Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1876 Page 2
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CITY REAL EST VMS ?OK MiLK. C fin r*l/' " "* A ?MAGNIFICENT BUILDING LOTH ON 53D AND ? >V7tb -tv, juat west of .~?th av.; best located Lot* u?w lor sale at extreme reduction* V. K. JiTKVENKOK, Jr., No. 4 Fiui st. 4 ?24 AND 28 WKSTaSfli^ST^l^US P ALL Y ~WELL a\? built 2U and 22 feet front Dwelling*, diuitig room. ex tension, Ac.. ?t creatly redu< ed prices V. K.. DTKVEN BON, Jr., No. 4 Hue st. and 33 East iTth it. CVllOlOE CORNER LOrs ON M.\msn\ AV. ?I'llE J northwest corner of Mndisnn av, and 7r?th ?t.. 27.2xfl6; i*rise, $lt},st?y, also the southeast corner, 2tt.SxlOH; price, $lti,8ni ; these lot* have been recfttliy bought in un?ler fore closure of mortgage. and arc oft'ured for sale at the actual coot to the company; the whole purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage for live veers at five per cent per an num if U,^jm,t/crty is Improved satisfactorily. Apply to J. HARD J'AN.?SIX Hl.L LOTS ANI> Ilol'sES, n?*ar Broadviv, below the Park; tine location; f?a>,iJUO; biggest thine yet. ? J. \V STEVENS, Broadway and 53d >4. |Wt DBHIHABLE MEDIUM SlZEDHKoWS* STONE front for tale; is planned and built to secure the com* fort of it* occupants; Is admirably finished and has every improvement. Apply on premises, No. r.9 West .~>4th st. rpilK <; IKAT .Ml'SUMi H U'E. 1 SPECIAL DESPATCHES IN TilK RVENINO TELEGRAM ami on the bulletin hoards of the paper. If roadway and Ann ?t.. and at the Branch office, 1,2tW> Hroadway, every hour during thu day till the rac* im lout or won. I* mat Side. A?3D AV., 88 1 AND 85?l; EACH FOUR STORIES ? and batemont; each lot 2~>xllO feet; these two well rented magui^cently located Stores tor sale at a decided bargain. V. K. STEVKN'bON, Jr., No 4 Pine st. or XI East 17th at. IjlOR SALE?TO ULOSK AN A CC< >T~S 1?V KKY<H K A P, tw?? Lots, ou the Eastern Boulevard; neighborhood in handsomely built Hp; w hole aiiiouut can remain on bond and mortgage lor term of yearn. Address K. M., box 157 Herald office. vro. I4ft EAST IttD ST., NEAR LEXINGTON AV.? Is This elegant three story high stoop brick House, 2.'?\.'?0, lot 2f?xlt*'la. with all the beat and late*t improvements and In moat perfect order. Is offered for sale very cheap terms easy. Inquire at C. A. St' II USTEK'S, No. 03 .Maiden lane. V\ <?*; side. Ti^OR SALE?NINTH WARD?THREE STORY RASE T im nt brick, with stable for six horses. Inquire of Al'KKHMAN, 31 Park row. room 20. MiNcellaneniiii. i ?A.?T WILL GIVE AWAY ONE-THIRD VALUE J.X* tula day a first class New York Tenement; well rented; i mean tacts; aUu Business for sale. Call, at once, from 10 to 12 or from 2 to 4 o'clock, at fit) Cortlandt st., top floor. flOlt SALE VAUIOI S TENEMENT*" HOUSES ON easy term*. ELIAS (?. DROWN, owner, 20 Nassau st. House kou sale?at a price to Suit the times. J AMES R. EDW AUDs, northwest corner Oth uv and 2'ld st. liROOKLW PllOPKRVY FOR SALE AND TO LET. j^Ceoant Furnished or unVurnisiied new Ti stone House; unsurpasst-d hill location, Fort Greene; rare opportunity ; low rent. Address box 2,550 New Ytirk Post otrtce, Westchester t m \tv property FUR SALE AM) TO RENT. f^OR SALE AT RYE, N V V HI iTOTIKCL PLACg. directly on the water, with Dwelling, furnished; lar^e Uarn and ..arueuer'* cottage, witlu about live acres ot lawd. fullv shaded Apply, from 10 to 12, to P. C. CORNELL, 8*4 Wall at,, room 13. I" M PORTA NT SALE OF PORTt VERY VALUABLE Lots; aU<? Dwellitif, with bakery, barus, Ac. ? Hy MICH* OLS A CAFKERIY, at West Mount Vernon, on Monday, May 22, at 1 o'clock. Tills is the best located property in the Village, briny: onlv two blocks from the llarleiu Railroad dopot, and e-imiuamling extensive views; plenty of large shade and fruit tree> It will be sold iu city lots, without reserve, and * ill. no doubt, double iu value :u the next two }earw. Full particulars and map* at the oIIko of the Auc tioneer. !>:? 4th av.. New York or ot JOSEPH WERE It, Mount Vernon, owner of the property fpAKIcYTOWN >. V., PROPEitTY~NEAR HUDSON JL lCivcr Hall road depot, 21* ?x70 - Throe Houses ou it; price .f!2,?()?; mortcu^e $O.IXO, will exchange otily lor Property tree and clear in the South and West. Address, or rail ou alter 7 P. M., T. A. THOIINE, 23 East 20th ?t., New York rpo liET?T() LET 1(1 LET?AT PEU1AM, FIVE X minutes1 walk from Harton station, on the Mot* Haven and l'ortchesU r Railroad, a heau tiI?il t wo story FrencU root* lions-*, completely and elegantly furnished, containing 14 rooms, with aii modern -mprovcmenis; is delightfully situated iu thu iuid^ ot a handsome garden ; the grounds nrerh hiv iaid out. have tine walks, ar bor ?Vc , Ac . well supplied with shade ami fruit trees, and iu all containing about 10 acres. There is also a g >od barn, with room lor four carriageM a d i?i4?lls f >r six horses, all in perfect order; will rent ver* low. Apply t<? W. N. GRib^OLD. 7i4 Uroada*ay. Clk> Mill l'?l* lioi >K AMI I t 1.1, Lm N .At ANT " ' Lots at 5*2MX>. GEORGE II DYER, 158th at., Morrisania. A PltOPKHTY OUT OIO 'I'll K CITY FOR SILK OR TO KK,\T. i \ I KV hl-.M UA i: I.K COUNTRY UhSlDKXdK OK A the 11 utlsou, fit Spuyteu IJuvvil, within oue hour from * all st., for iMle low. Address box 2,819 Post office. *1 PAKM Koii s.\LB AT MAKLllOUut(ill. ULSTER il coiuty. 1 it acre*; good house anil barn; all kinds of Trait; on> of tho handsomest places^ oil tin* brink ol tho ll idMin ; ban lji miles ot river view. Apply to \\. T. K8TA* llkOOK, *J4I Kast Sdth st., hetwetu -d and 3d a vs. x attka* riv i: cottagk. kiknish ki> ok UN furnished, to let, near boat landing; price JO. A. F. MiAt t.HThU, 427 uuU 4'2t? Broadway. % HOI sr. AND BaRN AND TWO ACRES OF UNO Jx. for Halo?At Long branch, near Atlantlcvllle station; a mo House and Lot. containing 1:"? nmins and stoie. stir- j roittided by shipping warehouses; will excnunge lor ^clioon- j er, in goo?t Virginia Farm. Inquire ot G. liE.x- i NKssY.VH Ferris St., Brooklyn. Abkai riFi new cottagk-^iiix booms, cel lar, attic. 1 ?t '>*i\ 1 '-ifi, fruit, flowers, shrubbery, tine w ter view, three minutes from ia/idtu^, .Mat en island, j 1 lAKKl N, 4* Broad St. AHOUHK IX TUB -MIDI?I.i: <>F chNTKAL 1'Allk j would be in no flner situation than the House I otfor at ' Manhuss t, I. 1.?A large square bouse, known as the "White House." lofty ceilings, flue surroundings; fruit and | flowers In abundance; elegant, shad* and flowering trees, , filled in their -eason with different species of birds, with fine t lawns, thai'e, boating. bathing, fishing and sh ooting; 5 to * 1M) acres under cultivation; one hour lr??m New York bv j steam or rail; immediate possession ; for ssle low. Mans t and photographs with J. IV l'KAYKKS A 6ON, 4?'? Bcek- ! man si. At FLUSHING, SMALL, 12 ROOMS; GAS, ! water; mortgage: wi.l take Horses, Wagons, | l-uriiiture. Ac. Address bos 142 Post office. AT IM.EAKANT VaI.I.KY. on TIlK Hl'nsoX, FORTY minutes by boat from Oatial st.?To rent or ???r sale, a | charming House of 10 rooms, carriage house and 1 *4 acres, ; elegantly shaded and laid out in lawn and terrace, uu?ur passed view of the river, and, with some Furniture, will be tented or sold very low. Aptly at isj, 1*4 Grand st., up stairs. Ij^Oit SAl.h \ sri?Kt Mm'K f A KM OK AHOl'T am*acre?. situated in Orange county; en-ilv touched j t>v raiP or boat; having exc Unit and valuable Improve* : metits and an n 11 f hi I i n ^ stream ol water running through if. i 00 better stocK or dittrv larui can be fbund; it will be noIiI for about one-third of Us cost a few years since Apply to JollS OUR, MouutaiDville, N. Y., or to VVM, M. BLI.s.s, 3^0 ! Htoadway. Fiou KALK?A F IK Ms 11KD OK UNFl KNISIIKD House In the country; all Improvements; hot and cold srnter. Ac . nearij tbrrc acres land In good cultivation, barn tnd * ther outbuiluinc*; situated on nigh ground, with Iptendld view, perfectly healthy; ono hour's ride from the ?tty in New Jersey;* will sell low for cash, or exchange l? r llurtttl) encumbered Brooklyn or Now York Property. Ad dress O W NEK, box itfes Herald office. "L^OK SVLK * II KA !?? | || K KG llhKT J VNSK.V FARM, X Swaarsklil, l ister county, N. Y. ? about lu> acres, flue s??il, fiuit. splendid house, barns, outbuildings and limestone quarry. Apply to owner, Or. SlIERMAlt, No. 1 Ann st. TjiOK HALK C11K A F?F1' ItN ISHK 1> OK I* NFU RNI8H* a ed. or t<? lot, a very desirable ltesidence, in perfect or* dor. with two acres or more land, near Seabright, N. J ' convenient t" station, rivers auil ocean. Apply to W. U T VSON, itii J olm st. PH SAL . OTO LKT? IN 008HKN, OKANGK J? county. N. Y., a bne 1U* side ace, containing 11 rooms; water tn house; bath. Ac; pia.,*.a- and bay windows; barn; two acres, pUuted with choice fruit ; very healthy; t?o hours from Nfw York by Krie Hallway; five minutes* walk from depot ; price very low; terms easv. Apuly to \Y. (' HKOftf.1, United States Kxprex* oitlee. tsJ Broadway, N. Y* fiui s.vLh tiii ke s r Iceland Opera House. Albany. Apply to Oil AS. K. LKIiA ND. io?ssmore Hotel, or WAUKKN K., Oelavan House. All any FWI IAtI RENT?AT FBUIOkIoxT N. J , TlIK handsome suburbsn Besidettce ot the late Job t?. t)ldon, deceased, situate within 1 ? uiiuutes* walk *?r the college, rburcbes and ?lei?ot. consistiag ot a handsome brick Dwell ing House, witl stabie and (tutloiileiu^s and Ave acrss of Orouud, well stocked witli fruit aud shade trees; terms very easy. Address JoS. R, llKUKHK, Ksecutor, Princeton, N. J. J" VCHNIiUSO HOIMK ?N L1TCH FiKLD CO,, Ct*N N. ?l*.ii?y of excess by Harlem Kailroad; nfne rooms, pisxta, large yard, garden, stsbles; six months, 1 fear Cs*jt). Apidy to K. L IIOLMKH, -1" K*st .*l5th st. J^UiiNlSHED CoTTAoif ON orKAN AVENUK, LONQ ilraueh , \2 rootut. stable, carriage, bathing and sum Bur houses; rer?sona)?le to reliable family. Particulars !rotu ki. KILPATXUCK, av. I if ^ ICKf.NWlini.-roTi AtiK, 0 BOOMS; CAIftfiSl IT hoiise; frn t and shade; fine neighborhood; absoiniely ^oalthy . hour f?? tn city, easy terms. Circulars, 1 ATWATLii, Kivcrs.dc. t'onn. u p3mp 9Mn and tmwk. vamm?io m&m kj of land in the cltv limits of New Brunswick, offered at a uf* at s tcririce; greenhouse, Jre.; g*oU buildings, old sltade trees, gravel walks and lawus; boating, fishing aud haiititig (it term: an excellent chance for bote! or bosrdin^ house, which Is very much needed In this section; this Is a chonee seldom offered; a good investment. Apply to J EKE. JOHNSON, ^1 Park row fro LKT~Mi)l)K?tN FARM iiOUME AT KIDOKfOOS>, ' X L I. . hot and cold water; also < rounds, including lawn, ftuit garden. icelo?use aud trout lake; goo?l boats, Ashing and *W'*ting. Addresi 1:. \| TltATTON, 1U7 Clinton st., Itro tkiya. m ffHI LKf^l'IIK roWI.RK llof'SK, AT POK F J KRYliT; 1 pi>sse?sion immolUteiy. ApolvtoF. K. BKOOll K Al>, ' l*??rt Jervis; yr, F. B. WaLLAI K. 'J * Broad ?t. rpb LKT fl.*vi FOR KASO?<>RANOeT~BKA1 TI? X tut stone Cottage; u t.ntain sir, gnrdeti; grand vtew; omnibus. Address Vnvx it4 Po?| ofUce. Orange. > ,f, n^o MUT^AT lakk ma hopac, niK fi knisiird X Hotel, known as the Carpenter House, with grounds, garden wad s.nb e tpply to >S M I. OSBORN. ?H! llr-ad way, or III HI McKIN NKY, at Jlaliopac \triLL ffiTfr(i run ? > v.MkK, aT"LowTpRitni. tl at I ebatton springs, N. Y . two Cottages, with lb r???*ms, furnished, witll carriage house tor five horses; grounds f *r fruit and vegetables; all other conveniences, t all at Park Hotel, cwrt er Heekmau ami Nassau *t* , on Tuesday, May Itk Irora I till A F. M Address for full par* llewlars UkO. P HbblMi.tlHK, Lebanon Spring*, N. Y. %> -r11 CASll. ?CoTTAGK tNRAKLT NEW), LtlT, ' ?.*>xlts? feet; good nei^kborho m|; Kliisbeth| ort, N. J,; pr*ce. #1 tfcjO; also very mee Cottage, 7 rooms, price to suit the times. 2v R. KhLLOOU, No, it Hroiulway, n oru ings; I d 2d et.. Kluabetkport. .ilteruoons ? Kill?W KK>T AT MADISON, N. J., NKW JltUUi House; splendidly slteated; stable. Icehouse, |r?ve of lovsr aerta, garden made; lurnished at a fair a?t S ince. *ur for the summer at prlee to suit Address HOYTv Adv. 11i?eraw*? fta^ark, N. J. t gfcAL F.W1ATK TO KX(n\SUWl.~* \ "THUKK "sft?HY \.\ii * " HAS? MK.M BROWH iV its** House, tn a food healthy location, near Central Park, lor sale or exchange for New York City Lots, well Jo Isted. Address, with particulars, A. ii^NKY, station G. REJUi ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. V Kl.SE FOUR STOiV PL AT-NK All LKXINUToS J\ av., rented. lightly tti"rtgatfed, and Store Property on 2d 'iv .tuvicliantfr for city Property. T. OLIVER t*AUTER, :iu Nns?ait at , n>. in 11. T^AitM-OVBR 100 ACRES, IK UOUBft; NEW " JciWjr; tltO MMh treat; tluclv watered; very healthy; stock, Implements, lor Srw York or Brooklyn Property. C. C. WaY'LANI), J12 Broadway. I'tOB itALi: UK WILL EXCUANGE KOtl I'lflT"PRtiF trly?A fiie Mauniuc'turing Property at Van Uurur|> villa. V V : la now uaed lur luaiiiirtictnriug cotton yooda.bat suitable lor other purpose*; eon-lota nl' stone mill. ?pix**)', country ?t? r?, II h<>u?ea unit i:t acrua choice Land. For lull ptrticuiar* tdiresa ALLKN A ll vNKS, Van liorneaville, lierkiiuer couuty. X. Y. ISol'R UKSIIt.iliLY "LOCATEI) TEN;EMEXTs/kENT Inil fur $!?,."> *) ujr'*111111111. lor sale ur exchange fur >ub urban improved Property. A. BLOMyl 1ST, Ilk) Nut- iu at. J-VoUR IEES3uitD bumTk 8TOKBM, DWELUBOi over; Hartford.?The tavinffa bank mortgage on Mth being Inreclosvd; eiinity il5,iXXJ; lor other Property. Pho tographs wit It RIDEK.'W I'lne ?t. TTtOUR 8TOKY TEXE.MEST. centrally LOCATED I? mid lightly encumbered, lor private House, below Outh at. 8.1) MAi'K,St"? Union square. TH BXCHAXOB FOR KHtU COUNTY (M. J.l 1HHP. I ertf?An established business U desired. Audreaa ES SEX oJ>i;nty iitTitid uffio'. 1 alralila Country Heatof >is acres; one hour infc'ewjer iey; also nthert. KELLY ItltOTII F.IIS, IHi) Broadway. rpo exchange roR crfr Fkopibty?two 1 Gothic llonao, at Trumont, with 1 U.lot* of lasil; caah difference will be paid for city improved. II. P. DK liltAAP, Bowery National Hank. TTfiuVlNtA "FARM8. furniture AND PAINTINGS, l raruii and Lota, Ac., for exchange O. ItKED. 70 Pulton at. TTTILL EXORAXOB A DB8IKALB BBSIDENCB ?? in Jersey City, tree and clear, worth $18,001). and f1'' K) cash, lor a city brown atone House, iii (rood locution. II. PATI HBKO, 74'i Broadway. REAL ESTATE \V\\TED~ HOUSE AND LOT WA.NTED-BETWKEN 14TH AM) 50th tta.Sil und Mtli *vk. ; valued 910,000, for which part cash and ii irt new first claas Furniture would be given. Addreaa H., 111 I last 18th at. __ I~IG1ITLY MORTGAGED DWELLING HOUSE IN NEW j York or llrooklyn; f.\IU0 km.I Hue unencumbered 1*1 nutittion In purulent. Owners nddreaa. with full nartlcu laraf BUSINESS, box 114 liernld Uptown Brunch office. ? TO let for msnEss PtBPO>B8 BENNEfr BUiLUI.m" ~ Fireproof Located nu Nasauu, Ann and Fulton Ha. First Floor to let. suit able for banners. iusurmico offices or lawjera. Will he let together or in p irta; he uttered to suit tenants If deaired; adapted tor odiroa or atorea. KeiiMinahle rents Alan some eliiribie L iw Oilicca to let APPLY ON THE PRBXI8EK Take the elevator. Inquire for janitor. HTOBB TO* LET?ALSti' BaHHIKE 174 6Til av. A A LAOKR BBfcR 8 A LOON AND RBSTAURANT TO Jx. lot? 20 years e?tablial?c(i. Frnnklort liou;?o, 21)2 Will ilitll Via pITY HOTBL RBRTA0BANT, B80AVVAT AMD 8TB V at., lurniahed; dolni; good bnalnesa; rent reduced to $1(?) per mouth ; iinmedlato poaaeaaion. /SlOAB. BOOK AND NEWS STAND TO LET-IN \J Park llotul otlico. ut il..VK>per annum. Iorra and opricss to let-at m "it road. J way, up ?t?lra. JOHN ? MURRAY. T OPTS, wTtTi STEAM POWER, TO I.TiT? DN THE I J Nepperliam Creek in Youkers. Addresa II. W. UllAUE, U<t Spruce ?t.. N. Y". Okiental BANK HUlLmKO^ llowery, corner Orund at. To let?A lnrse lifflit Maaentenl, aultuble for a trunk manu facturer or willow w rao dealer. Apply at the bank, Rent low?suite of offices for lawyer'or other hualneta. Inquire at ($s Wall at., room t>; ^ood light. CTP AM POWER1-TO LET. PLOOK8 WITH ALL mX i elilnery lor wood worker*: ulao PI tors and liieh llaae ment lur other business not extra liaaardoua. 1U > Weat 27th at. ITO let-VERY LOW, A SKA LL STORE AND Dwelling on Fifth at., Morriaanla: excellent locution; near depot. 11. P. DBtlRAAP, Bowery National Hunk. TO let^BASEMENT^ 55X/7. SUITA ble P(T(T8TOr5' at .Hi Pultou st. Call at 98 Fulton St.. basement. T(TlEtIIsTOKK~ UNDER PARK HOTBL, FRONTING nu Naaauu at., at SI,.V)T) per aunum. fill) let CBEAP?A 8TORE. 90 FEBT' DKKr; SUIT" J ublu for iitiv hualtteas. with two flue allow windowa; No 12S1 av. C. Apply to MANSUY DODIN, 15S av. H. rpo let low?IN A 8PLENDID CORNBB BUILD A Ing. ?4?d at. and <>th av., small Storea; plate gluaa win dows. suitable forje i rllers, tnilora. fancy ur Iritit atorea. H. 1*. DEGltAAP. Bowery National Hank. mo RENT?FIRST FLOOR, CELLAR AND 8UBCBLLAB J of HI Dev at; rent very low. Inquire of VAN WYCK A GRKEN. I'lne at. tQ STB ST.," PEW DOORS WEST OF BROADWAY.? OU I ntlre First Floor, iurniahed, luolnding an ofllce for physician or dentist. liWEULfso lim sKs to lacx. ~ rnnhlun. \ SUPERB NEWLY FURNISHED AND OVER ,iY hauled four stor.v full si*o Residence, with every con - venlence. In 4Mb it,, near flth ?v., at h low rental. No. 4 l'inc st. or 83 East 17tli st. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr. I~iiUKNISI}ED 1 IOUSE TO RENT?AT OKANOR, N. J".: 1 t> dutifully situated; garden; nil fruit: .lime to Septora l?er. $^i<U per mouth. Address P., box 1,3:<3 I'ost oflice, New York. 1 BURNISHED llOUSE?FIRST OaSS TO RENT?TILL Octal er 1; near 17tli at., overlooking KtgjrvtMiit square, high f>toop lour atorv brown stone : only to privato lamily; references required. Address LYoN. ~0 I'ark place. TjlUItNISHBD THKEE ST<HtY 11 OUxS tC) BE BENTKD very cheap to deal-able party: centrally located. 222 West .Viil n.. near Rroaitw-av. To bo Men Irom 11' till 4 o'clock. Agents tlloured commission. T~ O LET FURNISHED?A SMALL TURKS VTORT and basement Homo, stonn front. In a very desirable loeation and in lir*t rate condit inn ; furniture new and com plete. Apply, between !? and 12, on tlio premises, 113 East ?M at. rjfC"ren t--"first ulass iiouse,co?im.etBlt X furnished: pert of the rent teneu in board, with privi lege of taking others; location central. W. T. PAN V. Bio Broadway. | (?TH ST.. NEAR 5TH AV.?FURNISH RD BOUSES: rr?7 nominal rent for summer or would lease. A. DAILEY, UG6 0th a*. I'titnrnlihed. A FIRST CLASS ForR STORY BROWN STONE House on 34tb st to let. For permit* apply at lilt! West 34th ?t. T~-i.w KLI-ino HorsK no. 4u Morton s*.? bknt V? law; also several other Houses. nathaniel BOB, 1SH Varlck st. AN ENTIRE HOUSE?EXCEPT "tWo'koOMS, ALL improvements, at 12ft East 2Sitli at. ; per moutli. \ -HOUSES: REDUCED RENTS; 331 WEST I2TH J\m st., $7'< per niont't; SO Charles ?t., IfflO; Waverley ploeo, 10 rooms, and tints irom $Ji> per month. I" all for permits, C II HIST A I.I.EK. IT Abiui,anu square I iHth av). V_ ^ _g ? southwest corner Waverley place; 14 room*. A-S? AND-?TwesT WTH ST.-WfeLL ABBANUib ? 20 and 22 feet extension Houses at specially redueed rentals. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., No. 4 I'n.o and* :.:i En; ' 17tU at. A ?TO LET. flFllEK STORY HIOI1 STOOP BRICK ' j\? House. 17 rooms, in excellent order. No. 11 Warren place, Charles st, Inquire at 141 West lltlt st. 1^xci:i:i>iSiti.Y low rent to a small familt I i tor on elcirant tliree Story brown stone llousq: oil im proveineats: misarpat-ed location. Inquire. Irom l to & P. ' M., on the premise*. ;??"> West 32d st. rpo let?A Pour-sTory house and store on . J. Sth av; rent $100 a month. Inquire ut -(>7 West 54th st. ; mo LET-WHOLE or PART OP THE NICE THREE J story hl|rh stoop House 21*1 East SM St. Apply at -1 t East Wtu st- Rent verv low. ?1 STORY II hiH STOOP HROVVN STONE BOUSE N< > *f lOil E:>st 4iHh st., ueal Park av.; low relit, (lazier, 142 East 37lli st. ^ '{(in?RAKE CHANCK.?FRENCH ROOF. ({AS, Ac.; hitfb ground; H rooms. A poly ou premises, lrankllnav. and IkiiiIi st.. or to W. O. API'I.ETON, No. 1 Bond at. Kl E!HSIIKl)llOOM? V\I> APAUTMKXTS TO I.F.'l. A Lady ii\s nicely Pcrnished room-* to let to e.'ntluui:in and wile. Apply .it III l..i?t 2?>tli st. A? LARUE AND- >MALL NICELY IIRNISIIED ? Rooms to lei, reasonable, at 5M Irving place. ' A LARUE KIRNISH EH Id mix. WITH OUlMf J. Y hot and cold water, vaa and bath, to let. In private bouse No. 237 K?-i :i.*>th st.; rent moderate. "a nicely" Kt'ENfsHKD sg I' a re " ROOM, WI ri I larce i Inset* to let; 347 4th av.; terms very reason : al,la. * ' BANDSOMKLY PUBNISHBO SINOLK'aND M"IT ol Room* oa second and third lloors, front; tlrst class restaaraut, at uioderate price. 4(17 tltli nr. ' k ?OOMPLETK AND NEWLY Fl'KNISHED THREE - V, lar^f Boons, on lirsl Hour, for housekeeping to let, very low 16 a (e*< tenant 1,.'>4 ) llroadwuy (IHOll'K FURNIsllED ROOMS POE OBEri.EMEN ) * Ithout hour*, In lirst cl?s< bouse. 1,4*C> Broadway, cor' ner 44tli st. LH'UN'ISHED ROOMS AN!) HEUKiioMS. FlR.-T r Boor, ai'o OIHi-e iiid lledroom ; 001 cs practice waiting; upper Itoom, 54;SSI? one; ttrat clats location. 100 Ea*t 1 th st., near Union square. LURNISHED ROOMS HOK OKNTLEMhN IN PHI r vale b. os?, $2 per week and upward. 130 24 av. SIURNIisHED ROOMS FOR tie.N I I.KM KN. Al'FLY AT 1JI South 11th St., Philadelphia. ?vur.\islle.D PkONT KOOM. HALL room At>JOIN m?-. together or separately; all Improvements, lti Last 1Mb st , near Tiffany'. Handsomely furnished rooms, en HiTri:"oE ?initly. transient or permanent, also Flats. A. IiaI LtwY. tUii'4h av. HAS0*0VELV FURNISHED RI h>M s o* MVOND a<ol tbird Aoors lor lamlliei; also tinifle Rentleineu. ' t2~J Weat 4Ath M. HANDSOMkLY FUKNlSllk D Rot IMS, SIEOLT OB en mite, prtvata oath, to gentlemen. 4A West 2VKIi St.. fonr doors west ol Broadway. MMSt?N . IHI ~LhXINllTON aVT, COR uerol :<"th st?Pleasant turnlshed Rooms to rent on American or Eurapeau plan. Mm#. LOl'IS A. OLY1.. XTEWLY FtRNIMIKD ROOMS I'o LET.?TERMS Xv nt l< rate ; bniu. hot and cold water. No. 4U .-print,'st. N'ld?Lt FURSIIHED ROOM tD LBTj M m?L up. No. ItH West 11 Ik st. N'itATLf FCRNtSHRD RO<>M AMD BEKR' ioM ? Closet*, waft an* every convenleii.e tor housekeep ing. rent, per week, IncliidiiiK gmt. IIM 7th av . nc*r -i-t st. N'O. 7 ttk.-T .Hill ST?VgRY Di.SlKABLE fITr iiUi t& AAftfu0iiI? to rtnl, without board, to tincla g(?tiU#iu?u. CI'ENIHI; VUKMSIIKO PARLOR >L(K>R ~ANI> V.7 "v,"' I 1??"? to let. or several wpsrate <in til hrown lliiutmi; tjuict. OH plie?, corti#r ot hi*i 4,td ?(. T" let -PURilsiikln RSoSs fo"5 houheeksp In .P'lh'rl >r. lour riHiai.; sIsoK.xnis lor h. usekeep in/, #1 And per wet k ; ?. dr,.,,a, <a aud oO per week; , new lui^tuie. No. 3.W W t st i .m it. * I PlKMSIIKD ROOMS AND APART* ? MESTS TO LET. T'Vf'I'VT H'Krr ST,- OXfc "OoSl* i?L' if ABLE ? ' ,,n?" Benlleman or ?inclr lady. T0h.nkT;, LTio* ami oirg *4 ha't lOtkTt tfontlrinan or iremle.nan and wife. T??KM "ANOHOJIbCy PCRN18IIED PARLOR rT,,1 LET?Kl'RSIsHKD OR UNFURNISHED A PAR. ni.hed^<^ iiu * ??<i ?n?: ?i.<o ?r.Jr " o n w,"? Pr''vilui;e ofDatb TcZ, fl.^b.u 1 u,h " ? coru*r ?r "tb uv': rln? T?n^57h??B^I3HEH^ ?" WEST 35TH ST.' Jr. . " (priv.u family) ; ?? conrenienco.: refer" T"s,.km^T "^STAVU race. A si hi IAL DESPATCHES -n U.0 bulletin to^, JrZ 'w> " j * I I tween lath anil latli ?t?. nroauway, bo j RIH A1 . NO. HI.?SECOND FLOOR OK 8KVKV 1 ilAuU<rm,h "!i : ?" "i1"? "r "'"(fir: aWtfc oilier Rooms I ?> '*** **?y or Wffc: permanent or transient. or'i'juriitVly. ?U bedro<),"< *ud urlrate bath; together ()TH ST., :>(?>. JL'8T WEST OK HROADWaY ?!'AIII (ill ?A=^lZ-rA 14 s^wsir,. ssyaEHca ? ]?) JOfU HT.-TVVO OR THREE CONNECTING | per week?"*" * c"rPet,> : ?1"0 other, from *_? SO to'$5 1(1 I.ASr ltlTII ST., itRTWEEX ~BItOA*DM*lV ami (J'ZU ST., I JO Hast. N 1-TaR 4TII AV fin R I ? i7 n,u.""i ",ry Ro""'?. ?i?clv or en suite !<? rami' ished" term " ??'"sWlU*7o""d, ??''J"5 l,on*" ?"?'y boarders taken.' $ ' *10 *n* 912 "" ?*ek: transient ?J?.> KIT YVRHaNT sF HKIU:KFN 'Jli?ivr> m and prTv?'t7?l<"f'4"t w,thout "??"?; ?">??? flr.t class 4-4- 1?VST ?? ,8T? HANDSOMELY Fl'RNlslIED *XTT Rooms. en suite or singly. for -eiitlemrii ' witi...ot ?plfred. rentm0,ll"*l? for l'erl"?"ent partie.; reference re 45 ^rIfl.MVTL,Ki?" AI<L' BURNISHED ROOMS waiter. bomekeepin* or Rentleman ; hot and cold 04: ^ut'hJarir'" dT ?KtJKNIs"El>" ROOMS W1TH ; 1()Q W^iST ST^r "private K A M11, V has 1 ili'iiireil aUW 'urnl?Ucd "oom.; homo comfort.; Uoard if ! II (j MACDOtlOAL ST-rURNISHEf) ROOMS ~WITH I ieVtLrr..raire for h?k-p???. j "1 /i ^ KAST 15TI1 ST. ? LAKGK FRONT KOO\f FOR I ^5?iK^!r,uc,r fur"'i,hed anj ' I W.) ^K.S'l T.ViTi ST.-A \VIDOW~LADY IIAS II\SD ! lidle. ,?,1,u y rar"",l"ld "?"?"? to lot to ([eutlamen or 917 west aiTiii sr.?T small kaviiIv wifi | ?li., lo^^ntlaminudwif.0: u?,ur"1"b?d- with water 1 June lit til! (Jctoher 1st; refurcoce. luijnire of Janitor. j I'SPIHMSIIKU ROims aMO APA11T MKVTS 'l'O LET. ! a i'Ar r.M Ei?ytfot?sKr"5fir*'X'fvitt.^ty ui\'urii'lslied!" 'UrK<! 'SU" ut AP?rt'uent? to let." furnished or OK KI, VTS AXD floors to i ,, V 1'Uost improvetouiits: in bpm MiiifiithiM ? ! *fe"lJBSth*t*',b0lr"00<li ","d')r*t,' rB,,t Inquire at X.K'i A ^,'1' OK KOOMS-l'ARLOR AN1> UKUROOM, to" j XX ilier ot so:i?r*tely, to h Hiti>r 1 o irentlenuMx nrivata brown ftone -. n-len-iii-e r 'i|iiiieil. I'll' Kiim lTtli ?t. \ r,!ietK'Vv'! ? oKLott AN," masemk'nt eloor 1 .1. ! , ,^vb" ",,on">: ranc... hot mid cold water ata IuTOS'WwinSitbTt! "#W'-rPU'nt"<1; third floor. ; IT LOO R OK KIV K ROOM8 AND PANTRIKu nam ; Lxszz&s " w | " "" av -"-fi-v r,??? WW or A TU.KK ritunv HIOH STOOP- I :ji i"',", ",otl?rn tuiprovemenu; $35. Inquire at j ^I'IjKNUIO FLATS TO LKT-IK 925 lOi'II AV 7777*17" , blook from MHIi ?t. ; Elevated Railroad. ' ^ FAMILY OK TWO AL> I' LTS Til K iJiiT " S|t<>ry ,"f ,,rown .tons house No. West 4M T?leet o7l?r"RU. 7 LAK,JK ROOJfH; PER. ri"" ?Wuer r?"lde? "" ' T^-IN ls,r'l ST.. TnkaR -jd AV A HltrnMn i Lw'p: ^ ? Jrumedhitc p<?tt>o^.<?ion. low. To LET LOW?3 ROOMS Olf SECOND PLOOB \ ? wSi also Store and three Rooms, No. :?il West IMtli .t |?' | quire at No. I0B We.t -s,|, ?r tl?, 1 ,w"' ?'? '?? I TO RENT-TO A SMALL, l.ri wil.K F\\iTlY~A j ^ <d M 0"r- co"?u""K ?t five rooms Inquire a, 171 Wirt j rP" "'vE.N'T?St'ITABI.K HOR A PHYSICIAN 11TH ST ^ | 1 between ad and Hd nv?.. First Floor ot a i". foot Fn*. lish t.asemint hoase: flvo rooms; water. Ka, Tan? JtJ ? i rent L. J. t'ARPENTKR. au 3d ar., itil.le House. ' ! , OD PLOOR IO LET?POK LIOHT HOLSEKREPljTS ' | WostUth"!* *m"yi *" ltnpr"vemont,; newly (itted. aii j 17"^?r^iI.rSTt,betwrkn f,tu av and union ! "W! ? very low rent; wTll'be*urni>hr7il j 40 "&MS piivaTe* "" ed; *l?i> h?ll Redroum, Inrolsbad; f.Tlly ' HOOMgf AC., in tikI*, t'ltr nnd Br?>oicivs> A OKSTLEMAX AND WIKK, WITIIOCT CHILDREN Si&fc&iZEJg?Mfe A WIDOW AND SON WOULU LIKE T<7fAK:FT?tK ol ?ntlenian i lioiise for the summer or toiiuor* Ii^ms reference. Inquire ut lis fltli ut. ion?or, lies! i Vi kn!>iii:m ROOMS wanted?in FiTivATB ( ,11 '.'ff*? three tarnished It*, !l?? ' u"' P''rl"???ut if suited; t.'rins with Xe "mmh' h- *- hoi l40 He*aid j Addre.s C. S JltiXX'J II'ANTKD?A LOWEK I'ART OK A'.-Kj SIX IT rciotlia, tor * n'.nall family ni'atlu't*; rent nut o\ -r fr'itl; lint reference. Addrea* UUN.VAIZ&, Herald Iplowu liranch otflco. WTANTKD AHOUl .MM 1. AN "l N ! 1 i:N I r H K !> \? Koom fur llirln hatiMkeepiiig. ojr ? middle-atred lady; reference* Addrea* A. M. S.. Ilorald Cptiiurn Itruirli oltlce. UrASTKO v HTRIC1 l,V PlUV \ r: I WHl.Y, three or lour i?t??ry lluittn; koihI locmloa, Addreaa ItEdPOXStHLE, Herald Uptown Hranjh oflice. \ir AXTEII l;V A IIIY-I. 1 VN. NEAR .III %V., rS ?Y tweeii Jiiilt and 4iith ?!?., mi OMce, with Sleeping Room and Hunril. hit >?ir an I wife. Addreaa I'lllHlOIAK. j I it 'il*t Uptown Itraiieh otltce lir IKTICD n,:-l' OR UOOXI) FLOOR, REUOV ?T &M ?i. , five ?r nix ru?m? with aiicalilu kitchen: lent not over Artilr?? M. HL'DWOil'fH, i-'jl Wot Hint at k) vol NO MC.N DK81RK A LAllIlK Kl K NI s 111:1 > lino in. with two In iK. ionth of Or an 4 >t.; rent not to e xceed i-f per ween. AdilrtM J. J., lierililoQ^e. MOYltDkUtS H'AiMTKU. ?EI.KOAX'T ROOMS. WITH HOARD, AT MODERATE ? ralev 1 H> Waverlpy 1'iace, near Wanlilnaton aquure ? | in r' I'KK i?W, ?il TO fin i'KR WKKK.?rtAB #P1. Room*. with excellent tali 11!; fu.'nlHt's and idutclo; croquet c round. 1 Tit ItleucKer ?t., near Hr.adway. ii kUknisTTklT "'koom" to lktI trout, to tfnitlrtniin and wile; H lard lor lady only. 104 hnit I.'4k II.. near 4ui ar. i) BUK'KS KRO* BROADWAY. 'JO i'MTTXTOK ? riUcr ?I' lie t' llo i-na. w th Hoard. lor famHIe* or Ken tiemcn; ftcm niiiitie $il to iJH. ?) BAMT ITTUVr.-ONK syi akk ami nvii sIxuLli O Koouit, with or without Hoard; term? moderate ; refer* em'cv 4t"h st.. k.vs r.?two~laroe~ rooms and iiall Koom, comfortably lurniahert, to let. with or without Board. ,-TII AXD "Til AVS-VkkY_ UKsTuABLR ROOM A, */ with letrtjM Wot IPtft it.: reference*. rvf?rAvr7i:T oPHosi ri 11 < ? i; i,~brwrswh ?) Superior Kumui, In auita or ainKly, with or wlthnnl Hoard. (I RANK ST. ? I.AKOli AXU 8MALL~liOOM8, SUNNY 0 cxpoanrr, to let. with lloard; term* moderate. 1 I \ WAV kkik v rliACK, "xk ir bIioadwaT.? JU riranaut Inmt K'Mima fl4. #lti. #1S and $2>i tor two, with Board; tingle Rooms, #s and $1'; transient people, ft! por day : alao liuio l>oard. 94. Ik AND fta.?TWO XICK HL'X.NY ROOMS. TO 01W gentleman and wilt; Hoard tor lady. 144 VTeat Intli ?t fil ST., ltd), XKAH OTIl AV.-Kl'RNIllHBD Hiwm<, with firat claaa Hoard ; alvi table Ho ird; ref er. nee 1?? KAsT i.uTtff.. KRO.VTIXO MAIHSON m. I AUK. m To let. Iurni?hed. aieKant Kixim?, with H ianl, ainuly (K* mi anile ri r. ,\k sr Tu l.i-:T. WITH first <iVlaWI AO H.?ard, lar-.e and ^rnall Itoonia. to Kantleiuen, or iten tlemen and wl?e<; reference It lil .-I . J17 WttSl~ I. I.l.i. AS I ROI i Ms! . \ > L' I f E I and ? i iltly. wiO. Hoard; location desirable, tvrina imxlerate; reterenee*. I * \l \ll> SI . N. Ml ? \SAl. v WI in i W LADY. X't Ju't taken a hoe*, would like to let a fear luriiialicil R.iunia to iieiiileincn and their wi?e? : Hoard lor lady only. 1- wiwi iTth sr. nrar SROAOwIr-HAxii ') ?..ii?ely famiahed Rooiua, with Roartl; houae and tiilde nril elaia; reference* 11fTM ST.. Til VTR^T ?A LARGE, WELL FI RNIriUED Xl) front Room, leeoad Boo:, wltn Hoard; alao hall Koom, c.inuert'njt; private Ininilr ; lertna noderate. ?>oi? sr. vvc.-r, j .it. ii easam Hiiror hooms, mi) with lint ela?? Hoard; Ku^li*U baaeiuent lime; do Jo for a phyaiciao. HOARDER* WANTED. OH UNIVERSITY PLACE BETWEEN ClINTO# ? U place aod Oth St.?Bright. large. airy Room* In ? pri vate fainilv; no southern expos iro; with or without Hoard; Parlor floor through. nn EAST ?3Tll RT.-SIU. ni'TBil HAS TO J oiler. with Board. a Suit of Room* on *econd floor, with private bath and eloMt; aiao other Room*, for families and gentlemen. 2" "on sr. west. u andkomkly*>i?rn is n e p ? ) I'arloi to let; suitable for physician or dentist: with or without lirst class Hoard : alse a I loom and Bedroom on the -econu flnor, connecting; to families or gentleman : at a moderate price; references. OQD ST.. li>4, EAJT?WELL KUBNISirKD ROOMS Jjij with (mid Board, for gentlemen or gentleman and wife : reference*. O I Til ST. ilt WERT.?IN A PRIVATE FRENCH ?> T family elegantly furnuhed Roomi, with or without Roard. Q | Til ST.. NO. W9 WES*.?H \NDSOMELT KUR ? )' r uisliod Room*, with first eta** Board, near Elevated Railroad; reference. ?}/; EAST aiST ST., NEAR BKOADWAT AND 5TH O'J ar.?Elegantly furnished Roon:?. with Board, for fatuille* aud gentlemen; tranilent hoarders. OU OtttMW "PLACE -ELECIANT FURNISHED O") Room*. f?r married or singlo gentlemen or ladles, with or without Board. OOD ST.. NO 7 WKST.~SKCnNL> DOfti" FROM 3TH 0*? av.?Delightful Floor or Room* to let to gentlemen; dimmer mouths half price; lint elasa table board if re quired. Q7-WEfiT JIST ST.-NkVvLV FITTED UP AND IM~ O I pmved, to be let. In Suit* or single Room*, to gentle man; (rood Board or breakfast at required; reference* ex changed. QQEA8T20TH XT.?A. I*(*"OK"5>OMS. PMVATE 00 bath, closet*. Ac., with private table or without board; Room* tor gentlemen; reference*. oq"4oT"43~ AMD 44 WKM lira St^booms. OO. with Roard. uermanent or transient; house aud ac commodations Qrst el a**. O CLINTON-PLACE, CORNER OP UNIVERSITY ? place.?Room*, en suite or singly. for families or single gentlemen, with full or partial Board; alto table B.iard; term* moderate: references, IT A A N D if WEST -'7 i' 11 ST.?LA lit IE A N D~SMALI? TT Rooms, elegantly furnUhed. to let, with or without Board; hocse and table appointment* of tUo best; term* reasonable; refarence*. ff west"Thth kt.?ha.vdsomkly furnished i I Rooms, with Out class Board; house and location ex cellent; reference*. j Q~wEsf Washington place. NKAR OTH AV.? tO Handsome Room*. with flrst clas* Hoard. KT~~EART 31st ST.?DRSIRARLE~rooms. r.v suite ?)X or singly, with or without priv*te table; roference*. ri west asru sr.. neab madihon square.? ? )X I!aiid*ouiely f\irnl*b?d Room* ou second flour; bath, largo closets; also two pleasant Room* for gentlemon; house and table first class. fT WEST 5StIi ST.?two hall booms. WITH oil ? )?J without Board: reference*. rq"?SR0VK ST.?pleasant rCRNTRHED ROOMS 'tO to let, with Board, to gentleman and wife, ilngle gen I tlcmen or ladies: term* moderate. EAST A8D ST. BETWREN XADIRON AND 4TH av*.?Newly furnished Room*, with good Hoard. lift WERT 11TH~ 8T.-NTOBL* " FURNISHED XL') large and (ingle Room*, with or without Board. WEST 15TH ST.-KURM8HKD ROOMS TO LET for man and wife; Hoard tor lady only. 1 (>#1 BART I8TH ST.?A L ABO It' H AEMUlfC PBOWT X ?" ' third story Room, with flrst clas* Board; location lovely; one block from Clarendon Hotel. 1 OO WEhT UTtl ST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED IwO Room*, levond door; also IIallmora, with Board; ; house flrst clas*: terms moderate; references. 1 *> - EAST lVvrii ST~ NEAII UNION SQUARE.?WELL lO'J furnished Room*, with flrHt class Board, lor fam ilies or sltiirle gentlemen ; moderate nrlce*. 1 11 WEST' 44TH 8T.. HF.TWEEN 1OTH AT. AND XtI Broadway.-To let. with superior Hoard, extra site lnrge and small Rooms; location, house, Ac.,' flrst class; highest reference given. 1 L7 WE?T 12TU RT.?NEWLY FURNISHED 1TI Room* to let to gentlemen and their wires or sin gle gentlemen, with or without Board; flrat clas* In every wav. 1 n EAST a7TH ST.?TO LET, WITH ll<>ARD, L? ' L hamlsomelv furnished Alcove Room, second floor, front: also third story front Room; term* moderate; refer cnce* exchanged. 1 Q A WEsT 1HT11 ST?NIBELY KURNISIIKD XO^t Rooms, with Hoard, for gentlemen, at $7; also Rooms, with Board or Breakfast only; house newly painted and furnished. Oi 7 WEST UKTH ST. (IN THE UPHOLSTERY > mL I store.)?A young couple would like to take a child I to Roan); good care will he given to it. Address orcall. 9OQ EART 1STH 8T., NRAR 2D AV.?A PRIVATE family will furnish three or four Rooms on the par lor floor to a family or a party of geutlemeu, with Hoard; i also third story front Chamber. 2,-,! WiST TtifFf ST.-HANDSOMELY FUBXI SHED ? )tT Rooms to let, with Hoard, for fitmilles aud geutle nien; private tal/le II desired; terms moderate. 01 1 WKhTTmTII ST.?AN UNKURNISHKD FRONT ?) I L Room, containing hot nnd cold water, with or without Board; also a hall Room, lurnlshed. ?JJ 7 WEST 2hTH ST.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD, j Ox I in private familf. two connecting H iotns, 011 par- i lor floor; ail linprovemouti; location excellent; terms mod I eratc; references. DENNETT. O -n WR8I "J18T ST.?NICELY FURNISHED LARCH ?)')'" and singlo Kooms, with unexceptionable Board; reference *. 07 i) WEST 3MD ST.?TO LET. with BOARD, ? ) I j nicely furnished Rooms: t-lnjcly or en suite; nenr Elevated Railroad: teriuii moderate. 4OQ WEST l'3D S ,-IIANDSOMEI.Y FURNISHED OO Rooms. suitable tor single gentlemen or geutle iiiuu ana wife. with Board. 1~ sr. PHILADELPHIA.?LODGING; .UOU Board If desired; $- a dav ; French family. A. BECKER. I VJrt ??"ABD ST.. BETWEEN MARKET AND l.low Chestnut st*.? Large first class well furnished Ki?imi. with or without Hoard WfSK BROADWAY. IIKr\Vi:i.N 4?iTH AM) 47TH ; sts. ?A small private family will let a Suit <.f elegantly furnished Konin< to guntl men and wife, with Hoard; also hall Room to single 4-entlemeu; house and loca tion first class. * WlDOW IsADY HAM SOUK ELEGANT ROOMS TO Y. rent, at kUimncr prices, in her house, newly fur nished, in 12th St., between t)th and 7th avs? to gentle man and wives; Hoard for lady. Address A H.,box l'JS Herald Uptown Branch office. EMIR ABLE LOCATION, FR? >NTINO RESERVOIR P?rli, at '13 West 4'Jd st. ?Handsome Second ana Tblrd Floors. without board or with private table. I'1 ABUI front BOOK, WITH OS WTTHOUT BOAUi J at 171 We?t jOtl *t.. wltli private family: relerence. bUAHU AND UiUUI S li VV AS TED. AIJRXTLi MaS'ANDWIFE DESIRE <1600 BOARD In a private family, above 57tb st Address, with rel' erenco and terms, VICTOR, bo* a.ll'ju Post office. 1 FIRST CLASS "DENTIST WOULD LIKE TABLE J\. Board in the city or lull Board In the country 111 ex citative for Dentistry; bedl references pi veil. Address DENTIST, I'JM West Hth st. BoariT"WANTED?FOB oentlkmanand wtffs, 1 with board for lady: well furnished room, with hot and cold water; between 4th av. and Broad* av and -3u and 1 31th sts. Address HAINES, box 101 Herald Uptown Branch 1 office. BY~A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE. ONE OR TWO nlco Rooms In a private Jewish family, with Hourd; where there are no other bonnier* prelerred; pdVmaiicnl if suited. Address AHItlll MII.LKiI. I'o-t office. N. 1. \Y ANTED- IIY TWO~ Vol N?f MEN. NIChl.Y FUR* i IT nished Rooms, with or without Hoard, below :<Oth st. Audress, liaiiilit: terms, K. O. box JiXi Herald office. V\r AjiTKD?BY A MIDDLE AH ED LADY AND ' SON, | Vf two rooms ?itli Board: private family : within thirty 1 minutes of Oil v Hall; Central Railroad o! NewJer?ey pre ferred ; terms s'liO per month. Address imiuudittcly box ! 2,47H I'oit office. %J/ antkd^ry a mabbikd CUUPLK, "a nicely : M furnished Kooui, with Board, In a private .lewlsh fam- 1 II \ between 31th and QOtb st*. and 3<l and 5th av?,; best city relerence. Address J. D. N.. Herald office. A" ' NUELI.'S TURKISH, ROMAN AND ' "LLKCtB'fO j binb?. 1 Le.xluitlon av : day am! night; ladies day ' ami evening; pleasant rooms, excellent table. Always open frankforThoi'seT~corner Frankfort an.i William sts.; Be., 50c., (1, gentlemen, I families. A 1st* UlWf SINGLE ROOMs-Af .tKff KN4JLAXD Hotel, !KJ Bowerft Lodgings, 50c. nightly, 93 weekly; for gentlemen nut;. GLkNHAM HOTKL AND BBNTAUBANT, 8TH AY., I between ?lst and L'.d sis.? l.ootns singly or en suite ; elevator and every modern convenience. N. it. It VERY. Manager. ' ' t'OCNTK \ Hit \ Itli. ' n GENTLEMAN UESIitES IIOOM ANI> MOAKd'"T8 I Staten Island: terms not to exceed $t< a week. Ad dress Y.. box MI11 Herald office. PA HT Y 11 AV ISO AN ELEGANT PLACE AT HYDB Park, on Hudson, would like to make arraageinente I witii deslrnble parties wishing Bond for tbe -'uinmer; hou--. tabic and sUiuiliou lir*t fHMa. Address A . -Itli 5tli av. 1 Boakd at coun waCi.. n7y.-a i*rivate 7amIly wjul'l tako three ireutlrmpn and their ?iven to board Irons letol June; location very desirable: tn'ilr superior; terms moderate. Ail.lrese hoKjt Post i.ffl?, Oimieil, , y' Board wanted -at the WtoluH, fwi^VMi 15, by a gentleman, wife, child (two years old and nnr<e : terms must be low. Address, giving full pirticulars, J. A. M., Ilerald ?.Itlce. ' CioLNlBY board?ooon IAWATION, NKAB CAM J kill Mountains; cood table; fine drives; terms $>:per week : redu< lion to lainilies. Kor particulars address Mrs. ALD'K SCMMlTl, bo\ M*> Post oflice. Sauiririles, N. Y. CIOUNTR* BOARD-AT NANCKT" RuiKLAND J county, N. Y . -S miles Irom Jereey OHy; oat large sr two email fainllles can be accommodated In a private law Ily; healthy location; large house with plana*; piano, high grouads, lawn, wood, trims, Ac. Call at 4M, Cannlne st.. III the Store, or addreee K. K., box 3.3 Nanuet, Uecklaud county, N. Y. ("SOL'NTRY BOABD ~A1' OKANUk VALLBy7~N, J., J with a private Kreucli family; superior aecommeda tlons, large and airy Ito .ius. tine views. ?itli the privilege ol speaking the Pretieli lan.tiagej reierences (jiven la fie ! city. Aupl> at Mr?. IIOWELL'S bouse, Highland av, or ' 1 address box 40 Post office. C"~ioi'NTItY ItOAi-1> W \ Vl i- l> ~\ l '"im.AINKIELD, N. | ) J., ttom the latter part of .Mine, 1>) a gentieniiui, wife, two clill'treu aud ntirad. In a hoase ublcli liu< gas and all tiie niiHlera coaveateaees; two Roam* connectmtf, o.i the *ect>nd H.Kir, will l?e regit I red. Addie s I'., b. x 1^4 Herald oltteo. lOl'NTRY BOARD AT HEItCiEN POINT, IN jT KINK 1 / new tuaiia.on Irontini.' oil the Kills; the Imu-e baa nil modern ennveulenoes, and is uasart>as?ed for beauty of lo eallty and attractiveness ol scenery by any bonse on the j ' Point; terms moderate. Address box Poet office. Hereon Point | /YaTSKILL.?A VERY pleasant PAULOB AND VV Parlor llodrooci. handsomely Inralehed, wlin Hoard lot t#a persons lor thu an miner; bonee new and convenient to boats end cara; no othsr boarder*; term* moderate. Ad : dieee boa .33 Post eiflce, ? atskill, N. Y. CIO! NTP.Y Hi>AB1>:^T" 1'TIV E FAMILY OW.NIN'ti tbe Biost magnlllcviit pise In s,mill <Tati^o would ac c mmodate a family ol about nx p*r>ons; every modern im piov ?meat; solendiJ Mahllny. Adlrosa box U.W PiNt ; ?illcv. New York. /t OOD BOARD I;AN~ BE~ HAD AT" a'k'aBM UOVSr, vJ on the batik of the Hudson: baa lil miiea river view ; j g ..?t table: plenty ol trull In *e?sot>, Apidy to W. f. EmI'A L BKOOk, Ml East a-.III St., betiveeu 2d aud 3d av*. 0 COUNTRY BOAHD. _ IfTtilHSI' House, pleasantly CbiSXfitSpn Stock bridge, Mas* . family private, thuuilr or parly of adults, williuut servant*. may Bud IUon?. with Board; pri vate table if desired: also Stabling for h?r?es and cwrliitt; rvlerem es exchanged. Inquire wf r.. O. J , '13 Wait -?'?tit ?t.. New York city. Mount vkr.ion.?a pkw pkksons cvn uitaix Itooit Board an.I pleasant Rooms at a large (arm house, mi Muli around, with [awn. croquet grounds. pleuly of shade, fraab vegetables, fruit. Me : 10 minute*' w.?'k to daunt; !tl minutes from tlraiui Outrtl depot. Addruaa WILLIAM RO BERTH. box 314 Po?t o?ca. _ NE UK TWO SMALL FAMILIES OR A FEW gentlemen can set a desirable boarding place one tulle rroui Willi*ui> Bridge; carriage lo depot. Addreaa D. 1.. WISH. Jerome, Westchester county. fPWO GKNTLEMBN UAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD IN X beautiful location on ibe Passaic, ralaut-s from Now York ; rood accommodation* at a moderate price. Address J. W. .V, Herald office. WANTBD-BY a SMALL Tamil Y. b~oard. a abort distance iu the country; will exchange new and elegant Piaao alio beat made) lor aauie. Addreaa S.. bos IIS Herald oBice. Y\,"ANTKD-A YOU Nil MAN FROM WE*T INDIESj, f T with small resources wishes to hnd Boaril in Ihe coun try with no American family where, making himaalf itn-iul doing light work, he could get a very cheap accimnuHliitlun mid F.uglish lemons; references exchsnged if required. Addruaa, with payment expected, Mr. liASTON, 14 Allen it.. New York. ANTKU?IN ORANGE COUNTY, BOARD FOR AN lnlaut (nlue moutha old), at a respectable family who keep own covt. Address Sir. DEOoRaDY, 172 Weat 23d at, <kO~~FBR WEEK.?3 OR 4 OENTLEMEN BOARDERS ?PO wauted, within 13 minutes' walk of the landing, Port Richmond, Stateu laland. Addreaa C. I).. II New at., N. Y. SI JIMKB HESORTS. ? OTEL-KL'THERFUICD FaSXTV M1M TES VroM Mew York. 80 rooms, new and complete, for rent or ?ale. K. K. STEWART. HI Cedar st. Hamilton* house, stampord, conn., mow open; Cottages. with private table. If desired. i T. COZZENS iluto of Weat Point). ENOX HOUSE] GRBBNWICII, CONN. - FIRST claaaIn every particular; abaolutnlv healthy; no moi quitoes. Al)OLF RUTJEH. I'InDEK PARK HOUSE, CORNWALL, N. Y.?WILL J bo open for the reception of a few select boarder* May 2(i; tonus moderate. 0. li. IUNU, Proprietor. Manor house, larghmont manor. T?~ miles ou New Haveu Railroad; horae cars meet every train; fluo lawn, shade, boating, bathing. Bshiug and slubllng; house enlarged, newly furniihed; will be kept In a brat claaa manner by former proprietor. WILLIAM SHAW. TkTOIRWOOD HOUSE. NORWOOD. N. J., TWENTY it mile* from New York, opens May JO. Addreaa or apply to P. T. KEITH, Proprietor PALM KB 110USbTNTACB, ON T11 kTiUDSOM. VM X open in June. For particulars apply at the house. PARRY HOUSE AT HIGHLAND PALLS, ON THB Hudson, one and a half miles from West Point, will be oponod early in Jttne ; splendid river view; terms reuson alile; also furnished Cottage to let Address W1LLET PARRY. Highland Palis. N. Y. IC1 iFlkLL) si*RINOS.?SPRINll HOUSE, 1ST JUNE. 915 to |1& Rheumatism cured. Illustrated circular free. THE BAY VIEW HOUSE, Keyport, N. J. Open MHy 1; easy ot access by rail or steamboat; bath Intr. bo.iting and fishing unsurpassed; house refitted and well ahadeX E. LE PETIT, 1'ioprietor. H __ SALEM AT AUCTION. Art ExuiBTfioiT' at the Art Booms, 817 Broadway. General Jamea Lorimer Graham'* entire Collection oi Oil Paintings. Also, at the Clinton Hall Salesrooms, his Collection of Water Colors, Engravingiv Statuary, Urnases, Ac., Ac., to bo iold Monday, May 32, and following day. | The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneer*. Auction sale of maunipicent household Furniture, property of E. Gav. Esq., to be held THIS (Tuesday) MORNING. commencing at 111 o'clock, at the dopant tiro story brown *ton" mansion. No. 130 West JSd St., near tlth ar. Two elegant rose woo# Pianofortes, one a Stclnway A Son, nnd Windsor upright, cost <7(10 anil #I.OLt >; magniScent rosewood Ktagsrcs, lace Curtaiua, Mirr rs, latest style lulaid Parlor Suits, covered iu latin, brocatel and rep*; inlaid centre and console Tubies, Cabinets, Jardinieres. Bromcs, Oil I'aintingi, Ac.; Chamber Suits, liibluck walnut; Dress ing Cases, lieustcads. suriug and hair Mattresses, Carpets, Ac.; Bookcase, H00 volumes choice Books, Laities'Secreta ries, Library Tables, Turkish Suits, diniug room Bulfet, Ex tension Table; walnut Chairs, in leather; china Din ner and Ten Seta. Loungns. Hat Stand. Also basement and Bcrvunts' Furniture. LUKE FITZGKRALD. Auctioneer. N. B.? Goods packed and shipped, clly or country. RARE OPPORTUNITY FoiTlToiTsEKKEPERo. Extra large Household hurnlture sale. THIS (Tuesduy) MORNING. May 10. at 10 o'clock. ?iver WiO lols handsome and uselul Househola Furniture at the large residence No. 105 East 13th St., secoud door from 4th av? N. KUAEMER, Auctioneer, will sell, positive, rain or shine, to the highest bidder, withort reserve, con sisting of velvet, Brussels, Ingrain Carpets; magnificent latest style l'urior Suits, Iu satin, brocade, reps and hair cloth; one Steinwav A Son's and one Picrson dt Co.'s rose wood Pianoforte, Mirror*, Cnrtalns, Works of Art. Rrontos, Vases. Clocks, Tables, Etaireres, Bookcases, Books, Cham ber Stilts In rosewood and black walnut, inlaid; Bedstead*, Bureaus, Washstands. Commodes. Wardrobes; IS hair and spring Mattrosse*. Bolster*. Pillows, linen Sheets, guilts. Lounges, Chair*. Rockers, walnut Sideboard, two Extension Tabl. *: China, Tea and Dinner Set*; Bn? Glassware, Cut leiy, 2<IO lots Silverware, Ac. The largest and richest sale ol' this seaion. N. II.?Competent mon to pack ar *hip goods, city or couutry. Auction sale ok household fuuniture! to be sold at public auction THIS (Tuesday) MORN 1N(I, commencing at ltl>^ o'clock, at nrivate residence 31 East 20th ?t.. near Kroadwav. HENRY XINN, Auctioneer, sells tills day all the elegant, costly and plaiu Household Furniture contained in above residence, comprising mair nillceul 7'j octavo rosewood Pianolorle, four ronud corner*; Parlor Suit* in brocatel. cotelelne, rop and haircloth; Centre Tables. Brontes. Paintings Clocks, Carpet*, Bookcase*, Desk s, Chamber Suits, Dressing Cases, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstand-, Maitrerses; Turkish Cnairn, Lounges, Library Suits and Tablet. Bulfet, Extension Tahle, Chairs, silver ? luted Ware, Dinner and Tea Service, Cutlery, Ac.; also asemeut and Kitchen Furniture. Sale peremptory. Auction sale-rIch household fukniture THIS (TUESDAY) MORNING. MAY 10. commencing at 10 o'clock, at Ave story brown stone mansion NO. 47 WEST 1MTII ST., BETWEEN vril sndOTII AVa STEINWAV 7>i OCTAVE PIANO. ClIlCKERINO 7 OCTAVE PIANO. Minuet, Velvet and Brussels Carpet*, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Statuary, Works of Art, Ac.? rich ebony and gilt frame PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM SUITS, InUld with mar quotry aud covered in rich ta|>?stries. satins and brocades rosewood Ktagere, Turkish and Spanish lounge*. Easy Chairs, lulaid Cabinet, real bronie and Carar.i marble Mantel Sets, marquetry and gill Centre aud Console Tables, Ktagere with Mirror, lace Curtains, bronie and bisque FLures, Miul cal Boxes, Jardinieres, velvet Kugs. Palming* by emlueut artists. LlBHARY CONTAINS inlaid French walnut Library and Dwarf Bookcases. Secretaire Bookcase*. Lady'* Writing Desk. Turkish Putt in satin, choice Books, Statuary, Engrav* ings, ebony aud gilt Eaaol. Library Tables, Ac. BEDROOM FURNITURE. Elaborate aud plaiu Bedroom Sets, imaid and gilt Bed steads. Dressing Cases. Armnlre-a-Glaca, Bureaus, Wmh stttUds. single and double Bedsteads, !l.'t line hair aud spring Mattresses. Chillonlercs, leather Pillows. Blankets, Toilet Sets, rep and plnsh Suits, marble top Tables, Chairs, i ockers. DINING FU KN ITU HE. vii. Two Extension Tables, iu laid French walnut Sideboard, Chairs In leather. Silverware, Dinner anil Tea Sets .Cutlery; also two Hall Stands, ingrain Carpets, Kltrhi-n furniture, Ac. N. M.?>ale positive. Parties about pnrchnslng will posi tively find this n rare chance. Take Sixth avenue or Uni versity place cars. House opens 8 A. M. Competent men to ?remove, pack or ship goods, city or countrv. ROBERT C. CASIIIN, ALFREIi LLOV II. .11 ("I I(IN'EE U. WILL To Moil' row. at 10:30. sell the Flxtuieaof Liquor Store, 137 sv, jj, hi lots; four pull puiup. Ac., Ac.; flne stock imported l.iquors. Champagne. Ac. ArrisTs'-sale?liiuh classToTl paintings. ELEoANTLY FRAMED, TO PAY ADVANCES. THIS DAY (TUESDAY), AT 11 O'CLOCK AND 7). O'CLOCK EVENING, AT Sl.t BROADWAY (ST NICH OLAS HOTEL). B. MAYERS, AUCTIONEER. A-GEO. W. KKELRR, auctioneer, ? To-DAV, at 13o'cl(K'k, *l>ecial sale of FINE FRENCH CLOCKS and Bronie*, Parian Marole Statuette*. Figures, Ac. On WEDNESDAY (to morrow. ?t 12 o'clock. FINE SlLVERPLATED WARE AND CUTLERY from first class manufacturer*. VKT. NOW ON FREE exhibition, AT ART ROOMS, 74 UNIVERSITY PLACE. A COLLEC TION OK OIL PAINTINGS. BRIC-A-BRAC. aimistic FURNITURE, ac TO liK SOI.i) ?Y AUCTION ON v I.unkhday afternoon. MAY 17, AT '2 O'clock, ani) EVENING AT * O t'uh:k. KOHERT komervillk. AUCTIONEER. \ -TU mi JOHNSON, AH honki-ir, iv< old Maud, u7 nllssuil si. i'lllS DAY, at o'clock, 50 FINE parish hu1ts of k? r.RY description; ? sold by order of the different consignor*. on THURSDAY. ?t h>!< o'clock, larite sale of Bedroom Suit* ?n<i Mlrroi* Albert b. waldron. auctioneer, iw lib crty at.?thi* >i?t, at 11 o'clock. ?t<t **> i'ota of oreenhouae and Reddin<-oat Plants, Irom Gordon'* celt brated nurwnrt. Staten island. On i'hnraday, at 11 o'clock, tlu entire Content* of Restaurant, comcr Thame* a ml New Church at a. b v ROBERT somkrvillr. auctioneer, 74 Unt\ (rally place. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD furniture, GREAT VA RIETY OF UARI'ETa. KINK FIER AND MANTEL MIRRORS, AC.. AC. ROBERT SOMERVILLE will eel) by auction to-morrow (Wedueadayi. May 17. at lnij o'clock. at No. 11 East 1-ith ?t., elegant Household furniture, removed from storage lor convenience of aale. conafntmy or elegant Bruascls. velvet, iuuqtiel and ingrain Carpet*, nearly new ami of different sue* aud pattrrut; very hue black walnut Hat Stand. 5 fectby I'Jfeet; elegant pier and m.ntel Mirror* In lira! ciaaa order, tine lieavy carved blur* w.ilnul itedaieads. hu reane. Centre and extrnelon Tables; fine Inlaid Cabinet* and jaidiuiere*. very lin.t Dining Room Suit in oak,covered in drab rep. with rrini.on purling; very 8no 1*.trior Suite in ? tutu, silk rep*. tarlaiaue reps, 4c. i lie above giants muit i* sold and the good* remove J day or aulc. Now on exhibition. ?jty joiin a. duns'."'auctioneer?will"hell x) tlila day. at i"-, o clock, at llaeger'e storage ware rooms. comer 34tli at. and ?*th av.. a laige <{uaiitity of hunaehold Furniture, eonsialtiig ot Bureau-.. Solan, fetes. Chair*. Cottage ?uita, hair mid buak matlrok*ca, leather lteda and puinw a. rrnasela mid ingrain Carpeta. ilall Stands ai.d Chairs. plymptou cabinet Bedsteads, 1" Ice Boxes, white and hud "liadus, Ac. ,??lo positive Dealers invited. vjy matut.N it moi0e?1?x \vmjnebday. ill 17. J) at lo'g a m , 4..' tvilloughhy av., near sandfortl at., lir oklyu, all the Toole, Carriage*, Wagon*. Ac., of a car ring.' fee fry. __ By J. tiaven, antribsbiiic Will sell Til I -a hay. at 1(>s A. M., at i?t? kast 13th at., furniture of a large House, Including .V> Carpets, fio mst tresats, >0 reila, 100 Chair*. taoles. Cornice*. Lounges, holas, bed l.ouuges, Plimpton, Ac .ac |)y vi RTT k OF TWO c1uttkl ifortuagka I i i will expose for aale at public unction, on Monday. May ).i, at l'>oaork A. M,. a lot of fnrnimre and baddlng. at No. 9tc htb ?v. NICHOLAS C. CONLON. Attoraey for Mortgage*. SAUM AT AUCTION. B" Y IS1DORB jrsWARZKOPF. AUCTIONEEIU-BBCQI VulMidtT, 17th inst.. at lO'i o'clock. at 171 and 17B Suffolk aud M. Attorney at., eiitirt Effect* of uioat chop* plug Hiabllihnaul-vii. four HoraiL four Top Wagon*, four sot? Harness. IJ Chopping Macniae*. two Platform Scalea, Wrlirta. 4c.. olttriu Suhn A IUIlii|tr. ?uWaauT icuBNck. aIWioneerT *~ Aasignee's tale at ?legant Cabinet Furniture, By EDWAKU SCHKNCK. THIS TUESDAY, May lft at 12 o'clock, V an assortment of. the fluait Furniture, of the Boat modern and unique atria* or parlor, chamber, dining and hall. In elegant carved vat> nut. rosewood, covered in damask and rape; unperb Contro and Card Tables, and every variety ol styla of Furniture. The above la now on exhibition and will repay those la waut ot luruiture. To be Itold at aitatloa at No. do Liberty Ijl COLTON. Al'CTlONfcER. . Largo aud extra lar^e sale of llouiehold Furnltnre, I'iano. French plate Mirror*. Carpet* of all kinda aud uual< ities, aonr 3ti carved Bedsteads, dreaa Bureaus, A*., Ac. Title day (Tuesday). .May I ft, at 11 o'ciuck, at No. 794 Broadway, nearly opposite the Now York Hotel, a very largo amount of all kinds and <|uaUties of Household Furniture frum more than 2<J different (amities. and will comprise all kind* ol' Parlor, Dining Mount, Bedroom aud Basement Goods, via. Roue wood and black walnut Sideboards, Etageres. llookcaae*. Kxiaikioo and marble top Contra luliles, Wardrobes, Mirrors, Ur< s?iu^ Caiei, Bulfeta, library Tablea, about 30 or 40 Carpet*. Ac. N. B.?All the goods muat poaitively be removed thi* day and Wednesday. Cata logues early thin A. M. One superior roeewood Piauo, 7 oc tave, round coruura aud carvcd lege. /MO BOH UKOt t HBO AM. AU CTIONEKB, WILL SK HE \JT on Tuesday, May lit, at 10'j o'clock sharp, at No. 255 West ?l*t at.. entire lluuaeh dd Furniture, including Car. note, Bedroom Salts, Book cur ex, Wash stands, Bedding, hair Mattresses, Holsters, Pillows, Solas, Pictures, Clucks, Crockery and Glass Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac? House keepers and dealers Invited. ? H. B. HERTS A SONS, AUCTIONEERS. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PARLOR ORGAN, RICH PIER AND MANTEL MIR. RoRS. ROSEWOOD PIANO. CLOCKS, BRONZES, ELEGANT CHANDELIERS, Ac., ON TUESDAY, MAY 10. AT 10* O'CLOCK, AT NO. 814 I.EXINQTON AV., BETWEEN (CD AND B3D SI'S. PARLORS CONTAIN rich Moquet Carpets; French Plate Pior and Mantel Mir rorx: Laco Curtains, elegant real Ormolu and Dresden Clocks. Yaaex, Statuary, rosewood Piano, extra large aud fine Parlor Organ, alegant Ormolu Cnaiidclieni, roeewood Parlor Suit in blue figured satin, rosewood Etageru, Pedes tal, fine proof sheet Engravings, Ac., Ac CHAMBERS CONTAIN large Mantel Mirror*, rosewood and walnut Chamber Bulla, line Brussels Carpets, rosewood Secretary. Picitiros, fin* ball aud soring Mattresses, gilt Chandeliers and Uaa Brackuta Curtains, Cornices, Ac. IN DINING ROOM Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Chandeliers, walnnt Sideboard*. Dining Table, Brussels Carpets; China, Glass and Silver ware, Cutlery, Ac., together with the kitchen Furniture antf Utensils, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues at office of auctioneers, 17 i'ark place and 14 Murray at. H. B. HERTS A SONS AUCTIONEERS. Salesroom* 17 Park place and 14 Murray it. IMPORTANT SALE OF CABINET FURNITURE, THE STOCK OF MESSRS. BBUNER A MOORE. ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, MAY 10 AND 20, COMMENCING AT 10* O'CLOCK EACH DAY, AT THEIR WAREROOMS 75 AND 77 KING ST.; BETWEEN HUDSON AND VARICK. POSITIVELY LAST AND CLOSING SALE. NOTICE IN CONSEQUENCE OF REMOVAL TO OUR new premises in 14th at. we will sell as above, through Messrs. HERTS A SONS, Auctioneers, our entire remaiulng stock, embracing every variety of rich and plain parlor, chamber, library and dining room Furniture. Cabinets, Ea sels, Bookcisca. Arnolrex, Dining Tables, Ilall Ac., all ol which were made for our own trade and are fully guar anteed. offering a line opportunity to purchasers, a* every lot will be positively sold without reserve. BRUNER A MOORE, 75 AND 77 KING ST. Catalogues will be ready and goods on view on Wednesday. p|" B. HEBTS A SONS, AUCTIONEERS. FINE ROSEWOOD PARLOR OR HALL ORGAN, THIS DA* (TUESDAY). MAY 16, AT 13 O'CLOCK, AT NO. 814 "LEXINGTON AV. Messr*. HEBTS A SONS beg to call particular attention to a very line toned Parlor Pipe Organ, built on twi Bir mingham scale; very powerful and has eight choice stopl and pedal, rosewood case and gilt pipes, well adapted for f chapel or hall, which they will include In this day'* sale ol Household Furniture as above. Special attention is al?o called to the very flne Chat* delfors. Gas Fixtures aud large uier aud mantel Mirror* Piano, Ac.,In tbla sale. H. B. HERTS A SONS. AUCTIONEERS. Salesroom* 17 Park place aud 14 Murray it. MORTGAGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITUBS, CARPETS. MIRRORS, Pl.vNO, AC., ON WEDNESDAY. MAY 17. AT 10* O'CLOCK, AT NO. WO WEST 22D ST., NEAR 9TH AV. Comprising velvet and Brussels Carpets; walnut t Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture; mantel Itlrrois, Knabe Piano, Bed* and Bedding; China. Crockery ana Glassware; Kitchen aud Cooking Utensils, Ac. By ordet of James T. Hydo, Mortgagee. Henry d. miner, auctioneer ~ (late Henry II. Ia>ed* A Miner). office and Art Galleries 84o Broad war. THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING. MAY IB, AT 7* OCLOCH at Miner's Art Galleries, 845 Broadway, the balance of Pen and Ink Drawing*. Pencil Sketohe*. Ac. Ac., by Frank Belle*, remaining unaold. Also OIL AND WATER COLOR PAINTINGS. BRONZES, AO. embracing the work* of Chavet, J. D. Blondell, D. Bracke leer, C. G. Ro*enl>er?, Laurent De Beul, Inman, F. Fran*. John Williamson. Elizabeth Murray, H. P. Smith and other*. New on exhibition free. rs. WEINBERGER, ALO1'IONEKH, SELLS TIIIH ? day, May 16, at 10J? o'clock, at 73 Bowery, 13.0JG i'l^ars, Tobacco, Pipe*. Showcase!, Ac.; also Liquors, Vinegar and general Merchandise. t p7 Tutu, auctioneer.?mobtoage halm U ? this day, at 10 :30 o'clock, at private residence No. 131 halt 31at at., uear Lexington av.. Parlor Suits. Centra Tables, Mirrors. Brussels and other Carpets. Oilcloth*, black walnut marble top Hedroom Suits, .Mattresses. Springs. Lac* Curtains, Shades, Lounge*. Wardrobdb, Stoves, Kitchen Kur nltnre, Ac. By order ot attorney for mortgagee. JOHN & KOLBY WILL SBLL THIS DAY. AT COR nor of 1st av. and 1 10th St.. at 11 o'clock A. M.oim English Pump, Counter, back Bar, Tables, Chairs. Clock Glassware, Ac. T COO KB, AUCTIONEER?MORTGAGE SALE. M ? Sella this dev. at 10}^ o'clock, at the stables, flonthert Boulevard, opposite Morrisania steamboat dock, itsrlen Bridge. 11 head Horses, 2 Mules, 5 Wagons, 3 stone Trucks tl eats double Kansas, 3 sets single Harness, 3 Carts, S light Wagons. - Sale positive W. JACKSON, Attorney for Mortgagee. J' OHN J. L1HHNBR, AUCTIONEER?SELL*! 10 o'clock, 17 lat St., nntiuished Stock and Tools of Cabinet aud Carpenter Shop, in lots. a BLACK, AUCTIONKER, SELLS THIS DAT ? at o'clock, at 430 Canal st . a general Assortment of Household Furniture. Bedding. Stoves, Carpets, Sewing Machines. Stands, fables, Ac. Dealers invited. L"EO HBRTZBBRG. AUCTIONBBR, HELLS THIS DAI at 2 o'clock, by virtue of chattel mortgage, contents oi elegaut Lager Itcor Saloon, 344 West 37th at., Bairutello Ta ble, elegant Bars, Mirror, Tables, Chairs, Stove, Glassware Ac.; together or separate. Buyers invited. HERTXBERG BKOTUEKS. Attorneys ior Mortgagee. NUSSBaUM. ~AL'CTIONBBR, Ml BOWEII y! ? sells tills >iay, at 12 o'clock, at 10S Wo?t 40th st.. neai Htli av.. Contents ol I'alnt Shop, Paint*, Oils. Zlna, Parlor Uprights, Stop Ladders, let Wheels, Ac., poeltlvelj in lots. M- kUSSBAUmT AUCTIONEER, 361 BO WERT, ? sell* tills day, at 2 o'clock, at .'?4? West 2fHh st.. neat 1 lib av., the Contents of a Blacksmith and Horseshoeing Shop, Anvils, Vices, Bellows, Forges, Ac. Sale positive. M~ ORTGAGK SALkT-BV vTrPCB OK A CHATTKX mortgage 1 will aell on Wednesday, May 17, 1S7H, al ln'4 o'clock, at Nos. 431 and 433 East 10th St., the follow In* I'roperty, consisting of.?One 20-hor?e power Baffin* on* 90-hurse power Boiler, steam Heaters, Shal\iag, rul Uys. Tools, Taps, Dies, Ac.; one fireproof Sale, Desk, Ac , Att ? CORNELIUS PARLEY, Marshal and attorney tor mortgagee. oRTGAGr. SALE OK~ ROSEWOOD 70CTAVR l'iauofortc, carved lege, celebrated maker, J. P. TkaVKII. Auctioneer, this day, at 131 Bast Slit st. By order of attorney for mortgagee. ORTUAGE SALE.-PET BR BOWB. AUCTION*** will cell this day. at 12 o'clock, at 423 tlrand, cornet Attorney St., Bar, Back War, four-pull Ala Fuau>, ontlrelf new; Oa> Fixtures, Chairs. Tables and all the Flxturei aai Appurtenances of a first class Liquor Store. By orasr ol tat Attomey for Mortgagee. FABTITiWi\LK OK A FIVE sTOBY BRICK TBNE, tfient and Stores, modern design. 427 West 18th St. near Oth av., on Friday, May 19, 1S7U, at 12 e'alack noon, at tne Exchange salesroom. Ill Broadway. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr.. Auctioneer. 1 PAWNBROKER'S SALR?THIS DAY. AT J AMES AGAR S. SU New Bowery, a large assortment ol ua redeemed Pledges, consisting of Dresses, Shawls, Remnants ?'onta. I'aats and Vests, and various other articles too ua lueron* to meutlon; by order ol M. Cook. 21 Amity st, PAWNBROKKR'S SALB.-TUOS. J. M'ORATH. AUO tioneer, tM CliatUam ?t.. corner Mulberry, will sell this .lay, 11 o'clock, men's and women's Clothing, Draeses Shawls, Reinnauta. Oullts. Bedduu, Boots, >boe*, Ae.; alts Coaia, Pains and Vests. By order J. M. Spero. 3d av. DAWNRROKEM'S SALE WATCHES AND J EWBLBY. I Ac ?It. KlhtO, general asctlouoer. salesroom No. 8S Bowery, will sell tbis day, at 11 o'clock, C<JU iota Gold and Silver Watches, Diamond and Uold Jewelry, Pins, Rings Earring", Gold Guard, lob and vest Chains, Ac; also on< solitaire Diamond, weighing 4i, karate; eight very raluabit lace Shawls, Guns. Pistols. Musical Instruments. Ac. B| order B. Simpson A Co., I Ho Bowery. SHERIFF'S HALE.?GERARD BHTTH, AUCTIONEER This day iThursday!, Hay 1H. at II o'cl.a-k, at cornel Kulton ami William sis., entire contents of a lirst class lla> Store, consisting of llats. Umbrellas, Bags, Showcases Flitsm, At WILLIAM C. CONNER, .Sheriff. JlXKS M. ftt'ART, Deputy. SHERIFF'S SaLK.-PKI KR BOWB. AUCTIONEER, will sell at public auction this day. May Hi, at lojj o'clock A. M., at .No 11 I nver.ily place, corner Mth at., under and by virtue ol an execution, an assortment ol cus tom made hoots and .-shoes. Bale Leather, ' all Skins, Ae. . , WM. C. CON \ K It, Sheriff. Joan II. IIH.I.IICU. Deputy. SHERIKK S SALE <?i DRY AND FANCY GOODS. - S. HERMAN. Sbeilirs and (icuerai Auctioneer, ealh this day 'i need ay). May Irt, at 11 o'clock, .Vu. 13 Bowery, s general assor.meut ol l an. y ,ds? Hosiery. Shirts, Draw ers, Shawls. Suspsaoers, lUndkeichloK Marts, Bows, Ae. i also a large lot of Caasimens, liiHgoouls, Silk. Klaanal^ Merinoes. Calicoes, t'amhrln. Ac.; also Showcases. Safe, Desks, Ac. Salo positive. , WILLIAM C. CONNER, Sheriff Gi.oiiuk J. Woo?, Deput>. TIIE (iIIEAT MUSTANG BACE. SPECIAL Dkspam iIKS IN TIIK EVENING TELEGRAM and on the bulletin hoards of the p iper, ltroadvray and Aka st , aud at the Branch oilier, I.1U> Broadway, svsrj ho ST daring the day till the race is last or won.

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