Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,513. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET, PRICE FOUR CENTS. di11kct0uv FOR adtebti88bs. AMUSEMENTS?3n Pac??6th and6lh cola. astrology?2p Pace?3d eo). HII.liakds-sb Pack-adan. HOARDERS WANTED?i'.'th Pace?4?h and 5th cola. hoard and lodging WANTED? ut? Pack?jth coL ?ltouk l.Y.N BOAKD-i-'th fAUM?*lh rto. UslNE-h oppoktunitieh?mt* Pace. BUSINESS NOTICES?7th pack. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-2b PAoa-lst col. CL'ees AND SALESMEN?i3tlf PACK-iid and 3d cols. CLOTHING?so f AtK-tiih tnl COACH M en AND GARDENERS- 12ni PAOE-3d coL COASTWISE mtkamsiiips-ist Pack?6th col. COPARTNERSHIPS-#th Pack. country BOARD?13th Pack -5th and 6th col* DANCING academies?twit pack-Oth col. DENTISTRY? 2t> fim-Mcol. DRY GOODS? 1st Pace?.">th col. dttki.msii HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN furnish ed-2d PACK-2d col. EUROPEAN steamships? 1st Pace-mi? and oth colt. EUROPE?oth Pack?6th col. exchange?1st Pack?Oth col. FINANCIAL?9ru Pack. Fi?K SALE?2d Pack?4th col. ft'emsiied ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?3d Pack?2d and Ml cols. FURNITURE?12th Pac.k??ihool. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?12m Pack?lit and 21 cols. HELP WANTED?MALES?13th Pack?3d and 4th cols. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?1st Pace?2d, 3d. 4th and 5th cols. HOTELS?12th Pack?hii col. Houses, rooms. WANTED?2d !?*???84eol instruction?1th Pace?6th ool. lost AND FOUND?1st Pack-1st col. machinery?2d i'aok?itli col. llARRLE MANTELS?12th Pack??th col ukdh'aly?2p Pack?3d coL . ... , millinery AND DKF.SS*AKING-lrr PACK-bthcol, m iscellaneol'S advertisements? 10th Pace. miscellaneous?9th i'ACK-ttth col. kl'SlCAL-ora Pack?6th col. hew publications?tw Pace. PERSONAL?ikt Pack? 1st col. , PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC.?2d PACE-4th eol. POST OFFICE NOTICE?1ST Pack?Oth col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? I'.'TH PAGt ?1st Col. _ _ . __ property OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OB TO icr NT?2d Pack?1st and 2<l cols. REAL ESTATE TO exciuvngk-2o Pack?2d col. REAL ESTATE WANTED?2d l'ACK-2d col. REGARDS? 1st Pack? 1st col. Pales at AUCTION?oth i'AGK?Oth and6th cols. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES-iitji Pacb and 12th Pack?1st col. _ , SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?12th Pace?2d col. SPECIAL NOTICES?1st Pack?1st *nd 2d cols. sporting-DOGS, BIRDS. XL'.?1ST pack?2d coL ?to It AOS?ora Pack?nth eol. HUMMER RESORTS?12th Pack?Oth coL THE TRADES?12th PACK-4th col. THE TURF_|kt Pack?2d col. ro LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d Page?2d eol. TRAVELLERS' guide-iht Pack?Oth ool. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2n Pack?3d col. waited TO purchase?oth Paob??tli col. WATCHES, .JEWELRY. ac.-2D PACK-Oth col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET?2d Pack?1st col. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-IOrn Pace. "PERSONAL.. Arthur?any nioht' this wee kr~su re, at GEORGE BROWNE'S. 1,170 Broadway, near 2*th st. Fail not. RED COAT. ROADWAY CAR, TUESDAY, pu A. M., HOINO down. Will the yonng lady with light brown dress and Muck sack pleaise address ecu tie in an who sat opposite, ap pointing Interview. To avoid mistakes mention some cir cumstance. J. O. C., box 140 Herald office. CTknt LETTER UNDER COVER to H. & J ? yesterday. FLORENCE itldyut.?if FLORENCE ilidout, WHO in or abont the vear 1871 was residing with her mother in thn city ol New York, United Statcol America, will com municate with Messis. marcllant A PURVIS, of No. S George Yard. Lombard St., London, England, Solicitors, she will bear ol something t' her advantage. In the event of her being dead any person giving sat Ufactory proof of her death will bo rewarded lor tholr trouble. Ijhilip L.~fosbrookk, OF BROOM LODOE. HAT Held.?Write home to Crlmble House. Camp road, Leeds. Yorkshire, or to TOM, New York Post office. Am bere every seventh weak. TO the OWNERS OF paolfic MAIL STOCK.-DO not Tall to transfer your stock and hold your proxies. Yon will know why and be glad of this advice before next Saturday night. BENEFACTOR. Tciietchulin?LEONTIEFF.? FOB particulars, address M. k., 3ih Broouie st.. New York. WANTED TO ADOPT-A MALE 1nfant, FROM 1 TO 3 months old. Address .i. S., box i <4 Herald office. \1t7u, miss llzzle ANDERSON BENT 1IER AD m dress to H. D. E., box lit Herald Uptown Branch office f dfcl ao ?RUNAWAY from HOME FRIDAY, MAT fiuui 12. 1876. Grscie Wheeler, ag d 13 years; slim built; height, 4 leet 6 Inches; long brown hair; brown eyes; mile on left cheek, near ear; dress, lirown skirt, iray plaited waist, brown velvetee i sacque. brown straw hat, trimmed with brown silk ribbon. A suitable reward will be said for any ictiirmation which will lead to her recovery. Please call on or address Mrs. WnEELEIt, 952 Bth av. ? ' : lios'l' AM? kdi !\ jl?7 1 jio und-a~herring "feaf6" key. ktii. h&Bi?t. ' son, 1ao Bowery. 's?ost^f kfr E W A it d.?STRAYED FROM 29 irtin o jj place, on Tnesdny afiomoon, a small Scotch Terrier Bitch; is slate color on back, with red points. The.above reward will be paid on her return to above address. L0ST~6n SUNDAY EVENING. PEARL PEN CI rase, near 1st av. and 14th st. Reward at MOORE'S 12tb st. and 1st av. OST?mon DAY ABOUT 0 p] ON THI RD avenue car. going from Herald building to 13th st.. i'ocketbook, containing abont #*wi. Finder will be hsurt somely rewarded. JOHN P. anderson, 242 East 13th st. I OST?a LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG with J white spot on his breast, answering to the name of Mick." Anyone wiil be 'liberally rewarded on returning kim to loivarickst. LOST-ON :.TH AV., NEAR 3<>1h ST., A skye I'crrior, answering to the name of Fly; had blue ribbon ?n. A luteral reward will be paid if returned to M, H. BARKY MORE. Fifth Avenue Theatre. I OST?MAY 11. SCOTCH TERRIER SLUT; ANSWERS J to the name of Nelly; had on leather collnr with brass ck The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning her to 1)57 5th av., New York. 1 OST?GREEN STONE 8IONET belonging TO J watch chain, around Fifth Avenue Hotel, t-uitable re ward If broncht hi goldsmith. 4v? Chambers st. ~ kkwaitds. " REWARD?FOR THE return of^x"ORAY !??) Scotch Terrier, with long ears and tall. Strayed from f>'jh 7tli ar. <#> | reward.-lost, from ix?* em at., on Monday slternoon. a yellow nnil green Canary. The rewsrd will lie paid npon returning the bird to WAGSTAFF, above address. djc reward.?LOST, ON MONDAY, MAY 15. ?/'' a Package ol Midland Railway Tickets reading Liverpool mid London. The finder will receive the above reward on returning the same to Messrs. COOK, SON a JBNKi.ns.ttti Broadway. (fcinn REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RE iph/u turn of a solitaire Diamond Ring, lost between i.Oth ?t. and (<th av. ami it West 24th st. The above reward w ill be paul by returning to 14 Went 24th st. IIBEKAL REWARD.?LOST. YOUNG SPANISH J lianting Do-, light tan odor, white 'tripe on the head, leather collar, with ring. 101 Bleecker st. SPECIAL. NOTICES. ~A .N IMPORTANT PACT FOR A A t> VhUTIMKIlM TO CONSIDER. Circulation or th* EVENING TELEGRAM last week W*? Monday, May* .Ti.0f)t Ioi'mIhv. May .. Wrdnraday. May 10 :i7.tniil Tlmn-day. May It .ST.'.IO Friday, Mnjr 12 :!ti.4??i Saturday. May 13 34,71X1 Total - 2??.H 0 Dally avrrwtrn W.X'tiI A" RARE CHANOK.-TO RENT. CONCBlirtlONA Of billiard*. narher -hop and new* stand, in the Observa tory Reatnuratit and Oate, within a lew yard* of rn-tfrn tmrance, Main Exhibition Huildlnx, oppoaito Pari* ;\.|...renin : tha flueat place lil.nnt tin- <?tennUI irronml-. Fall or addr*** fc. W. GIDDINQS, 4,030 Elu. a*, Philadel phia. V Ll< LADIB* APrLICTKD WIT H~HUPE KFX.COCS J\. hair on the lip*, elieok, chin, arras, Ac., who have in firm tried the virion* 4*pilatorlea in n*.- lor tliia purpnae, mny apph to Mroe .11 1.1 AN with the certainty uf jruarau leed and perfect Mtcce**. Mine. .11'LI \N h*? removed tlila iuitpurenieni rMcally and permanf ntly in the wor?t ?le <??*??, wliero all previa*! attempt* have lailed. Applica tion m?>t be made personally at her rtaidence, 210 We?t Iftli at., from ;i to :i, daily. =3riAA<nrb7.V0 ., 287 HROADWAY,-LAWYER.? ? lllvorcei obtained promptly, without publlrltv ; deter, .ton. inmnipiUibrtilr, habitual drunkenne**. infidelity, In. luinan treatment. conviction of felony. Paaaoort* obtained. A" TTKNTION ? HVENTY I IVR TEAM1 IWMtli hospital etperirnre: dl?e?nea ol men and diie**** of the akin iianecialty; conanltatlon Ire#-.Jprtrate ..fllce l?l Hlrrtker at. Dr. JAt'OBY. A TTKNTIQ*.?TAPEWORM PE KM ANKNTI.Y Kit AD irated tnaide 24 hnnra or no chare*. C. ItKENNKR K.HEIItr, l?l llleeckrr at. A LLKN * CO . 7s? NA.-SAi: hT.. NEW TORK -WY i\. "ininu l^ittrry, dri>w? May 90', capital pritte, fc.iai.nx)dUtrlbuted; ticket*,$1; alxlcirfo; prize* cached; eirrular* mailed Irre. A' -KKNI l ? KY MATE loTTERIEU UK J. .8 . .-MITII A CO. Kxjmrcxv, uiu rut* 430?roit l#7rt. R7, tn, h. ..7 To, lij. 4H. 41. 32. 2, 13, OB. Kr.NTUCKT, tLAIS 44' ??ror. 1 ,*7(V. 2*. lit. 73. i, -.'7, 5. .t? fix. i?i. 20. 21, 78, 7.*>. All orders addre?? W. NATHAN, 181 Broadway, or box I.IJ'O Poat other. Nrw York cttv. A ?PAREMERMOM A bo. ? lo' ntlick.v btatc I^.ttrripa, drawn dally. Rov .1 Havana Lattery, driven every 17 days. ??ntnrky Slncta Nnmlier Lottery, drawn May 'J7, 1*7?. Prt/*? ca?li*d. Iniormat'on Itirnlflicl and clrfxtara free. 1 "* i lirivirliva;. Poai office box 5,272, New Yoru. ?riRJtT PRlZtr*t<w.u.??" unCS ? __ , ? Main drawtay ?r the Ducal Urniiawiek (iovornraent Lottery, from May lrtto Jnnr . 1S7H, eo.."*?) ilvki't?, 2*.5no priiea. Rny*l Havana lottery Next drawing May 22, i<?7?. ??l! explanatory clrmlara free THEODORE J5SC1IOCH. Re-i r?..i!?t I ?'t nfttro. J Hi .Vaaian at.. New York. \ ' A IT I ON."- 111 E I * U B L11 ~AR E HE I. hit Y 7' AI' 11 o S15 at ?tti?' purcha?tnn or nesrotiatinif any paper parportlMK to be Hiade l.v ->nr firm, aa we have ti^viT iaatird a note or tceeptan *. and any anch paj?er pu pnrtini: to be ao Umed la ! t/audalent. C0\ KENDALL HROS. A t:o , Mi??eap?lle. Minn. | Tc n: .1 .lnKIMN. ?ULE PROPRIETOR Of TIIK \e? York Museum of At.alomy, liaa removed )i I a rrai lence ami ofl'n-r to No. Waahlnguin | lace, litre* door* nrrfl of DlTti'il LAKH. 1.ATE PRoF. MOK IN PA RIM, 41 Weat "'>lti at ? Nrrvoua debillt* Ac., apeadiiy cradi aattl Advic* tr**. SPECIAL. XOTICES. VSr. FRANCIS GOULARD. LATE PROFElfWOfTfii X " Pari*. lectures sami-weekly. Private offices for recep. lion of patient*. 41 Went 35th >(. Nervous uebiiity ami dis eases of men and women sp**dily eradicated. Consultation free. DISEASES UP MEN A SPECIALTY. FIKNltr A. DANIELS, M. (> . 144 Lexington ar., near 20th st. Office hoar* frum 8 to x DIL JAMES CAJT BI-: SPEc7i~AI.LY~CO mUTLTU OX disase of mm, HI 06 Fulton ?t.: moderate charge*; honoraole confidence; thorough treatment; 21) /ears' ex pa ricnce; advice free. QRAXD ODI) "and EVhS SCHEME. Every other ticket a prise. 39,430 Prises, amounting to $300,000. KENTUCKY 8TATK DISTRIBUTION. Drewt Saturday, May 27. Lint of f met. J Prize of KSn.onO 2 Prises of $5,000 10,000 30PrsesofSl.oilo SIM)I) AO 13.500 2S.0UU Prises of I2..,0u0 K 1 Prise of fro.oin I Prise of 10,000 ft l'rmes ofH3,500.. 13,911 20 Prits* of$r?<> lu.miO 30ii Prise* ofVIOO.. 20,000 I.11, amounting to.... 11,000. Tick*!*, 110. halve*, $5; quarter*. $2 Oft. All Price* paid in full. Address all order* for ticket* and information to Tiioa ii. mays .t co.. |>H7 ii roadway N. Y. AVANA LOTTERY.?NEXT DRAWING-OP 40.000 ticket*. May AS; aaioimt ?f prise*. $0UU,OOO; highest price, S100.UUU. For particulars address 11. MARTINEZ ft CO., 10 Wall St., box 4.iX'-' Post office, New York. mJCbEOJTin CATAtRtC DEAFNESS- "IMPROVED ? method; instantaneous relief; permanent cures. Dr. STODD A KD. So. 8 West 14tlist. KKNTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES-nRAWN D AILY.? Kentucky single grand diniiliutioii, on the Havana plan, tube drawn May 37; 50,000ticket*; 25,420 prises; whole ticket*, fl'i; halves, $5; quarters, $2 M*, eights, $1 35. Royal Havana Lattery, to lie drawn May '.'2, 1*7(1; whole tickeu, f.M; tenth * and twentieths iu propor tion. Third Louisiana Gold Distribution to ? e drawn July 21>. Whole tickets, $50: halves. $2 kj quarters. $12 50; twentieths, f2 5H Kor information,, circulars, Ac., address or apply to JACKSON ft Co . Ranker*.3(K! Broadway, Sew York. KKICE OF tTiK NKW YORK MUTUAL GASLIGHT Cotnnanv, northeast comer I nlon square, 4th av. Hiid Itith St.. New York, May 10, 187t>.?At a meeting of the stockholder* of tne New York Mutual daylight Company, held this day, the following named gentlemen were unani mously elected Director* for the ensuing years? II. K. Garrison, George J. Forrest, D. Vanderbllt, William E. lloy, Joseph Marker, Charles Place, A. V. Stout, William R. Garrison, Joseph Seligtnan, Arthur i.earv, John P. Kennedy, 0. Vanderbllt, Jr.. Jonathan Tborne, Robert L. t'rawlord, J. R. Ford, Lawrence Wells, and for inspector* of the next annual election:? Robert M. Gailaway, Mortimer Ward, H. I.. Halght. CHARLES PLACE. Secretary and Treasurer. ?OFFICIAL DRAWING KENTUCKY STATE LOT . terie*. SIMMONS ft DICKINSON, Managers. KKITTUCKT. KXTRA CLASS No. 381?MAT 10. 1H"?. 47, SI. X. 70. 7t>. 53. 27. 6, 5ft. 1, A<>. ;W. 03. KESTPCKT. CLASS KO. 332?JUT 1'i, 187li. 33. 2 4M. IK, B5, ;17. 13, 57, 5, 7. 47. BBMkr, XXYKA CLASS SO. 2:il?MAY IB. 1876. 71, 10, 42, ?*?. 2H. 04. 72. 24. 52, SO. 11, 9, 50. HKNKT, CLASS KO. 232?HAT 1H, 1870. 74. 22. *44. 31, 7"., 5, 45. tW. 34. 55, 48. M. Full information oy applying to or addressing J. CLUTE ft CO., 200Broadway, or box 4,Htl? Post office. , PRIZE**: i.very oTnkr"t!cket A . prize.?SIMMONS DICKINSON' sinu'ie number Ken tuckey State Lottery, to be drawn May 27. 1 h7i>; 25.4211 pri*"s out of 50.000 tickets. Also Itoyal Havana, to be drawn on May 22. I?7tl. J. Ci.l TE ft CO., 20 I Broadway, or box 4,(WO, Post oUce. PERSON'S HAVING RARE CURIOSITIES IN ART OR Mechanism, suitable for exhibition, will address, with lull particulars, I*. H. PUGII, manager Colosseum, Phila delphia, Pa. T'aDIESI CONSULT DR. GRINDLE. POR ALL AIL JU tnents; speedy cures whatever the matter. 142 West 4mtil st. Nervous exhaustion.?a medical "ess comprising a series ol lectures delivered at Kabn'* Mu seum of Anatomy, New York, on the cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing indisputably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear synopsis ot the impediments to marriaire and the treatment of nervous and physical debility, being the result of 21)years'experience. Price 25 cents. Ad dress the author, Dr. L. J. KAIIN, olllce aud residence 51 East loth st.. New York. ___________ PILES OR UAMORRHOID8 PERMANENTLY KRADI cated in two to lour weeks' painless treatmcnl ; no knlf.\ ligature*, caustics or catilerv emplnyeil; positively NO CHARGE KOU TRKaTMENT UNTIL CURED, ('irculars Iroe. Dr. STODDARD, only office No. 8 West 14th st. RUN OVER JAMES .PLL'NKUTT, RUN OVER BY A Christopher street aii'l Crosstown railroad car, at about 10 o'clock on the night of the Uth Inst.. on the corner ot 21st st. and av. A. Any person seeing the occurrence will further the ends of Justico bv sending their name and address to JOHN MrKEO.V. So. 165 Kast ilOtli st. Royal Havana lottery. The next drawidj* wil* take place on May 22. Prlres cashed. Orders flllei n formation turni.shed tree on Appli cation. Spaniels- bmk bills and governments purchased. TAYLOR Jt CO.. Bankers. 11 Wall at.. New York. THE MEMBERS OF THl^NKW YORK STATE Ml 1*1 tia are Invited tn call and oxamino our new style of Shoes, ?specially adapted tor proraenadu. CANTRELL. ? 230 and 241 4th av. $(m:oT)(F^^^ottery7~ Circulars with fnll particulars *ent free. P. C. DEVLIN ft 00., Stutioners and Sale Agents. No. 3 Park row, near Ann xt. (opposite Post office). New York. SPORTING?DOGS, I11KIJS, <XC. Base ball pools sold every afternoon on all professional games, at .JOHNSON'S Pool Rootna, Broadway and "fith st. Telegrams by Innings received while garnet are being played. " OR SALE-2ft PAIRS COMMON IMTihONS. \V. J. 8TANTON, 12 Cortlandt St.. New York. POOLS "so LD THIS-AFTER NOON AT NEW YO RK Turf Exchange on Boston ts. Hartford at Boston, Ath letic rs. New ilaven at New Haven: telegrams received. SEIBERT A McCLOl'D. F THE TVRr. Auction and frenoiTpools so ld atf iioM as' Excnange. 1,239 Broadway, every alternnon and evening ou tho Louisville Running Races; also on nil liull Games and on the Kllllard Tournament at Philadelphia. Re. snlt oreach game received by tdegrnnh. O. M. THOMAS t UCTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT NEW J\ YORK TUKF EXCHANGE, 1 ft West 2Sth st.. this afternoon and evening, on the I.Ol'ISVILLK aud WASH INGTON running races. FRENCH POOLS cloM at 3:20 P. M. KELLY. BUSS A CO. A DCT10N?AND FRENCH POOL* SOLD AT JOHN J\ son's Room-. corner Brovhvav and 2Slli at., on the Races at Louisville, Ky., and Washington. 1). C.: full re turns received by telegraph of each race. All orders by mail or messenger will receive particular attention. French Pools close at 4 P. M. T. B. ,t W. H. JOHNSON. CONTINENTAL POOL ROOM. CONTINENTAL Hotel, rhiladelplila. Pa.?Auction and French Pools cold daily on all sporting events lu all parts of the country. BUDD DOKLE. L It. MARTIN. DEERFOOT DRIVING PARK.?SECOND DAY OF Spring Meeting. Wednesday, May 17?I'nrse of ?lftO tor 2;4-? class.?J. L. Bodinc. b. m. Lady Mills: A. l!npkln?, hr g. Colonel; J. K.-Iarvi?, br. tn. Mollie Barker: Win II. Thoins. b. g. Jack ; M. It. Whipple, ch g. Silas, Same day? Purse $2fto. for 2 ::12 class.?Peter Manee, b. g llarryTnr ing; John Loomis, ch. n>. Liiale Adams; A. Hopkins, br. in. Sally Mack; (i. Walker. Iir. m Lady Annie; C. Dickerman, b. g. Harry (Spanker; Win. Berket, b. g. Jericho; M. II. Whipnle. nr ni. Fanny l.eigh; Oeo. Gilbert, ch. g. Ilsrrv Gilbert; Charles Seagrave, b. g. Clothesline Knees at 3 P. M. Tie 2 r>ii and 2:3ft classes will be trotted to-morrow, with a good Held of horses. Admission *1. WM. MrMAHON, Proprietor. fjlLEETWOOD'TRACK. 1 , THE SOS-MILS MUSTANG RACE. which was to have taken place at Fleetwood Park on the D tli. and which was postponed on Moonlit of the weather, will con.e off on Thursday, May is. weather permitting. The condition! of the race are that one rider shall make tlie whole rtistanc* within IS hauta. The star will be made at (onr o'clock A. M.. prompt. Fleetwood" pakkT?the . ci/ b house. 'oot ta?e and Saloon under Grand Stand to let. Apnlv at the Park. PHILIP PaTEW. T?0R"THE "Ml'STANO RACKS,-' THURSDAY" MAY F 18. 1*7K.?Hudson Express Company's lour in bend Concord roach leave* tith av. and 4th ?t. 1'.' M. sharp. Apply to A. M. OLINCEY. manager. 13 Cornelia ?t. TATTEKSALL'ifWRF AGENCV. 1,227 BROADWAY.? Kire dolltr tickets pay to-day, bwigrrt, #-'U; Ten Broeck, $S; Gardiner. S*">. WEST SIDE DRIVING "PARK. JERSEY CITY.? ?f spring Trotting .Meeting. Mav '.'3. 24, 2ft and2ft, |H7H. Purse SI.Vi for 3 minute class; HO", for 2:3'i class; 81 SO, lor 2 -4ft class; SI50. lor fi' ilbln teams; 9lftu, far 2j30 class; $2<*for 2 :3k class: 9130, for 2 :'!>> clas?; fli?>. for running h<r>e*. Premiums divide I in first, second and third money. Entries to nose at Tnrl Exchange Rests arant, .t>j Barrow St., Jereejr CIty, May It*, at V P. M. For particulars see hill*. C. BIRDSALL, Manager. _ HORSES, CARRIAGES. iKC. A'""*?for sale?having finished my cSW. ? tract, I will sell sis Horses, suitable for any business, cheap. 201 Grand st., near Mott. A?FOR KALE. 2i> YOUNG HORSES. JI'ST FROM ? Indiana; suitable for all business. Inquire at 122 Norfolk st. AT THE OI.D ENGLISH importing HOl'SK NO 02 Warren St. and 21 and '.'.'I College place, the largest slock of the most Improved styles of Harness, Saddles, II,an kets. Sheets, Lap Kobe*-, Ac., may now h* found at a great reduction from forwer prices Call and examine l>clor> tmrciiailng elsewhere. A CHESTNUT MARE. I ft HANDS; SfHNI) AND kln>l; splendid roadster and fast. Address box 221 l'o-t office. Stamford, Conn. "? PAIR OK RAY IIORsTs STANDING |7i.?~AND 1V aged 0 and 7: knee act! ofl; ilsn a thoroiivlibrfd sml die Mare, same site And G rears old ; all sound an-! Kind. Inquire at private >taide, head of Macdon^al Alley, he tween and lOtj A. M. \ LADY HAVING LOST HER Pt?NY." WILL " SELL JX. her Phaeton and Harness very low. Owner, Ma. 12U l-.ast 17th st. "t PAIR OF HORSe.s^WANTEI)? BY A llKsl'ONSI i'V ble uarty, dnrinjj the snnnnei luiptths, tor their k -cp. Please address hox 4,.?s? New torit I'mt Office. handsome bay" ham"bleto\i vn horse cheap.?l"''j hands high: ."nnd and kin?l: r*years old; very fast. Address oWNhii. hox 12.1 HeraM office. A ?PONY PHAETONS, aLL STYLES. TOPS TnT? NO . tups and canopies; lour -.em lie lit extensiott lop Phae tens, lig lit cut nude Rocaaways, Depot >? < iron a, top ami open, at WILLIAM II GRA Vs 2??nd 22 Woo.ter st. A ?fl.'si will BI'Y BRAUTIFl'l. sTde HAiV ioP ? Bug;ies; warranto !. t.'arria^e factory No. WOU wesl 41st si. BARGAIN SELDOM OFKEHKD -SWHWmTsVY A > BLKOA.vr EXTENSION top PIIAEToN. and shafts; carries tour perwn>; rost (HMI three months ago; a beaatifal My ilotsc. Sufto, worth #i,o?i; nne liar ness.<4.">; top Ragg),(IM Stable first duor catt of L'nt rersity place, la 12th st. HOUSES, CAUKIAGEH, ?C. ASSIGNEE SAU^X BANKRUPTCY.' " 111 the mailer of \V L. Sherman. bankrupt. the under signed assignee will tell by puidic auction, to lilgheit bidder, TO- XOIlIt'>IV (TIIL'KSUaV). MAY l*. ATTI1K PRIVATE STABLE. 115 EAST tiD ST.. Bi.TWKfcSi LEXINGTON AND 4TII AV3., AT II O'CLOCK IX THE FORKXOON. THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE AND COSTLY PROP ERTY. . CONSISTING Of-' THE FA#T AND WELL KNOWS TROTTIXO GELD'NG HONEST JOHN, tired by Volun teer. dan by Woburn. raited by ,\ld*n Smith, of Orange county, Sr? York ; lie It a beanilfai biiifht bay. 7 years old, hands hIt'll: trotted a mile at tioalien last tuminer In 2 be it a very plestant, prompt driver, pure gaited, w.tli lum knee action; la not afraid of anything, aid it an elegant hor?e for a to,) wagou, and is thoroughly broken: ?ale for any person to driTo. and it warranted sound and kind. BEAUTIFUL HAY TROTTIXO GELDING LUMBER MAN, raited by Ainata Snrag'it, hired br Rhode Island. dam by Narracanselt; lie It a bright bar, li yearn old, 151, lien a high ; was trained by M. Rorieti la>t season aud showed thren heats over Fleetwood Park In 2:34, 2 :3(?3; aud 2:!I1, tince which time lie has bren driven on the road; lie U a vrry stylish, pleasant driver, perfectly gentle ; i? not afraid id anything. and can l>e diiven at speed by anv ordinary driver : is a good pole hone. and if put in irainla ,' would trot below 2 -3o (hit season. iu> lie it very retoluie and pura gaited : a ar-anted sound and kind. KA8T AND ELK iANT TROTTIXQ OKLD1XO. BAY Harry, raited bvjolin Msrehen, Orange county, aired by Bolton, he by IItmblttoniau, dam raid to he a Clay mare: he is l.'.k hand" high, li years old: trotted when lour year* uld in t! 44, when he wan purchased by present owner: be It an elegant road liorte, inoroughly broken, very ityllth dri ver and perfectly gentle and can pull a ro?d wagon better than a 2:K> call; it alto a good pole horte and warranted sound and kind. FAST TROTTIXO BLACK MARE EMPRESS. BIUED by Toronto duel. Hani hy William II. Kipley, l5Si hanila high, 7 year* old; trotted over I'roapect I'ark iatt fall in 2 ; (be i, a mare of extraordinary power and it very pura nailed; it a very prompt, pleasant diIvor, nerl'ectly gentle and safe for anybody, at *le iloet not pull or Iret when in company: it not afraid of anything; the has a eery strung set oi cordy legs and good leet and can pull a top wagon at speed eijual to any horte lu the city and it war ranted tounil and kind. TIIK FAMOUS THOROUGHBRED SADDLE AND driving liorte Bismarck, 15^ handt high. 7 y art old. tired by Lexington; nna of the best broken, mott graceful and finett loli a veil horses in America; hat all deiiretl gaitt under taddln, guidet bv motion, carries eitber lady or gen tleman with atylu aud eaae; it bold, brave and feariets; Ilnelv broken to all haruett and warranted tound and kind, and can bett 2:50 to road wagon. Elegnut high bred trotting geidng torrel PRINCE, aired hy Conclln't Star, dam by Highlander Chief. I.V4 hands high, 7 year< old; he It a very stvlltli, proiupt driving horte; thoroughly broken In harness or saddle; l? tale for n ladv to ride or drive and la a liorte of extraordinary iiotlom, having trotted 5 milet over the Suflolk Part court*, Philadelphia, iu 14 mlnutea and 21' secondhand a tingle mile In -37 ; hat a mild, aniiable disposition aud a very pleasant road liorte, at he l? not excitable In company ; pulls weight well, and it warranted tuiind and kind. lleriuliliil brown marc JENNIK: hat alwayt been uted br ladles and children, both In liarnett and umier taddle; it broken to all the different saddle gaitt; it not afraid of the cart: will ttand without tying and it tafe under all circuni ttancet: the It a very pleasant. prompt driver and can trot III 2:5U, and lor ladles' and children's use It Invaluable; it tf years old and warranted sound and kind. The handtoniett. t. ?.dictt and beat driving Teams of Trotting Horses In lliit city; ttiey are bright hays, iS.'i hands high, 7 and 4 years; very closely mated, half hmth?r?; raised by Dr. llrrr, ol I* x I tig tun. Ky., and sired liv Clark Chief, dam by Denmark: they trotted together over the Lexington track a yoar ago last summer !? 2 :3X, when they were ptirchated by the present owner, aud have been used at a road and tamlly team up to the present tiu.e; they are perfectly gentle, are not afraid of the cars and ara sale for any person to drive; Ihev do nut null whoti speeding and are not excitable In eompany, ami they drive together like one horse: thev have greatly improved In speed, at they were driven by prraent owner last fall over Fleetwood Park to a road wagon, without any training, in and in proper condition thev can bent 2:35 together, and are war ranted sound and kind. Carriages consist of I Queens Phaeton, 1 full spring Top Wagon, 2 aide bar Trotting Wagons, 1 Top Pony Phaeton, with lamps, I canopy Top Phaeton. Harness contiat of 2 sett flue double Harnett, 5 sett of siiielc; alto a lino collection of drest and stable Kertey Blankets, Summer Sheets, Lap Rogt aud Duttert, Whips. Bridles, ,tc., Ac. V B.? I'he above stock It all Brtt clatt ana must bo teen to be appreciated, aud will be on exhibition until time of sale, i' or lull particulars tee catalogue, now ready at stable. Sale positive, without limit or retervatlon. Ry order of J. EDWARD CORY, AssUuee. \ T BARKER A SON>, J? CITY AUCTION MART AND XEW YORK TATTER HALLS, CORNER OK Broadway and StHli tt.. MAJOR OH AS. W. HaKKKR, Al'CTIOXEER. REOrLAR S ALES every Wednetday and Saturday. TWENTT foCR liotirt allowed for trial. TI1K ONLY DRIVINO track In the Stale. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY. AT II O'CLOCK. COMMENCING with . THE FAMOUS brown trotting Welding BROWN PRINCE, formerly the property of the late EDWARD JONES; la 15 V high, loaled 1*07; hat a record of 2:3H; It finer and I FAsTKR than ever before, and CAN BKAT 2:H0 now. and will trot CLOSE TO '2 :t!0 before next fall: Is unequalled lor gentleman's r?ad use, and It one ol the bett MO.nEYED track hortes In America, was the WINNER of allhitracet at the HIPPODRO.tiE, noted among which was the famous WA'ION RACE; he It kind for a lady to drive at speed, superior pole horte, doet not thy or pull and U warranted tound and ktad. IMMEDIATELY AFTER ABOVE CAPTAIN GKORGE D. If ANNA'S. OF lioURRON county, Kentucky. THIRTEENTH UNEQUALLED SALE OF THE FASTEST tSltKEN TKOTTERS IN THE world. JUST ARRIVED Irom KENTUCKY, AND comprising:? SEVENTEEN hetdof the riclifst bred In America, that cau trot in from "2:50 DOWN to 2 :25 or better, und includ ing the get of Yellow Jacket. Corbeau, Curtia' llambleton Ian. Bell-Morgan. Ac., all warranted sound and kind, in cluding iu the lot a nlXTEEN lilt)!! pair ol BROWNS of unequalled rich appearance and style, teveral extraordinary coupe MATCH or "T'' carl Hortes. teveral premium com bine.I SADDLE and harnets Horses, and tha FASTEST SOUItKL Ucldltig (two gaits) in the world, that can trot better than 2:25 and i'ACK IN 2:15. DURING THE PAST five days this ttoek has been ridden and drivun by a largo number of gentlemen, who have pro iioune^d them the !? AHTr.Sr, handsomest and most extra orillnarv lot seen in New York In TWELVE YEARS. CATALOGUES, WITH extended pedigrees, descriptions, Ac., at sale. AI-TEIt above CRuhKRATKD P1XE large bay Hamblstonlan Trotting Gelding. Allendale, got by t ie Wintlow home. 15^ high; foaled iSHU; an elegant, name, prompt and easy driver; hat a record of 2etn be driven up to spied by the most ordinary relntman. and it warranted kind. IIIuilLY BRED chestnut torrel trotting Mare, got hy Holmes' Trustee, Jr.. dam Lady Seaman. 15 high, H yetrt old; an elegant and very atyllsh driver; can trvt in 3 iiilnuH t. and it warranted tound and kind. FAST DARK oay trotting Gelding, got by Mott's Inde pendence. dam by Bashaw, l*>'? high, ? years old: every tree ami pleasant driver; can trot close to 2:40, and It war ranted kind. Til ei BEAUTIFUL bay Mare Rpaulding Maid. I.\?i high, foaled 1S71; tot by Spauldlng's Ahdallah : a promising and finely trailed young mare: can trot close to 3 minutes, aud is wurrantcd sound and kind. T.'P SiDK bar Wagon, new, by Howard. TOP PONY I'haelon, new. by Howard. TOP DEPOT Wagon, new. by Webb. ROCKAWAY. new. by Terrlll. TOP WAGON, by W. II. Gray. JUMP >EAT Wagon, by liuntlngtoa. EIGHTEEN OTHER top and no-top Road Wftgoni, Depot. Express and Business Wagont. Carriagea. Ae. SEVERAL OTHER llorsea FULL DESCRIPTION at tale. SALES NEVER postponed on account of weather. A T AUCTION. A SALE CHOICE TUOROrnilBRBD TKOTTI.NO stock. HANDSOME BAY GKLDINO, ETHAN ALLEN stock. 7 years "I I l.'ihandt: can pace a m I it In 2 :-'iO: trot In'246; Tory nobby driver; raited to Uranje county; warranted ? Mound. HANDSOME LIGHT BAY OR Dl'N COLORED MARE (raited by M1KK ZIEOLKR. CINCINNATI). I.adv /.legler, <1 years "Id. slied by ORN. CKORtiK II. THOMAS, dan bv Pilot; tills mare la l.Y:t hand*, in pnre paltcri: wa? driven last fall by Mr. McNemara over Pleetwm <1 track In; lias never been handled, bat *111 certainly trot down In tho twenties this summer: the ulre of this mure ha* produced some of the bent colts In this country ; one?a flvo yenr old?trotted last spring in '2 :2H; lie I* also Ih e sire of Scott's 'I liomaa. entered Ml the Centen nial at Philadelphia t bin summer ; warranted Minnd. CHESTS I'TtiKl.DI.Nt> IM PKltlAL. (baled in IW.slred I by Hall brother to Volunteer Imperial, he by Rysdyk's Haiti ! bletouiaii. dam bv Srely's American Ster; thin colt la |.\I^ | hands, and. withont exception, the mo*t promising yonng ! horae In the state. Thin cult was purchased by his present ! owner at eight month* old. for 91,(100. rom .loe (?avln. of UoKlira Orange County, and l? to-dayt worth ?S.O W; ia war ranted in every particular. KINK HA i uELDING CHARLEY KAHN, foaled in 1X7". I.V2't lianda high, aired by Alexander'a Abitallali. dam a Camden mare. He can trot liia mile in 2:?lsure. Mr, McNnmara drove him thla *prlo-r In 2:4!i: lie beat Orange tilrl. who li?a a record of 2:42. on the road last mm rner. when he wae bnt A year* old: good diapoaitlon; will mud without tying. and I* warranted sound. BAT MARK LADY EMMA, foale I l*W. sired bv Young Coin.ternatlon.datr. by Hill's Black Hawk ; trotted last win. ter ou the ice in V&I&; can beat *2:40; One gitited, vood ills position: warranted aound. ilMi SltiK bar top Wagon. In flrat clan condition, made to order. bv Vanduser. at a co?t of RV23. ON K SIDE bar no top Koad tt agon, built by R. M. Ilivrn. in first class order. TIIKKK SLITS of Hone Clothing, Stable Blaaktts, Root*, Ae t'ompiialBg the choicest sto k offered for sale this season. All ?r them arc of t-.iml disposition aad can lie teen and rod's behiiiii anv forenoon !.y calling at M. McSamara's stables. corner of724 it. and 4th a v. IT ;hta stock ia not .old at private sale'will be sold to tho Mzhc*t bidder, without reserve. rain or sllipe. by VAN TABSELL A KhAR.VKT, on FRIDAY. May 19. 1870. at ID o'clock A, M , at their Auction Mart. 110. II'J aad 114 Bart i.ith tt. UKEAT MAROAM.?AE ELKUANTKIRNT CLASS top Wart: nsed eight tlmea; can be seen at No. 5 \\ eat I Itli at., private stable, in the rear A CANADIAN ilt'RHh, TWEAKS OLD, 16 HANDS high and aound ; price #7."V. Mil IVeat 4<itb at. V SPLENDID FRESH MILK DURHAM COW fOR ? ale ; mllka 18 quarts or milk per day, or no tale. 4Jt> hast l*th ?t. V L.iDv7T.KAvino" THE CITY. tVlMHKH TO HKLL very low tor cnsli an elegant ':larciice, by Wood Hro? . iioo'1 a* new ; also Coope Kockaway. Livery atnbIrs, 140 Weal .'t'.th at. A?BUUiilt*. SIDE BAR AND PULL SPRIXO I'ARK ? and Pony Phaetons, Kockaways. dagger Wagons, Ac. Hie tanioiia WOoDHri t DEPOT WAUO.s a specialty. 1 he be?t of work at the lowest pos*itile prices. J;)I!N MOOR}.. Warren st. HAitNK>S. everr eon reivsbln style, spring Laproites, Staule and Dress Sheets, i'ootk, Harness, Liquid Itlaiklng. Ac. 1 ?TH K (Jit KAT F. sl It A l(w \I N OKPKP.KD YET. J\. fill CAHH WILL BUV A OKNTLEM AN'M IIobJ Tnrnout, eompieti. coiialalln^of beantifni bay llorae. il year< o d. Ij1, bands blgh. Howinu mane and long tall; line *tyie end action : warranted aound and kin I and to trot ii in n in iliree mlnntra; elegant top Buitgy and flne IIir ni a*. Robes, lllanketa. Whin, At.', all new last month. Si en at private stable No. Ill West 27th St., between Broad way and ">tli av. V~KLI t i * N r " P A it K PIIA KT? ?N.~ OOOD A > NK W, s cost f7tm, with dunble Harnesa, $3UU Pony Phaeton, (Li". 'i| I 7th av At h.M/P cos r, two KuiTiriTpitiVirToF^^mTNH. two *i<le i>ars, light Phaeton and light Itoad Wagon, and double Harnett. Private ttable, 33d it., corner of 4l h av. ^ HORSES. CAItRUGKB. A CCTION. " HoRki.S AND UAH It! At.., ?. J\ ON THURSDAY. MAY 18, AT II O'clock A. M SPEED WARRANTED. SPEED WARRANTED. AT THE union AUCTION HOU*E. 20 IsTIl ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 5TH AV., comprising THK RNTIRE STOCK OK *R. COALGATR. Konr lino n aug sound and kind Horse* that can trot from S $n to 9 minute*: also ?ne ver*large lisy coupe 11'irn, hun l? high. 7 years old. warranted sound and kind: one beantllul U'i v Team. 5 and <> year* <>IU. Imll brothers, ?!>uut IftK liand* high, warranted innntl and kind in #*lngle or double liurues-; trotted last lull in :43'j. AI*o two extra Hue coupe. car riage or phaeton Horse*. !ft\ hand* bilks warranted Bound, kind mi 1 young: Wagon*. consisting of two extra On* chitting leather top Bond Wagons. with pole and shalt?; (Ini'lo and double IIamen, park and pony Phseton, ainirle ?eat Trotting K"ad Wagon: alio several otlter Una Hordes, sent In to nc lold: also canopr and basket Phaeton. Ac N. B.?PARTIES LooKlfcw ROR BORsES WILL HO WgLI, TO UALL AND KXAMINF. THIS FINK AND SUPERB STOCK. AS IT IS SO PAPEB TAI.K. SPEED WILL HE SHOWN AT TIMR OK SALE. STOCK CA* NOW BR SI- EN AT THK UNION AUCTION BOUSE. AVD WILL POSITIVELY KK SOLD To THK HIGHEST BIDDER. WITHOUT LIMIT OE EEOTEIOTIOB. A~ T PRIVATE SALE:- ~ LANDAU, by CKL'TTKNDKN A CO.. of NEW HAVEN. CURTAIN COACH, by BREWSTER A CO.. of 11 ROOME ST. BAROUCHE. by BREWSTER A CO., of BROOME ST. CLARMCCE. I.y J. II. H^EW'stuc .V CO.. of 2STH ST. COt"PR, bv MINER A STEVENS. PULE AND SIUFTS. KOUR SEAT PAH K PHAETON, bv MINER A STEVENS. T CAKT. bv BRADLEV. PRAY A 00 . pole and ahnfts. DOG OA'-T. 4 WHEEL, b* WOOD HKOS. SIX SEAT PARK PHAETON. I.y BREWSTER A CO., of llrnome *t. COUPE ROCKAW\Y. hy MINER A STEVENS. SIX SKAT ROCKAW'aY. with shifting panel*, by QUIMHY. IANDAUUST. pole and shafts. by J. ('. II *M. BUETT, very ligiit. by MINER A STEVI Nn Top WAGONS, by BREWSTER, Iit'SENBCRY A STIVERS TOP AND NO TOP PONT PHAETONS of every variety. EXTENSION TOP I'll A ETONS. city bniM. 4 Seal Rucknwava. 4 Sent Depot Wagon*, Busine** Wagons. Top and No Ton Wagons. ?le. VAN TAf.SF.LL A KEARNEY. 11(1 anil 112 Ea?t 13th at. ^RCI1 JOHNSTON. AUCTIONEER. THE CELEBRATED niP<)RTr.D ENULISH SADDLE HOUSE "GRAND DUKE" AT AUCTION. GKAND DUKE i* III band* lilifli. 8 yeara old; kind and gontle ; thoroughly broken to every tat: a v?rv rplrlted, stylish and aristocratic mover, but pertectly amiable anil kind In ill*po*itlon and ??f>- for a lady to ride: will ha aold at auction at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S, ltt to 13th at . near University place, on Friday, May 111. On exhibition till time of salo at privato stable 108 Writ :w>th st. FULL AMD COMPLETE ASSORTMENT Of THE "Brewster Wairon," the standard for ?ty1e?ini quality. now ready lor inspection at our factory and wareroom*, Hroadwny and 47th ?t.. ."itli av. and 11th at. Special attention l? called to onr Improvement In *IHe bar Wairona. which enable us to offer the lightest, snfe?t and best riding wagon ever proilured. BREWSTER A CO. (of Broome st.> ?FOE KALE OENTUSMAK'S ROAD. OR OAR ? rlaee Team : are l.">)4 hanila high, tl and 7 year* old; were r:?i*ed hy present owner and are warranted in every re?pi'Ct; they cnii trot In three minute* tncether or In 2:S0 Ringle. Apply at Fleetwood Stable*, rtOM West 5_'d *t. ~KOR SALE t)HEAP, FIVE GOOD BUSINESS ? Horses. Apply at No. 3 Vestry *t., between Vnrlck and Hudson. A N IMPORTANT FAOT FOR ADVERTISERS TO CONSIDER. A Circulation of tha EVENING TELEGRAM lait week Monday, MnyS 35,(W> Tuesday, May B 48,8rK> Wednesd^, Mav 10 37.(Vlt? Thuradav. May 11 37.-.>0n Friday, M*v 12 H?i,40<> Saturday, May 13 34.700 Total 2:ri,1iv> Daily average :is,3.r>0 _TM> B0R8RB, VERY CHEAP, YOUNG AND ? sound: also large draught HoUe. til C*nalst.. saloon. BEAU I IFCI. BROWN GELDING, 7 YEAKK olT)" 10 hand* 3 inches iiiijh: perfectly *ound and kind in every particular, and can't lie surpassed In the cltv lor coupe or dog cart. Inquire of WM. H. VAN CoTT. at Luno A Davis'* Grand Central itabie, 114 West 40th it., between (1th av. and P.roadway. AN ELEGANT LIOHT VICTORIA FOR SALE CHEAP: cost f'loO, and a* good at new. Inquire at itabla 103 W eat 30tJ| st. "a ?10 BUSINESS WAGONfe, 980 TO 9170, rOR EX* Ai press, grocers, Imtcber*, baker*, milk, laundry, package, adverti?ing. depot and delivery wagon*. Wa^on manufactory 2-ii Spring *t. Tone very small handsome pony, for ? children: well broken to *addle or wagon. To be eeen at llK* East 13th *t., near 4th av. Bargains ik caiuiiaoes and road wagons. AT UNION SQUARE. A line auortment of elegant Carriages of the be*t quality and latert sivie*. bein^- part of the slock of Wood Brothers, are offered lor aate at decided bargain*, for a few week*, at tho old s^uiu' of "L BRADLEY, PRAY A CO. Board fop. houses -fine pVsture; spring water; road horse* driven If de*lr*d. W. T. CARPEN TER, He i Spring, (lieu Cove, L I.; or W. F. REDMOND, No. 7 Pine st. tlARRIA(iEH?Al7L~klNDS,~ AT EXTREMELY LOW ) mnnntactiirers' price*, warrantedLeather top new Pony Phaetons. $120 up; ditto Baggie*. SI40; no tops, $'.*); toiir'eeat D pot Wagon*. ?S0; Rookawsy*. $140; extension top Park l'haetonMliaa PRC BE. 36>l Canal *t. P~ AS 111 ON ABLE CARRIAGES. Landaus. Landauleti, Coupe*, Brougham*, Coachei, Rockawaya, Phaeton*, Road Wagon*. A large assortment of vehlclei of every description, in late and fashionable de*lgns aud durable and pleasing color*. A. S. KLANDRAU, 373 and 374 Broom* ?t. (old factory of Rrewiter A Co.) (,)AST HORSE FOR SALE-IlHltlHT BAY. BLACK r mane and tall. hand*: splendid driver, single or double. Apply at private stable, 11U Wc*t.r>0th st., before 3 o'clock P. M. IjlOR SALE?ONR GRAY HORSE. I? HAoDfl HIGH. ' ti year* old. tired by Malnr Wlnfleld; III for ?ny bail, or rond pnrpote: one t.i?y Hons, tW; large mtue and tail; *plendid mad bono. Call at 33 Perry at. For salb?a horselawn "mow;er: also two hxpre** Wagon*. Apply to charles IIHoM IIACiiE!!, Tarry town. For-bale?a handsome. well trainp.d kkn tueky aaddle Mara ; aonnd and gentle. Can bs area at Dtekel'i. Aak for Mr. THOMAS' mar*. Ij*OR SALE?VICTORIA; REST MAKERS: RUT VERY little u?rd: al?o a four-wheeled Dog Cart. Apply at ?table. 120 Weat '.8th at. IjVMl MALE?A OEXTLF. MAN'S ROAD TURNOUT: 1 Bre water Wagot. and Hone : very f?*t: all In Brtt cla?* ?rder, at atable in rear SOUStb ar. Entrance Eait 43d ?t. fvJii SALE?A VERY handsome! STYLISH conpo Hor*e. Addreia JAMES, Herald Uptown Branch office. IilOK SALE-A BARGAIN: BOARDING ANU LIVERY 1 Stable*, on account of owner being compelled to leave the city. Inquire of JOHN I'aKKKR, fVVi '.'d ?v 1" JKMl SAL E -A VMKT K L if ART DOUBLE IIA BSNf 1 never u*ed. Addreaa HARNESS, Herald Uptown Branch office. F" OR SALE-A PRIVATE TURNOUT. CONSISTING of two dapple gray Ware*, 7 and S. yeari old reflect ively. houikI and kind, wall matched; a llrewater T Cart. ?et ofiionble Harn>-ta, Ac., cheap. alto wild aeparate. To be ?een at BUSCH S liable. ?20( State it., Brooklyn. For hale?a'o>mplbte turnout, consisting of two Horn**. T Curt, Ilnrnen, Ac. 4* Eait tlltt it. IjioR SALE-ONE RAY HORSE, SOUND ARB KIND IN 1 harm-**, auttabie lor every kind of work. $so; one Conpe, $40 >; one Clone Coach, (Bit: at 37M Broome nt. FO.1 SALE-A~KOC'irSEAT 0I T UNDERONE HORSE itockaway. Keen at'I HORN'S utablea, 31it nt.. near <>th ar. ri)R SAi'E?A SIDE BAR ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY r R. M. Stlvera; weigh* I'.5lb?.i eo?t $.TJ ?: will I e ?old lorfliV P.J. BURKE, l<)7 snllivan ?t. IjlOR SALE?IN CONSEQUENCE Of LADY leaving F city, leather top Phaeton, llorae, Harnu .* and Turnout complete; horae late driver; lined by a ladr lor the pa*t two year*. Can b? aeen 77* ttth av.. corner ot 44th at. I^OR MALE-kink it Si.AT Ro?;K\WaY. IN GOOD running oraar, rery cheap. Apply at private *tahlo 3? Wrat 'i."ith ?t. IIOK "SALE" CHEAP-EXPRESS WAGON, HORSE nnd llarneit; wilt aell aeparately. 037 Ath nr. IhTr "haLk ciieap?twir YOI;NG libKKEB, 13W handa higb ; lonnd and kind. 304 Weat 16th at. ITROM Ifiio" TO |MI.-Xli\v TOP buggies AND Phaeton*. at International Carriage Factory. 200 Weat 4lit ?t. (^ ENTILE man LAYING NO USE KOR NEARLY NEW VJ l?p Hugglea, will aell cheap. Private atable, rear ol MJ Weat Iflth at. Horses bt>ardeo~ai~pkospect~ Faiim~ cald". well. N. J.?Beat rare; lfj>a*tnred, atabllng during I Ml weather. Addreaa C, M. HARRISON, 1U1 and IXi Franklin *t. H" arneh^-cheapesYhaioTers STORK" IN new York; good Hurur Hnrnei*. hand made, VIA; imm Orocer*' II arne?*, #25; good double Team Harnea*. .f*J; a K' . d llorae Blanket, f I.V1. Pleaie call and examine lor voiirtelvea. KIsllER A OSBOEN. Manufacturer*. No. 71 Barclay >t. Hi)RSKS Kok SALE-JUST ARRIVED PROM Buffalo, a lot of flue Horae*, conaintlnr of one pair of hue Coach Horn**, one pair ol tine large Idacka, Ane atyle; one tery good traveller, one pair ot clieMnttt Mare*, aaltahie for a lady a pbaeton ; line very fan pacer, i>nn very nice haddle l|nr?e, and a number ot other*; all aooud. Apply al McRobert** rtnMe. lUll Kaat 24th rt. ON AlVOl'NT OK THE INCLfeFKNCY "or""THB weather the aaln of hooded llor*ei> atlvrrti*?d lor Tnea day. Mar >?. IK7tt, by Nathan J and Jame* M. Mill*, will be held ireg irdlea* of the weather) on Thur?d.t> . May lx, at I o'clock P. M . at the Orange Connty Pleasure ".round*. Mid dleiown, N. Y ?Thlrtjr-Bvn iieadof the heal In Orange i naoty. Stallion*, Hrood Marea, m?tched Hornet. Celt* and Killi?<, l.y IIanmlotonian, imperial, ('hotroet, lluiton. Sweeratakea, A.'. Send lor catalogue to JAMEs M. MILLS, Ballvtlle, >. Y. S~ RCOND MAN D~t^AKRIAtiES.?TWO LANDAUS. TWO Lnndameti, one Vir4?ria. two Conpe*. one I'oupe Hot k away, three ;o;> Pony Phaeton*, two (Barouche*, foar *i* ?eat Phaetona, two Coache*, one *ix *eat Rorkaway. one nine ;>a??eiiger Depot Wagon. WM. II. UEAY, 3U and 23 W uoater *t. SULKY WANTED-A LIGHT 71* POUND MCLKY, IN trond order. Addrete G., box 170 Herald office, with price. Ai. StViRAGE KOR CARRIAGES AND SLKIOHS -aOOMM clean, light and dry; term* liberal. A. s. r LANDRAO. 17i and 374 Broome at., old ractory ot Brew?ter k f'o. Track kulkies.?Tn okdek to popi larisK our Sulky trade, we offer troin utock or will balhl to nr. der, Track >iilklea In all weight*, unanrnaxed in qnallty and lorm. for $l2&, BREWSTER A CO . (?f Broome (1), Broadway and 47th it. horses, carriage;*, itr. TO I.F.T-l'Altr Of g?ABL?~l45 WK4t~^SflfinCl roachmua'a rooms. A) ply on premises \VESTt IIE-TKit. coupe and light rock. ?t ???)? oil- ..r two Horses. Puny, J'rlnce Albert nod r ark Pbuetons, ?t low prices _ 'OLYER A CO., 594 Broadway. WANTED?A IIliltsK t'K >1 \ItK, NOT OVKK <l iof"7 years ?>!<!: sound and kind: must tRH better than M minnts sure: I.VJ bands Atfdress. will, full putioUn and lowest cash price. J. B.. box Mil HmM office WANTED?ONE Oil rAlB or DRIVING HOES BE, ' ' payment lobe taken iu Aim or > ouiieii warehouses. at low rate*. Address HAND. Herald office. ttrmu-rok ca^h. a sivulk seat licht " hide i?ar Waxon. Address. stiitiiifr where to Ite ?>'cn and lowest price, SIDE BAR, box Dim Yotilers, N. V . Poet office. WANTED ? A S AD I ilk MOMS. BUlTABLE_ FOR A lady to rid" and drive. Any gentleman hav'.nif one to dispose of that ho ran recommend may address M. E., box 174 New Vork Port offlee. AI *" A N'T!?: D? A DOU BLE AMD UKOLE 8HT OP HA* ?? MM must ?'? In fir-t cla-> order: (tat* nam" of maker and lowed price. Address II. M.. Herald offiea. 4 HORSES; SUIT ANY BUSINESS:" A SACKCKT*TeT for want of use. Cotue see lor bargain. No. 41'i Wen ?'f'tli it. SHrOOODll. ZSEGStm OUT 8ALK ? French I'aper Hangings, Carpels, Ac. Kino Gold Taper, 25e. to SOc. P'F roll: (Ins Paper, 12c.: also a li.rtro assortment of Csrpets, Window Sli.ides, Oil cloths. Ac., at half price. JAMES W. COATE8. -S| Hudson *t , below Spring. D~ui:ss GOODS.?. KlBTs, I'It I NTH. ? MUSLINS, Flannels, Blankets sliirt*ng Linen., Table Linens, Diaper Linens, Towels, Caul01 errs, Ac., Iroin a large bank rupt tale iu Boston, at very low price*. WILLIAM MATHEWS, 54 Catharine st. MILL1.VKUY AYO ?IlESNMAKl\u. I ? MAISON A WALTON. Ml-.' BftOAhWAlr, ABOVE j\-rn I'nion square. Importers of Freno'i Millinery : Novel ties Jim received trnni Vlrut, Tnver ,t I'crrier, rutin, and also ? choice selection of Mourning tit o is. AETM1LLINKKY.?NOTICE TO PATRONS,?MAK1E TILLMAil, of Furls, opens Monday and Tuesday a n-w of finest Millinery, French Chips, Flowers, Silks ami I rimmlnics. received Irotn Custom House M.induy. 4J.i Otli iiv.. near Mtb st. (lam Michel's.) T MMK. KAUI.LIEE aBuDFSOK^H 4t., fX tweeii .14th and X'rtli sts.?Ladies1 Dresses and Suits the latest mid most approved styles at reasonable prices. C'"VoLDEN A OO.'S- FA Ills MILLINERY.?IMPORTED T Hats and Bonnets. $10, 914. #17, $31, #20. 313 0th av. (up Stairsi, between HHh und 2tKh sts. KNIFE PLEATING ~ made wliilo yon wall at tho Empire Eooms, 810 Broadway, corner 12t'i st. MME. NArALIE~TXLMAN INFORMS ilER CUSTtlM* ers of the city aM out of New York tbut aba has re moved from 18th St, to No. l.-'iti Broadway, between UUt and 3Jd sts. Bonnets, Mats, Flowers, Bridal Wreaths and Veils. N. B.?Suits, Dresses ami Trousseaux made to order. Si DB AN D "boUB LK 5 OX ' VI. AIT I MM I >o NK BY machine, while you wait, with new improvements, Irom 1 to as Inches wide, by 8. JOSEPH. 31* Foravtlt st. EUROPKAX 8TKAMSH1PI. W'^if^SwN AND uraMOb CARRVING TIIK UNITED STATES MAIL. The steamers or this llr.c the Lane Route* recom mended by Lieutenant Maury, U. h. N., going south or the Hunk* on the passage to yueeustown all tlio year round. GERMANIC. M? ??? .. -i '? M rvi Tir ? Junc ?*, Rt - i ? ADRIATIC *Vnne '*4 at't {?' M WkhaSIc :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Z'ik ??r. >1: Krom White Star Docks. Pier 53 North Ktver. Rates?Saloon, $Si> and $U?>. fu gold; return tickets on reasonable terms. Steerage. $3S. Saloon, staterooms, smoking nnd batli rooms ?r" P amidships. where tfte n.lse and ^notion are leant, affording a degree of comfort hitherto unattainable at ?ea. for Infection of plan* and other Information apply at tho company'* office. U7 Broadway, N"w,t j'k<.0RTlK, Airent. TmJNARU L1NE.-B. AND N. A. It M. S. P. CO. v,' NOTICE, i hi i it.. With a view to diminishing tho ehances ol ooll'idM, th<> steamers or this lino take a specific course for all seasons oi "'oif the outwurd passage from Oueenntown to New \ ork or Boston, crossing the meridian of5o at 48 latitude, or nothing ''on'he homoward passage, crossing the meridian of 5" at 43 latltnde. or nothing to the north iirjU OUEEN8 FROM NEW YOKE FOi^(Ll.VRRPOOL ANO WLfcKNS ?RCOTIA wed.. May 17 I ABTSSINIA. ..Wed May 31 BOTHNIA Wed.. May 34 | *IU S>IA Wed.Juuo 7 Steamer* marsod * uo not carry steerage passengers. Cat HIT t? ssage, $80. $100 an/SlUO. gold, according to ae %Te^lck^ at very lo, rates. Freight ffdffgffMtfeST ?ZgnrakMrii steamship Iootia" embark Irom tho tiunard wharf, loot ol Grand St., Jersey City, at 11 :UO A- M.. ou * V KHANCKLYN. No. 4 howling Green. New York. STNEW york TO GLASGOW LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN. BELFAaT AND LONDONDERRY. Irom pier 42 North Itlver (foot of Caual st.) STATE OK INDIANA Iiiui?da>, Ma> is STATE OK VU<UINIAVA.N..A.V.'. .".*iThn rsdayf'??\\ and every alternate Thursday thereafter. 1_lrst to?SO according to arcommiKlatlons: return tickets. fl-J. 8ecoiid cabin, &H); return tickets. Wl Steerage at lowest Apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents. No. 7"swe rage"tlcko I7 at"45 Broadway and at the company'* Dler. loot of Canal ?t , North River. int iTlIlkCT AMD ECONOMIC ROUTE TO HOL? LAND BELGIUM. THE RHINE. SWITZERLAND. AC., AC., VIA ROTTERDAM. nteamer MAAS.. ...... ' "j steamer ROTIKRDAM ' Vt::*'i;Vu?rf ^i?ues These beautiful steamers, carrying the United states mail to the Netherlands, are groat favorites with tlio public. Trips regular, rates low, coiulort an<i living perfect co. ''TOos.^., Company's pier, foot ol 3d St.. llo oken. niiriv Saturday May30| MAIN Saturday, June 3 nliFK "Saturday May 37 | N BCKAll.Saturday. June 10 '{?tes of passage irom New York to Southampton. Havre ?Vu?tTaboi, $100 gold; Second Cabin, f80 gold; Steerage, $?) currency. ^^^dr^^>r^d.t^^U?. currency. * or trolKl,t "r i)K "Ita:Ti s'A \?0., No. 2 Howling Oreen. N ATIONAL LINE?FROM PIERS 4* AND 47 NORTH River. Kor London direct. HOLLAND. Wednesday. May 17.13 M. FOR QUKENSTOWN A.*D LlVKRl OOL. THE QUEEN.May 37. 9A.M. I SPAIN.. June lo. 7 :?? A. M. vnuLAND J one H 2 P. M. I ITALY ?...June 17, CaWn passage. #7.1 and **0, currency- H??uru tickets at reduced rates, sfeerage p.ssaue lf..^ currency Drafts Issued from li upward, at rurr^t prleea. Apply at the company s office. tW Bj-o^dw^ Ml|? Wf H aMHIIKO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY S LINE tor PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG and UAMBLRU. wFkLAND May 1S| SUEVIA June 1 wi-lklA May35 IIRLLKRT Inne ? UUhTHh ". May Z1 I POMKKaNIA lune 15 Rates of passage to Plymouth London CherlajnrKjIani. burg and all points In England, Scotland and Wales.? Caliin. flrit saloon, gold . . Cabin, second saloon, gold yy 8,ICU S/fl'ABDT'a'cO.V "" c.' B. Ill CHARD k B()AS,' K General Agents. Passenger Agents 01 llroait st.. New York. .11 Broadway. New York. IVVIA N LIVK.?MAIL wTKAMKHS. FOk QI*KKN?TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY Of BKULIS Mitfirday. <Mnr i7, *1 * A. M. Imtv tip niK^Ttv' Hatordny, .lune 10, nt HA. >J. L'StY OF RICIIMilkiD Saturday, Jnne 17. at 1 P. M. ' Krom pier 45. North ttlver. pa It IV and #l?*?. gold. Return tickets on favorihle terms. STEERAGE. $i!S currency. Draits issued at lowest ri,HaVoons staterooms, smoking and bathrooms amidships. > ' i ' J till N ii. D ALE. Agent, 15 and :?:i Broadway. New \ ork. UVITFD STATES MAIIj I.INK? STKAM TO I^UEENS SITED STATw;< aNI) L,yKR,.qoL. sailing every TUESDAY, from pier 4ii North Klver. IDAHO ....May 80. I" AM. I WiSCOKSl* .Jnne20.3 P.M. MkVaDA J?n?W.l"AM. I WYOMING Ju,y?,4A.M. " ' Cabin. $70 and $? >. currency. Intermediate, $4<); steerage. $7rt. Passengers booked t<i and Irom Paris. Hamburg, i<orray, Sweden. .Ic. Draits on Ireland. England, > ranee ana tier many at lowest rate^l( , j AMS t (iUION 2() Broadway. Ovt V III RFC I LINK TO FRANCE. THE OENE3AL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMERS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT PLYMOUTH ?J. B.) for the landlnir of passengers. The splendid vessels on tins lavorlte route for the Conti nent Ibetng more southerly than any other) will sail from pier No. 41 North Klv. r, loot or Karro* nt as follows: LaBKADOK, sangller Saturday, May JO. at .t P. M. AMhRIUl'E, Hou*<iU Saturday, Way J7, at l> A. M. ?ST. LAURENT. Lachesne*... .Saturday June .?. at a P. M. KRANUK. Tfudeile .Saturday. Juae 10. at s A. M. ?PRRE1RE. Danre Saturday. June 17. at I I M. I'KICE 6k PASSAGE IN GOLD Ilnclu'llng wiiioi : Klrst cabin, $110 to $I JO. according to aceommodation. Second. $72. Third cabin, $<'?. Return tickets at reduced rates. Steeraoe. $lti. w.tli superior accommodation. Inelodlng . Wine, bedding and utensils, without e*trs ' Steamers marked thus ? no not carry steerage passengers. LOUIS HE IlKlii AN. Agent. 6-' Broadway. "a NCHOK LINK UNITED STATES MAIL nTEAMEKS 1 m 3 ? j UTOPIA ' Mar 27. H AM I AUSTRALIA. June 10. 4 PM I AS.Vi.Ia""" .J-S 34*. 4rM I KLTSIA ..... Juty ?.-IPM Anchor Line piers 3<> and 31 l'l, f,r- , /Tvno.H vvw YfiRK TO ClLAHtiOfk. I<lVhKIOOL, LOM'Uai i YORK ((R l(0NU0Ni>KKKV. | Cabins $B5 to $W> currency, aceordlog to accommodation* ' Kxcuraien II' kets on favorihle terms. I Steerage currency; Intermediate, ? currency. Dralts Issued lor any amount at eurront rates. HRNDKRkON BROTHERS. Agents, 7 Rowling Green. CROOK'S TOURIST AND EXCURSION TICKETS, ) to all pans of Kurope and the East, at reductions rang ing from 15 to 45 per cent. Available by any line of steamers. l/n not require lmlners to travel In large parties. COOK'SAMF.KIC'aN TOURIsT Tickets by the principal lines of railways and steamers to every leading place In the United States and Canada, issued in the same manner as European tickets, at rednced and low rates. COOK'S AMERICAN HOTEL Coupons are aerepted at the best hotels in America, provide ror a fell day's accom modation. at $?*! .Vleaen, saving fmn 30 cenu to$l per day, are u?e-i as cash, requiring no notlee. COOK S ANNUAI. vae?tlon party sails by steamer Vic toria July *, acetimpanled by Mr. i'liomas Cook, to Scotland, Belgium, the Rhine, Swltserland anil Itaiy. Prices lor Brat class travel, hotels end all expenses, $**?, $400 and $.**?, **(;i?OK S EXCURSIONIST for May baa programmes for ?very part or Europe, and for California, Yosemlte \ alley, Colorado. Ac. Price IO cents. COOK. SON * JENKINS. Broadway Md Warns rt. K CHOP?: AM STEAMSHIP*. \lrlL*?>N J.INK FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HULL vv sailing irom pier ?>?) North III ver, a* lollows-? III '>Al>.< > May 2UI oillEi.LO i.June 17 COLOMBO )>?>!? .'I I III Mm >w July I First caldn. #70, current y, second cauiu, currency. Excursion tickets ou very favorable terms. Through :icketi Is.ue I lu Continental and Keltic porta. Apply, lor lull dm titulars, tu CHART,' S L. WRIGHT * CO.. 36 Sonth at. 1I!EAT WFsTEI! V STEAMSHIP LINK. JT TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DlREtT, sailing Iror.i pi t IS East River us followa:? L' v i : _ _ ( ?Hiiin^ rrom pi *r la rv?si mror as roiiowi* COBNWall, Stamper i>alur<ley. Mays ft' iM ERSE I', tVrstern . .. .Wednesday. .1 una Cabin #7 >; lutcruiediute. #?.'>; steerage, 930, cur rency; exclusion tickets. prepaid steerage certificates till. Apply to W li MoKG a.\. Aeeut. *0 South st. CUA8TWIMB STKA USHII'S. <JTAR BALL link. " ' O UNITED UTATKfl AND BRAZIL MAIL. STEAMSHIPS, sailing monthly trorn Wiitaou'a wharf. Brooklvn. .V. V. for PARA, PERNAMBUCO, BAHiA and KIO JANEIRO, calling at St. .lolin'a, 1'orto Rico, JOHN BRAMALb. -a<unlay. May 27. J. B. H'aLKKK, Thursday. .fuuo ?. r?nonr?r aecnmmndacon, llrst class. rur Ireigbt and passage, at reduced ratoa. apply to J S. TUCKHB A CO.. Agouti, 34 Pine at. |)A\AMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COMPANY^ " FOB SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA AND PACIftO FOtwTS, via Iathuiu* of Panama. ?.Sailing Irom pier 13 North River. Steamer < llhSCKNT < ITV SATURDAY. May 27 lor -Up in Willi, connecting via I'miam* lUilrond At Ckbub* ? . i1 * r *n?Amihipt for porta as above. ror freight or pa*?Affe Apply to W. P. CLYDE k CO., N?? H Bowline lireeu. Fob nass.m-. n. p.-rkoi'lab mail steamship Lhu iaavas Now York Mai- 31. MUBRA*. i KRRIS A CO.. B2 Booth at. >r?W YORK AND HAVANA 1)1 RECT MAIL- LINE.? ,A ?J?** Pr?.l,c'"M "'??amshlpa will nail at a P. M. from piur 1,1 North itirer, toot of Cedar it, lor Havaqa direct, as HWLMI^OTo'n Thursday, May 1< i ? K? . V u"V rueaday. May 3d hor freight aud piusage. having unsurpassed sccomuioda. tlOllN, Apply t?> \\ Ma 1*. CLYDE A CO., No. (1 Bowline (JreetL McKELLKK LULlKtl A CO., A*enu in ilAveiiA. NY.HAVANA AND MEXICAN MAIL BS. LINeT^ ? Steamers leave pier No 9 North River at 3PM FOR HAVANA 1>1 RECT. CITY ol- HA\ ANA Tuesday May21 CITY OF VERA CRUZ.. Thursday mItS FOR VERA CRUi ANI? NEW ORLEANS via llnvaiin. Prourreao, Campeachjr, Tuapan and Tamslco. WJYOF UA\ ANA TuexJay, May 'ia r or truight aud u?uai;e apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 31 and 33 Broadway, steamer* will leave New Orlenui May M aud Juue IS lot > ora Crua und all tho above porta. I^OrIiALII AX N. S., AND sFjoHNS. N. F. CROMWELL STEAMSHIP LINE. Stoamers leave pier 10 N. R. lollowlni; daya nt 3 P. M. 1-* OKU. VVASIlINUTON Friday, May II OhO Tueaday, May 3Q I-or freight or paaaiiKO apply to CLABK A SEAMAN, sj Went at. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FLORIDA-WEEKLY LINB to Port Royal, S. C.; Feroandiua, Fla.; Brunawiclc. tia.; aalllni; every Hiuraday, Irom pior JO Eaat River. Tin atoamor CI rv OF n VI.LAS. Captain llinea, will .all Thnra day, May 1M, at 3 P.M., lor Fornaudlna and Port Royal. 1 lirouzli tlckota lasued to all pointa in Florida. For frelirht !? C' "? MALLORY A CO., or HERMAN UKLPCKL, l.iJ Maiden lane. OLD DOM IN KJN STEA M HII IP COMPANY, anllinK from pier :i7 North Ittver. K?r Norfolk, City Point und Richmond, Tueadayt, Thnra " 'V. ?nd Saturdava at 3 P. M., connectin< with the Vircfnla ami renneaai'e Air I Ino, Allnntic t'oaat Line, Piedmont Air Line Cheaapeake and Ohio Railroad and with the com panv saluam linea to Interior pointa In N'orlh Carolina and Virginia, Newborn ami Washington, N. C. (vta Norlolk) every I'uea.lay, Thursday and Saturday. * Levirph, iiel., Monday and Thumday nt 3 P. M., connecting with -Maryland and Dalawaro railroada 1'ukseu^tr uixoiutnodationa unaiirpa'-ied. TbroiiKii paaaaue tiekot, and bllla of lading to all pointa at lowed ratea. Inaiiranee to Norlolk, Ae., per cent. Freiirlil received dally at pier 37 North River General office*, 1U1 Orecnwirh ?t- N. L. MuCBBADY, Prcident. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP LINH^ FOR CALIFORNIA. JAPAN, CHINA. AUSTBALtA. NEW ZEALAND, IIRtTISH COLUMBIA. AC.. Ac. r/.\. ""'""K pier foot Ol Canal at.. North River. FOR SAN FRANCISCO VIA ISTHMUS OF PANAMA. ALAI Wed e?day. May 17. at nooa connecting for Central America and the Sonth I'aclnc ?,or freight or pa*aairo apply at loot of Canal at.. Nortfc Rl?"- II. J. BULLAY. Superintendent. MORGAN'S LINE OF STKAMSHIPS, for New Orleana an I Toxaa,' ? III aall every Saturday to New Orleana. tranaferrlng Te^ai frulnht them to Morgan'a Louiaiamt and Texaa Railroad loi Morgan City, thence, per Morgan'a linaof ateauiers, to Texai ports. The NEW YORK will nail from pier afl North Hirer N?w York, on Saturday, May JO. at 3 P. M? for NewOrloant direct. Through bill* of lading algned to Mobile, Galveston and to all pointa on the (ialveitou, llarriaburg and Sau Antonio, lloii.ton aud Texas Central, International and Great Nortlv cm, Texas and Paoiflc and Traua-Contlnental railroada. an4 to Indlanola and San Antonio, and all points on the Gull Western Texas and 1'aclQc Hallway. Kraaos Santiairo Cor pus Clirlstl, Rockport. St. Marv'a and Fulton. Freight lor St. Mary'a aud Fulton landed at Rockport. Lighterage and chiiniiel dues at either Corpus Chriati of Brmoa Santiago at the expense and riak of eonaionee, TnroUKli rates lo Brownavitle, via Hlo Grando Railroad, lustirnnce < ?n l>e enacted under open policy ofC. A. Whit* ney tin.. New Orleana. From New York to New Orleans, \ per cent: Irom New York to all Texas ports via New Or lean,. *. per cent. Freight at lowest rates. For rrelght or farther Inform* tlou apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY A CO., Agents. _pl?r iM North Hirer. Texas liSk for galvkston. toi ching at ke* Uo?t. carrying the United Slates mail.?The ateamei STAT I, Or Ti'.XAS, Captain I olger. will *.iU en Saturday, Mav *>. at 8 I*. M.. Irom pier i!0 Eaat River. Thro'igh bllla of lading iriven lo all points on the Houston and Tuxas, Central International and Great Northern. Gat vestoii, Ilouaton and Hendsrson, und tho Galveston. Harris burg and Sau Antonio railroada Freight, and Insurance at lowest rales. For freight or passage, having superior ac commodations, apply to O. II. MALLORY A CO., 139 maiden I ine. VOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. ' "* J THE CROMWELL LINE. The steamship KNICKERBOCKER, Captain Ketnhle, on SATURDAY. May 20 at 3 o'clock P. M.. Irom pier No. 0 North River. Through bills nt lading given to Mobile and all principal points on the Mississippi River. Cubin passage, ?K>: steerage,9^3. Apply to CLAkK A SEAMAN. B8 Wast at. TBAV KliliEliS' (illUK. ~ ALBANY.-PKOI'LKS LINK. S IK A M1JO\I'S LKAVK _ pier 41 North River, dally, Snndsvs excepted, at BP. 41., for Albany and all points Nortli und West. CMTIZENS' LI VE STEAMBOATS FOR TROY AND ALU ) point* Northeast and West, leave daily, except Bator day, at 8 P. M., from pier 4? North River. /^ATSKILL < RKEk" LlNK.-NKW CHAMriuN. lUfcis V ' day, 'Ihursday and Saturday, from pier 42, I anal at.; MoMANUS, alternate days, Irom Leroy ?t.. rt P. M. i Wall river line to boston, I 1 via Newport and Fall R ver. The world re .".owned steamboat, BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE leare pier 2M j North River, foot of Murray st, daily (Sundays excepted), at 5 P. M. Through tickets sold at all the principal hotels I in tho City. LMlit NORIVALK DMtECl.-l'ARE RI.Dl'CED~oS I and alter Monday. May 13. the steamer AMBRICl'S will leave pier 37 East River, foot of Market at., 2:45, and from foot ot H3d it., at 3 o'clock P. M.; returning leavo. South Norwalk at 7 :.'iO A. M. dally (Sunday esceiitedi, connecting each wav with Danbury and Norwalk aud New Haven Ball* roads. Fare 33 cents. Excursion ticket* Vi cents. OLD ESTABLISHICD LINK FOR BTUYYESANT, CATB kill and Intermediate landings.?Steamer ANHRKW I HARDER. Irom Franklin at. (pier 33), Tuesday, Thursdaj and naturday; steamer MONITOR, Monday, Wednesday an] Friday, at .*> P. M. PEN NSYLVaN IA R.ULROAD. GREAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE. Trains leave New York, via Desbrosaes aud Cortlandt street ferries as folloVs:? Express lor Harrlshurir, Plttsbnrg, the West and Soatn, with Pull in <u palace cars attached, V-J30 A. M., U and BUM P. M. Sunday, tl und S :3>? P. M. For Williamsport. Lock Haven. Corry and Erie, at 0:30 A. M. and S:3(i P. M., connecting at Corry for fltasvllle. Petroleum Centre and the oil regions. For Baltimore. Washington and the Sonth, "Limited Wash initlon Express" of Pullman pa'lor cars dailjk(except Sunday). 9:30 A. M., arrivo Washington 4:10 P. Jf. Regu lar at s :4II A. M.. 3 and It P. M. Sunday. U P. M. Express lor Philadelphia, 7, 7:30, S:4H. 0:3 > A. M., 12:30, 3, 4, 4:1?>, 5,0. 7.H-M V P. M. and 12 night. 8nnday,3, 0, 7, H :30 and U P. M. Emigrant and second claas. 7 P. M. For trains to Newara, Elisabeth, Railway, Princeton, Tren ton, Perth Amboy, Fleminuton. Beivldere and othel pointa. sue local .ch'dnles at all ticket offices. Trains arriveFrom Pittsburg, H:33 and 10:30 A. M an< 10.20 P. M dally; 10:13 A. M and ?:*> P. M. dally, es rept Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 8:JI A. M , 4:1(3. 3:13 and 10:23 P. M. Sunday, 0:20 A, M tr?m Philadelphia. 3:10, 0:20, 6:30, li>:lfl, 11 rJtl. 11:5. A. M.. 2:13.4413. 5:13, ?ilo. &?:*) M;44 at)d 10:23 P, M Sunday, 5:10. 0:20. 0:33, 11:34 A. M., B:3U and 10:21 '1'icket offices, 320 and t?44 Broadway, No, I As tor House, and loot of Deshrosses and Cortlandt sta ; No. 4 Conrt st.. Brooklyn: Noa- 114, 110 and IIS Hudson st., IlobolMK Emigrant tlcaet ofllce. No. H Battery place. FRANK THOMSON, D. M. BOYD, Jr., iieii'Tai Manager. Gen. Passenger Agent' PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH AND THH New Jersey southern Railroad.?Fare lower than by auv other route, commencing May I, 1870. Leave New York. I'ler s North River, loot Rector st., 6:45 A. M. foi Lou.- Branch and intermediate points; t?:4b A M.. for Phi I a de pbia, Loug Branch. Vineland, Ac.; 4 P. M., for Philadel phia. Ie>ng Branch, Tuekerton, Ac.: 6 P. M.. for La?a Branch. Ar. WM. S. UN EDEN. General Manager. IJKMOVAL MAY 1 TO PIEIt 43 NORTH HIVRM, FOOT XV ol ^pring at. ?For Rondont and Klngaton, connectlna with Ulster and Delaware Railroad, landing at Highland Falls \\ est Point), Cornwall, Nawhurg, Marlboro, Milton, Pun ;..keei-sie and Es .p ia. Steamboat* THOMAS 0<iB NKLL leave every Tuesday, Thuradar. and Satnrdav JAMES W. BALDWIN. M.n.lay. wUteilay. FiidSw Spring at., pier 4:t North River, at 4 P. M. STONiSgTONLINE EOR BOSTON. Reduction of Fare. Steamer, RHODE IsLaND and NARRAOANSBTT. from pier Al North Hirer, fool of .l?y t|.,At 5 P.M. I'rorldpnee l.ine, ELFiWlA ^d GhALATtA?at j'wpV^ THE ALBANY AND TlloY LINE-OF DAY BOATS will cnmmenra ruunlnsr on WEDNESDAY. May 24. . " POUT OFFICE VOTKK. ^ POST OFFICE NOTICE.-TIIK VoRElGS MAILS'^oB the week ending Satnrday, May 20. 1870, will close al in I, nfllea on Tuesday at B A. M.. tor Europe per steamn Hymning, via i/ueenatown: on Wednesday, at S--3U A. M., "* 'HMW' >n: on Thurs Wleland, via "ly. at It Germanic, via QncrnMowo, and at "l i a. m! tor Scot's'nd 1 rc.,.ib6 soecially addressed per steamer Ethiopia, via UIMgowi and at 11 :?? A. M. for hnrope, per steamer Rhein, via Southampton and Bremen, and at 12 M. lot r>nnee dlreet. per steamer Labrador, via Havre. The mails for China. Ac., will leave San Francisco .funs I. The asfttla lor Australia, Ae.. will leave San Francisco May 24. T. L J AM KM, Feati EU'HVWK. ' fjlOR MAXB oh EXCHANGE FOR RlilAL EsfA>E?X Jr first class corner Kestanrant an<l Chop lloaee, r town, doing a good bnsinese. Address X O., Herald < "

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