Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 10
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THE COURTS. A Lively ana Interesting Programme for the June Term. Tweed's One Million Suit and Sweeny's Six Million Suit TIIK FIGHT OVER A. T. STEWART'S WILL. Stupidity in the Tax Office as Affecting Taxpayers. The Juno term ol the cour.s opens to-morrow, ?nd j the multiplicity of cues uu the vurlous calendar* gives proiuiso of an unusually busy month. As fcovural of ibe judges are still on tho stck list It Is probable that ?xtra burden* will bo Imposed on those who havo uot yet had to succumb to tho banelul effects or over work und bud vcutilation. Happily the well Judge* show a disposition to lend a helping hand, so that the wheels of justice are not likely to bo seriously Impeded on this account. The must Important c ises set down for trial are tho Tweed $1,1100.000 tull and the $15,1*10.000 miit against Peter U. Sweeny. Judg" Westbrook, ac cording to the present programme, is to commence > the trial of these suits on the 15ih ol the month, | lint the general impresMon Is that they , will bo put oil till fall, when the weather Is cooler and more conducive to toss strain on the power of human enaurance thoti such protracted | trials are sure to be during the warm summer months. , It is expected that the litigation Instituted 10 set aside , the will of the late A. T. Stewart will occupy no lit.le | ?hare ol the attention ol the courts, lor whatever may ho the decision of Surrogate Calvin in the proceeding j begun Wore him an ?|>]*?l will be taken from *i ch I decision to tbeSupromo Court. rhe other cases on the calendars preseut the usual varioty cliaracteralngauits in the courti". but none ol them are ol special public Interest. There will bo uo Supreme Court. General Term, hut Chlel Justice Davis aud Judge* Brady and . Daniels. holding this court, will be occupied luting the entire month wriliug decisions in cases argued during the list term. .... _?? i Tho other assignment* In the Supreme Lourt ire I>ouohtiet ChuoitM r* ; Judg* Uwrence. >pecittl , Term; Judge Barrett, l'art 1. Circuit; Judge Van VorstTnrt 2. Circuit. ?nd Judge l.arremoro, 1 art 3, Circuit. In the Superior Court, Cniel Justice Monell nnd Judge Curtis arc assigned to hold tfio f.enoral Term but it is probable that Judgo Monell owing to continued illness, wnl not b. able lo sit. and It has uot yet been determine ! who will take his placo. Jndpe Siedgwlck will hold Special Term, Judge Sandford I art . 1 Trial Term, and Judge Speir I'ut t 2, Trial l^n'. i ' In the Court of Common l'leas the General Term will , meet to morrow to render decisions in case* already I n-eued. The Kquity Term ol this court will l?e held by Judge Van Hoesen ." Trial Term, l'art X. by Judge Bob I neon; Trial Term, l'art 2, by JudpoVan Brunt, and Trial Term, l'art ;i, by Judge J. F. Daly. It will bo a very busy time lu United Stuies courts. The trial ot Boyd A: Co.. nnd other parties indicted lor dialing in crooked whiskey, who are out ou bail cn< h in the sum of $3),000, Is expected to be commenced on Monday before ono of tho Judge* ol tho United hutci Circuit Court The**? are the rnoat Important ca?es that are on the dockets ol the court. I ho Ijtiw rence case, it Is now generally understood, will not be ever. A nil tuber of *uw ciuHt ft wind )e cases are awattitifT trial, and will be an ^ Important feature In the trials this term. Fraud* In Iho Post Office department havo been looming up for ?otnc time, and while several cage*have been disposed of and the parties Implicated are still awaiting trial, It IB < well understood io tlx* I nited Stales District Attorney 8 ofllce that the trial of these cases will not take place this term. Judg" Blatcbford tits In admiralty and equity : 01 The June term of ihe Court of fJeueritl Session*, which will open on Monday, will mark a new era iu its htstorv For the llrst tune two parts will sit l-ir the trial of causes. Becorder Maekell will hold l'art 1 in | the usual room, while Judge Olldersleevu will adnilnis- | ter the law In the room lately occm led by l'art a of tho Marine Court, on the upper lloor of the tame building. This room is in wretched condition, hut will serve throughout the June term, when the Court will adjourn lor the va< atlou and workmen will put the apartment into decent order. The room va cated by l'art :? of the Mnriuo Court will be tilted up for I tho accommodation of the grand and petit juries and wi loesses summoned to appear before tho lormcr body. Tho calendars ol both branches for the term are vcrv beavy nnd embrace eases ot importance. The assignments for the month under the new deal lu i tbe Marino Court, rendered necessary on account of the | appointment of Judgo Sinoott, have already bceu pub llbhed In the Hrn u.P. TAXPAYERS' R TOUTS. All taxpavors iu this city who hnvo h id occaslou lo ?all at the Tax Office In relation to their property need not to hare described to them the system pursued in that asylum for superannuated *ud decayed politician*, or the manners or want ihereol, or the efficiency or In" efficiency of those employed therein, such taxpayera will be Interested to know, however, that a case has Just I tee 11 decided in the courts which establishes au Important right in their favor, in opposition to the fantastic tricks heretofore born of tho stupidity, lari ncss and arrogance of tho beneOclarle* of the Tax J Office. It appears that Mr. David Dudley Field ! had for m.iny years regularly paid taxes on j * house and lot on Sixteenth street be longing to his daughter. but about a year sgo he was astonished to di.-covcr that this property had been sold lor non-payment ol taxes lor the yesr lsft\ th? purchaser, a Mr. I'tnckney. claiming possession under * tax lease b>r 1.000 years from ihe ctly Know ing thai tie had paid his laves on the properly for the year ls?iS and all oilier years as such taxes became tue Mr. Field In iituied an investigation, which resulted In the discovery that Ins tax receipt ?or that v?Mr contained th ? proper number of and its me of the street, ihe ward in which It was situated , in i tbe valuation ot ibe property, but ihe wrong ward number, and that the ward number to which payment j was credited was that of an adjoinlne lot. The man on I whose lot Mr Field's taxes were credited refused to pay his taxes, claiming that they were discharged of r cord, ?nd the city authorities reiused to set Mr. Field right, claiming that it was through bis lault In not giving iho rnrret-t ward nuiulcr that the m stake occurred, and lhat he must look to nis neighbor who got the benefit nt the error for such reparation a* he could get. Mr. Field then Instituted a suit In the Supremo C 'iirt in the name or Mr. I'lnckney, who got the a< the result ot the Tax Office error, to have the lease vacated and set aside, the ground on which the suit was ba?ed being that when a taxpayer stales In the Tax office to tho proper official the wnrd in which Ins property Is situated, tbe street and number ol tho street and the distance from tho e- rner of the next rross street, lie has given them all Iho information that can be legitimately within Ins knowledge and all that to necesserv to ermble iliem to Identity the prop erly; that If they choose to have in tbe office nnv other (abaiistlc sign identifying the property, such us a map number on tho war<l imp. they and not the taxpayer hold the kev to th" cabala, and it l? lor them to In terprrt IU On the part of the city :t was claimed In the Mid lhat the tax|>aver is bound logo into the | tny.-teries of the Tax office and find out tbe ward ii,ap number of his property at hi* own ri"X nnd that the overworked clerks in the lax' offi.-o aro not bound to March for It ?v<mi alter the owner has given such a description of the property as to make It easy lor any person of or dtnary intelligence to fix Its Identity with the cabalistic Sigh which they have attached to It. Judge Van \ orst, liowever, who has now decided the case, took a dllTer- | ?nt view'of the extent ot their duties from that enter tained by the tax officials for themselves. Ho hoi s, ^ with Mr. Field, that the description be gave of ln< ] prnj>erly Is all that sny tsxrayer i? bound to gi?e. and , sufficient for lis Identification, and that It I* lor tbe tax | clerks, from that description, to ll\ the number ol the . property on tbe ward map at their risk. The result la j ? judgment annulling the le iso to Mr. I'mckney and dl I recline mat tbe lax records he corrected iu Mr. Field'* favor, with com* of tho action against the city. TITF. AUSTIN BLACK SI* IT. The result generally anticipated, a disagreement ol | the jury, was reached yesterday In the ?-n11 brought by Mr. Austin Black against tbe Continental Bank to ro torer KW.OOO on a check liearlng the certification of Alired A. Timps?jn. the paying teller, but w hicb certltl- ; MtlOB i* claimed by the bank to bo a forgery As will be remembered tbe Jury at the close ol Judge Pyk utan's charge were ordered to submit their verdict yes- j terdav morning to Judge Donohue, in Supreme Court, | Chambers, t'ti the opening ol the rouri tr o Jury I promptly put n an aprenrance, and so d.d Mr Blacls the leading officers of the bank, the re?pecllve counsel ?nd other* deeply in tercstcd in the result ol this, certainly in alt its p. ruliar phase*, and especially in respect to the flatly rontradietorv testlmonj given us to the character of , the verlitl*atton of tlie check in question, one of Ihe niosl remark.dde trials that ha* taken place in o>:r courts fot a on. nm Ibe jury looked dec -tedly ] jaded after their all night eflorts to etled Ha sgree nicui and when the announei no r.t was nnde that tliev | were unable to agree u really was no snrprise to most l>re-ent ??n ihe lurtht-r announcement that it wt.iibl I* perfect I v impossible (or ihem to agree Judge Bono. J.?e ordered tbe'r ili?-h?rge; it wnieh they seemed erratlv r. If ved. It w.i- slated that they stood nine tor Ibe | lain11fl and three for lh? dciendani* Ihe | pr ?a|, inv l" lhal thee so will bo reined, and It only remains io he seen whether Mr. Atmin will have to w ,il another decado ol je .rs before tie can b'.ig the mil t" a retrial. I'AKSiMi I'OUNXKKFEIT MONKY. D< fore United Jtiatc* ComnilMinner f"hu Id*. Jo:.n H. ! cm alms Smith, and Charlotte Thompson, were *r- j ratgued yesterday on a charge of passing counterfeit j jBenej The cotnpiainant, Jacob Langsuellcr, of No. i SSBIceeker Mntl, mnn4 the woman of passing at hm ?tore i counterfeit live dollar bill ou the Hampden XatK'ii ij Kank, o( WestOeld, Mass. When Marched at tbe bi llion house there were found on Gill fourteen of the counterfeit bills and #8) in good money. The prisoner, it in alleged, hs* tor tbe last I wo week* been swindling several person* in the neighborhood of sixth avenue aud Carmine street. The mudui uptmnUi was lor tiill to give thu woman one of tbe bills. with which she wi>ul?l k? iuto it more and make a lew trilling pur rhuse*. Sl,? would then give the gooda and tbe change lo Will, fo lo a in > tin-r Mors aud reptal the operation. Among lb?M who appeared an complainants against (he prisoner wore Manna Wolf, of No. :Stt9 Tliiril avenue; Kate Ktrveni, of No. 41 Kodford street; Hermau Fla tow, of Na 11 Cartmuo street, and Jennie Samuels. of No. i,V4 iileecki r street, who allegadthai counter elts were passed ou them. Tho woniMi acknowledged that (Ml gave her the notea to pass. They were heM In de iiult oi #o.(K)0 each, and the examination set down lor next Monday. AN AUSTRIAN EXTRADITION CASE. The caso of I.eopold Nettel and his "OU, Si|lsmund, the plieged Austrian forgers, who are accused ol bav ins swindled a foreign Arm of 70,000 guilders In bonds and bills of exchange, aud whose extradition Is de manded by the Austrian government, came up beforo I nlted Status Commissioner Osborn yesterday. Tbelr counsel, ex-Judge Dlttenhoefer, asked that tbo prison ers lie discharged, aud said that there is ue evideuco against (hem to ?bow why they should be detNined. The Commissioner then adjourned the ense until Mon day. June 5, at a quarter-past three 1*. M., when Mr. Solomon will sum up on tho side of the i\ustnan gov ernment. SUMMARY OF LAW CASES. The receiver of the Security Savings Bank yesterday flled bis report in the County Clerk's office. He has paid oat during tho month of May 83, and tor sundry expenses be has paid $i!91 03, leaving a balance in his bunds of $i:$, 067 15. In the County Clerk's ofllce yesterday judgment under foreclosure was entered against Henry Hilton, Mr. Butler Duncan and others for JOO.fttKJ 00, at the suit of Augustus Scbell. The property affected is the Manhattan ( lull, on Fifteenth si reel, near Fifth ave nue. The judgment wus entered by default, the action belug brought to change title. Judge ISarretl yesterday denied thu motion lor iin extra allowance to Mi. Wliltney, the Corporation Coun sel, for defending the suit brought against the city by the widow of John Kellum, the architect ot the new Court House, to recover $190,000, being three per cent on tbe cost of the building. The ground of denying tho motion was that Mrs Kellum had a fori? rusa ngmnst tbe city and was therefore justified in bringing the suit. TIIE KLEY CASE. Some time ago the papers published numerous refer ences to Mrs. Amin C. KIcy, who, It wus charged, was accustomed to operato on false pretences, and was, in fact, a confidence woman fall of devices. The charge upon which Mrs. Kley was arrested was made by a boarding house keeper, whose house is on Lexington avonue. Very soon after her avpearanco in court it bognn to be rumored that Mrs. Kk'y was a profesilouaj confidence woman, and a lawyer appeared with a long list of charges, which, he said, he would press as soon ns the prosccutlou of the original complaint was ended. That conip'atnl seems not to have been well based, for although Justice Buffy sent the papers re; lating to it to District Attorney Phelps oHiee, it was there passed over, aud yesterday lhe counsel tor thu bourding house keeper stated to the writer that It was not tenable. He also said that lie bad investigated the other charges agamst Jrfrs. Kley aud found that lhey were equally without founda tion. Those lutter charges were not pressed by tho lawyer w ho declared thai be would preis them This fact was prima facto evidence that thev were not strong. Another phnso is now put upon the rise of Mrs. Kley. She has begnn a suit agalnsi one John W. Healey, aliening that ho conspired to rain her character, and thu In furtherance of his scheme lie procured of a list of her creditors, and then asserted, through counsel, in court that >lie had contracted all the debts throuuh false pretence", for which criminal J suits would t>e brought aualn^t her. Tbe origin of this | riithcr mixed case is thus told;?Severul years ago Mr. Healey became indebted to Mrs. Kley. and she began a ' suit for liquidation. She procured a judgment, atijl then Healey appealed to her to satisfy it without con sideration, .sa.vms that if the foci of its existence be came known to the other members of a firm in which he was he would be dismissed and rutne<t. Mrs. i Kiev listened and attended to his appeal. She sails- ! fled the Judgment, but soon after learned that Healey was not a member ot tbe firm mentioned. She then beuati a suit to set asidu the release of judgment on the ground of iraud. This action was progressing when Mrs. Kley was arrested, and to complicate her affairs and injure her chance of recovering from himself, it is alleged, Healey conspired as above mentioned. POLICE COURT NOTES. Andrew Johnson, a negro, of Na 48 Baxter street, who ' speuds ten mouths yearly on tho Island, was arrested by Sergeant Kyan. of the Sixth precinct, for breaking into tho prointse.s No. (.6 Park street, owned and occu pied by Benjamin Wood, and stealing $20 worth of i brass mountings. In doing so he destroyed a steam engine worth! MI0. Just ico Wandell held him lor trial John R Vandewnter, of Na 2.">7 Wist Fortieth street and Hulherfurd I'ark, N. J., was held at the Tombs yes terday for ruining a girl named Kate florle of Na 40 Greenwich street. BROOKLYN TA? OFFICE FRAUDS. The case of The People against ex Collector of Taxes Isaac liadiau, of Brooklyn, wag finally and cfTcctualty disposed ol yesterday. There were two indictments njfnlnst him rhargiug him with the embezzlement ?f city money. lie was tried once before Jndgo Nell son but the Jurv disagreed. Since that time his coun sel havo scoured Now York and Brooklyn lor evidence, and facts hare been to light which they claim prove conclusively that whoever else may have embezzled money In that office, Mr. Badeatt did not Checks and other vouchers have also been found which tend to prove this The city has, how ever. obtained a judgment against Mr. Ilndeaa, and ho ha* al igned over all his property to satisfy It. In view of this fact, and of (be action of the Common Council on Monday, since approved by the Mayor, District At torney Britton appeared belore Judge McCun in the City Court yesterday and moved that a nolle pro-equt be entered on both indictments against Mr. Itadcnu. Mr. Patrick Ready appeared for Mr. Iiadcau and said that since the previous trial he had found evidence which. In his opinion, would satisfy an v court or jury of the Mr. Itadenti's innocence, and tills would have been produced had the case been tried again. Mr. Britton said the prosecution had now no tnoro evidence tlian they had at the time of the first trial. Judge McCu*? {(ranted ttie motion, and a nollo was entered in both cases. Tho civil matters now pending will l>e settled In a day or two, and this will end tho whole case. POLICE COURT REVELATIONS. CnABOE OF ATTEMPT TO BIltnE COUWHEIi AGAINST a roucE ootnvr ci-f.bk. Sevo'al mouths since I.ouiaa Stork, of No. 08 Eighth street, caused the arre>t In Ksaex Market Pollco Court ofHoswell I* Colt, of No. lftj We-it Forty-third street on a charge of bastardy. Her Object was to get support for her child Irom Colt, whom she claimed to le Its father. Colt lives on the interest of his money, or his father's, and he keenly ielt the disgrace ot his position. Several examinations were held boiore Judgo Kasmirc, but ihe greater part ol the testimony was taken by Wiiliam Hlley, one of the clerks of the Court, the Judge being called in only to decide technical points. Tne Cominl-sioners of Emigration were the prosecutors, the girl Stork having only recently arrived from Vermany, and had become a domestic in tho Colt family. Tho testimony of ibe girl a? to the paternity of tho child was moat positive against Colt, but ho made desperate effort a to disprove tlic main points. When Judge Kasmirc was recently assigned to the Kilty seventh Street Police Court the case <>t Stork vs. Colt, whicii was in an itniinished state, followed him, nnd some further t< siimonv was taken In the mean time, however, Mr. MeAdam. counsel for Colt, had ? nhdrnwn from the case. nnd Rufus K. Andrews took Inspliee. At the first or secOnl examlBatton iu the Kilty seventh Street Court a revelation was mule which caused i sensation, but good care was taken lor the time being ibai it did not bei oine public. Piinng one of the examinations at the Kilty-seventh Street i otirl Judge Kasmirc received a letter irom Com missioner Forrrttt, ni the Knilgnnt Hoard, calling Ins attention to an alleged attcmi>t on ihe part of Mr. Illtcy, the clerk at Essex Market Court, to bribe Mr. McCaho, the <oui>-el for the Commissioners, to settle the case. Mr. Met abe was call-d upon by Judge Kas mire lor a statement in regard to the atxKoicn matter, winch he gave, aiil it was .-uhnilttcd In writing and ?worn to. He said 11? t on one occasion at Essex Market Court Mr Ifilev took him out of court aBd ?ild that il he <ot:-cmed to a settlement in favor ol the defendant they could make f I e.n li, and that there would be no dilhrulty in obtainn l' a rent let III the defendant's favor, becaase Juifge K.i-niire would be guiiled hv bis repre-eiitations of the evidence ni deriding the i i-e. rhe offer was rejected by Mr. McCabc, who inlornied corporation cobiisel Devlin and Commissioner I orrest regarding the matter Mr. lliley, who ?a< pr sent when Mr Mct'.ihe formally made his charge oetore Judge KaMRtre, nested the aileg<ttna nk?i emphatic ally. Judge K i?m:re having finally d smis-e.1 ihe case o ?tork vs. t oil. lie dei de.t o send the Cliarire an nual ililev to the Hoard ol polic# 4oatiC" s for their coBaH eiai n They stthmltled the tnat'er to a eoio uiitlC' c itis sting ol Judges Wandeii, llljtliy ah'l K Ibreth tin Friday tliu . ommitt< e Wei at Ihe tomb*. t?.i? Jndg' Kiliimh ? is not able to attend on hi ''nit i > - iknes.s Mr. Mi Cube was ngam examined m ren-reii e to his He^iions, and Mr. Htl> v was ?l-o sworn lie n\e"l si ion \v;:s private, alltl the |e<'i n nj will not lie m d ? j ??t? ic nnitl it ha* I ? pa?M j titu n by the fcl I < aid. Ti??< prohaiu ity is thai H ere wjii he a VOcancv nn.'Mig the tlcrkship* in t-pfx Market Mr. Hi icy was appointed at the rr<jac?t ol Senator Booth. A NEW SWINDLE. A DETECTIVE BUYS A TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR LOT FOB TEN 1X31.LAKH?A CUBIOCH XEBCAN TIT.K AOENCY ON FOOT. Tbe following document was bandod to a ITkrai.d reporter yesterday. It ??? tent to ? genilemau in Philadelphia, who mailed It back to a friend in New York asking bim to see what there wan In It:? Office of A. K. A Hun & Co., Dealers ia Ileal K?t?ie, Mo. 14 Turk plain, New York. Special and Important Notice. .\n extra drawing of $l'i7,uu worth of unclaimed prUes. Nkw York, June I, 1878. Mr. You ure heraby notified that viror investment in the lAiulnville (Kj. I Library (iilt Cuueort boa retailed In your drawing onu of tlm unclaimed pnxei, valued at (NOG. Oar ci'mroiK.'on on tlie saaiw l? tire per vent, which amount* to $10. Hlea?c remit u* il.nt amount and let a* know by what express to nend the priao. Reaper!fully. A. K. ALLKN k CO., Actuaries. The reporter first made a xlsit to No. 14 Park place to net a glimpse of the ofAco of A. E. Allen k Co. U covers the first story of I bo building and is divided into departments Inlwllea "Manager," ''Cashier," "Secre tsty." Ac., and to tho rustic eye might give an impres sive appearance of business. After leaving lie was satisfied of its status and called on Captain Saunders, of the Twenty-seventh precinct and banded him tho clrcu* Isr. The captain placed tho matter in the hands of Detective Vulvev, who proceeded to worn it up. A mild looking iriend of tho detective visited the office, takiug with liim the circular and $10 to draw ibe $'.'00 pri7.?. The detectlvo wailed outside and In a few moments his Iriend returned with tbo deed of a lot in ltowou county, Kentucky, tor wbtcb bo paid tho $10. The deed was given "for and In con sidcratlon of tho sum of $200,'* and wu signed K. W. Wood, President and Trustee of ibe Queen Cuy I.mid and Building Company, which, according to s circular. Is duly incorporated somewhere in the State ol Ken lucky. TUe dclectivo then went in and arrested the mnn who took the money and brought him to the sta tion, where be was locked up on a charge of violating the lottery law. He gave Ills namo as William H. Kvclelh. and stated he was only acting for Allen k Co. and knew very liitlo o.' their business. He knew enough, however, to tulco the $10 and hand over tho $2)0 prize (?) in the shape oi an Illuminated deed for certain real estate therein described. The document is dated December 2, 1H75, and has been walling for the lucky winner ever since. There is no doubt the vholo concern Is a humbug. The unclaimod prises, amount ing In value to $137,000, aro Mt'StinooM LOTS OCT WKST, which are probably dear at a dollar an acre, and Iho dupe who sends on his $t0 to get $200 in return is presented a deed for 2.ri\100 of this valuable prop erty. Although perfectly satisfied tho scheme was ono of the many swindles gotten up every day for Ibe benefit ol' verdnnl Individual*, the only charge that could so j fur bo preferred wns lor violating the lottery law. und : he was accordingly locked up to auswor. The papers | and letters found on his person when searched indic ate his connection with numerous enterprises of a doubt , ful character. In one of them lie Is put down as the secretary of the Mutual Mercantile Agency, a most ex raordlnarv concern, as will be seen from the follow ing inducements set torth in its printed prospectus? "The policy of tbe Mutual Mercantile Agency will be to build up, not pull down, tho crodlt of mcrchautg and manufacturers, and to give lull weight and credit to their own statemeut or their affairs in making up their credit rating. " It iurtber promises -'certain ben efits which in value cannot be estimated," all for tho small consideration of $5 per year in advance. It culls , attention to chnnges constantly made in tbe comnier cial standing ol business nieu by other agencies, and nrtes tho necessity of immediately remitting the small suin before mentioned In order that you may appear good before th? world for nnv amount you may choose to name. In fact, they promise to put vou down in their report book, "which is soon to be published," with as much credit as you wish lo have, and to do Just the same lor those who may want credit from you. It would have delighted tho heart of MicavVber to meet with such a chance and would have saved him the many little difficulties bis wnnt of credit caused him. The manager of tho concern, D. M. Oazloy, is described ns a man of ripe commercial experience, who lately vacated the managerial cbalr of a promi nent journal to accept his present position. In addi tion to all this, they have correspond*! ts all over Iho country, "to whom you can refer and regelate nnd ex- 1 lend your credit" the principal object of this latter , provision is, no doubt, to enable you to havo yonr creditors at conveniently remote distances. Another loiter in his pockot was addressed to Squandorph k ! Co., datod at Waco. Texas. It complained of the re celpt ol watches which were "strictly brass" and not \ in accordance with an agreement on which money was forwarded. The writer demands half bis tnoney back and agrees to lose the balance, nnd threatens to expose Squandorph A Co. il lliey do not come to time. As it Is bur to presume he did not got his half back this will probably save him tbo trouble. GOING TO SING SING. During the past week Deputy Shcrlflk Daly and Conghlin removed tbo following eonvlcts from tho Tombs to Sing Sing:?Charles Yoght, alius Yyner, alias Mav, the swindler and perjuror, eight years; Kdward Thomas, tbo Broadway bighway robber, ten years; James Anderson, alias "Jiminy the Kid," the noted pickpocket, two years; Charles Wynne, tbo telegraph wire stealer, three years; John Mullally, two years; John McCann, one and n half vears; William Rusli, one nnd a half years; David Scanlon. two and a ball years; M. J. Hunuan, two and a half years; John Kerrtgxn, threo years; John English, two years; John Myer, two years; W. J. Pel I, lour years; Kngeue 1-andsberg, one year; Thomas Ryau, Jobn Foley, James P. ],o*oy nnd James Savipnn, one nnd a half years each; Frank 1 lln^fios, two and a hall years; John 11. Pentlel I, threo years, and Herman Pohner, tl.ree and a half vears, for burglary Frederick McOarry, John .Simins, Charles llili, Kdward Powers, Wttllnin Harnee. Thomas Cole man, Frank Schmidt. Francis Campbell nnd Thomas ! Keilly, two years each for larceny. 1'atrick Mahoney, i one year; William Dressier and Patrick Connors, one ; and a bail years each; P. Koberteon, Henry lluKer and 1 | John Flntiagan. two and a half years each; Juiitis Items, three vesrs, and John Johnson, four years, lor i 1 larceny. (Seorge F. Ptiscfc. one year, for' bigamy, ; Harrison H. Phaw and Joseph Walker, one year, each, i for forgery; James Kellv, eight years, for felonious i assault, and Jeremiah Harrigan, five ynr-, for arson; ! making up tba extraordinarily large number of forty- , four prisoners convicted, sentenced nnd taken to tbe ! State I'rlson in one week. THE ESCAPED CONVICTS. Tp to a late hour last evening no tl<liiiR8 hnd reached Sing Sing Prison of the four convict* who escaped Iroin that Institution by seizing a locomotive on the prevl nua day. In lact, tho pursuit of the fugitives wan given up when night lia<l (alien on Friday, the proa pert of catching the wily runawa\s then being consid ered hopeless. It l? now believed that the e*cap<d men made their way to the eaMern portion of Wost chester county and look a passenger train on the New Haven Hailroad to New York In the evening. MISPLACED CONFIDENCE Paul Legtllng and bis wife A dele, French settler* In California, arrived here from Sacramcuto on Wednes day. They had caved up f.'itfO In gold, with ?lilcU tbey purposed to Mill lor Franoo In the steamer St. Laurent yesterday. t)n Friday a Frenchman made their ar<|iiuintanco and induced Mine. Lnguing to let hlin carry ber valine, comaiulng the JoftO in gold, while he handed lier hii> valise containing what be said was gold, but which proved to be lead and (crap iron; when they neired Harrow street, the Frcnchman and an Italian who was his cnniederaie In the robbery ran away, leaving Mme. Leguing In the sireel. Yesterday morning Detective Hai:nn, of the Fifth precinct, with the co-operation of Captain Mc Donnell and Hctective Murphy, of the Highlit precinct, arrested Andre Bressnnt, a saloon keeper, of No. 40 Woodier street, on suspicion ol being oro o( the two thieves. On his bolng arraigned beiore Justice Wan dell nt the Tombs yesterday ho was remanded to the Leonard street station until to-morrow. It is claimed by the wif*- of the prisoner that not only Mme. l,egull'g I,iiled to identify tier husband, but desrribed as ttic robber a man with a clean shaven fare and cne of his hands burnt and scarred. She said in addition that her husband was at home ail day and conld not have hern absent without her knowing it. WHO KILLED GEORGE HOPFEU? In spito of nil t!ie cflorts made by Corouer tl.innon, of Jersey City, to clear up the mystery o( George Hop per's death County Physician Stout refused to order an inquest. Sergeant Peter West, of the Fourth regi ment, who was accused by Hopper with him out ol the window ol Iho armor., du ivered him self dp to ('apt nn McKslg, of the l'ir>t precinct, but Justb e Keese ordered his rolease. I here is vety strong evidence iliat Hopper was loully dealt with, aud tint action of County Physician Stout has aroused great Indignation. Coroner tiannon stales that the dillltuliy arises Irom the lact that he refused to procure the voto ol a certain Freeholder lor the reappointment! Stout. OYER THE STRING PIECE. AI>out eleven o'clock yesterday forenoon considerable excitement was occasioned at the (oot ol Fulton street, Hrooklyn, by a runaway horse attache!] to a wagon and ! driven by LMh?n I.m*p, of l.ove lane, near Henry street. The lutrse dashed <>vrr the siring piece at the ?i#l of the dock and pitched Into the river, carrying with him l.athan and ?lie wagon. Both man and h'orso were rescued, but .he wag n was completely demol ished. DEAD LOCK IN LONG ISLAND CITY. on application ol Mr Oeorge Br*,;an. ? resi lent of Long Island City, Judge (iilbert has granted an in Junction upon all t e cit) official*, oi l and new. I'lie Injunction restrains the Hoard of Aldermen from auditing an; bliis, the Mayor irom drawing warrants payable lor any salaries alleged to be due to the new Police and lleallh Commit* oners, or lor the salaries ? any ol the Mayor'* appointees. It also restrains ilie t'11\ Clerk ri>ni certi j mg un> res lutlon winch n?i I* pa .e | by the lloard ot Aldermen tending l>> uphold any 01 ihe Mayor's appointments. The injiinc. lion was served upon lite ilillurent oilictals yesterday I morning, and is made returnable before Judgo Pratt, at I North llcmpatcad, on Monday. HARNEY'S HISTORY. A BC.VI'AWAG FBOM HI1 BOIHOOD ? 8I? AMD | RAL.LT PAV18* CAltKBBtt BIRK AKD IN W*?ll 1KGTOX?HOMETHIMQ W*W ABOIT OBKKXK'* 1 APPOIMTMBST. Since the publication In jre?terday's Hm?aU> of Ifce principal occurrencea in the tortBoua urow of Law renca Harney, the wilneaa against Speaker Kerr, tha detectives who hire for a week peat toci diligently ! enguged in ferrettlng out his history ba\e almost c??t I pleted their labors. Harney swore belore the r?tjttwlo3il committee that ho wan boru In Westchester county. Thm la now I openly dented in tbi? city by prr?>>na who riaim to know that he wax born In tbe town of Kantorfc, enmity Cork, Ireland, and that be was broogft her* when a child. Certain It is that none ol hta early a??oeiate* m this city ever met either ol his parent", or any febtivj of his, and he never spoke of bl* lamilv He nr*t became known In the Thirteenth ward, and re*id?4 in Kssex street, near Heiter street he ??? known tn the men on tbo Bowery as a "*tatne" or "lover," one of those miserable creatures having the forms ol men who And their only society In tbe i-ompani"nehip of abandoned women. He made his headquarter* st tfce Westchester House, corner of the Bowery and Mroome street, and hud for hl? associates George Davis snd Tom Reynolds, since dead; young Charley Matthews and Jimmy Dodd. It was seldom that ? woman conld pass by withoot being in?ulled fcr ihia gang oi blackguards. Whenever ? woman stopped to apeak to them, either from curiosity or carelessness, Harney was Introduced to her a* Cap lain Willoughby. Among the ninny dodges worked by the party to eke out a precarious living was ttje print Ini? of bogus tickets lor disreputable picnic*, which they sold to foolish young men In liquor saloon*. It was a mistake to cluss Harney as a sporting mnn or n gambler. Ho was regarded by them only as a nun U? bring in a pigeon to b? plucked, or a "enter* charmsr,'' to borrow from a successful player. He wu well known in this regard by the habit*** ofthe ??old Smoke House foro game," kept by Kliaa Randall, and after ward by Frank Brown, at No. HO Bowery, and also at the old games In the Crystal and Gotham a i loons Tbo war broke ont and llnrney went into the enlistment business, putting immigrant* iliroturh and pocketing their bounties. Tha close of Ike war lound him again a faro bank steerer and a "lover" in the Bowery. At that time the Davis girls lived in the Tenth ward. M iry was married to Carl Hemricb Newmann, better known as '-Dutch Heinrlcb," the bank robber; Henrietta was the wife of "Shceney Tieruoy," the pickpocket, and Sally bad * lover named Kramer Huruey held at this time a sinecure position as collector of murket rates and was a heuchman of Tweed. He was removed by Comptroller Brcnnun, and the man who sorved the notice of removal lound Har ney living with his root wile and two children in a house in Filly-second street. This was In lKW. | Shortly alter Sally Davis told Fra.ser that she waa going to leave him. He said, "Whnt lor ?" She replied, , "lam going to bo tnarrlod to Captain Willoughby, a wealthy army olllcer, who resides in Washington and Is A IAHTICCLAR FUIKN'0 OF MR. WILLIAM A. DARUNO." ?'.Ml right," Bald Fraser; "If you can better yourself ; do so." A few nights after Fraser met Harney and Sarah Davis walking In Broome street and stopped them. Ho said, *'ls this your husband?" Sho on fwered, "Yes." Fraser said, "Why, yon , how did you come to bo Captain Willoughby?" Harnoy ran away. At this timo, which wns the date ol tho alleged 1 payment ol the $460, Harney bought Sully a silk dress and jewelry. Ho took her to Washington, roglsteiod her thcro as his wile and Introduced her as his vlfe. She is now In this city. An cx-Cougrosainau yesterday made a most Impor tant statement to a IIkiiai.o reporter regarding tbe Harnoy matter. Ho said:?"Mr. Nelson W. Taylor wus the Congressman from the Seventh, Tenth aiid Thir teenth wards. When 1 arrived in Washington Mr. Taylor said to ino, '1 um In a Ux aud I want you to aid me by giving ine your army appointments. I asked him what was the ? rouble, and be said In reply that ho bad sent In Green's name to the secretary ol War, and hud since found a young man named Jumes Whelan who was far morn deserving of tbo appointment I told him I could not give up my privilege, bat advised bin to call on Socretary Stuuton und obtain permission to withdruwdreen's name. He did so; Green's unrno was withdrawn, ami Whelan received the ponllion. Soon I after Harney spoke to me and asked as a personal i favor to hliusell that I should appoint Green. He did ; not ofler to pay mo any money, aud If be had I would ' have knocked him down. I appointed a very deserving ! young man, then working in Chester's' telegraph tactory, who now holds a captain s command in ! Michigan. now ORKRX WAR KKAI.I.T API'OlitTKU I A Hkhai.ii reporter called upou a gcutleiuiiu In this : i city yesterday, who was an assistant doorkeeper in the j i House of Representatives with "Larry." The siory ; told by this purty is substantially us follows:?"Just ; alter ibo close ol the war a large number ol commis sions in tbe regular army were issued by the War De I part meat. This man Green, who is said to Inve fur nts^ed the money which passed into Harney's bauds, was a warm Iriend of William A. Darling, then a Representative tn Congress. Green wauled an 1 appointment and applied to Mr. Darling for I H, but Darling was unable to a?eisi him directly, as he hid but recently secured a commission for another friend. He was, however, very friendly to Mr. Strauss, of Philadelphia, and to Mr. Kerr, nnd, or lie desired to help Green, he went to < those gentlemen and requested tbem to use their In fluence with Mr. Stanton. Mr. Strauss was first np- : p led to, bnt It soon transpired that ne had little or no influniico with the Secretary. Theu Mr. Kerr was sought, Harney going with Darling to see him. To ue- 1 comodate Darling Mr. Kerr went With tireen to Mr. Sinnton ami secured ihc courted appointment. I know ! that <!recn did pay Harney M-'i" to get the appoint- ] meiit, but I also know lliut Harney put tnut money iu 1 his own pocket as he hud there put money strangely procured before. 'Why, sir. the very night that Harney says ho paid I hat money to Kerr he was blind, blazing drunk, unu 1 took hiui home, only to get a blowing up next day from his woman. The next night, nud tho oue following that, and, indoed, for many nights, ho was so drunk that he oouldn't tell his own namo." "You s?v Harney has lieen known to improperly re ceive and keep money in a similar manner before," remarked the reporter. "Well, I will tell you what I mean by that In 1861, Mr. James Kellv, who was then Treasurer of tbo Re publican General Committee in ttn* city, agreed to give us #500 up in this Assembly district to help elect Denis McCabe to ihe Assembly. The money was to have been paid to me, but I was anulile to go* lor it at the time named and sent Harney. Mr. Kelly paid bun tho amount; but, when Harney catno up town, he handed me f.iH), saying It was all he bad received. I was very busy with the oicnuon just then, but as soon as thai was over I went and saw Kelly and asked why ho had not sent up f-WO. as per agnement He was greatly surprised at iny question, and replied that ho had SKNT THAT AM Or XT HT HARXKT. McCabe and I then went for Harney. We met him In a saloon up town, and, biking liitn into a back room, askeil him again bow much money Kelly bad paid him. 'Two hundred dollars' was his reply. I then said, -hook here. H irney. Kelly hia just told nio that he gavo you $.'>00. Where's ihut other |Joo' llarncy was very much em barrassed, and. seeing we bad him dead to rights, ? owned np. He hud spent #fc>, he *uid, for private pur poses, and tbe other tM>0 he still had. .-eetig matters were uVut lo be made pretty lively for him, he agreed to return the $.ToO in the course of a month or s\ Ho did return thai sum." "What is Harney's general reputation among thoso who know him l>o.-t V nsked the roporier. "It is not good, I can assure you. He used to bo a shoulder-hitter and was nt one time the terror ol every gin mill in tbe ward. Kvery word published iu to-day's Hkkai.d about his character a rid iiIkmii Ins connection with Sally Davis l* true, as I mysoif know, Sally was | with him nt Washington at the nine 1 wu* there una ho . Introduced her us Ins wile." PRMOTRATIC ixvk*tm?atio* op rarxkt. Since llie Congressional Hub-Committee on tho De partment of Justice adjourned, its chairman, Mr. C. K. Mo.ide, hn* remained iu tills citv, chiefly lor the pur pose ol taking the supreme control ol the investigation in Speaker Kerr's ense. aud as a consequence ol' di recting ihe accumulation of evidence iu ibis city io lest Barney's reliability. This wns not lound mi ea?y duly, as It proved lo be dilllcull lo secure such testi mony as might l>e docenUy pro.-eu led to a Congres sional commit Ice. I be associations ol Harney were of that peculiar sort which in themselves were evidence ngainst his integrity, and vet, for reviewability sake, could not t>e brought to light lor the purpose oi testi mony. M/. Meade ha*, honrevor, through the agents lie employed, secured a sufficient number ol respect able witnesses who are familiar with Harney's ante cedents to prove| beyond u doubt to a Congressional ciMum tlce that Speaker Kerr's High character cannot be tirnislied by the avtcrtlons ol a man whose life has been so strangely removed ? Iroin such a course of rectitude us would command either respect lor liiuisell personally or any belief in acrtisnlion-ho might choose to make against others. This investigation by prominent democrats in this city la still going on, and when completed its result will bo ; presented in proper torm to I lie Coiiiiuilleo of Invest!- . gallon at Washington. what si-ortixo mkx tiiixk ok "i.ariit" iiar>kt. , Mr. Tboniis I*. Walsh, otherwise "Fatty,'' wns found in his shirt sleeve*, -ealed In a chair, at Worth street and Cliulliain square, liiiiiung himsell with his broad leaved Panama liaL "Whalt" said ho. "do I know Ititn * til course 1 do. fh ? dirty louior. He never was uny good. 1 wonder how hu catno by hH Iri h lialDD. ilid Mr. Joliti I.yng wa* found ai Broadway nud > Thirtieth street. He smiled sardonically when Har- ; nev's name wa* mentioned, and remarked:?"What ho i couldn l calcli ho would have to lei run. Anything j leftover lor Kerr, alter Harney had hold of It. wouldn't buy a wooden toothpick.'' George Wymnn, belter known as "California George, ' arose irom his tablo and unluugij awaited ' the ohjrrt of lb* r?r?r. r-? r %n o? i?mi <nf rm?1, ttm M kia NBfw?ri' Mil. iitiiilr iImi rwiorwt ?u, uM, ur?i k?l( rru> with aakul! thai ?x>tx?4 H'ii| aw mmh All I chi M? la, I n#??r htiN tit |wl ?l hiw and If JOB W 8*4 any ?*? I bat 14 l*U ?f?-n ? Ktrkft " M<< t?ad ???il, "I d?.B?l know MvlM*| a boot ib> tut H* *aa ?? <n?k charmer" as4 I ???M iw?4 aUo? htm or tar m* Iim biia ?? ruioa lal > bi* r? i?a 1 Fat it area waa IMrt at f'Bilnalb rtrti i*4 foanb j aiataa. It> aa?l - J' a a kaetrr a ad a nw->?roual wan. aaf kN. I M*? a?faaM?kw with hm b? j O'l ktM>?iM k i an aa aaa aC a fast ?( nitdlM an J 'lefft' tfcal aM| aal al Rn><?f n4 H.<w*rr '' Mr. Han; Waafckara* pawl. 'I ka?a kaaaa Maraey ft* jrnafft. Ha aaa Mitf a iaaiTl- r Wt alaaya rr |anl*4 km a* a rkart ?a-a'? r " "?i?4? ara ? l?a Arianioa? et Hara^y a HsararMf lr?m lU ala karw hiaa aril EX-KEXATOtt C KRAMER'S iKiNML ftanag IW kaK pat* Wa a>N* (Hp af ik? latryk'-al l?ka>?* Ik* *? frMay ???%? ika aUvaiio* af Ik# lark kMMto ?aa aurartMl kf Ika f?4M af t faainokaMr <raaaai| aai aa4 waaaaa wka war* aa Ika hraart pari af Iba kaai aaar ika part eh aaa a. a 4lapaMr ?eaiu?-4 ua ka Ml ptagraaa kMaiva ika iwm. Aa Ika kityliail wawl U?a %*m Tark ikari ika ????aa iuMmIi i^raai awar Mw aaa la, a <tk ika atM>al mum laa af aaiwiMlit au?rkl% 4ka aaa Ma?*a4 kjr UaaN Mclirrta. mm af ika knikaM kaa-ia, *ka aaiad her ?Ua? ak< aa?.ie4 l> taatB B*ark?ar4 lor. Tk* aaaw ark? aa? uia mgaaaea >4 ttqaor, a* a a- kar ?' i. ?? T- m k?M mm M aaa Ik* aa?. Ikiag I < '*ai4 d<?, aail ?i I H H ??a r> a t. iu ??4? <4 rirrr Bba an irriiial by "Ik- r <ir r aa. if Ika k atk jar* niirt Hit caa?a|>Ba?*"a al waaa bwean? afcaaaa** M<l ta lar<ar*d ?Hli Ika aUtart, vka |fMii ? :* ???? kna la<iu auatoda "a ili' t?ri) baxa>< Krnaikl ie ika Cbarlaa airrri alalii'ii iba iaaa $uis aaaar -a Tk?ti<** J, Crrnmar, a4 *i? M NifrraaM Ha'a Ha aaa M^ak Br4 aa ? k? at < r *M ?* 1 ?' fri-?an>?a wl ika* Bi>ma Tka anaian *k* w a l.ra ? a >?< hatida. no* aj>|irar?'ii*'-. ? Ik dark batr .i d *??? a??l ?k?i ?<?ra a it hi mU ?an. yaa ' Ikt aaiiu aa I miaa <>< a?aar aM laM aba k*l li<> r?iit?aia 8 ifc a?ra Mil j. II* kritf arraigbn I Wi>?a la>'l M !.???? ai 'kr Waal, :n?i?n t%r<" ? yaati r?t?i !?..?? ar?f ' -rkarfa.1 H k?a BMMa barn aa* <rta>?*4 i bat Ika VaMMk M Mi* <????' ia Mt kaklwr I r?-aia*'a wMk A TOI'SO HWtXIX KR. Hinarl I.naranikal aoa ?( Mr. < iMrtaa laaraihal, tha veil ku??* |rf'i i?i a in-nliaiii. al V. S B ask IBVtoB Markri, aaa arrairn?4 al tk* taaaka ka tora Jaaiica Waaalall yraiarila I rhariH BMk aBWthBf. Tbr r?B?Haial aaa ma<ia hy 4 * Hlanlni k Bra , lr?m aksB ka Ml*Bp?4 IB olilaiB |]W anrlk katllar h) amaa a I i-r t?r |Hir|H>rtinf In kar a hart atfti* ka h >a < *a ??- r Mr la alan ab.irgril ?ilk kaaitig a? ? b<l?*4 ika krnaa aaf Mikat /.!??. Ncbiihb \ C? , ul i h.iin.. r? >iraai. aa4 "tan/a H Krrria. IVarl air^rl 4?aatrr faaiaHl I'mab la^ him for asammailiaB. Ha kaa Nbbb 4wrar-i?4 ? ? k>a Mbar, who (all ba baa a|M>at * Krrlaaa aitra<'aii*? kirn Iruni hia difliciiliiaa. ALLEGED hWINIULU AKKESTKD. On an erdar laatml kr Ja4?a l?oti. lto* la. |>Blt HIhtiIT BihIpII jrraii'riiajr arraaia4 Jahaa J l^amkark, ?hu i r!nintc?l by Ik* Mair pa?Man t.'h liaa?raBr? i '-if iar with Appropriating to kia hwb h-<- |I*T iS. <n aa pra'mnnn on a |?ri; manml ii Hull ila Mr aaa itta. cliirjioit unit lurntti oaar lo llir I'hia f i.f r..|;c?r ig BnfTnlo, where m Initiclnienl kaa l?aa h>un4 vamat la I iii - AT THE OLD DlSlNESS rrrdorick Pinilh, an r*-coBTtrt, Jet d- ?n from Slato Prlion. waa nrroMod 10 Itiirlay ?irf?i on friilajr Dl).'ht by Ofllrrr Jordan, of tha Twi m v-?ri rmh | ra clnrt, on a rliargo of Icloxlraliun M hrn kr aaa aciirchi-d In tho I'hurrh airi-rt itatla* an a- Timaiii Hki-loton krjria ?nd a "potkrl J|mm> " war* ihib<i ib bia poMBMloa. on hia lieini imMM at iba loaaba ?< ? terdiiy morning .limtico Wundi-ll hold him lor ir. ?i A GIRL'S HI'iriDE. Clara Kirk, lately a aorvar.t of Mr*. Dr. J o Sima, of No. 207 MaUlaoo avi-nuo. rommllted auiridr on the 11th of April, after having dlrr'i?ii hrraaH ul all her clothing, by jumping Into the Kiat Kiri>r. al lha foot of Sixty-third street. The elothing wna idcntilu d by nieana of a letter from Mr*. i*iina r*eoinoM?diaat her to a new position. Her body a ,ir dtanirartd yaa terday at the foot o| Kn?t Sixty.thir.l ain-et. THE BOY HOMICIDE. Coroner Woltman held an autopay yesterday mnra log on tho body of Kroderlck l.awler, ngm (ouruen year*, who was atnbbed by Aldrew Moore, at lb* cor ncr of lAlght and Hadaon atreeta, on Friday afternoon. An examination revealed the fact that death reanli?>d frmn a atnb wound on tba left aldo of tha cheat, one Inch long, penetrating the loft auricle of the h>'art, and caualng death by hemorrhage of the pericardium. BROOKLYN TAX RATES REDUCED. Yesterday the Brooklyn Hoard of Katlmatea com pie ted the revlalon of the eatiraatB* of the several dr. parttnenla ol the city government lor tba) eiiauing year Fitly thousand dollars were Inserted in the budget aa tha Qrst Instalment on account of the new municipal build ing. A resolution waa adopted roctimuiaudlng tbal all salaries be fixed next year upon the basis of a general reduction of ten per cent on all salaries over tl.hoo and not exceeding $4,01)0 per year, and twenty per cent on all salaries exceeding the loat mentioned sum. The total amount of the city budget lor the year 1ST*, aa rec ommended by the Board ol Kalimate. Is Ul. Tho approximate total valuation of taxable property in Brooklyn Is >230,000.000. The present rate ol tax la 3.44 per oent; next yoar it will be &17. CORONERS' CASES. Coroner Elllnger held so inquest yesterday in the caso of Mary Gilroy, of No. 336 Rail Twentysecond street, who took a dose of Paris greon by mistake on the 19th or May. The Jury rendered ? verdict in ac cordance with the (acts. inquests were also held In the cases of John Mailt van, who was accidentally killed by falling down the hold of the steamer City of Berlin, and Charles A. Fisher, who was killed while trying to stop a runaway team at the corner of Nassau aud Fulton streets some days u?o. Verdicts ot accidental death were given in boih rusos. In the caae o( Karl I.anche, who died at Mount Sinai Hospital M iv '28 from the eflects of I'aris green, a verdict of suicide was rendered. Tho body of an unknown boy about seven years of age was found yesterday by tho police of the Twenty. Ictirlh precinct floating in the Kant Kiver off I'ike street It Is described as having dark brown hair and was .it tired In a while plaid shirt and gray mixed panu. Tho body ?a< sent to the Morgue. The body of an unknown man, apparently a'wit fifty years,flvofeet ten Inches in lie ght, was tound In tho Fast River at pier 56 yesterday alternoou and wax removed to the Morgue. It Is described as follows:?Dark com plexion, dark side whiskers and bald head, and was au tired in a black suit. Tde Coroner has been notitled to l.old au inquest Ic both cases. MORMON IMMIGRANTS EXfECTED. The Williams A Gulon steamship Nevada, due here today, will bring about 12.1 Latter l>av Saints, with their accompanying elders. About TOO will leave I.iv erpool on the 28th Inst, by tho Idaho, a sister ship of the Nevada. Twenty Mormon missionaries left New York for different ports in Europe by the Wyoming, which recently loft tor Liverpool. Tho Mormou emi gration in this country from all accounts promises to be very largo Ibis year. MAIllUAGEi AXD DEATI.V. MARRIED. Rakkh?Crank.?On Thursday, .funo 1,187ft, at tho resilience ol the brine's mother, by the Rev. Arthur Brooks, liKouoK A. IIakkk, Jr. io Miss Minnik E , iltmirlitor of the late Kussoll Crane, of New York. Kiblii?Kki.t. ?(In Saturday, June 8, by thn Hev. Pr. Rowland, Edward R. Fiki.u to l>ouisk A. Fklt, both of tins city. I.KXTKAMiK?MoCorhack.?On Tuesdav. May ;ki, 1 S7?. Ivy the Hev. Father Ward, ol St. T resa's church, mViiaki.I.kstrahok to Maroirict A. McCormack, both ol this city. Mi llm?Hmin?On Saturday, June 3, by Mayor Wick ham, Cam. Mim.ikr, of Chicago, to Carom** Hrtkr. ot Melrose. N. Y. No card?. STR ASBIROKH?JoscrB.--Oil Wednesday, May 31, at the residence of the bride's parents, Brooklyn, by thn Hev. J. M. Isaacs, L. M. Strasiu rbbr, ol Montana, to Dki.ia, third daughter ol Kills Joseph, of Brooklyn. Thomas? Hintnf.-On Saturday morning. June 3, at the residence ol the bride's lather, by the Hev. Jaines M. Taylor. Mr. J. Thomas, ol Uiasgow, Scotland, to Mat. daughter of L Horatio Biglow, ol this city. No card*. DIED. Ukvkidcr.? On Saturday, Jane 3, Thomas Hkvrkkik, aged 37 years. f riend" of the family; also Scotia Lodge, No. <134, F anil A. M.; the Caleiloiilau Club and Hie i aledonlan Mutual Benetlt As-oeiation, arc reepcctlnlly iiiv11ill to altend the tiineral, Ironi his late moilenco, .'WiW West 3M St.. on Tuesday, June t>, at hall-past one o'clock. Kinross and Alloa (Scotland) papers plea-e cony. lit rt.?At I'aieraon, N. J.. Sarah A. Otoftti, wile of J, i.eorifi: Hurt, in the 31st year ol her a;e. Funeral at tw > I' M. on Sunday, from tile residence of her brother. Joseph (Jlovcr. Chicago papers please cony. Cros.-W)*.?On >aturdav, June 3, A**k Aimt'S CfRRA*, beloved wife of Patrick Crosaon, In her :i6th year. lielatlvcs and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from 8t Ann's Romu Ctlhfllto cMiroU, Brooklyn, at halt-past on* o'clock, on Monday. Juue ?, alter which I bo reiuaius will be interred IB ID* l>m??rr ul tbu Holy Crosa. Requiem mass at half Ikii4 ti i ut* o clonk. Daim?ln Montreal, on Monday, May 29. CathkbibS Jo??rn. wiif of Doctor A. H. Uavid, ased SO yaars. m,i kt.? ou June 2. Chaki.bk of cousumptlwk Friend in Invited to attend bis luneral, from lata re?i'lrMc<'. No. AH Mb ar., Sunday, at two 1*. M. maatBD'AL MBcRanoAL Association.?Members will ait. nd ?pecml meeting at rooms, Sunday-, Juiib4,b? t?c ve M to attend luueral ot lata brother, Chariot t>? ..t JOHN MUNRO, K i kbt J. Obb. Secrntury. President li .M.i ?.iifcB. ? Mi' uaku ?<>n of Michael and Anna Onaottfbar. of In*. pariah of Maraboro?gh. QuuenB If land. In tbe 34th year of bin axo. H ? r utive* ami Iriends and those of his eon*!*, Ij, , hiii. Tynan, are resi??-tfully mvited to attend tba I hi rrai ?? Sunday. June 4, at two o'clock P. M., from Hei evoo M?-pitai and theuce to Calvary Cemetery. Irish pa|~ r- pl-aae copy. I?i i.iv - <>n Saturday, June 3, Makia Dvuas, aged 78 year* and 3 month* I t.i relative* and friends are invited to attend tba fntoral, from ber ibio residence, 418 West 3AthsL,M> Mundav. ?tb inst.. ?t two o'clock. f .11.KTT -III il?M City, Jiinu 2, 1878, Bbsbib G., daur bier of Joseph I. and Grace K. Kollett, and 1 '"?????? -?>n J'ine 1, Patrick Gimubtm, nativa ?f the p >r jiu of Ht John, county Sllgo, Irokind, agad K K. '"*.a and imnda of the family are re?poctfully ib 11.4 la attend the funeral, Irom bla late residence, 4 J. I av , I bin aay (Sunday), Juno 4, at hull-pant ona ? cl. < k I*. M. , . Has?*.-la Brooklyn, June ?? Mat. only daughter of loha and Mi-ry a. Haasoa. aged8 veara and 19 daya. Keianv.? and irienda or tlm family ara respectfully Inm-d to aii. nd the luneral. at two o'clock I. M. ou *ii*4?y. 4th io?t, irom tbe residence of bar grand mother. Mra I ii**b*lh Hanson. Ul Cranborrv at. Hh *?i_(in Thursday. June 1, Sergeant Natiiasim, T. Ili a*, IB tbe *?lb year ol bisuge. ri.e r. auve* aii'I frienda ol the family nrn respect* rain invite* in attend the funeral, this (Sunday) after at OIK- o'clock, IffNM M* late residence, No. 21? Inl IJMkM ' . ? iliaai h* . >?ddenly, oa Saturday, at Tronton, Mabt II Mtaouia. \o'i. .? of fn-<ml bere.ilter. H ?.!** -??ii>ri ay, Jane i, IloaKAMA, the beloved 4,. i ?, -r ol William and Boeeanu.* llogan, in the 12tb \e?e of her age t;. *>,?<?- an'I Moad* of the faulty are respectfully .? i. .t i? au-nd the faneril, from ber lato rosldenco, Hi ..hIm U ng l.nuid t'ny, ibis (d'ittday) alternoon, at l??o o'clock. ? _ _ H- r.-ta - ?ad lenlv, on Friday, Juno 2, 1878, Gaoaai ? HoertA, Iwl '**4 ?"ii ot H. T. and tba lato Captain f. (; Hop|.?-r, age.i .*0 yeafn. 8 luonilis aud 24 daya. Ti?. rei-.iivo. and Irieima of tba lamiiy, and tb? ?iei?>i? fa oi roii p.By y, Kourth res'iuent, N. J. N. G., trr tfmo* ? Mnilv navllo-t to alt.'iid the luueral, from tbo rvwiitomia of bia o??Hh*r. jW BerifU av.. Jersey City, s J . ao i*oiMta> afu iii<?"? at three o'clock. Hi ?t <<b -anirday, J ana :t. Inoa** Hist, a native .1 'rami Mid, coolly >li<o, HiIau i, in tbo53dy?ar of |) * tn? re ?n?e? and frieiida "I ihe family are reaped fullv ta I'd to aiiead the lonoral. fMin hlslito real kM?aailJ4k ai, oo Monday, Juna ?. at nina " k,," ,\T?a JanaS. 1178. Jon*. IB* ?>oloved bob ol ? M and t an itk kdly. aged 4 yoara, U months and 4 4 I he relative, and Inen le of tho family are reapaoU full, ir i to all.- d lb ' Inner.?, ir..oi the roaldenco ,.i Ma ,-enu. N? Ka.t *Jd at., on #unday, Juno 4, *V.*tv -r * ??vi Kri'lay. June 2. 1*78, Amkua, eldest awMln r ? M'lWia and Molia Livingaton. , , ,, - . r . i. - .re r ,"cl iilly invited to attend ihe fni. rnl. Iro.n Ihe !?? I toooo of her parents, in |Uai iwiU ak. oo >?nda>, Juno i. at ball past niuo " 'kTmi"* rim or rns Paounaaa Clud ? Bacho lot - r m are reijueated to attend ilm funeral ol Mist tm.dla I iv n -tlm. from her hue rosid.noe, lrtft K?t Mith wl on stood i, Jiisv 4, at iiaif pa^t nine A. Is. Jii-KI'M K IIAHI't'H. Se?ici?rv B. 0. Ci'Viar.! ?Vtoa Haal Ja-m hi a, 34th ar ?Tne mem l" attend Ifce laueral ol Amelia, daiini.terol Mom.aod Heii t Uvmit-ton. Irom ber latt ?? ,i. m a in.'i ?? ..?t nOih ?U, Hi* morn In* at ball paal ZZ I H. M. l>\NKKOI'KIU I'reaiilout. Mi m 'Hi ?? PMl gl* "?? aftt a linger na llineaa. yKHMsaan Miurs. Poo era) lr.Hn Ma lale roanlenco. No. Jl. Fast 49th at Monday n??rnin?. at aloe o'otocK. M ki.a* -At Mount Vorooo, N. on Raiarday, June ^ ?*ALra M'?no?*, m tba 7*lb year of his "lithiivM and lriend? b'-o memlwrs of Huguenot l/dV in5\ M ol Sew Ho. Ne(4e, an? of Hliw.lha Uelge, ? and A. M "I M unl Veraon, ?r*'nviien lo attend In* ioneO.1. on Tnaaday. June 8, al throe I. M^, IriHii the Mel hod.ei KpnxnifMl church. Monnl Narnon. Tr.iin- l**?a d. i "t >? w Vork and New llav.-n Railroad. 4S.I at., all *? P * ^ . M H.? Keyalone l>x'ge. >, r. ana *. ? Breikreo Yoo ???? hereby anmmonad lo meet at ths rwont* of Keredatba lenl.e Na 18 ?Wt at.. Mr.H.W yn on fanrtay. 4th lu.i , al hall paai "0* uichn k, t?i at lend ihe funeral ?>f ?ir iiee?>B*ed brotltef, WlLUUI M.^aa laiemienl lo ?. F T i^wsav, *e.TO?ary. MIB K?i'i?tbaw Yuan U.?BA*i>bst, Mo,,44. K. You arc lietelii or.lere'l to aoaentblc at the Aavlutn, MaeoOK Hall, eoraer of Hih av. and *W St., m I all unl lorai. at elevaa ? . Mk A M pr?wfl, lor ?he pa.|H.HO o! attending the fun-ml of the lata' )?ir W.IHom ?wrs. Mirhmgit* ol a tot or .ommanderiea afa coraiaiiy ??? vitod to participate aHh on _ _ . 1 vi ii J Ml III >N VI.n. Commander. Jim* Hoot.a, Iteeordav ? , . (Vsas U.0MB. ISO. I ti <? F ?liro'liera will meet at 18 Court al , Bro'.klyn, ?a >undav. Jnn ? 4. at .mo unlock, to attend ihe lanrrai o! ..or Ian- *"1" tan, Moor*. Al'til HT HlKtiM.K, W. G. M'I.khi.u* U? the 2d June, A*?, wila Of James MVnend- of tbe latu'lf ar* reapeollully invilad U atlenl lb? luneral, al Uor late rva.den' ?, ?'2 liownlng St., tins (Munday l aflemoon. at two ? clock >aturdav, June .1, la.a, assm Mi Kim.kt, in tho *7tli ?ear ol his ??e. The relative* and Iricndi of ibe lamlly ar* rospc I fu11v mvltrd to .ttend the luueral. Ir ^m hla late real dence, ,Vt4 Kant 12tb at, on Monday Jitne ?. at tws P. M. Noobam. ? Al hi* late roMdenoe. :U4 Ka*t 74th *k, OO Tliurxday. June 1, Jnt? Nw"**, agea ii Funeral thi* (Sunday; afiornoon, at two n clock *a-GaIiu?Membora of th* tier aidine Cloh aad Clan Bn Gael Aaaocatmo In iieoeral will mo. t at hall, 1 (Msi 3d av.. this (i*onda) ) afternoon, at on* n '?"""k, io a'uead lb* funeral of our lata brother, Jamne V-onan. kliesii iu* ?u.i ^ M MAMLKY, Preside ul. , K J MrnrtiT. Secretary. Members ol tba Coamopoliian Clob will alio ploaa* "'o'cJilUn*.? At Harlem, Thursday, June |, Mabt The ralative* and irlends of the lainil) ara isapoit fullv invited io attend the .uneral, lrt??n bar I .U re??. dence. corner 1?W sL and Ul av,, on fandnjr. June 4, Bt one o'clock P. M. _ , . Pamksil?At llrooklin, R D.t Thursday. June I, J abbs M. 1-AkBSk, in tbe *4il< >o?r?f'I t; *?? I uneral will uke plaoe Sunday, Jone 4 at oo* o'clock from th* foaldenaa ol hi* aooghtBf, Mrs. A'Slt.1 w n?utb atb at. Ihe r-4-tivea and friends of tbe lamiiy are rc?|- ct(uVy 'I'Viiod *> attend. Pbrht.?<IB tbe 3d of Juna, 1JI.T A. I eBBV K uneral from I be realdanoe ol bet narenis. J. H bb4 A. M. Parry. 88 Van i?m al., ?bis day (nuBiayj, at ball l'"KA*"i?ra-Krl(lsy everlng. *1* RA>tMii.rH. dsugbmr of Robari J. and m ?n Ann Haa d?IMailves and friends are invitad w attend ber fnncral from th* raotdonae ol her paroou, Nia B|8 Greenwich at., on Monday. Jaac, 4, rt bad o'clock. Interment at I lameiicld. N. 4. I rain loaves Liberty st at oaa o'clock. _ III*Inst. tin ftaio'dajr, 'be 3d in*., Kusabstb Rnv mr widow ol Jolia and mother ol llav. F. *. Rigaay. Kciaiivcs snd Irlends oi the lam.l) ar* 'B? ilea l* ,i tend tha luncral, from her late re*id?aor 42 ? ^ at on Tueidav, Jane 8. st teu o cK^k A M. tbeneo M SU Ana's church, Kas? lith si.,n?ai>4ihj av aolemn mass of rc'iuicm will be oflan d, at ball paat icn o'clock A. M . Baiardav Spabkbav-AI Penh Amt...y. > J., oo morning. June 3, 1*^ Jabkb l?. **rabkbab, ib th* .ad 3 funeral aervlcos on Monday, Mh tnai . at h.'fp^t fen A. M., al hi* Isle reaideoc*. I^onh Amboy X J, aud al bail paet lour P M. at th* ra*?lenae ol his ?**, r^V'.J* av . Brooklyn. K.iai^m, .nd r-Mj alito tbe otflcars snd diroctors of tue lirtm<n Fua* liiMuranco Company, ara rajV-tloMy tavited to^.4 Mm>a. OH lbo iq?L. Is*>4 *?? M., ?' H* F. Spink, as'il W yaaro and 8 ""'"'hs Tbe relatives and friend*of th* lamdy s*? roapoea fully invited lo stlend tba Innarsl lr?'? l.*r late r*Bi douca, fc3 West "J4tk sC, oa I aaadsv. jM rjavea ?_rM A M . without mrther IBVilrftioi. Her romaia* will at taken'to Greenwo.-! lor lni*rm?nk . . SHKHinAS ?tin Saturday, Jana a. at tne r**M*ooaj? lila *oii Joseph, corner ar and u?acr?a*ak, Jersey Citv lle-ghta. Kowaan SBssmarjaf It ''rfrova parish of Kiibrule, couBty Csvaa. Ireland, ta ta* at si year of hi? age. .. , Notice of luncral in MoB'lay s pspar. siATTitav.?tin Thursday. Jub* I. * native Ol connty Oalway, Ira and, a?ai .4 r?ta The remtivee and trl nda of ta* lamny ara reafw* lullv invited to alien I tba tn eral, f' >m her Hi* reat dence, No. 14 Stujrvcsant sk. thrt .-Bwday aiMrnooa, at one o'clock. New orb ans pnpers pleaaa copv &WKKVRV. (Hi fburs.lay, Jan* I, M u.'?a I aiiasict, Bon ol William and Mira I. J?aeen#y, aged * mooiM . and -JS .Is* ? WBBEF' _ The rei.mves and fro nd* of Ibe fantdy; ai*? B'aian of Pi rami 1 lawlgo. No. 4wi, F and A i., ara r*.p*t lu iy IDvltsd to siieD'l tko I'tnersl tr.< n th- rsoidaaeo of his paronts, .168 mh sv., oo trnnasy, Jane 4, at oaa o'clock I'. M. ... .... rsixsR.?it Crotoa, Juas I, l*Ta, Rtna, wifa at C ^'Vlie lilalloes snd friend* are r*<p*r|fMty lovMod ta Bilen.l ibe luncral. Ir?m h r fathers roa?t?n?a, mis (Sunday) morning, al siavea o umk. V.USIV?Al A : er?. o? the 17th of I ehmaralast, Ol consumption, JoBgrn Assssn \ ?.iais, of this city a?o< lit* l>ody having been broi.. hi homo, his reUtlvas mid Incnds sre reepectinll) inn a>l to i>a pta?oat s' the Innertl service, in It Patriek s Cathadrs , ??" won day. tho Alb ins . at icn i?'c|?n k A d. Hh reo?aias will l?- plac d in ih ? f'Uiiily vauli un ier th* > atnadrak IV ikk.?On fatBrdar. June ;|t IIassaH M*Bl, ao> loved wife ol Willi.ii.i H ake, .-^r. Nonce ol fiaicrsl lieri-Biier. Wool).?in Jerse) Cuy, June 2, of diphtheria, . ' ?'? F.. daughter of l.cwi- k.. and P.a|h.mia A wooo, aged 12 t ears and 8 months Tn* relatives and Irtonds of tho latnil? ara ro*pe fullv Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Si^.Ur a" ? noon, the 4th insi., at hall past tbre* ? * ??k. from?no residence of ber pnrcnta, No. ail Oroad sk |Maw Mh I Jersey City, N. J.

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