Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 14,524. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 28, 1876.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?ISrw Pac*?l*t. 2d, 9dMl 4th eola. ASTROLOGY?4th Pick?6th eol. BILLIARDS?15th Pac*?flth col. BOAHOERM .WANTED ?Jo Pack-lat and 2d oola.. and 16th Pa?b?3d and 4th ool? BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?2b PAoa?3d and 3d ciiU., and lfiin Pack?4th col. BROOKLYN HOARD?18th Fi?>?4th col. BROOKLYN REAL KSTATE POR SALE?I4rm Paos? lit coL Bl'KINESS OPPORTUNITIES?lOrn Pica. BUSINESS NOTICES?Otii Faok?5*h nnd flth eol. CITY REAL BHTATE POR SALE?14th Pact-lit eoL. and 15th Pacs?4th col. HLEBKS AND SALESMBN-Sa Paoh?4thcoL CLOTHING? 13th Pack-tith col. . ... COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?to PACB-Uh and 5th coll. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?14th PAOS-fllh eol. COUNTRY BOARD?2n P auk-ad, 4th and 5th cola., and 14th Pas*?5tbeol. DENTISTRY?13th PAcr.-?th col. DRY GOODS?lar Pack-2.1. 3d. 4th, *Hh and flth cola.. and lftrn Pack?lat and 2d coin. SWELLING HOUSES To LET. FURNIKHBD AND UN PCRXIgHED-llTii PAOE-l?t and--M coin. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?14th Page?5th and Oth cola. EUROPE -3d Pack?flth col. EXCURSIONS?4TN Pack?Bth eol. FINANCIAL? IOtb Pack. POR sale?13th Pack?5th and <Hh col* FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? I r>TM Pack?L'.l, 3d and 4th col*. PURNITI'RR?So Pack?frth and flth cola. FRENCH AHVERTISEMENTS?lp Paojc?5th cot HELP WANTED?PRMAL8*?to PAC*-2d and 3d ooli. HELP WANTED?MALBS-to Pack?">th col. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?4th Pack-'-M, 3d, 4th. 5th unci flth on)*. HOTELS? IAth Pack?4th and 5th cola. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC.. WANTED?11th Pact?flth eol. INSTRUCTION?13th Pack?4th col. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE POR SALE?14TB PAG*-lit and 2d coin. LOST AND FOUND?4th Pad*?lit col. Machinery?isth Pack?tith coi. MA Kit I. K MANTELS?11th Pack-flth eol. MATKIMONIAL-IIth Pac*??lth col. MKDIC VI/-J3th Pack?flth col. MILLINERY AND DRESsmAKlNG?lflTn PA<m-2d col. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTI?EMKNT8-10th P*??-?tb col. MUSICAL- 13rn Pack?'itli eol. NEW PUBLICATIONS?r>rn PAGK-6theoi. NEWS PAPERS?4th Pack?flth cel. PERSONAL - 1*t Park?l*t col. PIANOFORTES. OROANS. AC.-13th Pare?4th eel. POLITICAL? 1 ati! Paws?"th cnl. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 3d Pais*?'d col. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RKNT-Utii Pack?2d, 3d and 4th cob., and 15th Pack?flth col. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANOE?14th Pack?4th and 5th coN.. nnd I.Vth 1'acb?flth col. REAL ESTATE WANTED-Hth PAGK-5th eol. RRLKiloUS NOTICES?1st PACK-lat and 2d cola. REMOVALS?IHth Pack?2d col. RESTAURANTS?13th PAOK-flth col. RRWARDS?4th Pack?I it col. SALES at AUCTION?IflTH Park?Tith andflth noli. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES-3D PAC*-lit and 2d col*. MTUATION9 WANTED?MALES?3d PACB-Sd and 4th col* SPECIAL NOTICES?4th Park?lat and 2d enls. 8PORTINO?DOOS, BIRDS. AC.?4th PAOE-2deol. KTlRAGE-llTH PACK-flth col. SUMMER RESORTS?2d PAnr-5th and 6th colt, and IAth Pace?5th col. THE TRADES?3n PAGK-5th col. TIIR TURF?4th Pack?2d col. ? TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURP08ES-15th PACK-lat col. TRAVELLERS' OUIDK?14th FARK-flth cel. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? IStii Pack?4th. 5th and flth coin. WANTED TO PURCHASE?1#TH Pack?flth col. WATCHES. .TBWRLRY. tC.-llTn PACK-dth col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?14th Pack?tut col., and 15th Pace?flth col. (THITESTONE PROPERTY POR SALE OR TO LET? l.r>Tit Park?'fith en!. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS. AC.?10th Pace?flth col. B PEKSONAL. ****?Y OU "WON'T MISS THE F?N. ARGYLE Shadows to-morrow ni?ht. PROVIDENCE. B ABY HAS SCHOOL GIRL FOR WET NURSE. MENTRAL PARK GARDEN. FRIDAY EVENING.?DID \J yon get the paper my friend dropped f When may I tave the picture of meeting yon ? Addreu D. W., box 101 Herald office. MHABLE8 Y. WARD-CALL ON STOKE8, 381 4TH nv. CHARLIE-MEET MA, PA AND THE RE8f OF THE family at pier 2. North Ttlver. ihlx afternoon, nt 1 :4.1; tome over from Brooklyn by the Fnlton lerry: we will go on toard the Plymouth Hock nt foot of 23d it. Tell Lanra we ire all going to Rockaway Beach. CAROLINE. St.?THERE IS A LETTER FOR YOU AT HER ald Uptown Branch office. CARRIE L. FAUNCE. D. D AVE?I HAVE GOT THE HOUSE. LEFT MRS. 8.... itnd cone que itreet above. No. 123. MAUD WINTERS. FOR ADOPTION?FINE HEALTHY MALE INFANT; ahaolnte poaaetaion given at unce. Addreu Dr. LIV INGSTON. itatlon IV INFORMATION WANTED?OF MRS. WM. HOW KINS, nee Mlaa Maria Lyjifli. formerly of Newark. N. J. Ap ply to or addreu JOHN N. TODD, No. 9 John it.. New York. IF ROSE MURPHY. MOTHER OF ANNIE. OR HER daughter Kate will eend her addreif to 8. H. B.. bo* MB Herald Uptown Branch office. It will receive attention. 1AM BETTER. PLEASE MEET ME SOON. GIVE one day'* notice. Whe It George t ONE. IF THE PERSON WHO WROTE ANONYMOUS LET ter aignrd Addle appoint an Interview through perion ela and explain what you know about the party referred to, yon will greatly oblige. Mr?. E. S T. TTITTY M.?THERE'S A LETTER AT BROOKLYN JV Post office. Send anawer to CHARLEY CLIFTON, (ox 180 Herald Uptowm Branch office. Live oak will leave tub address at the Poet office. ANNIE. Live oak-your directions are not under stood. Answer here, for it U now or never. URanderith. Minnie howard-let me know if toij are Id the oil;. From yoor old friend WILLIE IIAKT. \fINXIE GONLUCK OR MINNIE JANKS-NEWR FOR ItL yon; something to yoor advantage Send address to ROVER, box 2')l Herald I'ptown Branch office. OPPSNBACR CONORRI, "FBIDAV.-1F THE LADY to blnck, white bonnet, forget-ine-not, desire* to make the acquaintance of admirer, address, statlnsr mmo particu lar Incident, to avoid mistake, STRAUSS, llerald Uptown Branch office. ~~MORUISON. OPTICIAN?SKND ADDRESS TO L. * N. BLACKMORB, llolftnaa House. ~DAOK-WfLL VolTPLEASE LET TOUR POOR mother know how yen are or where yon are f RUT1I-PAME SHOT ON BALCONT, ARGYLL .Shadow Bull to-morrow night. MADISON SQUARE. TIIE ADURESS OF NELL nATS ALIAS NELL Kidding. who served a term on Deer Island, Boston, Maui, can be fouud at the office of JOHN STOUT, U9 Liberty ?t.. New York. ?TUIURSDAV?ALL RIGHT. AT 0 P. M. R. R. THE YOUNG LADY WHO. ON FRIDAY AT 11 o'clock 1' M.. *s< assisted tiy gentleman frum Central Park car. corner 4th av. and 27th or "JStn St., and who spoke the words, "I thank you, *tr." is earnestly entreated to nd diritt a note to SINCERE FRIEND. box 0.715 Post office. T~HE LADY WStT VESTBRDAV Mo"RNING. 8 o'clock, with full basket of marketing trum Central Market, took Broadway car down, plervse favor an ^ld friend with addresst Address FRIEND, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office. HE CARTMAN WHO RBMOVBD~THE BAXGK FROM Plymouth Cottage ean get the Flxtnrrs bv railing at 152 East S2d tt. B. OETMAN. u T1CA-YOUR XOTE RECEIVED. VKRNAM, WILLIAM 8.. OF NEW ORLEANS IN ISt'0, later at Albiny.?Wanted, hie address, by ATTORNEY, Herald office. W* "ANTED TO ADOPT?~BY a" GENTLEMAN AND wife. ? Pmteitant female child, from 4 to 0 yean old, rtd looking and healthy ; best reference given. Address ilu. box 148 Herald office. -TRY TO BE CONTENTED. FALCONER. EELIGIOIS NOTICES. Ijfs; OEO. V. Li Mil MRU WiLL "LlirtrRE""<>$ ? "Lost Virtues" at the Berean r.nutist rhnrch, oenier If Bedford and Downing ?ts. ou Thursday eveuiug, June 1, lS7fl, at rt o'clock P. M.* . A SEANCE Wlt3i BK HELD THIS EVBNtXU BY A. Mrs. Llndsley. st 58* ^th nv., wliere spirit voices may le heard in conversation and alntdnir A -BEBEAN BAPTIST CHURCH. BEDFORD AND A.. Downing its ? Rev. L. G. Barrett, pastor, wi.l preach m Sunday morning at 10 .30 A. M., and will baptise after tvoniug service. Association up spiritualist*, harvard Rooms. Reservoir Park.?Mis. spence speaks on Sun day. it 7>i o'clock ; Conference at 2'^ P.M. All cordially tanked. OATIIOL1C APOSTOLIC CHURCH, MTH ST.. BB U tween Hth and 7th avv?Smidar. at 7>, P. X., lecture tn the Apocaln so. Rev. W. W. Andrews. ' The Resurrec tion of the Dead and the Marriage ?r 'he Lamb."' ( 11IUBC?n)f~ TH K ~U KAV K > 1 ,T~ rbbt ?BTII A *T.~ Vi above * at). Kev. Ur. How load. Hector- services Miday 11 A. M.. 4 P. M. f IHARLF.s P. M'CARTHY PREACHES IN tXlVKli V J slty chapel, Washington square, morning at 11, evening tt H. C1HURCH OF the NEW JERUSALEM ("SWEDEN J baryta*'-The Rev. R. L. Tnfel. of I*mdon, England, Will pre>ich Soudnv, May U8. at the new church, hast IVh st.. between 4th and Lexlnston* avs. ; subject, "Tho Desired llaven;" tent. Psalm cvli.. 22-il. The iri;o Chrlv tian religion tncnlcat d hy Swedenliorg is compitilile with ?esson, natural science and ?elt respect. Kervli-et st 11 A. M. CorgrrgatliJi!l singing. (1HURCII OF TllP. DIVINE PATERNITY, ."ITH AV. J corner 4.1th ?t -Rev. Dr. E. II. i'hapln will preach tins lunrniuK at II o'clock. An e* trmpirani-uiu sdilro;t oa tho scripture lesson at ft P. M. All we.come. f lUL'RCH OK THE ATONEMENT, MADISON AV. AND \J a*th ?t., Rev. t:. I'. I'inaay, rector ? Divine services at ,l A. M. r.od 7:30 P. M. All uoruially invited. f illlIltCH OF f IIK DISCIl?LK>. MADISON' AV? COIU U net 4-">'h st., Kuv. UuorKr II. ilepworta.?Rev. Wenileii ! rime will preach. M online -"Christ received by Xaccbens." EvMiiC^nirbl at tnrnau." Special inquiry meeting fhursilay evaaing.. MHI'IICH OF HI'M ANITY, 141 HTH ^T ?J tlWi LECTCRB fcv II. B Brown on ihs "Ohn?t Idea In llistoty:* J :?ij, T. H. Wakeman on ilie "History aad Religious Va.uo of the Material Ddwmi" RKJUl OIOl" S M OTIC Eh. (WwH~6^ KT. MABY~TnE>IBOtN, WRflT <5TH J ?t.. near Broad we v.?Hun days, lO. 11 (high celebra tions) ; 4. vespers. Conflrastioo. Thursday. J una 1, (I P. M. DISCI PLKS Of CHRIST. -MTU ST., NEAR BROAD way?Rev. D R. Van Rasklrk. the pat nr. will preach Sunday morning and evenlnjr. You are cerdiallr invited. DR. E A washbp rkTrbi tor of calvary chnreh. will preach Sunday evening, the 38th last., at TV o'clock, at Association Hall. FIK8T RBFOBM KI> RI'IKCOI'AL CHURCH. MaDI ?on a*., corner 47th at.? Di?ine ii-rvices nt 10:30 A M. and 7:45 P. M.: children'* service at 3)? P. M. Rev. Wm. T. riabiue, rector, will preach. Free BPincoPAL cucroh-or tiif. rkconcili Htlon, 543 Eaat Slat ??.?Services hy Re*. F. A. Wld drrmr, at lOH A. M. and 7U P. M. Sunday school at 0 A. M. A cordial welcome to all. R. W. IBVfKO BISHOP, ACCBDINO TO NUMRROUS requests, will repeal hli extraordinary entertainment, "Spiritualism a-d I la Agsneies on Trial," at Chtckering nail, on Thursday evening, Jane H. MbST"BTODPARD ANT! MASTER IIOL'iiH nOLD A Seance Sunday and Monday eveninss, ?t 453 till) st ; apirit friends Materialize themselves and Jtvo names In fnll. BS. B. K. J. BIJLI.ENB. TRANCR SPKAK~>rTWILL lecture at 35 West 33d St.. Monday morning. 10r30; evening. 7 J0i Interesting ratjeet selected tor evening. Children's lycenin. 3:3U. ? ew yorkTresbytkuia.v cuurcTiTwbstiith St., between Oth and 7th svs.? Rov. W. W. Pane. Pas tor; Rev. Mr. nsrlinif. of Schenectady, and Rev. James R. Dnnn. D. TV. of Boston, members of the Oenernl Assembly, will preach In this church this Sunday. Ths morning service at 10:30 and the evening service at 7:41. gPECIAL RBLIQiOU8 8KRVICKR " Madison av. and 43>1 st. Church of ths Holy Trinity. Sunday, May 2H Bible readings, by W. Hiimpstotie. 4 1*. M. Preaching to tue people, 7 :30 P. M.,1>y Bar. Stephen H. evening of the following week (except Monday and Saturday) gospel me?tlng* at A o'clock. Wednesday and Friday at 0:30 A. M., Bible readings in the chapel. Addresses by Re*. Stephen H. Tvng. Jr.. and W Hump itim>. Singing by Thoo. B. Perkins and a chores. All are invited. SPIRITUAL SEANCK AT TWENTYlTl1RD~STREET Operations*. by Edward Livingston: faces and forms seen and recognised; flowers bTnnght by spirit hands, Jtc., all In the light. See Amusement column. ST. ION ATI U8 CH U RC H ~40TH ST.". BETWEEN STH and Bth avs.?Service* at 7. R, lO'i, 11 tchoraH. 7)4 P. M. (chorall. The rector. Or. Rarer, preaches morning and evening. Btrangeis cordially Invited. TTnTRORrT hours'^ no ration ok the blessed sacrament, will begla to-day at St. Hose's church. Can non St., V half-past 10 o'clock A. M.. nnd continue till 9 o'clock; mass on Tuesday morning: the pastor. Rev. R. Breotiun. will officiate on both dnvs, assisted by deaoon and sub-deacon; Hassllnger's grand mass, lor male voices only and without organ, will be sung by the St. Cecilia Maenner clior. also Wlegand's Ave Marls, with trombone obligato, by Prof. Diiler, and a tenor solo by Prof. A. Jocsel. THE HA.NGr.KS TTl AT THREATEN TIIF. AMBP.L can Repnbllc,? Arthur P. Devlin, the reformed Roman Catholic, will preach on Sunday evening at Masonic Temple, 23d st. and fltli av. DRY GOODS. A. IMPORTAXT inr If OOO TTTTT II CO NN n O O T II COB N N N O O T II O B NNNOO T II C B N N N O O T 11 t! KBB NNNOO T II C B NNNOO T IIC B NNN OO T II COR N NN OOO T II CC EEBB WE CALL THB ATTENTION OF THB LADIES OF NEW YORK CITY TO THB SPECIAL SALE of LADIES' FINE UNDERWEAR, to begin TO-MORROW (MONDAY) MORNING, AT 0:30 O'CLOCK. LADIES' CHEMISES, TRIMMED WITH Insertion and edge of ruffled embroidery. it Bic. EXTRA QUALITY LINEN HOSOM CHRM1SE. trimmed with insertion of embroidery, raffled edge or three rows fn ?ertlon. cloning oat At 75c. LADIES' CORSET COVERS, trimmed with bend of puf fing, Insertion end edge of embroidery. Ac., it $1 10. LADIES' CORSET COVERS. elaborately tucked end embroidered front end beak, trimmed with good edge, >t ?1 35. LADIES' NIGHT DRESSES, trimmedl robe style full length with tucking end embroidery, >t SI la LADTF.S' NIGHT DRESSES, trimmed front end back with tucking end els row* of embroidery, at (1 02. LADIES' DRAWERS, beautifully trimmed with two ruffles of embroidery, puffing end tucking, at SI 02. LADIES' WALKING BKIKT8, nine tneks, first claei mus lln, good work, pat down to 85e. LADIES' WALKING SKIRTS, twe clusters tucking, puffing and wide raffle, at 78e LADIES' WALKING RKIitis. cluster tneks and wide side plaiting, with hem underneath, at 85c. LADIES MUST BEAR In mind that these are all under garments of good quality. Great sacrifice In all our finest domestic and French Underwear. PLEASE CALL A8 EARLY in the DAY AS P08SI. BLE, TO AVOID THE AFTERNOON RUSH OF TRADE. REEK H n RRRR II CCCC H n SSSS "' E H H R R II C C II II R g" E n H R R II <J H II S ? E H 11 R R II C II H S EEE HUnit RRRR II C 1IHHH SSSS E H II R R II C H II S E II H R R II C HH 9 E II HR R II C CH HS 8.? EEEE H H R R II CCCC H H SSSS ? 8TH AVKNTTE. BETWEEN 24Tn AND 25Tn STR. A. T. STEWART A CO. during the present week will mske a special displsy of LLAMA LaCB GOODS, consisting of JACKETS, CAPES, FICHUS AND POLONAISE. the best makes, newest shapes and la elegant assortment. Also will offlar SPECIAL BARGAINS In this class of goods at LESS TnAN HALF THE ORIGINAL COST. BROADWAY. 4TH AV., 9TII AND lflfll STS. rpHE PPPP A RRRR II 8888 II A NN N P P AA R R II 8 8 II AA NN N P P A A R K II S II A A N N N PPPP A A RRRR II SSSS II A A ft N 5 P AAA R R II S II AAA N NN P AAR R II SUA AN NN p A A R It II SSSS II A AN NX FFFFF L OOO W * W EEEE RRRR F L O 0 W w WE R R F L O O W WW WE R R F L O O W W W W E R R FFF L O O W W W W KEE RRRR F L O O W W W W K K It F L OOVVVVE RR F . L 0 0 W W K R R V LLLL 000 V T EEEE R B COMPANY. COM "ANT, COMPANY. COMPANY. COMPANY. importers, Inrlte the attention ol buyers tn their stock of all '"The latest Nureltiee" In rich French Flowers. Bridal Sets and Yells, Ostrich and laucy Feathers. Floral Garnitures for wedding and svcnlng costumes arranged to order. Vme? and baskets filled with tropical Leaf Plants and perfumed liouquets "a specialty." To the trade and institutions a liberal discount. the Parisian flower company, ? Rue de Clerv. -8 East 14th St.. Paris. fcur doors west of University Discs. L LOEWKNS fKIM. Proprietor. F.EEE ITT IT SSS The larirest stork In the elty at the lowest prices. Special Inducements this week. Real French Moquetfs at (3 25; worth S3. Royal Wtlton? at S2 SO; worth S3 90. Body Rrnssels at $1 73; worth 23. T?pe?tr? Hrnanels at Si 10: worth Si 24. Three ply < arpets Irom SI iimrains SOr.. 7"< nn.l SI A nianulncturer's entire stock of Oilcloths, varying from 1 to S yards wide, from S3e. per yard upward (ls<s than the cost or oianufactare). Mattings. 1.000 rolls fitneT Japanese Matting at SOe.; worth HOn. ANo a cargo of white, red cheek and fancy from 20e. per yard An importers' stock of l.sce Curtains from anctlon at half prl<e. Window Shades, Curatces, Ac.. Ac. SIIEPPARD KNAPP. island 185 6th ??.. one iloor below |3tf St., New VnrK. KEEP'S patent partly MADE DRKHS shirts? The rery best. t> lor *? : cau be finLshed as easily at hemming n liandkcrehlof. r?7l llroadway and Ml Arch St.. i'h .ladflphia. ^ V' VlilOb'ROL'X. l'J2 ttll AV.. CORNER 12TII ST. . Stamping establishment: specialty of ladies' and babies' TrmissesuJi. lingerie nnd Underwear: monograms to Older for table and lied linen, handkerchiefs, Me.: whol# sile deu.irtnicm, 0t? Kast 12th st. . perforated Paper Pat terns, Machines aad accessor! ei lor statu plug. DRY GOODS. J^^^RAdkl>'lNARY~BAKGAlNH t" LADiBS' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR, CORSETS, PANIERS, AC.. ? LORD * TAYLORS. THIS DEPARTMKNT NOW PRKSP.NTS UNUSUAL ATTRACTIONS. THE assortment ('OMPRI>INO ALL THE LATKST novelties. AMD AT STILL GREATER REDUCTIONS IN PRICKS, WALKING SKIRTS from 5f?c. DRAWERS from ?*. CUEMIKES from Mte. NIGHT DRESSES from Me. DRhSSING SACQCRS from ?>. PILLOW SHAMS Iran $1 ?'*> per pair. LADIES' COMPLETE OUTFITS from.. AO 00 INFANTSVCORPLETR OUTFITS from. 35 im JOB LOT OF CHILDREN'S WHITE AND COLORED PIQUE HATS AT JSC. .?DIES' LADII.S' SPANISH LINEN HAND EMBROIDERED WAISTS, tl. FANCY CAMBRIC WAISTS, $1. FULL assortment OF LADIES* FINE FRENCH HAND KMRROIDERKD UNDERWEAR AT FRICE8 OF DOMESTIC GOODS. A LARGE LOT OF MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. 8LIOHTLY SOILED. AT LKSB THAN HALF PRICE. A FULL assortment OF NEW STYLES OF FANCY COLORED SKIRTS I ? IN PLAIN. PLAID AND STRIPED GOODS. ALSO OF serge. CLOTH. MOREEN AND OTHER MATERIALS, PARTICULARLY ADAPTED FOR STEAMER wear OR travelling PURPOSES. CORSETS. NURSING CORSETS. ADJUSTABLE bust AND HIP gore. PERFBCT FITTING ?1 .V> NURSING OORSKTS, fine COUTILLE I ftO SEA grass ventilating CORSET 1 25 THOMPSON'S VENTILATING CORSET I 35 ABDOMINAL BROAD steel, specially ADAPTED TO stout FIGURES. LACED ON HIP 8 75 EXTRA long wrrly ?_> 40 TEN INCII FRENCH OOUTIILR. RIDING CORSET I 55 LADIES' COMFORT CORSET. HEAVILY CORDED, NO BONES 1 90 children'S CORSET WAISTS m CHILDREN'S CORSETS Rfl cork pads 50 PANIRRS. AC. I <3, 12 OZ. SEA ORaSS paniers. PERIT.CT SHAPE AND LIGHTEST WRIGHT YRT introduced..$1 80 EXTRA STRONG MUSLIN paniers, 87-inch long 1 25 DO , 30-inch long K5 wire TRAIN PANIERS. haircloth TOP. very LIGHT AND STRONG S3 00 wire paniers, 26-INCH 70 BRIDAL CORSETS A SPECIALTY, IN STOCK AND TO order, AT REASONABLE PRICES. MANTLES, SACQUES. AC. blegant PARIS-made silk S\cqces AND cashmere and drap d-etk baoours and dol mans, all RKDUCBD to less than one-half OF FORMER PRICES. CASHMERE dolmans FOR *16; FORMER PRICE. 830. $17; form Kit PRICE. $22. #18; FORMER PRICK. $24. $2*1; FORMKR PRICE. $2S. A LARGE LOT OF VERY HANDSOME garments OF various descriptions. FROM *5 TO S.'O. REAL LLAMA LACE SACQUES, IN beautiful VARIETY, FROM $12 UPWARD. AND IMITATION LLAMA LACE SACQUES. FROM $4 AND UPWARD. ALSO children'S AND MISSUS' SACQUES, SUITABLE FOR ALL AOES, FROM S3 UPWARD. SAMPLES OF GOODS AND catalogues OF LADIES' AND MISSES' SUITS AND MUS LIN underwear AND INFANTS' OUT FITS SENT FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL SECTIONS OF THE UNITED STATE8. RULES FOR SELF-MEASUREMENT SENT ON application TO ALL PARTS OF THE COUN TRY WITHOUT CHARGE. ORDERS FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF GOODS WILL BE CARBFULLY ATTENDED TO, AND THE SAME PACKED AND porwarded WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. BROADWAY AND BOTH ST. GRAND AND C1IRY8TIE 8T9., NEW YORK. 1876 ~ JONES. 18401 Special Attraction. ? Great Bargain* Furnitora. Walnut Bedroom Salt*, enamelled Bedroom Suit*, Cotta?c Bedroom Suit?. Sprint; But*. Mattrene*. Bedding, te., <?0 par cent leu than ordinary price*. Millinery, # Ban Umbretrae, Z Z Straw Good*, Z Z Fancy Good*. ZZ French Flower*, Z Z Glovea, Z Z ?? Ornament*, Z Z| Hoalery, Z Z Telia, Z Z Kibbon*, ?- Z Z ?? 4c. Z Z Laeea. Z J OOO XX X REEB MS Z Z JO O N X X E 8 Z Z JO OXK KR1 888 S Z JJOOXXXB 8 Z Z JJ OOO X XX REEB 888 Z 4b " 'ft EIGHTH ATEXUE EIGHTH AVEXUB AND XIXETEEXTH STREET. XIXETEEXTH STREET. 2 Z Z I OOO XX X REEB 888 Z Z JOONXXK 8 Z Z JO O X X X BE 888 Z Z J J O O X X X K 8 Z Belt*. Z JJ OOO X NX EEEB 838 Z Boytr ? z z Ladle*' and Z _ Z Clothing, Z Z ? Children'* Z Z from infanta' ?? Z Z Underwear. Z^ ^Z toll year*, Linen riaita. Z Z from S3 50 ? Z Z Very attractive price* Z Z apward. ? Z Z ? ? Great reduction in Dre*a flood*. Great reduction in Mourning Uoodr, Great redaction in Suit*. Great reduction in Shawl*. Great reduction in Linen*. A*. Greet reduction In Woollen*. Great redaction In sillk*. Great reduction In farpeta Great reduction In Upholstery Goad*. Great rednctlon in lacc Curtain* (?rent redaction In Oilcloth*. Groat reduction in Rep*. Ac. Great reduction In Matting*. Chenpe*t stock of Domeatlc* In the dty, ambraclng 100 caee* of sheeting*. Hhirtinsr*. Denim*, Tick*. Ac., from the two lmmen*e peremptory auction *ale? of l**t week. Will be offered at price* lowor than ever before. Oar patron* will do <?ell to avail them*?Ive* of probably the only op portunity to pnrehaae the** good* at inch low price*. JOXB8, corner of 8th a*, and 10th n. K K OOO CCC H H ? BBS KKO OC OH H ? 8 8 K K O O C II H 8 KK O O C HHHH 889 K K O O O H H 8 KKO OC OH H 88 K K OOO CCC U U 388 BTH AV. AXO 20TH ST.. 3,000 piece* of DRE88 GOODS. 4 clearing ont at half price. Bargain* from auction in A T 811.KS. ffandnnme striped Silk* at Me.. 7'*. and 89a, Superb plal'i Silk* at (I ; worth $1 Mi. Heavy croa faiiie Silk, all Ilia newekt thades, at SI, worth SI 5G Rich colored gTO* grain silk*. SI 2Si rained SI 73. Extraordinary bargain* thl* week. SS88 0 D ~H I1 IT ITT 8888 I 0 IT II T S BSSS U r II T S8SS a v u n T s 4S.*8 UUUC II T 6838 *, Mlchly trimmed (trtoed *llk Bait*. |H1. Elegant plaid illk Suit., f4't and 347. Black dlk Suit*. haad*om*ly trimmed. St*i. *43, 347. llandMtn* ?tnff Suit*. 35, 37. fp, 312. Elegant *llk trimmed Halt*, 31*. 93<>. US. 1,000 Llnan and Batl*ta Suit*, 3S per MM cheaper than any other hoMe In the rity. Basque* and Overdrew** and Polonai***, la plaid, (trlpad and plain Batlata, alegaat and oaw oeaign*. Ladle*' and nine*' whit* Lawn Salt* and Baeqaoe and Overdreaee*. from S3 "P Linen Ulster* and Omter* In gr**t variety, at H. (' J. KoOII'B corner 0th av. and :20th ?t. KERF'S I'ATHXT PARTLY MAllK DRESS SHIRTS - The vary beat, fl for SH: can be flniahed a* e*eMy a* hemming n handkerchief 571 Broadway and 1011 Arch at.. I'hiladelphia. BVLOUXCES CUT, HEMMED, PLAITED AXD ?tltehed alter platting. HEN ill, the only house that ran gaaiantee parlect worn on ?ltk*. grenadine*, barega* or expensive dreat good*. U&NB1, 7V1 Broadway, oppoeite Grace church. _ _ DRY GOOO?. jn **xfiiAOKt?i x a r v i?\v~bK "SaKoXIW am bxtbaobdinaby display or BARGAINS Air EXTRAORDINARY DISPLAY OP BARGAINS from THE OBEAT AUCTION HALES OF LAST WEBK. THB OBBAT AUCTION KALES OP LAST WEEK. THB OBBAT AUCTION SALES OP LAST WEEK. CONKLIXG T COMPANY, COKKLING A COMPANY. CONKLING A COMPANY, No. 703 Broadway, between 8th and 9th ate., on* block below A. T. Stewart A Co.'* DOMESTIC GOODS. Belt standard American Prints, 4c. Baft yard wide printed Lawn*, l.^c. Beit double width Ginghams. extra floe, 12%& Baal quality Ticking, 90c.; lormer price, 35c. Beat quality yard wide nnblaaehed Sheeting, 6c. Beet quality yard wide whita Cambric*, for ladlei' under wear, lie.; former price, lPc. A splendid shirting Mmltn, yard wide, 8c.; as good ai Wamsutta. Beet unbleached Twill Jean*, lie. PlUow ease Mnslln, 40 inch** wide, 13){a. Sheeting Muslin, two yard* wide, 20o. Sheeting Muslin, two and a half yard* wide. 35c. Yard wide Purnltnre Chluu. lU^e. 11-4 Bedspread*, inperior quality, 91 10. 10-4 Marseille* Bedspread*. superior quality, 8X SILKS. 81LKS. SILKS. Cholse and elegant style* of Fancy Silk*, from auction, at 65c., 75c., 85c. and <1. BLACK SILKS. A food quality black Gro* Grain, 85c. An elegant line of black Gro* Grain, satin finish, of the moat renowned Lyons tnnnufaeture, at $1. CI J5. fl .V>, $1 75, fcJ.FS aii, .NO. $J 75. S3, ?3 35. SO, 83 75. ?4. to the flnest imported, all fully 35 par cent below ?tandnrd price*. Black Taffeta, for lining grenadine*, 50c. A quperb line of ptaln colored Gro* Grain Silk*, for street costuimiv at $1, $1 25 and $1 50; folly 33 1-3 per eeut below former prices. Elegant qnallty dress Sttss tin {beautiful shades of seal brown, 85c. and f 1. DRESS GOODS. DitKSS GOODS. DIIESS GOODS. 250 piere* ?trlped Zephyr Suiting*, yard wide, O^c.. worth 25c. 275 ploces black and white Castor Checks, 12S.'c., 15c. and 20c. 1A0 piece* Mohair Glase for travelling suits, 'JOc., worth SO*. y? piece* ?U wool De Beige, 23>jC., worth 30c. 100 pieces rammer camel'* hair Snltinc". IHc-, worth 40e 75 piece* diagonal Beige for salts. 30c., worth 35a. 75 piece* ?ilK (tripod Sicilian Cloth, 'JOc., worth SOe. 40 piece* par* Mohair Lono In light coloring*, 30a. 75 piece* l>aro Mohair Brilllantlne Tor suits. 'JOc, and 38a, 50 niece* all wool twilled De Beige, 3l)^e.. worth SOo. | 50 piece* silk warp Pongeea, 37}*e., worth 50e. 50 piece* 611k Venetian Cloth, elegant good*. 00c.. 65c. and 7V. BLACK IRON FRAME ORKNADINRH. BLACK 1ROV Kit A M K ORKNADINKH. BLACK 1KU.V FRANK (j REN A MINES. Wo ?8hr a tnlendld quality black Iron frame Grenadine at SOe.. worth 37^c. PURB SILK AND WOOL URENADINB HRRNANT, 55C-. WORTU 50C. faumf m?sh wool Oranadlne. 37>?e., worth 62Xo. Superb qualities Iron frame Grenadine Mwlng Bilk Warp, 50c., 00c.. .50. and $1. Mexican Grenadine*. 39c., 45c. apd SOo. Brasillienne Grenadine, elepant good*, $1, worth ft 75. Pore *tlk and wool Grenadine Fantasia, 91 12X, worth $2. SO piece* Now ecru! ahadet Madru Cloth, laeo (tripe, 12','e.. worth 2&o. Com* early la the day and avoid the great rath ef the afternoon. A wlalt of Inspection solicited. Samples cent free to all parts of the country, JOHM E. KAL'OHRAN.) CONKUNO A CO., r. W. CHIVV18. f No. 7K.-I Broadway. W. II. CONKLING, ) between tHh and Oth (t(. ^1CHABD~MEARKS. 8th a*, and 19th <t-. will offer, daring the coming wett 41 k and *Qk trimmed Ooetamoa, aohslr, daboge, pongee Ifwn, and Unas Saita, at a groat redaction from former prlcea Cor ?tock l( mow Terr extend re, and I* composed of first dm* good*, all stylishly and carefolly made. I'artles con templating purchasing will Snd it to their advantage to make ua a vialt of impaction. The redactions are allien nino. and ever/ article will bo (band marked In plaia flgnrea. Elegant blaekfflk Cortnmea, in very latest dadctta, at $55. 863, MM, $73; former prlcea. $75, $88, $100. Very stylish colored (ilk Coatnmea, In plain colors and combination, $45, $40, $55, (03, $*>9; L ive been eold at from $tJO to WO Tory elegant silk Costumes In combination of itch bro caded ailk and plain ?llk. In all color*, reduced from $145 to $7iA Ttaeae are vary rich and a decided bargain. In silk trimmed Costnmes we offer an immense aaeortment In erary combination and color, all well and atyliahly made; all nri> adapted for *treet or travelling, and are leaa than actnal coal of mannfaetnring. We now offer them *t $14. $16, $10, $30 and $25. ileantiful brocade Rulta, elaborateir fHmmed with aflk and fringe. $2f?, $33 and $35; will nan to order aad guar antee perfect Bt at same price. Stylish design* In black Oashmsre Unit*, ailk trimmed, very neatly made, $18, $*), $22. $25. $29 and $33. Handsome black grenadine Suits. $25, $24aad $35. We offer a very large aaeortment of worsted flnfta of every alrle. In plain colors and combination, at $8 75, $9 50, $10 50.811 75. $12 50, $14. Black alpaca Suits, $*, $9, $10to$1& ' Fine white lawn Suite. $4. $4 CO, $5 50, $ft. White lawn Saita, elaborately trimmed with embroidery, la ten differeut styles, $7 80, $9. $10 75. $11 50, $12, $14, Swise Saita. Basque* aad Overakirta, la vary alegant style*. Ladle*' llaaa Ulster*. $8 75 to $9, We will offer on MONDAY aa Immenae assortment of Calico and oambrlo Suits and Wrappers. at the lowest pri^e* ol thlsseaeon. t'alHM suite. In three pieces, aeat piuernv $3 25, H 50. French cambric Snlt?, in three piece*, $3 ?'5. $3 5<> $9 75. iii < lot o' calico WrMpers, IWe.; former price 81 25. Calico WrapperSjla finer quality, $1. $1 25. $1 French cambric Wrappers, la all colors aad styles, $1 SO to f 2 n >. White lawn Wrapper*, $3 35, $3 50. Fine white law* Wrappers, trimmed Witt embroidery, $5 50 to $lO In oar Bonier/ Department we will oflbr the eotaiag week the following specialties>? Gent* muslin Drawers, 40c.; lean Drawera, ?3t, 75& tieut*' 8ne summer merino Shirts. 40c.. 05c., 75* floats' 8ne India gante Undervesta, 4o?., SOe., Hit*. Ko??' nanimer merino Vests, SOe . 35c., 45c., 50& Bo\ Jean Drawer*. 40e.: 8ne qnality. Ladles' fine samnier gauxe Vesta. 50c.. 08c., 79a. Mi"**' mmmer merino Vest*. 35c., 30c., 35c., 45c., SO*. Row opening. 200dosen Shetland wool Shawls, In beantl Ail desiins snd late.t novelties, at $1, $1 25. 81 50, 81 75, Sit. 82 SO. $8, 84, $8. SB. RICH ARD M K A RES, Oth av. and 10th St. R KMOVAU?MME A. DUVAL. FRENCH DKHHS maker and importer, haa removed to (tore KOi Broad way, opposite Lerd A Taylor s. l.adle? own material made ap and trimmed in the mo?t approved Parisian style* at shaft notion. Hat the only Tf -* "enier Indispensable, Corset* aod Bosom Cioeda. a DRY GOOD*. stkun BROTH krs. SIXTH AVENUE AND TWENTY third strkkt. SIXTH avrnub A XI) TWENTY THIRD STREKT. continued conttnIted CONTINUED AND and DECIDED decided DECIDED SEDUCTION IN prices reduction IN PRICKS REDUCTION in prictss throughout OUR entire hstabllshment. THROUGHOUT OUR kntirb ESTABLISHMENT. THROUOHOUT OCR entire establishment. immense assortment!} and real BARGAINS IN OUR LADIES' underwear departments linen BATISTE AND lawn COSTUMES. i CIllLDitKN'S PIQUE garments. SUN UMBRELLAS AND parasols. black AND COLORED silks. millinery department. STRAW AND chip bonnets AND hats. RIBBONS AND FLOWERS, H08IEKY AND underwear the most the most the most complete lines IN THB CITE. COMPLETE LINKS- IN the CITY. COMPLETE lines-in the CITT. AND thb and TUB and THB LOWEST prices. LOWEST~TrICE8. lowkbtttrices. STERN HROTHEK8. SIXTH AVBNCE AND TWTENTT-THIBD STREET. A." II R OOO "SX N EEKEB II (, l II II O O " N N NX II L L II H O O ? N N N B II L L II II O O N N N E II L L Hnnil O O N N N EEBB II L L II H O O N N N K II h L II II O O N N N K II L L II II O O N ? N K II L L H H ? OOO N TNN EEBBB II LULL LLLL I* k k k k kk k k k k k kk k k MU k CCCO OOOO ?111 effler en Monday, May Ml STRAW OOOO* ?t an IMMENSE SACRIFICE. fiOOdoien brown Chip IInil, 75 canti; form arty 99 TS. HOOdorcn black Chip llati. 60 centa to SI 00, 1,000 doien whit* ?'hlp Hati, $1 to $2 5a Leghorn Uata, $1 to t- 75. Kngliib Wilkin* IIan, ??w daaiga*. In faney braid*. BASH ItlBBONB S-tneh Saih Ribbon*. nil colon, ?0 centi: all iflk. 7 lnch Sa*h Ribbon*, all colon, 60 centi; all *11 k. urn eat t?m fancy Mithei. *1 cenli yard. :00 carton* fancy Saibai, SO centa to $3 yard. lOOdourn Roman Saihai. 2^, yard*, 91 SO; warth SB 300 doten fancy !*a*he*. f2 to $3. bof* ?llk Bathes, la all shade*. BONNET-RIBBONS, ?, T. ?. 13, Iff to 30. la all the new ibadea. TRIMMiNO 8ILB9L Uteit noTaltlaa la TBIMMBD HAT*. ChUdraa'i trimmed Oaaa. Will offer on Mob day aa Unmeme itock ef FBENOH FlOWEBB. Greatly redneed Htm 1.000 Montnrei, from 75c. ta 93 50. LACB OOODS. Caihmara Laoa. Golpara UM, Thread Lace. Special attention rim to raade-a? Laoa Qoode. Children'* laca Cap* a ipaaialty. Laoa Raffling* la aadlaia variety. LACB TIES. Fancy Tim Ne? pattern* la netted Tie*. 3,000 doian Wlndior Tie*, at IS cant* ta 35 rant*, l.oondoian Jockey lilk Haadkarchlafi, 31 centa: ipleadid quality. BID GLOVES la all the naweet ihadaa. Barcain* la SI LB UM HKKLLAS. Splendid tt?ek aad leleeted whfc ipeela! ear* far Aral elaaa retail trade. IT. O'NEILL k CO., 131 to WO rttb a* . coraer JOtk si ^ CARD. " ImmI OAT NOB'S, Ooneti aad Tan mean ipeetadtl**, kit* remered ta between 26th and : 1,158 Broadway, 1 3ftk Ma. Oar well kaowa reputation for ?a parlor itylal aad ihapet la Coracti, to ivit every Oirare. needi ne coameat. A varied iMorimmt imported for tbl* ocoailoa. Aleo. La tail Pari* noreltlei la Tour noun. OAYNOB. Importer, 1,153 Broadway. u NION ADAMS. NO. S47 BROADWAY Heilery, Olovea. I'idertraw aad ine FnraUhiaga. He. 317 Broadway, mm |?| A. UKY GOODS. KEEB H H KHRK (I 0C0 II H IIW ?" K M H R R II r 0 H II S 8' K II II K K II C II II ft K II II K R II C II II 8 EEK IIIIII I? RRR 11 O IIIIIIII SSS K II II R R II 0 II II ft R II II R R 11 C II U ft K It H R R II C 0 If H ft 8 KERB 11 H R R II CCC U H SSS 8TII AVENUE AND J4TH STREET. 0 It A TTTT* SSS II II AA T 8 1 II II A A T 8 II II A A r 8 liUUII A A T ESS II II A AAA T H II II A A T 8 II II A A T SB II U A A T ass STILL CHEAPER. HAVING PURCHASED ENORMOl'8 QUAlfTITIBl OK HATS AT THE LAST WEBB'S ACCTIOW SALES, WE NOW OFFER THE FOLLOWING unprecedented R#r*ains tn STRAW HATS. T LEGHORN MATS. 1,000 DOSKN8 LKlJHORN HATH Tor Ladles. Mlssee and Children, olegant shapes and lln* quality, ?t 73c., 85c., $1, CI 25 mill up, nil umlur vnlna. MISSES' HATS, *11 ehaneT"iiid qaalities, CHBAPEB THAN EVER. riNE WHITE AND COLORED HATS, at 'J5c., 85c., 40c., end up. MISSES' SAILOR HATS, hilly trimmed. m - >c., 3,'c., 50c., 75e.. and up. BOYS' and YOUTHS' HATS, fruin tho great auellun aala, at loss than coat of (awing. UPWARD of 1,200 DOZENS In every alyle and quality, ail firm class pix.d-. xt 40c.. 5<>c., and "?"><?-; lama goods at sold la GENTb' HAT STOKES at $1 AO and $3, SPECIAL BARGAINS TO THB TRADE. LADIES' HATS, at greatly reduced price*. ELEOANT SILVER BRAID HATS $1 31. former price ft ftV REAL FRRNCH AND ENGLISH CHIP IIATS at $1 and 81 SO; (Old every where ?8 M BEST SWISS CHIP HATS. 75c., .worth fl SB AMERICAN CHIP HATS. BEST QUALITY, 47* LADIES' PINE MILAN HATS at 73e? 80c. and CL We recrlve all the latest novelties la RATS aa soon aa 1? sued and at the lowest prices. IN PANTS' HAT* in alt qualities and styles. Fine Krench Kiowera at extremely low prices. New styles received weekly from Pari*. Fine OSTRICH Til's, m all the new shade*. Fine all silk CASH 11 ERE LACES and Neta at less thai cost of importation. BARGAIN'S In RIBBONS AMD MILLINERY 8ILKS ef all description* and patterns. Special attention Is directed to our Millinery Parlors, on srciind floor, where ?f are exhibiting au onorniou. ?eiectloq of HANDSOME TRIMMED BONNETS and UATS at verj reasonable prices PATTER* BONNETS far the trade. TN OCR JOBBING DEPARTMENT ON THIRD FLOOR we will offer some special bargain* In order *e reduce qaaas Mttee on hand. WHOLESALE BUTERS who may visit ear establishment lor the first time are requested to Introduce ihemeelvee M one of the firm, who will give them prompt aad satisfactory attention. 8SS8S U U It TTI'TTITT n 8 U U II T 8 8 U U II T 8 8 U U II T 8 68RS3 U U II T ABBS 9 8 U If II T 8 8 U U II T 8 B S U U II T 88 SSSSS UUUUU II T SSSSS bleoant like op fink linen and lawn suits AT BARUAlNM GRASS LLNEN BASQUES AND OVEH8KIRT3 at Hi VERT HANDSOME BTTLE8 at 83 90 and 83 M PUKE LINEN, BMBBOIDBRED AND TRIMMED. at $4 50, $4 US, ead l?Mii SPUING 8UIT8 all narked down to elwa HANDSOME SUITS at S3 45; former price 83. ELEGANT SUITS, rarlona Myiae, marked down to $4 74; former prlcee ru(ln| from fT to SM TBRT HANDSOME SUITS at 88 SO; redmead from SH Fine black and colored Silk 8ulu, marked dowa to etoeew CHECKED SILK SUITS at ?1? 90; worth (3Q CASHMBRB AND SILK 8ACQUES AND DOLMANS, In all the moet derirahle etyle* BARGAINS IN DRESS GOODS. BLACK SILK, ' BLACK CASHMERE. DRBEIOB, GRENADINES, ETC.. RU HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, TOWELS. NATKINS, TABLE LINENS, SHEETINGS, PLAIN AND CHECKED NAINSOOKS, PIGCB8, eteu.eto AT EXCEEDINGLY LOW PRICKS. PPP A RRR A 8SS oo L BBS P P AA R R AA 8 B O 0 L SB !! T AA ? R AA 8 O OL 8 BBS I PPAARRAAS O O L PPP A A RRR A A 8S8 O O ts r AAAA R R AAAA 80 O L P A AKRA A 80 O L P A AR RA AS 8 O O 1* P A AR RA A SSS OO LI CHEAPEST IN THE CITY^ ELEGANT TWILLED SILK SUN UMBRELLAS, with fine pearl, gilt, Ivory and ebony bandlee, at bom 83 apwart. KLEOANT LARGE SIZE TWILLED SILK PARASOI^ One handle, at 8-' 75, worth 8> 75. ?LEOANT STYLES, Duett pearl handle*, at B* 50. worth *? 5a CHILDRKN'S COLORED SILK PARASOLS at 49e., worth 75* CANOPY PARASOLS red oca d to lee* thaa eon. Over 900 Canopy Paraeola redneed to 81 8*. end all othart la like proportion. HEAL GUIPL'RR LACES. HEAL THREAD LACES. RBAL YAK LACES. REAL AND PATENT VALENCIENNES LACES, CANUMEKK LACES, All at greatly redaeed price*. Pall line of fine Silk Fringe*, MARABOUT TRIMMINGS, SILK GIMPS, BUTTONS. Jke.. REDUCED PRICES, HAMBURG EDGING AND INSERTING, the Fheapcet aod t>e?t *?iortm?nt In the city. ULOt'E DEPARTMENT. A fall line of the BHRICH KID OLOVK Now ou baoil. la all the Snoot ehedee. We recommend enr p*tnm* to clve them a trial, aa they are tb* mmt perfect flit in* glove In the wart A Pall line of Kehecca kid Glove*; 2 button. ?7e.; every tair warranted. New pair* given for all that np or tear. i*la thread and *llk Glore*. U> 2,8 and 4 bnttou*. Ftneet 4 button Lltle Glore*. 25c. pair. Q HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. 1 Sp*ei*l inducement*In LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S PLAIN AND FANCY HOSE. MERINO UNDEBWKA*. AO.. AC. LADIES' FULL RBGILAR B ALBRIGGAN H08E, SILK CLOCKBD. at dOe. per pair. LADIES* BALBRIGGAN HOSE. COLORED, CLOCK EEL at 13c. LADIES' STRIPED DERBY BIBBED BOSK at SS? Mime*' strl pad Hoee, all *!?**, at Ma a p. CEMTLBMBN'S STRIPED HOSE, REGULAR MAD* *2c. per pair. GENTLEMEN'S OACXeThTrTS at from Me. npward. LADIES' GAUZE VESTS* at from 87a upward. Pall line of GENTLEMEN'S WRITE SHIRTS. TIES. COLLARS AND CUFFS. AO.. ALL OF THE BEST STANDARD MAKES. ORDERS BT MAIL RECkTvB SPECIAL ATTBNTION. Ladle* living oat of New York city eaa aeqaadat them aelve* with all oantyleehy Mtbeeribing to oar "FASHION QUARTERLY." which give* fine Mlaetrattoa*. deecripttoni and price* of everrthlag Wa l**ae foar e ember* a year, la Mereh. Jnne, September aad December. Oar "Spring Ouarterly." ">3 page*, ha* alee valoabie article* on the fillet. Kin-ban. A a. _ _ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. 35 CENTS FOB THE WHOLE TKAR. BMBICHB'. ' f f BMBICHB'. i?TH AVENUE. SSS *"7 NSAB_jwfff "?r*. Pwr (MlMr Dry Bgifc Aii ?iUbbmbIS ItHiwrtti fsgfc

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