Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Haziran 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Haziran 1876 Page 11
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THE COURTS. Mandamusins: the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. THE LEASE OF THE GRAND STREET FERRY. Science as a Revealer of Forged Handwriting. TIIE AUSTIN BLACK SUIT. The Leg'slalure, at Its Inst session, passed an act authorizing the Commissioners of the Striking Kund to ?ell at publle auction the lease for ten yours of tho ferry from the loot ol Grandflreel In this city to the foot of Grand street in Lirooklyn. Pursuant to such Met the lease of the terry was offered for salo at public auction on the 18th of April lust, when tho Temple's Ferry Company gave lor It the highest bid, being $1,100 per annum. In addition to the payment of the auctioneer's lees tho People's Kerry Company paid twenty por cent ou tho first year's rent. All thut re mained to perlect the salo wits tho execution of tho leaso. Upon this point there bus boon a hitch, and, us the usual sequence ol such misunderstandings, tho raso is now before tho Courts for adjudication. This appeal lo thu Courts lias been the rosult of a conllict between tho Pooplu's Kerry Company and tho Commissioners ol tho Sinking Fund In regard to tho terms ot tho leaso. It is claimed by the terry company that, In violation of tho act ot the Legislature conferring upon it power lo soil tbe loose, tho Commissioners of the Sinking Kand have Inserted In the lease au unauthorized and unlawful provision and restriction requiring tho surreudor of the lerry at any time on three months' nut ice to the Department ol Docks, in case the latter require thu same in orler to prosecute its itnprovetiftmi ol the city docks. It is claimed that such restric tion gives to the Department ol Docks power lu terminate the lease at Its pleasure, uud that in par ticular such restriction and provision nro Inconsistent nnd in conllict wnh the third seutton of the act under which the lease was sold by the Commissioner* of tho Sinking Kund, by tho torm ot which it is expressly pro vided that the lessee under such leuse shall, at the ex piration ot the term thereof, be paid the value ol ido buildings, bridges and rucks, which sliall have been provided by s.ucli lessee for the operation of tho Iran chines under tho lea?o, and that such value should tio determined by arbitration and appraisal, and that such provision and restriction in oiiect authorize the l)o pariinent ol Docks, at any time during tho continuance of ttiu lease, lo take Hie buildings and other im provements of the lessee without making any compensation wLatovcr therefor. An effort was made by tho lorry company to have tho re striction referred lo omitted from tho lease, and au offer was made to execute a leaso drawn up without any such restricting clause, but Comptroller (ircen, acting on hehalt of llio Commissioners oi tho Sinking Kund, refused to have any other lease executed than one embodying such restrictions. Uno ol the grounds of objection to any such leaso as that submit ted Is thut the ferry has been long out of use and the buildings and lerry fixtures at each terminus, including the piers, docks, slips, wharves, bridges and floats, have become dilapidated and unlit lor use, all ol which ne Ct ssilutes a largo expenditure of money on tho part ol tho ferry company, and for which outlay it is claimed there is no possible show of reimbursement unless u dillorent sort ot lease than that proposed is executed. U|nm the above-stated facts ap plication was made to Judge Donohue, in Supromo Court, Cliumhors, lor an order lo show cause why a ] oremplory writ of mandamus should not be grunted directing the Commissioners ol the Sinking Kund to execute to the People's Kerry Company a lease of the Grand Street Kerry tendered by such lerry company to the Commissioners on the 28th of April lust, such lease being tree lroui tho restricting clause referred to. The order was granted yesterday, uud thu case will come up for urguiuent on Monday next. THE CERTIFICATION CUECK SUIT. There was another wry large crowd in attendanoo yesterday In Supremo Court, Circuit, liold by Judgo Dykiuau, to witness iho continuation or tho trial ol tho suit brougut by Austin Black to rocover #(Kt,000 on a check, tho oerlilication or which by Altrod Tluiji Eon, tho teller. Is cluimod by thu bank to havo boou a forgery. Tho plaintiff was represented by ex-Ju.lgo Kullerton ami Mr. Edward W. Goodrich, and tho bank by Messrs. Luther 1C. M.irsh and Henry L. Clinton. Tho day's proceedings opened by furthor testimony in rebuttal on behalf of tho plainlill', the Hrsl wit ness being J'etor H. Vandcrwator, Professor of Chemits'ry in Cooper Institute. llo llrst examined tho chock in suit and oibors, tho certification of which by Mr. Tiuipsuu are acknowledged to bo genuluo, by tho microscope. He stated thai tho chock in suit pi ese tiled the same geuoral lcatures as the other checks, and bo pronounced them as unqualifiedly tho s.imo Certification. When idtM, on cross-examina tion, whether tho ink In the genuine cbocks and In tin* one hi suit were not ol a diilorent shafo ho raid they wore, bill this, he explained, was occasioned by ?xpo?ur? aud lading aud by handling thu check a groat Heal. A a:ereo4copic exhibition ol tho check In suit was next given by Mr. Kungi, a photographic artist, the roo.o uaving been darkened lor tli<; purpose. An i ifUMiK picture of tlie contested abode waa thrown 3U llio wall, bringing out 'ti well developed propor tion every letter and shading. It was claimed '.hut tlio bold, iron character ol tho certifica tion, as thus shown in the m igmflod dellne Ition ol tlie cheek, g?VC indubitable proof that .ho cert I ficat ion was lu the handwriting of Mr. .impson. Aside Irotu ilie legal bearing of the exhibi tion. it wits thoroughly enjoyed on aceount of its iriistic and novel leaturus. At Ino clo?o of this exhi bition and when tin room was again rt stored to its lortnal ligbt, lunher witnesses wore examined, tho latter being ealleti in surrebuttal on behalf <d tho Sank. William O. expert in the matter of h iiidwritin:. pronounced the certification ol tho chucg in bull a forgery. Attor he had explained tho alleged dillcruiicus, hi Ins opiU!?0, 111 the handwriting ol the Confessedly genuine signatures ol Mr. Timpaon and thai of thl check >11 suit, ho was cross-examined at length by Judgo I ullorton. "How much do you cMtrgc for your services as expert in this case?'' inquired Judge Eullerton ??I Charge $300," answered the witness. "Von see. 1 live in Bo )on, and It is some troublo to come here." ? Is that ull the p ly you get?" "No; 1 got #00 a day for attendance." "How long will your attendance bey'' "Tliatwili depend upon tho length or your cross ixamtnatioa " "Well. 1 am through now; I will try and save the bank -imctlutlg. " ,/.unes McDoua, Vice President ol tho National Hank Note Company, examined tho contoeteu ctiock, and g.tVW it as liia opinion thai me ceri ideation w as a forgery. He said that It was very evident to hitu, on examining the Check through a glass, ItMl the writing of tho certliicaiion was nt elo by drawing an original tracing and then retracing it on the Iheck. Lorenzo Falrbank. another expert in the mat tor of handwriting, was next caliod. He pronounc <1 the certification oi the conic at cd check a forgery, It Mas alter fouro'elock wlieu Ins examination was con cluded. An effort was made to have tho iMol ad lourned until next Uondav, but some or the jurors ex. pressed an an\ieiy to have the case proceeded with, nnd Judge liykmn said lie wonkl havo to bold court in White Plains on Monday. Aitor iunt Inrther dis tils.-ion 11 was finally concluded to take a short recess lud go ou with the trial On ihe ronascmb ing of the Court Mr. Henty L, Clin Ion summed up on huhalt ol" i.cfendaiit and ox Judge Kullerton for plaintiff. Jedge then charged Ih ? jurv, wi o retired ai eight o'clock, with tnetfuo* tlons to briug in a sealed verdict this morning. SUMMARY OF LAW CASES. # John Mciiucktn, lirst mate of tho American hark Emma C. Lltchiield, was examined before I'niied States Commute nor O*born yesti rday, Charles An derson, second mate of the vc sel, having charged bun with reji-atod cruelty during ft voyage or tho ves sel. The evidence tended to show that Audersun was an incompetent ?nicer, nnd McOuck n, having exira labor to perform in cousei|u< nee, revenged nltnseir u|?ou Anderson by boatinc otnl climbing him. The complniiit was dismtased by the Com ni i >IDMr, but the case will probably he luk-.'ii before tho Grand Jury. The challenge to the I nited Slates (irand Jury tiled In tno United states Circuit Court hy I nilip 11. luska, is defendant in the charge "of denim . In "crooked"' * tusk' y. and as Code feed ant Wltli Renrv C. Ely. I >hn H. El\" and Louis Knofman on a charge nf conspiracy, ease op yesterday before Judge veiiodict, Poster, Assistant liistrict Attorney, liied an objection to the chaucngc. and asked that tin objection tie sus tained. Mr. E. T. Wood, attorney for I uska. withdrew his plea to tho conspiracy Indo imeut Ironi lln* court in order to remove it to Brooklyn. The argument on the o jection to tho challenge was set down for Thurs day next COURT OF GENERAL SESSTOSa Before Judge Sutherland. TIIK WOflK <?l THE MAY IT.Ml. Tho May term or this coirt, which en led yostsrdav, was a notable ono In respect or iho amount of business transacted, more than 409 ease* Moving boon disposed of in it On '.Vedne-dity last twenty six criminals wore lent to the Stato Prison or Penitentiary, and on Thur* day lorty-llireo. AH the work was accomplished In ?pile or iho :act that nearly oue-hjll ol tho lorin was occupied ?xolu?ivoly wiln tho trial and convjciion or Uhar|e?< J. Willtam-on, one of the notod Robert*.(?!e,,-on |aa< ol boud forgers. "I he Brand Jury yesterday, aft r prjsoutiug the docuaeui which wu j riut slsuwhero recommending tho Ilcon*lnj* of houses of prostitution, wore addressed by l)i*lrict Aitoruey Phelps Ui moat complimentary terms. liu lknitted tbeiu lur the lideiitv. judgment aud discrimination they had exer ci-ed in disposing ot itio immense quantity oi business with which tboy were coutrouted hi li.o beginning of the term. The District Attorney's remarks were emphasized bvJudgo Sutherland, whg tbcu dismissed the grand and petit jurors lor the term. hOMK PETTY CASES. William Heed ntul William Perry, convicted on Thurs day ol complicity in a lorgery, were seutenced yester day to tho State Prison, tho former for two years and the latter for ono vear and a half. James O'Neil. jointly Indicted witli James Scott for pickiug the pocket of Robert .1. Brown in Broadway on Anrll 111 was convicted ol larceny from the person and sent to State Prison lor three years. FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET COUBT. lloloro Judge Kilbrcth. MAUltlEl), NOT MATED. An old gontloinan namod Louis Warszaur, who lives at No. 783 Lexington avenue, was held fur trial at the General Sessions on a charge of assault and battery preferred by tils wilo llose. The wife claims tliat her husband is an habitual drunkard, and that he continually abuses and beats bcr. That he now* and then gets under the "inlluence" even bis counsel admit ted in court. His couusel, however, claimed that the wile was trying to get possession ol all the old man's remaining wealth, about $200,U00 in cash and real estate, in additiou to two houses which she has already obtained Iron) him by issignmcnt and $20,000 in cash. The houses ho assigned to her about two years ago, but to discontinue a suit which she had commenced in tho Supreme Court to have him declared an habitual drnnkurd. About a year ago she had him placed uuilor bonds to keep tho peace in this Court, and a low nights ago she removed two eart loads of luruituro Iron) their residence in Lexington avenue to noiuo placc unkuown. The dclcndnut was admitted to bail. POLICE C0U11T NOTES. Rend V. Milhaus, tho importer of drugs of No. 15 Dey street whoso arrest on Thursday evening on n charge of bavin; obscene pictures In bis possession was published In yesterday's Hkiialii,, was held to answer at tho Tombs Court, boforo Judge Wandell, yesterday. Mary Jane Harding, a disreputnlilo colorod woman, was hold lor trial at tho Tombs yesterday tor stabbing Charlos 1'erdan, a negro, in tho lutuplo, with a pocket knife, at tho corner of West Broadway-und Franklin street James Moiles, of Boston, was robbed of $125 in the concert saloon No. 4 James street, bv Margaret Court ney, ono ol tho inmates. She was committed lor trial by Judge Wandell yesterday. Henry Schvonwald was held for trial at tho Tombs yesterday lor having struck Fanny Hess on tho head with a boer bottle and then stabbed kor in the luce with an ico pick in a disreputable house in William street. A well known professional thief named Michael Whn len, alias Fish, was sent to tho Penitentiary for six months yesterday by Judge Smith, of the Washington Place Court, he having been arrested whllo endeavor ing to break into tho premises ol Alon/.o lilauvelt, of No. 3y8 West Twelfth slroet. Frank J. Sehumul, ol Xo. 90 Second street, loll asleep ou ono or the benches In the City Hall Park, and Thomas Downey, of No. 37 Frankfort street, stole his watch worth $20 and his pockelbook containing $11. Dow ney was committed to the loiiibs. Olllcer Ahoarn, ol tho Sixth precinct, found Ooorgo Thompson in Baxter streot yesterday with eight unfin ished mon's coats, evidently stoleu. The prisoner, who said he came irom Heading, Pa., was remanded by Judge Wandell until to-day. Hudolph Sncllbnrk, of No. 218 West Thirty-eighth street, wl.o snnl ho workod In a doctor's ollico, was held for trial by Judge Smith, at tho Washington Place Court, yesterday, Kir fraudu lently obtaining a quantity ol stationery from l'hllip Frank, ol No. 228 Church street, by representing ho had been sent lor it by Dr Perry, of No. 4'J lloud street. DECISJON& SUFBEME CO t it 7?CHAMBERS Dy Judge -Dykmau. Kdelstou vs. Sbnndley and uuothcr.?Motion for a receiver denied, without costs. SLTERIOB COURT?HTECIAL TERM. By Judge Sedgwick. Honors vs. Howe; Graham vs. Tlio Washington Lilo lusui-unco Company, and Hotte vs. Bruckol ot at? Kelerences ordered (irulminvs. l.lddy.?Default opened. Treaey vs. lleeker el al.?Interlocutory decroe signed and filed. Treacy vs. Ilecker ot uL?Findings signed nud filed. Rayinir et al. vs. Strew ? ordered on special calen dar tor the first Monday of June. Salter vs. The Kberdale Coal Company.?Motion de nied, with $10 costs to abide event, ttayuor vs. Martin.?Ordered on calendar for first Monday of June. 1'ollenz vs. Ki>erspackor.?riaintiirs complaint dis missed coiiditionaiiy. Ciiaik vs. Hiss.?F.xtra allowance to the plalntlfl Stevenson vs. liegeman el aL?Order for Judgment tftcvonton vs liegeman et al ?Order sinking out the naino of dclcnuaut, John Brown, lroui iho sum mofii and complaint in ibis case. Hy Judge Speir. Moore et aL vs. llelloni, Jr.? Jilil of exceptions or dered on (11a COMMON PLEAS ? CHAMBERS. By Judge Van Brunt. Matthews vs. Irish and Dodge.?Motion granted, upon paymeut of $10 costs, defendants stiliulutlug to try on use in second wock ol the Juno term, unlets ttioy can show pood grounds lor postponement. Sup plemental answer to be served in live days. Richards vs. l'hippany,?Motion to continuo injunc tion granted, with $10 costs to abide event. COMMON FLIAH - EQUITY TERM. My Judgo Van Brunt. hage vs. Vormilye.?mo memorandum. MARINE COURT?CHAMBERS. By Judge McAdam. Whiteside vs. Smith.?security ordered. Wymau vs. Newhatts.?Five per cent allowance granted. Straus* vs. Roosting.?Julius Cteaar Langbeln ap pointed receiver. Woods vs. Burns (two cases).?Motions demod. llolfnum vs. Bobbins.?Default opened. Oral vs. Brown.?Attachment lor contempt ordered. Malford vs. Ashley. ? Motion to punish dennd. Wtioeier vs. FruuchmeohL?Default opened on terms. l'aliner vs. Van Winkle.?Judgment for plaintiff. I'et tiers vs. Fltzpatrlck.?Thinl parties ordered to pay over moneys. Hasbrvck vs. Stoken; Meyers vs. Fiynn; Meyers vg. Lambert; Lozano vs. Doollng; Macy vs. L'lman; Wheeler vs.' Freu linicht; llullamar vs. Ulrsch.?Mo tions granted. , Adauis va Koveny.? Default noted. Carroll vs. Cullen.?Bona approved. THE RUSSELL MURDER. John llalliman, who struck William Russell on the head with a barrel stave, causing his death, in June, 1871, was yesterday taken bofore Judge Mooro In the Kings county Court ol Sessions, aud on a motion tnado by his counsel, ex-Judge Troy, be was admitted to ball. The amount fixed was $1,500, and Mr. Quigley, a resi dent ol this city, acied as bondsman lor the prisoner. Ill Chicago and San Frnuclsco, where Halliinan has worked xtncu the homicide, he h is gained rnauy warm friends. who vouch tor his sobriety and steady hahtla. llalnman is a man about thirty years old and baa a wile aud one child. matrimonial misery. Yesterday application a us tnado In iho Brooklyn City Court by the counsol for Mrs. Charlotte Heese, wlfo of Frederick Reese, a well Known Williamsburg dentist, lor alimony pending a suit lor divorce. Tho pialntlir is a lady about thirteen years older than her husband, whom she charges with gross immoralities. One of tho affidavits presented was by bis nieco, Wilholminu Rosa, wiioui he brought Ironi httrope, aud by wIk>ui he ih chnrued with having had two children. Iho wife also swears that iho husband owns the house in Kighth stroel, where be lives, and thai H is worih fl', with a mortgage of $l.u<>U; that he has also a Urge bank account In the Kin^s County Savings Hank, and that the net profits of his business in April last were $3'.#0. The defeuco dented the statements ;is to tho plaiiitilf s propertv and claimed that the bouse was only worth J udne Neil son granted $100 counsel fees and decided t< at the wile wan allowed to livo in tho house, the hus bind to pay ull the bilis tor her adequate -uppori and $3 per wo 'k besidi s. A referoo was appointed to take testimony and report. THE roMPTON BOND CASE. In the case of the Coopor Instituto against the Inhale ilant- of the township of I'ompton, which has occupied the attention ol the I'riiteil States Circuit Court at Tren ton, N J., Mr. Barker Gunnmcre summed up for tho jilainiill to-day. and Judge Strong, after reviewing the l.i w slid facts, diroeled the jurvto tlnd a verdict for the plaintitr, which they did In the sum ol $18,102 Uv. UNITED STATES COURT. 8ENTEXCE8. Judge Benedict yesterday ren Icred decisions In the rases of Howard, the "sawdust" swindler, and ft K. Olncy Winter, tho oinlieitxhng I'ost Office clerk. With i regard to Howard, In whose behalf a motion lor arrest j Ol jBdgmrat wae made, the Juuge stated that the In- j dictment wss properly framed and the defeudant was within the construction of the statute, and tho convic tion matt bo siisUune I. Alter (ieneral Foster bad moved for sentence, Mr. A. H. l*urdy, How ard's conn*' I. asked that sentence be alto gether sus| nded or the puntrlimeut mitigated, on tho ground that the witnesses in the case had eon mined wilful perjury, in testifying that they had come here to d. teci toe obtinlfcrfellera, when, in reality, their int< uiiou was to pure,im-a and us< coun terfeit nuHf. Titore liad been no fraud, lor counter. f felt money Is Mihliit,'. and, therefore, oaunoi Im , bought, mid Howard . had given the in something?a j saw dual bo*?lor their uouoy. U? Ho nor said t?*t { tills reasoning was very Intreniou*. but lie must sen ? Doc Howard to thirteen mouths' imprw ouiuvut 111 K>ug?> Couuty Peuitemury uud to pay a llnu of ffiOO. iu tbe cuse of l>. K. oiney Winter. mottou for an ar rest of judgment was denied, aud the prisoner wus sentenced to ihn Mint! for eighteen months. Augu?t Kliue, who pleaded guilty to liu|>erfonatlnir a pensioner aud drawing bis pension, was sentenced to tbe Kings Couuty IVnitcntiury lor lour yum uud to p.iy a lino hi $1. In the ca>n of William II. Dnrchard, formerly Post master at Florida, Orange couuty, who was convicted lor unlawfully detaining letter?, couusei moved that tne punishment he reducod to a lino and that sentence bo suspended until Iturchurd could pay the due, ho having been premised employiuout iu Newark, N. J. Qcneral Foster consented to postpouo his motion lor scntenco until thu lust (lay of tho turui. JUNE TEKM. The June Term of the gueen* County Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Toriuiner will couveue at the Court House, North Heinpstoad, on Monday next. Judge 1'rutt presiding, aviated by Justices Baxter and Cliipp. There arc about eighty cases on thu civil calendar, and tbero is considerutile criminal business besides, includ ing tho cuse of Fowler, the Kinder homicide, and that of tbo Alburtsons, tbe North Side incendiarics. COUBT OF APPEALS. At.iusv, Juno 2, 1870. No. 202. Dodge vs. Village of Oatsktll.?Argued by Jacob 1. Weruer for appellant; J utiles B. Olney lor re spondent. So. 181. Fulton vs. AVhltuey.?Argued by Samuel Haud and K C. hpruyuo lor appellant; A. K. l'otter lor respondent. Ho. 144. Miller vs. Burlier.?Argued by M. M. Waters for appellant; tioorgo M. Kennudy tor respondent. Adjourned. Tho lollowing is the CALKMIAR for Monday, Juno 5:?Nos. 1U0,'.;, 218, U<i, 228, 102, 37, 47, 201). ntOSj ITUTION. SHALL IT UK LEGALIZED IN OUB MIDST ?? XJCBKSiKO OF HOUSES' Olf ILL FAME KSCOM MEXDKD Br 1HK UK.IND JUKV O* THE COUHT OP GENKKAL SESSIONS. At tho closing of tho May term ol the Court of Gen oral tjooaiouB yesterday alteration tho tiraml Jury ou tored tho court room ami banded the following pro senliuoul to Judgo .Sutherland: Tiik Coikt or Ukskkh Skssio.vs tie tiik I'kack ?ok tiik City and County or Nkw Yokk:? 1 lio (.rand Inquest ol tbu couuty empanelled In Ibo month oi Muy in closing their labors respect iuily pro ftenl. TlMl they desire to cull the, attention ol tho court to tho growing evil of prostitution in thin c;iy. Houses oi prostitution, formerly conhued lo a grout extent to particular localities in the city, have ol lato years, with the increasing growth of our population, bccoino scattered through ad parts of tho city. Tho ?nek ol sulliciont power to properly deal with this evil under existing legislation Is very apparent. The houses can only bt. dealt with as disorderly houses, and w hero they are kop* iu such manner as not loo grossly to ollcud the senso ol public decency a convic tion is exceedingly dllllcult, even iu the ease ol houses well known to lall within the definition of tho law. II broken up liy the consult action ol the pollco In ono district, where they may have become mioK ruble from their numbers, the result is ihat they reappear In other localities, pernups previously respectable. Iu many portions ol the city property has become almost worth less lor occupancy lor respectable persons either lor business or lor residence, because it has been invaded lij houses ol this class, aud when they are driven Iroui ono such district tho only result Is that they devastate another. Even if all houses of lilts kind, by u close and untiring enforcement of the law, be entirely sup pressed, the only result would bo that prostitutes would harbor in tenement houses and other dwellings inhab ited by respectable people, and. by their example aud conduct, do much more to deprave the young than they do at present, ludeed, it is <|uito settled that legis lation to suppress prostitution Is aud must be inoilcc tivo. And the lact that a business notoriously illegal can be safely carried uu In deUancc ol too law lends to duiuorulixo public sentiment and is especially injurious ill its ellects upon iho oliicers ol the police charged Willi the enforcement ol the law. Iho members ol this inquest aro aleo deoplv im pressed Willi tho vast evils Inilicto 1 U|OU society by the introduction through prostitution of the worst and most dangerous types ol diso .se inio the whole com munity, whose ravages are not limited to those wijo Voluntarily expose themselves lo its dangers, but aflect directly or ludirecllv all classes ol society and eulail nulold evils upon posterity. This last consideration has impressed itsell upon tho members of this inquest in their observation of tin- inmates of our penal lusti tutioi.s. 1'his inquest is (irmly of iho opinion that however abhorrent 10 the views ol mine any legisia tion may be which appears to legalize so great au evil, still the fail must Bet be lost sight ol that it is an evil iinpossioio to suppress, yet comparatively easy to tog ulato aud circumscribe, aud tbui suitable legislation lor its restriction to ]iarticuiar localities and fts carelul aud constant supervision bv the llourd* Health and ol I'olice would do very much to check the evils growing out ol 11; the spreud of disease would be almost, if not entirely, stopped, tho employment ol houses of this description as resorts ol thieves and receptacles lor stolen goods would become well nigh impossible and the very patronage Itsell ol such houses would be ul niost entirely limited to those who aro not ashamed or airala to bo seen visiting them. It seems wholly un wise to forego the beuollt* that may be derived Item such a system through a ?onilmental dread of apnour mg to countenance evil. This inquest begs to preseut to lite Court the lollowiDg resolution : _ Ke-olveu, That tho Legislature of the Stalo of Xew York be earnestly requested to adopt as earlv as practi cable some system ol laws calc ulated to ronttno houses of prostitution In the large cities ol this Male witliiu certaiu speciueil limit?, aud to subject ilium at all times to the careful and vigilant sujiert isiou ol the Hoards of Health and I'olice. That tins Court lie rOspcctfully requested lo lorwurd a copy ol this presentment lo the Legislature as soon as It shall be in si ssion. KDttWUD VAN VoI.KENHlKGU, Foreman. Fukoskich 11. ClIAri.v, .Secretary. HEALTH DEPAliTMENT. At tho meeting of the Hoard of Health yesterday the following report was received Iroin the Deputy Kegis trar of Vital Statistics:? There were 4--.U deaths reported In this city darlnir the week i ndliiK Saturday, May J7, beluga eectvase ol Jt ?? compared with Hie preceding week, and id Uu than were rep orted durlnir tlie e.irreapnudlu? week ?f but year. the actual ntiuihcr of i.emlis which occurred duriii" the wsi'k endiucr May 'J ' wis 4MI, u inch repreaenta an minusl death rale ..I Ji.l.Kll per l.WXI persona living, the population eatiiuaied up I.U >S4 7..1I i ?ii?i?iiot There ??> a deeresse In the number nl desllis reported la?t week, compared with the aeck pr.-vlona. of 4i? from symotle di.ume., 4ol ooiMtltuiloaal di?ea?ev 3 or?m.iilpox I ?fuieaalea, 1 oi .carlatiua. 12 ol diphtheria. Ool membranous croup, ..Ol whooping coujth, H ?i i> pl.oKl fever. I of cancer 1 ol plitimia pulinuiiulK 1 I.r pneumonia, a of hidrocuphaiiia and tubercular meningitis, |H deaths in Inatltutioiia snd 14 ol children under .i yearn ol airu, und an increase of 14 deaths from local dlavaaes, S? of developmental, 9 from vlo. lence. 1 from typhus lever, J Irom puerperal diaeaaea I diarrlm-al diseases, 1 ironi br? cMu?, 2 Irom diaeases ol thu heart, 2 from msranuiui and .terolnla, M In.ui ui?ea>es ,if the nervoua .ystern and In Irom lirlglii s disease and nephritis Tlie total number of deatha reported dutiuir the week in elmPd 4 from smallpox. ?.'? S! Irom acarla ttn?. 114 final measles, ft Irom wh.iop.uB tungh. 4 Irom iu.mii l>rauoa> croup, 4 from malarial levers, I Irom cerebro spiaal lever. 7 4 Irom uhtiii?l> piilmtiualta, fla Irom pn.-u iu and hri.neiiitis; J IW ol etiil.tren under y, ar> ol aire J4 of peraoua I'lyesra ?r mure ; 2.Vi occurred in bvuaes Byinb ?u<J , ^ iu cuiilttiuinK 4 Uuillio* ?nd over, loil In touVtY"Cu7itInine X tuiitilivM hihI les.s. 77 la iiihtUmloim, ? 4ii lit?|?ls niid l*o?rd li?i< holing* Hrid iho balance nt the doMtllN Wtil 1 '??'? on the the fillll, ?..v "V.vm.i AMU ?u uu I cits tup. III*) HVttrHLfO ?If "I who (liml from ?inallpox wmh HI years. < lo oaths, 7 (la><; of measles. 2 hT r i i. i scarlatina. H yesra 1 month. 1.4 Ita%?; or diphtheria, 4 yenrn, :i m mtlis 1" days' of mi-inl>ranou> cr..up, iyesra. 1 month, 23 days' of whoop lag couirh. II months, In day.; ol m.ilarmi fnvura ;*I years 7 cerebri, spinal lever, s rg?, j moiltha 1 I,h iliatrlbulion ol the mortality by warda .luring tliu ?lfii.>L i It. Ilio V ue I'.n ... . f .v. ?? .4 iiin111ii11<tint, ?? \it is und hourd mfi<I iho UitUtico in the ftrcutft. rinrn Ac ? 4 were rvi orted on tnu l.aae nent, H4 ou the Hrst the aecoiid, 1H mi the third, 2H uu the fourth, .1 on Ii, 2 on the seventh and lo on the top. The avera?fe humidity wai 00, aaturntiun being 11*4; the mean readme ,'f the baromet-r waa ati.mrj inch. ?. .. 1th a raiiilail of (VmI iiiciiea, and thr number ol miie> trav.'lb'd bv tint wind m .? The annual .lesili rate per I r*?l ol tho satimated or enu merated population, Irom tiie mn>l recent weekii return. ..I H?t??i was IKH5; Itrooklyn, Jo.7(1; I'lHiaUelpfila. Iti.ttU; Kichittoiul, 1^ '^. thiciiio, 1 H,il7; n^iiiucti'ii l'i ,v) Cloelaud St. ixinis, IX.H-, Jialllnioi. . III. ,.V \ ? I 1 m ? . l'i lift' I llllll.lll 'I k I ,u. 1 . - ? a... * Tho lollowing is n comparative stnteuicni of cafes of contagious diseases reported at this bureau lor iho two Weeks ending May 27, lsTU:? ll'.rt Emtlij TypliUi fever J/"*.Tn Typhoid lever 3 Scarlet lever OK t-'erehro-apiiisl meningitis " y I >[e?>iea Diphtheria 7;i -jt SmalltKix. *32 i , inhanity. Thorc were received into Uellevne Hospjtal during the month of Msy Inst Ofty fonr insane liticuts, the youngest of whom was twelve years old and tho oldest ility nine. Or tbls number twenty-six were males, twenty-one were born in Ireland, eleven in Germanv' nineteen in tho United Stalo-, one In I ranee snd two In Canada. In addition to these there wero livo patients admitted who had tttteinpted suu ido anil Mho are tiowr believe^ m tic in -atie, thus making a total number ol llity-nlnc Insane persons uumiticd to tins ono instilotlon in thirty on days ?r nearly two a day. PATBOLMHN Allli AH; NED. Three of the Richmond county patrolmen ware ar raigned before Commissioners Mar-li and Wright yes terday, one lor using improi or lan^u igo for an oftccr one lor being live uiinntcs bebltid time and the third lor being on post without his pistol. Decision was ro sui vod uatU a mewling of tbu mil liuard, REAL ESTATE. At tbe Kxchauge yesterday K. V. Harnett told, iu foreclosure, a tliro? story brick bouse, with lot (JxlK). 11, No. 67 wust I32d street, tor $0,400, to William J. WuUh. Also, in foreclosure, u house, with lcasu of lot 30x51, oo west side of 1'Utrd avenue, 80.5 left north of Sixtieth street, lease having ten yoirti to run, ground rout $200, for $ to Mary <X OttlDKer. K. H. 1,ml low & Co. sold, by order of tbe assignee of Messrs. Schachardt k Co., tbe following city prop erty:?No. 29 Washiu^iou place, bouse, with lot j&^xlOO, lor #20,000, to William D. Crunshaw; No. 0U West Third street, house, with lot 25x00. lor $11,000, to William I), Craushaw; No. 203 Kultun street, helwueu Church ami Greenwich street*, house. Willi lot 2.)X*0, lor $27,500, to Willluui Keinsiii; leasehold ol property ou southeast corner of tiraud und Wooster streets, comprising one tin co story und one lour story building, with lot 18x75, lor $10,750, to William Den ton; No. 337 I n ion street, Brooklyn, house, with lot 25x100, lor $6,360, to A. It Muthi'sou; n house and one acre ol land at South Haven, Sullolk county, N. Y., lor $250, to William Kcnisrn. Scott ?t Meyers sold, iu foreclosure, three bouses, with lots eucii 25x100.-1, ou north side of Kilty ninth street, between Second aud Third avenues, each with two mortgages, one ol $11,500 with intcivst Irom July 1, 1">75, aud ouu ol $3,600 wilit Interest Irom Juuo 1, 1876, as billows:?One (or $200, one lor $225 aud oue lor $250, uli to the piaintlll'. TUANSrRKS. 13tli lit.. ?. I., 822 It. w. of av. U, 10x103.3; L. Seliluas ?lid wife to Willi,mi W Ciuik $8,000 44th bt , a. s., 0. it. e. of I Itli av., laxHO; Jami'i O'Neill and wIffl to Alice O'Neill 5,501) 123d ?t? ?. a.. W0.U it, w. of lit a*., 11.8*100.11; John Harvey to Juno ilarfrruvs 10,000 123.1 st., same property; Jauc Hargrave aua huatiMud to Henrietta llotallnu 8,4611 Stanton ?i., ft. m;.8 it. e. oi' Forsyth st.. 44.5 i-3x 75; James Hawkins to Japtes 0. Hawkins .... Norn. St int n st.. a. a., as me property; Jamua O. Hawkins to Alary A. lln,vMns Num. Ludlow st.. w. ?., 1011.3 It. ii. of Walttur st.,87.7j|X 88,1 ; s. /,. to iSamuel Mver 32,500 Wn mill it av., n. s., 0H4.3 it. w. el Wllllauisbride road, 25x100 (2ltli ward); Jus. Michel! to Bridget Nolan 235 Si-th ??-. a. s., 7,' It. c. of 2d av., 2I.Ux08.t>; Jacob Uuviil ami wife to Julim Lluuiaii 13.(101) HhihI st . u. s i.S'o H) WxllMi Wihlaiu (j. Ward and will) inn! others to John Ward Xoili. Hi a I from West Kami- to Hunt's Foint (21th ward) : David U. Pentium to Aaron 11. Fetfsrs .. 15,(00 125th St., a. s.. 140 luet w. of -itli av., 75x100.11 (half part o(); Miny Archer aud hiisbaml to William 12. A,-tun 33,0.10 ?HHh at., ii. a . 42.1 ft. w. of V'tli av,, 25x100.5; (jeor^u Bauer and will- to John Kilter 10,000 Hilth St., ii. s., ITH.ay, It. e. of ">th av . 78.2x100.8,; Michael A. UolVniaa to I',inline Kolfmau.... Num. 41>t St.. a. s . 1*U it. e. ol 2il av., 10x08.0; Johu Dil lon and wife t, llctnnrJ Klyuu 5,000 Park av. (.No. o3), u. ?., 25ft. a. of38th st., 24.7x80; also Msillsuu uv? n%e. corner Olatat., tSi.2 2-3x 100.8; iiUo Madison av , a. w. comer 80th *t., I2iix j(>2.2v irri'aular; also Niitli Bt., a. s., 45 11. w. of Madlaan av., 2-1X102.2; alsoKlstst., II.>., 220.1 ft. e. of 3d av., 25xlOs?si: Michael L. Doyle and wile to HeiOsmln Douglass Nom. Av. (I, c. a . 4'< ft. s. ol 5th at., 24x03; Jos. Maier and wife to W oil M uier 7,500 8tli at., s. a., 133 It. w. j| av. C, 21.0*07.6 (W p irt) ; also Itli st., *. a., 212.H ft. w. of av. 1), l."<.0.vla block ('j parti ; tame to same 5,250 Cm?by at., e. a., 2r,x87.8i 1 nonius MacKellar and wife to I iioinns 1'liachcr 27,000 4th av., w. n.DU.'Jlt n. of sfttli st., 20x70; Daniel J. <jui|[ley ami wiieto Thomas J. I'oailv 22,000 2Utii St., n.s., 175 It, e. of Madison av., 21.0x08.0; VVil lam E. Tread well and wile to Margaret 1.. llolTuiau Nom. ttth av., a. e. corner of Mia at'., 74.4x10 1.4; Uuujareln Douglas to Alios M. Doyle Nom. WaahinKton st., s. w. corner of Juno si., 35.2^x03; also vVii.iliiii|.'toii st.. w, s., ,'r>.2tj It. a. ol Jane St., 17.2>ixi>t; l'eter K. Fitxpatrick and ulfo to Jacob Sclimitt 1,500 2d av., s w. corner of 01st st.. It OxlOll.ll; Johu 8. Uoldsmith ami vt ilu to William S. Thorn 7,000 2d av., w. a , same property ; J nines Van Ituren and wife to Joiin S. t'oldsuiith and others .... 13,000 2d av.. w. a., M ft. n. i>r 50tb W.,S5x75;MinnaLuth ttons to W illiam Merruicton 25,IS)0 (Ireono st..w. IH8.U It ? of Snriiid at.. 37.0x100; Marx Uothsuhild and wile to Victor II. Uotlisclilld. Nom. Qreuue at., w. I'll It. ?. of Hprintt at., 37.<ixltX); Victor II. Kothschlia and wife to Marx iiothselilld. Nom. 2d av., w. a.. >Olt. n of ,'Sith st.. 25x75; tiustav Suo Iters ami wife t., Minus l.uthi.'i>iis ,20,l*X> 150|li st. n.S., 210.11 ft. w. ol .lil av., 2."ixii>si: also Uouvarneur ?t., a. a., 450 It. e. of t'ortlandt av . 26x11M.5 (23d ward), William W. Iluutiiiuion (ref eree) to Heiirv K. Vooasln/ 1 8'JO Oltli >t., n. a , 2IO ft. e. of Madison av.. 20x100.5; I'hillp J. Joaeliiuiaon (relereo) to 11. Wulllnic...*.. 100 100th .-t., n. s..2:io it. e. of itli av., 26x100.11; Tru iiian .11. Baldwin (rel'oroe) to John Towiishund 3,000 8l!tb st., I), s., lTM.'.l'j II. o. of 5th SV., 78xlU0.8>f; Mnrifi's M. Morehouse (referee) to Mlcnael A. Hoffman 211,000 Wiilett at., w. s . No. 50( It. E. MctlalTurty (releree) tn Miobael Silbor.toli, aud others 0,250 128th St., U.S., ?-,:t2 ft. e. of 4th av., Ittx00.ll; John l/ndley (refere ?) to Kobert Murray Nom. Utah st., s. .-... 215 ft. e. of 3d av,, 20xl(>.'.2: (I. 1*. .Smith irolerue) to Second National liulldini; ami Mutual Isihii Ahsoelstlon 0 4<X) 3d av.. w. s.. ,Vi. 11 It. n. "fMllst., 50xlt*l; Johu N. Lewis, referee, to J. l'an.lotrii and otlioi? 12,850 UMSKS. 12th at. (Mttle), Nog. 46 ami 17. years; William II. Astor to WUliani A. M'ic>|iioid A Oo 000 2d av., w. a., n. ol ?;th at., ' years; Minna l.utliK< i ? to Ueorue llelntice 1,800 14th st , Kast. No. 112, ft years; Alftod WsksIiiITso CharloaC. Reed 3,000 ltilh st., l'-aat, .No. 4(>t, M years; Frank Druhe to It. fcrnst 1,080 NOUTUAUKA. Sax. Juhn uuil wile, to Jounett liurolioll, No. Mil K. 2?<th ?t.; :? yunra 5,000 Juct>!.?, Kaonta i<n>l li .aliand, tu hYllx Tliurniuiier, ii .'?>ili at.. w. of UkiiuMi av.; 5 jwri tl,(UO Joel II. "il l wifu hihI othera. to Koamen'a Hank for Savings. No. <1 Hanaverat. ;alaoNo. ltJKxciian?-c place mid .No. (>!? Beaver al.; .'I years 125.UJ0 Same to aatiio, n. a. l'carl at., w. of lliiuuwr at. ; 'J year* ..... 15,000 Strong, I'harle* E. and wile, to I.1I/.H A. Travcra, n. a, 2lat at., e. of K?h av.; 1 year 2,000 liiM'il. < oriinliua, trt Mark'MMI L. Waiiiwriplit, a. a. Hltli at., w. of 3d av : 3 i?.ir? tl,V0 liced, I'oinullua. to .loliu \V. Anilacaa, a. a. H4th at., w. of 2d a v.; I jour 475 Same to amoe, a. a in H-ltli ?t, w. of 2d iiv.; 1 yoar,.. 04U Same to aamc, a. a ot K-llh at.. w. of 1<1 uv.; I year.. 47."? Siime to Margaret I.. WaniwiiKht, a. a. of Mm at., w. ?r Jit av.; 2 yeara 8,001 Sume t" tamo. a. a. of Kith nt . w. of 2u av.; :i yeara. tt,.i<>i> Chambora. Klinira, tc Mar) E. Qallftcy, e. a. ol ?v. I?, n i'. corner ot nth at.; ? ? yem 1,0011 Car'iart.Thomaa and wile, to K^uiUUi IJfo Amu i-anco t'ouipauy. n. ul lath at . v. ol tbli av 15,0 4J lltm, W. M., to Mary Archer, a. a. of 12">tll at., w. of llli av.', 1(1 yearn 'J 1,000 Hcckel. Joseph and wile, to Aiiiruatu !? inatein. w. a. ul Ullnxtim nv. ami 4">:?tli ?t.; Iljrrara 12,(M) Hume to aaine, w. ?. LoxiiiKton av , a. of 5Uth at.; II yeara .* 12,000 Sumi' to aatue, w, a. Lexington av.. k. ot .'iOth at.; 3 yuan 10,0*1 Doyle, Anua w. anil liuahaml, to Jatnea D. Lynch, a. e, cor. Mill av. and 5:?l at.; I year 05,000 Uoldunlth. 'lolin .-. hihI otli ra to Jamea Van liureti, . w. cor 2.1 av. ami U7th -t.; 3 yenia 3,' 00 frceklnK, Henry nn I wife to sutuuel Well, n. a. Kuat 10th ?t. w. ot uv A; I veur 3,<**) (Sold niitli, Jolin S anil other* to Jauioa Van litireu, w. ?. 2d av. a. of V7th at.. 3 year* 3,000 llallld-y. Mitcliell and wile, to Julia t . Skiduioie, a. ?. ofUth at.. W. eflid uv. t 3 yeara 7,000 lliiirman. Margarel 1,. and liiiatiatul, to William h. T read well. U. *. ef 29th *L, e. of .Mi.diaon uv.; lu atuiineM B.OOO K''Ituiuii. Michael A., to John Haaaoll, w. i. of Hi th at., e. o 6tk av.: 3 yeara IO.OOU Levy, Bertha. to Howtli HtelmW, n. w. corner lie litni-.-y and Norfolk ?t,. ? i year 10,(Km Same ulid liiiatmud lo Wm. T. Horn, No. 130 lielaneey and H5 Norfolk ?ta,( Inatalmi'iit 2,1.00 game to Mar . K. Itoireri, u. w. comer Deluncvy and Norfolk an,: r, y-ura Jliiuni a. Mary J. ami bualiaml, lo Mutual Lile In aiirauce I'ompauy, li. a. of Otli at., w. of av. C; 1 year 2,0>'K> Sell Hi: (iuttinau ami wife, t ? aaiue. w. ?. of sill uv., .nfJhitli at.: 1 year 2.0U0 lialldlntf and Kund Aaaodatl" n. to New Aiuoer.leM Snviti.a Hank, e. a. of hlieriff at . u. of liivliiutiiu at.; 1 year 1,000 Hotliarlulil Victor II. and wile, to Walter S. Jnrvla, * ul (ireene at., between Hroome and Spriu^; 1 >?.r. 21,000 Hutliichlltl. Marx end wile, to Victor II. i.oiIim-IiIIu, W. a. ol tlreena at., a. of SpriiiK; 2 )i?r? 10,000 Hiacr. Jolin II., to* S. Sniitli, a. a. ot KKitli at., w. of 'Uh av : I year 3,<i0 I Tauaelli?. tialirlel and witu anil i thera, to Luko KnowenhofeR, w, a. of :t.t av., a. of 1 It'tli at 30,1X10 Veeulnit, llonry f, and wife, to Abraham Mender, n. a, loOtu at., w. of 3d av. (2.1d ward) ; 5 yeara 5,00.) BROOKLYN CKOOKED WHISKEY. THE HTOltY OF T11E BONDHMAN Of STEIN. The btitidmnnn of Chriatian A. Stein, lUo Illicit wblfl kev ili-tiller of llimtklyn, Noil McUuldricIc, ltus made alllditrlt before L'niied Sintci Commimloncr WidkIow to the efrftct that bo hIuih"! tbroe IkiiuU of $5,000 curb lor lite nppciirancc of anld Stoin to nnawer lor tu dii'tinenta for illicit iiistillinir, mid tho ?ttd Stem, jieml inii tlio trial of tbe huiU Indicttuoiits, rau away Irom said dUtrlvt mid weut to (.'uuuda* Mr. Mctioldrick niltber dtpuni'ii Unit "bu bud uo iinqtiaininnre with him wlialovcr, Md that be ni.ver hiiw sunl Htfll until tlio tii^lit before lie sinnci the bond* of smut; that de |Mincnt Mailed ?aid iHitid.-i of Huid Stem lit rei|U?at; that be wit* represented to be atl riaht; that alter Stein ? i Ki apo'l *:iul district McUotdrlck received n letter Irom bun, ot wliicb the lollowiu^ if u copy:?, fell. 11, 187H. Ni ii. Me" >6tHKi, Broohlya. N. V. MM-It your real 0'i.iMoty loward tlie government can bo N<inldatvit by m) return to Hrooklyn and irlvlaa inyaetf up to the Cultcd Ktaln authorltlea wen I ant ready to do ao. 1 on livini a hell ii|rfin earth, and would rather iniry nnaalf ; In a prih .11 forever than lire aj I ?J.. t.ow, Vmi will, howvvar, have to arrwuge and pay lay fore hack. Arrange it In any way you think'.eat. 1 a-u ready to <lart ut h few lioura' notice. Awaitinir your anawer, f remain, yotira truly, CHRIS. A St KIN. Mr. Mcfioldrlck (iwenr* be went to Toronto and arged Stem to return to Hrooklyn. but that be rdtiacd to do Mt Mr. MeUoldrick afain viattcnl Toronto, und Stom to <! bin thai lie expected, through Complaints tlinl be would make a^ninat the revenue i Ulcer*, Unit be ? liould be ret free, Sioiii did return to llriHiklyn witli M>Mi old rick, who aurretiUctcd biin lo tho L'DitcU State* autbdrttioa, ' THE FIIEE COLLLOE. Tbe examination of ?tudmiis attending tbe College of tbe City ol New York bee in yeatcrday morning. There are now In the mutilation, exclusive of tlio 600 ail milted yesterday, ft W6 young inert, of wbicb number forty-tbrce are In tbe aonior claim, aixty-one in tho junior, seventy-four In tbe rophamore, IIS In the frcab itian and -KM in tbe Introductory department. Tho ' Miliject* token up yeaterday by the Senior* wore Litiu, t.nn-l. ?nd aatrononiy; by tho JuniorR, phvalca; by j tbe Sophomore*, mode Ml hi-uory; hy tbe Krwbtnen, ; ahtdex. shndowa and |i?TapecUTB, and hy tlio Introdnc- ; lory Department, KngliKh nnd chemistry. In nioat ! c i -' ? fl>e question* (,'t?en '.veto ujion printed sllpe, to ! which answers were required in anting. Tbiagavetba same i|0eitloii? to all, and aa tfreat I^rewaa Uken to prevent anv kind ol lolluainn, the reault will probably be perfectly Juat, eaeb student sUbdiug on Li* own iirtk municipal notes. u ( oioMcl Tom Dunlap, Commissioner of Jurors. hasn't ''proclaimed." Uu waits tlio action of tho Wt Louis Convention whether to go lor Tllden, Hendricks or Seymour. Ur>un JCcilJjr is said to bo Tor greenbacks and Bill Aliou. Alderman Jobu Ucllly declares that If bo can't And a lam many muu supporting Tiklen i,e will plant himself ut tlio l'iauters' Howl, at Louis, dun?K tbu Conven lion. Ujc receipts of John Tyler Kelly, Mayor's Marshal, lor the post tlvo mouths for licenses foot up $24 sil T'i &?an?r^r:r,01 on ih* ['Zn i '"7 * "mco' tl,u ulu'n,!u"?* <>' tlie Marine , markut swoepers. oliico rlonuurs, ollicers of the Hoard ol hducutlou, olHcers ol truuuey and tho en tire * ire Dopariinoai .1 !ltl0 ,c?mi;'rolier yesterday paid bills upon reouisi \ iir?' i * arU Education ,or tho school ship St Uea so"LT'tMi expenses of of the ihlp. the Hoard of K^cis,; """ ^ ?CCU,"eU by teniae "'''''"V V1 ll?1' Ci!y ,{''r"r'1 Commission held yes and ConnsoTlt ti !? yur' c,""?"i*?louer Campbell n r m uL , . the Corporation were present, the bids '10 Jt'cortl were opened. M II the nuhl iY* CowI'u" v (constating ?t oC? rr ,"V; D?U? ??*??& Godwin, 1 comnouior-' i h *wh?p uua ?u?eH & Hrotliors, were at # 1'iM.rini/ ?. r?rJ wlUi n??d" ???r. In H. Hrowii um? ?... i ii ? ' *ty conU lor "omposition per l,ooo tins, and thu lowest bidder (or other work. or 'fiH?11 ,,|nclf"0y. ? republican member ol the Hoard S |0,",CU"ly du,,|"rt'K tl",t ?'? choice is ?a finn . T' "" Wl" 1,0 aicint ln his StiL wi'.iV n !1 tu",1"lul? s,loul'l come Iroui campaign -' W ? thu around ot the menmiUs?'io^ h?*'8' l'r,'fii1donl 01 Hoard of Alder iu?erest. 8?y??T, and will go to St. Louis in his Sevmof.?*^sUim,,,0t!>'1 ,lc,'Iarcs "'?< Ms first choice Is ??? il- ti ' ' '"timates 'hut (If necessary) he will *? I er? lo make him I'reslilent ol the I'nlted .Slulo* ofr 'i'nM^, ^0m|"rollLT Karl0' ol lh0 Fn'? Trade League' .Suiiiiier ", ;"vU.!'"7 l !'U bU ""il ? " ?''"lessor IV , i \. c"ll?f?S and necoiid, for Green lor I resident or Mayor ol New York. Comptroller Oroon paid yesterday a number of1 re quisitions ortlio Hoard of Education for ouiilt or the s:!U4-t l r '0U'VP St- M"r>'s; u'-so a warrant lor $ J, 942 14 for purchase ofb.iukers' bill ol credit in la orlaauoC.l!! If" lr 1'hyt.,'ja" "r 11,0 ?"'!>. lor tho sum oil's ?i . ??. ,,,ay lH' MUud?d lor sup Me sutnmer uSrUuc^oro,?n ?,url- "??? ^ visited during MAGIC KEC'lPlioCALS. ProloHsor fiustavus Frankeustoln loctitred yester day afternoon at Stolnwsy Ilall to about ioo peoplo Upon "Reciprocal Identity." The title 0f the lecture is a mmiicw hat puzzling one, aud without the aid ofdla grams the lecturo Itself would possibly have loft tlio hearers In a log. Tho statemeut ol tho prtnciplo it self, which Mr. Krankcnstoiu claims to have discov ered. is necessarily ubstruso, and really covers the wholo ground of the locturo. This principle may bo briefly stated as followsall tho points ol u polygon In ono direction be numbered around tho peiimoter and ull Its sides, beginning with any side, in the oppo site direction, any point number then stands between two lino humbors exactly as tho same lino number stands botweon two point numbers. This rule, iutolli gently applied, is sulllclent for tlio reciprocation of any li^uros whatever. It follows from ibis that curves re clproca e theniselves-ln other words that heir re ciprocals are curves of like naiuro. To overr point of a llf-ure there corresponds a lino In tho ret. proyal; aud. cict versa, lo every lino thorn cor responds a iioint. The points are associated with re paid to the lines ol the reciprocal exactly us the lines llmirn8(>TJlUl<I " r''Ki,r'' ,to 1,10 "? Hs original I guro. Tho point and tho lino are tlio propa?utm? i! ?i y IIM,,,n" these lructilviug zeros all liguics are reciprocated, and ly them alone. It Is to di.'!" ri ! f""'0 n'"ial'ks "I'P'y to liguros in u plane. Iho principle ol reciprocal Identity extends to .^'i'1'8 n ' Y ,,,0<ltfl<1alions of the laws above ii f iJ C'lD V? s',owu that mlinite variation Is tius ' Without the boundaries of the typo being even piivMOd. he inoglc reciprocals ure the symmet rieal insuifcstatlous ol the prlnciplo ol reciproenl identity 1,ie-v thi- recognition of a lorco which is tho greatest lorco in nature?the rori o ol svmmetrv llal ance and variety are the Ibundation of sll bosuty. Man tabhl mi'& i!'l!":U''- Tl'? l,ow?r of symmetry has es tablislied the bahtneo, notwithstanding the uusymmet rlcal internal organization. } COltONEltB' CASES. A body was found yeste'dny morning at pier 52 East ltiver, by Kouudstnau Oablgren. of tho Thirteenth precinct, and brought to the Morgue. Tho police authorities roportod that there were serernl wounds on tho bead. Tho deceased was about lorty years of age, with smooth lace, long black hair and uark clothes. Tho body was remove! to tho Morguo, where Coroner Wolimab accompanied by bis deputy found It in the alternoou. 'Iho lutter mado an examination of the corpse and found that tho only vioitoco to the body was doue by llshes, which had catou away a small por tlon of the lace. No pauers were found on tho deceased that could csubl|>h his Identity Mr. Kelly, a painter, thirty-live years of age while at work on a sculfold at No HO'J Fifth avenue Veil to the ground and was inslantly killed. ' An unknown man was yesterday found drowned in thu Hound iiikI mmiI to tlio Moreno. AnguslSpohr, aged thirty, ol No. 2D0 Kast Sevontb street, laborer at the Manhntt iu lias Comoanv -c works on avenue near fourteen.h street, droppid dead early yesterday morning while at work there lieputy Corooer Cashman made an examination of the do ceascd an^i touud that he diot^from heart disease. THAT DRUGGIST'S MISTAKE. From tbo testimony given in tbe case of Kdna Kin stein, wbo died from tho ciiects of medicine mixed with laudanum tlirou^li tho mistake of a druggist's cleric on the 31st ult., Coroner Klliuger summoned the parties to appear hoioro liiin yesterday morning. Tho druggist, Joliu Kabor, \>us lioid to bull in tho sum of iiml his son, wbo mixed ihc proscription, was lii-lil under il.WtO ball. Mr. Henry Dl?del, of No. 3*5 ? Third avcnoo, appeared on their )>ehnlt and gave tho required ball, when they were dismissed. INCOMPETENT DRUG CLERKS. Nkw York, Juno 1, 1870. To thk Kditor or tiir Hkiialii:? Dom not tbe caso ot lilllo Kdna Einstein, who died by toe poiaon given her through tho mistake of a drug clerk, as reported In yosierday's Hkkalu, rail for a strict enforcement or tho law regulating tbe dls pending of medicines in thin city? Tho faw requires proscription clerks to pass an examination, or t<i have graduated at some pharmaceutical eollega Two-thirds or one-half or tho prescriptions dally put up in New York are dis|ieiiscd by clerks well trained In selling toilet articles, but incompetent to pass even the very lenient examination the law provide*. Neither the physician wbo presenile*. nor the patient who takes tbe medicines is protected, as long as our sleeping Board of Pharmacy allow boys and Ignorant clerk* to dispense. II they do not ilare to interfere with our leading pharmacies on Jiroadway anil on the avenues, it Is hluh Hint; fur them to step out, and allow men outride ol tbo profession to take the reins out of their hands Your influeatlal journal. I am sure, will assist in the (lord work by exposing tho pharmacies whero J his daugerouri practice w cirrled on, mid whero tbe ivch of our sick cltixens are daily plaoed In Jeopardy. Yours, acouDiatil reader of the Hkimi.u for the last fifteen years. HICHAUO IKYING. FIRE BUGS ACTIVE. Yarloul acts of incendiarism which hare occurred In tho village of Jamaica recently liavo caused a great deal or alarm union'.' tho residtnts, as, although the amount or property thus lar destroyed is comparatively small, tho fear Is that unless soino measures are taken to put a slop to tho lawlesonesa. I hero may be a more serious ? conllugrution. A half do/en or more small fins, every . one of which was evidently caused by design, bavu lor- | tuuately lieen extinguished with small leas within a lew months. Tlie lizard of Trustees sane time ago I ollerod a reward lor the dctecliou o! tbe incendiaries, but it appears not to bave had the desired ulloct, and they ore now urgod to employ the services of a sklliul detective, which they will probably do. BOARD OF l'OLICE. At a mooting of tho Hoard ol i'ollco yesterday a re ho lutiou was adopted changing the summer hats of tho pollco from the loth Inst. The new style ia a high crown, black Derby, with three ventilating holes. James A. Dolan was np|>ointod to it clerkship in the Bureau ot Vital Mntlsllrs at a yearly salary ol (1,600. The Chlel Clerk wna directed to loi ward to the Hoard of Health tho logal opinion ol oouiisel on the relation ship existing between the two lioirds. FERRY CHANGES. Mr. Kreischer, tho uow president of the tJtaten I<!and Kullroad Company, will make further changes on tho lerry on Mondny next. Tbe steamer Josephine will maWo two direct morning trip* from the trains nt Clifton landing, leaviu : at twenty minutes to eight and nine o'clock. RAIN WANTED. ? The drought is now sewrely felt at tbo east end of i Staten Island. Tbe garden cropa are beginning to suf i ler, and tho roads arc disagreeably dusty. A heavy I shower passed over tho west end on Monday last, but 4M M great gut*! LITERARY CHIT CIIAT. 'A capital book is Mr. Fox Bourne's '?I.lCc tif Jobs Knox," Just out io Loudon, In two volume* A most complete lift* or Titian, with a history of his times, by the well known art critics Crow and Cavai caselle ib In Murray's (Louilou) press. Lord Lindr-ay has a poem, in ten hook*, nearly ready, entitled "Argo; or, Tha Quost of the Golden Fleece." Mr. Darwin's fortlicoulug book will be untit'od "I'he ltesults of Cross and Sell-1 ortilization lu i\io Vegetable Kingdom. " lu these days ol ccntonnial celebrations the renter will not bo astonished that It is proposed to celebrate thu I wo hundredth anniversary ot the death ofSpniosa, iu February next. Thu Paris committee 011 this bl centeiiary celebration cuuUius tiio names of ltenau, Llttru, Tamo and Julos Simon. That indef itigablo pedestrian, Mr. Waller Whim, who haa walked all over Englitud and nearly all o$er Eu rope, has In press "Holidays lu Tyrol, Kufstoln, Klo veustcin and i'anoveggio." Another history of Queen Anne's days, In two vol ume-1, is out from the pen ol Frederick \V. Wyon. This period ol English history, which was not reached by Mncaulay in his unfinished work, is very creditably treated iu Mr. Wyon's volumes. M. Foiksuc, a learned Frenchman, lias puhllshod at l'urls a book entitled ' La Chance (>u La Destine," id which the philosophy of the conditioned Is thorouuhiy dlscusscd. Professor W. I). Whitnoy's "Lile and Growth of Language'' has been translated into German and printed ?t Letpsic. Mr. W. 1). Keller has como out with "The Ecclesi astical History ol Ireland (torn the* Earliest l'eriod to the Present Time," In two volumes. " Morgan's Law of Literature,'' two volumes, and "Hilliard's Law of Taxation" have bean republished In l.oiidon. The great " Encyclopedia of Education," by an as sociation of German scholars, published by Bosser, ot Gotha, has reached tho eleventh volume. Mr. J. Shelton couies out with a freuh book on an interminable controversy, which he entitles '-The Iinpeaobmont ol Mary Stuart, Some Time Queen of Scots." "Tho l'cr'odical I'ross of Austria" la tho title of a treat i-o by J. W luckier, which gives a historical and statistical view of Austrian Journalism. It is from Gcrohl's press, In Vienna. A now book on "Trade Unions," by a Glasgow Jour nalist, Mr. It. Somers, will shortly appear In Edin burgh Tho number of newspapers and other periodicals now published iu Austria is 810, of which 044 are In tho German language. Miss Coleuso, daughter of tho famous heretical ltishop of Natal, bus published an interesilng novel Mr. Frank Viucuut's "Through and Through the Tropics" Is pronounced extremely readable by th* London Saturday Rrtirw. ?"The Ceramic Art or Japan," by Messrs. Audsley and Howes, is 1111 admirable work oua subject now attract ing much attention. Tho "Great L'nlverssl Geography" of M. Elis?el?cbui Is to be translated by Mr. Kuveiislein, In sovoral vol umes. It Is expected to replace Malto Itrun and all III* other geographers. Tho next book in Americin early history will be B. F. Do Costa's "Conquost or tho Wilderness; or, Chap ters in the Maritiuio and Colonial History of Now Kug land." It will iuclndo tho publication, lor tho tlrst time, of tho lost Journal of tho Colony of Sagadahoo, in Maino, 1(11)7. Tho "Calendar of Venetluh State Papors," published by tho llritlsli govornuient, under the editorship of Mr. Ilandon Rrowu, will reach tho end of Queen Mary's reign in the forthcoming sixth volutno. The Loudon Academy thinks that much ol Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney s "Sights and Insights" Is "mere maudlin chaitor, gushing raptures mid all'ectatlon." Tho forthcoming "Sacred Books or tho Kast," to be edited by Professor Max Mi'illor, will niako twenty-four volumes, and will include the books of tho Brahmaus, tho Buddhists, the Zoroiutrlaua, and tho followers ol Coulucius, Lao-tse and Mohammed. Tho ZoudaviFta will, for tho llrst time, ue translated entire. Mr. Edward A. Freeman has couuiress d into a re markable little work, entitled "Europe," his polemical views of tho present State systems of modern Europe. He is very bitter against all Colts and Frenchmen. The ablu pamphlet of Henri Cernuschl on "BiMo tall 1 c Money" has been translated and published by Sampson Low, tff London, it considers fully tho coin age question as it aflects bom England and America, and ndvocatos with great vigor tho duublo standard of gold and silver. George Kltot will fln!)>ii tbo last book of "Daniel Da* ronda" by about midsummer, and will spend thoautump months In Krabrun, in tbo n<>utit of Franco. The idculists icom to bo capturing the British public at last. Tiie new |ihiloso|>hical quarterly, Mind, bad t? reprint its lirst number twice, ami another new <|tiar terly, entitled Mutlrr and Spirit, will appear in July, Itx pur|MHo being to discuss all quer lions of science anl religion Irotu a Christian |iolnt of view. The Saturday /{rrieie has a queer biographical artlclo, entitled "Tlio Lovaaof a Philosopher," which treuts al Thomas Day, the uuthor ol ''Sandford and Morton." Tho uow book ol Todbunter on Dr. Wliewell, witb bis writings und letters, is packed full of learning. Mr. Lowell's "Among My Hooks" docs not please tb? critic ol tbo Saturday K*<ri*w, who Qnds the book crummed with bad metaphors and faults of taste. Yet it adibitahia great knowledgu oi the poets about whom bo writes, and coulisses that ho haa great critical power. Mr. P. O. Fleay's "Shakespeare Manual" is a com* jileto digest of ail tbo authoritative knowledge respect ing Shakespeare's life, bis manner and method of work and the succession of his plays in tho order ot com po sition. It gives In brief the substance of many book! which are oxponsivo and dilllcult to procure. The taste for the art of gardening ts rapidly spread lag, and Mr. W. Paul, a London practical rose grower, hai published "Villa Hardening," which Is a valuable con* tributiou to the subject. Mr. Peter O'Leary bus prltitod his "Travels and Ex perience." in Canada, tbo Rod Kiver Territory and the United States." Ho writes as a delegate of the Agri cultural laborers' Union, and bis book is valuable for emigrants. SABBATH O BSE B VANCE. At a regular meeting of the llonrd ol Managers of th# New York ilible Society, hold yesterday, tbo following resolutions were adopted:? Whereas the recent ?tf >rt? made by HI* Honor the Mayor anil tin' department* sella( with lilm. ? coord wltli the prin ciple* Inculcated b> the Word ol (iod which It U the special nrovimu eftbU aociety to circulate, ibcretore l?e it Ke<ol\e<l. That fie iieapl of Manmf"r? of the N'. w York Bildc Society extend to Ilia Honor William M. Wickham, Mayor "t the city of New York, and to the departments act inx Willi bin. their <? .meat and hearty approval of the hioti'ini'iitaVe-nilv initiated, tendliit to a more reverent observance ol (he Sabbath day In the closing of the liquor nalooti* in tlii- City. KckoIv. d. That the Secretary forward to 11 is Ifoaor a Oopy of thla re? (lutloii TIIE SUNDAY QUESTION. Effort* nro still b"ing tnsdo by tho Tempcrsnct Hrothorbi>od and Us ugant, Oliver Cotter, to tuppresa the sale ol liquor on Sundays In Hrookiyn and otbor cities. During the past week Mr. Cotter bas been visit, ing the didcrent towns and cities along the Hudson Itivor as fur up a? Newburg. He reports thai be sne ceodcd in inducing seventy-two saloon keepers to sign his pledge not to keep their places of business open oa HWMlajrs. GOOD NEWS FOB THE BATHEB8. Yesterdar one of the fruu baths of tbe city was brought Irom t'.owanus and moored for tbe lntnmer season at the foot ol East Killh street, and to-day tht other will be placed at tbe fool ol Eleventn street, North Hivor. On Monday tbo baths will be opon to the public under tlio old regulations, liotb baths hav? been repainted snd repaired. They cost the city $10,000 per annum. Over Mio,oou availed thcmselvei ot using tbe baths lust > ear, and this number would have been augmented bad there iicen other hatha The uptown resident* are also mmplalutag that they, have no facility for enjoying a free bath. DOLAN'S WIFE ABKESTED. Henry Moore, a sailor, went into a den In the Bowery on Thursday night and fell as oen in a chair, after drinking considerable liquor. While be was asleep Thomas Kasiah, ol Stati n Islnnd, ssw a young woman ?teal $7 Iioiii Mooro'.i ouat pocket. Kosiah .wont out, calle i an oitteer and bad her arrested. She gave hat name as Ma.gic Smith, but proved to bo Maggie Casey, who wa? married in the Tom la to Joliu llolan, the niarderer of Mr. Noe, iirevlous to hla execution. Oa being arraigned Iteloro Justice Morgan, IB the KteeJt Market I'oiice Court yesterday, she ttorriUed almost every one In court by her blasphemous and obeeeM lAe was ceiunutted lor trial.

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