Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14.519. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PK1UK FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOK ADY KKTIStHS. AMUSEMENTS?to P*i?Ma audStfc colt. AST ROLOGY?2D Pack ?4th col. BILLIARDS-HTM Pjc*-5Ui rol. BOARDhRS WANTEI>-L'ii P ?..K-Sd c?I. boa HI) ANI> Lo DOING WANTED?2n Pacb?3d mL BOOTI AND SHOES-9ra Pa.:k-<SiIi co!. BROOKLYN BOARD?2p PAca?td col. BROOKLYN 'HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE?lM PACK? tith col. BUSINESS OPPOBTUNITIES-Bni Pa?k. BUSINESS NOTICES?7th PACE-?th col. CITY HEAL ESTATE KOit-HALE?1?T P ?o??#tb coL CLERKS AND SALESMEN?12ru Pack?McoL clothing?.i> Pabk?iihrol. , COACHMEN AND GARDENERBHISth Paok-M and 3d coli. COASTWISE STEXMSHIPS-Hth PAB*-?th coL COUNTRY HflAKD-'Jp Paok?ad wd 4th cols. DANCING ACADEMIES?2n PAUX-tRh col. DENTISTRY?2d Pack?4th col. * _ , DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND XT* FUBM8HKD-2P Pao*?l?t and ad col* EUROPEAN STEAMSUIPS? l.'TH Pao*?Mb aad 6th CO a. EUKOPE-Utm Pauk?5th col. excursions?12tm Pack?Sth coL PIS ANClAli?Writ Pack. FOR KALE-Utii Paok?tltb col. _____ - FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?S? Paok?yd col. FURNITURE?9th PAOB-lth col. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?12tk Pao*?1st e?L HELP WANTED?MALES?12th PACK-3d ool. HORhF.K, CARRIAGES, AC.?lit Pack?id, 3d aad 8th cols. H0TEI.S-2D I'Afi*?5d col. BOUSES ROOMS, AC., WANTED?to Pao*?2d and Id CAlM. IMTKUCTlOX?laT PICR?5th col. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOE SALE?In Paob-6U col. LOST AND FOUND?l*t PAOK-lrt ool. M ACH1 N'KRY?!>th Pauk -?th col. MARBLE MANTELS?2n Page?ItheoL M *TRlMONIAL??th PAOS-5th col. MEDIC AL-Jd Paok?4th col MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?I?T Pao*?5th eol. MISCELLANEOUS A DVB ItTISEM E NTS? IOtm Pack? 1th ool. MISCELLANEOUS?12ra PAOX-0th col. MUSICAL?to Pack?Hth eol. FEW PUBLICATIONS?7th Pack?8th col. PERSONAL?1st Pace?lit col. pianofortes, ORGANS. Ac.-2d Paob?flth eoL ?ROPO>ALS?Oth Pack?Cth col. FrOFK.SoIoNAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 12tb Pack - Ut ral. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITT FOR SALE OR TO RENT?lit Paok??th col., and 2d Paok?1st col. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?tfl> Pack?l?t coL REAL F.8TATE WANTED?2d Paex-lit col. REWARDS? 1?t Pack? 1st egl. RAI.ES AT AUCTION?12rn Paok?3d, 4th and 5th cola. ?ITUATION8 WANTED?FEMALES? lira Paok, aad . 12th 1'agk?l*t col. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-12th Paok?lit and 2d cola. SPECIAL NOTICES?1st Paok?lit and 2d col*. PORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-1ST Pack-2d col. STORAGE?Wth Pack?3th col. SUMMER RESORTS?-D Pack?4th cot. THE TRADES?12th Pack?'Id ool. THE TURF-lirr Paok-2(1 col. To LET FOR BUSINESS PUKPOSESMo Paoh?lat ool. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE-12tii PACK?-?th col. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2i> Pack?2d col. FAMED TO PURCHASE?2d PAOK-4th cot. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AC.-Oth Pa<;k-??I> eol. ITE.STC1IK.NTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LKT? 1st PAfrit?Oth col. fACHT:?. STEAMBOATS. AC.?10th Paob?6th col. PKRHMAL. fiXEESKE Ferdinand .TkSrjfidffC^tSSO at KJ Mohren. district of Polita, Besirkthauptmannsobaft of Braunau, Bohemia, by trails a locksmith, la baraby called ?pon to giro notice of bis prsiciu whereabouts; when I ant brnnl from, in lStW. hn worked iu the scan manufactory at Llbau. Knssiu. AII persons who c:in give any Information concerning the said F. Hol'maun art requested 4a communl tati< thu samn to the BEZIRKSH AOPTMANNSCBAKT at Uruunaa, Botiemla. Expenses will be thankfully repaid. 1" OST?22D I vST.. A RUSSIA LEATHER" POCKET* J book, marker! M. L F. Enclosed money oan bo kept. Return to No. 3 Went 38th it. IF MRR ELIZA DKLAYKRONE. WIFB OF DR. DB. 1 vergnn, formerly of 14th *?. nnd tfth av., will send her address to E. H. IV. box M.439 Pont office, she will hear of lotuethiiig to her advantitge. IF T11K fKRMN tkVIIO TOOK THE DARK BLUE Overcoat from the office ot Lunge. Little A Co. last Sat urday will return the name to tliu innkers, SACKKTT A U1LLEU, No. 6 4th av., $10 will be paid and no qneatloni Aakeil. tF WILAMENA GftNLOCK WILL SEND HER AD." X dreu to Z. G. X., Herald Uptown Bradch office, aha wil bear ofaometbinK to hor advantage. JIM?LILY,,OF ?nOOKLVN. wisIIES TO SEE YOU. Addreis 159 West 15th ?t. "J^ACON.?TO-DAY AT TWELVE THIBTT. M OLLIE?-RECKI VED YOUlt NOTE; THOUSAND thanks; will be a good boy; do no* forgot. PHILADELPHIA. R UBY?CALL FOR TWO LETTERS. VU?RY IMPOR tant. My Joy, uiy sorrow. Am thine. Your pet. W ILL. Lost and roi ,m>. ~ T OR??ON MONDAY, MAY IB, A" I.ADY's"00LD J J CuEBntton, auppotod to be on West 3!>th St., Hth or Hth av. A suitable reward wltl he niven. 141 Grand st. OST?8MALlTsCOTClI TEKRlhR, PROM "lOB WEST 42dat.. Sunday mota iig, May 21. Flnaer will be re srarded by returning satno to above address. T ost?Saturday, small photoqeaph ii:.?. AJ cloaod.|n pink envelope of drad brother. By rctnrtiing It to Cosmopolitan Hotel finder will bo bandiomoly compen. tated. Mrs. A. L. S. T OST?OK SATURDAY, GOING FROM FERRY Jj house to ears, foot of Llborty St., for 1:30 train for Philadelphia, a leather PocketbooV conOtlnlng about 733 ?nd papers ot value to the owner ouly. $75 reward will be said to any peison returning the same in fall, or (40 for iockotbook and papers to H. S. WARD A CO.. Eos. and ? College place. GEORG E ft IRES, Jr. ir ost?from as* Lexington av., on sunday. a AJ small white Dor, (lightly apntMd with blsek. The Indor will be rewarded by returning It to 110 Madison av. Lost?a promissory note for $500. made~by A. P. Smith to order of A C. Allen, dated the 5?h or larlier In May; all ner?on? are warned from negotiating the mine. A. P. SMITH, 1,431 Broadway. T OST.?ON MONDAY. B ETWEE Si' HUNTER'S POINT 1J and 23d St.. and between H ami 0 o'clock, a large Pocketbook. marked on tbe outside A. L. 0., containing |?'l and smull change; also a few memorandums of no ae tount but to owner. Any person finding tne above will he liberally rewarded. A. L. CLARK, 312 4th av., corner E3d st. Lost?sc.nday evening, at st. an.vs church,' 12th st.. or Irotn there to 7th ?r. and -4th st, via 4th it. and Z3d at. cars. n lady's Pocketbook, contiiininif money in'1 papers. Kinder will be liberally re warded by returning lame to 211 Went 24th at. OST-HANK HOUK .NO. 2*,02? ON IRVING SAVINGS Hank. The tindor will please return to the bank, cor ter Greenwich and Warren sts. OBT?GOLD"LOOKETTwITII TWO PORTRAIT!*. ?S J reward. 'J'*) Greenwich st. LOST?ON"MONDAY, IK A BROADWAY STAQR, A blank cashmere Shawl, with camel'a hair border. The finder will be rewarded nnd receive the thanks ot the owner ttv leavlug same at LORD A TAYLOR'S, Broadway and ?6th at. L" ORT?ON MONDAY AKTRRNOON, IN LKXINOTON ?venue car* or in going through lCith ?t to St. Mark's church, a Poeketlmok containing a sum of money. The Bi dor will be suitably rewirden by returning the same to hospital cortter of Lexington a v. and 42tl ?t. L~OST~FROM 48 CLINTON PLACE ft?TH ST.l, HON day afternoon, a dark gray Scotch Terrier Dog, with vellow on leirs and white on noee auct back of h' ad: had on a blue ribbon ; f5 will be paid for hla return to the above ad dress. T OHT^IK THB LADY~~WUO POUND A ROLLOK XJ money on 'Ihursday, In front of toy (tore, corner of Broadway and 27tli st., will please send her address or call st No. B West 2dth at. she will Dad the owner and be suit ably rewarded. COST-ON ferryboat nevadCTiTiTaM S HCRO ferry, on Monday. Mar 22, 187H. two Promissory Notes. Me datea March 21 or 27, HTfi, at three months, fa* lh? other dated May 22. 187B, st three month*, for #82!). A suitable reward will be p?M for return of same at >>ffleo El.IM II CHURCH, 1H7 Broadway, room 18. New York. *5 ltliW Al* D?~ ~ rk\?arK^??)St.'kRom no7 ^^ABf^aisTTStr, a white Terrier Pi p. d> ? ~REWARD.?LOST, ON 3WTH *?., SILVER WATCH. ?p? I Above reward paid on its return to 2i) Exchange place, room 10. fcff REWARD.?LOUT, ON IdoNDAY, WAY 23, ON C'J Nassau (t., between Spruce and Kulton, several panes of au old number of the New York Reader, containing llr?t chapter of story entitled ''Drifted Asunder." Above rew.ird will be paid on its return to WHEAT A CORNETT, No. 8 Spruce It. A] A REWARD.?LOST, TT7T76oR HAS. OS MON ipiu day. -2d last., between Pine and Pearl sts.. on NasAit or Centre sts., a roll of Bills. The Under will receive the sbnve reward by returning to J. A J. W. CRoSsLLY, 82(? and 823 Broadway. AC/1 KEWARO?LOST. A MASONIC PIN. 8QUAKB and eontpass. with letter G, containing 11 dia mond*. The above reward will be paid upon its return to the office of the Grand Union Hotel, 4th av. and 43d st. KIWARD WILL BK PAID AND NO QUES tions asked, if foods are rrtnrned to No. ?"> Divla St. which were taken rrlday nltfht, May 19. I?7tt. FR1I.DEMANN, kCtNI.R A DRl'CKER. Xos. 1, 3 and 5 1stvi-.inn ?t. |200 Ion St.. wh SPECIAL "A WWW lis jf !-TW*N^Yl|,lVR YEARS' "RISSIAN J\. hospital experience; di?ea?es ol men and diseases of khe akin a specialty; consultation Sreo itprlvate office 101 Bfeecfcerst. I>r. JAOOBY. Ai,i, msease*"?k. the blood and nervous svstem ; successful and permanent euras snarantecd: Consultation free. Or. WRUT'S old established office, 45 Mleecker St.. bear Broadway. A?riRsT I'RrziriirW.otO. GOLD. ? Main dra* ln? id the Dacal Brunswick Govsrnaent lottery, from Msv Irt to .1 une 1}7H. H tickets 2?.ftQn prises. Hi.jrnl Havana Lotterv __ _ . >"*? drawing June !?, 1876. rail explanatory circulars free.. _ TiiKoDORK XHCHOCH, Box 5,S?4 Post office. f I |?t Nassau st.. New York. A'-EENTICKY STMK LiiTTERIEM OK J. A s SMITH A CO. KKMLCKV, aITIIA rtAIW 44i?-rn? l?7tl. 83, f?j, ??. 14. ??, 72, 77. li>, .Vs. I, 43, 74. Mutycir,* 4?'iO?ro* 1870, SI, 22, f>4, 71. in, X8 4. 01. <>*. 23. XI, 4.',. All ordns addr.'?i B_ v A r 11A N, ]*l Broadway, or I'oat office bo* 4,S<" >e# Yntl> cily. ?1?A?Ks. EMKKMON ,t CO.' ^ " , Kentncky State Lotteries, drawn dally. Royil llnvann I*it'cr>. drawn every 17 daya. Kentucky >lln*le .Somber Lottery. dra?u May 27 1(*7H Krtses cashed. InforniHtioa Inrni -,ied and circulars free 180 Broadwa." Post office box ,">.^7'.', New York. Dr. goolard, late prok^mor In PARiiTTi *e? .tith St.-Nervous debility, Jke., speedily eradt sated free. fVTORCK.s LEGALLY AND OUIETLY OBTAINED XJ for incompatibllitv, Ac.; residence unnecessary; fee GOODRICH, box l.QtT reet tBee. Cbicage^ 8PRC1AI* BOT1CK8. n*~FSAXCIS GOULARD; LATE PBOFE880B ix Part* lecture* *?nn w**kly. Private of!ke? for r*c** tiun ut pm'idiu. 41 Well 35th it. lierrwn Uebltlty ?jjMj*" caaes of men end women speedily eradicated. Coueultatlon free. tVdoasks ok mrn a specialty. 1) II EN l<Y A. DAN IE1.S, y. D-. 144 Lexlngtoa n??r 2?th ?t. Offioe hours from 8 III T\R. H. J. JOkDAS. riOLK PROPRIETOR OK TUB I ) Saw York Ugicum ol Anatomy. lies removed hl? resi dence and office to No. 5 Washiugviu place, three doori nil ol Broadway. G~ZorKlCIAL. DRAWING KENTUCKY STATE LOT . teriee. SIMMONS A DICKINSON. M.wfn. KUTTCCKT. KXTRi CLAM HO. 341?MAT 22. 1870. 24 ?0. 23, 3. I. li ?. *8. ?'? 1W. ?? 1-. ll> B0 ' ? KBinr}CBT. CLAM XO. 313?MAT 22. 187(1. 61 63, I'-. 16. 45, 71). 31. 44. IK, 33, 4. 38, 41. ' HKKKT, KXTBA CLAM ?#. 241?HAT , _? 21 74 23 !vi, 43. 10, 2, 41. 26. ?>,'!. 34. 18. 65. HF.5KT, CLAM HO- 242?MAT 32. 1878. . 29. 59. S3, 7. 31. 71. 76. 41. 00 SO. 73 . 16. IB Full Information ny applying to or addressing J. CLUTtt A CO., 200Broadi??y,or box 4.860 Po*t office. _ /T"^S5ff>oou-?in*io!<a a Dickinsons 'single It. number Kentucky St?l? Lottery. to b? ?'?*? "* Saturday Mny27. 1?76; fKOO.onOtn be distributed; J5.4JO prises end only 30.000 ticket*; every other ticket a pr'** iolrliyoar tieiet?t?*o?t. PrUe* payable In fall: Whole I TiokaiM tio< llulf $?: Uunrirri. Si! The n?-xt Royal Havana wiu'be drawn ?n Monday, June 6, I*""- , !i*n" iouronW. to J. CLUTE. Hanker. No. 200 Broadway. or box 4.IWU Post office. Now \ork oily. Havana littkry.-xkxt drawing ok 40.000 ticket* aud e?K?>K) priies. June 8. 1878. For par I 11 c u Iar* add rets IV MARTINEZ A CO., No. 10 Wall ??.. ^ basement, Poet office box -1,6?'?J. N. R.?Highest Pr'^e paid for Spanish gold and Havana Bftak bllit Draft* ou Uivtui in nil ?niouuU l**ued- . IT CANNOT BE DENIED OUR inducements '"'caNTOx'tEA CO M P a NT, 148 Chamber* *U Kentucky state lotteries.?drawn dailt. Kentucky dingle Numner Grand Listrlbutlon, drawn May 27: tlcketi. 25,420 prise*; whole ticket* #10, b*TbIr d'tou 1 slana Gold Distribution, drawn Jnly 29; whole tickets $50. tenths ?n1 twentieths in proportion. Hovel Havana Lottery, drawn every seventeen day*. For Information, circular*. Ac., address or apply to JACKSON a CO.. Backers, 202 Boadway. New York. ff' -CHRONIC 0 ATABBH .~DF. A KN F.SS: IMPROVED K. method, ?^?y;?*ro0^AHbP N" 8 W^TOh ^ T-B0Xr~CLAIMS COLLECTED. DIVOBCE8 OB I j tallied without publicity; advice trea. IbiiLKB? office. 213 Went Slut It. T ADiaS C0N8CLT DB OBISDEL KOR ALL AlL Jj uieut; apcody core whatever the mattar. 14? weal 4?th at. . Nervous exhaustion?a medical ersay coinprintni aaerlea ol lectnrea delivered at Kftbn e Mu heum of A n atom v. New York, on the cauae and cure of Pre mature Decline, Hbowlng ladlaputably how loat health may be regained, affordin* a clear ?ynopaia ol the IcipedlmenU to inarriaue and the treatment of nervnaa and phyeteal debility, beinKthe result of 20 veaw' experiente. Price 25 cents. Ad drJaa the author. Dr. L. J. KAUN, office and reaidence 51 Kuat 10th at. New York. PILES~OB HEMOliRHOlDS RADICALLY CURKD Orlrinalpainlea. treatment; two to four w?ekt re uulred; no fee* nntll enred; circnlaia free. Dr. &TOD DaUD; only office No. 8 ^|^t 14tli at^ r>Hn.Al)ELPHiX~EXll I HlfioN. CBOS8E k BLACKWELL'S par* PteMee In malt vinegar. Rich Saueea lor (lilt, meat and rami Petted Meata and Fiah. ? (leonine Mustard. Superior Malt Vinevar. Jami", Jeltten. Marmalade*. . t and other tuble delicaclos are displayed In the AgrWJltOtW Hall where Inspection I* Invited, and are told bv all dealar* in Oral claas itrooerlc* In the United state* and Cauada. Erery genuine article blaCKWELL, Purveyor* to the Quceu, Soho square, Loudon. TirroiiiTNO lottery.-pattek. maxaobr. W Drawn at Larainlv City. May 20?t laaa 100. 03 5 14. UK!, 41, rt2, 117, 57, 33. 34, 7U, 52, 89, 7S, 40. l'rlaea caahed. Clrculara moiled free. ALLEN A CO.. 7'.? Naatan at.. New York. Every other ticket draw* a prlM. 35,420 Prise* from 550,000 to $ltT, Kentucky State Dlatnbation, . Draw* Saturday, Bay 37. Prlaea paid in fall after the drawing. Tickets, f 10; Halves. $5; Quarters, $3 50. TIIOS. H. HAYS k CO.. 697 Broadway. Xew York. dfonn'nnn -kbntucky state lotterj. jS,^|J|.|,UUU. Odd and even number drawiug. May 37. Circular, with full particulars, sent free. P C DkVLIN k CO., Statlouers and General Agents, No. 3 Park row. near Ann st. (opposite Pogt ofhee). H. Y. (JjoTux l\(\i\ -KENTCCKT STATE SlNOLE NUVI ^oUU.UUU. ber lottery, drawn May 27; ?p'\* ; $50 000; every other ticket a prise. Whole ticket*. 5M?. halves, #5; qua ter?, f : &t>. Full information by apnlyfaK to or addressing KIllK k CO., 1.267 Broadway, room D, Up, town Agency. / . . ? BIRDS. OiC. "FOR SALE-CHEAP. ONE VERY HANDSOME . Kniriltii (Irryhound Doe; Hcotrh. &kyo snd Dandy Dinmou Terrier?, very smalV; Maltese Rabbits. Ac. Medlelnea for all dlieases at MEYERS , No. S Weil 3d St.. near Broadway. ~k DCTION AND FRENCU POOLS SOLD THIS EVEN A ing at New York Tnrr Exchange. 15 West 38th *t.. on the Baltimore running race*. Prompt attention iiven onlera by mall or ineaaenger. _ KELLY, BLI88 A OU. VBRY FINE SCOTT BREECH-LOADER, lO BORE. toD lever, double bolt, compensating lamp; a bargain. H. C. SQUIRES. Nil. 1 Cortlandt st. [JIOR SALE?A FINE^NEWFOUNDLAX D DOO. AT 104 r 6th av. POOI^H SOLD, NEAR UNION GROUNDS, THIS afternoon, on Mutual va. St. Lonia, Union l.rouiids, Hoatonv*. Cincinnati. Boston; Chicago vs. Hartford, llart ford; Loulaville T?. Athlcllc, Philadelphia. SE1BEBT A McCLOUD. : S' ECOXDHAXD remington, CREEDMOOR. VENIEB A Wlded Ouage Sight*; pistol grip: cool$108; used but four time*; price $75. H. 0. SQUfrtBS. No. 1 Cortlaudt *1. ?fTKBT FINB SECONDHAND ENULISH BKEECH V loader: seren ponnd* weight: cost $140; can be bought this week |nr ?>R). H. SQUIRhS. No 1 Cortlandt at. _ ? Till TfcRK. ~ ~ "i uction^axdfreSc h" poo LiT'firt L, b" Mr V A afternoon and evening during the week, at Thomas Exchange, 1,230 Hroadway, on the running racea at Balti more and Cincinnati: also on the billiard matches at Phila delphia, the result* of which are telegraphed direct by Mr. H. W. Collender. Two Poo. ^"^^e'm' tHOM A8. UCTION AND FltENCII POOLS SOLD THIS AF ternoon and eveoine at New York Tnrf Exchange l.? West 2Hth rt? on the Baltimore and Cincinnati running races. French poola close at 3:10 P B, IS!} k CQ UCTION AND FRENCH FOOLS SOLD AT JOHN son'a Rooma. corner ol Broadway and 28th at., every afteru<M>n and evening thla week on the raoes at Baltimore. Md. and Cincinnati, Ohio. All orders bv mall or messenger will receive particular attention. French pool* elo?e JTB:15 >f. T. H. AND W. H. JOHHoiifi. /^ONTI KENT AL FOOL ROOmT CON?NENTAL \V Hotel Philadelphia, Pa.?Anetion and French Pools ?old dally on all sporting ?rents In all >'^,^fDt,JJtfg||jl^r>r | ' L R. MARTIN. LEBTWOOD^ PARK. Thursday. May 25, | Francisco Peralto, tbe Mexican, will rid* 155 miles in seven houra, for a stake of 610.100. using 23 of the Mustanca employed la lb* )a*t great race against time. The race will commence at 12 o'clock (noon) *harp. In ca*e of bad weather next fair day. Admission to o? T- ATTERSALf/S TURF AOKNCY. 1 327 BROADWAT Books on Withers aud Belmont Stakes, Ac., all Balti more races and all events throughout the yeer. McDoU liAL A CO. Amount* booked from >1 upward. TIT EST SIDE DBIVINU PARK. JERSEY CITY.?FIRST IT day of the Spring Meeting, Tuesday, May 28, S P. M. ; 3 minute class. P. Manee'a r. g. Deacon. M. Starrln's b. g. "John H." T. Ogle's h. ni. Ritcbman OlrL William Brooxs' *. g. Billy W. A. SIKliee's b. g. Oyster Hoy. Jaouh Kiota's i. g Dan. Owner's a. g. ?oode??ck. M. McNemara'* b. in. Kos^. Owner's b. g. Harry. J. Haalett's g. g. fcd Sill. A. S. Odcll's b. m. J*"'jj CLASS. ' W. Basfonl's b. m. Cartle N. C. Coriielleoa'a b. g. Judge Robinson. William Hodlue'sh. mi Lady Mills. Wllliar.: T. Brooks' *. . m. Llrsie Adam*. H H. Gilbert's s. e Harrv Uiiberi. This Patk is registered a member of the National Associa tion. Adml*alon,$l; ladles free. C. BIRDAALL. Manager. _ = 1IOUHKM. CARRIVUKS. <?l. "1"full seat Elliptic spring buggy, in good J\_ order, cost $-175, price $150. Inquire at 132 West 31st at. A-' ?io husiness" wagons, to $179. for ex ? press, gr.wers, butcher*, baker*; laundry, milk, package, adverlisin-.'. de|iot and delivery wagons, at w at ou loauiifnctory 226 ?prniir >t. Hfwo HORSES. YOUNG AND SOlfSD: LARGE . Dralt Horse; $t*?. $K). $125. I.I I'anal ?| . sal.n.r. A COUPE ROCK A Way FOR SALE?perfect OS. der; aleo h-indsouin thrce quartcr Clarence, by Wood Itroa property of a lanilly having no use lor ?h*m: will.sell at a sai:ri8ee. Arsenal Stablea, rt est :15th *t., near Broad* way. __ t sl'itED. SPKKD No VaPBR TALK; RIDE BE j\, fore on ' uv. I^hlnd the fa?t road or track Mare It. I e, I5wlhlgh;can trot any time in 2:31 or Iwlter; can null two totop wagou faster than any hor. ? goes the road; all sound and kin.l; al?o too Road Wagon, high wheel I'ouy l'haet"n pole and shatu: single and double ll*rne?s. Blan ket! Robe* A'1- A..ove property mast be ?ohl at alinott any sacrlde*. Stable 151 West st . near 7th av. s-~|o|Tn C II AM. WAREKiiOMs 6 ?? HWOADWAY, A. where his old customer* wIR Hurt a luil assortment or scaaonaiil i ?rriaj:e.. Ills nopnlar patent elrrnlar Ua.. Iront Conpe ilockaway, Ac. He wlU give persoual atteutiou to rrpatilait' ? * __ , uiirr s'ix-seaVpii Teton. Vkh .<rylk omi'Ii, j\ Ooupe. Brett*. Clarence, cheap; ono and two-uat Wagon* 4*k* 3d av. _____________ ~ ?fob SALE. THREE HORSES: WILL SUIT ANY La business ; price $45. $"i. taah. 18 Grand at., cor car Solllvan. V LADY'S TURNOUT.-"FINE HAV MARE. 15W A hand. high. 6 je.r* old .warranted sound and kind; Bne top Pony Phaeton and Barneee; pel** $BW. It*. 6 WMtiaUet, A. IIOKKKS. CAKHIAGEH. *C. A GREAT AND UNKESEUVED SaLK OK ELEGANT TROTTING HORSES, SIVEKIOU CARRIAGES, WAGONS. HARNESS. AC., WHICH HAVE ALI. HERS PURCHASED BY WILL IAM M BOKST, T1IE FORMER TRAINER OK GEORGE WILKES, HONEST ALLEN, CALlKOR.NIA. PATCH EX, JOHN J. BRADLEY. AND OTHER NOTED UORSES, TO-MORROW, (WEDXBMDATt. MAY 24. AT 11 O'CLOCK BIIARP. AT the stable xo. a neilson place imebcbr ST.), IK REAR or THE NEW YORK HOTEL, Including <ra? elegant Tram of dapple gray Trolling Hoc***, ? mill 7 yeart olil, l&Af high; cm trul together in 2 -.50; are half brothers, rtlwil at Aubtiru. K. Y.: sired by Clianipiun. pedigree ol dam unknown ; they are tli? finest driving team in th* oily: da not i>ull; are not afraid of th* nn, and ar* not excitable in company: are very stylish in harness; are pore called, witb flu* knee action ; they would cither make an elegant family team or a superior gentleman's road team, aa they are thoroughly broken in tingle or dnub'a harneaa and safe for any one to drive, and are warranted Bound and kind and aa represented. The above team will be aold aeparaiely or together. Elegant three-quarter bred aorrel Gelding Major: ralead at Loxlugton. Ky.; aired Ly Melbourne. ilaui a superior sad dle mare liy Denmark : be ia 7 yuan old tbil spriug. 15J? hauda high; one ?f the beat broken, moat graceful and lineal behaved horses in America; ha* all deaired gaita under aaddlo and guides by motion; la safe for a lady to ride or drive; la fiuoly broke, tingle or double, atiU can trot batter than 2 :50: it wurrauted aonud and kind. Beautiful black Trotting Mure lioae; raited In Orange county; aired by Major NMnfleld: H years old. 15V< high: th* la very handaome. nromut. pleaaant driver: doea not pull or thy; It a fine pole tuara and can trot in J :45, tingle or double; lor a gentleman's road mare the cannot ho sur passed, at tlie it very ttyllah, pure lulled and pnll* weight well; hat extraordinary bottom ; warranted touud and kind, Handaome black Trotting Horse Dan; raised nt Portland, Mi-.: tlreilby Geueral Knox; tiyear* old, l'i>4 hauda high; he it a very stylish, prompt driver, thoroughly broken ; trot ted laat lall. wbon purchased. in 2:41; dor* not pnll; It good In company ; It a good pole horae and cau bo driven by anv ordinary driver; warranted touud mid kind; Bote and' Den have lu-en driven together and make a very pleaaant and laat team. Stylish brown Mare Nellie. *lred by Wobnrn, dam by Clny; 5 yeais old, 1-^Ki high: trotted laat tall, when lour veart old. In 2 :4tt_i* pure gaitcd; prompl dr yer; does not pull or ahy: ?ale tor the must timid to drive aud IT properly handled ought to trot faat; warranted tonnil anil kind. TIm handsomest bay (.elding in the city; ral*ed at Lexing ton, Kv.; tired by Clark Chief, dam a Denmark mare: tl year* old, 15W hands high; la periectly broken under smldle; very ?tylitlt in harncu; trotted at Lexington laat fall iu 2 -42; I* a very pleaaant driver: good double horse; sale fur any ordi nary driver and can beat 2:40 on day of tale; he 1* warranted aonnd and kind. The rait bay Trotting Mare L*dy Allen, aired by Major Wlnfield, dam by Hilly Denton (the I* half tlster to the cel ebrated trotting tuar* Music, who has a record of 'J :2l), 5* old, 15,ulgli; fruited laat fall aa a lour-yonr-old in 2 ::14: (lie it a very pleatnnt. prompt driver: aafe for anvbody to drive and If put in proper training the will bent 2:30 thie season ; warranted ami ml and kind. Alto the bett dltpntitloned pony phaeton Mare In the city for ladles' ute, 15 hand* high, ft years old; it annalhlo mid well behaved: ia not atrnld nt anrtbinsr: will stand without tying; perlect under laddie tor eitiier ladv or gentleman ; I* a very lust traveller; ha* always been used by ladies aud chililreu . * hi ranted souu i uud kind. TIIK. ABOVE STOCK OK HORSES ARK TllK FINEST THAT HAVK EVRIl HKKN OKKERED IN THIS CITY El 111 EE BY PRIVATE OR Pl'HLIC SALE. AS THEY HAVK ALL BKEN SELECTED BV MR. JIORST, WHO IS AN EXI'EKIENCED HOUSEMAN AND GOOD J lTDOE OK SPEED. Carriages consist of one aide bar _top Wacon, Pole and Bnafts, made by Hrewator, of 25th s*t.; one full spring top Wagon, oua si?*c-bar do., both city make; two Pony Phaeton*, tingle aud double Harness, bv Dmiteoinb and other celebrated makers: Side Snddle, by Trainor: gentle man'* Sadile. by Neilaon A Guild; Imported riding Bridles, .sheets, Blank* *, Ruhea, Whip*, Ac. N. B.?Tb* above stock will be aold to the highest bidder, without limit, restriction or reservation! a full warrantee given every purchaser for 24 hour* for trial and examina tion, and If found not aa represented stock may be returned and mo-ey will be refunded and tale* annulled. The above stock I* all acclimated and ready lor ltamediate use. i. Remember, sale positive, rain or shine. A?MAJOR CIIAS. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. . BV ORDER OK Z. E. KIMMoNS, ft*i|., to satisfy a claim, will he sold positively, without reserve, on Tuesday, May 3U, at 11 o'clock;*! Barker A Son's City Auction Mart and New York Tattursall's, corner nf Broadway aiidStMh at., the following very valuable TROTIING STOCK, coriiprl* lug:? DIRECTOR, bay stallion, IV,' high, foaled 1>W?; bred by Charles Hackman, Orange county, N. Y.; got by llntuble tonian t Rysdjk'si, dam by Tom liiamb, grnuddain by Crab tree's Bellfi.under, by Imp. Bellfounder; can bent 2:30; no record. ANDALUSIA, h*y stallion, 13V high. foaled 1800; bred by the late K. K. Coiikliu, of Philadelphia: got by Harry Clay, dam by Alexander's Abdullah, granddam by Vermont Black Hawk: lins a record of 2:31. and la a sure foal gutter; can BEAT 2:25 TO-DAY, and I* the most extraordinary pule berte to be found. SURPRISE, ba.v gelding. 15k high, foaled 1?CT; bred by John Minchin, Orange connty. S. Y.; got by Hamhletonian (Rytdyk's), dam by American Star; ha* a record of 2:40, and can beat 2:3?? easy. * BELLE, Buckskin mare. l.\^ high, foaled 18T1. bred by John Miuchln; cot by Wofnl, dam Belle of Saratoga (2 ; trotted in ber four rear old lorm in 2:50. m LINCOLN COLT, bay gelding, 15 Mi high, foaled 1970; bred by Governor AM ASA J. liPRAGUE, of Providence, K. I.; got by Ethan Allen, dam the Lincoln mitre; can trot In 2 HO. BAY GELDING. 1BV high, foaled bred by Am**a J. Sprague; got by llamhletonlan (Sprugue1*), dam by American Star; can trot a2:Dig*it. CHESTNUT KILLY. 15V high, foaled 1871; bred by E. K. Conktin; got by Conklln'* titar, dam by Bachaw ; can trot In 2:50. ABOVE ARE all warranted sound and kind. Th* PKDI GKESS arc sritlCTIiV HUaKASTEKD or no sale. Stork will be on exhibition at the mart the day previ out to talo No postponement and tale positive. CATALOGUES can bo had at the SPIRIT, TURK or mart oiim^ -MAJOR CHAR. W. BXtlKER! AUCTIONEER. ' . KOURTH EXTRAORDINARY and positively doting *ale of fashionably brod Trotting Stock, bred by HON. A. B. CONiiEU, of the Waldberg Stud, llarvrstraw. N. Y., to take ?lace at BARKER A SON'S t'lt.r Auction Mart and New ork Tafteraallt, corner of Broadway and MHh *t.. oa WEDNESDAY. MAY 31. at II o'clock, and comprising SEVENTEEN HEAD of Brood M.,res. Killie*. Stallion*. Colts and t?eldlngs, being the PK!K nnd ENTIRE BAL ANCE of the FAMOUS WALDBKRG HTUD, and including a DAUGHTER of the celebrated PRINCESS (dam of Happy Medium I. a daughter Hull SISTER to tiOUEKETTE) and granddanghter olSONTAO, Ac. THE BKOOD MAKES are th* get or Rytdyk'a Bamble tonian, Tnronto Chief. Eureka, Young Star, Ac. THE KILI.IES tud Stallion Colts include the g't of Pex troaa, Bedford (2:20). Mad Anthony (2:30), Magnet (2:30), Wild Iriahman, Ac. The Gelding (2:44) I* the get of Toruuto Chief. STO'JK WILL arrive at the Mart on Saturday, May 27, for exhibition up to tale. CATALOGUES now ready, and can ba had at th* Spirit Turf or Mart office*. SALE POSITIVE: no postponement. ?MAJOR CIIAS. w: HAIlKER7~AUCfTONEER? a PEREMPTORY SALE or the entire TROTTING TURNOUT of a well known private gentleman retiring Iroro tne ro*d. at Barker A Son'* City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall'*. corner ?f Broadway and 31Hh at . TO-MORROW (Wednesday), May 24. at 11 o'clock, and comprising the very speedy gray Trotting Gelding WlNNK Pl'.NNY, got by Draco, 15^ high, foaled INiO: baa no record and r*n trot beat* better than 2:40. The very faat and beautllul bay Trotting Mare EI,La YOUNG, got by bay lliimhlet.inlan, dam by Amerlcau Star. 15 high, foaled 1870; can heat 2:40; no record. The v#rv handsome bav Trot'ing Gelding CHARLES J. HUN P. got by Daniel Lnm bert, dam by Young Colnmbus, l.'i'^ high, foaled 18H0; can trotin2:50. Note. ?ELLA YOUNG and jlUNTinake agen tletnan'csuperb TROTTING TE tM, together. The tpeedy aorrel Trotting Gelding COMMODORE, got by Goodlng't Champion. 15J^ high, roalen |8Hn. hat trotted In 2 :4?i^ to wagon. Sioek all warrauti'd sound and kind, and will be nn exhibition after S o'clock thlt morning. Tbs Wagons com prise :?A single teat tide bar Road Wagon, by J. B. BREW. STKR A CO.,: a ton aide bar Road Wagon, pole and shaft*, by BREWSTER, of Broom* St., ran only THREE TIMES; top tide bar Wagon, city marie: double aad tingle Harness, Robes, Clothing. Ae. Sale POSITIVE; nn postponement. At public auction ?this day itukhday) MAY 23, AT II O'CLOCK A. M., SHARP, AT PRIVATR STABLE rear ?rhoti*e No. IS East 2t*tli it.. BETWEEN MADISON AND 5TH AVS? A OREAT AND IMPORTANT BANKRUPT SALE OF HIGHBRED KAST TROTTING ROAD AND FAMILY HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAOES, HARNESS. AC., AC., PROPERTY OK MR. BELKNAP, INCLUDING BEAUTIFUL BAY GELDING WHITE STOCXINtHL 6 years old. 15)^ hands: sired by Thorndale. son ?f Alexan der's Abdatlah. dam by Hamlet, ion nf \ olunteer: raised in Or*nge connty; trotted throe he*ts on tloahrn traek in 2 :M2. 2:2H and 2:28; he I* as handsome a horse as can be round : well broke In all harnfe**. tingle, double, and under ?addle, and warranted aound In rvtry particular. HANDSOME BAY GELDING HECTOR^ 7year* eld. 15'^ hands; ralaed in Scott eonaty. Kentucky; took first premium at State fair wlirn H years old as the fa*t e*t. handsomest and best broke horse at the f*lr; trotted five heata. getting a record In 2:28 by hi* ereal endurance; he bat been ridden and driven by a lady; he is warr*nted sound and kind; hi* sir* wa* Mainhrino Chief, dam by Denial L:>mbert. b* by Ethan Alleu: thl* ia a very valuable horse lor family nse, as lie can be driven up to iteam car* by the moat timid ladv with safetv. STYLISH AND KAST CHESTNUT GELDINO HARRY LAM BERT, sired bv'Daniel Lambert, dam a Black llawk mare, by Vermont Hero, raised iu Vermont; trotted at Bur lington. VI, where be w*a entered lit 2:4(1 class at li yean old, making a record In 2 37.2:34 and 2 :38; he can trot a mile in 2:3' to-dsy: he will be 7 In July: stand* 15^ bunds hli-n: is a kind and gentle driver, fears nothing; Is an ex cellent pole horae. sud warranted sound and kind. FINK BAY MARE KENTUCKY GIRL. (1 years old. 15V hands: One style aud action: been used for family and road driving; Is very handcome. Sowing long tall and mane: raised In Kentucky: sired by Mambrino Chief, dam bv imp- Kear niitukt: would make a splendid coupe or match mare: lor the llttl* training which *he has had she shows wondnrfnl ?peed ; she trott'd three heats at Lnlngton In 2:4M. 2:13 and 2 :4Mi; she is very gentle; lias been ridden and driven bv the Misses Relkn*n: the I* fully we.rrantod touud and kind In every partl'-nlar. STYLISH AND KAST BAY GELDING, BAY PRINCft. tl years old. 15^ hands; has remarkable fine, flat limbs; good, strong bone and nmtcle: hat any amnnnt of endtir* ranee; raised In Vermont: sired by Vermont Hero, dam a Winthrop Morrill mare: Bay Prlnei trotted five heals at Bnrllogton, Vt . in 2:51, 2:48 nnd 2 :5n)^; he Is a strong ^nd rapid traveller; would be a splendid horse for heavy work or a billy country; h* i* warranted aonnd, kind and true in all harneaa. N B.?The above horses will ha sold with 24 boar*'war rantee for trial and examination. All who want something fast and reliable will do well to call and ??xaniine and ride behind nnv o'the above horses. Coachman in attendance. Sale absolute and positive to highest bidder, regardless of cost or value, without limit or restriction. No postponement, rain or shine. Side bar and full spring top Wagons, pony Phaeton*, dou ble and single Harnett, Robes, Blaukctt, Whips, Combs, Brushes. Ac., Ae. A UCTION SALE J\. Cooper's "Noble Red*." ? in head ludian I'otile* will be sold WEDNESDAY. May 24, wiihont reserve, at 10 o'clock promptly. l'onl?? will be shown In tingle bnrnett and under saaidle to morrow mornlm;. Come. Sale takes place at the atabtas of J. J. WALTERMIRE, 148 Bart 24th rt. An excellentfTmYly hoii b,"mm'Kaway light top lliii':^ iHtlver'af, little naed. with two ?ts Harness, ftaddle, Itrtdle, Ac.; will be a>ld chcap. Address N. W., box 14?l Herald oltiee. A. -SECOND HAND CARIMAGKh. Two wheel Dog Cart, lor half It* valMt T Cart, In good oni*r, atfJ.VI. . Livinitton DogCart, nearly n?w. Victoria, our inase,?ery cheap. I'onv Pbaetoii, with top. aseil once. Two *ld* bar Top W*?nns!?iur make. At BREWsTEK'S, 3th ?T. *nd 21st *t. FINK LOT OK HARNESS TO BE SOLD ? IIHAP She?ts, Nets, Rob?s, Ac.; large stock at lowest price*; save money by dealing direct with the manufacturer, E. BABTLEti .U Warren ik, *arn*r CsllaM^iao*. HORSES, CAKRIAGKH. CC. A~"'UC*ION HOl'SF. OK VAN TASSELU* KKARjfBf. lluaud 112 EAST i:iTU ST., NEAR 4TII AV. REGULAR SAI.ES OK llOKSF.H AND CARRIAGES EVBBY TUESDAY AND FKIDAY. On ?Tm- iii.r.?ih?( mvurmiil'1'! kit unit or kiud and traa In harneas, from oje to three day* is given to Itit war rttttei. CATALOGUE or THIS DAY'S (FRIDAY) 8 A I.E. AT lu O'CLOCK. CHESTNUT TROTTINO MAKE SALLIE HUNT, SIRED hr Manalapon. he by (ieorge M. Patchen. dam lij Johuaton'a Midallnh. he t>y old Abdullah, foaled In 1HW>, rained by John Monui; 1* ISJ* hand* high, II jrear* old; kinu and true in all hartiea*; free Iroin Tic*; trotted a full inile on oue-half rail* track at Krea . bald in 2 :3it and can now trot In 2:10; is a pleasant roadMar and can ba driven by a lady. Sat Una Harness and TOP road WAMOV. nearly new, built by Smith, of Broadway. TEAM BAY HOUSES. 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and trim in all harneas; free from vice : prompt and atyllah drivers; fear nothing; ??ld ta pay charge* and keep. Rr order of M m. Saundars. OljASS QUARTERED CO At-II. IN GOOD ORDER, ELEGANT CHESTNUT PONY, 13fc HANDS HIGH, 5 yearn old; kind and true in all harna?* and under saddle; free from rice; very stylish and handaom*; ? fa?t trotter?; fear* nothing; can ba drives by any one and warranted sound. Sat Ann Harn-as and al'ARE CANOPY TOP PHAETON. YERY STYLISH. V SADDLE OR ROAD MARK. RAISED IN KKN tncky, ai?ter to Jam** Miller; I* !&)( band* high, 8 yoirs old; kind Rud true in all harnesa, free from rloe; well broken to all gait* under saddle; haa been used by a lady for ridiug or driving, and 1* warranted sound. Sat liar Bern. BASKET PHAETON, WITH RUMBLE AND CANOPY. BAY GKLDING DANDY. SIRED BY DIKIGO, DAM BY tlaa Ethan hnr-.ii; ia Ihand* high, H year* old ; kind and true lu all harn%?*; tree from vlc?; very stylish; an extra line roadater; can trot In 3:4U; fear* nothing; can oe driven by any one, and wairauted aound. Set Harness, nearly new, and TOP ItOAD WAGON, BUILT BY BREWSTER k CO., of Broome at. ELBOANT BLACK HORSE, 15)* HANDS HIOH. 6 ye lira old; kind and truo In all barnes*; free Iroro vlee; vary stylish and handaorae; a faat traveller; free and pleaaant driver; can be drivoa by a lady, and Tar ranted aound. Alee aet llarneaa and TOP WAtiON, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT BY DAY k Son. BROWN TROTTING HORSE, 15% HANDS HIGH. 7 years old; kind and true In nil barne**; free from vlee; haa a record of 2:47^. and can trot In 2 ;00 any day; can be driven by a lady, and Is a first claaa roadater. Ala* *et Harne** and NO NOP ItOAD AGON. BUILT BY SMITH. BAY PONY. 14 HANDS HIUII. ? YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harne**; tree front vice; very atylUU auit handaotae; ean trot in 3;I0; naa great endurance ; prompt and gmuey driver, and warranted aound. Alio lot Harness and BASKKT PHAETON, WITH RUMBLE. ELEGANT TEAM KAY MORSES, lft>? HAND3 niGH, 7 aim 8 year* old; kind aud true lu all harues*; free from vioe fast travellers; prompt and atyllah driver*; a iirst claw earring* or toad team, and warranted aouud. Set Itirlit double Haines* and PARK PHAETON, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT BY Miner A S'evena. ALDERNEYCOW ANDCALF-ALDKRNEYOOW DAISY, imported by J. O. Foard, Baltimore, In 1872; full pedi gree time oTaale. ALSO AI.DKR.NEY BULL CALF, 9 WEEKS OLD. aired by Mr. Storm'* bull, of Dutchea- county. SEVERAL (logo FAMILY AND WORK HORSES. DE scrlntimi* time of sale. Six-seat Phaeton, Coupe Koekaway, Two four-aeat phaetons, Three quarter Clnrenea, Itockawnv, Expresa Wagon, Top Road Wnjrona, Top and no top PhaMena, Carpenter'a Wagon, Curtain Cnacli, ilurneaa. Saddles and Bridles, .Sc., Ac. SALE COMMENCES AT 10 O'CLOCK. Auction house of arch. Johnston, ist, 31. -janna jr> nth ?t., near Univurslty place: OLDEST AND MOST RE I.I ABLE HOUSE IX THK CI TV. RECULAK SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND KRIDaY AT 10 O'CLOCK. J4 bourn to ttiree days' trial on horses warranted sound. The oldest unit iniin reliable house In the city. THIS DAY (TUESDAY) AT lO O'CLOCK. FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT?Extra fine tesui Carri age Horses. brown mid buy, 10 hand*. 7 and !? years bid; kind in all harness, single or double; bate not n vloo nr trick of any kind : am not alrald of locomotive or anything else; drive together Ilka ono ho se; rnu be driven all Hay 12 mile- an hour; are in every respect a first class team fur anv use In city or conntrv; warranted aound FINE SET DOUBLE HARNESS, mad* to order by Stilling. SIX-SEAT ROCK AWAY, In good order, by J. A. Low THE FOLLOWING SIX |UORSE8 ARK AL LPINR BRED KENTUCKY * STOCK, AND ARE DI RECT FROM TI1E FARM ON WHICH THEY WERE RAISED A.?ELEGANT TEAM BROWN HORSES. Ifl HANDS, I! years ol'l, kind anil true In ail harness; drive together a* one horse; are exceedingly stylish ?lid aristocratic in niovoment. ;.?it anil style ; are not afruld of any tiling; have been most thoroughly ?ud carefully broken and traMied, and are oer iectiy inferior any en? to drive and are warranted sound. * R.?ELEGANT TEAM Of DAI'PI.E BROWN I 11 or net. lull hrnthors. ?nine description aud stock as above, except tkat ther are l.tV hands, and have all block points, and are only 3 and ti year* old. 0.?DARK BAT COUPE OR FAMILY HORSE. 16 band* high. 7yo?rs old ; kind and true In all har ness; very fine action; without lault or blemish; not afraid of a locomotive or anything el?e; war. ranted suund. D.-BLOOD BAT HORSE, RAMR DESCRIPTION and stojk a* above, except that be la only 0 year* old. THESE HORSES ARE A8 FINE STOCK A8 ANT IN THIS MARKET. AN1> WILL BE POSI TIVELY SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, WITHOUT ANY RESERVE WHATEVER. ELEGANT LANDAU, little used, by Corhett A Co LANDAU LET, morocco and eatia llneO. by J. B. Brew star. BLOOD BAY HAMBLETOXIAN, Coup* or Road llnne, l'l hands high, 6 years old; kind In single and donble harn.s*; ha* not a fault, vice or triek ol any kind; Is very handsome and unusually *tyl> ish in Bait and appearance; ran trot close to 3 mil ute*: I* not afraid ot anything: a snlo. free, spirited, hut gentle nriver, and is reliable for coupe or road burse In ovary way; warranted sound. Also. , LIGHT BAY COUPE OB ROAD HORSE; tamo de scription as above. TWO LIGHT COUPES, nearly new, by Miner k 8le vone. _ ELEGANT VICTORIA, In rood order; J. B. Brewstor A Ca DARK BAY COUPE HORSE, 16 hand*. 7yeartold; kind in all harness; free from vice; an unusually stylish, showy driver; not afraid of a locomotive or anything else; safe for a lady to drive; In every respect a first class family, carriage or coupe horse; good for any use; warranted sound. COCl'E ROCKAWAY, in good order, by J. R. Law. re nee. SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAY, In rood order, by Jam** Brewster. DARK ROAN PONY BUILT MARE, sired by second llainbletonlan. raised by late Wtn. Aspinwall; la the handsomest cob in America; kind and true In all harness; free from vice and extra fine nnder saddle: bas not a fault or trick of any kind; spirited but gentle; not afraid of anything; war ranted sound. TOP PONY PHAETON, nearly new. city built. TOP ROAD WAGON, in good R M. Stiver*. TOP PONY PHAETONS AND WAGONS, to bo sold for account whom may concern. TWENTY-THERE OTHER HORSES, description time of eat*. Larce assortment of every kind ot Carriage, Wagon, Harness. Ac., this day at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart. 1U to 25 13th st.. nrar University Mace (weather never interferes with oat SALES, AT 10 O'CLOCK. r * UCTION. A THIS DAY. AT 10W O'CLOCK. AT THK UNION AUCTION HOUSE, NO. 2U EAST 18TII ST.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND /VTH AT., ltY GEO. W. JENKINS, AUCTIONRKHj WILL SELL THE ENTIRE STOCK OP COLON EL DODGE, CONSISTING OK one elegant. Urge hay Coupe Horse, bands. 7 yean old. warranted sound and kind; also one line Horse, suit able for coupe or carriage use; two extra fine trotting K ?d Horses that will be warrnnted to trot in 'J:40 or no sale; on" fine tup Road Wagon; ono Park Phaeton, with ex tension top; one top Pony l'haet?n. Pole and Shalts; one top Road Wagon. single, doable and coape Harness; atlas c-iKttl a* new. N. B ?SALE P08ITIVE, RAIN OR 8HINR. TO THK HIGHEST BIDDER. WITHOUT LIMIT OK REsTRtC TION. GENTLEMEN IN' SEARCH OF SUPERIOR TROTTING STOCK SHOULD ATT.ND THIS GREAT SALE. AT HALF COST-TWO BEAUTIFUL PHAETONS; one seats four persons; two full spring Top Wagons; two sidebar light iioad Wagons; single and doul le Har ness: ail nearly new ; best city makers. Privato stable, :i3d st. corner 4th av. Anew pony phaeton. ?ino: kKXv liohtrock aways, $!<*)? I second hand light 6-seat Rock away, 1 Coach. I Landaulet. '. fine order; I Landau, ?**->, park, fonv anfl extension top Phaetons : I light Victoria, fJ'Hi; depot Wagon, $100; 1 Coupe. I cut under Rorkaway, sec ond hand. 8200; express Wagons: 1 top Brewster side bar. 9-10; also ZfiO new and second hand ( arrtaces at very low prices; great bargains oflered; Harness Blankets, Sheets. Ac. WM. II. GRAY, and 22 Wooster st. A -FOR SALE. 20 YOUNG HORSES. JTST FROM ? Indiana, suitable for all business. Inquire at 122 Korlolk st. -FOR 8ALZ. SEVEN HORSES, FROM 7 TO . years old; trial allowed; sold cheap; no work for them. 201 OfiM st.. near Mott. A FINE. LIGHT SINGLE HARNESS BY GRAHAM. iV for Mie lor $K), at .Metropolitan Club Stable, 22 East l^th st. AOliNTLE rAMli.v MARK FOIt%ALE.?CALI7IN the paper warehouse 32 Head* it. Will trade for a light open Uoekawar. ?jlUOiiihS -in mm: AND FULL SPRING. PARK J r an i Ponv Pheetnns, Rockawavs, I>erot Wagons. Ac. The famous "WOODRUFF" DEPOT WAGON a specialty. The best work at the lowest prices JOHN MOORE. Warren at HARNESS, everv concnivniiln style; eprtag Lap Dusters, Fheeia, Saddle*. Bridles, Whips, Boots, Ac. B?FINE KEN rUCKY CARRI AGE TkMMRS AT . ARCH. .loil.NSTiiVS SALE THIS morning. Just from Hi" lann where rai.-e- . Head catalogue. (.'out and seatliea. (IABRIOLETs. / Genrge IV. or Queen bodies, lew er high wheals, cloth or morocco lleings. A. 8. FLANDUAU. H72 and 374 Broom* st., old factory of Brewster A Co. C'iiuwce'"to"? I Y enkap-jA"very *afk nonric J and Pony Phaeton, price $-?>?'>, a team of nod Car riage Horses, 16^ high, Skeleton Wagon, 118 Vast MUM. HORSES, CAUR1AGK9. AC. G -AT ARCH. JOHNSTONS SaLE THIS MORNINft ? SIX elegant Kentucky Carriage llar<N; no liner ?lock Id iba market. Read catalogue. Attend the sale. fpXORANOR fOR anything EXCEPT HOMST?* j tor tain, vary handsome Mara; kind In all harness ant saddle; no fault except what you tea. 103 Went Xtd st., sturagn offlre, T71 ?ELEGANT KENTUCKY OAKKI \.;E~HOIt8F.S AT I1. ARCH JOHNSTONS SAM: THIS MORNINO. BEAUTIFUL STOCK. Head catalogue. Attend the aalo. Fast, ihiksk kor rale.?bright hay-. 1.4 handa- splendid drtrer, siu.le or double. Apply private ?table. 1 !!? Weal <*>Oih at. For ialr?a rottlb waooh, nrarlt rkw. Apply at 1H4 South 1'ortland nr.. Brooklyn. For sale?a very*"fink rrett. English-pat tern; tour I' sprints; seats four inside; at rood as new; ? stylish rehlcle for Park rldinir: $2,200original price; will be auld tor nearly half it* value. Kaan at \V site's stable, 44th at. and 5th ar. FOK SALB?A~VS5T"HANDSOME paik BLACK Mares; sound and kind; not <t<-t>r H rears old; spirited, fait anil fond roadatera. Apply at 00 Fulton at. FOR S ALE?AVERY HANDStIRK TURNOUT; gray Honrn, I '>'4 handa high; trot in 2 :V); sound and kind ; Stiver tup Wagm and Harnast at half tlieir value. Can *>e seen at &>5 Clinton it. (lor on* week), Brooklyn Clnb Stable. TjlOR RALE?A VERY handsome AND STTLTRH g bar C onpe Horse. 17 hands. Can ho ?een at DREN NAN'S, 7th ar. mid 37th at., from 0 to 12 A. M. "POR SALE?COMPLETE FAMILY "TURNOUT OP ?r Pair llorsra; Hrewster Vletoila. almost new; Coupe, double and single Harness, Blankets. Ilobos, Ac.; for lasa than half cost, at atable 15 and 17 East 28th at. ANTHONY BROWN. Coachman. IOR BALE?PARK BROWN^ENTtfOKY TBOROraH bred Horse, 16 hamls, 8yenrs old; veryMpylish and fa?t; warranted sotird and kind; ulso Brewster aide bar top Wairon. Harness, Robot, Ac.; will take In pit# navinent Pony Establishment for lady. Address II., Herald office. For sale?ooodmakrTwith foal, iuTiTands; bar Horse, 10 hands, 0 years; suit suv business; war runted; bargains. Butcher shop, Hflfl Hudson St. Fc T,10R SALE?TWO IIOKSES. TWO SETS HARNESS, r Wagon and three-seated I'ark Phaeton. 4l> Mott et. For 8 a lb low?for want or wfiT stylish bav Horse. 15)? hands; top grocery Wagon and Mar. ness; will sell separate. 37 Greenwich ar., corner Charles at FOR SALE?VERY "HANDSOME, VINE ACTIONKO bar Horse, nearly 10 bands Ul-jh; price $700. Private stable 121 Esst4l*t st. For sale ciikap?two seat phaeton a l.andntt and nxpress or business Wagon, at 112 West 24th at., up stairs. For sale?a sorrel HORSE. ISM HANDS HIGH; fit lor any use; a good worker. No. 4:>'i West ltlth ?t. POR SALIf-FIVE HORHE?7aT~H aT.FV ALUlK, FKt>"\? $10U to suitnblo lor aw business; also uuo Mule. Apply at 4.'*) East 18th st. TPOR* sale?l.lVERY BOARDINO STABLE, Moll. P erate slxed, stock In good order, doing a fair business; will he sold low for cash. Apply at 302 West With st. fjlOR SALR-NRW AND HRCOND li AND W AGONS". .F Doctor's Phaetons, top liualness Wagon. 18 Wott 13th POP. SALE?FOUR HORSRS, FOR TRUCK, express or any business; young and sound, 165 Chris topher st. r fjlOR S A LE Cl I RAP?PLATFORM BPRI N(Te X FItiMS r Wagon. Horso and Harness; will sell separately; want* offer. tV27 tUh av. Harness.?cheapest harness store in new York; good IIuggy Harnoss, hand nindp. fl.">; good Oroeers'names'". $2.">-. good double Team llarnes<. $3t); n good Horse Blanket. Sri Ml. Pl.-nsn rail and examine for yourselves. FISHER k OSBORN, Manufaeturors, 71 llarciay st nORSBl WAO'IN AM) HARNESS, fli'7; POUR other Horses for your own price. Como and see it bar* gain. 5N) West Hfith st. Houses taken to pasture" on" reasonable terms. Address JOHN W. MOISON, Blaiiveltuville. Koct land county. N. \*. t? H?KENT! JC K V OARRIA'IE lI^Kf HS-Ef.HC ANT . STOCK' AT Alien JOHNSTON'S SALE THIS MORNING. READ CATALOt.UE. ATTEND SALE. IRON_STABLE FITTI NOS-NKAT 1)1 Ka K LK AND cleanly; Partltious. Hayrack*. Mangers, .( e.; orders promptly filled at lowest prices; catalogues furnished free; 'specimens at store JANES <t KJUTLAND. Nos. S, 10 and 12 Reade st. TT -FINK" CARRIAUE HORSES. ~ K * ?' A N I I ARCII. JOHNSTON'S, I 111 T E I ARCH. JOHNSTON S, * I If U I - I 10 o'clock. I - | I OIK THIS MORNINO, I S- A K| I THIS MORNINO, I ' I O Y?Flra Horses, Teams K TARUE BROOD MAUET IN colt! $KhT~TRUOK \J llorne, ; nice familv Horse, ??;??. No. 4 7th av. No" moke .ioi.tim:.-u';;e the icxcei sIorIclas" tic Wheel, wltli axlehoxes suspended In tuhher ensh ions; shock, vibration and drumming noise In closed ear rlages all stopped. Adda vears to durability of wagons. Send for circular. T. B. SAMMIS A CO., Mannlacturers. 1.4H4 Broadway. NK TOP W Minx, OM PONY I'll A ETON, ONE TWO seat shifting top, all In "ood order; also new Carriages. J. COLYER A CO., 504 Broadway. 0 CPECIAI.TY IN quality and,nu'iTh*W*r" ??<? Coupe Rockawaya of the flnest Sim? S ?oun for two tlnjg at McKNIGHT'k? r" rnn h* n-nr IlouHon. Bowery, .sUlAnn ft* CHBRIFF'S SALE OF CARRlAOES. ij ou WEDNESDAY, May 24, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom, :T7 Nassau st. By ardar of WM. C. CONNER, SberlK R. Done*, Dopnty. For lurther particulars see under sales at anetlon. TUNIS JOHNSON. Auctioneer. NOW WHITE ARABIAN AND JP.T BLACK BLACK Hawk: handsomest pair in the city; young, sound, spirited an I perlectly gentle; 1.1,'a handa. LKADUEAT ER'S atable, B59 7th av. 'ACRIFICK.--2 EXPKESS "f)It" IJROxTeRY"WA'??7nS,~2 dirt Carts, 4 Horses, very cneap. 140 West 17th st. mtiR WINDSOR WAGON commands a higher price tliin any other make, and !? In great demand with the riding public. Inspection Invited. * J. B. IJKEWSTKR k 00. of 35:h St. Wareronms, 5th ar., corner of 21st st. s TO LET?LIVERY STABLE AND CARRIAGE HOUSl. two floors each, 2ItxtW. No. IH:l Mercer St.. suitable for other bnslnesa. Apply to D. J. COSTER. 232 West 14th st, "11'ANTED?A FULL HEOtjOKir SCOTCH TKrT{TeR II dog, one year old. Addrsss W. J. Fi.EEMAN. iferald etBee. WANTED?A LADY'S SADDLE HORSK. FULLY 151* bands high, powerlnlly built, sonna and gentla. Address box 1,^22 Post office. W~ "ANTED?A_GOOdT STRONG. 8INGLR TRUCK, price not oror $100, Addresa WALLACE, Herald \\rANTED-A GOOD HORSE FOR HIS KEEP OR Ir one In exrhanga for dentiitry. Addrosa DENTIST, Herald Uptown Hranch office. ANTED?FOR bOT 40. RICHMORD ROAD. ST A pleton, a nalr or Horses or'Tumout. Apply at 281 Washington ?t.. New York. ?\frANTED?MORSES TO PASTURE; SWItF/TirRAsii TT crowing from the rich marl )>eds of Monmouth county. Addreas W. H. SICKEL8 k SON, Real Estate, Ac., Red Bank. N. J. TITAN TED?A STRONG CANADIAN BUILT HORSR. YT 15 hands, about 900 pounds-weight, S years old. that Is perfectly sound and Irea Iroui vice of any kind; most trot in annul four minutes; gray preferred. Addresr, stating price and fnll particulars. J. O. T., box 2.9441 Post office w ITU IMPORTED TOP LEATHER and linins; and lining*. Landaus and Llndaoleta in elegant designs and color*. A. 8. FLANDRAU, 372 and 374 Broome st.. old factory of Brewster k Co. antkd-good horse and new milch~cows In exchange for new flrst class Sewing Machines. Ad dress BATES, Herald office. WANTRD-A BREW8TUR LHillT TOP ROAl) WAGON. Any gentleman having such to dispose of will address, with age and price, W, C., box 120 Herald Uptown Branch offiee. 5"^YEAR-OLD HORSE. PERFECTLY SOUND; SOLD on account of the owner retiring from bnslnssa; weighs ovet l.Jirt) lbs,; vrr/ fsst walker; a fair trial to any respon sible person ; tnnst be suid. JAMES (ilBSON, 40T, West 25th st. iron ysrd. 11- Foli SPLENDID NKW TOP RXPRRSH ?I>1 .Jj'J Wagon; also one suit crocer, $150. 124 Mist IDth St. - FOR AN ELEGANT CANOPY TOP BASKET _ J Phaeton, bnilt to order by lieo. II. Close, at $.#>0, 'or Lieutenant Hrown, U. H. A , who has been ordered to Texas; hus bern run only twice and isot superb design and finish. Also set line singia Harness, eost fl?). for $.'rf). Also Imported English Saddle and Bridle; never used; cost to import, ; price. $ >5. For salo at BARKER A SON'S, Corner of Broad way and 30th St. | Unless prevlonsly disposed of. will he pnsltirely cleaned out to morrow (Wednesday), at 11 o'clock, at auction, as above.) Ai?r7t?will pu'Tchase a fine hor^kTlioiit Carriage and IInrness; also a good Trnck Team d double II amess, for $200. The owuers have no as* (or etn. Call at 4.'>:i 4th av. ___________________ MlliLIXKRV AMD DREMNMAKWu. ~ ~k -marie TflMttt'of Paris. iMPORTEi:,'or::N"ii A, Monday and Tuesday three cases llna Parisian Milli nery: the finest Chips -lid Flowers; IIats from a|l the ban makers. 42:1 Hth av.. near 2<lth st. (I.ste Michel's). X M 1SS M'SWKRNEY WIMlfes TO INFORM HP.R numerous customers that she hat Just returned Irom Paris with a large assortment of Summer Goods, and will no ii for tbe saason ou Wednasday, May 24, at No. 21 Baat 17lh M. ? ^IDE AND DOUBLE BOX I'LAITINGS, DONE BT i* u. achino, Irom I to 2'l llnlies; no extra charge for spa,>* blaltliin*: the only lure place iu New York, by 8. JOSEPH, 5x Forsyth st., near Canal st. ________________ ~ ?\STI?t? "I'lONs ~~~ ; "t ' YOUNG I.aDV OK >kVkka'L VkAKM' ExT^l'.Ttli JV. ence in teaching (ierman, French, hnglish and Music Wants a position as governess iu a llrat class family. Address A. P., goreiness, II. raid olUee. A| TOUNG LADY DKSIRR9 A POSITION TO TEACH tbe English branrlias and mnslc; refers la present pa trons. Addr?>s STLDE.N f. Herald Uptown Hratwh office. Day and evening all hummer.?paine's col leg?, tpj Howe' -Hookkeej.lng, Arithmetic. Alga bra. lisroaa, Franco, convenient hours; writing $;! Monthly ifti "Til AV.-FRENCH 1lTebsONH, WfTH A PURE XOX prononuc.latlon. glran in prlrat* famllle*. or at Pr?f**sor* residence, by Mr. GAREAU, formerly aaiagia, Uai* aadMaasbsr ef tha P*lr?Mi UStmam. wrl HEAli KVI'Alt. fUi( SAL.K. f enlrnl. A?FOR SALK. LOW?FOUR STORY MI'.DIOM siz1 ? high stoop stone Keaideuce In .V?th t?et?sen nh aiiilStb avs.; cabinet finish. 7 mirrors, bar window and every modern convenience. O&icee Mo. 4 Vina at. and :ii Fast I7tli??. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. \T A SACRIFICE?FOI'R stoky iikdwn sto.vk", 4fHh it., t etwicn ">tli unit lltli ?v?. Apply In the owner, rooiy |*jr., No. 7 i Broadwar, from to ! IV M. .So agents. Amjjp ONE IIA IK Till: COVT rwo KM.I. LOTS. friun?- llnu-e and Stable, on 7t?th ?(., uear Madison n.| will take $is OUO lor lha two. IIINK A 0ttAY..V>7?th it. BHpiflAr>\v a v"cornkit property. wkst snnf, below 14th at., f ir vile, to close an undivided Interest' well reined and o> gr<><it nrospcctivu value : will sell a hall liiter>-at: terms a my. Adlr-sa KARON. Herald oOlce. F^WJR HALK-TIIK II \NI>SOMK KOI It STORY BROWM ?tone House Now 2K Kast 71th at., finished In cabinet work, mirrors and clisndolicrs, at a sacrifice; terms to salt pnrcfiaaer; make an offer. J. C. CLINTON, S5 Liberty St. -ill AV, npi'osl TK fflMHim' lloTKL ?SUPKBB >1 new four *torv brown atone dwelling, JtAxMsl* k>; nrlr? mr.ihlO; will trade lor smaller Iloit.e, Address J ACOB V. U. WVCKOFF, ;<U aud :ij I'itu- st., or 13 and 13 West 20tb St., near ">lli av. Knwt St?|??. RARK OHANOB.-EAST 4?TII ST., 4 PTORT BROWN sione: leased three years. $2,400; rent secured; only (T-ti.O.jO. Apply at once SHOVE * CO., I.30S Broadway. 99V TO I'IMI EAST .'ttTH ST. | KIVB POUR STOBf Stores ami Dwellings at auction, Saturday. Maj 27, at 12 o'olock. at Kxcbange Salesroom. Maps of sal* Ac., at office ol KIJIUIU) V. HARNETT, Anctioneer. \\ e?t Sltle. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSB, 23X301 loo. at sacrifice If sold at once for $12,(100. JOSKPlI SCHLOSS, aouthweit corner 7th av., 24th St. B" " ABU A IN.?TEN K M E ST. WEST SIDE. MODERji ? t?uiJt. well rented; easy terms: exchange for Lot* bm low 5'Hh st.; also private liouge, well rented. iu perfect oi* tier. Owucr, 207 West st. TiTir ?tTi~av~ nkaIt 4JiTlfr^uvr, ivixioo, xi ' ' L" auction, Wednesday, May 24, at 12 o'clock. Mans. Ac., at cffice of BIOHAUD V. HARNETT, Auctioneer, 111 Broadway; It 1LUOK.LV \ PROPERTY KUU SALH AMD TO LEY. Brown stone house. extra lot'aW3tab lb; Brooklyn, excellent location, for House in Jersew City. C. C. H A VLAND, 212 Broadway. ijiOR 8ALE-A SPLKNDID~SMALL BRICK HOUSB I? ill Williamsburg; llrst class location; with all improve merits and near ferries; pricu $4,2AO. Inquire at 174 4th St.. teed store. ' \\ E.VI'I IIKSTKU COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE A.M? TO IlBiilT. A map NEW ROCHKLLP- TOR Male (lit To'Llff, Cottatre. ten rooms; burn, half eere ; Sound view; nenj depot, sru phoioicraplt?. A. C. WILLMAKTil, New Yorl i'ust ofTice, fotirtli story, TTt'a uttrrb \vN-rifltENT, low. larob rAiul A House; pleniy ol fruit. e|{)C*. tniik, veaetaliles, Ac. WKillEItBKF. A MILLS, 1.2lH Broadway. FU OR SALK CllEAI'-A I' ACKB FAKM, IUIX MILKI from I'eekskill; irn-it al<tliidaiice of fruit, Ac. For par ticnlar- ad Iress > ARM, Post ..tii.-<*. 1*kskill, N. Y. F-iuknishkd house at tTrrVtown fob th| summer or yaar; lata residenco of Nathaniel Baylosi five miiiuti's from depot; rominaiidluit situation: several wres of fruit, ahrnliliery, vcifetalilon, ?to,: douhls housi\ carriage houw, scrrlca of gardener, Ac. Address tj. IL LVON, .New York l'ost oHlce, or THKO. F. llAVLES, et ocut ir. mi premises. tu lUBNI^llLIt- ON IVAVKNPUuT'S NECK, NKW BO chella, to let, laruu House, xiable. irurilen and lawn. L. M. DAVHNfOItT, 145 Broadway. RHapid transit.-two*<!otTiiiT Tiou.sejTto lbt" ut Ticmout; imwlr furiiishltd if desired; 2t> trains d lily from 12d >t. II. I'. DI'.fillAAF. Bowery National Bank. rpo LKT-TIIRKK MINI IKS TO BVK OKPOT. A Nicj X House. 10 foiiis^ stable. 2 acres; line old sltudes, frulti lsrce narden: ill'*! |ier year, or ?M>amonth. lunuire ol WM. BikAll'V, PortcbMtcr, or of MARY W. PUItLv, on place. VyBRTciiESTKR FVIJM KOIt SALK--ON EAST if tertiM, ??r exclianue lor improved City l*r<>perty, witli li^ht oticuuibrance ; about HU acrt*s. froa and clear; nice iinprovetneuls; well located for buildint; nltes; -i?? minute* from the Urand Central depot, near Twenty-fourth ward line. Address J. ANTHONfe&Y, box 110 liorald Uptown Jlrancli oOlco, 1.2?l*? Hroadway. IV^Tvri-iT) TO ~ r 1VdNKKITs. .SuRTll OP ? f .Main st., or In village of White I'laiti* (no whern elue). a niodoriivllous?, thoroughly (uriitslied, with ntabl* and KroundN. from .luno 1 to October 1. AddreM, xtatin^ exact location nnd very lowest price to (lrHt rlnn* tenant, or no notice taken, A. J<. II.. box 11H Herald oAoe. JEV.SEV CITV, HOUOKKIV, ICVOHOrf CITY AMD IJKKOK.V HEAL ESTATE. Ih'or Sale. Aooon CHANCE.?TIIR SPLENDID CORNEB store Property, No*. 2 and 4 Morris st., imrthirest cor iM-r of Hudson st.. Jersey City (Inur blocks from ferries), will lie sold at auction next Wednesday, May 24. at 2 o'clock P, M.,in promises, liy order of exerntora: contain three .itor -i- and twenty larxc rooms, with all improvements| rent lor $I.St?i a year; tertns ensy: t*i per cent on mortsaira to suit puri'liasers; niairnlHcent aland fur ijrocery, liquor, khl>i eimn ticry or any huainess. Hale p-r-mptory, ralti or shine, to close the estate. Call and act the prupeity. Kurtlier particulars, Ac., from JOHN M. liI HSON, Auctioneer, Montgomery St., Jersey City. PUOPEHTV OUT OF THE ( IT Y FOR BAZJB tut TO IUBOT. At FLrsiiiNO, small house,^12 boob5T*oa4 witter: $3(KVl morti;a^e; will taka Horses, Wafoat, Kurnilure, Ac. Address box 14J Post oflicc. T~HA?TLVU8, OB THE liCDSON (EAST BaNKJ j 1'.) miles irom tho city and three m<iiutes' walk tn depot mid steamboat landinir: 4'a ncre>, 401 feet river fr. utt charmitiitly locatod, completely and eloeantly furnished Country Seat, possess'ne every known imnmrenient, con* vemence or luxury: will no leased three or Iivh years during owner's absence anroad: tnaeniHcout views, pure air, rnaeaa* iimiteil ilrivrs, Rood schools, excelli-at market", chnlea sim ciety and all conveniences of a city house. Address E. P. II , 7.1 oth av., corncr l.'ith at. ?BARtiAlN?TWO STORY COTTAOE, ONE~AORK| . Ann view of the ocean ; tiarretson, Saaten Island ItaiV rood ; cost td.lXIU; sell for 43,00(1, half inortifaire. BRICK, StaplstOB, R. I. A' FIUST~CLASS COTTAOB TO LBT AT IIABYLONt all luiproveiuouts; trout fishinir and hoatinic. Si Tid.s .1 CO., 117 Wall st. A -KOIt KALK. KOR PART Ca"sH AND RKAL Ksl s tale, a heaiitlful Residence In nun of tho finest I oca* nous In New Jersey. 1)< hours from New York; ino?intala air; free from mosquitoes and perfectly healthy; lfl acres ol ground: flue lawn: shad*trees; fruitof all kinds: soring supplies house with water; bounded on one side hr never* failing stream ; irardrnar's cottage, itablas, Ac.; will be coN at a Kreal SMrlflce. T. S RIIEPHKRD, 143 Broadway, room Iff. * -HANDSOMELY FURNtSHBD MODERN HOl'SK, j\. eluht rooms; fruit, vegetables, liwn; elegant sar ret idlugs; 40 minutes In New Jeraev: rent very 'easonabl*. STAKLEt FLBOCSON. 101 Broadway. ^T A. T. *TKWART*8 UARDBN OITT, I* L TO LRT, SEVERAL KLEOANT and CONYBBTBBT DWKLLINOH, fitted fnr winter and anmmer resldencaa, with all the modern Improvements, gardens At. RKNT from 93AO to $1 ,<**> per annum. Apply to W. R. IIINSOALE. Manager, at office adjacent to the railroad ststlon. Aht flaibfikld. n. j.-jcwt in market. beautltuily furnished House and Ornunds, rtnt season or year. MITLKORD A BACON, Plainfteld. N. J. A t CENTRAL RA~I LROAI> STATIONsT NeVFjEB^ ' sey? Few One Karins for sale cheap. Ml'LKORD A BACON, Plalnfleld. N. J. A -TO LKT. KOR TIIE_SKAHON AN KLBOAMT ? English Cottace on the Shrewsbury River, New Jersey; beautiful lawn.sliado and fruit trees, greenhoasa, itablos. yacht, Ac.; rent low. Apply to V. iL STEVEN* ? HON, Jr , No. 4 Pine or IjMt 17tl? st. At STAMFORD, CONiWWOST ClIARMINO COC* try Scat, tnoat aligibl^ilrnatinn; magniflcent Sound overlook; price extremelv moderate; everything desirabla combined. Apply at 7:i Pine st. A nice ki iinisiiki> iiousk'to lbt~lv flcsh ing: one of the best places there: very ebeap. Apply to P1TNKY. 4?J3?l a*. BKAI'TIFUL furnisiikd AND UNKHRNISHBO Cottages and elegant Mansion, In New Hrighton; rents, reduced. W. A COLLINS, 26 Ploo st. HoTcE"FARM AND COUNTBY SEAT OF 39 AOBUL in the most healthy and beautiful part of Pennsylvaalaf 7 minutes1 walk to railroad station: M) minutes to Fhiladeti phia;22 ? rains dsliy ; very rich Jaud: large, handsome mod ern mansion; hall ami HI flee rooms, high oellllilgs; haa^ some piarias; beautiful lawn, filled with choice shrubbery! flowers, shade and ornamental trees: great variety ant abundance of apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapet, rssfe berries, strawberries, currants, asparagus, 4c.; splrndla v*g> etable garden ; nice tenant house, barn. lee. bog and poultrj bouses; beautiful streams bathing and Ashing; 7 acres val* able woodland : a lovely and prolitalile home; worth $10.<NOf will be sold wiihin 10 days for 97,(UI, including crope an? handsonaa horse and carriage; terms half cash or laaa: mil* suce very easy. Take 9 A. M train from foot of Liberty at.. New York ; New Jersey Central Railroad to Bethlehem, Pa I there take North Pennsylvania Railroad to North W.loa, Montgomery coipity. Pa. ; arrive about 1 o'clock ; can return same day. Inquire at Lukau'a Hotel lor C. A. Walker. Country skat.?bargain, rkykx milbs hupi rlor linlldings, Ave acres, beaotlfal terraces, Ac. bealtliy. chnrmin?, at C25,(XJO; cost 900.000. BLbTOB, owner, 2<> Liberty St. 1.10K SALK-110USkTwITH IS ROOMS, AND TWBW r tv ttvo Lots of <>round, fronting on Newark Hay, Htyonno. N.J.j twenty live minutes from foot ol Libartv It. Apply tn J. II. DOBSON, Hayonne, N. J. L^OK SALE OB RKNT?AT PRINCETON, B. J.. TBI r handsome suburban Residence ol the lata Job O. Olden, deceased, situated within 15 minutes' walh of the collegn, cbnrelies and depot, cocsiating of a handsome brick dwe ltug House, with stable and uutninldings, and lit* acre* ol Ground, well stocked with Irult and sha le treoe; term* veryeasr. Address JOS. B. BRUERE, Eiocutor, frise* ton,N. J. yiREP. AND CLKAB COUNTRY BRAT AT BAM r Itahway. 4:> minutes from Wall st.; valte OO.IJOO, tort House below Central Park. BURLING M SMITH, WT mil ?*. PURNISHBD UilUSB-RKD BANK, B. J.?10 BOOMRf hot and ?ol<Pw?ter; carriage house, stable; 1180 fot summer. Address M. II. KKL.SKY, Bed Bans, N.J. BURNISHED COUNTRY HOU8B TO LBT,?A COUN. r try seat, just iiuilt and tastefully larnialied, with o?a of the finest views on the llndton. an hoqr tr?ni Wall st., to let from Jul* 1 to September IS; all modern improvements! rent !f- n per month ; use of nillch cows wa coaaUlons. A<t> dress II. ll.. box 114 station I). LH'ltNISHED ANI? !M'' UNI SIIV. !? II0LSK9 Fi>B I1 aa'o or to tent. III the country, in lishlthy localities near the city. RIIIKR A ANTHONY. 13 Pine at. IpURMSIIEH HOl'SK To RKNT?FOB TUB SUMMER 1 months, near tlie suburbs, la Poachkeapale; tarmt ? moderate. Apply to C. T. STORM, 48 South Cltotoa it. BERN WICH.?COTTAGE, S BOOMS( OARBIAOB T house; frait Bud shade: fine neighborhood; absolutely healthy; hour Irom city; $&,ooo; easy terms. Circulars J. AT^ATfcB. BlvewMa. Ooaa. _ Lake ?;korok.?for hale ob to^lbt, -bb cluae Island." near Molton, with laraMlo4 Cottaga, Ac ; rent ?ivisaiid one month's board of ewaor. Apfly m MHt UM WASUJUkM Mlmlamt t, Bm >8Jsse4nsa.*J^

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