Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1876 Page 12
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?rrriATiows \v a\tf j-pf.m a lkb. M iirrllanwiui. ?l/? ORAMEKCY HARK. EAST aDTB FT. (PRESENT AO employer's?A young Swles girl, speaking Kitirtiatt. French Mil German, wishes a place with a family going to Burnpe. Call for two May*. k^7 ?AiT4r?T"wr^A YOUNG 0IRL A8"MAID AND *J I HUiatrm: brat city references QQ SD AV.?A BBSPBCTABLE GERMAN LADY AS (DtJ lady's companion, to go to Germany or in the cvua* try, with a nice family. 11] WTH AV. BETWEEN 1ST 11 *Nl> 1?TH STfC, ill second floor ? A young lady to ten J a store or take care of a family house: can dress hair: "Yinderstands plain and fancy sewing; ha* Iter awn machine; speaks English, French and German. Call for two days. 1 Off IUUBRH ST , BASEMEXT ?TWO SISTERS J Oil (Germans) : one t>> do pantrv ami kitchen work and the other as chambermaid: both would like to huvo situa llons in an Amrrican family. Call for two days. IlAQ EAKT~?<3D ST.. ilcONir FLOOR?A YOUNG girl to do light housework and take rare of chil dren: no objection to the conntry: city reference. f)T< WEST 4TT1I ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ^?TrTT wishes work by the day or week. Can be seen till enraged ?>17 LKX1NOTON AV.?A COMPETENT PliRsON AS el L i maid ami seamstress; understands all kinds af fam llv sewing: willing to take care of growing cbildron ; best Hty reference. Q I n wi st 8STB ST . TOP FLOOR.?A FBOT O ??t ant woman t? ITO out hy the day housecleiinlng; Is willing to do any:hing;'good roference. EAST 35Tli ST.?A RKSPSCTABLI WOMAN to tako charge of a gentleman's house; reference. 347 Q(?Q 4TH AV. ?A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A POSI O''1 tlon in a family that intends to travel or )ro to the country for the summer; is a (rood seamstress; or could net as nursery governess. K. V. AC Q "? AT~fiifRD FLCK)R.?A RESPECTABLE TrOO competent woman as companion to nn old lady, or take rare of growing children and sew; city or conntry. Call for two days. 8TH AY., NEAR 37TH ST. (IB THE tMjfotU Umi' store).?As competent maid and seamstress; can operate on different machines: reference. >fKspEcrAHLE GERMAN ' GIRL AS LADT?S maid; understands liairdressing and fine sewing per fectly; city reference. Address A. M.. Herald office. TO I'M I G IRI, \VI T( < WKITES W K L I.A ND RA P. Idly, will give $5 to obtain a situation In a store or of fice; wanes 110 object. Address K. .1. M.. station K. T F~tT|AT_ GREAT MUSTANG RACK 1 TAKES PLACK TODAY LOOK OUT FOR * SPECIAL DESPATCHES IN THE EVENING TKLRGRAM and on the bulletin boards of the nuper. Broadway and Ann St.. and at ths Branch office, l.3&"> Broadway, every hour during the day till the race is lost or won. ADYVS MAID.?A YtIUNG PR(JTBSTANT WOMAN AS first claas seamstress and hairdrnaser: good reference. Address L, D. J., Herald Uptown Branch office. Intelligence <MBre?. ET NURSES, WIXJl REFBRBNCB.?A LARGE number want situat ons daily. HANSEN'S Nuise Agency, 144 East 33d st. w Professional siti .ytioas wasted IFlBMAJUBS. i Q WAVERLEY* PLACE. NEAR BBOADW AY.-AN JO experienced teacher as governess; willing to go in the country or travel. 1 ?>7 FULTON-ST.. BROOKLYN (PRESENT EM JLU I ployer'e).?A i-'irl of experience to attend a bakery or confectionery, or as cashier in rosiaurunt. Call for one week. A" LADY. 1HIGH LY EDUCATED. WILL GIVE LES sons in music ami French on reasonable terms. Ad dress FRENCH AND MUSIC, llornld office. LADY (EXPER IBNCRD) DBS1BBS A POUTION as nursery governess or as companion to an Invalid lady ; will travel if desired. Address G. M., S14 East 10th St., top floor. ANTED?A SITUATION IN A" RESPECTABLE American family, hy a young lady, t<> art as gover ness; she has been employed in I'arla and Vienna: speaks and writes French and German.' Address Miss LOUISE GECK, IT Barbara st.. Newark, N.J. ~~ HIU* W A V T E 1>?F K M VLEh. A "LADY KNJOYINO a LARGE ACQUAINTANCE among cultivated people is desired to tnko orders for a new and valuable work Just published. Apply to J. B. FORD A CO.. 27 Park placo. A ?WANTED,"YOUNG WOMAN FOB GENERAL ? housework; must be a good conk, washer and ironer; In a family of two adults. Call at 050 Madison av. between 10 end 12 o'clock. Rine basement bell. YOUNG GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family; wages $SJ. Apply at 228 East 13th St.. second Hour. C~ OOK AND LAUNDRESS WANTED?FOR A SMALL family a short distance in the conntry: must be urat, clean and competent. Call from 10 till 12 o'clock to-dav at 219 West 23d st RIDLEY~A SONS' WANT EXPERIENCED MILU ? ners. Apply at once on third floor. Grand and Allen sts. F LOWER BRANCHKKS WANTED?GOOD WAGES paid, at ROTHSCHILD'S. 68 West Hth st. MILLINBRY?EXPKRIK.NCKD SALESLADIES AND trimmers wanted at ANDERSON'S Paris millinery, 607|Rtb a*., near 3 Hh st^ RH. MARCY T cT). W'aNtIvXPKRIENCED FIRST class trimmers on la<lies' straw Hats; good wages and steady work if suited. Apply heforo Id A. M., at superin tendent's desk. Hth st and t>th av. ESPECTABLE FE MALLS WANTED?TO KEEP clean a collection of porcelain and other fragile valu able articles on exhibition. Apply at 11 Kast 14tbst.,in the main hall. TIT ANTED?A ?i IR L Tt) DO GENERAL HOUSKWOII " in the country; none need apply unless willing ?i shilling. Call on or address 8. B., 24 Lllis place, Sii WORKING HOUSBKEhPUR (PROTESTANT) FOR the country (Connecticut): gentleman and daughter aged 11: most understand cooking, washing and ironing; age trom 21) to 311; good home; wages $) per week. Apply to Dr. MORRISON, 515 l'earl st.. near Centre ?t.. after 10. Fork and . , Sing Sing. WANTBD-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IP.ON, summer months In the country; Swedu or Welsh preferred! must have good city reference from last place. Apply this morning. 13.'> East 17th st. aNTKD-a protestant"GIRL, TO GO IN 'THE country for the summer, to do general housework; reference required. Call, to-day, at 133 Wast 13th si., haae uent door. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR CONFECTIONERY store, who thoroughly understands her business. Ap ply to W. II, GIBSON, 833 Broadwa/. il? ANTE!??A GOOD,' 8TRON(T GIRL TO DO GBN TT eral housework in a small family who is willing to ^t> t short distance in the country; must have good reference. Apply at No. il3 Beektuan at. W ANTKD-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; good plain cook, washer and ironer; must he willing and obliging. Call, lor two days, at 51 W-est 13 th at. ANTED?A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK In a small family; must be a good cook, wa?her and Ironer. Apply, with rrforenca, at West 127th at., Ilar lem WANTED-T YOUNG GIRL. 17 OK 18 YEARS OF age, to take charge of a baby. Apply at 450 East Mth st. W~ ANTED?A THOROUOH COOK, WASHER AND Ironer, in an American family. Apply ut 107 West UHh st. ANTED?IN A S.MALI. FAMILY. A GIRL FOB general h?aeewo*k. Call at 2ti East 78th st. WAN T E L)?A GIR L ~~Tf) DO L'l (AM 11ERWORK TT and assist with the washing; refereuce. Apply ut 48 RVst Iriih sK \\r ANTKD-A YOUNG WOMAN UYING AT l|OMB^ A TT few hours daily, to wait on a lady. Apply at No. 7 West rxiih st., between \0% and 12 o'clock. Tan n:i>?A girl, about 15 years of age, to ' do L-rn'-ra housework. Gall nt 122 West .'t.'id St. w w TIT ANTED?A GIRL WITH GOOD REFERENCE, TO TT wash And iron and help in the kitchen. Apply at 18 East l()th St., near5ih sv ' WAN TED-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS TO DO OF.N eral housework: one for city, the other for conntrv. Sail from 10 to 2,-for two dsys, nt 14* !Hh av.. second floor. WANTRD-A GIRL TO Mf^iTXNTlNFANT AND db home nights. Call at 1U West 12th st. ANTED?A YOUNG, TIDY GERMAN OR SWEDISH girl !er light housework and to mlad a baby; wages, 112. Call at 740 tHh av., second fiat. WTnTKD?A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER TO GO A short distance Irom the city. Iuquire at WORT1I I.VGToN A SMITH'S, .r n Broadway. ANTBD?A~FIRST CLASH DRKSSM \ KER. APPLY, before (I o'clock, at 4QJ Oth av., first bell. W~ANTED^iT YOUNG GIRL, 14 TO !.'? YEAR8 OF age, to take cars of a child and make herself useful. Call between It) and 11 o'clock at XI West 27th st. ANTKD-A cook. WHO thoroughly UNDBR stands liar business as second cook; one not afraid of Work; also a chambermaid ami waitress; (hose accustoniod t" ? private boarding honse preferred; city reference re tiilrsd. Apply, after 6, at 3"U uth av., basement i!oor. Il-ANTED-A WOMAN AS COOK AND LAUNDRESS; TT citv reference required. Call at 51 West itsth st., bo tore 1 o'clock. WANTED?FOUR NEAT"AND" PLKa7anFLOOK1X0 TT young ladies as waitresses In an ice cream salovn. Address, wtth reference, L M. 11., Herald Uptown Branch ?flic*. ? \ifANTIiD?A~GERWAN OR PROTESTANT GIRL TO TT do general housework in a small family; must bu a C>m?i washer and Ironer and go'Ml plain rook. Applr. be tween 0 A. M. and 12 M., at 7Ut ?th ar. (ring second bell). WANTED?A TOUNG WOMAN FOB GENERAL TT liouseworg In a small family; must have good citv ref erences. Apply at once at ?'>(*) htootne st., near Hudson. WANTED?FIRST CLASS SALES WOMEN; NONE ' but experienced persons nee.I n pi i,' )BD A TAYLOR, Grand st., corner Chrystle. Wanted -for the coi m uy. two c.ikls to be generally useful; one must he a good I utter tnakcr. A(fply at ;??! Best 25th si, from III" 12 \ M. W- ANTED?A (iOOD GIRL I'OR liKNl.RA!. HOUSE work ; must be a good plain took, wa?her snd ironer; ilty reference. Apply at 13 Van Nest place, t bnrles st., ?ear Bleeeker. ANTBD-A HEALTHY WET NUKM; 916 A onth. Inquire at No. 41fi Eest 58th st.; second flat. TirANTF.D?IMMEDIATELY. A WET NUR8KTOB V TT child six months old, to take to lier own home. Ap> ply at -- - West ><th at. antbd-a"oood77teady gi rl for general honsework at 105 West 2Dth st. w w w UTANTED-A- tirRL To DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK TT in a private ramlly: must he u good washer and Irener. MSWeatSSntA Wanted^-\ gikl f >Tt genkkal house work; must ho a iroed wnslier and ironer and he * ill Ing end obliging. Inquire nt :?vj "d av., -econd lioor. WANTED?A SMtRT tilltL AS CMAVMKRMaTd TT aad waitress. Apply at li:t West 12th ?t. WljfffcD-A GtRL FOR GENERAL HOMEWORK. Inquire at 11 > ? loan office. 111 Best *251 h et WANfED-X G<k?D OfRL FOR tiKNERAL HOUSE, wort. 731 2d avj; _ WANTED?A GIRL FOR CKNKRAL IIOUsEWoBK"; must be ? good cook and aa excellent laundress; city reference reqoired. 147 W'est 44th si. Wanted?colokei) giri<m. Fort yooKs, wash ?n MMl llMM . 13 Wtet I5tk st. Zbted?a"frencii NURSE for TWO I'll I l Mi mat be a I'rotettaut end here good references. 14ft Bael SMfeet, w ItELP WAWTKD?PBMALE8. \\T a'NTED?A "PKOTKsSTANT' GIULKOK GRNBRAL TT bouMworks mu*i be t fit cook, waihtr and Imw; German j.i eferred. -67 4rt w. SITUATIONS WANflD-MjUJU. I'rifcLUHLe~ VOirwrTfA'snSliiifRtK A Hi'fflZ t(M as waiter It ? ni>d cook. or anything similar : no objection to city or conntrv; lw jran' first ilui reference. AJdrea*. f'<r three days, T. II. M., hpx 144 Herald Uptown Branch office. AK K S P K C T A RLK. STOUT YOCNO MAW 1g?RM A N~i desire* a situation of any kind: Is willing and oblig ing; belt city referonce. 222 Eaat 34th at. 4 SITUATION WANTKITbY ATHORUIGH HC8I A ne?" man. commission or ial?ry ; wwuld travel. SUTH ERLAND. Herald office. AKI'.SI-KCTABLK COLOKKO MAN AH head waller In a an miner house; understands hi* bn>lnr? in all Ita branches; Brat class reference; kind and obliging, wlllinir to take females or men. Address T. J.. Jlerald Cp tewn Branch oWce. RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN WISHES A SIT nation aa waiter In a private boarding hoaae ; under stands hla business; reference. Address K. D., Herald L'p ttiwn Branch office. A YOUNG~i'AN WISHES a KITCATION Afl BAB 11 keeper; best reference given. Call oa or address for two days .1 AMES IIKALY. 03 Barrow at. pOLORED MAN AND wife-MAN AS FIRST class V ; waiter; women a* cook or chambermaid. HJ Vandanist. Ciolored~boy wants a place with a doctor. J No. 13rt West 30th st. ONE OK NEW york'S BK8T COLORED MAN cooks can be encased fur the country. Call for one week at 149 Went 52il at. SITUATION WANTED?IN A ItETAlL GROCERY OR tea store aa useful man; uuiek at counter work. Ad dress WORK. Herald offio^ OITUATION WaNTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN (SWEDE) O na waiter and to make himself generslly useful. Call ou or address SWEDE, '204 Chambers St., cigar store. Situation wanted?by a young man. where !ie can make himself generally useful; reference. Ad dress K. SCHROKTER, care <>( N. 8. Flock. 3O0 Broadway. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MAN (COOK) 15 A O boarding house; eity or country : best reference. 321 1st av. SITUATION WANTED-AS POSTER OR WATCHMAN; can Rive bent city reference ee to honesty. Industry, Ac. Inquire at 4H3 7th av. THE ADYKRTI8HR. AN EXPERT MIXER AND HK& tlfler ot wines well mfornu'd aa to customs and inter' nal revenne matter*, and fiilly competent to manage a business, desires a situation la n wine or other buamsss house. Address R.. box 1,109New York I'ost office. WANTED^A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN MAN, AS porter and to make himself generally uselnl: can read and write Englisn and is not afraid to work. Address H. ()., 71 Catharine st. ANTED?A SITUATION BT A SINGLE MAN, AS farmer or to take care of a gentleman's place; beet reference. Addrexa '>T2 Pearl St., New York. TETANTED-A SITUATION TO OOOK ON A~ YaCHT. T? 10 Minetta lane, top floor. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE vonng man as footman or grooin;citv or country; undetstanils milking; beat city reference. Apply to or ad dress lor two da> s M. H., JIU Wsst 41at St., stable. 1 lit "bLEECKER ST.?A FRENCH COUPLE; HU8* 1LU band as vaiet, wile as good seamstress or nurie; best city leOrcnces. ARMANI). CLERKS AMD SALESMEN. "A YOUNU ~^COTCIlMXS7 REGE8TLY AkRiTed", J V. who has had several years experience In one of the bent woollen and tstlorlug bonaes in Scotland, desire* a situation as salesman or stock keeper; Is thoroughly qunll fled and competent: first class references; salary moderate. Address D. CRAIG, care of Henry Pronse Cooper. 54 Broadway, C1TVE MAN ? WANTED?THAT UNDERSTANDS wholesale peannt and fruit business. Address, stating salary expi cte-i. K. H.. box ISO Herald office. Actuation fvan Fed?by a young m an ared J8: experienced bookkeeper, good writer, gener ally useful; salary moderate; Urat clasa recommendations. Andres* H. S. J., station K. ?i E STLB HAN 0 F EDUCATION, A GOOD COR. respondent and thoroughly conversant with business generally, desires an appointment where integrity, onergy and ability are requisite ; no objection to leave New York; salary not so much an object as employment. Address box p78 Post olflce. A" YOUNG ~MAN. AGED 18. WISHES A SITUATION In some wholesale house; is a good penman, quick and correct At figure*, and can furnish first class reference as to character and ability. Address DIEHL, Herald olficu. A YOUNG MAN. 21 YEARS OK AGE, amkrican. wauts n situation in a wholesale houso to learn the business; salary no object; good reference and security If required. Address II. D. 8., box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office. ? CIBOCERT CLEIll? WANTED?ONE WELL AC Tquiiinted with city retail trade. Apply at (100 5th av., curlier 21st St.. South Brooklyn. ITUATION WANTED?AS SALESMAN, SHIPPING clerk, collector, watchman or porter; thoroughly ex Brienceil; reference from last employer. Address (HjKDON, D Grand st. TiieTdvertwer. A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, EXPE rienced in the mercantile buiinesi, a good penman, de sires a position in n real ornate office or in a store a* sales man or entry clerk; can give first class city references, and will work for very low wages- Addrecs J. (>., box 179 Herald office. VjjTANTET??A YOUNG MAN AS GROCERY CLERIC" M woll experienced. A1 reference and arquaiuted uith the routes u( Brooklyn, at S2 Fulton st., Rmoklyn. WANTKD~HOTEL 0 ASH IE R,"KIR8T CLASS MAN" with from $.*1,000 to $*i,(AJ0 ca*h. first mortgage, lor security on Brooklyn property. Address G, W. GATE HOUSE. X>7 Broadway, rootu 5, New York. ?nrANTED?A YOUNO MAN FOR THE SILK AND TT velvet department. Only those thoroughly competent and having had city experience need apply. ? BLOOMS', 3;IS and 8*) Bowerv. WANTED?.A GKNTLKMAN OF"gOOD ADDRESS TO ? I introduce a valu ible work. Apply, after 10 A.M., to KORI) A CO., 27 Park place. TV' A NT BO?A situation AS B(K>KKEEPER. BT A TT young man who has had seven years'experience: salary reawinable; references furnished; could loan a small amount if properly secured. Address "Z," Herald office. WANfED?BY~A YOUNO 1MAN, A situation"IN A TT drug store, wholesale or retail: had four years'ex perience and one course at New York College of Pharmacy; good reference from present employer. Address DRUGS, 333 Dean St.. Brooklyn. C()A(I1MKV AKD OARDENER9. " *A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT J\ ^onniimnn m coachman and groom. with it nice pri vate lamlly; would go a short distance In (ho country; Ts a careful driver unci understands tbe car* ot horses; can (five the bent reference. Address J. K_, box 138 Ilerald office. S COACllMAN.-HIVE YEARS WITHtlsATE KX ployer. Address II., box ItH Herald I'ptown Branch office. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GROOM; i\ uo objection to the conntry: can lx> well recommended. Call at or address J. C. DICKEL'S Riding Academy, 441 nth ar., for three dart. YOl NlfTlAN, SINGLE. WISHES A 8ITPATION as coachman; thoroughly understands cowk and man agement of hor>es, harness and carriages: U ?trlctly sober and obliging; be?t cltv reference from last employer an to honesty. faithfulness and being tnm worthy. Call on or ad dress, for two days, I". McK., 159 Went AOth st. K ENGLISHMAN WISHES A COACHMAN'S 8ITTJA tlon; eanaMe and reliable In every respect. Call on or address WILLIAM. lf>7 Weal 18th at. COLORED MAN WoI';ld~l'iKE A COACH MAN'8 nit nation; city or coontirt five years' city reference. Call on or address H. SMITH, 235 (Vest 37th st. SITUATION WANTED ~A8 COACHMAN AND gardener?By a married man (Protestant), with heat relereuce f'om present and former employers. Call on or address JOHN Mr.VFFKEY 23 and 2.'? Country Row, West Washington Market. A~ ~S CO AC ii M AN. OARDRRKB AND OVEFUL MA N~; city and tountry reference. Address BENJAMIN, box 138 Ilerald oOlce. YOUNG >I AN, LATELY LANDED, WISH PS A situation aa aecond groom or footman in aume private family: thoroughly trained In Europe. Address J. B.. box l(Ki Herald Upton n Branch office. YOUNG' MAN AS COACIIMAn?un dkksTan ds his business thoroughly; Is a first class driver; hest city reference from Inst employer. Call on or address J A.ttKS. at private stable No. 5 Wen 43th at. A" SITUATION WANTED A8 COACHMAN, oitooit ana gardener: fully competent; unemployed on ac count late employer's death. Call on or address J. C., 120 East 20th st NKXI'ERtKNCKD OA RDENER (SINGLE) DK8IRES a situation; gflod roference. Address S., box 115 Ilerald office. MIDD LK-Ai;KD SINGLE MAN (DANISH) WANTS, il. a situation as coachman; Is a careful city drirar: takes proper care of the horses, harness and washing of nice car riages ; is also a good (lower and vegetable gardeuer; under stands his business, of Ions experience. Is a Protestant, strictly sober, is able and willing to do other work in the house it ri?)ulred; 17yelts In the country: has rood refer ence. Add reus C. SjpHULTZ. box 1H8 Herald office. ? OOMHMAN AND GROOM-BY A SINGLE MAN"; nndir-tands his business thoroughly; seven years' ref erence. Address JAMES, '.17 Lexington nv. BY A PI ItSTOLASS COACH MAN-JKWISH FAMILY prelerred; no objection to the country; six years' city r<Mereuce. J. T.. 141 West SStli St. / lOACllMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A.N KNU " . lishman (married), with good reference ; no objection to the country. 352 East 19th St.. flrst floor. /toAt'IIMAN AND GROOM-W SINGLB MAN; UN \ > derstands treatment of horsea and carriages : will make himself geMMlly useful; fire rears' relerence ;tity or coun try. Address W.. box 320 Herald office. / lOACHMAN OR GROOM-BY A PRACTICAL YOuifiil V.-' man: ,,-enerally tiselul; highly recommended. Address M? box 121 Herald Uptown Branch office ClOAt'HMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE j man; would make himsolf generally useful; moderate wages; hest references. Address WT., box 200 Herald office. /COACHMAN. OARDENER AND TO MAKE HIMSELF \J uselui on a gentleman's place; terras moderate. Ad ?iress KKKKREm'E. box 110 Herald office.* (lOACHMAN?BY A SCOTCHMAN; SINGLE; CITY OR J country; good reference. Address D. 8TUART, hox 142 Ilerald Uptown Branch office. /lOACHMAN AND USEKUL~MAN. ENtiUSk MAR V' ried, no family ; reference. Address C? box 12(1 Her ald office. . pOACIIMAN AND GROOM?1JY A SINGLE MAN; V ' nnderstanda care and treatment of horses and carriages; can milk and make himself generally usetal; careful drlier and not afraid ot stork ; best reference. Address C,, box 140 Ilerald isfllre. C lOACHMAN AND GROOM?SINGLE MAN. SCOTCH; excellent drlrer; aitv or country; understands garden ing; city reference* Addreas * box lit Ilerald office. / lOACHM A N AND GROOM -AGf.NTLEMW WISH EN " J to procure a -nuation for his coachman, whom he can I iirhlv recommend as a Hrst class man. For particulars call < n >r address D. H GOULD, restaurant, STi Nassau st. * /lOACIIMAN AND URoOM'S SITUATION WANTED? \ < My a tingle >onug man; thoroughly understands his huflineae; be-t city and country reference.' Call on or audress 1'. D . No. 7 West IStli st. fHOMPETENT CO ACHM AN. GK<H rifANl) OARDKNER; \ > married. a.eJ 30; tborou/hlvundi-istands his Imslnesa; four vcurs' city Address COACHMAN, care I'. I". I'erVitu, 11 ? riroadway. room 7. j'j ARDKNRR W ANTS SITl"ATION^81NI?i.kTT'NDr<R? U stands vegetables, flowers, the care or hersea and rows; '? ; ??'] obiigiag; five years' reference. Address J. B., beg IN Herald office. COACHMKW AMD GARDlHKBfl. (GARDENER. FLORIST Ahl> PARMRB f M A It HIE D; r Protestant; bait nbtMMi UBBRY NIEHOFF, 136 UeliMtjr it SITUATION WANTED-A* COACH MA* AJiD OAJt dener, by a ilngle an; thoroughly nodnetaiida W? bafineae: can milk; best reference. TditllM E. B., bos 200 Herald officii. CITUATION WANTED-BY A TORVO MAN. AS O groom; belt city r?Terence. Addren 31 Em* 9th at., private stable. WA NTB D-A^ITUATIOJf AS COACHMAN BY A. man who thoroughly understand! his bneinen: eight yearn" reference from teat employer. Add rata J. C., bos 17i> Herald Uptown Branch office. Wanted?traveller willing TO ADD A VKBY ?alabla article to liat of roods. Addreaa C. O., U a raid oQce. WANTHD-BY MAX ANII WIFR, SITUATION Afl coachman, vegetable gardener and careful drbrer; Proteatante; no children ; wife excellent cook or laundress; reference a. Call Oti or addreaa W. SI., 132 Bast 1' at. HELP W ANTKD.MALES. iTIffFdRfXtfT ka?t for * ADVERTISERS TO CONSIDEB. Circulation of the EVENING TELEGRAM laet week waa:? Monday, MayS 35.?n Tuesday. May 9 4*.<>"0 Weunesdav. liar 10 Ji7.??>0 Thuraitey. May 11 87,200 Friday, Mar 12 3tl.4(*> Saturday, May 13 04.7(0 Total 230.100 Daily average 3H.350 A OK NTs' WANTED?0ITY~AND COUNTRY, TO SB LL A teas to families nod larif consumers; greatest Induce nient*. CANTON TKA COM PAN Y, 14S Chambers at. AGENTS-CIT*-ANf? COUNTBY. ARE MAKING 18 to ?.?<? daily. 3fl7 Hleeoker at., office, lover bell. A gknts WANTED?IB fUVH AKD COUNTRY, TO A sail our pure toan to familiei, hotel* and large con sumer!-. beat ternia and Unreal atook in tlie country. Apply to tlio WRLLS TKA COMPANY, 301 Fulton it., between Church and Greenwich, New York. VttORNEY (OR LAW CLERK TO ASSIST OR TAKE J\ charge all or part of time. Addreaa box 3,082 full offioa. A DVERTISING AOENT WANTED?AN AOTITB AND A enernetlc man who thoroughly bndemtauds the Iron trade and it < kindred branches, to to lolt *advertiiing for a weekly journal devoted to the iron interests. A liberal arrangement will bo made with the right man. Addren, for one week, IRON T11ADE, box 5,407 i'oat office. A MAN WANTED?WITH $1.300. 1KGOOD POSITION! J A. good wa^ea and satisfactory security given. or take 10 tirlns partner's interest In splendid caab business. Par ticulars of JACQUES, office Astor House. T BRIGHT. ENERGETIC LAD WANTED-I'OK OF j\ flee work ; must he a (rood penman and come well re cuinmended. Addren DRY UOODS, Herald office. "X~NUKLL'TTtirMAN~~HATHS. 61 LEXINGTON AV..' Jx. want American men and women, under 25, fur bathi; also colored boy for errands. A' GEJiTS . WANTKD-FOR CITY AND COUNTBY. Particulars at 3.1 West 4th it. alter 10 A. M. A BESIDE NT AOENT WANTED FOR EVERY CITY Jx. and town In the United States, for silo of the (lavs of all nationi, 3i! in set; liberal commiuioai. Call at or ad dren CENTENNIAL FLAG COMPANY, 101 East 14th it.. New York. (SoOK~WANTED-MALE OrTphTmALE; 3N1C~WHO \J can make pastry and cook in oats and vegetables; can hare an militant. Address HOTEL, Herald Uptown Branch office. FARMER* WANTED.?PROTESTANT; SINGLE; THOR nughly competent; wages SIS and board. Addreaa. with reference m last empluwer, FARMER, box 145 Herald office, for three days. w ANTED?OFFICE BOY; REFERENCES RK quired. Apply by letter ouly. CI I AS. SCHLF.CT, 5(1 Beade it. WANTED?A BOY. FROM 14 TO 1? YEARS OLD, IN a wholesale cigar house; salary first year $|IJU. Ad dren in handwriting, giving reference*. Y. 0.. Herald office. WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN TO manage a publishing bnsineis In the New England States; terms liberal to a smart man. Addren INDUSTRY, llerntd office. ? WANTED-A YOUTH WHO RESIDES wrnTllis parenti. who can write and figure well. Address, with particular!, DRY GOODS, Herald office. ANTED-A BOY TO* ATTEND BAR. ONLY THOSE who understand the business need apply at SWEE NEY'S, 149 Fulton it. ANTED?AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT BOY, FROM 13 to 10 years of age, good penman and quick at figures. Addren G. W. K., Herald Uptown Branch office. ANTED-A SMALL BOY TcTaTTEND BAR; COMB well recommended. 77 Lexington av? corner 2Htli at. w THE TltAOKS. TifT6XPERIE"!iCKb~3iO(7LD'vi?i.VKEir*W* CttMPO A desires a situation. Addren II. C. V., Herald Phila delphia Branch offico. YOUNG MAN IS DESIROUS OF LBABNING THE printing bnaineis: conld fill a position ai collector or bookkeeper. Addrqis X. M.. Herald office. Book compositors.?wanted, two or three good book compositors; only non-onion men need ap ply. A GODWIN, 25 Park row. IF THAT GREAT MUSTANG RACE TAKES PLACE TO-DAY LOOK OUT FOR 8PECIAL DESPATCHES IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM and on the bulletin boards of tbo paper, Broadway and Ann si., and at the Brnach office, 1,205 Broadway, every hour during the day till the raeo li lost or won. STENOIL CWTER WANTKD?A FIRST CLASS workman, who is a good draughtiman, quick with the chiscl and dies. Apply, by letter or In person, with Dimples of work, at NEW YoRlv STRNCIL WORKS, 87 Nasiau st.. Now York. ANTED ?A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stands rolling and annealing taggers or blaek iron. Address, w th inference, TAGGERS, station E. BAAtAQs AT AUVntlg. ?leW OR EMIIBITION JX. AT iMATUEWS' GaLLERY, 57 LIBERTY ST. a superb Collection of CARRARA MAItliLE STATUARY. Also Groups nnd Statnettcs in alabaster, together with SUPERB FLORENTINE. ETRUSCAN AND POMPEEIAN VASES, Elegant verd antique Revolving Pedestals, ARTISTIC BRONZES AND FINE PAKIS CLOCKS. The entire Collection w be sold at anction THIS DAY AND FRIDAY, MAY IHaml 19, at 12 o'clock each day. DANIEL A. MATHEWS, Auctioneer, 57 Liberty it, A. ?S. DINGER, AUCTIONEER. THIS DAY, ?t 1*2 o'clock, noon, at 49 Broad *t., by order of * "? Iimc Briiitow, Esq., Alliance. OOco Furniture, Store Fixture*. Safe, Cigar*. Champagne, Port anil Sherry Wine*. Rums, Gin*. Ac. The lollowlng being delivered from bond, duty paid, vis. 21 cask* Tarracona Port. 17 cask* old Burgundv. 10 casks old Oporto. 13 casks old Ijnndon bock, an casks Cette Sherries. 27 casks Cttdi* Sherries. 4 c.t*ka Jamaica Rum. 3 casks St. Croix Rum. ? casks Old Holland Gin. 12 cases Mehopole Champagne. ?GEOROE~W. KEKLER, AUCTIONEER. ? Art Gallery, 53 Libertv at., corner Nassau. TO-DAY, THURSDAY, MAY 18. TODAY. AT 12 O'CLOCK, LARGE SPECIAL SALE Or FINE SILVER PLATED WAKE AND CUTLERY. UCTION SALE?RICH HOUSE 11 OLD FURNITURE. THIS (THURSDAY) MORNING. MAY IS. commencing at 10 o'clock. at Ave story brown stone mansion MO. 47 WEST 1HTII ST.. HKTWEEX ftTII and HTH AYR STEINWAY 7W OCTAVE PIANO. CillCKHIllSt/7 OCTAVE PIANO. Moquettc, Velvet and Hrussel* Carpets, Tier and Mantel Mirrors, Statuary, Works ol Art, Ac.; rleli ebony anil irilt frame PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM SUITS, Inlaid with mar < quctry and covered in rich tapestries, satins and brocades rosewood Ktacere. Turkish and Spanish 1. omiKes. Easy Chairs, inlaid Cabinet, real hrnnse nnd Cararajnsrble Mantel Sets, marqnetry and irilt Centre and Console Tables, Etagere with Mirror, Inre Curtains, bronse and bisque Figures, Musi cal Boxes, Jardinieres, reWet Rug*. Painting* by eminent artists. LIBRARY CONTAINS inlaid French walntit Library and Dwsrf Bookcases, Secretaire Booki-aae*. Lady's Writing Desk, Turkish Salt In satin, choice Bonks, Statuary, Engrav inn. ebony and gilt Kaael. Library Tabte?. Ac. BEDROOM FURNITURE. Elaborate and plain Bedroom Sets, imaiil and irilt Bed steads. Dressing Cases. Armolre-a-Glace. Bureaus, Wash stands, single and double Bedsteads, 33 hue balr anil spring Mattresses, Chtflbnierea, leather Pillows. Hhwikets, Toilet Set?, rep and p!n?h Suits. n:arble top Tables, cKitiri, tucker*. DINING FURNITURE, Vi*. :-Two Extension Tables. In laid French walnut Sideboard,Chairs in losthcr, Silverware, Dinner and Tea Seta .Cutlery; a Ho two Hall Stands, ingrain Carpets, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. N. B.?sale positive. Parties about purchnalng will posl-. tlvilv Gnd this a rare chance. Take Sixth or Uni-' varsity place cam. House opens 8 A. M. Competent men to remove, pack or ship goo-Is, city or conntrr. ROBERT C. CASH IN. Auctioneer. BARK OPPORTUfi'ITY'FOII HOUSEKEF.PERit Extra large Household Fn-niture sale. by order . f W RICHARDS. Esq.. THIS (Thursday) MORNING, May 18, at lOn'clock, at No. 105 East 13th St.. second door from 4t!i av. Over $13,000 worth inagulticeut Household Furnlturo; 000 yards Carpet, Pianoforte, elgiit astln brocade reps nnd hair cloth Parlor Suits, t ables, Etagere*. Bookcases, Paintings, Curtain*. 12 walnut Chamber suits. Mattresses. Hod*. Hol sters, Pillows, I<ounges, Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stand*. Wardrobes, Commodes, Corner and Bookstands, two walnut Extension Tables. French walnut Sideboard. 2i"0 lot* Glass, Chins. Silver Ware. Cutlery. Oilcloths, Stair Carpet, Ac. II. KKAEM ER, Auctioneer. House open at !l o'clock. Goods packed and delivered for purchaser*, city or country. UCTION SALR-AT FOUR'sTOI.Y MAN-ION No. 21 hast 20tli st . near Broadway, this (Thursday) morning, at?10<? o'clock, consisting of mag nificent l'arlor Suits, Ltncon a. Sons Pianoforte. Brontes, .Mirrors, Oil Paintings, gilt Tables, Jardiiilers, velvet nnd Brussels Carpet*; Inlaid Centre Tnbles, Bookcase*. Desks, Turkish Chairs, solid black walnut Bedroom Suits. Bed aieads. Bureau*. Dressing Cases, spring and hair Mattress*. Mullet, Side and Extension Table. Chairs, China and (tin** Ware. Linen. Ac.; clock. Enirravlnga, Ac. N. B.? Goods boxed, packed or removed If required, HENRY ZINH, Auctioneer. A ?M0RTGAGE~SALE. PETER BOWE. Auctioneer, ?ells this day. at II o'clock, at the auction rooms, corner of 8th *t- and Culver*lty place, a line assortment of House hold Furniture, consisting ot elecant black walnut and gilt H?d?tead*. Drawing Ca*es, Bureaus, Chiffonier*. Li brary Chair* in leather. Parlor Snlt* In *atin and caMtmere, Library Tables, spring Mattreue*, Ac. By order of at torney for mortgagee. UCTION 8 A I-E OF MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture, property of E. Gar. E?o.. to be held THIS iThursday) MOHMNO. commencing at III o'clock, at the elegsnl five ?tory brown stone msnslon. No. 120 West 23d st., near l?tli av. Two elegant rt>*ewoo?l Pianoforte*, one a steinway A Son. and Windsor upright, cost and $!,(?>?; muicnilicent rosewood Etagere*. lace Curtains, Mirrors, late*t stylo Inlaid Parlor Sulfa, covered In *atin, brncntel nn<l reps: inlaid rent re and console Table*, Cabinets. Jardinieres, Brollies, Oil Paintings, Ac.: Chamber Suits, In black walnut; Dress ing Cases, Bedsteads, anrlnz and hair Mattresses. Carpet*, Ac.; Bookcsse, 8i?) volume* choice Books. Ladies' Secreta ries, Library Table*, Turkish Stilts, dining mow Buffet, Ex tension Table; solid walnut Chairs, In leather; china Din ner and Tea Set*. Lounges, llat Stand. Also basement and ?ervantt' Fitrnllnre.v CIlKK FITZGERALD, Auetifiteor. N. B.?Good*^?acked and *ltipped. city or country. LHKKT B WaLdRON, AUCTIONK RK.-TO-DAY,AT II n'rtoek, the entire Content* of reitanrant M Sow Cbnrch It., corner Thame* at., consisting of everything con tained In am ela?* bar* and reitaaraata. ?ALBS AT iTCTIOl. ABT EXHIBITION, at the LWATTTT Alt Boom*. HI7 Broadway. m4 U CllmWa Hall. A??or flaw. The entire mIInUu of Filitl?|l br etMnttd eldaud modem masters?Water Colon, Engraving*. woiim, Ufj, Ac., Ac., belonging to General J As. LOBIMBB 0 BAH AM. Among tbe painting* ere example* bjr Boucher, Paul Brill, Broehani. Dariey, Cerl Haft In a en. Angolica Reaff men. Pult. Bnoeeeu. Rlchter, Boes de Tivoll, SpaMaletto, Tenier*. Trakue. Tloloiatto, Von Beeat, Yen Merrke, Y anion, David Wilkle. Ven Dyck, Wet teen, end more then 200 uUteri. The ?bale<o be Mid by suction et the Clinton TJall Sales rooms. Bronte*. Engravings, Statuary, Ae., on Monday af tornuon. Key ?1, et 2 o'clock. Paintings on Tuesday end Wodueeday evening*. Hey 23 ?ndM. The Mem LBAT1TT. Auctioneer*. A-TUNIS JOHNSON, Al'CTIONKHR, o old eMud, 97 Khhu ?t. On THIB DAT rtrnUBSDAYi. et lOKo'eloek. FOBTV BEDROOM SUITS OP EYERY DESCRIPTION, black walnut end gilt Minora of ell kinds. On SATURDAY, Purnltare. Ctrpoll, tl lotj e'clock. Also SAME DAY. et 12 o'clock. at i>ur saieiroom. M7 N*nao at., ABOUT 10,001) Bl'SIIELS OP OVSTEB* Ad THBT NOW lie on tbe be<* et Great Kill*. Prince's Bey. Further particulars in time. Y JAM ?8 B. MOOBE, AUGTIONBEIt-THIS DAY (Thursday), et l<>li o'clock, et store No. 7 Meiliaon at., stork or Grocoriea. couaiating of Teas, whole anrt ground Coffees, SO boxen Cheese. Soap*. .*>0 ceeea Canned Peaches, Tomatoes, Ac.: imported Pickle* end shelf Goods, Mac eroni. Spices. Starch, Blning, Sauces. Ac.; Platform end Counter Scales, Coffee Mill, large lot of Wooden Ware, I'aiU, Ac., ami rundry goods. By order of Assignee. N. H. ? Particular attention paid to outaide aalea on rsasonable terms. E IJWAI1D SCllENCK, AUCTIONEER. ASSIGNEE'S SALE t)P ELEGANT CABINET PL'it MTU RE.' AT NO. 60 LIBKRTY ST.. ON FRIDAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. Ip COLTON. AUCTIONEER.?LARGR AND IMPORT ' ? ant tale of Household Furniture, Carpets. Mirror*. Pianos, Wardrobes Bookcaaea. Ac., kn.; alao Curtalna and Cornice* and large invoice ol Dry Goods. P. COLTON will eell to-morrow, Prlday, May 1W. at the auction rooms 53 East 13th at., near Broadway, commencing: nt 11 o'clock, a very Urge amount of new and aecond hand Furniture of every name end natnre, including Perlor. Dining Boora and Bed rrom Ooodx; also about >0 or (10 Carpeta and any quantity of plaiu Goods; alao, et 1 o'clock, we snail aell about KM I lota of Dry Go 'ds, various kinds, to close a mortgage, and then continue the Furniture end Carpet*. Detaile.on Friday V M Ii*DWARD PETTINGKK, AUCTIONBKK, HBi.L*! THIS J day, 10% o'clock, Contenta of elogam Reatuurant 10 Dey at., comprising Urst data Bar, Silverware, Ulaasware, Crockerv, everrthiem appertaining to Brat elate reataurant; deaiera Invited; aale absolute. AHKNEY A SMITH, AUCTIONEERS. OFFICE 17 Centre at., eell thla day. at 10 o'clock, by virtue of a Cnattel Mortgage the flxturas_uf the lhjuor store K">8 lat nv. G H. TllOfl. GAPF.NKY. Mortgagee. B. I1EBT8. A SONS, AUGTIONEERK. Saiearooma 17 Park place and 14 Murray it. IMPORTANT SALE OP CABINET FURNITURE, THE STOCK OP MESSRS. BRUNEI! A MOOBE, ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, MAT 10 AND OO, COMMENCING AT 10>? O'CLOCK EACH DAY, AT THEIR WAREROOMS 73 AND 77 KINO ST., BETWEEN HUDSON AND YABICK. POSITIVECY LAST AND CLOSING SALE. NOTICE.?IN CONSEQUKNCK OP REMOVAL TO OUR new premiaea tn 14th at. we will aell aa above, through Meaara. HEKl'S A HONS, Auctloneera, our entire remaining Hock, embracing every variety of rioh aad plain parior, chamber, library and dining room Furniture. Cabinets, Ea sels, Bookcsaea, Arnioirca, Dining Tables, Hall Stands, Ac., all ol which were made for our own trade and are fully guar eniteed, offering a line opportunity to purchaser*, aa every lot will be poeitiveiy sold without reserve. BBUNER A MOOKE. 75 AND 77 KINO ST. Catalogues will be ready and goods on view on Wednesday. IF "that GREAT 'MUSTANG RACK v TAKES PLACE TO-DAY LOOK OUT POR SPECIAL DESPATCHES IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM and on the bulletin bourds of tbe paper, Broadway and Ann at., and at (he Branch office,'i Broadway, every hour during the day till the race is loat or won. 8. WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER.?SELLS THIS . day, Thursday, May IS, at lOW o'clock, at 73 Bowery, 123 Pounds of Beeswax. Cigar*. Soap, Ac. JAMES J. DE YOUNG. AUCTIONEER.?GROCERY ?tore.?PRIEDENsTEIN A ELTI.NGER (salesroom 129 Bowery) sell this day, at 11 o'clock, at 103 Elisabeth at., contenta of grocery store; two large Iceboxes, Oil Tank, Fixtures, Ac.; alao the balance of a fancy store. Sale posi tive. without reserve. y T P. TRAYKR. AUOTIONEE B.?MARSHAL'S -HALE t) ? this day, at 10K o'clock, at ??t? Great Jones st, large lot of Furniture. Carpets, Mattresses, Pictures, Mirrors, Plated Ware, Stoves, Crockery, Counters. Shelving. Safe, Cigar Figure, Showcaaes, ready made Clothing. Shawls, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Ac. W.a. II. 8HEILD8, Marshal. ^jORBIS WILKIN8. AUCTIONEER^ Snperb Residence, southeast cornor Madison av. and 25th st., belonging to the Hon. P. L Basreda. E. H. LIIDFiOW A Co. will aell at ancjjon, on Thuraday, May i?, 1S7H, at 12 o'clock, at the Kxcliango Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway:? Madison square.?^Iho superb four story brick Dwelling anmlienst corner '.'5tri st. aud Mail I son av., MlxlUO feet, fln lalied in linndsomc block walnut thrunirhout tlrat floor; enntaina over 35 rooms, with bathroom and water cloeet ad Joining most o( the bedrooms; la in good order and Imme diate possession will be given. East 25th st.?The two story fireproof Stable adjoining, 25xl<K I) feet, making three full lots. For permit and maps apply to the auctioneers. M" ORTOAGE SALE.?FURNITURE, CARPETS' Paintinics.?PETER BOWE, Auctioneer, will aell this day. at 11 o'clock, ut his anctlon rooms, northeast and northwest corners ol University place and Nth st.. by virtue of several chattel mortgages, tne entire Furnishing of two large houaca, consisting of elegant Pier.and Mantel Mir rors, reps and hrocatel Parlor Suits, walnut Extension, marble top and Library Tables, walnut Bedroom Suits, Bel iatints, Chi'lToniers, htageres. llufTota, Louugea, oak, walnut, reps and satin Chairs. Cuandellors. Lambrequins, Cornice*, luce nnd Nottingham Curtalna, Toilet Sets, Mattresaes, Painting's and Engravings, Brussels and ingrain Carpeta. Ac.; all ncarlv new. Sale positive. My order Marvin B. Clark and Lonis Lenbntcher, Attorney* for Mortgagee*, 70 Nassau at. M ORRIS WILKINH. AUCTIONEER. SLOOP DE WITT AT AUCTION. K. H. LUDLOW A CO. will ?ell at unction thin day, at 13 o'clock, Ht Ward's Inspection, near, Hamilton ferry, Brook lyn. one-third In the sloop Da Witt, her tackle, Ac. NUSSBAUmT AUCTIONEER, Ml BOWERY ? ? Sells this nay. at lOJi o'clock. No. 7 Spring at., near Bowery, Content* of Oyster Saloon, Counters, Tables, Lamp Range, Mirror*, Crockery. Ac. Dealer* invited. AWN B ROKBB'S SALE.?THOS. K BY WORT 11 WILL sell ithls day at'Wl ftth ar., at 1 o'clock, a large as sortment of nnredeeined Goods. consisting o* Coats, rants, Dresses. Renuisntt. Oilcloths, Pillow*, Boots and Shoes, Ac. By order of IL hrockwedel. PAWNBROKER'S SALK-WATCHES AND JKWKL ry.?.IAMES Ai.'AR, Auctioneer, will sell to-morrow (Friday), at 11 o'clock, at salesroom* 59 New Bowery and No. 9 Oliver st? SOU lot* cold and silver Watches, gnki and diamond Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Guns and Pistols, Musical and Mathematical Instruments, Fancy Goods. By order of John J. Levy, 45 6th av. P~AWNBItt>kEirs~SALE?IAMES AGAR, AUCTION eer, will sell, thil day. at .19 New Bowery, a large as sortment of Mefi'sand Women's Clothing, Rmnnants, Boots, Shoe*, rmhrellus, Ac., Ac. By order of Simpson, Somers A Co., 27 Chatham at. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?R. MELD. GENERAL AUC tloneer, salesroom No. 89 Bowerr, will sell this day. at 11 o'clock, WW lots Men's and Women'a Clothing, silk Dresses, hhawla, Reinnnnts of SiU, Alpac:), Merino, Ac., Ac,; Hacques, Cloaks, Underclothing, large lot of Beds, Bedding, Pillows, guilts. Blankets. Boots, Shoes, Coats, Punts, Vests, Ac , Ac. Also h very large lut oi Brussels, three-plv, vel vet, ingrain Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Ac., Ac. Br order M. Melirbach, Urand st. rUCHARD WALTERS* SONS, AUCTIONEERS? BOOKS, t Parlor Furniture. mortgage sale. ? ill sell this day, Kiursday, at l"X o'clock, at salesroom 27 Ea*t Broadway, a choice collection of Books (law, novel*, reviews, history, literary), about 500 volumes, ninl complete *et of Mies' Weekly Register: one elegant red aatin damask rosew-md Parlor Suit. 8 rep Parlor mi its. marble top Tables. Exten sion Tables. Mantel Clock, Carpets, Mirrors, one splendid 11-stop Parlor Organ, one Plimpton Bedstead, Ac. By ord.r of Attoruev lor Mortgagee. SHERMAN, SHERIFF'S AND GENERAL AUC ? tloneer.? Assignee sale of Winea, Liquors, Brandies, Champagne. Cigars, Ac., on Friday, May 19, at 11 o'ciock, at No. 18 Bowery. the entire Stock of an importer, consisting of high clas* Wines and Liquors, as Kliine and Moaet Wine, Claret, Burgundy, Port, Madeira and Sherry Wines, Gin, Brandies, Ac,; also aiarg* lot of Wines and Liquors in cask* and barrels; also casks of imported liraudirs. Gin, barrols Bourbon .ind Kje Whiskeys, ?lamiiica and St. Croix Umn, Port and Sherry Wines, cases and baskets Champagne Cor dial*, Bitters, kimmel, Ac.; a large lot of One Havana and d< mustlc Cigars. Glassware, Oflice i'uri ltnr\ Desks, Chairs, Tables, Safe*. Ac. Sale positive. N. It.?The attention or the trade and hotel keepers is particularly requested to the aliov? sale of choice Wines snd Liquors, and every lot will be sold without reserve. M ASTJtOlj6?%. ~ "T"i.-no Imposition ?gkkarBs-r him. il? i.ass and Medical Clalrroyant is Mrs. FOSTER; num bers, names; satisiaction or no pay. .>4 l.c.\ti>gton uv., near -5.h st, BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CLAtRVoYAXT, WHO challenges the world in telling everything; name in fill! s 5tl cents to $1; gives lumbers and likeness tree. No. i;>0 West ?"?th st.. between lltli and 7th ova -? ATTENTION.?KNOW THY DESTINY: DON'T BE IM. posed upon bv pretenders; go to 159 West 41st si., near Broadway: consult tho greatest living Clairvoyant; gives lucn; causes marriages: telis everything accurately. Cut this ont. ___ _ ATTENTION.?CONSULTATIONS ON BUSINESS lawsuits enemies, losses, aha nt friend*. love, mar riage and death. Pay rolused unless satisfied. :?r2 ?t!i a v. Mm*. SINGH I. Clairvoyant. ~ ME? ROSA REVEALS YO^B~WIIOLE LIFE. FRuM Cradle to til - grn\e. 472 Canal st. Fee. #L _ UWOitAb. ' 1 "-SfMK rkstkll MiDWUH 'sTnce i.+mi Ml ? East 5Jd St., first door from 5th av. Advice I ree. -DR. AND MME. GrtlNDI.K. 14J WEST 4STlFir t Confidential consultation in all f-male complaints. -ill'.. AND MME. 'in ?TT ?CI >N FIDENTI \L CON* , salUtloa im all Usui core plaints. 17 Weal 18th st. ?nt? AND MME VAN VusKIRK; RESlI?ENCE . M >. I54 East :irtth st.. between Hd and Lexington avs. ~Zt>K AND MME. MAI illCEAl ; :*? YEARS' PR AC ? tlco. OHico I ?Liberty st.. near Greenwich. R*WKffiROOk, 10 WEST 3 D*T ~NEA!t "BROAD way.?Kemalo complaints a specially. K. Will ri IIKAII. 315 BASf MrTN ST.. NEAR 2D av.?Female complaints snrtlv and safely treated. It UOULARD, LATE PROFESSO : IN I'AKlsTTl West :t ?th at. Nervous debility . Ae. Advlee tn-e MR. RESTELL.~MIDWIFE. KiNCh" 1KH; FEMALE complaint* specialty. No. 1 knvt 52d St. ; No. 7 Hth ar. SUCOBBA F U L U UR E.?OU AK ANTE K D?ADTICK rRB I by Dr. or Mm, WEST, 4> Bisector near Broadway. I) D D M BOARDERS WAJFTRP. I?Uea ''i^0Magi! ?ntlem et^with ?B<?ardroe4erals ?'"? lll>ff?minrplicf 1 OR 3 FRONT R?*>MS TO l.BT, WITH BOARD, ?I"?""" or transient. at 250 Madison av. 1 LAROR FRONT BOOM. WITH LAROE CLOSET; J small Room; bot and cold jrater; nwlr furnished; first cla?? Hoard; two gentlemen or marriodcouple. 311 Weal 2*Jd >L <fc I TO fj PER DAY. W TO 910 PER WEEK.?FINE "51 Hooms. with excellent table; families sad single; croquet ground. 176 Bleeeaer it., near Broadway. 21) AND THIRD PLOOB LARGE ABO SMALL Room*, nicely furnUhed. large slotela, good labia; price. rarjr low. 325 West 15th st. 3 NORTH WAHHINOTON SQUARE.?LABGE. COOL, wall furnished front Room*, with excellent Board; Una view of Park, and alt conveniences, al moderate prtosi; location unexceptionable; references. 3D DOOR PROM 4TH AV.?TO LKT. WITH BOARD, two naallj furnUhed Room*, to rsntleraeu or gentleman and wife No. 112 Eaet 27th si. n KA8T BTH 8T.-8O LET. WITH OR WITHOUJ" tJ Board, faralihad Itooma, for family ar tingle ten tie nen. KTH AV.. 341.?PARLOR AND BEDROOMS. WITH U or without private table or witbonl board. Mrs. SKATER 5TH AV.. 98.?ELEUANT PARLOR SUITS. FROM 2 to 6 rnoroi; also other Ro<nni, fnrniihed, with or without Board; reference*. 5Til AMD ?fii AVS.-HANDtjOMR PLEASANT Boom* for familtei or gentlemen, with good Board, at summer rated. 4W Welt 15th at. rTHAV..34&-HTNDSOMB,ROOMS, on 8BC0ND AND t) third flours, to let?with Board, transient or permanent, with or without private table; alio country Board at Ba4d's Lake. New Jersey. 5TH AV., 2^, MADISON PARK.?ROOMS, EN Sl'ITE oraingly; tsble il'hote or private tabla; permanent or trsnsicnt; one single lloom permanent. JOHN P. WORSTELL. TO ?5 50 PER WEEK. BOARD; VERY PLEASANT v?J airy Rnonu (ulc-iy furnished). lultable for families or centlpnien; lady boarders, $4; good lmnae. 301 E?st 38d it. C? EAST 84T1I ST.-ROOMS NEWLY PUSNISHXD. ) with Board, for families or single gentlemen. Pro "W for onkT ?ia"W$l4.~TW0 adults: excellent Boird. 25i> West Uftth ?t. 1ft WAVBRLEY" PLACE. NEAR BKOADWaV? J.I/ riea-Hiit front Rooms, $14, f 10. $18 and lor two. with Board: single Room*. $8 add $0; transient people, $2 per day; also table Board. $4. UK AST 2STH 8T.?HANDSOME, NEWLY PUB nlshed Rooms, second and third floors; Rooms for gen tleman; first ciaas table; summer prices; transient or per manent. $0 > 50 t)Tll ST.. 184 WE8T.8TH AV.?LARUE FUBNI8IIED Room to let, with Board. 12 XO PARK A V?TWO VERY PLEASANT HALL O Rooms, also nn entire Moor, handsomely furnished, en suite or separately, with Board; references. MTU ST.. 317 WEST.?RLBOANT ROOM8, EN SUITE and singly, with Board; location desirable; term* Moderate; references. TH ST.. SO-j WEST.? LARUE-AND SMALL ROOMS, with superior Board; reference. TH ST., 300. CORNER OK 2D AV.?LA It* IB FRONT Room, handjomely furnished, with Board. Til ST.?OWNER OF 23TWBBT WILL &XVT. WITS or without Board, some elegantly furnished Rooms; references exchanged. 1 r WEST irril ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.?ELE it> gantly furnished Rooms, with superior Board and first class accommodation*; reference. tTTsT., 201 WEST.?A SMALL FAMILY HAVE hall Room to let, with Board; price moderate. 14 14 20 OO WASHINGTON PLACE.?PLEASANT rooms TO ? it let, with or without Board; elegantly furnished; lo cation nnoxeeptionable. ()A WKST 23D ST., OPPOSITE FIFTH AVENUE ~?t.t Hotel.?Large, airy Suits and single Rooms, with Board; very moderate prjees. f}(\""EAST with~5t., NEAR 5TH AV.-SPLENDID i_') Rooms, with Board; line table ; references. 91mJLINTON PLAC8. NEAR' BROADWAY--FINB front Rooms, excellent Hoard, for families or parties or gentlemen, at reasonable prices; table boarders taken; cool houaa. WEST 15TII ST., BETWEEN STH AND 6TU av*.?Pleasant Boons, with Bosrd. 29 OA GRKAT JONES ST.. NEAR GRAND CENTRAL uw Hotel.?Large and smalt Rooms, with Board; bouse and accommodations very desirable ; references. O.J-wIstSd ST.-HANDSOME SUITS and SINGLE OO Rooms; permanent or transient; superior Board;, summer prices. T if ST V 244 WKST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms, with superior Hoard; everything first class; table Board; references neeesssry. flTsT.. 211 WEST.?IN A PRIVATE FRENCH family elegantly furnished Booms, with or without 34 O 4 TH ST.. NO. 859 WEST.?ELEGANTLY KUR Ot nished Rooms, with Drat ciass Board; near Elevated Railroad. References. 'J/4 TII ST., 138 WEST. NEAR BROADWAY.?HAND O'X somelr furnished third story front Room, with unex ceptionable Board; reference. O r EAST OTtt ST.-?LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS, tj'J suitable for families or a party of single gentlemen; table first class and good attendance; terms moderata. Of? CLIN I ON PLACR^-FURNISHEGf ROOM* JT0R Ov) married or single gentlemen, on reasonable terms, with or wllhont Hoard. 'J7 WEST 27TH ST., NEAR BROADWAY.?HAND ? ' I so-nnly fnrnlshetl Rooms, double land single, with su perior Hoard, at summer prices. 'JQ iiASTaiirifsT.-A SUIT OF ROOMS, PRIVATE OO bath, closets, Ac., with private tsblo or without board; Rooms lor gentlemen, without board; reference. OU~eAsr"~i?iT1stT^nTo^y~kurnishbd rooms U(7 to let?to a family or single gentlemen; alio single Room, a bank parlor, with or without Board. At) CLINTON PLACE, CORNER OF UNIVERSITY j: Zj place.?Rooms, en snite or singly, for families or single gentlemen.' with full or partial Hoard; also table lizard; terms moderate; references. JO EAST l'JTH ST.?FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH XU Hoard-; gentlemen, $d per week; transient and table boarders taken. A'4 AND 4H WEST 27TII ST.?LARUE AND SMALL 11 Rooms, elegantly furnished, to let, with or without Board; Hockk and table appointments of the best; terms reasonable; references. Tj~ "WEST 10TH ST.'; NEAR STB A V.?HAND XX somely furulNhod Rooms, en suite or sintrlv, with ex cBllent Board, at very moderate price, for families and gun tlotnen. A r WEST 2OTH ST., FOUR DOORS WKST OF TT') Broadway.?Hantisomely fnrnishi'd Rooms, cn suite or singly; private bath; breakfast served in rooms. C1 WEST 35TH ST., NISAR MADISON SQUARE.? C/X Larv'c, handsomely furnished Itoomi, for family or gen tle men; home and table strictly first clans. CI EAST tSTH ST.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ul Rooms for gentlemen, with or witbont breakfast. CO EAST OTII ST.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND *)Jj University place, bro?n stone front.?Elegantly furnished Rooms to let. with Board, to families or party of gentlemen: table boarders taken. h'i WEST OTH ST.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED > JO Rooms, twlth llrst clnss Board, lor families, gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; very desirable. CA WEST 10TH ST., BETWEEN 5T1I AND HTH avs.?Handsomely furnished Rooms to let. with or witliont partial Board; modern Improvements; private fam ily; references. (?<> BANK ST.?A FEW LADIES AMD GENTLEMEN \J/U can be accommodated with Rood Board; ple%unt Rooms, gas and bath ; terms moderate. t*A IRVING 1'LAOE.?T(fLET, W1TI1 BOARD. .sEC Ul onl and third story front Rooms, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. . ftfT~WEST 45TII-STfUBEAUTIPlXLY FURNISHED Ul) Rooms at low rates, with or withoot Board; private family. 7Q" WEST 11TI1 S:I'7-iTanT?S(>MELY lURNISHED I O large an I small Rooms to let, with Board; perma nently or transiently. lTfi west Sum st.-a large, well kur 1'M nished front Room, with Board, for two, $12; pri vate family. "17\U BEDFORD ST, BETWEEN CHRISTOPHER' JLv/U and drove.? flood Rooms, excellent Board, home comforts, at very low 'ate*. Mrs. HALL. VpT 'ZJ&t MTU ST.?TWO OR THREE LAKQE XI Rooms, with or without Board, at reasonable prion*. ?jfi WhfsT n ni sr.?niukly kurmshek room liU to let. singly or en suite; unexceptionable table. f.TII AV.?TO LET, i ITH BOARD. FROKT Room, and hull Helroo.n; all conveniences; also nice Room* for gentlemen; terms moderate: reference. jlW MADISON AV.. NEAR SnrH ST.?HAND 1?iO somely furnished Rooms, en suite or llngly, with or without Board. WEST 44TII ST . BETWEEN OTH AT. AND Broadway.?A pleaiant Suit of cool, largo Rooms; location, house, table and appointments Brst class; highest references given. 1 ao west ThtTT st^nhTkly kurnishkd jL"?0 Rooms, with Hoard, for gentlemen, at t~: also i.corns, wult Board or Breakfast only; house newly painted and furnished. OI1E WEST a?TU ST.-him; le gentlemen and gentlemen and wives can be accommodated in a private lainiiy with Hoard and Rooms: all home coniiorts. OAQ WEST 421) ST.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. ^v/O wltli or without Hoard y._: ^ <;i (J WKST I.-.TII 8*?ALCOVE ROOM. SOCTHERN ? J ' / expoanre, large closets and running water, to let witli Hoard. OIO EAST 40TH ST. BETWEEN :?D AND 4TH Li *xO a vs.?A handsomely furnished back Parlor, with privilege of front parlor, and two neatly furnished Rooms upstiirs can be got. *ithor wlthont Hoard; terms moderate 'J11 WEST Iff II ST.-A FRONT RO0M~fclTIIEK ? )li furuished or nniurnished. liot ami cold water with l.oard. In a private ismily; also tivu xmsll Rootiis, fur nished. jfcOfl WKST 4-'D W.-F1RNISHEI) ROOMS. WITH or without Hoard; terms, with board, *1 and ** per week; botne comforts. Call all week. ?J?>l Wj.ST-OTII ST.?NICELY FURNISHED ROOM ?-> ? L for gentleman and wile or two single gentlemnn; good tiible and attendance; terms reasonable. 4.011 VtgL j:,I) ,sT -TO LET. WITH SUPERIOR t'/U Hoard. handsomely fumUhed laru? and small Rooms, suitable lor tnsn and wit.- or single gentleman; every convenient*; unexcepiionsbie locntiou; best ref erences; convenient t? Elevated Railroad. A')1) "Til AV.?A FEW RESPECTABLE GENTLE X '""lies, can have Board, large and mall Rooms; $4 aud * >. h'J \ HTM AV._A_PRIVATjrFAMILY WILL RENT A tflJls I.irge pleasant Room, wltli or without Hoard, to Jwo gentlemen or gentleman aud wile ; terms moderate. A ?KOHNliiHr D SUITS-0F""k0i?MsTkVekY CON j.V. vciilence, single, with or without Hoard, boasn large; family small; Doctor's Olllce, terra* moderate. 100 East 'Mlh st. ACUOMMO11 ATIONS FOR A FAMILY OIt ONfe OR two single gentlemen; excellent table; terms mode rate. F. LACIIEMM ETKB. IB West l-Btli st. C1BNTENNIAL.-FIR8T CLAShTbOARD rOR A FEW J persons mi the Delaware, new Philadelphia, 36 minute* to IspoeitloB. B. H. PAMCOAST, Rlvertoa, K. J. IF THAT ORBAT MC8TA.HO BACB TAKES PLACE TO-DAT LOOK OUT FOR - 8PBC1AL DESPATCHES IK TUB BTBHINO TBLBOBA* and an the bull.ttn board* of (ha paper. Broadway """A"1 it, and at (ha Branch olBca, 1.285 Broadway, every M* dorinf the day till the race la loat or woo. P~~ BILaDELPHIA CEWTEMNIAL~BOARDINO.-TWO delightful second storr front Boom*, with waaa ?* bathroom attached, can be engazed for a gentleman or ? party of gentlemen; rooms handsomely farnUhed and arary home comfort: breakfast and tea served ta moras. a la carta. If desired: house within one aqaara of Ninth and Oreea street depot, where *team car* con ray paawnpn direct M and from the Exhibition every 15 minute*. For fttrther par ticulars call at or address No. 613 North 10th at.. Philadel phia. PRIVATE FAMILY, ?SO WEST atlTIl ST.. WOllLD AC commodate gentleman and wife or two or three single gentlemen; references. TO LKT?WITH BOARD, LA ROB, 1IANDSOMRH fn ml shed Rooms. In a house and location deairsble la -rvre.oect al?w doors west of the Windsor Hotel. A* ?d;,.7DBsTbABLK. box 3,771 Post office. iirKiTlTfUBN"ISHKI) ROOMS, WITH FIR8T CLASS VV Board, for Kcntlemen or Kentlemen and wires ; sun. i mer pricrw; r * fe r ?> niTt * ' . ?iitiAKi) A!*U WAITID. ^>REN<ni^OENTLKMAfCAS~BXpBRIErfcM A teacher of French and oUni. would like, to e>ehan? im Le?son? fo!r Board! Adfiess LkSSON. Herald Optew. Branch offlce. - nFVTM'MAN W1RHE8 A , N1CB ROOM AND A Hoinlliurrllned American family. residing_op town ina good neighbprheed. Address, stating terms, box 4.54* Post otlice. L "t MABRIKU JKW.8H COUPLE WI8H ANIOELT A furnished Boom, with Boaid; not abore 5fRh St.. tween 3d and 5th avs.; t.ert .city reference# given. A* dress A. 3. 0., Herald office, s "OOABl) WANTED?FOB GENTLEMAN. WIFE CHILD 15 andnnr-e. above 47th St., between f?h aad ftth^va. Address. Riving terms and particulars. bo? 5.W1 Poet oMe*. OARD WaNTKD?WITH A JKWI81J FAM 1LY. IJP* town or a small fnrnlshed House, for man. wife St* children and nurse. Add?ss. with partloular.. B. B. PARIS. 127 3d aw. _ T10UtD"W ANTED?FOR HIM8ELF AND CHILDREN B ?veDn and nln. year. old. *? ??"*?". d referred; location went siae, pear Central Park . state ?..mmo latlon* anrt tenn*. which mast be very moderate. Address PERMANENT. Herald offlce. -,r aVTI" li-BY UKNTLEMAN AND WIFE, FRONl \V Room, first or second story. ebore HOth St.. east side) Hoard for vrl'e Address (1ALB^jlo r?jd offigs.? ~ 111 ' B ROOKL V N BOARD. 1 Q POPtAll HT.^'BluV()KLYrTf^OB^-LARqy lo front Koom,$il for two; also ball Boom. $5, looe t oil first cla*s: two mlniite? from > niton ferry. r hoTKW. "T 'I NQELL'S 'TURKISH, SSStAN A. bathn, >'1 Lexington av.: day and night, ladiet <UJ and evening; piea?*nt room*. excellent table. A Ui LIGHT-SINGLE ROOMS-AT NEW GLAND A Hotel, 30 Bowery ; Lodgings, 50c. nightly, S3 weekly, for gentlemen only. ? T"ZoraND OPENING. RKSTAURANT ?*? ?AR^ A. everything new; extra lunch. SMITH 8 Hotel, o& Chatham ?t., near City Halt Lodgings, 50c. per night. Al way* open. ?? TlWAYS OPEN?frankfort ftOUSE, CORNS? A Frauktort ani William sts.; 35c., 00c.. $1; gentletnem, families. e, i ? . TtELMONT HOTEL. FULTON ST.. NEAR BBOADWAY B (European plen)-Rooms 50 cent, upward; Family Rooms; always open. ______ nm HOTEL. BBOADWAT AND ?H KT.-SINGM! (j Kooni*. |3 per week and upward; family Rooms, SB; table Board, V? per week. GtVnyiaM ilOTKL AND restaurant, 5TH AV., between B XJd .ls.-Rooms singly or en Mlte; elevator and every modern convenience. Mtn.^r, ,11- riMAN 5TII AV.. 22D ST., AND BROADWAY.? S splendid location; rooms all fronV.J?,l^b?th? day. with Board; European ^ILMAMa^MepKi|i_ COU NTH ViiOAHD. ROAKDtRS~CAN FlSli A QUIET HOVE, Westchester county. N. Y. ? /iwktt.SMAN AND 1118 WIFE OR TWO LADIES C*ii ho nci'ommodated with good Board Rooms and all the f.imily comforts with a re,f'e1|'v'({S iUason; terms moderate; relerences exchanged. DOTY, Tottenvlllo. 8.1 ? i?IMtlVATK FAMILY IN MORRI8ANIA WOULD AC A.g'i'.r-i'.;,sa two voars old ; terras must he moderate. Address O., bo* 566 Post offlce. Ponghkeepwe. ?? ?. ?. ?bOARD CaSTbK obtaised IN r '^AlN PRtVAra 19 familyJor threo adults. Address C. 8. A., city lsiaua post office. " ,i "bOARD FOR FAMILIES IN ORANGE COUNTY.-CAN K have the choice of several very fine farms. For paruo ulsrs call on JOHN H. COMER. No. ? Mnrraj st. TsftARh WITH REAL HOME COMFORTS; LOCA B MonmountalnooiTaod proverbially healthy; no moe qnlioes; terms to farulllesremalninRtbe seaaon very wa sonable. Apply ?t 151 Broadway, room A "iSoARD WAN TED-IN MONTCLAlR, N. J. TO* B three adults aud child. Address 8. A. R-. Herald ogee. naunERS WANTED?MANSION AND FARM, OH Hudson. 35 miles" xhade. fruit. hoaUng. stabling; everything first class. Call to day, befiwe I3.W the Washington Hotel. 4th av. and 21 i CRlJOKR< Crugers', Mew York. llOARI) WANTED?ON THE HUDSON, FOR TWO B fanJilles: T.rrytown or Irrington. Address T. K, Post offlce drwa-cr H.>. -??? OUNTRY BOARD?GOOD LOCATION, NEAR CATB kill .Monntnlns; trood tnbls", fine drives; week ; reduction to families. For particulars address Mra. ALICE SCH.MITT, box 406 Po't office. Sangertles. N. Y. /Country BOARD AT bebgenpoint inafikk 0 new mansion fronting on the Kills, the ?><>u?? hM rni>dern convoninnces. and Is unsurpassed for beeuty pr ? ralitv and attractiveness or scenery by *ny house on tne Point "terns' moderate. Addres. box 32 Post offlce, Bergett Point. /country BOARD?AT nanl'ET, (j county, N. Y., 28 miles from JonwyCity ,'onelargeor V V (' iountey board?north side long island. uj J Port Jefferson, L. I.; families or children : adults $3 per week ; hcilttiy lpcstlou; boating, bathing and fishiniM pood table; plenty fresh milk; good home. Mrs. II. & UILDERsLkEVE, box 56 I'ont office. Pert Jefferson, I* L (COUNTRY BOARD (UN BE HAD IN A HEALTH! J locality, two hoars from Qrand Central Depot, on line of New Haven Railroad. For particulars address A. P., bos 146 Herald office. OU ntry BOARD. near THB 0 IT V.?PLEAS, ant Rooms, excellent Board, boating, fishing croquet, at <6 to SW per week. Call on or address A. CASEY, High Bridge. N. Y. First clash country board at hillsdale, Colombia county, opposite ('atskill, two miles from Bontheni Berkshire; high ground, beautiful scenery, healthy mountain air and all the luxuries and comforts of a country home; terms moderate. References?Q. C. Hoff man, 1,101 Broadway ; Ueorgo Soule, 17 Maiden lane, or ad dress A. L. OVKIUIISEH. Hillsdale, N. Y. Furst CLASS BOARD CAN BE i1ad IN a PRIVATE / family for largo or small families: house large, with all the conveniences, within one hour nl city; fine grouBda, well shaded. Address box 215 Post e files. Stapleton, 8. L I^ranconia" house, near profile house! 1 White Mountains ?First class Board $1 per day. Dsn say Incredible; send for circular. Highest references. OAKES * PRIEST. Good plain country board-three hour4 from New York; location high and healthy; mountain air; no f?i;-< nor chills; indies preferred. Addraea H. 8. WU.KISON, Circleville. N. Y. PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THEIR OWE hou?e. pleasantly located and nicely furnished. 40 minutes fr<mi city, three minutes from station, will acoon nioiutc gentleman and wile or a lew single gentlemen with first class Board. Address Q.. box 143 Herald office. \VANTE D?BY A private FAMILY, A FEW ?? boarders for the summer; location haaltkys well shaded lawn ; rooms large and airy; good table; fresh ?aba table*, e?m, milk. Ac.; terras reasonable. Address M. F. \V\, Stamford, Conn. SUMMER KKMOKTB. ioS&lfrfs* WEST i'OINT IIUTKL 'WlLL bM OPiW id $4 | bjs thi SELL BKOS.. Wast Point, S. Y. iflOZL. V> June 3; rates $3.Hi and $4 per day; specif! arrange firnts made with families bjs the weak. Address GOOD* Hamilton IIOl'SE, STAMFORD, CO**., MOW oiien; Cottages, with private table, if (Wrsd. a T. OOZZENri ilate of West PoiW). JEN OX HOUSE, greenwich, CONN. ? FIR81 J class In every particular; absolutely^haalthjr;^no ^inoa IfNDKN~l'AKK HOUSE, CORNWALL, N. Y.?WILl A lie open for the reception of a few select boarder* Ma) HO; term* moderate. C. H. RINO, Proprietor. PARKY HOUSE AT highland FALLS, OK TBI iluds<m, on* and a half miles from West Point, will W opened esrlyiu Juua; splendid river view; terms reaaaa able; also furnished Cottage to let. Address WILLK1 P AIIRY. Highland Kails. N. Y. Kill FIELD WPRINOS-SPBINO HOUSE OPEN1S) J une; terms, $ 1 *> tv S18> Rheumatism and goat cured. Illustrated circular free. iiwTMu?. \ MfeRICAN S*aSDaED BEVEL Hi 1,1.1 ariTTXALSC with Delaney's wire cushions, solely used in all chaoa Civnshlii and aiateh games;, second hand Tables at graat argains. W. II. GRIFFITH A CO., 40 Veseysk LAROR ASSORTMENT OF NEW" AND SECOMI hand Tables, with the new challenge cushtoal the corded edge perfected, at low prices. L. DECKER ,k CO., corner (.'anal and Centra eta. (~iOL LENDER'S STANDARD AMERICAN KEY EE J Bllliaid Tables, with the celebrated Pheian k Colleadal ? combination cushions, tor sale In thla city only at 738 Broad, way. biVHsffli, TW" KT?1 IX Til RE E-lToifllSArna J\. West ftfth st., het vr**ea <ita and ?th ava, near Broad* way. special mechanical dentNtr*; c<*ral. rubber, roM, Karl. whatehona rubber, *nttt und pUlltia Salt* Plum para, igalAtorB, Ac. T?kf ereon car Iran Urand Ptreet ferry ar Sixth avenue car?. or Broadway t ars. WKWIKOlfOII, 128 West 34th *t. Beautiful aiuihTial tketh. $*: single. fis warranted; diver hllin>r*, V) cants Now York Dental Koumi. M2 tkh ?v.. near 16th st.; established IMftt. Dr- T.An,'?2f'l" iifiSTAsr aaD HT., WILL I#-' tert artificial testu and All teeth with every approval Mttritl im ngn twotsbli tsnii tbaa any other ftrat ataai establish uvm. Call and eiiaiM WMlMb

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