Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1876 Page 11
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL The Slock Market Irregular, L'n set tied and Inactive?After a Sharp Bite Prices Lower. GOLD STEADY AT 112 5-8. Money on Call 3 and 3 1-2 Per Cent?Foreijn? Exchange Qniet?Dnlnesa on tbe Government and Railway Bond Market?Invest ment Shares Steady. Wall Stbbst. ) Tbcrsdat, June 1?6 P. M. J We believe there la no law upon tbe statute books ?gainst sell-slaughter, and consequently the great rail road corporation* are loll to commit auicide to tbalr hearts' content, and thla they aro doing moat effectu ally, for to day a further cutting down In paaaenger ratea la reportod, whicb, however aatiafactory to tha public generally, will ba far from pleasout to stock holders. Nevertheless, there la a marked resistance to a further depression in prlcea, in spite of tho railroad war and the unfavorable reports as to Sir. Vandernllt'a condition, which bcara out the opinion prevtoualy ex prcsaod in these columns that the ebb tide In financial matters had about* reached low water mark. There la certainly not much to invite a speculation upon tha bull aide, but there la less to invite It upon the other, and even a fair stcadineas In the mattor of prtcci? would, under tiio circumstances, be a gain. I^ke Shore, Western Union and SL Paul preferred were the stocks chiefly conspicuous to-day for their activity, and they were equally notable lor their pro gresa on the road to higher prices duriug the early hours of business. Later on, when tbe nsual midday torpor settled on tho market, prices drilled off Into ?mailer Ugurea, and these prevailed to the end. Of course, Pacific Mail, aa uaual, was an exception to the rule. The stoady pace upward whicb It has boon keep ing for a day or two back was abandoned this morn ing for a gallop down hill. Tbe ground was cov ered pretty raDldly, too, for It required but a few min ates to break tho opening price of 27 down to 26 K* Alter this followed a rally of nearly one per cent, with a decline at tho close to 26>{. Un doubtedly a very considerable lot of the stoek was purchased for the simple purpose of ousting Gould and bis kindred harpies out or the direction, and, this having been achieved, there Is a disposition to market tho shares at the high price now ruling?a price that has grown out or an anticipated contested election, rather than from any increase of values. The moderate demand for money was mat with sup plier at 3 n per cent, and atocks, for borrowing pur poses, wore to be lied at from 1 to 3 per cent paid for carrying. If tbe loan market la a fair means of judg ing It woold appear that the short Interest has been sensibly reduced, and that tbe long side of the market la, lor the time being, tho favorite one. TBI 8ALKS TO-DAT. The transactions at the Stock Kxchango to-day ag gregated 112,000 sharea:?New York Central and Hud tou, TOO; Erie. 1,300; Lako Shore, 29,000; North western, 800; Northwestern preferred, 700; Koek Island, 700; Pacific Muil, 17,900; St. Paul, 6.000; St. Paul preferred, 15,600; Ohlos, 3,800; Western Union, U,100; Wubosb, 100; Union Pacific, 600; Michigan Central, 3,400; New Jersey Central, 900; Delaware, Lack awanna and Western, 730. OPKXINU, HIGH KMT AND LOWK8T PRICES. The following table shows the opening, highest and lowest prices ol the day:? 0]>r ning. High fit. LowetL New York Central Ill) llo>, no Harlem i37% 137 % 137 % Erie 14 ?i 14 % 13 Lake Shore 6;i'u 64 63 ? WnbuFh 2 2% 2 Northwestern 39% 30% 3D5,' Northwestern prelerred... 59 69 69 Roek Island 105% 106% 106% Pittsburg 92'; 93 92% Milwaukee and St. Paul... 38% 38% 381, Mil. and St. l'uul prelerred 07% 09 07 Ohio and Mississippi 17 17 10% New Jersey Central 83% 83% 82% Dela., Lack, and Western. 100% 106% lot) Union 1'aclQc 60 60 00 0., C. and I. C 4% 4% 4% Western Union 67 67 % 67 Atlantic and Pucific Tel... 15% 15% 15% Pacific Mail 27% 27% 26% Pauatna 138 138 138 Producers' and Petroleum 117% 11"% 117% CLOSING fKICKS 3 P. M. I'auBcMafl.... 26?i a 16% C, C, C * I ... 4R% a 47 V (tt t ti Tel... i 7% 4 07 C.C*IC. .. 4>. a 4% AtlA Pact's!.. 15'g a 111 Del. L,* W....HW a 10ti'4 Quicksilver.... 15% a 16% Kris IS* a 13W (jsickkllver pf 1H u ;;i 11 an A St Jo... 1a 13 > ar Land AM. & a *i% HAStJopf... 10% a 23 KatLAil pi. tt% a 8 Lake shore.... :>:< * 13% Adam?Ks 1(8 a 10U JM Ich Central . 40% a 4 % America" K* ? *J% a < 3 K V A llarlem. 137 a 138 I t? Kipreu... TJ'4 a 72% NYCAHK..1IO allO'V W*l.??i iUii Ml% a 0.1 X J Ceu M>% a 83 Chic A Alt.. 97 a 9"% Ohio A Mies.. 1?S a IH% (IlKPli. 92% a 13 Panama 138 ?U<> llilcAXW... 3y. a 30V Tol A Wab 1 a 2'4 Chic A X \V pi. 58'., a 58?i Union Pacific.. &9 a GO CLicA K I....1(16% a 10."% Mitoourl Pae 12 a 13 MllAStP 38 ?> 38^ Prod* Pet Co.. 117% 117% Mil A btPpf.. *7% a 18 ADVANCE AMD DECLINE. The following are the changes In closing prices com pared with those of yesterday Advance.?Producors' and Petroleum, %; Rock Island, %; St. Paul prelerred, %; Western Union, %. Decline.?St. Paul common, %; Pacitic Mail, 1; Ohio and Mississippi, % ; New Jersey Central, 1; North west common. %; do. prelerred, %; Michigan Central, Lake Shore, %; Erin, %. Stationary.?Atlantic nnd Pacific preferred, da da IWgrapb, New York Central, C. C. and I. C., C. C. C. ami T., Deiuware and Lackawanna, Haunilit! and St. Joseph common ant. prelerred, Harlem. Illinois Cen tral, Missouri Pacific, Panama, Quickailvcr, Wabash, . Union Pacific and fcdd. THE MONEY MARKET. Monty was In free supply again at 3 and 3% per cent. Prime paper Is quoted at 4 and 6 per cont. The ratos ol exchange on New York are:?Savannah, % premium; New Orleans, commercial, % a 0-32; hank, %; Cincin nati. good demand, 00a 100 premium; Charleston un changed; Chicago, 76 discount; St. Louis, 76 premium. Btorling exchange quiet; prime asking rates 4.88 and 1.90; selling rates 4,87% and 4.89% a 4.89% ; relch narks 96% a 96% and 96 % a 96% ; cables, 07% a 96%; prime Paris, 6.14% and 6.11%. INVESTMENT STOCK*. Investment shares were generally Arm. Sales war* made at tho following prices:?New York and New Haven, 157; Morris and Essex, 103%; Delaware and Lackawanna, 100al06% a 100 '4 ; C. C.. C. no<J I., 45% k 46; Rock Island, 105% a 105%; New York Central, 110; Delaware and Hudson, 108 a 109; Jersoy Central, 13 a 82% a 81%; United State* Express. 72; Wells Targo, 89%; American Express, S3 a 6-.'%; Pittsburg, 12%; Producers' Petroleum. 117% a 117%. TUE UOLD MAMKCT. Gold opened and closed at 112?f, with sales In the In terim at 112%. The rates paid lor carrying were I, 2, t, 4 and S% per cent. Loans were also made fiat. CLEARING UOCSE STATtMENT. Currency exchanges $6.r>,449,59<? Currency halancea 3,067.646 Gold cxchaugos 0,669,138 Gold baiancea 686,171 In the Gold Exchange Dank tho clearlnga wero 132,214,000; gold balances, $1,348,766; currency hal ancea, $1,613,070. The specie shipment by lb* steam ihlp Saevia to-day waa $160,000. *11 t'XITEU STATES TRKASIRT. The Assistant Treasurer paid out to day $72,000, fold, on account of interest, snd $41,000 in redemption of five-twenty bonda. The Sub-Treaaury disbursed to day $30,324 direr eoln in exchange for fractional currency and cheeks. A Washington despatch to Kiernan'a Financial Agency says:?"There will be no farther call by the Treasury tor bonds on account of the aiaklng fund lor the present fiscal year; 913,000,000 have already been called; $6,000,000 called last year and not presented have been credited to this year, and the Treaanry estimates that the redempt on of fractional currency will bo sufficient to make up the deficiency." Tho public debt statement shows a decrease of $4,600,000 since May 1, making, aince July 1, 1176, the beginning of the lineal year, $26,360,000 lecrease oa the principal of the debt of ail descrip tions. Bank notes received for redemption to-day, $600,000; tevtauo receipt* to day, $300,000; custom* receipts Wnlay, $$80,000. OOVRRNMEMT BONDS. Government bonda cio*ed quiot at the following (notationsUnited States currency slxcc,* 124% a 124%; da (tie*, 1881, registered,* 118% a 119% ; da do., 1881, coupon, 112% a 122%; do. da, 1866, regis Wred, 116all6%; da da, da, coupon, 116 alM%; la da, da, new, restored,* 116% a 116%; da da, da, coupon, 110 all0*?; do. da. ISA*, registered,* 11SV a ' lim,| da da, da, coupon, 121?,' a 121),; do. du., i 1868, registered,* 119?4 a 120'4; do. do., d??., coupon, 1 123 V u 123 V *> do. ten-forties, registered, 117S * 117V; da da, coupon, 118a 118 V; da fives, 1881. registered, 117*? " H7,V i d?. da, do., coupon, 117), a lliV * Kx intsrsst. TRK roKKlUX MAItKKT. The London advices report a steady uiarkot lor cos sols, which are quoted at 04, ex-Ulvidend. United Stalest bonds are Arm and a Iractiou higher for some Imqm, while Erie Is up to 12**. The Bauk of Kiiiliid directors at their weekly court to-day inudo no change in the rsto of discount, which remains at 2 per cent The bank gained ?505,ouo sterling in bullion during the weak ending yesterday, aud to-day ?43,000 bullion In addition went into the bank on balance. Tha propor tion of bank reserve to liabilities, which was 51V per cent last week, la now 51?; per cent. At Paris rentes are quoted at 104f. 87 Vc-, and exchange on London 251. 23*{c. Tho Bank of France gained e,40A,OOOf., specie, for the week. The following aro London quotations at 4:30 P M.:?Consols for money, 04, ex dividend; do. for account, 94, ex divi dend; 1805 bonds, old, 104?? a 104?f; 1847 bonds, 100V; ten-forty bouds, 106V a 106%; new fives, 100; Erie, 12},'. Ton-forty bonds firmer. Consols weaker, but not quotably lower. KA1LKOAD BONDS. Railroad bonds were quiet Central PaciUcs sold at 108, Albany and Susqtreliantia seconds at 107 V and Milwaukee and St Pan), Lacrosse division, at 102V a 103 The following were the closing quotations tor Pacific Railroad bonds:?Union Pacific firsts, 104** a 1047?; Union Pacific land grunts, 09 a 99V; Union Pacific sinking funds, 89 a 89',; Central Pacific*, 108 a 10SS- The following are the official quotations:? Albany and Sasq 2d. ..I"7X St L, Jack A Chic 1st..102 Albany and Su*l 3d IOI Cleve, Prills A A. old .104 But, llart A Erlo lit.. . 3t>V Clsve. P'rlllr A A iibw.HH lioaton. Hart A Krleirt.. 21 Detroit. Monroe A Tol I'VJ Bar. CHAM 1st 7'* if.. 40 V Buff A Erie now IIU dies A Ohio U's. lit . 28 Bull A State I.lne 7'n. ...103 Chicago A Alt >lnk fd... HJi Luke Shore dividend.. 1'>2'?i Chicago k Alton lit... .lit) Lake Shore con ep lit. lO V Chicago A Alton loo.. ..101 I.akc Shore con rg let. .103 Chic. Bur A U con 7's..llOV Marietta A Cincln 1st. 103 Chi, R I A l'ac Ut 7'h. . 1 l"?, Mich Cent fiinTi, 1900. IOOW I'. Itl A I'l fin K's.'Ofi. l*? N Y Central H'l. IMWt...lOO^ t.'etitral of N J 1st new ,110V N V Ontral bs. 1SK7. H>3 Central of N J 1st con.. 104 X Y Pen ?'?, real estate. IOO Con of N J coov. 1CMIJ4 X V feu 6's, nub MO I^-hluh A W B con sold. C3 X Y Can Ut m. r 117 A in Dock and f ni p bd?.. OSi 11 ml It 7>. 2d iu, if, '8.1.11 It Mil ASP ad, 7 3-1'*, PD *?* North Mo l.t t*? Mil ASP lit. La C dlv.lO-'V Ohio A Mil* cod ? f. l*?K Mil A S P 1st, i A M D.. MV Ohio A MUitos OH* Mil A St P 1st. I A D... 8S', Ohio X Mii* 'Jd,con 71V Mil A S Peon ? f .... Sst Con Pacific, San J hr. 01 tHii A X W ?ink fund.... 10BV Cen Pacific land gt bds. t?:i*i Chi A X W interest... lOU1* ffuntrrn I'arlDe ? ds.... WV Chi A NWcou....' 102?, t'nlon Pacificist 104V Chi A X W ex bd? tl.'i l.'nion Pacific 1 k. 7*s.... 09 Chi A X W 1st 104*, I'nion Pacific sink fund H9 Chi A XW cp iroldbds. *? Pacific Kit of .Mo 1st W1V Chic A X \V reg bds....xS9 Pacific ItK of tf.. 2d.... 7N tialona A Chi ex 10O Pltu, Ft \V A Chi lit. .11?V Morriii A Ewiex 1st 114 Pitts, Ft W A Chi 2d. ..110 Morris A K**ex7's, '71.10.*>V Pitt*. Ft \V A Chi lid.. ,.1'*4 Kris 1st m, ex 109 Cleve A PlMs eon if 4th. 104V Krle 2d, 7'*, 1S7I? l<r."< C, C A I tut 4 ? Erie Ud, 7's, 1?83.......102', St Louis A I M 1st Ml Krle 4th, V?, 1HHO i?V Alton A T II 1st 107 Erie r>th, 7's. 18HS 103 Alton A T H Jd iif ?1 V Long Dock bouds 104*4 Tol, Peo A Wsr.E D.... SO llan A St Jo S'? con ... 7i>J^ Tol, Peo A War, WD.... 7"? Dub A Sioux City 1st. ..10>1 Tol A Wah 1st, sat t*l Dub A S Cltr 2d dlv 10 i Tol A Wab 2d 0.1 Cedar Palls A Minn 1st. SOV Tol A Wah, cons, eon v.. 35 lad, Blmnn n A W 1st.. a7 Crust West 1st, 1SSS... 01 lud, liloom'n A W 2d.... f> Ouincy A Tol l?t, lSWlL. fM? Mlcli Soutli 7j> e, 2d 101 III A So Iowa 1st SO Mich So A X I s f 7 p c.lOUlJ We?t Union hdn.lOilU.e. W*Si Cleve A Tol ?t 1U7V West Union bdn. lOOU.r. USV Cleve A Tol new b . ..102 j HANK SIUHKS sold at 112 for Merchants' and 100 for St Nicholas. PIllLADXtl-nlA STOOKt. The following are the Philadelphia stock quotationa at throe o'clock this day BitL Atkttl. ?City sixes, now 107 107 V United Companies ol New Jersey 135 V 135 V Pennsylvania Railroad 52 52',' Philadelphia and Reading Railroad... 44 , 44V Lelngh Valley Railroad 56 V 67 Catawisua Railroad preferred 40V Philadelphia aud Erin Railroad 17 ? Northern Central Railroad 34V :<4V Lcnigh Navigation 45 45>, Lehigh Navigation, gold loan 104V 104V * Ex luterest. MINIMI 8T0CE8. The following table ut prices o( tho promlnont gold and silver mining shares, as recelvod by telegraph frotn San Francisco, Is lornnshcd by Mr. William Ward, Drexcl Building:? May May May June 27. 29. 31. 1. Change*. Alpha 52 62 65 60 Advanced 4 Belcher. 22 22 20 22 ? Best A Bclchcr. 64 64 64 54 ? Caledonia. 0 0. 0 8 Declined 1 California .... 79 79 81 80 Advanced 1 Chollar Potoai. 84 84 82 84 ? Con. Virginia.. 74 73 74 73 Doelinod 1 Eureka Con.... 11 11 11 11 ? Gould A Curry. 16 16 16 16 Docllned 1 Hale A Nor a.. 64 64 63 63 Declined 1 Imperial 6 6 6 6 Advunced >1 Justice. 25 26 24 22 Declined 9 Kemuck 12 12 12 12 ? Mexican 33 33 35 32 Declined 1 Ophir 66 65 54 54 Declined 1 Overman 63 63 62 62 Duellued 1 Knym'd A Ely. 11 10 10 8 Docllned 3 Savage 17 16 16 16 Declined 1 Sierra Nevada. 17 14 14 13 DecllBod 4 Silver Hill.... 8 8 8 8 ? Union Con .... 12 12 12 12 ? Yellow Jacket. 36 36 31 35 Declined 1 The following are the closing prices In San Fran cnco:? Consolidated Virginia 7:?i? Crowu Point 14V California 81 Yellow Jacket 31 V% Segregated Belcher .. 76 Alpha M'4 Oplnr 64 Belcher '4 Chollar 82 Confldtnce 18 Savage 16 >4 Sierra Nevada 13)? Consulidalotl Imperial b\ Kxciioquer 18,li Mexican 82*4 Overman OlH Gould & Curry. 14 Justico SIX Hext H Belcher...... A3>4' Caledonia 8>4 Hale & Norcross 63% WCMOBAXDA. The following la reported as the bnalneic of the three Lackawanna coal companies up to the 27th ult:? 1876. 1876. Penn-ylvnnia Coal Co 471.865 362,2'Jl Dei and Hud. Canal Co 1,191.9A8 776,474 Del.. Lack, and Western Co. 1,267,080 664,046 A Chicago despatch says:? "The annual meeting of the stockholders ol the Chi cago and Northwestern Railway Compauy is In session in Chicago to-day for the election ol directors aud the transaction of other business. Mr. H. H. Porter, the General Manager of this road, has resigned. The com pany have docided to abolish the office, thereby saving $10,000 per annum. The preaent General Superintend ent will llll the place of a General Manager. No change In tho list of directors Is to be made; the old Board is to be re-electcd." An adjourned meeting of tho new Pacifln Mall Board of Dlrcctois was held to-day. Au Executive Commit tee was elected. consisting of C. G. Francklyn, S. G. Thompsou, C. H. Mount and Andrew Botrdman. A commltteo was also appointed to audit accounts and adjust oid claims, to settle the accouuts between Puclflo Mail and Panama, and to provid- ways aud means by the removal of the existing liabilities of the com pany. It waa also ordered that the old books be closed and a now set be opened (or the 1st of June, so as to ?how the cbarscter of tho new current business. Pro vision was made tor meeting the present pressing lia bilities of the company aud to ro-esiablisb its credit. The different committees will meet to-morrow at the Panama Railroad offlcn to enter upon their several du ties, and the Board adjournod to uieet at the same place on Saturday, at twelve M., to receive the report of the committees and to takesueh farther action as may be deemed necesaary. rvauc dsbt srATaacjrr. The debt statement shows a decrease of the debt during May of $4,617,615 04. The onin balance is $06,624,766. The enrroncy balance Is $9,286,703. The special deposits bald tor the redemption ol certlQcatee ol Uepoalt, as provided by law, is $04,386,000. ?acArrrrufiox. Debt Bearing Interest m Cain. Bonds at 6 per cent $084,809,060 Bouds at 6 per cent 710,041. h00 Total principal $1,owa, 041,460 Total interest 31,368,083 Debt Hearing 1 nitre it in Lawful Money. Navy Pension Fund at 8 p?r cent $14,000,000 Interest 176,000 Debt on which Interettha* Veaied Mince Maturity. Principal $6,136,030 Interest 236,224 jMbt Hearing No Inter en t Old demand an J legal tender not#a $870,101,706 CertlflcaU'H ol deposit :i4.3?6,000 Fractional currency ft,369,474 Coin certificate*. 26.714,800 Total principal $467.060 079 Total unclaimed interest 20,444 Total 1Mb*. Principal $1,181,827,400 Interest 31,7tt\767 Total $2,213,610,217 Cash in Uu Trtontry. .1ijtru .9. ilaji 1. Com $7., 106,428 $66,(124.760 Currency .???. 6,161,180 9,266,706 fcptciai deposit held lor t ho radempuon of certltloatcs 01 deposit, as provided by law..........7. 33,666,000 14,386,00J Totals $116,481,616 $110,296,474 itttoi Leu Calk in the Treatury. June 1, 1870 $2,103,320,74 Mi)' 1, 187(1 2,107, KM, 258 Decrease of debt during pott tn<mtb.... $4,617,515 Decreaseof debt niitcu June 30, 1876 26,367,9K3 HuuUs luued 10 J'aciJle Hail way Companies?Jnlerut I'ayabU in Lawful Money. Principal outauiiding $04,023,612 lutrreat accrued and uut yet paid l,til5,o87 lutereat paid by the I'tilled Staton 30,141,613 intermit repaid by trant-porialiou of mail*, 4c Balance of interval paid by tbe United Matea 6,861,349 23,290.103 NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES flOODO Pae of Mo 1st.. 03 2i*i aha HCL4 P Co. Il7<< .* .< ^ ... TJ 14* Tucesdat, Jan* 1,187a BFJ-0KK (ALL?10 A. M. 100 aha C4SW pt..b3 5? 15 U M Eapreaa. loo En* iiK 21?I do lu do 2500 WeM I'n Tel*. 2UIJ .Vm 500 .Vil lOO MO do. do. tlo. ?lo. do do. ? ?3 14 13% ?7 ?17 ?7% 67U !?2? 15 2. ON Y I'A || K UK.. HO ?Ol>Pae Vail S...... 2U4) 7'W 48*1 4U) JO 400 IO lUO 400 aou 900 1100 iJui HOO UM 4 ?) tioj 11"0 do. ?lo. do. do. . do... do... do... 2*7* 7?m 27S 5u> <io do do do do <1j do do do do J7H 27 ?4 & &? 2..?! 'A if, & 2 % ?. *7% 2'?> <i<> 27 400 do 27* $5?> U8 V20,c.T5.o.. 110 4UO do nuall I in 8 UNI C8 y'M. c. '07.. )21* 1MW do 121% FIKSl 11000 N C O'n.o, J A J. 15 IOUO N C O'b, inn to N C KU. J A J .. . 60 WXK) X C ?'?, n, A A O 15 800 N'C (l'?, K act,'00 HU 2M>iNC Kuudact.'Ui 7 100 N J Can UK. loo Mle t aa KB 100 do tfH) do 200 'lu luo do liO d? |<4?L?I MS KK... 1'JI O do do do a3 do do do a3 do.. 1*3 <*? , ilo bS ?Ml Mil A St 1* KB. 300 d? Ioj Mil A Si P KB pi. (I HI do 100 do ?JO do aoj do ... :iOU do oJ ?JOO do 100 Chi X K 1 ltlt..... 1UU lot A \V*ii ItK. ?3 20)UbioA M KK..a3 100 do .. ? SoOChl A S W It" 1100 200 8S* 47jJ %< 47* 47'J S3 Si 53'4 fsA 5>?; 53% 3f't ? 72 07S UZJ? 87* OS IS ii :.*? 2 17 17 30% A Ml> 11:41 M. ?10m.V:0c. M7.?m#ll i-'l* OOlXi lib o.o. '. 8.. I2e, lmoo u.? &'?. c ??!... 117,11 10:30 K. M. 300 alia Chl A NW. bc 91'4is 4 '<sKll.bc.Hi 4-Ml 2iMI 11 IX) Chl ,t N W con. 103% 5000 do nrj>2 2'00 NW ecu b.bcxl lOUi Bur, OK A .\1 I at WX) 20 J lOo ..?? ... ? ...?a do do <lo t3 do. MM> c, it .t y M'a.... 118 300 I Ota I M icli Son 2d 101W Ono 5u*KJ l'u 1'ac 101% 1160 1 OO .vi,v sp l?t,l,ac.i 103' IHJOO do.lLCJ?i do... do... do .. do... do... ...a3 V.bS 1160 2,*J lut? 20.10 I', Kt W 4 C lat 118* 200 501.0 I'. C A I C lal. u 45 10O 4UI0 Clov A fltta 4111 1IMX UOO loOOUt We?t lat.'88 l?I 501 uo . vV,A0-,M0U SOOl nPacKK be __ V lat,eoa., 10,? 101 Mur .t Im KK be IiiSJ uo ?3 do do ?:< do .5 do ?aS 3U* 5 5?* 5 I', 5814 .'>3', .-?a*, 5.^4 53% 53% 53% ?3% 54 5;i': 53% 51 . an2 5'S 6:?% ^t**i NYC li'a, ' HW 300 1*' aha .UerclinntiT 11k 112 lOJ 5St K cbolnx Hk.... 100 |i?i liO .WCAUUKiibeba llo* 4(10 3<ai do 110 200 l4tlO\V?!M UTel.bc.b3 1.7* 100 do do. do. do. do. do. do. do do do 1.3 Q<> 500 Fac >? all 88....h c 42? 1400 1 100 1??J 400 500 1U1IO I'"' #*> ? b5 do. do. <10. do. do. do. do. .b.J 300 2<>) 10 ,0? lO" 10J 20 ? Krle KK be 100 do ?3 Jim L'n M'b Co.b c.b30 S 1)4 11 Can be 108 5 KaprcHK bv 72 100 Wella-Karico Ex... 10 do be 30 Amer Ex be HON J leu KK.. .b e 110 do 100ChljrltlBR .be 1(4* 2JO li 0 do a t 105* 200 101 do a3 IO. ?4 2l>J lehi'euKK. be do do bJ do do a3 do 67', 3 O do 1 7* 100 bio ti7* 100 do 67* 200 do h7'j 1,7 U7'4 4ul),li,t \VKl(..b? 100 U2* .5o? ll,u>a <?!', 10 1 Mo, K ,t Tex..bcb3 'J 67* 2 JO Mil A at r be 87% ?0? do 0'"? 100 do *7 80U do 27 300 do ?7% 4l*i do 27 luo Mil A St I* pf. ..b e ?)7* 47* 47 ?2 *1 * 47 47* 47 38% 38*. 38% :!??? IOC.C, C A I loo do 100 Chl A.N \Y pt.b blO 100 do loo do alO 59 BiiKOIlH 30!) Ohio A M KB., bo 7'0 do 2 JO do CALl-liJ.W ,$IIOOr>U8 5'a.r. *P1 . 117% SOOaUa L S A MS...b3 7000MASP8'?,Ut,LC 1. 3 100 do.. 55'a 1 the Ln .Min Uo.?3 1* UK) do .... .".'..VbM 100 11. 4 11 K KB.... 20n*Weat t n Tel.. al 3<? do 1 yo) do :ii o ao a'l 100 Erie KK... . alO 20 1 Mich Cen UK 110 10 I'ittaburir UK. . 7* 200 Chi A N W pf.,..hi 67* 100 N J Cau KB . ... , ?7* 2 0 Chi A HI KB ,a3 lo5?" >7* lixiiill A ht P KK '2IS ??? Jo ys* ilfi ?? 38* W.... 274: 1U) Mil A sVi'"pf.'_M 6*) do i.7% 20o do.... r<o do 27u 200 uu H8i* 27* 100 3'10 Mil) luo do. do. do do. 100 L 8 A M 8 BR. bJ 30(1 1060 200 2'JO (it* I 100 200 do do do do do do do 27> 27% 27?, 5 % 53,^ 100 30) 100 10 j 2U0 5)0 ?;>% *v ?'3-, 100 53* 53* 53'2 53* do (do do do ,3 do do UJ do do do do 200 Dei. 1 a w ita ! 1 1?) do 2 P. 07% 08-4 ?18', tX'B L8l^ 68% ?'B* es ???; 100 4 108% M. fjOO) Alb Jt Sua 2d... . 17000 M A StPlst.LaC UOOil North J*o lit... 1 ifumi ai koIj.c 1000 Ca So Int. c on.. 5 alii Del A H Can.. 00 P C L A P Co. be 100 (' \ N W pl.bc.b30 U?J West Co 0O? 200 ?> 0 700 I O :iw do., do $U0'*> I- ? O ?. T, o?.I I i?? sKCf 1117)4 lo?% ?of, I < H 50 |OH U7K ;.u ?, ?7>2 07 ?17'4 071* o7;, 55 $2 27-. 27 U 2/'J -7U 27'i -7l4 2Z'? ?j.1 do. do do s3 lo i C, 0, C A I UK bo lull Pacific Mall 10i) do 1100 do 4U0 1110 liio 7iU KM aoj do *10 do do 4 " slis W I'd Til !J00 SOU 2UJ :m i lOJO Hi 100 do do. do. ? ?3 .b3 do........ .. do i lu do b > 100 rOIitl' Co 5 Aim-ricfto hx. 100 t lit,! I M I rir I UK) Pec Mall fiS 5>K) do M II ?) do (3 20.) llarlem UK 10U Mil ii On KK 2<KI iOU 2D.) L ft 1UJ ID' WW Hi JO 1300 ion 100 do.. Uo. ...?a >XI> BOARD?I P. 1 Osb* Chc Mall 88... 100 do ... :>o > L 8 A M 8 It... b o i ?J do ?a ?10) do 2ts) an lis 700 <lo 200 do 1 "SJ Ceo KK. .be 100 Chi A 111 i,K....b c 10 lUliio .t M UK. .h c 200 do 2 10 Mil A St P loo do bJO 500 do 300 Mil A hi 1**3 """ do bJ do do do do 000 10 o 7IJ.I 100 100 2U0 67?< 07i* 07', 07 > ?7>. 07 1.7',' ?s 7?,'l 13,?? ?jo 137)? s 98m f>:<? 53 53 53 0.1 ?1:20 TO ,1 p. 3"X)ihi t'n Pac KB.... KMCbi A X W It...... IOJ >to 5i) Chi * N WKKpf.. 4 m Mil * St P tin 100 do 4uo Mil A StP KB pi.. 3 JO do r. lu Uo |5 100 do 5U) do .15 400 ilo MO N J Con Kit..u re li?) do loo do 1"" do ,...sl5 lOODcl.L A W 11K... IU) do ?3 CO do 10) do . ?3 10) Ohio .t Mill RK..3 400 1 10 200 lu i 300 loo do. du do..... do... du do ?lo M. Iff6 53 K r.3 u 5.-|i-j 53,'i tiSu 82 ?J 106 10', 10'^ 3HV 3n'7 WjZ 6*. ??2 08v 18', BH'. I*'. M. 60 3 38V ? ?b7r? 8?W 8. 82U ?i>3 iooi4 100>? 10(1', i?; IB?i 1 S 10 . iDg ?d? io>? COMMERCIAL REPORT. COTTON ON THX SPOT LOWEB?FUTURES LOWEB?FLOUB QUIET BUT STEADY? WHEAT DULL AND LOWEB?CORN FIRMER? OAT* STEADY--WBISKKY FIBMEB?PORK VIBMFB?LA 1(1) QUIET?PETROLEUM QUIET SPIRITS TURPfcNTINE QUIET?BOSIN STEADIER? OIL8 8TEADY?TOEIliHTS UEMEBALLY EASIER ? COFTEE QUIET?SUGAR STEADY. Thcrsuat, Juae 1?0 p.,If. Commercial matter* were much the same aa tbejr have been all through th? WMk paat?generally quiet, with (light fluctuations, and now and than a note worthy exception. On 'Changs the markets were generally quiet, flour was quiet bat tteady. Wheat was dull and lower. Cora, setivo and armor, except for graded, whleb wm eaaier. Data steady. Whiskey firmer. Pork firmer. Lard quiet. Freights lower lor grain tonnage. Market otherwise steady. Cotton waa lower. Coffee waa quiet. Naval store* were quiet. Oils were steady. Petroleum waa dall an J assy. Suuar waa qolet. Corraa.?The market for Bio and Santos waa quiet. Mild coffee waa alio qaiet. During the paat week the fol lowing ealee were made In lota for conaanrptlon wlthia the qaoted ran ire1.170 mats Singapore, 90S bag. Maracaibo, itO do. l\ita Bica. 100 do. Jamaica. 1811 do. Porto Ilieo, 200 do. St. Domingo. 2M7 do. Saranllla. The two I ait lot* were shipped to Europe 4y Brit baud*. Th* ?tock of mild coffee in first hand* I* a* follow*:? Java gias* mats, 128,510i Singapore graas mall, 80S; Ceylon, 10,tU4 bag*: Maracaibo, )S,444 do.; l.aguajra, 5.0'<3 do ; Jaaaiea, 200 do.; St. Doialngo, 2,488 do.; Coita Bica, 5,314 do.; Meaic.n, 882 do.; Manila, 500 do.; rtaraeilla, 2,375 do. Total, 40,1 :W bags aad 128.510 mat* J ara and Mi mat* ftln**po?. Remarks?W* bare Messrs. Wright A Co.'* telegram, dat.d Klo. May 31, 1478, advlsinc:?Sale* slue* 24tl> iast., 5.OJ0 bag*; shipment*, 10,0(0 do,; itoca at dale, 114,000 do.; a>irt(. dally receipts. 4,400 d* Price, S(8U0.; mnrkat quiet under war news from Europe; bolder* Arm. Exchange, 2S*fd. We quotei?>Ordinary cargo**. 15c. a 15'.e.: lair do., 18Kc. a 17e. ; good ?to,17}?c. a I7)<c.: prime do.. I7j<c. a 180.; ex treme range for lote, 15c. a Inc.: 8autu*. lair to good, lit',i- a I7S.C., gold, ninety day<: Jura. ?Ov*r?m*nt bajr*. .Oe. a g'-'e.: do., gram mats, 2?M. a '.'He.. glagapur*. do.. ISc a Sue ; C )I >m, 17c. a iWc. Msra albo, I5U?. a 180.; l.arnayr*. 17e. a I80.; Jxaaalca, li'.c. a t?*ge.; H? Domingo, 15c. a ISUfc; Porto Hioo, ISe. a lilt.; tieeta Bica, 17c. a lt?c.; Ma t, 18*. a ivHe. 1 Masloaa, 17* a Me. s Maaiia. 17c. a lHe s Angoslura, 17c. a IHe.; Savanllia. 13)$e. a IH'jc.: CurMi uK Iu 17Kc. Bottom.?Quotatiutu on spot cotton wore marked down Lc . the market clo iug quiet at the decline. I'uture* were lower. The closing prices to-day compare with Wedue* day't prices as follows:? Wfliirmtuy. .Vnii 31, 7V|ur. /'iu, JUM0 1. Jiiiie 12 f-Si ? .June 11V a 11 23 32 July 12 11-32 a 12"i July 11 13 ltl a 11 27-32 August.. IX 13-32 a 12 7-16 August... II 20 32 a 11 Ij-16 Sept 12 11-32 ? Sept ll27-32allT< October.. Vtfk a 12 5-32 October.. 11 23-32 u 11'? Nov 12 1-32 a 12 |-|tt Nov II1. a 11 21-W Dec 12 1-32 a 12 1-U! Dm 11 *? all 213 J Jan 12 5-32 a 12 3 10 Jan IlK a 11 25-32 Feb 12 ti 3- a 12 5-18 Feb 11,', u 11 29 32 March... 12 13 32 a 12 7 10 March ... 12 1-32 - April 12>, a 12 7-i0 April 12', a 12 .V32 - Quotations are based on American standard of classifica tion and en cotton in store running in quality not more than half a itrade abovo or below the grade quoted. Vulaml*. Alttbama. Jfttt Orison*. 7Vj<m. Ordinary 8 7 10 8 7 16 8 7 10 8 716 Strict ordinary X'j O'a 0l4 Hood ordinary 0 13-10 9 13-16 9 15 16 '.'15-16 fc'trict (too.l ordinary. 1% 10>a 10,s, lot, Low middling 10 15-16 II MH 11 3-16 11 3-16 Strict low middling. II1, IP, ll?? li'i Middling 11^2 ? 12 12 110 12 1-10 Hood middling UJ, 1 1-", 12** Strict good middllug. 12',, 13 IB1* 1H?* Middling fair 13'.? IS'.' 13U 13', Fair 14>? ?4? 14jJ U\ ?Stained? Good ordinary. S>?e.! *triot good ordinary. I'fic.; low middling, lo?,c.; middling, 11c. Spot ? >le? were as follow*:? JTo-Pay. Li* AVnhf. Tbfct/. Export 1,23 > 1,230 Consumption 254 W 314 Speculation in 17."> 243 Total 322 1,483 1.807 ?Delivered on contract. 1,700 bales. For futi're dellvorv the sale* were as follow*,Yesterday, after two P. M. July, KM) at 12 11 -32c., 2,200 *t l.J,c.; August. ll?)at 12'jc., 2?*J at 12 1632c. 1,40' at 12 Hie.. 2.71*1 at 12 13-32o.; September, 100 at 12 7-H c.; October. 800 at 12We.; November, 500at 12c.. 2<IOatl2 l -32e.; December, 500 at 12 l-32c? ll> > at 12c.; January. 200 at life. Total. 10,300 bales. To dav up to two 1*. M.?June. 1,200 at 12 3 12c.; 100 at 11 1516c.: "Milt at 11 31-3-c ; July. I.SU)at 12 3.18*. 1,200at 12 5-32c . 400 at 12 3 32c., 100 ut 12c.. 5O0 nt 11 15 10c., 100 lit 11 31 3 c . 500 at 12?.. 20J at 11 31-32 c.. 200 at 12c., 200 at 113132c., 100 at 12 1-320.. 1,400 at II 31-32c., 40) ut II 15-lflc., 800 at 11 25-32c.: Au.u?t. at 12 9-32c., 1,200 at 12'jc., ?"> " at I 12 7-3ic.. 21*1 at l'.'lie., ?*> at 12 9-320 . 211.1 at 12 3-32c.. | 1.000 at 12,Sie., l.VOOat I2:i-32c.. 300 at 12 1*20., l.ltlU at j 12c.. 1.800 at 12 l-ll!c., I'" nt U 1 :?e.. 3C0 at 12c.. l,H?i at 12 1-320.. 1.200 at 120., 700 at 12 l-(2c .-<?l at 12 3-320., l.OUOat 12 1-I6?..300 at 12 1-320., 4<J ' at 12 l-lllo.. ;*vi at 12 1 -32c.. 1,300at 12c.. 1,0 10at 11 .-inc., l.'XOat II 27-3le . 1,100 at 11 3132c.. loo at 11 IVIOe.. t'Oi at 1120 32c., SnOat II 27.32c.. 300 at 11,'.o.; September, 1,'JSIut 12' e.. 300 at 12 3-320., 00!) at 12c.. 301 at II 21?-32c., 200 at 11 13-ltk- 10.J at 11 31-320.. l' O at 11 20-32c . 1,000 at 1 lT, C . 300 at 11 13 11)0.; October. 100 ut 12 1 lite.. 1,000 at 12c.. HOi at 11 13-litc. j November. 600 at II 2?-32o.. I0J at II ll-HIe.; December, 2oo at 11 2l-32c, loo ai 11 So. Total. 38. Put bales. tlrand total. .">3,3<lu hales. Tlic ! receipt* at the port* were as follo?s:-(ialre?ton. 141 bale*: New Urleaiu, 78; Motille. 110; savauuali, 127: Charleston. 201; AMImlnirton. 31: Norfolk, 373; New York, 327; Boston, 126; Philadelphia. 1. Total, 1.084 balls. 'I his day last week, 2.01H. This day tail year, 1.772. Total since September 1. 4.>13, 03 bales to last mght. Cotton Ireight* closed as lolluwi: T? Havre, by steam, ?4'c., com* pressed. . To llamourtf, by steum, ;Jc . compressed. To Bremen, hv it am, J^e.. C impro??ed. To lJvcrpuol, 3-lOc. by (team ; by sail, 3- otd. Fuiuk .vxn tiKAtx.?Keceipta-Floor, 6.021 l.bls.: wheat, 246.41 KJ bushels; corn meal, 800 bbls. and 839 saokat oats, 70. 63 bushels, corn. 32.300 do.: rye. 3,730 do. J barley, 10.UK) do.; barley malt, 374 do. The Hour market remained quiet, but prices were without chaime. The **le? wore ?bout 13.500 libl*., including State. Western and South ern, at the annexed quotations. l<ye Hour wa* quiet, aritit sale* of 273 bbls. nt 93 73 it 20 for line to superfine. Corn meal u a* talrly active, with sales of about l.'VKI bbls. at 93 43 a ?4 30 for Itiandywine and $2 03 a <13 23 for Western and Jersey ^elluw. We quote:? No. 2 Statu f2 75 a S3 50 Superfine State 4 10 a 4 30 hxira State 5 OO a 5 25 Choice State 3 23 a 6 oO Superfine Wejtcru 4 10 a 4 30 Kxtra Weatern 4 O.i a 3 23 Minne*ota 5 23 a 7 oo Hound hoop Ohio, shipping brands 5 oo u 5 . 3 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands 3 30 a 0 5il Family 7 00 a 8 :mi St. 1.oil's, low extra 3 00 a H 00 St. Louis straight extra 6 3(l> 7 OO St. Louis, choice double extra 7 O0a 8 OO St. Louis, choice family.... 8 23 a 9 0U Rye Hour, line to superUno 3 70 a 4 20 Southern, No. 2 3 23 a 4 00 Southern, superfine '. 4 23 a 4 03 Southern, extra 8 25 a 7 no Southern, family 7 25 a 9 40 Corn tn-al. Western. 3 o la 3 30 Corn meal, Jersey 30i? 3 30 Corn meal, Hrandya iuo 3 33 u 3 00 Corn meal, puncheons 2<> 00 a 20 30 ?Wheat rem allied quiet and prices Were about the same, a* a general thing, although some outside transactions were made at rather better price*. The sale* wore about MO. oO buihel* at $1 12 a $1 14for ungraded spring, f-l 17 a$l lst*, for No. 2 Chicago, $1 -1 a #1 22 fur No. ? Milwaukee. (1 2a for No. 2 Mluiit-sotu. $1 2-< a ?1 30 for No. 1 do., 83c for uu inerchar.table, $1 23afl 28 lor ungraded, (1 12 a fl 13 for No. 2 graded, New York Inspection, and $i 28 a #1 30 for No. 1 spring. Corn was firmer for prime dry canal mixed, but graded was neglected and to a i.-reat extent nominal. The tales were abuut 270,000 bu bels, mostly canal, at 57o. a 80c., but Including no grade ut 53c., stuainer at 5H^c. a 57Jic.. untue'chantnlile at 33t{c , no grade at 33c., un graded at 37c. a Hoc , Kansas mixed at 59c. Rye wa* eteady: 1,5U> bushels Western sold at 84c., and 30,1*10 do., to arrive, at 83c. Barley was qniet. itarley malt wa* quiet; 5,0.*) Iiushtls State sold at HOc? time. Oat* wore still quiet, but price* were without decided change. The tales were about 100.00.) bushels at 37c lor No. 2 graded mixed, 37c. a 37'.ic. for No. 2 graued white, 38c. a 30'jc. for No. 2 Chicago. 43c. for cliulce Milwaukee and 43>gc. lor the range ligur Jutb.?We note sales of 250 bale* buttn at -Kc, caali. and 3c.. tlrau. We quote:? American dressed, 910? it 9200 lor (Ingle. 9200 a 9223 lor double and 9120 a 9125 for rough Manila hemp, U'ip. it nt;e , jjold; Russia clean. $200 a 9210. gold: Italian, 9275 a 92KO, gold; lute, 4'?c. u 5'4o.. currency; Jul* bntti, I'T^c. a 3c., cull; Si?.il homo. 4>.c. a4>?c., gold: I tile, b\c. a Uc., gold. Hoi.asiiks.?The market for New Orlean* waa fairly active; Km htils. void within the range. The dock U 8,153 I.lids. I'ula 1.039 do. Poito Rico, I .24H do. Kngllsh Islands and 2.m?j bbl*. New Orlaan*. Wo quoteCuba, centrifugal and mixed, 22c. ? 2rtc.; clayedj2'.ic a Sic.; do. muscovado re lining. 30i ft 34c. ; do. t#occry, 32c. a 40c.: I'orto Rico. 35e a .'iOe.; English Islands, 32c. a .Vic ; New Orleans, lair tu good, 4Cc. a 5-'e.; prime to clinic*. .Vic. a 5-<e. Naval STOBBa.?The market for spirit*, tnrpenlino was dull and lower. lio.ln was steady. We quotespirits tur pentine, 30Uc. Rosin?Common strained, VI 70; good do., if 1 i.'t a CI 80. Tar?Washington, 92 |ua:(i2 15; Wilming ton, $J 10 a 13. Advices from Wilmington were as bil lows:? I'osln dull; ttraiued, $1 45; good atraiue.l, #1 5o. Tar strong, none on inarBct; $!? 5o bid. Turpentine slcudy; liard. $1 lO; suit, If-'; virgin, 52 50. Spirits stoutly; 271ic. Yiirtl. AHimiI. Rosin 2<',649 5,'.82 Tar 2.132 40 Turpentine l.Otn ? Spirits 1.879 1.250 Oil*.?We note sales of 175 bbit. sperm at Now Bedford for export un private terms. We quoteCottonseed, crude, 40c. a 42c.; southern yellow, 52c.; yellow winter, "iHc. a tlOu.; white whiter, ti5c.; lard, winter. #1 i>5 a $1 07; sperm, crude, ?l 37; du . hlcuciied winter. $1 70; do., haturul uo., #1 (15; whale, crude. Northern, One.; do.. Southern, 55c.; bleached winter 7i* a 72c.; olive, casks. $1 17t? a fl 22',; do., races, $4 a 94 HI; winter, bleached Osh, jOc. ; cruaj llsh, 3>c. a 37c. I'ktbolbum.?The market was dull and easy. The riming ftrices wore as followsCrude, in bulk, H*,c. a 8JJs.: du.. In ibis., lie. a ll',c.; refined, in bbls., I l'J,c ; do. cases, l^-c. Refined at Philadelphia, 14c. a ll',c. mid ut Baltimore, lM'ic. a 14c. Advices Irom th? Creek were as followsOil Cur, United, 91 shipments, 92 2-!,. l'arktr'a United, ? I bid, $1 9^, asked; shipment, 92 -3J^; 92 -5 asked, firm. Pbivimo**.?Receipt*- Lard, 1.417 tierces; cutmeats, 3?J packages; bacon, 3.) Heroes and 1,22<I boxes; beel, 43 tlorces and (10 libls. The pork tnurket was easier, but lirmer, at the second "call'' as lollowsJune, 910 10 bid, asked: Julv, 919 45 bid. 919 7.> asked; August, f III 1-1 bid. 919 HO asReo; sept mil r f II) 7.) 1.1(1, 9l'i H5 asked : October, ?10 5t) bid. 919 20 a r? IU 25 asked. Sales were 750 bbls. at 9'0 55 a 910 75 for July, mostly at the latter price; IttJbbl*. mess on the snot s.iid ut t ill " a ?19 UO. Cutmeats were In-ellve: 4<>.IKX) lbs bellies, heavy average, sold on private terms. Fresh liains were quoted at ll^c. a 12c.; pickled do. at 11 JjC. a 12c., trrsb indites at 12c. u 1-%'e., pickled do. nt 10c. a 12 '.|C and h .xnl do. at lOfjf, a lie. Bacon wasqnlet at 1 lc. a 11 '4c. lor city Ion* clear and 10)?c. for Western; loo boxes city lornr elear sol I on private terms. Ileef *?l imrtive and unsettled We quote ?barrels? Kxlra mess, 912; plsln do, 911; packet. 914. Tierces?City extra India mess, 923 a 924; India mess, 922, und prime mess, 9'JO. Beef hanm were quiet at 9-1 a 922 for prune Westeriv Smoke I lueats weie inactive at 14c. for siiuiilders and 10r. for hams; 5o tierces Western liax 13*Ie. Lard was qnlct and wllhont d'-cliled rhsn re, closing at the second ' call 'as followsJune. 911 32>;bid. 911 4o asked; Julv, fl 1 4 i bid. (II 5(.? asked; Auuu?t. 911 57', bid. 911 0"> asked; September, 911 72.', Mil. 911 "?> ssked; October, $11 Ml i Id. 912 asked. I he sales were 7.0*? tierces at 911 42,',. 911 45. 911 47V 911 n, and 911 52', for July; t-ll i'5 a 911 'O for ?0|(1l?t, and 911 S2X. 911 H7. and 911 H7'i lor September Spot w it quiet, sales were 100 tierces, 911 40 a 911 45; lll,c. was bid lor city. Keflned wa- quoted at I. Vt?. for Smith America, 11\ . n 11JJc. for Cont n -'it. nnd lie. for I'uSia Sales were B<s> tierces lor the Contli e it at 11 13-lie , and 19si tierces fur Cuba at He Butter?The receipts were lar.'e and with a very moderate d.'? inuint. 'I In' niaikcltvas dull an 1 depressed. State wss quoted at 2<lc a 29c.; and Wertffl at He. a 2i)c. Cheese *a> in full supply and the market weak. Rest State factory was quoted at 11c a 11 '',c.: tfood State at He. a llfjc.; and Western st S,-. a 1 lc. Kick.?The market was steady. Wo quote?'nrollna. fair to prime, Cc. a ilj^e ; lyouislana, fair to yood. 5'4c. ao'.c.; do., prime. <V|?c. a tic.; Rangoon, fair to jxood. lie a H'4c.; Ta'na, iiood, Y'^c. a 7,iaC., koIii : Rtntroon. In bond. 2'ie. a 2*pc.. void. StiiAK?The market for raw was quiet; 27H hluis. sold at ~Hf for fair rellnln-'an l 421 do. on tlie bi??ls oi 7J,c. ? 7V. f?r r*lr to food refiione. The stock of raw is as fol lows tika*. lutjem. Bat*. Mtla-ln. Stock (aicertained by actual count, including specula tion). *hv 1. 1?7? 62.B73 H1.HU2 ait>,?l1 4,?? Receipt* eUce May 1 75.273 10.IU7 23.HOO 2,9.3 Total* 137.1*Ml 4H.6I9 3?l.22<i 7,2 )1 Hales dnce May 1 40.MK3 U.4M4 10 220 1,740 Stock this day, June 1, IB7H BT.oa.! 39,121 22S.9D4 5,4?? Comparintr with atuek .* uue 1. 1875 I24.J55 41,288 101,-12 7,309 Comparing with stock June I. 1874 116,819 83,270 192,004 1,379 Cutuparlnir with stock June 1,1871 72.5IB 44 MO 227.245 5.707 We quote Kalr refining. 7%c.; good do.. 7',c ; Cuba, gro cery, fair tu choice, *Vv a H>,c.; do., centrllugal. Ithds. and boxes. No*. X to 13. 8 4e a lie.. do , molasses, hhd*. and boxes, Ofe a 7)^c ; I'uriO Klro, refining, c< mmon tu prime, 7c. a He.; 4lo. arucenr. fair to choice, HS,e. a H'io.; refined, stamiar 1 >. M?,c ; off A, a li),c ; crushed. I0j,?.; pow dered, lO.1^.-.; granulated. fn'aC.: eat loaf, l*i\c. St**ri*k.?Receipts?10 tierces. The market waaqaiet at 1Ha 13ljc. lot prime to choice. 1 alujw ?Heeelpts?U lhlida., IK) bbls. and 8 cask*. The market wa* ea>y ; 230 O.JO lb*, sold at s^,c. Whkkkt.?tlecelpt*?2H2 bb s wulakey and '0 bbl*. al cohol. Toe market was firm . 75 bids *olu it 91 12)^. Khxiuiits.?The market was lower fot ^rain tonnnge for charier, with a moderate business transacted in tills class. Other description* oi tonnage (low and without material change, tb.iugh steamer ronin was slightly better for grain The engagements were: To Liverpool, per *teara, ati.HUO bushels grain at 9d. a 9'_d ; 'O neses bacon st 4"s : clie?>e quiit-d at 50c.; and hv ssil III 01*1 l/us .els grsm st Hd. io Ixiudnn, by sail, Iti.OOO buth.'l* grain, at H>,e. for wheat; S, 4SI bushels wheat at Skd. a 9d., market cirslog at the latter price; I.iO'l bbl*. Uuur at 2a, ltd.; The charter* Ootnprlaed a lirltiili bark, hence to Cork for ord?r*. with 3.20 ' quarter* gra.u at ? s. Md.; a Norwegian berk, hence rename vuyaga, wltU 1,00) quarters Uo. sti.s. 6d. and ?10 gratuity; a Hrltlsh bark, lien, e witli 4,n O quarters do lor du. at 0*. lid.; an Italian bark, from Phila delphia to Cork for orders, with 3.0IK) qua. t -rs do. on private terms, and a Hrltlsh ship (t<i arrive), from Baltimore for ? anie voraxe. Willi H,/(KJ quarters do. at 5a. 3d.' >t British ship, Irom Philadelphia tu direct Irish port, with 0.4<U quarter* do. at tl*.; a Norwegian bark, benee to the Danish Baltic direct. with 2.O"0 quarters do at 7s ; a Norwegian bam. hence to Antwerp nr Rot terdam. with 3.1 sO quarters do. at 0*. (id and ?10 gratuity; a Norwegian bar*, hence to Aarlms, wi'h 2,IWOquarters do., at lie. ltd ; a Brit sit Dark, hence to Olas sob DocK, with 2,'Vjo quarter* do. at IK ?M., a Oerrnsn bark, benee to Bremen, Willi S.IJU0 bbls. refined petr-leuni at 3e. ed.: a British brig. 230 loos, hence to Oreu (*uppo*ed). With i M\QODeiwi do. do. on prirat" terms; a Gorman bark, from 1 I*! ilarlelpiiia to Hrtmen, with 4,.'><*) bbl*. do. do. on ???utr'i MC90UM: >4 HriiUlt bark Iron* i'hiladelpnia to Liverpool, 1 wilU 2.10 > ??bi*. nsplillia at 4?. 3d. ; a l?riti*h tritf. I from 1'hiiadeiphi* io * Spanish port, with bbla. mtid 1 cases reftd* ?1 petroleum at 4s. *'>d. tor liio toruaei ?? .ases m an equivalent rata; a British bark, ?r?. O ton*. uid on tbe berth for London, with icrain and oil* cake, on private terms; a J-wiMii.n bark, H'?o tons. 1 Mid ou the berth f??r Mettiu, with genital ?arj(o, at market rates, and a Oerman bark 4 to ton*, laid on for Iftunburir. with yoiieral cargo, at markvt rates; a Norwegian bark, 5io tuns, from huvannah to Havre, with cottou, at ?1,500. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Gaivkstok. Juue I. 187ft Cotton steady: middling. 11 Kc. Net receipts. I44bulea; grow, 145. hxporta-f oaxtwiae, Ml Sale. 7ltl. Mock, 18,371. N w, June 1. 1*70. Cotton steady, fair demand; middling. IIlow : middling, IO*,c ; good ordinary, 9', a, Net receipt*. 78 bales; gro>?. 378. Experts-To tbe Continent, 2,254; coastwise, U1& rialaa, 2.750. Stock. 11U.571. Momi k. June 1, 1870. Cotton quiet; middling, lie.: low middling. l"c.; good ordinary, "-S?c.' a He. Net receipts. lid; gruia, 121. Ea port,?Coiutwiae, 141. Stock, ltl,3t4. Savannah, June 1. 187H Cottou dull; mlddllnr. lie.; low middling, 10 1-lrfe. ; good ordinary, 8??e. Net rfceipta. 127 bale*. Sales, 50. Stock, 10.8 *1. Chablkxtom, June 1. 187". Cotton Arm denand; lulddllug. IIJ,<\ a ll.^c.; low ?niiid11>iir, l Vc. a l,|Tr.?.: good onIInary, 10c. Net receipt*, -01 bales. Sales, Oca Stock. Osytkuo, N. Y.. June 1 1870. Klonr unchanged; tale, 1.500 bhls. ffmit weak; No. 1 I Milwaukee club, 91 20; choice white Canada, 91 5(1. vorn unchanged. Hurley nominally 88c. lor No. 2 Canada. Coru i nn-al. a 927 lor bolted; 925 a 96W for unbolted per ton. Millfeed?shorta, (15; ahlpstuffs $1(1; middlings IIHpcr ton. Canal freights?Wheat, 5*,'C.; corn and rye. 5c. to New Vork: lumber. 9.' to the Hudson; 92 75 to New York. Lake ! rneelpts?Wheat. 7.40U buahela; pea,. 7,100 do.; lumber, | 739,000 feet. Canal shipments?Wheat 15,200 huehela; lumber, 8110,000 feet. Bcrrtio, June 1,1870. I.ake receipts?Flonr. 1,680 bhl,.; wheat. #1,000 bu,liel>: cum, 15,00' do. KhI1?*>>u<1 receipt,?Klonr. 3,700 bbla s wheat, 1 < >.iKM) buahela; coru. 1S.ISI0 <io.; oala. 10,000 do.; barley. 2.1100 do : rye. l.'.OOdo. Canal *h pment" for tide water?Wheat 37,0 >0 bushels. ltailroad ,blpiueni?? Klonr, 3,700 bbla.: wheat. 45,'J *) bu-hels; corn. 27,1X10 do ? oats. |0,i*xi do ; barley, 2,000 do. ; rye. 1,300 do. Canal freights dull; wheat tlS,c. to New York. Klour i|Uiot and llrui. Wheat dull; aalea 1,200 bmheli No. 1 Milwaukee club Ht 91 2">; No. 2 no. una In ally $1 11 a 91 15. Corn dull ami nominal; aalea 1 <>.?? bushels by dimple, in lots "It private tenn,. Data nominally 37e. Bye None here, Harlcy In active. l'ork, lard ami higliwiuea unchanged. Tulkdo. June 1,1870. Flmirdit'l. Wheat dull; No. 3 whit# Wabash, 91 22; No. 1 wiiltc Michigan,91 ?*'; N'o. - do.. 91 IS; extra do , 91 35; umber Michigan. 91 25*4; June, $1 2V,; July, 91 125; No. 2. do., 91 US; No. I red winter, 91 35, No. -'do., 91 20; No. 3 red, 91 "0; rejected red, 88c. Corn atrong ami higher; high mixed, flic. :June and July, 50c.; low mixed, we.; dam iigeii, 40c. Data quiet; No. 2, 31c.; Michigan. 32c. t ra Jtcted. 2?c. Kecclpta??liusliela wheat, 2!M O > do. corn, ? do oata. Snipniniita?800 bbla. Uour, 42,OOU buibel, wheat, 0,000 do. corn. U.100 do. oata, Cilicuuo. Jnno 1, 1876. Klourcaaier. Wbunt nuvettled. but generally lower; N'o. 2 Chicago aprlng. 91 "3 apot and June, 91 03^|July; No. 3 Chicago aprlng, W2^c.; rejected, Corn unaettled, but generally liixher; ,>o. 2 at 44c. apot. 4^3-aC. June, 411 ,c. July; rejected, -isijc. (latiateady with alulr demand; No. 2, 28I4c. spot, 2s^ic. Jutv; rejected, uajje. Hye aaaiar, at we. a 8S>;c. Barltjr?Ca>h lower; 55c. casli ami Juue. l'ork uuaettled, uut geuerally higher; 918 25 apot, 918 5o July, 918 70 it 918 75 Augu?t, 91U Sep. tomber. I.ard fairly active and a shade higher; $11 apot, $llo7.ij* 911 10 July; $11 20 Auguat, 911 35 8epleiu><er. Hulk meats, ateady, with a lair deinaml. WbUltay 91 00. Kecelpt*? Klonr, 10,000 bbli.; wheat, !W.I?iO buabela; coru. 387,000 do ; oala, Hl.OOO do.; rve, 8.UJO do; harley, 'JU.00O. Shlpmenla?Klour. 9.000 bbla.; wheat, l!'I,()0<i buabeli; corn, 234.000 do.; oata, 0B.00J do.; barley, 800 do. At tho nl'ternoon call of the Hoard? Wheat liluher; SI 03V Juuu. 91 Ul1, Julv. (^orn higher; 44c. a 44',c Juue, 44Wc July. Oata *,c. higher. Kork lower; 918 37J, July, 91^ 00 Auguat. Lard 5c. lower. PRINTING CLOTHS MARKET. Pkotimxck, R. I.. Juno 1, 1870. Piloting elothi Heady at 3*?c. for boat 64x04 goods, wltb qulat market. HA.VANA MARKET. Havana, Jane 1,1870. Spnnlah gold, 212a 213. Exchange weac; on tho United State,. 00 dayi, cur rtney, S^, a S'a dlicount; 00 dav?, gold, 2?? n :i premium ; abort aigHi. 3)? n 4 do.; ou Loudon, 15 a 15'^ premium; on l'arii, 2)% a 2?,' premium. BRAZIL MARKETS. Kio Jamkibu, May 31,1870. Exchange on London, 25W. Coffee?Market quiet; prices maintained; no change; good firata, 5,800 a 5,1*50 reia per 10 kiloa. Average daily recoipts for the naet week, 4,200 bag,. Salee ot tbe week?hor KuroDe, S.OjO bag,; for the United Statea, tt.OOU do., ami for Mediterranean ports, 2,0(K) do. Shlp menla of the weak?Kor Kuropu, 5,000 bag,; for tho United Statea, 24,000 do., and lor Mediterranean porta, 3,000 do. Stock In port at thla date, 114,000 bags. Santos. May 31, 1870. Coffee market very qnlet; pricea nearly nominal; auperior Sauto, 5.300 a 5,45 ? iei, per 10 kilo*. Average daily receipt,. I.80U baxa. Sales of the week for Europe, 9,isjo baya. Total woek'a shipments for all ports. In cluding European, 7,000 bags. Stock at Santos at this date, 011,1?JO oags. EUROPEAN MARKET I.onuon I'kodcce Markkt?Londox. June I? Evening.? Linseed oil, 22*. bd. a 23*. per ewt. FIKAKCTAL. AU^CBtBfiLMO^r*" CO., '' Dancer*, 10 and 21 Nuna it., luus Traveller*' Credit*, available In all parts of tfc vrorld, through the Mesir*. DK KOTIISOHILD and their correapnndenta. Also Commercial Credits and Telegraphic Transfer* of Mouey on California and Europe. A.~ J. * W. SELIUMAN * CO., 28 IIroad at.. New York, lame Letter* of Credit to Travellers, payable In any part ol Europe, Aala, Africa, Australia and Amcrica. draw Bill* of Exchange and make Teleirraphle Translers of Money to Europe and California. A?EW BOOK ON STOCK SPECULATION, ALSO, dully Market Report; mailed free; Stock Privilege* negotiated ut best market ratea: Stock* bought or sold mi 'J',, per cent margin; orders by mall or telograph promptly executed. L. W. HAMILTON * CO., 37 Broad St., New York. A NY AMOUNT TRUST FUNDS TO LOAN ON J\. uiortgaue; city or llrooklyn. LKAVI rr A WOLCOTT, 10 Pine it ?MONEY TO LOAN ON BONO AND MORTGAGE ? on Improved city property; trast lunda In sever* :utin. Apply to llOKAC.. S. ELY, No. 22 I'lno at. AHlOANS AT 1 PER CENT ON LI/K INSURANCE ? .Policies. CORYELL, 37 Park row, room lu. Tf REASONABLB RATES. ?MONEY ON LIKE" AND J\. Endowment Insurance Policies. Mortgages ami other accurltloi; iuaurance of all kiud* effected with beat com panies. J. J. IlABBICH A CO., 117 Broadway H*-|.<"00 NK\VHlri(<y AND NEW YOKK RAILROAD ? 7 I'er Cent I'lrat Mortgage Bonds, guaranteed by Erie, for sale. EOWAItO C. POX A Co.. 30 Broad it. I?STATE MONEY TO LOAN-Five. YEARS, ANY 'j amount, lor I ity Property; quick answers. HYATT, M.I Brtiadway. f ACTS AND FIOUHES NEVER LIE.?CIRi'ULA tiou of the EVENING TELEGRAM last week waa:? Monday May 22 3~>,_'CM ADVErtTISEM BNTM, 20 CENTS A LINE. Tuesday, Mav 23 35.400 ADVERTISEMENT*, 'jo CENTS A LINK. Wedneaday. May 2* 3 1.000 ADVKKTr-KMEMTS, 30 CENTS A LINE. Tbarailav. May 2.% 43,000 ADVERTISEMENTS, 20 Cr.NTtt A LINE. Friday. Mav <? 42,200 ADVERTISEMENTS, 2' CENTS A LINE. ;-aturda). May 27 34,100 Total 22H.J00 ADVERTISEMENTS, 2<) CENTS A LINE. Dally average 91,093 I A I. WAYS HAVE MONEY To LOAN ON~M<?RT gage New York city property; city railroad Siocka ami Bond* bougl.t ami sold. II. L. OK ANT. 145 Broadway. CEVfcN" PER* CENTt O FIRST < LASS CITY BONDS. Foraale by K. B. NEWBL'llN, M Broad it TBI MARIPOSA LAND AND MINING COMPARE Exhcctivk Orricc, No*. >? Asn 11 Nassau *t. ? New You, May 23. 1*7*1. I Tlio TRUSTEES of this company have levied AN' AS SESSMENT or SI per ahare on th') preferred and common Stock, payable at tlila office ON OR IfEKOKE JUNK 3. After that rtite it will be delinquent and liable to a charge of 93 each certllicate lor advertlalng aale. .MORRIS II. SMITII. Assistant Secretary. Cj 1 /WWI WANTED MlMEDIATELY?r'OK BUsI n< ?a purposes; will tfve sufficient real or per aonnl security, rotervnee and a bono* of $ HI" it month. Ad drc?-. appointing Interview (day or evemug), CAslI, llernld olti e. ?() / WW) TO LOAN ON FIRST-M ORTOACK IX JSJ.UUU proved city property. Address RUDLOFF, 210 l.ait 63d it. (fjkin 7|fft/k WANTED?ON BOND AND MORT g | ? mi a Farm in Ohio, ap>ril>ed under oath at fal.SOO. A..'.re?s PROMPT J*AV, ller .Ul office. r?? fao/Mo wanted to borrow? _ Upon lernrlty a* (rood a* any. a good In tereit. Principals only 2,033 Poet office, K. Y. Ajll I inn TO *",(?) WANTED-IN THlfooEB ?Pi"' 'ewllw and silver reflnin e, bullion aeperatlng and aiaayiog bu-lnesi, oatablllhed In thlaclty and paying large piolits. no ri*ks. Address BULLION. Herald offioe. $25,000 &l (WW| (WWI loaned IN si MS to SUIT, at %) l.v/v/U.V/V/U loweat ratoa. on prime Real hatatv. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr.. No. 4 Pine *t^ t'OPAKTX BKMfilPN. : DTHsolcTIoN -tHh P > kTn Kit.->'i (?? of J ' f. Ilabilch A Cn. haa been dissolved by matual content. ' J. J. llabrlcb wilt sign in ilqnldation. Nkw York, June I. I87?l OTTO LKVIO. THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARKIE0 ON UNDER the Arm name of Schroluer A Eelier in the inaaufacture ofshowraae*. at No. :'14 centre at., ha? thia dar boea dii aolved by mutual consent. Mannas Scbrelner will continue the tmsincf* at No. 10 N>otli William at., and Is oaiy autbiiriffed to aign In liquidation. Dated June 1, 1*70. IUNATZ KELLER. MaO.nUS SCHrEINIR. BtNlNEM OPPORTDNITIBk. ~i FarTNfcr WaNTEd?wilii r?Vido,To Jol.V'SiS JX. In a ?taple well paying mannfactu'ln^ buaineaa; Brat olaas city ralaraaoes given. Addreaa J T., Herald office. ABUSIXBSS OIIANCE?KXCEPTIORAL. little capital; lame immediate prutlta S. BURNS, Swee ney'*, Chatham and C!h <mbara sta . thH week. A GENTLEMAN TO INVEST EQUALLY WITH AD +\. verti-er in inee p'ayliy baalaos*; moaopoly; only eiiiali capital required; balnea from profit*. U2 Mont gomery it., riKiwi It). Jersey ("Ity. BUSINESS MXn H AS >->ODu 7riT_MORE TO IN vest In ?it paying bualneae. Ad Ire.a, itating full partlcuUra. for live jara S. W. R.. Herald office. An exprkiknced financial man with iiiim can Knt balf inter?at In an old established and prottta ble Bianulactnrlnir husmeaa, t" taka place of oeceased part ner See ORIUIli A CARLKTON, 6s Hr?ad?ay. A YOU No LAWYER, RECENTLY ADMITTED CAN m et with a rare oyportunity of extending his ac qualntanoM and obtaining an interest tn au eatabllahed, legitimate baainres; brmcipal practice In Marias and Dis trict eoarta; plenty or work on haaj. Addreae A, Herald nrmsKss opwmTi;KiTiK?. flWrttTVKTiTl^fAniRS aIV faiiWiMCni 1 F h light manalactanagt bn<tii>-~?, l.y which I'rjr ta i tusk j at least we? kly HASDINU, 081 Broadway. BUSINESS MAN WaNTBO?TO' A<i'f AS TKEAsl'ltKN of ii uiaiiulnctiiring euaipaav : must luveat about #-VM) | in Hie coinpanr'a mock. M?>< BKLIAHLE, bo* 148 Foal office. <irecnwirli, Conn. BANKERS', HRiiKI. I!b' A Nil UK a1T"mi AT~KX% change ?A partner wanted. t i loin In ?-stabliahinii room ?l or Bear IMoe and Nassau sti. tor aubscrlbera to meet <1 lily. similar Mechanics' Kxiliuie. Address ENTER MUSK, bu* 3,aW! Poi| office. ZlUMfttbUtU TO 8kM. IIAl.F imMV IN TUB * i?>?t payinif office t>usiuvaii in the i itv . annual prollt 9>">0QU; court investigation. Address LOTIIAIK, Herald office. Sm KAL.K-A TALUAHUI PATENT.' a n3K r Sewinir Machine. For nitrtieiilara address, lor Tour days. SEWING MACHINE. Horani office. For s a Lho1k~E xcfi a no k- fob cash, approved MmrltlM M Iin and c I car Real Estate, a large. old established Grocery ami Tot and Coffee t.'??h Huiineaa: a ?nrc fortune lor the right man. Address TRUTH, Herald office. Having' a mew intention. nimpui but wonderful. producing mo t brllllnut result-, capable uf vHut extension iind protit, would meet it responsible p irty ta assist ii it* development and Introduction: but little money required at present; references reiiu.--.teil. Address Dl?t CuVKRV, Herild Uptown liranch office. PARTS Kit. WIT i I $ 1. <? kTa N D" U P W A HI I, TO MA m t u turt- patent article* of great novelty. Address E. M., Herald office. PAirrN?K~WANTED?TO EXTEND A HXCT, fl|lf C?od< mid mllilunry Mi-lm-ss in u lively ton n In New Kuiiland. with an>mII capital: tnan with business knowledge prelerred. Address P.. box 10.' Heruld office. Tu ymutoniD will intkut jsyEF AND services III mine established business. Please addroaa hPEKD, bo\ liMi Herald "dice. Till-: UNiiERSItiNI-j? WISH KS TO ShTUitK Tllh CO" operation of some person who in wllliutr to Inveat $1..VJ0 'or the purpose of perfecting a patent for propelling steam ships. If the undertaking proves ummccesatul the money will be refunded. If succesOul the patent will be ample ta cover all ri-ki. Particular! will be giveu by addreaalnc L L.. Ilerahl office. WAKTSMU???: UTIVE. ENRlUiliTIC MAN. WITS $1.000 cash, half interest and full control or a llrst cla-? exhibition ready lor business. Address S. G. llUiiS. Herald office. WANTED?AN" 'ACTIVE PARTNER IX A IVOOlifc fui cigar mauurnctorv, established three years: na debts at present: good credit; for $2,50 > 1 will put a full ae? curtly in the investor's hand; stork and finances likewise ta be controlled bv the Invcator excluaively. Addreta INTKli RITV, hot 111 Herald office. VAT ANTED?PAISTN EE WITH *?X) IN PAYING CA89 TT bait net*; ttoex inyoioe. 91,200. 2(Dey ii,rowilL $.?" AHA WANTKD-lKOR Ii"aLT EXII1BITlOlfe tJ.UU' " which coat $.I0.IKK), in Philadelphia; aure for tune. K., 1110 Clieatnut st., Philailulphiik. A(ir |ton ? wantNo. a party with Tin V^' J.UUU, amount to purcliaae one-quarter interest In u manufacturing bustnuaa. oatabliahed; no competitiom and prodta large. Addreu, giving real name, 0. C. 11., bos 4,177 Pud office. PACIFIC MAIL AFFAIRS. Yesterday at one o'clock an Important adjourned meeting ot tho l'aciQc Mail Board of Director* wat held at the ofilco of the Ptinama Railroad Company, Na 7 Nassau street. A consultation was bold with Mr. Tronnr W. Park, l'resldout of the Panama Railroad which lasted until half past thro<>. The director! wlshod to aRcertuiu all about the business of tho l'a ci0c Mail Steamship Company, to have an exact under standing with Mr. Park as to.its luture relations wltb tho railroad, and to devUe ways *and means to meal the present and accruing liabilities of tho oompaay. Mr. Park met tho directors in a cordial spirit, and assured them thut as fur as himself and associates vert concerned the utmost should be dono to promoM harmony between tho interests lately so conflicting. A long discussion was Indulged in as to tho condition of tho company. This will doubt less form tho btsls of an official report soon to be made. An executlyo committee was formed composed of the following gentleman:?Charles G. Francklyn, S. C. Thompson, C. H. Mount and Andreir Boardman. Committees were appointed, first, to audit tho accounts; second, to andit and adjust old claims; third, to sottlo nccounls botwoen the PaclQc Mail and Panama companies, and, fourth, to provide ways and meuns to settle all thu present liabilities of the com pany. A resolution was then adopted to close the old bookl and open an entirely new set, dating from Junel, which shut! show tho current transactions and lius'nesa of the steamship company under the new Board, as eutlreiv distinct from that of thn formor management. Provision, it is said, was also made lor mectiuy present pressing liabilities and to re-establish ita credit. The different committees agreed to ni"Ct to-morrow, at the same place, to enter upon their duties, and tho Board adjourned to meet on Haturduy, at uoon, to receive the roport of the committees mid to take such furtusf action as may be deemed necesiiary. Alter the mooting Mr. Park told a Hkralii rcportei that no difference would bo mado In the running of the sleumors of the Panama Transit Company on account of the new and harmonious relations with PaclUc Mail; the latter company woold despatch three steamers monthly until Aui;ust, when one steamer per week would be despatched. lie thought necessarily there would be many changes in Pacillc Mail service; the di rectors were determined to cut down expense* to the lowest point consistent with tho proper mnuugement ol the company. There wore many places baring fhret employes where only one was required. As to reltw Hons with tho Pacific railroads ho had no doubt har monious arrangements would be oonsummated; In fact, It was lo ttio ad vantage of the railrouds to fix just am prop r rates. Good steamship men were now ill eon. trol of the line, and if they could not make it pay on( business basia the public would soon know it. CHAMBER VF COMMERCE. LAST MEETING OY THIS SEASON?BE PORT OP THE COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL COIN* AOS. Tho Chamber of Commerce met yesforday afternoon at one o'clock, tho President, Samuel D. Babcock, IB the chair. The following,gcntlomcn were reported by the Executive Committee and elected member* ol the Chamber:?Httfh N. Camp, Norman Peck, James Tol cott, Edwsrd Tuck and C. Vandorbilt. Jr. Mr. Samuel D. Ruggles, Chairman of the Committee on International Coinage, reported that tho resolutions adopted at the last meeting of the Chamber, duly authenticated, had been transmitted to the President and both house* of Congress early In May, bnt that there wa* good reason to believe that no drcialvo legis lative action would be takon in tho matter before the cioao of the pending Presidential canvass. The Chairman farther stated that there was the greater reason for auquiesciug in the delay in view of the necessity of a thorough examination ot the meas r uro, which in ight largely affect the public securltiei and general welfare of the Uulted States. As a furthei ! reason be presented to the Chamber an official news paper of Francs, stating that tiie vital question of tb< miuie stnodard of golii or the dsuble stuudaM ol goU | nnd silver was iioa pending in tbnSeniito of the Freud K -public, pri sentoii i>y the project of u law, propose! : ou :bo one hand by tho Miuister of Finance, and < couuter project, submitted to tho Senate by the dt-tin guiabed leader iu inonetaiy reiorin, M de i'arien, ioiiuit dlniater ol State lUid now a Senator of France, iu ibe discussion ol which much interesting informa tion would b? eliCiie l, impor ant to bo considered la II.e 1'i>lted Slates on the discussion ol the question Is Congress. The counter project of M. do Paries pro poses to discontinue the coinage of tbe five Irano pieces of ulno-ieijth* line. On motion or tl . Cowdin tho statomont of the chairman was ordered to be entered on the minutes. A communication was received from the National Board ol Trade, with a copy of the official programme of subjects to be submitted by the several constituent bodies of the National Board of TraUo at the meeting to tie convened at the Union League Theatre, Madison avenue and Twenty-sixth street, on the */?tb of Jane. The butijecl* to be submitted are as follows:? "Amendments 10 >lie C'ou-titution ol tho Board," "A "National Department ol Commerce,'' "ScientiSo School," "Postal Servico," "Hills of Lading, Storage and warehouse Re .'ipis;" "Railway Transportation Freight Charges," "Necessity ot I'niiormity of the Stat* L-iw." "L'niiorm Grading of Grain," "lUnarupt Law ol the Uulted .^tntos." "Revision 01 the Tariff Law," "Revenne Rclorin " "Amendment to the National Banking Act," "Political Relations ol Cominerolal Men," "Canadian Reciprocity." "The Shipping In terest," "Pilotage Law*," "Lighthouse System" and "Postal Telegraph." The Chairman then announcsd that the regular meetings of the Chamber would be omitted daring tho months of June, July, August and September. TOMPKINH hQUAKE. A mass meetlag will be held la Tompkins squsro this evening at eight o'clock, ' to protest sgalast the procedure of tho Park Commissioners la reference to the Tompkins Square Park." In case there shoald bo rain the meeting will be held in Concordia Hall, No. at avenae A. The meeting, the Park Commissioner* *07, It for the purpose of preventing some very proper im provemeut* in Tompkins square, and Comptroller Oreen lias Instigated and pushed forward the prepara tion ? tor it. Mr. Autenreith, tbc gentleman who will pre-lde to night, yesterday called on the Secretary of the Park Department and obtained iiermiislon to hold the meeting. During the interview he told the Seero? tary iliat lie h ad in ins pocket a loug document pro pared by tbe Comptroller, censuring the department lor us action in regard to the square. I lie authorities 01 tbe Park Department say tba^ early in last summer, st the urgent reque.-t of the propertv owners in the neighborhood they considered tbe matter and agreed to beautify tbe square. la their eetim ite lor running expenses cent to tbe Legislature the c.wi ot the proposed improvements was included. Tl>e Commissioners are thus obliged to contiaae tbe work is order to f?lul their obligattoos to the Leflsla* tare. Tbe work w?* oommenced isst year, but, owln? to tbe opposition of tbe Comptroller, who refused IS pav the laborers' wages, and aeed various other de vices it was ueleyed until tbe pmeem season. Tho Commissioners now propose to continue the work en* ergeiiotily nntil its completion In spite of all oppoal? tton. Tbe contract has ueen awarded and ts Mi Hit Green's bands for his annroval ot tbo asfstwi

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