Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1876 Page 2
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CITY RE1L ESTATB TOR HALE._ ? C entml. (CHOICE CORNER UKs ON MADISON AV ?THE J northwest corner of M?dis4?a av, and 7r>th ?t . 27 2x95; nr;*e, ; aIv. Oh* southeast corner, ifH,H*100; price, $ltf,Sul; the?e tots have been recently bouxt't in under lore clonure of mortgage. and are offered fur sale at ths actual cowl to the company ; the whole purchase money may remain on bond and Mortgage for Ave year* ut fire | er cent p?*r an num if the property it improved satisfactorily Apply to J C. CLINTON, 56 liberty ni, CtdtfME AKO LOT, SM MXU ON tiflH "5C SLA ft / 4tU ?*,, cuoap. l'aymeuti anv wav . SAM I hL KlU'ATRlCK, 340 3d av. FOU hALK^tiKAlilKUL~KOl*It s%ToKY RES IDEN CE. MJth ?t , between 5ib and *Hh av?.; bargain. TIMP.SON A PKtT, 1.48M Broadway, near 4 ith ?t- __ TWo BPLENPIDLY LOCATED MADISON AV. LUW excavated and sewered, with loan; or exchange lor small. cheico Country Place Owner mean* business. fi A M I K L EI LP AT RICK. ad av <?l i* ildll ONLY A THREE STORY HIGH "U'* sI?k?j? lloux.', J *tory extension. 25 teet trout. 15th >t , near 5th av. ; a treat bargain. OGDEN A CLARK, Broadway and 17m st. Ka*it side. A BAKE 0IIA NOB.OR SALE, CHOICE BUILDING Lot*. lMOxim. on n. s. 5.'Ui ?t., between l>exinu'ton and 4th ivk ; alto 1<*J*HU, #. e. corner <T?2d st. and 4th av. ; alao HOxlUO feet, on n. ?. '?2d nt., between Lexington and 4th ava.; liberal urr-n ? inenl* made with responsible builders. STEIN t% AY A sOXs, Steinway Hall, New York. | W Ml ?A NOTIIER ONE OK TH<?sk CHEAP qp?.J9 v/1/v', Homes in Il.trleni. east vide: good house: fuil lot. Apply to V. T. HEKVEY, cotuer let av. aud 113th at. 31 iarol laneott*. CMJEAP.-ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE. FUR. J nUhfd; four storied; good location; $15,0 0; half eaih. Address OWNhH, box 156 Herald Uptown Branch oioe. PUOPEUTY OUT OF TIU?) 1 I I V FOR SALE OR TO liSKT. A?IIARtiAlNS?TWO STORY COTTAGE. ONE ACRE: ? Une view of the ?>ceau; tiaret?on station, StattB twiaud Railroad ; coat sell lor hull mortgage. S. K. HK1CK, Mapletou. S. 1. T NEW" BRIGHTON -TO RENT. V ILL AH, KIR uisbed aud uuinrni*hed. all modern improvements; rardeus and stallies: adapted to merchants' residences; location unexceptionable ; low reuts. IIAIUHNG, H roadway. AT A. T. STEWART* OARDEN CiTY~ LL lo let. several elegant and convenient Dwelling*, fitted for wintrr and summer residencoH, with all the uioueru io) pi-<ivemeut?, gardens, Ac. Kents from to $1,000 per annum. Apply t<> W. 11. UlNSDALk. Manager, at ollice, adjacent to railroad station. If mTCKoN.-COTTA(Vk" V4 HOOK8, 8HA 1>K. 1 minutes Irom dep<?i, lor rout by J. I1KN *Y JOIIN A ft).. Morrihtown, N J. KLUiilTFUL COUNTRY REHIDbNCE FOR HALE ? A bargain, or to let unusually low. nt Kingston IJot^hts, N. J. Apply on thu premises to t'. SHKl'ARD. HALE?A SXALL K^HM ABOUT KINE ACKK?, at l allmaim depot, near .suffernx, Rockland county, N. Y.; with dwelltui; tiousu, i;'anary. and lar^e greenhouse in workiiiK order, fowls, Ac.; healthy location; land ^c?od; tuitable lor truck businesw or country residenco ; $3.25(); can have posaeasiou immediately. Address JAMES MLR1UTT, Tallinans, N. Y. f^OR ~SALE?A(i R1CU LTU RAL A N O mTnK K A L Lands, very cheap. For exchange, Texas Land uud ca?h for (ioods of any deseriptiou. Address J. 1., iieraid Philadelphia Branch ofliee. lilOK SALK~O C TO LET?AT GREENFIELD MILL, 1? Conn., a heautitul Country Seat, with six acres of Land and Outhuiidltifr*. all iu perfect order; the Iiouko overlooks the >ound, is newly painted and turnished; rent moderate Apply for turther particulars to LOUIS MhSILK, 74 Cedar st., .New York. ]ONO BRANCH -TO LKT, THE UVBKY STABLES, J Billiard Room aud throe Stands, suitable for lancy K^ods, of the Ocean Hotel, open June 1, 187??. CHARLES A WaKRKN LELAND, Managers. LaINTIKLI). '-THIRTEEN ROOM HOUSE, FIR lushed or un'urnished, stanle, gas, garden planted; very low. 40 East 35th st. SOUTH ORANOK, N. JM NEAR 0BFOT?A 12 ROOH House with the modern improvements; line garden, over an acre, with rustic summer house, barn; heautitul view of the mountain ; unfurnished, furnished, $1,UJU Apply to HAMILTON A WALLIS, a<) Pine St. UK-Vl' KSTATE TO BXCHAMel. A?HOUsg aSu SfASLh IS~r W t.NTY-TII Iltl) ? ward to ?xckntiKe for villu.o Uou?o or I.otn, Iroo and clmr, nnurby, Irom to iKi.UUU. Adilreu J. BKKCO.N, Humid Uptown Ilraucli oflieo. EuitfiiT'AND "COUNTKV KKATS VAMTBO?IS KX JL rhanife lor New York or Hrooklyn l'rop?rty. M. J. rtlRtiK.s, 7& tad 77 Nuhiu at., r..ou> IB, IpOL'K DKSIKABLY LOCATED TKNKMfc.NTS. KENT iiiE for $9.rxx) per annuiu, lor >?le or pxcIihii^o lor luhnrbun lm[<rovod Property. A. HLOMyi. Iri'l', 15U I Nassau ?t. rri) K.XCllANGE FOIl A PRIVATE HOUSE IN THU I X city not ton heavily mnrtpaged, oue ol tho tlai-at He?i- I deiieci in the city of ICoclxiHtur, uueiiouiubered. Addreu, with foil ptrtleulara, UltoKEK, Herald oOlce. SC nnJl ?KIR 8ALB OK EXCHANGE FOB NEW fUtvl/u. York I'roperty, s liuo Country Kestili-iu'e, with JO l.nt? in New Jersey. ^5 miles froui Now \ork, nrar the depot, in splendid location. Apply to UEO. KELLEU, So 6 I>elancer at. w RJSAX ESTATE WASTED. fANTKO-A COOI) K A KM. KOH 1,I(!HTLY" MOKT e?l(ed puvatc house in New York City I house lu York I'lty. I'AIL P. lODl), 145 BROADWAY. to Let fou iaesiwKaS ihhposks "1J ?NNkTT SUlCblNO. 13 Fireproof. Located on, Ann and Fulton >ta. Kirtt Floor to let, suitable for bunkeni, iuaarauce ofllcea or lawyers. Will be let together or In parts; be altered to suit tcuanta if deaired; adapted lor offices or atoraa. Keaaonable reins Also tome ollciMo I.sw Ollicea to let. APPLY ON THE I'KEMISEH. Take tha elevator. Inquire for jnuitor. A~ nW I'KSIkTaHI, STOKES*" TO BENT WllTl poivwasion, on llroadvay, Htlt and 3d ava.; rents low to good parties. TIMI'SON .t I'EET, 1,4^ Broadway, near 44tli t.t. LAGER 'BEfcK 8AI^OON A.NDltbfsTAVKANT TO let?JO ) ears e?tabli?hcd. Frankfort Uouae, 2M Wilt win ft. \ IIAKUOON TO LET -ALL Ht;SlNESS7>F HOTEL; | .1 Hronklyu lerry. Fraukfort llousu. William it., ? Ki u Vork. Blacksmith \m> wiikkhvuicht shop-and I Stables to rent low; brick buildinx No. ll? Vestry st.; j room tor carriages on tirst floor; 1- stalls iu basement. JAMhS PRICE, *J0 Uodeou st. Sine Larue room, aoxaa pour windows? fihht A Moor, on Hroudway, near HOth st. Huituhle lor iiiilliuer, I ^Iressuiaker, barber, Ac.; rent $7 - per month; small Offices } lame building, $H. HARNEH, 1,315 Broadaay. IJUMT Mi' T-on VARICIC, NEAR CAKAL ST., TO rent ; hi>fh cellinir. Unlit ou throe sides; low rent. Also Lrst Loft, corner Canal st. uud Soitth r?th av.. and others. J A M ES VHICE, 1KX> 11 ud?t>u st. J AMI SToRS TO RKMT?ON ifffi IV.. NEAR 4SD J st.; sir.e, 20x75; plate lront; immediate posses* lion , rent, TIMP8UN A PBBT, 1,4m Bro>dfiy, hit 44th t. PLENDID LOFTS to LKT?ON MEEK MAN StT. tlirouuh to spruce st, near new Post office; fine lijjht; ! intrauce aud boistway on each street: power can be had ,) A M 1 > PRICE, 201 Hudson *t rpo U I K riRHT CLASS CIGAR STORE] NKWLV A fitted, 1^251 Broadwi) W56 LKT STORB, WITH PLATE GLASS FRONT. 079 1 3d av , for many years a dry iroods business. Inquire of ( iwuor on the premise*, first 11. or. 'IV' RBM STORE iND DWELLING ON WBST 1 Bioatlway. near Canal st.; oxeelleut location tor wire work or any ornamental mechanical oecupation JAMES PRICK, Hudson st. i O RENT-1 in; SORE AND DWELLING NO 504 STH av. ; also More No. 142 West 3Uth st. Apply tu D. L I janes, n vhjmiii av. tyWELllN (i IIOUMES TO L.k'1. ! "I Karatsiti'd." " I ASACUIFICK.? a COSEY LITTLE BROWN STONE English ba.em ot freshly paiuto<l, with or without liuadavio* caroets, mirrors ami i;,i. fixtures, to let ou W est k2d ?t., near llroadway. Owner. 2>t East 'JJd st A NICE IIODSE- THKEB HTORT MIt.II SIOOI- \N I? J1 basement, or two floors, (uriilshed ur uuluruished. 1U*> Weal liitli st A Ft IINISHED IIOl >E TO KENT-NO 223 WEST 34tli st., four story brown stone English basement; paly SCO par mouth. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 1D7 West 23.! st. I~TURN t.Ml ED FOt'K STORY 1I1CH sloop KROWV atone h?uso. 2".'x.,>.,\* IO4'.*th st between .'.th an>l ?ib av*.; rent $.'60 iuoiiiIu TIMI'SON A' I'EET. 1.4SH Broadway, near 44th st. I III It I ol-lieil AT VERY LOW P.KNT AN EI.F.CANT BRoWV STONE Mansion, on Kid iti, neir Madison av. Permits fium BcOAFFERrV A 111 rcilMA.N, ?SO -'.tU av., Ut tween61st tnd i.'il sts FIRST CLASS FOl'K STORV BHllW.N STONE kFIR llou AIIOt'SK TO LET f2? W A> III Nt; I ON MJCAUE* southwest coiner Wavvrley place. 14 rooms. B^HAKUAlN.- IIANDM'V 1 rilUEF STO!:V llliill stoop brown stone House, ll^tlOO; ininiediate pt?s lesaiou locatleii up town, near Park rent *7'1 >. TIMPSON A PEl-.T, l,4ss Hroada-ay, near 44lh ?t. CThe a pes r rents in new hi:;i. i .?:<:? m . he tween ?>th anil 7th ?vs-Three new. elegant four story brown stone Houses, every linpro. enieui. l*icludinf yst flx lures of the latest patterns, will be rented t?. desirable partia. at $MX> |>er tear, and t?so lesrs' lease if desired; inly live itri' salt from thu deprt and ten MlmM from 42d at . ears every (ft luluntea. Ca i be seen at ali hours af the day. Particulars at oXce of f'OJU Ll; A CO., M av. t~T?nup rentsT-on wkkt 220 st..~\ ~nmows ? J atone fout story V.anlisb l usen.en.. |l,ts*l; M est 21st ?t, ? at il?t st, |l,lk<>, rertted last year :or (2,400. and other, veiy low. .IAVII..-S K. 1 1".\ M:l >. III? West ISd ?t UKEB VtoKT. B %SKME> I ."llltill -TOOP HiSOWS ?tone llonse, lu pei faet order. No. Sh>i H e.t 42*1 sl , be* tween Broads sy a id Stb av ; urmi In a<??(dauce with the timaa. Apply on tbe premises. rRENT THI. I.AKOF \ N .> ?'< \l M. 11| ? > I?v, ( | I, Inc So 12 Huberts!., aear Hudsoa; 11* ro*>rcs; all im provementB. In gw?4 order, excellent !oc.:t?oit toy tevptfet* able boarding house, moderate rent. JAMKS lUtlCE. 20> Hud- n it. Yf*fvn<i*U*i> TU REE AND V"oL*R STOi-l V tlOt V/ to rent, centrally U4#ted, from to #?.<>,?<?. TIMPSON A PK , I.4h? Hroadwsy, fif^r 44th st. Fl'KMSIIKL) llt>OJM> AMI APAKTUEkTg 'I'O LET. 2"~ra?ofi.'VrSMsiiTftn from nmni to'i,*t ro ? tie or two gentlemen Inquire at 121> 4th av , lu store. A"*' BIO KEY Fl Its ijalll.O in?OM ro I.hi. Bt A Wtl vat* family Inquire at 2I'J East 11th st. 'iff' PER WEEK-A II VNDxtJIH.^ HRM-IIIH lront Roam to let. lu private ncwa? .H 4 Eat *1li st., near '24 av suitable loi renilcin in .no wile or tw.. geoile meu . water, ?aa aud bath i*t>M MoOl i tjif r'LO INI-? LY ;i;;NI-IIKIi. en s.ute r Marly, Without "an.; lelt lor the rit.lil partiae . rate'ernes. 2:46 Ea.t i*tU at. jrfVS I.AKOE iilHiU 'Villi AMI NOA>01 OF _ eloeet room, will he ranted lurniatod, m a |.risate la.olly . p#lrlleii? of Uffht Uoaaekeeplnir. 217 W eat lath st. i i-BiVAtS family "wTll" let" aTiandsome, A itaely far>1 shed baek Parlor ta oaa or two fentlaatvo ?w?7l *Mt ?M* Hart aoaeaaiaat. he. KM Wee* 34Ui H. A A FURNISHED ROOMS AND APART mm TO L.KT. tfitfHWTMifl kli;.vi>iih> I.aROR parlor mil Bedroom every convenience. kr , lo _ ull?w : t#r*nk faat It desired; rdtnacti |i(?u Mil ri quired. 40 Weft '_'tJth at. E-IRABLK FI'!:.NISHKD~ROOM TO LKT. NO. HO Utiiumw ?v, Vi.M'AX I LY HKXISUUU tSOOND #5LOOR. P1KR Xj A ?.. or t?i. Room? on third; term* low. 330 ?Vest 33d at . bnween t*th andkHh avs. piKST AXtV ">ia:uSl)~rLo<?HK-Bu5uAJfTLY KL-R 1 ni>h*d Itouma, to Keutienien. la the private buuto M M ill 2<lh it A I) BiVJit HO l'8fe.K K Kl'I NO.? KL UN IS 11KD ROOMS $5 50 to t" per weak; hall Koomi. lor ladies or gentlemen. ?HWenSdil FjU'iixisiii:i) yi usr * look. "Si:n able 1-or pht axuan or otherwise; clooets, hot, cold water; floor. 77 hast lOth H FpUKXISUfcD PARI.OR8. CONNECTING. AND ?nuare Rooms, private house 37 East UUtli at; no boarders; linu?e newlv furstuhed. IjU'RNlSIIKIl Komb TO LKT?IN A SMALL MI v?t? American family; choice location; i?f?rani-ei 'dtXi Kail 1-th ?t. HaTjdsomVlt purnTsiSQTroomh"witii m>>u ern cimntlmii. to lot; tvrma moderate; good locw tiou. No. BSt. Mark'a plaee. VXIMOMKLY KUKXISliED ROOMS-PRICE, *3 TO $12; Hut* and small Houms. A. UAILK\. tfcW lltli ar T.N A KTKIt-TLY PRIVATE FAMILY?TWO BLR 1 i?*ntly furnished Roumi on weond floor, with all possi ble i-oiivooiei-cies. 210 2d ar., near 13th at. IAittiE seCono stokyVkoxt iuto>T wifinTAll J Room. tinely furnished. without board, t? two pentle tii' ti or tiiMHlriiian aud wife. l,."*io Broadway, between 40th anil V?th sts. VO. 7~WEST 30TH Vt.?VERY DEHIUAHLE Kt'R i' nlshed Apartments to rent, without board, to aiujfle ireutleiucn. IJAIU.OK FI.OOK?ii ANUSOMKI.Y Kl'RNHIl K[i"Tk*L- | e^anl r?*Hid- life, 46th it, n?.?r *i?i av. ; cheap to a cm all family; pcMM>n?ion. M INZ8S11 i, IM K ii. 9tSl 3d a v. 'J10 i7trr-KUHNI8IIED KOO"Ms7~5MliAST I lTU~In\ j rpo list-Ki~anTsTiku" rooms"wju HorsKKBEP- | X Inr, parlor floor, lour room*; also Rooms for honsekeep- ; log. #1 and fftper week; ?>, fx and $? 3<> per week; ni'W furniture. Xo. 3 ?J Wot Situ >1. A HLKA8ANT KI'RXISIIkU ROOMS TO LKT?IX?N X vonient lur litrlit houvrkccpntjt; wnier and Kai; bath room on the sunt' floor; 4>10uw?ak 1 :i t Wot Itilhst. rcTii a v.. xk uThiTCns wh; k.?h a n dso m e i.y '* anil u -wly turuinliad Rooms, without board, for iieutlo m< it; lamily privalr. .?Til Xv~ si). M.? rtkcoNu kI.odk ok skvks ?' Rooms to lui: CI? fuitc or J3*; *Ko other Kuomi. MohU by the day or w?*<?k ; p< r:nuiteiit or irtkiittiout. rrv"A?l0k ^LACK.?PLHAaiANT KUKJSI8HKD i' Koorn* tor getit lemon or lu'hv bouBekecpiu^. 1A KA8T 3HTII ST.. BKTVTKK.V 5ti! AND MADIHO.V I" uvh. ? Neu'lv puintoti .4ml hiruUhetl throughout, hnu<l* Rome Uooru?% witit all coii\?ulei?c??; bath on each Hour; r?f? encet. 1 1 I H sT.,~^"o WB8T^-A yBVr"h LK(i A NtTyKC H I ' r nisbeti llootiif. Ill a itrictly private lannly, terms lo* ; location tirst cmhah. /* j Whsr v.m st.-ri"asLsuKiTuuoMd. wTriT Ut out board. A () WKST 'J6MI ST., IIETWKBN BKO VDWAY A.VD' 1 ?J *itl? hv.?A irontlfiiiaii an<l wife c*n have Becond Floor. Iiutidhoiuely furiiiuhod. In private hoiue; reference. v>ll w 34TH ST ?IN X VR1VATK KKENCh, ? 11 family, a suit of IUkuuh elegantly luruinhed. d(\~\ C,[{1 AV nasr floor.?a largk kkont I VJtJ I'arlor a?id Bedroom, turuiuued; would let for bu?i* nem. Seen any time. imi WKST 22D ST., BETWKK.V HTfl AND IOTII Xi U ftVH.?TSaro Room*, furnished, suitable tor houee keeping or (;outleineti; terjnti moderate. INFIUMSHKI) UOO.US AXU "APART MKJVTS TO LKT. -tV? West 'IIHh St., at reduced rate*: corner houac. A ?LOWER Fart of two hodskb TO lrt: A> Irout Mini buck i>nrlor?, oxtenslon bedroom, front and back baaement) lial! Kedrooiu on necoad tioor: ens fixture!, bath, natienury tub*., wurdrolie, Ac. ; f C) and per muntli. 1?> SmI 61st ?t.. lieur L|||(WIM hv. Flats to rent?containing ?, 7 and 8 rooms nud bath, with all convenlencaa. ou 3d, Oth. 8th ava. and Broadway ; uNn Kints on hide Ktrects. in frood locations. TIMl'SON & l'EET, l,48H Broadwitv, near 44th Kt. 13REROU FLATS?BB8T TO Hi:" HAD OFF ftTH AV. Apply tojanitor, 74 Wost &3d at. IjioUR NICE, LAROE, LIOUT, AIRY ROOMS, WITH cloNeta, bath iiicluaive; tront Basement, latKO cautry, uaah room; separate meter. 114 Eaxt 11th St., near 4th av. 0 NK Oil TWO FLOORS?ALSO FURNISHED ROOM' to let; rent low; private bbuso. No. 330 Ea>l 07tli it. I>AKLOR FLOOR AND K ASKM ENT, PRIVATE h misc. with all improvement* and conveuioace*. Ull) East -Mtli at., near 3d av. rpo LET-TO A FAMILY OK TWO ADULTS, THE J. Second Story of browu stone huuio No. 43U Went 43d si with '--in, hoi air mid water; rent moderate. Apply ou the premines. To LKT?IN A MOWN '8TO.NE HOUSE, 3lT WKST Mnli ?t.. a beautifUl Second Kloor and two Room* on third: rent$3"i per month. rpo LET?THIRD FLOOR. 7 L.VU>? 1'. K UI\IS; I'ER i feet order ; water and bh?; reiit$JS; owucr ru?ide? on premise*. 4'Jt> Wost 35th st. fro let?-"nIE jsEcond" oit~i"ni ui? keook, five X rooms, a<i:i East 10th st. *, rent and $23. rpo LET?AN ICE SECOND FLOOR IN A~PRIVATE house. 148 rait Broadway. rpo LKT?TWO CHARMING FLOORS OF A FINE 1. private timw, wtth improvement*, together or iu t.srts; quiet neighborhood. Inquire ut 404 wtli St., near 1st UT. rpo LET? FIRST FLOOR OF FIVE ROOM8; ALL J 21ulit and iu Kood order; va*. water closet*, Ac. SOI BBi a*., corner ol 3Ulh *i. ilOAKDEHS WAXTKD. ~ ISM A I.I. FAMILY Oi' ADULTS OR GENTLEMAN ami wife ean be Mccomiundated in a private family, with Kourd and Room*; all home comfort*. Call or addrn* No. l.V West 2Jd *t. 1? ELEUANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD. AT MODERATE ? rates. llwWaverloy I'late, near Waahin.'ton *(|uare. 1 Front ?o >m! $i>; hack, $i:?: parlouroomsI nicely fnrmnlied, piano, very low; hall Room*; day boarder*. T.'S West -VUi \t.. nour Broadway. isr HOUSE STCVVKHANT 1* A RE, S15 K AST iwii J >t.?Handsomely furnished Rooms, with excellent table, lor lew select boarder*; spleudid neighborhood. 0 BLOCKS FROM HROADWAY ?L A ROE FRONT and hall Boom* to let, with first clan Board. Ill Halt 4th it. (J. I tTT?nHoARI>, Wn'll MCE ROOMS; ACCOM*. i?T rood* lions lor two gentlemen; also two laoie*; anil a fiii4*ll Room, suitable lor couple, terra* SlO, with Board; free use of nauo. 3"i3 West 3.ith *t. /TTII "aV. -DESIRABLE APARTM RNT8. SINGLY 1) or en suite, with or without Board ; reference*. -Til A v., 341 MRS. S KA V K Rl. -PARLOR ANI) BED ? ' rooms, nit!i or without private table, or without board; First mid Second Floor*, as above, from May 1. -ill v\ . so in. KLEUANT ROOMS, HANl>?OMEI,Y ?) lurnUlied, eu *uite or singly, to let. In this well lightod ?mil ventilated crner house, with or without Board ; *utu rner price*. (js r AND in PER WEEK -DESIRABLE ROOMS. *?') with Board ; oN Writ IHtli st.; reference*. ii kam ;ti>r si., m twees mai>isos\vsd I.IH 1 1 hv*.?Handsomely furniihod Room*, with lirst ulaaa V rctieli table. Reference*. i?) Park av -demrm,i,k large" and small 1 ? ) Rooms, handsomel) lurni*hed, eu ?uite or leparateiy, with Board; references. II 111 MT.?OWNER OF Xff west. WILL rest i splendidly furnished Rooms, with or without Board; reference* exchanged. 14.T1I ST., WKST, 33, 35. 37 (KEPT BY AN ENGLISH A f lady). ?Rooms, with Board, permanent or transient; house and aeeommodiitions first el***. 1 I Til SI., i"i7 WKST.?HANDSoMF. Syl'A E ROOM I I en lliinl thiol. neatly fitted ; nihstantial table; term* reasonable; one squitre Room on fourth floor, lor gentlemen. "1 I Til ST.. 11? WEST.-WITH BOARD, ROOMS.ToVt II iamllie* on ihe second floor; also hall Room*, for yriilletueu ; terms very moderate. 1 .-Til ST.. FACING STUYVESANT FaRK.~SM 1 ? ) East Extra laige hall Booms; large Room* Tor lain iliei; all improvement*; with Board; rvierencei. *> I WKST j?? ST.. OPPOSITE FIFTH AVENUE _ I Hotel.?Large airy suit* and single Rooms, with Board and attendance . moderate summer pi lees; reference. ?)/; WEST 1/7TH ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.-TO LET. ?.< ) with Board, a nratlv furnished suit of Booms on sec nil floor, with private batb, suitable for a family or single gentlemen 4)7 WESI MTU ST. HANDSOMELY'FURNISHED __ | Kooms to let. first class Board, suitaole lor gen tlrmen and their wive* or parties uf siugle geulleuiou; relerenee* required. ? >?) WEST 33D ST.-IIaNDSOMK SI'IIS AND SIN Ot' ele Rimuiis, superior Board, pertnantut or transieut; summer urice*. ? > I I.ASl 3D HT.. SI. tP. jd"aY ?TO LKT IN l'IU ?? r ?at>* family, iari-e Rooms, well furnished, with or witllont Boaid, at \ory moderate term* ? ?7 west jfrri: ?: . near col&vad bovh.1 ? ) | Suits of Apaitu.euts iw second floor, with superior Boat* | (| i v l -J ti >i. NEAR BBOADWAY.?TO LET, 'I '' ?lili Board, lar^e and siuail Rooms; dav boailUr* accommodated. is) WEST iMTll ST. ?BEAUTIFUL l.ABOE ROOM4 '1 _i en suite er*ingly. with or without Board; a Second > mor, anfurnU.ied. very cheap; lo< atiou unsurpassed, u?ar Ht. James atiu Madison souaie ii UK*<T 24TH .^T.-Nri*KLV >TRJU8HKD ROOMH, %>tth ; lundrrAio tvruit; burnt cotufuru; rc.'?-r .)?> urii sr. BE'! W hEN HROADWAY AND I'M rurally place. ?Firat claas French Board; Koom-eu te or u?tli, for leuaihes or single geutleairii; reference* ?j w j.'rn vr. between .*>th \ni> sir 'lav, Mrs i'L.SNINuToX naa n cely furnished Ro :n* fsinmes smt gentlemen, table unexceptionable; also .le Hoard. >7 East ?i111~sV.. BKTWKKN irU A.VD LEX ? I m.tou at*. ? Elei;sut Room*, with or without Hoard. 11) ? ) WKST 14TII HT.?TO IsKT, WITH NOAKP. IX w f-m iy, 1 or + hatidtoroth !urnia>lie4 18U ELM M . SE \It BROOME. ?FURMSIIF.O K. o i.i, i.', (.1, $4 p?r week, also Uoaid; Aiuericia *>| I |*f,T JTTI1 tit. (8TCYvKRaNT PaMU.? ? * ^ Sicely fiH nsIied II*: mi. or without Board; lr.4ii.ient or pMMMMM; terms Mr rammer moderate, ref WEST ?<rH dT. ? IIA > dVoM ELYFU RK lull ED Kl>. nM, with Board, at rea*i>nal>l* rai?> 211 ?> I ? > WEST _-i?T 11 ST?PARLOR ASD SECOND ? lis) Moor, furauhed. villi or without Mos-d, tuitabie for ligt-.l h luseaeopnig. :n the house of a widow lady , term* eery iow. ? )W -1 -11 NEAR -sr ri AV -h, i,>. r, OiO furuithed tor honsekeepln^, Firet and Second Floor*; ?i*o Room*, with or without Ko>r4 Cull ail the weufe. BOARDERS HABTKD. ?)1j_ sir a'?"-lako6"axu smal? koom.Oel? OlT gantly foroiehed, to let, with firat dM Board. to mari-lfed am! iWilti 090 ~W KST 5wiK^MiH3iPWWa 0_0 or four gentlemen can have good Board; house liaa ali modern improvement*; within half a block of Elevated Hal Iroad. 1 (Wt *8*' -3" ST. ?TO LEI. WITH Sl'KKBlOE t"U Board, extra atae large and small Kwimt, with large ci**ete; every convenience: near hlevated Railway. 1j|*m Fink gr. philadelpbia.?i?oi>gixq; ? UOU Board if des.rwd, $2 a da.r ; French family. A. BEi ivER, PUTAtl fAHILI HAVj Mi pro HALL BkD room* handsome I) furnished would let them 10 gentle tuea. vrith Am clan* Board. Only those riving wod requiring unexceptional reference* need address It. O.. Herald oQlce. "I Few haxTTsomklyTihnihiTkiTroomk, with A or without Board, in a private family. 145 Woat 47th at., near t.tb a*. XTKWLY VVRXISHED BOOMS TO~L~BT BY THE DaY i.1 or week, with or without Board, In a central part of I'hiladeipbia. Car* to the Centennial ground* p iu tb door every five niiuute*. Addrea* Mr*. C. C. COB I A, No. 1.125 Aecli it.. Philadelphia. __ IIO TKLS. _ A SHELL'S WRKISiirituMAX axB electric bath*. 1 Lexington av.: day und night; Indie* day auu eveniug; pleaaaut room*. excellent tAble. A ll "light SINGLE ROOMS at the new EXCJ V land Hotel, 3J Bowery; lodginua, SOe. nightly; $3 weakly : for 111011 only. Always o'pkn^-Vrankkokt house, corNER op I- ranklort ami William >U ; 250 rooms ; 36c.. SOc.. $1; gentlemen: laiuilioa. CIITV HOTKL. BROADWAY ~ASP~ 8TH sT.?SINGLE / Room*. $3 per week and upward; family Room*. SB; table board, >? per week. CT. tiEKM aTxTStiF AV., 21D ST.. BROADWAY.?UN 0 surpassed location ; Rooms, all front, with Board, $J to ?? per day; European plan lens; elevator, baths. Ac. WM. G. TliMfUNH, Proprietor. ~~ COl'M'llV BOA ilL>. ~ >0 A RD~ W A X IK I>-( JjO K RSKY 01TY ~0 U II Mil! K!* > Heights, with plain family, lor lady, two cbildien and mirut (husband ut moals Sunday" . all summer; state low e?l tern? per mouth. Address HOME COMKoltTS. Herald oltieo. (SoUXTrFBOARD?OOOD~LOCArfox7 NEAR' t~Af3 J kill Mountain*; uuod table; line drive*; term* 9^ par week . reduction to families. Kor particular* addreu Mr*. ALIOS lk)4III PI, bo\ 40i Poet olhco, Saugwrties, X. Y. C" lOUXTRY BOARD"5AXTEU?KOR POCR ADULTS; ) largo, airy ruiiiiia, with fire place*; no other boarder*; (tabling lor two borne*; location healthy and good livliiL-lu dmp-'iixablo, lor which a liberal price will be paid. Addrou ?S. S. 1., Herald 1 ptowu Branch uHiuo, TX WEsiTlMIKSTfcR'^T'OUSTY. ' WITHIM M OK MILE 1 ol depot, % hour to New York; hou*e Ur?t cla**; Hoard unexcepliBMable; plenty of milk and vegetable*; aim br<t ulttahiing for bor*o* If required. Addreu H., box 4,01U New York Pout oifice. ? SIM kitK H() A HI) PUK KAMIL1IB, WITH UIHU dreu, at Middletowu, Orange county; bouso nloaaantly located; largo yard, Suely aliaded. luouiro of U. U. K1M B/tLL, -1 Park row, room i'2. OWmERLAXO OK AMRltlCA.?CHARMIXO 8I'M O mer re*ort at Lake llopatcoiig, X J.; llHbing. boating, carriage*. <u<ldlr hor*ea; term* moderate; ail language* apokeil. Addrea* J. C. J AVNK, '.\ oodport. Mom* Co., X. J. ~\\T AXTh.D?A YOUXQ SIAX FROM WKfiT INDIES TT with am\ll reaourcei wikhee to find Board Is the coun try with an American family whore, making hiiuaelf uwlul doing light Work, he could get a very cheap accoinnioaatiuu ami Kugliah le??oii*: rolerencea exebauged If rci|hirnd. Addre**, with payment expected. Mr. UaSTOX, 14 Allen *!., New York. ?WSQKBJK ltKsoitTi. ~ HofSE-IEbfHtRKC'Bl) PAItlcI :?* fflStrfSS KROM New York. 30 roonif, new and complete, for reut or *ate. !<? K. STKWAKT, HI CoiJar at. HOTEL PKXIMORE. COOPBRSTOW.V, X. Y^ will open for tlie aeMon June 15. Thl* honae is new und contain* all modern liuprovenieut* and convenience*; Room* and Board m.iy be *ueured at W. 11. Baremore'*, No. .190 5111 av., corucr3tlth St., Now York, whero plan* ol the hou*e can be examined, or by letter MdreMcd to WILLIAM II. HOWARD. Manager, Cooperate wit, N. Y. PA vi LI ox TTotFiZ x"e w brightcIi. state X laland. X. Y., opena Monday. May 15; reduced rate* through May and June. Call ou or addrea* It. K. COLE. S"Trixo HOUSE, Kichfleld Spring!, X. Y., open* June 2. Reputation un*urpa**eil by any sliuilnr eatalilialiment in the united State*. Terms for Juno. tl.*>u>$l'4 a week. Hbt umatiant, gout, neuralglit and dyapepala positively cured by the water* and not aulpuur bath*. T. R. PROCTOR, of llagg'w Hotel. Utlca, X. Y? owner and proprietor. ~?XL"K 3 AT AtCTIUS. Auction b vle op mauxikicext liousisuoLb*"" Knruitnre. property of E. tJ<y. Eau., to be held THIS (Monday) MORMNU. commencing nt 111 o'clock, at the elegant live story brown Hour mamlon, No. 120 West 23d *t., near 6th ar. Two elegant-rosewood Pianoforte*, one a Stelnway A Son, and Wiud?or upright, com $7110 and $1,000; magnificent rosewood Ktageres. lace Curtain*, Mirr* r?, latest stylo inlaid Parlor Suits, covered in satin, brocntel and reps, inlaid centre and console Table*, Cabinets, Jardinieres. Bron/:>a, Oil Paintings, Ac.; Chamber Suits, in black walnut; l>re*s ing Cases, lieoateads, auring and hair Mattresses, Carpets, ? Ac.; Bookcase, soil volumes choice Hooks, Ladles' Sec rot a- I ries. Library Table*, Turkish Suits, dining room BuRei, Ex> I tension Table; soiid wuliyit Chairs, in leather; china Din ner and Toa Sets, Lounges, Hat Stand. Also basement and servants' Kurnitnre. LllKE K1TXUERALO, Auctionoer. ! X. H.? Good* packed and ahippod, city or country. ?<JKOROE~W. KKELKR. Ab'CTIO.NKKlt. ? Art Gallery, 53 Lllmrty *t. Large peremptory sale of swiss carvinus. Vienna and pa rib goods, , Pkiutiuir* on porcelain. Ac., Ac., MONDAY, May 15, at 12 o'clock. WEDXI-SUAY. MAY 17, I AT IS O'CLOCK. laugf. special sale OP PINE S1LVKU PLATED WARE. -TUNIS JollXSOX, AUCTIONEER. Old ttand. 37 Xassau tt. On TUK8DAY. hi 10W o'clock, 50 KINK FAKLOU M ITS. By order of the difTereikl conni^nor*. Auction salk. 1'hlKK BOWE, Auctioneer, ?ell* Monday. May 15, at 11 o'clock, at I. i?tli ?t.. between Mm and 11th ?vj? a general e*?uri mont of Household furniture. couxiotini; ot Mirrors, Parlor Suit*, r.moaooil hano, Dreaaliic Ca*e?, Bureiu*. W.rdrobee, marble top Centre Table*, Cottage Suit*. Sideboard. Kncraviny*. lartre <iuaiititv ff cut (ilaKkware and Olilua Ion Set*, Wadutand*. 1 able*. Ohalre. Rockera, velvet and Brunei* Carpet*, hair ami spring M?ttre*ae?, feather i'lllow*, Bedding, Kltcbun l*, Ac. UCTK > X &AI.H?UIOU HOU S KI I OLD F't'ttNITUBE 1UIS (MONDAY) XOK.NINii, MAY IS. commencing at 10 o'clock, at live *tory brown Hon" ma?*ion SO. 47 WKST IUTH St.. UhTWhKN .STII andUTH AV& STEIN WAY 7'i OCT A V K riwSO. CIIICKKKIKO 7 OCI'AYR 1'IA.M.. Moquet, Velvet ami Brussels Carpets, % Pier and Mantel Mirror*, "**? Statuary, Work# of Art, Ac.; rich ebony and gilt frame ]*AKIX)H AND DRAW (SO 1UK>* SUlTrt, inlaid with mar quetry and covered in rich tapestries. satins and brocaded ! rosewood Ktagere, Turkish and Spanish 1 oun^'i, Kair | Chairs. inlaid Cabinet, real brontc and Carara marble Mantel | Sets. marquetry and gilt Centre and Console fables, Ktagere | with Mirror, Uee (!urUim, bronze and bisque Figures, Musi j cal Boxes, Jardiuieres, velvet Kug*, Paintings by eminent artists. j LIllUARY CONTAINS inlaid French walnut Library and ' Dwarf Bookcases. Secretaire Bookcases, Lady's Writing: ' Desk, Turkish suit in satin, choice Books, Statuary, Kngra% i 1 tikis, euony and gilt Ka>el, Library Tables, Ac. fl KDROOM Ft* UN ITCIIK. Elaborate and plain Bedroom Sets, imaid and gilt Bed I steads, Dressing? Cases, Artmdre-a-Ulace, Bureaus, Wash stands. singl* and double Bedsteads, 33 line hair and spring Mattresses, Chi (Ion teres, leather Pillows. Blankets, Toilet Sets, rep and plush Suits marble top 1 at !es. Chair*, i inkers. DINING FUttXiTCKK, vi*.Two Kxwusiou Tables, in laid French walnut Sideboard, Chairs in leather, Silvorware, ; Dinner and Tea Sets .Cutlery: also two hall .stands, ingrain i Car pet a. kitchen Furniture. Ac. N. K.?>ale positive. Parties about purchasing will posi tively hud this a rare chance. Take >ixtn avenue or Uni versity place cars. House ojiens H A M Competent men to remove, pack or ship $roo<!s, city or couutrv. KtlHKK'f C. CASIIl.N, Auctioneer. \?A. ? A -A. -A. I COOKK, C < THi.NKr.U, ? *t lofc o'clock THIS DAY. ; Uarlem Market Building, P~.Mli ?t., between 3d and 4th avs. (Harlem). Largest and fluent sate In Harlem for years. J The entire coutents of two large private residences. Superb inlaid carved walnut Dressing Case, It droora ; Suits, superior velvet. Brussels, Aubusson and three-ply j Carpet**; rosewood ana walnut Parlor Suit*, Solas aud I J.ounces; excellent rosetvotul I'iano, in fine order: line hair, | busk and spring Mat tresses, all sites : elegant Library Tables, Music Stands. Cabinets. Parlor Desks: walnut, rosewood, mahogany aud Cottage Bedsteads, all ?t?es. Mirrors. Book case-. Wardrobes, Sideboards, Re rigorators. Extension Tables, Chairs of all kinds; good Silverplaied Ware, Wedge j wood and old Last India China. Glass Ware. Sale absolute and peremptory. Dealers invited. Also on Tuesday, south ern B ulevard. near Harlem Bridge, mortgage sale Uursee Wagons, Harness. Particulars to-morrow CCTiON KALfc. OK HOUSKHO 175 FCRNITUHB, to bs sold at public auction THIS i Monday MORN 1 Ml. commencing at o'clock. at private residence 21 Kant JJOtli st.. ne*r Hroadwav. HKNKY ZINN, Auctioneer, M*lls this day nil the elegant, t ostly and plaiu Household Furniture contained iu above residence, comprising ui*sr nilhent octave rosewood Pianoforte, tour round corners; Parlor Suits iu brocatel. cotcjeitir, rep and haircloth CVutre fables. Brontes. Paintings Clocks, Carpets. Bookca?es, Desks, Chamber Suits, Drc*tmg Cases, Bedsteads, Bureaus, 1 Waehstand", MattreK?e*. Turkish Ctiairs, Lounges, Library ' Suits and Tables, Bullet, Kxtenslon Table, ('hairs, silver plated Ware. Dinner nud Tea >er\ice, Cutiery. Ac.; also liMscfii'-ut and Kitchen Furnituro Sale peremptory, \11AHK OPPOSTUxTtY fun HoCMKKKKPBiUk * Kxtra larire ll.m.rlioll furniture (ale. 1 THIS (Monday) MOHXINa. Mar |.\ at Id ..'clock. i ver .a*) I..I* li.ind.i.u.e and u*elnl H.ui.elioUi furniture at the larire re?Wetice No KWV Kax Kith n.. d<H>r frnni 4th nv.. X. KRAKMKIt. Auctlouefr, will *ell, punitive, ? a ii or tttlue, !?? t!. ? hi^hen i I.liter, >riitiiiri re.erve. cou *i*iiui{ of velvi't, llri.*?el*. Inirrain Carpel*: ma^iiiltceiil iatett stylo I'arlor Suit*, iu *niiu, bro.'Nd.v rep> and hair ch'tli; one Stelli*av ,? Son'* and one I'lerson A I o '? r.)*e woeil l' aii?ti rle Miri-or?, Cniiain., Work* ol Art, Itronie., Vaie* Clock*. Tabic*. Ktaperei, Hookeut1!, Bonk*. Cham ber Suit* In roaewood and black vv.limit, inlaid; lle.lMead*, Uareaii*, Wa*h*tand*. Crmni.-de.. Wardrobe*: is hair and tpnnit Va'.|i#?.e*. Hcl-ter*. I'lll??*, linen Slteet* (/uilt*. I.oun^e.. Chair*. Rocker., uraluui shielioard, tan Kxten*ioa Ta1>l.?? China, T?a and Pinner set*: flne Ola*.ware. (*ut ler*. Ji?i lot* Silverware. Ac The larce-t an I rich**! *al? ..I ti.l* *eaa?n. N H ?Competent men to paok or thip g od?. city or eountry. Art. ~ ~* Now <>n free exblbition. ?t Art R.ioui*. 74 I p!ac?. a collection oi mi faiutiiiic*. Bric-a brae, Artiatic Kurnliare. At. To b? told by anrtlon ou WKUN K>l> vY VKTl;UNOOS,*?jr 17. at 1 o'clo<-li mid e\eu<ac at (t ?'elock. KilHIvK'l !(UMKKYlLI.K, Auctioneer. 1>Y John a. iu nn, ai? iioVekr >ki.i,> to mor .!> n.? ? fnewlajr . 1(M% o'cteck, at llaeu-er'* ?t..rajr* ware h.'ii.e, ci.iuer .?4th *t. and i?lh av.. a larire qnantiiy ol garni ture. Itedding, Carpet*. Ac. Particular* Iu to-.uorrow'a Herald \ isin.'iti: j sWARSKurK, ai i tio.vivkk.>KlXi vv?aiie*day. entire Klfect* and Hn*ine** of ttie Meat I t.-n-pln_? K?lal.u?bn?ent of -oha A Keiiinirer. 171 aad I7J Miilnl* *1. and It- Attorney ?t ! tjv J. W. OAMCBKLU. *K.. aUcTIiiXKMi;." ' I) *eli* thi* .lay, cumiuencitttf at 11 e'ciia-k. without re I ??t. at No. ? Mm 3d at., near Broadway. (e?eru a*?ort , ment of Kariulnre.marble top I ami other Furniture, ' Mattre**ea. Hi-lri^-ratora, large qnanttty a?*orted Chair* and other tlou.ehold O.-uda, tl!a*awara. aaeorted (.rocenee. At. 1 Buyer*, dealer*. speeulatura are (pecially lavlted. Uoodt ra I moved af ar Mlae RALES AT AUCTION. j^DWA'RiT'acllEScK. alctlonkkbl ~~ Assignee's sale ot elegant Cabinet firaltm, By EDWARD SCHENCK, ON TUESDAY, May 1% m Vi o'clock, u mgul tworlatat of | iki fibmt Furniture, of ik* um aoderi and unique iljl* j at parlor, ehambor, dining aud hall, la elegant em-red vat ' nut. rosewood. covered In damask and rope; snperb Centra j aud Card Table*, and every variety ot style or Furniture. j The above i* now on exhibition and will repay tho*e la | went ot laruitur*. To be told at auction at So. tio Liberty iu Purchasers can have their furniture stored tree ol charge until May iu Il~ COLTON. AUCTIONEER.-kxtsz LAKOE SALE ? of Household Furniture of every kind aud description, j Pianos, Mirrors. Carpets, Ac. On Tuesday, May hl at the new more 734 Broadway, nearly opposite New Vork uotel, , au extra large hiuouut of really good Furniture. from a i rinsen different lain.lien, aid will include parlor, dining i room, l edroom and basement Goods, whirti must be closod | out On Tuesday morning we will give further particular*, : with catalogues N. b. ? Parties wtshln.' to avail themselvo* i ol this oppurtuaity of selling can scad in tl.eir goous on ! Mouday. Frank bellew. in consequence of illness a sale of his finest Drawing* will tak? place at MINER'S Ait Gallery, 1+45 Broadway, on ] Monday and Tueaday, tlie 15th and loth iust., at 7jj P. M. GEORGE holbltook, at'CTIOMEtf*,?HOLBKOOK A ROLLINS sell this day, at 2 o'clock. at salesroom, ! 4.u, *.">4 and +'?u <'anal st., the content* of a private dwel i lini;. removed for convenience of aale. Parlor Suits, Cuam ] bcr Suits, exteualon Tables, Mantel aud Plor Mirror*, i Pianos, Lace cu1 tains and gerntaoa. Carpets. Oilcloths, j Painting* and Engravings, Mattresses, Beat anil Bedding, | Crockery, Glass and Plated Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Luuu i dry Press, Ac. ; /i koroe oeogmegan. AUCTIONEER, WILL 8ElX VX on Tuesday, may 10, at lt>1* o'clock sharp, at No. jj5 West ?l?t St., entire llousehtld Furniture, including C?r i |>ets. Bedroom .*>ult*. Bookcases, \\ asUatan is, Redding. hair Mattresses, holston, Pillow*, Solas, Picture*. Clock*, Crockery and Glass Ware, Kitchen ltensils, ac. House keepers and dealers invited. ?>eo. ueoott eli an, u -sells mux I day, .May 1.1, 11 o'clock, 5so Greenwich st., near Houston, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, ill good woik, top Huguy, 7 rucks. Wagons, Ac., term* cash; sale positive, rain or shine. H. B. 11e1us a sons, AUCTIONEERS. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. PARLOR ORGAN, RICH PIER AND MANTEL MIR RORS. ROSEWOOD PIANO, CLOCKS, BRON/.es, ELEGANT CHANDELIERS, Ac., ON TtESDAY, MAV iti^ AT 10)* O'CLOCK, AT no. 814 lexington AV., BETWEEN Oil) AND 6ud ttl's. PARLORS CONTAIN rich Moquet Carpets; French Pluto Pier and Mante) Mir rors; Lace Curtains, elegant real Ormolu aud Dresden ( locks. Vases, Statuary, rosewood Piano, extra large and Hue Parlor Ori;>mi, elegant Ormolu Chandeliers, rosewood Parlor Suit in blue figured satin, rosewood Etagare, Pedes tal, One proof sheet Engraving*, Ac., .tc CHAMBERS CONTAIN largo Mantel Mirrors, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, line liru.sols Carpets, rosewood aiecrtiut, piciuros. line hair aud spring Mattresses, gilt Chandelier* and Gas Brackets, Curtains, Cornices, Ac. IN DINING ROOM Plor and Mantel Mirrors, Chandeliers, walnut Sideboards, dining i able, Brussels Carpets; China, Glass and Silver ware, Cutlorv, Ac., together with the kitclion Furniture and Utensils, with winch the sale will commence. Catalogues at oillce of auctioneers, 17 Park plaoo and 14 Murray st. HeTozbeiso ilrotheits, tauctioneers. SELL h it, o'clock, <0s East l.'ith st., Urge Stock and Fix tinea <>l Grocery Store; also Fancy Goods. Positively in lots. Dealers invited. Hb. HERTS A SONS auctioneers. . Salesroom* 17 Park place %ud 14 Murray st. IMPORTANT SALE OF CABINET furniture, THE STOCK OF MESSRS. BRUNER k MOORE, ON thursday-AND Fit I oat, MAY 19 AND 20. commencing AT 10x O'CLOCK EACH DAY, AT THEIR warerooms 75 AND 77 KINO 6T? BETWEEN HUDSON AND VARICK. POSITIVELY LAST AND CLOSING SALE. NOTICE.?in CONSEQUENCE OF removal TO OUR new premises iu 14th st. we will sell n* above, through Messrs. HERTS A SONS, Auctioneers, our entire remaining nock, embracing every variety of rich aud plain parior, chamber, library and dining room i uruiture. Cabinets, Ea sels, Bookcsses, Amoires, Dining Tables, Hall Staua*. Ac., *11 ol which were mode for our own trade and are fully guar anteed, oq'ering a Hue opportunity to purchasers, as cvary lot will b* positively sold without reserve. BRUNER A MOOKE, 75 AND 77 KING ST. Catnlocue* will be resdv and coods nu viow on Wednesday. HENRY D. MINE It, AUCTIONE u. (late Henry II. Loeds it Miner). Office and Art Calleries. H4"> Bvoaiiwav. TUESDAY EVENING. Mny 10. at 7', o'clock, at Miner's Art Gallery. *?!."> Broadway. OIL AND WATER COLOR PAINTINCS. BRONZES, AC., embracing the works of Chavut, J. D. Bloiidell, L>. Bracke leer, C. <!., Laurent Do Beul, Iuiiiau. F. Krai 1*, John Williamson, Eliiabcih Murray. U. 1*, Smith and others. Now on exbiblllon iree. J"" OS KIM 1 SiloNt.o'o U. A I CTIOX EEU._W ILL SELL on Monday, Mar l.'i, at IOK o'clock, at 4tiB> Eighth u*. isocoud door from >3i it,1, too entire Stock of T. Hn^-nr, Esq. (retlrius from businessi, consisting of Dreu tiotds. Shawls, Blanket*. Cloth, Cassimeros. Flannels, M'ltiln, Ac.; positively lu lou to unit tue irado. Dealers Invited, bale ruin or rhino. T HAVEN*. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL TUESDAY, fj ? Mny lit, at l<>)4 .1. M . nt 30 ami -11 East 13th at., Fur uilure, Carpets, Chain, 'fabler. Bedsteads, Mattresses, l.'or iiico*. Parlor, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Oil cloths, Ac. Particulars on Tuesday. Ml USSBAVM, AI C i'iu.N EE K." SELLm To.Day" AT ? !)'? o'clock, at 30 7 Mott at., clouant Furniture, black walnut Bedsteads. marble to,i Bureaus, Carpets, Ac. MAKSHaL'S SALE IJ Rot; EitiKH, TEAS, HORRBR \Vaeons. Ac.?RICHARD WALTERS' SONS. Auc tioneers, will sell Monday, at 10f, o'clock, at salesroom, 'J7 East Broadway, stock ot tine Croceriea, clivals and packages of line troen and black Teas, ft bu.s ol Java Colfee, Spices, boxes S .Hp. Flour, sturcb, canned Coaches, Tomatoes, Corji, Ac.: Preserves, Oils. Chocolate. Rica, Chicory, Bluing, Cat sup, AOdoaen of falls, Washboards. Scales, boxes Codfish: ?ISO 2 Horse*, 2 Wagous. bottled Wines, Liquors; 2 sets of Harness RICHARD C. WALaII. Marshal. Also mortgage sale?Bar and back liar, 4 null English Alo Pump, lias Fixtures, Hatcher's Fixtures, Hacks, Blocks, 1 largo leehouso, Tables, Ac.-, 1 splendid combination lock Marvin's Sale. MOKTOAOE SALE.?THOMAS J. M'tlUATH Auc tioneer, will sell this day at lO o'clock, at No. 5B7 Uraud st., the Stock amUFIxtnrcs of Liquor Storo, consisting ol Counter, shelving, tour-pull KjijcIi-Ii Ale I'ump, tables. Chairs, Wand. Ac. . also B'unities, tilns. Whiskeys, Ales. Ac. Bvji;f"l.{f I'. Collins, Attorney Tor Mortgagee. HM'UsH ADA AUCTION 201 BOWERY*, ? sells, this da> at II o'clock, at 4li7 .'?th St.. Fixtures of Saloon, ft Billiard . nbles, i'-putl Ale I'ump and M.rror. liar. Hack Bar., l*rj;e Stove. Paintings, Classes, Ac.; positively in 1 its, Deslsri, call. F.V WNBROK Klf'S SAUK.?THOMAS a. M'i< ItATlI, Auctioneer, l^s Chatham st., corner ot Mulberry, will sell tills day, ut 11 o'clock. Men * aud woman's Clothing, Dresses, shawls. Renin nils, Kn.lJiug. Boots, Shoes. Ac. ; also Cuats, Pants aud Vests. a* order of J. L. Pracer, 33d st. PAWN BROKfc.R~S SALE.?R. MftLO, GENERAL AUC tioneer. salesroom No. SB Bowery, will sell this day, at II o'clock, tHO lots men's aud women'y doming, Dressos, Shawls heinnaata, Underclothing, yui\s, Blankets, Bed ding. Boots, Shoes, several sets of Harness, Ae.; also Coats, Pants aud Vests By order of A. Alexander (1st st. PAW.v BROKERSSALE?WAfO0E8 A VtTjKWKLRT. R FIELD, Ueaeral Auctioneer, salesroom No. MJ Bow ery. will sell on Tuaaday, May Hi. st 11 o'clock. UXi lots of gold and silver Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry. Ac., Ae.; also tiutis. Pistols, Ac.: also six thro id lace Shawls an.! tour I ta rn ar lace Snawis. By order ot U. Sin)|*ou A Co., ?Uft Bow a r.v. CHEUIFK'S SALE OF IMPORTED WINI'.S. LIQUORS. O Cigars, l'lated and Class W*re Crockery. Furniture. Ac., being the emir* stock of Mr. D ? ige. formerly proprietor of the fyier llouso. corner of I'.'th st. aud Broadway. S HERMAN, Siicritrs aut Osneral Auctioneer, will sell MONDAY, May Ift, at II o'clock, av the salesroom. No 13 Bowery, by virtue or severs! executions; also by order of Hon. .-samuei Blatchfnrd. Judge of the United Statea Court ol the Southern District. New York, casks ot imported Brandies, (tin, Apple J a.-k. liourlnm and Rye Wbiskcya Jamaica and St. Crnii Rum. Sherry and Port Wiues; also Champagne. Cordials, Ac ; also a large lot ?t Class and Plated Wars, Crockery, Chairs. Tattles, Sideboard, Desks. Safe*. Chandeliers. Ac. Sa e positive. WH.I.IAM U. CONKER. SheriflL CiiU.ii W. Urnil. Depu.y. Also at o'clock. No. IS Bowery, the entire slock u: an i.uporicn about 'siO cases, , consisting ot hi^b class Wines aud Liquors, as Rhine XVities. Claret, Burgundy. Port, Madeira an4 btaerrr Wines, (<in. Ac.; also a larga lot of Wines and Liquors, iu casks aud barrels. Havana Cigais and Olhca Furuiture. N B.?'Tho attention or the trade and betel keeper* is par ticularly requested to the above sale of choice Wines aud Liquors, and every lot will he sold withont reserve. SHKKIFF'S KALE'.'-UKUARI> BEffsT SHK.RIFF'S Auctioneer Tula day (Mondavi. May IS, IS7U, at |nl^ ii clock, at lrU West it.. Stock aud Fixtures ol a Liquor Store W. C. CONNER. Sheriff. A. K. Rich. Deputy. SHERIFF'S MALE.?OKRARD BhTTS, SHI.KIFF'8 Auctioneer. Ililsdar (Monday). May l.'i, at 11 o'clock, at corner Broome and Eldridge sis , Stock ana Fixtures ol a Retail ilrocory Store. W. C. CONNER, sheriff J salts Far. Deputy. Third Mondays sali: of straws. 3Ui cases uewlv manufactured Straw Hoods will be sold on Monday, May 15. W.M Tul'PlMi A CO., Auctioneers, No. 1IU Chart h st. rpiiOMAS KRYWOBTU. AUCTIONEER?W ILL SELL i. this dav, at 3 o'elo. k. al 8HH sth av , the Couien s ?f a Packing House, consisting of Lard Vats. Hand TiU.'k, J'latturui and other Scales, Marble slabs. Conn ton. Desks, Chairs, lari."- Wilder Sale, one new double Truck, At, Ac. Dealers and the trade invited. No pnstpnnemoitf. \1MLLIAM ABMOTL AUCTIONEER. OKHCK NO. 3 TT Chamhors si., will seli this day. at Id.'j o'clock, the Furniture eontainsd lu the boarding In use No. I'JS Madison st.. a larg lot of Bedstea Is and Redding, Ward robes. Carpets, Oilcloths. Stovaa, Ae 1)Q | HKXRY ST., CORAM .m'a M.MEL, and nos. JjO'x 17 and III sicamniel St.?Valuable improved Dwell ing and Business Property al au tion. this dav iM ndav, May I ft, at W o nock, at l-.xchauge Salesroom. 111 Broad way; Mipreine Court partition sale. D. A. Caaserly. Esq , reieree; 1. A. Brighaui. attorney. Maps >1 sale at oAlte of KlilllAltD V. HAKN1-.TT, Auctioneer, 111 Broadway. IM l RllUKa . A ST KO LOU Kit - I-ROKESSOU LISTER," MUI (IT II aVTj send lor circular. Address box 4,8?tl Post udioe. New York. ____ \ B"i:SINk?>S AN D MElMCAL~CHAiRVOYANr. Wild JY. challenges the world in le.llag /??vcrything. name ia lull, ft" cents tu 91 . giv. s iiuntHTs >aid likeness tree. No. INi Wast iitb >t.. betweoa Htli and 7*i ava. i _fl, **] REWARD-NO IMI'/lSiriON ? WK HAVg round at isal the greatest Business and Medical Clair voyant In the world is Mrs. KOSilliR. Law salta. losses, lucky numbers, names iu lull; canies marriages; sucoeeda whaa ail ?thars tail; satlafaetioa if aa pay; Ma. taSl. M Lcxinvt*n av . aaar tUtli st. fT.VIOVHyulRKTiiEATUR. yj Proprietor - Mr. SHERIDA* SHOOK Manner Mr. A. M. PaLMER EVERY NIGHT AND AT THE SATURDAY MATINEE Ui now Ciun b>jr Inin. Liocuur and Maguus, ?stilled CONHO [ KNCE. "Conscience I* I Character* by Messr*. C. K. Thorn*, the strongest Frederic Robinson. John Parsalle, Jr ; original Urania ; J H. Stoddard, C. A. Stevenson lb* tUa brought out in i courtesy uf Lester Wallack. Ksu.j.iheo. New York this I Hamilton. Allred Hecks. 0 Wilde, season."?X. Y. j W ? Otri^lev ?ud Mia* Kata Claxtoe and Herald j Mian Marie Wilkin*. Saturday. Mar J", Second Matinee of Conscience. B~ kooklyn theatre! l.aiaaa* and Managers.. .Maaan. SHOOK A PALMER EVERY EVBJIINO THIS WEEK and at tha SATURDAY MATINEE, Mlaa CHaRLOITK THOMPSON, In a ua* Play, entitled PRIOR, aad STUART ROBSON aa Captain fi ?lul in tba wlttv Burlesque of BLACK EYED SUSAN. Theatre oomujur. &u Broadway. Every Evening. Wednesday aad Saturday Matinee. THREE SHOWS IN ONE. burlesque, variety, khnsation. Mlaa Belle llowit, Sam Villa and a mammoth Uurleaqae Company. la lite Spectacular Burlesqae of IXION. IaIU.N'. The great Sennit Ion, AMERICANS ABROAD. villi tba illuminated kfu l.H JARIHNE MABILLR, in all ita MIDNIGHT OATETY. 100 SPECIALTY STARS In a grand Olio. TH STREET OPERA HOUSE, BETWEEN ID AND 3d art. EVERY EVENING, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY matin i.e. THE THREE ORE AT SENSATIONS. A BIGHT IN FAR IS. ORIGINAL CANCAN. FEMALE BATHERS. Thirty Specialty Artiata in a GRAND OLIO. LOBE THEATRE. T? AND 730 BROADWAY. R W. BUTLER Manager THE STANDARD FAMILY THEATRE. Kir?t appearance of Mr. T. M. II ENGLKB. tha taverite. Reappearance ut Mr. BILLY BAKUY. after seAre Illness. Reappearance of Miss LIZZIE KELSEY. the lyric artist. The Mouarchs, the REYNOLDS BROTHER, in new Skate boo, Mlaa ADAH RICHMOND as May Edward, in Tom Tay lor's thrilling Drama entitled "The Ticket of Leave Mau." with a cant Including Messrs. Ketcburu, Price, Karwell, McDonald. Missus Bradley, Rose Woods, Ac. All the favorites - Meura. West, Blitx, Kemble, Miaa EOie, Ac. 10U superb urtists every night I ^OOD'd MUSKUM. WOOD'S! THIS DAY. w Evening at rt. .1 S. NORTON in the new play, UNDER THE HALLO wa Matinee at 2. The beautiful Play, BROKE JAIL, introducing J. H. BANKS and CHARLES STURGEB. w ALL Vt'K'S. Proprietor and Manager .. Mr. LESTER WALLACK In order to carry out the programme of VARIETY A N*L? NOVELTY designed to condude the present ssasou, Mr. Wallack 1* compelled to announce the LAST REPRESENTATION of lioucicault's Grout t'omody of LONDON ASSURANCE lor . MONDAY EVENING, May 13, witb iu UNPARALLELED cast, which include* Messrs. LESTER WALLACK. H. J. MONTAGUE, JOHN GILBERT HARRY Bi CKhTT, W. R. FLOYD. J. W. SHANNON, E M HOLLAND, C. E EDWIN. Miss ADA DYArS, MiaaBPFIE UERMON and Miss loNh Bl'RKK TUESDAY EVENING. May 10, will be presented another of Mr. Dion Bouclcault'a hex mi. most popular comedies, entitled HOW SHE LOVES HIM, witb appropriate at enory and appointment*, and a ca?t of equal completeness and brllllancv, Including Messrs. i.ES TER WALLACK. II. J. MONTAGl E, JOHN GILBERT, HARRY BECKETT, W R. FIAJYD W. HERBERT. K. M. HOLLAND, J. W. SHANNON. C. E. EDWIN. Miss ADA DYAS, Miss EFPIK UERMON, Mine. P0N1SL Mlaa E. BLAISDKLL and Miss E. THORNTON. 1? AGLE ?EAGl.fa"- EAGLE !i THEATRE. THEATRE. BROADWAY AND :t:il) ST. Proprietor and Manager Mr. JOSH HART Entire change. Everything new l'lrst nights of the new Burlesque, by HOWARD STEER, entitled, GEORGE R.. HENRY. THE V. Entire now melange of lun and lauirhtor. Tho lollo*Inc Star Artists appear:? Tha wonderiul MR. A W. SAWYER Tho startling MR. HENRY SHELDON. The astonishing VICTORELLI BEOTHERS Tha nnoqualled N. C. GOODWIN. JR. In hla Gorman Imitation and Dutch Songs. -MR. JOHN WILD iu two very laurhaole Karcaa, tba LAWYER'S CLERK POM I'EY'S PATIB NTS. MATTINER WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. 5TH AVENUE THEATRE. (BEGINS AT8. OVER AT 11;. Proprietor and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK AND SATURDAY M All NEE. FINAL NlGIITSl PPPPP II QQQQ U U EKES ? P P II Q Q U U E PPPPP II U Q V U EES P llQQVJU 0 E P II QQQQ UUUU EKEE # g 11 7777777 11 A 3ttd week! 171 times! and FINAL 11 7 77 11 TPERFOREANCES of the GREAT 11 77 11 I PLAY or TO DAY! Miss Daven 11 77 11 i port. Messrs. Kishor, Harkitis, It 77 11 Lewis, t'oriaiio, Hardetiberg. liar- > 11 77 11 j rymore. Drew; Mrs. Gilbert. Misses ; 11 77 11 . svdncy Cowell, Georirle Drew. I 11 77 11 | Holland, Nuues and Mr. John j 11 77 11 I Brougham. Ii-. ril IMQUE" M aTISEE, SATURDAY at 1 :30o'cl ick. SATURDAY NIGHT. May J<). Benefit of Mr. JAMES LEWIS. A fricat perfurrnaiico. Box sheet now open. rjTH AVENUE THEATRE The box sheet it now open for JAMES LEWIS' Benefit, Satur day night. May WU. Lr.WU iu two comic characters. **CH ARITY" and "WEAK WOMAN!" Dobut of Miss MAY IIOttAKII. Mlaa Davenport aa "Kuth Tredcitt." JAMES LEWIS' S\X francisco MINSTRl-.LS' OPERA HOL'SK. IN FRANCIsCU MINSTRELS, broadway. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. CORNER 2JTH aT. Tlic most tivecMlul er,Tanliation In the world. BIRCH. WamboLD and BACK.CS. WaMBOLD'S .NEW SO NO. BIRCH ON II1S WAV TO THE CKNTEXXlAlt BACKL'S' INIMITABLE IMITATIONS. <S> <i> RYMAN'S liKKAT LECTURE. | MATINEE I UEBECCA JANK. SATURDAY AT a. SUAKKSFEARIAV advocates. THE UKEaT ricakdo. vory evening at S. Seat* aecured. D. GERMAN!A THEATRE, UTtt ST. Al>. N Et'ENDORFF Director MONDAY, M?v l\ lui nltht of tlie 10*000. Bencllt of tlic iKlicra and doorkeeper* DAS MAEDEL OIINE UELD L, DOWNINlTS celebrated ORCHESTRA. Mr. joiin hammond. THE imperial OORNET SOLOIST. SEVENTEENTH OKAND CONCEUT. FROOUaMME. FART L Overtu e, "L? Serene" Anbn Marche Indiana*, "L'Afrlculiie" Meyerbeer Vocal, Mule Qnart.-t. "I Long lor Tliee" Uurtel Me**?. EDDY. SHE. MITCHELL AND SYPIIER. Cornet .-olo. "Alexia" ...llnriiuun Mr. JOHN HAMMOND. FART Ii. Overture, "Willl?m Tell" Rouiul Reverie Vleiixteinoe OULlliATD clarionet, Mil. J. DKEWE-S. Vocal?Vocal Walt*. "L'Ardita" Arditl Mine. M A it IK SALVOTVI. Grand Selection, "Martha" Flotow FAR 1 III. March, ''America'* Centennial" Dowuln* Vocal, Se\tel, "liunianian* Farewell" M?iii<el**ohii Veun hDuY. SEE. KKLLEY. MITCHELL, SY 1*1 IKK AND UU1IIIAM. Walt*. "Du 11ml Du" John Siraun kunig* Folonaiao Illlao KKUCA't centennial" okand March. Downiuc, witli superb lithograph title, UOc.; "Cen tennial March, .Vic,; "Wellington'* March." Aronauu. ti<>c., "Martha Washington Walt*?' Aronaon, 75c.; "Uracil Ian Uratnl .March."-It>c ; "O110 Hundred Yean Airo," Rice, 4<>e.. "Cagllo*tro Walti," 75c.; "better Timet Wait*," 70c. D1TSON A CO.. 711 Broadway. muK"xl-twlsr and besttiusic?-the liberty 1 Hell," contain* Over .'?o national and patriotie Hum of all nations, the Drclaralli n of Independence, Washington'* Inrjwell addrr*? and picture of tlie Liberty Hell: paper oOc., L-oaru* 7.V. "Un nrl the Oloriou* Banner" o. Kleber. "Mar Spitugled Banner," varlaiiona. Maun*. each 4ia\ "Blww \tlW und Free," Abt, "When Will Bal.y Fray?" Slicraood, each S.'?c. "Muaic of ibe Fines," Idyl, Plielpa, ! touc. Fond Lily Maiurkn. KeOowa and FoUa. each .'xjc. WILLIAM A. FOND A CO., 547 Broadway and Ml 1 nion square, Now York. "A M18ICAU TTffiifTilBa" Ten6T4^iinorr~TiTXI^S1 iV teaehes pi an <? and tinging tor $?> per month; at pupil'* residence lor *<l per month, during the aiiiutner. 117 We*t -?7th ,t. j HOUSES. UOOMM, aVC.. HAM'KI). w llf lhl?l?itv and llrnokivn. WANTEO-A HOUSE Til KEEP, HY A COLORED M man i.nd wife. 1 41 at dll 4th av. (praeent employ er'*.) City reference furnished. . BMWWUfc. t f MlNl/.'S. J4H au AV . NKAR 2t?TII ST. ? LA 1V Jus ?d.I gentlemen will l>e aurprised at the great price* ii Mint* pa.,'? in ca?h lor Oaat-ol) Clothing. Cartwta, Jaw ?try. UMin MieiM k) Mr. or Mr*. Mint*. 1 -MATH AN'* OLD "establish M ENT, :m<h "I'll j\% av., near 4th *t; the Highest value paid for cait off Clothing, Carpet*. Ac. Oruer* attended to. Call on or ad dreaa Mr. or Mr* NATHAN. VT. M Ctlll.N'S. A.tilFllTv. BETWEEN S3D AND 34th elv, paya the full va.ue toi Ladiee' and lieutle men'* Wearing Api>arel. Ladle* atienJe.i by Mm. I'olin. At kdward millers well known e?tah lialiuiritt. ?tH till! nr.. near tt arerley place, utmoet value paid fi r ta>i off Ciothiug, Carpata, by calling on or addrcwiug Mr. or Mr*. MILLbllt. AT 1.J74 broadway, BETWEEN :?D AND 33D ?I*.?Broadway tirice* paid lor Caat off Clothing. Jew ?iry, Ac., by aalling on or addreolng B. HARRIS. I,'i74. AT FLATTo'S, UPTOWN, sm tlTH AV.. OOUNER A 4>'th it., M per ceut more than cl*ewh?rw will poaiiive. ly be paid lor La'l<e? and Uontleuien * caat-olT Clothing, Ac., lit callioi: toi or a.ldreotng Mi .1, Mr*'lo T*M. M ARKS' well KNO^TN ESTABLISH STENT, |i>1 Hth av , oppoalte Sth et.?Ladiee and gent emeu can receive the uuiioat value In ca*h lor catt elr Clothing, C'trpeta, Jewelry, Lace*. Ac. l'ieate call or addreek a* above. Lauie* waited on by Mr* Marka l'lea*e try and *ati*iy yon real vet. Order* promptly attended to la or on I of city. T "HARKIs" Vl uTlV AV., NKAR WAVERilEY place. ? Ike at moat value paid lur caitoff Clmuiug, Carpet*. Jeweiry, by colling on or addr??*ing Mr. or Mr*. UAKRia. ? Attentiok.-Imasur pays the hjjuest fiucb lor caet off ti:loihing. Carpet*, Ac 2d?i 7th av. i ORXAT DE.! and for t AST OFF clothing. J\. Carpet*, it. The atBOM value will be paid Mr than at I. AMaALTt, ITS 7tk av. IH11 MMllil to by are. Aabalt fpONY PASTojt'S^ St W f THEATHB. I <1 TONY Pa'stum*"*'* "PP0*'1* Metropolitan Hold. TUB UNu Vi'^r ? 7?V fHOhRXBTOR. 4,1 rlRsT CLASS VaRIKIY tubatkb OS BROADWAY ANKU."i^.Tof1 {& '/.VUNEQUALLED " ** '*>? Original and Vereaiile ConieOitiU, In their wibtic picture* of Irithlifc^ U K klcffl Mil ^aK KICHMOMD sisters. w , the laogh-provokm^ Dutch Coiue'diaua and I The frreaul bl. Comedian and taloniJd hakky pmilum of dOQblf toil" And duiM TIKliNKY JiSU ciuxis ' Ra-anfngement ?f the create.? o( Ln c?, Voeali.u, MISS MOLLIEWILSON The Artist Coniliiao. hakky montaoub. The hrillinnt and ciaaalcal VocaUaL MISS I1KMKIKTTA MOLLkS HaUEB. Krcrj boOv s favorite, the lutuical HILLY uhay. KATIE KDW i RDS, JWN.VIK SATTKRI >a OAKKIB DL'NCa V. h ADJ E DESHOM* The favorite Ethiopian Comedian, Ym-aliat and Actor JaMEs h. EDWARDS, ' l _ end I TUNY PASTOR'S STAR TBOUPE. In a bright, brilliant and novel J^roCTmnnn. MATINEE* TUESDAY anD KKiI?ay! OLYMPIC TUBATKB ttM MKUADWay! Mr. JOHN V. POOLE Xuinr rlrit appearance ol tho moat wonderfbl arli.ta. tha ? tllKARDS, ?.??? JULIAN. KM ILK and ROBERT?Le? Sllbonettea ? Ivauta?in their cxtrnnrd.ti.iry and world renowned _ porlorraancc. GARNIVALE Dl A K I.E Iti K GYMNA3T1QUB. LEU-MANIA, the funniest prousque performance ever witnets+d. lh.e "J,rd *rt or tha GREATEST Or ALL 1'ANTOMIM ES. TU K ORIGINAL Hl'MPTY DUMP1T. ? , , HUMPlY DUMPTY. Pl nJj ?' Ballet and Spectacle. In throa acta. Ki?t i ; *T ROBERT KKASEB rirat time, a new and cliaracteriatlc ballet, entitled the . ?OSE AND BUTTERFLY. Blu!TDTDBVEKjs"rmlUe l0,lU "* P"mtor# ADELA HIUMI Mllea MARIE CAMMARA and *Bd 8AMTTA* ,n i r -"J"AJiXK KUBSCWAIL. ui, - ? ,<T1?elr firat aiifioaranre.) viUi 'T If J?" rll,K Rupert. Ina Kutuiatan, Am* ki ' ^ ? Horton. Ida Und. Herulda 11 a.lam. Marie HiicKteaon, Nettle Plckard, Marie Caelir. Atfiioe Seely. Maggie Klake. Kutle twW?. -J*'1"!" l-i'ckw.wd, Ac. 1'RJfKn THINO ENTIRELY NEW. CMlLDREN ' UNDEK ' I?*TbARS?"UA^"pJuCB.W MATINKES WKDNhtiDAY AM) gATL'RUAV AT i. pAttK TlIRATRli, broadway AND "JUD ST. POSITIVELY LAST WKFK of GEOKUE KAWCh'I'T HOWE'S hutuurom Comi, TUB ORE AT BCIi'CESH OK THE MBA^X * with Hon Wood, R.,10 Li.le, Marie LouWe Mra. BRASS, Knitoue, Meaari. Morriaou. l'udeotl, Mrutone, I Searlo. Norri?. i osHwell. Lanjrlry, Hoifne. Uuoke! I und Ueortre Kiwcew Kowe u? Wui.tun .-trar. Bvenias at 8. Popular prices, 50t, fl and <1 MJ, Satorday, 3|)th Ia?t "Rra*- " watliwe, iXKh performaaee Saturday, aoth, last nljfUt vr "liriu?,'' igoth perforinunca. . MONDAY L-aO, ^ .prenented. alter elaborate preparation la n.?? i 01, 111K <-EN 1'h.NNlAL, tno new veriiou uf that ureaicist anu nu?l aucceiaful of all American play* "UNCLE TUH'b CABIN," with a carefully^kelectod east.^liiclndliiK toe celebrated ln .heLfroat oriRlwel Cliarncter ui TOPSY nud SLA YIN'S OMHIOIA JUBILEE .SlNOEKS In tholr Caique Characteristic Plantation Scenea B? KN K rKR E"F ? I ? NN .V E B??u B N N M E EBB KKB N N N KEE lj B E N N N E g ? E N NN E gn B K K NN E BBB bees N NN KEEK A^'IV.UI. WUITb, KlLK SOUVENIR HROOKABBB *111 be iMiue<l on tliii occa^iun ol >Ir. TOOKER'S Brand oenefit pcrlonn;uicc ?t BonTll's TI1EATRK. BOOTH'S THEATRE, NEXT K Kl III Y ENTRAOKD1N Al! Y DRAMATIC AND BUSL cal ENTERTAINMENT tor the BENEFIT OP MR TOOKER jj**' FRIDAY Ah rERNOuN. .>lay in. upun which tpeclai occuiun a bill of remarkable tunturca will be Dre>enledthi unuaual eouerecatiou c.l atur artieu includluir the rear* (tentative Aiuericau prima donna ?. *"*?cL^?a LOUISE KELLOOO. Mi* ADA D\ Aft Mils ft VKA JEWBTT A Mr * f ?Iv,kAWaKNCK BAKKETT. '4 Mr. T. C. BaNC.S, Mr. MILNBS LEYICB and , .. , K. L. DAVENPORT. together with the popular Kntffigli actor k i.? u ^OHUK KIGNoXd. wno will make hi* farewell appearance in .New York. the eourteont permiisloa Mr Da^ 1 by ***? kind conaent ? , PROUIUMME. * JUST?Appearnuce of the reiiowued tragedian. Mr. LAW IffiflS*'*! ??r ,1,e Brat time In the Li?.5r.f ^rse.,fr ol Puy of "OAVID OAR. lit A' .w!ih tb?P?!'n!??-comedienue. Mlu ADA 1>\ AS. an Mi.hs I.NGOl; the otter parti by the company of BootU ? Theatre. 7 SECOND?The _ dl?t Inirulihed print a donna. Mlu CLARA LOUSE KELLiXitj, will aing gem* from the ?f? a P P, Knjclimi opera* (her LAST ap. rLAKANCE this hcusoa;, THIRD?Mr. OEOROE RioNOLD and tl.e popular yonng comedlenue, Mias SA1CA JEWETT, In the ad MEO ANUJuZlC??.' ?f "BO* FOUBTU-Mr. F. U. BANGS. Mr. MILNES LEVICK aad Mr. 1%. L. DaV K ? POUT in the ^rand Forum Kene of -J 4 L1VA CJittAXL*' jni inf o' Mr- F- c BANGS Jt LI La C.IjAK Mr. M1L.NKS LEVICK and BRUTUS..' Mr. E. L. DAVENPOB1 FIFTH?The whole to conclude with a capital humorous e? tertaimuent. ,?*?* f,8?'" C?P now,?>o .eenred. Referred places. $1 30: Ad* r 1 * ""? *} V1,'r,'le- 51 s Family Circle. SO cent*, licaeta print.-<l I. r ?hur?day will bold ,.o.>d lor l-riday. CIlara locisk kelLoiki si mjs on tub ooca Jat.a?TYsox?s tVftiH\TOOK?R'S BENEFIT. Chwlce * a, Hfth Avenue Hotel. flSnO ,VU;,'; w'?,!'AIIJ, f ok a priVatb box a4 Ey . fa* BOOTH'S THEATRE next Fri day. Apply to aTOKElt, Theatre Ticket uUtce, l'reacotl Huuae. #7 . lor a lower Box. ' 1 rpUEATKh EUAN All LYC..UM THLATUE JL Darnii-res repreaentaiiuns. MAIIIII. 10 MAl, au Benefice <io MONSIEUR VEXIAT, MADAME C.WKKLKT, Couiedie en 4 acte?. pur Kmlla Ancicr. J El HI. IH M Al, LK MARQCIS Di. V1LLBMER. Comedie en 4 actet, imr Ocorget aand. SAMEDI. 20 MAI. UMIIIen Soiree. Ufa UA.NACilES, Comedie en 4 actet. par V. Sardott. llurean de location au Lyceum oavei t de 8 lienrvt nflhwrw 1)aki?Tan yakIkTikh, I IttTll ST. AND AKlSiAN VAKIK11 KM, | MtOAlHYAY. Only urisriiially Artiitic *?>atatluna| Varieties in America. Munct over all. EVERY KVKNINU at S o'clock. MATINEE TO SDAV, Till' M)AY au.l saturday a? X MATINEE TO MUKUOW. M ATI N EE TO-MORROW. TUB UMKATK8T SENSATIONS OCT. A brilliant Comedy, written expratily lor this theatre, entitled MY WIKr.V ERROR. Billy RoberU.n't new and oritfiunl Sketch, entUlad A MANIA FOR LOVERS. A Mutational picture oI future probabitltiea. Til K SCHOOL OlilL'S KHOLIC. The bewildering! v beautilul Hallrl, entitled THh Otitic UK MADRID Exuuialtely iriceftl. voluptuous and sensational La mini; t. Elnt time ofSltnor Novltsiiuo's liomoroue TABLEAUX VIVaXTS. Mile. BEKTIIA and tbe handsomest ballet in America. OKAN'D OLIO of 10U Artist* of great merit nppear at each performance. Largest, liveliest and beet eii: orvalumcnt la America. *151 3 ? * -P a i:s?*s IAHATEaU M \ IU1.1.E VARI- TIES. \J Parlt by iraaiit(b> In all it* c ory. and every f reutli lensatiou oi thj day. Tlie Uutbru of Murray Hill?Married In the Dark. Tlio Turkish Ilaihert, or the Saltan a I et? The French Minuet and Potot PMdlfWI. Tli* handsomest turned IsdUt In the world. Tne lu.'it artietlc artlttt on the earth. The huett Theatre in America. KELLY k LEON'S I 2:iD ST.. REAR STH aV. MINSTRELS. I.very eveuinx and >amrd*y Mati nee. Last iri'k ol ilittlraee tba Duke. I ll K ONl.Y LEoN as tiie Ctrl in advance of the timet. Mr. KDW I.N KKLLY at the tin la. First weet or America'* great eat Ethiopian Comedian, Mr. LEW IIK.NKMCT. 'Kits an.i MORTON, in their I KELLY A LBO.VI MINSTRELS. KELLY Jfc LEON'S MINSTRELS. Tba Monaieht, 1TAL' specialty Sottf Dance, en titled M I'ERIORTO Til KM ALL. t.. 11. ttbrdon ? new Rolled, "V?lro ol the Mountain Land." Edwin Letter. Japanaee Tommy, J. II. Mlrridue. U. R. Clinton and all the famrlMK .New sentnnontN and Coal* Sengs In pan Irat and aae.ediet irem.'Uitutie Utytflft. NEXT WEEK, KELLY k 1.1 <WS llurles^ae .og Offea baclt't URA.NIl DlTCuEsS, with new tcenerCBeoatnma* and ttajre tattings. m IIos office oprn a A. M. to 10 P. M, Gt ILMOBE'R UaKDEM. Of KENllA MI. r Meatra SuOoK A PALMER, Proprietor! and MaaiaipiW kr. K. <i. OILMmRE Butinete Manama* THIS (MONDAY) EVKM.Nd, MAt 15, Filth oi the terlaa ol the TWENTY MONSTER CONCERTS, under dirt-ctloti of the lildntriunt niaaetra, JACylES OKI'KMBACH, ' umined by hit maxmUceut Orcbettra of 1'? > enuneut Muticlaaa, In tba ? "Moat delljhtlul tuniMgr retort In tba world." M. Marlvt Kuularu Coadactot ._.AdinUtioti, $1; Boxat adiata?iont), B"?. SPECIAL PHOU11AMME KoK at'NDAV KIllBT. rniiE askivkksaky exhibitiom ok the ke* 1 YoKK IXftTITt'TION foR TIIE BLIND, aoatlatiaa oi Vocal and lattrumental Mutle. Literary SitrciMt. la, will be bold at STEIN WAY II \ LL oa fWeday araMtofc May IS, IM70. commencias at 8 o'clock. Adwltatoa. M m? stl in fSfVM& law nn day ?d milnt National academy or desiun, 4th ay. Tiip liftrUrtt grand ananal EXHIBITION OK PAIXTI sTSL

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