Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. SALONICA CRIMINALS PUNISHED. England's Dissent a Serious Impediment to the Berlin-Eastern Policy. AN EMINENT STATESMAN DUNG. Derby Bay at Cfaantilly?Irish Riflemen in Aetire Practice. ENGLAND PREPARING FOR WAR. TURKEY. BALONICA RIOTERS AMD MURDIREES SENTENCED. Saujxica, May 28, 1871 Four more rioter* who took part n the murder Of the Conauls have been sentonced to death and thirteen to various terms of penal servitude, some lor life. TUX BERLIN memorandum POLICT HALTING *OB 4 England's ashekt. Paris, May 28,1?7& Tho following semi-offlcinl statement is published bare:?It is atlll hoped that England will make knowu tbo points of Prinoe GortschakofTs memoran dum which she wishes to have modified so that an understanding may be brought about between all the Powers with a view to united aetion in the East. It is considered that an Kuropoan Con ference would be tho suitable mesns of facilitating tuch an understanding. The Powers, before officially communicating the momorandura to tho Porto, will await tho final decision which England Is expected to Adopt In consequenco of tbo overtures made to her. ENGLAND PREPARING FOB WAR. Low DO 5, May 29, 1878. Tbo Standard of this morning says 100 tons of gun powder and 1,000,000 cartridges have just been de (patched from Woolwich to Gibraltar, Malta and the Mediterranean fleet. This is quite Independent of tho ordinary aupply. TBI XAVT. It was stated in Portsmouth, on Saturday*, that all available workmen aro to be placed at work on tho ships which are nearest to a seagoing condition. The turret ship Thunderer is understood to be the Orst whoso completion will thus be pushed I or ward. THK PORTS AOAIKST ARMISTICE. A Berlin despatch to the Daily Telegraph states that the Porte has indirectly notified the Powers thst tbo ESultan will on no account consent to a two months' Armistice. SKRVIA nXADT FOR WAR. Tho Berlin correspondent of tho Time* telegraphs that tho Servian militia, numbering 100,000 infautry nnd 10,000 cavalry, with 300 pieces of artillery, are ready for action. Their hospital utensils havo been purchased at Vienna. AID TO BULGARIA. ' Southern Sclavonlan journals freely assert that the Servian government supplies tho Bulgarian insurgents with arms and ammunition, and also sends them,expe ricnccd leaders, llic Bulgarians are occupying the Balkan passes. A SOLfcMX APPEAL TO THIS ESOLtSH CABINET. The Times' Ports correspondent says a final commu nication was made on Friday last to England by tho French Cabinet, encouraged by tho Cabinets of the other Powers. The communication calls on England'to "follow up ber refusal to agrto to tho Berlin memorandum with lomc other proposal, as it appears impossible that Eng land should confine herself to a simple negative." the communication enumerates the different means irhich might be proposed for solving the ponding dlftl luitios, and mentions the Idea of of a European con* Jerence as one oftheso means. kcssiax reports. The Rut si an Tr'rpraphic Agency has received a fospatch from St. Petersburg stating that England will not oppose an armlstioo or influence the Porte against M. No doubt Is felt In St Petersburg as to the Porte's acceptance of tho propositions of tho Powers. war RISKS IX LOXDOX. The Timet says since Friday afternoon insurances at Lloyd's havo been mado to covor war risks. rURKIHH OFFICIAL BE FORTS OF THE PUNISH MEKT or BIOTEBH AT BAI/ONICA. Wasbixgtox, May 28, 1878. Official information has been received Here that the Turkish government is now engaged in punishing per son* encaged in tho riot which took place at Salonlca three weeks sgo between Turks and Christians, and in which the French and German Consols were Icillod by the exasperated Mohammedan populace, notwithstand ing the efforts of the government to protect them. The Governor General or Salonlca, Kchref Pacha, and the High Commissioner ot the Sublime Porte, Vaban Elfondl, have sent the follow ing telegram, dated Salonica, May 27, to the Turkish Minister at Washington "Eleven additional sentences wore rendered yester day, two of which are lor capital punishment, eight to forced labor for lifo or limited, and one to three years' Imprisonment The Instigators of the riot shall be tried to day." Tint latest nuroiiT. The Turkish Minister to-day received the following telegram, dated Salome*, May 28:? "Yesterday nine additional sentences were rendered, two of which nre to capital punishment, five to forced labor and two to threo years' Imprisonment." These despatches nre signed by the Imperial Com missioners. FRANCE. lir EMINENT STATESMAN AT THE POINT OP DEATH. Paris, May 28, 187& M. Cnsimir-Porier Is hopelessly ill, sad his death Is momentarily expected. DfcATIia OF FBENCU SENATORS. I,ox r ox, May 29. 1878. The Daily Tel'grapk'i Paris despatch announces the death of M. Peruettc. a republican Senator for BaAne-ci-I.nlrc. The death or a Ronapartlst Senator Is also reported, but no name Is given. THE FRENCH TURF. f>EBBY DAT AT dlAXTILI-Y?THE GREAT PRIZE WON BY E1I.T. Paris, May 28,187& The attendance at the Chant illy races to-day was Im mense. The event of the dsy was the Prix du Jockey Club (the French Derby) tor ibroo-yoir-olds, TDK WINNER. The race was won by Kilt. Enguerramto was second Mid Ashantee third. * axrma. The betting at the start was 2 to 1 agsin?t Kilt, M i to 1 agntuat Ashantee. Fourteen run. Cannon rodo the winner. INDIA. MKKirhw or the obosvknoe mission. ItAXnoon, May 28, The Grosvenor mission arrived at Bhamo on the 21st tost, sll well IRISH SHARPSHOOTERS. PRACTICE COMPETITION FOB PLACES ON THE TEAM FOB AMERICA. I.ovdox, May 28, 187ft The trst of the rifl'vnen matches for the selection of u Irish tram to go to Philadelphia wu held at Dan dalk on Saturday. The weather waa boisterous. The heat acoree ware as fallows:? Bigh? #- 190 Johnson. Is3 1W DOM PEDRO. A VISIT TO LOUISIANA BUOAB PLANTATIONS MS THE MOUTH OF THB MISSISSIPPI?All EARLY RETCEN TO WASHINGTON CONTEMPLATED. New Orlrans, May 38, 1878. Dotn Pedro took a special train yesterday at ill A. M.. and visited the ptantaUons of Messrs. Carroll, Vaioouraine, Armant and Dugan, and arrived bock at New Orleans at four p. M. TO THE SOUTH PASS. At eight p. M. he started on Captain Bads' steam yacht for tiie Jetties at the month of the Mississippi River. THE ltnTBN. He will return at one A. M. of the 29th Inst., and Intends starting for Washington at a quarter to seven A. M. of that day. MARYLAND GOAL REGION. THE STATE OP MARYLAND AOAIH8T THE CON SOLIDATION COAL COMPART?EMINENT COUN SEL EMPLOYED?IMPORTANT INTERESTS DE PENDING ON THE RE8ULT?CONDITION OP THE TRADE. CtmasLAXD, May 27, 1878. The people of Wostern Maryland, and particularly those living In the great coal region of this section, have been awaiting wllh ranch anxiety the develop ment of the case of the Htate of Maryland vs. the Con solidation Coal Companv, tne papers of which wore filed on May 8 by Attorney General Gw4nn in tho Cbaneery Court of Allegany county, of which this city is the county seat. The Consolidation Coal Company wore required to flle their answer to tho petition on Friday, May 20, 1878, and It waa expected that tho case would then be heard by Mr. George A. Peane, one of the aaaoclate Judges of this, the Fourth Judicial Cir cuit of the 8ta to. The papers arrived here on Thurs day, the 2?th Inst, and were Died in the clerk's office at a late hour on that day by the resident eounsel hero, Mr. Joslan H. Gordon, who is associated with Mr. William M. Evarts, of New York. Mr. William Plnkncy White and Mr. John 1*. I'oe, ot Baltimore. TBS ASSWRR of the defendants Is an able document, and Is supposed to be the production of Mr. Evarts, and covers all the important points in tho cs8e. No testimony has as yet been taken in the case, which will bo taken up for argument In a few days by tho eminent counsel em ployed. Mr. George A. Poane, who resides In tti:s elty, arrived on Thursday evening from Hagera town, Md., and was ready to hear the ease on Friday, but the Attorney General of the State was not present, and none of the defendant's eounsel except Mr. Josian Gordon, who asked for an order to lake testimony, wblcb was grunted. TBS COAL TRADK has been seriously affected l>y the action of the Con solidation Coal Company in refusing to carry coat over their road for less than three cents per ton por mile, and very little coal Is now being shipped by the other companies doing business in this city. The coal companies doing business in this city are de pendent upon the Cumberland and Piedmont (lately tho Cumberland and Pennsylvania) Railroad lor all tlie coil which they ship by tho Haltimore and Ohio Kail, roiul and by the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which ruca from here to Georgetown, 1). C., udistauco of 184 miles, and they are not ablo to pay at present more than one and a half cents per ton per mile lor the coal which la shipped from tho mines to this city, so as to bo able to compete wllh tho ClearOeM region, which ts now putting its coal In the market *ixtyvcents per ton cheaper than any company in this region can possibly do it, except, perhaps, the Consolidation Coal Com pany, which is tho only company dping any paying business this season. The Maryland Coal Company havo also filed a bill against the Consolidation Coal Company, who have liecn allowed by tho court to filo their answer to the petition by the 30th Inst. Tho case. II decldod for the defend ants, will no doubt cause the breaking up of several of tho coal companies doing business In this city. The celebrated Cumberland coal field lies west of the city of Cumberland and runs from the Pennsylvania State lino through Allognny and Garrett counties, Maryland, into Mineral county, West Virginia. Tits TOT At, ACRRAUR of coal lnnd in this.Held Is about 76,000. From 1842 to 1H76, 2S,t!81,4M tons of this roal have been mined and shipped, which shows the iinmenso mineral wealth of this region, wbich is now almost lying Idlo because of the high price of transportation. Tho extension of the canal by a railroad feeder to Westernport. a distance of thirty miles, which would cost $1,8*10,000, ts thought to bo the onlr remedy which will effectually break up the "deadlock' iu tho coal trade. THE DESTRUCTIVE ELEMENT. STOREHOUSE AND DWELLING BURNED. Axbsrst, Mass., May 28, 1878. . The storehouse connected with H. D. Fearing k Ca's bat furnishing establishment was burned last night, together with the dwelling house occupied by J. 3. Aines. The loss la estimated at $6,000; insured for $4,200. INCENDIABT FIRES IK BRIDGEPORT, COX*.?THB , LOSS AND IX8URAKCE. Briikikport, Conn., May28, 1878. Two Incendiary (Ires on Saturday night caused an estimated lows of from $8,000 to $12,000. Among tbe loner* are Wheeler Boera, who lost on barn (800, in sured for $0U0 lit the jEtna; Wilson k Son. on building, gram, (end, horses and carriages, loss $2,000, insured in the Uermnnia for $1,200 and Atlantic for #."'00; Bridgeport Spring Company, loss from $5,000 to $10,000. (tally Insured In tbe London, Liverpool and GloLa, Niagara, -Etna and other companies. SAW MILL BURNED. Xapasbk, Ont., May 28, 1878. The saw mill and contents, and a large quantity of matched lumber, ownod by Hon. John Stevenson, were dcatroyed by Are this afternoon. The loss Is es timated at $12,000; no Insurance. Tbe Insurance ex pired on tbe llm inst, and was not renewed. Tho tire was caused by boys smoking on the premises. LIYEBY STABLE AMD HOB8BH BURKED. I'rovidkxcb, It. L, May 28, 187ft, The livery stable of Freeman A Francis, on Pino and Totter streets, was burned just beforo midnight to nignt. The stable contained tlfty or sixty horses, probably none of which wore saved. IXCENDIABY FIRE IK OMAHA. Ox aha, May 28, 187& A (Ire hero to-day totally destroyed the large frame building at the corner of Ninth and Farnbam streets; no Insurance. Tbe loss on the building is estimated at from $5,000 to $4,000. Consignment! of agri cultural machinery to tne value of about $12,000 were stored in tbe building. K. Bain loses one oar load of wagons, A. JlcCormick A Co. one ear load ol reapers, C. Aultman A Co. about two ear loads of machinery: no Insurance. The Are was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. SAW AND PLANING MILL DESTROYED. Bostox, May 28, 1878. The saw and planing mill ol John T. Ober, at Beverly, Masa., was burned last night. Tho loss Is estimated at $3,000. TAUT ABLE BOBSES BURNED. PRoviniracft, R. I., May 28, 1878. A (Ire last night destroyed tne barn of Frank Sleavin, with throe horses, one of which was tho trotting horse which !>as a record of 2:20 and was valued by the owner at $10,000: a colt, valued at $700, and a mure worth $000. i'he Long was Insured for $500, BOAT RACE ON THE HUDSON. PoroMxsrsis, X. Y., May 28, 1878. An Eaglt special states that at the annual boat race of St. Stephen's College yesterday, near Barry town, tbe Massena won, over a mile In course, 8m. 12s. There waa a brilliant attendance and representatives j were present flrom diflerent Hudson River boat clubs. \ The victors'wreaths were presented to tho winning crew by Miss A?ptnwall. A number of clergymen were present. Tbe defeated boat, Mollle, waa Mates twelve seconds. NARROWING THE GAUGE. Rtrurtct.n JcxrTiox, X. V., May 28, 1878. The gauge ol tho Delaware, I<ackawanna and Wcatere Railroad was narrowed between six o'clock this morn ing and six o'clock this evening from Hoboken to Scranton, Pa.; Minghatnton, Oswego, Rome and (Jtlca, and narrow gauge trams passed over tbo whole line without interruption laat evening. About 2,000 men were employed on the work. CHINESE IMMIGRATION. Sax Fraxcibco, Msy 28, 187ft. The Chinese Six Companies have prepared a memo rial to bo (orwarded to the Presidest of the United States, giving nrgumeni on their side ol the question of Chinese immigration and the present anti-coolie move ment. WASHINGTON Movement of the Soft Money Men Against the Resumption Act. SPECULATION AND POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY. Interesting Developments in the Scandal Against Speaker Kerr. DEADLOCK ON THE APPROPRIATION BILLS. Shirp Letter from Secretary Robeson to the ftiYil Committee. FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT. Waseisgtos, May 28, ^1879. THI FINANCIAL QUESTION?ANOTHER MOVEMENT AGAINST THE BESUMPTIOK?T1IK INFLUENCE BEHIND THE SOFT-MONEY MEN?HEXTIMENT OF BOTH PASTIES?MOBE SILVER COMING. It is probable that an attempt will be mado to-morrow In the Houie to instruct the Committee on Rules to authorise tbe Banking and Currency Committee to j report al any time. This will b<r In accordance with the vote of tbe democratic caucus on Tburadav olpht. i Such a resolution will pass tbe House, sud thereupon ! tbo struggle will be translerred to tbo committee. The action of that body Is not certain. If Mr. Cox, the chairman, stands Arm, snd if tho republicans nre ?igllant, the committee will not report In favor of a repeal of tbe Resumption set. Hut it Is not certain that the hard-money democrats will be Arm. Tbere la a talk of " toleration," aud ot the folly of opposing tbe | Western democrats, and ot the Impossibility of resum ing In 18791 And Mr. Cox, tho chairman of the com mittee, Is understood to hold that, in view of tbe Ohio convention and the Indian* resolutions, snd ihe ne cessity of hard money in the party, " toleration" is ad visable. To this Western hard-money democrats reply that if Eastern men do not stand bv tbem the East must not complain against tho West. %Tbo wbolo quarrel, howevor, has no Immedlato practical bearings on the currency qnestion. If the coaimlttoe should report and the House pass to-mor row a bill repealing the Resumption act, It could not pass the Senate and would undoubtedly be vetoed by tho President it it did, and It Is remarkable that the soft-tuonoy men should be so suddenly activo Just now, when they must know that their measure cannot becomo a law. There Is somo reason to suspect that there may be a gold speculation behind as a propelling fore* Two or three well Known Wall street gold speculators have, of late, lieeo seen on tho floor, and the attempt to create an. alarm about tho poMtble action ol tbo Banking and Currency Committee may be designed mainly to give gold an additional start upward. It sbocld bo under, stood, therefore, that tho repeal by the Houso can have no possible efl'cet, ss tbo Senate and Presidont would not concur. Aside Irom a speculative design tbe agitation can have only political purposes, the solt money men being anxious to go to St. Louis with tbe prestlgo of predominant Influonco here. Thero Is, moreover, no doubt that tho Resumption act Is un reasonably unpopular In both houses and with the majority of both parties, lew of whom bavo probably ever read It; It could be repealed to-inorrow if a measure of eren slight contraction were added to the repeal. Thero was, earlier in tho session, a fair promise of such a measure, and no doubt it could pass both bouses if it wero prop erly presented; but both |>artles are now so entirely given over to making and unmaking Presidential can didates that thoughtful legislation Is out of tho ques tion, at loast until after the conventions bavo met. But tho strife Is upon the question of a conditional or an unconditional repeal, and solt money men who are posltlvo and aggressive are apparently gaining ground In the House, mainly because their opponents have not, ao far, thought tho tlmo ripe for tbo devo'opment of their poller. Meantime we aro to bare mora stir or. Mr. Cox will report to-morrow, or as soon as lie can get leave, a bill authorising the coinage oi twenty millions besides that allowed by tbe act of last year, and permitting the government to bay the bullion with any money, national bank notes or legal tender, In the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, to tbe amount of 11,000,000. This means that alter $1,000,000 worth bas been bought tbe remaining millions will be bought with the pro ceeds of the sliver coined. This bill seems to have the favor of both sides or tho House. It will probably be come a law, and will in that cafo authorise silver coins to tbe amount of the whole tractional currency and twonty millions over. , THE ACTION OF THE OHIO CONTENTION AMD ITS PURPOSE?SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE ALLEN AND THURMAN RESOLUTIONS. General Kwrag, who wax one of the engtnoers of tbe Alton movement in tbe Ohio Democratic Convention, Is reported to bavo said, when hero the other day, that its object was accomplished In the defeat ol Senator i Thurmau, and that while he thcught tho 81 Louis Convention would devolop a strong sentiment in favor of soft money, there would bapio bolting there. Atten- 1 tlon has since been called to tbe fact that the financial parts of the two platforms?that of tbe Tburman men, which was defeated, and that of the Allen men, which was adopted?ore sufficiently alike to be twins. Both demand the repeal ot tbe Resumption act; both de mand that tbe natlonat banks shall be wound up, and that the government alone shall Issue circulating notes, 1 which tha Tburman platform, however, requires sbal| 1 be convertible Into coin on demand, and both oppoae , contraction. ! FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT. Wasrixgtob, May 28, 187& THE SCANDAL AOAIXKT SPEAKER KERR?EVI DENCES OF A CONSPIRACY?ATTEMPT AT BLACKMAILING. A despatch was received here to night by the Clymer Committee to the effect that the witness Ujtrny bad started by tbe nine o'clock train, and would be at the capital In tbo morning. In correction of what was mado public of Green's testimony yesterday, it appears that tbe amount of matey which passed was not $900, , but, as near as witness could recollect, only $4Ml Witness also lest I lied that Hsrny sold he needed the 1000 to influence Mr. Kerr, and when tbe money J bad been paid over Uarny told witness be bad given it ; to Mr. Kerr. Green has been dismissed the army. He says h? had been very poor and coald not raise tbe full amopnt asked fur by Hamy, but paid him what ho could contrive to scrape together. It will, It Is said, be. shown by testimony beiore the committee that j Harny and (Green have been In commualcatlon In New ' York about tbe charge against Mr. Kerr, and sis* that Harny wrote an anonymous letter to the Speaker about It, and that later, when called to account about it, be pleaded ho was a poor man; that he was threatened with s loss of his situation in the Custom House If he did not testify agalnu Mr. Kerr; be would like to got out of tbe way if ho could afford it, and, In short, that bo hinted a sum of money would keep him out of tbe wsy, which olhr was at once rejected by tho Speaker, to whom It is said It was communicated. Mr. Kerr Is ill j and does not speak oi tbe matter, but bo will b? present at tbo examination oi Harny and wtll take part In it hlmscIL THE LOOK OUT FOB AN ADJOURNMENT?DEAD LOCK BETWEEN SENATE AND HOUMB ON THE APFROPBIATION BILLS?A SENATORIAL EX PRESSION. It wss never probable, and It is now oat of the ques tion, that Congress can adjourn on Jim l'J. as wss proposed by tbo revolution of Mr. Morrison. Tbe con flict, which wtll bo kept op, owing to tho disagreement of tbe Senate with tbe House ou matters pertaining to appropriations, ho* but jast eommenood with tho failure to agree of the Conference Committee i on the Legislative sad Kxecutlvo Appropriation > bill Without, It is said, their havlsg gone Into any details of it, they promptly agreed to i disagree, asking Is be discharged, and that another I committee b? appointed One tliibt la certain, Itat the , Senate, from what Senator* *ay openly, will not submit ?o the heroic treatment of the Hon** to legislation per- i taiolog to appropriation*. Senator Morrill, chairman | of the Senate committer, cay*:? "We don't propoae to allow theee gentlemen of the Houm, however well Intended Ihelr view* of economy may be, to cmbarraaa the working of tha government, whose necessities, from lonjc familiarity with them, we think we are better able to Jndgo than they." USCBKTABX BOBEVON AND TIIX MAYAX. COM MITTER. Secretary Robeaon ha* written another letter to the Naval Committee, and the correspondence promise* to be endlea*. The high contracting pari lea And It a* dll- ? dealt to oorae to terms aa though they were making a treaty. In one point, however, the Secretary, who ap pear* to havo been shy of explanation* of the very awkward revelation* of Catlelt, ha* the advantage of the committee. He demands a bearing with open door*, acd thin committee ought to glvo It him. Nothing so lar has been gained tor the ends of Justice at this session by secret Investigations. i.XAGOKRATFD BKPORT8 OF BLAINE SUCCESSES XX THE WEST?A COKSriBACY TO OOYSB HIS WBAXKKM. Trustworthy advices received here during Ihe past foor days demonstrate that reports of the election of delegates favorable to Mr. Olalne in several State*? notably In Misaourl, Illinois and Minnesota?are greatly exaggerated, If not deliberately false. It Is now charged that these report* are part of a conspiracy to sustain Mr. Blaine'* candidacy and covor It la roal weak ness *a a candidate. HI* failure to securo support In New Kngland outside or his own Stale and bl4 pros pective los* ot 1'ennsyIvania have been a serious check ior him, and the extraordinary reports ot large support among Northwestern delegates Is supposed to be ade vice to sqstain his waning fortunes. HOKOBABLY RESTORED TO THE SBBYICE?MOBE BA8CALITT OF THE EBERDMAN's BUREAU. Major Benjamin P. llunkle, a retired army officer, j who was dUnuasod aoveral year* ago, hit* been hon- ; orably restored to sorvIce on a lull Investigation by | the Attorney General and Judge Advocate General. Ho ; waa disbursing officer of the Kreodtnnn's Bureau In Kentucky, and, to cover up Irauds among the superior j officers of the bureau here, he wa* made a icupogoat, j tried and dismissed. The Secretary of War, Attorney General and the President now agree that he was in nocent of the cnarge* brought against him. GENERAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WASHtXfiTOX, May 28, 1878, ANOTHER LETTER FROM SECRETARY ROBESON? WITAT BE SEES AND WHAT HE FAII.B TO BEE. f Secretary Robeson has written. In repljrto the recent letter of Mr. Whitthorne, chairman of the Houso Com in it toe on Naval Aflalrs, ns follow*:? Wamhxotox, May 27, 1870. Hon. W. C. WnirrnoRSK, Cbalrmati Commttteo on Naval Aflalrs, House of Kepresent.nlvos. Si*?Your letter of tho 24ih mst. his been received. In reply I beg to sny that the demand to be beard, con tained in my letter, wan founded upon the reasons therein fully and speclflrally hinted; that ?ald demand waa not mnde In response to a resolution of your committee, wMeh, you nay, wan adopted on tho 17th liist. "a* a mere lormnl expression ot their purpose entertained by thorn Irom the Institution of tuo investigation it Hiich a courso should beentne necessary, "for the very conclusive rea son that that resolution had not been made public, and waa. of counto, unknown to ran, nor am 1 even now advised that the terms ot said resolution apply to my sell, becanso I have never been Informed that 1 nin ?'implicated by any proof taken beloro the commit tee,'' and because, as lar as 1 cau learn of all tho witnoaaiH examined In serrot by your committee (more than 500 In number), not one has been found bold enough to aay a single word ngnmst my personal honor and good taith. nut not being willing to stand upon any question of feeling or ceremony in this mut ter, and knowlnc that any attempt to glvo to my appearance before yonr committeo a different character Irom thai which properly belongs to It will fall In the Judgment of a fair minded public, I hereby renew my demand for a speody hearing in Justification of every matter charged, nnd In relutatlon ot every false infer ence that can possibly be made; and I donlre that tho committee will bo pleased, at as early a day aa possible, to tlx the tlmo ?nd place where such bearing can be had. I also itgaln call the attention of the committee tn tho other demand of my letter to wblcli no reply is made in vours, via.: "that this hearing shall be had In open sos'sion of the committee," and bog hereby to repeatthnt demand. In regard to the additional reso lution, recited in your letter, saying, in etlect, that permission will be given to any ofllcer In the Navy De partment to have examined "any witness whoce testimony may affect him," I confess that I rail 10 see the value of inch permission while such officer Is kept in Ignorance of the points upon which he ts supposed to i?e affected, and even of tho name* of the witnesses who have testilled upon thoin. Again calling the attention ol your committee to these matters, and siifgesting that u disregard of them Is a disregard of the ordinary rights of an American citizen, I still await tho action of your commute* Your obt- j dient-ervant, aRORSE X. ROBESON. Secretary of the Nary. THE IMPEACHMENT QUKHTION. It Is expected that to-morrow the Senate will decide to tako Jurisdiction in tb* Belknap case, winch view will obtain by a small majority of not more than Bve or six. So says a leading Senator. The trial will conaumo about thirty day* and b;uce, on this account and the disagreement upon appropriations, the most generally accepted opinion I* that Congress will not be able to adjourn beforo tho 1st of August. THE NATAL INYKHTIGATION APPROACHING COM * PLKTION. Members of the House Committee on Saval Aflalra say they havo only two mor? witnesses to summon be fore they complete the testimony in their Investiga tion*?namely, Secretary Robeson and Admiral Porter. The Secretary has not yet, however, signified Ills In- | tent ion to appear, as the committee havo not compiled with hla request to conduct the examination with open doors. THE HAWAIIAN TBEATT AND THE CHABOE OP j CORRUPTION IN PROCURINO ITS PA ABA OF. Several daya ago Representative I.uttrell, of Cali fornia, asked an Investigation by the Committee of Ways and Means of a newspaper charge that the Pacific coast lobby ex ponded $300,000 In securing the passage through the House of the bill giving eifect to tho Hawaiian Treaty. Yesterday he received tho following despatch from San Francisco:? Your position is corroct, and sustained by all friends ?f the Hawaiian Treaty here. Strict and prompt In vestigation will prove tb's infamous business was started solely to damago the passage ol the lull. The telegram Is signed by J. C. Merrill k Ca and other leading firm*. MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. Wah Dhpabtorxt, 1 Ovpm nw thi t'HiKr Sioxal Orrrota, J Wasiiixotdx, May 2U?1 AM.) Prob<lbil1tiri. Forth* South Atlantic and Gall Stites, slight changes | In pressure and temperature, winds mostly from north east and southeast and local thunder siorm*. For Teone?s*e and the Ohio VaJloy, nearly stationary pressure, winds mostly from soutbw*-<t to southeast, snd sl gbtiv warmer, clear or partly cloudy weather. For the upper lake region and Upper Mississippi Val ley, rising and stationary barometer, winds mostly from noriheast to southerly, cooler, pnrtly cloudy weather and local rains, except temporarily higher tem perature in the southern portion. For the Mlssonrl Valley, rising followed by falling barometer, southeast to northeast winds, continued warm, partly c.oudy weather, possibly occasional rain, and succeeded by tailing t?mperatur?i For the lower lak* region, rising barometer, warn southerly wind*, shifting to cooler northerly or east erly, partly clondv weather and occasional rata*. For tho Middle States, slight changes In pressure, southeast to aouthwest wind*, slightly warmer, partly cloudy weaih*r. and local thunder storm*. For-New England, falling followed by rising barom eter, warmer southerly winds, probably shifting to cooler northerly or easterly, part ly cloudy weather snd possibly local thunder storms. The Tennessee River, tho snd Missouri, from St. Joseph to Brunswick, continue rising, and tho Mississippi, from St. Louis to Vlcksburg. and th* Ohio, above EvansTillc, (ailing. THE WEATHER YESTERDAY. The following record will show the changes In tha temperature Jot the past twenty-foar hours. In com parison with tho corresponding dale ol last yoar, aa indicated by the thermometer at Hudnut's pharmacy, Hbsalu Building:? 1*74. 1874 1874. 1870. 3 A M ?0 Ml 8:30 1\ M 84 0AM 02 #2 0 T. M. 7? 74 9 A. M 07 ft!) V T. M 71 ? 12 M 77 80 121'. M ?7 M Average temperature yesterday 71 Average temperature for corresponding date last year. 70J< THE BIG HORN'. The Combined Expedition Across the Platte River. ATROCITIES OF THE INDIANS. General Crook on the Machinations of the Indian Ring. Fort Pxttmxas, Wy. T., Ma y 187& j Tho forces or the Big Mora and Yellowstone expedl- | tlona are all across, the Platte ferry bavins been , mended. Colonel Chambers is to command the In- ' lantry, independent or Colonel Kovail's cavalry col umn, and the expedition will move to-morrow. f hamm or siocx ?re prowling through tbe country between North Plntta j River and tba Pacific Railroad with perfect Impunity i and murder* and robberies arc roported dally. Yesterday David Herman, a berder employed by | Bosler, tbe government baef contractor, was killed at 1 tho crossing of tbe Platte on tho Sidney and Block i Hills road. Tba cattla wcra swept oil by stampeding. The mall carrier b-itchered near Snake Creek was named Karnham. FRO* TIIK HILLS. A man named Murpby, bair dead rrom hardship and privation, has Just raicbed hero from tba Black Hills. He says bis companion wm ghat by tba Indiana Ha had helped bury seventy-three men, and believed .100 men had bcon killed since January 1. Tho people at CuMar live In constant terror; ail who can aro aban doning tho country. t Tho gold digging is not profitable, according to his observation. viRvrs or orxkral ckook. In an Interview with Gencrnl Crook dlstln i gulshed ofllcor said he had no doubt Red Cloud alwits tho northern Indians In their hostility and encourages tbe young men or tho tribe to go out against the whites. He is informed there ara very raw able bodied warriors left at the agencies, and thinks the contractors, Interpreters and agents, from solMn terest, OPPOSE THR MOV EM EXT to subjugate the Sioux and uso their great Influence to induce them to make a formidable resistance. TnK INDIAN KINO want to preserve the present condition or affairs to enablo them to continue tho frauds. He believes that many or the outrages occurring south or tbe Platte and ascribed to the Sioux aro committed by desporste Black Illllers; that tbe stories from tbe gold flolds or Indians occupying the rocks and natural fortresses aro oxtravagant. Still he believes ' THE COMING CAMPAIOS will be most arduous and long continued. Tho Indians are welt prepared for n trial of strength, are Irritated by fancied and real wrongs and are urged on by TIIK MACHINATIONS or men connected with tho Interior Dopartment to defy and defeat any movement tending to lotsca the expense or their maintenance and simplify the man agement of families at tho agencies. Tho Indications which ho observed point to the inauguration or A PESrRRATR RTRUOOLR. A bold stand will bo mndo by tho Sioux, and their j wboie savage rorco will bo coucentrated In the Big Horn : country. It Is doubtful if THR CROW SCOUTS i can be tpcured. Iron Bull, rnmotis In tbe battles with | the Sioux, will probably ba tbe leading chler tr they ' Join tho troops. APPBEHENSIONS FELT FOR THE SAFETT OF THE MINER* AND THE PEOPLE OF THE FRONTIER? CITIZENS DESIRING ARMS FROM THE GOVERN MENT. Wakmhtotox, May 28. 1878. A great deal of feeling la manifested here on the part of those who ore from the Western frontier nt the manner In which tho government Is prosecuting tho Indian campaign, whieh, they say, will resnlt In tho de struction ot the minors now In tho Black Hill* By reason of tho rrrn.uit stratkoic movxr of the troops they will have the effect of driving the Indians in upon the minor*, who will be overpowered, and besides leave tho frontier towns unprotected from raids of the warlike bands of Indians;.and they appre hend destruction of thorn as well, aa of the railroad and telegraph lines. They Intend tor ask the President that they be authorised to OROAMXR TROOPS for their defence and that the government supply tbem temporarily with loaned arms and ammunition, which, they say, It la bound to do, because by tho withdrawal of the troops for cam|>aign purpose* they have been left defenceless and dangerously exposed. A great deal of ? ALARM IR fKI.T, and some of those who are hern from the frontier doubt the advisability of returning to their homes until tho present threatening aspect of affairs has passed over. It is not believed that tho President ran comply with their wishes in furnishing them with arms, ss requested, unless be shall be authorised by Congress. TO* EiriMR.fric or tricar in this regard la quoted disparagingly, and, outside of a concentrating movement of tho sparse settlements In the west for defence, with only tbelr own resources, ft la not thought that anything will be done. Great ap prehension is felt here for tho safety of Bismarck and Us population, who are not armed. TROOPS MOT! NO TO THE PROTECTION OF MINERS. Omaha, May 28, 1876. Company H, of the Twenty-third regiment, under Captain Eskrldge, led here thla morning for Fort Lara mie, and from there will go direct to Custer City, where they have been orderod to protect miners againat the depredations of the Indiana. THE BATTLE OF FOllT MOULTRIE. PROCLAMATION OF OOVEENOB CHAMBERLAIN HX OARDINO THE CENTENNIAL CELEBBATIOK. CltARLRSTO*, K C., May 28, 1871 In a proclamation Juat isaued Governor Chamberlain alluded to the approaching centennial celebration la Charleaton of the battle of Fort Moultrie, and aa a public testimonial to the patriotic significance of au occasion which will be graced by tbe presonce of many distinguished citlxen* of other stales, invites the people of Soutli Carolina to consider the 28th ol June aa a public holiday. LATINO A CORNER STONE Bonos, May 28, llfr& Tho corner stone of tbe new 8t Mary's Cathollo church, at Boston Highlands, waa laid to-day with Im posing religious ceremonies. The church is to be one of the finest in the city, and, next to the new Cathe dral on Washington stroet, the largest. STORMS IN THE WEST. LONO DETENTION OF BAIL20AD TRAINS. I.AWRRNCR, Kansas, May 28, 1879. The first through train from Dearer for several days M*sed this cltylhl* evening. Heavy storms on tho Denver division of the Kansas Pacillc road are causing trouble. HANGED TO A BED POST. Bxllkvillr, UnL, May 28,1878. Thomas Henderson, a shoemaker, committed suicide this morning by banging himself to a bed post. He is supposed to km Nd under tits Indaesoe of Uq?o* A PLOT SPOILED. TH* AT>YEXTrn?* OF TWO JZBMKt BUBOLAXM At A FirTH AT* NTK MAX8IOX. Mrs. Marietta Sifum, widow o' the tala Para a Stevens, notified Superintendent Walling A tew days ago of a plot to rob her house, ?) which she waa warned through a letter Irom a conductor on the Krie Rati* ' road. The letter was to the effort that the conductor, while cnilecttn% fores ou his train within a short dls twee of the eitjr, overheard words pas* between two evil looking men that Induced him to watch and hates. He then heard them discussing a plan to rob the real deuce of lira. Stilus, No. Jit Fifth avenue, and on the following dar he wrote to lhat lady informing her of the Mimt The Superintendent at once detailed Detective Dunn, of the Central Oillce, upon tho case, but nothing fur ther came of the matter until yesterday, when Mr* Stevens called at the Central Office In company wltl Mr. Arthur Leary of Tammany Hall fame, and toll loapector Dllkcs the following story:? Three day* ago a tramp raug the belt of her residence and told the sorvnnt a piteous tale of starvation. Mr* Stevens, overhearing the idory, took pity on blm and directed the servant to take him to tho pantry and give him all he could eat. A few minutea later Mr. Leary railed at tho bouse and noticed a rough looking tellow on ihe top atep near the front door, which waa Kllghtly ajar. Suspecting something wrong he axked the man Ina business and received a mumbling reply that ho wanted .smoothing to eat, after which the boxcar hastily took lit* departure. On en tering tho house Mr. Leary mentioned the elrcum Htanoe to Mrs. Steven*, whereupon tfhe told him about the other tramp .who waa in the pmtry. He advised her to look to her ailver, and she went down stairs tor that purpose, but the trump, becoming alarmed, had llod. Yesterday lhe conductor * letter tlui-hed through her mind and hho became xattslled the men were th? two burglar* who were planning the robbery. She therefore uotllled tho police and gavo a descrlptloa of thom. AN EDITOR KILLED. O. M. D. BL098, OF T1IK CINCINNATI KN gt'IBFI!, STRUCK BT A LOCOMOTIVE AND BUI 8KULL CRUMHKD. Cincixxati, May 28, 1870. (J. M. D. Bloss, one of the editors of the Cincinnati Knqnirrr, wbo I* widely known tbruughout the coun try, waa Instantly killed abont balf-p.<*t aoven o'clock to-night, whilo walking on the track of the Little Miami Railroad, near Branch Hill station, wnere he res.du<l. The engineer or tho train *aw him on the track and blew tbo whistle, but Mr. Bloss, apparently not hearing tbo signal remained ou the track. The air brake was u*ed inell'eetuallv, and he was struck by the engine, had his skull crushed and both legs broken. The accident occurred near his home, and his body waa recognized by the railroad men and carried to Uii house. HOTEL ARRIVALS. A. J. C as-ait. Vice Prcsldont of tho Pennsylvanli Rulroad Company, is at tho Brevoort Houie. Sur veyor General J, H. Raker, of Minnesota, and Pro fessor Nathan Shcppard, of Chicago, liavo arrived al the Si. Denis Hotel Kdward J. Raldwin, or San Francisco, Is staying at tho Metropolitan Hotel. J. Hubley Ash* ton, o( Washington. I* residing at the Union Square HotcL Assemblyman Sbepard P. Bowen, oTPIattsburg, N. Y., Is at tho St. Nicholas Hotel Ex-Congressmsa John Cessna, ol Pennsylvania, Is sojourning at the Astor House. Christopher Townsend, of Newport, Is at tho Albemarle Hotel. BRAZIL MARKETS. Rio Jaxkiro, May 27,1876. CofTeo market qulot; price* maiutained without change; good Ursts, 5,800 a 6,050 reia per 10 kilos. Exchange on London, 25>,'. Santo*, May 27. 1878. ColTee quiet; prices maintained at 5,300 a 5,450 roll per 10 kilos for superior Santos. SUCH BLOTS UPON BEAUTY AS PIMPLES, reiiKlincss and ?allowues? are obliterated by tlbCKN's Sue rucR Soap. ? IIili.'s Haw Drit, black or brown, .V> cents. A. ?B ENN ETT in-1LDINO. FtRKPHOOF. LOCATED ON KAMSAU. ANN AND FULTON STB HANDSOMELY VM> WELL HEATED OFFICES TO LET ON VKItV REASONABLE TERMS, SOITAlllih FOR LAWYERS, BANKKUM AND INSIRANCE OFFICE* APPLY ON THE PREMISES. A 8IMPLE CUKE ?THE EFFECTIVE SILK Ei.astiu 'fans*, sold oaly by KLAHTlo TRUSS COMPANY, |is:i Itroiidwuy, wore comfortably night and day, sou a curei rupture. ERIE AGAIN TO THE FRONT. PROTECTING NEW YORK. The Brie Railway Company announce that the reduced fires adopted by rival routes from New York to the West lor th<? propound purpose of martins competition with Boston and the VVi'nt via Albany. really discriminate against New York city ty piecing the New York lares at only $ I le*? than Bos ton. Thn hric correct* this ami protect! New York by farther reducing tlio New York lares from this data an follows.? New York and Chlcaio reduced from 922 to Slfl: Cincinnati, IromtUJto $14; Indianepulis. from 921 to$15; Hi, Loale, from $27 to 921: Ixmlsville, Irom 924 to $18; Detroit, from $1(1 25 to $12; Clrvrland. from $14 J."> to$ll; with corre sponds reduction* to all other point* Wed The tlma limit via Erie Railway has alsu been extended. In addition to the above the Erie has determined to extend proportion ate reduction* to its local travel, a* follow*Between New York and Buffalo or Niagara Kails reduced from $? 25 to $H; round trip ticketa Tor $14, and round trip ta Rochester fo? $12. GREAT REDUCTION IN RATES by tbe Pennsylvania Railroad. New York to Chicago. SW 09 New York to Cincinnati 14 tO New York to Louisville 1H 00 hew York to Indianapolis . 15 00 New York to St. Loul* 20 00 Tirket* will i>e good to atop at Philadelphia, to afford pea ?enger* the opportunity of visiting the Centennial Exbibi tion. * All throngh tralni to (be West ston in the Orand Centos* nial l>e|tot or the company, at the main entrance to tha Ex hibition grounds and building*. The Pennovlvanla Railroad are running tha 8ne*t line of hotel car* In the world, and all their facilities and accommo dation* for passenger business are unsurpassed. Tlckct office* 528 and tM4 Broadway. No. 1 Aator Housa No. H Halter) place and at depots foot of Dasbroeaes aa4 t'urtUndt iii, SAMUEL CARPENTER, Ueneral Kastorn Passenger Agent, 528 Broadway. D. W. BOYD, Jr? General Passenger Agent. GOOD SOUND CLARETS AND SAUTERNES, FROk $1 to $4(1 per tn sen; Tavurite branda. tally guaranteed II. II. KIRK A CO., W Broadway and Fulton St. SKIP'S CUSTOM SHIRTS, MADE TO MEASURE the very best, six for $0; not the slightest obligation M take or keep any of KEEP'S shlri* unless per.ectir aatia factory. 571 Broadway and B21 Arch St.. Philadelphia. SODA WATER aFI'Tk ATI'S FOR MAKING AI.I Aerated Beverages. JOHN MATTHEWS, let av. and 2>UI at., city. _ THE SHELTERING ARMS, 129TH ST. AND 10TH av.?Tb? public are invited to the annnal reception on Taea day. Mar 'K> (not, as heretofore announced, on the .llst.l The exercise* will commence at 2 o'clock. Tha annnal re port will be read, addresses made by several of the clergy and the children reviewed as at previous reception!. L. M. PETERS, President. Nnr Yo?, May 37,1S78. A! KW PtltjiilCATU^M. i anc krs.-nEw TRhATlste,'expi.aInTxo TUfiirl successful treatment, sent tree. Dr<. BROWS A STODDARD. No. 8 West 14th st. c (?"1KNTENN1AL SKYROCKBTS -TwID E A W A K E BOOl J lor railroud travel. You will miss a treat wlthost It. (lOLDSMITII'S NEW |CIRCtLAR. TKLL.1NO OP T ' ten Wriling Leieoa* for $a." Apply this week, day and evening, at tha Academy, *Hh av., corner "C2ELF RAISED; OR. FROM THE DEPTHS." O tbe sequel to "fehmael; or. In tha Death*,'' by Mr*. Emma D. E. N. Sonthworth. is now ready In book foras aad Is for sale by all bookseller*. SELF RAISED; OR, FROM THE DEPTHS! ? SELF RAISED; Tilt. FROM THE DEPTHS I aad other aew Work* are pnbliihed this day by T. B. PETERSON A "BROTHERS, Philsdelphla, and are for sale by all itooksoiler* and news areata. MRS. SOUTH WORTHS NEW BOOK. SELF RAISED; OK. FROM THE DEPTHS, tha eeqnal to "Islimael; or. In the Deaths,"' by Mr*. Emnsa D. E. N. Sonthworth, with a view or Project Cottage, the home at the author, on the Potomac, conmlete in oaa large dao decitno volume of 7(1) pages, in uniform st*le with all iht previens works by Mr*. Southward!, bound In meraeaa cloth, rail gilt back, price $1 7.V IsilMAEL; OR, IN THE DEPTHS. Fifth edition. B? Mr*. Kmma D. E. N Sonthworth. It I* the best novel pub lished lor years. Price $1 75. MRS. SOUTH WORTH'S "OJIPLETE WORKS. Complete to 41 rolnmes. hound in morocco cloth. Iron en tire new designs, with a full gill back, pries $1 75 eaeh or $71 75 a set. each set in a neat box. Sett liaised; or, Krotn the Depth*, sequel ta Ishiuael..$1 7$ l-hmael. or. In the Depths, belag "Self Made"....... I 75 Bride of Llewellyn $1 75 The Lost llelress 1 71 Vivla; Secret or Power I 75 The Family Doom 1 71 The Deferred Wife I 75 The Bride's Fate I V The Bridal Evo I 75 Tbe Two lllstaf* 1 71 Diaaanted Daughter l 7"? Tha Changed Brldas .. I 71 The l,a<i? ol the l?ie... I 75 The Three Beautia* 1 71 The Olpay's Prophecy.. 1 75 Alt worth Abbey I 71 The Spectre Ieiver I 75 The ChrMnias finest... | 71 The Fortune Seeker.... 1 75 The Fatal Marriage.... I 71 How He Wan ll*r 1 75 Love'e Laboi V* on I 71 Fair Play I 75 IIaantod Homestead... 1 71 Victor s Triumph I 75 Fallen Pride 1 7.1 A Hesutlful Fiend 1 75 Wife'* Victory 1 7$ The Artist'* Love 1 75 The Motber-ln-Law .... I 7$ A Noble Lord 1 75 Tha Widow'* Son 1 75 IjOst llelr Linlithgow.. 1 75 Retribution 1 79 Tried tor ller Lite 1 75 India; of Pearl River.. I 75 Creel as the tirare 1 75 Prince of Darimacs.... I 71 The Maiden Widow I 75 Curse of Cllftoa. ? I 71 Miriam. the Avenger; or, Tbe Mlsslag RrlUe I 71 The Mrstery of Dark Hollow I 71 Abo\e l>ook? are lor ?aic by all liooksellet* or coplaa # any one or all will lie sent, postpaid, to anyone,taagf p.aac, an tWf,e??ri(h??5"*i"?EOTrtBR?. floe Chest nut si., Philadelphia n, pcbldThers.-i on position. *atrilu. kkW, workmanship guaranteed, at Ma> a UK MM l? mmwil'l, w AMtb

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