Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 14,5:50. v NEW YORK. SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. D1KECT0KY FOU ADVEUHSEUS. AMUSEMENTS?2d Pauk-Isi aud 2d cols. ASTROLOGY?2d Pauk?2d col. B1 IjLI ARDH?Ui> Pauk?41). to' BOARDERS WANTED?I-TU PaGB?3d col Hoard and lodging wanted?12*11 Paos?3d cot. BROOKLYN UEAL ESTATE FOU SALE-3D Pau??3d col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES??ni Pack. BUSINESS NOTICKS?7th Pauk?*Hhcol. CITY UKAL ESTATE FOU SALE?2i> I'agk?*M eol. CLERKh AND SALEiiMhX?12TM Pauk?2?1 col. clothing?2u Pauk?Itb col. COACHMEN aND GARDBNEB8?I8tn I'ao??2d coL COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?12TU FAGJi-&th ail Oth ctol*. COPARTNERSHIPS?Pauk. COUNTRY IIOAUD?12TII Pack?UU eol. DENTISTRY?2 n PAUK-3th eol. X>BY GOODS? 1st 1*ai;k?tlth col. dwelling houses ro let, furnished and un FURNISHED?2d P?i:k??th col. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?12th l'ACK-Sth coL EtT ROPE?2d Hack?"?th cat. EXCURSIONS? 2li Paui.?5th col. FINANCIAL?!>th 1'auk. FOR SALE?1st Paok?t'tta ool. furnished ROOMS ANB apartments TO LET?2* Pauk?Ith col. PUltNITURB-lsr Pauk??th cot. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?19w Pauk?3d coL HF.LP WANTED?FEM ALKS?12th Pauk?2d col. HELF~WANrBD?WALES-12th Pauk?2d and id coin. liORSES, CARRIAGES, iC.?l.-rr Pauk?3d, 4th slid oth coll HOTELS? I'.'tii I'auk?:idcol. HOUSKS, ROOMS, AC. WANTED?12tii Page?Oth col INSTRUCTION? 2? FAUK-2d col. LOST AND FOUND?1st Pauk?2d ooL MACHINERY-Ur Pauk??th onl. MARBLK mantels?2D Pack?5th coL MMlilCAI.?12tii Pack?ith col. MILLINERY AND DRESS MA KINO?1st I'Afiit?Oth col. miscellaneous advertisements?kxu pauk?cth col. MISCELLANEOUS?2n Pack?6th eol. MUSICAL?12tii I'auk?(Itlicol. NEW publications?7tii 1'AOK-Hth col. FKRSONAL? In* I'auk?1st col. PIAN0PORTK8. OlttJANS, AC.?12th Pauk?6th coL POST OFFICE NOTICE?12th PAOK-?ih cot. professional SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 12tii Pauk?1st eol. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE 01t TO RENT?2n Park?3d col. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?I'D Pauk?3d and 4th coM. REAL ESTATE WANTED?2d PAUK-4th col. RELIGIOUS NOTICliS?1st Pag*?tut and 2d cola. REMOVALS?2d Pauk?!>th eol. REWARDS?1st I'auk?2d col. SALES AT auction?IttT Pack?5th and nth cols. SITl'A'PtON'H WANTED?FEMALES?PJtii Pauk?lit coL SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?l'JTlt PAUK-2dcol. special NOTICKS?1st Pauk?2d and 3d cols. SPORTING?DOGS. BIRDS. AO.?1st Pao*?3d col. STORAGE?2d Pauk?Mli col. SUMMER RESORTS?12th PACB-4th coL the TRADES?12tii Pack?8d coL the TUUF-l.xr Pack?3d col. TO LET for BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d PACK?ith col. travellers' GtJIDE? 12th Pack?C>th ool. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LKT?2d I'auk?Itli coL Wanted to purchase-so Pack?5th coL WATCHES, JEWELRY. &0.?2d Pauk?4th col. westchester COI'NTt PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET?2d Pauk-3d col. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS, 40.?lOfn P ABli?6th art. PBIUHMAii. ~ " "DOiiX^PBAVnf!OME' BACK 'IMMEDIATELY AND -/V end this misery: you can niuko mv homo yonr own as long oh you like YOUR FATHER. v.-i\vvf w"RrrirN(>w7 name it ay anF hour ? for meeting. Will be thero through Penonals. FIFTEEN. Bessie -to-night. 10 O'CLOOk screTarg yle Social Soiree. GRAND central. TVECtMBKR 23. TUESDAYKVENING. BETWHEN~S J J und o'clock: dark fj'w ajul loustacbo; your eye tells a world o> lovo; you look back. T\h.LIA?WRITE TUAT YOU ARE SAFE, FOR J ' mother's sake. Address C1IS. C., Herald office. Ha r r y ~no~dis a ppoTntm e n t ?. argyle sii adow hall, Mondajtnight; rain or ahloe. JESSIE. IP C. HO? K MANWI Ll7coM municate witiThenry L. ho will loarn something to his advantage. JOBIE?SUNDAY, 4 TO 3. Maud?Hie Fes-Fdancebs in the w6eld will be at the Rink to-night. terrapin. Maggie harms" 'pormebly i? VAiTickTLAbE? I'li'uu neod your nddrtwi to WALTER JOHNSON, Uorald office. Mollis, darling?will be in new york Saturday: can I ace you Sunday? Address PHILA DELPHIA, Herald olHcs. MR~HAWEiTou~mTT mh:lure may please in lortn me of their residence, because a female friend wishes to see them Particulars by WILLIAM STOCK MAYER, Notary, 232 av. A, New York. Outward news pu|>crs may copy. Much pleaskd With~letterT"will bb in country all August. DORLAN. Margukrit^-i am'al'ways UAPPY when t ant with you; have been particularly tuithful; hri.rhter. BROTHER. SjnoULD fills- MBET-THIS EYE OF WALLER~8. t7 SwinNCoe he will ureatly oblige hi* father by writing to Mr. JAMES DRA11 t;LL, HU Wellington St., SheOiuiil, Eug luid. TO-ANTED- TO ADOP*!?A MALB~ INFANT-PROM ?T birth, with full surrender: mast havo dark eyes and kair. Address, for ouo week, A. DUBOIS, Herald Uptown Branch office. RELIGIOUS WOTXCBS. AT'PLIMt'TON HALL. " Filth I'nlverialiit Society. I'reucbinK at II o'clock. A" T 1'itBE TABERNACLE"MBTHOUlrtT EPISCOPAL church. West 34tti i>t., between 7th auil sth avs., preaching on Sunday at ln:?i A. M. by V. Morgan. Evening by nnstor. Subject ?'"The Lienor Demon; or. An Appeal in Behalf nf the Police Contnlsaioniirt." Centennial xtraw herry and ico creiun festival in behalf of the Sunday school Thursday evening, June H, 7 :45. Tickets, 25 cents. A" ~LL 8AINT8~Pi5>TE^XNT~EPIM^OPAL CHURCH, Rev. Willie.m M. Dunuull. rector. Henry it., rorner of ecammel. Xi'w York.?Servian* evorv Sunday morning nt 10 :J<I and overy Holiday evening al 7:!*). The rector will ireach. Vri^ij*ilAflt?N OK S l?I KITU A LISTS] HARVARD A Ik noma, Reservoir Park.?Mrs. Amanda Spence ipeaki Sunday Ml 7\ o'clock. Conference at I*. M. All cor diullv invited. B A SERMON ffll,l, UK PREACHED HY CATHARINE Scherti on "Tbo Iugathering of Israel for tbe Re demption of Spirit, Soul nud Hotly to Enter into Life Eternal," at the Christian liraolite choreh, 108 1st it., Su inlay 11K- v t III 7', !'. M. T WASllINGTr IX ?vL'ARiiltKTlT(>DI?TKI*ISOOPAL church. Rev. William Lloyd, pastor.?Morning subject, ??The Wouderful Book evening, "The Blood un the Door Pint* " Sunnier* invited. American "free church, uhiversity build ing. Washington iquiro.?Rev. C. 1*. McCarthy, morn' litir. 11 o'clock, "Ucit and I'eitco. Where Found:" evening H ?'clock. "The Spirit'# Revelation of Heaven." All luvited. A- T SPRI NG STRE ETPREUBfTERlAJiCBUR OIL REV. Alfred II. Moment wlfl [iieneli at 10 Al A. M. Subject. "The Morality ot Keligion." The uaual prayer meeting at 7:l"> P. M. All welcome; seat" free. LEECKBB 87. UNIVBRSALIBT CHCRCIL COIXKR of Downing it.? Ilev. <1. t>. B. Strayer will preach to morrow morning at 10: IT. -J evening, at 7 :1a. Rev. 1'bebe A. llaiialurd. All art invito.!. BlHlUMP snow.' V THE MOUNT /ION CHURCH OK the Soc?'iid Advent, will preach in live Modical College, 2.'td at and 4th av . on Sunday, at H I' M. Subject?"The New I'eaven ami Sew Earth which Ood will Creato " ClIIl'RCH t i?T!ll{ HOLY Al'OTLRS, (OliNRIt OTn J av. and i!H:h lit., Hev. llrady E. Backus, rector.?Ser. rleei 10,1^ A M. and .'> I'. M., evening prayer. C* llliiisr "fjHl'RCII. 5111 AV., CORNER USTIllsT.? ' Ilev. I?r. Jared B. Klagg will preach morning and evening; hour*, 10}? A. M.. 7 :4"i P. M. (t ANAL ~ STREET "TrES?YTeIii.VX CHURCH, IN J Green?, near Canal it.?Rov. 11. B. Cttapin will preach at 11 A. M. and 4 P. M. Sunday school nt P. M. All welcome. jpill ion OF HOLY TRINITY. MADISON AV. ANI) 4*_'d at.?Hour*-of lervlen, 10) ? A. M., 4 and 7>, P. M. Re*. Jan. 8. Fletcher, Rector of St. Barnabas', Dublin, Ireland, will preach In the muming; liev. Stephen II. Tyng, Jr., P. I)., In the oveniug. Bihle reading by Rev. W. 11 ? nip Hone in the afteraonn. C~HUROHOF OUlt"SAVIOR ~ ) (Sisth Unlversall-it Society), ;?7tli it.. ne:ir Sth av. Jatue< M. Ptilliniin. pantur. Ilev. C. n. Kay will preach Sundny montlng at 11; ctsb <nc a{ 7 :V>. First i:RV(>irMTT> episcopal churcd. m.mukon av., cortior of 47th it. ? IWvIn# ??rvioei at 10:3UA. M. ind 7 :4;"i P. M. The rector. Win. X. 'Sabine, will preach. ^LMDHLITY." XX THE MORNI.VU; "L0OK1N0 r Anead" (fnr the vounj). in the ewninv; Ilev. Win. II. Tbonmi: Beeknaau Hill MethmlLt Snitcoiotl church, HHh it .oait ol -*.i av. Siimln1 ?cli nil a P. M. suati trne. iifpTH AVK.N1 E BAPTIST i'IM'IICH, WM1 UTII F _ ... l>r. Arrahage. t-a?t w. will preach, lenrninir, I":'*). Puiilect, "Jemi ana CouvunaUonaliit." Eveiiinn, 7 :4fl, ?*>thav uil>*th thee." IJ1RKE BAPTIST ('III I:i H. 'ibid sT.. JtltAR OTH . av ?Rev Mr Rowell, |>a>tor. w ill preich it lo'^ and %. Subject?"All thilius lor the I hriitUn'i proftt." nAKLiOC UNIVKltSAlilKI"t'liUKCTlf," l'-'7TI( ' ST.*. Hev.,!. A. Sclti. |iu?tor.?11 A. M. to-morruw, ""Tbo Church ; ' 7j45 P, M.. "1 be > .nee ol Jay." Hi. HAsriNtls. mi. kvanuklisT will ? iwoach In the Sixt.v tlnt itrcet M. X. church. ie tweed -d and id avi.. at IO', A. M. .ind 7J( P. M. Subject for evening "Temperance." Service of nong at U) A.M. IMM and near him. Ser.ti free. Mi. ? H ?n >; > i?:.. or mil \oi iui MKX'S Christian Aaafn i itlon, London. Eniilnnd, will ?j>eak ?iiimlay oveinii^, the 4th in?t., at 7!. o'elm-k, at Aiaoclatiou Hall. __ UIVSIAN ORKKK i irAPKL. -?!' W . ItEI WEKN "?Oth ind .In it*.?The tea?? of Pent colt will be cele ?rated Sun lay. at 11 o'clock. All eordlaliy Invited. RhV. SAMUEL M. IIAMILltllT WI LLP RkAC H?I* ihe sc?tfh Piei'iyteriau ebuteii, 14th ?t., i,?ar av., .o inorrow, nt lo :?i v. M and 1 P. M. KV. ItAKKO 7hi; v. ILL pi.K.\rii SL'XIAV. \T *?*''? v'.. "n the t|iieni?>n " Have We anv Intereat in llie Late K?t?re?i? ?nt ot tl?' Fxe'.ie Low at Central M> thodlit Epiicopn ?hnrcb, 7tb av.. between lath and 14th m. RKV.JVMKSM IIINti, I'A S lOll. Vt I LI. PRE At MI IN the morn in* at the St. Jobn'i M. i'.. church. -Vltl at., near Broadway. Praiie lervtce and the celebration of tIt j MtTinifinln In the eveitinir. Ul.v .1 M I.I ? ? J i : It > :.N u ILL I'KMACII I.N 17T11 ?l. Mmhodiit IvpircoM. church ibetween lit and Ud ?v<.). Subject!?IO!j, "No M|ilit lu Heaven;" H 1*. M., "M.iine." KV. W. F. IIATFll LD. PAeTOIt. WILL PREACH Ut the Eighteenth dirert M. E chuiuh. near sth ?T., ?loruinir, to children. Evening?"Our Kii>t Parent!." U- KV. O. M M I'AMPHKLL WILL PREACH IN I l|~ Madiaon avenno Reformed ihurcb. corner 47th ?t? Sun day next, at 11 A. M. All mad* wulcomu. UUUOIOIS MM'ICEfe. RKV.Wrw PAUE "WILL I'HE AC II IN* TUK WEST 1 ltlt st. Pr?*s'iyterlan church. between nth ami 7tli ivi, ou Sabbntli morning ami' even lag. Ninth Ward Union Prayer mill Praise Mo*tinK nt 4 1*. M. Special religion* services every evening except Saturday. R~KV. .H)IIn JOHNS WILL PREACH AT TUB LEX iugtou mi'Iiw Methodist Episcopal church, corner of bud at., at 10>j A. M. All are welcome. CJTANTp^ STREET B APTISTOI11'R(:Yl,-WK. IiaVNE O I .envoiI, pastor. will prawkal IO;:jl A. M. SuMect? "Endor's Medium, the Prototype nf Jlwk'rn Mediums." At 7 :S0 I". M., subject?"Bible Roadiug." Stranger* invited. OIXTH~A TBI I' K KE POMMBD RHtllGH, UV" W M. B* 0 Merrllt. pastor.?Preaching m If)1, A. M. and 7'? P. M.; praise meeting, P. M. Ail aie welcome. St. owuiii a&OMH, btuyvebant square.? Rev. Walter W. William., D.D.. Associate Rector, will enter upon his duties on tt'hitsnodav. June 4, ami will preach at morning service. 10:.Vi, Hud evening aerviee. 4. ST. TliOMA*' OUUSOTT STII a v.. corn E it OP USD st , Rev. Dr. Morgan, rector.? Borvleu Sunday, .luue 4. Morning praver at ?n'dMk: litany, sermon and holy com munion at 10)^o'clock; afternoon service aud sermon at 4 o'clock. r p W K N T Y - KOI" HTII STREET M ET1I0DIST EPIRCO 1 put church, near Oth av.. Rev. Thomas I.od'.'e, pastor.? Preaching ut im,' o'clock by liev. Dr. Crawford and at 7:4.r> by Bar. 0. II. Fowler. 1>. I).. LL. I)., editor of Christian Ad vocate. Love feast at 3 P. M. 111ItT Y- KOI'TiTII 8TREKT REFORM KI? CHURCH, Itov. Carlo* Marty n. pastor ?Divine service to-morrow, 4th in?L. nt IHft A. V, mid T), P. M. Evonlug subject, "I.laht- itnd Shadow* ot thu Metropolis." TABERNACLE "baptist'~~CHI"ItCH, 2D AV. AND loth ut.?Rev. IIoito M. Sunder, will preach morning and evening; baptizing alter morning sermon. All ?Hirdtally Invited. TilE~CHCRCII^T~TinrSfBANOERX, MERCER ST.. near Sth.?Rev. Dr. Deems, ilio pastor. Is to preach at In :.MO A. M. iiuil 7 : IT> P. M. ; all the scats are Iron and Com mittee ou Hospitality meet strangers at the door. eoi) BTBBBT BAPTIST CI1UBCII, DtjUiU MtoXi? ?JO \rny.~-Rev. N. A. Reed will preaeli Sunday at lo)^ A. M. and P. V. 11 apt turn Sunday evening. Rev. Ueorgo W. Sampiuiu will preach VVodneKda) evening. AS!/ KULni). IilOUND?A I'OCICKTHOOK". OWNER CAN HAVE ' s:tmo by applying at West aoth st ]"OST?XUXHKR OK" RAILW AY PASSES IN PAVOB J of Ballard Smith. Hinder please return to E. 8. RU PERT, HO William st., and bo rewarUod. T OST-A ~MN." ENTITLED ~MAliVv"IN" HASTE, BE^ Li punt at Leisure: but It's Never Too Late to Mend." Copyrighted. Kinder will be rewarded. OEOIUiE PEARCE, l:i Water at.. Now York. 'I 08T?OK MONDAY AHTlSRK()6n, IN A BROADWAY 3 J car, ri white Pen. Ploaae rvturn to 215 West 4 itli at. Bo ward Riven. STEA TED It K?) S~DAVIS1 ST ATI ONE BY STORE, 471 t>U> av.? lllack and Tan. budly ruptured; no value ex cept to owner; liberal reward. UNV. AKDe>. ' Aff' REWARD KOR~Bl'.TURN Or'SMALL. DARK, ipu rough haired pet Dog, torrior brand, lost earlv Tliunt day ovcniiiL- Irom Sn Lexlnv-toi; av.; had on black and red leather collar; answora to "i!yp." d|l/\ B8WABD.?L081\ THURSDAY. jlUNE 1, A ?P 1 U small Mexloan brood Slut, answers to thn name of Nellie; has uoliair on akin aud a collar on neck with aiuall lock altiu'hed. Kinder return to Zi-I Wp-t ll'th at. A*(! KEWAgD AND NO QUBtiTIONS ASKED?POB iJltjU the return of a light Skye Terrier, answers to the name of "Tip," to N'o. 3S Vt est -tHIl at. fWl REWARD.?LOST, LAST TiESDAY EVEN ?D1UU inc. gold huiitlug-easo Watch, stem winder; Jan, Nardin, maker. No. 18.135; owner's name engraved iuside; no (|Ue?tiona asked. Addreaa WATCH, box 12d Herald Up town Branch olUeo. J SFEClAii NOTICES. KKW KUACTIONS, WIIOLE Oit HALF BONDS', for the Eighth Premium Drawiug ol tho loduUrial Exhibi tion Company of Now York, to be hold on Monday, June li, according to section 'J of the conditions of the loan, author ized by special act of the Legislature of the Statu of New York. Ouly 40 series participate. Premiums ranging from $21 to Every bond must be redeemed with a premium. Whole bonds, $KJ; Unites, $22 50; tenths, $5; twentieths, $2 50. Address, or cull to-day or Monday nt tho ofiieo ot M0BOKNTHA0. UtCDNO A CO.. 21) Park row. New York, opposite the new Post office. MERICAX "INSTITUTE.-* eV'ULAB MEETING OP this Institute will be held at its , iius In the Cooper Building on Thursday, the Htli dav of Juuc. at U P. M. 0. t'LEVBLAND, President. Cimuuh McK. Lkoub, Recording Scoretary. ?ISAAC'oTHOYCE. 2ti7 BROADWAY, LAWYER.? ? Divorces obtained prooiutly, witliont publicity: desor tiou, incouipiulbility.liaoltnal drunkenness. Ini'.delily, in human treatment, conriutlou of felony. Patisports obtained. A" ~Ll DMKASES"OP Tilh BLOOp AND NBKVOC8 system treated; succeHslul mid tieriuanont cures ^-uar anteoil; consultation ire?. Dr. WEsT'S old ustabliaed of lice, 45 Bleeckur st., noar Broadway. j^NOTHER STEP AilEAD IN ENTERPRISE. DURING THE "CONTINUANCE OK THE JEUUMK I'AUK It ACES TUB EVENING TELRGRJKM WELL ISSUE A LATE EDITION. ABOUT 11ALFPA8T Six. ON THE EVENING OF EACH DAT ON WHICH THE RACES TAKE PLACE, WITH FULL PARTICULARS BV SPECIAL DESPATCHES OF TIME MADE AND NAMES OK ALL THE WINNING HOK8E8. ATTENTION'.-TWENTY YEARS' PRUSSIAN HOS pital experience; disnnse* of men lu nil its branches, even ol long stauiUiig. ii specialty. Consultation and roedl dno* tree. .d. JACORY, M I)., I'll lileecker *1. A?A.-ALL PRIZES CASHED' IN GOLD AT THIS ? office. Third Louisiana gold distribution. New Orleans, July M, lHTii. Capital price $1(?>,(? ?> gold!! 3.WJ price* amounting to $50J.o0Q. 2U.O O ticket* #.'*? currency. Coupons In proportion. Apply lor Information Ac.. to WILLIYMiSON A CO., brokers, Ml7 Broadway. Poet office box U.UK. LLEN A CO.. 7i? N ASS A l~ ST., N KW YORK.? Wyoininir Littery draws Juno 10. Cnpital price, ((.VI.IKII). .Retributed. Ticket* tl; tlx for $j. Circular* innilod Tree. Price* cashciL A?FIRST PRIZE, NOH.Olll. ootn. ? -Vain drawing of the Ducal llrtm-wick Government Lottery, from Mav 1(1 to June t?. 1870. Ui,J>W ticket*. ?*,?*) price a, lloyal Havana Lottery. Next drawing J une tl, ls>7(i. Fall explanatory circular* l>ce. THEODORE ZSCIIOCH. Box 5.5W Po*t office. 1 Hi Nassau at.. Now York. ?KEN IT'CKY STATE _ LOTTEItl ES OK J. ? . t-MlTII k CO. KgaTi'Cxr, utiu ctuas 4?;h?you 1870. S5, 37, 34. 2. M. 41, 43. 27. 1. .12. 18, 70. 02. KK.Mi i'XV, cla*!i 470?you 1870. 5, 50. 51. 4.1, 72. 00, 21. Ot. D. 02. 8, 68. 31. All order* HiMre*a B. NATHAN. 181 Broadway, or box 4,871) Pout olbcu. New York ilty. Correction.?lu Kentucky, Extra Class 107, tlio Orat drawn nuuiliei should have boon 14. iu place of 11, us crroueoualy published In ye?lerd*y'* edition. ?PARKS, EMERSON" A CO.. ? Kentucky Mate Ijotterlo*, drawn daily. Royal liataua Lottery, drawn ovary l< aay*. Kentucky Single Number Littery, drawn Juue .'I. 1870, Price* cached, information furnished and circulars free. lMi llroiulway. 4*o*t office box 5,272 New York. JONSUUPTION. INDIGESTION AND WASTING DISEASES. Tlio uio?t auproi ed remedies are PANCREATIE. EMULSION Mid PANCREATINE. The original and genuine prepared only by SAVORY A MOORE, 143 Now Bond St., London. Sold by tliem and all chemists and storekeeper* throughout tlio world. DH1SKASES OF MEN A SPECIALTY. HENRY A DANIELS, M. D . 144 Laxingtoo XT., near 2Hth at. Office hour* from 8 to 3. Divorce? ~ yuifcTLT?for INCOMPATIBILITY. aeporation, Xc; In any Stale; pay wlten divorced: ud \l<e Ire.i. AMERICAN LAW AGENCY, 71 Aator liouit. rand kentuckv state dTstribltion U June 2L?SIMMONS .V DICKINrtoN. Vanagcrs; 2?>.43iI Price* For olliclal circular*, uivin.- fnll explanation, aililrca* Agent for Mancpirt, G. II. BOOTH, l*o?t office box H,iU7. New York. H'aVANT LOTTERY.?N ETr~l>KA W ING*OK 40.UM ticket!, and $0" "n>'l orlacc, .iune 0. 1>>70. Fur par ticular* address B. MARTINEZ A CO., i?o. 10 Wall at., basement, Post office box 4,082. N. B.?Highest price paid lor Spanish gold and Havana Bank bills. Draft* on Havana lu all amount* issued. KXAPP'8 extract" OF BOOri. MA KM ONE OF the iioalthioat and choaurot beverage* oxtant; ? strictly temperance bevurag . Sold by all wbolesu e and most retail druggist*. D*fH>t 302 Hudson *t , New York. K ?CHRONIC i'ATARRIL DKAFNEiiil 1MPROVBD ? method; Instantaneous relief; permanent caret. Ilr. STODDARD. No * Weat 14th it. K _**?.?? IN PHIZES. EVERY OTHER TICKET ? n pilae. Kentucky Mate : inule number (irand Die t.-ii'utiou draw* June 24. Si.n" ticket*. 2.*>.42 > pi ice*. Whole tlckota. fl'l; iiaivea, $??, ijuarters, f J AO. Roy ill Havana Lottery, to lie iirawii June (I. Whole ticket* ; tenth* and twentietiui in profxirtloa. KeuttH-ky Mate Lotteriea. drawn dally. 1 or iulormation. circular*, Jtc.. aiblrex nr apply to .! ICKMJS .i; < o.. Baaaera. 2n2 Brooilway, New York city. Mhhontama SBI s PANIER. cum 25 J all ri gen Stiftuujrelaate dca Corpa MOM AN (A, wahrend ilcr Tage drt 13, *4 mad l*> Jull. 187''., ladet *eine alien Mitglieder oin. T. A. d. C. C. d. VONTANIA. P. SON NT A?i. ? ? ? KfiKtitKKo, I. * l*ten Mai, 1870. N'ERVOCS KXII Al'STfoN.?A MEDICAL ESS\* coniprUinir a aeria* ol leclore* delivered at Kalin'* Mu aeuio of AHatMty, New York, on the canae and cure of Pre niature Decline, showing Indisputably Ihiw lout health may tie regniiicd. afloritinu a clear synopai* of the Impediment* to marriage and tbo treatment of nervous and pli} steal debility, bring the result of 2D rear*' cxroricnee. Prtae 2S cent*. Ad dresi. the author. Dr. L J. KAlIN, office and residence 31 East liJtli at. New York. IrjILES OR HEMORRHOIDS RADICALLY CURED.? original, palnleas trautuiont; two to Jour weeks re oulreil; no fees until cored: circular* ln-e. Ur. 8TODDABD, only oOlee No. 8 Weat 14th at. ROYAL HAVANA I?OT TERY.?*?W.U? WILL BE drawu ou Juno 0. l'rtcxa cashed; order* 0llcd ; Infor mation lurnisbed; hlghcct rate* paid lor Spanish bill*, gov ernmonta. Ac. .. _ .. TAYLOR A CO., Banker*. No. II Wall *t.. Now York. EMOVED?MRS E~ MUNROK HILL. hl.r.Clvf cian. Board aud Nursing. jUJ Hudson tl.. aaxr U??k. Ii SPECUii SOTICKS. Q ?OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOT teries.- SIMMONS A DICKINSON. Managers. KKMVI'KV, KXrUA CLASH 5" 301?Jt.\K 2, lS7li 15. :?i. ??, 5S. 23, 30, 12. M, ?. 17. KK.XTI'CKY, CI-ISS Jill. 3?l-'?JINK 2, 1K7U. 45, 11. ?15, Hi. (H. II. 20. 52. 13. 18, 4d, 40, 20. IIKKUY. KXTUA CLAM MO. 2U1?JCS?: 2. 1S70. 73. 47, 45. 21, 3D, 24, 5SU. 75. 13, 1. Uk'HUr, CLASS NO. 2ti2? JINK 2, IK7"1. 74, 70, 55. 11, 24, 21', 44, 4,* 45, SH, 3*. 20, SR. r nil information by applying tu or addressing J. ULUTK k CO., 2<D Broadway, ur bus 4,1 KJU Pott ollice. S uyI IN I'lU/.i'.S-KVKItY OTITeR TICKET A . Price.?SIMMONS A DICKINSON'S kiu?fat number Keutucky State Lottery to bo drawn June 21, 1870; 2A.430 priii'? nut of 50,000 tickets: also Royal Havana to be drawn on June ti, 1H7H. J. CLUTE A CO., 2U0 Uruwlttr, or box 4,1*11) Post office. UWIET1 ks~>RDKRB, Visum0 PARTIES*AXdTn CI dividual* going to the Centennial can obion $3,1.(1) acotdent Inauranee for ^5 L*i'iit> jmmt day per capita at 252 Broadway, Hartford Accident Insurance Company. ______ w- A- ARMSTRONG. Mauuger. fAMMU INDIKW?A LAXATIVE PRLJT~ LO/.ENGE", agreeable to take; specilic remedy lor constipation and It* consequence!,. F. Gflj LLOT, -7 Uuu Rainlcitcau, Paris; depot, CASWhLL. II A/.AR!) A ('O., Now York. SPORTING?LK Hi S. UlltOS, vWv.. Fools sold this afternoon at sis rutledge >i, near Union Grounds. on Louisville vs. Mniuuls, on Union Grounds; Boston vs. Chicago. nt Boston; St. Louis vs. Athletic, at Philadelphia; Hartford Tl. Cincinnati, at liartlord. __ SEIBEKT .V Met l.OI l>. THK T{;a^ Auction and puenciI pools sold" aL'l day, at New York Turl Exchange. 15 West 2Htli it., on the Ji'rnme Park running races; French Pools dos-i 3:10 P. M.; prompt attention given order* by mail or messenger. KELLY, BLISS ,t CO. AmerTcan jockey club.?spr7n<T~.meeting. 1H76. at Joromo Park, 3d. Utli. Hh, 10th, 18th. loth and 17th Juno. Raves continence eoeh dav punctually nt 3 o'clock. A. BELMONT, ProakWnt. C. WtUtATLY, Secretary. A COTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT JOIIN XV SON'S Rooms, corner Broadway and - * t h nt., this morning, commencing 1>^ o'clock, on the Jerome Park racea; each race nwoma ti.v telegraph aw snou as rnn. All orders by mail, telegraph or Di?i>a?i>K>*r will receive particu lar iitteiition. T. B. Jt W. 11. JOHNSON. A U0T1ON AND PRSKdH POOLS OPEN AT TtlOtUf 1V Exchange, 1.23W Broadway, on mulling racoa at Ju rouie Park. Alsu ba-o ball matches?Mutuals vs. l>otiisville.. Athletics vs. St. Louis, Bostons vs. Chicago, llnrtiords vs. Cincinnati. O. M. THOMAS. F- LEKTWOOD PARK. ~ ' Hroiuluius $3,5iK\ JUNE 24, -NI and 27,1876. FIRST KAY?SATURDAY, June 24. 2 ;50Clan*, $MX>?j&iOO 8r?t. $150 second. $."><) third. 2:31 Class, $'.ii?.?_#?Ki Ur?t, fJiXJ second.$1(*J third. SECOND DAY-MONDAY, Juno M. 2 :'tS Class, I>?i.'.Vl tirst. ?iloO secotitl, $100 third. 2:2S Clau. $; a jo?$31 x > first. $2'*i second. $luO third. THIRD DAY-TUESDAY. June 27. 2:40 Class. ?400-$.00 first. $150 .ecoiui, $.V) third. 2 :22 Cliuis. *l,l?JO?$>??' Urst, *:tui second. $1111 third. When eli:ht or uioro horsci start lu a boat the distance ?ball lie 150yards. Entries close Monday, June ID, at 11 o'clock P. M. Entrance lee, lo per cent ?f the purse, of whicn one-halt only shall be forfeited by thoso parties who desire to withdraw, providtd they nball ?o declare anu lodtfo writteu notice to that elfect with the secretary on or bolore Kriday, June 23. at 7 o'clock P.M. Communications must be addressed to the .undersigned, at Morrisania, N. Y., where the entries will close us above at tbo nlDce o! the park. (JATKd 11. BARNARD, Prosident. VfhW YOR Iv AN I) ~U ARLK M RAILROAD. Jerome Park Raers. Jane, 3, tl. H, 10, 13, 15 and 17. Special trains, with reserved cars for ladies, will loave Grand Central Depot on race days at 1:30 and 2 P. M. Ro turntiij; after the races Fourth avenue cars nin direct to depot. Excursion tickets, 40 cent*. C. M. BISSELL. Superintendent. . TATTERSALL'S TURF AOENCY, 1.227" BROADWAY, will have their office on tho "bliifT," at Jerome l'ark. Liberal odds on all ntces; telegraph board, with starters, winners, Ac.; bets from $1 upward. , HOUSES, CAIU(LIUE!?. d>t. TfBAKBik * SON'S A CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TAT TERSALL'S. CORNER OF Broadway and 3!>th at. MAJOR CUAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. BEOULAR SALES every Wednesday and Saturday. TWENTY-POOR hoars allowed for trlaL THE ONLV driving track in tho State. CATALOGUES OF SAJ.E THIS DAY, AT 11 O'CLOCK, THE CELEBRATED gray trottinic ueldlnir Albert. 15^ biich, foaled 18ii0; got by Vunuoter's Biood Chief; witbont oxaKuaration is one of tho earnest trotting horses to lie found, con tfo tho length ol tho road and lie ns fresh at thj finish as when he started: has a record of 2 :3H. and cnu trot boat* bettor than 2:40 to-day; is warranted sound and kind; was withdrawn from the last sale, but wilt be pcaitivcly sold to-day. LIGHT TOP Depot Wagon, by Webb. SUPEKB PONY OUTFii', comprising the finest 12 high bay child's saddle and harness Pony in America; 7 years old; perfect under sadulo or in harnesa; warranted sound and kind; alto basket Pouy Phaotou, Harness, Saddle, Bridle, Blanket, Whip. Ac. TOP SIDE bar W*pm, built by Howard. TWO-SEATED Platform suriiijr no top Wasmn. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD lurnout, comprising an elegant and very desirable bay t rotting Gelding, got by Hamble tonian Chief, 153^ liieh. 7 years old; a very ntyUsh, prompt ahd easy drlvor; has had no handling lor speed sud can trot ch ae to 2 rtO; has tine, ainiablo dis|H>sitiou and i> warrantod sound and kind; also fiuo no top Uoad Wagon, Harness, Ac. TOP PU LL spring Wagon, nearly new. EXTRA FIN c. and stylish bay Mare, 15 hlirh, 8 years old; good, lreo driver; sharp traveller; warranted souud ami kind. TOP EXPRESS Wagon, built bv Smith. SPEEDY BROWN llautbiclni ouittn Maro, l t^high, 7 years old; a pleasant and handy driver; has trotted closo to three minutes and is warranted sound and kind. NO TOP EXPRKSS Wagon, by Lawreueo. TWENTY OTHER tup and no top Road Wagoiu, Depot, Express and Business Wagons, Carriages, Ac. TWELVE OtllER Horses. FULL DEst)RiriONS at salo. SALES NEVER postponed on uceouof weather. A?XiUUIt VI. nAUI\C.n, AI/tllUAIiKK. . FLEETWOOD V.VBK JUNKS, 1X70. M tiSBS. C. W. IIA It K KK A .-ON (JENTLRMBN?AFTER SHOWING \1Y HORSES to. day. An advertised, on FLEETWOOD TIIACK the LAItiiE AS SEMBLY there told mo tliat "HONEsTY WAS THE BEST POLICY." And Irom the showing tboy mode they ?er.) WELL SATISFIED tlmnnr catalogue of stock wits deserv ing of EVKUYTUI.NO 1 claimed tliuni to be. Bespectiullv. W. J. BACON. THE Sf'KED SHOWN UNDEB THE WATCII. TUB UNEXAMPLED EVENT. MAJOU BAKKEB has the honor of announcing Mr. W. J. BACON'S (if the CABUIftGTON STUD FA KM, Mont Bomtrv Pont office. Trlifn county. KENTUCKY) second 'NPBECEDENTED hiiiiuaI SALE of the lastxst GBEE.V And TRAINED TROTTERS ever offered At auction just Ar rived from Kentucky, to take place at B vKKKU A SON'S City Auction Mart uud Now > nrk Tnttersall's, eorner of Broadway nnd :fi?th *t., on MONDAY, JUNK 5, at It o'clock, and comprising TWBNTY-TIIREE fiend or STALLIONS, OELDINOS and MAKES, WINNERS at all the Southern Kentucky and Tennessee FAIRS, In Kaddle, harness nnd M'hlill rinu's. that can trot In front down to BETrEB THAN islki, the net ol Exchequer. Blue Grass, Tenth Legion, Ac., Ac , ami including two extraordinary gentlemen's TUOTTINO TEAMS. Ill AT THE STOCK came from KENTUCKY the bills of lading. freight I.ill* and lmurauce policies Irom point of shipment, CEUTi FICATES ut SfcCKBTAlllES of FA IBS, Ac., nre ready to exhibit to all desiring to see tliuin. STOCK subject to veterinary nnrgeon's examination, and are now at the Central Avenue Stable*, Central nv., near Fleetwood Park, where they can be seen In burnetii or un der saddle ana SPEEtMil up to Sunday, June 4, win n they will be removed to the Mart. THE TIME claimed lor these horse* WAS SHOWN UNDEK THE WATCH at Fleetwood Park on Friday June ;i, in the piciieiice of a large number of gcuticincii from .%LL PA UTS ol the country. t'ATALOOl'KS. with lull particulars. pedigrees, icoords of performances, Ac., now ready at the Spirit, furl and Mart offices. or nt tli" stable*. SALE WITHOUT reserve or postponement. A MOBTOAtiE SALE OF KLI'.OANT HOUSE.-., J\. WaOONS, HARNESS. ROUES. BLANKETS, AC. BY VIUTUE OK A CHATTEL MORTtiAOU TO ME DIUBCTKO I WILL EXPOSE FOR SALE, I1Y PUBLIC AUCTION. THIS DAY i SATURDAY), JUNE II. AT II O'CLOCK. AT THE PRIVATE STABLE II . EAST T2D ST., BETWEEN 4TII AMI LKXliUTOIt A VS. Including the last bay Trotter "Tip;" lie is li.'a hands high. 7 years old; w?? raixed Ih Vermont uml sired by Ib.mel Loiubert. dain by Etlinu Allen, with record of "1 ;.TJ; hu is very attractive sad styiiah In harnese, In very docile ; can be drlnu by auv ordinary driver; does not lug or pull: Is rapid and puro gxlted; lias great Lame and endurance ; ho was driven a mile last (all ill J ; he * ill make one of the bent moneyed horses in the stale, aa be can without doubt '.rut Willi a lew weeks' handing below "1 :IIO: be can spend very fast; bo can pull a road wai.'i>n on road with any of the noted ouos and lie is warranted ?ound and kind The beautiful broan Trotting: MAre ?"Bessie I).," I3(j high, <1 years old; ? an sired by Itiliv Dontou, dain by Pilot Temple, .If. ; was raised by Mr. Tu>loroii his stock farm In Orange county; Is a perfect and genuine trotter; sne can ?bowbetter than 'J :*?on track ; Is stylish and blood like; has ? spleudld set of liuibs and feet; she M welt broken to uil harness and In all respects a lint elast trottiiix umre; she Is warranted sound and kind. Elegant buy Horse, sired bv Kirkwood, dam unknown; he is a llrst do** lady's saddle horse, thoroughly broken; has alwsys been driven by ladies nnd children, and for that pur pone Is Invaluable; will stand without tying Aud is sale under all circumstance!; a very ploaaaat, prnmnt driver: is 0 years old this stiriug; can beat 3 minutes and warranted sound and kind. Vary b.unlsoine ebestnut Gelding, raia< d at Lexington, Ky., sired by Denmark, dain by Snow Flake, 7 years old, la)j bauds high; he Is ono of the best broken and !?>! be haved saddle Iii.imis that was ever brought here from Ken tucky ; ho has taken seven premiums as a smtdie horse in that State; he Is broken in all saddle gnlts; guides and changes ^aits by motion ; has beon ridden nrliu Ipaily by a lady shu'le loots; has a very pretty ilsing trot and a very ?nay cantor nnd u-altop; lie Is perfectly broken to single sad double harness; is sale for a lady to drive. and can trot a mile b 'iter than 3A3. snd Is warranted sound ami kind I he fast bay Trotter ?"George.'' sired by Honest Allen, dsm by Yoiiiik Mowel, 1&), high, 7 years olu; can trot a mllo In U or hotter; Is a very tough. hardy horse . Bo road too long lor hint; Is not excitable In company ; does r.ot pull whou s|H'oding. mid is the finest gentleman's road horse In this city; warranted sound snd kitnl. Handsome ehestuut trotting Holding, K?}g high, 7 yean old, sired by Cunklin's Star, dam by Poarsali: trotted when coming 3 years old in "J :tt?; he has always been driven on ro d and is without n record; ho can go to track any time mill trot a mile in "2 :!<5 and repeat ail his heats in that timo: n? Is warranted sound aud kind Watroiis consist of one White Chapel side bar road Wagon, one lull spring top Wagon, oue top pony Phaeton, one can opy top Phaeton, five sets single llmn?>?, two nets double Harness. Ulauketn. Lsp Itiipei, Sheets, Ac Also a large iiuantttyol llay. Feed, Straw. Ae.; (table UtetililS, Vis.Move, Urnshes, tlomba, Shovels, Folks. Ac. N. B.?1)ie above stock is now on exhibit ion and irontle inob in search of anything ol tbn kind are invited to call and oxamine the stock bolore the time ol sale. KALE POS1TIVE, IUIN OK SHINE. JOSEPH W. WAURr.N. MORTGAGEE. BY ORDER OF L. A. CUBBY, MAUSIIAL AND ATTORNKY lt)B MOKTUAOBE. OFFICK, IJ CilAMBteltS ST. a ?LOOK. i\? Cheap; must elose thom out; two (Inn top road Wagons, one depot Wagon, two top pony Phaetons; also on? emiopy and one opeu basket Phaeton; single, double and coupe llarneas. Uniou Auction llonne, East IHth St., near Broadway. A -fl 10 WILL BI Y AN NLKCANT TOP BUtMJY, ? c <st ftt*) last month; a tine harness, 81", worth 91UU. stable Jo. 93 East 1Mb st HOKSKS. IMUU1.VGKS. ?C. A' ? MAJoi: CHAS \V. BARKER. lUl?{OKKlE i\. TUB llAXDSOMhsr BVER SEEN PBOHOINCED 11V JUDGES to Uo tin- BEST UOT of COACH. SPEED AND SADDLKRS BEEN IN NnW YORK. KOti FIFTH EX YEARS. C API'AIS UEORUE n. UA.NXA. ot Bourbon county, KENTUCKY. takes ptea-iir.' til aniinundui; his Kol'U TKENfll unparalleled SALE ul' the tiulist URKEN TROTTERS in tlu' unrlri, Juki uilvgilItilW KENTUCKY, to tako place at B.VUKKU & SON'S (!||y AMtluu Mart and New York TmmmII'i, corner of Broitdnay and Il'.'th it, uu Wednesday. June 7. ul II o'clock. aud cniuiiriklnsTWENTY SIX HEAD of the richest bred in the country, ini'liullwf the net <>f Heir's Maiubriuo. Patcheii. Billy (iolildust, WomIM'i Mumbriiio, Ac.. it. and con siMtni; ot GUKKN TROT"I'fcttS tliut mu trol In trom J mliiuu-. ilown to tlir**o extraordinary Ul liik-h superbly matched iHIaUII TEAMS, uhe?ii.i ts mid blacks, or iincmallcd rich upiwaranco Hiid stylo; ? miiiilx-r ot eles?ut COUPE MATCH or T Curl HORSES; ? PACING Goldinic t)i.?t cuii llKAT li-.:tO. hiu! the balance tlio moat uuci|iinllcd lot of PUKMIUM combined ladles' und ueiille liioil h SADDUK AND HARNESS HOUSES over brouirht Iroiu Keiilurkv; slock all warranted sound and kind, mid are now at tlio Marl for trial Dr. JOHN \V. CLAHKK, am'iit for Captain llauna is now on hand to Kivn every body the opportunity oi riitlnir and drlvim' and testing tho saddle qualities mid Sl'KKD ol anv ol the lot HEFORK tho time of SALE. Catalogue* ready. Sale positive. No pout po lie lucnt. J^NOTIIEK STEP AHEAD IN UffttritUI. DURING THE CONTINUANCE OF TUB JEROME l'ARK RACKS T1IE EVENING TELEGRAM WILL ISSUE A LATH EDITION. AIIOUT HALF-PAST SIX, OX TUB HTKN1NO~OF EACH DAY ON milOU Tills RACKS TAKE PLACE, WITH FULL PARTICULARS UY SPECIAL DESPATCHES OK TIME MADE AND NAMES OF ALL THE WINNING HOUSES. Y ?SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. Landaii, In irood order. Landaulet, newly done up. Coach, In cloth, an good ki now; low prico. Park Phai'lou, lor tour persons. our inako. Pony Phaeton, for two peiaona, clump Top Wagons, our make, with vertical pines. J. 11. BKEWSTER A CO.. Warerooms5th av and 'JI?t at. 1 !?> East 35th st. "7 FIRST CLAMS SPUlNO B9iaY-IN FIBE oRDElT; XL decided har^aiu. I 'all at olHco 1,2 11 Broadway. "a -fob balk owe oanadian pokyj also two Ai Howes suitable tor furutin;.'or any business; clioap. 104 Ellr.ulvctb si., betweon Hroouie and Grand sts. ?FOB ~~SALE?PIVK CHEAP WQBK HORSES; ? suitable tor any tnslncai. Apply at 41 Bloeckcr st.. roar. T ?7~ WABREN ST. JOHN MOOBB. A hnndsoinu luathrr trimmed Phuutoii, $11 it. Rock aw ays. $1:1.7. I lp pot VVupiii.i, $1,311. IIiikkIcn, $14.\ Extension top Park Phaetons, cut under Rockawaya. its. Harness, first rule totality, all timid atitcbod. #.2 toluol, shouts, -ri tola. LapBobe*,9* l*P& Whalebone\Vhip?,fl HEAl'TIKL'L KUUL SPUING TOP WAGON. TWO Phuotoas lone ?I!IU? four porsona). siilo bar and light Roud Wa^on. Private ?table, UlM. ami 4th av. A UCTIOS SAI.K i1iIS |TAyTt*11 tCCLOt'K, AT NO. 1V 28H Went I'Jd >t.. of Ilorscs. U a^o?K, Carts, llnrnuss, Ac., by M. NUSSliAl'M, Auctioneer. BKE\VSTElt ToP 5ROOME ST.I LIGHT ROAD Viiifon, I Watorinau'i do., I Depot Wnjfun, l top Pony Phavton, 1 open do., CtWf Sulkoy. 53 lbs.; 1 Meooiul band Skutntn.i Wafnn. 1 lireuater two seat open Wu^on. with imiIo; 1 Stivers' top Waifon, ? sn. Apply at WM. II. UBAi'M ('arriaco K aotory, 1.4' >4 Hroadway. A ?FINE LOT OF HARNESS-\r LOW PRICES; JV. Sli.'i'ts. Xet?, Xe., in ureat vaiintv. Save money liy dealing direct witii the inannfuctiirer. E. IIARTLETT, tU Warren at., corner (!ottat;o place. New York A DOCTOR'S" HIGH TOP WAGON. HORSB ABO Haruent; aliio ouo ltockaway and l'ouy Phaeton, nearly new, lor sale cheap, to clone an o*tate. To bo (eon at stable lt;3 Pacitte st.. llroultlyn. * -FOR SAuk. FOUTT PONY-BU!UT" lHHiSKS, ill aiiltahie for (troccry, milkman or any kind of business; will be sold at a great sacrifice. At 57 Great Joues St., near Bowery. 0W7PB ROOVAWAT, IN OOOD OBDBB, AND good taiuily Horse; sold for want of use. 1*? I Kast ">.Sd st no a x pi >XY BUILT noil sk?v Sutn, st* msii driver: two other liorsos; #10", $125. (II Caual st. a -ten"bUsixess wagons" $ao toitfto, suit A> able lor nxpross, i;roecr*', butchort', bakers', milk, package, ndvertlsinir. depot and deliverer wagons. At wauon manufactory, --d Spriuc st. AIM HO UN KOR OAs II?A LADY LEaVINO THE city offors lor salo her Park Turnout, consisting of tho most stylish and beaulitul buy Policy iu tho city, (5 yours old 10 hand- high, flowing mane mid tall t<i the ground; In perfectly gentle tor any child to riilu or drive; warranted sound ana kiud hu.I to trot u lullo In 2:45; elegant top Vhttctoii, B?ilil mountings. with harness to match, lap rolie and whip, all good a* now; would sell separately or to gether; this turnout must I o seen to be uppreciatod; scon at private stable No. 18 Went 27th st., between Broadway ana 5th at, "t ?HALK COST, TOP PORT PlIAKTuN (PERKECT j\.i order), Canada Worse Harness, Robe, Whip, stable Blankets, *2-3; extension top Phaeton, $125; pole, abaft*. 510 7th av. -MCST SEE NO " REASONABLE OPPRR HE ? liived: leu.nihil extension top Park Phaeton, Pole anil shall.-*; carries lour pvrso.'is; also fin<> top road Wagon, Pole and Khan*, and ton lonv Phaeton and single Harness. At private stable 1 XJ Ka>t 10th st., between Irving place and .Id av. A" ?TO LRT?THK VI.VEST HORSES AND WAOON8 . III the State; Horse*, stylish Wayons and Harness, m-n, at the Union Club stable, 10 Kant lKtli it., noar Broad way. (SomVLkTE TURNOUT POIt SALE CHE \ I'?CONSIST. J Ing of a llorse, U yearn old. Brewster side bir U'ldin and a new set of Harness. Can lie Keen at Jackson's viable, Atlantic av , near Ola-son, Brooklyn. /"lOlPK ROCKAWAY KOR S A LB CHEAP?ALSO \ J eoupe Harness. Call at HI7 Washington st Jjlfsi: LIOIIT OAKRI AOKR BROCKETT A TUTTLE, of New Haven, Coon., have on hand the largest stock of line light Carriages to be found outside of New >ork city, and for style and qual ity they will coinonro favorably with tho best Now York makers, while our priccs are considerably less. We make a specialty of the light hide-bar Wagons, With tho J. B. Brewster patent cro .-.-spring. BBOOKRTTT TUTTLE, 166 Ooife st , New Haven, foMn. F IKE SPAN HORSES, T CART AND IIAKNESS Horces warranted sound mid kind and good travellers; sold only lor want of us" and it 1 -ss than half Cost; to re sponsible parties any laii trial ?ill be given ; must be sold within dttre dnya. Inquire at J. S. KKKOUSOVS stables, ltd West -Hd st., near 0th av. fjVVSIlioNAiILK BREED STALLION, BLOOD BAY, |5M| r*pnnl, 2:11; can 'mat single or double; sound nnd kind; child can drive him; Huiiscniuh Harness nnd too WsK'in: i.riae f a irusiantco given; nit hum bug. Private stable, S:td it. anil Ith av. i/iou BALK-A hay HOUSE, I.'.', B4NMilttH, ft I yeur? old; loll mine an t tail; a splendid lanilly horse( he is snnnd, kicd ami 'rue; nlso a city liuilt Express Wagon sini Haines*: a first class turnout: very little used; must he-obi. to;?tlier or sup-irate, no further use for them. In quire lor J. M. IIUNTEK, in the store, 202 Wooster st., noar Hksiksr. fioi SALE-A-'WELLBRED IMYSAD0MI lln|;si'.; tiie livsi of iiis sign in the city; to In Mild cheap for want of use. Apply at Rt Lexington av. F"~OII MA LE?IIANDRO ME.~ ST YLI8IJ MA UK ~rROTrf inside el '4^1 Apply at 1IM West i.'iil st. J" iH)K SALE?A LA ROE BROWN IIORSK, (I YEARS old; sound in every ruspect. C an be audi at Iil3 I'.ast soihst. JAt:<?;t WKRlM, MInm, I^oiTs a i.i'.?lea Ti Feh top ore \xo ha its ess, in good order; would oxelutngc for driving llorsr on cash liooto. i'Ki;K. No. 3 Stone st. IIOR SALE yov. WANT OKVsli. A HIDE BAR TOP Wagon, llgl t llarncsi and young bay Horse; nil good and sound. WEST SIDE OALVAN1/.IN(i WOiiKS, 6t3 West l-'.th st. IjlOK SaLE-KOk""WANT OK "USE. ONE D UM'LED gray, 1 rt hauUs. IS yearj old; one bay, I.V1.... H years old; splendid drivers; aheap loreash. Cull at XJ I'erry st. T^Ott" S A LE-Ifl 75. COST ifa30,~ AN ELEO A N1' lontlier top pony I'liaeton, not soiled; also s ttio) clt^ made, full spring top Wagon, u-ooit as new, lor In quire of TO.Vi. coaeiiman. prlvutc stable. No. 5 West I ">th st. InoR HAUPNH'EHT PONV ijTolTV KOH LADIES* ehildren or Invalid; perfect beauty and safe. 370 Hud* son st. LIOR S AI .K?A ~ 'O NY~ MA ltE~ IIA K N ESS A NI) r I'haetoti; tills is a pruc for any lady; inust lie sold. (!an be seen at Hanover -table-, Nos. 141 and 1 ??-< West ,'t7th st.. f ir throe days. Also two I'm.ies and top Wagou. FpoU SALE "CHEAP.-A MCE BLACK HOUSE 13V bands; stylish driver; eau beat 3 minutes - sonnd, kind and young. Apply at OAUItlSON'S, 47th St. and llroadwaf. s IitOR SALS OR KXCilANOR^A tlUST KI.KoaNT ' closely matehed toiy Teani Messenger Mares, sired by Lanie Bagna. staud 15.3, t: vsars oldlbU spring: same axe, nearly: kind and truo in all harness; free from vico: very siviish and handsome, with long manes and taie.< and black points; never bandied for spool, and will show a tnile In 4 minntcs ; arn w?rr iiited sound, kind and true; for sale, or exchange lor single Horse. Address CHARLES CANDKE, Candes House, Syracnse, N. Y. ORKKH, HOH>l>?AT PRICKS TO SLIT THE times; another lot of flne young horse' direct Ironi the country, among which arc some tine steppers; al-o some splendid saddle Ponies; these Horses aro very hardy, of Hue iiiuii and action and soma of tliem have turned ont fast; lln-y are yoiinu and sound uiul uill lie sidd low. mi seen at Erie Ualiroaii yards. Weehauken, N.J. 'lake Isrry Iiom loot of 4'Jd st., .Vorto River. HA UN ESS.?t'11E AP ES f HARNi'Ss" STOHR IN NEW Yor?; gooil liuggy Harness, hand made, 915; good Orocers'llariioas. $25: goo i dooiiie Team llame.s, ^>1; a good Horse Blanket, f I Hk Piease call and exami'ie for yourselves. A OSBOR.N, Manulaciurers, 71 liar clay st. II very I To tie 11 oWaLL life EM AND OKOKOE IV. Top Pon' 1'iiuntons, Mile bar or elhutiv spring TOP KOAD \? vOHNS. A. S. KI.ANDRAI', 97*2 and 374 Broome st. (old stand uf Biewster A Co.) HORSB SHP.KTS -PULL MA DP, TWt) BUT TORS. KOR ?Oc. ; lo st three ply tiardeu Hose. 11. Mexican llaiuiiiocki, if'i -HI; Itarue i. Robes, Whips, i(alters, Ac., down J.'i t>i iV i per cent -tt TI SIS.I (III NSO.Vf*. f>n Lii>erty at. 1" ADV'S TCKNOIiT COMPLETE?C lilt AP, BLAC'K J Horse, warranted; Pony l'baeton, Harness. Privsto stable, av. A and 234 at. HOltSlSS*. CAHill AOSa. cc? HORSK WASTED?GOOD STOUT I'lill, 15 HANDS, well broken aud sound; (Mrttrtly kind and willing for any hm; low price. Addle a COUNTRY, box 3.70J Post office. I Afttni sTOOK or SI'MMKR SI!KK?V,'~I?r?TKKs". J Cu tlnir Suo.Hn.'VVIInun'n leather Kly N< is Ear Tips, M very law prim. WM. II. (} AY, 90 m 32 wtiam ?? LANDAUS- * Willi glass or leather fronts, aud American or foreign top; lumber anil lino morocco lining*. A. S FLANDRAU. 372 and 374 Broome at. (old ataud o' Brewster A Co.) 1 BATHER Tor SIDEBAR ROAD WAGON. NEW J last lull, lii iierlect order. city maker, u ill warrant, #i'?t?; set|doiiblu llarness.'by Diitwomb, ;*- >; : m<i> miclc Harness, eliuap. Corner 7iub nt> and llth uv. Smb.?nE, UK A UTY.-Yot'NG MARE,~ltA ISKDBY advertiser, l'I'.j haud*, li years; form mid disposition faultless: Uiio mUub; very protnittoii. Address IlOADLKY, Greenwich, Oujin. CI X-SKAT ROCK AH'A YS ANl) A I.I. STVI.KS I)* FOfTB O soaters for the cuuntrv; top aud upeu Utpnl Wagons, top and opi-ii Pony nu<l Doctor's i*liii. t? ? n*. extension top l'liaotow, both now and second lurid: In sot" M'cond hand duublu and single llarnca*. WM. II. GRAY. 'JO and 22 Wouster at. Stoi'.agk fo r~cahhiaoks amd sliTighs. Rooms clean, light and dry; teruiii liberal. A, S. FLAXDRAU, 372 and 374 Broome st. (old stand of Bnwatrr 1 Co.) O L I*?P It I VAT K ST ARZiK. AX.lT iXfROVI if EN iff]; 7 stalls and bo\ stall; plenty carriage room ; rent M.'IU. WILLI AM M. HIOMAS. fto-Mith nv. rflOi* MOE IIA it KOAD wagon, NKARLY NEW; 1 having sold luy liurao, will kcll at a bargain. Apply at 22U Mh av. \l' ANTED?A IlKKWSrT.R LIGHT TOP ROAD ft Wagon, on* but I illlu used; will give In exeliaiitru Solitaire Diamond, ui fair value. Address W. M., box 1H3 Herald Uptown Brunch office. TIT A NTE D-ll? HWES TO PASTURE oN~A I'A KM 0? TV Long Island. Apply. for tao weeks, to R. COX, 180 Broadway, or address WM. It, COX, Oyster Day, L. I WANTED?FOR THE SUMMER. FOR tils KKKPINO, the iisn of a jfon.I louse, siile bar wntron, barue4:c., by a perfectly reapousibln party, bust of care and most cart ful usage. Ad<1 res* A. II , box 137 llorald ollici'. TITAXTED-POXY I'M AEI ON AND HARNESS SI'lT TT able for a poll)' 12 liaudu lii^ii. Addri'?n box 1,1. et New York I'ost ufflca. _ WAGOM OURaP.?A CITY MADE PIANO 1IOX KI l.L opriiix wairon, unod ua new; coal^ilM); piico, $17"'. Addreiu box 3. lmi Po?t office. WILL BK SOLD, FOR MUCH LESS THAN THKV II ar?i w..rtb, tlio fine carriage aod road IIor??? owned by the lato S. 1). Mills, and Whicoii iiindu by Stiviws altdCoiifio made by Wood Bro?., very little u?'d. All can bo aeon al Parlor'H atablea. 1(18 Woat 53d at. Addro*n Mrs. MILLS, 73 Ea-t .">Ud ?t.. or C1I .\S. TAYLOlt. M0 llio/ulway. "117 ANTBD?OOOD FA MIL YIH) Its K~~# I II A IIUiTt > It ? V Jmirui-y : must bo souud and kind. Aildroa ETUI'S, lieraid Uptown ltrauch olHce. SALKS AT AlCTIOV. -- VDRUN ii. mulli:r. ac<:tioM':kr. Jx K X ?? Ci'TUI X'S SALE. PORTION OK the ESTATE OF WM. II. IIAYNOK, DF.l'E ASKD. HOUSES and LOTS on "iTH AV. (Central. Park), and on WEST ri.Tll ST., and LOTS on tlie BoULKVARD, ST. NICHOLAS. MADISO.X. 3D, OTU. ?itu. 7TH. STII and UTII ays., S2I). s:jD, S4T1I, 101.ST. I03D. uhth, I 11 1 II. 112TII, 123D, 12HTU, 12STU, 131111, 13.1TU and 143D STS. ADRIAN' 11. MULLER ,V[ SON will m>II at nnctlou, on TUESDAY',.I into li, is7tl. at 12 o'clock, at th? EycliaiiKK Salesroom, No. Ill Uroadwny, Now York. HY OltDEK of the EXECUTRIX of WM. II. RAY NOR, DECEASED, the lollownitr dencrlbrd Real F.stale, viz. OTH AV.?Five atorv brown vtone Iront llouan and Lot No 781 Jtb av,. easi aide, 75.5 foot south o' )i:(d at. and op pnaite Central Park. WEST 5.VTII ST.?Four atory Nova Scotia stone front f'ronuh Flat Hoiuut and Lot N'o. 2U7 West SSlh at., nurtli aide, 1+J.3 loot cant of Hroailwuy. boulevard ?Ouo core Lot. northeast power of 12(>th at., and ouo Gore Lot. southoaHt corner of l'.'titli st. ST. NICHOLAS AV. AND OTII AV.?BOULEVARD.? Plot ol Land, with Hotel Building, bounded b< St. Nu'liolu^ and tlth av:,, 11 ltli and 112tli ata., known as "Point View." 3D aV.?Fonr lota n. w. rumur of ti7tH st 3D AV.?Ouo lot a. o. comer of With st , with threo story frame lionte. 5TI1 A V.?Ouo lot s. o. corner of 00th at., and oppoalto Central Park. 7TI1 AV.?Five lota e. a., between 133 and 134th st*. SI'H AV.?One lot Host aide. 51.2 feet north of 7<ith at., and opp.islto Central Park. HTII AV.?Two lot* southeast corner of 14.'itti st. 9TH A V.?Two lots w. a., 25.S foot north of S2d at. S2D ST.?Plot of laud north ?ide. 1IM foM west of S?th av., runnimt tluomrh to and Iroutin:.' ou S3d at. slTII ST.?One lot n. a.. 17.r" feet oaat ol Mailison av. Hi| ST ST.?Six lot* a. 8., 1S5 loot w. of4tli av. 1()3D ST.?One lot n. c. corner of 103d at. and Mudinon av. MADISON AV.?Four lots, comraoueliifr on the aouthooKt corner of l<>4lh at. 1 3D ST.?Two lot* a. *., 875 loot w. of titli nv. 12STH ST.?Three lota n. a.. 16(1 loet west ct 7th nv. 131TII ST.?Four lots a. ?.. 75 loot e. of 7til av. 113D ST.?Ouo lot *. a., 17 > feet east of Mh ar. TERMS LID KRAI* Map* aud full particulars at office id' Auctloueer*. N'o. 7 Pine at., or at office ot estate of WM. II. RAY NOR, No. l.bOJ Broadway, corner 31th at. A-V'CTION" SALE?AT 120 WE8T~231)"sr.. NEAR 0T1I av.. THIS DAY. uominencln': at 1<^ o'clock, ovor$5<>.<XX) worth of ele^uut Househoi , Kuriiiturn. Steluwav A Son*' Pianoforte ; also a brilliant toned WimMor upriirht Piano, cist $1,tKli): *u|ierb?atln Parlor Suit*, ltrun? <?*. Statuary. Ttirkiah Suit*. oleKant andcostlv black w Inut Hodroom Furniture. Mattresses, Plllowa, BoNtorw. Carpets, Curtains, Ac.: solid black walnut Dltiini; Furniture. Bullet, Extension I'ublo, ('hairs, in li'sthor; Silverware, Crockery, Gla^- ware. Ac. J Kitchen aud Servant*' Furniture, and a Renoral assortment of household articles, too nuinorou* to mention. LUKE FITZGERALD, Auctioneer. N. B ?Competent men to pauk aud ship goods, city or country. HOUSEHOLD SALS. The entire Content* of tlio elegant minis.on, 20 Wn?liiti(iton square innitlt). bolfinuini! tu Oencrnl James Loritner Oithim, TUESDAY morula?, Juun 6, At 10)^ o'clock, on the promlsos. all the Furniture. Comprising cleiraiit rosewood l'arlor Haiti), rosewood ?n?l black wiilnui lleumotu Sitin, Axinlnster, brii**cls uail Wil ton Carpets. xtit mill broiixo i.'li'uiduiirr*, elaborately carved autiijuc Library Table Mild Chairs, with six splendid Hook eases; Armoire*. with miri<irn; sitputb Chum and Was* Ware. <vit!i cluirmit silver Epcrgiie*; lull *11verpliilod Din ner Sot. Billiard Tuble, Piano, Ac.. Ac. Permits to view the premise* on Saturday and Monday, June 5 anil 3, to be ob tained from the auctioneer*. The Messrs. LEAV1TT, Auctioneer!. A r HOUSEHOLD KIKNITURK, OX EXHIBITION AT CLINTON HALL. Comprlxiiiff Ann l'arlor and Uedruoui Suit*. Library and parlor Table*. Chain, Ac., Ac.: alw> anperb icilt and broiiro chandeliers, t lock ?.select Auhiiiton and Mrnaael* Carpeta, A LABGK PABLOR ORGAN, Ac. To bn mild by auction to the highest bidder Monday af ternoon, Juno ft, at 3 o'clock. Tlie Mosar*. LKAY ITT, Auctioneers. SSIUNKKS SALB OK VALUABLE HOVflL PIIOP crty. In lirceutlnld. Ma .s. U'lll lio sold at public auc tli.n, no the premises, on Tuesday. June 13, IHitl. ut 12 o'clock noon, the property will known as the Mansion House block, with all the lurnliure and fixture* ol alarije hotel, restaurant and focillnK' stable. Ibis propel ty li inn nir the most desirable br mvc*tment in Western Massa ennsetts, centrally and autly located. unil cumiuanda ready rental lor hotel pnrpoacs. store*, olliec*. Ac. H. X. OAK MAN, AmIkiioo. ITnoTHBB REP AHEAD IK ENTERPRISE. DURING THE CONTINUANCE OP f THE JEROME I'ilX RACES THE EVEN I Ml" TELEGRAM WILL ISSUE A LATE EDITION ABOUT HALF-PAST SIX, ON THE EVENING OP EACH DAY ON WHICH THE RACES TAKE PLACE. WITH FULL PARTICULARS BY SPECIAL DESPATCHES OK TIME MADE AND NAMES OP ALL, TBI'. WINNING llOKSKH. Auction. extra lamgk household purni tnro sale. ftnlsTtr or a private Istuily leaving city, at the urivate residence l<tt Ka*t 13th *1.. s eond door Irorn 4tli av . tin* (Saturdays mornmir at !<!)? o'clock, Velvet, Hrussels. Ingrain Carpet*, satin itvocadr, rep Haircloth, Parlor Suit*, rosewixvl planoiortBedstead, Bnrcaua. Wnshstmids. Wardrobe*, Wurfcrtaiids, Commode*, hair ani stirinir Mattresses, lleds, liolster*. Pillows, l aldes, Lnti'iu s, Kta^ere*, Mirror*. Clocks, walnut Sldehonid. extension Tables, Chiilr^. (lias* China uad Silverware, Cutlery. J. KK.CMKit, Auctioneer. A rare opportunity for parties wlshlmr first ciaas household tnrnlturo. venom $MM MUM Hot si.ii.Vu> PURNITURX, THIS (Saturday) MORNING, at 10 o'clock. Main at live story brown stone mansion NO. 47 WEST ldi'H ST., HKTWKKN ..Til AM) <1TH A VS. Decker A ilr<i. upright 7'. octavo I'lanolorte; ritehiway's four round 7Q octave Pianoforte, Painting*. Works of Ait PARLOR SUITS, richly earved In "damask satin'' and "silk limeade;" Turkish mid Spanish Lounen*, Kaay Chair*, Ir.lald and marble t >p Centre ami Comole I aides, lalunots, Etaccres, plate Mirror*, hinnac Clock*, i lirure*. Statiisry; HKDROOM SRT? consisting elaborate lleiUtead*, Dressing Caae*. Waaltsf ands. Cliaflonlcr*. line hair and spring; Mat tresses, Pillows, Hiankets. also sincle and double 1 loo sic ads. Bureaus, rep, plush and haircloth Suit*. DiNIX/ PUBNITUBB.?Extension Table*, Sideboard, Chairs In leather, Silverware. Crocker). Library and Secre taire. lioukcast*. Library Table*, Turkish Writing Desk, two Hall Stand*, volvel, Brusaal* and iDirraln Carpet*; Kitchen Furniture, tc. X. II Sale poalllve. l ake Sixth avunuo or Unherslty place ears. Competent man tore, move, pack or ?hip kinmI*. ROliEUT C. CANIIIN, A uc tloaeer ART SALE. TO D.\V. SATURDAY, June 1, at U o'clock, at the KEELKK ART GALLitKY. 53 Liberty st . the tmlnnaa of the collection of W.vl'KR COLoft PAINT INGS froa> wdar drawlnir* br PROT'ESMOK HI DOLPII SMITH, rcpreacntatlve of world renownml palntinm In the Dresden, l^iovn' and other European galleries, by Mover Vim Hp-men. Unstav Ulchtcr, Kaiilbuuh, Valt*. Mulior, Vautier and otbera. A ?1Tl'Nl? JOHNSON, ALt.'TlOMKER. ilk* Old itand, H7 Nasaau *t. ON TUESDAY, AT luu O'CLOCK, ELEHANT SALE Ol' HOL'SEIIOLU FURNITURE froui a entitle wan'* inaii*lmi. BY M. MUHSBAUM. AUCTIONEEM. a?l HoWKKY,? Sale thl* day. at 2 o'cloek. at :it?> llowerr. Content* of pants factory, sawinir buttonludo aud prasslnu Machine* titoves, Irons. Ac. Dealer* Invited. B~ Y " ISl IKiRK "~V.~ NWAIMKOPK, A If rlONEKH. - Bo IN. 2 o'clock, ut 'M uv. H. Inrtre nod wrltfci ??i?or^ m#m of t>rr Omidi, Kntujr ili^lcry, klrnv lint*. Ann fitnulr Mfichineit. \\ iu<i, Vigmft, ?ittfam lurAliira* Ml?ad44 l'arlor DuU. te A 11 AT AUCTiOft. UOtlU.V SALE. AlCTlOM SALE?1(1 IS lHATVVU daVJ Kiorililitf* W.- o'clock. of iu.irruiliccnl H um? hold Hfciniturc, hi I ?ur ?tory .oKlcmt J1 Knit i!Oth ?t.. nuar Hroad*vay. confuting of Parlor suit*, in k ?iit*, t?r?.c.uel roj? and httirclbtb; IHanolWte, Mlirurt, Oil I'aiutm rn. Clock.*, Curtuiu*. Bookcase*, Carpet*, Ait.; lied MM) tktltt, il 2a OfMijM OHM He (KSSM4UttfMHUk \V udi Mtatid*, MiitiiVMHfK. \Vurdrobe*, xc.; llulfet, Kfct<vu?ioa llhloi), Cnkitiry. Cuttery. 4c. X. 11.?House to lei. bo.%od o? removed for purchaser- : citv or country. HKMiV /.:.NN. Auctioneer. By m." atctionhku, iui ijowkkv. Ltrj^o iiiltf ot Lumber. llnrws. Wa^ona. Ac. TIiIj diy, at II o'clock, hi No. IS.'** Went 4'Jd *t., near Hth nv , tlio entire Htoek, Machinery, Ate., ol a coin raotor and builder, coital*till*/ ot about 35,1)'?? !e"t Luiiili?r, lanre ?,uaii tltj Scaffold*. I'lHokk, tuu4ott?' holes Him IIor?cs, Ladder**, Iiotuorlito and other Machine*, Work bene he*, lit ore#. Home*, ii mii-. Cart#, H!eitfh?, ilai netis. Ollleo Kurniturc, Desk*, tumors, Ac., without reserve. Doalcr? an t hoecula* tor* invited. DluiJxJiNt; MAt'iiiN'j; notiiox will hi-; sold"a? public auction ah it now lie*, at tiio South Central (tier, Atlantic thick ou Saturday, Juno 1<?, lr7?i, at 12 o'clock noon; tunjia cash. JOHN' II. OUR. t Kxecutorft of Khtat# of M. II. MTOUV, S Inaac Orr. otsiiUULlJ l' L UM fl'KR. now on exhibition at v Ciiutoii Hall. Tine Parlor and iicdrooui 8uii*. Library and ParlorTable#. Chair*, Ac., Ac.; uUo *np irb and bronze Chaiideiier*, t'lockn, Holect Aubii?'>ou and llrtt**?'|* Curp. u, a )ar;ce Parlor Or^au. Ac. i'?? be *old by auction to tbo highest bidder on Monday afternoon, June .5, at i o'clock. ? I1i Vle.-M LK VVl I r, Auctioneer*. j S. WLl.MlKhiiliit, AfCI'lOMckiC HKLLd TIUS 1 ? day. Saturday, Jttuc <, At lo'j o'clock, at 7.'J ilowery, lor account of toriuer purchaser, line rokowood Piano, Cover and 8 too I: alao neutral Merchandise, Furniture, Vinegar, Clears, Lli|uor*v J)cuU*t Tool*. Ac. J P. IK A V hit AUO I'lONKKK. - M< iUIOAuT: SALK ? til!*day at 10*? o'clock, by \lrtue of chattel uiort:;*tro, ut 51) (ireat Jonea ?t., lini idied and unfinished rose wood Par lor Suits, walnut and otUer licdsteads, tuarble tot* walnut and other fliireaux, W avhatainh. Table'. Cbairii, .Mirror*. CMftck*, Stoves, Crocker/, hair and other Mattre*sca>, Kitchen Kuruituro. velvet and other Carpets Counters, Ac.; roer chaudiae of every description. WILLIAM M. SII HOLDS, Attorney for Mortira;rce. rpilOMAS ItKYW'oUTI!, Al rriONKKK. WILL SELL X till* day, at 1<)>^ o'clock, at 8i:i Lost ?ih ?t., the Con tent* of Ice Croatn and Candy Saloon, eoiinintinu ol Coun ter.", jjass Cahea. Tables, Chair*, one tine cabinet Wheeler A WIIhou Sewlnc Machine, Caltdle*, Toy*, ?1iih Fixture*, Awn iug, Ac . in loth. Also, at 2ii'clock, at Halemooui 17 liovrery Puriiituro. Carpetv. Ice lioxo*, t-lothinu, Ac. I^eaier* in* \ ned. \y iLLiAM ABiiorr, auorionkeh7 " ft oil ice No. 3 Chauibori ?t., New York, wiiTaell on tbi* day, at 10j^ o'clock. tl?e fixture* mid Kami* lure of the Uurio ?ni on tbceeruer of South 4th mid 12th *t*.v W illiatnhbur^; tine lour-|?ull Ale Pump, walnut Counteri, splendid Ice Uox, copper Metuurea, J.xtension Table, Bed ding Ac. & UKY UOOO.-i. A. T. STKWAKT Jk CO. are adoi-int; nn uluitiuit mx.rtmont 01 liuiptfre, Albertne u4 Hiitlrtu 0VKRUUKS8Ca Cltuieo colors and styles I'uriH and llorllu nuvi>ltle? in silk lillU SillllHll SACyUES, MA.NTL.KH, Ac. On tlio 4tlt ov., lmli st. untrniice, GBBAT liAIUiA1NS In Ciwhnicre Cntics, HIopvcUim Hscguei and Fincbaq, AT LESS THAN IIALK TUB COST OK IHl'uRlAriO.Y BROADWAY. 4TH AY., OTH AND lOTII STrt. TW TI If! LAOB TOADB.?T1IOKAS J. TOVTHtLX, ~0? lit! Varlck ?t., Xuw York, tin- Invrntor ol" tlio Dry Kcra, utrorN liv? pouiKts ul' llio horu unci nil instruction* tor line fur if."**); till* quantity will vera (any uliailo) l.tmo plrcu? ot lncu ; lio ni l rei|iiiri-i| luit> tiuiu and monoy. i-uut to auy tirui in thu United State* C. (I. 1'. iraBZEMHif AMU OtiKSSUl A K.I!vtj?. AT MMi:. NATALIE Til.I.MAN'S (I.ATK UK IHT1I rtT.) BOW l.'JJUl IJroKdwuy, butweun :ilxt uud 3'Jd ?!?., ?le uitiil noVHitk'H in Hiuiiiotii. llatii, Klowora. N. M.?Droasoa, Suits and Troiissuiiu* uiiidi> to order. AT MA It IE TILJI ANN'S. OK I'AKiH. IMI'OUTKR? iL Uiwnini; ot tno liuust us.iortm. nt of Parisian Huiumur Mlillni'iy uvor lirinittbi to thin markot. 433 Oth av.. Dear J'.Ill St.. lull' .M ii'liol' H. MilE. M. 11am, KKOK 1'AftIK, 1'ItKHUNTLV~AT TlfB <;?ntonalnl in 1'iiil>.<i?l|>iiiu. iiutt* to Inform of her ar* rh al. with mi oloirant clioluo of llonuL'tn un.i Itouod Uata, at 17.' West '.'ltd st., ill tliik city. A KOll HAjU*.. SAMPLE" ROOM, WITH ClOAll STAND A.Vb luucli; bust place near Stock Kxuliaiiffo; at a aiierlllco. MlTi:iiKi>i,. 77 Cedar at. w BLL WTWSD DOWNTOWN "ki:si aijuant KOtt nalo this day, clicap, or Monday ut miction. LLOYD, imHiiawr, 20 llroadway. VlUt I'LAm rLltjl or' STOKK. Hill SALK. IN ipilru on the promisoa, corner I'ark ?n>l Baxter uta. J^NOTUBB STEP AHEAD IX ENTERPRISE. DURING THE CONTINUANCE OP THE JEROM~(?AKK RACKS THE KfBNWO TELEGRAM WILL ISSUE A LATE EDITION, AHut.'T HALF-PAST SIX, ON TIIE EVENING OP EACH DAY ON WHICH THE It ACES TAKE PLACE, WITH PULL PARTICULARS BY SPECIAL DESPATCHES OF TIME MADE AND NAMES OF ALL TUE WINMN'O HORSES. C1AR WORKS POK SALK.-THE WOIIKS OK Tllfi ) (tliiu Falls Cur and Locomotive Company will lie Mild i?t public auction, at the Court Unuso door in Charleatowa, <*lmk county, Ind., un Saturday. June In, IS7<I. between the hour* i>l II A. M. and I o'clock r. M Tin-so are the largest und most complete car works In the country: are located adjacent to Jelfersonvllle, I ml., and are well adapted to other branches of manufacture. For printed circular. containing it lull <lon riptlon of the propel ty itud terms of sale, wlilclt lire citremilv llbi ral, address JOSEPH W. SPRAGCE, A cent lor Trustee*, J effersoliville, lull. KUO STORE I]i BROOKLYN?EXCELLENT REPIN tail on; a chain e seldom offered; owner ha? other butt net*. AddreM K., box In!) Brooklyu Poet mil.-". Dura store foe"ISale-doing a pine pkj? scrlptiou and drujr trailo. In a flu" growing town; tha I only drug store in tho place. Address DRWOClsT, Rather | luru Park, N. J. BUO STORE" FOR S A L E ? L O N~ 7 E ST A BI, ISI1 ED; will bo sold cheap on account of ill lie.ilth of the pro ! prietor. Apply to A J. MARVIN, corner North Oxford it, ?ltd Park av., Brooklyn. DlgfltMtftY UQUOR~STORK FOR SALE CHEAP? Good lease, low rent. Apply to l'KTEU Mcljl'ADB, | 44 Murray ut. SjlOK SALE-CANDY STORE. W IT II ~ ICI". CUE AM, 1 Sod* VViitor. Toys, Notions, Ac.; good castom. Imjuiia at 11 :J Stanton st. EloirsALK?AN ESTABLISHED MAN U F AcTL' KI N(J Biisino*s In Brookly n; will bo mild low, an tho owner'* tlmi' ami means are required In another hmtlnea* In a differ ent locality. Address bo* 2,3-KI Now York Post ofllcft. IpOR SALE?A HERRING'S SAFE. M Kill I'M SlZB. 1 combination lock, vary cheap. HT Murray ?t, second lloor. IpOR SALE?A PRC II' AND 0021P E GTI ON Kit YHToSE " Ho. B I ttlton at., llrookiyn. ] SALE-SET OP CONFECTIONER'S TOOLS, iino-liull value. 'J07 East '."H i at. ]^bir SALE-MEAT M ARKET" OX AVENUE OOWtElL . doing a good business. J. A. DUNN, Auctioneer, VM ;wl av. MARIILE SODA WATER and ROOT HEER APPA ratus. all styles, for sole belew cost. J. M. WHITFIELD A SON, *13 Water at. miU 0Uttt CLASS CORNER I.ItJL'OR KTOlfi 1 tor sale.?Owner retiring from business. Apply fit LI,11 YD. IIB Hro nlway. tglWI -I1AKK OIlAXCK; WOETU jSi3|H| tJWUi way Lunch Room ; rental I CAM III. LL, No. i. .'?i st., near Broadway, fl (WWI WILL BUY A riMt ClsJkjjfi ttH ?Ji.l'uW Kooin. opposite Astor House; all complete Addles* BARGAIN. II.'i aid olllce "i LAI"''- TLBULaR BOILER FOR SaI.E; V'KK! IX. economical on coaL Apply at LESLIE BOILKI W oRKS, Jersey City, near tbc lerry. SHI It SALK-A NEW BOILER, 11X11~ I NClf CjriXli i!er. suitable lor a toivi,eat, Apply to JAIME LisL'H) A CO , No. il Burling slip, New York. STB A M ENOINE "WANTED??E<'?)N I? ~IIAND, IIMli pressure; must be in rood order and from rrllabU maker; site ^I loch bore an.I I I ineli stroke, or equivalent. A'Mross, statins' price mid where it can ha seen, for one week, box 4,00ft New York Post ol)ioc. ?'Tanted-an OTIS KI.EVATOlY, WOIIK HY IIRI,T| lor sale, CO Inch ltean haw; 14 inch O-roll Kluoriu Machine. Front at. ? - ;? . PlIl.MTIllh. -WEEKLY A.ND MONTHLY 1'AYME.vrs TaKIM A. lor Fuiiiiture, Carpets and itnibllttK' at II. M. COW l'EHTII wai f A WJ.'S. iaS and IA? Chatham at? An to mouse slock at low priuei AT OhOKOK A? CLAItKE'S. " 747 Broadway, flue, Furniturn. Carpets, Mirrors, Spring and Parlar Bed% Mattressii, Ac., at reduied prices aud on ailiaatagaoaa terms ol payment. \ A 8/iCltiFit?K?P?)B HALh, ALL"tHB~PURNITUB8 ^V. nt the private boas* 103 East tilth st., second door from ith av.: lute-t style laitn brocado Parlor Salt, cost *.ViO, tor f I.VI; one do.. jim, do.. 100; two I'lanolortes, reft ni.d liatn lotb Suits, tl< up; lit BedriKim Salts, with Dieses iuu Coses, sits up; Mattresaos. livttdlnir, 1U Carpets, tw# siiii lionr Is, Extension Tables, Curtains. Library Knrnltartk Sil\erware. Ac. (Ull linmedl.itoly. lOi F.ast l.tth st. All kinds of P( i:niti're. cltlkby, mireor& Uedf, Ac.?Private sale; otvnerswant money; pa*^*w cheap. PAYnE'h Aiteiion llou e. 13 hast 14th st nUBKHIBB, SECOND HAND AND KBW.-PIiOl I OimmU. evory description; low price*; cash and iMtak taanta; largest Mock In market. -J East l.'lih ?t, whlM Uaaucr. m C'OOD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT ICMJUS* X ltraaseU, three ply nn<l ingrain Carpet^ Oileotha, te, very clieap, at the ?ld place, IIz Fnltoa it. P ATKNT KOI,1)1 Mi 0EII8, WITH MATTllKSSKis, TH1 ^ nseful article* In table, bnteaii. writioc deck, bookcaae. Ac., inanalaetnre.l by B. KISS. l.i'J PriMs si. ZEIto REPKlUk it A TOE?BUST lN~TUE JVillDS Centennial *?hlbitiun; anr^\^maUJj^?ig|^iwe4

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