Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,511. NEW YORK. MONDAY, MAY 15, 1876-TRIPLE SHEET. PK1CB POUR CENTS. DIUECTOliV FOU ADVK11TISEU8. AMUSEMENTS?2o Pack?Mli and tfth cuii. ASTROLOGY?-u Paum?iili eol. BILL1 A KDb ?li-T 1'ai;k?lith cwl. BOARDERS W.lXTtI)-2u 1'auk?ill and 3d eoU. BUSINESS OPPOlt'f UNITIES?imi Pagb. BUS1N t..sS NOTICES?7tii i'AUK-Cth cot. CIl'Y KKAL EsTATE FOR *ALE-2d Pack?Wt coL CLERKS AND SALESMK.V?lltu Pack??th cal. * CLOTHING- -au PAUi;-5th coL COACHMEN AND GARDKNISRS?llTU P AGS?6th oaL COASTWISE STEAMSHIP*-1?t Pa..k?C>ih andtiih oola. COUNTRY BOaRD?2t) 1'Aiik?Id Ool. SAVING ACADEMIBS-I.tii Paum?Sth eoL r*Q?-tHh col dby oooos-iat pauk?sth cmL DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AMD UM PURNISlIBD-2i. PA(jn-lst cot. ZUliOPE AN STEAMSHIPS?1st I'AttB?Sth eat. EXCl KilONS-Irr Pauk?Oth eaL FINANCIAL?Urn Paob. FOR SALE?1 1th Paiib?5th col. FURjflslfKD rooms and APARTMENTS TO LBT-2? I'Atik ?lit and .'-I col- ? FURNITURE-11tii Faux?4th out. HELP WANTED?FEMALES-l-TU PAOX-Uth CoL HELP WA.\TbD~M ALES- 11th Ia<u*?Sth col. Horses, carriages, AC.-lsr Paub?2d, ad and 4th cola HOTELS?2d Pagb?3d coL HOUSES, Room, AC.. WANTED?2* PlOl?5th INSTRUCTION -1st Pauk?tth col. Lost and found? ut pAOK-ist coi. M ACI1 INEItY?1 1tu I'Aua?."uli eol. MARBLE MANTELS?Htu Pack?5th ooL HKDICAL?1 1th Pack?4th col. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?1?t Pack?6th eol. MISCELLANEOUS ADVKU1 lSEME.NTd?IOxm PacS ttth col. MCSIGAL-2B Pack?f>th eol. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7iII P.iUK-?th col. personal?1st Ptuic-int eol. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC.?lira Pag*?Sth coL PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? l -'Tu Paim?6th eel. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY POR SALE OB TO RENT?2? PscR-lst col BEAL ESTATE TO BXCHANGB?2d PACB-lat eoL REAL estate WANTED?20 Paub?1st col. SALES AT AUCTION? 2|. P.?,;*-!td and 4th col*. SITUATIONS WANTF.D-FEM.VLES? l??u Paub? 1st, 2d. 3d. 4tli, 5th mill Ktli cols. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES?IItii PAua-Sth ooL SPECIAL NOTICES?1st Paok-IsI an,I 2d coin. SPORTINO?DOtlS, BIltDS, dtC--l?T Paub-id coL STORAGE?1st Paob?8th col. SUMMER RESORTS?2o Pauk -3d coL THE TBADES?Utii Paus??thooL TUB TURK?lirr Pack?2d col. TO LET KOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-2d Paob?lit eol. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE -1st Pacik?Hth eol. UNFURNISHED lloO.MS AND APARTMENTS TO LBT? 2b Pack?2d eol. WANTED To PURCHASE?1st Pack?KIi coL watches, jewelry, ac.-uth Pacx-soi col. YACHTS, steamboats, AC.?10rw PACx-dih coL l'RRSO.MAL. -I ~WbW~MISS~rr, AIIGTLB SHADOWS TOl > night, rain or slilne. CARRIE. CHARLBS?YOUR MOTIfBR IS ILL. COMB 1MME diately and all vrill he right. "J^AUON.-TWBLVE PUNCTUALLY, TO-DAY. L- ADY IN 5TH AV* STAGE GOI NO DOWN about 4 P. M. Saturday, who bowed to gentleman lit ap stage. If agreeable plouse address FREDERIC. Herald Uptown Branch oftlce. SATURDAY EVENING, 8*. TWENTY-THIRD STREET car to 3d av.: third avenue cur to 41Hh ut.; gentleman seated next to her In Twenty-third street car desiroe ac quaintance. If agreeable, semi aildross, statlni; atipoaranco to avuld mistake, tu CHAKLES CLIFTON, box 174, Qoralil Uptown Branch niti*-*. TO THE OWNERS OP' PACIFIC MAIL STOCK.?DO not fall to transler your stock and hold your proxies. Yon will know why and be triad of this advice before next baturday night. BENEFACTOR. T~ APSCOIT.?A WIDOW LADY OF THIS NAME lornierly lived on Madison av., near 34th it. Any In formal Inn in regard to her will be tliMiikfnlly reeeivud br her stolen sou, alias DANIEL 1IAN1IURY, Putuaiu House. WTiTl THE PLU MP YOU NO LADY." WITH BLAC K. well Ottlu^ dross and tortolsuthell pocketbook, with ?lonoKrani on it, who rude down in a Sixth avenue ear yes terday iSuu.tayt afterrioon, al.out four i> clock, ami got out at 23J it. aud look car east, grant the acquaintance of tho Touux Kvntlemnn who sat onpoiite and also got out at 2&1 tt.T Address VAN SICK.LER, Herald Uptown Branch ?IHce. Q -PLEASE SEE MB TUESDAY. 3. MAY. BE prevented later. OLD SLEEPY. B 13 LOST ANIj rti; M?. 'aTORIFT-A sailboat lSTffeET LONO. OWNER JY caa have her by paying expeuaot, foot 00th si.. East Blver. f OST-OS SATURDAY MORNING. A BLACK LEATH Jj er Card Case, with silver monogram, "L L. J." Any on* fliidiot; tho sumo will plaaae return to 147 Sth a v. Tho ftnder can keep the contents. I" OST-SATURDikX MAY 13^ ON BROADWAY. J near Uth st? a pair of steel rimmed, dou'ilu concave ye Glasses. Finder will please leave ihciu at St Pearl st. and be saitably rewarded. OST-A NOTE FOB $10R. DUE JULY1. AND StQB ed trr B. Mclsoer, payublo at 9.? Caual st. ATURDAY,~IN T?IE~ LOWER PART OF THE ;y. United States Patent Otlico Envelope, containing Patent and Assignment. Tlir tlmler will be re tij tending them to ALLIN & EVANS, 12U Front at. To^fZdN SATURDAY MORXtflO, IB SD ST. ST AGP, XJ a black leather Pocketbuok. The ftnder will bo suit ably rewarded by returning It No. 3t?< West 34th st. Y OST?ON S UN DAY. M AY ~TT. A BOUT IP. ~M . ON lj Btli av., Iwtween IHth and 3l>th sts.. a Cold Mreastplu. the Hnder will hu ro -arded by returning lain* tu 110 Wast ltfth it., pattern store. L" OhT-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 137 a Isdy's cold Watch, witn llhk Chain and Breastpin. The Under will be liberally rewarded by returning them to ltl7 Wavorloy place ur t>.'>u Broadway. W. W I.\ NING. QTOLEN.?A WATCH, CHAIN. LOCKBT AND GOLD O Harp; also one Seal lumle of cold: on seal are letters M. M. to K, : alau one Coin of Charles III, Notify TILLY A HEIDELBEKG, KM) Broadway. SPECIAL SOTll'LS. DISEASES or KEN. The Importance of the littllhlun of tha nnrvons rystem cannot bo overestimated; ttl power over life aud death and the direct bearing which it has ?n human happiness w?m? to be recounted; its capabilities. Its quslitie* and its powers; the liu|M>rtitiice of its healthful preservation, It* moderate uses, the danger of overtaxing it, whether through thought, study, or intense application In mental investigation and rrktnrtli; whether by tho absorbing nttfutioii necessary to the conduct of compli cated Mud momentous business Inltrrati, or by the excee tive indulgence til the appetites mid propensities of ttio system. All these are proper subjects lor coanideratlan. a? also tho knowledge of what ii moderation, what ia excess, aud when these exist the absolute nucosaity of prniuptly seeking advice Iruin an expert who. lor a long series of {cars, ha? devoted hiswliolo time and attention to the ?tody, nvestigatioa and treatment ot all tlx mduilu uf thisim port ant department. to accurately determine the dlseu sod Conditions, their nature, causes and origin, whether arising (rum the want of exercise, ita irregularity traiMW. and who. Irum his experience and practice, lias learned to discover at once the derangement and aa promptly aptdv the remedy, tliua avoiding the painfully ?low lectin;.' alter the truth, m common to the inexperienced and mi annoying t? the pa tient. who. very uaturnlly. wauls to know without delay what i? the matter, the extent nf the <!?rt iicemeiit, the probabilities of rec.per itioii and the time required. A striking example nf the value of cxperienco and practi cal observation, aa well aa the naefolnaM of the prompt ap plication of suitable remedies. ia found in the important ?tatcnicnt. cornier. not frnm one, but a noxen public institu tions. Dot nuly at home but ahmad, that a very larira propor tion of those who suffer from mental disturbance and ariso lute insanity permanently recover, who are placed under treatment within a year after the first symptoms have mani fested themselves. II the intellectual department or the brain has become ex kansted bv iutetise mental appiicatlou, depriving 1t of tho newer of connected thought, it can only recover lts stre"Kill by beingproporly fed and nourished by the use of certain systematic methods. It is precisely so in every other de partment, whether of appetite, prop, nsity or passion, each requiring a different remedy furitsreruperatiou aud different means for bringing tlieiu up from tbeir overworked ?nn ex hausird conditions. The importance of this I.ranch of inedi eal practice cn? scarcely be overrated, for it reaches even to the perpetuation ol family names, the socuring of hereditary titles snd the retention ol estates ia the aasno lamiir. Krom s long and large experience iu this direction 1 have be.-n shie to command by my success the thankful appreci ation ol me of the flrst families in the cltv and nation ; and I certainly can eommuiiieate much to cultivated mho's in connection with my practical experience ia what pertains to the over-exereise of every department of the nervous srsiea and tho means of recovering tlioir powers, whether of brain, appetite, propensity or passion. uknuy a, Daniel*, h d.. 144 I,exlngion av., near 2?th IC Bonis, B to 1 A TTBNTIoNI?TWKN I"Y 1'lVK YEARS' PKlf-Sl A.V A hospital experience: div usee of men and diseases of tiie skin a specialty; consultation free, private office lti Hleeeker at. _ Dr JA( Oil f. A -1*AA0 a. BOTt'K. 2H7 HROADWaY. LAWYER.? Jl, Dlvorees obtained protuptU . without pubileity : deser tion. Incompatibilitv hahitnal drunkenness. infidelity. in huui an treataient, conviction <.f felony. Kaaspnrts obtained. Aunt i-oli.v* hindoo hekm ark a certain cure Inr fit. Principal depot H# Canal St., Now York, me $1 pet bottle A? PlR.-sT PRIZE. fl(M.UU> OOM>. ? M a n dr iwla* ol the Ducal l)vanswl?k tsoverumei t I-''ttery, Iron. May 10 to J une ??. M7?. ??..'?"I tickets. IW.imi prises. Koiai Havana Lottery Next drawing May Z*J, 1870, Fnll explanatory circulars free _ _ TI1EO0OAS ISCHOCU. Paet oflke. Iirt Nassau St.. New York. A -h-RNTDCEY ft TATE l,t iTTEKIES OK J. &. -/Is SMITH A CO xxjnacnr. xxta. l UAei ii .-roa 187?. ?7. M, 2*. n, XI 57. 4.1. 14. H, M, SO, 44. 20. unwTfoar, cum <m? ran 1870. 68, 57. 7.">, 5S. 10. 14. ?n, !? 3J, S3. I.T 22, 54. 55. AH orders address II SATllAJt. ISt Hroadway, or Tost eflce box 4.K,o >ew York city. k IXRN A/'<!., 7l? NASSAU ST., NEW YORE.?WT J\ oaiia* U>?tery. draw. Mar JO; capital prise. fSO.UJO; (_i?HWI<11stributed tickets, #11 six for ?5; priaes cashed; circolers mailed free. B-Parks. KWUlMofl a o?. . Kentucky !?t?te l.ctterles drawn daily. Royal Havana letter* drawn every 17 days Kentucky Slnnle mui-er 'l ottery, diawn May 27, 187ft, I'rises cashed, Inlorntatmn fhmjshed and circulars irea. iHi Hroadwar. l'ost ..flico box 72 New York. Caution, - riik pumlioarr uereuy cai huned against purchasing or netfetiatiug an* j.aper pnrpomwc t* be x?n4e by our #rnt. as wo hare never Issued a note or acceptance, aud aMV sue. ?a?er purporting to tie an ls?ni< ia baadaleai. COYEt*DAlL Hit< io. A UtTT EinnsapeUa. Ml? SPECIAL NOT1C1SS. B' ?OFFICIAL lMt AWIXG KENTUCKY" STATE" LOT . lories. SIMMONS A DICKINSON'. Managers ? KHtCCKT. KXTUA CLASS NO. 327?HAY l?. 1S70. 40. -10. 41. 14. SO. I*. K. 10. 57. 34. 3. 55. KKJITCCkY. CLASS Ml. 32H? my 13, 1876. 14. 04. 44 -.'M, 38, 77. SI 47, OA. Si. S. 5H, 75. I1UI MY. SXTUA CLASS NO. 237? MAY 13. 1K7U. S3. 57. lU. 2. 5, H 4*. la, 3?, ;?i. 23. 77. UkMHY. CLAM JO. 228?HA Y 13. 1870. 71 ftO. 61. 40, IS. 2 1, 0, At 77. 48. 41. 34. Full information by applying to or addresaing J. CLCTb A CO.. J * i Broadway. . r (u 4.UUU Puat office. IK FKIZmPkvkrt onin: TICKET A . 1'ris. -SIMMONS * DICKINSON'S ainirla number Kentucky Statu Lottery to be drawn May 27. 1878; 25,420 prises ont of 50,000 ticket* sliui Royal Havana to oo drawn on May 22, 187H. J. CLUTE A CO., 200 truulciy, or box 4,'>,t? Poat office. FRANCIS GOuLaRD^~LATK PROFESSOR IS I'arii. lecture* semi weekly. Private offices for ie<'cp* tlon patients, 41 Writ 35tli it. Nervous liability nuil ilis uaaes of men aud Wutncu ape cull; eradicated. Couiultatioa ftoe. D' T\ISt" ASKS OF MEN A SPECIALTY. J) III NitY A. DANIEL*. M. D., 144 Lexington a*., near -Hull a;. OUin hiiuri Irutu S to 3. Dlt. .JAMES CAN IIK SPECIALLYCONSULTED ON di-aae of uieu, at 00 Fulton ?t.: moderate charpe*; ltoimraule cotilldeuoa; thorough treatment, 20" yuan' uxpa rlcnce; ml vice Ireo. /JUaSD ODD AND EVKN SC11EM& Every other ticket a priso. 25,420 Frliu, amounting to $310,IXXX KENTUCKY STATE DISTRIBUTION Draws Saturday, May 27. Llat of i'rites. 1 Prise of $2<>.000 2 Prises ol $5,0110 10,OO) 20 I'rises of $1,1*10 JU.UUQ SO Pruos of $2S0 12.S0:) 25,000 Prises ofe.V... 125,000 1 Prisa of $50,001 1 Pi ia*> or lO.iXX) 5 Prises of *2,500.. 12,500 20 Prists af $5" 1.... 2'?1 Prima of $100.... 20.000 1.0, amounting to 11,000 Ticket*. $10. liulvcs, $5; quarter*, $2 SO. All Prlsea paid in lull. Address all orilers for tickets and information to THOK. 11. HAYS A CO.. OUT luoadway X. T. ATANA LOTTERY.?NKXT~~DRa'wTnu- OF 40.000 tickets. May 22; amount ol prise*. fO'SJ.OOO; highust prise, $10U,U0U. Fur particulars address 11. MARTINEZ Si CO.. 10 Wall St.. box 4.082 Post office. Now York. INFANTS' AND CUILDltES'S Hreakfaat. THE PACAIIOUT DrS AHA BES is the very best aud moat agreeable breakfast lor strength ening cbildreu aud peraous aufleriug from delicate and weak cheat, atouiaeii or attainted with chlorosis or "anemia." Ibis nutritive and lortilying fund is prepared hy DEL AN ?> UK NIK II, ol Paris. Depot at New York, at JOUN DUNCAN k SONS' and at FOUOKRA/S l'liarinacy. K ?CHRONIC CATAllttll. DEAFNESS*: IMPROVED ? method; Instantaneous relief; permanent cures. Dr. STODDAliD. No. 8 West 14tb St. Kentucky state lotteries.-drawn daily. Kentucky aiugle uuniUar. icraiid diati ibution. on tha llaraua plan, to be drawn May 27; 5G.IXXI tickets; 25,420 prlsus; wbole tickets. $10; bailves, $*?; quarters, $2 >1; eiirbts, $1 2A. Royal Havana Lottery, to be drawn May *.2, lM7ii; .vbulo tiukota, !f20; tonths and twentieths in propor tion. Third Louisiana Hold Distribution to 1 o drawn July 3W. Whole tickets. $50; halves. $2S: quarters, $12 50; twentieths, $2 50, For information, circulars, .to . address or apply to JACKSON A CO.. Hankers, J112 Broadway, New York. T ADIKSf CONSULT DR. ORINDLE. FOR ALL AIL. JU muiits; spuody cures whatever the matter. 142 West 48th at. Nervous exhaustion.-a medical essay comprising aseries ol lectures delivered st Kabn's Mo auum of Anntomv. New Yorx. on the cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing Indisputably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear aynopsls of the impediment* to marriage anil the truatiuent of nervous and physical debility, beiuir the result of 20 years' experience. Prloe 25 ccnta. Ad dress the uutlior, Dr. L. J. KA11N, oQice and residuace 51 East 10th st.. New York. PILES OK HEMORRHOIDS PERMANENTLY ERADL cated iu two to lour weeks' painless treatment; no knife, liKStnres. eausties or cautery employed; positively NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Circulars tree. Dr. STODDARD, only office No. 8 West 14th st. ?OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. The next drawing will take place on May '?2. Priaei cashed. Orders tilled, luturmatlun furnished tree on appli cation. Spanish b iuk Mll? nnd government* purchased. TAYL.OK * CO.. Bankers. II Wall at.. New Yurk. THE COMMENCEMENT OK TUK LAW SCHOOL OP the University will bo held at the Academy of Music, on Monday. May 13, at 8 P. M.. when the prises lor e??y and oral and written examination will be awarded aad the decrees cnuHrm?<l. Chancellor Oroaby will oreulcle. TUK OPE NINO OK PPAKP'S NEW RESTAURANT, No. t> Weat 24th at., takes place to-day. This is to uebtipy that i am no lonoer cox uectcd with the dim of Mayer A BiaceolT and that I will not bold myself responsible for any debt* contracted under the above firm name.?May l'A Id! M. D. HISCUOKK. fUE M KM HP. IIS OP TUK BkW YORK STATE MlLI. tia are Invited to call and examine our new atyle of bkoaa, especially adapted tor prooieuode. CANTRELL, XW and 'J41 -iib ar. T77'"k AND 1778.?HOME PAPERS OP TUB J. I I ?J Pennsylvania Evening Poat, containing news of the taking of Ticoaderoga and Crownpoint, the Rattle of Hunker 1(111, letter* to and from General Washington and General Lee. 4c.: also Continental Blllaoftho name date. Address M. A. Y. U, box 170 Herald Uptown Branch office SPOUTING-llllUI, B1UX?!?. At. 4 ?KOR SALE, ALL KINDS OK KAM Y IMMJST A> lilrds, .tc.; Medtclnea lor all diseases; Prepared Pood fur uiickliiit birds, at B, 0. DOVEY'S, No. 3 Greene at, near Canal. TUOTIOH AND PRBNCH POOLS WILL BE SOLD A every afternoon and evening at MAURICE DALY'S, No. S Union aquare. on the Centennial Billiard Tournament; result of each game received by telegraph. ZkT?r sale-one pais or tsar mxJujlkl , ver Skye Terrlera, one very am all Hlack and Tan Dog, two St. H< ruard Pupa, one Corker -paniel Pun. Newfound land I'upa and all other breeda of Dog*: also two tame Squirrels. at METER'S, No. 3 Weat Hd at., near ltroadwav. (CONTINENTAL POOL ROOmI CONTINENTAL J Hotel, Philadelphia. Pa?Auction and Kreneii Pools aold daily on all sporting eveuta In all part* of the eonntry. BUDD DOHLE. L. K. MARTIN. ran tikr; A" uctio.V^anOkench pools sold aTThomas' Exchange, 1.2311 Hroadwav, on Monday ev-tiing, and 'luexdnj. during the day, will sell at Kleetwu>al l ark, ou tbe great 3ii5 mile Mustang race. O. M THOMAS. A~uctioS~"and ehencTT pools hold"at new YOKK TURK RXCIIA NOB. IS West 2Sth at.. ALL I? vY and EVKNINO, ou the LOUISVILLE and WASH INGTON running race*. JT11ENC1I I'OOLS close at 4 P. M. KELLY. I1LISS ,t CO. Auction and pkknch pools soLdattiiomas* Kxohanfe. 1.J3U llroudway, every utternoon and evening on the I,oul?v|!ln Uanning Races; alee ou all Hall Uaiui-e and III the Hllllard Tournament at Philadelphia. Ue ault of each game received by telegraph. U. VI I'HtiMAS "TecVION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT JOHN J\. SON'S rooms, rorn?r Krnadway and 2Kth it.. every a'termxn and evening this week on the raaee at Ualivllle, Ky., and Washington, 1). C.; aUo on tlto trots at Phllaiotl phi4. Kail relume received by telegraph of each race, r'rench pool. close at S'JKt 1*. M. Alt oriien by mail or lueaaonger will receive paiticul .r attention. T. B. and W. II. JOHNSON. DK Kit FOOT PARK. TBOTTINO? MONDAY, HAT 1ft at 8 P. M.,Sweepstake of best 3 ill .'>, Into Liarneae* J. Denton's b. g. Jersey John. Ilioma* Bennett's br. m. Lady Wood*. It Snedikcr's r. g. Krod Tyler Thia will be a Arat eluss raee, as there la quite some apoeulatum. Admia atoa SOe. WM. McMAIlciN. I'roprieter. DEKRKOor DRIVING"PARK SI'RI.VO MKETINtA? Plr?t Dav. TUESDAY. Mar 1*1. |s7?. Throe llaat* Clas> closed with the following eutrlea : ? \V. H. Cuntiinghani ? black mare, C?rrle M, prank Atwaler'a buy mare. Kate Ueldln^. J Mcrtou'a black gelding, Harvey C, A. Denton'a bay nMinit. J. M. Oakley. T. Crane'a bay ireldin.'. liidlon. Geo. T. Jone?' torrel mar*. Eioily O. John ijuigaa'a gray gelding. Ku Sill. N. II. Whipple'" ehenaut uehllnjf, silaa. C. Dickermaa'a chcMnut m ?re, i.aiiy Tower. Same Day?a:3M l'laa?:-? (;hal Hal .win'n i lemnni mars, Dolly Det^. * ? W. Huelord > bay Bare. Carrie N. A CorneHxia'a bay gekling. u udg' T. C ane'a bay geldiutr. St. <jeor?e. J. smith', brown gelding, Hani HoaA. Racen will eomateace at :i P. M . .harm. Adiiiimion. #1 ; Ticketa for MreiiarCl. Extra carv aHI bo run troia city tine le traak. 3|tfl and 2 :3J Claaaea will be trotted <>n We?n?ada*: Brat HAaa hor-ei. WM. MflMAtlON. "ropriet'ir BFLEETWOOD TRAOk! * 7 TCBVDAY, Muf 1C, IIN, (Sreat Kenulng V ateb aeainat tltfte. Tlie longest race a<. l I argaat atalte avar raa fue. ?' ? aiiiea la It bean. Thirty Calllofnla imitm her>e* to b* ae*4, aad one man U ri4e the entire diatanae. Race to . ..aiweeee ai4A.IL Adtalaalon to the track, 91. A HOKSKM. CABBUtiKb. RCII JOHNSTttA. Al't.TlONRER.f llOllsh AND CARKlAtIK * IBfll ST.. NEAR ItNlVKHSlTY PLACE. ELKliAN/ EE KLIN laANDAU, MARoQN BO MH Ct. LIN l>; UBhWlfiUL mCOWI 1IAK'?I CUE. DHAH HAT IB LlNBOi *UPEI.B, hhews?tk?. hroomk. >r. COl'PE. HROWB CLOTH LINED; BBBWETEB. TV?.? T?!p *TKULL KPRIXO WA^ONll, POLE a ;> >ii v^T- IIREWtfT&& OK WROOBB si I LaNhAU, IN BROWN MtfBOOOOt BT WOOD ^CANOPY BASKET PIIAETOB; BBAOLBT. PBAY ??ALL TI1E_ ABOVf Affif BOST ON K|RKAD " rBaO _ . :;KAI> 3 I HEAD O KXItlHiriON. and wii^, bb sold AT AUCTION TO-MOBJm5w, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT ARCH JnHNSTONf MAT. I? TO V> UTH ST. NEAR I'NIVfclullTY PLACE. FIVE CLARENCE* ffO BBARLT new, and six USen vm wood oih son AND Dl'NsCOMBE IK)UBLR aND StM.LK IIAKNESB. MAII K) OBDKK ? DARK BBOwN CAXADlAS, jV htgli; mnat be aold for went "( and hlud. Can be acen at -JJ Del? i -tiiorlatest uari.aik arrrmmm A. nr*> CASH WILL Biff A OEBTLEMAN S Road Turnout, complete. c?u?l>tiuf ef MmMMM bay llorae. (iyear-o'd. 15^ l.ainla high, tlowia* MM ami MM tail; aad l<i flue atyle and action; warranted aoM(l gud kind aad to trot a nine in three mlnntea; eiegnnt top Hu^gy and Baa llar iie... Itubea, Hiaalteta WUiai, Ac.: all new laat month, n. en at private atable Ne. 18 Weat JTth/at , between ltroad wav and 5th ay. f ?POM SALE CI IK A r, FIVE folUEfl; SUITABLE Mm. f ? . JL ^ OBBl . A. for truck, farmer er any bualAaai trial (ivaa. !TM Bewcyv. raar. \ ) HOHaEg. C Altai A c ES. *C' Af O^Vrh.sDAY. MAY AT *0 O'OUM-K. ItV VAN TAS.-.ELL A KEARNEY. AlWIONKBBB. AT THEIR MART, 110 AND 112 EAtoT IdTH ?r.. near -*ru AV.. TWO VKUY VALUABLE bTALUONS. LiAUK MAHOGANY HAYBTALLIUIv. sired by HIS 1)1 U S HaMBLETOJIIAN. dam a NEW iOUK SHEEP M A lit cot by OLD MAMBR1NO; la '>;? hand-, H year, old; trots fast; vury stylish and sonic, ?ud Is warrauted souud. kiudi^d true. BAV SrAl.LlOM. sired bv MAJOR WINFIKLD, dam ST. I..VWUENCE MARfc; U li.aH high, ? y""?;. *'"1 aud true in *11 harness; trots fast: '? **f.v ?*>' bands .me. aud Is waireutedsuuudkind and Wje. f BOTH -lie above STALLIONS are the PROPERTY oT PR1VATK OKNTLKMEN; they have never been 11 A NIH.K11 fir speed, but are very pronii.iug; the FhUliiKKKIi are GUARANTEED. end ha** both BtOOD for ONK SEASON for MA UK* and have> a swwsw sr&rttsp&zssvsti DAK " ? A PPLK^iwN- TROTT1NO HOBBB. ^dbj RlCTCLEh HAMBI.KTONIAN, dam a LAI JUiR Ma UK; I>1? bawds high, * y curt old: kind aud true tn nil liunlets; free Irom ?lco; U cxlr* ?iy ish ?nd lntbdsoinc; 1* very easy. plensanl driver, iliv or pull; li<* chu beat IS t40 ?ure ; is in ever/ way a tti*t cIumi Iiuihj tor goulleiuauHi road UN, and ? gl-Ml*r"r'1'iI'kktnut BOAD HOUSE, bthan allen .STOCK. I.'>? lands high 7 years old : kind aud true ? in all harness; free Iruni ail vieo: flue ?tyl* and atuon. ? liMinvt mid gaiuey driver; ran Uut toaiWeow. with a little treiulng would tro? *ery fcat; a?j OB* can drivo hliu, audba Is warranted sound. VERY HANDSOME A*D STYLISH BAY OELDINO g<|t bv RYSDYK'S HAVBLKTONIAN. dnm by AMERI CAN STAR, 10 huudahigh. *? years aid; kind aud true III ull harness; iron lm:n Vice; be has never been handled to develop speed. bui cun null two men to top wa;nn BKTTEIi THAN AT 2:\> GAIT; U a re markably ea.v driver; shows wi imposition to pull or luir: la a Uitt class road Horse, uud i? warrauted sound. ELEOANT AND EXTRA STYLIH1I PAIR Of ORAV GBLDIKOS, Ul liaiuis bl#h. *\ yean old; wore Uou^Ut in Kentucky fur prewnl owner; ihoy uro kiud and truo in all Uarnowi; lr?o from vlco or trick ; Uavo b?*on utcti in New Y?rk to a oar.ia^e lor I lie lO motiths: are vorv pleataul driv*i? and do uot *Uy or poll aiid are wdd only on nceount of owner Roiu# abroad ; UM?y are warranted ?oumt. CDBTAIN COACH, In One order; built by BREWSTER A T CAl;T,'n?ttrly new, with I'ola ?nd Sb*ft?; built by WOOD ELEi'a VI'1 i'?UAO or BREAK, very Htfht, for two or four nur?t?, without top; uMdonly ? fo# Urnot; mad* bjr J. B. l'.KKWrtTKR A UO . of Jith ?l. _ BRETT Dearly new; bulll by WOOfi BHUTHLI'8. SI\ SKA4 ?aKK KHAKI'VS. by ?NEH *t>T*VBS8. Tor Slbli BAR \VAlios, by BKEWSIKR A OO. M1NOI.K .-EAT TOP WAUON. uted only una month by BHADLKY. fRAY A CO TillAJ(Tk CHARLKS W. BARKEIt. AUCTIONEER. A. OR EAT SALlC THIS DAY (Moiidny). Mny 15. at Ua-c).**. ?? BARKER A SCN S City Auction Mart and Sew York Tatler*?ll'?. corner Jf Broadwa* and SOtb ??., of tko entire famou. TROTMJC0 ?t?bl? ?f t.olonel W. 0. JOHNSON, of Molt Haven, wlioa.* do pan lira for OA LI KORNIA on tUc 17tli eoatpeU tlie Immediate and POSI TIVE dlapoaal of Ui? well known Uorae*, Irottlnv Wa^oua, ""S&^SSmaAd eray Trottinir (Jeldtiiir, BOSTON ' CII IRK. 1A.W biffli. foaled May H. lHt?; got by Draco, dain bv l'.tlian Allen; Uaa a rucord of 2 and I* warranted *"'?Hh*BKa'"TlKtTL bay Trotting Geldlns. ADELBERT. 15U lilBli. I'oalwU March 341. IMW; cot bv WlUoBi ? Blue Bull dam by Legal Tender; hal trotted in 1 iW)*, and ia war, "flfSUSSffluVStiU) bay Trottlnit OeldlBg. HAVEN BOY. 15V4 Ulgli, foaled Februarys. 1H6S; got bXBrlB?",|1' dam by U>ng "aland Jupltor; baa a rooord ol 1and I* WTOp"sIDIt"w Road Wa(ron. nearly new; no top aide bar Koad Wajion. by J. B. Brawster; top Pour I haoton, ol? eant and very llijht: track Huikv. by llettleld k Jagknon, nevar mod; road and track Hariieu, Bno l.loUiiug, Booaa, Portland Sloljjli. '?>' *?l Mita. Ac., Ac. STtXIK NOW on oabiblilan. SALE POSITIVE. No poatponcmenk "a -M AJOR CHAR. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. A. THIRD ORAND SPRING trade aaie of CAR 111 ACES, embracing every style of velilclc, at BAKKEK A Son * City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall I, corner of Broadway aud SUtli it., iiumedlataly after the aale of CuU W. C. Johuaon'a trotting stock, THIS DAY (Monday) UIh' sTOCK.Vxitli new and sooond baud (tho LAJUJEBT ever offered at auction), will lmiiido top and no top Road Wauous. top Pony Pnaotoua, top Ua|K)t \\ aeons, ltocka wava. Coupe, by ftroome ?t- llrewater , curtain t.oach, by Wood Broa ; Park Pliaetou by Broome at. Brewster; top Ekoreaa Wa/otin, no top Exprea* W aaona, canopy top. basket Ponv Pbaotoii; no top plutlorm spnnit lour aaated Wairona; Poles and Sbafta. Ac., Ac.; also a law lot of double and ?lnKle llarnvaa. Whips, l*p ltolma, Ac., Ac. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY lor tiontleuieu ttolntf to tbe country, aud tlio geiirr^ public. Stock now on view. Bala positive, aud no postponement. DON'T KOKGET tbe timo?to-morrow^AT 11 o clock HImaJOK OHARLKS W. BARKER. AUOTIONKEB. . THE GRANDEST EVENT OE THE SEASON. CAPTAIN GMHtGE D. HANNA, of Bourbon coi.uty, Kl'.NTUt3KY. has the liouor of auuount-inic Ills tblrteoutn unc'inalled sala of the I is test GREKN TROTThRS .n the world Ju.t arrived from KKM UCKY, to take place at Bar kor A Son's City Auction Mart and New York rafersalls, roruer of Broadwar and SUtli at., on W e'lnesilay next. May 17, Ut II o'clock, and coinpriaiuit SEVENTEEN head of tha richest bred in America, that can trot In lrom J iO UOWN to 2 as or better, and includiuK the ifot of Yellow Jacket, l.or hoau, Curtis' llaiublel-nnui. BaU-Mor,ran. Ac., all warwata* sound anil kind, includlne iu tivp lot a hlXTEKN HIOII pair ol BROWNS of uncquullod rich appearance and at.vlo. sev eral extraordinary coup* MA ICII or "T'' curt Horses, sev eral uromtiiin coiu'uiied SADDLE and harness llorsij., and the FASTEST SORREL tleldlnr (two calls) in the world, that can trot better than 1 SiJ and PACE N j-15. Stock now at the Marl for trial. DR. JOHN W. CLARK, acent for Captain Hannu, la now ou band to cive everybody the opportunity oi mDINU aud DRIVING and tcstltiK the saddle uiiallties and Si RED of anv ot the lot BKKORr. tbe tlm e of sale. CATALOGUES of this really WONDERFUL LOT now ready. Sala without reserve or po?tpoiiOinent. ? X^M VJOR U"ARLBS W BARKER. AUCTIONEER. iV. Will be sold positively without reserve ou Wadnaauay, Mav 17, at 11 o'clock, at BARKER A SON S city a action mart and New York Tattersail's. corner ?f Broadway an.l :ftitU St., tlio fitiuoua blown Trottinir GelUin^ BROWN PRINCE, formerly the property of the late EDWARD JOKES, blBh. foafod M. a raeurd^ liner anil faster than ever before aud CAN Br.AT - .?? now and will trot CLOSE TO a:-i> before next fall: Is un equalled for ^etitlemaa'a roa.1 n?e; 1? one of the best MONhY'ED TRACK HORSES In America and is warranted aound and kind. Can now be seen at the Mart. ?timiuN AUCTION. AUCTION. sPI-'FI) 8PKKD. SPEED ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE OREAT AUCTION OF THE FAST T'.tOTTINO HORSES. FINE CARRIAGES. ELKGANT HARNESS, BLANKETS, ROBES. AC.. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC aCvfli/H, . Tills DAY' (MONDAY). JfAl !?'?. AT FT EVEN O'CLOCK IN Tlur; FORENOON. AT THE STABLE. NO. a NKILtJT N PLACE (MEBCER BF.TffEEN WAVERLEY' AND CLINTON PLACES, oy oil AS. tl DUFV. AUCTIONhBR, THE PROPERTY OF J. P. DARRoNT. ESQ. Vcrv liaiiilsoine, fast bav Horse Sir John. ?'red by J ?>lun tecr dam bv Woburn, raiai d by Alden hmlth, of Orantca county Now York ; he is a l^autiful brijrht bay. 7 years old. bauds hlzh; trotted a mile at Uoahen last suminer In ?J.he Is a very pli^sant, nrnnipt driver, puro waited. ^w.tln line knee action; ia not afraid of anything, "'??C"1* horse lor a lop wf.ion and Is tborou.'hlv brokm safe lor ?nv person to drive, and is warranted sound and kind. Tho very last Trottlnc Horse Tccuni?be.i, raised by Amass Hprasue. sired by Rlmda Island, dam by Narrauausett; ha Is a bright bur)-, it years old. 1&^ bauds lilirli; was trained by V Rolen If st sca-on, aud showed three beats over Hei t wood Par* '.n 1 M, J aud ?-':al. iiuee whlflillmehe naa been driven on tbe roaii; he Is a very etyMsh, pleasant dnver pnrfectlv ireatla: l? not afraid of aaylhlng aud can bi at speed by any ordinary dr.vcr?; la a c?mkI pole hor??. and it nut in training wonM trot bel.m 2.WI thlii aeiMoii, io m very resolute aud pure gattwd; warrauted ^"liVstiV'l\i 1*bay 11orse Da?le. r.ised by John Murcben. Orauce county : aired by Bolton, be by Haiubletonlan. dam sa'.t to be a Clay mare ; ho Is l&X hands bivh, six years old . twitted when t >ear. old in 1 :M. when be waa purchased i.y areaent owner; he is an elegant road horse, tlioron^hly frfoken very ?t>liah driver aud perlectly 6' ntle and can pull a roasTwaVon better than a 'i :+" Uait; also a good pole hwrae and warranted sound aud kind. Fast youax bay Geldia? Creedmoor, was raised In Kin tacky and sired by Magnet, dam by Cmnmodore. ly Boston, he bv be by Sir Areby. and be by ""P0""'' liiomide ; Cre. dui ior was bred near l*Xln?t?n. by , and trailed when 4 years old. wlnnlnir J heats lu J *1. J U. ? ),e ba? never been In a race ?lnce; be can now show M beats' all inside of ,.U\ and ia as fine a drivor as was ever barne-se.1 be I- /eutle and kind for any one to drive or care; ta iTi.S bandshlKh au!7 year, old ?ud warranted sound "Beautiful fast TrottingIblack Mare Gyp?ey "'red by Toronto Chief, dam by wfillam II. Riplev. 16J. hand. WBh. 7 rears old; ironed over p.ospecl Par* last tail iu al' is a mure of extraordii.eVv power and is vary pure called ? is a very prompt, p.easant driver perfectly ceutle and sale livr anybody, as she d.K-s noi pull or Iret wfieu m cooiDunv ; is not afraid of anything; she lias a vury strong set of eordjr lege and good feet and can pull a top wagon at spsed ciual to any borso in the city and Is warrauted sound '"the"h?ndso?esl, touirhest and best driving Team ol Troitlnu lloraes In this city; they are bright bays. ISA* hand, high 7 and S years; very closely muted half rslaed by Dr. Herr.ol Lexington. Ky.. and sired b* Clark, dam by Denmark; they trotted togethei^over^tbe Lealnclou track a year ato last summer In >??. when IW were nurc.iased by the present owner and have Peeu u.ed aa a ruail and lamily team up to tbe present time: "'ey *'? nerlf :tlv uenile. are not afraid of the ears and are sale lor anv uerton lo drive; they do not pull when speeding and ere not excitable In company, and they drive hors..; i hey have itrratly Improved 1,1 M" , ' i 1 dnveu by present owner last fall over Mectwood Park to a road wagon, without any trstr.lng. In 'J :<"S, and In pro.ter condition they ?M beat 2 X> together, auu are warrsated *"t"? faiioMi "tiiorongbbred ??ldle and driving l'or" ^'*JW en star dark daimle gray. 1 *H hands high. 7 years old. sired by Lexlagtoa; one of thereat broken, nio-ti rtueft l?eii?ved hor#e? in America: ba? all denlrcd ^aits under >s<idle. guides by motion . carries either lady ar ltr"' tleman with style and eise; Is bold, brare a?d leariesi; Unci v broken to all baiaess and warranted sound aud blad, and can beat t :!*< Hi road waaoa Carnages consist of one one-half Ton Park rbaatoa, nae side-bar I ..p Wsgon.ooe lull spring Top Wagcn, Pony Phaetons, single and double Uarue?. Blankete. Siivett, Roli??, Whl|??, Hale p??Ulve rain ??r ~A _1'k<lOIUWAYB. RUtioiHS, PaUK AND PONT A. Phaotoas. Depot ^Zrin it!"** action. Jt?IIN MOORE. ?" Warren el. -A"lady having lost her A her Phaeton and Harueee very low. Owaer. No. liU East 17tli et. 1?HaRGAIN. - A BLACK HORSE. 15^ HANDS A high; ?o?od, kind and trne; w-.rrailtW to P-vceln j.^i; slso top Itogcy aad Harness; all Bret elaea. l rtvato stable ;c? Ea?t l-'th ~a _onk landau, onk ;:larrnce. one coupes A. "ne Victoria and one Park I'haeton. all nearly new, for sale cheap, ea the owner is laavlnu tba elty_ To be see* at McCURCaY'S, H*i Easi lath st.. near 4th av. . , ?h Liberty st.-tunis joiinm?n ?.... A >> ?tiering a laige and very ebjetaa a.sortiueut oM cht slimmer rbeeta, Wobes.^Haraaaa.?-? Whlpe aa||jriff al ft Ml, |*rlue?M clteek llorw* Islanaei* ?! J i old la*t year ut ftt. Be*t 3 ply rubber II<>ee. >!?* R*r _ , 1 -tor sale. Vine team of ?a* iDiiisKs, As hand* high. H years old ; ne white; very styRab, war ranted son n I and kind No. 3 We* lath ?. ? _io business w AtKi*?.?i To^na, FOMJIX. .4 Spiiag u. \ HOR8E8, VARIUAAKS. ?C. "a~^ONK VKKV SMAI.I. lUXIISuMB PON Y .FUJI il< children ; well broken in saddle or ??|! >n. To -t seen at l<W East lilth ?V, near ItU av T IIaXV CO*T-TU 6 I'UM.I >N.-. (INK IKATi four persons; two loll spring lop '>V*/om. two s.Oe bur*, one livht road Watrou: *ingie ntl dmbte Haniesa. latest iffli: best city makers. Private stable, ?t-. curlier of 4th av. A-lui MliK-BAViW KlilwT(tl? MV 551* . tract, I will sell six linrwl, su.table lor auy business' cheap. Jul Grand si., uear Mull. "i ?KlUtKKtrr GKNTLEM vS'S ROAD MARE FOB ?\., Mtle: black. I5W. eight yeai?* old. k'Nli trot In 1 :H.1 double or single. Apply at ll'J Wt'fl .tilth St. ?irob baut ? tounu ituiiu jwt ie3 . Indiana, tunable fur all business Inquire at V22 Nor to Ik kt. AT~AUCTION, *' " ON FRIDAY. MAY 19 1K70. _ ^ HY VAN TASM'.i.L A KEARNEY, AUCTIONEERS, AT TilBIU MART. 110 AM> ll'J BAST 13TH sr., NEAU 4TII AV? at lOo'vieck BAT OELD1NO LAST CHANi'B. ETHAN ALLEN ?lock, 7 jears old, 13j? baud* high; can paoe iu 2:40 and trot Iu - :4G. BAY MAKE KM MA, RIKKD BV CONSTERNATION, dam by HILL'S BLACK IIAWK 15>s hands high. H .year* old; trotted last fall in 2 :U&: can tret !u J:40 now. BAT MARE LADY ZIEQLKR. IS* hand* high. 0 year* old. hired by GEN. GKOIUIK II. THOMAS. dam a Pilot mare; trotted last lull In J ; lu condition cmu trot down iu tbe twenties. BAT OELDINO OHAKLbtiicAB.V. 15JU' hand* hlch. <J year* < Id, sired by ALKXANDMIS AUD.VLLaH, daw a Camden mate: can trot lu 'J:J'J. OUBKTNUT OELDINU IMPERIAL. hand* high. 4 years old, sired by lMI'KUIAL. li?ll brother to VOL UNTEER. Jam by KKhLEf'S AMERICAN j?TAB; tills tllly is lately broken, ha* a tiue, slashing gait and caunot iaii to uiaku a trottor. SIDE BAR TOP WAGON, good a* new, built by Van Ihiser. SIDE IIAU NO TOP WAGUN. is first da** order, by R. M. Stiver*. UORKh clothing, BLANKETS. HARNESS, BOOTS. Ac., to . comprising the choicest mock offered for ?.ilo this sc**on. Purchaser* van examine a'nd ride behind the-e hortes any forenoon by calling on Mr. McNa niara, corner 7'Jd st. ami 4th av. They will be lield at * private sale until the dale above mentioned, when ail tbat are unsold will be disposed of positively without reserve, * TUEY AUK ALL warranted HOUND AND KIND. -AUCTION'. GEO. W. JENKINS. auctioneer. WILL BELL TIU8 DAY (MONDAY). MaY 15. AT II O'CLOCK A. M.. AT THE UNION AUCTION MAUT. NO. 120 1STU ST., NEAR BROADWAY, T11K PROPERTY ef a gentleman who Roes abroad, consisting of Horse a, Carriages. Wagons, I'hsotnns, liarneu, Kobe*, Blankets, Whip*, Ac. Iand2. Beautiful Turnout ?Team of black Horses, 15^ hands, ri and 7 years old; are all natural style: fear nothing; they are well brokeo to tlw saddle; have all the Kentucky saddle gate*; can trot together in about 3 minutes; war ranted sound and kiud. llaubsouie and costly Coupe, by Wood Brothers, and flu* set of double llarncss, by Wood Gibson, all in first class or der. 3. Complete Turnout. Very stylish and handsome sorrel Colt. 5 year* old, bauds; was sired bv Wiutbrop Morretl, dam Star inure; trotted last fall iu'J ::>7, 2; <H. 2 :*>7; he Is :i tino, nroiuising young colt; warranted sound and kind; with shifting top Road VYaiton and flue Set uf single Humes*. 4. Turnout, consisting of a very flue large bay Horss. Ill'4 hand*, 7 years old; suitable for 00UM or T eart; very stylish and (hovry: warranted sound and kind, elegant tup I'ouy Phaeton and set of 11 >iiui>,a lu line order. 6. Very stylish Lady'* Turnout?Beautiful bay Horse, 1 &)?< bends, U year* old; perloetly sale and reliable for lady to ride or drive; I* warranted souud nnd kind; decant canopy top Basket l'haeton and *et of lijcltt siuicle Harness, all as good as new. (I Lady's or Children's 'turnout?Splendid black Horse, 8 years old. 15 hands hliiii; will stand without tying; isalrald of notbiug; is an exeullcut saddle horse; warranted sound aud kind. Set of single Harness and open i'ouy l'haeton. N. B.?8ALK, RAIN OR SlUNii. I'O the HIGHEST BIDDElf, WITHOUT LIMIT OK restriction. ALSO SfcVKUAL OTHER HORSES, WAGONS. PHAE TONS. harness, ac., sent in by private pak T1ES TO Hli SOLD. AROAK MARK. WKIOIIT 1,430 POUNDS. $133; two other cheap Horses, Iflii, $IKJ. 113 Henry at.. ? labia. C'lOAOnES, CLARENCES, lanuavhTlandaulktb. ) Coupes, Coupe Kockaway*. Victorlis, nix seal IMiae tun*. Barouches, light lour ?<? ut Keniily Phaeton*. light cut uuder Kockawa.v*, Depot Wkkoiis, tup mid opoti Pony 1'bsc tous, of >11 style*. froui $1(11 up; Caltrey Sulkier In all ?veiuhla, $ 1 ; also throe second baud Sulkies, Exprees Wagon., nine passenger open D?pot Wugju, suitable lor the country ; second baud Harness, Sheets, V? lup*. Duator*, Ac.; two necond hainl top IPhaetoniL WM. II. URAY, IK) and WomMr il C1ARKIAUE8-ALL KINDS, AT EXTREMELY LOW ) man niacin rer.' price*, warranted Leather top new rou* Phaeton*. $120 up; ditto Uuinrii'n. $140; no lap*. $1*1; loureeat m-pol Wagons. $-0; Rockawav*. #I4U; extension top I'urk Phaetons $liO. ORUBE, 36U Canal at. IjVASHiu.NAHf.E "OAURIAOKB, ????. In hcaatifal ilealgn* and colon, AT VERY LOW PKICEB. Inapcctiou (elicited. A. & KLANDRAC. 872 aid 374 Broome at., old factory of lire water A Co. FOR BALK?A KI BE PAIR Of ROAD HOR-KS; TROT Iu 1 :.V>: *ro 15JV hand*, Itaudaomc, Bound, kind, with out blemlah. 0 year* old; do uol pull. Addreaa B. H. POT TKR. nation If. Brooklyn Poat olttce. LIOR 8ALB?A PAIR OK 8TYLIBH YOUNO CAKIUAOB V llora*-, 10 hands, wairunted aound nod kind; pi. In spring Laudau, WoimI Broa.' make; tcowat Phaeton, hy Hrewater; two seta of ilouhl ? llainess. Robes, lllunketa, Ac. Can be wen at HltODKUH'K'S stable*. 2L"J iHh at. li'OR ~8ALE-A VERY KINK CHESTNUT TTaLP I? tharoughhred llorae. 111 hind* high. H year* old; ia ?cry atyliah; hat been naed fur coupe; ia Bt for warn ; price $25U; also for elite, a light, covered burineaa Wagon; pilce$MU. Can he aeen at pilrate stable 21> Weat 15th at fWI BALB-A TWO-ttRATND TOP BOAD Wauon and Harneaa; both to older and new laat apring; specially auited for a lauiily going to the country; will be wild at a sacrifice price. Apply at 28 Union place, (ireen poiut, L. I. I^Ott SALK?VICTOR! A~;BEST MAK'EUS; HUT vTuY little uaed; alao a four-wbcelod Dos Cart. Apply at stable', 12.1 Weat -Hvli at. T7K?tt MLK?Oj4B 1IAV HORSE; SOUND AND KINIl"; I 10 bands litifli; $1(4J; one Coupe, $425; oue Coach, $711. Apply at Hf9 lirooiue st. */??:. MM CKKAP?A PAIR Of RANDMMB BOB l' lal Horses, 15.3; aounii and genllo: will be sold ir ately Can lie aeen at LAMB ? bONS' atabloa, Mill at, betwam Madison and .'?th uva. ljH)lt?AUI VERY I'llfcAl'iWO ui'niD IK". I Whs. r nearly new Kxprcss Wagon and llarnua*. 431 Kaat | 12th at. TjH)It 8ALK-A POUR WIIEBL IL?b(T0ART71jTPER r feet ordea^ with Kulx-i, Hlanketa, Whlpa, Ac. Apply at Wluettsltl Stablrn I lu WkI .'xitli at. volt BALK AT A SA^RlVlCB?HANDBOMBAT JT Mare. 7 jeaia old, 14?j lianda hiirh; perfectly sent:e; anitable lor a ladv'a pliaetou or litdy'a aatldle mare; war ranted aouud. Apply at 'Jil Lexington ar. 1JI0B lAltB CUBAP-BOKBKL BORBB. ii Sim* veara; ?arraated aound auil kind; price (lUli. Alao one florae I rook an<l llamaae, #>ii: luuat aell, uo work. Call tor two day> at atore U.'4 lludaou at. LH>K 8A l??BOA It D Fno AMI " LIvlillY BSABLK. F l or particalara iu<|uiia of K. AUKKtt.MAX, lf?U and lot U>Mt a2il CVkt>UOK~OKllollEOAkTaUctIoXhKR, 8ELLS rlilB T daf, at 11 o'clock, at 5HUUittii*icli at., near llouatoii, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, 21 t;uod Work lloraea. tup I'uk^T. Irucka, Watfoua, Ac. Term a caah. Sale poeitive, raiu or ahiue. (loolf THVCK llORBKh. $7"> TtWO Or 11 KB IIORBKS, 7 auitabla lor farmer or any buaineaa; $40 and tM. No. a 7th av. C1KXTLK*A.VS COMPLETE ltOAl) TURNOUT AT A r aarrifice-?t'heatnut llorae. nouiid and kind, anil cau bi .it 2 ..VI, fliti: WliitechapiI Wacnu. $'?&; exe>'l:out aintla llaruoaa, $10; double. No. 'Ml WeM 4>th at. nOKSlii KOR SALE -JUST AHU1VKO ~KltoW Mnflalu, a lot of flue lloraes < uoalatin^ of one pair of hue Coach Horx-a, one pair ol lino laiyc blarka. Hue >iyle; one vary cood ira*nllcr, one pair ol cln atnut Maroa, auitabm lor a lailr'a phaolou; one n-rr faat pacar, t>uo very nlco radille llora.', and a numner of othera; aU aound. Apply at McHabeft'a atable, la.i Baal 24th at. nARNBtfd roi ETKKT KINO t?P Br.-l.NtNS AND pleaaure; good quality; low pricaa. JOHN MOOt^E, 57 Warreu at. Jusr AuTiivKD krom olydeT n. y., at rna Orand Central Stables, 120 Weat 4?ith M., M tirat ela?a 'Joach and Npeau lloraaa. WM. II. SAl'Nllr.RS. L~At" R<IBrS. UNKN <JIt WOOLLKN NIIFkTS. t?AI> dle?, Btidlea, Whip*, Boot*. Ac. JOUN MOORK, 67 Warren at. USOW W IUTB AB * BI AN A Nil JET HLaUk BLAC K O llawk; er<?a matched; the moat beautiful In the elty; yoanv, aound, apirnaJ but very gantla; Kit, bauda; loug to ana < anil taila. 0>'<U ith ar. CTARLE- T6~ltk.vr^-o"N WA8U1NUTON ST, NEAR O Canal at.; rmnn for threa or fonr coaches or trucka; stalls lor tea l.oraes; six rooms up >ta>rs. J AXES pltn . 2I*I Hudson St S" ACRi K1C B. ?Til it EE" DI RT Oil ASII CABTb. ONE Express Waxon, llorae and llameai, chaap. 2U7 Weat linh at. TA K K NOTrCK.-fTl E DHDERBI OX ED U A~VIXO fit proved and renovated the Weat .Side Stables, so well Known as formerly K. A. RIHAHOCK'8. wishes t ? Inform the public th,<t they ara piepared to accommodate Hoarding llorses at paule prices witli tiio la st of care; storage for eriiiclaa, Ac.; also Qra> rlaaa livery work. R. PARKER A CO., 317 watt ISIIi St.. Bear 8th ar. Team OK CHEAP IIOi;SES?$tO AN I> LAROK Mara lor farinar, $15; two Urocery Haguna, too and no top. No. !U(i Weat -CiUi st. TO LET-TWO PRIVATE 8TABLE8, KttONT AND rear, at IVl Weat 31st; also a floe Depot Wagon lor sale. Inquire at 1411 Weat 3Utti st. WANTED?A~ UOOD SECOND HAND HBA~VT double Wagon; mnet be in good order. Adiroas N. Y. C. A. U. Co.. fto (iraanpoiut a*., lireeopolnl, L. 1. ~XTIIOkHBs ;" hUIT A.NV BU8INES8; A 8ACRIKICB* t f"' wa?t ol usa. Coiaa sea lor bargain. No. 410 Was Wth at. IKBTHtf riON. URKATiEBlifI MlN )<)K if KEKtVot^vi;ITf Nt> A or Artakmeilc. $? per qnartar; itpan all summer; dajr or arenlng; ladles' department; telegraphy tauvhl praatl caliy; demauU lur operators. THOMPSON'# Callage, 20 4th av.. oppuette t'o..p?r Institute. Applications will hk kkckIved daily aFto West 43d St.. corner of dth sr. for OOL1>8BITH'B Three Dollar Writing Claaaas. Clrvwlars. BOYK-Blt" DOLBKAII, l.Hlt BWOADWAY, PRB parrs buy* lor basiaeaa la one quarter. Bualaas* WrIt lug. Bvofckaeplug, Arithmetic. ?ASffctt *0 ^st*ir~A~" p^nrtftfnmsr, ?til pay $l,.V*i or $l,mi cask, balance secured on pur BVROPKA* NTT; VMS HI PS. Wrill^Si ptAR LINK. ff KOR gl'KKNSTOW> . _ X AND LIVERPOOL. CAI1KfJSU TilK UNITED .->| i I ii.-. Vtu. The Htwutid of this liuu like thu Kttulo recoin B>< uded by UeuMBMl Maury, II. S. .? ,oing south "I the Hunk- on the passage to Qucenatown all the ye 41 round. OK ItM A NIC AI.iv 3-?. a; J I*. ?. ckltic Juu*:;. at x 1*. X. ADKl A Tit! ??IU- 10. ill :i J' M. BRITANNIC . Juno '.'I at '< I'. M. UERMAMC .July at 3 P. M. Krom White Star Docks. pier 53 North River. Hates?Saloon,ifst.iand #100, iu gold; ntiuu ticket* ou reasonable terms. Steerage, #3". Saloon, staterooms, seiokiug an 1 bath rooms un> place'! amidships. where lit* noise *u<! molleu arc affording a degree of comfort hitherto unattainable at sua Fur Inspection of plant and other inloruiatlou apply at the Company a utiles, 37 Broadway, NtW_Vurt, o NLY DIRECT LINE TO KRAMCh. TUli GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPACT'S MAIL STEAMERS UKTWKEN NKW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT PLYMOUTH v(J. 11.) for tin; iaudlug of ]>'tsa?iigcr*. The ki,| tutllil vessels 011 this favorite route for ibe Conti nent tbclng more southerly than any other) Will nail from ?ir r N.i. 41 Norlli Hive*, loot of Harm a <t . as lollowa : ? .AitltAUuK, Sangiicr .MMurday. May 30| at 3 I*. M. AMI.UlI K. Pousois Saturday, Way .7. ?;U A. M. ?ST. LAURENT. Lnchosue* .. ,Saturday. June S, at 3 P. M. PRICK OK PassaOE IX OOLD duiriu'ling wine);? Klrst cabin, #110 to $1 JO, according to accommodation. Second. #7'g. Third cabin, 4 <0. Return tickets at reduced rate*. Steerage. #3?1. with superior accommodation, including wltii', bedding and utensil*. without extra charge. Stc itinera marked thus * uo not carry sleeru ?u passenger*. LOUIS OR liKlilAX, Agent. 55 Broadway. UNARD LINE.?B. A NONA. R. M. 8."r~?X \j notice. With a view to diminishing th < chancoa of coiliaion. tha steamers or thia lino taka a apociilc course for all teiiaoiii of tin' year. On ilia out want passage from Unacimiown to New York or Boston. crossing the meridian of So at 431atitudo, or notbiug to lite north ol 43. < in tlio homeward parage, crossing tho meridian of 5.) at 43 I itii'nlu. or untiling to tin) north of 4'J. KROM N1SNV YORK KOit LIVKItfOOL AND UUKKNS rovvN. ?Si'OTIA Wod., May 17 | \HYS31NIA... Wed. May 31 lit 1 TilX1A Wed.. May 34 | ?iU S-1A Wed .Juuo 7 Sii'uiiH'ii maraeil * 110 not carry ntucrajro paaaungifri. Cubin paaaage, CO. $1?*J aud #13(1, gold, according to ae eoniiuodatloa. Return tlckcu on lavoriOilo tornu. Steerage tickets to aud Iroiu all parta of Kurope at verjr low ratoa. Kretglit and puaiiige olUce, No. 4 Hum 11m,* Ureju. U. KRANCKLYN. Aifv'nt. STATE LINE. " * MEW YoltK TO OLABOOW, LIVERPOOL, LLULIN, UKL.KA.vr AM) LONUONOKit Y. Irom pier 4'.' Nortli ltiver (foot of Oaual >t.) a a followm? STA'l'b ill1' INIJIAXA Thuiaday, May IS MTAi'K OK I'liNNsVLVAJilA Thuraday, Juue 1 Si ATK OK V1ROIX1A Tliuratlay, June l-i auil every uluriiaii' fliuraday tlioreaflar. Klrat cu'jiu, to <>?l, ac ear ding to Hceommodatl'jna : return tirketa, #13.V bocoiid cahlu, *.'K); return tirkuta, $S>>. 8teeragc at loueHt ratoa. Apply to AUSTIN HALOW1N A CO., .igeuta, Xo. 7j Broadway, .New York. Steeragu ticket* ut 45 Broadway and at the company1* pior. lout of Canal at, North River. OriT L> I HKoi"AMU KOOMOMIU ROUTI )U tlS# LAND. 111.LOIl'M. TIIK RHINE, UW1TZKHLANI), AC., AC.. VIA ROTTERDAM. Steamer VAAS May JS Steamer KOTrKRUAM June rt Tliene beautiful atenmera, carrying the United Matea ?uall to (lie NetbcrUnd", are great favoritea witli tbe public. Ttip* regular, ratoa low , comlort aud llviug perfect. For Irelght. V'cr puieeige. KUMCIL EDYK ft CO.- L W. MORRIS. SO Broadway. SPECIAL NOTIGB. " TIIK STEAMER STATE OK INDIANA will sail from pier foot uf Oaual at.. North River, on THURSDAY. MAY IS, at 1 P. M., taking paaaeugors tor BELFAST. CLASOOW, LIVERPOOL, AC.. AO. Klrat aaloou paanage $05 to $>*) Second cabin #50 AUSllN BALDWIN k CO., AgcnU, 73 llroadway. UKTU OHUMAN LLOYD If TEAM .>111P LINK BKTWHKN NEW YORK, bOUTIIAMPTOM AND IIKK.MiJN. Company'* pier, foot ol 3d at., liu okon. RIIRIH,...Saturday. May 3d I MAIN Saturday, June 3 ODER Saturday, May 37 | NKCKAll..Saturday, 10 Rate* of paian^e from Now York to Southampton, Havre or Kroiucti Kiiat Cabin, flOO gold; Second Cabin,(00 gold; Steer \ge, $;?j carroncy. 1 Return I'ickeU at reduced rate*. ?. Prepaid Steerano Certittcate*. #33 currency. Kor treight or |in?aa ,'e imply to OULiRlCIIS A CO., No. 3 Bowling Groan. ATIONAL UNK?KROM PIERS 44 AND 47 NOMTQ River Kor London direct. HOLLAND. Wedueaday, May 17. 13 M. KOR OUKENSTOWX A.<D LIVERPOOL. THE QUEKN.Mny 37. 0A.M. I SPAIN.. June IO. 7^0 A. M. EN'.LAND JuneU, 3 P. M. | ITALY June 17,? Cabin paaauue. #7u aud #S0, curreucy. Return tldkete at red need rate*. Steerage iniasiiue. #3ti, viiireney. Dralt* UaUiid trom ?1 upward, at current pricot. Apply at the company's olUce, tin Uroa i? ay. K. W. J. IIUIIST. Manager. AMBUIMJ AMER1CAN PACKKT COMPANY'S LINE tor PLYMOUTH. t'HKRliOl'RO aud UAMUL'RO. W1KLAND May is I SIIEVIA Juno I KKlStA May 35 CELLKKT June H OOfcTIlt May 37 | POMc.KaNIA lune IS Rates nl nanaagu to Plymouth. Londou. Cherouurg, Ham burg aud all point* In Kn^iaud, Scotland and Walaa Cabin. Brst saloon, gold flUO Cabiu. aecond saloon, gold. (10 Steerage, currency 80 KUNIIARDT A CO.. C. II. RICHARD & BOAS, Ceneral Agents, Ueuerul Passenger Agent*. CI Broad at.. New York. U1 Broadway. New York. UNITED STATES MAIL LINK-STEAM TO QUEEN#! TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. ?ailing every I UKSDaT, fiom pier M North River. WYOMING May 10. 11 A. VI. 1 NKVADA . June 13. 10AM. IDAHO May 30. 11 A.M. I Wi.SCO MSI N.J uue AX 10 A.M. Cabin, (Ull. $70 and fS(l, currency. Intermediate, $4<); steerage, #-*>!. Paatengen booked to and Irom Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, Jto. Drain on Ireland, England, Krance and Uor ?i.n,a,lowe.,ratern i iams ^ ^ 1" NMAN LINK.?MAIL STEAMERS KOR OUKENSruWN AND LIVERPOOL CITY OK BERLIN, Miturilay, May 37, at H;:#) A M. CITY OK CHK*>TKK Saturday, Juno 10. at 7 30 A. M. CITY OK RICHMOND Saturday. J ana 17. at I P. M. mini tiler 4."> North River. CARIN, fMOand #l<*i, gold: return tickets on favorable term*. STEERAUE. $3S. curruncy. Draft* lesued at lowe*t (tin. Saloon*. aUterooin*. smoking and bathroom* arnidalilpi. J11IIN li. DALE, AfVBi, i:> aud 3.t liroitd? ay, N. Y. X CUOR LI31 1NI f H i> s r AT hS M AIL itTEAMKits NKW YORK AND CLASOOW. ETHIOPIA....May 30. 3 I'M | BOLIVIA .June 3.2 PM VICTORIA...May 37. S AM 1 ALSAl I A.... Juuel?).3PM Nli.V YORK AND LONDON. UTOPIA May 37, U AM I AUSTRALIA, June 10. 4 I'M AX 0 LI A ..June 34, 4 PM I ELYsIA July S, 3PM Anchor Lino ptera 3>i Mini 31 North River, M. Y. NEW YORK IO OLASOOW. LIVERPOOL, LONDON or Londonderry. Cabin*, (US to $00 currency, accordlug to accommodation*. Excursion ticket* on favorable torma. Steerage. ?3H currency: intermediate. #3"> currency. Drall* issued for any amount at current rates. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agenu, 7 Bowling Urea*. SSPECIAL NOTICE.-THE* sPLENdTd MaIL sTEAM". 5 ship Wyoming sail* Iroin pier Xo 4U North River lor t^ueeiiaiuwn and Liverpool, on Tuesday, May |H. nt 11 o clock A. M. precisely, l or passage apply to WILLIAMS A WU ION, 31) Broadway. WILSON LINE KOR SOUTHAMPTON "AND HULL. 1 T sailing Irotu pier >>3 North River, aa follows:? III DALCO May 1:0 I OTHELLO Juno 17 COLOMBO Juuo 3| HINDOO July 1 Klrst cabin, ?TO, curreii. y; second uabiu, $L'i. currency. Excursion tickets ou very lavurabie term*. Through ticket* issued to Coutineutal and Baltic porta. Apply, lor lull par ticulars. to CHA|tLI,s L WRIUHT A CO.. ft? South st. N er.HAT WKfcTKRX BTRAMSHIF LINK. TO BRISTOL (KNOLAND) DIltBOT, ?ailing from pier 18 I.a.t Hirer aa tolluwa CORNWALL, Stamper Saturday. May. 20 i>OM KUSKT. flfuaterti Wt'dneaday. June 7 Caliln pit?itKe, *7.?; Intermediate, $!?'>: steerage, (?*), cur rcucy ; excuraioo licketi. prupald moemuc certilleatei, $2U. Apply to W 1). Motto AN', Agent. TO South ?t. / 1OOK'K TOCKIHT AND KXCfitklOX TIOKKTrt. " J to nil nurt? of Kumpr and tho Kaet, at reductions raag ing fio.n IS to 45 per cent. Awmablo by any linn of atrnmer*. I?m not require liohirra to travel In l.irga partial. COIlK'S AMKKIrAN Tlll'lUilT Tickt'li lir the principal liuea of niilwuy* and atramera to every leading plaoe In tlia Unttad AtatM and Canada, leetfad In tlio <aa? muniier u European ticket'. nt redact*'1 and low ratea. foot'* A.MJ'.iilCAN IIOTHL Coupona are accepted at tba beat BoteIa in America, provide far a foil day'a iwmn* ??nidation, at fB SOeao i, aavin/ fr im SU coot* to $1 par day, are um<< it* ca?h, reqatrtng no notice. COOK'S ANNl.'Al. \ p.irty aalla by ateamer Vic toria July *, aooomiianiod by Mr. Ilioiuai Cook, to Scotland, l.elgium, the Khina, Switacrlaiiil and limy I'rlcaa lur tint cliix travel, lioteia mid alt expense*, HOJ, $4UU and *.VJ0, cold. CoOKS EXOUOStOMRT for May liaa pnxmmnie< Tor every |i*rt ?l Kurn|ie, and for California, Ynaemita Vallay, Colorado, tc. Price lOartita. cook. SON A JKNKI.xS, Broadway and Warren at. COAST\V IStfi HTKAMSIill'li, pANAMA TRANSIT KTKAMHIIIF COMPANY," ' KOR 8AX fUANCliOO. CALIFORNIA AM PACIFIC FOrtTK via Minima ol I'miania Sailing from nlrr IK North River. Btearoer CRklKjTXT t;irv MAT UK DAY, May 27 for Aapinwail. connecting via Panama Itallroad it Faiwii with tirat claa? atinmihlpa for porta aa above. For freight vr paaaace apply to W. F. CLY0S * CO., No. ? Buwllag wreen. or nassaL*7n. r. -khui mail steamship LRU leave) New York May 31. MURRAY. I'KltRliI A CO.. tti South at. N" KW YORK ami HAVANA IMllM'T MAIL LINK These flrnt claai aieam?hlpe will Mil at 3 F. M from pier i:t North Hirer, foot of Cedar at, lor llaraaa direct, a* iolon : ? I :OLl villi's ......Tlinraday, May IS W I i.M I NtiTI >N Ineaday. May 80 Kor freight aud pauage, having BMurpaxod nccuniiuoda tiont, apply to ' H M. P. t'LYUR A CO.. Ka. n Bowling Green. McKKLLKR LULINO A CO., Agent, lu liavaaa. Y.. HAVANA AND MKXICAN MAIL BB. LINE, Steamers leave pirr No H Nortli Klver nt It F. M. N" j. . kor Havana dirkct. CITT OK 11A VAN % fnetday, Mar 33 CItV OK VKIIA t:KU?...?, Thursday. May iS roR V hit A CRUZ ANI) K*W ORLKAXB. via liavaaa. Krograao. Campeacliy, Tuipnn nnd Tainplco. CITV or HAVANA Tueeday. May S3 For freight and uaavnge apply to f ALKXANDRK A SON'S, 81 aad 3H Braadwa*. Steamere will <eave New Orieana May M aad J una lalar Vera Craa atMl all the above porta Ii^OR halifax N'T"b.", AND ST "1011x57x7 F. 1 i ROMWRLl BTRAMSHIF LINK. Stenmera leave pier 10 X. R. following daye at * F. M. I OKO. VVasIIINOTOX Krtaar, May ?? OKO CROMWKLL Tnoaday, Mejr ?? Kor freight or paeaago apply to CLARK A sKAMAN, tM Weal a*. ' ONL* MiilC# Un lO I'LORIDA.-WKKK LY LIN K to Fort Royal, S. C. ; Kernandma. Kla. : BranawMt, tin.; Bailing avory Ihurtdny, Irom pier W Kaat River. The atoaaaer CITY OK DALLAS. Captala Hinaa, will aall Thura day. May |M, at S F. M., for Famnadiaa aad Fort Boy at. Throatth tlekata laaaad to all pointa la Klarlda for ftratght zirmvsv.w g QJ? ^ COAST WIS 10 STJC.VJklSIUPS. OLD DOMINION STKA ISIIIP (MJIP.VXY, MliibK (rum pier t; North .iive*. ?Or N1..0II.. City p.not and Wchiuuad, I'lieaduya, TlMire tla-s au.l jtaturditt a al >1 P tl.. ooiiae tni; allli tliu Virginia uml leiine .* vlr i ii?#, Atlantic t' < .?< l.u.i., f*l< dinut llf UtllC. I'll. isap '41.11 Hill OJlll Jt*ill ill! i.ul] mill lliu c na !?.i?>. 's ".m hiu<4 Id ladius iu North CaMdlui and ?"lfirilua. NiiaWrii ?ii I'.'i in, X. C. ill Nurlulk), etcry iue*4?y. ii.ui-.iiu. Hal Saturday. Uwn, |.W . Morning lull fliursd a J 1*. VI., conneatlac Willi Mar.l.uil aud !><?! >vti>k' ru.lroad* PMMiitff iiiH'uiiiiiiiMlatiuna t:usurpu>eed TliruiiKu ptit'iK ncfceia mad bill* of Udmx to nil polntaal IuvmI rium. . iiamane.1 t?j Jiorlolk, Ac., 'j in-r cent. FrelKl't recoived daily at pier 37 N'.rtli ltl'er Ueuoral olticr*. 1U7 Greenwich st. X. L. Mi CRKADY, Preoident. PACIFIC MAIL. STEAMSHIP LINE. 77777 I'lliil'U.IK.iK.VlA, IaPaK CHINA. AUSTRALIA, xiiW /.kllami, muiisu columbi \. ao.. *a, salilnn i'iiiiu mer luui .it Canal at., North River. FOR *A.V FIlAJiOUOO VIA ISTHMUS oK PANAMA. A' -II ll.CO Wed esday. May 17. al M? tuuiu,, tin . tor Central America ami tla ? .Noiith Paclne tor rotirlii o- ujaauua at luo' "f Canal ?i.. North River. * ?*7 SULU??. .super! atendeat. MORGAN'S LINK OK ST li AMSB 1 Pa. ~ lor Now ?>iif.ins uii i Texai, u ill sail inery Saturday to Now Oilenn*. transferrin* TaxM freight thorn t.? Morgan's I.minima mnt Texaa Uail road l*M M??ru?u City, theme. per Mur^u i liueof it?iMtt?r( to T?*4l port*. Tbo XKW YoltK will sal! from ?ior 311 North Rlvir N? w York, on Saturday, May LO, at '< 1*. M? tar NewOrloaal direct. 'ilirouirli bill* ol lading sigueJ to Mobile, <ialve*ton ?nd 19 ail p i in* oit t!u* ? j.iivuaIou. liarrisburg ami 8?tn Antonio, Houston aad lox.u Central, Interuatiou ti and Great Mactii* urn, Texas and l*aoitW- and friui'OuntiuoutAl railroads. an4 to Indiauola and >*n Antonio, and all intuitu on the Oul? WtfMera Texas and Paeiflc IC tilway . linuos Santiago. Cor pu* Clirmti. Keckport. Si. Mart's and Fulton. Frelulit tor 8t. Mary's and Kniton landt?d nt Ktnskport* Idirlittmtft) and clmnuel duos at i*itlit?r Corpus Christ I or litusos >autlau'u Ht the ??xjM'n?ie and risk of cotntitfiiui'. Tnrotiirli rales to Hrownsvillo, vli ltto<irand?i KnilrtMid. Insurance can lie cHia'ted under open tioliey of C. A. WhlV ney X t'o,. Now OrUun*. Krotu New Vork to New Orleans % t>er cent; troni New York to all Texas ports via Now Of U'aiim. J, per cout. Kreifc-lit at lowest rates, ror tr^Ut or further iuforuin tion aj?ply to CIIAULK.S A. WHITNEY A CO., A?onti?. pier Hi No. th lUver. rrtix vs lime kuii u vLVhsrox. tuutmixa at icSf X West CHrryluK tli . STulliid st^tuB Iiiall.?'The naauiur SfATK OK I'i.XAS, ?'a|itaiii Lofmr. will ull on Sntiir.lur, Mar '. at -1 I*. M . limn piur "J ) Kam Itlrur. Taru'JiiU bill> uf l.nliii^ id van to *11 point, on tlio lloustoa ii ml Tax as. Central luioriutiioiial ami liruut .Nurtliaru, (>.il> vustuii, lluimtuu ami llemlamou. ami Hid <ialToaton, Harris l.iiri.' auil Suu Antonio miiroHtla. Kruiulitu mill in>nrancu at lou-uit mum. Kor freiirlit or p www. having tupurlor no BoiumiMlatloua, apply to C. II. MaLLOUY A CO., IjS Mnitii'U I mo. flOK .NEW UKI.KANS UiKKOT. "~ TtlE t.'KOM WliLL LINE. Tlio atuauilbip KMt'KKIOiU.IKEH, Capialn Kaiuhia. on tiATUUliA Y. May JO. m a u clock I*. *.. Iroro pier No. 11 Nortn Uiver. Thmuitli lillla ot Imiiuy (;i\on to Moblte and all principal pt<lut? ou the Ml*?iv<ippi Kivef. Ouliiii pa?agu, xIi'imiiko, ? ? Apply to CLAnK A SEAMAN, SO Wait it. TRAVELliEKS' OLIUfc.. A| LHANV.-l'bdl'LS'S LINE. STEAM BO ATSICfiAVl pier 41 North Utvi r, UmIIv, Siiiuiuvt exueptaJ, at t 1*. M., for Allmuy uiidall point* North and Went. tllTIZKNV LINK ?1 E AX HO ATS KOli T llO Y~A ND ALL ' puiut. Noriheuat ami Wi.t, leave dally, oxeapt Sat or ?1hv. ut U I' M., from pier 4il North Uiver. CVVT.SK1LI, t ItEKK LINK*?NEW OilAMi iu.>. ItfaS ) ilay, Thur.iiay *n<l Saturday, I'ruiu pier -IJ, Caaal M.I McMaNUS, alturnatu ilayn, Iroiu l.nroy *t.. tl I'. M. BUiX HIVEH LINK TO HOSTON, via Nenport and Tail liver. Tlio world ranownail viemnhoiit. UitlsTtJl, ami I'ltOVIDKNCE l.ava pier 'Jt North Itlvor loot of .Murray at . dally (Sunday* oxcoptodi, at ."> 1'. M. Through ticket, aold at all tha principal natal* in tha city. ? t^olt NOliWALK UIKICCI. ?KAUH It. lH OKD.-OM and alter Monday. May l.'i, the ateuuiar VMEUICL'S will leave pier 37 Kitat Uiver, foot ot Market >t.,2:13, aud I'rora loot ot !i,:d al.. at !i o'clock 1'. M.; retumiui; leave* South NurwnUc at 7-.50 A. M.. daily (Sunday excepted), connecting each way with Danliury and Norwalk and New llavon ltai? rouil*. raie :V> cent*. Kxvanion tleltate M>ewtt OI.U ESTAIlLISHKn I.INK KOK STI yvesant CAT? kill and intoriuediata laudinua.?Steamer ANDREW UAUOI'.R. Iroui Kranklln ?t. (pier.t.V, Tueaday, TUuradaa and Saturday ; atuaiuor MONITOR, Monday, Wedneedajr aal Krlday. at .Vr, M. Pennsylvania railroad. great TRUNK LINK and united states mail routs. Train* leave New York, via Deabroaooi aud UortlaaJt ?treat lorries a* fullowi:? Lxpri'.h lor llurrishur^, ritts nirc, the Weit and Santa, w ith i'ullui iu palace c*ra attached, a JtO A. S., 6 andS:30 1*. M. Sumlatr, ti and S :.H> 1*. M. Fur Willliiuiaport. Lock llaveii. Curry and Erie, at t>:30 A. M. and sao 1'. M., connecting at C'orry lor ritiuvllla, 1'etrolemii I'entre and the oil rcKiuin. Cor Haltlinure. WuabinKtuu and the South. "Ll ulted Weill In/tnu Expreai" of ruUniau parlor car* dally (exeepl Sunday). U III A. M., arrive WaahinKtou t :lo P, M. ReKU lar at S :40 A. M.. 3 aud ll K M. Sunday. 'J 1'. M. Expreaa for I'hlladelphla, 7. 7 .30. S:4u, U:3i A. M , 12:30, 3, 4, 4:1". S.U, 7. h ulo, VI P. M. aud 12 nl?bt. Sua lay,?, ti, 7, S ::<0 ami U l*. M. Kiuiicrsnt and eecoud ulaaa. 7 P. M. For train* to Newark, ElUabvth, Uahway, Princeton, Tron ton. I'erth Auiboy, Klemiunton, llelvidere aad ntber poluta. aoa local aehi'.liilee at all ticket ol!lt.'?a. Traiua arrive Kroui Pittaburic, aud 10v30 A. M. aal 10:2U P. M daily ; 10:iriA. M. and 0:*> P. M. dally, ex cept Monday, r'roin Waabiuirton aud Baltimore, U:JQ A. M.. 4:03. 5:15 and IU;ltt P.M. Sunday, U: JO A. X. I-ruin Philadelphia, 5:10, ?:J0, ti :S3. JO:l?, 11 JO. 1IJ4 A. M., ^:15, 4U5, 5:15, U:lO, ti-.iU. S:44 and IOM P. X. Suuday 5:10, tiUiO, 0 A3. 11:34 A. M? Ui30 aad lOlit P. M. Ticket oOlrea, 5'JH and 1H4 I'.roadway. No, 1 Aetor llouao, aud loot ot Ueabruaso. aud tkirtlandt atx ; No. 4 Uourtat., Brooklyn; i*u?. 114, ltd aud IIS lludeua at., Uobokea Emigrant ticavt olUco, No. 8 Battery Place. FRANK THOMSON, D. m. BOYD, Jr.. Oenarai Mauauer. Pen. Pa?cn?ar Agtaf Philadelphia via lono branch and tub New Jersey Southern Railroad.?Fare lower than by any other r mto. cnnaunciiiK May I, 1S70. Leave New York, Pier 8 North Uiver, lout Uector at.. 0:45 A, X., lot Lonic Br inch and intermediate poluta; H :4i> A X., for Pvllai di lptiia, Louk Branch, Vinelaud, Ac.; 4 P. X., lor Pbtlaiel* 6hia. Uini( Branch, Tuckerton, Ac.: U P. X., for Long ranch. Ac. \VM S. SNhliKX, lleueral M.inai^r. REMOVAL XAY 1 TO PIER 43 NORTH UIVER. FOOT ul Sprinit at.?For Uoadunt and Ktncaton, connecting with I later ami Delaware llatlrnad. lamllni; at lllchlaBa Fall* iWest Point), ('??ruwtll, Newliure, Marlboro, Milton, I'liu^hkrepeie and Fa .pua. Steamhuate THOMAS 0OB> NKI.I. leave u%ery Tuea lav, Thurtday. and Satorday: JAMKS W. B V I.I)WIN, Mund-iy. Wodaeeday, Friday, Spring at., pier 43 North River, at 4 P. M. UTONINOTON LINE EOlt BOSTON. 0 Reduction of Fare. Stemnera RHODE ISLaND and NAItRAOAKSBTT, from pier 33 North River, lout of Jay at., at 5 P. X. Providence l.lne, from pier -7 North River, loot of Park placa. Illmwhl? KLiECTRA and UALATbA. at 4 :30 P. X. rilllK ALBANY AND TltoY LINE OF DAT BOATS X will coiumuuce ruiinlDK on WEDNESDAY. May 'J4. BXCtSlIOI>, Tj^OK FXl'U lis IONS.?SALOON STB AM 11RS^ W\'(? 1 inlnir and Wlllian Cooki bersei Re-nil,lie, ChlcaKO, Baldwin, t",il<xl,,nla and Anna; Alilerney Park, Excddor. tirleutal. Cold SpriUK. Uarilan llanch and Ioaa Islana Urovee. OtQce 3S4 Weal at., oppoalte Christopher tl. Irrry. H ?. CROS8ETT. DRY <;<K>OM. i'ltaUi u< to fix ? k i uTs, I / I lanneln, ltlnnki'ta. Milrilag Linen*. Table Linen* tllnper Linen-, 'I owela, (Minelti, It, lroiu a large bauk rupt ?alo lu Ito .i' II. at v.-rv low nrlcoa. WiUMR M A I'll I.Wrt. .4 Catharine ?t. ^ MILLIKBUV ANU UlthlMMAKlKtoT' i**^L'-A.-BUd. SYKfK ? XI Ka?t 14th between Ath av. and Unlvoralt/ 1 RfHMlaltiea. Mi?-e?' and Chlhlieii ? Mllliuerr, - Ladle*' l?re?a Cap? wild Mourning Millinery. ?ART. tT^STK ASU Ki7Ki..CUM MIX ED At ? IIiim. LDXuI'II Drcnaiiklui; Ketabllebuiehl, 114 \Ve*t -.H it,: perfect fitting nu/irauieud; aaiall (jMattUM ? MtwWtlmHiillriCelT moderate. AuFVi"i,L!NKUY.-NOTH:K to ?ai;ko K t>. ?If A KM i'ILI.M v .v ol i'arin, ape it* Monday and Tueaday ? new lni|M>rtatl.iii ol linest Millinery, h renelt Chip*, Klowera. Hllki hmt I rimfiiliuoi. r?<ol\ed irum t'uatoni llouae rtatartlay. ?j:t tJth ar, near Stltb at. ilate BiebeP*) ____ C^OI.HK.N 4 Cll'rt I'AHIS MILI.INKKT. IMPORTED T Boaiiela and Hat* BIO. fi:t, #17. *.11, Wj. SlUiltfc lV,t npKtairn, between I'.Hb and 'th it*. CJtDB ANI) MtfMJ SOX PLAITIXGB DOBS BV o", while yon wail, with new improvement*, from 1 Jo 2'i Inehaa wide. by S. JOSH I'll. an Korayth at. ? BT<?it A U K. ??? ijlAUl.K afORAlJfc WARKIIOl'llHfl .-U.Vt<CkPA>l>?tffl li for sul'u keeping of Kuimture and *ood* of every Mill ?cptrat'i enni part menu; clean ami orderly; low rat a. |M |W West >t.ld at., i.lie ilour weal ofOtli ' HAKQBR'B WAKKIiOl riKS. Bill AV.. KUOM USD TO ;<4ib at*.-The obtunt, low rat In rate, nioet exteualri ana reliable eatablUbmant In the bnalneea; storage fur fur Dilute, bag.aire. *omla and warea ul over* deaerlptlon, II ?rpai-Hio cTuaed ronpiirtm. nlt, naina aa If In ? private reel deacu; alwi?>? aeve?>ible: the night patrol race We gooda at all bear*. OBtre on ;t4th at. -pORTINUtON'H HTOKAOK WAKKROOtt*. Ml UCD> J. wa at., tur kurnlture, I'laiioa, Irunka, Aa, In wamta rooms. < HAltl.K.x H. BOHDK. proprietor. STOKAOK FOR PUR.MTUBX, 1'IA.Mori, BAUUAUIL Ac. ; aeiiarate rooiut; lowest ratea; every coovonieoeol elevator; watchman. MlCMAltB* * HON, MM 4S Oef uierce at., near llleei ker. OTOUAUK kUK kX K.MTl UK, CAKRLAUB AXD Mb8 cbaudlae. SMl'lli A HtLLifi. I'rooiietora, ^ a Mu at. 7SO and 7oi ntli av. and 347 Waet 1 lllliLlAHlM. , \ MKHICAN' HTAS'DARl) HfeVBL BfLLfARD fXBLVB, J\ with Ualaney'a wire cuaaioa*. lately aegd Is ail ahal' Binahla and taatcli pa?>; eeoond hand Tablet a* great rgalua. \V.1I. UlttKKlTH A CO . #? Veeayat. AUUliK ARHORTMBNT OK NBW AXO HKCOHO baud Milliard Tablea, with the new eh alien ?e enahlaal the CO! dad edge perfected, at low prieoa. U Uht.'KKU A CO.. corner Caaal and t'aatreata (lOLLBXPKR'rt HTtNUAHD AXBRICAlf BBTBt J llllllatd Tablea. with the ralahrated Pbeian A Oellaadet romUaatloa enahlnni, Cur tale la tbla city only at DM Bread wajr ______ litlTB BIL.LIABO TABL.KS AT At'??TIOB-TH? OAt r II o'clock, at *J7 Mb at., hy B. JtLBHBAim, Aao tioueer. ________ X+: NBW BILLIARD TABLB. 4X*. OABTBDUKM cheap for caali at VIana Warviomna 'illl IVtBBMfc UK.M'll C'|U. HKT or TKftTII MaOR n. TgRBB ?0<?lfc &W Weat Btth at., betwyn ?tli and 7th aaf., fa t war. a pedal aaeabanljal deati^c pearl, whalehene raaher, |?W r""" ~ Kegulatora. Ac. Take irreea ea tlBAUTi ru C Alh I MCI At rilBTii. f4: bh i) wartaated ;Mivar 4U>itaa, W r giwi>?wi8k,tw? ittifeM.11 0 A

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