Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,527. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, MAT 31, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOK AUYKKTISKB8. HMUSBMBNTS?lira PAor?1d and 4th nU. 181 ROLOGY?2d Pacb?ttib col. SILLIAKDH-2D PAGB-Uth col. WARDERS WANTED?2i?n Pack?34 colomn. JOAltD AND L< 'IHilMil WANTED?Jn Pack?3d eolumn. IROOKLY.S REAL, ESTATE FOR SALE-.'d PaCB-lst eolumu. BUKlXtS.i OPPORTUNITIES?ttrti Paob. BUSINESS NOTICES?7tu I'aG*?<tth col. CITY KEA1. ESTATE K.'K SALK-2D pAua-l.tooL ULKBKd aXD SALBBMEN?Htm P^cb-?iU col. O i .OTH1NG-JO PAtk?Oth col. COACHMKN AND GARDENERS?I Ith Pao*-0U> col. COa?1 WI.-K STEAMSHIPS?2D l'ACK-Mh and Oth col*. COUNTRY BOARD?2d Pack? 4thcol. g<NlI*TRY-lirr Pack?Itb col. RY GOODS? 1st Pack?4th c>l. DWELLING HOUSES To LET. PURNI8HED OR UN FURNISHED?2o Pauk-UIcoI. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?2D Pace?5th col. EUROPE?llTll 1*ACB?4th rol. EXCUKs|ON'S-2n Pagb-HiIi coL FINANCIAL?!>th Pack. FOR SALE?IItu Paub?5th col. __ ? . ? CKNiSllKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? in Pack?IM and 2d col*. PURNITURK?1?t Pack??th col. HELP WANTED-FEMALES-llra PAG?-5th and ?th cols. nBLP WANTKD-*ALKS-11th PAr.B-?th eol. HORSES, CARRIAGES, Ac.-1st Paub?2d, 3d sad 4th col*. HOTKI>?2d Pagf -3d ?nd 4lh e >1*. . b 'USES. ROOMS. WANTED?1?T PAOB-Oth col. INSTRUCTION?1st PAGK-bih ccl. TiOKT AND FOUND? 1st Pack? l?t col. MACHINERY-Utii Pack?5th col. MAKBLE MANTELS? I 1th l'AGi;-4th ?>l. MEDICAL-IItii Pack--Kb cot MILLINERY AND niiES.-MAKINO?Irr Paob?4:h eol. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?10TU Pace-6th MISOKLLANEOUH-lsT P.tOK-6th eol. MUSICAL-2D Pack?4th col. PEW PUBLICATIONS?7th PACE-6th col. KRSONAL?1st Pack?1st c-il, PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC.?lira PsoB-4th coL Pt)HT OFFICE NOTICE?i*T Paiir??th eol. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-pemalbs? 12rn PAor-Oth cut PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?2d Pagi?1m eol. RPAL ESTATE TO EXuHANOE?2? PAaw-l*t eol. REWARDS?1st Pack?1st col. SALE* AT Al'CTION?1st i'AGB?Vh and 0th col*. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES?larn Pagb-1M, 2d. :w. 4th. 5th *U(111th cols. SITUATIONS WaNTED-MALBS?12tb Pack??th eol RPBClAL NOTICES?1st Pack?lit *nd 2d ools. SPORTING?DOGS', BIRDS. AC.?1st Pagb?2d eol. STORAGE?2n PAGK-Utb eol. SUMMER RESORTS?2u l>AUK-4th coL PUB TRADES?12th PAGB-tttli col. THE TL'RK-Ikt Pack?2d cl. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PI'RPOSES?2d PAGK-liteol TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?2d PAOB-flth col. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2d Pack?2d and 3d col*. WANTED TO PURCHASE?11th Pack??th eol. WATCHES. JEWELRY. AC.-lint Pack?5th eol. WBSTCII ESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALC OR TO LET?2n Pack?1st col. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-IOtii PAGB-eth col. PBEDONAli. A DORA?FOR HE A YEN'S SAE^.^OMEIHOMB OR let me know where I can mminnnlcate with you, ** ?very apology will be made by yoar heart broken husband. K. RGYLE ROOMS. MONDAY MQHT.-YOUNG LADY with straw bonnet, yellow rtbhoa, black sacque. light hmwnlsh oTiirsklrt and dark bruwa underskirt: gentleman wishes *ei|iislntaiice. Address BEVERLEY. Herald Up town Branch office. A" DEUA^COME HOME~OR WRITE AT ONCE TO your distracted mother. Bl WOULD~FEEL IIAPPY TO BK FAVOR*D BY ? Margarite with a lew lines. Address B. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. , u 1HICAGO 8. H. W.?SEND ADDRESS TO SEEB. DEAR AD-WRITE A LINK IN CONFIDENCE TO an old Iriend. who may be able to asalat you. Address OHS. C., Herald office. DARMNOlnFE?will NOT WRITE AGAIN; BUT unless you prov* your Ion P. H. will die. Heed not cunning, ray only love, and "your* or death." Sooner than deceive me leave me to death: but you have proved your love, and I have all talth. INFORMATION WANTED?AS TO THE WHERE about* of John H. Van Slyck, late of BnlTaio; If alive, and he will communicate his whereabouts, lie will alleviate the sufferings of laniily; If dead, proof of such will be liber ally rewarded, business arranged a* far a* possible without hi* pre*ence. Communicate with O. G. YOUNG, 42 Cort landt st.. New York. 1~P THIlS rtTiolILD MEET THE EYE OF ANY ONB having s?jn an advertisement in the Herald for b*lr* to estate *t Jacob Beam, deceased, of Cansda, they will be repaid tor their tronUle by sending the date of laid paper to CANADIAN, box 104 Herald office. K THE "GENERAL"-WHO WAS KEEN IN EAST 22(1 st. one evening last week, will eall at Herald Up town Branch office he will find a letter from an old friend, addri*SM<i "General." Ruby?thy image on my heart whispers ? weet and loving thought*. I saw, heard and watched ?very movement; was happy in my darling s presence. W1LL, T~~ihe sourTiTi ui-r kail road disaster" "July last.?Will tl.? stout elderlr gentleman who ws* on train from Beach to Far Hockawnr. with basket on his arm, send h!' address.t.> Mr*. J. M. HbRHARD, Far Rnckaway; ?WlLb PARTY WHO FOUND DIAMONDFTbE . kind ennogh to communicate with loser to Herald Uptown Branch office ! Address G. Z. IXWT A i > rtiMV iJ. Dog " Losf.-?25 "RiBWA ?'i!) -tS)st;'"6N~strNDAY morning, a small Skye Terrier; answers to the name >l "Cnerle." The above reward will be paid if returned to 101 5th av. . D' "~OG LOST?ON THE MORNING OF TUB 90TR INST. a white ^Bye Terrier, tail and ear*cropped; rather long leg*. The flnder will be suitably rewarded by leaving him st so West 2ith st. New York. OS I?A SMALL~"wT7frE~ BULL TERRIER M.UT Pup; $10 reward will be paid If returned to ^25 Kait ISih st. L0ST^N_FRIIMY. may"M. BETWEEN 230-wbot 2ftth st. and Twentv-thlrd street ferry. North River, a black lt?<ceipt Book, marked D Jt tV. Jersey Cltjr. The Bndcr will It rewarded i-y returning the same to DAVEN PORT * QORTHOl'T. Jersry City. Lost?a scotcu tkrriki: doo, bars and tail cut. A liberal reward and thank* to aay on* returning kim to room 15, No, 4 Cedar st. IOST-MAY 30. SMALL CROB.S. RET WITH PEARLS, J in going from Plh st. (Uolvendty plsce) to 10th St.. tear :td av. The flnder will be suitably rewarded by leaving tie same at is Kaat Oth st. rOST?FROM 115 WEST 28TH ST.. ON MONDAY AP J tcrnoon, * Black and T*n-Dog; answers to the nam* ?f PreddUs; wound on foreleg. $10 reward. Lost-a small opi:n faced, lady's watch; lost last Sunday. I he Under receives a suitable re ward by returning to Hotel Brunswick. 5th a v. and 2?ith st. I' 0ST-A SMALL SKYE TERRIER SLUT ONB YEAR J old. Th" tinder wl.l be liberally rewarded by returning t to No. 21 Wert 23d st. LOflT-IN THE PAUK. OR fSTH AY.. A RED RAO, containing silver mr * "* *" b> leavlnr at No. 0 K>?l ? J J containing Mirer mag, Ac. Finder suitably rewarded ~ 1 41st St. Lost?spitz noa. clipped lion shape : $10 reward. Return to B rower House. D. Kf.KRItiAK. iiKW Aitlis. A C RBWARb~ POR THE REf URNf OP WHITE SPITE Ji) Hoc, hit on Tuesday. to 185 3d it.; nam* of "Prince." (F reward FOR RKTUBNIXQ TO :I34 WERT 51ST Jpt) hi, a Mack I'cail Scarf l'ln, loit between Gilmore'i Harden and Mil at. REWARD FOB THE RETURN OK A SMALL Terrier, lout from JI24 We?t 46th el. $5 41 n WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN OF 5plU black and tan pap. Ave month* old. l.y 15. K..O O 2d a*. Ain REWARD WIIL BE PUD FOB THE SPEEDY ?PLw return of a small leather liar, containing law pa per*. left IB uptown *tage alHmt 5 o'clock !**t Saturday af ternoon. WAKKMAN A LATTIXO.tia Xm'm N. Y. AOC REWARD FOR A UHHT RKVE TERRIER? J)^i) Answers to name of "Tip." The flndzr will ree:lva the nlmve reward by returning him lo :n Veil 2JHh ?t. Hk-I nA FOR BE COVERT OF HOLD WATCH (COOP Jp 1.1 M f er. milker), with chain, lout or stolen about May IP; n<> questions asked. Addre** Sl'PPER, llerald 1'ptawn Branch office 8Pi;(')AIi SOTIl'KS. *1 MERICAN INSTITITTE.?A RFOULAR MEETINO OF A thl* Institute will be held at it* room* In the Coopar Baildlug on Thursday, the ?th day nr.lane, at H P. M. O. CLEVELAND, Preildent. Cmaklk* SIcK. I.foskb, Recording Secretary. A?ISAAC 11. BOY't'E.'267 BROADWAY. LAWTER.? . Divorces obtained promptly, wlthont publicity: deser tion. incompatibility, hatiltaul drunkenness, laiidellty, In bumaa treatment, conviction of felony. Passport* obtained. All Dikxaskh of tiik blood ANb~NBRVori system treated; snccesslal ?nrt permanent cure* guar Incnl: conMiltation tree. Dr. WKST'S old establised of Sce. *5 Bleecker at., Mir Broadway. . A "KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES Of J. & . SMITH A CO. KwrrrcBT. kxtha cl*s? <0.1 roa 1*76. 86. 27. 14, 04, *.4, 31. 7t>. 77 50. 45. 2, 8. xriTi'ritr, class 464 roit lH7ti. 14. 50, 77. 51. 74. 4?, IB, 53, JS, :H, CO, 30 A All order* addre.s B. N'ATIIAN. 181 Hrondway, or row ?Dice bo* 4.H7I) New Y?rk City. A" ?T'AKK^ KvTr HS(IN~ \ ' ? >.. ? Kentucky State Lotteries. drawn daily Royal Havana lottery, drawn every 17 day*. Kentucky Single Number lottery, drawn June 'J4. 1878. PrlMs c.i-heo. Inlorinatloo tnrnlsiied and clrculan free. IWI Broadway. Poat oflt.? box '>.-72. New York. Attention i-twknt* years- prissian hob pltf.I experience; diseases nf men in all it< branches even of long standing. a specialty. Consultation and medi cine l-e.v M. JACOHY. M IV. l?l Klcecker st. AMIO/,7,1. AliTlsr IV DECORATION TAKr.S i commission* for Centennial Transparencies and Deco ration for public moaamewt* Ui the b>?t artl.tlc style. 1,1! 3 Broadway, room :K. "V" ?FlRftT PRI15E, fltv<.UM> OOi.uT |Y, Main drawiair oi the Dacnl Bnin-wlck Oowrnme-it lottery, from Mny 16 tu June 11,14711, ticket. 2* rn*i prises. e Royal Havana Lottery. Next rtrswlni June 6, 1KTH. Pall emplanatory circulars free. THEODORE ZSCHOCH, Bex ItlN Po*t office. l IS Naseaa st.. Saw York. YNISA8K* OF MEN a SPECIALTY. " U IIKNKY A. HANIELtl. M. to., 144 Lexington a?.t tesrl'lHhsi. Ofllce hours Irom 8 to Hi srC]7, iiT"j, jokdanT m>le proprietor or the I I Ness Vork Musenm ol Anatomy, ha* removed hi* rest Mnee aad office to Na> ft Washlngioa placa. three dmir* area! of Broadway, K SPECIAL. NOTICES. TTaVaXA jLOTTK.KT.-XKXT DK A WING OK O.OOU Xl ticket* aud prices. Juh H, 1HW. F-r par ticular* toMrnt B. KAKTIVKZ Jk CO., Xa. It* Wftll at.. h?M*inriu. Hixt oflirt box 4.8H2. X. H.?Highest price paid lor Spanish gold and Uafw? liuk bill*. Draft* ou U>vua in alt amount* lna*i IMPORTANT FREE LECTURES BY MBS. M. O. BltOWX. l're*ideut of tli>- Metapbjraical 1'nlverslty. 51 Bond *t., ou her Metaphyseal Dlwmqr. which K111? the Root of All Diaeaae, at Lincoln llall. northwest corner :13d >t. an<! '?in **.. on Thursday. June 1, st3 o'clock. For the Metaphysical Pamphlet, ol so page*. enclose 2"> M*U. KWoXU WHA. 217 3D A V.~BETWEKX 18TH AND I?lIt *t*.: Chine** laundry. near shirts, old ihirt*; kilt washing of all kind* ik?w. 1-CHROXIC CATARRH. DEAFNESSf IMPROVED > method; lost ant aucou* relief; permanent car**. Dr. STODDARD. .No. 8 Welt 1 4th ?U KlSfnckv *tate~'?<>TrkRiioTdrawn"daTly* Kentn< ky Dial* Single Number Wrand IH*tribUt ion, to be i!r?wn Juno 2 i. Whole ilekets, Sl'>: Halve*. $5; tjuartor*.CS 50t Royal Havana Lottery draws June li. Wholo tickets, ?20; Teuth* ami Twentieths in proportion. For Information. circulars. Ac.. address or apply to JACKSON A tfO., Ranker*. 21)2 llroidwir. New York. Nervous exhaustiox.'-a medical- erbay comprising a series ol lecture* delivered hi Kahn'*Mtt> seurn of Anatomy. Xew York on ihe cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing indisputably li?w lost he.tlth may be regaiued, affording a clear synopsis of the litinediments u> marriage and tha ireHiraant of nervous?ndphy*lc?l debility, being tbe result ?f 2H rear*' experience. Price '-!?"> cent*. Ad dress the author, I?r. L. .1. KAIIX, ulHce and residence.">1 Kail Uth *t Ne* York. 0-IOFFICIAfTDRAWING"~kkktccky~statelot. . terie*. SIMMONS A DICKINSON. Managers. KKXTCCXT. KXTliA CLASS SO. 3 '?<?MAY 3". WW. 51, MO. 17. tut, IS. 41. 04. 4*. :a. S2. 8(1, 68. KKKTVCKT. CLAN* KO. 3-"??>?MAY 8l>, 187Hw 8, 13. -.3. O ??, 4-'. .... 33. 72. 4M. i?7. .*57. 2L Hxintr, utba cum Nf>. 2is? hat :?>. is?1?. 40, 45. 10. 58. 18. :>7, .'Hi, 3. 34, 21. 4 1. 6. 2?. JI3.1RT, CLASS no. 2'<t?mar 3(1, 1H70. 82, 51, 4H, 23. 28. 21, IS, ti, 74. .">7, o2, ?. 27. Full Information o.r applying to or addressing J. CLUTB A 00.. 200 Broadway,or box 4,Httt> l'ost ofltce. -?300.01M IX "PRIZES." -EVKBV OTHER* TICKET A ? prise.?SIMMONS A DICKINSON'S Single Number Konlucsy State lottery, to be drawn Jane 24, 187(1. S5.4'JOprise* out of 50.1**1 ticket*; al*o Koyul Harana, to I e drawn on June 8, 1878. J. CLUTE, 200 Brondwav; box 4.908 Poet afllM. OKKMINiC- fit r~i;xdersid v iTi) wIu7k K UaPPY to see hi* friend* und the generally nt the open lnif ot hi* Wine. Ili-er nd Blllinril tliii (W edne?day) evouin', May 31, at the Lodge, 4!*> sth av, LEOPOLD SIK0EU_ P" ILICS_OB HEMORR1101DK RADICALLY Cl ltKD.? Original. |iHinlee>< treat men i; uvu to tour weok* re utilrad; no foe* until cured; circular* tree. Dr. STODDARD, only odice Xo. 8 We?t 14th st. R" ESI DENT OR VISITING PAtlKXTB RECEIVE D"AT the Metaphyseal I'nlvenlty tor ilia treatment of auy disease man, woman or child l? slHlc;ed with. Kor parti, u. lar* address Mr*. M. O. BROWN. .Metapht aical I'nlveriity, 51 Bond *t.. New York. When evorr other remedy fall* the Metaphysical Disco*cry brlntr* physical salvation. Royal Havana lottervT^wuo.doo will be drawn on Jane ti cashed; order* filled; infbr matlon turnisheai hi?ho*i rate* paid for Spanish bills, nor arnmeut*. Ac. TAYi.OR A CO., Bsiiker*. No. 11 Wall ?t.. Xew York. S" IR KNIGHTS, MANHATTAN COM* iNDKRV, WILL asnmble at armory of Eleventh retriment. over Oeatre Market, on Wednerday, May 31, at 12 o'clock sharp (lull uniform) ; Cemmaudery will take 2 I" M. tralu for Plulailel phi a, via Pennsylvania Road; members of (later Comniand erles are invitea to participate in the plltrrlmaire. lty ordeV, JOHN tl. MASTEUTOX, Commander. Thomas M. Milkk, Recorder. T_HE ANNUAL MEKtTSu OK TnE STOCKHOLDERS of the National Bolivian XariRaiion Conipauy, for the olectlon ol directors and for the transaction of other buai neas, will be held at tbe office of the company. No. 33 Park row (room* 11 and 12;, in the city of New York, on tbe 2i tb day of June, 1876, at 12 o'clocM noun. JAMBS S. MaCKIE. Vice President Oktraxdkr, Secretary. SPORTXN G-DOUI. BIRDS, dfeCI Mocking birdsi mockixS bihds!?iust""a1fu rived, 50U younir ones, 25 old choice tinkers; also. Red Cardinals. For sale at very low prices, for u few day* only,_at_47r?_PearI af. (Kessel'a Hotel), uunr Cliatham at. THE Tl'RF. "T~Sf8ICTl?Air^ O'C K E Y C L U It.?S P RI ifOTTI E K TIXG. j(X 1876. at Jerome Park, :M, C.tli 8tb. l<Mh. 13th. 16th and 17th Jane. Races commence each day punctually at 3 o'clock. A. BELMONT. President. C. Whkatlv, Secretary. Auction and pbbnoh pools sold at john. sou's Room*, corner Hroadwar and28ih St., tht* after noon and evening ou the English inauing rac^s an i the trots at Philadelphia. Pali return* received by lels .-rtuh of each beat as soon as trotted. T. B. A W. H. JOHNSON. UCTfbxTxl? FRE.NCH POOLS solITthIS~AKTKR noon and evening at the NliW YoKK TURK EX CHANGE, 15 West 28tb St., nn the PHILADELPHIA trot* and MUSTANG race. KBF.XCn l'OOLS on the bnolish DERBY close 11 &) A. M. K8LLT, BLISS * CO. DEKRKOOT DRIVING PARK-SECOND SPRING Mueting. June ti, 7. 8 and 0. First day, Tuoaday, June (t?Xo. I. Purne $150, for 3 ml mite class; No. 2. Purse f2U), for 3:35 class. Second d?y, Wednesday, Jnno 7?Xo. 3. l'urse HWJor 2 ;45 class; No. 4. Purse $20(1, for 'J :32 class. Third day, 'Phursdar. June 8?No. &. Purse 8160, for 2^0 class; No. rt. Rttrse $2f>j for 2clsa*. Fourth day, Kriday. June 0? No. 7. Puma SI'jO. for 2;42cla*s; Nn. 8. Purie C200. for 2:30 class. Entries will close on Thursday, June 1. at John T. Slane's, X.<. 7 Pulton St., Brooklyn, near the Fulton ferry. National rules to aavern; live to enter aad three to start. Address WM. McMAHON, Proprietor. F LEETWOOD PARK, THURSDAY. June 1. OBOBGE PAKKF.R havlnz entirely recovered, and being bow in active train* lug, will again attempt the great feat ol riding 80S MILES IN 15 HOURS, ?sing the 30 mustangs employed in hia last ride. Race to commence at 4 A. M. In ease of had weather next good traek ..One dollar dav and traek. Admission to t Fleetwood park.?kentlbmen who wish to *ecure tickets of membership of this Association can do *o by applying at tbe oltice on the grnnnds. forms $SO tor tho season, with use of hitching shed, or $J.r> without. RictlMONO CLUB GROUNDS, STATEN ISLAND.? Sstnrdav, June 3, Purse 9100, for three-minute class: three-quarter-mile heats snd no reoord; entries to close on Mav 31, at 0 P. M. All entries address to l)EOi;U.i WRIGHT, New Dorp. Staten Inland. Admission to track, 50 cent*. TATTERSALL'S TURF AGENCY.-1,227 BROADWAY.? Book* on all races throughout the year; amounts booked from *tl 'upward. Having leaaed the hotel and grouudaon the "Blnff" at Jerome Park, will opeu an office there and book* on all the race*. WAVERLBT PARK.-TIIK rtpBINO MEETING AT Waverley Park I* postponed from June 6,7 and 8. to June 13. 14 aud 15. _ COHKN A SAXDKOIiD. HOUSES. CARRIAGE*. iPCLL AND COMPLETE A8B< iRTMENT OK THE "Brewster WTaison." the standard for style unit quality, new ready for Inspection el oar factory ana ware rooms, Kroidwij end 47th >t., 5tb av. mid 14th it. Special attention U sailed to oar improvement in ride bar Wagons, which enable u* to offer the lightest, safest and best ridinx wagon ever produced. BRKWSTBR A CO. jof Broome at.]. A DOG CART, BY BREWSTER. fBOO; BRETT. 9250; Coupe Rockaway, assortment of every kind of Curnstw and Harbesaat moderate prices. JOHN C. II AM, ttitt Broadway. 4 CHESTNUT MAltK, BOUND, KINK AND PAST. A Also Top Wagon and Harnota. Address box 221, Post olllce, Stamford. AUCTION SALE OP T11REB TEAMS OP POACH Horses; yonnic. sound and kind; two fln>t class Clar ence*. one side panel Coach and three sets coach Harness, by Cole A Murpuy, at the "tables of iIRBENE t TI1.I.KV, Red Hook lane, near Pulton St., Brooklyn, 6n Thursday, June 1, at 12 o'clock. 4 VERY GREAT H.VROAIX.-OXh P1NB BREWSTER A Improved crves-spriiu. leather top llurgy: also three superior, line city incite top Pony Phaetons; one line, gold lominted double Harness: one fine >lnjtl?; all nt about half Srice, and not soiled. Call and examine at private stible, o. 1 West l.itb st. ATTENTION SOLICITED.?A PAIR OP BAY MARES, tt and 7 vsars old this spring; well matched; stylish, pleasant drivers; irsod roadsters; |;>>, liands hi it It; sound, kind, very gentie and free trom any vice, they have been owned and used lor two years past upon t tie (arm ol the ad vertiser (who is no Jockey n?r hnrseiuaa) and now brings them tor the first time In the tlty to the Madison Park ?tallies In East iidth it., between Maillson and 4th avs.. for sale ; price low. Please rail and see them at once. AHANDSOMB, BOUND IIORSB. XBW ROAD PHAB ton and Harnesa, lor sale or exchange for Diamonds or oilier Personal Property, owner having no uso lor them. Apply to BKent. C. S. PbCK, No. 8 West afttli st. Atop bide bar wagon and no top bide bar Wagon, both for $--!?'> : Corhett A Co.. makers; botli In Itoudorder. FERGUSON'S boarding stables, 5Jd St., near tsth av. A?PQR SALE CHEAP. 4 HORSES SUITABLE FOR ? farming, grocer or express; good trial allowed. Apply at 4i Bleecker at., in rear. AT HALP COST-TWO PHAETONS; ONE BBaTS four persona; Pole and Mhalts; two lull spring top Wagons, two Side llan, light Road Wacon, single snd dunule Harness, all nearly new, best city makers. t'rivato stable. 213d st. and 4th av. A -HAYING FINISHED MV CONTRACT. I OPPER ? for sale Ave Horses, suitable tor any ljii>lne*s: among thi io Is a line umlly or road horse; sold cheap. Inquire ia crockery store 2M ursnd st.. near Mutt. w A -Til CLOSE PARTNERSHIP, THREE IIOIISE'i; ? very cheap; yoaag and sound; suit any business. 113 llenry st.. stable. AHRKWsTKIt (OF BROOME SI l SINGLE SEAT Road Waiton, cost *351), good as new, price great bargain. .W .1 Weat lUth st. RARE CHANCii TO UK? uSK OF THK P1KBBT young Road Mares In tills clly; Is a ilirK chestnut. ti j ears olu, i->>, bauds; pure galted. square trotter, very promising. welbroke; had no training; can trot fast; slrod by Daniel Lambert, mit of a Morrill mare, raised in Ver mont ; warranted perfectly aonnd and kind; good top Wagon and Harness; would sell separate and low; at private stable No. i:i West 27th st.. between Broadway and ,'?th av. a ; A -FOR HALF.? ? one oi the most complete Turnouts for a lady in the Bute; a epiendtd team of Hay Ponies, Just alike, 13 hands, ft years old. with black point*, ionic tails and (lowing tuanes; s?uiid and klad; they are all style and 4ctl?n, and without any exception the piettiest pair ol ponlrs in the country ; also a new city made light side bar top Road Wagon, with pole and abatis, with single and doable (James* to match, also ll'ttit top l'ony Phaeton, whicn it vary handsome All the ati'>ye -took will oe sold separate or together, a* I have no lurther u%e lor tliem. Inquire of the owner, Mr. JOHN SIV.T.-O.V proprietor of toe Turf Exchange, corner 28th st. noil Broadway. O' at the clab stable.,No. 211 IMih st., be tween llrosdwsy aiid&th av. .\. H. - Hie pontes are perfectly broke to the saddle, aa they trot ?ln if In loot and canter, and lor a lady or children thejr Imve n? equal. A SECOND HAND s!.T OP DOUBLE HARNESS, BY Dunscorab, good na new; one set ringle, by iituaee lord; alao six sets doable, Irom Sift up. WILLIAM H. GRAY, 2U and 22 Weoeter Mb HOjMBg. CAKiinitigii, cc, A" &?i,LED to? ,? Ji' rhIm?j unb I. AT bVa ill ? O f LOCK. PRuMPT, BFTW>km u-.vtoM/- -11"' MKK.KK ST., KTWhgjl WAVKKLT AND CLINTON placer, OK THK RVTiVii Al.CTIo.VKKK, i ax &?(?&<&? Pitt in 2 *. !7,i?"?1 trutt^L,,ul frtil ?' Detroit, Mich.. ?>l ri'iti' rood' r?r/. - !?* i'r White Cloud, Cora and a field l.v, |,",u,in,: '? * boantlfttl bar. SSS^&^JSSLM' feMSSg pallor ,L ..r.r * ?.U * "r> ">'<? road hor?.., dor. i,?t ?8&W&isirsa&l! .-J I" "*?? laS ha?dt tllifti; perfectly broken ,,? st.iLo. M.bs0XT,;,nr2 .& ?% v5t. ?r c-* and I. warranted^ound aud llhid" " >rup4r" lmn<1,ed. v?n'f?r3|!ubU M?hnT be#n <"1*#0 ????*?'. ?"d ? All',",?"dim 'Znl "el<ll?J< Wlllt" Stocking,>lred bT !|??e,t All ii, daoi by younjt Morrell: tioUod ill My.tle Park llTt T... i ii'" 1""u "a"'11 r?ce. to it rami wa.-oii driven bv J. Uojrer,. n>o., lu J :?4 J 4i??.,d S-4^ h- I.^Ail . . ?l>-v?r* powernilly built; ?( ye?r* old; *n,?| zaiteU ?1,T? * ft* umi1! Il*ry *k,'r Hn'' duel not pull- mi? ^ma?uVrt"; "ulu h?'-. -1 w?r'?t!S Mriiniirnl bur Cieldinjr Dictator 7?>r.?U ui/,. , hUh ,ir, d by Volunteer? d.uiV tt /',,'r1u?n. h? \ J$. .h,'""U SeSk;??sS I*i>i<? ? wiii ?.?.?? s4 i?i f*n?i lor Unit purport* in iiivhin : SSSffir*^-w?fea srsvrstirss \\ hiw and Liidy Ll*lit Foot, when tliu w?* p'Wlml "f iind ^??rThV'" l? very Myll.h mid ha* fine action ; is n"n"rUT l.r, V. , .n: slo and double hitmen- was raised ai l^.i. -? i? srsSwesk"' -k* _ Sale Doaitlve, rain or thin*. AT RAIIKKK A SON'8 ' ciiv auction mart and .v. y tattersatis ., . corner Broadway and SSth ,t ALLS. major CI1AKLE8 \V. BAKIvKIt AUCTION'Kirn U - * Dp!vlnit Truck in th<$ stm? CATALOUUK OK RALE THIS day COMMEvrrvn ALRPy^N "-CLOCK. ^ ' commencing with the following very valuable Trait I no BRKiJnrS pr?fc#"? nt jA*ON HTKBBIN8 Km }?hf m.U 0 ;Ci 1 Hmom JOHN II.. a SM??'of l?e Itldt. Mipli . coinurialnv twit ni*.!. i , V . ? *'? K^bUb'Vi'tMAK II. a?.d ilKLU by Mr. 8t.bbf,?; are or .xtr^Vdloa^ ???" l*?; never trnliifd and either can 8HRKH ? ?>.-*? i? I ",B'" ? ireiitleinan'a unequalled TROTTIN(J**TKAJ* together. Alio a laot 15V Idcli bav Mare h? Tj " Clay; never trained and can ineed a a dwilAf T*^.it rjr ranted .ound and kind and l?r?!7?X? ?S?^!ri.'M* ":.r* been rode alter by a number oi Bentlrm?n -LlT^* ek*' *the' most V'tn ,Wl*h ' pr0" w *08T bcaotlful b?j*. 12 Mjrti, child'M siiddu ??,i W hB5M ? "rorrt or^-JM^ a ^s^r?,,0L0,IW Medium), a danrliter (lull sister to SOL'BRf"rTKi',SS,i Cranddaaghter ol SONTAG. Ac. BKhTTE) and THE BKOOO marks ur* the mi of Rypdyk1! Tlnmi i THE' T?r"nto nb'ef. Eoreka. Yo^, Star,'* ' B'mM" *y *?>!h?/?Sft' M^ua^K Chlllr " 4c- Th? ?*,dl0? c/:U) I. Gie Ket of Toron?o Th?'V C<ELEBRATteTnl ?? OIMiIlIA^M?hl?r?y.anyold,'br:B5llra?. Kh" S'? Paata. fine Saddle Mare : warranted tonn? Kd?*r- d"? ?A? <*?ldinjc, hlirh, 8 y#sr? oid a ftme ?1?M nv n^iJ1^ traveller, warranted klod. *' p,#*^ HY ORpcR of J Mm en H. Goo?Jbr, offtO Wall ai fTan,ltn. * v?r.T richly bred brown TBOTTlifci 8TaT f mv' foaled IHiu/bred byihe^lat" Mill I^f {,,|t,h? got by DICTATOR (full brother to DEXTER) dam' Ladv ??ry clotol.r matched pair of J^'5 Jet black coupe or family Mares, <9 and 7 rear* nin :i:.r4V^\;d"n^?r^,pdpi:rndncr'flow1nf""" ?d Wagon, by Howard klkgant'top" ,,00<, or<Ur TOP IR WWVP P"ny Ph?.0Ion 12?,.?!!?' M **on. nearly new. siwsiaf.MaSyyr E. p,?tT4?C(KS?KS,J"u~ " ^.w A -MAJi)it CHAS. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER.? . COLONEL. <:. C. BURNS, of He ndemon county. KEN TL'CKY. announcea hi* Mound OrtKAT SALE ul the FAST EST GREEK TUOTTERS in America. Ju.t arrived trnm Kentucky, to take place at BACKER A SON'8 City Ane iion Mart and New York Tattertalli. corner ot Broadway ?nl :mih st.. on Thursday (to-morrow), J one I. at 11 o'clock, nml comprising TEX HEAD that can trot In from J :41i DOVN TO including an extraordinary and very clnnelr matched PAIR of 15U sorrel GELDINGS that can TROT IN' 2:K?to the pole; a PAi ING GEI.DINO that ran ?how A 'J (JAIT; all warranted sound and kind and all of the BEST Kentncky trotting blood. Sine* now at (he Mart for exhibition and trial. COLONEL BURNS request* that everybody will :ome and BIOS behind the Mock and TEST Til h STEED beore the ?ale. Catalogue* now ready. Rale without reserve or pontponament -MAJOR CHARLES W. BA.KKKK. AUCTIONEER . THE SPEED SHOWN UNDER THE WATCH. THE UNEXAMPLED EVENT. MAJOR BAiCKKU lia> the honorof announcing Mr. W. J. BACON'S W the CARRlNGTON STI'O FARM, Mout gomarv Port offlee. Trim conntr. KENTUCKY) second 1 Ni'KKi EDENTED SALE of the fastest UltEEN end TRAINED TIIOTTBBS ever offered at auction Jn?t ar rived Irotn Kentncky. to take place at BARKER A SON'S OKv Auction Mart a?.d New ^ ork Tatteraall's, corner of Hromlway and Ittitli at , on MONDAY, JUNK 5, at II o'clock, ? nd comprising TWENTY-T1IREE head of STALLIONS, OELDIXGS and M AIIKs, WINNERS at ail the Southern Kentncky and Tenne??ee PAIRS. in saddle, harness and hPr.ED rlnic*. that eta trot in from 3^ down to BETTER THAN JtZU, the jcet ot Exchequer. Bine Gra??, Tenth Legion, Ac..Ac . and inclndinc two extraordinary gentlemen'* TROTTING TEAMS. THAT THE STOCK came from KENTUCKY the bill* ol lading. freight bliie and Ininranee poticie* from point of ?hipment, CEBTIPIOATRB of SECRETARIES or PAIRS, Ac., are ready to exhibit to all deeiring to tee them. STOCK subject to veterinary (nrjiron'* examination, end are now at the Central Areune Stable, (Central av? near Fleetwood Park, where thev can be seen In harness or un der vaddle and SPEEDED up to Sonday, Jnae 4, when they will be removed to the Mart. THE TIME claimed for these horeea will be SHAWN UNDER THE WATCH at fleet wood Park on Friday, JUNE "J, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M. Gentlemen are requeued to b-present. CATALOGUES. with fall particular*. pedigree*, record* of performance*. ?rc.. uow read# at the Spirit, Turf and Mart offices, or at tlio stables. SALE WITHOUT reserve or postponement. A? M A.I OB CH AS. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. , CAPTAIN (lEOROE D. HA.NNA, or Boarbon comity, KENTUCKY, take* pleasure In aanonnclng hie FOURTEEN TH unparalleled SALE of the lMte?t GREEN TROTTERS in the world. Jn*t arrived Irom KENTUCKY, to take place at BARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart and New York TattersaH's. corner of Broadway and HfHh at., ou Wednesday .1 une 7. at II o'clock, and comprising TWENTY TWO IIEADol the richeat bred In the conn try, Incloilint the icet ol' ilerr'* .Mambrlno, Patchen. Billy tioiUdusi, Woodford'* Mamlinno. Ac., An. and con sisting of OKEEN TROTTERS that Can trot In Irotn :i minute* down to 3 :3S; two extraordinary Id Mali superbly matched CoacH TEAMS, ehe*tnnt* and biack*. of unet|iialled rich appearance and style; a unmber of elegant COUPE M A It! U or T Cart HORSES; a PACINO tialdinu that can BEAT and the balance the moot nnaqnallfd lot ol PltEMH'M combined ladle*' and gentle men1* SADDLE AND HARNESS HORSES ever broaaht from Kentncky; (lock all warranted *ound and kind, and will arrive *i the M >rt for IHal on Friday, J una ^.tuhen Dr. JOHN W. CLARKh, agent for Captain linnna. will be on ka;nl to give everybody the opportunity of riding and drlr Inr and testing I lie naddle qaalltles and SPEED of any ot the I t llKFOHK the time of MALE. Catalogue* ready Friday. Sain positive No poetponement. At private sale. hl.MiA.NT BAROUCHE BT MINOR A STEVENS. LANDAU. l.IUHT AND OIIEAF, Bl CRITTENDEN a co. Conpe Hockaway, good a* new. Curtain Coach, nearly new. Landituiet, in good order, by J. O. Ham. Coupe, nearly new, by Bradley. Pray A Co. Light road Vvavnn*. Top and ho tup Phaet in*. D-pot Wagon* and Rockawaye. Haddlit and BMdlet, Ilor*eii. Ac,, Ae. By Van TAHMELL A KEARNEY, al their Mart, 110tad 112 Ea*t loth st. All KAI'TIPUL UAMBLBTOSIAN BAT HORSE, top Knad Wagon aad 11arneaa will ? e told less than hall valuo ; hone n rear* eld, l i), band* high; fine sttle and action. well brokea to all karnoat; good under eaodle; not *tfi a 'i or steam car*; warraeted sound and kind aad to not a mile in 2 :'xi; wagon and harnen giMMi a* new ; owner leave* for California on Monday next, seen at (table Bret door can of University place. In Ivth ?t. A LADY HAYING A PINE TURNOUT AND WISH a ing to trnta: tar the eammer, will tall Pony Phaeton and Haraaee cheap, la Eva order. Apply at 1M Mai SSth et. Ar UURSES, CAUU1AGKB. ?C. ii. AUCTION. SPEED. BTYLK AND BEAUTY. SALE ok florae*. Cnrlaw*. Plsacton*. Wnsmi and lltiM" THE KAST \NT) WELL KNOWN illOTTIN'U. ROAD, CARKlAOK. COUPE AND r AMILY HORSES OK THK LATE MK WILLIAM s. AT TIIR UNION AUCTION IIOl'SK, -0 18T1I ST., NKAK BROADWAY. ON THURSDAY. JUNK I. AT II O'CLOCK A.M., CONS1STIM1 OK One elegant and .tyllsh well bra 1 trott^Road Tau?n. ? year* old, about 15}i hand*; nice. Iroe and pleasant driver, ilon't pull or thy ; need Uo checking; travel don't touch a hair In *|>eadlng; cau lift ln-:?>; iMr ??? perfect models: should lie seen to be appreciated; tuey Hie warranted sound and kind. . .._j.. line handsome <?r?l (i?MlK. ? J??" "'d. lo? a fine and well behaved horae ; can tn t In 2 and la * of the flr.est pole horned In the StHte;l? w?,r? '?"? end kind. One *t? IMi ami attractive dapple ^rowuf ipe or family Hor*o. tl year* old. I?'hand*: U*? apwojlfll w? knee action; can trot in aoout 3 minute*; Is p.'riectiy for any ordinary person to drive: h?- no trlc*s % cry aironv ami muscular; hat great bottom and enu aqce: U warranted sound anil k ml in all ],S?eI'%,rrtv BIDDER WITHOUT 1.1 M11 l?ll RBSTRIt TIOV immediately AKTF.R IIIK ABOVE SAKE. THE KKni'Kiiry ok MK. J. BTKT80H . . will be told, consisting ol ono Ooaiitilnl crossmatchedl ?r . tins Ro?d Team, one a black, the other u dapple rear* old. V>\ baud.: can trot In 3 minute*; lb?r ?'? J kohl, prompt and raaolate driving team ' rear noiniog. an ?re warranted sound and kind; al* mof the beat broken Kentucky sadd'e Horse* In the State, 7 year* . _' J; hands; ha* been rode mill drove by the lady the past ye* and a half; he l? thoroughly broken to hnrue**. and i* war ranted sound and kind h .1, One stylish and be utltnl dapple I rown coupe or ramliy (lorai. H year* old. !.'?*? hand* high: i? ail natural style and action; can l>e handled by h l?dy Willi sa'ety; i* warranted aound and kind; al*o one fin' Coupe by W nod Brother*, one elouant shlltin; ton lull spring road Wagon, one nue-nar da., one lop pony Phaeton, one Basket 1 liaeton, ""? single. douole and coupe rubber mounted oil} made llarneaa. S. B.?HALE t'OslVIVK it A IN ul< SBINE. TO THE HIOHBST BIDDER. WITHOUT LIMIT OK RESTRIC TIOK. A BEAUTIFUL lllOH WHEBLK.D I'ON Y I'M A ETON. polo nn<l by Seaman; lull nprliitf top linny* ol sing.e and double Humes*. Whip, Bones. Blanket*. Ac., balance ol rond establishment of n gentleman having ills I o a 1 of hit horaet and giving up riding; will ?e!I together or aeparate, very low for cash. Inquire at ?table*, lol ? c?t a.'>th ?t. _ *"?1 IlKKklt, ON At.'COUNT OK MY lit sBAKO'H x\? deaiU, lour cheap horse*; suit larmer or any business. -'>35 Washington ?t., near Charlton. /TABRlAOKiT-N AkIOUS hl YLh--. MY iOV.n .?i warranted. leather top new Pony I haeton* $13") up, leather top BuK^ic?. flH); leather triranicd Depot itnpl Wa.nm $i:<A; extension top four-Mat Kark I haaton*. ^lo<i. .plendid *lx ?eat Kark I'Uaeton. vervlow ; ltockaway?, *I3l>. p UliUB 'S ItEPOMIORT. atitl Uanal >t For salk-tkam ok bay moiwes. isx hands el?ht year* old ; private table. 48 Kn?t 41? >1. FOlt SALS-oNK KOU R-rihAT B llfcTi' C ARK I AO E, act heavy doubla llartiea* and one pair ?orrel all In good order; lo he ?enn at Wilson'* It*"1^,!l ?t., near Unlvartlty place. _ W IliIJA M I AI I^UIV. "LH)R RALB?A KISE PAIK OK YOl NO BAY H ORB KB. I? with Landau aud Victoria, innde by lirewatcr. Can ba seen at private stable 114 \Ve?t ldth it, before 111 A. M. or alter a P. M. IPO . SALK?A BK.AUTIKl'L TOP PIIAKTOS. C r HPfinor, undo to ordert In ipUntitd condition; ulniost m L-ood a* new: eo>t ^.V), will set) lor iM >. Can bo ?een hi J. h. KBKOUSON'S stable*, lo3 and lua WTe?t 53d it , near tfth a?. ' tlOR SALK-A PAIR OK BLACK PONIES. 14? HANDS I? lilirh; always driven toirether; irentle and Ityllali driver*; anltablr for lady * phaetor. and road u?e; eold very low lor waul ofu*a. Call at private stable No. 1^8 ha?i lUtu ?i. _ FOR SALE-BAY H AMBLKTONI AN MAKE. 16)i hand* hlitb. 0 year* old; w?ir*nte I kind and *onnd, except beini; a little sore forward; *af? for ladle* or children to drive. Call for two day* at *tore 3J4 Uodson it. OB BALE?HA~DSOME POKY. I'KKKKCTLY SAKE for ladle* or children; a real beauty, uot a lault. lor two day I, H70 Hudson at. Foil BALK-BROWN 'llORBB. 15)4 HANDS, tt VEARS; suitable for grocer, express or family use ; warranted. ;i66 Hudson at. ? ___ ?jrioit sale-a good iiorse, harness and U strong top Wagon. 2IW luth ov. F~OR BALB-TiiFslDK BaR~ROAO WAGON, NEAR ly now, at a bargain. A|H>1.v at UJtl 6th av^ IrtOR BALK CUKAP-A STYLISH CHESTNUT TROT* ' ting Horse, 10 hand*; yunug and aouud. 124 \> est lOtu at. TCVlR SALE CHEAP?A NICE BLACK HORSE. I.W F hand*; fine driver; will show 3 minutes; aonnd, kind and young. Apply at stablo, 47th st. and Broadway, OAK RIBON'B. TTABMB&S.?CHEAPKST HARNr.SS STORK IN NEW t~l York; good Hujruy Harness, hand made, $13; irooj (iroeer*' Harne**, ifu:>; good double Team Harne**. a mod Horaa Blanket, $1 Ml. Plea*e cull and examiue for younelre*. KIShER A 08B0B.N, Manufacturer*, 71 Bar clay it. Handsome top phaeton, very little used, $115; Rocliaway*. $135; Depot Wagon*. Boggle*. Ac.. Srst rato make, at bargains: large.t *took and best variety of Haruesi In New York; Itorw Clothing. variety u JOHN MOORE, 57 Warren ?t KENTUOKY^TEAM ~ FOR 8ALK.-A OLjOSKLY m?tch?u pair of innhoirany bay Oeldinst, 111 h*n?U hlich. 7 and H yearn o d: have been need by h private family ; they aro eound and kind; perfectly gentko fbr a lady to ride or drive. Apply to tbe owner, HO Kant 53d ?t. ADY'H TURNOUT.?f.L.OANT PAIR OF BLACK Potile*. atyllah, winnd and gentle; Band 8 year* old; Phaeton, double Harne**. Pole. Shaft* and Engll*h canopy top: stable and *ntum*r Blanket* and Robe*. Ac.: all lor fUU); cost $7SO IS month* ago. Partlculani. M. flr. WOL LEY. Elm ?t.. Wert Haven. Conn. AUDAUH. laudaulets, BIloroHAXS, COUPES, COACHES, Rt?CKAWA*>. CABBIOLKTS, PHAETONS, 4 J^AT^VAtiONR. 873 and 374 Broome *treet. old *tand of Brew*ter A Co.* OAD WAlloNS: *lde bar or elliptic *prlng*. PONY phaetons; with or without tope. DOCTORS' WAOON8; light for country. DOCTORS' PHAETONS; for paveuien^ "JfeFLAj{I)RAl; 373 and 374 Broome itreet, old factory of Brewster A Co._ SECOND HAND BRKWSTF.R top WACJON. $7.f; light Coach. $150; do..8275; ?lx-?eat Roekaway. $4ir>; ton Phaeton, $75. do.. $145; side bar top Waganniy own make. $115; Harne**, all strip* and prices; BlaiiXet*. llaltert. Whin*. Sheet*. Lap Duster*, a large a**ortment and low price*. WM. H. OKAY, jt' and 2'2 Wooaiar *t. ctoraue KOBiOaWiaOES and HLBIUHH. ij Room* dean, light and dry. Term* liberal. A 8. KLANDKAU'8 Carriage *Varero?m?, 873 and 374 Broome street, old ?tand of Brewster A Co. Track hdlkibb?ik order to popularize our ?nlky trade we offer from *toek. or will build to order. Track Sulkle*. In all welaiil*. un*nrpa**ad In quality and form, for $135. BREWSTER A CO. (or Broome MO, Broad way and 47th *t. 117'ANTKD?HOR8K8 TO pasture, ON A KAKM ON Vf I/ong Wand: be?t o! care. Applv. for two weeks, to R COX, 1"0 Broadway, or addre** W. It. COX. Oy*ter Bay, L. t anted-a six seat kockaway, pair OK mntched Hor*e*. Harne**. Ac., complete. Mich an establishment in good condition can hear of a purchaser by addressing YORK Herald Uptown Branch office^ TfrANTED?TO HIRE FOR Til BEE OR FOUR VV month*, a first claa* Cabriolet or Victoria. Addrest II. T. E.. KOI and WKI 'Hh ar. A'tJC -BOARDInO STABLE, BEST OK FEED AND care; central, near Broadway and four line* of cr*. N?*- 2,0 :Ml W*" ''"J! ? HATCH, Proprietor. $/?e-A HOUSE KIND IN ALL HARNESS; 10 iflU'J. huili; Dint Mil tor want nf u?e. fn he mn at the Ktpaklic Hoarding Stable*, 'M> II Ur'i at., Brooklyn. & 11 |1 ?HORSE, BUSINESS WAOON AND HAR JpllU. nm; two Hortot. nit any buainea*. 940 and $7.". 6.VI Went 35th at. AflQ/t FOB A (SPLENDID NEW TOP EXPNE88 Wign; one etiit (Mter, $15U No. 13-t Veit Ititli ?t. Dal (a?)D?. j?- f. 'BtlnfXKT~r~cor~ are oTenng a lirgi and eomplete aeaortment of black, plain, eoloied and fancy SILKS. Pofltlvely the groatoet bargain of tbe teatoa. NOVELTIES IN Damaeee, Paconne and Broderle, lateet Parli deft fa a, AMERICAN BTLK8 In Urge variety; their own manufacture. Silk Diinuie and black OUENADINES at extremely LOW PRICES. BROADWAY, 4TH AV.. ntn AND 10TII STS. A T GAY NOR'S new etere. 1,158 Brnedway, between 26th and 27lh eta., Cortetf, Tonrnonn, _ apoctalty. Moat elegant abape* and utrlee In ear celebrated Parle Cmitllle Cureeta; can unit all tlgorot; elm, latent nnveltlee In Paniern and Crlnoleta for walking and every n*o, exproeely Imported. SHIRTS TO ORDBR a epedalty. L. DANDRB. t de Purl*, 53 Wr*t;l3d ft, between Broadway end .'nli *r. ~ AflCElffEKlT AN LI UHKMAHAklltu. A-MARIB TILLMaNN, OP PAMIK, IMI'IIKTRR. ? will open two cafos or Klneat Samnior Millinery on Monday; beat maker*. 483 Oth ar., near 3tHh it. (late Michel V AT MMR. NATALIE TILMAN'8 (LATE OP ItiTll 8T.) now 1.354 Broadway, between 3l*t ami 33d ft*., elo ?*ui noveitle* In llonn*t?, Hat*. Klowor*. N. B.?Dreteof, Suit" and Trtnuaean* made to order. DRESSMAKERS AND ladif.s will find it to their advantage to get their aide and ho* 1'iaitlnir done bjr maenine while yon wait. 3,07:i .M av. and 143 Orind at. ? a SKT OK TfcBTII MADE IN THr?1 It OURS AT 13S JX Weet 34th tk. between Oth and 7th av*., near Broml way. Special mechanical Oentlatry: coral, rubber. rn*e, pearl, wnalelMine robber. gold and otatlna Mote: Plumper*. Keg'ilaiora. Ac. Take green car trom Urand atreet fi rry or Sixth arenao cart or Broadway ear*. N C.W HKOIilH, 13* Weat 31th ft. RfiriCI AL fSKiTTpROiAi/nr. ?BKHT WORK at low prion*: all work *nl>*ti ntiaily m?do. c*reiul!y lilted and gnaraateed to give entire aatiefat-lioii. J. C. KENNEDY. :>3 Bond at. BKAUrlPUL ARTIFICIAL TEETH. $*; BINUI.K, *1; warranted; etlver 8110111, AO*. New York Deatal Beemi, M Ml nr., near Mm tt. Bftabltfbod MM j SALES AT AVCTIOS. *KT.-MK MANIKI, A. VA.tll.Ws BKlis~ TO AN -f\ nounre thin hi* *eco? | *,|? Oarrant marble sta n.'AHV. comprising ill? following anbtecta. vi*. :_ Aurora, toy Merchant*; Kehcccu at the Weil, bv Lauarini Inn ?frncc, bv I errilclll; Fortune Teller, by Mrcn ill. 81 Jeiiee. by Lnutarliit* (loud %.?*?. by Proleaaor Fe II ? Fido ft A,.ur"r'iibv M? **<>?? "?r b\ h r.inkl. itl?> mo super'. Vloiium in,.I .-t.itur. Pedestal* I la**ic \iiri Ac.. will ba ?.,l,| ..ii WKll.VK.hl> VV Mm' si' and lHI'KSDAY, June I. at ISo'rt. ck r?h *lhe ' MATHEWS GALLEuY, 57 LIUKUTY ST. Now on exhibition. DANIEL A. MATHEWS. Auctioneer Y?KK1CAN ARTlSTh' MA UK. Now on exhibition f r*e at MINER'S Art Galleriea, rt |5 r.r.alaay. A very fine collection of inn-lorn Oil Palntiiif:*. I>v tho leading aril-t* nf thll city. received direct from tiieir rtudio*. ? ml in many ca?e? painted exprc*?ly for title sale, emnracin;; choice and valuable example* In landscapo*. Hgnre, llower place a, marine*. .to. To bo Mild at auction THURSDAY EVENING. Juno I. at 7}'t o'clock. hy 1IESRY D. MINER, A?cti.n?er, OM<? and Art Oalterle* No. rttft iirtiadway. UCTIOX SAUfblT MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD ' Furniture, property of K. Gav. Un., to bo held TIHS iWednedav) MORNING, commencing at Hi o'clock, at tIt** eleiruit Ave atnry brown atone ni*n?lon Nn. I "JO Weat -Mtl at., near iltli ar. Orar $.'I5.t><Jii worth elegant Household Kurnltnra. Two elegant ro*e\vood Pianoforte*. one a Ktelnway A Son. and Wiiidior upright. con ifTUi and $1,0"*J; magnificent n?ewood Rtagerct, Incn Curtain*, Mlrr r?. latest *tyle inlaid Parlor Suits, covered in *?\in, brocetel and >ep?; Inlaid t entre and Connole Table*. Cabinet*, Jardiniere*. Hronxe*. Oil Painting*. Ac.; Chamber Sunn, in black walnut; Drc*a lug Oaaaa, Bedsteads, spring and hair Mattresse*. Carpet*, Ac.; Bookcase, ?-?>> volume* choice Hooka, Ladle*' Hecrnta riea, I.ibrary Tallica. Turklah Suit* Dining Room Buflet, P.*. tension Table; aoild walnut C'talr*. In leather; china Din ner nnd Tea Seta. lounge*. Hat Stand. AI*o basement and aer'-Hiita'Kitrnlruro. LlsKH FIT/.GKR M.l>. Aucnonacr. N. lloorta pucked and uhlpped. city or country. "T~ ?TUNIrt JOHNSON. AUCTIONKiii:. old stand, HV Nassau *t. On WEDNESDAY, May 31. at Id); o'clock, AT 7.1 WEST 11 Til ST., NEAIt 5T1I AV.. II AMiSiiMK HOL'SKIJOLk FURNITURE, comprising in part elegant rosewood anil blue* walnut Par lor aud Furniture. Inglish body llru^aela I'arpeta, Mlrrnri. flno ciirltd linir Mattr 'W>e?, aoverul imported Iron Kedatead.a. with all the Una lieddlan to m?ich; Olnint; and barajtrnt Kurniturc, together with ail the Kiiclion UtMule. On KltlOAV. at :?7 Naaaau at . lari(t. aula of llnitaeholil lu^tiiinre. L'CTION .HAUK. I'hTKR HOWE. Auctioneer. aelln t U day. lit IW<1 M.i ?v? near 4 d ?t.. tho content! of ? Sayond-haiid Kurnltnre Htore. conal>tiui; of I'arlor Sulta, M lebourilf. black walnut HedsteaiU. l^nre'iUH, Waab Stand*, oiarole top t'entre Table*, Sof.i, Tablet, Looking (llaasee, l.narnrlnffa, Dining Kooni CUalr*. ltocker?, Som*. Lounge*, Rra*><'l* and lugriun Carpel*, Hair Mattre*aea, Ice lloxoa, Siove*. Ac., Ac. UCTIC* SALK RICH IIOCSI'.IIOI LD K'UKXITUBK THIS (Wedn *dav) MORNING. at 0 o'clock. Don': Sail to attend the larire nud positive *ale ft* flvu story brown atone nuinalon NO. 47WKS1 lilTH ST.. BKI WKKN 5TH AND ?TH AT8. I e :kor A liro. upright 7K octave I'lanoiorte, Stoinway'* lour round 7'i oitire Planolorte, l'niiitlu ."-. WorUa of Art. PARI 01 RC1TS. rieh.y carved. In "damaak enlln" and "ana brocado:" Turkieh ?tid Spnuiaii Lonn?i-N I'.aay Chair*. Inlaid and mntble t?p tlentre and Console Table*. Cahineia, Etaserea. Mirror. Curtain*, llroiixe Clock a, Klgurea, >tutnitr). HE I R H)M BKTn, \couaUllng of elaborate Hednteadi, Dreaalng t'aao*, itaaliatand*. Chiffonier*, hne hair and anring Mat tre**e*. Pillow*, Hliiuket*; also aingle and double Rt-dateadt, Hiircxni, r*p. uluao and haircloth Suita; Curtulna. DINlMi KCHNII t.'UK, vli.t?Two Kxienaioo labia*. Stdsboard. Chair* In leather. Silverware. Crockery. Library aud Secrutairo Hookca*e*. Library Table*. Turkiah Suit, \\ ritliin Desk; two 11 nil Standi, relvot. Hrusael* and Incrain Carpel*: Kitchen KttrnUure. *e. Take Sixth aveuue or L'liiveraitv place cara. N. H.?Competent men to remove, pack, or *bip good*. RDliiiKT C. C ASH IN. Auctioneer. ^IMIUNKIS'S BaLe IN BANKUU 1'TCV, ot the cntlru itock of ELEOAKT CAHINET PURNITDRE of the lain firm of IRVING A SON. BANKRUPTS. DT EDWARD sCHKNUK, ON WEDNESDAY, MAT 81. and tho following dny?, commencing at 10 o'clock, at No*. JIM. 2011 aud 1!0S halt 27lh *t. eleennt Parlor Suite, lit *ilk. *ntln, tapoatry and repa; IMn ing Room Sulta, In leather: felbrary Salt*, in pluab and borettc; elegant black walnut Chamber Sulta Beaateada; Dreaaiug Oaaea, Bureau*, Wa*h*tauda and Commode* In great variety; H-iffeta, extension, centre and aide Table**, Lonngea, cylinder Deak*. Bookcaae*. Eacretoire*. Cabinet*, rocking and ea*y Chair*. *prlng Beda aud Mattreaaea, hall and umbrella Standa, Ac., Ac. By order of JOHN* O. CUTTRR, Aaalxnee. E. T. Fblloww, Attornoy. ucSov! ACCriO.N. AUCTION, Extra largo miction eale of magiilllcent ilouaniiold Furniture. Eight Pariot suit., chamber, library and dining Furniture' Pianoforte. Ac., will be *old thi* day (Wedneadayl. at lour ?tory reaideuee 21 ha*t Wth at., near Hroadway. com nivticing at o'clock, superb 7,'i octave Pianoforte, Parlor Snlta In 'aatla. brocatel. rcn and haircloth ; Centre Tablea, Etagerna. Pedestal*. Breniea. velvet and Bruaaela Carpet*, L'urtaiu*. OH Painting*. Muror*. Tnrkuh Chair*. Greok and Boman Lounge*, eolid walnut Chamber Hnita, Bedatcaaa. J)re>aipg Cu*e*. Biirean*, SVaahataudl, ipring and hair Mattreaae*. Wardrobe*, Library secretaries, Deak*. BookeaMi*. Hooka. Extenalon Table. BnlTet, Dining Chair*. Table Croekery, Ac. Partie* In eeareh of good, well made Furniture will do well to attend. N. B.?Houee to 1," HENRY ZINN. Auctioneer. UCTioN^ iXTRA LARGE HOt'SRHtlLD F^RNI ture *ale. Property of a private lamlly leavin eity, at the private reaidence ItiA Bait 13th at., a. cond door rrom 4th ar., thia (Wedneaday) moruing at IllJi o'clock. Velvet, Hruaael*. ingrain Carpet*, aatin Brocade, rep Haircloth, Parlor >nlta, ro.ewood Pianoforte, Hed?tead, Bureau*. ,| Waahatand*. Wardrobe*, Workatanda, Commode*, hair and apring Mattreaae*, Bed*. BoUtera. PlUow*. Tablet, Lounge*. Kt.iger** Mirror*. Clock*, wainnt Sideboard, extenalon Talnea. t-lialr*. Olai-a. China and Silverware, Cutlery. J. KRAMER. Auctioneer. A rare opportunity for partie* wUhluff flr*t cla*a household tiirnlture^ BT?VNIQL'K AND KXI'UAORDI NARY Exhibition of Water Color Painting*. BY PROSSFROK RUDOLPH SMITH. from nolar drawing ol WORLD RENOWNED PAINT INtlH In the Mirope*n Gallerle*. by Meyer V on Bremen. Guntav Hlehter Kaulbach Angclli Ilubner, B. Vatnr Mak liart, Rouen thai, C. U Jluller, Rluiielle, Salentln Valt*. am! iniiiy oibfri, tra ou exhibition At tho KEKLhll AKT OALLe-RY. :?? Liberty at., corner Na**ao. to be *old at auction, on Thunday and Friday ,Juuo 1 and 2 at twelve o'clock. ? "OY*BOBBttT 80MERV1LLE. AUCTIONEER MORTGAOK 8ALK of THE CONTENTS OF THE LARGE FIR8T CLASH FUR NITURE ESTABLISHMENT. 723 6TH AT., BETWEEN 41 ST AND 42D STS., TIIIB DAT. MAY 31, AT 10* A. M. The itock U large and flr?t ela**, conaUtlng of PARLOlt BL'ITS, in **lin and repa; LOl'NOES. ItASY AND RECEP TION CHAIR4. LIHKARY TAHLKS, rich and plain BED* HTKADH and DRESSING CASKS. BUFrhTS, EXTE.N 8loN and SID . TAHLKS, ARMOIRES, WAr1)RoHKS? BI RRAUR, IIALL STANbs. BOOKCASES. DESK*. CRIB* CABINET*. MUSlt) STANDS. PEDESTALS. WOKKBOXKS, AC. At .. IN GREAT VARIETY. ALL OF WHICH MUST BE SOLD AS ABOVE. GOODS NOW ON EXHIBITION. Br order D. M. Sll AW. Attorney tor Mortgagee. BY JOHN A. I)INN. AUCTIONEER.?WILL 8KLL thin day, I 2 o'clock St., No. rt<> I'rlnc* *U. the Stock and fixture* of tlrat claaa I.?k" Beer and Lunch Room, ooaaiat Irk of black waiont Counter and bMfc Bar, patent Ice llonae, Mirrnra. Stoves, Lounge*. Tablet, Olaaaware, Oil cloth, Knitravlng*, Ac., nil,to be eold without reaerve. Dealer* Invited. BY I8IOORR J. SWARXiCOPF, AUCTIONEER?8KLL8 at 1"' j o'clock, at S'i l?t nr.. entire Htoek Furniture, hi?!a?, Bedding. Ac., of fiirr.ltnre itura, in lota. Dealer* at trnd. B*" V C. U. FAVOR, AUCTION KKU, ?AM< TUIH DAY, at M. E. Favor * auction houae, l:i Beat 14th at., ut 1040 A. M.. Furniture, Citrpeta, larire aaaortment Crockery and Olaaaware. French Flowera and I'reaerve*, Clock*. Cut lery, 2 I'lanoa, 2 Orpana, Plated Ware, parlor and anfn Bed*, large lot mirror and plctnro Frame*, Oil raliillci;*, Cbromoe /Yrookkky "aSir>~oLAK?\varr.-35ui5eiNo"~5uf V aale.?No. 10 Catharine at. Kwlilwlf the laat aale. H.irtfiilna to the trade. 1IKJJRY I.OTA. Auctioneer iiWAMirpKrriMORR. accuobbbm, nui Yiiiii il.iv (Wedueadaj). 12 o'clock, extlre Fixtures contained in Mure I') Weat 4th at., elejfjnt Klaaa Hhowcaae*. Champion llerrlnir rtafe, black waluut Di-*k*. Table*. Chair*. lar^e Hnni'dirt Timekeeper (Drat clan), lariro Countera with Drawor*. Hlovnt, Una Flxturoa, f helving, larpe quantity Copying Pre**o*. Type, Stand*. Old Metal, variety mlaeol laneou* article*, Siunplea, all kind*. Male peremptory. }' ?LK(IAXT FfllNirfRK AT AUCTUj* !i Tneclay morning. .lime It commencing at ID** o'clock, at the realdenre No J.(North Waahlntrtm aqnare. the en tire Household Furniture belonging to Ueneral Jainea Xxirl inrr Oratiam. compnainK Elegant rwvond Parlor Kglti, roaowood and liiack wal nnt Bedroom Hull". Axmlnxer, Hrii*?ela and Wilton carpet*, t;lit mid bronx i chandelier*, elaborately carved antique Table aa I Chair*, rnlth *lx aplendld Bookca?e ; Arniolrea, with mirror-; ??;>erb China and (Man Ware, wllh elegant allver hpergne*; ftt I itlverplaled Dinner net. Mi liar I Table, Plann, Ac., Ac. I'ermila to view tha prem l*e> on Saturday and Mnaday, June 3 and ft, to bo obtain** irom the auetloae or*. Tits Meanra. I.EAVITT, Anctloneer*. XRCUTOK'rt hiiTi:. ~ PKTBR BOWK. Auctioneer, *eila Thuraday. Jnno let. at 12 o'clock, at Pier 7. F.aat Kiver New York, th- Canal float*. William Murtagh. .fane Mart ash and A. Nakln. 12ft ton* rerKter earh, nearly aew. now lying ami ran oe *oen at iio? anna Croek. By or4jr of John koeaan and Franeia Starr, exeoatora of William Mnrlagh catate. ________ IiiAVorif'auction HOUSE, IS hast 14T11 BT I Uooda at private aale; owner* want money. X. B._ Large auction aale thl* day at 10. Iiaatonia lot ofFarnltare, Painting*. Ulawwara. Cutlery. Ac. KOKi 1)1 IIOLBROOlt. iVtITIONF.HB.?UOLBROOK r ,t ItOI.MN.- aeil lhi? day, %t - o'clock, at their aalea rnom. ?(W, 4-'?4 and i.>i < ami ?t., n ireotcel aaeorttn-nt of 11 ouMbold Furniture. I'arpet*, A<v ; Parlor and t.haatlx>r ?nit?, pier an I man'cl Mlrrorm, Warlrolw*. Himkcaae<% Ktu (.area, Holaa, Kxlenaloa Table*, h.-crotary Bodnoad. i'h*ira, lace ( nrtalna. Comlcoa. Mnitre.*e?. Bed*, Bcddlac, Crock ery, lllata and I'laten Ware, Kitchen litenaiU, Ac. HRNBY" DRKIIKK, AI CTYoNF.EK. tiFFICK M 1ST at., aeil* thi < day. ft 10 o'clock. No. 4 Prince *t., aenr howery. Haloon. and the Furniture of tin whole liouae, com Mliinir Bar and back Bar, Table*, I'hnlra, I'ictore*. l^ookldK (ilaaaea. Clock. Icebox, Movca, ?lln??ware, ?; rock err and Kitchen t?MNMl*: *I?o B"datead?, Bed an4 Bediiinv, Waaii ?taiida. Carpet*. t>llclotb?, Ualr and othar Mattrenea. Hale n e. la lota. * Jit." WBliiH~.RU h IV AUC riON i'.KK, HKI,i,s atTi , Boo err thla dey (Tncadav). May W). at IO'^ o'clock, lor aoeeaniol Mr a. Mary Hoiith one Franco plate Mirror, *iar< ble baee | alee Moaeral MerehaadiM,*, Ut?Wl Fafai tura, halkr at acctioh. i. WEI'S BE El! E*C A L't'TlO > KKU. . silearooiu 7.1 itorery. Mortirir* .ale ol .t Laser Beer KmI.miu thl* day (Wed?a? daY) May at. M l o'clock. ?* No. VI Orchard at.. th.entlr* content* of Helonn. vi*. B*r and B*ekb.r, Io?ho?**. r*bl*? and Vxieu lnu Tftblt, Chair*. Mirror*, ?jock?. I W?r?, ciln.HW.rr, Ac IIJ order ..f Tony Werthaiiu. Alt or ney for Mnrttrairee. ? RSu.'^r"'DV. **_,???"? HlflEI<l?8, Marahal. _ vain able Violin.. ? >. i 11 j?"iltv itKHtl A ri*TI< >NKI-K.?H I'-KrZBERO 1 j ' 11KO I II Kits foil. II o'clock. 33rt We.t j^Wet' challiS? <*uck furniture. black . Tablea ' J1* ?? l.ounuei. Iloekcr., Bed.teada. W \^I" w'V, wU?"* Mirror., Picture*. Mattreaaee. Blanketa. t onutew. ? Cooler. Sbowe*?ee. Sewing Machine*. Crockery., KIMBM llteti?ll?. fee Hole na.ltlve, without re.erve. liou?.keep?r? and denier* invited. r ? L~ KWIS II. COHEN, AUCTIONEER, SKLI-S. II A..Mm 210 Sewin* Machine*; vartou* maker*. l.yyt mx ?>? M OKW1S wiLkI NS. auctioneek. . Klruaut furniture. line Mirror*. _ ?_ Wilt.,? and Velvet Carpet*. Ae, K. H. LUDLOW k CO. will wll ?t auciUm o? Wad"*" day Mar 31. 1*70. at 11 o'clock A. M.. at .No. 7 \\ **t mtlt at "roaeorood an<l black walnut Parlor Suit. In **tlu pluvh; ebouv Marqueierle, Centre T<ble?. line mantel Mir. Tor*. ?atln d?ma*k Curtnin*, Bed-toad*. Bur ??ana. Ac . Mat tre.-ea. Hol.ter. and Pillow., Wilton and "Ivet Cjtr^u. tiilelotii*. Ac., together with the Kitchen furniture, with w hich the Mile will commence Ml XMNWAUM. AUCTIONEER, ?l : ?ell- till" duv. nl II o'clock, at No. .U.? W est 8*tl *?... near Sih ay., I?r/e Stock and fixture. .iriirm-cryStorei .v.iia,,, Tom Sonar, Soap:;. flour, canned I' ruit, Spite*, Rai.lna', Scale*. Coffee Mill.. Khowcaac. flxtursa. Counter* Home. Wagon. ic.; po.ltlvely in lot*; grocerymon and dealer* Invited. _ - MORTOATiB' HALE.-THOS. f. MctlRATII, AUG. tloncer, will "II thl. day (W' M?JTj'l. ?J 10>; o'clock, at l?l Bleecker ?t.. tha Content, and Fixture* of a Rcauurant. l? Attorney for Mortgagee. PnTwwui?aKEll'S SALE THIS I>AV.?*1 AMfcS> AGAR* \ii(*iintipor will at 59 Now How?ry, o00 lot! *.a.Va shawla Komuaiit*. Table Linen. Underclothing, SI*eeV?* Sp'Vii*'" flnot", Shi?ea. CoaU, Pantaloon, and \ .at*. Bv ordir ol M. S. Madltfun. id av^ ______ VMIMIKI- u*<4 KALB ' OK WATCHES and P' Jewelry, by .1 AMl4s A??AR. ?M? New Bowery,^HI Mil on Thursday, /tine I. ?*?> lota of fjold and ?'!?? 'Wat<:he* aldmoudandnoid .lowolry. mu*to?l In.trumeut. Ac., by order ol M. Amltf *t. PAWNBBOEKK'ri MAI.K?WATCUBB AND JEW. dry ?It. k;E!.D, Ccneral Auctioneer (**l**r?Hiin >o M? Ilowery, will mU thl. day at nVclock ?W loU pdd Vlt 'X?n Kandng*-. cold oA'W rhalna.^i^lwOun.. Hrtolv In.trument.. Ae. Bv order late llrm o? Slmpaon A Co., IHI Bowery. \NV.N HKOKKH' 8ALK.WATCU K8 ANI> JBWELR' I* KIKLD Oeneml Auctioneer, uhletroora No. JO Bowcrv."ill ..? thl* anv at 11 p^clo^ jjn lot. .cold and ?llrcr batches, diamond and roid J*y?r>. Pl??, HI ^ Harrlnca. gold (iunrrt.. lob ond ve*? chain*aiae <;una. PI*tola, Mnslcol In.truraonta Au. By order llrm, Slmpaon, tireni A Co., 1X1 Bowery. ? , ... 1) 10II Alt D vVA LTK Kb' son S. AUCTION EBBS. J I' flalcarooni ?-'7 Kaat BroadwM. 'a.h advanced to ,tny amount on con-t^menU of clinnolao, I'lano., Liquor., h',,cV. ? hli,Ue^''3 ye"a'r? Richard waltkbs' son:.. AUCTU?NEBjft?? a ?ee'a Sale -Thl. day ( May ill. at 11 o'clock at No. 4? Kaat Broadway, I N'' team hX*!,!!*; KitB#U,nK: " dU"U? TrMnC l^P^OBIN^V Ci IIKUMAX SHERIFF'S ANDOKXKHAL AUCTION* :*0 rates Leaf Tobacco," 12 brxi^Viiyenii To^ Clears, diffcroni brniidi; to be poaitlTely, wlUiout serve. ? ?? . HKliMAN SHKKIFF'H AND OKNRRAL w S. eer! TUIS DAT (Wedneaday), May 31. ?t 11 o'clock No. IB Bowery. 70 barrel* choice old Bourbon and Bye WUl.key, *l?. s Kcltar. Boweu. Tyler. Cabinet, A.hland. Ac. Al.oSim caae. Imported Wine, and Llanora. Halo po.ltlve, without reaerve. tor caah. SH?KBA^^TVsh^r.UARn? will jell. ,?hU 0,7 ,Wn",UUni"3of "rfBJ'Sd'Wa H*u'ta. Bed*lc!wU. ssr Makk Laxioan. Depnty. ftTILLlAM s. MOUNT, AUCTIONEER, UW AND 153 VY Duane .t.? , , ,a_.. Thnrnday, June 1, l*7fl, .pedal peremptory ??le or . I due wine, and Liquor*, i By order of tha importer., a lorire AMonnient of 1 tine Claret*. Buranudle., Uhampeitne*, ?? 10Caak. Baa. Ale and Ontnea. I orter, fine do Colotnie and Bay Rum. Rata at 12 o'clock. Send for catalogue. AUo. lour .eat top Fnaeton by V> ood Brotb.ra. fXTILLIAM ABBOTT AUOTIONitEB, VV oftiro No. :? Chamber, at.. r?_,? Will aall thl. day. at l"l, o'clock, the Content, of the Oy*tei Haloooand KeavanraDt.kuown a* the Standard No l?v> East Broadway?Klne Counter*. C-balra and TabU*t copper Boiler. lUnjo.. Table l.ineu. Cutlery aud Crockery, outalde Lamp*. <sf* - IIOIHE8, BOOMS. 1W1 WAWllilK^ \ n unkl iimshrd'koom. address with DEB. JY crlptiou and price. J. P-. 308 We?t .3d >1. ? -ri fT^TK r>?TO RENT A KKSTAUKANT (DOWM? W t?JnK,? B^llocall./. Addr.a. J. J., llerald Uptow. Branch olHce. i I)1 WEST MOTH ST.?A RK8PECTABI.B WOMAX \.JL\- to lake care of a gontleman . hon.o for the .a* mcr. . i / rw "IV ANTE 6?AN unkuknishkd KLOOR OR KLAT. I If W a gwdnelRhborhood, by a party, travellln.. i..^/ whole time: private bath tndiaiainaa^Ie. Hc*pon?r' ! resoectable purtiea, occitpfinjc tnelr own hooije^, ^ Jb ! wltMull partlculara and lowe.t price per year, E. *. ?? Weat3d?t. ?=rr= Addre... Branch ofllce. Wanted kob buhiihsiw?a ^ i/tti. and aoik l^l^KD-A KURNIHIIED W>0* ^enfS?Mh E?t?& MS ? box ?.**> New . York Po*t offlce. In th? Counfrr. FURNISHED COTTAUB WANTED?FOR SEASOM, within kimt miku of city; icerden planted preferred! fucllltle* for bathing; timill prlvatu family: no notice take* Milan terms and all particular* *<ated. Addrm M W*yn? tt., Jersey Olty. ANTED TO RKNT?PO? FOUR MONTHH, FROM Jun?,? Knidvgc? on ths Hudson, below Dnbbs1 lurry; mutt be fully fnraubed, havo river view arid h? within 10 minutes' walk oT the depot. Addreo*, >tatln| rant, Ac., 8., l(i We it aotb it. FVRMTlHi. " A' ?WEE KLITa.NP MOXTfl LiT>AYifKSft TAtCE>( . for Furniture. I'arpet* aud Bedding at B. M. OOW PEllTUWAlT * OO.'rt. 155 and 137 Chatham at. Au la meixoatoek at low prleo*. A PRIVATE FAMILY LEAVING KOR EUROPI will dell )? lot* all their elegant Household Furniture, consisting of parlor, library, chamber and dining room Fnrnlture, elegant lour round rosewood Windsor Piano, coit fl.JU). lor ?:??>; Stool, Cover and Manic, Cabinet included. Call private re*ldence 12n Went J 3d *1., nearrith av. A?FURNITURE. CARPET8, BKDDINO AND STOVES ? mid at lowst caeh price* on weekly or monthly pay menu: no additional cliarm on time eale*. J. LYNCll, 304 Hth ay., between 25th and 2llth *t*. k ? PRKSMNG CIRCUMSTANCES COMPEL A PRI, J\ , vnto family to sell their ranguiOrent Household Furni ture, Steinwxy A Son's Piano, ?atlu Parlor >alt, ro t $MJUL f..r$W); one d. ? $150; Turkl.h Bult, $?>;rep Suit*. $301 Chamber Suit*, complete. $40 upward; Buffet, Bxt-nsloa Tables, Chairs, Carpet. W jionnJ hair Mattre?*e?, $10, Ae. Call at private resilience 47 Waal Itlth it., between 5th and 6th a**. ClOOD SECOND HAND AND MIBFIT ENGLISH, T Hrussrl*. three ply and ingrain Carpet*. Oilcloth*. Ac., very cheap at the old place. Il'-i Kaitoa *t. I'rice lilt* *aaf free. ___ .... ' POPULAR"ACCOMMPDA HON at C.EOKOE A. CLARKE'S Finnltur*- and Carpel Huusa, 747 llroadway (up stairs). Good* it oar regular caah prices If paid for wfthls month*. ZERO REFRIGERATOR-BEST IN TUB WORLD) Centennial Exhibition; annex to main building; MB4 lor book. _Lhi?LEV, 220 W**l 2id *4.__ POST OKKltK XIWICK. 1 t>OST 6FVT6B" NOTlCK.-TIIE FOREIGN MaTLs FOS I the week ending Saturday, Juno it, 1N70, will clene at tliUofflce on Tuesday at 8 A. M.. tor Enrupe per (teamrt Idaho. via (Juecnstown: on Wednesday, at K;:io A. M., lot Europe, tier steamer Abyssinia, via (jucenxtown i on Thar*. day. at 11 A. M? lor Europe, per *teamer Suevia, via 1'ljmouth, Cherbourg and llanibnrg; on 8atarday, al II A. M , for Europe, per Meaner Celtic, via 9neen*t*wn, and at It A M. lor Scotland direct Inml be (pcclally oddreaeaa nor *teomer Bolivia, via Olaaicowj ; and at It :S0 A. M. for Germany. Denmark and .Norway, per atoamer Main, via Bremen, and at I'i M. for Franc* direct, par steamer Laurent, via It awe. The mall* for China. I spun, Ac., will leave Sua Franeino June I, The mm* tor Australia. Ac. will leave San Fran cl*co Juno 21. I h" utall* (or the H ilt Indie*, via Havana, trill leavo New York J una I. fhe direct mail for BraaiL Ac., trill laaya New York May .11. T. L JAMES, PnatmaaMr. ? iaf*rkiciio.. ?1=3 fWTt?A^ ufr.iffrLEMXff TpKofU'ffAWft'.'? M J L year* oi air*, of known character, speaking Encltsh rrench and Spanish, and Who ran teaeh fencing, desire* pa, Sii* In Italian or a sit nation where hi* attainment* wonid a valuable ; would ac-ept modest compensation. Addi em or rail on Secretary Vonn;; Men'i Christian AMoriatina. a id ?t. A N INTELLIGENT YOUNG C.EKMAM MAN WISHES __ a rltnttiou a* teachrr in a German r.vully; has excel Is*iit references and is willinu to ko to the country. Addrew ALDBKTM, Herald Uptown Uraueh ofllce. LIMAST OPPORTUNITY.-OOLDSMITII'S $3 WRITING Classes clooe till* weak. Apply at 70 Wee* 4:<d St., | corner of tlth av. Circulars. i "lUl 6TII AV.?FRENCH LESSENS, WITH A FURB AOL proniinciatlon, irls-en In pri*n-o tamille* or at Pr? teaawr't lostdance, l>v M. U VRKAt'. tormerly a magtMraM atnl memher of the I'lilversity ol France. )l?CMI.iiANltoU?. tr?

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