Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 12, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 12, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,508. NEW YORK. FRIDAY, MAY 12. 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOK 1DYEBT1SKB8. AMCSEMRNTS-IIth Pack?5th aad 6th cola. A?TROLo<; Y?12tu Hack??th col. BlLl.lAKDS-l.rH*t?i col. BOARDEUS WANTED?2i> pACK-3d ?nd 4th cols. BOARD AND LoDtilNli WANI'KD?2d PAGB-4iheoL BROOKLYN REAL ESTaTE FOB SALE?3D P AUK?lit cuL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?9th Pack. BUSINESS Notices?7tu pACK-6tb col. CITY REAL ESTaI'K FOR SALE?3d Pack?let eoL CLERKS AND SALESMEN?I2TU Pack?ith coL CLOTHINO?13tu Pack?i;ih col. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? 12TB PACB-dth Mid ?t!i CuU. coastwise STEAMSHIPS?1?t Pack-SUi and 6th cola. COUNTRY BOARD-3d Pace?lib col. DENTIstrY-IItii Pack?<s;li col dwelling houses to let. furnished amd un Fl'RNlSIIRD?2d Pai;k?3d col. EUROPEAN SI EAMSH 1 PS?In PaOH 5U mL EUROPE-IItii I'a ok -4 th col. EXCURSIONS?1st Pack?6lh coL FINAXCIAL?Htb Pack. FINE ARTS-lar PA<;*-Oth coL FOR SALE?2i> Pack?6tb col. FURNISH KD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? ? 3d Pack?-'.I ?u.i 3d colt. FURNITURE?11th Pack?4th col. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? 12m Paob-6th col. HELP WANTED?KEMALES?12m Faux?4th and 5th coll. HELP WANTED?MALES?12th PAOK-?lh col. HOUSES. CARRIAGES, AC.?In Pack?20, 3d, 4th and 5th cola. HOTELS?2d Pack?4th o?l. BOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED?lir Pack?6th coL instruction?1?t Pack?Oth col Lost AND FOUND?lw Pack? litooL MACHINERY?2d PAOK-tith col. marble mantels?1st PACK~?thcoL MEDICAL?Utii Pack?0th f|?l. MILLINERY AND DKF.ssmaKING-Iit Paob??th ceh MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? 10*M Pack?6th col NBW PUBLICATIONS?7th Pack?6th coL PERSONAL?1*T i*ACK-I?t col. pianofortes, OROAN'S, AC.?11th Pack?4?h eol. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMaLES? 12tii Pack?Ith col. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITO FOB SALE OB TO XKKT-90 Pack?l?t col. EKAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?2d Pack?lit sad 3d col*. EKAL ESTATE WANTED?2d PACK-2d ooL BKLIOIOUs NOTICES- 1st Pack?lit col. BEWAKDS? 1st Pack?lit col. SALES AT AUCTION?3D Pack?*>th and 6th cola. situations WANTED?FEMALES?12TU Pao*?1st. 3d, 3<l and 4th colt. SITUATIONS WASTED? MALE8-1*th PAOK-ftth coL SPECIAL notices?Irr Pack?l?t and 2d cola. 8PORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?1?T Pacb-24 coL storage?2d Pack??ili col. SUMMER RESORTS?2D pao!t-4th and 5 th oola. THE TRADES?12th Pack?Uth col. the TURF?lw Pack?2d col. TO let for BUSINESS PURPOSES?3d Pack?3d eoL TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?lar pac*-?th col. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO let? 2d Paob?3d col. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Uth Pack?6th col. watches. JEWELRY, AC.?Utii Paob?4th eol. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET?2d Pack?lit col. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS. 4c.?lOrn Pack?6th col. PEUSOM A NNIE^KND ADDRESS"TO NO. 35. A HERMAN. Broadway car. yesterday, going up; ladt dressed lu black, went out to hat stora in Kiltli Areuua Hotel, will d<> a favor to gentloman next to her by address ing SEMI CENTENNIAL, Heruld Uptown Branch office. I~~F THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF MR.' HARRY Wendle he would cont'ur a great lavor by writing to M. E. WOOD, Pott office, Cleveland, Ohio. When last hoard from waa conductor ElithtU Aveuue street car. II. H.. 227 WOOSTER ST.. NEAR WEST 3D ST. Lady, who sat opposite in stage, thurs day, about ll.lelt at corn it of Broadway and John at., will address L. E. B., Herald office. RELIGIOUS NOTICKS.^ YToodtS sermons and praykr meeting 1V1 Talk?Rend by a young preacher at Albro'i prayer and r raise meeting*. :i5ii Went :<6th sts.; Sankey's nnd Wesley's Ivmns, with organ accompanynient: Fridays, 7:30 P. M.; all are welcome, witb boon and muaic. LOST AM? FUtND. XB5f?=X^iLH0ATri^'i'H5?Tr0N0. ovfNER I\. can have her by paying expenses, foot With at., Eaat Elver. DOO LOST, MAY 10?SMALL SCOTCH TERRIER Slut, with collar; $3 reward pnld at 20 Washington place, Broadway. L^ST-POCKET BOOK CONTAINING CE RTaTn amount or money, with other papers. note, Ac., valua ble to owner only. A liberal r ward will be paid and no qnosttons asked by the finder returning the note and p .per* to JAMES E. HALSEY, 539 Broadway. T OST-ON wednesday MORNING, MAY 10, AT jj DesbroaaeH at. ferry, a Pocketbook, containing valuable Pkperi. The fluder will be suitably rewarded by re turning It to R. T. WILSON A CO., No. 2 Exchange court. 08T.-8tbayed PROM UK WEST 4TH ST., MAY 11. ? black and tan Dog, answering to name of "Topsy." A reward ot $5 will bo paid on his return to -*U0 Hudaou at. BEW ARDk. Kb REWARD.?LOST, A SM A LL BROWN DoG, with curly tail and uncut oara ; anawera to name of "Bruny." Return to 22 E??t 45th at., between depot and Madison av. REWAKD.-LOST. ONE DIAMOND and TWO opal Studs. F. W. WOHLFERT, 204 East 53<i st. 150 REWARD?WILL BE PAID FOR THE RK ?l)vv tarn of Billiard Balls. Cloth. Ac., taken from on-i >ii re room on May 1. W. 11, i.RIFFITH A CO.. BUiiard Table nianulatturcrs, 40 Veecy St. ~A YELLOW SC OTCH TERR IE R, ANSWERS TO THE A name of Millie; red loatber collar, with small bell; BIO wi|i be paid tf returned to Mo. t) Wast .5th at.. Hoffman ilousn _ SPECIAL SOT1CES. "lJ?THE f11FTH *AN D^SfAIN^ D R A WI NO OF THE ii? EiKnty-ninth Roy:tl Saxon (?overnmeot Lottery will take place Irom May 1 to 20, 1S7U. 36,000 prises to be drawn out of stl.000 tickets, of which la 1 prize of.'jOO.OOO retchsmark, equal to S120.000, gold 1 prise of ;?<>,(**> reichmnark. equal to 72,0(KI, gold 1 prise of 2t?>,<Mi reicbamark.equal to 48,Out, gold 1 prtie of 15<i,00ii reichsmark, equal to 30.0011, gold 1 prise ot 100,000 reich?mark, equal to 24,000, gold And 35,m>6 other prtaas. The above drawing is guaranteed by and under the super vision ot tlie Royal Saxou government. Full explanatory circular* tree. THEODORE ZSCHOCH. Post office box 5,594. 110 Nassau St.. New York. A ? KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OK J. 8. Bi. SMITH A CO. KENTUCKY. IXTItA CLASS CM?FOB 1876. 40, 10. a?. 1'. 17. 33, til. 1?. 3. 71. 38, 24. KBHTCCKY, CLASS 432?rOB 1878. 54, 30. 40. 17. a. 3. 07. 11, 48. 12, 31, 78. All orders address B. NATHAN', 181 Broadway, or box 4.870Post office, New York city. ?ISAAC O. BOYOB. 287 ltk7)AmVAY, LAWYKR.? ? Divorces obtained promptly, without publicity; deser tion, incompatibility, habitual drunkennoas. infidelity. inhu man treatment, conviction of felony. Passports obtained. ?wyom ino lotteTiyI PATTEB, MANAOEK ? Class HH Drawn nt Laramie City May 10, 1876. 77, 8, MB, 4?. 13, 118. 24. 36. Oti, 82. 15, 58, 11, 4. 44. Prises cashed. Circulars mailed free. AI .[.K.n A CO.. 7si Nassau St., New York. Ticket 13, 40. 03. drawing (15,000, betide several other minor prises. wa* obtained here. * ? NOTIC B OP RE MOV A L.?D~K. II. J. J ORDAW, il. proprietor ol the New York Muaoutn of Anatomy. 018 HroaJway, liae removed hii reaideuce aod office from 40 Voud at. to No. 5 Washington place, three door* went of Broadway. Or. JOUDAN'S lecture* on the "Philosophy of Marriage," "Why Men Degenerate. ' c., can be bad at the above address (Iree by mail. .V)c.i and at all bookseller*. BJfJAXIN V. MOKttE. DEALER IN tolXEB, TEAS and lamiiy groceries lias removed to 188 3iUr. corner ot 17th st.. when- will be found a choice stock n very low price*. N. B?Havana and Key We.i Cigar* retailed at wholesale price. ("UCIWX-TOT PCBIJC ABB HBKEBY CAUTIONED J against purchasing or negotiating auy paper purport iri'r to be made by our Bun. a* we have never issued a cote or acceptance, and any such paoer purporting to be so issued ia fraudulent. COY KEN UAL. L BROS A CO., Minneapolis. Minn. ?OPKlClAI. DKAWUTiF KENTUCKY STATE LOT . terie*. BIMMON8 .t DICKINSON. Managers. KKXTtCIT. IITKA CLASS KO. 323?MAY 11. lS78w 18, ??. 27. ad. -J. II. 38. .'.4, 32. 29. 7". 15. 43. KINTUCKY. CLASS SO. 324?KAY 11, 187tk 8, 1 3.1. 48. 13, 75. H. 45. 21. 23, U2. IL 2. HtMiY. A XT HA CLAM SO. 223?MAY II, 1879. ?3. 15, ?!. <1. 25. 42. 32. ?. 71. 7, C4L MKHBY, CLASS NO. 2.4?MAY 11, 1870. 15. 51, "?). 41), J>. M, M. !l. 1, 17. UJ. 48. 2. Pull laTerm alion ov applying to or addressing J. CLUTB A co , p||lBuseel),or in 4.:?>u Put office. *!.?**i in PtuiBi- k'vSk\ otheiTtTckIst a I, j.riro. SiMMONS .V DICKINSON. Sincle imnVr K. utu(k? Stai>- I ott^ry. to be drawn May 27. 1870. 25.490 b isca out ol 9U,00>) ticaei* AI?? Royal llatana. to be draw n on Mavv2. . -T.J. J. CLUTB A CO.. 20U Broadway, or box 4,Utii? rust offioe, D~R.~ KRAM IS OOl'LAICD, LATE PROFESSOR IN I'aris, lecture* ?eml-weekly. Private offices for receo lion <il pntlenta 41 West 3&?h St. I>is-a?c?of wu and wo men >nrt'i'.ily era lie ited Conciliation tree. Is~.VSKS OP MEN V .M'I.CIaLTV. IILNKY A DaMELB. M. II. 144 Laxington a?., ?ear 2Mb st. Offiee hours tru.ti 8 to 3. D- iAMoNiTs J K WE I ,itY,~~CA M El?' S HAIR 8UA.WL8. Ac.; fbrnitnro biaght anil i-old oack at slight advance ; money to lo'in oil < <>ad and mort^a^e. J. liKM.CKK. 1?2 W e-it :aiih ?t.. near Broadway. DIL .1 AMhfTcAN"BK rtpKlUATXY CONsULWiB UN diwasra o! i-irn, at C8 K <t I ton at. ; moderate cliaryea; honorable eonf;>l?nce ; tboroujrli treatment; 20 years' expe rience ; advice free. av L<> rreiTy -neXT iikawino op tickets. May 22; ainotiut ofprir^a, ^0*j0,000; highest prise, $100 ,00U Por particular* ail<lr?i< M. MARTINEZ A CO., 10 Wall sc. be* 4,i>W Paat office. N*? 1'ork. Jrt THE CITY IN MANOCft? TUB DYN\>ii! K, RENDROCK AND OTHER POWDER HfORKU IN AM) AKOC.M) NEW YllRK. POUR HUNDRED BAltRKL.s OP O UN POWDER IN A .'LACK, LEftSONS PRnM , 11'. JERSEY EXPLOSION. SEE EVENTS'; TF.l.K .KAM TO DAY. K?4:hRON!C CAIARHII. DRAPNK8S; IMPBOVBD ? methO'l; in?t*'itaiieoi;, relief. permanent < uie?. i?r stodhakh. no. h w?*t 14th st. K?PAUX-. i.Vl KM'N A Co . Ki-ntueky Slate l.alt.-rle* draw* dallv. Hoy 11 Havana I>attcrv orawti every 17 day* K'-iimrtt Sinc e Nnnitier lottery, dranii Mai *27, 1878. Plisca *a*he<l. In'prmaunn fumUlietl and circular* Iree. Ini Hroadwar. P.wt nBiea lio* 5.272 New Yerk. Kentucky hi m i: i.orri.iUKs drawn daily. Keutieky single nemOer Uran I Diatrnmiion on the llaranu \ir.n, to lie .irawi. May .7. 50,'??) ticket*; 25,4:*) priiP? llrkftf. *1^. Ukei, (|??ru*r?, %l 511; eighth*. *1 K..>al Havana Lottery to lie draau May 22, li<?; ?rhi)l) li' keta. <2<). tenth* and twentletlM in pro fnrtl?H Thirl l.on-um I liold Distribution to be drawn nlt 2?' wnole tliketa. $50; halves. $2ft; quarters,912 W?; twentieths. $2 '?> Kor iulormation, circulars. Ac., addrees ?rs?t?l* to JACKSON A CO.. Bkukcr*, 202 Broadway, If, Y. A SPECIAL. NOTICES. EADIESTCOXSULT DR. ORIND?KT^dSTTLL"aiC ineutt; speedy caret whatever tUo cause. 14J Weat 4?th st. MMii. COOKE, PHYSICAL ELECTRICIAN'. RUN' ders Electric, Magnetic and Mautpulatin* I'reatmeuta. determined spiritually. 21^ Win '.'Oth at. VJ" E ttVO IS ?x HAI'STIOX.?A ME DICAL KIlAk 1\ coinprlaing aaeriea ol lectures delivered at Kahn's Mu huh of Anatomv. New Vork. on lb* cause and cur* of Pre mature D?-cliii?\ showing Indisputably lost health may be regained, affording it dear synopsis at the Impedimenta la marriaife and the treatment of nerveus and phyaical debility, being ilie result of years' experience. Price 25 cents. Ad drees the author, l)r. L. J. KAUN, office and reaidence 51 Kaat loth St.. New York. PILES OBHJgUORftllOIDS PERMANENTLYERADI catad in two to (oar weeka' patnleaa treatment; nokuiie, ligature*. caustics or canter* employed: positlVelv No CHARGE KOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURRD. Clrculara Ire*. Dr. STODDARD. only oQice No. ? Wait Ht'i at. TJOYAX HAVANA LOTTERY. .It/ The next drawing will take place on May 22. Priiej cashed. Orders filled. Iniormatlon luruisbeU tree on appli cation. Spanish billa and government! purchased. TAYLOR t CO.. jankers. 11 Wall at.. New York. - and irSC?3iome" papbS5~o? tue ij Pennsylvania Evening Poet. eontaiulng newa of the taking of Tlconderoga and Crownpoint.the Hattle of Hunker llill, letters to and from General Washington and General Lee, Ac.; alao Continental Billa ortne satne date. Address M. A. Y. L, box 170 Herald Uptown Branch "flic*. SPORTING?OOGS. BIRDS, JSC. CONTINENTAL" POOL ROOM, ""CONTINElffAL Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.?Auction and French Pool* told daily on all sporting eventt la all parts of the country. HUDD DOI1LE. L. K. MARTIN'. ANTKD-A Kl'LL BLOODED SKYE TERRIER Puppr, nboat ttx uontht old. Addrest W. J, FREE MAN, Herald ollice. _ __ ===:= THE TIRF. ~ TBafibV?XSfD frf.nciT P06XS~SS6C?T at J\. Thomas' Exchange. 1 ,v?3!? Broadway, on the Lexing ton races; alao on the base ball games. M. TIIOMAS. UCTION AND FRENCH-POOLS SOLU AT JOH N SONS' Roo-nt, corner 2Bth at. and Broadway, every afternoon and evening thii week. on the racet at Lexington, Ky ; full returns received by telegraph ; all orders by mail or mesaenirer will receive prompt attention; French poola cloae at 4 P. M.; alao poolt told on all bull matches. T. B. A W. H. JOHNSON. BEACON PARK. June Meetings. 914.(?a) in Prentlumt. Two Meeting*, $7.<M0 in Premiums for each M**tlng. Firat Meeting?June 0, 7. 8, ?. Second Meeting?Jnuo 20, 21. 22. 23. l'uraea tho name tor each Meeting. First Meeting. First Day?Tueaday, Jnne (I. Class 1?Parte 9500 for that never beat 3 mlnutet; 9250 to flrtt, 9125 to teconJ, $75 to third, $50 to fourth. Same Day. Claat 2?Purte 91,500 Tor horses that never beat 2:28; 9750 to first, 9325 to aecond. $-'>0 to third, 9175 to fourth. Second Day?Wednesday, Jane 7. Claat 3?Purse 9.'?00 lor horsea that never beat 2 :40; 9250 to firat, 9125 to tecond, i7 > to third, $5oto fourth, Same Day. Claat 4?Purae 91.000 lor horsea that never beat 2:34; 9500 to flrtl, 9250 to aecond, 9150 to third, 9100 to fourth. Third Day?Thursday, June 7. Clasa 5?Pnrae 9500 for Itortea that ne ver beat 2 :50; 9250 to llrat, 9125 to tecond, 975 to third, 950 to fourth. Same D:ty. Claat C?Purse 91,000 for horses that never beat 2 :31; 9500 to flrit, $250 to aecond. $150 to third, 9100 to loarth. Fonrth Day?Friday. June 8. Claat 7?Purae 9500 for horsea that never beat 2 -.37: 9350 to Qiat. 91-5 to aecond, 975 to third, 950 to fourth. Same Day. Claat H?Pnrae 91.500 lor horves that never bent'J 24; 97oO to firat; $125 to tecoud, 9i!50 to third, 9175 to fourth. All the above pursea are for trotting, mile heats, best 3 in 5 In harness, and will bo governed by the rules of the Na tional Association; heats in each day's racea inay be trotted alternately. Enirance 1 per cent of premium. Ahoraa distancing the field, or any part thereof, will be awarded hut una lireminm. When eight or more horses start in a heat, the distance will be 15(J yards. No premium to ruled out horses. Entries to both meotlnga close Saturday, May 13, at 11 P. M.. ut Lafayette HalL Bowdoin square and should be ad dressed to D. HECKLER, Proprietor Beacon Park. LEETWOOD TRACK! TUESDAY, May 16, 187B, Great Running Match against time. Tb* longest race and largest stake ever run for. 305 miles iu 15 hours. Thirty Calllomia mustang horsea to he used, and one tuan to ride the entire distance. Race to commence at 4 A. M. Admission to the track, 91. NEW YORK TURF EXCHANGE, 15 WEST 2STU ST.? Auction and Frcncli poolt aold altornoon and evening all thla week on the Lexington races; Irouch poola close 4 P. M. KELLY. BLISS A CO. LD CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I. Entries for Saturday, May 13. B. Snedlker enters b. g. Execution. L. S. Sainmis enters b. m. Betsey ABO. J. Conkltn enters b. g. Oyster Hoy. W. Cunumarhnm enters hlk. m. Carrie K. J. Martin rulers hlk. g. Harry. Horsea called at 3 P. M. Admission, 50 centt. HORSES. CAEKIAGKS.jSC. "TTTUI TION-THIiT DAY (FRIDAY); MAY 12, ii. AT II O'CLOCK A. M., PROMPT, AT PRIVATE STAHLKS RE A 3 OK MOUSE NO. 18 EAST 2UTH ST.. BETWEEN MADISON A.VD 5TH AVH.. COMPRISING ALL THE KI.NE ROAD AND FAMILY HORSES. KLEQANT CARRIAGES. HARNESS. AO.. AC.; ALSO HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; ALL THE PROP ERIY OK U. KEILD8, WHO SAILS FOR KNtiLAND ON TUK8DA Y NfcXI; ALL OK WHICH MUST lils SOLD REGARDLESS OF COST OK VALUE TO HIGH EST BIDDER. INCLUDING A BEAUTIFUL RAY TEAM. 6 years old, 15*4 lisnds; fine style mid act loo ; rained In Kentucky; been u?ed for family mid road driving; are good single, double and under saddle ; are Half brothers; Hired by A.exander'a AbdallaU; tlicy took Drat premium at State Fair when 5 years old, where they showed a tntle to the pole. In 2:51. they have each shown a mile alugle inside of 2:40: they are warranted sound and kind. HANDSOME AND FAsT CHEnTNUT OELDINO BASIIAW. JB.. 7 yeara old, 15}^ liuuda; aired by Green'a Bashaw; ilain u Hlackhavrk mare; record 2:24; he waa raised in Vermont, ami purchased there by owner at ti yeara old. m lien lie trotted ?t Bu. lington heats in 2 3'J. 2 #1 and 2 :3d1 j, which (fives him a reeord; he is a vory handy, free and pleisaant driver; can lie drivun by any lady; be ia warranted sound. kiud and true in all harneaa. STYLISH AND HANDSOMU BROWN OELDINO BROWN PltlNl'E, 6 ye ira old. 1 hands, strongly made; has Hno llat limbs, good hone and muscle; has any amount of endtirunc*; van ue driv.en by n lady up to a locomotive with safety; whs raised in Orange county; aired by Meaaen gci Dorou. son of l^sdyk's llauiblelunlaD ; dam by Harry Clay, sou of imp. ilellloiinder; lie trotted on Goshen track in 2:-M, 2:45 ?nd 8:47; can now show better; he la a fine driver and an excellent polo horae;he is warranted sound an>l kind. THE COMBINATION LADIES' HORSE PRINCE; 1? a smldle and driving horse combined; ia a beautiful bay, flowing mane, a lung tail, good style and action; is 7 years old, l5>i hands: was raised in Scott county. Kentucky; sired by Brignolla, son of Mambnno Chief; dam Mr. Teu Broeck'apremium mare; he waa entered in three minute class at Lexington, where he got a record in 2:4tl; trotted Ufth heat iu 2:4W: be can trot much taster now; he Is war ranted sennd and kind. N. B.-TUK ABOVE HORSES ARE ALL ACCLIMATED atid over the dJatemper and ready lor every day use; 24 hours given for trial and examination. Carriages consist of one beautiful extension too Phaeton, Carries lour persons: Pole and Shafts. One side bar top Wagou, Pule and Shafts. line full spring top Wagoa. One top I'ony Phaeton. One eel double Harness. Two sets single Harness. All good us new and by best city bnildera; alto Robes, Blsnkets, Stable Fixtures. Ac. bale absolute atid positive, rain or shine No postponement. Coacbinan in mtoudancs on all who wish to examine and rido previous to sale. W. B. Nh LsON. Am-Uoneer. N. B.?THE SALE OF HOUSES. CARRIAGES, HOUSE HOLD (? URMil'KK AND AI L KINDS OF OOuDS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. OFFICE, NO. 12tt EAST 17TI1 ST. Hkor~salk. "onk"ok the most beautiful . Horses in the State; is I5?> hands, U years old; a per fect beauty; warranted sound and kind; also one of the finest Kentucky Saddle llorse* In toe city, with all ol the Kenturay saddle gaits: hands high, < years old: war ranted annnd and kind; also I beautiful shifting leather lop Road Wa.-on and 1 buo top P?ny i'liaetou, single and double Harness, ail t!ie best city make and aa good as new. In quire at private "table No. 122 hast IHth st.. between 3d av. and Irving place, for three days, of THOMA^, the coach* man. -S?CO~SD HAND CARRIAGE* An imported Victoria, one-horse, very ban iseme. Two wheeled Do,: Cart, our o*rn make, ai a bargain. Livingston Dog Cart. in excellent condition. fruny t art, ourltwn make Willow Pkaataa, fir a small pony, nearly new. Two aide bar Top Wagous. on1 own make. J. B. BHhWSI KR A CO.. corner ol 5th av. and Jl?t it. ASAROAIN.?Oi.ARhNl.'K, EQUAL TO NEW. TWO first ciss'. Rretu, gU?? qaar'.or Coach, two Coupes, i top Buggies. Wagou*. J.iK. IMTNLY, 4ij<i3d av. A?Ml BUsfNESS-WAOON'S, $:.u TO $173, FOB EX- i ? press, grocers, hoteliers. bikurs. milk, laundry; Depot j Delivery Wagona, new and aecoud Land. WAOON IIA.vL- , FACTORY, 22*1 spring at good" uoksh for hale-fir~~Foif~any kind of work. Inquire at 217 Weat iJfttli st . first floor. VVKKY XK.'K TURNOUT, Full :.AD?, toWEMT JlViO?ba> Horse, 15 hands, long tall and gen.le; | Pliaeioti. panrlled buck, unibieiln movable seat, lor young ster: Harness, Rolie<, Ac Cen trot in S Minute* to phaeton. , also used to saildle owner H stables l"v? West .'*Jib St., ' from 10 to 12 A. M and 2 to 4 P Vi. ROAN Ma RE. rt YEA Kit W KltiTlT l,40t?: TWO other Horses,*ound and kinrt.Sti.'i, $i3.j;Dirt Carl, Wagou and Truck. 112 lienry at., stable. & -44 a uutfriniti t# fltK ia> Waqow. J\ ? luilt to order; in first > lass order. Carriage factory, -UU West 41st st. . ? A" FI*K?T~CLAsi TOP BU(JOY~AND HARN1UW FOB snlo at a La.gsui Private stable Nu. 13 W??t2>"th av., between Rmauway and &tli av. A (iENTLK.MAN H AVING SOLD HIS HORSES, WILL ' sell Ul? Park I'baeton and extension top i'haelon, uouble and aing.o Harness, u; as as n?Inquire lor I Mr. ?? eon's things at 148 Weat. Dili st. A REMARKABLY FINE CHANCE AND MUST EH ; solo at any prtcs?The last trotting Horse .i?o*ilske; , warranted aouad ami kind mil to tr. t better tban 4<>: ia j 1 . I high : any one thai can hold the lines can drive Inui to ) s|ieed; splendid top WajtM, ilnru -s, Wnip an.i HUuketa ; complete; do not waiit an* trill era; if in/ gentleman wants to b ly * III ?li<"V him turee turn s tbe riii'.i. ol itla money, ' ail j at etnWeO 1 (f ai.d Hil West .'Utklt,; (aqulr. for Mr. LA kill. , \ SPLENDID DURHAM Fill Sll MII-CH COW FOR | sale?Milks lSqtarisof milk ?er day <n no sale : ?lv> I tuo low price lloraea. No. 4.14' Bast fbtii ft. _____ A?second hand carriages, coi. pk. in king , s oi ler; Lamniii, do.: 2 light Coaches I sia seat Ki ck awa.. 4 aix-sest Choetons, 2 tlaronches. L nuljuleta, 2 Victorias. 25 top sad open Road W agons, by city makers; Haruess. itinnkets. Sheets. Whips Ae M. II. GK A t. 20 and 2J V\ ooster at. A -fob SALE CHEAP, SIX II0KHKS SUITABLE s for truck. Dormer or any business; trial allowed. S7V Bowery rear. HOUSES, CARRIAGES. SiC. OdtlOK MOCHK 'OF VAN TaSSKLL * KEARNEY, 110 iuid 112 East I3tb at, ii?r 4th if. REGULAR BALKS OK HOUSES AND CARRIAGES EVKKY Tt'KSDAY AMI KitrDAY. TWENTY KOl'R TO FORTY H1C.II r HOURS GIVEN TO PUKl HASHES TO TEST WARRANTEES UortM, Ciuritiin, Harness. Blankets. Robes, Ac., always on baud at prlvftiv sale. CATALOGUE OF this DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE AT 10 O'clock. private E8TABLI8JIM KNT?TEAM BAY HORSES, 1# hanus high. 8 years old; kind and true In all harness; free from vice, trick or fault; have Qua style and ac tion ; lear nothing, have been driven by a private family and am sold only for want ot una. SET SlI.VKK MolJNYED ilARNli.-S; english STYLE ?ml nearly new. VICTt>RlA: UOOO AS NEW; BUILT BY MINER * Stereos. ELEGANT BLACK HORSE, 15^ HANDS HIOII. 6 years old; kind and trua In nil barnees; free from *In; very atyliab and handsome; a t'aat traveller; perfectly eentie; a lady can driva hi in, and la war ranted sound. Set Harness, nearly new, and TOP WAKON. IN UOOO ORDER, BUILT BY BRAD ley. I'ray A Co. ELEOANT I'EAM BAY HORSES RAISED IN MARY laud: are 15}? hands bleb. 5 and 0 ?e?rs old ; kind and true in all tiarneaa; free from vice: fait travellrrs; prompt and styliih driver*; have been used by a prl vate gentleman lor T cart driving, and aold only tor want of us*. Silver-mounted Harness, English atyla, good aa new, made by Dunscnmb. T CART, BUT LITTLE USED. BUILT BY WOOD BROS., latest style. RAY TROTTING HORSE. 16 HANDS HIGH, S YEARS old ; kind and true lu all harness; free from vice: an extra tin? roadster; can trot lu 2 M); is also a Qua aadUle horse ; lear? nothing; ean be driven by any one, and warranted sound. Set H arnesa. nearly new, and top road wagon, iu;ilt by brewstkr * co. TEAM MKOWN HORSES. 10 HANDS HIGH, 9 AND 10 years old; kind and true in nil harness; free from vice; have, good style and action; are prompt aud stylish drivers; fear nothing: can be driven by any one, and ara in every way a first claaa carriage team. Set doulile Harness, tmod as new. aud SIX SKAT PARK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER. BUILT bv Miner A Stevens. bay Mark, sikkd by hiram drew; dam by win tbrop Mnrrell; is 15)? bands high, tt years old; kind and true In all harne*s; Ireo from vice; very atrliah; a first class roadster, oan trot better than 3 minutes; la a free and pl.-aaant driver; fears nothing, and it ? arriinted sound. Alao set Harness and TOP ROAD WAGON. NEARLY NEW, BUILT BY BRAD Icy Pray A Co. ELEGANT TEAM WHITE HORSES. ARABIAN STOCK, lti hands hli(h. 7 and S years old; kind acd tru" In all harness; free from vice: very stylish ai d handsome; faat travellers; (ear nothing; can be driven by a lady; are oae of t i?> finest carriage teams iu the city, and warranted sound. Double Harness, in goodorder, aud TOP ROAD WAUOS, WITH POLE AND SHAFTS, built bv R. M. Stivers. BAY* HOUSE, 13& HANDS HIGH; 8 YEARS OLD: Kind aud true In all harness; free from vice: an all day traveller: fears nothing; ean be driven by any one; a first class family animal, aud warrauted sound; also, set Harness nnd , BASKET PONY I'HAETON, WITH RCMBLE AND canopv. in good order. TEAM BLOUKY BUILT chestnut nOR*ES, 15W hands high; H and 7 years old: kind and true lu all harness; free from vice ; a first class leant fur general use. aud warranted sound ; alao, ?et Harness aud SIX SEAT rockaway. IN UOOO OKDEK. GRAY HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH ; 8 YEARS OLD; KIND and true lu all harness; tree from vice ; can trot iu i :.V) any day; hti? great endurance, and is a first class homo for rentli'man's road use or family driving; also, ?et Harness and FOUR WHEELED DOG CART, folding SEAT, nearly new. TEAM llAY HORSES, 15 HANDS HIGH, 9 AND 10 years old, kind and trua In all harness, free from vi?e and an excellent team for general use. Also set Har ness, and shifting TOP PARK PHAETON. GRAY I ROTTING HORSE, 15V HANDS HIGH, 6 Team old, kind end true in all harness, free from vice, an extra lino r?ad?ter; can trot better than 2:50: a first cla*s horse for gentleman's road use, and war ranted sound. Also set Harness, aud TOP KOAD WAGON, CITY BUILT. RAY MAKE. 16 HANDS HIGH, 11 YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harness; free from vice f has been driven by ladles and children; also Set Uaruess and TOP PONY phaeton. NEARLY NEW. BAY COUPE HORSE. 16 HANDS lilUH.S YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness; free from vice; has One style aud action; fears nothing and warranted eound. Set coupe Harness and OOUPE IN OOOH ORDER. BAY kentucky HORSE, 15V HANDS HIGH, S YEAR8 old; kind and true in all harness: free from vice; a prompt and pleasant driver; fast traveller; a first class familv horse, and warranted sound. TOP WAGON. BUILT HY MINER A STEVENS. DARK CHESTNUT HORSE, 15'i HANDS HIOII. 10 years old. kind and true in all harness; tree from vice and a first class worker, and warranted sound ; set Truck Harness, and SINGLE TRUCK. NEARLY NEW. FIFTEEN OTHER EXTRA FINE ROAD. FAMILY AND work Horses; all warranted sound, kind and true. Curtain Coach, Six-seat Rockaway, Victoria, Four paosenger Sleigh, Top Business Wagons, Dog Carts. ^ Open 4-s>'at Phaeton, Top aAd no top PbaetoM, J ??uper W a<roti, Roikawavs, Butcher's Cart. Extension top Phaeton*, Top and no top Depot Double and single Uar W agon a, nets. Saddles and Bridles, Ac., Ac. ? SALE commences AT 10 O'CLOCK. Attention of gentlemen is called TO THIS AUCTION SALE OP ALL THK WELL-KNOWN TROTTINO HORSKS. CARBfAOES. HARNESS. BLANKETS, AC., AC.. THK PROPERTY OK DAVIO K. MOLLER. RStt. TO BR HOLD TO-MORROW, SATURDAY, MAY IS, AT TUB PRIVATE STABLE I? REAR OF PRIVATE RESIDENCE 140 5TII AV.. ENTRANCE ON 19TU ST.. AT II O'CLOCK sHARH. Handsome high bred trotting mare Josephine, aired by Parish's Hambieleiiian. dam by Big<t'a Rattler, rained by Wall Smith. of Mechanic*' Ilili N. Y.j trot ted when 5 years old at connty lair over the hair-mile track Ht Fort Edward In >i9S)j, 2 :.'tO and beating Suowflake, Brown Prince and three others. when she waa purchased by present owner; tince which time ?he haa beeu used on the road. She I* a beautiful bay, hand* high. 7 yearn old tbia spring, and has greatly improved In speed, at.d with proper care she ought to trot in or better tbe coming soaann. She Is also an extraordinary polo mare, does not pnll and ia safe for anvbody to drive, and is warranted sound and kind. Elegant and stylish Trotting Mare. Maria sired by Kras tns Coming's Harry ("lay, dain bv Major Winlield; she is a Jet black. with elegant long, flowing mane and tall: 7 vcars olJ this spring- trotted around I leetw.iod track last la)I to a wagon In - .37: ah* is a very pleasant driver and a good pole nuiro: does not pull or fret: la safe lor anybody to drive; she Is a great road mare of extraordinary bottom and can full two persons to a ton wagon as fast as any road horse iu this city, and is warranted sound and kind. Fast Trotting bay Oelding, Major, sired by superb, he by Kthan Allen, dam by Robert Bonner; he is a beautiful dap ple bruwn, 15>4 bands high, 0 years old; a very prompt, atylish driver; trotted at Kingston last fall in tne gentle man's road race to a road wagon, j ?4t>. 'J '44, 2:4.t>t; he ran be driven by a lady and cannot be outstyled by any horse of his six" In tke city, and warranted sound and kind. Beaulitul bay Hoiae, l?eflance, 0 years old this spring; he has never been handled ior speed, but was driven by owner last autnmer over Mltchell'a half-mile track, at Saratoga, N. V.. In a :II6 and 2: he is a verv pleosant, easy drlv. r; and if pnt In train would beat U:."lf> this season; lie Is a good pule horse and safe for anybody to drive, and war rantee sound and kind; Major nnd Defiance have been driven together and make a very fast doable tearu. Very pretty bay llorse. Nltarod, sirml by Kirkwood, dam unknown ; he Is an elegant lady's sorrel horse, thoroughly broken: has always been driven bv ladle* snd children. and for that purpose is inval'iable; will stand without tying, ana is sale under all circumstances : he is verv stylieh in hnrness, and a verv pleasant. prompt driver; is if rears o'd ibis spring, snd ran beut 3 minutes; warranted sound and kind. Also 1 Brewster A Co. Park Phaeton, with top; I puny Phaeton, with canvas and fuli leath-r top; I basket cammy top Phaeton; 1 sid?-bar top Wagon; 1 fnll spring top Wasrnn; U sets of double Harness; 4 sett of single Harness; Blankets, Sheets, Whips l!ob?a, 4c.. At?. N. B.?THE ABOVE STOCK IS NOW ON EXHIBI TION AT STABLE AS ABOVE. AND COACHMAN Iff ATTENDANCE TO GIVE A1.L INFORMATION RE QUIRED. 8ALK P 'SITIVK, RAIN OR RHINE. TO niC.TIEST BIDDER, WITHOUT LIMIT. RESTRICTION OR RESEK V AT i O N A-MUOK CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER . PO ITIVK EXECUTOR'S 8ALK TO MORROW, Saturday. May IS, at II o'clock. at BARKER A SON'S city auction Marl and New York Tatteriail*. corner ol liroidw.iy and :t!>th st., of the entire Stock of tbe late C. B. TURNER, of >ewari?. and comprising; ? THE MORI'EL trnitin* Gelding, OOL WII.LARD, cit by 1'liil Sheridan, I.-^S high, toaled Jline'J7. 1 Stilt; lias trotted la'UuV))i to road wa^on; la warranted sound and kind. THE BROWN trotting Gelding. WAVERLEY BOY, 1SJ( high, foaled |S7". got by llenry B. Putclieu ; hat trotted lu IAi;li ? arranted amt'id and kind. Tilp: BAY trotting Mare, NEWARK MAID, rot bv Mid dleman, (lam by Ohio I.'iipse, I'1, high; foaled April -I. istui; Uua a re? ord of . ;90U, anJ is warranted sound and kind. fbP "IDE nar Riad Wage*, bv R. M. STIVERS; single seat Road a .?<ii, by IIREWSTKR, of IrooMi st. ; canopy lop Basket i'ony Phaeton. near y new; Su- Hum. li: inwet-. ito'jes. .tic.. Ac. Stock will arrive at Hie Mart and be ON EXHIBITION chart) A. M. THIS MORMNti Sa e WITHOUT REnEKVK or regard to weather, a> .ILL must be closed ont port lively. T"-MAJOE CHARLES W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. A. Tin: GRANDEBT EV'.Ni OK rIIK HKA.SoN. CAP I AIN Oi ORGfc D. IIA.VNA. of Bourhot. county, KENlCCKY. has tue honor t.r .mtioiiacin.; his thirueuui ?nrqniMledeale *f the fittest GRKHN TBUTIKlU n tbe world, ju t arrived from KENTUCKY. intake plaeo at bar ker k ""'i ? CItr.Amiion Mart and New York lat'eriaiis, n.rne.'"f llri.idwav nmUi't.h at., on Wednesday next. May 17, .it II o'docfc, and eonipri'lne SEVENTEEN head of the ridie-'t \ red lit ABM-rira, tlial cattrotftlNiiil HI DOWN to J or ""tter. am! including the get "fYcllow .1 ticket. Cot beaa.Curlla' Haiublal^Man, Be!!-M.irg in. .*r,, ,?,| ? urun cd toand an<( kind, iaelnd:ng in t! e lot a SIXTEEN pmr ?I !lltt>WNs of urn iuailed rich appen-uLce and ?*.vle se> e1 ?i extraorjmary c>ut a MKit'lior "T'' cart narsal. sev eral "remium coaibmed SADDLE ai.d harness HoraaHy ?nd tn? FAtfTRMT ?' OKilEL >.e;.ii,1'; two gaits) in the world, that can trot belter than J en'! PACK IN :I jttsek will arrive at the Mart mis (Pridayi mornlrgfi-r tritl, ?a 'is ii DR. JOHN W, CLAH K, at ent for Captain iianna. will l.e on nail.I to give ev?ryi.?dy lb#opportunityist Hl|il>l< and OKIVI.Ml and tfsdag th? sadnlc i|ii*litles and -I'KEDof niiv ,il the iot BI-JKoIlK the tin e n< ,.tie OA I AI.OIH KS of tbia really WDNDHEFTJL M?r wiU be readv to-day. Sale *:ti>out reaerve or p">stpor.<'ment. a _MA.IOK t'lUULKs W IIAKIvfiK. AUCTIONEER. J\. .Vii,I. BK "OLD, positively wltboilt leservi to ntorrow -at .rday). May Li. at II o'eloea, at BaRKEK A j- >N'S City Aaet<ou Msrt and N?w York Tattersail's. cor ner ol llroMtwsv and ;i'Hb st . ? Hl'I'KRB |."t'a li git, S years old. OAPPLE BAY OELDINO, bred in Kentncav, and ptirubased !li?re nt ffH?i i.y present owner ; Is of estrs ordinary style an.I KICII APPKAHaNCE: s on* of tit* .nasi perfect NMliilW saddle and narness In iho ruoiitry; liOEs ALL i?i*r, <?AiTS under saddle is sei I'.om equalled in bariaese, and it warranted sound Mid kiad; can be wen alter 11 v. V. .bis morning at the maft, <len tlemen in search of s> niethins I'.LAtJ^V* ITINK ahuiild call and aaaiuloe. BREWSTER, OP BROOME I', Ql'ARThR KOaD *fagau for sale at ii at hero es stable, t :i 7 'A'est 37tli st. a -For. sai.k. s;.\ pony miLT horses-, jit it ;V. far-uio , c.-ocvr, tspreet nr wilkmai. aol tiraud at., between Molt and Mulberry s.s. A Li. ITibdh of-caurIai?ks. my own make, at ?I'-urers* prices; aarranted; leather top n-wMny Phaeions, * l.ti up; do. ilnggiet. (I4U; no t'.p, |tO; leeti-er trimme l .1 ?eai depot lop Wagona, $i;*i; Bo lop, extension top Park Phactoat. $IjU. CUaRLes Ulil'BK, ?m Can a> A _ HOUSES, CARltl AGES. <6C. tfCT'io.VHousE "bVAkctO 611 Nofo&T ' ID, 21. 23 * ml -5 nth it.. near University plftca. OLDEST AND MOST RKMA1SL.B HOUSE IN THE CITY. REGULAR SALES OF HOUSES AND CARRIAOES EVERY TUESl) AV AlsD FRIDAY AT lu O'CLOCK. 24 hours to thro* day*' trisl on Uoraea warranteu uhicA The oldest ftuU moat reliable bouse in the city. THIS DAY (FRIDAY). AT 10 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT FaMiLY LANDAU ESTABLISHMENT ? Very One Team black Horses. long manes and tails, ?II black point*, 1H handa. 8 and 7 jfiara; kind and true In all harneas; Ire# from tault. vlco or trick of ?uy kind: ar? Iree. faal. stylish driver*; of great en Jurnnce ; can be driven 12 miles mi bour nil tiny; arc not atraid of a locomotive or anything else; have been u?ed in city and country, and art! in ? very roapect one of the fluest carriage tenuis In the city ; warranted aound. RET DOUBLE 11 ARNKSS, made to order br Millings. ELEGANT LANDAU, moroccn lined, by Wood Bros. BLACK TROTTING llOKSU Hilly irwlu. l&X bunds, U year* old; won the two Ural race* at White Plain* last apriun In 2:3U. 2 :3?K. 2:37; alto at Bhiuebeck, team race, against Carry N., in 2 :tO>W: liaa not a vie*, tault or trick of any kind; la on# of the lirat and purest gaited trotter* In tho country; docs not ahv or pull; anv o;o can drive hlui: guar anteed to trot a ini'c in 2 ;10 or uo aalu; ?ftrrunted MUOd. Set Track iiarneaa, made by StllUngs. SIDE BAR ItOAO WAGON, little used, by Brewster. of Broom* at. TWO CLA RENCES. by Corbett A Co. THBEE C..AKENCES, by Lo?ce k Williams and D.vis. DARK CHESTNUT COUPE ITOR3K, full mane and tail, ir>\ handa. 7 yeara; haa been used in city and country, aiu*l? ai d double; a* u fattiilr liorae ls iree, stylish ami spirited, but gentle driver; not afraid of a locomotive or au) thing elae; baa not a ?Ice or trick of any kind. a?le for any one to drive; la In every way thoroughly reliable, and sold only fi.r want nf u?e. ? I SUPERIOR 1" WAGoN, little used, by Ulnar * I Sloven*. o I COl'Ph HOCK AWAY, by Miner A Stevens. LIGHT HAY IIOItSK, I ng mane *nd tall, ISJj handa, Myeara; kind In nil tiarneaa; free from nil vice; a good, !reo, stylish driver; uot alrnid of any thing; trota In si, nitnutea; I'.aa been uaed in the cltv ntid country t>y a tirivato laiully; doea not ahy or pull; aold only for waut of uae; warranted aound. TOP BOAl> WAGON. In good order, by Brewaler, of Broome at. TOP ROAD WAGON, by Geo Millar. KXPBkSS TURNOUT?Brown Uorae, 1? hauda. 6 yeara old kind in all harness. fr< e from vice; la a good, free driver; will aland without tying; uot afraid of anything; a good worker and Warranted aouud; aet llariicaa. TOP EXPRh.nS WAGON, In guol order, by Klrcher. TWO 30 BARREL TRUCKS.In good order. THREE EXPRESS WAGONS, In go?d urder. TOP PONY PHAETONS and Top WAUONS. fold for ??count of whom it tnay concern, to pay advance* and chargea. TWENTY SADDLES and BRIDLES, continuation of assignee's sale. TWENTY FOUR OTHER HORSES, description lime of sale. Thia day at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart. 19to2.Y 13th at., near L'niveraity place. Weather aevar iutotfares wilb onr SALES AT 10 O'CLOCK. RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL tliia day, at hit Mart, It) to 13th at, near Univor ~i laity place, at HI oYlork, the celebrated bla k ? ? J TBOTTINU HoRSB BILLY IRWIN, ? I who wen tbo spring ritce nt White l'lalna In 2:33? 2 j 2 ;37?2:38K: also ut Hbinebeck, to pole, in 2 :40>?; guaranteed to trot in '10 to-day : alao I TWhVrV KIVK MORE SADDLES AND BRIDLES, continuation of assignee's aale. $ TWENTY hEVEN OTHER HORSES. Weather I never interferea with the aale. Sue caialogue above. "W~IM)SOR~WAGON\ A. by Browiter, of 26th at. Notwithstanding the dull time*, there la an Increasing de mand for the Windsor at an advance In price over all other*. It la the bod and the aafeat wagon made, audln tba and will prove to I a the cboapest. Warerooma -r>lh ??. and 21at at. Il1 AT BARGAINS.?SECOND HAND. Coune. good aa new. light, for one hone. Coupe Rockaway, very light, newest atyle. slx-aeat Rmkaway, panelled, and glass quartan. One Victoria. Kn .'lisli style. Landaulet, good aa new. latest ?tv1e. A. T. DEMAREST k CO., 60S and UO Broadway. E A -AT PRICES THAT PLE\Hh EVERYBODY. ? Iiarneaa for every klud of bualneaa and pleasure. Largo and elegant assortment ol Spring Lap Robes, Sweat Blanket*, Shueta, Whin*. Iloota, Saddles, Bridle*. -Vc., Aa Depot Wagons. Rockaways. l'ony Phaetons. J agger Wagons. Buggies. Park Plmetona. An examiuation solicited by JOHN MOORE. 57 Warren at. At hTi7i~c6"st^tvv7Tfull spring top wagons. two aide-bars, two Phaetons, one seat* fonr persons; one light Road Wagon, double and single Harness; latest style; best city makers. Private stable 33d at., corner of 4tli ?v. IRKWSTKR, OF BROOME ST. StOK BAH TOP Wagon, 221 lbs. weie'it. nearly new, price (323. Ap ply to WILLIAM 11. OKAY. l.?>4 Broadway. LEGANT LANDAU ESTABLISHMENT-FINE TEAM black Horses, IB hands; Set double Harness, by Stll ley. KITE CLARENCES, by Corbett, Dunn and Looce k Willi Ufa. EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, hr Wood Bros. SIX SEAT PHAETON, by Wood Bros. LIGHT BAROUCHE, bv Wood Bros. ELEGANT ROAD WAGON, by Brewster, of Broom* ":I WKNTY SADLES AND BRIDLES, coatianatlon of assignee's sale. TOP PONY PHAETONS AND WAGON, to be sold to pay advances and chargea. TWENTY-SEVEN HORSES, description time of sale. This dsy, at ARCH JOHNSTON'S Mart. It* to 2? 13th at., near University place. Weather never Inter ferea with oar HALE AT 10 O'CLOCK. See catalogue a bore. LEG a NT horses and carriages at AUCTION THIS DAY AT lo O'CLOCK. BY Van TA-SELL k KEARNEY. AT THEIR MART, 110 AND 112 EAST 1STH ST. The largest sale online Hones and Carriagea ever offered ?t auction in this cl^lr. Partial cataloinies above. Seven Teams. Twenty-two Road and Family Bone*. Fifteen Work Hones. Carriages nf all descriptions. Double and Slnitle Harness, Ac., Ac. E Ijl BARTLETT, WARREN ST.. CORNER OF J* College place, has new on hand a good assortment ot tine Harness. Bridle*. Saddles. Lap Dusten, Sbeeta, Horse Bonnets and Horse Clothing generally. ASY OF~ ACCESS. " linng low tnr ladles' and eblldrea'a use, PONY PHAETONS, seating two or four. A. s. PLANDRAU. 372 and 374 Broome St.. old atand of Brewster k Co. E F INK BKCON u II AM U MAIL PHAETON. Id pcrfect order at a bargain. A. S. KI.AVDRAU. 372 and 374 B rooms it., old atan d ol Brewster A Co. FOK SALE?TWO TlOR*E Ti:UCK~AXn~n~AjU?RM, with work. To be Men at W? .hinirt .11 it. FOR HALK?A WK LL LOCATE0 BOARDINO AND Livery Stable, dolnir ? good Huainest. luquire of Y. ACKKI'.MAN. I?l mid l?l Went 32d st. Fob hale?a uFntlkw aits drivixo piiaeto.v. by BrewitiT k. Co., of Broome at., nearly m-ar; price 97(1 >. Ma? be neon at H lUNETT'J, No. 17 Ea>t ifJth it. IjlOR Ulil^OM COUPE at 9557 <'!fB AT 943B. ' unci a handsome Clarence ai 9TAI: one cloao Coach ni 975; all In l!r?t tite order, at A H. KLANORAU'S, 37J m l .74 Broome *t. TTtOIt SALK-HRST CLASS TWO-sKAT COVKRiTll JF depot Wagon, with weather curtains. nearly new, together with IIaruess, price Caii be teen at (table. 14" Kast oiltli ??. Olt SALi.-AS kleuant TURNOUT. HORSK 7 year* old. very lu?/ lor cath. Inquire at stable or C. LAM 11 Jk HON. 58 th ti, near .'>tli av. IlOR HALK?1 OKAY HoRHK. "T? UAlt 1)8 tttaH. 0 years old, true and Kind In all harness. heavy irnine and tail; I bar Horn'. |.">J, I igli. true aud kind in all har nan, heavy mnne and tail. Tim Hoove horses are suitable I for carriage or road horaes; vail ami see ttieiu. Alan aecond i handCoach ami Landau. I.ivery liable 33 Perry at. 3~jior 8aLK?TWO " liiroRTRo ih < ilto i r u i FbrT~i> * Saddle lloraea, bays, 15.3. warranted auund and kind; 1 are perfect in every way; eligible lor the Quean's Plate: have been broken to harness, mate rery closely and would make nn unequalled p:.acton tnara aIm> ims>orted chestnut Saddle Mare, l.V_\ of Hue iiiuoded stock. Alio several oilier Horses Tor carriage. from l.'?.3 to lit All sold ft.r want ol use. Iiiiiuire of tiit.erintendent private staiila \Ws; 7Jd at., near lutli a*, and Western Houleaard. I,ioifTu.i;-\ jirkwstkk f. .vu stT'hiuk bah tip K(l4 WaiM. im.trly new and m uorfect oruer. Apply t" Owner, 2'JV Broadway, room ?*'. ?pdR*>r.\LK-A tftf MA UK WASOV, NKAK LV~NKW*. I lor halt its vaiur. Inquire at .Ml 1 an .'I-'il at B'uit SALE?I ? KaTi.ROAIl itOliSKS iMli'sr BE koM tl'ls w vk) at tho old Third Avennn Kallroad aiables corner (Milt ft. and 3d Mr. Also ae.ond hand Car riAiiaa. Buggies, Carts. Harness. Ac 1 o 14 SAl.l-.-A VK li V PAIR nf IIA Y VKK I' moat Horses, ti and 7 years old; sonnd and tree from faalt: imariraili lit bauds; dritewitk sleek rc.n; can tr"i "> ?*1 j Misutest fail brot'i -a. In fo do* earl or liylil carnage tia- Apply to A. P KMITil. 1.431 Hrwadwar |.vik salk- a iii.ack :i<iu?i:." i iiamos intiiT; i" One drivar; 8 >eara old: <"anl and kind; can trot in 3 minutes; cheap. Awd> stJll*\>est k'lk H. MilIt SALK-UAV IIAMlil.Kru>IA> MARK. WITH 1; loal; Hia.? team el Hay, !.*?', ban>l?. price g-s't; ona I orae Trtitk, ^s.>; twosataM II hikii, 91" ?"d (i.'i. Inquire lor t'Ait.M AN STOXK. 3-4 lludaon st. Call lor two davs. YoitlaALK I 11K\P <).\;. s -PKI.S'ii vit.'TtilllA. AS J if'MMl aa now . aool lor waul of u.e. Apply at 27 Kaet 4<ith it,, bvtwrou II and 12 eacb day, HA l{ N KSH ? 11K A PEST IIA It V K - 9 ?T? R K IN K K W York j jforxi llntar Marness, h-md ma<le. $!.'>; c 'od Wfuccr's Ituru'ia, P2&; KOod doiible laaoi Harne>a. ftlu: a (food Horse ('.ImiUet, $1 *ai. Please call and exmuiqe f r our.elves. KI.-.II M4 A OSUOIl.N, Mauufacturara, No. 71 Barclay at. IS FASHION i Oeortre IV. and Queen t ABHIOLK'M, Uniiivaol Una tuoroceoa. A. S. FI.ANDRAU. 3T2 and 374 Droome St., old staii'l of lirewater A Co. IN 0l?N9KWf KUCS (>P COI.Vi] a IIRoAlt POP. AN IS deRnita lancth of time, 1 will a.-ll an extra fine * p ! UnKlty. or WaterMM, uaed flve tii.iea. (' n be seen at prl | vale atabie in the rear M No. o U s i I i|h ft. ! liUtT HK SOJ.U THIS WKKK?TWil FINE PoSIi:?, , ill 'it for any bminasa; bail their valne. XiS We?t4id j it , rear. _ ' / v\ acooont'ok "tuk IKCLRMKNUY OP fMK ! \r weatlier ibe ??ie of blooded Horaes .or ! Tcesday, Mar 1'. 1979, by Nathan J. ituu Jame* >1 Mills, will le ueiii iregardless of the we?tb?"ri on Thnrsdaf, May ?? at i j'-l"Ck I". >!.. at tb* tiranre Coamy Pleasure Orotinla, Ktddltlown, N V.?Thiity-llve bead ot tiie beat in Oranc# ennnty. MaiUtls, brood Mares, matehed llorsaa, Colts and Fillies, by Haml.lrIonian, imperial. ( hoar es. Holton. >weepstakts, Ac. (tend lor eaMloi;u? tv JAMKa M. MILLS. BathIlle, N. V. HORSES, CARRIAGES. &C. WonYVor sale?tRos ti R At P13^"Ha NDlWtdtf, X sound and kind, '? years olC M?t la xin *1 private stables of BAKER, SMITH A CO., Uuiveraiiy place, DMT SOLO TO GLOME PaRTN KIt.-IIIP?TH KKH LloHT top express Wagons. Horses. Ilaruesi, alniria aud auu blc ; two A-h Carts. 140 Waal 17th al. rpHE JlTTEMTIO.V OF OUtt A BROOKLYN PATRONS U inritad. soliciting an Impaction of our flue coupe and six-seat ri?ck aways. Unlaca ol pan, blue aud maroon, moroccos and cloth*. A. S. FLANDKAU. 372 and .'174 Broom a at., old stand ol Brewaiar A Co. fo~ be Sold thIs" i>ay-a n k atb as wet phae" ion, wltli rumble and canopy. To ba told at VAN Taa SELL'S auction. East 13th il. near 4tb a*. ith imported top lkaTiihe ' aud llnir.i;>. landacs and landau lets, In elczant designs and colors. A. 8. FLANDRAU, 372 and 374 Broome St., old stand of Brewster X Co. ?TimiMkJKMltD TOONtt HOESE, Mfc MA MOM, I" Iree from vice or trick*, that can show three miuutna or batter. Owner wishing to sail sucli at price correspond ing witli tlmos address, with description and lowaal piicu, b arton, Haraid ..nice, WINTER BOARDINO 8TABLS8, 1?TI1 8T. AND HTH a*.?Hor-ei logged on the road: coll* liauillad : sale horse* taken at low rates. TllOMAS ('RANK, Proprietor, w w ANTED-HORSE, W AliON AND UARNl-.aS It exchange tor 5 Lota at Boonton, N. J. M WrriN, 247 West 3Stli at. WANTED?4 WELL BRED MILCH COW AND Calf; must he uood milker; state lowest price Addrots A. B. C.. Herald office. "HORSKK: hUIT AMY BUSTSKSST $40 AND $50; top SliaiatSM VV 14^'on ; $30 SOU Waal 35th at. 4HOESES, soVND anlTKIND-SUIT ANV BUS1 ?eaa; forced to sell; como aud s?a for a bargain. 410 Weal 30th at. Milalsrtfimt AXD DIl.SSSMAKIifto. X-MAKIK Til.MANN. OP PARIS." iKHSitEI, . offers Urge assortment of lino Ron' eta and Millinery from the best makers; lateat forms. 423 Otli av., bear 2iilh at. (Late Michel's). ME. NATALIE TILMAN INFORMS HER Cl'BTOM era of the citjr and out of New Vork that aha lias re moved from ItitU at. to No. i,25tf Broadway, between 31st aud 32d sia. _ EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. WhTtk 11ST A r"l t n kV FOR OUEBNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CARRVINO Tllh UNITED STATES MAIL. Tlio steamers ol this line luko the Lane ltoulea recom mended by Liouteuaut Maury, tl. 8. N., going south ot the BttiUc on liitt passage to Uueeuslown nil the year round. germanic May 2U, at 2 P. M. CELTIC Juneal 2 P. X. ADRIATIC Juno 10. nt 3 P. M. BRITANNIC , June 24. at M 1*. M. GERMANIC JulyS. at 3 P. M. From White Star Docks, pier 52 North River. Rates?Saleou, $t?i and $100, iu gold; return tickets on reasonable terms. Steerage, $28. Saloon, staterooms, smoking aud bath room* are placed amidships, where the noise ami motion are least, affording a degree of comfort hitherto unattainable nl sen. For inspection of plana and other iuiormatiou apply at tha company s office. 37 Broadway, New Yurg. R. J. CORTIS, Agent. Anchor line united status mail steamers new York and glasgoW. OALIFORNlAMay 13. SaM | victoria May 27.8 AM ETHIOPIA. ...May 20,2 PM BOLIVIA June 3,2PM NEW YOKE and LONDON. UTOPIA May 37, 8 AM I australia, June 10. 4 PM ANULIA ..Juue 24. 4 PM | El.YslA July 8, 3 PM Anchor Line piers 20 end 21 North River. N. V. ?new YORK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. LONDON or Londonderry. Cabin*, $U5 to $90 currency, according to accommodations. Excursion tliketa on favorable terms. Steerage. ifcici currency; Intermediate, $35 currency. Drafts issued lor any amouut at curreut rales. HENDER?ON BROTHERS, Agents. 7 Bowling Ureen. (SUMAEO LINE.?b7 and N. A. R. M. 8. P. CO.' J NOTICE, With* view to diminishing the chances of collision, tbo steamers of this Hue take a specific course for all seaaous of the year. On the outward passage from (Jueetntown to New York or Boston, crossing the meridiau ol oy at 43 latitude, or nothing to the north of 43. On the homeward passnge. crossing th? meridian of 5i> ?t 42 lutlltnle. or noahiiig to the tiortli or 42. FROM NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS . TOWN. *SCOTIA Wed., May 17 I ABYSSINIA...Wed. May 31 BOTHNIA Wed.. May 24 |?Rl 8>IA Wed .Juno 7 Steamer* marked * do not carry iteeruco pMMuger*. Cabin passage, $S0. $lou aud $130, gold, according to ao eoinmodatiou. Return tickets on lavorabl* terms. Steerage tickets to aud from all parts of Europe nt rerj low rates. Freight and passage office. No. 4 Bowling Ureen. CHARLES O. I- RA.NCKLYN. Ageut. National line-krom piers 44-and 47 'north River. For London direct. HOLLAND, Wednesday, May 17, 12 M. FOR qCkBNHTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. EGYPT...May I3.8::t0 A. M. I ENGLAND. .June 3, 2 P. M. THE QUEEN.Mar 7,0 A M.| SPAIN..Juue 10, 7:;i0 A. M. Cabin passage $70 aud $hu, currency. Return tiakata at reduced rates. Steerage passage $2H, currencv. Drnlis issued from ?1 upward, at current pricoa. Apply at tha cotnpany'e office, M? Broadway. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. 0ET1I OERMAN LLOYD. * " STE*Mh 1111* LINE BETWEEN NEW YORE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. Company '* pier, foot of 2d St., Uoboken. v DONAU...Saturday. May 13 I ODKK. Saturday, May 37 H11K1N . ..Saturday, May 20 | MAIN. ... .Saturday, Juue 3 Rates ot passajia from New York to Southampton, Havre or Bremen :? First Cabin. $100 gold; Second Cabin, $00 (old; Steerage, $:,0 currency. Return ticket* at reduced rata*. Prepaid S.eerage Carlltlcutes, $32 currency. For freight or passago apply to OKLRIuUS A CO.. No. 2 Howling Oreen. qnly diSect-unr to feanoe, THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPaNTS MAIL STEAMERS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLl.vG AT PLYMOUTH (U. B.) for the landing of passengers. The splendid vessels of this favorite ronte for the Con tinent (beiug more southerly than any other.) will sail Irota CIt No. 43 North River as follows:? ANADA tFrangeul) Saturday, May 13 LaBRAdOR iSauglirri ....Saturday, May XJ AMI'.KIQUK (Pouioll) Suiurdav, May 27 PRICr. OF PASSAGE IN GOLD (including wiuei :? Klill cabin, $110 to $f20, according to accommodation. Second, $72. Third cabtn, $40. Return titkets at roduced rate*. htecrago $28. witb superior accommodation, Inelndlng wine, beddiug and utausiis, without extra charge. LoUl* DE BKB1AN, Agent, 55 Broadway. STATE link. NEW YOKK TO OLABQOW.LIVKRPOOL, DUBLIN, BKLKAoT AND LONDONDKR Y, rrom pier 42 North ISIver (lout of Canal at.) ?? follow*:? STATfc OK INDIANA Thunday, May IS STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, June 1 STATE UK VlltUINlA Thursday, June 15 unit every alternate Thursday thereafter. Klrit cabin, la ((?). according to ai/ronimodati'jn*; return tickets, #125. i Secoud cabin, 830; return ticket*, $00. Steerage at lowest lutes. Apply to Al'STIN BALDWIN k CO., itgiDU, No. 72 Broadway, New Yore. Strung tickets at 43 Broadway and at tb* eompany't pier, loot of'Caii.1 it, North Hirer. IN MAN LI NR.?MAIL 8TEA MEHS KOR QUEENS 1'OWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OK RICHMOND Saturday. May 13, utS 30 A. M. CI1Y OK BKRLIN f-aturday, Jlay a ,, A. M. CITY OK CHKSTKR Saturday, June 10, at 7'30 A. M. ftoin nler 46 North River. ('AKIN, $*>0 and *11*1, Bold ; return ticket! on favorable term*. sXKERAUK. $2*. currency. Draft* iasued at luweat rate*. Saloon*, itataroorat. imuklng and b?thr?om* atnidahlpa, JullN ii DALE. A^i'iil, l.> and 3.1 Bioadway, N. Y. AMBUItO AMERICAN PACKET COMPaNY'S LINE lor PLYIIoWU. CHERBOURG and I1aMBUR(>. W1BLAND..?. May 191 SMKVIA .J one I Ki: [SI A May 25 | UELLEKT Juue 8 li.ite? ol passage to Plymouth Londou. Cherbourg, Ham burg and all point* iu England, Scotland and Walea Catiin. Orat saloon, (told $100 i'abiu, aocond ealoun, Kold UJ Steerage. currency 30 KL'NH AHDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, Oeueral Agentf, tienerul Passenger Agent*. 61 Broail St., New York. 61 Broadway. New York. WILBON LINE KOK"KOUrHAMPTON ANlfHULL. sailing Irom pier 53 North l!lver, ae follow*:? lllDALtiO May '.n I oTIIEi.Lo June 17 COLOMBO June 3 | HINDOO July I Klr?t cabin, $70. currency; second cabin, $4 >. currency. Excursion ticket* on verv lavorubie terms. Through ticket* Issned tu t'luitlueutal aul Baltlo port*. Apply, lur lull par ticular*, to 0H^BLKg ^ WHUIHT A CO.. SOSonth at. Most direct and MMfeottlo koite TO bol LAND. BKLOIl. M, THE RHINE, SWITZERLAND, AC.. AC.. VIA ROTTERDAM. Hteamrr St IIOLTEN M*y II steamer MAAS Mnv 23 Thcao beautiful neainers, carrying tli? United Mate* mail to the Netlierlenils. are (.'real la?oritea with the pultlie. Trip* reenter, rate* low ; comtort and living uerlect. Kor freight, f?f?tM??e, PUNCH. KDYE A CO. L. W MoRBlfl, ,'tft Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL LINK -STEAM TO QUBBNB TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, sailing evry TUESDAY, from pier Hi North Rlvur. WYOMINO May UJ, 11 A. M i N k.VADA June 13,10 AM. IDAHO JUy ;M. II A.M. I W ISCOSSIN-Juue ifcUoA.M. Cabin, ;???.'?. #7<t and Sit), currency. 1 itlerinidlate. $4": ateerage. ifcid Passenger* booked to ami Irani I'aria. Hatubnrf, Norw*jr, Sweden, Ac. Draft* on lroland, England, Krance and Oar W,atlowe.t rat^LMAMs A GUION, 2D Bra.dw.r_ CI REAT WESTERN STKtMSlIIP LINK. r to BitiMroL (Knoland) dirbct, mlliiiS Irom pic r Id i.aat Hirer a* follow. .? CORN'W AI.1,, Mum per .-atnrday. Ma? SO SOMERSET, Western ? ?.?*diie?iay, June 7 Cabin l? iKnai;.", intermediate, $4.'>: steerage, cur rency ; e*cuision ticket* SI.prepaid steerage certificate*, $J<!. Apply to W D. Muliii.t.N, Auent. ,I) South at. / look's I NTF. It NATION * L TOIRIsT TIt'KKTS TO all parts ol Kurupe *nJ America at reduced rales j do nut rc'iutr* their holder i to travel In parties. "Cook'* Es curi-loiiUt" lor May. price It), eontitiu* fare* tor up w,ir'l ol 1,0 X) :.ur"p>Mii anil Amt rlcan tonn. COOK. MOM A J KN It INS. 201 K.niaaway, New York. ~ COAST VV I?iK yfBA.nnHHftl.~~ JiANAMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COMPANY, ?OB IAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA AND TACIFlC Pn T^, ?Ia I?{h ;ms of Panatna. SaUla* ironi p'.cr U Rortli River. Steamrr CUKSCKN r t MY BATI RDAT, Mar 3T tut A?piu ?> ill. tuitnect n; via i'auama Railroad at Paaaaia wit'i Cr?t .-.aas at?.tniship? lor port* a* ubor*. For frelalkt ?r passacv apply In W. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. 0 Buwllaic Oram. IJACirjC mail HTKAMBHIP LINE. Fi.'B C > I IF' >BKt A. J A PAN. " II in a, AUMTBAUA. n r;w zk a Land bkitisii Columbia, ac, Bo.. . ; from j.ier IihM ol '."anal ?t.. North River. roll SAN KRANC5SCO VIA l.TIIMt'H oF PANAMA. AUAi'ULCO Tuesday. Mav Ml. 12 neon ronnectlli ; for I cn'.ral Ainertfa and tii^ ?"outlt Pacific >or reisht or pais*.-- ei'il'lr ?; !?o? of Canal at. Nortlt River. II J. BIiLLAY, Superintendent. 1.10H NASSAU. N. I' Kr.iJl'l.Alt MAIL STBAMSHIF ' Lf.O leavo. New Yo. 'a May 31. MURRAY. PBRlUft A CO.. ?B ftontk et. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. V-EW YORK AND H AVAN A 1 >1It ECT M \ 1L LINK.? 1.1 These tral class steenxhips will .ail at 3 I*. M from pier 13 North Ulv*r, foot of Cedar >1 , lor l[>?ut direct, as follow* COLl'MH S ..Thursday, Sl?y 19 WILMINGTON lur d ir. May 30 for freight nod pataage. haviug uuaurpa?*rd Mc< nmoda? tigUL M U ul Y t4i WM. P CLVDE A CO.. No H Bowlintr Green. Mc KELLER LCLINO A CO.. i|MU in Havana. NY?. HAVANA aND MEXICAN MAIL SS. LINE. ? Steamer* leave pier No 3 North l.lver at 3 I*. M. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. CITY OP HAVANA Tue?day, May 23 CITY OP VERA CRl'Z * Thursday. M?f i? FoK VERA CRl'Z ANU NEW ORLEANS, vie Havana. Prinrreso. Cauipeacby, Tuspan and Tampico. CITY OK HAVANA Tuesday, May 28 For freight and paa*ege apply to P. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 111 and XI Broadway, Strainer* will eave Now Orleans May 2H and June 18 lor Vera Crur and all the above port*. j^OR NEW OR.LEANS DIRECT. HIE CROMWELL LINE. The steamship NEW ORLEANS. Captain Dearborn, ?n SATURDAY, May 1M. at 3 o'clock P. M.. Irorn pier No. 9 Norm River. Throughputs ol lading given to Mobile and all principal points iiu the Mlatianippi River. Cabin pauage, $40; steerage, 8"-^>. Apply tn Ci.AnlC A SEAMAN. Ml Weal at. TEXAS LINE FOR GALVESTON. TOl CIIING AT KEY Wait, carrying the L'nited state* mall.?The neauier CITY OP AUSTIN, Captaiu Eldridge, will aail mi Satnriiar, May 13, at 3 I*. M . trorn pier 2D Kuat River. Tnrnngti biila of lading given to all pointa on the llouaton und l'exaa, Central International and Great Northern, Gal vealoii, lliiuatoa and Henderson and llie Oalveamn, liurris burg und Sau Antonio railroad*. Freights und iiuurance at loweat rates. For freight or p is*age, bavin* superior ac commodations# apply to C. II. MALLORY A CO., 133 Maiden lane. 0 LD DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, sailing from pier 37 North River. Kor Norfolk. City Poiut and Richmond, Tuesday*. Thurs day* and Saturdays at 3 I*. M.. connecting witn the Virginia and Teuueaaeo Air I In*, Atlantic I'outt Line, Piedmont Ail Line, Chesapeake aud Ohio Railroad aud with the com pany'* aienin lines to Interior pointa in North Curolln* and V irginia. N'rwbem ami Washington, N. C. (via Norlolk), every Tueaday. Ihnrada. and Saturday. Lewra, Del, Monday and Thursday at 3 P. M.. connecting with Maryland and Delaware railroad* J'uaneuyer accommodation* umurpa aod. Tliroiigu paaaage ticket* und bills of lading to all points at loweat rate*, insurance to Norlolk, Jtc., U y<-r cent. Freight received daily at pier 37 North Kiier General office*. 197 Greenwich at. N. L Mi CKEADY. President. OROAM'S LINK OP STKAMSIIIPs, for New Orleana itu I Texas, M ill aail every Saturday to New Orleaua, transferring Texas freight there to Morgana Lmisiana and Texan Railroad lor Morgan City, thence, per Morgan's line of steamsra. to Texas porta. The MORGAN CITY will sail from pier 33 North Ulvsr, New Vork, ou Saturday, May 13, at 3 1'. M? lor Now Orloani Ihiough bill* of lading slicued to Mobile. Galveston audio nil points on the Oalvotou. Harrisbiirg and Man Antouio, 11 oust ou and Texas Central, luleruatioual aud lireat North ern, Texa* and PaclUc and Traue-Goutluautal railroads, and to ludiunola and San Antonio, and all point* on the Gulf. Wentern Texas and Pacific Railway. Brains Santiago. Cor pua Chriati. Korkport. St. Mar.'s aud Pulton. Freight lor St. Mary'a and Fulton landed at Kockport. Lighterage and channel duea at either Corpus Ctirlall or Brusoa Sautirfgo at thn expense and rink of consignee. Ttirough rates to Brown*vllle, vl i KIs t.rande Railroad. Insurance can be effected under open policy ofC. A. Whit ney A Co.. New Orleaua. From N'ew York to New Orlean*. per reut: from Now York tu all Texas port* via New Or leans, J. per cent, Freight at lowest rates. For freight or further Inform** tlon apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY A CO.. Agent*. pier 30 Noith River. IriOR HALIFAX N. S.. AND SI' JOUNS. N. P. ' 1 CROMWELL STEAMSHIP LINE. Steamers leave pier 10 N. R. lollowiug days at 3 P. M. GEO. Washington Friday, May It GliO CROMWELL Tuesday, May 30 For freight or paaiago apply to CLARK A sEAMAN, Hd Went at. 0"""NLY1)TrBCT LINK TO FLORIDA-WEEKLY LINE to Port Royal, S. C.; Fernandma, Pla.: ltruuawick, (ia.; aaillng every I htiroday, from pier 20 Kant River. The atcami-r C1TV OF'DALLAS, Captain lllnes. will aail Thurs day, May IS, at 3 1*. M., lor Fernandlna and Port RoyaL Through ticket* Ulned to all uoiut* iu I- lorida. For freight or pannage apply to C. II. MALLORV A CO., or HERMAN GKLPCKK, l.i l .Maiden lane. TRAVELLERS' (illUt.. A- WfRALlA?SliTl* GEtHtGE THOMPSON POrtHEE bourne despatch 20th of Juue. Bark MABEL for Syd ney. N. S. W.. dunpaich 2<itli May, having excellent accom modation*, will take a few intermediate and cabin paa*e? Iter* at favorable ratea. Apply to E.(W. CAMERON A CO, 23 South William at. LB ANY.?PEOPLE'S LINE. STEAMBOATS LKAVI pier 41 North River, dally, Sundays excepted, at 0 I*. M., for Albany and all pointa North and VVe*t. (CITIZENS' LINE STEAMBOATS Poll TROY AND~ALb J pointa Northeaat and Wont, leave daily, except SatM* day, at 0 P. M.. from pier 49 North River. /1ATSK1LL CREEK LINE.?NEW champion, TL'Esl V ) day. Thuraday and Saturday, from pier 42, Canal *t-( McMaNL'S, alternate day*, Irotn Lcroy at . 0 P. M. Fall river line"to~boston, via Newport and Pall R ver. The world ranownad steamboat* BKISTOL and PROVIDENCE K-ave pier 2S North River, foot of Murray at, dally (Sunday* excepted), at o P. M. Through tickets sold at all tba principal hotel* in the clt^ OLD ESTABLISH ED LINE FOR HTC YVES ANT, CAT* kill and intermediate landing*.? Steamer ANDREW HARDER, irotn Franklin at. (pier 3."?), Tuesday, Tburadaj and Saturday; iteauer MONITOR, Monday, Wauneiday an Friday, at 5_P. M. _____ ENNSTLVaNIA RAILROAD. GREAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE Train* leave New York, via Deabroiaea aud Cortlaadt street ferrlea as follow* :? Express lor Harrinburg, Pittriurg, the Welt and Soatn. with Pullman palace oar* attached, 0:30 A. M., 0 and S JO P. M. Sunday, 0 and S :'<? P, M. For Willi am*port. Lock llaveu. Corry and Erie, at 9:30 A. M. and S UIO P. M., connecting at Corry for TUiuvilla. Petroleum Centre and the oil regions. For Baltimore. Waibiuifton and the South, LI nit*J Well ington Kxpreu" of Pullman pa'lor cars dally (ascep* Sunday), 9:30 A. M., arrive Waahington 4:10 P. M. Regu lar at S:40 A. M..8 aad9 P. M. Sunday. ? P. M. ton. Perth Amboy, Plemington. Beividere and othel point*, see local acbedule* at all ticket oltlcua. Train* arrive From Pittsburg. Buj aud 10:30 A. M. an* 10 20 P. M daily; 10:15 A. M and U:>0 P. M. daily, ex. cept Monday. From Washington anil Baltimore, 0 :M A. M , 4:06. 5:14 and 10 .2a P. M Sunday, 0:2C? A. M. From Philadelphia, 4:10, H:20, n:.4, 10:IS, II ill), 11:44 A. M . 2:15, 4 :04, 5 15. A HO. O-.KI, S:44 and 10:24 I'. M. bunday, 5:10, 11:20. Oij. lli?4 A M , tt-M and 10: J P. M. Ticket oBlco*. .'<20 end 944 Broadway. No. 1 Aster lloase, and loot of Ueabroase* and Cortlandt sta.; No. 4 Court at., Brooklyn: No*. 114, lid and lit lludt?n at., Hobokea. Emigrant tlcaet office No. S Battery place PRANK THOMSON, D. M. UOVD. Jr.. General Manager. Gen. Paiaenger Agaat" PHI LA DELPHI A via LONG BRANCH AND THE New Jer?ey Southern Railroad.?Pare lower than by' any other route, commencing May I, IS70. Leave New Vork. Pier H North River, loot Rector at., 0:44 A, M., lor Long Branch and Intermediate points; 1):44 A M., lor Pblt^ delphla. Long Branch. Vinelaud, Ac.; 4 P. M.. fur Phtluiel Bhia. Long Branch, Tuckerton, A*.; U P. X., for Long ranch. Ac. WM S. SNEDKN, General Manager, RKMoVaTmaV 1TO PIER 43 NORTH KIVEK, POUT of Spring St. ?Por Rondont and Kiug*ton, connecting with Clsler and llelaware Railroad, latidlmt at IHgiilaua Fall* (West Point), Cornw ill, Newburg, Marlboro, Mil ten, aud Ee p ia. steamboat THOMAS COR NELL leave every Tuesday. Tbursiiay. and Aatardayi JAMES W. B A LOW IN, Hondty. Wednesday, Friday, Spring at., pier 43 North River, at 4 P. M. STONINGTON LINK KOR BOSTON." Redaction of Fare. Steamers RHODE ISLAND and NAKRAHlXliETT.ftoa pier 33 North River, loot of Jay at., at 4 P. M. Providence Line, from pier 27 Nurtb River, loot of Park plaoe. Steamships El-ECTKA aud liALAThA, at t;:?) P. M. KXCl'RSIOSM. Fisiifxij"baSkh-bun'da y. ma* 14 21. STSTaSIB Decoration Utjr. oceaa airMiner >KTtl LOW. Unfla) Harrison at . North Klver, ?i .3* > V H.wnil, Keat Rlrrr, 7; pier 27, Ea.t Hirer, 7 1.'.; 1 <>i?. at.. North Kl<er. 7:*J( pli-r ii, .North Kiv?r, ? A. M Ticketa, $1 N. B ? Kerulnr trip* about .J una. AL <? r'OSTEK, Manager. SUNDAY KXOOKHfONS TO ROCKAW'aY. Tim UmrlM ititintr AMKKIt'L'S will make I be flnl excuriiou of tbe uiunn to Kockuwnr Beach on Sunday, Ma} 14. leaving 24th ??.. S. K., at S:JU A. M. and 1 lift P. M. loth at., .V K . at tt:45 A M anil I 35 I' il. Ve>? at., .V B.. at ? A M. and 1:4U P. M. (fraud *t.. E. K.. New York, 9:1# A. M. Flltan ferry. Brooklyn, l<:?) A. M and 2 P. K. l,?ayin? K.rkwey at 11 A. M. and & I* M. Kara, :t-> rent a. l-.xcaraloa ticket*. SO cents. KI\K. A UTS. " ~ iW~tifelflC?lTAl NTlN<?lT AND KNORA'vTnW >011 aale or exetiaaff*: Iteamrliig and Cleaning akilfully ?MHI941 Kacliafa CfMlWWt. 242 WMt .Vnh at. Hans chrmtian iionm, rasotuium Danlali au-rjr toller; a lar.e and beautiful portrait of tbia po).u ar and much bvlored autlior ha* boon aont lor pub lication to II. C. l"KATOiilUB, kll Liberty at. Uaarwart name.I. I.VSTUI C l io*. Tot jfirXXuv; Viio TOSTCiir TTna^rKlTffll J\. foreign laiinaauva. wiahea lo form the aciiitaintaBro of aoiua gentleman of It-laure and rcapeci ability who ia anaioM to learn hncliah pioputly. 127 Ka?t lOih at. j>0 IIIDiNiT S( liiioiT.'AT WII/ruN, ?1ons.?humb J ? i oniliittc. healthy location; thorough in.i ruction; term* moderate MkMavWI ?T L' it W111TIAIC K. ill ''0 *??> tks wkkksTJvo. ,n,? men rrrrlo V i'' for college. ynnng w imlara taken; mmlt a special ty. ABKI. WilliI.OCK, rtoo'.h Wilton, t'onn. HOICKS, K?M?.M.s, Ail .. WA VI'iCOI Hi nil* iTlv iintl Mrnokiya. APIIVHIOtAN I''I RKS TWO OK TURKS Booms, furnished or uulirBlsUed. la VlMilrf or Waahin^toii plltco, near Broadway. Addreaa I'll YSlOlA!*, box 144 11,-raid MM, TV ANI RD--IN A HTKtCTLY PR1VATK PAMIL8 Y? (Jowlah preferred). afutnMird Room i?>r a simile een tleman ; price Sol above ?14 monthly. Addreaa W.. bus 107 Herald ofllce. WANTKII-DKHK KOOM. ON OK.NKAK WAlila ST. t brokerage business Addreaa ?.. bos 13c* Herald oOice.*" WAN TED?A I*AR< i R-FUKKIMIBU PROJIT ROO*T with II i and 'old water. Addreaa, atatiu^ price, .No. 8 L ii I on place, Claaaon at., Brooklyn. Wantkd-a swauTmurk, ok part or on? at .Saratoea, N. V. Hend terma, Ac., to W., boa Idi llerald olHcr. \\*ANTKD?Kuk A~?i Vl<!. PAMILY OP ADUf.TR. A ?1 fuit o! or ?i* K. ? >i?. "i?il batb, *?... on Ural n ...r, nrar Hnmawa/ and *?Mth ol < th ?t. Addreea, wRh partiralxra, M. P. It. box I4U Hem I 1Van7w/--A "yiT7oM"~ A Nif 'OH OR onk f f Huvm, h'>aK*?Nfftir; r?f?rto?? fiTen: root mod irate. AifafW I-. M.. *?* Perry ai.

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