Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1876 Page 11
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THE EXHIBITION. Saturday the Fashionable Day of the Week. A LARGE AND DISTINGUISHED ATTENDANCE Valuable Additions to Memorial Hall. Pmilabbltbu, May 27, 18TS. Saturday la evidently destined M b? > favorite day with Centennial ?lgbl?e?ra. Last Saturday the visitors to the Exhib lion were largely m excess of other daya during tba weak, and to-day the experience haa been the earn*. atira amis or tub cash book. Ab will be aeen from the official report ot yesterday the caah receipt* at the galea on Friday were $8,392 SO. This counda well, and much stress la laid by altra Buthualaats among the Centennial mad on the steady Inereaae ol the week, yesterday's receipts, tor Instance, being sn advance over those of the * lay previous. It is probable, also, that to-day's re ceipts will eveu exceed thu figure. Still, good round mm aa it appears at a casual glance, this is far yet from being a paying buaineaa The bureau* are etlil in t chaotic oondttlon, and* to obtain anything like exact Igures from the officials regarding the matter la Im possible. 1 am, however, informed by gentlemen in ibe Pay Department, who are best qualified to give sn wtimate, that the daily cost of running ths Kxbibition U about $8,i>oa This includss the pay o( 500 men en gaged in completing the large amount of uudniabed work of ail sorts, of between 1,000 and VlOOpardi, 175 firemen and a email army of sweepers, bat does net Include the monetsry outflow through other channels too numerous to mention. ths roBTuuoBaa faviliox. Modest, quiet, and yet very picturesque Is the pa vilion Just completed as a hoadquarters on the Centen nial grounds lor the Portuguese Commission, of which Baron de Saata Anna Is the chieC The building, winch Is on the Landsdowne drive, east ol Agrtoultural ave nue, near the Restaurant Lafayette, opposite to the Swedish school house, is in what the architects call the Renaissance paTilion style, and is about 60 feet square by 40 in height. It baa beon constructed under the im mediate supervision ol Mr. Kdward Sayres, tho Portu guese Consul There sre porches around three sides el the building, the rear being supported on piles which luce iato the Laudsdowno glen. The general contour of tho house is octagonal, the appearance being kept in the dome and in tower which ornaments it. The porch to the south gives admittance to the main parlor, an oc. (agonal room 26 feet by 20 leet, the entrance in the centre being by a double door, tho others being plaecd at carh corner. The roof, which conforms to the gen ground floor, is raised some six foot Into a dome, turrounded by windows, which give an abundance of li^lit to the interior. There is on the roof a small lower, from the top of which proceeds a flagstaff with tho Portuguese national colors The cost of the build ing was $3,000, and, being completed, has been banded aver to the commission from Portugal, who will at once proceed to carpet and lurnlsb It handsomely. At each corner of the villa are staffs lor pennants, and over tho main entrance the Portuguese coat of arms, or a shiold turmounted by a crown In gilt. The commission will oocupy the villa bb soon as ihe carpets can be luid. ? MOX8TBOSITY. A monstrosity has lust been placed in a passage In the Art annex, already well ftllod, which ought to be removed forthwith. It is a sroup of wax figures of ''Cleopatra and Her Family" in a large and cumber some glass case. How snch a vulgar production, which la only lit for a common country "show," ever ob tained admission to a department of One arts is some thing which somebody ought to rise and explain. As an Illustration or wax and of silk and woolleu fabrics It .?tight be stowed away in Agricultural HalL worm or thr exhibition. The unpacking of the works by American artists brought from Europe by the Uuited Slates storeship Supply is going on briskly. Hut where they are to be placed In the already crowded art department is a mys lery to the uninitiated. Many o( the sailors of ths Supply were among the visitors yesterday and to-day. They seemed especially Interested in the pictures ol naval oombats. Some of them were struggling with catalogues, snd of course were soon as far at aea as they ever ware in their lives The work of railing off the pictures snd statues is going on sa fast as is possible with crowds of people pressing around the workmen. Tkere is one matter that the Centennial authorities hare overlooked, and that is the placing of proper sign boards showing the direction of the ditlerent buildings on tho grounds Strangers are constantly inquiring the way to the various State and Exhibition structures, ind sometimes lose considerable time in finding them. The rhododendrons in the tent near Horticultural Hall are in lull bloom, and make a beautiful sight. Go to Moxico, iu the main building, and seo the 4,000 pound lump ol silver. It is worth $72,000. Visitors sre requested not to pocket it. Tho Narrow Gauge Railway is votod a nmsnnce. with its long platforms and wire fences. A practical man is wanted to manage It. The explosiou to-day In Machinery Hall was caused by the accumulation ol water, the reault of condensed steam in tho supply pipe. No provision bad been made for drawing oft the water, and when the steam was let into tha pipe a column ol water urns forced against the cap of the pipe, which weigns about six pounds, and was carried a dUtance ol about eighty feet, fortunately without injuring any one. It was a piece of culpable neglect ana might have resulted laiully if the usual crowds had been present. The rccord ol admissions lor Friday, is as follows:? Complimentary 5*7 Exhibitors and attendants 6.74n Jaish 16,785 f Total 24,112 Receipts $4,302 60 Kilty-nine car and wagon loads of exhibits (fifty throe being of American article*) were delivered in .ilucbluery Hall on Friday. 'lho Juices ol tlie Jury of Award having completed their organization in groups aro now prepared to pro ceed with the inspection of good* on exhibition. Tit day a number oi the American judges retailed home to arrange tbeir private affair* preparatory to their proiougoU absence In the discharge of their duties at the (exhibition. "Tho Dying Lioness/' a beautiful work of art in kroner, was placed in position to-day at the Mat end of Memorial Hall. Tk* Mew Century for Wtman Is the title of a hand tome eicht pag? weekly paper published In Philadelphia by the Woman's Centennial Committee. It is devoted to the industrial interests of women, and Its articles arc able and interesting. In the United States department there is a machine lor tho maoulauture of envelopes, located in lbs Port Olttre nortion, opposite tnc delivery window. The puper is put into the apparatus In sheets, and eemea out at the other side a complete envelope, stamped and ready to receive either the business memoranda or the billet doux ol the lover. The feature of thernvelopc Is the startip, *'<>oo4 all over the country." It coatlm* or a shield embosped upon ihe en velope, the botiom being broader than the top. Al ihe top are seen the Ugurus **1776,'' on the left hand corner the letter ? lt," and on the right the letter "S." Underneath this, on a scroll, is the word '?Postage. " Beneath this is a boy mounted on bone bark, representing ihe old style >1 post horses, tins design about dividing the shield Into two parts. The tup of the lower half contains leu-graph wires and poles, and beneath, in the broadest part, is a locomotive, lender und one car, icprebenting tho last mail ol the present day. ileucaiii the train. <>n a scroll, are the word* "Three ceuls" lit Konian letters, the whole de ilgu being flnistiod with the figures ? *1870.Tile figures and designs on lho entire shield aro ?hlte on a green ground. CK*TK*XUL ST4Tl'IS INI) MKMORIALS. Among the great popular demoustratious ol tho cen tennial season will he tho unveiling ol tho .statues of l>ronseaad marble in ilie Park. Quite a number ol these dodlentlona have boen arranged tor ihe coming Fourth oi July, while others will occur prior to that day. THE ? ITSKKSI OOX MKXOKIAL. The unveiling ol the Wither* pooo statue will take place on or about the 1st of June, and will Iw attended by tho General Assembly of the iToshyioriuu Church, which will iben be in session in Brooklyn. Governor Belle, ol Hew Jersey, It is supposed, will be the era lor for the occasion. Hit pedestal and statuu aro now ready. Tho statue is about l'J Icet 0 inches high, und ol a bright bronxu. Tne attitude is oratorical aud lho |ios<5 Of the figure ongy and graceful. The pedestal IS of qulncy granite, on tho Iroul are the words, "Pro claim liberty throughout all the huid, unto nil Ihe in habitants thoreoiwhile the reverie contains tho conclusion ol Witnerspoon's speech, "Of properly I have some, ol reputation more. That rep utation is staked, that property hi pledged on the issue of this eontcst; and, although theso gray hairs must soon desoead into the I had Infinitely rather they go down Ui.tbor by the exccutlouer's hand than at this crisis Be tray tho sacred cause ol my country." Tho remaining Hides glvu the dates ol tho patriot's birth and death. Tho monument I* on Lansdowne drive, east of He mortal HaH, abeautiiul graasy elevation upon a com manding Spot. 1 he subcommittee who have hsd charge of this work are Kcv. G. \V. Musi rave, 0. 1).; \V. P. Breed, y. i).; J. Addison Henry snd Colonel J. Ross Haow den. THS HCMSOI.BT gtSWIIlL A meeting to arrange lor the time ol lho uu veiling of the Btuaboldt Memorial is called lor this week at Schutseu HalL Thar* Mens to be * difference *f ?pillion among lbs societies upon tlie cxpodiency ol selecting the Kourtto of July us tbe dedication day. The pedestal is already finished and tbe statue will l*e placed in position at as early Ony The contract en ter ert iiitu ii Turt slutue ol bronje uinc leet high. to cost $13,000 in fold. Professor Drake, of Berlin, has the work in chance, and Messrs. Drexel ? Co. and their correspondent* tu Merlin, Messrs. Anhalt k Wag ner, attend to all the financial u Hair a and supervise the whole. The following is a list ol the officers ol the liumbo dt Moauinoul As.-ociauou:?George K. Ztegler, Presideut; Rudolph Koradi, Treasurer; Paul J a* ode, secretary; Dr. G. Kellnur, Corresponding <acwur/. ' the roLvnnt'M statcx, which has not yet arrived. will l>e located west of the lake, near Machinery HalL When the period la ti>e<l ui??n the various eoc enes who have taken auch a deep interest in the enterprise in this country will nmte in a grand movement in honor of tbe discoverer. TUK CATUOUC TKMt'EKANCB rOt'KTAlX. The dedication of the Catholic temperance fountain, which will bo on? of the Imposing leatures of tbe Fourth ol July caiobratlon, will be ever memorable as the most brilliant temperanoe demonstration ever made In Philadelphia. All the well knowu advo> ales ol tbe cause will be present, and the clergy and the leading societies oi the Catholic Church will take active parts in the great ceremony. TBI JEWISH MOMVBBNTH. The statoe for the monument to Religious Liberty to be erected by tbe Hebrew Order el B'aai B'rltn has beeu executed in Rome and Is saw on Its way to Phila delphia. It Is to be presented .as the tribute of tbn Israelites of Amorlca to the land el their adoption. The following Is a description of this Important work:?The Genius ol Liberty, a poweriul, majestic lemalo figure, eight leet high, occupies the centre, standing upright, the light knee slicbtly bent and the toot advanced; her left baud, which holds the constitution, is supported upon the faaoes or bound staves of the States-at the base of tbe sUtue the American eagle is placed, grasp ing In Its talons the couquered spirit of In tolerance. Tbe right hand ol Liberty is out spread, protecting a youthful ligure on hor right, which represent* Religion?a finely lortned, aesthetic*! fictiru or a youth, graoeiully stand ing with bead upraised to he.iven and upraised baud outstretched to heaven, holding an urn, upon which the etorual flame Is burning. The goddess is clothed In armor, but the mautle of peace, in broad folds, descends in long lines from tbe lelt shoulder to tbe right foot; It .s held by an ugrallfc, so that the right breast and arm are exposed. The American shield Is worked upon the bream-plato. Tbe head is decked with the cap of liberty, the rim ol which Is deoorated with a diadem ol thirteen golden stars. The figure ol Religion is slightly draped and Is universal in its mean lug, representing tbe belief in a higher Power common to all mankind. TBB COLORED FKOPLB who desired to erect a monument in honor of Biahop Allen, the founder ol their cburub, have abandoned the enterprise, as there have been restrictions plsced upon its erection, to which thoy will not submit. They have concluded to place the statue, when completed, in the Bethel churchyard attached to the church on Lombard street. ANOTHER NATIONAL CENTENNIAL COBMKBORATION. It ia intended to . ive an historical commemoration of the birth ol the nation by lorming a loan collection to illuatrato, in oonuectiou with Independence Hall and Its National Museum, the early history ol tbe original thirteen State*. Too President aud Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Academy ol Fine Arts in this city have ottered liberally a portion of tboir new fire proof building for tbe purpose. 1 tie work inaugurated sev eral years ago lor the formation of the National Museum In Independence Hall will bo continued and perfected here by exhibiting the memorials of the past upon tbe plan proposed bv us lor the Historical Department ol the Centcuuial Exposition. This exhibition will supplement that at Independence Hall, where are illustrated in tbe one chamber the im mediate events of 1770, containing at present not oniy the original Declaration of Independence, with the silver Inkstand from which it was signed, but also tbe verv lurnlture then actually in use, and portraits of tho'illustrlous men who havo made this room lamous: while in tho opposite chamber is Illustrated the period ol 1781 to 1787, with memorials and portraits ol the frainers of tbe articles ol confederation and of tbe con stitution ol the United .Hates. Thus it Is hoped that by tbe collections displayed at these two buildings a duo commemoration will be had ol tbo nistory of the country, so that, by awakening memories of the men who participated in tho civiliza tion of America and in its progress toward tbe estab lishment ol true liberty, wo may Justily our indepen dence and endeavor to return to tho principles ol the founders ol tha country. Thu time selected lor tho opening of tbe exhibition is the 7lb of June, the one huudrodlh anniversary of the day on which Richard Heury Lee offored in Congress the resolution lor indepeudcuce. Appropriate con tributlons are solicited, wbicb should be sent without delay to the Pennsylvania Academy ol the Fib* Arts, Broad street, Philadelphia. Colonel Frank M. Ettlng, James L. C'sghorn and ethers aro at the head el tbe matter. William Wirt Henry, or Virginia, has accepted as centennial his torian for the 7th. and Protossor N. A. Calkins, of New York, bos been invited to deliver an address on object teaching as exhibited by historical colleetioas and museums. TBB AOBICULTUBAL BBFABTMBST. The following stated displays will be held during the exhibition, the dates for each haviag been reoendy re vised:? Agrirulturnl PradKl. Strawberries, Jim* 7 to 15. Karly (thi batter and eheeee, J no* 18 to IT, Early sanimer vegetAblss, Jane 20 to 24. Honey, June 20 to >4. Raspberries ana blackberries. July 3 to 8. Southern prnnuloftiead products, July 18 te 23. Melon*. Auttust 22 to 2U. Peaches, t^eptnrober 4 to 8. Northern pemoioifteal products, September 11 to IS. Autumn vegetables, September 10 to XL Cereals, September 25 to 30. Potatoes and feeding roots, October 2 to 7. Autumn butter and cheese, October 17 to 21, Nuts, October 23 to November 1. Autumn boner and wax, October 28 to November I. tfrti Trial*. Mowing machines, tedders and bay rakes, June 15 to 80. Reaping maebiues, July 5 to 15. MM StofJc. Hpraee. Septemcer 1 to It Dogs. September t to 8. Neat cattle, September 21 to October < Swine, October 10 to 18. Sheep. October 10 to 18. Poultry. October 27 to November 0. The above date* have been arranged with a View to tbe assembling In Philadelphia ol societies and associa tions interested ia the specialties above enumerated. A CENTENNIAL PARTY AND ALBUM. A notable social wnl will take place on Thursday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. J. B. Kernochan, No. 384 Filth avenue. There will bo a party, at which only the members of the Ladies' Centennial Onion of New York, sboot 260 in nnmber, will be prosonL A magnificent album, or enormoua else, said to bo the largest in the world, aad worth over $6,000, will ho raffled for, all the proceeds to bo devoted to oharity. This album will be presented to the ladles by Mora. It is Inlaid with solid silver, has a bago clasp of silver with the monogram of tho Centennial Union ! worked upon it, aad contain over 1,000 portraits, : 140 of which are of very targe alio. Tho ladies of tho 1 Centennial Union, the principal costumes of tho banner ball that was given at Cbickering Hall, all the charming 1 table*ux vivanlt given at the Union League Thestro , daring the laat season, tho boantilul groups of children in "Cinderella" thai appeared at the Academy of Music, i are all represented in to is unequalled collection. The cabinet portraits are arranged on each page with an eye toward artistic taste snd harmony. The album la on exhibition at Mora'a gallery, on Broadway. ANOTHER VIEW OP THE NAVY. 1*o ran KoiTon or m Herald:? Your correspondent, "Navy," takee a gloomy view of the "Army Circular," and In a lit of vlrtuoua in dignation stigmatises it as "a very small and contemptl ble piece o( business." Admit, for argument sake, that tbe army is bettor paid than tho nary, such is tbe case in alt nationa, and vary justly la It so in tho United States, where great responsibility and constant ?ghttng Is sorely worth more per distn tbsn "Junket lag" oa foreign stations or even the "arduous labors" at a navy yard. Doubtless It would Be a good thing (or tho navy to got the pay ol tho army Instead of the pre seat unsatis factory three rates for "sea, shore and other duty,' but "Navy" would lead your readers to suppose that naval offiocrs had no perquisites whatever. Now, sir j srmy officers are allowed forage, bat no horse*, while > some naval officers are allowed horsss, but no forage This may not be generally known, and it would be la- ' quisiilvo to inquire Shout an "ambulance horse I" ! Perhaps this animal and the commandant's "nag" may bo one and tho same, and the innovation may soon bo lol lowed t>y others I The allowance or $18 per room lor army quarters is scarcely an offset to a One navy yard residence, uor would it go lar toward keeping in order th* vegetable 1 gardens, spinous grounds and conservatories which apsorb all ilie Interest, time and attention of a govern- ! moot gardener, or pay lor a "steward" of the house- i bold, tbe cooks and other servants supplied, to say j nothing of un or a dozen laborers, technically known | as tUc "barge's crew." Orcourso the "Army Clroolnr takes ao account of tbe lact(f) thai the command of a fleet or squadron Is J Virtually equal to the command of. an army in tho held"?even "Navy" and navy officers must smile at such , a comparison. What! compare tbe command of a half dozen hall and hop-giving vessels abroad with the command of an srmy in tbe noldf shades ol I'orier aad Butter, what a comparison I I As to the "duties and responsibilities ol fbe command of frigates and corvettes" being "more than I equal to tbe command of a regiment," now can it bo j when tliese '-duties'' and "responsibilities" are dele- I gated to tho "navigating" and "executive officers?" What a snvmg It would bo if the "adjutant" could take the place of bis colonel or commanding officer, and a still greater saving If the services ol the latter couM be dispensed wills as may be the case In tho navy. Tbe array may have more pay, bot the navy (havtag ona officer ior every eight enlisted utts) has far less work to perform Army officers have a hard life on tbe frontiers and are daily risking their scalps, while ! the only flsbting in which the navy is engaged is within i its own ranks, so thai, to use the graphic laagosge or j your corres|M>udent, "no fair comparison can ever he made between tbe number Of officers roquired for armies as opposed to navies, the datiSS being so utterly dissimilar.' MI1WM, Mat IT, UTt, THE WBECK OF THE COLLYMOBE. BUITISH TIOB CONSUL. ARCHIBALD TAKES CUBS Or THB SUBTITOUH?COMMENT Oil TBI CON DUCT or TUB CAPTAIN IB yOBSAXXNO US WIFE. Niwroat, R L, Mm XI, 187ft. Information ?u forwarded to K. H. Archibald, Her Vice Consul ti New York, yesterday, of the destitute condition of lb* surovort of lb* ill-fated British brig S. N Colly more, reported la to-day's Biulo as being ium off tbe South Shoals. ? reply wm received from bim to-day. He requested that tbey be forwarded to Boston to C. A. Henderson, Her MaJesy's Consul at tbat place, and be would alleviate tbeir Immediate waste and forward Ibem to Yarmoutn, X. 8., where tbe vessel be longed. There is no British Coneul lu re, tbe gentleman occupying that position having given it up a year ago. Messrs. J. Jt L. Coggoshall, underwriters, bad made arrangements to forward tbein as tar as Uoi | ton if no word had been received front Mr. Archibald. Tbe owneiM of tbe bark National Eagle, whiob sunk i tbe Coiiymore, arrived here this noou. Iv was dooitied | to repsir Here, and sbe will have to be towed into tbu Inner harbor. Drawing twenty-one feet of water It will be a dllflcult task to anchor her safely out of tbe way ot navigation. She is not making any more water than usual. The action of the Captain in leaving bla vessel so promptly, without making an effort tu save his wife, excites considerable cotnmeut among uaunuil men. Ho told a friend here to-day that he suw ber in tbe rigging from tbe deck of tbe National Kagle, and tbul she was pneously culling to Ium for livlp, anu that be would have jiynped overboard and bavo gone to her assistance bad be been allowed to by Cupuin Hears, bo made no mention of this fact to your cor respondent yesterday when speaking ol her death. It was lelt lor bis second mate to give the information that she wm seen in the rlggiug, and that be (tbe mate) ibrew a line to her. According to all accounts the vessel was seen ter full fifteen minutes after tbe ships parted, and which would have enabled bun II he i had remained with his vessel to have saved her and been taken off by tbe boat which wai sent to the wreok from tbe National Kagle. Sl.o being in the rig ging was everything in ber favor, and It is tbe general opinion that she and the boy wbo was on the rompan lonway should have been rescued. Tbe other two men below In tbelr bunks, of course, were drowned Immediately. THE MIDLOTHIAN DISASTER. AM INVESTIGATION INTO TBE CAUSES OT THB EXPLOSION WHICH KILLED EIGHT MBN. Richmond, Vs., May 27, 1870. i At tbe instance of the englneor in charge ot tbe Mid | lothtan coal pit at the time of the explosion, by which ' eight men were killed and two aoverely njured, Judge Ciopton, of Chesterfield county, held sn Informal In vestigation as to the cause of the disaster, arriving at [ tbe following conclusions First?Thai the twelve-foot lovel, or big stall, fssub 1 ject to Irregular blowers, or fee-iers, which at times j discharge larje quantities of sub-csrburetted hydro gen and at other tunes smaller quantities of the same gas. Second?Thai Cornean, the gas man, had tested tho level up to tbe head of the working with bis day lamp, and on bis retura wiih bis open lamp lit on bis cap ho met tbe dlsrhargo from one of theso blowers, which flrcd the gas banging In tho celling and around the collars of tbe level. Third?That the hot, sultry weather and low barometrical range ol the atmosphere on that day prevented as free a circulation ot air in tbo level as had been kept up In the cooler weather previous, and also permitted considerable expansion of tbe gas. He further sayB, "In my opinion tbe neglect of the gas man to note this state or tbe atmosphere was moat probably tbe prime cause of tbe explosion. 1 sm fur ther of the opinion that antll tbe ventilation by tbe Aid now being constructed Is established, It will be unsafe to work the twelve-foot level with tbe door to tbe up east leading Into tho California drift open; also tbat there should bo a barometer at tbe pit head of all deep workings, from which the top and bottom bosses should frequently take observations." The Judge still further goes so for as to exonerate the mining ongineer , but there Istestlmony proving con clusively tbat this person was both negligent and oare less in tbe performance of bis duties. It was proved that there was not even a barotnettr In the mino to test tbe state of tbe atmosphere As tbe livening state remarks upon this whitewashed Investigation:?"Tbe very method of it was vicious, being an open inquiry where tbe superintendent could, and so for as appears must, by his position, have in fluenced the testimony of the laboring men, on whom his authority must have an effeot, since he employs them, and In these bard times men do not willingly risk tbeir bread." Tbe eight men who were billed by the exploeion were hurriedly buried, without even complying-with the legal requirement of an Inquest, and the Judge, In his conclusions, states tbat be aees "no occasion for bringing the matter before the Grand Jury." It trans pired, however, that there was no penuriousness on tbo part of the owners of tbe mine, but there certainly appear* to have been oulpable neglect on tbe part of the mining engineer In ratling to provide against the occurrence of, such accidents as resulted In the instant ; and untimely death of eight men. It is ststed to-night that tbe miners will hold a public indignation meeting, at which steps will be taken to bring fhe matter bet ore tbe Grand Jury of tbe oounty for Investigation. A FEARFUL TRAGEDY. ? 7ATHXB MURDEBED BT B18 CHILDKIH? CRUELTY ABD BLOOD. Pamoxs, Duplin Coanty, N. C.. Hijr Sft, 1878. A mysterious tragedy tii enacted near III in station on the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, In January last A white man named R. B. Hatch was assas sinated in the early hoars of a dark winter Bight while silting in bis own house; receiving three gunshot wounds, Irom which be died a Tew days afterwards. Coroner Lafayette Smith, of Oupiln county, came to the ppol, summoned a jury of the bystanders and held an inquest. It was In evidence at the Inquest that the murdered man was reckless and intemperate, a cruel huxband and rather, and had, on the day of bis death, severely beaten his wile acd looked her into a room lor auothor flogging, which he threatened to admin ister oa the morrow. At the same time be had driven bis yonager children, three in number, with curses out ol doors. Testimony was alao taken to the fact that three nearly simultaneous discharges of a gun were heard at or near Hatch's house that night, soon after dark. Mo one, however, ?( the witnesses examined had seen anything which tended to Indicate who was guilty of the homicide. Although the deceased had lingered for several days after receiving his mortal wouods be bad made no dying declaration which implicated any person as bis aaearsin. The whole matter was a horri ble and apparently impenetrable mystery. Tho Coro ner's jury returned a verdict that Hatch camo to bis death at the bands or some person or persons to them unknown. Hatch bad insured his life, some time previous to the uiurder, with the North Carolina Home Lllu Insur ance Company, ror the benefit or certain of his chil dren. The policy waa for $l,Ma The company's agent at Wilmington refused to make payment, upon the ground that be had reason to belle* e that the j death of the Insured had been procured by the bene flelaries el I be policy. Two detectives, Cameron and Martin, were employed, It is said, for a largo contin gent fee, to work up the cane. These detectives at longtb, after a quest of months, shadowed a man named Weeks, who hsd married one of Hatch's elder daughters. Some alight outgivings and other clews were fastened upon wmch suggested that Weeks knew moro about the slsying of Hatch than he was dis Ksed to reveal. He was confronted and charged with lag aooeaaery to the crime. He denied his own par ticipation, but, being thoroughly frightened, IIOOIMTID til UYTLB CIIM.OR KM whom Hatch had turned eut of the bouse on Uist ratal night ta mid-winter. Two of theee children are boys, ?ed one sixteen and the other len, and the third is a rl of some twelve years. In order to get something la the aature ol evidence agaiaet them the detectives prepceedto conceal tbemselre* in some boshes near the roadside so that they might overhear a converxa tion which Weeks was to have with the accused. Ac cordingly Weeks led a young negro man, whom he bad also charged wlih complicity in I be murder, toward the covert, beforfe reaching which, however, tta<> negro, suspecting something, refused to proceed lurther, say ing, loud enough for the men In ainhasii to hear, that he didn't went to talk any more about it. The two i boys. Hatch's sons, were next brought within earshot of ! the detectives, when Weeks talked over tho circum- { stances ol the murder with them. The boys spoke of i their dead lather'* relentless cruelty to them sad to I their mother and admitted that TWKT SHOT Ann KILLKD IRS, tho gun having been handed to them by their little | sister. They implicated the negro above meatloncd m i having flrod one of tbe fatal shots. The boys aud the | negro were at oace arrested and were taken on tbe 13th Inst, before a Justice or the Peace at this place for ex- | animation. The proceedings were postponed until to- , dsy la order to obtain tbe attendance or counsel rrom Goldsbora Lawyer Granger arrived here about three P. M., and the preliminary examtaattoa proceeded, resulting in tho committing of the accused lor trial at the next term of tha Dupiln County Superior Court, which begins next week at Kensnsvllle. There Is a strong and general sympathy tor the unfortunate chil dren, notwithstanding their uaastural act. Strange lo ssy, the only apparent motive which impelled these almost lafnnt parricides was love for their much mal treated mother sad a purpose to avenge bar wrongs BOY BUBGLABS. i At the Washington Place Police Court, betore Justice Smith, yesterday, Joha Clancy, aged ataoteea, of No. M3 Washington street; Robert Hawthorne, aged six teen yean, of No. 23 Vsrick street, sad James Murray, eged fifteen, of Ho. Clarkson street, were committed lor trial for breaking Into the premises of H?bry Kieman, No. 186 Bieedter street, aad stcaltag a quan tity of ooatoati?ery. They all pleaded guilty sadfhih they w sated to sat tha Cent ss ami A VENERABLE DAME. A WOUAJf or OKI HUNDRED AMD THIBTT-EIQHT ?AU TO JiB EXHIBITED BY HBB DATJOHTEB AS A CtTBIOBTTT. [From the Loa Angeles Expreaa. ] An event of extraordinary interest occurred her* to day. A wagon came in from the Mission and atopped in flrooi of the Court Houae, and in a tow minutes an old lady seated in the bod became the object of general attraction. An Immenae crowd gathered around the vehicle to witneaa, perbapa, the oldest living woman in I the world. Eulalia Perex Guillen, who, according to the recorda ol her family, baa reached the groat age of 1M yeura and some months, was the rare object ol thu cur.oaity. She aat there wrapped up in a rebosa, and Mnveraed freely with all who apoke to her. Tlio old I laoy seemed to greatly enjoy the attraction ahe pro | Yoked, and evinced an animation ol Juvenility cobtrast | ing curiously with her great age. Iier leaturea are I bnrdly tliaceruible beneath the lioavy wrinkle* ul her 1 face. Her eyes; which have not km iheir vision, peer oat from beneath two red circle* ol lids. Her mouth ! la aunken. ami althouxh her speech is mumbling, yet it j cornea out tolerably clear I The oi l lady wax greatly amused with the interest *he excited. and spoke pleasantly to all who addressed ! her. In the name wagon, silting boMilo ber, was | another old woman, who ta one of tier daughters, nod j on the Ur.ver's box were two grcut great grandclnl ; dreu. The old lady had beeu brought to the city on an application made l>y Mrs l)e White, one ot Iter ! daughter?, lor li tier* ol euardiiiuship. It seems tlio | old lady la Itvlag with Mariana Antonio Htftuera, one I of her daughters, who has tor mod the idea <>f taking her mother to the Centennial, under the idea that there ia money in il. Mra. lie White object* to this, and In order to restrain her sister trom taking the old lady out ol ibo county tiled an application for Tatters of guardianship. The autt) came before Judge O'Melvnny, in the Super vlfor's room, this morning, and Mr. F. 1* Kanurex ap peared lor the applicant and Mr. S. M W'liue lor the contestant. Mrs. Do White testified thai ahe had been told by ber slater thnt she wouli take the old lady to San Krauclxco and thence vp Philadelphia if sliu could make the necessary arrangements. Mr. White, the husband of this witness, tesiitled that the old lady was :n her doMgo and uot a competent person to decide aa to it natter of thta kind; be said he had means and wisnod to provide for the wanta ot hla mother-Id-tow, and t>e 1 loved that she would not live i( tnken away Irom the county; Mariana said ahe bad no means beyond bur house at tho Mission, but that alio could provide tor her mother by her work; that ahe bad lived w ith lier for twenty years, and that hor mother was willing to go anvwhere she had a mind to iako her. When the testimony waa all in Jud;',e U'Melveuy aald that ho perfectly agreed with the daughter who op posed the removal of the mother Irom tun county, and be should forunl it Hut he would leave the old lady at liberty to live with either of her children as she elected, in the meantime requiring Mariana to rurniah a bond in $600 that ahe would not tako her mother out of the couuty. THE BIGGEST TREE [From the Territorial (Nevada) Enterprise.] The largest tree standing in the United Statoe, aays tho Inyo (Cal.) Independent, ia on the head of Bear Creek, north fork of the Tale River. Tho exact di mensions of this Immense redwood giant wo do not remember, but believe it ia aomothlng over forty-six leet In diameter. A San Francisco party, haviug made arrangements to repreaent thta monster at the Ceuien nial, nave given the contract to a Tulare man, Mr. J. C. Cramer, to remove the bark with eight inohea of the wood Irotn the atirlaco of the tree, cut. or atrlpped rather, like atnves ol a barrel, without tolling the tree. Theae pieces are to be cut forty loot long, and when put togetber In Philadelphia will form two rooms in side twenty toot high, in theae rooms cabinets of Cali fornia specimens and curiosities will be neatly and ap propriately arranged. COURT CALENDARS?THIS DAY. 8vpbbmb Court? Cbaiibbrs?Held by Judge I.arre Btoro.?Sob. 29, 51, 74, 94. 148. 162, 172. 173, 174, 175, 17a 177. 191, -08, 235, 241, 243, 203, 264, 279, 303, 309, 811* 323, 327, 333. 336, 340, 341, 349, 347, 349, 360, 361, 363! 364, 366, 366, 367, 368, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 366, 366 Scpbbmi Court?Gbxbhal Tbr*. ? Adjourned until Thursday, July 6, 1876, for ibo purpoBo ol rendering decisions . , Suprkxk Court?Spbcial Tkmi.?A<youmed for the Supkkmb Court?Circuit?Part 1?Held by Judge Donohue.?Court opened nt balf-pitsl ten A. M. Caso on?No 357. No ihy calondar. Part 2? Adjourned Tor the term. Part 3?Held by Judge Dvckman?Court open atleu A. M.-Nob. 983, 37. 12W1, 301, 1127, 111, 621, 1X0U. 1497, 576>n, 923*. 1811, 16, 2888, 1829, 1837, 960, 947 *, 1160. 849. Superior Court?Gbkbral Tbrm?Adjourned Bine (Ate Scprrior Court?SrBCiAt Tbrm?Held by Judge Speir?Court opens at leu A. M.?Calendar called at eleven A. M.?Nos. 15, 14, 28. Supbkior Court?Trial Tbrm?PartB 1 ?nd a?Ad lourned for tbe term. _ . . ... Oommox Plbar?Gbsbral Tbr*.?A<Uoureed until Jane 6. 1876, for the purpose ol rendering decisions. Uomtos Plbab?Triai. Tbrm?I'artl-Adjourned for tbe term. Part 2?Held by Judge Van Brunt.? tfcnrt owns at ten A. M--Noe. 1942, 2091 (new), 1360 3167 2236, 2238, 2140, 2242, 2243, 2244,2246, jvijo' o.?.? 2263. 2264, 2266. 2266, 2267, 2258, 2269, 22?o! 2261, 3202. 2263. 2264, 2266, 2266, 2267, 2268, 2269, 2270, 2271, 2273. 2274. Mari.vb Court?Gkbbrai. Tbrm.?To be held in room No, 16, old City Hell, by Judges Sbea, Alker and Goepp ?fifteen non-enumeratod motions. Enumerated motions?Nos. 1 to M Inclusive. jlARniB Court?Trial Tbrm?Parts 1, 2 and a ?Ad journed lor the term. ... ? ,, Coubt or Osnbral ?mBio?B? Hold by Judge anther land ?The People vs. Jeremiah Harrigan, arson; name ra. James Kelly, felonious assault and bftttery; Same vb. John H. Snelder, felonious assault atd battenr; Same vs. Krancta McMann, Andrew Keilly, John Kerrigan, felonious Renault and batiery: Same vs. John Mc Quade. burglary, Same vs. Franklin JuUson, burglary; Same vs. William Stafford, burglary; Same vb. George W Russell, Johu Evers, Thomas Muralt, burglary, Same vs. Shellip Ansonge, Eugene Ijtndsberg, bur glary; Same vs. William Joell, >",r8l?rT| ?"">? Ellen Howard, grand larceny; Same vb. William W#sh, grand larceny; Same vs. Edward Gflmore, grand lar ceny; Same rs. Esther Weeks, grand larceny ; same vs. Mary WAlker, grand larceny; Same vs. George S. Husch, burglary; Same vb. Harmon H. Snaw, forgery; Same vs Joseph Waters, lorgery; Same vs. Margaret Hal lenb'ck, disorderly house; Same va, Thomas Lynch, ielonious assault itud battery. 1 ' ?i'OttAUK. "a"irwifflNiTfWir'ilrOhAUiC W^rEHousE, ~Via A lladson st. fur Furniture. I'lanot, Trunks. !(.. in sep roSST CUaKLBM H. mOHPE. Proprietor. ~jTZZvfBtff'tMDR KTOKAG h WA RK HOUSES, ON H CD A- ion ?*? Rear WtB ?t.; storage and safe keeping. for lrurnltnr*. Fisno., Bag*a?e. Trunks, Mlrrew. *?. MCelvod day or night; separate rooms; oldest established lowest In rats. mo?t extensile and responsible establish ?rnt in tbs business. K. TaGQABT. Owner and Manager. office MM Hudson stMAblnirdon *iuare). TCAOLE STORAGE COMPANY?L'N SURPASS KD FOR Pi safe keeping of furniture and roods of every Bind. 108-W? West .Mdst.. one door west^f 6th av. rand O-NTRAL STtTRAOB WARRHOUHB FOB furniture, trunks, baggage. Ae. Inspection Invited, broadway and 47tb(S?.BoAl( JiROtHRRB. Proprietors. OTORAOB FOR FORNITURE. CARHIAGB AND MEK S ehendSe. SMITH A SILLS. Pronrlstom. O ehanolee. ^ ? y ^ ^ ^ 247 ,t. TV77 BLKECKKR WTT?EAft "UtftAl)#Af &?5X?T&StaR- eT^r^U 77 Bieecker?L TmERI<:AN OPfICR-?7-V<??>-1''"IOND8. WATCH A e?. Jewelry. SlWerware. \alaahle? Ac . bonjht. sold and exchanged. Loann effected. E?t?bli?bjd I w. J. H. BARRI.N-UEK. Dealer. 785 Broadwsy. ONRT ON DIAMONDS, 7L'?W. A'j^DIAMONDH, Watches, Jewelry, Wlrerwsre. eamels halr shawlt, seal ?acaues. Lacs*, SHI'S. Ac., beugbt aad ?0'd b*r'J. when desired, at a rery small adrance. GEO. C. ALLEN, Jeweller, l,ltt? Broadway, near 2.uK st. -*TfATCHKs"AND JEWELRT REPAIRED ttV PIR8T f\ class workmen. GEO. C. ALLEN. 1,190 Broadway. near Wtb st. QHQ BROADWAY, OPPOSITE I1TH 8T -DlAMOND? OUO Watches. Jewelry. SilTerware, Ae.. booght and sold by ROBtRT J. ROSENTHAL. Diamond Broksr. Uans nscotlated. Q1 T-BROADWAY. OOBNBR lifll ST.-LOASH NR. 0L1 gotlated. Diamond.. Watches. Jewelry. Camels Usir Shawls. HilBs aad Laees. Ae.. bought and ^,.,,jJAKR AIAHULK MAKBIVE AND MAIIBLEIZED NANTKI^.-NKwm sign., from $12 noward; also Xonumfatal Werks at greatir reduced p.lces; V^ai^E^t lSth St. HAND. oF WKS r :CU) ST.. NEAR HKOADW'AT, . mauar?etarer of plaster Centre ^2*51?.? n.w and eie?-nt design, largest ??sertmeailn the el??. rsrernliy packed and sent te all parts of ths eeuatry lowest prices. ? OTKWART-S SLATE, MAR BLR AND WOOD *^T.RLS. O n?w and from up; the irmde llb#r %\\j (|0aU with. 2'JO ?nd Tl'2 * e?t JJW ft. t ~?.? e A~l*fW fSETH maDE IN THREE MOCitl ATI* A West 84th sv, between *ih ?nd 7th . mtj Special mechanical dentistry; eoral. "?fcber. ?o.e, rearl, wnslebone rabher. gold aud platlaa Regulators. Ae. Take *reen car from Grand ?treet Itrry et W"*h * >TBjf bVIroUOH. I a* west 34th St. i RfiriOlAL TEETH A BPBCIALTY-BMT ^ORK A st lew urtw; nil work ??b?t?wt<?4Jy m^ki. csfwfully dtted and guaranteed to ,lve ,Bonduj r^^^al..OVDK'lK. ^TURK.N"^ W^t 10th it . co'ner </? Oth *> ?. ? gj LLTaSluW. TMtUCAff 8TA?nXttlt B*rKTBiOTAfDTCTI-R*. A with l>elaney s wire cushions ^'#ly esed In all cha? bargains. ?*' W. A ^ ^ ?5cg;frrbot,'^aP^sl and Centre s>B. CIOLLENDRR'4 8TANDAKD ANEHICAN -tjJJJJ' J Billiard Tables, with the eelebrot^ l^ian A CollendM eembtaetlen emshleas, lb* sels In this ^ty ?Rlf ?* ??eed war ?UU AT AUOTIOil. A CCTION NOriCK THIS DAY?EXTBA LARUE ?\ and rimtiurr ?*'<? . . TUIS (Meodayi MOKMNU, commencing at H>S o'clock, ?I the iirunn Moaa mansion HO. 12u WF.ST .WD ST.. N KaK ?TH AT., M??n ikent HoaailMiM Kinllin. rara and i otily Wnrka ?f Art. Ac.. Ae. Catalogue comprising nrr lata uaaful ana ornamental Houaeh'ld Goods, ?II Biade to order by celebrated city maker*, aqn will t>a positively aold lu MM lo highest bidder*. regardless of com or valae, aa all good? must l>a sold. and dalivared immediately atlcr aaie. Drawing rooms contain, namely Two brilliant toned 7W octave ro*i wood Pianoforte*, mag niNceiil Steinwsy ? bona and Bradbury A Co., used six mootha. coat $I.UU0 each; four superb Lira * lug Komn >uits, ! covered la criiuaon, blue and dr ib and silver setius: roa* w.>od Ktagerea. plat* glass, reel laca Certains, ?trailleMII Inlaid Cablt eta and tables to tuttm; Imported Jardinieres. Flower Stand* and real bronse Figures on-pedeatals: Klaqua and Parian Figures; S3 rsal old raintlnv.a In eminent art 1st*: I ady'a Vt rttlug l'aak and Secretary Bookcase*; over K?> volume* choice Book* ; valval an" lu quutte Parlor Car pet*. mad bir inoutha; Chaudellera and On market*, Eaay Chalra. Oriental Kocker*. Turklah nuit*. Music Cabi. neta,imported Mu?lc Boxes, coat WOO: also Don Engravings. Bedrooms contain, namely:? Solid rosewood and black walnut mlald Bedroom Siilta. with Drealug Caeca. tVaiiislamle, Comindoc*, Wardrobe*. Ar m.'ire a-Ulece, 'JO tine white curled tialr ainl spring Mat tresses. feather Pillow*. Bolster Ml linen Sheets. Quilts, Blanket*. Chairs. Ko'-kera. Brnssela Carpels. Lonngea, Tallica, single aud double Bedstead*. Bureaus, Waabatauda, Curtains, Clock*. Ae., Ac. Dining llooin contain!, nacietv : ? JUchlv curved blaik walnut HulTet. co*t oua 12-foot l.MeiiMim I able, hlurk walnut one do . 10 led; C'tuira. cov ered in leather, Sella to iuatcb;ala<> large aaaortment ol French, Chimi Dinner and Tee Seta. Sheffield Cutlery eatl nlcxelplatcd Ware, Caater*. I'rna, Pitcher*. Fork*. knives, SpcMiiia, Ac.; tine crystal cut Glaaeware; alio large lot ol' library, uaaeinniit end servant*' Kurniture. ail new Four month* atro. S. H.?Tills la the luru-eat ati'l rich-at lot of hnunehold furniture offered lor aale Ihit nraaon. Sale po*l tlve, regardlea* of the weather. l.l'KK FITZCERALD, Auctioneer. Notice.? Competent men in attendance to pack, cart aud ?h p good a, city or country A MEKICAN AKT BALK. JX If F.N KV r. MIXER, Acutoneer, late Henry II. Leed* k Miner, Office and Art Oallorics, 840 liroadway. Now en exhibition, free, at Mlner'a Art Oallerio*. HW Broadway, averycholec collection of American Work* of Art, by the "Hading nrtiata ol this city, embracing line representative pictures by ilie following oiniuent painter*, all of which are direct from tbeir atudioa I I ratadt, A . Hart. J. M.. Miller. C. H.. Ilellow*, A. K.. Hunt, W.. Moran, E , Itrown, .1 <?., Homer, W., MoKutee. ,1., Hriatol, J. II., Ilaaa De, M. V. H., I'erry, E. W., Hea d .1. II , lieade, M. J.. I'arton, A . Heanl, W. II., Iniieaa, O., lioblnaon, T., Ilaker O A . Jolmaon, K., Story, O. II.. Caailear, J. W., Lnlarge. Sonniaa. W. la, Coleman, S., Lamlidm, <!. C., Tlinmpaoii, W., Fltcli J.L.. I.e Clear, T., Whlttredge, W., Huntington. O.. .Lang. L, an other*. The above will ve aold Thurtday evening, June I, at 1% o'clock. A SiilUXEE'9 HALK IN BANKtttTPTCY, IV or the entir- stock of ELEGANT CABINET FURNITURE of the late Arm of IRVING A S<iN, BANKRUPT8, BY F.DWAIU) SOUENCK. ON MONDAY. MAT 29. aud the following daya, commencing at 10 o'clock, at Noa. 'Jot, MH and *J0H Kaat -*7th ?t.. elegant Parlor Suita. In aiik. aatln, tapeatry aud rep*t Din ing Room Suit*, In leather; Kilirury Suit*, iu plush and borette, elegant black walnut Chamber Suit* lieaateada; Dreaaimr Cases, Rnrcaus, Waalistand* and Cnmmodea in great variety; ll'ilfet* extenalon, centre and aide Table*; Lounge*, cylinder Duaki, Bookcase*. Escretoire*. Cabinet*, rocking and eaay Chair*, spring Bed* and Mattreaiea, hall aud umbrella Stand*, Ac., Ac. Will be on exhibition Tueaiiny, May 80. By order of JOHN 0. CUTTER, A.slgnee. E. T. Fbllowk*. Attorney. A?TUNIS JOHNSON. AUCTIONBKB, a Old stand, H7 Nassau at. ON MONDAY, MAY 20, AT lOJf O CLOCK, at our salearoora, 37 Nassau *t , LARGE SALE OK GENERAL FURNITURE, 30 flue velvet and Bruuela Carpets. 2 meewood Pianofnrtea, RefrlgerMors, Oilcloths, large lot of Boot* and Shoe*, to gether with several silverplated Show Case*, black walnut Parlor and Bedroom Suits, tialr Mattresses, Office Furniture, Ac. On WEDNE8DAY. at 10)* o'clock, AT 7G WEST 11TH sr.. NEaR .vril A v.. HANDSOME UOC8RHOLD FURNITIKE. comprising in part elegant rosewood and black walnut Par lor and Bedroom Furuitnro. English body Bi'u*?el* Carpet*, Mirror*, fine curled heir Mattresses, several Imported iron Beditead*. witb all the fine Bedding to match ; dining and baaeiuent Furniture, together witb all iho kitchen Ltensili. Particular* in time. X?T- AKT. Unique and extraordinary exhibition of WATER COLOR PAINTINGS l>y Profeisor Rudolph Stulth, from solar drawings of world renowned painting* in the Kuropean galleries by Meyer Von Bretntu, Gustav Richter, llermau Kaulbach, A. \ on Augell, T. B. Roaenthal. F. Volt*, i.. HolT. C. L. Muller. V. Vautler. Carl llubner, B. Guvia, Han* Markart Halatur, Rudolph Kpp*, O. Kinnelle, A.Dorncher and many other*, now on exhibition at the KEBLhR ART GALLERY. .'i3 Liberty *t? coiner .Nasaau. To be aold at auction, en Thartday and Friday, June 1 and 'J, at 13 o'clock noon. Catalogue* will bo cent upon applica tion. GEO. W. KK LKR. Auctioneer. UCTION SALE RuTh 'hoUHF.UOLD FUBNITUBB THIS (Monday) MORNING, at 10 o'clock. Don't fail to attend tale at five *tory brown stone manaion NO. 47 WEST 16TH ST.. BETWEEN 5TH AND BTH AYS. Decker A Bro. upright octave Pianoforte; Stelnvray'* four round 7U octave Pianoforte, Paiutlnu* bv eminent artist*. PARLOR SUITS richly oarved in 'damaek *atin" and "silk brocade"; Turkidi and Spanish Lounge*, Eaay Chaira, inlaid and tuarbio top Centre aud Console Table*. Cabinet*, Ktageres, plate Mirrors, Bron*e Clock*, Figures, Statuary? BEDROOM SETS, consisting elaborate Bedsteads. Dressing Cases, Washatanils, Chlilonler*. One hair and apring Mat treaae*. Pillows. Blankets; also *ini;le and double Bedsteads, Bureau*, rep, i lu*ii and haircloth Sulta, DINING FCRNirURK, vl*.Two Extension Tables, Sideboard. Chair* in leather. Silverware. Crockery, Ulirary aud Secretaire, Bookcases, Library Tables, Turkish Suit, Writing Desk; two Hall Stand*, velvet. Bra seel* aud Ingrain Carpets; Kitchen Furniture, Ae. N. B.?dale poaltiva. Take nixth avenue or University place car*. ROBERT C. CASIIIN, Auctioneer. Competent men to remove, pack or ?hip goods. AT AUCTION, ON MONDAY, MAT 2?, AT 12 o'clock. at 37 Naaiau It., three line roaewood Planoa. uction. Extra large houheholdfirxT ture aale. Pmpsriy ol Daniel Pli. Martin. K?q.. at the private realdence H>5 Bait 13th at., aeoond door from 4tli av., thia (Mondavi morning at IOH o'clock. Velvet, Hruesels, Ingrain Carpet*, aatin Brocade, rep lialrelotli, Parlor Suits, ro?ewuod Pianoforte, Bedstead, Bureaus, Washstanda. Wardrobe*. Workstande, Commode*, hair and eprinic Mattreaeea, Beds. Bolsters, Plllowa, Tables, Lounges, Ktngerea, Mirrura. Clocks, walnut Sideboard. extension Tables. Chair*. (ilaaa. China and (Silverware. Cutlery. J KKiVMBK. Auctioneer. A rare opportunity lor partlea wiahinc Qrat elaaa household turultnre. I). RICHARDS A CO.. AUCTION AND COMMI8 ? sion Merchants.?Houta and Shoee; No. 7 College Place, between Murray aniPBarcla* ate.. New York, will aell on Monday. May ?_ti.lM7H.iit 10 o'olock A. M., at the at ore of U. C. Letslngar. No. 1,183 Broadway, near 27tli it., the entire retail iiock of fine Boot* and Shoca. alao the eleirant Store fixture*. Chantleliers, Window Standa, Chalra, Carpets, 4c., contained In said store. IftrnoN notice" robrrt SGMKRVILLK witl sell at auction, on Wednesday. May 31, the Content* or a large. Brat elaaa Fur niture Establishment. consisting of a treat variety of flrst elaaa Household Furniture, which will be ?Sld without re serve, to give up business. 1'artteulara In Mom. A -KILLRKN. AUCTIONEER, SELLS TURK DAY, A, the >tock contained In store 312 3d St.; Bedsteads, Bureau*. Dressing Caeca, Mattresses, PUIows, Tables, Chairs. Cradle*. Washatnnda, Solas, Lounge*, Ac. Owner retiring front the business. 4 uonoli sal! <>K HOUSEHOLD FI'RNITl'RB, il this (Monday) MORNINO, at IU^ o'clock. at four story residence 21 Kast 2Uth at., near Broad war. eon llstlngor eleirant Parlor Units. covered la satin,eoteline, rep and haircloth: Pianoforte, Mlrrnta. tMI Patailiu:*, Bookcases, Desks. Ktagerea, t lock".' Iirtama tarktab ('heirs, Lnuuge?. Ac.; Bedroom Suits, with Hreealag Cnaea and Bureaus, Waahstands. Bedst-sds Vatire.--. Ke-idinv, Ac. N. B.? llonse to let. Goods bei-d i aekrH ?.r ?? ??ved, city or country. Ml Br llfcN. Auctioneer. A""'"UOriON NOTICE -<l.t.AKUM Oi'T HALR?Mlf ?ical Instruments, few a?is eea Will Meetc. valuable old Violin, Violoncello, Mastc Hons- Fistarss. Hhowcaeea. Counters. Hashes, Ac, Ac. If a >t sold private will be auctioned Tuesday. :#nu. at II o'clock iTHMtb av. "7 lbkkT b. waldiuix, aT'ctiokrkn. km lirirty A at.?Monday, blooming Howers for gardens or Decora tion Day. B\ JAMES E. MOOR*. AUCTIONEER?MONDAY. Mar 2U. at 10^ o'clock, at No. 7 Madison at. contents ?it Grocery Store, assorted (Jrocerlea, Tea Cans, Platform Scale, Clothes I'lua, Pails; lot Lata pa, suitable for Storea, Ac. Bale positive. Bf ISIDORE J. SWARZKOPP, AUCTIONEER.? Hells. 1( S o'clock. i31 lat av., Fixtures, Chairs, Cup Cases. Mirrors, of Barber Shop; Cigars, Tobacco; la Iota. Dealers invited. CCrockery bale?hrnby low. auctioneer, J tells this day. at 10 o'clock A. M., contents of retail ?tore (Crockery, 'liassware, Cutlery, Ac.), No. 10 Catharine at., in lots, to suit dealers. F~~lFTH MONDAY 8 8 A LBOr STRAW 'GOO DS. :t."< > eases In fell assortment, will be aold on Monday, May 20. WM. TOPPING A CO.. Aactloneera, No. 112 Church at. BORG K~ HOLBKOO K. A UCTION EKR - HO LB BoOK k ROLLINS sell on Mondav. at 3 o'clock, at Mlea ruoni 452, 4.14 and 4.VI Canal St., Parlor Hnlt? In rape and hilrclotli, black walnnt and enamelled Chamber Furniture, Wardrobes, Bookcases. Extension Tables. Seta Beds. I hairs, l'lor and Mantel Mirrors, lace Certain*, ('arrets ?nd Oil cloths, hair Mat'res?e?. leather Beds, Pillows. Bed'linc, Crockery, Cntlery, Plated and GInaa Ware, Kitcnen t'ten all*, Ac. P. TRATBR, AUCTIONE BR?WILL SELL. ON . Mondav, May 29, at two o'clock, all the Furniture e( private residence No. 129 Croaby at.?Parlor, Chamber, Dining Baoai and Kitchen Fernttere, Oilcloths. ? arpets. Pictures, Mattresaes, Bedding, Stoves. Cro kary. leehnxea, Ac. On Wedneadar. Slst., at aactlou room a SB Great Jon ea st., general sale of Furniture. Merch*ndi-e. Ac. OOOKK, AUCTl'^RER. -special AI'CTION ? aale en Mcnday. Mi? 2t?, at 1"S o'rtock, at No. 2.0m 3d av., near 114th at., eutlra contents of Fnruiture Store: a complete assortment and absolute aale. Dealers and hence ktspert invited. JAMhB W. WISEMAN, AVCTIOMKBR, SELLS THIS day, atK Warren St., at II o'clock, by Instructions of manufacturers. Crockery, domestic and imported. Cutlery, Spoons, A .; yellow and lioctlugliam ware. t BO HRRTXRKKG. AI'ctioneer.? HRRTXBERG I J Brothers sell. 1<> o'clock, 344 West :Wth st . complete Fixtures and choice Stock at Grocery Store In Iota; dealers Invited. BO HRRXBBRO, AUCTION EUR?H KBXBRRG BROTHERS sell. 2 o'clock. 390 West IHth st , Stock and Fixtures of Lager B^sr and Orater sslnon, with targe leehonse and Sne Range, la lots l>eater* Invited. Morris wilkin*. ai ctionbkr. Klet-ant Furniture. Sne Mirror*, Wilton and Velvet Carpets, Ae, B. II. LUDLOW A CO. will aell at suction ea Wednet day. Mnv 31, IH7B, at 11 o'clock A. M , at No. T Wast 34th st., rosewood and Mack walnnt Parlor Suit* In satin and pluah; ebony Mar*u*iarte, Centre Table*. Sne mantel Mlr rora, satin damask Curtains, Bedsteads, Barsaaa, Ac.; Mat tresses. Beletera nod Plllowa, Wilton and velvet Carpet a, oHetetke. Ac., together with th? Kitchen Furaltare, with which the aete will eemnieaee. HALKK AT AVCTlOn. _ M- ORTGAOE SALE -PETEK HOWE. A rtrrfojfllfejt Mill M n i n May .til, at 11 o'clock. at No. 307 l.i o.vW way. Iron Suie, Oaaka, Table, Lonn^. Hlimut. Cli.ur*, lot Shelving, B??r ?viU(i?, Ac. By order attorney lor wort ___ MICC*BAl'M7 Al'CTION EEK, SI BOWKR1 . #eli*. Tanadar. Furnitui", t'arp<w, KnUtudl Mirror*. Ac. rMtlrllua tu morrow. PO? NBBOKEIt'S BALK.?TUOM AM ?). M'iKATH Auctioneer. 13# Chatham *t.. corner of Muli.erry. wit ?ell this d#y. 11 o'clock. Men'* aud W 'tnrn i Clothing Dreeae*. Biiawl*. Kaumanli, ouili., BivMint.'. h?ioi-, siht ea Ac.; alio Coat*, Paula and Veal* By order O. Krudnck Hleeeker *1. PAWNBROKER'S SALK.-B. FIELD. GENERAL At*?3 lionear aale-rooin No. *0 Bowery. will tall tbi* dav, al 11 o'clock. t)UO lota Man'* ami Women s Ctothiua, Dtcuei, Shawl*. Hanitianl*, I nderclotliitiK, Qullta, Blanket*. Bed dmc. Boo**, Shoe* Ac.; alto Coat*, rant* and Yeata. By order lliub Kraal. Roae *t. Kichah6~waltkb a bonk, ac? Titiveeks. Parlor Suita, black walnut Suit*. Matircaaea. Feather Beda, Bit.llnu. Ac. Mortgage nale; will *all Monday, at Hi'j o'clock, atailev room, JJ and IT Ea*t Broadway, the Mock of a new I- nrnU turo Store. via., a lai?-e and tfeneral MMrtUellt *15 l'url >r nulla iu r-p? black walnut Cn?u:ber >uiu, I'.xicn-I 'it Table*, marble top l abia*. Cottage Suit*, about 4t>a*?orted Bureau*, Waa'iatand*, Clialra, Oi'ak*. llat-t in t?. Wanlro'.e*, hair and hn?k Mattre*#**, Feather Bed*, Pillow*, 1" > new and aecond hand auorted Icrbost*. 1 liuainea* u. Alci 1 frylie Jump *oat top Wagou. a* good aa new: 1 >et a>n?le ilaruuu. UaMEL DKlsCOLL, Attornoy for M'>rtK?Ki'e. KIC.Ta It|?"WALTEK'H SONS. "AUCTIONEERS. AH i *ignue **-tl? will m*I1 Wednesday, May 31. at II o'clock, at Ho ?? I-.aat Broadway, 1 lCoper'* Caloric Enifinu, shatV inx and; 3 double Track*, 1 Scitle. 3 l>eak*. Hoiat Wheel. M. It VPI'Al'OBT, Awlgnee. Q HERMAN, SHERIFFS A*DOENEKAL AUCTIOtf ecr.?Peremptory iale f Leaf TpbaoCo, Cigar#, Ac., Tucsdny, May SO, at II o'clock, at No. 1'I Bowary, :U?ca,e? Leal Tobacco and 8.\U*> Cigar*. different brand* To oe >old positively, without reaerve. SHKitIFV'S ~8ALK. ?OBHAH5 5KTTS, SHERIFF"* Auctioneer, store unit *aie*room No. 7 Old alip and 1<>4 1'earl at.?stock and Fixture* ol a Shoe Store, thl* day (Monday. Mav 39, at II o'clock, m No. iOJlj Grand at., ciuaiatiug of Ludiea' and Children ? Boota, Slme*. Rubbnra, AC.; aim Store l>'l\ture*, Ac. WM. U. CONNKB, Kherilt J A mm Vav. Deputy. Woodward"stbam pump manvka<;tubTn3 tlompany, nt Tarry town, N. V.?RherilTa aala, on Mon day, May UH, at 'J P. M. Pump*. Tool*. Machinery, Ac., ol above company, will be aold ut public auction, at Tarry town, on Monday, the !9tli iuai , at - P. M. Train leave# Orand t'eutral llupot at 11 :l<< V M.. givint; ample time for examination of property to lie told. rou^Ra. 'r RXRTnBUrtlNKSs cham^k.-a't a SAcniKini; J\ nn account of ill health; *inall article; tminenc tales profit# lar^e; InveatlKOtion solicited, from 1U to 4, at Sweeney'*, Chatham and Duaue at*. ?WIl7L~HKLI,. AN V HHIOE POR CASH, Tntst ? ulaa* lieatanrant and Bar. Apply nt No. 1 Dutch ?t. AMATl'BbSa AND BEDDlNti HTORBTk A_0<?0D locution In Brooklyn very cheap. tiAPKNEY k SMITH, Auctioneer*. 17 Centre St. KINK UljUOB 8TOBR FOR $3UU; AL8o" BEST corner Xjiquor Store# on We*t tide. .MITCHELL, 77 Cedar *t. ASI'LKNDID SAMPLE BOOM. WITH UIOAB Stand and Lunch; beat <lay bualnea* down town : ureal bargain. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar *t> SPLENDID SAMPLE BOOM. WITH CIOAB Sta bargain. "i ?kor rale?provision stok ks7 Mkat mar ken, Bakerie*. Beatanranta at <??*); country Hotel#, MITCHELL, 77?Cedar at. BAKERV-BK8T LOCATION 1IN rfKOOKLYN. DO lux a lint claaa buiiiueia; alcknea* came for aelllnft. MALOXK, No. 5 Dey #t. FIR8T 0LA8B CORN EH L1UDOH STORK FOB ?ale?Will be aold for oue third It* value. Apply to Cil AUI.ES KELLY. it'Kt Water itreet. SECOND "CHARLES LANCASTER" 10 BOKB Breech-loader.?A rare chance to buy a aecond Hand tiuu of thi* noted make. CllAKLKS L. HJTZMANN, U13 Broadway, above '?id at. A-* OLD KSTAHI.ISHKD FEED STORE FOR SALE? Doinx a lair bualnea*; cauao of Riving np, bad health. Inquire at rKt tHb av. NEAT-LIQUOR STOKK FOR SALB.?106 MADI ?on at. Butchek's'shop for"sale-i v :in""AV.7Doixo 1 fjir trade. In.|nire at Jti7 Kaat 4lat at. , ;V;' CtBOOKBBY, OLAHbVaJIK AKD UOUSEKL KN'TsFl J iiiK Buainea* lor *aie low?On an avenue in New York; otner tindneax can*? of aelllnc. For particular* addraa# B. O., box 11K> Herald 1'ptown Branch oflice. ( "JOKNEK LjgCOK STORK?FIRMI' CLasM IdOcTnoT utalicriiice, thii day; uiuit b? Mold. * " ? LLP VP, 29 Broidwij, T)R.l1TV ?TORF;- NEAR new yurk. lovo mta? J EJUEY flTr Jd oni?0P,lOD U"de; pnce ??*? Addrrai "p\lNIN(l ROOM ?DOWN TOWN'; NKT PKOKlTH?ju5fl inimd?nVtu^t ch8*P; ?><? kuuibu*; cloaaat inapeetion lu ' ywUwUffc Addreea RESTAURANT, Herald oUuL. S'U,li,AT A UUEAT HACK] F.CE?LI.ASK wZ Waion Kinel hf?.?kW fn "IU eatabliibed FUh and Pro htora, bam buitnea. locution down town; root low ___ SALTER A LKVY, auStba*" TfOR KALE?RESTAURANT AM) SAMPLE ROOM uav fJdn!X? Ji"r,'r ,0,rl,: r""1 <,nIT ??'?'per month! day and nigh I boilueaa. i"lAV- JOJ Broadway. poR SALE-ONE or THE REST CORNER~LIQljiji Knpfnu ???' ?lde; mum ba said immediately aKM " qulr? ,D tl**r ?tora 377 2d ar., allel C^OR SALE?AN OLD EBT ABLISUED CIOAR STORK* ?'?hout stock, near o,,a ol the principal fu?ild"(HCi K Addraaa to: three dara ClUANi, BK!,T L'<iUOB STORE! iktix Rooiui in the city. Apply tu D Dooi* WO, coruer of W?caouK?l ?U(i Blocker iiu. F0W?.?flfiX,',fKS8 Bl's,SKs?. WXTU S Bonn Enropo. J67 Waat Iflth"""' "#,?n for M"lin"< "oln* '? 1P?? "ale?tlih STOCK ANirKfifrT'ltEs or fiiS beat fittedI up Gentlemen'. Fttrnlahiuic Storo In Brook un. Addraaa A. B C.. box 10J Haraid oltica. tefeTiSSK.*"" ? ? If or salk?a first class corner ukoaitii Are ???? J-'fl1""' Store, down town, wltb lance < a*h t'radni HZ**'"' '??/? Inwr?nt; will b.. aold cheap for "..hi corner MiffoE fi""""- APP'J " *??? at., Marble soda water and root bkkrappa ratua, all atylea, lor ?ale at co?t. Arri J? M. WHITEIELD A SON. 282 Watar at. M^antaatHl'iu IP" K J"AKUK AND COjT ranieut Malt H >uae known aa 'Peiot a Maater Mr>.t ** * I ,lor"'*',,t corner or Hth and Miuier *ta., Phil TSaatri^KSS-^SfXASSi MACiinKRl. A LARUE TUBI'LaR BrtlLKR~K'VR"1SALE";~>EftY Jnu:<""in eo*L APP'r LESLIE BOILER .. ?iRKh. Jaraey Cny, near the ferry. gig ro U^S^HABTS o^1^^ 1 C'reulmr g hmi'Md. j '? "tla Cltv a^d lirMkTvn; A ^iiy's,?iantw^nth t,,k v*k two roomb Jor "n, "?o?. Tneadaya and Saturday!, from J to ? I* M i? n He ?r Avauoa Hotel, Addraaa P. H.. bo? 83 foat offloe. Brooklyn. WAfI19_l,T ?A ?K*TLB*AN (tlERMAN) who liaa hia own i'urnitnra. a Rnnm in a private liou<e* oain and ku; lat ana 'Jflth aia., lat and 3d are Addr*** y * care oj A. ilartli. ItH Bowery. Addreaa t, HOI ?A1ST ""TH ST.?A KESPKCTAK1,K Ksl ,i? tant woman vanta a bona* to lake care ol ilurina the aumnier montha; city relerancea. Call or aduraaa. PUHS ITlRh. - A ?WK,KKI.V and MONTHLY PaYMK>TS TAIfP* ?n'1 Had'lini at B M. COW. manM atock ^t low pricaa.'"*5 Aa?.l A Sf|'25 l?(i*afl'their SSS ^ ^2!?.^ *"??' and d,nin? Kur! *t-jm'# JtS?f. lour round roaawoo'l Windaor I'lano real Kt'?ol. Cover and Muaic Cabinet Incliide3! at* ne?r*?thT?v ' *' pr"*'* l-'O Waat 234 A Larue ask(Thtmknt ok caiipkts fcrni. tar. and Beddlny at OTARRELL'S Saiearooma ilO orlnVnthb e*n *DJ 31""* ,"*Jrn'?n'? >*kan weekly AO K *AT~ B AC IU kick.?HAONIKICBNT ut? i?r?#rndi* t iirlor nearly ii??r, com for KI&O* one do.^l!?; do . #!(?: 12 Chamber Siilu. with Draaalna Caaea,f|?Snp; Bed^teada, Boreaua, Mattreaaea. repa ani haircloth Salia. $?? up; Pianoforte SI,|..|,o*rd Kxtenaioa Curtalna. Mirrora. Palntluca, Silverware cy Immidiataly. Kaaldanae lOi Eaat 13th at" aecond door from 4th ar. 1 A ? PRMhlKa CIRcFSMTANCE-i COMPEL A PHL * "l:/*"1'":'0"1,' V?,"** magnlicent llonaehold Kami r p i'wi. I*' ? ''*no- "atin Parlor ^ait. ra-t for f; oae d ., ?1.V); TurkiaU Suit. #*i; rep Malta. UOi ompl*ir- HnlTet, Kiiln.ioa rll'i^ ?'1 !*?>' Af.'X"? h?'r Mattreaaea. flu Ac 8tb ava. re,""'nc" ? Wm? ?"th at., between ?th a?<i A-*CARPETS. BKDDiN'O AND STOVRd u*i?""i ' or month)v pay Mi'i i.L additional i harne on time a*lea. J LYNCil .1"! Hth ar., between 2f?th and 2>Hh ata. '? It1'** UPHOISTKWKO A SPECIALTY?AUtfi I"iT r klnda of Knruiture and Mer. haodia^ ,t|e ,??. fh? anyone. R<-ioember the place. FAVOR'S, 1:1 Kaat 14th at* 1>ARTIES DRCLININO IIOITAEKEEPING ADDRRfM pOPULAR ACCOMMODATION AT OEOBOE A. CLARKE'S rnrniture and Carpet Honae, f ? '47 Brondviiy. ; MVMCAli. - --,n , , , ?, . ,A. /llie OAW two UADKMIEh; ?TLi ? IJANCINO academy "PLIMI'Td* \J Boildintc. Stuyreaaut and 0th ata -Prlaaia ' "PTON boar: open all lammer. ?a.-rrl?at# leaaona; auy ~ ~ lhOTHI.\(,r ? ATJ.,!"n B?OA?WAY. BETWEEN"-tan" AND 3ID ?l\ ?'??-Bfoadway price, paid for Caat-off ClotMhir lux. y. *f ' : on orjtddieaainK ?? llAKKib. I.Ac AT??h?T12S-??1' 2*5- MB 1TB AY., CORNER 5*TVlaiSo. P*W 'or b' addraaaln* Mr. or AT.i.KSm7nAtK^ Z\!tK*Z"^Lr.?:0jZ A ^?KAT ?****!> roR CAST-orr clotiii.vo. aaiS5^Mtt&rizsszitti

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