Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Mayıs 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Mayıs 1876 Page 10
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TOE EM LAW. How the Folioe Enforced Its Observance Yesterday. NUMEROUS ARRESTS. Ita Cum Promptly Brought to Court and Disposed Of. NO POLICE ESPIONAGE. It m generally expected that another raid on a targe scale would be uiadc vu the saloon keepers, yesterday, and lhat lliu station house* would be Oiled, a* on the previous Sunday, with persons charged with violation of the Excise law. There was, however, a chaiigo ol tactics on the part ot the police authorities, and, though soma arrest* were made, there was no excitement attending them. It stead of trying to entrap unsuspecting barkeepers Into a violation of the law, due notice was given thai every one caught selling liquor would bo arrested, and those who were taken Into custody were immediately taken bolero a police tnagistraUi and thoir cases dis posed oC AT TUK TOM US. There was but one case ot violation of the Excise law when Justice Murray assumed his seat on the bench at the Tombs Court yesterday tnornlug. It was that of Mr. John MeSorley, of No. 148 Clintou street, Brook, lyo, proprietor ol the taloon corntr of Hester street ?nd the Bowery. It appeared Irom the evidence of Officer Wilson, of the Fourteenth precinct, that M about half-post throe o'clock yesterday morn ing Roundsman Folk, attached to the slaiT of Inspector Dtlks, saw Mr. MeSorley let a man pass out ?f bis saloon Into the street and at once ordered OBiecr Wilson to arrest Mr. MeSorley. Counsellor Oliver, rlio appeared for Mr. MeSorley, proved that the man ?as a Irtend of Mr. MeSorley who had fallen asleep, that tbo bar had been closed siuoe twelve o'clock and that the man was let out by u side door. Justice Mur ray severely reprimanded Otticcr Wilson lor making the arrest, discharged Mr. MeSorley Irom arrest and advisod him to bring an action lor lalso imprisonment against Roundsman Folk and Officer Wilson. Patrick Kagleston, of No. 28 Marlon street, was ar* rested by Officer Flynn, of tho Fourteenth precinct, lor having beer exposed lor salo. He was diacharged Irom custody, the officer lulling to substantiate his com plaint. Christopher Bussing, proprietor of the beer saloon Na 270 Bowery, was brought up by Officer May forth, of the Fourteenth precinct, charged with selling beer to cus tomers. This wus a dear ease, Mr. Bussiug haviug been caught with tho beer measure in his band. tie was required to luruish $100 bail, which he did. Muriui Yost, keeper of a grocery store at the corner of Hubert and Greenwich streets, was arrested by Offi cer Hall, ol the Filih precinct, charged witli having beer exposed lor salo. Ho was discharged, the officer tailiug to swear of his own kuowledge, us required by tho statute, that the liquor was exposed for hale, and that Mr. Yost solicited its purchase by any person. Officer Foster, of the Fifth precinct, urraigned i.eorge (Vinter, of No. 14 Vurick street, whom ho lound selling Iwo glasses ol beer over his counter. Mr. Winter gave bail In (100 to answer. Officer l'iko, of Hie Fifth precinct, entered tbo sa loon ol Julius Bogler, at 4.VJ Greenwich street, and found the proprietor drawing beer tor a man who hud a pail ou the couuter, Mr. Bogler gave bail in $100 to auswer. Lewis Kuhlke, of 48 Harrison streot, was arrested by Officer u'Mahouy, ol tho Filth precinct, who found the front door open, the liar exposed, and Kunlke and four others playing cards aud driuking beer. Kuhlkc gave bail in $100 to ausvur. Caspar Wodenhorl, of No. 186 Mott streot, was ar rosteu by officer Weinberg, ot tho Fourteenth procinct, lor selling l>cer. Mr. Wedenhorl proved that the beer was stale and not drawn Irom u keg, and that the man to whom he gave it was Iho watchman ol the building. He was disciiargud. Michael Doran, the bartender in tho Brandreth House, corner ot Canal street aud Broadway, was arrested oy Ollicer lialpin, of the Filth precinct, to whom he sold a glass ot bovr. he was held in $100 bail. Officer Mor.m, ol the Fifth precinct, charged Louis Bowhllng, of tho Krie House, No. 181 West street, with having his bar open. The officer lorcod his way into iho barroom behind u guest of the house, and saw Mr, Bowhlin^ behind the bar. Justice Murray dischargod Mr. Bowhling. Durwg the extra session ot tho court Justice Murray a as assisted by Clerks Liuden and Uciuiberger and tho court squad under the command of Sergeant Smith and Rouudsman Walsh. AT Kssex MARKET. But ono ease ot violation ot the Exciso law was brought beloie Justice Bixby ut tbo Essex Market Court >estcrday. The (ierinaii saloou keepers on the eust side of town kept their places lightly closed, and only opened their doors to their most intimate trieuds. l'he case brought beiore Justice Bixby wus that of John Reynolds, ot No. lf> Monroe street, charged with hav ing his bar exposed aud oflering liquor* lor sale. The evidence of ihu Seventh prectnet officer who made the arrest wholly lanert to establish any case against Mr. Reynolds, who was promptly discharged by Justico Bixby. AT WASHINGTON P1.ACK COl'KT. Justice Smith, at tho Washington Puce Police Court, early yesterday morning issued the following instruc tions to the police captains of the Eighth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Ninth, Twentieth and Twenty-ninth pro ducts:? To thk Cirnw:? If til* wliolesae raiding of last Sunday ii to take place to a*> J uu will please sunl all priaouern be lure mo at mice. K. SHhl'.MA.\ SMITH. Folic* Justice. Mr. John Keei'c, of No. 601 Wost Twenty third street, Kan churned with haviug Ins bar open and selliug beor lo the otllcer ol the Tw?uly-uiiilli precinct who mado the arrest. He ?u bailed in $loo to answer. Mr. Weinberger, or No. 488 Sixth avenue, was lound selliog beer. This ?u a clear case; the oilicer, who was in citizens' clothes, having purchased the latter and paid money for it. hail was given In $100 to answor. Mr. Ueorge llillen, keeper of the well known beer Saloon culled the Concoruia. at No. 'Jit! Si lib avenue, was also arrested lor selling beer. Although the ques tion ol exposure lor s*io wo* somewhat deiecilve Jus tice Smith anuounccd that there waa probable cause to bold, and permuted Mr. llillen to remain in Court, in stead of scuding him down stairs to tue cells, until the arrival ol a Iriend, who promptly iurnishod bail In $100 for Mr. Utilen's appearance. Mr. William Heiker, ol No. 147 Went Thirty-second Street, was arrested lor selllug beer over his bar. The ease was clearly proven and he was held in $100 to an swer. Mr. Krtog, a tierman merchant, who was la court, although wnolly unacquainted uuh Mr. Bcckcr, ode red lniiis.ll a? tiail and gave as security an Iron Iront building in On arch street, vaiyed at" J>tt.'.,ooo When uOrring himself as surely Mr. Krtog and, "1 will be bond for any gentleman wlio is arrested lor selliug k glass ol beer." Justice Smith then adjourned the Court until three o'clock In the afternoon. Oa the opening ol court at lures o'clock Jvstico Smith heard and ill*|)?nl of nine case. Henry Star*. proprietor of the saloon No. 371 See eutt arcane, ? charged by Oilicer P.ielly, of the Twenty iilnio prec.nct, .nth having his place open and his liquor exposed I?r sslc. He was b illed in $100 to answer. oillcer Haugbey, of the rweniy-alnth precinct, found Mr. Ccoige p. luster, of Nu. 04J Sixth avenue, selling b -er over his (ouuter aud arrested hlui. Mr. Pester wss neld to answer in $lc0 bail, which be furnished. Samuel Heed, ol No. 131 Wot Twentieth street, was charged by oilicer liurke, of the fifteenth precinct, with baring kept his place open and sold liquor. Heed gave bail iu $100 to answer. Frederick Kartell, of No. 13 West Houston street, Was am? ted by Officer liurke, ol the Pilleenth pre tiacl, wnh ha\l:iK his bar open aud selling whiskey, lie gare ball tn $100 to answer Adam Becker. proprietor ol the saloon No. 461 Sixth avenue, wasarreateo by utUcer McCool, ofthe Twenty ninth precinct, lor selling beer over his bar. Me was livid in $100 (Mil, which wai- given iteroarJ Brady, of No. 17i Ki^hth avenue, had his place opeu suit was so l ug l>ecr w ben officer Sail, of the Sixteenth precinct, walked in and arrested hint. He gave $100 bail to spp *r for trial Adwlph Walter, ol No. 170 Kiglith avenue, waa ar raigneu in custody ol Officer Campbell, of the Sixteenth precinct, to whom he bad sold a glass ol beer. Ho was required lo lurotsli z loo hail. l'atrick Ilo.vl.ia, of Nu. Ull lileccker street, was charged by Officer Walsh, of the Ninth precinct, with bavluK his bar open. As the oilicer could not swear that the liquors were exposed lor sale Mr. Moylan waa lischaigod A idtuilar disposition was made of the ease of Mr. Ueorge Woixeri, of No. 377 Bleeekir street, who waa arrested by oilicer Flanagan^ ol the Ninth precinct, oa a most irivolous complaint. These cases having been disposed or the Court adjourned until eiyhl o'clock P. M. Ou the Court being reopened OUlcer Canning, ol tho Twenty inuth pre ciact, arraigned Julius Kohlcr, a bartender at No. ??1,4 West (Eighteenth street, who told him a glass of beer. Kohler waa bailed out in the sum ol *100. OUlcer Uannlug also arrested Charles K. iiourguignon, bartender at No*. 7 Kant Twenty-second street, who had Mrtd blm beer. Mr. Iiourguignon furuished $100 bail. Tbe case ol Mr. Philip Donoliue, of No. 1.254 Broad way, was aomewhm UiBer. nL lie keeps a restaurant and ?bop house. Officer Jiydcr ol the Twenty-ninth pro duct entered hla restaurant In plain clothes, aud asked for a drink of whiskey, ssying that no waa i>ek. Mr. Doaolioe aaid his bar was closed, when Ryder asked il be rould lot be aervsd on one of the rsetaarant tables. Mr. Donahue did so, when Ryder ifltaui him. Mr. Donofene tarnished $100 bell lor MbL William Hebneider and hla son, William Schneider, Jr., were arrested bv Offiucr llogan, ol the Twenty? ?tall* tot selliug liquor at tlielr saloon, Na 167 West Thirty, third *tr?et, and tw bmauUIb* Kd- { ward KarreU, one of their customer*. They fumubed bull to Oolh cliarjie*'. Officer l'blhi' Kintvb. ol the Tweniy-ttlntUpredBrt, , JivZI Charles Cru* lor sell.n. >^r in his saloon, corner of Madisou avenue and Twenty sixth atreut. Sir Cru.i gave ball . . . . At nine o'clock Justice Smith r?Ur?d from the bench and Justice Morgan supplied hi* place. Krank Oehl, 1-ouin Sohludir, Max Schoepke.^Jame* Archer and Albert Scliultz. bartender# in fciimore * C.ardcn, wete arrested by Otltcers llogau aud Barrett, or the Twenty-ninth precinct, for selltug heer. were each required to furnish $300 IwiL The created quite an excitement In the garden, wbn O was crowded at ibe time. The prisoner* were bailed by Mr Klatis.-eu, one or the Unit of Klaussrti Bro* At halt post ten o'clock laat night onicer Roland._or the Kilieeuth precinct, lound the duor of J rank J. sr roll's saloon, No. 124 Bleecker street, wide opeu and tbe proprietor behind the bar serving out ^ J Morgan held Carroll lor trial In $300 ball, which was lurnished. _ ? . At eleven o'clock laat ulght Justice Morgan c oaed the court and lelt for houte, accompanied by Clerks Cooney and Benedict. yiKTY 'SKVBXTU STBEXT COt'BT. On the reopening of this Court at J*? oc?y* there were no prisoners on band. During ine afternoon the following were brought in and disposed of by the Court:?John Smith, barkeeper at Nu. 7B0 Kiglith avenue, was arrested by Officer Swain lor tell ing beer to a customer. The officer attempted to get hold or the glass to make sure ol its contents fore he could put his hand upou it Smith had spilled I its contents on the iloor. He was held for trial, and a I threat bv the friends to uttend to the officer berealtcr I brought irow tbrCourl a severe reprimand. 1 Officer Dallou, ol the Tweuiy-.econ i precinct, brought in William n. Stain lord, burke, per of the liquor store on the northeast corner ol r .Itieth street ana Ninth avenuo. The accused bad uolhiug to say and was held lor trlaL Officer Heck arrested August llincdorf, the barkeeper ol tbe Central l'ark Garden. There were several meu present in the place at the time who showed some desire io resist me officer in me discharge of bis duty. The proprietor ol the place counselled moderation and the prisoner was allowed to go to the station house and then to court without in terference. lie wus held for trial. William Wagner, barkeeper, ot southwest corner ot Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue, was hold lor triai, be having no delence to make. At this point in spector Thome appeared in court and hud uu interview with Judge Ksamire. He said that tho police were de termined to arrest all liquor dealers lound violating tho law, and mat the probability wa* there wou d be just as many arrested as there wure last Suuday night Under these oircuiustuuee* the Judge said he would keep tbe court opeu till nine o'clock P. M.. "I" "J1 reeled the Inspector to telegraph thai tact to all tho uroclncts in tbe district, which was promptly done. I'p to MX o'clock no other pi burner was brought in, ana ibe Court took another recess uuill aeven o'clock. At eight o'clock Michael Murray, proprietor or a liquor store at Na 540 Third avcuue, was brought In by officer Magber, Twouty-llrst precinct, who had arretted Murray becauae he had been di'ucted to do so by his sergeant. The olVence cousisled in allowiug a Irieuu lo enter and leave the storo by the side door, which waa not considered good evidence oy the Court and the accused wu? discharged. All the liquor *tores aud aalooo* up town did busi ness during tho evening, the only uuuaual precaution taken being the locking or tho frout doors, and In ?ome instances the side doors. The doors leadlug tulo the hallways in these latter Instance* wore used lor !iiurest and ogress. Il was understood that no |x>llce men were sent round in citizens' clothes, the Isolated arrests made being by uniformed officer*. up to oine o'clock no lurthor case* wcro biought in, anu tbe Court then adjourned. Tho following is the comploto exhibits or tho arresu, by precincts, made yesterday lor violation or the Ex cmc law. _ . . ?- . _ 1'recinct*. Jfnmbt*. J'rteinttt. A umber. 1 0 0 0 o 7 20 0 2 \ a I o 2a o 2 0 1 0 *... 0 20 18 o so ? 6 o 4 f 3 33 6 d 0 0 0 87 Total. OFFENBACH AMD BEE 11. The Kxclso Inw was partially enforced at Glljnore'i Garden laat night. Barkeeper* wero arrested by de tectives, with whom tbey had taken lager, but atill the sale ol tho enlivening boverage was not stopped. Thero wo-e about 4,000 well meaning aud fashionably dressed people within the liinita of the Hippodrome, and a large majority ol them occupied tables and refreshed themselves from tlrao to time with wine and beer. Several ol' the bartender* were taken to the Twenty-ninth precinct, howover, for violating the statato, but they wcro balled and returned to duty almost Immediately. Mr. K. G. Gilinoio, tho man ager, feeling satisfied that toiuo unpleasant period to tho evening's festivities was likely to be put by the police made such orruiigements a* %ere necessary to preserve ihe harmony of the concert. The lessoe ot the bar wan also in full occord with him, and had engaged for the occasion 160 men to supply the places ot thoae who should bo captured by tho super-vigilant police. Bv order of the manager the free list wa* suspendod, so that tho polico had to pa\ fifty cent* to enjoy the strain* of oneiibaehlaJiu us well as orderly citizen*. There was no need ol police offi cora in tho garden, as special conservators of tho peace are under pay thero, wherefore thoso ol "tbe force" dealriug to see what was goiug on were compelled to Kaln admission in th? regular way, notwithstanding, which manv of them put in an appcaraucc aud wero ?lUKUlarly uctive. Tbe boxos and side rest* were f'llly oc cupied by ladles aud geuilemen, among whom wero several prominent ciuzen*, beside l'olico Com miBMiouer Erbardt, Kxcise Commissioner Owen Murphy, Justice Morgan and Inspector McOcrmotL Tho large lorce ol waiter* was kept particularly busy conveying drinks to customers aud retlliiug empty glasses, and everything waa going "as merry as a mar riage bell" until the first Intermission, wheu oue ol the barkeepers was accosted by a heavily mustachod. loud collared individual and requested "io put ou hi* coal." Being already in anticipation of aotne Interruption in hi* business, the dis{?n*or of good cheer compiled with this demand, and, donuing his hat aud coat, camo outside the bar. ??I want to talk to you outsulo,'' said the mau who made tbe unuiuai demaud, "but let us take a drink beloro wo go. '' Accordingly two boers wero ordered end drank, and tho barkeeper quietly arrested by him of llio luu.-tuchc, who waa ? dttwUtc. The pnaouer was taken to the Twcuty-uiuth product, tbenco to Justice Smith, where Mr. Klaussen gavo security for his appearance when required and returned caltnly to bis work at tho garden. Six meu were thus treated without the knowledge or tbe audience, lor whom the dink or huu.irod* or glasses continued pleasantly until the couclusion of the outor taiuuient. Outsido of tho barkeepers mentioned no body was disturbed, and the manager said that he wax prepared to replace every arresteu man by a fresh at tendant. WOOLLEN MILL BUHNED. A flre wu discovered nl>out on* o'clock, Sunday morning, in the woollen HUH of the Now Bruuswick Carpel Mills, lu which nearly 400 peniona are em ployed. Tnero wus a large lot ol wool in balea recently stored on tho fourth story of the uiili, and it waa anions tboao tlio lire originated irom spontaneous combustion, aa It if believed. Tho company owning the mills are the successors of the New Brunnwiok Car- I put Coinpauy, which was brought to bunk ruptcy through the couduct of ita president. Hubert Wood worth, ol New York, whose trial , Tor conspiracy to rob ibu 8tats Hank ol New Brutis- 1 wluk of $1,000,000 excited fo much Interest in New I Jersey at tho tinio. Tho new compauy's good* are j a specialty in the country, lor which Arnold At 1 Constable are the solo ageuts. During the lire the citiaons turned out ?m m?*?. and many of thetn risked tbelr lives to save u? much as possible of the property, j while the liremeu bravely struggled with the Names, j This action on the part ortliectiizoiia resulted in earing a lurge quantity of wool. The building is of brick, about 80 by 100 leet, with a alate roof, which caused the llumes to bo coiilined uutil the llrcnien bad ob tained control ol tlio Urc. All the wool which rotnilned in the building and : much of the root and upper stories are consumed. Damages, $10,000. T1IE BELL HOMICIDE. Richard Bell, aged tweuty-six, who wai stabbed la i the breast by John Keenau an altercation ul No. 1 262 William street on Weduesdsy last, died at the New York Hospital yesterday. Tue circumstances of the tragedy were publishod at the tune, and are briefly as follow*:?Un tbo night of the Mill .nst Boll quarrelled with his wife, uud kicked her lu tho bead, but not severely. Sbe then ran irurn the room, and shortly allorward Bell went out and drunk considerable beer. Ketutning to the room he locked himself ill and went to bed In a lew minutes hi* wife returned, accompanied by James Keenau, wlio lived on the first floor of the same house, and, (lading the door locked, broke it opcu. Hell Jumped from the bed and caught lioid of Keennn. A desperate struggle ensued, during wbicb Keenau stabbed Hell In the ieft breaat with a knlle The police soon arrived and arrested Kev>nan and aent the wonuded man to the New York Hospital. The lollowing day Coroner Woltman took the antl mortem staiemout of Hell and committed Koenan to the Tombs, where ho now lies. An inquest will be held this week. A POLICEMAN ASSAULTED. Iuut aigbt Officer Devlin, or the Tenth Preeinot, no ticed several men standing on the corner or Rayard and Chryttie streets, apparently in a state of Intoxication. II* ordered them away, and after some worde bad paaaed between tbem the party assaulted bun. Tho officer used his club to considerable advantage, how ever, and t-uccceded In arresting two ol them; a third waa afterward uken into custody. Th>- men gave their names as Patrick Doyle and Patrick Mel.ougUI n, of No. ISi Uaitson street, and Patrick ttheehau, ol No. 93 Madison street. THE SEVENTH'S NEW ARMORY. j GltOUKD TO LK BBOKKN KABI.Y IN JULY?CIE CULAB OP THK Kr'MCKIPTION COMMXTTKK. | As ihe lima approaches lor the commencement of I the n?w Seventh Kogiinent Armory interest in the un | deruking visibly Increases. The subscriptions have I now reached tliu turn of $81,500, and tbo Uuildiug j Committee leal warranted in breaking ground without ! further delay. The work will, therefore, begin as soon a* (be numerous preliminary arrangement* are com pleted, winch, it la expected, will be etrly lu July. Tbo site selected on the block bounded by Sixty-sixth j and Sixty-seventh streets aud Fourth and Lexlugton avenues is looked upon by members us one well calcu. la led to suit their purposes, aud eminently superior to their present crumpud aud dangerous quarters at Tompkins Market. In the Utter place but two com panies at the most can be drilled at the same time with safety, and tbe drill room being on ibe third floor i makes it Inexpedient, if not impossible, to go through with the more vioieut evolutions. In tbe now armory tho main regimental drill room will be situated on too ground floor, and so ai rangod that it can be divide into two company drill rooms or thrown Into one large battalion room its occasion may require. Counoctcd witli tbe drill room and fnciug on Fourth avenue will be a buildimr containing the rooms lor tbe leu compa nion and Ibe quarters lor tbe lleld, stair and non-com missioned flail, besides apartments for the Hoard of Offlcors, Veteran Association, baud and drum corps, Janitor and armorer. Tbero will also be apartments lor a gymamuui, reading room and library, and several rooms lor squad drills. The uuildiug. which will have a frontage ol 4U> feet aud a depth of '200 feet, will be three stories lngb aud built of brick, with granite trim mings. Tbe total cost is set down at $32U.OOO. Tbe time lor lay lug the corner stone has not yet been decided upon, but tho event will not take place until alter tho regiment returns Iroiu Philadelphia aud gets set tied dowu to prosy life again. The occasion | will be one ol general imerest, and elaborate prepara- j lions will be made to render it memorable. It is not 1 unlikely that Hie Freemasons will play a prominent I purl iu ibe crreuiouy, us large numbers of the mem bers belong to that Order. Tbo corner stone will be laid by some higb olllulal, probably tbe Governor of j the Suite. The following circular. Just issued by the Subacrip- j tion Committee, will be lound ot interest:? CIUCILAH. To tuk>' Axn Kxrun Mkshkks or rns SavicaTU I KkuiskHiT, .N.O.S..N.V. The General Committee on New Armory, consisting of ! representatives Irom tho Hoardof OIQrvrs and the several ' companies ot the Seventh reirltmmt, and Irom the Hoard j of Mauagouient and the several companies ol the Veteran I Avsoclatlou. having decided with great unaniniitr tliat iu j urder to secure permanent possession ot tbe site aud to j Insure the eracttou of the new armory required It is I necessary to commence the work during the preseut year, tin Subscription Committee respectlully ap|>ealr to the \ veteran anil exempt members ol the r giiuent who hare uot airsady subscribed in sid the enterprise by liberal contribu tions to the Seventh Begimeni New Armory Fund. II every j one ol the 2.MX) veteran and exempt members uf therein- ! nient residing lu New Yerk aud violulty* subscribes : accordiOK to bis means the work will proceed wlilt out interruption to completion. The liberal sub scriptions already received Irom citiseus who have never been personally connected with the regiment, and who have only u general interest lu its welfare and prosperity, are a I guarantee of a large additional amount Irom the citiieus, bustueaa men and taxpayers ol tbe city of New York when ever it is necesaary to earnestly appeal to thetn on this sub ject. The influence of the veteran and exempt members of the teiriment in securing subnetIptlons from tbe cltiaens generally caunot be overestimated. | The uieiubers ol the Geuersi Ooinuilttee irom the Veteran Asauelntiou are earnestly reauosted to continue their cmu vusa lor subscriptions until all who Intend to subscribe have had su Hpportuuity to do so. Tho payment of all subscrip tiou? at the earliest date poaalble is also requested, for the reason that all moneys deposited to tbe credit of the i ; trii-tees uf the fund draw Interest, and to the end thst the j Kuiidlnir Committee may be able to prosecute the work of I the preccat year during the months most favorable lor that putpose. ' The Subscription Committee will publish on tho 4th of ] July, fur private circulation, the Urst or "Centennial" edl ,1 lion uf tbe "Subscription List of i he Seventh Keirluient New j Armory Kuud," which will cotitalu the names of all who ! have subscribed to tbe fund to tbe amount of feft each, and who do not object to their names appearing in tbe list, i The names ulll be arranged alphabetically under the several heads of citizens' subscription, veterun I subscription, regimental subscription ana ladles' sub I scription. and the pamphlet will i leo contain the names of the members of tlie (ionerai Committee, a state ment of the coudrtiou of the fund and of tbe progress of the wurk, a sketch ol tbe general plans of ti.o new armory and other information connected with tbe enterprise valuable for releronee anil preservation. Veteran and exempt member* who have not subscribed or who desire to increase their subscription previous to this pub- | llcation. can do so through their company com- | I uilttees or by direct communication with tbe Itecordiui; Secretary, Charles T. Dillingham, No. 078 Broadway. Proof copies ol the pamphlet will bo sent to all membors of the I committee lor correction. The ladies' subscription has now reached $1,903, aud vet eran and exempt members are requested to take the neces sary measures to Increase the Hat mid tho amount. Very respectfully, WILLIAM C. CASKY, Captain and Chairman of Subscription Committee. Joscru D. Tayloh, Veteran and Secretary. OBITUARY.' Q. M. D. BLOKH, EDITOB. A telegram from Cincinnati under date of the 28th instant report* the sudden death of Mr. U. M. L>. IMoss, one of the editors of the Cincinnati Km<juirer, a geutio man who baa been widely known throughout the Unitod States, during many years past, fur his talent and ability. Mr. Hloss was killed lustantly yesterday, about half-past seven in tne eveuiug, while walking on the trait ol the Little Miami Railroad, near Branch Bill station, where ho resided. The engineer blew his whistle, but Mr. Bloss, apparently not hear ing the signal, remained on the track. lie was struck by tho engine, his skull crushed and both his legs broken. lie was an emluenlly popular writer. KKKTl'll Or ills LlIK. Tbo deceased geuileman had been connected with tho Cluclnnati Enquirer lor twenty-live jeurs and was a prominent auinority, among democratic politicians, on statistics. Be was u warm personal iricnd and ad mirer ot Bon. 0. U. Hondleton. ana, although a stead last supporter of tbo democratic party and an earnest worker in its behalf, he never lieid ollloo. Two years ago ho was a candidate lor Congress, but faile-1 of elec tion, owing to the weak support ol his partisan*. Bo was lltty years ol age, born in Dorhy, Vu, and leaves a wile and lour children Tho Cincinnati Uaxrttc ol Jsnuiry, 1ST4. published the following notice ofhun:?"Mr. G. M. U. Illoss, who has had a leading position in the editorial depart inent ol tho Cluciniiatl Enquirer (or about twenty years, has retired therelrom. This change in u person ot so much prominence in Cincinnati Journalism inakea proper more than an or>iiuary announcement. Mr. Bloss anno here when tlrst starting in life, alter bavins studied law with Judgo W. J'. Allen, of New Yoric, whose oltlce ho Sell in 1851. Be began on tho Enquirer in September, 1852, on a three months' < uuipulgu engagement. That paper was then owned by Karan & Kobinsou. Through mu tual liking bis engagement was prolonged, aud lias con tinued during me various chaucos in tlie proprietor ship till now, when, .although soil \ouiig, Mr. llioss has hud the longest service as a |x>liticul writer ol any editor now In ihe West, Mr. Hloss was a quick and lorcible writer, a man of great capacity lor work, ot a wou derl'ul memory for tacts ol political history aud election sthtlstics, a faithful democratic partisan, with a taleut for the bruin work ot party management, ami withal ot a genial and kindly nature. Be call count among his persouul friends most of the leading democratic politicians of Ohio. When Mr. l'endletou made the campaign for the I'residenilal nomination Mr. Blos8 wrote his lite. Be was Chairman ol the Committee on Resolutions of Ihe Ohio Hemncratic CoutVntion of 1872, aud wrote the platform of tho Uroeloy departure. Bo also wrote the resolutions ol the Hamilton County Democratic Couveiitlou ol last tail, which were regarded as a pretty piece ol platloria art. Mr. Bloss has never sought or held olllce, and lu the midst of corrupt party practices has aiways kept himself personally tree Iroin them. Bo is a man ol frugal habits, which have made lum content with a moderate Income, ho bar u country residence at Branch Bill, where he exercises his taste lor rursl cul ture. Mr. Biosa has out w isbes lor Ins future succcou." ADAM GORDON, M. 1'. A telegram from I'ort I'erry, Ontario, Canada, an nounces the death of Adam Gordon, Member of the Dominion K'arl'amcnt, alter a brief illness. Bo expired yesterday morning at l'ort I'erry, to the great grief ol a wioe circle ot Iricuds. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN STEAMERS. DAT 18 OF DKPABTUIIB* Mil* ,\KW YOKK FOK TUB MONTHS or MAY AJfU Jt'kB. SnmiMr. tail*. I DtUimitUm. Idaho An ,v?inia Halo 01 PiubitIi. Ml Via knrlaad. Celtle Koiivia Main ' St. Laurent Kastla. Gellert Rotterdam ?mm .... Adriatic City ui Cneater..., Aimtratla . A<-aiia Nicku Kranee >mda Nrrthia Stat* ot Vlrrtnia. Piuuiiirraala WVi-f CUj ol Richmond Per* I re Aneborla Wisconsin 1' Calami If ammonia Britannic Knrpt Anpl a ft Germain Mate of Indiana.. Goethe ? Hay :#>. )May 31. I.tuna I. | J line t. .lull* H. June a. Jane a. .lane a. Julia H. June 7. June s, J litis is June to. Jllll.' 10, JUIIA Hi -ItlllV In June In. Tune In. June 10. June ia, June 14. '.Iiini* |.V Jjne 15 June 17, lune 17 Inns t7. ?lane !>?. I ane 2J Juue '."J. Jnue 2*. tune 24 tune 24 tune 21 Inns IJuae 2!>. I l.lvariKKi... Liverpool,. Glaairew.... Ilamtiurv. Liverpool., LI a ertiool Glasgow. ,. hremen.... Havre ? . I.ivcrpool.. ll amount.. Koltirilam. Liverpool,. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. London ailaairaiw..., Bremen.... Havre Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Gla?ruw... Hamburg,. Bremen ... Liverpool.. Havre Glatirow.,, i Liverpool.. Koiterdam. Hamburg.. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. I/O nil mi,... Havre I Glaarow i Hamburg.. 2W Broadaray 4 Howling Or?aa 72 Broadway HI Broadway UK Broadway ?7 Broadway 7 Bowling Greaa V Hi.wltiii Graea ?Vj Broadway 4 Bowling Graea lit Broadway ?SI Brmaaiway itl Broadwa* S7 I'.roadway 15 Broadway 7 It. 7 Bowling Graea 2 Howling Graea ?V? Broadway 2t< Broadway 4 llowllny Gram 72 Broaalway HI Uxiaitway 2 Bowline Graea 15 Rrosdway 56 Broadwav 7 How lint Graea 21i Krnadwav 150 Hroaowav Al Krnndway H7 Hraiadwae iHI Broadway 7 Hewlmif i.reea ">5 Hriaadway i75 It rondwae 181 ll'oadway ?^?NOTK'K TO 0APTA1 K'fl OK V RKHKLH IN THE COASTING AXI> rOUKlGX TRADE-Captnlna or .ifflcen of venaela eui;ai;ed In the coasting or torelita trail*, ubaarvlng the dlsplaceiaest or removal of aea buoy*, ar? reaiattteal to con nienieate the lact to ilia IIubald. >o thai It may be bnmjrht pablieiy to the attention of the aroaar aatbarlttaa. A letter addre??ed "to the editor of the Hkbalb, New York city," gl? ing at accurately a? poaaible the number and potilluu of di.placed buoy. or tbe rtuu of tlielr removal, will auUce In all caeca observed along the Atlantic aad Pacific coaataef tbe American Continent. When ibey are observed on tbe roa?t or European countries or la the Mediterranean It l? requeued that information be aent either by telegraph or latter to the Loudon oflice of tbe Ngw Youk IIkiuld. 4t) ., *t London, or to the Pari, oflice. HI Avenue da Opera, P?rit Where the telegraph la uaed deapatehea may u. addrcwed "Bennett. 40 Pleet .ireet, London," or Bennett. U1 Avenue de I'Optra, Pana." Where CAMS Of emplacement are observed in tbe water, of couuiriej beyond t le ri ach of the to I .graph, at In Aala or Africa, captain* may communicate with ua upon reaching the Orat convenient jwrt. Thla Information wUl be cabled Iree of charge to tbe UkftALD and published. TinT?1ItniTiC^Tw-^PTUNS OF VE8SKLS F.NTKICINO OKT OK NKW VORK AT NIUHT?TheNaw Yog* Umualo baa adopted a dUtingui.hlngCo.ton night at goal fo, on the IIkkalp .team yacht, .hewing while burn * CO'or* r#d- "*?*? n>d. changing Irotn oue to the other n euceeuiou. and can be aean aeveral mile. dUtank Cap taln. of veaaeU. upon teeing thla algnai. wiU oblige ua br preparing any marine a... ,her mmj have lor the Ship Aew. Jienartnient of the Hbbalu. daalrou* of communicating with vaaaela arrlr. Vork "? d" ?" ?>* add reaving ,Uen fawu. ! * ???. yacht, pier No. I Kaat Kiror. Xaw York ^?tteri. received from ail part, ofthc world and promptly da llvered. Duplicate, ara reqnlred. ALMANAC FOR NEW YOEK?THIS DAY. SUIT AND MOOS. I W.T_, Sun N? i i4, J ?or I?'??,d....n??rii l <v, "?? ? Si I S"A'!r1;::SS '? ;! POM' OF NEW JTORK. ^AY 28. 1876. i AlililVALS. uro.TM ,r T? ?h,ald~a? yacuts a? herald WlllTKSTONg TKI.KGRAP1I USX. Vuacnatowu foth wHh n.d.e '} is l""1'""1 ,w ?"d Corn,. ' Wllu n'd,ie ?nJ W- paa?oiiirera to K J Que?^?own*,Xlr,Alhrt?2,p""?^Ter?^1 Mnv 17th and fturit i." 3Uh *'?, IS?. ?u y w ?' .tcnniHhlp Kmpt tinned eaat'? "ILiP "t' w*.p"****' national pa.aed .teainaliip Hiif?l?o /M.i ' Ul*1 J3' -Utli. lat 41 :t3 |on 58 41 r,?'" V"rk 'or "all J Meam.hlp bnnna eaat ' pwd ? Canard and White Star 4.S! iter. to Hend r?on Bro. wllh n,d*' and l'??ee 10th. Samana IHth. Porto'' PlVta'aofh' ri St 5^",,.n*0 cl4T au?l Turk. I.UnS 2 *d wi.i, l i Cape Ilavtieu Jl.t I* Clyde .t Co. Mav "8 4 A * i? a*" P!1"**"*?" to Win lot. wa. run in to b vaT' an k no--. iu ? <*??vy rail and part ofcaLln cirH^ I-.*'""J"" Rnd "*d "*rm unknown " t?rri?d "ay: damage to a.hoouer toNS?vr F.'rri'.'lic?''*'"- S"V"'"h 4 wHU mdae f?rk' wUh'JSdM A!d'' 0onch? R'cbmona. ritv Point and Nor .bio Cn ?,d P??.euirer. to t!,e Old Uom.nion tfctef.JW'a'* W,Un#,t' with coal to 'f*1 ? ??->okh ^.roh * ou.DeUwar* Br*? S'ctf. ,U ^ te ZZTM W*ache?ter -"?h doT.!'wi?".uSHr "n"dnd?^r"5.- u?'i "?'?'""Trinidad. 20 J K Whitney A t:* ?^???-? ?o Dwight A Piatt; veaael to .autf irKA^atibu7s?n'15 d*"- "<??? Schr Minnie ?? ^ud ll" ',/ Hawklm 9 to liavenioyer A Elder- veual tn l *uKlkr tolt^iJi. Br?"*c5"' CI,nfQ?K"? aS?diy."lB ballaat Hewlett * Co"0 vewVlTo n*w"l?J'T!l > ",dl,y V" *lumber to 4<). I,... 74% ;p , "1 Kh"1 *, 23- '?? 35 Porto Bello. Ocean Pearl. Irom Baltimore tor j j i-ii.r..rAKj o: v#M*1 to mM,er '' khjaght. WlllettH, Virginia ^c',r 7.w" Mary., Crowley. Virginia 8ch? Panl Arr?h*11- ,'elet?. Virginia. 5f|,J i,*uJ A Thomp.on, Brown. Virginia. ? ' ??"'? J?n?. Bowker. Virginia* ^ ? "?Vr- L?v^l.nd. Virginia. Scbr hlnhad, I^erry, Virginia. Knhr r*<r*a ('.UlJcn' ' ""en, 'ieorirrtown DO Kchr J II ???? HiilndiJlphll 4 ^ WU- "?t4> tk PASSED THROUGH HELL GATE. BOUND SOOTH. ?&. aawrisrw.?. a: M: SojnriS,TOl?-vT^ ?S: Sir11'~". s. Sihr V L Kenny, lo'tnan. Kocklaud for Vev V.X ?Jj w"/y L*,"?'do". Rockland lor New York. l'*yHry'??W0- ??"' for New York DChr h N^rantop White Portion,* n7 rLl t' . Kchr Grace, ('iuhTng Portland rlr'vi^Yort'* Y?rk* r I..L?'-"owll"n. Kockland for New York !Vl?hJ r?- ' rovldencn l?r N>w York K.0 /1 . VfT"* M,l"i lor New York *or?yth, lloljbt.., Stamford lor New York. BOUND EAST. dtnve Wm * tJver'"' M???"'d. fooghi.r:;.r|de for Provl M>r Uv7nr.V,Vir?V8uli!Lve.?DAdr,,,t r,,r.N'.W Schr Prancl. Kll 'u^eV?.ru'..L*0LV '"?'{'?"?iead. BELOW. Bark Kong Carl (Nor), from Bergen April 21. Wind at tunnel. 8: inldnlirht, >-W. Barometer at wiivt, 7.1,1)7: midnight, 20.90. MARITIME MISCELLANY. We are Indebted to the purser of the steamer T.vbee, from Bt Duminiro City, Ac. Tor favor*. Bark JknKT Qu**01.o (Ital). from Bordeaux for Mon trexl. beforu reported aahore at Glace Bay, ha* become a total wreck. Hcmi * Alter, Warwick, from Trenton fur New Haven, wliile in tow of Iiijj Currlne. night of 27th (nut. -.truck the point of rocks at North Brother, near the llirhthouse ami Hlle.l In 1ft minute*. She nuw lira on the flat* south of Bicker'* UUutl. A survey will probably be held. No Uvea lert. Mtaxixa Vbiii-Bark Georglana (Br), v'ranc, which left New Orleans Jan it) lor Liverpool. ha* not arrived oat. arid the length of time that ha* claimed leave* very little hope of her ever acain being heard of. Lavkciikd?The new bark Itonu* wan *ttcce**(ully launched the yard ot llntchm* k Stubbs, Yarmouth. May 2o. May 11, from the yard ol Mr. Joteph J llarrt*. on the Weat Aide. Port Jelfereon, a aelir named the Josie Crowlev, owned by David Crowley. of VonV er?. and Intended fur ttic (ton* and brick trade. Her dimensions are:?Length of keel. 7H leet; brain. 27 feet: hold. 8 feet 2 luclie*. earnlug capacity about Krftton*. Mr. Harris U negotiating with New York partle* for u achr of about HX) ton*. NOTICE TO MARINER& The buoy Indicating College Point lleef. ha* drifted ever 800 feet to the we?tw?rd ol' It* proper poaltlon. SPOKEN. Ship Prince l>enpold (of Ht John, XR), bound weit. May 11, lat .">0 N. Ion 22 W. ship Itouochan (Br), tteering Writ, May 10, lat 46 Ji, Ion 38 W. Hhlp Mataura (Br). Homer, from Havre for Sandy Hook, May i:i, 4:?<? (fi miles west of the Kastnet. American ship idvital .liylli. Irum Liverpool for Yalpa ra'so, April It, lat J S) S, Ion 27 Ul W. Bark Rochester (Br), from Liverpool for Quebee, April 24, lat 4ft. Ion 27. Bark hlisa Oulton (Br), Black, from Troon lor Matauiaa, April 21. lal 2.">. Ion 37. Itark I'hurlotle A Littlefleld. Carver, from Cardiff for Kurrachee. March 8, lat 32 it. Ion 1W W. * Bark l-ulgma (Bri. Turner, trmn Liverpool for Rio Ja neiro. May 10, lat 4* 4<> X, Ion 10 W. Bark Thouia* Kellor tllri, from lit John, NB, for Brlitol j Channel, May <0, lat W. ion 4<> Bar a Jane Anna, of Dublin, (br Quebec. April 24, lat 4S 44 N. ion 27 4(1 W. Bark Mar Queen (Br), from New York for New Zealand, ; April 29. lat 34 ">7 N, Ion HU 40 W, 14 days out - all well. Hirk li?b?nont of St John, .\H, buuod cunt, May 15, off . Start Point. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND CAPTAINS | Merchants, shipping agent* and *blpma?len are Informed that by telegraphing to the IIkhald Loudon Bureau, ad dressing "Bennett. No. 4?t Fleet street, London." or to the Pari* office, addressing "Bennett, HI Avenue do I'Opera, Pari*." the arrivals at and departure* Ir. m Kuropoan and Xaatern port* of American and all loreliin vessels trading with the United 8tate*. the same will be cabled to thl* coun try Iree of charge. Captain* arriving at and (ailing from French and Medi terranean ports will find the Pari* olHce the more ooooomI eal and expedition* for telegraphing now*. OUR CARLE SHIPPING NEWS. AMTMtDii, May 27?Arrived, sclir John 11 Krau*, Pitch ?r. New Orleans. Aarwxar. Mav 27?Arrived, ihlp Cyclone, Treat. Mew York; bark Charlie Hickman (Br), Blahop, Baltimore. BBIIIOU Mar 28?Arrived, bark Bucefalo (Ital), Chleia, ! Philadelphia. | Smiiu, Mar 2??Arrived, bark* Vereaiea (Mori. ?? rlckaea, JUw Ctrl* an*: 27th, St Bmkifl (Oel). New York. Arrived in ths Wrier 2o?b. bark T C Berg (Uer). Bruno, IV&imuU, CAKpirr. May 27?Arrived, ahip 8 K Uerny. Small, Ham burg. Cadii?Arrived, schr W B Merrick, Baker. Baltimore. Cartuauxxa? Arrived, *chr George Peabody, White, New York Di'xxikk, hay M? Arrived, bark Mlgnoo, Soule, New Or 1MB*. KiUiouTll, Mey 2*? Arrived, bark* Vnaniua iBr). Nlck eraoii. Aatoria, O; Scopo Jul), Oltvari, Philadelphia; alao the "LulgiDa," from dj. Ukmoa-Arrived, brig Alice Br ad thaw (Br), Sanford. 1'hll. adelphia. liui.L, May 27?Mailed, bark Agatha iNor). New Yerk. Hxlvokt, May 27? Sailed, bark CvlumbM (Uer), Iblder (from Rotterdam), Philadelphia Arrived 27th, bark Anaa (Au?), Yldalich, New York via Qaeenatewo. Havrk, May 27?Arrived, ibip Golden Role, Morie, New Orleans; bark John Sheppard, Barge**, Batavia via Queen* town. LivcirooL, May 28?Arrived, tblp* John Gamble* (Br), Leigbton. San Fraaciaco; Rydalmere (Br), William*, do; bark* Zarlcli (Br), Footer, Penaacola: Palermo (Br), Mc Laughlin, do via Queenatown. Losooi), May 28?Arrived, sblp Brilleh Nation (Br), Cor ntH, New York. Arrived at Uraveaend 28th. bark American Eagle (Br), Tu*iar, Penaacola. Lkitu, May 28?Arrived, bark Loulta U (ltal), Colombo New York via Quecnitown. Plymoctu, May 28?Arrived, iteamer Wielaad (Uer), Q? bich. New York for Hamburg (and proceeded). balled 28th. bark Norditjerneu (Nor), Philadelphia. Pkmxambuco, to May 27?Sailed, brl* O B Mtillman, Tlb batt* (arrived* from Klo Janeiro), for Aracaty to lead for Liverpool; eclir Tampico. Boulioff, ltin Gnnde. (Ji-kexitow*, May 27?Arrived, bark Lalla Rookh (Br). Dakln. Philadelphia. Arrived 28th, itcamir Ohio, Morriaon, Philadelphia tor Lherpool (and proceeded). AUo arrived 28th, 7 :'J0 PM, iteamer Germatic (Br), Ken ned j, New York tor Liverpool (and proceeded.) Kottrrbam. May 28?Arrived, bark Orpheu* (Nor), Jan*, ?en. Baltimore. Kio Januuii, to May 27?Ballad, iteamer Nclllo Martin (Br), Jackion. New York, Ac; alio the Newton, tor do. Loxavi, May 28? Bark Reunion. Bmerioo. from Qenoa May 14 lor New York, hn* foundered off the Island of Elba Crew laved. tThe Reunion wa* built at Waliloboro. Ma, in lMi, bailed from lioiton aid reglitered U8 tonal WBATHRB REPORT. Falmouth. May 28. Pt|?Wind N. moderate; Una. IloLrjRAO, May 28, PM?Wind SW, moderate; cloudy. FOREIGN P011T8. Bi'isoi Aran, April 12?Sailed, bark Samuel B Hale, llaveu, Java (not called May 2). Calukha, March 3D?.Sailed, bark Slla* Flab, Sawyer, 1 outline. HALirAx, N8. May 27?Arrived lint night, iteamer Nova Scotlan (Br), Kloliardion, Baltimore for Liverpool. Montkvidro. April 15?Arm*", whr lialtie N (Jove, Mer chunt. Ruario mud vailed 18th for Antwerp); 18th, bark Eiuma Prance* (Br), Burn*. Buenu* Avre*. ? Suiied April 14, achrC It Benaon, Duff, Falmouth. Pari. May 5?Sailed, *chr T Morrl* Perot, UandolpU, New York. Kio Guandr, April 13?Arrived, brig Neptune'* Car (Br), Pike, Richmond, Va. Sauca. Mav 10?Sailed, bark Sarah E King*bury. Water home, Button. Trull IsLAin, April 22?Arrived. *rhr* J A Lord, Thomai, Venciuela (and cleared 28th for New York); May H. Mou ?ita. Willlugale, Jamaica (and rleared 1 :<tl? for Philadel phia) ; 12th, Clara Fletcher, Sargent. St Thomai (and cleared 10th for Philadelphia) ; 15th, M A Coomb*. Coomb*, Cape ilaytl (and cleared 17th tor Philadelphia); Ifth, Francl* Hatch, Ureen, New York; Minnehaha, Swiit, Porto Cabello. Cleared?April 29, brig Iiabel (Br). Woodburn (arrived April 28 Irom Bahla). St John*, NF; May 4. bark Petunia (Br), Prior (from Dcinerariii, for do; 13th. hark JeAiiin; 17tli, brig Rauger (Br), Le Grand (arrived 13th from Rio Janeiro), l'aapeb'.ar. Paned by April 20, *chr Fannie Pike, Boblnaon, lrom Pemaeola tor Savnnllla. Victoria, May 10?Puued down, ship Frank Auitin (Nic), Auitln. lor San Franciacn Arrived 18th, bark Sunny Petrel (Br), Read, San Fran cilco. [Pkr Stkarkr Pauthia, at Boston. J Abkrdovy, May 13?Sailed, Glenalvon, Mlramlchi. Austkuuaii, May 12?Sailed, Paul Peichanr, Ma a*. New York ; Attlla. Johnson. do. AxTWKHe, May 14?Mailed, Earl of Elgin. Alexander, Philadelphia; Aladdin, Jensou, America. Sailed from Fluihliig 12th. Clara, Kilien, Ouebec: Sjo dronnlngeu, Shell, uo; Argo", Gladroaaich, New York; North em Chief. Miller, Sandv Hook. Boi'hkkmoctii. 1W, May IS?Off, Wooloomooloo, from Loudon for Rio Janoirn. ltKLraxT, May 13?Sailed, Anita Garibaldi, Ratetlo, Balti more. CARDirr, May IS?Sailed. Challenge. Sharp, Hong Ken?. Corf.inauxx, May 10?Arrived. Ilendrlk ibaen, Raamuj sen. Mobile. Paaied by 9th, Titauia, Albrethaen, from Pillau tor Boa toll. Cadiz, May 9?Sailed. David Bugbee, Slower*. Gloocoater, Mail. 1>artmoith, May 15?Sailed. Axel. Bast I mien, Ouebec. Dublix, May 13?Cleared, Alexandra, tiaageu, Quebec. DuXDAtk, May 14?Sailed. Sophia Cook. Cook, Sydney, CB. 11 ATT AX, May S?Arrived. Aurora. Eltvedt, Savannah. LivHBrooL, May 18? Arrived, Baltic (*). Perry. New York. Hailed 15th. Aidborough, Mcl.ean, Plctou; Southern Right*. HavwarJ, do; Olenora. Hay ward, Halifax : Titian (a), Criap, Prince Edward I aland: lHtli, Gen Birch, Peder aen. (Quebec: Miranda, Ander*ou, Philadelphia; Erua, A* bjornnen, Mlramlchi. Cleared 15th. Lauri Emily, Johnion. Bull River. Lokion, May 1R?Arrived. Lindola, Koatr:.p. Charleiton. Sailed from Uraveaend lUth, Governor Wllmot, Cardiff, Ac. Lizard. May 1(1?Paaaed bv, Baltimore, Fokker, from Bremen tor Baltimore; Lilile Fennoil, Koblnaon. trom Ant werp for Cailao. M auskiLLk*. May 10?Sailed. Ninette, Solandi, New York. NKwrorfT, Mar 15?Sailed, Vaareu, Petenen, Montreal. MwcAstLK, May 15-Cleared, Kniglit Templar, New York. Nouukopihu. May 10?Cleared, Kolketeiten, Olaen, iloa ton via Gefle Palais, Bi. May 12?Pasaed by, Thomaa Hllyard, Uuinape and (^ueenatown lor the Loire. aiK(X*TOw>. May It)?Sailed, Wa*Ja, Uppman (from ladnlphia). I^eith. Siluitm, May 15?Sailed. Arfacaad. Co**ovleh, New York. Smvnna. May 5?balled. Mareica. Fionga, New York. WATRRroko, May 15?Arrived, La Salette. Landanxa, Bal timore. I Per S ri. a Mien Cri.tic. 1 AxrwKRr, May 14?Sailed front Flushing Bonds. Aladdin, Jensen. America. Harrow, Ma; 18?Sailed. Amykos, ('arisen. Miramlcbl. May 16?Sailed. Scotia, Mud, Delaware Break water. Hrkmkx, May IS?Arrived, Braunschweig (?), I'nileutsch, Baltimore. Sallcii 14th, Johann Ludwig. Iloljeii. Baltimore. Hraciiy Hkap. May 17?<iff. Earl o( fclflu, Alexander, from Antwerp lor Philadelphia. Horiikaux. May 15?Sailed, Montmorency, lliilart, Han Francisco; KSth. Atlanta, Davie*, Quebec. Cmtiirr. liny 18? Arrived, Zuloika, Walsh. Bilboa. Cadiz, May 12?Arrived. II L Wblttimtr. Rich, Barcelona. Sailed 13th, Fred A Carle Condon, Gloucester, Maw; Lil lian. Campbell, do. > Dkal. May 17?Off. Marie. Lovold, from New Orleans for Ipswich. Di-xpalk. May 17?Arrived in the bay, I.aboramus, Adair. Darien; will remain at auctior lor a lew dayi waiting springs; will tow to tbr quay. Uinulk, Mny 17?Arrived, Lndwle. Granvold, Galveston. iMin.i.v. May 17?Sailed, Alexaudrln, lor Quebec; Lydla Chalmers, t-t John. NH. Arrived Wtli, Kong Carl. Baltimore. Grkkkock. May Id-Sailed. Trtiax Propositi, Ellertsen, Montreal; 17th. Hubert, II. Imstedt, <lo. liLASUlOW, May HI ?Sailed, Ca.idian (a), Montreal. liniRAi-TAK, ^ay 10?Cleared. Esther, lor Quebec. 11Ki.vofc.T. Mav 15?Sailed. Johanna, Koepcke, New York (and anchored in the rond? lUlhl. Harm r.;. May 18?Salted Iroiu Cuxhaven 15tb, Schiller, Lap-man, San Francisco. Havre, May 18?Arrived. Prussia, Stinson, ludependencia Bay. LlvtcRfooL, May 16?Arrived. Vertallndet, Sew Or leans (7); Peruvian <?), Richardson, Portland; lHtb, llockla is), Ulllinirv. Boston. Sailed 16th. l.aura Einlly. Jnbnsou. Bull Biver, HC: Sidon Tellefseti. llsltiniore; 17th, Casilda, Pike. Suudy llook' Truer, McNeill, Bathnrst. NH: ISth. Benjamin Sewell. Pen nell, Philadelphia: Reynard, Field. Boston ; .luventa, France' St John. Nil; Record, Dalsiel, Quebec; J as Duncan, Kick man, t harlnttetown. I'li-ar. It 17th. Onkel Adermann, Mann. Quebec; Grand vllle Belle, Pur4y, Sydney. CB. Lonim>x. May 1(1?Cleared, Johan Wllhelm. Albrechi, Philadelphia; Iris, Armstrong.Sandy llook land lell Graves en.I istbl; Kmily Fllnn. Blanc*. Quebec: 17th, tiaiuma .si, Luckbiirst, do laud passed Ileal lrtth); Viator, Keg, Phila delphia; IH.h, Abraham >kaile, Gregersen. New York; Bremen. Lietke, Sandy llook. Filtered out Itlth. E V Aliuijvlst, Bixlen, Boston. ? Sailed from (irawsend 17th, August, RicMbucto; 18th, Emily Fllnn, Quebec. Uiwvuiiiit, May 16?Arrived In the roads. Sendemandcn, tilertsi'ii, Baltimore. l.lsaox, May 12?Sailed, E 11 Drummond, lllggins, Hall lax. MARvruKT. May 17?Off, SoHld. Jorirensen, Irom Darlen. Maiiseii.ias May 1M?Sailed. Ann. Poshich. New York. Nkwpout, May 18?Sailed, Jefferson Borden, Patterson, Bermuda. Arrived 17th, J II Gordon, Gordon, Antwerp for Buenoe Avres Nkwcaxtlx. May 10?Cleared. Semlramis (Nori, Kan Fran cisco mot Am ship Seiniranils, as reported per cablel. Nr.wnr. May 1.1?Sailed. Queen of Hearts Mlramlchl. Pnawi.ii Poixt, Mav lH?Passed by, lit Paul, Wood, from Antwerp for New York. I'LvaotTH, May 16?Off the KddystoM, Utile rennell, Hiuith. from Antwerp for Callao. Off the Llsard liltb, Ada Gray. Race, from Antwerp for Montevideo; Glasirow, from Sunderland for Quebec; lrtth. Gov Wiluiot, from l^iiidon for Cardiff. Porti.axi), May 16?Off, K 0 Rlekmers, stolt. from Darlsn for Geestemunde. I'll.Lai'. May 14?Arrived, Empress, Yehlow. Baltimore. Porto PragA, April '.'7- Arrived, Arthur Eggieso, Kruse, Boston (since reported Inst). Qukrxstowx. May 17?Hailed, Csko, Blum (from Balti more). London. Arrived ISth. Bifrost Is). Wettergren. Philadelphia. KrvAL. May 1'J?Sailed, Rockwood, llelsp. Sweden. Bio OitAXDK no Set., April tf?Balled, Ella. Leek, New York. akvillk. May II?Hailed, Fordensk|old. olsen. Sew York. St Michakls. May 4?Arrived, H Joaquin, Velha, St Marj's. St VmrtdiT, April 'JM?Sailed Sua. Soreusen. Darlen; Mav 3, AnuaT, Kagusin, Philadelphia; 4th, La, Poschieh, Delaware., May Irt?Sailed, filenroe, Mnckler, Sydney, CB. Tkxei., May IH?Sailed, Attila, Johnson, New Yerk; Mel bourne. Burns, New Orleaus. WniTniAVtt.x, May 18? Arrived, Morning Star, Turner. St John, NH. Pi'KottXRs*. May 16?The brig Maria, of Bergen. Lovolrt, from New York for Ipswich (Indian corn), haa arrived off here with cargo ntuelt heated. QurussTOWX, May 18?The Ontario fs> has sailed for Liverpool, accompanied by s tug. which will aeelM la steer ing her. ______ AMERICAN PORTb. BOSTON, May 2H-ArrlvedL steamers. C.eorg; Awold. Loveland. Hal'i.nore: General Whitney. Hal lelt. New tort, barks Nicola. Mmtii, Clenfuegos: Ceylon, Kelly. New Meu lord ; hrlg West wu-?d (Br), Sltman, Ponce , schrs Henrrw an, i dington. .?elever. Sagua; Grace Van Dusen, Reeves, Ileorire town, DC; Hill stowe. Manson. Baltimore; JaeobKlensle, | lllnUe: Kate E Ulfford. Glllord, Bowiloln, jUndall; W * A | Vtmtsr. lusllvi Lottie TarUr. Tl?IIt * JeMM Mewett Jobs A Griffin, F?ft. FblUfelvhl*: Onjcm, ?1?cl*lr, ElimaLetUpu* t; M?rv M*?fr Hoboken; i, B Ivei, Nortuit, d?; J (i fluutin.'ton H*rrt'tt. U?; Mae.'ie Mnkty, Mtflrin, ; W?*l??wkc>i: l?*rk Xirula. Miilth. Citrnfu*?"*. ! BU.TIMORK, Miijr LW?Arrive J, stuaiuor Vincltad, | Butnrit. Now York. ' . AI*V*>*rk* Knag *v**rr? (Nor), ElUatr, Tral*?; j I?*b?IU I re iBr), Jenkins, Iadtuiiidfuco Bay; brig Her man. liitcUborti, S| TUuitiiii. I Mijr JS-Airiml, itkr B L Knur, Ctlmu, | New \ork. I 20th?Arrive*. achr* I>arinn KtWy, Uideout. New York; Bengal Hull. New York. i . >ckr J B Htnkill, Barter, Port : land. to loud lor PhUadal-Uia ; fall*d-#cb** Royal Arch.< Vowel'., Washluston; Kettle 0 I l'.iiue. I hlludelphia; AKuea I Gr?. ?. Smnltcy and Flora M Crowley. kellv. do; Charles K Klrner, Corson. d.>; Emma 1 Ur?*vn. ribbi'tt*. <'liarU'fctoti. BKYKRLY. May 25?Arrived, nchr Inland City, Allen, New iorK. ??. D**PW? Yewng, Port Johnson. CHARLESTON. May 34?Arrived -.chr Fannie W John tun. Outen. Philadelphia inot u telegraphed). 2Kth?Cleared. M-br Lily. Cole. New York. Alno cleared, Hteanier City or Atlanta, WoodhuU, New Y ork ? 27th?Arrived. ?tf Miner Cleopatra, Bnlkley, New York. 28th?Sailed, brig Carosita (Sp), Barcelona: ?*?? LI nil# Lane, Georgetown. SC. IHilHTi IV. May 24?Sailed, ?chr* Sarah W Blake, BHri, and S S Smith. Snow. New York. KERNANDIN" A, May -H?Cleared. brie Woodland. Val entlnc. Mont-video: Kiir Htirdett Hart, Brooks, New York. 21 ?t?Arrived. whr? Bella Itunaell. Smith, and Sua W Townnend. Townnend. Charle*ton. FORTKH8S MONKOK, May 27?Sailed, bars Sataraa (Knt). Richmond. Panned In ?lirl,m Samuel Llndnay. from Ronton for Rich mond; Concord. I'rotn New York for Baltimore. Panned out?Burkn Ffedsall .Nor), from * orfolk for Bel fant. and llanna iNori. from Rlrliuiond for Baltic. 2Mth?Arrived, bark Teteua (Nor), from Ipawlck, B, seek l*a*sed In, Mm Morwncy. Redonnet, from Boetoa for Richmond: Dalny, McCarthy. New York for tin. FALL ItlVKlt, May 25?Sailed. f-clir Phil Sheridan, Mur phv. New York. 26th-Arrived, nteamer Defiance. Shropshire. Philadel phia: sclir. Tho* Kordeit, Cliurhuck. do; Frod Tyler, TerrlU. I'oit Jolinnon; Klin a lloitn. I-owi-. do. GALVKSTON, May 22-Sailed, bark Edward MeDowell, OreenoU'/h. New York. GKofcGKTOWN, SC. May 22?Cleared, nchr Agile, Rob ert-. New York. 2;id-Arrive, nehr Joeeph Rndd. Patterson. New York. GLOUCESTER, May ?-?'/?Arrived. Mihra Rebecca W Had dell. Deputy, Philadelphia; lltnuali M Bael. Ireland, do. ORKKNPORT. I.I. May 20-Arrlved, nrhm O 3 Daboll, Rarket, New York (und tailed 24th for Maine): Marietta, Smith, Proton, do (and naild 22d for New Bedford). KEY WEST. Mav 27? Mailed, ?chr Mary Slnsosan, Adams (from Conta hlrai. New York, havlnr repaired. KKNNEB (T VKPOKT. May 20-Arrlved, nchr G W Rawley, Rawlev. Severn River. Va. Sailed ?-'.''?th. nelir Mar* Louisa, Lowell, . MOBILE, May 27?Arrived, nchr 8 G King. Port Antonio* J|. ' I'lenrerf?8cbr T.ottle Beard. Perry. New Bedford. MAURICKTOWN. N.I. May JO-Arrived, achr W? Wal ton. Burkalew, Georgetown. SC. MYSTIC. Ct, Mav 2.">?Arrived, acbr Prenident, Rafferty. Weehnwken: alo^n I'ommerca. Tyler, Rondont. NEW OKI.KAN'S, May 2H-Arrived, nteamer New York. Quick, New York. Soi-rnwK*T Pi**, May 28?Sailed, nteamer City oi Mexico. New York; bark Oanpel (Br). Liverpool. NORFOLK, May 26?Arrived, eeht Sarah Qnlnn, Lee, New York. NEWBl'RYPORT. May 25?Arrived, ateamera Hercalea, Swanev, Philadelphia: Iniac Bell. I.atrrenee, New York; aclira Benj ('larkkon, Ireland, Richmond, Va; Mary Ella* Staple*. Philadelphia. Sailed?Kclirn Lucy K foignwell. Sweet, and Carrie God frey. Godfrey. Plilladelphia. 2tlth?Arrived, nchr nm Thomas. Llttlelohn. Hobokea. Sailed?Steamer llerculan, Swaney, Philadelphia; whl Edward Lamever. idlllken. Mayairuei, PR. NEW BKDKOKD, May 25? Arrived, nchr Earle, Canning ham, Maadont. Panned up the bay?Sclir Argo, Gorney, New lork fei Warehatn. 2*Uh-Cleared, icbr Kleetwlnr. Godlnho, Brava. OYI. 27th?Arrived, hark Mlnnenola, Rartlett, Philadslnhla, nclim L B Win*. GeorKOtown, DC; Ncleon, Harvey, Phlle delphla, NEWPORT, May 38-Arrlved, echra Henry Cole. Cha* wick, Philadelphia; O f llawlev, Tyler, Port Jobaion; Ex preni, Fow, Jonenhoro. Me. for Philadelphia. Alao ncbrn Amelia, Croabv. from New Bedford for New York:Wlllard SauUbury. Handv, do for do: Joe Carlton, Dresden, Kail River for do (and all nailed 2fith). Sailed, nchr* Aita Herbert, Allen, for New York; Nil Skinner. Tliraiher, Fall River for Ueortretown. DC; narrlal Gardner. Miller. Tattntnn for Amboy: Brandrwlne. Fenirur; Cov Coney. Ridley, and Hannah K Brown, Beckett. Provi dence for New York; Shamrock. Troy, do for Haverntrnw, Mairirie Ellen, I.lttlejohn, Plttnton. Me, for Philadelphia; M B Mahonev. Weiteott, Banjror for Camden, NJ. NEW LONDON. May 26? Arrived, nclim Onnn. Now York; Texae, Port Jolinnon for Norwich; J H Youghman, Port Johnnnn. Sailed?Schra J Metervc, New York; C C Sadler, do; Sllai Wri?ht, do. 27th?Arrived, brig Havelock (Br), Booth, Cheverie, NS, lor Norwich. Sailed?Brie J H Glllenple (Br), Foiter. Parrnboro. N8. NEW HAVEN. May 26? Arrived, nclirt J B Carrinifton, Parker, Balllmon>; W G Rartlett. Wllllamn, Port Jolinnon. Cleared?Schr Allen Gnrnev. Gnrney, Newbnrg. 27th?Arrived, nehr Gale. Bell.Trenton. PORT TOWSSKND. May 18-Airlved, bark Legal Tend er. Blair, San Frituciaco. PORT LUDLOW. May 20?Arrived, ahlp Commodore, Catheart. San Kranelncc. PEN8ACOLA, May 23?Arrived, achr Veto, Henderaoa, Mew Orleann. 24th?Cleared, bark Bertha (Nor), Olsea, Weat Hartle pool. 25th?Cleared, bark Damn! (Nor). Bakkl, Greenock; ecM Eurl II Potter. Shoarer. Clan/ow, 28th?Arrived, hark Vllle da Camilla* (Bp) Font, Havana. Cleared?Sclir *'m Kinher. I.oritur. Jamaica. PHILADELPHIA, May 28? Arrived, steamer J B Eve* man. Piatt, Richmond; nchr Matilda Brooks, Jones, Car denas. Sailed?Steamer Ashland. PORTLAND. Mo. Mav 25?Arrived, schr Casco Lodge, Pierce. Yarmouth, to load for New York. Cloared?Brie Ortolan, Dyer. Bath, to load for Philadel phia: schr* J B Marnhall. Barter, and M A Wllley. Wlllev, Kennebec, to load for PlilladelnhU : Georee E Younir, Mar shall, do. to load for Baltimore; Prank W Emory. Kalker, do, to load for Washington; Delhi, Emerson, do, to load I'oi Alexandria. Sailed?Ship Scotia: brig Ortolan; schrn Geo E Young, J B Marshall, and other*. 26tb ?Amved. hark Harriet F Hnssey, Sfcaw, Liverpool! brie A 8 Pennell. Beck. New York. Clcarod-8ehr Isabella Jewett. Fogg. Richmond, Va. PORTSMOUTH. Mav-???Arrived, brig M J Brady, Rra. dy. Lln^an, CB; nchr r'raucls Artheruua, Ptnkham. Ellsa bethport. PIIOVIDENCE, Mav 26?Arrived, steamers Catharine Whltlnir. Ilardinc. Philadelphia: Florida, ('rocker, do: schr* Electa Bailey. Smith, do: AG Lawnon. Mehrhof, Croton, NY; American Eagle, Dennis, Haverstraw; Pointer, DUI, New S'ork. Railed?Schr* J J Moore. Kackett, Philadelphia; Emily C Denninon. Allen, New York. At the head of Long Inland Sound 20th PM. bound east, schra Sarah L Thompson. Sarah R Thomas, Herbert Man ton, Mirtha Nevinn. Nelll ? v.rowoll. Gale, and C N Hlnes. l'AWTUCKKT. May 26?Arrived, schr Blaek Diamond, Smith, Port Johnmn. Sailed?Schr* B II Warford, Sprague, and J F Fell, Shrop shire. New YorX. Sailed 2f>th. nchr Lucy Baker, Allen. New York. RICHMOND, May 25?Arrived, schr Klia* Moure. Lewis, Mew York. Sailed?8chr Francis Shubert. Cranmer. tew York. 26th?Arrived, bark Texas (Her). Seldorf, New York! load lor En rone. ROCKLAND. Mav 2<>? Arrived, nchrs J E Oamage, Gross, New Vork: '-'Int. Convov. French, do: .Corvo, Tyler. Phila delphia; K C Kankln. Hall, Virginia for St John, NB; 24th, Benira'l. IIall. New York. Sailed ISth. nrhrn Tent*e?*ee, PllUbury. and R Leech, Pen dleton. New York : Allej;hanla. Bryant, do; Ifltli, C Kuieht, Bhondea. do; Lottie Amen. Ka<h. Philadelphia: Laconla, Crockett, New York; Monen Kddy, Warren, do; Mansfleld. Achoru, do; j It Boda-ell. Wallaco. Philadelphia: 20th, M I.angdon, Mullen. New York : Pont Rot. Fountain, do; 21st, G W Baldwin, Dennln. do; 2Sd, America. Coleord: K Arcu larlns, I^<rd: Leonessa. Achorn; Herald. Hall: Nautilua, Peek, and Alllc Oakn, Plllsbnry, do; 24th, American Chief, nnov, 110. SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 19-Salled, bark* Mary Glover, Mitchell, Port Discovery: Ohwu. Niel*on. Portland: Kmcr. ?Id. Wcrrn, and Koawnll Spraidir, Nordberg. fort Gam ble: (Irwt Robert*. Dahler. Port Town*end; brig Mer chantman. Matheaon, Tdnidad. 2?>th? Cleared, ?hlp Thou Korner (Oar), Pcherenberg, Na na! mo. Sailed?Ship* Orpheus (Oar), Michael, Nanalmo; El Do rado, Harden, Seattle. 2?'.th?Cleared, *.ilp* New Bra. Sawyer, Cork; Souther* Chief, IHggine. Liverpool via La Pas. L'Hth ?Arrived, * to airier Urauada, Caverly. Panama. SfcATTLE, Jlnjr 10?Arrived, bark Eureka. Wallace, San Franrlaco. 2?nh?Arrived, bark Cambridge, Kelntjrra, San Frna clu.-n. SAVANNAH, May 24?Arrived, bark Agnea (Oar), Herd**, Now York. 37th?Arrived, iiteamer Haragoeaa, Hooper. Baltimore. Alao arrived, ?ch? Anna LeUnd, Charleaton. Cleared-Scter Hornet <Br>. Nanau. Sailed?Steamer San Jacinto. Ilaiard. New York. SAT1LLA (in. May ID-Arrived, aclu Addie Ful ler. Jorgpneen. Savannah. SALEM. Mav 3.">?Arrived. uteamer William apart. WO lett*. Philadelphia: ?clir? Kieherd Law. Potter, and LneyM Collin*, CurtD. Philadelphia; Jonathan Cona. White. Ho boken. nth?Arrived, brig Abby Tliuxter. Yeaaia. Boetoa to* Bowdoinham tan<l proceeded); >chr? Wm L HI kin*. Lud lam: Narrairanm-tt, Sliaw, and K W Oodlrev, Bacheldar. Philadelphia; Alft.>d F llowe. Elll*. Port Jnbheoa; J k a Crowler, Cotton, Ellaabnthport. TACOMA. May It*?Arrived, *lilp S; irloy, Mathawi. Saa Fr*nci*cn via Port Towneend. Sllth?Arrived, bark K'emont, San Krancleco. VT NEVA P. 11 HAVEN. Mar SB-Arrived, aehri Hyena, K O Knight, and Maggta Mnlvev, New York (tor Honton: Mary, unit A W Willie, Ro-.idout tor do; Edward Walte. Port .lolm?on for Portland: Minnie B Tay lor. and Katie P Lukt. Philadelphia for do: Jaaea limine*, do for Salem; Hero. New York for do; X Taylor, (Ireenport for Nowburvport: Parte Rleo, Elliebethport for Baniror: Harriet I'hane (Br), Providence forStJnbn. NB. via Portland: Katie Mitchell. Perth Aaiboy for A agnate; Ahliy flail. South Atnboy for llav ? rhlII. Alio airivo.t at<tli nclir* Joele, Onlale fbr New \ ort; Lit ale. Sand* Klver. VS. tor do. ? ,, Sailed?Brig* 11 llavllnek (Bri. and Amelia; wltr* Katie P Lnnt. B II Knlirht. Harriet Ohaaa tBr>, Carolina Oraat M A McOahan. Porto Rleo; Maggi* Mnlvev, Hero, AW El. II*. Harp, Katie Mitchell. Ella Clifton. Minnie C Taylor Abby Hide. Jame* llotmea, Mary, HyenaJK Taylor. Ollvei JameKon, Mott Haven, American Eagle. William Arthur. I 0 Irwin. Halen A Avoe?. Henrietta. Allle Raker, Arctic * P (Br). America. Herald. Harry * Fred. WMta roam, Jen nle M Carter, Exprea*. Chllllon. C L Godfrey. Index, and Ur?r^ rmhiuv. _ _ _ WILMINOTON, NC, May *- Cleared, bark Thorn*1 0 Seed (Br). An.lrr.nn, London: bng Slim N Martin, Brown, Baltimore; cetera Nellie. Bnekirille ; Ida Dallatorre. Cbaee, Arrived, ateamer Ralelirh, CMIve'. Baltimore. Cleared?Hrla R Von Bennlmreen (Hrr), k?*tpr, Ulaagnw. WIS..'ASSET, May ltt?Mail.'.l, ecbr Cbaa W Halt. Savan ""WESTERLY, May 3??Arrived, achr Jnlla Ann, Dewitt, Hokoken; eloop Emperor. Dawitt. flo. Hailed? >chr Dreadnought. Saunders. New > ork. wickford. MayJ6?Arrived, achr Sarah B Balkley, Bnlkiey, llobokea. YACIITH. S'l'E V.UIIDA'I'M. AC. '? ?FOR " HALE OR CHARTER, STEaMSHTI'S A, Steamboat", ileum Tutri. aieam Yacht., *te*m Liur. die-. Ac. Apply *? frederick C. SCHMIDT. No. t ?oath William at. LARUK ASSORTMENT OF BOATS RBADY FOB ?ale. Order* received by T. DESMOND, boat bnllder, HMU Front M., between Oouverneur and Moutipimery *t* , New York ("lOPPBB fastened HOW BOAT*" FOIt SALE? J new and handwimely (lalehed; walnat trimming*: four teen ami ItHerii fe-t ion?: deTv competiiion. Apply to K. WYCKOFK. 1M W.<t Irtth atreet. Hew c a BIN SLOOP Yaout, ^TxTo?fast, finkl* nioilallaJ and complete. In<|alre at or addreea coal oiice Hg tlrend *t., William.tmrg. CTE V M liO AT KO R SALE - N E W T w 1THO CT HBO IS O ter. In<|iiire at 3^M_We*t *t. ^J|IBCF.I.I.A^Moi = AbsoLuTE Divorces obtained Ei?6M BifVIK ?nt State*, lor nnmeroaa e?u*e*. wtthom publicity; legal everywhere; ao oiiar^j In xdvanre: adviee free. M. Hol'SE. Attorney, lut Broadway. Absolute idiyokobb lboally obtainbd with^ out publicity; aJvlce In*. FKEDBRICK I. KINO, Ceuoeelier-at-Law and Noiarv PabUa 'JAt

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