Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1876 Page 11
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FINANCIAL JSII MBUl ? Stocks Firm and Dull?Investment Shares Strong, GOLD 113 5-8 A 113 1-3. The Bank Statement?An Increase of $2,041,000 in the Reserve. Money on Call Loans 2 and 2 1-2 Per Cent Government Bonds Active and Hijjher? Railroad Bonds Steady. Wall Strsst. I Sati'khat, Juso 3?# P. M. I The "jreen, grassy turn' or Jerome Park ottered sietal more attractive to stockjobliers to-day than did the tetld atmosphere of the KxchangB. rhere *?? sioro interest manifested to the stock of the Stud book than iu that of ?peculation, and tho latter suflersd ac eordlngly. This was clearly shown alter midday, when business stopped liko an englno on Its eentro, and with no more go to It thoucelorward than to a horse In a treadmill There was a lair activity at the opening, for broken were ready for a further advance in Western I'nlou, and there was an auxlous feel ing among tho bears lest Lake Shoro should tollow'sulU Nothing, however, very alarming occur red, lor tluctuatloiis In these two stocks were limned lu u ^ por cout rise ami an ultimate setting back to opening figures. It is conceded on all bauds that tho telegraph directors will declare a IS P" ceut divldeud on Wednesday next and will also mako a showing of tome $200,000 lucreiiso in their business over tho same time last year. Of course as little will be said as pos sible ol the construction accouut and stockholders will be appeased by a lollipop divisiou ol cash on hand. Voautime Mr. Gould has become possessed ol a con siderable line ol Block which can bo treated as standing against his short account or bo used to break tho mar ket by a cataract of cash tale*. Tho price lias beou kept up to-duy undeniably strong, but It fell oil'at the close to tho early quotations. There Is one weak spot in the markot which is de cidedly depressing, and that is Lake Shore, lhe Os born and Twonty-third street parties are thought to bavo closed up their short contracts, not that they fear to keep thom out, but because the summor solstice is it hand, aud yaclitmtf and rurallging generally aro not mjoyable when one eyo has to bo kept on tho tapo of the stock indicator. Three per cent was paid to day to have the slock carried, which, with money tho same rate, was a proof that tho speculation on the part of tho leading boars was mostly abandoned. The precarious condition of tho Coitmodoro and the con stant under-cuti'.ng in tralllc rates aro dlshonrlenlng to holders aud discouraging to buyers, and, consequently, tho stock refuses to respond to tho hotter feeling exist ing In tho rest of the market. The Western stocks being, to a great degree, free from tho antagonism of cuuipotlng roads are Bhovving bettor results froin their increased grain Ireights, and these are reilcctod in the strong, adv.mciug market for those shares at tho Stock Kxchange. The anthracite securities aro looking up again after tfaelr inodost retirement of a fow days past, apparently llrod of blushing uuseeu, like the coal bluck ltoso in the litly. Uouce Delaware mid Lackawanna started up Irom 107 to 100, although It lost hall of tho advance be fore tho bourd closod. lhe ce*>ailon of mining operations tor tho mouths of Juno and July will enable tho combination to work o(T part of their surplus production at the cost of un reckoued distress to tho thousands ol minors thrown out ol cinploymcut. As we h:ivo noted business was conllncd to opening hours, the gr< at operators voting to make it''half a lay" by disappearing to the races, whilo the rng-tag tnd bobtail contingent, huving l>y necessity no voto In the waiter, remained behind and s laced themselves with mustang* ol brandy or ol some baser IliUd. TUK HALKS TO-DAY. The transactions at the block Kxchango to-day ag gregated Ml,TOO shares:?Now Yorx Central and Hud sou, 000; Erie. 3,000; Lake Shore, 17,300; Cleveland aud Pittsburg, 200; Northwestern, 2,160; Northwestern preferred, 1,800; Hock Island, 1,200; Pacific Mall, 2,726; M. Paul. 14.060; St Paul preferred, 8,200; Ohios, 2.UO0; Western Union. 2J.360; Union Pacific, 200: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, 3,714; Michigan Central, I,460; Union Mining Compauy. l.tttfO. OIKX1XO, lllUHKST AND I.OWK3T l-RICKS. The following table shows the opening, highest and lowest prices of the day:? O; Kit in p. Hiijhrtt. Lowrst. Niw York Cout ral llo 110 llo llnrkra trie ?'< 14 ? Lake Shore 62\ 63 '4 62 >, W.ihash -'i 2-'* /"?? Northwestern 40 \ 40 >, 40', Northwestern 1 referred... 00 t01l 80-, Kw> k IsiamL 1?*5 100 U 100 pitti-liurg f2', 821? J2 Uiiwiiiikee and St. Paul... iW-1! 40>4 0W4 Mil. and St. Paul proterred tJW 'a Ow ?? 09 Ohio and Mississippi 17 17'i IT New Jersey Control 83'4 83,^ 83^ it. I., Lack, aud Western.. 10" 4^ ion 107', t'nlou Paclllc 00 00 60 II, C. and I. C 4'3 4*? 4>-4 W?'>lt*rn I iilon 68St 68.', 6St4 Atlantic a6d Pacific Tel... 16 16 16 Pacific Mail 27.^ 27>s 27 \ Panama 138 140 138 Producers' Petroleum.... 117# 117?* H7X Cm.hIWj I'Ricss?3 p. a. I ?? ift A ??<... 27'4 ? i.7>4 C.CAI0. ... 4*4 a 4H Vt.ti 1 klal . - . ?'i Uel. L .t W ..lOVjJ a 10 >, Au X l'a< ls?. II', ? trie 14-, * I4'4 lu.ckMitvr .15 it 111 IU11AK1J0 .. I-.*, a IS 1, ?>???.ivor 'Jill, a 2 ll .* St Jopf... -I', n 2H hi ? Hi Lake Shore.... a !2li Autrieanla. 1-1 ? i>at, Allcli Ceiitral 47 ? 47'4 t r hipr?M .. 74 ? 71', J V* Iiatlaa.l:t7)i a 1Um t.iHu, 1..UV 4 ui .v ycan u..mi ? iu?i 4 Ut. A *1... l>-?* ? 1 tf N J t'?u fU't a k:>J, ?..>?!?? i<.C ? Ohlti \ MUs.. 10', a 17 1 11. A S W . 4' *4 a 4<>t, I'ltuaniM 1H8 a 14" < lot I N VI |>l. U It 1 1<|| A Wall 2 a 2'4 1 k.< | 1. I ...lut', ? lisl'4 I'uiun l'acillc. ?'>'.? ? eo llo* Ml" . 3U1, a JMi.-onri I'ac 12t| a la'4 ?i > ' < I" >1 ^7^? . ? 7'? Protl Pot Co.... 117,^ U7J, , C, C A 1 . 44V a ?i|| AKVASOR AUD DKL'UXS. Tt.f following are the chaugoa lu closlug prices com* faH with those ol yesterday:? Aiivasi a.?C., C. and L U, ', ; Deiawaro and iArk twaiitia, 1',; Kris, '? j Haumbal and St. Jost'ph com in>n. S . do prflerrt-d. k,: Harlem, Lake Shore, t, , ilirhiiian Central, , Misfcourl PaeiUo, >, ; North it'.i i t*Miio*>u ', ; do. preferred, '1; New Jersey Cen tral. 1; atnl Mlolasippl, .',; PaciUc Mail, >4; ttuck Island, ?,, St. Paul comiuou, \ \ Union l'a llailiiL?tlnkl. ; WaU?h, C., CL, (X and I., , Atlantic and Pacific preferred, .<<. Otter atveks are uut hsliged. TMK ao*CY HAKKRT. Moiwy to dav was lu supply on t all loans at 2 and 2% p?-r rent Priuo- p?|<?r l? quoted at 4 and 6 per cent. M.nm| stckange is t?uiel and steady, prime asking tstea. 4.*? s 4.HO; telling rates, 4.87', a 4.89',; toich a. , :> >j', and wl'4 a 9#S j cables, a Hfl1,; ^<ila< Paris. A14*, and 6.11',. Ti.r foittiwinc are the rates ot exchange 011 Now l urk at lite rm> ut oiud cities lo day :?Savannah, ?, |>retmuni ; l incu.ujtl, sh^de easier. 60 a 100 pre iuii.iu, Km OrsSiif, toiuMtrelil '4 b.iuk \; Chicago, L, d.? uiii, m Inn s. Mr. premium; Charleston, MiUiiti ?, a ft* 16, Mitd buying premium. f)?M af>- r?e?t at II J , and closed at 1PJH- ?" tlio ? ai< - of the 'ttjr hating l? en al tbeao flgures. The car rying rates vera 1 and I >, per cent. were also M4< tat ora^ ?T|.-ea US VMS llul.Ii KXIH ?*UB BAXK To KAt Waiab'.v* $1.660,179 I nrriui) 2,IH2,tiH.'i l.r >a imuuo i. 17,634,0?>0 (UtllMI HOI S8 ST4TSMK.1T. ( t rrtBT) rli . $67,A6'.I,200 t arrr?i. J 1 >. il.rra. '2,727,.?-'i8 ?. lit . ffi.n, ? ? a. 814,571 iiukt balaneea 662,287 waaatf aiusiwi Nutss htatkmknt. ( iltwiei ei?S?ISS ?3^0,400.W31 Lwrrem y l?Unt<-a 10,371,036 Wul.i nei.?ng"s 26,060,.Mi k?M UAuo'i. 3,0^2,'.HK> The ayeeie ?? .t in. nlt foT Kuro|>e to-Jay amouut to I10M.0UU goM < uia VMS MASK STtrr.Sj:\T. Tbe tuiiowiag is a roiaparisuu of lhe avsrages of ths kaiAs Im tkt |>aal lt? wseks: ? ifoy it. J? Li |2Jl.tf2. "'O 121 070.660 Dm. |MU,J00 lywia 1 ;,*?,?*? 17,4*4,MM luu 1AI.JU0 M*n '_T J?m' I /XffVr'M-1 Lfftl ifwhtf 4* JMO MM M ;?? rim Inc. 2.4<<t. 1*?) K|?? u .... 311.1m ?>??> lu. . 3.J1T.KW Ctr- ulalK'* . X.U4 tun l*M.t.W0 |t*r. 1IV40) Tim l?lloa >ac ?!???? llw rwiai.oa* b? tarcu tb? lota' nwtir tut Ik* Into) kak*litw?:~ ||T !??? VW $17 4?* MM |n6i II-JO JM U(tlUlt4?rt *.MM ftl.TiM.MS lac.. t.47* 1"0 Total raaervr $?t?U,a* Inc.. $i,ii*S,4O0 ItMflTf It aairt^l i|'i 4r|?aM... WIMKt U.TR.U4 Kirrt* if r? ???*? aWtt lf|ai f? quirea.?oia. $14 414 ?14 !Vt |M 1 at. . $1.041, iiKaoi* tuaaa. Ratlrmatf MKk waea Hrwag na ? agnail business, t a>*a r???'?<? Irata a4na**4 ?? l?4'4, Vort Vara* trsta inllc^ XtrtktHim rwwltiafil cold eoni?ona I? W. a?4 *aa?rt?l and *t Jm-p* la ? V l-afclgh 1*4 Wilkaaharra t.?a?nlii>a?4 a?id al M fl interest Rock |aU?4 ?>n* fcrufi.t 11?\ awt Cm tral I'act lie Id*. B.laa of Mwaeaii I'aciAa IraU war* mala ?1411 **>% Ibeaawar* aegl.-ctad la 4av. tba oal? transaction* bei*? la Nortfe l"?r?liaa atxea. apaotal Ut. which a?M a* 2, and Dl?trwH of l utuinkta &4ft H?ada al M. V- aula a transaction la Rnmklya' i im |><rt loan at 1(16 Vj. r?? r?i?? nun nu?rir. Wsablnglon adx icea alaia thai tha Treasure hold* t.14^W0 flni la bonda to oactiro ih? baak circulation a dfirMK- for tba weak af ftftTa ofti Honda beiu to secure p?M?e depnaita ?1? U4.m National bank circulation. $334. swan. of wlurb $i im.noo ara fold notes. Revenue ?*??<>I|?t? lo-dar, $S7n ion r?. toms receipts lo ???, $4*i i?n Har k not. * ro> calved today for redemption, fl 2,.<Vi*n Tola! Tor thnuaek, f4.'1U.IWL Trramirr ahipnieala. w?ek and Injr to-day?1-cgal tenders, am atlvar. $11000 The silver paymenta at tha Sub-Treasnrv to-lay amounted to $.13,174. Tba gold paviucHta at tHa Hate. Treasury wore $68,000 for bond* aad $82,000 for in ter?st. run roaxtoa mahkkt Tha London advice report a ya n of ?10,000 bullion by the Rank of England on balanee to day The market (or securities 1* quiet and aleaily, consols and t'nllad States bonds being without change. Erie declined lo 12V- Tho following aro quotation* at half past on* P. M., which tiro tho Uteat that are received on Siklur day:?Consols for monoy, 9?V a 93V: da for account, 93 V a 93??; 1865 bonds, old, 104'{; 1H6T bonds. 10#^; now lives, 10?; trn-lorly borda. li*t'4 a lntf.; Krtc, 12 V: Erlo preferred, 18 a 20. In I'an? r?ntra ara quoted at 106f. 20^0.; oxchanc* ?n London. 2.'>f. 2i>'?0. and Tuenday aro holidays In Liverpool, henoa wo may ?xpoct no commercial quotations. INVaSTMKXr MKCUKtTIKi. ! Tha list B^nemlly of Investment atocka In-llealed Amines*. Delaware and Lackswsnn.i brouchi 107 S a J 107 a 109 a 108 V; New York Central, 110; Pitlaburc. 93 a02^; Kock Island, 10?al0fl>,'; Joraoy Central. 83 V ? 8n7<; Fort Wnyno, lOH^'j New York und Vew Hnvon, 1NX; Wells-Fsruo Express, Dili 90S a 00x*'< I'nlted State* Express, 72V a 741,'; Amerlcnn Expreaa. 03; Harlem, 139 a 138; Producers' Petroleum. 117 ??? GOVKRNMKXT HON US. Tho demand In this department I* apparently iteadily Increasing and prices aro higher. Tho anrety ot tha In vestment, coupled with the easo of money and tbo dim cully of finding profitable use for tho latter In the doubtful avenues of ordinary stroet speculation, are naturally dlroctins renewed attention to a class of secu rities that are c<|Util to "tbo beat under the sun " The bonds closed strom; at the following quotations:? T'nited States currency slxe*, 124al24?f; da mse?, 1881, re(fiHtered, 119 a 119'4'; d<x do., do., coupon, 122Jf a 123; dd. do., IRflft, registered, llt^allt^; da da, da, coupon. ll&V all5}f; da do., do., new, rogiatcrcd. 116',' a 118l?; da do., do., do., coupon, 119V a 119^; do. da, 18(17, registered, 118V a 118 V ; da do., do., coupon, 121V a 121V; do. do., 1868, registered, 120V a 120 V, do. do., do., coupop, 123V a 124; do. Ion-forties, registered. 117V * 118V, 'la da, coupon, 118*,' a 118V, do. live*, 1881, registered, 117V a 117V; d"* "a, do., coupon, 117V a 117V. IMllHtTK. The import* for tho wcok are:?Dry goodt, $7fl0,209; merchandise, $3,327,459. Total, $4,087,tMJ8. Specie export* for tho week, <037,732. of which 1563,344 la gold coin and the remainder gold and silver bar*. The import* of spccie are $04,580, of which $35,706 Is gold coin. rmuiDiLrinA stocks. Tba following aro the Philadelphia stock quotations at tbrea o'clock this day Bi'l A ?4'?f. City sixes, new, ax Int H?"V 107 V Culled Companies of New Jersey 136 V l-lfi?k Pennsylvania Railrnnd * 62 62W Philadelphia and Heading Railroad... 44 44V l^lilgh Vullev Kailmad Hrt?/ i^r Catawissa Railroad preferred 4i)ij 40*^ Philadelpbla and Erie Railroad 17*,' 17V Northern Central Railroad ;isv 14^ Leliigh Navigation 44^ 44V Lohigh Navigation, gold loan 104V 104V *1 STOCKS, Tho following are tho closing quotation* roceivod bjr telotruph from San Francisco:? Consolidated Virginia 73V Crown Point ... 131/ California *2 V Yellow Jacket i 34 W Segregau-d Uclcher .. 75 Alpha 6-_? v ')|,,l'r MV Belcher jnv Chollar 85 Confidence 20 17V sierra Nevada ISi? Consohdateil Imperial 6 V Exchequer 19?; Mc*>c?n 32V Overman #2V ?Jould ,V Curry 15V Justica 24u Heat A Belcher .*??? ? 65 Caledonia8w Hale & Norcros* 66.V NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES Saturday, Jane 3,1870, I5KFOKK CALL?10 $1000 Tec of Mo Int... IOiki M .? SI |* con h r i'. *h? SY C A 11 R... l'O d.i lmOMIc C?n KK..... loo do l'jno Won Ub Tel ??'; .1.. . w) M. 52?* JJ?, 14?? 14'i 14 93 do an do. do. d? do. do. do. d?. 30'>0 3 o ?o 230 4<m ano 2<M u tJ :??) 1'U Pec Moil SS. W\i H'O'Juhi l.S .VMS BR *9', 3 ?i do 1' WJ, n ? 1 rir KU... .. .bl llo 101 do BJf 25 do 4?s 7 PUt*bunr Rn i<*? riii ? i'i tn ,b3 i"? 10r> chl 1 N'W Rri.... 4<>i. 4O0 do 40W .00 do 40'" HO Chl A N W pf. UM ?0i do 10" Del. LAW Rll .. 1- 7^ IK) HOII 2 o 20l> 100 100 do da. do do do do. in'; ?!S>, llxl? 07% it", l ?jv. AGO f. 8 A M 8 UR 2?? MM 21) I M O 7' ? i 700 do.... do. do do. fSOnO C S C'?. '81 loo o L'S .>-20, ,'v^>.b 1 19'. 250U do. 119'. 1.CI.O do *1 1 If W 2010 do be ? ISM. 1U4XJ0 I'lMIA'ttiU 121>. PLHSr $10000 S C 0'e, .pedal tax ,2.1 rl???. . 2 1000 U.iil * 1'7'e . 11"V (KOo Cbi A N W con.. lO".". H??> ?J ? .VWetfb. 8 <\ .000 do 90 HiNMOti I'm ifoltl u. 1*1) H'l i I'll Pee Kit let.. lm?, 1000 do 21' OO do 1?*'? l(?*i P. ft WAG 1?t 1 lsi'4 iwo do no . 20m P?e?f Mo lit.... Wi# Wc.t 2d J in II A M J h'f.i .be 78 4IKKI do 7">4 I'om [.A W li c..bcxl W.i :Wi?h? L*ii M'u be 11(10 d>> ?5 1 *ki Quick Mln be 100 At A Pec 2400 Wo.t I'u To I. .b c 100 do. 7o i Ohio A M Bit. ,e3 5i* * do ... nxK) do ;... 'M)J do H m Mil A St l? UK .. WO Jo. loo do b3 100 do KM Mil A St P RR pr. 11*1 Ho 100 do ... >3 100 do 101 do e 33C.C* lO BR.. 53 > !??:!? AMI) 11:80 V. 1227, *non .v??o IOOO uxu>u 5t?0 U 8 tl'?. cur.]... 124% 52. f.2?; Ml i? aa?; 107 17 17 17* 17' '? 39?, $ I V-i cm, 4? M. i > V 8 MO. e. *7. 121V 0 I 8 " 118?; M U8 ? O.C. ?' H.. 12 C 1 If 8 5'e.l0-40. r.. 117', 12 m 1 > 0 . bJi do do.. IS8 ?!?-. .S<? (8 i U-lJ I Oil 4(>i do e3 :tOO ao i<r I P?i' M?ll Sr.,.bee 2O0 do ?J? 20" do ?In. ao Welln-I-er^oLx.b I lli.'i do. be 4" Amrr hx be 3::i d< b;i 28 do 1>ii t* S 125 d? Krle uK.. . aoo d?...... 7 C) do 4O)0hl A lit I.II I'M do yn do... IJ(?| L s A M 10 lS>i 3^. al'I 37'. I* I tKI niiAHn?10:!W (L 3011 ih. C A V Wpl.bc 1<*> do e Jim dn b.l ??*? do lOO do 20< I Mleb < eu .. .b c.?5 H*? do e loo do 100 do s3 IOii do loo do 50 do loo do 200 Clev A Pltl. irt.. HviCaNW BK..b c.b3 2tO do 2oo do I'M do b3 3 M do bJ SO do 5" Chi A Alt ItK U 7 P, f M ACitt. be 5 do 10( U 5 do...... .. >1031. 224 Del.L A \V Iu7>, ??>M do Iu7', :??) do 10s 3.M do 107\' 1?> do HK># 4i*J do HM# 3 mi do 108J< H?' do elO 1 M ICO do 1(iH('4 M. ?tow o C oo?, UlK, 01', 40', 4?\ <7; 47 V, 47 47'.' H2?, -? >4 40>: 40? * y. 4.1 '4 40 im Mil A St P 10 Hi do do do I'M |IM ;hm 4f *1 2'M 2VAJ do.., do... d" .. .10 11'. ..b.1 .... 14', ,b e loo ? b:i loo li (I , Itb.W -l4 . .... &2\ 'ft *10 ''uk ?l .'a?7 do..... ? do....... do do ? 4 -? Mil * si r 1'A) in i AH HJJ ln? :tuo 4UU 3 t) ?ilO :??> i ; <M> luo do do. do. do... do.. do. ?? 3J\ ;i s :<i?S :?.<?, 3U'? 31'V, ? v ?'lots Hv1, 3t>'. ??' t IJIW do 2>I do ?9 .10 bt .'s'4 loo d? Otf1/,' 2>" d? b't W, I nsjl'tu Itl! 83'a I'" do ,4 53 :0 do *3 <? 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M. 13 sh* DA UC .bc.bS 110 4i*l?ti* Mil A St P KB 40V *r< >.t i?!...bc.b3 ?8* rmi .10 ... 4of; 10 do 68* ?"? do 40 4 4 0 do. k3 ttS<., 2>tU do *IO 4U ?ot> do IO > do *3 401,' n o d? ... b3 2 0 d<> mio 2 o Wall* fargoEx . u?U **' do * '*a 7 ito be ixi', Jm Mil A St I' pf...bc ?>', l>?> do t? ??; SOU do ti?Ji tl Amur Kx bo 1)3 100 do t.0*> *?< I'xiOcMnll -T* 1 *1 do s5 ?I?J 30 llaj litu kit be 10 I do s.*t lilt , * ..3 auO do BOO 88% :??' do 53 100 do b3 U4H? tut Chi A N W. .be.bS 4('U 'J o do ,?tto 80 W>JC?d UU. .be S3}, J'KiOel. I. A KW ?? do Ka. 3'?I do 1UM i?>rin.? 1. IBU .bc n<? loo do loo;,' -<*? do .. b3 Itw; -U Nuo Mtl A at I' lilt.b v 40U ! TO 3 L'. H $r-t?>r,C A I C lit... 45 ."> *h? Ft W'uyno BB. 1??3'i Thjii Olilo A Mli? .a. 7;\?{ 'JUOMivh C?u MU 47^ Vt?i |*ac of Mo lit... ttt% 2 ?J Mtl A St f UU.... 4i >4 SO >?h? l n Mlu C? .. I\ 100 do t.:< 40 ., >?D?itU lei ?s>, 1.4) do ktio ^l?> III 0?1, 100 do 4<i ?U do ?3 ??-, loo do.... kUO 3'J+? 4?*i no 2i:i do .. 4" do ?& ? ?4 1(>0 do ?.?l 40 MU ?W>4 i.uu do 40>, ?'? ' I'm- > nil .1 .... .. '.7't 1i?i do 40 MCAn It MB.... Ho 100 do 3\iym !?? ? KrU III... 14'u 401 ,1,1 40 30 do l | t4 JIM n?n A St Jo ltll . 13 do bS 14 '4 100 do 15l? 4i?> lUrli-iu lilt K'S Iikj do b-i 13 Jill, e A Ms MB ... 100 Mil A St 1' pi t.U1* |IH Cbl A .> W lilt... . 4t> ? 3 HI do ii-O do 40.', 101 Bu?, I'M ito bl 40ia It H> do ai*? do -to', aoo do >3 BO!,' KUCIilAXW of ...?3 0i??, Imi -ic Ot>i, I'l't'Ut A it 1 KB.. ?3 Mi'I JOJ Uhio A Mlw KB... 17 43 d. li??; COMMERCIAL REPORT. cotton on the rpot 1-lKa uioheb? votubbs I LoBK 1-32C. LOWBB?>XOUB bTBADY?WHEAT ACT 1VK ?CO 1IN IKUBUl'LAB OATS DULL AND t AM tit?WH1SK1.Y NOMINAL?POKE DULL? LABD'STKOLEl'M QU1BT AND NOM INAL?HPI1UT8 lUBPLN'i'INK QDX1CT?BOSIN NOMINAL?OILS STEADY?FREIGHTS QUITE riltM?COFFEE QUIET ? 8UO.VB STEADY. Satibday. June 3?0 P. M. I The markets were nearly all qutet, but tliuro wore a fow noteworthy exception*. On 'Change thore was an actlvo movement iu wheat at lull prlco*, anil a lair movement In corn which wns a trille oil, except for fctriclly prime. Oats Uull antl easier. Whiskey ; nominal. Pork iiulet. Lard llrinur, but quiet. Krulglita (till hlicber aud active. Corraa.?'1 be market for Bio and Santos wan quiet an 1 I without eliaiiKO hi to price*. Nnle* eomprlx) 1,300 bat? Rto, per John Shay, on private term .mil 1,777 ba^a Sair ? ton, per Ad'illuu Kilwood, 011 prlvKta tertiu. An Invoice Klo, p.'r Gray EHifln. Attn rumored, ?old at liultiiuore. Mild coll'eet were qulot, with bust Den* conllneil to Jobbln.f; lota We unote:?Ordinary cart;oe< 1 15c. a 15t4c.; luir do., 1<>j.,'c. a 17c.; ??od do.. 17'4o. a 17S,e.; prtmo do., 17*^e. a 18c.; ex ; trerao rap^e for lots, 15o. a UV.; Sautoi, fair to kooiI, , IB'je. a 17'?c., gold, ulnety day<i; Java, Korernuieut bag*. litle. a TJa.; do., grain mail, -Oc. a '-'3c.; Singapore, do.. t ISc. a 20c.; Ceylon, 17e. a lUe.; Maracalbo, lo'io. a 19c.; Lagoayra. 17c. a ISc.; Jamalca, l.'i'jC. a ls',c.; St. Doiolugo, 15e. a 15'4c.; Porto Kieo, 18c. a 10c.: CiMta Rica, 17c. a inc.; Muca?atr, ISc. alHj.c.; .Mexican, 17c. a ISc.; .Manila. 17c. a ISc.; Angoatura. I7e. a ISc.; Savanillii, 15Jje. a IT'.'e.: Curacoa. IftKc. a 17Kc. CiittoN.?The market lor cotton on the i(iot ruled firmer on au incroaked demand from exporter*. No improvement wan apparent In the demand from the mill*. Quotation* were marked up !? 10c. The market for future*opened linn Mini advanced 3.Itie., l?(t t'ie advance and closed steady at a traction uuder la?t niiiht'* lltrure*. TI111 closing price* to day compare with Friday'* prices u? follow*:? hYi hiy, Junr. 2 SUutJut/, .hmr 3. Juno 1'J a ? June 11 31-3'J a 12 July 12 3 32 a- July 12 I 32 a 12 110 August .. 12 3-Id a 12 7 :t2 August... 12 5-32 a 12 3-lfl Sept. 12',. a 12 'i-32 Sept I2la a 12 5-32 October.. II lo 10 a 11 31 32 October.. 11 l.Vltl ? Nov 11 1*7-32 ?ll'? Nov 11 27 32 a 11? Dec 11 27 32 a ll7. Dec II 27 32 all', ' Jan II l.Vltl a 11 31-32 Jan 11 31-32 a lu Feb 12 1 10al2W Feb 12 3-.3J a 12,i March.... 12 3-10 a 12ii M?vli ... 12 7-32 a 12!a April 12*i a 12 7-1? April 12',' a 13 Ma.v 12>i a 12 lt-10 May 12J, a 12 0 10 - The following quotations are based 011 American standard of classification mid on cotton In store running In quality not more than half a grade above or below the grade quoted VfUtn U. AUi'maia. Xrir Orlntnt. Tr.rtu. Ordinary tf t? ? u strict ordinary 9 7-10 0 7-1(1 0 7 1(1 07-IB (lood ordinary 10 10 It 1'. IOV Mrii-t ln|M? ]Ol3-l?l lo 13-10 Low middling II}, 11)4 11^, 11> Strict low middling. II tl lit 11 13-10 11 17,-10 II l.'i-IO Middling 13 1 111 12 3 lit 1J'4 iy<4 Good middling. .... 12 t? III U 11-10 12 13 10 12 13 10 Strict good middling. I.t 110 13 3 Id 13 5 10 13 5-10 M id-ill 11 g fair 13 7 10 13 0 10 13 1110 13 11-10 Fair 14 .VIO 14 7 10 14 0 10 14 !M0 ?Stained?Good ordinary, * ll-lttc.; strict good ordiuary, 0 13 10c. ; low middling, 105 10c.; middling, 11 3-lOe. Spot ?nles were at follow* T" Ihty. Arming. Tutoil Kxport 3,040 I..I00 ? 4, Consumption OS 100 10H Total 3,108 I.45U 4.05* ?Delivered uu contract, 2,-IU) bsles. For future delivery the sales have been us followsSale* yesterday, after two P. M. -Jiiiih 100 at I2u.; Julv, .'>00 at 12 1 10c.. 2,(H'<J*l 12 3-32c.. KO at 12,1, e.; August, VOJ at 12", c.. Ik I) ?i 12 .'<-32c.. l.tssiat 12 3 10c., I "at 12'4e., l.ra?iat 127 32c.; September, loo nt 12 3-32e at 1^ .*??-32c.; i/Ctolwr, l(*l at 11 aw-32c., 200 nt 11 31 32c.; Nov. rubor, luuat I l\c , 4t?i at 11 25 32c.; December, 50t) at II 11 lllc. Total, k.I* O bnles. Yeaterda} * closing prices.luno, 12c,; July, 12 3-32c,; August, 12 :i 10c a 12 a 7-3.c . September, l-Sc a 12 5 32c.; October, II 15 1 do. a 11 31^12c.; Novi-uiber, 11 27-32 a IIV; l>eeember, 11 27-3Jc. a 117,e.; January. II 15-10c. a I! 3132c.; Feb ruary, 12 1-lHc. a 1U',C.: Mareii. 12 3.1 tie. a 12>4c ; April, la.'aC. a 12 7-lUe.; May. I2'.jc. a 12 It-1 He. Market steady. Snle* to-day np to one 1'. M. June, 0 ?? at 12',c.; July, liio at 12?,e.. 4<?l at l2.V.r2c.. KJO at 12 3-ltlc., W*I at 12 o-.fJc.. 2<?)nt 12 3-ltlc.. 21*1 at 12's32c.. !MI at 12 7-32u.. l.lOll at 12'4c.. .V?) nt 12 7 32c.. IOO nt l .',c.. .VKInt 12 7 32c.; Au gust. 1,100at I2'4e . -is) at 12 7-3?c.. 1.10U >11 12tjc., 1,70.) at 125 l?c.. 1,3<?| at 12 ll-32c., 1.3<st at U\e , 20 1 at 12 II 32c. lot) at 12 5-lOc. IlO at 12 U32c.. IO 1 nt l.'V . VIO at 12 U-3*2c.. ltll at 12 II- 12c.; Septatnber. IOO at 12 ll-32c., l.iKM at 12 5- 18c., lot al I ;'4u., IO > at 12 0-324.; October, loo at 12c.; November, 2tliiat II Io Die., 4f>> nt 11 31-32c. ; December, Html 12c., Jno at 11 31-3Jc., ;t(>Jat 12c., 101 at 11 3l-33c.; January, "Ml at 12 3-t'^e., 31U nt 12',c Total, 18,|s11 bales. Grand total. 27.I.OJ bales. The average of yesterday's forward deliveries were an lul low*:?June. 12.82; July. 12.01; Augnat. 12.01; Heptem ner. I2.0I ; October, 11.?7; November, 1172; December. 11.71; Jauuarv. 11.13-18; February, 11.3132; March, 12.3-18; May, 12.47. FJr.?t call?July. :#*? at I2 5b2c.; August. 3t<? at 12 0 32c ; nepteuilier. i<H at 12 7 32*., IOO at l2'4c.; total. Hlsi bales. Second call?June, Itsiat la',c.. It a 1, short notice 7th, nt 12 3-32c.; July. 1(*> *( 12 7-.i2c.; ; April, tvsiat IV,e.; May, list nt 12 ln-l'-c ; total, I.kii liuiea. Iluceipts at the port*: GalreMon. DDI bales: .New Oriean*. ;t4t<; Mobile, 18; -ai anaatj, 10#- t hxrlestou. 7 i. Norfolk, 24N New York. 4->3; lioston. 14 : Philmh ipliia. !i7. Total, 1.505 bales. Ibis day last week, l,ol7. Ibis day Inst yoar, I,:i30. FbOl'U *31) GMAHt.-IUMlpla-12.tnt4 bbla. flour. 2|H,|2| j bosliels wheat, ;t3,0t?2 do. corn, 31, 410 do oats. l l.7"Sj do. rye, 3,HU0do. malt, 1,82" bbls corn ti.rai and 32U bag* do. The Hour market ?as quiet but steady at previous prices, witb sales of I3,i<>> bbla, Includ'.ng Male, Western and Southern, at tho annexe d quotations. Il?e Hour was wllbvot notlceanle change. Sale- uln ut 3 s 1 bids Corn meal ?-.s quiet. Sale* eompri** 5oo bbla. at nucliatigwd prices. We quote :? No. 2 State *2 7 , a *3 SI Auperllnu State 4 ) i a 4 J>> Kxtra Stale 6 OH a 5 - - Choice Mate a ilin Superfine Western 4 Ida 4 si Kxtra Weetern... 4'si a 5 i.' .Minnesota ( li, 7 is' Kouiid hoop Ohio, shipping I r toda 5 tsi a 6 Kouml huop Ohio, brands H .si Family 7 ?*? a * St. Louis, low extrn 5 (Ma * ??? St. Louis straight extra tl via 7 '?? St. Louis, choice double extra 7ts'a t?t?' St. l^iui*. choice family M K> a tt <" Bye Hour, flue to aupurnne 3 7 > a 4 .??> Southern, No. 2 3 2, a 4 ?i 8 Mitlieru, superfine 4 a 4 Southern, extrn ft 2ft a 7 'e 1 Southern, family 7 a H Corn lueai. Western 911*1 a t ti Corn meal, Jer?i-) )o>a 3 .!> Corn meal. Uranily a In* .... 3 Ma >di Corn meal, ntiiicheons .-otsi* ju ji ?Wheat w as active nt steady prices No. jl li? ago beuti. a abade better. The sales were about iVjti.lgaj buehi is at :?* a OHc for liifi-rior and rejected spring, #1 tH a #1 fat No 3 Chicago, fl II for No. 3 Milwaukee, *1 in Ut< an Sraded. <>l 17 for N'u. 2 Chicago, VI IS lor one load rboiie o.,$l IUa(l I0)i lor No. 2 Milwaukee. #1 JI tor oti>- load do. to arrive about Jnly I. condition guaranteed; 41 35 a $1 37 tor Canada anther to arrive, f I jh for No. I Minn sota. t orn wns irregular hut pretty llrnt for prime aud easier for poor. The sates comprise about l.iti,i*?i l.nsheta at ?'it. a 5sle. for steamer, ?'?l',,c a <?>e. for yellow, .'?tie. a 5t?>,e. for mixed. 50c. a .V tl fl tor no grade. 3Hc. a .Mic. foi damaged. <IOo. a Olc. for Jeraey yellow. Southern yellow nominally HOe. a <i|',i-. (13c. a 8-c. lur Southern white, 57e. a ..U',e, for sample mixed and Tor June option. 35.IJUI bushels mixed Or a 5?i?;i- Oats were dull and Castor but not quotably lower Sales wore 55,000 bttsiiels, including ;ft!c. a 4.1. for Western and State mixed ; 3."w. a Itto. for white, the latter an ex treins. Itye was tniMlerateiy active and ftrtoer. with ine demand chiefly on export .teeotint aud the pr.nfucf to arrue soon mainly; S?les were tii.OUU bushel* at IMc. a !*'m lor Stale and s?,c. a s7c. for Western. Mail wa? slew witb sal s of 3,1 ? s t tittshels en ttmo at 91 !?t. Hurley waa dull at let titer prie -a. Il:-.*r akii Jt.*TK.?There wa* little of special Interest transacted In the wa) 01 satos, and. prices remained no changed. We quote : - American dressed, film a <K*?> lor ?ingle. *J<M a #22? lor double and 112n a?l25 for rough: Manila liemp. 8*,e. a 8*?c.,gold: Russia clean,#2<to a i-IIO. gold; Italian. f'J75 a #2*n, gold; Jute. 4'4c. a 5'4? . cur reucy: Jute butt*. 2%e a 3c., caak; Sisal hauio. 4>aC- stU. gold . Istle Wc. a He., gold. MuLamkh .?Apart for the usual business In lota for re tail piirpoiMS.- there were no irntisaetloua reported, and prt.. a were nontitiai'y um liang - l. We qaot* ?Cuba, ana mixed, ^2> . a 28c.; clayed, 20c a IKIe.; 1I0. rausewvade refining. .'tOc. a ;t4e.: do. rrtx-'Ty, 3'Jr n 4 c ; Porto H 1, 35, a 'ate. ; English Island*. 32c. a 5Uc ; New Orleans, lair to g ..d. ISc. a 52c.: prime to choice. .Vic. a 5-*, Naval, sruau ?Ta* g*n*ral market wa* ?atr*ai*ly dali. i both for J ?bi.inu and mnlo |i?rc?U. with |*kti liilf* in I luuit inkttuiu'i. V\ e uuuk; tur^iliut'. 'JOu. I KuiH-CuHiaBou iimiuvd. #1 7#t; k?*4 do.. $1 7 a $1 ^ I Tif?Washi neton, $2 I ? $K 15; Wilmtnctou. lO u $2 IX niu,~.\uibll?K n?? lo Hole, bill (NPlfVI reiuwiwd | I stead* Wo -4'ott. i.*w?*d. crude, 4<H:. * 42c. ; fsoutheru yellow, *?2e, ; yellow winter. 5*c. a t*le.; while winter, O.V ; lard, wiuter, #1 ??? #1 07; uperm, crude. $1 217; do , lit??U *mti r. ?i TO. do.. natureluo., $1 Oft; whale, erode. Northern. *V?r . do. Southern, T?.V.; bleached winter for. i 72c . niivr,< mIii, #1 17k ? #1 '2'2X ?\ do., (5wc?, $4 40; winter, bivttcliod lah, .Ate.: crude tlsh. 3 ?c. a U7c. IS tuoi.i i a.-Mirkrl for both crude and refined was with out much life, the urtces beiittf above exporters' hunts end aU? the rate^o! suit ante touiiaiti I he cloeing price* were at follows: Crude, in bulk. H\c.. do., In bbls., lie. a lll*c.; refined, iu bbla.. !4*ic. * I4*>tc ; do. eases. IS:. lietlued at Philadelphia, I4',c ? U'^i- end *t Baltimore, 14c Pltn vision*.?Receipt* 130 psckage* beef. 17 do. pork. 1,187 da. cutniMU, .'.OlO tierce* Urd and HI) kp ? do. lh? pork market w*?g very quiet, hut nominally unchaugrd. No sp ?t mIvi were reported. Holder* *e?e generally eskiug $18 00 a $19. Future* were oasler The aale- were confined to 25obhl*. July at do do at #1* 75, 5U0?lo, do at $1H 70 and 2.*?<? du. do. at $IH lit. 760 hhlt. Augu?t at $10 0.'? aud 2.V> do. do. at $10. Heef was dull and without transactions price* were nominally unchanged. Heef ham* were neglected end nominal. Bacon was ou'cl and. to hu extent, noiiiiual; sale* of 2U0bo\e? city loug clear on private teriuji. Cut meats were without t)Uotablo change. In the absence of sales; holders were more disposed to soli. Pickled usuia were quoted at 12c. a l-J^c. Dressed ho?* were firmer, witli the business ??t the close showing Sc. advance Hoga, 7Hc. a He. Pig*. h*^c. Lard waa quiet, but rather better Iu feeling; no sales of spot were repotted; Weateru quoted at #11 10 a $11 15 and city at $11 a $11 12Vt. Sales fur July, 1.230 tierces at $11 20 a $11 215; Augurt, 2,2f*> tierces at $11 HO a $11 4U; Septem ber. 2.250 tierces at $11 50 a $11 40, closing at the mside figures. Kick.?The usual lots for retail purposes were sold at former prices. No sales of noteworthy magnitude were re ported, and price* lor round lots remained nominally uu changed. We quote Carolina. lair to prime, Uc. a HV4a; Louisiana, lair to g?w?d. 5l4r. a ftkc.; do., priiuo. r?^o. a tic.; Hxituoou. fair to good. tic. a O^c.; I'a'na, i^ood, 7\e. a 7*Mc.. ffolu: Rangoon. In boud. 2S?c. a 2*#e.. gold. hrKAUiXK.?Receipt* ?fiO bbls. The market ruled dull and nominal ut about i:<c a 13&0, Tallow. ?Ueeei|?tn?4s? hiids. The market was tjulet. Sales ? f 125.0011 lbs. at for fair and H%c. for prline. WutSKKY.?Receipts?obis. The market was dull aud nominal; $\ lo>, hid. $1 11 aslted. Si/tJAR.?On the basis of 7^c. s 7%fl. for fair to irood re (ItiIiilc the market for raw was quiet and steady Hates t*2rt bhds. Kreuch Ulunda aud ItJOhhd*. Porto Hlco. the latter for export on private turuis, and fiOOhhds. Cuba at 7\c. for lair, HeGnei' was inod> rately active at uuchani$eit prices. We quote . ? Fair refining. 7fcgc.; ic^?o?l do., 77?c ; Cuba, urro eery, fair to choice, HWc. a Hj-c.; do., ccutriiuiral. hhds. aud boxea, Nos. H to 1H. ft'^e. a t*c.; do.. moluN*?s. hhds. and boxeK, UJ?c. a 7,,c.; Purro Rico, retluinjr. cmnmon to prime. 7c. nee.; du., j-rocerv. fair to choice, Hl?c. a h'-.c, j refined, standard \.i?^c.; oil A, B,3bc. aU>gc ; cruahud. lO'vc.; pow dirid, lOJ^c.; granulated. lO^c.; cut loaf, i'?\c Kkkiomt."*.?-I he market In irrain toiinaKe lor charter was quite active, nud t;euerally better, llerth ro uu per ateaiu was higher, with light offerings. Petroleum vessels were In light reqiieat. hut unchanged. The engagement* were To Liverpool, per steam. It],!!*! bushels graiu at a Ithl., una 4,m|0 bushels c ?in at KM., tbu* shuwitig an ad vance over yesterday of per bushel; 4 ?) tons oilcake, at 23s. Vd.; aud, by sail, about ti,<>0J a h.iaJU i aii'i of cottou lor the week, chiefly at filial., including 4.000 bales, by a vessel closed with full cargo, and from Philadelphia, per steHin (reported tlicuce), iiO.uOO bushels corn at Oil.; 1,000 baies cotton at ^d ; t O hhda. to acco at .'i~>s. ; 1.0 tons leather at tiOs. ; 1,A(M> boxes cheese at >'iO*. ; tons uroviblou1* at 44).?.; 400 tierces heef at 7s# ikl. ami 400 cases tobacco at 'I7"<. tM To Antwerp, per steam, 5SIUW bushels gtatii at lO^d. ami 0) tierces lard at 4 a The charters comprised :?To Cork, for orders, a Norwegian bark, hence, with ;i,tA)o quartora grain atO?. V?d.; au ItaliNii bark benco with 2,?>UI quartern at tis. INI.; a Norwegian bark hence with 3.000 quarters at Od.; an Austrian bark heuce with H.hixi quarter* at tis. Hd ; a Norwegian burk, hence with quarters at Os. t'd.; an Americau baik, with 4.000 quarters at Oa. ml.; au Auiericun brig, hence with 3,*?oo quarters at Os. IKl; an Austrian bark, hence with 4.-14)0 quarters at tie Hkl; a Nor wegian bark, heuce with 3,H00quarter* at Ha. Od. to Havre or Antwerp; a lirltlaU hark, hence with 5,tKX> (|uartera at Oa. 3d. ; a llritish bark, hence to Continent (ex Dutch), with (1,1X10 quartora (all iu hags) at 6s. Ud.; an American bark, hence to direct r>ort, BrUtol Channel, with 3. ? O quartura at tia. ild.; an ttallau bark, heuco to Newcastle, with 2.>'iOO quarters at 0*. t'd.; a llritish steamer, hence to Coullnetit (ex Dutch), with H,000 quafters at He.; u Norwegian ahip, Ueuce to Antwerp, with o,000 quarters at 6a. &t., and a lirhiah ateainer. laid on for the Continent of l.r?40 tons, chiefly with grain, on private icrma, aud front Philadelphia to t'ork for orders, a Herman hark, with Il.iJtKi qUaiters at tia. t>d., and from Host??n the charters for the W M-k were :~A schoouer, 4U3 tons, uitlturaio to I'uitt-d Kingdom, direct, at Ha.; a ? rig, 400 ton*, to Penarth Uoada, with do., at Os., free on hoard, aud a hark to Cork tor ordera, with do., at Hs.; a Norwegian hark, H04 tona, hence t?? Ant* werti. Hreuieu or liatnhurg, with general cargo, ut a lump sum ; a schooner, with 2Hn standard teals, from Mlrauiichl to the Kugltbh Channel, at 75s., aud one_ from llttngor to itriatol ruaunel. with do., at <*7s. tld. The following charters were too lute for publication iu our la^t : A tierniHti hark, hence to I lilted kingdom direct, with 2.H00 bhla. refined petroleum at Is. Hd ; au Aiuenean brig. 247 tons, heuce to Corfu and Patras. with 7..VH) cases refined petroleiun at 3Jc.; a Norwegian hark, liencc to Cork lor orders, with U,?i00 quarters gtain at Ua. Od. BRAZIL MARKETS. Kio J akkiko, June 2. 1S7i'. C'uffen market very quiet; prices nearly nominal; jrond 5,H0U ik 5,U50 ruin per 10 klloa. Exchange on Loudon, Santos, June 2, 1S7U. Tlie colTi'O market In very qtiiot: prleei nearly nominal; superior Samoa, 5,:;00 h ?>,?><) rela |>or 10 kllua. EUROPEAN MARKET. London Puodiok H tntn.?Iioliot, June 3?Evening.? Linseed oil, 1W?. it 23a.3d. peruwt. FINANCIAL. August "bklmont ' do.'; Banner*, 11) and 21 Nassau St., las us Travellers Credits, available In all parts ol tk jrorld. through the Mea.ra I)K ROTHSCHILD and tnelr correspondent*. Alio Commercial Credits and l'eloxraphlc Transfers of Money on California and Europe. \~-l7 H AMI 10 1'KK OK.ST CHOICE CI TV AM) Counts Bonds and other A1 Invoatiuent Securities our apcciaity 24 yeari, paying lo lo 1J per cent, luteroat promptly paid, for xalo lirlow par by ALB1.RT II. NltiOLAY A CO.. Bankers, Stock Brohera and Auctioneer*, No. 4;I I'ine at.. New York. \. B.?Defaulted Railroad Bonda bought and sold. A' ?LOANS AT 7 PBH CENT ON mTS INMURAMCK . Policies. CORYELL. :i" Park row. room 10. AT REASONABLE RATES -MOM.Y ON 1.1 KK A N 1) Endowment Insurance I'olicle*. Mortgages and other securities; Insurance ol' all kind* effected with beat coin |aslfli J. >1. HABRICH a Co., 117 Drssdvsy* NEWiil'Rii AN I> NEW YoKK RAILROAD ? 7 l'vr Cent Klrsi MortKauu Bonds, guaranteed by Erie, lor *alo EDWARD C. POX <t CO., :?l Brood St. A-sl'll.vDOLE PRIME STOCK RXCHANU E N A MR, ? IJU Rock Island at 100. ICi days. $:2j net i straddle I0t> Pacific Mail at 2M, 51 daya. 9400 net. LaPSLEY A Rl/.LEY, Broken in Prlvileg-*, 71 liroadway. r SIX A Nil SEVEN PER CUT -MONEY TO LOAN on New York and Brooklyn I'ro.ierty; also $ lor Kmlstlnir l.oatia; United States Securitlea ajid Corporation Bund* and stock* bought and sold. C. O. WILL I'lS, MS Montague st., ItrookUn. -MONEY TO l.iiaIToNBOND AND Moll'KSAtiE 011 iioprovd city properly: trust funda in severe Dins. Apply to HOKACo. S. ELY, No 33 i'lne at. XT AMOUNT TO LOAN-ON IMPROVED NEW _ York, Brooklyn or Jersey Citjr i'roperty; ala?i Money at ti per cent on low valuations; len?l expense-, only. C. E. HIIOWN, 20 Cortlandt al. V" straddle ON XK1 WESTERN I'NION. 2S DAYS, at for $250; Struddm in 1"> Lake Sliore, 15 data. $IK7 .V); contracts on any Stock* at heat market rates. Ito.ik containing Information for stock speculators aent free nn application. TUMBRIDGK k CO., Stock Brokers. 02 Broadway, New York. A -WANTED TO PURCHASE." A~SE A T ~IN T17E s New York Stock Exchange. Anv party wishing 10 sell can addreaa, with lowest price, box 4.1 7 Post olllce. Anew book" on stock spkcilation. aiso dally .Market Report; malloil free; St >ck Privileges negotiated; heat market rates; Stock a bought or sold on 21, per cent ranr.'ln; orders Ot mail or telegraph promptly executed. I. W. HAMILTON A CO.. 37 Broad St., New York. A A A B UKt'ALO CITY 7'S. due In IS"I, for Mile by DAN! El. A. MORAS, \e. 40 Well at. CTiiFaP sKocuFTiEiT / *1,00 Jtoi Ol' DUNCAN, SHERMAN A CO.'S Assets, for *al?- very cheap. W ll WEEKS. 17-1 Broadway. /1A(|I J^VaROBDOW MERCHANDISE. I'l IIM IURE. w I'lii'ion Btorsge, In.urunco. JAMES CAONfcY, IS Abingdon square Sth av.) FMJlt ALE COLFhID? S~ANff"HOCKING VAI.LeVS, Ai'amle and tiulfa 1 onsoildateit, Indianapolis, Cinulu nail an l l.aiayette Bohils; can use Oawega Midlands. A -I K. VAN III.VeN I 'iH Liberty at., room 25. nOICHKlMt A l> U it Nil AM. (.'oil M I SSI ON STOCK fritter.. Nn :t I Hrosd at.. New York.? fltoeks. Bond* 1 and tiold o..iiihi 4Ml sold un margin or for cash. Branch t otMcii* In Eiftli iveliui- and Wlttnlsof Hoteln. connected oy ] uar private telstfraph lines. Aeconots solicited. I MA YE LARti I. AMOUNTS til MONEY TO LOAN on morti/ate New York city property; ?lxtv per ieut [ leaned on valuations H. L. ORANT. 1IA Bn ailivuy. r ALWAYS iiavk money" to "loan on \iT7Tfr I Mr New York ritv properly; city railroad Stock* and jssASseglrt mh> seltl. II. L. O RANT, 145 Broadway. 1?V||* A. KAMPINO, CRHAR >T . I'ltoMPILY aT M ii-ik1? I" luattera tuss "Cted with money or properly. 1 altar a.plro .? TOilN - r'lKRi K. N<). 5 PINE ST., LOANS MONEY 0 New Vora au4 Wrwekltn Heal Katate. j .its p<-r cent inottri f< r Ural class loans. 1' AXO Waurants ~wan fp. 11- HV kAMOilt it. J ItdA IX >*> llr <ad?a> i-orner Wall St., Now York, 01 iter in all k nd? af Kaeda. si n ks. Kxchanrea, Commercial klUa. l?.?-tlu-riia, 1 nllntlsat, and, with tnirleen years' a it-i <-Si" rtencr, alls* to r inirnsnd eeteem snm eontinued . niideoer i-a -i uMii* all Mnanrlai and lidwtnl oriers faith fall* anil prmufsi,y. M >nk^ r?i Loan on bono and mortoa<i l: l?a? en o?id and uioriKai.') 011 cliy prop erty. no 1 onus IIIn 1. A OicaY. 157 iitli av, OLIVER BKYtN. H?I HROADW lY?REAL ESTATE n?.'ttiUf?r ?M in tUmtt, mm try loinwd at II per cut ?'? *1 J?f?'*??'! tn : f* r?**u?l Attention ; sir eilv RAlLKoAl# itoMM WAMtkU. lllKhiM pric?*a pKid H* II WKKM, H*uk*r, 17H Hr.?*ilway, S BYES I'KR CltNT < LASH CITY BONDS. I'ur sals by E II NEM BURN, V) Broad sft. UfKAiilll.R ON |I?? MIt'llIOAN t'KNTKAL AT 47, l ? if sis, *fsi,;St.?k Em!i?h/i- name. C. W Mil. I.KIt :? Mew st f|^?i IAIAN ?"-.issi In $in.isai, ON liiMiD NiEW YORK 4 sit) pr. p?rt>, on -t to -? yuars, no bonus. Address K. R.. Ileratd iities rru ?r ki *i>h ro i.ovn. at? per i'knt koii~5 1 ye ir?, on Improved irlty prop, riv ; a I.,, f >.V*?' at 7 per OSbl f ' Im^rovea Brooklvn pdepertf. KIKKLAND Jt CO., T.i Mar st rp??WJI ANII 1 ul MY HONDS WANThH. X llt|t!i>-*l rlcra pal ' W H M'Kl av Hanker, 17s Breads ay. U'AMhD -BY A LADY. II . IM MIJI.Y EM BAR laovd an ei,ieriy iretHlenisn ol Itnunr, who will aid her sli?-Mij, ii iiadtf iitui I iurr a in uy to pay soon. Ad dreaa NkCESslTt . Ileiaid Wi t" n liraaiik oho s. ll'ANTED--A LOAJI oT (t.msj 11R fJ.ouo VOR OMR M year, ny n jnmng man who is lien tip by HHftMl will paV I1" p.-r ?? lit md fire iinilenbtH'1 wi urity. Addr,-?s Imniedtetelv box I4*i Herald office \1'A?TEI?-A tiOOD AC< EI'TANI E. P?IK WHICH I If wilt iiai and irive s ml terurilf ?t Addrese CoSKIDLXiLUa, tier ate a. '>00 flfJUCUL. \\r%s n.i? ?lo.tiuo" at "mix"pS?' ?fkSfT'A VlSift H .Mortir.isrc, tbree t*? flvtt un city Proprly. Ail* dress WKAYKR. Ilerald office ?WaNTKU IO HHRKoW #.??) ruK A fuvr > muaUi'. 'or wnie i a hi.mi. will be ruild se cured by chattel on buUM-'hold luruiture. Addr?H A. V M . Herald office. fitT|A VAmO KOK OBlf OK TWO VKAMi M tpUlMr second n o i>c*^o irtr?t (l.VXJt on liuuae mewl ami lot Os.UJ, HQ Central Railroad ol Sf* Jerxi; bottom \alue. fl.tWO. Address UA.V K I'l.KKK, box 141 Herald (lltll'V. ^ 1| |()/\ WAJTTK0?BV A KferoNSIIU.K PARTY', vl.l/i'u on chattel Insured for &2.5UU. See or address OWNER, I, ?17 Broadway, room 5. I M If \ r? U>AM?FO? mi TRAKii. OK A vacant Lot aiiywhore lri New \ urk city. JOHN K. B. SMYTH, 111 Hroadwa>, room A. basement, Au (inn Wiwix pii ?'K.M iNffcHiSr. ?J/O.OvM" first inortiMKe. lor flvo rear*; city property worth $1W,UUU; no bonus. Address R. U. P., box ill) Ilerald othco. aig <UUI-(MUW A\l) ?K?J,(JIK), ii '81*Mil or ?PXtJ.OVM' $.V*W and upwaru. to loan on first inort irativ ou unexceptionable city improved property. M. si. ISAACS, 213 Broadway. dM X 70 HI TO LOAN ?1)N MOUTH AUK, At MX tfTlJilA/U percent; aleo $lSft,0"0 at seven (ier cent, lu bum. to suit; fcsO.lX*l on Kood Improtetl Partus. LKVI COOK, US Uroadtuy. room 3fi. dpTr / v 7\7\(\ KSTATK VV.VMS TO LOAN ON NEW ?Pil)v.u''H York and Brooklyn Property at 6 per Wat. KXhl.'l'TOK, Office JtWOth at., neur lluwerjr. litie Thha to UMMtM JCIaL KBTaTE; BViH ?T-l-OfJ.UUU to suit. 8U1PMAN * MKliSKRKAU, 02 William it.. Union Building* ftlMin' TO LOAN ON-oooli PROPERTY; ?UUw alao money at tl per cent. PAUL P. TODD, 146 Broadway. 000 000 IX ^L^IS TO 8l'IT. AT $575 c lowest ratea, i it prluie real eatate. V. K. SI'KVKNKON, Jr.. No. 4 Pine at. MHO (WWl ro loan and cash moht ?Pi.UUU.UuU Kairaa at six por cent; nil market' leases at xlx por rant; all market' auie pecuntios anil t'ointnercial 1'aper bought. sold and ex ekaiuted. Offices, SO Pine at. JACOB V. B. WYCKOPP. iUlXKHti OPl'OHTllVlTIKh. Ttnssm* III SINI'.SS MAN WITH M&8u TO si."**) J\. kb have' Half Interest in an established wholesale eomiuls.tnu trail- at ttasblnKtoo Market. Addroaa B. A, box IUH Herald office. 4 HAUK CHANCK POU A MAN WITH SMALL iV capital to purcli??c an old established Shoetlutf Hal le, y. |u complete workluc order, (.all at 2W7 tlth av. or 487 Htn av. MM KM! with 0LMO and kkuvicks, in a staple manulactnriBK business, either on nalary or lu Ureal; good a curlti aiven lor luouuv Inveiteti. Addroaa, appointing interview H. M., box 1^2 Herald office. A JOB lor OK HTUAWM A N1 > PKKNCII PLOW BBS, worth *I.|*H, will be aold lor fUUI J Oil N H. KVANS, I'nrk Hotel, eomrr of Haekman and Naa<ao ?t?. PAltrM.H WANTKU-IN A NAT ITS AMKUICAN wine houau, with capital Call at IU4 I ulton A A VhMALL Fi\A.\ri4L HU8INKSS-KM IN'hNTL Y kitct rMful; WHiiia cftpU*l lo AddroM 1H70. IUtaM u(Ue?. A 4 -AIMH rioNAI. CAPITAL PHOOLBKH POR MKR JV. cbaata, niHMnlactureri and otliera: Ural Katulo ex climii^'.l tor ltu?tn<'i.*'. Miniiif Inter -ata, Ac., negotiated; per>nua with capital >?ekiti< baalneaa adviaml, without t'birtfe. ol approveil upportiiuitlpi. a ? C. T. 1>H lliiuliiiin. H ?i . I'nblUbrr, ii78 itroadway; Howard, Bangor A Co., Iioporiera, MO Cbauitoira at. OKIOi 18 A CARI.KTON, Finanrial ami Hualnnaa Brokrra, 118 Hroudway. I.I-.M.- vnnui- S>I'>* k >u s VI.:. i>m> ii HRVT claao original Irttor*: ran ropy >?ddreaa*a for per l.Oli. Addre?? OK1UIN VI.. box 117 Herald olHce. AN OLH 181 4BLIBHBD U t R AND I.I NCU ROOM lor tale; corner ataud; heart bumneKa, I'oat Office, City Hall; low rent; gi-nuine stand; extraordinary chance; once in lite time. 9-ti llroadwav. UhOlUiK W. 8IM1.KS, More Broker. ATrKNTION C Al.LKD TO A tIA8ll M tNl'PACTcX li.rf bu>iue?. wben' at leaat #-%.u*l pri llt can be uiaiie anituallv ?ith an iuvi'>tment of ?line amount . m> bonua; book> anil Im-iiii'ta ahown : cloa?< loveatltcntlun aolicited; no ?Kenta. Call Ml .VI Veaoy St. V*li'oprolruirffbklimim ??frSikihalV in". U\. tereot In onoot the beat Koataurnuta In the citv; par tiua * ith #.">,tXW cash and lueaulni; business oulv need ap ply. M tl.oNK. No. h Oey at 4 HI'VlNKSS OK yl'H'K MKLLIN?1-NKW CKNTKJf. IV pateuti'd tNn\elli?*s, will be aold at a b;iriraln for cash. Apply loor a.lan aa Nl>\ KLTV ULAB8 COMPANY, No. 48 IteokinMH at iUfliifK MUSI N K88.M A* WTTITsoM E OA I'l T A L waateil?To mimio a wall ptylng. ? apootable busi tivss. tid liuane at . third Itoor. WILL BrV IULP INTKRRBT AS PART* ? ncr In au old eatabllalied. sale, reliable, iiuyiu^ auc tion bu?iiie?a; will bekr atrirl IniosliKalion. Aildreaa AUC TION. Ilerabl office. RAU OPPORTUNITY TO PCUCUAMll AM KLi* Kami) tilted nu retail Store. .It.iati-d In excellent bualnoaa location ana now deinu a lirat elans tf.ntlemeu's trade; Stink. Usst. Plxtmes and Huaineaauiil lie aold for one-Hlth tb ir ori .inal enst; beat or rcaaous lor aelllui;. Ad dr. s? B. T. 0? Herald .m. e. ActTvk partnkr IlaDV oi: ok.ntlkm avj wanted?'In a lucrative prolen.ional hnaiiieka; cipital required about f.VKi, Call at or aditrasa CooPBIt UNION BATII8, No :t Ksst 8th at LADY WITH A PBW IMNDUKD WOI.LAR8 Houlil liks to meat a l?4> with a view to business, any a win all si re or boarding hones; one with a little money preferred. Addruaa Mrs. II II., Herald I ptowu Branch office. AWOlllii U, W. I ll tfl.uxt. C\N I'CIU'HASIC IIALP Intereat in a tinaliiina paylnx ?Hi.'* " per year; llslieil. no rt.k ?<> humbug a ad re a< mat able | best openla^ in New York. Addreia R. O., Ilerald office. *A ??4,CiJt7 WORTH 8TAPI.K dry AND KANiY * V. (ioimIs wanted at Caali value ; half eaah. balance beau tiful t'ottaire, near New York. Address H. H. N., Herald offiur. Aphii.ADKLPIMA HOUSE, POMShsMNO A VALU ablc IVancbUe ami a monopoly on their mauularture, dcairea Immediately a young man of addreaa, having cap ital to the exlenl ol S6.i Ik'. I lie husiuea> .an bo made lo rival the xewlng macblne or piai.o In extent; l? ab?. luleiy controlled by ua ami pa.i? -1*1 per cent protii. Addreaa, lor Interview only, JAMISON. Herald Pbila.lelpbla Branch office. LA RUK A8SOKT.MP.NT oP BOATS RKaDY FOR sale.? Orders lecelieil by T DKSMOND, Ileal Builder. i i Kroni at., between Uouverneur und Montgomery ata., New York. BU8INKSS MANtOKR WANTKl>?Pf>R AX KsTaB lislii"! nowapaper; iiuarier Interest will be aobl at low liKiire Address OlLKs, llei .ilil office. B~'l*SINKKS -W ANTKII, A Man- who is "acoi AIN'T ed with the bu.ln^aa. to solicit order, in New Vork etlr and vicinity lor all kind, of oil. .WW YOUK CI IV OIL COMPANY, I Hi Maiden lane. BU8INRKS (TpPORTONITY Por"~A PkSTKNNl A I. srlu-me.?in -iirlil. a big Boii una . ca| ital re quired I'rom to #">.U*?; bu.lnn.a leifltimale and llral class. Ad lre.i C. H. P., HI and Ml Iteade at. B"~TJb?E8S MKV SIKM I.D KKKP rifKIN RlADt cool.?Wear Sliat iie'a ceiebrateil half ounce llat; pries oO. Pound only at SII.VYNK'8, Wallack's Theatre builil Ing, Broadway and 13th at. pitiiR ANDlrtw?BTaXDfo LKT-IW PARK IIOTKI.. V corner Uoekiuan an<l sta. fnBIKDKN.STP.IN k BTTINOKU, COMMISSION Mi:K 1 chants, at I'.'H Bowery, sdvauce liberally on all kimls of Merchandise, at 7 per cent pnr milium. ?Tnk yacht To iiirk bythi;1)av whkk. r month or season; experienced captain and crew, having staterooms, closets and wa.lirooin adapte ? lor ludiea; term* reasonablo. Call on or addreaa Captain MA''. KINI.hY, J.INU :id av., or U. T. Lb Pour, uis:i Bowery, emner of 4th st. F30K ?ALi Pull cash; Pltkk AND I'LKAR IIKaL Katato, or npprnveilsecurities?A largetlr'H'iiry and lea I Itu-lne.s, e.tahll.hcil mauy years; all trade; wholesale and retail; onlv once lo n esntnry ancli a chance offer*;.a sure fortune to the right man; location dowh town. Addreaa ! TRUTH, Herald office. For Vai/k or' kx?? iiani;k-a~pattp.rn an!) Stiinipiiiu Bnslne.s. uIth custiuners; iloln.' a cash bust- i neaa .o|.I on account of illneaa. Address KM It ItOl l>K UY. Herald office. AVI Ntl A NEW lNVKNTIoN." SIMPLIt SOT 11 II wonderfel, nroduciu/ most brilliant resulta, capable nf Vast extension and prollt. would meet a reaponsilile paitv lo assist I i In development and luirodn lion; hut little money reipiir.'d al present: references requoaiod. Addreaa Dili COVKRY, Her ild Uptown Branch oflI e. oti-.l,- liiNlNH Room and UaMlMRT TO j lease cheap. Apply to S A II. CoLK, .*sl Warren at. HOI-KL?LKASK AMD PURNITURR OP A PIRffT j claaa. well lurnlahed, inedinm .Ised lloiel on Broad way for sale. B. O. Lot'KE. 1 Nth St., near Broadway. I-WISH TO heTl MV M iNI paCtT kinh BUSINKSS and rout my Store i*l.-'<) i per annuml to a I party who will pav >l.l*i i doan. balanc ? on time lo suit : #|in?li can be mmlc by a working .nan attending to the hualncaa. Address A. W. C., Herald offiie / \NK II A LP IN I KKKST OP MY Bl'.-I NKS8 POK 8AI.K. V/ to a man with ?Htsi; spletMld chance. Aildreaa H. ti., Ilerald Uptown Mranch office. Partner wa.ntkd.-owinh to paiu.nw iikai.tii. ! I offer a Hire chance lu a legitimate and successiul | | manufacturing bnaineaa in Chicago ; $'i"i,(**i or f 'Ki.i O i for a quarter or li ilf interest; Hrst claei references given and required. Addreaa, at any time, MKURIL LAllD, Utl Washington at .Chicago. JJAKTNKUW ANTKD-WITII flMyOOl*, UTUBR ACTIVE or special, in a maiiutactnring bnaineaa that will pay per cent; investigation invited. Adllre^a HAPKTY. box Ittl Herald Uptown Branch office. FAIK.NT KOIl lAU oil BTATE UlilllTS-A MM ALU huii<?i*liol<l article; oasMv mniiurnrturc?l: i|Uilo?i?MT; H^eutt WAtit?*'l. Addr??i J. \V. H I 4JII KS. r<w?n? 14. lit N a hi ii it ?t. New Yolk. PARINKK WANTKf)?WITH TO IN i ?n wld **-itnbliitH'd iiinnulaotiirinK btisinu^n ol a tlylUb j nrticle. V?Mm -t- it . ll?T?ld office. PXKTS Kli WASjKI) -IN* A UOOI? TAVIS . PRINT, in^ loisin.'si. but thone wtllliitc tw work need ?d drt'M?? Hl Hl.NKSH. box 144 llemld office. pAUTNi;U VVANIKU-WI I II *1 0*rOAl#H, IN TUB X b? Bl imvliift V paying \ iriety Tlinilri iu America; loi'Htlon ud it to New York; pio'if* of imuicn-eU prolHablc UurI nhown Ad<|f0?t HL'CC/*EH?<, b?* |5T llemlil oflice. PARTNER WAMKD-THk MAMiKAi OK A X popular ubirt, ??miirollinj? a lar^re Al tr>t<l?. de?irin z to reor^anixe thU fill, but wh<?*e f aplial is Itinufteieut to do the trade aior e denlre* a f?artuer, either b m oIh! or nctlvo, the latter iiri-lertuil. A?wir*"i# H. I,, lw>l litM If raid ftlUce. OAHTXKK W'ANTKD?WITII ABt#l r IN A X s^ood, Hufe caiili biiihie*?. VvM. II. .MKLIOK,4'iI Broad way. ; # Rare ciianc* to invest a fkw tiiouhano dollarN lu an oxceedingtjr lucrative enterprlNe. ? An nonriagln^ partner; fund* re'julrttl r? the enterprUe profffetwd, the *anie to he refunded an tne returtu cocne In; the ball interest ?iven for u?t of money ; *mi -1 pit* Man I; highly respectable: salew caeli and ea?v ot conducting; nrotitu frt?tn TuO to HfJO per cent. Addret?, tor this weak, (U NION, i'ark Hotel,iooiu IOJ. TWO PARTNKKK, HAVINO A hlM IT R oT?S PA OT nnd profitable mamifar-iurititf hnsiiii*ss in br*??, wish to Cfin*olidHle tin* *aine. eqaitahly, with another business in th?* metal hue tor the do?l>le pnmoe* of )e?si'utn^ ?xpenM* and having 1or* to do. Adlro?i P ARTNKK?*. Herald office. TO YULORri ANDOTMKKK KoU rtAl.K, ONK-HALP Interest In an old cfctabliwhcd Clothtnif and Merchant Tailoring In a tlourWIilnic citv of l^.turi inhabit Miit?, In Northern New York To a pr act lea) tailor, with fl.V W> to ra<h, a splendid opportiitltf Is olfered. For particulars addri^ns I AIi.'?ll, bo* Post office. New jock eity. _ ^ \ I * \ N r Ii F> ? \ PAUTNKR, WITH hMALL CAPITAL, ff in the ti?|iior or frnlt business. 1 have a place well adapted for ettliar. Address K., boa 1 JO ilerald oflice. w vkss (ipprmn jriTiK*. NTED-A "WKf'^'Uw'TO""KXTfijfll < I the buaiueaa or u proprietary article for maiiulacturlas and guueral u.f ; itaeiceptloaeble reference given and re quited. A.I.Ik ., V . I i.rul l olUee. \I'ANTKO-^A MAS WITH HOME CAPITAL TO TAKE vT i>it lull .unli I nl a Aral claaa exhibition. Address H. t, W., Uir?l4iHiru, W AX I ED?TO CELL OHE-HaLk~\S IXTE IlKHT IN Tr a #W? WUoal; mii eitglueer preferred a* purchaser. Ap ply to>ngiaO?rvf Sou- 0.,unty Court House, Now York. [TAXIED i:>."??>. ' PKCIAL CAPITAL, IS AS OLD . r istniil'ilied Commission limine; uud.>uhuidaecurity. A.ldresa MUXMoUTil, Herald alike. \ Vr AN I I'.U?A !? AIU V *Tt||~i:aFi TAL, lO TAKE AM IT Interval In a good paying inaaafiirturliM business; also a party til take a hall interest In a hotel, rem aurai.t <>( More, Willi lull Mfvlvea. A. IIOVT. Hroadwuy. liux I'hD?A I HOML'OaitY KXPKILIKXCKD MOTS1 " man. with meaiM. to take the waaatreinent and hall Interest in the beat payiu.' *ud established. 10U avail able r.iuui. Dr.- pi oof. modern l.uilt, centrally located hotel! in Chicago. 111.; com uiarirln for liivraim. nt to-nl^ht; party Kuaranteud. Addrea* W. L. II., Atlantic Hotel, Chicago, 111. Vir A X I' ED?A W AOTIVIK < > It S P fc CI A L PA UTN ER, TV with a capital Irani Jlf^'uKiio $l'i,OlSi. In a loug and Well establlahed shipping ami Coniu.lai.loii business, with the Vina- of extending lb.' asms; can control hia nan money; or a fair -alary would he paid, allowing Interval and giving security lor the loan of above amount. Kor particu lar* or Interview addr.-s* AOtTVITY, Herald office. Xtri LL MA HE S A f IS P ACTO KY ARR A NO EM E VT.S Tr with a party thai can lurniali cotialdnrabln printing. KUAN K LAND. IWI Centre at., S. w Vi.rk. WILL SELL WHoLKOilBAAP INTEREST IS splendid Man ifactnrlnir Business. long established] machinery and tooia complete ; ordera largely in aihaucui sales tiiM.non- huhii.-? piolit* per cent. Apply to OL'ft UESS Jt Dl/'XII A.M. I 111 Mai.leu lane. VVrK WILL SELL OXEHALK OUR FiiTLaDKLPHU T> Business, established lor yeara, for about ii caah lo u party aim can glvij it attention ; profits $il.UUO li $ IIJ.OUi per year. Addreas, for an interview, box 1,761 Poii olllce. ilTAXTED-A PARTNER. WITH $3.(X*)13apItaL TT Ioi a first class, old eslahilslied theatre In tbia city. No agents need address THEATRE, Ilerald uflice. TO $?*> WILL SKi I 14K BUSINESS rAYIM _ii >0 per eeut. HERMAN A CO., 44 Cortlaudt at. (J?i'Kii ? A" HMAUT MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT I will take aa banner in ti coMVi! ami lunch coun ter; beet atan lu the cit.. KANNV ADDIN(<, Luncb Counter cornerOtb al. and Kowery. <?? ?? ~/1 TO INVKKT?WITH HEHVICEM OP AM ipOtJiy active youni; luan, as clerk, luanuger, i-omuer rial traveller, Ac., Ac.. none but tboau win. can ulfer a , a'< and Dorinanuiit Inveatuient or situiitlou need reply, ita ml vertlaer haa u lair poaltlou. hut inuat luiike more money. Addrem X. Y. Z? Herald oAice. (?? -. / kA ?WANTED. A "UOOD HrfUslcss MAX*j ?Pi /v'U. (ocurlt.v lor the money. Also KKiOreene at tr> let, lOrooma In One order, cheap. Apply at Xu. 4 Uni versity pltco. (jTc/wi to si,oo:TwiLI7 Buy an intkbkst is a buslueaa that will pay large prollt. COOPER, care HrlukerhulT, 410 Kleocker at. ALI?, 1NTEUEKT IS A per mouth ; stock will fool uy, room 0. <kt OfMI ?WANTED. A PAMfVElt~Wlfii Till.' vl.jl"/. amount in eaah, to take an egual intereal with the undorai^ned; bualneaa permanent and profitable. Apply personally to Mr. HUNT, H'J In I ton at. d?i e/ui to iMjxa?pakvMm kjatMp foi vL?'" " ' hotel and picnic placo doing agood buidneaa Addreaa J, ItEIM ANN, No. 3 Chamber* ?t. $100 ""'L1 mlv A 11 'P I "u buniueaa pay in^ 5v4iK) up jl.uxi. Addreaa 1711 liroadwu JU?> ()()|i WILL IIUV THE BBrtT CONFECTION. V?<OOv ery and ice Cream Smioon in the city; Io? cated near Macy'a; cheap lease and doing ? payinir husi neaa; will tuke linlf caah iind hair In .lewelrv or Diamond*. Addreaa MAllnTON, Herald Uptown Branch olBee. A() ClUl ?ONB-HALK OP BUfUNRSsJ KOR SALE; 100 per ceut prollt. Call for live ilaya at 40 Cortlandt at. K. KOliAL. .000, ?WlliL INVEST THAT AMOUNT AS un active partner and realduiit buyer of a retail dry goods hu lnean : all couimuulcatlona confidential. Address BLDBtDOK, lleruld odlce. ijiiji TO ^.OUT-TAKTNKK WANTED. 131 'PTu.UuU the gold and allver reflntng, hiilliun aepa rating and assaying hu-iuea?, eatubllkbe.l lu this city, pav ing largo profits; no rlaka. Addreaa BULLION, Herald PACIFIC MAIL AFFAIRS. A meeting of the Directors of the Pacific Mail Steam ship Company was helil yesterday at the oitloe of tin Panama Railroad, No. 7 Nussau Htiect, fur the purpose of hearing tho rcporui of iho sub-coiumlltoeg ap pointed to deviso ways and mean* to meet tho pressing liabilities of tho company, and to act on Bucta gcuoral businu.-s recommendations as might he brought heloro them. There wua present a I till Hoard, with Trenor W. Park, of tho Panama Railroad, in consultation, and II was understood thatontiro harmony prevailed. No par* titulars xvoro given to the press oliho work of the coin* mil tee. THE CITY RECORD. On Friday the Cihj Record Commission, consistlng-al tho Mayor, Corporation Counsel and Commissioner ol Public Works, awarded tho contract for printing th? City Record to Martin II Brown without previously art vcrtising lor bids. Tho following protest was yestcr day issued hv the Comptroller:? Fi.xamck Dkpaktmhnt, Citt op Nkw York,) CoMITKOLLKU'h OrMCK, May, SO, 1S7?. J Hon. \V. JL Wickham, Mayor; Hon. Wm. C. Whitskt, Cotnisel to the Corporation; Hon. Allah Campiiki.l, Commissioner ol 1'ubiic Works:? tfkxtlhjucx?On the 11th ium. 1 uddrossod you a communication calling attention to the requirements ol the law relative to advertising for proposals lol ?puhl sinne und printing the C'Uy /{'cord," tho contract lor which expires on the 1-itli of June, prox. Adver tisement ol ihu opening of bids at a public lotting hai not been made. as require.! by section :t ol chapter 334 of the Laws oi 1*7:1, although the time lor this object n so limit'd. aud i aui informed that ''spoclliuatious lor printing and distributing tho Cilv Jl'eord" have been privately issued to a lew printers, Inviting proposal* Irani them. I desire most respocllully to protest against this mode of inviting proposals and eulcring into a contract lor priuiiug und puhie-bing the City Herunl. It seems to mo to lw irregular, improper and III direct violation ol tho provisions ol law as to con tracts generally, as well as a special provision tor the Cit>j h'rcorii, and aga nst public policy and the Interest* of the city. There can lie no lair competition for the work among a lew printers who privately make propo sals, uml I understand that two or three ol those who have received specifications decmie to make any bid* under such circumstances. A ontrnct entered into umlcr such an arrange til would be in tho nature ol a special eon tract, and would be likely to be the occ.v sioii of much embarrassment in paying tor any work done under it. Very ie*|>eeit'ally, A.NDKKV 1L tJKEK.V, Comptroller. A POLICE OUTRAGE. Ann l4ice, a decent looking IHkIi g rl, called at tbc IIkkali) oitlce yesterday morning, hoping thero to get redreos lor her wrongs. It having boon refused her clso where, tihe stales that she left employment In Brook lyn late In the month of March last, and went to the house of an old lady friend, lu Muiberry street, to re* side until she could got work. One evening, while walking along Uraml street, alio was attacked by tw<j Minimis. who attempted to rob her ol a gold watch and chain, aud sho called lor an olUccr. OlBccr WiUog came up, and Instead ol arrt-snug the rowdies hi allowed llieai to go, and took her to ilie statiol house, lining pr< lotuly sprained her arm by a brutil wrench, ttislttVeUud her bar aud torn hot clothes, tiiaishe migblpioscnt adlsord rl.- appearance, Sho told Justice Dully ol tho outrage, and lie discharged her and gave her leu cents that -lie uiit hi go up 14 Police Healquarteis and make a charge against llil officer. A few itays later she received a snbpuna front the Police Commissioners citing hor lo appear aud sup port her char; e .\oout an hour alter receiving tut liutillcal on l iillrcr Wi soii arrested her agaiu, aud slit was taken belnre another judge, who relused to b<? lieve her story; but she produced tho paper and wal discharged. Mrs ? Ilsjn, the wife of the oinrer, told Miss Price that *lie had better movo out of the precinct, as hc? hu baud would keep <>n arresting hor until she did. Since then .M i?? I'rice has been arrested seven llmea, and nearly all her little savings in Ihe hank have been eaten up in pay IBg lines at the police courts. Tho char/cs holore the Commissioner* are still pending, EXCISE AN Nu Y AN'C ES. A few dajrsaiio Mr. Michael Kiernan, ofN'o. 1ST Third avenue. receive^ a notice froui Mr. K. Donahue, Clerli ol the Beard oi Kxclse, Informing him that Ins license from that 11 > >rd Itad CBptred and to apply lot a license for th. en?uing )'? ar w ithout delay, a* any violation ol (lie l.iw repairing him lotnve su ha license would subject h mi to Hie penalties Mr. Kiernan was at-ion kilted bv the laiornmftaa, and, aiib a irteiid, called at tho oitlce ol the llotrd ol Kxci e and exhibited a certificate properly stamp' <1 with the Official seal ??f the Board, dated November 'I',, 1*; ?. ? umbered 41,Sid, and selling forth that Mr. M ivrnalt hail uiade application for a He. n?o and paid the re?)u red sum lor oue year in advance, $?J He had never received the license or MMIBcatlon oi Its refusal, and he asked for an explanation, .t < lerk went througk tbo process ol looking into a Iswi, and then Indorsee the notice in One. round cliarsi t rs, writl<n with bin* Ink:?''This license does Ml expire until the Huiti da) ol August, 18741," aud signed it still more ?>'sti lled than before, Mr Ki'-rniu continued his search for Information, an I dually reached the llitnu n office, where he stated ln< troubles t tffWM visited the Kxclse Bureau and ascertained that a license wa* granted to Mr. Klernaa several mouibs 040; that it was prppcrly recorded on the hooks, and will not expire tun il November -7. I*7d Tla officials made a feeble explanation of their annoy lag manner of doiae business hy saving thai probably me notice wa- served by anew inspector, sad Mr. Kieraan -aw one ol Ibe new olerks, who hail not ie.trned his duties yet. A POLICE OFFICER IN I ROUBLE, Q'iito a sensation was crnatod at Ihe Plfty-sex-entl street Police Court, yesterday, by the apjiearance at Officer Patrick I..>rd, ol the Nineteenth precinct, K the ro/< id prisoner. The complainant Was his wife, | voung woman eighteen years ol ug??, who etiargetl hid with a sault Willi mleot 10 producu abortion, ?she aa<4 sbe was married to the omcer alioul six inoutba ago, and wit* at present pregnant. On Friday her bnshaitd as-.Hilled her, and Willi ino most brutal means at tempted to produce su abortion. Whu<> >b* rrsisteit ba tlic alened her with Instant death should she make aa outcry or make known his treatment id Iter. Juauce Kilbii th exam nod the case, and the ofltcer Waa ooaa | milled lo ansa ur, In default ol $60a

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