Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1876 Page 9
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POLVCE DISCIPLINE. [CONTINUED FltOM EIGHTH PAGE.] roundsmen And patrolmen whom he mot and the time kail uUt< where he met them. Kiniuil-'.n n, at tho cud tf their loar. will make A Blniilar report of all patrolmen whom ther Diet and earb patrolman will make an individual report stating at what ume and place he met the roundsmen and sergeant. Alt the-e re|K>rt? will lie put on tho nation bouse blotter. The rule* were adopted and ordered pro mulgated to the force. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Stocks Still Irregular and Fever ish?Speculation Heavy. dOLD STEADY AT 112 3-8. Government and Railway Bonds Steady?In vestment Sh res Firmer?Money ' on Call 3 Per Cent. w^ll Stkkvt, 1 >'aii>ii, May 12?0 J*. M. J Moody and Sankey's adjuration to "Hold the tort," ?o far as its application to the market goes. seemed to be' the* paramount desiro to-day. There wai now and then a leeble attempt to advance prices, but it wua as dilllcult to make them bold as it was to restore Hurupty Durnpty to hit pristine position. Krotn the nursery hero,tho transition Is easy to the pantomime and the | sawdust, and In this latter arena again appeared to-day our ancicnt friend, Mr. Merryman. The old familiar Salutation ol "here we are again," cotiplcd with "Tommy, make room lor your undo," was ouce mors ; beard agalu on the floor, and the space asked for was readily grauted in Luke Shore and Western Union. So the variations In the market coucisied in a series of Baps and flops, which, U nut serious enough to frigMen litter ball or bear, at least attracted sufficient alien- i (Ion to prevent ulfalrs sinking into utter luaniliou. A supreme dalness reignod up to uoarly two o'clock, When a prominent house uppcarod with an order to purchase a considerable lot of Lake Shore, which being accepted as hinting at higher ligures the price was run up to f>b\, w hich proved to bo tho best quotation. | of the day. Although a temporary llrmness and ac- ; tivlty were thus crouted, a&eoilng in a measure West ?rn Union and tb* restol tho list, the improvement did not continue lung, lor the last hour showed quits as great an eagerness to sell as there had been to buy, and Iho board closed up as weak as a second drawing of bohea. Apart from the effort to weed out the shorts, which were growing apace and choking up the paths ol the greater bears, thero is no change in the condition of things to warrant a bull movement m railway shares. 1 he contrary is rather tno rase, II it he true, us re- , ported, that the Krio and Pennsylvania Cemral roads have to day issued instructions to cut di>v> 1,10 rates on Western bound Iroights, and that a similar process Will shortly prevail In respect to passenger lares. Titer* was more firmness developed in the coal stocks to day despite large sales ol Delawure and Lackawunna, Which was attributed to the necessity of a conversion of shares into cash lor the purpose of settling an estate. No doubt this steadiness was due in a great moasure to feu tnoreasou strength accruing to the combination by the accession of tho Lehigh Valley Kailroad, which has lor two years back held aloof irom the union and thus materially threatened Us lioinogoneity. The comhlua Batlon ol the great coal carriers, consisting ot Delaware and Hudson, Delaware and .Lackawuuua, Lehigh and Wilketbarre, Pennsylvania Coal Company, aud Phila delphia and Heading is undoubtedly rendered much Stronger by the additiou of the Lehigh Valley liailroud Coinpuny to its number. In connection w>th the coal stocks, and In view of the fierce attacks upon the Consolidation Coal Company of Maryland, made in souio of tho newspapers, we hava, In the luterest of such of our readers as may be holders Sf shares, made particular inquires into tho subject, lud we aro authorised by Mr. Campbell, the prosident tf the company, to make the lollowing statement in regard to the petltlou ol tho Attorney General ol Mary land recently UJeu in the Court of Alleghany county, of that State. Tne petition si is lorth that the rates ol transporting coal on tho Cumberland and Pennsylvania kailroad were reduced by the Legislature at its late session, sud that tho Consolidation Coal Company, hav ing purchased taitl railroad prior to the passage of tha law reducing rates, now continues to charge the former toils and declines to make the reductions pre scribed fcr tho Cumberland aud Pennsylvania Com pany. Tho Attorney General accordingly prays the C< urt to compel a compliance with the amended ratos, fend this is the sum and subslauco of tho petition, 'iho absurd stories in regard to the charter of tho Consolt dstion Coal Company, having their origin in stock ope rations, aro entirely ignored by tho Attorney General, who alludes to the charter as a law of the Slat* and quotes Its provisions and powers. The charter was passed in 1*60 and is on lllo at Annapolis, being properly authenticated by the seal ot tho Stale and by tho approval or the Governor. The company organised under its provisions has cvor since paid heavy taxes to tho Stato aud to Alleghany county, and the charter has bine* been amended and otherwise recognised by tho Legislature. Tho Consoli dation company will soon answer the petition, and bare no doubi as to the result. Their learned counsel, both in Maryland aud New York, ar* lully satisfied or tho company's right to purchase and oporat* the Cum berland aud Pennsylvania Kailroad, and to charg* *ven higher rales than are now established, whlcb aro the lame as tho<e charged by ihe Cumberland and Pennsyl ranla Company, it is well understood that ties* attacks upon the Consolidation Company result Irom slock operations, several thousands ot ?bares having been gold lor luture delivery. orKMNO, HiUUSST AXD LOWSST PUCKS. The following table shows tho opening, highest and lowest prices of ihe day:? Opening. Uujhftt. Lowrtt. New York Central 110'4 110)4 11U14 Harlem US las 1W Erie 14 ,4? Lake Stioro *?? W11 bus . Vi Vi 2 Jj, Northwestern ?*"-? Kon>-western preferred.... ?o 00 Kock tlaud 10.'.'4 i'litsburj ^ 'J ' Milwaukee and St. Paul 88 38 Milwaukee and St. Pau.pref. 04 t>44, C4 . tibio and Mississippi ITS *?>* New Jersey Central (H 0o>? Del. Lack and Western.... 107 10U 107 Union Pacliic. 63 W C.,C. and I. C 4* *'4 Western Union 0?Si ??St Allauiic and l aciflc Tel 17 i> 1 Pa. ...eMail *>H ,20 H Panama 131 lSl 1^1 Tho sales to-day of actlv* (locks aggregited shout J10.000 shares. CLUUXU micas?3 r. M. 1 mile .Mall. .. i.OW ? C, C C A I oil.. 4# * V> fiitiuin... M>, . ??-, ?.?.* ir .. 4*4 .? 4*. All A PacTel.. 17 ? I7?i irl.l.OW . III*!, ? IOmv. V,uick>nv?r.... If"', ? Id Kria I'?'? * I ' Vu-ckatlvt-1 III .<> * a4 liauAStJo . 14 *4 It I5>$ MarA.AMtn 7' i A 8 lian * M Jo pi 24 ? i6 >. ar J..? to. til. 7*4 ? ? ^ Lake Ubere . .. j4K a 44', AtlamaKx 110 a IfJ Mieb Central.. 47?? a 4.', American fcx.. C- a (t? v. X I .arlcro. 1. 7 a l#? I hK< 7<J*t a 71,% ^ i' A ? ?? i'0V? ? "I U W al?-Kar, oKi hT'J a W > ?' Can ?#?? " V* Cbfu* Alum.. t?* k W.> i inu? MIh. 17 a l?'4 Clav A Pltt?... W4?4 a t?a,'4 Panama ... 13i * ? 4 , In,.? Wall. ax ? A I bU A W ul &i. , a 6?C I nlun I'.icirtc.. ?> ?* n Pi) 11'It A HI . I' 4?* * Hi"'J MlM?'.ir< Pi*. )?. * 14 kil4 Miami. 8? a 9MM PrePCe llil?J a 112* ill A MP pi ?4y tM'a ADVANC* A\? HKCLI3S. The following are the ebangee in iltilig prioes com pared with tbuno of yesterdsy ADv*sf k. ? Delaware and Lackawanna, l?$; Michigan Central, H; Northwest prelorrcd, '4; Now Jursey Cen tral, !a i Puciflc Mail, 't; Producers' Peirulcum, 1; Bl. p iui. H: Uu., preferred, .SiKold, .ina Mississippi, ; Lake Shore, *j. Statioxamt.? Vilaiitic and Pacific preferred, Ai lant'i: hiiii Pacific telegraph, Now VorK Central, C.. t;. and I. C., t'.. C., C. ai d L, Krie, Hanuitml anil Bt. Ji>h common and prtiorrcd, Harlem, Illinois L'o itra . Missouri Paolfle, Northwest common, Panama, Qu k i vrr, Koek island, Wabaah, Union Paeilc and Western Union. TRI MOXST MAUKKT. The extremes ol the day in this department were 4 and UM per cent. The cloae was m.ide at 3 on all loans secured bjr the usual stock collaterals. Prwi paper is discounted at 4an.I 0 por coot. Foreign exchange is quiet Prime sterling, asking rates, 4 M>, nad 4.90','; Selling rales, 4.S* a 4 US', and 4.8KX a 4.WO. Rc.cbmarks, M* a and 96% n M.y Cablet, M. Prima Parts, The lot lowing ntrr the rate* of exchange on Mew York at the nndomentloned to-day?<avanuab, HI premiumi ChnrWuleo, * a * premium; Mow Or* leant, cnmnx rct.J, S a 6 IB; bank, \ ; Chicago, 50c. premium; Cincinnati, firm, VOc. a |1 premium, aud SL Lou>8, $1 26 premium. ouvcsniniT boms. Government boada closed steady at the following quotations:?United States currency sixea, 127 a 127 S; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 121 s a 121s; do. do., 1881, coupon, 1J2S a 122Si ('? da, 1866, registered, 114 a 114s ; do. do., a a, coupon, 114 S a 114 s; do da, da, B?v, registered, 118% a 119; da da, da, coupon, 118% a lft; da da, 1807, registered, D0% a 121; do. da, do., coupon, 130% a 121; da do., 180t>, regis tered, 122S a 122% ; do, da, do., coupon, 122.S a 123; da teo-lorU?k, registered, 117 s a 117%; ao. do., coupon, 118,S a 118S ; do. Ore*, 1881, regiatarod, 117 a 117s; &a da, da, coupon, 117 a 117 V TUB CX1TBD STATK8 TRKASl'KT. The United States Aislitaot Treasurer to-day paid oat $168,000 gold for Qve-twcntiea redeemod, and $212,000 for Interest. The silver pajrmeute to-day were $12,030 under $100 limit, $10,365 under $400 limit, and $37,SOS on silver drafts from Washington Tola) to-day, $0tt,$83. Total aiuce April 20, $1,474,007. A strong and combined effort la being made by specu lators to make a scarcity in both silver and fractional currcncy lor the purpo?e of,securing a premium. From private sources, which are trustworthy, wo learn tbat the Secretary of the Treasury la oonfldent of hta ability to more than supply any want in this direction. Two or three months, however, may be required. Revenue receipts to-day $600,000 Customs receipt* 300.000 Bank note* received for redemption 700,000 RAILROAD UOMDS. I Railroad bonda were gtnorally higher, with* the largeat bustuesa lu Chicago aud Northwest and St. Paul iksuea. Tne changes were aa follows:?An ad vance of % per cent in hrie second mortgage, % per cent In Milwaukee and St. Paul consolidated sinking fund, Chicago and Northwest coupon gold bonds, Erie third tnortguge, llannibal and St. Joseph eights con vertible aud Uuion PaclOo Railroad brat mortgage; and S per ccnt in Pittaburg, Port Wayne and Chicago firsts; a decline of X l*>r ceut in Culcago, Burlmgtou and Quincy eights, aud S' par cent in Chicago and Northwestern lusts. Northwest consolidated gold cou pons were firm, aud advanced to 93V St Paul con solidated sinking funds roso to 88Jf. Michigan Cen tral sevoua sold at 100. Fort Wayne Urate brought 120, Harlem coupon Qrats, litis; do., registered, 110; j Central Pucitlcs, lotiX ; Union Pacific Urstu, 104s ; Rock j Island sevens, 110; Erie second, 102; da third, 102V( j and Chicago, Burlington and Quincy eights, 117. TUK UOUI MAIlKL'T. Gold opened and closed at 112%, with salea In the interim at 112%. The carrying rates were 1 and 8 per : cent, loans having been also made "flat." The specie engagements lor Europe to-morrow amount ! to $800,000. CLKAKIXO UOL'bB STATB1LKXT. Curreucy exchanges $61,187,440 Currency balances 3.130.044 Gold exchanges Gold balances 470,621 TUB VORBIUX MAKKKT. TheLondou advicos report the withdrawal of ?288.000 sterling from ibe Bunk of England for shipment to Portugal. Consols were firm aud United Suites bonds steady ?t about yesterday's prices. Erie advanced to 1414 a 14?',. Quouttous at four o'clock P. M. aro as follows:?Consols, 96?g lor both money aud the account; Erie, 14j%; da, preferred, 22; New York Central, 98. lu i'arls?Five per cent rentes, 106f. '."J',c. lor tho accouut In Frankfort?United States bonds, new lives, are 102>S. The Timet' financial article to-dAy says:?''Rumors regarding the Erie Railway aro spread ng. The position of Canadian securities is favorable." our aoous ihi-okis. Tho Imports or dry goods at this port tor tho week ending to-day wore $768,049, aud the amount marketed $1,030,140. The total imports of dry goods at the port since January 1 were $38/246,228, and the total amount marketed $38,784,364. BAXK SUAMKS. The sales of city bank shares were as fallows:?10 Ccutral National at 101 if, 40 Metropolitan at 1*23 a 122,',', 10 Merchants' at 113 ami Fourth National at 92. ?TATE 110X08. New Tennessees advanced to 41K. Missouri long sizes sold at 106)i, old Tennessees at 43>f. IXTKSTMKXT SHAKCf. Investment shares wore generally Urm:?New Jersey Ceutral moved up to 86\, alter sales at \ ; Laud and Petroleum from Ul'? to 112a,; Consolidated Coal, 41X a 42; Delaware and Hudson, 110s, ; Harlem, 138; Ameri can Express, 62?f; United States, 70; Well* Farco, 87V; *ew Jersey Railroad, 136'4; Rock ltiaud, 105>4; Morris and Essex, 103^; Delaware and Lacka wanna, 107 ?4 a 108 a 108^ a 108 >, a 100 a i08\i ; PltU burg, 03 a 93 fllH-AUKIPHIA STOCKS. The following are the Philadelphia stock quotation* at three o'clock title day:? mi Asked. City sixes, uow 108J? H>8>4 United Compuuies ol New Jersey 134 136 - 53 43^' Pennsylvania Railroad oo ??, Philadelphia and R< ftding Railroad... 44 S 44?? l^l.i^ti Valiey Kailroa>l 67),' 68 Calawlttsa Railroad preferred 401, 41 Northern Ceutral Railroad 3414 'My, Leuigh Navigation 46>? 40% UtXIXO STOCKS. The following are mining nook quotations In Saa Francisco at eleven o'clock to-day:? Could k Curry 17 Eureka G. V 3 Savage 17 Hest X Belcher 66 Chollar Potosi 82 Keutuck 12 Upliir 63 Union Co-solldated.... 13 Hale4: Norcres* 66 Alpha 47 Crown Point 16 Meadow Valley 1 Yellow Jacket 27 Sierra Nevada 16 Helcher 19 Mexican 31 Imperial 6 Caledonia 8 Virginia Con. (ex-div.). 71 Silver HilL 8 California 79 Eureka Consolidated... 11 Overman ol Justice 26 Raymond it Ely 14 Julia Consolidated 14 Money plenty ; 1 to 2 per oent. The fallowing aro the closing prices :? Consolidated Virginia 71', Crowu PoiuL 16^ California 79\ Yellow Jacket 28>? Segregated Belcher .. 76 Alpha 485, Opnir 63 iteli her 20 t'hollar f 83 Coniidt-tice 17^ Savage 18 Sierra Nevada 16'i Consolidated Imperial 4\ Exchequer Ids Mexican 31 Uvcrniau C'J \ Gould & Curry. 17', Ju?tic? 20J* Best k Urlclier 54Ji Caledonia 8>, llale k Norcioss 66\ THIC COAL COjll'AXUa. A telegram from Pottavillo, Pa., slates that the repre sentatives ol the various cual companies met there lust evening lor consultation. The remit as given out was tho establishment of entire harmony, tho Lebigb in terost agreeing to work with all the other companies. ? liilM.TloX blS.40l.VKa Some time ago Judge Speir granted an injunction, at tho iustance of Rufus Hatch, restraining Sydney Dillon auu Jay Gould from takmj any step* toward a dix.-oiu lion of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company or the ap pointment of a receiver. To day tho Judje granted an order dissolving that injunction. tux mailwat war. The Inlormatiou received to day from trustworthy sources is th it wiUim a very !aw days the competition between the now antagonistic railroads will take a mora positive shape than ever. It ts known that private cou? tracts have already been made at rates unusually favor* able to shippers; but it is probable that both tho freight and paxsenger tariffs will be publicly reduccd to a point that will leave no doubt as to the intensity of tho tight that is now in progress. tmji atlaxtic axd pacific TiLsoRArn oompaxy. Tho Stock Exchange to-day received the annoance ment that the above company have issued 6.000 share* of additional stack far tli* purpose of aonttruetmg addi tional lines. E AIL WAT saayixes. The following shows the comparative earnings of the Chicago and Anon Railroad:? First waek in May. 1876 $89,0S3 no Sam* week in 187ft 79.993 02 Increase $I,MU 68 January 1 to Mar 7, 1876 $1.4.V).'<88 26 Sam* time In 18*5 1.46V 722 4'i Decrease this year $0,134 16 The estimated earnings of the Ohio and Mississippi Railway Company lor the first quarter in May were:? 1-76 $82.41$ 93 1?76 66 619 87 Increase $16,827 06 The followlnr are the earning* of th* Michigan Cen tral Railroad Company for the first week In May :? 1876 $148,804 86 JS7ft 127.126 46 $21,678 41 Ai'prokimito earnings of the Toledo, Warsaw Railroad Company for tho week ending May 8, 1876, 1st to 8tIt, inclusive (**ve* working days) :? 1876 $30.6C3 97 1876 16,663 18 JaortaM $14,010 79 NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES ??'.oon With Can 7"i.. Son ,ha Colon M Co.d 0(1 no Sin do ?:t 4) Erie KK a3 O*) do |m d<> 1.3 Son Vol On Tel....S3 Friday, May 12,187* RF.FOBE (.ALL?10 L M. 100 Jim ibi Mich Can RR-. do. S>ll 4U? 1UU ?.?(<? fun) 2??> yii 1*0 r?J I'M Mall SS.. ,1* 15 2U> d.. UK) do i II)1 Chi k N W R'l.... 2<k)MIIA Stl'KKpl. III) du. 1U0 do MP *Ht H KK. S3 do... do.., do do do Oft KM) :Of> 4?m ?Jim Km Km 2im Mic 2?m Km K "O KW Km 500 do do ?3 do do do ?H do a 10 i an UK.. do do ? do do. do do 8 m .vm 3900 *UL't <? .Mm W?5*e 13 'J ao\ n?> ?jo', OH) S'lV 1200 20V4 Ukl 20V io do do do 20*5 5f)tf <7 4.1V 46*2 4<Ut 47 47S *7'. Ik *4 H4W 641. 38 55 1*4 K* as r.54 65'? 55 0 55W W?, IIV ,.u? 107 do l"7l* l'?U ?nLH 4 M S KK .. i f.i; :-2 > N J Ceii KB..... [j# a do. do. do. do do. do d... do ooe m SOU Tol * Wab KK 1 ?l olilo A Xlli* Kit. 50 Del.L A W RK... JKi do. ?27W0'T86'i,r. '81.?3 121V 2'i Oo Ua H'?,e. '81. bo I22K 1< lAW do 122V .?m - M7 pjnt/ . '? 51*10 US . 20,0. 'U7.. ISO? 500 da bo 12i>V MO do 120*j S0<0 18 >-2< >.?. 'Ca. m*r 100 _ do 107*i 10.) 1??7'J 100 do JO'S 10:1". AMD 11:30 A. M. t.>o?0l'fl5'(,e.'81... 117V -lOKt d.i.........b c 117^ 1OO0O do IITV 1KUI do be 117 lmiooU uKr.'HI.bc 117V 1(000 do 117V TO ?>V f H?0 Mo I Ml.,. 5HO"Teuu (i'l.a 18(100 do boon" Teun ?>,?.n aerlei lum Alb A Su? 2d.... 2WJ0C. II A u H'?.. Boonl. A W K con... gull VASP l.t.LaCd 1000M A S P. 1 * M. 100 i M A 8 I* ton . r. 10000 do b c.b3 1<???? k S W let.. 2I< ODU .v N . a l>. &u?W d<> 21**) Eric 2d m llkl 41 on Krle Mil m... . 1U2V 7a?J II A St Jo S't, e 77 5(100 Midi C.u 7'?.. 100 4'<>"lliir lat7'a,c. .. lHiS? 1000 H ar lat,7'a, r... ll? 1(101 117 aiV f?o l< >2 V so j H4V 70" 88V ioi?2 ?'?V 031, RfUHn? A. ML 200 ihi Mich C.n 47V 5o0 L ? ,H s...bc.?3 1400 do do do .3 700 3 >1 1*10 do do do. do do. 700 IOO 50O 7i*t 5(>0 WOO 1 ?l 1200 ft'gi dt> . 101) Erl* KR. do... do... do ... do... do. 300 4000 Con Pac icld h l? l(X?V 1 1 jo 4100 C.K I .t KT'i b? I lo |i?i mhi too du. do. do. d? b 0 b3 .>5 .v>v r..r?V 55V ri 5 v; r.M, 5ft .V.?? 5'''? wj 55^ 5ft >4 ?1?2 iftV 15V ir.i, 15V 1 n ?<? t'n I'ue lilt Int.. H'4V WOO Alt k T II 2d pf. IVJ^' Hk) do ? ? aooo t, p * \v, w n . ho 100 do b:i 7."*?> P.P\VAfi?tbc?l 120 20) Harlem RR....bee i:? lOkli.rentr.lNikt Bk IOIV IOO In P?c RK be ~~ 40 M.trnpnlit.'Ui Ilk,.. I2'< 144 k N W 10 \lerrl.miL' Bk ... 113V 4'?i do ... 2'?' Con I'o.l 41 S IOO do lilO Iiki do be >3 41.V 1 "> do . 42 100 Pel & II C.n. b c 110 144JO W eat I n TfL..b e <W4; <5V ?b3 MX Mi 700 :wi i 10 . 300 ??<? 500 do. do. do. do do. do., do. ?3 '"V CO' 100 do. loo N J Can Kit... be 100 do ilo 200 do 200 do 140") do 100 do e lociev k P Ktd 100 Mil k StPllK. .b 100 do loo do .3 islj Y* 6?V ?'4 V 05 B5'; K>V ?v4 SS o.i? 300 Mil k Si 1* pf. be HH?' ??!?! di. I or i Pro C I<AP Co. .b o 1U>, 100 do Illv, 000 Pacific Mull tt'V ?JO America Ex. 10O U S Ex b c.?3 300 Midi Can 200 lO t loo 500 TOO 1 O a o 50 i 10 ? 1SJ0 2O0 2 O l: O 1<W OOO 300 200 l(K) l'?? 300 do. do . do., do.. do., do . do., do . do. do . do do., do . do.. (I2.S 7'i ?7V 47', 47 \ 475* 47', 4ri 48 >4' 4?V 4rt 2k I do. IO0 do 100 Del. i. A W. 2U*) do -Ii O 500 1 *) 2 O 20 I 1MO no 900 7i*t 10 i 4'k) do., do.. do.. do do . do do do.. do 03 V :tr, nsi. ss ?4V 8'V .... 'I'll .be 107'4 .... 10S .... 10SV .... lot ... losv .... i<* ... loo .... I0"V .... 1'?'4 .... ><n u?v 4Slf 40 I 4? V 50) 4HV, 48V HI* do U'H*? do KK'., do. KJHs do K> l4 do h'J V8?m 100 Km ioj Ati Jt i'ue pr.. 10 > oUlo I'.flO do. do. .b3 IVJ V) i 100 do. do... do... do... . .?3 BKKiiKK CALT,?12:.10 P. (15000 C.t N'W e e L'b. I'.iV HKI.lln Mich C.u.... 10J0 Look Dock bda.. 10S 4<?JO \i .v st P con a I 50 alia Del A It Cut.. 110 3'<> I'n Win Co IV H>) Pro eon L> k P ?*o. 112 5*N J i.'uii KK. 4'k) L S A M S UK... 100 50 I 1 <? b3 IOO Coo Coal e 41V *?' ua 20 ..3 HO I'*. Mall li>? Krie ti?<. .. 2'*) Wait In Tel. :0 ? do 2?1 do ] '! I do IOJ do a3 liOJ Mich Ceu KK 48 loi do *3 48 $4000 t ? ft'l. r. '81.. 15V tu'i . (! >,. V ?o>; 300 4'IO nuo IOO) Wki 30V 10 v 1.3V 11 4. V $10 00 Tcun In O C A 11 Int. c 00. lum Krie 3d ui Th 00 N W e v IE b be 2 0>i '>11 I'ar guld Ii looo I'n Pac let.. 104V 20".w Hal A H r. '01.. |om 2i??? l)cl A H r k b... 01V 24 aba Mwtroplt'n Bk 123 10 do mv 10 Fourth Nat Bk 02 25 l)?-l A Hud Call.. Ilo4, Urn PC I. A PCo b? ll'JV du do do <10 do .3 do '"'I do...... ..b4 do do do IOO MU A St P KR b3 2UO Vlli S S? I'n . b3 100 Hao k St Jo RR.. 200 Mo, Kao k Texat. S P. 117V 95000 U 8 ft'i, ?, '81... SKtf?NI> !*0\R!>?I P. 43V ^00aht Mich Coo. IOO aft 2(? do .Oi do IOO do 20 . Erie KK be .'(TILS A M ?3 300 do Ill 1000 do 120 > W Co T* do do do. do. do. do do. ?to do. do. do do. :ui I 8<U I 14 O 1.00 ! 2?? 20 1 I 700 : on. i 400 I 8 ?i 200 is1! i ?.m. ! loo SVella- Kargo lim . ?, wall I 5'<l do .3 ' 300 Mich Ceo R.u.b e loo d. Ik.;, 67', 07 00'. ??T *7 H7\ 20s 4b , :<o 1 7?M uo? lirxi ?7Ui &u? do. do. uo. do do. do. 10b 2?< 17^2 w X7iJ M. 48V 55?, 55V 5'?V 56V ' 5't ftr?v 55V ft? ?S'.. 64>2 15 Jo* M. H7V y. 4?V 48t, 48?, 4H 4?'a m ti& $311 O U S 5'a. *81. ?... 100 1 Un Puc 7'?. 1 g.. 500 aha Cn M'fCo ... 5 ?i 00 2 *? W lo lei. 2 0 | IK) H at 30 I 0 ?? 400 300 ; loi so I 3UO ..aOO 117V OH), ,lf IK r?v ? K'i o.,V ? ii . do .3 Il?l Chi A >' ? KK.i>c lO I Chi A N Will. ..b ? KW S J Can KK.b e.aft 25 N J KK be 185V liAiOhl AK1 ivK .be I0ft'4 iui do a:) 105V 1'*) Mil A flt P KB. be :(?>, 1JO do WC uAStPpf.bee 644, 1300 do 04*. JUOOhie A b3 17V 201 do ilfi JO.) Mor A haa KK be IOMV 100 i'ae RR of Me .be 14 % ?-':30 TO ;l |?. M (OJ ibe I.SAMS 05 V do *? (?'< do . ?0V .lo ?3 00% do O* do b3 00?, do o V do a3 oi', lim 17 8 Exprvaa.... . ihi Pae Mall S3 b!t -Hi-, lim do 2>'V ftiErie .It 15", 5<?i do lift lft-4 H?>Ml b i'.ii KR .. .. 4S ft 1 . do 47*4 IIO Plttabar^ Klt 1-3 OH do 9?U 4UD L. S A ? s KK bS .5V I <> 400 20 I J. 00 IKl 1 19 <) 4 ?) do ...a3 .'HfcJ do 131)) do ? I 2"a 1 Chi k N W RR.... lOOCiil A SW (Rpf.. ?dXi* a J Cwu BR 9 ? do.... do.... do .. . 55V ii5'i 56 V 55 ? 55 loo Mil 1 bl I* KK 2 ?) do ft'l.! Mil A St P RR pf 100 do 100 Del, LAW UK... I O .lo UO) do Ilk) Do IOJ do IO 1 Ohio A Mlae KK.b I Hk) do .3 ? *'? 38i, "*l4 .?iv lllM-., lo^S iw?V I04'? lo*'. I7u "V COMMERCIAL REPORT. COTTON ON THK SPOT M IJ. AND EASIKU --Fl' TCKK8 BAKKLT STKADV?PI.Ot'K STEADY? WUCAT 8TK< NO ?COHN HTBONO?OAT8 BTEAD*- WlllSKKV F1KMKR?PuUK P1RMRK? I.ABD EiKMER - PETKOLEUM 14UIKT?ItPlMlTS TOBPENTINE QVUT-ROHI VJUIETt-OIUI ?TEADT? ERU0BT* STEADY?COFVEE ?1BM? Ht'OAK FIRM. KniDAT. May 12?0 p. M. T4io trad* movetnent haa btran aiow, judgH as a wliolc, Ourinx tbe paat wcuk, although there tixve l<eon ivni? noteworthy exceptlona to tlie rule. Thcro la do miaUkiLg tlic tact that the bulk o! ibu tpriog bualncaf it over in moat ilcpartuienta of trade, and i.tlcs kLomt comodcrablo UiloiK oil' from one week to another. Dry guoila re ma i u wubout material chungn, the m irket I'o iiik iialuL llardwuro li.ti bven dull, th? ? pritiR trade, which boa bt-en excapiloually liKlit, ho I n ^ about over. In grocerlea, dru^a, boota and alio?a and aomo other claaa good* a ino-lerulo bunui-m haa iioen in progrea*. bat tbe ab ioikc of vim or inap 11 noticeable in neariy all bruochri ol ibe arbolea lie bu.ln Vary little buoyancy obtain*, and l.oi<l*r?, *< a t-inorai rule, a ?rlilln(ae** ?" meet barara. and .tin ia.lnejiiieata to parebaia are not in Ir.qucntly tna le. Tbo prlmipat .root of tbe ?e.k, cvmnaer claliy ciiOaiderail. la th. outilow of branlttulAi. In ra.pouie to an at tiva <l.tniia4 Irviu CoatlaanUl Kurop Tlila active movement ha< not e tumJ any audden or radlral enl.? nt la ralu.a from day lo day. b.ld.ri fur tLa inoat part havliiK beoa wiilm^ enough t? tell, tbouKb '.oarally inflating up>a iom? adeane upon tbe n'Jotallen current toe prMedlng day. lliei.aait la me? l.i tb. i ?r*# purehaM* during tbe weak, mo.tly lur <'.<atiiii:nti.l Eur <p?, of ? iriog, nearly all l-i i<)e> bavliitf t>??n taken with equal Ira.doiu at gradually .nliaiiciBK prlcai, th. doainat prlcei ? >m improve nieut lor the week ol 4c a de. per banhel. mutt i>. i.gArd.4 a. a mouerite eubancainent, cu-iderlaK th. active Inquiry whleh haa obtained nearly U" wl-o'e week The ictirllr in wheat ku directly air.-eted the rale* of freight, arhlrti ar>' I..gli-r, i.nt v.mel. for ebarter have been coiupar itii.'lr and have bcru lakea m i. nil. on t.inui more lavorable to the charterer thai. oUtainlnir t week ?*". Ihrre ha. al>o Ue.n a.falr luovemnnt m corn fnr export, but. with lr . reeelpta and heavy proep*. live ar.lvala. ihe market waa not improaau In any . onaiderable .l?ifre.. Iml 'ed the eom.noner a^rti v ?i.Ill lower than ili.y < I Id a weak or ao ago Oat. have been Irfogular, and. on the alioie. loarer I'roeitiona hav. been nnwMh d .<u.I .teadiir .taeiiniag snilt to day, prleaa (bowing a material fall lor tlia week. A pretty laigo .pecalatlrn muvrment ha. been .n pni?iea>. n..wevar, particularly 111 lard, (hough at decidedly lower pdvea To d..y Krtdayl Inilneaa waa eenrrally Cow. but the exteptiuM were inore i.nm-rff.8. On 'Cb.a/e the e\p?ir: leMand for wheal .a< Still the lea-ling feature, and a aoo.1 hueinrea wa? dooe at betier prlr. a, and the market c. -ed atronir at a niarkad lini mremeut on the open.nir priree. Corn waa aloe In deinatm an>l liiyber. nnaiug Oau were -teely. alih n fair demand. W h aker tlraier I'.rk Brmer. nut >tuiet. Lard decidedly betier and fairly active. Kreignta were ateady Cotton art the .pot w i .lull aud e i?l?r. rututai were baialjr aleady. Coffee waa ftrm Naval tforra .ere gen irul:y iaiet Oil. were ?t?ejy. I'et'olemn a aa unehange^d. Su?ar wa. Inn, hot unAnre L oat) weie >n la.r Jotioing deioand it 5Vc. a ojje. tar }o a 1'ear.a wer. quoie.i at 7c Ajmjfonr remaiaed quiet at lOVe ? l*V& Big.swxx ?II ntcbsiiged; quoted il TTe. for Southern and lor Wiitrra Hkooh Uow *a? dull and unMlllnL We quoteHad. ? a '*C-; red lipped, 5c. a ?t*r. . uiedium greeu. 7),c. a He.; obolce green url aud brush. Ik-, a lit CAXDuax were steaay. We quote?Sperm. 2Sc. : epertu, pateut. Macy's. 3?c. ; stearic, K. Mitchell * Co.'* <10 n*.). 27c. a Me.: adamantine <11. U. 10 u*.). 12\c. a 17c.; parafflne )4's. tt'i and lU'al. 19c. a 30e. CorrBB.?The market for llrnll. ?< flrra. We note *ala of 2.020 ban* Kiu. ax Conta.t, ou private terms. and at Haltimore laat evening. Slti bam Ulo, ex Yaiiioyden. at 17jfc f?r lulljr fair. Mild cntfi-o was quiet. We quote :- Ordinary cargoes, I5\c.; fair do.. 17^C. ; good <ti>.. ISe.; priuie do.. l*>^e ; extreme raiiue fbir iota, 15l?e a ll'V ; Santos. fair to good. 17c. a 1734u., gold, uiuety il*yx; Java, government bag*. SOc. a 22c ; do., iraaa maU, 21c. ? Mo.; Slcgapore, do.. a JO?.: Ceylon. 17J?c. a lilt.; Maracaihn, I tic a 10c.; Laguayra. 17 L,i. a l^t'c.; Jamaica. 17e. a 18c .: HI Domingo. pi^c. a l.'.v'c.; Porto Rico, |hc. a 10c.: Costa 17c. a 19c., Macaaxar. lB>,c a lO Wc-: Mexican. 17c a ISc.: Manila. I7r. a (tie.: Angostura. 17c. a IHc : Savanllla lilc. a I8>?e.: Curaci a. 10c a l"t,p. {'oorimui Stock wa* unchanged. We quota Molasses cliooka, 32-Inch, with heads, CI t*> a C2 25; auiiar almok*, with beads, SM-lucn. C2 Oo a $2 05; do., do., 36ltich, $1 jllaf.'. box shook*. 75c. a HOC.: ram do., $4;- pipe do.,, $tt? 96 50; empty hogaheads. $3 90; hoopi. 14 feet, ordi nary to prime, 937 a *10; hoops. 13 laat. do.. S33 a C3ft per M. Corrgn.?We note aalaa of 200,003 lb*, lake at 21){e. a 21'?e.. cloauig at those tlirurea. Cobpsck wa* unchanged. We qnotaManila (lance and small si*e),oar lb.. 14l,'c a l.Vic. . do. cordage, bolt rope yarn*. Ilk. a 17c.; turre<l Ma il?. 14c.; Hiaai ropa. lOVjc. a U^o.; New Zealand. 11'jc- a I21?c.; Russia hemp, tarred, 14c.: American do.. Me.: ltuaaia bolt roue 17c. Cotton.?Tbe market for spot cotton waa dull and easier In tona, but not quotahly lower. future* cloaed barely steady The closing price* to-day compare with Thur* day'* pricea ns follow*:? Thur-t nj, Viy II. f'riilu'1 ift'U 13. May 12 M2 a ? May 13^ a 1J ft-32 June 1 -JB a ? Juuo 12 5-10 a ? July 12 ?.?-33a ? July 12 17 -32 a ? Auguat .I2K a ? Auguat ..12 21-02 a 12 11-16 Sept 12 23 82 a ? Sept 12?? a 12 21-33 October. 12 10 32 a 12% October.. 12 17 33 a - Nor? a ? Nov IS 13-32 a 13 7-10 Dee 124 a ? l>ee 12 13 32 a 13 7 ltl ?t^uotatious are baaed on American standard of cU.allt.a tinn aud on cottuu in atore running in quality not more than half a grade atiove or below the grade quoted < pUiH'U. AlaUnmi. .V. Orlvrun. T?-xiis. Ordinary s 13-lti S 13 10 d 13 It! M 13-16 Mulct ordinary (U, n>, Oood ordinary 10 3-10 10 3 10 IO 3-10 10 &-10 Strict into I ordinary I"'; ln\ . 11 II Low imddiliiic II 5 10 11 7-10 II 0-10 11 ?-10 Strict low middling 11% 12 I2l< 12W Middling |?". I2*j 12 7 10 13 7-10 Good middling . .. 12V 127j 13 13 Strict K?nd middling 13 , 1:1% |;tW 13'j Middling lair 13?, 1S? 13*. 13', Fair 14% 14?, 14?* 14ll ?Stained? 0o?"l ordlr.ary. fTtc.; ?trict uo?d ordinary, lOo.; low middling, ln'.jo. . middllui;, 11,J,c. ?Spot aalaa were aa followa To <Luj. Lwd Eirnint/. Tula'. Kxport rat ? :a? Conauinptlou ll<3 70 2>>3 Speculuttou 31 ? 31 Total* 274 70 344 j ?IMivered on contract. 300 bile*. Kor'future uellvery tbe aale* were a* lollowa;?Voaterdav alter two 1*. M.?May, 300 bale* M 12 3 lilc ; Juue, l.t?? at 12 1J-32C.. .'.700 at lJ'.c.: July. I,'?>i at 1 ; Aucuat. 700 at 12 25- (2c.; loo j at I2\a October. KH) at 12^. :l tl at 12 IO-33c.; Noveui l>er, iltJo at l-'V.: December."H? It 12 17 32c. Total. 7,1U? bale*, i'o-du) up to two P. M.?May. lOliat 12 7 3_c ; June. I.ftaj at 12 13-32c.. 1,3<>I at l:V- 2l>J0 at 12 1112c.. 1.300 at 13 3-18c.. d.HOJ at 12 U t.c . July, 2.2U> a' 12 21-3.V., 1 2JO at 12\?., i?J0 at 12 ll>-32c., I 30?a, 12 U-lllc.. 3ii.i ut 12 l7-32c.. 1,40 > at U^c. ; Au? i?t, 1.100 at 12 25 .12c., jtai at 12 13-ltlc.. I.2 ?> at 12 25 32c, f*W at 12 13HSc . l.CXH at 12 35-320.. IOO at 12\c . 12 23.32c., 2'IU at 12 21 32c.. :<Ou at 12*,e.. 4?JO*t 12 21-32c.. 1. 12,V ? September. 3i?> at 12 25 32c., 3UO at 1-JUe., 300 at 12 u-lllc . Vaj at 12 l?32c.; October, 110 ? at 12Sc-. 200 at I2ljc.; November. 1.100 .it 12 17-32c., lOOat 1.>,C., 3<X) at 12 13-32c.; December, 4""Out 12 17-32c.,20U at 123llc., auoat 12 13-3JC. Total. 31.IIIO balea; t-rand total, 37.B-X) bale*. 'I b? receipt* at tbe port* a ere a* followa:?Ualveaton, 200 bale*; New Orieau*. l,l!-0; .Mobllo. 104; Havatinali, 105; 1 Charleaton. 2M7; Wllmlnirtoti, 20., 4HI-. New York, ! ttVi; llo-ton. 20; 1'l.iladelphlB, 10?., 3,t02 baler. Tbi* day la>t woek, 4.74'J bale*. Tbi* day laat year. 3.570 balea ? Total alnce September I, 3.U0S.MIA bale*. Oottoti Ircl^lit* cloaed a* lolljw*:?To liavra, by ateum. comprvaicd; to Hamburg, by ateam, *(<'.. conipienseti; to Hremen, by *tdam. *?c., compreiied; to Liverpool, \c. by steam; by aail, 7-l-'d. L'Ki'U*. Ac.?Tlie market wm itcnerally iuiet but an cbauurd. Opimu wa? uucbaniced; quoted at H7S,. ijold. In bond, ami *.">00 a $5 70. currency, lor |ob lot*. Oll\ltrol waa quiet ut (I 75 per cwt. for lance lot* and 2c. ? 2^c. per III. tor amall lot*. Caiupbor wm atondy at 27c. for reUnad. t'r.-am tartar wa* quoted at 32c.. KJld. for American and 33c. tor Kreneh, and for |H>wdrr?d in bbi*. and :itt^,c. fordo. In boxea. Alcoholic*?Chloroiurm aud ellter weio ateady at 00c. lor the forin>ar and 34c. a 04c. for the latter. Borax waa ateady a', ll'4c. a 11 \c. for retlned city aud 11 l4c. lor do. California Uai*am tolu wa* quiet at $2 a $2 25. currency. Hurxuinly pitch wa* quoted at 7>,c. a Sc. liuaraua waa eaay at $3 a <3 25. Manna, new crop, waa quoted at 45c. a f?0c. lor amall, tl 03 a CI 10 lor Inrire anJ 33c. for wet*. Kua aiau catitharide* were uuiet at CI 25 a CI 50. Mu llac wa* ? uaiet at 45c., Kold, for U. 0.. and 3lic., void, tor l^ntillali. Divi dlvl wa* very acarce ami lirm at *05 per ton. Cutch ' waa quiet at 0<4c., told. I'ru*aiate pot n*h wa* quiet at 20c. ? 30c..a* to quality. Illt-hroniate polaah waa dull at 15>^c. Sal ammoniac waa dull at H>\c , cold. Irlah mo** wa* quuit *tl5>tc. a 7c. liaiubier wa* tirm at Oc., gold. Kp*oiu aalta were in lair di'inand at 2e. Sumac wa:. flrtu at CI 33. Ar got* were ateady at 2Sc a 32'4c . gold, accordlug to quality. Uoullau root ? a> tlriu at 7c. Caaaia buda wer.1 ea?y; quoted at 45?. a 3<?c. Colombo root waa quoted at He. tor wltoie and 14c. tor powdered, tiuni nedda Wa* tlriu at a He., with . upward tend -iicy. Juniper berrle* were dnll nt Sc. a 3c. for ordinary Italiau Orange peel ruled quiet at lt?Hc. a 11c.. *pot. Venice turpriitin* wa*dull ut liUc a tl<c. Caatlle hoa|i?t.ontl wuite waa quoted at Itl'i'c. auaMartellle* pure mottled at .Oi--. gold. IlocheHe aalta were ateady at to>,e. lor bbi*. and 31 tjc. for bove*. (julniue wa* active at $2 2D. llliiu vitriol wa* *teady at M^c. Morphine wa* artlve at C4 10. Iodide potaib wa* In lair demand nnd ateady at CJ 23, bulk, and C2 33 b. I. Alum?Lump wa* in fair de mand at 2Kc. a 2>ic. Chlorate potaab wa* in lair demand a! 2lc. a 21,',c., gold, and 22c. ior greenback*, iar uric acid waa quiet at 4 >,c., gold, for cryatal, aud 40c. a MV. lor powdered. Citric acid wa* quoted at 7 ?c. a 7tic. Licorice root waa quiet at former pricea; quoted nt -Ic.. gold, and from Sc. to lie., currency, for aelecteil. Licorice paate. t ?labria, waa uuiet at 31c a 3!?c ; Spatilali solid ,va* in good uematid at 25c. a 2SC., gold; I'lgnatelll *?< quiet at 32c.; amall (iuaalina wa>quoted at 32c.; large Uuialiua wi* in good demand at 40e.; f. A S. amall waa active at 30c. a 30',c. Cutlleli*h bone* ruled ateadjr at 20c. a 27c llal*am copaiba ??? eaay at 05c. a 70c. SaQron wm tlriu at 22c. a 23c. tor American andlfc' Cl2 for Suaulah. Oalaugal root wa* uuiet i.t 4c. a4l,c. Cod liver oil wu* in lair de mand at CI .iO a CI 00 for Newfoundland and C2 for Nurwe -Inn Khubarh wa* ill luoderale demand at pricea i auclng from 5&c. to CI IU. Aloe*?Cape were acarce and firmly held at 13c. a lie. liiuger wa* iirin at 2l.',c. lor Jamaica bleached. Ergot waa aa*y at CI 75. l^uickailver wa* ; quoted at 07c. a IVte. I.eavea were quiet, but steady; | tunned at 07c. a u?c. i.e?T?? wr.o --- ulloied at 21*. lor belladonna lie tor ?oulum and acoiilta, ?tie . 2-'e lor henbane and CI 2a tor riiae ArMijiic wa* lit ?5 demand at 3\r. n3'> . it "Id. lor while powdered, and iHir. latlc bir red do. 4Scad, were quiet We quote: .Muttard-f ellow Callfoiola, 7)iie. a ?c ; brow* do.. Oc. a ??%<?.; brown frlasl*. 7Sc.; TjUuw Eugllab, Sl^e. Canary - Piuue l>ut?li wa* quoted *7 7.? audMuyrua was lirm a C7 25 llemp w.^iet at $1 (7 25. llemp w?< quiet at ?? n-?, . 12c a l2Ke. Coriander wa* quntad at 3\r. DamoinlU tlueeta were qmet at 10c. a 22c. ? or Kmaan. Ulyceruie was lu fair demand and Orm at 17c. a IS^c. Sweet marjoram 1 waaqaiet at 3-)c a 32c. Orris root waa steady at 12'jC. a 2.rx.. accordinc to quality, lonca beau* steady at CI .*1 Iar i Angostura. AlCiea root was flriuly held at 30c for white cut i and 2.1ft. lor Mir do. Gum arabic (was quoteu at 13c. for i prime sort* and 11c. lor second do. Ango*tur? baric wa* scarce and firmly held ut 50c. Saaaalras bark was quiat at 8c Squill* were u?Set at lOc. a I Ic. Lavender Howera were quiet at lit^c. Valerian root waa quoted at 23?. for Kugilab and 15c. lor Gemma. Albitmeu wa* steady at 05c a7ne. for blood aud CI a CI 15 for egg. tlaraa|iartlia waa quiet but ateady. We qaote ?Honduras comuiou at .>4c. a , 37c.; do do. Isr axitort. 35c. a 37c . gold; Mexican. 13c. ? 15c. Jalap was quoted at 12c. a l'ic.. Kuid. (?urn daroar waa quiet at Hk. a ISe. Oamb ige was anoted at 07c. Aaa-iftellda a an steady at I3?. a 17c. Carbouate ammonia was quiet at I4l,c. Ksaential oils were very tlriu, but no rsdie I ehaugea were made In price*. Wo uante;?Oil bergaiuot, W IKI; oil lemon, fandsrtou's, C3 ji'J; Ibiuaen's tlneat oli rue.'. $-1 3?i|; ol aniao, CI 05, . all :>old ; oil carawar, CI 40 a 9J 3D: oil croton. $2 |H; oil ' ciirourila, 73c. a 05c ; oil lavender, 75 a C-'; do., do. ! iMitcbaiu), $12 5o, oil elovea $3 10; oil wlntwrgreen, C3 15: oil sassafras, iuclualve, .''2>?c.: oil iwnuy- I royal $3, all currency; oil of bay, CIS and C-'5. Ku/llah Clieuilcala were qai?t; sales wero 23 tons s.ida aah at CI 05; 2'* tous aai so a at 1'ac.; SO drums caustic sod* at d'jC.; >Vl kega liicartMiBste ao<la at 4t?c., all gild, and Ktl catk* Lleai'bla : powder at I ^c , currency We quote :?Sod i ash, ordinary to good bran la. 2c. a 2>(e.: sal aod*. 11 c. a Ike.: cauallc aoda. 4*?c a 4StC.; nicuroonat ? auda, 4.V- a t'tI".. all iti Id: bleachlug powder, 2c. a 2*?'' ? eurreney: aoper carbonate soda. John Dwight k Co.'* On ke:n). 4e.. ciirrnicy. Ktaii.? Codftati -Oenrge's were lu good deman l: sales were 5 *> i.u ntals at fft. Old ileorge's and tiraud Hank were dull Mackuiel were selling only in amall Iota. Ileriliig?IO.iIJO boxe< aoitl at 22e. for scaled anil 13c. lor No. I; barrelled were atlll very scarce Wo quote :?George's eod.W 35 a 541; Orand Hank do.. C4 50 a #-?: new (leorge's. #>5 75 a fai Mioru mackerel. No. I. |2>I a C2": do., large No. 2, CI5 a Clo.. box herring. No. I, 13c.; scaled do , 25c barrelled do , Portland >4 7 i a C -: Labrador. C5 5*1 a 13 75 1'l.nGR din Oksik. ? tteci lilts - r'lour. 10.05!? libls.; wheat, 07.730bualuda; corn meal. 31 isacks; oatr ii'.iua'j Imslivls: corn. IJti.'alM do.; rye, 3.20 > do.; barley, 2,t*>> do., barley null, ".33"i do. The flour market wss ateady, with a inodeiate Inquiry The miles were IH.iOi bbls . Inclttdlug St ue. Western aud Southern, at the annexed quotations, it\e Hour was quiet: aalen 17S bbla. at *3 75 a Ci'i lo. Corn meal wan ?lead) . with aalea of about 300 bbls. at e3 <X> fur Kiamlvwine. Me quote:? N" 2 ft ate $3 iJOaC-1 75 Sup rtlne >tat? 4 23 a 4 Kx?ra Mate 5 0 > a 5 25 t b?i?a State 5 ,V? a 0 00 Snperiine Western. 4 23 a 4 <*) Kxtra WcslCrn 5 UO a 5 25 >liiillC/wla 3 :Htt 7 1*1 Koninl Hoop Ohio, shipping braud* 3 liOa 5 2 > Itound hoop Ohio, trade brands..., 5 50 a 0 *ai 1'amily 7 iaia 8 ,V) St. I^iula, ioa extra - 5 (III a 0 Oo M Iwii s, straWlit extra 0 5na 7 00 M. Jeiui*, clmice double axlra 7 '<> a S -.'O M. Loula, cli ilra family 8 23 a 0 On llye Hoar, tine lo SDBerflne 3 70 a 4 20 Southern, Ho 2 3 33 a 4 (?l S-iutbern. situsrlue 4 3-"> a 4 Southern, extra... 5 25 a 7 00 I Soul barn, family 7 25 a H 4<> Corn meal. Wealern 3 <??a 3 ??) tiorn meal, Jersey 3(J0a 3 HI Com meal, Hraudvwlnc 3 <"*in 3 7?? Coin 'iieal. pnncbeona 30 UO a 2" 3o ? W heat was in _' ioJ demand, mainly for export t? ' 'ontl nental harope: tbe mar>et was excited, and 2c. a 3.t. snd in ?o,ne :-a?ea. Ic. higher; but at the clo-e .No. 2 a a* at mi nil at *1 22 aCI 21 ior Obieagu, aud Cl 2t a CI 23 lor Mil. waiikee: the ?ales were mostly in the lawnr prising abt>ai 250,((>i busbuls ipart last evening), at Clo" a,-l 12 lor inierior spring; Cl liaCI 17 for No. 3 t.'hicage; CI 10 a Cl 2n lor .So. 3 Minnesota and Milwaultee ; Cl 2ft for clioioe No 2, to arrive on Monday : Cl 32 lor No I ShePoy 5an, in store; Cl 3>' lor red winter: Cl 44 lor ahita nnd Cl 20 for urgradcil tpriug. I(ye was easier but mora sethe; 2O.0IJD bushels We?tera sold at 70c a ititjC . In ators and afloat. Corn was in lair drinand snd decide iiy I higher. I hi- sales ware about UD.fO.i iiuaiisla at 37e. a ' 7',c. for no grade, 'lie. tor low mixed and steamer. "2c for mixed, 57c. a itJe. tor ungrmled, ititc. lor Southern tallow, on dock, and IVte. lor do . altoat Hariey and barley mall were dull, with | artiss apart In tbairviea* Ontkaers luoro sleadr The sales wer# ab <nt 4A/J0O bashala at 4o;je. for No '3 Clileagu inixei. ? 40r. Iar giaded two-ruaed New V rk imp -ilion, 4 It a 5_'?jc. for tbe rang* ot white and 37a. a 43'gf. lor the rangs of mixed. t hut ?The market for foreign dried waa quiat. but prices Wtre veneraliv u lcba igeo We quate :?N?w layer ralaiua prr box, C2 *5: half do., fl 50; quarter do., 'Oc. . new loos* muscatel. 92 75 aC.'tsi per Imx, according toqnality: new Se*4ie.?ralsiBt,C5y.'i per frails Valencia raisins, ln-,a. per lb.; *ali.ina do, 14c. lot new; Turkey pranes, iJ4t- tor ^ervlu and lloania: new Kiench do . i c. a lie., aceortling to ale* and quality. Currants, if^c. a 7a., according to iiuai - Itv l.eghoiu citron. 21c. 1'iga, 14c. iar layers. Datee. i'?c. Hraill Bute. 0)?c. freeerved grnjier. fi Uipcrtol 1* call,- waa In lair demand. Wa quote ?Apples, Mtate, quarters, SV^e a t?c ; do., siloed. He a tot . ntiaibern. quarters, 7j(v. n S^c.; do., sliced. ^|c. a lie.: do , laucr. iJ'jC. a I.I feac'iei. peeled -Georgia, to fan. y, 14c a I'c.: on pee led do. nearters, IO'}c. . hsives, 12 a 13c. tflackb -rrtes. lOjc a 10'^c Kaanbarriea, 2?!c a JTe i her riea, 1'Jc. Clams. Moatbcrn, Inc. a 2<tc drx.ntate.2le. fea nun r-aiaiue I qui. t We qnote :?Ordinary VlrLtnla, Cl 25 a fl 50; prim* du || 50 a Cl *0; choie ? do Cl 70 aCI 73; o.-dlnsri iVilBitiigten. Cl 25 a Cl 4<>; prime to tancy do., Cl To a CI Co. Domestic green wa* llrin ana in lair demand. We quote:-Apples, Selected winter, per bbl. cn ? ??; do . mixed. Cl ,'aia 74. d i common, i.'a $2M Crsti'.errlas -Choioe. M 75 a Cl Vl do ?o?d to orime. |q a C* M M*r US ntaaw we.-s auist and anchanged We quota: ? fcM ba/, tklwtai, at 7.*, rat ail ??aliUos M WW. a$l 10, | S'u """c*1 811 * n? JPe. ? SI 10; Ml j-lyf ?** JCTB.?We Hint .ale of I.IMU bags Slaal. o< r*nt<. *""? ?? Hlv*u t?,ru"- We quote:?American 5" * #225 lor double mi a ?#.' ? T Ior rou???*; *eiiila hemp, 7'4o. a 7'.e., l^tl* 4? ?**' 'r0' ? *J'?- *"??' Italian. #$75 a #280, (fviu ; Ji.i: I. 4 It *? ? ? J?te ?.?',<3. a 3c.. Cash; n , i PT?V * ! J?" "iol<1; *Vc. a tie. *,,1.1. 'j"i.r *a? ea,v. .all ilie hiu cunliuctl lo eo*moB UW,j. Sale. >rll I.i.fc Bogota at i:ir. a 14.- , ?,.ld. laali. .eat 80 day. III'.I UM ; -IOI ?rI Sew o. Ip.h, ,.i MitJ|Uirr"ll#yi;i ***a? at I tic., .urreii.y; I w. ,jri havanilla at 12c . uola. MO .!???: | 3ia. elty .Unvhter's ?la* i %>. X *?w *???evWe?. tf..H ii 7, do.. ***' ihxaa kip*. 57* drv It \ i? <o? ilrv i aliforu a aud 7UTi Ctnlnl American vv* Boe idTii,2". A 24 i'"" '.7" ? ?*s ?"'** ? fSj61, ? *' **?? ? Moutcvldoo, 20 io 2-m; ii,g "to 7?*Ut?!tl jl ,u =" ?'? Oratm*; , , 8 ..a'?"*-. J**?- J Orinoco, VO t.? i0g. ih? c r.tii* al liT" i li' ltt" ? Central itnericau l?- to Tr "**V 1,CV *<Hanioroe and Mexlcau. 11 to 25 iba }?-'\2*r%.Yru*\.1* lu 19 ?'? ? '*<?: U .?ota Irt ii Jli f*? 14 . *U ?old, mUctfd; Tr\in?. ?_# to :14 tha I ]<? a IJc ; dry l?i?. (7c. a IK ; So.itli.-rii. J4 to ui lb. ' 1U rb:,,7^'c,,rre"l',li'*r ru": rtlx.iautlile.-. ox.t?. to (*'? !i'.? ti J" ' " ?1'^c ? .elscisd _.7. continued qumt, but pi.cea w.ra without radical eba??e. k'ro.u llr Biaiuct VVella'wnckly 4tM li-ul ?" J:*l?'rle - Krcolj.u f T t he w, ek* . V riTvl|.tH Mince Seutxrin er I l?7-j ;7 " 4 ,or 1-rlu.l III \?H, 41.4*.; clear* lsj? iiu-.j", *1 ' ; lo,Ml S?,iiember I. \V? A.. ,.r? I'.r aan.a im-.'I.hI In IHJi, I ...,-tH. Iti WI^;.b^W ul'k ,-a f 17t; >??c. ? ? ,,le- ? !??>??: yearllu^j. ?<c a lUc. : ulda all irriwtlia. 4c. a lie-: Colllurula, I n- a 8 a^h",TTf!L* ,or Americiui (it- .lull ?>.d weak. f '.a.?rV h,V iV y ,rr|"'" Intu con ill vi ?? ai". Wuqoi'te Amerli'itn ptjr. .No. 1.922 a ?J3; 1M.MU 5St'?u' l?"- *?? I11'. ' f4' Sc.itca-Colt ?mi'Jv. m ifi, ; *il.*'',,rr,ei ?3I! G?*n*?mnck. ?2? .Hi a ^ ? KicHoiob. $Jh a $ i* CAjj kcrnt) vrroufftit "i" .! t,Ul,* *! lo? '? Jo - f^2 a per tun Jid! lor domeU,tli. n,,ch,"1,'ed- ?*?*?*??* ?? ?' la.Kjl, l.l.vSi'KU ? V\ e iiiitn aaloe uf 525 bniri aud I.UUU uackuia ?x Idonirnii, at fl t)2,tj, ^?ld, four niuutliK. lu '""derate demand from nianufac ^L. ? OBiHe:?Hutu lock?Liitht It?eno. Ajrrea. 2t>S,c. ? 31Hc.; do. California. 5^.; do! eouiiuun bid*. JUo.; nnddie Ituvuo* A/ran, ."2c. a 2ic.; do. Calilorula. 21 Xe. a 2Jc.: do. coinmon lilJe. 21c. ? 22c ? !.'.?*** ^'eu.?k A.?.. 22?,c a 23',o.: d.,. California. 21 >,c. ii VerJ I..CWU"4?:,!i ? a'c.i Ifood ilaoiageu liuauoa Ayr??. lite a 2tie.: do. California l-S,r. ? IlWc. do i'hc '?? * IUe-' uoof- duiua ;cd cuiuruJu lildo. w?V."'i,>!?"*? "w"" 0,l,,?n? "?'? ot-udy. but quid: forrlm *v a ?>!?.' } " cenji ifimal aud tuiaed. T'ij- ,*? c,u)cd. !i*c. a JSc . do. uiiiKcovudo rtitialitK, .'tile, i , \ . : ?rr"?"r,?. :'2o. a 40o.; t'orto Ulco. S ?c. a .Vie ? ' Ulaudi. Xtv. ? aoc ; New Orieaaa, lair to ^oud, 4?c. a .>-'c.: orimo to clioic*. .XJc. a 58c. A'atr*!. .-tokkr ?IIib market uiia irenerallv uulet Wa and lt*l bblt. ?t 35>,c. a ..tie. H e quote : Spirit, turuain h.e JJic.. roaiit, twaimon ?trained, ai 75; irood ilu.. $1 eni Tar? Watliloitun, ? ? ;;j l.a,; WiiminVlo... ? l * * I Adt icea Irom \liinilni;ton were iu follow?;-lti,?la Oriu ? atrainod. $1 .u; ijood straiaad. fi tin. 'far doll $i :r> ' Buiili* tlrn:*30c. ' ,0: ,oft' ? 1U; "???. *i IX I OiM? ?We note rurtber aala* at New Iledlord of i*) bbl? ! *l *r>i> Tor export at $1 :i7;4iio bbli. uvrtlicru wliuie ul iHc ? BOc. Uxibbia.auuibarudu. at 50e a 5kc We quote ?- I t ottonacad, crude, 4d?t.; boutbaru yellow .'^v vcllow winter, 5*c. a iWc ; wiuter, B5c.. lard, winter #1 t?7 a ?!| im *>'*riii, crude, f I4.i; do. bleached winter. *1 7.'>; do iiuturai I h! i wbala, crude Nortlu-rn, ?Klc.; do. Soutbeni ilo.r ? ' bleached winter, 721c. a 73c. ; olire, carlie til 17' ail-jv" I " <U: WlUt#r A St*: crtx ! I kTltuLKCM. ? The market wan quiet, but without enaeulial ! c?Tuu u7Vilu,!hlt,'l"d'>ll' clO'ii* prioet. At I'biladelidiia a i h V. Y ' crime aold at h private pricf. The ulna bM, I t?,wcr? "5 .r?"ow? in bulk, H^e.; .lo In ; Ky. ? ?, ',?V, '".'.'S'bbla.. I Ic.*, do., raava. I Sc. Kufli.e.i at . I hitadelplila, lJ),c. a 13'i#., and ut UaUlmore. i.i^c a tlri.?' "*l i?ti h i1'0!1!1 i'' Vr#rk w,ru *' ?OilT'lty j ?5 !?? * .' r i?^liad-'nimedlatB ablumeuta noiiilaally, l 'lh1dl,?nd V Rc't't'lpt,-|*ork- ,M* "">'?? 1 l?'d. 2.335 tiercee, I 1- bbis. anil Id ciuea; out meata, 441 packacca .icon "t) tiercel and l,4(kl boxes; i.eel, ilO hbl?. The nerk mar. ael ?at quiat bat firmer. The aloilnu "call" uncea were ua I ?2 awbi;d" ttTi *?:} u^i"' i Jur ! t-kV%^bJr. ^ali ! *pot aaTea waM 75 b'Ji^a! & | S.Ueawerepnfy 5.0110 lha. pickled belli... If Iba "rS-age j !v ,K f* * 111 do., l.t IUn. avrru^i*. ?i 11 ? .U?.r ?!!.? ?ak.,. picaled do. ?i ? ,a . . ?- ??**?. ??muz cu'nr. iseel huh ? dull$buauric0? ryuiMin ut b?rur? quoted; 64) bbln. pucket I V at CICi. We quote :-Barrel.-Kxtra B.e.. ti:i So i? ?V*" iuea?, $25, Hiidpume ineaa *2.1 I Beef bam* were very quiet at #25 a $2M tor prime Weateni I Hmoked meat, were null and nonilnul. I.ard waa in.vo<>d reque.t and d.'ridedlr hlsher, both lor Iota on the ano^ and o^^Va'r V?7' UO^fd e\?r'^, "C^' P??* *Hr? " i,l!vn *}'u?kod: Juno. |U ?J5 bid bid * I ylif ??|.-" Jf' .?, '*? ?1-'8 i aakad. September, *1.! ?12 On . *r5 ii-, / ?i*^^!.V* fl,oul l0-""? iiereaa at * _ ^ *1* IM M $i J f(J for June JRI'' 7- 1/ '5l?> *7 . tfli! 77K. $IU anii #12 UOfor July; fl'J h-j 1 :< fur eitf a?'ik j'11! September. >p?t aale. were loo tler. ea ...Tu.jfi '1JM,1,rcos Wl?'Prnat #12 ii2' a <;jo vo and 1(A) tlercea oholue do. at 912 H 1. KeDm.d waa quoted at Jor^i'.hl America, I2.',c. for Cnutiuent and I2e !or> J5?.?i ?_erc l.UUI tierce, for the Continent at 12 i.e., 4<iO tlerena for Coi.a at 12c. and 300 tierce. .>11 nrieatu ,1r"Z . jfi.t0rr ?teady. Willi a lair Inquiry, quoted ** '"r Mate and -Vc. a 2oc. lor Weatern. Cln-oau remained quiet, with price, mure or ii a? nominal, ut He a 1 Ic. lor full ctuam aud Oc. a 8c. for akimmcd. "i1" ateady. We quote:-Carollu i. fair to prime. >c' ??????" , ou"'aiia. lair to ko..<1, b\c. a 5- c do lirnna. o?c. a n^e.; Kauvoon. fair to u??d. U'tc.'a ilf.c ' kc'.^old! HC' * 7',C" ltuW: 1Uu"00?- bJud. a^l ; for utoMetL " qU,et ,Dd ,mch,"fed 5 quoted at ?c. currency al7u lil1K|^1:0C?'pU.7,W' l'e.rci"- Th# ?>?rket wa. quiot At I )\t. ft 1 "4C. fur dHii 10 lo cboice. GAit.~ I'll? lourket lor raw wwu vtry ftrrn ut unt.'liAiiL'Ail ?H?ia Sale, wore 47? hbd. raOulni. fnir to 7 JC. a 8, _ aud .tal Mid., aud 2U0 boxe. 1110 "l 'V- He lined waa iteady. We quole ? ?air t?. *..od reflnlnr, 7He. a 7'.e.; Cuba tro m fair to choice. He. a do., cvutrifuiral iil.da and Iwjtoa, Noa. 1 to 13. t)'*c. a ? ? Uu i,.ul... if and boxea, 8>^e a 7VJc.; i'orto Kico, refiniac. common to prime 7c. a Sc. ; do., grocery, fair to choice. ?WC a s? e refined?.tandard A, ?miC. a 11't'; ,,nr A m..r ,.!?.\ i' l?|V%; powdered, 10^c.: irraaalated. lO'.c.": cot loaf .liic' r^LU>W.?Baeelpt., 40 bbdi and 1?7 bbla. The market waa dull. H.lea were about KiO,liO>i Iba. at Ht?c aWt i IM HMnjjuiet, but Arm. Wo quoto liiAiica, iiJc * "2Ua. ? S r.It. Kc. a m.c.: RnulUli. 17J.'c. , Uv hi iT-V te?r? liTw 37'r ' *7 301 VOkB' 90 "0 ? ? 7d; i..^?!*l'V0 ~Th.* u,4r,Iot fur Kentucky leaf was quite linn but the demand wa. uot very Keaeral. Sal s were fail 1,1.1. principally low rtade. at rte. ,. 7c.; a ?u.l| ^'Lrtlon wi' at Kit a 15c. Secdleaf wa. very steadr; aa'aaP w."e i?o caae. aandrle. at 7c. a 2 V.; 14 ca.ea .New Knirl.arf 1S73 at 121^0. a Oc.: 148 caaea do , crop 1874 at f:ic and ' ? frir.te terms: .?*) caa... d.?? crop |s7j' on t.rUate tt'rml ? liJUcaaea Ulsconsla crop, 187:1 ana 1874 at .J:c ? IK7 cages' 187 ' " - ""1 **? balo."lla,?na :; \\ liUkar.?Receipts?353 t.bla. whl.ker and 50 bbla. blah. ?j?-,lb* '?ark.lwaa q?iet l.tii firm ; 5o bbla ...Id at Wuou-The market wa. dnil and prices were lower s.l.. wer.j 2.0UI lbs. Mlaaoari tleoccs ut ..lie.; Iba. waahed l.t do. at S ic ; 5;0UC lb., line Texas wool at 22c.; 50 1 lo. iiHk!i' , '*??/ ?>""lbn. medium do. at itlu.: I (Wllb. .Iluhtly linrrr d?. at 17c.: Jo bales Mexican at IS.-,'-. co!m, "T,^''?*??.P!ii*' ,urn 1 * ?' "'*??} >??'"?? 'b.. .eci|y apr|?tf " 1 V-fmi ?, .U'V,""lT> "frlt?K "t?. at 14c.; ?,?*#> loa A Ha 1 ?-alilonila at I7l,c.; 2,US? lb?. W.-atern nailed ?????. . .d" ?' **>? ? ?? pr'late UrmV ft.00" lbs. Ilue seamed Seeeca. lO.u.iib. Au.tralian :iu?i ibfc *S?J? UHUI? l*? f.XH., 1 ,.V ?<? Ibi Ka.te rn J-,/*" Iba. lae do, o.UJO lb, Cape. 135 bac. auor pulled, 5 bat,', lautb. no. and 7.> bag. eoiU'.iilL- do r HEIUNM.?A moderate bu-irieaa wa. the reanlt of the dae ivinir to the scarcity ol berth room aecomuiodullon. in that lu.tance for chartering lo.ina^e a fair demand ruled ! 11* !"*"??, ?"?efi, f..r the Continent at n" u! inallr unchanifed ratea. Oil vea.el. ?eru In |,im|". detnand, tb- prices of oil h, the Tocal and fear by market, beiatr above shippers vie" a Ihe enita/.m.ats were :?Ta Liverpool, p?r .team Irraiii room nominally at 7),d. a 8,1. |?:r bu,li?l, bf^lnn the lait uHro obtained: prov,.loas-8 m. for bacon aad 40a lOreh," .^ t! tala.#ow, per Mam. 5o hbd. tallow, 17,. Ud. ru per ateam, via lilaaitow, 2(Jfi boae. bacon. 45a To lirlati.r L> .a.l, I6.0UJ bushel, araln, recently. 7^.1 To llaniburir' I per .team, #H tierce, larif. 175 mark,; and "y ,a,1' it?rcb 17? OH.; KVM? bu^belf rmiu 1M J ho churl#r corn|iriii(*d :->? An Austrian Imrk, liencu to iinvrn I or Antwerp, witli 4.U.JU i|U*rior>? ^rttiu mi .hi. ltd ? H bark, 30J tnu?. laid OA I ho berth lor MArnburj/ukiiiL'tb? ' train ah <1 at Arch reported Abore ?? part of cAfto* mul iiuJI Car*, lieace to Rotterdam, with 4%I q?r7iV, ?.in^^ a^ H^tl'rS^Vr.rr^0 b"k- Iron. HalUmrir. To Hotterdam with J .*>> quarter., arain at f>?. Vd ? one from Baltimore u> iWk fur orders, with l.isio quarter, at J.? lid two Norwegian bark., with 2.000 and 2.100 quarters eraiu re.pei tlvely, from Baltiaiore tn do., at ?s., aad one with 3 |??> quart>? rs for vuvage at 5?. Ud A it, .Uh , , frotn I'hlladelpbla to I nited Kingdom, with "ii tor. oil cake at 22a. tid. A Kritiab bark banco to Udcaaa with 1.11 ca.e. refined petrdenm .,n private term., aaid to L. A Brltl-h aliip from I'hiladeltihia to Ilreinn.i, with H ~iu bbla. crude p.troleum at .la. 7.'?d. thirty lav d'.vV: a Nnrweirlaa b?rk. Troiii Philadelphia to the Daulab Uanie' with bbis. .reined |>ftroU>uni nt *Ja. ?id. n (Iffriumi ?hip, (Jerhard, !?*) tons, laid on !U? berth lor Antwerp with rcueral cat<o at current TAtve; a M rUl?ta hark ?J?' ton. I be nee lo the Adriatic out and home), win, general earuo ' At a lump suui. ? w?ruo NEW YOIiK CATTLE MARKETS/ Frida r, Maj 12. IS7& uctlrlt FOB two BAYS. t'eula &Aee> uml ami Viirth, B? ? Own. QiU tt. Lamht. Boat. Sixtieth atrect M74 10 1,177 1,4?W - Kort.v .m.'IiiIi-iruot ? ? J7 100 - Korticili iireet. ? ? ? ? 2,442 Jt rwy Oil/ 1,-Oj ? ? 2,77u 1. iM TNalt ' J.'JStQ IO I .'I I *,xm 3.MB Here wa< H \tiy alow trad" in h?rn*<l cattle ?n tliin tui?!iooi! ut a>.out Ji . J,?r <b. reouctlM ?u our lual ijiiu tiiueu. Ine herd* tu I: ami Ir mi evar>e to fell, with oiii.. ? In*. tiead ?i lo|? i|u*.tl) ateeia I*rici< acre r?c. a IIper lb . , wt to Mnwl 'Ilia lu'rda lo were aold oil iij noon. Kr. in ILia. to 'ib II,* hM lurn ? At .titfuetli ?treci ytriliT. 0,Kmiiiiu wild lor ici! 15 care ui li.irj-: niilr Sale a ni> I ? tow#; ? 107 lllinola nvrrt st t'J^e. par lb , wet. hi ?'?*,, carl.; 41> llliuola atciTa at I'^e. per lb.. Wtl>;iii 7', < art ; 4<i 1 ilnola i;aa? at JO*4e par lb., welyht 7'4 cwt., eti..nit; 17 lllliole ateera ut 11",c |-er lb.. weight ? cart. U. rt alkie aoid lur Morr a A VV.i*. I IO I llilaoia ii'i'ii at 10c . Willi t. on per iirad nt p-r lb., w?i)tbt i ?l. K Vo?el aolil lor ?. Vog r 1ft IlliiXiN ttarn at iuc. p*rlU.,.weight ?l', ewt.. 13 llllnal? aleeta at i>?v,c ;.?r lb., wrixlit cat.; 1 lllinola bull, gr.iaa ?alfM llUHka., M Mr ik II. K. Knrclierd edd lo: Kutikio A Tlxnnnoa IlltituU *tcere at 1 : , wei'.Ui < *, cwt. J. W. \ all ?"lil (>.r an.f ?'! till* di aletr. at K? r?i., on gioee weight >41,11.11 Ilia. l).J. Kazan told for *ulf ?>l ItlmJla ateera at I"1.,'' per li>.. weight d.'4'cwt. H. Moa"a t il.i tor ?elf 17 Illinois alter* at K'. per lb.. weight c* t., I - ll.moie ateera at U}4i- per lb., 41 par bead, weight ti>a ewt.: IB Uliuuit ?lene at l?Jte. pe.- lb, weight T, ewt. B .fc II. tVeatlielmer a ?!.! for J H. Wniiaiua M lllinola at*?rn, tarnia net villained. I tarjr A Carar aoM U" M. Kir< hwajr'il llliaolaatrara at I'lr. par to . wlib f I onp? r lieaal. ?M(bl 7 cwt.; SI 11 lnota aieara at l'i'4.. par lb . with ?l on pvt Uaaa. * ijila 7?< twt.: <1 llll i.ta ?ta?ra ut ?"o |*r lb., witii fi'? on tin- bard, wr ( it r>i, cvl. > c?l * Mryrra aold lor aalraa .*< llllnnla ataaia at 10.. tar l?.. fl oh i/?r bead, wal||hte 7 a "i l.t c?t ; 1A0 l.i n I- ttaera at IO',e. par lb., ??i|(bta V'? ? "It * 1 <?* 1 * lllhoia atcara at lie., per. It... wriitht N cart ; bald ?/? aal? :CI IlllnoU ataara. f choice i|iiallty lllinola oxatl As .I'rai-y t'lti rarUa, Ma-tiu. Kullar A t o. aold lor lalvaa Id Mlaa<.arl ataera at l*>e. p?r lb . all /In 'i'i e?t. ; l!> Mlaaourt Hfan al 10a. p>>r Ik. Willi V*. oil Iter liaad, welirht W4 cwt. , 'M Ml-.oi.ri at> era ai lU'aC. per it> . Willi o<>r. on par i.oad, wat^bta n'4 a 7 <wt ; :*) MUaoiirl ?trr/a al lO',1. |n?f lb., walfht VV cwt. ; I(i7 Mi -aourl ttaera at .O'^c. a li'V- par lib, * elfin a u 4, a 7'4 i'WI I'. Kaba aold lor KahB A Kitral <i?! Ohio aletra at l<te. a IU??o. par lo , vralK>?> ? b.S c?t.. lor J. Hr..? no7 Kantaekv bulla, irroee ?at(hi l.:? o iba. per bead. >t |l :? a Si hi per lb IN.neir A Mpl'haraon aold for .1 lloim^a .1.' lllinola Mi ora at ](i'4c. n I le. p?r I'j.. welaiit 7'4 cwt.; for Holm*> A W IHiw ttaara al |il|J( a I0*4b. per lb.. w.-ijr<it, 714 ewt. for I*. lladcuerSI lllinola ateera at li?t a 1<?V p?f l'< . Weiitht. 7', a 7,'4 cwt. : lor J. Klrbr t?> lllinola ateera at |tw a 11 c. par lb., welrlii 7?i ?? cwt., lor I'oeb rap* A l'o 14 lllinola atn-ta at 10'4r per lb., weiuht 7 ewt. M l.oiitcrl) u li a iid lor Klopfer A Co. XI dlaanari ateera at lO'^e. |>er lb. with #!?> elf the lot. weight 7.'i ewt ; 10 tfle eveH Mtit at UiMa. pef lb. with M ea the Im, walgbia T ' ? 7?;ewt W. K Dudlev *?!4 ?? eororol??la*lon Xi Tlrnlili Oinii at H$?c. !>?' Hi . weitfhl !l <?>?!. MiDKI' aki> l.iin.-Tr>4i alow aud small, with prteei ktil! linn. W i-Ullot sold 37 State vearliur lambs. wei?k 2.5IOlb* . at 8e per lb. : 17 Michigan alio, n weight S.iM Ilia. at 7,'aC. tier b.; l> > Michigan abeep. weight 8. HO lb*. *t per lb.; 3IO Michigan aheap. weight .b. I HI Ibi.. iu M'4< pur lb. Juilil .1 Buckingham tolil 142 Ohio ahi-ep wrigi I 77 ib? per lieau, at HWc. per lb : >>7 Olii > sheep weight 7" lb? iff lit* I. ut 7 (,1-. per lb hasu A Fidooel sold HIM Ohio utitfi'p. ?i'iclil I** tbk. farhead, ai p*i III.; Ohio aheep. weight 7*i Ibai. pe U.'-id Ht fri 58 pel c?|. : 222 Otilo sheep. Wright >*> lira, per head. ?l 9>; KJp*rc?l: Jti'.i <ihin sheep. weight (K1, ll>? par head, at $>< I III nercwl. ; llll Tenneawe sheep, weight Ml Hit. pel bead. at 71. par lb.; lWlTenne*?eo *ii*ep, weight ?j;, lli*. per hi-aJ . at 7'^c. par lb. Mii.i ii I'??*.?Trade alow and light ruu , prices $-'i3 a $70 fwr baud, ra.'vea Included: al?o 3 c .>va sold at iio a 94O pal ?aad. VgAL* A*D Calvki ?There wi-rw no *tuooth quality veal* to baud; buttermilk fad calve* a<ild at 4'-,,c. a o?,c. per lb ? I tu < oar*e quality calve*at 5c a "c. par lb., only l>' bead ? I tlia top rale; trade *low on a heavy run. 11 otis. ?There vera no live hog* on *alc. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Ualvmtox. May 12. 1870. Cjiti'ti dull and uo.ninal; middling US"-: I J* uiid, IDV-; good ordinary, fH?c. Not receipts* 265 bale*. I- xports coaatwiw, -111 ."^alea, I'll. aiKI. 22,367. Weel;l? ? Nat*. 3.tfJ8; gruai, 3,-s-l. Export* coaat wi*c. :l,HX7. Saiea, 2,040 N?h', May 1'i, 1*711. fiitton quiet and eaay; middling. 11V ; low middling. 10\; good ordinary, 8Wc. Nut rawitl, l.MllilIti; groaa, 1.408. Kxport*?To Ureal Britain. 13: coaatwia*. IX'. Mile*. 4.l<i(i. Stack, 154,78 i. Weekly? Net receipt*. i),H04; cro?., II.i;i. l;*pnrt?-To <lra?t llritafn, tf.urti; 10 Franc*. S 4Ht; tu th? Cuatinent. ?,Iil?7; Maalwiaa, 4.3.'i<l. 8ala*. 17.-UI. rri'i-tion -K*| orl? to liraat Britain Ma/ialnula have bean f?.31tt. iiihteail vfii^tH. Mobilk, May 12. 1H70. t'ottuuweak; middlini;. ll)ie. ? 11 fa.; low ralddllnu. ; ijnod irdiimry, U',1- u HKc. Nat receipt", 1H4 bitl. .. BXP'irta I'oaatwlM, 76. Salua, &0U. Stuck. Ml.57?. WuokK Nut recaipta, l.&Vt, Kxp.uti coaatwiaa, 3(47. bale*. S.tmo SiiiMvin. Stay 12, 187IL I'ottiin (|uli't; middling. II ?-lflc ; low middling, 111 tf-ltk.; {u.?l ordlnitry, II 8-1 tic Nat r?-ceipu, HO bate*. Siilei, !X>7. block. 17."27. Weekly?.Set rfcflptl, 2,021; groat, 2.4tt3. Kxpurta cuaatwix*. 8.2U7. Sale-. 2.711. CHaauutON. Vav 12. 18711. Cotton quiet; loldtlliiiK. Il ' tc ; Iuk middlliiK ll^ai gouil uritln.irjr, 10c. Kct reccipt*. bale*. K\|?.irl? U llroat Britain. I.HtKi. Hale*. 2??>. hlock, 14.745. Meekly? Not rviwlptn. 1.0112. Kxpurt* -To liieal Urit*|ii. 1,?UU| France, 1.U12; coattwlM, 7m i. Kal(?. I.-aw. Ilurrai o. May 12, 1876. Lake receim* - Flour, HUl l>bl> ; wlu at. bl5,tiui) buih rla; cum, :<Pi.UlCldo.; oala, iL'H.umi do. Kailroad receipt*? Flour, 2,<IW.l bbla.; wbeut. ?<,.'iO i bu-In*<h ; cvru, l'J,0i*Jilo.; oat*. rt.m? do.; barlev, 2.M>l do. Canal tlilpmenti lor tide water -Wheat, ln.>,ik?l i.u.lielk; corn, IU.7<>' do.; oat*. 73.U0II dn.; Interior point* iVheat, 7,Ai?i ilo ; corn, M.loiQ d.1. Kailroad khlpiiieiiU?Flour. 2,IJ0Ubbl? ; wheat JO.IkAJ bnsbeln: corn, ll.(A*i do.; oau. H.iuki li,. Canal IVui?htt nominal; wheat 7c., corn tie . oat* 4^c , pine lumber 7j tu New Vork. toll* inciudi d Wheat uairttled; holder* allow little iliapotilion tu realir.o; -Icniauil ii^iit, ihIch ol ft.mkl bualiela .No. 1 luird Mila' luki e ut l>l 37; car lota ut No. I MilwaokU' at $1 25; 4,.'iU> bilahol* No. 1 white wiutel at 91 4(1. <'orti dull mid eaaler; iale* of liuahei* Toledo at 53c.; 4..?>)do. Weatern on track at 53c.; 2,5U<I do. No. 2 mixed We*tern at 55c. Uat* nauleciud. Ityu in active ; none here. Hurley ilnll; **le* <il 5l>J bu>h?l* Caa ada at U6c. In (tore. I'ork, lard, *eed* and bl|(liwine* ua chaiuad. Oi? KfiO, May 12, IH76. Floor uuehantfed; *aii<* 1,4(XI bbla. Whe it ateady . *tle* ora.iKX) btubelaNo. 1 Wlilto Miciiitfan at 91 -lO; 2.00(1 do. choice while Canada at 61 53. Corn .lull. new, (He.; old, lilc. liiirle) qulot; Su 2 Canada held at !*.'>c. Corn uieal, fjil a SSJ7 for b ilied, S25 a 926 lor unboiled per ton. Mill lead?Short*, (,li; *hip*tulta, $17; middling*. 9IU a 92" per t' n Canal Ireiuhta lower nu urain ; wheal, 5^o.; pe n, tic.: corn and rye, oe. to New York; lumber. 92 to tlie lludaon; 92 75 to New Vork. Lake receipt*-Luinliur, . 64,00(1 feet. Canal khipmuuta?Corn. 1.500 tiuabela: rye. 8.500 do. ; lum bur, 5|n,O.JO teet. Amount ol* irralu on canal from Rntfale aud (ikwi>|{u lor lldew *;er yeatardat noon Wheat. Slii.'JUf buahela; barley, 27,600 do.; rye, 41,500 do ; pea*, 46,OHOda Chicago, May 12, 1876. Flour quiet bat Arm. Wheat excited and higher, cloael with continui-tl upward tei.dency; No. 2 ChleaKo aprlun, f I HI apol, #1 'i4*u a 91 05 J Una. 91 OiJ, July; |a :f l.'bi ciiko apriui;. Me. a tMXc.; rejected. 84c. a H4'4c. Corn ac tive (Iriu and higher; No. 2 at IV7ac. u 47c., apnt; 46*,c. a 46)jc June, I7l4c. n 47?,'c. .1 ?ilv; rejected, 4 c. a 4'.'>,c. Oat* lalrly active and a aliaile lilKbrr; No J ut L'O'jc., ipol; 31 ^c. Jane. Kyo Itrm at ti3<'. Barley uliaettl -<l aad lowel at U8c.,apot: 5Uc. June, fork active, lirin and blifbfcr; 920 7<I a 82075,?pot; 9-*0 T> June; 9-0 t)3>i >f.tli) > July. I.ard tiiuderately active and liiuhi r; f 12 32,li. .put; 912 a $12 35, Jnue; *12 45 a9l'-'47'.,, Julv. Bulk meat* fairly active atid a (hade higiier; ahoiddurt, 7%c.; clear rib *ii!e? loPfr. a lie.; clear aiilek, ll'4c. I.ak? (Velitlit* dull und nunilnal. Whlakey. 91 07. Keooipta? Flonr. ln,i??i libl*. j wheal, 23,1*10 bualii'la; corn, 71.1 ** > do.; vat*. UJ.UUO do.; rye. 1,21*) do.: barlt-y. tl.OUO do. Sblpuu ut* Flour. 7,(lod hid*.; wheat, U2,O0li huahel*; corn, ISU.OOO do ; nata, 1 11 .(*10 do.; rye. 1,200 do.; barley, 4.400 d ?. At the after no in call of the hoard, wheat atroniror, 91 'Vi^, June: 91 IX'^i ,1 uly. Corn and uat* unchanged. Pork strong an* higher; 920 1*1. Jnnu; 921 a 921 15. July, Lard Inn and higher; 912 40 bid, Juue; 913 .'A July. Pit IN TING CLOTHS MARKET. pKuriDKHUB, R 1., Mar t'J, 1876. Printing cloth* are held at 3^c a 3)4c. for standard and extra good*, but *ale* ara hardly enough to e*tabll*h prlc**. EUEOPEAN MABKET. Lo.xno.v Puoutic* Mangki?Lukdon, May 12~Kv*a lng.?Hperm oil, ?01 par tun. Llu**ed caka, ?U 10*. a 120 15*. per ton. FINANCIAL). August bklvont a ca, Kangcra, 10 and 21 Naiaau *t., Uaue Traveller*' Credit*, available In all part* ol Ik* world, through the Me**rt UK KOTH8CHILU uud ttivir correspondent*. Also Cointnorclal Credit* and Telugraphle Tranafar* ol Money on California and Kurnpe. AT KXA90MABLK EATKUk?MOMMY ON UPS AMD Kndowment Inauriiuce I'oilclo*. Mortgage* aad other kecurlti**; iiuuranc* ol all kin ia effected with beat com panlaa. J. J. II A It It 11 II A CO.. 117 Broadway Aljmiok BPB04)taATlOMM OONOOUTSO ST OV IN ? every form; bowk coniaiutng Iniui luation relating I* ?toclta aent free en application. TITMB1U1MJR A CO., Banker* and Broker*. No !'2 Broadway. A""LEX. FROTH I N(i II AM A Co , BANKItft* AMO broker*. Nu. 12 Wall at. New York, make forcaatoui eia deitrable lnve*t:nent(, of large or small aiuounta, lit ?tneks. ol a legitimate character, wiiicii trequeullv pay Iroa live tu twenty tiniek the aniuunt invested every .'Kldiya; re liable I'm* and Cull* negotiated at lavorable rale*. Stock! bong t and carried a* ioug a* desired on depvall of thro* t* Uv.' per rent. Circular* and weakly report* *eul (re*. *A~' Y OCN ii M AN, N u W K Mil i KO I ? ~H ifimi] A and who will aoou re-eive an iuharitauce Iron all e late about to be divided, wilhea to neyo;iate for a loah ol *ki,"00 to ^ I additional capital, lor which he will give a lien on hi* ?har* ol the estate, and, II needed, lu additlou can i:lve uadoui>ted peraoual gaaranteo*. Addres* KNlvKUV, box llll Herald odlce. ATnV AMO I'M' TKUHT Ft'NOU TO LOAN ON mortgace; city or Hrookiya. LKAVirr A WOLCOTT, lO Pine *t A?PKIVILKllKS ON MHMBKKS" OP ThK tX ? change escluaiv -ly ; coutrauta do not ha** to remain wiih u*. aa ihey are taken bv other btoaer* a* margin; ret ercucea iu Now York n id leading clile*; Bo privilege* I* aued or *i;;u*d by u*. explan itory eirealais and unnlatluni mailed. LAPiLKY A BAtl.KY. 74 Nrn*rt*r?v Bunk and stock holdki:-h ??k itir. lo.v-kI,! dated CaMtl Company ul Maryland d-'airuua ul protect ini: tlieir IniairMa. now i i Jeoi.irdi Irani t"?? preatiiued IN VALIDITY of tlm rtnup.tiiv n CHAliTRtt. will cotunaanlcitM Willi AI.VlN lll'KT, Connaelior-atLaW. No 11 Wall at.. giving nnuiber ?l aliaret ur bou.u hold. *ml. a* it guarantee ot Ilwlr food l.iltli, aucioiiiiK lull name ami *U'lri>*?, tor tlm purpoae of iiint111111ii. proper leual procceiilima fur tlmlf mutual aafaiy auil fortliv cnilliiK<il a atockliolilera' meeting. I ALWAYS HAVK iOKR? tU LOAN ON MoHT i;a :t* New York city uro;,crt> , oh* mliroad aloana and buuda bought add told. II L. oka NT. I l.'i Kroadwar Ok kick or fui nk?v votik ni<tlal uA*.p Limit Oiwrmv. I N'OKTIIKaai I'UklllK Union [ 4tu Av. AMI lilTH St.. Xk* YuH, May tJ, 187H. j The annual uivcting ?f till1 alum hold,ire of the > cw Turk Mutual liaalljrln Conapany fur the ol-vtion of nlinii dirce t<xi and three luapuciora of election. lor tlm enauiug >*ar will be held at the uilicc of the company. Iii the city of N?'w York, on Tue?oay. May IH. IH7B. tho polla lor which election will l.e iiLi'ueii I'Ctwecn tho hour a of li M. and I o'clock I" M of thai day. Tlx- ir?n?f*r book* ul tlm company will bo clnaed t.-r tea diva ? 10 daya) prior tu laid a taction ily order ol th? Board <p| P>??t?f>, C11A S. I'L\CK. So istary and I'roaaurcr. RKAL KSTATK TRUST COUl'tNV sroCK-A^Sw Share a lor sale : will ba *old at h M AKUAIN to clo** ao ac ouut W. 0 NOYItM, Noa. 4 and tt Pine at. iUIKI ilfld WANTKD AT SIX PhB tfllf, ?B V*)' 'u,Uv/U buuil and uortra/o, ISroa l?ai property, lor tliri-? or li?a yaara. Apply to ?H. T. LLOYD A CO., 317 liroudway $1 (Mill IWWt LOVSKI. IV 8UM.4 TO SCIT. AT .UUu?vvU IoW.-hI ratal, ou prime Roal Katata V. K. BTBVCNSttN. Jr.. Ho. 4 Pine it. COPAMTHRRhHIP^ Oi/KrY A #LoiiM.?f III. KIIIM OKCoKKV A RLOOM 1.4 a livt'U ihla day dlaaolved. lliich Colly voutlnuaa buaineaa at the rettaurant at the inai place. Charlee Bluum cniitluuea tba dab buaiuaaa at the aitiue place. May 12, 1870. IIf'Oil COCKY. CIURLES I. loon. III Sl VK.SH OPfORTDXITIBk. , * "a >KK.v?N Wlk? UMlKKslAMIS DKK.SSJtAlClXO ./V apeakiuic different language*. ?' <1<?? permanent aitn; t???t rafi-ri-nce. 1..VW Kliilti at . Pliiladriplila. Umt, irioMiuu iUHwfiw 'ftp to'$1U5 Hwarrd wrnkly . can bo eaall) Incraaaad; Half Intarwat far aU'illl.''!"' Adilraai J.. Iwi IW Uarlld alai. AN OLO TOH\rU) CONOKKN, DOI.MI A LA HO V buaiuaaa. will ?iD>lt a di al labia party, with $I.V<K4I, aa partuar. K. O. LOCkK. No. l:lttMtli at.. n?ar Broatlaaay. IS I Y LI MHKK YAK1J, WITH MTOCK. riiait a ldrcM CON I IDKNl'B, ilarald uQlca. 1 "hAVK 4 CA4H BVmNKiH. KKTAALMHBD MX 1 )eaM, which ranuirrt aboat $ l.'M'additional capital to maiiaKu It lowlortably and ailvantaucoualv; any on? wtlllnf Ik lurnlab Una anionnt in eaab or araliabla accuritla* can rva la* II.WJO p?r annnm Addr*aa c.iMI, Ho Eaat lOtlaat To K.NTKKI'KI-INO capitai,I8T? -A talOabLk I'.iuut of ? amall article tnat ia aaally haudled, rorcra tiiv Int.'i I'laloi, for aala ebaan. No nyanla need apply. Wa want applicant* that mean baalnaaa. Addr**a In per>?n or by latter to Or. T. J I.KVV18, No. 3 Uatta nr., Iliu itiyii. X.V fnti ulnt ?kkkTok .ink ykah-T^hikt~LACK 1 4r) . In complete running onlar; raatvn alaKuaaa. Ad dn-aa A. r. sTt rtoHS, tlaubi^ry, Conu. \TAN1KD-A PKKMON with CAPITAL, to takb Tt e\, lualva ?'.-ency and adrcrtla* two valianbla Invan ti l a. ria ned and maiiui'actured by advartiavr; n* linmba*; prar lical and a /real money <at*r; aura aaln. Addreae w. J. O . Herald one*. WANTKD KASTHHII NANCFACTOMNM OR OAfIT at lata tu taka aa Intaraat In tba "National Capitol.'* n*w eaaa apparntna for lawn and parlor, for thro* unit In teraatinc aninao; promla-a a big bnaineaa. box IW( poat oOc*. I'blcaco. lit. WAM KU- v PAK r\Rlt WITH~K CARFt:ArtTAL Ot f" fruiu $*(i la tU>, lur tba paraeie i.f an I ar fine an nl ready >*tah!ialtrd baalnasa. which la paying am 100 ur c*M proilt; t ,-*b b? iucrvaaad tu altnuet any extant, Cnll nt <>r addrcaa room |. .v> Read a at. ji( w |~wTth lUtSTicin rpR av umtMtt ti a* " 'v n raapactablo, ante itWoo bnttnaaa; principal* "in* dean with, and tba hlfbaat r*l*r*nca* |i>? ana re quired Addreaa II. Ik. M.. box I <<i Herald o flic a. IJASClMO At ADIC.niKM. A" -CARTIER'S I)A.SCI.Ml U ADK ?Y,' PLlMPro* a Rnthllnv, Htarraaant and (Hh at a ? Opoa nil a?MiMt| piivaie loaaona In gltdo wait! n apeclalty not roe Roadaf arvnlng. DIaMOROU DARCtMO "aCADKMYT I,-*?h BROAD way?Tlm moat practical, rapid and lailafactacy In atruction arar a Serai Uaniianaae alaw and iwapMlR

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