Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,526. NEW YORK. TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOKY FOli ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?2n Pack?I hi. 2d and Sd cola. ASTROLOGY?12th r*OK?-d cM. BILL1A'RDS? Oth Paub?Atli col. BOARDERS WANTED-2D Pack?3d col. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?2d Paob?3d Mid 4tK coin. BROOKLYN BOARD?"in Pscr?4thcol. _ BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE KOR SALE-l?r Pacb?ttb cot BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES-Hm Paob. BUSINKKn NOTICES?7tii Pack?*itb col. CITY KKAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Ibt Pa6B-4? eel. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?12th PAGB-lst col. CLOTHING?12th Paub?fitli col. _ COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? 12r* PaSB-1*? and 2d col , COASTWISE STEAMSHIP*?2? PAG*-?th col. COUNTRY HOARD?2p Paok?4th cel. DENTISTRY?1 2th PAUB-?Kh col. DRY GOODS- 1st Pauk?' th col. DWELLING HOUSES T?? LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHKD-Ist l'A<.?-.'>th eol. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?2p Paob?5th col. EUROPE?12th Pauk?24 col. EXCURSIOBS-Uth PAGK-6lhcol. FINANCIAL?Nth Pao*. PINE ARTS-1st Paob-Bthcol. POR SALE?lam Paub?Mh col. __ _ __ FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?1?T Pack?.Mil Hiid Hth coin. FURNITURE?12th Paob?8?h eel. _ .. , FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?12TH Paob?Jd col. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? I Ith PAOK-tlth col., and 12tii Paob? 1st col. .. HELP WANTED?MALES?I2tii Pagk-2<I poL HORSES. CARRIAGES, Ac.?12tm Paub?M, 4th and 3th col?. HOTELS?2n Pack?4th col. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC.. WANTED?Wrri Pagb??th col. INSTRUCTION?9th Pack?Hth col. JERSEY CITY. UOBOKBN. HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE KOR SALE-Ist Paub? 4lli col. LOST AND FOUND?1st Pack?1st col. MACHINERY?12Tn pACB-6tbeol. MAKfU.ll MANTELS?12TB Paub? 2d col. MhDICAIi? 12th Pack? fltli eol. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Ibt Pac.b?6:h col. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?lOrn Paok-4iIi, 5tli and Sth col*. MISCELLANEOUS?12ti? PAflK-'Jd eol. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7tii PAUB-eth col. PERSONAL?1st Paob?lit col. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS, AO ?Oth PANK-flth eol. PO-T OFFICE NOTICE-Oth Pack?<Vh col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEM A LIB? IIth Pack?iith col. PROPhHTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?1st Pack?Ith and 5th col*. REAL EsT VTE TO EXCUANOE-Ikt Pack?5th col. REAL ES.ATK WANTED?1st Pack?5th col. REWARI>S-1st Pack?lat col. SALES AT AUCTION??rn Pack?5th and 6th cola SITUATIONS WANTED?KEMALES-1 1th PAGK-lst, 2d. 3d. 4th 5th and 6tli colt. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?12th Park?1st col. SPECIAL NOTICES-1st Pack-IsI. 2d. 3d and 4th cola. SPORTING?DOOS..B1UDS, AC.-12rn Pack?3d col. STORAGE?12tii Pack-2d col. SUMMER RESORTS?2d Pagk-4Ui and 5th cola. THE TRADES ?12tu I*AGK-2d col. THE TURK?12tii Pack?3d col. TO LET KOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Irr Paob?5th eol. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?2d PACK-Hth col. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? liT PAUK?6th col. WANTED TO PURCHASE?3d PAGK-Cth eol. WATCHES. JEWELRY. AC.?12tu PAUB-0th col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?1st Paob?4th col. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.?IOtu Pag*?4th col. PERIURAL. s to I re Ha 142 Weat 48th it ~A wSalthy family"wibhesTo adoFt an in Jrx fant Irani birth to two week* old. For particulars ad A DELIA-COME HOME OR WRITE AT ONCE. FOR mother'a sake. Earthly mortalb-all right-, will be there. HIGHBRIDQE. BLLEN.-FOR HEAVEN'8 SAKE RETURN. OR LET me Know n-here I can communicate with yoo. It??y is nick ami fretting for you. SOPHIA. Gertie braum. formkrlt ok east 27th st.? Send your address: personal. BOSTAN BRAUM. o INFORMATION WANTED AS TO THE WHERR abouts of John H. Van Slyck. late of Buffalo: If alive, and be will commnnlcate his whereabouts, ho will alleviate the sufferings of family; If dead, proof of such will be liber ally rewarded, business arranged as far as passible without his presence. Communicate with Q. O. YOUNG, 42 Cort landt st.. Now York. Listen to me?was there both times, and waited as long as I could; expect yon soon. HaNH. Mollis darling?your good boy is restless and miserable; write me; will be some consolation. PHILADELPHIA. VTEW YORK, MAY 29. 1 A.. M., BROADWAY AND J.1 Seventh avenue stage to 18th ?t. and Broadway.?Two Mm; one with black dress and light hair. Pleaae address WILL, Herald Uptown Branch offlte. L-MPIA?I MEET YOU TUESDAY. JUNE 30, SAME place, 8 o'clock. MaRP.IE. PAULINE?SHALL ARRIYB IN THE CITT WEDNBS day next; should 70a wish to see mo, please write le the hotel. CLAUDE. W-THBY WERE ALL UNSET AND DIFFERENT ? dees; loser can live fall satisfaction by having a personal interview. Address G. Z-, Herald Uptown Branch MBoe. or call at the Browsr Honae, Broadway and 28th st. Reward will be liberal. T1TILLIAM CAMERON, X.. WILL HEAR OF SOME* TV thing to hia advantage by addressing a letter to the Herald Philadelphia Branch offlce. LOST AKD JrOUHbi ?fJX^iT^ooirnCosf^BXNS' Booirifo! TO4.10A OF D the Bowery Saving* Banc. Is missing. The tinder is (eqnested to return it to the bank. If not restored before the 39th day of June, 1879, application will be made to the lank for a new hook. TjTIOUND?A ORAY BLOODHOUND; OWNER CAN. JD have by paying expenses. 142 Ponyth it., barber** tbop. rUND-A PARTIAL SET OP TEETH; GOLD PLATE. Owner will pieaie call for it at Mile. FRAKOOI8' hair ?arlert. :<2 East 14th st. T OST-FROM OH GREENWICH ST.. NEAR BARROW, Jj a black and tan Dog; aniwers to the name of Prince. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning him to above number. OST-A BUNDLE OF MEMORANDUM BOOKS; marked H. Leonard A Son. Grand Rapids. Mich. The Snder will be rewarded by JAMES FARM1L0E, No. 9 Bar clay st. 1 OST-A HUNTING CASE OOLD WATCH. ON A J We.?t street car. Sunday evening; $50 reward and no qiii'itious ssked. A. B. SIDES, 114 Fulton It., New York. 10st?on Sunday, A BLACK AND TAB DOG.Hir J i<\vering to the name of "Scamp." A suitable reward for Ills return to 122 Kaet 29th St. I "OST-A LIGHT SKYB TERRIES; ANSWERS TO THE J name of "Tip." A liberal reward will be paid for his eiurn to No. 3$ West 29th st. t"7>ST?ABOUT 3 O'CLOCK YESTERDAY (29TH), OB J 1 Bleeeker st. car, between Howard and Nassau sta., a leither Pocketbook (iron frame), containing money and pnpers of value only to owner. If the finder win return same ti> 17 Howard st., first floor, he may keep the money and have thanks of owner. s. A. C. LOST-CHECK DRAWN BY JOHN L BLACK. ON National Bank of Chambersbnrg, Pa., May 22, for$.V>; nut indorsed. All persons are cautioned reoeivinir or negoti ating same, as psymeat has been stopped. A reward will be pai'l for its return to JOBEPH BLASCHEC K, 106 West Z5th st. OST?ON SATURDAY EVENINO. IN MADI80N avenue ear or at Gllmore's Garden, a garnet silk Pur*f, ?added with beads. A reward will be paid by returning tama te 75 Franklin st. OST?ON SaTURDAY. MAY 27, A LaDY'8 8MALL J Gold Watcb, with initials E. B.; rubber chain attached, ttie timler will receive a suitable reward on returning it to R. L NI'.VINS. Tradesmen's Bank, 291 Broadway. 08T?ON FRIDAY, MAY 19. 1S78, a LI OUT YEL low Terrier Dog. with rod collar; $10 reward will be paid for the return. No. 51 av. C. OST?LADY'S OOLD HUNTING CASK GBNEYA Watch, bine enamelled and :studded with diamonds, robber and gold Chain and Pencil attnehed. Saturday iii^ht front Bath, L. I., bv dummy and street cars to Fulton ferry and Fifth avenue stage to 20th st. Ltbersl reward, n? qnes. Uons asked, 011 return to WILLIAMS, 160 Kulton st., cit). J OST-A SMALL BLACK AND TAN SLUT FROM 3 J 1st st., aoswerwi to tne name of "Minnie" tmirsteg bods at the time). By returning her at the above plaov or 135 4th av., will be handsomely rewarded. P. J. SHARKEY. IOST-YBSrERDAY MORNING. A PIECE ; OF ~A J gold Watch Chain, with a gold Pencil attached, be tween 4?th u. and Madinon sv. t.) :id av.. or on 1 Thlnl ave mie smokinc car. I he finder <*"111 be liberally rewarded by returning tlie same to i:tt West 4?K!i st. orfK) Liberty st. MiaVAHUs. : . l?h' ukwAftfeCf "tViLi;"pa? for fftk kktC'rx ipi) of iny 1'ocketbook ?rltli Its content*, loft May 27. K. II. NKAMANN, ST. Wont Hma.lway. 4? l f'j REWARD KOR TflE RKTl'RN TO HA~BARROW MPll" ??., .lersey CHr. of ? llitht light colored, medium ilxod Skye Terrier Hoc. lout May 28, near 4'Jd ?t. end V:kIi ?>? *v ; Mm- ribbon on neck ; .wswer? to Jlp or I'rlnce. Ad dress Mr*. It. jj 111 REWARD.? LOST on "?UNDAy. SSaiI iP L" Keoteti Terrier: cars trimmed; green collar, with plate. lii hMtillt i> $?:/? RKward.-tiik abovk ukwaro will be paid to tlie finder of three I'ifty l>oll?r Illll*. lost 0,1 Kanday. II he will return them lo th'i office or tbe Tr? mint llon?e, on Broadway. A ".l\ mrwakd ?Lost ofk rxprbrs waoon IJVJI/ late Saturday night, an English Portmanteau, with ?d'Ires* on Now York.Tranafwr Company's label lor No. rill Sth av. The abore r^wuril will l>r paid, and no quotient inked, by K. .1. black, A cent. KM llroadaay. ftXII REWARD?POR AS OVAla coral HEADED JV'W fc?rl rla. I oat ?b< nt 10th ln?t. : It hml one Ikrjre :iiHtuoii(l on PKfc ol' its lo ir nides and irai surrounded by "JO chip diamonds; It I* n v< ry nolirmble pin. ?nd therefore of O.o ooh to^lie owner A.lrtr.-. S,, box lt?l flrralil office. ftlfMl roK ?Kr<ftBRT ok <;old watch (Coop. tP.I " er, maker), wifi chain, lost or stolen >?tv'iit May ?U; no question! asked. Aildrru *1 p riilt, Herald I'ptown Branch office IfKUAl, JMOTICKb. " Tp-fcKjPrtt!kv >ta 11, tftn'KttibiarTTr"i. A. SMITH A <??. KK^TIICKV. KXTIM < LAS? Mil rOlt 1H7R Ml. 4?. M. ih.. 73, #, a*. Kwrrvcar, rt-*?* 4*Ri ro* lH7n t>. 16. :w, 5ft. ? . ;u, it?. r,j. ti. si, ?>. All orders address II. NaTIIaX, Ihi Broadway, or Pott Office box t.H7? New V.>rk City. A" "?"pa i! k >. R.mkkSo N " "* CO.. " , Kentucky >t?te Lotteries, drawn dally. Iloval llMana lottery, drawn e\ery 17 day-. Kentucky flnjrle ,Vnmb?r, ?r. drawn .lime x4. IS76. I'rites .?<?lie?, Information lumlslied ao<l circulars IVce. jiiroidwK*. P?ai ollice box Sew York. uTdISKA^ UK llll. MMinU ~aFd~NRRrOt'rt system treated: successful and permanent curei guar anteed; consultation tree. Dr. WKlf'l old establiaed of* Ice. H> Bleecker ?t., near Broadway. SPECIAL KOT1CE8. . F?ToT7>> ViemC~WAiC KThAMSHf^ COM nunv, pier fowl of Cftnftl li, North River, Now York. T * t'hT7>r<K-*holD*?a or Tint P*cirtc Mill Kteajmmip *?> -! herewith hand to yoo the .Utement of the ImtlueM of the company lor the put year, and. In doing >o. ?le?lra to call your attention to a few of it* nallont '"v.0 a?auming control In March. 1875. mnch tlme aod labor w? expended In ascertaining the e*^CJ^Ulon of the finance*, anil, when il>e tr?t(i wa* reached. It wm wMIi no ?mall degree ..f di?*piwintiuent and nurprise that I dl* co vered howujuch le*? favorable it w? than had been re ported to the public and inysell. Von Mill iM>rceive that, notwitb*tanding ?* Jn ? na??ed through a season of great depression in labor ha* not bren entirely unrewarded. ?h a reduction In the liability, ot *3.300.000 will abundantly te*llfy. while at the ?ain>- lime we have made a reduction of nearly $1.01)11.01)0 lu the exprnoe. over those ?f ibe aud f<mt UII $500,000 net e-irniug*. ugainst a loan of about an equal awouul the y?ar previou*. A larue expense ha* been incurred in putting Into op-ra tlon the Hue u> Aunrnlia. the benefit ur which U Juat being "jfiudugtha ps*t year no *hlp ha* been lost; la tact, do RcriiMi* accideut ha* occurred to any of the Iteal. and wa have delivered In safety ?l the port ol de?Uuatlon every pas *euK*r who ha* beeu Intrusted to our care. The unfortunate complication* that aro*e ,'n la*t between thi* company and the Panama Railroad ^,<"0 nanv and which hare continued up to the prenent tiave ?eriou?>y impaired our earning*. ??^1*v,'^JJ|Xm next have *toppe<l that gradual decrea*e in theliabilities that had been j:oing on iilnce we were intruded with the ad "l'l"n *'urrei!"f'riif^*back ti)a tru*t confided to me. I feel not only 1 ,de??ure in what we have onr*e ve? aecomult.Ued. but thai in retiring: ire make *ay for other*, who. It I* hoped* will roklor* that harmony with connecting ouBpMlti th?l is ?<? mtcPMArv for the welf?r? of the company. Having nerved you without compensation. 1 believe that thu accompanying figure* will you thai the adminis tration have earnestly itrlven lo Increase the value or jour property. Mid have succeeded In bringing it to a high , ?tandard of economy ?nd efficiency. Very reepecttnlly. DILLOS. President. miBJiixns a*d mrxxsits or rscinc **ii. >ru?Hir ca, ro* tkaii Monro *r?u 3a /\t?eiw<v?. $218,915 K? 4etf,204 85 910,25'! 03 91,481 47 &9.80" 87 25.9.'*) 41 Fr*inhL 85I/>.T?7 II 1.175,310 50 627.029 98 174.8*0 83 67.312 73 8,-41 40 TMn/ji. 87lt4.NO 04 1,601.524 35 1,587.282 00 2t?l>. 142 30 137,1711 51) 34.197 81 1,210 00 25,105 00 2*1.405 00 JSarwtafe. Atlantic Line.. I'anamn Line . Tr a n?- Pacific Line Shanghai Line. Victoria Line.. Australian Line Outside of Lino Account*..... Union P aci Of it. 11. Subsidy to Kebrunry I'll I87rt Union Pacific K. It. Subsidy to November 30,1875 Central Pacific K. K. Subsidy to February 2?, 1876 _______ $1,1*53.140 05 92,764,102 18 $4,717,333 23 j Subsidy Trans pacific Line.. I Subsidy Pan* I ma Line 09,878 78 156,273 50 156,272 90 17.830 14 17,830 14 123,305 41 123,306 41 500,000 00 Subsidy Vic toria Line.... Interest and dividends on lnveatmeffts. Exchange M i * cellnueous (old material, sold. *o.)..... TngMIUenUrit dtlunet earn ings) Total........ Expnii*m. Atlantic Line, Kunnlng Ex penses Panama Line, Ruuning Kx pe?*e* T ran s-P sciUc Lino. Ken ning Ex penses - Shangbirt Lice, Kunnlng Kx peu?e* Victoria Lino, Kunnlng Ex penses AnstraHanLlno, Running Ex penses - 28,500 00 598,376 79 15.238 71 104,281 24 57,785 77 7,048 98 782.881 46 5,500,013 69 495.806 M 1,881,882 an 1,188,888 U 302,508 ?S 163,81? OS 147,318 17 Aspinwall Panama Acapnico Maxatlan....... ban Krancinco (Includes Be niota) Townsend sk Wharf (In clude* rent, 845,000)...... Victoria ? Yokohama..... Hong Kong ... Shanghai Hakodate...... Hiogo (Indudee lignters) Nagasaki Expense* pier >?* York (in cludes Wail ?t. aOoe) Alton*.... Lyeomoon Courier Vancouver Va*co do (Jama Vaacode Oama, Australian line Cyphrenoit.AM trallan Una.. Ageaetaa. 81,504 48 81,415 98 15.608 18 8.186 78 80,007 ? 86,831 50 8.811 63 40.362 48 22.107 81 13.895 08 2.961 28 10,904 40 9,390 87 8.679,709 78 116.151 61 085,838 13 84.215,281 88 Charters Paid. (30,900 00 9,140 00 773 47 78.083 37 08,080 00 11.616 00 8,487 71 Steamer City of Panama... Steamer Alaska Steamer Henry Chauncey.... Steamer Japan Steamer Salva dor Steamer Colon. Steamer Aca pnico Steamer Ore gonian... Extra Repairs $4,134 88 60 8,123 83 1,718 58 520 46 13.721 35 7.819 33 1.805 57 188^080 56 Forward..... Earnings For ward.... Expenses For ward Extra Repair* forward Steamer Ur?J? |dt Steamer Gold en Age....... Steamer Win Chester Steamer China. Steamer Coita Kiet Steamer Vateo d* liama Steamer Mum* Taylor, Uulk. SteaiaerColima St** inner Hon duras Steamer Urea* Ke public Steamer l.ight er at lllogo.. &hip? hiil Up. Strnuier Henry Chauncey.... Steamer Ari t?na St?aioer Costa Uica Strainer Kiting Star i oti! ?tatter) Steamer Win chester Steamer Van couver Steamer Vaseo do tiama Steamer Mc?e? i ayior Steamer China. Steamer Amor Ica'sbollerv . Steamer City of Tnkiii, insur aiict on c*rj;.> Trial trips. City of Peking interest Ueneral Kx pe use Insurance on Steamers.. . Short SH'1 I> a m a a e U Kreigin Advertming ? tlx months.. 8106,350 63 84,403,^02 43 *5,500,013 69 $5,900,018 09 94,408,283 43 $106,330 S3 3,858 00 ?00 OO H.645 77 id, 152 a* 637 33 3.283 80 ?.:i9l 13 10,497 02 *23 40 33.813 73 3.143 00 . 187,493 I 3.818 77 3,001 34 M7 50 SO 00 1.316 m 6.49J 69 ?t 00 1,183 SB *,;** 28 18.350 38 3.622 34 1.012 71 381 :*) .7 Ki.'JVO 37 96.838 OR 341427 an 10.781 77 I'roflt. 4.915,917 95 8V?4.iih,-. 74 Remark* There !ia? been expended the part year .?!??? included in .utiles. tl'>4,4..'4 ? ?- f r atrriiKtbeiiias the steam ship* <ity ol Hekina end t.'lty ot Tohio. <>y directtMi ol the undernriiters, ofwiuvii summit JT^.'.'Jii is now <1111 from lie insurance com panics. There has been earned Ut April :?>?, IHTt* 983,636 68 nir Slextcen and Cent .-til American suhatdia* not jet credited earnliiss, swuig to I ie uncertainty of pu\ - men i Panama line Inrindes Central American and Mexican line Siitu.ii!) mi Australian line not aiijtiMed. *TiT?:*?.it or Tnn riSANCiju to.tiiino* or tiik nrinc mail <TKAH?mp Mirtix, sran. 30, ifl'n. .Constrnetion Amounts. Cost ol steamers as follows, vl- : - City ?f I'akuijf, iron propeller $1,204,404 <10 City of 1 oklo lion propeller 1,375,102 44 City ut San > ranelseo. Irak propeller Cite of >ew Vnrk. Iran prsnHgt..... 744,000 43 797,986 4* .roti propeller City <?r Pin ?in*. Iron pro. p?llrr Colon, Iroa pro peller Collin*, lrou propeller. ... Co?ta Rica, Iron propeller Acapulco, Iron propeller..... Grnna.i,, iro? propeller Salvador, Iron propHloj. Honduras, iron prupeliar..... Winchester. Iron propeller Colorado, ?m| side wheel... Constitution, wood side wheel Hear/ Chatin cey.wood side ?heel (laid up) Arizona, wood ?'d?? whvel (laid up* Montana, wood side wheel... Great Repub lic. wood tide whpel China, wood aide wheel... Alaska, wood side wherl... St Ijonln?litilk ai fanama . G u a to m ula - l?*? ; in*ur anre in dta pnte; ?ult of about JHC>. " (J in hand* of Martin <k Smith Co*t of Cal., N. Dakota, Moses Taylor and Nebraska (Moses Tay lor now nsed aa storeship at Acapttlco). Le*a ret-pived for tale ol Ne braska 744,SSI 51 397.730 43 437.845 SI 488,380 ?8 200,000 00 403,363 73 470,510 14 135,000 00 230,000 00 73,000 00 750,000 fm "00.000 03 000.000 00 600.030 00 0)0,000 00 1.058,334 73 1,006.383 43 064.138 :ra 75,000 00 00.000 00 813,922,907 r? 'I K V I*.. &? and Anat'l S.'s>. tJo. te?9.0M 43 13.000 00 at 977,030 43 42.009 37 2.179 50 72,015 04 r?*d ofiR#fc E,Ut?< M rollowa^'m':-1' ** lalaada in lb* *?,000 00 j ol tog M len Orilmh San Fraud* co Coot of Steam Launch at Panama. Cost of U(ht ir< ai Yoko hama P aside. Real eitate, Oregon Real estate, Hong Konc.. Real estate, Yokohama... Coal sheds, Yo kohama Coal sheda, Nft> gamtkt Real estate, Be nicia Townaend it. wharf. San Kranclaco.... Taboga Water Work* Wharf at Aa pinwall..? rloupe at pinwall . New pier >?? York. Aa "ai 3.367 75 173,353 79 34,044 28 83,10606 6,486 87 27.019 41 400.184 79 40,000 OJ 838,37 j 01 31,403 93 U3.H76 94 1,229,137 43 raoriBTr aocouxn. ?271.740 90 123,007 24 Coal aa hand al Wfadu-n, ttUCt-2, at f 11, 009 Coal in tranaita, 10.335-2 tons. at 810,336.... Ootflta and eappUaa aa fellowi, vii At Mew York. * and In traualtn from do 128,001 68 At Panama. 30.103 tH At Acapttlco.... 3,02140 AtSan KrancH'o I5I.3H2 59 At Yokohama.. 20,138 11 At Hon( Kong. 3,431 41 AI Midway ll'da 479 42 OM material at K?w York.... Old material at Panama Old material at San ItraadKt Ballaat 0.130 too* white troa at 818) Agent*' Invoice* (stores la tranalta between age tide*), Insurance prepaid an (learner* $15,943,339 07 83fH,816 20 87,814 33 0,100 00 0.652 31 ><1.008 33 32.306 64 20.340 00 3.118 93 3.094 83 ?21.128 84 20.904 18 Dae from porter* Due from areata Dae from 8. K. Holman. agent i (old account, considered I worthleaa) 812 90S I Henry llart,spe- 1 I eial agent..... 87.143 09 Henry llan.per aoaal acraaut 10,236 AO 098.104 80 D. M.Corwlnc, pertonal aocout | Alexander Center (unanthor l*ed coraml-sion paid by him wtth Company's lund* lor el. fectlng *ale Shanghai Line), laaac Taylor, loan (old ao count, considered worthier*) Laidlaw A Co Advanced charge* United State* lubsidr, April.. Caah 28,389 59 700 09 78,000 00 23.COO 00 7a 60 6,784 "d 4l,rirtt? tl6 SO.WH 09 Forward ?8C7,501 19 Cora Colta MeKentie Due from Slaam*hlp pan lea Lawrence, Clark A Co B. T. Percy Owneraot aieatner Mikado John Elder A Co .., /o.aau aa Gillies A Co 6.047MI J. S. Morgan A Co 3,1*15 35 8nndrjr bill* dna 207 99 Profit and los* aceoant 703 87 *.923 93 i.uu5 ni 3T.7 Ml 3.477 00 76.331) 43 -?16,033,508 97 909.370 10 4.344,928 68 ?31.837.803 75 cimu rrocK. 300,003 tharM 830,000.000 00 tugupi Bills pavable $784JW7 46 Kotir mouths' ae. cvimt ?an Kran- ? rt?en agent's par eham 86.016 IB ?Mn.*14 8I Lout 26.889 98 Panama Railroad loan *400.000 00 Panama Railroad, interest on loan.. 5,104 16 Pauam* Railroad. balance sccount rendered 119,732 85 534.KM 51 Ceal freight* . 7'.?.;#?7 M Oeorge K llihbs A Co 18,471) M l'a?-?ef credtls and order* 7,053 3H Unclaimed dividend* 4.434 tirneral average Ocean (Jiteeu. 354 5N Geuer?l nveraue l<l?iitg K'.ar .. 14.13*4 53 Ittio to steamsltlpconipaniea... 'J?,iai 85 Due to urenin.. lB4,i>4 88 Due to purser* 13 .vj H<i*(l(n Jr Wlllana. agents 53 So J'anama draft account <v, ,?i A. I). Strain 53 wi I rancki- A l!o 717 3.1 N'inei llr<>? 0 t>8 t.npaid bill*. 47,903 :?4 *1,W7.803 75 7oi*l V31,937,803 75 X n.?In alditina to the above linhllltlr* the dty ?( Sew York rUlm tax of 1K74 nn aid, with two yean' inter i*t to lie added $100.WW 50 jodiriuent has been rendered against 'hl? company for damage to cargo of Costa Itlca 41.000 00 Panama Rail road claim. h.iianee due.. $444,533 58 ? Onrbalance,... 119.733 35 F324 V0 33 Total #538. 7MB 73 oo?r?RatiTK mrunt or th>. uhum axv xxpkxsk* rartrtc enuManir roaran- .or riaas rxonca Aran. *>, 1875, akd irntt. ail, i8:i">. I*!4 IB7B. Karninga 90.43.'?.<VV? 7d $.')..V?i,oi:t no KxpeU'oe H.H7N.HW 17 4.W15.017 !?f> Loan yVkl.UGM 311 Proflt... IM4,W? 74 li ?re*?e in earnings ... 9ir_>.'S.tU7 <it) Deereaae In expeneea 3.t>H2.77l 33 In favor ?f 1878 $1.137.134 13 * wrkkan iNMTlTUTK.?A hkoulak mkWixIBv .V ibt? iuitllMl will held at Hi room* In the Cooper building on Thursday, the 8tli lay of .Inae. at 8 I*. M. O ( I.KVKLAJfD. Preeident. CMAftt.r* McK. I.kimkr, Recording Hccretart. *\ ?ISA AC <? IIOVC? . l?7 BROADWAY. LAWTRR. ili JXvopces obtained prnmptl). <rith->at pnbllcltv : de?er 11''ii. incompatibility. Itabltaal - drttnkenneas. Infidelity, in human treatment, conviction of lelouy. I'aaapnrt* obtained V? Kl N*T I'RIXK. *1<M.0U?. liOU). ? Main draw in it of the Ducal Rrnntwiek Government l/Ottery, from Ma) 18 to June 9. 1*78. Ctt.fttJO ticket*. 3W..VWI prise*. Ku;ii Havana Lottery. Next drawing June 0, lt>70. Full explanatory circular* free. Til KODORE ZftCtlOCH. Beg ."i.MI? Po?t ofTlen. 1 Ifl Naeaaii St.. New York. AtiKNTl.KMAN OK LaROK KXl'KKIKNCB AT ?X position* will take charge of exh'.hli* at Centennial; charge* moderate. Addrew BXPOhlTlOX, Herald I'hlla deifdim office. DK. it. J. .IOKDaX, MJLK PKOPRlKToR OK TIIK New 1 r.rk Mnaetim of Anatomy, ha* reatoved hi* re?l uenee *nd office to No. 4 W ashing ton place, three doors weal of D road war. r"Kit ANClV OOCCTiu?r LATK PROKKhHOR IX Pari*, lecture* semi weakly. Private office* lor recep tion of patients, 41 Wen 35th St. Nervotts aebtiity and dis eases of men and wtmen speedily eradicated. Cvasaltatiaa free, D ?raC?Al< NOTICES. GOKKIt Ia|, ItKAWIMrS KK.NTt'i'KV STATK r ht * 'A?,?'**0*8 * I'^KlNSON.^ L?T 43 'o " mTVoITT* CH^*4 *0. MS?mat 3?. 1*76 ? *? 40 *?'?, ??. 34. ai. il. TU 44 4i " C"S!< *? :i">4?hat -.D, iura * Lntl' '7- 19- 43" 83 ?*? ??. 14. 28. 7 ML na , ,7 2; 5I*1 rtA"* a.'?3?*AT to. 1H76. ou, 03, W, ?/p, ;? o? v> 2H. 67 11 ,%7 M -.4 ft ?J VI 3S??*AT 2?. 187#. ' ' J"* 4S, ,l7- itM. :? 32 ,4 m n M ICO SSil"? ^"pplyloe to or addreaifng J. CI.L'Tfc * ??" 300 Broadway. or box 4.1H? I'oat olllci. G .* ??* Hi* isi mV.'.n's' >sTTfc,^,,iY.,?j:H K R "conFi Kfninrk* tii.i 'NMONS A Dilkl.NhON'S single number nr*,?oi,7at XXiZW'V ' lo b* ,,r?wn Jun* 1*7"; "\42U ?lit June ?. 1H7?; J^i'Ltn'K'i H*0"'!1'' b? dr?wn 4.Wi? I'oat oflier. " C('" J0? Browlwi;, or box HAuckS.u>T&Va?s?Sr ?kawimu or 40,000 3? Ay~ BKTWKKK 18TH AK0 wffhln" of gtiff ' ?eW ,hirU' ?1J ??"?? = K ~m.,^"!f: "ATAHRB. DKAKNBH8iMPRnfin JV. method; Inetaotaueon. relief; permanent curet. XTODDaKD. .No. H Went 14th at. K.BKent,?kY. ~A?, I.OTrEKIKN DRAWN DAILT. ekr 8t*'' Wnirle Number (irand Distribution . t? he drawn June 21. whole Sr ir% ?w _JACKSO.N i oa Bunk.?, JOJ Broadway. New York. I ^TER> OUS EXHAUSTION.?A MEDICAL FSK **" ?entn K?hn'? Mu "^net'.X?7:ce, >?r tuArriace and the triuimulf' *ynoP?'? o? the impediment. to 04?Kff the result or uf n*rv"?? ?n<l Phymr.?l debility 37.*? &: Sr ? 7*" K?i D Vnfem PriM,:" A* Kwt 10th si, K?w Y^irk? KA?'-V office and reaideuce 31 XTOTICK?A MKKTInTToK TUK property hoi n H2= f, wSttSH io^oot?.,lf*"'r' Il? m,k' work nomern uC Iu.Sl ??nplojtnent la Ibl. district .re iavlu^o -???assrmfta.&.aaB'ai'j asv5*J PIL(hLt?2 liKMOKiiUOlbi kadicaLlv_o(jrkd-^ ..le.2 r*1- lre?tniunt:iwo to four week. paired, no fee* until cured: circnlnra lr?e. fLr sT(iDDAKD, only office No. H Wett 14th it. Roval Havana iottekv.?twxioTio-wiTi?rh ?lon*uro|0.hedU,,hl\ cimhed; orc'ler. fllled:'infor *di Mcb?" r"" ??ld for ?P?"f?h bill.. go? TAYL6K * CO., Bankerm. Xo. II Wan ?t.. New York WAw?r.d??rt1.^-DK Airrr"*1 i-i>bw "Frocks JS^ yoA^^? ''* KTROOFI '--vv/.OOO ~,m^?*1LNG w UiTTBKY DRTwh $300 000 ~|KJi>TS<'ki'.. STATfc LOTTBRV! TT gmwawi&gj&i&Sgz Ht?tlorter? aud General Ajfent., No. a l>rk row ? - - n"r Ah" " ( ?*o?t offlce), New York. ke\l ESTA'iiu .Mr iXBK = A,n . ? _ r mtral."'" ? ?AT., 8?!? and Mil; KACII TOUR RTOHIFh ? and biMiQent: each lot 'i'ltiin f..t. ??. ?rOKIK8 * Pin. ?t.. or 3J Ea.t I7th it. F?S.tSA.^- A Jaroain?cukai'bSt House on rzttszzf?." K??e suio. ?TDTTBRANT LEASE, two Hocsirs -?1 YFAR1S two renewal,; gr,,und. $17:,. to clow * _tAUwhi, 15 Abingdon ?^uuro. rtth iv. *9 '^(|(| ?IIOUSK AND LOT NO 213 l.KWIS ct t%HML t?-V W"' b# M,d cb*?P ?? raah. App J? to JaI ^^1r,'3?v.A' BK,,oKs'44 _ Wf?f Hld?. OR SALE?XO. ? WKHT ft?TlI ST.. ? PKKT WTDR ?...Ry.*f-r? h,'*h ?'0*n MO"? ? ?li? nio.t de.iritbUt ^WwA,^AH ?? ?"0WN. ow,?. ^Ka^;: .^p^^,o.T",^ Facts and kiucrbs never lTk r.uiM-r, _ *&MAKVK*'Sa TKLKOKAM 1 ait wMk wai:? ' 20 '' A' Llksf6-30? rridar ^ CENT? A' LINR 5 ??? BHOOKLV* HHOHKHTV F()h WALK , A!tM TO LET. * S3 000 7*T?'' A Rk'E HfoWXnd~cTjE: miJv'. I . brtck and trame hou.e, full lot 1<) room. I1"'':"'"L"" P?" t. four ferrlra; UmmrTh KxUvS!"*' 37,11 "" ?* "? Brook 1/n JAjSK.J UE8TCHK 8TKH COINTY PROPERTY ... _ . *0* SALIC A.fD TO RENT. ATtI^.RTT?wh^MKOaI)Wa^an'> CiiiTKcfr'sT^ X- KMBEkSON. OT.B fth av. TpOft s>ALK?AT TARRYTOWN, A NEW IIOUSK uf acre oVlmS* bMament. with about three-fourth, of an hl?n.i,n.Vd bf h,*hl? '"P'-^i prupertie*" ?5Ti^T~ ??"?*?. ".W stable and Wairon liou,?: clrriMta ike-m* :iJ"7lt."r*- *" "nd Inducement. ^,'X ftv^v/u'^VlS^JSS"^ ?t.*T??ry'town? " n*llER> *?'? "??W?? T?N>wT HothrM^VATlLlr"UKu*-v RRMIDBNCR IN from XJd .i h. i ' ,".ril,,h?d "f unliirnl.hrd; :*l minute. L M. >>r New Haven Railroad. Kor narticular. id drc. or ca.1 on JACOB CARI'K.N . EH. on the prem"^*" T" rent?1.\ WKSTOIJEaThK COI NTY 1^ HoijRS il:z horse., all kind. of?^rrtabre, l>ultI mllk V.".'.. ,'<"' laniished; ...Itable alE for ,',rl? i >.?, i.' n, Y "" "? Address J . box l?W JUraid olice 0 ' rehuemant. JKRiiEl CITV, III)BOKK\ 111 ntui? "?KhoMKSffi'mSiSSS'' To Let or Lraiio. TO MET.?JERSEY CITV. ONLY fSlJU PER YEAR. A large frame llnuae, good order: tin* location : mln m?? Iron Now York. Apply to TlioMAd ALDRILGK, .'iW Newark ae., Jeraey Clij . ________________ PHOPEKlTY OUT Of Tlilfi Cit Y KOK _ SALE OR^TO REST. V ?ftKANClJi OoTTSffTAKM KOK HAI.K., i?N~\TaL jtli. kill Rlyer: 73 acre*. land ilie beat: butlrilnpi ample; situation hamtaome afd healthy: stocked. houae partially luriiltlied: excellent loveatimnt. desirable home: term* ?uj. Alao, Village Houne : corner lot: barn ; choice proper!? : lumlahed; train* conr?r>?iu; will rent either home lor the anmmer. Address A. \YI!,.?>()N, Jr.. Montgom ery. Orange county, S. V., or V. K. ivTKVKXlvON, Jr., No. * Tine or :?!< Kaat 17th ?t. Vt $s.?jtil-47orTAijk, witii tkx roomd; all modern Improvement*; near city , term* easy. MUllOEX. yill Hroodway. YT ^tampohd] oTTnx-^hakmixh coUxtry iV Seat: mo?t eligible situation; maicmflrent huntid over look ; everything desirable In city uad country realdence combined; price extremely moderate. Apply, to day, at eurner Kiclimond Hill and I'roapect ay., Stamford, Conn. \r LARCtJMONT MANOR, "ox THE MlU.NO. ~T? mlnatee from the city, handaome S?l?? Cottage fur uo-l>ed; rent moderate; tea bathtui;. Apply at 1H7 Weal 4111 li at. A-REET FOR$40 PER MONTH. LfeiS TUAM HALT ? price, modern Houae, I- f?om?, one third acre ol ' lawn and planted garden, well Oiaded, on high gronud; three minutes by plank walk Irom ile|M>t of Central Kailroad of New Jersey; well ? haded and In every way a desirable residence; no agent need apply. OtvNER, :tlt Park flow, room ft. AKIRMT <'[.A.SS JAMKS KIVKR ESTATE or ?00 acrea, ? inllea west ol ElchBMNM, *?., to be -old at anc tion, by order ol (!onrt lor diylalon among partner*. on June 7,1 M7M, upon the premlaea. About 4W arrea now In cr >p< of wheat, oata. cloyer. timothy and earn, all of which nlteat the superior quallti u( the land: the building* are ample, of erery aort and In good writer , whole Inclosed in nr? lence of l?eei quality with cross lenraa of same i^ualltv ; j the canal paste* through the larm. affording anipUat laeiii- ? liea lor cheap tranapurtatlwn , lime kiln and linek vard. with unlimited quantities ul anperlor brlca clay Immediately on ; the canal: alao heat building sand from an laland, wnlcli can j be prolitably tranaported to Richmond; terma very liberal, Kur particular* send lor circulars t? Id. iiaiijvn. V*. OKt'iSH.s A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. A HANDSOME XETY COTTAtiK. THREE MINI TEX Irom ferry, Mtaten laland ; garden, fruit, flowers; water view, ?U.ftmi; alio I ottage. acre In garden: abnndanee Iruit. tl.t??> DARRIX. 4* Hroad *t. BK.VUTIfl'L NEW CoTTAOE-SI-RL'RIIAX station, I'aterson, V?i; ea*y payment*: al*o. More and Kesidenca;; 8 mi.e* irwm ? iratoga . sacrificed tu ouiek buyer; al>o, Maryland Parma. IIOISTON, Htt Lib erty ?t. Fi rxihheo iioi'sk?ml'hi'khax station, pater win, lor *ea*on ; t:ft per month, >ii*n line larwe lleu*e I (unfurnlshedi at RalleytlM (Kaae* station;. vert low. HOt.'isTON, l.iberty *t. (foilsALIl?TUE "THOMAS ?. WII?*oX" VT.ack, at 1 Rye, <m the New liaren Railroad, ceaalattng or li?i acre* of choice land: three nilnnto walk irom depot, with elegant residence, baraa, carriage lioaai', Irehoiise. *c., all In I'eiiect order ; handcimely lurnianad . houae Holahed In hardwood, ateam heated; gaa and all Improvement*, to gether with all the crnp* and larming laplemeat*.jv large at ream of water run* through thl* properiy: invamahle lor Mack raltlag: price (7(1,101; will exchange for Mew York elt; Progeny. J. C. CLINTON, &> Liberty n. ! PROPERTY the city fob SAMS OR TO HE1VT. I 1TA?* r?? SAL*?18 ACRES, AM, IMPROVED ' ?? te,a. baaemr tit and ee 11 ar; j ? 1,800. Addre.. L h* 8wi\-Ku,uRl':?,r ';,;,,b"r^ pri" mil.,. Pe. "WINK, Stroud.burg, Monro* [ K^?^Wi??s%?,aasr!J>as I FABII FOR SALK-rtlTUATED HETWI'PK i Jrr.,.Lr"., *,i?rf ?Bi1 II,nrd,*" ???"""?? ?"" ??*?;??. b . iu Jji! 1;l vao,nPrUln*,U) ?*' n'tc'i ??t? of cultivation; well -?t in meadow? i Gou.V with* ??d w",,r ?r ?11 kludm large double i ?ii<1 ?inT' i .till rm"VWi out building*. box HENr/c'OX. LlttU \ick!'T"l MTtleular* addre.a CtHK}''w V?~Rl VEKSIDK?<'OLNTRV HUMEH. rUR*. T nlihed or untnrniaUed. for aale end runt; bargain* I ^ ATWATEK. Hivereirie. Conn. H?'J-kt-at fire island/CIT will <u*com modal ? ?tm?, ino B??U; rurn|*hed. j New?nrk. "? App,r to H ^ S1RR- 383 Weat42d .t., ??? I T ari;k. kink house on r.rn av . fuhnis^iedor XJ unfiirniahoU, admirably located ; alao improved und un ?..proved Property on ar and oth er7o<3P.^,.*?(fc?, appiivSTdtwtr"*.nh?"r T?i * '"*? Farm or l/eralil olBea. ?ub,"&? I'roporty. Addrc*. PUTNAM. MONT-GLAIR" j*. J.-WE OFFER KOR 8Alfir nvy .. ?fli T "'I'. ?nd attracilva Re.ldenee. In ?o?n. finely altuated. convenient to depot. ib? Hi una la haudaoinely freacoed, ha* gaa. burglar alarm and all modern Improvements, and will he .old furninlied or untnrnlahed ? ?l^r;riMB,lM' -lib abundance of .We .'fd * i ? flower*, garden, lawn, croquet ground " edar'al valuation HOWE A PARSONS, 70 \T(?sr DESIraHLB^OOUNTRY lot IS THE STAIF tlcular?'ad*re?'>?0JeffijjUWt'* He'iSd ?m*.Y?rk- Kor pur" KKItL'iJED?PURNIMHKD iounSjjh"^rnUh'd CulUKM: *"?'?? . W. C0IXIX8, 20 Pine ?t. and New Brighton. CHOKK KKoxr ? ()ri-.u;K at iiiTV Imland o\k . inile from 1 elhaiu, half hour Irom city ?alt *w*t?r' boM,u^and ll.l.InK_Addre?? M. KACoX, Vou'keA CALK. . XCHAKOK?CHEAPEST :u ACRE KAJUH fN o J*r*oy. uear depot ; C3oOcuh. balance trade "" PIER.SON. No. 5 Pino.I. To ''Rt-a vbrt FINK, large iioche m rooms beauiirully .Ituated, hi Kecaca. Pa., near Wat.r Uai.? flahlUK and h'.ti ,r*'''a ,or * ""nimor realuence. hiivlna nstituic MM boAilny AlmvMi at thr door; tka ulitco auounda r?n?fc2?8: *mP^18 Iffonnd*. well ai.ppllod with fruit A T0^? nji'r ihI'VW"7TWl? VOTTA,J1SS A1' ROHKLLB, 81 Franklin at . N.V v^i. APP"' l? l' UON ALU * ?? ' TO RENT. FURNISHED, Fo'S THE SEASON i\'T roon, Cottage a, Red' Bank. 'ddre,. box ;m Po? wince. Kod Bank, .Motimotith couutv, N. J. * ^1 500 H'if' Ul V, 10 ACRES CUOICir""LANB %?. 'hOBf on a - KKAKS'l'Ai'E I'O KXCHAl?OB.~ TL^OR SAI.K OR EXCTfANGE FOR CITY PItOPKRTT? mK?u,,^rv^^ T. AliBBO, 838 Bowery, corner Baud ?t.. New York. F?fn!r !S?HI'V LOOATED TENEMENTS. BENT- ! urbau lm^ruved^'*opert*vnnUm' ?r ??"??*? >?>*> __A. BLOMQVIST, ISO Naaaau *t. ' / VWNRIt WILL EXCIIANOK Fl/rnishkd HOIiSEH TO EXCHANGE FOR FIRST CLASn (UTY HoljsE unenenmbered- Fin, Country Seat .pi.ndldl "loca^H "n th* Sound; 18 mllot: value &I5IK10 S J fill I iv? liarehmoct Manor. We.tche,ter county COLLINS, VriHGIMA FARMS. Ia)TS, WESTERN LAXD8 I1 urnlture, to exchange, Brooklyn Ilouaea wanted O. EKED. 170 I-niton it. VV*NTEI>-uood real KSTATK in EXt'llANtiE ' rJJf ?" ?"?WI*h?<Jbn*lno*: mnat be diapoaed of on ac l5S Na*?*n a?***' * *b,MU $aw<tK)0- A- BLOMQVIST KKAL ESTATE WANTE1). Any one having a vt.r V"d f. sir a b l e Tib 0 sr *?>ov*?Hh at. at ?bent ftJft.OOO ran make a EiA11.~S""'- '"-"iimk ?ar, Igar,"'h" -*-? , Fireproof. ... Located on Nataau, Ann and Fnlton tta. lainon^wtii'^k1' f0''*b,# /or b*nker*. insnrance office* or ^ l*? to*etber or In parta; be alt*r*d to *ult teoant* If dealred; adapted lor office* or storm. .. Keanonable rent*. AI?o rone ellrible Law office* 10 let. 1 T.t-.i. .A,,,'LV THE PREMI8EK Take the elevator. Inquire lor Janitor. FOB FBUIT 6TAND .IU RoMrvoir Park * nor?h*"" ?P1?o H- P- PBQBAAF. Bowery National Hank. T0fi?iTr2r?SR* .NKAR BROAD WAV. IN*JOHN ST" 1U..1 h? i ; tr ",rT,lt"r'' f?r "??? : around floor and haae-' office.Pr00t T"uU "n<1 "f' Addreaabox BWieiyss Movmi to Lki.? "* '~F?fttlaHei. A lrORV h"f", "toop BROWN STOVE ^rm kerv 1c : a-??,.P U'T rurn,?h?<l: linen, .liver, s?tinonl,,? A?47TII sr.. BETWEEN nil AND 9tH AVB-FX ? Kfl% <,"lrab,*l??*nlflceatly furnl.hed four .tory hirh iJwTen^T" :\mu: fw'?"L,n*- f?"?'h.d or unfurul.h.d' at a low rental. Offleei No. 4 Fine and 33 Emit 17ih it V. K. rtTKVENhOV, Jr. KARE CHANCE. MOST elegantly FURNISHED Lower and l.arjrer P*-t or Private llnu.e near iJi* ington av., to deairable party onlv. 98.*> ' l-lONBL KROEIILICII. 78? 3d av. <)A EAST J4TII ST.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHRIS ** 1 ****** I^MWHHj for ronr mentliaor longer' 0?J(? EAST II8TH ST.-THREE STORY HI..11 STOOP , br"w? Hou?e, lully furnl.hed; allver linen ffi. w"p"t n'n"",:, ,1Jn0 Inquire of PALMER A DB CAMP, lia Broadway, or on the pramiae*. I' ii furnlaliMl. AT REDUCED BLMT-TME FOUR STORY BROWN I alone llouae No. J4H ft eat 4^d at., between 7th and Sth 1 av*.; rent $l,a.a>. Apply to a. WARD. 510 inh av I A ~'!NI'^^i'KK MONTH; TIIREK STORY Hloll j^V* .loop brick houae; excellent, central location near Broadway; One order; Improvement*. '<*??lon. near POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren ?L AN (UNFURNISHED LARGE HOUSE TO LET?2D ?t., noitr .uli itv.; (tliio one on Orertiwicli ki ? r? nt* r* oeeetl. C.S. PE.-K, No. ? Weat 2?,b al.. llofTmHn IL?n.e? A FIRST ( I.ASS FOl'R STORY BROWN STOVE r,t?n ?M,h " 10 le,? For P"?H* appl, 210 A-HE1>?;CBO HfcNTH.-MANY LAftWK AND sv af r . Honm., telt over. Office. Noa.^5,*^ "*? V. E. sTkVB.VHQN. Jr A THREE STORY IItun STOOP. 257 WhsFaHTU sT. ''*? J"'* been painted throngliout. only Ml)' Lliree -or, high ?oop, 2.JC VMM .t"?l /.Hber^ HR>R* V. MEaD, 422 (Hh av. \ TTENTION I '-.TOTH ST. NEAR STII AV ;i SToKV jtv $I,.I00; ,t2d at., nearHth av., 3 atory, $| 2IJO* 'Mib *i ' 4 .tory, from $1,000 to fti,U0?; A2d ?t.. near' Hroadwav i .tory, ?|,20U MORRIS il. B* ER A C* j 72 Weat 34th ?t. TO LET-HOUSE 257 WKST f.2D ST IN KtimT cla.* order; part rewrve.i by owner Abnlv on t'bl prenOaea. Rem low 'HO"LET- HIE Til REh. STORY DWELLING iS~wT. >erley place; ha. all iniprovemrnta ? in rverfe?-t n.iu,. rent #!Mt) per annum. Key. at Myar Manna' r..hinrT.M ' tailor, next door. fllORN%N M HODMAli Heal KHm Mm. ?? S^dway, corn^h ,t. 3 TO LKT-A FIRST CI.A88 Til KICK STORY IIIOII ?Mof brown atone Honae, No. 314 Weat-Vrth at.. fiueiy Irearoed nml ill th?i be?t order; all Improvement* ; ram r? dtMWt awii tOHtHOi to be xern (rem HMn 4 I'. M. TO I.P.T-A SMaI-L FOUR HTOKV BROWN 8TONR bouM, oppodlte the Central Hark; in aplendid ?r<ler; rent very low. Apply at Central Park Hotel, corner 7th t?, and 'Mil el. rpo UKST?A llct'SK. 14 ROOM*. DKMuIJiY LO' JL cateil, newly fnrniahed, for three or tour uiontha, on reaaonable term*. Philadelphia, X,OM Ploe It. ST??RV IIlull ?rOO> RROWR ftTONK IIOUt-E; elieap to a earefnl parlv. 14 Park ___ btoryii inii htooP IThowji STUNK IIIII SH, Ml. Iir.t hatt 40tlt *t., near Park av.; low rent. Owner. 14.! t-.aai :?7th at. 1-.? KA.iT I'fTH ST. PI VP,MI.MTKK PRO* (O ?team rara and h..ate.?Three atory liljili atoon brick. in tin* order, jk>, Joll X Hill HI,liV, T'.t Ort?t at., or oil prrnilaaaw Fl UKI!tllKI)K(M)1l!? A.\' I) APAItTMKSTS TO I'fGI'* * N KLhOA.S I |T\ ri KXi?ilKI> koom ' th l,Kr lO i\a gMHlMMK, *llhoul Hoard. at I It' Laroy >t. Olifbr MOOMit. NKAThV PI KMMIIKII. To I.KT. for lijrht hou'ekt epliiK, i-onreiitrnt to car* and stagea; all eouveiifaiiie* . ttmia low . to adult* only. 4UW Wen .'EM at. 4-p"R!VATK PAMII.V WlT.L I.KT TWO BOO Mil 001. ,i\. muiiirattng, water, *aa. Ac., to gentlemen ; reference*. 7-> VTfat I'ilh at., between "itli anil "th ava. A'vKKY LaKOK, Mt;?l,Y riiKXIMriKB kook, kitchen adjoining. two iaree rWmeta, but and cola water. $? a week; 417 4th a*., near Jttth at. J~V >AIlLOK AMI HKOKOOM OX 8KCOXD KI.OOR V front, will he rented, rurnWhrd, to m jjriitlenian nml ire , privilege of lltrht hotiaekeepliiK. 'il? V* e-i 13th ?t. \ LAIIY il AS AKVKRAL RKATLV" K I'K M XI i Kf> il Room? I*let to jtMltmen and wltrea. 144 \Ve>t I toll ?t A"iiaxmomkLv miHIfiTo snr ok rooms! rnmplete lor honte keeping; linen, allrei. Ac.; llrat i iitaa neiirhiMirhood. :t:?i ffe.i :t:'d ?t.. near Klevnted l!oi?d. ijM.KO ANT PCRNIHIIP.l? ROOVS ; PRtVAIi: FtMILY; J anaerlor areonimi.datio i; relaran<e* exchanged. 1*3 m rat wwh tt. vuToANi PRiNCK Aaw -ioo wwrr adNTlE, JCi cwm?r, alto 71 laat A4th at.. Mar Madlaoa av.. all light. morris V. B AXH ft 00., tiWm Mth M. PVRSMHED UOOMR amd APAR1V JIEWTN TO LET. DT;^r8Hi?r?ito<>*h.-pAHtm:>. uKrrfmfimrcit: I Ills ?luietly and cheap can Ami such accommodation at 110 Macdougll at. IIPRNISUKD "KUX)g TO LET OK PAKT OK FUR iilOied House, In 3IH Eaat 14th st. : ?rr : o-? required. FTORNISIIKD ROOM8 TO LET ??l TO ?4 PER WEEK* lor gentlemen. ISO Elm St., near Broon.a. American family. Burnished front a vb bedroom to let for twu |ier?oi??; 242 East 3Uih st. y UKnTsIIED HOOmT TO LET-WITltOCT bm^biT r No I 4' \\ est 1 nil ?; IpiNK-vr i.mi ation.-central PARK-FRENCH Hats. furnished and unfa mini ted ; elevator*; modern Improvements; Hroadway, cor Her of 50tl? st.; moderate HA N DKOMELY Fl'RNISHEl? ROOM?KN 6 CITE OR singly . every rinoisite for housekeeping. 3U1 West ll4th ?l., near Klevated Kuilroad; term* moderate. T A ROE and small FURNtTliRD HOOKS TO LET lloteV' i:c""c"ie"- M Irvlu* place, opposite Westminster RECEPTION ROOM, Ktlt.MSHKD OR vsfuh ?HH'-rt. lor physician ; other Rooms for dontist or offices. ai west sht ??t. OlO ISENTLKMEN ONLY. ?THE FAMi~LV AT NO. ~a5 l.and^mVlvTrnV.h;'.!' ,hM' "0?Ud "?r7 fr?nl T? HHNIKHED-A PLEASANT PARLOR I rioor for Ikmih^ kef pi ii|? or jrentlemen : hot and cold water, gnt. rem (II .xiper werk JIM West at. mEMENIOEbr PUEN18HED Kooms TO LET FOR X Itsrnt JioitKelteepiii^ to gentleman mid wife; reference! exchanged. IH7 West ltttli st. T" *'ET CHEAPEN A FRENCH FAMILY, PCR. (Wi r^to^r* "n(1 H,"'r"01" for K?"t'*men; ball Room. TO , LET-FURNISHED rooms. SUIT able ~ FOB * reiillenien or Kenileman und wife' bath iintf K??. 40 king M. ^ TO LET?A NlAfLT PI RNISHKD 8IN0LN BED room, with UM ol Parlor and 1'iauo , terms 8 I far week 100 West 4*?th st. TO REKT-MJRKWMM, a LAMB ROOM; ALSO null Rmtm. Apply at 44 Stnyyssant st., opposite 81. Mark a church. \rERY CONVENIENT SECOND FLOOR. M 'KNISIIEI? lor housekeeping. with private bath and closet. 40* Writ '.'4th at. OD FLOOR FI IIMSIIHII kok HOUSEKEEPING to a) let. till November 15. at $30 per month, at 271 West .IHtli at. jta per week?por a neatl y~pi; KM S11K D I OU Room frontline on Broadway; alao Room witk alcovt. 832 Broadway, between 12th ana 13th ata. rrTII AV, 1(14.?AN KXTIRK FLOOR, so kkkt, five (' roouia, furnlahed; bath, Ac. CTH AV. AND 14ril~KT.?A PRIVaTK FAMILY WILB * ' rent a luiiidncme .suit ol furnlahed Room* in tiie elevanl brown Hone houte No. 4 ffm 14th at.; parlor, three bed. rooiu? >ij11 private bath, togother or separately. C; EAST ITTII ST.?DKSIKABLK FURNISIlliD ROOMS ' to rent. (Jw? PEK WEEK ?LAUtlts PAKLOK ANl> B EDj ?PlJ room to lot well fiirnmhed for liirht houaekeepinr. 270 8th a>.. near 2.'ld at., lirand Opera House. 9 EAST oat) ST.?ELEGANTLY Kl KNbllKI) ROoWf on second floor to let, without board; also hall Roomai restnuruiit second door; references. 1(1 EAjJT MTU ST , BKTVVEKnTtI! AV. and MAO 1*/ loon Mv.?llHi.dsome newly furnished Rooms; all eon veuiences; summer price*; refen'tices. 1 ft fAVBRlEY PUCK, OKI HLor k WKST OF XU Hrfmdwuy.?Nicely fnrnlMhed Perlora; ulso otbec Kooms, witliout board; location iinexeeptivnii^le. nj: AST liI ST ~ST.?FL* K \ IhTeiTIcDUMH ToTK firiit and third floors; privAle fftmily; terras raoderetei reference*. 23 week. ivKaf 2<rrii st.?.nkw and elkoantly fur uinhed Kooms; elso a doctor's Ofhce ; references; on# OQ OOTTAOK FLACE.-WSIX rUBXllfflD HKD 441/ room to let; beautiful locality; convenient t.? cars. 4 7 \Vi-;sT J7TII .vr.. BETWKXN BHOADWAY AND i ? HtU ar.?Newly htroished Kooms; terras low; best relerenco rci FAST 4TlT hfTlFANDSOMELY FL'RNISIIEfl Lnvr InKP 10 lei to on? or tMro Apply to M U ElilihK. 1 9?J KAsST 44TII sr.7 NKAK"gKAND OE.NTRAL depot.?Rooms, furnished corapleteJy for lioase Keopiup. lor small families or sincrle irentlenien; rent $5 tt per week. Apply on the premises or to W. 8. OAVKY. 4m nleecker st. mKAST jttii iHtT-KRONT l*AltLOR~ HAND. somely furnished, without board; also hail Room. mnill ST.. NEAR 2D A~vT^SMALL FURNI8HE1Z Hfdrooms to single peotleraeii; private liou??. VKFURJdDIIED ROOMS AMD" APART" MKtfTK TO LET. ^iiY''KksPE(rfABi:r'?MTf;s"Wi8irrN jl 1l one of these new model flats al 3.*V) and West 4Mk St.. will apply at 330 to owner. . A ?'ID .FUENCH FLATS TO LKT AT re! ?luced rent. 61 West .tfHh st.; l^est location in the city# An k leu a nt Vlat"to i7ET-5i^?Nmn lock tion ; JJti West 34th st., oeer <?th iv.; li^ht rooms* Appl? at 32'2. A -viR8T"FLAT TO LKT AT~LOW RENT; RlGRf . larce rwmi and 10 closets, with erery improvement I "n<* by owuer; Janitor on premisoe. ??X) West .hid st. A- fi rst floor. Tour larob~room8. in two . story house, water and iraa. fc?; other Apartments. IW Christopher st. A NICE FLAT. FOUR KOOMS:_IMPROVP.MENT82 iiruw?, On* location; ?18 to a email family. II" Weet Aftth st. A PARLOR AND BASEMENT?II KOOM8. ALL lit. proreuientt, brown stone; rent *3.'?; Floor of B rooma W A. NUllENT, 30) F.ast 82d st. A SECOND AND TOP KLOOK TO LET?TOOETUKR or separately, in a prlrate lamlly f rent moderate. S0? w est 22d st. l'osi*esiH<iri. AT 444 WEST 34TII ST -II AN OSOM E 8ECON? rloor (private house;, six rooms, newly painted: rent lo small nnBtly^fS7. ? ' ' ^ A -FLATS OK gItillT ROOM8*"cONVENIKNT TO ? the Ontral Park; all improvements; low rent' lm* mediate possession. Apply at 1.037 :?d av. AN EI.E-.ANT ilf OK K1.AT8 AND FL(H)R8 x\. to let, with latest improvements; In best conditio* ? splendid neighborhood; moderate rem. West 2?th st! L1ACTS AND FKiCRES NEVER LIE.-CIHCILA JP tion of the EVENINO TF.LEURaM last week waa Monday, May 22 ? Mn ADtTERTlKEMENTS, 20 CENTS A LINE. Tuesday. Mar 28 35 4/*. ADVERTISEMENTS, 20 CENTS A LINE Wednesday, May 24 art mi ADVERTISEMENTS. 20 CENTS A LijfE. Tliursday. May 2">. 45rm ADVKRTLsKMENTS, 20 CE.NTH A LINE. Friday. Mar 2? 40 -rti ADVERTISEMENT*. 20 CKNT8 A LINE. Saturday, May 27 34.40) Total ?>* in ADVERTISEMENT^ 20 CENTS A LINE Pally ayrrage 3R033 FRENCHi flats to kknt-onk fiTr iu and one nib 17 *?Cond bel1 for h'0f,HCdeeper. 442 Wee* F~?at? to u5t"cmeap-?on*5TifS., morrihaniaV f 10 per month. * IL P? DEORAAF. Bowery National Bank. F1XX1RM-220 East _'Trir st . iv oo<iD ocherT Apply to WILLIAM TRl'HLOW, I 111 30tb St. or on premises II to 12 o'clock. LARUE, 8INOLK front"ROOMS. PANTEIE8, CLOf g61". water; to respectable parties only; nlca boas*. ONLY ?4?FRENCH FLAT. EVERY lMI'BOVKMENT. 8>4 DtU ar., nenrS~>th ?t. Janitor In attendance. MORRIS B. A CO.. 72 Wrst :44th at rriiK lower PAET of a FINE hiuhvn htonS I house to rent; 8 rooms; ail iotproyemeiita ; flr-t elaat order . J".x:h \pply at KW7 Sth nr .IOIIN BKAMOAN. TO LET?TO A FAMILY OF TWO ADI'LTS, THE' Second Story of brown stone house. No 430 West 434 st.; Kas, hot air and water; rent moderate. Apply on th# premises. rpo LET?A FIKSf ki.ook, .i.'i Rooms, in i.oiid" 1 order; gas, water closets ,1c. ftol 6th ay., corner :K4(i at. Tmf~LET-IW(> HANDSOME I Looks. EACH KIVB riMims. with water, cas and bath. In priyat. houaa So. 110 St. Mark's place (Sth st.); rent low. TO LET?Part OF private IIOt'SE I3h WEST~46rH st ; house occupied by owner; adnlts preferred. T"o l.i'.T \ SECOND I LOOK, FOi lt KOOMS; RENT ? Apply on the premises. 342 East ISth at. TO LET-THE HALF OF A IIOUSE? LAID OUT FOB two families, fin 4t>tl> st., near lln-ailway, with all lm iirorrmeiKi for eacii family separately. Inouirj at "39 West 4tnh st. TO LET-SECOND"FLOOR. FIVE ROOMsf BATm Ac ; owner In hoase. 23? West 2?th st.. between 7tla and Hth ars.; rent iM?. T" LET-TO >M Al.l. RESPECT\KLE FAMuTt X only. I piwr 1 art *?f fine private house; owner occnoieff lowei part. Inqiilr? at U3I East 4fHli st. fpo LET-ONE OR TWO FLOORS. WITH ALL IM. J prnvemeuta. II Vandamst To~let-hasements Tnd Tarloi~rloom.7 rooms, three story brlek private lioase. rent A3A * ORKUOK A MILLER. Jtd ay., corner ol .'ahli St. U kast i?tii st between sth avTndT^ ?quare ?The Third Floor, with all improvements foe a very low rent; wHI >?e furnished if n anted. * a (I , KTff HTll sr.. He. I'WE K.N AT If A Nil HTU AVM nience^11 B<tCk I,nr,or a,,u ; ?? conve. iT*i w fstJmTifT betwEEifTstTT and #rn Inquire orjaalto'r**' n"? ??? "?>"?!! first door. ;?()'> .W!"T ?T:-8KCOND F1XMIR, kii rd.ti . rlir ,r"<""": ?'h"?Toyomenls; house and locstion first clas.; rent low. Inquire ol owner, al 3HI Sth av? corner of 2?Hli st. F DIM (HN)i)?, |>OK S \LE BALANCE OF STOCK OF DRV (lOODS cliean tor cash. tjt West 3Bld s4. ? VfATTINiiN M A TT IX11 ^-36 A K4i AI sf*. hievk "*? anton offerftlK at h?w prices to dai ; In K?,n.i'fa*1*-** upwards. A.MIRKW lestilh A CO., Hi I Broadway. MII.I.IWKKt A\l> l)KiC^MMAKi\?.. A -MARIE TILI,MANN.""0F I'AKIS, IMPORTER, ? will open two cases of Finest Summer Millinery an Monday: be?t makers. 423 Otb ay., near 2tlth st. (lata M (chol1 a). \f I.LES."VIOL. a'V ktht ? *. " jjm. ciiltin* and fttfiii(: Woerlh style, N SO; Import** Hals at half cost FIHF, A HTM, rf^0eUa(?NJfTcKNT PRIVATK ?.ALLkiY'oT?Aljif. 1 Ing* ef smdar Pellegrini, sew open at 14 Cllatoa iIsnl Mil Ma o'cl*?k P. M., for Ue k*a?St o( the Paakeif lliiii!

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