Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1876 Page 3
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UTVATMNM WAJF1MI i BWtfiM. ~ Cottk*. Jw. AC WEST 44TH ST. ?A COMPETENT PERSON AS ^0 good cook and lanndroa; uxllwl eitr nbrtiM Ra lxt yhN. Call oo Monday. 1111 DOCULAM ?T.. NBA It SNITB, BROOkLYN. XU1 ItlMcluiNok: ?Mwil?P<? cooking in all tu braaehoa; is competent to take full eaarce; four ntra* belt city reference irons I?* omaloyoia. Ceil or aadresa. I)A1 EA?TmTB ST.?TWO RESFBCTAHLB YOINO AUl *irl?; one as good eoik uid the other as chant kmiU ud tnilnii; no objection to the euaaltjr; would go hhtimIt : three jein' lofereecee. oiVjr WEST 2?TH ST_(TA* LOR'8 RXFRBSS 67 Be*).?A respectable scotch widow as good cook, washer and ironer. and privilege of having ber mm, 12 jtein old, with ber; willing tu inuko himself umIoI; country pre fcrred; good city rclereinc. t all on Monday and TnwtT Qoi" WEST ll*rC'.ST<)> Sr.-A WWFECTABLiTwO AwU man ai cook or to do general housework; city of to autry; city reference. 99K WEW UOTll ST.?A FIRST OLaBS COLORED eook to go to the country In private family or In a private boarding house; b?ai city rtfbrenoe. Call or address. ?i?JU EAST~34D ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO IWO wok, weak aad iroa: i;oed city rrterauce. /I'M OTH AT?A KKSFBCTABLE FBOTBSTAJtf Ti-^T girl a* good plain cook in a private family; city prelorrod; good rsCsreucc. A /IU UTH AV., KKAR.-A TrENUH COOK IN A TfXO private family; no objection to eily e? country. Call on Sunday and Monday. Cluuaberma Ida. die. 7 MORTON ST.. TOF FLOOR.-A VOL'NO WOMAN aa chambermaid and waitress; Is every way reliable, trustworthy, et good habit*, cleanly aad iuduatrious; tkree year* at ber laat place. i)J i'AST 1UTU SrT-A COLORED WOMAN AS at ebambermaid or waitress in or out of the city. Uk wbmt"44 m st?a iolTso woman as ciiam A'J barmaid tun waitress or laundress; no objection to the reentry; bo*t city reference from laat place. Call ou Monday. qq~MA04)0liliAL ST.-<FKKSKNT ~RmT? LOYRR'rt) ? VO i youn| girl aa ebambermaid and waitress. Apply from 11 to 2 o'clock. 1 ll) bamt asm rr.?a ladt bbbakino~~u9 Lvai housekeeping wi*he* to get nitnatioaa for an eacel ,eat chambermaid aad uurne. Apply Monday, from I to 3 1 ?>Q WR8T VtfTrt St.?A YOUNtT OIKL AS CHAM bermaid aud waitress, Or a* chambermaid aud to to uuo aewing; best city relisreuce. Call on Mouday. 1 ?J1 WENT 61ST ST.?A NiiTST K hs I' EC T~ABLE 00L AUA ored girl la a private family aa chambermaid and aaiUese, or aa oook in a sin .ill family ; Deal city reference. II)7 WMrtfliTU att.?k woman" uTdo LO I chatnUei work or general houaework in a small fam ily ; goad teteseuce. 9(14. KAsT MTH THIRD IpLOOR, RBAR.-A fctuT respectable young girl a* chambermaid and walt reaa; would aa*l*t In waiting; good citv reference. Ollft 7TH At.,~ TOF FLOOR.?A tlkSFBCf ABLE UvU colored girl as chambermaid or waitress in a first (ia*s hoarding bouso; city or country. iirestmukers and Mamtlreates. 1 O ltHH ST., SOUTH BROOKLYN.-A COMPETENT JLU Swedish dressmaker aad lamtly eoamstrea*, by day, week or month. O'J 1KV1.SC PLACE.?A DRESSMAKER OF SUFB <?d*J rior (kill would like a tew customers. tiff u i; a Merc y fLace. wru stT, rear an avT^ VO A Urn class dressmaker would like a lew more cus tomers at her own house; should it not be convenient for ladies to come to my house I will go to theirs to do the fil ling, cutllug and batting. Call ou or address Mrs. FRAY. w'ksT aiiJ"st.^a behfkcuable french UU lady as seamstress and lady's companion; highly tec.immended; city reference. Address, by letter, 0. F. I MO FIBRRKFONT ST.,' BROOKLYN HEIGHTS LV/tJ (present eiupioyer e.?A respeutablo American girl a* sc.unstress; understands all kinda ol family sewiug, dress* aiaking and operating; or at lady's maid; understands huir tifsauii;; woutii a.alat In tbe'eare ot children; three years' test city rclercuce irom Ural class party; no objecuona to travelling. Call on or address KAT1R. II (I ^LINTON FltAOB.?A FRENCH LADY'BrkSS" LAV maker wishes to go out by the day or to take work uiiue; references. 1 #LftT=??ra-r.. cobnkr si> ay.-a stylish lOU dreaamaker would like tl.e ? ork of a few more fam ilies by the day or week at ber own home at a very cheap tate. Call on or address ORRttSRAKhR Rinir bell twice. 1 ,\7 WEST BUT ST.?A KBSFECTABL1S YOUNU -1 I girl its scamstreaa and to laae care of grown chil uicii or to do upatan? work; can operate ou \y heelei k Wil ton s machine; willing and obligiug; uo objection to thj country. 9 OfT WEsiT 131'H ST.?ONE OF THB MOST BTVLISti cutters aud bttera in ladies dresamakini: wishes a tew engage uieuis by the day; rulers to souiu of the leading lamiliet lu tne city. Wra. SlMl'aON. ? JW WRSr 37TI1 SlT?A FlksT CLASS ORKSS ?wO maker wiahca a lew more engagements by the dar; cuts andjtriuis lieantitully; terms Address Miss CAN uY. F.'S7 fc >ST 6T11 bT ?UlvhSsMAKlNti ANi "FlAIN UU I sewing doue on the most reasonable terms. Call ou lJi.KSSAlAKLit. itUfi ?1'U ivT?AS UXFRMIENCBD FRENCH SEAM *JOU stress and liairdresser; well educated; references. Can tor two days (aiu-ruoon.j IP. Fin #1> AV., BETWEEN 07 TH AND SHTU STS., ?oo I first Hour.-A respectable girl as dressmaker ami teuiustri ss; understands cutting and tilting; good operator ou Wheeler A Wilsou machine; uo objeciion tocbildreu; good city references. AN RXFMUKNCfclJ OFKKAIOR ON THK WuKKLER A Wilson machine; thoroughly uuderstauds making! aud iufaut's outfits; wishes a posittou with a family lu tlio couutry ; or would take cnargs of a store in the same buslnese at any of the watering places; terms very moderate. Address KOtii-.U U.\l AN, lierala Uptoira iiraiicli'olfiee. SITUATION WANTED?AS SRAMSTRBHS. BY THE day or week; ha* own machine; terms very reasonable. Aduress ELLA, Herald Uptown liranch othce. General Huutrwork. die. 8 SPRING ST.-A RKxPEC'l ABLE YOUNG WOMAN TO do geuerai housework; willing ana obliging. Jar*. FURY. WEST 1UTH ST.?A respectable YOUNG COL LI U oreil worn as tu (lu general housework in a luiall himly. | carr west ;?idr 8T.-a"middle aokdwoman to j Uuo du the work of it *mail private family or cooking , lor * private boarding bou*?; good city relerence. Housekeeper*, die. BBOND ST.. PARLOR KLOOK.?A YOUNG ENGLISH lady us housekoener in a widower's family, city or coun- | try ; refereuce. Call until 7 P. M. | i) RIVINOTON ST., NEAK BOWERY.?A YOUNG ! 1?i laily, lioin Philadelphia, at housekeeper: widower'* laiuily preicrred. Call alter 1 o'clock P. M. k?iw7~Park av.7~.nkak vandeubTlt, BKOOK- ! fcU(7 lyn.?A position of trust br a young American 1 sidow aa housekeeper or tuatruii, or companion to a lady; nuexcaptlonaMe reference*. Call or address. O j~t? EASlT24TH ST.?AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY OliJ as housekeeper; capable of taking entire charge; beat reference. Call or addre**. OsJSWEBT 18TH ST.-A MIDDLE^A'TexTLADY AS Out) housekeeper or to wait on an invalid. Call Mon day ami Tuesday. Addre** Mr*. A. W. ?Ton WEST MTU ST.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS i idO'7 housekeeper, lady'* maid, or any position af truM; is a <ood *oam*tro*?; no trilier* need apply. Call lor thiee day* Irom 1?? A. M. to U P. M. Mi** S. ?J-*? BLKECKKR ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN (ENG OuA ll?b), as housekeeper for a gentleman; would Ilka to go wlieie IMT* are no children. American lady as housekeeper or oom panion; Is hilly capable of takiug entire charge ol j everything pertaining to household duties; no objection to the couktry; releieuce from the Hr-t famille* In tLe cltr. I Ad res*, lor tbree days, LESTER, Herald Uptown Branch office. N AMERl^jn^rbF^.TUDDItMLY MEETING with adversity. desire* a poaition, uol menial, at once In a gentleman'* family, or a* housekeeper. Reliable par tie* only pltase addre** A. A. A.. Herald office. lOtlM PERSON, "A WlllOW;"WOULD LIKE ! to nrocura ailtuation a* housekeeper for *ome gentle- i timnol meant and respectability; highest reference* a* to respectability of the advertiser; country preferred for the ?umun|\ Andrew Mrs. U. M., box 121 Herald Uptown Brunch office. ilEsrEOTAlVLE YOUNG LADYA8 HOUSEKEEPER; I* of cueerful disposition and speak* f'reaeb fluently; Would travel with a family. Addre** box 1,400 Post office. iTaME rTcaITw IDOW; ;K) YE A RS.OF AGE*. HAV lug a child attending *choo!, desires a position as housekeeper, or would do the entire work of a small family; to objections to going West; excellent reTereuces. Addre** Mr*. ALBERT, box ltf? lisreld office. Advertiser desires a position as house keeper iu the city or country; loves children'* society sud Is capablt and willing to instruct iu mnsic und English brandies, would travel a* governess or companion; unex ceptionable relereuct given aud required. Addre** INDUS TRY, H.rald Uptown IIranch office. A" LADY. AOKD ^7 o>"yl?IET AND DiiSTeSTK: taates. desires a situation a* housekeeper for one or ?Dor* gentlemen; salary no object, but a home desirad: or Would assist in housework for a small family as an equiva lent lor board. Address, nesting place of interview. HaLI.K, Herald office. OUSKKEEPElTs SITUATION WANTEl>.?WILlIjo the work of a family; wldowar and eountry preferred. Address FAMKY HOWARD. Herald Uptown Branch office' HOUSE KhKI'ER OR ANY POd&iON OP KEnPECT nbllltv Is desired by a rellned American widow, aged HU; domestic, cheerful and thoroughly a trustworthy lady, toml ol children ; would leava tho city: fine machlue ope rator, ,tc. Address KKLI.UIBE, box 105 Herald Uptown Brauoh office. HOUSEKREPEffis POSITION- WANTED?IN A ismily or hotel, by a lady thoroughly i|ualilled by Scnual experience to take any such charge; reference* to be latiifactory. Addre** J. S. B.. box IM Herald Uptown II ranch office. _ AJ(T*D-POJ?TIOBriN A FIRST'CLAHS HOTEL; In or out of city, a* housekeeper or to take charge or linen department; experience large; reference good. Ad dress Y.. box 144 Herald office. itu undresses. ?Vt. nA EAST 10TH ST.?A CObOBBD WOMAK TO DO Lu~? bonssclesniug by the day ; relerence if needed. II i\ LEXINGTON AY.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS cniL I i.V dren's Bars* or as chambermaid and waitress; best tlty reference. 1 *!?> WKST 371 H~ ST^HiF^TA RLE COLORE D lO?i woman to do tamlly or gentlemou'i washing. Call ?r address lor tbrre days. lOtJ WEST I&TH ST.?A RBBFBCTABbE COLORED IOm girl as first ciaaa laundress or to do chamberwork, washing and Ironing; city reierenee from last place. 1 X7 *i 3?Til ST . FIRST PLOOR?A~OOLOHEO III w man wishes guntlemen'* and families' washing; fctc. tu 75c. flo ?" ST.. NEAR"tfrn AV. REAM?A RE ItO tpectsble woman would go out by tha day; Is a Irst class washer and Iroaer; good rerorenee. 1 .-"l BAST MiD ST.?A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WO man to go hnuseeleaiilng; best elly refsreBee. i r?J WEST -JVTII ST.?A RBSPECtAMUB WOMaB i.?)0 to take washing and Ironing home; ia thoroughly toiupetsnt; good reference. n7wt_W*sT -TTil i?.-A RBSPEliTARLB WOMAB Zd\J O to do washing, heusecleanlng or any other work she ean de to obtain a living; refers to Mrs. Faany Bar row. Sl3Ea*t 35tli at. i)tw< BAST 37TH ST.-A RKSPhOTABLB~WOMAB . mOU to go oat by she day Uouaeneanlag or te wash and gov; thoroughly eorupeteat for siihsr. t\a I WF.rr I8T1I ST., THREE FLIGHTS, IB i t 1 tho rear ?A reliable person to work by the day al ? vuUal, Irealag sad bouse cletaJag. UTtATIOBI WAynCD-FEMALEa- j qTt KART^lffrfi VtIT-k"-hectable WOMAN I Ori withes III go oat la clean by the dav. ilA BAUT inn ?T.?A BBSPBCTARLE WOMAN. A , TlU competent laundress, wishes Mm* families' wash- ' lag: terms 75 rents par du?n iQA 6TH AV.. ROOM I3.-A RESECTABLE T trl J woman to (? oat by the day to do One waabiug aud Ironing: reference. A N AMERICAR WIDOW AS ~A1 r.KNKKAL 81'PBB j A Inteudeut n a laundry; understands every branch of tli* business Address Mrs. ALLl'S, box 12ti Herald oBco. , HTad LAUNDBKS8 IN A HOTEL. BY A COM HE tent woman. Know* bar baelness la all its details; beat rafarance. Addraaa M. W. a., Uarald office. for thraa da>r Nnritt. *tc tyn kbswick st.. near canal-as bxperi- i Zt I rlenced first elau nana la any kind of sickness; baat reference. A ?J WATER AV.. JBBSBY CITY.-A RESPECTABLE T J middle aged woman aa a arts aud to do npatalrs work; j good ral'arencai If required. VqFaiSTnk ht.-an amkkTcanIvomanwould TO Ilka a baby to nurse on tlia bottla at bar own borne. Call all tba weak. ??1 KA8T BROADWAY. THIRD KLUOR, BACK UJ. room.?A woman. as nurse: will take antlre charge of ? baby from It* birtb ; beat city references. Call lor two day*. WKST :.3D ST. ?A SEW ENGLAND Nt'KSE ajid accoucheuse l> prepared to take laoies durinK confinement; belt care aad lowest terms. Address NL'BSE. 1A.1 aaD~8TT~BK?rWKHN LEXINGTON AND 3D II I mvs.?A Protestant persou as Infant's nurse or to taka care of two young children; well recommended. i n wkst ir.Tii st.-a younq woman ab uri lOi rlenced nurse for a lady or growing children : caps aud aprons worn If required; city reference. Call ia Mon day from 10 to 2. I Q/l EAST lOtTH ST.?A TOUNO GIRL TO MIND lO'X a child; can saw ou Wheeler A Wilsou'a machine; references. (1 oT 7TH AT., CORNBK 33D ST.?A BBS/F.CTA" blc Scotch woman, who can come weir recoin' mended, as attendant or to take care of an invalid or to travel, (.'all or address. EAST l.VTH HT. tSTUTVERANT SQUARE), ijOl' present employer'*.?AnEnglish monthly uurae de sires engagement. Address. o/jti west acTfli sr] corn eh hth av.-as jUj American widow intaot to bring up on j the buttle. oUcT east h?th st.-a First class nurse. ZiU(7 to take care of children, or a baby preferred: no objectiou to the country; two years' reference from last place. Of\<| ka8T 20T11 sr.. nkarTd av. fRrsfti third Ol'U bell).?A young irirl. 17 yearn of age, to mind ciiildren and asaist in cbamberwork; would sleep at home if desirod. on7 KAsf~44TH~*ST.. NRAK ab AT.. BO(?M 3.-A OU I very respectable young woman as wet nurse in a respectable family. Address B. O. oi y s AV.-A RBSPECTABLK^ WOMaN AS WET OJ. 4 nnrse; milk two months old; would assist ta light housework. i 'J'}7 1ST-AV~BETWEES 1HTH AND 20TH 8T8 ?A Owl young t;lrl as nurse; wonld go to any part of the j countrr. i A ~ ~ WEST" 5oTU .ST.-A "WOMAN OP-TEARS' I TWW experience as nana; 1s fully competent of taking I entire charge of a baby: best city reference. i CI O 2D AV.?AN~AMERlCA>r OIBL TO DO L1QHT i wia home work and take care of oue child. Call on or I address Mr*. DONALDSON. i ZToZi 2D AV.-AN AMERICAN GIRL TO MIND I UOU children or to assist with housework; no objection I to the country. Call Monday. N_A>4EIUCAN "LADY WISHES TO TAKE AN' infant to nnrse on the bottle, or would take tho care of au older child; would give It the best of care and a nico home. Call or address KURSK, 247 East 55th it., near : 2d av. A YOUNG WOMAN AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRBSS; is kind to childrau ; good references: city or couutry. Addreu C. M., box 131 Herald Uptown Branch office. , Miscellan?nu?> Of? 2D ST.. THIRD FLOOR.?A REFINED LADY OU (German), experienced in all hoiuebold affairs' wUhfi it position In a family ; would take cure of growing children and do sewing: willing to make herself generally useful; very beat reference*. Call or address. To UN i v hits ity Flack-a respectable French person, speaking English. middle aited, as general servant in a small family: uo objection to country or lo KO abroad; beat references. Address L. M. WAvkKiTKV hlack.-as LAiivs maTda'nd 102 suamstruss, by a respectable young girl: under stands Wheeler A Wilson's machine; very willing and oblig ing. Call on or address M. M. G. i??C~WEST 1STH ST.. HEAR HOU-K ?A RESPECT" jJaj>/ abie woman to take charge of a linen room in a country hotel; bent reference. * Address 31. T. OOR' IIKTH ST., BETWEEN LINCOLN AND ALEX LdOU under a vs., New York.?A middle aged woman in a small family; more for a home than high wage*. Ot)/| EAST 26TU ST., UNB FLIGHT, FRONT.?AN OaW American widow of experience to take care of and clean for the summer ? gentleman'! house; understand! all kinds of work. 2_Tt? OTH AV.?AS FIRST CLASH LADY'S MAID TTU (German); good hairdreuer and dreismaker: best city referenco. QiiFL BROADWAY.?A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A Ow< ) position either as governess In chargo of young children or as travelling companion to a lady or family; ref erences exchanged. Address Miss 0. X INTELLIGENT YOUNG G1BL WANTS TO LEARN to be a saleswoman. Address BROOKLYN, Herald ontce. COMPETENT AND EXPEUIENCED LADY DE sires a situation as first claas custom shirt cutter: cuts by dralt; will go out In city or couutry. Address BtilBT CUTTER. box 147 Herald office. A YOUNG LADY WoUI4> LIKE A POSITION AS companion to a lady. hotif*keeper or nursery govern ors: Is au excellent seamstress; would have no objections to travelling or to the couutry; is an American girl of reBne ineut. Address CHRISTiNfc, Herald Uptown Brunch office. LAD*. WHO CAN GIVE BEST REKERENCE~AS to capability. Ac., desires the charge of a gentleman's hours for the sumiuor; has trustworthy servant. Address R K. K, Herald Uptown Branch office. Ax Accomplished young lady (germane experienced la all household alT.iirs. wishes a position In a family, or as companion to as Invalid ladv; is willing to make herself generally useful; very bast references; salary uo o'lject. Address S. O., l'ost office. Newark, N. J. A N EXPERIENCED PERSON" AS~LADYrS MAID. TO J.V go iravellliig; good hairdresser and dressmaker; best city reference; can be seen at her present lady s resi dence. AddrtisL., Herald I'ntown Branch office. N ~AME~R1C \N LADY, AGBD 21. DES1BRS BM" ployment in store, bakery, confectionery or klmlred establishment in exchange forborne; undoubted references. Address K. 11. C.. Herald Uptown Branch office YOUNG" AMEBICAN~OIBL 1TO TRAVEL WITH a lady; would take caro ol a grown child and ww. Ad dress A. H.. box 111 llerald Uptown Branch office. 8 USfci" U L COM I' A nTT Oi-HY IX K DUCATKD young woiu:in, American; speaks French language fluently; undorstanda dressmaking and all kinds of sewing; city or country; first class roference. Address USEFUL, Herald Uptowu Branch office. B* NG LAND.?AN ~ENGLISH WOMAN-WISHBS TO work her passage back as lady'a maid, nurse or steward ass. Address B. BROMLEY, lift Spencer St., Brooklyn. SITUATION AS GOVERNE.-S F?JR YOUNG uhil dren wanted?By a young lady with excellent testl ninnliUa; no objection to the country. Address J. gover ness, Young Ladles' Christian Association Employment Bureau. _______ _____ PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS W ANTED? FEMALES, mTHSrWIT-A PRfiSTca LADY a-TRur! sery governess; would take tha entire charge of three or fonr children; acquirements, French. English and the rudiment!of music; no Obleotlon to the country; refer ences. Call on or address GOVERNRB8, Monday and Tues day. QQQ ?TH AV.?A YOUNG lady AS TEACHER OOO in a private family: can teaali French, German andSpaalsb: best references. Call en or address Viae. I'LUMEREAU. lady (experienced! AS CASHIER, sales lady or office employment: good accountant, legible writer: good references. Address GKANT, Herald office. lady (TEACHBB). WHO MPBAK4 GERMAN. French and Eagllsh fluently, desires a situation in a family; has no objection to going abroad or iato the coun try. Address PRINCIPAL, 207 Cumberland at., Brooklyn, L I. A YOUNG LADY, OF SEVERAL YKARV~EXPER1 ence iu teaching German, English and music, wants a position as governess In a private family; best reference. Address &. E. B.. IM Hoyt at., Brooklyn. A- "PLEASANT YOUNG " "FOREIGN LADY. ~ WHO speaks and writes four languages riuently. acquired ia their respective countries, with macn experience la teach ing and travelling, would like to form a summer entice ment on easy terma; best references. Address B. il.. Herald Uptown Branch office. UTEBAEY LADY^VrTtKH LETTKM; BVilXEM letters: preparesmauascripts; gives lessens. Address box 7H station D. muufOH lady would"like to Keep hobse for a gentleman of means. Address J. M., box 1IH Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY DESIBES AN ENGAGEMENT AS ( OM panion; is a good reader, splendid pianist, speaks tlu ently ftngllsh, Preach, German; highest references. Ad drees Mrs. M. S., care of Mr. Cbrlstern, 77 University place. LaDYTwHO WRITES A PLAIN B \CK HAND, wlahee to write for a gentleman. Addresa Mlu M.. box 117 Herald Uptown Branch office. IADtBM OF NEGLECTED EDUCATION TAUGHT J English, music, drawing, elocution and penmanship by au experienced teacher; terms moderate. Addresa PENMANSHIP, Herald Uptown Branch offire. Stenography.?A LADY WISHES EMPLOYMENT a* aiuanuen-ls; good reference as to ability. Addres*. for one week, STENOGRAPHER, Herald Uptown Branch r LADIES?STRICTLY PRIVATE LESSONS. BY the week or month. In writing, spelling, grammar, Ac., by a lady ol experience; writes lettera, prepares young la dies for business. Terms moderate. Call on or addresa TEACHER. (117'Oth av. A HELP WANTED?FKMAL.Es; A Hl?D(.CTtf?f IN TELEGRAPHY?$1.'. A QUARTER IX. to those en-.ering this week. THOMPSON'S College, 2ti 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. Instruction day or evening. A|[ -YOUNG LADIES TO LEARN TEUfoRAPHy"; . permanent employment; gootl salaries. NEW YORK Tfc-LbGRAPH INSTRUCTION COMPANY. 21 Park row. ALm general wobkbr wanted-must wash And iron: girl to attend soda fountain. Frankfort House. Vd * Ilium at. N experienced dressmaker to cut and give out linen and laaa suits. 72 Mercer st. YOUNO-UIBL "WANTED-TO CAi.* FOK fWO children. Address S. 11., box 174 Herald office. AQ GOOD TRIMMING MILLINER ~ WANTED TO go to Cleveland, Ohio. Call Monuay. from 12 to I e clock, at Ml Broadway. JtEWALL. I. KICK SON A CO. A - l<?? OPERATOKS WANTED. ON LADIES' SUITS . and cloaks, on Domestic and Wheeler A Wilson ma chines; also 2U buttonhole makers. ftteady work to experi enced bands, at MEYER, JoNASSON A CO.'M, 8&4 Broad way. A FEW FIRST CLASS WAIST MAKERS WANTED; A noue other. Apply at 42 West 32d at., bascueut door, ?A.a HBLP W AITED-PEMALK*. ASMART PROTfcBTANT^tk?'(OEKMAN PX*- ! r? rred) for geuerai housework; private family; -'18 , East 17th it.; nliNMH required. Call to-day er Monday AM. Ar MM K LAFORCaDE'S. NO &? STH AV.? ; Wanted, six first th? dreesiaakera to work on waists and cloaks and battonholea: also tool ha ad* on white work. Apply, beforo 10 A. M . at the basement. A strong. active aisfc. it? TAKE cakb or three children and make hereelf generally uehl: a good home and fair to the ri|fht pereoa. Apply In confectionery alore. 997 rtroadway. ^ASSISTANT KI>KKW?r?AN ON LADIl-S' 8UITS.? Mu?t be first claa> cutter and Utter; former experience in salea department dealrable. but not Indlapeneable : atyllah ledian to try oa euiu in ?alesruotns: alao dressmakers. fln iihert and expert operators. GORDON A ORB. 198 Bowery. A WET NURSE WANTED -TO TAKE A BABT TO her houae. Apply at "140 kl ae. FIRST CLAKS~WAI8T FINISHER?MUST MAKE buttonholes; alao an operator on Wheeler A Wltaon'a machine. J12 Weet VHh at COOK WANTED?rbtT A SMALL FAMILY; J*PUT BB Arat elats and understand French cooking: iro In the country next month: tend ftill particulars end laat houses ? been at. Addreee FRENCH COOK, Herald Uptown Branch , ?%e. ("COMPETENT WAIST FINISHERS WANTED?ALSO j J nn apprentice. Call at 100 East 30th at. Dressmaker.?a firSt ""clam trimmbr iwant". i ed; alao an apprentice; come prepared to work. No. ' 6M oth av. I DHE'ssMAKERS WANTKD?ONLY KIR^T CLASS bancs need annly ; alao an errand ^Irl. at Mme, HARR MANN'S. No. 513Hth av., between :10th and Slit sts. D" RESmaKERS WiiTBD?TO FINISH WAISTS AND | trim nnd loop oversalrts; only Srat claaa lianda need , apnly: mn?t have beat rltr reference. M. A. CONNELLY, No. 7 Eaat It th at. Call at baecment door before U A. A. | I?XFERIENOBD HALKSLADIR* WANTBD?IN "THE ; U uilllinerv department; only competent hands need ap i ply Union Rar.aar. 343 Oth a*. i xFeriknokd'salesladies wakted-foTTTHE , milllnory department. TAYLOR'S Baiaar. 353 Sth a*. First class rkirtmakerr, apprentices and ! errand gjrl. 77 Weat n-Jd It First class mii.i iner* and trimmers want ed. UNION BAZA AR 343 Oth ar. First class waist trimmers, apprentices | and a young girl of aevenleen to keep houae for one ! person. Inquire of M. CAl'LAIN, 341 nth ar., for three uaya. P1RST CLASS dressmakers WANTBD?ALSO AN apprentice, at '.'tit 3d ar. G~ fitL~ WANTED TO DO OBNBRAL HO- SEWORK; good wages paid 113 Eaat 70th ?t. INDUSTBl?US LADY ~~ WANTKD TO EXAMINE ahlrts, at 185 Moreer at. OPE R A TORS W ANTED?ON WHEELER A WILSON'S Wllleox A Gllibs ana Domestic machine*. for linen and white pant*. R. IIAYWARD, 4H Howard at. Saleswoman wanted?to sell ladies* under wear and infanta' dresses. IJRARN A SON, 775 Broadway. Saleswomen wanted.-experienced sales women wanted lor our millinery and fanev goods depart ments; noiio others need applv. Inquire at 287 Orand at. TWO WOMEN WANTED?INA FAMtLY~OF POUR. TO do the work between them ;one who la good at cookinr. marketing, Ac.; the other a good waalter and ironer. to do the chamberwork, Ac.; wages $10 each; to the right kind a permanent place la offered. Apply at 200 Waat 10th at., after 10 A. M. on Monday. TRIMMERS WANTED?CAPABLE o"? TRIMMING ladies hata for line retail trade. Apply at OS Newark ar. (near both ferriee in Jersey City). Jersey City. N. J. w/ ANTED?HOUSKKEBPERFOR HOTEL. AT WATER VY inr place; mnet bo competent to manage girla and take charge of Innnary and linen room a: only those used to position need apply, glrlag references. Address bos 5,157 Post office. WANTKD?A 8MART, TIDY COLORED 01RL AS chambermaid and waitress, to go In country for sum mer; beat refercnoea required. Call Monday and Tnesday at 212 East 116th at. WANTED-IN A private FAMILY, A OIRLFOE washing and Ironing and light cooking. 130 Eaat 40th (t. AXTED-A GIRL TO MIND 'A BABY. 52 EA8T Broadway, room 13. WANTED-AB HOUSEICKEPER. A YOUNG LADY OP educatlou and refinement. Address WIDOWER, box 103 Herald Uptown Branch oBlce. ANTED-AN HONEST. "sTRONO, NEAT GIRL TO do eeneral housework on a French fiat; references re quired. Apply Monday, from 2 to 5 P. M., at 434 West 47th at., baaemcnt. WANTED?A SMART YOUNO GERMAN GIRL, TO do the houaework for a family of two. liring on a flat. Apply from 11 to 2, Mondav, at 3S5 Weat 2-'d at.; ring third bell. * WANTED?A HK8I7KCt"a?i.K PROTEST A NT YOUNO woniau as nurse or waitreaa; best reference from last employer-, country preferred. Address M? box 125 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?AN ACTIVE GIRL (ABOUT 16) TO AS aiat at housework: $4 par month. 783 Clh av. ROSS. WANTED?A PREPOSSESSING YOUNG LADY. A plain writer, as honaekeoper and copyist. Send par ticulars and address to G. H. P.. Herald otnee. WANTED?A few good DRESSMAKERS, AT 231 West 43 st. Call Monday morning. WaNTED-AT 23 IRVINO PiIaCE.^ToOMPETENT woman, willing to work and aaaist iu the care of the house. X]frANTED IkTveTiRST'CLAS8 SALESLADIES, AT V> EHRICH'8, 2S7 and 2M9 8th av. WANTED?A forewoman POLLY competent TO take charge of workroom iu a cents' necktie inanu factnring bouse; mast be experienced and have good refer ence. flei8ch A CO., 30n Rroadwav. WANTED?A GOOD, TIIOKOUUH MIDDLE-AGED colored chambermwid; also a irood lauudiy woman. ? Libby Hotel, corner 27th at. end 4th sv. i "flTANTEb?DIIBSSMAKKKH, FIRST CLASS KIN TV Ixhers, Improver* ?nd basters; also an erraad girl ! Apply, beture lu A. M., at 11 Ea*t 18th it. WANTED?GOOD MACHINE HANDS, ACCUSTOMED to worn on One panlers and skirts: aleo a good corset maker. Apply at GAYNOR'S, 1,I5!I Broadway. ! W ANTE l)~SK VKKaTTfTkStO L A 88 DRESSMAKERS; | i m alto an assistant forewoman In a private dressraak- 1 In* establishment to take charge of workroom. 10W West I 39th it. WANTED?FIRST CLASS HANDS ON SUITS AND clos ks. J. & C. JOHNSTON, Broadway, 5th a*, and 23d et. ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED AND EXPERIENCED woman. French or German, to?*ltp careof children; good eity reference. Address 4tl East 74th at. TIT" ANTED?COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS AND TT operators on Swiss and stuff suit*. to whom a good op port uBIty la offered. LORD A TAYLOR, 253, 201 <>rand it W ANTED-A ~GB P.MAN OR 8WBdI~AB'CHAMBER maid and waltresa No. 21V Wed 23d St., between li> and 12 o'clock; call Monday. RANTED?TWO iiuKSSMAK"^?^ COMI*ETE~NT waist hand, aim a aklrt trimmer. Call at 457 tith ar,, between 7 and 8 o'cloch A. M. ANTED?LAUY TO TAKE HALF INTEREST-IN established profitable 'uilaess; capital $2001 Ad dress ?itli stamp, box 4,707 New York Post office. WANTED?A PIRUT CLASS NURSE AND SEAM- ! atreea who can sew on Wheeler A Wlleon's machine ; to ure trouble none need apply but those having the be si i city reference. Call at 24# West 23a st. W~"aNTE 1)?A GOOD~COOK. WasITkR AND IRONER ! iu a private family. 230 West ?14 st. WANTED-EXPERIENCED MILLINER8?APPLN TO LORD A TAYLOR, corner Grand and Chrystle st*. ANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT CUT! EE, ; by S. T. Taylor's system, to ent patterns from measure, i mast have city roferenoe, at DUVAL'S, 8K6 Broadway, In store. ANTED-A PEW FIRST CLASS 8 ALES WOMEN ' for laces, ribbons millinery and ladies'salts. Apply to RICHARD MEARES. tith av. and l?th at. WANTKD-PIBsT CLASS WAIST AND SKIRT hands; wages no object; ao others need apply, after 0 o'clock Monday and all the week. ITS 6th av. Mme. BLANCHAED. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY OK PREPOSSESSING I appearance, to act as cashier In an art gallery; must deposit a lew hundred dollars aa security. Address JOHN SON, Herald office. ANTED?4K ?OD DRESSMAKERS; ALSO IM provers. Call before 10 at 15S West Sfltli it. VtT ANT ED?SE YERAL FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS. T T to work by the piece; also a young girl to mind a | child and make herself generally useful; must hare good references. No. 25 Kast 20th st., basement door. f777T WKST ~1Rt1Tht7."~NEaR 7rHAV.^-A COLORED luU woman as eook: also a young girl to lake care of a child and make herself generally uaefol. Call or address. SITtATIOSS VVAVFkD^IaXKS. or Ws* >oi^?.'anB J\. with the highest testimonials, desires a position of trust, in New York, the West or abroad. Address box KJ Post office. Stamford, Conn. TRCSTWORTHT AN 1> EESPECTaBLE ENGLISH man. lately arrived from England, is anxious to Bud some sin ploy meut. Address O., Herald office. YOUNG MAN. AGE IS, WANTS EMPLOYMENT: willing to work at anything; city or country; best of retorences (riven; six ysars with last employer. Address R. A. C.. Herald office. YOUNG MAN PROM NEW OELEANS DESIRES A \ situation as waiter or porter; speaks French and Eng I llslt. Audresa ORLEANS, Herald office. AN AMERICAN, 40 YEARS OLU. WANTS EMPLOY m 'ut to support his wife and three children. Address i or apply to GOODWIN, care of Vote A .Smith. 254 Wash ington st. YOUNG MAN, WILLING TO WORK. WANTS A > situation; temporary or permanent; eltv or country. J. PATTKRMiN, 2,U<W 2d av. YOUNG MAN (23) WANT* WORK AT AnVtiVSng! ! in city or country, at very small pa/; good reference. | Address W. H. P., Herald Uptown Branch offioe. YOUNCfMAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN A Ha tel or reetaurant as Hrenran; willing to make himself nseful; references Address J AM ES, lis raid office. RBnPiCTABLE COLORED MAN 'WISHES A situation In a private family as waiter; three years' Brst class reference from last |itee. Address B., box 100 Herald Uptown Branch office. COLORKD MaTT WISHES TO TRAVEL WITH a gentleman or take care of ?? old gentleman; under stands German, Danish and a little Krsaon; A1 references. Address WEST INDIAN, Herald offiae. | COMPETENT WAITER WANTS A SITUATION IN a private family; speck* four languages; no oUectl >n to g.i <n the Country; rsfereneei from praeent employers. j C?li on or address, for Ave day*. EDO CARD, I JO Montague ' st., Brooklyn. coIsorxd man as head Waiter, who is ' also a (rood pianist lor dancing; wishes a small house ; i referent'*. U. II. S.. Jot West 22d st. ttkndant on In va lids7 btTcolored man, 2:1 years of age; ao objection to travelling or country; best cltr referencev Addrese ROBERT SMITH, care of Mr. William J. Richardson, New York Times office. A" V AMERICAN BOY .AG RD1H. WISHES A SITUA tion of some kind. Addreas EDWIN, SI2 East 24th st. ~k SITUATION WANTKD-BY A BOY OK 17. IK A j\ store or office; ha* bad thorough Instruction in book keeping; good penman. Address P. <?., 512 2d av. B"~ABKEBPBRS HI f L'AT 1 ON WANTED; FIRST CLaSS downtown rofcrsnoes. Address H. U M., HifaMI Up town Branch office. *ITUATIO!fS W ANTED?31ALES. | SITUATION WANTti>?BY A COLORED MA* A8 i Janitor cr porter In a atore. Addreaa J. ?? H.. Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VOUNO MAN IN A UW office ; bat atudied Uw ouo year. Addreaa D. L., Herald office. | SITUATION WANTED ? MY A KESPKt'TAHLK French butler aa table wniior In a private family; apeak* several language; beat referauco Adariaa r. U., j Herald Upt ?n Branch "fflce. t "OTANTKU?A POSITION "aS_MAN AGEk Tilt STEW V* ard ol a llrat elaaa hotel or club, city or couutry. by n young man of experience ? good addreaa; can five beat ref irtnm.' Addreaa t'ATEEKK, box 137 Kerala office ANTED?A BIT CATION A> 1'IU \ a I if \ l KSK. BY ? gentleman with 23 yeara' experience as tucb. Ad dreaa INSULIN, -H6 Pacific st.. Biooklyn _ Wanted-b* a rkspectablb lad. a uoo'd sit- , nation; a doctor'* preferred; give good reference*. AddrtH W. C. S., Ilerald office. Wantbd?manauement~ofa hotel oh first I el a** billiard room or bar; reference and teoarity I good. Addrea* B.. box 124 Herald oltlcv. | Wanted?a y a young ma.vTa SITUATION AS ?-altar In a hotel or boardlug hou*e; city or country ; waire*. $1- l??-r month; ban reference. Addre** J. ai? Herald office. C'LEKKS A\U VYL,i:S.H15.\. *1 VOl NG NAN IH..-l,(hS A SlITATloS AS Cl.KKK In a wholesale houte ; can give Mrat elaaa reference ?? to character ami iil.ilitv. Addre*a 1). J 11 . Herald ollice. TRAVELLING SALESMAN (ALSO ONE KOK THE | city) at twice the usual commission, to retail paints to honse owner* at wholesale price*. with extra dlacounta to daalera . rare chanca; now the buay season. Addreaa bos 5,740 Pnet offico VolfNO MAN~5i_YtAKS OLD. WISHES A SITU atlon aa bookkeeper, najlttunt or cashier; has ax Tuar'a reference from lust employer*; aalary moderate. Address 2IS East 47th at. T YOUNG ~ MAN. OK EXPERIENCED BUS1NE8R J\. capacity and bookkeeper, wnula a position lu tome good house. Addreaa ACl'OUM'A.N I . Herald office. MARRIED YoUNO MAN (MBAKi.1TK> WISHEi actuation K< salesman. collector or aKent: haaexpari enca. I* reliable, worthy and wall <iualllled and cornea well racommanded. Addiess WIDOW'S SON, lluraid ollice. "it YOUNG MAN. TlltillOl i.llLY EXPBRIKMOKD 1* J\. the dry goods business. desires a altuallon in a retail bullae ; ia a good salesman; cupahle of mnuai:iui; store '. alio of making p rchascs; would prefer a live town in the W?at. Addreaa SALESM AN, Herald office. rSZxoii gentleman or husini-.s.- 515173. lately arrived from Kngland, spcakluit and correapond- . luit In French, Kniiliali and Oortnan, desire* employment Addreaa E. O.. Herald office. ? ! YoUNO MAN DESIRES A 81 cation"AS CLERK 1 or barkeeper; apeak* the Kroncb, Uuruiau and t.njllab ! language*. Addreaa C. H. Herald ollice. LLDRiTuOODfl"SALESMEN ARE RKhVei'TKULLT i iuvliad to atteuu a |[raud uiaaa meetlDK of Karly Cloa- i inK and Benevolent Aioociation, at Tlvoll llall, 8th at., on ; Wedueaday eToninir, 31 at iuaV. at H o'clock, aliurp. Im portant btaineaa and chance of ineotlnu' plat*, t'roceaalou j to Oerdiatila Hall, lSib at. and 3d a*., at x ;SI>. E. O. FLAHERTY, Freildent. JOMK Gakkok, Hecordlnc Secretary. A" CCOUNT8 AND EOOKB MJIKNTIMCALLV KXaM inad and arrauged by expert acconntant; hour* luliclit or day) to ault; t?rma fixed by Job or time. Adareaa R. A L, box 2,t>43 Hoal office. YOU>Tu~ LADY WISHES A hlTl'ATION IN A firat elaaa coiiiectlonery in fhe country; #ve y**"' ?** parlance; can take vntira CliJrjro of bualoeaa. Addreaa t. D.. Herald ollice. N ACTIVE MAN "WANTED?TO MANAOR THE EX clualre talca of ataple uoodi In every county. Call at or addreaa NEW YORK MERCHANDISE COMFAN\, **1 Mudaon at. Kl'O CLEttK.-WANTED, A KULLY COMPETENT inAU, with uQexcepiioimtilo reltrencci, to j?o a short distance in the cuuutry ; iroud lioiac, with bonrd andi ludif injr, and salary $20 per month. Address DRUGS, Herald office. BUO CLERK WANTED-KOK MANUFACTURING department of liUDNlT'S Pharmacy, Jl? Broadway; ? young man, with good reference*. Dry a ODDS SALESMEN-!WANTED; I.OOD, PUSI1 Ing null may apply from 10 to 12 A. M. tliia Sunday. M. E CURRY, 301 8tli av. NTKY CLERK WANTED?BALARY #400 A YEAR. Addreaa, iu applieaut'a own hanuwrltiug, box 1,002 Puit office ; aatitfactory reference required. MPLOYME.NT \\rAN'TED -?A OENtLkMAN OF MA ture year*, ol varied information, active buaineia liablta, aulted to a reapuuaible position, may be fouud by addreaalng B. 8. H., Herald office. CI KNTLEMEN'S KCKMsIIIN<? OOODs SALESMAN F wanted at FRENCH'S, Broadway, corner Prince at. C~S'BRMAN DRY OOODS'SALESMEN WANTED?TWO T active, experienced men. W. K. PEUTON. 272 Uow.ry. C-?OOD SALESMEN, f(7"sKLL A PATENT TOY ON X tbe atreet; 91 depoait fur atock. DOIOHTY, StM Canal at. WANT A MAN TO KES1DE IN I HI LA DELPHI A. who can commaud SI.UM iu cash to advalico ou irooda of my manufactory ; ootmuliaion on aalea or aalary. Audrcaa A. W. COMPANY, Herald officc. NBOKTIKS.?WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN; \ milt be able to command the Jobbtuir trade. Apply, , by lattar only, to SOL??MON BIIOS., 71 I^eouardat. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT and EX PER I ; TERMS moderate. JOHN 11. COMEK. No. W Murray at. SALESMAN WANTED-UV A BUl'TBK AND CHEESE commiaaioit liouae; one who liaa a city trade. Adrtrrta, with Inll particular*, relerancea, aalary expected, Ac., BUT TER. Herald office. QALE8MEN WANTED?For MEN'S FURNISHING 15 good*. IIEARN A M)N, 775 Broadway. Salesmen' in'shawls "and"suits wanted. W. K. PEYTON. 1174 Bowery. ANTED-BY AN~IMPOItTINO HOUSE OF UUI puro lacc* and embroideries, an A1 aalvinian to tell on commiaaliMi; nuly thoae experienced iu the lino need ap ply. Addreaa, uv letter, M. R., I'oat office box 7'>, atation .V. WANTBD?A POSITION AS PUoNOORaPhIc auaartuii to lawyer, reporter or literary gentle man; wawaTatuall. Addrei. W.. box 177 Herald office. WANTED-A POSITION AS BOOKKEEPER, AC] couutant or plaoe ol triut. by a competent and relia. bla itentleman; beat of releraucea and kecurity given If re quired. AdUraa*. for three day*. TRl STW ORTHY, box 130 Uerald office. AVTKD-A POSITION AS CONTRACTING AGENT or freight Miiicitor lor railroad or ataamahip company, by one well acquainted with the butitie**; haa large com- { uiercial aoquaintanca In the United Matet and abroad. , Addreaa W. II., box 818 Poat ollice. New York. W" ANTKD-A YOUNG MAN IN A WHOLESALE hoalerv- bualnex. Addreaa, itatlng runner empiov and aalary expected, which muat be moderate, M.. box 45U Poat ! ollice. _____________________ ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED HOTEL BOOK vt auuper and cashier; one who can brintr a little enpi tal preferred. Addreaa, atatlng amount and reference, HA LUTIS, Herald office. ! "1X7ANTED?BY A l)RI G(iI>T. A SITUATION; IB A j \T graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; ?lght year*' experience. AU'lr, s? H . I ox I 17 Herald ollice.^ WANTED?A FIRST CLASS FOREMAN. BY A LARGE Chicago wholeaale clothing hou?e; none need apply but who can aland teat on pattern cutting and aupnly good references Apply to S. SiKr.S,'22 White at., city. W- antkd-cTuak salesman, apply at aos Broadway, firat lolt, after 10 o'clock A. M. fir ANTED? A "FIRST IOLAsiTciTY SALESMAN TO y\ tell ladle.' anita. None but tlioau havlug an eatab lUbed trade need apply. NEW YORE SUIT MANUFAC Tl'KlNG COMPANY. ?? Broadway. "V|7ANTED?A YOuNO'MAN. ACCURATE AT FIO TT uref and undent an ding bookkeeping. Addreaa. in applicant'* own handwriting, atatiug age, realdeuce and reference. F. S. K . box 1&4 Herald office. Wanted-an honest youno man (Israelite), of pushing ca ailtr. to help to atari a smi?lI fancy kgou* boaliieae; small salary a; first, but pi?riu.-r?lup guaranteed it aucceaalul. Address, with Al relereuens, i A. box SUB Herald office. ANtFu-A COPYIST AND CORRESPONDENT; salary $7 per week. Add re**, atating reference*, T. L, station D. InTkI>?A COMPETENT DRUG CLERK. TO TAKE charge of a store Apply Monday morning, betweeu 10 and 1- o'clock, to WM. tflAAKY, 17<> Varied *t. ANThD?-AN ASSISTANT aOOIItllltt, WHO ha* a thorough knowledge of double entry system, and who ha* been In the dry koo<1? business. Address, stating ?alary required, Mfc.KCIlA.Nl8, Herald Uptown Branch office. w w ANTKD-HALESMh.N COR DKKh.S GOODS AND ?tilt*. DOKKIS A KNAI'I*, 2(>3 8tb ar. <fs -Jh BONUS FOR EMPLOYMENT AS BOOKKEEPER or elark; ace ao. Addres* 0., boa 13W llorald ortioi. _ : tOAIll.UEV VSU UAKDKNKKS. Cation 'WASftb-iiV a "VIkst class coachman (colored); 10 years' reference Irom present employer. Can be aeon at or addro** itable 151 i.a*t M th at., or Mr. H AlCII, 4J Park af. An englishian wishks~a coachman's situa tion ; la capaula la every way. Call on or addrea* W O.. 1(>7 Weal l*tli at. A- CO AO HM AN >iT~ SITU;ATION WANTED? BY A Brit I'll** English coachman; 15 year-' unilouhtrd r<? f erence. Can be aaan at lata employer'* (table, lu West 24th at.. New York. ' I ' ' A gentleman, LEAVING FOR EUROPE AND breaking up hli eatabliahment, deiirea to tind a situa tion for lor hia coachman. Call at 11)0 to ll>4 South 5th av. A YOUNG COLORED MAN, SIMILE. DESIRES A situation aa coacHu.m ; no objection to the country for a abort trip; beet city reference from laat employer. Ad drea B. J., private atablo 115 Weat JFJd at. A FIRST CLASS GROOM'S SITUATION WaNTED By ? single young man; is a careful driver; will ha found willing and obliging; beat reference. Addraia U' OOM, Riding Acadomy. No. 7 Welt 13th at. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, JV a* flrat clan coachman; city or country. Addreu WILLIAM, box Herald offlee. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN; ONE WHO THOR oughly understand* hi* builness; 1(V year*' city refer enca aa to capability and 7 year-' from laat employer. Call on or addrea* B. N., 1 IN Eaat EM at. AS COACHMAN AND OROOM-BY A COMPETENT German : tpaaka Engllib ; beat city reference. Addrea* CARL. Herald tptown Branch office. - A COACHMAN OR GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED By nyonng aaan: thoroughly nuderatand* hn busfneaa. Call on or adJress C. K.. No 4 Rut 54th at., private (table. C10ACHMAN AND GROOM-BY A MlNGI.K MaN; UN ! deratnnda the proper cam and treatment of horse* and carriagea; ran milk and make himself generally aaelai. rare tul driver and not alraid of work; beat relereueu Addrea* JAMKS, box 148 herald office (IOACHMAN.-WaNTKD. A SITUATION AS GROOM ) and coachman, by a Scotchman (single), who under *tanda hia bnalnaaa thoroughly and ran give the beat relcr ence. Call on or addrea* V. G., at Dr. Cattuach'a. |."? West 4 4th at. C10ACHMAN OR FIRST CLASS OROOM.-SITUATION J wanted, by a n*aful young man; country prulerred; beat rrterenco. Address D.. No. "> Kaat Win at (lOACIIMAN AND GARDENKR-BY a SINGLE MAN; j thoroughly nnderatanda hia buslnes* in both branches; willing and obliging; three ye?r? refarenca*. Addraaa B hox MM Herald Uptown Hraoeb office. PRIVATE COACH MAN.-WOl'LO GO TO THE COIN try far the autautar; many yeara' city reference. Ail dreaa. for two days, UOBJkttr, box IS4 Ueraid Uptown Branch oSia*. (OACIIMEW AND OARDCWCM.^ grrc-A i iox"wantki?-as< b'UXK denrr. by a single UM; thoroughly understands bit tnninrw: tu milk; Doit nlinut. Aadrt-ki I., Ink ISO Herald ollcr WANTED?A Y6I'M1 GBRMA~N .KINGLBt. AH GAB Tf defter. also to lake care of a horse; wages uui over WO ? month: tH'tt references required. Address M. L. M.. Herald Uptown Branch office. \LrASTKD-A SITUATION* BY A ~Y 6t NO SINOLE T f man, Uerman, as coithaia or gardener. uodrmuib his bMlHii; liM goou relarences. Addrusi U.. box UM Herald office. . WANtEd^T 81 Tl AVION " A 8 COACH MAM. BY A TT rekpectable colored wan; best city refervuee. Call ou or address COaCII M AS. No. luu West :tUt >1. Vy ANTBX)? A SITUATION A* UKOOM BY jK STKOXQ TT yuuuit uui: willing to work; city or couukry. Ad dress or "pply to T. M.. -10 Eul 32d it. "llfANTBD?BY A YOUJIO mTn EM FLOY ME NT AT " any kind of driving; city pr country ; city relarence. Address C. O, 4MI 4tb av. _ fffiLF W ANTED?MALEH, 5 ASSISTANT f6"* CATALOGUE "A"!? KflPirfO library; a graduate of an engineering school who wiltet Clearly and rapidly ; knowledge o> French and Herman de sirable. Address, i-tuting price. qualification* and refer ?uoea, IBI'KBTaKT, kv? l5& Herald office. ubnts wantbo-malk'Xxb"fTTmalbTin KVBUY town and city in tbe United State*, to tell one of tha moat n?efiil article* ever invented ; used in every household. For particular* andiesa bos 3.S0U New York Foat office. <? * ROUSK YK THEN, MY MERRY. MERRY MEN."? A Moft money made sailing tea Tor CANTON TEA CO., 14* Chamber* at. "rKDUCTION IN TELEGRAPH Y?$15 A QUARTER to tlioie enli-rinir thl* woek. TIIOMFSON'S College. I'd tth av., opposite Cooper Iu?iltule. Instruction day or evening. HE NTS WANTED?TO SELL HAT K N'T (FLY AND mosquito) window screem; uric* 50 cent*. H. J. REST. 2,260 3d av. A CENTS.- CENTI.EMKN OK GOOD BUSINESS CAFA* city or of profcaiiimal experience, who can furnlih tat lilacttiry references at to houosty and reliability, may ob tain employment from the *ub cribcrs, w.lilch. with proper effort, will nay them handsomely. Cull immediately. A. S BARNES A CO., Hublldiar*, 111 and 1IH William it. N. A CATHOLIC MAN Of GOOD ADDRESS WANTED? For a light outdoor position; lalarv #!"? per wrek. THOMAS KELLY. 17 Mai clay *t. YOUNG jUBt TO LEARN TELEiiKAHiiYl~HKK ? iniilieijt employment; good *alarie*. NEW YORK TfcLEGKAFII INSTRUCTION COMFANY, 21 Hark row. A" litNTS \VAN'rkl)-T()"sELL FINE TEAS IN NEAT quarter, half and pound package*, by tba A. B. C. '1KA Co.. 'M Kront at. ; liberal term*. A GENTLEMAN. RESIDENT OF NEW ARK?TO Jv reprc->ent our business: must he w*ll recoiumended. Artareis particular* to AtlK.V'C Y, box MM Herald olllce. A UKNT8-WE HAVE THREE NEW ARTICLES; HELL JY at *1 jelit* AMEKICAN MANUFACTURING COM FANY, 3U0 Broadway. UK NTS AND^UE'neEAL AUENT8 TO ENLABGB old pUtiire*. 11x14, Copy with Frame, for $1 00; 8x10 copies cheapen! la the city; no cbarva for co back*, jyi Canal at. A UOOD BAKKKEHKR WANTED?WITH CASH 8E J\ enrity; good wage*. Apply, after 12 Monday, at atore 022 Dtli av. OENTb "WANTED-:EV ERY WHERE?IN TEA, COF fee and apice*; Weat plan over offored. Apply to the GREAT AMEK10AN KEFUBLIC TKA COMFANY. 81 Barclay it.. N. w York. AUENTS WANTED?IN TOWN AND COUNTRY, TO ?ell our pure tea? to lumlllea. hotel* and large consum er*; beat teriun and largeat *ti>ck In tbe couutry. Apply to tbe WELLS TEA t'oMt'ANY, 201 Fulton *t., between Church and (Ireeawich, New York. C1ENTENMAI. FLAU TTiMI'ANY.?FLAOS OF ALL / nation*^ agenta wanted in city and all parta United States. 101 East lttli at. 1?XnilENCED OAXTAB8BBS WANTED?TO SELL J tbo guarantee rolling aprlng inattreiae*; good wagea to wide awake men. No. 220 Weat 30tU at. GOOdT'sMART AOENTS WANTED?THROUOH THE States, for itn article ol family n*e: aometbing quite novel; ininplo for 30c. AdUreu J. W. HUOHKS, 121 Na* aau St., room 14, New York. LIVE AND RXFEitlliNCED AGENTS ARE WANTjUA, to *ell mi article in great deniaud (bit seaaira. CaiTitt one* at 180 Broadway, New York, room 11, or 1&1 Montauue ?t. Brooklyn. MARTIN Jt uenneti-. TWO GEN LEMEN'OF GOOD A DURESS AS SOL letting u^onti lor a leading luanafacturinit company; only tho<? ol uudonbted ability uved apply at 34 Cuiou aiiusro, after 10 A M., on Monday. W~ aTstKU -A(i i'.NTS TO >ELL~ LOOICI NO 0LA88E8 D. STKWAKT, 2HH 3d av. WANTKO.?ANY PERSON CAN MAKE ~$TXJO~ A month aelllng our letter eopylng book ; any one that baa a letter to write will buv It: no prea* or water u*ed ; ?rnd for circular Ireis E^XCELSIOIl COMFAN Y, 10 Tri bune Building, Chicago, III. WANTED?AUKXTS IN THIS CITY; ALSO FOUR young men, with brain*, energy and $160 cash, to mauage our braneli bniine** In other narl* of the Slate; $73 a week sure. Room 24, 115 and 117 Naisau at. ANThD-A (iENTEEl7 AND ItEsl-EOl ABLE CAN* vaaKor; must thoroughly underitaud hi* buaine**. Apply at No. 5<>-iih at., Brooxlvn, B. D. WAXTKD-A SMART BOY_IN A WHOLESALE FUR" nlture home; salary first year, $150; must be EuglUh or American. Addreu HOXBST. 11 erald office. \\TANTED?AGENTS IN CITY AMD COUNTRY FOB A >V new serial; belt selling book out. Address hWART, Herald olllce. \VrANTBD?TWO FIRST CLASS BARTENDER* AT it MULLANY'S S7 West 20th at., Racquet Court linild Ing, on Sunday or Mouday niurnlug, witb good reierence. WANTED?&XFBBIBNCBD CANVASSERS (MEN OB wouieni to sell a new and salable article to families, paying large protits. Apply at S!\ Murray ?t , up stair*. VVr ANTED?AN KXHF.KIENCKD SEXTON FOR A 11 1'roteslant cburcli; salary $40ft Address, with refer ences, KEXTON, Station E:. WAXTeS-BY AN IMFORTINO DRUG HOUSE, A strong, ri'liable boy, lor outtlda work. Addrcaa box 6,403 Foat office WXiriED-A LIVE MAN. IN EVERY CITY IN the Union. You cau make $2A per day aelllng the l'.uroka Letter Copying Ink aud Hook. No prea*. brush or watrr required. Addri'ia EUREKA MANuFaCTURING COMHAN Y. ,'>0 Ri-ado at. Enclose stamp. A.NTBD-A ToUNU MaN~AMOUT IB YBARS OF age as asaiitant porter In a downtown etationery store. Address, with references and aalary required, box 2,475 Foil cilice. TV ANTED -.0 WORK IN A STABLE, A COL TT ored man. single, good worker. Apply, with refer ence, al 141 Weat 54th st. THK TttAUKH. T~fTksF t(LAss"OT^toS CWrHK.'oriw'VKa as' iV experience, fur the firtt time Hud* bliUMlf without em ployment. Ilia lervicen cau be wen red by addruttiug J. F. A., box 2S2 Heraldofllce. YOL'NUMAN, AMIRICAN. 20 YEARS OLD, I.IV" iiiit with hi* parent*, wiititi to learn iomt trade or bu?ine*t; best reference*. Addreu, for thraa day*, U., box J 140 Herald office. A" JOURNEYMAN CARPE NTElt WANTKD-NO J fancy price*. 11 ffnt 11th ft., near Broadway. FIRST "class I'AI'EK hanuek" AND DECORA- I tor who und<-ritanda painting and animating, deriret a (ituailou. either city or country. Addreu B. E., Uerald 1 Uptown Hrancli office. Block cittkrh " wanteu?at hFwell i i BOUl'.KE'.-> paper baugingt factory, 23d and >anaom | tti, Philadelphia. C~ TOLO itIST \V ANTKO?IK 1'IIOTOU RA P U OALLERY. ! ) ;iii 1 Canal tt. I CONFRCTI^ER-OENERAirHAND FOR FRENCH confectionery, pattry and Ico ercani; on* who hat beou at the baunru belore and will ito under tnitrucliou. Call with recommendation* at Ulb r ulton ?t., near Clinton ai., Brooklyn. DVKKI as iTTiLKASWuT?wa.ntkd. a man who thoroughly underitauet cleaning and preaalng One work. Appiy at Empire Dyeing and Cleaning Co.'a Factory, 1 ttl'l and tils NVeit Mtnh it. lltdT CLAtt* CAKi'ENTKR WA.NTsT JOB. AD drra* A. TOONATTV. 24 Urand at., city. /TuM WORK.?WANTED."T~M~A\"fliAr THOROUGH \X ly underitand. rnaiiutacturiLg gam drop* and gum ?ork in all iu braiichet. Addreu, for two dayt, UUM, box 12H lleruld olhee. TO CARRIAGE MANl FAOTURERS.-A FIRST CLASS man wnnti a petition *? auperiutendaut of a carriage mniiiif irlory ; l> <n Al ttriper and woodworker: understand* the tiuiitii'ta thoroughly and It a good penman. Addrctt CARHIAUKS. box 11*1 Herald olllee. 1~io?MaSo.Va. ?WANTED? ABOUT (M) BUILDKRS and hewar*. for Ureenock (Scotland) new parochial build ug?, and fur Port Ulatgow, New Caledonian Railway station; thed accommodation for builder* and houae ac commodation at the workt; wage* H)?d. per hour: two year*' employment t<> ttoaily workmen. Apply to JOHN COIIIIILL A SON.Contractor*, office* Ureenoclt and Port Ulaagow. mo PilOTOURt PH Eks7-WANTED, a FIRST CLASH L printer nnd (oner. Apply, tlila day or Monday, at 1UU I ulton tt.. Brooklyn. ^ mo PKINTKks.?a sAady situation" ?FaOosT X tietent Job compotilor, or will take change Addrott INDUSTRY, Herald office. TO PRINTERS.?A CYLINDRR~PRE8S5AN WISHES a tituation : Oral aiaat reference*. Addreta l'UESS, box l."<?! licrald office. antko-a first class "shirt cuttkr ~~waC TER A smkaton'S. Itil Atlantic at.. Brooklyn. TITAN I ED?BY A TRLKORAPH OPERATOR, A SITU' TT at ion; city or ooanlry; good reference. Addret* OPERATOR. Herald Uptown Branch office. \LT ANTED?B\ A" WHOLESALE LADIES' SUIT Tt and cloak hout*. an able detlgner; inu-t be parijet In draughting patternt and experienced In manufaet ring for the trade. Addreaa, with reference!, B. P., box 146 Herald offioe. _______ _______________________ FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. OS }?KM A Ml I. INK FRANCA iSE <>l hUSshsSK comine bonne d'rnfant. avec let meillenrt reaeeigne nientt. ri'adr eater, Lundl, entre 10 iieuret et uiidi. au n. KM Modi ton ar. ?rtrmnruKi.; Ai'riv'atk FamiL'y ' LfcAVtjfu for ITOropIi will Mil in Iota all their elegant Houtehold Farnltnre, cuiitinlng of parlor, library, chamber end dining room Fur niture; elegant four round rotewood Windtor Piano, coit H,2<JU, for IM? i, i" tool. Cover and Muale Cabinet Included. Call tltit day or Manday al prirata ret denee IJO Watt it., near tltb a*. -WKEKLV AMD MONTHLY PArMKftTO TAKKN ? for Furniture. Carpel* and Bedding at B. M. COW PERTII WAIT A CO.'S, Hi and IS7 Chatham tt. An Im mente stock at low prleet. A NO. I ?<;RI.A I F.ST 11ARUAIN EVk?oFFERKD llandeome Parlor Sult,t7.*>, worth S^JU; One walnut Drafting Cat# .tuit, #7.V 12 Watt 4th it., uear Broadway. Ahandsomr SOLID ROSEWOOD PARLOR SUIT (?pieceti. lOTered In blue latin damatk, with tlip roeart. oott when ne?>?Ki-, In Art I elan order: will tall it tor Sl&n. Call and examiaa ll at Mr*. M.'t, jM DaMeld it., ltmaklya. 4 -PRRSSINO CIRCI'MSTANCEH COMPEL A PR! J\., vale larnilv to tell their inafniBcent lloaaehold Farni tura. Steluway k Son'* Piano, tattu Parlor Sail, roit |H o, tor one da., tiftO; Tnrklth cnil inO; rap Hnit. $H?; I'liamber Salt*, complete, f4U upward: Buffet, l.xlentl n Table*, Chain. Carpet, Ac. Call to day or Monday at pii vate reaidence 47 Weat 10th tt., batwaan 5tb and fltb at*. AM IMCKH ARDT SOFA bed. COST ?13?, FOR ?40. Call Monday after I. 1117 Weal Hitb at. ClOLLIOMON'S FOLDING CHAIRS SAVE TUBER ) <iuaiter tpace . atk dealer*, drcaiar* aailad frea. 1M Caaal at., aaar Bvwarf. IT. FrRMITlHB.. A bargain In Furuiture, Brdding, As, DEORAAV~T TAYLOR. 87 sad SO Bowery, 65 Christie ?t , 190 and 183 Heater (t.. New York, Will Mil Farniture, Bedding, it, ?t 40 par ceut lew than osu ft prioes for the next MB day*. Their Mock ku been ?uifMtvid during the lllremt doll llBM at very low prices, and we ere determined to reduce our surplus stock If law prices will do It. Special offers. Walnut marble top Dreeeing Case Suits. |55, $03, |/S III ?100. ?? Walaat wood top Bureau Salts, $40. 930 aad 90S. I>arlor Suits, 7 pleo s, $35. $40, $50, $00 and *100, Dining Room Suits. $60. $75, $100 and $122. The above orlces are from $JO to $100 per set less thaa laat year's prices. PKURAAP A TAYLOR. main antra boo, 87 Bowery. j^TTENTION ALL! "?* This house has not. This house does not. This house will aot keep, sell or furnish any of that cheap, poor and wortklew class of goods (made for sale but not for use; with which the market la Hooded, for it Is better and more economical ^ FOB ALL I'KOPI.K ^ to get better goods at a fair price. FOR ALL PEOPLE short of ready money (aad who Is aotf) can get good, Brit class, well made FURNITURE. CARPETS, MIRRORS. spring and parlor Bods, Mattresses, Ac., Ac., on OEORUE A. CLARKE'S POPULAR SYSTEM OK PAYMENT*. at 747 Broadway (np stairs). P. 8.?Prices as reasonable as at any other first els** house in New York or vicinity. f NP RKC EDEN TKD B A K U AIS'3. $100,000 worth of rich and nedliui FURNITURE at retail at wWdesalepriw* fKlM. " - Dining Room, Library and Kllchoa Furniture at Prices unequalled. Black walnut Chamber Suits, from S40. Fine Parlor Suits, seven pieces. trout $32. Rlack waluut Bedsteads. Irom $\ Black walnut Bureaus, from $0. ? Also an Immense slock of Carpets, Oilcloth, Matting*. Mats. Jtc., at corresponding ^prlcei.^ ^ ^ corner of 25tb st. aud Ota av., N. T. AI ?Al.?Al.? A I. At DRORAAF A C0C1I RANE'8 eld limt cluss and reliable stund, 152 and 154 Weitt 23d St.: between Oth and 7th m LOWEST PRICKS TO BE FOUND IN THE CITY. BARGAINS NOT TO BE EQUALLED. Painted Sets. $*20. Walnut Sideboards, marble top, $33. Walnut Extenrlon Tables. #41. Walnut Marie Antlonetta Parlor fcults,$69l ? A large aud elegant aasortmeut, all manufactured in the best manner. Call and obtain estimate before buying. Alaruk~ ashortmkn t of .carpets. FQBiil ture and Heddtntr at O'FARKELli'S Salesrooms, 410 *tli av., between 30th and Hlststs. Paymeuts taken weekly or monthly. T FAVOR'S.?FURNITURE, PRIVATE SALE, AUC tloa prices; large assortment, rich and common; also Pianos, Uruaus, Cutlery. Clocks, Brontes. Ac.; packed choap. M. K. K.A VOK'b auction bouae, 11 East 14th at. KELLY? ? Is offering an Immense assortment of Oarpett, Farnltare, Bedding, la, at greatly reduced prices. Parlor Suit*. $30 and upward. English Bedroom Suits, $17 and upward. Walnut Chamber Suits, $30 and uuwardi Tapestry Brussels, from $1 per yard. Three plys, from $1 25 per yard. Ingrain, from 30e. per yard. Oilcloth, from !*)o. per yard. All other goods at equally low price*. D. KE LLY, 512 aud 514 Kth av., corner 30th Sk. Drrssingcasp. AND PARLOR 8UIT8, MAT tresse*. llurmui, W**h?tand?, Piano*, Deekl, Mirror*, Wardrour*, Tabic*. Buffet*. Carpet*; everything lor honas keeping; ca?ii or in*tai>ut-iiu; bargain* In all ram. killfckx'h,2jke?t ltltl. ?t. (white baiinar). FURNITURE.?we CALL THE ATTENTION OK PAR tlo* wi?liitiff eecond hand furniture to our large and varied ntnck O r mock i* complete and we offer It at tb? luweit ooaelble figure* for ca*b. We can salt all ptrtio^. either tor low or high priced _ JaMES ORAHAM, 190 3d ev. for halk-A HANDSOME crimson PL0SH Parlur Snlt, at a great aaciiflee, new ?tjrle, made brm clam. upbolttered in balr. In good order; will kell It for V0ti to a caen purchaier, call and eee it. A. pkakmoa, Ml Kultou >l . oppoaiie Hanover place. Brooklyn. PINE upholstering A specialty?ALSO ALL kind* of Furniture and merctiandlnu icr lale lets than ally one. Remember the place, PAYOR'S, IS Kail 14th (u Furniture, upholstery, curtains, shades. Slipcover*. Ac., made to order and made over; Abe Par lor Suit* Irom tuo. H. P. STEIN, practical upholsterer, so Bond it ^j_ko. 0. FLINT A co.. furniture manufacturers, 104 AND 108 WEST 14TH ST.. between oth and 7th avi.. one door wart of 8th a v. Buyer* thonld not fail to examine our etock before par. cbaiing; It u one of the largeit In Ibe city, and, lor good work, the loweit priced. 9u0 Cottage Bedroom soiti, *19. 125 lolid walnnt Bedroom Suit*, $30l 900 One walnnt Bedroom Hull*. with dreiatng eaae. 9)% Parlor Suite, wall made, $30. Every deecriptioa of rich and plain Fnrnitare and bidi ding at equally tow rate*. "BUY OF THE MAKERS AND MAKE BY IT."* oko. C. FLINT a CO., 10? AND 106 WEST 14TH st., Oppoeite the Lyeenm Theatre. PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS, PIER AND MAM lei Mirrors miiflt nnd necond Hand Carpeti, one Stein way and one Marmora Piano, at auction prloea, at 40A, 434 and 4,'hi Canal it. Partiks declining IIOUSEEBKPtNO ADDBESI immediately I'eisbk. 293 7th av. iligheat pricei paid for Carpete Furniture, Planea, mlrrore, Bedding. SMITH'S PARLOR, SOFA AND lounge BEDS A tpeciaily. *l? Broadway. ___ ~yy ARREN WARD * CO., ximhcitrm of CHAMBER, PARLOR anttlibrary furniture, MATTRESSES, AC., 75 end 77 spbino ST., corner CROSBY by., Nev York, are new offering their large and attractive etoek el furniture, ay EXTREMELY LOW pbices. We invite the attention of tlieee about to hrilak Country Cottagei, Cltv reiidencei or Hotel* to cell aad esamlae eei goodi end prlcea. isjo. established isaa ZERO REPRlOERAToR. WITH COOLER: BEST icb ead foo.i keeper in Die world; Water cooler* of ar kind*; refrigerator* repaired. Send fer mulaffee LESLEY, liSWoat 23d it. _4 __ mhtii ST.-GOOD sewing MACHINE, .f?s Kola Bed, S18; Tablet. sa; chatra, 40e.; Sold far rent : muat be ioid._ ___m kl'KtlPE. _ _ fflmjcafiov l'N KKANCR.-pamltjie w6l<l^ y# tend their daughter* to Pari* far thei'^w^^^^^^ tlif ?tl?nll..h. and roinlort* <>t home ill* ?t the k<ni*e of *. i and M?e. FaIYRBT. 15 Moo Vernier. M. Felvret tupetin tendi the leeeoae. refareocea?m. hoeert. paator. lw ?b p?wi?. a?d M. indll, MM. 2m imifwks*

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