Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Haziran 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Haziran 1876 Page 12
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THE PRESIDENCY. OENF.RAX. HANCOCK* CHAKCES?COWtF.BCIAL MOVEMENT TO HJXTUE H1H KOillSATlON At RT. l.oCIS. tumoral II tucock In uieuttoncd iu Eastern 1'enaayI vunln ;u ouc or thu po*s.blo democratic candidates lor Uio 1*. esidoucy. Atnouir the business circles ot New Yi rk city bo Seoul* to bo icgarded favorably as a man who in.i) become .lie only compromise caudidato !-? iweeuihe rival tactions ol tbo national democracy. Tb.s view ih taken by men wbo, though not cugaged in the ar<n i of politics, leel that too much is at hUko forth, democratic party to be risked on mrson il preference*. In abort, severul prominent ?icrchauts hero have been recently consider..* tho ndw-ability of urging ????! Hancock * claims upon lb,- National Convention to bo held at SI. Lou.*. 1 heir ielilH.-rat.ons havo be. n charactered by the con .ervatiMi, of their .iis?, ho that nothing ha. us ret been g.v.u to ibo pubhe. A Hkhalu re sorter, in o.uversation a wealthy tea mer cbaut ol Water street yesterday, horned tbco lei Iterations have resulted ... the for,nation ot a regu Urly organized campaign club in New York to puaa tieueral Hancocki claims upon bis follow Mi.l.e Nut.oual Oouveut.ou. A lew nights since a number ol merchants met at the Hotel Brunswick to complete I ho urguuuation und t.> give Impetus to tho Iiew inoveincut. It was then resolved to promote tbo candidacy of tlcnorul Haucock bolorw Ibo SL 1a??i? luiivcni.on because ol htswerling integrity and avail ^'nc.'.uvets .lion with one of these gentlemen, who tre determined to period their plans before exposing iLn'in a Hkualu ?cporicr yontcniay \isiteil Mr. r?. ? Voun at No. 07 W ater street, and learned that such wa-> .hi' purpose oi tbo now movetiieul. In the 01 tbo convulsion wbich iollovved the *U'au article II. last Thursday's Hkmai.o I" to the dunces ol Uoueral Hancock lor lUe 1 mu.i ;i ,t inu attention Ol many business nun. not poii ticuuii. *b.. have at heart me true ?ni*resl touutrv III its present critical juuclure. I be obiocjloi which the llkUALU urged n??iu.tlheuou.Mono! lioneral Hancock by the St. l.oa.s Cony oulio. , merely bet tUso lie U a "tiuluary iuau,f howovc* \v? II, U not "logically well touudod. 11 this oiuiiiuut Imoii po'dier possesses all the civic .pialities o. a HtaU*ll.? I hu- military talents and intelligence ouly hi him h inoie lo. tho enicUut t'.scliaigo ol tbi Uutits o tno liik'liest olhco in the of the people. By the con^ll luuoD ..I the I n.ted Mates .he I resident 1*^tt.aUo oon nmnder ... cblel ol the army and navy , au .:" 1 * iti 4?m*Tk!ciii:v?bliaUiil I'uicr^cucitsi uuiiii? 111 term ot ofWec?wlmi civihuu cuuul, Willi mlcM* gVi.ce an I cupacity, direct m.llluty movements ?h iiiuil uuvauiago ? Ucnc-ral Hancock I- a Ittlnun deinortat. who belief, s in aub0id.uat.u? the it. ill tar v t" the civil laws, and Ins past history ?s ait ulllce. ol the ara.y is a guarantee ^?.Vf' '?,11x'tUo pull,... oral, abuse ol pow-.r tncotui utib o w lib tho {.revisions ol ibe coiisutution. jiiiioiuly ,uarU? U. rig'hts ot the people. ?.c,. ra. W cuek is a citucu ai uuud name embers historic aud patriotic a?-<*bUWUS \v. II calculated ... aruusj tl.o oiilliu-i:i.-.u ol tin people, trre.-pcoiivo ol poh.ical prcd^ uectiui- All the h.eud. ol ptiro government would rullv aiuiinu bls"l??h'ut.d, lor hi- iiau.e, like that ol Job'.. Ilaucck. ttlK.i.i*ue.l ll.? Illlllioltal Ueela.atlou <>i inde.M-iiiH'ure. n svnonymous with i?trioii?ni, indi tii-ii.lei eeand tnlloxiblo miegrsty. Ho is eminently a . <ir "ii an not ideut.Uoii w.Ui rtu?? or clt.pies; tutn a .is .be times ?o live .? d?luand to secure too coi.iiiry iron, its duwnwnrd ?mr?e uud Mart it once a career Ot prosp.-rily. demoiistratlUK t? tbe world that pure democratic government is not a nillu , but thai tbo lestcrturf corrupliolts thai have lately ali ened thetiinclves upon ati'l inttatfu to destroy our tos.i lutiol.s must co.ue. All nectioiis ol the countr. would bail the mtveiit ol t.eneral lljiiiwitk to the I'res.dvney us ibo Harbinger ol Lrigl.tir j ,%s No acl ot ins l.lo can by any oue bo uniuvcl ubly crilKi-eil ? H's Incorruptible lulegiily n.?l lea. |e,,ne?s afj every wl.erc tecoglihie.l. lie does not .-eeU II." otttce; tho olllce seeks bun. So much cannot bo (.aid ot any candidate o' eitl.or party now be ore the' pcoplu. It io tor ttieso reasons thai maiiv tliouglitiul and inllucnUal 1 rivato citr/eus apait l.olii uitiiiiUioiis are quietly mov mg to ur^< tbo iiominai.on <>t tieneral Hancock us a eomproiuise cau iti.iale on the St. Urnis Convention. His u.-tuiualiou Would heal all dl.^ UMoUs IU the democlatu pa , I d the Ninth und tho Soulb, the Kail and .he West, would unite tin ir Ii.rces and triuiuphaiitly c.eet to the 1 u?i (1. utiul Chair one ol the purest, most cupublo und most jiiirioiic cliueus?tienerai Hancock. 1'OLITICAL NOTES. pi 11HK?ll'lt AND AtrAlSST. llullalo Exi>rtti :?"'Ibey havo stopped lying uboul Brislow and luiuod Ibcir whole atteiitiou to lllaiuo. Washington CI?,nuU;? So pcia-u wbo ha? read jlie cvldeuce of tbo wtines.1 Mulligan and Mr. Illume'* reply can doubt tbal Mr. lllaiuo did ju?t riglu iu pos ?es?iug himself 01 bis own private letters, w hich ho luand iu the unauthorized possesion ol a third party. Huston llrriilil:?"Wo huvo had no sadder duty to perform as a Journalist for a Ion.,' time thai, thai wbich devolves upon u? this morning, lor wo havo tJ rciord tl.o don 1.lull ol Hon. James <S. lilutn.'. lato t-peakcr ot tho House of Kcprosontative.- and u proui I net. 1 candidate lor the PresiQcnllal oUicc. ' Tre.tlou (N. J.) Ctrrlt- --Mulligan, the vrltncsi, on whose unsupported testimony, tlatly coulradictod by tbut ot tour reputable w itnesses the cnarge against Mr. Blame rested, could uol havo l?kcn a tuoroeffectual means of proving l.nnsoil' a malicious liar and the an trustworthiness ol h.* evidence tliu.i by his course ..n Thursday." New York Graphic . ? " Blaine! we didn't think .1 ol you Indianapolis Journal"Mulligan U cerUluly iho most picturesque witutss, not to say phenomenal liar, lhat nas been uev eh pod durm ; this era ol deinocrauc scandal. Due or two Mulhgaus, II there ure such 111 rese.vo. Judiciously used between now ulii tue 14th ol Juuo, will bo all..oil certain 10 make Mr. IHalne the mail of Ciuoinnalu ' Troy (N. Y.) Il'/.i;/"It It rather too early lor tho New York to wbisllo lUalue down the wind. He has not yet beeu proved sillily of rtolugany discredit nblo act. while his ussi.llants hav ? been guiIVy of new meaner than petit laroeny.' I tica (S. Y.) Obtt riyr .?"Ulalao was wiser than we ?upiK?oJ. lie said he feared tnetircat t'nkuown. The r.nal Vukuown Iu hi< case turns oil I lobe Mr. James Mulligan of Boston." Trov (N. Y.| TtmrtA witness named Mulligan has been discovered, out ol whom the inquisitors l.ojrf? to gel ao.uo informklK*#. It is ?vldenl that I10 is til.ed w .th hatred ol Mr. Blaine, aud strains the truth to tho utmost, even II lie does not column Hal perjury, in tho hope of injuring that geutlemsn." Omaha (Neb. I Herald ??'Tl.o power of James tl. Blulnc, as Speaker ol Congress, was always lell on the ndo or jobbing legislation. lie was a remarkably Ihrlity Speaker, nor tat. lie I10 lniustlt oulol the posi tion in winch be is u..w through iho dark val ley ol the shadow of political death." Buffalo Expr-ns .-"Wo d'> not ti.itik any honest, lair mau would credit facto a wiinc.-s against two such men as Mrssrs. Blaiue aud Ktsl.or, if tho case were 10 stop where It Is. But Ibo evi-lenco yet to be heard ou tbo subject will probabiy settle it beyond question. Brooklyn I "And it is not by concealing these weaknesses of its le .ders, by enthusiasm in their be hall, that a great cau?o is helped. W bat aie the lacts In Mr. Blaine's ease*" Worcester (Mas-.) Pirn:?"We can think of no firuU'^er argument in lavor of a chango of aduiliiislia tion than tarnished by tbo 3U0 or more delogatos wbo are kuown to bo In lavor of Blame's u<.minal:un. N'otbin; but defeat can purify the party which Is so largely represented by men who are seokuic to place in the PrMidcutial chair one of tho mosl dangerous cor ruptiontsts of ?lie present tune. Philadelphia I'r'tt:?"JaiuesU. Blaine deserves cre?llt for beini Ibe lirst puMic mau In Aaicr.cs to defy tho storiu of do.amaliou a*a;Ui>l our poll Una I leaders which has sol In ever unco tho deino.alued den.ocra'le party, by au accident, gamed a majority iu the House. New Haven iWWis*:?"II Mr. Blame's enemies ?hould .-uoceed 111 destroying huu or, at all events, as Is uot Impossible, place lnu. in sueli a position that he could not he nominated nt Cincinnati, it wo?id not he oaoso lor should Mmuter Wasl.burt.e s name A^aiiiuo great pro? loonca.' Philadelphia XvrVt Amrrtxt* ?"Mr. Blaine is taking the grentesl ri.-k ever assumed .n defence of private rights." Hiclimond (Va.) If/.ij ?"Things look almost as black lor Blaine us they did tor Belknsp at his worst. Kxplanalu us have at la-1 tailed him, and lie may as well wrap his bloody mantle about him aud be down to the uupleasant dreams that inusl beucclorth haunt hu sleepless ptllovr." Philadelphia In./uirrr ?"'For our part?anJ wo Ibmk ?ar opialon IS that > ha red by nil lalr-mtlnied men we balievc Blaine's .Iriiial of the story of Mulllgaa. '' Atlanta (Ua. I Cuntl'lHti"" ? -BUine 1- gono up the ?pout: Iho Mulligan guard is alter him and that Mo lottie It!' " Bingbamton <S. V.? ItrpmhUea*:-" a little more uetlnite, Mr. Mulligan, if you pleas haven't tune to tlg.tro ou the term -almost conle.n plated ' Tho starting point is too small ' Pittsburg (IV) iW?p3fcA.-"U wishes to dis po.e of Mulligan he has only t? rotuin. or at least to lay liefore the coium.ltee, tbo corre.pondence vvhi- l, he r iyh 1* harmless, yet whieh he admits having bceu very ca^cr to gut ou' ?l Mulligan's baud*. Will ho do i ths^" 1'ittsburji GturlU:?"Tb? persecution of Bluiuo is bcms c.irnod to u most indecent luuit. A man n.itued Mulligan shows his utter uutrustworthiuesa by ollcring to use pilfered private letters." FLORIDA REPUBLICANS. lU.AINli THE FAVORITE FOB THIS I'UKHIHENTIAL DOMINATION. Madison, June 3, 1870. Tho III'publican Slate Convention was called to order on Thursday last at lhre? A. M. by the Chairman of tho Htate Central Committee. Ilou. \V. II. Gleason. Hon Denuis K iv'an wiw electcd temporary Chuirinau, and Hon. 11. H. lllack, Scerotary. A couiuillteo on creden tials reported on yesterday morning and it took up all of yesterday and purl of Iu*. niflht to eltcct a perma nent organisation. Tlio temporary olllcers were madn permanent olHecrs, adding an assistant secretary, William E. Wiggins, of Huvul county. This luarniOK tho Convention proceeded to the busl noss fur which it wan called. At half-past two o'clock m billot was reached lor Governor. XI. I. Steams, of tiadsdut1, was Humiliated by twoDty majority, and Hon. 1). Montgomery was unanimously nominated for I.ieu tcnant Governor. Au oulsido show of republicans met, with Senator Cu&ovcr, Congressman 1'urmau aud ex-Cougroi^miui Walls, in a convention ol their own and nominated 1 lilted states Seualur Couover lor tiovernor, and Hon. J II. Lee, of Sumter, lor Lieutenant tiovernor. Delegate* to i.'inciubuli were chosen as follows:?K .V). Clieutv i Illume), p. W. Bryant (Ulalne), W. H. (ilea con | Hlaine). H. K. t.iviiigstune (Uhune), C. I> Brigliuin (Ulaine). A It. fscomi (t'oukliug), C. K. Went worth (Maine) and J. 11. Armstrong (Maine). ALABAMA REPUBLICANS. Mi?r<iOMKKY, June 3, 1870. MiirengO county, one of the lurgest negrocotiulies In the Slate, to day repudiated the Spencer or XI ay -4th Convention and indorsed tho auti-Speucer ticket, K. 11 Ihreall, a prominent colored republican nud alter nate elector lor the State at large on the Spencer ticket, i led the movement. REPUBLICAN REFORM CLUB. The Kxccutivo Com mil tee of tho Republican Reform ! Club at its limi ting held at tho rooms ol the club. No. j ?i? I uiou square, last Friday eveulug, adopted tho loi- J lowng:? lti suited. That a laeetiuu of the members of tlm club I liu'ii uii lucidfty oveuiuji, Juuii li, ul cl^lil ii'cludi. t?r the i I?nj of a.joptiiig uu *ildro?? to the UvpubliCAii Natii uiil ?;.ii,voitlio.i, *u.t ul ii|i|H>iutlni; a committee or delegates l? | ' ku In Ciiiciauitli lo leiiioociil the club iu relereaes to the , lii..inn ilinu- nut runoluliouii of tlio Uuuu'iillon. ReMilveil. Tliul the ronol'itinn heretofore adopted by tbn I K\ei utiie Committee in call h public nicetiuj; ui the Count r 1 I Ii.uu "II iunu 11. be rekclDUed, aud tlint ilie ?ub-commitlii< | i f ililrteoii, winch nm upi*uinti*il to maku an-miKcim'til* lur >urli -i inn. iiiiu. lie lu.lrueted to consider aud roperi upini I lie nibjrct uf rallini: a public nn'i'liir-f 111 this city, alter ilia uilj.'iiniiiieiit m' the itenuMicaii NatUuial t;on vealluu, to re- | 1 cei\e i!h* report ot our cuiuiiiuteo ut Ucleifales. '1 ho oillccid ut tho club state that recent develop- j mollis iu Washington and elsewhere have rendered a public demonstration unuecossary. They believe Uat public seuumont is lully alive to tne importance ol sc I lociing ihe beat man at Cincinnati as tho standard ' hearer ol tho republican party, and the appeal which thev will make to the Convention at Ciuoinnatl through their delegation ol fifty prominent gentlemen Is now iilmo t cerium to receive u luvorablo uud cn phalic re sponso. _____ MAN TON MARBLE'S SUCCESSOR. Obcrlln lOhto) A'ttct:?"Theefflsct of thechango In tho ediional manaceinent of the llVirii is becomiug very apparent. Xlr. Tllden's stock Is going down so rapidly that it now si cui- probable that Xlr. Adaius will have to start a candidate ol his own to sccuro a "conscience vote,' as ho terms it" A COOKS REVENGE. HK ABDUCTS A CHILD FROM A nOL'SE OPrOSITli POLICE UKADyUARTERS. No. 301 Mulberry street is a Ihreo story brick build lug, situated directly opposite tho Central Ulllco aud occupied mainly by tho representatives of tho \arious morning at.d evening newspapers. The top lloor is let out to ditiereut parties, cue ol whom is uti elderly lady named Xlrs. Itoardman. and is opposite police head quarters. At hull past eight o'clock, whilo the street was nlive with people and tho Superintendent was standing twenty Scot distant, u child wasubducted from It. Tho lirst lutiin.iili n ol the tact was given ten mliiutes alter tho oci urieuco by Xlrs. I Dger, the landlady of the house, who run into tho street asking the l?oys and girls playing In tho neighborhood It they liad seen any. tiling oi Sarah Dubois, an eight-year old child, living with Mrs. Uuardmun, on tho lop lloor. Shu stated that a lew miuut.'s bciurc, whilo in her room, sho beard ci te-< precceding irom the upartmeuta ol Mrs. lloardman, and on t;oiug up stairs learued from her that the little girl had just lieen stolun by a tnau named Robert Thomp son. who hud often before made threats to abduct her. At this Juncture Superintendent Walling, who had been standing on the steps of tne Central ofllce, ascer tained that a man had been ?ten emerging from tho I house ten minutes before with u child in bis arms, but j the circuuiblauce was of such common occurrence that ' it attracted to particular attention. Among those 1 who noticed the m m was ticorgo Smith, employed by { the rributtr olllce, on tho socoud lloor. Ho was : coming down stairs when ho saw a man with j u child iu his artns on tho landing going I toward tho Irout door. As tho man heard ' lootstcps behind ho put tho child on tho lloor, 1 and taking her hand hurried out. On reaching tho : stoop lie again took ber in his urtus, and pluced his j hand on her mouth to ki-ep her (roni crying. He IbeU j hastily walked away, imiicod, but unsnspcrtcd, by a i dozen children. Mrs. lloardman, who walks with dilll. i cuity. stan-d that sho was lying down when Thompson ' entered the room aud catching the little girl in his | nuns ran down stairs. Sho was so overcome Willi I Irlght that some llvo minutes eUpsed beloro sho could ! give an alarm, which sho did by screaming. Her cries wore heard by Xlrs. I'uger, w!io liaMeuod alter the ! child fitaler without wailing to know the reasou ! lur the crime. Superintendent Walling culled l<eieciivo XtcNaimir.i ?ud telling a lull description of both man : and i lolJ, hurried Iiiiu up ;o the tiraml Central Depot i to wail and watch lor tho ulidiictor, who it was sup : posed hail guiie there to take u tram. I'he child was jila'-ed in the caiu of Mrs. Board man two months ago t>v her loolher, who is a w idow residing at present in XViscoiitiii. At the tunc Xlra Dubois gavo her s|<?-cinl ; cautiuu to look out lor 1 horapeoti, who would probably ; try to abduct her. Ilionipson, she said, was at one time intimate with her, but telt in angur, and threatened to lie revenged by stealing tbe child. Yesterday afternoon Thompson entered the house J Mid endeavored to i?r?uad*> Mr.-, lloardman to give ! him the child. Sho refused, whcreupoli she | bad him ejected Iroin tho building It was : then tliiuulii that ho would go nutty, but I lie lurked In the neighborhood watching his opportunity. He is ucouk ou tbe i-lcauier William Taylor, plying on Ihe Hudson River. At twelve o dock last night Detective McN'aiunr* re 1 turned Irom tne ocpot without baxiug seen any trace 1 ol ihe (hild-.-ie.iler. A general alarm was then sent I out to all precincts, describing tho abductor as about j live tool eight Indus lii^h, ol uiiitdl" uge, thick brown mustsche, kligblly dear, aud dressed III a t.epper aud 1 sail suit. The uflair created considerable excitement around | the Central Department. COMMODORE VANDERBILT. Commodore X'sndorbili continues fo improve slowly and was rboerful and comparatively easy yesterday. I p to a late hour lasi cveniug he w.s comtoriablo and fell off into a tranquil sleep. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN* SI'KAMKliS. paths or DKrauvckEs I'kuM sitw rout ton tui nosrii Of 41 ns Hhmt, 1 N<li. j i O/Hm. Kltftut,............ liclhrn KotlrnUm Adrintk > in CMMM...I Aubir?tii% Neck nr.,.. I* raneo Nevada MTltltl, Malt* of \ frflrlitia. Pitmittrranta 4 ft6fmttti|?'iiuoa til l>fvmiwiy .<*> hrmttlwit? Hroadwat S7 hrnadwaf K> Broadway 7. i ., Juno *. Iiaitibur/.. June ? Kotunlniu J nut 10, l.ivcrp?H>). June In. Uivfrpoei. June Iu l.ivrrpt?u. .1 one I" i l.??iuio ? ... i ? in-' ?.re?ri June In . |7lkrtrlliif (lr?M June lu, | Hrtiiitk.,., - Bowling iire?? .lent l>>. lUvri* . I l!rna?iwaf Julie I'J i ialveri.ooi ril' Bn a?i\var J line 14.1 l.ivniM*>l. 11 urt*a J ut??? I ? ,jlili'?vow... | V'i Hr??a<t?? ar Jmtt* |5.1IIambitr#.. I* t Hroa4w?|r v? *??. r | IMii?* 17 ' lirrmon I- Howltnv i*r?dn Cilf ol Hicliiiittud. !Jun<? IT.) I^ver^ooi. | hr?mli?*) ???*r**ir*- I?mt |7 I llavrr|:Wi Hr iWwiiv ?tria |J tr.i' l*. jt... I" Bowling(Jreoa |.i\i iihhm UrMadwat Uvt r|KNii 4 llt.wllngHretm i?laav?*w .. j ?? Hr*?adwat Koiti rilxm , ?? HrtiM'ivt llnn.hiir*'. ? I Broatlwav l.i*rr?Hi |'<7Hntft4?af Uttriotil., |?-1' liioa?lw*jr 1 .ii.i.m. IT H?? urtin Hav n> I ?,"? Cf>?a<|wav *U??;'tiw 1" i '.n ??.. ?? I. UmwIIm" Iime 3H.iH?n?iH?|l ) U^?ia?twaf 1 \\ t?? unain j IIMiMtnttnia, Junp ! Hnlannlc.... ....bum K. Ttl |.l nn? J ? Aiikl a I Inn# 4 I Si Ucrmaiii,... i l?.??c ^4 ? rnllfornia fin.- I i^NontK to r\rr\i\s in tiif. [ COAHTINU AND rOKIll . \ TP? \l>F. rupliilii-^roifmof viuiliengaged in t)u- outline or foreign trade. observing the displacement or removal of ua buoys, are requested ?o com municate iliu fact to the IIkkalu. ik> tli?l It may bo br nirht publicly tu the attention ol the proper authorities. A letter addressed "to the editor of tho II mi alii. New York city." Ki?uilt as accurately as possible the number ami position of displaiedbooysorthe causo of their removal, will suffice in all esses observed along iho Atlantic and ratine coasts of tba American Continent. When they are obsei ved on the coast of European rouutiies or In tba Mediterranean It It renm-stcd that Information be sent olther by telegraph or letter to the London office of the Saw Y ORa Hluald, 4*? Fleet street, London, or to tho Pari* office. 01 At enue do l'Opora, Pari*. W here the telegraph U u*od des|i*tehea may be addrossed "Bennett. 40 Flcnt street. 1-oudou." or "Beuuett, Ol Avenue do I'Opera, Paris." Where cases el displacement are observed In the waters of countries beyond the reach of the telegraph, as In Asia or Africa, captalos may romuiuulcato with ua upon reaching the 11 rat convenient port. Tliia information will be cablod free of charge to the IILHALP and published *j~NOTICK TO CAPTAINS OF VF.SSKLS ENTERING Till-: FORT Ok" NKVV YORK AT Nll)HT.-TboNaw Yob* IIkkalii has adopted a distinguishing Coaton night signal lor use on buard the Ukulu bteuiu yacht, showing while burn ing the colore red. greuii. red. changing Irorn one to the other iti succession. and can be aeon several mile* distant. I ap talti ol tlNeU. upnu ittlu tl'li signal. will oblige ua be preparing biit marine newa they may hare lor tba Ship ,S??> Dcoarluiout ol tlie Hbbalu fjr-Persous desirous of comuiuulcating with veasel* arrlv ing at New York can do a? by addreaainf to sncb vetacn, caie of II ska LP ne?s yacht, pier No. 1 liast River. New York. Letters received Irom nil parts of the world and promptlj de livered. Duplicate* urc required. ALMANAC FOR NEW i'ORK?THIS DAY. (?c* asd moon. | niuu watkil Sun rises 4 80 | G?r l?lnnd....ui?an 014 Hun uetR ~ 'M | Wandv lloolc... morn 5 3(1 Moon nets..... morn 2 41 I Hell Oute inoru 8 uo POltT OF SEW YORK, JUNE 3, 1S7H. ACIUVALS. RKPoRTLU BT THE UKBALD STKAX YACHT* ASO nKRALD WU1TK8TOM TkLLtiRAl'U LI St. Steamer Neckar (tier). Willlgerod. Bremen May 20 and Southampton *id. with tndso and4!>1 nas-eiueni to Oelrlcba i Co. .May 27, I at 4H VI. Ion 2W :W. imSM-d an F,ngll?h steamer. hound ca?l; 2Sth, lat 47 l?, Ion -'4 !>?>. an Anchor line steamer, do; '-".'tli. lat 42 4-". loll 44 20. 1n*""uJ'.1 , bottom up. probably a fisherman: June I III 41-H, Ion tu 4H. steamer Idaho (Br), hence for Liverpool. Steamer lien Barne*. Ch??emiMl. savannatt Muy .1 >. with mdse ami t?ast*enj;crs to W It (IllHlun. fttcatueV Albemarle, tiibti*. Lowes, Del, wltli mdso to Old Uoinlnion Stcuiushio Co Slim Paluitract t.Nor). nlsell. OHmstad (Norw?yi 7.'davs. In ballast to order. Aj rll V't?. lat 4i. lou 41. bad h hcaiy WSW talc. la^tliiB 12 hours; washed aw?y niter?house Bark rtomnieren (Nor Petersen. Loudon ,.l da>s. iu bal last. to Kuncli. Kdye A Co. . Hark Nef Nor', t'hrlsteusen, Autworp Apr.l -4, ill bal '*Ka\Vvarie (Nor), Olsen, Ilavro May tl. in ballant t? ''""urk Krlru'lM-o T (Au?>, Touetll, llavr* M ?>' I , in ballast. to Hlocovi. li A Oo lssiucliored at Handy IT'ok Inr orders. Hark Botvld iNor), Hen'iickseu. t.adii M oa>>. ?il" '"llHrk"Beatrice (Br). Bowlby, Cardeuai 12daj?.wlth sii?ar tUBrijr Vlclona (fieri. Hermes, IfMina W.days, with Irnll to i' Hardy .t Co; vessel to k'uneh. fcdyo A Co. 1 ass.-d tlib r*Brl?'luiltcVn Star. Kuster, Oemerura 20day*. with ?u??r t0p!rlir Robert Uillou. Blatchford, PUIImlelpbia, in bu'.last to "'schr J as Phelps. Rockwell, Abaeo K days, with Iruit to B J Schr'vrai*. Price, Oenrnetown. KtJ. S ^h tV'ihlrV* stores to Dollner, Potter k Co; vessel to h O llurihurt A *"*Sohr C A IIiKKius, Mcintosh. Port Spain 15 days, with '"^hr'Msry*Louisa, dasklll, Newbera, N'0,6 days, with na val stores to Zoidiar Mills. Schr .lease lrvluu. Kendoll, v Irifini*. Schr Joliu 1) Williams. Pierce. Baltimore. aShip Ala* iNor); barks Aphrodite (Br). R.'/'Wl. Clirit?teii?f ii (Nor), unil Sokotu, whicli wcro ftuchorcu in tt?? Lower ilay, came up to the city Ud, I'M, 0^~Burk Louise (Nor), I ruin Watcrford, Is cnnalgt-ed to Louts Tctcns. TASSED THROUOH HELL GATE DOCND BOUTH. Steamer city of Now Bedford. Malt. New Bedford for ^Stoaluer Oalatea. Waldcu. I'rovldenco lor New York. Hark Detuetra (Cer). Klammer. New Uavcn lor New * Schr Clara Smith, Barker. W indsor. NS. for New York. Schr Xebec, Shropshire, Norwich Inr New York schr Will Youiiu. Miller, Port Jcflersuli ,or New York. Si?lir olive Avery. rup|?er. Ncwfiort for 1 liilauoiphtH. Schr John Wentworth, Brown, Frankfort, Me. lor New ^*Schr Adrlanna. Merrill, Orient lor Baltimore. Schr W 11 Pharo. lidwards. Port Jefferson lor New York. Schr searsviile. Ilovt, Belli for New Yo.k, Schr E K Meanev. Rogers. Portland. ( t, for Now Yor*. Sclir Kobert Blair, Blatr, Providence lor IlaversWaw. Schr Black Dlamend. Smith. Port Jefferson lor New i V schr Ele?nor, City lsinnd for New York ' Schr Orion. Smith. Providence lor New York 1 Schr Helen Mar. War I. Pro\ .deuce tor New \ ork. Schr Auu Amelia. Vllen. New Uedtur.l lor New York. Schr It H Dean. Black, launton fur New York. Sell! Kate A Luella. Mutt. Bath lor New York. Schr T Benedict. Bou. diot. Portland. Me. tor New ^ork. Schr B ? llrainerd. Hall. Middlelown for New ^ork. Schr Nelson, llarvejr. New Uediord lor New York. Schr Min.iua.. Philli|>s, Providence lor New York. Schr Maiv tl Kerr. Kendall. Bride*port tor New York. Sohr Ario Pardee, Robbing Prmldcnce for NewYurk. hclir Nl ?htlntrale. Younft New lledlcru tor New York. Schr Wm M Everett. Providence tor N> ? York. Schr Kilward W ootten. Youns Providence lor New York. Schr Lucy A Blossom, Chatllcld, Ni? Hcdlord Icr New * vlir llunt?r. Lvons. Diirhton for Philadelphia. Schr Adelia 1 Cohen, Biowii. Pawtucket lor New York. BOUND EAST. Stean ?r (ieneral Whitnev. Coleman. New York tor Boston, eiteame.-Amos C Barstow. Keuuey. New York lor l'rovl ^"rui tSeorge (Br), Champlln, New York tor Porto Rico. Schr < Iirtls lioodwin. llardy. Aiubov for Providence. Sehr.luliii Ann. Woods. Atnbojr lor New IxmdoU. Schr Capitol. Kowler. Santterto-" lor Boston. Schr J M Kreeman. KMrUito. New York lor I lost on. w..iir O K 11 a* ley. Ivler, Aiubov lor Newport. schr J A llaiBcld "tBr>, llalficld. New York for Windsor, ^ Sellr F.dward KwitiR. Walker. Ainbov for New Haven. Sihr Kale hcrauton. Palmer. Phllaiieluhia tor Orient, LI. Schr Nadab. Chrent-y. New York for Newl>'irv port. S?-'ir Vlriiiuia. Hearse, lloboken lor Bostou. Schr Albion. Smith. KlUabethport for Salem. Sebr K H Miller, Smith. Port Johnson lor New Loudotu Sclir Oeo Ktlliorn, Blake. Port Johnson Tor Boston. Schr B H Warlord. Sprajcue. Port Jolinson for I'awtncket. Sclir Kannv llanmer. Brook?. Philadelphia li r Nantucket. Selir Robin lloiai. Hakcr. Philadelphia lor Westerly. Sclir JasSilles. Aniboy lor Haitlord. Sclir C D Lntbrop, \\o?.dhoaae. New York for Boston. Selir t'ahoon Wakeley. AmUiv for Bridgeport. Sc'ir Tantroiit. Bunker. Port .loi.nM>n lor Boston. S. hr Black.!..lie. Wtekson, New York for Provldcnce. Schr 11?' Wn?liburn, Hall. Ilaverstra* tor Norwich. fHrhr Anson Brown. Johnson, Amooy for Pawtucket. Schr O Carroll. Carroll. Port Johnson lor Lynn. Schr Uoaihern Cross (lir). l'atorsou. New tork for Shalea, Vf{ * Sclir S S llickmore. Cusbman. New Y'ork for Boston. Schr MarloU Smith. Preston. New York lor Provincetowo. Hehr Ida Cook. Port Johnson lor Titnnton. Schr Julia Newell. Mkapard. New Y'ork for Province town. (ilube. Men ill. Port Johnson tor Providence. vclir tlanioiia. Huptil1. New York lor Boston. Sour I'rtiaua, Allen. P. u?hkeep*l? tor Di^-liton. Selir Amelia Augusta. Molt. New Y ork lor Hartford. schr Jennie RotfJin. lU^erN New York for MUliUna ' Sclir LI tile V Dow. Cba.?e. Weehawken f?r Boston. scur O L Daboll. Se.-kett, New York lor tireett|Hirt. sclir 1. t 'l'olles Holmes, Ne? York tor lirtenwlcb. s. in- OtirWkl. Winters, Am boy for Norwich. Schr Alice B. Ha.M-tt. New y. rk for Ho.ton Sclir I B siuitli. Bowmsn Port Johiisoi. Inr Provldenee. r-clir lleury, Coffin. New York for New Bedford. Sctlt Mail Meu.l. New York for Ureeimlch. Schr luster, Troadwcll, Port Johntoo for 1'ortchcaMr. CLEARED. Steamer Celtic (Br), Oleadell, Liverpool via Queenstown? R .1 Corns. , , Steamer (Br), Thompson. Liverpool via Queens 1 town?K W J Hurst. . Meamer Main t'ier), Rolchmaun. Bremen via sontbamp ! ton?Oelrlchs A i'o. i Steamer Bolivia iBr). Small. Olasjjuw?Henderson Broa. I Meamer st lament (I'r). Lachesue, IU\re via Plymoutk ? Louis de Beldan . , steamer Leo. Daniel*. Vassao. NP?Murray lerrl* A t o. Steamer t in or lloustou, Decriutf, tialvestuii via Key W esl??' II Malloiy A Co. Steamer New Orleans, Dearborn. New Orleans?Clark * ^'steamer M or Ran City, Read, New Orleans?Clias A Whit '"rSi. ain'.'r Sau Jacinto, Hasard. Savannah?W R Oarrlaou. Steamer City uf Atlanta. Woodhull. Cliarlo?lon?Jas W ^Steamer Benefactor, joues. Morehcad City and Wll minirtou. NC?Wm K Clyde A Co. steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Norlolk, City 1 olnt and Richmond-Old Dominion Steamship Co. Steamer John tilbson. Chichester. Georgetown, DC?J L RSt>"a?t'er Ann Kll?a. Richard*. Philadelphia--^)las llano. Steamer i.en Wluinev. Coleman. B."?ton?II r Huuock. Slnp C ampa Kiuilia (ltal), J occarnio, Bristol. K?Lauro. 'sJi'p *\nnio (ioudey (Br). Bent. Bristol, K?Boyd A "ship'"..?>? Brvce. Morse. St John. NR-W R Or*ee A Ck Ship w R Oraee. Black, San ?ranclsco Milton A Co. Bark TeaKie Doy vBri, Mackie, Aberdeoa? B.,?iiu* A AlKark"\ ictor (Nor). Waass. yueeustown, Falmouth or ? r:%iiMMiib?H*nh*ni & Ha _ (Urk Aftter ?.\or;, KnuiUrn, Cork or l>Aliauuth fur order#? ' Bar'lt*ii*ririita (ltal). Bcrtuloua, Cork or laluiouth lor ' Hark liuorirutta. Small, W?lerford?Ja? Henry. Bark A ret ii ni? I BO. Henl. Antwerp-J W I arker A to. loi.slantia (Nor/. Knudseu, Kotterdam ? k unch, ' *liark D.'.'ii* Uerde* (Oer), Meyer. Rica?Fuiich. fcdyo A ' Haik Sue* ltal'. Stmco Marseille*- Vunrh Vdye A Ca Bark Alexandra iliani, Davis. St fiiomao I ' Balk'oJnieB Fleec* (Br). Ar.nstrona. Rarbadoe-ll Trow t,l:L,'kVLOe?ovar Simmons Mat>.n?as-Ja* Henry. Ilark Anna L la>lor (Hr . 1'OiCival. Satfua-John *itllo "i'trk I-. 11 a a Barss (Bri, Veeey. Hamilton (.Bermuda)-A K ' Hrt7Alberta. Illokley. Com, Falmouth or Plymouth fjr nioirs?I II W inehesier A Co. ... .... a Bri< Annie Oerdner. Havener. Harbado*-Dwla it A ' 'iTrljr Oem. Pleree. Barbados-Daniel Tr?? J-ndgo A Co. Hril: iifurgv (*ikl?ri*l, Orvuti, * ' hr Vnlta MeCreail ?. Ciodad llolivar-tleo W Dallett. ?>. 1.1 Oliver I'annell Aofc Caye*?A None* A Co. slhr Ada-n Bos. lb>. Jell... n Port an P. I?ce-tt -rrcn h'scnr Anna W Cetlias, Collins, Jacmel (Hajtl)?B J Wen ^'."hft'lM-c an Bend (Br). Godfrey. Hautsporl, NS-J F i W Mtn-> V t'sk Schr Julia R Floyd, (iaakini, (ieorpetoirn and Pot Bluff. BC ? K I) Hurlbut A Co. Schr H !?' llu/.nrU, KowlauJ, Georgetown. KC?Ueutlejr, Oikki Ucuvo X. Cu. Schr, Steelmio, Cbarlviluu-IJeiitley, tiilder ?lecvc k Co. So:?r Trade Wind, Hi.vara, Richmond ?Slatrbt & Petty. Schr Helen. 1'irrr, Baltimore?Via Cbjiliner*. Schr M J (hauler. N'olnon, Balti;nori*~Wui Chaliuer*. Scltr Cberttbiut, L?*rk, Hnltluiore?I B r. Schr lUurlcttu, llill. Perth Aioboy, NJ? J 11 Winchfiter 1 IV Schr Ida May. Lam son, Klisabctbport?81nip?oa, Clapp k Co. Schr J W 1'emlfy, Parker, DamaiUcotta, Me?A T He rn* v. Scbr (ieo A I'ierce. Kelly. Salem? C F Kottbius. Schr I'hut* K MoikIv. Arey, B?miuu~-II 1* Brown ft Co. Schr BlackHtoue. \Vicktiou. I'rovtiiouce?II W .Jack* on k Bon. Stoop Illinois, Wilson. New Iluveu?Cart wright k Doyle. SAILED. Steamers Celtic (Br), for Liverpool: Knclana <Br). do; Main <<*er), Bremen; St Luunut (Fr). Havre: Bolivia (Br?. Ulmtgow, L?u, Xiu??ati; t'iiy ul* Hou?toii ftalveaton and Key Wem: Morpran t'ity, New Orleans; New Oileau?, do; San Jeclnto, Savannah; City of Atlanta. Charleston: Benefactor. Wilmington. NC: Old Dominion. Richmond, ftc; Jubu (tib?ou. tieorjretowo. DC; ?hip St Petersburg i.Nor), l.oit'lou; barks Volunteer <AuaJ. Trleite; Auuilla (Nor). Cork or Falmouth; Venture iBr), 0 rk; Alploa lUer.. Ilariibitrir; J 11 Cbadwick, Matan/.as. Morttlujr Star. St Ja^o: W II Uenn, Havana; Uoldcn Fleece, BarbadoN; NVm Cr?is<?cup (Urj, IJavre: brig* Louisa Price. .lacmcl; Stepbeu Bishop. Marseilles; l.ewit L Squires. lUo ? Janeiro; Hail Columbia, do;Sarah B (Mr), Hull; Hyperion* Passage* (Spain) ; (ilpacy t^ueeu, ?. Wind at suusot. SK. Barometer at sunset. 29.84; midnight. 'J9.80. MARITIME MIHCELIANY. STKAVKtt STkiNMANN (Reign from the Itlver Plate for Antwerp, put into Madeira May 17 w?th machinery da fectWa Hauk Fmcic Tuadk, Merry man, had completed repair! al Shanghai April 0. IIaiu Ilmatak (Rni). from Pensacola for Hull (before reported*. was towed to Sboernet** May IS) Irom Dungenese i waterlogged and with lore and main masts cut away. Qt> Hac, June 2?Hnrk Thomas Loo (Br>, Kendall, from j Work.ion lor Quebec, with t oal, before reported ashore | on tiooee Island, was lowed off, making water, will dock ' ami be surveyed. Br JoMJf, N B.June 1?The supposition that the unknown vessel wrecked sotut* time ago uu Grand Mvnau might prove i lo be the wood boat schr Vloiot. which arrived In port a uay or two aigo, i? happily untrue. I SiiifBriLUlNc.*?At New London the now sehr Sarah k Al I len is iibout ready tur launching troin Brainard's ways. She i? of 17<i tons o in and is built lot' a good sailer I'apt rharle** Allcu takes cominaud and toes out lirst mackerel ihg. Lal'NCUKD?A new twin screw steamer for the l:S Light house Department at Baltimore ou i'huis.lay, from the yard ol the Coluiubiau lion Works. Wiu T Malsier, proprietor. Her dimensions are as tollows:-Length over ail, I&4 teet; breadth of beam. J?? 1'cet; depth of hold, 1U feet; draft, leet, ami tons At Kust Lauiolue, Me. Mav 31. a line clipper schr of rip ward of 1<M> tons, owned bv W S llodxkius uud other*. She is called the Cjeorge W Collins, named fur Cap! (j W Collins, of Bluehill, and is to be commanded bv Alfred Ilodgkin?. *1 lie vcHS'.'Uwat built lor the stoue business. Steamer Laurel, built by William T Malster for the l ulled States lighthouse service, was launched Juue 1 from the yurd ol the Columbian Iron Works. Baltimore. Her length from rabbet to rabbet l? L?4lect: breadth of beam, molded. -?"? feet: depth of hold amidships, !?? teet. Mie is to be sehr rigged una will have two upright boilers, 21 by *7 surface condeuser Hue boiler. NOTICE TO MARINERS. Notice is uiven by the Lighthouse Board that on and after July i, l*7?i. a light will be shown from tn? now light house erected oil the grounds of the Dunkirk Light Station Lake Krie. ltMJ feet W by S S from the old tower. The light will bo a llxed white, varied by white Hashes at inter vals of 1 tnlnit11 and ?*? seconds, and should be seen in clear w either I rum the dock of a vessel 10 teet above the lake statute miles. WHALEMEN. At Turn be* M n y S, biirk Sea Ureeie. IliirnoB, N It, no re port of "it. A loiter from Oapt t'lime, of Imrk Jlr?ti IVrry, of NB, re porta !it*r ul I'uilK April -I. with L!<H? libln fp ?"? A lettrr irom tlie itiii I oHlwrof Imrk John Howlnnd. Cnlp, ?l Ml, report* h?r it Sltiuui April ??9, h?viug mken 'J&Q libit Kp oil Mil :e lust report; ?ll well. Would be ut i'aimuia 1st of June. SPOKEN. Ship I'lectfortl. Tavlor. from Ardros*?n for San I'rnncisco. April IS, Ut a 4<J lou -7 -2H tV. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND CAPTAINS MerchftTita. (htpplnj; aKOiita uud .hlpmaiteri urn informed thai by telcgmpbiui; to ibe IIki.alu London Bureau, ad dreaaliiK "Bennett, No. 4U Kleet atroet, London." or to tbo l'urla ollice, addreaaiuir "Bennett, Ul Avrnue de l'Opera, I'urla.''the arrlvala at and departure* Ir. iu Kuropoan and ICa.teru porta of Auieriean and all loreUn vowels trading with the United States, the same will be cabled to this coun try !ree of charge. Captains arriving at and sailluK l'roiu French and Medi terranean ports will Qnd the I'aris oflica the mere economi cal and expeditious lor tclecraphing news. OUR CABLE SHIPPING NEWS. BbistoL, June 3?Sailed, steamer Arragon (Br), Kymons, New York. likLt axT, June 3? Sailed, bark Ifattie (ioudy (Br), Ham mond, North America. IU ll. Juuo 3?Arrived, steamer Chelydra (Br), Could, Philadelphia. IUvuk, Juno 3, 7 I'M-Sailed, steamer St (lermnlne (Kr), lUculont, New York rla 1'lj mouth. UtikitroiiL, June 3?Arrived, steamer Guillermo (3p), Eehoterria, New Orleans; abip Lovh Oree (Br), Currie, San Francisco. Sailed 3d, ship Revolving Light (Br), C'oonan, North America; barks T J Soutuard, Woodworth, United States; Klorri M Hulbert, Handy, d?. Also sailed 3d. ship llermun, Dillon, Bombay. Loxih>?, Juue 3? Arrivod. stoamer l'resnlts (Br), Arm (trong. New York, with abaft broken (as before reported). Mailed 3d. achr Charlie Morton, I'lke, Hoiton. Mac kit tea. May 1?Arrived, brig Kleanor MUler (Br), Hill*. Tort Natal. Nkwcastlk, June 3-Sailed, steamer Woodbarn (Br), Thompson, 1'biladalpbia. WHATHItR BKPOBT. I'lvmoi th. June 3, 0 I'M?Wiud S\Y. Ireih. LivERrooL, June 3, M:;tO I'M?Wind N\V, l.esii. FOREIGN PORTS. CiLCl'TTi. April US?In port, ships 8 a voir Kaire (Br>, Alteliisou : Cbrvwinene 'Br) Hroaniuc, and Ivanhoe (Br), l.uko. lor New York; Keduauntlet iBri, lor do; ileo 11 War ren (Hr.. Timothy, lor I'aliuojth; Victoria, Atwood, lor Bo.ton; Naucv l'einll.-lnn, I'endletoii. unc. I'roenedlug down the river USih. aliipa Suatex (Br), Stop, San Kraneiaeo: Bate* Kaniily (Hr) Dougall. New York. CatiDKKA*. May 31? Sailed, brig Komold tHr). hdgett, uoitli of llatteraa: June I, achr J M Kiley, Small, do. CiKxrt'MUK, May ?Sailed, barka Scotland (Br>. Wliltt, New York; Ala (Nor), Alakaeu. do: brig Comrade (Kr), Bnraea, Halifax ;*cUr Mary S Staples, 1'iatt, 1'hUadel pbla. UKliUii, Mar 10?Sailed, brig* (ieorgia. Field. Balti more; 11th. Eastern Star, Foster, New York. In uort 14th, bark Zeplivriue. Johnson, for Turks Island and lioat?u in 2 days; arhrs Win 11 Keener, Beers, for Liv erpool: Kate Wentworth. Mnad, from New York. r'ATHUH I'oi.xr, June I, 3 F.??Faaaed. steamer Lake Me gautle iHri, llalter.-hy, Llverpintl forUuobec. i i i ii it alt a K. May IO? Arrived, brig Koiigl a mo (It), de He nero, Medina for New York <aud towed through the Straits l^thi ; 14tli. bark Investigator, llntmaii. Irom Marseilles for New York; brig Miranda tSw), llartsoll, Malaga lor Now Yoik >ailed l.'th. scbr 11 C W inshlp, Doane (from Trapani) for Uloueestcr. Mass , Hatasa, June S?Arrived, steamers W 1} newes, Morgan, llidlanola . (' W Lord, Coltvii. Now Orleans; Liberty, Sunil be r/ New York. Sailed 2d. barks Klba, Uover, New York; J K Woodworth (Br), Krederirkson. do. llAi.irAX, Juue 'J?Sailed, bile 1'eter Roberts (Br), for Trinidad Iviuut'it. April I?Cleared prevlonslv, barks Blna Camp, he'I tlln. Kiehards. New York; Maud Scammell iBr), Thompson, Falmouth In port April 1, ship Magellan, Henry, fnr lioston. Idg; barks Constitution, Hlslurp. lor San Francisco, do; Louis ilieri, lor New York, do, Fstrella, lor do. Lismis. May 21?Arrived, bark Maria Roae (tier), Schulta, New York. tailed May 37. brig Helen O Phlnner. Hoyd, New York; sclir J B Atkinson, Yonug, Philadelphia (alter putting back*. l.araKAi'*, NB. May 3?Cleared, schr Biulris (Br). Mar tin. Penarth Roads. Mai?i.a six, April IV?Sailed, bark Verona (Br), lleyuoldt, Gibraltar lor orders. Mayai.i kx. May 13?In port schr Wyoming, Fot*. lor Fa jardo, to load lor uvrth ol llatteras, to .ail same day. Mataksas. June 1?Sailed, bark Frey >Nor), (isteusen north of Hatteriu. Misqt.'Asn. NB. May 31?Arrived, bark Norma (Br), Stnllli. (iloucestor via >yduey. t'le.tred June 1, bark Wenonah. F'orbes. Liverpool. ? Natal, April 4?Sailed, bark Emma Parker (Br/. Kelly, dalle. N Kit*ABO. PR. June -?Sailed, schr Harriet Brewster, Sa'iforl, New York. I'rnaxc, Apiil XJ?In port, ship Herald of the Morning, Towne*, lor I^indou. Picnic, Juue 4?Arrived, bark Maggie (Br), L'niuhart. Li \ ei |mhi1. ^iksti'. June I~-Arrl*ed, ship Victory, Wat sou, l^indoB; bark* tialfttee, Olaen Arendal: Heriha. Uaarn, Loudon. Yonnl. tlermaiiMjo, Havre; John Bull, Kmersou, Ixrndon; Stratlispet, Muudel, Charente; Uoehesi. r. Voller, l.ner Kl; Kaeehorse, Pelteraeu, Arenalal; Uouiand. Bergerson, mien, Margaret, Andeisea, Londou; Inga Yogt, Freden laud, Beaoilet. Cleaied let. steamer Dominion, Roborts. Liverpool Kasooor. April 21?In pott. ship. Eu\iue iBn. Rn?. sale; Prince Patrick (Br;, I'eterkln, lor Kurope; bark kaui bow. Rowell. for do. Sikrra I.kiirr. Mar H-Arrived, brig Shasta, Brown. Bos ton ; *chr N Hand. Itoherty. do. Sailed May 4. bark Liberia. Richardson, New York. SaoU-a, May Vt?? Milled, bark* Mrprde. \verill. north of llatteraa. Kdward Cashing, Brickuioru, do (was rep ned sailed April JS>. hr JoMX. NB. June 2?Arrived, balk Wajlarur (Br), Thurbcr. Liverpool; 3d, schr Hi ill. Hoston t'leared 3d. bark David Tavlor iHri. Atkinson, l.lmerlck ; aclirs L A Johnson. \t llmtngton. J W hcutt iHri. New York. Nellie Clark. Clark, d i. r<r Ampiirw-., June 1?Arrived, schr Julia Clinch, Male ney, New York. ll'XR Stkamkr Ncckar.i AKOM*. Mar Is? Arri?ed. \V anderer. Core. New York. A*r AR. April Arrived. WnkeSeld, t arver, Hatavia. MaisroL May Jll?Sailed, Rockland, tana, Montreal, 2lit, Hebe. Freitag, Sandy llo?k. Harrow, May 22?Arrived, Lady DulTerin. Flyna, Savan nali. Kktra*!. Mar 2?>?Sailed, Teresa Carmela, Searlnlcl, New York; Acadian, i'iimii, do; Km im L Shaw, Mncuniber, Iroon. Krna, Kilvrt*eu, St John, NB. . Bi:k?i rhaTk.x, May IW-Arrived, Mosel (*), Nejnabcr. New York ItoRiiRSfX. Mav 19?Sailed, t.'arlo. Tonnesen. New York rni'i .iiui.i *, Mav IS?Passed, Ludwlg hurchard, Korfl, fr.'-.n Riga lor New York I'aU'I rTA. April 24 nailed, Sussex, Slap, r-an Francisco. D? Al.. May 22 Anehoii'.l. Andrea Wiihelinina, Wlllgusl. New (irleans lor Krral, (ienliii, H-x-ralogliata. Louden fur New I or*. Arrived 2 Hh Johann Wilhelm, Albreeht, London for PI.Ilade pliln (and sailed). OrxcKXKn*. May 10?OIT, Antoinette, Scott, CaJlao for Hamburg. hun% May 2ti?Sailed, FraneU llilyard, Abbott, Lowes, Ki.mikokk, Mny 1h?Arrived, Lortdey, Mareu*son, Now Or leana inr t ron"t*dt luu *?l ?% ^*V ^?Arrived, Vermont, Richard-.on. Cal Iialtliuor?*' 'A,4r^ Johann Lud*i^, IIollJi-?, llmueu for Paanod ? ?ili . jritt (ship, of Windsor, NS). lor Miramielti. fLl'MUMij, Mav JO?Armed, .Kolus, Audomou, Baltimore for Antwerp. Glouckhtkr, Muy 20?Arrived, Kxcellcnt, Sbftv, Port land Hailed 21 ?t. Vlrdi. llocci. Philadelphia; Grev jlan<iei*trooi. Iih- Vurbet*. fluent, May It#? Arrived, Kmma V, Bernfer, Portland. v:a,v bailed, Aktiur, lii^cinore, Montreal; 22t, In-uton. frolater. Quebec 'ik.voA, May 11?.Sailed, Miiiljoc. Lnr*, Now York. (4??ri'd Irtth, Arno. Kofipa. New York III lu May ^?Arrived, Hindoo (*). J|U1?. New York. IiANncuii?Sailed from Cuxhavea Mnv mi. MlniL I^oiiii nich. Philadelphia; Auuuvte. Lentijr. New York. ilo.NG Kong. about May 17?Arrived, Ouenuic (?), Parcel' and Ja to* <?). <2ray, San PranrUeo. Ipswich, May Jt?Arrived, Marie. Lnvold, New Origan*. KtUiiAt'Ukk. April .(*?Sailed, Auuio i^otwav, Giles, lioiu bnv hii.1 arrived at 1* 2ilth?. LivKHfooL, May 21?Arrived, Bonnie Dundee, Cioff. Mo bile Off the port I!2d, Revolving Light, Ooonnn, from New Orleans. Sailed 21 fit. Haf tie N Manors. Hang*. Huenos Ayroa; Hor tensia, tfimousou, (Quebec; '/Jd Carroilou, Lewis. New York. Cleared 20th, Maria Ausu-ita, Ohtnaii, Suudy ilook ; Alina, Thorhlorn?eu. t/uebee. Off Uur Lightship IHtb, H So* all, Pennell, Liverpool tor Philadelphia; 10th, Lydia Pen*haw, KecUter, do lor Wil mington, NO. London, May 2<>? Arrived, Fire Queen, Hamilton, New York; 22d, S Suppicieh, Plavon, Kernumiina. (cleared 20th. Gentile, BarJeto.'New York (and nailed from Grave?end : Kinitia. Cox, do mud sailed from Graves end Slat) ; iWd, Janet Ferguson, itliehie, Montreal. Littered out ^*d. Denmark <m William*. lor New York. Sailed from Oruv<**anU l!0th, Viator. Key. Philadelphia, Lowaarorr, May JO?Arrived, Holloa, Land, New Orleans; Handomanderi, tijeitxeo. Baltimore ! Lkitii, May T2?Arrived, Maus'iii. Smith, Porto Pico, Nailed 220. Carrier Dove. Siiuuioti?. Philadelphia. Limkrh'k, May 21? Sailed. Paulo Be^ello, UeveUo. New lork ; to 22d. Crono, Staik, do Lkuuoun. May IS?Sailed, Nomad, Jaynp. New York, Maa???LUI*. May 11*?Sailed. Sophia U Luhrv, Hopkins, aew York (and retarnod to the R tadai, Mai*aua, May 14?Arrived, Abby Haeoii, Merrill, Gibral tar. Mauhas, April .7?Sailed, David Btown, Cole or d, Cal cutta. Nkwcastlk, May 20-Cleareid, Hlnabeth (<Jer). for San Fraud sco. Xai;*saki, March 13? Anlvcd, Rosetta McNeil, Brown, shanghai. I'nuiMADoC, May :i0?Arrived. Ocean Child, Davies. Doboy. Pout i'iLBor. May 20-Sailcd. Fluella. Mel,on, Mlra niiclil. Palais. BI. May in?Arrived. Thou Hllynril, fruin Inde peudoncin hajr land sailed tur the Loire). Pautunn. May 17?Sailed, Vet-ran. Gage Now York. Stbitix. May 18-Arrlved. Gtaf Moltke, Ohlt, New York. Sailed lHth. Sontersille. linker, Bordeaux. TuiksiK, Muy li? Suilad, l.ini;i, Hui:ul|aru. Ciifiepo, New York. W K*TroUT, May l'J?Itoadv fur ?>?*, Sacn, I.arien, (or Now > urk. AMEltlC.VN POliTSL ASTORIA, O, May as_s?iled. ? bark W II Thonidlko, Kelley. Liverpool. Al.jlXANDltla. Juue 2?Arrived, achra L 11 Cowper thwulti*. anil \V \V I'haro, lor Wa*hlii>ct4>n; llenry Da vev. and Kmina Aery. lur i;?ori(etowii. Sailed?Jk-hr. v. P IlarrU M F. rouierick, Mary Miller. A Oonike, N II Skinner, and Maitie A lluad (from (Joorj{e touii' hie . IIOSl'ON, Jnue 3?Arrived, xteamera Atl?". llo.ien?on, IijverpiHd: (UuiiciK, lionis". Near York: Williaiiin|>ort, Willi'iis, l'liilad0i|>Ui?; m:hr Walter !?' l'arker, UanieJs, Cadit. t'learad?Steam?ra Wm I.awrenee, Howe,, Kallinwre; Noroiait, NiokeriMiii, I'biladt'lpUia: Neptune. IJerry, New York: ship Yosemite. Mituk. San Krancu>e<>; bark UoorKO T Kemp iiln, Taylor, Matuutas: briir Nelll? Mitchell, John son. Cape do \ erde : ?cUr Saruh Hrnen. folly. Cooler, Pa. Sailed?Steamer Carroll; barks k??ev. Marv Hunter. HA1.TIMOKK, Juue i?Arrived, aiemnur* K \V Krnne, Fnatrr, Xew York: Kalelirh, Oliver. Wilmiujton, NO: (hip Orev Kav'le, l.uca*, lliu Janeiro: bar*t Horso fltal), Po)jri, Sli^o; l>rk|fat K C Wright, lioylo, Uio Janeiro: tleo Latimer, NorrU. Ponce. TK: tchr, rt'm Arthur, lliickelt, St John, Nil .1 steduiaii, l Ulier, Philadelphia; Rebecca A Carter, Tomlin, Cardenas. Cleared?Steamera San Marco* (Br), Burrow,. Liverpool; bar*t:o^?, Hooper. Sa\nnnah; Tuckanoe, Brown, Newborn, XC: hliaabetli. Clark, Sow York, barkt <Vnuonla dtal), I aflarcna. ItriiKheda: Nnova Dovero ItalK Canipoiidoiila, Utieeiibtowu. Faliuoiuh or Plymouth: ?chr? Mary L) Ireland, rl?hor Barbados; II S Willi.iiin, Wilson. I'harlotton. Sailed? Steamers Bolivar. San Mnrcoa; si I , Man land. BA.NiiOR, ,luuo 1? Arrived, brl* Jai Davis, Kllia, PhlU delphla llATII, Jnne 1?Arrived, nchra Eva E Pettin^lll. York Portland, to load for Philadeljrhla: II A Dew,n. Mansion New \ork: Harriet X Miller, Greenwich, XJ ; sieainttu: U V I lam ii, el I. New York. Sailed?8chr? Irene K Mencrvev, Moservev; Priaullln Scnbner. Dalsov, and Mary li Rankin, Kuller, Philadelphia; Charlotte Jauiesim, Jaiueaon, .Neiv York", Jo.dah White hou,e, I'aruhaiu. lialtimoro 'Jd?Sailed, achra Sunlight, Etberedire. Philadelphia: Ui ile Wilson. Wilson. Baltimoie; Frank W Emery l- alker Georgetown, Dt:; Ann S Brown, Collins, New York; Tanta mount .of Isleshoroi. for ??. CHARLESTON. June 8?Arrived, steamer Gulf Stream. Crowell, New York: schr T Harris. Kirk. do. Sailed?Steaiue r Champion, .New York. CALAIS, May -ti?Cleared, schr Human, McFarlaud. Xew \?rk. CAPE COD. Juno 1?Off, ship P N Blauchard, Lorlnc from Portland lor New York. DlUHlOX. Juue 1? Arrived, schr J L Leach, Johnson, Philadelphia. FORTRESS MONROE. June 3?Arrived, ship Chloo loelgl, Kockaert, Bremen for orders. Passed In lor Baltimore?Bark Johaun <Ger), from Bre men; brit; Amelia Enioia. Field, Iroui Xew York. Passed out?Steamer l)ioKo iSpl, tor Havana; barks Kiiij.-? coui'ty (Br), lor Cork; Prlmls Ovir (Xon. for Rot terdam : Km 0 (llali, !or Dublin-all from Baltimore. 1 ALL ltl\ jilt. May Jl? Sailed, schr Sarah L Simmuns, Gaudy. Phlladel|di)a. OAL\K8TON, May 20?Cleared, schr Pioneer, Rogers, Wilmington. Cleared JU Joseph Rudd, Patterson, do. KEY WEST, May 24?Arrived, schrs Bob (Br), Alburr Nassau : Mary Emily, Mono, Xew Orleans; 25th, Alice Vane. Davis, Koli<e. Hon. sailed 23d. schr Abraham Richardson, Bray, Nassan. XEW ORLEANS. Mav ?'*>? Arrived, bark Kioto, Lous, Havana; schr (K-o W Dill, 1 a.upa. 3d?Arrived, schr Lady Woodbury, Woodbury, Port Anto nio J a. Cleared?Steamer Oortleva (Br). Lnne, Liverpool; sliln Scotia (Bri, Mitchell. Havre; barks Simeto (Itali, Viviauo Genoa: Bridgeport, Morgan, Cornmna. Passki?Arrived, steamer Algiers, Hawthorn, New York Sailed?Ship PrestoiM111), Liverpool; bark N8 (Nor) Havre ' XEWBt'RY'POBT, Juno 2?Arrived, schr A J Fabous Reed. Mat agues, PR. XEW BEDFORD, .lone 1?Sailed. tchrsHT Hart, Kelly Philadelphia: Nelson Ilarvcy. Weeks, and Xiahtiugale' Young, New Y'ork. * 2d?Sailed, achrs Lemuel Hall, Tripp, Georgetown DC? Younir Teaser, Faremire, Philadelphia NEW PORT, June 1. I'M?Arrived, schis Oliver Ames, Babbitt. Provldoiiee lor Philadelphia: lUd Rover Buwden do for Xew York tor Bristol, Me) ; Jaa 11 Tripp. Xlckertoa' Xew York for Chatnam. ' Returned?Schr, Oliver Chase, Gloucester, and Lucy Sa lter and a.I sailed again 2d'. 2d?Sailed, schr Decatur Oakes, Baker, Chickabomlny River via Norfolk. Y Nrk W LOM)UN' J"n' --^"ived, schr Wm T Elmer, Xew m Juue 2?Arrived, brig Elisa Thornps >n, Elkina. Majajnei: achrs A II II rlbort. Griffln. Philadol' phi*; Surge. Yariik, Trenton; Ella II Barnes, Landou. Bal timore; Alius K Webb, Webb, New York. PAKCAOOl LA, May 31?Arrived, brl;f J F Merry, Brad lev. Asplnu all. Bailea?Barks Marie Antoinette (Dutch), Heiiumens. Em den; Ymlkyria iHn. McOuarrie. Lou lun. PORT ROY*AL. 8t*, June 3?Sailed, ttenmer Carond?l?t Mv<'.rrv.,?[ 'fri'.ni ' eriianilln*, Ac), Xew York (not sailed 2d).' PKlELsBl Ri., May 31?Airived, achr A B Goodma i, IJavoii. New York riilLADBLI'llIA, June 2 -Arrived, PcHr* Joaeph Marsh Brown, New York (and elear^d for New lledford) ; Rim City Kcliev, Newport; S D Hart, Hur.;c*M, Stoniu^rton; Cora' Kay, sulem: S P Aboil. Carr. Providence; A Falkenberir Earlv, Sag Harbor: 11 P llalioek. Ilallock. Hin/hatri; Hat tie Perry, Chase. New Bedloid; M E Woodhull. llorton: Tiverton ; Lo Wells, Wells, I'on JelTeraorv. Cleared?brig Isaac Carver. Willinma. Bangor. Hd?Arrived, steamer Anthracite, Graudny. Xew York Concord, Sheriu, do; barks Merenr (Ger). De llaan Bremen, via Sandy Hook: achrs St Croix, larland, Havana; n liltney Long. Bickmore. tiardiner: Agnes J Grace Knialley. do; Laura E Messcr, Gregory, oo; Marshall O Wolia. Case, llorton's Point. Als?i arrived, steanior llsrrisbiirg. Worth, New York; bark Lni* .Br). Raymond. Lnndoiilerry; sclirs A E Cranmor Brav, New York: Kate Walker, Ve.uie. llani-or; Xellln Rrowa. Kelly. Boston: Ann Elstabelh. Doaue. llarwick: U C Adler. Mcdiey, Ncer York. (n-jared?Steamers Roman, Crowell, Roston; Tonawanda Sherman, Providence; Fanlte,.Howe. do; Virginia Hunter Charleston; A 0 Kilmers. Warren. New \ ork ; bark Daring' Braiiscouiti. Maian/a.: brig J It Kirbv, Barret, llavana schrs Aildio Jordan. Lcaxitt. Portland: Douglas llavm-s Adarus, Augusta. Me; Babel II Iron*, Ilenck. Gloucester; American Eagle, Xvwlove, Dauucrsport; Joseph Hall. Ham ilton, Fall Itlver. Alao clcared, steamer Pcrkisuian, Pleree, New Y'ork: ships Klabiun (B?i. Perry. London: Edith Troup liri, Crocker, Kaiiama: harks Mirto N fAus). Boroino, Oueen-town; Al fredo Itali. Garsolo, Cork or Falmouth: liritrs Orlana Doaae, St John. Nil. via Boston ; Marie (Dutch). Dawn' Nevis achrs fc K Wilson. Cropper. Bermuda; .-allle, Conr sey Sipple, Charleston ; J It Bodaell. Wallace. Rockland Little O Wells. Wells, Newport, Helen A Locke, Band, Bos ton Sailed?Steamers Pcrklomcn, Vindicator, Roman and Ton awanda. Lkwf.s, Del, June 2?Went to sea. bark Ganger Roir No?) for Glasgow. 3d?Arrived, bark Capella, fYom Antwerp for orders; schr Clara Flelvhor, Sargent. Turks Islaud. PORTLAND, Me. June I?Arrive*!, sclirs L II Koner Bo,, ton. to load lor Norfolk, Sea Bird. Stanley, Calais for Flush Ing, 1.1. Cleared?Schr Geo E Thatcher. Bray, New Orleans. 3d?Arrived, schr M iliaska, from Gardiner for New Y'ork PROVIDENCE. .Inns 2?Arrived, steamers Catharine Whiting. Harding, Philadelphia; Florida. Cr-eker, do. sclirs ArioPardeo, Nicaerson, Port Johnson lor Paw tucket; Na tnaniel llolines. Dow. Weehawkeu; Hannah E llrmvu Sackett. Ilaverstraw Millie Frank. Kdwaid?. New Y'ork sailed?Schrs A F kindlier*, liorton: Nancy M Itose, Smith, and hlecta Bailor, .-smith. Phila l#lphi*i: Charles' Comer*, Cieainer; John E Dailey, Iwing. Win Mavo. Whit aker; A K I'ranlrec. St rat I on, and Rescue, Kelly New York : sloop Fred Brown. Hall. do. I'AW rrcKEf. Juue I--Sillied, ?chrs A T Cohn, Brown and M iry I' Cnshman. Walls. New York ltd i-ailed, schrs Daniel Wolisicr, New Y'ork; II C Giles Baltimore. RICHMOND, June 1-SaiUd. schr J M llarland. Soper. New Y'ork. ROCKLAXD, May 'J1*---Arrived, selir Walter K Palmer, for Baliluioro . .Ttii, brig C C Colsen. Gresory. New York . 2Sth schr, Mary Mmuoe. Hall, do: r V liirner. Walker, do; JtWli. W (' Hall, Toltiwin. do, :sitb. Gem, ftioaias, do. Sailed Joili, schrs Nile. Metcalf, New ^ ork : 2<"dh. Ylonti cello. Motion. Alnanv . 2?th. .1 C ' rafts, Greeley. New Vork; Convoy F ranch, do. John Is; r .1, Siultb. Bisiiiiuore; A Keen Keating. Philadelphia SAN KKA.NCISCO, June 2?Arrived, ship Lathley Rich, L'*wis, liong hong. Cleared?Bark Stella 'Ger), Meyer, liurrard Inlet and Shanghai; brig Deux Aims (Fri. Roberts. Pnget Honnd. Saileu - Ship Pride af the Port. Suw>*r trorn fort Tews sendi Calcutta ??. reported sailed Ma< tl). SAVANNAH. Jun.- 3?Arriveil, hiig C C Boars', Blaisdell. Portland. I'loared ? Harks Airnea iGer, Herdes. t.'ork for orders; schrs Annie C Cook, Cook, and Eva J Smith, liedson. New Y'ork Lav d V Streaker, Philadelphia via Daricn Sailed llaik Jacob Haners (Swc , Liverpool; brig Groea lleriogiu Anna (Ger , llaire. klso sailed, steamer San Salvador, Nrckerson, New Y ork, SALEM. June I?Airived. schr Joim C Cottin.haiu, Ajr-'-. New Yi.ik VINEY'ARH HAVEN, Jnne 2?Arrived, bark 9 M Haven, Perth A la hoy for Portland ; schrs Caleb Eaton. Barn oa lor Hoitou; lelecrap'i. Roixlout lor do; D hllia, ilo for Bath; Wamleier, New Bedford for llonnJ Pond. New-port, New York fcw \vladsor, ,NS; Daylight, Banger lor Washington; Vasbti, Calais lor Mystic. ? trte* N M Haven, Ocean Pearl: ickr l'?U{T?fk. 'wILMI.mjtoN. Nr. Juu? J?Arrived, lUinw Oatwral i? '1' s*???uah fur New Vork iput in fur slight repairs! ( acbr Joule Mart 24. Iron, Ruth. t le.ired-Sclir Clmriey Buck!. loss, Bath. k AC Il l's. BTEAXBOATV. ftC. A -FOR MALE, >ri.AM>llll'S, IRON AXD WUO'dKi ? M. HnilxiNln. with anil without staterooms, cud of liltiit draughts tur river service; several large Steam Yaehta, luc>, Meant Laiuwhe*, Ferryboat* -.n?l vassel Property 1? enteral. FREDERICK C. Si'liMIDT, No. 1 South WUllant It. A ***** *? Shh*: shell. ci?cii -*?? ? hltohall. Metallic Lifeboats una Sihkiii Oar*. 308 South It. and 114 1-Ii.l ?u, Uarlvttt Knur STEPHEN ROBERTS. A?o*hination double \nu KuEoIBto 513 f??r nhU'; 'mmt tect loiij?, iuclios h^mii; no coxiwAiu'i KUMl; II-?c?4 three Uuivtt. For particular* adiircso J W. or U. II Id HI K. Passaic. N. J. (iK.Mi nmm. BOAT "snop-an sol'rn sr.*; kTvb J luiuutes Fulton tarry: all kinds of Boat* built to oidct. OEOBOE ALEXANDER. At*. (1ATBOAT. it'.. FOR SAI.K CHEAP IO BE SOLD J in good eonditloii, newly Dulnto'l: eatlioal In feet: also small Canoe; prlta. lii|!?tbtr, Si?V Apply to B. BROWN, grocer, Broadway, Wost Brightuu, 8. I., or to 8. CLARK, Hi Broad hi., city. / VHockE-rT-s"*(Tenuise spa~r~compTisition. for " > all bright woodwork i? yachts uud boats. cau be had onh id SBKLEY A BTKVKKH, 33 ilurlii.L' dip. New York. U*oS lAbK-MSii "ferryboat rouoji n J7 uood or-ier. uov running; I.VIxM over all; :tX-lnch c>linder. 0 teot stroke. Address WILLIAM M. FARR, 331 t MMMIi, Puiladelpliia. iiXtB BAIaK?A SLOOP UCiir. CABIX, 44 nob 1? long, 17.', urns regislur.1? sood order; a splendid mm boat: will be sold verv cheap. Can be seen Dear Pinshlni Bridge. H1GUINS A OARRETSON. Flushing. L L T^oTT saLB?TIIE 3ft-FOOT CABIN YACHT I'ARIUI r C.;Just put iu good order; g<K'd weatherly bout. Cat W seen at DECKER'S, loot of 115th at., llarlem Elver, u> address J. .1. &, llerald offioe. OR SALE?MLOOP YACHT S3 rEBT~BY"isTBY hardwood cahiu; feat sailer; Invetitory complete. Vot particulars apply to ALOXZO E. SMITII, Isllp, L. I. 1jV<>B SA1.K AMI < II ARTEIt-SlEANSIlTPS. STF.Ali boats, 7f> to ISO loot long; soiue very light draught, with sud without staterooms, Ircight Propellers, steaui and sail Yachts. 30 to 10 Meet; Launches, Tugboats. (1EOBOK Y. PLYMkl 30 south st. }"S0B SALE?FIRST CLASS SI.OOl* YACHT. BUIL? 1S74; 73 feet lout;: has lino cabin. Address box {.MM Pint otlice. I SOB SALE-CABIN AXD OPEN YACHTS, ALL Mze.'.; also Steam Yachts, from ?> to i)0 lect, to hire out to flsliiDir arid pleasure parties. At KBANK BATES', foot of 37th si.. South Brooklyn. IjVOR SALE-A VERY SMART AND ABLE CABTsJ >loup Yacht, 34\14; well fur mod and iu perfect order. Apply at 423 East 116th st. She cau be seen near there, or address box 1.-11*6 Post office, f'OB 8ALB AT a REASONABLE 'PBICB-A FIRST class Kchuoner \ucht, N.Y.Y'.i'.; about 1WJ tons old ?ueasuremeut; owner about to build a larger bout; one ol the most weathcrl.v yachts In the Meet; well found in every respect. Address A., box 1U4 Herald oOicc. TjlOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?TWO POWKBKL'L PBO L poller Tu(3, in complete order; also sldevvhael Steam hoat?, steunt Yachts. Hay Buries, Ac. Apply to \VM. IL 1IAXARD, Jr.. ii'J Harrison St., corner West. TitOR SALE !? OR WANT OK USE?JIB~AND MAIN 1/ sail } aeht Thunderbolt; 3d feet lon^, II1. teat baaiut new sails. Ac.; all iu uood order. Apply to U1LHBUT, cor ner Bowery and Spring it. "L^Oi: BALK?A SCUOO.NKR. ;17 FEET LONO. 10 FEET 1 brain, centre board; is In i;ood condition; tails and rising; new. Also several others ol various alius. Call on or address SOLOMON SMEDLEY, foot of Cour^ St., Brooklyn. FOR SALE OB CHAR fER?STEAM BOAT HSC^ORT, * I feet lon^; fitted with stuteroouis; also lltfhfe drauKht irelcht Propeller United States, 4-U tons. Both are read] for business. KKEDK. C. SCHMIDT. No. 1 South William It. fjiOR SALE 'CHEAP?ONE I ELEGANT PASSENOiEB r saloon side win-el Steamboat, 13H feot lou/, Hit leet over all; dran^ht Of wnter, thvee feet, with uew '.oiler; la complete rnnuiuc order lor excursions or pussouger route. Iti.iuire of T1IE0. SMITH A BBO., loot of Essex st., J or say City. ^ TAOR CASH ONLY?TWO X'EXTUKBOAltb "sVillOON. 1 crs, tKi uud lLU tous register; bulls souuit. new sails uu4 riK?ln?; complete order. Cau ho seen at Butler's dock. Tot. teuvllle, L. 1. Address owuer. 3Co ltivinKtou st. MAN NINO'S YACHT1NO AOENCY.?-FOR FLL& pArticulurs of all yachts for sale and Inventories, Ac., sco the Yachting Circular, publishod at the office, 31S Broadway. OLOOP YACHT LL'ClLLE.?fills 1'lItST CLASi r> yaebt to charter, with crew, by day. week or month, to parties ol gentlemen or families. Apply to J. NOBLES, 31 Christopher st., or on board yacht, on Fourth st.. Ho bo ken. CLOOP YACHT HOPE?43 FEET LONO; THE HaND |T5 iioiiiest mid fastest yacht of her aise iu New York wsten; full inveutorv and iu complete order; will be sold very low. Apply ut 77 Warren St., Now York. fpTlli WKLL-KNOWN ~8CHOOXE R YACUT SCCD, M X faat lone, can be chartered by the day, week or mouthf uusurpassed for aceoiuuiodation. Apply to THOMAS W. LINDSAY. 238 Atliuitic ?v., Brooklyn. WANTED TO CUABTER 'T)k~THE SI MMER?Bt 11 responsible parties, a 30-loot Yacht, completely lound. Address, with lull particulars, D. McWILLIaMS, 12 south st WANTED TO 1M'111'UA8E ? A SMALL MAIL YACHT*: must be In good condition aud cheap. Addrew YACHT, Herald office. TirANTED TO PURCHASE?A OOOD TWO DECK Tf Barge, cheap for cash; or to charter oue for three months. Address W. A. JOHNSON, 337 Wnahlnetou St., Brooklyn, with all particulars. WANTED?'lo HIRE TUB SBABUX (OB BUY it clieupl, u 12t) foot Bout. Address, with terms, age and full description, LOW, llerald office. (f> ,~ nt\ ?FOR SALK, A SLOOP IN i?OOD?oITdBR*: carries ton. Weehawkeu Oil Dock, Roman's Cottngiv BISCELLASEolFfti AllSOLL'TK DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM IfffFSnSKT ent States, tor numerous causes, without publicity; legal everywhere; no char*.* In advance; advice free. M. llOL'SE. Attorney, 1U1 Broadwar. JJKADQUARTERS NEW YORK CITY. New York, from Us site, superior atnation and IU advan tages in the wa> of frequent communication with all parts of tl.e country and civilised world, is headquarters for al most everything produced iu America. Manufacturers in ?very part of the United Slatet have their denote and agon cles here, and buyers can fre |ii-ntly rare nionoy by dealing with the right house. The iollowlag houses are the must prominent in thair re epective lines, and do tho larr st business of- any in thU country?In short, are headquarters > Orocerlos and rrovisions. II K. A F. B. THURBER A CO., West Broadway, Beade ami Hudson stt. Sospi and Perfumery. COLUATE ACO., BJhast, Solid 8ilver and Uorham Plate. THE OORHAB COMPAXY. No.. 1 I'ssid st. Petroleum Oils and Uasollm CHABLES PRATT A CO., 138 Pearl st. Metals. Tin Plates. Ao. ' PUKLPS, DODOE A CO., 10 and 21 Cliff st. Plumbers' Iron Ware, Stoves and Ornamental Iroa VY?rk THE J. L. MOTT IBON WORKS, 00 Baekman St. Rope. Cordage and Oakum WILLIAM WALL'S S0X8, 118 Wall st. American Oraphite Pencils, Stove Polish. DIXON CBUCIBLB CO.. 243 Railroad av., Jersey City. Agrle,U.,alI?pl.?e?.-^Fe,,,llTLLEN ^ 180 and 101 Water st. Machinery and Tools. ? acniue J OEOBUK PLACE, 10a Reads st. AmeriAXSoNI 1'BRASS AXD COPPEK COMPAXY, 10 CHIT st. Buttons. Brs*s and Photn.-raphle Materials. TUB SCOVILL MANl'FACTCRING COMPANY. 410 and 421 Broome St. Paints and Oils. Ti. R vYNOLDS A CO., 106 and US Fulton St. Rtwch ? Dt'BYKA'S Improved Corn Starch and Maisena, 3??. 31 and 33 Park place, corner Chnrcu st. Paper llanginvs. Shades, Ac CllltlS'lY, SIIBPHEBD A OARBF.TT, SIO Wert .'3d st. Billiard Tablsa. Cat Nails aud Spikes. Vuleanmed Rubber K R. W. COf,LENDER, 738 Broadway. OXFORD IRON COMPAXY. Ml, S3 and 83 Washington St. ,kW YOKE BKJ^^SD FAC*^r?VarkrV J. II. Cumtvil. IrtaBurer. DrwgW. Olasawaea. h aGBRTY Aeids. Chemicals and^e ^BFLBIBC^ON^ Ship Bresd and Cracker Bakers. WU SOJ{ .% CO 73, 73. 77 and 7 ? Fulton s*. Floor OlUUtk (D. 01-. "J^VcooPEB'a oy?B Ore. PI,. H0-. Varnish..- VALESTINR * S.,t and Fish; also

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