Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1876 Page 3
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tTPiwow wurrro-r*?ALE?. i J1Q EAST 19TH ST.-A BE8PBCTABLB ffO*AK tio u plain owk u4 to assist with wuhlsf, (km yaars* rtbNMt from last place. ?fi\ WBIT ?TT8 AT. (PBESBNT EMPLOYEB?S).-AS Oil cook. ?Mb? u4 iroaer la a small family: caa bake (rood bread and biscuit; a* objection to tha country. Call Monday and Ta?day. ini PERKY ST.. THIRD FLOOR.-A RBbPKCTABLB 1UI woman aa cook or to da laairal bouse work; city or country. good reference. OOA WBKT llTfB ST.?A BESPECTABLE WUHAN as thorough cook la hotel or restaurant; city or country: boat reference. OQ7 TTH AV.-A WELSH WOMAN AS FIRST I claai cook; la aa excellent baker; no objection to a Bret class boarding bouae; city or country. *1.1 yT?r*8T UlTi 8T , 8 BCOND FLOOft.?A YOUNG, O 1 O strong girl as vegetable cook In a lar^e boarding honie or hotel, or as good kltekenmald; eity or coaatry. Call oa Monday QfkO LEXINGTON AV. (i*RBSENT BXPLOTEiTS).? As good ulaia cook; understands bur buslneea la all breaches. Inquire lor two days. FIBST CLASS COOK. WASHER AND IBONBB TO r> In the eoaatry. Apply at Bo. 1.001 6tb av.. Brat Bat "P KMPBCTABLB YOUNG. WOMAN AS FIB*T CLASS XV cook; Ktatoa Island psafarred; bast raTerence. Addreea V. U, Herald office. Chftsnbfimiildi. 9 A BABT 19TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE COLORED ?IT girl to ge to the eoantry to do chamberwarfc aad waiting. OR WE8T 44TH ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS CHAM au barmaid and waitress: willing to assist with the washing and Ironing; no objection to the couatry; excellent eity reference from laet place. Call or adoreaa lor two dsy? TOO wbst^thst.^a respectable COLORED J.%J*J girl as chambermaid or waitrees in a private family; willing to go to tha eoaatry. Call or addreea for three days. *)l\A WB8T 27TH ST.?A respectable GIRL AH ajut chambermaid and waitress or to do general houee vork; wages (1:1; beat reference. __ Q1 O WEST 37TU ST.. SECOND FLOOB?A TOUNO Olu Americaa girl as chambermaid or children's uorae. WBST~47THST~BBTWKK>flOTUAND 1ITH Out avs Aa English girl as chambermaid and seam stress la a private family; good references. Call Monday and Tuesday. WEST 42D ST.. UP 8TAIB8.-AS CHAMBEB ot6 maid and waitreas; eountry preferred. Call Mon A CQ 6TH AT.. CORNBB STORE.?AMERICAN OIBL Tow as chambermaid aad cook; also joe as Orel olase laundress; willing aad obliging. Dmimaken and Seamnlreiae*. 91 CLINTON PLACE.-AN experienced DBES8 ^1 maxsr, who baa boon in some of the leading estab lishments in New Yore, wishes a fow customers at her home; a perfect flt gaaraateed. lie WEST 33D WT.. TOP FLOOR.-A RESPECTABLE Hu American person Is Bne seamstress and good dress maker by the day. Call on or address J. D. ? BAST SSTH ST.?fashionable DBE8SMAK I lag aad all kinds of stitching or sewing; will go eat by day or week. 1?9 WEST 36TH ST.?A FBBNCU DRESSMAKER jlua> desires a few more stylish customers by the day or irork at home. 9'JO WEST 418T ST.?AS COMPETENT DRESS fciOi I aad bottoaholo maker, by the day or wetk, an Im Siedlate engagement. 90Q WEST 2uTH ST., SECOND FLOOR.?A SWED AiOv ish seamstress to go ont by the day. 9A A EAST 25TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESS AiTT maker would like to hare a few more customers by the day; will bring machine If required. Address M. 9XU BLBECKBR ST.?A YOUNG OIBL AS BEAM* fciOU stress and chambermaid; good reference. ?JfWk EAST 20TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR?A DRESS OWU maker wishes a few more engagements by the day; spcrates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; willing to go m tno country. ?J7 - era av.?a young Lady, experienced in OIO dressmaking, desires work, day or week; no objec tion to the oountry. Address & J.H9 6TH AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOL'NG WOMAN 1" aa seamstress; understands cutting, fitting and ail kinds of family sewing; operate* oa any machine; will go by Uie day, week or month; no objection to the eountry. 7 WKsr a?D sr.?a firsfclassdressmaker Til wishes a few more engagements by the day. Ad drum aad will call. ftO7 6TlI AV.. SECOND FLOOR.?A LADY WOULD oO( like to go out by the day or week; understands shirt making aad all other kinds of sewing. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AND SEAMSTRESS wishes a few more customers at 91 SO per dsv or <8 per week; understands all miichiue*. Address COMPE TENT, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,263 Broadway. COMPETENT FRENCH DrV_ssMAKER WILL take more work at heme; or go out by the day: terms moderate j references. Address M, Herald Uptown Branch ?IBce. A B experienced OPE ratoitwILL GO initrst J% class families- to make children's lace dresses snd ladies'awias aad organdie suits; infants' and wedding trou seaus-of the finest fabric on the Wheeler A Wilson machine. Address M. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-A few MORE CUSTOMERS TO sew for by the day or week; good operator; can do dress making. Address, for one week, A. B., box 194 Herald office. General Homework, die. 1QO WEST 'iSD ST.?A RESPECTABLB GIRL TO J.wO do gsaaral housework. Can be sceu at present employer's. 9QQ WEST 4th ST.?AN AMEBIC AN GIBL TO DO ZlO O housework. 'Jon 2D AV., THIRD FLOOR^ FRONT?A RE OOU spectahle young woman to do general housowoik; good refers nee from last place. Aft'J WEST S1ST 8T., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.?A BE TUO spectable young girl to do general housework in a small family; best city reference. 1 /11Q 3D AV.?A YOUNG OIBL TO DO GENERAL Jl?Ai.O housework or chaabework and waiting; no ob oction to the oountry; best city references. HoaatkMpen, dse 7 BAST 1STH ST.?AS HOUSEKEEPER IK HOTEL or private family; muit have full control ot h?lp; refer ?ne* from (he beat families a* to qualifications. Address W. 8bok5 kt.. ~ pa rlor~ploo r.?a Youho~EN<F liih lady as housekeeper lo a widower1* family; city or eountry; reference. Call until 7 P. M. ?J/\ LEXINGTON AV.-A TOUNO AND ACCOM OU plished widow as housekeeper; Widower** family pre ferred. Jq WBST 3D ST., FRONT BASEMENT.-A YOUNO T V Protestant lady as housekeeper in a widower's family. Call Air two days. Hiss ELLA. ??0 WEST4TH ST., SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE*, UO iu front basement.?A young French lady a* house keeper; a widower's family preferred. Hiss JENNY. QQ 8D AV.. FIRST FLOOR.-A YOUNG LADY OP t/O French descent in ? widower's or bachelor's tauilly. Call all the week. 11 lf? HAST 41ST ST.?A WIDOW AS HOUSEKEEPER 1UU In a hotel or lamily; city or country; is trust worthy. Only respectable parties address, for one week, HOUSEKEEPER. LUDLOW ST., NEAR R1VINGTON.?A YOUNG widow, hi|(hly educated and refined, as housekeeper. 117 10(| SULLIVAN ST.?AN AMK1UOAX WOMAN, yJ with grown girl, as honsakeeper or ta do ehamlier irork la the country. Mrs. DIXON. I 99 EAsf~13TH ST. (RING THIRD BELL).?A RE" fined young lady as honaekeeper or companlou ?*11 at or address for one week, from Monday. L52 EAST 22D ST.?vA YOUNG WIDOW LADY AS housekeeper. Apply during the week. 990 WEST 13TH ST.?A YOUNG LADY AS HOUSE ClmjO keeper in a widower's family. Oall or address. OOQ WK8T~iinTsT^AX AMERICAN LADY OF ZlOO refinement and musical talent, as Housekeeper or lady's maid. Call evenings. O At) WEST lOTII ST., HOOM;.lX?AN AMERICAN ATmI woman. 37 years of age, as housekeeper; country preferred; will do the work of a small family. nsil WEST 218T ST.?A .LADY-OF REFINEMENT tJV\J and education to take charge of a gentleman's soaseheld; reference required and (riven. >1 I Q 4TU AV.?A CHEERFUL LADY AS HOUSE llO keeper In a widower's family; no objection to trav eling. Call for une week. COQ 3D AV., TOP FLOOR. FRONT.?A NEW KNG t/OO Isnd lady, without child, as housekeeper in a widower's ramily in the country; understands the care of a dairy and is capable ot taking full charge. Oall on or ad Ire.s Mrs. MAINE. * 6TH AV.?AN ENGLISH LADY AS HOUSE keeper iu a widower's family. Call for ten days. 590 BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW, WITH A CHILD. AS working housekeeper. Address Mrs. BURNETT, Her ald Uptown Branch office. WIDOW LADY, AGED IT, AH HOU>EKEEPER and companion to an Invalid lady, or would take charge 1 st a house for a gentleman or party of gentlemen. Address INDUSTRY, Herald office. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY. OF PLEASING ADDRESS, would like a position a* Ifcusekeepor iu a gentleman's tamily. Only those having xuch position need answer. Address B. BROWN, Herald Uptown Branch oiUce. X AMERICAN LADT-AS HOUSEKEEPER; IS fully capable of taking the entire charge of everything pertaining to housekeeping: city or country; beet reference. Address INDU.vfKIOl si, Poruld Lplown Branch office. A' TlToRO UGilLY 1 OMP KTENT AND-RELIABLE lady, perfectly practical in economy and management desires a position a* buuaekeeper; city reterenees. Address H., box 174 lierald Uptown Branch office. AH HOUSEKEEPER IN A WIDOWER'S FAMILY; can make hutue both pleasant and comfortable ; no ob jection ta tbe cosntry. Address HOUSEKEEPER, Herald office. lady in reduced cIkcumHTancks""w6uLD like a position as housekeeper or a tru*t of any kind; cau take cara of ehlldrsn from birth ; no objection to leave town. Address, lor three or foar days, HONOR, box 1." Herald office. A YOUNO WIDOW LADY OF HEF1NEMENT DB slres a position aa housekeeper or companion to an in valid; unexceptionable reference. Addre** DESERVING, H*ra;d Uptown Branch office. A TO UNO LADY, A ?TRANGER IN THE CITY, would like a position as houtekeepor in a widower's family or for a bachelor of means. Address A. C.. Herald Uptown Branch office. AN AMERICAN LADY OF CULTURE"DESIRES A position as housekeeper. Address LADY OOD1VA. bex 147 Herald Uptown HTanch office. HOUSEKEBPBK-.UiVE RT?HEll OFFERS-A (iOOL) home and fsir reinanoration to one who will take a muerc Interest In th) domestic management of his house in the country; a great inducement to a superior person who may wish to Wave the city lor a <|ulet, retire*!, healthy loca tion. Address, with full particulars, which cau bo returned If desired. ROLAND, box 107 llerald office. OSITION WANTED?BY AN KDUOaTBD YOUNG widow lady of experience and practlcnl housekeeper; scald teach a young lady the Freuch ; willing to .eave the city: highest reference. Address .A. B. C,, box ?HI Herald Uptown liranah office. P7l T LADE LP lilA.?A VoUnu LAI>\\ ACCOM - plished and cheerful disposition, as new ekeeper lor a widower. "ilS South Uth at., three blocks from Cuestnut. Call all the week. W"anted?situation AS WORJJNO HOUSK keeper, by American aldow lady: ral<arenca of capabil ity; would not object to leaving the city. . tddresa, for three tig*, INDUBTRV. Herald offi/ ? WTTTATIOW* WA VTKD?FKXALBR. "dwN^wiMn. A(r. WAMK?^^_P<^8,T10^ A" HOUBEKEEPBB IT A " ladv ol edueaslea aud nlunui; bast tthiMcn Address Mlaa E. G. KINO. Brooklyn Po* office. WANTFD-HY A YOUNO BNOLI8H WIDOW speaking??mu. a place aa hogukHMf where du may kNiliir oh I Id, iwe jreui of age, with hor. Address A. bo* llu Herald offlce. WAKTKD?BY A WIDOW. AGBD 20. A FOttmOM AM practical working housekeeper; so ebjectioa to the country. Address Mr a. HILL. HeTald offlce. La tuidrtwri, ?t. 12 ?2S52UA "T ?.F,afr PROMT?MRS. if . ^ wtsbeea lewfaaii or ladies' or geatleasea's washing, Outiag Included hr weak ar month; good references. CaU or sddrees. lfi MIHBTTA LANK. TOP PLOOR-FIRST CLASH -LU_Uundreas: washing or work by the day Mrs. A M. 33 w?ah'ugT" EBAR' *??* 4-A WOMAN W1SIUH 124 /a. *,hB7 2?TH ?T.?AS LAUNDRESS; GOOD ?ironar and fluter; na ot^Jaction ta tba C?ootry. 1 S!? T55? 1?TH W.. TOP FLOOR. BACK BOOM.? At J <u A eolnred vonu wfahea mnt tad IbjUbb* washing. Oall-addraos fer two ?*?! 1 32 OT 8Ti_A "JSSPBCTABLE colored 1 ?)w woman ta da reatlesasa's and fsmiUss' washine raf arancea If rt'<jnlr? d. Call er address far tbrae daya. mWEST 3HTH ST.. FIRST FLOOR^-A_c6LORBD ?oinan wisbas gen Grass's and families' washiag; oub. to 75* 1 1/lft WRBT 18TH ST.. BETWEEN 7Tn AND 8TH J i5T*" rear.?A raapactabla wotnaa a* lass* ortn; city or coaitrj. 1 iff K VST 53D ST.?A WOMAN TO OO OUT BY TQB OA! WEST 27TH ST.. TOP FLOOR.?A COLOBBD ffdt.fl??c?'* bUtUm 1"0d"- * ?k " ?*? OAO LEXINGTON AV?A WOMAN ABTLaCNDEEBS ; O to go In the oouatry ; good city reference. 9()ft WAYBBLKY J?LACB?TWO~KBKPBCTABLE ?i\J\J young girla; one aa lanndraaai tha other as si*;r ssissi&reU"refa~n- ??" ,o'?~ 91 ^ !LA?T 74T" "?a risk PECTABLB~woman Z day'. work"*10 ,1 WMhU? ?? >??" or to go oak ta 238 ^lILh ? R?OM 1(*-A RESPECTABLE reference Protaetant voau aa laundreea; boat city 24?~" WKSt 41HT ST.rToFjFLOOrT-TS:i.ATNDRK8S %T to do a few faitlemio1! or ladle*' washiuit at her OOuilNO. "* ????bea. Call oa or addraaa Miea 30fi -/!?* 9T?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH ''y. U? w'd<,w ??>*? waabiog and Imnlngat homo or to go _ y day; flrat claea alty roCerencei. Mra. MARTIN. XI 7 FA"T 37111 STi\ rOOM 18 -^AS FIR8T CLASS "I ? laundreaa;nn objection to tba oonatry: best eltv FoTerence. Call on Monday. EAST 48T1I ST.?A FIR8T CLASS LAUNDREK8 OOO to go out by tha day or take la washing; good raf erenee. " ? $4-2 iWK^r 420 ST.. CTP8TAIB8.-AR KIR8T CLAHfl CaUofMoniy'*" ^ prafcrr^ 843 8T-7A RB8PECTABLK YOCNO " ?lr'^ lanadreaa; U willing to aaelet with rhambor work: good city reference. Call or addreaa for two daya. 410 ?AST lirr.H, SL_A "RSPISCTABLK WOMAN, *X AV a competent laaadreu. wlahei some ramlllM' waah Init; terms 75 centa per doaen. 41 3 rihHT ,STH SJ-. If THE STORE.?A RKHI'ECT ir.u woman to go out by the day to wash aad 458 Slilil ??? ST?A YOUNG WIDOW, WITH A , , - IHtle gJrl three years old, aa laundress or to do ifon enjlhonsework la a small family; good refereaca from last ]?ESPKCTABLE YOUNG OIRL AH LAITNDRRS8 OK V w#!i ehamberwork and sewlag; operates on differ ent machines; Staten Island preferred; good referee " hor last place. Address S. II.. Herald offlce. Nurses. AM. 10 P'.'lKTO? PLACE.?A8 NURSE; CAPABLE OP -L\' taking charge of aa Infant from birth; has 18 yean' experience. 39 ST. (PBK8ENT EMPLOYER'S.)?A *lu " "*" * ?ur*ei ,?dy'? maid, waitress or ebamnermaid; city or oountry; first class references. A A WEST 9TII ST.?A YOCNO WOMAN AS 0 nurse ^can take the entire charge or an Infant or of ynnng children and sewlag; best city reference from last employer. 57 WEST MTH *T. (PRESENT EMPL?)YER^>^1 I J respectablo colored girl as nurse or chambermaid aad to do plain sewing; can take full charee of an Infant or grown up children; no objection U> travel with a lady; alty referenoo. Can be seon for two days. ft4- NORTH 7TH ST.. BROOKLYN, 8EC0ND FLOOR. do ?ewLng-r*sp*c Q?rmaa glri to mind children aad to afi KING ST., BASEMENT.?A RESECTABLE U woaaa at wet nurse. CaU for two day*. QQ BEDFORD ST.-A8 EXPERIENCED MONTHLY Call on^riid^Ml? KKIGHT? " " "0re 'Df"U 104 W,KSTJ J: ?U ST- FLOOR^A YOUNG co^r?d ?lrl " nnrae or chambermaid in a private ANN^F ob''BCtion *? tb# oountry. Call en or address WEST 53D ST.?A NEW ENGLAND NURSE and accoucheuse is now prepared to take ladies ?UR!?E n#,n",a' ?mte lowest terms. Address 247 WK8.T^7^! ST?a YOUNiMTfRL. 1? YBAR80F the houaeworit wages ftt; would aaaist with 2f)9 east I0TII ST.?a FIRST CLASS GIBL TO Sr care of children, or a hahv preferred. Call on or address, for two days. ANNE DIFFILEY. 363 WEST 1ST IT ST.?AS NURSE, IN AMY KIND of sickness, by the week or month. 4-10 WEST U5TH ST.?AN AMERICAN GIRL AS ! ?Xe. 'calf for ?wo days.'* ,I*h* ?h-nberwork or plda 419 ?*.?A OIBIh m years old~to *XXt7 mind children or to be one fa I In light housework. 3i> a\?a9 nurse or seamstress. by~a InH ?l<: *" exPert operator; cut and fit and wait on a lady; highly rtoommended. Addroaa A. L. fi25 AV -AN AMERICAN WIDOW A8 INVA" "nt on bittlenUr"*: ,compe',nt to entire care of la fi72 LK^IN,,T?N AV., NEAR 56TII ST. (FORMKR er J housework.5"* ?lrl " nar,? ?r to d? ??" 844. "tTTav?A kespectXble YOUNG mar: four ^7ek. oldW?m*n ** W#t *""? ,u * priTmU r"m?y! "aby A >* ^PNO OBBMAN LADY TO MIND CHILDREN OR WWEN? Hera"d Up'town'^aJe"h?' C?Untry- Addr#" A FRENCH NURSE DESIRES A SITUATIf)N IN A rm.n /: Wl"/'Y r flr" ,n French sad ucrmao to children; good reference. Address MARY B. llerald Uptown Branch office, for two daya. 1 A *. ^MEDIATE ENGAGEMENT WANTED BY A jZi. lady's monthly nurse or would take entire charge ofaa 7003d a*., advertising office. KK' W?itresses, dfe. 213 J'i*r 257,1 ".T - !,N THK storf.?a youno v^.r,rl " competent wsltress; thoroughly uhderstsads hor business; good city reference. Call for two days. WU WBST ?D HT.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS I?ni.Sy".VCUC^&:^C,t)P 24 llscellanenns. *>A KAST 19TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE COLORED woinsn to go out houseclsaalng by the day. fi'J WEST 44TH ST.?A KRKNCH GIRL AS LADVR' 00 in?id or take ca.-e of shtldrsn; Call or address. 1 99 EAST 13TH ST.?A YOUNG GIRL. OF PLEAB. -kr,.r_,nK *ddr'?. *? maid or oorapaniol,. 1 90 EAST 24TI! ST?AS COMPANION OR lUDTd 1 J maid. Call for one week. 214 work. WEST SOTH ST., TOP FLOOR?A COMPETENT colored woman wishes houaecleanlng or day's 320 week. EAST 2?TI! BT.-AN AMERICAN GIRL. H years of age, to copy; haa experience. Call ail the 34 X ??8T -T," ?Ti~A I,EAT- kkspectable Gertnsn pfrl as lady's maid or to do upstairs work. Can be seen from 10 to 2. 405 IUJ1 A7i 'OP FLOOR-AN EXI'ERrRNCBD r V a ^ " '*d' 1 obliging; city refsrsnce. Csll ior 1 wo nayv. 8T?A Y?DNO AMERICAN OIBL -rou to go la the countrr to wait ua a lady or to do ehamberwork; flist class reference. Address L. GIFFORD. An ac(:ompli8Hed young lady (german>. experienced In sll honsehold affairs, wishes a position in a family, or as companion to an invalid lady; Is wUHag to maxe herself irrneraily n.efol; xery best references, salary no object. Addrrss S. P.. box B> Post office. Newark. N. .1, AN AMERICAN WIDOW. WITH A CHILD.'AM OEli". ?ral anperintindent in a laundry; nnderMtatida every pranch of the bnslness. Address Mrs. BBOOK.S, Hsrald Up town Branch office. ^ American lady, aged 28. speaking the practical in housekeeping, would like apiwitlo* in a hotel or private family; ffrst slsss ?Mc7BF* x54t'u '? y ???* ?? Heraid Uptewa Braach A SITUATION WANTBD BY ~A JAN ITU ESS Apply to Mrs. L lGRASSO, No. 121 1st sv. A y?HK<i I'ADY DESIRES HONOBABLB EMPLOY W3 Hsrald offlel* not ?????l. Address ENERGY, box A 11,AUY. ASi> AN ORPHAN. IN NEED OF A ? would accept of aay position not riinnl.l 1A drese WORTHY, HersufUptosY Irajich offiw. A youno lady, first class hairdresser. wishes to dress a few mora ladles by the week T.rrni reference If required. Addrew V. " x l0? HerSJ WANTKD-BY A SMALL. RUPBCTaBLB PBOTBBT* ant tainlly. t?s csrs of s gcntlemsn'* residence for me Mimmer: e-ta tarnish the best reference; also If r? can put op preserves, pickles end catssp Tor family u^i'. Address Vlr*i. R. S., Nl.f Kroadwnv, I'KOKKSBIOXAL SITUATION WAVTKD _ _ FEWALES. ??-? A xxirpnwo ti . - *B'J wh? ?pesk? ..nd understands thoroughly ? reach. German. Italian and %anlsh. would l.e pleased t.. meet with a party of forelgaer* desiring a rutde and interpreter during thefr stay la PhlUdolphla. er on a tour of travel in tills country or in Europe. Address or call on J. H.. 811 N. #th St., Philadelphia. A YOUNG LADY DM IKB8 A PCWITION TO TKACK the Knu'llsb brambes and inusle; refers to nrsnent patrons. Ad<:re>s STUDENT, llerald Uptown Hrancf offlce. K LADV I EXPBRIENCBDf WANTS A POSITION AS iL saleslady, cashier; Loud aecountaat: writes lairlMe reference. Address LAl>Y. Herald "(lire. AT A Ml Alt W AN!) AliKKBA RLE-YOUNO LADY wishes a sltnatinn as nnrsery roremess or compsnios or to m?' herself generally ussfol; dty or country - refer enre to present employer. Address care of P. p. A Co. lf>4 Broadway, room 5. YOUNG LAW. WHO IS COMPETENT IN M08IC and in the German and English languages as vovsra. ess. Inqulrs at No. 47 St. Mark's pUc thirt bsil) PROFESSION AX IITTATIOII WAJfTIU? VMAUSf. P A Rial AN " LADY. A BLETO~?Sa*5?I BNui3*dC Latin, music, drawing ud the highest branches of llMratare and science. Mm an mhimmI far tbe aum uwr la a retaed fit wily; beet te*>l*aoal*l* ia I ha dir. Ad draw U. bex S.M8 foal oSo* A LITERARY LADY-WRITES LETTERS; BUSINESS A letters; prepare* maauscripts; giv** lauoaa. Axldree* baa 19 station D. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A POSITION A* OOVBR naaa or ecmpanio*. Addsess Mis* 8., box 304 Herald aflkca. T AD IRS tADOHT english, FRENCH. MUSIC, li Drawtar and Elocution by an accomplished lady. Ad dr?a SUCCESS. tier aid Uptown Branch office. YXTANTBD-A POSITION AS CASHIER OR COPTI8T. " by a young lady who pom ten a flklr knowledge of bookkreaiajc and write* eery rapidly; compensation aieder nte. Address C. C.. Herald office T EDWARD BlDLEY * SONS'. GRAND AND ALLS* ?ta., waatad, 60 Arei oiaa* atilHuen. Apply at omo, as teeond floor. A MinOLBTAORD WOMAN, TOR OBKERAL HQU8E work la the coaatry. with little girt 10 or 12. Apply for tbrae day* at SI14* Bast 03d >t AD U ESS M AK ER IT AMTBD-WHO* CAN OPERATE on Wheeler A Wilson1* aad make buttonhole*. Apply at ^65 4th tr. Z?TK*M ]BROTHS**, <STH AT AND 2SD ST. ? want several city experienced saiaeladlat for their lace department Only thoaa thoroughly competent need Mply. . A N experienced dressmaker TO CUT AMD J% give out linan aad lawn rait*. 172 Mercer st. A-PIUST Cl.AMS MILLINERS AND SALESLADIES . wanted; wage* ao object. A. PIWER, 2.223 MM., kaar 127th it. A PLAIN. INTELUGENT QIRD WANTtD?KOR general housework; two ia family. Hall door, 64 West KXH *t An RST CLASS R AIRDKEK8RR, HAIKWORKBR aud salealadj ; only one who uaderstaitd* her kashi *e* thoroughly; aaed spplr ?t No. 26 JSaat 14th st. AT MADAMB LAFORCAUK NO. 5B-5TH AV.? Wanted, aa experienced forewoman and several flret class dree-makers, to work on waists, buttonholes and eioaki; also good baa da oa white work. A poly before 10 A. M., basoment. tow FIRST CLAM WAIST TRIMMERS WANTED? . None others aaed apply; also au apprentice. JOT Waal Sflth st. RET)C CTI0N~IN TP. L EORAPH Y-K76 A~OT7ARTBR to those entering this week. thompson'S College, 2" 4th a*., opposite Cooper Institute. Inatructien day er evening. FEW FIRST OLAHfl WAIRT-MXKBR8 WAMTBD ?t <8 Waat aad st. Apply at basement doer at B e>?loek. DBES8MAKBKU WANTED. - NONE BUT BXPERL euced waist haods need apply at 415 6th av. Dhessmaker wodld like a~few bnoaoS meats by the day; make* flttliic ami trlmmlug a specialty ( flrst elan reference. Address M., Herald Uptown Branch office. DRESSMAKKRS WANTED-ALSO. OPERATORS ON domestic machine. UEAHN, 775 Broadway. Dressmakers and apprentices wanted at 4S1 Sth av., flrit belL DRESSMAKERS WANTED?ALSO^iToPKRATOR ON Wheeler A Wilson's maehtne. Mrs. COLLINS, 4ft West 18th st. Experienced milliner and tiummrr wated?At Union Baaaar, 943 6th av. No others need xpjpiy- _ __ -nLOWER BRANCHEK8.?WAfPTED, 20 FIRST CLASS r flower branchers; good wage* paid and work given home. 68 West 14th *t. TJJLOWER B RANCHERS WANTED.?NOSE BUT r Drat das* need apply to M. T. H10GINS, 62 West 14th *t. r\ OOD OPERATORS WANTED 0N~FLAGS -"slNOBR It Machines Apply to J. 0. STREET A SON, No. S2 Cortlaadt st GOOD D RESSM AK E RS ~W ANTE D?Tf~"237 4THA V. Only com Detent walat hands need epply. VffLLJNKry^Twantkd, SEVERAL FIRST CLAmS ill. artistic trimmers tor onr Roston honse; I rem $23 to $3<I will be paid No. 1 hands, who are accustomed to the best retail city work. J. ROTHSCHILD, r ? West 14th Milliners.?first class trimmers wanted; to those competent good warns and steady employment will bo given. Apply to E. A. CHE8EN, 16 Kast 14th st ILLINKRY.?FIRST CLA8.<T~T rim M e!T~WANTED. Inquire on Mouday and Tuesday, at R. P. MoCAKN'S, 1.460 M av. Eh. marcy a co. want experienced first ? class trimmer* oa ladle*' straw Hats; good wsges and steady work If suited. Apply before 10 A. M., st luperia tendent'* deik. 14th st. and 6th av. QALESLADIES? TRIMMERS AND improvers O wanted at ANDERSON'S Pari* Millinery, 607 6th av., near 9(>th *t. Salesladies wanted-for the flower and ?traw departments. Apply to M. T. UIG41IN8, 52 West 14th *t. SHIRT IBONBR8 WANTED?FOR FIRST CLASS NEW work; washer alio wanted. Apply at No. ll*t 4th av. | TilE WOVEN TAPE SKIRT COMPANY. 81 WALKER ?t. waat Immediately 600experienced ikii hands; good par and constant employment; al*o H00skilful sewing ma chine worker* on floe paater* and bustles. TR IM M KKH W ANTED. ?T EN FtRST CLASS TRIM raers wanted; good pay to experieucod hands; inch can have steady situations at 287 Graaa *t. rImMER WANTED?A kTrST CLASS millinery trimmer, to go te Middletown, N. Y. Apply at 007 Broadway. rliwu WHIU riniHHBKH wamkd-on dkksmmak i. Inir. Apply before R o'clock. Monday. 3TW aunt 12tb it Wi ANTED?A LADY OF PRACTICAL KfBBIBjiCR, to aoliett donation* for ? charitable pnrpoae: remuner ation ample: unmioittiouahln reference* required. Addreaa SALARY, box 169 Herald offico. W" ANTED?NURSE (}iRL~TO TAKE CARS OK CHILD 18 month* old and to do light ehamberwork lu amall private family; Moat be aeat, willing and obliging. Call at 217 Eaat 72d at. Tf ANTED?A FIB8T CLASS OOOK AND LAUNDRESS TT to BO to Saratoga ttprinea: private family fonr. and one with beat reference*. Apply to Roumore Hotel. Broadway and 43d it., room 2/7, Monday from 11 to 3. "ANTED?A FRENCH NtTRHB FOR GROWING children. Call Monday from 0 until 3 o'clock at 444 Madlaon av. ? TVTANTBD-A COMPETENT OBBMAN NURSE AND TT MKmetren; auat have beat city reference*. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock on Monday at room 76, Albe marle Hotel. Ty ANTKD-A GOOD COOK. WA8HBR A>CD TRONBB', TT with city reference*: family email; wage* $13. Ap ply, on Monday, at ISO Kant 44tli at. W ANTBD-A niRL FOB OBNEBaL 1IOC8EWORK. 133 liudaon at.; wage* $10; good reference required. W~ ANTED?FIVE BXPBRIKNCED OPERATOR* ON cuatom ihlrta and flue linen work. Apply at work room entrance on 19th at. between 8 and 0 A. M. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. WTANTKD?SMART OIRLS TO DO WAITING WORK TT In a hotel restaurant, near cltr: muat understand* figure*. Apply, on Monday, at 31 Bast 33d at., baaement door, from 9 to 11. > ANTED?KIR8T CLASS EXPERIENCED HANDS on gentlemen'* bow* and acarft; no learner* need ap ply. FLEISCII A CO.. 368 Broadway. \trANTRD?FIRST CLASS MILLINER. TO OO INTO TT the country; all expenaea paid; good wagea and em ployment ateady. I1EIMANN. WALL k CO.. 601 Broadway. ANTBD-A KIR8T CLASS MILl.INKR AND TBIM raer at 180 Bowary. Mr*. W. FOOAKTi. WANTED-A-DRESSMAKER AND~~A PIR8TCLAR8 operator on Wheeler A WUaon'a machine, arena - tomed to droumaking; only thoae accustomed to good work need apply. A. E. ROLLKN. 398 Wrrt 34fll at. ANTED?AN EDUCATED, INTELLIOKNT YOCNU lady who write* a good hand and ia willing to work in [ the early morning* and again In the evening*. Addreaa A. K.. box 179 llarald Uptown Branch oflioo. "firANTED?A FIR8T C LASS DRBMMitKRR, WAIST TT maker and* akirt trimmer. None but thoae aceua tomed to drat claa* work nwd apply at 176 6th av. Ateo an apprentice who nnderatanda aewing. Call, between 1> and 11, on Monday. WANTED-A LAUNDRESS FOR UPSTaIkS WORK and waahlng In a amall family at 243 Wen H4th at. ANTED?Vl RHT~CLA8S~bRBSBMAKBB8 AT *34 Weet 35th *t. WANTEn-7~KEW EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN lor millinery good*, indie*' underwear aud notion*. & ME ARKS. corner Kth av. and 19th at. ANTBD-A YOUNG GIRL, 17 YEARS Of AOK. TO de general honaework; waj;ca $10 per month. 18 Van Kelt place. Churlea *t. AMTBD-TKN FIRST CLAW MILLINBB8 AT STEWART k MITCHELL'S. 8108th av. WANTED?FIVB FIRST CLASS MILLINBBH: GOOD aalary. EIHMCH k CO.. Sth av. and 34th at. ANTED-fTR9T ~CLA88 8ALKSLALIES IN ALL onr department*. BHKI01I * CO., 8lh av. and 34th at WANTBD-A LADT SUPERINTENDENT FOR THE ! manufacturing of ladlea1 line robe* and akt'ta None i bat I rat claa* kanda need apply at 333 Canal at., up atalr*. WANTED?AN~ ASH I AT ANT FOREWOM A N ~IN OUR dreeamaklag department: alao 100 drwMmakera and millinery aaleewomen. BODUKR8 k ORH BltOS., 183, 183. 187 8th av WANTED-A WOMAN TO ASSIST IN " OEXERAL ; housework and t? eook, waah and Irea. Apply Monday ! morning at 87 Eaat 63d at. I WANTED-A WOMAN TO DO OBNBBAL HOUSE work. Inquire at No. 961 Ureeawtch at. oa Monday* . after to A. X. WANTED?FIVE EXPERIENCED TRIMMERS; ALSO three lalealadlee who ran aell millinery gooaa. Ao- i ply Monday at MARVIN'S. 391 nth av. "1ITANTf.D?A PIBST CLASS DKBS8MAKSB. AI'PLT TT at 413 6th av.. Ilrat bell. ANTED? EXFRBllNCKD ' PKBMkRM ON~LADIES- | ilneo auita. Thoae thoroughly undemanding thair ; hntlneooean make good pay. INDKCTRUCTIBLB RUFFLE COMPANY. 334 and 3ft*l Canal at. 1 k/\ FIRST class OPKRaTOB* on whbblbr a iwv WUaon'a and Wlilcox A Glbbs' machlnea on ladle*' line (vita. Experienced hand* ran make good per- IN DE HTKl'CTIBLK RUFFLK COMPANY, -J54 and 3M Caaal at. SITIATIO.V* VV AWKD^HALEK. T>'fi?*crniAft? ho cot ?DTWIZTTiWCfA WoKf: I j\. the man ae Drat claaa waiter, and wife aa chambermaid ' or nnrae:* flrat riaaa city reference. Addree* C. M., 107 i Weeater at.. New York. SWEOfslf MA N~WI8HB8 A PLACB Ad WATCH man: can give the beet recommendation from where be haa been Workingfor many rear a In the elty; he li there sret. Addreaa C. PETERSON, 74 Mott it., room 14. A MT OF 17 WANTS A SITUATIOM IN AN OFFICB; A I* a good writer and correet at figure*; good reference*. Addreaa J. W. Herald olfica. AOKNTLKMAN (SIX)LB), ACQUAINTED WITH French. Bngltoh, Herman, Holland and Itailaa. dealree : aaltuation: no objection to travel; beat relbreneee Ad- i dre*? T. D. C., Herald ofllee. ! fTk8T~CLAsi"HOTK'l ANp~~RBiTAUBANTCOOK i dealree a good ritnatlon. Apply at 178 (.'hryatle at. I TOUNO MAN DIsEN(TaOECMN"tHK KoRENOON ) weald like employment writing, eonylng or any light werk from 8 to 13; moderate remuneration. Aodre** Jb KOMB, Herald Uptown Branch office. A COLORED BOY, AOBD 14. TO MAU HIM8BL* generally neefaL 86 bcat 36th it. SITUATIONS WAHTKD- >IALKS. ABITUATlOR WANTKD~BY"~jr B0Y'6F17, HAS had thorough Instruction in bookkeeping; be*? refer anoa- Addreo. ? P.. Hi M av. A YOUNG MAM WUH'EiT SITUATION AS BAB leuder *t(F< not to much aa object. AdJresa BAB TbMUKK, Umll U plow a Branch office. B" AKEB. FIRST OLA8S. WANTS A SITUATION O* takes aad pies; if necessary caa Ml bnul; 15 years' reference. 10 Norfolk >1. or. IT. DRBIRRS A SITUATION IB ANY~CK>0D bouse or eMee down Iowa; good penman aad food ref ereaces. AddremC. UK THhSBK. l.V* West 34th st. FIBBT OLA** MAN~COOK"^OLOBBdV WANTS A atatllaa ia hotel, reelanrant ur Ural data ho nee; Ural reference. Addraaa, for three days, A. R. X.. 328 Thump sou at. fclTCATlON WASTED?BY KXPRBIENCKD CA 0 lerer: qualified for atsward aad general duties. Ad drew KB All K, 52 West 30th si. _ Situations WANTED?BY~M AN AND WIFE; man aa barkeeper; womaa aa Aral class cook; undaratandi English, French aud American cookiug, game, pastry, jel llei, Ac. 211 Bait 28th It., ream a mo FABM KR&T?A~YOUNO MAN AMD WIFE WANT 1 to assist a tanner with tb* view af buying hie farm. Address H., box 17tt Hersld office. THE ADVEKTI8RR,~AN EXPERT STEWARD. 10 years la the butel and reatauraat business and a Oral elaaa barkeeper, wishes a situation ; rrfora to present cui plejrer. Address RELIABLE, Herald olUue. tT/Tnted BY AYOUNtTMan. a SITUATION IN A r T law offlte; baa studied law for eua year. Address D. L., Herald other. ~ CIJCHKH A.VD SALKNMKN. ~i SeStlEman OK "lioSU ADoIlKS.S AND ?tJsi' J\. naaa qualifications, to act aa a^ent tor a loading manti featuring company; only those ot undoubted eharaotar and ability need apply at 34 Union square, alter 10 A. M. aa Monday. COMPETENT BUSINESS MAN AND A1 Book keeper. quick at figures. wishes a position .beet city rtfareneea furnished. Addrt-?< T. l?. C., Herald office. btrSookainier. "cokbrspoSdrnt, DOUBLB entry bookkeeper, thoroughly qualified. will work lor aiaall salary. Addreaa trustworthy. Ilerald office. OCOUNT8 AND BOOK* Hi IKNTIKit:ALLY KXAM ined and arranged by expert accountant; hour* (nigbl or day) to enit; terms fixed by job or time. Addreaa 11. A I*, box -,643 Poet office. A iD B*1*KRT?BOOKS THOKOUGU yDten up opened er cloaed for oorpora or individual*; ha*, had large experience; tertp jJOHN U. COMER, No. 0 Murray at. A-stern brothbrs, efii av. and 33D sr.. ? want several tirat oliu salesmen lor their hoaiery de partment; only those bavins bad city experience aad lully competent need apply. A Smart. REspTttrrABLE young man~~wantrd In a firm elaaa white good* bou.e, to do the Western travelling; one who haa taste in fancy goods preferred; must farniah beat referencua Addreaa box &M Ilerald office. OBNTLKMAN IIAVINU A (JOOD trade in orn! tral and Weatern New York State wiabea to trarel for a llrat elaaa elothlnc bouae on eommlaeion. Addreaa 11. M. C.. boa 14M Herald olBe ? BOOKKf.KPKK WANTKD; MUiil' GIVE~A1 REFER ENCK. Addreaa SITUATION, Harald office. BY A YOUNO MAN IN A WHOLESALE OH KKTAlt. tnen'a furnichinit or ahlrt atoek or atore ; any capuoity wbere a thorough kuowledgo of tho bualueaa, iut-htdlu/ aeerythinK pertaining to ablrt uiunufueturinK, acquired doritiK 12 veara' experience, would bo avnilable; beat reler eneea. Adilroaa L. 11., box 101 Herald <J^ca. 00 ic R B E1' E R?A YOU NORMAN D?S IRKSA Sl'lUA tlun ; ean aupply the lioat of reference aa to aubrlety and capability. Addreaa D. J. M., box ltW Herald office. Book* and accounts examiskd aniFwrittkn up by a thorouffh bouakeeper and accountant; houra toanit; terma reaaonable. Addreaa G. B., box a,U07 1'oat office. CitTY DKli:u AND liANUFAOTURRR?' tradr - 1 Haieauien with general acquaintance wanted at 47 Maiden lane. BUO CLERK? ?i URN SKI), WITH 8BYBBAL YEARS' city experience, apeukint: Krenvh and E null ah, wlahea a altuatiou. Addreaa DKIOOIST, Herald Uptown Branch office. D_ uy (Foods -vvanted. kour salesmen, apply at northeaat corner 4uth at. aud 7th av., Sunday, from 3 o'clock. B. A E. CALLAN. Dry ooods samples wanted-to srll on ?ommlaalou In Weatern eltiea. Addreaa (>., atation L. SITUATION WANTED?AS SRCHETARY, SPANISH, Oartnan and French correapondent, or in any other ca pacity: half Mute employment doalrable. Addreaa INTRO BITY, box 130 Herald otlice. S"~ALRhMEN WANTE6-IN DRY GfK>DS DRPAliT tneat. 11EARN A BON. 775 Broadway. Salesmen~"wantbd^-sevkbal fihbt class aaleamen wanted, for our millinery department*. Only thoae UavluK had long exporloncc need apply at 287 Orand at. TRAVElZlNt} SALESM AN WANTED-FOR A WHOLE aale atatlonery heuac In Memphla. I'enn. Only a yi QUK unmarried man. thorouKhly acquainted with tho buxliu ??, who baa travelled bcloro. may addreaa, with relerencea, B.. box 137 Herald nffice. W" jim-hfo-A posTfrbir of "trust as private ?ecretarv and confidential buaineax aaxiatant to a teen tletnan ot meana; thorough accouiitaut, Uitthjat refercucoa. Addreaa F. A. L., Herald office. W~ antrd-by aIyiiolesalk OIL MOUSE. AN experienced oil aeleamau. to travel on comttiiaaiun; beat reference nqtlni Addrean box 1.1I2S Poat offica, X. Y. ANTED?A CLEAR AND RAFID PENMAN? TO AD dreaa circular*. Adffreaa CIRCULARS, box 104 Her ald office. ^tkd-T kelTaiile man. to"beli7~winks and liquor* on aalary or rotnmlnelon. Addre?. glvlnir relkrnncea and particular* by letter only, II. O. HlNSE, 122 Broad at. tlfAMTED-SALESM AN AOQUAIN TR l~ \VITH RB Tt tall vrocery trado In thla city and vicinity to *ell on commlaaion an article In every day uae. Apply at 23 Church tt., room ti, 9 to 11 A. M. ANTED-AN OUTSIDE LUMBER DRUMMKit OR aaleaman who la atronic and active ; well acquainted with the oarpentera and manufitcturera of thla city and thoir wanta in both hard aud aolt wood*; a moderate fixed aalary will be paid with percentage on trade controlled. Addreaa, with refcreneea, R. O. N.. atation F. WANTED-A CIOAR SALESMAN FOR CITY TNADB; liberal arranvomauta will be made with a suitable 5arson. Addreaa. statinic former occupation, ac., SALKB IAN, box I2!i Ilerald offico. ANTED?THHER YOUNO MEN', ~lMME~l7lATELY, to I a am bookkeeplnir. penmanahln. calculationa. Irom , practical bookkeeper; Brooklyn, near t'lty llall; evenlnica; I moderate terma. Addreaa COLLINS, box 14U Ilerald offiee. | WANTED-A YOUNO"MAN AS CASUIRB/ 3NLY i one who can loan hla employer 91,.VX) cash on voo<l \ security need answer. Addrosa CASH LOAN, box 127 1 Herald Uptown Branch office. ANTED-A POSlTlON~BY A YOUNO MAN, AGED 23, a? ahlpplntc or entry elerk or to do writing of any kind. Address A. B. C.. box ISO Herald Uptown Branch office. POSTED IN THE required. Apply to WANTED-A YODNO MAN WHO IS fancy soodc business; reference I JONAS N. RCI1UNRRH, 39f. tith av. ANTBD?A YOUNO MAN, AOBD FROM 18 TO 18 vears, who writes a first claas baud, to make himself useful about an office; salary moderate. Address, stating former employment aud naming reference, which muat be unexceptionable, COPYIST, box 114 Ilerald office. WANTBD-A YOUNG~MaN, f5~TO 18 YEARB OF an, in the office of a manufactory; mnat have anuie knowledge of aookkeeplnit. Addreaa, in own liamlwriting, staling aalary required aud refereucea, K.. :iO.~ Weal 23d at. WA^TED^MTiHTcLKKK^ SPEA kTnO ORB* AN TT aad Ragllsb. for a Mlxlb avenue store. Apply, for six days, to T. O. A. MURPHY, bS Barclay st. TITAN TED?AN RXPERIEN0E1) COLLECTOR. TO TT solicit nud collect pbysiclans'bills on commlaaion for an establlabed agency. Addreaa, with refcrencca, C. U. D., Herald office. WANTED-aT SIIaY.NE'B WHOLESALE AND RE tail Mot Hocse two active voutig men. one for retail department, one for wholesale department: bring reler encea Apply, after 3 P. II., at Broadway and 13th si (Wal> lack'a Theatre Building). WANTED?A YOUN(i MAN AS ACCOUNTANT; MUST be vary accurate at figures. Addres*. with reference aad stating salary expected. A. Horald office. WANTEdTa SITUATION FOB ~A~ YOUNGER brother; orphau; mercantile paraalts doairabla, sal ary not so much of an object at first. Address T. 8., tierald Uptown Branch office. AbonubTob empToyMKNT AS BOOKkEEPER iy* ' or clerk. Addreaa 11., box-ltfi> Herald office. iCik -A "THOROUGH BOOKKREPER AND COIf respondent will give this amount for a situation; Is not particular la what capacity; refer* to laat employers. Addreaa G. R., box ]7>t Herald office C-JACIUIE\ AMI (; VUIJi:\KR8. T^S!m?Byn^d6X6ffffAifrBy~A^8lk8tll iV young man; can milk if rtiqulrod. Address II. M., Her ald office. (!f)ACllMAN'S SITUATIO> "wXnTeF-BY "aTiN gle young man; underatanda hla business thoroughly; would go with a road team for tba snmmar; first class eity reference. Call ou or address J AME8, al office 4 and fl Wost 45th St. _ COLORED MAN" WIsHEB A SITUATION AR coachman; best city relerenoe. Address COACIIMAN, box 156 Herald Uptown Branch office. An engliku man wisuks a coaciiman-s situa- \ tion. Call on or addresi WILLIAM, 1<>7 West lHth St. ; situation wanted-as" gr<?om. by a coif. petent young man , elly or conntry.; best city rarer- , cnce. Call oa or address C. K., 14A West S3d St. smiATioN wan'tk.d-ab coachmanT GROOM ' or gardener, by a yirang man. single, unemployed on account ot late emnloyer'a dealli. Call on or address J. C., 130 East 2?th St.. private stable. ' BKSPKCTaBLB' SINGLE man (oliBMAN)" AS ; coachman; vorv bait relerencea from Ural cla-s lamilloa , on y: eity nr country. Address T. L., box 1&& Herald Up> town Branch office. colored" man wihhbT a situation as I eoachman; city or country ; best referencea Address , bKVMOUK. No. 3411 Weal 3Wh at | A SINGLE MAN WANTS A situation AS COACH man or groom; nnderatanda bis hnslneaa thorou<lilrt I w 11 Hit ? aadtobUging; beat oily reference*. Addreaa W. B.. , box 170 Herald Uptown Branch office. SITUATKJN WANTRD-BY" A FIRST CLASS ' coachman (roloreu) : under?tand< driving and brntk |ng horeaa of auv habita; no objection to sue country. Call, 1 I r three day*, at Brswater'a, 14 > >lh ar. BY A PROTEST A NT M ARRlW"l?ERMAN. WITH beat city refercneea, aa fi rat claa? coachman and horse back ridor. Addreaa A. F., box I.Vi llcraid Uptown Braaeb | offioe. _____ I Ciovi'Tim an ami gabdrnbr-by v single man; 1 thoruughly NkMsMh hla baalneaa In botli bran lies; willing and ot;llgt>nr; three yeata' reb'rsnces. Ailitrrsa B., | B b(M Oltl c box |i)2 Ilerald Uptown Branch offier CIOACHMAN AN1> OABDilfRB WANT SlTUATIolf J (ainglcl S nnderatanda the care and treatment of horses : is good milker; will be lound willing and obliglug . beat city i reference. Addreaa COACHMAN, b.>\ 2ii.'> Herald odice. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WAN i ED?BV A COM- | \J petent men ; no encumbrance , beat city reference from his Isst employer. Call at or a>trir>'?* M Mest lllli at. tWACHNAN AND UHOOlTTlY A SINOLR MAN; UN- i ' derataada proper care and treatment of bnrsea and ' carriage!; will be lonnd willing and maite himaell generally I useful; bast raforauea. Address JAMBf, bo* 141 Herald olTlce. Coachman and groom "by a sTmile"" young man; understands treatment of horses, carriages, her nese; can milk and garden II required; will make hlnnalf generally useful; fire yesrs rsferenee; city Of country. AS vM We, bOX ft UtfAld OfflMi COACH MIEN AMD CARDgMTEKS. riiiA&w*** attfAfPs? 2K2^^2S2^52 x sssrvjs?ssS - tsJtrsafc-?? West 15th Ik /SOACHMAK-A OEHTLEMA* * fa,'?* \J tion for bit roacbui.n. who ha? been with him w 1B - than twelve <li?j year.; an oicollent man in every reepeai Addrc bo* No. l!.m Poet ollu*. or 157 VI *M IBM ?t. /ioachman-by a single young man; V1 .laud. the treatment of horm: can milk or mamuw m garden; atrictly temperate i live yeari' reference. t>at> ae or addieee 64J* Carolina il SITUATION WANTKD-POR All KX PKRIK NCKD gardener, who know* the busier >s In ill its branches. Addreu OABDEKBR. 16 state it-. New York. Siycattom Wawtbd-as coach mam and oar. doner, by * tin*!. man; thoroughly ?nd*IJ","^,pi5 bu.lnon: cu milk: belt reference. Address B.. bo* I* Herald office. 1 Ejrr U A TION ? BY AN HOJOWT, COMPETENT AND o valuable (lirnw; U ? Hr?? class coa-bman; under ?tandi aardeniug, Ac.; ?rst claw refereuce. Addraee COACHMAN. 323 WW 41 ?t St. ANTED?aTbITOATION BY A COLOBKP. ooachiuan; bout city reference. Addre?a 133 "eet Sltt ?t.. rear. TTT A VT PI)?POSITION AH COACHMAN ; 8 TKAB9* Wffp??n7e.CMAKLbTbENJA?IN. ?? Ea.lJ4tkik \ST ANTED?AN PXMABBUCD K?OM?Hj.AM. AM TT croon* and foouniio; most nnderstaod his baslnm thoroughly aud be * good horseback rldM? H?ferei?ce? re quired. Apply Monday morning at 49 East Md ?V, frou> to 0>< o'clock. _ V~kAHT "rri;H ST.?A6 PRIVATE STAB Lit COAC1I 'x mail by a inan. married; thoroughly understand. liU bu.ines*; wile a? tlr?t elan* iaundres. ir required; bolt city reference giWB for honeity %nd wbrtety. . lEl EAST ?TH ST.-BY* A COLoRBDMAN AB lOx coachman; 10 year*' rofarauce from hit present place. Call or address tor a day. ^ HELP W VVi'KO? MA1.KS. ~A'6kNTS V^ANffiiriN*"ETRRY~ cTfTT*)It "M. BHD A. grave's patent Bagatelle Tables. ^pply at (c8 New ark a*., Jenojr City. N. J. __ "I"TyoCNO MEN AMD LADIHB WANTED TO lbark h. itarav TION COMPANY. Jt Park tow. A N KXPSRIKNCRD CA.WA88KR OB REPORTER A wanted?Ry a Mercantile Agency.'' to TtaU a?4 yu vitw cabinet maker, and turulture, upholstery. e*T'?J bt r. veneer*. marblo. varulsh and bedding ^Hn"'",.urlr.V Addraat. with qualification! and rafarence. 8I'KCIA1> Ol POBTUNITY. Herald olBce. TqKNTB WANTED?TO INTRODUCE KBW CKNTEK A nlal and oilier attractive dfalgua. Call on or *ddre?? NOVKLTY GLA&i CO., 48 lieekiutu ?t, from 9 lo IX ^ COLORED BOY. ABOUT IB YEA118 OLD. wanted at Thoiuaa' Exeliauge, 1.B38 Broadway. N ACTIVE. 1NTEIjLK!K.NT YOI'NO MAN. ABOl'T lttyaari of age. wtio write* a gooa hand and il uulck at ttgurea, wanted, Addroat, in own handwriting, C. M. W., lleraid Uptown Branch oSice. "k OTI^K MAN WANTBD?TO OKT ADVERTISING A fjr a monthly newipaper; liboral termx "'P"r?T "",1 ueiiuine lonuectioa. Oall Monday and Tuoiday at 171 Mroadway, room il. "a YOL'NO MA* OP kXPBRlEXCE IN MERCANTILE A buklncu. accuitomed lomewhat to outalde employ man t: applicautu tuutl ?tate their occupation tor the paat few yearn. Addrea* A. M. D.. Herald oBca. TOENTS WASTED EYE BY WIIE RE IN TEA. OOKKBE A mid ?i)lce?: bent plan ever offered. Apply to the Oreat American Bepnbllc Tea C..mnany.8l Barclay ?t.. New YorK "A OKNTB WANTED?IN TOWN AND COCNTRY, TO 1*11 our pure tea? to families, hotels and large conimm er?: b??t term? aud larireit atock in the country. Apply to THE WELLo TEA COMMAS*, -til tnltou it., beiweeu Church and Ureeuwtch, Now York. . A CENTS.?WE HAVE THREE ^ARTICLES; A ?ell at Mlffiit; ?auicl? hjr mall. JSc. AMERICAN MAN UVACTUKINU COMPANY.3UO Broadway. RKUUCTION IN TKf,BG~RAJMl Y-4115 AQUAKT8E to those entering thU woek. THOMPSON rt College. 20 4th av., oppoiilto Cooper Institute. Instruction day or evening. IPXPEBIENCKD CANVASSEK8 iMKN OR WOMEN) j li to avll to r?inllle? ? new and lalablo article, paying a large profit. Apply at ??"> Murray it., up italra. T7IIVR YOUKO MEN FOB CW' CANVaJWINO, ?40 [ J per week. Addrew J. PWYEB. Herald olBco. F- IR8T OLABB 0AKVA8UKR WANTED.-A BUSINESS man of eduoatlou, puib and good addre? can make a permanent and profitable arrangement to runvat. for tUemeuti for a leading city Journal. Addrcn bo* i.40S Poit oBlce. ___ Most money made selling teas koii canton TEA COMPANY, 148 Chamber! et.. New York. ijlisl'KCTAble men op oood addrksb at . J\ JAMES SHEEHY'S Ueni ral Subicription Boo* Agency, > No. H3 Barclay it. I qTlesmeiToTTino ox the road with PANCY I J5 ?oodi ran nave additional luppllei on commieilon by | calling at 91 frlnce it. ANTED?ON BOARD THE UNITED 8TATR8 ?teamer Powbattan. a first claii wardroom .toward; excellent par; refereucei required. TirANTED?IN A LAW OKPICK, AN INTELLIGENT W and energetic youth, not over 18: an ouportunltv for advancement and re.ponalbllltv offered; ".J1*1! " ttr*l. Addrei. with full particulare. H. B. H.. Herald otBce. Tir ANTED?A BOY. AT ?3 PER WEEK. KOR OPFICE *\ work and errandi. Addrena, in own handwriting, RAILROAD, bo* 137 Herald oHice. ___ WANTED?A YOL'NO MAN IN THE CKNERAL freight office of a railroad running ont ?f ^ew York, no one who line not liad a valuable e*perlenee in,a {Jmllir offlc? ucod apply. Addreii EXCELSIOR, bo*113Ilorald office. jrd.^.a.if ?t,dB? nMA^?uNrejoS: PANY, 50 Rcade it. Enclo?e itainp. fir ANTED?A MIDDLE-AGED ''ENTLKMAN TO VV manage a pnblUhlnit bu?lnei? In BejrEw^land State*; termi liberal to a imart man. Adureei INDUbTK*. lleraid office. f"fr ANTED?AN ACTIVE. ENERGETIC CATUOUC >Y gentleman, of mod addreii, al a ?ollcltnr J work: .alary *15 per week; after 0 A. M. TUOMAn KELLY. It* Barclay it. WANTED-A BOY TO LINE AND TIE UP MEN'S V\ ?boea: only thoae that underatand the boeineie need Apply st 1*4 Koada sL WANTKD-10 MEN TO SELL A NKW BREAD TO everybody, si 430 Greenwich si. Call from 2 to 4 P. M. May 23. \i7aNTED-A 8TRON0, ACTIVE BOY, WHO WftlTES W a clean hand ai.<l li quick at figurei. to awl.tln a man ufacturing buiine.i; good roference required. Addreii r. & CO., Herald office. tTta\TKD?A WAITER ACCUSTOMED TO PULTON W ' M >rket lunch ?tvle, who will dopoeit SIC) aa iecurity in a re.poniible position. Address wT* H., bo* 160 .lor.Id office. ? \TOUNO AMERICAN BOY TO ATTiSND OFFICE; X miut be of reapectablo parenta and atrictly honeai; wacea SI 30 per week at flrit. Apply after 2 o'clock Mon day ?t -02 Writ MHh at. H H THIS TIIAUKS. X~v6o MrsfXh Hi? r> ma s wwtt?rrM?rtfSina A engineer or Janitor (li llrenaftdi; la competent to do U'palr?: can furniih Ural rlaai rrcommeudutiona. Addreaa ENGINEER, 217 Ellxabeth at., third floor, rear, for a treat. GOOD PlfuTOC.K\I'1IKiTwTsHKS PERMANENT employment. Addreaa WILLIAM ROsSI, 2U1 2d at., between ava. C. and D. A*" N~ UPHOLSTERER (SlNGLH MAM). ABLK IN varulahlng and carpeting, In bla brancli, wauta employ ment In hotel or large boarding home in the country; beat referenco. BIJRGOW. 211 W et 27th at A~N~AVERICAN yfc.VTKEL IJOY. 16 YEARS OF AOK; Inn one year experience In plumbing and cat fitting builncaa. an?i would like to nnluli the trad*. Addreaa or ap ply to WALTER A. DONNELLY, No. ?2d av TO UNO MA X, PLUM BEE AND OAS FITTER, would like to got work In city or country; would make liiumeirireuerally naeful around Muica. Call at No. U5 Clinton place (Hth at.) T FIRST 0LASS~TAIU)R OUT OK EMPLOYMENT, il who alao la a good cutter, can obtain temporary work hv atating loweat tcrma n?r day and addreaaing SIGMA, llerald office. AT TIF PRINTERS WANTED. T. A. TITORNB, 81 Oreane at. OUSK PAINTER~WaNTSD IMMEDIATELY?fOR A tew da.Ta, at ?17 Eaat 13th at. SITUATION A* ANALYTICAL CHEMIST?BY A YODNG mam beat raferencea. Addreaa PIL B., No. 18 Weal 21.t at. _ TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.-WANTED. BY A GENTLE man who liaa had over 2? re era' experience In Brat clam ratalilUlnnonta. a ateady poaition In the akyHgbt; will aaalat In other braaehea nf the bn-iuvia; oan give aattafaetory proof aa to ijaaliAcatloni for Brat claaa Louae. Addreaa Kh.ll BRANT, box 1M Herald office. ffK) PHOTOGRAPHERS. ?AN AMATEUR OPERATOR i and printer deairee to change from hla preaent altnation to another caller?; ealery low. Addreiva PHOTOGRAPHER, Herald Uptown Hrinch ottice. THE ADVERTISER WISH KM TO HAVE SOME printing done by a reliable Arm where bla eon. aged 14, could learn the trade: referenco trom laat employe*. 464 Hadaon at. ? ?yy ANTED?A FIRST CLASS PLDMBSB ATWeuTH ANTED?BY jTfIRsTcLaSS DYBB OP ? YEARS' experience a aitaalloa, la woollen or ailk toedi Ad dre?i box 71 South Wilbraham (Mam.) Poat office. KREVCH AbVBHTIIiBMBNTIL TT Jam blen Francala at Eapagnol. dcilro aa placer dana uiio honue malaon prlvee nomine valet doabambre; excel lento* relarencea. B'adreaeer a It. A., n. MSHWoonter at. IT, ?ALK? AT AI'CTIUS. 7 YWIHGBiC i " MONDAY AFTERNOON?*!^ 31. *1 2 * clock, at CUatoa Hall. GENBRAL JAMBA LoltlMER GRAHAM'S large Mi lectloa of line and rare Bronaea, by Fratln, Mene and othera; elan Marb.ei, Water Colora. Drawlnga. I'.nicrarlage (framed), Bric a Brae, Ac., A*., and now on' exhibition at Cllatoa Uali. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, May 23 and 23, at Clinton Hall, and bow oa exhibition at the Art Reeme, 817 Broadway. GENERAL JAMES LOH1MRR GRAHAM'S entire ooL Iaction of Paiutinga by celebrated old and modern maltera, more tban itui, of great intern! and vain*. Th* X*l?ri. LEAVITT. A jrtlonoera 1 UCTION SALE OF PR IN TINS MATERIAL. COM* A pricing over IWO fob and rwman Foata. eteam Engine ami Boiler Prnaeei, Cablneia, Impi-lng Stonei. Ac.. An.. No. 10 Weat 4th at., New York, nn Tburaday, May 2.'?. !<)>% o'clock A. M. Cataloguea ready at ? alantlae'e America* Printera' Warehouie, 41 Para row. New York. Ut-TION SALE* RICH HOUSEHOLD FURNITUBB, 1'O-MORKOW (Monday). May 22, at 10 o'el?M, at Sr* atory brown atoa* manalon. Nix 47 Weal IHth at., between 5th and titb ava.Rati* and bro*ad* Parlor and Drawing Room Haiti. Stein way aad Decker Planofortoa. Painting*. Bronaea, Inlaid Chamber f?et?, with Dreaaln* Caae; etnarie Bedetoada. Bnreaaa, hair and iprtng Mattreaaea, Tarkiah Snlta, Hookcaaea, Dining Fnrnltnre. rep aad balr-Oloih Salta. Ilall Stand, Carpeta, Ac. Sal* poaltlve. Partlcnlari In Monday'a Herald. RtiHRRT C. t'ASHIN, Auctioneer. A UCTION NOTICE ?ALU AT AVCTSOBU A-ttlTi jou'tiion, Aifrt-ioNEKit ? iMNtnOllbiuuil On WEDNESDAY. Maf 14, at 10'? o'clock, HANDSOME IiOrbKHOLD PI K.NITCUK AT TUB PRIVATE RESIDENCE 3*1 WBBT 12TH K, OOMPBIHI.SO VINE CAUVKD BOBBWOOD PARLOR ?ad Bedroom Furniture. velvet, Bru.?rl? and iagraiu Car ?all, roeewe?4 Wardrobe*. the 3ne*t curlad hair llillrriHi feather Ma, Pillow* and Bolatert, black waiaul Secretary Bo aba at a, taa ancient Oil Pniatlnga aad Engraving*. oal Dining Koati Furniture, Silverware, Ulaaaware, large a? aertmeat al Kitchen Utenilla, Ac. ON WEDNESDAY (SAMK "DAY), AT 3 O'CLOCK, admiaiitrator'i aala of Carriage Factory and stock, un tlia premlaea. al 143 Eaet 41it at , to aloaa the aatata of the lata Arthur BelL J^SblOXBB** SALB IN BANKBUPTCY. la iba matter af Mary Irving and Benjamin H. Irving; bankrapta^uodai aad by virtue af tba authority In me veiled bjr lav. I will aaU AT AUCTION, (broach BDWABD HCHBCK. auctioneer, On MONDAY. May 3?. and the followiag day*, tommanrtain al IO o'clock A. X. each day, the entire stock of Furniture, Sniabed and uuOa iahed. contained In the building known a* NOS. JiH, JiM AND BABY 2TT1I ST., JiBW YORK, lately occupied by Irving A Son. JltUN ff C UTTER, Analgaea. B. T. KKUUJWIU, Attwaey far Aaaignea. B~~v J. p. tbaykk. Xdctiox;bkbT~0n'tuI'BBDAT, Mar -s. at 10>, o'clock, a> private reaideaee 307 Baal 7k'th al., general aaaurtraant ol houaabold Kami I are U Y VlRTUkf OF ~A CHATTEL MORTOA0R. I Wit* D aell, on Monday, May 22. 1878. at 3 o'clock P. M., al No. 46 Mouth Wa*bii:gtoa aqaare, 2 black walnnt Bedrvaa Seta, 2 Coltaga Bedroom Set*. loo yard* aI Braeaale and otiier Carpeta and a lot oi talacellaneoua Karaitnre. A. DU BolS. Mortgage*. Fcolton auctioneer.?auction notice.? ? Have made arrange out* for oae or two mora ealaa al the larce atore No. 734 Broadway, nearly upanaila tlia New York Hotel. The drat will taae place ou Wedaaaday, Wta 24th. embracing in part of about 30 elegant i'arlar HulU and aa many wltu Chamber Suit* In r oae wood and black walnut; alio SO or 40 beat hair Mattreiaca, two or mora l'laooa, 40 or 50 Carpel* tfeoond baud), French plate Mta rora, H ardrobaa. Cabinet*. Curtain* aod Cornice*, Ac. N. B.?Partiea daairlug to oontribute to that *ale ran aend la their gaoda uu Monday and Tueaday in lima tor tba cata logue*. Further aad fuller particalara oa Tmeaday aad Wedaaaday. C2eokob w. kebleb. auotiomebb. ' T Art Gallery 56 Liberty at., corner Naiaau. Oa MONDAY aad TUESDAY. May 33 and 23, hi 1J o'clock. ?pacial *ale ef 20 line K'BKNCH CLOCKS aad HETmarbl* aad broaae, elegant bronao Figurea aud Cri.upa. alto a lot oj CHINA TBA MKTS, together with over 2>K> iota line Pane? Oooda, oomprialng Bonoauan Vaaea, Swiaa Carvinga la Kaeel*. Wall i'ocketa, Ac.: Parian niurble statuettea aad gcuaral Pari* and Yiaaaa Paney Uood*. On aanie day*, at 1 o'clock, a large Hue ol flue Cutlery, ?liver plated mid white-handled Kiilvea, Hpoona, Korki, Carver*, Ac., Ac. P. TRAtfcB, ADCTIONBBB, WILL BELL Off . Tueaday (2Hd), at 50 Ureal Juiiea at.. Kurnliure, Car pat*, Oaneral Merchandlae. Ac. Particular* morning ol ?ale. 0BKI8 WILKIN8. AUCTION KB B. Elegant HonacboM Purnlture. ebony aad roaewood Pianoforte*, marquetry Table* and Cabineta. Clock aad Bronaoa, Ac., at auction. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will aell at auction. oa Tburaday, May 25. at II o'clock, al the luauatoa loutboaal corner ol Madiaou iquaro and 2fttk at., elegaot roaewood marquetry Parlor Suit* aud Cabineta, Bedroom bait*. Armoire* una Wardrobe*, lu marquetry, maple, roaewood. Ac.; aatlu. (ilk, repi and Uue Certain*, elegant Sola*. Louufea. Turklab anil othor Chair*; euried hair aud apriag MattrawsN, Blan kota. Plllowa, Ac., together with ntber black walnut and malioirany liouaehold rnrailure^Ac.; aiaoeaa large lieraiua A Hall patent tsaft; a general a**ortm?ut of copper Cooking Uteaall*, kitchen anillaaadry Kurnilura. M OttlUM WILKI.NM, Al'CTlONEKH. By order of tba Sapreme Court. Lot* *outbaa*l corner oi .'nk av. aad MMHb St. K U. LUDLOW A UO. will *ell at public auction, on Thursday, May 35, I87n, ai 13 o'clock, at the Kxehauge Haleiroom, 111 Braadwai (1'rialty Huildlau). New York. *ale by order of Jatue* H Pay. fc?q.. referee, the two valuable l<ota on the *outh?a>i corner or 6lh av. and lOttth *1.; >*ach V.'i. JxltaJ feet. Mapi and partlaalare at the olllee of the auctioneer*. No. 3 Plu, LAUTEKBACIi A SPINQABN, Attorney*. MOBKIB WILKINS. AUCTlONBEIt. Supreme Court ?alo. Noa. 114, ll? and 11H vaat 17th at., E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will aell at anction. on Tne*day, May 2:i, 1876, at 12 o'clock, at the 'Exchange Salearooiu, 117 Broadway (Trinity build lug), New York. Sale bv ardor Charlv* II. Ilildretfi, Kaq.. Ueferea. Ka*t 1 l7tli (t.?Thu very deairable three atory aua baaenient .brown (tone front Dwelliuca and Lota, Noa. 114 UU. and lit* Kant 17th at., aouth tide, 115 feet oa*t <^4t1 av.; hou*?*-each 20x95 feet: lot* 30x100.11 feel. MJcS J PAKBoMm, Attoracy*. Map*, Ac., caa be had at the utttc* of the auctioneer*, No. 3 Piae at.. New York. OKTOAOK SALE.-J.' K. POLKY. AUCTIONKfctt will aell on Monday, May 22. at 10W A. M., the oU eatalilUhed Liquor Store corner 1 loth at. and 3d av.; KnglUI Ale Pump, Counter, Back Bar, Ac. JOHN h. McAKTY, Attorney for Mortgageo. NUR8BAUM. APCTIONKKK. 381 BOWXRY, . eella 'I'ueidey corner l.lqnor Store; *lxnnil Ale Panp, Billiard, Bagatelle, large uock Liquor*. Ac. Pa? ti'-ular* Tueaday. PAWN B BO KERB' 8ALBK-J AM KM AO AK. AUCTION eer. will aell at aalearoom*. 50 New Bowery aad t Oliver *1. Monday. May 33. men'* aud woman'* Clathlag. Bv ordel of M. S. Madigaa. 571 2d a v. Tueaday, May 3a, at II o'cloex, 300 late men'a Ctothladl at 1 o'clock, 300 lot* women'* Clothlag. By order of J. A, Jarmaa, Yarick *t. Wedneaday, May 24, aien'a and womea'i C">othlBg. By order of J. Cudlipp, Ka*t 12th at. Thnraday, May 25, 500 lot* Watche* and Jewelry. By order of Slmpaon. Sonicra A Co., 27 Chatham at. Krlduy, men'a and women'* Clothing. By order of D. O. Perguion, Broome at. PAWNBROKERS' SALB?ON MONDAY, MAY 33. 501 lot* Men'* aud Women'* Clothing, Ac.; a!no at 1 o'eiook Oold and Sliver Watche*. Diamond* aad Gold Jet^ clry. Ac., by order of 8. Uoodeteln, 381 Bridge *L. and A. A Ileaaey. 214 Atlantic av. S. FlltUMKl, Auctioneer, 50 Myrtle av., Brooklyn. AWN B Rok K R8' SAL Km! ~ "* By THOMAS J. McORATK, Auctioneer, 158 Chatham it., comer Malberry. Monday?Men'* and Women'* Clothlu^ By order 1*. U an lev, Dlvlnlon at. Tueiuay?Men'* and Women'* Clothlag. By order Solomon Blera, 27tli at. Weaiienday?Man'* aud Woman'* Clothing. By order II. C. Lewi*. 2d av. Friday?Man'* aad Women'a Clothing. By order T. Carroll, South 5lb av. AWNBKOKBB HALES.?BY K. KIBLD, OSNkEIL Auctioneer. Jjalaeroom No. 8U Bowery. Mondar, May 33-?By order P. Preel, WilUaaubarg, 600 lot* Clothing. 1'ueaday. May 33.? By order R. Slmpaon A Co., 185 Bowia ery. l?u Clothing. Wedneaday, May 24.?By order Henry McAleenaa, 81k av.. uoo lot* Clotklag. Thuriday, May 35.? By order P. Notion, Oraad it., 000 lota ('lotblag. Richard v. uabnktt. auctioneeb, will iell at auction, on MONDAY, May 22, at 13 o'alock. at Exchange aaiesroomi, 111 Broadway (for aceoant of Chriitlan Wytien), Mortgage?Sophia Pregenaer to Johu tklioppert and Jullai C. Schlacter, $3,500, due J uly 22, 1876, ou prentiiea aoatt tide Ki*t Ud it., 40H feet iucbi* wilt from av. D. N. Y. Mortgage?Conrad H. Wcljen <? Hchappert aad KehlactaR E.IWO, due May 1.1H82. oa premiaei wot aide of 2d av.. 39 it 5 laclia* *i>utb of 45U> *1., New York. Note of Margaret Ki*a for *1,(WO. dated Januarv 13. 1*74, payable i>n demand to order of and Indorsed by Igna* Kl*a secured collaterally by. bond ana mortgage, Tlioiua* K Ajnrw. f ll,u(*J, due June I, 187t), on preinnet. 0 bouiea north aide 74th al., 80 feet rail of 2d av.. New York. Richard y. harnbtt, Alicfi'oNKbu. will nil at auction, oa WKDNK8DAY, May 34. at ISe'olaek. at Exaaanga Maleeroom, 111 Broadway, by order of the Bapreme Court, under direction of Fraud* C. Barlow, K*q., referee. Ninth av.?The very valuable lot af Omuad. with fend itory frame aad brick llouie, covering lot iltuate on the ea*t aide of 0th av., commencing 75 fbat 3 iuchea north of 43d rt.; aiie of lot, 2.\lxlOO leet. Hale of thl* val-iable let of grvaad poiltlve. 50 per ceut will b* left ou mortgage. FRANCIS C. BARLOW, Ban.. Referee. Rxtxulm a Karu, Eiqra., 300 Broadway* PlalalUPi Attorney!, 61 Wall it. Map*, Ac., at Auctioneer'* ofllce. Ill Broadway. _ ICUABD V. HAKNKTT, AUCTIONKKK, will aell at auction oa SATURDAY. MAY 27, at 13 o'clock at Exchange ealeeroom. Ill Broadway, bv order of the Court of Common Plea*. under dirretion of William 11. Waring, B*q.. referee, 34th at., the Bve valuable loar (lory brick Dwelling*. wltA Store*: lot* litaate on the louth aide of 34th at., near 3d av., anakaowaae No*. 332, 324. 22H, L'2H and 23;I Beat 34th H. Tbil property rent! well and la moat dealrible tar Inveat moat. A large portion of the purchaae money may re mala on bond and mortgaga. Map* of *ale. permit* aad fartkar Information at aaetlonaar'a odice, 1II Broadway. lUHARD WALTER'S SONS.""aUCTIOXKKRS?<JHO eerie*. Fixtarea, Coffee Mllla, Ac., Ae? Marakal'i ?ale. Will iell Monday, at 10^ o'clock, al taleeroowt 27 Kan Broadway, the Stock aad Plxturei ef a Ural etaii Oroaary ?tare; nirreli Flour, boxea Soap. Una Taae. Coffeoi, I'pliei, aanaad Oruila. Caatlle Heap, Bacon. Preaerve*. OH*. Saecoa, Tube, Pail*. Waahboarda. Extract*. Vinagar. iwa Baa CoSa* Mill*. Counter and Platform Scalaa, caaei Wine, Bourboa, Cigara. eevered Oroaer'i Watoa. DENIS OALYIN, Maribal. Alto ten Lager, Orocen' and Family Refrlgerutoia, aevea Sowing Maeblni*. (Haaacaeea, Ac. TMOS. KKYWnKTH, AI'CTIONKKR?WILL BELL the opening tale at laieareom. 17 Bowary, aa Tkuriday, of Furnilire, Ac *, partlei wiahlng to ?i<n*lga good! malt lend belera Wedneaday, 0 P. M. N. B ?Settlement* prompt. Thomas reilly, ai'ctionkeb. sellb Monday. al 10t^ o'clovk. at 450 Weat 40tk at., lloraea aaad ky * contractor In Jeraey; wale poitiiva, to kigkait bidder. TAal given every borne. ? ' WINES, Ltdt'ORI, JtC. / 1IDER.?FOlt SALtr. F1PTY \ J geniilne Coanecilrnl ru*iel Cider; battled two yean; mttaMe for hotel! or faaitllaa. Addree* M. A, box 15 Poet office. Rye. N. Y. ________ S^= ^ ABTHOIXIUV. ' \ stroC6o k it - p RoPiCBrdr f.igftirii ? ie>ad far eircaia*. Addraaa box 4,R? Pom oHI*a, New York. -?1.000 RBWARD (NO IMPOSITIO ,?0. -T H I* # graataM Baalaaee Clairvoyant la Mr*. POMTKR; law. auila; naniaa In tall; number*; caueea marriagai; aatiafac tloa orao pay, Mk. to fl. 54 Latinftoa av., a oar 35tk at. t TT^NTION.-KNOW THY DEStrNY: DONT BE TM A paeed opo* bv prateadan; go to 190 Wert 41 at at., near Broadway; commit tba greatdtt living Ciatrvoyint; gtvea luck; cauaea marriagai; tell* everything aeewratety. Cat thl* oat. A TTBNTIOX.-CONSULTATIONS ON BUBINKSS, lY law aulta, enemiea. loaeei. abeeat friendi, love, mar riage and death; pay rafaaod anlen laltoOed. JMI Bd av. Mine. KlNOIII, Clairvoyant. BUSINESS AND MICT>I('AiTcLAtRV(T^NTTwU0 ehaileagei lha world la talllag everything; name ln tall: SO eeate to fl j gtvw* aaatkare aad llweaae* free. Na. MM* Wail 2?lk at. between 8th aad Ttk av* FRKNCU LADY TALLm FORTUNE* AT 531 ?TU av., aaar 33d it., trwi Boar. lilBM IDA, #0BN WTTH SECOND WflltT. TMLLB ill everything, raaovanlloMa property; *ati?faction. HM Weat 25tn *t. MBA LIBNEB, 106 WK8T 3IST BY.; BINO OPPAA >?? , Vf ME. COLLINB. A VBLIABLE AND TBOBTWOAf?* M MmraMk l)IMavi,M?m?

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