mexican 33 Imperial 4 Caledonia 8 ? trginia Consolidated.. 74 Silver HilL 8 I California 79 Eureka Consolidated.*.. 10 Overman 00 Justice I Ka> mond A Ely 13 Julia Consolidated 11 fUlLAnKLPUlA STOCKS. The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations I at three o'clock this day i City sixes, old idf A"TL | City sixes, new l0?v ]08X Lniloa Companies of New Jersey 134V 136 | Pennsylvania Railroad 63 ! Philadelphia aud Rtallng Railroad!.! 44*i Aaw I ' LolngU Valley Kuilroad 57 ? 57* ! j Catawissa Railroad preferred 40 ~ _ I Philadelphia and Erin Itailroad " i;?- j ? Northern Ceutral Itailroad.84'* ii*; ! | Lenigh Navigation 4dJ 4au , Lehigh Navigation Gold Loan 104104* TIIK DKUWiKK AXD BtTDSOX CaXAL COM PA VY. At the annual meeting of the stockholders oi the Del> , awaro and Hudsou Canal Company to day the report | showed that the coal sales for the year amounted to j $12,034,030 10. The balance of coal on hand December ; 31, 1875, was $2,629,042 33. i The following Board of Managers were elected:? j Abiel A. Low, Robert L Kennedy, J. M. Halstead, Le j Grand tt Cannon, Georgo Cabot Ward, James Roose velt, James R. Taylor, Thomas Dickson, John Jacob j Aslor, Thomas Cornell, W. J. Hopping, J. p. Morgan , aud It. 8. 11 on a lhe election for other officers will j take place to-morrow. A WK8TKK.V UNION BUT. In regard to Western Union it is announced from I Washington that a suit has been commenced In the j Supreme Court ol the District of Columbia against the company, and George B. Prescott, as well as tho Com- , | nilssioner or Patents, by Ceorgo Harrington uud Thomas A. Edison to settlo the question of ownership ! of the inventions or Edison In what Is known as tho ' duplex and quadruplex system. ?n injunction is asked i lor restraining the Commissioner of Patents from i granting a patent to the Western Union or to Prcseott, ' pending the result or a trial of the whole matter in the Supreme Court. TB? RAILWAY WAB. j It was reported on the street'to-day that another meeting or railroad official* was to be held at Chicago to morrow, at whicn It was hoped that some settle ment of the present difficulties would bo arrived at. But, in the alleged language or President Vanderbilt, as tho "real difficulty lays in too many railroads to do ths i small business oOering," It perhaps will be rash to ex pect that It can be changed by the passage of nice sounding resolutions. railway eakmxgs. The rollowlngare tho earnings of the Central Pacific Railroad Company:?. For the tnqnth of April, 1876 *1 am ,Wm For Hie month or April, 1875 ' i'sbs'iimi i For tho month or April, 1874 " ' I'lio'dis 1 Earnings first four mouths, 187(1....." ibtp'bM I Earnings first four months, 1875 4 373344 1 Earnings first four months, 1874 3,?4i'o49 Tho "regular ' ticket was elected at the Stock Ex- ) change yesterday, and to-day the new officers were in- J 1 Stalled, tho usual speeches being made. The earnings or the Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw R?||. j way Compauy for the Urst rour months or I87d, as compared with the earnings lor tb? same months or I 1875, are reported as follows; ls". 1S78 i f*I1,II,ry $71,43# 07 *09.208 42 i February til.SOH sa 11- ?'iu -u ' Murch 72.Sfi4 72 io' :w April 74,809 ?5 118.042 94 Totnls. ? $280,869 87 l43'> "27 HI ,,,crt,asp $151^7 M The following are tho earnings of the 8l Louis, Kan sas City and Northern Railway Company.? Por first week in May, 1S76 ,on For first week in May, 187J ^4 3so InefeM? '~^To NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES 200 ib? Union II Co... U iUA'dt mTil. i3 lmi do c 40u do aUiO do.. IUO I'M MaUSS lJ*N do ll*> 1110 do 100 do ? fx> i Krlc i. it l"?i do Jixi Mleli i en KK.. Tcksoat, II?y 9, 1678. EKKOUt lALL?In .V. JL 11?'?J ?iti l.ntll &?i] :<4 do c do (5 do..... ij do <i? ?:i do . do do... ...a do >13 C,i>' (*IJ, do do. 3111 2U0 1(1) aou IUO aoo 4UU IUO llA) aou 100 aiw |ixi do am do 1100 IiKj 2UU d? 19% 1?M !">. 15 1 ? W i:tf)0 10 ? 1(H) .1011 rent 1200 13)0 MU 1 o jOO 2 " Mil I St V Rg |] SO do. do 4<.fc 2UU Mil A. SO* UK pi.. do.. do.. do., do.. r* ?i, 46 *8 100 11)0 4)? do li l do . do do do do ,, 2uj Cbi k NW KRpf.. - ?> UUlo X Mil* KK. . 100 d.i Hi) do ?S do 4'Jil uo a ?*0 do IF M r.4 i "?3*2 s5 **?*. oiK, SSS ?& ft! $ !* :l> \N'i> 11:4.1 \. M. UaUU Ub 5-3u, c, '(15.. 114t> IUV do H*S UUU I 8 ? ?> "(i7... 121 il) >JU do I" < 1-1 M.if (ljQOO '!??? 41 SJ 1 jiaai Tiuu tl'i.B ??rl%? IIS joU) Mo u'ft . ud? . .lie lUtJi uum Uar.C ? 1 H l? <1 I(AD M A Ml' lll.i.M' I'ttl* 2UUU do....... IU-H I ? V t c ?f b c f." > ?UU Ml'7 3-IU..bJ ?7V C?4Ci t A N ?> ?' ? ?. Joui da f-5i ftMU Chi k S W eon. Iu^>, Jia) |.mi M A K In. cob U? ? UJ OUOi irlo 2d ui 101 >i 3umi II * i? J <4'i. ?ou 7*', ;*?H L?kl II 111, tou.r 104?; auu> Jo "5 l ha) I.kkr ?iior? dl?. KKIJf atiX) i.tcu Wru 7'?? l<A) ;,UJU .V y L'tii 111, r 1 Idlt luOU S V ( en lit. c.. Ill' '.(A?i >i V C^B d'l. 'Ki. iJil luOo OUio A Mil? ? " <i. Lii l'?>. Kit 111.. I"4?i IUUU' do MM>? IU. P. H W 2d. IK'S iUUU M I.* I M !?*??? I*-*' , 1UUJU C?u I'm *ld bdi I1WJ4 liaaj ' i" ? >t. - J hr.. I'll 1U00WMI I ?. I**? W)| **' ItiK'li. i< I W Jd.m I0i 20U" a? -J.L? .'y lloAUl)?iU:J|i L 30.iih? I'm.-Mail 8ti.... ^UO do a-n oo >j d'O >K> J 4ui do bj iOu uo O) 3WI 10,' It*' 4v Ill) SJCio UK.bc 110 1(1' do .*) 13 do lUi o? 2S do 11*' C kS W pf..b Id 1' -O do . .. H?> do .. .? IUO Ml?b (.'?? Kit. kc 1 U oo IUU I'M 'All a o 2U.I ?lo. I lu ilil Aluer M Mk 1UM>? 4<ii 21' M .N cbolM Hk , 1UU neili-rurifor.*.be AvAwt' kl....- b c I "j>'j tirit htt. .fct b-i | 2(1' do i IOU Cu I'm KK it J 100 ?? 1X1 ?7 "2 IC> ?J>? I :i? L > * M ii i.It be il? ;io i I ino lUJ uOO do llo . da., do . S3UOO I* f- 6i. r. '(II... l^l)i $10000 l'? i' ll?.?i 1.MJ t* S ?. ?, ?, ia->? 300 D 0 0 5'..r. el 1.... 117,^ 1(1*1X1 I * ft ? e.'al.. 117'-; K*X) do ||7C I On do u;t* do be 117.', M. i ? ?>, ^)X A* a ? 20 ? Jut Ui, 1 2U ac rdl'i l?5-g r?-t; lil . ?WJl 4" 4?t 4?U, 4 s 4?V ??? 64 ?^,Si MM do do. do do do. du do. du. 4or> do ? 0 Cltv x Htti k*.. S " I'll i?i...bc 300 do I'?" d ?3 0IM? idO) ft<0 2300 TOO 2**0 <*10 jno O iUQO IUTJ .?10 .. .?3 t>3 83 94'J Ml>? 8iJ tViU tifi 8>l HOt* 1*1'a ???, l?'i 200 lim TUi 800 & >? I.* 71IU 900 12UO ?UI do a3 IOO Chi A S W Kll br l-.'ijiliA 8t 1' UU be itio <i? IOO *?< do 10 I do >3 J.'O du 600 do 4On du 0.VIMU A St I' pf. be ??.* c on'; >3 rn\ Hido. *t?V 4 ?? do ba ??*,' -.110 do 88>? 8 >0 d?. MKT, SB ?|| be If?4 :r?i do w? Del, LAW kU.bc lo* H? ? do bJ ? > Uo 107Ji I'*! 'lo ? 1 o <*hi A HI i< U .be 101*4 10 i Jf J Sou Hi: . b e 100 Pacific Mail SS.bc 19\ IihUio . Mlu.u,.w 1*J Uu bJ 20. tW> da BKHHtK C\U?K:.10 P. ?2300 US5 2o. e. ?7.e 1 'J 1 ^ 2 w a aj l> .V20. ?, '87. 1 a I J. 600 do c iai% r??'l)in 71 W '.<*)1 M X S 1* von a f. 1COKI do SHI, 70<<M'lrvA Tol new. Iu3 tlOOO I'. K W A C ad . IIu^ 1(?4 t, 3000 H A t' Mi, I ?t.... -o 100 aba I'oa Coal.. ("? Urn b3 I'O do V.'abl I.S IKK, l'Jivj do.... do do aa IOO .to . b'l I ?J I'ac Mail SB a3 Ino do bJ 2W) < Sri* UK 100 do ,iA aoo Mlcb Can UK 4b !'?> do a3 400 do bit .K?? do aoo uo V X> do I *> LK X M s Kii...?a HOO do loo do bii ?>'i l iti 1^ OtiC lit 80*, ?jo-i ii>i, lit, 2 47 1"'? 10" 900 SO .HI .V* i do ftoo lit? Chi A N W Kit . :n*i ? Ui l \\Y pf btf'i loo do 10O do la >* .? UK '.II fori Wavitr lilt... IOO D?i.L A W Kit.... 110 Mor .1 Ku UK iao do 7a C. C.Cil KK.... 7?*) Mil 1 St Y KK. lO) ito 500 do awj Mil * m i"pi MN' M'i MH Mt* ?? ?7% HM'l a>-v2 HS<. 8*', 84?; 8t?. ?4', U'i 17 n* M. 64 64 64t? 64'? 64 ^ 6i^ ?MV, 4?t^ v<0 as'j 6!l i:i4>i aoo 11 H I a'?j aw i'?i aim 64.ii aoo do. do da do do do do b80 V P. $tooo>us.v?.io-?o. r. lmAJU b a 6'|, v. Ml... do Jl'.tXO i: S ti'*. '81. r.. 12Mi a.?ioti L'? d'?.c. ' iaaS 100 A) J-M. e. va. I lb J, SKO>N*l> nOMlD-t P. 11003 Alb k Su?2d.... I08W 4400alia L S A M S..*? oitjO M X St 1', 0 Jk M 97 loo to i'ac KU .be aomj Mieli Cat! 100 Ho do < 4 >>' I ?. i'a. i. K l?t. 1' 4', ao ? do aoo >Tut A Wab in.. Ml aiwOTol 4 W?b -U. 87 iOO do ..8 5COO A IJk X 1 7V Ic I" '? ..OO I o A M eou i .V '?I \V e e ti b bo ?a\ 4000 do in >hi lUiik of Com.. 1 l.>tj 90 do 116 loo Wuii I'u Ta... be ?>?>H 900 do 8?S lilt do ill 88'. lUHi do UiH 9 ?J do t^'-s l'J 10 do.. a'I 9 '? do *'8^ l<XJ C. C, C A I Kit 49S | ' i'utj .Sun !???? .Mail .?N,.bcc WO do (16 llOO do ?I 0 Krie UK.... .b e.blt a:?X) do 1600 ao at lwjo do Ji?m do b3 000 Mieh Can Rli.bc JO" do IOO do 600 do loo N J Cen *00 Li S A MS aoo do bJ 30 I do 600 do jaoo do luo do ..<3 IS it do do. loo 100 350 loo 100 4900 aioj .ai do. ao ao', loS l6>a I5S 16S 1">S 47S, 47V? 47'? ,<7> st;, 6414 64?, 400 .*H}, M?> i 4IJO J00 8' ?l : 0 i do 100 t.'ki .1 W 1,1. he c 3i?i do 10o do b3 aim Chi A K I. b c.bU HtX* do aoo do i do 16 do ,7 IO J Ohio ti M ltK. .!? e a- *J do b3 do 3UI do b:i ?JOO llo ?3 IOO Mil A St I'itK. .b o loo do...., do.... uo.... do.... blO .'OO Mil A St Ppf ti e i6 lira IU< |o3V im 48 ?4?. tl.'i lift 66 W 061, 86 M. 117% 117*1 M. 54K 83 U'lW i3 40 i, 44S 40% 40', 69 4 aou W-t |i 6 106 imt, lotJi 105 17^ M 38%, 3S? 38-4 38.', 38 '.'in I ML) 400 ao i aoo too :?w . bao do do.. do.. 20 >0, C A I C KU... 30J do .... bc.a3 ?6H CSV, fli? Ifi '4 8'? 04 \ *h i:3() I'll ,1 p. M $20000 US S-LO.e.'Oi tt 118T, H0.lur-KAMS .3 imwM A Mt I* coll k 1 ?1 ? 2000C A S W cegb. 8. < 1 a In I* ?e M ail S a... aoo do 100 80 800 Un M * Co ilO 600 do *00 Waat t D Tel. ..b3 do. do. do. ...b:i ? slO ti'.", 20 & IHl'i 08>i 18', UO*, U(? sot I3O0 3(1 I imt 100 0 11 do.. do. do. .urc uic loo lloo ?HIO 3 O 30 1 a5 Amur Kx 8a 600 Erie KK 16',' 40> do 16*. Out do. l>3 l.rii, 9 at do 16'a IOJ do >3 13J, 16 X V C A H K KK. I In IOO .\liill Cult UK 47 ^iti du b.i 47 3O0 do 48?a lui do e 47 aoo do 47 too do 47 '4 IOO do 47*? aoo do 471, In 1 do aJ 47 i, UOOLSAMSKK .. 64S ia? 30. a 1 IPIH 11. Oi do lo. a I do l.'iOO do al 9 at do ?*l Co PucK'l auifhl A N W Kit.... 40 Ucl. 1. A W UU .. 10 N I Cen RU lUJOCbi A it i iHI.... 2 10 Mil A St 1' UK a jo do ti 100 do IOO do 4UO do 100 Uo IOO Mil A SCPpf . .13 aio do 100 d" 30 I Ohio A Mlaa KK... 600 do lUt St L.KCANKIt pf. 100 Cbl A Alt UK pf... 34 S 64 jJ 64ij 64k 64', 641, 644, ?'*A I 66? ltd 4<?,*i los !l8'i IDS 4 384, 48 tr '?4)2 % #o>2 101.1, COMMERCIAL REPORT. COTTON OK THE SPOT DULL' AND IRRKOULAU? FUTURES FlitM?FLOUIS DULL ? WHEAT DULL? COBN IX DkMASD?OATS HEAVY?WHISKEY DULL AND EASIER?POKE HEAVY-? LAUD HEAVY AND EASIER ? PETROLEUM qUlET? SPIRITS TUB PEN TINE QUIET?ItOSIN QUIET? OILS STEADY?FREIOHTS GENERALLY STEADY GRAIN FOB PROMPT SHIPMENT EASIER? COfFEE STRONG?SUGAR STRONG. Tuesday, Mar 3?8 P. M. Bus loots was doll in almost every department of trade to-'iay, and In many instances a further shrink age wan reported, although in most euros the decline was Immitterlal. On 'CUango flour was dull bill un changed. Wheat was also dull, but prices were without change, prime eatuples being held with increased tlrm ncss. Corn was in demand, and prime samples brought more. Oais were steady. Whiskey was dull and easier. Pork and la<*d were heavy, and prices tumbled dowu pretty rapidly. Freights were firm. Cotton un the ipot *u dull and irregular, but fnturot closed firm. Coffee wei firmer. Naval atores were generally quiet Olla were steady. Petroleum wa? firmer. wae ktrong. A mm* were in ateady fair demand at 6V4C. a 5>?c. for pots. PearU were quoted nominal at "a. Antimony ruled atoady at ltt!?c. a lflSJe. ax waa unchanged, at 37c. fur Southern end^Mic. for Weatern. Baooa Coax waa dull and unsettled. We quoteRed, 4%c. a be. i red tipped. Ac. a Oc.: medium green, 7>fe. a He.; choice green burl and brnah. Me. a lot Caxotaa wore in atcaay Jobbing demand. We quote:? Sperm. 28c. i rntriu, patent. Macy'a. 3Kc.: etearlr, K. MitcliellA Co.'a (10 ot.), 27c. a '.'Sc.: adamantine. |13, 14. 10 or), I2kc. a 17c. : paraffin* <4't. O't and 12't). 10c. s 20c. CorrkK ? Under an Increated demand the market Tor Bratile *ii firmer. We note tales of 1.IW0 bag* Santnt ex Adeline l-.lwood on private term*. and at Baltimore, 2.0KH bags Rio ex Kdward J?bnaton at 17>,u. for fair; 2.108 bag* do. ex ("ampanero at I7\jc. tor barely fair ; SCO bitgt do. ox Yamoyden at 17^e. lor fully fair, and 107 bage does Templar, on private termt, of ulld coffee; 7(10 l?agt Maracaibo aoid ex .Sea llirj at a private price. We quoteOrdinary cargoei, 15\,c.: lair dm. 17j,c.; good do., 16s.; prime do., IflJ^e.; ex* ireme range lor lota, l&V*. a 11'^e.; Samoa, lair to goo<l. 17c. a I7**c , gold, ninety day*: Java, Government bag?. 22c. a 24c.; do., graaa matt. 22c. a 2.">c.: J-ingapore, do., If^c. a 2iic.: Ceylon, l*t,c. a 10c.; Maracaibo. Ide. a lttc.; l^kgnayra. I7)tc. a I8},e. ; Jamaica, 17c. a lie.: St Domingo, 15c. a lft)?c.; I'orlo Kico, ISc. a lt?c.; Cotta llica, 17c. a 10c. : Maca??ar. lS\c. a 10.lac.; Mexican, 17c. a l.Se.; Muii la, 17c. a ISc. . vagMtura, 17c. a IS".; Saranllla. Itie. a l*ltiSe.: Uuracoa. Ilk* * I7,t*e. OooriRiM !ruci nan 'ihcUanged. We quote Molaeaea sheuk*. 32-incli, with headt, #1 w a 02 26; sugar ahookt, with heada, JH-lncli. ?J do a $2 S3; do., ?to., 30-iecb, fl Ml a#.'; box ehooka. Tit. a *<*?.; mm do.. $4. Dlpe do., fi.a f" fit): ?mps> hogshead*. $2 .V>; lioopt. 14 foet. ordi nary lo prime, #37 a *40; houpt. 12 leet. do.. KM a #Jj tier M. t'orrsn.?the a?le? wrrs about UO.flO > ;i?. lake at JUe. a 22'?r., aud ?ue or twu small lott at 21 \c., clotiug at 21J|fe. a I'oirraOK win unchanged. We >|uoteManila (large and tin*11 ?U,:t.P''r lb.. 14??c. a !.V,c. ; do. cordage, bo'i rope yarns, I'V * |7e.; tarred Ma >Jla. 14c,. hlaal "pe. lOl^r. a ll^e : Nei? Zealand. lk]|e, a l2V>c. : Kuatia lu mp, tarred 14c. : American do.. He . Ku>ela t?>)t l?M. 17c. C"rt'>*.? I l>. mnrknt tor ?|?n dull anil Irreguiar: Iniure* nioxcii nrm. I'ite> elnalaf priret lo day compare with Mon days price* *? loilov**: ? MiMulav, U'ly Tueathi}, May 9. May 12 U-t. ? IJ 7 HI May ;7 ;rj a 12 MO June 1221 U a 1211-10 Jui.e . ...12j:i.Ua 12), July. ..r..\ a 12V" U Jit.y . ...I2a? J2 a Id Augutl l'l |dj a Id l id August.. I.l\ a i.< t>-> f>ept Id I 12 a ? r*ept .... i'i , a 13 Snd2 Ottober.. i:> na t3?j <>cu.her...l9 1-83 * J?..e 12 2 ? :t. s 1. iU lit .Nov 1 J 21' .12 a ? flee . .12 2.V-.3 t 12 HUH I?e* ,...I22?82 a ? ?t^uoiailont are on American ataiuiaid of MaaeMka non. and on outs m etorr fnnning .u '|ti?l,:> not more than hail a grade aootre or below the jrad" eeotedi? L'jtium.U. Jktiamu. A Vrlmuu. Taat. Ordleery J n !i 0 Si net ordinary ? 11 Hi "1:110 91TII '? 1:110 i.ood ?r<ilna>} I"1, 1 ??"*? I I'J!, sttnci uo..d enitnary. n l ie ii t-io 11 :t-in n i-10 Cow middling U.S.: ll?, 11J? ilk Strict >?w mi'ldling., 12 I 10 12 .1 It! 1^ <10 12 a-10 Middling I-' 7.lit 12 d-Id I2?, i.'>f 0"-h| middling I2I.VI0 Ui i 10 id ;n I't :l lit Mrt> i goml inMdliiig. l.i 7 lu iii i. id i tlMO 13 11 It* lair 13 13-10 13 li |rt 14 I l'l 14 l l'i fair Hll iO 14 13-1*1 !4 Il?t 14 14 I* tai:i.'d-<-ood orilmary, ? I Itk. . atricl gixni nrdiuar;, 10 3-Uk. ; lew midiiluig, 10 ll-ltle.; middling, 11 tf-IOe. Pa- /' ??. Um Kt enia#. t<* Contnniptlon 3W? |U0 ?jl Spac ulailou 1*2 ? 172 Totale M" t1"' 0*3 -litli'Mtd on centrict, 20H baiet. K?r niturv delivery Hi ? aaies ware i< loiiows: \ eeter day, altei i u f M. JiiBe. It" ai 12 2.t-32u, 2. SK) at 12 li I't , .Ml at 12 21 32c.; /?It TUU at 12,V. 1.30" ?t I- 2f.,.c, Aii/i>t. UAiat 13 3 32c . #? 13 I 10? , Novenitier. 3UI) ai IJ J-VS2C ; De cember. 4<" at I2kc. Total. S.SUII bale*. To-day. up to two I*. M.?Ma>. . Kx. tlurrt iiouue, at I2'tc . ?*". abort notice, at 12* lJ32c. 1 " I2 ai.; 3une. 1.0 ?> at l-'k*'. ??' ai 12 23-:tj.\, l'?i .i llJic. -tO ?t 12 23- .jt . a.2<?) at 12 11 Id, Jmy. I.4?'*t 12 i-S2t'.. tax at 12 lo Hl<.. VI *' at 12 31 32c.. .'As J at 13 l.% Hie-, ?.(*),* at 12 3I-I2C . 70" at 12 IJ 10?. IUU at I2 .l> 32?. I.7UU at 12 i . !?<?? at 12 .1)..12c.. Ill" ai 12 li- He.. August ??> ai ! >'?<., luo ft 13 3-32C , 7iA> at Kl;%L . fXI ai 13 .? 32c . 70u at 13 1 1>#.. loo at IU<.. lOo at 13 d 3^c., 400 at 13 Mflc : K?ptcnibvr. 100 at 13 1-lOe.. 300 at IS 3-32c . 40" at 13V.: October, him at 19111-21 c. ????? 12 15-lti*: November, 1.3UO 12 '.'7 32c , ??i at I2*tc-. ;*?) at IJ 13-lrtc.; December. 'JUU ki 12 J7 3Jc.. 100 ?l 13Jtc. To tel. 21.;?*i bales (iraad total, HII.400 balee. The receipts at lb* port. were a* follow*Galves ton, OKU bales: New Orleans. 3KH; Moblla. 303. Savannah. S14; Charleston. ItH; Wilmington. 23: Sul lulk, ITO; New Vork. IHd; Uuatou, 30; I'tillndelpbla. 7. Total. 3,371k Thi* day last wee*. 3,52:1 This <ia> last year, 2.70H. lotal since September I, 134,114 bale*. Cottou freights closed aa follows:?To Havre, by steam. Ve compressor To Hamburg. bt iiraui, '>c., compressed. To Breuieu. by ttestu. |{e.. c miprcsaed. To Liverpool. .ViC. by iiviiu by ami, 7-32d Dnrus. *l?Opium waa unchanged ; quoted at 93 S7)?, gold, in bond, auu 93 05, ?urronc>. lor Job lot* Mil vltrol was quiet at 91 73 |>?r cwt. lor large Iota and 2e. a 2S?f. per lb. lor HUiall lota. Camphor w aa ateady at 27? lor renned Crcuiu tartar wa* quoted at 32c.. irald. lor Amerioan and 33c. tor Krench, an<i 37.S"'. 'ur |*?wderod In bills. aud ItHSc. lor do. iu boxes. Alcoholics?Cb'.isrMar u aud ether were Steady at IHV. for the former aud 44a. a 'He lor the latter. Borax wan ateady at lISc- a 11 l,c. for refined city and 11 !*e. lor do. California llalssm lotu waa quiet at 92_a 93 'A currcncy. Hurgundy pitch waa quoted at 7tjc a He. Cuarana waa eaay at $3 a 93 24. Manna, new crop, waa quoted at 43c. a aOc. for sinal', #1 03 a $1 Itl lor large ani S5e. lor aorta. Ktta si an canthsrides wara quiet at 91 23 a 91 5o, shsliao wm quiet at 45c., gold, for II. C and Sue., gold, lor Kngttah. Divl die! waa very scarce ana hrto at 9?>5 per l?? < utolt waa quiet at i . told I'ruaaiate (lotaab wn* unlet at -tic. a :*>c . ;ta to quality Bichromate potash waa dull at Sal ammoniac waa dull at lo-kc , sold, lrtab luoaa waa quiet at OSc. a 7e ilitnibiir waa linn at Sc., (fold. I'.paoiu aalta wore in lair demand at 2c. J?umac waa firm at 91 3Y Ar eola ware ateady at 24c. a 32'?c . gold. according to quality. Ueutlan rout titt linn at 7c. t'aa-*ia bud* wore eaay: quoted at -tftc a .Vic. Colombo root w.t* quoted at vtr for whole aud 14e- lor poaderrd. tium netlda wa> Briu at 7^t'. a He . with ii|>war<l tctid'Micy. Juniper berrlea w?re dull at I"r. a 3t,c. for ordinary Italian. (Irauite peel ruled quiet at lO'.c. a lie., apo.l. Venice turpeutina waa dull at 17\c a ll>c Catiiie ?oap?t'ontl white waa quolcil at lM\e. and Maraelllt'a pure mottled at Klc.. i;oid. Kociiell' a*H< were ateady at .flSio. for bbik. and :tl',c. f.^r boxea. yuiiiiim wa? active at $2 2U Klue vitriol wan >teady at Morphine ?>? active at 1U l?>dide inqaah waa iu lair deiu?nd mid steady at bulk, an j *2 :U b. I. Alum?Lump wi?? In fair de. maud at 2He. a \i\c. Chlorate poiaalt ?a? in mir demand at2kc. a 21 V'< 2o.U, aud 22c. lor greeubaeka. lar alir acid wa? quiet at 4 .'Uc., c<ild. for cryatal. and 4t<c. a Mte. for powdered Citric acid wai quoted at 7^e. a 7tle. l.icoricn root waa quiet at former pricea: quoted at 4c. cold, and from re. to lie., currency, for ?clected Licorice parte, I klabria. waa quiet at 31c. a l*<o : ^panirb -olid waa iu k'ood demand at 2.?c. a 2rtc , gold: i'ltiuatelli waa quiet at ?le.; >mall tiuaalina wa> quoted at 32c.: laiv<> tiuialina waa in ^ood demau I at 4Uc.; i*. k A. auiall waa active at 3t>c. a ItO'ji-. I'mtlufiali bouca ruled ateadv at 20c. a 27c Balaam copaiba waa caay at iUV. a 7Uc. natfron waa briu at 22c. a 2oc lor American and $'? * $12 for Spanish. Ualaugal root wits quiet .t 4c. ?4V; Cod liver oil ?at in lair de inaud at *1 Mail tki lor Newfouiidlauit aud 4- for Xurwe eiau. KhubaCb u aa in uiodrrate demand at pri. es rai.winc from r>0c. to 91 1(1. .iloea?Cftpe woe acarre and firmly held at i:ic. a 14c. tiinyer waa llrm at 2l>?c. lor Jamaica hlearh?d. lirn'ut wa* eK?v at 91 yuicltallver waa quoted at il7c. it t!?c l.earea were quiet, but ateady; quoted at 2tic. lor bel.adonua He lor coniuui and aconite, ?JOe. > 22c lor InMibane aud 91 2A for roee. Arsenic was in fair demanJ at 3>4r. a34jc . f?dd. for white powdered, and 13c. a 13>.c lor red do. Seeds were quiet. We quote:? Multaril?Yellow Ca'lfoiula. 7)4c. a He ; brown du.. lie. a liUc. : brown Trieile, 7>;c-; v? llow KiikIkU, 8V- Cauitfy? I'iiiiiu 1 >uteli was quoted r7 7.'i auu Smyrna was ttrut at 97 Hemp a a. qule: at 91 *J'i faraway was lirtu at 12c. a l2.Sc. C oriaii'lur u aa quoted at &\c. tltmouiili llow er? were quiet at lite a 22c ior Roman, tilycer in a aa in fair deinand and firm at !7c. a IHi^c. Sw. et niarioram waa quiet at 2'te ? 22c. tirria root waa steady at 12',c. a 30e.. a#or>:ln/to uuallty. lonca beans steady at 91 lor Anit 'ilitra. \lthoa root a aa tlriuly held at 3>>c. lor white cut and 2 >c. lor lair do. dura aiaoie waa quoten at 1%?. for prima aorta and lie. tor second do. An/oatura bark waa acaree and liriuly held at .>Ue. saaaairaa bark waa quiet at He. Sqnilla were quiet M Hk'. a I le. Lavendor Oowvra were quiet at U>tc. Valerian root waa quoted at 2'h!. for Kii>rliah and 15c. lor tierman. Albumen waa ateady at 03c. a 7t)c. for blood and fl a 91 1.1 for e*i{. daraa;iartlla wai quiet but steady. Wo quotelloniliiraa _eomtiion at 34r. a .37c.; d >. do. lor export. 3.V. a 37c., Kidd; Mexican. 13c a 1&>: J tlan was qu >ted at 12c. a 13c., gold, tliitu dainar was quiet at ilk. a Inc. (iambotfv tvaa quoted at 07<- Aaaalwttlla waa ateacy at l.'C. a 17c. t'urbonate aiuinotila waa quiet at 14 Vj c. Kaa< ntial oils remained Hrin. but without essential chatue. We quote :?Oil btriiantoi, M W): oil lemon, .-andersou'l, ?:i fi7S; Ilmiaun's tiucst oil roae, 90 37f?; o 1 anlae. 91 all ^old ; oil earawa.t. 91 40 a 92 SO; oil croton 92 IH; oil citroat lla, 7.'>c. a ftie.; oil lavender. 75.. a 92; do., do. (Mitchauu, (12 3U; oil clovet 9'l 10; oil wlmerijreuii. $;i 13; oil aaeaalraL inclusive, 32Sc.: oil tienuyruyal. $3, all cur rency : oil or bay, 9IH and 9-'3. The market for l.nirliali chemicals cloaed quiet; aale* wore 23 tout soda aah at 2c.; 20 tons sai so a at 91 30; 30 druma caustic soda at 4^(c.; 100 ke(t? bicarb >oia at 4t.ic., all irtdd, and lit) casks bleudiin< powder at 91 ^.currency. We quote:?Soda aah, ordlnary to uootl brands. 2c. a 2,S<'.; aal aoda, I';C. a l*,c.; caustic soda. 4'?c. a 4'<c.; bicarbonate aoda, 4t?c. a 4\c.. all ?{old; b!utchiii/ powder, 2c. a 2},c... currency; atiper carbonate aud.! John Dwi^bt 1 Co.'a in ke*?i. 4c., curreucy. Knit ? t.'odli-lt were in more demand: ViI ti. orje's sold at 9-V A lew sales of old Csraud Hank were made at 94 a 94 23. There was also more Inquiry for mackeral. The atock now tin the market ia composed for the most part of Nova Scotia No. I. which were selling in small lota, aa re quired. Sales were about :ktO hhta.. at 917 lor No. 1 aud 913 lor No. 2; also Him bbls. laree So. .'I aold at 910. Box lier rlnrf were In ^ood demand : salea a cre 3,1100 boi^i at 22c. There was <oiir> inquiry lor cheap herring, but no stock nere. JO I bbia. Labrador aold at 9"> ??)>. We quota Ueor-cu s cod. $6 a 93 2.V. Urand Bank do.. 94 a 91 Jti; new Ueorx"'<?. 93 75 a 9*1. Shore mackerel. No. I, 920 a $2S; do., lark'u No. 2, 915 a 910. Box herring. No. I. 13c. a isc.; scaled do., 23c. a 2.* : barrelled do., Portland. 91 73 a 9">: Laarador. 93 VJ a 93 75 ii.ot.i: iiii ??Rai!?.? Receipt*?Hour, Itl.illH bbls.: wheat, 3-1.7'si bushels: corn meal. 2,113 bbls. aud Itklaacka; oata, 23,400 nusiieli; corn. iltl,2Ul do.; rye, 1,000 do.: barley malt. 11,72 J do. The Hour market waa dull, and In buyer * Invor. though no poaitive decline waa Quoted. The salea were 10,i>>> bbls.. lucludiiiK State. Western and Southern, at the annexed quotations, live tlour sold to the extent ot 3A0 bbls. at SI 73 a 93 15, for Rue to auperllne. Corn meal ruled quiet, witli salea of 0U0 bblk. at 93 05 lor Brandy wine. We quote So. , state ?3 00 a $:i 75 Superllne State 4 25 a 4 Wl Kxtra State 5 IV a 5 23 Cboicc Stale 5 30 a 0 01 Superttlio Westei 4 '.3 a 4 00 Kxtra Westuru 5 OO a 3 25 Mlnucaula a Utia 7 tat hoitnd hoop oiiio. shlppini; brandi 5 Oil a 3 25 ilouud hoop Obio, trade orauda 5.Via 0 5t? Kaun'.y 7 00 a H 50 St. Louis, low extra 00 a 0 mi ?St. Louia, straight extra 0 50 a 7 (?( St. Louis, choice double extra 7 (JO a rt 20 fit. I.ouis, choice tauiilr 8 23 a ? 53 Itye Hour, Hue tosuperttu* 3 70 a 4 20 Southern, Nu. 2... 3 25 a 4 OO Southern, snprrAue 4 23 a 4 05 fonthem, extra 3 23 a 7 OJ Southern, latnlly 7 25 a U 4(1 Corn meal. Western. 3 (KI a 3 30 Corn meal. Jcrsov 3 1*1 a 8 311 Corn tueal, Braiidywlne 3 tilt a 3 7n Corn meal, puneheona 9" Kla'-tl 5(1 ? Iha market lor wlioat waa dull, but prime spring was rfiinly held. The saies w.'re coiiUued to about ti4,ooti buait ela. mostly In small lota, at 91 lolor No. 3,91 110 lor Canada Club IU boud, 91 30 a 91 31 for No. I Minnesota. 91 1U a 91 20 for No. 2 Milwaukee spring. 91 17 a 91 20 for So. 2 Chicago spring, 91 0?>4 ? 91 II lor ungraded spring. 91 (>7 a 91 II for No. 3 spring, 91 27 a 91 ?*> for No. I soring, aud 9i 42 a 91 44 for white live was quiet and entirely nom inal ; 23.00) bushels Western aold ou private terms. Corn wu iu lair demand aud lliintr, witb atlueol about 110,000 hualiula at M^o. a 30'4c. for uo grade. 00c. a rtO?,c. lor steamer, die. a 02c. for mixed. 02.VJC. for very choice do., 0 c. tor May delivery, mi^c. for June, and K2c. a 03c. for ungraded Kanaa*. Harlev and barley malt remained dull. Oata were Heart), with sale* of about 40,t*U buahela at 37c. a 37',e. tor rejected, 431,c. a 47 :. lor Mate mixed, 44.Sc. a 53c. lor the rang ! of white. 44),c. a 40ltc. lor No. 2 wliite. and 4Or. a 41c. lor No. 2 mixed. KkOIT.?foreign dried waa quiet, but price* were generally unchanged. ? cases preserved linger >old at a private price. We quote:?How layer raiaina per box, 92 75; half do.. 91 50; quarter dov IlK. ; new loose muscatel, 9- 7a a 9. tki per box, according to quality : new seedless raisin?, 93 23 per frail; Valencia ramus, 10',c. per lb.; ?iiitana do., lie lor new; Turkey prunes, a Oc. lur servta and Bosnia: new Kiench do., Oc. a lie., according to site and quality. Currants, ??V- " according to quai itv Leghorn citron, 21c. Kig*. 14c. lor layer*. Date*, 3'4c. Hraiil nuta. t,Sc. I'raaeivetl ginger. *7 SO per easo. Iiuoiectic dried was steadv. We quote:?Apples, state, quartet s, H'.^c. a He.; do.. (Itced, tic. a 1' -c. ; Southern, quarter*. 713c. a , do., allced, S14c a lie.: do , lancy, l2Se. a 13e. 1'ra-nes. peeled?Oeorgta, prime to fancy, 14c a I Ho.; u ii peeled do. quarter*, lO^e.; naive*, IJ^c. a Blackberries, H^c. a 10-,c. Kasplierriet, 20c a 27c. Cher ries, l'.ic. 1'lnm*. Southern, loo. a JOc. ; dm. state,31c. Pea nuts reiuaiueo quiet. We quote Ordinary Virginia, 91 23 a 91 30; prune do., 91 30 a II 00; cboic ? do.. 91 7o a*l 73; ordinary (Vilmingtou. 91 23 a 91 40; prime to lauey do., fl 7u a 91 Ho. iiomestlc green ?as flrin. with a lir demand. We quoteApples, selected winter, per bbt.. *3 a 93; do., mixed. 9- 3o a f.' 73; do., common. 92 a 92 30. Craiiborrtea?Choice. 93 73 a 94 3J, tfo. Hood to ortmo, fa a 93 5tx Itar AXD SrgiW ?The market remained quiet, ton without ltiata.iai chauge in prices We quote: ?Bale liny, ship p;ng, at 7 c.. retail qunlltio* at '.Wc. a 91 10, eloeer at 03c. ? ,j . Straw?l.oiigrye. 7fc. a 91 10. oatdo.. ItKVr A*b Jtra.?no note ,?les ?l - Xi bates butt* at 3c.. Oi djy>. We quote:?American dressed, #IIM a 92i?) lor ?itigi.i, 9-<M a 92.5 tor iloiiole and 912U a 9123 for rough: V anna u em p. JUg. *7',r.. gold: Ktitrla clean, 9.1? < a 9210, gold; Italian. 9_'75 a 92Ht>, gold: Jute. 4'4r. * 3!4c . cur rency; Jute bnttf, a 3c. emu; Sital hemp, 4-,c. a 4Jac . gold: Istle. 3Vc. atfc . goid. IIidkk.- I'ho market >aa weak and uu*ettled. Salea weie .aw city slaughters at He., .'"SI do. ou pfitate term*, and l.'.kat dry lexas and I otm wet salted iVestciu, also on porate terius. We 'iitota : ? Bueno* Arres. 211 to 24 lb?.. 17Sc. a lite.; do. 24 to ils lb*. I?e. a 2?Je.: Monlevideo. 20 to 22'-. lbs., 17,Sc. a Isc.; Corrlente*. 31 to 3.3 Ihv.lAo.; Itlo tjrande, ?Jo to 32 lbs., I sc.; Oiinoco, 20 to 32 ion.. IHSc.. Cali fornia, 21 to 23 lbs., lia^; Central kmerican. Is to 21 >b*.. I t; Matanioros and Mcxican, 33 to 23 lbs., l.K.; Vera Crui. is to ID lbs, 13c ; Bogota. |h ic jo lbs, l> a I4t , all xold, selocted. Texas. 2s to 34 lb*., lie. a 12c.; southern. .'4 to 3<i lbs.. |Oc. a lis., currency, a* they tun; city slaughter, ox, MU to So lbs.. ?*.; cow 43 to oO ltoa.. OS*-'- corrency. ^.ected How?The oiaract waa acak. and pricei would decline but tor the light rtfvtpt*. We quotaNew York State, I.e. a I7e.; Kattern, 10c. a 16c . Wisconsin. Idc. a 10c.; yearlinj*. sc. a 1I)a) i Id*, all growtua. 4c. a Oo.; Cali lornla, 15c. a lsc. la..*. ? Ihe ins.ket for American pig wa* uuactllod. with * downward teudeucr ; *.0011 tolls ;'orge from a Philsdel' pbia 'ions* sold at a eery low price some two weeks ago disturb* aellir . .'scotch pig was Steady but quiet ( luO tons L/lluton soltl on private teruia -crap waa neglected. \\ e iiiote .? American pig. No. 1.922 a 923; do.. No. 2.93" a9.1; do., forge. 91H a f2o. Scotch? Coltheas, 931; tiart Slierrie, 9-11 , oleut,*rnnck. 9'"1. Kglinton. S2? a 9-'? 30; scrap, wiougbt, 9-<2 a*ked; mil*, steel. 900 per ton, do., Hon. *83 a *..4 per ton. i.i ai> Knuiaiiied unchanged at 90 16 a 9 '? 30, gold, for done-tic. l.KaTiiaa.?There wa* a moderate eail for hemlock tole ; Sines were nut hanged Mo quote ;?Hemlock? Light uenos Ay res, Jo.^c. a JU,C ? ?o. California. 2oe. ,<do. tjntuinoh nide, 2Uo., middle liueno* Ayres, 23c a 2jc ; ile. California. 2IS<' a 2-a.. do. common hide. 2Ic. a 22c.; bear* Buenos Ayre*. -'2Sc a 'gJH*.: do. California. 21.Sc. a .'Jc. : do euiaiuon bide. .Ic a Jic. ; good dainageu liueno* A;res, lllc. a .'oc., Uo. California Ia li'^c. . do. common bide. Isse. a inc. i poor, dumaaed common bide. Idc. a Inc. Hiii.assKs. ? Kor New Orleans there wae a better demand, retuiinik 'n sa<es to the extern of 230 bbls. at prices wiilitu Hi.- i?uge ot foreign (ales sere tUO bbl*. boiling at 32a. n 34t. W a quota t?Cuba, reiit'lfllgal and mixed, .'3c. a Jra.; CiatO'l a 33c.; do nidsrovado refining, 3fte. a 33c.; du grocery, 32c. a4ut ; t'ono Klco, 3-'k- a ,V;o . K u a 11 s h lslinds. 32c. a 3oc.; New Orleans, fair to good. ?e. a 59c.; Mime to choice, V?. a 3-c. N'avaL Stokiji ?spirits rurpeutlee wern needy, with ?lies of 25o hi.;* at ?*><? n 3.. v Knsln quiet, with sale* of j:m on is. good Strained at 91 HO We qoolr :?Spirits tur pi none, 30c a 30).c. spot, and 33c. bid aud 3.iSc. aaked. to arrtee; rosin, roiuiuou *trainrd. 91 75; irood do , 91 90. tar Washington, #2 * 92 IJSl Mfllnilnrton. 93 13', a 9.' 23. Adeicitfrutu Wilmington were as followsllosin quiet and steady, itratned. 91 >3; good strained, 91 *'? Tar llrm, at ?l 4 > lurpentlne steady ; bard, 91 13; soft, to; virelti, M3 76. spirts* fttiu at JUt Oils -Me uote further sale* at New Bedford of 1,0IU '.?b s. s;>erm for export and 3LIO bbls. do. fur manufaciuring eu private term*. Wo qnote ??Cotton seed, erode, 43c. n 43c. , southern yellow, jsc. . yet 1 >? winter. 3Hc. a <iOr . winter, 03c. . lard, winter 91 o7 a #l <?': >perin. crnde, 91 4,'>. do bleached wiNter, 91 73; du. natural do $1 70. wnaie, crude Northern, due. ; do. southern, rtno , bleached winter. 73c. n 73s.; ollvo casks. 91 I7S ? 2-'S : do eaaes. M33 a 94 411, winter bleached liah, 33c.: cruoe Bsh. 4Hc a MJe fsrnoutt a?foe market a as brmer. Halo* yesteoday of H.isi bbl*. reBued reported at US' The closing price* were as follow* ?Crude in bmk, *'*e.; do., tit lilia. lo*Jc.; relU'Ott. in hois.. t.tSc a I ISc. . do., eases, l7Ve. Kodaed, m' >?11 v- ttM at I'Ut.ndelf bin, I3.'?c.t aud nt Boltiniore, L>Vu Advteoo | from lb? crrtk wtr? U follows:?Ol! City firm. tlfcR < SI MH(4 hilt. immediate aliipiueiit nominally *2 OA. Faracr's I firm I nited. #1 i*7'^; *bip udii. #J 1'il?i'uio>>.--Heceipu?rork. I.BIO tibia.: lard. 023 iterce* aud |:m caac*; out uieats. 41H packages; baa?a. W5 tlercea ami I*ui boxes; beef. lif' VJtrctt, : bbl* mil 2115 ll0rk market wa* dull and price* (Ji*cli*#i1 hi* toriallr. The clo*ing price* were *> follow* Ma*. (BO ?J owl. HI 10,asked: June. $.'H ?<> bid. *21 asked: July. ?20 l*J bid. s.'l IS a-ked; Au?-u?l. *21 bid *21 4" a*k?d: September. ,'JI bid. $.'1 7i a?aed. i'ti* .ales were about *)tir*i bbl*. ?t *21 <15 for May. f*? '?*' *$-'1 a *21 US tor June t quiet *i * JI (5 a I it" for me?*. ultliaale* of vo bill. HI tl.o.e prleea. Cut meat* were quiet. We note *alea ol ?.iU ? Iba. pickled In-.lie*. 14 lb*. average. at ll^c.. Hud 4 <**? i0*. .1. . 11 lb* averace, ?i IfV- *reeli bam* were iiiiuied ?i l2V?c * pickled do. a| |2*?c. * ia?.. fr?b bailie* at lie. a 12c., pickled do. ul III4C. * L'^c.. boxed Ui *| * l'i\^c. , Bacon wa? quiet. l.'S b..\.-eiu Wag dear sold at 12jZc. Beef remained bin price* were unchanged: V) bbl*. j n?e?* *?l<l within tli? range Weqnoie: ?Btrrels?Extra mrt* 1 2l3'i4i; plain do., el2 50: packet. *|i< I'tereeS?City extra India tue*a f 27 a t~'.<: .n lla tu?*?*. #25 end oriinf uiria. ; *2 <? Beef bam- were unlet but uncnauged "smoke j meal* ruled dull: 4IHIllMi^tli-ii llld It |O^C. i hum* were quoted | m 14?- a I.V.. and shoulders at Vi^c. a ln'^c Lard wa* ' unsettled anil decidedly lower, but a good bu*iue?a w?* con suniniated at the reduced price*, the *alea cumprts ? ing not !<?** than 14.'*.*) lleree* at #IJ 47U ?. : SI- B-> fur June: *12 70 a *12 77't a *12 Mil for | Juljr and $12 i<7>, * fl2 *t> * tU l*' for Attru*!. ; I be i'l?thiiiL' "rail" price* ?.-re a* lulluw*:?lUv. #1J .hi I bid. *U' ?i a*kcd . Jane. fl2 45 bid. ?li! *J a*kedi Jnh ; *12 .V? bid. *12 ?KI uked: AlruM *12 t'5 M4. #12 T>\ 1 uki'il; Keptambcr, *12 7;"? bid, *12 H.? a?kvd. October, ! *12 7d bul. *12 Mi aaked S pi wa* quiet: *0 ttorcel etty 1 *? * I *1 at l-'jgc.. 4UU uerci'n H'aMem at *1J U a *12 7'. I Kofliiwl WII* <||ed lit for Soutn America. I.'?4r * 1 l'.','<c. I?r Continent and 12c. a iilWg. !nr Cuba. Sal?* wore 1 Uli 1 tierce* tor Soiitii America *t^c.. 4.r?ii tierce* I?r t'uba ami At*.) tierce* for 111* t'nutliicnl en prlvetr term* Hi 1 ?. ? The uiarknt aa**teud.v. Kroin Xinn, Daniel T?l m?|e'i Sun'*circular i?f tbi* date '1'be advance *j\i>ed in <*nr !a*t I* fully *uetalned. yet we have to note a pur ceptible lullnu' nlDn tlie deiimn l in ion*ei|iieuc? 1 lie lull ii> iicca*inucil fMui th< fact that ilia tra.'.e Imve in the ninin | been purc)iM>lii)r liberally. * trille In ndranra ut iniuirdialp ! want*. The proem utilue**. however, can net prrv*ll lor any lencihy period, an we are u?w at the time of the larre>t con?uinptii>ii and tli? *tock* thrutiKliout the country iiavtnR bean lef(ill 111 h telv and rot ?|iecul?tivel> purchaacd, will be rapidly absorbed. With la** amount "! [ crop on liaiiil than at enu il dale la*t >e*r, witn price* atill rnniiiui; ? .i low that foreign I* exciudurt from the market, mi that all the demaiiil tnaal be ?u|>plied from the doiuifatlc product, arc have no douot bul prcient tute* will be ?u*tainc<L" We quoteCarolina, latr to prime. II!A ? (t^'c,; l.oni*iaua. fair to irond, 5?tc. a 1^0.; do., prime, n t>',c.; lt?iii;ooii, lair to Kood, like u U+,c.; I'atnn, k'ood, 7J5c. i l^r., fold, Kai.^nou, lu bond, 2>^c. a 2**c.. (old Si'Ki.tkk wa* ttcaily at He., curr'iicy. lor (elected. 8Th.?KiNK ?Receipt*, 2J3 tierce*. The mirket remained dull and nominal at Dt't'c. a 14c. lor prime to choice. Si'i;ak.?The market for raw wa* quiet, but ?troutf. Keliued was oteadv. We quoteKalr rcfluiiiK, 7*,c. ; pood do., l\e.\ t!nli?. crucery, fair 10 choice, ft. a rt?-,c ; <Io.. centrifugal, iilid*. and bove?, No*. ^ to 12, tt^c. a tic.: ilo, mola?<te*. hhd*. aud boxen, ti.ijr. a 7',c.: I'orto Uico, reliiiiui:. aotiiinon to prime, 7c. * Kc.; d*i.. (trocerv. fuir t" choice. 1c. a ; refined?*taiidard A. I'Sc. a k'\c : olf A, H.t^c . cnmlieil, lU^c.; powdered, 10'.c ; urauulaivd. IOj>a; cut lout, K'5*c. l'*l.l.o?v. ? Keceinta?21' Iilid*. and l2-> bbla. The oarket remiuiied dull and In buyer*' UVor. S.tle* amounted to nboiit ia'i.iiVllln. ut HHc. for prime; ordinary u aa quoted at HS'c. 1't.x ? *< quiet. We quote Banc*, 2.V. a -2*?c. i Stralta. I7c. it I7,',c.: KnfHill, l7S,c. 11 ll*c . all itold. I'latua?t'har coal, noniinnlly *7 Ml; coke. *11 M 11 *7 7tl: tome, *tl 12>> a 911 .11 Va. Tim d'l'o wa* quiet but *ti>!idy. We n >te sale* of 111*1 lilidn. Kentucky at r? * j c. 11 10c. Sale* of *cedleal wer.!: ?H?i ca?e* ! ??ndrie< at 7c. i 25c.; M4 do. llHlo, crop 187,1, ul .ic. it "i'.jC. a ! H1 ,r.; 2t*J do. I'eiitia.vlvauia, ciop 1?7.>, at l.'ie,; 24.'i do. New Kntfland, crop IM7t, ut ltic. n 'HX*.; 41 * I do, do., crop ! |S7 >. on prl\ate terma; 14 bale* Yarn, I I cut-, aud 3U0 | bale* Havana at price* r in^iim Iroin H'ic. to *1 In. | Wiiiukkt. ? Keeeipt*. 85l? bbl*. whiskey uml .111 do, alco I hoi. The market wit* dull and lower; Imlbblii. changod < hand* at #1 II. I Knkii.lira?Market for irraln mom per (learn to Liverpool I wan quoted eaaier lor prouiiit uhlpnient, ua main huh , wanted to HI! with : but for tlie cloae ol thin anil I lie early i part of next week the market wa* quite nlroii)r 111 7' .il. a Nil. 1 per Iniahel. under liberal arrival* of i;ruiu per rail. TI10 j quoted rate in our la*t an* merely the nominal price .iaked. t With free iilt'eriiiit* of pruviilnin rate* were llriit | at :t.">a. lor baeou and 4<>*. lor chceae to ihi* port. ; Tonnatre for charter wa* atoady, aud * talr demand ruled for vuaaula lor United Kin/don mid 1 ontinental ixirt* I'e j trolomn tonnage wa* fairly aoui-'lit after at iircvloua rale*. The eiiKagomenta wereTo Liverpool, per Meant. H.ikoI | bushel* grain 011 private terma, *aid to lie at tij^d. a Til. for "prompt al.ipment;" I.CKV) bale* cotton ut .'at!.; 2..'>0" bnxe* clievae. I''*.; 2.SO) boxe* liacou. Xlja. I To I by aall, N,0'JU buihel* grniu, 7.L?d. 11 7'3U. and 5110 bbl*. Hour, 2(. To Glasgow, per ateani, lii.OO ! bualiel* grain. a ?"'.'ad. To hamliurg. lier ateani, .V*) j package* provision-. 175 mark*. To ICoiierdam. per *team. I IKi piickat e* provision*. 3 >*. Tho charter* embraco<i 1111 j Italian bark, hence to l'eu.iitlt Knad*. lur order*, with :t,lK?) I quarter* gtaln, j*. tku aud iln gratuity, option I of a direct port. 5i. I 'jd ; a Itrltiah bark. Iieiicu I to Cork for oriler*. with 2,l'*l quarter* grain, it*.; I a Norwegian to Antwerp, aitli 2,51 *1 qtiar t ter*. 5a. Itii . and one, hence for iam< port, witn it.HI*.) I quarter*. As. 9d.; a .Norwegian bark. Irom I'liiladelpliia to I Londonderrywith i.ilUU quarter*, H 6d.; an American \ alilp. hence to the United Kingdom direct, wlih 5,:HA> quar i ter*. 5-. 4lid.; a British bark, hence to Cork for orders, with 4.2U> quarter*, 5a. IO>^d. . a British bark, from Balti more to Cork for order*, with 2.B XJ quarter*, .'1*, IO>-,d.; and oie hence, with .1,A'"l quarter*, reported at 0*. 3d.; an American bark. 505 tour, hence to Havre, with Kentucky tobacco, at 35*.. the American brig, 5:in tons, reported in our last, was to day confirmed as being chartered to l^ad at Kavannah. with lumber, from a Spanish port, at a lump sum ; a (ierin iu bark. Irom Philadelphia to Bremen, with 11,21 si bbls. refined petroleum, at Ma.; >1 ticrmati bar a, hence for same port, with 4.1HO bbla., at 3*., and one, hence lor same voyage, with 4.1*O bbl*., Ut , option of Antwerp, 3*. Hfcd. , a Herman *hln h Mice to Antwerp, with 7,m*) bnl*. do., at 3*. 1 %il. or 3*. Bo., a British brig, benee to Moigan I'ill, with 2,.il)0 bbls. naptitha. at 4*. 3d. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Wilmixotox. X. 0., May 0, H7t>. Spirits of turpentine Ann at .Oc Kosiu quiet aud steady at $1 Si for strained. Tar ttriu at $1 4.V Ktrtiiirtil, May 9. |S7d. Cotton quiet an<t dull: middling, II ll-IOr. : !mr mid dling. lu 11 IHc.: trnoil ordinary, H ft lilc. Not receipts, 834 bales; erois, 371 Sale*. 313 Stock. 17.I**'. OsLTgCTOX, May U. 187(1. Cotton quiet; middling, llj?c.; l<?w middling. lie.; good ordinary, W*4e. Net receipts, bUii bale*; gross, tWtl. Sates, wm stock, 24,274. Mosilk, May tt, 1*7(1. Cotton qniet: middling, ll'g'e. alt'jc. Net receipts. '<i'l bales. Hxports coastwise, 41. Sales. l.UCKJ. Mock. 31.073. Nkw UKLtjtxs. May 0 187(1. Cotton? Demand moderate; middling, 12c.. low mid dling, 1 le.; good ordinary. (?%c. Net receipts, 3*8 bales; gross, U04. bales, 2.5UO. .stock. KM. Me. Ouaki-ksto*. May 0, !K7??. Cotton easy; middling, 12c.; low middling, llj?c. a ll^r.j good ordinary, 10.'?e. Net receipts, 191 bales. Sales. 4(JO. Stock, 14,17s. Tolkdo, May 0, 1876. Kioor steady. Wheat steady; No 2 white Waoash,#! 311; No. 1 white Michigan, $1 'Jtfff; 'Xtra do. $1 SB,',; am'ier Michigan, $1 231.; June, $1 24J{: No. 2 do.. II u&! Nu. 2 red winter, 91 UuJi. Corn flrni; htgli miifil.Mc; May, .\:P4C.: June. 50 V- offered; low do , spot and May. 52c.: no grade, 40 V- : damaged. 44c. <iat? steed Jf] No! 2. hold :iAc.; Michigan. :u'?uc.; May. 3.V4c. Receipts ?JjO bbls. flour. 8,000 bushels wheat, 2.ior?> do. corn, 3..**i do. oats. Shipment* -5UO bill*, flour, 13,00 J buaiieis wheat, 2S.1 sXI do. cam. H.I)U0 do oats. Oswk'.iso. May tf, 18711. Flour In moderate demand and steady; sales I..VJU bbls. Wheal quiet; sales of a ?nioil lot No. 1 Milwaukee eiuh. $1 2!?j white CauaUa hold at $1 4H ? ft 5tf for coiumuu to choice. Corn iiuehiinicd ; sales of old nt B'tc. Hai'lin quiet; No. 2 Canada offered at tOc. Corn meal $20 a #27 tor belted, and $2.i a (26 for unbolted, per toa. Miilieed steady; shorts, $17. ship.tulT.. $18; middlings, $21 > a $.'1 per tnu. Canal Oelghts?wheal, rtc.; peas, 8>ic.; corn and r>e.5)*c. to New York; lumber, $2 to tlie Hudson. and IS 7a to New York. Lake receipts?Wheat. I4,i?io bushels; lumber, 4 a.ilOO feet. Canal shipments?W heat, (1,01)0 bushels, lum ber, _1X\(XAi feei, * Hi rrAi.o, Maylt. 1H7H. Hailroad receipts?Flour 3,( 0 > bbls.; wliest, x,(S*> bush els; corn, !?.<**I do.; oat-. K,S(I) do. ( audi shipments? Tidewater??heal. "5,0.<> bushels; rye, l.'i.iKSi do. . interior points?Wheat. IH.V> i bushels. Kail road ?hipinenls?Klour, 3,<*?> bushels, wheat, )8,u O do., corn, t*>,iiUl do., oats. 8.uO0 do. Canal Irelghts ? Wheal. 7i4<% to New York, toils Included. Flour firui. moderate MBIaiid; sales 7fai bhls. at unchanged prices. W heat qnlet; sales l.iMO bushels shc Uovgan at #1 23. 3.5MI do. No 2 Milwaukee club at fill, 1 ./asi do. No. I do. at tl 21. Ctrn scarce; only one car in the market; sold at Mr. on track. Oais amt rye?None i,ore liariey quiet: sales of 3 tsrsCsssda st iMc. a Ills. Seeds flriuer lor timothy; small lots at $2 Ik) a $.1 In. fork dull at <21 ill lor heaty mess. I.ard dull at 14c. llliihwincs dull; nominally 91 11 for city uiatle. Chicauo, Mav I'. IS7U, Flour firm and unchanged. Wheal active, lirni and hlghef} closed with continued ubward tendency: No. 2 Clilcago spring, IW? f I '*'.*tc ? ?'one: fl <M '4, July; No. 3 i:hi ea:tt spring. 7"c a ikil?c. . rejected. H i'.,e. Corn In lair de mand higher: No. 2 at 4(Jc.. ?pot; 4'>)je.. .1 mie ; 4'1'jc., July, rejected. 41>^c. Hats quiet, but tirui; Nu. 2 at 30'4c., spot; 31',c.. June , rejected. 27. it)e Mrnier at rtj'.c. Har iev strung aioi higher ai (Itic . spot" (fie , Juue. I'ork dull. weak and lower; #20 3> a f (I ??, spot; futl 411 a #20 4.'.. Jane; $2(1 07'. a ?2>l 7", July. l*ard inactive and lower; $12 |.">, spot. #12 22,', a #12 2.'>. Juue ; #l2 3o. July. Hulk meats dull and a shade lower; shoulders, "i^c.: clear rih sides, 1'iJ.c. . dear side-. Iljkc., l>osed. Whiskey, $1 U7. Hei-eipu?Flour, I i.rssi bills . wheal. :K(.i*<> bushels: corn, t(K1.10i>do.: oats. Mil. O i do. : harlev. do. Slnpmeiite?Flour. H. Vri bbls ; *rhea(. I74.CKAJ busliels. corn. C*.>.ISO do ; tiats. 2&.I) 11 do. ; r?e. 1.4" do.; barley, J.ftHlilo. At the afternoon ,?|| oflhe Hoard?Wheat. S?u. lower; other grains utiehaiigcd. I'ork steady; $20 42,'J a $2D 4.1, June. I.ard unchanged. rRIKT CLOTHS MARKET. PkoriPKMCIt, IS. I., May 9, 1870. Printing cloths market dull at unchanged prices. KINANd.VL, ~i UOtfaT^ HI-.I.ntiVI ?:u., " J\. Hangers, 11' and 21 Nassau St.. issue Trnvallere' Credits. sraiUble In all part* el the world, through the Messrs UK llul IISCII1LD ano their corn -pnudeats. Also Commercial Credits and Telegraphic Transfers of Money on Call lorn la and hurope. f kl.AMlN.Ulhh K.U -Mu.NK Y o.N LIFE ANU Kndowmeni Insurance Policies. Mortgages and other securities; insurance ol ai. kinds effected with best com panies. J. J. HAHIlICIi A CO.. 117 Urusdaay A~ NY AMOCXr rltlTsT Ft NIlS To LOAN d9 j mortgage . city or Hrooklyn. UKAYirT ,t WOI.COTT, 10 Pine st. V -SlOCk fPKCli.ATIO.NS CON lit t'TKI> BY U# f.V 1 ?Y.s every form , book containing In'orinstton relating to stocks sent free .m spplicaiion II UBUIlHib Jk CO., Hankers and Hrokera. No '.ri Mroadway. "it i.K\ /ItOI IHNUII AM a CO. HANK r.lcs AMI J\ brokers. No. la Wall st . New Y'or!., r.iase farcustmu ers desirable liiTrstmenre. ot large or small amounts. In slocks, at a legitimate character, which ,'req tenth pay Irom d*s to twenty times ilie amount in rested e?ery :t" days: re liabla Pais and Call* n< L-otiaied at faroratila rates: MtKks koug t ami carried a* long as desired on deposit of three to i flve per ceut. Circular, and weeklt reports .. i i free HL'l.i. OR liKAK M'lVKMKNT IN Sloi'KS lit Squally profltable to bo,<lers ot privileges.? We mak* iusesinients ot amounts ot $2A upwaru in active stiH-ks. re- ' turns made eeery 31' dsts; parties wlahtti^ to speculate should call at our office or write let 72 page bowk and "Wall (street Keriew." sent Itee !>v John nlcKI.Iva k CO.. Hankers and Hrokers. 72 II mad way. New York. * ti. WOKMnKi:. Hankers. coraer IIroad and W all streets, , Ureaei's Hutlding, draw btile of exchange ou Rarope and California end make telegraphic trauaJers of monev . bay and sell an coiiimistten govermneni, state and nanicipai Hunds, gold and stocks and negotiate Loans, also execute order* for purchase aM tale of Mining Mocks at the sas Francisco .-toe* Kxciiance and transact a Ueneral iiaaklug llu.ii.e-. I ALWAYS IIA T k MONKY TO LOAN ON MOKT gag* New York eltypro: erty . citv railroad stoeks and b.>nds bonght and mild. If. L OKaNT. I4.'> Hroadwsy. 1Vri.KK?T OF PAHfNKK A? aY KltHk CITY" i]cK can ke seenred la established ptofltahle, legitimate tdrugs. Me .) business, by gentleman m ordinary talent aad liuuo. AddraM MIUIIUlNKa. lieinid -?tr [ FIN A 3CIA L>. t w; st Vu ibitito*- trsisn ui mm t witt I ylee auipl* neurit; in biauioud* *ud pay .iberal luitreil. [ A4ttr?*?hi.MOM#raiU office. J OHN S. PIKBUK. Su. 1*1 NK rt I , l,<> ANrt BOXKY on New Yoik aud Brooklyn iU-al Katate. tils per teal , money lor tint clan. loan. Office or tiik nkw" york mutual oam-i " LltfHT Coxt-i.xr, y>HIIIU?T C0MXKK t'xmv 4th Ar. 4,m> ltiTH St.. New York. May 6. I87K. I \ Ilia annua: meeting uf the aloeuoiuer. atili? New Yurh j Mutual Oaalitfbt Company fur tli<i el.-ctlon of aixteeu direc torn mul throe lnepevtor? of e ltd I on fur the enauiiiK im will be bold at tl>t- oilier uf the company. 111 the city of N?w ' York, on Mily HI, l*JI. the poll* tor which election ' wilt bt opened Miwmu lb* boar* at 12 VI and I o'clock 1 P of thai dav Tho tranafer book* of the comuanjr will ha cioaed f -r tea ' il?> > ilO daira) prior to ?hiiI election B.? order ol the Hoard I of Director!. OHaB. PLACE, Secretary and Triuunr IjitOl'OsAL* ~ ' AKK IXVITKD FOR 11 .'itJtt.tM K ? CITY OK CIM.'ISXATI MUNICIPAL ISOLD BUNDS j of #1.1*11) each, bearing ?> p#C font Inlereat. payable i'r_iia? I nialry May I and November I. the principal ui?Iujl_'!o lteii>. both principal aud inlereat beinir payable in t uived state. u'ulU coin m the American Kxchanire National Bank. In New York. or. at th- option of the bolder, at tbe agency ol tin- city in Lxuidon, ut the rate of ?1 atcriinff toSh ?old. Theea l)o?d? urc authorized hy ail act of the iLeirialature of tbe State of Ohio, paaaed February *J4. 1*711. and wero confirmed by tote of the people ot the city of Cincinnati of '-'l.taa out of a total vote of :tO,75ti, a all l?y a reao utlonof the City Coun oil. at provided by law. Ti c bonda are purely municipal la character; they are .ecu red by theealire 1 axalde property of the city, ainouiitinx in ai*e??"d nine UIHH.IWJKS, a* well w the real entitle owned by ihe city. valued at Mi .?JUJl.UUUL exiltuivo of the Southern Railroad, for tbe completion of which 'hey ire IkuciI. Mutiiclpalitle! in tbe State of Ohio are now antboriaed by lan to provide lor the couver.lott of their voupuu bond* lata re filtered .lock. The undcridgn.d will receive lealed propoiali at tbe A MKR1CA N" KXCHAXOK NATIONAL 1IA*?? until May in, at noon, lor anv part of the above bond*. Bidder* will atate the enact amount of bond* wanted, and 110 bid ie*. tiiim ltKl per cont, and accrued Inlete-t wfll M conildared: the uuderttirnea rfiimiiil the right to maka pro r tta award? in ca-c the total amount bid for nvceede tUfl IImount oHcred, award! to bo Ural madu to the hlelieet bid del^. I warn* will t>p made Mav lit. and tbe boodi will be riady for dtlivery aud payment Mar 20. KUIIN, LoKH i CO., DANKKHS. ai VASSAL' ST. N*w Y11 itn. May I. IH70. RAll.UOAD AMI COUNTY IIONDS bought ami Mild. Isolation! aud other information cheerfully riven. \V. H M KKICS. Banker. 17ft Broadway. SI'lthvDrt.?UKHTKKN UN IO.V A Nl> I .A K iT ioT? #5^ Hint cln? three percent apart one aeck, ftlj bo. H. C. | CKOSS, No. 2 hxcliaiiue court, room \\rAN rt:ii-?'>.i?.? Fikkt MoirraAM, at ITowkS It rate, on city corner lionae and lot worth iioariv ttv? tlnica the amount. Addreaa KllwST MOUTOAUK, Herald j office. _ I W'AN I I'.D- ON KfRMT MOKTOAUK. $lfb "<IJ Kolt S OB 1 it 5 veart. at ilx per cent, on Property worth $40.uuuia , Twonty fourth waid. Addre.a B . room la. 7tl Wall it. WE ALWAYS IIAVK PH1TATB FUNDS KSI'KClALe Iv iielil lor Brooaiye uiortjcaeea. BOWK.N A CO.. 23 Pint n> Ac fWWt T<? M.OOU to LOAN?KOR A TKitM of ?P' J.tMM) titree veara. flret inortjiraire on Improved prop ert v, centrally located ; or aotild buy vood Kirat Morluan*. Prluclpftlkonly Ml witli. Addrea? O. W, F . Herald office. CfO- iiiiA TO I.OAS?IN SI'MSKKoil B2.U0U t9 V ^o.i MM) S3o,tXX); uu appllo <tlou< received except Irntn prliicipaU. WOOD .t Mill KS, No. S Pine it. S-7r |i|W| to i<OAS?uit oooo morifttYi 'J I i)iUU') alao Money at ?> per cent ner annum. PAUX P TODD, 145 Broadway. i-1 |UWI DOIt TO MIAX?liltOAL EXFkNHKS tPI.vWUiUUU only, at ti per cent: Xortffa^oi, Com mercial Paper ano other Sec rltiea raahed. JACOB V. D. WYCKOPK A CO., 90 Pine ft. / WWV IS SUMS TO 8UIT. AT ?UUl/tl/Uw lowflit mlfi, f?i? prime R??1 V. K. srKVK\*M>N\ Jr., No. 4 Pin# at. n?*r in JuIukmi Euicrpriio ut 4'eiileiiiitAl. <'aJl ou or oi? II A Itli V (JlLHKKr. ^1 ?l.. room 2. VM*\lU^EHMHIPl. "vrotick ? t'Ki".ditobs ok ru k''BL-tfiVSsI"'i'tiii Xi thioifU by tlu* Mibwrllwr ut 10 Went 4tli ??., New Yoik, under tlie imme of Kdwurtl Ft>\ are ro^uoxtiMl to ?eud In their MeeountM a once: nil KtniuiueiitH received t>iuce lit Mny (tttsi.) lire m?w ailjunteil and tvndy ftir payment: all dct tor* |n ?uid bum liens mi ? reoucvled to forward uiuount of tli -ir iiidcbtediti'MH to the mibocriber at ubove No a? noon a-* noMfciitle. l-.dward Fo? ha* un louder anv conn?etlou with 4iti.l biifiuea^, and the KubReriber i- not renp' tiailde for any purchaaea or voutrueia iua<t<* bv til tit alitee the *J7tlt of AprtI (uU.) A. il UAOLAfOULAN. _ HISIVIIts OPI?OHTl MTIKH. 1IAMBUUO KIKM WllICH HA.s' a LAKOKAM) regular demand tor rcfltfod IVunoylvanta Petroleum (itan dard white), la deiiroua of enterinK Into counectlon wltb an oil company for tlieir unpplv on favorable teriut. Olfora by Irtter ilireet to BRAN'Dr k KLIBMBCK, Importer!, il a?? burs. Ueruiaity. BRRROBTM" M an with OhfttAU AX PaRT> addreia 1 A-addition u. i apitai. pkocukkh >uk mkr. ? chanta. mannfacturera and othen; Mltitiitr Interest!, Ac., netrotialed ; Real Katate escbanced for Bu?l?e?i; ner advlaed iwlthont ct? true) of approved opportunities. IHereittea ? l.e'ni.iri. fba.Jun >t f'o.. Itniikcr., 10 Willi it : Kraatita Titiia, Cracker Bakery, iK'l Waxhltiirtoii at.. Ac. OiilOtiS X CAKLKTON, Flnaa* cial and llu?ine.M Broker., H* Broadway. Ts'oi,d, sl;c?:ks-.Ki: l ba NKUR. Ha VINO kVBitV. J.Y tiling In pr.-paration for '.he new eat ihliabmeiil of a protltabio liaiikiiiir buatiiea., toiioit. an lionoraiile vreniletnau aa active or ipccial paituer, with ?*?OUJtl to $100,(100 cajil ? tal. For full iuftirmatlou principal! aund addreai to FIDld. llerald office A' JT*t11.D Tt)B.i0t-O 60NOKItN, 'IIOI.1Q AlJARlIi buiiiupaa. will adunt a de.iraldo party, witli 51 i.OOO '? f'jaOto. aa partner. b. U. LOcKK, No. 1JU Htb it., near Broadway. M ANUTAC Tt1 ItER. ALONK"lN T WHODKBALI buainuaa In honaelinid utciiilU. with a :actorv eut of tow n, would like a partner with fcift.Oou, for city wareroom. Apply to UitliitiS A O AIII.E I ON. tH Broadway. CI A PI T A L TO IX Vk5t" - A X K X P BR IKXC KD MAMU" I lecturer dealrea a conuectloti In a profitable mauufac j turini; bimneaa which baa already an e.iabllabed trad*; a , coittroiliti!; intereit or an equal partnerahip preferred. Ad* drcae W., box HW Hernia office. Fior balk?the' ikMkirr tiiTnu <iut-thb privilege of taking and avllin^ photoxrapba of tba 1 create.t novelty exhibition ever Introduced before the put? Rc; JOdlflbmnl at riot men, wan, bawaaa and dnnkiee, tr. . over one of the principal race tracka in Philadelphia and all iirlncipal watering placva: thla iinmeuM; prollte over 500 per cent; amount required about ^Y.OUO. Full par ticulur. addreaa J. D. B., La Pierre Uouie, Broad et., PUila ' delpltia. | T KASK, Ft'itNli'DKE AND KIXTUIOitT~6FA HOTEL on Broadway, for aale. Medium site, tnodcra coitvenlrnrea. and wall furnished. K U. LUCKK, IKMrttb ?u. near broad way. Alti.K INTBMMMT l.\ IXI)I.->I TAUI-K TTkcTaI tide, being triad auceeaafully. with euro ratnraii. lor comparatively ?ctall nominal ?uin. lor sale* fur tl&.liui. to cover (iroaecuiion expenses. Particular* furnished prlucl p>i> sending mldriii lo l,l..\. Herald oflice. WASThl>-AH I'AYINtf business; <."**> required. UAPPMKY M SMITH 17 Centra <1. F Aim Kit W ANTKU-WtTH If HUM U.tWJ Vw In a good p dying hu.inFur lull iinurniaUju ?a quire at 143 Urclotrd ?l Slnirlu man preferred. ohiiii s. hiii n r> ? a Yn?Huvt7iC~7S38?KBl O Calur and Manufacturer of line en-toni work lor ilia trada. la prepared to makearrangement) with soma first cleat liotiae wanutactare their Hue work Addreae, MAMKACITKHiI. Ilarald office 1 OTATK KIWI TS KO'l >Al.K (MlKAl*. ? A tJOUU UO i; in ??tic article r?t*lili?ln | In New York, dolug a good ? imMUcsa. II U. Herald office. mo KNTKKf'ki.-IM; t: Vl'lTALIftT*? A YALL'ABLK J I'ntent lltgui nl n amalI irtiule ie easily handled. ' cover* the I n l.>a Stales, lotaale cheap. So agents need ; upply. Wa want applicants tliat mean busiuesn. Address I In |?er?nu or iijr letter t.i Ur. T. J. l.KWIS, No. 3 If a tea a*., i hiiKikiyo, Ji. V ? \iranted-ax kTEKukrio max. with a m<>dk Vr rmv capital, lu earl. of the New Kokand Male* and the I'anadM: ulno one in New York S;ate and Ohio and tlia Southern .Mates. to take the aula agency and ui nage ihe I exclusive *ale? id tlie boat and the Ml) real practicable gas saving m achine ewr invented. The goods will be furnished ! from our factory In .New York at feat an ordered, and mar I amecd in eiery particular. Please addreaa, lor tratiniunlal^ OWoftiri, if.. It II KKI.I.Y room 4J Tribune Building. T A N'TKO- IM M KIH A fEt. Y, Si X I'tlftXAH "Self tiesi sent 'enien. lo ?uliscrib? W fadi to new. lagiM mate and profitable enterprise and become directors; par tirnlar. alone furnished principals. Addreia Klllft*lSU, j Ilarald eMee. _____ WANil:l)-l'AKTV Willi m, IN >1 A > L' IA 'I LKH of a monopoly; call itafore 12. C. ItUSS,7.Wtitb ar, 4^/1 -TO A LADY WITH THIS AMOUNT OK capltil. I will instruct Iter in a light busiueas lu 1 one Irsaon, also lurulsli lu r wttb atork. that haa never beea 1 Introduced In thl? roenlry by which I Kuarantee tbe cat make, during Centennial. positively fj<> dally, at home la ; cit) ui I'lilladelplila, br devoting onlr two honra dally II A.MilNO. ?WI Hroailway. $*/Wl -1 WANT A MAS WITH Tlllii AMOCNT TO ? Jv/U. Join me In huyin; ? luialneaa, paying tM%? par tnoiiUt. DI/lKl'l. aecoau lloor, 44 t 'ortlandt at. $500 Sli). 000 WILL MKCL'RK a VlfRY Kl.huANT 8UU neaa Airenur, Weal. worth |mi per montb. ItKY.NOLHs, KIM Hroadway. ?Vahtmkk wamtko. with this amount. t<l develop a mauuficturiaz bnai utea paytmr nver IU I per relit profit. tn? --tiuatiou aoTlalted. (lull tlioai* tiicamiiK baalueaa need apply to MaNL'KaO Tl'UKH. Herald oMca. llllll W A > r F. I?- TO * INI ? H K A^S K AI'ACirr iT^W>Uv'V/ oi lactoiy, ?tartan last fall; article staple i.a li. ur am! wrt profitable; large orders ou uand. Addreaa STAl'I.K. llMnhsCsi 6 <<) (Will l?> WAXTKD-IM THE iiOl-ft 'plvil/vl\J ami ?ilvet bttllioii bixineaa. lar.e capita) iio > tn?e-ted. but wl-li toektead: tarue prollis and ooitnna rtaks . Sftlie or silent into', at given. Addieaa UOLO UAKS Herald oWce. <7 Ml III -WAM lfcUrrI*aktNKB TO JIM* VNl ?Pi ?/aVr*'t'a adrarttaer tit lutroilMatai; a new process In a -ale aid profitable inanutactarlug bastMse. Addreaa UECMbN, Herald olttce. THK DIAMOND^ EOBBEUY. Ur. UcAImdid, of So. AST Second itsnne. <ra* malbiJT Inslrutuental in cattsinc tiio arraat of Uicbadl Heinv and Annie O'Keolo i>>r tbo robborjr ol *?' rib u; jf*t?lrjr ou Salttrditjr laal, a< ho svnl lor Um I'olit c and detained the woman till their arrival. ' CliOOKLL) WHISKEY 8EIZCKE. About tuiJtiuhl of Monday laal ? party ol CaMed Siatts toicrnal revenue ofllcers made a desccni npoa as ill eit ?tusKfy ti.ll iu New t'treebt. Tliey found tbe still in lull blest and arrested John Lynch. John Merkse and Michael Hunt-, aorkim n, woo were found ou IIM prvmtaea. The atill ta el JOV gallona capaeity. Three ihodeaiid (altoaa of tnaab were destroyed by tbe odi ce i> The structure in wu ctj ifceHiil wae loead i* an old barn, winch staads on tbe larm ?*f A. V. cropeey. ."-?viral barrels ol rem, ? spaa ef bo rest, a wagon and othor property w-ere alee allied, lbs property turned over to tbo kdeptug el Urn led Stake ** Hatlm*.

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