Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1876 Page 9
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and m itfrm by the Sap*rlnUndent, consisted of mi I la vocation by the pastor. wltli responsive uttenners | by the congregation. singiug. prayer and addresses by Bit. jr. H. Hitchcock. Qusutiu UcAcUui and Her. i Alinon Gunnison cloned the morning mi vice. Dbnng the alteruoon addresses were delivered by Mr. U. Hater*, Kev. U. K. Nye. Rev. R H. Pullman, Kev A. It. Hervey and A. P. Putnam, ?while in the evening the pa*lor, Kev. Almon Guaulsou. preached a short sermon BLESSING OF A CORNER STONE. tHI NKW CHURCH Of HT. AUSXS?EIGHT THOUS AND rxorix AT riUTRB?AX IMPOSIKG CBRBHOHT. Yeater day afternoon tbe beautiful ceremony of bleae lng a corner atone waa performed at the new CathoUo Church of 81 Agnca by the Right Rer. Bishop Lougblln, l>. D., aaalated by Fathers Donnelly and Hoole. Tbe alte of the new church la on the north aide ef Kual Forty-third street, between Lexington and Third ave nues. The plot Is 100 feet square, aud tbe church will be bnllt in the shape of tbe plot, which it will almost ?over, so that wkeu more property Is acquired wings eau be added and the edifice will assume tbe lorm of a cross. The rear and a pari ot tbe side walla have boon rallied to the full height, uudcr tbe direction of ibo indomitable workers ol tbe parish of St. Agnes, the Rev. Father 1L C. Macdowall, pastor. At half-peat four P. M. tho plaliorm covering what will be the floor of tho church waa densely crowded with ladles and tbeir escorts. Tbe space where tbe altar will be waa marked by a blaclc cross entwined with white cloth. Reaching tar on each side aud a hundred feet above tho cross were festooned ilags of America, Itome, Ireland und France. Far as ibo eye ooald reach tbe housetops and avenues were black with tbe forms of spectators. At the appointed time signalled tho approach ol a procession that marched from tbe street up the central aisle of the platform. First came a cross bearer, followed by acolytes bearing lighted candles, then tbe sodalltlca of St. Aloysius; boys bearing flowers; the Sodality of St. Agnes; girla dressed In white, wearing white veils, beneath which were seen' crimson ribbons suspending tbe medals of tho Order; the giris ol Uie Sodality of tiie Sacred Heart; the second Sodality of St. Agnes; the Children of St. Michael Arcn, with an elegant banner; the Sodality or the Children ol Mary ol SI Allies, dressed In white and wearing snowy veils, all under the direction of Mr. A. K. Labues. Alter theiu came llso members of tho clergy, clad in Mack, over which were while soutanea They were tallowed by two Domini um monks with while inanttes. and a Dominican nonk wearing tbe brown dress of bis Order. These were loliowed by acolytes. As the procession ilowly marchod to tho aliar tpuce solemn music was (Iven by the band and every bead in tho vast conjre {;atiun was uncovered. The Klgbt Rev. Bishop Lough in, D. D., advanced to the cetiire ol the altar space aud tbe music ceasuu. Ho then solemnly blessed tho cross marking the location ol the aiur and-turning to tbe corner siono of the cburch, which rested ou a table near by, be deposited therein a box containing tho Manual ol the .--laio aud City of New York, copie* of tho Hkiiali) aud other morning newspapers, the names ot tbo executive uilloers at Washington, tbe history ol the Church of St. Agues, coins of the United States. Jcc. Tbo prayers and psalms ot tbo Church ordered Itfr such an occasion were then ropeatod, aud then, to the music of t graud march, the procession was resumed. Four rouug men bore the corner stone to its appropriate ilace, the column opening to permit their passage aud .hat 01 the Kigbt Kev. Bishop aud his assistants. Bishop l.ougblin reached tho position of thu stone, ind taking a trowel Irom Father Pratt marked tbo sign si tin; cross on u? north, east, south uud west lures. Ho then spread the cement over the memorial case, uud pronounced tbo corner stone of the Chuich of St. AgneH properly laid. The clergy chanted a psalm in Gregorian style, and passmg urouud the interior walls of thu edlllco repeated the chaut at tho several corners. The procession then moved up tbe ceutre aisle and tho clorgy took seats ou the plaliorm within lliu proposed ullar space, behind Lhu display of lilies, azaleas and other tlowering plants Ihut decorated the pl.itlorm rail. The Rev. Father Brauu, D. 1)., tbon delivered an oration, alter which Bishop Lougnliu ended the ceremony by giving his Dlessiug to tho 8,000 spectators who bad reverently listened to tbo words ol the speakers and devoutly united in the prayers lor tbe future of tbe Church of St. Agues. Among those present wero Fathers Young. Pratt, Donnelly, Poole, Thoirry, Macdowall, Clowry, McCarty, Flynu, llrady andUcKcogb: Fathers Slinger aud Lilly, ol the Dominican Order; Father Bouaventura. of tbo Bonedlctine church at Hoboken; Father li.erdon, Dr. Mctilynn, Father Mealy, Messrs. McElroy, Von Sachs, Dillon, * urrell, Fitxpatricfc, the architect of tbe cburch; L J. O'Connor, Mr. Newman, Mr. Morun, Mr. Arm itrong, Mr. Brown, Mr. Valentine and Mr. R. J. Oraduy. A GREAT RELIGIOUS WORK. FHB HBWBB0Y8 AND BOOTBLACKS OF JIBSSY CITY BROUGHT INTO TUB OHUBCB. Tbe ccremony of administering the sacrament ot confirmation la the Catholic Church is always a solemn tnd imposing one, but tho spectacle witnessed id St. Peter'* ehurcb, In charge ol the Jesuit Father* at Jersey City, yesterday, was one that will not soou be forgotten. At three o'clock In t|ie allernooti Bishop Corngan, attended by Fathers McQuade and Marbchal, entered the sanctuary, ascended the altar tnd delivered a most impressive discourse to Uie large number or candidates tor confirm*, '.ion that filled the aisle?. Be dwelt upon the deep signii cuncu of the ceremony wlilcb was to remind ftoem that tbey had entitled us soldiers of Christ aud ;Uat tho sacrament would give them new strength to , oght under llie banuer of the cross. He also exhorted i them earnestly to udhcre steadfastly to iheir laiib aud ! never depart Iroui the teurhings ol tbe Church. Tho cereiuuuy then proceeded and occupied about two hours, alter which there waa a tx-ucd-ction ol the blessed sncratuetit. There were two characteristic ! leaturos in the assemblage?first, the eontlrniatlou of I ?even convert)-, tho last being ouc ol the leading physi cians ol the city, wno had been a un> tuber of the Church ?i England; and second, the large number ?f newsboys and bootblacks, classes hitherto I neglected und permitted to wauder like stray \ ihuep through lite. Father Maruchal haa devoted teveral hours ouch week dbrmg tbe past six months to j ? the reformatio* ol these youths. He picked tbem up i at the terries, steamship wharves und at tbe street cor- j nur?, and set upart a convenient time lor tbeir instruc tion. With him it became a labor ol love, and the re- ! suit of his scalous work was witnessed yesterday and I was most edilying. Tbe little lellows were encouraged i to lei'l that I hey had a great destiny be: ore tbem. and * they .mvuuccd 10 the altar with u regularity und de corum that evoked a high compliment Iroin ltishop~ j Corrigun. Father Martfchal also downed several hours , ench week to the iustTuction ot pupils who attend the | public schools and who lormcrly wcro in a great meas ure neglected. All harriers ol distinction that aroused )ealous> aud distrust among tbe boys attending paro- i clnal and sectarian schools and those attending public 1 schools, as well as those who attend no school at all, havo been levelled and a loltier spirit prevails. POTATO BUGS ON LONG ISLAND, j From every part of Long Island comes sows of the ravages of the potato hugs. List year mauy of the farmers had- such bad luck with their potato crops In consequence ol the operations of these pesis that this year tbey determined to plant less ground. In Qneeus county, especially, there has probably not beon a . smaller area of potatoos planted during the last twenty j years than at present, and a much less aroa baa also | been planted In Suffolk county. A* a result, those j farmers who succeed In getting a comparatively good crop will probably obtain good price* Some of the ' reports from various localities may thus be noted:? ; Several farmers near Amltyvllle have acres of young potatoes eaten off even with the ground, and should tbe bugs continue to lucrease as rapidly as they aid last year It will be almost Impossible to raise anr vegetables lor which they have au appetite, for ihey do not confine themselves to potatoos alone. At Hont ington their ravages are extensive, and tbey aro do* itroymg tomato as well as potato vines. At Kuslyu tho hugs are mailing Sad havoc, aud the prospect for potato crops is very discouraging. At Newtown tbey arc to be found in almost every field and garden, and so In Jamaica, where several fields ol potatoes hav^been ploughed up and other crops put in. and tbey have t>eeu particularly destructive to tomato phints, egg Wlauts, ftc. All along llie .-ouih side the bugs arc to be found tu great quantities, thousands vpon thousands of them iple!<ling tbe potato fields, aud great numbers sm to t<e seen upon tbe beaches at Kockaway and elsewhere, where they perlth In the luri and are thrown up In rows. Among other things used in the sttempt to extermiuate them are I'aris men, powdered aloes, soot, %c.; but some of It* inner* say that tbe most effective as well as the safest tgent used is slacked lime, which luav b? sp mkled upon aud around the plants without injury to tbem > snd without danger to the person using it. A DOUBLE INFANTICIDE. The bodies of two male Infants were found in a Iwamp on tbe property of John Condon, at Amityville, U L, on Friday afternoon, by a colored boy named Fnraan, redding 19 a hoase in tbe tmmedisto vicinity. Tbey both bore evidences ot strangulation, one appear- | tag to have been about a month in the water and the ; other a much shorter time. Two youug women ol tbe i neighborhood, who are known to liave been preguant and who have recently dissppeared, are suspected of beiug thb mothers of the tnisnts, aud a rigid investiga tion ol tbe aflair la being prosecuted by the Coronor. j Considerable exoliemeut prevails in tbe neighborhood. ! FUCHS, THE BUTCHER. Oa Saturday the oficial notice of commutation of sen* i Ince In 4be case of Andreas Fucha was received at Hie Kay is#nd Street J?lt. Tbe prisoner, who was In Ik* highest possible spirits, said that ha would learn a leade la Sing Sinn aud would be a good man, *0 tbat j Mse time be woe Id be pordon*d. He will be taken to feMlttnro home to-day, | FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL The Events of the Week?Course of the Stock Market THE MONEY AND GOLD MARKETS. War Humors and Their Disquieting Effect? Railway and Lake Competition? The Dry Goods Trade. Wall Sthkbt. I Scxtuv, May 28, 1870. ( Pope, siuging of Dryden, eulogizes taitt I.oiik o>?jc?tic uiarcb aud viivrify divine. Certainly il?e same royal progress and indomitable pluck will bo conceded to Ihu veteran Commodore by some luiure pout ol Iho stock market. The word to day I* tbal Mr. Vanderblli is hopelessly til, atid that a low hour* mar clot* bin earthly career; yet despite tins the Central and Hudson Uiver Kail road (his pat in vestment) lias to-day publicly advertnod a reduction o< nearly 33 13 per ceut ou all pusseuger rales to tbe grout Wintern cities. By all wbo know tbe man, bis in epressible energy and lorco of cbaractor, It will not bo doubted thai IbU change lias been made witb bis concurrence, If not at bis direction. It is ot such mull' tb'tt berocs are made, though wo may regrol that tbe "ruling passiou strong in death" could not huvo been devoted to wore ennobling,pursuits than the simple ac quisition of wealth. The Broker lauiily, however, Is not given to ncntl mentality, and say uo long prayers over any of their guild if an honest peuny can bo made by curtailing the services. ' So, with the uows ot the now "cutting uuder" process, so long threatened but now estab lished, and with the belief that tbo octogenarian wa? noarly "gone to his death," there was a gatuering of S|>oculatorit at tbe Vltlh Avenue Hotel this morning, hovering over the expectod demise as do vultures over the lorm of a sick lion. Duuk and claws were sharper than ever, aud, though little was effected In the wuy of tray.-action*, Lake Shore was oU'orod ut 51*, and a disposition prevailed to sell down tbo rest of tbe mar ket. Like the usurer's plough, brokers will work on Sunday, perhaps arguing tbat " better tbe duy makes boltor the deed," or mora likely satisfied to claim such prottu as may result, without troubling themselves with the theological question ai all. Wbtlo events ot the past week have been controlled to a great extent by doctors' prescriptions, and thus smell of Jbe pharmacopoeia rather than or finance, there bias fair to appear in the week to come a new element of disturbance in tbe perturbation which the warlike state of things is likely to create In foreign markets. Mem bers ol the Slock Exchange will not object to the de velopment of auy lorcos. be they bcuullclul or calatni? tous, tbal will wake up the existing slumbering irado, and aro prepared to greet roseate prosperity or bluo ruin with equal complacency. THK TR.i*ft*OHOKS 0? TUB WKBK. The following represents the ouening, highest and loweiit Hales, regular way, o( tbe principal stocks durimi the past week, together with the number of shares dealt in:? No. of Open- nigh- Low Skarrt. intj. ut. tit Atlantic and Pacific prof.. 4/iO 2 2 2 Atlaulicuud 1'aciUcTol... 1,377 17 17 14* Chicago and Nortbwest'n. 3,300 3IP,' 40 C. and N. \V, preferred... 1,850 68* 53* 68* Chicago, K. 1. and Pacific 3,286 ltli', 105* 105 C., C., C. aud 1 632 40 40 4a Cleveland aad Pittsburg.. <30 03 03 02* Chicago and Alton 680 <JH% 08* 08 Cautou 100 So 3ft 35 Del. l.ack. aud Western.. 23,114 103 105* 102'%' Del. aud Hudson Canal.. 1,733 105 105 104* Adams Express 155 107 107 107 American Express 3O0 03 03 03 United States Express... 807 70* 70* 70 Wells, Fargo it Co 583 80 8U * 80 Erie 63,220 14* 14* 13 llarlem 820 138 138* 137 Hannibal aud St. Joseph. 050 13* 13*, 13 Han. and St. Jo. prof 800 21 '21 20* l.ake Shore 315,020 62* 64 61* I Michigan Central 07,814 4S* 47 44 Morris and Essex 1,087 103* 103'4' 102 V i Mo,, Kansas aud Texa*... 1,101 0* 9 7* ' Milwaukee and M Paul.. 10,600 36* 37Si 8ft* : Milwaukee and Si. Paul pi 20.010 63* 66* 63 | New York Central 16,312 110* 110* 110 New Jersey Central 19,651 84* 84* 70* ! Ohio and Mississippi 10,850 1??. 17* 10* I Pacific Mail 126,170 22* 28* 22* ! Panama 040 130 140 130 PuciUc of Missouri 742 13 14 12* j Quicksilver 1,500 15 15* 15 St. I.. K. C. and N. pref. 000 28* 28* 28 Tel., Wab. and Western.. 1,000 3 2 * 2 | I n ion Pacific 6,030 00* CO* 67* ? Western Union Tel 105,085 04* 06* 04* Pro. Con. L. and P. Co... 1,000 113* 110* 113* I'nion Mining Co 0,510 1* 1* 1* S. Y., N. H. aud H 127 160 150 160 GoM ? 112* 113* 112* , ToUl for the week 00&.T13 cumixo >"hick.h?s p. m. ? satcuday. I aciiic Mhii .... a .5* Mo M I'pi tHV ? OS htniait)... ia* h ?.* i. ?j?* > 4< All A Pat 1*1. 13* ? 10 C. C A 1 C .. . 4* A *K t,tiicksllvar.... 15'. a Itf 1*1,1, AW 106 a 105', Culck.llve. pt. 1H a V2 Krle |1* a 13* .Mar LA >i I n.. .*.* a > * 1: an A St Jo... 1?* a 13 ktiLi \| pi., ? a 8 Itan A tit JupT ? ? tU Adams Kx V?7 a 10tf Lake Shore ft:;* a &J* An cricau fcx.. W a Midi Cvutral.. 46* a <?;, t h l- x.. . 70* H 71 N \ A liarlem.l>7 a 139 ?* e ln-KanoKx M> 4 a 00 N V C A U it 111" a 1H>'? Chic* Alton .. 07 a Of* S J Cm B2'< a lie* .. lilt. . ?1? a US Ohio A Mlna... 10* a 17 I Li AN *.... a 311)4 I'aitama 136 a 130 < tic A .\ V pi 57* a 68 Tol .t Wah. 2* a JK t I If A 1.1 .H5* * Kttjft talon 1'aelflc. fc'fi a HO Mil A M 1'aul. 50^ a 3 XlMWn Hag.. 123ft a 13 THK MONET MAKKKT. The course of money bos been toward even lower rate*, and capitalists and banking institutions having large amounts of funds to employ begin to be appre hensive lent tlio cowing summer months should provo anything but lruitiul of oven the preaent small profits. Demand loans havo been done at 2* to 8* per cent, with 3 a.< the more common charge; this on plodge of the ukuul collateral. To borrowers on United States bonds tbo rnllng rates were 2* to a The rates lor commercial paper are toward easier terms, because of the small amount of names now being written. Tbo laic stoppa^o ol mills in the New England States and tbe recent wool failures have caused more than usual discrimination. The following shows tbe value in gold of $100 green, backs (United States Treasury notes, fraotional notes and national bank notes) at twelve o'clock on the days nainel:? May 22. May 23. Mav 24. May 24. May ?6 May 27. $88 1*8 $68 80 $88 711 $88 ?0 $88 80 $88 40 COIHS AJID BULLIOX. The following are quotations In gold foraUverand foreign coins:? EnglUb sovereigns. . 4 85 20 mark pieces $4 76 Kapuieons 3 85 20 pesos, Mexican .. 10 00 Spanish doubloons.. 15 70 20 |>esos, I'oru 10 00 Mexican doubloons.. 15 25 Peruvian dollars.... 81 Mexican dollars..... 00 California gold OK Traoe dollars 01 'Canada bills 00 Five iranc pieces... 01 Xuva .Soulla bills... 05 Tnalers, silver 80 Sol dollars. 81 Hank of Kng. notes. 4 85 Prussian X tb. p'ca,. 7 80 English silver. 4 80 German X th. p'ca.. 7 70 THS BOLD MARKKT. The gold speculation was heavy during tho early part of tbe week, but subsequently gave raoro signs of life and vigor, tbe price advancing Irom 112* to 113V. Tbis change is due to tbe disturbed feeling in London and French commereul circles, resulting from war ru mors, tbe decline In consols and foil In nearly all classes ol securities. Tbe following are tbe COLD riXCTt'ATIOXS roi THE WBKK. Opming. Jlighttt. Lowest, doling. Monday 112* 112* 112* 112* Tuesday 112K H*# -112* 112* Wednesday 112,'% 112* 112* 112* Thursday 112*, 112J< 112* 112* Friday U2* 112* 112'* 112* Saturday 112* 118* 112* 113* If ;t be true, as stated anoBclally, that tbe Roths childs have been large sellers of securities, it is a fair inference that these bankers, with their usual astute ness, bavo secured Information in advance of others that s war is pending, and that the Sultan will not re cede from bis position. oovsaxmurr eon Da. Those have been well sustained durlag the week aud in some Instances prices closed higher. In tbo great plethora of money whion exists tbore Is reason why capital should seek safe investment in this direc tion, and governments continue to be firm. Another foot favorable to tbtlr advance may be found in ibis, that tbo I'nltoU States are sot only free from all cn langling alliances, but our bonds oiler to the people of Europe greater security from loos than tboso of any other nstlon in tho world. To lbs people of ti ls coun try a European war woitld in many days prove a bless ing. si roars Alio mom The foroigu commerce ef tbo port for thoweok was aa lotiows:?General merchandise Imports, including j dry pwdi, $5,340,422; product exporta, $5,982,023, una specie exports, $0X2,140. The total imports of merchandise since January 1 Uin year ware $132,084,037, against $152,937,268 for the corresponding period in 1875, and $17?,70#,890 in The total export* of produoe were $90,085,881, against $05,302,332 IB 1*75, and $U2,t>H0,892 in 1874. The total export* of specie were $23,i'8U,418, against $31,401,087 in 1876, and $22,738,741 in 1874. STATS AMi RAILWAY SO Ml a The former have been quiet, with Tenneaseea stronger and higher in consequence of a reported Improvement in the financial aspects of the eitale. District ol Colombia bonds were a fraction lower. THS RAILROAD AXD WATSR OOMPSTrrlO* between the Weak and the seaboard is attracting con siderable attention becuuio of the low rates alr&dy es tablished lor the transportation of seat-bound freights. Kates on wheat by lake irom Cbioago to Buffalo are 2>? cents per bushel, and by canal from liufl'alo to Slew York 0)4 cents. These rales are equal to 75)^' cents per ton (S3 1-3 bushels) Irom Chicago to Buffalo and $2 08>? 'rom Buffalo to New York, or, bv railroad distances, less than 1}? mill per ton ]icr mllo to BufflUo, and (rom Buffalo 4 ^ mills. When it Is understood that the Cen tral and Hndson admits a cost per ton per mile at over 7 mills Tor cacti ton transported it will bo seen how unequal the contest ts west ol Buffalo, and the following figures require no farther explanation:? rkcxii-ts or graid at iiupkalo sixes mat 8. Huthtlt. By lake bouts 6,876.000 By all thu railroads 701.100 Total 0,576.100 Besides this Oswego has received by luko a large quautity. Kronf Hntlalo to New York tho railroads do bettor, because the canal tolls do not permit of such extremely low rates, yet to compoto with <"4c. por bushel the railroads havo to acoept of 4>j mills us the rate per ton per mile. Tbe proportions ol the move ment Irom, Buffalo eastward since the opening ol the cunal are as iollows:? Uuslielt By canal 3,422,1*4" By railroad 2,ltS4),00? Total 5,588,040 A 1'OSSIIILi: RKHUCTIUV or fASSKXUXR RATKS. It is reported that tlie Now York Central and llud bou Klver Kallroad will reduce their passenger rates at an early day to tho following figures:?New York and Chicago (from $25), $17; New York and Cincin nati, $15; New York and ludianapolis, $18; New York and St. Louis, $22; New York und I.ouisvilie, $19; New York and Detroit, $13. Tho alleged reason for this reduction Is that rival lines out of Motttonhave been running first class express passengers on emi grant tickets, to tho detnmont of the Boston and Albany travoL The now tickets will be good for three day a, A similar reduction, It is said, has beon ordered by the Pennsylvania Railroad for tho samo date. TIIK DRY GOODS THAUK are taking a less cheerful viow than ut first regarding the probable effect of tbe roceut auction sales upon ttade, and fears are entertained that the "great suc ocss" Is only to tboso who have thus succeeded in dis posing of their accumulated stocks. It ts realized that the goods have not gone into consumption, but simply beeu distributed among a large number of traders, who aro more likely to still lurther depress pricos through their efforts to quickly dispose of thoir largo purchases than would havo been the original owners. The trade also complain that the auction sale has established a no# departure In credit, the terms of tho sales having been fonr months, mstead ol the usual credit of sixty. days tor this class of goods, and It finds it impossible to now sell a bill of goods without acceding to tbe now terms. mixing lirriLLioiscK The Judd ft Crosby works at Georgetown sent for ward through the First National Bank $0,523 in stiver bars during the week ending loth inst. Tho oro com ing out of the Broadway Tunnel is reported to bo un usually rich. Work on the Nuckolls mino is'steadily progressing, the main shaft being down 175 feet and the pay streak increasing in value. At tho .Steven, mme the winter-, heavy full ot snow will prevent the forwarding ot oro until about Juno L The Sliver Concentrating Company Is running night and day and turning out some tony toy. of material per week. The Pelican mill is reopened whh a large sup ply of ore after, week's delay ,u the Introduction of new machinery. For tho time being there is an over supply of water from tho mountain., an inconvenient that will piobabiy last anotlior week. Tho Young Amoricamlno, that had starved outoue .et ofoperators was taken in hand by another sot, who are said to hav. found rich ere at . slightly lower depth. Th. Baxter Company, known in the Kant a. h.vlnir sent a ton ol ore to the Centennial Exhibition, ha. tho credit of having taken out twelve tons whicn aver age lor the flrst class 450 ounce* to the ton and /or tho second 150 ounces to tho ton. Thi. result goem, to have beeu surpassed by tho Atlantic Company, a solo tlou of whoso lira and second class ores averaged 947 to 425 ounce, s.lvor; a lot of ore which ooosi $1000 delivered yielded some $2,000. Iu the mills of Morrill ft Co. (late Mellls ft Morrl.i one of tho new methods, known as the "Fruc process ?' lately on exhibition in Now York, Is being Introduced for treatment of tho slimes. On the Colorado Central or No. 5iodo, where the shalt, at a depth of 500 !eet intersect, a tunnel, machinery 1. already in place I or sinking 1,000 loet deepor, a work that I. expoctcd by It. projectors to successfully solvo tho problem of deep mining in tho Territory. The greatest depth so far attained In any Colorado mino is about 1,100 feet where the ore pays largely and the ind.catlons point to a bonanza further down. The Golden Smelting Com puny, iu Jefferson county, are doubling their capacity on account of the incroasud production of oro In that neighborhood. Milling and mining machinery are In unusual demand, some shipments having been made to tho San Juan region, where soveral stamp mills are already in successful operation. W hat 1. called tho "Now One-man-power Jigging Ma chine" is said to bo working successfully on low grade ore in Fremont county. It Is pronoqneed a sim ple and effective means of concentration, aud Is ex pected to give now hopo to individual workers, who from waul of c?piul, may have feared "Jig was up." In l'ark county the Moose, Doliy Varden Hia watha. Hussla, .Security, Lono Star and London mines we reported as being In paying ore and doing well A blasting Is being erected In Horseshoe and Chlorlnatloi, works, at the mouth of Moh.,uiIo Gulch From Boulder county wo learn that Commissioner . Decatur, in the Interest of the Centennial Exhibition held a large meeting on Monday night at Sunshine and I. traversing the county gonorally. A mino near Boul der City, that was sold to St. Louis parties for $10 000 became worth $100,000 within eight mouths, having beeu worked on a very moderate scale and with simple appliance. A .mall lot of Tellurite oro, from . new discovery north ol Camp Providenoo, was taken to Denver and sold lor $5 80 por pound. Tho subject is creating much excltoment In the neighborhood. In Glipiu county tho activity |( nnususily marked in the better known districts, tuch as Russell, Gregory Quarix \ alley, Nevada, fta, aud now mills and ma chlnory are being erected to work tho Increased offer log.of oro. Emigration l? tending toward th. low dcvel o|>?d portions or the Territory. Ou tho Hubert lodo rich findings are exacted, attended with excitement as an inevitable sequent. The old mill, and concentrating work. In the couuty aro in full blast DOMESTIC MARKETS. Cotton quiet; .nM.llln*. 11 Ke.%^W?" B.iddliu?. |i?V Art receipts. 205 b?t?. ? Jn". 'IU. 1 i-." ports eoastwlae, 8U>. 8?|0., 120. Siuek, l8JSoi' Cotton dull and Irregular; ?ld*lla*!'*l*l$Je.filfJwlifiuS* CoUeti UBehmiitel; middling 1 >v!" a*i * Y bale.: grow, y?3. 8.1,., 73. io.7CA P ^ -18 Cotton M, and i ror'?tramedU?ar Urrn ^"^tW? | demand. 4le. Oati ?allb*o. U and M.ebltfin "rir ?JSSttSk vtrs& June; $1 MM a fl OK',. July: No. S pfrlns. I?;-.: re jected. KHc. ? HUB. Corn noli v.-. bat weak and tower; No 'J. ???<? . spot, W>4r . M*> ; . June. 44V . July; rejected. 41c. <i?u dull. No. 2 ul J*1*#., spot. -H>,u , May Wi'l Juar. IU< (Ira at 70c. Barley tlrie., spot; HO... May; SSe. a Sd??c , June; l?k Jul v. Pork dull, weak, at 918 15, ? anil J ii u?-; $lt? S3, July: $1U U. Auuli 91W 73. September. Lard 'lull, weak ; I. '4C , (pot ami J una; 91-4>a>l- 42*$, July; *13 OO, August Hulk meat* dull* should*'?, . ciear rib- and clear sides, I'V- ? l?",r. Whiskey steadv. Htm al *1 <?? Receipts - f lour, ll,<?n.> bide ; wheat. til/sai; corn. IH3.000 do ; oala, 87,0<)0 da ; rye, l.'illl do ; hurley !?,??*? do. 8hipuu*ht? Flour. ".??*> bhU.;, IWI.IUU bushels: emu. IIH,t*n> do.; oats, iu.UUU do,; rye, 4UU do.; barley, iUlill tin. OsWKUO, Say -7, 187H Floor in good ili'iuand att-l marki't steady at previous prices; salta l.Hia) bids. Wheat >(eady; No. I Milwaukee eluli, 9I 27a#l 3K; red State. fl 4'-'; clilu Cauda,II 6" a {1 33. Corn unohariged; 11I11 bushel* no cratie at *H>c.; l.iu ?> bushels No. - mixed Western at tMv. Barley qalet. Corn meal?92?S a 937 per ton lor bolted ; a per tun for unbolted. Mi II feed? Shorts. (1.% ; ahipatuff*. 91": iutiidlln|r>. f ID per ton. Caual Ireiithta?Wheat, 3* .c.; corn and rye, Sc. to Sew Yerk; lumber, 92 to the Hudson, 75 to Near York. Lake receipts? Lumber. l.OH'2.000 led. Canal aklptuentt?Wheat. 33.000 buahele; corn, K,3ij0 buabela; lum ber, SJti.UX) feet. BcrfALO, May 87.1H7U. Lake receipt*?Wheal, 113,001) bushels. Railroad re ceipt*?flour, 'J.'.'txibhls. ; wheat, U.000bushels; corn. I *.<s<> do.; oats, U,l??> Jo. ; barley. 3.400 do. Canal shipments to tidewater?Wheat, 104.000 bushel-. llailruad shipments? Kluur. 2.200 bbla.; wheat. 3S.UO 1 bushels; coru. f>7,UUO do.; oats. rt,l*K) do.; i.arley, 2,400 do. Caual froights Arm? Wheat, d'.,c.; coru, 3t.c.; oala, 4c.. M New York, tolls in ?laded. l&ailroait ireigbta uoiulually 7c. for wheat to New York. Klour tlrni ami unchanged : 1,000 libla. sold. Wheat In fair 4 'maml and llrui: tales 3.200 bushe s Sheboygan at 91 27; 0.600 do. No. 3 Milwaukee (to arrive) at *1 10; 3.000 do. No. 1 do. (spot) at 91 33 a 91 ?& Coru -Demand food, scarce and tlrni . aalea. 10,000 bushels sample Western at 01c.; 3,5t)0 do. No. 2 mixed Western at 55c.; 1.31k) do. Kan sas (to arrival at 3Hc.; L00 do. hiirb mixed Wcitsru at .Vic. Oat* uull; No. "J Western ulfrred at 37c.; no sales. Kyi) in active. HarlxyUuli; 110 aalea. Peas, boaua and aeeda dull and uncliau^cil Pork lower at 921 lor heavy mm. Lard lower at 13c. llijjliwin?s nominal. PRINTING CLOTII8 MARKET. PaOVlKICMOl, U, I., Mav '.'7, 187H There lias been more activity in the priiititiK eloth market daring the past week, with bettor feeling but no material chaiiicu in price* Salea ol iho wouk amount to 47.UU0 piecea at 3Jsc. a 3',c. for standard anil extra IMx04 goods. HAVANA MARKETS. Uartlt, May '28, 1S7U. Su?ar?Au auticipateil further decliue In void and ex ?hat.|;o hua curtaifeJ the opuratioi.s; cloatntf ijuiot ami steady at entirely unchanged prices; stock iu warehouses at Havana and Matausas, 37a,000 boxes and 43.IXJII hliiln.; re veipts ol the week. ?i3,()>IO boxea aud 4.00*1 hbds.; exports during the week. J4,riUO hnxe> and Kl.lkA) hlida., iucludini; U.IKO boxes and 0,7<U hlida to the United Statea, Uaeou. 9(3 a $43 per cwt. Uuit?i.97'a 9M>'per quiutai forsuvar tino American, Klour, #3*2 .V) a 933 per bbL for American, Jerked beef, $.'? per arrot.o llama. f>3 per i|ulutal lor AiuDricau aui;arciirml. Lard. Iu ko^a. # IJ a *43 per quintal; iu tins, $4.'i a ^47. Potato a, ^7 .">0 a per hbl. Tallow. a $.'K>prr itnintai. Wax. yellow, $13 per arrobo ; wlllta, Wl a (iKi, Oiuoiwi very scarce and nouiiiial. Naval stores nominal. Coal oil, in tins. X*. reals per gallon. Empt.v hlida., $4 a 91 '23. Lumber dull; white pine, <3u a 931 per 11.; pitch piue, 9-1 ? a 930 per M. Sbuoka nominal. White 11 'iv* beans, JO a -?ll? reals per arrobe. Chewing Ul bscco. $ i-> a 9<H pei qulntul. Coru, 13.1, ri-als pur arrulie. Hoops steady; luug shaved. ^13 a 941) per M. Freights llat; rates to all porta unchanged. Totmuco no salea: oneratori exceedingly reticent abont their doings. Spsnish irold, ii 11? * j a -"-I >. Kxclmnge nominal; on the I Statea, (io days, currency, s'4 a S discount: short sight, 7 a dis count ; ou London, lo*{ a 10 premium. P1MAMC1AL. August hklmont * ou.', Ilanxera, 10 and 21 Nasaan St., Iseua Travellers' Credits, available in all parts ot tk world, through the Messrs. UK ItoriiSCIIILD ami their correspoudents. Also Commercial Credits and TelegrapUle Transfers of Money ou California and liuropo. A?K IKtl r^OltTGAa K?. TWO?ON K 93,000. OTHER ? $*.000, 011 two extra Lots on 47th at., near Htii a v.. one year to runa proi>erty worth double ; una-halt cash, bai auou Personal Property; Liuuura prelerrud. SAML'KL 0. SLOAN. 31 East 17th st. T REASONABLE RATK8.?MONKT~0N MKE AND Kudnwmmit insurance Policies, Mortgages and other seeurities; insuraiied of all kinila effected with beat com panies. J. J. IlAilKlt'll A CO.. 117 liroadway A" MEW BOOK on STOCK SPKCULATION, ALSO daily Market llepnrl: mailed free; Kttick Privilegos negotiated at !?? st market rates: Stocks honglit or sold 011 3>i per cent margin; orders by tuail or telegraph promptly executed. L. W. HAMILTON k CO.. . 37 Broad at., New York. ?JOHN IlICKLUT A OO. WILL EXECUTE 0R ? ders for slock privileges, 7. 15. 3D nnd OO days, at lowest rates on 100shares, or any part; 73 page book and Wall Street He view aeut free. J^LKX. VltOTItrNCiilAM-* OO., BANKEltS, 12 WALL St.. make inveatinents of large or smell amounts in stocks of a legitimate character: reliable puts audualls; sto- ka bought and carried on a deposit of 3 to 5 per cent; circulars and weealy reports sent free. NT AMOUNT TRUST >LN03 TO LOAN ON mortgage; city or I'.ruoklyn. LEAVITT A WOLCOTT, 10 Pine st ?MONKY TO LO VN ON BON0 AND MORTOAOB. ? 011 improved city property: trust funds in several sums Apply t'i HORACE I* ELY, No. 22 l'inu at. i'pxecunve "oFrice. tbxas"ano paciwo ?iiATL U road Company, 1 a, May 19,1870. The interoat coupons maturing June I, Isiil. on the ('on solldaled Mor ga^e of this company will be paid on presentation ut the ollice of the company, in Philadelphia, or at Its agency, M Exchange place, iu the city of New York, unless the bntida have been registered, in which cane they will be paid only when proaeiuod with a power of at torney (UMpcrlv authenticated) of the party Iu whose name such regiatry has been made. K S. BOND. Vice President. Estate funds loanei> on mokTuauis; mvk vears upou choice city property. T. P. HYATT, 143 Broedway. I ALWAYS IIAVK MONEY TO LOAN ON MORT gage New York city proporty; city railroad Stocks and Bonas bought and sold. II. L. OR.VNT, 143 Broadway. 0PFI0E OK PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP CO., 1 I'm foot or Canal sr., Noktb Rivkr, > Nxw Yuiii,Mir-3, IH7QL ) The twenty-ninth annual election for directors of the Pacihc Mali Steamship Company will be held at the odlco ol the company, ou Wednesday, May SI, IH7rt, be tween the hours of 13 o'clock noon and [I o'clock P. M. The transfer books of the company will close at the offieo of the Union Trust Company, on Thursday. May 35, 1870. at three (:l) o'clock I*. M., ami will reopen on Thurs day. June 1, 1870, at 10 o'clock A. M. JOHN il. BACON. Jr., Secretary. M ONE* TO LOAN IV NEW JERSEY. PRINCIPALS onIv. A. D. MEI.LICK, JII., .1 HIUJ.. 12 Cedar ?!. rpUB MARIPOSA LAND AND MIX!XuljOMPAN X Exkcl'tivr UrtiCK. Not. >i ?.mi 11 Xak.sac nt. > Xkh Vokk. May ?1, 1H7& i The TRUSTEES of thia company have levied AN AS SESSMENT of $1 oer ahare on the preferred and common rtwk, payable at thl? olllee OX OR BEFORE JUNE 3. After that date it will be delinquent and liable to a charge of $3 each cortitleate lor advertiain* ?ale. MOKHIS II. SMITH. Aasiatant Secretary. UIBD atknCk "SAVINGS HaNK*. A dividend ?f IS per cent will be paid to the depositor! of thin hank on and after Wedneaday, May 31, at the olHcu of the Receiver, No. ?.'H6 3d av. Depoaitora will be paid In the order of their book number*, a* follow*:? Hooka numbered from 1 to 30,000, Wedneaday, May SI. Hook* number.'it from !!().<' O to 'Jft.000, Tbunday, Juno 1. Hook* numbered from g9,?00 to 80.0 O. Friday, June U. Hooka numbered from :W?.?*?? to 35.01*1, Saturday, June 3. Hooka nam lie red fr 'in 3A.000 in 4O.O00, Monday, June it. Hook* nu in he n* 11 from 40,<<) Mo 45.000, Taaaday, June 0. Hook* numbered from +4,000 to 50,000, Wedneaday, June 7. Honk* numbered from #0,000 to SS.OflO, Thuraday. June 8. 1'ooka numbered from 85,' "o to IVMk 0 Friday, June 11. Hooka numbered Irum (VMX).) to tl'i.U*!, Saturday, Jane 10, Te Hvol4 ci nriiaion depoaimra will only |ire>oul aa above, which rnle wil. nut bo duviated from. The bank will be open from 1> o'clock A. M. until tt o'clock P. M., except Saturday, when it will oloM at 3 P. M. 8. H. HUKD, Receiver. Nicw York. May 37, 1S70. - the lmi. ok i. Tor j tl?v/uU. wbich latlafactory necurlty will bo ttiven. a i L'eutletnan of buainoa* or leianre can aecure a eburmlng ! home in a fino location; aplondld room and all modern con | venienca*. with Hoard U atrletly llrat eiaaa in every ' reapect; only twenty minutoa' Ironi City llall. Addrea* i HOME. Herald otht-e. (to IMIlFTd LOAN-ON FIRST MORTUAUE ]I>T V* '?UV/1/ proved city Property. Addru*a UL'DLOKK, | 210 Ea*t 53d at., from 9 to I o'clock, , I ^185 000 ?T~I,OAN <>N ~11ONI) AN'I) MORT MKHSERKAU. 5-' fvtfri*.n"at"U ice, la auiu* to auit. SI11PMAN Jt BtSlNESli OFkMJRTUNITIK*. T SEW and VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT?EVERY it. one naed anil acted over the l/nlted state* for aale: apeelttcatioua and de?ctiptiou aent tree by tn ill on receipt of fl. H. RKIBESTBIN. 10a Orchard at.. New York. jT EXPBRIENOEDMANOHCTtRKR~WITII CAM* tal would like to Join aomo reliable party already liav- ' iiiK an eataliliahed trad* which can bo axteudod. Addroas L. box V!li> Herald utile.?. REHPOXBIB!,E MAN CAN HAVE THE HAH a"nD \ Cigar Stand of a Brat clna* Broadway Hi.tal on very j favorable terrna. Addreaa, with reference, II., atatlon D. PARTNKR WITH CAPITAL WANTED?IN A : well eatabllihn I ladlea' trimmed hat manulactu'lng | bualneaa of lOy?ara' atanllug; a good opportunity for tbo . right peraon. Addrea* TRIMM ED 1IATS. Herald ofllce. ; F'oB~1uLR?AN INTEREST IN RBVEBAL itt | veloped Hold and Silver Mine* of eataliliahed rlrhneia i,ml dnraiillitr, *ituated at Central City. Col.; price* at ( tractive and dividend* auured. Addreaa box 1'oat i.iliio.-New York. C~~MVBN A WAT?HALF INTEREST IN TIIK PKo- j X tit* of a long eateoltahed weekly paper, to a man com ii tent to aaalat In conductlug It. Addiea* PROFIT, box . JVJ7 Herald officii. 1 HAVE #1.6K); WANT PARTNER WITH ABOUT 1 aamn amount, to Join me in Baltimore Maple huaineaa; . prottta large. Interview at N". H Cedar at K. .I SMITH. ! PAISTNEH WAN*ED?AT KUNSlLEIt'S* OIL KAC. I toty; ctHiHilf.'.Um. All iolorniatlon at the factory, I U7 Sooth :<d at.. Willianiabnrg. QELL CHEAP?HALP INTEREST IX BUSINESS IJ tiayiag (>\00U proOta per annum. Addrea* LUX, tax 101 flcralu oilier. VVTANTED?A PARINEK IN AN OLD EsTaBI.IsIIED f T eracker and biwsult bakery. Apply at Kulton at.. New York. TO $1.00.) WILL SECURE 1XTBBMST IN <pLv'v/ ?lanufacturlng monopoly; article coat! Hcenta and aelli for Mi cente. t^ueen* County Land ollce, IW Broadway. ^11A WITH A Liric MAN*"to Toils MK IN i/j.iHn/ buaineaa; tole control lor llaliiuicre and the Soiitliern Stale*; :>n per ceat prollt; no riak. Call <41 or addrew JOSEPH M. WALKS, St. Nlchola* Hotel. BAILBOAD^BEVIVALS. A iraat revlv*l t? in progrMi Among Km l'?nniyIvanla Railroad man in Jaraey Ciiy. Thoir readiiiK room,, which was donated by the railroad company, haa bison RtocktKl with religious publication*, and prayer lucet iuga are in Ul twu u a *oi-k. sarrice* wero tiaid at loar i o'clock yenterday aitarnooa at tha freigiti depot on ? Warren atrcot. Addre age* were deiiver?<i by Mr. C. II ; lleuiou, who ha* achieved a va^t amount of good In tho field ol evangelical labor, and Rev. J. Kialior, of tha Third 1'reabytariau church. TUoae eervwea will bo continued avary mi inlay daring the summer at tha Pennsylvania and Krio nepota alternately. Mr. Williato ; Keanan, tha converted locomotivo engineer ol iba Delaware and Lachawanna Railroad, la announced to addraaa tba railroad employe* on Sundaya at Hlfferaat i at at tana along the line during Juae and July. THE PACIFIC MAIL TROUBLE. | BL'FVB HATCH'S VIEWS OX THE QUESTION TWO Or THE MEW mttECTOIU DECLINE TO HKBVE? THEIB RKA8UXS. Tlii' reoent strogi. le which resulted iu the ousting of Jay Gould iroinihe cuulrol of 1'ucitic Mail. > consumma tion eOocted in inily through lUu MW0 of KulitS Hatch, Iim hmi * foreseen results. Yesterday it was . rumored lhat two ol thu loading inua who had boeu ! named for the rulorm ticket had declined to servo. To an curtain the troth ol the rumor ? Hmialii reporter j _ * called on Hulus Hatch, but that gunllem m declined at Aral to say anything whatever on the subject of l'acltlc Hail. He remarked, determinedly, 1 thai ho did not Intend to be interviewed. He j bad mad* statements Irankly to several newspaper \ representatives autl only found misrepresentation. Hai'uKTca?You took a prominent part lu the sting- I gle by which Mr. Gould was overthrown, and j oa now : soem to hold the winning curd*. Hr. Hatch? Panama hold* tho control by the con sent of Wbitehouso & Co. Kki'ortkk?What truth Is there In tho report that Messrs. Tburber und Milloauk have declined to entor lit* new direction r Hr. Hatcu?That la true. After 1 held the balance of power my arrangements with Messrs. Whilohouse k Co. wore to thu ellci't that a certain number of gentle men rtp.'cscniUig tho Panama Kullroad Company, en tirely outside ol' Wall street speculation and lurgo stockholders in tho Pacltlc Mail Company, were to act a* director*. Tho tlr.-t prop osition was that two I'anitina men t>o selected, to which 1 assented; aiiorward they pro posed ihreo ol tho Panama people, anil I iiginn as seined, and a lickot was then agreed on. Treuor W. Park und his associates covered thoir shorts on Thursday, tho lHtb in?l., when It was known that Gould had buon beaten, yet I'urk goo* talking arouud as it" ho was the party who defeated Uo Id. Hkidxtkr?I believe you look a strong personal in terest in the simpler Mr. Hatch?I havo written slnco the commencement of the light, which has been going ou lor two months, over three huudred letters, partly on tny own account au'i partly tu leply to stockholders. JthfoicrKu?'What is th? re'sult of all this? Mr. Hatch?1'bo result, as It tit present stands, is that the coinpauy will bo changed Iroin tho control ol tho Union Pacific Kullroud to that of the Panama Hail road? whether for belter or worse the future must decide. Kkpoktick?Don't you loel some regret at separ ating altogether Irom this association with which you (lave boon so actively conne. led t Mr. Hatch?No. Alter three years of servlco I aci quite willing to retire. P. M. has been to ine Per I eel Misery; tho fuiuro would seem to indicalo Perfect Mystery. Kki'ortsu?Bat why did Messry. Thurbor and Mill bank di'dine to go on tho new bosrd ? Mr. Hatch?Here is Mr. Thurber's lettor. He de clines to act owing to pressing business engage- ' muuis. You know he has resigned Irom the Brook- j lyn liridge Board. Whttebon-o ,V Co. reiused to allow i me to name soine one In Mr. TUurber's place, and j hearing this Mr. Milibiuik then declinod to act, as ho considered the action of \Vn lie house & Co. a breach ' of tho compact on whiuh tho ticket had een inado uik Mr. Thurbor was ono of the j directors originally proposed by mu. Uo was not I trammelled by relations with Puudntit or Union j Pucillc, and a man to till tho vacancy cau-cd by bis de- ' eliding to act should bo equally independent of these | roads. Whltehouse % Co. refused to concede this, and ; tho circumstances now lead many in the street to be- , lievo that Iho intention is ^o have a board mado up ol' persons eutiroly in the interest of tho Panama Hall road. Uki-ortkr?I think wo have now got st tho exact situation Mr. Hatch?Yes, it's just this: I mado the flcht and won It. Thou Whtlohouso & Co. break faith, though it was through ma that tho proxies wure sent to tliem. Finally 1'ark comes In und claims tho glory of victory, though ho covered his Bborts alter Gould's delcat. FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET COUBT. lie fore Judge Kusmire. ' BBBIOUH BOW IN BNI1KIN COUBT. Snlflln court is a small alley on tho south sido of Thirty-sixth street, between Third and Lexington uvo- | nues. It is such an insigntllcaut place that but few of : the police evon know whoro It Is. It Is mado up of , private stables, tho coachmen also living there. On Saturday night a number of who live lu Snlflln j court, whllo drinking in a Third avenue saloon, bo- | came involved in a quarrel with other stable- I men, residing lu Thirty llftii streot, aud tho result ' was that iho Snililn court inon got tho worst ; ol tho all'alr. Daniel By rue, who is employed as waller ; by Mr. Franklin, agoiu ol iho Cunurd Steamship Com- I puny, was cut su severely in tho thigh that no had to j be removed to Uellevuo Hospital Joseph Johnstone, a friend ol Uyrno'a was pretty severely cut lu tho hip, ! but bo went home after his wouud bad beon dressed j by a surgeon. OUtcor Kilmurliu, of iho Twenty-first prccinci, heard the cries of iho wouuded meu for as. [ , sisiance, and muuuged to arrest Samuel Miller, of No. | ; HZ1 Kasi Thirty-linn streot, wlioin Johustone said had ; stabbed him, but tho who is supposod to have 1 stabbed Hyrne got away. Thoro woro lour of the as i sailing party altogether, but Miller was the only ono | arrested, and he was committed to await the result of Byrne's injurios. TO THE ISLAND FOB ONE TEAK. A young man of unprepossessing appearance, calling himself Frederick Klugsloy and residing at No. 33 , L.*wis street, wan found iu tho cellar of No. 5(W .Second ! avenue, on Saturday. Oflicor Murpby, of tbe Twenty- ! first precinct, arrested bim and lound in hla possession ; pawn tickots for a lady's gold wiucli and chain and other property. Owners ol lost property will cull at tho sUtiou house. A set ol burglar's tools wus also fouud upon Uiiii. Ho has lioen sunt to thf Island fur a > cur ou a charge of disorderly conduot. ASSAULTED BIS MOTHBB-IN-LAW WITH A 8LUMG SHOT. George Frederick Young, ot Hunter's Point, wus arraigned on the serious charge of striking bis mother in-law, Eliza Encamp, of No. 354 East Tbiriy-second strcot, on tbo forehead with a sluugshot. Tho wound intlloted was a sever* ono, and beloro tbe surgeon could claso It properly ho had to put four stlcbis in it. Tho accused was barely twenty veursof ago, ami his wife, wbo was presont us a witness ugainst him In reference to the assault, wus younger still. Tbo quarrel bad it* I origin in luimly difficulties, and according to tbo pris oner's version tho mother-in-law was tbo aggressor. j Ha was held lor trial iu default ol $1,000. When gum? j down stairs to prison bis wile wisbad to kl>s bun good by, but bo scomlully repulsed bcr attempted caresses, j A DANOEBOU8 CHABAOTEB. Patrick McLaughlin was lound at tbroo o'clock yes terday morning by OUlcer Cottrell, Twenty-second pro- 1 clnct, in company with two other men, on tbo corner ( or Forty-sixth street and Eighth avenue, and was ar- I rested as a suspicious chnrscter. Ho was taken to tbo ' station bouso alter a dosperate struggle, utid in bis ; possession wero lound lour lll? saws al>out tbo size of i knitting needles, any ono ol which, it was said, Mould i cut in two an 'ron bur an inch thick. He was held in doiault ol bail to Keep the pitaco lor six months. Tbo foregoing cases were all disposed of at tbe morn ing session, ami then a recess was taken till two o'clock P. 11., instead ol the usual adjournment until Monday morning. This was done because ot tbo anticipated rusb oi Excise cases that was expected. MARRIAGES A$\) DEATHS. MARRIED. Cohstocr?Krrr ?On Thursday, May 20, by the Rev. J. Hyatt Smith, at the residence ol the bride's grandiather, Wiu. O. Hicks, 1'kiiuv M. Corstock to Ella A., only daughter of the late Kobert 11. Kerr, and < gruudduugbtor of Christopher Y. Kerr, Ksq. Dkmakkst?Si.auk ?At the residenco of tho bride's parents, on Wednesday evening, May 17, 1874. by ibo fcov, it. li. Kolxay. Harry J. UuiinuT to Mary E., only daughter of Henry U. Slack, all ol Brooklyn. I'rovidence (IS. L) uud Pateraon (N. J.) papers pleuso copy. Dixkx?Utilwrlu?On tbo 26th Inst., at tbe resi dence of tbo bride's pureuts, by tbe Key. Dr. Ewer, Jamks* Dixkx to f'KAJicxs, daughter of Bcnjauiu M. Stilwell, all ol tbls city. Jk.nkish?McKixi.ry.? oii Thursday, May 26, 187#, by tbo Key. Or. Wm. S. Mikols, JoHX W. Jkskins to ! \i a ft i I* Mi'Kixlry, both or New York city. Mavrrs?Lryrxx.? At tbe residence or tho bride's ! S.irents, on the 'i8th msL, by the Kev. Dr.-tiersb?n, 1 Ir. Arraham Maykiis, son or Henjutnin K. Mayers. Esq., ol 172 High St., Brooklyn, to Jkn.nik, daugbtor of < benjamin I?cvene, Esq., of this city. London (Engiaud) papers ple?*e copy. DIED, . | Arciirr.?At Yoiikcrs, May 28, 1876, Mr. Riciiard Archrr, in the 92d year of bis a;je. The relatives and fnen Is ot tbe family are invited to attend the luneraf, from hi* luto residence, Asburton ay., Yoekers, on Wednesday, 3Mh, at throe o'clock P. M. ArrLiTOK.?In Jersey City, Saturday, May 27, Mab aarrt AmjtTos, wiaow ot tbo late Kobert Applcton, In tbe 87th year of bcr age. Relative* in.i friends arn respectfully invited to at tend the lunersl, from (Jruce cburcb, corner Krie and 2d st*., on Tuesday, Msy JO. at three o'clock P. M. , Hrakimlit.?On May 27, Sorktta J., boloved wife of K. Heardsley. Keiatlves and friends are respectfally invited to at- I tend tbe funeral. Irom her late residence, 420 West 34th i St., May 30, at una o'clock I'. M. Hirdsai.1.?On Friday, tbe 2tith Insl. ot pulmonary consumption, Ciiarlbs E. Bikdsall, formerly Judge of the Marina Court. Funeral services at First Haptlat church, lfarlom, 6th av., noar l'-iitli St., this day at II o'eiuck A. M. Friends are invited. Hill ?Suddenly, on Saturday, May 27, Hakxah R, wife Of tbe lata Avery Hill, aged 6# yesr*. Relatives and friends o| the lum ly ?rc respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from lim lute residence, 144 tffluth Portland nveuue, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 3o, at three o'clock P, M. Itowax. ?Members of Montgomery I.<H|ge, No. 08, F. I and A. M., aro hereby ordered to assemble in the Doric Room, Masonic Temple, on Tuesday, May 30. at 12 M sharp, to attend tue funeral ol otir late brother, fbontas 0. Bo*en. ISAAC H. FORD. Master. I Ron.*.?On Sunday. Mny 2*, after * short and se vere iMuess, Tmdiiiy Buvu% a naiive ol ih? pariah of t Goeghgiui, county Wostmealto, Ireland, (god 03 years. Tin remains will b<> taken (mm his lute residence, 810 2d av.. i*ii the :11st in?t.. t? ibo Cnurcb of Hi. Boni Ince, 4TlJ? *1. and 2d av , at lialf-p >?t nine A. M.. where a solemn maea Of requiem will be off-red tor the ro | |mim of In- null, tin net- to Calvwy Ceiaetery. i Friend* of the (nmlv and ilwiif lilt soioc Timothy, j Tlx'ma* :iu I Jo i i'li, art- requested U> attend. Itl li>n.iml Hill. L. I., on Sunday. M.if 2-S, ('.iptain Jkkrui.mi finatn, m tho Kith year ol lua njf. the friends of the family are re-pert lull* invited to attend hi>' lunoral, from hnilalercidencu at Richmond II ill, on Wednesday, Jlst inat., ai 2 o'clock P. M. Cars of Southern Long Island IUitr>iud leave Jamea Slip, New York, at lo:30 A. 31., imd Bu.liwick av., Brooklyn, at 12:45 1'. M. Hki i k.?At the residence of Ins brother, No 457 Went 23d it., on the -7th inst.. Colonel Liiautr Hkcci. Min of tho late William Brtioe. Tlie relatives ai d Iriend* of the family are requested, without further invitation, to intend the ItMteral. on Wednesday next, at two o'clock I'. M., in Trinity church. Cokkoli.v.?On Saturday, In tlie 30th yoarof his ago, Mk-iiakl F. X., son of tlio late James Con I nolly. | Relatives and friends of the family iiro respect'ully | requested to Attend the funeral, (root in* Into residency ] No. Weal ait 11 at., at bail-past Dl"? o'clock Tue*daJ morning; tla-nce to Church of the Holy Cross, We*) 42d st., where a requiem mass will lie offered lor tht repoie ol hi* soul; thence to Calvary Ceiuotery. U.vwvnx.?on ganday, Mav 28, ol scarlet fever, Ao\ks, daughter ot John and Sarah Ann Dawson, aged 1 year, 10 months and 15 <1ayn. Funeral Iroui the residence of her parents, lAORonth 3d st., W Itliauishurg. on Munday, May 29, at thrco 0 clock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Pkvok.?In this city, on the 27th Inst., after a pain lul and lingeringIllness, which she Iniro with Christian lurtituiie, Aimiua Woou, the beloved wile of Washing* ton T. Pevoe ;he rotative* and Iriends of tlio family are Invited to I attend the funeral, iroui her lain residence. No, 227 Last 104th St. this (Mondav), afternoon, at one o'clock Fawnr.?(iii Saturday, May 27, 1S70. Kantkr Fawhii, widow of James Fauns, la her 4I?d year. Relatives and irienils are invited to attend tho funeral, at one o'clock, Monday, May 29, at her brother In law's, 409 West 54th ml. Belfast and lUilvuienn (Irelntid) papers please copy, Fu.?.vri*.?Oo the 27th in*t.. at hid residence. ftSS Lexington av., Roiikrt Davkkport Fraxcis, aged 55. Notice of liiueral in Tuesday's paper. itallai!nkit.?Fn Brooklyn, E.D , on Sunday, May 2<, Bkiimikt Gkownkv, widow ol tlio line John Gallagher, 01 Isicksay, county Ualway, Ireland, In tho &lst year of hor age. A solemn requiem muss will l>e offered for the repose of her soul at hL Vincent do I'aul's church, on Wednes day, May 31. at nine o'clock A. M., and thence to Cal vary Cemetery for Interment. The relatives and frtendi ol tho family are invitod to attend. Qahsix.?On Saturday evening, at six o'clock, Jossen Gassix, In tho tWtli year ol hts ago. 11 ?lath es and frioods aro invited to attend the funeral scrvlcos on Monday evening at eight o'clock, from hii late roKiderice. No. :!2C East 27tli St. , (iiiAMT.?Suddenly, on the 27th, of hemorrbnzo ol the luiiiis, Wim.iam tiiiAvr, prool reader, a native ol Juvorneaa, Scotland, ageil ?4 yeant. Ills luner-il will tako place, Irom his late resldenco, 251 Kant 83d St.. this nay (MoUilay). at two o'clock. Tlio relative* and friends of the family, members of tlio Now York Calodoniuu Club and New York Typo graphical t'nlon aro invited to attend. _ Hayks ? vrier a short and painlul IllneBM, Cath Aki.m, the beloved wifo ol Peter Hnyea. The remains will he taken from hor late residence, 337 Cherry ?t.. on Monday, May 20, nt fine o'clock, lo Si. Mary's clmrcli, whore a solemn mans of requiem will bo offered up for the repose of hor soul, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery, at ouo o'clock. He la ti vet and Iriends aro Invited to attend. Howm?On 8aturdny, May 27, Haimmkt J., wife Ol Geortto Howes, mid daughter of Alfred I., and Margaret A. Smith, aged 2K years, H mom lis and 21 daya. Relatives und friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the luncrul. from her lute residence, No. 127 l.udlow st., at h.ill'-pasl one o'clock Monday, May 29. Remains will bo takon to Greenwood Ccmo tory lor Interment Jrhkl.?On May 2ft, Limit, beloved wife of I.oulu .loiiol, and youngest daughter of tho late Thomufl Dunn, of Dublin, Ireland, sged 23 years and2S daya The remains will be taken Irom her late residence, 100 Bowery, to Calvary church, when a solemn Ingti in ass will be offered for tho repose of hor soul. Dublin papers please copy. Kkahnky.? On May 28, Jom KaARWRT, a native of the parish Kaughu, county Donegal, Ireland, aged 59 yeara. Tliu relatives and Olemlg, also tho membera of the A. O. H., aro incite*! to attend, the lunoral on Tuesday noxt, from his "ale residence, 63A lltli av. ' ? 1'oeksklll, on Saturdiiv May 27, at half past three 1*. M., Mary K., wile ol Cuarles H. Kohler. Funeral services will bo held at her Into rosidence il PeekskiU, on Tuesday. May UO, at li tll-p iKt eight A. M.. and the remains will bo interred in Greonwood ai twelve M. l.Axn.?At Astoria, L I., on Saturday, May 37, KiuiaxI'. Luta aged 2ft years ahd 2 months. Funeral from the residence of hi* father, on Monday, May 29, at 2 P. M. ItAWHKKca.? At Yonkers. May 27.1870, Mrs. Martha TjAwrkxck. widow of William Lawrence, lu the 91at your of her age. Relatives and friends of tlio family aro invited to at I tend tho lunerai. from the residence ol hor sou-lu law, G. Bishop Valentino, Valentine's Hill, Yonkcrs, on I Monday, Mav29. at one I'. M. l.rrri.c.?On Sunday, May 28, 18*0, alter a long and painful illness, adalixh, wifo ol Thomaa G. Litllo, In the i.'ith year of ber ago. Fuiierai at one o'clock, Tuesday. May 30, at 73 5th av. ltotnalna will be taken to VVoodlawn. Relative* and frienda invited to attend f,CMUcr.?On the 28th inst.,.of intermittent Ifever, at 279 Washington at. l<r"oklyn, CATmma wifo M Joseph Lumloy, in the4i"i'. n year of her nge. A solemn moas of requiem will ho celebrated at 8t James' church. Jay *t,. on Tuesday next, at nlna o'clock A. M.; interment thereaf<er in Holy Cross Celtaetery. Flat hush Friends of the lamlljr are rospectfully Invitod to attend. Ia'hu. ? In Brooklyn, on tho 27th Inat, after a pain ful and lingering Illness, which she bore with Christina fortitude, LKTTia A., the beloved wile of George W Lush. Tho relatives and friends of the fhmlly are Invited t? attend the funeral, from her Isto residence, No. 161 Floyd st. Brooklyn, on Wedflesday, tho 31st iaiau, ai two o'clock 1'. M. Lvau..?''>? bunday. May 28, Rnota Mosjt, youngeei . son of William aud Kittle Lyall, a^od 3 years and I months. The luncrai will tako place on Tuesday, May 30, al two o'clock P. M., at *J4>S \Vest :>4th at. Maxwkli..? Ob Sunday, May 28, nuu, at Kant Now York, Makciakkt, daughter of Rev. Honey mid Sarah juin* Maxwell, uped 4o years. 4 month* and 10 day.". Funeral Irom ilia M K. church, Kaat New York*, on Tuesday, 30th Inst., at two o'clock P. M. Keluilvca and Irleuds respectfully Invited. Mokoa*.?May 26, Edward M. Morua*, itpthe 73d year of hla ago. Friends are invited to attend the funeral, front the Brick church, corner or 87th hL and utli av., on Mon day. tno 20tb inm . at ton A. M. Mmuni *.?At the rcmdaiico of Ills lather, 201 Divl ?ton av,, Brooklyn, K. D., ou Saturduy, the 27Lb Inst., Joux K. Moriartv, In the '.Aid year ?>! hla age. Relatives and Iriends of the family am rosneetfully Invited to attend the tuneral, from tho Church <?( the Transfiguration, Hyoper at. and Marcy av., on Tuee day, Vtay 30, at half past nine o'o.ock A. M. Mi Rruv. ?On Sunday, May 27, Mian Nora X. Mcr mr, in the 26th year ol ber aite. Relative* and Irieoda aro respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral from tho residence o( Mr. Hunter, No. 17 Beacon av., Jersey City Heights, at two o'Otoak P. M., Monday, May 20. o'Hinoixs.?ou May 27, Tkr?u K.,only daughter ol Patrick C and Hannah K. O'Hl^'ins, a^od .1 years. The funeral will take placu on Monday, at ihu o'clock P. M , from No. 26fl Till st.. South llroukiyn. Relative! and friends arc rcspectluily Invited to iitl.rul. Koomkt.?08th ?t., Broadway, N. Y., Jaxm Kooxkt. aged A4 years, died May 2*. J878. Son Of the lab Cwtck Rooney, Plereetown Skerries, county Dahlia Ireland. Funeral takes place from the Church of the Hoi) Nauie, 07th at, wlare a s' leiiin maa# ol requiem wll It* offered up at half |>a?t nine o'c.lo-k Monday, from tbeucu to Cotnetery or tbe Holy Cross. FUtumsh, I* I. Sklt/.kr. ?*>n Saturday morning, May 27, Johx B. Srltxkr, In Hid filet ear of his age. Relatives and friends of tbe iamily ar* respectfully Invited to attend tbo tuneral, fram iih late real cure, 2*6 West Houston St., on Tuesday, May 30, at ono o'clock 1*. M. Skkokakt.?On Sunday, May 24, atSpuyten DuyvIL Clara M aroi*krktta, twin daughter of Joseph R. ana Alice P. Sergeant, lined 1 Inoiith. si.uvtkk ?At Ilnrleni, ou Monday, the 28th Inst, after a lingering lllnesa, Mrs. l.vou M. W. Slpvtrr, relict of the Rev. Krchard Sluytor, ol Claveraclc, N. Y., and daughter of tbe late Hon. Jam"H Selmretitan, o! New Brunimick. N. J., In tho MOtb year of ber agek * Notice of luncrai to-morrow. Claverar.k and N?w Brunswick papers please copy. Smith.?On Friday, May 24, Thomas II . hoii ol rap tain Thomas and Muzey J. Smith, In the 23d year ol hit MO The relatives and Iriends of tho lamtly, also the members ol Typographical I'nlon No 6, are rex|>ect? luily invited to attend tbo funeral, Irom lua laic reat> dence, No. 42 Powers at, Brooklyn, K. i)., on Mon* dav May 20, at two o'clock I'. M. Richmond (Ya.) papers please ropy. Smith.?Ou Satur.iay, 27tli itisk, Built A., Infant daughter of B. Sidney and Katharine Vand?rbcr| Mtl, Soiraa.?in Brooklyn, on Mam relay morning. ?'.} 27, Anmik A., daOKlitor of Kli/.a anil the late ta|i..o Da via C. Sooper, aged 27 years. Tbe roiatives and Iriends of tho family are respect fully Invited to attend tho fttacrai, irom tue residence other mother, Ho. 218 Harrison at., Brooklyn. on Mon day, May 20, at hall-post ten A. M. Tbe remain* mil be taken to Kvergreuii Cemetery, Now Jer-e;-, fur tu tcrnoav. Newark (N. J.) paper* please copy. TaylorOn Saturday, the 27th Inst., M\in TaylOR, widow of tbe lain John Taylor, aged 7M years. Tbe relatives and friends ol the family are ro<jneste<l to attend the inneral, Irom Iter iate residence, 45U West 47tii sk. at half-pest two I*. tl.. Meeday, 20th last. Vax Hri'Mt.?oii Friday, May 20, JIaut, widow of tin late Albert N. Van llrunt, aged 82 yearn The relative* and friend* alt' Inviled to attend lbs fttnerai, on Moneay, May 20, at one o'clock P. M.. from the Reformed Dutch church, at tbo comer of Mar. and I21?t hu WiMina ?on Kanday, May 28, 1871, after a short Ill ness, iikm* Woons, a native of kun'sdtMoaii, county Clara, Ireland, in the 45ih year or his age. The relatives and Iriends, and bl? Wffwr Ann, an re* uect rally requested to attend the funeral, Arum hlf lam residence, 681 3d av.. on Teeiway, May 30, Mitt, at two o'aioek P. M. Uoldsboro' (N. C) p?era pleaea coot.

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