Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NOr 14,514. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE POUR CENTS. DIBECTOKir FOR ADVEUTISER8. "f<hh ?ILLUKD8-1.TH pAU?ro,h c" BOARDEBS WaNTED-12th Pauh-411. andlth Ml. Mooi-i*AMfPaunvL'cL KS&tfS SKK^VSrf&A ? ?WJI.W BEAL KfiTATK KOK S vI.E?2d Pigi-IiI ?ttv u irft ?J^5S~JT" PA??-<Sth col. eLvRr?''fiSmTSJUJl ?AX'B-3? Hie*?lit eoL CL?ra?KO?5o pic* ?^Bth <?i!">T" ^0,t-Jd ?"? COACHMEM AND GARDENERS?12th Pao??24 and 34 SoilS^lS5ff75A:,,?HIP8-,'?T PAoa-etheoL k9wM?,T ?OARD-I2th Pack?tHh col. Smwri^THv ^?KX1K8?"D '*ih ?>L 55!LPpo??r,IT p*o??5?i> coi. IfBSiJJftJ !'AW" ??? ?? 5jLC.UJ^.l?.wgr>inL1*Ai;??<Hh ool. mNANCIAL?Sw Pita. PA0?-6th Ool. FURNISHEDBOOM* AND APABTVENTS TO LET?2? ___ J,ao*?34 aad 4?h coll. n?i . Ftt7*r" Paq*?Oth col. ? Sf}". wiOTo?TuB.l!ioStllJ7 Pa??Irt And Id mIa ^ ? WTM PifiB?lid COl. HORSES, OARRIAUEb. AO.?1st Pack?2d, 3d, 4th and wtn cols. POTEL.S?12th Pact?6th col. Baa Ki.sjra0-"p"-4" ^ LECTURBSEAhON-iD Pack?Oth coL KfLfyiLyppr1" paoi?iu coi. Pack?flth col. AI*?Pagk?4th col. SJVUMKRY AND DKESS.VAKTNO?ljrr Pack?3th eol KlllC8UiA)llOD8 ADVERTISEMENTS?1?tk Pace?6th *^,^CAL-2n Pack?4th col. ^ATION8?7th Pack?6th eol. ?Bf?MAL--l?? Pack?In col. 5(Mt J??ui? WnStn J18: AC ?an Pack?4th eol. ?25I?SJ?^? NOTICE?2d Pack?4th col PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANIKD^-PEJiALE8 ___ 12th Pack?l>t col. rKOI?? J7 ?UJ OK .THB CITT *"0R RALE OB TO B RENT? 2d Pack?in and 2d colt. Af ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?2d Pack?2d coL Viknii? WANTED?2d Pack?2d col. ?*RT Paok?lit col. AT AUCTION?1'Jtji Paok Bd ind 4th cols. l?n?pD- FE M ALES-1 1th Paqb, and * co"lIM S3^^ft",,T PA0"~* c,L U! ? ?P%?rl,r P auk?2d col. ssawsa"-" UNKURNI8HED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? WA^k^R^'A8BT^ ? Pack?5th col. OB fACHTH. 8TBAM BOATS, AC.-IOth PAc?-6th col. ? pRR|01jj^- ====:: A."o^S?S^i^xiBwrai5w?^ nojir or owiiri just from Paris ?pleasp Mttnet.'ofMolk' , on 10 '"*? DANIEL, u'erald Uptown F * iJs JLtW?Hh^7SK.ND YolijnBBKiirfirSa ChJeUon ^c! ' IO T00r fr,end 'AYLOR. f,om V"ED.? I "MUST SEE YOU. ~ ? * JENNIE. OIL ME?WE HaVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR to the Ixmw M aoop u possible, M A RV? T ? not' ri 11 ^tW f* E K ? ?* PAOIMC MAIL STOCK.?DO Wat 1538wi5^??rtI>l'^A?S XiEAVE "ER NUM **? >,ld ?hHn> P. TURNER? M^Etaalth>a? SnS 8.?'c^ck-kkoa5way car T?v-r.- AM to yutan. " A wlVn^.BLAd,Bni?Br^^~Wo~r63?To? '>? ?? ?' jS>r?,**iiS'aaw-.'?.' ;."??*' KSfcKE vtaa ffltaHaSag ? ADAM KROBTTEB. tpODMD-IN MADISON AVENUE 8TAOE YESTPRnaV 180 Bro*dwS? a. g- C- TAN VECHTBN. L^oTk^k"^- i6- ^ ?us?iNLSIraB5 CTRAYED? FBOM 208 WEST 46TU 8T IIAV it?a IZZZZZZZ^E^?5*^- = VLf) 'pob swramv sma?l?5b5Wn fTonior Do?, itrared avar from 343 Ekft 9th it m ?faaaday ?r?niaK. abOnt 6 o'clock. ' RE*V ABD.?YAWL BOAT LOST FROv Tiiff >0 iloop Stephen UndorhUI. WILLIaJi VAN BfcAI? BN. at the loot of WaAhlngton K.. J.mTcitr KEAU" 4'H|n REWARD-FOR THE return" nMmf tain Diamond Rin*; l?t on M?d.? h.f?i <Wth it. and 6th ar. and U Weft 24th ? Tb? ???'.. A?2 will In paid to tto Under by returning to 14 Wen 24th rt Agitable reward will be paid roR~TS old faahloned cold Watch (enamelled back) and Chain ioit on train from Harlem II P. M Tuewlar ? ? ??ked. Addrei. <}. W. FUESS. 67 Bowery or Fn ^n "* Uftwecn ltr7th and ItiStli iti., Monlianli rulton ar., SPECIAL .?VOTlCRb. ~ An important"fact for ? ? ADVERTISERS TO CONSIDER ^Clrculatloa of the EVENING TELEOBAM lait week Monday, Mar S ? 1u<->d*y, May it 3!i,000 Wrdaeiday. Mar l6.'.'.!!!*^ 12,WI? Tliur>day. May 11 . 37,U*> Friday, May 12. . . 37.WO Baturuay, May 13 U'7wJ Total ? Dally avoraice MO.ICO ;W,35U A? FIRST PRIZE, SIOS.IXIO. OOLD. * Main drawlpg ol the Doeal Rrnnawiek Oovernraert IjcUmj, from May 10 tu J an* ?. 1876. 69,300 llcketi. 2M.Mn p rites. Royal Havana Lottery. Kut drawing May 22, 187ft, rail explanatory clrenlan pm. THEODORE zsciiocn, Bra 5.CM Pott office. 116 Nataau el.. New York. k 8AliEL-"MADK Of OOD"-MI.VEHAi, ?PkTn? A Water, dally prove* II ha* no equal In the hitherto fatal disease*. restoring those who were rapidly sinking and prenonnced beyond hope: booka (Vm. liiaiooiii and AnalyMi by Dr. HEATH, office* 2UO Broadway. A'"tTKKTION I?TWENTY-FIVE YEARS' PRUSSIAN bofpitai experience; diseaiee of men and disease* of the ekia especially; contultatlon tree ^private office 161 Bleecker n. Dr. JACOHY. LLEN A CO., 79 N ASS AC ST., NEW YORK ?WY oming Lottery, draw* Mar 20; capital prize. 9,(X)0 distributed; ticket*, SI; *ix for ; prise* cashed; Mrcnlara mailed free. ANDREW" F1NCK A HUM, LAURR RE Kit BREWERS, 89th *t., 8th ami (?lh art, New York. A? KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OP J. R. ? SMITH A CO. KUTTOCXr, EXTRA CLASS 441?FOB IR7R. ?, M, 38. as. 43, SB. 64. 70. 42, 2. ?W, 48, 9. 15. XX.HTTCKT, CUM 442? roll 1876. 44, 84. IS. aa, 1, 47, 29. 61, 2ft. 65, 77, 4*, IB. All order* address B. NATHAN, 181 Broadway, or P?et ?ttce box 4,S70, New Yotk city. A" ?PARKS. KMBBRON A 00. ? Kentucky Slate Lotteries. drawn dally. Royal Havana Lottery, drawn every 17 days. Kentocky Single Nnmher Lottery, drawn May -'7. 187ft, , Prise* caehed. information furnished ami cfrcmat* free. 1?) Broadway. Post office box ft.272. New York. A?ISAAC O. BOYCK. 267 BROADWAY. LAWYER? ? Divorcee obtained promptly, without publicity: deser. lion, incompatibility, habitual drunkenness. Infidelity, in. bam an treatment. conviction of felony. i'a?suorts olitainrd. ALL KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES DRAWN dally?Mingle number lottery oa the Havana plan, Brawn May 27. Full Information by calling or addressing the uptown agency. KIRK A CO., I.2R7 Broadway, room IK B ABO'S FIRST CLASS LAUER BBP.R. WINK AND Laneh Room, Somergarden, Xo. 1,214 Broadway, near 30th si., will be opened to-day. DR. OOOLARD. I.ATR PR0F>S80K IN PARIS. 41 weal fk?th *t ? Nervosa debility, Ac., speedily crsdi tated. Advice Iree. DR. FRANCIS OOULARD, LATE PROFESSOR IN Pari*, lectures aemt^weekiy. Private office* for re re p. lion of patieals. 41 West :lftth st. Nervous oehlllty ami 'Its. rases of men aud women speedily eradicated. CoaaallBtkM free. ISKASES OF MEN A fPEOlALTY. ~ HKMRT AjDANHCLS. m. re. 144 Lexington av? ?ear 20th st. I irtice hours from H to 3. fAK. II. J- JORDAN. HOLE PROPRIETOR OF THE \f New fork Vu.enm of Ai.atomy, hat removed his resl teoee anJ office to No. 5 Washington place, three doors wot of Broadway. , fc-raCOSrOMY."?LADIES' DKESSEH AND OVKR J'j geriuents cut. bajstrd and looped; full Instructor s h<>? to finish at home. Mmr. IIKPI'Alli), 101 14th St., roi. P?er6th*v. Havana lottery.-np.xt dhawino ok 40.1**1 tickets. May 22; amount of prrtes. #<? D.CXKt; highest anjii msj. For particnlars address M. MAKI1NE/. A CO., ?B Watt M., bom 4,?*2 Poet office, New York. SPECIAL NOTICES. JVrjS#W<^Airi?kAWIXQ KENTUCKY fttatlf LOT u. terii*. SIMMONS * DICKINSON. Managers. XXXTOCKV. UTHt CLAW NO. .133?MAT 17. 1878k 12. 54, ?, n. ti. 55, 7,'?. 30. *1, *?. 38, *7. KKKTOCKT, CLAM SO. 334?MAT 17, 187a 54, 53, 5. 21, 77. V>, 83. ;H, 28. 61. ?7, 78, T. RKKBY. KXTKA CLAM ?0. *3 t? MAT 17. 1878. 7a. 37, 4i, is, a. 23. a, 71. *, ?*, 17. 5.v HK.IHT. CLAM HO. 234? VAT 17. 1878. 54. ?2. as. 2tt, 42. ?">?. 40. 35, ft. 45. 48, IB. *8. Full information by Applying to or iMrmlai J. CI.UTE A CO.. 200 Ul|?4wii}, ?r boa 4.WW Fhi office. _____ ^~_f#i6,"twi IM PRIZES?KYKKV"OTIIBR TIOKKT A \JT. Prise.-SIMMONS A DICKINSON'S slncle number Kentucky Hlala U>it<r; to be drawn May 27,1S78; 25,420 prises oat of 50,000 tickets: also Royal Havana to M draws Oil May 22, 1H7H J. CLUTE & CO.. 200 Broadway. or bos 4.U88 Post office. ___ I* f THAT (MEAT MUSTANG RACE TAKES PLACE TO DAY LOOK OUT FOR SPECIAL DESPATCHES IN THE ETENIMO TELEGRAM and on the bulletin board* of I be paper. Broadway and Ana st.. and et tbe Brunch office, Broadway, every boar daring the day till the race is loet or won. EMTOCKY STATE LOTTERIEi-DRAWlTDAILY. Kentucky single number, grand distribution, on the Havana plan, to be drown May 27; S0.000 tickets; 35,420 prises; whole tickets. $10; halves. $5; quarters. IS Sii; eighth*, $1 29. Royal Havana Lottery, to be drawn May 22. 1K7B; whole tickets, 490: tenths aud twentieth* in propor tion. Tlilrii Louisiana Hold Distribution to '-e drawn July 2?. Whole tickets,ISO; halvea, $23: quarter*.$12 50; twentieths, $2 Mil For Information, circular*. A*., address or apply to J ACKSON A CO.. Banker*, 903 Broadway, Mew York. -CHRONIC" CATARRH, DEAFN ESS ? "7mPRO vf D ? method; Instantaneous relief: permanent cures. Dr. STODDARD, No. 8 Weal 14th St. T ADIBBI CONSULT DR. OBIKDLE. FOR ALL AIL JLJ menu; speedy onree whatever the matter. 142 Weet 4Hth St. Nervous exhaustion.?a medical ess 4% comprising a series of lectures delivered ?t Kahn'e Mu seum oT Aniiwqy. New York, on tho cause and cur* of Pro mature Decline, showlog Indisputably bow loet health may be regained, affording a clear synopsis ot the Impediments to marriage and the treatment of nervous and physical debility, being the result of 20 years' experience. Price 35 cent*. Ad dress the author. Dr. L. J. K A H N, office and residence 51 Kait loth St., New^York. \ PILES olTlilslffiRRII01DS PERMANE.NTXYRRAUI cated in two to four weeks' painless treatment; no knife, ligatures, ran sties or cautery employed; positively NO CilABOE KOK TREATMENT UNTIL CUBED. Circular* free. Dr. STODDARD, only office No. 8 West 14th et. Royal Havana lottery. The next drawing will take place on May 22. Prim cashed. Order* filled, information furaUhed Ire* on appli cation. Spanish bonk bill* and government* purebaaed. TAYLOR A CO.. Hanker*. 11 Wall st.. New York. SOUTH STU AV. Amity st. Opposition to Gilbert Elevated Railroad Company. All person* Interacted in property fronting on Sonth 5th nv. and Amity *t. are invited to attend * meeting to bo held for the purpoae of organising a vigorous opposition to tho construction of an elevated railroad through ssid street*. Meeting will be held at No. 71 Washington square south, between South 5tlyiv. and Wooster St., on Friday afternoon, 19th Inst., at 4 o'clock. He sure to come or ho represented. By order ol committee of property-owners. Mat 10, 1878. TAMAR INDIKN?A LAXATIVE FRUIT LOZENGE. agreeable to tako: specific remedy for constipation and' It* coc*equeneos. F. GRILLOT, 37 Rue K?mbateau, Paris. Depot. CABWELL, HAZARD A CO., New fork. THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC AND FBANKLIN Telegraph Companies.?The reduction of rate between principal cities heretofore mad* by the Atlantic and Pa cific and- Franklin Telegraph Companies ha* met a cordial reipoase fhim the poiilic, a* evidenced by Increaied patron age. Many petitions hsve been received from point* not vet Included in snen reductions, urging their claims to lower rate*. Theso companies desire to extend tbe beneflts of telegraphic competition a* rapidly a* practicable, and ac cordingly announce that on and after Monday, May 22. * general reduction wlU be made throughout their entfro tier vice cut of tbe Missouri River, except between potcu whose rates have already been reduced, as follows: ? All present rates between 35 and 55.... 5c. redaction All present rate* between do and $1 00.... 10c. redaction All presont rates between $1 05 and 120.... 15c. reduction AIL present rates between 1 25 and 1 50 30c. redaction ftte local rate for New York city, Brooklyn and Jersey City will be -O and 1 Instead of 35 and 2. The Atlantic and Pacific and Franklin Telegraph com panies, therefore, solicit the forther patronage and support ofthe public, that thelrelfort* to give it the benefit of "cheap* telegraphy" may be auocessfnl. Their principal offices In Mew York city are as follows;? 145 Broadway, Produce Exchauge. Merchants' Exchange, No. 8 Broad st.. Oold Board. Fulton Market, French's Hotel, Aator House, Washington Market. 287 Broadway. Broadway and Canal it, 238 Broadway, corner of Spring st.; Tremont House, St. Denl* Hotel, Union Square Hotel. Westminster Hotel. 14th st. and 8th sr., Hoffman House, Windsor Hotel, , Broadway and 30th st., 3d av. and 88th st., 208 East 125th .? TDM T RP.IfRRT Pn.lH.1,1 fettfWl OAO ?koyal Havana lottery. JpDUU.UUU. Next drawing May 22. Circular*. wllb full particulars, Kent free. P. O. DEVLIN A CO.-. Stationers and General A rents. No. S Park row, near Ann ?t. (opposite P. P.). New York. " SPORTING?DOC 8. BIRDS, d(C. ~~ Bare ball pools bold evkryTfti^rnoon on all profeeslonal |(Mi, at JOHNSON'S Pool Rooms, Broadway and 28lk it. Telegrams by Innings received while games are being played. FOB sale?NEWFOUNDLANDS AND HT. BER nards, I urge ?t and haadaomest in tha dlr; eight Pups of aame stock; Watch Dogs of all broods; Rat Dogs of all breed: six black and taw, emalleet In city. J. H. UARDMM. comer Broadway aad OOth at. For ha lb?a pair op beautiful pea fowls, In One plnmage. Apply at 5M Broadway, room 1. T>OOL? SOLD THIS AFTEBNOON AT 31S BUTLBDGE A St., WllUamsbnrK, on Athletis vs. Mutual, at Union (?rounds; Ulilcago vs. St. Loois. at Chicago: Louisville vs. Cincinnati, at Loulsrllle: Hartford vs. New Haven, at New ifaven. Telegrams received. BBlBERT A MrCLOt'D. "^1-HE TCR#; ' t tr^yr^b^i?Ncirp6hfa~s^iry?W6M a^ A Exchange, 1,288 Broadway, overy afternoon and IvnlsfMiht Louisville Banning Races: also on all Ball Games aad on the BiUlard Tournament at Philadelphia. Re sult of each game rooolved by telegraph. G. M. THOMAS Auction and French pools sold at new YORK TV BP EXCHANGE. IS West 28th st, this afternoon aad evening, on the LOUISVILLE and WASH INGTON running races PRENCH POOLS close at 3 M P. M. KELLY. BLISS * CO. Auction and prench pools hold at john son's Room*, corner Broadway and 28th St., on tho Races at Louisville, Ky.. aad Washington, D. C.; full re turns received by telegraph of each race. All orders hr mall or metsenger will receive particular attention. French Pools close at 4 P. X. T. B. A W. H. JOHNSON. CONTINENTAL POOL ROOlT continental Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.?Auction aad French Pools sold daily on all sporting evonts la all parts of the country. 1IUDD DOBI.K. L. R. MARTIN. ESRFOOT DRIVING PARK?THIRD DAY OP Hpriag Meeting, Thursday. May IB?Parse Sl.'iO, for 2:90?lass.?Peter Msnee.b. g. Jupiter: W. B. Cunningham, blk. m. Carrie M.; J. Morton, bis. g. llarry C ; A. Denton, b. g. J. M. Oakley; T. Crane, r. a. Gideon; Geo. F. .tones, sin. Emily G.; J. E. Jsrvis. blk. m. Jennie; John Sea grave, g. g. Ed. Mills; M. H. Whipple, b. g. Silas: C. Dicker man, b. m. Ladv Lows. Same day?Putse $1V>, for J S6 class ?John Loomls, cb. a. Llssie Adams; Wm. Thorns, br. g. Phil. O'Netl, Jr.: Peter Manes, b. g. Harry Irving; M. Whipple, br. m. Fanny Leigh; A. Curneilson. b. g. Judge Robinson: W. Basslord, i>. m. Carrie N.; T. Crane, r. g. St. George : J. Smith, cb. g. Break O' Day: J. Thompson, r. g. Fred Tyler; Thoa Bennett, br. m. Lady Woods; Geo. Gil bert, ". g. Ilarrv Gilbert. Races at a P.M. The 3:42 and 2:3u classes will be trotted to morrow. Admission f 1. WM. MoMAllON, Proprietor. Fleetwood park.-thr-hr8t"~bpring "meet lag will be riven Jnne 16,18 and am The clnb house and restaurant under grand stand will Ite opened tha morn ing following the innstang race, by tha well known caterer and hotel keeper, Billy Florence. PHILIP DAT1CR. LBKTWOOD PaRK.-THR PBIVILEOE_OF""skLI^ Ing pool* on all the entertainments given at the abova park lo> sale. Address PHILIP DATKR, Fleetwood Park. CILEETtVOOD PARK.?THE CLUB HOUSE.' OOT r tare and Saloon andor Grand Stand to let. Applv at tha Park. PHILIP DATEfc. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED FOR THE USE of tkr Track and Premises ol the Saa View Perk Associ ation at New Dorp, Staten Island, lor the term of one year Irom Mar 1. 1S7H. Proposals must lie submitted before Sat antsy. May W, 1H7B, at 2 P. M. Address all commaalcatleas to HENRY MILLER, New Dorp, Staten Island. TATTEMALL'S TURF COMMISSION AOENCY, 1.227 Broadway, west JHIi St. Rooks now open on "Withers," "Belmont" stakes, Ae.. and all racing evSnts during the year. Books on ail tha Louisville races OBlce open dally. McDOUOALL A CO. rpATTEftSALL'M TURF AGENCY, 1,227 BROADWAY.? X 85 tickets pay this day. Harper, Williams, Ml; Eleme, f 1*>. 11,*EST SIDE DRIVING PARK. JERHhY CITY.? II Spring Trotting Meeting, May 23. 24, 2ft aad Ml, IH78. Pnrse 81 AO. for a minute liana; 8200, for 2 -..'I'i class; 8I0O, lor 2>4'? class; $190. for double teams; BlftO, for 2:30 claps; for 2:3s class: f2-*>U. lof 2:10 class i gits), for running heroes. Premiums divided In Drat, second and third money. Entries to close at Turl Exchange Restaurant, Xm Barrow st.. Jersey City, May Ik, at W P. M. For particulars see kit,' C. BIRDSALL, Manager. HORSES, CARRIAGES, <M. A" 'tfcTlOV IIOI'SK OF AiK'll'. JOHNSTON, ,nr ~" 1U. 21. XI aad 25 13th St., near Oaleermty place. BALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES ARB nKLD EVERY tuesday AND FRIDAY AT 10 O'CLOCK. VI OM EVERY HORSE WARRANTED SOUND FROM 24 HOURS TO a DAYS FOR TRIAL. THE OLDEST established AND MOST RELI ABLE HOUSE IN Till CITY. GENTLEMEN HAYING HORSES OR CARRIAGES to sell, or those wishing to buy, will And oai business continued on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always characterised the dealings ol our house, and wen the rocport and conSdeiteo of tha basloes* community, as well aa the pabllc at large. LIHKRAL advances ON consignment*. A CHESTNUT MARE, is HANDS; SOUND AND kind; splendid roadster aad hit. Address box 221 Po-t oflire, Stamford, Conn. A PAIR OF BAY IIORSKS. standing 1.V3, AND aged 6 and 7: knee action; also a thnroajrhbred sad dle Mare, same sue and H years old; all sound and kind Inquire at private -table, head of MacdOagal Alley, be tween kid l<>', A. M. A -PONY PIIAKTONS. ALL STYLES, TOPS AMD NO . tons nnd I'snople*; lonr-seat light extenalon top Phae tons. light cut under Rocaaways, D-pnt Wagons, ton and open, mi WILL! AM II URAY'a wand 22 Woosterat. ANY one HAVING A TWO SEAT COVERED PHAK Ion i-so liearol ? path rtiMnmer, and has a single seat Basket lor -ale. or would exchange. KOBKRT GAID. 14.1 Roade st. A PAIIK~ PHAETON AND CLABANOR FOR BALE chr-ap. Apply st 4<l West mill st. A HORSE \ Ml I'll Vr.TON W *,^FT>-^8\r"T~llF. spsttetbln party, for the sununor moatb*. lor their keeps Addrex I.., l ot 11 ? Herald office. ~l" ?for S A LK, T.ivhRY pTAHLR, splendid J\. stork; also Llqanr stores, Rastauraata, Statioaery, Grecary Stores to tachaoga- MALONE, No. ? Day M. _ HOHIKI, CAUHIAGKB, ?C. A" 8810NEK KALE Bf BANJtRUPfCf. la the matter of W. L. Sherman, butaiiL the under signed Mjpn will Mil by public auction. to highest bidder, TRim day (Ttri iuidaY), matTT AT TDK PRIVATE STABLE, ili BART XtO ST.. BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND 4TM ATS., AT 11 O'CLOCK IS THE PORXNOON. Tax roLLQwiwn yaluax&S and cohtlV prop _ . KRty, valued at otbr saa.uax consisting op the past and well known TROTTING 'JBLDINO HONEST john, aired by Voluo leer, item by Weburu. mImI by AMm Smith, or Otuw county. New York; he It * be toilful bright bey, 7 year* old, IS1! hands high: trotted a mile ot Ooohea last Maimer la 2:3d: b? la a very pleasant, prompt driver, pure golted, with Una knee action; U not afraid of anything, aad ia an elegaat hone for a top wagoa, aad ia thoroughly broken aad* lor any person to drive, aad 1* warranted snaad and kind. BBAUTIPUL BAT TBOTTINO GELDINO LTOBBB N AN, ralaed by Aataaa Snrague, aired by Rhode 1 aland, dam by Narraganaett: he la a bright bay. tf year* old, lik bende high; waa trained by M. linden taat season nod ah owed three heata over Plaetwaod Park la 2 -JM, 2 :3f>*4 and 2:31, tinea which time he baa been driven on the road: beta a eery ?tyllah, pleeaaot driver, perfectly gentle; ia not afraid of anything, aad aaa be driven at spied by any ordiaary driver: it u gnodpole horae. aad if pat in tralatag would trot below 2 flu tola aeaeon. aa he la vary reaolute aad pura, salted: warranted aonad and kind. PAST AND BLEGANT TBOTTINO OKLDINO. BAT Harry, ralaad brJubn Marches, Orange connty. aired by Bolton, he by H omnia tou tan, dam taid to be a Clay mora: he la I3U handa high, 6 year* old: trotted when I ear ye are ?>lil la 2:44, when be wee purrhaaed by praaeat owner: be U an elegant road bona, tnoronghly broken, very ttylleh dri ver and perfectly gentle aad caa pall a road wagoa better than a 2:4U gait; la alao a good pole horao aad warranted aonnd and kind. PAST TROTTING BLACK XARB EM PRESS, SIRED hjr Toronto Chief; dam by WllUam II. Ripley, 13^ haada high. 7 rear* old; trotted over Proa pert Park laat fall ia '?2 :'t?l 4: aha la a mare of extraordinary power and la very pure galled: ia a very prompt, pleaaant driver, perfectly gentle and aafe for anybody, aa the itnoa not pall or fret when in company: iaaot afraid of aaything; aha haa a very strong.tet of cordy leg* and good feet and can poll a top wagon at speed equal to any Dorse In the city aad ia war ranted aoaod and kintL THE KABUL'S THOROUGHBRED SADDLE AND driving Horae Bismarck, 15)f hands high, 7 yean old, tired by Lexington; ono uf the beat broken, moat graceful and fineat behaved borset la America; haa all dealred rolls under sadille, guides br motion: carries eltber lady or gen tleman with atyle anil eaea; Is bold, brave and fbarleee; finely broken to all haraaaaand warraated sound and kind, and can beat 2 90 to toad wagon. Elegant high bred trotting getting sorrel PRIWCR, aired by Conalin's Star, dam by Highlander Chief, 131% handa high, 7 vcar? old '.?ho ia a very ?tyllah, prompt driving horae; thoroughly broken in harness or a addle; l? safe for a lady to ride or drive aad is a horae of extreordlnary bottom, having trotted 5 mile* over the Suffolk Para coarse, Philadelphia, In 14 luinutbs and 22 seoouds,amLa single mile In 'J:87;iiaaa mild, amiable dlipo?iti?n aad a very pleaaant road horae, aa he ia nut excitable in company ; palls weight well, and la warranted aoand and kind. Beautiful brown mare J ENNIE; hat always bean aaed by ladles and children, both In harness aad under saddle; It broken to all the different aaddle gaits; la not afraid of the cam: will atand without tying ana ia safe under all cirisum stances; she is a very pleasant, prompt driver and can trot in 2 -JO, aad for ladiea' and children's ase Is Invalaable; Is tl years old aad warranted sound and kind. The handsomest, tva?hest Hd beet driving Teems of Trotting Horses In thin city; they are bright bays, 16K bands high. 7 and S years; very closely meted, half brothara; raised by Dr. fierr, of Lexington, Ky., ana sired hy Clark Chief, dain by Denmark: they trotted * together over the Lexington track a year ago latt summer la 2:3S, when they were purchased by the present owner, and have beeri used aa a road and lamlty team up to the preaent time; they are perfectly gentle, are not afraid of the cart and are saft for any ptnonv drive; they do not pull when speeding end are not excitable in oontpany. and they drive together like one horae; thrvhave greatly improved in apeed, as they were driven by present owner last fau over Pleetwood Park to a road wagon, without any training. In 2 :WK and in proper condition they can beat 2:35 together, ana are war ranted sound and kind. Carriages consist of 1 Queens Phaeton. 1 full spring Top Wagon, 2 tide bar Trottiajr Wagons, 1 Top l'ony Phaeton, with lamps, I canopy Top Phaeton. Harness consist of 2 sets fine double Harness, 9 sate of single; al?o a line collection ot dress and stable Kersey Blankets, Summer Sheets. Lap Rugt end Dusters, Whips, imported ladies' aad gents' Saddles and Bridles. N. B.?The above stock is all first class ana mast be seen to be appreciated, and will be on exhibition until time of sale, ror full partleulara see catalogue, now ready at ?table. Sale positive, without limit or retervatlon. By order of J. EDWARD CORY. Assignee. At auction. BALE of CHOICE THOROUGHBRED stock. ITANDSOME BAY QRLDING, ETHAN ALLEN ttock. 7 yeare old. 1.1 hands: can pace a mil* in 2 AO; trot In 2:43; very nobby driver; rtlwa In Orup county; warranted ?and. HANDSOME LIGHT BAT OR DUN COLORED MAKE (raieedby M1KK ZIEOLER, CINCINNATI), Lady Zlegler, 0 yean old. ailed by GEN. GEORGE U. THOMAS, dam by Pilot; thl* mare in 15.3 hande, U pure galted; wet driven laet Tall by Mr. McNamara over Fleetwood track In 2 iM1); hm neverbeen handled, bat will certainly trot down In the twenties thin Hummer; the ?Ire of thin mare has produced some of the beet eolte in thli country;one?aire Tr?r old?trotted laet ipdnK ln.2SI9; he ie also th e irire of Hrott'i 1 bomae. entered In the Centon nial at Philadelphia thin rammer; warranted eound. CHESTNUT GELDING IMPERIAL! foaled In l*T?,ah?4 by half brother to Volunteer Imperial, he by Hyadyk'a Ham bletoiiian, dam by Seely'a American Star; thla co It Ie 1.Y2* hands, and. without exception, the moet promising young hone In the State. Thla colt waapurchaeed by hie prevent owner at eight months old, for f 1,00m. irom Joe Gavin, of Goshen. Orange county, end Ie to-day worth (1,010; Ie war ranted in every particular. FINE BAY GELDING CHARLEY KAHN, foaled Is 1?7!), 1S.2S hand* high, aired by Alexandcr'a Abdallah, dam a ('amilen mare. He ean trot hl? mile ttt 2:40 sure. Mr. McNamara drove him thie spring In 3:40; he beat Orange Girl, who haa a record nfSwi. on the road laet sutn mar, when he wee but ft yean old; good dlepoeltlon; will etnnd without tying, and U warranted sound. BAY MARE LADY EMMA, foaled I (MM, aired by Toong Consternation, dan, by Hlll'a Black Hawk; trotted laet win ter ou the loe io can beat 2:40; fine gal ted, good die poaition: warranted sound. O.NK SIDE bar top Wagon, In Srat elaee condition, made to order, by Vandnaer, at a coat of $A2& ONE HIDE bar no top Road Wagon, built by R. M. Stivera. In tret eleaa order. THREE SUITS of Horee Clothing, Stable Btanketa, Boots, Ac. O'nmprletng the ckoioeet ato-k offered for aale thla eeeeou. All of them are of good disposition and can be teen and rode behind any forenoon by calling at M. McNamara's atahlea, corner of 734 at. and 4th ay. If this stock It not aold at private eale will be ioM to the highest bidder, without reaerve. rata or shine, by VAN TASSELL A KEARNEY, TOMORROW (FRIDAY), May 10.1870, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at their Auction Mart. 110, 112 and 114 Eeet 13th it AT PRIVATE HALE LANDAU, by CRUTTENDBN A CO., of NSW HAVEN. CURTAIN COACH, by BREWSTER A CO., of BROOME ST. BAROUCnK. by .BREWSTER A CO.. of BROOME ST. CLARENCE, by J. B. HKEWHTER A CO.. of 25TII ST. COUI'E. by MINES A STEVENS. POLE AND SHAFT*. POUR HEAT PARK PHAETON, by MINKR A STEVENS. T CART, by BRADLET. PEAT A CO., pole and shafts. DOG CAR*. 4 WHEEL. b* WOOD BHOS. SIX 8EAT PARK PHAETON, by BREWSTEE A C0? of Broome at. COUPE ROCKAWAY, hy MIXER A STEVENS. HfX SEAT ROCKAWAY. with ehlfting paaele, by QUIMRY. . LANDAULET. pole and shefts, by J. C. HAM. BRETT, very light, by MINER A STEVEN*. TOP #A(K>NS, by BREWSTER, DUSRNBCBT * STIVERS. TOP AND NO TOP PON1 PHAETONS of every variety. EXTENSION TOP PH AETONO. city build. 4 Seat Rockaway*. 4 Seat Depot Wagone, Boaineee Wagone. Ton and No Top Wagons, Ac. VAN TAsSEIrL A KEARNEY, 110 and 112 Eaat 10th ei. AT PRIVATE SALE LANDAU, by CRUTTENDEN A CO., of NEW HAVEN. CURTAIN COACH, by BREWSTER A CO., of BROOME ST. BARorCHB. by BREWSTER A CO., of BROOME ST. t:l.AKENCE. I>v J. U. B KEWSTRB A CO.. ot 2STII ST. COUPE, bv MINER A STEVENS. POLE AND SHAFTS. FOUR SEAT PARK PHAETON, by MINER A STEVENS. T t'AKT. by BRADLEY, PRAY A CO.. pole and ehafta. DOG CART. 4 WHEEL, bv WOOD BROS. SIX-SEAT PAEK PHAETON, by BREWSTEE A CO., of Broome at. COUPE ROCKAWAY, by MINER A STEVENS. SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAY, with shifting panels, by QIIMBY. LANDAULET. pole end shafts, by J. C. HAM. BRETT, rery light, bv MINER A STEVENS. TOP WAGONS, by Dl'SKNBl'HY. VICTORIA, pole and ahalta, by J. H. LAWRENCE A CO. TOP AND NO TOP PONT PHAETONS of every variety. EXTENSION TOP PH A F.TONS city build. 4 coat Kockawava, 4 ae at Depot Wagone, Bnelncea Wagone, top and no top Wagon a, Ac. VAN TASSELL A KEAENET. 110 and 112 Ea?t 13th at. AN IMPORTANT FACT FOR ~ "* ADVERTISERS TO CONSIDER. Circulation of .the EVENING TELEGRAM laet week wae:? , Monday, MayS 95,000 Tuesday. May 11 4S.OUO Wednesday May 10 07,000 Thursday, May 11..: - 37.WOO Friday. Mar 12 3)1,400 Saturday, May It :14.7*?1 Total aso, 100 Daily average :tM,:tV) Ae GRAND dike, GRAND DI KE! GRaND DI KE. AT AUCTION. TO-MORROW MORNING. CELEBRATED IMPORTED ENGLISH SADDLE HORSE, OBAND DUKE GRAND Dl'KE la 1A hands high, n rear* old; kind and gentle: tborouuly broken to all gaits. either by word, motion or Whip; a very spirited, stylish and aristocratic mover, but ported ly amiable and kind In disposition, and ealk for a lady to ride. Is ONE OF THE FINEST AND HANDSOMEST SADDLE HOUSES IK AMERICA, lie will be enld at auction, at ARCII. JOHNSTON'S, into 20 l:ltlt at., near University piece. TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), Mar lit. at 10 o'clock, lie la now on exhibition at THE PRIVATE STABLE I'* WEST OOTH OT.. WHERE IIE CAN RR TRIED AND RIDDEN ANY TIliB PREVIOt'S TO TBS SALE A BREWSTER (OP RBOOMS ST.) SIDE RAR TOP IVagoo, In first claaa order: one Dnsenbnrr Read Wagon, one waterman da. on* Depot Wagon, one cut under Kockaway, one top Pony Phaeton, at WILLIAM II. OKAY'S Carriage Factory, 1,401 Breadwey, between .'MRh and 401 li at a. RAIMA IN.-4 HORSES; Ml'IT TnY RCiGNES*"; Orocerv, Exprrei and a top Bneiness Wag ?a; a chanco to buy cheap. 4IO West atm> ai. A SET OF SINGLE LIGHT HARNESS. RT GRAHAM, in line order, lor aale for at Metropolitan Stable, 22 Eaal infh st. ArfREWsTER (OF RRoOME ST.) QUARTBS Wagon for sale at llathorn a stable, la7 Wtat 87tn st. LL STVI.eTbIwgISO.' PARK AND POXY PHAE tona. Depot Wagone, hockaways, Ae.; llerneaa, light end heavy; Saddles. Hridlea, Whips Lap Rtbee, Sneeta, Boots. Ac.: elegant assortment of reliable goode at the low est possible prices. JoHa MOOKE, .17 Warren at A' ~"-FOR SALE, A VERY fFnR D?lWNtr6R"RUsT . neaa Horse, ft yeare old; a lady can drive hla; one good work Horse, Wagon and H ernes*. Me, 1 Bleecker at, corner Bowety, trunk (ten. HORSES, CARRIAOK8. ?C. AtfWfoNI?HORiBS AND CAKKIAQ& THIS DAY it'll 1'KSDAYi, MAY 11*. AT 11 O'CLOCK A. SPEED WARRANTED. SPEED WARRANTED, AT THE UNION AUCTION HOI SE. 30 EAST isth 8T. m. BETWEEN BROADWAY AMD ST11 AY., COR PRIMING THE BNTIRR STOCK OP MR. COAUJATE. Ft>or flnr young, aound and kind Horwi, thai can trot tram 1M to 3 mlnates: also ona very larr* bay coupe llorM, Ift.S bands high. 7 yttn old, warranted aoimd and kind, oao beautiful hay Taani, 5 and 6 jreara oM, kail brothora, about baa ft a. warranted sound and kind In nn|l? or donbla harness, trotted laat fall in 3 :43 V- alto two extra lie Mipt, carriaee or phaeton Horses, 1 ?>\ hand*, war ranted sound, kind i?ndyoung; also one of the flnvat and be*t brace Kentucky aaiidle Horses in tiie country, H year* old, 15\ hand*, lady can ride him with safety. war ranted Hound and kiud. W??nn>?CoulitlM ot two extra flue shilling leather top Koad Wi|Mt, Pole and Khan*; siagla, double and Cottpe Harness; Park and Pony Phae toaa. Single teat Trotting Road Wagon. Also several other fine Iforaea, arnt in to be sold. Also Canopy and Baaket N. R?PARTIK8 LOOKING POR HORSR8 WILL DO WRLL TO CALL AND EXAM1NB THIS KINfc AND SUPRRIOR STOCK, AH IT 18 NO PAPER TALR. 8PEED WILL BE SHOWN AT TIME OP SALE. 8TOCK CAN NOW BR SEKN AT THR I'NIOK AUO TION HOUSE, AND WILL POSITIVELY BE SOLD TO TOE HIGHEST HI DDK It. WITIIOCT LIMIT OR RESTRICTION. A?POR SAJjK, ONE OK TIIE KINEHT COUPE. CAR ? Has* er family Horses in the city. 1 ">S lianda. A Tear* otd: warranted sound and kind; alao one or the be*t broke Kentucky saddle Horses in the State, ir>lj[ hand*. T/ears old; warranted found and kind; alto beautiful top Wagon and top Pony Phaeton, single and donbie Harness. all to order, oy the ben city maker* and aa pood a* new. Inqttire, for into* days, of the coachman. ?t private (table 13:? East 16th <i, between Irving place and 8a ar. ?ftBED. SPEED.?NO PAl'BR TALK. TRY BE ? fore yon bny. The fut road or track ware Bello : ran ?bow 3 :3I or better any day; l.VJi^ hands, aound and kind and will be shown to the satisfaction of any one wanting a great deal of speed for little money; also top Koad W axon, stagle Harness. Illankets and Robes: above property must ho sold this week, aa owner Is oompolled to soli. Inquire at Arsenal stables, 151 West 36th at. A?FOR SALR. CHEAP-TiFrBB IIORSRS; SUIT ? farmer or any business; trial given. 376 Bowery, roar. A LADY'S TURNOUT POR BALK CUEAP. Boantlfnl bar I'ony. 7 yeara oldjJS hanos hign, war ranted sound and Kind, with elegant Phaeton and Harness, at stable, 33 East 13th st., between Broadway aad Univer sity plaae. v3?? HANDSOME TURNOUT -JKT BLACK Horse, 15>{ hands high, ft years old; warranted aound and kiaa; line top Phaeton and Harness; great bargain. No. A West 13th st. ?ONE~LANDAU, ONE CLARENCE, ONRCOIPK. ? one Yletoria and one Park Phaeton, all nearly new. for sale cheap, as the owner-Is leaving the city. To be seen at M. CURLKY'R, 100 Raet 13th at., near 4th av. AboardincTand MVBRT STABLE POK SALE? Doing a fair bualness; line location and rent very low; a good share ol trade will he given; have oilier business to attend to. Address LIVERY, Herald otBce. ? SUPERIOR LEATHER TOP p7>NT"pHARTON BY Godwin A Brown, but little need, $165; One tingle Harness by Donscomb, $50. inqttire of coachman. No. 1 West 13th st. ____________ -S160; BREWSTER. OP BBOOME ST., TOP SIDE ? bar Wagon, in first class order; a set of Harness, $40. Prlrate stable. 35 Raet 13th st. ______ AT HALP COST?TWO PULL SPRINO TOP WAGONS, two side bars, one light Pbaeion aad light road Wagon, single aad doable Harness. Private stable 334St., corner 4th av. -POR SALE?A RARE "CHANCE?EIGHT A. Horses; suit farmer, grocer, or any holiness; a good trial allowed. 301 Grand St., near Mott. ?TW0~IiORSESj V ER Y~0HEXP,"~8UI T ANY BU8I a neea; also largo draught Horse. At Canal St.. saloon. A gentleman having sold his horses, will ?ell extension top Phaeton, seats four; Park Phaeton, side bar Wagon, two sets doable and single Harness, all city maoe; good aa new; at half valne; owner leaving city. Seen at 146West 3tttb st. A -?J5> HuhhTEwii*AKbuyS aOKokntLDkman^ Road Tnrnont. complete. conalrtlng of b.*'' ftTtfioM. 15* hand* high. flowing .'"S'.'SjL way and 5th ae. ? B*""" " " J,1?,: im offered tor ?alo at decided bargain a, for a taw weaki, at the old aland of brai)lgv> fkat A CO. B~ AY MARE?KOft 8ALK. A BAY MARK: A QUIKT. prompt ?nd f^ntle driver; hai been used br ? lady for the ,OTi JXi end lajaat ?^ffifs X aS country plea?..r-> Ualu ieen at 8UOKEV S Btablea Jim 4 th ?v. JUeel' Mare. T> AROAIN.?>1V'>. WORTH WSO?BFMSDID J" R* j) top Kspre?? ? agon. taken for debt. I'i4 * ??t 10th rt. FasbionabLe carriages. Landau*. Landaulets, I Conpea, _ . -.v...,. Coaches, hEEwa^ Pbaelone, Road Wagona. A'H*? zstfr***"' end durable and P'-^'^AKDRAC. 873 end S74 Broom* rt. (old factory of Brawrter A Co.) ?firik WALK-A FINE. LARUE. STYL1HH SADDLE F and lwnee?Hor?e; Blad end aonnd; color with white mene end tell; eold for went of in. 9 , ^ DHmt? U1 Month 0th ?t., J 'll^ t^ltitU ? farther Center. Inquire of WM. 0 A NT, et the .table. ?POR KALK-AN g^lWATT ?0K BAR TOPWA? Jl. ** gs^jggs Ria P*W|^^W!!SSJ liXS (tifto. *J45 Weet *th iV nnj "male-AW "(IliD EUTABlilBHKD LIVERY F Btable doing e prneperou. bmlneaa; haa a large etnck iS^Ti^SSSist^^sff-g Rdtt'JWEffllSiSSU office. ? ?? T^ChTbALR?TOCLOBRTHR BL'BINKHB. TWO YOUNO F lh.?.;K eoy ; ???"< 'n.rnt 7rX Tru?k llamaaa. I light hxpreM WeKon ^.d Hern.?. eleo 1 brick Cert end llaneae; ninrt be i.old tl.U week. Ap ply et 238 Weet 43n at.. between 7?h end ?th ??? _ R BALK?EXTRA KINK ROAD "<>???. **?![ re?t. 15J? hendi high; hee no fenlU, SiWA At Weil 45th at. - u . . v . UHDWN MARK. 15W HANOH HKill; F will trot'lnalde t :50. end warranted ???* "??*,? enlargement la bind leg; wlH be Mid for ?'*. Apply at ITO Verlek at. ? ? FOR 8AL.R?DARK BAY Hojffl^~I?~ ?ANI>8 7 yeera old: alngle-or do able, docile end fait. Apply at Hotel Hrunawlck atablee, Jllh rt.. near 4th a*. - TVir kaLK A PAIR OK HTYLIBII YOUMG CAj' Fh^M^.. 16 handa; warranted, eound piala .prlng Landan. Wood Brother; l?tli ?t. _______ ? rrsr.'isrc.K 3?"-' at., up italra. ijlOR BALK?TOP BUOOY. PIIARTON, TIWBj^ORlC r end two driving lloreea, cheap ror caah. d40 weat With at. ? Knii oAi.fc?KOI'R t'HtJHKY HORSES AT HALF F ?.l?;'l ^ >o $100: aaltable for any bo.lUe.a Apply et 4.10 Kaet IWtb at. WOR 8Al?S?TEAM WORK HORMC8. L truck Herneae.?30aaet. Inquire for CARMAN, atore yiladaon at. ? TTtuR 8AI.R?IN UONMliUl'KNCE OK l<AI?V I.EAVINO 1* rlly leather top I'liaeton, llerae, Harneaa end Tn'nnet tornplcte ; horae eel. drUer ; a?d br lady P ?t ?w? trara. C.en he aeen 77m itth av.. corner ol 44tli at. Ttok ?aLK-A PAIR <?F HL.ACK POS1KH, I4>? MAKT'8 1^ tlirl) long manea end tella; very atvllih; Kind ami Krntle and .altable for a lady a I'baMon or fj.r road, ?e . Wrm* very low. Call at prlvaf .tal.l^ V> IJB Ea?t '***" CIIKAP?THE IIANDAOMfcHt HAOKI.K """ Hronme at., old factory of Bre water * to. lT^Moffat'a leather, rubber trimnilugi and rrnill bucklei, Inatead of leather. . , Hand atltchlng for trark. road and coach, either double or alncle, and with all the U^ldon^UMteJata^ S72 end 374 Broome M.. ol<l factory of Hrewatrr A Co. rTARNEJfsC^OBEAl'KsT HAKNEHS HTORK IN NRW H v?'k; ^ Harneaa. hand made. JI5: ?o,.a fSU'S- a ?proinjena at atore. Nml n, M) and lit Heafle ft. J_ i'iioKK. AUCTIOSEKR-RXTRAORHIMARY haVe . ol flvf Rnixl work end baalne?? lli raea. Friday, k?j lii, .( the Wanbln*1 on Hall Mtehlea. I*5th rt.. Jd a*. Sal* la abedlata. 11 or ?e? eoW ander irneraateea. ^O^WHITE ARABIAN AND .IRT BI.ACK BLACK ^ llewk : the hendeomeat palrni boraea In ihertty; y Winnd iplrited and very gentle i I5)i hande. I^eilbctter a liable, 7lli a*. L OFCONO HAND CARRIAOR8?TWO LANOAL'8, TWO S Lendaoleia. one Victoria, two t.onpea. one ? ?ope Rock three let Pony Pheetoaa, two Barenchea, lour id* " " .'?haeion.' two Coachea, one alx aeat Rockeway. on? ^Ji-'pitinSer Depot W?o?.' W M. S. URAV, M and ? W?K?Etef *ta - Ci hCRIFIi3E-#I50. MADE BTOKOEOKJ. MOORE.TOf S Vlde bar Bugpy. Aearly new. I J4 We.t Imh .t. ZTT'KKD-rOR ?A!4fc-A OESTI.KMAN WHO** r> health comoela him io leave for Kurnpe offera for .ale rbeaphl Im.v Team of llorae, . they era 15 band. Mgh. ell tmnd and kind end can trot In 2: V. or better They ran l.e ,een at r. f. ANDERBON'tf atable, Noa. 1 ID and II'J Weal With rt . l?n>Hie week. _ mop fXPREi* WAHOX, IIOHH.'. A.M? IIAKNRM. 1 two lloreea, (So, large llorae, So. 4 7th ar. TlfLRT?OS~RAST vffil HT. A ritlVATR HTaBLR mid Carriage Hume, at a eery moderate rent. App y at DW ?tth av. WBBTi HftrtTER, COL'PK ANI? LUIHT . ROPE; awayt nn' "T two Hereri, Pony, I rlaee Albert and Pwk Phaetun?, at low >v. WANTiD^A MOR8B Til AT IBRfOIITVKAKHOfcO VV and aonnd, that ean trot threa h*?}a la 3:4J> or better. Can bear of a p?,abaMr by applying W WILLIAM McEOB ERTB, IN Eaat 'il?l rt. HORSKB. CAHRi AC2BB. CC. "IlTANfE!)?A UOOIJ ' LIGHT Wftl<fhT ~8S<tBS'B " bud Omnibui In good rrptlr for country hotel. Kiat* bjr letter particular*. II. H. ftOOYli LE, Mount Morris, Llrligaioo rouuty, N. V. FOR AVERY ll.\Nl?XOME IlARNKtW* CASE, with thre* ilidlnit glaa* door.; coat $1UU UEUROR SMITH. IS! Sullivan it. d?U - ?A IKMISK. CREAM CO I.OIt lHlTA-VDtfllIO H. ?pO?J. aultable for beery or light ?ork: mut aell for want of u?o. To be ?ern at the Republic boarding ttable. No. 2<> High at.. Brooklyn. DRY (MM)US. J^?3n~?irLOR. ?tret Carpeting*, Body Bntuel*, fl 30 per yard. Tape it ry Brawelt, Three-ply (heavy, all wool), Ingwla* (all woe!), Ilffllll (Calen), ? - lifdlil (enperior thread). Oilcloth*, SSe. par yard; LiaaUuia?try Ik 91 per yard. 91 25 per yard. Tie. per yard. aOe. per yard. 37a p?r yard, laat year tie. par yard. A much raperlor article to oilcloth. 309, 357, '.*311. and JO 1 Grand at. corner Cbryatle, and Hit Forcjrth fl 1 f?C. RED CIIKCK ANDWIIITBCANToN MATTING?. 1U in/rnln Carpet*, froiu 30c. and apward: Oilcloth*; bargain* to-dar. ? AXDRKSV LESTER A CO., 871 Broadway. 10 000 vAiU>* BKBr BOD* HHUfuEUi< c Tapealrlea very cheap. Extra Super Ingrain, 80c. Mattinga, Me. Other good* equally low. . B. BKATTIE k SONS. Corner Canal and Woonter *ta. MILLINERY AND DKESNMAKlflu. ART MILLrNBRT.-NOTICF. TO FATROMS.?M A i.Tfe riM.MAn, of i'arla, open* Monday and Tn?aday a new Importation ol'Aneat Millinery. French Chip*. Flower, Silk* ami Trimming*. received troo> Cnatom tlou*e M inday. 423 fltli nr.. near 2flth lit. <late Micliel'a.) DRHSmT KBINGK8, CARDS. TASMKLLS, AO? ]MADE la order. In any color, at C. XV. JACKSON'S factory, 113, 117, 119, 121 hunt 13th at., near 4th ar. CI OLDEN" A CO.'H 1*A R IS~7m IL LI N K R Y.-1M FORTBD J llata and Bonnet*. $10, 814. 817, 921, 825. SIS tHh av. (ap atklrai, between ISHh and 20th ata. KNIFE PLAITING AND ?H I RRlNG made while yon wait, at the Kinplre Room*, 818 Broad* way, comer 12th at. ME. NATALIE Tit MAS INFORMS HER OCSTOM era of the city and oat of New York that ahe haa re moved rrotq Iflth at. to No. 1.2%) Kroadway, between 3lat ? and32data. Bonnet*. llat*. Flower*, Bridal Wreath* and VeU*. N. B.?Snlta, Drvaaea and frouueaux made to order^ KVROPEAIt HTKAMSHIP8. W?ITK??STAR link. T? FOR yUEENSTOWN AN CARRYING THK UNITE I AND^LIVERPOOL. UNITED STATES MAIL. The steamers at till* line take the Lane Homes recom mended by Lieutenant Maury, U. 8. N.. going south of tlie Banks on the passagi) to Otieenstown nil the year round. UEKMANIC May 20, at 2 P. X. CELTIC JuneH, at 2 P. M. ADRIATIC June 10. at 8 P. M. HRITANNIO \ June 24.*13 P. M. UBRMANIC July 8, at 3 P. M. _ From Wlilte Star Docks, pier .12 North River. Rates?Saloon, $80 au<l $101). ill gold; return tlekeU on reasonable terms. Steerage, J2H. Salflon, staterooms, smoking and bath rooms are placed amidships, where the noise ami motion are least, affording a degree of comfort hitherto unattainable at Ma. For Inspection of plane and other iafortuatlon apply at th* Company's office, 37 Broadway, New Yore. R. J. CORTIS, Agent. STATE LINK. new York to olasoow.livkrpool,Dublin, BELFAST AND LONDONDERkY. Irom pier 42 North River (foot of Canal et.) an follows >s? STATE OK INDIANA Thaisday, May 18 STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday. .Inne I HTATK OK VIRGINIA Thursday, June 15 and every alternate Thursday thereafter. First cabin, ttU to W. according to accommodations; return tickets, 9123. Second cabin, $50; return tickets, WO. Steerage, at lowest rates. Apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN k CO., Agenta, 72 Broadway. New York, flckats Agents, No. M Steerage tickets at 4.S Broadway and at the company's pier, loot of ('anal st, North River. 08T DIRECTANU ECONOMIC ROUTE TO HOL LAND, BELGIUM. THE RHINE, SW1TBBKLAND. At'., AC., VIA ROITERDAM. Steamer MAAS May 25 Steamer KOTTKRDAM June H These beautiful steamer*, carrying the United Statea mall to the Netherlands, arn (treat favorites with the public. Trips regular, rates low . comfort anfl living perfect. Kor (might, Kcr passage. PUNCH. EDYE A CO. L. W. MORRIS, 50 Broadway. XTORTI1 U KRM AN LLOYD IN STEAMsillP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK. MMJTHAMPTDN AND BREMEN. Company's pier, foot ol 2d St., llo oken. RIIEIN.. ..Saturday. May 201 MAIN Saturday. Jane 3 ODER Saturday, M.iy 27 | NECKAR. Saturday. June 10 Rates of passage from New York to Southampton, llavro or Bremen Kit st Cahln, $100 gold; Second Cabin, $60 gold; Steerage, $30 currency. Return Tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid Steerage Cert iticatea. W1 currency. For freight or i>N?sa-<e anply to OBLRIClls ,t CO., No. 2 Bowling Green. Hamburg aiericanpackbt company's line tor PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG end HAMBURG. WIELAND May IS | SilEVIA June 1 FltlSlA. May 23 I GELLERT lune 8 GOETHE May 27 | POMERaNIA Jane IK Rates of passage to Plymouth. London. Cherbourg, Ham burg and alVpolnts In England, Scotland and Wales Cabin, Hrst saloon, gold $100 Cabin, second saloon, gold - t*> Steerage, currency 30 Kl'NHABDT A CO.. C. 11. RICHARD k BOAR, Oeneral Agents, Ueneral Passenger Agents. 61 Broad St., Sow York. ill Broadway. New York. 1'NMAN LINB.-M AILnTEAMER*. ~~~ FOR OUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OK BERLIN Saturday. May 27, at S 30 A. M. CITY OK CHBSTEK Saturday, June ML at 8 A. M. CITY OF RICU.MOND Saturday. Jane 17. nt I P. M. From pier 45, North River. CABIN, $H0 and $10ii. gold. Return tickets on favorable terms. STEERAGE. $28 currency. Drafts Issued at lowait rates. ? Saloons, staterooms, smoking and bathrooms amidships. JOHN G. DALE, Agent, IS and 33 Broadway, New York. UNARD LINE.?51 AND N. A. R. ll. & P. CO. NOTICE. With a flew to diminishing the chances ol collision, ths steamers of this line take a specific course fbr all seasons of Oiftlli ontward passage from Oueenstown to New York or Boston, crossing the meridian of So at 4J? latitude, or nothing to the north of 43. On the homewar?l passage, crossing the nieridlMi of 50 at 42 latitude, or nothing to the north of 42. . FROM NEW YORK FOil LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS TOW N. BOTHNIA WetL. May2? |'RUSSIA Wed .Jnne 7 ABYSSINIA... Wed. May 31 I S<JYTIIIA Wed.. June It Steamers maimed * do not carry steerage passengers. Cabin passage, $80. $100 and $130, gold, according to e^ eommodatlnn. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage tickets to and front all parts of Europe at eery low rates. Freight and passage office. No. 4 Bowling Green. SHARI.KS li. KRANCKLYK, Agent. ?Rational linb-from piers 44 and 47*nobth i.1 River. For l<ondon dlrrct. CANADA Wednesday. May 31. II A.M. FOR OUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. THE QUKEN.May 37,0A.M. I SPAIN.. June 10. 7:*> A. M. ENGLAND.. Jnne:?. 2 l?. M. I B nlT JnnoSt.? Cabin passage. $70 and $80, currency. Return tickets at tadut'ed rates. Steerage pxssaue.'CM, currency. Dralts Issu-kI (rofn ?i upward, at current prices. Apply at the company's oSlee. OH Broauway. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE?STEAM TO QUEENS TOWN AND LIVERPOOL sailing every TUESDAY, front pier 441 North River. IDAHO May 30. I.ia.M. | WISCONSIN June20.3P.M. NEVADA. ..June 13. IOA.M. I WYOMING .l?iy?,4A.M. Cabin, $60. $70 and $8i>, currency. Intermediate. $40; steerage. IBM. _ Passengers hooked to and Irom Paris, 11 amherg, Norway, Sweden, ic. Dralts on Ireland, England, Franco and tler tatiy at lowest fa%1||MAMg ? UUIOW< , ? ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FBANCK. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'8 MAIL STEAMhRS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND Havre, calling at Plymouth <u. b.> fhr the landinc of passengers. The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Conti nent ibelng mora southerly than any other) will sail from Eler No. 4:1 North Rives, foot of Barrow st.. as follows , Villi AIKJK, Sanglter Saturday. May 2U. at 3 P. M. AMKRIOl'E. Pousols Saturday, May ^7,atO A. M. ?ST. I.Al'REN I\ Lachssnes Saturday. June 3. at 3 P. M. FRANCE, Trudcile Saturday, June 8 A. M. ?PEREIRE. Danre Saturday. JtAe 17. at I P. M. PRICE OK PASSAGE IN GOLD (including wine) First cabin, $11" to $120, according to accommodation. Second. $72. Third caWtt, $?a Return tickets at reduced rates. Steerate, $2M, with superior accommodation. Including Wine, bedding and utensils, without extra charge. Steamers marked thus ? <10 not carry steerage passingsrs^ LOt:IK DB BF.BIAN, Agent. Broadwsy^ Anchor line united states mail steamers NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. ETHIOPIA.... May SO. 3 PM | BOLIVIA .June 3,3PM VICTORIA. . .May 27.8 AM 1 ALSATlA.... June 10.3 PM NEW YORK AND LONDON. UTOPIA May 27. MAM I AUSTRALIA. JnM 10, 4 PM ANGLIA ..Juni 24,4 PM I ELYslA....... July 8,3 PM Anchor Line ptsrs 211 and 21 North River, .V Y. NEW YORK ro GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, LONDON OR LONDONDERRY. Cabins. $$5 to 0K) currency, according to* accommodations. Kirorsion tickets on famrahls tsrtns. Steerage. $28 carrancv: Intermediate. $35 currency. Draftsissaed for any aisosst at earreat ratea. BBNOERisGN BRol'lihRS. Agents, 7 Bowling Granit. if look's TOURIST AND EXCURSION TICKETS, \ J t? nil parts nt Enrope and the East, at rcdtMlOM rang ing fi o n In to 4"> per cent. , Available by any line of ateamsr*. |m not require holo.-r- to travel In largo parties. COOK'S AMERICAN TOURIST Tickets hy the principal line', ol ratlwaya and steamers to every lending piece In the United Slates and Canada, Iseaed In the same manner as Enrope tn tickets, st reduced and low rates. cooK'S AMERICAN HOTr.L Coupons are accepted at t|pc best hotels In America, provide Itor a fell day's accom modation. at$3AOeae>i, eaviag frim 50 cents to $1 per day, are a set as cash, requiring no notice. COOK'S ANNUAL vacation panr salts by stenmer Vic toria .inly s, accompanied hy Nr. Tliomas Gooh, to Scotland, Helglum, the Rhlae, Swltserland and Itaiy. Prices lor (lr*l class travel, hotels and all expenses, $30), $400 and $$00, * cooK s EXCURSIONIST far May Itai programmes fee every part of Enrope, and Air California, Yoeemlto Vallay, Colorado. Sc. Price 10 cents. COOK. SOB * JENKINS. 1 UUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. tKffiJON LIXE KOK MOUTHAMPTtlN AND~HULiQ VT aalling from pier .VJ Nnrili Rl>er, >t tollowa:? HIDALGO May *?| OTHELLO J ana IT COLOMBO June :i| HIMhiu July 1 Kim cabin. fTH. ?rr?nijr; aecond <abln, W>, currency. Excnraloa Ockela nn verr favoralrlii t?rm?. Tliroagb ticket* leaned lo Continental and Baltle port*. Apply, tor lull par. tlcnlara, to 0MABWi8 ^ BRIGHT A CO.. ?t loath at. BEAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP UNK. TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND/ IiIREOT, tailing fruaa pier IS Eaat Kl?or aa tollowa COIHWAU. Stamper ..Katurday. May 20 SOMERSET, W return ... .Wedueaday. J una T Cabiu paahaire. *7.">; Intermediate, ??.'>; ateerage. ?*>. cur rency; excursion ticki'ta. HiU; prepaid ?Mr?s? certittcat**, $141. Apply lu W 1> MiiltOAX. Agent. TO South ?t. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. gTAR_RAt.L _ UKB.v,f UNITED 8TATB8 AND BRAZIL "AIL STEAMSHIPS, aalling monthly from Wataou a wharf. Brooklyn. N. Y. tor PARA. PEKNAMtfUCO, BAHIA and RIO JANE1K0, calling at St. John'*, Porto Rico. JOIIX BKAMAUL Saturday. May 3T. J. B. WALKER. Thursday, .(una ?. Paaaenger aecommodatioaa Bret elaia. Por freight and paaaai;*, at reduced ratea. apply to J. S. TUCKER A CO.. Agunto. 34 Pine at. JJAXAMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COMPANY, POB 8AN PRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA AND PAUIPlO PORTS, via NthmiM of Panama. Rallinir from niar i:i North Rlrer. Steamer CRhst.KNT i;iTY SATURDAY, May Tf for Aaptnwall. connecting via Panama Railroad at PaaaOM with Brat claa? ateamahipa for |>orta u above. Por freight or paaaage apply to W. P- CLYDE A CO.. No. H Bowling Graan. P" ACIPIO MAlt. STEAMSHIP LINB.~ * FOR CALIFORNIA. JAPAN. CHINA. AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA. AC., At!.. _ ? tailing from pier tool ot Canal at.. North River. __ POR san FRANCISCO VIA ISTHMUS <>P PANAMA ACAPrLCO Wr.l eaday, May 17, atnoo* connecting for Central Amerie* and the South Paelho Por freight or paaaaire apply at.Joot ?f Canal at.. North River. It. J. BtLLAY, Superintendent. ? OR NASSAU. N. P.-REOULAR MAIL STEAMSHIP LEO leave* New York Mav :tl. MURRAY, PKKRIS A CO., ?J South at. F New york and Havana direct mail lixe^? Tbeae Brat claw aiearaahipe will ?ail at 3 P. M. from pier 13 North Elver, foot of Cedar at., for Havana dtreet, aa follow* COLUMBI A . Thurartay, May IS WILMINGTON Tueaday. May M Por freight and pimage, having unaurpaaard accoramod*. Hon*. app y^ ^ CLYDR k CO.. No. fl Bowline Green. McKELLKR LULINO A CO., Agenta In Havana. XT tTHAVANA AND MEXICAN MAIL 88. LINK. IN . Kteatnera leave pier No 3 North Klver at 3 P. M. POR HAVANA DIRECT. CITY OP HAVANA Tuaeday, May 33 CITY OK VERA CRUZ Thtiraday, May J3 POR VERA CRUZ AND NEW ORLEANS, via Havana, Progreao, Cempeachy, Tnapan and Tempico. CITY OP HAVANA Tueaday, May 'JS Por freight and naaiage apply to P. ALKXANDRK it SONS, 31 and 33 Broadway, Steamer* will leave Now Orleans May 28 aad J una 18 tor V?rA (Irui anil all th? Allium nnrtu For iiaIIKAK N. S.. AND ST JOHNS, H* P. OR STEAMSHIP LlNB. _ aSu'TAiinruW.0.*: ^.!""0.^"*.."^ M.y i? UKO CROMWKU-. .*.'........ ????? AM A N7 H8 For freight or pawago ?PP'y ?? t-LAUK * hBA ' Watt >1. ?2???? ONLY DIRECT LIMB TO FLORIDA. ?WKEKb? LI NH to Port Royal, S. C.; Keraandiaa. n^: "?",wlre*' (la ; .ailing cvory, (rotu plei; JO BaatRiver, ? UKLPCKE, 1U Maiden lane. . Otn DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LD UOMiaiu* fr^;?^rS7 N?rth River. or Norfolk City Point and Richmond, Tne.daja, Thare j ' Knl. Saturiluv* at ?( P. 31., connecting will* the > irniola and Tenne.aee Air I lue, Atlantic Conat I Jne. Piedmont Air and Ohio Railroad and with the com n?y^.t?amPuS"toluterlorp..i..t?ln North Carolina and ttvljla. iKwberu and Washington, X. O. (via Nortolk). ?p with Maryland and Delaware rallroada. \roROAN'S LINK OF STEAMSHIPS. M i tor New Orlean. an_l Texa*. T ? till nail every Saturday to New Orlrann. tranaferrlng Texa# thereto> ??? n ^ M Morgan City, thence, per Morgan ? line of atoaraera. to Te. al virur vnKK will tail from wer 311 North River yJwVork^on W * P. M.. for NewOrlean. 4lT?f,o.iirh bills of lading ?lKnP ' ?? ?5?lv??K>n ?nd'* -i7?L?,nt? on the ?lalve?ton. liarriidjurg and Ran Antonio, ?. i mil iiiiil Texan Central, International and Ureal North ern. Te*M and I ^IBo and Tran.-Coiitinental railroad, and "V "nd V.K^lindid at Roekport. LlX^ andShlrn.l SZ ?" Corpu, or %W, cent; Iron. New York to all Texa. porta via New Or C^ar.tTw\.t ratee. For freight or farther tatomar | ?to"?"'^,URtB8 A. WIIXTSBY^C^A^^ rMriank'it rim i;\I,VKST<>\. TOI CHI VO AT KET Tmxah Central International and UrojJI W?n.u#rn? ttaj J?J? llon.t"? and Ilenderaan, and the (Jalve.ton, HarrH burVand 8anA?t "iito"?11 roada. Freight..jnd loweot rate*. For frel?M or ?, havlnY% 1*1 c?n.modatlon?, apply to C. II. JIALLOBl * Maiden l ine. ___ - p0R NEW Mjnt * The ?tenro.hlp Thrnnch Mill '.^TaStng Jfl**" ?? MobU* *nd ?" pr'n?lp?l point. on the Mt?l>*(ppi R'*cr. Appi? "claTkJa seaman. *1 W..t .t,^ tbavbuubhs- Citiuk. W., for Albany and all point* North an 1 * dar. at H IV N., frotn pier 49 North llltrer. T II rritTTVl.lNK?NKW OHAMi lU.N. I J d2j. Thiradaj' ind Saturday.from pier |J, t.?nal at.; cMANL'S. alternate ilavn. Iroiu l?Toy ?t . ? ? pVU.I. RIVKR I..NK TO worU renowned in tlio city. ??-?? F?.?d r**r'|P-?d^7tK*aV:io*c"wk P. Mi; retninin* ieave. Sonth roa<U. Kara 3o emit*. Kxcttmiun ticket* oO centa. li.AVyTt.F.rino??^ Friday, at SV. M._ ? PENNSYLVANIA RAH-ROA^ Tr.ln.A UareUV.TwTrk.TAJaK;.Sro?e. add Cortland* Kei^H^r^ with l-nllra-n palaea caw attached U A. *?. H.M. >nnday. 6 and H:.JM ? *? . Kria at 9:30 ro; M?d?,S?i?.RSWfor TU"'WU* Petroleum Centre andit he ?^jJ,?55i?h. "Limited Waeh For Haltlmore. W??hlntft"J<?n , car> dally (except Inxton Kxpn-.." "f ' ^" w.JhmVtoa 4:l<? f. M. Re(r? tW"'" V'''"7?iP:irt? P. W. and l"J nl?ht Snnday.?. ?: t: ?A? and'o Tr?: For train* to Now??, Ell ^ n ?elrl,iB? ?nd other sas;???< Train, arrlre :???ro,n ' 'J -? a and H -J p. M. dally, e? ?<> ; Va^hllt" Vnil Ral. imore. H M -M-xrs: ^ Hmokfrn SnTlVJS MS H-UO. at.. UohokM. ,RA U?n?*ral M an a Bra r U#w. raa?? ff *wr t.1? |.,!?,? Branch, rncfcyftoti, <kc.. 6 P, M.t for Utf 6ri?ch. *< WM s. RNKOKN. Oeneral Ma.M?r, . RkWoVAL MAY 1 TO PIER ?3 NORTH RIVBH. FOOf r n?Vti.? .a _For Roudont and Klnptna, oonneetlae h ifl^r kU IHuia" R*?'"?*- '*??''?? ?? Fall. iWeet Potnl), Cornwall, Newham, M*rlbor?. !? ..hkianaie aod Ke >p?a. Sleamlvia.a THOMAS OOB. fffl im every Tneedar. Thnrwlay. and Setarday j j?MK? W BuHiwiN; Monday. Wednorfay. Friday. tfiiSVvWi" ?'? ? Steamer. RllfODB WLaNU and NARRAOAKSKTT,fr?? Mar it) North River, foot of Jay ?t-. al 3 P. M. P,,T ' Providence Mae. .. . from pier 1T7 North River, foot of Park place. Hteam.hlp* KuBCTRA end OALATRA, at ISlj . M =-' niXCt'H(?IO?l?, " A^H^FIHH'fmrilANKS. SONIiAY, MAV JI. J... -J*_Vst . #1 Ocean .teaater ?KTII IA>M . leav^nu Harrt??n kTSJ iHnrkSft. S.f!?"?,'.? EI?m fV ?.,mA?.C ?*~xr,t>fg?g; IM,, DHBAiLt EXCITIWIONS TO NBW I1AVEN.-ON ANg alter Tuesday. Jane JO. the .teenier TWILIOHT ?ltt make dailv e*earal??a m New Ilavm, leavln* Newjteth III the morulas, a.aal laadiaaad retaralag talk* alteraoon. ?hi JI LM ?CNPaT,M0RN1?0 BXCCIHION^gOA^

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