Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1876 Page 7
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. THE SWORD OF OSMAN. Illurad Effendi Preparing for His Crown?The Ex-Sultan Held in Prison. Victoria's Appeal in Behalf of a Former Guest. Serria Recmant Against the New Rule?Bis marck Working For a New Conference. WTftSLOW A PRISON PUZZLE. Heavy Failures of Russian and Italian Traders. TURKEY. THE NEW SULTAN AND TUB OLD?ONE PBE PARING FOB HIS CORONATION, THE OTHER HELD IN A GILDED PRISON?QUEEN VICTOBIA BATS A WOBD FOB HEB OLD FRIEND?THE SERVIAN8 STILL BECOSANT?BISMARCK MOV ING FOB ANOTHER CONFERENCE. Loxdox, Juno 2, 187ft A despatch to the Router Telegraph Company from Constantinople states that tho ceremony of girding Murad Effendl, tlie new Sultan, with the sword of Os man, which is equivalent to a coronation, is postponed until next week. THE DSrOSED SULTAN IN SECLUSION. Coxstaxtixople, Juno 2, 1878. The Minister ol Foreign A flairs has telegraphed the Turkish representatives abroad as follows:? "I hasten to deny tho malevolent rumors circulated concerning the deposed monarch's fate. Immediately niter his accession Sultan Murad Eflendi ordered his undo to" be treated with overy consideration and to re ceive all tho honors dne his person. Tho pavilion be. longing to tho Icherngan Palace, on the Botphorns, has been assigned him as a residence." QUEEN VICTORIA'S FRIENDSHIP FOB THE FALLEN MONARCH. Loxdox, June 2,1878. Tho Pott says it learns that Abdul-Aziz, the late Sul tan of Turkey, is con lined in a splendid palace called "The Cage." The Pott ulso says it has reason to believe that his life is perfectly sale, and adds that it understands Her Majostv, Queen Victoria, immediately on learning of tho deposition of Abdul-Aziz, took steps to obtain satis, factory assnranco of tho personal safety of h$r formor juest. SERVIA rROTEST8 AGAINST MURAD V. A special despatch to the Pall Mall Gazette, from Berlin, says:?"It is stated here that Servia refuses to recogntzo the new Sultan of Turkey, on tho ground or his Irregular accession to the throne, and declines to pay her tribute, two instalments of which are In ar rears." titk germ axo-russiax coxfkrexck. The same despatch says that Princo Bismarck will accompany the Emperor William to Ems, where a fresh conference wl'l bo held between Prince Bismarck, Prince Gortschakorrand Count Karolyi de Nagy-Karoly, the Austrian Ambassador at Berlin. THE EX-SULTAN?CABINET ADVICE AS TO HIS FUTURE. Loxdow, June 3,1878. A despatch to the Standard from Vienna say* the Ministers have advised Mourad not to exile Abdul-Azix to Asia unless he should attempt to Incite a civil war. SERVIA AND BOUMANIA NOT ALLIED AGAINST THE SULTAN. Paris, June 2, 187& An official despatch from Bucharest denies that an offensive and defensive alliance has been concluded be tween Roumania and Servia against Turkey. RUSSIA BECEDES FROM THE BERLIN NOTE PRESENTATION POSITION. Loxdox, June 3,1876. The Paris correspondent of the Timet says It seems now beyond doubt that Russia, In accord with the other Powers. ha& agreed to postpone the presentation of the Berlin memorandum to tho Porte. TUB ROUMAXIAX-HKRVIAH WAR QUESTION?ORXAT rojr ERs' WATCH OX THM PROVIXCIALS. The Timet' Berlin despatch declares that the action of r.oumaula and Servia In relation to their contem plated declaration of Independence will doubtless be governed I y Russia, who seems willing to recognizo MupM upon condition that he abandon the Idea of wa ,.uk war against Servia and Montenegro. As, how ever, Murad's party is bent upon such a war It Is ex pected that the new Sultan will give no binding prom ise. BRITISH XAVAL GUARD. It Is reported that three British men-of-war are crui.-lng ofl tho Dalmatian coaat to prevent tho landing of arms :or the insurgents. STILL WARLIKE. In tht meantime warlike preparations continue. Servia has Just announced her adhesion to the Geneva ' Convention relitlvo to the treatment of the wounded. ENGLAND BANGED AGAINST THE BUSSIAH POLICT. Loxdox. June 3, 187ft The Timet'' Berlin correspondent remarks that the policy Russia has pursued In the East during the year has produced sn important result. England has ranged herself on the opposite side. MCXITIONS FOR Tnt TURKS. On Wednesday an English man ofwar lsnded at Dnrazzo a cargo of arms for the Turkish troops In Albania. FRORARLI ALMAXCB O? TH* WESTERN POWERS. The Vienna special of the Dai In Xevt says it is rumored that an alliance of tho Western Powers, in consequence of the Initlstive of the British govern ment, is about to be concludod, and Italy and probably Austria will Join Ik Prince Wrede has been instructed to caution the Servian government against endangering peace. EMPEROR WILLIAM FOR EMS. The Times' despatch from Berlin reports that th* Kmporor William will go to Ems on tho 7th Inst. IIRitatios or the ixkcrrsttiommt* against kng:,ani> The same authority states that there Is much indigna tion In Servia and Montenegro over tho report that Great Britain is supplying the Turks with urini THK ST I TAX TO BR RRCOGNIZEP. A despatch to the /)ai/y Xrwt from Vienna savs It 's announced that the Powers, including HufcSia, will rec Dgnlze Murad next week. PROVtHCIAL ARMISTICE WITH THK TTRKS IMPOSSIBLE. ^Tho Official Gazrttr of Montenegro declares a fresh armistice is Impossible and says tho insurrection will Bow continue In good earnest. THE NEW SULTAN HAILED UXIVfRSAT.LY BT THE PEOPLE?JOT AND LIOHT IN CONSTAN TINOPLE. Washington, June 2, 1<!7& The Turkish Minister in this city 1ms received tho following despatch from the Turkish Minister of Kor Mgn Affairs:? ? "Constantinople, May 31, is;*; i ?The advent to tho throne of Hit Imperial Majesty tfarad V., which was announced 10 you by telegram yesterday, sent by His Highness the Grand Vizier, ??? proclaimed by ihe grace of Ood and the will of tho pwplt amid the moat perfect tranquility, the popuis liana naving balled this happy event with their unani moua and moat enthusiastic wishes. All desire to testify to the new sovereign their sympathy and do> Tolion by public demonstration. The Joy and satislac tioa of the people are ahown by illuminations in the capital, as well as tn the provinces. I shall soon make known to Year Excellency tho programme of the new government." ENGLAND. ins slow "finally" RFMANDKD?LORD debbt JVAITrXO FOR SECRETARY FISH'S NOTE?PARLIA MENTARY AND PRESS SrRHISES?THE CAPTAIN OF THK FRANCONIA APPEALS AOAIJtST HIS SENTENCE. Lonxvoi, June 2, 1870. In the official report of Wins-low's remand the word* used are "finally remanded until June 15." The uso of ihe word "finally" seems to tndlcato that Window will be released unlets the difficulty Is settled by that data Secretary Fish's answer to Earl Derby's last note has not yet rescued London. AMKRICA MAT PKRH APS HAVE THK PRISONER. When Sir William Vernon-Harcourt was atked why be did not bring on his motion in the House of Com mons on Tuesday night, of which he had giveu notice, he was understood to say the government did not have the papers ready, and In reply to further inquiries said ho thought the matter would be patched up and the United States government get Winslow. WILL AMKRICA HAVK A TKSATT PATCH ? An inquiry at the Home office about tho statement In the Manchester Cwirdian's London despatch of yes terday, that the government would not surrendor Winslow until a supplemental treaty had been nego tiated embodying the principles of tho act of 1870, end that communications to that end were now passing, was answered as follows:? " In tho main that is corroct as near as may bo." A CONVICTED CAPTAIN APPEALS. The case of Csptain Key n, of tbo steamer Franconla. which ran Into and sank tho Strathclyde, who was convicted of manslaughter In tho Central Criminal Court on April 7, will be reargued before all the com mon law judges about the middle of Juno. THE COTTON MARKET?PRICES AND SUPPLY. Liverpool, June 2,1870. The circular of the Liverpool Cotton Brokers' Asso ciation, Issued to-day, in its review of the week ending yesterday, ssys:?"Cotton has been In improved de mand, and the market has assumed a firmer tone, with moro regularity in prices. American was depressed in tbo early part of tho week and declined l-16d., but sub sequently the demand increased and the declino was recovered." SKA ISLAND. In Sea Island the iuquiry has been extremely small, but prices are unchanged. ''FUTURES." In "futures" there has been a fair amount of busi ness PRICKS. American declined but recovered, and Is now about l-16d. above last week's priccs. SALKH AND SUPPLY DURING THK WKKS. Hales of the week, 48,000 bales. Exporters took 6,000; ?peculators took 4,000. Total stock on hand. 1,081,000. American, 028,000. Receipts, 01,000; American, 28,000. Actual export, 4,000. Amonnt afloat, 345,000; American, 110,0001 Forwardod from the ship's side direct to spinners, 10,000. American sales, 33,000. BRKADSTrrw?TDK DRAIN TRADE DURING A WEEK. A leading grain circular says there has been Qno hot weather this woek, but the country needs moisture. The chsngo of temperature has, however, checked tho active disposition to operate, and, although a number of British markets report a fresh advance of a shilliug on wheat, the improvement is much less pronounced than it was previously. English whoat tins lately risen above the comparative value of foreign, and tho com sumption of tho latter msy be expected to incrcaso considerably. Tho market was thinly attended to-day. Millers aro purchasing wheat moderately at Tuesday's rates. Rather more money is asked for flour, and in some cases is obtainable. Corn is in fair request and has advanced 3d. WKATItKK REPORT. Tho woatber to-day is fair. FRANCE. Paris, June 2, 1876. Joan-Baptist* Dumas was yesterday received as a member of tho French Academy. AMKR1CAM CBXTBXNIAL IXDSriENDSKCB fetes. The American residents In 1'aris have started a sub scription to raise funds for the celebration or the Gen tennial Fourth 01 July and for placing a marble slab, with a commemorative inscription, on tho tomb .of Lafayette. A BONAP ARTIST DEPTTTY ADMITTED. Vkrhaili.ks, Jnue 2, 1878. The Chamber of Deputies to-day conOrmed the eleo tion of M. Gavlnl, fionapartist. GEORQE BAND IT.L. Loxoox, June 3, 1878. The Standard'! correspondent at Paris reports that George Sand is seriously 111 SPAIN. Q07ZBNMENT HAKMOXT WITH THE BASQUE PBOVIHCIALISTS. Madrid, June 2, 1878. Premier Canovaa del Castillo has held a long confer ence with the committee on the Fueros bill A com plete understanding; was established. THK PROVINCIAL CLAIMS IIARMOXIZ1I). It is stated that modifications will be introduced Into the bill providing that all liberals of the Masque prov inces who supported Alfonso shall be exempt from con scription. Tho remainder of the population will be liable to military duty the ssmo as other Spaniards. TUB RSINPORrP.MEXTS FOR CUBA. The army reinforcements for Cuba, which sailed from Spain on Wednesday, nnmbered 700, not 7,000, ss was at first stated ITALY. FAILURE* IN TRADE AT MESSINA?PANIC IN BUSINESS CIRCLES. Loxnov, June 2, 1876. The Mnnchester Emminer reports the fuiluro of Rocca Brothers and Ottuviani Brothers, of Messina, with liabilities of 1,710.000 (about $272,000). Other small firms have also failed and a panic pre vails in Messina. RUSSIA. HEAVY COMMERCIAL FAILCBE IN RIBEIIIA. I/ixdox, June 2, 1876. A large failure In Siberia Is telegraphed which will sITect Moscow and other points in tho North. SUSPENDING MANUFACTTJ UING. PROVIBBSr*. R. I., June 2, 1876. The l.ippitt Woollen Company at Watt socket havo decided to saspeirl manufacturing after the lOtli Inst. FATAL ACCIDENT. Matt*was. N. J., June 2, 1876. Michael Fenn, an employe of the New Jersey cen tral Railroad, leil from a car this afternoon and tu kiiied. INCENDIARY FIRE. Ai.sast, June 2. 1S76. An unoccupied hotel at Schoharie was partially de stroyed by lire till morning. Tho Io?s Is estimated nt mxiiri'il lor 18,0(10, Tho fire is supposed to | liava ki n catted liy an incendiary. SHOT HIS WIFE. Woii'- ^Ti R, Mass.. Jure 2, 11>76. In Sotstlihrld^o f**:erdsy John M rrl on while drunk shot hm wI c Willi a, looted with shot, inllii'.itng in jur es w hicli it Hfciffd will prove lata!. The charge took rlTei I in Mio Vwai'i face, ifie !!e?b. bitek nearly i? tlie j ctr, lielliK blown otT. the Jaw boat broke ? ami the eigiu ol one eye destroyed. VIorrl ou was arrested. t THE EMPEROR OF BRAZIL. A VISIT TO THX WASHINGTON DEAF AND DUMB 1N8TITUT* AND TO MOUNT VRBNON?THI distinguished GUESTS WOO ACCOM PANIRD TDK EMl'F.BOll. Washington, June '2,187fi. This morning the Emperor, accompanied by the Vlaconde do Bom Retiro, visited the deaf ami dumb Institute and spent several hours examining into the details of lta working. His Majesty expresses himself delighted with the completeness and thor ough organization of the institute. In con versation with the Herald correspondent the Kmperor said that the hour* spent in examining the deaf and dumb institute were among the pieasantest he has passed since his arrival iu the United States. The institute be declared to be the best organized and most com plete he has seen either In Europe or America. A VISIT TO THE NAVY tabd. After breakfast the Emperor, accompanied by the Vice Admiral De Laniare, visited the Navy Yard, but neither of the visitors seemed much Impressed with what ho saw there.. The Empress, not taking any Interest in naval aflairs, visited the Capitol, escorted by the Duke of Saxe Coburg. AN EXCURSION TO MOUNT VERNON. On the Invitation of Mrs. Bergman, the Emperor, Empress and suite made an excursion to Mount Vernon. Among the invited guests were the Vis conde do Bom Ketiro; Vice Admiral de Lamar*: General Sherman; Mr. Bancroft, the historian; Ad miral Rogers; Mr. Thornton, the British Minister; Senlior Borghes, the Brazilian Minister, and lady; the Russian Minister and lady; the Turkish Minister and a number of the Diplomatic Corps. The sail down the river was delightful, and General Sher man thoughtfully pointed out to the Imperial visi tors the various points of interest on the banks. As a tribute of respect to the memory 01 General Washington and Ills wife, the Emperor and Empress deposited bouquets on their tombs. At the request of Mrs. Bergman, the kind hostess, the Emperor planted a maple tree within a few feet of Washington's resting place. A VISIT TO A HALLOWED SPOT. On the way to the house the site where the mortal remains of Washington had been ilrst laid was pointed out to the Emperor. He at once left the party und directed his steps toward the hallowed spot and when he saw the magnillcent view he said it was a pity that Washington's resting place had been changed. In any case, lie thought that even now the vault where he had Ilrst lain should be kept sacred. Ho was very much disappointed to find the grave of tho Father of his Country so sadly neglected. The ladies' committee do their best, but they have not the means of keeping the grounds In proper order, and it Is a sad commentary on THE GRATITUDE OP REPUBLICS that Mount Vernon, with its high, lessons of exalted dignity and pure morality, should be allowed to fall to decay. It was eleven o'clock when the imperial party returned from Mount Vernon. His Majesty and several of Ills suite attended a reception given by Sir Edward Thornton. In the morning the imperial party wiU leave for Niagara. CUBA. RAIN? WEATHER AND EXCESSIVE HEAT. Havana, Jane 2, 1876. Rain has fallen almost Incessantly during tbe past week and tho heat has boon unprecedented. HAVANA M ARKKTS. Spanish gold, 218 a 219. Exchange easier; on the United States, sixty days, currency, f a 8X discount; short sight, 71* a dis count; 00 days, gold, a 3 premium; short sight, 4 a 4,', premium'. On l'aris, 2 a 2>, premium. Sugar dull. THE EASTON POISONING CASE. Eastos, Pa., Juno 2, 1870. Tbe mystorious poisoning of the I^iros family, neai this city, is croatlng an unusual excitement, and sub sequent appearaneos jusilty graver suspicions than were at first entertainod. A sum ot $360 is missing, and other facts |ust developed lend to tho belief that tho poisoning was intentional. No arrests tiavp been made. Martin Laros and his wife nre dead, and tho seven others are still living in a erilirul condition. A coroner's inquest is now being held, but a verdict will probably not be rendered to-day. IRONWORKERS' STRIKE. Pittsburg, Pa., June 2, 1H78. All the conferences between the manufacturers find tbo paddlcrs hare failed to prevent a lockout, and to-day bat vary few of tho paddling mills <n this county aro at work. Tbe alternative of tbe manufacturers was a slid Ins scale, which at tbe present price of iron (two and a half cents) would made the rate lor puddling $4 76 per ton, and ascending at tbe rate of ton rents per ton for one-tenth advance in card. This was rejected by the 1'uddlers' Union, Its demand being an advance of fifteen cents per ton on every one-tenth advance in card rates, and an Increase also of twenty-llvo cents per ton at the present rate. Tbe mills will not shnt down Immediately as tbcre Is comparatively a large stork of muck bar on hand, which will be workrd up, by which time, it la hoped, a compromise will bo made. RAILWAY LOAN. Qvkbec, Juno 2, 1870. Tbe Mercury this evening says the provincial govern, meul bos negotiated its loan or $4,000,000 for tbe con sirnctlnn of the Quel>ec, Montreal and Western Rail way, through the Bank of Montreal, at Uve per cent interest. PROBABLY FATAL INJURIES. At seven o'clock last night an officer found an un known man on tbe sidewalk opposite X& 66 Uethune strjet in an unconscious condition. An ambulance was summoned and he was removod to Uellevno Hos pital, where it was found bo was suffering from com pression of the brum?from what cause It coald not bo ascerta:ned. Subsequently it was ascertained that his name is James Wendrin, a painter, aged forty years. Ho will probably die. NEW HAMPSHIRE FINANCES. UoftTon. June 2, 1876. From the State reports prepared against the inausu ratlon of Governor Cheney, of New Hampshire, It ap pears that tho revenues lor 1876 were $603,328 10 and the expenditures $391,636 23, o net gain to tbe Treas ury over 1*76 of $'.'0,632 29. The indebtedness ol tho Suite is |3,62U,638 40, a reduction from 1876 of $111,791 9a MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. m War Dki'AKTMRXT. Ofvick or Ttfr Cm*r Siurai. OprirRR, YVashixotor, June 3?1 A. M. ) ProbaMliHet, For Saturday in tho South Atlantic States, higher pressure, cooler, partly cloudy weather, south and west winds and local storms will prevail. In tho Eastern Gulf States, stationary or high ba rometer, partly cloudy weather, with local storms and cooler north and east winds. In the Western (Julf Slates, slightly higher pressure, stationary or lower temperature, diminishing south erly winds, possibly sln!t:ng to northerly In the inte rior and partly clouuy weather. For the Upper Mississippi and Lower Mlsssourl val leys, cooler, northerly winds, rising barometer and partly cloudy or clear weather. For tho upjier lake region, rising barometer, cooler, northerly winds and partly cloudy weather. For the lower lake region, southwest to northwest winds, stationary or lowef temperature, rising barome ter and pari I v cloudy weather. For the Middle and F.astern Stales, southwest winds, warmer, partly cloudy weather and local rains, pos sibly followed by cooler westerly winds and rising barometer. In Tennessee nad the Onlo Valley, rising barometer, stationary or lower temperature, north and west winds, loral rains and partly cloudy weather. The rivers will continue a? on Frldsy. THE WEATUKU TERTtBll.VT. The following record will show the changes in the temperature for tho past twenty-lour boars, In com parison wilb tho correspon ling date ol la,t year, aa tudictiied by tho thermometer at liudbut's pharmacy, j Hkralm Building:? 1?76. 1876. 1876k 1876. U!l 66 3:30 P. M 72 87 ? A. M 66 oO ? I' M (i.1 70 9 A. M. 63 M 9 P. M .1 ft^ 12 M 19 73 13 P. M 67 fti Average temperature yesterday 68 Average temperature lor corre?|ionding date last CROOKED WHISKEY. SENTENCE OF CONVICTS IN LOCIBIANA AND MIUOVIL Nkw Oki.kans, La., June 2, 1876. Judge Wood to day overruled the motions lor new trial j and arrest o( Judgment in the Kchrenback and O'Brien < distilling cases, and pronounced sentence a* follows:? John Henderson, sixteen months' imprisonment and 1 $6,000 fine; William M. Todu, sixteen months' Im prisonment and (1,000 One; John It. Scales, sixteen months' imprisonment and $1,000 line; Otto H. Karstendike, sixteen months' imprisonment ami $2,000 line; Edward Febreiibucfc, thirteen months' Imprisonment and $1,000 Hue, and VV. O. James, six months' imprisonment and $1 ,000 line. The prisonern were all sentenced to the ! Went Virginia l'i niteutiary sod were at once taken in charge by Marshal Packard, but may not bo sent away before the 10:h ol' Juno. The courtroom was crowded during the proceedings. St. Lorn, Mo., June 2, 1876. In the United States Dli-trict C<>urt this morning sen t-npes were pronouoced ol one day's Imprisonment and fines of $1,000 eneh, in the cases of 8> W, 1'lrici, W. It. Jouettand I.ouis Teuscher, distillers; 1). A. Qulnlin, L. O. Qulnlin and Bollman and O'Hara, rectifiers, and Woodsworth, ganger, couvlcted of defrauding the rovo nue. Several ottier members of ttM whiskey "ring" aro hold as witnesses in the New Orleans cases and will not be sonic need until those cases aro disposed ot CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION. HOW ELECTION EXPENSES HAVE BEEN DE Flt.VYED IN LOUISIANA. Nkw Ori.kaxs, June 2, 1876. Beforo tho Congressional Investigating Committee to-day Edward A. Davis to-tifioi as follows:? In 1^74 1 wns called npou by J. llule Sypher to take a contract for Itghthouso re pain; Sypher took me to Captain Morse, Superintendent of Construction, nt tho Custom House, and uvkod lor the contract; it wis lor $5,t:u0; I accepted, signed it and guvo it to Sypher; after that ho eal'ed for mo to go and get the money, saying 'he work was done; I did not do anv work at all, and was surprised when ho told ma the work was done; he gave me a ctieck and wo went to the c ishier of tho Collector's olllce and got live $1,0;h? bills, which Sypher took; Sy pher was a member ot Congress; he said lie would remu nerate me, iiui failed to do so; ho uiterward paid mo $125; I heard tho $5,000 were paid for electioneering purposes. District Attorney J. K. Berkwitb was examined as to the ailairs ol Ins olllce and tho eases against dolaulters to the government, but no startling developments wero mad*. Mr. lieckwith Stated that full reports ot all ca<es and the tu itmer in which they had been disposed of were on file in the departments ai Washington. DISTILLERY LIBELLED. S.ts Francisco, Juno 2, J?7fl. The Bay View Distillery, which was recently seized, was libelled In the Untied States District Court here to day. The trial will take place In July. CANAL STRUCK JURY. Aliiant, N. Y., June 2, 1876. Mflthew C. Hu'e for tho People, and William C. Ruger and Henry Smith for tho defendants, In the caso ol Tho People against Henry D. Dcnlson et al., met in tho County Clerk's office for tho purpose of striking a special jury to try tho case at tho approaching extraor dinary terra of the Circu't Court. The list having been produced, the counsel for the defendants objected to this striking of tho jury under the order of Judge I.andon, netting aside tho stay granted by Judge Noxon on the ground that it was illegally and irregularly obtained. The Counly Clerk, having no option In tho matter, however, procoeded with tho striking of tho Jury. At tho conclusion counsel for tho defence entered formal firotest, on the ground abovo cited, upon the original 1st. They also requested copies of all the affidavit* mod in obtaining tho order from Judgo Langdon vacat Ing the slay to bo furnished them this afternoon; and It is reported that Mr Kuger will, upon his arrival at Syracuse this evening or to morrow, make application to Judge Noxon lor another order vacating tho order granted by Judge l.angdon and granting a stay of all proceedings until tho determination of the appeal here toforc noticed. MINERS THREATENING. Hai.ifax, N. P., June 2, 1876. Serious trouble is anticipated with the coal minors at Old mine, North Sydney. Tho pitmen have struck for higher wages and are intimidating tho shovellers over ground, who have plenty of work. A telegram ha* been received by the authorities litre asking lor troops, and a Cunard sleamer is lield In readiness to tako them should matters grow worse. CAPTURE OF A CONVICT. HARKisnritn, Pa., June 2, 1876. Daniel Donlan, who has served three years In the Sing Sing State Prison for stealing foor one thousand dollar bonds in New York city, was taken to the Peni tentiary at Newark, N. J., from here ttr-Uay. He es caped from that institution last week. His prison shirt, seen under a whit? one, led to his arrest. Donlan was connected with nn express robbery at Newark. CANAL TOLL RECEIPTS. Albany, Juno 2, 1870. Tho amount of tolls received at tho Albany Col lector's office, from tho opening of tho canals up to June 1, was $3,150 70, an increase of about $1,700 over those for the corresponding period of Inst year. It Is thought the season will bo a prosperous on* through out. The receipts from lumber biivo been very largo. A LAWYER DANGEROUSLY STABBED. Sr. Jon*, X. B.. June 2, 1878. At Rlobibacto last evening Caleb Richardson, a barrister, wns twice stabbed In Uio left lung by Captain Stockton, o( the ship Morning Dew, while nssistlng In serving a warrant on tho Captain on board tbo vessel. Tho wounds arc supposed to bo latal. BAPTIST SOCIAL UNION. Pmi.AiiKi.rntA, Juno 2, 1870. The Convention of the Baptist Social I'nion with the faculty and trustees of Crozcr Seminary and the Board of the Baptist Publication Society, with their wives, to day took an excursion to the Seaside Pirk, the new Baptist resort off Tom's River, Now Jersey. Alter tho chowder speeches wore made by President Weston, Mr. George K. Orozor. Dr*. Kvaris, Randolph, Smith, Mor gan, Stevens and others. SOCIAL SCIENCE. PuiLADKi.pnfa, June 2, 1870. The business of the Social Science Convention to day was confined to tho session ol the Kxecutivo Commit tee which arranged a program mo lor tho annual meet ing of tho association at Saratoga In Soptember. TROUBLESOME INDIANS. 8as Francisco, Juno 2, 1870. A despatch from San Diego says several bands ot Chlricaboa Indians, In Arizona, refuse to be moved to San Carlos reservation, and intend armed resistance. Ten companies of cavalry, under General Kant*, are in tho fleiil, besides armed Indian scouts, to be brought tuto action in case of an emergency. MEXICAN BORDER TROUBLES. San Fm axc'Ihco, Jnno 2. 1870. A despatch from San Diego says:?Indians and Mexi cans are plundering houses and running off slock In the vicinity of camps where the families are collecting for protection. The prospects are good for a general out break on I he borner. NOT COMMITTED FOR TILDEN. ArorsTA, Ga., June 2,1870. The report (hit Iho Georgia delegation to St. I.ouls is c nirnitted to Govert.or Tlldon is not true. It goes to St. I.ouls entirely uncommitted. COMMODORE VANDEIIBILT. Commodor* Van lerbilt passed ? very comfortable day yesterday, and was sleeping peacefully at a late hour last evening. HOTEL ARRIVALS. Senator William II. Raruum, of Connecticut, and Congressman (ieorgo F. Hoar, ol Massachusetts, arrived last evening at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, Governor Charles R. Ingersoll, of Connecticut, Is residing tem porarily at the Albemarle Hotel, George Jerome, Col lector of Customs at Detroit. and Thonin* Wlnans, of Baltimore, are at the St. Nicholas Hotel. General Jml ron Kilpatrlck, of New Jersey, Is quartered at the Meiropolitan Hotel. Jos<5 Machain, Paraguayan Minis tor at Washington, is sojourning at the Fifth Avenne Hotel. Judge K. K. Foster, ol New Haven, and Judge S. B> Beardsloy, of Bridgeport, are at the St. James Hotel. Rev. W. W. Williams, of Georgetown, D. C., Is registered at the Westminster Hotel. Captain N. Kotischakewetsch, of the Russian army, and J. N, Camden, of West Virginia, ar? at the Hoffman House. Jud^e William F. Alien, ofthe Court of Appeals, and Kdw.ird R. Bacon, of Buffalo, are at tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel STEPHEN GIRARD'S LEGACY. NEW TOBK'K INTEREST IN IT. To tmb F.oitos or the Hskald:? Tbo loliowing Items are not without inirreit 10 the readers of the llfum.n, us the |>oor white, fatherless boys burn id the city of New York bavc, by tbo will of Stephen (Jirard, the right of admission into the college next alter thoso born In Pennsylvania and betore tho orphan* born In New Orleans orelsowh re. The estate is now worth $7,000,000 or $8,000,000, and the bulk or it was, in tne original will drawn by Horace Binnsy, bequeathed to the city of Philadelphia, provided it would enter into an obligation never to Incur a debt. Subsequently Mr. (iirard uesired to extend tne Orphans' Home; thercforo he bequeitbj I nearly all his property to maintain oud oducato orphan boys. In bis first will there was no restriction upon thu Tislts ol ministers of llio Gospol; but, becoming anxious to avoid sectarian controversies, he inserted the fuliow ing clause in his socond will, drawn by the Hon. W. J. Ouane:? I enjoin and require that no ccriesiHStic, mission ary or minister ol auy sect w hatsoever shall ever hold or exercise -any stutiou or duty whatever in the said college, nor shall auy such person ever he udmiued lor any purpose, or as "a visitor, within the premises ap propriated to the purposes of the said college. The attack matio by the heirs upon the will was chiefly bamd on tbat clause, us will be seen by the fol lowing extract from the decision of the Supreme Court in Washington, given by Chiei Justice Story:? This objection is tliat llio foundation ol the college upon the principles and exclusions prescribed !>y the testator is derogatory ana hostile to the christian re ligion, und is so void, as being against the comtnou law and public policy ol Pennsylvania, und this lor two reasons?lirst, ueeuuse ol ihe exclusion of ull ecclesi astics, missionaries and ministers ol any sect trout holding or exercising auy station or duty in the col lege, or uven visiting tno same; und secondly, uecuufo t limns the instruction to be given to the scholirs to pure morality .mil general benevolence, and a love ol iruth, sobriety and industry, thereby excluding by Im plication all Instruction in tho Christian religion. The Chlof Justice said:? Hut the objection itself assumes the propo sition that Christianity Is not to be taught because ecclesiastics are not to bo instructors or oilicers. Hut tins is by no means a necessary or legitimate in:creme from the premises. Why may not laymen instruct in the general principles ol Chris tianity us weil as ecclesiastics f There is no restric tion as to the religious opinions ol the instructors and oilicers. They may be, and. doubtless under the auspices ol the city government, they will always be, men uot only distingushed lor learning and talent but lor piety aud elevalou virtue and hoiy lives ana char acter. And we cannot overlook, tbo blessings which such men, by their conduct as well as their instructions, ' may, nay must, impart to their youihlul pupils. Why may not tho lllble, ana especially the New Testament, without note or comment, be read and tauvhl as a divine rev elation in the college, us general precepts expounded, its evidences explained and its glorious pnuciples of morality inculcated ? What is there to prevent a work not s^ciarian upou tho ol Cdristi uuity from being reud a.iu taught iu the college by lay teachers? Certainly there is nothing in llie will tliat proscribes such studies. Above all, tho testator posi tively enjoins "that all the instructors and teachers in the college shall take pains to instil into the tuinds of the scholars the purest principles ol morality, so that on their entrance Into active lile they may, lrom in clination und habit, evince benevolence towaid their leilow creatures and a love ol truth, sobriety and lu dustry, adopting at thu sumo time such religious tenets as their matured reason may enable them to proler." Now, it rnuy well bo asked, What is there iu all this which is positively enjoined inconsistent with the spirit or truths ol Christianity 1 Arc not these truths all taught by Uhrisiiuuiiy, although it leaches much more? Where can tho purest principles of morality bo learned so clearly or so poriectly as lrom iho New /Testament 1 Where are bouevolence. the love ol truth, sobriety and iudustry'so poweriuliy und irresistibly in culcated as la the sacred voiume? i'he testator lias not said bow these great pnuciples are to be taught or by whom, except it be by laymen, nor wnat boons are to bo used a explain or enforce them. All that we can gather from ills language is that lie desired to oxcludo sectarians und sectarianism from the college, leaving the instructors and oilicers free to teach the pnresv moral ity, the love of truth, sobriety aud industry by all ap propriate means; and, ol course, the best, the surest and tho ni. si Impressive. The Chief Jus tice concluded with this significant paragraph:??'We arc satisfied that thero is nothing in the devise estab lishing the college, or in the regulations and restric tions contained therein, which are inconsistent with the Christian religiou or aro opposed to any known pol icy of thu State ol Pennsylvania." That the Supreme Court rightly interpreted the will or Mr. Girard wag evidenced by the conduct ol th0 Hon. William J. l>, tho writer of tho will, who was a co-director of the college with ine lor many years. He gave bis cordial approval of all the means usod to Im part religious instruction and to train the chlldreu in habits of Christian virtue. Mo know that God's bless ing was nuJibly invoiced at each meal, that tho boys were in the habit of attending religious services held In tho chapel every morning and evening, and also that on Sundays special discourses were prepared for them and dellverod by the President and otuer eminent lay* men. Mr. Ouanc know that tho Bible wad freely road and taught, and that the boys were trained in tho habit of praying beiore they wont to bed. To avoid sectarianism u service book was proparod solely lor use In the Sunday worship, thus far con ducted In ono of the rooms in the main college build ing. A beautiful chapel will, however, bo erectod this season, as In six or seveu months the number ol pupils will bo increased Irora 650 to noarly 800. The new cbapel will accominodato 2,000 boys, being the number that can be maintained and educated on the forty acres that comprise the col lego property, unless tho Ahabs ol Philadelphia succeed In despoiling tho widow and thoorphan of their Inheritance. Mr. Girard trusted his estate to tbe old oity of Philadelphia, In tho nment joAoUof which there were in bis timo no politt* cal changes, and of which he was once a counciimsne But whon all tho adjoining districts In tho couuty wer consolidated Into tho city the character of tho trustee was radically changed and tho Integrity of tho trust Jeopardized through the vlrulcnco of party politics' Therefore, nearly seven years siuoo, by a determined effort of Independent and Influential cltisei.*, the charter of tbe city ot Philadelphia win so amended as to authorlzo the Judges, acting as a Board of Appointment, to elect for Jilo or good behavior twelve citizons to act as directors of cltv trusts, who. with the Mayor of the etty and the presidents of tho Select and Common Councils for the lime being, "aro charged with the exclusive control and management ot all properly dedicated to charitable tisos or trusts, the charge or administration of which nro now or shall hcrealter be vested In or confided to tho city of Philadelphia." This Board controls a large nuin berof other charitable trusts, such as the Wills Kyo Hospital, kc,., bat the Glrnrd estate is by far tho most Important trust. After maintaining the Girard College, witn its 550 orphans, at an annual cost varying from ? ISO,ooo to $190,000, the surplus Income ranges from $175,000 to $250,000 a year, which is expended iu pro ductive Improvements on the real estate. TliU surplus will steadily Increaso for tho next fifty years at least If the csiato Is Intelligently ami honestly managed. Most of tho surplus ol tins year will l>e expended in the erection of an appropriate chapel and lour twin dwelling houses, with a largo dining ball and kitchen, all ol marble, into which, bo fore the olose ol the year, 240 additional boys will be received, maintained and edncnled in families of thirty each. Ii the family system proves on tho whole lo be beneficial, as in my Judgmont it will be if properly ad ministered, then tho number of these houses can be gradually increased, and tho live original buildings usod lor school rooms lor over 2,000 pupils. Thas far the college has been as well managed as it c iuld lie under what Is known as the community or congregate system, tho unnatural and dwarfing effect of which system lias ol late years received much consideration. The boys nu entering the college arc, when out of school, under tho care of a govorness, of whom thero are five, each having a section of forty bovs. As ihn orphans advance in Intelligence they pass to the care ol a prelect, who has a section of ."evenly Itoys. Th> ro arc five prclect section#, and each boy p.Msc* up from section to section. When any large number aro trans ferred at one lime, or a new protect enters upon duty, there is, of course, the usual contention for the mas tery. With so large a number of pupils In one section room tools and other Implements for acquirins a handi craft aro ol necessity excluded. So many of tho boys lake their meals in onn riom that to avoid disorder silence Is enlorcod; therefore tbe children, during a sojourn of eight or ten years in the colleges never there enjoy a social meal. Not withstanding a rigidity of discipline rendered ne< esaary by the congregate system, the result lias been so favorable upon the 1,1152 boys admitted during the tncnty-eight years of the existonee of the college that It reflects much credit upon the ofllcers. Many or tho graduates are eminent cltiiena, nearly all or them look back with pleasure to their sojourn in tho college, and they will ooatraat favorably in moral* and religion with the graduates of any similar institution. The roliego grounds are high and well drained, and tbe institution ha* thus far been remarkable for the health ol the pupil*, who leave It before their eighteenth year, an are usoaHy Indentured to acqalre suitable trades. Under the will a preference iaadmlasio* is given !?.' to poor white malo fathering children bora within t limits of the old city ol Philadelphia, second, in tho State ol Pennsylvania; third, In the city of New York; fourth, in New Orleans Ac. As It la hardly likely that thia .State will furnish 2,< 00 audi children between the ages of six and ten?tho period limited iu the will for ttielr admission?the ctty of New York should make some preparation lor claiming its rights to this bed quest. There is, however, a persistent effort made, mainly, < or, perhaps, solely, by speculators in real ectalo and in j city passenger railroad stock lo cut streets through the 1 college property. The injunction ol the will that It should remain intact and in one inclosare will be pro f tccted by the Hoard of City Trusts unless the Supreme ! Court of the United Mates sanctions tho violation ol i the will. > The opening of streets will be latal to the interests of the city of New York, as undor the term* of tho will of Mr. Girard the income Ironi* his estate Is to be used for municipal purposes, except so far as it Is needed to erect buildings* and maintain orphans on the specifia college proporty winch Mr. Girard purchased and set apart lor that purpose. A law was passed by the leg islature of this Stato authorising, under certain re strictions and undor the sanction of the courts, tin opening of Twenty seeond street through tho coilcg? grounds. This, if effected, would rut the property into two pieces. The same law authorized, under like re strictions, the opening of Girard avenue, which would divtdo one of these portions Into two scute triangles. Tho bed ol these streets would reduce the area fout acres, and it' opened, they will, by tho building ol additional walls, largely decrease its accommodation! for pupils. The lirst jury of view decided adversely to the opening ol Twenty second street, and the Court conflpnied their decision. Being divided as to the ex pediency of opening Oirard avenue, another jury was appointed, which reported adversely to Its being opened. The Court refused to confirm this decision, owing to some legal technicality: therefore still an* other Jury has been appointed. Tho citizens of New York may rest assured that the Directors of City Trusts will be vigilant and persevering In protecting these sacred interests of latherless children and wid ows. Under one or the provisions ol tho will the val uable co*l mines ana all other property outside of tha city ot Philadelphia pass to the Commonwealtn of Pennsylvania for purposes ol internal navigation II tho trustees knowingly and willingly violate any of tha conditions ol the bequest, one of which is that Urn Girard College property is to bo kept entire. There ii an additional incentive to the exercise of the greatest caution, lor the heirs of Mr. Girard are watching closely every movement of the trustees, hoping that they will in soino way violate tho trust, and thua giva the heirs a claim upon the largo ostato. WILLIAM WKi.SH, 1,12a Spruce street. Philadelphia, May 23, 1870. FAIRER FACES THAN THOSE BEAUTIFIED BY GMenu's Si i.phi'k doa* are rarely seen. Hii.l's IIaiit Dvr. black er brown, !iO rents. MOTH A LIN E?TH K 1 ?N LY RELIABLE MOTH preventive: used by furriers. Sold by druggists. 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