Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1876 Page 2
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BOARDERS WATPgD. I f^ttANDSOMKLY FURNISHED 'ROOMS FOR*Fa'mT 1. lie* ?nl aiutcle genllemtu, with Board; ooUrili rale*. 119 WimlijrplHe. 1 HANDSOME PARLOR FLOOR TtHKEE LARGE room*) . het ltd t old water and cioaet*. will rent ?n ?will- or >1111917'. alto one uncle Kootn. with Roard. Mr?. KKNT. ? aud 2S K?1 23d >L (Madison sqnarei. I.ARllK 1 SINGLE FRONT MASK I tusni and Bedroom, with Board, al 11? East 23d si.; term* moderate. IT NEWLY AND HA NDtiOMELY FURNISHED Urge front Room, with or without Board ; al?o simile Room*, for Kentiemrn. 5tf West 22d at., between 5th and 6th a<r>. 1HALL ROOM. W1T1I BOARD: GFnTLRNAN OR lndy ; family private 3tt * est 43d al.. near Hth iiv. SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR, LAROE FRONT ?.and hack room*, large closet*. very pleasant, nicely lur Dished. $11 to $15 for two; small lluoml. $ > Soto $8, unex ceptionable table. 325 West 10th *1. 1'OR TWO CUOICK ROOMS. ELBOANTLT FUlf nlahed, with Board, at Weal :*.>tlt >1. , referHiices. DESIRABLE FI;o.NT ROOM. WITH OOOO BOARD, tor single gentleman ; hoaae flrat class; reference*. 271 Went 11th at. 1 large room, on second floor, with I B??rd : hot and .-old water: ample cloaet room : to gen tleman-end wile , alto oue small Room. 317 2d av. 1tm~BLOCK PROM BROADWAY (I* EAST HTU ST.) ?^e and mnall Rooms to let, with first class Board; references. ILhT irving smalITroom o.n fourth floor, one larire and on* small ou third Hour, all front, with or without Board; reference. 1b^S*LAKGE OR TWO SMALL rooms WANTED?WITH Board, for two ladle* oat durlag the day, between Broad way ?ud Stb a*, and 12th to 20th at. Address home, 800 Broadway, 8MALL FAMIY UP ADULTS CAN BB accommo dated in a private family with Board and Room*. Cell at or address 159 Went 22d at. CHARLES HT ?8ECUND" floor. FRONT ROOM, with Board; every eonvaulence ; lady and gentleman or Iwo-.single gentlemen; terms reasonable. 21> AV.. :tf>4 ?A PARTY OF GENTLEMEN. OR C.ES". tleinen and thair wires, can be accommodated with Board and plaaaant Rooms. OD FLOOR FRONT ROOM. BEAUTIFULLY Fl'R _ ni*heil. to let, with Board. 203 Went 54th ft. *3 NORTH "washington SQUARE?LARGE, COOL O front Kooma, with Qna view on park and excellent Board at moderate priees; house. location and convenlenrea unsuruaased. Call and >ee. 4~~EAKT 20T11 ST-BOUTHERNKRS AND PARTIES deslrlngeummer Board, line accommodation*. - PARK AV HOBOKEN. ?TO LET. BY A "t 1ER MAN ?' family of two. furnished front Parlor, to ana or two geutlemrn. with or withuut Board. "r PROSPECT PLACE"(EA8T 41ST ST.)?IIANDSOME >J - Parlor Floor, with Jtoard for two persona, $25; alao large, handsome Rooms, with Board for two persons, $16 and $14 par weak. EAST 40TH ST., ADJOINING WINDSOR HOTEL?? Choice Room*, with or without Roard; referencea. CTH AV.. tM.?ELEOANT PAKLOIt SUITS, FROM *) 2 to C room*; alio other Room*, furnished, with or without Board; referencea 5" Til AV.. 01?FURNISHED ROOMS. EN SUITE OR singly. with flrat class Roard; n few day boarder* taken; table d' liote : dinner at six. rTIl AV.. H22. ?ELEOA NTL Y FURNISI1F.D SUITES OF *.) Itooma to rent, with private table If desired. Htii a v.. no.i 4o~corn r r i 9th st.-e ntire reo 1/ on I Floor of live connecting rooma; alao separate Par 'or* and Bedroom*, all fnrniihed handsomely, to let, with ?r without privute table, or with breakfaat only. rrTll \NI> (iTII A VS.?VERY DESIRABLE^ ROOM Si ' with Board, on *ulte or aaparately. 58 Weat 19th at. /TTII AV, NO. 741, NBAR57TH ST.-ELEGANT ROOMS it for a ?entl<-maii and wife or (ingle gentlemen, in a pri vate family, with flrat claa* Board. WMT 4.-.TII ST., NEAR TIIK WINDSOR? HAND somely lurnisbed Room*, with flrat claaa Board, lor families or Dingle geutlemen, at anmnier price*. 8~E\ST 32D ST.?SPACIOUS AND HANDSOMELY fnrniahed Room* for families or single gentlemen ;rof irences OBANK ST.?NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. with Board; term* to aait the timet; hense ha* changed hand* thla aprlng; come and *ee. AO PEE WEEK -H OR 4'gKNTLRMEN BOARDERH wanted, within 15 minute*' walk or the landing. Port Richmond, Staten Island. Addrea* C. D.. 31 New at., N. Y. nEAST 31 ST ST.. BETWEEN MADISON AND 5TII ava.?Handaomely fnrniahed Room*, with flrat claaa French table; reference!. n" ST. LUKE'S 1PLACE.?A BOBTOK FAMILY WILL let aevcral nice Roomi, with or without Board; mod irate term*. TH ST.. 160 WEST.-FUHNISHF.D ROOMS TO LET, . with Brut class Board; reterenoes. TH ST.. 150 WEST. NEAR flTII AV.?WITH BOARD, XX large, pleasant Second Floor, front and hall Kooma. lonnecting: leTte closet*; every convenience; location very lealrable; referencea [ 9 LivijidifroN place, stuyyksant square.? m A furnlahed Room to let, with Board ; references es ihanged. | i) EAST 12TH BT..'NEAR 5TH AV?TOlLET. WITH I _ Board second story front Room, fully furnished; Rooma on third floor. (19 PER-WEEK~FOR TWO-WITH BOARD, IN i. L ? nicely furnished Room; also Second Floor, fhr nlaueil or nnfarnished. with Board, at 237 Weat 4th at. ST.. 134 WBST^CTIF AV.- LAKGB FURNISIIED 11 11 R??m\o'let"wlth Board. 13 B WEST 9TII ST.?SUIT OF ROOMS. WITH BOARD; also two tingle Rooma; day boarders accommodated. WEST 2STH ST.?ELEGANT accommodations, with or without Board ; two doort from Broadway. 50 WEST J3TIJ ST.. NEAR 5TH AV.-A pleasant lo -econd storr Room to let, to ^ntleman andwire-, foard for lady only. LIVINGSTON. I A WEST " IflTII ST.?ELEGANTLY M RNISHED Room*, with Board, permanent or transient; refer tncea. ? RTlTsT 217 WEST.-ELEG ANT ROOMS. EN SUITK and tingly. wilh Board; location desirable; terras ??oderate: reference*. 'l^TH trrT 305- WE8T.?HANDSOME ROOMS TO l^X 1st. with Board: aun-.mer priees. TH ST.. 3tM EAST?NICELY FURNISHED LARGE and am all Rooms, wilh Board. ^ TH ST.. 202 WEST.?LARGK AND SMALL ROOMS, with superior Board; reference. ^ ! r WEST ilTH ST., NEAR BROADWAY.?F.LE 1? ) rantly fnrniahed Rooms, with snperior Board and nrtt rliu accnrnmiMUtioni: rtf?rfno?. _ _ 1 CTH ST., FACING STPYVESANT PARK 23S EAST. Extralarge Rooms and hall Room*, with cloeett; all Improvements; with BoartL^ _______ "EAST OTH ST.. BETWEEN university PLACE and ?'>th av. ? Rooma, with Board. $5 to $7. "WEST 31 ST ST.?PLEASANT SUIT FRONT AND ?ingle Room*, with Board; reference reqnired. "rapt 3D ST.?TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN ? v ? can have nicely furnlahed Room*, with or without Board, in a ?mall pHvateJamlijn lerm* moderate. Q/\ waverlby place.- pleasant BOOMS With or withont Board; first claat table; transient u 14 in 17 IS t)l k UNIYKKSITY PLACE.?ROOMS AND BOARD; ' hack Parlor, with Extension ; large rooms, bath at tached. second and third floort; hot an't cold water through out rooms; reference. Call to-day and all week. tmTII ST., W1 WEST.?A SMALL FAMILY HAVE I Hallroom lo let. with Board; price moderate. nnTWAVEBIJ5T PLACE -FURNISHED ROOMS ON second and third floors, with Roard. r?9D ST.. 33 WEST?DESIRABLE ROOMS. IN SUIT or singly, to let with Board: permanent or transient; inmmer prices; reference. '>?)!? ST.. 242 WEST ?LAROE. FURNISHED BOOM ^x on second floor lo let, with Board; terms moderate; reference*. fjo WEST 321i ST7-TWO CONNECTING ROOMS; ? ) alto tingle Room: anperlor table; reference*. 23 ? . Sio CLINTON PLACE.-To LET. WITH OR WITHOUT Board, Parlor and Redroom. suitable for two. In a pri vate family; tenna moderate; referencea WKHT 2VH1 ST.?KUUHJS A>U HOARD. 2.JD bt~ ~ 3*4 "west.?hakdsoxelt published O Room a, with flnt dui Board. nop BT.. WEST.-TO I?BT, WITtt BOARD. RATO <j?) somely furnished second storv Room Call at 11H. OOO ST. Ma WUt-VERT PLEASANT PCKNISIIKD _? ) Rooms, to let. with or without Board; transient Boarder* takes ; table Board. QQD ST.. WKsr. ?4.-HANDBO ME~lT~ rURNISnKD Room" for families or gentlemen : term* verv reason sble: table first clam; private |f deal red; transient parties trrnmmodKted. ?l?)D ST., 161 WB8T.-KLBOART PARL*R PLOOR, O three rooBt. private hath, with or wlthoat Board. Re ception Room to a physician, Bedroom adjoining; small Boom. #7. Call all the week. QQD HT.. 249 WEST^-TWO ROOMS OK SECOND ? ?) floor to let, with first class Board; will rent finely ; references. 2> JD ST . iv> WEST -^l)EsiRA R^LK~RboiTs~ TO l.KT, O with first rlaaa Board, near hlevated Railroad; refer ences exchanged. O I WERT 33b ST OPPOSITE MPTH AVBHUH mT Hotel.? Large. airy Salts and iis|le Rooms, with B *rd; limner prices; reference*. r?,~TH HT" ?7~ VTEST. - N 1<: F.I.Y FUR.MSURD t*'J doable aad single Koofua, with good Board, at mod erate prieae. 2r BT.. 114 EAST. HEAR MADfsON~ SQUARE.? ft llandeoreely tarnished Rooms, with Heard, at mod erate rates, hot and cold water in rooms. t?u "east 22b STr?DKSIkABLE ROOMS. WITH ^0_ Board; also table board. Mr*. A I'ARO. OQTH ST.. W?7 WKST-HANDSOMELY PURN1SHED ZrO Rooms, with Board; ample cloacts; ranning water; pteWl (1(1 nUWTOB PL AVE.? IIANKSOMELT rUKXlBUED dJ O R.?n>, large and small; ever; convenience; with or wlthont Hoard. Oft WAVERLRT PLACE.?PIRBT "OI.ABS BOARD OU and pleasant Roonia; prices moderate. ?JA BAIT 21ST ST-DKSIKaHLE I.ARliK ROOMS. i)U with Board, (or tao gentlemen or gentlemau aad wils ?7/1 EAST 23D ST.. BETWEEN broadway AND OU 4th av - To let. with Hoard, liall Room 5 relerenee*. ? 11 WKST l?TII ST.-HA.NDhiME AND SewITy OJL lariil-'ied Rooms to let, with er without Hoard, singly sr ea soitc. to iccntlsman and wife or single gentlemen . pri vate table II required. nt) M WKST WASH INOTON SQUARE-HhW OCCL' tit), I.ant; renovated, new furnished Salts Rooms aad nntrle; table first criasa; nicety of private family; terms rraMtakUl reference. ?J A TM tT., 344 WKST -HANDSOMELY KL'RMSIIED 0"X Room*, with superior Board ; everything nr>tcl**<; table Board : references necessary. SJ~ "kasT MTU ST.? LAROK AMD BMAI4. ROOMS (jfj to let, with Board; table aad atteadancr first Hast; lernss moderate _ _ sY/*TH ST., CORNER OP MADISOlF AV ?A VERY DE t>0 slrable Salt of two or three Booms to real, with or witiMWt Board. 314 Maaisoa av. ?J7 WEST WTH ?T.-TERT desirable ROOM, O f with SUBlf first elaat Board; summer price*. BOARDERS wanted. _ oqf kast'"-jitn st -a Suit ok "room*, with oo bath, clou It. Ac., with prtvito table or wit hoot board; rmiiai for gentlemen, without board: nfimm 00 4u. 42 AND 14 WEST I4TH 8T.-Room? WITH on, Hoard. permanent or irmiltnt; bouse tad aaoouinio datious flr?t class. ?>ci and 41 wkst ItiTH st.-B<>ani>. PERM AN em* 0?' or transient, m vary nod*rata prices; pleasant Room*; lance doable house : references. 1 1 WKRT jrtii w?dbhirahlk poom8. WITH 'i I lto*rd: either permanent or transient; anmmer price*: table Board.. A "i WKST umk ik^kalmantlt rcbmltbbd j~i Rooma; Ural class Hoard; ball Room', for gentlemen. A 1 k 4st '-'1st st?handsomely kl'kn l-ll ki> 1 1 front room* on second and third lloor*, with Bret cue? Board; (ierman family; reference. 4 0 ra8t 2fiTH st.. bbtwkbn BROADWAY AND i ?t 4th av. ? Pleasant Rooma, with or without Board, at reasonable rate*; reference. A ') CLINTON PLACR. CORNER OF uniykrsitt t ?t place. ? Superior accommodations and excellent table lor lamiliea and single gentlemen ; al*o table board; hoii?e spacious and all the rooma light and airy; terma moderate. A oh ST. 133 WEST.?dks1 RARI.E ROOMS, WITH ta Qrat claaa Board, in an American family; alao table board. 4k WEST 11TM ST.?hanmomkly FURNISHED ') Roon>? on second lloor for gentlemen end their wives or ilntle gentlemen. with Hoard; table boarders taken. c EAST 2.VTII "ST.. "pirst HorsE FROM MAPI ? / aon square.?Pleasant Rooma to let. with or without Board; transiently or permanently; location unexeeptlon ablf : referi-nrea exchanged. 4rr EAST arrrn ST., bk'iwx&N kloaovat ajft ?J 4tli ar.?Double and single Rooma, with Hoard; tranaient partle* accommodated : reference. At* WEST 32D ST.?demikakle ROOMS TO LET' t"w with Hoard; gentlemen can make very reaaonable arrangements. A_(* wkst itttt PT imiiufi ijtt ""f !: kooom, tu elegantly furnished, with Board; tranaient boarder* accommodated; reference. A /?TH ST.. NEAR 5T1I av.?DESIRABLE it'it OP ill Rooma. together or separate, for married couple or single grntlemen. with Hoard; pricea moderate. Adrtreaa J., box MS Post office. A 7 west 2jd~ ST.?PLEASANT rooms. with tt i Hoard, at aumroer price*; references. A 7th ST.. west. no llfl. 0nr"ht0ck~kr0m i Wipdaor. ?A private family would rent, with Board, a nicely furnished back Parlor; all Improvement*; refer ence. A o WEST 3TT1I ST.?a LARC.e FRONT ROOM, ON t t" the aecond story, neutly furnished, to let. witn (rood Roard; references. r A BEACH ST.?KINE "airy" rttoms, WITH OR ? jtl without Hoard, suitable for a gentleman and wife or party of gentlemen. fro "east i2?tii 8t.-handbomklt"tcrnwibd or* Rooma, aecond floor, front, wltl' breakfast and Hoard on htinday*; near boat* and car*; private family; terma moderate. ftq WEST 2IST ST.?ONE OR TWO ROOMS. WITH i/~ Hoard, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. it A IRVINqt PI. A< tu rhk l.AROK CORNER u"t Rooms to let, with Board, to a party of gentlemen or gentlemen and tlicir wives; hot and cold water; large closet*. /?q Mil AV.. NEAR 14TH st.?in A PRIVATE FAM do ily you ran And elegant Suits of Room* or Bedroom*, with or without Board; terms moderate. 7/j irvino pitat? et^second front, two i if room*, large and cool; *nperlor location and table; summer prices. 7 r EAST 10TH ST.. CORNER OF 4TII av.-PI.ea8 i ?J ant Room* to let, with Hoard; (ultable for families or gentlemen. q rast md ST.?NEWLY FDRNISHF.D ROOMS, o with first class table; term* reasonable, Call all the week. at?"lrvino PLACE,TWO DOORS FROM"ORAMERCY tu Park.?Entire Floors to rent, en suite or <lngly. with or without private table, at summer prices; references. q-1 CLINTON PLACE -NICELY ft'rnished FRONT ?/1 Rooms, en suite or singly, with excellent Board; terms moderate. q/j-EAST Torn ST., ONE BLOCK TRO~m~broao t/o way.?Furnished Room, with or without Board, to let; reasonable terms; a few person* can be accommodated with tahle board. qq AD AV., FIRST FLOOR.?FURNISHED ROOMS i/o for man and wife; Board for lady only. Call all the week. ?jt/Vr WEST 18TH ST.?furnished LAROB AND lvli) *ingle Rooms, with or without Board; reduced pricea; references. Call weekdays. -ii /\ madison a v.?handsomely Furnished jj.u Rooms, with or without Board: transient or perma nent. fl f) MADISON av.?ROOMS WITH OR WITHOUT xlaj Board; references. "i 1 4" WEST 22d ST.?~a LARO.t FRONT ROOM, AM h1! pie closets, wltli Board; terms moderate. "I i A EAST * ."w1 h 8T7?a NICE SUIT of THREE 11 Booms, turnlshed, with Board, In a brown stone house, with family of two; modern improvement*; refer* ni r. exrhatiged. i'm libxington AV.?SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT 11*x Rooms to let, with Board: terms moderate. "i i k WEST "lutil ST.?hanhsomklv ruknisiikd 11?) Rooms to let, with Board, for gentlemen and wives 1 and single gentlemen; home changed hands, all newlr painted and tnrniahed. 11 tt WBST 4STH ST.?PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH 1j o Roard: but few boarder*; entire Third >1ow; alio mWRST S2D ST.. NEAR ?TH AV.?HANDSOMELY furnished Room*, an unite or singly, unliable for gentleman nnd wife; Hoard for Udy only. HQ EAST r.HTlI ST.. BI-;TWKKN~4Tlf_'AXb LEX JLLO I net on av*.? A very comfortably furnished frout or hack Room, with good Hoard, for a gentleman. In a private Jewish family; no children; reference*. EAST 33D" ST.?LAR?E~ AND SMaTiThTn7T somely furnished Room*, with excellent table: r?f erenrea exchanged; rooma desirable fur a firm class physi cian. fh 9 M AMBON AT.?desirable DOUBLE AND single Rooms, to let, with Board; references ex changed. MADISON AV.. NEXR anTH ST.?ELEGANTLY furnished Rooms, en aulte or singly, with or without Board. "fOQ WEST 4.VTII ST?HANDSOMKLV FIJHNISHED Xjmi'h Rooms, with Hoard, on second and third floors, southern exposure, for families or gentlemen. ?iosT wbot 44Tii st.-"hands(")mk"i7y kFrnisIiTcd lOO Second suite or singly, with Board; house first claas In every respect; references required; terms mod erate. XQfL lexington AV., CORNER ln?TH ST.-HAND XO?J somely furnished Rooms, with drat class Hoard; bouae changed hands; references. ioc east iwth st.?pleasant rooms to let, lOu with Hoard, for geutletnen or gentleman nnd wife. In a prirnle Jewlah family; near Lexington av. "I or EAST lira ST.?WELL FURNISHED ROOMS*. lOt ) with flrat class Board, for famlllea or parties of single gentlemen. TOO WEST l.vril ST.?TO LET, IN A PRIVATE FAM XO?/ Uy, comfortable and pleasant Rooms, having every convenience, to gentlemen only, with or without Board. Till EAST 6.VTH RT.?JEWISH FAMILY HAVE ItcU nice Ronma, with Board, to let; terma reasonable. 1 /l.l east ^iT^stvTkront room and bed ITT room, fcr gentleman and wife, or three gentlemen; terma 113 anil M; table board. $<1 S fT WEST 44ti1 ST^PLEASANT ROOMS, WIT!I t) first class Board for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; references. 1 J_Q RAST ^D ?T . BETWEEN LEXINliTON AND XT ?/ 8d av?L?A nicely furnished Room to let. second floor, to gentleman ami wife or single gentlemen, with or without Board: private family; all modern Improvements and comforts of a home. Can call to day If more convcn | lent. Ir.T W'? ST 23D~ ST.?A DKLIOIITFUL FRONT ? ) I Room, also a back Room and hall Room, with ex I cedent Board and home comforts. In a private family; ref ; erencea. 1 rQ WEST 21 ST BT.?FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH l>JO or without Board, to gentlemen only. l"CQ WR8T~ l.'iTH ST.?HANDSOMELY FUR X'JO nished second floor front Room and Bedroom, all Improvements, to let to gentleman and wife; Board for lady ?nly. WEST rWTH 3T~TO LET. WITH BOARD. HALL Rooms; references required. 0|\"7 WEST 4M> SX-FURNISHED ROOMS. W:T|| ?t\J I Hoard, In private famllv, en suite or singly; Bret class house, location and table : terms moderate. ?>V(| WEST 11 Til ST. ? F.XOKLLKNT BOAKD. ~AT 4jL\J vervmoderate terms, in a quiet family; gas, hath, fcc.: very desirable to persons preferring thorough comfort to style. m 1 FAST 1STH ST.?HANDSOMKLt ruJlklBH&ft dU-LJ. Room* in private American tamilr, with or without Board: very low rates: u-ood neighborhood. j Ol O WEST 24TII ST.-TWO I.AKOE ROOMS TO LET. JuJLij unfurnished; alsotwo large liall Bedrooms, far nlahed, with or without Board; terms verv reasonable. {?? J WEST 43D ST-ilANDSOMKLY KUKNISmTd ?XT Root us, with or without Board; house lias all mod* em Improvements; location first class, few doors west of Broadway. Qin WEST I3TII *T?AMOVE KOo'm, LAROB wit/ closets and water, to let, with Hoard. oon inula it,?pleasant Rooms FOR UEN AmW tlemen, with Hoard; good table guaranteed. iTo.l WEST 22D ST.-ROOMS. WITH BOARD, FOB gentlemen <tr gentlemen and their wives; terma moderate. " tlQC WEST 38TH ST.-TO I.BT, Fl'R.NISIIED. WITH Hoard, Rooms, single or eu suite : references. 4H/; EAST 35 sr.-A PRIVATE FAMILY (fiStA ^?)l) elite) would like to let one or two large, nicely far nished Komat, with or without Hoard; house has all mod ern Improvements; referencea exchanged. ?7*>Q east S1ST ST.?A LARGE FURN^SHkfo iS?)0 front Ro<mi. for a gentleman and wife or I wo gen tlemen, with or without Hoard; moderate term*. QOQ WMrf I I r11 ST-TO I,FT, WITH~ BOARD, wOt/ suit of Rooms, o* second floor, or entire Floor; nil modern Imurovemetits; also single Rooms. OV><? EAST .VI I) ST.?A I.AHtiR FIRNISHKD Atlt; front Room to let, with Board. Apply all the week. ii i I wKsr :wrii st ?ski'oni? story front Ail Room, with Board; everything pertaining to com fort . terms .noderate, a few table Hoarders taken. t) I ?F WEST U i ll Sf.-ONK ORTWO tiENTLEMKN Zil <) csn lie m-coniniodati'il with Kn.un and Board. In a private family. In a good location Call or address. OjT EA*T #>TII Sr-FI RN1SIIKD ROOMS. WITH ?tt or wlthoat Board, or for light houaekeeplng; very > moderate prices. 9 1", HENRY ST.-*WO Fl'KNUHED ROOMS TO single gentlemen or gentteman and wife ; Board If desired; family iirivate. i 9J.pi Ka*T Nt.-nYB UKNTLEMEN CAN HE ?'TU accommodated ?ith good Hoard, in a t'liristian 1 family; rooms newly inrnlshed; terms moderate. BAST aWTII ST., FIRST FLOOR-WANTED, ilUw t? 1 or tnree girl* to Board av-- two from st: vvksant ejt/'l aqnare ipieaaantcst piece in the clt.vt.- First claas l ouse and Board; Room. in suits tor taiaity er 1 n;I# Tor ?ssiumen ; cars to all folnts; terms reasonable. BOARDBBg HAXTBD. HO 7 -i't k*?A '?'rkjRwwfffCfr'spgfi? ? ? . 'sP?iu?b, would take Boirdfra- rtfer?Dc?i ex. changed; uue block from el?v?i?d railroad. 300 liTS WA^FAKV5* "'"OK, tmOOSD AMD ? . ?, KI?or?. ait suite or separately, with or without pnvjiU utilo ; Koora* on fourth floor for jctoil?ni#ii. ?jio fast uni vr-i.arok boom and bbd nindrrate."" ?* 1 ld flo<,r- W ,#t' ,r,,h ???"?; term* Ml 4- i*1* PFkkTSSSd ROOMat TO moderate. ?r wi,hout al?oVable board; term 315 * ,IMTI1 HTrW"U "OA RO,_NI (' ELY FUR hall ?<? .'",bed 'font and back Room on tecond floor; alio a haUHedrootn at very low prlr, ; ?|,0 ub|, boarder*. H21 H KST 2? ST-sickly IVMItBIO , Rooma, with Board; all modern iaBrovsmcBti; terin* rtrj moderate ; alao table board. ?J21 ,WV1' ,Vn.'. " ' ,?V. WW'PLBaHANT KO<?iw md L tn it?t. wit'j i.o-trd; dny Hoarder! MwminiidHnl. JIOQ WK>r ST.?EMtl.ISH FAMILY WILLLKT \f"*y * t?w nirnUhfd Room*. with or without ttril dm Board; near Elevated I: Mi I r...i.| ItMiu. Apply. 33;") ?1KHT -sni H7i~JW(i *??%* rvBjfii?u> . .. ,<0"m" ?" '<?*? w'tb Hoard, inltable for ?nlleniaa *"? or two gentlemen ; term* $16 and $1* 34-J? ' A|SI - HARLEM?A UKNTLBMAN 11^. " ,d ?if? ? t'w ?lngle gentlemen can be accoru muilated with pleaiaut iwnu and Hoard. 3,")() ",I:Vr;-'IST1ST *kar elevated station.? " "?"?'J 'umlahed large and single Rooms with *u perior Hoard; references. 3.V> j? MTU HT.-A LADY WOULD LIKE TO ^-1 children to Hoard and tfve a mother'* care. 3/5 y? -'I' sr. A KINK LAKuK SKrOND #? !ny frVu nlrovt> Hoom. with first rUu Board, in erenrtM*. ' * ?Infcle Room: all convenienee* ; rof 3.'){) WEST 34TH ST.-ELEUANT ROOMS, BM . VI '"'J? or ?ritl' ?* without Hoard; convenient te Kiev,ted mb av. and 34th it.) Railroad, three block* from Hroad way ; reference. 3 7 '2 WE(STwf?D ST^ NRAR ELKVATRD RAIL road ?Nicely furnished Room* to let, with Board; term* moderate. 401) uVKSI :2? '"T--'-AROB. WKLl K'RNisHKD < Vni" '1 rrn,l ?'?" ,ro"? "Ud hack l'arlor. fur r;"h "r ???????? Board; ncarEte. % ated nation; good neighborhood: gentlemen preferred. 433 *AWHp* AV.?UKsIRaHlK LOC a" ,iYr? v,?n '"r ?prir?tf ami -uingier months; onnoaite Co" juinbia Collese troun.'",. Room., eti ..lite or Wr^r oarlor lloor; bay window, private biith, *c.; Srat cla?? Hoard Mr?. I'lTKIN. 530 wiSfel !l5T,?'?tiT| n/ "KSPKCTaBI.K WOMAN home . cl'"dro,,? fro"1 - ?? 4. at ber jwn ,r)S() TT" vv7 ()'',,;,)S,TK kTasmcTrF hotbLX. I'arlor ,e""n* front Uuom" ?? ???. with Board; also back f)7 2 L?*fJiUT<?.? AV.-HaNUSOMELY rOBIfMHEO iitlnui ? 1.^'n* il'iu if' ft'"? "ther Room., with or without Bnard; Board from $7 to $10 per week. 1 l'-M ""'All!) ST. HKTWKEN MARKKT T\7) L.IOU Chontnut. I'hiladelphia.?Larsr, Br*t ela?? well fttrnlahed Boona, with or without Board. ' 1 :V^() BROADWAY. tTiRKK UOORS ABOVE 4BTII . u J "t.~HaYld?oninljr lurninhed Room*, with or with ?iminer riw(*V,M boiuo uud location Ur.t cIum; 1 935 i,"RT"i ,j'TU ST1 , I*HILADELI?HIA. v.*.? rVn!ll? . ^" r Ul?I ltoon"?. ????!, in a atrietl; prl vato laraily; floe location; KenUemcn preferred. 4 PRIVATK FAMILY, UCCUFyiNU THEIR OWN* . ii hoiine, within two hour* from city, will t&k? a muni* | to Hoard; house pleasantly located aod flrst elaas In all it* Ji'i''uv"tl'lTth:?i'en,y of *b*do- ,rul1- )??>'. AC. Apply at A HO AHUERS WANTED.?NO. 31 WEST"SI8T HT. havincchaiigvd hand*, ha> been painted, newly car p?i.;d ?nd lurni?hed, and I* now ready for vmtlrtnrn and IIi'j'l0'iiVe.lrelf;'re^fer?noe!i"< *rc<",,"u"J**'"n'''! private AO EN TI, fc.JI A N OR URNTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN llnd a |.lnH?ant home in private family; reference* ex cnangi d. Aildr.'>? L? Herald I ptown Hriinrh oflloe. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?to KViitlenien and thalr wi\-e?; flr*t claa* Hoard ihn.rH H^cfc:^' Addr"""A- b0* 1 AliOB FRONT OR HAi;K ROOM, 8 BOO NO FJ.OOR J J newly furniiiiied, wtth or without Board; private lauiilT' term* low. Addraa* box 4,661 I'oit ofltle. lattiiiy, PLEASANT ROOMS. fFhNIsHED. WITH BOARD very low, near Central I'ark. to gentlemen or irentla car" " w',re,? 11H K""t 7Hth it., near Miwllaon PARTIES SKEKINO SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION'S with dnviruhle location. facliiK Re.ervoir Park, can'.e cure choice ApurtuiHutH at li.'t West 42d Kt. T? LKT-wmi board, in a i-rivatB family "a r . if '?r Kontlaman and wife ; al*o la'rira front Raom lor gentlemen. 155 \Yeit 30th ?t. if r 1^1 TORS to J'llTL a dklph i a.?h andsoxr r?,io""!'' excellent Board, o.iual to the h?,t hotel" 2044 Xrc d*f: C*" PIW" d??r: '5n,lnu,e" to the ground*! Z?FINE SECOND FLOOR TO LET. WITH BOARD* . al>o one hall Room; reference*. aS We*t 4Stu ?t. ROARD WANTED-BY TWO UENTLEMKN AND A with n1!. i'.K ,Vnn.1u,,6b.tru,lIe? uon.|Bqui?itlve family; with no other hoarder* preferred; reoulre one alcove room or an extra large room and ono amaller room; both hand somely luriil?lud and flr*t cla*? table; hoard for two only bodxari?4%re^id^c;:"ln,f "rmv 1,ROM1,T i>aymkn^: Board wanted-a you no okntlrmam would like square K?.om running water, break feat and Uio Board wanted?in a first class iaicatTon" by a aliiKie Kentleiuau for the rammer month* ah ( dre., II 81'AL'LDINU. Herald Uptown BranehXe Board wanted?by a yocno lady, "between l elaM-"? taSd : Ul? "i"1 "*lgl'borhood mti.i h. I or.i cla??; relereiice* exchanged. Adtfre., L. J^, Herald I ptown Branch ofliee. Board wantbd-for of.ntlkman. wife, in" rant and nurve In a JewUh family, uear Central l'ark eaat side; ninat be flrat cleas accommodations and not to e*! Tf'd " n??n*h. Address BOARD. T. W box 146 II era Id office. " PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE AND RECEPTION Room wanted witli Board. Addret*. with ftill particular* term*, 4o. f.r mi.notice takeu), J. L. M? box 196 Herald' Uptown Branch office. ??raio OINdLB (1ENTLEMAJC WI8UES ROARD FEBMA O nently In an Auierlcau lamlly of retiiieiuaut. at mod erate prioy location uptown ami central. Addrei. uta'lnir ? HaKFORD, box 1H| Herald Uptown branch office. ~ IIOTKA.S. ~"~? A tw AYR "orK^RAMifrORf froTsE. c6kVER famllle**11 *nd ",llUn "tV 1 3Sc- :,0c- 41: A -*'1V1.K'S HOTBU 35 CLINTON PLACE, srft "?* ?t*?A few Rtngie Room* to let, with Board, to ireutla nien , alao table Hoard by the day or week. AMiBLL'ri TURKISH. ROMAN AND ELBCTRIO bath?, ? 1 Lexington av.; day and night; ladle* dav auu erening; pleasant rooms, excellent table. A LI' LIlillT, SIN..LR ROOMS. AT NEW ENOUAND ^ : f? weekly j A'?^V:l s tTPv?"i?front rooms aac. 91 SO a week. 15 New Chamber* *1. Restaurant cigar narber shop, Ac., to rent, $25 a month. " A Jy.W VlNBLY KITTED UP ROOMH FOR FAMIlA ii . i ?r * P""?on*. can now ba engaged at the Park Hotel, corner lleekman and Naaaau *t?.; here. *11 the con venience.olre.taurant* elevator. Ac., can be had at mod erate charge* on the ' Live and Let Live" principle. fllTY" HOTEL. BROADWAY AND *fH sr.-SINOLB tabla Board', ^ per week! ""1 UPW*rd ; r"m'ljr D?xWAT.?T"f AdTuK p!'ACR HOTEL, $5 to per week. 23 and 27 3d ar., opposite Cooner institute. Keataurant at low prices. /VLKNHAM HOTKL Tnd HK^TAI RANT, 5TH AT.I vX between 21 st and sts. ? Rooms sincrly or en suite* elevator and every modern convenience. * mm N. li. BARRY, Manager. LA TOURKTTK HOUSK, BERGKN' POINT N J -1 Now open; ravorable terms for May aod June* " * J. BOWMAN. \f*RKOR! HOfrtK AND RU HOP KAN HoTRLT"yrn from f?td0 A?liJat!S SP1NOLBR HOURS. AMERICAN "TlaN.-LAROB sjiit* ol Roomt lor famllie* and .Ingle (eatiamen front ing I Dion square, at moderate price*. * renl OIXTII AVENUE HOTEL. CORNER~44TH BT-fC. O rope an plan.?Room*. $:( to #fl;eu (ulte, $8 to S20' Ur*t cia?* rettanrant; price* moderate. w EST END IIOTKI. (Rnrnpenn plan), Cheilnul, below 10th it., I'hllaiiflphia. C. T. JON Ktt. Kr"prlft?j lata of liulTmao lluuae anil IW. J>nn. New Vnrk. I tOl.MtHt UOAllU. A" ?wa.n Fkft uS?"ok v? o ciii liiittiS to B6ard, ? mi a larni near New Ciinaan, where ihey will receive ! the t>'?t <>t care. Aildmi H. pPaHKS, Vlita, Weatcheater j county, New York. KhW BOARDERS CAN~ TlS D~A~ yl'IKT HOME, larire alrv Knota* anil almdeil jrrnnaila, within an hour : ol' the city. Ail ir?? M. BKAKIMLKV. White l'lains, ! We?tche*ter county, X. V. ! A l.AOV IS 1)K*1K0U? OK A KKW VERY KESI'KCT I A able cU.v Hoarder*; three quarter* of a mile irom tha depot: pleasantly Mtaated; trrma eit?y. For further par ticular* atldre** .Mra. JOHN 1\ I?Ol NSlll'KY, Hopewell Junction, D. C? X. V. T MOKRTHTt?Wx7 N. J.?K1KHT CLASH PkIVATK Boarding Ilouae, now open; no aniall children taken. Mr*. OKO. W. KtNU. AT ftCKKEKKH?1\ llOURx KKOM NfcW YOltK VIA Erie Railroad. Hvemlnutea" walk Irom depot; moun tain air; beautiful arenerjr ami surrounding'*; elegant drive*, Ac.; abundance of INlUtf all kind*. lawn. In arrea wall ?haded . large, airy and aril farnlahed room*; tl ret elaaa table; freuli nnlalllN from aarien; no mo^quitoee or ma laria; (tabling tor liorae*; call and aee to appreciate; refer eiK-e exchanged. Mr* A. I?* MOTT, HnffenU, H. V. ACAKI.UCK'8 t'OINTKV HOAKDI.NO MOUSE, ON ? the Immediate lludton. Port I.oc. N. J., boat foot of Uanal at. Addreaa IM above. Among tub rA^KicLs.-KiNi-: accoxxoda tioafc dr|\e? and excuriion lacilitit*. Addreaa C. KVKKi'M.L. "Rreeie Lawn, ' IImiter, Ureene connty, N. Y. ARf fOARPKKS WANTED?WITH PRIVATE family, throe hour* train city by Jtrie Kailroad; mima tain air; milk, vegetable*, Ac.; Una boating and B*hlag. Ail<lrr? liA KI>.N r.It, MO Urand ?t. Ari.KAS.vNT COINTKY II()MR-II()18E, (iRoL'NDS and table aaa?rpa*?ed; food boating an.I Halting; *tab ? ling; three mile* Iroin Nyaek, naar Kocklaud l.aka; rail or ?lea[Dboat. Adrfre?*J. S.. box r.'il l*o?t office, Nyack. AT WEST BRIGHTON. STATE N LSI. A N l> ?!'I,E AS aut Itooma, wit.t guod Board. Addre** box JH or la qaire at Pint oltlre. AT ri.AINFIELD, N. J.. ONE UOCR FROM NEW York ?A itruti'.oan ana wile can obtain food Board ?>n rery rrmon.tnle term*; n? other boarder*. AddrrH f. M. P., box WD ifcralj office. COUNTRY BOARD. "I fSW uBNflKM'BfcT gaM b% acco m modaTbd A with rood Hoard in > priraM FtmU; la IllubttL; ref erences given and required. Addreaa elizabeth, Herald office. ri?w pamilibh caw bb accommodated with Board In a healthy, pleasant village about fifty miles from New Tark; terns very moderate. Kor fall par tlcnlar. addreaa Mr.. MaKj.11. Jaiaeabnrg. N. J. AT BUfliBHPURD PARK, K. J.. TWO MINDTBfc' walk from depot.?A itaxll Krvach t ami It wilt accom modate two or three geatlemea with superior Preoch Board; references exehauged. Add rex NEW JER8KY, llerald office. Aurntlkman and wife ob two ladIrs or gentlemen can obtain Board, with pleaaant Room*, in a private family at Brick Church. Orange, N. J.: house pleasantly situated; tore# mlaotee I rem depot; terms mod erate. Address A J. N.. box #70 Post office. Orange, N. J. Ap^FT7 ?f oentlfTmen can havb rooms ?J1' at CHIT Cottaie, Clifton, 8taten Island; noasa delightfully situated on high ground overlooking the Bay and 8 minutes by bona car from lauding; stable and Yort ' AW'Jr premises or 77 Fulton St., Naw A T WRfTT PAKK.~OB TH? HUDSON.?GOOD BOARD, IIINEA(*RA Y^'Ia^in^'a***0' dri?M A L*Pt, having TAKEN A pink IIOUHB atstam" K ? ? ,;.onB-.' wiu ba prepared tf? receive a few permanent oaardera aftar the 1st of J una; boating, bathing and fishing. Address P. 0? Herald Uptown Branch office. A PIJ ValOlAN'H FAMILY" OP~ SUPERIOR AND r^_ ** ', known repetition. residing In the pictareeqne h-T ^arburf:in "orth Germany, famed for Its excellent university, would accommodate a few boarder* or nnpilt. where they would enjoy t\m comforts of a refined boioe an J Newark N? Address MARBURG, ?SS7 High el, AT NEW BRIGHTON, NORTH SHORE. S I.-PLEaS ant Rooms, with excellent Heard, in a Pranch familv; "on Part * references. Apply at No. 4 Hamil 1JOARD OS JKKSKV"CENTHAL^WENTY M1NUTKH Xj from Liberty at.. In'private family; good table and , J?.* c?>mferts; fine ground*. overlooking the Hay aad Mis ton Itlatid- Address clay, box 3.1WJ New York Post office. ijOARD IN a PRIVATB FAMILY ON'THK IM'dson JJ One hour's ride from Jersey City, for gentleman and wife; no objection to a child; the place ran be appreciated after making full inquiry. Call on or address 11. A C.. 7U ? arren ?t. "OOAKDKR8 WANTED?A PARTY OP thrrk OR _-.""f y?'?men willing to pay for the luxury of a beautiful home on the seashore near I<oo? Hrancb. with ac ?r ">ree horees; housa new. well furnished; hot and cold water, bathroom, Ac; flue lawn and flowers II I .W"',k from "",lon ?? *? '? ? R K.; boating PoitX"DKNl,wr^rrk0r '"rf- App'yt0 A" KJ - a-">7 B?inaH*51 BSRICSHIRR MOUNTAIN*. first ells.1 '? We" ?i*I,VHl ?od "Perlenced. with first class references; convenient to depot, church liver* Ac.; unsurpassed for healthfaiueee; terms reasonable' ? hou?e now open. Address Mrs. 8. P. FRENCH, |?r?MaM ' BW|? N' J-L w HOWBlE.-CONNECT nowoP??? first clam families, desiring from depot" ^ ?roand? "?? Shaded; Ave minute* BAwVtt. ito.Vd *ACINO THK BAY?PINE ROOMS, inmslITi 5 ?I ** iweon"u*^?"on; alegant bathing, wMk fron? h)! 1 7*:J!erm*V<fy r'**onahie ; five minute.1 8ANDK landing or depot. Call on or address WANTED-BKDKORD. NEW YORK; J.iih Bailroad; farm honaa. ten minntes from lie C e "??Why: ??Me nnexcepflotia ?!mV?. ?. ? :Jll*' cl,u* reference. Call on or Jod st D' P?rlor of Grand Union Hotel, ?t. mod 4th amorrow, da/ or evening. "OOARD IN WKSTCHE3TKK COUMTX?ON TUB in. b"?, or e,rm; taWa, bath 1MB, nontinir and fltbin^; larjre ro<?io?. lino ?liad?* lawns ' *"or particulars nddresa WKSTCIlKril BOARD AT KARM HOUSE, THREE MILKB FROX Montjomory depot. Orange county, 70 from this city ? . JhIIw V V? *?'fi "Jl!* *lr ,or invalids; terms, $3 for "d"1**- loqulre ai ns Waverley place on Monday. BERGEN POINT. POOT OP AV. A-I.AROK?AIHV Rooms, broad ptaxsas, Ac., with Board, for families or Mrs! TAYLOR*ki ?'i if*'* b"l|lln* *nd fl?hiug. Address TAiLOR, Hln>rold House, Bericen Point. WANTED?ON THE ORANGlT MOUNTAINS, ied 4 W,,('i 4 ?h,Wr?n, ???<! nurse; children 25-ki.5S?&#: ,,,ulUK terra" Board-ten minutes prom depot at hrr. nardsvllle N. J.; location delightful; liberal arrange Beraai^vllfe, lJ^J. * " 151 Bro?d"V. room 2%, W-*J*TKD. IN THE COUNTRY?P0R~Two ch Wreji (kojr and girl); boy 8 and girl IS years Ad- i qreaa CHILDRKN*. llerald lTotown Branch office. I BO*? '51 THK CATS KILL MOUNTAINS?ON FARM of ISOMni;.only ae??n houra from New York ; aplen oia place for Inmlliea to spend the summer; eood table and no objection to children. Ktference, T. Miller 6th and county. X.Y ,,ATF,fiLU- Orimi^ C^^M B?ArD WANTKD-WITHIN AN HOUR OP NEW \"rK- 5* |?ar adnltt. reqnirlng three Rooms; price not ' b"ox"c-?McTffd Brto;rS;at,heU^'rr^ Addr*"G-u ^?LN.TKrV,i BO?ABn -A PR1VATK PAMTLy OWNING ; I C?KwJeBI niOA"U A.T A FARM IIOC8E NEAR BAY I ill. V 5 'u J collJeni??* the city.?An English family ' il.? h boardera for the summer; gentlemen preferred^ j the house commands one or the finest aaa views on the coast ? bathing, boating and fishing close to the door; pood table' I 8ox. 5Tm weu'iaW ? App,y t0 i rtOUNTRY BOARD AT JAMBSPOR+. L. L?HOU8K sitnated on the Feconic Bay; good croquet wounds* RLh^y : Pinno iu honso; ?rood bathing, sailing and* r#MO"b"- Afdr'" ^ ? | /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?KOR GENTLEMAN V *,,d ""*? fro? JnnelS; large room; boating and flsh Ing. Address, with full particulars, box 3.7HI Post ofDce. COUNTRY BOARD?NEAk DELAWARE WaTKK. J Gan; excellent hunting, lake fishing and Wtin^ I large, airy farm house, spacious rooms; I rash milk butter egg* and vegetables from the farm ; all the comforta of rural ' n Ji""iln 0 .i'*? "Milted to ten ; terma reasonable , 1 articnlars room A> Evening j'mt Building. : /COUNTRY H<7aRI>.?A PRIVATE FAMILY. HtVINO I \J superior accominodatlons anil location, would take ona good tKble; tenns moderste* ; ahadf. fruit, boating and Ashing; 10 minutc?, walk from d? I Sum'aroneck "*?en R*l"?id- Addre.I W. BBCKRlS; ClOt NTHY BOARD?SEVERAL GENTLEMEN ALSO ) gentleman and wife, can be accommodated wltk pleas ant Room, and good Board at Orange VaUey. two minutes teJWWSr a?a?ssillU??WaR COUNTRT BOARD WANTED?FOR TWO OR m adults for three, six or twelve months. In first elasa I ' rTi! Va?n i JJ^'tcbester county, on Hudson or on shore of the 8o?nd. within twenty miles of this city and not over o?e mile from depot ; price <8 per week. Address with ft>ll I Erj hr rSlJ'r w* i?2Ce* Ut,*r nnly). Mr BROWNE. ' to B.'i U *l? Would buy a House and few Acres for $3,000 /^OUNTRY BOARD?20 MINUTES BY CENTAL RAiT ;.LAddr'? DORP^HenVvVX J*"*'"'10- Addr#" UKZ**" ClOUNJliY BOARD CAN BB HAD FOR FIvifoR J six persona at a farm hoitse, high ground* flne moon. ,.r,nH*,rh?:^re^?Uh'iLe"'J?,>"f:L"?^T", ??<>?rafe. Address "? box IJ8 I oat office. Warwick. Orange conntv. N. Y. CJOpNTRY BOARD WANTED?PROM ABOUT JUNE 1 V. 'f? heP,rmh?r 't Westchester connty. one hour from eity, for three adults and three children, from 4 to 11 years j W.T!'Hi?ldr1!mceU**'WU? ,h*a"' Ac Addreaa U. i (Tan Accommodate a man and wipe pgr the I /d J"mm'/,w th ?ood '"ire Room, beautiful views (marine and inland); free from daat, malaria and mosnui ! toes; on elevated grounds, at Red Rank, N. J. ; stabling If j Kkizi?' we,k- Addre" c.uathaway, CCOUNTRY BOARD?4A MINUTR8 FROM CITY AT .l.. ^l'iw"l,,feK, J*' y,A New H*?*n Railroad; boating, oathtng, fishing and stabling. Bra W. LYON. COUNTRY BOARD -A DELIGHTFUL PLACE~AM0*0 the mountains; boating. Ashing and good stabling for noraes; private house; seven uiiles frem Monticello Ad dress Mrs. W? Laarel Cottage, WhIU Lake, 8allivan county, tss^gtswarJtr (1?KNT^Y "fARO wanted?in a prHate pam ily, where there are no other boarder*, by a family of (lx persons, no children iindor 11; In a healthv and pleasant a to 6 hours feom New York; pleasant Rooms ."d d table; references must be of the verr best. ih.i,... DELMORK, Herald office. 1 ^ Address COUNTRY BOARD -.V LADY CAN OBTVIN DKSIttT ble Board, before and daring confinement will, eve^ Addr,M M C?.UNT.w* ?oa*D-LARGR farm HOP8K. PINELT located, J4 miles oat. near nammit, N. J.; near station ? nVw York ' AddreM JOIIN W^OOX, #3 w'rth at.| poUN I KY BOARD. WITH A PRIVATE FRENCH PA*. y Ily at Orange > allay. N. J.?^aperior accommodations fine viewa large airy rooms, with the privilege of .peaking in" 1.^1*1 """"?*??? *fply at Mra HOWELL'S house Highland a?\, ur box 45, I ost oftici*. Orange Vallev, N. J. C1ATSKILL -A VERY l'LK ASA NT PAkl.fiR . w"h J Parlor B.drm.m, with Board for two person. hon.e new and convenient to boats and cara; no other bolder!? terma moderate. Address box 333 Poat office, Catsklll,' C~ ??AW>. TURKS MILKS FROM CAT?: kill, with excellent table and large rooms; also stabling fkkUrVoEFoTj^Ijflll". bv*t4r"lfi . Adrtre's WIL Bast 22d st ' Laiaklll, X. full information at 9 now.?* board WANTBD-BT A OKNTLKMAN ? I i*il h i mast be near New York, in a healthy aeighborhimd, and combine mountains, ?o?d? and water Addra.s, with full particulars. A. K.. box 2.H38 Post office' New York city. DEUGHTFuL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR A FAMILY ? ,*? "tth i'v ,U ?r"u"e- Beferenees and particulars DKMIRABLE COUNTRY BOARD ON FA Lilt ADEN.? Modem improvements; ample grounds; healthlul, wild anu picturesque; SiJ aalnnte.' sail from Canal st. to i-.dge ijfficer: "n^,, Addr#" O. W., Herald Uptown Branch Dunbllen. central railroad ok nkw JER aey, oae hour from New York -Large, airy Rooma nue shade, croquet lawa, fruit Ac ; three minutes from de pot- Call on or aduress Mr. GORDON. Excellent board tor two or three paMI. Ilea?House and ?wo Cottages on banks of lludd's Lake. miles from New 1 ork by Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad; 1,0M) feet above tidewater- no moaqaiteea, bo malaria; best of references. Address C. A. B., box 124 Herald office. Fine BOARD CAN be obtained in pbitatb family at Danbnrv, t.on^ ; bath, eloasta anu splendid spring water through tne hou??; KrollhdS fine; nood ?ta hllng; huase l?rge; only short dlstaace from depot. Address box 448 Post office, Danbnry, Conn. LMBBT CLASS BOARD CAN BE obtainrd ATA \ ,^r? bona* in IhitcheM county, eaat of 1'oiighaeepsie. on the Ha* of Dutchess and Columbia Ballroad; high Eand. Reference, Mr. RICHARD AHEriON J07 aad WW .tw st., or adoreae B. H. POTTER Mountain View s.e Meere's Mlila, DuUbes. ooaoty, N Y. COUNTRY BOARD. iODF/RN_H6nHK~; I; large rooms; l?n. ?h,d,?. f~'K, ww"? ?l!l-' plJJi' milk. *?.; stabling; f7 to $10 J. WAGNER. Now Provt dunce. - FAN WOOD-ONE HOUR FROM THE CITY BTJHK New Jersey Central Railroad. ??"" ""J*"* depot: hoaM atll shaded: rooms nlcelv furnished: of fruit; terms moderate. Address Mrs. D., bo*41Po.t officr, Fsnwood, N. J. rakkhnTbhskx rot'sty. n. j\. on thr new srk Hranch of the Kris Railroad. 4# minutes from i Baw York: delightful situation: all home comforts: ?wrrtBtnp neat, clean and substantial. Tor particulars taqalra of W. H. WIIITFORD. 422 Broadway, or address JOHN ?? RIPER, as abova. _ First clam country board?at south nor walk, one mil* from dapot. Sew York and New Haven Railroad; high, healthy, alee rrote, pi"?? ?l?T home cnmforta Address Mrs. V 0. H.. bo* 3-3 Post office. South Norwalk, Conn. F? INK BOOKS, CITY CONVENIENCES, MASONABMJ pricas. tea minuUs to boat and ear*- ^ fast office, T.rrvtawn, or KMBhBSON'S Baal Eetata office. U51)Bth a*.. New York. lit IT CLASS BOARD-LARGE ROOMS. l'INR>lrI8JI; Inn end boating. shaded lawn, within 40 minutes oi the city, on l^inx Island; terms from ft to $12 P*r week. Ap ply at 25 West 27th at. TGMRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS. WITH HOT AND i1 aald water, baths; all modern implements; house new; newly lurntshad ; ate Ane driving; Sye'"iMJtfJLJt, from station on the Erie Railway. ISAAC L. C0RW1B. Mouutalnvllle. Orange county. Naw Tork. OOD COUNTRY BOARD-WITHIN AS HOUR OF the city; two minutes' walk to depot: fishing. *?. terms. M to *M par week. For particulars address J. M. B.. Nay wood. N. J. ? ?? OOD BOARD AND LODGING AT A FARM "''USB. \JT Delaware caunty. Saw York.?Good fish 1" *"J?. * * ' plenty of fruit snd vegetables: earriase toStamforddepot. Call on imt sddresa DEWINTKRR. M Park place, or VAN SICKLES A ARNOLD. 3-Vt "rand st. GOOD BOARD AT A FARM HOUSE; kARGE BOOMS; terms ?1U per waak. .Address A. D. BOSCtHLL, Monnt Airy, on the Hudson. ^ jh\ ENTI KM EN AND FAMILIES CAN OHTAIN FIRKT (jT class Board at No. ft Fiedler's Hark. Tompklnsvlll*. | Ntsfn Islsnd: lionse beautifully located. p I es siu t tmrn > u nd ; Inirs: easily accessible to lerry. Address bo* 3.H7U l ost I office. New York. _ CI KAVD VIBW. ON UVMON73X* HOUR BY RAIL X from Jersey Clljr; house by the slyer bank; airy rooms, jrood. |?Ulti table; grounds shady. Addrcts w. ii.. Grand View. K. Y. GENTLEMAN wishes" BOARD IN THE COUNTRY within one hour of City Hull: widower preferred. Ad dress JOHNS, box US Herald Uptown Branch Hmm Id If RKIDDK-A FEW OBSTLEMEN CAS FIND pleaaant Kaoiuii, excellent Boerd, piano, croqoot, at per week, in a private family: ton minutes from oori ana boat. Address A. L. CA3KY. High Bridge. N. Y. H UD OS RIVER BOARD.?USE SITUATION; ii hlirh ground. modern luiprovemens; Croton water, lawns, shade, garden; stables, One drives; 20 minutes out: 10 from depot; terms moderat.-. Address C. D., rort ?asn Ington. I WANT COUNTRY BOARD FOR MY FAMILY, CON" slating of my wife, three children (oldest Oyesrsl. ser vant, aud mvself part of the time, from June to September ; on lino of Pennsylvania Railroad preferred; price must tie moderate. Address 1H4 Montgomery St.. Jersey t Itv, In THB COUNTRY?OB"THE NEW YORK AND NKW 1 ark Rsllroad, Barren av. station, 65 Madison av.. Jersey Cltv Heights: a party of gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives t an lie accommodated with Board In a first class house; ample closets, gne. hot and cold water; family private. ONToLaIR.?ADULTS CAN OBTAIN FIRST CLASS Roard In a house containtnK all thcmoilcrn l?P|,;;Ye' tneuta Address MOUNTAIN AYBIIITB, bo* 21S lost office, Montclair. N. J. VTKW ARK. N. J.-fTH' EE OR FOUR PERSONS CAN j\| obtain aeiirabla Board, within ft minutes walk of p., L. and W. R. R. depot; fine location; terms moderate. Ad dress D. II. W., Newark, N. J. NYACE.?A SMALL PBIVATK FAMILY CAN Ac commodate a lamlly with Board for the summer. Hooms very desirable; reiaranees. Addresi bo* -?7 Post oflRi-e. N'yack. I NVACKroN"faB HUDSON.?OBNTLEMEN OR FAMI lies wishing oountry Board cau find a food home in a larin hou*e. handsomely furninhed and oonvenient to sta tion; will have all tha attention to render them comrorl ablti. Call on or addroas H? SlKBfiHT, 3128 East ??Jd>Bt. RAN(2K MOUNTAIN, MAPLhWOOD STATION, 70 minutes from citr ?Law iarm bonne, tire minutes walk fn?m depot, few desirnble Rooms left. Address II. A. 9.. box 133, oopth Orange, N. J. 0~ltASuk MOUNTAIN.?PAttTIhS SEEKING j'OUN try home for summer or year can have handsomely furnished House. 12 rooms, modern conveniences; 1 flue lawu. sbudo, sUbllnic; low prloe ol *450 season ; *?W year. Address L.. 34 Laroy st. NE^HOT'R FROM CITY?^CHARMING LOCATION, airy Room, and good Board; best references. Address Mrs. M., llara A Uptown Branch office. TJB1VATE FAMILY. RESIDTmJ IN GREENWICH, X Conn., can offer first class Board and accommodatl'ins to a few parties: location noted Tor health and beauty of scenery, house 10 mluutes' walk from depot, and pleasantly situated near thn water: bathing, ^?''"It ??? erenara e*chani?ad. Address HOME, bo* 118 Post office, Greenwich, Conn. t>RlVATE"FAMILY. LIVING IN PRETTY COTTAOB JT on the Hudson, AO minute, from Liberty st. desire to let furnished Bedroom to two gentlemen, with board; bil liard table and run of the house; boating, Ashing; no other boarders. HUDSON. Herald office. T>r6?pKCT POINT. ON THB SOUND, FIFTY MIN _L ntes from citr by New Haven Raiiroad.?Boating, bath jug. fishing; 1ft acres in garden, shade and fruit; delightful summer residence for families: terms reasonable; open Juno I. Call at or address 244 West 2,>th st. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE. THE FINEST LOCATION on the Sound and absolntely hralthy.-Mrs BROWN'S select family hoarding house; Bfove beach bathing, boat ing, black fishing. Apply, from lo till 3, at 134 West 45th it LaTNFIELD. N. J.?15. MINUTES' WALK FROM depot; shady grounds; flna dtivss; f8 ta $IO a week, carriage includad. Address bo* 6 Post office, Piainfield, N. J. RIVERDALE. ON HUDSON, ONE HOUR FROM WALL st ?Desirable Rooms, with thoroughly Brst class Board, for famllie* and sinirle grntlrinen; reference required. Ap ply at Riverdsle or 110 5th av. . AUAIC BRIDGE. S. J.?A PRIVATE FAMILY". Liv ing near the Passaic River, would accommodate two I gentlemen and their wives or singls gentlemen with Board for the summer; distance 4t> minutes'rida from Neu- \urk, via Erie Railroad. Address J. S.. Herald office. SARATOGA SPBINOS.?COUNTRY BOARD, 1\'t miles west of Saratoga Spring*! place beautifully situ ated on sn emlnonoe; modern bouse; large suady lawn, niasras. croquet ground; abundant table, farm luxuries; spring water brought to the house : omnluus twice daily to Saratoga, fare afte. round trip; terms from $S to f 10. Ad dress box 1..08 Post office, Saratoga Springy STATEN ISLAND.?BOARD FOR SINGLE GftNTLE men to be had In a private German lantily at Staple ton. within five minutes' walk or two ferries: large Rooms, first class Board, home coinlorts. high ground. Iarn> shaded nfassas and itarden; terms moderate. Address ISLAND HOME. Herald office. OEASIDE BOARD AT SHREWSBURY, NEAR LONG O Branch ; also furnished Cottages, with Board. ^ h. DARROW, Oosanlc, N. J. SWITZERLAND SCENERY AMONG LAKES MAHO psc, Waccabur, Mnscoot Mountains healthy, beantw ful; house nccommortatei 40 hoarders; chickens, eggs, wtlk from the farm. Ad.iretm "II.," Post olftco, katonah, N. IT. T" BNAfLT, K. J., 15?i "MILE8 "FROM CITY VIA Northern Railroad. ? rirst dsns Rooms snd Board; flno lionse and grounds; modem improvements, near depot and churches; location perfectly healthr; city n^ercnccs piren. Call ou or address WILLIAM B. STODDART. TO LET?A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. WITH OAS. bath snd every convenlenca. In a small private family, I opposite hotel, five minutes from depot, to one or two nn | tlenten. without board; terms low. Mrs. H. WlLf>0N, I Englewood, N. J. Three gentlemen, krif.nds, can have two connecting Rooms, with Board, st f7 per week; also single Room. $S. Address X., West Brighton. S. I. T?wo large, nicely" furnished, rooms and excellent Bosrl for fbur adults, may be obtained In a private family; rooms overlooking Sew York Bay. city and Brooklyn: 2.'? minutes from foot of liberty St. and four min utes' walk from depot. Address P. E., Bayonne, Hudson conntv. New Jersey. "ITACATION.?HOME FOR BOYS IN THE COUNTBY; V bathing, boating, riding, gymnasium, base ball, cro quet: careful eupe vision. Circulars at Professor BOtS 1 SELL'S Fraaro-Auierican Institute. 1,481 Broadway. TirANTED?BOARD FOR GENTLEMAN, WIFE, IN VI fant snd nurse, un line Morris and Essex Railroad, be tween Summit and Morristown. Address, with fnll par tlcnlars, H. W. R.. box 1?W Post office, Naw York. Wa.> run-miAHU run u xriiKXAA, wims ami infant'* nnrM. one luiur from the city: moderate tirmv Addre** CABINET, Cull it., Nt* York. i \\; ANTfcD?BY A LADY AND THRKE CHILDREN IT (the elde*t four year* old), ft nice Piaca In the conu ! trv, near New York; terms not to exceed $10 a week. Ad dress Mr*. E.. bo* HO IIcpiM I ptowu Brunch office. WyjlAM-KD-nOAlU) IN THE t'OINTKY. WITHIN two hour* of New York, Tor ft gentleman. wile, lour | children and (errant; give terms and full particular*. Ad dress L. L., Herald office. ANT ED^?T6FnT A~IX BOARD KOR TWO ADULTS; $8 par weeg; city reference required. Addreu MOUN TAIN BOARD. *tation O. New York. ~ StMUlER HESORfSr X^o&kst orcK'k hoijhb" "Sow1)p?sCVewly J\., and elegantly furnished; all the modern improve ment*; water and gas throughout; alto billiard table*; one of the healthiest and most delightful summer resorts con tlguous to New York; on high gronnrt, overlooking Sound and conntry f?>r inil*?; lawn* beautifully shaded; croquet Sounds, carriage to the beach twice each dav, only a mile; atlng. bathing. (Uhlng: accessible by boat to Uott Harm; hone car* to houee; three-quarter* of an honr from Kulton It., or Harlem Railraad quick transit to Melrose, lilteen niinatea; commute for 7}, cents prices low to suit tho times Address FOREST GROVE HOUSE. Melrose, N. Y. Am URORA. N. Y.-CAYUUA LAKE; HEALTH I hMT place In America; boating and fishing; linaril at Au rora llonte, 85 to ft) per week. Write to HOLMES A TERRY, Proprietor*. A~T OLhN COVB.I*. I. ~~ Pavilion Hotel will open June I. BATH. L. I -LOOUST OROVE HOTEL AND PAVIL Ion Oate residence of ex-Mayor Ounthen, with an ad' f dltional wing containing ho rooms; fronting the bay and ocean; excellent bathing, flatting. boating. Ac. lor Hoard apply on the premise* or bj note to JOHN liOOPK. ATI! HOTEL, BATII, L. I.-SITUATED NEAR THE ocean; 50minute*' from New York; no fever and ague | or mosquitoe*. (!. A. BI'NTlNtl. Proprietor. BRIDGEPORT, CONN.?(> E0 ROE HOTEL, BLACK Rock Beach, opens June i.0; house and fnrnltnie new; most drllichttrtl situation in Ameriea; Ashing, boating, bathing, ciam bakes, shooting, driving, fruit and poultry; farm attached; rates moderate, lor circulars and particu lar* address flEU. A. WELLS, Bridgeport, Conn.. or W, L MILLKB.B01 Broadway. DL'NHAKTON HtlUSr., OCKANPORT. NEAR liONO Branch, open* May I; strictly first class: especially adapted lor families; stages connect with all Philadelphia and Maw York trains aud to the beach. Address box 117 Po*t office. Long Branch. FRANOONIA HOUSE, NEAR PROFILE HOUSE, White Mountains.?First class Board CI per dfty- Don't ?ay Ineredlble; send for circular. Highest reference*. OAKEs* PRIEST. Forest house, budds lakk, n. j.. opens June 1. llou*e newly painted and thoroughly rena rated. X. HKOWNSON, rroprietor. Ci BEAT NECK HOUSE, GREAT NECK, L. I.? r Now open lor guests: on North Shore of Long Island, between * hltestona and Hand* Point, opposite Kort sehny ler and Stepping Stones Ashing gronnd; Tourtaen mile* from elty: Seawanhaka leaves Peck slip at 4 P. arrive* 0 A. M., hous* nawlr furnished throughout. ?mXBR RHOBTI. ^j^nrcitferiofEL, Morrl* county. Ntw Jeraay. ?Itnated on the khor* ol UrNi Lake, the pureet rtwt M ?prinic water in theKtate; three mile* trom NewfeaaUlaad, on tha Haw Jeraey Midland Railway. Hotel atajt* meeta Iraia at 10 uO A. M. and 6:50 P. H. Terma. ?S to ?13 par waak. YAW HOPTBM A BOB I BOW. CJBAND VIBW MOUNTAIN HO08K. BAST WIN?' r bam. Greene *ouoiy, K. Y?Tbe above hotel ia eita ated on the bicbaet alavatloa of any batal tn I ha Cauklll Mountain*; will open for tba recaption af tnaaata on tbe 20tb vtJXin Addraae A. K. BRHHJS. aa above: SK I?/pa" ,t*' ^ 34 " OBORO,< HEA11I HOUSE, bCHOOLEY MOUNTAIN SPKINGa. " uiiiliS hour* rid* *?W York Tin Marri* aad naaes Kailroad; accommodate. 403 rueata: flna lawn Chalybeate water; band aad hall: perfect drain are; pure .priiig watar; vegetable* from a or own tardea: reaident phyaleIan ; na aoaquitoe*. Circular* at the Cola' man IIoum, ?7tb bt. and Bro?ulv?y. COLBMAN * CABBIQUB. Hotel fbnimobb, coopbjmtow*. m. y' " will open for the *e**oa Jane IS. Thi* boaae 1* aaw and contain* all modern improremeau aad ceartalaacea Koi?m? and Board may ba vecugad at W H. Baramore'a, Na 390.'nh av., earner 36th it., New York, where plaaa at the bouae ean ba examined, or by latter aMreaad la WILLIAM H. HOWARD. Manager, Cooperatawa, N. Y. I" AKKSIDK HOP8B?A HUMMER HOARDING HOCSB, J aix mile* wett ?f Newbarg. N. Y. Hood boating aad Halting- Terma, $7 to f 12 per week: reference* given. A4 drree J AM?.S M. WKSTCOTT, bos 586 Poet office. Newbarg. N. Y. LBMOX HOUHB. OBKENWICH. COMM. ?FIBffl claaain every particular; abaolutnly healthy; no mo? quiteea. ADOLP BUTJEB. L~AKB PEligl'ENABONE HOUSE, WESTCHBSTBI county, via Harlem Railroad; rood accommodation An aummer boarder*. For paitlculara and reference add re? THOMAS C. VAIL. North Salein, N. Y. AL'RBLTO.V 11 ALL.COLO BPRINQ HARBOB. L. L? Tlila hotel offer* un*nr|>aa*ed at tract iona to partie* aaek Ins the comfort* and pleaaara* ef a ttret alaaa aamaer raeort, being ail a * ted in a beautilul grove at. Huntington Bay, SO mile* from New Vork; romantic drive*, plctureeqae acen-ry; good bathing, boating aad Halting; ac-ceeaibie by Long Inland Railroad from Ranter'* Point to 8yo*eet. wbara hotel eoaches await the arrival or ail train*; mualo engaged lot the kca*on. R. H. KO(iR8, Jr.. and R. T. MORGAN, ol Wtndaor Hotel, Proprietor*. All communications promptly attended to. MANoIhThoI'SE, LiBClIMONT MANOR, 19 MlLBf on New H?v.*n Railroad : barae ear* meet every Iraia. linn lawn, ahade, boating, bathing, lahlag aad itabliag; bonaa enlarged, newly lurniahed; will be kept in a flrat rlta manner by former proprietor. WILLIAM SHAW. YSTIO ISLAND.?Til 18 FAYORITK WATERING place, midway between New London and Stoningtnn, oppoalte Noank. will open on the l*t of J une; it i* eapecially adapted for famille*; price* redqoed for centennial year; Boiittl $H to $15 per week, 91 5<? perda**. ? Kor circular*, with full partlculara, addrea* \V. L. BARNETT, Manager, Noank, Conn. ' ? Mount plk as ant hoi'rk, lakb"_moiieqa n . i* l-onr* to Peikakill by lindaon River Railroad. Ftml lira ean accnre Room* for the aeaaon; mountain air, boat> ing, Qahing, Ac.; terma moderate. ? WALTER B JONES. PeekakllL Norwood house, Norwood, n. j.. 20 miles from New York.?Large Room*; km, belle, extensive lawn*: near depot: price* moderate. Addrea* or apply to V. T. KEITII, Proprietor. NBPTITKE H0U8K, NEW ROCHELLE. ON TH1 Houad.?'Will open May 27, 1876; ha* been newly fur nlahed tlironghout. K. 0. BARB. U A DELL HOUSE, ORADELL, K. J^-ONB HOUB from ioet Chambora *t. via New Jeraey and New York Railroad; terma to 912 per week. Partie* wishing choice Room* ihoutd lend lor circular at once. L. 8. PIKE, Jr., Proprietor. AVILION HOTEL. NEW BRIOHTOK. 8TATEN ItUnd. N. V.-Now open; ipeeial rate* for May aad Jnne. Call on or addrea* R. V. COLE. P~ "avTlION" HOTEL. KBVP^RT, N. J., HAVING BB centl.v changed hand*, will open about Jnnel.ander tuperviaio'n or 0. <?. French. Inquire of or addren HtN DRICKSoN k KBENCH, Keynort, N. J. R~ IDOEFIELD PARK HOTEL. N. J., \TA MIDLAND Railroad, 40 minute* from New York, now open far gtieita. Addrea* FRANCIS I10VRY, Po*t office, Littla Ferry, N. J. RIVERSIDE HOLSK. Pleasure Buy, Long Brunch, N. J., now open for the reception or guest*. NOEL DAVIS. Manager. Rock orovr house. pompton j unction.?onb of the most healthy mid beaut Cut location* in New Jersey: 27 mile* from the city, Junction of Montclair and Greenwood Lake and New Jersey Midland railroad*: opens May 15; hshing, boating; no mosquitoes; no malaria: new management; term* moderate. Kefer to Colouel R. A. Well*, room 7, 113 Broa<lw*y, and Kullertoa A Co., 333 Broadway, where photographs can be a*en. C. ADAMS, Proprietor. OBBINBWOOD HOUSE. THE MOST DEUGHTPULLY situated lummir retort on Long I*land, now open for the reception of guesti: scenery unrivalled; full view ol Lonif I a) and Sound: bathing, boating, Hshln*, Ac. Apply te M. r. RUGG. Robblnswood, Whitestone, L. I. S~ Fklno HOUSE, " Biclifield Sprinpa, N. Y., open* June 2. Reputation unsurpassed by any similar establishment In the United States. Term* for June. <15 to 51B a week. Khenmatism. gout. neuralgia and dyspepsia positively cured by the water* and hot sulpnur baths. T. R PROCTOR, of Bace's Hotel, Dtiea, N. Y? owner and proprietor STEWART'^ Broadway and 12th sL, on the European plan. Rooms en suite and singly; all mouern conveniences. A CHOICE RESTAURANT. at reasonable price*, attached. s KA VIEW COTTAGE, SEA GROVE. CAPK 31 AY J Point. N. J. -Open June I. Por further particulars apply to Mis* A. S. W11ITE, 4B West 27th at. New York. Seven springs Mountain "house, monkob. N. Y.?A dellif lit fill summer re*ort; spacious Keoius; table unequalled; mineral water, music, billiards and One scenery. DAVISON A CO. S~T.~MaKK'S HOTEL, NEW BKIOHTON. S. I-Ka' vorable terms for May and June; house now open ; Cot' tages to let. CKAWKOKD A DEMl'SEY. ljTuB~GRAND UNION HOTEL, Saratoga Springs. N. Y., will reopen for the reception of (Witt June 1, 1870. Since the close of last season extensive ItngwrnMmt* have been made. A new ballroom, 60x80 fis^ a frtom club house and 12S flrst class rooms have been added. By the construction of a complete system of waterworirt guests of this bouse will enjoy the luxury oi pure spring water In their own rooms. These improvement* and the magnificence with which the honse ha* been refurnished throughout make It tha most elegant and eemplete lu all It* appointment* of anj hotel In the world. Private stables for the exclusive use of gueita. Order* tor apartment* received on and after May I, Address GRAND UNION HOTEL, Saratoga Spring*, N. T. nEVRY CT,/Urt, > Man.ver*. M M. WILKINSON. ( T~Hk"CLARENDON. SARATOGA HP RINGS. N. Y. Tbv Clarendon will be open for reception of cueste June 1: Room* may be engaged at the Rossiuore Hotel or at Del avan House, Albany; terms $J1 per week for June. CIlARLhiS K. LELAND, Proprietor. The leiuhton house, newman hpkikgs, near Ked Hank, Is now open for the reception of guests: It Is most healthfully and pleasantly aituatedt boating, bath ing and ashing. Those irishing desirable Board at reason able prices will do well to apply at once to R. DYEK, Man ager. late of tlin Seavlew House. West Haven. TJN1TKD STATES HOTEL" " Saratoga Springe. will open June 1, 1S76. JAMES M. MARVIN. Proprietor. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Long Hranch. This Motel has been newly furnished and all modern Im provement* added. 1he table and accommodations will be un*urpa?scd. Apartments can be engaged at Hotel Royal. New York. PlbltlS A BUTLER. VALLEY HOTEL. ORANGE VALLEY, N. J., POOT T of the Orange Mountain*. S minutes from depot, 14 miles from New lork by Morris and Eaaex Railroad, root ol Barclay and Christopher sts.; 34 trains per daf; families boarded at reasonable prices ; stabling If required. Address PROPRIETOR, box 37 Post offloe. Orange Valley. N. J. ?^yEST END HOTEL, Long Branch. Thl* hotel, with large additions and Improvement*, eon siding ol 70 single room* for gentlemen, an additional din ing room, a hot and cold *ea water bathing establishment. Ac., will open early la Jane. Application* for room* can be made at the office of D. M. HILDRETH. 52 Broadway, or at the hotel. PRESBURY A HILDRETH. "WEST RUTHERFORD PARK HOOSR \\ Every train of trie Railway A ops at Pm**I?! Bridge, within four minute*: of till* new hotel; only thirty minutes from New York; spaeloua rooms; 500 feet brosd tdassa: superior accommodations for families: shaded walks, beautiful and romantic drive*; 25 acres vegetable garden, dairy, Alderney cow*; acre* on bank of Passaic Riven Koo,f Uatlng, bathing and Ashing; reasonab e charges: refer to Inlands Ro*?morp and Hiurtevant Home. Addrepf proprietor" at West Rutherford, N. J., or at room lit. M Broadway, New York. Q B ANDREWS A CO. WHITEsTONB HOUSE, WHITE8TONE, l*. I.. WILl open May 24, under the sain* management ol last year - (ituated only 12 miles frnm the city on the shore M the Sonnd, aud can be reached IB time* daily by the Plash ing North Shore and Central Rallruad: boating, hathinft Ashing, driving. Ae.; *v*r? room ha* running water, gat and electric bells; Board, 912 an and $15 per week; tran sient, <3 per day. R. D. TUCKER, Manager. Willow haven house. E. TUCKKtt, Manager. 'I his elegant nmroir resort Is situated on Newark Bay, and is accessible by the New Jersey Central Railroad, loot of Liberty st.. hourly every day, up to midnight, fare IS eeuts, stopping at Pamrapo depot, eight minutes from the house; the establishment will bo open lor the season on Monday, May 15, under Ih* management of E. Tucker, formerly of the Maxson Hon**. Natragan*ett Pier, R. I., the building having been thoroughly renovated andrelurnltnedt busiae** man desiring a pleasant home for their famlliel during the summer months, half an hour from the City Hall OionUtaiaAe early application fur room*; the attractions o< shady grave*. efNetidlil drives, li*hlng, boating and bathlBf are not e*eellea within 5(1 miles of New York. Address H TUCKER, Manager, Pamrapo, N. J. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS.?PARK HOTEL ?T Cherry Valley, Otsego county, N. Y., open for tht reception of guests June 1. I'he Spring* an<l other ettrae tlons and th? various point* of historic Interest in*de famau* by the pen of Cooper have long made Cherry Valley a resort for those that seek health, pleasure and recreatloa daring the summer. h VANS A JANSEN, Proprietors. Fme Other Botnlliig AdvertlieMWU Directory.

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