Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. Six Rioters Executed at Salonica. Imperial Pardon to an Austrian Duellist. AMERICAN GALLANTRY REWARDED. An Archbishop Deposed from His See by the German Government TURKEY. VIZ MURDERERS EXECUTED AT SALONICA? PEACE RESTORED. Loxnox, May 17,1878. Airlctt (ram Salonica state that six ot the principal tulprtta in Uie reecnt outrages there havo.been publicly ?maM. Perfect tranquillity prevails now. TRENCH NATAL AND MILITARY MOVEMENTS. Saloxica, May 17, 1870. Two French iron-elads and two frigates, carrying thirty (una and 1,200 men, have arrived here lrom the ftrasus. The French man-of-war Chateau Renard, which came to Salonioa at tho time o( the murder of tha conculs, Us been ordered to return immediately to Bey rout. thu caxvicrcoxs axd bxkcutioxs. Up to tho present timo eleven persona, all of tho lowest class, have been convictod of complicity in the murders. Of these six have already suffered death, as reported in a previous despatch. Their execution took place in the public square. . A LA RGB CIOWO raSSBXT. There was a large crowd of spectawrs, wbo mani fested some excitement. The crows of the French and German man-of-war in the harbor wore present. THE CHRISTIANS STILL IN DANORR. Loxnox, May 11, 1S7& The Standard's Vienna despatch cays a panic prevails among the Christians in Buatchnk, and the consuls have sent thoir families across tho Danube. THE PORTB RXFORCKS Till TRKATY OF PARIS. Tho l'orte has refused to allow a Greek man-of-war to pass tho DarJaneiies, declaring that the Powers which signed tho Treaty ot Paris are alone entitled to station vcssels-ol-war in the Golden Horn. CONSTANTINOPLE STILL EXCITED TOR REFORM. I,o:t don, May 18, 1870. The Russian Telegraphic Agency has received a special communication stating that the population of Con stantinople is still discontented and considers the changes made in the government not sufficiently radical. FAXIC AMOXG Till FORKIGX POPCf.ATlOX. The panic among the Europeans has consequently ?inch increased and the Foreign Representatives are taking every precaution. AX XX-AXBA8SAOOB'* FbAX FOB EBC0XC1UAT1OX AXD RKFORK. | Lord Stratford de Redcltffe, former Ambassador ot Great Britain at Constantinople, writes to tho Timet recommending a scheme fora convention between the toltan and thn guaranteeing Powers lor the ostabllsh nent of religious equality, the proper administration if Justice and tho participation or Christiana In the administration of public affairs throughout Turkey;* the execution of theso reforms to be intrusted to a mixed commission, the numbers or which shall be re sponsible to their respective governments. ENGLAND. FAILUEfS OK 'CHANGE?HONOR AND REWARD FOR AH AMERICAN SHIPMASTER. Loxnox, May 17, 1878. Two failures wore announced In the Stock Exchange to-day and one yesterday in connection with the settle ment. The liabilities In each case are smalL AXSRICAX OALLAXTBT 80X0BK0. An tnqniry by the Board or Trade into the loss or the emigrant ship Strathmore in the South Pacillo iras brought to an end yesterday. Upon Its conclusion the court expressed Its sense of the generous assistance given to the survivora ot the liaaster by Captain Gifford, ot the American whalor Foung Phoenix. Tlio owners or the Strathmore have announced their readiness to make him a handsome remuneration. THS HOP TBADB. In the hop market only a retail trade is doing. The holders of English hops are unwilling to sell at current quotations. The demand tor American hops, although It has considerably moderated, Is still quite proportion ate to the limited stock here. TUB FENIAN AMXS8TY MOVEMENT. Losdox, May 18. 1*76. Mr. Isnac Butt, M. P.; Mr. O'Conor Power, M. P., ?ad Lord Conyngham yo-terilay forwaried to Mr. Disraeli ? declaration, signed by 1?8 m vnbers of Par. liament, in favor of tbe release of tbe Fenian convict*. 1UISH UMVKKS11T OAKS MEN. ARRANGEMENT OF TBE FORCES FOB THB HEN LET REOATTA?CONSOLIDATION FOB THE CON TEST IN AMERICA. Lo.tdok, May IT, 187& Tbe differences between the Dublin University Boat Club and the Rowing C'ub Uivc occaslonod the seces ?lon of the leading member* of tbe former, Including the two Barringtous and Pcntland. Tbey will Join the Rowing Club, which will organizo two crews for the Henley llegatta, tbo first consisting of Messrs. Garde, Armstrong, Smith and Hickson, and the latter Includ ing tbe two Barringtans and Pentland. roK AM URIC.*. Tbe two crew* will afterward be consolidated and go to the United States as the Irish International Crew. It I* possible that the Boat Clnb may lorm an Inde pendent lour for America. FRANCE. LABORERS AND LITERATI TO RE TOST TO PHIL ADELPHIA?THE AMNESTY DEBATE COMING TO A CRISIS. Versaillks, hay 17, 1878. The Budget Committee lis* agreed to tbe proposal that agricultural laborer* be included In tbe workmen's delegation to be lent to the Philadelphia Exhibition. Tbe committee bns also allotted $5,000 to the Min ister of Pnblic Instruction for the purpose of sending professors to tbe Exhibition. THS AMSSSTY PKBATS. In the Chamber ot Deputies this afternoon tbe am nesty debate was continued. Admiral Foirlchon, Minister of the Marine, denied that the Commnnlst convict* wero beaten ami chained, as radical members In their speeches had asserted. Tbe general nebalo was closed and M. Ilaspail's mo tion for complete amnesty was made ths order for to morrow. GERMANY. A PRUSSIAN ARCHBISHOP TO BE DEPOSED. Cf.LooN*, May 17. 1878. The Vol let Z'itung says Prussia has commenced pro ceedings for the deposition ol ths Archbishop ol CoiogBA. EMPEROR WTLUAM ?THE CONQUERED TERRI TORY. Btsassvko, May 17, 1878. It is eipsctsd tbst the F.mpsror William will visit I Mart during ths ssmsssr. AUSTRIA. loru aiwci to a lucamnm umuir. ViOTi, Ksy IT, 187 A The fmiH uinmm that the Emperor hM ordered the coart marital against Count Ealowrat, who killed Prince Auersperg la a duel, stopped, by virtue of bis right of pardon. FORGED RAILROAD TICKETS. CATTVU or TH* PRINCIPAL COUNTER JTSITXR WITH TUT THOUSAND DOLLARS* WORTH OP ?PUHIOCS COUPONS. Sr. Louis, MdL, May 17, 1B7?. It has bees known for a woek or two post that coun terfeit railroad tickets have been In circulation br re. and that some of the roads leading North and East have been victimued. The matter baa been In the bands of detec tlvos some dayi, and information obtained which led to the arrest last night of Jeflerron A. Brolstlci for beinj ?ngagod In making and uttering these counterfeits. Brolaslci Is a olerk In the Illinois and St. Lou.s Bridge Company's office and very respectably eonnccted in this city. Another man named Edwin M. Baker, who was recently In jail at Chicago, is also implicated In the matter, but has evaded arrest. Detectives are on his track, however, and ho will doabtless be speedily captured. In the room of rtroliuski and Uaker were found plates, stamping midlines, dies, ink, Ac., and about $10,000 worth of bogus tickets. Tbeso Inlter or* ooupon tickets, from Lawrence, Kan., to New York, over tho Missouri Pacific, Chicago and Alton, Lske Shore and Michigan Southern atd Erie ronds; alio lrutu Topeka, Kan., lo Philadelphia, over the Atchison, Topeka and Sania Erf, Missouri Pacific, ObioaudMis siscippi, Little Miami, Columbus and Pittsburg, and Pennsylvania roads. Other purues than above mentioned seem to bo con nected with tlio swindle, but as tho evidence against them Is meagre their names are withheld. M'KEE AND MAG DIRE TO BE LOCKED UP. St. Loris, May 17, 187(1. In tho United Stales Circuit Court this morning Dis trict Attorney Dyer called tbo attention of tho Court to tbe fact that the time for which a (lay of execution of lentenco In the cuso of Constantino Muguiro and Wlll lam McKoc rfkplred to-day. lie read a telegram from Maguire staling that the latter ,hn<t missed connection at Richmond, lnd., Inst night while on his way home from Washingtou, but would arrivo this afternoon. Judge Treat statud that it was not necntairy cither party should be present in court, and orderea that com mitmuiits lor both persons bo rnaue out and pluced iu the hands of the United States Marshal. It is there lore expected that on the arrival of Maguire this alter noon both he and llcKee will be taken in custody and placed in JaiL M'KXE AND MAGCIBE IM PBISON. St. Louis, Ma, May 17, 1870. McKee and Maguire went to Jail this afternoon. They wero spared tbo humiliation of boing escorted through the streets by the Marshal or other officer, and were permitted to go unattended, except by one or two Intimate friends. CONSPIRACY CASE. Err OUT TO IMrEACH THE TESTIMONY 07 COHN. Milwaukee, May 17, 1878. In the conspiracy case the examination of witnosses to Impeach Louis M. Cohn, a witness for the defence, continued all day. Counsel for the defence declared that $i)00 had been oflered In Detroit for false witness. THE MUNN WHISKEY TRIAL. Chicago, May 17, 18781 In tbe Munn whiskey trial to-day ttie prosecution rested Ita case, and the delence, alter an InefTectnal attempt to have Mnnn testily in Ms own behalf, Intro duced several witnesses in rebuttal, and finally called tho Hon. J. D. Ward to contradict Rebm's testimony. OFFICIAL CORRUPTION. A PENNSYLVANIA COUNTY OFFICIAL BROUGHT TO BOOK. Wilkksbarre, Pa., May 17. 1878. The Wllkesbarre ring Is once more In trepidation. This afternoon James M. Courtrlgbt, late Treasurer o( Luzerne county, was arrested and taken before Alder man Parson*, upon a charge of being a defaulter to the State and county to the amount ot $20,000. He gave bail fbr a further hearing on Saturday afternoon. The Board of Auditors claimed to have found Irregu larities in Mr. Courtriuht'a accosts, but It was urge# by his friends thai a full explanation could be made as to hia apparent defalcation. Tho arrest has created much surprise and no little excitement in political and social circles in this city, Tho Board conducting the tevon years' audit hove been prosecuting their labors tor about ten days: and already an lmmonse amount of official corruption not discovered at tho regular County Auditor's office baa been brought to light. On Monday specific charges of malfeasance in office were presented against George P. Richards, late Clerk or the county, ana it ia said that tbe ex-ofllclal has been placed in a very unenviable position. Other members oF tbe Court House Ring it is Intimated will soon come to grief and Mealing trom tbe public treas ury be brought to an end. CIVIL RIOHT8 VERDICT. Philadelphia, May 17,1878, Tbe caae of Fields Cooke vs. Cnrtn Davis was decided to-day in the United States District Court. A verdict was rendered by consent for tbe plaintiff lor $600. Mr. Cooko Is a colored clergyman, from Virginia, to whom Mr. Davis, who is the proprietor of tbe Bingham Houso In tbls city, refused accommodation ou accouut of hia color. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR. Alba*t, May 17,18781 The Governor has signed the following bills:? To provide for the completion of the Third Judicial District (s.238) Court House In New York city. Relative to tbe Commissioners ot Emigration. Relative to arrears ot taxes In New York city. Relative to judgments entered upon forfeited recog nizances in New York city. Regulating the forfeiture of life Inscranoe policies. To amend the Revised Statutes in relation to laying out public roads and the alteration thereof. To allow the Rondont and Oswego Railroad Company to Increase ita rates tor paasengcrs. To allow Syracuse to issue bonds to pay Its floating debt. Authorizing corporations to change their names. To amend section 16, article 2, title 4, chapter 3, of part S, Revised Statutes, relative to justices' courts. DESTRUCTIVE THUNDER STORK Cleveland, Ohio, May 17, 18781 A very severe thunder storm commenced here last evening and continued until eleven o'clock this morn ing. Tbe heavy fall of rain and the lightning did con siderable damage, setting the parking houses ot Ross & Brothers, on Independent street, on f\re this morn iug. entirely dostroving them. Loss not ascertained. Tue Standard Oil Worxs were also sot on dm Loss small. The spire on the Lutheran church, at tbe corner of Erie and Bolivar streets, was struck and badly shattered. No losa of life is reported. MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. War Obfahtmext. ? Onici or ths Chief Signal Orrirsn, J Washington, Msy 18?1 A. 1L ) Probabilities. For ths South Atlantic States, rising and stationary barometer, easterly to southerly winds, and slightly warmer, partly cloudy weather, with rain areas in Florida and the Carolina*. QFor tbe Gulf States, Tennessee snd the Ohio Valley, stationary, followed by falling barometer, southerly to easterly winds, slightly warmer, partly cloudy weather and occasional rains from the last section to Texas, '?'or the lake region, rising, followed by falling barom eter, wind shifting to northeast or southeast, slightly cooler, partly rloudy westher and rain areas. for the Upper Mississippi snd Lower Missouri val leys, failing barometer, east to south winds, slightly wanner, cio-dy or partly clondy weather and rain areas, followed In tbe latter by rising barometer and cold northwesterly winds. For the Middle .state*, falling ajd stationary barome ter, ea.-ieriy to southerly winds, generally warmer, partly cloudy weather and local rains. For New Kngland, falling barometer, southesst to routhwest wlnds^and wanner, pa>tly cloudy weather, possibly followed by occasional rain. The Upper Ohio River eontinuss to rise. 7HK WFATHER TESTFBDAT. Tho following record will show tho changes in ths temperature fof the past twenty-four hours, in com. pari?on with the corresponding date of last year, as, indicated by the thermometer at Itndnul's pharmac/ Herald Building ? 1876. 18TG. 1875. 18T8. 3 A. M 4t 4S 3:30 P. M 71 47 ft A. M 40 41? 6 P. M 62 Srt 0 A. M 6.i 68 ? P. M 63 62 12 II 61 59 12 P. M 60 62 Avcrago temperature yesierdny 6?X Average temperaturo for corresponding date last year. 64* THE BLACK HILLS. ?omit coxamos or thb uuuuxo wrai WABT m Til* TOMAHAWK THCTWIKO THEM OCT?THB PEOPI.S IXJUCraO FOB SAFETT? Monxira OP TUB SOUTABY EXPEDITION. Cnram, Wy. T., May 17, 1878. Parties of frightened min'-rn, ?Ao havo hastily left tbo Black KiUa and pushed soathwai^ with all con venient spaed, daily arrive here, bringing melan choly st-jrle*. Tbe mlalng settlement! will soon be deserted anless the terror of retnrnlng across tbo open plains, which are now infested by bands of blood thirsty Sioux, should counterbalance In the minds of the unfortunates the hardships and perils of remaining where they are. Food and ammunition they report la be vfery scanty there and held by the traders at fabu lous prices. Many of TUB RSPKSTTAKT BXIGRAXTS suffer from enforced toting, except when they may cbanes to secure small supplies of wild game, which* has become very shy. Tbe majority of them have ?entered and lost their all In seeking the fancied El Dorado. They are depleted not only In purse but ia health and spirits. Those who have reached this point say that mi siocx are in tbe heart of the Black Hills skulking smong tbe rocks and in tho canyns, and opening a treacherous flro upon wbito'men whenever they can reach them. They can neither bant nor dig for fear of tho unseen enemy. John Kelly, Martin Donn and John Golden, members of a party of ninety which escaped from the Hills, relate their discovery ol tbroo white mon on their oatward way DRAD ASO SCALFBD near Mountain City, twenty-flve miles north of Cuater. One of them bad been tomahawked, and tbeir wagon was riddled with bulla Dead borsos and mules he along tbe trail. In Cold Springs canyon they lound ' the corpse of another invader killed by a wound given behind and scalped. To-asy It is reported that Jim Sanders, s gallant scont and hunter, has been BVTCHKRBO BY THB SIOUX near Iron Creek, In tbe Black Hills. Tbe returned miners, who sre of course terriflod by tbeir ex perience, say It Is Impossible for the squatters to hold out against want and the Indians long. There sre only two alternatives, to RISK A MASSACRB on tbe Plains or to submit to bo plckcd off and starved to death In tbe Hill country. Tho settlements have already lost by departure and demise two-tblrds ol their inhabitants. Custer City once clalmod 1,200 souls and has now only 80a Hill City has 2d0 empty cabins and twenty miners; Mountain City six cabins and two Inhabitants. Tbe Dcadwood and Whltewood gulches, where there were 1,000 people, contain now but 200; Little Beaver and Potato gulches have about twenty-flve mon; in Bear Gnlch there are two women. TJils census was taken by Allen Halght, who was mail carrier for the miners. THB MILITARY 1XPIDITIOX. The Big Horn and Yellowstone expedition cannot be too early In the Held In order to cow tbe Sioux bo fore iboy have committed more butcbory. Tbe troops sre rapidly concentrating at Fort Fetterman. Soma of tbem move to-morrow, others on Thurs day; the last companies leave Medicine Bow for the North on Saturday. General Crook will try to Incite Indians sgainat Indians; if not ? ranging tbe Brale Sioux Spotted Tail's band on his side, at least enlisting tbe Crows. Severe flghting on a long and arduous chase will ensue. There was never a prospoct of a more bitter frontier struggle. DOUBLE MURDER. St. Louis, May 17, 1878. A despatch to tbe Associated Press, from Nashville, 111., gives sn account of a terrible double murder com mitted at Jobannisburg, 111, thla afternoon. It ap pears that a cooper known *s tbe "Californian," who has been there but a abort time, bad a fight with another man (name not given). In which bo was worsted. He then armed himself with a revolver and went to a store near by, put the pistol to the hesd of Mr. Gerdeman, shot him ' dead, then went to his room, and Just as some citizens were preparing to srrest him he appeared, flourishing two revolvers, and threatening to kill any one attempting to arrest him. Constable Wilkitig advanced toward htm and was abot through tbe brain ami killed instantly. A number of citizens, armed with shot guns and revolvers, immediately started in pursuit of tbe murderer, but were kept at a distance by tbe con stant and rapid firing of the'desperado, and at tbe last accounts he bud not been captured. Gurdcnian, tbe first man killed, bad nothing to do with tbo fight in which the Calilornian was engaged. Tbo cttisena are intensely excited, and If tbe murderor it captured he will bo lynched. MURDERER AERESTED. Toronto, OdL, May 17, 1870. N'araine Smith, the young colored man chargod with murdering McKcon In Detroit a few evonlogs ago, has been brought hern to have his case for extradition argued belore Judges Osgood and HalL To-morrow has been Used for the lieariug. COMMITTLD FOR TRIAL. Pkovidsxcx, R. L, May 17, IStflL Merchant H. Weoden was to-day adjudged probably guilty o( the murder of the Weaver girl and fully com* mltted lor trial. CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH. Elmiba, N. T., May 17,197& i The house of Daniel Minso, near Dresden. Yates county, was burned last evening and threo children, aged respectively fourteen, eight and Ave years, per* Ished In the flames. Mr. Mingo, who is a widower, left the children alone in the nouse. Their bodies were found this morning, lying close together, the arms of the elder about the two younger ones. DEATHS FROM TRICHIN2E. Elxxha, X. T., M.17 17, 1.873. Tour persons have died Iron trlclnn.o at Savona, Steuben county, within a lew days, the last one yester dsy, and several otbera are sick irom tho same cause. RAILROAD SALE. 8r*ixuriKLD, III, May 17, 187ft, John A. Jones, Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court of the United fttatos, Southern district ol Illi nois, yesterday sold at auction, under a decree ol the court, tne Lafayette. Rloomington and MiMlsslMti Rail* 1 road leased hue 01 the Toledo, Wabsth and Western ;or a Ccbt or 11.445,'Ml 01. with interofit. It was bought by Mr. Jol.n T. Martin, on behall ol tho bond holders, for 1400,OWl | HELD FOR EXTRADITION. Boston, May 17, 1379. Fred and Walter Moon, the Canada murderer.-, ?ho I were arretted In nrxkllne last evening, had a bearing before the United 8taics Pistrlci Court this mornlnp, 1 sni wcrs remanded to iall for ono week, to await tho ; arrival of extradition papers. MILLS CLOSING IN NEW ENGLAND. Bnonw, Maasi, May 17, 19T& The Merrlmao worsted mills at Wilton, S. H.. have shut down, and sixty hands are thrc wn oot ol employ ment. Tbe Pen body mills st Kewburypnrt will shut , down oa the J'th I net. Tbe Ocean Miii trill run, but ? at reduced wages. REMOVAL OF A LANDMARK. Bwaroy. May 17, 1?7?. The bell of tbe Old Vonth church vw ulten down j this morning and r*?o?vd to tfe? now "Old 8ouib" 1 church, the wtrt of d?rso'.?t:on hat began en the j ?'Old south ' church. WASHINGTON Reply of Earl Derby to Secretary Fish in the Winslow Case. THE AMERICAN POSITION SEVERELY CRITICISED. Why Secretary Brislow Was Blackballed by the Union League Club. TAMMANY'S OPPOSITION TO TILDEN. Action of the Ohio Convention and Thurman's Candidature. FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT. Wasiiixgtox, May 17, 1876. BEPI.X OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT IN THE WINBLOW CASE?SECRETARY FlBTl's POSITION REGARDED IS UNTENABLE?SEVERE STRIC TURES ON THB ATTITUDE OF THE VHITED STATES. Tbe foreign mail brought today tbe reply of Karl Derby to Mr. Fib's protest to tho govornmert of Great Britain against the vlulation of tho ttrnn of tho extradition treaty. Tho copy of tho nott was transmitted to Washington by Colonel Hoff man, our ChnrgiS d'Affatres at London In tho absonce of Minister Schenck. ;Tho document is a pleco of fencing with our government to defer the issue which Mr. J Ish has raited of a latluro on tho part of Groat Britain to comply with tho terms of tho oxtraditiou troaty in detaining tho forger WInslow. Tho note or Earl Derby In qulto longthy aa woll as Orm in tone. It doos not I yield to the position taken by Mr. Fish in the slightest, and the ground Is assumed by the British Foreign Office that tho act of 1870 has nothing nocessarlly to do with tho case In disputo, so far as the provisions of the troaty rolate to the ex tradition of Winslow. With or without tho act or 1870 the .-amo objection would apply to tho surrendor of a person cot duly declared extraditabto by tbe magisterial dixit ot ?u English court, hav ing jurisdiction or extraditablo oflonces. Tho same process or law as observed now was olio wed In extraalting fugitives before the law of 1870 went upon the British statute book*. Thore Is no rea son for varying from what was the custom thon. In pursuanco of this line ol argument it is urged that this must evidently be the caso, bccause heretofore no such exception has been takon aa Is now Insisted upon by Mr. Fish, whoso objection now Is regarded as a mere technicality. More especial emphasis Is laid upon tho provision of the troaty In regard to the extradition or persons chargod with political crimes, as to whom and its provisions Mr. Fish makes much ado, but it ie ar gtied If persona charged with crime?and tbe offcnco may be political only?are to be extradited, who Is to Judge whether the crime Is political or not f When Great Britain is to deliver up a prisoner, shall it not in such a caso be Great Britain, and shall It not be through the magis trates and tbe critical examination of the law ? Rut Mr. Fish seems to question, if not deny, the right of magisterial interferenceandjudgmcnt,and clalma that as Secretary orstato be must decide. Tho position taken by Mr. Fish tn th?s respect la regarded aa untenable, If not absurd. Boch an attempt to construe the treaty would lose not only the men but also the treaty. Emphasis is laid on a similar mlastop when Mr. Cass was Sec retary of State. After a treaty bad been negotiated between Great Britain and the United Statea Mr. Cass objected to Its submission to Parliament, and thus lost tho wholo treaty It Is further maintained that Great Britain, in her disposi tion to serve tbe ends of law and Justice, was disposed to extend tbe limitation of the class of casea to be comprehended In treaty stipulations with this country, so as to take In all ! crimos, while tbe interpretation of American oillclila has Inclined them to circumscribe them by technical analysis snd dissection. The altitude of the United Statea government and Its recent treatmont of the extradition provisions are not regarded aa lair or | equitable to England nor within tho purview ot either an exact or liberal ineanltg and Interpretation ot the treaty and its provisions. THE BLACKBALLING OF SECItETART BBI8TOW BT THE UNION LEAGUE CLUB?THE CAUSE OF MB. DURANT'S ENMITT?A BTORT ABOUT DRAW BACKS ON SUGAR. A leading official of the Treasury Department la authority tor the following version of tho dispute, the misunderstanding arising out or which is believed to have been the motive that induccd tbe blackballing or the Secretary or the Treasury ou tbe recent presenta tion of his usme tor membership in tbe Union League Club or Now York. On the supposition that the cause or the trouble Is the sssortion of Mr. Cbarlos W. Durant that .Secretary BrUtow had rerused to fulfil an assur ance to him in a mattor of drawback allowanco on a cargo or cargoes of exported sugar, this official goca on to say that an examination has been made or the case of which Mr. Durant complains and that this examination shows that Mr. Durant's hostility to Socrotary Brlstow is rounded on tho fact that the Secretary refused to follow a former decision or tbe department, which would hove given Mr. Durant over $8,000 rrom the Treasury to which the Secretary maintained ho had no lawlu! claim. Mr. Durant e claim to drawback arose from the ract that his tlrnt had Imported and paid duty on a large amount or coarse sugar which they bad rcilned aud Intended to export. The law provided that, in case of exporta tion of artioles mado or materials which had paid im port duty, an amnnnt should be .repslU rrom the Treasury to such exporter equal to the duty on iba imported materials used in such exported articles, snd no inorfc This rcfood Is called drawback, and some times "bounty," and tlio la* provided that tho amount or this drawback should be ascertained under regula tions prescribed by tne Secretary or iho Treasury. In March, 187i, tbe reaulailon so msdo fixed the draw beck on exportation ot rellncd sugars as follows:? Refined cry.talllno, three and three quarter cents per pound. By this term tbe department then Intended, snd the New York customs officers understood, hard or stove dried sugari only, but it wss soon found out by re finers that this expression would also cover tho lower grade of refined sugsr, known as "A" sort sn^ar, tbe proper drawback on which, under the law, a* ascer tained after a careful examinction of the "A" sugar by experts, was lound to ha threo cents s pound luster.d or tliruo and three-quarter oentf, and was fixed accord Ingly at three cents by regulatl mi In December, 187ft. This rste was so fixed beca tse, on a carelul examina tion or the sujtr, it wna found thnt thst rate would refund to the exporter tho aiiiom.t ol tsrtff that h? had paid out on the importod material uued in nuking such sugar. On December 1, 1876, just before this change, another New York Arm Inquired of tho depart mftit by tolegrapb wnetacr tho term ??refined crystal line ?.utpr" wss construed to apply to ??A," cvflee white sr.jv, ami wan on ti.e *?:?? dty laforti^d by tel egram tbat, "un'il a cn.>n|t ot rat*," thst term wo :.d be *?> construed, aid on Dccerti!?:r 3 th s flrin notided the department that ihcy ha I shipped IM barrels ol that sugar nnder thst telegram. Tie Collector at Ntw York immediately remonstrated thst tbroo and th.-ee issrlatt was too much, snd ths assMlnsilos, sr dowl at once, resulted id Axing tbe rate at three cenis. Mr. Charles \Y. liiirant's Urm, having in the meantime exported over 1,000,060 pounds of aolt "A" sugar, claimed, in November. 1*73. drawback at tbe rate of thn _? and three-quarter cents per ;>ouud, not icause the doty paid ?a iho Importoi material used ?at sugar amounted to tbreo and throe-quurter cents or becaurie the |,w pr?v,ded r>r tb. return of *n,OUDt< ??"> because, under the language "refined i r_. siallim sn^ar,' nwd to me then regulation iorcarry mg out tbo law. "A" aott sugar might he Included. Tho dillerente between .he two rate, on ine .user shipped '.v them amounte i to over ?k.oio, which they de manded from tho Treasury. This demand was uot complied wnh, .ho Secretary c?n.,denng his dutv under tbo law of more im|>ortance than following the former re-uiatiou, sunply because u had be-,, onoe ap proved by him. Mr. Durant argued ibat thia resula. ! I .on and the docisiou on the other lot of sujar was a K-iaranteo to him of three and cents a i j found on his exportation, whilo the department held ' thai he rotilu only be repaid an amount equal to what had I "'en paid as, or what the law allowed, no matter what tho decision bid been in the other rase ! Tins erroneous decision la the assurance which Mr. ! Durant complains of having been violated. Tammany's w.vb on tilden?tom creamer kndx:avoring to soothe the perturbed democrats at the NATIONAL capital. The siarm o: tho friends or Mr. Tilden at the defec lion of Tamminy Hill ig shown In the sudden appear ance hero of ex-U.-ngteisman Tom Creamer. who comes to *t< m ti;e tldn of dcm .n.l rtnon among the | "''berenta of Mr. Ti In , nJ about C-n;rrM likely ! to loll.-w tho icyolt of Kelly and company. Mr. Creamer ! s r.mgly nrg;3 the nomination of Tildon, and has t.oen i actively on the f| JOr, button-hoilmg one I Congressmanafter a .other, clunvn; "h ?t TilIon will . cirry New V ork by ut ln i?t 60 01 0 major ty. He urge? 1 j that the democracy of Now V?rk rnv wi I -t n f by i I Tilden, ro matter how il,\v d (Tor on oc I n a ter , an I ' ! that tho jeaiousiet of thoir leaders will not ailed uic I general result. The opeu opposition of the Tammany leaders lo the nomination of Tilden at St. I.ouls has had coiiNidera'do effect upon democratic members or Con great, as it \\M roared that, as a result, the dom ccracy would bo iloloated in tbe empire State, without whose vote it would bo next to lm|K>ssiblo to elect a | democrat to the Presidency. It domains to be seen i what will be tho ellect of Mr. Creamer's persistent J efforts among tbo doubting and apprehoustvo dein- I ocrau Trom the West and South. N.blacit, of Indiana, has beon j mentioned by Mr. Tilden's friends for tho sccond ' I place on the ticket, but ho said to-night that ho was , out of tho race entirely, and would remain quiot lor tho proient. ACTION OF THE OHIO DEMOCRATIC CONVEN TION THTJRMAN 8 candidature THOUGHT TO BE AT AN END?8AT1BEACTION OF THE FRIENDS OF OTHER A8PIKANTH. A despatch from Cincinnati, *aylng that tho Ohio delegation was Instructed for Allen on a greenback plutlorm. by aso to JlOO, causes utter despondency nmong tho Irieuds of Senator, who is now regarded as entirely out of tho race for tho nomin anon at St. Louis. The frlonds of Hendricks are cor respondingly dated. I-ATKR.?Tho action of tho Convention to-day Jur nlshes food for comment everywhere about tho city j tonight. The opinion Is unummous that Senator Thurnian has been slaughtered by his uncle, but the friends or every other candidate take this result as helpiug tho chances of their favorite. A little while ago the Hendricks men wero very happy, but now the Tilden men and tho friends of Hancock claim the St. Lou.s nomination as a lerogono conclusion. Tho Btytrd men nlono seom to sympathize with Thurman's ill lortnuo and to lot manors pursue tho even tenor or their way. THE BELKNAP IMPEACHMENT?IMPBESSION OF SENATORS AND OTHERS ON THE QUESTION OF jurisdiction?THE COURSE OF PROCEEDINGS FOLLOWING A DECISION. Several Senators wero heard to-day discussing openly the question whether they should vote In ravor of boldmg jurisdiction or tho Bolknap Impeachment. One thought a voto would bo reached tomorrow while another fixed on Monday next as the day on which it would be decided. Managers Lord and Lynde wero confident that the Senate would find affirmatively, and tbe former stated that it would be so carried by a two third vote, and that a corresponding condition of ?entiment bad already been reached. Senator Steven aon, of Kentucky, does not think the result will ahow so strong a vote. After the decision, If favorable, ta arrived at, Man ager Lynde is to open the case for the managers. The counsel for ex-Secretary Bolknap will plead to the merits, after which the managers will reply, and it is thought that at least two weoks will be consumed be fore tbe trial is under way, and that It will last at lea.,t thirty days longer then. General Belknap feels sorely tbe severity with which Manager Hoar arraigned him, and tbe great surprise Is that tbe former should have been present in the Senato Chamber to henr it It is bel oved that ex-Attorney General Black, of counsel, will not take much part in the conduct of the case. THE AMERICAN EMBASSY AT VIENNA. The names or P. 8. I'ost, who was for many years Consnl Geueral at Vienna, and of Colonel A. B. Bow man, or Kentucky, are mentioned for the succession to GodloveS. Ortn, as Minister to Austria, GENERAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. Washixotox, May 17, 1876. THE LOUISIANA tKVE8TIOATION?CONTINUATION OF MAJOR SEINE'S TE8TIMONT?THE WITNESS THREATENED WHILE OH THE STAND BY REP RESENTATIVE MOBEY? AX EFFORT TO DESTBOI THE EFFECT OF HIS DISCLOSURES. Tbe ?poctal committee oo fcderhl office* In Loulsl ana met again to-day. Hon. J. M. Wilson appeared as counscl lor Congressman Moray. Tbe examination of llnjor Edgar Selye was contln aod. He' testified that at the last Interview he had with Colloctor Casey that gentleman requested him not to nay anything about the clerkship in tbcCustom Houre at New Tork, nor anything about the $50. but to regard that aa a loan, and If he were called on to testify before any committee to go aa light upon him (Casey) as possible, and suggested that witness keep away from iho Custom House to avoid a subprona; he had an interview with Governor Kellogg, at his hotel In New York city about the matter, and Kellogg said:? "I <Jo not tee why in hall Horey did not ptiy those note* and settle ap this matter. 1 will see Horey about It." Q. Do you know of anybody elM who Is charged with defalcation or malfeasanco In New Orleansf A. 1 have enderstood that Poaimaater Ringgold was a defaulter to the amount ol from $11,000 to $13 000; Major I'eth eredge was sent there to examlno the aflairs of the office and discovered the deficit; witness had under stood that federal officers la New Orleans w*re pressed to make up the deficiency; the matter was suppressed and kept out of the paper*, and wa? settled up in ?omo manner; Klnggold wiu retained in the office, but bis cashier was dlsmtseed. Cross-examined by Mr. WilsonCirey and Sauer were both present la Casey's room in (ho hotel in New York when the conversation took place with me about going to Canada; Caaoy said ha would *ee that I kept the place In the Custom Houfe snd Sauer would attend to tbe mosey matters ; the negotiations occupied about three days, and sometimes Casey was present and sometimes Saner was present. Several questions were propounded to witness In re lation to matters which witness said would criminate himself, all of which be declined to answer. Mr. Moray?I wish to say, Mr. Chairman, that while I shall try and be as patient as poaslble during thl* In vestigation, If ihl* witness is not kept witlnn tho boundary of courtesy I will not bo responsible for what may occur here or elsewhere In thta connection. Mr. Blacki'urn objected to any Intimidation or wit ness while be was on tho stand, and Mr. New thought the committee bad oecorded all the courte>y possible ' to Sir. Morey and his eonnsel. , Witness said If he was to bo Intimidated with threats of pera-jital v.otence be should refuse to answer ques tions and Uia month would !i' closed. Bevenl mem ber* of tho committee thought witness answered more fully than the question* ealW fur, but Bo Mm-at* or inliml'latloR ought to i?s allowed. Mr. Moroy said he d:d not wi?ti hi* remarks to be considered in t!,e tight ol intimidation, but ho was not disposed to *11 allll and hear so much abuse from any low scoundrel that might come bore. Mr. KewtfcMffci such a thing raid not ooetr again, j and directed witness to listen to questions ud unrtr them, ud give his oxplanatlon afterward. Witness was furilier eroam-examinad at length, during which he admitted lio promised Mr. More/ that ha would take tbo mm Mover into the woods and kilt linn, and aJao promised to ?u-*l tbe Port OiBee band, but supposed he would h ive Ion bis commission If It* bad uot 40 premised. CHINA AND JAPAN. THE LATJtST NEWS FROM Til* ASIATIC MC PIBK*? MOB* STUDENTS POB AUEBICA ? I>?FICCI.TIE3 WITH THE POBTCOt'EHJt A* MACAO. Sa* Francisco. Cal., May M, 18T6. Additional advices from China per steamer Quange-8e n-jxirt that the foreign railway between Sbaughal rod VVaabun ' continues to excite the hostility of native official*. Tho populace, liowcrer, are interested In its proj!rota. It I* now apprehended that the Pelcin au thorities will order a discontinuance of tho work. DirriCtJI.TIBS AT MACAO. The Macao dtflloulty wits atill unsettled, tbo Porta* jrueno a Mi Chinese authorities refusing to yield. Tho United States ship Yantlo visitod Macao April 2 to la vest ipito the tlrinc, by Portuguese, upon ^ut Americas yachting party, which was mistaken for a Chinese alto king lorce. Satisfactory explanations wore made and salatos ?* changed. TKS ENGLISH MISSION. Mcs?rs. Crosvcnor and Bikor arrived at the OOpiMI of Yunnan M.ircli 6. Til K MIKADO l.OOKINU A ITER HIS PHI BHDS, ( Advices Horn Yokehum) to April 20 hive been re? civo.l. I'rincu Ar sugars, ti>a Mukalo's uucle, has been el'o-c it President of tho di liberative Assembly. A> KMJL1SH <TKCIAL TR AN>KKIE ItP n TO WASRINOTOft Mr. G 'itai-rn, the pi-ivntn secretory of th>- Britiah Lo? gallon of Japan, aulle 1 via Europe :or Wiisliingua, M which place he ta transferred. STUDENTS roil AMERICA. Several of the graduates of tho Imperial College St Jeduo will shortly proceed to America tojcomplete their education. Taaoka, tho head of the Department of Instruction, and Hutukoynma, ttio Director of the Imperial College, bailed in tho steamer Colorado for San l1 ranclsco. A 8KEIOP8 CONSHIERATIOJt roll TKAVKLLKHS. Considerable excitement prevails among the trar. elllng community In conFeqnenco of tbo discovery that cernilcates of competency as engineers were sold to improper persons by tho chief onglnocr of s British sblp-of-war in Yokohama. Igoorant persona were thus declared qualified to obtain positions on tbe vari ous lines of passenger ships. An investigation hoi been callod for. CLOSER TO THE CHOW*. Iliddoo, one of the Sangl, or Imperial Councillors, resigned his office March 28 to tako tbe position of prl vato secretary and advisorylattondant to tbe Mikado. riMII.10 HEALTH. Smallpox prevailed in Nagasaki and in s few other southern towns. RECIPROCITY WITH CANADA. BrrrALo, N. Y., May 17, 187(1 Tho Board of Trado adopted to-day resolutions In* dorslng tho action In the House of Representative! tending toward reciprocity with Canada, and also conv mending to tbo country the tamo relations wilt Mexico. HOTEL ARRIVALS. Isaac Lowlhian Bell, M. I'., and Major W. H. Noble, Centennial Jurymen for tircat Britain, have arrlvod at the Buckingham Hotel Congressman John O. Whlto liouso, of Pouglikeep*lo Is stay Input the Albemarle HoteL Ernest Pontzeu and Felix Belter, of tbe Anstrisn Cen? tonuial Commission, and A. Ooedeehen, of tbe Rttsslao Commission, are at tbe Grand Central HoteL Nell Gllmour, Superintendent or Public Instruction, arrived from Alb*ny last evening at tho Filth Avenao Hotel. Hev. l?r. F. X. Wonlngor, of Cincinnati, and ex-^?nator H. S. Lowery, of Utico, aro at tho St. Nicholas HotaL J. M. Thacher, recently United States Commissioner ol Patents, and General J. B. Stonehouse, of Albany, are sojourning at tbo Hotel Brunfewick. Colonel Kugeoe M. Baker, United Slates Army, Is quartered at the 8fc Denis Hotel. R. de Lorebe and I.eon de Wurschowsky, of tho Russian Centennial Commission, are at tbo Alb* marie Hotel. Attorney General Charles S. Falrchild of Albany, has arrived at tbe Buckingham HoteL General Silas Seymour, of Quebec, and Hangiro Asians, of the Japaneae I/eg ition at Washington, are at the Fifth Avenue floiel. Captain McMickan, of tho >team< ahlD Bothnia, la residing at the Breroort House. DIED Cam.ahas.? At Hoboken, Miciiarl X, ion ot Michael nnil Marin A. Callalun, aged 4 years, 10 montbe and U day*. Relattre* nnd friends are reepectlully Invited to a,U tend thu funeral, from tho residence of hit parent*, 404 Garden kL, Hoboken, ou Friday, tbe 19th, at|three o'clock }'. M. [ for Other Death* St* Fifth Page. J IF YOU HAVB~A SERIOUS COUGH DO NOl forret tnn?e IIalk'i Hoxrr or llouKiiorxn and Ta?. I'ikk'h ToothArns Itaors cure in onemlnnte. A BENNETT BUILDING. KIKEPRt >OF. LOCATED ON NASSAU. ANN *ND PULTON HT* HANDSOMELY AND WKLL HEATED UPKICBi TO LET ON V >;RY REASONABLE TKKMS, HI'IT ABLE kuk lawyers, BANKER# AND INSURANCE OFFICER Al'I'LY OK TIIK I'REMISES. A GOOD THIN 0?T H K KI. EG ANT 81LK ELASTIC Tinas. Mild only hy ELASTIC TIU.'SS COMPANY. 061 Hromlway; worn cnnitortably nljfht and day; soon curat rupture. CRISTADOWVS-HAIR DYE, IN ITS SOFTENING. beautiful mid natural tlniro ha* uo equal. Wholesale and retail. 83 Joliu ?? DYE 1 NO AND CLEANING.?NEW YORK DYEING AND PKINTINO ESTABLISHMENT. HTAfEN ISLAND. Offices?tiB IMiaiie ?t., 7.VJ ltroadway. 010 Hth,av.. New York; UMi nnd I6S Plerrepont at., Brooklyn; 40 North 8th St., Philadelphia. Eatablished ">7 year*. GOLDEN HAIR?BAR~KEKS~ AURORA CHANGES tny luiir to golden. l><-pot, UAKKEK's Human Hair and Wlie Parlors, J? West -'Uih ?t. KEEP'S PATENTPAUTI.Y MADE DRESS SHIRTS, the very bent; U for CO. 571 Broadway, and tttl Arch St., Philadelphia. LADIES' MISSES', GENTLEMEN'S AND BOYS Hoor* ami sitOKa. all style*. Petrouiss MILLER A CO. No. 3 Union square. RUPTURE.-T* PERMANENT CURE BY DR. M ARSH'S treatment: mikKi.a<tic STnCXiWOs AXn A*. noxixAL Stars. SnotrtDka Btt*cr< and Hvhcicai ArrLt. ascm of every description. No. '1 Yesey St. (Aster Uwie), opnoiite St. Paul's church. SODA WATER~APPARATliS F0R~KAKING ALL Aerated Beverages. JOHN MATTHEWS, 1st a*. and Atth it., city SUFFERERS FROM RHUEMAT1SM SHOULD IMME dlatelv try Dr. flTLKR'S Kmkl'xatic Kumtor, for sale at 21 John at. WE WISH TO*CALL ATTENTION TO TV BALI of tli 0 snporb Rmnaxck of the Hon. F. L. Bar red a, te hi sold at auction THIS DAY to the highest bidder kyE.U. LUDLOW A CO., at IS o'clock, at the EacUanjre Hale* room. No. Ill Broadway Tho elegant farulture wlU bf ?old at miction within ten 'lav*. $3 HATS, fl uO; SII.K HATS, $3 W, WORTH $?{, fine Derbm I "? New Churcli it., upstair*. ? VIsW PUBLIC ATfOKS. 3 'a nr. voi; <;o!.v<? into the country? _i ' JV HOME JOURNAL contains new Hat of Summer lteeert% divine prices, distance* and etber particulars. Send 10 cen.? to MOKKIS PHILLIPS * CO . No. 3 Park place. Ji. Y. /SII CAPIAT "BOOK STORE IN THE WORU).^S2a V/ rrntettoiai cue Iree. LKUOAT BROS., No. a Ileekman kt. J 1ST PUBLISHED. Colonel Forney's New work, A CENTENNIAL COMMISSIONER IN IVRONL By John W. Forney, Editor of the Philadelphia Preen. l2mo. Extra Cloth. fS. Tor sale by booksellers generally, or will be Mat bf mall, postpaid, on receipt of the price by J. B. LlPPI.NcoTT k CO., PuMWbem. 7i i and 717 Market st.. Philadelphia. T HE GALAXY FOB .Il'NE NOW KEAOV. Ct INTENTS. The Pre-Raphaelite* in England. By .ftntln McCarthy.? llnvo We a National Character 1 By Colonel Thoaias M. Andervin, 1". s. A ?First end Last. By Mary Atttf* De Yere. -Madcap Violet. By William Black, Aether of "A Princes* ei Thole, Ac ?The Lady and llsr L'rer. Br C. I', t'rancli -The Ititplav of W,??hlnirt<>n Society. Hy tlall Hamilton,?Elusion.?Hr Itartor. tirey.?Perlpatetle Madnttt. By Ely Van il? W.irker.?.-oisvealra of a -Man of I<*tter?. Br J. II. Siddona Mr?. Vnnderd'tynek. I^uefs Irom Kocer Floyd to 11<>lt Stanhop,-. Bv Mis* R. W? ii!:tev Wir Memoirs. ByGsueratl o. ACnetef. L'. S. A.?? A'no ti-an Women Abroad Bv I.tic. II. 11 oeper. ? BraaB and Iter l' !ti[>oror. B> .loiin Co'lman,?Mistrew tVilaon. A Tale ..r Sal"tn Wllehv.-ift lly tl U. Pierce.?A New llt-iory ol the I'nited ^tate". By M*r>e v Brewn. Ad Mn?am. By II. H.-Drin Wood. By Pbiilp OelBhet. BcrantlAe -Vi.ceIIany.-Current Literature.?Nebeta. Mf the Editor. _ l'rke Ue. per neoibtr. 94 per year, IiiiMM peeteg^ ?BKLDON~A~CO?PAJfTt ^ ^

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