Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1876 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL The Stock Market Depressed and Prices Sagging. GOLD 113 1-3 A 113 5-8. Money on Call 3 and 3 1-2 Per Cent?Gov ernment Bonds Firm?Railway Bonds Easier?Coal Slocks Unsettled? Foreign Exchange Steady. Wall Strkrt, 1 WXDXKSD-AYf May IT?0 P. M. ( It yesterday's stagnant market was noi exactly a weather breeder it at loast creeled a breexo to day?an III wind that blow nobody good but the bears, who prob ably regarded it ad tho gentlest ol xophy rs. Opening prices of the usual speculatlves were not a whit woi^e than the closing prices of tho day before, But they speedily comment eU to weaken under tho pressure of various circumstances, as does a sick man with a complication of maladies. I.ake Shore made a bold start at 54, but almost Imme diately fell away under tho report of a more unfavora ble condition of tho Commodore's health and tho be lief that the Osborn and Henry Smith partlos were sup plying the market with stock. Tho result was oven tually to carry the quotation down to S3, lrora which It itapgered up l4' per cent at the finish on tho purchase* of such ephemeral shorts as make It a rule to close up contracts with the day's business. Western Union, which lias been stubbornly Arm for ?omo days buck, despite the fact that Jny Oould lias been feeding the market with tho cash stock purchased ky him against sellers' options, slowly gave way under vhe pressure, which was rendered still hcavior by tho ?elief that the rival Atlantic and 1'aciilc concern would ihortly announco a further cutting in rates. There is to doubt that this will bo dono to morrow, and It will *ko the fchapo of a decrease of from live to twenty-live tents per message to all points not yet reduced, and will particularly a'lect tho service of New York city, Brooklyn and Jersey City, as ratos to and withiu these places will be charged at twonty cents for teu words and one cent lor each additional word, In lieu ol twenty-iivo cents and two cents for each addi tional won), as now prevails. This further cheapen ing of tolls, wo learn from the best authority, U in conscqucnco of tlie largely Increased businoss and receipts which have accrued to the company from the previous reduction. Whatever may be tho result to Itockholders, mere Is no question but that the public trill ho greatly the gainer, and It is only necessary to tatahlif U a confidence in the permanency of those ro iucuon* to secure lor Uencral Kckcrt tho gratitude of tho community. For a wonder Union Pacific woko up from its slumber ind was quite skittish for a time to the extent of aome 1 600 shares of stock. This ninount was marketed on a ileclino from 02 '* to 6i>>?, at which figure Oould's tlh r ryo put in an appearance and an end totliede jline at the same time. It was supposed that tho stock vas soM lor Boston account. Pacific Mail, which is proverbially cantankerous, ex blhitod this quality today by selling up instead of town, it having o|>oncd at -0v4 with a riso to 21at ihe close Shares were in demand for delivery and lor the purposes ol transfer, the books closing for election on Saturday, and as high as 1-10 per day was paid lor tho use of thn stock llailier a sharp trick was at tempted to played by Jay Oould to prevent tho transfer of shares which ho hud previously sold into the names of other partus. It seems that a quuntity Df stock stauuing in the name ol W. K. Conner (Oould s /Mum) were to day presented for tranifer, when tho ipplicnnt was greeted with the inloruinlion that there wore no blank certificates ready to be Issued In placo of the surrendered ones, nud moroovtfr tliut tho proper Dlllcial to sign tho same was out of town; henco the Bolder of the stock would necessarily havo to leave It and lay out or its money value or take It away without transfer, and useless to him for voting purposes. It was statod that tho Ooverning Committee would bold a meeting this afternoon, which by resolu tion would compel Mr. Connor, under the rules of the Board, to lurnlsh proxies to such i>artles as were bond fide holders of stock standing in his name. Perhaps of the w hole market Delaware and Lacka wanna and New Jersey Central betrayed the greatest veukness, tho former declining from loo*, to 105'4, ind the latter from t?l4, to although there was a fractional rally in the first and n ono per cent recovery In the second at the closet. The market closed with a slight Improvement, but feverish and uncertain us to tho future. Tll? SALBS TO-nAT. The transactions at tho Stock Exchange to-day ag gregated 129,948 shares. SALK3 or ACTIVE STOCKS TO-PAT. hew York Central and Harlem, 600; Erie, 5,000; Lake Shore, 60 600; Cleveland nud Pittsburg, 330; fforlhwestern, 600; do. prflerrod, 300; Rook Island, 100; Pacific Mall, 0,100; St. Paul, 2.ROO; da pre 'erred, 2,600; Ohios, 2,585; Western Union, 30,090; Wabash, 235; Union Pacific, 1,?30; C., C. and I. a, 8oot Michigan Central, 4,mk); Delaware, l.ackawatina ind Western, 5.<1S0; New Jersey Central, 4,240; Union Mining Company, 1,012. OPKNINO, IIHJIIKST ASP t.OWKST 1'RICRR. The following table shows the opening, highest and lowest prices of tho day:? Opening, Iliqhett LwrsL Kew York Central 110', llO1^ lit) Ilarlcin 138 138 138 Erie U\ 14'.' I.aWe Shore ?4 54 63 Wabash 2?? 27g 2'4 Northwestern 40 40 ? 3!l'4 Northwestern preferred... 6??4 60.'^ Hock Island 105 10.'. 104', Pittsburg 03 03 03 Milwaukee and St Paul.... 3737*4 37 Mil. andSL Paul preferred. C;i >; 63'4 Ohio and Mississippi 16*J lti*, ld'i 92;4 02 >4 89 C?el , Lack. and Western.. 1<??1'a 100.4 lo.'.1, l'nion Pacific 02'.,' 62>4 tin', C., C. and I. C 4 41, 4', KTextern Union 60S C?'v 04', and Pacific Tel.... 17 17'4 17 Pacific Mail 201? 21 1'''4 Panama 131 131 131 closixu raicks?3 r. m. I aclfic Wall ... 21 ? at?4 ><I .? M !? pf.. (OX ? ? 3l4 West i n lei... a ?.V, C.C.OA I 4'. a 4<V, Atl .V I'ac l?l.. ITS a O' ?' C A I t\ 4J, a 4?, t,\ilel??llver.... 15 k lit Del, L M W;>*4 a 1<*I Laleksilver pf. ;ti ? :'J 1 rie I *'4 a I47, karl.aiiiiAM 7>,' Ban A St Jo... Hi a 15 kiari. A M pi ? a f II A 8l Jo pf... u:n, a 24 Attaint Ka 11') a ll",1, l.akt* Shore.... 68'4 a 5W American Ex. ' V*4 a <3 Mich Central 47', a 47'4 I *? Ka.. .... Ol'1, a 71 > Y A llanem. 1 if* a Mil * rl,?-t arxjr.* -H a 0 N Y ?' A II K .Itll)^ a 1IO Chit A Alt.. tx-1; It tiy X J t en 9nH a 01 t let A Pl*M Kl a !-:t>4 (>hla A .UM,.. 10>., a lrt?; ( Me A > W . Ml', a 4<i 1'aoama. ? a 1.11 Chic A N W pf. .'.si" a Ml Tot A Wat. ... SH a Clue A K I. t', a Km1,' l'nion I'acl'ie.. a ? la ilA Ml* ... 37 a 117', Miasonri Pat! .13 a 14 AnvA.xm A>o dkclixk. The following are tile chnnges in closing prices com pared with those of yesterday:? Aiivajicb.?Pacific Mail, *?; gold, Dxci.i.kk.?>ow York Central, '4 ; New Jersey Central, 1'4; C., C., C. and I., 1 '4 ; Delaware and I?ackawanna, 1; l,ake Shore, \ ; Michigan Central, ; Northaest em, S; Northwestern preierred, Ohio and Mis-ls sippi, ; Producera' anil Petroleum. ; St. Paul, \; ft Paul prolerrcd, *,; Unlou Pacific, 1 J,; Wo^tein Union, %. Statiosart.?Wabusli, Quicksilver, Panama, Mia loun 1'aciUc, Hannibal nud St. Josoph, common and Creferred, Harlem, Illinois Central, Erie. C., C. and . C.: Atlantic and Paciflu Telegraph and Atlantic and Pacific prolerred. TIIK VONF.T MARKKT. Money was easy all day at 3 and 3per cent. Prime mercantile paper is quotetl at 4 and 0 per cem The following wero the rates of exchange on New York at tho uuder mentioned cities to-daySavannah, premium ; Charleston, selling >4 premium; New Orleans, 6 10; tiann, J,; Cincinnati, firm, ?0 a 100 premium; St I/'tlls, l"rt premium, and t hi cago, 60c. premium. Sterling exchange was firm; prime asking rates, 4.8i)i|i,; selling rates, 4.87^ ?4.883^ and 4.?0H *^\ ; reichmaiks, 0.>>, u\ and 90)i a 0?,*< ; cables. '.?O',; prime i*aris, 5.l:i\ and & 11'4. TIIK liOI.P MARKKT. There was Increased activity tn theOold Room to>day Mid the market was llrtn, especially toward tho eloao, when the price advanced to 112',, the final sales leing at 112*,'. The lowest price of tlie day was 112?,. Tho rates paid lor carrying were 2, 1',, 1 and 2), per cent Loaus were also made Hat. Operations or the Uold Exchange Bank to day Gold balance* flT,N70,t?00 Currency balances 1.117.1 ?'?2 Uro*s cl'carauces 1.2^3. CLKARIXO not SR DTATRMKXT. Currency exchanges. $53,143,733 Currency balances. <i, IGold exchangee 3.759.00& Gulit klucei 680,277 The specie shipments by tbe sU-am- hip Scotia to-day amount to $524,392, gold coin Tbe engagements for to-morrow, up to the time of writing, loot op $000,000. TitK rSITIil STATES T1IBASURY. The I'nited Slates Assistant Treasurer to-day paid out $96,000 gold for 5-20's redeemed, and $253,000 for i interest. The silver payments were $77,465, as follows:? $1(1,020, under $100 limit, to212 applicants; $22,445 under $400 limit, and $30,000 on silver drafts from ! Washington. The following aro the Treasury balances:? I Currency. $10,100,000; coin, $73,000,000; less coin cer i tiflc.ates, $28,000,000. Revenue receipts to-day, $300 000; customs receipts, j $300,000; bsnk notes received, $600,000. OOVKKN.M KXT BOXM. Government bondsclo>ed strong at tbe following quo j tat ions:? United States currency sixes, 127 a 127)*; da ! sixes, 1881, registered, 121% a 122; do. da, da, cou I pon, 122% a 122 T? ; do. da, 1VS6, registered, 114V* I 115; do. do., do., coupon, 114% a 115; da do., da, new, ! registered, 119 a 110'4; do. da, do., da coupon. 110a ll'.'Sf; do. do., 1867, registered, 121% a 121%; do. da, dc., coupon, 1X1% a 121%; da. do., 1868, registered, 123 n 123%; da do., do., coupun, 123 a 123%; do. ten forties, registered, 117*, a 117%; da da, coupon, 118% a 118%; do. fives, 1381, registered, 117% a 117%; do. da, da, coupon, 117% a 117%. TIIK KORKIOX MARKET. Tbo London advices report an unusual gain of bull ion by the Hank of Knglund to-day??389,000 sterling. Controls and United States bonds are firm at an advante ?f % a % percent; 1867's are up to 109% a 110, the highest prices for some time past The following are | the four 1' M. quotations:?Consols for money, 96% a ' 90}a; do. for account, 98% a '65's, old, 104 >4; '67's, 109\ n 110; ten-lorty bonds, 107%; new fives, I 1D0% a 10:5%; Krie, 13%; Kne prelorred, 20 a 2L Rentes in farts are firmer. Exchange on London 25f. ; 21 %c. INVEST* KXT SHARKS. Investment shares wero active, especially tbe coal stocks, which were also lower. Delaware and Lack* awnuna sold at 106% a 105and 104% a 108, seller sixty; Jersey Central at 91 a 89% ; C., C. C. and I. at ! 4S; Rock Island at 105 a 104'','; Cleveland and Pitts burg at 93% a 93; Xew York CentrnI at 110^ a 109%; American Kxpress nt 62% a 83; Delaware and Hudson at 110; Morris and Essex, 103%; Producers' Petroleum, I 112% a 112%. 11AXK SHARK*. Bank shares sold at 101% for Central National, 78 I for Republic and 112 for Merchants'. STATE BONDS. In State bonds Missouri long sixes sold at 105%, Ten nessee, new, nt,41%; old do. nt 43%; District of Colum bia 3.85's aj 71%, and Louisiana sevens, 67%. Railroad bends wore a little more activo than yes terday, and prices, where changed, are generally lower, they being as follows:?An advance of % per cent in Great Western second mortgage and % per cent In ! Central I'aclOc (San Jcnquln branch), and a decline of % In New Jersey Central firsts, new; % in the New i Jersey Central convertibles. Union Pacific sinking ! funds and Burlington and Qulncy eights, and % in Mis souri Pacific firsts. Morris and Essex seconds sold at 110%, Galena and Chicago firsts at 106, Contral I'aciflcs at 108%, Union l'acific firsts at 105% and Michigan Central sovons at 100%. Kr.e sold at 102% for third, 100 for fourth and 102% for fifth. St. Paul firsts brought 110, nnd tbo consolidated sinking funds wero 80 bid und not offered under 90. The following wero the latest bids:? Albany and Susq lat....114 Dub A Slnux City lit...l<Vl Albany ami siimi 2d....lofl% Dub A 8 OltySd dlv ion ' Albany and Suru 'id i Vdur Kails .lr Minn lat. H7 Boston. Mart A Erie 1st. If^ Mich South 7 u c, 2d. . . .101 ! Bur, O R A M 1st Tag.. 41 Mlcli So * .V I a 7 pe...l<>A Che* A Ohio ?'s, l*t ..lilt Cleve A Tol s f 17 Chicago A Alton 1st. t?*.l 18 Clove A Tol new b .. 1 ? <-? Chicago A Alton ino ...10:i Cleve. P'vllle A A, old .108 Si L.Jack A Ohio 1st..102 Cleve. P'vllle A A new.111? Chic. llur.VyHpc lat.115% Detroit. MmroeA Tol. 1"1% t'liic. liiir ,V Q con 7's . 111 liufT.t Erie new lOJlZ I Chi, K I A Pac 1st Ts 11" BuffA State Line 7's. ...103 C, li I A P * l ln O's,'05. sto'i Lake Shore dividend... .108 | ' tVntralOf N J 1st now II2'4 Lake Shore con cp 1st I'Vi Central of N J 1st eon.. i"-t Lake Shoreeen cp 2d*.. Its) Oen of N J conv 1"- Mlcli Cent con 7'a, 1902.100% , Am Dork and Imp lids.. H Mich C 1st, 8>,'82, ? I .. 111 < . Mil ASP 1st, S'a. P D..115 N Y Central fl's. 1883.. .lol Mil .v S I' 2d. 7 :i I". I'D 07 N Y Cen tl's, real estate. H A Mil A St P 7'a, g, R D..1U0 N S' Cen 6'?, Ktih 100 Mil .* S P 1st. La C dlv. IH2% N Y Oen 7'a. 1870 100 Mil A S P 1st, I A M !>.. H N Y Cen lat m, e 1 lrt Mil A S P 1st, C A M !??'.% N Y Cen 1st m,r 110 | Mil .V 8 i'con ? f m Harlem 1st, 7'a, r 11"?S Chi A N W sink fund....l"?t% North Mo lat IUU Chi k N W Interest.. .*..101 Ohio A Mlaa 'Jd. ron 7" i Chi A N W eotibds 102% Cen Pacific sold bonds..108% Chi A.N Wist 104 Cen Pacific, San J br... 01% Chi A V W ep goldbda.. 0M% Cen Pacific State aid....111 Chic A N W re* gld bds 03 Western I'ai ific ida.... 09 i tiiiU na A Chi ??* I"1 I'tiion Pacific lat ion | Chicago A Mil l?t 1"J% Union Pacific 1 g. 7'a.... f>n'4' j Winona A St Peters .d IB I'nion I'urifn-Mnk fund. >m) ? C, U, C A I 1st, 7'a, sf.. ?OH% Pacific RK of .Mo lat.... I C, C, C * I con loo Pitta, Ki W A Chi lat...110% ' Del, hack A Went 2d.. 10*% Pitta, PtW A ('hi 2d...Ill) ? Del. Lack A \\ 7'?. con. la". Pitta, Pt W ,v Chi :id....l<>4 i Morria A Kai<ex lat 114^ t'leve A Pitta con a f.... HM Morris A Kwex ^d.. 'I ' Cleve A Pitta 4th 1(>4 Morris A Ksxev 7'a. *7 "> St Louis A I M lot 1(11% Mnr A Kaa 1-tcon g'd... Alton ,V T 11 2d |if IM Krii 1st m,ex ..ll . S? Tol A Wab lat, ext.. .. 88% Krie 2.1, 7'a, 187.> . . .1"2'4 Tol A \V?l> 1st, :ji L dlv. ??r> Krie :id. 7'?, 188:1 102 Tol A Wab 2d <i3 Lrle 4th, 7'?, 1880 1"" Tol A wab, cons, conv.. 3d Krie 5th,Ta. 1H88 102% tirent West lat, 1-w-i... 88 Long Dock bonds l"7'a Great West 2d, 181^3.,., rt:l liulV, N V A Krie lnt, '77 00 Man A Cen Missouri 1st. Hl<^ 11 ail A St Jo con 78% Weat L'nion bda.lUOO.c. i)D% iMIILAMLI-niA STOCKS. Tbo following are the Philadelphia stock quotations at throe o'clock this day:? flirt Aiktd. City sixes, old 104 . ? Cuy sixes. new 1U8*< 100 United Companies ol New Jersey 134^ 13A Pennsylvania Railroad M 'l Philadelphia and Ki ading Railroad... 44 44't 1-elngh Valley Uailrunt AH /iH Catawissa Railroad preferred 40?* 40'j Philadelphia and Krte Railroad 17'? 18 Northern Central Railroad .'U1, M'i Lehigh Navigation 4ft 4.">'4 Lehigh Navigation (iolu l.oan 10?1X 103?'4' stocks. The following aro the closing olDclal prices o( mining stocks to-day:? Consolidated Virginia 73 Caliloruiu TU54' Segregated Belcher.. 81 Oplnr 55^ Cuollar 8?.S Savage 1? Consolidated Imporial 0 Mexican SIX Gould A- Cnrry 17,\ Rest k Belcher 57\ llalo k Norcioss 03 tj apropos or mixing ixvkstmknts. As an evidence of an improved fooling here In Now York toward mining investments a correspondent In stances the case of a company which he names and wl.ich bad within a lew days and with little effort raised a sutltcicnt capital for all ibis rear's work in two of their mines. This, however, does not conclusively establish the point sought to bo made, inasmuch as the properties in question were nearly all located In tho lutie county ot Gilpin, wliero tbero are abundant mill ing and railroad facilities and no cash was required for tho purchase of machinery or the construction of houses. In fact, the property itself was already partially devolopod and was contributed by its owner, a wealthy New Yorker, who required no money. Instances Uke this we be liovo lo bo rare, the majority of mining properties oilereil hero being located in remoter parts of our country and held by parties who require large cash payments lor tlw land as well as lor working capital. Hull wu admit that there is a slightly Improved fuollng toward mining investments, but only the best clasi of properties will be noticed, and oven those must have a good New York Indorsement at the start. We are long ?nice done with wiidcit mining. MKMOKAMtA. The six per cent gold loan of tho city of Cincinnati was a sncccsa Tito whole amount, $1,600,000, was taken at 103 ?* a 10A, those figures being the two ex tremes ol tho proposals at the American Kxcbange Rank yesterday. The following notice has been Issued by the Commit tee on Securities at tho Slock Kxebahge:? I~poii a report of this committee the Governing Com mltu-r has ordered ibnt the consolidated bonds ol the Mate ol Ijouisiana iw>u?d under an act to provide lor funding obligations of the Mate by exchange lor bouds, Xt.. approved January 24, 1?74. unto 1st ot January, W4, payable lo bearer, 40 years from ilato with in terr.lai 7 per cent per annum, toopotts payable January and July, the 1st, Nos. 1 to V--!*, inclusive, each lor fl,0c*l; Nos. 1 to 871, inclusive, lor fAOO each, to lie placed lu tho icvtular list called Louisiana consoli. dated bonds, and that bonds Nos. 1 to 3,541, Inclusive, each for f 100, to be called sinall bonds. RDWAKD HI! AN DON, Chnlrman. Washington despatches s:aio that the Hanking and Currency Coiiiinill< o to-day discussed the bill lor tho repeal ol the I'.esumption act and providing for the set ting apart of f 12.OOO.OOO gold |? r annum as a fond for the final redemption of greenbacks. No decision was reached. The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. rani Railroad to-day reports its earnings for 1S73 and 1S78, which compart with those of 1S74 as follow*: 1*74. 1*7i. 187(1 Second week in May $i;it,0?X> $17u..*i3 ?107.o<l<) Jainyry 1 lo latest date.. 3,(M),$4j 2,274,213 2,o"oj.'il9 ?showing a dtcreast for ihe week, from the iaruiflga of Crown Point 17 Yellow Jacket 3.5 Alplm 63^ Belcher 21 '4' Conlldelice , .. aiX Sierra Nevada..? 18)J Kxctiequer 21 '4' overman 00 Justico 27yi Caledonia 8>? 1876 of M.508, and from those of 1874 of |63,000; M increase nno* January 1 over 1876 of $328,271, bat M compared with 1874, a dccreuSo of 1460,.128. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES $2orm I n p?c RRIil. 8 ih? U 8 Kxpfeit.,. 71) .1 OLniou M Co *3 IV M Ln? KK 14V IOO do .3 1 ??J 3<*i ?ln ,10 IS*! 5 Chi. 11 A Q KR ... 117% Wxdsksoat, May 17,187& PM-OKK CALL?10 A. M. lo.*>% 40) thi Pac M ail 88.. e 7i?i lim 300 !tK? 1C*> XlicU * (In. do, do. 20t|l l.KW iiK ?rXK> do... &K* do. ... yo i Welt t'n Tel M1?*? 3(10 1100 KAI ? O Pac M? :u*) :i< m t I'M im 2 o :iuo do. do. do. .1.5 47' 47 4TS' 47% <T, 47 0?% ?5? H3?, :o% So 1?V 1000 [. M*> ??'*) 2300 .In li*) X J Cm RR do. ?lo i3 do & do .< -V 8 KK.... do ?lo ?? ?-HI 2<> 19* U'V 10% as1? d.i H*J do e Jl?) .Jo 10 do 100 do 2 II ilo WmCH 4 N W RR.. . 1<*) Chi A NW l:K pf.. 80 do 1 <i Ohio A Ml*. KK. 2 0 do 100 Mil A St r UK 4<?) do Ki?) do 200 Mil A Ml' KK pi 1'?? do ?1S KM) do. ? hi i>2% Wl^ 92 91% oi V 4" 30% 30% in* id.S 37 , a S .17 >4 tw% do o lH'i 200D.1.L A W RB.... 10?X do 20 100 do l<?Si do e 2o% 40 do 10:15 AN?) 11:90 \. M. f4'?o IT S <V?, e, '?1... 141V $2300 C8 3-VO, e, '65 n 110 11 oo i US 3-20,r, 114 *. a.VWO I'S fi-SO. e,'67.. 121% 10UU0 IH8-20. c, >08.. 114?^ fiHsr $10000 La 7V eon 67 % 3o O U f> S'l, '81. tU)A III)?10^0 L :n*> 7oo .V*k? 1.1? Coi u.<>j'i . 71', loiKi Trim 6'i, 41^ Iiko N J On ut.n.bc lia :>'*) MOO do be 112% 15 ?> SMU N J t'lDton*.. . IIUk MO 81.00 A C lit., lo ? 1700 200o .M?r 4 Ei7V71 10'1 2M 3 OO M ?V K 1st. con 107V 100 7O0O Erie id in 2700 14000 Erie 4ili m loo 1300 ?V kiii Krle 3th ni 102% OSX) 2i*x>t?cd P A M Ul.. 87 4 m 1S000 Mich Cen 7'i.. 10O?; 17<l0 ... <m On I'hc itolil b. 0 8% ".000 10* i 1000 lOUOO do he 108% 2iJO UB% I'M 3MI0 W lit I'ac bontU. W, 400 HtlOO I'll l'?o Kit 1st. 100? 2000 0 4KI I n I'ac ulnk I... IX f? ?K*i 1171< M. tO 'sha 4 MS.bc.*> Wi '"3 do., do., do.. do do do. ..^3 . ...b't o; 5<J0 do... do... do... do... do ... do... do... do... do... do... do... do... do. MS .V* r.a S .vis M.vJ ftas .-.3S !>'?< '* ?>3 4 53^ ??>3 S 3000 Par of Mo 1(K*) lit Went 2d ?4U 25ilChl A It I RR. .b e l"ft ljMniw.n c c.iau? on': 201 104^ :ood M 4 St i*8'?, lit lie 11*1 c. c, o 4 1 rr.. . -?rt aiMU'.IU gn'i.. II. '4 21*1 Tol, VV A W.b c.l?3 2% 22 .Im Oil trill N?t Bk 101 *2 lim .l? lo Hk ol' Itepuhlir.... 78 lo Merehanti' Bk ... 112 li.o M?r l. a m ?3< 100 Con a3 4H 112 L'n M'g Co bo 1H rtihi do 96 lf( l.>0 DA II C.n bo 1IO loo Oulck Min he l?l? 10 i W Co T.I b? nflj* do ??.'i do 14 do do do do. loo do. 23 Mich Can Rlt . .b c 200 IOOO lrtmi 14 10 I.V XI 100 30.1 I'm 300 23 10 301) 8(10 I4H0 3UJ ll?(i 3m) 2>NJ 1' 0 10 i 4IN) 100 loo do. do i3 de do. do |3 do do do ...a3 631 20o S J Cen RR b e loj |3 2 > <i3i>? 400 ?r>',' K3)< 634, do. do. do. do. r ii -? 63 jl ?5i, C3S t^l'a (1.1 dtiH ?U0 do I'M*) do 1700 do ..IS 4i.m do 3 Amer Kx be 30 do 110',' In do l'M.l 5' 0 I'ltc .\inll ??...bce bfij. 63 '4 ?. ' 3'J t.2?I t!3 lHO 100 1(10 201) 3O0 200 410 lLO 100 100 loo 10 300 MO ..i?3 ...?3 47>? 4H'h 47 S 47.3 47 47 4??i 4?'? 4>l'< 01?. Ul>{ 01. Ul oo74 B!? IX'1* It),'. 0 1 8l?'4 200 2110 11H) 2ii0 200 300 :oo loo 110 J Eric ltit b ? do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 2iU 100 3ilO 10J0 liri 84 JO .110 do do 3 do b3 do do liO do Ill) L'n Phc RR b c 10) do >3 100 do 10 I du 30 Clev A Pitt* Kt lo i do.... bc.i3 200 do loo Chi A A \V !(*)?; AN Wpf...l>c.b3 1H? l?jJ 2'K 10?4 ao.% ?4V 14)a 14;, ,4?4 14 J I4J do do do do do. do do do do do da do.... do *8 do do do do ?H loo C, C A I C RR..b o loo do 2 *) Mil A St PKlt.bc 100 do 20.) do IOi) do >3 100 do 100 do *3 1O0 Mil A St P pf .be 30.) do 21)0 do ...1)3 K*) do a*o 100 do 400 do loo Del, li A W ltR.bc lod!* 80 n i?iS 00 o)'; 00 , 00 ?I7I 1?21 37'| ! 37;: i 3i * 37 ?8? H3'? I m do. do. do.. 108 |3 10.)Jf | ? 2.'? 8 U) 103 do 103JJ do c !o3 . do StJO l')4? 62 IIIV ?I<S ?3>i 03,'. ?).? oO'i do. 100 Ohio A U do do do o do do do... bi) BKKORK CAM/?12:90 $300 > D 8 3-20. r. *66.0 114> 200ihi Erl. KR.. ...?3 8<XKI U8 .V| lu-40.r.e 117V 4000 C.lUAPH'ii fil OH'. 5l**iI'hcol Mo lit.... 01 11.0 )o Mich C.B 7'*.... 100 >, 1'** I L ) ?? i( I It.. C IO.i>4 38 ihi Amer Ex loo ic a .. k KR.i3 ioe;j 7o0 Wait Un T.I. P. ..M -?o i do '<00Mlrh On KK lOO ? J Cen RR 1**1 LttllB KR it 103 l'!* I i(jsi 1 -'a j IB.'* I 1< i 1" , I 16'4 j >i. | ,'S 48 k | lit 2* *.? 8?) ) 30 BOJ IOO : i*i loo 7oo 100 41*) do e do aJ do do do i3 do b3 do ?3 do do a3 do 4'X) Pac Mail SS. do 11*1 do ...e yiAl ?3 30.) Eric KK .. 14' 100 do lis 14>i 03 03 1314 t>5 11.% 03 ,3% 03?, nr?, 20l. 20 . 20U io? 41 *) 400 3;*) 21*1) 21*) 3J0 4-m 4t*> lit).) do'. do .3 do Ii.i do S3 do do 33^ 3;i ?3'< Ui 83 f.3 , 33'. 23 L'nP.c RR l**i do no do Uoo do IK) do . 100 Chi Alii UK li>4v 3'*i Mil * 8tP KK pi.. ~ 2U) Del, 1. A W It It... 40 do lui C, C.A IC KU.... 1.1 ?? lil', 0 >2 111 1"3L. 103', r. faoixo I SO'i.r.' I21Ji >1000 US Si.r.'81 130X)U8 3-20, r.'03 114 , 10J00 U S 6'i, enr b3 23000 o-20.c, * 121% SK(!0Xn BOARD?1 P. 43% 400ihiL8AMS.bc.i3 do ,3 $.9000Tenn 6"i. old... H?*) Chi A Alt inc.... 104 13.0 0 A Chi Int.. 1UH HK?i Mor A K 2d II"?; II**) I'.rie 2d m 102% II 00 Erie 3th m 10.1% :?Mmi >i leli t en 7'?.be lOO'fl ll??) Ohio A Mlu con 08% 21) 0 JIIKO I'cn I'ae Kid bill 10M% 600 |H) i Un I'HC KK lit.. 103', 2oOj I n I'hc nun.i. i o% aujOO do be eo M. 117% 127% M. 33% d.? 63'2 do .ViW do 33)1 do 13 .-,.ji do 33% do i3 33 do 6a 2S>.*1 do 331^ 100 Un Pie liH be HI H*J do 41*1 ItriO 3 *1 r**> 2100 'M*) 4000 North Mo lit .b8 03% 301 N J On KU.i.'.'b 0 1*)^ 2O00 L A N con. 'I**.. lum C. C A 1 43% lOihiDAlI 110% 200 do Ill) 3oo 300 N V C A U R...b e 110 200 Erie KR....bc.b:l 14^ 111 II 11 rli Un 1.1 i.b 0 1.3 li*)Chi A It I UU .be 103 It*' Mil <? St P be 37 do 37W do 37 loop 0 L A P Co..b e 112% 100 Mil A St 1' 03V 2ti.% 31*1 do 03iJ 23 Uor A Em Rlt..108 100 do.: bo 103'tf 1O0 Del, L AWRR... li^jij 18"? do be 1CI3V? aoo do '?4* 200 do. 10) Ohio do. do. do. do. do. 1300 3 ?> OD 8 1 ' 1300 70O ?3 21*1 Mleh cen RR. .b e 3*) do 100 do e 100 Chi AN W pi. C3'., ? 6% ?3 ?4% 113 47 4?K f1* fioooc. R I A P7'a.. 110)4 31000 Un Pne ? lund 0 1 K*i ihi I'OLil' Co. 100 eit 1 11 Tel.. 13 103,% 10U IHH 1H% 16% 16% 30 ro 3 p. m. 100ihi I'm Mall 88..3 ao\ .*xi &rit Kl> 13 141^ 100 400 21*) 200 11*1 3i *) ll*> 2>U 3 *) 2 O 000 3<*J ll2Ji 4 *J do 1,4 18% 30i 00 113 30 Un P.e Kit '' 13% IOO do 3 10 L 8 A M 8 UR...i3 03 , 3i*> do b3 i 3% 1100 do ao il 13 3*1 do.. 'ij do 63% MM) do 7oO do.... 31 N J Urn KR..." " 11*1 do do |3 do do do... 22 American Ex. 20" jhic . t en Kit. 4 *) fie > all S^ 2< * 1 do IOi <lo *3 1(10 do 6 *1 do tOO do 14V ??3 ?}* i.l 60% 83% 33 , 63W 33% 63% ooi 2o*i 00 Chi A K I KR.ope llHu 20% loo Mil 4 St P KK ?: :i7>'J 20% 21 21? M *0 ? 81 I'f.. .. 113% | 23 Tol ,t Wall It K ... 2'C 1 400Del. X, X W RR... 100 I COMMERCIAL REPORT COTTON ON THE SPOT PULL?FUTURES QUIKT? FIA>tJR QOntT?'WHEAT DULL? CORN FIRMER? OATS 8TEADT?WHISKEY NOMINAL?PORK QUIET AND EAST?UID EA8IXR?PETROLEUM QUIET? ?riIUTH TURPENTINE QUIET?ROSIN FIRM?OILS STEADT?FREIGHTS KAIKI.T AC TIVE AND FIRM?COFFER QUIET? 8UOAR FIRM. Wkdxmdat, Mny 17?6 P. M. Trade rem a In ml dull in all its ramiilcattons, tho ex captions being few In number and unimportant In chaructor. On 'Change the chief leaturo was the re action In breads! nils, which were quite dccidedly in buyers' lovor. Thla was particularly the ca?a with wheat, which was dull at the decline. Corn wa? fairly active ami firmer. Osta steady. Whiskey nominal, pork quiet and easy. Lard easier, but closing atcailior. ! Cotton on the upol was dull; luturej wero quiet. 1 Naval ?(oree wsrn qolrl. Oil* were tteadj, Petroleum wat | qnltrt. Snear was llrm. ComtK ?The market for Rio was quiet; 5,415 bngi fold, u Un a), on prlYale terms. Mild eoffoe wa? quiet. We ?* .? Ordinary ear*tx>?, 15>,e. a ; lair do., 17?4'e. a 17'ie.; food do , I7?4o. a IHc.: prim# do.. 1M',0. a lf>ae.; extreme range for lut(. 15>?c. a l?}fcc.: Santo* fklr to ftnod, 17c. a I7\c., n?>ld. ninety dayt; Java, government bn/t, ?i)c. a 2*-'e.; do., ftw mats, 2le. a 24c.; Singapore, do., !>?,>,?? *'?**? ? Ceylon, 17,^e. a i!?e.; Maracalbo, tiic. a liie.; LsRuayra, 17*?e, ? l-l?e.; Jamaica, 17e. a ISc.; St. l>on<tngo, J.*>'4c. a 15>,c.; l'orto Rlc>\ lf?c. a 1(V.; Costa Kiea. 17e. a 1 j?c. ; Maeatnar, l*'je. a >f?l4e.; .Meilcau. 17c. a IKc.; Manila, 17r. a ISo. : Anitettwra, I7e. a ISc.: havanllla, 1 tic. a 1?V\? Cnraeoa, liV. a i*V t'oTTON on Vli' ?l?'t wa? dull, l>ui prlrrt were unchanged. Fatarfl were quiet. The cloaln* prlert to-day romp iro with Tue?dar?a print aa follow*;? 7 ?'?'/.iu. Man 1<I. Wr.lnn-t.ty, Mtiu 17. May 12 A4U a 12 7 :>2 Mar 12V, a 12 3-H1 jHup ....|? :mu a id 7-32 Juno .12 ..;i2 a iu a-itf .loir...- 12V a ? Jaly 13 11-32 a ? Atitn?t.. l'-1! a ? AfciflMt ..IS IMJ it ? >rt>t 12'. a ? *e|it .. 12 15 a ? October.. !i II *1 a 12'? October..12 ? 5-1H a 12 11-83 |2>a a 12 tVI2 >o* 12 7?!? a 12V p.-e 12', a 13 ?-:i2 lire 12 7 :t2 a 12V jKn 12 11 *32 a Jan 12 H I# a 12*2 ?yuv w Wwiu Ml bsart w AatfUMS ?hw4m4 ?(8lmlfts? tlon, and en cotton In (tor* running In qulllf not icon than hair a grade aoove or below the gr n'e quoted Cplanrf*. AiUf ????. Mate itrleiuu. fraxML Ordinary HV H.1* Strict ordinary till-18 0 0-16 tt'.>-l6 9 9-16 Good ordinary 101. loV 1<>'4 10V tUrict good ordinary, lo 13-lfl 10 13-10 10 f.VW 10I5-16 how middling 11 >4 115W 11'J H>? Strict low middling 11 13 1? 11 I.V16 13 I 18 12 Nil M iddling ..13 3-llt 125-10 13. MX <?uo4 middling 12 11 ia 12 13 10 12 I.V1Q 12 UV1C Strict good middling J!? 3 10 IS VI6 It 7 16 18 7 16 Mlddltug fair 180-16 13 11-16 13 13-16 13 13-16 Fair .. 14 7-16 14 9 111 1411-16 14I1IU ?Staineu-tJood ordinary, 8 IS-16&; strict good ordinary, 9 15-16c.; tow middling, 10 7111c.; middling, 11 5-16c; Bpot salea were as follows:? Tn-'I'iy. Lout Ki*n>*g. Tulul. Rxport 2U? 2KI ?*?"?0 Consumption.... 3:t0 333 Speculation 180 10 196 Total 610 2'?? H7U Delivered on contract, 100 bale*. For ftitnm delivery tlie ?alns were a| loliow ?Ye terday after two P. M.: June, I.AU hales at 12 3-l6e , July. lOObalea at l3.V16e.; 4"*>at 12 II 32c., lo> at 12?ac. ; AuguiL, MM at 12 1&-X!c., tUJ al I3*?c.: September, 300 at 12 15-32c.: October, 3"' at 12 ll->3c.; December. 300 at lJ^c. Total. 4.800 hales, To <l?y, up to two 1*. M.May, 100 nt 12,V-; June, l<*? at 12 7-320 . 1.W0 at 12 S-ltlc., 400 at 12 5-32c? ? "?at I2^c., 1U0 nt 13 ">-32e.; July. 1300 at 12 13-3Je. 100 al 12U-33C., 70O at 13516c.. H>? at 13 1132c.; August. do at 13 D-IUc.. ftOOat 12 17-.T2C., 500 at 13 15 32c., 2,5oo at 127-IOc., 4'?) at 12 1532c.. HW at 13 7-16c.: Sep t-inber. HiWat 12 17-32c.. ftOOat 12 15 'Cc.. Uttnt 12 716c., 200 at 12 15 32c.. 7<lO at 13 7-lt3c.. October, 2<*j at 12 11 32c., HUat 12 5-16c.. 3?> at 13 I1-32r.; .November, 100 at 12 11-32c.. 5(10 at 12S,e., 300 at 13 7 32c.; December, ?'??) at 13 0 32c, 400 at 12)?C., 3M> at 12 7 32c. Total. 13.4i K) balea. Grand total, 19.300 balea. Tlie receipt* at the porta were aa follow*ftalreston, 470 b.tlea; New Orlean*. 1.256: Mnbllo, 110; Basannuli, 135; { Charleston, 58; Wilmington. 3: Norfolk, S30; New York, 81 ; lloatou, 6; Philadelphia, 165. Total, 2.WV4 balea Thii day last week. 4..'>:i7. Thl* day laat year, 3,630. Total alnra | September I, 3.082.003 balea l.'ottin freights closed aa lollowa:?T* Iluvre, by steam. Jie. compressed. To Ham burn. by steam, *?c. compressed. To Ureineu, by steam. He. compressed. To Liverpool, 9-32c. a 5-16c., by (Maui; by ?ail. Vd. a D 3J.I. Kldiik ahp Uicain.?Kaceipta?Flour, 11,74H bbla ; wheat, 02,832 liuabeli; corn meal. 200 bbla and 330 sacks; oata, 50,050 buahela. corn. 01.318 do.; rye, 13,153 do.; barley. 5<J0 I do.; barley wait, 25.000 do. Tlie flour market ruled quiet but atcady. The sale* were 20.00) bbls., luclnding State, WoM oru and Southern at tlia annexed quotations. Rye Hour aold to the extern of about iftJU bbla at $3 75 a So 10. Horn meal was quiet but ateady; aaleawero700 bbla. aud aacka at the annexed qliotatioua. We quota No. 2 State (2 75 ? $3 50 | Superflna State . 4 10 a 4 SO Kxtra state.... 5 OO a 5 35 ! Choice Mate 5 25 a 6 l?l Superfine Weitern 4 10 a 4 50 1 Kxtra Western 4 VO a 5 35 Minneaota.... 5 25 a 7 im Kouud lioop Uliio, alii piling brand* 5 00 a 5 25 Kouud hoop Ohio, trade braudi 3 50 a 6 50 Family 7 00 a 8. 0 St. ljouia, low extra 5 5 00 a 6 00 St. Lool>, atraiirlit extra 6 50 a 7 00 St. l.onu, choice double extra 7 00 a 8 (JO St. Ix>ula, choice family 8 35 a Rye flour, fine toauperflna ... 3 70a 4 20 Southern. N'o. 2 3 25 a 4 '*) 6ouibern, luperflne 4 35 a 4 65 Southern, extra 5 25 a 7 10 Southern, family 7 25 a H 40 t'orn meal. Western 3 mil 3 30 Corn menl, Ji-raey 3 Ola 3 30 Corn meal. Brandy wine...... 3 55 a 3 6) Corn neal, punrheona 30 00 a 90 50 ?Wheat was dull aud about Ic. a 3c. lower, with no mani* feat inclination to purcliaae much at any prlca, while holder* were willinK to meet buyer*. The aaloa were about 7'>,0 0 buahela at f 1 00 lor No. 3 and ungraded Chicago, PI 20 fur N'o. 2 Chicago. (1 31 a tl 32 for amall lot* do., VI '.ft for Minneaota. (1 . 0 for N'o. 1 do., in atore. #1 33 lor choice No. 1 Sheboygan, afloat; alao about 48,000 buaheli late ye*iarduy at 91 26 for No. 2 Milwaukee sprinK, to ar riva tin* month, ani 41 36 fur old Nu. 3 Michigan, in atore. Hye wa* qnlet aud nominal; 8,000 lualiel* t'anada told at about 05c. in bond. Hurley waa atcady, with ?ale* of 500 buahela No. 3 Canada at 90c. Harley malt waa dull. Corn waa in good demand and price* were a little firmer, cloning at 58c., 01c. and 62c. for no grade, (teamer au<l nail ?nixed; the tale* were abuut l7O,0?i liuahela, atiui^c.a 6l>^c.. fur atemner. apot; 61^c. a ii2o. lor mixad, t(2o. for while Western, 03c. fur old Weiteru mixed, 58c. a i^SiC. fur nu grade, 50c. a 62e. for the graded and 60^c. a 61c. for June delivery, Oata were without decided change; u little lot of 3.000 buahela No. 2 Chicago apring aold for export to llarre at 41c.; we note *ale* of 56.000 buahela, nt 4'>c. a 41c. for No. 3 Chicago mixed, :iAe. for rejected, 40c. a 42c. for No. 3 white and 37e. a 3;<c. for No. 2 graded. (il'.a.vim ? We note aalea or 5<X> roll* bnfrging at 13c. for July delivery. 1,00 i do. at 12,',c. casli. ?not, an J 5(HI do. at 12c. apot, and 35 bale* gunny bag* at 12l?'c., alxty daya. Ukmp and J DTK.?Wo note aab a of loo balea Jute butta at 3c.. time, and 300 do. do. on private term*. We quote American dro>?ed, {1H0 a $20J lor ?ingle, $200 a l6-'2.i for gold. Molassrs.?The market for domeallo waa iteady. bnt nniet. Sale* were 160 hbl*. at price* within the range. We auoto:?Cuba, coutrlfugal mid mixed. 22c. a 3"r.; clnved. 20c. a 33c.; do. muacurado refining, 3iic. a 34r.; do. grocery, 32c. a 40c.; I'orto ltico, 35c. a 5i!c.; tngllah 1*1. nda, 32c. a 50c.; New Orleana, fuir to good, 48c. a 52c.: priuio to choice. 50c. a 5f>c. Naval Sioiikk.?Tlie market for spirits turpentine waa quiet, but uncliaii.-td. Koain waa quiet, but firm; 1*1 bbla. No 3 aold at ?1 1*1. Wo quoteSpirit* ttir pentine, 32.!,c. a 33c, ; roaln, common (trained, #1 7<i a <>l 75; good do., $1 77}^ a $1 8(1. Tar?Waahington, #3; Wilmington, $2 n <12 13V Advici a from Wilmington were aa folluwaKoain firm; (trained, $1 55; good atrained, $1 0 1. Tar Btoady, $1 34). Turpentine ateady; hard, $1 30; aoft, $2 15; virgin, #2 75. hpirita qniet and ateady at 28i?c. Oiut.?At New Bedford thera were inrther aalaa of 2SO bbla. aperm for manufacturing at a private price. Ha quote:?t-ultonipcd, crude, 4,'lc. a 45c.; Stiulhern yellow, .'?8c. ; yellow winter, 58c. a 00c.; winter. C.'ic.; lard, winter $1 07 a tl 00; aperm, crude, $145; do., bleached winter. $175; do., natural do. $1 70; wnale, crude Northern, Ot.c. ; do.. Southern. Otic.; bleached winter. 73c. a 75?.; ollva. caaks, $1 17*4 a $1 33>i: do., caaea,*43.> a$4 40; winter blcached flail, 55c.; crude tlah. 48c. a 50c. I'ktkoi.kvm.?17ie market wai dull and nomiaal, closing a little under yeaterday'icloaing prices. The closing prlcea w>-ra aa followsCnido, In bulk, 8*ae. a 8?tc.: do., in bbla., lie. a 1 l'4o.; refined, in bbla. 14'^c. a 14'4c. ; dn., canea. 18c. a 18>aC. Kefinail at Philadelphia, 14c. a 14%c., and at Baltl uiora 14c. Advices from the Creek were an folio**:?till City firm; no sales, $1 OOt^ bid. I'nited, immediate, $2 23>j; Parker's, United, $1 65 bid, $1 UOJ, asked; sliip liieuu. $2 20. PiiovtaioKs.?Kccelpt*?Pork, 70 bbl*.; lard, 1,500tierces. I 157 kegs aud 85 caaea , cut tneats, 160 package*; bacon. 50 ( tierces and 765 boxes; beel. 40 tierce*. The |>ork market ruled very qnlet and prices were again in buyers' favor, clos- | lug at the aecund "call' aa ioilowsHay, $20 50 bid, $21 25 ; asked: June. $2o HO bid, $21 35 asked; July. $20 M> ' bid. $Ji fto naked; August. $21 bid. $21 .">0 I naked: September. $21 bid, $21 <0 asked. ' Tlie sales were about 750 libls. at $21 35 for August. f>pot I sales ware 30O bbla. at *'30 IK) a $21 for mess, t ut meats i were more active. We note sales of 500 pickled shonidera at ! Uc.; 5,?ll Ilia, pickled bellies, 14 lbs. average, at 1 lJi.-.; .">.(??) ' lbs. do., 10 Iba av. raga, at 13c.; 500 fretli bellies at 11 ^ ' and 500 Iresli hams at 12>^c. Frcih hams wera quoted at Pic. a 13'jC., pickled do. at 13Wc. a 12?4'c-. Ireah bellies at ' lie. a 11V-, pickled do. at 11 <ac. a 12\c., boxed do. at I2.I4C. a 13c. llncon was active at Oie W est. Sales were 800 I boxen long and short alear at the West at 1 le all ^c. a 111 ,c nu 1 1,500 boxes, various cuts, on private ttruis; also sale ot 100 boxes city short clear, on private terms, quoted at 12c. for city long clear, and llVc. tor Western do. Beef was qnlet; 40 bbls. moat'sold within the range. We quote Barrels?Extra mess, $13 50; plain do., $12 50; packet $16, Tierces?City extra India mess $37 a $20; India m?s> $35 and orlme mess. $23. Bael haius ruled dull and nomi nal at *33 a *31 lor prima Western, and $18 a $30 lor fair to good. Smoked meats ware quiet, with Jobbing sales nt 14J4e. for ham*, arid 10.'4V- ? lOJgc. for shoulder* Lard was irregular and rather lower, thongh cloalnir steadier. Tho closing "call" prices were as follows :-.Mav $13 50 bid, $13 SO asked; June. $13 ii7Jt hid, $12 SOaaked' July, $12 70 bid, $12 75 n?ked; August. $13 83U bid' $13 87>i asked: September, $13 95 bid, $13 asked The sale* were 6,000 tierces at $13 75 for June, $12 7ft a$I3 771' a $13 80 Tor July, $13 iK> for August and $13 fur September Spot w?? qniet; ,V)0 tierces Western so.d at $13 65 a $13 7ft' cloaing at $13 75; 13*<c. was bid for city. Refined was quiet at IS.'ffc. a 13^c. for South America, 13c. a 13'.c for Continent and 13^'c. a I2l4c. for Cuba. We note sales of 7ft tierces for South America at 13)?c., and 100 tierces lor Cnba at 13S?. Butter waa steady, with a fair demand wlttin the range ot 25c. a 30c., as to quality, for State, sud 20c. a 35c for Western. Cheese was steady and In fair demand al 10c! ? 1 l.'4c. for hill cream, and tia. a Oc. for skimmed. Biue.?The market a little firmer in toue, under Arm ad ?lies from southern puints. We quoteCarolina, fair to prime. 6c. a 0'4c.; Louisiana, lair to good, .Mjr. a .'iC'e - do prime. 5)^c. a oe.; Rangoon, fair to good, 6c a O'.c.'? Patna' good, 7,'aO. a 7),c., gold; Kanguon, in bond, 2^c. a 3?,e.' gold. ' Scbar.?The market remained firm at former nrleea. Sales were 3U) hbda. Porto Kico at 7^c., 77 hhds musco vado nt Sc., 102 lihds. molasses grades at oWc. a 7Uc. and 3-V) htida. at 7**e. a 7T<c. RefTned w as qniet bnt steady We quote-.-Fair to good refining, "Kc. a TVc.; Cnba grocery, ralr to choice. 8c. a 8>^c.: do., centrifugal. bhd?' and boxes, No*. 8 to 13. S.^c. a U^c.; do , inolnsses hhda and boxes, (l>ic. a 7>?c.; i'orto Rico, refining, common to prime, 7c. a sc.; do.. #rocorv, fair to choice, 8\c. a sLc. ? re fined?standard A, t?,*io a DVe.: off A, llj^o.; crushed lOjLc, ? powdered. 10>?e.; graunlateil, 101<c.; cut loaf, 10jifc>. Stkahimk.?Receipts?3 bhils. and 4 ti. rces. The market was quiet at 13ifc. a lS^c. lor prime to choice. TAI.LOW.?Receipts?7? hhds., 36 tierce* and 618 kbit and 1 cask. The market was firm; 130.0U0 lba sold at 8l.c a 8Sc.. mostly at H??o. ' WiitsKKT.?Recelpts-207 bbls. whiskey and 150 bid*, alcohol. The market wna qnlet and nominal, held at 61 Ij lales last eveni ig of .">0 bbls. at $1 13. *' FKKKMrm.?Mrain vessels were in active demand, in a great measure for Continental ports at steady rales. Petroleum ton nage was in less request, the prices ol oil being above export ers'limit*. Berth room rairiy active and firmly held at r..r mer figure*. I he engagements embraced -To Liverpool bv sail. so,UJ0 bushels grain (through freight) at 7\. i.,00 |U ? 1,4"K? bales eotton al >4d. * 6-.'t3d., the latter a< it rsn- .'sjti bbl*. rosin at ^*. 6-i.. and, per steam, 4.20 > package* baron and cheese at 41%. a,"*)?. To l^mdon, by *aii. I6.1SH bushels grain at 7\H., and. liar steam. 40.000 bushel* grain at od 611 lb?. To lilaagow. per stnam. ,H 0 bbls sugar on private terms; l,(*ti bbls. Hour at 2a tki. To Havre, per steam, .V>l packages lard and tallow at >,r. par lb. Thcc!iartcr< were ?? An Italian eark. hence to Penarth lloids lor order*, with ' 2,500 unariers grain at 5a. 3d., flat; an Austrian bark lienca to London, with 5,000 quarter* do. at 5a 3d.' a Norwegan bark, hence to Bremen, with 3,000 quarter*' at IN. 3d . all In bag*; a Norwegian bark, hence to Hellnst or Waterlorii. with 3.HOO quarters at 5a. 3d. (tho vessel taking 1 the grain. 8ho tons, to London by snil. la reported astaking part cargo in flour, at 2s. per bbi I; a Norwogan bark, hence 1 to Havre. Antwerp or Rotterdam, with 3 700 quarter* grain. at 5s. ftd ; a Norwegian barn heme to Calais, with 3,<0 quarter* du., ut 3*. 7(.d ? a British barkentine. Imm Plilladelnhla to 1'ork for orders.' with 8.81K) quarter* -in. at 5s. Od.; a llritlsli ship. 1.46ft tons' ' laid on the berth for Liverpool, taking ;hc grain roporie i above; a Herman barn, li nce to lliga, with 3,5oo bbl*. roaln at 3s. 1',<1 ; an Italian bark, hence to Naple* for or ders, with Itt.tsglraae* reflfied petroleum ;it 27',d. ; to Navies or Odessa 30c.; a llruish brig, hence to i'nited'Kingdom direct por% with 3.2i*i bbla relinod petroleum at 4?' the Oertuan bark in our last, with 4,'??> iibla. refined petro". leum. to the Continent, without particular*, was re 'orted today at 4*. I l,?l. to the Haltlc; a Oerutau liar*, hence to London, with ai.nitt \3isi bbl*. do. nt 3s. 3d. and a British l>aik, hence to .Morgan Pill, with 3.200 bbl,. naphtna at 4t. NEW YORK CATTLE MARKETS* Wkpskhpat, Mav 17. 187IL ?Kccim roit two oat*. Pro/a Shr*p <i?'< ami TnrtU fltrrm Co<r?, fVi/ve*. I.un'm. Sixtieth street 1,0?1 13 !M7 2,221 ? Korty-eighth street. ? ? 241 7u3 _ Fortieth *treet ? ? ? ? 4 74,1 Jersey City 1,0.4 ? ? 2,714 ]Cs Totala 3.14.5 |3 I.imh 0,758 (TTiftT Hki vx.*.?Trade slow on a moderate run or gener'allv roar*e but fat catte; price. olT from ',c. a IjC. i,er lb. on oar last quotation* The market* closed weak, with lew herds unsold. Price* Were H^e. a lie. per Its.; weigiit*, A'j ewt. a 8'4 cwl, from 56 lbs. a .?7 lbs. has been allowed net; gen eral sales on 56 lbs., net. At Sixteitii street yard* T. t:. KastuiMii *o|d for sell 27 car* of horned cattle. Sales at fulluws 811 Illinois sl?ors at iil,c. per lb., weight 7'?iwt ? 08 Illinois steers at Hijc. per lb., with a frac tion on per In., weight 7 cwt? scant; SO llli nois etcer. at o'.e, ;.er lb., with a iraction oil Wl4 lot M.VUU* A \S aift*u We UUmvu iHtn m a l!1 per lk.. ttMnl MlMlt 10? **> ">?? 9in?*o!T'it?'*t weight. ??Si * ewt.; held o? ?A?. m.t flVft. llerr A Cirr soft ft?f M. Kirehm.y TT HUnoU^er. M ? luU per lb. weight 8 ewl.; ? 4i per lb., witk a fraction oo par lk. **???? ?" . d on jg ItliuoU itwri u lOe. per 'J'-.""*' i T?r K."kin and head. weight TWewt H F. Burchard sold tpr " Tbompaoa II 15we MIX at ??U? ^r^M f.7* W?. 3t hemi, weight 7* cwt. thpl*V Y, ?? Mr bled. niiaoi. .tier. ?? ?s?. p*f ???. *'*h ?' #JLrL, iV ?tiKhi ?.h ??*.; Ttt ?? }?? ?; weight 7 cwt.; 85 Illliiola 5a |t|| wltli SO. oo per head, weight #*? ,wt ? held noli steers at l'?4c. ? lO^c. per lb.. w.ijrhl 7 < mm^ ( on .ale. 4rt llliaoie ???. At Jeraey City ywm? ?? Knller A Co Mid. for eelrea, J 5ft Mi-?ourt-te^r??t I per lb., welgl'l 7 cwt.. acant;5 Missouri.??"*'eoi,o.U.ion. I"., weight 7 cwt. Coney Jt Uual.T 17 Ohio steer. at lOe. per lb-.J,* ;u Illinois A Toff/ .old, f#r Morrt. A tt eUela.l\ M ???in at 0*?l p*r lb.. *?'*>'? K. ew?a' per Illinois steers at lUe. per lb.. with #1 \b head. weight?? ewt. :>9 Illluol. .tear. at i-i weight tl cwt. iJ. W. Sherman soldier ft W ? A'?* iiltawN Illlnola ateers ?t l>.L?,c. par lb., weight ? ?tl.er4 at .tarn at !?^c. per lb., weleht 5V rwt.; 1? Mllnola fj^uh Ul.c. weight .r?v cwt.: W Illlnola steer. ai lf>c par lb;. ?l'off per head, weight 7*?ewt. ^Kah,,.od tor Kjh? * Jurat KH Illinula .tears at ?5%e. P*7 '*?? "? '*!w,i,nt Illlnola staar? at siVc. par lb . wiiU (I off par h . . cwt.: 1<?? Illlnola ata*r? at 05jic. ; V ?t Kant ; ? ?Jl Illlnola ataara at Ilk. par nar lb M. bulto. *r?>? W?i|fht M87 ?b?. par baad. a?4,a?- ]t||n0|a OoMaohruith aold for llalr?eh. *?},?* ?>* cwt.. atcer. at l'?c. per lb., with #1 off par bead, weight ?s? cwt.. atrnng; :?>TllinoiJ stern, at 10o. l'?r Tb with #1 on iwr 7 cwt7: 14 Illlnola aterr- at 10c. T*"" lb ! T.Ir ' iit'iid tftiirht tiV owi: 10 *1 H' . * wei^.tHUc^^W Illinoi. .teer. at lO^c. per l\.. wtlghl ViXr A?n Li*ns?Tr.'le tlow and prlca, ofl'fro Wc. per lb. on Monday's rAto?, quality trom fair t # ^ AxeSf aold at dc. a 8'^c p-r It.. : 'fl"? VldVJ^aold 3H7 peril... yoarlln* lamba at 8c peril". h.aao All ()| . 4r>(, Ohloahpop, weight 17S lha. per hea'l, at S ? 1 ^ Ohioaharp. weltrht HI lk?. per head. *' v J!.r lb.; Ohio ^h??p, welifhl JWIbc par head, al <>?t Ohio ahoep. weight K 7We per lb.; ?-!->'? Ohio aheop, wejcht Vm>* l"T^tWr^ ??jl7M'.hi?- Ihrep. i Sc .1 ^ pffjiVi h|?{> i "STki&oM ao'",177*Ohi"o TSl^ | welrht li ??lbaP. at eXe. par It. ; 45 Ohlo .haep. weight I s r?"<) lbs at 6^-c. per lb,; 2?l Ohio iheep. wci-ht -? ' MTWiLpaMbJsl8.Vohiid?.ep,w.l?l.t 17.:ilo lb... at 7?c. ^M,u ? Cows.?Trade steady, at $T>0 a f75 P?r b??d- eiilve* laeludnd. fjAlTM. ?There were no atnooth quality to hand. Buttermilk-fed calves aold at \m\ roarae quality calves at Ho. a 8c. per lb. ^ttado alightiy in. P TCi-Ther. were no lire hogs on sale. DOMESTIC MARKETS. i Galvkstow, May 17. tPTO. Pott on anlat* mlddllnr ll^c.: low middling. lO^c.: irood ordinary, wjj?' Net rice^i.^O bale. Kxpurt. a7i Sales, 1,006. Stock, il.317. - New Obijcahs. May 17, l?7i\ Cotton qnlet; mlddlinc, HV-; mliiMfng. lo.1:^; CisWias Brt.'.ir'&'.-nx" iss -??*. 148-4,W- Moiiti.f. May 17. 1*70. 110 bales, riates, 300. Stock, JO,7oO. Savannah. May 17, 1W7B. ^.Ks^rss-^i. a asrbX Stock, 10.400. Cn?tuw?, May 17. 187?. Cotton doll; tnJddlln? llK?.: low mld.lling 11 vc.: good ordinary. 10c. Net receipts, .Vt bales. Sales, luu. on ca. 15-U'7- WiMSWfiTOH, N C? May 17 1h7? Spirit, turpentine steady at -^c. Itosln Urn at $1 ? for strained. Tar steady at $1 ? . 0swlt(;0 Mliy l7 1P7a ?MIU) bnshels on private teruia; car lota at ?1J?, extra ?iai*B \i t#*h I fun $1 54 white Canada held at $1 4o aspl oo. V i . auX ? arte, or 3.2a. bushels new at : two cars .i _? JS2 'Barter qnlet; No. H Cwnaila offered at l?)c. old at OJc- ' j...'| r bolted and a if^o for unbolted ?r?on Milf feed ahoru. $lVl; sniustuffs, $17; tniddlinga, ^ ?.rolghta-VVheat r.Ho-; peas tic.; $1U a SJ> P?r ? Npw york ? lumber, $2 to the Hudson, |".r7.-.*lo N? York. "Lake rocelnts-Bye, ^l<? b"?hrUj lumber, 408.000 feet. Canal ft'Ia'al bushels; rye. 26.500 do.; lumber. 4li.tiOO leet. ?yrr.\LO. Mar 17, 1R76. lake Wheat. 71,0CX? bushels. Hocftpts?By Heoelpts-HT ia*e *rne?, 4<(iuo busbeia; corn. a?<M do - MU, '14,000 do.; barley, HO) do. Shipments d ' 'to tidewater?'Wheat. 2I3.0"0 bualiels; corn, ^ ,5*""' . ?"tMuxnte" rye. ?,*? ?lo. To tnterlor X\ iZLt- corn. st :13: *2,01 U do. No. '2 Milwanaee at $1 1H a f 1 17, 1, s J.t dr. eu Bnv ut $1 '2&- Com qul?t. h??trjr, aal? s or ft.OCO 5 h u MtBrn at 52c. ? 3,400 do. So. 2 do. mixeu Western at"sCi OaU Inactive Kye Inactive. Barley, dull; sales r??7SV? Canaila at #1; 7'?0 do. at '.tic. beeOa qniet, dull at $21 50 lor heavy me.-. Lard dull at 14c lllgliwlnea nominally $1 10 for city made. " Toi.itno. May 17. 187ft Flnnr steady. Wheat clearly; No. 3 white Wabash. (1 28; ?r?l whlft^5l?hi?n. ^er8i$3li?'' offered i low mixed. 53c.; No 2 white 55c. ff.iT'i'Z. U t ?VKc.; Michigan, :#?e. Kecelnts? Wheat, 2.?J>'bushels. Hhipmenta? Klour S00 bbls.; wheat, 1 5(X) buakels; oorn, ll.OUIdo.; oats, l-.OOOdo. ' Chicago. May 17, 1870. ?_i,t Wheat active, but weak and 2c. a 3c. lower; Klour qniet. .. .ni.j, uriCeh; No. spring. ,poT;"t7e.,'M'ayT^V:. Vane; !utk*? rjnlv'' relected 4 .^.c. Oais quiet bin steady; No. 2 spot: 3tii,c.'. June. Kye steady and uuchanjreo. uVriov it good demand and a shade higher; ?Uc. a TOe., ?noi- r.7c June, fork unsettled but generally lower; 1 -at a fr'Ottt) spot ; f2t> 75, July. Larti unsettled but *z ' I.i. lower- Si2^25 a $12 27K. spot and Jnne; ST5 *71? a ?I2 40 July. Hulk meata steady and unchanged Whiskey. #1 07K- ls?ke iroighu weak uncn?nwc? t Kecoipia?Hour, 10,0(>? bbls.; I ^ ?Vc*S bnshala* corn, l*?.00?? do.; outs, ^4,000 do,; rTe?* MO d? ' barley. HC?)ti do. Shlpme.U-Klonr. 0.000 ffiijf Jhia^j;. bnahel.; jSfc noot^ca*!! Lf tbi Boari^-wdST firmer. Oats ^c.. May. l'rovlslons unchanged. Havana markets. Havana. Jtny 17, 187a Spanish gold, 227*4 a Exchange weak; on the I'nited States, short sight, currency, 7 a ?!>? discount; sixty days, gold. 3'4 it 3),' premium; short slitht. a 6 premium. On London, W4 it lt^4 premium, Sugar uimer, but nut quotably higher. EUROPEAN MARKETS. Untrooi Pbodi-ocMarket.?LimRrooL. May 17?Even ing.?Linseed oil, 'J'.ts. por cwi. CloTorseed. 5">t. a rtO*. Loxnn* I'Mont'CB Makkkt?liiiNuon, May 17?Even lag.?Linseed cake, ?0 15s. per ton. ITIARCUb. Outfit ~ BKL.M <>3t A CO., Banters, 10 and 21 N ass an St.. Issue Travellers' Credits, available In all parte of the world, through the Messrs. X)K KOTIIS0HILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and Telegraphic Transfers of Money on California and Enrope. A-T REASONAB LI RATE*.?VONKY ON LIKE AND Endowment Insurance I'ullcies. Mortgages ami other seeuritiea; insnrsnce of all kinds effected with best cum panics. J. J. II ABitU' II A CO.. 117 Broadway A-STOCK SPECULATION# OOKDI7CTBD BT US IN ? every form; book containing inmrination relating to stock# sent free on application. TUMHKlIXiE A CO., Bankers and Brokers, No. ft! Broadway. A NY AMOL'N'T TItL'ST"PUNDS TO LOAN OK iV mortgage ; city or Brooklyn. _ Le w ITT A WOLCOTT, 10 Pine it. A" ?nmuui on muuiu or nx u ? chance exclusively; contracts do not have to remain with ns. as they are taken by other brokers as margin: no privileges issued or signed by us; explanatory circulars and quotations mailed; reference* in New York and leading cities. LAPSLKY X BAZLKY. Brokers, 74 Broadway. A- LKX. FROTHING!!AM a' OO., BANKER* AND Brokers, No 1J Wall street. New York, make, for cus tomers, de.<lrahlcJnves?mcnt?, of large orsmnll amounts. In stocks of a legitimate character, whlcn frequently pay from Ave to twentv times the amonnt Invested every thirty days. Keliable I'm* and Calls negotiate4 at favorable rates; Storks bought lyid carried as long as desired, on deposit or three to five per cent. CircuUrs and weekly reports sent froe. OLT.ECTIONS, ~ ?? Maturing nnd past due collections made with prompt ness and economy: liberal advances Made on approvd col lection*. W. II. WKKKs. Hanker. 17H Broadway, D- IVIDEND NOTICE.?A UlvTuKNO OK ia~?5i cent will he paid to the depositors of the Mnttiisl lSen ctl* Savings Hank on demand at the office of tho Receiver. No. 1 Centre st., Siaats Zeltniv: building. May H?. IK7U. W._F. ALHRICtI, Krrelver. I ALWAYS lUVE MOVE* TO LOAN ON Moftf. gage New York city property', citv railroad Stocks and Bonds bought and sold. II. L. OKANT, 14ft Broadway. JOHN ?. PIKRCE. NbC'ft PINK si\. LOANS MONK* nn New Yors and Brooklyn Real Kstate. Six per rent money for first class loans. M~ ONEY TO LOAN-iM.OOU. A>J???, 90,0(1. $12,000 AND larger sums?On Ne*' York, Brooklyn and H'estclicster Property j also at n i>?-r rent on lew valuations S t AM', A IILW KL.L, 1 hi Broadway. MONEY LOANhH ON MOKitiAOKS IN Ni-.W YORK atid Westchester eonnty. In smell and large sa:ns mortgaues ought and sold. 0. \V. IHTCHKTI 3 New Chambers st. K\L EsTAlE T1U 8T COMPANY STOCK.-A FEW 1 Shares Tor sale: will b ? sold st a BARGAIN to rios. an account. W. C. NOVKs, Nos. 4 and 11 I'lne r.*. u AILUOAO AM) COI .MY HO.SOH wsnted. R W. II. W EhK>. Ranker, ITS Broadway. CAKE IN V MTMKNT.-SIIIKI.IIS- KIVR PF.R CENT P Secured Notes; Issue if1110,000.01*): until lHtvi: price H?'V \\'a.vifcu ro l.D\x-#i?v<V>YoR two'TkarJTat ?? , seven percent Interest. p,,r.,ble semi-annually; eeritniy jriven on lirst class personal propertr worth four t me* the amount. Address, lor one dav, Thursday, May IS, stating where interview can be lia.l, BISIN hSS. room 444 (iriilld Central llotel. \\rAN I'KI>-a Jooi) FIRST oil SflCONl) MORT '' ?>*:'* "" v,,w ^"rk or Brooklyn Property, iron $3,wO to^l i.COU; money ready. KINO, Wi Hudson st.. Now York. WA.VIKD?AT SIX I'hlt CUM', $HkJ,(J00 ON FIRST Mortgeue on Bhmdway rroperit. worth #40il,i)tst; leased tor Address 81'LENUIL BONOSMKN, llersld office. <s? ~k iinn WMWI WAN TED?OX OOOO 8KOUR ?f'J.v/WLf iiv to use in an esiablisaed bttsiaosa. Ad dress BON A KI UK. Herald oOce. d> r.A (WW) ?WASTED, UAPTtAts tO OOimifui iji'/l'.UUO, au Interestine and superior developed real est at# enierprlse aear New York, worth tTiOO.ikSl; one ?tviier; into <?1 II desired; Investment seenroA l'riavlpala auoisss JUUMi-HUlii MM $5TTfifi?TF ZawykiI. ho, i.nfe: nxiVCTUk . tncggro-rgw mwt *w: vol in jwn: raly li|tl iifnui. AMiw 18 Post office. _____ tl 0(10 fffwT 1 OV\ K~DI * IDMiTto-SUIT, At "Pi.UUUiUUU lowent on prima Beal BatatS. _ y. tL ?tkvens6w. Jr.. Wo.? yiM m. " itMIfBlg" fiHWRTt)WiftE?. A k AOTi^r^ixrwfffi FKoirjiod tf) ussnnai S\. near of e good ItrtHnnit. I,LOYI>. 20 Broadway A* OLD BHTABLIriHKD liOt'SK J.N MOULIN, OEK. m,nT. Iiavlnir frtveu op ? portion of it* bu.luea*, wii 6? (.pen lo art m buying >|eaui for a flrtt cia?a American houaei?<^ug*y,rol>deor i?aCr gooda. Addreaa U. bo* 1.S I7 Poet office. Now York. ABUMHMW MA*. WITH FIRST CLASS BUSINESS ronnectlowa in Mouth and North Carolina*. Oeorgia, Altbkmt ind H rldi, wiiiin to m&ke irruitfiDenlt wilti manufacturer* and tmportera to .oil *ood. oa commUaion. Addreu HAY R.N. No. 26 Ailor Houaii. A raiWOM WIT? fWM WAMTBP-TO JOt* A 1\. gentleman huvlnir capital in purc!iaeini( a bualneaa which bo ha* manap.-d for aevoral year* and ?an retain; owner ????11a because of Apply to UUItlGS A CAKLKTON. ?* Broadway. N~ ASSOC! ATE~Wa NTBD?witii woo TO ?400. TO tak? eqntl intoroat tn a lijflit manufacturing bualnoaa; thoroughly e?tabliehed; orer I,UUO atoree aupplled. Call ai 2ifcJ Waat 10th at. ti UNUSI;AL Ol*P<IRT PNITY FOR A RKLIABLB man ol good habit, ia a coal and wood buaineax; 3(1 y. ?r* vatablialied; good factory and family trade, netting *ti,()UOt'i IM.WK>yearly; fJjpOO required; amount aocared. II AN KINS Jt 00., 28 West JUth at., noar Broadway. A" PARTNER D1MUBED?W1TH $1,000, TO INVEST with me in a manufacturing monopoly, aole control for $'.',1 DO ca.h, tmliiuce Irom bcaineaa. ?B Montgomery at., room 10, Jeraey City. W~~KXPKRIBNOBD BUSINESS MAN. WITH $MOO, a? partner in a wholesale bualneaa. Addrea?, for Inter view, TOBACCO*), Herald oUte*. C?apitaIT ~ I am prepared to flirnf sb approved financial wdettak* lnva with (ho reu-nlte capital. W. H. WBEKB. Banker. 178 Broadway. ELDERLY LADY. INDUSTRIOUS, UNDERSTANDS keeping boarding houae, with aotne moana, daairos a partner for country or eity. Addrea* clMl'SON, Herald office. Foil SALE?PATENT BIflHT FOR THE BEST FOLD ing Opera Chair in market; also ouo for School Desk, vltli Seat Attaclinteut. Can be aci-n at 440 l*farl at. Having vaLU \ble contract from incorpo rato company fur introduction or patented machinery connected wltli largest manufacturing industry in the ooun* try, want party with aemo capital. Addreaa MACHINES, box 174 Herald office. HXvino ESTABLISHED A DAIBY DOWN TOWN L want a Partner bavlutr a .mall amount of money to In vent In tho enterprUe, which will prore to be a profitable ia veatment. Addrea* W. W., box 170 Herald office. MAN WITH-MKA.N'H WOULD CONNECT HIMSELF with an auction houae, having in view aa Interest. Addreaa A KKOWSMITH, Herald office. 1~ >AKTNKK, WITli &I5oo, Foil HALF INTBRBST old eatitbllthcd Coal and wood Yard. Addreaa W. B. !?., atatiou C. OHEEP RAISINO IN COLORADO ?PABTNEB WANtI O ed. with $U,< 00 to $10,0 U Addreaa COLORADO, Herald office. \/1 ?PARTNER WANTED IN A XjOAN OPFICB ^poUU. already catabllahed. with good buaineta; can lnuko f 1IK) per week: investigation invited. Addreaa O. TOMPKINS, Herald office. ? ro TO BE INYBHTED IN A 8BCCBRD Jp'JUU and profitable bnalneaa by a Indy of commercial experience. Mention buaineta to aecure attention to letter*. Addretin Mrs. A. T. O., Herald Philadelphia Brunch office. <fc 1 "J11\ To $2,Oja -PABTNER~W'ANfED_FOR A IJl,()WU theatre, hotel and-pknioplace, 15 milea irom Now York, dolus a good bualneae. Adun*a CITY ASSIiM ULY KuuMs, bliaabeth, N. J. (tjl rnn -TO UENERAL KNU RAVERS.-AN BS JPl.uUl;. tubliahed Kntfrarinjr buaiueaa, with .tore, in liubiic thoroughfare. Addreaa K.NGUAVER, box 227 Herald office. (t')M (WW) ?SPECIAL PARTNER WANTBD IM ?P^jU.Uv/U. mediately; eatabliahed buaineaa; largo profita. Addreaa 0ENU1NE, Herald office. THE LOUISIANA BONDS. The genre questions arising trom tho discussion be fore the Governing Committee as to tho admission of the Louisiana consolidated securities to tho regular call of tho Board were decided yesterday. The deci sion is a precedent for the admission of tho various State bonds, which favor has been vainly sought by their sponsors heretofore. Tbe Committee on Securi ties at Large is composed of tbo following gentlemen;? Edward Urohdon, chairman; William Lutumls, Bray ton Ives, Jamos Weeks and W. E. Strong. The Chair man made a report to tho Governing Committee of tho Stock Exchange to tbo elfcct "that the bonds wero sound," and recommended thai they be g'lven tho privilege of tho call, whereupon tho following order was undo:?"That tbo Governing Committee of tbe Stock Exchange bus de cided to admit to privileges of the call tbe now con solidated Louisiana bonds, and nave ordered that tboee iBKued under an aot to provide for fuuding obligations ol tho State by exchange for bonds, 4a, approved Jan* uary 24, 1874, dated January 1, 1874, payable to bearer lorty yours from date, with interest at seven per cent per annum, coupons payable January and July, from Nos. 1 te 8,230 inclusive, each lor $1,000, and Noa. 1 to 871 Inclusive, for $500 each, to bo placed on regular coll list, and that bonds Nos. 1 to 3,541 inclusive, each for $100, to be called as *atnail bonds.'" It seems there waasomo opposition to tbe report as finally adopted. A well know n bankor and dealer In State bonds told tbo Hkkald reporter that it was a good thing to get the bonds on tliu Hoard, yet it would lie a better tlilug to got them oil'. lie bad, he added, good city and State sixes, guaranteed bonds, oa tho list, and had oli'ored them daily to dealers, without a single bid, within ton per cant ol their quotod value. Tlio dealers in sSouthoru bonds believe in this action ol the Oorernlng Committee in regard to Louisiana, that they see a millennium dawn for Flondas, Alabama*, Georgian and oilier cl.uises now ruled oil' tho caU for various reru-ou?, which wero principally stated by lb* Hbrald yost*rday. BUSINESS TROUBLES. Messrs. George Ripley k Son, wool commission merchants, of Na 69 Pine street, have suspended pay ment. Their affairs are Involved through the failure ol Messrs. Messinger k Wright, of Duane street, which was announced In this column yesterday, and whose paper they hold to the extent of $30,000. Other causes, too, contributed to bring about toe present difficulty. It is thought that thoir liabilities will amount to $150,0001 The aaiieta are not known. John J. Johnston baa bceu adjudicated an Involun tary bankrupt by Register N. W. Allen, of No. 163 Broadway, ou petition of his creditors. At ths first composition meeting ot the creditors of Charles Malty and Peter Soherflus, held yesterday be fore Register Isaac Dayton, of No. 322 Broadway, tha composition of twenty-five cents on the dollar?flva cents in six months, ten cents in nine months and ten cents in twelve months? accepted. lho adjourned first composition meeting of tha creditors of Ezra W. Keeler, which was to have been lield yesterday before Register 1. T. Williams, ot No. 4 Warren street, was again adjourned, this time until next Monday. John U. Ochnenger, of the firm ot Wettstein, Och nengcr k Co., siilcs, at No. 4<K) Uroome street, baa gons into bankruptcy. Most of tho creditors reside in Europe, the loilowing being the principal ones:?Al Mornbrun .v Co., $130,000; K. Doux ft Co., $26,f>00; Haneg^er k Levator, $14,760 ; 8. Rutaini, $S.200; l.aboro k Barbegint, $7,;:4u; Morel Patel, fits, $0,u6O The total amount of his liabilities Is 1210,00ft, The assets consist of stock valued at $03,060 and open account* amounting to about $-10,000. Joseph Seligmnn and William D, Kitchen, the as* nlgneesof John 1). Phillip.*, have ordcrsd the sale of all his real estate on Thnrsday, May 26 Bealdea tha stores on Crosby street there are 186 Iota on the Boule vard, Madison avenue and id various parts of Harlem. The (allure of A. 8. Uatchill, dealer In ntbbor goods, at No. 31 Cortlaiidt street, is announced, and he offers to compromise at ten per cent. Alfred 11. Willmont, tailor, at Na 671 Broadway, has gone Into bankruptcy. Thore are twenty-ftvt creditors, to whom bo owea $20,000 CORONERS' CASES. Coroner Croker yesterday took charge of the follow* ing cases:?Eliza Starkes, aged twenty-six, a patient at tho Charity Hospital; John McCarthy, aged twenty, four, a butcher, of No. 94 East Fourth street; John Stern, aged seventy-six, a shoemaker at No. 440 West Fortieth street; Mary Ann Fox, aged nineteen, of No. 101 West Twenty-seventh street, or consumption; William Begin, one year, of N?k Melberry street: from small-|><>x; Edward Heller, aged ten months, of No. 47 Kldrttlge street, and a still-born child found mu vacaut lot on Flfly-sooood street Tuesday afternoon. THE SURROGATE'S OFFICE. WHOUUAUI BBXOTAIi AMD CON BTBBW ATIOB AMONO TUX X1CPLOTKS. Considerable changes are being made in the official p minis! of U>o Surrogate's office. Several of ths prosent clerks and assistants will be discharged on Saturday next. Tho names of those 4o be discharged are not yet known. With over two exception* Appli. cants for the places of outgoing clerks are numerous. Mr D. W. Olllete, the Probite Clerk, has been notified ot his intended removal. He was absent from his old place to-day during business hours for the first time for some yesra the consternation is greatestamong the new men who owe their place* to the anti-Tam many inflnenoc after the election of the late Surrogate Van 4haick. BOST OFFICE The foreign malls despatched yesterday by tbo steamers Scotia, Araptilco and Cuba oonsisted of 38,631 letters, 361 registered letters and 63 hags of papers. BEGGING LETTER NUISANCE. Postmastsr Jamas Is receiving large numbers of let* ters, addressed to himself, enclosing bogging letters to various wealthy New Yorkers. These are returned to the Post olllces from which they come, and thsei ay* BealeO M tre thus sstoO MB* WW*#**

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